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TNA: Total Recall

On November 23 2012, Total Nonstop Action made the biggest mistake they had ever made. This mistake had nothing to do with horrible booking, however. The product had actually been improving in recent months, in fact. No, the problem here was that every single wrestler employed with the company had their contracts burned and destroyed by a warehouse fire started by irresponsible salesperson Jimmy Jay (I’m terrible at back stories, I apologize). Luckily, the good lawyers over at Park, Park and Park found a loophole. Theoretically, there was nothing stopping TNA from re hiring all of the workers and resuming business after taking a few weeks off at most. Unfortunately, some workers wanted out, and others were out of the question in terms of money.

Workers who left TNA in the rebuilding process –

Chavo Guerrero
Doug Williams
Eric Young
Garrett Bischoff

James Storm
Jeff Hardy

Kid Kash

Mr. Anderson
Rob Van Dam

Another huge piece of news that came out of the situation was the complete disposal of the Knockouts division, in a drastic cost cutting measure. The fact that 53 year old Sting did not choose to retire also surprised many industry insiders, as it seemed like a perfect time. It was soon discovered that Sting had signed his final wrestling contract, which would be to last until the episode of IMPACT Wrestling after the Bound for Glory 2013 Pay Per View. After all his time with the company, Sting wanted to go out with a bang, and even halved his pay on the road to retirement. With their biggest drawing name Jeff Hardy choosing not to resign, TNA decided they needed as many big drawing names as possible. They called back Jeff Jarrett from AAA, changed Joseph Park’s character back to Abyss, and brought back Kiyoshi to play one of their biggest selling names in terms of merchandise, Suicide. Many independent wrestlers also returned, the majority being TNA Alumni. The first show is to be held in the Asylum, the company’s original arena. After this, the show will return to the Impact Zone.

Roster -

AJ Styles
Amazing Red
Austin Aries
Bobby Roode
Bully Ray
Chris Sabin

Christian York
Christopher Daniels
Christy Hemme

Jay Lethal
Jeff Jarrett*
Joey Ryan

Kurt Angle
Low Ki
Matt Morgan
Petey Williams
"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero
Robbie T
Robbie E

Samoa Joe
Tyson Dux
Shark Boy
Zemma Ion

* Injured or set for Occasional Appearances

On Air Personalities –

General Manager – Hulk Hogan
Commentators – Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash
Ring Announcer – Christy Hemme
Backstage Interviewer – Todd Kennely

Championships –

TNA World Championship – Vacant
TNA Tag Team Championship – Vacant
TNA Television Championship – AJ Styles
TNA X Division Championship – Vacant

Upcoming Pay Per View Events –

Genesis – January 13
Against All Odds – February 10
Destination X – March 10

Tag Teams and Stables

Crimson Red - Crimson and Amazing Red
Aces and Eights – Devon, D.O.C, Chris Sabin and several unrevealed members
Team Canada – Petey Williams and Tyson Dux
Low Ki and Jay Lethal
Daniels and Kazarian
Robbie E and Robbie T

Next Show -

Genesis - January 13 2013

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Re: TNA: Total Recall

January 3 2013 IMPACT Wrestling Preview
"The man is back in town"

New Faces

Many new stars will make their debuts on this historic first edition of what is to be the brand new IMPACT Wrestling. The X division will be especially benefitting from this brand new roster, as stars like Low Ki, Jay Lethal and Homicide will return tonight, all of whom will be participating in matches.

The Final Debut

In an interview with, Hulk Hogan informed us that one more star will be making his debut tonight. While we have no indication of who this may be, he promises that it will be an exciting reveal.

The return of the TNA Founder

Jeff Jarrett, the founder of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, will be making his return to the show tonight. He will be kicking off the show and addressing the TNA fans after the two month absence, revealing his plans for the future.

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Re: TNA: Total Recall

Cool name! And sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck with this, can't wait to see what you come up!
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Re: TNA: Total Recall

IMPACT Wrestling – January 3, 2013

*Video Recap*

On the last episode of IMPACT Wrestling…

We see an establishing shot of the impact zone.

The Aces and Eights were unmasked again!

A clip is shown of Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode seemingly setting aside their differences and teaming up on the Aces and Eights. They manage to pin one member down and get his mask off. The now unmasked man is revealed to be Chris Sabin, former Motor City Machine Gun member.

Mike Tenay: It’s Chris Sabin! Chris Sabin is with the Aces and Eights!

Many final moments were had…

A clip of James Storm getting the win over Kazarian in his last official TNA match. We then hear an unrelated James Storm promo in the background.

James Storm: Sorry, about your damn luck!

Jeff Hardy is seen walking down to the ring.

Jeff Hardy: Creatures – We did it!

Rob Van Dam is seen hitting the Five Star Frog Splash on Mr. Anderson.

Rob Van Dam: I’m Mr. Thursday Night, the whole F’n show!

We hear a microphone sound in the background, seemingly as tribute to Mr.Anderson.

And TNA was forever changed!

Joseph Park is seen walking into Hulk Hogan’s office in a brand new clip.

Joseph Park: Hulk, we’ve got big problems! The TNA Wrestler Contracts are all gone!

Hulk Hogan: What!? Is there anything we can do about it, brother?

Joseph Park: I’ll do what I can, but it looks like you may lose a lot of wrestlers at this time. You may even have to go on hiatus!

Hulk Hogan: This is terrible news. This could ruin the company forever!

Joseph Park: I’m doing what I can, Hulk, but I will need to take a permanent leave of absence from TV to fix all this!

Hulk Hogan: Of course, brother. Just do what you can!

Tonight, IMPACT Wrestling will return after a nearly two month long absence, and will hit harder –

Shot of Matt Morgan giving a carbon footprint.

-and make more of an Impact than ever before!

Clip of AJ Styles hitting the Styles Clash on Christopher Daniels.

Join us in celebrating the birth of a brand new TNA wrestling… Tonight!!!

***My World***

The TNA founder’s music hits and he heads out onto the stage of the IMPACT Wrestling Set here at the Asylum in Nashville. He gets a good reaction from the audience as he makes his way down to the ring.

Mike Tenay: You know JB, one of the things I always loved about this great company was that it always has been Total Nonstop Action! We are starting off this legendary night right away! Instantly out of the starting gate!

JB: That’s right Mike! Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the new IMPACT Wrestling! I’m JB, Jeremy Borash, and I’m here with Mike Tenay to welcome you to what should be the most historic night in TNA since it revolutionized Pro Wrestling (again!) in early 2010!

Mike Tenay: Here comes the TNA Founder, Jeff Jarrett! He’s making his highly anticipated return here tonight!

Jarrett grabs a mic from a ringside worker and heads in to the ring. He waits for the crowd to die down, and starts to speak.

Jeff Jarrett: Before I start, I’d just like to say that it is my honor to finally be standing inside a TNA ring again!

