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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

Smackdown! Preview for April 7, 2005

Smackdown! comes to you from San Diego, California this week, and what's more is that we have a new WWE Champion joining us!

Rob Van Dam has climbed one heck of a mountain. He has hung around the title picture every now and then, but last Sunday at WrestleMania 21, the 2005 Royal Rumble winner achieved his dream of becoming WWE Champion, dethroning John Bradshaw Layfield and his historic and lengthy title reign. Van Dam most certainly has a lot on his mind and there is no telling what the former WWE Champion has got to say either. Both are scheduled to be on the show. Whether or not they collide is unknown.

The Undertaker extended his lengthy winning streak at WrestleMania with a victory over upstart Shelton Benjamin, who was looking to make an impact and leave The Undertaker in his path. Unfortunately for the Intercontinental Champion, he could not blemish The Deadman's undefeated record, and Undertaker is now 13-0 on the grandest stage of them all. The Undertaker will be in action this week, but one has to wonder whether or not Shelton Benjamin's actions from Monday are on the mind of The Phenom.

Carlito Caribbean Cool outlasted several Smackdown! wrestlers and defeated the great Eddie Guerrero on Sunday night to capture the previously vacated United States Championship. This is Carlito's second reign as United States Champion, the first coming back in October when he debuted on Smackdown! and won the title from John Cena. Both Carlito and Eddie will be in action this week, with the U.S. Champion taking on Charlie Haas, whom he beat to get to the Tournament Final, and Guerrero going one-on-one with the mighty Luther Reigns. Will these two cross paths? Or will they forge new paths of their own? Tune in to find out!

Finally, the WWE Cruiserweight Championship has a new owner as well!! Paul London survived the Six-Pack Challenge Match at WrestleMania and won the Cruiserweight Championship for the first time in his career. His prize for winning that belt? A Cruiserweight Championship defense in his first match as champion. His opponent? None other than his rival Billy Kidman. The former Cruiserweight Champion is reportedly unhappy with this decision, according to a source with knowledge of the situation, so we might see a bit of unrest from Chavo Guerrero.

All of this and so, so much more this week on Smackdown! Check your local listings.

Confirmed for Smackdown!:
- The NEW WWE Champion Rob Van Dam, as well as the FORMER WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield, in the building
- Non-Title Match: U.S. Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Charlie Haas
- Cruiserweight Championship Match: Cruiserweight Champion Paul London vs. Billy Kidman
- Eddie Guerrero vs. Luther Reigns
- The Undertaker in action


Expect Smackdown! to be up this weekend, and at latest Tuesday afternoon. Thanks to you cp594 for the feedback and all feedback for Raw is still welcomed and appreciated.

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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

JAM’s Review

First of all, I think the commentators are talking a whole lot. Plus, the whole promo by Orton and the words by the commentators seemed to be filled with a of an overuse of questions marks, capitalized words, and just a whole lot of punctuations really. Not really much to fault but I don’t think it really adds anything to the promos just yet. However, Orton’s promo was a good read. There were some lines where I didn’t think he’d say some things but overall, he put over himself well. Kind of glad that you gave him time to give his piece, liking that there were no interruptions. Truly felt like the landscape of WWE just changed with that promo.

Trish as a heel? No we’re really back in the day, haha. Nonetheless, the divas were still pretty good at this time so I can’t really point out anything here. Trish/Victoria feud would satisfy me enough But I think Mickie or wait, Alex Laree isn’t finished with Trish. Benjamin seems to be in for a good push and I’m all for it. Pairing him with Coach is brilliant. Benjamin has the ring skills for sure so I hope he gets a main event push.

Jericho/Benoit in a feud should be good. It’ll make for some of the better matches but I hope we get a little storyline going soon. But having these two teams already would make for a hell of a tag team division. Hope you make the tag team division great once again. Good promo from Alexis (Mickie) here. She seems to be the original psycho-crazy AJ Lee if that makes since with that skip. The only think I’d probably point out is that there was too much “Trish Stratus” in that promo, but all is well enough.

The comparison Edge made to Ali was a really good one. Promo of the night thus far for Edge. Pretty standard stuff to run down Christian like that. Maybe hoping to see a best of 5 series from these guys, they can totally pull that off imo. Let the war begin! Yeah, this isn’t the end of Jericho. I think he comes back in a big way so I’ll reserve judgment on this for now.

I think this was too much talking from Coach here. I would’ve had him say just a few lines before Benjamin really took it to Kane to sell his frustrations. Good idea though, liking this. So….Maria gets fired? Big deal? Never been a fan of Chris Masters but let’s see what you can do with him. STACY KEIBLER SIGHTING!

HHH was written for decently here. I think he got his message across but not in true HHH fashion. He put over Orton well but made his intentions clear that this thing with Orton wasn’t over. I think the problem is that this promo and the Edge promo are basically the same in some instances. You’ve almost got Bischoff down to a tee but there were still some areas where I think he didn’t sound like himself but I think you’ll get that over time. There it is, Orton with the attack. Expected this to happen and it made for a pretty good ending. Only good things can come after this brutal attack.

Overall, a decent episode. You’ve got things to work on but you’ve got some good things going for you like Edge/Christian, Orton/HHH, and Benjamin. I think that with more shows under your belt, you’ll get a hang of the characters in no time. The first shows are always the hardest to put out so don’t worry about it. Onto Smackdown!

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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

not bad, not bad at all
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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

Smackdown; April 7th; San Diego:

Similar to how Raw opened, a WrestleMania 21 video recap accompanied by both “Behind Those Eyes” by 3 Doors Down, and “Bigtime” by The Soundtrack of Our Lives, opens up the broadcast and the video concludes with Royal Rumble Winner Rob Van Dam’s celebration after winning the WWE Championship. Also featured is Paul London outlasting five of the best cruiserweights that Smackdown! has to offer and winning the Cruiserweight Championship; The Undertaker’s streak continuing, after beating Shelton Benjamin; and finally, Carlito out-dueling Eddie Guerrero to win the vacated United States Championship.

