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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Xplosion Feedback

Happy that we got a brief recap on what the X Division guys done on the main show, good reminder, in my opinion. I’m glad we started off with Homicide as he should have a lot to say. Nice start to the promo with ‘Cide getting the cheap heat going early, at the shut the hell up fools line, found that funny. What he had to say was pretty good, putting himself over as the main man on the show and telling Red that he doesn’t stand a chance against him. I expected a Foley interruption, I know it’ in Foley’s character to talk to the fans before getting down to business but I would’ve liked to have saw him simply get onto Homicide. Really surprised that you’ve got the championship match for tonight, it’s a great main event though, but I don’t expect it to end cleanly. Having Red come out was a smart move so he doesn’t get forgotten. Solid opening, if a little uneventful.

Nice start to this match with both men showing off their wrestling skills, and having the standoff after the first exchange. This match had some good action in with some good sequences, but didn’t TJ debut last week? I think it would have better if you had him win this match, then have Senshi attack him out of frustration than him offering a handshake and then attacking him.

Taryn Terrell? I can live with that, as it seems she’s a popular choice for an interviewer . What lethal had to say was pretty good, saying it’s going to be tough match and I’m pleased to had Creed chime in, as sometimes only one person speaks in the tag team. Anyway, good little interview and good hype for the match. Not feeling the Kendrick and London thing though, a water gun, really? I get that you’re going for the weirdo gimmick thing, but I prefer them to be a serious team as they are extremely talented in the ring.

Joe’s short and sweet promo was alright, got his point across before his match. Yoshi Tatsu? Make him a jobber or get rid of him please. I’m not sure what his point will be in this thread, as you have a stacked roster already, and since he got some offense in then it looks like he won’t be a jobber. Hopefully Joe gets some good opponents in the future though.

Having an interview with Generation Me makes sense after Lethal and Creed got their chance to get their thoughts across. Good show of cockiness from the two of them, Max did sound a little bland though, picked up with Jeremy chimed in. Another nice little segment to hype up the tag match, although I do think you could have had some one from the X Division title in this spot, to give some hype to that.

at Creed and Lethal getting a jobber entrance. Anyway, another solid match, your match writing is pretty good imo. Hopefully with this win they can move up to better teams, a match with MCMG would be pretty great. As for the Foley/Kaz confrontation, I don’t like how you said Foley shit himself, as I feel an authority figure shouldn’t be intimidated by his wrestlers. Kaz complaining about not being on the card is a good way to get him some attention. I found Foley in this segment extremely odd, and not in a good way, just seemed weird.

Main event time. Pretty awesome match here, shame is ended like it did, although I suppose it keeps both men looking good. Do referees call for the bell if they get dragged out of the ring? I’ve seen that happen before but they didn’t call for the bell. Some way to end the show, Strong running away from Red was lolworthy though, I could imagine it happening and would just laugh. But anyway, really interesting way to end the show which has me looking forward to the next episode.

All in all, a solid show, the matches were pretty good throughout and your promo’s are improving. I had a few irks with a couple of things which I’ve discussed in the main part of this, so I’m not going to bother re-writing it. Onto the next episode my man.
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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Just finished reading your second episode Jam, Thought I would give you some feedback on it.

Homicide opening the show getting some cheap heat didn't really do much for me. Glad to see Foley came out to set up Red vs Homicide for the main event cause im just not feeling this feud but after reading this episode it would seem there is more to come with this feud.

The fact both teams got interview segments made the match feel way more important which was a nice touch man. Glad you did that, But London & Kendrick using squirt guns on Gen Me was just weird. I get that's their thing but just something about it bugs me, oh well.

It was great to see Gen Me pick up the big victory, Hope you plan to push them far I really like them, Always have, Always will.

Now onto the main event, The match was well written and had a good pace to it. I did not see that ending coming, Roderick Strong in TNA could be fun to see I have not seen anything of his work in over a year but he always seemed like a good wrestler. When they went into the ring I thought for sure Homicide was going to be joining up with them but im glad you didn't. Him and Aries both in the stable would lead to problems because neither would let the other be the true leader.

Bottom line looking forward to seeing where you take things with this new stable you got. Also I think with the next show you NEED to announce 1 or 2 PPV matches, Don't wanna wait much longer on that.

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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Fair point you made at the start about some of these guys not really knowing their way around a microphone as that is the truth. But if you develop the characters well and believable enough you can mould these guys to be as good at talking as you want them to be; just bear that in mind. Homicide starting off the show was expected and it figures especially with him being the champion. No real problem with what he said here as he seemed pretty on point. Foley coming out was also quite predictable, and I'm really enjoying the interaction between these two as the two main figures on the show, so I'm looking forward to seeing if this situation between Foley and Homicide continues and escalates. And like Calum said, it is true of Foley to to the "Right Here" thing, but maybe you could have saved that for a segment further on in the show as I think here was supposed to be a little case of serious Foley and just putting in that line at that time didn't really coincide with that, but the rest of Foley's part was solid. Really pumped for that main event knowing what you can do with these high fliers Also I'm not sure that Red was really needed here as he contributed nothing of that substance but pissed Homicide off so I guess that works. A solid start to the show; the Homicide bit at the part was the strongest point I'd say.

Nice opening contest between two well matches guys; you really do know how to play to your strengths, Jam. There were some good parts in this match and it was great to see that you're comfortable in writing the quick pace of a match like this. I'm surprised that you had Senshi win this as I know how much you love Wilson/Kidd. Wow that was weird from Senshi afterwards; he'd already made his point by winning the match but he still attacked Wilson after the match anyway? Hopefully you shed some light on that at some point. But the positive is that now I'm sure we'll see these two lock horns again at some point which is good as a repeat of that match would not be turned down.

Decent little interview here. Maybe we could have heard a little more from Lethal Consequences as it did seem like Terrell said just as much as them. This is a good way to hype up their match later with GM. Not entirely sure about the whole Hooliganz thing at the end though... not sure of the relevance of it. Is their gimmick to just play pranks on people?

Wow, great stuff here bringing Joe back to the X-Division! I'm looking forward to seeing him rise up the ranks and get back on top, and now I do think that it will be Joe taking that title off of Homicide in the future. Not sure about bringing in Tatsu here... it was obvious that you were going to have Joe win on his return and I think there could have been a better time and place to debut Yoshi as Joe being back will be the main talking point coming out of this match and not Tatsu debuting. I'd have rather seen Yang come out and try his luck to get squashed and then maybe bring Tatsu in next week or in a few weeks time, but I assume that you have big plans for Joe quite soon so I can roll with it. It was good to have Tatsu get some offence in on Joe like the Shining Wizard, and the rest of the match as a whole was a good quality. I'm glad you've got Joe here and an epic winning streak would be great to see; him just mowing through the X-Division would be awesome. You're gonna have to think big in order to build Tatsu up after losing his first match; you booked yourself into a corner in a way there so I'm interested to see how you get yourself out of it.

