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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Impact Wrestling
Impact Zone
Orlando, Florida

Tonight’s show opens with a recap of all the events from last week’s debut show from Madison Square Garden. The recap focuses mainly on the N.W.O.’s shocking debut as well as heavily promoting Hulk’s debut. The recap then transitions to the world heavyweight championship match where it shows Jeff Hardy winning and the following Sting confrontation. Once that’s finished, the opening music video begins and the show kicks off.

The cameras pan over the Impact Zone as Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone to tonight’s broadcast. Once Taz and Tenay are finished with their intros, the music of Jeff Jarrett hits. Many have been wondering what Jeff’s thoughts are on all the changes that have happened to the company over the past several months, well tonight is the chance to get some answers. Jeff, dressed in street clothes, slowly makes his way down to the ring and once he’s there he demands a microphone.

Jeff Jarrett: I’ve got so many mixed emotions running through my head right now. On one hand I’m glad that this company is doing so well, so well that we’re even just held a show in the Mecca, Madison Square Garden and broke all kinds of records but yet on the other hand, this doesn’t feel like my company anymore.

The crowd starts to boo slightly.

Jeff Jarrett: It almost feels like my own children have been taken away from me, this was my creation, I founded TNA, my blood, sweat, money, and tears went in to getting TNA started and off the ground.

A “Thank You Jeff” chant begins.

Jeff Jarrett: And to just have it taken away from me like this, well it hurts, I can’t lie. But it is the nature of the business, of business in general really. People get fired; people get pushed out, often for no fault of their own. I understand all that, but what I want to know is, why wasn’t I even consulted on all this? Nobody told me anything; I had to find out that the Carter family was selling from the local newspaper. I would have helped, I would have understood but no, my opinion wasn’t needed even though I am the founder of this frickin’ company!

The crowd keeps cheering

Jeff Jarrett:
I’m not asking for my position back, clearly the train’s left the station on that one, I just want an explanation is all, why wasn’t I consulted? Why?

As soon as Jeff finishes his sentence, “American Made” begins playing and “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan steps out of the entrance tunnel to an enormous reaction from the crowd. Hulk takes a few moments to pose for the fans but eventually he makes his way in to the ring to confront Jeff.

Hulk Hogan:
What’s up Impact Zone?!?!?

The crowd keeps going wild.

Hulk Hogan:
Look Jeff, I agree with all that you’re saying brother, you should have at least been able to voice your opinion and I’m sorry that you weren’t able to but that was out of my control brother, I came in here too late in the game to do anything about it.

Jeff Jarrett:
That means a lot Hulk.

Hulk Hogan: I’m glad there’s no hard feelings my brother.

Jeff Jarrett: Not anymore.

Hulk Hogan: Good because I have something I’d like to ask you. Being the new vice president of this company there’s a lot that I’m asked to do and a lot of it has to happen outside the ring, away from the arena jack. I’ve got quite the promotional schedule lined up for the next few weeks and I’m going to need someone to watch the ship when I’m gone and I’d like that someone to be you. Whatcha say?

Jeff is speechless at first but eventually speaks.

Jeff Jarrett:
Of course I’ll do it!

Hulk Hogan:
I’m glad I can trust you brother. You’re going to have to keep your guard up though, not only do you have to keep the ship afloat, you have to keep an eye out for any tricks that Eric and the N.W.O. might try to pull.

Jeff Jarrett: They’re not going to mess with me Hulk.

Hulk Hogan: Cool, now let’s go take care of some things in the back.

Hulk’s music hits and the two men begin walking towards the back. Before they can step out of the ring, they are interrupted by the sound of static and sight of static on the video screen which is followed by “The following presentation is a paid advertisement from the New World Order.”

In this promo we see Eric Bischoff sitting on a motorcycle in front of the N.W.O. logo backdrop, similar to his famous promo where he called out Vince McMahon to fight.

Eric Bischoff: This isn’t over Hulk. You think you’re smarter than me, than us? You think you can simply flex your vice presidential muscles and poof, we’re gone? Oh no Hulkster, we’re not gone, we’ve simply moved to the shadows. Whenever you’re walking to your car, walking down a dark hallway, walking to the ring, whatever, we’ll be there right behind you Hulk, ready and waiting, ha ha!

On that note, Eric starts up his motorcycle and revs it a few times before the promo ends. Once the cameras cut back to the ring area, we get a shot of Hulk and Jeff both looking around trying to see if the N.W.O. is stalking them or not. After a few seconds of that, the camera cuts away.

Before the commercial starts, we see a shot of Impact Wrestling’s newest superstar, the luchador Mistico, getting prepared for his first ever match against “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe. That match is up next!


Match #1: Mistico vs. Samoa Joe

Coming back from commercial it is time for our first match of the night, a true clash of styles between the larger Samoa Joe and the smaller Mistico. It certainly will be interesting to see how both men respond. First to the ring is the newcomer Mistico who gets a very good reaction from the crowd. Next is obviously Samoa Joe, who gets an equally good reaction.

Mistico goes right after Joe, looking to try and make a statement right away that he’s not afraid. However, his effort in trying to attack Joe goes nowhere; Joe simply tosses him to the side and proceeds to begin his attack. This is starting to look like it has the potential to turn in to a squash match with Joe getting the cocky, “this is too easy” look on his face. But Mistico is not ready to give up quite yet. Mistico hangs on, albeit not that well but he’s still alive in the match. Mistico realizes that he stands no chance trying to out-power or wear down Joe that way so he must rely on his quickness. Joe continues his domination but fails to put Mistico away. This ends up costing him. As Joe is attempting a move, Mistico slips away and out of nowhere he hits a quick kick to the back of Joe’s head which temporarily knocks Joe out. With Joe out, Mistico quickly covers him as the ref counts 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Mistico

Mistico scores a huge upset in his first ever match on Impact Wrestling. Once Joe regains his composure, he realizes he’s just lost and goes nuts. Yelling and going red in the face, Joe stomps around the ring until eventually he cools down enough to walk out of the ring.

Cutting away from the ring area, we go to a backstage interview segment with Mick Foley who is standing by with “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan.

Mick Foley: I am here with big Matt Morgan. Now Matt, Scott Steiner made his opinion perfectly clear last week about how he felt that competing for the television championship was “beneath him.” What are your opinions on it?

Matt Morgan:
I think I have to echo what Kurt said last week. Sure it would be cool to be competing for the world title but when you think about it, becoming the first ever T.V. champ would be amazing, I mean being the first of anything is a big deal in this business.

Right as Matt finishes his sentence, Scott Steiner once again comes barging in.

Mick Foley:
Oh great, what do you want this time Scott?

Scott Steiner:
Shut up Mick, I’m not here to talk to you; I’m here to talk to Matt.

Mick Foley: Ok, then talk.

Scott Steiner: Why are you going along with this garbage? Seriously man, grow some balls, take a stand against being held back like this!

Matt calmly turns to Scott.

Matt Morgan: Look Scott, this is my decision. If you want to take some ridiculous stand then go ahead, be my guest, but leave me out of it!

Matt then walks away as Scott shouts back to him “You’re going to regret it!” After failing to get his attention, Scott just walks off camera as the show goes to commercial.


Match #2: British Invasion vs. LAX – First Round of Mini Tournament to determine World Tag Team Champions

Now back from commercial it’s time for the final match in round #1 to determine who will become the new world tag team champions. The winner of this match will go on to face Beer Money next week to determine the champion. First team out to the ring is the British Invasion, Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams who receive a mixed reaction from the crowd. Next is LAX, who also get a mixed reaction from the crowd.

A very even contest from the get go as Magnus and Hernandez start the match off in the ring for their respective teams. Both men lock up and use their strength to try and wear each other down. Once they get tired of that, they tag in their tag team partners who enter the ring and instead of locking up and trying to wear each other down with their strengths, they try and wear each other down with their quickness. Magnus/Hernandez with the power, Williams/Homicide with the quickness. The teams trade back and forth like this for quite a while until they both start wising up to the fact that in order to win, they’ll need to have an advantage and you can’t have an advantage when everyone’s evenly matched. So they decided to switch it up. Magnus enters the ring and starts attacking Homicide. The Brits work very well in keeping Homicide away from Hernandez. Eventually though, Hernandez gets pissed and takes matters into his own hands which is where the whole match starts to go downhill for him. Miscommunication and a lack of desire to work together start to plague LAX who have trouble doing anything at this point. With so much trouble, it’s only a matter of time before the British Invasion takes advantage and that moment comes when Doug Williams hits a Rolling Chaos Theory on Homicide which he follows up with a pin and the 1, 2, 3!

Winners: British Invasion

With that win, the Brits move on to face Beer Money next week for the world tag team titles. LAX can do nothing but hang their heads in shame as they fail to reach the championship match. Both teams soon begin making their way to the back when the music of The Motor City Machine Guns starts playing. The Guns just walk right past both teams on the way to the ring.

Alex Shelley: London, Kendrick, get your asses out here now!

A few seconds go by and no sign of London or Kendrick anywhere.

Chris Sabin:
Come on you bitches, come out here and fight us!

A voice is then heard from out of nowhere.

Paul London: Geez, what did we ever do to you?

Alex Shelley:
You know very well what you did!

Paul London:
Umm, no we don’t. Would you please enlighten us?

Alex Shelley: Last week, the fight?

Paul London:
No, if you recall, you were the ones who started the fight, it wasn’t us.

The Guns go silent as they try and figure out how to respond.

Chris Sabin:
Just get up here now and let’s settle this!

Brian Kendrick: No no no, that doesn’t sound very good at all. I think we’ll have to decline.

At this moment the Guns quit trying to convince London and Kendrick to fight them, instead they try taking the fight to them but they are stopped in their tracks when Impact Wrestling security step in to stop another fight.

Paul London:
Uh oh, looks like you’re not going to get your wish after all, boo hoo!

Brian Kendrick: But if you’re so intent on fighting, we’ve found someone who would love to fight you!

The Guns turn around and are greeted by the sight of a tall, strong, masked man who immediately levels both of them with two strong close lines. The show cuts to commercial with a shot of the masked man looking towards London and Kendrick as they are laughing their butts off.


Coming back from commercial, Impact Wrestling cuts right to a shot of Jeff Jarrett in his new office, talking on the phone when suddenly the phone gets cut off and the lights go out. When the lights come back on, the office is all tore up and the letters N.W.O. are spray painted in black on the wall. Jeff can do nothing but stare at the wall as the camera cuts to the ring area.

Match #3: Bobby Lashley w/ Kristal Lashley vs. Matt Morgan – Round #1 of Television Championship Tournament

It’s now time for the first of two matches scheduled for tonight in the television championship tournament. This first match features two of the biggest men currently on the roster in Bobby Lashley and Matt Morgan. Out first to the ring is “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan, followed by Bobby Lashley who is accompanied to the ring by his wife, Kristal.

One would expect a very psychical contest between these two and that’s exactly what we get. Although they are similar in size, Bobby Lashley uses a more traditional wrestling move set whereas Matt Morgan just prefers to beat the crap out of you. The first half or so of this match strongly favors Matt Morgan and his style. Once the match goes on however, Matt slowly begins to lose steam. Bobby is doing nothing more than not giving up and this resiliency is what begins to turn the tide. Matt cannot keep up his high powered offense for very long and soon his moves are reduced to little or no damage at all. Bobby exploits this moment of weakness by using several different types of submission holds, aimed at further wearing down Matt Morgan. These holds have an amazing effect; Matt can do nothing but try and hold on. At this point in the match though, Matt doesn’t have much left. He tries staying alive but he just can’t. Eventually he succumbs to the pressure and is defeated.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Bobby’s wife Kristal enters the ring to congratulate him and celebrate as the referee raises his hand in victory. Once the referee is finished raising his hand, the two exit the ring together, leaving Matt Morgan alone. Just as Matt is getting up to leave the ring, he is stopped in his tracks by the sight of Scott Steiner who is standing by the entrance tunnel, oddly looking on. The two continue staring at each other as the camera cuts over to the broadcast booth.

Before the commercial break, Mike Tenay and Taz give a quick recap of the standings in the T.V. title tournament. With that win, Bobby Lashley moves on to face Raven next week where the winner of Desmond Wolfe versus D’Angelo Dinero will face Kurt Angle two weeks from now. Once they are done recapping the tournament, they begin hyping up the next match, a Knockouts match featuring Daffney against an unknown Knockout. They explain that there are major changes about to happen to the Knockouts division, including new women about to debut. Once they are done with that, the show cuts to commercial.


Match #4: Daffney vs. ???

