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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

Bit of an update here...

about 1/3rd of the way through the PPV admittedly. Past few days here at school have kicked my ass (you would think that I'd realize this by now ) so I haven't been in the position to write. Doing the best I can I promise, and at the latest I expect it to be posted on 12/7. Not saying it'll take that long, but that's just the deadline I'm giving myself.

To pass some time here and give some info, here's some news, and notes...

Originally Posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter
~ There seems to be a growing disconnect regarding the WWE Championship Match and its penultimate result. And by a growing disconnect, a source with knowledge of the situation tells the Observer that the Smackdown! Creative Team is split right down the middle on how the end will come out. On one side, there is the support in the JBL camp. There are many who believe that he has earned his due since winning the title in June and think he should go to WrestleMania as the WWE Champion. There is the other side that believes that Kurt should win the title at No Way Out, and then subsequently drop it at WrestleMania 21 to Van Dam. Angle has never been involved in a program with Van Dam and our source tells us that Kurt was quoted as saying, "I'd love to work with him" when asked.

~ The significance of Shelton Benjamin's appearance at No Way Out has been twiddled down to two options according to Gerweck.net. The first option is Benjamin challenging the United States Champion, whomever it may be at the end of the Triple Threat Match, to a "Champion versus Champion" contest at WrestleMania 21. Benjamin has had his share of run-ins with Eddie Guerrero, but not Booker nor John Cena, so a sense of fresh air might push that into contention. The other is a much larger option for Benjamin and, from what our source tells us, is being constantly debated just hours before show time. That option has Benjamin challenging The Undertaker and his undefeated streak at WrestleMania 21. There have ben many endorsers of Benjamin backstage, such as Jonathan Coachman, agent Ron Simmons, and even Paul Levesque (Triple H) and Stephanie McMahon, who all believe Benjamin possesses a great deal of talent and, with Coachman as his mouthpiece, can be in the forefront of top names in the company.

~ Even with the WWE Championship still hanging in the balance, except a title change, or two, at tonight's Pay-Per-View.

~ World Wrestling Entertainment nearly pulled off getting former WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Takao Yoshida, better known as TAKA Michonku, now of All Japan Pro Wrestling, to be the man to answer Chavo Guerrero's challenge tonight for the Cruiserweight Championship. Unfortunately there were a few hangups in the negotiations and AJPW pulled Yoshida back. That, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, can report occurred a week ago and we are told that WWE had a few contingency plans in place with alumni and members of independent organizations and New Japan Pro Wrestling. The groups contacted included Pro Wrestling Guerilla as well as Ring of Honor Wrestling. The Observer, though, cannot confirm who will be in attendance to answer the challenge, so we will be just as surprised as you all.

~ Finally, in non-No Way Out-related news, the WWE has been discussing the possibility of bringing back the King of the Ring Tournament. Should it be brought back, Dave Meltzer has heard that it will either be contested on a 3-hour edition of Monday Night Raw, or as a special on a Saturday evening in the month of June on SpikeTV.
Predictions are still most certainly welcome.

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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

Date: February 20th, 2005
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Mellon Arena
Event Music: Fozzy; Enemy

7. WWE Championship; Steel Cage Match:
John Bradshaw Layfield © vs. Kurt Angle

6. Rob Van Dam Makes His WrestleMania Title Decision:
Will Rob Van Dam fight for JBL’s WWE Championship, or will he jump to Raw, and fight for Randy Orton’s World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat Match with the Road to WrestleMania Tournament Winner?

3. WWE United States Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena © vs. Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero

5. WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
The Basham Brothers © vs. Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam

1. WWE Cruiserweight Championship; Open Invitational Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero challenges ANY cruiserweight in the world to compete for the Cruiserweight Championship

4. The Final Encounter:
The Undertaker vs. Heidenreich

2. Singles Match:
Charlie Haas vs. Billy Kidman


Predictions Contest:

1. Predict the Match Order (1 Point for Every Correct Placement) Done.
2. How many championships will change hands? (1 Point for Every Correct Title Change) 2
3. Who will be involved in the biggest spot of the night? If you have any idea, what will the spot be? (3 Points) Rob Van Dam, Coast 2 Coast on JBL following his match with Angle.
4. What will be the reason for Shelton Benjamin’s appearance at WWE No Way Out? (3 Points) I assume to set up a feud against Undertaker for Mania.
5. Who will be the opponent in Chavo Guerrero’s Cruiserweight Championship Open Invitational? (3 Points) Not a clue. I'll go with Ultimo Dragon.

Show looks solid, really hoping it is JBL who walks out as WWE Champion. I don't like the idea of someone winning the title just before Mania but maybe that's just me. BEst of luck with No Way Out fella. (y).
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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

6. WWE Championship; Steel Cage Match:
John Bradshaw Layfield © vs. Kurt Angle

7. Rob Van Dam Makes His WrestleMania Title Decision:
Will Rob Van Dam fight for JBL’s WWE Championship, or will he jump to Raw, and fight for Randy Orton’s World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat Match with the Road to WrestleMania Tournament Winner?

5. WWE United States Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena © vs. Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero

3. WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
The Basham Brothers © vs. Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam

2. WWE Cruiserweight Championship; Open Invitational Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero challenges ANY cruiserweight in the world to compete for the Cruiserweight Championship

4. The Final Encounter:
The Undertaker vs. Heidenreich

1. Singles Match:
Charlie Haas vs. Billy Kidman


Predictions Contest:

1. Predict the Match Order (1 Point for Every Correct Placement) Above.
2. How many championships will change hands? (1 Point for Every Correct Title Change) 3
3. Who will be involved in the biggest spot of the night? If you have any idea, what will the spot be? (3 Points) RVD&JBL.
4. What will be the reason for Shelton Benjamin’s appearance at WWE No Way Out? (3 Points) No clue.
5. Who will be the opponent in Chavo Guerrero’s Cruiserweight Championship Open Invitational? (3 Points) Bryan Danielson.
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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

You didn't think I'd forget, did you?

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays. Here's No Way Out in all its recapness. I apologize for the fluctuation in the middle of it. I had planned to do it in your atypical recap form, then shied away from it, and then went to this form and didn't bother to change it. So, my apologies for that.

FYI: WrestleMania will be a very assimilated recap, nothing very expansive, and following that, full shows will ring out as much as I can do. I'll be writing my ass off now that I am firmly on break from school.


Chapter 3: Smackdown! Presents WWE No Way Out

WWE No Way Out Results
February 20, 2005
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Mellon Arena

The Pay-Per-View began with an opening video featuring the likes of Kurt Angle, John Bradshaw Layfield, The Undertaker, Heidenreich, and Rob Van Dam. Afterwards, our play-by-play crew of Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed us to the broadcast. They remind us that every championship from Smackdown! will be defended this evening, and that the WWE Championship will be defended inside of a 15-foot high steel cage. Enter screenshot of said steel cage. Things start off with a special bonus match (!!!!).

(BONUS) Tag Team Match
Paul London and Funaki vs. Akio & Spike Dudley
A pretty fun opener, that gets the crowd in Pittsburgh going with the high-flying action from the cruiserweights. Perhaps paying attention to their demographic and the outside competition, they take center stage and all four men perform at a pretty solid level. The finish approaches after about seven minutes, when we see Akio taking some shots at London in the corner. He steps back and runs in, but London hits him in the face with his boots!!! Akio is rocked back as we see Funaki jump into the ring and take him down with a spinning heel kick!! Spike tries to get into the match, but Funaki tackles him!!! They spill out to the floor, and the camera cuts to Paul London ascending to the top rope. Perched up, London gets a swooning reaction before hitting his patented 450° Splash! London hooks the legs on impact, and picks up the win as No Way Out starts with a bang.
Winners: Paul London & Funaki via pin fall at 7:36

London and Funaki get the win to kick off No Way Out as the Pittsburgh crowd is now lively and excited for the rest of the event. Spike Dudley looks on pretty angrily, after Funaki separates himself from him, and Funaki goes up to the entranceway with London. Some replays are shown, and we get a final shot of London and Funaki.

***NOTE: Match order will be taken up from now as it was. I was adding this bonus match because of how I thought the card was shaping up. So, if you have the following contest first, you will get a point for that, and so on, and so forth.***

We see the arrival of the challenger for the WWE Championship, Kurt Angle, who strides into the Mellon Arena in his hometown and his home state. The crowd cheers loudly as they see him on the screen and an “ANGLE” chant kicks up. A focused Olympian confidently walks towards the locker room area, wearing sweats and a hoodie with the hood up on his head. Perhaps at the end of the evening, he will have the WWE Championship on his shoulder… for the fifth time in his career.

In the interview pit, the WWE United States Champion John Cena stands alongside Josh Mathews. Cena, adorned in a Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh Penguins sweater and the usual blue denim jean shorts, is asked about the situation he’s implored himself into tonight with defending the U.S. Title in a Triple Threat Match. Cena says that he isn’t really worried about it, and that he’s faced much tougher challenges. “I fought Eddie Guerrero in a parking lot brawl once, and I bested Booker T in a Best of Seven Series a couple of months back. I know these guys like the back of my hand, and I ain’t a damn bit concerned,” Cena announces, clad with confidence and brashness.

He begins to go on further, when suddenly, Carlito Caribbean Cool butts into the interview. Free of casts and of shoulder problems, Carlito tells The Doctor of Thuganomics that he hasn’t forgotten about the past several months, and how Cena put him on the shelf. He reminds him that he took the U.S. Championship from him on his first night as a WWE superstar, and tells him point-blank that he could do it again right now if he wanted to. John calls him out on it, and as it looks like CCC is going to get a strike in, Cena pie-faces him and shoves him into the pit!! The United States Champion walks away as the camera focuses in on an extremely angry Carlito…

United States Championship Triple Threat Match
John Cena (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T
Shockingly, Booker T and Eddie Guerrero start things off on the same page, dissecting the United States Champion and trying to weaken him from the early goings. They eventually dump him from the ring after Eddie was able to hit a Hilo which lead to Booker hitting a Harlem Sidekick, which toppled The Doctor of Thuganomics over the top rope and to the floor. Eddie tried to quickly win the match afterwards with a roll up, but his attempt proved to be futile.

For the next few minutes, it was Eddie and Booker who went at it, as this blossoming feud began to take control of the match. We watched as Booker, who was still clearly angered that Eddie took a one-on-one opportunity away from him, took out his aggression with some aggressive maneuvers and strikes. Meanwhile, Guerrero, ever the sleuth, continues to try and bait Booker into almost everything, and takes advantage of his naivety, hitting some of his signature maneuvers and continually tries to steal the match.

Booker goes to dump Eddie from the ring, and Eddie holds on, but Booker thinks he did it. He celebrates, and we see outside the ring, John Cena dragging Eddie Guerrero off the apron. The U.S. Champion slithers into the ring and waits for Booker to turn around and as he does… WHAM!! John Cena hits a shoulder block, and for the next few minutes, it’s Booker and Cena going at it. Once again we see a lot of storytelling, with Cena, the confident U.S. Champ, keeping a calm, cool, and collected presence and hitting some high-impact maneuvers and slams.

Booker though, clamors the U.S. Championship, and he shows that in his desperate counters of these slams, and his numerous pin attempts while Cena remains in the mix. The first finisher of the match comes around the eight-minute mark, as Booker T hits the Scissors Kick!!!! The Book Man goes for the cover, hooking both legs, three seconds away from winning the title! BUT EDDIE BREAKS IT UP WITH A DOUBLE AXE-HANDLE SMASH TO THE BACK!!!

He grabs Booker T and tosses him through the ropes and down to the floor, and then goes for the cover himself! But Cena kicks out before the count of three. Eddie quickly goes to work, hitting Cena with some brutally tough right hands, not relenting, wanting to taste gold once again. It’s not the WWE Championship, which he won at last year’s No Way Out Pay-Per-View, but after being in proverbial purgatory for the last few weeks, Latino Heat would certainly like something to adorn his waist. He hits the Three Amigos suplexes, popping his hips and making it look damn easy.

He rises to his feet and lets out a shimmy, getting Pittsburgh to their feet. Moments later, Eddie is perched up on the top rope, and wastes little time… HITTING THE FROG SPLASH ON JOHN CENA!!! 1… 2… NO!!! Booker drops a leg!!! He peels Eddie off and attacks him in the corner, hitting him with some right hands, before knocking him back with a few elbows. He drags him out and goes for a suplex, but we see John Cena rising to his feet, and he too joins Booker, and they hit Guerrero with a double suplex!!

Cena and Booker rise, and suddenly, The Franchise drills The Book Man with a kick to mid-section, and The Franchise loads him up!!!! He looks around, before planting Booker down ATOP GUERRERO WITH AN F-U!!! The U.S. Champion, looking for victory, drops down and makes a lateral press over BOTH MEN!!! 1… 2… 3!!! NO!!!! Booker and Eddie both make movements, shoving John Cena up and off of them, and the U.S. Champion is left wavering on the ground, holding his body, clearly in a lot of pain from being hit with the Frog Splash earlier, as well as the Scissors Kick. Eddie and Booker both look at one another, and then at the U.S. Champion and they both decide to charge in and they clothesline Cena over and out of the ring!

This leaves both challengers inside the ring, and they duke it out, for the next several minutes both desperately trying to find a window to jump through, and to take the United States Championship without even having to pin the champ himself. Booker eventually connects with the Scissors Kick AGAIN, this time on Eddie, but Eddie valiantly kicks out!!! Moments later, the tide turns after Booker crashed into an empty corner as Latino Heat swayed away, and with Booker on his heels, Eddie lures him in and grounds him, before locking in the Lasso from El Paso!

Latino Heat wrenches away at Booker’s legs, raring back and shoving his kneecap into his adversary’s back. After a few writhing moments, Booker FINALLY grabs the ropes, forcing Eddie to break the hold. He drops him like a sack of potatoes, and sees the United States Champion climb up onto the apron. He surges ahead, but Cena ducks and hits him with his shoulder!!! This stuns Guerrero, and the U.S. Champion climbs back into the ring and runs ahead and hits him with a clothesline. He tiredly gathers more strength, and hits Eddie with another clothesline.

Eddie gets up after impact, and walks right into a back suplex, and the crowd rises to its feet. Gassed, Cena raises his hand up before waving it in front of his face, and then after hitting the ropes he drops the Five-Knuckle Shuffle on Eddie Guerrero! He struggles back up to his feet, and just as he does… BOOKER T TRIES TO ZERO IN WITH A SIDEKICK… BUT CENA SWOOSHES HIS BOOT AWAY! Caught off guard, The Doctor of Thuganomics loads Booker T up… AND HITS THE F-U ONTO EDDIE!!! This time, Cena only covers BOOKER, hooking both his legs! 1… 2… 3!!!
Winner: John Cena via pin fall at 15:37. Cena retains the United States Championship.

Cena retains!! Despite being hit with two finishers, and having his championship being put in jeopardy with him out of the equation, the U.S. Champion scraped together one hell of an effort to keep the title in house. He gets a pretty raucous ovation from the fans in the Mellon Arena, as he helps himself to his feet. He then rolls himself out of the ring, and with his back turned… BOOOM!!! The crowd boos as CARLITO CARIBBEAN COOL ATTACKS JOHN CENA FROM BEHIND!!!!

CCC hammers away at the already bruised, battered and broken down United States Champion, getting feverish heat, and not caring about it either. Carlito only sees a man who injured him and a man who, in his mind, is jealous of what happened last October, and he grabs Cena and runs him into the ring post!! John bangs off of it and collapses, but Carlito isn’t done, as he picks him up again, and this time runs him right into the steel steps!! Cena collides chest-first, collapsing cleanly onto the mat, as Carlito cackles away as he stands atop him. Thunderous heat pours down from the rafters, as the Steel City clearly does not like what they’re seeing. Carlito then plucks the U.S. Champion off of the ground, and then places him on his shoulder. Not knowing where he is, the champ lies on his shoulder as the crowd, and Cole and Tazz wonder where Carlito is dragging The Doctor of Thuganomics. He heads down towards the set, and walks through the curtain…

Cole and Tazz try to recuperate things as we see some highlights of the match, and then of what happened afterwards. Suddenly, we jet to the backstage area, where we see Carlito immediately running John Cena into a wall!!! Helpless, the U.S. Champion drops down like a ton of bricks, as Carlito then disrespectfully spits on him. He wipes it on his face, before picking him up and yelling something seemingly vulgar in Spanish, before dragging him away again. The United States Champion then breaks free all of a sudden, and desperately connects with a right hand to CCC’s jaw. He rares back and hits another, rocking him back. Stunned, Carlito reaches down into his tights, and we see John Cena charging ahead in one desperate effort, but CARLITO SUDDENLY SWINGS AT HIM, AS WE REALIZE HE’S NOW WIELDING A LEAD PIPE AND HE BASHES IT INTO CENA’S CRANIUM!!!

Carlito smiles at the pip, before tossing it onto the ground and then turning to Cena. He stomps hard on Cena’s kidneys and back, before once again plucking him from the ground. Totally unconscious, Cena can do nothing, and we see CCC walk away. He then pushes away a camera and again yells in Spanish, and the feed goes out!!

We, again, come back to Michael Cole and Tazz, who after a brief discussion, get word that they are trying to send another cameraman out there and as soon as they can, they’ll get us either footage of what happened, or a live broadcast.

We’re now in the locker room of the 2005 Royal Rumble Winner, Rob Van Dam. RVD, in perhaps the biggest night of his life, not only will be gunning for the WWE Tag Team Titles with his partner Rey Mysterio, but he also is going to be determining what direction he goes into for WrestleMania 21. Will he go against the winner of tonight’s WWE Championship Match? Or is he going to take on Randy Orton and the winner of HHH/Batista in a Triple Threat Match? With all of that on his mind, he tapes up his hands with the usual black tape and he hears a knock at the door and then the door open.

He turns around… and standing in front of him a few moments later is none other than the World Heavyweight Champion, Raw’s Randy Orton!!! Dressed in a dapper suit, “The Legend Killer” stands in front of RVD with the World Heavyweight Championship adorned on his waist, and suddenly, Raw’s G.M. Eric Bischoff is in screenshot!! For the next two minutes or so, Bischoff begins a bit of recruitment-persuading technique to try and get RVD to come to Raw… when Van Dam tells Bischoff straight up that he already has figured out what he’s doing, and has known since this morning. Eric looks at Randy, and then back at RVD. They bid him farewell, and Eric says he hopes that Rob made the best decision.

The crowd reacts pretty negatively as the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero walks out into the arena while his music plays. Dressed in black tights with some orange and blue in them, Chavo takes off his bandana and tosses it away as he walks down to the ring with the Cruiserweight Championship on his shoulder. Cole and Tazz speculate as to who it will be as he makes his way to the ring. Some hints are dropped and the lights go out in the arena. Soon after the music of the incomparable Jushin “Thunder” Liger hits and he’s introduced to a pretty OK reaction from the crowd. Cole and Tazz introduce him to the U.S. fans who aren’t aware of him and his laundry list of accomplishments.

Chavo’s Cruiserweight Championship Inviational Match
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs. New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Jushin “Thunder” Liger
The two respectfully shake hands in the middle of the ring before locking up in a collar-elbow tie-up. Jushin gets early control switching over to a side headlock and whips Chavo away to the ropes. He looks for a dropkick upon return, and connects, and immediately quicens the pace over the next minute or so. Later, Guerrero, after being tossed out of the ring, stands up and is met by a leaping Liger who flies over the top rope and down to the floor, connecting with a splash!!! Pittsburgh applauds as Liger stands up and bows for the crowd, showing his own form of respect for the fans.

The next few minutes are spent with some back-and-forth action and some close, near falls. Guerrero, past the seven-minute mark, looks for a high cross body off the top rope, but Liger ducks! Chavo rolls to his feet, and then Liger charges in and hits a Rolling Koppu Kick~!!! Liger goes for the cover, but Chavo kicks out at the count of two, as we nearly saw the first title change hands at No Way Out. Jushin peels Chavo off of the mat and brings him up, and loads him up to his shoulders!! Liger runs ahead, looking for the LIGER BOMB… but Chavo rolls off, and connects with a DDT!!

Chavo goes for the cover, but Jushin kicks out before the hand of the referee hits the mat for the third time. Still a bit taken back by the challenge he’s received, Chavo Guerrero attempts to finish the match moments later, as he connects with the Gory Bomb!!! He goes for the cover thereafter, hooking both legs. 1… 2… 3!!! NO!!!! Jushin puts his foot up on the ropes!! The Cruiserweight Champion disappointingly rolls off of Liger, and tries to collect himself. He acts a bit too aggressively, and eventually is sent on his back after a backdrop from Liger! Jushin then grabs a hold of Chavo from behind, and lifts him up, BEFORE HITTING HIM WITH THE CTB!!!

Liger keeps his shoulders down, and gets two, and the three count is going to be made… but Chavo kicks out!!! After a few moments, the intensity is restarted, and Jushin has the Cruiserweight Championship on the ropes, and nearing his wit’s end. He locks him up, and whips him off to the ropes, and looks to hit the Air Scissors Drop, but Chavo catches him!! He puts him down and loads him between his knees, and then hits the Gory Bomb!!! The cruiserweight Champion goes down and makes the cover! 1… 2… 3!!!! Chavo retains!!!
Winner: Chavo Guerrero via pin fall at 9:57. Guerrero retains the Cruiserweight Championship.

A thrilling contest from beginning-to-end finally reaches its conclusion, and, lucky to retain his championship, Chavo Guerrero stands up and celebrates the victory. He has his hand raised and then takes his Cruiserweight Championship belt and raises it in the air. He gets a respectful applause from the crowd, and we see Jushin “Thunder” Liger walk up to his feet a few moments later after a few replays are shown on screen. Guerrero looks at Liger, who puts his hand out for a handshake. The Cruiserweight Champion shows him respect, and shakes his hand before embracing with him. The crowd pops and continues to applaud as we see Chavo raise “Thunder” Liger’s hand.

