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Learning to break kayfabe
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TNA: Moving Forward

TNA Bound For Glory 2012
Phoenix Arizona
GCU Arena
TNA X-Divison Championship
Zema Ion (B) RVD: RVD started showing off during the match & got rolled up for the pin. After the match Ion hit RVD with the spray can & Injured Van Dams leg with a steel chair

TNA Contract
Joey Ryan (B) Al Snow: The Ref got bumped during the match & Former TNA Wrestlers Amazing Red, The Young Bucks & Brian Kendrick attacked Al Snow to give Ryan the win.

TNA Knockouts Title
Tara (B) Tessmacher
After Match Tara introduced her Hollywood boyfriend Jesse Godderz

TNA Television Title
Samoa Joe (B) Magnus

TNA Tag Team Championships
Daniels/Kazarian (B) Angle/Styles & Chavo/Hernandez

King Mo as Special Enforcer
James Storm (B) Bobby Roode

Aces & 8's (B) Sting/Bully Ray
Jeff Jarrett interfered in the match & smashed a Guitar over Stings Head to give the Aces & 8's the win.
After The Match all the members of Aces & 8's removed their mask except one. They were revealed as Matt Morgan,Isiah Cash(Luke Gallows), Cliff Compton, Chris Mordetsky(Chris Masters), Wes Brisco, Alex Shelley, Scott Steiner & Devon.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Austin Aries (B) Jeff Hardy
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Re: TNA: Moving Forward

What's with all the TNA BTB's recently?

Love to see what you're going to do with this.
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Re: TNA: Moving Forward

It is nice to see so many TNA BTB's popping up especially since I'm one of them.
Since this is obviously a re-booking of the story-lines from Bound for Glory going forward, it will be interesting to see how what you have booked looks like against what TNA is actually doing. Good luck, I will try my best to keep up with this!
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA: Moving Forward

TNA News: TNA Roster/Talent

Moved To OVW:
Crimson: Creative has nothing for Crimson right now, so he will be working with the OVW Talent as well as working on himself.
Doug Williams: Trainer
Robbie E.
Rob Terry
Garrett Bischoff: Sent to OVW to get more Training

Mickie James: James hasn't been used in recent months and has parted ways with the company.
Rosita: Also parting ways with the company as she has not been used in recent months. Door remains open for both talents in the future.
Taryn Terrell: Taryn started not too long ago with the company but has also departed.

Brooke Hogan will not be used as Knockouts VP Anymore. The feeling is their is no need for the role as it hasn't added anything to the Knockouts. Instead TNA has Hired former TNA creative member Scott D'Amore. D'Amore Will work directly with the TNA Knockouts as he once did, and will scout new prospects for the company.

TNA Gutcheck Winners Alex Silva, Taeler Hendrix, & Sam Shaw will remain in OVW until TNA needs to use them

TNA Roster:

AJ Styles
Austin Aries
Bobby Roode
Bully Ray
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Sabin
Christopher Daniels
Christy Hemme
D'Angelo Dinero
Eric Young
Gail Kim
Hulk Hogan
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Jesse Sorenson
Joey Ryan
Kid Kash
King Mo
Kurt Angle
Madison Rayne
Matt Morgan
Ms. Tessmacher
Mr. Anderson
Rob Van dam
Samoa Joe
Zema Ion

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA: Moving Forward

TNA IMPACT Wrestling:
Preview Thursday's huge TNA IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV LIVE at 8/7! If you can't watch it on Thursday night, make sure to set your DVR to record it!

UPDATE: After winning at Bound For Glory, The Aces and 8s have a message to deliver at the start of tonight's broadcast - and this time, no one can keep them out! Will they speak out for the first time since BFG & what about Devon, & Matt Morgans role with the group? What do they have planned next? Also Scott Steiner returned to the company last night & we know, since being released he has not talked well about the company. Is this revenge? How will Hulk Hogan, Sting and Bully Ray react?

Also The TNA Founder & King of The Mountain Jeff Jarrett returned at Bound For Glory smashing a guitar over the Icons head, causing the Team of Bully & Sting to lose. what is the reason of this? Is Jarrett apart of the Aces & 8's

UPDATE: Tonight's IMPACT will also feature a celebration for "The Greatest Man To Ever Live" Austin Aries after retaining the World Heavyweight Championship at Bound For Glory.

Thursday's IMPACT will feature the aftermath of the "Bound For Glory" Pay-Per-View event! Tune in to SpikeTV for all the fallout and updates from the biggest TNA Pay-Per-View event of the year!

Plus, news on the upcoming "Turning Point" Pay-Per-View event on Sunday, November 11 from Universal Studios in Orlando! Don't miss the biggest IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast of the year on Thursday night at 8/7c LIVE on SpikeTV!
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA: Moving Forward

TNA: IMPACT Wrestling
Orlando Florida

The Show Opens up with with the 4 of the 8 revealed members standing in the ring. Devon has microphone in hand.