Returning from commercial, it is time for match #4 tonight between Daffney and an unknown Knockout. Hulk Hogan announced last week that he would be bringing in new knockouts in an attempt to revamp the division as he contemplates what to do ultimately with the division. Last week we saw the shocking debut of Natalya Neidhart, who will be this week? We won’t have to wait long to find out as Daffney begins making her way to the ring to await her opponent. She doesn’t wait long as brand new theme music begins to play and out of the entrance tunnel steps…ROXXI! The former Voodoo Queen Roxxi makes her way down to the ring to a good reaction from the crowd.

Daffney immediately charges Roxxi in an attempt to catch her off guard. Daffney kicks and punches at Roxxi to try and keep her down but that doesn’t work for very long, soon Roxxi is up to her feet and fighting back. The match soon spills out of control with both women nearly beating the hell out of each other. They go outside the ring and start beating each other up out there before returning to the ring and beating each other up in there. Neither Knockout appears to be backing down; they just want to keep fighting. Again, neither woman appears to be giving up. The action once again spills out of the ring. It’s in this time that Roxxi grabs a chair and tosses it in to the ring. Once the action returns to the ring, Roxxi sets up the chair and waits for the perfect moment. After a brief altercation, Roxxi catches Daffney and hits a DDT on her, right on the steel chair which of course causes the ref to call for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Daffney

Technically Daffney is the winner but Roxxi was the clear victor in this contest. Roxxi set out to make a statement in her return and she sure did, taking on one of the toughest knockouts on the roster and dominating. The camera cuts to the back with a shot of the referee trying to help Daffney to her feet, with Roxxi looking on.

In this segment we see the Lashleys in the back, just outside the locker room.

Kristal Lashley: That was an amazing victory baby I’m so proud of you!

Bobby Lashley:
Thanks baby.

Kristal Lashley: What say you and I go out and celebrate?

Bobby Lashley: Sounds amazing.

The two start walking away. Just as they are walking down the hallway, they bump in to “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero.

D’Angelo Dinero: Sorry about tha….Whoa, what do we have here? Hey sweet thing!

Pope begins checking out Kristal Lashley but that’s soon stopped by Bobby.

Bobby Lashley:
Hey man, back off!

D’Angelo Dinero: Alright man, alright.

Pope walks away, mumbling under his breath “damn that’s a nice piece of ass” which fortunately for him, Bobby didn’t hear. Once both he and Pope have gone off camera, the show goes to commercial.


Match #5: D’Angelo Dinero vs. Desmond Wolfe – Round #1 of Television Championship Tournament

Match #5 tonight is the final match in round #1 of the television championship tournament. Whoever wins this match will go on to face Kurt Angle in two weeks. First up and out to the ring is Desmond Wolfe who gets quite the reaction from the crowd. Next up is “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero who gets the opposite reaction from the crowd, no doubt in response to Pope’s actions towards Kristal Lashley.

Pope comes out of the gate with a rather cocky attitude, not wanting to do much to try and attack Desmond Wolfe, he seems to prefer to try and taunt/showboat for the crowd. This strategy does not make a winner, it just adds fuel to the fire which in this case is the crowd booing. Desmond’s response to this is let the crowd turn against him because that means he’ll have the crowd on his back which goes a long way. Once the crowd has reached an acceptable level of boos, Desmond springs in to action. Catching Pope off guard, Desmond begins hitting him with several rights and lefts. Pope, looking to regroup, ducks to the outside of the ring. Desmond doesn’t let him get away; he also exits the ring and proceeds to chase Pope around. Desmond catches Pope for a few seconds and then Pope gets away. This cat and mouse game goes on for a couple minutes actually. Eventually the action returns to the ring. This time, however, there’s no escaping for Pope. Desmond has him well within his gripe and he’s not letting go. Pope struggles and struggles but there’s not much he can do when Desmond hits the Tower of London. The crowd cheers the fact that Pope’s been laid out and Desmond rewards them with putting him away for good and the win.

Winner: Desmond Wolfe

The crowd goes wild when the ref raises Desmond’s hand. They were tired of Pope and wanted to see Pope beat and that’s exactly what they got. The crowd continues cheering even as Desmond exits the ring but quickly switches to booing when Pope gets up and starts exiting the ring as well. They boo him even as the camera cuts away.

Before the camera cuts to commercial, we see a shot of “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles preparing for his upcoming rematch for the world heavyweight championship against the champion Jeff Hardy. After finishing up, A.J. stands up and heads out the door.


Match #6: A.J. Styles vs. Jeff Hardy [C] – Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Match

It’s main event time! This is a match that the new champion Jeff Hardy asked for himself; he was so impressed with A.J. last week that he wanted another shot at him and it didn’t matter if the title was on the line or not. The crowd erupts as J.B. makes the official introductions, introducing the challenger A.J. Styles first. Once A.J. has reached the ring, a few seconds of silence go by before the music of Jeff Hardy hits. The crowd, especially the females in the audience, goes nuts for the champion as he slowly makes his way down to the ring area. Once he arrives, he hands the belt to the referee and the match can begin.

A.J. starts off the match on a mission, he wants that title and he wants it bad. The champion appears surprised that A.J. has this kind of fire in him. It takes a while but eventually Jeff is able to build up enough steam of his own and the momentum evens out, at least for now. The crowd is once again firmly behind Jeff Hardy and this helps him quite a bit, but not for long. Even though the crowd loves Hardy, A.J. is way too determined to care. A.J. increases the intensity even more than before and it starts to pay off big for him. Hardy manages to stay in the match for a while, simply feeding off the crowd’s energy but that can only last for so long. Eventually A.J. becomes too much for Hardy to handle. Hardy keeps fighting but eventually A.J. catches him and gets him in position for the Styles Clash. Just as A.J. is about to hit the move, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman come running in to the ring, causing the referee to call for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

Hall and Pac begin beating on both Styles and Hardy. Their beat down continues until Jeff Jarrett comes running out of the entrance tunnel with a steel chair in hand. Before he can make it to the ring however, he is stopped by Kevin Nash who levels him with a steel chair of his own. Pac and Hall continue beating on Hardy and Styles until suddenly the lights go out. A few seconds of darkness go by until the music of Sting begins to play. When the lights come back on, we see Hall and Pac have left the ring. Sting remains quiet, simply pointing his black baseball bat at Hall and Pac as the show fades to black.
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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Impact Wrestling News: Team 3D, Identity of Masked Man, & More

- The names of Brother Devon and Brother Ray have been removed from the active roster page and moved to the staff section, listed as agents. Team 3D will now be splitting their time between being agents for Impact Wrestling and running their wrestling academy. They will still be available for use on T.V. but their days of being full time competitors look to be over, for now.

- The identity of the masked man who attacked the Motor City Machine Guns last week is reportedly indy wrestler Tommy Mercer. Tommy debuted last week, wearing a Mankind-like mask.

- This week's edition of Impact Wrestling scored a 1.5 rating, down from last week's 1.8. Some backstage are worrying that having Hulk Hogan off T.V. for several weeks will start driving the ratings down even further but others are stressing patience, saying that having Hulk out promoting the company will pay off in the end plus having him away from T.V. will only make the times he does appear that more special.

- Impact Wrestling will reportedly reveal their final decision on what to do with the Knockouts Division at Madison Square Garden on March 4th. This event will also hold the finals of the T.V. championship tournament.

Preview for 2/18/2010
  • There's a new sheriff in town. While Hulk Hogan is away for a few weeks promoting Impact Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett has been named interim general manager and he's already got a full plate dealing with the N.W.O. Not only did the New World Order vandalize his office but they interrupted the main event between A.J. Styles and Jeff Hardy. Before Jeff could come and stop them, he was leveled by a steel chair from Kevin Nash. Now this week Jeff seeks revenge as he takes on "Big Sexy" one on one.
  • Just when it looked like the N.W.O. was going to eliminate both A.J. and Jeff Hardy, "The Icon" Sting saved the day, scaring off both Scott Hall and Sean Waltman. Will we here from Sting regarding his actions both last week and the week before, or will "The Icon" remain silent?
  • The growing feud between the teams of the Motor City Machine Guns and London & Kendrick added a new twist last week when a masked man attacked the Guns from behind as they were challenging London & Kendrick to a fight. Who is this masked man working for and why is he here?
  • High flying X Division action returns this week as "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels takes on the luchador Mistico.
  • The next world tag team champions will be crowned this week as Beer Money takes on the British Invasion in the main event.
  • Also...Another new Knockout is scheduled to debut, this week against Alissa Flash...Round #2 of the Television Championship Tournament begins as Bobby Lashley takes on Raven.
  • All this and more, Thursday February 18th live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida only on FX!
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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Impact Wrestling
Impact Zone
Orlando, Florida

The show opens with the traditional recap of the previous week’s action. The recap starts off with Hulk Hogan promoting Jeff Jarrett to interim General Manager, teasing what it means for the N.W.O. The recap finishes up with what went down at the end of last week’s broadcast when Scott Hall and Sean Waltman interfered in the world title match and the brawl that ensued. The package leaves us with the question, what were Sting’s motives for interfering? Once that’s finished, the opening music video begins and the show kicks off.

The cameras pan over the Impact Zone, going over the entire crowd as Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone to tonight’s broadcast. They run down the card for tonight. Once they are done with that, the cameras focus in on them as we see the X Division Champion Kazarian is with them, ready to comment on tonight’s opening contest.

Match #1: Christopher Daniels vs. Mistico

Tonight’s show opens up with some high flying action from the X Division. Veteran X Division star “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels faces off against the newcomer, Mistico. The crowd goes wild for both men, as each are big fan favorites.

Daniels takes the early lead in the match, catching Mistico by surprise while his back was turned. Daniels manages to keep Mistico down as well as disoriented, which causes him to have a hard time responding to and fighting back against Daniels’ offense. Soon Mistico finds an opening and is able to fight his way to his feet. Now the roles have reversed, Christopher Daniels is the one that has become confused and disoriented which is odd considering Mistico really isn’t doing anything that new or innovative. Daniels has a hard time hitting any sort of moves whatsoever which ultimately costs him. After bouncing off the ropes, Mistico hits a hurricanrana on Daniels which he follows up with a pin and the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Mistico

Daniels still doesn’t seem to know what to do as he watches the referee raise Mistico’s hand in victory. He just simply stares at him the whole time, continuing staring at him even as Mistico steps out of the ring. The camera cuts away just as Daniels snaps out of the trance-like state he was in.

Before the show cuts to commercial, we see a shot of the world heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy making his way to the ring area. Mike Tenay and Taz both comment on whether or not Jeff will actually get answers from Sting as to why “The Icon” has singled him out. The show cuts to commercial right as Hardy disappears.


Coming back from commercial the Impact Zone goes nuts for the arrival of the world champion Jeff Hardy. Hardy, dressed in street clothes with the title over his shoulder slowly makes his way down to the ring, constantly looking up towards the rafters to try and see if Sting is watching.

Jeff Hardy:
Let’s get right to the question that seems to be on everyone’s mind, why has Sting taken such an interest in me since I won the title? Sting I know you’re here somewhere, I know you’re always watching so please, why don’t you shed some light on it for us?

Several seconds go by and no sign of Sting anywhere.

Jeff Hardy: I’m not calling you out, I have no issue with you, I just want your side of the story.

Again, several more seconds go by and still no sign of Sting.

Jeff Hardy:
I know you’re here, come on Sting.

The crowd starts chanting “Sting, Sting, Sting.” Just as Hardy is about to start speaking again, he is interrupted by the music of the New World Order. Out of the entrance tunnel steps “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. Jeff, like everyone else, is puzzled as to why Kevin would be coming out here at this time.

Kevin Nash: Sting ain’t here man so why don’t you stop begging for him to come talk to you and listen to me instead?

Jeff doesn’t say anything, he simply stares back at Kevin, waiting for him to say what he wants to say.

Kevin Nash: So, are you listening?

Jeff Hardy: Yeah I’m listening.

Kevin Nash: Ok good…Now I’ve been thinking, since A.J. has tried and failed twice now to win the world title, you seem to be out of challengers.

Jeff Hardy: It would appear that I am.

Kevin Nash: So then, why don’t you put that title on the line against yours truly?

Jeff just laughs as the crowd starts to boo. Just as Jeff is about to speak, he is interrupted by someone yelling “Over my dead body” from the distance. As the person emerges from the darkness, he is revealed as Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett:
As long as I am interim general manager, you or any of your N.W.O. buddies will never come anywhere near the world title or any other Impact Wrestling title, do I make myself clear?

