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Learning to break kayfabe
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Revolution Championship Wrestling: Breaking the Mould

Revolution Championship Wrestling

This story is set in Ireland beginning in May of 2012. It will feature a mostly fictional cast and will feature some indy talent as time goes on. Now let's get started.


Six life-time wrestling fans who recently graduated from college decided that they wanted to get in on the business. They headed to the IWW training school in Dublin and were trained up there. After several months on the road with IWW they had a meeting with the owners back there. One of the men, one who will become a big part of this story, Dara Miller pitched their idea- A company which would run opposing IWW. Miller asked that IWW supply them with a ring and leave the rest to them. IWW agreed. It was time for the legend of RCW to begin....

The Roster

'The Man' Dara Miller
Height: 6'2
Weight: 215 pounds
From: Tipperary, Ireland

DJ Brawl
Height: 6'0
Weight: 190 Pounds
From: LA

'The Lord of Wrestling' Jameson Styles
Height: 6'3
Weight: 225 Pounds
From: London, England

Height: 5'10
Weight: 180
From: Mexico City, Mexico

(With shorter black hair)

'The Prophet' Kevin Jordan
Height: 6'4
Weight: 230 Pounds
From: The Holy Land

Cian Smith
Height: 6'0
Weight: 200 Pounds
From: Dublin, Ireland

RCW Championship

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Learning to break kayfabe
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The following videos have been posted on the RCW official Youtube page:

We see Dara Millerin a locker room wrapping tape around his wrists. "Ever since I was young this is what I wanted to do... I've worked my ass of for the last year to try and be the best I can. And now I'm ready. I'm ready to lead the revolution." He smirks before grabbing the camera and pulling it closer to his face. "The name's Dara Miller.... and I will be THE Man."
We open this video in a dark room lit only by a candle. We see Kevin Jordan dressed in a long black robe. "I am the savior. I am the messiah you have longed for. I am the messiah who can save pro wrestling." The camera cuts to behind the man as he removes his hood. "You may have hear Dara Miller say that he will be THE Man.... well he's wrong. Dara can humour himself all he wants.. but he is only denying the inevitable. So my disciples prepare.... for a new age."
As well as that, RCW have announced that their first 'webisode' tapings will take place in the Clonmel Park Hotel. The Tipperary hotel has played host to IWW a few months ago and are 'excited to welcome the revolution'. The tapings will take place on Sunday the third of June and tickets are on sale for ten euro in local stores now or can be bought on the night. These webisodes will be posted on the Youtube channel up every Wednesday until the end of the month.

That's it for now. Should get the first show up fairly soon. Feedback will be well appreciated.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Revolution Championship Wrestling: Breaking the Mould

RCW Revolt Episode 1

The show opens with a decent video package set to the song 'Revolution' by Pennywise. It features all of the wrestlers hitting their finisher and ends showing a graphic with the two semi finals in the RCW Championship Tournament: Dara Miller taking on Jameson Styles and Cian Smith going one-on-one with Kevin Jordan.

We cut into the Clonmel Park Hotel where 50-60 people are sitting on steel chairs in the ballroom. There is a notable amount of kids in the crowd and very little space between the top rope and the roof- About seven feet.

***Ode To Styles***

The classic tune is given the 'D-Bryan' treatment being remixed with guitar and drums and stuff. Styles struts out in a fancy Flair-style robe (The one in the pic) looking smug and arrogant. A few kids try to touch him but he gives them dirty looks. He steps into the ring and calls for a mic. He is handed a small microphone by the announcer.

“Ladies and gentleman, you are in the presence of royalt-”


The RCW theme song hits and Dara Miller bounces out from the hallway which is serving as a locker room to the stars. He pumps his fists in the air before dashing down the ramp and jumping into the ring between the middle rope and the bottom rope. He climbs to the top rope and begins headbanging. The crowd pick up on who is the face and begin cheering the energetic and enthusiastic wrestler before he faces Styles and takes the microphone from his hand.

“We get it, you're royalty. Now go and do what we're here to do..... FIGHT!”

