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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

WWE Monday Night Raw - 18th Febrary 2013

Monday Night Raw opens with still-shots of the following events from last nights Elimination Chamber PPV, with the commentary from the event playing.
  • Triple H is cuffed to the ropes as Brock Lesnar has Stephanie up for the F5
  • Cole: “Oh my God, this is too much!”
  • Triple H screams “I Quit” before Brock hits him with the sledgehammer
  • JR: “Triple H had to sacrifice his job to save his wife.”
  • Paul Heyman in the face of Triple H
  • Heyman: “On behalf of my client, I declare this game… over!”
  • Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett are the opening two contestants inside the Elimination Chamber match
  • JBL: “The winner of this match earns a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania!”
  • Bryan makes Wade Barrett submit, Bryan eliminates Big Show with a top rope headbutt
  • JR: “What a courageous effort from Bryan, he could win this thing!”
  • Bryan kicks out of an AA from Cena
  • Cole: “Cena has hit Bryan with his best shot and he hasn’t got the job done!”
  • Bryan locks Cena in the Yes Lock
  • JR: “Oh my God, Cena’s nowhere to go, Bryan’s going to win!”
  • Cena uses a broken piece of chamber glass to strike Bryan and free himself from the Yes Lock before hitting the Rock Bottom
  • Cole: “What the hell!?”
  • Cena stands victorious with the WrestleMania logo in the background.
  • JR: “Never did I think I’d see the day John Cena resorted to those kind of actions to win a match, but the bottom line is he’s heading to WrestleMania!”
  • The Rock and CM Punk stand face-to-face in the ring
  • Cole: “The Rock is on a mission to retain the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, standing in his way is the former champion of 434 days CM Punk.”
  • Punk attempts to hit Rock with a steel pipe but ends up striking Paul Heyman
  • Rock connects with the People’s Elbow to retain the WWE Championship
  • JR: “The Rock is still the WWE Champion, The Rock continues on his road to WrestleMania…”
  • The Rock poses on the turnbuckle with the title belt held high

The usual Raw opening credits roll before a pyro display shoots off inside the arena. We can the audience as they cheer.

Cole: “In one of the most brutal events in WWE history, the road to WrestleMania has been drastically changed! Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Monday Night Raw, myself Michael Cole alongside Hall Of Famer Jim Ross.”

JR: “I’ve been doing this for a hell of a long time Michael, and let me tell you I’ve never experienced a night quite like last night.”

Suddenly, the arena lights go green and Triple H’s music hits to a monster reaction.

Cole: “What the hell!? He can’t be here, Triple H was stretchered out of the arena last night after that sledgehammer shot to the head from Brock Lesnar…”

Triple H steps out onto the top of the stage under his single spotlight, dressed in jeans and a Triple H t-shirt. He has a black leather jacket on and wears dark shades as he slowly makes his way to the ring, selling the effects of his match with Brock Lesnar.

JR: “… I’m not sure this is the best idea in the world.”

Cole: “He went to war with Brock Lesnar ladies and gentlemen, he withstood everything that Lesnar and Heyman could throw at him. But when he was left handcuffed to the top rope, Lesnar put his hands on Hunter’s wife Stephanie, and he was left with no choice but to say I Quit.”

JR: “Lesnar would have had no issue hitting Steph with that F5, and The Game absolutely did the right thing in sacrificing his job to save Stephanie, but this here, this isn’t a good idea.”

Cole: “Triple H was stretchered out of the arena, he couldn’t walk, he was bleeding. He can’t be 100% here, but he’s making his way to the ring and the WWE Universe is ecstatic!”

Triple H completes his entrance and takes a mic from ringside. He waits out “Triple H” chants from the crowd before speaking.

HHH: “You don’t earn a name like the Cerebral Assassin without doing some despicable things, and I have certainly done some very despicable things. I’ve hit people with sledgehammers, retired legends, buried talent that I didn’t think had what it took… but even I know that there is a line. Last night, Brock Lesnar crossed that line.”

Boos from the crowd as Hunter mentions Lesnar’s name.

HHH: “You see, Brock Lesnar didn’t expect what I brought at Elimination Chamber. He didn’t expect to find a man that he couldn’t put down. Brock Lesnar has never been in the ring with a man that wouldn’t submit to his Kimura Lock, never been in the ring with a man that took an F5 and got back up for more. And yeah, I’ve got the scars to prove it.”

Hunter takes off his glasses to reveal two black eyes.

HHH: “And I can take those beatings like a man, I can take the punishment. But what Brock Lesnar did last night, when he put his hands on my wife, he lit a fire in me that cannot be put out. Brock, you will pay. You bet your ass you’ll pay. And so will you Heyman.”

The crowd cheer as Triple H speaks passionately.

HHH: “When I said “I Quit” last night I lost my job as the COO of this company, but I still have a binding and active contract as a WWE Superstar. I can still step into this ring and compete. Brock, Paul, one of you needs to get your ass to this ring right now, because I’m calling your ass out for a match right here tonight!”

The crowd pops for Hunter’s challenge.

JR: “Oh my lord, Triple H is calling out Lesnar tonight!?”

But rather than Lesnar’s music, Stephanie McMahon’s music hits. A mixed reaction from the crowd as Stephanie makes her way to the ring with a mic.

Steph: “Hunter, you don’t have to do this. I’m fine. Honestly.”

HHH: “Steph…”

Steph: “No Hunter, listen to me! Sure I was a little shaken up when Brock had me this close to an F5, but look at you. You’re in no condition to fight anyone, let alone the man who did this to you just 24 hours ago. You don’t need to protect me, you don’t need to avenge me, you need to get better. My children need their father in one piece…”

Brock Lesnar’s music hits and the crowd goes wild. Steph sells fear and stands behind her Husband as they look up the ramp awaiting Lesnar… but it’s Paul Heyman who appears at the top of a stage. The crowd boo loudly as Heyman speaks to Triple H and Stephanie from the top of the stage.

Heyman: “Listen to your wife sir, you really don’t want this.”

HHH: “I wanted to talk to the horse, not the horses ass. Get Brock out here now, I wanna fight.”

Heyman: “I suggest you calm down Mr Helmsley. Now, as you know I am the agent and close personal friend of Brock Lesnar, he doesn’t agree to any matches without a sizeable fee and terms up front. There is no formal contract for this rematch you propose, and quite frankly it would make no business sense for me to allow my client to fight for free right here on Monday Night Raw, I mean it’s frickin’ WrestleMania in 6 weeks! You know that Mr COO… oh wait, you’re not the COO anymore are you!”

Heyman laughs to himself as the crowd boo.

Heyman: “However! You made this rivalry personal when you laid your hands on me last week, but now you’ve got all riled up because we returned the favour last night? You told Stephanie to stay away and she disobeyed you, surely you should be yelling at her and not me…”

HHH: “Paul I swear to God if you don’t shut your mouth and bring Brock out here I’m gonna kick your ass all over this arena.”

Heyman: “Sure you are. We all saw you limp out here, we all see your busted up face, even a man in my shape is going to get away before you’ve hobble up here doing your best angry face. But listen, I didn’t come out here to fight you, I came out here to respond to your challenge. Last night when Brock Lesnar hit you over the head with that sledgehammer it was intended as an act of kindness, a mercy killing to put you out of your misery. In your last two matches Brock Lesnar has put you through unimaginable levels of suffering. But it would appear that you just didn’t get the message last night. You want more? You got in, it’s on, TONIGHT!”

The crowd goes wild as Heyman throws down the mic and heads to the back.

Cole: “Oh my God, Lesnar and Triple H tonight!?”

JR: “Listen to this crowd, what an episode of Raw we have coming for you, Lesnar and The Game right here tonight!”

Stephanie sells concern in the ring as Hunter smiles. A graphic on screen shows The Rock and John Cena.

Cole: “Not only that monster event just announced, but The Rock and John Cena will come face-to-face ahead of their WWE Championship match at WrestleMania 29. The story continues for these two men.”

A MizTV graphic then shows Miz, Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler.

Cole: “Plus, after retaining his World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler will defend against Royal Rumble winner Chris Jericho at WrestleMania. Jericho and Ziggler are guests on MizTV later tonight.”

We fade backstage to the locker room area, where Rey Mysterio is watching the finish to the Tag Title match last night with his partner Sin Cara. In the video, Cara misses a Swanton Bomb from the top of one of the Chamber pods.

Mysterio: “Look man, I’m cool with you using the 619, when you hit that last night you had the match won! Why didn’t you just go for the pin? That Swanton would have looked great if you’d landed it, but you missed and we lost the titles. Just promise me you won’t take any unnecessary risks in our rematch tonight, okay?”

Sin Cara walks away without reply.

Cole: “The Tag Titles on the line next as Raw roles on…”

Raw fades to commercials with Rey looking confused about the attitude of his partner.

Raw returns with an advert for Stone Cold Steve Austin Appreciation Night, which will take place on the March 11th edition of Raw. Live in the arena, Vickie Guerrero’s voice yells “EXCUSE ME” and the crowd goes nuts with boos.

Guerrero: “Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you your NEW WWE Tag Team Champions and MY clients… Joe Hennig, Ted DIBiase… The Perfect Generation!”

Hennig’s “Curtis Axel” music hits to bring out Perfect Generation, who have the tag titles around their waist. The trio make their way to the ring to boos as Justin Roberts handles introductions.

Roberts: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Introducing first, been accompanied to the ring by Vickie Guerrero, they are the current WWE Tag Team Champions… The Perfect Generation!”

Cole: “Hennig and DiBiase have had their careers rejuvenated by Vickie Guerrero since becoming her clients, she has taken them from relative obscurity to Tag Team gold in just a few short months.”

JR: “In my opinion it was more Sin Cara losing the titles than Perfect Generation winning them. Hennig had refused to leave him pod in that Chamber match, only entering to pick up the scraps once Sin Cara missed that Swanton Bomb from the top of the pods.”

Cole: “Whichever way you look at it they are the champions, Mysterio and Sin Cara about to cash in the rematch that they are entitled to as former champions.”

DiBiase and Hennig hand their belts over to the referee. After a short pause, Rey Mysterio’s music hits and the crowd cheers. Pyro shoots to bring out Mysterio and Sin Cara. Mysterio interacts with fans as per usual, but Sin Cara simply heads straight for the ring.

Roberts: “And their opponents, the team of Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio!”

Cole: “Many had said it was simply a matter of time before Rey and Sin Cara lost the Tag Titles, they had been plagued by miscommunication problems prior to their Elimination Chamber match.”

JR: “That’s true, but they are an outstanding team when they’re on the same page, they could very well win those belts back right here tonight.”

Sin Cara and Hennig start the match, and it’s Sin Cara with the early offense to leave Hennig scrambling back to his corner. DiBiase makes the tag, but he fares no better against the high-flying offense of Sin Cara. 2 minutes into the match Sin Cara hits a Tornado DDT before climbing to the top rope. Vickie hops into the apron and distracts the referee, allowing Hennig to run across the apron and push Sin Cara from the top rope into the barricade at ringside.

DiBiase gets Sin Cara back in the ring and the Tag Champs spend several minutes working him over, isolating him from Mysterio. Hennig hits the McGillicutter at 6 minutes but Mysterio breaks up the count, getting cheers from the crowd. Hennig argues with the referee about Mysterio’s interference, giving Sin Cara enough time to get to his feet and score an Enziguri. Both men slowly crawl to their respective corners and tag in their partners.

Mysterio in on the hot tag scores signature offense to DiBiase, a Hurricanrana getting him a close 2 count. Hennig looks to get involved but Mysterio dropkicks him out of the ring, the crowd is fired up as Rey scores with the drop-toe hold to DiBiase. He hits the 619!

Cole: “Mysterio hits the 619, he’s going to regain the titles for his team!”

Rey climbs to the top rope and looks to drop the dime, but Vickie manages to reach into the ring and pull DiBIase away from the contact. The referee sees this and ejects Vickie from ringside. DiBiase looks to take advantage, but again is set up for the 619. Rey scores for the second time and climbs to the top rope… but his partner Sin Cara pushes him from the ropes and sends him crashing to the mat!

JR: “What the hell!? Sin Cara just shoved Mysterio from the top rope, what the hell was that!?”

The crowd boo loudly as DiBiase tags in Hennig, who scores the PerfectPlex. Sin Cara doesn’t try to break up the pin and the champions retain.
Perfect Generation (Ted DiBiase & Joe Hennig) def. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara in 8:10 to retain the Tag Team Championships

The boos from the crowd are echoing throughout the arena as Hennig’s music hits. The ref hands the titles to DiBiase and Hennig and raises their hands.

Roberts: “Here are your winners and still the WWE Tag Team Champions… Ted DiBIase, Joe Hennig… The Perfect Generation!”

Cole: “I don’t understand what just happened. Rey looked to have the match won, they were going to be Tag Champs for a third time before he was shoved from the top rope by his own partner!”

JR: “What was Sin Cara thinking!?”

Sin Cara enters the ring and Hennig’s music fades out. The champions leave the ring as Sin Cara approaches the grounded Mysterio, before mounting him and delivering a series of right hands to Rey!

Cole: “Oh my God! Sin Cara attacking his mentor!”

Cara then applies the Crippler Crossface to Mysterio, who screams in pain as he taps frantically. The crowd boo as Sin Cara refuses to release the hold, security and officials having to hit the ring to get Sin Cara off Rey. Cara’s music plays and the boos get louder as he leaves the ring.

JR: “Sin Cara has snapped, he’s attacked the man who had helped him climb his way to championship gold here in the WWE.”

Cole: “The question is why. Why did Sin Cara do that? I mean, they had the match won.”

We fade backstage where Renee Young is in the interview area.

Young: “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time… the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.”

Henry walks into shot with a serious look on his face.

Young: “Mark, last night you got a disqualification victory over Big E Langston…”

Henry: “… Stop, stop right here. I woke up this morning with welts all over my back and in serious pain. That was no victory Renee. Big E Langston used my own finishing move on me and dropped me hard on the steel stairs. Now look, credit where credit is due, I aint never fought a man who matched me for strength. But Big E brought it last night, and we had a hell of a match. I respect the man’s power and his ability, but what I don’t respect is how that match ended. Big E couldn’t get the job done, he couldn’t put me away, so he resorted to weapons. Well, luckily for me I get a rematch tonight, I get a chance to get my hands on Big E Langston again. And after what he did to me like night, well let’s just say it’s time to return the favour and induct Big E Langston into the Hall Of Pain. This interview’s done.”

Henry walks away as Young looks flustered.

Live in the arena, the ring has been decked out with a black carpet and leather sofas. The MizTV logo is suspended above the ring as The Miz’s music hits to boos. Miz, dressed in a suit, makes his way to the ring with the Intercontinental Championship held proudly over his shoulder.

Cole: “Last night at Elimination Chamber The Miz knocked off John Morrison to extend his Intercontinental Championship reign to 115 days, but tonight he plays host to another edition of MizTV. We’ll be right back with MizTV!”

Raw fades to commercials as Miz enters the ring to boos from the crowd.

Raw returns with an advert for Friday Night SmackDown, which will be coming from Las Vegas! Advertised is a special Rock Concert with WWE Champion The Rock.

Live in the arena, Miz stands in the ring on set for MizTV with a mic in one hand and his Intercontinental Championship in the other.

Miz: “Welcome to the most must-see talk show in WWE history, welcome everyone to MizTV! I am of course your host, the man who defeated John Morrison last night to extend his title reign to 115 days, I am The Miz!”

The crowd boo as Miz continues.

Miz: “But I’m not out here right now to talk about the Intercontinental Championship that I am making… well… awesome again, no, I’m out here to discuss the World Heavyweight Championship. More to the point, I’m out here to interview the two men who will compete for that World Title at WrestleMania 29 in six weeks. First, please put your hands together for the winner of the 2013 Royal Rumble… Y2J, Chris Jericho!”

Jericho’s pyro shoots and the crowd cheer as his music plays and the lights go dark. Jericho’s light-up-jacket is seen as Jericho strikes his trademark pose. The lights come back on to reveal Jericho in jeans, a Fozzy tshirt and his jacket as he makes his way to the ring.

Cole: “Chris Jericho about to be interviewed about his World Title match at WrestleMania, of course he was at ringside last night as he watched his WrestleMania opponent defeat Randy Orton.”

Jericho takes to the ring and is handed a mic from ringside.

Miz: “Chris Jericho. The first ever undisputed champion in WWE history, best-selling author, rock star and now about to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame as part of the class of 2013. Chris, the question on my mind, and a question on the mind of all my Mizfits, is about your Hall Of Fame induction. You see Chris, there isn’t a man on the active roster right now that can say they’re in the Hall Of Fame. Do you think WWE inducting you is their way of politely telling you it’s time to retire?”

Heavy boos from the audience as Miz smirks, but Jericho simply smiles before replying.

Jericho: “Miz, would you please… shut… the hell… up! Been inducted in the Hall Of Fame is one of the proudest accomplishments of my wrestling career, but at no point as anyone from WWE asked me to retire. I just won the Royal Rumble, I’ve not lost a match since I came back and I’m about to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship in the biggest show of the year. So no Miz, I don’t think that’s why I’m been inducted in the Hall Of Fame. I think it’s because I am the first undisputed champion in WWE history, the only man to defeat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the same night, the Iotola of Rock and Rolla, the master of 1004 holds… and the man who has held that very Intercontinental Championship belt more times than anyone else.”

The crowd cheer Jericho as he speaks passionately.

Miz: “Really? Really? You want to talk about my Intercontinental Championship? You may have won it 9 times Chris, but you also lost it 9 times. It won’t ever be 10, because I’m never losing this title.”

Jericho: “Oh believe me Miz, if I wanted to I could take that title from you any time I like…”

The pair go nose-to-nose and the crowd cheers, but Dolph Ziggler’s music interrupts proceedings. There are boos for Ziggler as he appears on stage in his gear with the World Title around his waist and he speaks as he approaches and enters the ring.

Ziggler: “Ladies, please, let’s be civil. I am the Show Off, I steal the show every single night, and I’m about to steal MizTV too. Listen to me Christopher, I couldn’t help but overhear your answer to Miz’s perfectly fair question. You seem confident. Are you feeling confident?”

Jericho: “Yeah baby I’m feeling confident, I’m going to become a Hall Of Famer and World Heavyweight Champion in 6 weeks!”

Ziggler enters the ring with a smile on his face.

Ziggler: “Ooooh, you think you’re beating me at WrestleMania? That’s cute. You were sat ringside last night as I defeated Randy Orton fair and square to retain this title, I’m doing the same thing to you come WrestleMania. People will walk into WrestleMania talking about Rock and Cena, but when the night is over they’ll be talking about how Dolph Ziggler defeated a Hall Of Famer to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. But hey, look, I can’t fault you for been confident. What I say is why not prove it?”

Jericho: “What are you talking about Dolphin?”

Ziggler: “Ha! You’re a funny guy. I mean if you’re so sure you’re going to win, you need to back it up.”

Jericho: “And how do you propose I do that?”

Ziggler gets in Jericho’s face and speaks with a sinister tone.

Ziggler: “… by putting your career on the line.”

Gasps from the crowd as Jericho and Ziggler stare-down. Jericho slowly raises the mic to his lips.

Jericho: “You’re on!”

Ziggler smiles to himself and the crowd sell shock.

Jericho: “But it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference, I could put my house and my rock band on the line and the result will still be the same. I’m going to beat you and become the World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania and prove to you, and anyone else who thinks it’s the end of Y2J, that I am still the best in the world at what…”

Suddenly, Randy Orton’s music hits to loud cheers from the crowd. Orton appears on stage and heads straight to the ring with a menacing look on his face.

Cole: “It’s Randy Orton, the man who Dolph Ziggler beat in controversial fashion last night, and he’s heading straight for the ring!”

Orton enters the ring but Ziggler quickly bails, getting loud boos from the crowd. Jericho stands his ground, as Orton stands in the middle of the ring.