We’re in the locker room of the Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle. Angle, with his fists wrapped in white tape, wearing his predominantly blue singlet with red and white stars on it and corresponding kneepads, with red boots, and a red track jacket with the hood up, looks down at the ground. Trying to get in a zone of sorts, the Olympian clearly wants nothing more than to be the WWE Champion for the fifth time in his career. He then stands up and looks in his locker, which shows a picture of him after his last WWE Championship victory, all the way back in July of 2003 at Vengeance, and a confident smile forms on his face. He then looks on at another poster he has on his locker. This one in black boldfaced lettering: “LEAVE YOUR MISTAKES BEHIND”

We are continuing to follow the CCC-Cena conflict, and it has now spilled into the parking lot. Carlito is still carrying a damn near lifeless John Cena, and he brings him over to an old-looking station wagon. CCC then plants him down on the hood of the station wagon with a spinebuster!!! CCC makes no indication that he’s through with the United States Champion, as he climbs atop it. He drags Cena to his knees, and then between his own knees, and then grabs him by the end of his jean shorts, AND THEN JUMPS UP AND PILEDRIVES HIM ON THE TOP OF THE CAR!!! Cena falls forward, laying on his stomach on the car, almost like a fly that hit it on impact. Carlito peels Cena off, and lays him on his back, and squats down. He smacks his head and forms a sickening smile on his face, before spitting on Cena’s face, and walking away in callous fashion…

Singles Match
Charlie Haas vs. Billy Kidman
The talented Billy Kidman and the vastly underrated Charlie Haas put on a pretty decent matchup. There are plenty of counters throughout the first portion of the matchup, setting the tone and play off some of the familiarity they have gained The finish comes when Kidman counters out of the Haas of Pain, and then looks to hit the BK Bomb. Charlie however counters, and rolls into a Sunset Flip pin, and picks up the three count, surprising Billy Kidman in the process!!!
Winner: Charlie Haas at 6:52.

Haas rolls out of the ring, and heads back up the ramp with a smile, while in the ring, a livid Billy Kidman throws a tantrum, while angrily glaring at Haas.

Smackdown’s General Manager Theodore Long is seen talking to Rob Van Dam, who is still moments away from making his WrestleMania decision heard loud and clear. As they are talking, the WWE Champion JBL congregates into the office with The Cabinet surrounding him. Layfield informs Van Dam that he not only hopes he is beat down by The Basham Brothers in the WWE Tag Team Titles match, but hopes he does not make the “wrong” decision tonight. Van Dam then fires back, and tells him that he already has made his mind up on what’s “right” and what’s “wrong” and doesn’t need anybody to tell him differently.

Elsewhere, Heidenreich is seen heading towards the Gorilla position, as his final encounter with The Undertaker looms.

The Final Encounter
The Undertaker vs. Heidenreich
Heidenreich and Taker have a stare down to kick things off, while the crowd simply watches. With their history, The Deadman and Heidenreich don’t do much feeling out and instead go at it tooth and nail. A couple of vicious shots later, the action spills out to the ringside area and Taker is sent barreling into the steel steps shoulder-first. The camera then cuts away and spots Shelton Benjamin as well as Jonathan Coachman arriving to their seats at ringside.

About three-fourths of the matchup later, Undertaker hits Heidenreich with a sidewalk slam, and gets close to a three count, just about as much as possible without actually picking up the victory. Taker gets up and looks on at the referee, before turning around right into a clothesline from Heidenreich!!! A couple of minutes later, as Heidenreich still maintains control, he locks in the Cobra Clutch!!! Taker struggles to fight out of it, but he finally does, and snapmares him over his shoulder and to the ground.

Taker gets up and charges in and hits a Big Boot, followed by a scoop slam. He then connects with a leg drop, and then rises to his feet and makes the throat slash gesture. The camera cuts over to Benjamin, who rises to his feet and pulls off the hood on his head, as he watches Taker deliver a PUNISHING Tombstone Piledriver to Heidenreich! Taker puts the mammoth away, FINALLY, after so many tenuous battles…
Winner: The Undertaker via pin fall at 12:56.

Undertaker rises to his feet, but all of a sudden, Coachman hops over the barricade. He calls for a microphone, and after some arguing, he seizes control of one. Coachman tells Undertaker that he respects everything that he’s done for the business and discusses how nobody “has ever dared to try and seize control from your personal kingdom.” He quotes the late, great Owen Hart and says that “ENOUGH Is ENOUGH and it’s TIME for a CHANGE” before announcing that he’s not the only one that feels this way. He calls out Undertaker’s creatures of the night, and proclaims that there is something ominous headed toward him that he doesn’t want to see.

He then claims that there’s a “new Phenom” of the WWE and that he’s right behind him. Undertaker turns around… BAM!!!! TAKER TURNS RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK FROM THE ONE AND ONLY SHELTON BENJAMIN!!! The crowd boos, as Benjamin, decked out in a gray hoodie, with jeans on as well, stands over The (fallen) Undertaker. He points down at him, echoing Coach’s sentiments about him being the NEW Phenom of the WWE, and they then leave the ring and head back through the crowd and eventually, away from the arena.


We get some live shots outside of the Mellon Arena at the city of Pittsburgh, keying in on PNC Park and Heinz Field as well. We come back to the Mellon Arena and inside the ring is the Smackdown! G.M. Theodore Long. The ring is tricked out with red velvet carpeting and we also see that Raw’s G.M. Eric Bischoff, as well as the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, are in the ring. After a few moments, the Royal Rumble winner, Rob Van Dam is introduced to a humongous ovation from the crowd. Van Dam shakes hands with Long and Bischoff as well, and Orton refuses to offer a handshake, and instead glares at his possible challenger with an extremely icy look.

Van Dam takes a microphone and warms up the crowd, before delving into some retrospective. He talks about his younger years, his rise to fame in ECW, and coming to the WWE. How for almost four years now, he has been under the shadow of some of the best to lace the boots. But he says he’s got his launching pad now to the top, and he proclaims he won’t let go of it now and he has a few more mountains to climb. He tells Tazz that his match at WrestleMania will be for him, and all of the other former anarchists in ECW, and says that he has someone in his back pocket that he wants to bring out. Suddenly, “The Manager of Champions” BILL ALFONSO hops over the barricade and onto the apron, blowing his trademark whistle to the disgust of Eric Bischoff, who of course detests anything ECW.

Van Dam then cuts to the chase, and says that right when he won the Royal Rumble he made up his mind about what he wanted to do. He tells Randy that he hasn’t forgotten the battles that he’s had with him. He says that he’s still mad about some of them, and how they wound up ending. However, RVD tells him that he ISN’T letting that cloud his mind and that he isn’t doing what Chris Benoit did last year, and is staying on Smackdown! Bischoff and Orton look on disappointingly, while Long makes a celebratory dance out of nothing and raises RVD’s hand in triumphant fashion.

However, the party doesn’t last long as The Basham Brothers make their way to the ring. They hit the scene, and crash the party, beginning to beat up RVD, their opponent for seemingly later tonight in the WWE Tag Team Championships Match. Long, Orton and Bischoff scurry out as they tear up the velvet carpet in the ring before getting back to work. A referee scampers down to the ring just as we see Rob Van Dam rising to his feet. The referee gets in the ring, and as he does, Rey Mysterio comes out of nowhere, and hits Danny with a seated senton!! We get a quick cut over to Eric Bischoff and Randy Orton, and Bischoff is seen whispering in Orton’s ear.

Meanwhile, things begin to get settled in the ring, and the WWE Tag Team Championships Match is on!

WWE Tag Team Championships Match
The Basham Brothers (c) vs. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio
The referee takes the WWE Tag Team Championships away from The Bashams, and rolls out of the ring and walks towards the timekeeper. With his back turned, we spot Randy Orton hop over the top rope and into the ring and swing a staggering Rob Van Dam around, AND INEXPLICABLY HITS HIM WITH AN RKO! The World Heavyweight Champion, seemingly sent with direct orders from Raw’s General Manager, seeks out retribution for not picking Raw, has punished the 2005 Royal Rumble winner with his devastating finishing maneuver.

Eventually, these two tag teams regain self-control and composure, and battle for a tenuous amount of time. About 15 minutes to be exact, and it’s a pretty solid match, all things considered. The Bashams show why they’re the champs, with little assistance from the rest of The Cabinet, as they hit a variety of double team maneuvers and do a good job of neutralizing two of the best that Smackdown! has to offer. Meanwhile, Van Dam and Mysterio, one fresher than the other after the opening-match beatdown, get back into the mix fully around the halfway point.

They trade near falls with their counterparts, and around the 12-minute mark, as the finish is steadfast approaching, Rey kicks Doug Basham to the outside while Danny lies flat in the middle of the ring. After Van Dam connected with a seemingly stiff roundhouse kick. Van Dam climbs up to the top rope, as we see Mysterio do so as well. Mysterio points up to the sky, paying homage to the fan favorite Sabu, as they hit the diving leg drop-diving splash combination!! Van Dam goes for the cover, but Danny kicks out at two!!

Doug then tries to get back into the mix, but Mysterio connects with a scintillating spinning heel kick that sends Doug tumbling back to the outside. Van Dam sprints over, and gets down on all fours, as Rey leaps up onto his back, onto the ropes, and hits a somersault senton, SHADES OF SABU!!! Mr. Thursday Night then turns around, and Danny Basham tries to surprise him with a small package!! But Van Dam kicks out! Not having any of that, RVD rises up to his feet and goes for a kick. Danny blocks, and then looks to hit an STO, but Van Dam elbows out. He kicks Danny in the gut, before hooking him up and hitting a lifting double underhook facebuster!!! Van Dam wipes away at the air, signaling that it will all be over, as he climbs up to the top rope. Perched high, the crowd roars as Van Dam catapults off the top rope hitting the Five-Star Frog Splash!!! Rey sees this, and leaps into the ring, looking around to fend anyone off, as the referee counts to three. RVD and Rey Mysterio are the new WWE Tag Team Champions!!!
Winners: Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio via pin fall at 15:12. Van Dam and Mysterio are the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions.

A title has changed hands!! The first time all night such an occurrence has occurred, and it’s the Royal Rumble winner who has gotten the first taste of gold in a long, long time! Mysterio and he embrace in the ring before Alfonso comes in and shakes Rey’s hands, before raising RVD’s. They celebrate, while we see The Bashams looking totally destroyed emotionally. The camera then cuts to JBL, geared up for his Steel Cage Match, and he angrily kicks his TV off the stand.

Following a preview for tomorrow night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, we look and see Kurt Angle, hood up, walking towards the gorilla position. Afterwards, the graphic appears for the WWE Championship Match and we jump into the video package, with “Enemy” by Fozzy, the No Way Out theme song, playing in the background. As that wraps up, we go back into the arena. Chimel introduces us to the match as the cage has fully lowered. The WWE Champion enters the arena first as JBL walks out. Not obliging to take the limousine tonight, Layfield instead slowly saunters to the ring, eyes on his own prize in his hands.

Following his arrival to the ring, the challenger makes his arrival. The crowd BOOMS as Kurt Angle slowly walks out past the set. He shoots his arms up as a tremendous pyro display is seen. He then confidently strides down to the ring and enters the cage. It’s closed behind them, and that’s it, and that’s all. No pinfalls, no submissions; the only way one of these two will win, and the only way the WWE Championship will either be retained or attained, is by climbing over the top of the cage and having both feet hit the floor. The bell sounds, and the match commences.

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship
John Bradshaw Layfield (c) vs. Kurt Angle
The door is sealed shut, locking these two fierce competitors inside the fifteen-foot high structure, and they surge at each other with a huge sense of aggression. From the early goings, it seems very apparent that these two want to do nothing short of ripping each other’s throats out and pound one another with their fists. The fisticuffs eventually end as both men then look to use the unforgiving steel to their advantage. Layfield and Angle get their own respective turns of tossing one another into the cage, following up by slamming each other, and raking their faces against the steel.

Both competitors wind up busted open from the shots that each man takes into the steel. The challenger ups the ante, executing a beautiful belly-to-belly suplex, releasing Bradshaw who lands back first into the cage, and he tumbles down onto his shoulders!!! From that point on, it’s all Kurt Angle, who tries to snuff out JBL’s historic reign as WWE Champion, delving into his arsenal of submission-style holds, locks and maneuvers. The hometown crowd of the Olympian roars, and cannot get enough of it. Michael Cole and Tazz look on while calling the match, in a brief state of disbelief from what they are seeing not only from the WWE Champion, but the challenger as well.

A few minutes later, with blood pouring down his face, the WWE Champion begins to climb back into the driver’s seat. It starts off simple, throwing wild fists after being hit with ones by Kurt Angle. Next, after being stunned briefly, Kurt Angle looks to hit the Angle Slam, but JBL quickly hits a neckbreaker!!! The rough-and-tough Texan then stirs his way back to his feet, and whips him into the ropes. Angle ducks a clothesline attempt, and looks for a German Suplex. The Wrestling God swings an elbow, popping the Olympian in the mouth, and he staggers near the cage wall. Suddenly, his face crunches against the steel as JBL lands a big boot to the face!

Layfield huffs and puffs and claws his way back to his feet as he drags the bloody 1996 gold medal winner away from the wall and up to his feet. He scoops him and holds him horizontally, and then hits a huge fallaway slam into the corner!!! The WWE Champion, using perhaps almost all of his might, may have delivered a deathly blow to his adversary, as he looks to be out cold. JBL stalls for a brief moment to continue to collect himself, before heading over to the corner. He steps over Angle and climbs up the ropes, hanging onto the cage, and he then begins his ascent to the top. He continues to stall, though, as he progressively needs to huff and puff with the injuries and bruising he’s sustained in this contest.

With all of this stalling, we begin to see the blood-filled stirring of the challenger at the bottom in the corner. Moments later, Kurt’s right back on all fours, and he looks up to see JBL getting closer to the top of the cage. Angle digs deep and climbs up and clings onto the cage, scaling the ropes, and then eventually the cage. He desperately slams his forearm into the back of the WWE Champion, and begins to do in repetitive, forceful fashion. He then powers up, and delivers a PUNISHING European uppercut to Layfield… who rocks back… and falls down onto the mat!!! The crowd explodes, as Angle looks down and then looks up and then back down again, as he begins to ascend!! The four-time WWE Champion is now just a few more steps away from becoming a FIVE-TIME WWE Champion!! He gets to the top of the cage… when he suddenly looks back down… and around… as the crows roars on…


…BUT MISFIRES – CRASHING AND BURNING AS JBL ROLLS FORWARD!!! The crowd gasps in horror, as Angle lies motionless on the mat after bouncing from the impact of the TREMENDOUS spot. We get a replay, and it’s a damn good one, and a damn gruesome one too. The WWE Champion has no earthly idea where he is, that is almost for certain, but he is in much better condition than his counterpart, no matter the circumstance, and no matter the more ounces of blood he loses. JBL climbs up to his feet moments later, huffing and puffing and nursing his injuries, as he looks back. He sees Angle on the mat, and he then claws onto the cage, and scratches and claws his way up the cage.

Kurt Angle, who had said for weeks that he was aware that he didn’t play the Royal Rumble matchup perfectly, may have made the biggest mistake of the matchup by misfiring on his moonsault. As he lies looking up at the ceiling with a glazed look in his eyes, the WWE Champion is near the top of the cage. The Pittsburgh crowd wills on their hometown hero, who turns over on his side. He digs into the mat, and tries for one last effort. He grabs the cage and drives his feet into the cage and goes up. He tries to scale as fast as he can. But as he grabs onto the top, JBL is already over the top of the cage.

Angle looks on, knowing there isn’t a damn thing that he can do, and John Bradshaw Layfield, with blood still pouring down on his face, looks on with a Texas-sized grin, and shouts at him, “YOU MADE… THE BIGGEST MISTAKE… OF YOUR LIFE!!!!” And with that, Kurt can only watch, as reality sets in, and Layfield touches the ringside mat, conquering the solid steel structure, and retaining his WWE Championship.
Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield via escape of the cage at 17:29. JBL retains the WWE Championship.

The Pittsburgh crowd is in a stunned silence as the WWE Champion has once again conquered the challenge in front of him. Layfield is helped to his feet moments later by his Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan as well as several officials and EMT’s. They try to control his bleeding by wiping away at his face with a towel, but all that we see Layfield doing is tightly clutching his WWE Championship belt. Meanwhile, an extremely disappointed Kurt Angle looks on with an extremely glum look on his face. He is seen favoring his shoulder and upper arm, and the PPV ends with a final shot of JBL on the ground holding his title belt with blood spattered on his face and upper body, as the WWE Champion has found his way out.


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania 21
“WrestleMania Goes Hollywood”
Date: April 3rd 2005
Location: Los Angeles, California; STAPLES Center
Event Music: The Soundtrack of Our Lives; Bigtime & 3 Doors Down; Behind Those Eyes

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield vs. 2005 Royal Rumble Winner Rob Van Dam

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton vs. Road to WrestleMania 21 Tournament Winner (Batista/Triple H)


Chapter 4: The Road to WrestleMania Continues...


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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

The lack of feedback is disappointing, but not heartbreaking. In any event, it's time to continue to move farther away from reality.


Originally Posted by WWE.com

World Wrestling Entertainment unfortunately announces that both John Cena and Kurt Angle sustained injuries at No Way Out that will keep them out for an extended period of time.

Kurt Angle, while taking part in the WWE Championship Match against John Bradshaw Layfield inside of the Steel Cage that they were combating in, sustained a severely separated shoulder. His return status is unknown.

Meanwhile, John Cena was injured in the assault that Carlito Caribbean Cool proceeded with following Cena's successful title defense against Booker T and Eddie Guerrero. The injuries included severe bruising as well as a broken collarbone, according to Cena's surgeon. His return status may not be for another month and, if that's the case, the 30-day title defense clause in his contract may expire.

World Wrestling Entertainment would like to wish both Angle and Cena a speedy recovery.
Originally Posted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter
In accordance with the news brought up by WWE.com we can tell you that both John Cena and Kurt Angle are legitimately injured from the activities that transpired at No Way Out. Angle's shoulder was injured as a direct result from the moonsault he executed at No Way Out, so that report by WWE.com was correct entirely. Additionally, there is a report that Kurt Angle was given a blessing by Vince McMahon to take off for as long as he needed to. Angle, as of late as we at WON have reported, has been bargaining for time off citing wear and tear.

Meanwhile, John Cena was not injured at the hands of Carlito Caribbean Cool. Instead, he was hurt during the course of the match following a Scissors Kick by Booker T which Booker's legs landed awkwardly on Cena's collarbone area. The plan, no matter if Cena got legitimately hurt or not, was for Carlito to attack Cena following the match to set up a gimmick match of sorts between the two for the United States Championship, while an injury angle was supposed to be going on. Now, with Cena's collarbone legitimately being broken and the standard healing for that being four-to-six weeks, which, if it were at the maximum, take Cena entirely out of the equation for WrestleMania, the landscape of the United States Championship scene is clouding. Cena will be receiving a second opinion on the injury in two weeks according to a source. He is not scheduled to be on television any time soon, due to this injury angle.

There is said to be an extreme sense of panic surrounding WWE Headquarters with this drastic, plague-like injury bug spreading through the top wrestlers in the company not just amongst the wrestlers, but of the higher-ups too. According to WWE sources we have, there was an emergency meeting called this morning, before Monday Night Raw is supposed to take place in University Park, saying that the talent development scouts at both Deep South Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling need to be scouting heavily and call ups may be made to increase the depth in the roster while the top wrestlers heal their injuries. With WrestleMania six weeks away, the card, which was scheduled to have roughly 10-12 matches, may only reach eight or at most nine, which is a big blow.

There may also be a mad dash to try and acquire several free agents, and there is a growing movement around the company to perhaps dig deeper than superstars from the past and to perhaps look towards independent, regional companies like Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla or Chikara. This, of course, is all speculation but we can report that there have been negotiations recently with Phil Brooks and Scott Colton of Ring of Honor, better known as CM Punk and Colt Cabana. Those talks have been spearheaded by the one and only Paul Heyman, according to a source. Any other possible free agent acquisitions or call ups are not known at this time but Chris Masters' debut was described as imminent.

Chapter 4: The Road to WrestleMania Continues

Events Leading Up to March

~ Events from Monday Night Raw ~

~ Triple H would defeat Batista in the Road to WrestleMania 21 Tournament Final on Monday Night Raw on 2/21. The contest was lengthy, and both men had their fair share of opportunities in the match to win. In the end, it would be The Game who prevailed after countering out of the Batista Bomb, and subsequently delivering a Pedigree, the third of the matchup, and earned himself a spot in the WrestleMania main event, the fourth in a row for The Cerebral Assassin.

The following week with Raw live in Providence, Rhode Island, Randy Orton opened the show. He first said that after tireless amounts of people asked him, he was here to say that what he did to Rob Van Dam at No Way Out was business. He then went onto quote “bigger and better things;” specifically what he calls, “the defining moment in Randy Orton’s career.” He said that after last week, that could not be more apparent. The main event of WrestleMania 21 will be the defining moment, the defining match, and the defining night for his career. He understands what is in front of him. He understands that Triple H is his biggest rival, and his biggest enemy as well as his biggest challenge. He tells Hunter, who has not arrived at the arena yet, that he will be more focused, more prepared, and more hungry than he ever has been in his entire career. He says that the legend of Randy Orton will never be killed, but it cannot continue unless the legend of Triple H… is dead.