Pop from the crowd

Jeff Jarrett: When I founded this company in 2002 along with my father Jerry Jarrett, I never imagined it would have gotten to the place it is now, and I have no one to thank for that but all of you!

The crowd cheers.

Jeff Jarrett: With that being said, however, there is a serious matter at hand. On November 23, hours after we held our last show before the hiatus, all of the TNA contracts were destroyed. We tried frantically to resign everyone on the roster, but we simply couldn’t get all of our roster back.

Mild heat from the crowd

Jeff Jarrett: But you know what? That’s why we came here, to Nashville, for our first show back! Because we know that you are all die hard TNA fans, who will stand next to this company through thick and thin!

Loud pop from the audience

Jeff Jarrett: We promise that the quality of TNA will not go down! If anything, it will be going up! I think that everyone here will know that by the end of tonight! Now, enough of me talking. Let’s get to some damn action already, thank you!

The crowd starts to cheer very loudly. Jeff Jarrett smiles and starts to make his way towards the ropes.

***Sleeping Giant***

Matt Morgan, accompanied by Joey Ryan, strolls on to the stage accompanied by heat from the crowd. He and his buddy walk down to ringside, snatch a couple of mics from the attendant, and get in the ring. Morgan gives Jarrett an intimidating stare, and starts to talk.

Matt Morgan: Ah, the irony of it all. When TNA is going through tough times, when TNA needs help, who do they come to for help? Matt Morgan, of all people.

Jarrett looks at Morgan, confused, as the crowd boos.

Joey Ryan: Joey Ryan as well.

Matt Morgan: Right, Joey Ryan as well. Anyways, Jeff, TNA is going through some tough times, right? They need all the help they can get, right? So why don’t you tell me why you are giving these people some boring speech, when you could be getting your gear on and wrestling a god damn match!

Mixed Reaction from the crowd.

Jeff Jarrett: We already have a good lineup for tonight-

Matt Morgan: SHUT UP!

Huge heat from the crowd. Jarrett is taken aback by this outburst.

Matt Morgan: I’ve always hated you, Jeff. People like you and Hulk Hogan have always done nothing but politic backstage and use your influence to keep people like me and Joey Ryan down!

The crowd continue to boo.

Jeff Jarrett: I have no idea what you’re talking about, Matt. To me, it seems like we’ve given you shot after shot and you always screw it up!

Crowd pops.

Jeff Jarrett: Do you want me to show you the win-loss record we have on you? I don’t think it would make you happy.

Morgan, obviously offended by this, sarcastically laughs to himself and nods his head. He then stares right into Jarrett’s eyes.

Matt Morgan: Tell you what, Jeff. I’m going to prove you and everyone else who doesn’t have faith in me wrong tonight, because Joey Ryan and I challenge you and whatever shmuck you can find backstage to a tag team match later tonight!

Pop from the crowd.

Joey Ryan: Wait, Matt, we never discussed this-

Jeff Jarrett: Alright then, tough guy! I accept your challenge. It shouldn’t be too hard to beat you, or find a partner who wants an easy win. I’ll see you tonight.

Jarrett’s theme plays and he exits the ring, walking to the back.

Mike Tenay: What a match we already have for later tonight! This show has barely started and I’m already excited!

JB: I can’t help but agree with you there!

***Off The Chain***

Bobby Roode’s theme song plays, and he steps on to the ramp to a mixed reaction.

JB: This day just keeps getting better, as we have Bobby Roode in action – next!

-Commercial Break-

When we return, Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode are both in the ring, with Kurt’s music playing.

Mike Tenay: I’m ready for this, JB! Are you?

JB: Absolutely, Positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Mike. These guys are both main event caliber competitors, and I can’t wait to see them go at it!


Singles Contest between Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode

Match Recap: A very back and forth contest, almost split totally even in terms of who was on the offense. Roode started the match off by attacking Angle instantly after the bell went, but was quickly stopped by Kurt, who spent the majority of the early minutes of the match on the offense. He went for an early Angle Slam, but was unable to lift a heavily resisting Roode, who reversed the move into a bulldog. A very back in forth contest from that point on, until near the end when Roode really started to dominate. Roode made the stupid mistake of arching his back down after an Irish Whip, and was rolled up into a pin by a quickly thinking Angle. After Roode kicked out at two, Angle quickly went for the Ankle Lock, and picked up the win via submission.

Winner – Kurt Angle
Time – 11:07

Mike Tenay: What an amazing competition! Kurt Angle picked up the victory with the Ankle Lock after a quick roll up pin!

JB: Absolutely fantastic showing from both men, but we need to take a look at just how painful that Ankle Lock was. Can we get a video replay, please?

After being shown a video package, we briefly see Kurt posing in victory on the ramp. We go to a shot of Zemma Ion walking backstage. He doesn’t get far before he is stopped by backstage interviewer Todd Keneley.

Todd Keneley: Hey everyone, this is Todd Keneley, the brand new backstage announcer for the brand new IMPACT Wrestling! I’m here with Zemma Ion!

Zemma Ion: What do you want?

Todd Keneley: Zemma, with the new faces of the X division arriving in TNA with this new change in the roster, where do you think you will rank?

Zemma Ion: Ughhh. Let me tell you something John Doe, the people in the X division? The stars? They don’t damn matter. All that matters is me, Zemma Ion. Hey, this isn’t a knock on TNA or any of the other guys in that locker room, but if you go up against Zemma Ion, you’re going to lose. Now, if you’ll excuse me-

Zemma walks out of the frame.

Todd Keneley: Zemma, where are you going? Hey, Zemma! ZEMMA!

Keneley makes a remark about how ridiculous he just sounded, and signs off.

Mike Tenay: Sounds like Zemma Ion isn’t scared of the new faces here in the X division.

JB: It sure sounds like it. Anyways-

***Future of Fashion***

Zemma Ion’s music hits and he walks down to the ring in what seems to be an “unscheduled” appearance.

Mike Tenay: Well, I guess we know where Zemma Ion was going now.

JB: Zemma Ion making his way down to the ring, what will he have to say? We’ll find out, next!

-Commercial Break-

When we return, Zemma Ion is standing in the ring with a microphone, seemingly enjoying the heat from the crowd he is getting. He walks to the center of the ring, and starts to speak.

Zemma Ion: You know, I have to be thankful that even in these difficult times, TNA had it in them to resign me. This is a great company, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

The fans seem confused that Ion made a babyface remark.

Zemma Ion: Yeah, I have no problems with this place itself. No, my problem lies with all you idiot fans.

The crowd is relieved.

Zemma Ion: You pathetic sheep were always the ones to be wearing your stupid Jeff Hardy Wristbands, and your Rob Van Dam T-Shirts. Well guess what, Jeff Hardy isn’t here anymore, and neither is that waste of space RVD!

Huge heat from the audience.

Zemma Ion: Nah, you should have been wearing Zemma Ion T-Shirts and playing with Zemma Ion action figures. Action figures that should have already been made, mind you. The fact that you all don’t love Zemma Ion more than any other guy on the roster disappoints me already.

