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WWE 2012: A New Era

Welcome to The New Era in WWE.

Programming: RAW - 3 hours - held every Monday. Commentators: Jerry 'The King' Lawler (heel) and Michael Cole (Face)

Saturday Nights Main Event - 2 hours - Held once a month, big matches, a mini-ppv if you will. Commentators: JBL (heel) and Jim Ross (face)

PPV Schedule (List will be updated for same PPV's the next year): (This is starting from October 2012 so EC is the first).

Elimination Chamber - October 7th 2012 in New Orleans Arena (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Survivor Series 2012 - November 18th 2012 in Bankers Life Fieldhouse (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Royal Rumble 2013 - 27th January 2013 in US Airways Center (Phoenix, Arizona)

Wrestlemania XXIX - April 7th 2013 in MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, New Jersey)

King of the Ring 2013 - June 9th 2013 in Madison Square Garden (New York City, New York)

Summerslam 2013 - August 18th 2013 in Staples Center (Los Angeles, California)


1. WWE Champion – CM Punk

2. Intercontinental Champion – Randy Orton

3. Light Heavyweight Champion – Rey Mysterio

4. Tag Team Champions – Kings of Wrestling

5. Women’s Champion – Natalya

I will be doing in-detail PPV's and recapping rivalries and the build up that has occurred from RAW and Saturday Nights Main Event.

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Re: WWE 2012: A New Era

Meet the Roster: (Blue=face, Red=heel, Green=tweener)

CM Punk – The Pipe Bomb man, outspoken and controversial, sort of like an Austin character, except he mainly focuses his pipe bombs on heels.

John Cena – the hardworking for the people guy, leader of The United, representing the America, USA, USA!

Big Show – The Big Friendly Giant sort of like Andre before he turned heel, used to promote other guys but also goes on long winning streaks to then finally get put down by an upcoming heel.

‘Dastardly’ Daniel Bryan – uses any kind of method to get the win, he has become obsessed with winning the championship and it doesn’t matter who he has to stab in the back to get there, he is slippery like a snake, but don’t be fooled once he has you in the No Lock he won’t let go.

Kofi ‘Boom’ Kingston w/ Slick – The high-flyer puts his body on the line to entertain the fans, known to be explosive, living up to his name he will do anything to have the fans be entertained. Slick is his mouthpiece.

Mark Henry – The dominator, putting people in the Hall of Pain, rarely gets a loss but when a face comes up against him he is the ultimate underdog, used mainly against lower level talent when actually wrestling but with real rivalries he goes against anyone who will challenge him.

The Miz – one of the most hated people around, former reality star he has his own reality based show that has vignettes shown, MizTV.

‘The Truth’ Krazy Killings (R-Truth) – Back to hating little jimmy, he is insane and knows no boundaries which he will not cross, he hates the little kid fans and is a more hard-core type wrestler, wrestling in street clothes and often using any weapon or method to destroy his opponent, not focused on winning, just focused on destruction.

King Wade Barrett – The brutal bare knuckle fighter, comes out in jeans to fight, leader of Empire, his gang constantly cost The United matches and he gets help defeating his opponent with his fellow members. He wins by knockout and referee stoppage.

Sheamus – The brute, Irish Hell raiser, he likes to have a good time, drinking and joking around, but he has a short fuse and will fight anyone, anywhere.

Randy Orton – He is an arrogant and cocky wrestler, he doesn’t care about the fans or anyone else but himself. He often spits on his opponents in disrespect. He is snake-like so watch out for his bite.

Alberto Del Rio w/Camacho as personal bodyguard – The rich and powerful Mexican aristocrat is an aggressive brute who often bribes refs to earn the win and hires brutes such as Camacho and Ezekiel to carry out his dirty work. He takes out everyone and anyone to feed his massive ego.

‘The Rare breed’ Alex Riley – The young kid, loved by everyone, he is trying to pursue his dream, whilst fighting for The United, he is under the wing of John Cena and often tags with Big E and Cena.

Christian – The wiley old veteran is respected by the fans and will always put on a good show, he wrestles for his peeps and runs the weekly Peep show which often ends with an altercation between guests.

‘The American Nightmare’ Drew Wallace (Drew McIntyre) – Coming out looking like William Wallace (facepaint and all), he hates American culture and with the help of the rest of Empire, he seeks to change the WWE landscape, more befitting of a European society.

Ryback – The undefeated Ryback is on a path of destruction, he is a badass who rarely talks and doesn’t care who he faces, but they will end shell-shocked.