I like that you had Generation Me with the interview now so we hear both sides ahead of the upcoming match. Once again I'd have liked to have heard a little more here but I know that they aren't exceptional on the mic and you aren't that acquainted with the full shows stuff so I'll let you off

I'm not that familiar with Generation Me as a team but from the way you wrote them here they sound AWESOME! I was a fan of Lethal Consequences but it seems that they were outdone in every aspect of the match here. Even when Max was kicking out of LC's moves it was making GM look good. The build up you did to this match with the interviews earlier in the show really added as you can tell that both teams were trying to prove who was better and the real competitive edge was coming through. I just searched 'More Bang for your Buck' on Youtube and wow that is awesome. I can't see anyone kicking out of that and I can see how the crowd would get pumped as they see it all unravelling before them, so the line you put in about the crowd getting excited was a nice little touch. Good win here and I'm hoping to see more of these two on both Xplosion and iMPACT going after those Tag Titles Nice job here of making me a fan of Generation Me here.

This whole Foley/Kazarian thing was just a bit too weird for my liking, but I'm glad that the Impact stroylines are also overlapping onto this show as well; good continuity with your partner, nice work.

As a main event, I am glad that this was the best match on the show by far. I could even go as far to say that this is the best match I've seen from you It was really even throughout the whole thing and you showcased both men really well. I'm glad that this ended in a No Contest as now we get a rematch at some point But of course this whole thing was about the aftermath. I never knew that these three were ever aligned until you told me about it otherwise this end part would have made no sense to me whatsoever. Nice to see that you're bringing in groups from the indies and showing them on the main shows... proves that you have some decent wrestling knowledge. I know that you're a massive Aries fan so I can see the title going to him at some point. I'm also trying hard to buy Sydal as a heel or tweener because all I've ever seen from him is Evan Bourne so show me some more Matt Sydal and I'll get used to it. Impactful ending to the show here, good job

Overall a decent show here broski. There were some real good parts and some dodgy bits but there were more good than bad. The storylines that you already had going developed well and you've really irked my interest with how some of these characters are going forwards. Also, as usual some quality match writing. I'm looking forward to the next Xplosion, Jammy But as for now; back over to you, Lariatoh!
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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

iMPACT! Preview

Clash of brothers/enemies
The battle for the Heavyweight Championship of the World has been set. At Final Resolution, two men will collide for exactly that, their final resolution. Over almost the last decade two men have battled for supremacy like no other in TNA Wrestling. The Phenomenal One AJ Styles and the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. Both men have battled each other time and time again in almost every type of match imaginable. To this end they ended up respecting each other and became the closest thing friends can be to brothers.

But now that has all changed as this time it is for the greatest prize in all of professional wrestling. The reigning and defending four time Champion of the World AJ Styles will have to defend against the man who knows him better than any other, who has defeated him more times than any other, who has partnered with him more than any other, Christopher Daniels.

After all of this the fact that Daniels has never been Champion, may have driven him insane with jealousy and rage and the chance to finally be known as the best wrestler in the world has driven a wedge between the two men that can not be healed. Both men are scheduled to be at the impact zone and maybe not even they know what they will do!

Daniels has been scheduled to face another of his “friends” on Impact, the X Division gladiator, Kazarian. Daniels has gone on record to state that Styles has Frankie fooled and has him fighting his battles for him. Daniels has accepted the match an wants to use it to send the Champion of the World a message of things to come.

Television glory
The four men who will face off to be the very first TNA Television Champion will pair off this week in two matches to provide the winners with momentum going into Final Resolution. With pride on the line these four men will no doubt go all out to ensure they are ready for the Title match. Everyone always wants to be known as the first, these matches could very well decide who could be considered the favourite at Final Resolution.

Angle/Wolfe 2?
After being bested by Kurt Angle using a never before used move by the Olympic Gold medallist, Desmond Wolfe has said he is not done with him yet. Wolfe storming into TNA went immediately after Angle believing he could defeat him, only to fall short after a dominant display. Angle though looking to regain the World Championship has been knocked off course by Wolfe. Last week he waited for Wolfe to enter the impact zone so he could give him the beating of his life. But lost his tag match against Wolfe when partner AJ Styles was pinned by Daniels. Angle no doubt wants to even the score now, how will answer Wolfe>

Tag Team Championship ultimatum
Team 3D, has managed to remove the two top contenders from the face of the TNA landscape. Sending a message to the current Champions the British invasion, that they are disgusted by the fact that they do not possess the championships, and another team falslely believes they are the best tag team in all of wrestling. Will the Brit’s accept their challenge?

Main Event revenge or solidification?
A huge main event has been booked by Jim Cornette. A Bound For Glory 2009 rematch. Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley. Joe lost the match to Lashley via guillotine choke. In refusing to tap he was put unconscious by the powerhouse’s grip. Joe has issued the challenge and demands vengeance. Lashley accepting the challenge has vowed to once again to put Joe out either by submission or his knockout power.

All this and much more as Raven’s criptic messages have yet to be deciphered or explained…

Tune in to TNA Impact this Thursday on Spike TV as we get closer to the Final Resolution of 2009!
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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

13 Decemeber, 2009
Orlando, Florida

Pyro shoots into the air to signal the start of another episode of TNA Wrestling Impact! The sold out Impact Zone is going crazy while the commentary team welcome the audience t home around the world to this week’s edition of Total Non-Stop Action…

The Fallen Angel’s music hits and to a chorus of boos, out walks the number contender to the Heavyweight Championship of the World. Even though the jeers become deafening, Christopher Daniels laps it up, laughing all the way to the ring. Wearing a three piece suit, he gives his trademark hand signs before leaping up onto the ring apron to flash his sinister smile. He spins around and soaks in being the one to once again open Impact.

Daniels: So here I am again … opening the show. I’m really starting to get used to this. For you see in only a few short weeks, at Final Resolution, it will indeed be MY Final Resolution for TNA, when I rid TNA of AJ Styles and finally fulfil my Prophecy. I will be… Champion. Of. The. World.

Although there are some faint Fallen Angel chants the boos override them and he has to pause because they are so loud. Daniels even walks to a corner, leans on the turnbuckle and looks at his watch. This gathers more heat, but Daniels flashes them another smile and walks back into the centre of the ring to continue.

Daniels: Ya know I have been with this company for so long. I have seen them all come and go. I’ve been fired, I’ve been passed over for opportunity after opportunity. But the fact remains that no one is in my league. No one is better than me. No one is God’s gift to professional wrestling, except the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels.

The fans start mouthing off and a “you suck” chant rings out.