The main event of the evening sees Randy Orton taking on Evolution’s Batista. Orton brings his a A-game, taking it to The Animal, who fights back with great presence and aggression himself. Ric Flair attempts to get involved in the match, but Orton levels him with a dropkick. After that, though, Batista plants him with a huge Spinebuster, and looks to end it with a Batista Bomb… and he connects!! He goes for the cover but the World Heavyweight Champion kicks out before the count of three!!! Big Dave then overpursues, looking for a spear, but Orton hits an extremely desperate drop toe-hold. Batista lands on the turnbuckle face first, and Orton connects with an uppercut, sending Batista staggering into the corner. He digs deep and walks forward, and grabs him by the head, and runs over AND HITS THE RKO!! And even though he took a while to get on top, he does, and scores the pin fall!! Following the match, Triple H’s music hits, and he stands atop the stage, and glares down at the World Heavyweight Champion, who clutches onto his title, and does the exact – same – thing.

~ Shelton Benjamin defended his Intercontinental Championship on Monday Night Raw on 2/21 against the likes of the man he beat for the IC Title months back, Chris Jericho. They would put on a very good match, feeding off of the chemistry they have gained from their every-now-and-then battles over the last few months. Benjamin would pick up the victory, though, after hitting a top-rope T-Bone Suplex, and getting the pin thereafter. Coach came into the ring, after accompanying him down before the match, and once again played up his boy as “The New Phenom” of World Wrestling Entertainment.

The following week, with Benjamin and Coachman “taking the night off,” a series of vignettes air through the night, proclaiming Benjamin as “The New Phenom,” with many old, grainy shots of The Undertaker inter-cutting through them.

~ Two weeks prior to the 2/21 edition of Monday Night Raw, Edge and Christian met in a Road to WrestleMania Tournament Quarterfinal Match. In that contest, he pride (and jealousy) of each man was shown; the latter seemingly gravitated towards Christian, who of course fell short of defeating Edge who was in the midst of an absurd hot streak. Unfortunately for Edge, he would find his own undoing in the Semifinal, when Christian smacked him in the face with a steel chair. When Raw went to Penn State University’s Bryce Jordan Center, these two men met in the center of the ring at the beginning of the broadcast.

It was Edge who would call Christian out, and Captain Charisma made his way to the ring. The two brothers, former Tag Team Champions themselves, stood eye-to-eye in the center of the ring. Edge went at length to wonder why Christian did such a thing; was he jealous? Did he clamor the spotlight? Was he looking to make an impact? Christian responded simply with: “all three, bro.” Christian then didn’t say it was jealousy, which drew the ire of his brother, who seemed to make the case that it was just that. He recollects their battles in late 2001, of which Edge prevailed in most. He recalls a ladder match that he won, not acting surprised at that, and wondered whether that was still seething through Christian’s mind.

For the most part, Edge has owned him throughout their careers, and so he posed that question to him. Christian was honest; he said that it did, and it eats inside him daily that he did. He’s not apologizing for what he did, and says that he is sick and tired of watching you ascend to the top of the mountain while he’s still down in the valley. He said that he is still sick and tired of being known as the other brother, and tired of still being in Edge’s shadow despite numerous attempts to get out. Edge tells him point blank that if that’s the case, then he should do something about it. Christian then rares back and socks him in the face with a right hand!!! The two men would brawl briefly, before they were separated.

The following week, Edge had a match scheduled with Chris Benoit. Before it occurred, Christian, coming out to a pretty positive reaction from the fans in attendance in the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Christian joined J.R. and King at ringside for commentary while the match went on, and it was a pretty darn good one, too. For TV, at least. The match would culminate with Edge winning via the Edgecution, and after the matchup was over, Christian got off his headset and hit the ring. He would stand in the corner and waited for Edge to turn around, and delivered a SPEAR (~!!!) to his brother!!

~ On Raw, the World Tag Team Championship scene was gradually building. Following their victory in Saitama, La Resistance gathered some momentum and each man, Conway and Grenier, respectively scored pin fall victories over Regal and Tajiri in consecutive weeks. At a house show on February 25 in Madison Square Garden, a World Tag Team Championships Match ends in disqualification after Conway and Grenier both used steel chairs. They would then plant Regal with the Au Revoir onto the set of steel steps outside, and then did the same to Tajiri, but instead, sent him flying into the steel barricades!!

A few days later on Raw, after disposing of Val Venis and Viscera, La Resistance announce that they will be making an announcement (yes, that makes sense ) the next week on Raw that will forever change the tag team division on Monday Night Raw.

~ Events from Smackdown! ~

~ John Bradshaw Layfield and Rob Van Dam would have their first official encounter as WrestleMania opponents on the Smackdown! following No Way Out. They met in the ring, and JBL dismissed Van Dam as a renegade extremist, and said that he feels confident that RVD poses no threat to his historic championship reign. Van Dam says that he has heard that talk too much, and challenged JBL to show him what he was made of. Layfield denied the request, and instead told Van Dam to take on his Chief of Staff, Orlando Jordan. Van Dam would do just that later on in the show, and when JBL tried to get involved, RVD’s tag team partner Rey Mysterio hit the scene and attacked him, before Van Dam was able to end the match with a Five-Star Frog Splash.

~ The Undertaker would not be seen on the Smackdown! following No Way Out, nor the Smackdown! afterwards. Neither was Heidenreich.

~ Following the beatdown by Carlito Caribbean Cool on John Cena, the WWE United States Champion, CCC was on Smackdown! a few days later when it was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He took part in a matchup against a local talent, and rolled right through him. He got on the microphone, and waved to Cena, and sarcastically asked him if he was doing well. He says that he knows that he wasn’t, and said that to him, that’s just fine. He’s wanted to wipe him away after what he did to him a few months before. He adds that he hopes that soon enough he’ll become an afterthought and that Carlito would be the big star on Smackdown! To him, he says, “Dat would be cool.”

~ Miscellaneous Tidbits ~

~ Nothing in true regards to both the Cruiserweight and Women’s Division except that both champions, Chavo Guerrero, and Trish Stratus respectively take part in singles and tag team competition for the next two weeks. Through this process though, they gain the ire of their contenders, challengers and foes, and it looks like things may start to heat up as the month of March approaches.

~ The first two inductees to the Class of 2005 for the WWE Hall of Fame were announced. They were “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff and Nikolai Volkoff.

~ “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters continued to have vignettes play not only on Monday Night Raw, but also Smackdown!

Current Card for WWE WrestleMania 21

“WrestleMania Goes Hollywood”
Date: April 3rd 2005
Location: Los Angeles, California; STAPLES Center
Event Music: The Soundtrack of Our Lives; Bigtime & 3 Doors Down; Behind Those Eyes

WWE Championship Match:

WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield vs. 2005 Royal Rumble Winner Rob Van Dam

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

World Heavyweight Champion ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton vs. Road to WrestleMania 21 Tournament Winner ‘The Game’ Triple H

Chapter 5: The ‘March’ to ‘Mania Begins

...Coming Soon...

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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

Chapter 5: The ‘March’ to ‘Mania Begins

As we hit the month of March, it certainly has been a very good two months in World Wrestling Entertainment. The buyrate returns for both the New Year’s Revolution and the Royal Rumble pay-per-views look like they will be very good, and there has been great quality in the wrestling, booking, and television shows. However, with good, comes bad, and as we have seen lately there have been some pretty bad injuries sustained. To reference, up to this point:

Injury List:
· Lita (Torn ACL) - out for 6-8 months
· Shawn Michaels (Torn ACL, MCL, PCL) - out for 10-12 months
· Big Show (torn quadriceps muscle) - out for 8-12 months
· Kurt Angle (severely separated shoulder; leave of absence) - return unknown
· John Cena (broken collarbone) – out for 4-6 weeks

So as it stood, Smackdown was without three of its biggest stars and Raw took a big hit too, losing not only one of its top female wrestlers but arguably its top male wrestler. With WrestleMania 21 exactly one month away at this juncture in our story, crunch time was making everybody feel the pressure. As evident by the recent signings, and the dramatic differences in booking and programming. More losses could make for an even larger hit to the product and could very well push the company to the brink. Everybody needed to be on his or her A-game, and the results seemed to be more than satisfactory.

Results from 3/3/05 – 3/17/05

Smackdown! Results
March 3, 2005
Albany, New York

~ The show begins with footage from earlier in the day of JBL and his Cabinet arriving at the Times Union Center in Albany, New York. G.M. Teddy Long greets them. JBL says that he should have the night off once again, still feeling wounded from his Steel Cage Match with Kurt Angle at No Way Out. Long informs him, however, that he received a phone call from his doctor and his surgeon and he is cleared to compete so he will. Before he can throw a fit, Teddy tells him that he will compete against one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions… … Rey Mysterio!

~ A non-title cruiserweight matchup kicks off the evening, and Chavo Guerrero picks up a victory against Paul London, who gives him a run for his money.

~ Backstage, we see Theodore Long on the phone with someone. Upon hanging up, a crew worker comes in and it appears that he was called in previously. Long tells him to inform the roster he has a major announcement to make regarding the WWE United States Championship.

~ Chavo attempts to leave the Times Union Center, but as he leaves the building, he continually passes an increasing amount of cruiserweights. Funaki, Billy Kidman, Akio, and even one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Rey Mysterio. Chavo seems a bit taken back … but eventually, slips into his car and drives away. Interesting.

~ A vignette airs, featuring none other than The Undertaker. He cuts a promo, very reminiscent of his Attitude Era-esque promos, signaling out Shelton Benjamin, and telling him to be careful for what he wishes for. He concludes by saying he will be around a lot sooner than others would like to believe, and that all members of the kingdom should be fearful.

~ After winning another squash match, Carlito gathers more momentum, and waves to John Cena through the camera for the second straight week.

~ The cruiserweights take the stage once again as Akio takes on Funaki. Both men seem to be trying to make a statement and send a message to the Cruiserweight Champion and trying to establish themselves as the Number One Contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. The match concludes with Akio hitting Akio Time (corkscrew moonsault~!) on Funaki, and getting the victory.

~ A vignette airs showing RVD’s journey through ECW with several notable highlights shown inside it with the tag of “ROAD TO THE WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT” underneath it. Afterwards, we’re inside RVD’s locker room and we see the No. 1 contender alongside his manager, Bill Alfonso. The two reminisce, until we seee Rey Mysterio walk inside. The two touch knuckles, and then do a bit of strategizing for tonight’s main event in case things get out of hand, and Van Dam knows Rey won’t mind a bit if they take things “to the extreme.”

~ After the commercial break Theodore Long goes out to the ring carrying a drawstring bag. He asks for a microphone and begins to talk. He says that unfortunately, John Cena sustained some serious injuries at No Way Out. He says that due to that, he cannot comply with the “30-day title defense” clause in his contract and so, unfortunately, Theodore Long has stripped John Cena of the United States Championship. He says that he talked to Cena, and he says he had given it up with great respect for not only himself, but for the championship, its legacy, and the rest of the roster. Long says that when Cena returns, he told him that he would be ready to take back the title. For now, though, there must be a new champion crowned. Theodore announces that over the next few weeks, a tournament will commence to determine the new United States Champion, culminating at WrestleMania 21. He says he has already devised the bracket, and brings it up on the minitron on the set.

Eddie Guerrero/Rene Dupree
Hardcore Holly/Booker T
Carlito Caribbean Cool/Hardcore Holly
Charlie Haas/Luther Reigns

~ Long announces that the tournament will begin next week on SmackDown!

~ We get a similar “ROAD TO THE WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT” tagged video, this time highlighting the early years of John Bradshaw Layfield. This was back when he was known as Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw and was a rough ‘n’ tough cowboy who branded his opponents following his matches. He then went on to team with Barry Windham to form The New Blackjacks, and became “Blackjack Bradshaw.” That video concludes, and we return to see JBL and the rest of his Cabinet in their locker room.
And, to no surprise most of the Cabinet sans Layfield is snickering a bit at what they just saw. JBL tells them all to shut their mouths, and to focus on what’s ahead of them. He tells The Bashams that he’s still disappointed that they dropped the Tag Team Titles to a luchadore and a stoner. He also adds that Orlando Jordan had better wise up and start doing what he does best and that is protecting him more often.
He tells everybody that while Rob Van Dam is concerned about making WrestleMania “his history-making moment” and “the moment where he finally arrives,” that, “I JBL, and the rest of you, should be concerned about making this MY crowning achievement. It should be about MY legacy, of being the longest-reigning WWE Champion in over a decade. I will call on ALL OF YOU to be on your toes, and at your best, and it’s real simple what will happen if you’re not. You will all be FIRED!!!”
With that, The Cabinet seems to be pretty set on what to do, and Layfield lets out a smile and kisses his WWE Championship belt, and says that Rob Van Dam “stands no frickin’ chance.”

~ The tag team bout featuring the tandems of Charlie Haas/Eddie Guerrero and Booker T/Luther Reigns takes place, which virtually becomes a semi-preview of what is in store for the Vacated United States Championship Tournament. Throughout the contest, each man scores a near fall, but in the end, it’s Booker T who extracts a bit of revenge for Eddie Guerrero squandering away his opportunity to be the WWE United States Champion at No Way Out. He hits the Scissors Kick around the 12-minute mark, and picks up the pin fall victory.
After the match, Booker makes a belt gesture around his waist and taunts all of the three other men in the ring, who all seem to have a collective look of frustration and desire, knowing what is lying ahead of them.

WrestleMania Recall - WrestleMania X - Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon break new ground in an unforgettable ladder match to determine the Undisputed Intercontinental Champion.

~ After the commercial break, Michael Cole announces that next week, No. 1 Contender to the WWE Championship and Royal Rumble winner Rob Van Dam will run the gauntlet against The Cabinet -- INCLUDING JBL!!!

~ Backstage, in the G.M.’s office, Teddy Long gets a surprise visitor: Raw’s Jonathan Coachman. Coach tells Long that Mr. McMahon granted him permission to be here tonight, so to hold off on calling security or anything of that sort. Coach tells Long that he is also here on behalf of Shelton Benjamin, who said that he watched Undertaker say that he is going to be here “sooner than we may think.” He said that Shelton says that that’s all fine and dandy, and says he’ll be here on Smackdown! soon too. But as opposed to how Undertaker delivered his statement, he’s going to be on Smackdown! -- NEXT WEEK!

~ We get a split-screen view of the WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield and one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio as their match steadfast approaches.


~ In the main event, JBL and Rey put on a very good made-for-television match. The WWE Champion, in his first match since No Way Out, sells the wounds he said he suffered but drives through it and puts up a hell of a fight against one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. Rey, on the other hand, valiantly stands up to the WWE Champion and damn near measures him step-for-step and move-for-move… until Rey looks for the Seated Senton, which JBL ducks, and then slams Rey with the Clothesline From Hell and picks up the pin at the 15 minute mark.
A post-match beatdown takes place following the contest by the members of The Cabinet until RVD’s music hits. The Whole F’N Show walks out, wielding a steel chair in hand. He greets Orlando Jordan and ducks a clothesline, and then tosses it to OJ and connects with the Van Daminator. He then turns and connects with a couple of stiff kicks to The Bashams, and then turns his attention over to the WWE Champion.
The crowd roars, as the encounter that they have been waiting for may be about to happen a week earlier than scheduled!!! Mr. Thursday Night slides into the ring, but the WWE Champion slithers away!! The Wrestling God wants NO part of the Royal Rumble winner and hops over the barricade with the WWE Championship in tow. He and RVD get into a shouting match, as the broadcast comes to a close.


Monday Night Raw Results
March 7, 2005
Raleigh, North Carolina

~ The night kicks off with the WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus making her way to the ring. Dressed to kill, she walks down to the ring with a microphone in hand and begins to lay into the women’s division, claiming that it just isn’t “fun” to her anymore to continually walk to the ring week-after-week on TV, and nearly day-after-day on the road and face inferior talent. She makes a decree to anybody in the back that she HASN’T mowed over to walk her way out to the ring, and force her to use some type of effort for a one-on-one, non-title match.
After a few moments of anxious waiting, she, along with the tens of thousands in attendance in the RBC Center, watch as a young looking brunette quietly walks out on stage. No music. No glitz. No glamour. Just this curvy, young woman wearing a green tanktop and green skirt. She climbs into the ring and looks on at Trish with her hands on her hips.
The Women’s Champion seems to have a rough idea of who this woman is; based upon the look on her face as she stands and waits. Trish then asks the woman if they’ve met before, and she nods yes. It then hits her; Trish announces to the world that the woman’s name is Alexis Laree. Stratus then promptly introduces her as a wrestler who has been lying in Ohio Valley Wrestling and that she tutored for a few months. Alexis seems to agree with this sentiment, and Trish put her arm around Miss Laree. She ‘cutely’ pinches her cheek and tells her to scram and to “go play nice with the little kiddies in Louisville,” and to leave this to the women around here, not the girls.
Laree seems to take offense, as she bats down her arm, and then snatches away the microphone. She then begins to mouth off at Trish, telling her that what she just did, laying into the women’s division, was downright disrespectful. She exclaims that she doesn’t belong with the kiddies anymore, because she got called up to “where the big girls play” (WCW, much? ) this past weekend. This seems to take Trish by surprise, and this exuberant yet elegant woman steps right up to the plate. Getting face-to-face with the blond bombshell, she tells her point blank that she wants her Women’s Championship, and she wants it tonight.
Trish laughs, and talks down to her a bit, and tells her that instead, she can taste the canvas. She calls a referee out and one comes down and before the bell sounds, she blasts Laree with the Women’s Championship!! The crowd boos as the referee then calls for the bell at the request of Trish, and she goes for the cover. 1! 2!! NO!!! Laree kicks out!!
What happens from then on is nothing short of awesome. Laree, who has been producing very well down in OVW, nearly matches Stratus maneuver-for-maneuver, giving her a run for her money. The Women’s Champion though, minutes later, kicks it into another gear, and looks to finish off Laree. She whips back and looks for the Chick Kick… and Laree crumbles to the mat!! Trish extends her arms out and soaks in the heat, as she turns away from her fallen opponent… who as we find out… isn’t so fallen! She stands up, having NOT been hit with the Chick Kick, and grabs Trish and rolls her up! 1! 2!! 3!!! Alexis Laree has pinned the WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus!!!
Raleigh explodes, as Alexis quickly scampers away as a shocked, sullied and spiteful Trish Stratus looks on with a hateful look in her eyes, having just been EMBARASSED by a rookie!! Alexis confidently backs up the ramp and waves at her newfound adversary, who shouts wildly at her.

~ The debut of “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters takes place as he runs roughshod through notorious jobber Stevie Richards in less than four minutes; Ross and Lawler hype up the performance afterwards as well as his impressive, “masterful” physique.

~ Backstage, Trish Stratus heads to Eric Bischoff’s office and wildly complains about what just happened and tells Eric, who seems to be sleazily checking the Women’s Champion out, to take action. Bischoff, approaching her with intentions to touch her (he’s quickly slapped away), tells her not to be so feisty and should instead take it as a challenge. “It’s what you wanted, isn’t it Trish? A challenge from someone you hadn’t seen or hadn’t beaten. Just because she dished it out, doesn’t mean you can’t dish it back.”
Trish takes a moment to think about it, and seems to agree with him, and then turns away ad looks back at E-Z-E before heading out. As she does, she runs into an old rival Victoria, who glares at her, not forgetting what was said. She tries to make Trish flinch, and she succeeds, and Victoria laughs it off and walks away.

~ A vignette plays, hyping up the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin, with the word “PHENOM” both said and seen, with inter-cutting shots of The Undertaker every now and then as well.

~ Chris Jericho takes on the polarizing Muhammad Hassan in the second match of the evening. It’s a pretty good match, with Hassan flashing a lot of the potential that he has shown as of late, despite the hatred that he has gotten from the fans. However he finds himself slipping away as Y2J begins to hit his stride. As he goes to lock in the Lion Tamer, suddenly, Daivari jumps into the ring and onto the back of Jericho!!! The referee can’t do anything else but call for the bell, and from that point on, chaos breaks loose.
Hassan who delivers a STO, and then eventually synched in the Camel Clutch, eventually takes down Jericho, who is writhing in pain. The crowd then cheers as we see “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit sprinting down to the ring!! He slides in and takes down Hassan himself, and then fires off a couple of punishing knife-edged chops to an approaching Daivari. He dumps him out of the ring, before clotheslining Hassan from the ring.

WrestleMania Recall - WrestleMania 2000 - For the first time, the WWE Championship is defended in a multi-man match. This time, it is defended in a Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match pitting Triple H, The Rock, The Big Show and Mick Foley against one another.

~ In an interview, La Résistance cut a promo introducing a new concept and decree entitled “Guerre International,” or International Warfare in English. Sylvain and Rob explain that in their title defenses from here on out, or in any tag team match that they choose to declare “Guerre International,” there will be no disqualifications, no count outs, and victory could only come following pin falls, and not being able to answer the count of “dix,” or ten.

~ Randy Orton, following the commercial break, is seen walking out of G.M. Eric Bischoff’s office in a collared shirt with the World Heavyweight Championship adorned on his shoulder. He begins to walk towards his locker room when Christy Hemme, the 2004 Raw Diva Search winner, meets him. Hemme, ogling Orton, introducers herself and flirts with him, making a couple of moves. TLK (The Legend Killer … or perhaps, The Lady Killer?) seems to take interest, but denies the request, saying he has much larger things to worry about at the moment, and one of them is confronting Evolution, who apparently will be talking later on in the evening.

~ Our third match of the evening sees the former World Tag Team Champions, William Regal and Tajiri, taking on Maven and Simon Dean. Regal and Tajiri pick up the victory at the seven-minute mark after Tajiri hit the Buzzsaw Kick on Maven. Following the match Regal gets on the microphone and tells La Résistance that if it’s warfare that they want, then it shall be warfare that they will get.

~ Backstage, Jonathan Coachman is interviewed by Todd Grisham, and in the middle of the interview, the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin shows his face, with the Intercontinental Championship wrapped around his waist behind his gray zip-up hoodie vest. Coach talks him up, and tells Todd that they are waiting any day now for The Undertaker. Coach tells Grisham that he, Benjamin, is so confident in his abilities and to show that he truly is ‘The New Phenom of the WWE,’ that he’ll defend his Intercontinental Championship here tonight against … Kane!!!