Kevin Nash: Like what you say matters anyway, sure you might be general manager but once Hulk comes back you’ll be back to being a nothing!

Jeff gets right in Kevin’s face but stops just short of attacking him.

Jeff Jarrett: Oh I am going to enjoy it so much when I wipe your ass in this ring later tonight.

Kevin Nash: Bring it on, “boss”.

Jeff and Kevin remain right in each other’s faces as the N.W.O.’s music hits. Kevin just laughs right in Jeff’s face as he backs out of the ring, leaving both Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy alone as the camera cuts to commercial.


Match #2: Alissa Flash vs. ???

Coming back from commercial we go right in to match #2, a Knockouts match featuring Alissa Flash against an unknown opponent. So far the Knockouts on the roster have not fared very well against the surprise opponents that have been put against them so we’ll see if Alissa Flash can do any better. Alissa arrives in the ring and awaits her opponent. An awkward silence goes by before familiar music begins playing and out of the tunnel steps Jacqueline! Alissa doesn’t seem fazed at all, she remains zeroed in on her opponent.

Following nearly the same path that last week’s match between Daffney and Roxxi did, both women immediately charge at each other and start beating each other senseless. It doesn’t take long though for Jacqueline to take over the momentum in the match, since she is a slightly better brawler. Jacqueline, not wanting to risk disqualification as well as giving Alissa the opportunity to cheat by moving the match to the outside, does her absolute best to keep everything inside the ring. On the other hand, Alissa realizes this and does everything she can to get out so a back and forth tug of war ensues. Jacqueline starts using up too much energy in her quest to keep Alissa inside the ring that it wears on her considerably. Alissa sees an opportunity now. Realizing that she doesn’t need to get outside of the ring after all, she devises a plan. After a brief exchange, and while the referee’s back is turned, Alissa rolls Jacqueline up in a pin attempt. The ref, realizing he’s missing the pin attempt, quickly counts 1, 2, 3 without seeing that Alissa Flash had her feet on the ropes the whole time!

Winner: Alissa Flash

Seeing the error of his ways but knowing that there’s not much he can do to change it, the referee has no choice but to raise Alissa Flash’s hand in victory as Jacqueline looks on in disgust. As Alissa Flash ducks out of the ring, Jacqueline briefly argues with the referee before coming to the realization that there’s nothing she can do but live to fight another day. She exits the ring as the camera cuts away.

Going to the back we see Matt Morgan on the phone with someone.

Matt Morgan:
No I really haven’t thought about it.

Matt pauses to let the person he’s talking to speak.

Matt Morgan:
I’ll tell you what, I’ll let you know by next week what my decision is ok?

Matt pauses again.

Matt Morgan: Alright cool, talk to you then.

Matt then hangs up the phone, puts it in his pocket, and walks out of view of the camera. The camera then cuts away.

Cutting to the back we see Raven, sitting alone, staring off in to the distance.

Raven: I asked for different and I sure got it, didn’t I? I go from facing “The Monster” Abyss to facing Bobby Lashley, what a difference a couple weeks can make. Anyway, I’m not going to sweat it, I love a challenge, challenges love me. Sure he may be bigger, faster, stronger, younger, better looking but you know what I am? That’s right, I’m smarter. I am the real cerebral assassin, one wrong move and I take you out. Quote the Raven, nevermore!

A brief but to the point promo from Raven. Once Raven has finished, the show cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, instead of going right in to a match, Impact Wrestling cameras cut to the office of Jeff Jarrett who is preparing for his upcoming match against Kevin Nash when a knock on the door is heard.

Jeff Jarrett: Come in.

In to the room steps A.J. Styles.

Jeff Jarrett: What can I do for you A.J.?

A.J. Styles: Jeff, somebody needs to take a stand against those assholes, you can’t do it alone. They may have ruined my shot at regaining the world title but I am not going to let them ruin anything else!

Jeff Jarrett: I appreciate the support, I actually was planning on coming to tell you this myself later but since you’re here I might as well tell you now. I spoke with Hogan and I recommended that you get another shot at the world title since the N.W.O. ruined your last one and he agreed with me but he added one stipulation. To make damn sure that they don’t get involved, he’s putting you and Jeff against each other in a steel cage at Victory Road.

A.J. Styles:
Seriously?!? That’s amazing, thanks a lot Jeff!

Jeff Jarrett: Don’t mention it.

A.J. Styles: To repay you I’m going to be at ringside for your match tonight, watching your back!

Jeff Jarrett:
Well, let’s get ready then.

Both Jeff and A.J. then get up and walk out of the office as the camera cuts to the ring area.

Match #3: Samoa Joe vs. Shark Boy

Cutting to the ring area we see Shark Boy already in the ring, awaiting his opponent, Samoa Joe. Joe’s music hits and The Samoan Submission Machine begins storming down the ramp. He can’t be too happy over last week’s loss to Mistico and he certainly doesn’t look like he is. Shark Boy better watch out.

Once the bell rings both Samoa Joe and Shark Boy remain on opposite sides of the ring, just staring at each other. Joe has a very serious look on his face whereas Shark Boy, if you could see his face judging by his body language, looks very nervous. The referee tries to get both men to move and ultimately it’s Shark Boy who moves first. Shark Boy tries punching and kicking Samoa Joe, neither of which do anything to change or wear down Joe. Shark Boy continues this for about thirty seconds until all of a sudden Joe snaps out of it and starts unloading on him. Joe quickly overwhelms Shark Boy. With Shark Boy down, Joe picks him up and places him on the top turnbuckle which he follows up with a brutal muscle buster. Joe then pins Shark Boy and gets the W.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Beating Shark Boy in the way that he did seems to have been just the right kind of medicine for Joe, snapping Joe out of the angry funk that he was in. As the referee raises Joe’s hand, the cameras cut to a dual screen shot of the ring area as well as backstage where Eric Bischoff has been watching the whole match on a screen. Bischoff chuckles to himself as the camera cuts away from the dual shot.

Before Impact Wrestling cuts to commercial, we see a shot of the Lashleys walking down the hall, on their way to the ring for Bobby’s match against Raven. As they walk down the hall, they pass someone standing off to the side, reading a newspaper so they can’t see his face. They don’t pay him any attention as they go by. Once they go away from the view of the camera, the camera remains focused in on the man reading the paper. The man puts the paper down, revealing himself to be D’Angelo Dinero. The Pope simply smiles as he puts the paper down and starts heading off camera.


Match #4: Bobby Lashley w/ Kristal Lashley vs. Raven – Round #2 of Television Championship Tournament

Coming back from commercial it is now time for match #4 tonight and the first match in round #2 of the television championship tournament. This match pits submission specialist Bobby Lashley against extreme specialist Raven. Neither man has ever faced each other so it’ll be interesting to see how this match goes. The Lashleys are the first out to the ring, getting a somewhat mixed reaction from the crowd. Last but not least is Raven who gets a much better reaction than the Lashleys did.

As expected, both men take a considerable amount of time trying to get a feel for the other’s style, Bobby Lashley being the more cautious of the two. To everyone’s surprise, Raven goes right after Bobby Lashley, ending the feeling out process rather abruptly. Raven spends a few seconds trying to wear down Bobby’s midsection before Bobby gets a surge of power, responding with a flurry of offense of his own. Bobby, not known as someone who shows a lot of emotion, starts pounding on Raven relentlessly. Everyone fears the worst for Raven, fearing Bobby will quickly overpower him but to Raven’s credit the veteran hangs in there, taking the beating but still hanging on. Raven constantly starts looking over his shoulder, like he’s expecting something. Bobby notices this but he doesn’t seem to care, he just keeps on attacking Raven. A minute or so goes by before what Raven must have been waiting for finally happens. “The Pope” begins walking down the entrance ramp, staring at Kristal Lashley the whole time. Bobby sees him and immediately drops Raven to confront the Pope. This is the opening that Raven was looking for. As Bobby Lashley tries confronting the Pope to stop him from hitting on his wife, Raven sets up and waits. Bobby soon turns back around and gets caught with a Raven Effect DDT. Raven follows up the DDT with a pin and the victory.

Winner: Raven

Raven advances to the T.V. championship finals in two weeks where he will face the winner of Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe. Following the end of the match, as soon as he is able to stand, Bobby Lashley immediately darts out of the ring and starts chasing down the Pope, leaving Raven alone in the ring. As Raven turns to leave the ring, out of nowhere “The Monster” Abyss sneaks up behind him and waits for him to turn around. Raven turns around and sees Abyss standing right behind him. Abyss lunges as to attack Raven but Raven ducks out of the ring just in time. Abyss and Raven stare each other down as the camera cuts away.

Cutting away, Impact Wrestling now goes to a backstage segment where Mick Foley is standing by with Paul London, Brian Kendrick, and the masked man who attacked the Motor City Machine Guns last week.

Mick Foley: First off, I gotta say, nice mask dude.

The masked man just stares at Foley.

Mick Foley:
Geez it was just a complement…Anyway, London, Kendrick, what’s with this guy?

Paul London:
This guy, this guy’s name is Tommy Mercer. We brought him here with us to Impact Wrestling to watch our backs, to do our dirty work, to do anything we tell him to do.

Mick Foley:
So basically, he’s your slave?

Brian Kendrick: He’s not a slave ok? He is our “servant”, he is to make sure that those Motor City Machine Guns and any other tag team on this roster stays out of our way.

Paul London:
You seen firsthand last week just what Tommy here can do. Add that kind of destructive power with our super huge talent and who knows where we can go in this company. We could be tag team champions, one of us could be X Division champion, heck one of us could even be world heavyweight champion. The sky’s the limit and nothing or no one is going to stand in our way. Ha, I’d like for them to try!

London and Kendrick remain staring in to the camera as Tommy Mercer stands behind them as an imposing presence. The camera remains focused on them right up until it cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, Impact Wrestling cuts to the announce booth where Mike Tenay and Taz continue hyping up the main event tonight where we will crown a new world tag team champion as Beer Money takes on the British Invasion. The hype doesn’t last too terribly long though as the show moves on to match #5.

Match #5: Jeff Jarrett w/ A.J. Styles vs. Kevin Nash

A match that is sure to get pretty intense, this one pits Jeff Jarrett against the N.W.O.’s Kevin Nash. Luckily for Jeff Jarrett, he will have some backup during this match as “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles will be at ringside. Jeff Jarrett is the first man out to the ring, shadowed by A.J. Styles. “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash is out next. Kevin, dressed in black and grey, slowly makes his way down the ramp, taunting Jeff Jarrett the whole time. Jarrett doesn’t wait for Kevin to reach the ring, he charges at him and meets him half way up the ramp. The ref then calls for the bell as the match is officially underway.

With A.J. Styles watching on, Jarrett and Nash begin battling each other on the entrance ramp. Jarrett just starts unloading on him, even managing to get Nash off his feet at one point. For nearly the first three fourths of this match it is all Jarrett. Jarrett takes Nash from the ramp, all the way around the guard rail and back again. At this point Nash has been busted wide open and things aren’t looking very good for him at all. Eventually the match moves to inside the ring and we see the first in ring action of the match. Now in the actual ring, Nash is able to prop himself up more which allows him to defend himself a little better, extending his time in the match. Nash hangs on rather well, even managing to get a few punches and elbows in but they do little to no good, Jarrett has the match nearly won. Nash keeps on for a few more moments but soon Jarrett gets him in position, position for his finishing move, The Stroke. After a brief altercation, Jeff hits an impressive Stroke on the big man, laying him out for good. Jeff then covers Kevin and gets the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett starts jumping for joy over the victory excited that he was able to beat Nash and show that he’s not afraid of the N.W.O. A.J. joins him in celebration. The two remain in the ring, celebrating their victory when they are interrupted by the sound of a motorcycle engine. Out of the entrance tunnel roars Eric Bischoff. Bischoff stops at the top of the entrance ramp and starts revving his engine, obviously to distract A.J. and Jeff while Scott Hall and X-Pac sneak up behind them and start attacking them. As soon as Kevin can stand, he joins in the attack. The attack continues for several seconds before the world heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy comes running through the crowd with a steel pipe in hand. Once the N.W.O. sees this they immediately leave the ring. Jeff enters the ring and checks on the conditions of both A.J. and Jeff Jarrett as the members of the N.W.O. back away, laughing the whole time. The camera cuts away as Jeff continues attending to Jarrett and Styles.

Right before Impact Wrestling goes to commercial break, we see a double shot of Beer Money and the British Invasion walking down the hallway towards the ring. The main event, for the world tag team championship, is next!