Opening Video


Michael Cole: We are off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, in the sensational city of San Diego, and this is Smackdown!!! Tonight, the NEW WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam, will help usher in a new era on Thursday nights!!! Michael Cole alongside Tazz here at ringside and we are more than ready to bring you all the best that the blue brand has to offer.

Tazz: Smackdown had one hell of a performance at WrestleMania, Cole, and I can’t say I’m shocked. We ALWAYS bring the best of the best to the big dances, and Sunday night was no different. Like you said, we got a new WWE Champion; a new United States Champion, a new CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! And of course, The Undertaker moved to 13-and-0 at WrestleMania. Where can you find more turnover than that???

Michael Cole: Nowhere else Tazz and fans, you are going to see them ALL tonight!! That is a guarantee from us. Once the WWE Champion Rob Van Dam gets to the building, we will bring you outside to see him and I’m sure soon after that he’s going to want to come out here and address the fans after making history on Sunday!

Tazz: Let’s get this rocketbusta’ going!!

***COOL*** Much to the crowd’s chagrin, it’s not the WWE Champion that opens the show. It’s not the Cruiserweight Champion either. It’s not even The Undertaker!! No, instead, it’s the NEW United States Champion: Carlito Caribbean Cool! CCC walks out on stage with the U.S. Championship strapped around his waist, wearing all new orange shorts, and complimentary boots with yellow knee pads and white tape on his wrists. The confident Caribbean makes his way down the ramp, in gloating fashion at that, for singles competition.

Tazz: Well Cole I’m not sure that we could start betta’ than seeing the new U.S. Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool, who whether you love him or you hate him, had an undeniably great performance in his first WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: Tough to argue against that Tazz. Fans in case you aren’t in the know, Carlito Caribbean Cool was involved in an eight-man tournament to determine the new United States Champion, after John Cena was injured at the HANDS of Carlito back at No Way Out. Carlito then went on to beat the other finalist, the ever-so-talented Eddie Guerrero at WrestleMania on Sunday to be crowned as the United States Champion for the second time in his very short career.

Tazz: Hey, good job explaining things Cole to the possible new listeners. I mean that.

Michael Cole: Well thanks Tazz it is my job to inform.

Tazz: And it’s my job to add a little bit of color to the broadcast. Heh? You get it Cole? You get it?

***PAY THE PRICE*** The exuberant Charlie Haas makes his way out on stage with friend Hardcore Holly following. CCC crouches down and looks to be extremely focused, even if Haas is a man that he beat just two weeks ago to get to the finals of the U.S. Championship Tournament. Wearing powder blue and yellow tights, obviously paying homage to the San Diego Chargers, Haas leaps up onto the apron and bounces before climbing in and paces around the ring as the bell sounds.

1 – Semi-Main Event; Non-Title Singles Match
U.S. Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Charlie Haas w/ Hardcore Holly

As stated previously, Carlito does not take Charlie Haas very lightly. That’s evident throughout the opening minutes of the matchup, with Carlito taking a very careful, methodical, yet strong approach towards Haas, trying to be at times submissive, but at other times looks to hit a few high-impact maneuvers. He’s successful, and really flashes some of the potential that he has basked in for the first few months that he has been on the show. CCC dominates the first portion of the match, but after about two minutes of back-and-forth, Haas seizes momentum when he catches a leaping Carlito and fluidly executes a tremendous dropkick to the chest. Haas then scores a near fall, but doesn’t let it bother him, as he begins to ground-and-pound the U.S. Champ. He shows his Greco-Roman background, transferring holds with ease, and really putting on a great display that gets the San Diego crowd to appreciate him, and the match as well.

We jump into the match as it draws close to the eight-minute mark. Haas rocks Carlito back with a few hard punches to the skull before walking to the center of the ring. With CCC stuck in the corner, Haas surges in – CARLITO MOVES!! Haas eats all turnbuckle, and staggers out, and the Caribbean native leaps up and BRINGS DOWN HAAS WITH A LEAPING REVERSE STO!!! The crowd lets out a “WHOA” as he goes for the cover. 1… 2… shoulder up!! Carlito smacks his hands three times, surely believing he got the three, but referee Jimmy Kordearas disagrees with him and protests that it was only two. Discouraged, Carlito drags Haas to his feet and looks for a snap swinging neckbreaker – HAAS SPINS OUT! CCC turns around – Haas catches him and hits an OVERHEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!!! The cover from Haas! 1… 2… NO!! KICK OUT!!!

The crowd gasps at how close Haas was to an upset, and Haas can’t believe it either. The Edmond, OK native walks back up to his feet, and his buddy, Hardcore Holly, tells him to finish Carlito off. Haas nods, and with the crowd behind him, Haas gathers the United States Champion by his arms and brings him up to a standing base. He hits him with a knee to the gut, and then scoops him up onto his shoulder. He then looks to drill him down with an inverted DDT, but Carlito amazingly lands on his feet!! Carlito then bounces onto the nearby ropes, and hits a diving cross body block!! He goes for the cover. 1… 2… SHOULDER UP!! CCC doesn’t let it bother him this time, as he picks up Haas from the ground. He looks to hit the Overdrive, but Haas spins out of it, and then looks for the Haas of Pain!! He tries to lock it in, but Carlito pushes him away with his feet!! The United States Champion gets up and ducks a clothesline, and then leaps up and grabs Haas by his shoulders and delivers a PUNISHING double knee backbreaker!!

{Tazz: Good God!! Whoa!!}

{Michael Cole: Did you see that move?!?}

Carlito goes for the cover! 1…2…THREE!!!

Winner: Carlito Caribbean Cool via pin fall at 9:48.