Ted DiBiase – Fighting for the commoners, unlike his Dad he isn’t in it for the money, he loves wrestling and shares that common bond with the fans. He often throws tailgate parties before shows to interact with fans; these are often showed in highlights during RAW.

Giant Bernard (Lord Tensai) – The big powerful man who has taken embracing culture to a whole new level, he has immersed himself in Japanese culture and style of wrestling, he refuses to talk to anyone in English, but often cuts promos on the fans and his opponents in Japanese.

Big E Langston – A young up and comer, under the wing of John Cena he works hard and fights for America and The United, he is a powerful wrestler and former state champion bodybuilder, he often tags with Alex Riley and John Cena.

Bray Wyatt (Husky Harris) – He has no fear, he feels no pain and he is clinically insane. He is the monster underneath your bed, his relaxed approach is odd and his opponents are often scared or confused by him. He kisses his opponents before he does his disastrous finisher; he is most comparable to Mankind.

‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Dean Ambrose – He is very dark, and just a moment away from snapping, he is a modern day Brian Pillman but darker. He is crazy and enjoys getting hurt, often smiling or laughing during the pain. He is like a real life Joker.

‘The Long Island Iced Z’ Zack Ryder – The ‘Woo Woo’ kid, loved by the internet, especially his show True Long Island Story, which often airs on RAW in small segments. He is a kid from New York just pursuing his dream of being a wrestler; he is often in comedy segments rather than actual wrestling.

Leo ‘The Lion’ Kruger w/ Paul Heyman – A vicious south African, he hunts his prey and there in no getting out of his rear naked choke which makes his prey sleep. He believes he is great and no one can beat him. Paul Heyman claims he is the new next big thing and that he will destroy anyone in his path.

Kane – Tweener Kane who can kick ass but also be funny, he is the Big Red Machine who doesn’t care who he fights.

Rey Mysterio – The masked luchador the people love, the ultimate underdog with a high flying speciality.

Sin Cara – The prodigy of Rey Mysterio, he is high-flying and a superstar.

Hunico (masked) – A luchador, masked, he is dirty and doesn’t use the code of respect between luchadores.

Plazma (Trent Barreta) – Another cruiserweight type guy, he has that flashy and arrogant persona, he feels he is the best wrestler and deserves a shot at the Light Heavyweight Champion; he is often followed by photographers to the ring and is part of the group The Glamorous Ones.

‘Dynamite’ Tyson Kidd – He is explosive, the man who closed down the Hart Dungeon he was that good, he idolises Dynamite Kid and works to be as good as him, he has great technical skills and can also fly.

Yoshi Tatsu – The Japanese wrestler, often losing but always happy, he is essentially a comedic jobber but he puts a smile on people’s faces with his broken English and lack of understanding of what is going on.

Consequences Creed (Xavier Woods) – A fun loving guy, sporting the American colours, he is a take on of Apollo Creed and always brings excitement with his dancing and fun wrestling.

Seth ‘The Future’ Rollins – As it says on the tin, the future of wrestling in many people’s eyes, he is just starting out trying to work his way up the ladder, he has a more Japanese orientated style, which makes the wrestling faithful love him.

Richie Steamboat – Son of legendary Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat, he is in the business, for one thing, to make money off his father’s name, he will take any kind of shortcut to get more money and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Heath Slater – The one man band, baby! The legend jobber, his annoying singing style and arrogant attitude has granted him hate from the fans.

Curt Hawkins – He has the persona of magic mike, stripping in the ring before his matches and showing off his body to the audience, except no one wants to see it, the self-proclaimed ‘Sexiest Man in the World’.

The Kings of Wrestling (Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno) – The tag team champions, the kings reign supreme in the tag division, they take pot shots at the crowd and their opponents by claiming that they are not on the level of the Kings.

Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) w/David Otunga – The most intelligent tag team in all of wrestling, they study their opponents and make sure they are well-prepared for any match. They often choose not to compete if they feel that they are not well-prepared or if they see the match going in the opposition’s favour they will leave. They are accompanied by Harvard Lawyer David Otunga whose mere association with the team gets them heat; he also helps them to win with distractions.

The Funkbyrds (Brodus Clay and Santino Marella) w/Cameron and Naomi – A fun tag team, dancing with kids and having fun in the ring, they appeal to kids and anyone with a sense of humour and anyone who loves fun.

Primetime Players (Titus O'Neill and Darren Young) – They are all about making the millions of dollars, they arrive in expensive suits, O’Neill is the power and mouthpiece in the tag team, Young is the annoying guy in the background.

