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Learning to break kayfabe
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UpgradE Wrestling

Authors Notes: This is my first BTB, and hopefully it will have a great run. I think my biggest struggle will be writing the matches, however, this is something that can and will be improved with time. The roster is composed of the better wrestlers with the most potential from the different promotions in the United States. Obviously, this is completely unrealistic. All major promotions will not fall and one will form and get to tv/ppv quality automatically.

Backstory: Due to very low ratings and attendance records, many of the wrestling promotions have been forced to shut down; companies like WWE and TNA filing for bankrupting. This allowed a certain man to hire many of the talents that were now out of a job in an attempt to create a wrestling promotion that would bring fans back to the sport that was once enjoyed by everyone.

Promo: One way or another, everything comes to an end. Everything comes and goes. It is an unfortunate event that nobody can prevent; everything that was once loved fades away, everyone dies, happiness vanishes. This revelation is not always as bad as it seems though, sometimes when things come to an end it is for the better. When things come to an end it gives it a chance to improve and come back better than ever. This is officially the end to professional wrestling as you know it. It will come back and it will be better, it will be improved, it will be upgraded!

An UpgradE is coming...

+-+ ROSTER +-+
As of November 18, 2012

General Manager: Nigel McGuinness

~~ Wrestlers ~~
Adam Cole
AJ Styles
Antonio Cesaro
Arik Cannon
Austin Aries
Bray Wyatt
Bully Ray
Cody Rhodes
CM Punk
Damien Sandow
Daniel Bryan
Dean Ambrose
Dolph Ziggler
Eddie Edwards
El Generico
James Storm
Jimmy Jacobs
Johnny Gargano
Kassius Ohno
Kevin Steen
Luke Harper
Micheal Elgin
Roderick Strong
Sami Callihan
Samoa Joe
Seth Rollins
Steve Corino
William Regal

~~ Other On-Air talent ~~
Paul Heyman - Manager of CM Punk
Truth Martini - Manager of The House of Truth

~~ Broadcast Team ~~
Larry Legend - Ring Announcer
Matt Striker - Backstage Interviewer
Jim Ross - Commentator
Nigel McGuinness - Commentator

~~ Factions ~~
Team Hell No ( Kane and Daniel Bryan )
Rhodes Scholars ( Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow )
Kings of Wrestling ( Kassius Ohno and Antonio Cesaro )
S.C.U.M. ( Kevin Steen, Steve Corino, and Jimmy Jacobs )
The House of Truth ( Michael Elgin and Rhyno )
Strong Anarchists ( Arik Cannon and Roderick Strong )

~~ Champions ~~
UpgradE Champion - Vacant
Diehard Champion - Vacant
UpgradE Tag-Team Champions - Vacant

+-+ Pay-Per-Views +-+

Night of Destiny - December 23, 2012 - New York; New York City Madison Square Garden

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: UpgradE Wrestling

Haven't seen one of these types of threads be successful, but I hope this one is, it looks interesting. Will be watching.
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Asking SCOTT STEINER for Wrestling Advice
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Re: UpgradE Wrestling

Originally Posted by dango View Post
Haven't seen one of these types of threads be successful, but I hope this one is, it looks interesting. Will be watching.
Art of War wrestling is actually one of the best on here and hashad a pretty good run...


WCW 1998: be the booker

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: UpgradE Wrestling

Freeman Coliseum - November 23, 2012
San Antonio, Texas

* UpgradE Promo Plays *

* Pyro *


Nigel McGuinness walks out with a white suit, sunglasses, and carrying a clipboard to the ring. The fans cheer loudly for him all the way to the ring. After he gets in he puts a finger to his lips and the crowd starts to quite down.

"Welcome, to the first episode of UpgradE Wrestling! We have a fantastic show for you tonight which will make you regret watching the shit that companies like WWE and TNA have been feeding you these past years. Before we get into the action tonight, I have one thing I must address and that is this beauty right here."

He goes over and pulls the cloth covering the podium to reveal the UpgradE Wrestling Championship, a black leather belt with a several golden circles along the waist and then the large circle in the center with the logo on it.