Miz: “What the hell do you think you’re doing? This is MizTV, you aren’t invited here, you…”

Orton hits an RKO on Miz out of nowhere and the crowd pop. Ziggler has retreated up the ramp and through the curtain as Orton walks past Jericho without looking at him, coldly exiting the ring as his music plays again.

Cole: “What the hell was all that about!? Orton interrupting MizTV, he walks right past Jericho, he doesn’t go after the man who cheated him last night, he says nothing and RKOs the Intercontinental Champion!”

JR: “It says on his t-shirt ‘strike first’ and I guess that’s what he did, but Michael what about the big news from Jericho? He’s agreed to put his career on the line against Dolph’s World Title at WrestleMania! Are we about to witness the end of Y2J?”

The camera returns to ringside on the announcers.

Cole: “You could be right JR, this will be Jericho’s last WrestleMania if he fails to win the World Heavyweight Championship in New York. Let’s switch gears now and take you back to Elimination Chamber. The Big Red Machine Kane was scheduled to be one of the six entrants inside the Elimination Chamber match, but he didn’t get that far…”

A replay from Elimination Chamber is shown, where Kane is found laid out backstage following and attacker. His mask his been stolen, and CCTV only concludes that the attacked was hooded and used a large pipe to beat down Kane.

We transition backstage, where Jerry Lawler is shown watching a replay of Kane’s attack on CCTV. Wade Barrett enters his office.

Barrett: “You wanted to see me?”

King: “Yeah I did, sit down.”

Barrett: “I’ll stand.”

King: “Suit yourself. As you know I’m conducting an investigation into the identity of Kane’s attacker last night. Wade, you’re the man who took his spot inside the Elimination Chamber match last night, I can’t see anyone else who benefitted from the attack…”

Barrett: “… oh just come out and bloody say it, you think it was me? Everyone thinks it was me. I haven’t got time for this nonsense, I have a match to prepare for, when you’ve got any proof come find me.”

Barrett storms out and Lawler sighs as he goes back to watching the footage.

We return live in the arena, where the Prime Time Players are making their way to the ring.

Roberts: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, been accompanied to the ring by Titus O’Neil… Darren Young.”

Cole: “Well, Wade Barrett didn’t take that well at all.”

JR: “No he did not, guilty conscience you might say.”

Cole: “I’ll tell you the thing that puzzles me about the attack on Kane, why take his mask? What’s that all about?”

JR: “I can’t say I know that, but I do know that Darren Young’s all set for singles action here on Monday Night Raw.”

The Players do their usual “millions of dollars” bit in the middle of the ring before Sheamus’s music hits to cheers from the crowd. Sheamus appears on stage and has several bruises over his body from last nights Elimination Chamber match.

Roberts: “His opponent, from Dublic Ireland… he is the Celtic Warrior… Sheamus!”

JR: “You can see on the skin of Sheamus there the damage that Elimination Chamber does to a man’s body.”

Cole: “Sheamus of course one of the men who battled it out in the main event last night, he essentially came third in that contest and will be looking to take out some frustrations on Darren Young here.”

JR: “You could say the same about Young, Michael. He was the last man pinned in the Chamber match for the Tag Titles last night, the Prime Time Players came so close to their second title reign.”

Sheamus and Young lock up, and it’s Sheamus with the early advantage after a series of shoulder tackles. Young rolls out of the ring and seeks the advice of O’Neil as Sheamus sells frustration in the ring. Young re-enters and again they tie up, this time Young takes control with a headlock, but this is countered by Sheamus into a back drop. Young again bails the ring and the crowd boo as O’Neil gives him another pep talk.

Young slides back into the ring and charges at Sheamus, but the Irishman throws him over the top rope. Young lands on the apron, and Sheamus does his trademark “ten club” shots as the crowd cheer. Young falls to the floor on the outside.

On the opposite side of the ring, Titus hops the apron and talks trash to Sheamus. Sheamus confidently approaches O’Neil and tells him to step into the ring. O’Neil and Sheamus continue to talk trash as Young re-enters the ring – he looks to hit Sheamus from behind, but he moves out of the way and Young sends Titus crashing to the floor. The crowd cheer as Young turns around and walks right into White Noise. Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick as a dizzy Young gets back to his feet, and Sheamus blasts him with his finisher. Cover and the 3 for Sheamus.
Sheamus def. Darren Young (w/ Titus O’Neil) in 3:25

Roberts: “Here is your winner, Sheamus!”

The crowd cheer as Sheamus’s music hits and the referee raises his hand. The cheers turn to boos however as Titus enters the ring and strikes Sheamus from the behind. Titus hits Sky High on Sheamus and the boos get louder as the Player’s music hits. Titus helps Young to his feet and the pair exit the ring together.

JR: “Sheamus with the win over Darren Young, but his tag partner Titus O’Neil is the last man standing after that devastating Sky High to Sheamus.”

A graphic on screen shows a still image of Big E Langston giving Mark Henry a top rope superplex in their match last night.

Cole: “Folks it was two gladiators colliding last night as Big E Langston and Mark Henry went at it at Elimination Chamber. The match ended in controversy when Langston hit Henry with the steel stairs. Tonight they go at it again, Henry and Langston one-on-one when Raw returns!”

Raw returns with the lights dim and the single spotlight shining down on the stage as Big E Langston’s music plays. The crowd boo as Langston, dressed in all black, steps out into the spotlight and claps his hands together, creating a cloud of smoke with weightlifting chalk.

Roberts: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first… Big E Langston.”

Langston makes his way to the ring confidently.

JR: “Technically he lost the match last night after been disqualified for using the steel stairs, but what Big E Langston did to Mark Henry last night was send a clear message.”

Cole: “That’s right, we’ve never seen a man with the strength to deliver a superplex to Mark Henry. We’ve never seen a man with the power to use Henry’s own finishing move on the World’s Strongest Man. But that match did end controversially last night and that’s why we’re having this rematch here.”

Langston hits the ring and stands with his arms folded awaiting Henry. Henry’s music then hits and he gets a babyface reaction. He appears at the top of the ramp with a serious look on his face.

Roberts: “His opponent… the World’s Strongest Man… Mark Henry!”

Cole: “Let’s not discount Mark Henry though, at the end of the day the reason that Langston resorted to using those steel stairs last night was frustration. He couldn’t finish Henry off, Henry wouldn’t stay down, what’s to say that’s going to be any different tonight?”

Henry bangs on the steel stairs at ringside before entering the ring.
The bell sounds and once again Langston and Henry go face-to-face in a stare-down. Henry strikes first with two powerful right hands, Langston ducks the third and responds with his own series of rights. Henry blocks and delivers a headbut, knocking down Langston. The crowd cheers as Henry yells at Langston to get up, and Big E looks shaken at Henry’s fire.

Langston is up and the pair go for a test of strength, but Langston knees Henry in the guy and delivers an elbow to the back of Henry’s head. The crowd boo as Langston mocks Henry, telling him to get up. Henry does so, but Langston scoops him up and delivers a bodyslam which shakes the ring and pops the crowd.

JR: “Oh my God look at the power of Langston!”

Big E goes for the cover, but Henry kicks out at 2. Langston responds with a running splash, but again Henry kicks out. Frustration starts to sink in and Big E slams the mat. He drags Henry to his feet and whips him into the corner before landing a running splash. Langston then climbs to the second turnbuckle and delivers 9 right hands to the top of Henry’s head, but Henry blocks the tenth and headbuts Langston. Henry slips out between Langston’s legs and hits him in the back. More blows from Henry before he joins Langston on the middle rope, both men with their back to the ring.

Cole: “This doesn’t look good, both these men going up high…”

Henry scores with a backdrop from the second rope, both men are down from the massive impact and the crowd cheer. The ref starts a count, there is no sign of life from either man initially but both get to their feet just before the 10. Langston looks for right hand, Henry blocks and body slams Langston. Henry is fired up and, with enormous strength, picks Langston up and gets him up in the gorilla press! The crowd goes nuts as Henry throws Langston over the top rope and onto the floor.

JR: “Look at Henry, oh my God! Have you ever seen anything like this Michael, Henry just lifted 300+ pounds over his head and threw Langston out of the ring!”

Henry yells “that’s what I do” as the ref starts the 10 count, but as he gets to 8 Henry decides that’s not how he wants to win the match. He exits the ring and delivers a blow to the back of Langston, keeping him down on the outside. Henry then throws a glance at the steel stairs. He smiles and pulls Langston to his feet. He looks to whip Langston into the stairs, but Big E over-powers him and sends Henry the opposite way and into the barricade at ringside. Langston then explodes at Henry and spears him through the barricade and into the crowd!

Cole: “Oh my word! The WWE Universe is on it’s feet, Langston with a massive, massive spear that sends Henry through the barricade!”

The ref is up to 4 with his count as Langston struggles to his feet. He makes it back to the ring at 7, Henry remains down on the floor and is unable to get back to the ring as the ref makes it to 10 and counts Henry out.
Big E Langston def. Mark Henry in 9:45 via count-out.

Roberts: “Here is your winner as the result of a count-out, Big E Langston.”

Langston sells his injuries as the ref raises his hand and the crowd boo. Langston exits the ring as a replay of the finish is shown.

JR: “I can’t get over this Michael, look at this spear. The folks in the ringside seats almost bulldozed by these two giants.”

Cole: “The ring couldn’t contain them, and clearly neither could the barrier at ringside.”

The replay ends and we see Henry slowly get back to his feet. He sells disappointment and clutches his back as we fade backstage. Renee Young is in the interview area.

Young: “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time… Daniel Bryan!”

Cheers from the crowd as Bryan steps into shot with an angry look on his face.

Young: “Daniel, one of the major headlines coming out of the pay-per-view last night was your performance inside the Elimination Chamber. You started the match and lasted right until the end, eliminating Wade Barrett, Sheamus and the Big Show before coming up just short against John Cena. But you can’t be too upset after such a valiant performance that has earned you the respect of so many.”

Bryan: “Can’t I? I didn’t get into this industry to be happy at nearly getting the job done Renee. The fact is that once again I came this close to victory… but I lost. Back at TLC I came this close to making the Big Show tap out and becoming World Heavyweight Champion… but I lost. At the Royal Rumble I came this close to winning the triple threat match against Show and Randy Orton for the World Title… but I lost. And last night, despite having John Cena trapped in the middle of the ring with the Yes Lock, despite eliminating men that people think I have no right to even be in the ring with… I lost.”

Young: “Granted, but at least give yourself some credit. You kicked out of an Attitude Adjustment, the only way John Cena was able to beat you was using a piece of shattered glass to break the Yes Lock…”

Bryan: “NO! I don’t give myself any credit, because I shouldn’t have let John Cena get that far. I had him beat in the middle of the ring, but he managed to over-power me and get to those ropes, get to that glass. And even then, even after he uses that glass, I should not allow myself to be beaten with a move like the Rock Bottom. I mean what the hell is John Cena even doing that move for? Regardless, I know how to counter that move. I know how to counter every move in John Cena’s basic arsenal! I am the best damn wrestler in this company, but it isn’t me going to WrestleMania is it Renee? No, the main event at WrestleMania should be The Rock versus Daniel Bryan… but it’s not. And I can only blame myself.”

Young: “Daniel…”

Bryan: “NO! I will not allow myself to make those mistakes again. I realise now what I have to do. I have to be even more ruthless! I need to start bringing back moves and submission holds that this company won’t want me to use. John Cena managed to escape the Yes Lock last night, but I know that if I had gone for a move I used back in the day, back before the bright lights of WWE, there would be no escape for John Cena. There would be no escape for any man, because that move is Cattle Mutilation, and it ruins people. People are tortured by that move, left broken and injured by that move. I apologise in advance to the rest of the boys in the locker room, because any man stepping into the ring with my from this point forward is going to suffer that fate. I’m not letting myself get pushed around anymore, I’m going to hurt whoever I have to hurt and do whatever I have to do to get to the very top, get ahead of bad wrestlers who happen to be popular, get ahead of part-time stars that come back for the big WrestleMania pay-day. Mark my words Renee, Daniel Bryan is going to the top. Yes! Yes! YES!”

Bryan walks away and the crowd are cheering his passion as we return to ringside with the announcers.

Cole: “Safe to say Daniel Bryan hasn’t taken that defeat well.”

JR: “Folks for those of you who aren’t aware what Daniel Bryan was talking about when he referred to Cattle Mutilation, it’s an extremely painful submission hold that contorts the neck and spine in ways you can’t imagine. Bryan used it before joining the WWE but, according to Bryan at least, was encouraged not to use it here and risk injuring superstars. I sounds to me like Daniel Bryan is no longer going to heed that warning.”

Cole: “The most dangerous submission artist in WWE just got more dangerous.”

Damien Sandow’s music hits to loud boos from the crowd. He appears on stage dressed in a white suit and carries the United States Championship in his hand as he approaches the ring.

Cole: “I guess we’re about to hear from the United States Champion Damien Sandow.”

JR: “Sandow retaining the title in a fourway match on Heat before Elimination Chamber aired last night, but there are those saying Sandow stabbed his best friend Cody Rhodes in the back in the way he got the victory.”

Cole: “Rhodes had hit Christian with Cross Rhodes before Sandow threw Rhodes from the ring and got the pin on Christian. But they’re the rules of a fourway, he did nothing illegal.”

JR: “You see Sandow out here without Rhodes, you assume that last night may have damaged their friendship.”

Sandow takes to the ring and demands a mic from ringside.

Sandow: “SILENCE! Allow me to beg your indulgence for one moment… I said SILENCE! My name is Damien Sandow and I am your United States Champion.”

Sandow is still been booed but he continues.

Sandow: “Last night I was put in a challenging predicament, one which tested both my integrity and intelligence. Teddy Long and Booker T conspired to make me defend my coveted championship against Zack Ryder, Christian, and my best friend Cody Rhodes. This was always going to be a test of Team Rhodes Scholars, and indeed it may have put a strain upon our close personal friendship. However, I am a humble and gracious man, and would like to invite Cody to the ring right now. Cody, if you please…”

Rhodes’ music hits to a mix of cheers and boos. He is wearing jeans and a vintage “Dusty Rhodes” shirt and slowly makes his way to the ring, clearly still upset at the nature of his loss last night.

Sandow: “Cody, as the United States Champion I have several obligations, one is to be an upstanding citizen and role model for the people of America. I also have an obligation as your best friend to look after you. I understand you may be frustrated that you didn’t win this belt last night, but rest assured that as your best friend I hold this title for the both of us. I promise, if you had done just that little bit better yesterday and had taken this title, I would shake your hand as your best friend and wish you well… but you didn’t. And I understand that that must be frustrating for you Cody, so the reason I’ve invited you out here…”

Sandow opens his arms.

Sandow: “… is to give you a hug.”

Loud boos for Sandow as Rhodes looks angry, but before either man can act Jerry Lawler’s music hits. Cheers from the crowd as Lawler appears on stage with a mic.

King: “Sorry to interrupt this little bromance here Damien, but I’d like to pick up on something you just mentioned. You said that the fourway match was booked by Booker T and Teddy Long, and that’s correct. But what happened when they booked that match is the former champion, the man you beat at the Royal Rumble Zack Ryder, never got the one-on-one rematch that he is entitled to.”

Sandow: “How dare you interrupt me! I am trying to be a role model to these ignoramuses, I am trying to offer my best friend council.”

King: “Well, you better hurry up and get that finished with Damien, because as far as I’m concerned Zack Ryder deserves his rematch for the United States Championship. And I think these people you just called ignoramuses would love that match to take place right now! So Zack Ryder, come on down, we’re going to have ourselves a title match!”

The crowd cheer as Ryder’s music hits. He appears on stage and shakes King’s hand before making his way to the ring.

Sandow: “This is an outrage! I am dressed in a freshly dry-cleaned suit, I cannot fight tonight! Cody! Tell them…”

Cody simply exits the ring and takes a seat ringside.

Cole: “Damien Sandow is going to have to defend his title in a suit right here on Raw, Zack Ryder has a United States Championship match when Raw returns, don’t go anywhere folks!”
Raw returns and the match is underway. Sandow has removed his shirt and jacket and wrestles in his suit trousers. He is working over Ryder as the announcers welcome fans back to the show. Sandow continues his offence as Cody is shown watching on at ringside.

At 4 minutes, Sandow whips Ryder into the corner. He runs at him, but Ryder gets his feet up and knocks Sandow down. Ryder hops to the middle rope and delivers a dropkick as Sandow gets back to his feet. Ryder scrambles for a cover, but Sandow kicks out at 2. Ryder pulls Sandow to his feet and whips him into the corner before scoring with a running forearm smash. Sandow drops into position for the Broski Boot, and Ryder connects! The crowd cheer as Ryder looks for the cover… 1… 2… Sandow gets his foot on the bottom rope.

Ryder sells despair before signalling for the Rough Ryder. Sandow groggily pulls himself up on the ropes, Ryder looks to hit his finisher, but Sandow counters and hands Ryder up on the top rope. Ryder rebounds backwards right into a Russian Legsweep, before Sandow connects with the Elbow Of Distain. He goes for the cover… 1… 2… Ryder powers out before the 3!

Sandow protests with the refere, believing he had the match won. Ryder rolls Sandow up from behind, but the champion kicks out. Both men get to their feet, but it’s Sandow who scores with a kick to the midsection before nailing Ryder with the Terminus. He covers Ryder in the middle of the ring… 1… 2… 3!
Damien Sandow def. Zack Ryder in 6:55 to retain the United States Championship

Roberts: “Here is your winner and still the United States Champion… Damien Sandow.”

The crowd boo as Sandow’s music hits and he has his hand raised by the referee. Sandow wants his belt, and is heard telling Cody at ringside to “fetch it”. Cody reluctantly enters the ring with the belt and Sandow motions for Cody to put it around his waist before turning around. Sandow stands with his arms raised expecting his best friend to put the belt on him, but instead Cody smashes him from behind with the belt! The crowd cheers as Cody snaps, beating down Sandow in the middle of the ring with a series of ring hands! He picks up Sandow and hits Cross Rhodes, the fans now behind Rhodes as his music hits.

Cole: “Cody’s had enough! Cody hits his best friend with the Cross Rhodes!”

JR: “I guess that’s the end of the Rhodes Scholars.”

Cole: “The WWE Universe is on their feet!”

Cody exits the ring and up the ramp and the camera focuses on a shocked Sandow as he scrambles for his belt.

Backstage, The Miz is angrily walking down the hall with his Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder. He is holding his head to sell the effects of the RKO. Renne Young approaches him with a mic.

Young: “Miz, can I have your reaction…”

Miz: “What!? No you cannot, I’m not in the mood for one of your stupid little interviews Renee. I am the Intercontinental Champion, the longest reigning champion this company and I deserve better than to be blindsided by a lunatic when I’m trying to host a talk show.”

Miz storms off down the hall and we fade to black. A commercial for WrestleMania 29 airs:

We return backstage, where a car pulls up in the parking lot. CM Punk, dressed in street clothes, steps out of the car. Almost immediately a frantic Paul Heyman approaches him.

Heyman: “Punk, Punk! Where have you been? Are you okay? I’ve been trying to call, I’ve left messages, I’ve been looking all over for you…”

Punk: “I know, I took your messages. I just, I needed some time to think.”

Punk brushes past Heyman and heads inside, but Heyman follows him and the pair walk down the hall.

Heyman: “Think about what? Look, forget about last night, I think I’ve figured out a way I can get us another title shot…”

Punk: “Paul, stop. I had my chance last night and I blew it. I’m not here to make excuses, I’m here to make an announcement.”

Punk and Heyman approach the gorilla position and Punk tells a stage hand to que up his music.

Heyman: “And announcement? What kind of announcement? You haven’t told me anything about an announcement…”

Paul: “Well I’m about to make it, you coming?”