The crowd continue to boo Zemma.

Zemma Ion: As a matter of fact, I’m starting a pro Zemma Ion campaign. Anyone who does not love Zemma Ion above all others – will be eradicated.

The crowd laughs and gives Zemma heat. Ion notices a referee who just happened to be in the ring.

Zemma Ion: Hey you!

Mike Tenay: Oh come on Zemma, really?

Zemma gets in the referee’s face.

Zemma Ion: Is Zemma Ion your favorite TNA wrestler?

The referee looks confused by this question.

Zemma Ion: I said, is Zemma Ion your favorite TNA wrestler?

The referee backs away a little, and starts muttering confused words at Ion.


Zemma pushes the referee down to the ground. Suddenly, the lights in the arena go out.

***Coming Alive***

Suicide comes down to the ring on his traditional zipline, as the crowd goes crazy.

Mike Tenay: It’s Suicide! Suicide has returned to TNA on this historic night!

The two X division wrestlers have an extremely brief staredown when a backstage worker runs to the ring and tells the ref to ring the bell. Zemma Ion looks very confused for approximately 1.6 seconds until he notices Suicide lunging at him.

Singles contest between Zemma Ion and Suicide

Match Recap: The match obviously starts with Suicide on the offensive, as he gives Zemma a running dropkick to kick things off. It descends into a beatdown until Ion reverses one of Suicide’s moves into an irish whip directly into the referee. Seeing the opportunity, he grabs a steel chair from ringside and runs back into the ring, only for it to be confiscated by Suicide and thrown to the outside of the ring. Zemma still manages to get the upper hand after this however, as the offensive after the half way mark becomes about 70% his. After giving Suicide a weak kick, Ion bumps into the referee moving backwards, and gets into an argument with him. He pushes him a second time, and instead of disqualifying Zemma, the ref pushes Ion back towards Suicide, who hits him with the DOA and gets the pinfall.

Winner – Suicide
Time – 7:32

After doing a few of his signature taunts, the lights go out and Suicide disappears. The crowd is left to cheer over his victory without any music playing.

Mike Tenay: Well-deserved victory for Suicide, there!

JB: Absolutely! Now, before this gets too awkward (this is Total Nonstop Action after all), we have reports that something is going on backstage!

We go backstage, where Austin Aries is seen walking around. Sting then enters the frame, reading a magazine, and Aries walks up to him.

Austin Aries: Well, if it isn’t the one and only icon, Sting! Out of all the people who left this company, the one person who people wanted to leave, Sting (!) is still here.

Sting: Speak for yourself, Aries. I know quite a few people around here who would much rather see me on TV than your smug face.

Austin Aries: Yeah, I really doubt that. Who could resist the Greatest Man that Ever Lived? In any case, you do know you didn’t have to resign with TNA, right? Unless of course, there is some unwritten law that Sting has to be under contract at all times, which seems to be the case. As much as people don’t like you now, Sting, I think that they would like you wrestling at age seventy a little less.

Sting: You know damn well why I’m here, Aries. This is it. Sting’s final year as a wrestler. My entire decorated career will end over the course of the next ten months, and my last match ever will take place at Bound for Glory. I do hope that I get to fight you during that time, though. I would enjoy showing you that I could still beat you any day at my age. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to continue reading.

Aries starts walking away.

Austin Aries: Alright then Sting, I’ll leave you alone. Try not to break any fingers holding up those heavy papers, alright?

-Commercial Break-

When we return, we see all the screaming Nashville fans, and get a voiceover from the commentators.

Mike Tenay: Once again, we thank all the IMPACT Wrestling fans for supporting us through thick and thin as this show continues!

JB: For sure, Mike. In all my years as a backstage interviewer here in TNA I learned just how great these fans really.

Mike Tenay: So, JB, how does it feel to be one of the official TNA commentators for the first time in your long career here?

JB: It feels great Mike, but my favorite part about it has to be the fact that I get to see all these great matches up close!

***I Am***

The TNA fans at the Asylum give a huge pop for the Phenomenal AJ Styles as he steps on to the stage and holds the hood of his signature outfit up for a few seconds for the benefit of all those with flash photography.

JB: And of course, here’s one man that this company simply would not be the same without. AJ Styles is Mr.TNA, and I’m not sure this show would even work without him here!

Mike Tenay: Indeed JB, but remember, AJ Styles isn’t going to be the true “top” guy here in TNA for a long time, as the fact that he cannot get a title shot until Bound for Glory still stands!

JB: AJ Styles risked it all at Turning Point, and it did not pay off. Fortunately for him, he got two months to enjoy his time on the same playing field as everyone else, as we have no world champion!

Mike Tenay: Or any other champions for that matter, JB!

AJ gets into the ring and does his “arms spread wide” pose, which gets a decent reaction from the crowd.

***The British Invasion***

Magnus walks down the entrance ramp to some mainly positive reactions from the die-hard TNA crowd. He scoffs at the crowd and runs up the steel steps.

Mike Tenay: I’m glad to see that the British Invasion survived in some way, here at the new TNA. A very exciting atmosphere at the Asylum, as the match begins!

Match # 3
Singles contest between AJ Styles and Magnus

Match Recap: Magnus and AJ had a bit of a standoff at the start of this contest, before starting to trade blows. Magnus eventually gained the upper hand, and started to go to work on AJ in a brawl that spread to the outside. At one moment, Magnus tried to whip AJ into the steel steps but was reversed and sent into them himself. After this, he was thrown inside the ring, and it looked like AJ was about to gain the upper hand when Magnus grabbed his head and hit it on and off the ropes, sending him to the floor. Magnus tried going for a high flying maneuver, but AJ moved out of the way, and he hit the guardrail. AJ got on the offensive for a while after this, but the focus eventually switched back to Magnus again. The contest finished when AJ grabbed Magnus’s legs after a failed flying dropkick attempt, hit the Styles Clash, and got the pin.

Winner: AJ Styles
Time – 9:58

After being announced the victor, AJ starts to celebrate and jump around the ring. He gets out, poses with some fans, and goes into the crowd to celebrate.

JB: Mr.TNA going into the crowd to celebrate with all of his fans after that huge victory tonight!

Mike Tenay: If AJ can keep momentum like that going, he may be looking at a title shot some sort in the near future!

JB: With that being said, I’d like to bring your attention over to the video screen, where we will be seeing an exclusive video package about the future of the TNA X division!

The camera pans away from the announcers, and towards the titantron. The video then starts.

When Total Nonstop Action Wrestling was founded in 2002, one of its biggest components…was the X division.

Clip of the AJ Styles-Samoa Joe-Christopher Daniels match at Unbreakable followed by some footage of the first ever Destination X match.

This division of professional wrestlers was more than just a collection of cruiserweights. It was for those who were willing to take the risk and fly high to win the title gold.

Footage of Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle with the X division title.

But in recent years, the X Division has become more of a side project.

