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Jamjam22 09-17-2012 11:40 PM

TNA 2009: The Turning Point
iMPACT Roster
Abyss | AJ Styles | Alex Shelley | Alissa Flash | Amazing Red | Angelina Love | Awesome Kong | Brian Kendrick | Brother Devon | Brother Ray | Bryan Danielson | Bobby Lashley | Chris Sabin | Christopher Daniels | Consequences Creed | D'Angelo Dinero | Desmond Wolfe | Douglas Williams | Eric Young | Gail Kim | Hamada | Hernandez | Homicide | James Storm | Jay Lethal | Jeremy Buck | Jeff Jarrett | Kid Kash | Kurt Angle | Magnus | Matt Morgan | Matt Sydal | Max Buck | ODB | Paul London | Petey Williams | Raven | Robert Roode | Samoa Joe | Sarita | Scott Steiner | Senshi | Shark Boy | Sonjay Dutt | Sting | Tara | Taylor Wilde | TJ Wilson | Velvet Sky

iMPACT Staff
General Manager: Jim Cornette
Announce Team: Mike Tenay and Don West
Ring Announcer: Christy Hemme
Backstage Interviewer: Jeremy Borash

iMPACT Tag Teams
Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode)
British Invasion (Douglas Williams and Magnus)
Generation Me (Jeremy Buck and Max Buck)
Latin American Xchange (Hernandez and Homicide)
Lethal Consequences (Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal)
Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)
Team 3D (Brother Devon and Brother Ray)

iMPACT Champions
TNA World Champion: AJ Styles
TNA World Tag Team Champions: The British Invasion
TNA Global Champion: Eric Young
Knockouts Champion: ODB

Xplosion Roster
Alex Shelley | Amazing Red | Austin Aries | Brian Kendrick | Bryan Danielson | Chris Sabin | Consequences Creed | Homicide | Jay Lethal | Jeremy Buck | Jimmy Yang | Kazarian | Kid Kash | Matt Sydal | Max Buck | Paul London | Senshi | Sonjay Dutt | TJ Wilson

Xplosion Staff
General Manager: Mick Foley
Announce Team: Jeremy Borash and Al Snow
Ring Announcer: Christy Hemme
Backstage Interviewer: Taryn Terrell

Xplosion Champions
X-Division Champion: Homicide

Turning Point 2009 Results
X-Division Title Match: Homicide def. Amazing Red (c)
All TNA Knockout Titles on the Line: Taylor Wilde and Sarita (c) and ODB (c) def. The Beautiful People
Tag Team Title Match: British Invasion (c) def. The Motor City Machine Guns and Beer Money, Inc.
Tara def. Awesome Kong
Rhino and Team 3D def. Matt Morgan, Hernandez, and D'Angelo Dinero
Scott Steiner def. Bobby Lashley
Kurt Angle def. Desmond Wolfe
TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: AJ Styles (c) def. Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe

OOC: If you didn't get it by now, TNA now has two brands! We've transformed Xplosion into a second brand where it will only feature the X-Division. But everyone on the roster can appear on both shows if we choose it to be that way. Xplosion will be on Saturdays at 8 as well. Thread will be brought to you by me and my partner, Lariatoh! He'll be doing iMPACT and I'll be doing Xplosion. This picks up after Turning Point 2009 btw. Enjoy fellas!

The Cult 09-18-2012 02:19 AM

Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point
Gotmto say I'm really looking forward to this, I like the fact you've made xplosion a X division show as I know you like to write those type of matches, will definitely be reading both shows (Y)

ThatWeirdGuy 09-18-2012 11:14 AM

Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point
Glad we're seeing something new from you Jamjam, I know you like your X-Division! Good luck guys and I hope you're able to stick with it (Y)

LegendofBaseball 09-18-2012 02:52 PM

Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point
TNA had a great roster back then and there's loads of potential for such a thread. Good luck mate.

Whap Me Jungles 09-18-2012 05:54 PM

Enjoyed "Shane-Mac buys out TNA" and will probably enjoy this.

C3K 09-19-2012 07:15 AM

Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point
This looks like it could be good, I'm especially interested in how you work with the X Division roster, as you have a lot of talent on that brand.

I know you are very excited about working with the X Division talent, looking forward to it and good luck.

Baldwin. 09-21-2012 07:09 AM

Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point
Would love to see a successful TNA thread in these waters, I don't think one has happened since Shock's which was well over a year ago, if I recall. Interesting that you went with the split rosters, something TNA could probably have gotten away with, especially back then so that's nice to see. Hopefully you and your partner work it out so that your schedules meet each others to get this thread going for a long time. Best of luck, I'll do my best to keep caught up with the action.