Perfection ('Mr Hollywood' Dolph Ziggler and 'The Prince of Perfect' Handsome Joe (Michael McGillicutty) w/ Ric Flair – Part of the Glamorous Ones they think they are prettier and better than everyone else and boy do they show it off. Ric Flair manages them as he looks to take them both to the top and is also a mouthpiece for the two, however they do also talk, but they are obviously not as good as the Nature Boy.

The Colons (Primo and Epico) w/ Rosa Mendes – A fast, high flying tag team with the attraction of Rosa Mendes, unfortunately they are often on the losing side of bouts, but this does not stop their determination or heart to succeed.

Sensational Samoans (The Uso's) – The Samoan dance before their matches always gets the crowd going, they are a power tag team, but are also quick on their feet.

The Great Khans (Jinder Mahal and Great Khali) – An anti-American tag team, sort of like Sheik & Volkoff, they appease towards the Taliban and side with them against USA in the Iraq war.

The Ascension (Kenneth Cameron and Connor O'Brian) – A dark tag team, mysterious and unforgiving, they are sort of like a mix between the Brood and the ministry. They are intimidating, serious and totally badass.

The Awesome Americans (Bateman and Swagger) – They represent patriarchy of America, they sport the USA colours and speak of God, Guns, America and Awesomeness. They are a comedic tag team with Bateman being naturally funny and Swagger being the more serious wrestler, they bounce off each other brilliantly.

Los Reyes de Lucha (Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio) – The Mexican high flyers are top class wrestlers who don’t break the rules and are technically gifted, aweing the crowd with every move. The Spanish translation is literally The Kings of Wrestling, which causes friction between them and the champs.

Empire (King Wade Barrett, Drew Wallace (McIntyre) and Gladiator Goliath (Mason Ryan) – Against the WWE and America they wish to create a European society within the WWE, specifically one that will invade and take over the rest of the WWE, just like the British Empire.

The United (Cena, Riley and Big E Langston) – The defenders of WWE and America, they are the opposition to Empire and will do anything they can to stop the invaders.

The Glamorous Ones (Perfection, Luscious Layla, The Fantastic Foxx and Plazma) – They are a group of beautiful people, they have their own Glamour lounge backstage which is only accessible to group members, vignettes are often shown here. They have created this group to separate themselves from the common, ugly and poor people.

Natalya – A true technician, representing the Hart family and follows the rules.

Luscious Layla – She believes she is the most beautiful and best women’s wrestler around.

‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix – A true power woman, she dominates her opponents with her pure strength, loved by the fans for her technical style and honesty.

Eve Torres – A great wrestler, a true kind-hearted lady, loved by everyone as she is beautiful, smart and funny.

Tamina Snuka – Daughter of legendary ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka, she uses power and destroys other women’s wrestlers who she believes to be beneath her, she is on a different class due to her heritage and power and technical ability.

The Fantastic Foxx (Alicia Fox) – Glamorous and beautiful, she is strange and sly, she takes advantage of opportunities, often winning with roll ups or by cheating, she claims to be ‘Fantastic’.

Ashley Flair – Daughter of legendary Ric Flair, she doesn’t want to lead the limousine ridin’ lifestyle of The Nature Boy, she is a solid wrestler and has set her sights on the women’s championship.
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Re: WWE 2012: A New Era

Well holy hell, I did this ages ago and just noticed it in my documents folder, thought I might as well post it up, if you want to ask questions, ask away.

Elimination Chamber PPV:

Rivalries: CM Punk vs ‘Dastardly’ Daniel Bryan
The United vs Empire
Randy Orton vs Zack Ryder
The Kings of Wrestling vs Los Reyes de Lucha
Kofi ‘Boom’ Kingston vs ‘The Truth’ Krazy Killings
Ryback vs Giant Bernard
Natalya and Beth Phoenix vs Foxx and Layla
Rhodes Scholars vs The Funkbyrds
Perfection vs Sensational Samoans
Alberto Del Rio vs Christian
Sheamus vs Mark Henry

1. 6 man over the top rope Battle Royal to decide no.1 contender for LH Championship, Hunico vs Plazma vs Kidd vs Creed vs Steamboat vs Sin Cara (Taken out of match beforehand by Kings of Wrestling) Plazma wins (Kidd and Plazma are last 2)

2. Giant Bernard def. Tatsu (01:02) Beat the clock challenge to determine who gets to choose match for Survivor Series.

3. Foxx and Layla def Natalya and Beth Phoenix with Foxx pinning Phoenix with rollup.

4. Ryback def. Slater (01:00) Ryback chooses Steel Cage match for Survivor Series.

5. Four Corners Tag match – Perfection def. The Funkbyrds, Joe pins Santino with Perfect-plex, Rhodes Scholars decided to leave half-way through the match when Clay took Rhodes out with a giant headbutt, Samoans chased after Rhodes Scholars as Sandow mocked them as they were leaving.