"We will be crowning our first ever UpgradE champion at our first pay-per-view Night of Destiny, on December 23rd, in a very special match that hasn't been seen since 2007. The rules are very simply. 20 people are eligible to compete, the match will start out as a variation of the WWE Royal Rumble in which two people will start out the match and every three minutes another will join. You can be eliminated through pinfall, submission, or being thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. After the last man has entered the match the over-the-top-rope rule gets abolished and the match turns into a variant of a ladder match. The beautiful belt will lower and the remaining wrestlers will compete to climb a ladder and grab the belt, however, pinfall and submission eliminations may still occur. A realist would say the easiest way to climb the ladder and get the belt is to eliminate everyone else so that you are the last one standing then climb up and grab the belt with no problem. Well, we will see how it turns out. Starting tonight spots will be chosen and placements will be picked, the higher the number the more value it has. This should be fun. One last thing before the show can begin, I think I am going to join Good 'Ole Jim Ross on commentary."


Nigel McGuinness gets out of the ring and walks over to the commentating table and shakes JR's hand before sitting down putting on a headset.


The camera goes over to the entrance stage watching for somebody to come out. After a few moments of waiting all the lights go out leaving the arena completely dark. Within thirty seconds a spotlight shines down onto the middle of the ring where Dean Ambrose sits, legs crossed, with a microphone in his hand his eyes closed staring into his lap.

"For those of you ignorant enough to not know who I am, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dean Ambrose, and I am the most talented man in this building. I do not have a match tonight because everyone is afraid of me, they know who I am. I do not need a silly little gimmick to declare I am the "best in the world" to know that I am the best professional wrestler alive today. Whenever people see they are against me they get scared; they get scared and they run away. I don't blame them, I would be scared to, in fact I am scared. I am scared of myself. Anytime I get in the ring I am afraid for my opponent, I am afraid of what I will do to them. I can't control it, I can't stop it, it controls me.

Dean Ambrose is here, and you better be afraid."

The spotlight turns off leaving the entire arena black again, this time for a much shorter time before the lights turn back on with an empty ring. Commentary goes on as if nothing happened.

"Welcome to UpgradE Wrestling, I am Jim Ross, and what a great opening segment Nigel!"

"Thank you JR, I always enjoy making the crowd happy, and as great as that was there is more when we return."

* Commercial Break *

"The opening contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!"


"Introducing first, Seth Rollins!"

"Welcome back to UpgradE Wrestling, this is going to be the first ever match that we get to see, I hope you planned a good premier match for us Nigel."

"That is what I am all about, these matches should all be exciting, right off I think the match is off to a good start Seth Rollins the former NXT champion had great matches in the former companies."

Seth Rollins comes out waving his arms around to get the fans to cheer in which he accomplishes receiving a loud pop as he jogs to the ring touching hands with fans. He slides into the ring and jumps onto the turn buckle raising his arms which receives another loud pop.

"That he did Nigel, and one can only wonder what he is thinking with all the talented wrestlers in the back, who could his opponent be?"

"And his opponent!"


"By god, that is the former Open the Freedom Gate champion of Dragon Gate USA."

"Johnny Gargano!"

Johnny comes out raising his fist and walks to the ring ignoring fans. He steps into the ring staring at Rollins. The ref points both at both of them making sure they are ready and calls for the bell.

Seth Rollins vs. Johnny Gargano

"Excuse me gentlemen!" Nigel stands up from the commentary booth with a microphone. "This is the first match of UpgradE Wrestling, so I think we need more incentive other than a plain old singles match. The winner of the match is guaranteed a spot in the final 5 entrants at our Rumble match."

Both men looked intrigued staring at each other more intensely. The crowd cheers to this addition to the match.

"I'm not done yet gentlemen, the loser will get the number one entrant spot in the Rumble match. Good luck."