Daniels: Why don’t you sit down and shut your mouth fat boy, because I haven’t even yet begun to talk. Like I was saying I have been with this company from the very beginning and had match of the year candidate after match of the year candidate, and what does this company do. They give Kurt Angle a title shot, they give AJ Styles a title shot. They give Sting a title shot. Hell they even give that fat, broken down, over the hill, piece of crap Mick Foley a title shot.

The fans are bringing the nuclear heat now, as Daniels is riling them up to a melting point.

Daniels: There is only so long a man can wait. There is only so long, a man who is better than everyone else can stay silent. Only so long can he do all the heavy lifting while the “stars” get all the glory. Well you are all now looking at the brightest star in all of wrestling. I am a supernova baby! And there is no one in this business who can touch me, because they’ll get burnt!

The fans have had enough of Daniels and are booing his new attitude like no other. He pauses slightly, acknowledging that he has gotten under the skin of the sold out crowd.

Daniels: Last week I did exactly what I said I was going to do. The Prophecy became a reality, when I walked into the tag team main event match, and I pinned the World Heavyweight Champion’s shoulders to the mat. Two weeks ago it was Kurt Angle, last week it was the World Champion Styles.

The Fallen Angel nods, speaking fact to the crowd and they aren’t happy about it.

Daniels: In a few weeks I will beat Styles again, and I will be crowned the NEW Champion of the World! That’s not just a promise, that’s the gospel ….. according to the Fallen Angel.

Daniels music hits while he laughs to himself off the mic. He bows to the crowd who are still booing him. Daniels straightens his jacket to return to backstage, but before he can put one step on the entrance ramp to leave..… Get Ready To Fly!!! The World Heavyweight Champion’s music hits and to a waterfall of pyro out appears the Phenomenal One, AJ Styles. Dressed for battle, with his hoodie over his head and the World Championship over his shoulder, Styles stands at the top of the ramp looking down at his former best friend. The fans are cheering for him, but almost blow the roof off when he flips the hood off his head to reveal an intense stare.

Styles music fades out but the chants of “AJ” ring out from all corners of the Impact Zone. Styles is almost like a statue for a few moments as the chants wash over both men. But this time it is Styles’ turn to talk.

Styles: Chris, I’ve never been someone who comes out here and whines and cries or boasts and brags about what happens in that ring. I simply step through those ropes and do what I do best, and that’s wrestle. See this here on my shoulder, it says that right now, I’m on top of the mountain in this business.

The fans pop for Styles! The Champ continues in a softly spoken but direct to the point tone.

Styles: I’m sorry you feel the way you do Chris, I’m sorry, you think I didn’t help you out, or have somehow stolen the spotlight from you, or food from your table. But we both know that isn’t true. We both know you want this World title, and over the years of competing against each other we both know, you playing mind games is just another one of the dangerous moves you have in your arsenal.

The fans are all intently listening to everything the Champion is saying . They have never seen this side of the Phenomenal One before.

Styles: To be honest Chris, I don’t know if you are trying to make me angry, so I make a mistake, or make me feel sorry for you, so I let my guard down. Either way, I do know it’s not going to work!!

The fans pop as AJ ‘s tone has changed!

Styles: At Final Resolution, on pay per view, in the main event, in front of millions around the world. It will be you and me, facing off for the World Heavyweight Championship. It will be you and me, one on one, in this ring for this!

Styles brings the title off his shoulder and holds it up high while he looks down from the top of the ramp at Daniels.

Styles: We have wrestled each other so many times, on different continents, in different organisations, but never like this. Never for the Championship of the World. It doesn’t get any bigger. I’m going to bring everything I’ve got. I’m going to bring it all, and more. Will you Chris? Will you just rely on your “prophecy” or “destiny” or whatever you want to call it, or are you going to just shut up, and fight me?! Huh?! You want to be Champion?! Then all you gotta do is, go… through… ME!

Get Ready To Fly! Styles’ music hits, the fans pop …

Styles: See you soon ….

AJ drops the mic with a thud and holds the belt high one more time, all while the fans go crazy for him while Daniels scowls back at him. Has the Fallen Angel’s mind games been thwarted? Has AJ played his own mind games? Seemingly Daniels is speechless for the first time in the last few weeks. The camera closes up on the seething look on his face. AJ is then shown with a very confident look, pointing to Daniels, then himself, then the title….

Commercial Break

Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us back to TNA Impact giving a run down on the confrontation that the former best friends, former tag team champion partners and now World Champion and challenger had before the commercial break. The rivalry has always been heated between these two men, and now it has gone to a whole new level. Tonight though after a request made by both friends of Styles and Daniels, Frankie Kazarian has challenged the Fallen Angel to a match, which Daniels reportedly happily accepted.

They also say that tonight they have some big time matches with the competitors in the TV title Iron Man pairing off in matches and Samoa Joe and Bobby Lashley going one on one!

Match #1
Eric Young vs. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

Young’s entrance sees him flanked by World Elite’s Kiyoshi and Sheik Bashir. They stand around ringside awaiting their leader’s opponent. The Pope’s big time entrance hits, money falls from the sky and Pope puts on a big performance. But he is obviously wincing when he raises his arms up to entertain the fans. The chain shots he took from Abyss and then the slam into the thumbtacks become visible as he removes his jacket to reveal a bandage around his ribs. The reveal provides Young with a sinister smile directed at his stable mates.

The commentary team talk about the beating Pope received last week at the hands of Abyss as a video replay of it is shown. Tenay states that Jim Cornette was going to give him time to heal, but he has disregarded the doctor’s advice and has decided to wrestle tonight in order to make a statement on who will win the TV title at Final Resolution. West and Tenay also talk about how EY must have accepted the fate of the Global title and is now a part of the TV title race.

The bell rings and EY goes straight after Pope’s ribs. Big heavy shots find their mark. Pope is in deep trouble early. But he fires back with punching combos of his own to a huge pop from the fans. Young though rakes the eyes and then goes after the ribs again. He nails Pope with a clothesline and a DDT for a long 2 count! Pope again fights back. He protects his side while landing the Pimp Slap! EY kicks out and begs the Pope off in the corner, but all he gets is a boot in the mouth! This drapes Eric over the middle rope and so Pope is able to hit the Coronation!! But the move hurts him quite badly. Landing on the outside after his trademark move, he crumples to the floor holding his midsection. The ref starts counting Pope out. Dinero just makes it into the ring at the count of 8 only to be drilled by a piledriver! 1..2.. Pope kicks out!