Match #6: Beer Money vs. The British Invasion – Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Championship Match

It is now main event time where we will crown a new world tag team champion. First team out to the ring are the Brits, Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams. Magnus and Williams get mostly boos from the crowd but they don’t care, they’re pretty much used to it at this point. Following shortly thereafter is Beer Money. James Storm and Robert Roode get a mostly positive reaction from the crowd as they make their way down the ramp. Once they make it to the ring, Jeremy Borash makes the official introductions, the referee raises the belts, and the match begins.

Robert Roode and Doug Williams begin the match inside the ring for their respective teams. Early on, the momentum in the match favors Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus a little more. Doug Williams is able to exploit Roode’s gung ho attack strategy and pick it apart. They are successful in getting under their skin. When Roode tags in James Storm he doesn’t have much success either, falling in to the same trap. The Brits are also very successful in executing quick tags, allowing each member enough time to regain his energy as the other one wears down their opponents. Williams wears them down with submission like moves whereas Magnus wears them down with simple, straightforward strength. Soon, the Brits start pulling away. There is a brief momentum shift when James Storm re-enters the match but it doesn’t last long, soon the Brits get the momentum back and they don’t ever let it go again. What remaining energy Beer Money has left is now gone. It’s only a matter of time before they are put away and Doug Williams is the one to do it. Hitting his finishing move, the Chaos Theory, perfectly, he quickly covers Robert Roode and the ref counts, 1, 2, 3, new champions!

Winners and New Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champions: The British Invasion

The crowd surprisingly starts cheering for the British Invasion as the referee hands them their new belts. They raise them up high above their heads as the crowd continues cheering. Impact Wrestling fades to black with a shot of the British Invasion standing victorious as Beer Money struggles to their feet.
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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

First Impact Review:

Good opening promo, with TNA finally getting one over on WWE, lifting the nWo copyrights and trademarks. Vince must be livid! This is a good swerve of the swerve, with Hogan not joining the nWo. HH then does a good job asserting his authority. TNA lacks this at times, and it seems that no one is in charge.

Good opening match, following the old Nitro gameplan of a cruiserweight match first to set the tone. Kaz vs Daniels is an old hat, but TNA needs good matches AND good mic work to move forward. Kaz and Daniels do both. Not sure why Kaz showboated at Daniels, makes him seem like a cocky asshole, and not a face.

backstage, making the nWo a little too much of the story lines already. This shows that they are frustrated, but i think its too early for that. They haven't done anything yet. No matches, no real promos, no interference. nWo doesn't matter squat yet.

Team 3D putting over Beer Money Inc is solid. Team 3B needs to be making guys look good and building the tag teams up. If they win the Tag Straps along the way, it wont seem unfair since they are always battling top teams, and they are willing to make anyone look great.

Love the MCMG's promo, and the fact London and Kendrick (who were always held back a bit in WWE) tell them to stop whining. Hopefully this feud leads to some great matches, and eventually tag gold. London and Kendrick need to be called "Hooliganz" like they wanted in WWE, but Vince hated. I think its a decent name for them. Londrick is a boring name.

Raven's promo was pretty solid, and spot on character wise. The match... uh, are regular matches no dq. Why would Abyss put down thumbtacks? past animosity? just because he's Abyss?

Don't really care about the Knockouts, but hopefully Hogan has a real plan. Natty is a good signing, and she brings a "name" but the Knockouts need more than a few wrestlers to "revolutionize womens wrestling" or whatever Hogan said.
-still too much nWo/Hogan stuff. Feel like this is for much later in the feud. Hogan being pushed by Bischoff shows desperation, and that wasn't what the nWo was about.

Foley as interviewer?! is he desperate for money? He can help put guys over through this, and talk up faces and make heels look bad. Steiner plays a typical heel, Angle sounds like a generic moron. probably sets up a feud for later. Steiner can screw Angle in the next round. These two could have decent matches.

Mystico can do a good job of building that xdivision, and bring in some kids for merch and tickets. Kids love the masks, and so did Bischoff. He'll have him wrestling as Luis Urive in no time.

World Title... wait, what? Why wasn't this hyped? How were these guys picked? TNA is bad, but this is beyond them. Even though both are faces, Hardy-Styles can be a solid match at a PPV. I dont see how this makes any sense. Isn't this Hardy's first match in TNA? Styles i can understand, but Hardy needs to earn it. There wasn't a peep about it and then boom, World Title match.

Overall good show, you just need to pay attention to details. The readers don't know what youre thinking so you need to be clear. Your backstory is incredible and attention grabbing. TNA needs someone like Prokhorov to make the changes needed to succeed: moving out of the Impact Zone, better production etc.

I will review the other two shows as soon as I have time (my BTB of WCW 1998 is taking way too long since Nitro changed to 3 hours!) and I'll definitely be following, Good Luck

Cheers, Bro!


WCW 1998: be the booker
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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Impact Wrestling News: Major Signing, Ratings, & More

- Impact Wrestling announced today via their website that they have signed a "major, big name talent" and that they will announce the name of this talent when they return to Madison Square Garden on March 4th. The return to Madison Square Garden is shaping up to be a pretty big event with the finals of the television championship scheduled to take place as well an announcement regarding the future of the Knockouts division.

- The rating for this week's edition of Impact Wrestling is 1.4, down a little from last week's 1.5 rating.

- There is a growing belief amongst people backstage at Impact Wrestling that the process of moving Impact Wrestling to a permanent on the road touring schedule needs to be sped up. They feel that no matter what they do as far as promoting, booking, signing new talent, etc. it will all end up being nullified by the look and feel of holding shows in the Impact Zone. They say that just like taking Hulk Hogan off T.V. to promote will hurt ratings in the short term but help in the long term, going on the road permanently will be a financial burden right now but it will all pay off in the end. Impact Wrestling have shows scheduled in the Impact Zone up until Slammiversary in June so the earliest they would be able to do this is after that.

Preview for 2/25/2010
  • The New World Order have now set their sights on Jeff Hardy. After trying to call out Sting, Jeff Hardy was interrupted by Kevin Nash who challenged him to a world title match. Now this week, Scott Hall plans to call Hardy out. What does "The Bad Guy" have in store for "The Charismatic Enigma"?
  • The British Invasion successfully regained the tag team championship when they defeated Beer Money. Now this week the new champions face off against The Motor City Machine Guns in non-title action.
  • Angry that Alissa Flash used her feet on the ropes to win their match last week, Jacqueline has challenged her to a No DQ rematch which Alissa agreed to. Things are bound to get ugly.
  • In an odd pairing, Jay Lethal and Eric Young have teamed up to form a new tag team which they plan to debut this week. Stay tuned!
  • With Victory Road rapidly approaching, interim general manager Jeff Jarrett will begin announcing the first of five King of the Mountain qualifying matches this week. The winners of these five matches will then go on to Bound for Glory and the King of the Mountain match to determine who will then receive a world title shot at Slammiversary.
  • In response to D'Angelo Dinero's actions towards his wife Kristal, Bobby Lashley has promised to "hunt down" the Pope and make him pay.
  • Also scheduled...The final 2nd round match of the Television Championship tournament between Desmond Wolfe and Kurt Angle where the winner goes on to face Raven next week at Madison Square Garden.
  • All this and more, Thursday February 25th live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida only on FX!
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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Impact Wrestling
Impact Zone
Orlando, Florida

Impact Wrestling starts off this week with the traditional recap of the previous week’s action. The recap starts off with the initial confrontation of Jeff Hardy and Kevin Nash where Kevin Nash challenged Jeff Hardy to a championship match which brought out Jeff Jarrett to intervene. The recap then transitioned to the exchange between Jeff Jarrett and A.J. Styles where A.J. volunteered to watch Jeff’s back. The recap then wraps up with what happen after Jeff and Kevin’s match where Scott Hall and Sean Waltman attacked A.J. and Jeff and then getting scared off by Jeff Hardy. Once that’s all done, the opening music video begins and the show kicks off.

The cameras pan over the Impact Zone, going over the entire crowd as Mike Tenay and Taz welcome everyone to tonight’s broadcast. They also run down the card for tonight’s show but before they can finish, they are interrupted by the music of the New World Order. Soon after that, “The Bad Guy” Scott Hall slowly begins making his way down to the ring. A few members of the crowd chant “Razor, Razor, Razor” as Scott walks down the ramp while the majority of the crowd just boo him.

Scott Hall: Hey yo!

A majority of the crowd does pop for that however.

Scott Hall: So you people know why I’m here, I’ve got some biznass to discuss with the champ.

A few seconds go by between Scott Hall speaking and Jeff Hardy’s music beginning to play. The crowd pops huge for the world champion as he makes his way down to the ring, with the world title draped over his shoulder. Jeff then enters the ring and simply stares right at Scott Hall.

Scott Hall: Long time no see champ, you been good I take it?

Jeff simply nods his head.

Scott Hall:
Cool cool. You and me, we got some history, your first match up in the federation was against me and now here we are.

Jeff Hardy:
No offense Scott but I know you didn’t call me out here to reminisce about old times.

Scott Hall: You’re right big man, I didn’t. I was told by Big Kev and Easy E to come out here and personally invite you to become a member of the N.W.O.

Jeff laughs a little to himself.

Jeff Hardy: You’re joking, right?

Scott Hall:
No meng, I’m not joking. You’re the world champion and world champions belong in the N.W.O.

Jeff’s still laughing.

Jeff Hardy: No thanks. Sorry but I’m going to have to pass.

Scott Hall:
Give it some thought for a minute. All the power, all the prestige of the N.W.O. to go along with your world title, you could be unstoppable.

Jeff Hardy: I’m fine by myself.

Scott Hall: Come on meng, you know it’s what you want.

Jeff moves to speak but before he can, they are both interrupted by the music of Jeff Jarrett. The interim general manager makes a mad dash down to the ring to confront Scott Hall.

Jeff Jarrett: He said no, you piece of trash, what more do you need?

Scott Hall: Excuse me?

Jeff Jarrett: What? You got a hearing problem too to go along with your drinking problem?

Scott and Jeff Jarrett then get face to face where they start taunting each other. Jeff Hardy is then forced to separate them.

Jeff Hardy: Jeff I don’t need you to fight my battles for me, I’m a big boy, I can take care of myself.

Jeff Jarrett:
No disrespect to you Jeff but I’ve had enough of you Scott and your little friend X-Pac constantly sneaking up behind either myself or Hardy. All that ends right now. Why don’t you gather your little friend and meet me and Jeff in the middle of the ring later tonight?

Both Scott and Jeff Hardy are a little taken aback by Jeff’s proposition. Jeff agrees to it right away but Scott isn’t so sure.

Scott Hall: No way, no way. I may be a lot of things but I ain’t stupid.

Scott then starts walking away before he is stopped by Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett: You seem to have forgotten one little thing. You and Pac are not members of the Impact Wrestling roster, you have no right to be here. I could call the police and have you both arrested right now for trespassing or you two could man up and face us. Now I know you don’t want to go back to jail so the choice is yours.

Scott takes a few seconds to think about it and finally agrees by nodding his head.

Jeff Jarrett:
A wise choice. We’ll see you later.

On that note Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and both the Jeff’s exit the ring together, leaving Scott alone to think about his upcoming match. As the Jeff’s are walking up the ramp, the show cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, before Impact Wrestling gets going with the first in-ring action of the night, Mike Tenay and Taz announce that they have just heard from the back that tonight’s main event between the team of Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett against Scott Hall and X-Pac will be contested inside a steel cage, to avoid any outside interference. Once the announcement has been made, Impact Wrestling transitions to the first match of the night.

Match #1: The British Invasion vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

Match #1 tonight features the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champions The British Invasion taking on Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin of The Motor City Machine Guns in a non-title contest. The British Invasion became the champions once again last week when they defeated Beer Money to capture the titles. The Guns have been involved recently in a feud with Paul London and Brian Kendrick so it will be interesting to see how much that plays in to tonight’s contest. First out to the ring are the Guns followed then shortly after by the champs.

Early on the Guns have the advantage. They are hitting their moves with precision and executing quick tags, near perfect tag team wrestling. More importantly for them they don’t seem distracted at all by thoughts of London and Kendrick who surprisingly are nowhere to be seen. They put the distractions aside for a chance to impress against the tag team champions. Everything continues to go well for the Guns until as expected; London and Kendrick with their bodyguard Tommy Mercer finally make their appearance. They don’t seem however to have any interest in getting involved inside the ring, preferring to watch the action from the crowd. With their appearance in the crowd, all the momentum and good luck that the Guns were having suddenly went away. The Brits seize the opportunity and never let go. The Guns try fighting back but at this point it’s too hard to regain their composure, they eventually succumb to the Brits impressive offensive arsenal.