What a match!! The first match post-WrestleMania is certainly a dandy for Smackdown as Carlito prevails in a hotly contested match with Charlie Haas. Hardcore Holly, who didn’t get involved in the entire match, seems a bit discouraged as he paces the outside of the ring. Meanwhile, the United States Champion is elated, as he is handed his U.S. Title and he raises it up to the crowd, as most of them cannot even fully boo him after quite the impressive performance. We then see CCC call for a mic, and eventually, Tony Chimel hands him one…

Carlito Caribbean Cool: (Huffs and puffs) Dat… dat’s just… dat’s just the beginning of what’s to come here for Carlito on Smackdown.

Carlito continues to catch his breath as he slides the United States Championship onto his shoulder.

Carlito Caribbean Cool: The fact of the matter is… Carlito is poised for a big year. Carlito is poised for stardom; Carlito is poised for the premier treatment amongst the boys in the back. More importantly… Carlito is poised for the main event spot that I’ve worked my way to get.

CCC smirks, putting a hand on his hip as he keeps the mic up ot his lips.

Carlito Caribbean Cool: I mean. Let’s go through everybody… JBL is a loser. He lost on Sunday. Kurt Angle is injured. Big Show is too. Eddie Guerrero?? I beat that punk on Sunday for the United States Championship. Booker T??? Booker T couldn’t even beat Eddie. He’s a loser too. Rey Mysterio??? I mean… sure, if you’re into like, midgets in the main event. Carlito could beat that sucker any day that he wanted to. Das a fact. John Cena? Hahaha… Carlito him into injury, and he’s nowhere to be found.

Heat from some of the crowd as a brash Caribbean native continues on.

Carlito Caribbean Cool: So the way Carlito sees it? Carlito not only is the United States Champion… Carlito is not only better than everybody. Carlito is the number one contender for the WWE Championship.

Carlito lets out another grin as that gets a rise out of the crowd.

Carlito Caribbean Cool: So with dat said… with dat said, RVD??? I know you aren’t here yet to the arena. Frankly, I don’t blame you, I’ve been to a lot nicer arenas around the country. (Cheap heat) I know you aren’t here yet, but when you are, I want to pass this along to you….

Carlito tells the camera man to come closer.

Carlito Caribbean Cool: I, Carlito, the WWE United States Champion, and self-named number one contender for your WWE Championship… challenge YOU – R – V – D – to a match, next week in Chicago, for your WWE Championship.

{Michael Cole: Wait a minute!!}

{Tazz: Whoa!! I think Carlito’s got apples instead of grapefruits down there if you know what I’m saying.}

{Michael Cole: Hey easy Tazz…}

The U.S. Champion lets out another shit-eating grin as he rubs his chin.

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Carlito Caribbean Cool… WWE Champion???? (Nods) Das… REALLY… really cool.

[/mic drop]

CCC leaves the ring and begins to walk up the ramp with his theme song playing in the background. Cole and Tazz discuss Carlito’s challenge, as the unabashed United States Champion extends his arms out and keeps a smile on his face as he backs up the ramp. Clearly confident, Carlito Caribbean Cool can capture championship gold next week now. I, of course, his wish is granted.


Backstage, Steve Romero stands by.

Steve Romero: Ladies and gentlemen, with me at this time is the man who came up short in his quest to become the United States Champion on Sunday, Eddie Guerrero…

Guerrero comes into screenshot, receiving a nice ovation, looking awfully discouraged.

Steve Romero: Hello, Eddie, now I know you might be feeling pretty down on yourself at thi time, but I appreciate you standing in to do this interview with me at this time.

Eddie Guerrero: Yeah you could say that I’m a lot of things right now essa, but discouraged might not even be the word. This past Sunday at WrestleMania, with millions watching on their TV’s at home, unfortunately I didn’t attain my goal of becoming the WWE United States Champion.

Crowd boos, as Eddie painstakingly runs his hand through his hair.

Eddie Guerrero: Last year at this time… I was the WWE Champion. I was on top of the world. I had everything going my way. Somewhere along the line, that all changed for me. I lost the WWE Championship, and a bit of my own pride with that said. I haven’t found myself near the WWE Title picture, and to me, that hurts a little bit.

Eddie thinks about it for a moment, and then goes back to speak.

Eddie Guerrero: Actually, vato, it hurts a lot. I give a lot of credit to Rob Van Dam for doing something that I never found myself able to do, that being taking the WWE Championship away from John Bradshaw Layfield, but the fact remains: I want the WWE Championship, and I want it REAL soon.

More cheers for Eddie as he grabs at his hair.

Steve Romero: Well, thank you Eddie for voicing that opinion and I’m sure our fans will agree that they would like for Eddie Guerrero to be back in the mix. Now, tonight, you have a match with Luther Reigns, and with all that’s been running through your mind, how are you focusing in on that?

Eddie Guerrero: It’s very simple Stevie. It’s very, very simple. I take all of the aggression, all of the anger, and I transfer it into the abilities that I know I have, and into what I put out there in that ring. Luther, I hate to tell you brother, but you’re messing with the wrong guy tonight. You’re going to get a heavy – no, a LETHAL dose of Latino HEAAAT essa!!

Eddie smacks chest a few times as the crowd pops.

Eddie Guerrero: And while Carlito, yeah… while Carlito can proclaim himself the number one contender for the WWE Championship, I’m making it a mission to make tonight my message sent to YOU Rob Van Dam, that Eddie Guerrero isn’t going ANYWHERE but up on the road to WrestleMania 22, and before the year ends, let me make something clear: I will once again be the WWE CHAMPION!!! VIVA LA RAZA!!!

Eddie then walks off as Romero looks on, as the crowd loudly pops and kicks up a fierce ‘EDDIE’ chant.

We go back to ringside.