Punk’s music hits and he steps through the curtain, Heyman looks confused and concerned as he follows Punk out through the curtain. Live in the arena, Punk makes his way to the ring to a mix of cheers and boos from the crowd.

Cole: “He was the WWE Champion for 434 days before dropping the title to The Rock at the Royal Rumble. Punk had his rematch last night, and what a match it was.”

JR: “One of the matches of the year, but Punk ended up on the losing side again. We saw after that match his anger and disappointment, but I’ve not idea what this announcement could be.”

Punk takes a mic from ringside before entering the ring.

Punk: “I’m out here tonight…”

Heyman snatches the mic.

Heyman: “Come on, let’s go talk about this, you’re upset…”

Punk snatches it back.

Punk: “Shut up Paul!”

The crowd pops as Heyman looks stunned. He takes a step back and allows Punk to speak.

Punk: “In 2011, when I won the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, I embarked on a 434 day journey that will go on to define my career in professional wrestling. In those 434 days I defended my championship at every house show, every pay-per-view, and I defended against some of the best in the business. Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, John Cena. For 434 days I proved conclusively that I am exactly what I say I am, and that is the best in the world. But despite this, despite me running myself into the ground every single night, I still had my critics. I heard people saying “yeah he’s good, but he’s no Stone Cold, he’s no Undertaker, no Shawn Michaels”. I heard people say that title reign, the sixth longest WWE Championship reign of all time, somehow did not stack up against those great names, that if I was the Champion in the Attitude Era, that I could not be WWE Champion. That hurt me, that offended me.”

Punk pauses and waits out a Stone Cold chant before continuing.

Punk: “What offended me more was when I turned up to WrestleMania last year as the defending WWE Champion, but saw it wasn’t me in the main event. No, it was The Rock. An Attitude Era golden boy came back and took the main event spot from me, and that offended me too. So when I heard that The Rock would be granted a WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble, it lit a fire inside me. It made me do things that I’m not particularly proud of to make sure that when The Rock graced us with his presence, he would have to take that title from me. He would step into the ring with me, and that would be my chance to prove those critics wrong. All those people who said I don’t belong, that I wouldn’t go down as one of the greats, that I was somehow less than the Attitude Era, I would prove them all wrong when I defeated The Rock… but I lost. I lost that match, The Rock ended my 434 day title reign in only his second singles match in 10 years.”

Cheers for Rock, but Punk continues as Heyman is seen listening attentively.

Punk: “For the first time in a long time I started to doubt myself. Maybe you were right, maybe I just aren’t that good. Maybe, when it comes down to it, I can’t get the job done against someone like The Rock. But, with the help of my manager here, I put those doubts to the back of my mind and I set about my rematch. A No DQ match, a match I knew favoured me, a match that gave me a second chance to prove to the world, and to myself, that I am the best in the world… but I lost. And that loss has opened my eyes, and now I see clearly. You were right. I’m not the best. And if I’m not the best, then those 434 days, the last 10 years of my life that I have spent tearing my body apart, they aren’t worth it anymore.”

Heyman is heard asking Punk what he’s saying. Punk turns to Heyman.

Punk: “I’m saying goodbye.”

Punk drops the mic and the crowd are in shock. Punk hugs Heyman in the middle of the ring before hanging his head, leaving the ring and exiting up the ramp. Heyman is stunned in the middle of the ring. The announcers speak in hushed tones.

Cole: “Goodbye? What does he mean goodbye?”

JR: “I think CM Punk just quit the WWE…”

Raw fades to commercials with Punk walking through the curtain.

Raw returns with Wade Barrett’s music playing and the Englishman dressed to wrestle, but with a mic in his hand.

Barrett: “People in the audience here look quite shocked, they look confused. And after what’s happened, that’s perfectly understandable… I mean how dare anyone accuse me of attacking Kane!”

The crowd boo loudly.

Cole: “I think people are more shocked that CM Punk just quit the WWE.”

Barrett: “Now I’m not saying I’m not capable, I’m a bare knuckle champion and can take out any man I like whenever I like. But I do not take kindly to been accused of these things by our General Manager without a shred of evidence. Unfortunately for my opponent here tonight, that means I’m going to have to take that anger out on somebody. So, someone get a bloody referee out here and let’s do this.”

The crowd boo again as Barrett stands in the ring awaiting his opponent.

Cole: “I’m still in shock, I mean has CM Punk said goodbye forever?”

John Morrison’s music hits to a light babyface reaction from the crowd.

Roberts: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, John Morrison! And his opponent, standing in the ring… Wade Barrett.”

JR: “Well the old saying is that the show must go on, and we’re going to do that despite that shocking announcement from CM Punk earlier tonight. Barrett versus Morrison, who men who lost last night at Elimination Chamber and need a victory here to get back some momentum.”

Cole: “Barrett the first man eliminated from the Chamber match last night while Morrison came up short in his Intercontinental Championship bout with The Miz.”

Morrison enters the ring and we’re underway, but Barrett takes immediate control, charging Morrison into the corner and delivering a series of shoulder-rams to the midsection. Barrett with a clothesline to Morrison, before he applies a headlock. Morrison looks to fight out of it and pushes Barrett into the ropes, but Barrett scores with a big boot on the rebound and Morrison is down again. Barrett looks fired up as he picks Morrison up and delivers a standing suplex. He goes for the cover, but only gets the 2.

Cole: “Impressive start here by Barrett, he looks more determined than he has of late and that is bad news for Morrison.”

JR: “Absolutely, Barrett was 100% correct when he was talking about how dangerous he is.”

Barrett continues to beat down on Morrison with a viciousness that gives Morrison no time to try and fight back, and Barrett scores with a back body drop for another 2 count.

Cole: “Morrison just can’t get out of the gate here!”

Morrison mounts a comeback at 5 minutes with a series of dropkicks, but as he runs at Barrett he is met with Winds Of Change. Barrett rolls up his elbow pad and signals for the Bullhammer… but Morrison ducks and scores with a Pele kick. Barrett falls to the mat and Morrison sees there is a chance for Starship Pain… but Barrett gets the knees up to counter. Both men to their feet, but Barrett connects with the Bullhammer. Barrett gets the 3 in the middle of the ring to boos from the crowd.
Wade Barrett def. John Morrison in 6:02

Cole: “Outstanding performance from Wade Barrett, he puts that losing streak behind him with a dominant display!”

Barrett has his hand raised in the middle of the ring with his music playing as the camera shows Morrison KOd in the middle of the ring.

Backstage, Booker T and Teddy Long are shown watching Barrett on a monitor from an office.

Teddy: “You see Book? That’s why I put him in the Chamber last night playa’, Wade Barrett is the future, you feel me?”

Booker: “What you talkin’ ‘bout Teddy? Those other five guys inside that Chamber had to earn a place, had to win a qualifier. Barrett had his chance and lost, but you just put him in there anyway without consulting myself or Jerry.”

Teddy: “Yeah but…”

Booker: “No buts man, I’m sick of this. You been getting’ ideas above your station for too long man. You know, I thought it’d be a good idea to have you here as my assistant, but I just don’t think it’s workin’ out no more. Sorry man, you’re fired.”

Teddy sells shock before hanging his head and walking out of the office.

We fade to the interview area, where Renee Young is on screen.

Young: “Please welcome my guests at this time, the WWE Tag Team Champions and their manager… Joe Hennig, Ted DiBiase and Vickie Guerrero.”

Boos are heard as the trio walk into shot.

Young: “Vickie you must be proud of your clients after they retained the Tag Team Championships tonight.”

Guerrero: “I am proud Renee. I’m proud of them for going down in history as the first team to win a Tag Team Elimination Chamber match, I’m proud of them for retaining the titles just 24 hours later, but more than anything I am proud of myself. I mean, a few months ago these two men were on the brink of losing their jobs, struggling to get a match on Superstars. But they came to me for my management talents, and in a few short months I have turned them into champions! And now there is no doubt, they have defeated every team the WWE has to offer, The Perfect Generation are the undisputed greatest tag team in wrestling today!”

Vickie chuckles to herself before the trio walk away and we return to ringside.

Cole: “Teddy Long fired by Booker T! Does anything else want to happen tonight!?”

JR: “It’s been quite the night so far folks. At the top of the show Triple H challenged Brock Lesnar to a match right here tonight, that challenge was accepted and is scheduled to take place as our main event.”

Cole: “Chris Jericho agreed to put his career on the line when he challenges Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, and Big E Langston speared Mark Henry through the ringside barricade!”

JR: “Sin Cara turned on his mentor Rey Mysterio after they lost their Tag Team Championship rematch against the Perfect Generation, and perhaps the most shocking of all, CM Punk apparently leaving the WWE after failing to regain the WWE Championship!”

A graphic on screen shows The Rock and John Cena.

Cole: “Up next, for the first time in almost a year, John Cena and The Rock will be in the same ring after Cena earned a shot at The Rock’s WWE Championship at WrestleMania. Rock and Cena when we come back…”

Raw fades to commercials, and returns live in the arena as The Rock’s music hits to a major reaction from the live audience.

Roberts: “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the WWE Champion… The Rock!”

Rock appears on stage in jeans and a Team Bring It shirt, holding the WWE Championship over his shoulder. He makes his way to the ring in usual fashion, posing on the turnbuckle with the title held high.

Cole: “There were many who said he could not return and become WWE Champion, but The Rock proved them wrong at the Royal Rumble. Then people doubted if he could defend in a No DQ contest against CM Punk, but last night The Rock did just that. And for the third time in his career, The Rock is heading into WrestleMania as the WWE Champion!”

Rock enters the ring and takes a mic. He waits out a Rocky chant from crowd before beginning.

Rock: “Finally…”

Before he can continue, John Cena’s music hits. A mix of cheers and boos as Cena appears at the top of the stage in his gear with a yellow Never Give Up shirt on. He makes his way to the ring while The Rock does not look impressed at been cut off. Cena enters the ring and also takes a mic.

Cena: “Hey Dwayne! Remember me?”

Rock: “Hmmmm, let me think. Horrible shorts, knee pads even though he has no match, t-shirt making him look like a peanut M&M… Oh yeah, The Rock remembers you, you’re the roody poo who got his candy ass kicked by The Great One at WrestleMania last year!”

The crowd cheer as Cena shrugs off the remark.

Cena: “Same old Rocky. Still picking on the shirts and shorts huh? I didn’t come out here to open old wounds…”

Rock: “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHY YOU’RE OUT HERE! The fact of the matter is this. Last year, WrestleMania 28, The Rock versus John Cena, once in a lifetime! And John Cena lost, The Rock won, game over, no second chances, clue’s in the title, once in a lifetime!”

Cena: “I earned a rematch…”

Rock: “No! No you did not. Not in the eyes of The Rock. You see The Rock watched that Elimination Chamber match last night. The Rock watched as Daniel Bryan had the night of his life, fighting from the opening spot in the match right through to the very end. He eliminated Sheamus, The Big Slow, Wade Barrett, and when he got you in that Yes Lock The Rock stood up in anticipation of your monkey ass tapping out. The Rock stood and realised he was heading to WrestleMania 29 to face Daniel Bryan…”

Rock pauses as the crowd erupts with YES chants that clearly have Cena rattled.

Rock: “… but what happened next? John Cena dug deep, just like John Cena always does. He reached desperately for the ropes, but there’s no rope break inside the Chamber. So John Cena resorts to weapons. Mr Hustle Loyalty and Respect uses a piece of glass to bust open Daniel Bryan. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, just as The Rock was red misting and shouting at the TV screen, he sees John Cena use the Rock Bottom to get the win. The Rock, just for one moment transformed into Booker T and at the top of his voice yelled ‘TELL ME I DID NOT JUST SEE THAT!’ John Cena, as far as The Rock is concerned, you didn’t earn this title shot. This title shot belongs to Daniel Bryan.”

More cheers at the mention of Bryan’s name, but Cena responds angrily.

Cena: “NO! The title shot is mine! I earned it, I won the Elimination Chamber and I got my second chance. And I don’t care if you think I deserve it, I don’t care if you’d prefer to be facing Daniel Bryan, like it or lump it Jack because at WrestleMania 29 you’re getting back in the ring with me…”

Cena gets up close to Rock.

Cena: “And I don’t care if you like how I earned my second chance. At WrestleMania, if the opportunity presents itself, I’ll have no problem doing the same thing to you that I did to Daniel Bryan last night.”

Rock smiles and takes a step toward Cena.

Rock: “Big talk for a man who I beat last year. The outcome will be exactly the same this time around John. And then what? You didn’t exactly handle defeat well the first time around, crying and moaning for 12 whole months about needing redemption. Well here’s what’s going to happen at WrestleMania John, The Rock is going to take your redemption, throw it in there with a big fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles, shine that bowl of Fruity Redemption Pebbles up real nice and shove ‘em straight up your rainbow ass!”

The crowd pops and Cena and Rock stand face to face.

Rock: “But you know what John, standing in here tonight with you has reminded The Rock just how much he doesn’t like you. I don’t think I can wait 6 weeks to kick your monkey ass all over this ring again, so if you want to come out here and interrupt the Great One then The Rock says JUST BRING IT!”

Rock performs his “bring it” hand motion before throwing the title down, but Cena simply smiles. He walks backwards away from Rock as the crowd boo. Cena exits the ring and Rock’s music hits.

JR: “The opening shots have been fired, and it sounds like there is still no love lost between these two men. It’s going to be an explosion at WrestleMania!”

Rock holds the title high from the ring, looking down at Cena on the ramp. Cena replies with his “you can’t see me” hand gesture.

We fade backstage, where the camera is zoomed in on Triple H’s black eyes. We zoom out to reveal Hunter is taping his wrists in the locker room when Stephanie walks in, clearly upset.

HHH: “Not this again…”

Steph: “Hunter please! You don’t need to do this, you have nothing to prove. Nobody thinks any less of you…”

HHH: “Yes they do. I do. I think less of me. I got us into this mess, I got us in a position where Brock Lesnar put his hands on you, it’s because of me I’m not longer the COO of this company. Steph the ring is all I have left, don’t be the one to take that away from me.”

Hunter picks up a bottle of water and exits the locker room, leaving Steph upset on her own.

We return to the ring, where Antonio Cesaro’s music is playing as he enters the ring.

Roberts: “The following is a six-man tag team bout, schedules for one fall. In the ring, Antonio Cesaro.”

Cole: “Stephanie is desperate for her husband not to compete tonight, but it looks like that main event of Brock Lesnar vs Triple H is going to take place shortly. But right now, six man tag team action!”

Alberto Del Rio is the next man out and he makes his way to the ring to boos as one of Cesaro’s partners.

Roberts: “Introducing his tag team partners. First, making his way to the ring… Alberto Del Rio!”

JR: “Fresh off a defeat to Chris Jericho on Heat last night is Del Rio, while Cesaro is also in bad form after dropping the newly-reinstated European Championship to Drew McIntyre last week on Main Event.”

Cole: “Cesaro blaming new Main Event GM William Regal for that loss, but he will get his rematch this coming Wednesday.”

The Big Show’s music and pyro hits and the crowd boo as the Giant approaches the ring.

Roberts: “And their partner, weighting 500lbs… The Big Show!”

Cole: “The Big Show is still in a foul mood having been barred from challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship until after WrestleMania. He set his sights on the WWE Championship and entered the Elimination Chamber last night, but was eliminated by a combination of Sheamus and Daniel Bryan.”

JR: “Not before he had eliminated Ryback, who will be on the opposite team here in this tag match.”

Ryback’s music hits to a good babyface reaction and the crowd chant along with the “feed me more” chants.

Roberts: “Their opponents, first, from Sin City… Ryback!”

Cole: “Many people had tipped Ryback to win the Elimination Chamber match last night, but he made a fatal mistake that saw him elimination when he tried to lift Big Show up for ShellShock.”

JR: “Ryback’s a big guy, freakishly strong, but there’s no way he’s going to be able to get that 500lb man up for his finisher. Rookie mistake really.”

Drew McIntyre’s Broken Dreams theme hits to a strong reaction from the crowd as Drew walks out onto the stage with the European Title around his waist.

Roberts: “Introducing his tag team partners. First, the new WWE European Champion… Drew McIntyre!”

Cole: “Drew McIntyre has been on a mission to resurrect his career since splitting with 3MB. He was awarded a European Championship match by William Regal last week on Main Event, and won the title in a very good match.”

JR: “One of the best TV matches we’ve seen in a long time, The Chosen One joins the likes of Shawn Michaels, Triple H and William Regal himself in the list of former European Champions.”

McIntyre and Ryback stand on the outside awaiting their partner as Christian’s music hits.

Roberts: “Approaching the ring… Christian!”

Cole: “So it’ll be Captain Charisma completing this six man tag match here tonight, looking to get back to winning ways after an unsuccessful attempt at the United States Championship last night.”

Christian and Cesaro start the match off, but Cesaro become distracted by some words from McIntyre and it allows Christian to take control early on. A series of dropkicks is followed by a backdrop. Christian tags in McIntyre, but Cesaro begs off before tagging in Del Rio. Del Rio walks straight into a big boot from McIntyre, and the Scot control the next minute of the match.

McIntyre whips Del Rio into the corner and tags Christian back in, Christian scores with a Tornado DDT out of the corner and goes for the cover… but Cesaro breaks up the count. Christian stares down Cesaro for the interference, and the momentary distraction allows Del Rio to hit the Backstabber. Cesaro immediately demands to be tagged in and goes to work on Christian with boots to the back. Cesaro pulls him up and scores with a German suplex, goes for the bridging cover, but Christian kicks out.

Cesaro picks Christian up and drops him hard with a bodyslam. He repeats for a second time. He looks for a third bodyslam, but Christian slips out the bad and hits a falling inverted DDT. Christian shakes off the cobwebs, but instead of going for a tag he climbs to the top rope. He waits for Cesaro to get to his feet and looks for a cross body, but Cesaro nails a massive European Uppercut! The crowd pops as Cesaro scrambles for the cover… but McIntyre hits the ring and makes the save. McIntyre looks for a FutureShock on Cesaro, but Cesaro backdrops him out of the ring. He returns to Christian and signals for the Neutraliser, but Christian pops up with a Killswitch! The crowd is hot as Christian and Cesaro look for tags. Cesaro tags in Show, while Ryback is in for the faces.

The crowd cheers as Ryback looks for a running clothesline, he connects but doesn’t know Show down. He hits the ropes and hits a second clothesline, but again Show stays on his feet. Ryback looks for a third, but Show picks him up in the gorilla press position. Ryback knees Show viciously in the head which causes both men to hit the mat, but it’s Ryback to his feet first as he climbs to the second rope. Show gets to his feet, Ryback leaps through the air and scores with a huge Meathook Clothesline. Ryback yells “finish it” and the crowd goes nuts as he drops the straps.

Cole: “Oh my God, he’s going to try it again, Ryback’s looking for ShellShock on the Giant.”

JR: “This is not smart!”

Ryback looks to lift Show for ShellShock, but again the weight is too much and Show collapses on top of Ryback. Show picks up Ryback and drops him with a Chokeslam in the middle of the ring… 1… 2… 3.
Big Show, Antonio Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio def. Ryback, Christian & Drew McIntyre in 6:20

Show’s music plays and he has hand raised in victory with Del Rio. Christian is still down at ringside selling the effects of the match, while Cesaro has gone to the outside. He takes the European Title belt from the timekeeper and smashes it across McIntyre’s head at ringside. The crowd boo loudly as Cesaro fastens the belt around his own waist and walks up the ramp.

Cole: “Cesaro has stolen McIntyre’s belt! The man’s deluded.”

JR: “He walked around with that belt for months when it wasn’t sanctioned, yet you’re surprised he wants it now it’s active again?”

Cole: “Well, no, but he has a shot at winning the title legitimately on Wednesday!”

JR: “The main story here folks is Ryback once again turned a winning position into defeat by trying to hit that ShellShock move on Big Show. Twice in two days Ryback has had Show beat and gone on to lose after trying to hit that move!”