~ Arriving at the arena past the midway point of the show is the touted Evolution. Dressed in matching black suits, Triple H, Ric Flair and “The Animal” Batista, who seems to still be wavering from his loss two weeks ago to “The Game,” slowly follows.

~ Christian makes his way to the ring for singles competition. After getting in the ring, Edge’s music hits and he walks out on stage dressed casually, not for competition. Edge cuts a promo, talking about the roots of Christian’s jealousy and he “reminds” him that his jealousy stretches back much further than just with him. He notes that an old friend of his also always drew the eye of Captain Charisma, and he introduces him for the next match… and it’s none other than “The Man Beast,” Rhyno!!
Rhyno and Christian take part in an extremely physical bout, one that Edge watches from ringside. The finish approaches as Rhyno is setting Christian up for The Gore. Rhyno surges ahead but Christian at the VERY - LAST - SECOND leapfrogs him! Rhyno stops on a dime, but is hauled to the center of the ring where he is hit with The Unprettier. Christian, staring down Edge the entire time, makes the cover, and picks up the victory.
Captain Charisma stares down his brother the whole way as he rises to his feet. He has his hand raised, which ironically becomes his own undoing, as he takes his eye off of Edge. Edge has gotten in the ring, and then grabs Christian from behind … by the arms … and stands and taunts before hitting The Unprettier on Christian! Edge looks down at his fallen brother before crouching down and the microphone picks him up … “Hey copycat … payback … is a BITCH!!!”

~ Following the commercial break, the next inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame is announced as “Cowboy” Bob Orton will join Nikolai Volkoff and “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff in the Class of 2005.

~ Backstage, in the words of Gordon ‘The Great’ Solie, a Pier 6 brawl breaks out between the tandems of William Regal and Tajiri, and the World Tag Team Champions, La Résistance!! The two teams go at it tooth and nail, scratching and clawing their way through each other, wanting to damn near rip each other’s throats out from the looks of it, and eventually it’s the champs who look to be gaining momentum in the brawl. Grenier tosses Tajiri into a crate and Tajiri hits it with a sickening thud, and the two then turn their attention to William Regal who is putting forth an extremely valiant effort. He, however, pays for it, and is driven onto a wooden palate atop a forklift with the Au Revoir!

~ In the ‘main event,’ Shelton Benjamin does in fact defend his Intercontinental Championship against ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane in a very solid-not spectacular matchup. Kane’s size puts the IC Champion in a very precarious predicament but the former two-time All-American Golden Gopher put himself back in position to win the match at the halfway point after a stupendous counter out of The Chokeslam from Hell.
The match hits the 13-minute mark and Benjamin is able to hit a high-impact clothesline off the top rope. He then looks to finish Kane off with a T-Bone Suplex, but Kane elbows free. Benjamin staggers into the corner, and Kane runs forward. Benjamin however dodges the bullet, and Kane bounces off the turnbuckles. The self-proclaimed New Phenom then props Kane up on the top rope. After a brief struggle, he hits a TOP ROPE T-BONE SUPLEX and picks up the extremely impressive CLEAN title defense over Kane!!
After the match, Benjamin celebrates with The Coach, but their celebration is cut short when THE LIGHTS GO OUT… …. … … Only to return about 30 seconds later… … … … with no sight of The Undertaker anywhere.


~ Before the final segment of the evening, it is announced that next week we will see two ‘Pick Your Poison’ matchups featuring the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and the challenger to the WHC at WrestleMania 21, Triple H.
Also announced is: Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs. Muhammad Hassan & Daivari; La Résistance in non-title action; and finally, Alexis Laree will be in action against Molly Holly.

~ The entity known as Evolution makes their way to the ring to a substantial amount of heat. Triple H cuts a rather dynamic promo, and says that the main event of WrestleMania 21 on will be nothing short of the old “Apprentice versus Master” adage. This will be his tenth WrestleMania, and just the second for Randy Orton. This will mark the fifth time that he will be in the WrestleMania main event, and only the first time for Randy Orton.
“While things may change from here on out, the fact of the matter is Randy, you may be evolving, but The Game has already evolved. And I’m a living, breathing, ruthless, evolved son of a bitch.”
He goes on to say that he remembers his first WrestleMania main event and it was an extremely similar circumstance. The event took place in southern California. He was up against not just one, but also several forces that had been a thorn in his side for several months and years, and more importantly, he was the reigning champion. Ironically enough, as he remembers, he won the title in early January just like Randy did. He said the story seems to fit like a glove, but to him, there’s one difference: Randy Orton isn’t Triple H, and that, to him, is the benefactor.
After a few more minutes, out comes The Legend Killer himself. He fearlessly walks down to the ring while speaking to The Game, agreeing with him that the stories seem the same, but disagrees on the differences. To him, it doesn’t matter if he has the experience. All that he needs to do is be better than him on one night, and he believes he can do it. Triple H says to him, that’s ludicrous, because there’s nothing to suggest that that’s going to happen. “This isn’t the NFL. It’s not Any Given Sunday, Randy, and in this business, the best of the best are the ones that beat the rest. And I’m the best there is on this show, and I’ve been the best ever since you hit the scene.
Randy fires back and laces into The Game, telling him for months and months while he was riding your coattails (glares at Batista) he was biding his time and wondering when it was going to be time to strike back and be on his own. He said he never needed any help, like how Triple H would always goad them into doing his business. He continues on, telling him that he’s waited for this moment and this match ever since he lost the title back at Unforgiven. He knew that destiny would bring he and Triple H against one another again, and destiny is never – ever – wrong. He tells him that his destiny is to achieve the crowning moment in his career and beat Triple H at WrestleMania 21 and that will catapult him to becoming the greatest World Heavyweight Champion in the history of the industry. He claims he’s the “perfect champion,” and that any desires or dreams for Triple H are better off on paper.
An intense staredown between the two would end the show, and Ric Flair and Batista would do nothing but watch, as this rivalry will come to a head in 27 long days.


Smackdown! Results
March 10, 2005
Uniondale, New York

~ The night kicks off with JBL and The Cabinet making their way to the ring. JBL cuts an epic promo, saying in spite of the fact that he got out of dodge from Rob Van Dam, he doesn’t need to prove anything. He says he’s more than ready tonight if need be, but he doesn’t need to prove to the people, to the boys in the back or to Rob Van Dam especially that he has to fight him to prove he’s better. He brings up how he’s held the WWE Championship for so long, and has gone through every single challenger that he’s faced. He puts down the ‘extreme’ mantra that RVD will certainly be running with for the rest of the way, and tells him that physicality will always triumph over extremism.
“You’ve lived your life, you’ve progressed through your career, as a bingo hall sideshow. You’ve been a circus act, a trapeze artist, but lemme tell ya somethin’ RVD. Circus acts, trapeze artists, and bingo hall sideshows don’t make it in this business!! Successful, self-made men like me. We are the men that succeed in this business!!! People like you shine my shoes, and people like me blaze trails in those same pairs of shoes. You’re nothin’ Van Dam, and I’m somethin’! And that is just the way it is.”
JBL wraps up the promo, telling Rob Van Dam that by the end of the night he isn’t even going to be able to get off of Long Island, let alone get to Los Angeles and fight for the WWE Championship. The Cabinet then disperses, with JBL hoisting up the WWE Championship up in the air afterwards.

~ The first match of the night is the first United States Championship Tournament Quarterfinal. Carlito Caribbean Cool takes on Hardcore Holly, and of note, Carlito came out to the ring in a New York Rangers hockey sweater, as sort of a dig to John Cena, and gets a ton of heat from the crowd for it. CCC eventually takes care of Holly after a pretty decent affair, and hits him with the Overdrive at the seven-minute mark to advance to the semifinals.

~ Arriving to the arena are Raw’s Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin and Jonathan Coachman, who seem to be bringing with them a brash sense of confidence.

WrestleMania Recall – WrestleMania XIV – Stone Cold Steve Austin triumphs over ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, with an assist from ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, to win his first WWE Championship in front of a sold out crowd at the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

~ The second matchup of the evening is a bout featuring the cruiserweights. This time it features Billy Kidman and, surprisingly enough, one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions and former multi-time Cruiserweight Champion himself, Rey Mysterio. Kidman and Mysterio take a page out of their old WCW books and put on a stellar contest. Cole and Tazz drum up the recent movement amongst the cruiserweights due to Chavo Guerrero’s actions as of late, taking offense to it, and we can see that in the ring as Billy and Rey both push one another to the limit.
The match ends after the 10-minute mark as Billy misfires on the Shooting Star Press, which eventually leads to Rey connecting with a West Coast Pop. Following the match, the camera cuts backstage to Chavo Guerrero watching in the interview pit, with the Cruiserweight Championship slung on his shoulder, watching with a very incensed look on his face.

~ In the interview pit, Eddie Guerrero cuts a promo about being gifted another chance at winning the United States Championship given how close he came to securing it at No Way Out. He says that while there are a lot of people, Booker T namely, that are saying the manipulated his way into No Way Out and it’s not particularly fair, he says that’s just how life is, “essa.” He says that he’s disappointed that last year he was WWE Champion at WrestleMania and won’t be getting that opportunity again, but he’s going to do the next best thing and win the United States Championship in Hollywood.

~ The third matchup of the night features the great Eddie Guerrero as he takes on the Rene Dupree in a quarterfinal matchup for the vacated United States Championship. It goes ten minutes or so, and Latino Heat’s craftiness and experience is ever apparent, and is enough to counteract everything that Rene Dupree brings to the table, and in the end, the El Paso native picks up the win, with the inadvertent help of one Booker T.
Booker came down to the ring with the referee turned away after putting away the ring bell, and Eddie had taken a steel chair away from Jordan with the referee’s back turned. Eddie looked to use it on Dupree, but when he saw Booker approaching him, he turned directions, but Booker had it scouted and kicked him in the gut. He grabbed the steel chair, and Eddie immediately dropped to the mat, looking unconscious. The referee turned around and saw this, and called for the bell, giving Eddie the win via disqualification!!
Booker would throw a fit momentarily as Eddie advances in the tournament, and moments later, Guerrero would dropkick an unsuspecting Book Man out of the ring and proceeded to shimmy to play up to the crowd.

~ The second edition of the “ROAD TO THE WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT” airs, this time profiling RVD’s first year in WWE. We see his early clashes with the likes of Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, The Undertaker and William Regal. His run to the King of the Ring finals (ultimately losing to Brock Lesnar, but him losing isn’t shown, of course) in 2002 is also profiled, as well as his interactions in the first-ever Elimination Chamber match.
Following that vignette we see RVD training in the back, stretching his legs across two steel chairs, as Cole and Tazz hype up the Gauntlet main event that will be ahead of us later on tonight, as well as the stationary hype for WrestleMania 21.

~ ‘The New Phenom’ Shelton Benjamin and The Coach are out in the Nassau Coliseum as we’re well through the second hour of the broadcast. Coach commandeers the mic and goes into a hype-up spree, doing everything that he can to put over Shelton Benjamin and try to trash The Undertaker. He says that his victory against Kane on Monday night only solidified him more not only as one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time, but as one of the best wrestlers in the company.
“As if it couldn’t be anymore CLEAR! As it couldn’t be anymore APPARENT!! You are looking at a bonafide superstar baby! Shelton Benjamin is going to be doing BIG and BETTER things before you know it, and by the end of the year, I swear to the Lord above, Shelton Benjamin is going to be a World Champion!!”
That’s not all, adds The Coach who quickly reminds us that he’s going to dethrone The Undertaker as ‘The New Phenom’ of WWE. How is he going to do that you may ask? He’s about to say, before… *GONG* … *GONG* … *GONG* … and moments later, The Undertaker arrives!! Not seen since No Way Out, and not heard from since last week, The Deadman slowly steps towards the ring amidst a thick layer of fog along the ramp. Benjamin and Coach, in the ring, look unfazed and unabashed, not moving an inch as ‘The Phenom’ finally gets into the ring. He wields his own microphone, and don’t look now because it’s almost like 1998 again and The Undertaker is cutting a promo! Taker tells Shelton that he admires his goals, his desire, his aspirations, but simply tells him that what is already dead cannot be killed. In other words, The Undertaker is, has, and always will be ‘The Phenom’ of World Wrestling Entertainment. He goes on the list about who has tried to seize his kingdom; from Hulk Hogan to King Kong Bundy; from his own brother Kane to Stone Cold Steve Austin; from Ric Flair to Shawn Michaels; and each and every man that he’s faced at WrestleMania, nobody has gotten the job done. Coach chimes in, and tells Undertaker that Shelton is different than the rest, and he’s better than the very best. He pumps up his boy, and Shelton then snatches away the microphone all of a sudden!! Staring directly into the eyes of The Deadman, the Intercontinental Champion steps up and CHALLENGES THE UNDERTAKER AND HIS UNDEFEATED STREAK FOR A MATCH AT WRESTLEMANIA 21!
Undertaker shakes his head slowly, and goes onto speak to Shelton…
“Shelton Benjamin… you better be careful what you wish for… only the strong can survive walking through the valley of death… and at WrestleMania, you better hope you are strong, because I will break your spirit, I will punish you, and I will make you respect the real Phenom of WWE… or else you… will rest… IN… PEACEEEEEE…”
And with that, the match has been made! Coach holds Shelton back a little bit and reminds him that it will only be 24 more days until these two square off with one another with Undertaker’s undefeated streak on the line.


~ A vignette that highlights the city of Chicago airs, and all the while, a grunge-like texture overlay it with the occasional ‘stamping’ of the Chicago flag every now and then. It finishes with a shot of the skyline with the grunge overly, as well as the Chicago flag blending in, and a voice over states, “Welcome… to the Second City…”

~ Michael Cole and Tazz announce what was announced earlier during the week in that ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton will be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame, and they also announce that additionally, The Iron Sheik will be inducted as well as part of the Class of 2005.

~ The fourth match sees Paul London taking on the spirited Funaki in an unorthodox face-versus-face contest. The two put on a very good contest, but in the end, the match comes to a screeching halt, when, all of a sudden, the Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero leaps onto the back of Paul London and then Funaki, pounding away with several forearm shivers!! The referee calls for a no contest, as we see Chavo stamp on both of them repeatedly. He shoves the referee away before blasting Paul London with the Cruiserweight Title belt, and then blasts Funaki with the Cruiserweight Title belt as well!! A very pissed off Chavo Guerrero, not taking the recent backlash against him very lightly, stands and hoists up his title to many a boo, before tumbling out of the ring and walking back up the ramp with a kick in his step.

~ Before our final commercial break, JBL reiterates what he said before and instructs The Cabinet to get the job done and make it so RVD doesn’t even make it to WrestleMania. The Cabinet appears to understand their orders, and they all disperse and head for the ‘Gorilla position.’

~ The second “ROAD TO THE WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT” vignette of the night airs. This one highlight’s JBL’s days as ‘Bradshaw’ of the Acolytes and of the famed Acolyte Protection Agency. His numerous bar fights are shown, as well as his run-ins as a member of the Ministry of Darkness and a whole heck of a lot of ass-kicking.

~ In our main event, the Royal Rumble winner Rob Van Dam took center stage and first battled against Orlando Jordan. Jordan looked pretty strong, coming in so fresh, but ‘The Whole F’N Show’ proves that he is just that. Six minutes after his arrival, Van Dam disposes of him after connecting with a split-legged moonsault.
JBL barks at not just one, but BOTH Basham’s to get into the ring and they do just that. Danny climbs into the ring and provides a distraction for Doug to come in from behind and hit him with an elbow to the back of the head. The two begin to club away and ground and pound, before attempting to neutralize him with double-team maneuvers. RVD pulls a valiant effort to come back into the match, and he eventually does, dismissing Danny after hitting a spinning heel kick, sending him out of the ring and then connects with a monkey flip on Doug. He slingshots up to the top rope, before leaping off and he hits the Five-Star Frog Splash! Van Dam gets the victory, dismissing of Doug, and we see Danny slide back into the ring, and Danny surprises him and hammers away at his back. He swings him off to the ropes and charges in, but Van Dam is quick to leapfrog. He then grabs him and rolls him up. 1! 2!! 3!!! Van Dam’s defeated The Cabinet, AND NOW HE GETS JBL!!!
The crowd roars, as if the Islanders just picked up a game-winning goal, and Van Dam motions for him to get in the ring. Layfield, looking PISSED, slowly steps onto the apron, and barks at ‘The Whole F’N Show.’ He calls him an idiot, and a stoner, and scum, and that he won’t be the WWE Champion at WrestleMa—WHAM!!! RVD clobbers JBL with a roundhouse kick face!!! JBL is swung off the apron, and then Orlando pounces hitting RVD in the back of the skull with the WWE Championship belt!!!
The referee calls for the bell as the Chief of Staff hammers away at the No. 1 contender to the WWE Championship. Doug then is shown getting to his feet and he joins along the beatdown, as well as Danny, but then we see Rey Mysterio hit the ring!! Mysterio takes OJ down with a cross body, and then dropkicks Doug, before bringing Danny down with a headscissors taken down. He goes for the 619 on Doug, but is cutoff with a PULVERIZING CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL BY JBL! The Wrestling God makes his presence felt as he then looks over at RVD, who is still very slow to get up. He barks away, telling him to “get his punk ass up,” and having had enough he walks over and grabs him by the arm and pulls him in and hits the Clothesline From Hell!!
The Cabinet is able to regroup and this time, unlike the last two weeks, they are the ones who reign supreme this evening. JBL stands over the fallen RVD with the WWE Championship being shoved right in his face as Smackdown! goes off of the air.


Monday Night Raw Results
March 14, 2005
Duluth, Georgia

~ The night kicks off with Edge coming out to the ring, fresh off of delivering The Unprettier, his brother’s finishing maneuver, to his brother Christian last week when Raw was in Raleigh, North Carolina. We see the replay of that as Edge gets to the ring. He says that over the past few days he has gone up to his hometown of Toronto and it’s been, in his words, “pretty damn awkward” given the circumstances. He tells Christian that this is “basically his fault,” and because of that he’s calling Christian out. Moments later, Captain Charisma swoops in and, with a microphone in hand goes in on a tirade. He berates the hell out of Edge, telling him some of the same things that he has said last week but dishing it out with incredible delivery this week. Edge tells him he’s had enough of just talking, and instead wants to fight.
“I’m not usually one to give in to people’s demands, but Christian, you’ve been so much of a God damn thorn in my side as of late that it’s pissing me off. You cost me my chance to main event WrestleMania. That should have been the breaking point, but I let you off the hook. But then you had to take it to another level. You’re barking up the wrong tree, buddy, and if it’s a fight you want then it’s a fight that you’re going to get. And I’m not talking about spoiling the people of Duluth, Georgia, this small, rinky-dink suburb of the cesspool known as Atlanta, no. I want the world to see me kick your ass. I want the country of Canada to see me prove who the better man is and most of all I want to get my point across to every living, breathing soul in the universe that I’m the best. So I’m challenging you to go one-on-one, mano-y-mano on the grandest stage of all… at WrestleMania 21…” Christian would be stupid to decline this challenge, and he doesn’t prove to be as it will officially be brother versus brother at WrestleMania!!
Before leaving the ring, Edge decides to punk out his brother as he pie-faces him into the corner and when he comes forward, he busts him in half with a Spear!!

~ The first match sees Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit inducing some “Canadian Violence” on Muhammad Hassan and Daivari, a bit of an “Arab Alliance.” (Both of those names are brought to you by good ol’ J.R.) It’s a damn good opener too, as we see Daivari touch some untapped potential that nobody really knew that he had, and Hassan does his usual shtick, impressive as of late when called upon. The incomparable Jericho and Benoit though work aggressively and often, showing their technical prowess and submission skills. In the case of Jericho, he displays his high-flying craft, and the match goes well beyond the ten-minute mark, giving the Duluth fans a treat.
The match however comes to an unexpected end when La Résistance hits the ring and takes out BOTH tandems! The crowd boos wildly as, seemingly following their “Guerre International” decree, Grenier and Conway attack both teams and do so brutally. They grab two steel chairs and take out Hassan and Jericho with them, and Grenier barks at Conway to get something.
Conway returns with a table, which he sets up in the middle of the ring. The Crippler, upon being picked up, fights back for a bit, and makes it look like he may survive the beating, but Conway kicks him in the groin, and Grenier follows up with a spinebuster into the table!!! They then set their sights on Muhammad Hassan and attack him with a dossier of punches. They then prop him up into the air and hit the Au Revoir through the barricade!!

~ Following the commercial break, we get a video recap of the events that just transpired. After that ends, we get an interview with Alexis Laree. Laree cuts a very simplistic promo in her interview after asking how she’s feeling before her first match ever. She says that she isn’t bothered by it, and has faced more pressure situations in her life than her first match ever. She says that she wants the Women’s Champion Trish Stratus to pay close attention tonight, because she says she’ll be making a statement.

~ ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters once again has a very impressive performance on Monday Night Raw, this time against a local talent by the name of Kenny Jackson, picking up the win a little past the three-minute mark.

~ Shelton Benjamin and The Coach arrive to the arena together and head towards their locker room. Along the way, as they’re walking, a GIGANTIC CRATE DROPS FROM THE CEILING!!! It nearly hits both Benjamin and The Coach, who both look like they’ve pissed themselves, and the two of them slowly but surely walk away. A camera goes up to the crate and seen is… one of The Undertaker’s famed symbols!!