2 - Cruiserweight Championship Match
Cruiserweight Champion Paul London defends against Billy Kidman

Surprisingly, it is not the former champion Chavo Guerrero who gets the first licks at the NEW Cruiserweight Champion, but instead, Billy Kidman is the first to challenge for Paul London’s newly won strap. The blood still seems pretty boiled for these two fiery competitors who of course feuded for several months as the year 2004 came to a close. That is evident in how each man approaches this match, as neither are too cautious, nor are they too fastidious. Their methodical steps prove to be exciting enough, as while the match progresses, that methodical pace is kicked up a notch and we start to see the maneuvers, take downs, and highflying arsenal that both man possesses and what makes the cruiserweight division such an exciting entity. We jump into this match at the seven-minute mark, as Paul London, who up to the this point has looked most impressive, is ascending up the turnbuckles, with BK lying on the mat looking up at the ceiling of the San Diego Sports Arena with London then looking for the 450…

…BUT BK MOVES!!! London crashes and burns, much to the chagrin of the crowd, who gasp in horror as London’s face and body collided with the mat at a very fast speed, and he is left wavering on the ground, with the challenger now smelling the blood in the water. He gets up and stomps all over London’s mid-section, and gets him up where he rocks him back with right hands to the face. He then sets up for the BK Bomb – NAILING IT!! 1… 2… KICK OUT!!! Somehow, Paul London who just crashed and burned and was hit with the BK Bomb, survives to last less than three seconds down on the mat. London protests with the referee, taking his eyes off the champion, a surefire mistake, as he pleads with him that it was a three, but Brian Hebner tells him otherwise. This, as we see, allows for London to get up to his feet in the corner. Kidman turns around and shoots in, as London takes all of his might to get himself up and wrap his legs around Kidman’s neck, and flies off taking him down with a hurricanrana!

Kidman rolls into the ropes, and is in an obvious daze, as he stirs back up to his feet with London feeding off of the crowd as he gets back up to his feet a couple moments later. He meets Kidman who elevates him, looking for the BK Bomb again, but London falls off the shoulders – SUNSET FLIP!!




Winner: Paul London via pin fall at 8:56. London retains the Cruiserweight Championship.

A shocked Billy Kidman, who for SURE thought he was going to end the match, can only look on as Paul London retains in his first opportunity at the Cruiserweight Championship!! Scrapping his way to find a way to win, the short-statured London is awarded his CW Championship as he exits the ring. Kidman, pissed at himself for allowing this to happen, kicks the ropes and stamps his feet. He KNOWS that he came so close to winning the Cruiserweight Championship back, and can only look on in great disdain.


We come back to the broadcast, and as we do, a vignette plays.


The vignette takes us through much of the city of Chicago, with the flavor of some of the vignettes that we have seen over the past few weeks.

This one seems a bit more fast-paced, with shots of the Chicago flag inter-cutting with the features of the video, as we see some of Chicago’s best-known athletes and destinations. All the while, a CTA train takes us up to the Rosemont stop on the blue line, and we see the Allstate Arena.

The Chicago flag stamps over the Allstate Arena with it blended in.


The words “NEXT WEEK…” slowly appear on screen.

…Is The Second City…

The video then cuts out after an overwhelming amount of static.


We’re back at ringside and standing in the ring already is Stevie Richards…


Michael Cole: Oh my!!

Tazz: I think it’s getting cold in here, Cole!!


***GRAVEYARD SYMPHONY*** The legendary figure slowly steps out on stage, as The Undertaker’s presence inside the San Diego Sports Arena sends chills down the spines of every paid attendance member in the crowd. The Deadman glares down at his opponent, right down at the ramp, as Richards impatiently walks around the ring.

Michael Cole: Shelton Benjamin may have denounced The Undertaker as “The Phenom” of World Wrestling Entertainment, and Shelton Benjamin may have brought the fight to Undertaker at WrestleMania, but here we stand the same as we were before WrestleMania. The Undertaker is STILL the true Phenom of WWE, and is STILL undefeated at the grand spectacle.

Tazz: It’s pretty amazing when you put it that way, Cole. Benjamin gave ‘Taker everything that he could give him and he looked damn impressive in doing such. There’s a reason why he’s been the Intercontinental Champion for so long. But the fact of the matter is, The Deadman prevailed just as he always seems to. And maybe it’s just me, but he don’t look so jubilant right now.

Michael Cole: You have to wonder if maybe the surprise attack that Benjamin put on Kane on Raw this past Monday night is on his mind, Tazz. Kane and Undertaker may have had their run-ins and clashes over the years, but it’s clear that they have always stuck with each other’s back.

Tazz: Blood is thicka’ than water, as they say, Cole.

Undertaker, now at the steps, slowly raises his hands up into the sky as the lights go on and a clap of thunder resonates around the arena. He slowly climbs into the ring and unravels his trenchcoat and takes his hat off in signature style, as we see the exuberant Stevie Richards raring to go in the corner of the ring.

3 - Stevie Richards vs. The Undertaker

The shortest match of the night, no question about it, with this solely to put The Undertaker over, as Stevie Richards finds himself in position to be overmatched. Undertaker rides the momentum from his WrestleMania victory, but from what we can tell, he adds a little bit of aggression to his soup bone punches all over Richards’ body, perhaps sending Shelton Benjamin a message. Undertaker looks to connect with the Chokeslam … but he instead sets Richards back to his feet. After grabbing him by his hair, he then props him up onto his shoulder and delivers the Tombstone Piledriver!! That’s all she wrote for Richards, as The Phenom makes quick work, and looks impressive in doing such.

Winner: The Undertaker via pin fall at 3:36.

Undertaker evades his post match ritual and instead steps over Richards and leans over the corner of the ring. He seems to be requesting a microphone, an unusual measure for ‘Taker for the last year or so, and he receives one from Tony Chimel.

The Undertaker: Shelton… Benjaminnn…

Crowd boos

The Undertaker: You forced your way through to my direction, and you paid dearly for it at WrestleMania. You failed to do what so many have failed to do. You came for the best, you tried to beat the best, and yet, the best is still standing tall and powerful as ever.

He crowd pops, as Undertaker remains still.

The Undertaker: For over a decade and a half, I have laid a path of destruction in my wake. I have seen all comers, and the one common denominator was that they thought that they could persecute me. They thought that they could send me to the depths of ell. And they thought, that I they tried hard enough, they could become celebrated for trying to kill my presence, my body, and my soul. The problem is… you cannot kill… what is allllready dead…

More cheers for the crowd as Undertaker takes a moment to let it soak in, and starts again.