Lariatoh! 09-22-2012 10:03 PM

Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point
Please note that this BTB is sort of like a “What if Hulk Hogan didn’t come to TNA Wrestling” project. The first show picks up straight after Turning Point 2009 and will continue the storylines from that event and beyond…

TNA iMPACT Preview

After a year of the Main Event Mafia battling to keep their spots under the guise of respect against the young lions in the Frontline, the company indeed achieved a true Turning Point this past Sunday. The superstars of TNA Wrestling broke free of their chains, shattered the glass ceiling and showed the world they are the best professional wrestlers in the world. Now this Thursday, live on Spike TV, iMPACT will move towards its new direction when none other than Jim Cornette returns to his managerial role. With the civil war fro control of TNA Wrestling is over Mr. Cornette is free to once again take charge of iMPACT and take it another level.

What will be the fall out from Turning Point as it was AJ Styles who retained the World Championship against Chris Daniels and Samoa Joe. Daniels was seen at the end of the ppv shouting out in disbelief as Styles used the Spiral Tap to break up the Fallen Angel’s pin on Joe and walk out the Champion. Is the Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle next in line for a title opportunity after defeating Desmond Wolfe? He has yet to receive his title rematch after losing the Championship to Styles, but will the sins of his run as the Godfather of the MEM keep him from facing Styles?

Jim Cornette has also promised a huge announcement to start the show!

All this and more as TNA iMPACT! has made its Turning Point. Nothing will be the same again!

FlyinStyles 09-23-2012 01:08 AM

Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point
This is an exciting time for TNA. They were doing so good at this point. I probably liked the product more than ever at this point it was really fun. Then Hogan came in and turned it into WCW -2.0. I'll be looking foward to see where you guys take this. Xplosion as the all X Division show is a nice touch also. Best of luck to you

Lariatoh! 09-24-2012 12:57 AM

Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point
Orlando, Florida

November 19, 2009

The show opens with a video package of the results of the Turning Point pay-per-view and the fans are greeted by pyro as Jim Cornette makes his way to the ring with microphone on hand. He has a smile on his face as the TNA faithful welcome his some what of a return after what has been a roller coaster of a year.

Cornette: Thank you everyone and welcome to what I feel is THE turning point for TNA Wrestling. Over the last few months, I have respectfully taken a backseat to Jeff Jarrett, Mick Foley, and Dixie Carter while this whole Main Event Mafia/Frontline war gripped TNA.

A few boos at the mention of the MEM.

Cornette: Sting’s battle for respect was corrupted by the rest of the Mafia’s play for power. But last Sunday, we saw a true turning point when we witnessed what professional wrestling is all about when AJ Styles retained his World Heavyweight title against Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe in an absolute classic triple threat match.

Pop from the crowd as they remember the outstanding match those three had.

Cornette: So here I am again at the forefront of the TNA office. I have some big announcements coming everyone’s way over the next two hours. The first is this, everyone has heard the rumors, but tonight it becomes official. Saturday nights on Spike TV, iMPACT’s little brother, Xplosion, will be relaunched as it will now be the home of the most explosive, most defying, and the most total non-stop action wrestling on the planet when the stars of the X-Division take over Xplosion. That’s right, starting this Saturday, the stars of the X-Division have their own show and after a week of meetings, the person who will be the GM of this show will be none other than this man…

Jim points to the stage as the fans look up. The tiniest of pauses takes the breathe out of everyone… and out comes the new General Manager of Xplosion, the HARDCORE LEGEND, MICK FOLEY! The crowd pops as Foley, who has been in a managerial role here in TNA for awhile, is now the man who will steer the ship on the Division that TNA was built upon. Mick enters the ring and shakes Jim’s hand and holds up his hand to the crowd.

Foley: Thank you everyone, thank you. It’s once again great to be, right here, in Orlando, Florida! And yes, starting this Saturday Xplosion, will indeed bring you the greatest wrestling action and I’m proud to be the one who will shine the light on the brightest stars in the business.

Large pop for the Hardcore Legend.

Foley: So how does Mrs. Foley’s baby boy make the debut show huge? Well I’m glad you all asked, you see how about I put on a huge Main Event. A match that should be on Pay-Per-View, but it’s a special occasion. So on Saturday night, it will be the brand new X-Division Champion of the World, THE "NOTORIOUS 187” HOMICIDE going one on one with the first ever X-Division Champion, the current World Heavyweight champion, "THE PHENOMENAL" AJ STYLES! IN A CHAMPION VERSUS CHAMPION MATCH!

Large pop once again for Foley who makes a big announcement!

Foley: Thank you, thank you and have a nice day!

The fans are impressed by such a match and Jim and Mick shake hands again in the ring while Foley’s music plays… but it is quickly interrupted by someone else’s music.. The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels! In a three piece suit and sunglasses, out walks Christopher Daniels shouting “No! No! No!” Daniels steps through the ropes and gets in both men’s faces.