Kiyoshi and Bashir get up on the apron and argue with the ref. The official demands they get down, making them drop to the floor. Young pulls on the ref’s arm demanding that it was 3 count. As the ref explains to Eric the shoulder was up Pope schoolboys the World Elite leader from behind 1..2.. Young kicks out this time. Pope holding his ribs tries to get to his feet, but a very angry and frustrated Young comes down on him with a double sledge. He then starts smashing away on him getting to his feet to a chorus of boos from the fans with an enraged look plastered across his face. Pope from his knees lands some body shots, which only makes Young more determined. Young looks for a suplex, but Pope blocks it, so Eric goes behind and swings him in a wheelbarrow into the air and then dropped into an elevated neckbreaker!!!! 1.2.3!

Winner: Eric Young

Pope’s injuries were too much for him to overcome and the former, non-recognised Global Champion is heading into the Final Resolution fatal four way Iron Man title match for the TV Championship with big time momentum. Kiyoshi and Bashir taunt the crowd by pointing to their leader’s waist and doing the sign of the belt for him. Young’s sinister smirk continues with his hands raised in the air. Pope is helped to the back by the referee…

Backstage Team 3D are walking towards ringside…

Commercial Break

Bombs go off in the Impact zone to signal the arrival of Team 3D. Brother Ray and Devon call out the World Tag Team Champions, the British Invasion. The normally smug title holders warily walk out onto the stage but don’t go any further. Ray tells them to get into the ring, but Magnus tells them they are fine right were they are. Ray tells them that they might be the guys who are holding the belts, but they aint no Champs when Team 3D is on the roster. Ray demands a title shot at Final Resolution and if they refuse , him and Devon will walk up that ramp and beat them half to death.

Magnus does his best to puff out his chest to retort. He says that Team 3D were good, but they are the past and the here and now has passed them by. The British Invasion are the Tag Team Champions of the World and they call the shots around here. Ray says that’s fine and if that’s the way they want to play it… Ray drops his mic and he and Devon move towards the ramp.

Both Magnus and Doug put them hands up and back away up on the ramp. Ray and Devon methodically make their way up the ramp … only to be set upon by the Machine Guns and Beer Money!!! Sabin and Shelley double team Ray, while Storm and Roode do the same to Devon! Both men are synchronised thrown hard into the guard rails. The Brits who obviously have no idea what is going on watch the two other teams beat up Team 3D.

Shelley leaps off the ring apron with a double knee strike to a propped up Brother Ray! His head is smashed in and the back of his skull bounces off the concrete floor! While Devon is nailed with a Storm superkick right into a spine buster from Roode on the cement! The Guns and Beer money stand over Team 3D, then look at each other, then look up at the ramp. The Brits nervously hold their belts up before hastily walking off. The Guns and BMI then stare each other down while we again go backstage.

Tenay says that the camera crew has caught an argument between AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. The World Champion accuses Angle of not having his head in the game last week and it cost them the match. Angle says he doesn’t have to justify anything to Styles. It seems that Styles is still a disrespectful punk and that he learnt nothing from the MEM/Frontline war. Styles says he is the World Champion and he did it by not abandoning his partner or demand his team mate lie down for him to become a World Champion. (Tenay says that AJ is talking about Angle ordering at the time World champion Sting to lay down for him so he can be the Champion.)

Angle doesn’t take too kindly to AJ’s words, but tells him he’ll let it go because it’s obvious he is upset about his best friend “dumping” him. This time it is Angle who gets under AJ’s skin. There is some push and shove and Cornette appears to break it up. The Impact GM tells them that if they have a problem then why don’t they just settle it in the ring in tonight’s main event. Non-title match, AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle!! Both men like that idea. They stare each other down and agree to it. Angle tells Styles that tonight he’ll show him that he’s just a paper champion. Styles shakes his head with a smirk saying that tonight he’ll prove that the Main Event Mafia were just a bunch of cowards knowing their time was up and they were just trying to save their spots. Both walk off to get ready…

Commercial Break

Back from commercial Mike Tenay and Don West say they want to take everyone back to last week when chaos reined over the impact zone. They talk about how Matt Morgan attacked an official and then a camera man after his dq loss. Morgan has been suspended for his actions and no longer in the TV title fatal four-way iron man match at Final Resolution. The video of Morgan snapping and going berserk is shown. Taking Morgan’s place will be Shark Boy! They talk about maybe Raven’s influence stirring up some animosity around the company as he has spoken out two weeks in a row and seemingly challenged Sting to a match. The TNA office has yet to talk to Raven as he is not returning their calls.

Match #2
Shark Boy vs. Hernandez

Sharky, extremely happy to be in the running for the Television Championship, comes out playing to the fans. They are right behind him, cheering him while he claps hands with the fans at ringside. BOOM! A huge right hand flies out of the crowd and smashes him in the jaw! Leaping over the guardrail is the 7 feet tall Matt Morgan! Sharky is so stunned he walks right into a brutal Carbon Footprint! Sharky is flung upside down and across the floor by the shot, as if he was hit by an 18 wheeler!

Security comes out, but Morgan holds his ground intimidating them. He yells out “What are you insects gonna do?!”

Hernandez walks out as he was to be in the match, but security keep him back while Morgan is ordered to leave. Morgan laughs at them before finally Cornette walks out with trainers, officials and agents to calm down the big man. The fans are booing the Blueprint as Cornette is heard saying , Morgan gave him no choice after his actions last week. The 7 foot giant is moved to the back with the commotion, stopping the show for the time being . Shark Boy is being looked at by the trainers as Impact goes to commercial.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial, the commentary team talk about what has been going on in the Impact Zone lately. The Blueprint, 7 foot tall Matt Morgan seemingly is not having a good month and is physically taking it out on everyone! Relays show Morgan attacking Shark Boy…

Match #3
Frankie Kazarian vs. Christopher Daniels

Kazarian walks out to the ring with microphone in hand. Stepping through the ropes he says that he, AJ and Daniels have been friends a long time. He believes that both men are the very best this sport has to offer, but Daniels has come out here each and every week being nothing but jealous of AJ’s achievements. So tonight he wants to knock some sense into Daniels’ head so things can get back to normal.

But Daniels’ music hits and he is not amused. He steps through the ropes and snatches the microphone out of Frankie’s hand. Daniels looks him square in the eye and questions what was normal? He says that AJ got all the accolades, while he and Kazarian got either food scraps or fired. Kazarian can stand out here and drink AJ Styles and TNA’s kool aid, but he wont, and if Kazarian wants to fight him, to “knock some sense into him”, then Daniels says it’s actually the other way round, he’s going to pummel some sense into Frankie!

“BOOM!” Daniels drives the microphone right between Kazarian’s eyes! Kaz drops to a knee, Daniels removes his cloak, and orders the ref to ring the bell. Bouncing off the ropes, Daniels lands a shining wizard and makes the cover..1..2.. but Kaz kicks out. Daniels starts stomping down on Kazarian before picking him but his earlobes, trash talking him and then dropping him back down with a big palm strike.