The Undertaker: But the other thing is, is that everybody who wants to take a stab at me, usually makes one mistake that they would regret later. Go look down the list of those who have come at me, my minisry, my creatures o the night, and my soul. You, Shelton, I’m afraid to tell you, have made your one big mistake. And you see despite the fact that Kane has tried to put me down several times over the years… it’s like they say, “family sticks together.” “Blood is thicker than water.” When you mess with Kane… you’re messing… with me.

Crowd pops again, as Taker takes a breath.

The Undertaker: So from what I can see… is that you have not learned your lesson yet. So if you want to play this game; if you want to try and make an example of my brother to get your self-proclaimed “revenge” then… that’s going to be a problem.

Undertaker faces the camera and gives it a hard look.

The Undertaker: That’s going to be a problem that I am going to look to cleanse. That’s a problem that I am going to look to prevent. That is a problem that will terminate.

The “UN-DER-TAKE-ER” chants continue to ring out around the SD Sports Arena.

The Undertaker: I warn you, Shelton Benjamin… you have made arguably the greatest mistake of your entire life. And when you realize it, you will be just like everyone else. You will… REST…


The Undertaker: …IN…


The Undertaker: PEAAAAAAAAACE.


The crowd roars as Undertaker rolls his eyes back behind his head as a purple light is cast down on him.

Michael Cole: …Bone-chilling words from The Undertaker regarding the situation with his brother Kane and the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin.

Tazz: I’ve said it so many times, Cole. That’s a bad, bad man in that ring. Would you wanna mess with him?? Hah! I can only imagine what’s running through The Coach and Shelton Benjamin’s minds right now. I’d be shakin’ in my BOOTS!!

We cut backstage all of a sudden and see a long limousine pull up to the arena…

{Michael Cole: Hey!! Is that gonna be the WWE Champion!!??}

{Tazz: Damn!! If it is, I’d like to know where RVD got the money for that! Hahaha!}

…and stepping out of the limousine a few minutes later is… NOT the WWE Champion, but instead, it’s the FORMER WWE Champion – JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD!!! The crowd boos upon seeing JBL, then Orlando Jordan, then Doug and Danny Basham, and finally Amy Weber.

The Cabinet is NOT at its strongest point at the moment, to say the least, and the body language of everybody shows just that. They walk towards the arena entrance before JBL looks back while walking.

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Glaring right at Doug and Danny) If you two back there don’t get your chins up and get your minds right for your match later on tonight, rest assured you are going to be in for one hell of an ass kicking from me.

Doug and Danny look like they’re about to protest…

John Bradshaw Layfield: NO! Don’t even BOTHER to say anything. You both have had clear and present responsibilities to take care of for months on end since I became WWE Champion last June. You’ve FAILED me as of late and there is no denying that. Now you’re lucky I got a payroll to meet with you two sorry asses or you’d both be unemployed. Let me make myself perfectly clear with you two. You will NOT protest ANYTHING with me. You will listen to EVERYTHING that I say. You will OBEY my rules and you will WIN your matches and destroy anything that I see fit from here on out. I am the longest reigning WWE Champion in over a decade. Just ‘cause I don’t have that fifteen-pound plate of gold on my shoulder right now, does not mean that that FACT isn’t true anymore!!!

There’s an awkward silence, as JBL takes his hat off and looks at them with a hard glare.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Get… your identical butts in the locker room and get ready, and win, or I will personally see fit that the next place you’re looking at is the GALLOWS. Get out of my sight!!!

Doug and Danny look at each other, and quietly and slowly walk away towards their locker room. OJ and Weber, who look like they are at an understanding with The Wrestling God, meet JBL. They continue on inside the arena.



*Video Begins*

There’s a wide-angled shot of a wrestling ring lit in the dark, with “A Poor Man’s Memory” by Explosions in the Sky accompanying the video.

Narrator: It is where the dream of a lifetime is fulfilled…

Shots of Shawn Michaels winning the WWE Championship in the Iron Man Match at WrestleMania 12 are shown.

Narrator: …it is where the past can collide with the present…

Shots of Hulk Hogan versus The Rock from WrestleMania X-8 are shown.

Narrator: …and where the impossible, becomes reality…

A shot of Brock Lesnar’s death-defying SSP at WrestleMania XIX, Chris Benoit winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX, and Edge’s spear of Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania X-Seven are all shown…

…and then shots of Ricky Steamboat entering the Pontiac Silverdome, Shawn Michaels leaping off of the ladder at WrestleMania X, and Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan’s face-to-face encounter at WrestleMania VI are then shown.

Narrator: …Where the spectacular…

A shot of Stone Cold Steve Austin hoisting up the title in the corner at WrestleMania XIV is shown.


Narrator: …and the amazing…

The Undertaker holding up the WWE Title on one knee at WrestleMania 13 is shown.

“HE DID IT!!!!”

Narrator: …can turn legends…

Hogan slamming Andre The Giant at WrestleMania III is shown.



Narrator: …into immortals.

The camera now flies through the cities of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles…

Narrator: For 21 years…

…Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Indianapolis…

Narrator: …the world has witnessed the greatest spectacle…

…Boston, Philadelphia and Toronto…

Narrator: …in sports entertainment.

…Seattle, Houston, and Anaheim.

The vignette now displays the city of Montréal, near the Bell Centre, as the ‘WRESTLEMANIA 22’ logo overhangs it.

Narrator: WrestleMania, the showcase of the immortals.

*Video Concludes*


Going backstage, we see that Theodore Long is inside his GM’s office speaking with someone. Who is that someone??? Why it’s the NEWEST member of the Smackdown! Roster: Maria Kanellis! Kanellis is wearing a blue Chicago Cubs t-shirt and tight jeans with her hair down and wavy, and she seems to be speaking to Long about the contract she just received.

Maria Kanellis: Sooooooo everything’s all set!??