Daniels: Just hold up there one second. Last Sunday at the pay-per-view, it was indeed meant to be a turning point for this company when I was to be crowned World Heavyweight Champion! But the damn golden boy of this company AJ Styles, stole the pin after I put Samoa Joe away. He stole the match by stabbing me his so-called best friend in the back! It should be ME, right now as the Champion. ME who is leading this company into this new era. ME facing off against Homicide in the main event of the Xplosion. It should be ME, the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels who should have the 30 pounds of gold around this waist.

Daniels gets more intense, almost foaming at the mouth during his promo.

Daniels: I wasn’t pinned, Joe was! Styles didn’t beat me, he can’t beat me! That thief, that betrayer, that backstabber is going to pay for what he did to me. So here’s what you're going to do. You're gonna give me a World title rematch against that thief, against the man who stole my pinfall at Turning Point, so I can finally realize my destiny and become World Champion.

The crowd boo Daniels as he demands a rematch from Jim Cornette. Jim nods his head slightly and pauses just to take in what Daniels has said. Jim has prided himself on always being impartial and so he sort of waves off Mick Foley who doesn’t like any member of the TNA management team being disrespected in a public forum. But Jim answers Daniels respectfully, being the professional he is.

Cornette: Mr. Daniels, you sir put on one hell of a performance on Sunday. A performance that you should be proud of as the match I’m sure is a five star classic. And you are right sir, you didn't get pinned, but in a triple threat match, you also didn’t make the pin. So now that I am back at the forefront of this company I have indeed looked into the TNA World Heavyweight title situation. And have made a match for tonight. A match that you Mr. Daniels will be apart of.

Daniels: That’s right, my rematch...

Cornette: Mr. Daniels, two months ago the current World Champion defeated Kurt Angle to win the title. Mr. Angle at this time has yet to receive his rematch, and has been dealing with Desmond Wolfe. So because Kurt defeated Wolfe at Turning Point, in tonight’s main event, for the number one contendership, it will be Christopher Daniels versus Kurt Angle!

Daniels is livid! He has to go through Kurt Angle to get to Styles! He rips off his jacket, but Foley and Jim, with smiles on their faces walk off, the fans cheering as tonight they get a technical classic between these two master mat technicians.


Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone back from commercial and say that tonight’s main event will be “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle for the #1 contenders spot for the World title! But to wet everyone’s appetite for the new Xplosion this Saturday, they will be kicking tonight’s show off with the stars of the X- Division!

Match #1 – Six Man Tag Team Match
Amazing Red, Jay Lethal and Shark Boy vs. Senshi, Petey Williams and Kid Kash

The “faces” receive big pops from the fans as they are fun to watch and definite crowd pleasers. But when the heels return, each to their own theme music they are all returning from extended breaks with the company and they themselves get a good mixed reaction from the fans, however, that quickly changes as they tell the fans to shut up. Kash is especially vocal to those at ringside, riling them up. The former X-Division Champion, Amazing Red starts the match and the fans give him a “he’s ah-mazing” chant as it is Petey Williams, the Canadian Destroyer who wants to take on the most recent former Champ.

Williams tries to ground the high flyer but although Red lost the title at Turning Point to Homicide, he has been on a role and surprises Williams. Both teams use quick tags and spectacular moves to show what Xplosion will be about. Lethal catches Kash with the Lethal Injection and looks for the cover but, Petey drags him off the cover and straight into a Canadian Destroyer flip pile driver! But Red breaks up the cover with an infra Red and the crows are on their feet chanting how awesome this match is. Shark Boy looks to get involved but he gets his head kicked off by the super intense and vicious Senshi. The Warrior climbs the turnbuckles and comes down on Shark Boy with the Double Foot Stomp and grabs the victory for his team.

Winners: Senshi, Petey Williams and Kid Kash

All three men have made a statement on their return to TNA and have sent a clear message that Xplosion is going to be the hottest show around. Kash and Williams try to raise Senshi's hand in victory, but Senshi doesn't want any part of it. It looks as if Senshi believes he won that match all by himself. Kash takes offence, Williams can't be bothered arguing as we go to..


We are back live and Kurt Angle is interviewed by Jeremy Borash backstage. JB asks Kurt about tonight facing off against Christopher Daniels. Kurt says that on Sunday, since he beat that upstart punk Desmond Wolfe, he can now once again focus on regaining the World Heavyweight Championship. He says that AJ Styles was magnificent in the triple threat match that main evented Turning Point. But make no mistake, he will defeat Daniels tonight, and then move on to Styles at Final Resolution. And that’s real, it’s damn real.

Match #2 – Singles Contest
Desmond Wolfe vs. Matt Morgan

Wolfe walks out first and steps into the ring flipping off the fans. He demands a microphone and says that he couldn’t believe his ears. He could have sworn he heard Kurt Angle say he “beat” Desmond Wolfe. Wolfe rips off his sunglasses and says that to “beat” somebody, you dominate them from the opening bell, you punish them mentally as well as physically, and you hurt them so bad they will feel that pain for the rest of their career. Wolfe says that that’s what he did to “Mr. Mangled”, who got lucky and caught him with a submission move that is no doubt illegal for the technical win. But Mr. Mangled did not beat anyone. Wolfe beat him. Wolfe then says that tonight he goes from beating up a giant of the sport, to a literal giant as he’s going to destroy Matt Morgan right now.