6. Elimination Chamber tag team match – The United def. Empire in 3v3 match when Big E Langston scores the pin on Gladiator Goliath. Cena was taken out first in a 2on1 predicament by Barrett and Wallace, Riley entered and endured a massive beating by the two men, Big E comes in and the tides start to turn, Riley scores a lucky roll up on Barrett who attacks Riley after the pin, allowing Wallace to get the pin on him. Big E comes out and makes Wallace lose via Bearhug, bringing it to the two big men, power contest and trying to knock each other down, eventually leads to Big E hitting his finisher on Goliath.

7. Alberto def. Christian by bribing ref, Del Rio gets Camacho to lay a beating on Christian after the match.

8. Kings of Wrestling def. Los Reyes de Lucha as Sin Cara is selling the injury and eventually gets neutralized by Cesaro. KOW cut promo after claiming themselves as the true Kings of Wrestling and Kings reign supreme.

9. Bray Wyatt def. Curt Hawkins, kisses him and cuts a promo on Ambrose saying he wants to kiss him and he believes he can give Ambrose the pain he has been needing.

10. IC Title match Randy Orton def. Ryder, after the match he goes to punt him, but DiBiase makes the save by pulling him out of the ring.

11. WWE Championship Match inside the Elimination Chamber – CM Punk def. Bryan, Kingston, Killings, Sheamus and Henry. Kingston and Killings were out first putting out solid work, Sheamus enters and a brogue kick followed by trouble in paradise takes out Truth. Bryan enters next and stays back whilst Kofi and Sheamus wrestle, they eventually figure out his plan and start double-teaming him, this leads to Henry to come out and put the beating on Sheamus, but Sheamus manages to escape his wrath as Kingston jumps off the top of the cage and is caught by Henry who gives him the world strongest slam for the 3 count. Punk comes out and starts manically going after Bryan after the torment he has been given, however Bryan turns the tides and locks in the No Lock, inches away from tapping Sheamus brogue kicks Bryan whilst he has the No Lock applied as Sheamus goes for the pin he is attacked from behind by Henry. Bryan and Henry beat up on Sheamus whilst Punk is still recovering, Punk distracts Henry but this only leads to Bryan applying the No Lock to Sheamus, he passes out as he refuses to tap. At nearly the same time, Punk applies the anaconda vice to Henry who passes out, refusing to tap. This leads to the big moment between Punk and Bryan, they go about 10 minutes back and forth but eventually Punk wins with a roll up on Bryan which shows these two men have not ended the rivalry just yet.
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Re: WWE 2012: A New Era

Survivor Series:
Champions: CM Punk, Orton, Rey Mysterio, KOW, Natalya
CM Punk vs ‘Dastardly’ Daniel Bryan
Randy Orton vs Zack Ryder vs Ted DiBiase
Rey Mysterio vs Plazma
Kings of Wrestling and Primetime Players vs The Colons and The Awesome Americans
Rhodes Scholars vs Sensational Samoans
Perfection vs The Funkbyrds
Natalya and Phoenix vs The Fantastic Foxx and Luscious Layla
Ryback vs Giant Bernard
Bray Wyatt vs ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Dean Ambrose
Sheamus vs Mark Henry
Kingston vs Killings
The United vs Empire
The Miz vs Kane
Tamina Snuka vs Ashley Flair – Both legendary fathers Tamina says she has no respect for legends and that she is the greatest women’s wrestler of all time, but because she doesn’t dress like a whore she isn’t given the same opportunities.