A graphic on screen shows Triple H and Brock Lesnar.

Cole: “Well folks, we’re going to our last commercial break before this match gets underway. Coming up next, live and uninterrupted, the rematch from Elimination Chamber… Triple H vs Brock Lesnar, live on Monday Night Raw!”

Raw returns from commercials and pans the crowd. Triple H’s music hits, the crowd cheers and the lights go green. Hunter steps out on stage in his gear, black eyes on show and ribs taped to sell the effects of his match the night before.

JR: “It was just 24 hours ago that Triple H suffered a hellacious beating at the hands of Brock Lesnar, despite the pleas of his wife he is coming back for more right here in our main event.”

Cole: “That loss last night cost Triple H his job as COO of the WWE, he told Stephanie earlier tonight that the ring was all he had left. JR, after tonight he may not even have that, Brock Lesnar is capable of ended careers.”

JR: “Absolutely, and you can see Triple H is nowhere near 100% as he limps to the ring with those black eyes and taped up ribs.”

Hunter does his usual entrance routine, posing on the ring apron before entering the ring and standing on the second turnbuckle. Suddenly, the arena lights ago out and everything is pitch black and Hunter’s music cuts out with a static sound.

Cole: “What the?”

What sounds like someone been slammed on the mat is heard as the arena remains pitch black.

JR: “What the hell’s going on?”

The lights come back on and Triple H is laid out in the middle of the ring. Standing over him is a man dressed in all black with a balaclava and hood concealing his face. He is holding a sledgehammer in his left hand as the crowd boo.

JR: “Oh my God, who the hell is that? Did he just take out The Game with that hammer.”

The masked man slowly drops his hood, raises his right hand to the balaclava and slowly takes it off. As his face is revealed, Dean Ambrose is found to be the man beneath the mask with a sick smile on his face.

Cole: “Who the hell is that? Someone get security out here!”

Ambrose holds the sledgehammer high and stands tall over the fallen Triple H as Raw goes off the air in chaos.

Quick Results

Perfect Generation (Ted DiBiase & Joe Hennig) def. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara in 8:10 to retain the Tag Team Championships

Sheamus def. Darren Young (w/ Titus O’Neil) in 3:25

Big E Langston def. Mark Henry in 9:45 via count-out

Damien Sandow def. Zack Ryder in 6:55 to retain the United States Championship

Wade Barrett def. John Morrison in 6:02

Big Show, Antonio Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio def. Ryback, Christian & Drew McIntyre in 6:20

The Rock | Undertaker | Triple H | Chris Jericho | Stone Cold

CM Punk | Dean Ambrose | Mark Henry | Daniel Bryan | Dolph Ziggler

Austin Aries | Jeff Hardy | AJ Styles | Bully Ray | Christopher Daniels
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

RAW Review

Since Triple H & Lesnar's rivalry came to an end at least in Brock's mind, Triple H wants to continue the rivalry and I guess that makes sense but at the same time Triple H got his ass kicked badly to the point where he said "I Quit", Triple H quit and in my opinion that doesn't make him worthy of a rematch with Brock but at the same time Brock did get the job done all be it that he had to resort to almost F5ing Stephanie which makes me believe that this rivalry will continue even after Triple H lost his job as COO of this company, Triple H is still an active superstar isn't he not? So that means Triple H can have matches now on either RAW or Smackdown but him challenging Lesnar, definitely not smart but what I wasn't counting on was Dean Ambrose making his debut especially not just yet but the way he went after Triple H, WOW

I see an Ambrose/Triple H rivalry forming here especially after that brutal, heinous attack but Ambrose is just making a name for himself so I gotta admire that, but still Ambrose may be playing with fire here

Cesaro is that obsessed with the WWE European Championship, the man has the audacity to steal the belt a belt mind you that he lost, a belt that is not his, it's McIntyre's belt but still Ryback trying to lift up Big Show for Shell Shocked, if he had hit it then that would have put over Ryback huge but Show collapsing on top of Ryback, I can honestly see this rivalry continuing with it being Ryback vs Big Show at WrestleMania 29 with Ryback going over Big Show and Cesaro facing McIntyre also at WrestleMania 29

Cena is that obsessed with beating Rock and I can see why considering Cena did lose to The Rock last year at WrestleMania 28 and Cena has never been the same since that loss, but still Cena not caring about what the fans think or what Daniel Bryan or anyone else thinks about how he earned his second chance at redemption, it makes me wonder if the long-awaited heel turn of Cena will finally happen? And if it does which I am praying that it does happen but if it does I really hope Cena does turn heel at WrestleMania 29 because Cena quite honestly is starting to lose his status as "Face of the WWE" and Bryan is starting to grow or mature into that spot so I say it is finally time for Cena to go heel but will Rock be able to beat Cena and retain his WWE Championship at WrestleMania 29?

Teddy Long fired by Booker T, it makes me wonder if Teddy Long is turning heel? If he is then I can honestly say that Teddy Long would make a great heel manager for someone, someone like Big E. Langston could profit from having a manager especially one like Theodore R. Long but Booker T I guess he fired Teddy because let's be honest Teddy Long makes a way better GM than Booker and Booker knows that so what does he do? He fires Teddy but I can see Teddy Long appealing Booker T's decision to fire him by having Teddy go to the Board of Directors getting Booker fired or Teddy Long can make a case for Jerry Lawler's job and Teddy Long can become the new GM of RAW

Sin Cara turning heel on Rey Mysterio, I definitely would not have called that in a million years at all, but I guess I could see why you would turn Cara heel even though Rey would have been the better choice to turn heel but I think I know what you're doing...you are setting up Cara vs Mysterio for WrestleMania 29 with it being Mask vs. Mask with both of their masks being on the line in this match because if you are doing that, then I can honestly see Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 29 happening but with the mask on the line as well as Rey's career being on the line in this match and if that is the case, then Rey could very well be retiring and if he is then I see him passing the torch to Sin Cara with Sin Cara taking over Rey's spot as being the masked luchador superhero/role model the kids will love and respect

CM Punk quitting the WWE, I definitely did not see this coming at all, wow I am shocked that Punk is quitting, that he is walking away but I guess maybe losing to The Rock really broke him but also being cast aside by Heyman in favor of Brock, but also Punk started to lose focus, I wonder if this is the last time we will see Punk at least for a while anyway? If that is the case then I can see Punk disappearing for a while at least and Punk then coming back at WrestleMania 29 or coming back the night after WrestleMania 29 on RAW but if you have Punk disappearing even longer then I can see Punk making his triumphant return at SummerSlam 2013 because Punk needs a few months away

Wade Barrett like it or not he is the future, this man founded 2 of the greatest groups perhaps of the PG Era in Nexus and The Corre and not to mention this man being a bare knuckle fighter, this man should have been a main eventer long ago he should have been WWE Champion back in 2010 but he wasn't and even so in 2011 he should have been World Heavyweight Champion but no he wasn't, so Barrett here is hoping Barrett finally gets that main event push that we all know that he deserves because this man is a natural-born main event caliber guy and him beating Morrison goes a long way to proving just that

Cody Rhodes turning babyface on Damien Sandow attacking Sandow, now that I definitely saw coming because it was obvious that was the direction this was going in but at the same time Team Rhodes Scholars had to end eventually and it did, and what a way for it to end with Sandow not only retaining his WWE United States Championship by beating Ryder but having Rhodes attack Sandow after the match when it looked like these 2 were about to work it out, I say good for Cody but at the same time though, I see it being Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow for the WWE United States Championship at WrestleMania 29 and if that is the case then I say so much the better

Big E. Langston beating Mark Henry by count-out, this was a war, what a war between these 2 men, 2 of perhaps the strongest men in WWE right now, the present facing off against the future, and after this match how can Big E. not be seen as the new World's Strongest Man? Big E. is a beast, what a spot here with the spear through the barricade, for Big E. he inducted Mark Henry into his own Hall of Pain, and that that right there is what Big E. does, Big E. he reminds me so much of a 2011 version of Mark Henry the one who went on to become a dominant force inducting superstars into the Hall of Pain injuring them and putting them on the shelf essentially becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, Big E. is a future World Champion right here

Ziggler facing off against Jericho at WrestleMania 29 for the World Heavyweight Championship, with Jericho putting his career on the line in this match, if Jericho loses he must retire, what a stipulation, Jericho accepting, I say that is a dumb move on Jericho's part the man shouldn't have to put his career on the line because what happens if he loses? He has to retire and call it a career but at the same time it is inevitable considering Jericho is being inducted into the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame, so it makes sense that Jericho would put his career on the line but if Ziggler retires Jericho then that will put Ziggler over even more as a superstar but Jericho I still say he made a stupid move putting his career on the line because that is such a huge risk a risk that could backfire on him

But I loved even more was seeing Randy Orton come out interrupting MizTV with Ziggler and Jericho and Orton not saying a word at all, just RKOing The Miz out of nowhere, now that that right there is The Viper of old, being as cold as ice, vicious, remorseless and just psychotic, now what would have been better is if after Orton RKOed The Miz, if Orton punted The Miz right in his skull because if he had done that, then Orton would have sent a strong message that he is the most dangerous man in that locker room because he is let's face it, but I want to see more of this from Orton just attacking random superstars laying them out with RKOs and then punting superstars putting them on the shelf because by doing that, it makes Orton one of the most feared men in the WWE

Perfect Generation DiBiase & Hennig retaining the WWE Tag Team Championship, I love it because if there is a team that can single-handedly restore dignity and honor back into this division restoring prestige back into those titles it is definitely DiBiase and Hennig, but in all honesty they don't need Vickie Guerrero in my honest opinion, now a valet that they can definitely benefit from having is WWE Hall of Famer the Dirtiest Player in the Game WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the Naitchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy The Nature Boy Ric Flair, now imagine if Flair were managing DiBiase and Hennig, they would be stylin' and profilin' but also learning from Flair who is one of the greatest if not the greatest superstar of all-time now that right there would put them over huge as a tag team

But honestly what would make for a great stable is seeing a New Generation Four Horsemen stable with Flair as manager Flair he would be the JJ Dillon of this New Horsemen group, Ziggler as the leader/main eventer of this group/Ric Flair of this New Horsemen group since Ziggler he reminds me so much of a young Nature Boy and not to mention he is using Flair's finisher the Figure Four Leg Lock as his new finisher, DiBiase & Hennig as the tag team of the group with DiBiase being the Tully Blanchard of this New Horsemen group and Hennig being the Enforcer the Double A Arn Anderson of this New Horsemen group, and then you add a fourth member to this group Roman Reigns have him debut and he can be the muscle of this new Horsemen group he can be the Lex Luger or Sid Vicious of the New Horsemen

Either way that would be a great Horsemen group Flair as manager, Ziggler as the leader, DiBiase & Hennig as the tag team of the group, and Roman Reigns as the enforcer/muscle of the group, this would be awesome, even you have to admit that

Brock Lesnar I see him challenging The Streak, that being Undertaker's 20-0 WrestleMania streak, if not then I see it being Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton at WrestleMania 29 or Brock Lesnar facing off against Sheamus or perhaps Brock will end up facing Goldberg again in a WrestleMania 20 rematch

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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

WWE Main Event – Wednesday 20th February 2013

Main Event begins with a replay video package from Elimination Chamber, where Kane was found attacked backstage. CCTV footage showed the attacker was hooded and under a balaclava, and that after the attack he removed Kane’s mask.

Live in the arena, the entire roster is surrounding the ring.

Justin Roberts: “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the General Manager of Monday Night Raw… Jerry “The King” Lawler.”

King’s music hits to cheers from the crowd.

Michael Cole: “Welcome everyone to WWE Main Event, Josh Matthews and myself Michael Cole at ringside as we kick things off with the entire roster assembled around the ring.”

Matthews: “Monday Night Raw went off the air in a state of chaos and that’s how they’ve resumed on Main Event. The WWE Superstars received a memo to be at ringside for the start of the show, but nobody us sure why.”

Cole: “As Jerry Lawler makes his way to the ring we should remind you he is the GM of Raw and not Main Event, so we’re not sure if this has been sanctioned by our Main Event GM William Regal.”

Lawler enters the ring and takes the mic from Roberts.

King: “Good evening everybody. I’m sorry to begin your night like this, but as you know I am conducting an investigation into the identity of the man who attacked Kane and stole his mask last Sunday at Elimination Chamber. Now, William Regal has given me his permission to come out here on Main Event and continue that investigation, which is why I have gathered you all out here tonight. I know that amongst you is the attacker, and while I give you credit for the job you did in hiding your identity, let me assure you that you will be caught, and you will be punished. The reason I have gathered you all around here is to give the attacker the chance to come clean. Come clean tonight and face the consequences of your actions like a man. If you choose not to step forward, then when I find out your identity I will see to it that you never work for this company again. So step forward now… you’ve been warned.”

King lowers the mic and allows the superstars to deliberate amongst themselves, but they all seem to look at each other in confusion. After a few moments, Wade Barrett enters the ring and the crowd boo loudly. Barrett has a mic in hand.

King: “I knew it!”

Barrett: “Steady on there Lawler, I’ve already told you it wasn’t me. You accused me on Monday night without a shred of evidence to back up your accusations, and now you’ve got us all out here threatening our jobs. Are you bloody stupid man? You saw a masked man attack Triple H on Raw, do you not think whoever that lunatic was could be the same man who attacked Kane?”

King ponders for a moment.

King: “I don’t know…”

Barrett: “EXACTLY! You don’t know. You’ve come out here all guns blazing, you’ve threatened the entire locker room and you have no facts. Your investigation is joke Jerry, just like you.”

King: “You want to repeat that remark Wade?”

Barrett: “You. Are. A. Joke.”

Lawler strikes Barrett with a right hand that knocks the Englishman down, before the superstars flood the ring to hold the two men apart.

Cole: “Oh my God, Lawler just hit Barrett.”

Matthews: “The Superstars are tearing them apart, it’s anarchy here on Main Event!”

Lawler exits the ring as Superstars hold back Barrett. King sells frustration as he walks up the ramp.

Barrett: “Come on old man! You want to fight? Come fight me, I’ll knock your bloody teeth out!”

Lawler stops for a moment but elects against it.

Barrett: “Just what I thought, a stupid old man that’s all bark and no bite. You’re a coward Jerry!”

Lawler turns around and runs to the ring and the crowd pop, but security and officials rush to the ring to stop King getting involved. He is escorted to the back as Barrett is shown laughing in the ring.

Cole: “You have to expect there to be repercussions after the GM of Raw put his hands on a Superstar, this investigation into Kane’s attacker is causing Jerry not to think straight!”

The camera shifts to ringside on the announcers as the Superstars begin to make their way back up the ramp.

Matthews: “As we restore order here on the show let’s take a moment to take you back to this past Monday Night on Raw. CM Punk took to the ring 24 hours after losing his WWE Championship match with The Rock, and he was to make a shocking announcement.”

The Raw Rebound graphic flashes across the screen before we are shown a replay of CM Punk’s speech from Raw, where he concluded with “I’m saying goodbye” before hugging Paul Heyman and apparently leaving the WWE. Main Event fades to commercials.

Main Event returns backstage, where William Regal is on the phone whilst walking down the hall. He bumps into Antonio Cesaro, who still has the European Championship around his waist. Regal puts the phone down.

Regal: “Oi, Cesaro, come here.”

Cesaro stops and turns around.

Regal: “What do you think you’re doing?”

Cesaro: “I’m going for coffee..”

Regal: “Don’t play stupid with me. That belt doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to Drew McIntyre.”

Cesaro: “Technically, perhaps. But the world knows I am the true Champion Of Europe, and I will prove it tonight when I win my title rematch tonight.”

Regal: “Charming story, but right now you are not the champion of anything. You stole that belt on Monday, if you don’t hand it to me this minute I will revoke your rematch and have you escorted from the building.”

Cesaro: “You can’t do that…”

Regal: “OH don’t test me tonight Mr Cesaro, this bloody show has had enough chaos for one night without me having to deal with your petulance. Give me the belt or your match is off.”

Cesaro reluctantly removes the belt and hands it to Regal.

Cesaro: “Fine. But when I defeat Drew McIntyre tonight, I want you to be the one to raise my hand and give me back this belt.”

Cesaro walks away and Regal goes the opposite direction.

We return live in the arena, where Heath Slater is making his way to the ring.

Roberts: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, he is the One Man Rock Band… Heath Slater!”

Cole: “We’re going to try and restore some normality here on Main Event as Heath Slater makes his way to the ring for singles action.”

Slater performs air guitar in the ring as the crowd boo. Daniel Bryan’s music then hits to an eruption of YES chants from the crowd.

Roberts: “Introducing his opponent… Daniel Bryan!”

Bryan appears at the top of the ramp with a mic in hand and a serious look on his face.

Bryan: “Heath Slater, I owe you an apology. Not for anything that has happened in the past, but for what is about to happen to you.”

Bryan drops the mic and heads to the ring with the same serious look on his face.

Cole: “We heard from Daniel Bryan Monday night on Raw where he talked about unleashing a ruthless side of his arsenal that we have not seen in WWE, namely a dangerous submission hold known as Cattle Mutilation.”

Matthews: “A move that many in WWE would like to see banned, I worry for Heath Slater here.”

The bell sounds, but Slater does not seem fazed by Bryan’s serious attitude. He approaches Bryan and again performs air guitar. Bryan yells “NO!” before kicking Slater hard in the side of the leg repeatedly, dropping him to his knees. Bryan hits his signature kicks to the chest before a vicious kick to the head of Slater.

Bryan immediately follows up by applying a surfboard on Slater, leaving him screaming in pain as the crowd chant YES. Bryan releases the hold before the ref asks Slater about submitting.

Matthews: “Daniel Bryan clearly in no mood for games tonight, he released that hold before the referee offered the submission to Slater.”

Bryan methodically stomps away at all of Slater’s joins as he tries to scramble and block on the mat, but the ruthless Bryan quickly picks him up and delivers an overhead belly-to-belly. Bryan heads to the top rope, waits for Slater to groggily stand before scoring with the Missile Dropkick. More Yes chants from the crowd as Bryan stands in the corner and signals for his running knee finisher. He connects and Slater hits the mat hard, but rather than go for the pin, Bryan takes Slater’s arms and locks in Cattle Mutilation.

Cole: “Oh my God there it is, that dangerous manoeuvre we’ve heard about, Cattle Mutilation!”

Matthews: “Look at the way Slater is bending, that’s not natural!”

Slater submits in seconds, but Bryan keeps the hold sunk in for a little longer before letting go and celebrating in usual YES chant fashion.
Daniel Bryan def. Heath Slater via submission in 2:01

Cole: “A convincing win for Daniel Bryan, taking the months of frustration pent up inside out on poor Heath Slater!”

We move to ringside where the camera is on the announcers.

Cole: “As Daniel Bryan celebrates his victory we’re going to look back now at one of the most shocking endings to Monday Night Raw in recent memory. Triple H, 24 hours after losing his job as COO in a match with Brock Lesnar, called out The Beast for a rematch. The challenge was accepted, but things didn’t quite go to plan for The Game…”

The Raw Rebound graphic is displayed before the final segment from Raw is played in it’s entirety: Triple H makes his entrance but is attacked with a sledgehammer by a masked attacker. The attacker removes his mask to reveal his identity as Dean Ambrose. We return to the announcers on Main Event.

Cole: “Not much is known about this mysterious attacker other than his name, which has been reported by WWE.com as Dean Ambrose. But why he targeted Triple H or what his intentions are going forward we can only speculate, so little is known about this Dean Ambrose.”

We are shown Ted DiBIase, Vickie Guerrero and Joe Hennig walking down the hall backstage.

Matthews: “Up next on Main Event, Vickie Guerrero leads the Tag Team Champions into action as they face The Usos. We’re coming right back.”

Main Event goes to commercials. We return at the top of the stage as The Usos do their traditional war dance before hitting the ring to cheers from the crowd.