Best Moonsault Ever! 1..2… what! Daniels lifts Frankie’s shoulder off the mat. Daniels is not done with his “friend”. Daniels looks for a suplex, only for Kaz to block it and reverse it! The crowd pop for the fight back. Kaz is dazed yet lands some big time shots before catapulting off the middle rope with a guillotine leg drop! 1..2… Daniels kicks out. Short arm clothesline knocks Kazarian down. Getting to his feet quickly, he eats a Daniels knee strike and then is perched on the top turnbuckle. Daniels is setting up for something, but Kaz kicks Daniels in the face and nails a missile dropkick! 1..2… kickout!

The fans chant “Frankie! Frankie!” firing up the high flyer. Daniels stumbles into a fireman’s carry, but he fires elbows in to escape dropping down the back. The go behind , Daniels looks for a German suplex, but Frankie elbows out escaping the move. Hitting the ropes though he runs into a boot to the gut. ANGELS WINGS! 1.2.3!

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Daniels stands over his friend, not happy that he was almost defeated. Daniels gets his arm raised, but he isn’t finished. He rolls out of the ring grabs a chair and a microphone. He sets up the chair to deafening boos and chants for “AJ” and… sits on it. Daniels talks to the fans and says that just like Frankie Kazarian, they are all sheep. They are all blind to the fact that Styles is a coward and has turned his friend against him. He says that all the fans probably thought that he was going to use the chair on Frankie. No, but he wont hesitate to use it on AJ Styles. The so called Champion of the World has someone else do his fighting for him in the form of his friend. Daniels says that at Final Resolution he will become World Heavyweight Champion by defeating AJ Styles and “you people” will finally wake up!

Daniels then helps Kazarian up, who is still very dazed from the Angels Wings facebuster finisher. Daniels checks on him while he shakes off the blow. But Daniels folds up the chair and smashes across his friend’s back! Koji Clutch!!! Daniels has the vicious submission hold locked in, cranking back on Kazarian who looks to be out! The fans boo the Fallen Angel only to make him tighten his grip! Finally Daniels releases his hold, spits on Kazarian and dusts his hands off before walking backstage almost all in one motion, never looking back…

Commercial Break

The commentary team welcome everyone back and talk about some footage in the backstage. Security had kept AJ Styles from going to ringside to help his friend Kazarian, due to what happened with Morgan earlier. Cornette doesn’t want any more chaos tonight. The commentary team say that Daniels and Styles is going to be explosive at Final Resolution, which moves them to talk about the pay per view card…

For the new TNA Television Championship Four man Iron man match – Hernandez vs. Eric Young vs. D’Angelo Dinero vs. TBA – (Matt Morgan has been removed from the match and Shark Boy is now unable to wrestle)
• Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner
• Knockout Champion Tara will defend against ODB
• Just announced British Invasion vs. Beer Money vs. MCMGs vs. Team 3D
• Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe 2
• And... World Heavyweight Championship match Champion AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

All this and more…

The wolf howls and out walks Desmond Wolfe to ringside. Dressed in his trademark suit and sunglasses the smooth Brit gets in the ring to address the announced Angle vs. Wolfe 2 match. Wolfe says that he told Angle, he told the world that he wasn’t done with “Mr Mangled”. Angle didn’t “beat” him at Turning Point, he beat the living hell out Angle, he says. He out wrestled him, he out fought him, but the win column says one for Angle. This time he will embarrass the Olympic Gold medallist. This time he will not just beat him down, he will end his career. The way he intends to do so is in a Three Degrees of Pain cage match. First fall will be pinfall. Second submission, and if needed, which it wont, escape the cage. But he plans on doing all three to embarrass “Mr Mangled” while EMTs stretcher him out of TNA forever.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and he steps through the ropes. Wolfe quickly scurries to the floor and backs away, but Angle has something to say. Grabbing a mic, Kurt tells Wolfe that he can’t wait to get his hands on him again. Kurt tells Wolfe that he accepts his three degrees of pain match, and this time it is going to be different. Angle says that because Wolfe’s style was unknown to him, he wasn’t fully prepared, but this time, he knows what to expect. Wolfe is going to get put down like the animal he is inside the cage giving him his Final Resolution! Oh it’s real, it’s damn real!

Commercial break

Match #4
KO Champion Tara and Gail Kim vs. ODB and Awesome Kong

The Knockout’s are in action as we get a replay of last week’s interaction between the four competitors tonight, which set up tonight’s match. The fans are behind the team of Champ Tara and team mate Gail against Kong and ODB.

Tara dominates ODB only for Kong to tag in and dominate most of the match. Gail finally gets a blind tag and nails Kong with a dropkick to the temple! Kong staggers and Gail and Tara look to suplex the monster but are thrown off. Kong hits a spinning back fist and a powerbomb! But she is then tagged out with a blind tag and ODB pins the champ! ODB steals the pinfall.

Winners: ODB and Awesome Kong

ODB celebrates with her flask drinking up the aisle getting some big time distance between her and Kong…

The commentary team talk about how Angle vs. Wolfe 2 is now a Three degrees of pain match and they reiterate the rules of the match that will bring final resolution to these two men… when horrible feedback blasts out of the arena’s speakers. The commentary team have to rip off their headsets as the voice of Raven booms from above. The cameras frantically look around the impact zone until they find the maniacal one standing in the rafters. He looks to be dressed in a black leather long coat much like the Icon.

Raven: Realisation! Realisation of what he sees or how he sees you all. He looks down on all of us from high above thinking he is above it all. Above the immorality, above the blood, above the filth.

The spotlight shines on Raven making the sold out crowd boo him.

Raven: But from up here I see nothing but darkness and grime. Looking down on you all. Oh how powerful he must feel. And how safe you all must believe to be. Disgusting. Pathetic. He is powerless. He is impotent.

The boos become deafening…

Raven: I have invaded his fortress up here in the heavens and found no consequences. There was no one stopping me from entering. He has abandoned his post, he has left you all to the rapture that will come from below and now above.

You all look to the sky to be saved, but all you will find are destructive storms, murderous lightning and rains that will flood the impact zone drowning the old regime. There is no escape for any of you. There is no escape for your saviour… and there will be no one to stop me when I burn TNA to the ground. Quote the Raven nevermore.

Raven disappears from sight when suddenly he leaps from rafters!!! His body comes flying down onto the ring where it stops just short. There is a rope wrapped around his neck and it snaps in place catching his body only a few feet from the mat. The fans scream as a mannequin in Sting’s coat and face paint is hanging from the ceiling! Raven’s voice is heard laughing as the mannequin spins around hanging in the centre of the ring. The commentary team talk about how sick and twisted Raven has become when suddenly fire starts burning down the rope. The flames quickly shoot down onto the dummy and the body catches on fire.

Security quickly has extinguishers and puts out the fake Sting as Impact goes to commercial.

