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John Titor's Wrestling World - 2012 and Beyond

John Titor's Wrestling World – 2012 and Beyond


a sbuch presentation


Introduction (feel free to skip)
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is sbuch and for over half a decade I have been on this lovely forum filling my useless knowledge of pro wrestling and IWC terms while I procrastinated with my real life. What originally drew me into Wrestling Forum was this section right here. When I first signed up I was lucky because this, in my opionion, was the prime of BTB.When I first arrived here on WF and in the BTB section I was captivatated by the amazing talent on display. During this period members like DDMac, Szumi, KOP, Apple Spitter, Deadman and Renegade were coming into their own with amazing projects while you also had The Boogeyman, Orry, arjun14626rko, Icon, kid o mac, NatureBoy and of course, Wolf Beast mostly in the middle of amazing work. And then, as time moved forward new posters emerged with projects such as Nige, Alchoholic, Crazian, Stoyj and CaesarWCWR and as they began to make waves early prospects like Shock and BkB Hulk starting popping up. And those are just some of the pure great projects that filled this section.
Admittadely, I deffinitely fell off for awhile, but to me, nothing will beat those days of BTB. Throughout my tenure I have tried time and time again to create a successful BTB like anyone of the posters above me, but as I have come to find my out, I change my mind a lot as motiviation comes and goes. I never once got to write a WrestleMania and I barely even would get past two weeks in BTB time. I believe my first BTB was an ECW one and then I did a modern day (2007) WWE project. As time went on I just jumped around from idea to idea, sometimes not even posting more than page one. However, one thing was consistent – I was always trying to do something different. It was a WCW/NWO born again promotion or a Carribean Wrestling Federation – I tried to stay away from the regular BTBs that filled this place. And here I am – at it again for one last time.
Before I venture off into full out adult-hood I feel I need to try my persistence once again at BTB and see if I can make it to the end. This BTB will have an ending point, but for now I will not get into that. Be the bookers test our creativity, our dedication, our writing skills, our work ethic and most of all, our motiviation. Planning, writing and executing pages upon pages in microsoft word takes a great deal of all that and something else, time. We never get paid to write a BTB we do it because we want to, because it's fun. And that is what I'm going to do today. I am going to make this fun again.

The Story of John Titor (for the purpose of this BTB)
Some of you may already know who John Titor is, but for those of you that don't simply search him on google to find out some more information. John Titor was a supposed time travel from a parallel universe about 1-2 degrees different than ours. Titor began posting to an online forum claiming to be from the year 2036 who had traveld back in time as part of a military misson. His story isn't neccessairly important, but for more info click here He claimed that the many-worlds interpretations was accurate and that everything that is possible is happening in different "universes." Because of that, wrestling in his universe would be different than ours. While he claimed because his universe was only slightly different, major events or major events similar to those in other universes still occured. For example, if WCW and ECW were bought by the WWF in our universe, in his universe ECW bought WCW and WWF. This BTB will be John Titor's Wrestling World. These events will be have taken place somewhere out there in the vast empitiness of space to be enjoyed by fans from another universe.


Our Beginning

2012 ... and beyond

Think of our starting point as a place between two lines. One line goes to the left and one line goes to the right. To the right is forward and is the left is back. Beyond doesn't have to always to mean going forward. Beyond the dot in either way – forward or back. This BTB will be starting on Monday 11/12/12 and it will be ending in April of 2014. The story though, could go either way. Forward, or back.


WWE Monday Night Raw
November 12, 2012 Live From Ohio State Universisty

We begin our story last night from The Ohio State University one week away from one of the biggest pay per view specials of the year – Survivor Series. Tonight on Raw it is a SPECIAL THREE HOUR event as the Team Leaders for Team Dangerous Alliance and Team WWE will go head to head in a single's match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship of the World as Team WWE Captain The Rock faces reigning and defending Team Dangerous Alliance Captain the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Rock and Steve Austin each returned to the WWE on a part-time basis in the midst of WrestleMania in 2011 and each had a return match that night. On the grandest state of them all the leader of the Attitude Era, Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestled his first match in 4 years and defeated The Animal Dave Batista to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Earlier in the evening The Rock had returned to the ring for the first time in 6 years and nearly defeated The Undertaker, but fell victim to The Deadman and his WrestleMania Undefeated Streak.