~ In Alexis Laree’s debut, she takes on the veteran Molly Holly. Holly pulls no punches with the rookie, polishing her own skills after briefly being off of TV. Laree, though, doesn’t pull any punches either, and looks extremely impressive with almost no signs of being green for the second consecutive week. The finish arrives, as Molly goes for the Molly-Go-Round, but Alexis is able to counter it into a sitout powerbomb! Molly however kicks out at the count of two, and scrambles to her feet. She goes for a bulldog, but Alexis pushes her away and then kicks her in the gut and delivers a punishing DDT and comes away with her SECOND victory as a member of the Monday Night Raw roster.
Alexis celebrates her victory, and it draws the attention of Trish Stratus, just like she wanted. However, it’s Trish who gets the last laugh as she assaults Laree post-match, before teeing off on her with the Women’s Championship, right between the eyes.

~ Following her assault of Trish Stratus, and after a commercial break, Trish Stratus confidently strides by everyone that watches her, including many of the divas. It appears that, for the most part in her mind, the pecking order has been restored.

~ Cutting to another area backstage we see ‘The Legend Killer’ and World Heavweight Champion Randy Orton walking through a hallway. Todd Grisham tries to get a word with him, but TLK says that he has his ‘Pick Your Poison’ opponent in for Triple H, and needs to speak with Eric Bischoff about it. He then, as we see, strides into Bischoff’s office.

~ Back in the arena, ‘The Game’ Triple H makes his way to the ring. After a commercial break, the music of Shelton Benjamin plays and out comes the self-proclaimed ‘New Phenom’ of WWE. Benjamin, who was a thorn in the side of ‘The Game’ for much of 2004, gives him a hell of a lot of trouble here. Hunter puts on a clinic of his own, but he takes notice of a common occurrence during the match: the referee’s count is significantly slower when he creates pin falls, while for Benjamin, it’s increasingly higher. HHH confronts the referee, Jack Doan, who tells him he’s just doing his job.
The Game and The New Phenom go at it well past the 12-minute mark when Benjamin connects with a Superkick!! He claws over and makes the cover. 1! 2!! Shoulder up! Benjamin can’t believe it, as he climbs up to his feet. Just then… *GONG* … and Benjamin, spooked, looks around as the lights go out! A few seconds later, they come back on, and nobody’s around, and Triple H walks over and drags him to the center of the ring where he hits the Pedigree, and picks up the pin fall victory. Hunter walks out of he ring and as the camera follows him he looks in and tells Randy Orton that his poison wasn’t very effective.


HHH walks up the ramp with Ric Flair and Batista at his side, and they head to the backstage area. Meanwhile in the ring, Coach helps Benjamin up to his feet. As they do… *GONG* … *GONG* … the lights go out again!! A few seconds later, they return on, and THE UNDERTAKER HAS THE COACH CLUTCHED BY HIS THROAT!!! We see Shelton Benjamin, the Intercontinental Champion, sitting on his ass in the ring, almost looking terrified, as he hits The Chokeslam on The Coach!!! Undertaker then turns his attention to Shelton Benjamin and makes a slow throat slash gesture, as ‘The New Phenom’ gathers himself. He looks on at Taker, and then drops his title belt and hits the ring!!! But then, the lights go out again!!! Simultaneously with the gong hit, the arena looks on in the dark and the light returns… and there’s no more Undertaker! The crowd kicks up an “UNDERTAKER” chant as ‘The New Phenom,’ heated, paces around the ring.

~ We get footage of what occurred during the break, which sees Shelton hobbling Coach away to a car, and the car then promptly leaving the arena.
~ Backstage, we see ‘The Game’ and the rest of Evolution go into their locker room. Hunter tells them both that he’s glad that they did what they were asked and that was to stay out of his way. Flair ponders why he would say something like that, leading to Batista getting a bit angered as well. Hunter tells them both point blank that this business between himself and Randy Orton needs to be taken care of one-on-one. He instructs them both to stay the hell out of dodge unless they’re asked, which, once again, allows for a lot of tense moments.

~ The fourth match of the night sees La Résistance in action against the tag team of The Hurricane and Rosey. It’s a tough fight for Conway and Grenier, but they come out on top in this non-title affair after Conway hit a neckbreaker slam on Hurricane at the 6:35 mark.
Following the match, however, things end sourly for La Résistance. William Regal and Tairi hit the ring to attack Conway and Grenier. La Résistance fights back but they are soon outnumbered!! Still hobbled up, Muhammad Hassan, Daivari, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho all make their way to the ring and take part in an absurd 6-on-2 attack on the World Tag Team Champions. It eventually culminates with a gigantic suplex of both Conway and Grenier through the announce table!

WrestleMania Recall – WrestleMania VI – The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan take part in one of the greatest main events in WrestleMania (and wrestling) history. The Ultimate Warrior, the Intercontinental Champion, prevails, and becomes the WWE Champion.

~ J.R. and The King are back to announce that the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame as a part of the Class of 2005 is … none other than Hulk Hogan!!

~ We go backstage and see Randy Orton confidently walking to the ‘Gorilla position’ and he bumps into and runs into Edge. Orton tells him to watch where he’s going, but Edge fires back, and tells him that he was headed this way because he’s his opponent and his ‘poison’ as chosen by Triple H. He walks away as TLK stands and looks on, with an intense glare in his eyes.


~ Randy Orton and Edge take part in an awesome main event as WrestleMania draws closer. The Legend Killer struts his stuff, continuing the process of asserting himself as the unquestioned top dog of the Raw brand. He seems to get a bit of noticeable leniency from the officials when he hammers away at Edge in the corner, but when Edge does it, the referee automatically gets in his face and tells him to quit it.
15 minutes pass by and the finish seems to be steadfast approaching. The referee, though, is down and this prompts Edge to look for an opportunity to try and take advantage of the situation. He walks over and grabs Randy’s World Heavyweight Championship belt. He slithers into the ring, in snake-like fashion, and looks to blast Orton between the eyes… and does! He tosses the evidence away and goes for the cover. One problem however: the referee is still incapacitated! He takes a good while to try and help the referee up to his feet. He finally succeeds, before he slumps down into the corner and leans his head on the ropes. Edge, frustrated, goes to, but something ELSE catches his attention.
That something is actually a someone, and it’s Christian!! Edge’s brother Christian, with taped up ribs from the Spear from earlier in the evening, has made his way to the ring and he grabs the World Heavyweight Championship belt. He looks around at the crowd, as Edge shouts at him from inside the ropes. He peeks his head between the top and second rope, and we see that Randy Orton is getting back to his feet. Christian then suddenly nails the title belt between the eyes of his brother!!! Edge staggers back and away and right into a leapring Randy Orton who delivers the RKO! Orton slumps over atop Edge and the referee, groggily at best, makes the count. 1! 2!! 3!!!
The night ends with Christian slapping his chest a few times, having gotten the last laugh of the evening on his brother who Speared him earlier in the evening. Officially, though, it ends with Triple H, the challenger to the World Heavyweight Championship, tossing the television in his locker room right into the wall, with Flair and Batista looking on, and not moving an inch.


Smackdown! Results
March 17, 2005
Savannah, Georgia

~ The night kicks off with The Undertaker in action in a tune-up match for WrestleMania against Mark Jindrak. As if it should come to anybody’s surprise, The Undertaker picks up the victory at 7:01. Following the match, Shelton Benjamin extracts some revenge on ‘Taker for taking out The Coach on Raw as he attacks him post-match, first with a Superkick, and capping it off with a T-Bone Suplex on the ramp, displaying absolutely no fear of The Deadman.

~ After a break, Charlie Haas has an interview, in which he states that he is ready for his quarterfinal match tonight against Luther Reigns, and says that he’s also ready for his first singles match at WrestleMania. Ironically enough, Shelton Benjamin appears, and has a brief yet awkward staredown with his former tag team partner.

~ The WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield arrives to the arena … with The Cabinet in tow, to phenomenal heat.

~ In U.S. Title Tournament action, Booker T takes on Hardcore Holly. Booker struts his stuff, dominating and picks up the win … not yet seeming satisfied though, knowing he has a longer road ahead to satisfaction.

~ Backstage, Rey Mysterio is walking to the locker room that houses Rob Van Dam, with his WWE Tag Team Championship belt on his shoulder … only to be attacked by Chavo Guerrero! Chavo doesn’t hold back, pummeling Rey with punches all over his body before lawn darting him into the wall. Guerrero challenges him to do a better job of asserting himself, spits in his face, and walks off.

~ Elsewhere, Eddie Guerrero and Carlito Caribbean Cool have a convo, wondering if they will cross paths at ‘Mania. They go over the rest of the field, and when Eddie goes for a handshake to wish him luck, CCC doesn’t accept it, saying that shaking hands and being respectful isn’t very cool.

~ Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly get into a pretty loud argument in their locker room with Holly wondering why Haas didn’t come out to aid him in his match against Booker T. Haas says he’s not sure why he’d want him out there, being that it’s every man for himself in this tournament, and tells him that that’s who he’s been looking out for. Holly simply tells him to get lost and while he’s gone, to learn a little bit about respect.

~ In a ‘Cruiserweight Showcase Tag Team Match,’ Paul London teams up with Funaki to take on Billy Kidman and Akio. These twoteams don’t fall short of impressing the fans, delivering eight or nine minutes of high-energy and fast-paced action. However, Chavo Guerrero cuts it all short as he attacks each man, and lastly blasts Paul London with the Cruiserweeight Championship!

~ Chavo Guerrero walks in the backstage area and Teddy Long, Smackdown! General Manager cuts him off. After a brief discussion, Teddy informs him he’ll be wrestling at WrestleMania and defending his Cruiserweight Championship in a SIX-PACK CHALLENGE MATCH against Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Akio, Funaki, and Paul London!!!!

~ In our next installment of the “ROAD TO THE WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT” vignettes, we look at Rob Van Dam’s 2003, in which he became the Intercontinental Champion once again and had various battles with Randy Orton, The Dudley Boyz and Christian.

~ JBL takes a look at the vignette from his locker room and seems to watch it with a lot more intent this week, after the recent encounters he’s had with RVD lately have gotten much more physical.

~ In the fourth match of the night, Charlie Haas takes on Luther Reigns in the final quarterfinal match in the United States Championship Tournament. It’s Charlie Haas who gets the duke, when he forces Reigns into submission not with the Haas of Pain, but rather an inverted cloverleaf, asserting himself a spot in the semifinals.

~ Michael Cole and Tazz take a look at the bracket and how it is shaping up and announce that both of these semifinal matchups will occur next week:

Eddie Guerrero/Booker T
Carlito Caribbean Cool/Charlie Haas

~ After a commercial break, we are inside the trainer’s room as Rey Mysterio is still being examined after being tossed into the wall by Chavo Guerrero earlier in the evening. RVD walks into the room, and Rey tells him that he’s going to be fine, but a trainer tells him he does not think that he’s going to be good to go. Teddy Long, already in the room, tells him if that’s the case, then he’s going to need to go it alone tonight and singlehandedly defend the WWE Tag Team Championships.

~ We get another video centered on the city of Chicago. This time, as opposed to the destinations and hotspots, it surrounds the sports teams (e.g. Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, Fire, etc.) and has the similar grunge/Chicago flag overlay and it ends with a voiceover saying, “This is… The Second City…”

~ Michael Cole and Tazz go over the WrestleMania 21 card and hype up the U.S. Championship semifinals scheduled for next week, as well as a six-man tag team match pitting all six members of the Six-Pack Challenge, Rey Mysterio’s condition pending, of course.


~ We get our second “ROAD TO THE WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT” vignette of the evening as it centers in on the beginning of JBL’s singles career on Raw in early 2002, eventually stretching towards early 2004.

~ The Basham Brothers and Rob Van Dam begin their WWE Tag Team Championships Match as a Handicap Match, with Rey nowhere in sight. Before the match can even get started, WWE Champion JBL gets on the microphone…

“Y’know Rob Van Dam. I’m in a giving mood tonight, and since a lot of other people will claim that it isn’t fair to you that the super duper luchadore Rey Mysterio isn’t out here to help defend your titles, then I’m going to allow you to have an advantage in your corner. It is after all only fair to me, a symbol of the American Dream, to allow a poverty-stricken peasant like you have the opportunity to freedom. So we’re going to tweak it and make this match… a ‘Bingo Hall Brawl.’ Haha, and you should know exactly what that means Rob Van Dam! So have at it!”

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the Royal Rumble winner, Danny and Doug have wielded weapons already and strike with them!! Danny breaks a kendo stick over the cranium of ‘Mr. Thursday Night,’ and Doug follows it up with a DDT onto a trash can. They go for the pin afterwards, both of them, but Van Dam kicks out, and puts forth a valiant effort from then on. Things seem bleak though around the 18 minute mark, with RVD laying in waste in the middle of the ring, bleeding from a cut on his forehead, and Layfield smiles widely and grabs the microphone again and climbs into the ring.

“Haha, what’s the matter champ!? What’s the matter Whole F***in’ Show? HUH!? Your old tricks, trades, and trademarks not workin’ in the big leagues pal? As if I should be so surprised… (stomps on Van Dam) listen to me you cheap trick son of a bitch! I am a Wrestling God, and at WrestleMania, you’re fixin’ to have the biggest disappointment, and the biggest beating of your entire life! You hear me, punk!! You hear-“

JBL is cut off as Rey Mysterio’s music hits!! The crowd cheers wildly as a hobbled Rey Mysterio leaps up onto the apron, and slingshots into the ring and drives JBL down with a Seated Senton!!! Rey comes in all guns blazing, grabbing a kendo stick in the ring and cracking it over the head of the WWE Champion!! Danny and Doug then strike, and attack him for about a minute’s time, but Rey begins to fight back. He dropkicks Danny out of the ring, and then connects with a drop-toe hold on Doug right onto a seated steel chair in the ring!
Rey then goes outside and grabs a table and slides it into the ring. He climbs back in and fends of Doug once again, before setting up the table in the middle of the ring. He helps RVD up, and then hits a right hand on JBL, before RVD desperately hits a spinning heel kick on a climbing Danny. Rey brings Doug up onto the table and pounds a forearm or two on him and then heads to the corner of the ring and climbs up the turnbuckles. RVD does the same, much slower though, and the two then leap off and hit a LEG DROP/SPLASH COMBINATION THROUGH THE TABLE, SHADES OF RVD AND SABU!!! They then make the cover, and as if it could be more academic, they get the pin fall victory, and retain the WWE Tag Team Championships at 20:32!
Following the contest, a livid JBL screams at Rey Mysterio and RVD, as Cole and Tazz hype up the intensity and violence shown this evening, and with 'Mania just 17 days away, things will be ramping up very, very quickly....


Current Card for WWE WrestleMania 21
Date: April 3rd 2005
Location: Los Angeles, California; STAPLES Center
Event Music: The Soundtrack of Our Lives; Bigtime & 3 Doors Down; Behind Those Eyes

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield vs.
2005 Royal Rumble Winner, Rob Van Dam w/ Bill Alfonso

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton vs.
Road to WrestleMania 21 Tournament Winner, Triple H

Non-Title Interpromotional Match:
Intercontinental Champion and ‘New Phenom,’ Shelton Benjamin w/ The Coach vs.
‘The Phenom,’ The Undertaker

Brother vs. Brother:
Christian vs. Edge

Tournament Final for the Vacated United States Championship:
Carlito Caribbean Cool OR Charlie Haas vs.
Eddie Guerrero OR Booker T

WWE Cruiserweight Championship; Six-Pack Challenge Match:
WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Paul London vs.
Billy Kidman vs. Funaki vs. Akio

Hall of Fame Class of 2005:
Hulk Hogan, ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff, Nikolai Volkoff, ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton,
The Iron Sheik, Plus 2 More Inductees

Chapter 6: ‘Marching’ Into ‘Mania

... Coming Soon ...

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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

Alright, so after careful deliberation among some other things going on (Chapter 6 being wiped from my computer after it froze ), I've decided to just scrap it, and I will instead simply give the WrestleMania results in this 'chapter,' and then from here on out, we'll be going with full shows. Raw should hopefully be up by Friday, next week. Just getting back in the mix at college.


WrestleMania 21 Results

WWE United States Championship Tournament Final:
Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Eddie Guerrero

These two would defeat their respective opponents (Booker T, Charlie Haas) and set up a matchup in Hollywood that kicked off WrestleMania 21. They would put on a pretty solid opener, both utilizing their unique styles and meshed very well, at that. There were a few high-impact spots that got the crowd energized for the rest of the show, and a few near falls as the finish approached. In the end, CCC would pick up the victory in non-dusty fashion, countering out of Eddie’s second attempt at the Three Amigos, and hit the Overdrive to claim the U.S. Championship for the second time in his short career.

Winner: Carlito Caribbean Cool

World Tag Team Championships Match; Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match:

{International Warfare Will Not Begin Until There Are Two Teams Remaining}
World Tag Team Champions, La Resistance vs.
William Regal & Tajiri vs. Canadian Violence vs. The Arab Alliance

The concept of International Warfare was introduced on the episode of Monday Night Raw on 3/21 in Birmingham. La Resistance ordered the ‘decree’ in a pre-recorded segment, saying that when it was in effect, there would be no disqualifications, no count outs, and pin falls and submissions would count anywhere in the building. And so after periods of chaos erupted, this match would be made by G.M. Eric Bischoff. Canadian Violence {Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho} and The Arab Alliance {Muhammad Hassan, Daivari} intertwined within this feud and got themselves an opportunity at the Tag Team Championships. The match itself, given the wide variety of talent, was stellar. The final two teams would be Benoit and Jericho and La Resistance, and with the rules in play, warfare erupted in the STAPLES Center. The match would end after Conway and Grenier got assistance from Smackdown’s RENE DUPREE, who would provide help for a 3-man Au Revoir on Chris Benoit off the stage, leading to the pin fall victory.

Winners: La Resistance

WWE Cruiserweight Championship; Six-Pack Challenge Match:
WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero vs.
Rey Mysterio vs. Paul London vs. Billy Kidman vs. Akio vs. Funaki

Given that this match featured six of the finest cruiserweights in the company, this match brought not only a pad after the action-packed match of before, but also, some good, high-flying wrestling. Put on display, these six went after each other with the Cruiserweight Championship in their sights. At one point, as the finish was approaching, each man, sans Billy Kidman, would get their finishing move in, but in the end, it was PAUL LONDON, who came off the top rope to hit a 450 Splash on Chavo Guerrero, the Cruiserweight Champion, and picked up the major upset to win the Cruiserweight Championship.

Winner: Paul London

Interpromotional Match:
Shelton Benjamin w/ The Coach vs. The Undertaker

The biggest match of Shelton Benjamin’s young career didn’t main event the show, but with the quality of the match, it might as well have. Benjamin and ‘Taker brought it for over twenty minutes, showing the world he could go toe-to-toe with the best of the best in the industry and perhaps gave himself the launching pad to jump on to truly start ascending up the ladder. However, like most that have come before him, the self-proclaimed ‘New Phenom’ of World Wrestling Entertainment could not get past the true Phenom of WWE on the grandest stage of them all. Benjamin slingshot himself into the arms of The Undertaker, who would position him up for the Tombstone Piledriver, and despite Benjamin’s attempted counter which would have led to the second Tombstone of the night for him, Undertaker countered him as well, and delivered the deadly finishing maneuver to maintain his undefeated record at WrestleMania.

Winner: The Undertaker

WWE Women’s Championship; 15 Minutes of Fame Match:
{15-Minute Time Limit}
WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus vs. Alexis Laree

As we saw for the first two weeks of March, Laree became a bit of a thorn in the side of the WWE Women’s Champion. Well that all came to a head on the 3/21 edition of Monday Night Raw, when Laree attacked Trish after she won a match against the veteran Molly Holly. Trish would get on the mic and angrily told her to get back down to the ring after scurrying away, and Laree accepted the request and speared her!! After the continued altercation was broken up, Laree took to the mic and challenged Trish to a match at WrestleMania, and in the heat of battle, Trish accepted!! The next week, Trish would tell her that she thought about it, and considered pulling back, but figured she’d give Laree her “fifteen minutes of fame.” What she didn’t know was she was actually being serious. Their match at WrestleMania would have a 15-minute time limit.

And so, ‘Mania came, and these two brawled to start, but grappled while in the ring. Laree flashed a lot of talent herself, while the Women’s Champion showed her prowess too. After staying at bay, Alexis would hit a HUGE DDT off the top rope as time winded down. She went to make the pin … and put her arm over Trish … but time expired!! The match was ruled a DRAW, to some of the crowd’s chagrin, and Mickie’s too. Mickie went for a handshake after Trish got to her feet, but the Women's Champion slapped her hand away and exited the ring.

Result: Draw

Brother vs. Brother:
Christian vs. Edge

The brother versus brother clash lived up to all of the hype that came with it and told a great story as well. Christian, of course, was looking to outshine his brother and looked to do that in any feasible way possible, while Edge looked to continue his torrid hot streak. Since they knew each other’s tendencies, this match was filled with brilliant, fluid counters and really might have been the match of the night. The finish came, as Christian hit the Unprettier!! He would go for the cover, but Edge kicked out at the count of two! Christian then took too much time to question the count, and then took to the top rope. He would go for a splash, but that would ultimately his undoing, as Edge moved out of the way, and then delivered a bone-crunching Spear for the victory!!

Winner: Edge

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton vs.
RTWM21 Tournament Winner, Triple H

There was no doubt that this was the biggest match in Randy Orton’s career, given the circumstances. He could not afford to walk into a PPV as World Heavyweight Champion, facing Triple H, and take yet another loss to ‘The Game.’ And for Randy, as he walked into WrestleMania, he would look to do just the opposite. There was, however, a deep-rooted subplot. For weeks, Randy seemed to be the beneficiary of shady officiating, and had constant week-to-week meetings with G.M. Eric Bischoff. That wound up being the case, with quick counts for Orton, slower counts for HHH, lackadaisical counting for action outside, among several other dealings. HHH would confront the referee, Earl Hebner, of all people, who covered his eyes as HHH went to strike him.