Winners: The British Invasion

The British Invasion celebrate their victory while the Guns have no choice but to hang their heads in shame that London and Kendrick have gotten the best of them. Meanwhile, London, Kendrick, and Mercer simply laugh at the Guns misfortune as they walk away. The Guns soon follow, leaving the champions alone in the ring. As the champions start heading back to the locker room as well they are interrupted by the music of Beer Money. James Storm and Robert Roode, both dressed in street clothes, quickly make their way down to the ring.

James Storm:
We’re going to make this nice and simple for you guys because I know you know why we’re out here. We want another shot at those titles!

The crowd cheers as Doug and Brutus look at each other to ponder the proposition.

James Storm: So, what’s the word?

Doug and Brutus look at each other again, then turn back to Beer Money. They raise their belts and then out of nowhere, they use them to knock both Storm and Roode out. Brutus Magnus then grabs Storm’s microphone.

Brutus Magnus: You’re on!

The crowd cheers as the match is now made official, it’s Beer Money against The British Invasion for the titles at Victory Road. The champions then exit the ring as the camera cuts backstage.

Going backstage we see Kazarian walking down the hallway when Christopher Daniels comes up and interrupts.

Christopher Daniels:
Kaz, Kaz, stop a minute will ya?

What do you want?

Christopher Daniels: I need to ask you a favor.

Kazarian: Ok?

Christopher Daniels:
I want you to take out Mistico tonight.

Kazarian: Umm, why?

Christopher Daniels: Because, don’t you see? The man is making a mockery of our X Division, going around with his fancy colored masks, pandering to the children, it makes me sick!

Kazarian is still unsure of what to make of what Daniels is asking him but he humors him anyway.

Kazarian: Don’t you remember though Chris, you once wrestled under a mask, you did all those things that you’re accusing him of.

Christopher Daniels: Yeah but that was different.

Kazarian: Sure man. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a match coming up next.

Kazarian then walks further off camera as Daniels grows frustrated. Daniels then mumbles to himself as the camera cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial, Impact Wrestling cuts to the office of Jeff Jarrett where Jeff is right in the middle of a conference call with Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan:
Jeff, I just saw what you did and let me tell you brother; I can’t be having you do that. You’re the interim general manager of Impact Wrestling; I need you to be in partial, I need you to call things right down the middle.

Jeff Jarrett: I realize that Hulk but something needs to be done about those guys, they need to be stopped!

Hulk Hogan:
I’ve known those guys a long time brother and let me tell you, you can’t let them get you riled up like that. You have to stay cool because it’s playing right in to their hands if you don’t.

Jeff doesn’t say anything, he just starts pacing back and forth.

Hulk Hogan: I think I need to step in here and save you from yourself a little bit. As long as your general manager, I am banning you from competing in in-ring action. I need you in one piece when I’m gone, I can’t have you fall victim to one of their traps.

Jeff Jarrett: But Hulk…

Hulk Hogan:
But nothing brother. Now I gotta go, you take care of yourself.

On that note, Hulk hangs up the phone, leaving Jeff to ponder what to do now that he can’t compete in the ring anymore. As Jeff continues thinking, the camera cuts to the ring.

Match #2: Kazarian vs. Mistico

It’s now time for match #2 tonight between the X Division champion Kazarian and the luchador Mistico. Earlier Christopher Daniels tried to get Kazarian to agree to try and take Mistico out because Daniels believes that Mistico is somehow making a mockery of the X Division but Kazarian laughed him off. Now here we are. Mistico is already in the ring when the camera cuts to the ring area. He patiently awaits his opponent who is making his way to the ring now.

Almost right off the bat Kazarian has a hard time trying to respond to Mistico and his attack. Mistico moves so fast that it’s almost disorienting for Kazarian, it seems like he’s always turning his head trying to see where he’s at now. Luckily though, eventually Kazarian manages to slow the pace of the match down some, at least to where he’s able to get in some offensive moves. Kazarian briefly takes a hold of the momentum in the match but this momentary swing is short lived. Once again Mistico has command. Now back in control Mistico does all he can to not let go, to the point where he almost becomes too cautious. Watching your back is necessary but there is such a thing as going overboard. Mistico spends so much time thinking that he has no time to do anything. He is able to drag the match on this way but eventually he’ll have to do something to win, something that he’s not quite able to do. One momentary lapse by Mistico is all that Kazarian needs. Exploiting the gap, Kazarian finishes Mistico off with a Fade to Black. Kazarian then covers Mistico for the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Kazarian

Following the match the referee hands Kazarian his X Division championship and Kazarian starts to walk out of the ring. Before he can make it however, he is stopped by the sight of Christopher Daniels who has appeared at the top of the entrance ramp. Daniels can be seen mouthing the words “Get him! Get him, he’s down” at Kazarian but Kazarian wants nothing to do with it. He simply walks right by Daniels and to the back.

Before Impact Wrestling cuts to commercial, it cuts to a brief backstage segment where we see Jacqueline preparing herself for her upcoming no disqualification match against Alissa Flash. Jacqueline finishes taping up her hands and wrists and heads out the door as the cameras finally cut to commercial.


Coming back from commercial Impact Wrestling goes right to a backstage segment where we see Bobby Lashley and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero involved in a serious brawl. The two fight alone for a few seconds before Impact Wrestling security intervene and break the two apart. The two continue going back and forth until Jeff Jarrett steps in.

Jeff Jarrett: What in the hell is going on here?

D’Angelo Dinero:
That son of a bitch just jumped me!

Bobby Lashley:
He’s been stalking my wife!

D’Angelo Dinero: I was not!

Bobby Lashley: You were too!

The two lunge at each other again but security stops them.

Jeff Jarrett:
I know you’re lying Pope, I’ve seen the security footage.

D’Angelo Dinero:

Jeff Jarrett: Ok, then you’ll have nothing to fear when I put you and Bobby in a King of the Mountain Qualifying match at Victory Road.

Pope suddenly gets silent.

Jeff Jarrett: Good luck!

Security and both Bobby and the Pope quickly disperse, leaving Jeff alone. As Jeff starts walking away, he notices A.J. Styles in the distance.

Jeff Jarrett: A.J. come here! I need to ask you something.

A.J. Styles: Sure, what is it?

Jeff Jarrett: Since I am interim general manager, Hulk has barred me from competing in in-ring action but I’ve already made the match against Hall and X-Pac for tonight. I need you to take my place.

A.J. Styles:
Me against those guys in a steel cage? Bring it on!

Jeff Jarrett:
You sure it won’t be weird, you working together with Hardy and all?

A.J. Styles: Nah, we’ll be fine. We both hate those guys as much as you do so we’ll work good.

Jeff Jarrett:
Ok good!

A.J. Styles:
Well you’ll have to excuse me now then, I have a match to prepare for now.

The two then shake hands and A.J. walks off view of the camera as it cuts to the ring.

Match #3: Alissa Flash vs. Jacqueline – No Disqualification

Cutting to the ring area we see that Jacqueline and Alissa Flash have already started fighting.

Jacqueline has Alissa by the hair and is pulling her all around. At the moment the two are battling at the top of the entrance ramp. Jacqueline uses the pillars that hold up the entrance as a weapon, repeatedly irish whipping her opponent in to them. The referee begs the two ladies to move their fight closer to the ring but they don’t listen. Now closer to the announce table, Alissa and Jacqueline begin trading vicious punches back and forth at each other. Both women clearly want to win and they’ll do everything they can to do it. Slowly the two ladies make their way closer to the ring. Now more of an even fight, they continue going back and forth, using whatever they can as a weapon to inflict damage. Jacqueline is the first to show signs of weakness but she doesn’t let that slow her down. Eventually the action finally makes its way in to the ring. Now in the ring, Alissa Flash starts to capitalize on Jacqueline’s weakness by employing a series of submission holds to wear her down further. Slowly Jacqueline’s energy begins to fade but she doesn’t give up. Digging down deep, she powers out of Alissa’s holds, reversing them in to her own. Now in control, Jacqueline uses all her remaining might to get Alissa to tap. Just as Alissa looks like she’s about to give up, out of nowhere an unknown women enters the ring and levels Jacqueline with a steel chair. The women then helps Alissa up, draping her nearly motionless arm over Jacqueline as the referee reluctantly counts 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Alissa Flash

Alissa Flash has once again stolen a victory from Jacqueline, this time with the help of the mystery woman. The mystery woman then helps Alissa up and to the back. As they are walking to the back, the woman looks back at Jacqueline who is just now attempting to stand and smiles as the camera cuts to commercial.


Coming back from commercial Mike Tenay and Taz recap what happened right before the commercial break when a mystery woman helped Alissa Flash defeat Jacqueline. They both wonder aloud who this mystery woman is. Once they are done with that, the music of Jay Lethal begins to play.

Jay Lethal, dressed in his traditional Macho Man like garb, steps out of the entrance tunnel. But he stops and waits. A few seconds go by before his music stops and a new music begins to play. Soon, out of the entrance steps Eric Young, dressed in clothes very similar to Hulk Hogan when he was Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Dressed in black and silver, complete with the boa as well as fake beard and mustache, Eric Young and Jay Lethal begin making their way down to the ring. The fans can’t help but laugh at the sight of these two.

Jay Lethal: Ooooo yeeeaaahhhh! Let me introduce all you maniacs to my new tag team partner, the one, the only…Hollywood Eric Young!

Eric Young starts poising like Hulk Hogan, even tearing his shirt off like Hogan is known to do.

Jay Lethal: And together we are, The New Mega Powers, ooo yeah brother!

The crowd gives them a mixture of laughs and cheers. Eric Young then starts to speak, doing his best Hulk Hogan impression.

Eric Young: Let me tell you something brother…Whatcha gonna do when Black Machismo and Hollywood, the New Mega Powers, run wild on you, Whatcha gonna do?

The crowd cheers them as they both remain in the ring to pose for the fans. They continue posing until they are interrupted by the music of “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe. Joe makes his way down to the ring, looking rather pissed. He enters the ring and an awkward stare down ensues. Eric Young decides to break the silence by extending his hand towards Joe. Big mistake! Joe then grabs Eric’s hand, pulling him closer to him and then proceeding to toss him out of the ring. Jay Lethal then tries to attack him but that gets nowhere as well. Joe gets Jay into position for the muscle buster, hitting it perfectly. Joe then takes a moment to survey the damage he’s caused before exiting the ring. The crowd continues booing him, even as the camera cuts away.

Cutting away to the back, we see “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan walking out of the Impact Zone when he is stopped in his tracks by Mick Foley.

Mick Foley:
Matt, wait a minute would ya?

Matt doesn’t say anything but he does stop.

Mick Foley:
I need to know man, who was that you were talking to on the phone last week? You said you were going to let him know of a decision that you’ve made. What decision?

Matt Morgan:
I’m not going to tell you who it is but what I can tell you that I’m heading there to meet him right now and that we plan to be in Madison Square Garden next week so you, like the rest of the world, will just have to wait. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late.

Matt then steps out of the door as the camera cuts to commercial.


Match #4: Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle – Round #2 of Television Championship Tournament

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for match #4 tonight, the final match in round #2 of the television championship tournament between Desmond Wolfe and Kurt Angle. Whoever wins this match will go on to face Raven next week in Madison Square Garden to determine who becomes the first ever Impact Wrestling T.V. Champion. First man out to the ring is Desmond Wolfe, receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd. Last but not least is “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle who gets a very good reaction from the crowd.

Initially the match starts out very even, both men appear to have their opponent well scouted, being able to respond to and counter each other’s moves with ease. If an advantage were to be given it would probably have to go to Kurt Angle who’s moves appear to have more power behind them but again at this time it’s anybody’s contest. Kurt Angle has chosen to go the route of using submission holds to try and gain an advantage whereas Desmond Wolfe prefers the brawling approach. Slowly but surely Desmond’s approach starts to pay off. Where it takes Kurt time to set up his submission holds correctly, Desmond can hit several moves with very little effort. Desmond builds up a head of steam and before you know it he’s taken nearly 100% control of the match. Feeling good about himself, he continues right along with his offense, knowing it’s only a matter of time before he’s able to put Kurt away. Eventually though, this cocky attitude ends up coming back and biting him in the ass. Feeling good, Desmond forgets to set up a move correctly which results in Kurt catching him and hitting him with the Olympic Slam! The straps come down and Kurt then grabs Desmond’s leg, locking in the Ankle Lock. Desmond tries and tries to reach for the ropes but Kurt pulls back. Desmond fights off the temptation to tap for quite a while but eventually he has no choice but to tap.