Tonight though, history will be made as these two superstars go head to head for the first time since WrestleMania 20 and as per Austin's request, the WWE Championship will be defended! This Sunday at Survivor Series, Steve Austin will lead a team of rebels and free thinkers led by Paul Heyman – the Dangerous Alliance – to face a team of WWE Superstars led by The Rock and the Chairman of the WWE, Shane McMahon. The winner of this match will regain control of Raw and Smackdown, which is currently under no supervision, and will be completely in charge of both shows.

We go now live to the main event of the evening.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Steve Austin w/ Paul Heyman defends against The Rock w/ Shane McMahon

"Laides and gentlemen what a main event we have for you tonight!" A familar voice is heard over the broadcast as John Layfield welccomes us back from commecial break. Layfield has been the lead announce for Monday Night Raw since his retirement from the ring in 2008 until his comeback in 2010 and then again later in the year forward. Layfield continues, "And there is still NO word on the whereabouts of Triple H and if he will be able to make it Survivor Series after that henious attack by Austin and Team Dangerous Alliance in the backstage area, earlier in the evening." At his side is the Danger Alliance represenative, Joey Styles! And, along next to Styles sits WWE Hall of Famer and all-time Legend around the globe – FORMER WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jerry THE KING Lawler! (King as commentator transcends space-time)


The crowd erupts into a huge mixted reaction as Stone Cold Steve Austin in his patent black trunks, black boots and black vest walks out of the back. Alongside with him is Paul Heyman, who holds the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Jerry Lawlers says, "I can't believe this main event we have for you tonight! The Rock one one with Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and for the FIRST time since WrestleMania XX!" Styles adds,"That's right King and on that night Steve Austin BEAT The Rock and that is exactly what will happen here. The Rock may be a big time movtie star, but Stone Cold WILL ALWAYS own The Rock inside those ropes." Austin and Heyman have stepped foot in the ring as Heyman tells the ref to back away as Austin does his pose on the ring post.


Another huge mixed reaction as The Icon The Rock steps foot out of the back. To his side is the Chairman and COO of the WWE, Shane McMahon. The Rock looks fiercely down the aisle at the champion before staring off into the crowd and making his way to the ring. John Layfield says, "The Rock – a true Icon of this business, will lead Team WWE into Survivor Series and looks to gain control of Raw and Smackdown, the foundation of the WWE for the boss Shane McMahon." The Rock climbs up the apron and to the front right ring post to perform his famous pose as Shane McMahon gets into the ring, eyes locked on Heyman. Styles says, "And The Rock WILL FAIL as Captain as Stone Cold Steve Austin proves YET AGAIN he is the biggest name in the history of this company." The King says, "Easy Joey, there have been some great champions and legends -." Styles interuppt, "Save it King! Steve Austin, under the guidance of Paul Heyman found himself in ECW and took his new attitude to the WWF where he shot to stardom like no one before! Austin's sold out FOUR WrestleMania's in a row and in all FOUR HE WON! At WrestleMania XVII he defeated The Rock, at WrestleMania XVIII he defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan, at WrestleMania 19 he made KURT ANGLE submit to a sharpshooter and at WrestleMania XX he beat The Rock again! Not only that, Austin beat Shawn Michaels at WrestleManai 15 and sent his sorry ass to WCW and at WrestleMania XXVII he beat the LONGEST REINGING WWE Champion of recent times Dave Batista! ... KING The Rock can't even lace Stone Cold's boots!"