Just then, Randy Orton went down to his knees and hit a LOW BLOW, and being that Hebner’s eyes were closed, nothing was done!! The rare double turn was in play now, as HHH battled a bit of adversity the rest of the way. He would however counter an RKO, and hit The Pedigree!! After doing so, he went over, grabbed Hebner, and hit him with a right hand!! He called on another official to come out, and out came Jack Doan, who would make a normal count, but Orton kicked out!! Hunter would try again for a Pedigree later, but in a finish similar to that at Survivor Series, Orton countered out of his grasp, and leaped up and brought him down with an RKO!!! Orton dropped down and TLK hooked the legs, and secured the pin fall and retained the World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner: Randy Orton


WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield vs.
2005 Royal Rumble Winner, Rob Van Dam

The build for this contest heated up as the final two weeks before WM came and went. RVD made JBL go through an ‘Extreme Gauntlet’ as some blasts from the past went after the WWE Champion. Balls Mahoney, Tommy Dreamer, and surprisingly, TAZZ were involved, and Tazz would be the man to choke JBL out as Van Dam then took to the skies and hit a Five-Star Frog Splash. Then came the main event of WrestleMania, which was unfamiliar territory for both men. They would put on a very solid main event, not outshining the last two, but definitely up there in the annals of time.

Van Dam showed his toughness, taking the brunt of a lot of physicality brought by the tough Texan who brought the goods. It became very apparent that JBL was no fraud even with the absence of The Cabinet from ringside, and he truly could go the distance with the very best. Van Dam, however, wouldn’t die, keeping with the momentum he was acquiring for himself, and rolled his way to being in position to win the match. As RVD went for the Rolling Thunder Splash though, JBL rolled out of the way! JBL signaled for The Clothesline From Hell, but would miss that!! RVD would hit a desperate spinning heel kick, and after struggling, would go to the top rope, and hit the Five-Star Frog Splash! RVD made the cover, got the three count, and for the first time in his career, was the WWE Champion.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


Monday Night Raw
Mondays, 9 PM ET/8 PM CT, SpikeTV


Randy Orton (World Heavyweight Champion)
Shelton Benjamin (WWE Intercontinental Champion)
La Resistance (WWE World Tag Team Champions)
Trish Stratus (WWE Women’s Champion)

Al Snow
Candice Michelle
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Christy Hemme
Gene Snitsky
Jonathan Coachman
Johnny Nitro
Lita (Injured; Returning in May)
Matt Hardy (Injured; Returning in April/May)
Molly Holly
Muhammad Hassan
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Shawn Michaels (Torn ACL; Returning in 8-12 Months)
Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Sylvain Grenier
The Hurricane
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis

On-Air Personalities:
Eric Bischoff -- General Manager
Jerry Lawler -- Color Commentator
Jim Ross -- Play-by-Play Commentator
Maria Kanellis -- Backstage Interviewer
Todd Grisham -- Backstage Interviewer

Raw's Tag Teams and Stables:
The Arab Alliance (Muhammad Hassan & Daivari)
Canadian Violence (Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho)
Christian and Tyson Tomko
Evolution (Batista, Ric Flair, Triple H)
Kane and Lita
La Resistance (Rob Conway & Sylvain Grenier)
Maven and Simon Dean
Shelton Benjamin and Jonathan Coachman
The Superheroes (The Hurricane & Rosey)
Val Venis and Viscera
William Regal and Tajiri


Thursdays, 8 PM ET/7 PM CT, UPN

Rob Van Dam (WWE Champion)
Carlito Caribbean Cool (WWE United States Champion)
Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio (WWE Tag Team Champions)
Paul London (WWE Cruiserweight Champion)

Amy Weber
Big Show (Torn Quadricep; Returning in 10-12 Months)
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley (Inactive; Off TV)
Carlito Caribbean Cool
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
D-Von Dudley (Inactive; Not on TV)
Danny Basham
Dawn Marie
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
John Bradshaw Layfield
John Cena (Broken Collarbone; Out 2 Weeks)
Kenzo Suzuki
Kurt Angle (Severely Separated Shoulder; Return Unknown)
Lauren Jones
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
Michelle McCool
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Rochelle Loewen
Scotty Too Hotty
Shannon Moore
Spike Dudley
Stevie Richards
The Undertaker
Torrie Wilson

On-Air Personalities:
Josh Mathews -- Backstage Interview
Michael Cole -- Play-By-Play Commentator
Steve Romero -- Backstage Interviewer
Tazz -- Color Commentator
Theodore Long -- General Manager

Smackdown's Tag Teams and Stables
The Basham Brothers (Danny, Doug Basham)
Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly
The Cabinet (JBL, Amy Weber, Orlando Jordan, Danny Basham, Doug Basham)
The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray, D-Von, and Spike Dudley)
Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki
Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio


Red = Raw PPV
Blue = Smackdown! PPV
Black = Joint PPV

Pay-Per-View Schedule:


May 1st - WWE Backlash - Manchester, New Hampshire
May 22nd - WWE Judgment Day - Minneapolis, Minnesota
June 26th - WWE Vengeance - Las Vegas, Nevada
July 24th - WWE Great American Bash - Buffalo, New York
August 21st - WWE Summerslam - Washington, D.C.
September 18th - WWE Unforgiven - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 9th - WWE No Mercy - Houston, Texas
November 27th - WWE Survivor Series - Detroit, Michigan
December 18th - WWE Armageddon - Providence, Rhode Island


TBA - WWE Royal Rumble - TBA
TBA - WWE No Way Out - TBA
April 2nd - WWE WrestleMania 22 - Montréal, Quebec, Canada

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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

Raw Preview for April 4, 2005

The road to WrestleMania 21 may have concluded last night, but the road to WrestleMania 22 in Montréal begins tonight on SpikeTV!

World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton put behind a crusade of doubters last night when he defeated his rival Triple H in his first ever WrestleMania main event. The Legend Killer did not do this all without controversy, as it appeared that there was a conspiracy in the mix and against HHH. For weeks we had seen Orton get lenient officiating and favorable calls his way and it appeared that 24 hours ago, it all came to a head. What does Randy Orton have to say following this magical night for him about his match, and his possible involvement? We won't have to wait too long as he is slated to KICK OFF THE SHOW!

Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benamin came up short in his quest to become the first man to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. In doing that, however, he may have done a great deal for himself. The crowd seemed to take a great liking to the performance Benjamin put on, even in defeat, and even though he might be dealing with the insufferable Jonathan Coachman. There are no days off for the Intercontinental Champion of the last 168 days, who will be competing in the evening's main event against a former Intercontinental Champion himself: William Regal. Does Benjamin have the intestinal fortitude to put the past behind him and continue his lengthy reign as Intercontinental Champion? Or will William Regal be at the right place at the right time to pull off an upset?

Edge and Christian went up against each other in a brother-versus-brother clash on the grandest stage. In the end, the white-hot Edge was able to defeat his brother Christian, a man Edge claims is nothing more than "jealous" and "upset" that he has gotten all of the attention and the spotlight over the years. Christian tried his best to prove him wrong, but could not gather it all in, perhaps losing sight of everything and not being able to piece it all together. Whatever the reason, Edge is expected to be in the building tonight, and you can't help but wonder whether or not Christian will be right there to follow.

And finally, as we saw at WrestleMania, Trish Stratus was able to survive as WWE Women's Champion against the upstart Alexis Laree. She is expected to be in one-on-one, non-title action against an old foe of her's in Victoria this evening in Tinseltown. Are Laree's "15 minutes of fame" up, or is she going to be lurking in the shadows and continue to make an attempt at an impact in her very short career? Only time will tell.

All of this, plus, Canadian Violence squaring off with The Arab Alliance, and plenty more on Raw as the fallout from WrestleMania 21 begins!

Confirmed for Raw:
Randy Orton Speaks Out at the Top of the Show
Intercontinental Championship Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. William Regal
Canadian Violence vs. The Arab Alliance
Non-Title Match: Women's Champion Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

Welp. First full show! Let's do this damn thing.


Raw; April 4th; Los Angeles:

A WrestleMania 21 video recap accompanied by both “Behind Those Eyes” by 3 Doors Down, and “Bigtime” by The Soundtrack of Our Lives, opens up the broadcast and the video concludes with Royal Rumble Winner Rob Van Dam’s celebration after winning the WWE Championship. Also featured is Randy Orton’s extremely controversial victory to retain the World Heavyweight Championship; Trish Stratus and Alexis Laree wrestling to a 15-minute draw; Shelton Benjamin going the distance with The Undertaker, but coming up short; and finally, La Resistance retaining the World Tag Team Championships.

Opening Video


Jim Ross: The pomp and the pageantry may be gone, but there is no denying that we are twenty four hours removed from one of the greatest WrestleMania’s of all time!! This is Monday Night Raw!! I’m Jim Ross alongside Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and the road to Montréal has officially begun!

Jerry Lawler: Last night was amazing J.R. Raw stole the show once again, even if Raw did not have the main event. OUR main event however, did not end without a little bit of controversy.

Jim Ross: That it did, King, and folks, Randy Orton is still the World Heavyweight Champion, as he defeated Triple H and as my broadcast partner just mentioned, there was a whole heck of a lot of controversy which we’ll touch on later in the broadcast in case any of you did not see the Pay-Per-View. Hopefully tonight we will get some answers from Randy Orton and the G.M., Eric Bischoff, who certainly might be facing some heat after what occurred.

Jerry Lawler: You better believe that there’s going to be hell to pay when Triple H arrives, J.R.!!!


{Jerry Lawler: Oh God! We’re not going to have to wait too much longer!!}

Be honest: who else was this show going to start with!??!?! 24 hours removed from the biggest victory in his career - upending Triple H in a one-on-one match for the VERY first time - in his FIRST EVER WrestleMania main event, 'The Legend Killer’ RANDY ORTON - with the World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder - steps out onto the stage to MONSTROUS heat from the fans.

Jim Ross: Folks, as we outlined just a few moments ago; it was not without controversy, it was not without underhanded tactics, but in the end, there stands the World Heavyweight Champion. Randy Orton, the self-proclaimed “Legend Killer,” achieved a landmark moment in his career no matter how you slice it. These fans here tonight may not like it, heck, I don’t really like it, but the facts just have to be faced.

After stalling for a moment, Orton extends his arms out in his signature pose, as a golden shower of pyro falls behind him.

Jerry Lawler: The legacy of Randy Orton was forever changed last night. And you know what it reminded me of, J.R.? DO you remember four years ago at WrestleMania when your good buddy, Stone Cold Steve Austin, aligned himself with the boss, Vince McMahon??? When he said that he was going to stop at nothing to hang on to the WWE Championship? Well I think that that’s what we’ve got here! Randy Orton knew come hell or high water, he HAD to retain the World Heavyweight Championship last night. He absolutely had to, and you know what? For that reason, I can’t blame him one stinkin’ bit.

Jim Ross: It’s hard to argue that when you put it that way, King.

Jerry Lawler: Oh yeah, you better believe it’s hard to argue!! Look at this guy right now, J.R. He’s young; he’s brash; he’s arrogant; he’s cocky; but above all, he’s GOOD!! He’s our World Heavyweight Champion, and only at the ripe age of 24 years of age. He’s a star in the making -- heck, he might already be a star!

Jim Ross: He pulled it off, King. That’s all there is to say. Many doubted, many wondered if Orton could be taken seriously. Even with the underhanded tactics, Randy Orton came away with the victory last night. He got his big victory, but I’ll tell you something: I wanna know if what you said is right. I want answers. And hopefully right now, we’re going to get them.

Orton, now in the ring, stands and takes a moment to listen to the crowd as his music dies down. They aren’t very pleasant right now in Los Angeles, as they shower boos in his direction, with small pockets getting in some audible cheers in, too. TLK, dressed in a black suit with a vibrant blue tie, takes the microphone from Lilian Garcia and brings it up, not before letting out a smirk that absolutely reeks of arrogance.



Randy Orton: Come on… all of you… why don’t you celebrate this moment with me?? We can all take this landmark moment in Raw history, in WWE history, and make it special… if you all… just have… a FREAKIN’ LOOK!!!

The heat grows a lot louder. Orton notices this, and keeps the smirk on his face.

Randy Orton: C’mon now… just think about this.

His smirk goes away as the camera pans to a few fans in the stands that are visually showing their disproval for the World Heavyweight Champion.

Randy Orton: Come on. Think about it, ladies and gentlemen. Did you honestly - honestly - HONESTLY think that I wasn’t going to leave WrestleMania as the World Heavyweight Champion?

Mixed reaction, as Orton can only shake his head and laugh.

Randy Orton: Did you think that after surviving the Elimination Chamber at New Year’s Revolution, after beating two of the greatest wrestlers of the modern era, that when it was all said and done, on the grandest stage of all… that I was going to choke?

TLK smirks, and laughs, knowing that the doubters were out in full force beforehand.

Randy Orton: I heard it all. “You can’t beat Triple H.” “Triple H has Randy Orton’s number.” “Triple H is in his FIFTH main event at WrestleMania, Randy Orton is in his first.” “He just can’t do it…”

Orton once again can only just shake his head, thinking of all the preposterous doubts that crept into his peers’ minds.

Randy Orton: I heard it from the catacombs, and to the mountaintops. From the center of the earth, to its highest peak. From down in Death Valley to the very top of the Himalayans, the doubters, the non-believers, and constant degraders - YOU ARE ALL FOOLS!!

Orton wears a big, bright smile on his face as the arrogance flares in his eyes.

Randy Orton: I walked into WrestleMania as the World Heavyweight Champion, and here I am, twenty-four hours later … STILL the World Heavyweight Champion. I went toe-to-toe, head-to-head, step-for-step, move-for-move with Triple H, and Hunter just wasn’t good enough.

Orton shakes his head in disgust.

Randy Orton: For the second straight year, I wasn’t the one that did the choking. No. Last year at WrestleMania, remember what happened? I hit Mick Foley with an RKO, and won MY match. And Triple H? What did HE do? He walked in as World Heavyweight Champion, at Madison Square Garden, the World’s Most Famous Arena - and HE choked!!! He TAPPED OUT to Chris Benoit, and lost the World Heavyweight Championship.

Orton takes a moment to soak in the heat he’s feeling, along with the scattered cheers, before getting back to work.

Randy Orton: And you all doubted ME??? You doubted me??? What? Because of an outlier? Because I let my guard down for a total of a month? I admit it: I was too cocky for my own damn good. I let Triple H get in my head, but ever since that moment, I made it a point to make sure that I got the better of him every time that I could.

RKO takes a step back to take a deep breath, and then continues on.

Randy Orton: And what happened? Survivor Series: I was the sole survivor, hitting Triple H with an RKO. New Year’s Revolution: I ELIMINATED Triple H, and then won the World Heavyweight Championship for the second time in my career.

Orton keeps hitting it hard, flashing the arrogance

Randy Orton: Time after time, I proved that I was the better man, and had nothing to show for it except fifteen pounds of gold on my shoulder and a trail of backhanded and misguided comments from a bunch of uninformed, ignorant FOOLS!! And what happened last night? Huh?? Tell me! All of you, tell me what happened?

Following a brief pace around the ring, leaning over the ropes and staring out at the crowd, he brings the mic back up.

Randy Orton: Oh yeah, that’s right – I WON!! I was the superior between the two of us, on the greatest stage, under the brightest lights, and with a worldwide audience watching. I, Randy Orton, “Legend Killer,” finally got the RESPECT that I deserve.

Orton kisses his championship belt, before focusing his attention back on the audience.

Randy Orton: And I’ve heard a lot of chatter while walking through Tinseltown this morning and afternoon. Everybody is saying, “Hey Randy, congratulations! You won your match against Triple H! But what the hell was going on with the officials? Why are you suddenly talking to Eric Bischoff so much??? Why, Randy?? Why??!”

A mixed reaction follows, as Orton lets the crowd have their fun.

Randy Orton: Why? Why was I doing all of this? What was going on with Earl Hebner? With Jack Doan? With Mickey Henson? With the rest of the officials on Monday Night Raw?? Why was I having concealed meetings with the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, Eric Bischoff, week in and week out???

Randy walks up to the ropes and leans over them.

Randy Orton: You wanna know why!!?? Huh??!! (Walks over to the other side of the ring and leans over the ropes)You wanna know why, fatass? You wanna know why kid? You wanna know why, you broad??? Okay, I’ll tell you why…

He goes to speak into the mic… but thinks again, and stop himself and shakes his head.

Randy Orton: …no, actually… I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to go into full detail into what transpired inside the office of Eric Bischoff. I’m not going to explain why I was getting preferential treatment around here from our officials on Monday Night Raw.

The heat gets louder as it becomes clear that Orton is embracing all of it.

Randy Orton: This isn’t 60 Minutes. This isn’t Nightline or 20/20. We’re not broadcasting on CNN, Headline News, FOX News, MSNBC. There are no hard-hitting interviews, there are no tough questions, and there are no answers necessary. I don’t owe ANYBODY an explanation. What played out, is what played out, and I don’t really give a DAMN what anybody thinks of it.

More heat.

Randy Orton: You can think what you want, you can talk about what you want, but at the end of the day, I, Randy Orton, “Legend Killer,” am the World Heavyweight Champion. The youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history. I’m the best in the industry, and there’s nobody on Earth that can TOUCH me right now. It’s my world, and you’re all just living in it!! And that’s not arrogance…

TLK forms a smirk on his face again.

Randy Orton: …it’s GREATNESS.

Randy Orton’s music hits as he slowly, but surely, exits the ring to a smattering of heat from the fans. Clearly now a full-fledged heel, The Legend Killer grabs his World Heavyweight Championship belt and raises the belt up in the air as he backs up the ramp. J.R. and King talk over the promo, with a hint of slander, but a lot of putting over, as the camera blacks out.


We return from the commercial break to a limousine arriving at the arena. The black stretch limo stops eventually as the driver gets out of the car, walks down to the door and opens it. Stepping out is none other than Triple H, and Ric Flair, but no sign of ‘The Animal’ Batista. Disgruntled, the two men begin to walk towards the arena.

Ric Flair: I still can’t believe it, brother. Who in the HELL does he think he is??

Hunter stops, turns to Flair and takes his sunglasses off.

Triple H: Don’t worry about him, Ric. Worry about our business here tonight. And that business runs right through with the guys that played a hand in screwing me last night out of MY World Heavyweight Championship.

Ric Flair: I’m ju-

Triple H: Enough. Let’s go.

Clearly hinting at Batista, Ric has to bite his tongue as they walk into the arena. We jump back inside the arena, and to ringside.

1 - Non-Title Match
Women’s Champion Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

Very acceptable divas match, albeit very quick, but these two still manage to get a good flow together given their past chemistry. 24 hours removed from outlasting the upstart Alexis Laree, Trish Stratus feeds off of that performance and looks a little bit sluggish. It almost appears like it got to her psyche, with her having several moments in the match where she takes Victoria too lightly, and in response, Victoria makes her pay with a few near falls. However, the finish sees Trish roll Victoria into a small package {and GRABS THE MIDDLE ROPE!!!!} and picks up the dusty victory.

Winner: Trish Stratus via pin fall at 5:57.

Trish rolls out of the ring, knowing she escaped with underhanded tactics, and she walks over and grabs her WWE Women’s Championship from the timekeeper’s post, and begins to walk up the ramp. Victoria protests the end result with the referee, saying she grabbed onto the top rope, but as the camera pans over to the lovely Canadian, she can only innocently shrug. She hoists the belt up in the air while Victoria yells over to her from the ring.

Backstage, we see the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin pacing down a hallway, with The Coach trying to offer some words of encouragement for his boy.

The Coach: Look, Shelty - we all know how close you came last night. While close isn’t enough, that was your night, buddy. You proved to everybody that you can go with the best of the best. There’s no denying it. Nobody can stop you when you’re at the top of your game, big dog.

Coach pats Shelton’s shoulder, but Shelton swings his arm away as they continue to venture down the hallway.

The Coach: Hey calm down. You’re going to get your shot at The Undertaker some day, but you’ve got to focus. You have an Intercontinental Championship match here tonight, in the main event, against William Regal. You cannot let your guard down. You can’t afford it.

Shelton stops and looks over at Coach.

Shelton Benjamin: I was one… count… away.

The Coach: I know, brother, but you have to get that behind you.

Shelton Benjamin: I can’t.

Shelton puts his arms up against the wall and bows his head.

Shelton Benjamin: That was my moment… my match… my night. It was taken right from under me.

Shelton slaps the wall out of frustration with both his hands and looks up at the ceiling. Coach tries to pat his back again, and succeeds.

The Coach: Brother, listen, I know, but even with that said you still made your mark. I know moral victories don’t exist, and I know you can’t accept losing. Nobody should. Losers don’t run the world, winners do. But you have to use this as a learning tool. Make yourself stronger from it, and become the greatest Intercontinental Champion in history and keep being the best athlete in all of WWE.

Coach rubs his chin for a moment, seemingly with a lightbulb turning on.

The Coach: I’ve got a plan for you to redeem yourself.

Shelton Benjamin: What???

The Coach: Hear me out on this, let’s get inside your locker room, so…

The conversation continues as they go inside Shelton’s locker room, with only the question of what they’re talking about in play.


2 - Canadian Violence vs. The Arab Alliance

Both teams sell the effects of last night’s terrific Four Corners match for the World Tag Team Championships, despite it being longer than you would expect, and despite coming up short last night, Benoit and Jericho still come out swinging against the team of Hassan and Daivari. The Canadians run the house for the opening minutes, taking out their frustrations on the Arab Alliance, and displaying their superior prowess. The action spills to the outside momentarily, where Hassan and Daivari uproot the advantage, after tossing Jericho into the steel steps and guillotining Benoit on the barricade.