Roberts: “The following tag team bout is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, Jimmy and Jey… The Usos!”

Cole: “A big opportunity here for The Usos to get into the Tag Title picture as they face the Perfect Generation in non-title action here on Main Event.”

Matthews: “The Usos have been very vocal of late at not having the opportunities they feel they deserve. William Regal has always maintained that he will give everyone a fair chance on his show, so The Usos have the opportunity they’ve been asking for right here.”

The Uso’s music fades out and is interrupted by Vickie Guerrero’s voice, which is immediately met with a flood of boos.

Guerrero: “EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding and show your appreciation for the new WWE Tag Team Champions… and my clients… Joe Hennig, Ted DiBiase… The Perfect Generation!”

The boos continue as Hennig’s “Curtis Axel” theme plays throughout the arena, the Tag Champs appear with the belts around their waist. Vickie applauds and follows them to the ring.

Cole: “Love her or hate her, Vickie has proved invaluable in the restoration of these two men. Struggling to get a match just a few months ago, they won the first ever Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match last Sunday to become Tag Team Champions.”
The match is fairy formulaic. Jimmy Usos takes control early on but soon finds himself isolated as Perfect Generation keep him away from his partner with frequent tags and signature offence. At 4 minutes, DiBiase attempts Dream Street but Jimmy counters and lands a Superkick. Both men make the tags, and Jey gets the momentum for his team.

DiBiase is thrown from the ring before Jey scores with Samoan Drop to Hennig. The crowd pops and thinks the Usos have the match won, but Hennig kicks out just before the 3! Determined, Jey climbs to the top rope and looks for the big splash… but Hennig gets the knees up. He immediately gets to his feet and connects with PerfectPlex. Hennig makes the cover, Jimmy tries to make the save but is stopped by DiBiase and Perfect Generation pick up the win.
The Perfect Generation (Ted DiBiase & Joe Hennig) def. The Usos in 5:20

Cole: “Convincing win there for the Perfect Generation.”

Matthews: “They looked to be in trouble late on, but credit to Hennig who got the knees up and scored yet another victory with his father’s PerfectPlex finisher.”

Vickie, Hennig and DiBiase stand in the ring as they have the Tag Titles handed back to them by the ref, who then raises their hands as their music plays and the crowd boo.

We fade backstage, where Renee Young is in the interview area.

Young: “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time… the European Champion, Drew McIntyre.”

McIntyre steps into shot in his ring gear but still without his title belt.

Young: “Drew, you are moments away from your first title defence as European Champion. You spoke very passionately last week about what winning that title would mean to you, how does it feel to be walking out there tonight as defending European Champion.”

McIntyre: “It feels great Renee, but it would feel a whole lot better if my belt hadn’t been stolen from me on Monday night. But look, Antonio Cesaro can steal my belt if it makes him feel better, the truth is that I am the European Champion and as a Scotsman that makes me very proud. So I’ll go out there tonight and defend my title against Cesaro, and then I’ll sit back and wait for the next challenger. This isn’t my first title in WWE, but this time it’s very different. I was anointed the Chosen One by Vince McMahon, I want to be Chosen by the WWE Universe. The only way I’m going to do that is by working hard, winning matches and making sure they are entertained. So I don’t care who steps up, I’m taking on all comers, big or small…”

William Regal walks into shot with the European Title in his hands.

Regal: “Sorry to interrupt Drew, but I believe this belongs to you…”

Regal hands the belt to McIntyre.

Regal: “… best of luck out there.”

Regal pats McIntyre on the back and we fade back to the arena, where the Prime Time Players music hits. Light boos as Titus O’Neil and Darren Young makes their trademark entrance.

Roberts: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, been accompanied by Darren Young… Titus O’Neil!”

Cole: “This past Monday night on Raw Darren Young was on the end of a defeat to Sheamus, but it was Titus O’Neil who was the last man standing after delivering the Sky High to Sheamus after the match. Sheamus issued the challenge to O’Neil on WWE.com earlier today, and the match is going to take place right here.”

The Players do their Millions Of Dollars bit in the middle of the ring before Sheamus’s music cuts them off. Sheamus gets a good babyface reaction as he makes his way to the ring.

Roberts: “His opponent, from Dublin Ireland… Sheamus!”

Cole: “Can Sheamus knock off his second Prime Time Player in the week here?”

Matthews: “O’Neil a very different type of competitor than Darren Young, this is going to be more of a power battle than a wrestling match.”

Sheamus and Titus lock up and Sheamus takes control early on, but distraction from Young at ringside allows Titus to take control. He scores a series of shoulder tackles and a scoop slam but it’s only good for a 2.

O’Neil continues to dominate for the next few minutes before Sheamus makes a typical babyface comeback, a series of clotheslines is followed up by the Irish Curse backbreaker. The crowd fires up as Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick, but Young hops the apron. Sheamus instead blasts Young with the Brogue Kick, before finishing O’Neil off with White Noise.
Sheamus def. Titus O’Neil (w/ Darren Young) in 5:05

Cole: “Sheamus picks up an impressive win despite the best efforts of Darren Young at ringside!”

Sheamus’s music plays and the crowd cheer as he has his hand raised by the referee.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre and Antonio Cesaro are shown walking down the hall on a split-screen.

Matthews: “Up next, Drew McIntyre defends his European Championship against Antonio Cesaro. It’s a rematch from last week, and it’s your main event when we come back.”

Main Event fades to commercials and returns with an advert for WrestleMania 29. Live in the arena, Antonio Cesaro’s music hits to boos from the crowd.

Roberts: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the European Championship! Making his way to the ring… Antonio Cesaro.”

Cesaro makes his way to the ring dressed in red trunks, black boots and his thighs taped.

Cole: “For months we saw Antonio Cesaro obsess about having his European Championship resanctioned by WWE. His wish came true when William Regal took over as GM of Main Event last week, but that dream turned into a nightmare when he was then forced to defend the title that same night against Drew McIntyre.”

Matthews: “McIntyre won that match and in turn the newly sanctioned European Championship, Cesaro is extremely angry at William Regal for putting him in that situation and his demanded that if we wins the title back tonight that it be Regal who fastens the belt around his waist.”

Cole: “Best to describe the relationship between Regal and Cesaro as hostile!”

Cesaro completes his entrance as the crowd boo him. After a short pause, Drew McIntyre’s Broken Dreams theme hits and the crowd cheer as he appears on stage with the European Championship around his waist.

Roberts: “His opponent, from Ayre Scotland… he is the WWE European Champion… Drew McIntyre!”

Cole: “While Cesaro demanded to be Christened the Champion of Europe, Drew McIntyre is extremely proud of earning that title, McIntyre of course a proud Scotsman.”

Matthews: “This is the third time these two men will have met in singles action over the last week or so, McIntyre coming out on top in the previous two matches.”

Cole: “But don’t discount Cesaro, those matches were both evenly contested. In fact on WWE.com today their title match from last week was described as one of the best singles matches of the year so far, so a lot of expectations going into this rematch here tonight.”

McIntyre enters the ring and hands the title over to the referee, who calls for the bell after holding the title up above his head.
Cesaro and McIntyre lock up. The pair engage in several minutes of good chain-wrestling, but each time it ends in a stalemate. The crowd applaud to show their appreciation for the skill on show. Cesaro eventually takes control with a sly thumb to the eye, before going to work on McIntyre in the corner. Cesaro delivers a series of blows to the mid-section before a snap-suplex scores him a 2 count early on.

Cesaro is relentless, using good mat work to keep McIntyre grounded while working away at different areas of McIntyre’s body. McIntyre tries to build up some momentum, whipping Cesaro into the ropes and looking for a big boot, but Cesaro grabs McIntyre’s foot, tackles him to the ground and scores with an elbow drop. Another 2 count follows, with Cesaro becoming more frustrated.

At 4 minutes, Cesaro elects to go for his Neutraliser finisher, but McIntyre counters into a backdrop. McIntyre then lands the big boot and goes for the cover, but only scores the 2 count. Drew waits for Cesaro to get to his feet and looks for the Futureshock, but Cesaro expertly counters into a northern lights suplex. Again it’s only good for a 2 count. Both men get to their feet, but Cesaro lands a big European uppercut that sends McIntyre reeling into the corner. Cesaro charges at him, but Drew gets the foot up. He whips Cesaro into the opposite corner and looks for a running splash, but Cesaro avoids contact and rolls McIntyre up. As the referee counts the fall, Cesaro puts his feet on the ropes for leverage and gets the 3!
Antonio Cesaro def. Drew McIntyre in 6:10 to win the European Championship

The crowd’s boos are deafening as Cesaro’s music hits. McIntyre protests with the referee as Cesaro exits the ring and snatches a mic from ringside.

Cesaro: “William Regal, get yourself out here and raise my hand.”

More boos for Cesaro as McIntyre continues to argue with the referee. Regal’s music brings out the Main Event GM, who stands at the top of the ramp with a mic.

Regal: “Do you think I was born yesterday lad? We all saw what just happened, and that’s not the way titles are going to be changing hands on my show. Referee… restart this match.”

The crowd pops and Cesaro sells fury at ringside as the bell rings.
No sooner has Cesaro turned around than McIntyre has already got to the outside of the ring. He throws Cesaro into the ring post before rolling him into the ring. Cesaro gets to his feet, but is met with a Futureshock DDT! McIntyre with the pin and the win!
Drew McIntyre def. Antonio Cesaro in 0:35 to retain the European Championship

The crowd cheers as McIntyre’s music hits and the referee raises his hand.

Roberts: “Here is your winner and still the WWE European Champion… Drew McIntyre!”

Cole: “Controversy here as Cesaro though he had regained the title, but William Regal overturns the decision and restarts the match!”

Regal makes his way to the ring, takes the title belt from the timekeeper at ringside and hands it to McIntyre. Regal raises Drew’s hand in victory as Cesaro is seen looking on angrily from up the ramp.

Matthews: “The William Regal era is well and truly underway here on Main Event. Thanks for joining us folks, we’ll see you next time!”

Main Event goes off the air with Regal raising McIntyre’s hand in the middle of the ring.

Quick Results

Daniel Bryan def. Heath Slater via submission in 2:01

The Perfect Generation (Ted DiBiase & Joe Hennig) def. The Usos in 5:20

Sheamus def. Titus O’Neil (w/ Darren Young) in 5:05

Drew McIntyre def. Antonio Cesaro in 6:45 to retain the European Championship

The Rock | Undertaker | Triple H | Chris Jericho | Stone Cold

CM Punk | Dean Ambrose | Mark Henry | Daniel Bryan | Dolph Ziggler

Austin Aries | Jeff Hardy | AJ Styles | Bully Ray | Christopher Daniels
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

WWE Main Event

What I loved most about your show anyway to be perfectly honest was Wade Barrett because to me this man's push is just beginning and if anyone deserves a huge push it's Wade Barrett, the man should already be a main eventer but he isn't and this man basically was well on his way to mega stardom when he formed Nexus one of the greatest groups of the PG Era and when he formed another stable that being The Corre, and then after that he went out on his own and we all thought that he would become a star but it didn't happen but I am glad that now he is well on his way to becoming a star all over again, perfect way to do that is by going after the RAW GM that being Jerry Lawler because if Wade could take out Lawler, he could then do just about whatever the hell he wants to whoever he wants whenever he wants

But for McIntyre, love that he's still the WWE European Champion but that was a close call, him almost losing his title to Cesaro but the decision getting reversed, I love it, McIntyre is really starting to come into his own as a face

But as for who Kane's attacker is, it could very well be Dean Ambrose considering what he did to the former COO of this company Triple H, he took out Triple H and that is probably the last time we will see Triple H at least for a good while, so Dean Ambrose is making quite a name for himself taking out Triple H, if he took out Kane as well, then that means he's going after the biggest and the baddest superstars in the WWE, I see big things in Ambrose's future especially if he is Kane's attacker or not

Ambrose could have been the attacker but then again any superstar in the WWE right now could be Kane's attacker and we wouldn't even know it

But I love this investigation into Kane's attack, it is like a murder mystery, it is like a Who Done It, everyone seems to have an alibi everyone seems to have an excuse and when Kane comes back, you know as well as I do he is going to attack everyone until he gets his hands on whoever it was that tried to take him out

I love this Cattle Mutilation submission of Bryan's and I am glad that he's using it as a finisher now to win his matches because it makes him look more dangerous in the ring and not to mention no one can seem to have a counter for his Cattle Mutilation
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

WWE Friday Night SmackDown – 22nd February 2013

SmackDown begins live in the arena, where “Viva Las Vegas” is ringing throughout. In the ring is a large spin-wheel with each WWE Superstar’s face on a segment. Lillian Garcia stands in the ring as the music fades out.

Garcia: “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the General Manager of Friday Night SmackDown… Booker T!”

Booker’s music hits to a good reaction from the crowd, and he makes his way to the ring in a suit as Josh Matthews and JBL welcome fans to the show.

Matthews: “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Friday Night SmackDown, coming to you from Las Vegas Nevada! Myself Josh Matthews alongside John Bradshaw Layfield as we take another step forward on the road to WrestleMania!”

JBL: “Good evening everyone. It’s been chaos in the WWE since Elimination Chamber, I can’t wait to see what plays out here tonight.”

Matthews: “As SmackDown rolls on we will have an update on the identity of the man who attacked Triple H with a sledgehammer at the end of Raw last Monday, as well as a medical update on The Game’s condition.”

JBL: “Don’t forget the Rock Concert Josh!”

Matthews: “And of course our WWE Champion will present a special Rock Concert here from Vegas, but right now our General Manager is headed to the ring.”

Booker takes the mic from Lillian and holds up the middle rope to help her from the ring.

Booker: “Welcome everyone to Friday Night SmackDown, live from Veeeeeggggaaassss!”

The Vegas crowd cheer before Booker continues.

Booker: “Now I know how a party goes down in Vegas, and tonight you’re going to get a special treat when The Rock takes to this ring with his guitar for a special Rock Concert. And your main event of the evening will see the World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler go one-on-one with Ryback! But right now I’m out here for a bit of business. Seeing as we’re in Las Vegas, I figured I’d put my own Booker T Spin on the Raw Roulette wheel, I’m gonna go ahead and call it the SmackDown Spinaroonie Wheel. And the reason I’ve asked for it to be brought to the ring here tonight is to try and spice up the Tag Team Division.”

Booker approaches the wheel.

Booker: “On this wheel is every WWE Superstar currently on the roster. And what I want to do use this wheel to create myself a few wildcard tag teams, because things in Vegas always get pretty wild! Vickie Guerrero has done a great job in getting Joe Hennig and Ted DiBiase to the top of the tag team division, and she’s right when she says her clients have beaten just about every current tag team in the WWE. So, with WrestleMania just a few weeks away, I figured I’d take advantage of us been right here in Las Vegas and set myself up a little Joker’s Wild Tag Team Tournament!”

Cheers from the crowd as Booker continues.

Booker: “So here’s how it’s gonna work. Over the next few weeks across SmackDown, Raw, Main Event and Heat, there will be an 8-team tournament. The winning team will receive a Tag Team Championship match against Hennig and DiBiase at WrestleMania 29. But that’s not all! You see, I want to spice things up a bit round here, but I aint taking away from the current teams with this. So I have decided that four established tag teams, and four wildcard teams picked at random by my Spinaroonie Wheel will form this tournament. First, let me tell you who the four established teams taking part in the tournament will be.”

Each team is shown via a graphic on the Titantron as Booker lists them.

Booker: “First, I wanted to bring back a couple of guys who injected some fun and excitement into the Tag Team Division back in the day. They both took part on the Royal Rumble earlier this year, and I was impressed with their work. These two guys still have what it takes, so your first team in the tournament are the team off… Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi, Too Cool!”

The crowd cheers as Scotty and Rikishi are shown on the screen.

Booker: “Your second team, in my opinion, are the best team on the current roster never to have held the Tag Team Championships. So I’m giving them this chance and I hope they can take it… Jimmy and Jay Uso.”

The Usos are shown on screen to light cheers.

Booker: “We’ve been treated to some really great Tag Team wrestling over the last few months, and these two guys have been a big part of that. The WrestleMania payday can be worth millions of dollars, let’s hear it for the Prime Time Players.”

Boos from the crowd as Titus O’Neil and Darren Young are displayed on the Tron.

Booker: “And your last established team are a couple of former Tag Team Champions who have reunited not so long ago and impressed me. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth!”

The crowd cheer as their image is shown on the tron.

Booker: “So that’s the established teams, that brings me to the good bit…”

Booker approaches the wheel and spins it.

Booker: “Let’s make ourselves some new Tag Teams right here.”

The wheel lands on Randy Orton, which gets a pop from the crowd.

Booker: “The Viper Randy Orton!”

He spins again…

Booker: “And his tag team partner… will be the Intercontinental Champion The Miz!”

Boos from the crowd at Miz’s name.

Matthews: “Now that is wild, Orton interrupted a MizTV segment last Monday on Raw and hit the Intercontinental Champion with an RKO!”

Booker spins the wheel again.

Booker: “Your second wildcard team… first… Alberto Del Rio.”

Del Rio gets boos as Booker spins the wheel for his partner.

Booker: “Will team with… Wade Barrett.”

More boos from the crowd as Barrett is revealed as Del Rio’s partner. Booker spins for the third team.

Booker: “The third team with be made up of… Big E Langston!”

Boos for Big E, Booker spins again.

Booker: “Oh my goodness… will team with Mark Henry!”

The crowd pops for the announcement.

JBL: “Now that is certainly wild Booker! Big E and Mark Henry can’t stand each other, they’re torn each other to shreds this week in two brutal matches.”

Booker: “And the final team… first… The Big Show.”

Show gets boos as Booker spins for his opponent.

Booker: “His tag team partner will be none other than the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay!”

Light cheers from the crowd, before Big Show’s music hits to boos from the crowd. Show makes his way to the ring dressed to wrestle, but snatches a mic from ringside before entering the ring to confront Booker.

Show: “Are you kidding me? You’re putting me in this tournament with a dancing fat guy? Don’t get me wrong Book, I’m happy to be in the tournament. A title match at WrestleMania is on the line here, I wanna win. But you gotta give me someone better than Brodus man, the man’s a joke.”

Booker: “Well that’s your opinion man, but you either like it or lump it, because your match is gonna take place right here, right now, and you’re going to be facing Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty. Now can you dig that, suckaaaa!”

The crowd cheer as Booker exits the ring before the 2 Cool music hits to a big reaction. Rikishi and Scotty appear at the top of the ramp and dance their way to the ring. Big Show stands unimpressed in the middle of the ring as 2 Cool make their entrance.

JBL: “What a horrible partner for Big Show, the man is one of the most dangerous superstars in the roster and he’s been put in there with a man who thinks he is a dancing dinosaur?”

Matthews: “That’s the nature of the Joker’s Wild tournament John, we get teams you’d never expect to be together and sometimes they go on to great things. If Show and Brodus can get on the same page, who’s going to stop them heading to WrestleMania?”

JBL: “Big Show is not happy, look at his face.”

Matthews: “Well our Joker’s Wild Tag Team Tournament will get underway with Big Show and Brodus Clay facing the returning 2 Cool when we come back.”

SmackDown fades to commercials as 2 Cool continue their entrance.

As SmackDown returns, the wheel has been removed from the ring and Brodus Clay is making his way to the ring. Despite the disparaging words of Show, Clay dances as usual before entering the ring.

Matthews: “Big Show remains unimpressed by Brodus, but I guess it’ll be Clay and Rikishi who start this match off.”
The ref calls for the call as Brodus and Rikishi stand opposite each other. The pair lock up, but neither man can take control and we have a stalemate. They again lock up, but once again no outcome. Rikishi then decides now would be a good time to dance, and busts a move in the middle of the ring. Brodus ponders for a moment, looking at Big Show. He goes with his instinct and decides to dance too!

JBL: “What on earth is going here? This is a serious tournament, why are these two clowns dancing?”