We see Jay Lethal entering the ring for his match with Kazarian at Genesis 2011. We can hear Mike Tenay in the background –

Mike Tenay: We will be kicking off the night with our X division championship match!

TNA Wrestling is proud to say that this is the case… no more!

High flying moves from people like The Motor City Machine Guns and Homicide are shown.

With a new IMPACT Wrestling, comes a new X divison!

Stills of Homicide, Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal and Low Ki, Suicide, Zemma Ion and Robbie E all flash on the screen one after another.

In the coming weeks you can look forward to more exciting X division action!

More screenshots of Petey Williams, AJ Styles, The Pope, Joey Ryan, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Amazing Red.


The package does a “TV Shut off” effect, and we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-


Jay Lethal and his new tag team partner Low Ki arrive on the IMPACT stage. They get a big pop from the crowd, and run down the ramp slapping hands.

Mike Tenay: It’s great to be seeing these guys back in TNA after such a long time, and what a great way to celebrate their return!

JB: I’ve always loved Six Man Tag matches Mike, and I’m sure this high flying contest will be awesome!


Homicide gets a surprisingly huge pop from the crowd as he makes his long awaited return to TNA, jumping on to the stage with his full LAX gear set on.

JB: It’s been a loooong time since we’ve seen Homicide here in TNA, and it sounds like the fans here in Nashville are extremely excited to see him wrestle again.

Homicide makes some poses, then joins Low Ki and Jay Lethal in the ring.


The Pope walks out to a good deal of heat from the crowd. He shrugs it off, and makes a smug face as if to say “I don’t care”.

Mike Tenay: Remember JB, the last time we saw The Pope D’angelo Dinero was at Hard Justice when he was beaten down by the Aces and Eights. The Pope doesn’t look happy to be back however!

JB: He looks kind of bored to me.

The Pope throws his sunglasses to the side of the ramp, just out of reach for the fans, and stops at ringside to wait for the rest of his team.

***Get your fist pumpin’ up in the air!***

Robbie E and Robbie T walk into view, accompanied by MASSIVE heat from the audience.

JB: These Nashville fans don’t seem to like Robbie E and Robbie T, Mike.

Mike Tenay: I don’t blame them. I’m not a huge fan myself.

E and T give off the same ‘whatever’ vibe that the pope did, as they give arrogant, sarcastic smiles to the fans in attendance. They both get up on ringside, and the Pope enters the ring.

Mike Tenay: It looks like The Pope and Low Ki will be starting this six man tag team match off!

Six Man Tag contest between Low Ki, Jay Lethal, and Homicide and Robbie E, Robbie T and The Pope

Match Recap: By far the most fast paced contest of the night, this match had a heavy emphasis on tag team maneuvers. Within the first minute of the contest, Robbie T and Homicide had already been tagged in. Big Rob Terry got the least offense of the participants in this match, as his attempts to keep up with the X division stars were mostly futile. He did manage to hit a huge clothesline and get the tag to Robbie E eventually, and even competition was back on. All competitors(with the exception of Robbie T, who brawled with Low Ki on the outside to distract Jay Lethal at one point in the match) were routinely tagged in over and over throughout the match, with a (generally high flying) tag team move accompanying most tags made. Near the end of the match, The Pope slapped Robbie E’s back, tagging him in, and neither he nor Homicide(the legal man at the time) noticed. Homicide hit a flying cross body on Robbie E, and turned around to a dropkick to the face from Dinero, who got the pin.

Winners: The Pope, Robbie E and Robbie T
Time – 10:06

Robbie E and Robbie T get on both sides of the Pope and do their fist pump taunt, while The Pope gets an attendant to deliver him his glasses, which he quickly puts on.

Mike Tenay: Great action in a great six man tag team match!

JB: Action like that is sure fun to watch! It really sets TNA apart from the competition.

Mike Tenay: The Pope sure is staying in the ring for a good while.

The Pope remains in the ring until all competitors have left. He then runs out of the ring and grabs the last competitor to leave it, Homicide. He whips him back in to the ring and looks deviously at the ring apron. He flips it up, and takes a baseball bat from the bottom of the ring.

JB: Homicide never did anything to Dinero! What’s this all about?

Mike Tenay: Someone get out here! It looks like The Pope is about to assault Homicide with that baseball bat!

Tenay’s cry for help doesn’t do much, as The Pope enters the ring and smiles at the crowd before smashing fallen Homicide with the bat.

Mike Tenay: Oh god! What a sickening act!

JB: What is wrong with D’Angelo Dinero, Mike? What is his problem?

***Nation of Violence***

The crowd goes wild as Samoa Joe’s music hits and he runs out to make the save. The Pope has left the ring and started to run through the crowd by the time he has gotten to Homicide, however.

Mike Tenay: Finally, someone comes to help! Thank god for Samoa Joe coming here to scare The Pope off!

JB: I think he may have intended to do a little more than just scare him off, Mike. These two have a history together.

Mike Tenay: While it may be unprofessional to say this as a neutral announcer for this show, I really hope Joe does destroy The Pope soon.

JB: I don’t think Hulk Hogan will give you any trouble for stating the obvious.

Homicide raises to his feet and shakes hands with Samoa Joe to a huge positive reaction from the fans as we go to commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

When we return, the camera is focused on the announce table.

Mike Tenay: Well JB, our main event is approaching fast. It’ll be Jeff Jarrett, an-

***Dead Man’s Hand***

The Aces and Eights theme blares, and the fans start to voice their disapproval.

JB: You have got to be kidding me.

Mike Tenay: We lose so many people in the last few months, but the Aces and Eights stick around? Just great, this is exactly what TNA needs.

As this isn’t the Impact Zone, there is no designated spot for the Aces and Eights to enter from. So, they just walk in from behind the entrance ramp and onto it. “They” being Chris Sabin, Devon, D.O.C and one masked member, to be more specific.

JB: Mike, if there was ANYTHING good about the struggles TNA has gone through recently, it was that they almost definitely ensured the end of the Aces and Eights. Looks like we weren’t even that lucky.

Sabin and his buddies get in the ring, equipped with microphones, and start the promo.

Chris Sabin: It isn’t anything new for anyone who happens to be affiliated with this fine club, Aces and Eights, but I feel like I’ve been cheated by TNA.

Heel heat.

Chris Sabin: You see, the members of the Aces and Eights clubhouse were very much in favor of me losing the mask. I was to be an example of this company screwing someone over, and I totally understood that.
So, I let Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode unmask me on the last IMPACT.

Crowd continues to boo.

Chris Sabin: But I had to explain myself. I had to let the world know why I did what I did, and why I am a full time member of the Aces and Eights. Let me tell you why.

Silence-the crowd seems interested in listening.

Chris Sabin: When Alex Shelley, my former tag team partner, decided to leave TNA I was upset. He was a good friend, and it would be hard to imagine competing without him.

Small pop from the crowd.

