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WWE: New Boundaries

Dark Match: Mark Henry D. Jack Swagger

TLC Results
1. Dolph Ziggler D. John Morrison to retain the WWE Intercontinental Title
2. The Miz D. MVP to retain the WWE US Title
3. Batista D. Rey Mysterio in a Last Man Standing Match
4. The Straight Edge Society D. R-Truth and Crymetyme in a 6-Man Tag Team Challenge Match
5. Sheamus D. John Cena in a Tables Match to regain the WWE Title
6. Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes D. Ted Dibiase and Kofi Kingston
7. Jerishow D. DX To retain the WWE Tag Team Titles
8. Mickie James D. Michelle Mccool by DQ
9. CM Punk D. The Undertaker to win The World Heavyweight Championship in a TLC Match when a masked man came from under the crowd and shoved The Undertaker through 2 tables, after. Punk pulled off the mask and revealed it to be Nick Dinsmore

Survivor Series may have been over, but there were potential contenders for both Undertaker's World Heavyweight Title and even John Cena's WWE Title. on the RAW side, Sheamus got the shot by defeating Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match. Kingston and Orton's feud still continued with Ted Dibiase joining Kofi Kingston after Randy Orton had turned on Ted Dibiase at Survivor Series. Sheamus would use the advantage by kicking Kofi Kingston in the skull to get the win. After, Sheamus stared down the WWE Champion. Cena got out of the ring and slid a table from under the ring and it was official, it would be a tables match for the WWE Title. DX however had another chance at getting the WWE Tag Team Championships, they would challenge Jerishow for the first time in a Tag Team Chairs Match, on the SMACKDOWN side of things. CM Punk was announced the Number One Contender by Teddy Long after begging and pleading, Punk also had a new straight edge society, Luke Gallows known as Festus, Colt Cabana and Serena, all three of them attacked their World Heavyweight Champion on their first night and then the next week they attacked him again this time with Muhammad Hassan making his return. Hassan stated that he did that because Undertaker had changed him into the person he was and that now with him under CM Punk's wing. He was now Mark Magnus, with the World Heavyweight Title. it seemed like Undertaker's title reign would appear to be in jeopardy. Speaking of Jeopardy. The feud between Batista and Rey Mysterio still continued and it would end at TLC in a Last Man Standing Match, Dolph Ziggler won the Intercontinental Title over John Morrison and Drew Mcintyre in a Triple Threat Match, also Vince Mcmahon wanted to cut out the RAW guest hosts, and that the last RAW guest host would be used on December 14 the night after TLC and that Teddy Long was fired as SMACKDOWN GM effective and moved over to RAW GM, and the SMACKDOWN GM would be revealed on December 18

WWF 2000: Passing the Torch

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Re: WWE: New Boundaries

Raw Roster:

Main Eventers:
Sheamus (WWE Champion)
Shawn Michaels
Triple H
John Cena
Randy Orton
Big Show

Cody Rhodes
Kofi Kingston
Ted Dibiase
The Miz
Jack Swagger
Evan Bourne
Mark Henry

Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Santino Marella
Hacksaw "Jim Duggan"
Ron Simmons
The Hurricane

Gail Kim
Alicia Fox
Kelly Kelly

Ring Announcers:
Josh Matthews
Michael Cole
Jerry Lawler

Theodore Long

WWE Champion: Sheamus
WWE United States Champion: The Miz
WWE Tag Team Champions: Jerishow
WWE Divas Champion: Melina


William Regal
Zack Ryder
Tommy Dreamer
Shelton Benjamin
Vladimir Kozlov
Paul Burchill
Yoshi Tatsu
Ezekiel Jackson
Ricky Ortiz
Rosa Mendes
Tiffany (ECW GM)

ECW Champion: Christian

Main Events:
The Undertaker
CM Punk
Rey Mysterio
Chris Jericho

Dolph Ziggler
John Morrison
Rob Van Dam
Drew Mcintyre
Matt Hardy
Booker T
Mark Magnus
Colt Cabana
The Great Khali
Mike Knox

Upper Carders:
Luke Gallows
Caylen Croft
Curt Hawkins
Slammaster J
Kung Funaki
Jimmy Wang Yang
Charlie Haas
Nick Dinsmore
Trent Barretta
Tyson Kidd
Eric Escobar
David Hart Smith