Morgan’s music hits and the iMPACT Zone cheer for “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan. The seven-footer shakes his head at Wolfe and roars as he claps hands with the fans on the way to the ring. He steps over the top rope as Wolfe removes his jacket. When the bell rings, Morgan puts Wolfe down with his power to the delight of the fans, but as the match continues, it is Wolfe who slowly starts dissecting the big man. A chop block to the back of Morgan’s knee brings him down to the mat, and Wolfe starts really doing some damage.

Morgan refuses to tap to the London Dungeon arm key lock submission and fights back by putting Wolfe down. The brutal hard-hitting match comes to a head when Wolfe kicks the left knee dropping the Blueprint down, allowing Wolfe to explode off the ropes and almost decapitate him with the Jawbreaker Lariat!


Winner: Desmond Wolfe

Wolfe grabs his bicep and shakes the pain out of his arm before the referee raises his hand in victory. The fans boo as Wolfe walks off looking very satisfied at toppling TNA’s giant. Wolfe indeed looked very impressive defeating Morgan as he confidently walks back up the ramp mouthing off to the camera something about "that’s how you beat a man Mr. Mangled.”

We go to the back where the World Heavyweight Champion arrives in a new sports car. Styles puts the belt over his shoulder and someone comes to collect his bags as Jeremy Borash walks up to him and asks him if he knows that tonight’s main event will decide who his next title defence will be against. Styles happily tells JB that he got a text message from Jim Cornette a few minutes ago and he is thrilled that his friend Chris is getting another opportunity, and it will be an amazing match against Kurt Angle.

JB pauses and gives Styles a weird look. Styles assumes the look means JB doesn’t think Daniels can beat Angle, and so AJ tries to tell him that Daniels is a brilliant wrestler and he can beat anyone. JB says that earlier tonight, Daniels accused the Champ of stealing the win, stabbing his best friend in the back and being selfish and calling you the company’s golden boy. Styles stops walking and bites his bottom lip. He tells JB no more questions and walks off.


Match #3 – Tag Team Match
Beer Money Inc. vs. Motor City Machine Guns

These two teams were also in a triple threat title match at Turning Point against the Champions who retained, the British Invasion. Before the match begins, Magnus and Douglas Williams walk out onto the stage interrupting proceedings and make the two teams look up in anger . They smugly do their handshake, holding up the tag belts and make their way over to the commentary desk as Tenay and especially West welcomes the Champs. The Brits talk about how they defeated these two teams on Sunday and when questioned who they think they will face next, they say that neither teams deserve another shot, because they beat both of them at the same time.

The Guns and Beer Money go full throttle knowing that a win tonight could very well get them a title match. The spectacular explosive double team moves by the Guns give them the advantage early. But the power edge comes into play and Storm and Roode start using quick tags to dominate the match.

After an amazing sequence of attacks from both teams ending with Storm and Shelley being down after synchronised super kicks that have taken each other out, the referee begins the count as the team members on the aprons reach out and stomp their feet to try and get the tag. BUT FROM OUT OF NOWHERE, TEAM 3D ATTACKS! Devon attacks Roode while Ray takes out Sabin! The referee has no choice but to throw the match out.

Winners: No Contest

On commentary even the Champs seem unsettled by Team 3D’s actions as Ray orders Devon to get the tables who then slides two of them into the ring. They set up the first one and SMASHES STORM THROUGH IT WITH THE 3D! The fans boo as these guys have viciously broken up the match and are destroying these two fan favourite teams. Devon sets up the other and as Ray sits on the top turnbuckle, he places Shelley on Ray’s shoulders. HE HITS A SITOUT POWERBOMB ON SHELLEY THROUGH THE TABLE!

It’s like a car wreck at ringside as Team 3D, possibly jealous of these teams leap frogging over them to the title picture, have laid waste to Beer Money Inc. and the 'Guns. The Champs have since left the broadcast position and made their way to the back. Devon jumps up on the turnbuckles doing the sign of the cross to testify, while Ray looks deep into the camera making sure everyone knows that Team 3D will not be overlooked!


As we come back from commercial, we get a video of “During the commercial break” where Jeremy Borash ran up to Team 3D as they came back through the curtain and asked them why they took out both Beer Money and the Motor City Machine Guns. Ray tells Borash to take the bass out of his voice and says that they are the “be all and end all” of the tag team division. They do what they want to whoever they want, and there will be no consequences for them because they are Team 3D.