Nigel sits back down and both men rush each other grabbing onto each others shoulders punching each other in the head trying to get an early advantage, neither man wanting to lose now. Rollins gets the advantage with a few punches before kneeing Gargano in the abdomen and running him into the turn buckle. Rollins goes over grabbing Gargano again and starts running him towards the opposite corner. Right before throwing him Gargano reverses throwing Rollins into the corner. Gargano goes to clothesline him while he is in the corner but Rollins rolls out of the ring and stands to the side of the ring watching Gargano jumping and running his hands through his hair. Gargano goes over and attempts to grab Rollins hair from over the top rope, but Rollins grabs his legs pulling him out to the ring and start punching him repeatedly until Gargano gets the chance to counter and runs Rollins into the apron and rolls him into the ring where he gets in and attempts a pin to a nearfall. Gargano starts to stomp onto various parts of his body before Rollins rolls out of the way.

* Commercial Break *

Coming back Gargano is choking Rollins on the second rope the ref is counting, 3, 4, Gargano lets up and Rollins sits on the rope trying to take a few seconds to recover. Gargano tries to run over and attack Rollins, but Rollings dodges and grabs onto him trying to roll him up into a pin. Nearfall. Gargano quickly recovers and knees Rollins Irish whipping him into the corner where he goes to chop him across the chest. Gargano turns it back onto Rollins continuing to chop him before Rollins punches him back. He picks Gargano off the ground and headbutts him back down. Rollings picks him up, and Gargano throws him into the rope where he then attempts to roll up Rollins to another near fall. Seth Rollins gets up quickly and jumps kicking Gargano in the side of the head before quickly wrapping his arm around his neck his back to Gargano and jumping for a back-flip DDT, the Shiranui. He quickly goes for the pin where he gets a three count.

Winner : Seth Rollins

"Here is your winner, Seth Rollins!"

Rollins celebrates getting onto the four corners celebrating.

"What an amazing first match, Nigel, now Seth Rollins is in an excellent spot, he is guaranteed to enter at a spot between sixteen and twenty. Only increasing his shot at the UpgradE Championship."

"That's right, but not only that Gargano now enters at number one, but there maybe a silver lining for Gargano as I have another announcement to make about the rumble later on in the night."

"We are looking forward to hearing about it,"

An image comes across the titantron to a room in the back, many of the stars are sitting in chairs in a circle, including Team Hell No, Rhyno, Michael Elgin, S.C.U.M., and the Kings of Wrestling. Truth Martini is standing in the middle speaking.

"I know some of you haven't met me, or heard of me, but that is understandable. Not everyone knows of my success in the professional wrestling industry. My success is brought by my best-selling book, The Book of Truth, and I can help lead you. Michael Elgin and Rhyno here currently understand my methods. If you would spare a moment of your time I can explain to you my methods and it is completely free to you. Open yourself up to the truth."

Kane and Daniel Bryan stand up, Daniel Bryan goes over to Truth Martini and screams "no" before Kane starts to laugh and walks out of the room. Truth continues his seminar as the camera fades out.

* Commercial Break *

Nigel stands beside the commentary table with a microphone in his hand.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be part of a mini tag-team tournament. The winner of this match will move onto Night of Destiny where they will face the winners of next-weeks tag-team match for the UpgradE Tag-team Championships."

He sits back down at the commentary table.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall, where the winners will compete at Night of Destiny for the UpgradE Tag-Team Championships!"


"Introducing first, Daniel Bryan!"

"The unlikely tag team of Daniel Bryan and Kane, the two of them have been successful in the professional wrestling industry."

"What I think it is is that they are so unlikely and they are always fighting that causes them to work together so well. They want to outdo each other, at the same time their egos want them to be successful, and because they are always fighting their opponents underestimate them."

Daniel Bryan comes out waving his arms screaming "No" the fans all start cheering yes, by time he gets to the ring pyro explodes.


"And this man, is the intimidation factor, I don't know what I would do if I had to face the Big Red Monster."

"He sure is something, he is tall and big, and you never know what he is going to do next."

"And his tag-team partner, Kane!"

Kane comes out wearing the punisher mask over his normal one he ignores Daniel Bryan getting in the ring where he starts to raise his arms to set off his pyro before he gets interrupted.


"Another very successful tag-team for different reasons they live off of cooperation and working together, compatibility is their key."