Theodore Long: Absolutely, Maria. Welcome aboard!!

Maria Kanellis: Eeeeek!

She lets out a squeak and hugs T-Lo and lets go soon after.

Maria Kanellis: SO, uh… yeah. Are we at the understanding that I discussed? What with my… friends… that want to be here also?

Theodore Long: Mhm. (Nods his head) Absolutely, Maria. I’m looking forward to meeting them all whenever they are on their way.

Maria Kanellis: Well I can definitely tell you that that will be soo-

There’s a knock at the door.

Theodore Long: Come in!!!

In steps Chavo Guerrero into screenshot, not looking too happy as he rushes up to Long, brushing by Maria.

Chavo Guerrero: Teddy I…

Chavo takes a notice to Maria and smiles.

Chavo Guerrero: Maria, nice to finally meet you. (Shakes his head) I’m Chavo Guerrero, of the legendary Guerrer-

Maria Kanellis: No I know Chavo. I know all of them. Gory. Hector. Your father, Chavo… “Classic,” yes? Eddie. All of them. A terrific wrestling family. One of the greatest.

Chavo, looking a bit impressed, smiles and nods.

Chavo Guerrero: Yeah, yeah. Absolutely all of that is true.

Maria Kanellis: You’re also a multi-time Cruiserweight Champion and… perhaps it’s JUST me but I can wager that that’s probably why you’re in here.

Chavo Guerrero: (Cranes his neck slowly at Teddy) Yeah… yeah, you’re right Maria. Thank you…

Chavo steps forward.

Chavo Guerrero: You wanna explain to me what’s going on here, Teddy??

Teddy looks on, if not a bit confused.

Theodore Long: Well, I would be glad to Chavo!!! Except there’s one problem: I don’t know what the hell you are in here steppin’ all over me playa!

Maria giggles a little bit as Chavo puts his hands on his hips.

Chavo Guerrero: Really??? Do I need to explain this to you?? BILLY KIDMAN gets a chance at the Cruiserweight Championship, and I don’t?!? I’m the former Cruiserweight Champion, Teddy! I deserve a rematch at a title that I had no business losing or defending. The odds were NOT in my favor and it was incredibly unjust to go forward with what I was doing.

Chavo clears his throat.

Chavo Guerrero: But I did anyway, because I’m a Guerrero. We don’t quit. We fight to our death, and that’s what I did, and yeah, unfortunately, Paul London was the better man on Sunday. But that does NOT mean he is the better man in general, or would have been the better man tonight if I had my opportunity! He barely beat Billy Kidman! Scraped by the barrel. He may have the heart of a champion but he doesn’t have the LOOK of a champion… like I do.

The crowd watching boos, as Long continues to look on in contemplation.

Chavo Guerrero: But I digress. Obviously something is going on, so if you could explain-

Theodore Long: I’ll explain THIS to you, playa. Walking around here and complaining about it ain’t gonna get you nowhere!! Your family has made a living out of fighting, so why don’t you do that yourself! I gave Billy Kidman the chance at the Cruiserweight Championship because I thought he had a tremendous performance on Sunday. This is the land of opportunity over here on Smackdown! So if you want an opportunity, guess what?? You don’t ask, you PROVE that you deserve one. And in your loss, I didn’t think you DID deserve one, playa.

Chavo looks a bit taken back, and begins his retort.

Chavo Guerrero: Teddy… I don’t give a damn what you think. I may not have passed the eye test to you, but I know DAMN well that I’m going to prove that I deserve a chance at the Cruiserweight Championship no matter what I do. But it’s a double-edged sword. I can’t prove myself if I don’t have an opportunity so I’m going to… RESPECTFULLY… ask you for one, right here and now.

Long looks to be in deep thought when…

Maria Kanellis: Um, I have an idea. How about Chavo goes one-on-one with… one of the other participants from the six-pack challenge on Sunday at WrestleMania.

Chavo looks impressed once again, as Long seems to be in agreement.

Theodore Long: Alright, that sounds like a terrific idea. Who do you have in mind, Maria?

Maria Kanellis: Well. I DO know that we seem to be in need for a premier match this evening… so, how about Chavo goes one-on-one with… Rey Mysterio!!

The crowd pops, as Chavo looks ready to protest but relents, all of a sudden.

Chavo Guerrero: Maria… that is absolutely PERFECT!! Rey Mysterio is one of my biggest rivals on this show, and Rey Mysterio is a bonafide top-level cruiserweight on this roster. He’s ALSO one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. This is the perfect launching pad for me. Teddy – make it happen, and I’m going to prove to you, and to the world, that I’m deserving of a chance to reclaim the Cruiserweight Championship.

Chavo leaves, not before grabbing the hand of Maria and kissing it, much to her faux delight, as she kind of wipes it on her jeans after he leaves screenshot, and then the office itself.


Back to ringside.

4 - The Basham Brothers vs. Shannon Moore and Funaki

Just as you would expect, The Bashams come out with incredible pressure on them and perform pretty well under those circumstances. But their adversaries perform pretty well, too, as Moore and Funaki, starting the “new season” fresh, come out all guns blazing. We jump in this match at the six-minute mark. Danny is looking to swing Shannon into Doug who is standing in the corner, but on the outside, Funaki swipes at his boots!! Doug hits the mat, and an improvisational Shannon Moore leaps onto the back of Danny, leaps onto the top rope – MOONSAULT!! Moore captures the legs!! 1… 2… 3!!!

Winners: Shannon Moore and Funaki via pin fall at 6:37.

Michael Cole: Uh oh!!!

Tazz: Oh no, Cole!! The Bashams ju-

Michael Cole: The Bashams have just lost to Shannon Moore and Funaki!!!

Even with the interjection, the rest remains true: a MONUMENTAL upset has taken place as the former WWE Tag Team Champions have been bounced by the ragtag team of Moore and Funaki. Those two cruiserweights hightail it out of the ringside area, as miscommunication seems to be very apparent between these two men. The camera cuts to the back, where a very angered JBL can only stare… and stare… and watch the Bashams argue… before he BOOTS THE TV OFF THE STAND!!!