Commercial Break

The commentary team look to be a bit shaken up after what many people thought was Raven or Sting had been hung right in the middle of the Impact zone. During the break footage is shown of Jim Cornette apologising to the fans for Raven’s actions.

Backstage Samoa Joe is interviewed about his thoughts on the announced triple threat match at Final Resolution. Joe says that he lost to Lashley at Bound For Glory. This was indeed a wake up call for him. Then last month Steiner defeats Lashley, and well Joe is 2and 0 against Steiner. So it’s real simple for him, he’s walking into this match to put everyone on notice as to who is the most dominate wrestler in the world. When the three titans collide, the Samoan Submission Machine will be the one left standing. Joe says as for tonight he will avenge his Bound For Glory match when he chokes out Bobby Lashley.

Match #5
Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley

After their impressive entrances the two behemoths square off in the middle of the ring. Joe is burning a hole through Lashley, obvious that the loss on TNA’s grandest stage is still a thorn in his side. They lock up and Lashley uses his power to push back Joe, but Joe isn’t going to play that game, and quickly transitions into a go behind with a hammerlock. Lashley patiently looks to get out of it, but Joe applies pressure on the arm and elbow looking to damage it. Lahsley grabs a rope and the ref asks for the break. Joe makes the brak but when Bobby turns gets nailed in the nose by a rabbit punch! Lashley swings but misses a smiling Joe.

Lashley wants to lock up again, but Joe shoots on the leg, bringing down the big man. Lashley covers up as Joe takes full mount and drives in elbow shots. The two separate and Joe quickly gets a fireman’s carry into a back slam, only for Lashley to get to his feet and scoop slam the 290 pounder! Lashley comes off the ropes and hits a clothesline on Joe who rolls out to the floor. Bobby follows him out only to get a side kick to the gut and then his face planted into the steel ring steps! Joe then runs up the steps and hits a flying bulldog on Lashley driving his head into the concrete!

The fans come alive with the vicious move as Joe grabs a chair and sets it up in the corner. He sits Lashley down on it as the crowd sing along with an Ole Ole Kick! BOOM! Joe kicks Bobby in the side of the head forcing the other side into the steel guard rail! Joe looks down at the damage he has done as the ref begins counting. Joe rolls Lashley back into the ring..1..2.. kickout!

Joe brings Lashley to his feet and whips him into the corner and charges in, but eats turnbuckle as the big man moved out of the way. Bobby kicks Joe in the gut and goes for the Dominator, but Joe slides out the back and hits a belly to back suplex! Joe hits a senton 1..2.. kickout! Lashley fights from his knees with big punches to Joe’s gut. Lashley then gets to his feet and as Joe comes off the ropes he is hit with an overdrive slam! Joe gets back to his feet out of instinct and Lashley hits the Powerslam for 1..2.. Kickout!

These two men keep hitting each other with power move after power move. Joe hits a decapitation clothesline, only for Lashley to fire back with one of his own. Joe looks for the Coquina Clutch, but Lashley backs Joe into the corner to break it up. Lashley then lands a big time splash and as Joe stumbles out of the corner Lashley hits the kick to the gut to set up the Dominator. Joe slips out of it turning his body and locking in the clutch. Lashley fights and fights the hold but he eventually drops to one knee. BOOM! Joe is smacked in the back with a forearm shot from Steiner. Lashley is then hit with a t-bone suplex!

Winner: No contest

Steiner stands over both men and locks in the Recliner submission on both of them. He does push ups next to both of them and trash talks them some more before walking off with his music playing and his gigantic arms in the air.

Commercial Break

The commentary team welcome us back and say that because Matt Morgan attacked Shark Boy tonight, there will be a bonus match. Hernandez has asked Cornette for a match after his opponent was taken out.

Match #6
Hernandez vs. Abyss w/ James Mitchell

The commentary team talk about how Hernandez should be careful what he wishes for. Mitchell walks out with his evil laugh leading the monster to the ring. Hernandez come sout pumped ready to go to work! Hernandez looks ready to show the wrestling world he has arrived and attacked Abyss before the bell. The Mexican powerhouse whips Abyss into the ropes and goes for the big shoulder tackle but Abyss knocks him down!!

The monster hits big clubbing blows and whips him into the ropes hitting the big boot. Hernandez regroups on the outside, but this is where Abyss flourishes. However Big Dez runs up the steel steps and flies with a big clothesline knocking down the monster! Hernandez rolls back into the ring and hits the ropes and flies over the top and comes crashing down on the monster again bringing the fans again to their feet! Dez rips off his white singlet and wraps it around Abyss throat. He then sues it to ram the monster’s face into the apron. Dez then smashes the monster with a big clothesline and rolls back itnot he ring playing to the fans and getting them pumped up. Abyss gets back into the ring and Hernandez looks for the irish whip, but it is blocked and reversed. Abyss misses the clothesline and Dez comes off the ropes with a flying forearm smash!

Dez picks up Abyss, but the monster pushes him off and pushes him into the corner nailing a big splash. Then comes the Shock Treatment backbreaker! 1..2.. kickout! Dez tries to pull himself back to his feet via the ropes, Abyss moves in and goozles him. Dez escapes the chokeslam, flips out the side and goes for the scoop slam, but his back gives out! Black Hole Slam! 1..2..3!

Winner: Abyss

Mitchell pulls a leather pouch from underneath the ring and hands it to his charge. The Monster empties the contents all over the canvas revealing broken glass! The ref yells at Abyss trying to make him stop, only to be shoved so violently, he ends up spilling through the ropes and onto the floor with a thud. Abyss grabs Dez by the throat and is about to slam him back first into the sick sharp shards… when The Pope’s music hits and out he sprints with a steel chair in hand.

The Pope last week was a victim of Abyss’ post match attack and is out to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else. Abyss pushes Dez to one side who grabs his throat on the way down. Abyss welcomes the violence as Pope dives under the ropes and swings for the fences with the chair. It smashes Abyss in the shoulder, but the Monster absorbs the shot and so Pope swings again! Abyss swats the chair out of Pope’s hands and then goozles him. Pope though kicks the knee cap and then comes off the ropes with a flying shoulder tackle! Abyss goes down and as he attempts to get to his feet Hernandez is back to his feet and he clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor to a huge pop from the fans. Mitchell is livid and threatens Pope and Dez as the fans are cheering for them getting the better of Abyss tonight!

Backstage we see a split screen of both Kurt Angle and World Champion AJ Styles heading towards ringside!

Commercial Break

We come back from commercial and the commentary team announce that Jim Cornette has made Abyss the fourth man in the Television Championship fatal four way at Final Resolution! West comments that it sounds like the sleazy James Mitchell has got his client a title shot out of all this mayhem he’s been causing...