"Let's not rule them as only tag-team competitors though, a divide and conquer technique is not their weakness, both men are strong singles competitors as well."

"Their opponents, they Kings of Wrestling, Kassius Ohno and Antonio Cesaro!"

Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno come out, while standing at the ramp they shake hands before walking down to the ring the two are hesitant to get in. After a few moments they get into the ring, but side step Kane not wanting to get on his bad side this early. Daniel Bryan pats Kane on the shoulder and points to the corner. Kane shakes his head. "I'm first." He yells. Daniel Bryan waves his hands. "No, I'm first." The two go back and forth a couple of more times before Kane picks Daniel Bryan up and throws him over the top rope. Kassius Ohno goes to the apron as the ref calls for the bell.

Match #2
Team Hell No vs. The Kings of Wrestling

Cesaro goes over to Kane and chops him in which Kane tilts his head staring at him. Cesaro attempts again in which still doesn't affect Kane. Kane catches his next attempt where Cesaro attempts to shake his head trying to pull free. Kane throws him into the ropes and catches him on the return with sidewalk slam for an early advantage. Kane picks him up and throws him into his corner and runs at him hitting him with a clothesline in the corner. As Kane gets there Bryan tags himself in which upsets Kane. The ref tells Kane he needs to get out. Kane argues with Daniel Bryan which allows Cesaro to crawl to the other side and tag in Ohno. Ohno runs over hitting Kane hard in the back and throws him through the second rope. Kassius looks at Bryan and he holds his hands up looking for a test of strength. Bryan locks one hand to Kassius before Kassius turns and throws him down to the mat twisting his arm before standing up putting him into a submission hold. Bryan struggles causing the hold to become loose. Before losing momentum Kassius throws him to his corner tagging in Cesaro. Kassius puts him in a headlock taking him over to the opposite side corner and the Kings of Wrestling Irish whip him to the diagonal corner Cesaro then whips Kassius to Bryan where Kassius splashes him before throwing him back to Cesaro who kicks him in the head. Cesaro gets down for the pin as Ohno gets to the apron. Nearfall.

Kane looks frustrated in the corner reaching an arm out to Bryan. Cesaro goes over and tags in Ohno before going back and picking Bryan up by the waist. Ohno runs to the rope to get momentum as he running back he jumps elbowing Bryan before Cesaro slams him down. As Cesaro is getting up he gets kicked by Kane, Ohno runs over to attack, but Kane gets him in a choke and chokeslams Ohno. Kane walks back as the ref is counting and drags Bryan to the corner before getting to the apron and tagging himself in. Kane gets back in the ring and picks up Ohno over the shoulder before slamming him back down, going over picking up Cesaro and clotheslining him over the top rope. As Ohno gets up Kane catches him by the throat again picking him up for a second chokeslam before getting down for the pin. Three count.

Winners : Team Hell No

"Here are your winners, Kane and Daniel Bryan!"

"What a great showing by both teams. Kane and Daniel Bryan are one step to the tag-team championships, and the Kings of Wrestling have nothing to be disappointed about."

"Well they do have to be disappointed about not being able to even compete in the first tag-team championship match, however if they don't get a championship run at some point it will be shocking."

Backstage Matt Striker is standing with Punk and Heyman which gets a huge cheer from the audience. "I'm here with CM Punk. Punk, you are going to be in the first main event of UpgradE wrestling against none other than Kevin Steen. Your thoughts?"

"You want to know my thoughts? Well, join the club everybody wants to know my thoughts. It shouldn't come as a surprise that I am going to be in the first main event, everybody paid to see the best in the world. Steen maybe a good wrestler, but he also needs two other wastes of space to help him out. That's okay though, he can bring his cute threesome to the ring, while he is busy in his orgy I will be wrestling and winning."

Punk walks away while Heyman starts to clap.

* Commercial Break *

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!"


"Introducing first representing The House of Truth, "The Man Beast" Rhyno!"

Truth Martini and Michael Elgin walk out with Rhyno as he comes out raising his arms. Truth Martini has The Book of Truth in one of his hands as he shows it to several audience members as Rhyno runs to the ring sliding under the bottom rope.