Weber grabs at JBL’s arm but he immediately swipes it away, as the former WWE Champion scoffs and only stares at his own ‘wreckage,’ knowing that his own path of destruction might include himself, if he’s not too careful…

Cut to another area backstage, where we see Eddie Guerrero walking towards the ‘Gorilla position.’ Incidentally, he bumps into… BOOKER T!

Booker T: Da hell? Yo man, watch yourself.

Booker shoves Eddie, which Eddie doesn’t take too lightly…

Eddie Guerrero: … …

Eddie shoves Booker down to the ground!!

Eddie Guerrero: You watch your-SELF essa.

Eddie stomps away, as the camera zooms in on Booker who doesn’t look to be very happy at ALL…

Booker T: Tell me… he didn’t… just… do that…

Booker continues to look on while being on the ground, as the camera goes black.


A video airs, hyping up the next edition of Monday Night Raw, and before it airs, it reads, “The preceding announcement has been paid for by Eric Bischoff and the Raw brand.” Following that, we learn that the main event for this coming edition of Raw, which will be held LIVE from Moline, Illinois, is World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton in his first match on Raw since retaining the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania… against ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ Chris Benoit!

Back to ringside.

5 - Eddie Guerrero vs. Luther Reigns

Charging up that newfound intensity, Eddie Guerrero takes it to the much bigger and stronger Luther Reigns from the opening bell. Guerrero uses his diversified dossier of holds and maneuvers to create a sizable advantage over Reigns, who looks to be totally lost from the get-go. However, three minutes in, as we ump into this match, Luther gets control back after catching Guerrero, who had slingshot his way into the ring, and powers him down with a spinebuster! Reigns continues this advantage, but no more than a minute later, Eddie regains control after hitting a legscissors takedown! Eddie shimmies, getting a big pop, and he then hits the Three Amgios suplexes!! He looks ready to hit the Frog Splash as he heads to the corner. He begins his ascension, and looks ready to leap off – BOOKER T PUSHES HIM OFF!!!!

Winner: Eddie Guerrero via disqualification at 4:42.

Tazz: Aw!! Come on!!

Michael Cole: Well Booker T who looked to be incensed earlier that Eddie shoved him down to the ground, has extracted his own sense of revenge and has cost Eddie this match.

Tazz: Well technically Eddie gets the W, Cole, but I don’t think he’s going to like it…

You don’t say, Tazz? Booker T climbs into the ring and drills Eddie with a couple of right hands while grounding him against the mat. He peels him off the mat an sends him off to the ropes and connects with a Harlem Sidekick!! Much to the crowd’s chagrin, Booker HAS gotten his revenge on Eddie, but doesn’t seem to be quite done. He runs off to the ropes, as Eddie stirs back to his knees – SCISSORS KICK!!! San Diego boos, but Booker doesn’t seem to care, as The Book Man steps over the fallen Eddie Guerrero and rolls out of the ring and heads back up the ramp.

We cut backstage to find a car driving up and parking in a spot in the lot. Moments later, we see that the man coming out of the car is none other than… the NEW WWE Champion, ROB VAN DAM!!!

Michael Cole: Hey!!

Tazz: Haha, took long enough!! The champ is here, Cole!

The crowd watching erupts, as Mr. Thursday Night walks alongside his manager Bill Alfonso, with the WWE Championship belt draped over his shoulder.

Michael Cole: RVD has finally arrived to the arena, and we can only imagine he has a lot on his mind. After the main event, we’ll hear from him!! You won’t wanna miss this!


Back to ringside, as a shot of the San Diego Sports Arena appears on screen. We then jettison back into the arena for our main event…

6 - Main Event
Chavo Guerrero vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Rey Mysterio

It seems as if whenever Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio step ito the ring with each other, magic happens. That is certainly the case in this scenario where Rey Mysterio, behind his hometown crowd, puts on a show with his longstanding rival Chavo Guerrero. The opening minutes don’t find any feeling out, as these two superstars know each other well enough to the point where they automatically go all out. Lots of high-flying action dominates the start of this match, with spot after spot, and neither man finding an opening. That all changes when Rey looks for an early attempt at the Seated Senton, but Chavo counters it into a sitout powerbomb!! Chavo only gets a two count following, and goes back to work, finding the first opening of the match and takes control of it.

Chavo’s advantage is maintained for several minutes, as the former Cruiserweight Champion is looking to get back on the winning side of things, after dropping the title only a few days before. He puts himself in prime position and it looks even closer to a victory or him after hitting the Gory Bomb at the seven-minute mark! Guerrero pins. 1… 2… SHOULDER UP!! A discouraged Chavo Guerrero doesn’t protest the count, and instead tries to go back to work. He over pursues however, looking to splash on Mysterio in the corner, but the savvy veteran rolls out of the way! Chavo eats turnbuckle, and staggers out as Rey runs up – HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN!!! In his hometown, one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions gets a monstrous pop, as he takes a few moments to regroup, and then momentum swings in his favor.

We jump into this match at the 13-minute mark, as we see Chavo Guerrero locking in a single-leg Boston Crab on Mysterio. The 619 native, after digging or several seconds… finally makes it to the ropes!! Chavo doesn’t let go, until the count of four, and then argues a bit with the referee. He turns back to Rey and stomps on him on the mat. He brings him up and then lifts him up onto his shoulder. He looks to hit a running powerslam… but Rey slips off!! Chavo, taking his eye off the ball, taunts a fan, and then turns around and charges in – SMALL PACKAGE!!! 1… 2… 3!!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio via pin all at 13:57.

MYSTERIO WINS!!! Even after all that Chavo did, looking as strong as he could ever look following a loss of a championship, he STILL could not find a way to put one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions away. A distraught and downtrodden Chavo bangs his fists on the mat as Rey slips out, and is given the WWE Tag Team Championship belt, which he proudly raises.