Main Event
Non-title match
World Champion AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

Angle’s music hits and the fans go crazy. JB is in the ring and he announces the main event. Pyro falls from the sky like a fiery waterfall signalling the arrival of the Phenomenal World Champion. Styles appears through the sparks to a huge ovation from the sold out Impact Zone. Angle’s steel blue eyes are intensely fixed upon the gold belt over Styles’ shoulder. Angle is still seething he is no longer Champion and it is obvious he is no friend of the man who took the belt from him.

Styles gives the belt to the referee and the two men come together in the ring. Eye to eye, Angle and Styles talk about the title and who is the better man. They argue back and forth before Angle slaps the taste out of Styles’ mouth! Shown absolutely no respect, the Champion explodes with big right hands and forearm heavy shots! This is no wrestling match this is a fight!

Angle fires back with lefts and rights of his own, and the technical skills of both men are out the window. The ref tries to get some sort of control and get the men to open up their hands. Angle is able to back Styles into the corner, but AJ fires back with kicks creating space. Styles sprints off the ropes but is caught with an overhead release suplex!!!

Styles flies almost out of the ring. His body hits the ropes and he lands on the back of his head and neck. Angle normally gets up and spins around celebrating such a move, but this time , he goes straight back on the attack. Powerfully pulling the champion to his feet by an arm, Angle looks for the Olympic Slam only for AJ to escape with an arm drag counter. Both men quickly get to their feet but Styles does his trademark drop down into a big time dropkick! Styles just like Angle would usually pose after that move, but it his turn to stay on the attack with a leaping knee drop to the back of Angle’s skull!

Styles then hits a Torture Rack bomb and covers for a 2 count. Not wasting any time he runs up the turnbuckles nailing a frogsplash! But Angle has moved out of the way at the last second. Ankle Lock applied! Styles twists his body to escape it, kicking Angle off him. But Angle falls backwards and his skull bounces off some sort of metal behind the ref’s back! Angle falls straight into a kick to the gut and Styles Clash from the World Champion!

Winner: AJ Styles

And as quickly as it started, the match is over and Styles has his arm raised. But even he looks confused on how easily he won the match. Desmond Wolfe though is at ringside and he has a segment of a steel cage in his hand, and it becomes obvious to Styles that he used it on Angle.

Styles is angry that Wolfe got involved in his match as he wanted to prove to Kurt and himself that he is the best. Wolfe with his eyes on Angle, steps into the ring and starts rolling up his sleeves. Styles gets in his face and the two men begin to argue. Wolfe rolls out of the ring with a big smile on his face putting up his hands saying he’s got no quarrel with Styles. Styles looks to check on Angle but he is attacked from behind now by Daniels!

The Fallen Angel has come out of the crowd and laid out Styles with a forearm shot to the skull. He then locks on the Koji Clutch, allowing Wolfe to slide into the ring and lock Angle in his London Dungeon! Daniels and Wolfe have taken advantage of the egos of Styles and Angle and now are making them pay for it as Impact goes off the air….


[spolier]Eric Young def. D’angelo Dinero
Jay Lethal vs. Hernandez did not commence
Christopher Daniels def. Frankie Kazarian
ODB and Awesome Kong def. Gail Kim and KO Champion Tara
Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley ended in a no contest
Abyss def. Hernandez
World Champion AJ Styles def. Kurt Angle in a non-title match
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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

A Nightmare Review:

Taken a little hiatus from this place but im back so heres a live review.

Daniels promo to kick off the show was awesome! I frickin loved it just everything about it was great. Much better then the one last week (I think it was last week.)

EY vs Pope was alright, Nothing special a nice victory for EY though. Gotta say World Elite just bored the crap out of me back in the day so hopefully you can make me a fan of them. Looking forward to the four way iron man match, Good luck writing that one.

Shark Boy randomly being taken out by Matt Morgan did nothing for me. Shark Boy was always crap and never important plus Morgan is more than double his size, To me at least it meant nothing for the giant to take out Sharky. Poor Sharky though.

Kaz vs Daniels, Going into this episode I thought this would be our main event but I was sadly mistaken. This match seemed too short, None the less it was good for what we got.

Really looking forward to reading Angle vs Wolfe round 2. Loved this feud back in the day and love the way your booking it too.

Knockouts tag match was just...there. I mean it was less then a paragraph long. I wish you made this match longer and gave us a ton more detail for it. But hoping Tara moves onto a feud with Kim or Kong next.

That segment with Raven was brilliant! I even thought he was the one who had jumped and was hanging wow man he is a sick and twisted dude! Wondering how long until Sting reacts to him.

Pope saving Hernandez from being taken out was nice. Abyss in the TV Title match at the PPV? Bit of a surprise I thought this was heading towards Pope vs Abyss in monsters ball or something like that. Wouldn't mind seeing Abyss pick up the victory and win the TV Title.

Main event time here we go Styles vs Angle! Well...that was a big let down. We get a third match tonight either not taking place or ending without a clean finish. I felt this was a bad move to do for the main event, Even more so with this happening for the third time tonight.

Overall a little bummed out by this episode man. You had a ton of PPV build up which was great to see but the matches themselves were let downs and cause of how short they all were this show did not seem like a 2 hour show. Still a fan of your work though so hopefully this was a one time thing.

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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Thanks for the review Nightmare, I have to spread the rep around before dishing you some more. The episode was my attempt at an attitude era type show. Heavy ppv build and teasers towards future shows. I'm not sure why your bummed about the episode, the ppvs are for the big clean matches. I'm not going to give Styles/Angle away for free, but setting up for them down the road. Same goes for Abyss/Pope, monster's ball match you say.. well it's all about building towards it till it gets to that fever pitch. All will be settled at the ppv or new questions posed. That's why people pay for the ppvs and get the storytelling on the free tv. You also hated that I put little effort into the knockouts and yet other reviewers have said "Knockout's meh"... what's a guy to do?

I try to improve my shows by listening to the feedback, but sometimes when you fix it one way for a couple of readers you bum the other ones out haha...
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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Originally Posted by Lariatoh! View Post
Thanks for the review Nightmare, I have to spread the rep around before dishing you some more. The episode was my attempt at an attitude era type show. Heavy ppv build and teasers towards future shows. I'm not sure why your bummed about the episode, the ppvs are for the big clean matches. I'm not going to give Styles/Angle away for free, but setting up for them down the road. Same goes for Abyss/Pope, monster's ball match you say.. well it's all about building towards it till it gets to that fever pitch. All will be settled at the ppv or new questions posed. That's why people pay for the ppvs and get the storytelling on the free tv. You also hated that I put little effort into the knockouts and yet other reviewers have said "Knockout's meh"... what's a guy to do?