1. The Miz vs Kane – A rivalry that was created when The Miz interviewed Kane on MizTV, Kane choke slammed The Miz on set, this has led to The Miz costing Kane matches and attacking him and running away before Kane can retaliate. The Miz def. Kane with a schoolboy using the tights, The Miz runs off before Kane can get to him, and so he choke slams the ref. (07:19)

2. 4 on 4 survivor series match – The Kings of Wrestling and Primetime Players def. The Colons and The Awesome Americans. Cesaro pins Epico after swiss death uppercut. O’Neil pins Swagger after Clash of the Titus. Young pins Bateman after PTP tag team finisher. Tension between PTP and KOW as Kassius Ohno slaps Young on the back aggressively after PTP has been dominating Primo; Ohno hits his KO elbow on Primo for the 3 count. After match tension rises between PTP and KOW with verbal altercation, eventually leading to the two teams attacking each other, but PTP end up leaving the ring as Ohno goes for The KO on Young. (14:04)

3. Rey Mysterio def. Plazma via DQ when he pulls an Eddie Guerrero, with the help from Sin Cara throwing the chair in the ring with ref distracted. (05:39)

4. Parking Lot Brawl – Kingston def. Killings. Lots of extreme spots, this is to make Kingston look tougher and give him that much needed street cred of being a tough guy. Match ends after Kingston Trouble in Paradises Killings off the top of a truck and goes down to pin him. (15:49)

5. Hunico def. Tyson Kidd when Plazma distracts him, after the match Plazma beats up Kidd using a chair and going crazy. (03:18)

6. Randy Orton def. Zack Ryder and Ted DiBiase. Triple Threat match for IC Title, Orton pins Ryder after RKO, Ted DiBiase is inches away from breaking it up. After the match Orton punts Ryder which will put him out of action for a while. Orton slides out of the ring like a snake and DiBiase goes in to the ring to look after Ryder. (10:01)

7. Ryback def. Giant Bernard after a vicious match ending with Ryback marching around with Bernard on his shoulders. Many steel cage spots including Giant Bernard slamming Ryback into cage and a top rope power bomb from Ryback to Bernard. (09:10)

8. Survivor Series 4 on 4 match – Sensational Samoans, Ashley Flair and Sheamus def. Rhodes Scholars, Tamina Snuka and Mark Henry. Ashley Flair is taken out first by Cody Rhodes, the rivalry between two families is documented here, Rhodes hits the disaster kick on her after Tamina gets the tag to Cody as Flair is about to go for finisher. Sheamus hits brogue kick on Henry who kicks out, he then hits another one and this time gets the 3 count. Tamina is then taken out by Sheamus after been put in the cloverleaf, she taps. The Rhodes Scholars jump Sheamus, which leads to Samoans coming in to defend Sheamus, Samoans start to attack Rhodes on outside which leads to Sandow hitting his finisher on Sheamus, who kicks out, but then gets hit by a second one and gets pinned 1,2,3. Sandow gets up turns around and eats a superkick from Jey Uso, who gets the pin on Sandow. This leaves Sensational Samoans vs Rhodes, Rhodes tries to escape, but gets hit by the Sensational Samoans lift up samoan drop slam finisher, which leads to the 3 count. (20:30)

9. Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt ends in 15 minute time limit draw. Showcasing both men as hard-core, always fighting type attitudes, Wyatt laughing whilst he is being hit and Ambrose going crazy on Wyatt during this. (15:00)

10. The Glamorous Ones (Perfection, Layla and Foxx) def. The Funkbyrds, Natalya and Beth Phoenix. Natalya makes Layla tap out to sharpshooter. Foxx rolls up Phoenix to eliminate her. Natalya makes Foxx tap to sharpshooter. Santino hits the cobra on Joe followed by Clay hitting the splash on Joe, which leads to a 3 count. Flair distracts the ref and Ziggler pulls out brass knuckles and hits Clay in the head, which leads to a 3 count. Ziggler hits Zig Zag on Santino and gets a 3 count. This ends up with Natalya vs Ziggler, Ziggler toys with her in the ring, showing off, pinching her arse, kissing her when he has her in headlocks, etc. Ziggler does too much and eventually gets put in sharpshooter, which leads to Ziggler being in massive pain, Flair pulls Ziggler to the ropes which warrants him to get ejected by the ref. The action resumes and Ziggler ends up making Natalya submit to the sleeper. The Glamorous Ones celebrate backstage in The Glamorous Lounge. (10:13)

11. WWE Championship match – submission match – Match goes a good amount of time, great technical match, match ends with Punk powering out of the No Lock, Bryan goes crazy that someone managed to get out No Lock, he swings wildly at Punk and Punk manages to put on the Anaconda Vice, Bryan has no choice but to tap. Punk celebrates. (15:34)