As we return, a vignette airs…


This vignette begins on a cobblestone road. We see a figure, dressed in black with a blindfold on his face, being led by two other figures with veils over their face.

Since the dawn of time… we have sinned…

The figure, which we assume to be a man, continues to be led by the other two figures, which we also assume to be men.

…We have sacrificed… and for the greater good, we have passed…

The man is led up some wooden steps as we see a guillotine.

…Our souls… have rested…

The man stands in front of what appears to be a crowd of hundreds of people, and is fitted under the guillotine.

…And it is now our time…

One of the men who led the man to the guillotine walks over and grabs the rope.

…To be judged.

The man cuts the rope as we see the guillotine come crashing down, before we cut to black.



Back to ringside…

***ONE OF A KIND*** San Diego ERUPTS for the biggest reaction of the entire night as the new WWE Champion makes his way out on stage moments later. Being accompanied by Bill Alfonso, the Manager of Champions, ROB VAN DAM stands proudly with the WWE Championship belt in hand, wearing a black t-shirt with a green dragon slapped on the front of it and jean shorts. He holds the belt up high in exuberance, as a gargantuan amount of pyro goes off around him. As he makes his way to the ring, confetti begins to pour down from the rafters of the San Diego Sports Arena.

Michael Cole: Seeing truly is believing, Tazz, and I am cheerfully amazed at the fact that Rob Van Dam – after toiling for SO long, just trying to get the ever elusive brass ring – has FINALLY reached the peak. He has FINALLY achieved the same as Buddy Rogers, Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Diesel, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, and now, FINALLY we can add Rob Van Dam to that illustrious list of wrestlers that have are forever recognized as WWE Champions.

Tazz: We sure as hell can, Cole, and for somebody who saw RVD’s growth first-hand, I could not be prouder of the guy. And you left off some more names, Cole. How about Bret Hart? Ric Flair? The Undertaker? Ivan Koloff? Sergeant Slaughter? The Ultimate Warrior?? How ‘bout Brock Lesnar! Eddie Guerrero! The list just goes on and on, and RVD has made it into that exclusive club. This is a moment that I will never, EVER forget.

Van Dam takes a moment to high five every fan at ringside and gets to Tazz, and embraces with him for a moment, before shaking hands with Michael Cole. He does the same with the timekeeper, and Tony Chimel, and before entering the ring, does his “R – V – D” thumb taunt along with the crowd who pronounce it loudly with him. He goes inside the ring, with confetti poured out everywhere around the ring and Van Dam takes a bit of a liking to it. Alfonso blows his whistle a few times as he bounces around, with Van Dam having a microphone in his hand. Pulsating “RVD” chants ring out around him, as Mr. Thursday Night can’t help but smile.

***NOTE: I had this promo written out in full, and then Microsoft Word decided to crash, so I had to write up a recap of it***

Van Dam begins to speak about the long ourney that has brought him to this night. He talks about his days in ECW, where he was toiling to make a name for himself, doing just that in the process. He talks about his early days in WWE, scratching the surface and getting only a few opportunities and not making the most of them. He then goes onto the Royal Rumble match, and finally talks about fulfilling the lifetime dream this past Sunday.

After Bill Alfonso gets on the mic and hypes up his good friend, RVD takes it back and talks about the future. He says that now that he’s gotten to this point, he doesn’t expect anybody to take anything away from him. He takes the time to ACCEPT Carlito’s challenge for the WWE Championship match next week, claiming he will be a fighting champion, to prove that he does belong amongst the ranks of the best to ever hold the title.

Just as Van Dam goes to mention JBL, out comes the former WWE Champion, surprisingly, without his Cabinet. Layfield sternly tells Van Dam that he should be convicted of robbery, because that’s exactly what he did at WrestleMania. JBL says that Van Dam having a match against “somebody who probably came into this country on a damn board” next week for the WWE Championship is a joke in itself as well.

JBL, one of the best mic workers in the game, spills into a tangent, reminding everybody who the one that carried Smackdown! on its back since June. He says that it was NOT Rob Van Dam, but it was JBL! He reminds everybody that it wasn’t RVD that was WWE Champion since June, with the longest reign as WWE Champion in a decade, but instead it was John Bradshaw Layfield. He then wraps up and reminds everybody who The Wrestling… GOD was, and that it was HIM, and not Rob Van Dam, “the best of the bunch in a freakin’ BINGO HALL!”

Van Dam retorts, saying that the past doesn’t matter anymore, and that it’s all about the present, and the future, and right now nothing concerns JBL. He tells the defiant former WWE Champion that he should get to where he TRULY belongs at this point and that is the back of the line. The Wrestling God doesn’t take too kindly to this, as he rips off his suit jacket and then begins to head down to the ring.

As Layfield leaves the ramp, REY MYSTERIO’s music hits to a loud ovation, and out comes one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. JBL calls him down, telling him to get his butt to where he can look over him like always, and backs up to the apron. With his back turned to the WWE Champion, JBL continues to talk to Mysterio, which sets Van Dam up to run up… AND CONNECT WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE!!!

This takes the former WWE Champion off his feet, and the crowd cheers as The Whole F’N Show grabs JBL and sends him into the ring. The crowd pops as Bill Alfonso tosses Van Dam the WWE Championship belt, and he then tosses it to JBL… VAN DAMINATOR!!! San Diego erupts as Van Dam then takes to the top rope, and leaps off… FIVE-STAR FROG SPLASH!!! In one fell swoop, the landscape has changed on Thursday nights. Rob Van Dam is finally at the top of the mountain, and JBL has seemed to take quite the tumble down to the plateau…



Confirmed for Next Week’s Smackdown (4/14/05)

WWE Championship Match:
‘Mr. Thursday Night’ Rob Van Dam © w/ Bill Alfonso vs.
U.S. Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool


Current Card for WWE Judgment Day:
Date: May 22nd 2005
Location: Target Center; Minneapolis, Minnesota
Event Music: Techno Trash; Eric Kaspar


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