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Frakkles 10-11-2012 02:16 AM

TNA 2013: A Revolution
TNA 2013: A Revolution

~#~#~#~#~ TNA Administration ~#~#~#~#~
Founders: Jeff Jarrett & Jerry Jarrett
President: Dixie Carter
Share Holder: Shane McMahon
Executive Producer: Eric Bishoff
General Manager: Hulk Hogan
Lead Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Ring Announcers: Christy Hemme, Jeremy Borash & Michael Buffer (PPVS Only)
Backstage Interviewers: Jeremy Borash, Christy Hemme & Taryn Terrell
Ring Girl: SoCal Val
Referees: Earl Hebner (Senior), Brian Stiffler & Brian Hebner
Road Agents/Trainers: Al Snow, D-Lo Brown & Pat Kenney

(Italics- Faces/Bold- Heels)
Abyss | AJ Styles | Austin Aries | Bobby Roode | Bully Ray | Chavo Guerrero, Jr. | Chris Sabin | Christopher Daniels | D'Angelo Dinero | Dave Batista | Doug Williams | Drew Hankinson | James Storm | Jeff Hardy | Jeff Jarrett | Joey Ryan | John Hennigan | Joseph Park | Kazarian | Kenny King | King Mo | Kurt Angle | Magnus | Matt Morgan | Mr. Anderson | Rob Van Dam | Samoa Joe | Sonjay Dutt | Sting | Wes Brisco | Zema Ion | Angelina Love | Ayako Hamada | Beth Scarlet | Gail Kim | Karen Jarrett | Madison Rayne | Mickie James | Miss Tessmacher | Natalie Neidhart | Rosita | Sarita | Tara | Velvet Sky

New/Unintegrated Roster Members: Carlos Colon | Dave Finlay

Injury List: Jesse Sorensen (Out for TBD)

TNA World Heavyweight Champion
Jeff Hardy (Bound For Glory 2012-Current)

TNA Tag Team Champions
World Tag Team Champions Of The World- Christopher Daniels & Kazarian (June 28th 2012 Impact-Current)

TNA Television Champion
Joey Ryan (January 10th 2013 Impact-Current)

TNA X-Division Champion
Zema Ion (Destination X 2012-Current)

TNA Knockouts Champion
Miss Tessmacher (August 16th 2012 Impact-Current)


A very brief statement was released today by TNA Wrestling announcing that, due to certain issues that have recently cropped up within the company, the product will be put on a brief hiatus as the company goes through what was referred to as 'minor restructuring'. The company is not expect to return until early next year but no date has been finalised. All house show dates have been cancelled and will be rescheduled, most likely at some point in early 2013. Rumors are suggesting that the company will resume with a live broadcasting of it's Impact Wrestling Show on Thursday 3rd January 2013. What exactly this hiatus means for TNA and companies the talent is yet to be discovered but rumors suggest that several big changes will be taking place in and around the company during the down-time.

Side Notes- Rosters will be out shortly. Since this is my first BTB (and actual post), I want to take the time to build this story up. Expect several news pieces to hype this up in the near future.

I also have a few ideas regarding the way this BTB will work that I'll hopefully get to introduce to any parties who are interested in seeing what I do with this thing.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

FosterJemini 10-11-2012 08:04 AM

Re: TNA 2013: A Revolution
Looks promising :)

CoRyP2008 10-11-2012 09:33 AM

Re: TNA 2013: A Revolution
I like this, sort of along the lines of the BTB that I'm doing except three years later. I'd change up the font a little, just add some color but other than that everything looks pretty good. Good luck!

Frakkles 10-11-2012 10:01 AM

Re: TNA 2013: A Revolution

TNA released another statement today to add to the news that the company will take a brief hiatus following Bound For Glory, a major announcement will be made the day after the show. No news as to what exactly this announcement will be but the company seems to feel that it would overshadow their biggest show of the year so are holding off on things until after the show has aired. That being said, the word within the company suggests that nobody is sure what to make of this situation. Several top TNA talents have taken to Twitter to share there feelings on the situation.


@HulkHogan BIG announcement coming after B4G brother! TNA is going places! #IMPACTWRESTLING4LYF

@RealKurtAngle Changes coming to TNA, expecting huge things soon

@AustinAries The Greatest Man That Ever Lived approves change for the better. TNA, make it so.

@AJStylesOrg Excited to hear about this 'big announcement'. No idea what to expect!

Side Notes: Thanks for the early feedback. I'll be posting a brief results for Bound For Glory tomorrow (in case they add any last minute matches) and it will be accompanied by two further news items (which will be longer than the first two hopefully). Like I said in my previous post, it's more ground-work than anything else. Once I get into the swing of things, I should be good to go. Really looking forward to getting this out there.

An announcement about an announcement... sounds like TNA. /facepalm

Frakkles 10-12-2012 02:16 AM

Re: TNA 2013: A Revolution
TNA Bound For Glory PPV Short Results (14/10/2012)
TNA Television Championship
Samoa Joe (c) defeats Magnus via submission [10.18] with The Clutch to retain the TNA Television Championship.

TNA X-Division Championship
Zema Ion (c) defeats Rob Van Dam via pinfall [14.21] when he sprayed hair-spray in RVD's face and followed it up with a Gory Bomb.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Miss Tessmacher (c) defeats Tara via pinfall [5.07] with the Tess-Shocker. Following the match, the two shook hands before Tara laid out Tessmacher with a Widow's Peak.