Winner via Submission: Kurt Angle

Kurt now moves on to face Raven in the finals of the T.V. title tournament. After the referee gets done raising Kurt’s hand, Kurt shows good sportsmanship by helping Desmond up to his feet. Kurt extends his hand towards Desmond. Desmond ponders it for a moment before eventually deciding to shake it. Kurt then heads out of the ring, followed closely behind by Desmond Wolfe.

Just before Impact Wrestling goes to commercial, we see Samoa Joe exiting the locker room, apparently heading home when Eric Bischoff steps in.

Eric Bischoff: I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced. My name’s Eric Bischoff, it’s nice to meet you.

Joe just stares at Bischoff and walks on by without saying a word. Oddly Bischoff does not seem upset by this at all. In fact he’s smiling as he walks off camera.


Match #5: A.J. Styles & Jeff Hardy vs. Scott Hall & X-Pac – Steel Cage Match

Coming back from commercial it’s now main event time. This match is bound to be interesting as not only does it feature two men who will be facing each other for the world title at Victory Road but it features two men who aren’t even on the Impact Wrestling roster at the time. Plus it’ll all be contested inside a steel cage. The finishing touches are being put on the cage as Scott Hall and X-Pac make their way down to the ring. Since they are not members of the roster, they don’t get entrance music so they are forced to come out to the ring in silence. Next out to the ring is “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles who the crowd loves, followed by the world heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy who the crowd loves even more. Once all four men have entered the cage, security on the outside lock the cage and the match can begin.

Right off the bat, A.J. Styles faces off against X-Pac whereas Jeff Hardy takes on Scott Hall. Scott is clearly the weakest link in this match, moving much slower than the other three but still better than everyone was expecting. On the other hand, X-Pac manages to hold his own against Styles, even managing a few times to knock Styles down. Pac manages to knock Styles out momentarily which allows him to join Scott in wearing down Jeff Hardy. Styles doesn’t remain out long enough though for Pac and Hall to do much damage. Styles gets to his feet and starts helping Jeff fight off the two. Hardy and Styles then switch, Hardy takes on Pac and A.J. takes on Scott. Like before, Pac holds his own quite well against Hardy where Scott does very little against A.J. Soon though, the youth of Styles starts to pay off and Scott falls off. Realizing he must double his efforts, Pac tries fighting both Styles and Hardy but that ultimately costs him. With both men nearly out of it, Styles and Hardy set them up for a big finish. Styles gets X-Pac in position for the Styles Clash and Hardy climbs on the top turnbuckle to prepare for the Swanton. Both men hit their finishers at the same time and cover both men at the same time as the referee counts 1, 2, 3!

Winners: A.J. Styles & Jeff Hardy

Both men celebrate in the middle of the ring as the cage is raised. Jeff Jarrett then comes from the back to celebrate with him. All three men then stand in the middle of the ring with their arms raised in victory. Just as they are about to exit the ring, the video screen and arena goes dark. The screen soon starts playing static and a voice says “The following presentation is a paid advertisement by the New World Order.” In this video we see “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash in what appears to be somebody’s house. Judging by the reaction of Jeff Jarrett, it’s his.

Kevin Nash:
This is a beautiful house, isn’t it Jeff? Aww such nice looking children, it would be a shame if somewhere were to happen to them, wouldn’t it Jeff?

Jeff is shown shouting at the screen “You son of a bitch!”

Kevin Nash: To ensure your family’s safety, me and Easy E have a proposition for you. If you agree to meet us in the middle of the ring next week, we’ll have an offer for you that you can’t refuse. But if you don’t agree…

Taking out a lighter, Kevin Nash takes a picture off of Jeff’s wall and lights it on fire.

Kevin Nash: Things will get ugly.

The screen then goes all static again as a voice says “The following has been a paid advertisement by the New World Order.” The show fades to black showing Jeff Jarrett irate that the N.W.O. had invaded his home.
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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Breaking News: Ric Flair Signs With Impact Wrestling

- In a press conference earlier today at Madison Square Garden, Impact Wrestling Vice President Hulk Hogan announced that Impact Wrestling has made another huge talent signing, agreeing to terms with 16 time world heavyweight champion "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Hulk Hogan introduced "The Nature Boy" to the small crowd of about 50 or so. Flair did not say much, other than he was excited to be back in the wrestling business and excited to be a part of Impact Wrestling. The press conference wrapped up with the announcement that Flair would be making his on screen debut with the company at Victory Road, in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Impact Wrestling News: Details on Ric Flair signing, Identity of Mystery Woman, More Shows, & More

- At a press conference to promote the upcoming edition of Impact Wrestling from Madison Square Garden, Hulk Hogan announced that Impact Wrestling had signed "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair to a deal. Details are now coming out regarding the deal. The word is that the deal is for one year and requires that Flair only work T.V. and pay per views but there are incentives built in if he agrees to appear at house shows. Officials had hoped to get Flair signed in time to appear on February 4th but they hit a snag in negotiations and weren't able to get him signed until the show was over so the decision was made to hold off debuting him until Victory Road which conveniently happens to be in Charlotte this year.

- The mystery woman who attacked Jacqueline last week on Impact is former NWA World Women's Champion MsChif. MsChif's name was added to the roster page earlier today, indicating that she has officially signed with the company.

- Eric Bischoff, his business partner Jason Hervey, as well as members of Prokhorov entertainment met with representatives from Spike TV recently about potentially bringing Impact Wrestling programming back to the channel.

- The fate of the Knockouts division is still a big talking point amongst people backstage. It is said that only a very select few are aware of what the final decision is, which will be revealed this week on Impact Wrestling.

- Last week's edition of Impact Wrestling scored a 1.4 rating. Although it's still not what officials are hoping for, it is good news that they were finally able to stop the ratings skid that had been occurring the past three weeks, actually gaining a few viewers from last week's total, despite having the same overall rating.

Preview for 3/4/2010
  • Impact Wrestling returns to the Mecca of sports entertainment, Madison Square Garden for a night that promises to be filled with tension.
  • Did the New World Order cross the line? As last week's show was concluded, a N.W.O. promo was shown on the video screen, featuring Kevin Nash inside Jeff Jarrett's home. Kevin threatened to cause harm to Jeff's family if Jeff didn't agree to meet him and Eric Bischoff in the middle of the ring this week to discussion a proposition. Tensions are bound to run high when Jeff Jarrett meets Kevin and Eric in the middle of the ring to kick things off.
  • Last week, Christopher Daniels tried to get Kazarian to "take out" Mistico because he felt that Mistico was making a mockery of the X Division. Not only did Kazarian not attack Mistico following their match last week but to show that there is no ill-will between the two, he challenged Mistico to an X Division Championship match this week.
  • The debut of Jay Lethal and Eric Young's new tag team, The New Mega Powers, didn't quite go the way they hoped. Hoping to start over, this week The New Mega Powers face off against LAX.
  • Who is Matt Morgan conspiring with? When pressed for information, the only clues Matt would give is that he and this person would be at Madison Square Garden this week. Who is this person and what are he and Matt Morgan planning?
  • Also scheduled for this week...Bobby Lashley finally gets an opportunity to get his hands on "The Pope" when he teams up with The British Invasion to take on Beer Money and "The Pope" in a six man tag team match...A.J. Styles faces off against "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash...The finals of the Television Championship tournament. Raven faces off against Kurt Angle to determine who will become the first ever Impact Wrestling T.V. Champion.
  • All this and more, Thursday March 4th live from Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York only on FX!
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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

2/11 impact review:

-I don’t think in the history of wrestling, “Thank you Jeff” Jarrett will be chanted. Maybe its just me, but I don’t particularly like the guy for his WCW/WWF ship jumping in 1997-2000(ish?)
Good back and forth by Hogan and Jarrett, I think Hogan and Jarrett running TNA would be a solid on screen “take no shit” pair. Similar to Sting and Hogan now, two guys un afraid to go toe to toe with an opponent.

-Samoa Joe putting over Mystico is solid booking. Make Mystico look good, but Joe needs a push. I think his skill set and persona are perfect to battle the n.W.o.

-Not a huge fan of Matt Morgan as a face, he is really not a great talker and I would like to see him just using his fists to do his talking.

-Hate LAX and love Magnus, so this is a good decision to me. LAX doesn’t really bring anything to the division, other than putting over younger teams.

-Like how the MCMGs try to take the tag team spot light, by coming out and making a call out, as the previous teams are still exiting the ring. Londrick are smart, and MCMGs need to overcome that to win this feud. Should be a great starter for a Number One Contenders match.

-Bobby Lashley going for the TV title? I understand that he wasn’t all that great in WWE, but I think in TNA he needs to go after the big gold. And He is capable of solid matches with a majority of their roster.

-Bringing in the new Knockouts is smart, but the use of the chair doesn’t make sense. Do these people have previous animosity? If so, let us know. You have done this a few times, using weapons for no apparent reason.

-The Pope…. Is…. I don’t even know. He should be crushed by Lashley. Could be a good building block for Dinero. I just cant get into his character. it could be sooooo much more.

-Wish he could be Nigel McGuiness, as that would probably bring some ROH fans in. Wolfe is a treat, and will be great in your TV division.

-Decent way to get the Styles-Hardy “feud” to a PPV. N.W.o. interferes, and Sting comes down….. This has been done… I just can’t get into another Sting-n.W.o. angle, because it was beaten to death for 2 years in WCW. I think Sting would be a great mentor to the next great fighter. At this point he is 50 and could be a Mr. Miyagi type.

2/18 Review:
-Good to start with a match, as TNA isn’t TNA without Action. Mystico is on a roll, and Daniels/Kaz was apparently abandoned last week, and not furthered? Guess it will be two weeks without going back to that X Division well.

-Hardy doesn’t really talk like that… And he has faced AJ Styles twice and he thinks he is out of competition? What? Why? I guess Nash and Jarrett have a match? Or a fight? This segment didn’t really work. Hardy sounds like an arrogant prick, and Nash vs Jarrett is the Main Event? WCW 2000 time.

-Another random cheat to win situation in the KO division, with no backstory, doesn’t really make sense.

-Morgan is talking to Steiner. It only makes sense for him to turn heel as he is a terrible face.

-Really good promo by Raven, but it needs some tweaking. I suggest going back and watching promos from guys before you write, to help set the mood. These guys have tendencies and Raven doesn’t speak the way you have him talking here, but your promo was really well written for someone who is more arrogant and devious. (not to say Raven isn’t devious)

-AJ Styles sucking ass to the guy who tried to cheat him out of the NWA belt? This would probably have been more of an inring segment, where Jarrett announces the Number one Contender and let Styles get a massive pop from the crowd, and then he and Hardy do some nose to nose.

-Getting Joe back on the winning track, but is he in with the n.W.o. I sure hope not, as he is best as a loner who kicks ass.

-Good way for Lashley to lose and still look strong. He and The Pope can hopefully finish this one quickly, as the whole “Bobby’s wife is hot” thing has been done.

-I have a hard time seeing Crimson in a Mankind mask, but I like him as a body guard. Slowly work him into matches. He could definitely help out londrick in the long run.

-Good Jarrett-Nash match, but you are constantly squashing the n.W.o. and you have never built them up. Are they seen as a threat based on reputation? I don’t think they would really make the fear in TNA 12 years after their prime ended.

-Im glad you have British Invasion won, and your tag team division is stacked and really full of potential.

2/25 review:
-This is a good back and forth, and you have Scott Hall down, but Hardy lacks his true character. He is more of the silent type. I don’t particularly like his mic work either. More Jarrett vs the n.W.o.? seems like n.W.o. is getting too much play, and hasn’t made an impact really. Hopefully you can make them an uncomfortable presence.

-Londrick have gotten the last laugh each week thus far. Seems like MCMG are going to win at Victory Road to become number one contenders. British Invasion vs Beer Money at the PPV will be fun too. I think the belt needs to stay put for a while, and built back up.

-What does Daniels mean “take out Mystico”? on a date? With a beatdown? They have a match, why ask the champion to lose a match via DQ to beat someone down?

-Hogan wants the n.W.o. gone too, but wants Jarrett to call it down the middle???? I understand barring him from competing, but the reasoning isn’t there.

-Kaz on TV for the first time since two weeks ago when he won the title. Why doesn’t Daniels go beat down Mystico?