Big Show is not impressed, he enters the ring and delivers a WMD to Brodus! Show exits the ring and walks up the ramp to boos from the crowd.

Matthews: “Big Show with the knock out punch to his own partner!”

JBL: “Thank goodness for that.”

Rikishi looks confused about how to react, so tags in Scotty. Scotty gets a big pop from the crowd when he performs the Worm on the knocked-out Clay, and he makes the cover for the 3.
Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty def. Brodus Clay & Big Show in 1:40 to advance to the next round of the Joker’s Wild Tag Title Tournament.

Matthews: “This place going nuts for the Worm, Too Cool progress to the next round!”

JBL: “Can you imagine these two idiots getting a title match at WrestleMania? I hope they get Henry and Langston in the next round!”

Rikishi and Scotty dance as their music plays before the camera shifts to ringside.

Matthews: “As Too Cool celebrate advancing in the tag tournament with a few dance moves, let’s now turn our attention to more serious matters. Monday night on Raw saw Triple H attacked with a sledgehammer by a masked assailant who would later be revealed as Dean Ambrose. Let’s take you back now and re-live the shocking conclusion from this past weeks Raw.”

The Raw Rebound graphic flashes across the screen before we are shown the ending to Raw, where Triple H was attacked by a masked man with a sledgehammer. The attacker removed his mask to reveal himself as Dean Ambrose.

We return live to ringside.

Matthews: “We know very little about Dean Ambrose other than his name, how he got access to the arena lights or why he chose to target Triple H we do not know. But a bit of breaking news reaching us from WWE.com, next week on Raw the Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon will open the show with what he is describing as a ‘character biopic’ of Dean Ambrose.”

JBL: “Maybe Vince can tell us more about this guy?”

Matthews: “On a brighter note, we just weeks away from WrestleMania which of course means we will induct several superstars into the Hall Of Fame. Chris Jericho and Mick Foley have already been announced, let’s now take a look and reveal the next inductee in the class of 2013…”

The following video package airs:

Live in the arena, Trish’s music hits to a big pop from the live crowd.

Matthews: “She’s here! Trish Stratus not only headed for the Hall Of Fame, but headed for the ring here on SmackDown!”

JBL: “What a deserving inductee, well done Trish!”

Stratus makes her way to the ring, high-fiving fans before entering and taking a mic.

Trish: “Wow. What an honour! Thank you Vegas for that wonderful ovation, let me tell you I am truly humbled and honoured to be named as an inductee in the Hall Of…”

A voice cuts of Trish to loud boos, Paul Heyman appears at the top of the ramp and makes his way to the ring with a mic.

Heyman: “This is wonderful Trish, and congratulations are obviously in order, but there are more serious matters at hand right now.”

The boos get louder as Heyman walks up the stairs and enters the ring.

Heyman: “Now please, if you’ll be a dear and leave, I’m sure some nerd backstage will air your little speech for WWE.com or something. I have more important issues to discuss.”

Trish is clearly upset at having her speech interrupted and leaves, and the crowd’s boos get extremely loud as Heyman continues on.

Heyman: “Ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman, as you know full well I am the agent and advocate of The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar.”

The boos continue, but Heyman carries on.

Heyman: “And I am out here tonight to clear my good name, a good name that I will not allow to be tarnished by accusations and lies perpetrated by the members of the WWE Universe. I am of course referring to the events that occurred at the end of Monday Night Raw, where Triple H was all-so-unfortunately attacked by a masked assailant that has been revealed to be named as a Mr Dean Ambrose. Now it is no secret that there is little love lost between myself and Triple H, or the rest of his family for that matter, and that has led some very ill-informed people to speculate that I was somehow the instigator of this attack. I am out here to 100% and unequivocally deny those accusations. I have no idea why Dean Ambrose chose Monday night to mark his debut on WWE TV, I have no idea why he targeted Triple H, and I have no idea what happens next. But for people to suggest that I am somehow behind this, to be honest anyone who thinks that is very stupid.”

The crowd boo Heyman as he defends himself.

Heyman: “Oh you keep booing, I know it’s not ideal that I’ve had to cut Ms Stratus off in the middle of her little speech, but to be honest with you if you stupid people hadn’t put this rumour out there then I’d have no need to defend myself. Now, let me put this in nice, plain, easy to understand terms so we can clear this up once and for all. If I had wanted Triple H taken out, I wouldn’t need some renegade like Dean Ambrose. My client is most destructive man in WWE history, I can have anyone I like taken out at the click of a finger. Hell, if it hadn’t been for Dean Ambrose, my client was on his way to the ring to finish off Triple H once and for all in a sanctioned match! No, I have nothing to do with Dean Ambrose. I have two things to focus on right now; making sense of CM Punk’s decision to quit the WWE, and finding Brock Lesnar the biggest WrestleMania match we can get him. And let me promise you, WrestleMania 29 will be forever known as the event where Paul Heyman changed the face of the industry forever.”

Heyman drops the mic in an impersonation of CM Punk’s “pipebomb” moment and exits the ring to boos as SmackDown goes to commercials.

SmackDown returns in the parking lot, where a car pulls up. We cannot see above his waist as he gets out of the car, heads to the trunk and pulls out a guitar. The camera zooms out to reveal the driver as The Rock, who closes the trunk and heads inside as we fade live back to the arena.

Matthews: “The Rock has arrived and is ready for that special Rock Concert live from Vegas…”

Santino’s music hits to cheers from the crowd as he power-walks his way to the ring.

Matthews: “… but right now it’s time to unleash the Cobra!”

Garcia: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first… Santino Marella!”

Santino completes his entrance before the lights go golden for Sin Cara’s music. The crowd boo as Sin Cara appears on stage in his black “Negro” attire.

Garcia: “His opponent… Sin Cara.”

Matthews: “The crowd booing Sin Cara here tonight as a result of his actions on Monday night. Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio were facing the Perfect Generation for the Tag Team Championships after losing the titles the previous night at Elimination Chamber. Rey looked as if he had the match won for his team, before Sin Cara inexplicably turned on his mentor and viciously attacked him. Sin Cara would go on to carry out a second assault backstage later the same night, the motives behind those attacks have yet to be explained by Sin Cara.”

JBL: “Sin Cara was one of the biggest stars on the Mexican wrestling scene before arriving here, he doesn’t owe you or anyone else any kind of explanation.”

Matthews: “I’d say he certainly owes Rey an explanation, but either way Sin Cara returning to singles action here against a former United States and Intercontinental Champion.”

Santino immediately pulls out the Cobra, which is revealed to be wearing a miniature Sin Cara mask. The crowd laugh, but Cara is less than impressed and responds with a stiff enzeguri to Santino, who collapses to the mat. The crowd boo as Cara kicks away at the prone Santino, the ref eventually pulling him away. Santino remains grounded as Sin Cara climbs to the top rope and delivers a Swanton Bomb before making the pin and picking up the win.
Sin Cara def. Santino in 0:35

Garcia: “Here is your winner, Sin Cara!”

The crowd boo as Sin Cara’s music plays and he has his arm raised by the referee, but Cara shoves away the referee and again begins stomping away at the fallen Santino. The crowd boo Sin Cara, but cheers begin to ring around the arena as Ricardo Rodrigues hurries to the ring.

Matthews: “Here comes Ricardo, a close friend of Santino.”

JBL: “Yeah, I’m sure he’s gonna be a great help here.”

Ricardo enters the ring as Sin Cara stands up. Ricardo approaches Santino and pulls him up… only to hold his arms behind his back and allow Sin Cara to continue the assault!

Matthews: “What the hell in Ricardo doing!?”

The boos continue as Ricardo throws Santino into the corner of the ring and the pair deliver stomps to him. Suddenly, Rey Mysterio’s music hits! The crowd cheer as Rey hits the ring, but Sin Cara and Ricardo flee through the crowd before Rey can get his hands on them.

Matthews: “Sin Cara and Ricardo fleeing from Mysterio who came to the aid of Santino, but what the hell has just happened? Ricardo betraying his friend and apparently aligning with Sin Cara.”

Rey calls for help as Santino remains motionless in the corner of the ring, Sin Cara and Ricardo watching on from the crowd.

Matthews: “Folks as officials tend to Santino here in the arena, let’s take this opportunity to take you back to Monday Night Raw. The WWE Universe was eagerly awaiting the reaction of CM Punk after failing to regain the WWE Championship from The Rock at Elimination Chamber, but they certainly did not expect what happened next.”

The Raw Rebound graphic flashes across the screen before we are shown a replay of CM Punk taking to the ring and quitting the WWE, sighting his failure to earn the respect of the WWE Universe and “conquer the Attitude Era”.

Back live in the arena, Daniel Bryan’s music hits to the biggest cheer of the night so far. Bryan appears dressed to wrestler and does his usual “YES” bit as he approaches the ring.

Garcia: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring… Daniel Bryan!”

Matthews: “Daniel Bryan scheduled for singles action here, and John we’ve to look out for that dangerous Cattle Mutilation manouver that Bryan has incorporated in his arsenal of late.”

JBL: “An extremely dangerous hold, Bryan almost tore Heath Slater in half with that hold Wednesday night on Main Event.”

Matthews: “Bryan has vowed to become more dangerous and ruthless in a bit to avoid been labelled a “nearly man” after a series of high-profile losses of late. Bryan lost two World Heavyweight Championship matches despite almost having them both won, and then he put on the performance of the night inside the Elimination Chamber, eliminated three men but came up just short as he was the last man eliminated. Bryan feels John Cena’s WWE Championship match at WrestleMania should have been his, and he’s taking that anger out on his opponents.”

Bryan enters the ring as the crowd continue to chant “YES!” Bryan takes the mic from Lillian Garcia.

Bryan: “I would just like to take this opportunity to apologise to my opponent in advance of what is about to happen to him…”

Bryan passes the mic back to Garcia.

Matthews: “Bryan did that exact same thing before his match with Slater on Main Event, he’s almost apologetic for how much damage that Cattle Mutilation hold can do.”

Bryan stands in the ring waiting for his opponent. Alberto Del Rio’s music hits to boos from the crowd.

Garcia: “And his opponent… Alberto Del Rio.”

Del Rio appears in his gold gear and waves a Mexican flag as he makes his way to the ring.

JBL: “It’s one thing to get Heath Slater trapped in Cattle Mutilation, but Slater isn’t a submission specialist like Alberto Del Rio is. This is going to be a good technical battle!”
Del Rio enters the ring and the referee calls for the bell. Bryan and Del Rio tie up and exchange grapples, but end in stalemate. Before they lock up again, Wade Barrett’s music hits! Both men stop and look confused as Barrett appears in street clothes and makes his way to ringside.

Matthews: “Wade Barrett?”

JBL: “Remember, Barrett and Del Rio will team together in the Jokers Wild tournament. Maybe he’s just out here to get a closer look at his partner."

Barrett walks by the ring and takes up a seat at ringside, joining the announcers on commentary.

Matthews: “I guess we’re about to find out, Wade welcome!”

Barrett: “I don’t need welcoming from a little man like you Joshua, but it’s great to see you Mr Layfield.”

JBL: “Likewise! What do we owe this pleasure to Wade?”

Barrett: “I’m taking the Jokers Wild tournament very seriously, it’s an opportunity for a title match at WrestleMania 29, so I’m here to take a look at my partner.”

Matthews: “Wade I’d love to get your comments after Jerry Lawler struck you this past Wednesday on Main Event…”

Barrett: “I’m sure you would. Jerry will get what’s coming to him, that’s all you need to know.”

Bryan is distracted as he watches Barrett take up his ringside position, and this allows Del Rio to attack him from behind. Del Rio works over Bryan in the corner with a series of stomps, before a snap suplex gets him a 2-count. Del Rio continues to go to work in the grounded Bryan, beginning to work away at the left arm of Bryan.

Matthews: “Del Rio going after the arm early on, obviously looking for that Cross Armbreaker submission.”

Barrett: “Smart from Mr Del Rio, and I like a smart fighter.”

Bryan pulls himself to his feet on the ropes and Del Rio charges at him, but Bryan backdrops him over the top and onto the apron. Bryan dropkicks Del Rio from the apron and into the announcers table as the crowd chant YES!

Matthews: “Del Rio hits the table hard, Daniel Bryan’s coming back into this.”

Bryan waits for Del Rio to get to his feet before scoring with the suicide dive, which gets big cheers from the crowd. Bryan pulls Del Rio to his feet, rolls him into the ring and goes for the cover… but Del Rio kicks out at 2.

Matthews: “You’ve got to admire the tenacity of Daniel Bryan…”

Barrett: “No you don’t, he’s a scruffy sod who needs a trip to a good barber. My Grandfather was a barber you know, which is why I take such good care with my facial hair.”

As Del Rio tries to stand, Bryan kicks him in the knee and sends Del Rio back to his knees. Bryan then begins an onslaught of kicks to the chest, each one accompanied by more YES chants. Bryan looks for the final kick to the head, but Del Rio ducks and lands a Backstabber. Del Rio scrambles for the cover… 1… 2… Bryan kicks out!

Matthews: “Excellent counter by Del Rio, he thought he had it won there.”

Del Rio and Bryan get to their feet at the same time and trade right hands, but it’s Del Rio who takes control. Del Rio whips Bryan into the corner, but Bryan starts his trademark comeback. He backflips off the top turnbuckle, hits the ropes and lands a running clothesline. The crowd is fired up as Bryan takes to the top rope.

Matthews: “Bryan going high risk here…”

Barrett stands up at ringside, once again distracting Bryan for long enough for Del Rio to recover. He arm-drags Bryan off the top rope, but again Bryan kicks out.

Barrett: “See that’s the difference between a smart fighter like myself and an idiot like Daniel Bryan. Why did he take his eyes off his opponent just then?”

Del Rio signals for the Cross Armbreaker by slapping his arm and the crowd boos. Del Rio pulls Bryan up, takes the arm… but Bryan counters and slaps in the Yes Lock! The crowd pops, but Del Rio is too close to the ropes and is able to have the referee break the hold. Bryan is fired up and backs into the corner, waiting for Del Rio to get to his feet.

Matthews: “Here it comes, Bryan looking for that running knee finisher…”

Del Rio gets to his feet in the corner, Bryan looks for the running knee, but Del Rio moves and Bryan’s knee smashes off the top turnbuckle. Del Rio follows with a Superkick to the head of the grounded Bryan.

JBL: “Ball game.”

Del Rio with the cover… 1… 2… Bryan kicks out! The crowd goes nuts as Del Rio sells disbelief.

Barrett: “Come on ref, that was bloody 3!”

Matthews: “Listen to this place, Bryan kicks out and the crowd here in Vegas goes wild.”

Del Rio protests with the referee before again signalling for the Cross Armbreaker. He takes Bryan by the arm… but Bryan expertly counters and locks in Cattle Mutilation in the middle of the ring. The crowd pops and Del Rio screams in agony, submitting almost instantly.
Daniel Bryan def. Alberto Del Rio in 8:30 via submission

Bryan has his arm raised in victory as his music plays and the crowd cheers and chants YES!

Garcia: “Here is your winner by submission… Daniel Bryan!”

Matthews: “What a match between these two men here on SmackDown, but it’s Daniel Bryan who makes it two wins in two matches using that deadly Cattle Mutilation manouver.”

Barrett stands up at ringside, but simply walks back up the ramp shaking his head as Del Rio sells the effects of the match on the ground at ringside.

JBL: “I don’t think Wade is happy with his new partner losing that match.”

Matthews: “The WWE Universe is certainly happy, Daniel Bryan with the win!”

Bryan celebrates his victory in the ring as we fade backstage, where Renee Young is in the interview area.

Young: “Ladies and gentlemen joining me at this time… the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry.”

Henry walks into shot with a serious look on his face.

Young: “Mark, can I have your reaction to the news that you will team with your fierce rival Big E Langston in the Jokers Wild Tag Team Championship Tournament?”

Henry: “Yeah, I ain’t happy. It’s like this, I respect Big E Langston’s ability. The guy’s been here about six weeks and already made a huge name for himself. I aint never been in a fight with someone who can hit me as hard as I’m hitting them. But what I don’t respect is how Big E conducts himself around here. The guy has no respect for his peers, guys like me who laid the road for this generation. Take our match at Elimination Chamber for example. Big E hits me with his best shot and I kick out, because that’s just what I do. How does Big E react? By hitting me with steel stairs. That aint the act of a big man, that’s the act of a coward who ran out of options. So as far as this Jokers Wild tournament goes, I’m willing to turn a blind eye to that act, because the prize is a title match at WrestleMania. Title matches at WrestleMania don’t grow on trees Renee. I’m not in this business for any other reason than to make money, kick asses and win titles, I can do all three of those in this tournament. So I’m willing to let what happened in the past stay in the past, but Big E Langston better remember that fact that despite all his boasting about been the new World’s Strongest Man, he aint ever pinned my shoulders to the mat.”

Young: “We saw Wade Barrett at ringside to scout his new partner earlier tonight, will you be doing the same when Big E competes?”

Henry: “I’ll be watching. And because I’m the bigger man, I’ll go out there after his match and shake his hand, show him that I’m willing to put our differences aside and win this tournament. If he knows what’s good for him, he will accept my hand and work with me, not against me.”

Henry walks away as we return to ringside with the camera on the announcers.

JBL: “I don’t care what Mark Henry says in interviews, there’s no way those two guys can co-exist.”

Matthews: “Langston scheduled for singles action momentarily. Still to come tonight…”

A graphic on screen shows The Miz and John Morrison.

Matthews: “An Elimination Chamber rematch, Intercontinental Champion The Miz takes on his former friend John Morrison…”

Dolph Ziggler and Ryback are then shown in a separate graphic.

Matthews: “Plus, Ryback takes on the World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler in our main event…”

The Rock with his guitar is then shown.

JBL: “And don’t forget the Rock Concert right here from Vegas!”

The arena lights then go dim as Big E Langston’s music hits to boos from the crowd. A single spotlight shines down at the top of the ramp, and Big E steps into it. He creates a cloud of dust with weightlifting chalk before heading to the ring.

Garcia: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first… Big E Langston.”

Matthews: “Fresh of a count-out victory over Mark Henry this past Monday night on Raw, Big E Langston set for singles action here on SmackDown…”

SmackDown goes to commercials as Big E enters the ring.

We return with Tyson Kidd completing his entrance as Langston’s opponent.

Matthews: “So a big test here for Tyson Kidd as he prepares to take on Big E Langston.”

JBL: “Big test? Langston speared Mark Henry through the barricade on Monday, if he can do that to a man like Henry then he has the ability to completely destroy Tyson Kidd.”

The bell rings to sound the match. Langston goes for a big right hand, but Kidd ducks and kicks the side of Langston’s leg. Langston looks angry and again swings for Kidd, who repeats the sequence.

JBL: “Smart from Tyson, duck and move kid.”

Tyson attempts a third kick, but this time Langston grabs the leg and takes Kidd down with a big clothesline. The crowd boo as Big E mounts Kidd and delivers several big right-hands. Langston pulls Kidd up and delivers a big bodyslam, before a splash in the middle of the ring. Langston goes for the cover, but pulls Kidd’s shoulder up before the 3.

Matthews: “Langston had this thing won early, but he wants to give more punishment to poor Tyson.”

Langston pushes Kidd into the ropes, but Kidd baseball slides through Langston’s legs on the rebound. Kidd swipes Langston’s legs, taking him to the ground. The crowd pops as Kidd manages to apply the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring.

Matthews: “Oh my God, Tyson has the Sharpshooter locked in on Langston!”

Langston however shows massive strength of the legs by over-powering Kidd’s hold, sending Tyson to the mat. Both men get to their feet at the same time, but Kidd is flattened by a shoulder charge from Langston. The crowd boo as Langston drops his straps before delivering the Big Ending for the win.
Big E Langston def. Tyson Kidd in 2:10

Langston’s music plays briefly as the crowd boo, but the boos turn to cheers as Mark Henry’s music hits. The World’s Strongest Man makes his way down to the ring, neither man losing eye contact as they stare down.