Chris Sabin: But I loved this company, so I still headed over to Orlando the next day. I went up to Hulk Hogan, and I asked him what my match for the night would be. But no, he was all like “Brother, we have nothing for you. Jack dude. You should just go home brother”.

Some boos from the crowd.

Chris Sabin: Yeah, I was a company outcast. They kicked me out of this place while I was still under contract, while I still loved my job, and all because they had ‘nothing for me’. Hell, they even kept my name up on the website for name value!

They heat is getting hotter as Sabin is speaking.

Chris Sabin: So this band of outlaws, this group called Aces and Eights, they come to me and tell me that with them, I’d be in good hands. And I’d tend to agree.

Sabin takes a moment to soak in the hatred from the audience, smirking slightly, and continues.

Chris Sabin: But that brings me back to my original point. The one about how I’ve been SCREWED by TNA once again. You see, all that sh*t I just said? It needed to be known worldwide by the next week, or else people would never know why Chris Sabin “betrayed” TNA, and they would start guessing petty reasons like Money and Jealousy. Of course, TNA had to get caught up in all the garbage they’ve been in, and they had to lose a lot of their sheep. Like Jeff Hardy and the entire Knockouts division, for example.

Heavy heat from the audience.

Chris Sabin: The club has been very nervous, very scared over whether or not TNA would return so that this story could be told. Luckily, IMPACT Wrestling returned from hiatus.

Pop from the crowd.

Chris Sabin: The Aces and Eights are now bigger and better than ever. Everyone on the TNA roster should watch their backs!

***Canadian National Anthem***

The new Team Canada, comprised of TNA X Division Icon Petey Williams and former member Tyson Dux, appears on the stage. Some crowd members are pleased to see Petey Williams, some booing what was always a heel faction, but the majority of the audience seem to be confused.

Mike Tenay: It's Team Canada!

JB: The newest Team Canada, anyways.

As Dux and Williams make their way to the ring, Sabin and the other members have looks of complete confusion on their faces. Team Canada get into the ring, and grab microphones.

Petey Williams: So TNA finally came crawling back to the Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams. Of course they did so when they hit rock bottom, but it's still good to be back. Kind of.

The audience gets that this is going to be a heel promo and starts to boo.

Petey Williams: You know, Aces and Eights, I totally get where you’re coming from here. I was one of the hardest workers in this company for years, since 2004 in fact, and one day in 2009 they just decided to fire me. No reason, just ‘cause, you know, they were bored or whatever.

Heat from the crowd.

Petey Williams: But hey, you think my sob story is bad, listen to my man Tyson’s. Tyson?

Tyson Dux starts his promo. The Aces still look confused.

Tyson Dux: Before I start rambling on, I would like to ask everyone in the crowd here tonight something. Do any of you know who I am?

A NO! chant starts among the audience.

Tyson Dux: I didn’t think so. Well, I’ll inform you. I was a member of “Team Canada” for both of the World X Cup tournaments that TNA held a while back. I had it all, talent, skill, charisma, and so on.

Crowd starts booing Tyson Dux

Tyson Dux: Of course, this company never let me go any further than that, and I wasn’t really seen outside of those events. Well, me and Petey Williams are returning to TNA and kicking it when it’s down; this is our revenge!

Heat from the audience as Dux notions to Petey that he can continue speaking.

Petey Williams: Thanks, Tyson. So, Aces and Eights, there is a reason we came out here. We want to get revenge on TNA just as badly as you do. So why don’t we join forces? Team Canada will be more strong than ever before as a part of Aces and Eights-

Sargent-at-arms of Aces and Eights, Devon, grabs the mic from Petey Williams.

Devon: Sorry guys, but we aren’t an open club. I’m going to have to thank you for volunteering to be the first wrestlers on the roster to be taken out by us since IMPACT Wrestling went off air. Let’s get them boys!

The Aces and Eights start to corner Team Canada.

***The Beaten Path***

The crowd goes absolutely insane for Bully Ray as he walks on to the stage. He starts to talk before the commentators acknowledge his presence.

Bully Ray: Devon, I’m freaking done. I thought for sure this Aces and Eights crap would be done with when the light at the end of the tunnel shone, but I was wrong.

The crowd is still going crazy.

Bully Ray: But hey, you know what? I just don’t care anymore. Your involvement with TNA, or who the Aces and Eights are, those facts no longer matter to me.

Mixed Reaction.

Bully Ray: My main concern is rising to the top of TNA once more! My focus has shifted over to the TNA Title, and away from you and all of these people!

Continued mixed reaction.

Bully Ray: But, you know what? This past, what, half a year? I’m going to make sure it wasn’t a complete waste by leaving my mark on the Aces and Eights one last time. You have new challengers, is what I’m saying!

The crowd gets excited, and starts to cheer.

Bully Ray: Boys, come on out.

Bully makes a hand motion to the ramp, and out comes… OVW Superstar Joe Coleman?

Mike Tenay: What the… hey, I think I know him! That’s Joe Coleman, from the TNA Developmental Territory, OVW! Wait, there’s another wrestler, Jason Wayne! Johnny Spade! Randy Royal! My god, the entire OVW roster is here!

Just as Tenay said, the entire male roster of OVW empties out on to the ramp and heads towards the ring. The crowd is in absolute disbelief and confusion over what is going on. The OVW wrestlers run on into the ring and start to attack the Aces and Team Canada.

JB: This is absolutely surreal, Mike! I hadn’t heard anything about these guys, and I hadn’t seen them backstage before the show!

Mike Tenay: Where exactly was Bully Ray hiding them?

Aces members come out from behind the ramp to try and fight back the attackers. An all-out brawl starts throughout the entire ringside area and up the ramp. Bully Ray simply stands there, smirking.

Mike Tenay: I’m so confused! What is going on here? What’s happening?

Bully finally starts to speak as the Aces members begin to retreat through the crowd.

Bully Ray: Devon, at Genesis I’m gonna make my final stand against you and your band, and then I’m gonna pass the torch. These guys are all looking to make an impact in TNA, and I’m going to let them. Genesis, sixteen man tag match! My best guys versus your best guys! Team Bully versus Team Devon! My last stand!

The crowd goes absolutely nuts.

JB: What?

Mike Tenay: Is this really happening? Are they serious?

Devon, up at the top of the front row section, turns around and answers.

Devon: You know what Bubba, you’ve got your match! This is my last stand against you!

Bully Ray’s music begins to play and the last members of the Aces make their mistake, while Bully Ray shouts at them and smirks. The OVW roster starts to pile out of the ring.

JB: Absolute carnage here in Nashville, Mike.

Mike Tenay: I still can’t believe what just happened! At Genesis, we will get to see a preview of some of TNA’s future stars!

JB: Bully Ray looks to make an impact with his last stand against the Aces and Eights, and I believe he will do just that.

The OVW guys are seen shouting on the ramp as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

When we return, we are in the midst of an argument between Daniels/Kazarian and Crimson/Amazing Red backstage.

Kazarian: …absolutely. We should be getting a tag team title shot. I apologize if I’m being rude, but who exactly are you guys again?