Backstage, Storm and Shelley are being attended to by medics while Sabin and Roode look on. These two guys say they want Team 3D’s heads for this. Jim Cornette walks in to see how they are, and Roode demands he wants Team 3D, but Sabin says he wants them. Cornette says that Team 3D have left the building, but next week on iMPACT, it will be Team 3D vs. the tag team of… BOBBY ROODE AND CHRIS SABIN!

He says that those two men will have to put their differences aside and get their revenge as their partners don’t look like they will be able to wrestle next week. Roode and Sabin look at each other and nod in agreement and then go back to check on their partners.


Backstage JB is with Samoa Joe. JB says that now that Jim Cornette is back in charge it’s going to be all about wins and losses and tonight being one of the World title contenders he will face the man who defeated Bobby Lashley, a man Joe knows quite well, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner, to get back in the title picture. Joe says that at Turning Point, he was many times only a second away from becoming a two-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Joe says he was his own worst enemy because he underestimated Styles and Daniels because he has always had their number. He won’t make the same mistake twice and tonight he’ll make Steiner tap out and show Cornette that he deserves a title shot.

Match #4 – Singles Contest
Samoa Joe vs. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

The sirens sound and out walks Freakzilla. He pumps up his pecks for the camera and grabs a microphone. He tells a guy in the crowd to shut up before he begins. Steiner says that everyone keeps talking about Sunday being a turning point for the company. He says screw that, it’s a turning point for the big bad booty daddy. He says that ever since he walked into this company he’s been taking orders. He is the baddest man on the freakin’ planet and he forgot it. He took orders from Jeff Jarrett, that nobody Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, even Sting. He says no more, he has finally been unleashed here in TNA and he proved it by beating the flavour of the month Bobby Lashley’s ass on Sunday. So tonight he’s got “Sloppy Joe”, to get back to where he should have been since the day he walked into TNA and that’s in the World title picture. ‘So get you fat ass out here Sloppy Joe so I can kick it all over Orlando!”

Joe’s music hits and with his trademark towel over his shoulder he makes his way down the ramp looking battle ready. He doesn’t even get through the ropes before Steiner attacks him with huge forearm shots. Joe moves to try and escape but ends up being suplexed. Steiner of course does his push ups to taunt Joe, but the Samoan Submission Machine recovers quickly and takes it to Steiner with savage kicks and then a powerslam. The two men trade suplexes and Big Poppa even hits the Frankensteiner for a two count.

Joe though fights back and hits Steiner with many of his trademark moves. He gets Steiner down in the corner and hits the brutal facewashes. Joe then drags out Steiner and does his chain of submissions looking to make Steiner tap, but the veteran is able to get a foot on the ropes to break the final Rings of Saturn hold.

After stalling outside the ring for a few seconds, Steiner distracts the referee to hit a low blow on Joe and go for the Recliner submission, but the “Flavour of the Month” man mountain Bobby Lashley walks out and Steiner takes his eyes off the ball. Joe comes back with a rear-naked choke and Steiner has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Joe gets his hand raised by the ref as Steiner grabs his throat. Lashley steps into the ring and looks down at the man who beat him on Sunday. But Joe doesn’t seem too impressed with Lashley being in the ring and shoves him. Lashley gets right in Joe’s face and so he gets punted right between the legs. Joe brings Lashley to his feet and pushes him into the corner and hits his spinning leaping enzuigiri. Joe’s music plays again as he walks to the back looking very focused. The commentary team ask the question “Is Joe going to confront Cornette backstage?”

The cameras are at another part backstage where World Champion AJ Styles asking crew members if they've seen Christopher Daniels.


We come back from commercial and cameras have captured AJ Styles confronting Christopher Daniels backstage during the break. Styles demands to know why Daniels said what he did. Daniels tells AJ he knows exactly why and he doesn’t have to explain himself to AJ. He says Styles is a selfish bastard and that tonight he will defeat Kurt Angle, the so called greatest wrestler ever, and show the world and AJ that he is God’s Gift to pro wrestling, he is The Fallen Angel, the next World Heavyweight Champion. Daniels walks off, leaving AJ stunned.

The commentary team is talking about the relationship of AJ and Daniels over the years when suddenly they are interrupted by Raven’s theme music. They say that this is not on the tonight's schedule as out walks an insanely sinister looking Raven. Dressed in a white suit and a black mask, he makes his way towards the ring using a cane.

He stands in the ring, eyes are of a shade of yellow as the fans don’t really know what to make of Raven’s appearance here tonight. Raven is given a microphone at ringside, looking around at the people in the iMPACT Zone, looking surprised to see him.

Raven: Tonight, like a broken record, like a song stuck in one’s brain, we’ve heard over and over how TNA has reached its turning point. Politicians, tough guys, champions, all talking about how winds of change have arrived. But I’m here to tell you all that they will bring nothing but ash.

The crowd seems uneasy.