12. 4 on 4 Survivor Series Match – Empire and Leo ‘The Lion’ Kruger w/ Heyman def. The United and Big Show. Kruger made Big E Langston go to sleep with his RNC. Riley pinned Gladiator Goliath after his devastating ddt. This led to Drew Wallace pinning Riley after his Future Shock DDT. Cena hits the AA on Kruger and pins him. Barrett and Wallace are double teaming Cena, this leads to Big Show coming to make the save, Wallace and Barrett leave the ring and Big Show helps Cena up and then hits him with a WMD. Big Show leaves the ring, turning heel and Barrett comes in to pin Cena and gets the 3 count. (22:45)
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Re: WWE 2012: A New Era

The Royal Rumble:
CM Punk vs The Rock - f (‘Dastardly’ Daniel Bryan still had bad feelings towards Punk)
Randy Orton vs Ted DiBiase
Rey Mysterio vs Hunico
Natalya vs The Fantastic Foxx w/ Luscious Layla
Kings of Wrestling vs Prime time Players
The United vs Empire and Big Show
Dean Ambrose and Killings vs Bray Wyatt and Kane
Sensational Samoans vs The Great Khans
Rhodes Scholars vs The Colons
Sheamus vs Mark Henry
Kofi ‘Boom’ Kingston vs The Miz

Participants in Royal Rumble: (What place they finish)
– John Cena – f (29th), Big Show (27th) - h, ‘Dastardly’ Daniel Bryan (1st) - h, Kofi ‘Boom’ Kingston w/ The Slickster – f (10th), Mark Henry – h (4th), The Miz – h (24th), ‘The Truth’ Krazy Killings (16th) - h, King Wade Barrett (30th). – h, Sheamus – f (3rd)

Alex Riley (26th) – f, Christian – f (11th), ‘The American Nightmare’ Drew Wallace (McIntyre) (23rd) – h, Ted DiBiase (28th) – f, Giant Bernard – h (12th), Big E Langston – f (20th), Bray Wyatt – tweener (15th), ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Dean Ambrose – h (19th), Leo ‘The Lion’ Kruger – h w/ Heyman (14th), Kane – tweener (21st), Randy Orton – h. (25th)

Rhodes Scholars – h (7th and 8th), The Colons – f (5th and 6th), Perfection – h (17th and 18th), ‘Dyanmite’ Tyson Kidd (9th), Consequences Creed (13th), Plazma (2nd) and Gladiator Goliath (22nd).

1. Tornado Tag Team Match. Dean Ambrose and Krazy Killings def. Bray Wyatt and Kane. They all start attacking each other, sort of turning it into a Fatal 4 Way but with the rules still that of a Tornado Tag Match. They break up each other’s pins as they want to win themselves. Ambrose gets the pin on Kane, whilst Killings and Wyatt are fighting up the ramp. Fighting continues after match.

2. WWE Tag Team Championship Kings of Wrestling def. Prime time Players. KOW continue their dominating reign, The Kings reign supreme, they say they have are going to be the longest reigning tag team champions of all time.

3. ‘The Million Dollar Challenge’ (Any wrestler who could defeat Alberto Del Rio would win 1 Million Dollars) Alberto Del Rio def. Seth Rollins. Rollins comes out to the open challenge to try and make a name for him, Del Rio breaks Rollins arm, showing his passion and toughness, but ultimately getting the loss.

4. Sensational Samoans def. The Great Khans. Samoans say they want a Tag Team Title shot after beating Rhodes Scholars and The Great Khans in two straight PPV’s.

5. Light Heavyweight Championship Bout Hunico def. Rey Mysterio. Hunico gets the win with his finisher, Mysterio is selling a rib injury and Hunico is taking advantage of that. Hunico attempts to take off Mysterio’s mask after the match, but Sin Cara makes the save.

6. Ryback def. Leo ‘The Lion’ Kruger. Completely destroys him. Big Show comes out after and the two start fighting, leading to guards coming out and separating the two.

7. WWE Championship Match. The Rock def. CM Punk. ‘Dastardly’ Daniel Bryan costs Punk the championship; he says if he can’t have it, Punk can’t have it either. The Rock pins Punk after a rock bottom, there is a ref bump beforehand and Bryan runs in and hits Punk with the belt whilst The Rock is down. The Rock gets up a little bit after not knowing what just happened and hits Punk with the Rock bottom.