The crowd pop as he throws the mic out of the ring and measures Styles up as the Lord of Wrestling looks disgusted.

~~~RCW Championship Tournament~~~

Semi-Finals: 'The Man' Dara Miller vs 'The Lord of Wrestling' Jameson Styles

End of Match: Styles has Miller in the opposite corner, the energetic man out of it and clutching his chest. Styles charges at his opponent and hits the corner clothesline. He grabs Miller as he smirks and pulls him into the centre on the ring. He then puts his head over his shoulder.... and connects with the Tower of London! (A Neckbreaker) Styles covers....

3-NO! Miller gets the shoulder up!

Styles pops up and yells at the referee for a moment before turning around- SUPERKICK!! Styles crumbles to the mat before Miller lets out a shout to a pop. He drags Jameson up to his feet and grabs him before nailing a big Miller's End! (Sliced Bread #2) He screams 'FINISH HIM!' before stalking the Lord in the corner and as Styles pulls himself up to his arms and knees... his head is curbstomped into the mat with the Run of the Mill! Miller covers, headbanging with each smack of the mat...

Winner: Dara Miller

The crowd pop as Miller raises his fist in the air before the ref raises the other hand. Miller pumps his fists in the air again before heading to the top with his arms outstretched as he headbangs in celebration. He slides from the ring and slaps hands with the crowd as he heads up the ramp. He turns back to the ring and we see Styles looking furious and dazed with a hand to his head.

We cut backstage where Cian Smith is stretching while talking to Tuenero. Tuenero is talking in very broken English with Smith still seems to understand him perfectly. Smith says he has to go and Tuenero nods but as soon as Cian leaves, DJ Brawl swaggers in looking pissed.

DJ Brawl: Yo, Thunder.

Tuenero looks at DJ Brawl confused as if to say me?

DJ Brawl: Bet you're pretty pissed that your friend Ciano is in the tourney and you ain't, huh?

Tuenero shrugs.

Tuenero: I don't understand.

DJ Brawl: You're amigo.... Cian gets a chance for the championship and you don't... comprende?

Tuenero: I don't really..... mind?

DJ Brawl rolls his eyes.

DJ Brawl: I'm wastin' my time here.

He turns to leave leaving the Mexican to do whatever he was doing. All of sudden DJ runs in and almost taking his head off with a Bicycle Kick. Tuenero falls flat on the ground looking out of it.

DJ Brawl: You know what amigo? You'd be the perfect way for me to get noticed round here. You, me next week. Si?

DJ smirks and leaves for reals this time.

***Stay in the Shadow***

Cian Smith walks out and after hyping the crowd up he runs down the ramp and hops onto the apron. He raises his arm up and then jumps over the top rope where he hops onto turnbuckle he jumps off and the second he hits the ground the lights cut off.....

A creepy noise hits the arena before the beat of Miseria Cantare fills the arena. The music cuts off and a single spotlight drops onto a man standing at the entrance

Kevin Jordan: Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and welcome your messiah.

He is met by some boos while some kids are silenced in fear. Jordan seems totally unfazed by the reaction.

Kevin Jordan: I have been labelled by some as an anti-christ... I am quite the opposite my people. You see, those who are calling me an anti-christ.... are hiding their fear.

He starts to make a slow move towards the ring a creepy silence over the arena.

Kevin Jordan: They're hiding their fear of change.

He stops again just before he enters the area around the ring and looks around the crowd.

Kevin Jordan: Change is inevitable. And tonight, we move towards change as The Prophet will beat this man standing in the ring. Tonight, your Prophet will become the RCW Champion.... and that's the gospel according to Jordan.

Jordan smirks as the lights return and Miseria Cantare hits once again as he drops the mic and rolls into the ring to prepare for this match.

~RCW Championship Tournament~

Semi-finals: 'The Prophet' Kevin Jordan vs 'The Higlight' Cian Smith

End of Match: Only about four minutes in, Jordan already has Smith reeling as the young high flyer is seated on the top rope, out of it after The Prophet caught him with an elbow before he could attempt a move. Jordan taunts the youngster and quickly approaches him and twists him into a Neckbreaker! Smith's head bounces off the mat but The Prophet seems to have no intention in making the cover.

He instead picks the The Highlight to his feet and drills him with another elbow Smith collapses again as Jordan gets the mic he had earlier and crouches over the downed body.

Kevin Jordan: This is just a preview of what is to come to RCW. This is just a display of what I can do to the people who oppose me. So remember..... don't oppose me.

Smith is on his knees at this point and Jordan throws the mic away and pulls Cian up.... before dropping him with the Reverse STO!! Jordan lazily covers The Highlight....
1! 2! 3!!

Winner: Kevin Jordan

Jordan stands with his arm raised up as we get a graphic confirming that Jordan will meet Dara Miller for the RCW Title tonight.

The camera moves into the crowd where Skaterboi Jeebus, IWW Zero Gravity Champion is seated in the centre. He stands up on his chair and raises his belt in an attempt to get a reaction but there is extremely little. He looks pretty angry at this and he jumps down and make his way through the crowd of people he jumps the barricade and enters the ring where Smith is still down. He grabs a mic and begins to speak.

Skaterboi Jeebus: The boys in IWW came to me and said- “Boy, ye have to check out his new RCW thing it's some good stuff.” So I showed up here ta'nigh cause I wanted to see what kinda competition I would have. And when I showed up here I was told tha' in three weeks I would have ta' defend my title against whoeva' is picked by RCW management.

Who looks at Cian Smith who is leaning in the corner against the bottom ropes and laughs.

Skaterboi Jeebus: Well lads, it doesn't even matta' who I face cause I WILL walk out the champion. Everywan of these lads would have no chance against me. They're all pathetic. Jeebus is out!