Crimson: Very funny. Why don’t you let us step into the ring with you, and entertain us some more?

Kazarian: I’m sorry, but my parents always taught me not to talk to strangers. Now-

The IMPACT Wrestling General Manager Hulk Hogan walks up to the arguing tag teams.

Hulk Hogan: Well you’re going to have to brother, because that tag team title match you both want? It’s happening between the two of you at Genesis. Now could you please stop screaming at each other outside of my office and go away?

Christopher Daniels: But we can’t face them, Hulk! They’re beneath us! I'm not even sure I believe that they have a job here!

Hulk Hogan: You’re letting yourself be too arrogant, Daniels. Crimson and Red are my pick to win at the pay per view.

Hogan walks away and back into the hall, and is stopped by TNA Gut Check winner Christian York.

Christian York: Hey Hulk, can I have a moment of your time?

Hulk Hogan: Sure brother, what’s on your mind?

Christian York: I noticed I didn’t have a match tonight, and I was all right with it, you know? But If at all possible, I’d like to have one next week. I don’t want to fall in to that category of irrelevant guys before having a chance to prove myself, you know?

Hulk Hogan: I totally get it, brother. But TNA is going through some troubles right now, and you need to prove that you have what it takes against all odds. So that’s why I’m putting you up against this man next week –

Hogan points at a TV monitor of the Impact Zone that is on the wall.

Hulk Hogan: Matt Morgan.

***Sleeping Giant***

We return right on time, as Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan are already making their way to the ring.

Mike Tenay: Matt Morgan, taken aback by Jeff Jarrett’s comments of doubt, has challenged him to a tag team match! It looks like he and Joey Ryan are ready to finally put up or shut up, and try to prove that they could be big players here in TNA!

JB: It’s all very exciting Mike, but I’m hyped up about who our new wrestler will be!

Mike Tenay: Indeed, Jeff Jarrett will be revealing the newest member of the TNA roster soon!

Matt and Joey get into the ring and look determined as ever.

***My World***

Jeff Jarrett quickly walks to the ring with a smile on his face.

JB: It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jeff Jarrett in TNA, Mike.

Mike Tenay: Technically we saw him just over an hour ago, JB, but I get where you’re coming from.

Double J gets a microphone and enters the ring.

Jeff Jarrett: I guess you all want to know who my tag team partner for tonight will be, huh?

The crowd cheers while Matt Morgan mouths “yeah”.

Jeff Jarrett: Well then, I won’t waste your time. Here he is!


The familiar “Gore…gore…GORE!” can be heard throughout the arena, and the fans give a big pop for the returning Rhino, who makes some poses on the stage to pump them up.

Mike Tenay: It’s Rhino! TNA Legend, Hardcore Legend Rhino is back!

JB: Jeff Jarrett has made the wise decision of brining Rhino to the table, and these fans sure are excited for this match!

Tag Team Contest between Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan and Jeff Jarrett and Rhino

Match Recap: Extremely fast paced and exciting match, with an almost identical amount of offense on both sides. The two veterans of the ring are hit with some powerful moves by the two with something to prove, but manage to reverse them and get momentum many times. The match obviously starts with Rhino beating on Joey Ryan. He smacks him around, hits him with a Spinebuster, and gets him up for an Irish Whip. As Ryan sails towards his corner, however, Matt Morgan tags him in. He enters the ring and immediately hits Rhino with a Carbon Footprint. He goes for the pin, but is kicked out on at two. Morgan continues to attack Rhino for a while, but is too impatient, and tries to get an early pin by going for another Carbon, which is dodged by Rhino, who clotheslines Morgan to the ground. Some offense from Rhino, before he tags Jarrett in. Jarrett remains in with both guys for a while, who each tag in one or two times. When Rhino becomes active man again, he has a bit of a series with Joey Ryan, who gets his revenge for the matches beginning by hitting some effective kicks and getting the upper hand. Both sides tag in a few more times, and the final combination ends up being Rhino-Morgan. Morgan leads an Irish Whip to a Powerbomb, and successfully hits it. He waits for Rhino to get up, hoping to hit one final Carbon Footprint. Rhino dodges it, and Jarrett gives Morgan a flying elbow from the top rope. This dizzies Morgan, who turns around only to be hit by a GORE by Rhino, who gets the pin.

Winners: Jeff Jarrett and Rhino
Time – 15:22

Rhino and Jarrett celebrate for all of two seconds before Ryan and Morgan attack them with steel chairs and start a beat down.

Mike Tenay: What an excellent match and- Oh no, why? Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan are beating down the victors of this match!

JB: Looks like they may be bitter over the fact that they may have been proven wrong by Jarrett!

***Down in the Catacombs***

The crowd goes crazy, as Abyss runs down the ramp and into the ring.

Mike Tenay: It’s Abyss! Abyss has come to help Jeff Jarrett!

JB: Some bad blood between these two Mike, long rivalry between Matt Morgan and Abyss.

Morgan and Ryan are already gone and running through the crowd by the time Abyss gets in however, and he is left to stand there with a sadistic smile on his face as Rhino and Jarrett recover.

Mike Tenay: Absolute pandemonium here tonight at TNA IMPACT Wrestling’s return! So many surprises, so much action! We thank the fans for giving us here at TNA one more chance to entertain, and we look forward to the future!

JB: We hope to see you next week! Same time, same place on Spike TV!

-End of Show-


Daniels and Kazarian vs Crimson and Amazing Red
Team Bully vs Team Devon


Editor's Note: From here on out, future shows will be in recap form. Some events may not be, but the majoirty of shows will not be written in full. Hopefully you enjoyed the first show. I appreciate all feedback, and I'll be sure to review your latest BTB show if you give me any!
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Re: TNA: Total Recall

January 10 2013 IMPACT Wrestling Preview
"Best of three for TV"

Second in the Series

On the last edition of IMPACT, Magnus and AJ Styles went head to head, with AJ being the eventual winner. Earlier today, it was revealed by TNA Management that they would be facing off again tonight in a match for the television championship. They will have a final rematch at Genesis, which will be the third and final match in what will be an exciting series of three matches between the two.

Call Out Time

Bobby Roode has been given a mic and been told to start the show Open Fight Night style, as he will be calling out whoever he pleases. It is also likely he will be addressing the recent misfortunes in the company, as he was one of the top faces of the promotion before this recent turn of events.


Tonight, we will see the follow ups of three exciting developments in the TNA world. Not only will we meet the members of Bully Ray's OVW team for one of the biggest tag team matches in TNA history at Genesis, but we will also witness the follow up to the building rivalries between D'Angelo Dinero and Samoa Joe, and Matt Morgan and Abyss.

Confirmed Matches for Impact Wrestling

Christian York vs Matt Morgan

AJ Styles vs Magnus for the Television Title

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Re: TNA: Total Recall

you're off to a great start with your TNA thread. I am really looking forward to reading your next show.