Beth Phoenix
Mickie James
Michelle Mccool
Vickie Guerrero

WWF 2000: Passing the Torch

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Re: WWE: New Boundaries

i am definitely sticking to this BTB for good, WrestlingClique, you can take your brand and shove it, WrestlingForum is the one place i need to be,

WWF 2000: Passing the Torch

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Re: WWE: New Boundaries

No offense but this is your SIXTH btb since may. Two a year is a bit much but SIX that might be a record. As a reader why should I invest my time to read/review something that by all indications will be gone in a matter of weeks (or even days)?
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Re: WWE: New Boundaries

^ I'd like to agree with that but then realized, I've had my fair share of threads this year too. (Four, probably five? ) I will say this, though. Whilst the time period and shizzle looks decent enough, mentioning another board here is probably not allowed.

Whether you do or don't stick it out with this, best of luck and do your best.
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Re: WWE: New Boundaries

It's the biggest event of the year, the WWE 2009 Slammy Awards

but there were no big events at TLC for either John Cena or The Undertaker, they both lost their championships to Sheamus and CM Punk how will they respond to both losing their championships.

first, it started with CM Punk defeating The Undertaker in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match when a man came in disguised in a mask shoving The Demon of Death Valley off the ladder, Punk did win the World Heavyweight Title with the help of a masked man, it was revealed as Nick Dinsmore, CM Punk will be here to celebrate his World Heavyweight Championship Victory

also Sheamus is in the building too will he celebrate his WWE Title Victory, as well

and who will go home with the awards all this and more as RAW heads your way

WWF 2000: Passing the Torch

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Re: WWE: New Boundaries

(intro, pyro and logo)

Segment 1: Tag Team of The Year
the new RAW GM Teddy Long comes out as he comes to present the award

Long: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the 2009 Slammy Awards, now tonight, we got a lot of big slammies so let's not waste any time playas, it's time to pick the Tag Team of The Year

Carlito and Primo

Long: and the winners are D-Generation X

DX come out both together they accept the award together, as Shawn Michaels is the first to speak

HBK: wow, we have had a great 2009, i mean you and me both, i was this close to beating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25, and you my friend were this close of breaking Randy Orton and Legacy together, now, look at us we won the slammies together.

Triple H is the next to speak

Triple H: You know Shawn, it's going to be a whole lot better because 2010 will be the year of D-Generation X, Jerishow, you may have gotten lucky but still you can't bring us down, so in three weeks we are issuing a challenge to you we want to face you for the WWE Tag Team Championships, and if we don't win that match. Then we will never challenge for the Tag Team Titles again,

HBK: Jerishow, i hope your'e ready because nothing is going to stop D-Generation X

Then suddenly, somebody taps Shawn Michaels on the shoulder and Michaels turns around as DX both gulps, the same guy who handed DX the lawsuit for Hornswoggle gives it to them,

Triple H: Monday Night, Little People's Court.

HBK: you give Hornswoggle a message to us

HBK hits Sweet Chin Music to the midget,

Triple H: We will see you on January 4th, Jerishow and Hornswoggle we will see you next monday,


Match 1:
Champion vs Champion
Christian (ECW Champion) vs Dolph Ziggler (Intercontinental Champion)
this should be an interesting match between the two of them, Christian regains momentum at the start of the match, but Ziggler fights back when Christian attempts a dive off the top rope, Ziggler gets back in the match hitting Christian with several right hands and begins to showboat, Christian makes a comeback hitting a cross body off the top but it isn't enough to put Ziggler down for the three, Christian goes to hit the killswitch but Ziggler reverses and goes for the ZigZag and Christian counters it into a shove by holding the ropes, Ziggler charges at Christian in the buckle, and Ziggler misses and that allows Christian to give him a kick to the head, Christian picks up Ziggler and hits the Killswitch to get the win, after the match. ECW's William Regal, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov all go after Christian until Tommy Dreamer comes in to make the save scaring them off.
Winner: Christian at 9:39

backstage. Dennis Miller is walking by with The Bella Twins, he's next.