Raven: The song that scratches at my brain like a cockroach trying to burst out of my skull, sings a blood curdling tune that has brought me here tonight. After years of pain and despair, I see this company now ripe for me to suckle on. Ready to give itself to me, now that I have returned to spit my cancer into its foundations and rip it apart from the inside out.

Cameras catch the uneasiness on the faces of the TNA fans.

Raven: Do you hear me Dixie Carter? Do you hear me Jeff Jarrett? Do you hear me Icon? Yes, I watched Bound For Glory. I watched as this company’s saviour stood in the ring after passing the so-called torch and say he may or may not be retired. Disgusting.

The fans then boo Raven after that remark but still are visibly disturbed by Raven's appearance on TNA programming.

Raven: I'm here to tell you you’re not retired Icon. I'm here to tell you that I’ve got plans for you, just like I've got plans for TNA. You want to pass the torch, I won't let you, instead I want your head on a pike. I’m going to dance with you Icon, I'm going to dance with you until the iMPACT Zone comes crashing down on your head and chaos and anarchy rains down on TNA wrestling.

Raven eerily laughs to himself before spitting out his final words.

Raven: TNA, you want to talk about turning points? You want to talk about change? I am here to talk about endings, about a final resolution to all of this, all that I see before me. Everything burns… Quote the Raven nevermore….”

Raven’s music hits and the crowd is stunned, Mike Tenay and Don West are speechless and frightened at what Raven has come out here and said just now. In his own cryptic way, has he challenged Sting to a match at Final Resolution? Has he put the whole of TNA on notice? What does he mean? Raven walks back up the ramp and when he gets to the top, he outstretches his arms in his trademark pose and then steps off the end of the stage into a hidden corridor and disappears from sight. The fans are still shocked by what Raven has just said.


iMPACT is back live and the commentary team have regathered themselves in the wake of Raven’s words to the iMPACT Zone. They go over some of the points that Raven said in his earlier address. It seems he has threatened to burn the company down, he mentioned Jeff Jarrett, Dixie Carter and although not by name, he no doubt was calling out Sting, who after Bound For Glory, everyone is unsure if he is retired or not. Even though the air had been sucked out of the building, it was time for a title match and to bring everyone back to some good old total non-stop action wrestling.

Match #5 – Knockouts Championship Match
ODB (c) vs. Tara

At Turning Point, Tara in the match of her life defeated Awesome Kong to become the number one contender and face the reigning Champion ODB tonight! These two powerhouses of the Knockouts division stand ready to fight as the referee holds the title high in the air to signify a championship bout. The bell sounds and the two ladies circle each other.

Tara, more technical than ODB looks for an inside leg takedown but ODB uses her upper body strength to block and counter with some heavy strikes. Tara continues to try and outwrestle ODB, while the Champ really starts hitting hard. They go back and forth and ODB gains the advantage with a big clothesline. Tara though fights back and is able to hit her standing moonsault for a two count. ODB looks for her flask and uses it as a foreign object, but Tara is able to hit a dropkick and then hit a big suplex to once again cover the champion, but to no avail.

ODB fires back with some shots and then sends Tara crashing through the ropes to the floor. She goes out after her and throws her into the guard rail. ODB is brutal as she stomps on the face of Tara on the outside. The referee tries to bring the match back in but the Champ pie faces the referee and shoves his face in her cleavage. He doesn’t know whether to disqualify her or not. Tara though is back up and they brawl again, and Tara breaks the count by going back into the ring. They exchange big hits and throws looking to put the other away. ODB hits a huge spine buster but only gets two. She looks for a kick, but the veteran Tara is able to counters it with the Widows Peak. 1, 2, 3!

Winner and NEW Knockout’s Champion: Tara

Tara celebrates the win as she gets her hand raised. She jumps up to all the turnbuckles holding the title high! But out walks Awesome Kong out onto the stage. She does the slash of the throat sign and points at Tara. Tara holds the belt up for her to see and dares her to come down to the ring. Kong taps her wrist as if to say “on her time” and walks off leaving Tara to puff her chest out and celebrate with the fans a little more her newly won championship!


Back from commercial, we see a video about Abyss. It shows his inability to compete and him residing in an insane asylum before Dr. Stevie brought him back to TNA but made him not use his hardcore tendencies. His ultra-violent ways were to be put away, he was to be a part of normal society. But Stevie wanted to control Abyss and use him as a weapon. It took a war with the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley to re-awaken Abyss’ true nature and destroy Dr Stevie once and for all at Turning Point. The video then shows Abyss no longer wearing his asylum white’s and is again wearing his black leather and original mask. It then says Abyss returns…next week and there is a cackling maniacal laugh in the background as it fades to black. We are then brought backstage with the newly crowned X-Division Champion, Homicide.