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard
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Re: TNA: Total Recall

- I really liked the Zemma Ion segment. The whole "Is Zemma Ion your favorite wrestler?" part was really funny. Hopefully it leads to something more out of him. Interesting that you brought back Suicide. Of all the ex-TNA/ex-X Division guys you could have chosen, I wouldn't have ever guessed Suicide.

- I'll be watching what happens with the Sting final match at BFG storyline, especially who you end up choosing to wrestle Sting in his last match and what happens with Sting in between.

- I'm surprised that you kept the storyline in place where A.J. can't get a title shot until Bound for Glory. Just figured you would have started all the way over but hey, I'm not complaining.

- Low Ki and Jay Lethal together, interesting team. Although I'm not the biggest fan of "reviving the X-Division" storylines since it seems like a lot of people go that direction, I will reserve judgement and let it play out.

- Just like the A.J. Styles thing, I'm also surprised that you decided to keep Aces & Eights around but I like the Sabin reveal so hopefully you can take the storyline and do good things with it, not drag it along like TNA's doing now. I also like the idea of bringing OVW wrestlers up and having them be Team Bully. It's a fresh idea and could lead to good things for them, if you decide to keep them around that is. One question though, is Team Canada teaming up with Aces & Eights to take on Team Bully? Don't know if you ever said that they were or not, could be wrong though.

Sorry that I'm not much of a reviewer, just wanted to comment on a few things that stood out to me. All and all I liked your show, keep it up!
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Re: TNA: Total Recall

IMPACT Wrestling – January 10, 2013

The show starts with a recap video from last week, highlighting Jeff Jarrett's return, the new roster changes, and the return of Abyss. Clips are also shown from the Angle-Roode and AJ-Magnus matches. We then kick off with the some Pyro, followed by the announcers running down the card.

Spoiler for An excerpt from the show:
JB: Welcome to the show, everybody it's TNA Impact Wrestling LIVE~ from the legendary Impact Zone

Mike Tenay: TNA is finally back in the Impact Zone JB, and we're kicking it off with some GREAT matches here tonight!

JB: Tonight, Magnus will square off with AJ Styles in the second of their newly announced BEST OF THREE SERIES, this time for the television title! Bobby Roode has been given a microphone and full creative control! He can call out whoever he-

Bobby Roode's "Off the Chain" entrance music interrupts the commentators, and he starts walking on down to the ring. He grabs a mic, and starts talking. He addresses the Impact Zone, calling every fan out for being unreliable and not being there for not just TNA, but him. He says what happened to TNA was no big loss, and possibly even a blessing given that James Storm is gone.

Spoiler for An excerpt from the show:
Bobby Roode: There's one guy Bobby Roode wants ta' call out. You see, I'm a smart business man, and if there's one thing business man wrestlers know, it's that to be the man, you gotta beat the man. So I'm calling out the last TNA world champion who is still with TNA, Austin Aries!

Austin Aries walks out on to the stage with a smirk on his face, and trots on down to the ring. The announcers start talking about how this is going to be a legendary match as Aries hands his coat to the ref, saying something like "Be careful, you pathetic ref", and the match starts. It quickly turns into a brawl, with the two fighting for the upper hand, which Aries gains in the early part of the match. He and Roode brawl to the side of the ring, and the momentum shifts when Aries is thrown into the steel steps, as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

When we return, Roode hits a vicious suplex on Aries in the middle of the ring, and goes to lift him up when he is curled up into a quick pin, which he kicks out of at the two count. Roode maintains control, going for several pinfall attempts, and starts to get angry with himself. As he is yelling at the referee, Aries kicks him in to the ropes and he falls in between the third and second. Aries hits a backwards belly to belly suplex from behind and goes for the pin, to no avail. As Aries gets up, Roode hits him with a quick pinfall roll up, with his legs on the ropes, and gets the three count at 15:02

After Roode celebrates and Aries scowls, we go to the back. Hulk Hogan is walking around when he is stopped by Kurt Angle.

Spoiler for An excerpt from the show:
Kurt Angle: Hulk! I want a title shot. I beat Bobby Roode last week, and he just beat the former World Champion! Do the math, right?

Hulk says that while that normally wouldn't have been an excuse to get a title shot by any means, Genesis is only three days away, and they need a title match. So, if he can get the win in the main event tonight against Christopher Daniels, he can take on Roode for the title at Genesis. Kurt happily thanks Hulk.

*Commercial Break*

We return to Matt Morgan making his entrance to the disdain of the Impact Zone crowd, while his opponent for tonight, Christian York, is already in the ring. Morgan, accompanied by Joey Ryan, steps in to the ring and tells the referee to ring the bell.

Spoiler for An excerpt from the show:
Mike Tenay: Christian York sees this as his one big chance to make an Impact, so to speak.

When the bell rings, Matt Morgan hits Christian York with a carbon footprint, and gets the win at 0:26. He then grabs a microphone.

Spoiler for An excerpt from the show:
Matt Morgan: Abyss, you son of a bitch, I want answers RIGHT NOW! I'm done with you, alright! Done you with you! I want answers right n-

"Down in the Catacombs" hits and Abyss runs out to the ring. Morgan casually exits, and Joey Ryan doesn't get the memo before he is hit with a massive Black Hole Slam by Abyss. The TNA General Manager, Hulk Hogan, then comes out to thunderous apploause from the Impact Zone.

Spoiler for An excerpt from the show:
Hulk Hogan: Matt Morgan, Abyss. You guys are long time rivals, I get it brother. But we're giving it our all tonight on Impact, and that means no time for you guys to fight right now. But Genesis? That's another story. You guys will go one on one in three days! And Matt? I don't think Joey Ryan would mind if I told Abyss that he can pick the match type!

Morgan looks shocked, and Abyss sadistically smiles. Morgan thinks it would be better for him to exit through the crowd as we go to our backstage interviewer Todd Kenely, who is currently standing by with the tag team of Crimson and The Amazing Red. He conducts a standard interview with them, and they go on about how they are going to defeat Daniels and Kazarian at Genesis for the tag team belt before leaving.

*Commercial Break*

The Canadian National Anthem plays as we return, with Team Canada making their way to the ring for their match against Jay Lethal and Low Ki, who are already in the ring. When the contest starts, Low Ki and Tyson Dux get into a chopping match before Low Ki gains the upper hand. For the majority of the contest, Ki and Jay remain in control against Tyson, who continually fails to get the hot tag in to Petey Williams. When he finally does, Williams hits a brutal spear on Lethal and almost gets the three count. He then lifts him up for a destroyer move, while Tyson attacks Low Ki. Low Ki, however, jumps Tyson and goes straight for Petey. The two start brawling for a second, until Dux joins in and it becomes a two on one beatdown. The two hoist Ki up and suplex him onto Lethal, whom Petey then covers for the three at 8:52. Petey Williams and Tyson Dux stand over their fallen opponents, and start singing "Oh Canada" in the middle of the ring when-

Spoiler for Excerpt from the show:
***Dead Man's Hand***

JB: Oh no. Here come the Aces and Eights! There;s Sabin, Devon, DOC, and a plethora of masked men. Double-maybe triple- the amount that we got last week!