"Now here is a team that is beyond words, Truth Martini and The House of Truth."

"Truth Martini has seen a lot of success in the people that he has managed, and there is a long list of them."

"When I spoke to him he said that he believes running for every championship, I mentioned to him that I was going to be introducing a new championship next week, and he told me that is why he has two members, to take every championship."

"And that would explain his seminar to the tag-teams in the back earlier in the night."


"This will be a tough opponent for Rhyno, a man who has wrestled for over ten years."

"Also, AJ isn't that foreign with being managed, having several managers over his career; most recently the legend himself Ric Flair."

"And his opponent "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles!"

AJ walks down to the ring touching hands with a bunch of fans on his way down. He gets up onto the apron and waits for a few moments watching Rhyno before getting into the ring and getting onto the turnbuckle putting his hood down. He gets down taking his jacket off handing it to a crew member. The ref points to both men and calls for the bell.

Match #3
Rhyno with The House of Truth vs. AJ Styles

The two men get close together and lock up; AJ ducks getting behind going for a side headlock. Rhyno struggles to get out breaking free after a few seconds keeping hold of AJ's arm pulling AJ to him and hitting a clothesline. Rhyno picks AJ before scooping him up holding him for a few seconds before dropping him down driving his knee into AJ's back. Rhyno then taunts raising his hands which gets the crowd to give him heat.Rhyno gets down onto AJ trying for a pin. One count. Rhyno waits for AJ to get up, he goes over grabbing onto AJ's arm and tries to Irish whip him into the corner but AJ reverses whipping Rhyno into the corner instead. After a second of recovering AJ runs towards Rhyno, who is still sitting in the corner, Rhyno quickly grabs onto AJ and picks him up throwing him down on the mat. Rhyno stays in the corner squatting down preparing for his finisher.

As AJ Starts to stand up Rhyno quickly runs going for the gore. AJ drops down out of the way Rhyno running into the turnbuckle. As Rhyno turns around AJ hits the pele kick onto him. AJ goes for a pin. Nearfall. Styles picks up Rhyno to his knees preparing for a Styles clash which he gets on and executes it successfully. He goes for a pinfall. Nearfall. Styles climbs the top rope as Rhyno recovers, he jumps trying to hit Rhyno before he fully recovers, but Rhyno runs underneath him. Styles lends on his feet and turns around just as Rhyno nails him with the Gore. Rhyno gets down for the pinfall.

Winner : Rhyno

"Here is your winner, Rhyno!"

Truth Martini gets in the ring and raises Rhyno's arm before going and grabbing a microphone.

"This is only half of the power The House of Truth contains. After watching the domination of your beloved AJ Styles anything negative about The House of Truth is just a bunch of hoopla. The Book of Truth has no lies, and The Book of Truth states that "When one member of the family is dominant, the whole family is dominant" and if that wasn't dominance I don't know what is. Rhyno and Michael Elgin will become future champs and The House of Truth will grow. Then all of you people will be cheering and wanting the truth to be revealed to you."

"Truth Martini seems to be confident in his managing ability."

"Well who wouldn't be after that demonstration Rhyno put on, and like Truth said that is only half of The House, and with his speaking ability who knows who he is going to be able to bring in as members."

The group starts walking out, but the music quickly gets changed.


"The show-off proving he does just that, cutting off The House of Truth's exit."

"Ziggler is not shy to show just how arrogant he can be."

Dolph Ziggler walks out with a smirk on his face as he knows he interrupting The House of Truths exit. He looks at Truth Martini before shaking his head and walking down to the ring. He stops mid ramp and slicks his hair back he jumps up onto the apron and gets in the ring turning around and wiggles his hips.

"The following contest is schedualed for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, Dolph Ziggler!"


"And his opponent, Adam Cole!"

"Adam Cole, one of the guys in the industry on the rise. He may just be the perfect opponent for Dolph Ziggler."

"He maybe, Dolph Ziggler is one who cares about looks and showing off, and Cole has had the nicknames "Panama City Playboy" and "Star of the show" in other industries."