Wearing his “bulletproof” vest, his face is covered by a bandanna, Homicide holds up the X-Division title to the camera and says that now that he has the title, ain’t nobody gonna take it from him. He says he is the new king of Xplosion because he’s da champ, the top dog, and he’s gonna eat up anyone who comes into his yard like a vicious Rottweiler. He says he doesn’t sweat no AJ Styles, and this Saturday night, he’s gonna show him which title means more when he breaks his neck with the Gringo Killah like he’s done time after time when they faced each other in the tag team division. Styles is nothin’ and the Notrious 187 is gonna drop bombs on him all night long. Bdddddddah Bdddddah!

We come back to ringside and Mike Tenay and Don West talk about tonight’s main event and how Christopher Daniels was not pinned in the triple threat match at Turning Point for the World title, making him believe he deserves a one on one title opportunity. Jim Cornette announced that Kurt Angle, due to his feud with Desmond Wolfe had not yet received his title rematch and therefore both men have legitimate claims to a title shot. So tonight they will battle it out to see who will indeed face AJ Styles for the coveted Heavyweight Championship of the World. And speaking of the World Champion, his music hits and out he walks. Still not in the best of moods, he makes his way to the commentary position and sits in between West and Tenay. The team welcome Styles who then says he is here to see who he will be facing at Final Resolution.

Main Event – World Title #1 Contenders Match
Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels’ music hits first and walking out with his black and silver ceremonial robe with a dark hood over his face, he comes down the ramp with a huge amount of confidence. His hands in their signature pose as he gets to the ring apron and rips off the head piece to reveal himself. He shouts that this is his time and gets into the ring spinning around. The crowd boo him for turning on his best friend, but he doesn’t care as he believes he is right.

The lights dim and the crowd come alive as the all too familiar music of Kurt Angle hits and he appears in his unique elevator entrance. Pyro explodes behind him as the Olympic Gold medallist stomps down to the ring with the American flag over his shoulders. He steps into the ring and prepares himself for battle. Jeremy Borash is in the ring, who gives formal introductions. JB introduces Daniels but the Fallen Angel snatches the microphone from his hand.

Daniels: Angle, I don’t care how many gold medals you've won, this isn’t the Olympics, this is pro-wrestling. I am God’s gift to pro-wrestling and I’m going to wrestle circles around you and humiliate you. That’s the gospel according to the Fallen Angel.

Daniels throws the mic back at Borash and steps back. He outstretches his arms taunting the former multi-time Champion. Angle looks pissed, and it seems Daniels’ tirade has indeed worked. JB announces Kurt Angle to a huge pop by the crowd and then steps aside as the bell rings and these two master technicians lock up!

Angle quickly grabs Daniels and has him in a headlock, twisting it in, but Daniels is able to push him off and send him into the ropes. But Angle comes off them with a strong shoulder block which knocks Daniels down hard. Angle then drops down for a cover but doesn’t get one, as Daniels quickly gets to his feet and delivers a body slam! The Fallen Angel looks down at Angle and then hits the ropes as Angle turns over, Daniels again hits the ropes but stops and Angle is on all fours. Daniels stomps the back of his head driving the Olympic champion’s face into the mat!

The arrogant Daniels poses for the crowd which garners him instant heat. He picks Angle up and looks for the Angels Wings early, but Kurt escapes by pushing away. Daniels misses with a clothesline and turns right into a big European uppercut! Daniels crashes to the mat and Angle quickly looks for the ankle lock, but Daniels hugs the ropes and the referee does his job by backing Angle up. Daniels shouts for the ref to get him back, while slowly getting to his feet. Daniels wipes his hands on his pants, taking the sweat off and looks to lock up again. But he quickly rolls up Angle and gets a one count! He hits the ropes and as Angle gets to his feet he attempts a flying leg lariat, but Kurt swats the leg away. Daniels lands on the mat, gets to his feet only to get caught, but is caught by Angle with a HUGE OVER-HEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!

Daniels is flung to the other side of the ring with a thud which bows his back up in pain. Angle covers 1..2.. Daniels kicks out! Angle picks up Daniels only to knock him straight back down with another European uppercut. He shoves Daniels into the corner and charges in with a shoulder block. But Daniels has it scouted and Angle's shoulder connects with the steel post hard, so hard that he goes through the ropes, possibly damaging his shoulder in the process as spills out to the arena floor.

A smile comes across Daniels' face now and he lines up Angle who staggers to his feet. Daniels is on the apron and leaps up using the ropes as a springboard and crashes down on Angle’s head! Angle is down and Daniels landing on his feet again poses and taunts the fans. Daniels punts Angle in the ribs, and then hits a snap suplex on the floor! Angle screams out in agony as he grabs his lower back. Daniels again punts Angle in the ribs when the referee has had enough and starts the count. Daniels rolls in to break the count but then rolls back out and rams Angle’s ribs into the ring apron. He nails Angle with an open palm shot to the side of face followed by AN STO TAKEDOWN ON THE FLOOR!