Inside the ring, the competitors are preparing for battle as Paul Heyman hands the championship strap to Senior Official Mickey Henderson and long time announcer Howard Finkle is here to do the introductions. Finkle says, "Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for our main event ... for the WWE Heavyweight Championship of the World! Now introducing, the challenger, he is The People's Champion, The Icon and the Captain of Team WWE for this Sunday's Survivor Series winner takes all match ... from Miami, Florida Thhhhhhheeee Rooooockkk!" The crowd bursts into moslty cheers now as The Rock stands focused, eyes on the prize. King says, "I don't care what you have to say Joey, all I know is The Rock is not a young superstar anymore and this Sunday it will be BOOTS To ASSES for Steve Austin and the rest of Team Dangerous Alliance." Finkle continues, "Now introducing the reigning, defending WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World, he is the Texas Rattlesnake ... Stone Cold Steve Austin!" Now mostly boos reign down fromt he crowd as Paul Heyman looks around with disgust as he gets out of the ring.

10:20 PM ; Match Begins

The Rock and Stone Cold waste little time and meet at the center of the ring with firsts hurling. The Rock picks up the early advantage beating the champion into the ropes. Just as qucik, Austin begins to gain the advantage backing The Rock up to the oppsite side of the ring.

Austin whips The Rock across the ring and as he bounces back, the champ attempts to connect with a clothesline. The challeneger ducks and runs back acrosd the ring. Hitting the ropes and bouncing back, this time, The Rock attempts and clothesline and connects!

Austin bumps and stands right back up and stumbles into the corner. The Rock begins to gain momentum as the crowd turns it up. More right and lefts from The Rock and he attempts to whip Austin across the ring. The champ reverses though and tosses Rock into the same corner before he begins to hit him with punches of his own.

Austin connects with some kicks to the mid section before walking away taunting to the crowd. With immense boos from the Ohio State crowd, Austin goes back to beating The Rock in the corner. After just a few more punches, The Rock reverses and tosses Austin into the corner before pulling him into the middle of the ring by the back of his neck. The Rock walks Austin into the center and delivers a nasty falling neck breaker.

The Icon begins to pick his offense up, bringing Austin back to his feet only to deliver another neck breaker! Austin is known for his bad neck and The Rock is clearly looking to exploit that here.


We jump ahead now deeper into the match where The Rock has pretty much been on top of his game. Austin, seems to be playing a defensive game as The Rock has delivered shot after shot on the champion. The crowd is pretty split with some Rocky and Austin chants going on at the same time as The Rock and Stone Cold continue to brawl this match out.

As The People's Champion tosses Austin into the ropes once again he attempts a clothesline, but the champion ducks. Bouncing of the ropes and running back, Austin hits Rock with his famous Lou Thez press and the crowd pops big time. Austin is beating The Rock's face in before rising to his feet and tossing middle fingers Shane McMahon's way!

Austin kicks The Rock a few more times as he is down before grabbing him by the face and bringing him to his feet. The champion flips Rock off and kicks him the gut and attempts a Stone Cold Stunner! Rocky though shoves Austin away from him and as Austin runs back towards The Rock – he delivers a spinebuster!

The Rock springs up and smells what he is cookin' as he looks at the crowd who are on their feet! Austin stumbles to his feet as The Rock waits and stalks before he turns the champion around and attempts a Rock Bottom! Austin, though strikes Rocky in the side of the head with some stiff elbow shots, kicks The Rock in the gut and delivers a Stunner!

The crowd can't believe it as Rocky drops like a sack of potatoes. On the outside, Heyman is screaming for Austin to make the cover and as he does, Shane McMahon gets on the apron! McMahon is distracting the referee. Austin has The Rock covered as the crowd and Heyman count to three. Heyman walks over to the side of the ring and as Shane sees him coming, he drops off the apron and knocks Heyman to the ground with a right hand!

The crowd is going nuts as Austin can't believe it. The champ gets out of the ring and tries to go after McMahon, who runs in and out of the ring and clearly wants nothing to do with Stone Cold at this moment. Austin continues to chase McMahon up the ramp when all of the sudden ... ...