Segment 2: Miller meets the Straight Edge
RAW guest host Dennis Miller comes out hand in hand with the Bella Twins as he gets in the ring,

Miller: Thank You, it is very nice to come here on RAW to present to you the Slammy Awards, now i've seen a lot of WWE stars in the back today, And they look happy to be here, now i may be the last RAW guest host, but when Donald Trump named the guest hosts, i was real happy to be the guest host of RAW, the last one, so without further ado it's time to give out another slammy what do you say

Then CM Punk's music plays in the arena as he comes out with the rest of the Straight Edge Society including the newest member Nick Dinsmore, Punk enters the ring and stares face to face with Miller

Punk: are you Steven Spielberg, well ohhh wait your'e Dennis Miller, see while you made your way on the trip, I defeated The Undertaker last night and i kicked his ass through hell and back, i did it by myself, let me remind you who i am, i am Straight Edge meaning i'm better than you Dennis Miller, I am a four-time World Heavyweight Champion. I've beaten every main-eventer in the WWE. And now i go to RAW and see Dennis Miller in my Ring, look here i've been seeing how everything works here with the RAW guest hosts, i went through that with Jesse Ventura and his little conspiracy theories, at TLC. There wasn't no conspiracy theory i defeated The Undertaker, i took The Deadman's title, and i took his weakness just like i did when i made him tap out at Breaking Point,

Miller: Well Punk, you may be the World Heavyweight Champion but when i saw you at TLC, you didn't defeat The Undertaker. You had your little buddies with you and the way i see it at Breaking Point, The Undertaker made you tap out and also Hell in A Cell, he kicked your ass.

Dinsmore picks up the mic

Dinsmore: Hey you don't speak to the World Heavyweight Champion, you show him the respect he deserves

Miller: Okay Eugene,

Crowd gives a laugh at that

Miller: Wait a minute who are you now

Dinsmore: I'm Nick Dinsmore,

Miller: ohhh are you Nick, well Mr. Dinsmore, i hoped you brought your wrestling gear because tonight you will be going one on one with the man you cost the World Heavyweight Title from, The Undertaker,

Punk and his crew leave the ring frustrated

Miller: let's get them outta here and present the next awards,

R-Truth's music plays as him and Eve make their way down to ringside,

Eve: tonight, we present the Breakout Star of The Year, So let's get right to it

R-Truth: and that's what's up

The nominees are
Yoshi Tatsu
Drew Mcintyre
Dolph Ziggler

R-Truth: and the winner is Sheamus

Sheamus comes to the ring with the WWE Title Belt as he enters the ring, Michael Cole tells us that Sheamus will cut his title celebration speech when RAW returns live


Sheamus is in the ring about to speak

Sheamus: for five months, i broke into ECW defeating and inflicting pain on of all the biggest stars until i was taken to Monday Night RAW, i put Jamie Noble on the injured list, and just last night i beat John Cena to become the WWE Champion, now i'm sure all you fellas are wondering, Sheamus, you've only been here five months why are you the champion now, Because like Undertaker did one year ago when he debuted he defeated a immortal legend after his debut, and what Brock Lesnar did when he beat The Rock and became the champion five months later, i defeated a legend of my own, John Cena. You have never been a good champion and that's why the WWE needs to find a good champion with class and honor and that fellas is me,

Randy Orton's music plays as Orton comes down to ringside with Cody Rhodes

Orton: Sheamus, i don't know if you know this but in 2009 i whipped John Cena's ass, but he is no longer the WWE Champion which that means your'e on my list, Sheamus, you may have been WWE Champion for a few hours, but i'm going to be the number one contender and Sheamus you can't stop the viper, what i do is cripple and injure. I inflict pain on others and that's what i've done for the past years, i've been the youngest World Heavyweight Champion, i have become the WWE Champion for 5 straight times, i've beaten Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, everybody in the ring that has surpassed me, so Sheamus by the time 2010 starts i want you to hold on to that championship, because i'm coming to get it,

John Cena's music plays again as he comes down to ringside in his orange ring gear, Cena looks serious with a look on his face

Cena: last night, everybody knows that i was robbed of the WWE Title, because i felt like my life has been placed for the past few hours, i got screwed what i didn't see was that Sheamus used a little foreign object to put me through that table, Sheamus. If i did lose the WWE Title i would be entitled to a re-match clause and i feel like that could be my opportunity, so at the Royal Rumble, what i'm proposing i want my WWE Championship re-match and i want it,

Orton cuts Cena off

Orton: you know what Cena, i've had enough of you interupting me and using up your time i want that WWE Title opportunity and your'e not going to walk all over my shoes for it, i've beaten you a lot of times, hell, i've punted you in the skull, beating you so many times with cane shots, but you time and time again have come back and beaten my ass,

Cena: i'm going to tell you this, Randy, we have had a battle, we've never agreed on many things, we just hate each other and i say tonight we settle this, why don't we say John Cena vs Randy Orton one more time, the winner faces Sheamus for the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble

Orton: i accept

the commentators go nuts saying that Cena and Orton is going to be huge


Backstage. Santino Marella and Natalya both come out to present the shocker of the year and the nominees are Shaq standing face to face with Big Show, Hornswoggle dressed up as DX, Batista turning on Rey Mysterio and Mickey Rourke knocking out Chris Jericho, And the winner is Shaq,

Big Show's music suddenly plays in the arena as he comes out, Show snatches the award and stands on the podium

Show: everybody likes to talk about Shaq, well Shaq, last summer when you stepped into the ring with me, you stepped with an angry giant, but you knocked me off of my feet and i hated you for it, so Shaq, anytime you step in the ring soon with me, i will make sure you will never forget my name,

Show picks up Santino and grabs him by the throat tossing him off the stage, Show just sent a message to Shaqueille O' Neal.


Match 2:
The Miz and Maryse vs MVP and Melina
a great inter-gender tag team match between the four of them, MVP wants some redemption on The Miz and so does Melina with Maryse, MVP and Melina win the match with Miz attempting the Skull Crushing Finale but MVP surprises him with a rollup to pin the WWE United States Champion, after the match. Maryse hits Melina in the skull with the Divas Title Belt while Miz nails MVP with the skull-crushing finale.
Winners: MVP and Melina

Up Next, the match of the year is up next.

Ric Flair's music plays in the arena as he comes out,

Flair: boy do i miss being here, i want to say this, last year, i was nominated for match of the year, But this year it is my absolute pleasure to announce Match of the Year

the nominees are

Flair: and the winner is Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker for Wrestlemania 25

HBK comes out to receive his award

Michaels: i want to thank the WWE universe for letting me have that match, last year i came this short, people said we had one hell of a match, but you know what i can beat you Undertaker again, so Undertaker. I am issuing the challenge, at Wrestlemania 26, i wanna face you one more time and Deadman, even though you don't have the World Heavyweight Championship, i want to end your streak and i will do what i can to beat you again,

then Undertaker's gong begins to sound, then the lights go out and then the lights go back on to reveal The Undertaker on the rampway with Shawn Michaels

Undertaker: Shawn, at Wrestlemania, you gave me the hell of a fight i ever had but yet you still failed, and anytime you wanna try the yard, i'll let you try it again, but this time it ain't going to be at Wrestlemania,

HBK looks upset and Taker tries to enter the ring but HBK grabs him and attempts Sweet Chin Music on Undertaker but Undertaker sees him and gives out a smirk, his match with Nick Dinsmore is next.

Match 3:
The Undertaker vs Nick Dinsmore
The Undertaker wants redemption for the Straight Edge Society costing him the World Heavyweight Championship, Dinsmore does very well repeateding punching Undertaker several times and hitting an axe handle off the top rope but it doesn't have an effect on The Undertaker, Dinsmore runs square into the ropes and attempts a diving clothesline in which he does that finally takes Undertaker off his feet, Undertaker gets back up and makes a comeback by chokeslamming Dinsmore to the mat, Taker signals for the end until suddenly Mark Magnus and Luke Gallows show up to attack Undertaker but Undertaker sees the opening and fights them off one-by-one, CM Punk enters the ring again and goes to hit Taker with the World Title but Taker ducks and grabs Punk chokeslamming him to the mat, Taker picks up the World Title and clobbers both Gallows, Dinsmore and Magnus in the face with it, Undertaker grabs the World Heavyweight Title and raises it up and throws it on CM Punk, Taker picks up the mic again

Taker: Punk, last night, you may have won but just because your'e the World Heavyweight Champion doesn't mean we have unfinished business, Punk, i want to take your soul one more time, so bring that Championship because it belongs to me, Punk, i will be waiting,


Mr. Mcmahon comes out next to reveal the RAW guest host of the year, the nominees are Bob Barker, Jeremy Piven, Seth Green, Shaquielle O' Neal and Roddy Piper,

Mcmahon: and the winner is Bob Barker, unfortunately Bob Barker couldn't be here tonight but he would like to say thanks,

The Hart Dynasty's music plays in the arena as they come out with Natalya, they drag Mr. Mcmahon into the ring what's going to happen here

Mcmahon: what the hell are you doing

Kidd: first of all your'e going to shut up and your'e going to listen, now for the past few weeks, i've been hearing you avoid Bret Hart, any RAW guest host that shows up they say the name Bret Hart why because you screwed him over at Survivor Series, he was my idol, that's why i was brought here to learn the same tricks that Bret did when he worked with you

