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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Victory Road is a very well done PPV. I do like the matches you've put on your card and the outcomes look promising. I don't really see Samoa Joe joining the NWO, unless he's being forced to. Hardy and AJ for the World Title would definitely be a showstopper. I don't really like having the cage match won with a pinfall, but that's just my particular preference. I like Sting's return and how you are setting up Sting/Hardy.

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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Breaking Impact Wrestling News: Two Wrestlers Released, Also - Eric Bischoff on Future of N.W.O., Victory Road Ratings, & More

- Impact Wrestling has come to terms on the release of Hernandez and Consequences Creed. We wish them all the best in their futures.

- The Consequences Creed release was said to have been expected. Unfortunately for him he fell victim to "creative has nothing for you", however both sides are still on good terms so there's a chance he could be brought back in the future. The Hernandez release on the other hand caught people a little by surprise. Over the years Hernandez had gained a reputation of being dangerous to work against due to his sometimes reckless work in the ring. When the new regime took over, he was told to try and get this fixed but he was not able to get much better, at least to the level that management had hoped so he was released.

- Eric Bischoff gave his first media interview since joining Impact Wrestling when he appeared on the Monday Night Mayhem podcast. Not much interesting stuff was said until the interviewer asked him about what Impact Wrestling has planned for the N.W.O. storyline which Bischoff had this to say, "I can't say exactly what we have planned since nothing's 100% finalized but I can say this, we didn't go through all that trouble in obtaining the trademark to just use it for a storyline that'll end in a few months." Also, when asked if Impact Wrestling had any more plans for more programming, Bischoff said "Absolutely."

- The new Victory Road live format was said to have been a huge success in the ratings. The show garnered a 1.8 rating. The show finished slightly behind the February 4th show in terms of total viewers but considering all the changes that were made, this has to be viewed as a great achievement for Impact Wrestling. The show also did pretty well as far as live attendance went. Although it wasn't a sell out, they still sold way more tickets than they were expecting.

Preview for 3/25/2010
  • Witness the fallout from Victory Road as Impact Wrestling invades the J.S. Dorton Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina!
  • With less than a month to go until Bound for Glory, we will crown new #1 contenders to both the tag team and X Division championships. In a triple threat match, Amazing Red and Mistico will be going up against an unknown X Division competitor from Impact Wrestling's past to determine who becomes X Division #1 Contender. Also, after their bodyguard Tommy Mercer beat the Motor City Machine Guns at Victory Road, taking out Chris Sabin in the process, London & Kendrick will look to continue their good luck when they once again face off against The New Mega Powers to determine who goes on to Bound for Glory for a shot at the world tag team titles.
  • In a swerve that some would argue Jeff Jarrett and Impact Wrestling should have seen coming, Samoa Joe betrayed Impact Wrestling and allowed the New World Order win their match, thus granting both Scott Hall and X-Pac contracts. Now all under contract and with Samoa Joe at their side, what will the N.W.O. do now?
  • Following their loss against The British Invasion, Beer Money might have thought all was lost but not quite. "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair then made his long awaited debut, offering his services to Beer Money, offering to teach them how to be champions again. This week, Naitch's training begins.
  • After having suffered yet another loss, A.J. Styles went home to think. Now this week, A.J. says he has an announcement to make about his future. What has "The Phenomenal One" decided to do?
  • All this and more, Thursday March 25th, live from the J.S. Dorton Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina, only on FX!
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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Sorry I have been MIA for a bit, but I will give you a few notes on Victory Road. (in no particular order)

I liked Sting's return, and I thought it was a nice touch to end the PPV and give fans "just a little bit more" in terms of enjoyment.

The Main event was fine, but the ending of the match was obviously the best part. Hardy hitting a swanton from the top of the cage would be a nice sight, and would definitely pop the crowd. Styles lead for much of the match, and hopefully he stays in title contention moving forward.

I can't see Joe ever, ever, ever joining the n.W.o. but I am intrigued as to what Bischoff's deal was with Joe that he laid down so easily, especially after dominating much of the match. The n.W.o. needs younger guys, who can win titles and be believable, as Nash, Hall, and Pac are not it...

Flair managing Beer Money is exquisite, but I would have liked to see at least one title change hands here at the PPV.

The king of the Mountain stuff was all as expected, except for the tag match. Christopher Daniels and Wolfe both can definitely be in the title hunt, and I expect them to do most of the heavy lifting in the King of the Mountain.

Motor City vs Tommy Mercer was.. well odd. you put commercials in your PPV. I assume you just mean video vignettes? I understand Mercer winning, and seeming like an animal after being worked into a frenzy by London and Kendrick, but I don't think its a good idea to have a tag team, especially an established one like MCMG, lose to a singles guy who is a nobody at this point. London and Kendrick losing to MCMG makes everyone look bad, as it would seem like Mercer>MCMG>London and Kendrick which doesnt work since Mercer is their "second" and if L&K win, its the same situation.


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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Originally Posted by StLSaint_75 View Post
you put commercials in your PPV. I assume you just mean video vignettes?
I changed up the PPV format, making Victory Road and a few others free on T.V. events so that's why I had commercials in there.

And just to let you and any one else who happens to read this know, it may be a while before I get the next event up. I'm currently in the process of finding a new job which is taking up a lot of my time. Hopefully when I do find one and get things more settled I'll be able to bring this back.
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