The crowd comes unglued from their seats as the top almost blows off and The Game Triple walks out of the back in just jeans with some bandage wrapped around his body! The Game looks ready and roaring to go as he chases Austin down the ramp. Austin retreats up the ramp and inside the ring and has his back turned to Rocky the whole time.

The Rock, who has now recovered, waits for Austin to turn around before grabbing him and delivering a huge Rock Bottom! The crowd is deffinitely mixed at this point as it seems like The Rock is only MOMENTS away from caputring the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The Rock gets to his feet and sets Austin up for the People's Elbow! Starring off into the crowd and with Triple H and Shane McMahon going nuts at ringside. The Rock smells what he's cookin once again as he takes of his elbow pad and tosses it into the crowd! As he crosses his arms and hits the ropes Team Dangerous Alliance – Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and CM Punk! - come runing out of the back, attacking Triple H and Shane McMahon from behind!

At the same time The Rock nails Stone Cold with the People's Elbow driving his exposed elbow deep into the heart of Stone Cold! The Rock goes for the cover as the referee makes the count ...

...... ONE .......

........ TWO ......

...... THR -- ......

NO!!! Paul Heyman pulls the referee out of the ring!! At the same time Bryan and Punk hit th ering and begin to kick The Rock off Austin and beat him down! The referee is fighting with Heyman ans calls for the bell.

Winner of this match by disqualifciation – The Rock

Still WWE World Heavyweight Champion – Steve Austin

10: 58 – Match Ends in DQ

Match Aftermath

The match is over but the carnage has just begun as The Rock is getting kicked and punched like a dog. Bryan pulls The Rock to his feet as CM Punk nails him with a kick to the back of his head right away! The Rock looks out of it as Bryan gets on the mat and very quickly applis the La Bell Lock! On the outside, Mark Henry throws Triple H into the steel steps and easily tosses Shane McMahon out of his way.

Now in front of the announce table, Henry continues to beat down The Game who is in obvious pain and bad shape from earlier in the night. Henry rips the announce table a part as Heyman is screaming YES, YES, YES. Inside the ring, Austin rises to his feet when ...


Here comes the rest of Team WWE John Cena and Alex Riley! They come rushing down the ring as Punk tells Bryan to let The Rock go, and he is clearly knocked out. Bryan gets to his feet and he and Punk look ready to go to war, but Austin slips out of the ring. Cena and Riley slide into the ring and all four men begin to brawl all over the ring! Back on the outside of the ring, Henry slames Triple H's head off the the table over and over.

Inside the ring Riley and Cena begin to gain the upper hand on Punk and Bryan while Heyman and Austin make their escape on the side of the ring and up the ramp! Back on the other side of the ring, Henry scoops Triple H up as the crowd continues to go crazy. Cena nor Riley realize what's going as Punk and Bryan get some offense in. Henry lifts Triple H high into the air and then delivers a World's Strongest Slam right through the announce tables!

The crowd cannot believe it as Austin and Heyman throw their arms up in exciment on top the ramp. Cena tries to get out of the ring, but Punk stops him as the four continue to brawl inside the ring. Henry stands their coldly with a smirk on his face, proud of what he's done.


John Layfield very excitedly says, "Ladies and gentlmen thansk for tuning in here with us on Monday Night Raw! Triple H just got put through the announcer's table and this Sunday at Survivor Series it will be Team WWE vs. Team Dangerous Alliance with the winner taking control of the WWE! Tune in this Sunday, good night everyone!"

11:20 – Raw Ends

Survivor Series November 17 2012 NYC, NY

Winner Controls Raw and Smackdown
Paul Heyman's Team Dangerous Alliance vs. Shane McMahon's Team WWE
WWE World Heavyweight Champion Steve Austin, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry
vs. The Rock, Triple H, John Cena and Alex Riley w/ Bret Hart

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