Smith: and because of that he was my idol when he faced my father for the Intercontinental Championship, now what you did a few years back is hurt him, see you may have hurt a lot of superstars but one thing you haven't done is hurt us and whatever grudge you had against Bret may be over, because i talked with Bret and he said on January 4, 2010. He is coming face-to-face with you and he's going to tell you why,

Mcmahon: i want you to tell Bret that i'm more than ready to face him. and as far as i'm concerned you two turn around

Batista runs in and hits them both with a Double Clothesline

Mcmahon: may i remind you that your match is now with Batista, ring the bell

Match 3:
Batista vs The Hart Dynasty
Batista picks up both members of Hart Dynasty and scoops them up with a double spinebuster to get the win in a record setting 9 seconds, after the match. Batista continues to beat down The Hart Dynasty until Rey Mysterio comes in with a Steel Chair and chases off Batista,
Winner: Batista

Extreme Moment of the Year is up next,

Kane is the next to present the slammy of Extreme Moment

Kane: for years, when i step into the ring i dish out my own violence of extreme, but for the superstars that like to go extreme well this is going to excite you, ladies and gentlemen, the extreme moment of the year,

Nominees are Jeff Hardy flying untop of CM Punk, Undertaker taking Teddy Long for a ride, Triple H invading Randy Orton's house, Kofi lands a boom drop on Randy Orton in MSG

Kane: and the winner is Kofi Kingston,

Kofi comes out with the award, Kofi cuts a promo saying that it's going to be a lot more for Randy Orton in the near future as his match with ECW's Ezekiel Jackson is next

Match 4:
Ezekiel Jackson vs Kofi Kingston
a great match for the two african americans, Ezekiel dominates his power against Kofi but Kofi battles his way out and hits the Trouble in Paradise, after the match. Cody Rhodes runs in and attacks Kofi Kingston until Ted Dibiase comes out and beats down on Cody Rhodes, Dibiase and Kingston both stand tall
Winner: Kofi Kingston

up next, Cena and Orton are next followed by the superstar of the year,

Match 5:
John Cena vs Randy Orton
a great match to determine the number one contender, Orton and Cena hammer away at each other, Orton dominates the match by hitting a powerslam and a top-rope DDT on Cena, but Cena is able to fight out of it and does his five moves of doom, but Orton surprises him and goes for the RKO, and Cena goes for the AA until Sheamus runs down and hits them both in the skull with the WWE Title Belt, after, Dennis Miller and Teddy Long come out they say that Sheamus will face Cena and Orton at the Royal Rumble, Teddy Long also announces that John Cena is the superstar of the year,
Winner: Draw

WWF 2000: Passing the Torch

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Re: WWE: New Boundaries


After the contreversial finish of last night's RAW at the Royal Rumble it will be Sheamus defending the WWE Title in a Triple Threat Match against John Cena and Randy Orton,

WWF 2000: Passing the Torch

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Re: WWE: New Boundaries

Who's The Next In Line for the ECW Title
December 15, 2009

Christian's Run as ECW Champion has been a successful run but he's been facing and overcoming some tough challenges, with Regal. Kozlov. Jackson, Benjamin and all other ECW talents are gunning for Christian's Championship, but what is going to happen,

Speaking of the ECW Championship, Tiffany is going to make a big announcement about the ECW Championship, what will it be

tune in to ECW tonight at 8/7c

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Re: WWE: New Boundaries

ECW - December 15, 2009

(Intro, Pyro and Logo)

Josh: we welcome you to ECW and we have a rocking crowd on hand here tonight

AW: Surely this is the place to be tonight

The ECW GM makes her way to the ring as she's about to make a big announcement concerning the ECW Championship, Tiffany picks up the mic

Tiffany: how's everybody doing tonight, now i am here tonight because we are about to name the next contender for the ECW Title, there are a lot of contenders here in ECW for Christian's ECW Championship, but i have decided in two weeks from tonight, there will be former ECW stars who have held the ECW Title in the past, A ECW Battle Royal and here is the list,

Before Tiffany can pick up the list, William Regal's music plays as he comes out with Ezekiel Jackson,