Joey Ryan defeats Al Snow via pinfall [7.34] with a low blow from Tara and a Superkick, revealing Joey Ryan to be her "boyfriend". As a result, Joey Ryan earns a TNA Contract.

TNA Tag Team Championships
World Tag Team Champions Of The World (c) defeat AJ Styles & Kurt Angle and Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez via pinfall [16.42] when Kazarian hit Hernandez with one of the title belts.

Street Fight
Special Enforcer: King Mo
James Storm defeats Bobby Roode via pinfall [20.17] with a "Last Call" Superkick. King Mo dragged Roode back to the ring when he tried to make a run for it and made the 3 count.

Aces & 8 defeat Sting & Bully Ray via pinfall [11.50] when Bully unmasked one of the gang only to uncover a second mask before getting a chair shot to the back of the head.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy defeats Austin Aries (c) via pinfall [22.36] with a 2nd consecutive Swanton Bomb (4th of the match). After the match, Aries attempted to attack Hardy but Hardy fought back and sent him running with a Twist Of Fate.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Just a day after TNA's biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, Bound For Glory, and the show is already on the backburner in peoples minds. According to reports coming out of Orlando today, a large portion of TNA shares have been snapped up by a member of the McMahon family... but it's not Vince. Shane McMahon has bought into TNA and it looks like he was the main reason the company was put on hiatus. Shane was unavailable for comment at this time.

We'll bring you more as soon as we get any new information on the situation.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just a few hours follow the huge news that Shane McMahon is now a part of TNA, an announcement was made that a press conference would be occurring on Friday 19th October (12ET, 10PT) and that it would be broadcast live at impactwrestling.com. Sources suggest Shane McMahon will be present alongside company President Dixie Carter, General Manager Hulk Hogan amongst other high ranking TNA officials. Needless to say, Shane's position within the company will be a hot-topic of discussion as will his reason for purchasing TNA shares.

Be sure to tune in and watch live at impactwrestling.com on Friday 12PM ET, 10AM PT.

Side Note: Rather than stagger these updates, I'm probably going to be doing 1/2 a day going forward so I can get the ball rolling on this thing sooner rather than later.

Whap Me Jungles 10-12-2012 02:34 PM

Re: TNA 2013: A Revolution
^ Jamjam22 says "hi, thanks for stealing my idea".

Frakkles 10-13-2012 04:03 AM

Re: TNA 2013: A Revolution
Wow, I've been here for five minutes and I'm already being accused of STEALING ideas?


Coolquip 10-13-2012 04:17 AM

Re: TNA 2013: A Revolution

Originally Posted by Whap Me Jungles (Post 12125365)
^ Jamjam22 says "hi, thanks for stealing my idea".

A) Not your place

B) Know you haven't been here long but it's not like the idea is very specific, it's been done before.

On a lighter note, good luck with this.

Frakkles 10-13-2012 04:51 AM

Re: TNA 2013: A Revolution

"We're going to war." That was the highlight quote of Shane McMahon's first public address since buying shares in TNA Wrestling. Shane claims he is not doing this for or even to spite his father but, instead, to compete with him. "I respect my Dad for all that he's done but I want to try and build my own legacy and I feel like competing against him might be my way of doing just that." It was made clear that Shane is not the 'owner' of the company, nor is he a 'major shareholder'. His shares in the company are minority but he has been given a high position within the company and is expected to be given more power in the coming weeks and months. Shane is thought of as a blow to the psyche of WWE Owner Vince McMahon that could see him step away from the top of WWE sooner than expected to avoid 'souring the waters' with his son.

On a more company related note, TNA has announced that the return of the company will be a 3-Hour Impact Special on January 3rd of 2013, the first live wrestling show of the New Year. It was also announced that Jeff Hardy would headline the show, defending his newly won World Title for the first time against an as-yet-unnamed opponent. Aces & 8s were also given an 'open invitation' to appear at the show, suggesting further progression regarding that storyline. With it still yet to be revealed who is behind the group, rumors are running rampant as to what TNA's plans for the group are.

In other major news, TNA has seriously culled it's roster by releasing no less than ten of it's main roster talents. The releases are Crimson, Eric Young, Garrett Bishoff, Gunner, Hernandez, Kid Kash, Robbie E, Robbie T, Brooke Hogan & ODB. Several of the released superstars were considered "dead-weight" for a long time while certain superstars such as Hernandez and Crimson never quite managed to get over the way TNA had hoped. All of them are free to work for other companies, effective immediately. There have been suggestions that this mass cull is to open up room for a new intake of superstars following Shane McMahon into the company. More news is sure to come out regarding the roster in the next few days.

Side Note: I understand fantasy booking has been somewhat over-saturated during it's time and I know that things are going to be similar because there's only so much wrestling a person can book but I just took offence to being accused of literally stealing someone's idea.

Hopefully I'll have my first show up before the end of the month (I actually had a fair portion of it written but lost it when my computer crashed :( ).

Coolquip 10-13-2012 04:55 AM

Re: TNA 2013: A Revolution
You seem to put a lot of work into this so I think I'll be reading. Again good luck with this.

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