Adam Cole comes out and runs to the ring jumping onto the apron smiling and saying to the camera "I got this." Cole steps into the ring. Cole smirks at Ziggler and turns around waving his arms getting a cheer before turning back and smiling at Ziggler who shakes his head and holds his arms out wiggling his hips back and forth again receiving a lot of heat, he lips to Cole "You wish you could move your hips like that." The ref holds a hand to both men before calling for the bell.

Match #4
Adam Cole vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler steps back into the corner pointing at Adam Cole, "Check him", he yells obviously trying to waste time. The ref goes over checking Cole's boots before turning back and shrugging his shoulders to Ziggler. The two of them start to get close together. Adam Cole goes for an early superkick, but Ziggler dodges it backing into the corner. The two man come together and lock up. Ziggler pulls away kicking Cole in the stomach and proceeds to punch him into the corner. Ziggler then Irish whips Cole into the opposite corner. Cole catches himself at the turnbuckle and jumps up and lays down across where the ropes meet putting his head onto his hand using his other hand to imitate covering his mouth for a yawn. Ziggler runs over kicking Cole off the turnbuckle down to the floor. Ziggler gets out of the ring and grabs hold of Cole slamming his head into the barrier. Ziggler then takes him and whips him into the steps. Cole lays on the steps covering his head in pain. Ziggler goes over and takes Cole by the hair slamming him down and rolls him into the ring. Ziggler follows him into the ring and goes for the pin. Nearfall.

* Commercial Break *

Ziggler punches Cole before Irish whip him into the corner which Cole reverses whipping Ziggler to the corner. Ziggler catches the corner ropes as Cole runs towards him. Ziggler jumps up over Cole landing behind him Cole, Cole quickly turns around hitting him with a Corona Kick (like a drop kick). Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag, but Cole realizes it and stays strong standing causing Ziggler to fall to the mat. Cole turns around as Ziggler get up and goes to punch Cole. Cole catches the punch throwing it around and jumps up hitting the lungblower, a backbreaker. He then follows it by climbing to the top rope where he attempts a flying cross-body, but Ziggler rolls away. The bell rings, fifteen minutes has been reached.

Winner : Draw

"As a result of no victor after fifteen minutes, the match has been ruled a draw!"

"An excellent match by both men, an even match."

"Dolph Ziggler is a great wrestler, so for Adam Cole to make it fifteen minutes with him is an impressive feat."

"Neither man should be ashamed."

Adam Cole goes to shake Dolph Ziggler's hand. Dolph doesn't shake it though instead he slicks his hair back and gyrates his hips some more. Adam Cole puts his hands on his hips smiling and nodding before imitating Ziggler slicking his hair back and gyrating his hips. Ziggler shakes his head, "You will never be as great as me." He says getting out of the ring with his arms extended walking up the ramp. Cole smiles and raises his arms before getting out of the ring and walking up the ramp.


Nigel McGuinness gets up from the commentary table and gets into the ring. "This week we started determining the twenty people that will be in the Upgraded Rumble match. While some people already have their numbers because of stipulation, some others don't know. So starting next week we will be drawing numbers to determine entrance spots. These numbers however, are not final. The numbers that are drawn can be bartered, gambled, sold, or whatever. Whichever twenty people show up to Night of Destiny with a number will enter at that number. Also, next week I will reveal the third championship of UpgradE Wrestling, the Diehard Championship, I will discuss the terms of the championship and we will crown a winner next week. For now though, lets get on with our main event!"

Nigel goes back and sits down with JR.

"What an amazing announcement Nigel, can I get a sneak peak at who could possibly be in the match next week?"

"You will find out next week along with everyone else, the people who are in the match don't even know they are in it. For now though we have a great main event."


CM Punk comes out getting down on one knee looking down at his wrist before standing up "It's clobbering time!" He jumps up and down a little as Heyman claps behind him before starting to bow.

"The self-proclaimed best in the world, he is being managed by Paul Heyman which means a lot in this industry. We talked about Truth Martini being a great manager Paul Heyman is up there as well."

"Will Heyman be enough though to match Jacobs and Corino who will be ringside with Kevin Steen?"