Devon has a mic.

Spoiler for Excerpt from the show:
Devon: Team Canada - you got your asses beat last week, but not by us. That's about to change!

The aces surround the ring, and start to beat down the two guys. Bully Ray quickly runs out for the save, but to no avail. Sting eventually comes to help the three men, but even four isn't enough to overpower what may be twelve outcast biker gang members. Suddenly, the lights go dim. The masked warrior, Suicide, drops down into the ring on his zipline, and joins in on the fight. All out chaos erupts, and the Aces are eventually driven from the ring, with Team Canada laying flat on the ground. The lights dim, and Suicide disappears as Bully grabs a mic.

Spoiler for Excerpt from the show:
Bully Ray: Again, Devon? You stupid jackass, you don't know when to quit. But it doesn't matter. Enjoy your last visit to the Impact Zone on a Thursday, because I'm bringing the pain to you at Genesis. Your reject fake biker jackasses are going up against men who will do anything to prove themselves, and they will be doing just that by running you OUT of TNA. But I tell you what, it ain't just gonna be me and fifteen guys from OVW. It ain't just gonna be me and guys like OVW TV champion Cliff Compton. It ain't gonna be just me a former TNA gutcheck winner Alex Silva. No, I'm bringing STING to the mix too, so you best watch out for when two legends and six future superstars run you out of this company FOREVER!

Bully's words have the crowd chanting his name as the Aces retreat to the back. We then cut to the backstage area, where "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero is talking to the camera. He says that he honestly couldn't care less what Samoa Joe thinks, and that he hopes he gets on his nerves enough to make him lose all hope. He finishes by saying that when Samoa Joe has given up, and when he feels hopeless, he will be speaking the truth for once in his life. And then he will be taken out by The Pope.

*Commercial Break*

When we return to the Impact Zone, Samoa Joe is making his entrance. He is followed by his tag team partner, the returning Rhino, and his opponents, first Joey Ryan(who made an appearance earlier) and then The Pope. The match is a fast paced one, with Rhino destroying Ryan for a while, then tagging in Samoa Joe. The Pope stares at Joe for a good minute before Joe snaps and starts to go towards him. Of course, Ryan attacks him from behind and beats him down for a bit before tagging in The Pope. What ensues is an all out brawl between the two, going on throughout a commercial break, where they throw each other into the barricade, steel steps, outside turnbuckles and into the ring a few times. When they finally start brawling inside the ring again, they both staredown after locking up. In an act of mutual understanding, they both walk over to their partners and tag them in, then attack each other, and continue brawling to the outside. Rhino runs at Joey Ryan, and hits him with a spinebuster for the victory at 11:34. Joe and Pope continue to brawl on the outside until they have to be broken up by officials. We see Al Snow in the ensuing chaos. Because he works backstage.

*Commercial Break*

When we return, we see three men standing around a trophy case backstage containing the X division championship. Those three men would be Robbie E, Homicide and Zemma Ion.

Spoiler for Excerpt from the show:
Zemma Ion: You see that title there? It's mine. Hulk Hogan told me he liked what he saw in me last week, so he added me and that freak Suicide into the X Division title match. You guys are going down.

Homicide: Pfft. Right. I come back to TNA to find chumps like you in big title matches like this? No me jodas, hombre.

Robbie E: Wait... there's an X Division title match? Damn, nobody told me. I gotta go find Hulk Hogan.

The three disperse. We then go to the announce table where JB and "The Professor" Mike Tenay run down the Genesis card as Magnus's theme hits and he comes down to the ring as a commercial hits.

*Commercial Break*

When we return, AJ Styles makes his entrance to thunderous applause from the audience. TNA referee Brian Hebner displays the title belt for all to see, and the two get started for the second time. A fast paced match that started with extreme back and forth led to a turning point when AJ dove onto Magnus from the inside to out, and got the upper hand. Things didn't look good for Magnus for the next five minutes or so, and AJ eventually went for a Styles Clash, and hit it. In a surprising moment, however, Magnus kicked out. He then rolled up AJ, and was of course kicked out on, but got up quickly nd dropkicked the downed AJ to gain control of the matchup. Everything came to a close when Magnus jumped onto AJ from the top rope but was caught and got turned around into a Styles Clash. AJ Styles then claimed win two, and became the newest TV Champion in 6:45. AJ is given the belt, and celebrates by going into the Impact Zone aisles with the fans chanting on. We then see Daniels and Kazarian talking in the back about the upcoming match. Daniels is convinced that the match is a conspiracy against him, and is seriously considering not even trying. Kazarian says he's sure that if Daniels wins, he'll get a title shot. He also reminds him that he'll have his back every step of the way, and Daniels finally agrees to try a little. Maybe. The former WTTCOTW make their way to the ring as the commercial starts. Main Event time!

*Commercial Break*

When we return, Daniels is in the ring eagerly waiting for Angle to come out(he's doing a little dance). Angle's theme then hits, and the fans go crazy. He slowly comes in to view, being pushed up into the Impact Zone. He looks at the fans, and lifts he arms up to a pyro show. He has "determined" all over his face as the match starts. Kazarian and Daniels consult each other for a few seconds before deciding to run at Angle and double clothesline him before the bell rings. He knocks them both to the ground with a single clothesline as we hear it chime. Throughout the course of the match, however, Angle probably only gets in around 40% of the offence, with Daniels controlling most of the match. This is done mostly on his own, although Kazarian does hold the rope down for Angle to fall to the outside when whipped in to them once. As the match is at it's climax, the two are trading punches, with Angle's seeming to do a little more damage. Finally, Angle allows himself to continue being hit as he reaches for Daniels leg and lifts him up in to an Angle Slam, which he hits successfully. He wins at 7:22 by pinning Daniels right after. As Angle celebrates his new found Number One Contendership, Bobby Roode strolls on to the ramp and stairs at him for a bit. Angle grabs a mic.

Spoiler for Excerpt from the show:
Kurt Angle: Here's the deal, Bobby Roode. You may think you have nothing left to prove here in TNA. You might think that you deserve that gold right now, and that you shouldn't have to go through anybody. Well, you're wrong. You see, I've been waiting to kick your ass a long time. Now, I did last week. But, last week, I didn't get the satisfaction of beating you for the world title. So I'll see you at Genesis.

The commentators say their goodbyes as the two stare down.

-End Show-

Confirmed Matches for Genesis -
Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode, TNA World Championship
AJ Styles vs Magnus, Match 3 for the TV Championship
Daniels and Kazarian vs Crimson and Amazing Red for the Tag Titles
Suicide vs Robbie E vs Homicide vs Zemma Ion for the X Division Title
Matt Morgan vs Abyss in a Tables match
The Pope vs Samoa Joe

More matches to come in the preview.

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