Angle lands hard, he even grabs the back of his neck, while Daniels gets to his feet with a sick sinister smile. He rolls Angle back in and climbs the turnbuckles and flies though the air with a huge splash! 1..2.. 3, NO! ANGLE BARELY KICKS OUT AT TWO AND A HALF! Daniels nods saying to himself, “he wants more… I’ll give him more”. Daniels drags Angle back to his feet and hits the uranage and then goes for the BME! But Angle moves! But Daniels sees it in mid air and lands on his feet! Angle in desperation charges and both men go down with a double clothesline! The referee makes the count as they both roll around on the mat.

The fans count along and both men get to their feet. Daniels is up first and then Angle. They exchange punches for a while, Daniels though looks for an atomic drop, but Kurt catches him and quickly hits a German suplex! And then another! And another! And another! And a fifth! Kurt roars and pulls down the straps and as Daniels staggers to his feet Angle hits the Olympic Slam! But Daniels counters with a deep arm drag. Daniels explodes and lands a big knee strike to the face sending Angle stumbling into the corner. Daniels lifts Kurt to a seated position on the top turnbuckle and then lands a huge open palm strike to the face!

Daniels then crosses Kurt’s arms over and launches him off the top with a huge super slam (Fall from Grace)! Daniels floats over! 1..2… Kurt rolls the shoulder! Daniels can’t believe it! He looks at the ref but only gets two fingers pointed at him. He slaps the mat and looks to bring Angle to his feet, but Kurt quickly grabs the ankle and Daniels is caught! He yanks on the ankle as Daniels desperately stretches out for the ropes. But Angle has the weight and power advantage on Daniels, and even though Daniels tries to kick off, Angle holds the submission in place.

He cranks on it even more so, Daniels flips his body and grabs Kurt’s leg, countering it into a roll up. He gets a one count, but Kurt has not let go and now grapevines the leg! Daniels screams out in pain but starts kicking at Angle’s grip. It is enough for Daniels to get to the ropes, and force the referee to break the hold. Angle is not happy and walks over to Daniels who uses the ropes to kick Kurt in the gut, and then hit a modified bulldog! Daniels grabs his ankle in pain and although Angle is prone to a BME, he knows he can’t hit that move so instead he goes for the Koji Clutch submission. Kurt is now the one caught but he counters and looks for an ankle lock, Daniels kicks away and both men are back on their feet but DANIELS HITS A DEVASTATING DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Daniels goes for the pin once again, 1..2.. kick out! Daniels looks for a surfboard, but Angle grabs Daniels’ wrist and drops to a knee and hits a fireman’s carry takeover and then grabs a keylock, but Daniels slaps the hand away and both men get to their feet, but Daniels nails a dropkick to the face, and then as Kurt gets to his feet hits a Blue Thunder Driver!!! 1..2…

Kickout! Kurt kicks out again, but Daniels stays focused and this time looks for the Angels Wings to finish off the match. Kurt has other plans though, as he pushes Daniels off and then connects with a clothesline. DANIELS DUCKS AND ANGLE CLOBBERS THE REFEREE. THE REFEREE IS DOWN! Daniels punches Angle on the back of the head and climbs the turnbuckles. But Kurt explodes off the mat runs up the ropes and in one move, suplexes Daniels off the top!! The ref is still down so Kurt tries to wake him up and then locks in the Ankle Lock once again on the same leg. Daniels taps!



Angle gets turned inside out by a massive lariat!! Desmond Wolfe has entered the ring through the crowd and nails Kurt with a huge shot! Kurt is down and Wolfe slips out of the ring to deafening boos as he jumps back over the rail and disappears through the fans. The referee stirs and Daniels limps to his feet and grabs Angle. ANGELS WINGS CONNECTS ONCE MORE! 1, 2, 3!

Winner and NEW #1 contender to the World title: Christopher Daniels

Daniels music plays as he demands the referee to raise his hand in victory. The referee feeling very sore obliges but then slumps in the corner hurt. Daniels limps up on the turnbuckles not caring about his sore leg and points over to the World Champion. He gives the sign of the belt being around his waist soon as Styles rips off his headset and stands up. He raises the title, but Daniels has a huge smile on his face and he poses looking up at the heavens. The camera cuts to Angle who is hurt, but it is Daniels' day tonight as he celebrates bowing to the booing audience and then soaking in the moment and taunting Styles as iMPACT goes off the air.

Spoiler for Quick Results:
TNA iMPACT Quick Results
1. Senshi, Petey Williams and Kid Kash def. Amazing Red, Jay Lethal and Shark Boy
2. Desmond Wolfe def. Matt Morgan
3. Beer Money Inc vs. Motor City Machine Guns – No contest
4. Samoa Joe def. Scott Steiner
5. Tara def. ODB to become the new Knockout’s Champion of the World
6. Christopher Daniels def. Kurt Angle to become #1 Contender to World title

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