8. The Royal Rumble Match. King Wade Barrett wins The Royal Rumble. Barrett and Cena are last two, Barrett triumphs over Cena and Barrett cuts a promo afterwards saying he truly is from Royalty, proving to everyone why he is the King. Barrett enters number 30, Cena number 20. Rivalries progressing and important notes:
Orton hits multiple RKO’s on guys, DiBiase comes out and finally gets a one up by eliminating Orton, Orton finishes 25th. DiBiase finishes 28th. Big E Langston goes 30 minutes, Alex Riley goes 20 minutes. Riley gets eliminated by Big Show, finishing 26th, Big E finishes 20th, Big Show gets taken out by Ryback (not in Rumble match) with help from Cena (Finishing 27th). Big E gets taken out by Gladiator Goliath and Drew Wallace who finish 22nd and 23rd getting taken out by Riley and Cena. Killings eliminates Bray Wyatt, who is immediately eliminated by Ambrose and then eliminated later on by Kane. Wyatt finishes 15th, Killings 16th, Ambrose 19th and Kane 21st who is eliminated by Big Show. Sheamus and Mark Henry are running the ropes to try and push each other down in a power contest and Rhodes Scholars on one side lower the ropes making Sheamus go over the top rope and on the other side the exact same thing happens but with The Colons and Mark Henry. They finish 3rd and 4th. Kingston finishes 10th after getting thrown out by The Miz. Miz finishes 24th when he is thrown out by Big Show. CM Punk makes Bryan go out first when he attacks him for costing him his championship.
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Re: WWE 2012: A New Era

Wrestlemania XXIX

The Rock © vs John Cena vs King Wade Barrett
CM Punk vs ‘Dastardly’ Daniel Bryan
Randy Orton © vs Ted DiBiase
Kings of Wrestling © vs Sensational Samoans
Hunico © vs Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara
Ryback vs The Big Show
Empire vs The United
Kofi ‘Boom’ Kingston vs The Miz
Sheamus vs Mark Henry
Bray Wyatt vs ‘The Truth’ Krazy Killings
Kane vs ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Dean Ambrose
Rhodes Scholars vs The Colons vs Perfection

1. Light Heavyweight Championship Match – Hunico def. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. This planted the seeds for a Los Reyes de Lucha break-up. Hunico hits his finisher on Mysterio to get the win. Tension between Mysterio and Sin Cara is just starting a little bit at this point.

2. Inferno Match. ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Dean Ambrose def. Kane. Previous history of Kane and Inferno Match, so it makes sense, trying to create Ambrose and Wyatt as those Mankind/ Hard core and slightly crazy type roles. This is when the ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ tag-line starts fading away and he just becomes Dean Ambrose as it was just an association act to introduce the character to fans and make them understand what exactly he is.

3. Triangle Tag Team Ladder Match – No.1 Contenders Match. Rhodes Scholars def. The Colons and Perfection. Good match, some nice spots involving Colons and even a few by the other two tag teams, this presents Rhodes Scholars as smart who get the win when the other two tag teams are fighting at the top of the ladder for the briefcase, they push the ladders so they all fall out and they climb to the top and win the match.

4. Sheamus def. Mark Henry in bar fight. Done in an Irish pub, Sheamus beats Mark Henry after he brogue kicks him through the bar window, which KO’s him.

5. 6 man tag match – Big E Langston, Alex Riley (The United) and Kofi ‘Boom’ Kingston def. Drew Wallace, Gladiator Goliath and The Miz. Big E ended up getting the pin on Goliath after Kingston hit Trouble in Paradise, followed by Riley’s ddt, then Langston hitting his finisher and getting the pin.

6. Intercontinental Title Match. Ted DiBiase def. Randy Orton. After months of torment and being inches away from winning the title, DiBiase finally gets his big win over former mentor, Randy Orton. DiBiase wins with Dream Street and the pin.

7. Ryback def. Big Show. This is Ryback’s defining moment; he picks the big man up and marches around the ring. This is the start of Ryback’s road to the title.

8. WWE Tag Team Championship Match. Sensational Samoans def. Kings of Wrestling. The Kings have finally been defeated; Samoans win with a superfly splash.

9. Boiler room brawl Match. Bray Wyatt def. ‘The Truth’ Krazy Killings. Bray Wyatt gets out after he is done with ‘The Truth’, some good hard core spots, Killings has got to be out of it and then Wyatt wins.

10. ‘The Million Dollar Challenge’. Alberto Del Rio def. Zack Ryder. Ryder makes his return after the punt from Orton, to accept Del Rio’s open challenge. Del Rio wins via DQ when he is hit by a masked man (Camacho), it is obviously set up, however afterwards, Ryder is fuming and hits the Rough Ryder on Del Rio, giving him a wrestlemania moment.