"Some people call them an infection, which suits their name S.C.U.M. CM Punk is going to look to rid UpgradE wrestling of that infection tonight."


Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, and Steve Corino come out. Steen walks slowly to the ring touching hands with a couple audience members. Jacobs dances a little bit to the annoyance of Corino. The three get in the ring Jacobs getting onto the top turnbuckle sitting down clapping. CM Punk gets in the ring and goes over to Steen the two men bumping chests.

"Kevin Steen has made sure to have an insurance policy with him for his matches."

"There is strength in numbers, and it serves as a pure intimidation factor. You can never feel safe knowing Jacobs and Corino are on the outside just waiting for the referee to stop paying attention."

"The main event will begin after this."

* Commercial Break *

"The following contest is schedualed for one fall. Introducing first, accompanied by Paul Heyman, CM Punk! His opponent, accompanied by Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino, Kevin Steen!"

The ref ushers Jacobs, Corino, and Heyman out of the ring and checks both mens boots for any foreign objects before stepping into the middle holding a hand out to both men before calling for the bell.

Match #5
Kevin Steen with Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino vs. CM Punk with Paul Heyman

CM Punk starts out by punching Kevin Steen into the corner where Steen starts to punch back. The two continue to trade punches before Kevin Steen knees CM Punk in the stomach. Punks catches one of the punches twisting Steen's arm behind his back and tugs wrapping his arm around Steen's head before dropping, hitting the Devil Lock DDT. Punk goes for the early pin. One count. Punk gets up as Steen starts to recover getting to his knees. Punk runs back onto the ropes for momentum as he attempts to hit a shining wizard on Steen. Steen dodge though getting to a standing position. Punk gets back to a standing position where Steen grabs his arm throwing him to the ropes and hits a double knee facebreaker when Punk comes back. Punk crawls to the corner sitting up trying to recover. Steen quickly runs where he front flips onto Punk for a cannonball senton. Steen tries for the pin. Nearfall.

Steen quickly gets back up grabbing hold of Punks legs attempting to get a sharpshooter onto him. Punk is quick to act kicking Steen towards the ropes where Steen starts to run the ropes. Punk lays down for the first run through before standing up and picking Steen up dropping him down, a running powerbomb. CM Punk tries for the pin. Nearfall. CM Punk without getting up locks in the anaconda vice. "Tap out!" he yells loudly. Steen rolls over though laying down on Punk, Punk's shoulders down. Nearfall.

Punk has to release the vice. The two men stand back up and start trading punches again, shortly after Punk gets the advantage taking a few more punches before picking Steen up over his shoulders and hits the GTS on him. He goes for the pin, but Jimmy Jacobs gets up on the apron distracting the ref. While the ref is distracted with Jimmy Jacobs on the apron Kevin Steen grabs a steel chair that Corino threw to him and gets ready to hit Punk as he starts to stand up. A man dressed in all black with a black ski-mask comes into the ring with his own chair hitting Steen hard before rolling back before Corino can get to him and runs into the audience. The ref turns around as Punk lays down on Steen to get the pinfall. Jacobs and Corino storm the ring but Punk rolls out quickly walking up the ramp staring at S.C.U.M.

Winner : CM Punk

"Here is your winner, CM Punk!"

"Who was that masked man?"

"It was CM Punk making things fair, Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino weren't making things fair, so Punk evened out the playing field."

"Do we know that the masked man was Punk's idea though?"

"If Punk didn't know about him then he should be extremely thankful then."

"What a premier episode, hopefully we will get answers next week, goodnight everybody."

* End Show *


Seth Rollins def. Johnny Gargano via pinfall
Team Hell No def. Kings of Wrestling via pinfall
Rhyno def. AJ Styles via pinfall
Dolph Ziggler vs. Adam Cole ended in a draw
CM Punk def. Kevin Steen via pinfall


Night of Destiny Update

Upgraded Rumble Match for the UpgradE Wrestling Championship
Seth Rollins vs. Johnny Gargano vs. 18 other wrestlers

UpgradE Wrestling Tag-Team Championship
Team Hell No vs. The winner of next weeks tag-team match
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