Matthews: “Henry said he was coming out here tonight and was willing to leave the past behind them after these two giants were drawn together in the Jokers Wild Tournament, will Big E do the same?”

JBL: “I can’t see it Josh, after the wars these two men have been through there’s no way they could ever co-exist.”

Henry enters the ring, and as promised extends his hand to Langston. The crowd sarcastically chant “hug it out”, but Langston simply walks past Henry and exits the ring. The crowd boo as Langston’s music plays again, leaving Henry stood alone in the ring looking unhappy.

JBL: “Told you Josh, no chance in hell.”

Matthews: “But just imagine, imagine the force these two men would be in the tag division. Who could possibly stop them?”

JBL: “They’re gonna be in that tournament together whether they like it or not, so we’ll see how destructive they can be.”

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio is receiving a check-up from the medical team after the injuries he sustained at the hands of Daniel Bryan. Wade Barrett then walks into the room.

Barrett: “What the hell was that?”

Del Rio: “What?”

Barrett: “That, losing to that little troll, you’re going to have to up your game sunshine.”

Del Rio: “You don’t understand, that move, it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

Barrett: “Sure. Listen, I’m taking this Jokers Wild tournament bloody seriously, I aren’t going to let you stand in the way of me winning a title match at WreslteMania. So get yourself out of here, watch that match back and get rid of those weaknesses.”

Barrett exits again as Del Rio looks less than impressed at the way Barrett spoke to him.

Live in the arena, The Miz’s music hits to boos from the crowd. Miz appears in his red gear, carrying the Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder.

Garcia: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the Intercontinental Champion… The Miz!”

Matthews: “Miz is celebrating 120 days as the Intercontinental Champion after defeating John Morrison at Elimination Chamber, Morrison has a chance to get himself back in the hunt for the title with a non-title rematch here tonight.”

Miz takes to the ring before taking the mic from Garcia.

Miz: “This company stinks. The people running this company stink. There is no justice, no sense of right or wrong. I beat John Morrison fair and square in the middle of the ring at Elimination Chamber, yet here I am having to face him again? And then on Raw, Randy Orton interrupts my MizTV show and hits me with an RKO… is Orton punished? No he is not. I demand to be treated with more respect than this, I have been the Intercontinental Champion for 120 days. I am the longest reigning champion in the company, I am The Miz… and I’m… AWESOME!”

The crowd boo as Miz holds his title high before giving the mic back to Garcia. John Morrison’s music then hits to cheers from the crowd, and Morrison appears with his usual slo-mo pyro entrance.

JBL: “Hard to disagree with The Miz, he hasn’t told any lies, everything he just said is true.”
The first 2 minutes of the contest are evenly contested, both men trading grapples and strikes. Miz eventually takes control after Morrison misses a top-rope cross body, working over the knees of Morrison.

Matthews: “Miz takes control here after Morrison missed the high risk move.”

JBL: “That’s why he’s been Intercontinental Champion for 120 days, he saw Morrison land awkwardly on the knee and now he’s going after it like a shark that smells blood.”

Miz throws Morrison from the ring and follows him to the outside. He pulls Morrison to his feet before whipping him into the ringstairs. Miz cockily re-enters the ring and counts along with the referee as he begins to count Morrison out. Morrison favours the knee but manages to get back into the ring before 10. Miz goes straight back to work, hits a neckbreaker and goes for a pin… but Morrison kicks out at 2! The crowd cheer as Miz sells frustration.

JBL: “Miz has to keep his cool here.”

Miz signals for the Skull Crushing Finale as Morrison gets to his feet. Miz hooks the arms… but Morrison counters and lands an Enzeguri. The crowd cheer as Morrison gets fired up, scoring a series of clotheslines before a backdrop. A big dropkick gets a close 2 count as the crowd get behind Morrison. Miz gets to his knees, but Morrison connects with the running knee. Miz again kicks out at 2, and Morrison sells the knee that Miz had been working over.

JBL: “That’s not smart, he knows the knee is in bad shape and he tries to use it as a weapon!”

The momentary pause in flurry allows Miz to make the comeback, he stomps Morrison’s knee and he hits the mat. Miz pulls himself back up, Morrison does the same and goes for a clothesline… but Miz counters and lands a Skull Crushing Finale in the middle of the ring. Miz makes the cover and the crowd boo as he picks up the win.
The Miz def. John Morrison in 6:25

Miz’s music plays as he has his hand raises in victory. Suddenly, Randy Orton’s music hits! The crowd pops as The Viper makes his way to the ring, Miz sells concern.

Matthews: “Orton has been very unstable in recent weeks, he gave Miz an unprovoked RKO on Raw and now he’s heading to the ring…”

JBL: “Don’t forget these two have been drawn together in the Jokers Wild tournament too!”

Orton enters the ring and doesn’t take his eyes off Miz. Orton suddenly snaps, he sees Morrison get to his knees and delivers a Punt kick! Miz sells shock as the crowd boo.

Matthews: “What the hell! Orton with the Punt to Morrison!”

JBL: “Orton joining forces with The Miz!”

Miz extends his hand to Orton, but The Viper replies with an RKO to Miz! Orton coldly exits the ring and walks back up the ramp, leaving Miz and Morrison down in the ring.

Matthews: “Randy Orton has snapped ladies and gentlemen, a Punt Kick to the defenceless Morrison before another RKO to The Miz. What is going through Randy Orton’s mind?”

JBL: “I don’t think he took losing the World Title well Josh, he said he needed to get back to the Viper of old and that’s a scary proposition for the rest of the lockeroom.”

We fade backstage, where Renee Young is in the interview position once again.

Young: “Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time… WWE Champion The Rock.”

Rock walks into shot with a guitar in one hand and his WWE Title over his shoulder. Rock is dressed in jeans and a Team Bring It Shirt.

Young: “Rock you’re set to bring us another edition of your Rock Concert from Vegas here tonight, but I’d like to ask you about your upcoming WWE Championship defence against John Cena at WrestleMania 29. A lot of fans have reacted angrily to this match taking place a year after you fought at WrestleMania 28 in what was called a Once In A Lifetime bout. Do you have a response to those angry fans?”

Rock: “The Rock agrees with those fans. The Rock whooped John Cena’s candy ass in the main event of WrestleMania last year, and that match was supposed to be Once In A Lifetime. John Cena spent an entire year crying about wanting another shot, and he’s managed to fluke his way to one that quite frankly should belong to Daniel Bryan. The Rock said all he had to say about that on Raw, but I’ll repeat what I said that night: The Rock believes Daniel Bryan deserves that spot, not John Cena. But the fact of the matter is this, what’s done is done, and The Rock will defend his WWE Championship at WrestleMania 29 against the leader of the Fruit Loop Troop. The Rock came back to WWE to achieve the one thing he’s never managed to do, and that is successfully defend the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. So those fans who are unhappy, they need to fasten their seatbelts, because this won’t be like last year. No, The Rock is even more fired up and determined than he was 12 months ago, and that means you can guarantee that I’m going slap John Cena so hard he bursts into a cloud of Fruit Pebbles…”

Suddenly, Vickie Guerrero walks into shot and shrieks “EXCUSE ME” at the top of her lungs.

Guerrero: “EXCUSE ME! Renee, what are you doing? Nobody cares what this man has to say about his karaoke later tonight, you should be interviewing the Perfect Generation. After all, they did win the first ever Elimination Chamber match for the Tag Team Championships.”

Rock: “Excuse you? There is no excuse for you Vickie. But The Rock would like to ask you a special favour. I’d like you sat in the front row for my concert tonight… The Rock has a very special song to sing for you.”

Rock walks away, leaving Vickie flustered. SmackDown fades to commercials.

We return live in the ring, where Damien Sandow is stood wearing a suit with the United States Championship over his shoulder.

Sandow: “SILENCE! SILENCE! I am here as your humble United States Champion, and once again am here to guide you through your pitiful lives with another act of greatness. Today’s lesson from the Champion is in forgiveness. Over the past few weeks I have witnessed my best friend become jealous of my success. Cody Rhodes and I are former Tag Team Champions as part of the Rhodes Scholars, but Cody could not be happy for me and began to resent my reign of excellence. Last week he laid his hands on me, an act that has hurt me on an emotional level.”

The crowd boo as Sandow continues.

Sandow: “But as the Champion of this nation I realise I have an obligation to lead you miscreants and show you the proper thing to do, and the proper thing to do in this situation is to extend my hand to Cody and tell him that I forgive him. So Cody, please be a gentleman and join me here in the ring.”

The is a short pause before Cody’s music hits to a babyface reaction. Cody appears in his ring gear and makes his way to the ring with a conflicted look on his face.

Sandow: “Hurry up please Cody, I’m a busy man.”

Cody enters the ring and stands in front of Sandow.

Sandow: “Cody, as the gracious man that I am I am willing to put that little misunderstanding on Monday behind us and continue on as best friends. All I need from you… is an apology!”

The crowd boo loudly as Rhodes frowns.

Matthews: “What a minute! Sandow said he was going to apologise to Cody.”

Sandow extends his hand to Cody.

Sandow: “Ignore these simpetons Cody, shake my hand and let’s move on.”

Cody reluctantly shakes Sandow’s hand and the crowd boo, but Cody suddenly pops Sandow with a Cross Rhodes! The crowd goes nuts as Cody yells in the face of the fallen Sandow. Cody’s music plays as the crowd’s cheers continue.

JBL: “What a no-good best friend he turned out to be!”

Matthews: “Cody has had enough of Sandow, he hits the United States Champion with the Cross Rhodes and this place erupts.”

Rhodes picks up Sandow’s US Title from the mat, looks at it for a moment before dropping it on Sandow. Cody exits the ring and the camera shifts to ringside on the announcers.

Matthews: “Folks I’d like to take a moment to bring you some serious news. We promised you updates on the condition of Triple H as we got them, we have received work that Hunter is in a ‘stable but serious’ condition in hospital after the attack he suffered at the hands of Dean Ambrose.”

JBL: “We all wish you a swift recovery Hunter.”

Matthews: “This past Wednesday night we had another blockbuster episode of Main Event, things got extremely out of hand as Raw General Manager Jerry Lawler gathered the entire roster at ringside as he looked to continue his investigation into the identity of the man who attacked Kane backstage at Elimination Chamber.”

The Main Event logo flashes across the screen before the opening segment of the show is replayed; concluding when Jerry Lawler struck Wade Barrett before been pulled away by security and members of the roster.

Back live in the arena, the camera remains on the announcers.

Matthews: “You have to believe The King will face repercussions from the WWE Board Of Directors for putting his hands on the talent, there’ll be more to come on that developing situation on Monday Night Raw.”

Ryback’s music hits and he gets a good babyface reaction as he makes his way to the ring doing his usual “feed me more” bit.

Matthews: “Ryback here with a big chance to shine as he faces the World Champion Dolph Ziggler in non-title action. John what could a win for Ryback do for his career here tonight?”

JBL: “It could launch Ryback to the very top, we already know Dolph defends the World Title against Chris Jericho at WrestleMania but defeating the champion in a non-title match has to open management’s eyes to the possibility of giving Ryback an opportunity down the line, either before of after WrestleMania.”

Matthews: “Ryback of course was one of the six men who competed inside the Elimination Chamber to earn a WWE Championship match this past Sunday, but he was eliminated after attempting to hit Shell Shock on the 500lb Big Show!”

JBL: “And he didn’t learn his lesson because he tried it again the next night on Raw. Ryback’s a strong guy but there’s no way he can lift a man that heavy on his shoulders. He has to have brains to match that strength, if he can fight smarter he will surely be a World Champion very shortly.”

Ryback finishes his entrance before Dolph Ziggler’s music hits. Dolph is mainly booed but gets some cheers also as he appears in his sparkly-pink ring gear.

Garcia: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your main event of the evening! Already in the ring, from Sin City… Ryback! And his opponent, making his way to the ring, he is the World Heavyweight Champion… Dolph Ziggler!”

Matthews: “It’s been quite the 2013 so far for Dolph Ziggler after cashing in Money In The Bank on Randy Orton to become World Heavyweight Champion. Jericho heading to WrestleMania to defend against the Royal Rumble winner Chris Jericho, and it was revealed Monday Night on Raw that Jericho would put his career on the line in that match. Jericho has to become Champion or he must retire.”

JBL: “Chris Jericho will rightly be inducted in the Hall Of Fame that night, imagine what it would do for the career of Dolph Ziggler if he can retire the first ever Undisputed Champion in our company on the night he enters the Hall Of Fame? Major opportunity for Ziggler at WrestleMania.”

Matthews: “And the worrying thing for Jericho fans is we know Dolph can beat Jericho, back around SummerSlam Jericho was fired after losing a match against Ziggler on Raw.”

The bell rings to start the match, and it’s Ryback with the early dominance as he throws Ziggler around the ring with ease. A couple of throws are followed by a Gorilla Press Slam, which Dolph kicks out of at 2. Dolph bails the ring to compose himself, Ryback follows him to the outside but Ziggler cleverly trips Ryback into the ring steps. Ziggler capitalises on the mistake from Ryback with blows to the back of the big man, but an attempt at an Irish Whip is countered by Ryback and it’s Ziggler who crashes into the ringside barrier. Ryback rolls into the ring to break the referee’s count before heading back to the outside. He suplexes Ziggler hard on the floor and chants “feed me more” as the crowd cheer.

Matthews: “Early dominance here from Ryback, Ziggler can’t seem to compete with this power.”

Ryback signals for the Meathook Clothesline on the outside as Dolph stumbles to his feet, but Dolph ducks the attempted move and follows with an impressive dropkick that sends Ryback thumping into the announce table. This time it’s Dolph who breaks the ref’s count, he rolls into the ring before heading back to the outside. He stands on the ring apron and looks to hit a cross-body on Ryback, but he is caught mid-air before Ryback clatters him into the ringpost on the outside.

JBL: “Impressive strength from the big man, he’s got Dolph exactly where he wants him here.”

Ryback gorilla-presses Ziggler through the ropes and enters the ring, goes for the cover but Dolph kicks out at 2. Ryback places Dolph in a headlock as both men stay grounded, the action slowing down after a frantic start.

At 5 minutes, Ryback looks to hit a powerbomb on Ziggler, but the Champ counters with an impressive snap-DDT that gets a pop from the crowd. Both men are down as the ref begins to count. Ziggler is first to his feet, and as Ryback pulls himself up on the rope Dolph takes him back down with a chop block. Dolph then starts to work over the legs of Ryback.

JBL: “This is what I was talking about fighting smart. Dolph knows he needs to keep the big man grounded so he’s going after the legs.”

Matthews: “You have to wonder if Dolph is softening Ryback up for that Figure Four here.”

After attacks to the legs, Dolph repeatedly drops the elbows on the chest of Ryback. A jumping elbow drop concludes the attack, but Ryback powers out at 2. Dolph goes right back to work on the legs however, not giving Ryback the opportunity to get back to his feet. A weakened Ryback pushes Dolph into the ropes, but he is too slow to get to his feet and is met with a FameAsser. Dolph scrambles into the cover, but Ryback kicks out just before the 3!

Dolph sells frustration and protests with the referee. This gives Ryback enough time to pull himself up on the ropes. Dolph looks for the ZigZag, but Ryback holds on to the top rope. With Ziggler clung to his back, Ryback charges backwards into the turnbuckle. Ryback feeds off the cheers of the crowd, gets back to his feet and whips Ziggler into the corner. Ziggler counters and it’s Ryback who hits the turnbuckle, but as Dolph goes for the splash Ryback catches him, spins around and lands an over-head belly-to-belly suplex. The crowd cheers as Ryback signals for Meathook again, the “feed me more” chants ringing throughout the arena. Dolph gets to his feet in the corner as Ryback charges at him, but again Ziggler ducks. Ryback turns around and walks into a massive Superkick from Ziggler. Ryback falls through the middle ropes and hits the floor on the outside and the referee begins to count.

Matthews: “Massive Superkick from Ziggler, did you hear that impact!?”

Ziggler is down on the mat selling exhaustion as the ref gets closer to ten, but Ryback is seemingly KO’d from the Superkick and cannot answer the 10-count.
Dolph Ziggler def. Ryback via countout in 9:10

The crowd boo as Ziggler’s music plays, the ref raising his hand.

Matthews: “The fans here may not like it but that’s an impressive victory for Dolph.”

JBL: “If Ryback can’t answer the ten count, then even if he hadn’t fallen from the ring Ziggler would have gotten the pin. Major win for Ziggler!”

Ziggler takes his title belt from ringside before Ryback can get back to his feet and he scurries up the ramp. He turns back around at the top of the ramp and poses with his title belt, drawing heat from the crowd. The boos soon turn to cheers however as Chris Jericho appears behind Ziggler! He waits for Dolph to turn around, before taking him down by the legs and applying the Walls at the top of the ramp. Ziggler screams in pain as he frantically taps, the crowd cheering.

Matthews: “Dolph’s tapping to the Walls Of Jericho, if that happens at WrestleMania we have a new World Champion!”

Jericho’s music plays as he releases the hold, takes Dolph World Title from the floor and stands at the top of the ramp with his arms raised. The crowd cheer as we transition to a shot of The Rock walking down the hall with his guitar.

Matthews: “Coming up next, The Rock with a special Rock Concert right here in Vegas!”

SmackDown fades to commercials, and we return live in the arena where the ring has been decorated with a black carpet. A stool and song sheet stand are in the middle of the ring. The Rock’s music hits to big reaction from the crowd, and the WWE Champion struts out on stage in confident fashion with his title belt in one hand and guitar in the other.

Garcia: “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome your WWE Champion… The Rock!”

Matthews: “It has been quite some time since we’ve had a Rock Concert from the People’s Champion, but The Rock is taking to the ring here tonight on SmackDown in Las Vegas!”

Rock takes the mic from the mic stand, places his guitar on the mat for a moment and stands in the middle of the ring.

Rock: “FINALLY! Finally The Rock has come back to Veeeeegas!”

The crowd cheers and plays along.

Rock: “The Rock loves Vegas, he loves the lifestyle. Roll them dice, see if you get lucky. It kinda reminds The Rock of John Cena…”

Boos from the crowd at the mention of Cena.

Rock: “… John Cena reminds The Rock of that desperate gambler, we all know what I’m talking about. There’s always one gambler who throws it all on the line at the roulette wheel, strutting his stuff thinking he can’t lose, and when he loses it breaks him. A smart gambler would accept his loss and walk away, but the desperate gambler goes right back, thinking he can’t lose twice. You can’t lose it all twice, you go back to that table and lose it all again and you’re done. That’s exactly the story we’re seeing unfold with John Cena. Last year, WrestleMania 28, John Cena told the world he had no choice but to beat The Rock… and he lost. Ever since, we’ve seen John Cena become more desperate, do things we never thought he’d do, all in the name of stepping up to the table one last time.”

Rock lowers his tone and talks in a serious voice.

Rock: “John, you better bring it like you’ve never brought it before at WrestleMania, because there isn’t a man alive with the fire that The Rock has. The Rock is going to walk into WrestleMania as WWE Champion, and if it means I have to finish your candy ass off once and for all then so be it, The Rock is walking out of WrestleMania the WWE Champion! But… that’s for another time, right now it’s Rock Concert time…”

Rock takes a perch on his stool, puts the mic in its stand and picks up the guitar.

Rock: “Right here from… Vivaaaa Los Vegas!”

Rock then proceeds to perform a version of Elvis’s famous Viva Las Vegas track, and he gets cheers from the crowd when he finishes.

Rock: “Now The Rock can’t help but notice there’s a certain lady missing tonight… no no not John Cena. The Rock extended a special invitiation to Vickie Guerrero to join me here at ringside, so Vickie, please, come join me… The Rock has something very special for you.”