11. Steel Cage Match. ‘Dastardly’ Daniel Bryan def. CM Punk. Bryan manages to escape the cage, emphasising him being slimy and will do whatever it takes to get the win. This continues the feud, as Bryan only won by escaping not by actually pinning him. Bryan can say he is done with Punk, and then Punk can cost him a No.1 contender’s match or something to get another match, with the feud culminating at Summerslam.

12. WWE Championship Match. King Wade Barrett def. The Rock and John Cena. Barrett ends up hitting his elbow finisher on The Rock after all of them take multiple finishers. The United and Empire are starting to fizzle out now. The Rock plays no more part in this as he goes back to making movies.
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Re: WWE 2012: A New Era

Post Wrestlemania XXIX News:
• King Wade Barrett
• Ted DiBiase
• Sensational Samoans
• Hunico
• Natalya

Rivalries Going Forward:
CM Punk vs ‘Dastardly’ Daniel Bryan
King Wade Barrett vs John Cena – Just finishing this up, probably ending on a RAW or SNME
Ted DiBiase vs Giant Bernard
Hunico vs ‘Dynamite’ Tyson Kidd
Sensational Samoans vs Rhodes Scholars
Natalya vs The Glamorous Duo (Layla and Foxx)
‘Long Island Iced Z’ Zack Ryder vs Randy Orton
Empire vs The United (The two tag teams)
Leo ‘The Lion’ Kruger w/ Heyman vs Christian
Sheamus vs Big Show
Kofi ‘Boom’ Kingston vs Dean Ambrose
Los Reyes de Lucha vs Perfection
The Ascension vs The Awesome Americans – This would be the debut of The Ascension, a stark contrast to The Awesome Americans
Ryback vs Mark Henry
The Miz vs Bray Wyatt

King of the Ring

1. KOTR Quarterfinal 1: Randy Orton def. CM Punk. Daniel Bryan comes out and costs him the match, via distraction. Orton hits RKO on CM Punk for 3 count.

2. KOTR Quarterfinal 2: Drew Wallace def. Sheamus. Wallace wins with a sunset flip. Wallace extends his hand after the match and the two men shake hands. This is continuing the plot of Wallace turning face that would’ve been featured in weeks building up.

3. KOTR Quarterfinal 3: Big Show def. Seth Rollins. Rollins puts up a good fight, they tell a good story of David vs. Goliath, but Big Show is too much and wins with a choke slam.

4. KOTR Quarterfinal 4: Match ends in a double DQ as both Ambrose and Wyatt hit each other with chairs. (Big Show gets a bye)

5. WWE Tag Team Championship Match. Sensational Samoans def. Rhodes Scholars. Jimmy Uso gets a roll up on Sandow, who is livid.

6. KOTR Semi-final: Drew Wallace def. Randy Orton. Orton spits on Wallace and toys with him around ring (again getting fans on Wallace’s side), Wallace makes a comeback and hits the Future shock ddt for the win.

7. Intercontinental Championship Match: Ted DiBiase def. Giant Bernard. DiBiase wins with a school boy. Richie Steamboat introduces himself afterwards, making his debut saying he got in this business for money and he wants a shot at the champ because he knows that is where the money is, he also disrespects his father. Steamboat and Bernard beat down DiBiase after the match, Alex Riley comes out to make the save.

8. Ryback def. Mark Henry. Ryback wins the power contest and hits the shell shock on Henry for the win. This is continuing Ryback's road to the title by defeating tough opponents. FEED ME MORE.

9. Mixed 6 man tag match. Los Reyes de Lucha and Natalya def. Perfection and Layla (The Glamorous Ones). This is once again planting the seeds for an eventual breakup with Mysterio and Sin Cara as Mysterio gets beaten down after the match by Perfection, and Sin Cara has already been knocked out in the lead up to the finish. Mysterio blames Cara for not being there for him. Match ends with Natalya scoring the submission on Layla.

10. KOTR Final: Drew Wallace def. Big Show. Wallace becomes King Drew Wallace, he beats Big Show after a top rope future shock ddt. This will begin the massive friction between Barrett and Wallace, Wallace is slowly but surely turning face.

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Re: WWE 2012: A New Era

Stopped reading at Bray Wyatt kissing another man. Over all a good read. I like how you lined out the gimmicks in slight detail.
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Re: WWE 2012: A New Era

Originally Posted by Mike Hero View Post
Stopped reading at Bray Wyatt kissing another man. Over all a good read. I like how you lined out the gimmicks in slight detail.
Ye maybe that was a little too far with the twisted character. Nonetheless thanks for the read.
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