-Good job putting something on the line between Lashley and the Pope at Victory Road. That makes the match actually seem legit and not like a street fight.

-You did a good job furthering a KO storyline. Now the cheat to win makes sense, but I still think you have used it too much thus far.

-Hahahahahah Hollywood Eric Young. I am reading a WCW 1999 BTB where Chris Jericho takes the “Hollywood” nickname and I love people mocking Hogan. The New Mega Powers could be a good team, and add to your already prosperous Tag Team Division.

-Angle looks strong, but you didn’t kill off Wolfe, so that was good.

-I knew it! Joe is going to get in with the n.W.o.

-Good Main Event, but having the n.W.o. lose again just really makes it hard to make them seems like a threat. I love the invasion of Jarretts home, and I think this would be even better if Jarrett had been struggle, and just piled onto his mess. I think right now, the n.W.o. vs Jarrett thing is too even-steven booked.

Overview: The shows are booked well, but your segments don’t channel the characters well. I like the backstory, but I still think the n.W.o. has been pushed too far already and you needed a more slow burn of them interfering and making Impact a mess because they can’t finish a show without the n.W.o. having their say. The tag team and TV divisions are really solid and full of potential. I love the feuds you have set up between MCMGs and Londrick and Beer Money vs British Invasion. Your X Division seems like its
1. Mystico
2. Everyone else.
Even though Kaz is the champ. Kaz hasn’t been on TV enough. Daniels is a great heel, but you have made him look too weak and it will be hard to make him seem like a real threat to Kaz’s title, especially with Mystico on a roll.
Overall I like what you are doing, you just need some tweaks.


WCW 1998: be the booker
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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

Impact Wrestling
Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York

Impact Wrestling’s return to Madison Square Garden starts off with the traditional recap of the previous week’s action. The recap once again focuses heavily on the feud between the New World Order and Jeff Jarrett. It starts off with the confrontation in the middle of the ring between Jeff Hardy and Scott Hall where Scott tried to get Jeff to join the N.W.O. Jeff Jarrett then came out and booked the match between himself, Jeff Hardy and Scott Hall and X-Pac for inside a steel cage. The recap then transitions to the conversation between Hulk Hogan and Jeff Jarrett where Hogan bared Jeff from getting involved inside the ring with the N.W.O. which led to A.J. Styles replacing Jeff Jarrett in the main event. The recap then finished off with what happened at the end of the main event where an N.W.O. promo aired showing Kevin Nash inside Jeff Jarrett’s home, saying if Jeff didn’t agree to meet him and Eric Bischoff in the middle of the ring this week, he’d cause harm to Jeff’s family. The recap finishes up with a shot of Jeff Jarrett yelling back at Kevin Nash. Once that’s all done, the opening music video begins and the show kicks off.

The cameras pan over the entire Garden, at least the sections that aren’t curtained off. The crowd looks a little smaller than the last time Impact Wrestling was here but still a pretty good showing. Mike Tenay and Taz then welcome everyone to tonight’s show, going over all the action planned tonight. Once they are finished, the cameras cut away from them and go to the middle of the ring where Eric Bischoff and Kevin Nash are standing.

As expected, the crowd is booing both men pretty heavily. Bischoff pauses for a few seconds to let the noise die down a little before speaking.

Eric Bischoff: What a nice, warm reaction from all you people, I feel so loved!

The crowd boos them even more.

Eric Bischoff: I bet you all think we crossed the line last week by going to Jeff Jarrett’s house?

The booing continues.

Eric Bischoff: Kevin, do you think we crossed the line?

Kevin just shakes his head.

Eric Bischoff: See, I don’t think so either…All week I’ve been asked, “How could you do that Eric? That’s his house, his family, blah blah blah” or “What kind of people would do that?” Well I have the answer for you…WE WOULD! We’re the god damn New World Order, when we want something, we will do whatever it takes to get it which brings me to why myself and Big Kev are out here right now and that’s Jeff Jarrett. Mr. King of the Mountain, would you please be so kind as to come out here and join us?

A few seconds go by before Jeff Jarrett’s music begins to play. The crowd pops as the King of the Mountain makes his way down to confront Eric and Kevin. Jeff does not look pissed but yet he does not look happy. There is a rather uneasy feeling about his expression.

Eric Bischoff: Thank you for coming down here Jeff, it’s really appreciated.

Jeff Jarrett: Screw you Eric! I only came down here because I didn’t want you assholes going anywhere near my family!

Eric Bischoff: You don’t have to worry about that anymore, you did what we asked of you, you have my word as well as the rest of the N.W.O. that your family will be safe.

Jeff Jarrett: So what did you want then?

Eric Bischoff:
We have a problem. See, Scott Hall and X-Pac don’t have contracts which make it very difficult for us to get anything done around here. It’s hard to do anything when we don’t know if they’ll be able to get in the building or not.

Jeff Jarrett:
Why should I give a damn whether or not those guys have a job? They can rot in hell for all I care!

Eric Bischoff: Calm down, I’m getting to it. We also know that you would like it very much if they went away, correct?

Jeff nods his head.

Eric Bischoff: This is our proposition. We will give you full control. You can choose a person to represent you as well as whom he will face off against amongst the choices of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and X-Pac. If your guy wins, we will go away, disappear for good from Impact Wrestling. But if we win, both Scott Hall and X-Pac get contracts.

Jeff pauses a moment to ponder the proposition.

Eric Bischoff:
Before you say anything, I have a contract here that guarantees if we lose that we will stick to our word and go away, you can certainly look it over if you want.

Eric hands Jeff the document and Jeff looks it over for a few seconds.

Eric Bischoff:
Do we have a deal?

Once again, Jeff takes a few moments to think things over before giving his response.

Jeff Jarrett:
We have a deal.

Jeff and Eric both cautiously shake each other’s hands and then Jeff slowly backs out of the ring, watching his back and his front to avoid any possible sneak attacks. Once Jeff has safely made it out of the ring and has started heading to the back, the camera cuts away.

Before the commercial break, the camera cuts away to a shot of Jay Lethal and Eric Young, The New Mega Powers, walking down the hallway to the ring. Their match against LAX is up next.


Match #1: LAX vs. The New Mega Powers

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for the first match of the night between Homicide and Hernandez of LAX and the team of “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal and “Hollywood” Eric Young. Before the match can begin, a video recap is shown of The New Mega Powers’ debut last week and how it was cut short by Samoa Joe. Mike Tenay and Taz then explain how this week, Jay and Eric wanted a proper debut so they challenged LAX to a match. Once all the explaining has been done, the two teams start making their way down to the ring, starting with LAX. “Black Machismo” and “Hollywood” then begin to make their way down to the ring. The crowd treats them with a mixture of laughter and cheers which the two instantly feed off of. LAX doesn’t seem as happy about it however.

Both teams seem to be treating this match very differently. On one side you have The New Mega Powers who are out to prove that they are a legitimate tag team whereas LAX just looks down on them like “what the hell?” Both members of LAX seem to think that they’ll just be able to overpower Eric Young and Jay Lethal and get an easy victory but as the match goes on, it becomes clear that’s not going to be the case. Despite their over-the-top antics, both Eric and Jay do exceptionally well in the match. Eric and Jay have their parts down perfectly, utilizing Hulk and Macho Man’s move sets while at the same time utilizing their own. At this point in the match, LAX has grown increasingly agitated and it shows in their actions. Both men let their emotions get the best of them, with their moves becoming less and less effective the more angry they get. Soon Hernandez just says screw it and decides to explode on them. He rushes in to try and attack Jay Lethal from behind but Jay is quick enough to duck out of the way, causing Hernandez to tumble violently to the floor. With Homicide now alone in the ring, The New Mega Powers set him up for their big finish. Eric Young hits the big boot and the leg drop and Jay follows that up with an elbow off the top rope, covering him for the 1, 2, 3!

Winners: The New Mega Powers

The crowd goes wild as the referee raises both men’s arms in victory. Both members of LAX still can’t believe that they lost to these guys but that’s as far as they take it. Once Hernandez is able to stand, he and Homicide begin making their way towards the back. Once they have reached the back, Eric and Jay soon follow. As The New Mega Powers are making their way up the ramp, the camera cuts away to a backstage segment.

In this backstage interview segment we see Mick Foley standing by with Jacqueline.

Mick Foley: Ms. Moore, since returning to Impact Wrestling you’ve found yourself involved in a little feud against Alissa Flash. Why do you believe that she has targeted you?

Jacqueline: How should I know? All I know is that bitch should watch her back.

Mick Foley: Speaking of watching one’s back, last week you were attacked from behind by an unknown assailant who later was revealed to be a woman named MsChif. Thoughts on that?

Jacqueline: I think that says a lot about what kind of person Alissa Flash is. She ain’t tough enough to beat me one on one so she has to cheat, using the ropes for leverage and bringing in trash off the street to sucker punch me when I’m not looking. Pretty pathetic.

Mick Foley: What are you planning on doing about it?

Jacqueline: I’m going to kick some…

Before Jacqueline can finish her sentence, out of nowhere Alissa Flash and MsChif appear and start beating up on Jacqueline. Luckily for Jacqueline, security is right there to break them up. It takes quite a few security but eventually the three women are separated but not before quite a bit of trash talking occurs. Once all three are taken away, the show moves on.

Before the commercial break, we see Samoa Joe walking down the hall, ready for his upcoming match when he is stopped by Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett: Joe, I have a favor to ask you.

Joe doesn’t say anything; he just turns his head to face Jeff.

Jeff Jarrett:
I want you to be the one to face off against a member of the N.W.O. at Victory Road.

Again, Joe doesn’t say anything; rather he turns away, as to ponder the proposition.

Jeff Jarrett:

Samoa Joe:
Yes! But on one condition.

Jeff Jarrett: And that is?

Samoa Joe: I want all of them.

Jeff Jarrett:
Are you serious?

Samoa Joe:
Do I look like I’m joking?

Joe gets a real serious look on his face, causing Jeff to take a step back.

Jeff Jarrett:
No, no, of course not.

Samoa Joe:

Joe then walks off camera, leaving Jeff Jarrett alone in the hallway as the camera cuts to commercial.


Match #2: Consequences Creed vs. Samoa Joe

Coming back from commercial, it’s time for match #2 tonight between Consequences Creed and Samoa Joe. As the show comes back from commercial we see Consequences Creed already in the ring. As Joe makes his way to the ring, Mike Tenay and Taz comment on how they think it’s crazy that Samoa Joe wants to challenge all three members of the N.W.O. but they’re not going to be the one to tell him.

As soon as the bell ring it becomes perfectly clear who is going to win this match. Right out of the gate Joe unloads on Consequences Creed, not stopping for even one second to let Creed catch his breath or do anything really. Joe doesn’t fool around however, he goes for the kill and goes for it quick, hitting the muscle buster on Creed only a little over a minute in to the match. Joe then covers Creed for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Samoa Joe

An impressive victory by “The Samoan Submission Machine.” One has to wonder now what’s in store for Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and X-Pac at Victory Road after that squashing. Medics help Consequences Creed to his feet as Joe exits the ring. Right before Joe makes it to the entrance tunnel, the music of The Motor City Machine Guns begins to play. The Guns come out of the tunnel and pass by Joe nervously on their way to the ring. Joe just stares them down and eventually keeps on going. When The Guns make it to the ring, they demand microphones.

Alex Shelley: It’s time we end this once and for all!

Chris Sabin: London and Kendrick, you’ve only been here for a month now but in that short time you sure managed to piss us off!

Alex Shelley: It’s time we put the hammer, foot, whatever it’s called down. This is our house, get the hell out!

Paul London:
That’s some big talk right there, coming from such tiny little people!

Both London and Kendrick then step out of the shadows to face down the Guns. Noticeable in his absence is “The Masked Man” Tommy Mercer.

Alex Shelley: Who you calling tiny asshole?

Paul London:
And such anger too, I like it, give me more!

Chris Sabin: Shut the hell up!

Brian Kendrick:
Now now, play nice children. We all can be adults here, let’s have a grown up conversation about all of our problems now, shall we?

Chris Sabin: Our problem is you guys, you don’t belong here!

Brian Kendrick: We do too; we’ve got contracts to prove it and everything.

Both London and Kendrick pull out their Impact Wrestling contracts to show to the Guns.

Alex Shelley:
Who cares what those are, that could be the Declaration of Independence for all I care, that still doesn’t change the fact that we want you gone!

Paul London: Ok then, we’ll leave.

London and Kendrick then just get up and leave but before they can make it all the way to the back, the Guns interrupt them.

Alex Shelley: Whoa whoa whoa, that’s not what we meant.