The boos from the crowd are deafening as Vickie appears at the top of the stage.

Rock: “Come on now Vickie don’t be shy. Can somebody please set up Vickie a chair right here at ringside? Thanks.”

Vickie sits down nervously at ringside as Rock turns to face her from in the ring.

Rock: “Vickie, Vickie. The Cougar. Have you ever heard the song “The Way You Look Tonight?” Very famous song, beautiful song by Fred Estaire, surely you’ve heard it? Well… The Rock has a very special version of that song to sing to you right here tonight…”

Vickie seems flustered as Rock begins to play…

Upon the final chorus of Rock singing “you look horrible tonight”, Vickie erupts. She stands up at ringside and demands a mic.

Vickie: “How dare you!? Excuse me! I’m not going to stand here and take this from you, I am the manager of the Perfect Generation, and they’re not going to let this go unpunished. Ted, Joe, get out here and teach this man a lesson.”

Boos as Ted DiBiase and Joe Hennig appear at the top of the ramp. Rock gets to his feet as DiBiase and Hennig hits the ring, but the crowd pops when Rock smashes his guitar over the head of DiBiase. DiBiase falls from the ring as Hennig charges at Rock, delivering a few right hands. He looks to whip Rock into the ropes, but Rock counters and lands a Spinebuster. The crowd goes wild as Rock throws the mic stand out of the way and drops Hennig with a People’s Elbow in the middle of the ring! Rock’s music plays as he picks up his WWE Title and poses on the four turnbuckles, the crowd cheering.

Matthews: “What a memorable Rock Concert here from Vegas!”

JBL: “Not if your name is DiBiase, he’s gonna be waking up with a sore head tomorrow!”

Matthews: “The Rock doing what does best here tonight, entertaining the WWE Universe and laying the smack down. That’s just about all for this week, be sure to join us Monday night on Raw!”

SmackDown fades to black with Rock holding his WWE Championship belt high on the turnbuckle and the crowd cheering.

Quick Results

Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty def. Brodus Clay & Big Show in 1:40 to advance to the next round of the Joker’s Wild Tag Title Tournament.

Sin Cara def. Santino in 0:35

Daniel Bryan def. Alberto Del Rio in 8:30 via submission

Big E Langston def. Tyson Kidd in 2:10

The Miz def. John Morrison in 6:25

Dolph Ziggler def. Ryback via countout in 9:10

The Rock | Undertaker | Triple H | Chris Jericho | Stone Cold

CM Punk | Dean Ambrose | Mark Henry | Daniel Bryan | Dolph Ziggler

Austin Aries | Jeff Hardy | AJ Styles | Bully Ray | Christopher Daniels
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Smackdown Review

I love the concept of a Jokers Wild Tag Team Tournament with the winners of this Tag Team Tournament getting a WWE Tag Team Championship match against DiBiase & Hennig at WrestleMania 29 and then you have 4 established tag teams and 4 tag teams made up of random superstars drawn completely at random which is great because then any 2 people could be a tag team even superstars who can't stand each other or hate one another because it makes it unpredictable which makes it even better, it makes it exciting and the 4 established teams you have are 2 Cool Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi, The Usos, The Primetime Players and Kofi & Truth, imagine The Usos if they were to face off against 2 Cool? The Usos going up against their father Rikishi & his tag team partner Scotty...but then the 4 random teams that get drawn are Alberto Del Rio & Wade Barrett, The Miz & Randy Orton, Mark Henry & Big E. Langston and Big Show & Brodus Clay, 3 of those teams can't get along that's for sure but Barrett and Del Rio will be able to get along

Dean Ambrose, it seems like he is a renegade bad-ass which I love, because he seemingly just attacked Triple H for no reason, left Triple H laying by attacking Triple H with his own signature weapon the sledgehammer and left him laying to the point that we won't see Triple H again for quite some time, now that is what I call making an impact and if Ambrose shows up on RAW I do hope he has a reason for that unprovoked assault...but better yet I want to know who Ambrose will go after next? Will Ambrose go after Vince next and put Vince on the shelf? Because Ambrose is quickly becoming the next top heel of our business already because he already took out a legend that being Triple H so you have to wonder who he will go after next?

Big Show knocking out Brodus Clay...you have to admit Brodus had it coming to him because Big Show doesn't want to be saddled with a tag team partner especially one like Brodus Clay and Big Show has just been a bitter man ever since losing the World Heavyweight Championship...Big Show has become more ruthless than ever just knocking out Brodus for no reason but he essentially cost himself a title match but Big Show I am sure he is still obsessed with the World Heavyweight Championship so it is no surprise and 2 Cool take advantage with them winning the match and advancing in the WWE Tag Team Championship Jokers Wild tournament, I wonder which team they will face now?

Trish Stratus being inducted into the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame...what a great choice and with Trish being inducted I wonder who will induct her? But Trish is one of if not the greatest WWE diva of all time 7-time WWE Women's Champion one of the sexiest divas of the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression Era too so now that she is joining the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame class with Jericho and Foley, I wonder who will be the 4th inductee?

Paul Heyman cutting Trish Stratus off was unexpected but it was so great...Paul Heyman getting heel heat like no tomorrow because Paul is exactly that...a heat magnet and Paul Heyman coming out to set the record straight that there is no connection between him and Dean Ambrose well I find that a little bit hard to believe because we all know Paul Heyman is nothing more than a master manipulator a liar if you will and he hasn't told the truth ever if ever in his life so I wouldn't be surprised if Dean Ambrose is a "Paul Heyman Guy" because to tell you the truth it makes sense for Ambrose to be a Heyman Guy

But with CM Punk quitting WWE, I wonder what will happen with Brock Lesnar in terms of him getting a WrestleMania match? I see Brock challenging The Streak...Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker 20-1 or 21-0, I see a Streak Match happening with Lesnar and Taker with Lesnar posing the biggest threat to Taker's streak than ever before because Lesnar is in need of a huge WrestleMania match and him facing Taker will do just that

Sin Cara fresh into his heel turn faces off against Santino, this match I thought was great because if anything Sin Cara needed to go over considering he just turned heel on RAW so if this heel turn is going to be a success for Sin Cara then he is going to have to start winning matches and what was really surprising what was really shocking was Ricardo Rodriguez's heel turn with Ricardo shocking us all by turning on Santino and helping Sin Cara to beat the holy hell out of Santino only for Rey Mysterio to show up to make the save or try to, I wonder if Ricardo Rodriguez will become Sin Cara's personal ring announcer now? If Ricardo is heel again then wouldn't it make more sense for Ricardo to align himself back with Del Rio rather than Sin Cara? Because if anything Cara doesn't need Ricardo...he's good all on his own anyway

No doubt The King Jerry Lawler RAW's GM will have to pay because he put his hands on talent that being that he put his hands on Barrett all be it that Barrett provoked him but still by King doing this, I wonder if he very well just put his own job on the line? Because you know the WWE Board of Directors are no doubt going to want to take action on Lawler which means either Lawler will have himself a job evaluation or Lawler could very well get fired which means either the new COO of the company whoever it is will probably end up making his or her presence felt which means Jerry could very well be out of a job or Vince McMahon himself the Chairman of the Board will show up and he could fire Lawler or give him a job evaluation

Daniel Bryan wins yet another match this time beating Barrett's tag team partner in the Jokers Wild tournament beating Del Rio, making Del Rio submit to The Cattle Mutilation, Bryan should use this move from now on as his finisher in matches because The Cattle Mutilation is a dangerous submission move and no one can seem to counter out of it meaning they all tap out to it which is great because it just puts Bryan over even more but Bryan should use his Running Knee finisher as a secondary finisher

But there seems to be tension between Del Rio and Barrett already, I wonder if this means Barrett will turn on Del Rio or vice versa?

Mark Henry's interview was great but I wonder how he and Big E. will be able to get along considering these 2 tried to destroy one another or have been trying to destroy one another? Mark Henry he may say he is willing to put his differences with Big E. aside but Big E. obviously can't be trusted so Mark Henry should turn on Big E. before Big E. turns on him

Big E. beating Tyson Kidd, this just goes to show us that Big E. is as much of a monster perhaps even more of a monster than Henry and that Henry should just step aside and retire while Big E. he can take over Mark Henry's spot because Henry just doesn't have what it takes anymore in this ring but Big E. sure as hell measures up but in any event Tyson Kidd let's be honest stood no chance here but seeing Big E. walk out on a handshake with Henry, I say it isn't surprising given the fact that they are rivals

The Miz is on 120 days in his WWE Intercontinental Championship reign, he's been champion for 4 months, so in order for The Miz to break Honky Tonk Man's record he has to be WWE Intercontinental Champion for 335 more days in order to break The Honky Tonk Man's record of being the longest-reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion of the modern era because the longest-reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion besides Honky Tonk Man is Pedro Morales who was champion for 619 days but for The Miz he has to break Honky Tonk Man's record and I can realistically see Miz doing it because honestly look at who Miz has faced since becoming champion? Like it or not The Miz has been a fighting champion defending against all-comers and he has beaten them whether we want to admit it or not

But Miz beating John Morrison yet again, this just goes to show us that out of these 2, in their tag team The Miz was always the better talent of the 2 of them and he just has Morrison's number, Morrison can't win the big one, Morrison always seems to get close to that brass ring and whenever he manages to get close to that brass ring it always slips away from him which goes to show us that Morrison will probably never become a main eventer even though Morrison has all the tools to be a main eventer and not to mention he just reminds me so much of a young 1990s era version of Shawn Michaels like early to mid 1990s Shawn Michaels when Michaels was the Boy Toy, Morrison reminds me so much of Michaels in that vain because of the fact that their gimmicks are so similar with Michaels being The Boy Toy and Morrison being the Shaman of Sexy, but still Morrison hasn't been able to break through into the main event and I have always wondered why because Morrison has what it takes to be the next Shawn Michaels in my opinion but at the same time so does Dolph Ziggler because Ziggler too also reminds me of a young Shawn Michaels in the sense that Ziggler reminds me of an Attitude Era-DX Michaels 1997-98

But Randy Orton coming out when he did and leaving both Morrison and Miz laying punting Morrison's brains out, no doubt Orton put Morrison on the shelf especially after that Punt, that was a sick ass Punt but I loved every second of it because I wonder if that is the last time we will see Morrison at least for a while, but seeing Orton RKO Miz again was funny as hell, what would have been even better is if Orton punted The Miz's brains out putting Miz on the shelf which means then the IC Title would have then become vacant, and Orton would've ended Miz's title reign without even ever having to face him which would have put Orton even more over as a psychotic bad-ass

Orton is becoming The Viper of old which is so great because Orton is finally returning to his roots he is finally becoming the Viper he always was, the Viper he was always meant to be, and by doing that Orton will become the most feared the most dangerous man in the WWE locker room, and every superstar in the WWE should take notice because Orton is in no mood to deal with anybody because he could take anyone else out just like that, all it takes is either an RKO or a sick punt to the skull, Orton should use the Punt Kick from now on as his finisher in matches because using the Punt makes him even more of a badass and the RKO just isn't as effective anymore in my opinion because the Punt Kick is more dangerous it is more effective and not only that it makes people notice Orton a whole lot more

I just hope Orton punts someone else again this time, hopefully someone who deserves it this time like Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, or Orton just punting anyone else who gets in his way or anyone who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time because I want Orton to become a psycho again

Rock Concert on Smackdown, I can't wait, The Rock put Smackdown on the map because he made this show what it is today, and not to mention he was the one who even came up with the concept of it, the originator of this show to even begin with so to see Rock back on Smackdown, this should be a treat, and I wonder if he will sing about Cena again? Vickie interrupting The Rock...I would have loved to have seen The Rock go off on Vickie Attitude Era style by Rock going off on her in his Attitude Era self because then that would have been even more funny

Cody Rhodes leaving the WWE United States Champion Damien Sandow laying again, this makes me wonder if we are in store for a Rhodes/Sandow match for the U.S. Title because if that is the case then Rhodes could become U.S. Champion and not to mention Rhodes' father WWE Hall of Famer The American Dream Dusty Rhodes is one of the greatest United States Champions of all time in NWA/WCW and not to mention Cody's brother Goldust he was United States Champion too when he was in WCW as The Natural Dustin Rhodes, so could Cody follow in their footsteps by becoming the next WWE United States Champion? I think he very well could considering Cody Rhodes is a former WWE Tag Team Champion a former 2-time WWE Intercontinental Champion but Sandow I can see him attacking Rhodes at some point returning the favor with this feud turning even more personal

World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler beating Ryback all be it by countout, I can honestly say that this was the right call if you ask me because a clean loss for Ziggler it would have really hurt him as far as momentum-wise heading into WrestleMania 29 because he has to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against the 2013 Royal Rumble Match winner and soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer Chris Jericho so no doubt this is probably the biggest match in Ziggler's career as far as WrestleMania goes because this is Ziggler's first main event at WrestleMania so no doubt he needed the win here more than Ryback but a countout loss for Ryback doesn't really hurt him because he was still selling the effects of trying to lift up Big Show for Shell Shocked and it showed here especially when Ziggler hit him with a Superkick from out of nowhere and Ryback couldn't even get up after that...I honestly thought Big Show would come in and interfere costing Ryback the match but it didn't happen but seeing Jericho attack Ziggler after the match was great too, but Jericho having Ziggler in the Walls of Jericho I wonder if that happens at WrestleMania could we be looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion?

It seems Dolph Ziggler has new moves in his arsenal that being the Superkick because Dolph's version of the Superkick is probably as good as probably even better than Shawn Michaels' Superkick because with Dolph's version he can hit you with it from out of nowhere and the Figure-Four Leg Lock because Flair seemingly passed the torch to Ziggler, he should be using these finishers from now on and use the Zig Zag as a secondary finisher, but imagine if Dolph locked in the Figure Four on Jericho as a way to make Jericho tap

And Rock's Concert to end Smackdown if anything was the right call if you ask me and Rock leaving the WWE Tag Team Champions DiBiase and Hennig both laying was great especially when Rock hit DiBiase with the guitar in the head and then Rock hitting Hennig with a spinebuster and then hitting the People's Elbow, if that isn't a direct message to John Cena then I don't know what is and you know Cena had to be watching Smackdown that's for sure...I would have thought Cena would have showed up on Smackdown during the Concert but it didn't happen but I can see Cena responding by bringing back Thuganomics and Cena in his Word Life rapper gimmick raps on The Rock heading into WrestleMania 29
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

PWInsder: Latest News and Rumours

The recent debut of Dean Ambrose has been in the works for several months. His attack on Triple H was intended to elevate him immediately into the main event picture. It is currently unknown if Ambrose will face Triple H at WrestleMania or if the match will be held at a later date to sell the effects of Ambrose's attack.

WWE are expected to have a major revamp of shows and talent following WrestleMania 29. It has been rumoured that two major names from TNA will make a shocking return to WWE in the weeks following WrestleMania as WWE look to avoid that "WrestleMania hangover".

CM Punk's decision to "quit WWE" is indeed a storyline development and is a major part of Punk's eventual match at WrestleMania 29.

Old School Raw in 8 days will see the return of the Undertaker. It is expected that the challenger to the Streak will be made clear on the show. There is also a major rumour circulating that The Outsider (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) have been booked for the show. Hall has made an incredible recovery thanks to his time with DDP and WWE are looking to capitalise on this feel-good story by involving him in the show.

Many inside WWE believe it is simply a matter of time before NXT Superstars Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are called up to the main roster. Inactive stars Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne are also nearing a return to TV.

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair hinted at an appearance on Old School Raw in a recent media interview. Speaking on Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast, "Road Dogg" Jesse James confirmed the New Age Outlaws will also be on the show.

The identity of Kane's attacker will be revealed prior to WrestleMania 29.

"HBK" Shawn Michaels hinted at getting involved in the Dean Ambrose / Triple H angle after posting the following message to Ambrose on Twitter: "Nobody puts my best friend in hospital without consequence #DX4Life".

The Rock | Undertaker | Triple H | Chris Jericho | Stone Cold

CM Punk | Dean Ambrose | Mark Henry | Daniel Bryan | Dolph Ziggler

Austin Aries | Jeff Hardy | AJ Styles | Bully Ray | Christopher Daniels
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Dean Ambrose being a main eventer, I love it, Dean Ambrose this man he is well on his way to being a future WWE or World Heavyweight Champion and not to mention with Ambrose being a main eventer I honestly see him facing Triple H after WrestleMania 29, I don't see Triple H returning until SummerSlam at the latest because Triple H needs to be off TV for a good while, build up his return and by building it up him facing off against Ambrose at SummerSlam The Biggest Party of the Summer will steal the show

The 2 superstars that I see returning from TNA to WWE are Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy

I see it being Punk vs Brock at WrestleMania 29

I can't wait until Undertaker's opponent is revealed, I can see it being Orton, Sheamus, Kane, Barrett, Show, Ryback, or Daniel Bryan

The Outsiders Hall and Nash in attendance, I wonder if Hogan will return? An nWo reunion just in time for WrestleMania 29...I can see the nWo being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

Rollins and Reigns I can see them debuting on separate brands or even on the same brand but as for Jack Swagger I see him returning with Zeb Colter on Smackdown but as for Evan Bourne I can see him making his return on RAW

Flair and the New Age Outlaws in attendance, can't wait, I wonder if Shawn Michaels will return for Old School RAW? Or if Austin will return for Old School RAW? Or if Bret the Hitman Hart or any other WWE legends or WWE Hall of Famers will return for the night?

I wonder who Kane's attacker is but more importantly whoever ends up being his attacker will be put into the spotlight right away

But what does HBK think he's going to do? If he were smart he would know that if Ambrose could take out Triple H he could make sure we never see Shawn again
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

WWE Sunday Night Heat - 24th February 2013

Brodus Clay opens the show and cuts to a replay of him been knocked out by Big Show on SmackDown. Clay says he is sick of people not taking him seriously because he "likes to dance" and challenges Show to a match right here and now.

Big Show def. Brodus Clay in 3:44
Clay gets in some early offence but is KO'd by Show.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth are interviewed on their upcoming Jokers Wild Tag Team Tournament match against Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio. Kofi and Truth remind fans they are former Tag Team Champions and say they will win the tournament and become champions again by defeating the Perfect Generation at WrestleMania 29.

Antonio Cesaro def. Alex Riley in 3:05
Cesaro wins a quick match via the Neutraliser.

Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio interviewed on their upcoming Jokers Wild Tag Team Tournament match against Kofi and Truth. Barrett says he is due a WrestleMania moment and winning the Tag Titles with Del Rio at WrestleMania 29 could be that moment. Del Rio proclaims it to be their destiny.

Tag Title Tournament
Alberto Del Rio & Wade Barrett def. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth
in 15:25 to progress to the next round of the Jokers Wild Tournament
Barrett gets the win for his team after hitting Kofi with the Bullhammer

The Rock | Undertaker | Triple H | Chris Jericho | Stone Cold

CM Punk | Dean Ambrose | Mark Henry | Daniel Bryan | Dolph Ziggler

Austin Aries | Jeff Hardy | AJ Styles | Bully Ray | Christopher Daniels
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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

Big Show is just in control, I mean honestly who can stop Big Show at this point? Big Show has seemingly become an Angry Giant ever since losing that World Heavyweight Championship and Show is just on a one-man wrecking mission which is what I love because it makes Show look much more dominant that way and Show at his size he should be dominating other superstars so with that said I wonder if Show will set his sights back on the World Heavyweight Championship after WrestleMania?

Kofi & Truth look confident but I wonder if they can really get the job done going up against Del Rio and Barrett?

Cesaro beating Riley was to be expected but I wonder if Cesaro will start using The Cesaro Swing as his finisher from now on?

Del Rio and Barrett have to be the favorites in this Jokers Wild WWE Tag Team Championship tournament

And Del Rio & Barrett beating Truth and Kofi wasn't a surprise but I wonder what this means as far as the tournament goes and just who they will face next
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