Regal: Tiffany, now listen dear, i know how bad you want me and Ezekiel to be in this Battle Royal of yours, but you see i want the ECW Title it's time i teach that miserable toe-rag Christian who wants that ECW Heavyweight Title more, i am the 2008 King of The Ring, i have been in the WWE for nine and a half years and i have never held the ECW Championship, but i want my shot at the ECW Title tonight, give me my chance to become ECW Champion i want Christian and i want to fight him for the ECW Title tonight,

then Christian's music plays in the arena as he makes his way out to ringside,

Christian: Regal, do us a favor like usually you would and that is shut up and quit whining like a little bitch, and do you really want a shot at the ECW Championship, do you honestly think that your'e worthy of becoming Champion cause of your accomplishments, well guess what, i don't have anything to do tonight,

Regal: are you going to get in the ring and hand me what is rightfully mine sunshine, because i've been totally discriminated by you, at Summerslam, your win over me was a fluke, but i promise i can beat you and take your bloody championship, you don't know Christian how barbaric and ruthless i can be, so Christian, give me my damn title

(Christian thinks)

Christian: Hell No, tonight, i would rather kick your teeth in because i've been taking beatings from you and Ezekiel, you really think you can beat me, cause i've proven that i can beat you and every ECW superstar, so tonight, if you really want this championship, then why we don't have a match, no rules, no disqualifactions, no countouts and no holds barred, i'm proposing you to wrestle me in an Extreme Rules Match, if you want this title, then your'e going to have to beat me for it,

Regal: you got a deal

Christian: but hold on, there's one more thing, Regal, this is your one chance to get the ECW Title, you lose, no more chances, i lose, your'e the Champion, we got ourselves a deal

Regal: Cheerio and Christian, trust me when i say this sunshine i'm going to give you the biggest thrashing of a lifetime youl'l never recover from,


Match 1:
Vance Archer vs The Great Khali
a rare treat to see Smackdown's Great Khali here in ECW as he takes on another giant in his own mind Vance Archer. Archer gets some great offense in by hammering at Khali in the corner with kicks and right hands, Khali fights back however, Archer then makes a comeback going for the legs of the Punjabi Playboy, Khali then fights back and goes to hit the vice-grip on Archer but Archer surprises him and grabs the 420-pounder bodyslamming him to the mat, Archer heads for the cover and gets the pinfall victory over The Great Khali, after the match. Archer picks up a mic

Archer: what you just saw is an example that i'm getting closer to the ECW Championship, in two weeks, i will win the Battle Royal and go on to the Royal Rumble to realize my destiny and there is not a damn thing anyone will do about it,


A Wrestlemania 26 promo is shown,

Backstage, a brawl breaks out between Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov until Tiffany comes in and says that Next Week, Ezekiel Jackson will go one-on-one with Vladimir Kozlov, Kozlov likes that idea and they continue to brawl

Match 2:
Jimmy Wang Yang vs Zack Ryder w/Rosa Mendes
well as usual, it is indeed a squash for Wang Yang, Yang however gets a little bit of offense by hitting Ryder with series of headbutts and dropkicks, but it ain't enough to put Ryder away, Ryder gets the win by hitting the RoughRyder after Yang misses a cross-body attempt,
Winner: Zack Ryder


Josh Matthews and AW announce that in two weeks, The ECW Battle Royal will feature stars from RAW and SMACKDOWN who had been in ECW, they say that this might be the longest battle royal match in the history of the WWE,

Match 3:
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship
William Regal vs Christian
this is one final opportunity for William Regal, if he loses this, he won't challenge for the ECW Title anymore, Regal and Christian use everything but the kitchen-sink, both of them go through barricades completely breaking two of them, Christian even brings a ladder in to play and attempts a suplex but Regal fights his way out of it, suddenly Ezekiel Jackson arrives and helps Regal attack Christian but Vladimir Kozlov runs in to make the save chasing Jackson all the way out of the building, Christian and Regal then fight some more and suddenly end up untop of the ladder, and there's a table sitting there this doesn't seem good for one of these two, Regal fights out and headbutts Christian to the ladder, but Christian doesn't wanna let go as he punches Regal several times off that ladder, but Regal kicks him in the groin and with one-hand throws him off the ladder onto the table, Regal may have broken Christian's spine, Regal gets out of the ladder and pins Christian to win the ECW Championship, Regal is your ECW Champion, This is certainly the blackest day in ECW History, Regal then raises the ECW Title telling Christian that he's nothing as ECW goes off the air,
Winner and New ECW Champion: William Regal

WWF 2000: Passing the Torch

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