Paul London: Well then, if you would be so kind as to enlighten us?

Alex Shelley:
We were thinking more along the lines of a “loser leaves town” type match.

Brian Kendrick:
You can’t be serious?

Alex Shelley:
Oh we are. You guys versus us, Victory Road, what do you say?

London and Kendrick begin arguing amongst themselves as the Guns look on. As the Guns look on, sneaking up behind them is “The Masked Man” Tommy Mercer. Tommy positions himself behind Sabin and Shelley and waits for the perfect moment. As London and Kendrick turn back to face the Guns, Tommy strikes. Surprisingly, the Guns are ready for him, ducking out of the way and sending the big man crashing to the floor below.

Alex Shelley: I think that just changed our minds, the two of us against your lackey instead.

Chris Sabin: We’re going to love seeing how pathetic you guys become once we destroy your buddy!

Alex Shelley:
See you then!

For now, it appears that the Guns have gotten the upper hand on London and Kendrick. We will just have to wait and see now how London and Kendrick will respond to the Guns changing their minds and challenging their bodyguard Tommy Mercer to a match. The camera cuts to commercial as London and Kendrick begin making their way to the back.


Coming back from commercial, Impact Wrestling cuts to the announcer’s booth where Mike Tenay and Taz have Hulk Hogan on the phone. Hulk is about to make a major announcement concerning the direction of the Knockouts division.

Mike Tenay: We are back live. Taz and myself are now joined over the phone by “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan and Hulk I understand you have some major breaking new regarding the Impact Wrestling Knockouts division.

Hulk Hogan: I sure do brother, this is something I’m very excited about. Not only does Impact Wrestling have the best roster of male wrestlers in the world but I feel that we also have the best roster of female wrestlers in the world too. The Knockouts on our roster bring so much to the table brother, it’s unbelievable. But unfortunately, due to the nature of the business brother, sometimes those hardworking Knockouts get pushed to the side, well not anymore because starting April 7th, the Knockouts are getting their own show every Wednesday, on Spike TV, it’s going to be sweet dude!

Huge news just broke by the Hulkster; the Knockouts are getting their own show! As Taz and Tenay are still talking about it, the show transitions to the next match.

Match #3: Kazarian [C] vs. Mistico – Impact Wrestling X Division Championship Match

Match #3 tonight is an X Division Championship match featuring the luchador Mistico challenging the Impact Wrestling X Division Champion Kazarian. Kazarian called for this match because he wanted to show Christopher Daniels, who tried to get Kazarian to “take out” Mistico last week, that he doesn’t believe Mistico is making a mockery of the X Division, that he views him as a serious competitor. First out to the ring is the challenger Mistico. Mistico has built up a quick following amongst the fans in his short time here in Impact Wrestling. Last but not least is the champion Kazarian, who gets an ok reaction from the crowd.

Unlike their match last week, this week Kazarian has come prepared. Last week he was taken a little by surprise by the unfamiliarity of Mistico and his move set but now that he’s had a chance to study him a little, he is much more prepared to take him on. Kazarian dominates nearly the first three fourths of the match, using a more power based, ground and pound type offense to wear down the high flying Mistico. If Mistico does not find a way to get out of this predicament, then he’s in some serious trouble. As the match drags on, it appears that Kazarian is having an increasingly difficult time trying to put Mistico away. Although he has control of the match and has been working to wear down his opponent for quite some time, he has been unable so far to get over the edge where he’d be able to score a pin fall. As the match continues on, Mistico slowly but surely starts to build up some momentum. An elbow here, a kick there is all he needs to get back to his feet and in to fighting position. Things really aren’t looking for Kazarian now as Mistico is now able to bounce around the ring and build up a head of steam. Just as Mistico is starting to build up some momentum, he decides to climb on to the top rope to attempt some high risk offense. As he is positioning himself, Christopher Daniels jumps the guard rail and pushes Mistico off, resulting in Mistico falling hard to the ring apron below. Daniels and Kazarian now begin to argue. The referee, whose back was turned this whole time, turns around and sees Mistico lying on the apron in pain. He then sees Daniels standing there and puts two and two together and calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Mistico

A controversial decision by the referee but it stands, Mistico wins the match but Kazarian keeps his championship. Daniels and Kazarian continue arguing as the referee checks on Mistico. Luckily for Mistico it seems that he has avoided a serious injury. The cameras then soon cut away.

In this backstage segment, we see D’Angelo Dinero in the locker room preparing for his match, teaming up with Beer Money against Bobby Lashley and The British Invasion when his partners, James Storm and Robert Roode enter.

D’Angelo Dinero: What can I do for you gentlemen on this fine evening?

Robert Roode:
Listen Pope, we just came here to make sure that your head’s going to be where it needs to be tonight and not off, fantasizing about other men’s wives.

D’Angelo Dinero: I would never dream of such a thing!

Robert Roode: This match means a lot to us and if you do anything to screw it up, we swear to god that we’ll come and beat the crap out of you, understand?

D’Angelo Dinero: Of course, I’ll bring my A game tonight, no worries guys.

Robert Roode: You better!

On that note, Beer Money exits the room, leaving Pope alone as the camera cuts to commercial.


Match #4: Beer Money & D’Angelo Dinero vs. Bobby Lashley w/ Kristal Lashley & The British Invasion

Coming back from commercial, Impact Wrestling transitions to match #4 of the evening, a six man tag team match featuring participants in two upcoming matches at Victory Road. On one side, we have the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champions The British Invasion teaming up with Bobby Lashley to take on Beer Money and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. First people out to the ring are Beer Money. As the participants arrive, Mike Tenay and Taz interrupt and announce that Jeff Jarrett has just made it official; at Victory Road The Motor City Machine Guns will be facing off against “The Masked Man” Tommy Mercer in a two-on-one handicap match. Once they are finished with that announcement and all six men have arrived at the ring, the match begins.

Early on, it appears that Beer Money’s fears about the Pope getting in their way or not being able to work with him were unfounded. At least in the early goings the team of Beer Money and the Pope have the advantage, due in large part to the fact that they have been successful in preventing Bobby Lashley from being tagged in to the match. They successfully keep both Magnus and Doug Williams contained and away from their partner for quite a while. But they can’t expect to keep the British Invasion contained for the entire match so they will need to try and find a way to put them away and quickly. This is where problems start to arise. Arguing over how to put away the Brits allows the Brits to sneakily get back in the match, exploiting the crack in the armor of Beer Money and the Pope and busting it wide open. Once a well-oiled machine, the team of Beer Money and the Pope now can’t seem to do anything right or if they do, they just end up arguing about it. Meanwhile, waiting in the wings, ready to strike is Bobby Lashley who is patiently waiting on the outside to be tagged in to the match. The Pope doesn’t even notice that Brutus Magnus just tagged in Bobby Lashley. The Pope turns around and is met with a powerful right hook which instantly knocks Pope out. Beer Money tries to intervene but Bobby just tosses them to the side. Going in for the kill, Bobby picks Pope up and slams him down, hitting a brutal spine buster on the already motionless Pope. Bobby then covers him and gets the 1, 2, 3.

Winners: Bobby Lashley & The British Invasion

Bobby has finally gotten some revenge on Pope for hitting on his wife while The British Invasion gets one on their opponents for Victory Road. The camera cuts to commercial with a shot of Bobby and Kristal Lashley standing proud right next to The British Invasion as Beer Money and The Pope gather themselves and limp back to the locker room.


Coming back from commercial, just before the next match is about to start, a promo hyping the upcoming debut of Ric Flair begins to air. The promo isn’t much; it simply reiterates that Flair will be debuting at Victory Road in his home town of Charlotte, North Carolina. Once the promo is done, the next match can start.

Match #5: A.J. Styles vs. Kevin Nash

Match #5 tonight features “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles taking on “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. Recently A.J. Styles has stuck himself right in the middle of the growing feud between the N.W.O. and Jeff Jarrett and he’s taken it upon himself to try and fight back. Well this week he goes up against Kevin Nash. First before the two competitors in this match can come to the ring, the music of the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy begins to play. The crowd erupts as Hardy steps out of the entrance tunnel and goes to join Mike Tenay and Taz at the broadcast booth. Once Hardy has been situated, Kevin Nash makes his way out to the ring, followed shortly thereafter by A.J. Styles.

As the match begins, meanwhile at the broadcast booth Mike Tenay and Taz ask Hardy if he believes that A.J. Styles is still up to the challenge of facing him for the world title at Victory Road, since he has been more focused lately on the N.W.O. than anything else. Jeff responds with no, saying that he believes Styles is extremely talented and more than capable of handling these two things at once. However back in the ring, things are being told a little bit differently. Styles, although very much bringing his A game in regards to effort in the match, struggles to get any sort of offense going against Kevin Nash. Nash smartly uses his size advantage to keep Styles in one place, wearing him down much easier that way. Styles fight valiantly and he does manage to build up a small amount of momentum but it’s not enough to do any real good. Eventually, Styles succumbs to a jackknife power bomb by Big Sexy, who follows that up with a pin fall.

Winner: Kevin Nash

Following the match, the referee raises Kevin Nash’s hand in victory. Nash shows very little expression on his face, virtually ignoring Styles as he exits the ring. Just as Styles is making his way to his feet, Jeff Hardy leaves the commentator booth and joins him in the ring. Jeff offers his hand out to A.J. but shockingly A.J. refuses, going right past Hardy and out of the ring. Hardy is shocked just like everyone else but he doesn’t dwell on it too much longer. As Hardy is about to leave the ring, suddenly the lights in the Garden go dim and the familiar sound of thunder and lightning followed by grim sounding music begins to play. Hardy then looks up as the spotlight shins on Sting, who is perched up in the rafters, looking down on Hardy. The two have an uneasy stare down as the camera cuts to commercial.


Match #6: Kurt Angle vs. Raven – Finals of Television Championship Tournament

Coming back from commercial, it is now time for the final match of the night and the final match in the tournament to crown the first ever Impact Wrestling Television Champion. Before Raven or Kurt Angle begin to make their way to the ring, a recap video is shown, explaining how both men got here, highlighting how Raven has utilized distraction to his advantage while Kurt has been able to avoid the distraction that is Scott Steiner. Once the video is over, Jeremy Borash begins the official introductions. The first man out to the ring, from the bowery, is Raven. Next, from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, is the Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle! Once both men have made it to the ring, the referee raises the brand new T.V. belt about his head, hands it off and calls for the bell.

Right off the bat, both men seem to be perfectly content with trying to get a handle on what the other is thinking. Both are known as very smart wrestlers so neither has a particular advantage in that area. When they finally do lock up however, the momentum in the match quickly swings over to Kurt Angle. Kurt, who is younger and has a distinct advantage when it comes to conditioning, uses both those to his advantage, going for a shock and awe type approach to his offense, hoping to score a quick victory. Raven, although he has very little, if any, advantages compared to Kurt, uses the one thing he’s always been good at to stay in the match and that is the art of staying alive. Raven goes in to hyper defensive mode, hoping to withstand the onslaught that is Kurt Angle’s offense. Raven does a very good job at this, extending the match at least a couple minutes but he and everyone else knows that he can’t do this forever. Soon Kurt breaks through Raven’s defenses and builds up a head of steam to which Raven can’t escape from. After an impressive Olympic slam, Kurt follows that up with an ankle lock. Raven is in the middle of the ring and has nowhere to go. Just as he is about to tap, the sound of sirens begin blaring throughout the Garden but these are not emergency sirens, they are the entrance music of “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner. Steiner, alongside “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan, with steel pipes in hand, comes running down the ramp to try and attack Angle. Angle braces himself for an attack but forgets that the match is still going on. Raven, mustering up enough strength to stand, sneaks behind Angle and rolls him up. The referee then starts counting 1, 2, 3!

Winner and New Impact Wrestling Television Champion: Raven

Following the match, both Matt Morgan and Scott Steiner enter the ring and start beating on Kurt Angle. Kurt tries to fight back but it’s useless. Luckily for Kurt, Raven shows some compassion and joins in the fray, fending off both Steiner and Morgan and helping Kurt to his feet. He helps Kurt stand, long enough so that medical personal can attend to him. As Kurt is being helped away, Raven returns to the middle of the ring to celebrate his victory. Raven is so happy that he doesn’t even notice that “The Monster” Abyss has just snuck up behind him. As Raven turns around, Abyss catches him and hits a brutal Black Hole slam on him, knocking him out cold. Impact Wrestling fades to black with a shot of Abyss standing over Raven, holding the T.V. title in his hand.

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