He goes to leave but Cian Smith connects with a dropkick! The IWW Star pops up and goes to leave- A REVERSE FRANKENSTEINER! Jeebus goes down hard on his head as Smith looks at the title then singles that he wants it. Smith raises his arms over the downed Stakerboi as we cut to video package with highlights of the two semi-finals and then another graphic of Jordan/Miller.

We go backstage where Dara Miller is in the locker room with a towel over his shoulders and adjusting his wrist tape.

Dara Miller: Like a certain someone, my time is now. But unlike him, I haven't had it handed to me for seven years. (He smirks) Tonight is the night where Dara Miller cements his place in history as the first ever RCW Champion. Tonight is the night... Dara Miller becomes THE Man. And Jordan.... you better hope you have 'your people' to save you.

We cut to Jordan again in a dark room a single candle lighting it.

Kevin Jordan: I am the true messiah you've longed for. I am the messiah who will save the world of wrestling and cleanse it of those who are too foolish to see that change is valuable. Change. Change. Change. Change is inevitable and tonight change begins as the Prophet will defeat a man who humours himself to give himself hope that his career will be good and long. I will end this.... 'legend' before it ever begins. And THAT is the gospel according to Jordan.

We're back to ringside where our ring announcer is standing in the centre of the ring, another man holding the RCW Championship in his hands.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this next bout is a two out of three falls match and is the finals of the RCW Title Tournament!!! The winner will be crowned the first ever RCW World Champion!!!


The high speed music hits for the second time and Dara Miller slides out from the back on his knees. He outstretches his arms before hopping up and pointing to the ring before dashing towards the squared circle.

Announcer: Introducing first, he weighs in tonight at two-hundred pounds, ladies and gentlemen he is Tipperary's own Dara Miller!

Great reaction almost every member of the audience getting behind their hometown hero. He dashes towards the ring and enters by jumping between the middle and bottom rope. He raises an arm to another nice reaction.

***Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)***

The lights drop and a spotlight drops onto Kevin Jordan who appears on the stage to a heel reaction. He knocks back his hood and slowly creeps toward the ring, shedding his robe.

Announcer: And the opponent, he weighs in tonight at two-hundred and twenty pounds he hails from the Holy Land, he is The Prophet, Kevin Jordan!!!!!

Jordan rolls in under the bottom rope and gets to his knees where he glares at his opponent. He gets to his feet and when both are checked for weapons, the bell rings and we are under way!

The Main Event

~~RCW World Heavyweight Championship~~

2 out of 3 falls- 'The Man' Dara Miller vs 'The Prophet' Kevin Jordan

Finish (Fall 1): Jordan and Miller go all out hitting each other with big moves for much of fall 1. We pick up at the finish, with Miller being held in a Reverse Chinlock. And as is usual with these chinlocks, the crowd rally Miller to return to his feet and The Man begins to respond making his way to one knee. Jordan sees this and pulls Miller back across his knee for a Backbreaker. Jordan covers.....

1! 2! Miller kicks out!

Jordan wastes no time in dragging Miller up and getting him into position for the Reverse STO.... but Miller shoves him into the turnbuckle. Miller charges at Jordan but The Prophet boots The Man in the chest. Jordan pulls Miller into position for a Reverse DDT but Miller grabs hold of him and pulls him towards the turnbuckle.... MILLER'S END!!! Miller hooks the leg.....

1! 2! 3!!!

Miller pops up as he is officially announced as the winner of the first fall. He raises his arms in the air to a good response from the crowd. Jordan slowly gets to his feet and the bell rings signalling the start of the second fall.

Winner: Dara Miller (1-0)

Finish (Fall 2): Jordan drags Miller out of the corner after he nailed him with a big clothesline. Jordan locks Miller in a bear hug and when The Man begins to attempt to fight his way out, Jordan brings him to the ground with a belly-to-belly slamming him down to the side. Miller rolls out of the ring before Jordan can continue his assault but as he turns to enter the ring he is taken out with a Suicide Dive! Miller's back connects with the metal barricade as Jordan quickly picks him to his feet and throws him back in.

Jordan quickly gets Miller into position for the Reverse STO..... and gets it this time!!! The Prophet covers Miller....
1! 2! 3!!

Winner: Kevin Jordan (1-1)

Jordan doesn't react to his victory only getting up and yelling to Miller to do the same.

Finish (Fall 3): The Man rapidly knees Jordan in the corner and hypes himself up. He follows the knees with quick chops, each one getting a 'WOO!' from the older members of the crowd. Jordan stumbles out and Miller charges at him with a flying elbow.... Jordan dodges... and Miller nails the ref! The ref is out of it as Miller kips up and he and Jordan lock up. The Prophet overpowers Miller and tosses him over the top onto the ground below.

The Man gets to his feet and is about to re-enter the ring when a giant hand wraps around his throat. Miller is staring up at a man who looks much older than then men who have been competing here. More noticeably, he's about seven feet tall. His hair his in a ponytail and he sports a pretty badass goatee. In fact, he looks an awful like another big man back in the day. Miller is hoisted in the air before being slammed down to the ground with a massive Chokeslam.

This giant man picks Miller up as if he weighs nothing and rolls him in before waking the ref. Jordan covers and the ref slowly counts....


Winner: Kevin Jordan (2-1)

NEW RCW Champion: Kevin Jordan

Jordan gets to his feet and raises the belt as he is handed it. The giant man steps in and simply nods to Jordan who smirks as we fade to black.

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