The action goes back-and-forth as the crowd soaks in all of it, with near falls from Benoit’s diving headbutt, Jericho’s patented Lionsault, and near submissions with Benoit’s Crossface, Y2J’s Walls of Jericho, and Hassan’s Camel Clutch. The finish draws near, with Benoit mounting a comeback after nearly submitting to the Camel Clutch. He clotheslines Hassan hard, and then gets Daivari off the apron, and then huffs and puffs over to Y2J who has his hand out for the tag but… he… GETS OFF THE APRON!??!! L.A. boos loudly as Jericho seems suddenly disinterested in participating in the match! Benoit yells out to him, utterly confused, when Hassan and Daivari strike from behind!! Moments later, Hassan locks Benoit into the Camel Clutch, and that’s all she wrote.

Winners: Muhammad Hassan and Daivari via submission at 11:02.

Twenty-four hours after coming a three count away from winning the World Tag Team Championships, Canadian Violence seems to already have evaporated!! The crowd can’t seem to believe it, as the camera focuses on Jericho who is standing at the top of the stage now with his hands on his hips. Hassan and Daivari, meanwhile, celebrate the victory as they too exit the ring, leaving Benoit in a heap. As Hassan and Daivari walk up the ramp, Jericho walks to the back, with befuddlement still surging around us all.

Todd Grisham is standing by at the interview pit.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time… twenty-four hours after coming so very close to winning the Women’s Championship in her first appearance at a WrestleMania, Alexis Laree.

The lovely Alexis Laree is accompanied by cheers as she makes her way into screen shot, wearing a small green tanktop and a brown skirt.

Todd Grisham: Alexis, first of all, I know that your emotions must be running at a vicious rate right now. While you didn’t win the Women’s Championship, you certainly made a very good impression on the WWE fans around the globe last night as you went the distance with the veteran Trish Stratus. So, with that in mind, how exactly ARE you feeling right now??

Alexis Laree: Well… you know Todd, you kinda hit the nail on the head for me right there.

She fixes her hair as she takes a breath before starting up again.

Alexis Laree: Because I mean as much as it sucks that I didn’t win the WWE Women’s Championship, a title belt held with a lot more respect than I think Trish has given it in years past by some other famous women wrestlers, I still did exactly what you said. I got my “fifteen minutes of fame” as Trish likes to call it, and I made the absolute most of it. I didn’t want to have to go to a draw, but I did, and that’s something that I have to live with.

Obviously not feeling fully comfortable in saying that, she puts her hands on her hips before looking into the camera.

Alexis Laree: Trish, I saw what you did tonight, and frankly, I’m not really a fan. And frankly, I could see it in your body language… in your eyes… and how you performed. You’re a little off the edge now, aren’t you? You didn’t expect me to do what I did last night, did you?? You expected me to keel over like Old Yeller. To just lie down and take it didn’t you Trish??

Alexis shakes her head.

Alexis Laree: If that’s the case, then I have some good news and bad news for you Trish. The good news is, you’re still the Women’s Champion!!! You’re still one of the best women’s wrestlers to ever set foot in a wrestling right. Your home country of Canada is still probably proud of you, and right now, nobody seems to be able to beat you, Trish…

Alexis has a mocking smile on her face the entire time… before she forms a bit of a frown.

Alexis Laree: …but the BAD news for you, Trish Stratus? I’m not going ANYWHERE. I’m not taking my fifteen minutes of fame, and getting out of dodge and never being remembered. No. I’m sticking around Monday Night Raw. And I PROMISE you, that until I take the WWE Women’s Championship from you Trish Stratus that I am going to be the biggest thorn in your side imaginable.

She coys her head to the right and lets out another smile.

Alexis Laree: So goodbye Trish Stratus!!! Ta-ta for now!!! Just please… remember… what I said…

Miss Laree skips her way out of screenshot as the interview comes to a close.

We return back inside the STAPLES Center, and all of a sudden…

***METALINGUS*** The recognizable theme of one of the hottest superstars on the Raw brand hits over the P.A. system. Edge, dressed in designer jeans, a black t-shirt, and shades, walks through the signature smoke and heads down the ramp, with a microphone in hand.

Jim Ross: Well we’re trying to settle things down here on Monday Night Raw after we saw Chris Jericho moments ago walk away from his tag team partner Chris Benoit. However, it looks like business is picking up.

Jerry Lawler: It sure does look that way, J.R. One of the brightest stars on Monday Night Raw, and arguably the hottest as of late, EDGE, is making his way to the ring and he looks like he wants to speak.

Jim Ross: Well while we continue to get a handle over things we’ll be going to a commercial break. What does Edge have on his mind, a night after beating his brother Christian?? We’ll find out next!


We return, with Edge in the ring now, music dying down, and microphone up to his mouth, waiting to address the sold out crowd.

Edge: You know, already tonight here… (Begins to meander around the ring) …there are a lot of people that have gotten a few things off of their chest.

Edge continues his meandering as there are a few loud shouts from the audience.

Edge: Everybody’s trying to stake their claims. Everybody is looking into making an impact; a legacy; becoming what their self-proclaimed “destiny” said they would be. Well I’m going to be up front with you all and say that I’m not going to be one of those people tonight.

A mixed response follows Edge’s words, as he stops pacing.

Edge: You know a man once said, “it’s hard to be humble, when you’re as great as I am.” That man was Muhammad Ali. When you take a look at Muhammad Ali’s career, you realize that there was nobody better than him at the time of his peak, and since then there’s been nobody better than Ali. And when you really look at it, you’ll realize that Ali and I… we have a lot in common.

Edge brushes his hair back before beginning to talk again.

Edge: He pissed a lot of people off in his time. So far in the last couple of months, I have too. He was cocky, and so am I. He bragged a lot, and always, ALWAYS, backed it up. When you take a look at what I’ve said in the past few weeks and months, and look at the results, so… have… I.

Edge takes a moment to let the crowd do their talking, and the usual mixed response follows.

Edge: Ali is an IMMORTAL; a LEGEND; an ICON; a PHENOM; and more importantly… a CHAMPION. When it’s all said and done, when the dust settles, when I’m old and gray… everybody will think of those superlatives, and they’ll all lead… to ME.

Edge’s brashness now turns on some of the people, as the sour reaction follows.

Edge: Last night was just the start of it. Last night, in front of a worldwide audience, I beat my brother Christian. Again. Just like I said for weeks, and weeks, and weeks leading up to the match, I was going to be the better man. And what do you know? I was right. I proved it in the ring, fair-and-square, and there’s NOTHING that anybody can do about it.

Heat, as Edge lets out a snicker.

Edge: It’s funny to me that all of you cheer for my brother. And I have an idea as to why you all do it. You see here in Hollywood, it’s all about the feel-good stories. The Hollywood endings. The magical moments. But the fact of the matter is, we might be in Tinseltown, but what you are all seeing is real life at work.

That’s ironic.

Edge: Christian’s never been better than me despite what you might have heard. Despite what he may believe, he’s always been out of the spotlight, as I have so often noted, and the fact of the matter is he’s never gotten over it. He can’t get over the fact that he hasn’t earned the opportunities that I have. I’ve had opportunities to win the World Heavyweight Championship, and he’s stuck down in proverbial purgatory. He’s not where I am now, and he won’t ever be.


Edge: So, what-


Jerry Lawler: Uh oh!

Jim Ross Well this might get very interesting all of a sudden!

Christian’s music continues to play as Edge looks over to the stage. The crowd, along with Edge, waits… and waits… and waits… before we see a large smile come over Edge’s face. The music dies down and Edge continues to laugh.

Edge: I had you all fooled didn’t I!?


Edge: You won’t be seeing much of Christian for a long time. You see he was so embarr-

Edge drops the mic all of a sudden and turns into the right and left hands… of CHRISTIAN!!! Captain Charisma has hit the ring, apparently leaving Edge as the one who was fooled as the two brothers now brawl in the ring. Edge begins to get the better of it, and then looks to hit the Spear, but Christian leap frogs!! Edge stops himself in the corner, but Christian strides over and grabs him by the arms, dragging him in the middle of the ring, before delivering the Unprettier!!

The fans pop, as Christian walks over and grabs a microphone and stands over Edge.

Christian: You need to understand something, Edge. You may have won the fight last night at WrestleMania, but you have yet to win the war. This thing isn’t over yet. You don’t call the shots around here, I do, and when I say this thing between us is over… then it’s over. Because THAT’S…


Christian: How… I… roll.

The fans pop for Christian again as he slaps his chest, before walking out of the ring through the ropes, and he seems very confident in the work he has done as he looks back at the ring.

We go backstage and we see Chris Jericho with his bags packed on his shoulder and heading for the exit. Todd Grisham, microphone in hand, rushes up to him.

Todd Grisham: Chris!! Chris!! Wait!! Do you have a rea-

Chris Jericho: Do I have a what? Do I have a reason for what I did to Chris Benoit before? Newsflash junior: I don’t like Chris Benoit, I never liked Chris Benoit, and I never will.

Todd Grisham: Well… then why were you his tag team partner? Why did you decide to go after the World Tag Team Championships with him?

Chris takes a breath and looks at him.

Chris Jericho: I’ll tell you why, Todd. I have been lying around here, itching to get back to what I once was: a main eventer. I haven’t been able to do that until recently, and in BOTH of my opportunities at the World Heavyweight Championship, it was Chris who cost me it. He eliminated me in the Elimination Chamber match, and he took the fall in the triple threat match at the Royal Rumble. And so I saw this tag team opportunity to get back into that spotlight and to prove that I am the best at what I do. And unfortunately… AGAIN, because of Chris Benoit, my opportunity was uprooted from me to get back in the spotlight.

Jericho huffs and puffs, clearly seething, as he continues on.

Chris Jericho: I never liked him… I used him… for my own personal success… and it failed. So you know what? You know what jerky? You know what TODD? I don’t need this place anymore. If I’m going to continue to be disrespected around here, then I’m taking a personal sabbatical until I feel that I get the respect that I deserve. I’m OUT of here.

{Jim Ross: What!?}

{Jerry Lawler: Is he serious!!???}

Flabbergasted, Todd can’t even say anything as Y2J pushes through the door and walks out on the ramp to the parking lot, perhaps the last we’ll see of Jericho… for a while…


We’re back ringside, and Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are standing by at the booth.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw ladies and gentlemen. We certainly have had a very eventful night for all of you and it isn’t even close to being done with the Intercontinental Championship match later on this evening with Shelton Benjamin defending the title against William Regal, but some late breaking news as well.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, J.R. We already heard from Randy Orton at the beginning of the show, but later tonight, we’re going to hear right from “The Game” himself as Triple H is coming out to address this crowd!! I can’t wait for that!

Jim Ross: I’ll tell ya something else that I can’t wait for either, King, and that’s WrestleMania next year.

Jerry Lawler: Oh yeah! Tell them all about it if they haven’t heard, J.R.

Jim Ross: Well we’ve actually got that video package from last night to show in case they have, King.

Jerry Lawler: Oh yeah, that’s right!

Jim Ross: Folks, April 2nd, 2006 is sure to be a night to remember…


*Video Begins*

There’s a wide-angled shot of a wrestling ring lit in the dark, with “A Poor Man’s Memory” by Explosions in the Sky accompanying the video.

Narrator: It is where the dream of a lifetime is fulfilled…

Shots of Shawn Michaels winning the WWE Championship in the Iron Man Match at WrestleMania 12 are shown.

Narrator: …it is where the past can collide with the present…

Shots of Hulk Hogan versus The Rock from WrestleMania X-8 are shown.

Narrator: …and where the impossible, becomes reality…

A shot of Brock Lesnar’s death-defying SSP at WrestleMania XIX, Chris Benoit winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX, and Edge’s spear of Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania X-Seven are all shown…

…and then shots of Ricky Steamboat entering the Pontiac Silverdome, Shawn Michaels leaping off of the ladder at WrestleMania X, and Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan’s face-to-face encounter at WrestleMania VI are then shown.

Narrator: …Where the spectacular…

A shot of Stone Cold Steve Austin hoisting up the title in the corner at WrestleMania XIV is shown.


Narrator: …and the amazing…

The Undertaker holding up the WWE Title on one knee at WrestleMania 13 is shown.

“HE DID IT!!!!”

Narrator: …can turn legends…

Hogan slamming Andre The Giant at WrestleMania III is shown.



Narrator: …into immortals.

The camera now flies through the cities of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles…

Narrator: For 21 years…

…Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Indianapolis…

Narrator: …the world has witnessed the greatest spectacle…

…Boston, Philadelphia and Toronto…

Narrator: …in sports entertainment.

…Seattle, Houston, and Anaheim.

The vignette now displays the city of Montréal, near the Bell Centre, as the ‘WRESTLEMANIA 22’ logo overhangs it.

Narrator: WrestleMania, the showcase of the immortals.

*Video Concludes*


Back to ringside.

3 - Handicap Match
Kane vs. Simon Dean and Maven

Absent from the WrestleMania card for only the second time in his career, Kane makes the most of his appearance on Monday Night Raw in a 2-on-1 Handicap match against the team of Simon Dean and Maven. Surprisingly enough, this isn’t a squash match, as Dean and Maven aren’t made to look like the fools they have in recent weeks. They put up a good fight and nearly pin The Big Red Machine twice, but both opportunities wound up just being near falls. At the match’s conclusion, Kane delivers a Big Boot to Simon Dean, and then hits Maven with The Chokeslam From Hell. Kane drops down and makes the lateral press, and scores the impressive victory.

Winner: Kane via pin fall at 6:17.

The sadistic monster lets out a sinister smile, picking up a very nice victory, in the wake of being absent from WrestleMania…


The crowd gives a STRONG reaction leaned towards heat as the manager for the Intercontinental Champion makes his way out on stage. Jonathan Coachman, microphone in hand, wearing a blue polo shirt and jeans with no shades, stands with his hand out.

The Coach: Excuse me! Can I have everybody’s attention please!!

Excessive heat from the crowd.

The Coach: Especially you, big man. Especially… especially you-

“Asshole” chants resonate around the arena, as an annoyed Jonathan Coachman looks on to the ring, with Kane standing alone.

The Coach: You see, Shelton and I; we’ve been in a bit of peril since last night. My client, my good friend could not defeat your brother The Undertaker at WrestleMania 21. He wound up just like you, at last year’s event, and all the way back at WrestleMania 14. So to say you two have something in common… well, it would be hitting the nail on the proverbial head, big man. Shelton Benjamin not only has something in common with you, he’s BETTER than you!!

Still a lot of heat, nothing tremendously over-the-top, as there are quite a few who LIKE and RESPECT Shelton Benamin. They just are annoyed that he’s around The Coach.

The Coach: Even with the loss last night! Even with it, he’s still better than you. What matters is not what he could not achieve, but rather, what he already has. Shelton Benjamin is a multi-time Tag Team Champion, and curretly one of the longest-running Intercontinental Champions in history. You, Kane, know a lot about the Intercontinental Championship, don’t you? You’ve held it on more than one occasion in your career.

Coach’s words are in fact true, and they don’t signal any sort of protest from The Big Red Machine.

The Coach: So I told my good friend Shelton Benjamin in the back earlier, that he needed to do something. He was pissed off that he couldn’t get the job done at WrestleMaia. So in order to make up for that loss. In order to reclamate his prior failures. In order to… get REVENGE… he - was - going to-


Jim Ross: Good God!!! Where the hell did Shelton come from!?!?!

Jerry Lawler: I think from out of the stands J.R.!!! Haha!!! I love this!!!

Jim Ross: How can you-

The Coach: Ladies and gentlemen!! In order to get revenge for what happened at WrestleMania, Shelton Benjamin is going to have to cut away from the blood of The Undertaker’s family!!! In order to get revenge, Shelton Benjamin is going to have o prove why he’s the greatest athlete to ever set foot in a WWE ring!!! In order to get revenge… Shelton Benjamin will have to make sure that The Undertaker, and his family feels… the BACKLASH!!!

A wavering, mixed reaction fills the STAPLES Center as a quiet, confident Shelton Benjamin stands over the fallen Big Red Machine, with his hooded vest on with the hood up on his head and his black athletic shorts.

The Coach: At WWE Backlash, Shelton Benjamin will be getting his revenge on The Undertaker… when he defends the Intercontinental Championship… and DEFEATS… The Undertaker’s brother… KANE!!!

Benjamin’s music hits over the P.A. system, as the crowd is a buzz; a match has already been signed, sealed, and delivered for the Pay-Per-View scheduled on May the 1st. Coach applauds his buddy, who will be competing later on in the evening in the main event to defend that Intercontinental Championship, as we have already heard. Benjamin leaves the ring as Kane, still, shockingly at that, has not moved.

We go backstage to the office of Eric Bischoff, for the very first time all night. Easy E is sitting at his office desk, feet up in an off-white suit, as the door then swings open in his office. We see walking in is… Maria Kanellis?

Eric Bischoff: (Checking out Maria, like the sleaze he is)

Maria Kanellis: (Annoyed tone) Can I help you?

Bischoff smirks.

Eric Bischoff: I think… I should be the one asking you that, no? After all you abruptly walked into my office, with something clearly on your mind. What’s on your mind, Maria?

Maria Kanellis: I… (Noticing him doing it again) can you not?

Eric Bischoff: Oh believe me. I can.

Maria, frustrated, sours her lips and SMACKS BISCHOFF RIGHT IN THE FACE!!!

Maria Kanellis: Listen, Eric. First off; don’t sass me and check me out like some sleaze. I’ve been treated like it, but that sure as hell doesn’t mean I respect it. Secondly, I came in here because… … … I’m leaving Raw.

Bischoff, finally taking less of the brunt of the slap, looks over.

Eric Bischoff: You’re … what??

Maria Kanellis: (Nods her head as she hands him papers) I’m leaving to pursue other options… somewhere where the sky’s a lot bluer than here.

Eric takes a look at the papers.

Eric Bischoff: …Smackdown?? You’re going to Smackdown??? Well let me tell you something, Maria… I’m not letting you walk on your own terms to the B SHOW

Eric RIPS UP the papers and tosses them around as Maria looks incensed.

Eric Bischoff: …YOU’RE FIRED!!!

Maria, obviously annoyed with her treatment on Raw, has left for Smackdown, but can’t do so anymore under “her own terms.” So, still incensed, she SMACKS BISCHOFF AGAIN!!! She then storms out of the room and slams the door, as an equally incensed Eric Bischoff looks on in holding his face again.


After the commercial break, we cut to a seemingly pre-recorded segment featuring the World Tag Team Champions, who look to be battered and bruised following their battle last night at WrestleMania.

Sylvain Grenier: Good evening… bonsoir, you miserable little scoundrels. It is we, La Résistance, the Tag Team Champions… of the free World.

Rob Conway: That’s right, and while we might not be joining you all at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles this evening, as we’ve been given the night off by the wonderful Eric Bischoff, we have a message for the rest of the Raw locker room.

Sylvain pulls out a scroll, as he wields the French flag in his other arm.

Sylvain Grenier: La semaine prochaine… lundi prochain… nous retournons à Raw. La guerre internationale peut pas nous suivre… mais la douleur volonté.

Rob Conway: Next week… next Monday… we return to Raw. International Warfare may not follow us… but pain will.

Conway and Grenier slap their title belts, and let out smiles as the pre-recorded segment ends…

We’re at ringside, and Val Venis is in the ring with his music playing. Lilian Garcia introduces him for a singles match, when…

***MASTERPIECE*** The lights go out in the arena and a spotlight follows Raw’s newest superstar, who walks out on the stage.

Lilian Garcia: And his opponent, hailing from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 275 pounds… ‘The Masterpiece,’ Chris Masters!!!

Chris Masters stands with the spotlight on him, displaying his tremendous physique to everybody as he flexes his muscles as pyro goes off around him. He then continues on down to the ring with one finger pointing in the air.

Jerry Lawler: Take a look at this guy, J.R. Wow!!

Jim Ross: I sure am King. Ladies and gentlemen this is Raw’s newest competitor. ‘The Masterpiece,’ Chris Masters. He’s wrestled locally around here in southern California and I have witnessed some of his matches and was incredibly impressed. I’m confident he is going to translate very well here.

Jerry Lawler: He seems to be very full of himself too, J.R. But when you look like him, how can you not be?!

Jim Ross: That’s a good point there, King. If Chris Masters puts on the performance that I think he can in this match, the veteran Val Venis may be in for a run for his money.

Jerry Lawler: Well no offense, but when HASN’T Val Venis gotten a run for his money lately? This isn’t 1998 anymore, J.R. The Right to Censor doesn’t exist anymore. And fortunately, for our sake, he isn’t after our jobs anymore.

King with the ether!! Masters walks up the steel steps and climbs into the ring, and paces around as he gets a bit of cheers from the crowd, not yet wondering if he is a face or a heel.

4 - Val Venis vs. (The Debuting) ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters

J.R. (and conversely, King also) hits the nail on the head as the upstart Chris Masters, in his first match as a pro, looks very impressive over the veteran Val Venis. Displaying an arsenal of high-impact maneuvers, brute strength, and a lot of cockiness, it becomes apparent that not only is he playing the heel role in this match, but also, he can bring it. Masters whips Venis off to the ropes, and slams into his face with The Polish Hammer. The young stud drops down to the mat, making the lateral press and pushing his forearm into Venis’ face. 1…2…3-No! Masters pulls Venis off the mat? This really gets him some heat, as he plucks his adversary off the mat and to a vertical base. He gets behind him, before lucking in a full nelson!! Venis, left virtually unconscious, is unresponsive, and so referee Jack Doan calls for the bell!!

Winner: Chris Masters via submission at 3:17.

Jim Ross: Good grief. What a performance!

Jerry Lawler: He’s not letting go, J.R.!!

King is exactly right, as we see Masters continue to have the full nelson applied, and now whips Venis around like a rag doll, showing off his impressive strength. Doan tries to rip him off, but Masters continues to have it locked in. He finally relents, letting Venis drop like a sack of potatoes, and flexes to a booing hometown crowd. He exits the ring, mouthing off to some of the fans, displaying some unbelievable arrogance, and shouts out, “THAT’S NUMBER ONE!” as he heads up the ramp.