Devon: So I guess everyone wants to know why huh, why did we attack TNA and it's roster. Well I'll tell you why I did. I have been with this company for the last seven years, & I have been a multiple time TNA tag team champion. Then my brother betrays me for his own selfishness.I go on my own & I become the TNA Television champion, which was a waist because instead of being a great champion and having the support of TNA,they make me babysit some snot nose punk named Garret Bischoff, who is only here because of family ties. I have to get him over because he can't do it himself. All this, and when it's time for my contract negotiations I get screwed, Bischoff is still here and my brother gets resigned. That to me says TNA doesn't value me, that between me & my brother TNA thinks Im the weakest link. Well TNA whose weak now.

Devon Passes the Mic to Matt Morgan as the crowd boos

Matt Morgan: Well I guess this is what had to happen for me to get some respect around here. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock TNA, the times is now, the times is here for me to get some respect, the time for me to create my own push in this company. I came to this company 5 years ago and I came from a company, who had me studdering like a big idiot and did nothing with me, to TNA & I proved myself to be more then that, to be one of the greats and bust my ass for this company. I came here and I proved myself to one day get an opportunity to become TNA world heavyweight champion. That didn't happen though, I was overlooked & ignored & instead put into a tagteam with crimson who doesn't even have my abilities. Well no more being overlooked, this giant will be seen.

Morgan passes the Mic to Alex Shelley

Shelley: Well I guess this is shocking. Why is Alex Shelley apart of this. Well it's simple, TNA has changed. TNA once an alternative to the company of north has become a stale carbon copy of it or as some say WCW 2.0. TNA once prided itself on the TNA X-Division, a division like no other, a division with no limits, a division I helped build. And it was all for nothing, because as soon as the Hogan/Bischoff regime popped up in TNA, the division was said to have no meaning to it. Nice Leadership Dixie. So now the X-Division is crap, so you move onto the tag team division. A division the Motor City machine Guns, & Beer Money & LAX, not Mexican America, & Triple X & Team Canada & Americas Most wanted helped build, and you trash it. Two distinct divisions that TNA prided itself on,washed up and looked over. So What Now? what happens to the amazing reds, young bucks, homicides, & brian kendricks, just to name a few. What happens? oh wait they either were not used or they get released. Me, Myself & I, well i was jus not used.

Shelley passed the mic to Steiner who gets a mixed reaction

Steiner: Well this shouldnt be shocking at all. You all seen my tweets, you all have heard what I thought of this company and the people running it. This is a sinking ship, a sinking ship being sunk by those two jackasses Hogan & Bischoff. Dixie Carter you might have the title of President of this company, but you aint running shit (Bleeped). This company is going down just like WCW did & you can say wrestling matters all you want, but the fact is it will never survive with Bischoff, Hogan, and hell Dixie Carter running it. So now it comes down to this, we are going to rid TNA of the cancer that has plagued it and we are going to start tonight. You see tonight the man who put this all together is here and he will be revealed, but right now he wants us to introduce the man who has been getting us in this building and helping us out to accomplish what we set out to accomplish.

King Of the Mountain Plays as TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett walks out to a mixed reaction.
Jarrett grabs the mic from Steiner.

Jarrett: Its been a while since the TNA Founder has been on TNA Televsion hasn't it? It's been a while since the man that gave each and everyone of those guys in the back a chance to be seen, the man that gave all you fans an alternative to watch since Vince Mcmahon monopolized the wrestling world. Its been a while. Im here for one simple reason, and that is to take my company BACK. Dixie Carter u disrespect me everyday you prance around this company like you created its successes and im home collecting a paycheck. Dixie, me nd u were supposed to be partners and u screwed me and made Hulk Hogan your partner and casted me off like i was one of the talents in the back. I started this company, I signed the wrestlers, I was the only guy to succeed at giving Mcmahon a alternative when ECW & WCW died in 2001. I found you Dixie Carter, I made you apart of TNA, & yes u got your parents to invest and grow this company, but Dixie thats it, your the bank, you know nothing about Wrestling & you overstepped your boundaries. Im a third generation wrestler, its in my blood & everything that made TNA what it is , all my hardwork, all the homegrown talents hardwork, was crapped on. As far as Sting goes, Sting got inducted into the first TNA Hall Of Fame. Are you freaking serious? of all the people you induct & dont get me wrong Sting you have done a lot for TNA, but there were people before your time. People Like My father Jerry Jarrett, people like AJ Styles or hell people like me, the Founder of TNA, the reason that you are working right now Sting. Sting you know there were more deserving names then you, someone else should have been the FIRST inductee. You could have declined, you could have told Dixie Carter that it wasnt right, but you didn't, instead you went through with it. So I hold you just as responsible. And just to be clear Sting, the reasoning behind your induction, the reasons those video packages & Dixie Carter said to you, they aren't true. You see Sting you didnt deserve to be number one in the TNA hall of fame, but you do belong in there. The only reason you were number one in the TNA Hall Of Fame is because Dixie wanted to 1 up Vince. Like Steiner said, we are going to rid TNA of the cancer, and tonight it starts when the leader reveals himself and believe me after tonight things will never be the same.

King of the mountain plays as Jarrett, Steiner, Shelley, Morgan & Devon raise their hands.

Dixie Carter & Hogan Look on through the monitors as we go to commercial.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA: Moving Forward

Fine opening segment here, but just one complaint from me; use the full words e.g. 'you', not 'u'. Otherwise, it's looking pretty good!
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