Jim Ross: Well this kid may be a bit of a hothead, but if his first match is any indicator, he’s going to be one special wrestler around here.

Going backstage, we spot World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, still wearing what he was before, and flirting away with the lovely Stacy Keibler, who looks great as always. Just as it seems that Orton’s about to get a date with her… the G.M. of Monday Night Raw, Eric Bischoff, still with his face reddened, makes his way over to TLK.

Eric Bischoff: Randy. A word?

Randy, obviously annoyed, looks over.

Randy Orton: What, Eric? Can’t you see I’m a bit busy?

Eric Bischoff: Randy, this is a little more important…

Randy rolls his eyes and goes along with Eric, not before groping Stacy, and the two head into the office.

We get a split-screen of Shelton Benjamin and William Regal walking towards the ‘Gorilla position’ as the ‘NEXT’ lower-third appears in the bottom left corner of our screen, hyping up the IC Title main event.


5 - Main Event; Intercontinental Championship Match
IC Champion Shelton Benjamin w/ The Coach vs. William Regal w/ Tajiri

With The Undertaker in his rearview, Shelton Benjamin tries to take his aggression out on William Regal, a we can see when we jump in after about eight minutes of action. The South Carolina native is grounding and pounding at William Regal, venturing down unfamiliar territory as we aren’t necessarily used to seeing Benjamin go on the aggressive side of things, but, here we are. After a couple of vicious forearms to the chest, Benjamin peels Regal up off the mat and to a vertical base, and kicks him in the gut and runs off the ropes and leaps up, CONNECTING WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK! That’s more like it for the athletically gifted Intercontinental Champion, who gets a lot of “whoa’s” from the fans – now heading up the ringpost – as Regal gets to his feet and takes off… and connects with a FLYING ELBOW!!!! Down goes the Englishman, as Shelton Benjamin grabs a leg and hooks it. 1… 2… KICK OUT!!

The desperate kick out sends Benjamin reeling momentarily, but the sensational athlete leaps back up. Regal staggers up to his feet as he tries to keep his balance at a vertical base, and turns around in time to see Benjamin sprinting at him, only for Regal to catch him, and hit a vertical suplex!! The crowd pops as Regal then riles them up momentarily, with Tajiri on the outside slapping the mat. He tries to apply the Regal Stretch, but Benjamin tries to fight his way out of it, scrapping together a series of rights and lefts to the jaw of the Englishman. And it works, but just for a moment, as Regal grabs him and applies a front face lock before bringing him up to his feet. He connects with a series of knees to the face, before delivering a swinging neckbreaker – COVER! 1… 2… SHOULDER UP!!! Before Benjamin can get up to his feet, Regal slaps him back down onto the mat and after wrestling around for a moment, he locks in the Regal Stretch!!!

The crowd gets to their feet and begins to chant in Regal’s favor, wondering whether or not the lengthy reign as Intercontinental Champion is going to end for Shelton Benjamin in mere moments. The referee questions, but Benjamin thoroughly denies, as he triumphantly makes the ropes about 45 seconds later. Disappointed, the Englishman makes his way back up to his feet and calls on the IC Champion to get up to his feet. Coach is seen trying to talk his boy up, and Benamin seems to nod his head at everything he says. Like a heavyweight fight, Benjamin refuses to be counted out as he turns around and walks up to Regal. He’s given a kick to the mid-section and he goes for the Regal-Plex, but Benjamin somehow, after being flipped over in the air, lands on his feet!!! He turns around and ducks a clothesline, grabs Regal – T-BONE SUPLEX!! Benjamin grabs both legs and hooks them. 1… 2… 3!!!!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin via pin fall at 11:05. Benjamin retains the Intercontinental Championship.

The champion retains!! After going the distance with The Undertaker last night, Shelton Benjamin has overcome a rough onslaught from one o the purest wrestlers in the industry today, and has managed to put the loss in his reareview in the process. The lengthy reign as Intercontinental Champion will live on for at least another day, as we see Benjamin embrace the title tightly after being handed it. He drops down on his back, and rolls out of the ring where a jubilant and exuberant Jonathan Coachman greets him.

Jim Ross: Well if that wasn’t one of the most magnificent Intercontinental Championship matches that we have seen in a long time, then by God I’m not sure what would qualify. Shelton Benjamin surely is beginning his ascension to both fame and respect here on Raw and wins like that can only help hi shoot up that ladder.

Jerry Lawler: I think the word you were looking for was mountain, .R. Perhaps even orbit!! There is no telling where this kid is going to be in a few years. He has all of the talent, all of the ability, and the attitude to be a World Champion. Heck. It wouldn’t shock me if next year, in Montréal at WrestleMania, if Shelton Benjamin was in the main event.

We cut backstage and see The Game walking alongside The Nature Boy, as Triple H and Ric Flair begin to walk with a sense of purpose towards the arena entrance.

Jim Ross: Well he MIGHT be that damn good, King, but I can tell you that THAT man is for certain that damn good, and we are moments away from what should be an explosive conclusion to this episode of Raw. Folks, you will NOT want to miss this!!



*Video Plays*

We see the definition of the word ‘backlash’ come up on screen, and then fade away briefly. Following that we see quick, inter-cutting, static-integrated shots of most of the Raw roster.

For every action… there is an equal and opposite reaction…

A shot of Shelton Benjamin with the Intercontinental Championship.

…A recoil…

A shot of Muhammad Hassan staring up at the ceiling of an arena with his hands spread wide.

…A retaliation…

A shot of Christian hitting Edge with a steel chair on Raw a few months back in the RTWM Semifinal.


A shot of Chris Benoit delivering the Diving Headbutt on some poor bastard.


A shot of HHH delivering the Pedigree to some poor bastard, also.


A shot of Randy Orton doing his ‘destiny’ pose with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist, back at the Royal Rumble...

…and the Backlash logo appears, with information regarding the PPV.


*Video Ends*


We return from the break and are back inside the arena…

***THE GAME*** Los Angeles explodes in positive reaction for the FORMER World Heavyweight Champion. As the strobe lights shine all over the arena, Triple H makes his way out to the stage, wearing a little bit of a different attire than we have been accustomed to; he’s throwing it back a bit, trading in his thousand-dollar suit for a black leather jacket, a black t-shirt underneath, and dark denim jeans. Ric Flair, meanwhile, is accompanying him in his usual dapper attire, and neither look too pleased at the moment. Frankly, who could really blame them?

They reach the ring moments later and Triple H takes the microphone from Lilian Garcia. He waits for the music and the crowd to die down, but only the former takes a few seconds. The crowd, seemingly now behind The Game despite his actions of the last three years or so, has now given him their full support.

Triple H: Let me make this very clear to each and every one of you out here… and to each and every guy in the back. Let me make this especially clear to you Randy Orton… and you too Eric Bischoff. I… am… VERy… pissed off right now, and I am NOT going to stand idly by, and let time do the talking.

Crowd pops.

Triple H: You see over the past few months, I’ve been noticing a lot of shady dealings, a lot of questionable decisions, and a lot of discreteness in the locker room. People have once told me that it’s ME that’s the one who gains power behind the curtain, thanks to “politicking” my way up the ladder. Well the fact of the matter is, in this situation, in this scenario, in this moment in time, that could not be farther from the truth. INSTEAD…

“TRI-PLE-H” chants ring out around the STAPLES Center, which lets Triple H pause. He then brings the mic back up.

Triple H: INSTEAD, it’s the man that I helped groom that gets the leniency. It’s the man that I hand-picked to be the next diamond in the rough, the next great wrestler in the business. It’s the current World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton.

Heat, as Triple H lets the fans have their say again.

Triple H: Yeah, I don’t like him either… don’t worry.

And the crowd does a full 180 and cheers loudly.

Triple H: Randy Orton knew that he had to win last night. Randy Orton knew that if he went into WrestleMania 21 as the World Heavyweight Champion, stood in this ring with me, and allowed for me to beat him AGAIN, allowed for me to whoop his ass, and allow for me to take the World Heavyweight Championship for the second time since SummerSlam… then he’d be taken seriously by NOBODY! Every single wrestler in the back, every agent, every diva, hell, the timekeeper, the cameramen, Lilian Garcia, and probably Tony Chimel, wouldn’t take that arrogant son of a bitch seriously if he WANTED them to.

More cheers as Triple h begins to lay into Mr. RKO.

Triple H: …But he did. Randy Orton did what he had to do to win the World Heavyweight Championship Match against me last night. Randy Orton dug deep; he went to some places that I didn’t think he was going to. It almost was like I was wrestling myself. Randy, you were almost cerebral in your actions, if not conniving. You were a punk, you were an asshole, and above all else, you didn’t give a DAMN what anybody thought about you. And for that…

Hunter takes a deep breath, almost disgusted with himself with what he is about to utter.

Triple H: …and for that, I have to give him my due. Yeah, I don’t like it either. I don’t generally find myself giving credit to people that I despise, but Randy? Randy, you kicked my ass last night. You had tricks up your sleeve, and you did EVERY single thing that you had to do to keep the World Heavyweight Championship in your favor. You took every fiber in your being, every pain-staking moment that I put you through for the last few months, and you let me have it. I couldn’t get the job done, and jack, I ain’t happy about it.

Some boos, as HHH is clearly disgusted with himself. Ric pats him on the back to try and lift some support his way, but The Game merely shrugs it off.

Triple H: But… this is far from over…

Huge pop; Hunter walks up to the ropes and leans against them.

Triple H: So if you’re the arrogant piece of crap that you call yourself all the time… then you shouldn’t have a problem coming out here and facing me like one.

Hunter lets the mic drop and holds onto the top rope as he looks on and waits for the music of Randy Orton to hit over the P.A. system, and for the World Heavyweight Champion to make his appearance.

***I’M BACK***

Jerry Lawler: Uh oh!!! That’s not who Triple H asked for!!!

Jim Ross: …and business has just picked UP in a hurry!!

The sleazy E-Z-E, Eric Bischoff saunters out on the stage in the attire that we have seen him in for most of the evening. Carrying a microphone, Bischoff is totally ready to speak, as he brings it up.

Eric Bischoff: Cut the music!

To the G.M.’s request, the music is cut, and the crowd continues to pour down heat.

Eric Bischoff: Hunter… I’m here to regret to inform you that your request is going to have to wait.

Cut to Triple H, who looks none too pleased as he shakes his head.

Eric Bischoff: A few moments ago Randy Orton informed me that he was going to be leaving the building for… personal issues that he had to tend to. So he is no longer in Los Angeles, and instead, he is headed home to Saint Louis, Missouri.

The crowd doesn’t seem to buy it, and neither does Hunter, but they boo anyway and HHH still looks a bit restless.

Eric Bischoff: As for what you said? Well… simply put Hunter, I think that in the best interest of not only the Raw locker room… but also these fans, not only here in Los Angeles, but around the world, I think that it would suit just about everybody… if you got to the back of the line

More boos, as a ticked off Triple H goes to talk but Eric cuts him off.

Eric Bischoff: Hey! Hey! Remember who your boss is BUDDY ole pal. You and I have had a good relationship ever since I got here. Hell. Do you remember who it was that AWARDED you the World Heavyweight Championship? ME! Do you remember the man that’s given you countless opportunities at that title over the years? ME! You should be on your knees, thanking me and the grace of GOD that you’ve been in the positions to win the World Heavyweight Championship over the last three years. There’s been bountiful amounts of talent that have walked through these curtains and the doors in every arena for this show that could have gotten ahead of you, but I made sure to always work in your best interest.

A stern Eric Bischoff looks on at Triple H with an annoyed look in his eyes.

Eric Bischoff: But you know what??? I got annoyed of it. I got tired of looking at you running my show, making the rules, and giving me a bad impression. I’ve pissed a lot of people off over the years, but you know how I did it? I did it MY WAY! I did it by doing things that I WAS DOING!!!! Not anybody else!! WCW? Why did WCW thrive?? Because of ME!!! Who was the architect of the infamous… New – World – Order??? ME!!! That’s who!!! I didn’t create Evolution. I didn’t create Triple H. But it was YOU that was bossing me around, acting like you COULD politick your way in the back, and I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Bischoff is letting him have it, as the crowd watches in sheer awe.

Eric Bischoff: And it was around the time that I let the inmates run the asylum, shortly after Taboo Tuesday when I got EMBARRASSED in front of a worldwide audience, that I started to realize who the perfect competitor was… who the perfect wrestler was… and who the perfect CHAMPION could be. That man?? That man… was Randy… Orton.

Heat, as the camera once again cuts to Triple H, who still looks on with a frustrated look.

Eric Bischoff: So over a period of time, it took a few moments, matches, shows, and months for me to come to realize it in fruition. Over time… there has seemingly been some shady dealings, some “leniency,” but it was all done with the best interest of Monday Night Raw in mind. There was no conspiracy. There was no bribery. There was no collusion. It was simply a collective realization that there were several steps that needed to be taken so that the BAD of Monday Night Raw could get out… and that the GOOD could prevail.

The bullshit could not be spewed more from Eric’s lips, and the crowd reacts as such, but either way, a point seems to be becoming clear…

Eric Bischoff: And Randy Orton IS the perfect champion for Monday Night Raw… and quite simply, like your once-powerful stable… Evolution… has passed you by.

Heat, as Eric lets out a sinister smirk. He turns away and goes to the back, but then suddenly turns around and puts his hand up.

Eric Bischoff: Oh! Heavens me, I made a mistake. I forgot to utter something that I should have a few minutes ago, and that’s that I guess htat you could say… the LEGEND of Triple H… is slowly… but surely… being… KILLED.

Jerry Lawler: LOOK OUT!!!!


The crowd becomes unglued, mercilessly booing TLK, who turns around and looks over at ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. Randy drops the title belt and slowly walks up to Ric, who COMES OUT FIGHTING AND PUNCHES ORTON IN THE FACE!!! Flair and Orton duke it out in the middle of the ring, trading blows, but the World Heavyweight Champion begins to take over, backing Flair in with some vicious elbows and uppercuts to the jaw and facial areas. He rips his shirt out wide, and then mocks Flair with a “WOOOO” before hitting him hard with a knife-edged chop. He does it once again, and mocks Flair once more, before connecting with a THIRD chop.

Flair staggers and stumbles and Randy shows no remorse, pounding away at the cranium of the 16-time World Champion, eventually busting him wide open the hard way. Los Angeles is shell-shocked, as we see The Game rising up to his feet. He walks over and a surprised Orton takes a right hand to the jaw!! Orton falls out of the ring through the top and middle rope, and Hunter climbs out and is in hot pursuit, although still reeling from the title shot, as we can see him holding his forehead in obvious pain. He grabs TLK off the ground, and shoves him into the barricade. He then pounces on Orton and begins to pummel away, but suddenly, out of desperation, Orton delivers a kick right in the groin!!!!

The crowd boos the obvious heel tactic, as Hunter crumbles to the ground like a sack of potatoes. The World Heavyweight Champion huffs and puffs his way back to his feet, and pushes him into the ringpost!!! Hunter dings off the post, forehead first, and holds his head in even MORE pain, already dealing with the title belt shot. The Legend Killer smells blood in the water, as we see a bloodied Ric Flair looking on, not even gaining the energy to help his friend out. TLK stomps over to the the timekeeper’s area, and grabs a steel chair and sits it down in front of the commentators, Ross and Lawler, who Orton verbally assaults after we hear them beliddle the WHC. Orton swings his arms out, shouting, “HE’S HISTORY! HE’S FINISHED! HE’S *FUCKING* DONE!!” as his eyes widen as he stands over The Game. He lifts him up, and licks his lips, like a buzzard as he sees his prey as he wraps his arms around his head…


Jerry Lawler: We need some help out here!!!

“BA-TIS-TA” chants ring out… but there’s been no sign of ‘The Animal’ all night, whose absence is nothing but mysterious. Orton’s eyes widen once again, as a lifeless Triple H is held up only by The Legend Killer.


Orton then takes off… running with Hunter… and leaps up… BEFORE HITTING THE RKO – DRIVING HIM ONTO THE SEAT OF THE STEEL CHAIR!!! (A la, John Cena on SNME in July of 2006, for visual purposes)


Jerry Lawler: Easy J.R.!!! You want him to come over here!!?!?

Jim Ross: I don’t give a da-

Orton looks over and looks to yell… but only makes King and Ross flinch, before letting out another smirk as the callous champion walks away from the scene. He makes sure to grab his title belt on the way, as the wreckage he left behind him is ever so apparent. A bloodied Ric Flair, helpless, leans over the ropes and looks down at his unconscious friend Triple H, who has not moved since being hit with the RKO onto the steel chair, which is laughably standing on two legs; its seat is bent at a near 90-degree angle, and the other two legs are totally bent and broken.

The Legend Killer does not meet Eric Bischoff at the top of the ramp, as he has disappeared from the scene. Orton grabs his World Heavyweight Championship and hoists it up HIGH over his head as a beaming smile appears on his face, as Raw fades to black.



Current Card for WWE Backlash
Date: May 1st 2005
Location: Verizon Wireless Arena; Manchester, New Hampshire
Event Music: TRUSTcompany; Stronger

Intercontinental Championship Match; Shelton’s Revenge:
'The New Phenom' Shelton Benjamin © w/ The Coach vs. 'The Big Red Machine' Kane

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Re: WWE 2005: The New Era in Professional Wrestling

Raw Feedback

Nice to see a fellow 05'er around so let’s see what’s cracking.

Definitely the right call in Orton opening the show, fully expected gloating galore and you did just that. You got his character fairly strong throughout, there were little passages that just felt off, though I’m sure over time that’ll be ironed out. For example the whole ‘catacombs, mountaintops’ stuff, just can’t picture Orton spewing that. Liked the way he downplayed his interactions with Bischoff and I think you’ve transitioned nicely from Orton’s ‘destiny’ phase now into this ‘greatness’ schtick, could definitely work for him. A promising start with this.

Nice to see the fallout from last night beginning already, angry Evolution=bad news for the champ!

Solid win for Trish, nothing much to note here.

I like the pairing of Coach and Benjamin, I really do BUT I wasn’t all that sold on their interaction here. Benjamin I actually quite liked, you really portrayed him being frustrated, disappointed with last night. Coach I didn’t feel was quite up to scratch though, some of his words just seemed un-Coach like if you know what I mean lol. Again though, I think you’re only gonna get stronger with all the characters as you progress. Intrigued where Coach is heading with this plan however.

Big win for Hassan and Daivari. I’m a huge fan of Hassan and I’d be all for these two heading for Tag gold to keep them occupied. Main story of course is Jericho and Benoit. A feud between these two would no doubt be fantastic so I’m certainly looking forward to where you go from here, expecting things to pick up big time next week.

Laree interview was pretty strong for the most part. A little too much ‘Trish’ and ‘Trish Stratus’ throughout it and the end was a bit…weird, the ‘bye for now’ and ‘ta-ta’ was strange. Unless you’re going for crazy Mickie as she was when she first came to the WWE, would make more sense. Glad this feud is continuing though.

Edge was pretty in character here so kudos for that. The whole comparing himself to Ali was great, purely cos he’d get booed out the building lol. Him running Christian down was expected and I’m glad we got a Christian appearance, gave him something back after defeat at Mania. I would’ve liked to hear a bit more from him but I guess the physicality speaks volumes as well. Much like the Women’s Title feud, pleased to see this one continuing, think it’s got legs.

Hmmm, Jericho leaving? I hope not, a feud with Benoit would be great. I will say that this was probably the weakest in terms of your characters so far. Really didn’t seem right and I couldn’t imagine this being said in the way Jericho does so.

Squash city for Kane, no shock. A little surprised that Coach came out, I felt a little more at ease with Coach this time than his earlier backstage bit. Benjamin/Kane feud could be good, however I’m not all that sold on the reasoning for it. I think you should’ve maybe emphasised that they wanna drive Kane out, it felt more like Benjamin simply wants to beat Kane to avenge his defeat. The ‘cut the blood away’ line was good and I wanted you to build on that but then it sorta felt like he just wanted to beat Kane. Sending Kane packing would certainly send a message to Taker and make a huge statement. A win? Over someone Coach just berated as already being beneath Benjamin? Not so much.

Felt like a very filler-ish segment here. Didn’t really see the need for it, especially as it’s the first time we’ve seen Bischoff tonight.

Nice debut for Masters here, a slow little push would no doubt help the Raw midcard.

More shenanigans between Easy E and Orton eh? Interesting…

Solid match here and a strong outing for Benjamin to re-establish himself after his defeat last night. Bit surprised we didn’t see anything from Kane. I know he took a superkick but still expected him to show his face, even if it were after the match.

Trips was pretty hit and miss here. Pleased to see him being so aggressive and forceful, least you’d expect after what went down at Mania. Some of his words didn’t sound right however, it just didn’t quite click but the general idea of it all was spot on. The way he played up Orton was nice, comparing him to himself was a solid idea but at the same time he showed just how much it ate him up inside. Bischoff coming out didn’t surprise me after his little word with Orton earlier and he started off slow but really picked up strong and loved the way he mentioned the days of the NWO and WCW, as well as him being the reason Hunter held gold. I was a bit disappointed that Trips didn’t have any interaction with him, that I would’ve liked but I understood why he didn’t and the ending wrapped things up very nicely. Sickening stuff from Orton and this only furthers the whole thought that he has become what Trips once was.

On the whole, for a first show this was strong. I know you’ve had a few threads in the past so expected it to be decent and didn’t disappoint. There’s a lot to work on, characterisation of certain superstars that I’ve mentioned but that’ll come with time. The storylines are all set very nicely however and you’ve got a ton of talent to work with. I would suggest maybe calming down on the attacks also. You had Christian, Benjamin, Orton all coming from nowhere, try and mix it up a little bit more next time round but other than that a solid start and I look forward to more!
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