I try to improve my shows by listening to the feedback, but sometimes when you fix it one way for a couple of readers you bum the other ones out haha...
Looking back now I realize it was smart to not give away Styles vs Angle for free I was more bummed that it was the main event that never got going instead of the match itself. I know im one of the few on here who enjoy the womens division so I get where your coming from there. Like I said still looking forward to the PPV, It was still a good show overall cause you did a ton of PPV build up.

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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Saturday Night Xplosion PREVIEW

Last week, we saw the debut of an impressive group led by Austin Aries and his cohorts, Roderick Strong and Matt Sydal. The trio definitely made their mark last week when they interrupted the main event and put out both the X-Division Champion, Homicide and the #1 Contender to the X-Division Title, Amazing Red. On this episode of Xplosion, we know that the trio will open the show to address their actions. Surely Homicide and Amazing Red will be listening in intently on why they were attacked last week. You also can't count out the fact that our General Manager, Mick Foley may make an appearance to air his grievances as well.

The heated rivalry between Senshi and TJ Wilson met a boiling point last week when Senshi has Wilson seeing stars after a devastating kick. However, Senshi is in action against Sonjay Dutt tonight but we know that Wilson will be watching backstage. Who knows what can happen as the night progresses, only one way to find out.

Be sure to tune in to find out the current card of Final Resolution and what else may be added.

All this and more on Saturday Night Xplosion!

Austin Aries opens the show
SINGLES MATCH: Senshi vs. Sonjay Dutt

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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Saturday Night Xplosion

The start for Xplosion is a sour one when the video opens to defeaning boos. When the cameras go to ringside, we now see why the boos have reigned down. In the ring stands Austin Aries, along with his cohorts, who did some damage last week, making a statement. They take in the boos being directed at them while Aries can only smirk before addressing the Xplosion crowd.

Aries: Last week, last week was just a taste. A taste of what this group is truly capable of.

The boos continue to reign down on Aries and his stable.

Aries: What we did last week should've made you all happy. The product that this show has been producing has been mediocre. But no more.

Aries seems impressed with himself while we see his cohorts nod in approval.

Aries: Now, a new wave of guys will take over. I have aligned myself with the best of the best here.

He now begins gesturing to his stablemates, introducing them to the crowd.

Aries: Here we have the speedster, the gravity-defying, master of the Shooting Star Press, the aviation nut, Matt Sydal!

Aries lets him have his moment of fame but is ofcourse boo'd by the Xplosion audience.

Aries: And here we have the hard hitting, technical mastermind, the strong man, Roderick Strong!

Now Strong has his moment of fame but is boo'd by the audience unsurprinsingly.

Aries: You see, this group is made up of the best that this company has to offer. With the Greatest Man That Ever Lived, A-Double, Austin Aries at it's helm, there's no denying our success here on Xplosion. So we're officially putting the entire TNA roster, not just Xplosion, but iMPACT as well on notice. Get in our way and you will pay the consequences. We're Generation Next!

As each word gets louder with Aries's tone, the boos get louder if that was even possible.

Aries: And instead of saying we'll be the greatest, most dominant stable that professional wrestling has ever seen, we'll show you. Starting with -

For the first time on Xplosion, the X-Division Champion, Homicide receives some cheers. He walks out from the back with a microphone, not looking impressed at Generation Next. His X-Division Title wrapped around his waist, he paces back and forth on the stage, waiting for his music to die down before addressing Aries and his stablemates.

Homicide: I don't know who da' hell you guys think you are, but you don't just come to ma show and think you run it.

The crowd again pop for Homicide.

Homicide: You gringos attacked me last week, but to prove what huh? You proved nothin' impressive to me or anyone else last week. All you chicos proved was dat you lack a set of cahones homes.

The crowd pop once again but Aries and his cohorts don't look too hot about the words from the X-Division Champion.

Homicide: And you see dis' title? It's never leavin' me. You gonna have ta' kill me ta' get this title away from me chicos.

Pop once more.

Aries: Very funny, champ. Cahones huh? Well why don't you put your cahones where your mouth is and defend the title against me tonight?

Aries smirks after he asks that question to Homicide.

Homicide: Ha-Ha-Ha, and what exactly did ju' do ta' deserve a title shot?

Aries: It's funny you asked that champ. Cause if I remember correctly, I laid you out last week.

The crowd groan at this statement from Aries before Mick Foley makes an appearance on the 'Tron!

Foley: Gentlemen, settle down please. I'm sure everyone is tired of all of your bickering so I'm here to save the day. I can tell you that there will be no X-Division Championship match tonight simply because I don't think you've earned it Aries.

The cameras go to ringside to see a disappointed Aries and the crowd pop a little for Foley.

Foley: But don't get dejected there buddy, there's someone who has dibs on ya tonight. So get ready because in the main event, it's going to be Austin Aries vs. Amazing Red! Have a nice day!

The crowd pops real loud for the announcement from Foley. While in the ring, Generation Next aren't too happy. Homicide is seen nodding his head and raises his title in the air, mouthing off to Aries that tonight isn't his night.


Back from the break, we are greeted by our announce team. Strong and Sydal remain outside as they continue the show with a match.

Borash: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Xplosion! After that huge opening, we're ready for some in-ring action. Alongside me is my partner, The Snowman, Al Snow! And Al, what'd you think of this newly formed stable, Generation Next?

Snow: It's tough to tell JB. They're definitely filled with some great wrestlers and they did some damage last week. But all that remains to be seen. We gotta see more of them, but I wouldn't take them lightly.


Kid Kash menacingly makes his way down the ramp, not looking impressed by Strong or Sydal. He takes his time walking down the ramp looking annoyed by the fans at ringside. He even rips apart a sign a fan made about him which the cameras aren't able to pick up what it says because Kash ripped it up too quickly. Kash goes in the ring and poses for the fans for a quick bit before getting back into his no-nonsense attitude.

Borash: I wouldn't either Al. But we'll get a taste of what they can do when Roderick Strong goes to battle with Kid Kash.

Snow: Kash is no pushover that's for sure. So this'll be a good test for Strong.

Match One
Roderick Strong w/Matt Sydal vs. Kid Kash

Kid Kash doesn't back down from anyone and the numbers game here didn't seem to bother him at all. The match starts with both men jockeying for position before Strong scores a go-behind and plants Kash on the floor. Strong floats over to Kash's head and now has the side headlock applied. This doesn't go over for very long however as Kash gets to a vertical base, using his elbows to maneuver out of the submission. With Strong doubled over, Kash delivers some clubbing blows to the back of Strong. However, Strong isn't taking any of it as he hits with a knee right to the gut of Kash. He then hooks his arms around Kash's head and lifts him up for a vertical suplex, it connects! First pin of the night – 1, 2, KICKOUT!

Strong gets Kash to his feet, whipping him across to the turnbuckles. He then runs full speed ahead and connects with a forearm smash! Before Kash can even recover, Strong continues his attack with some backhand chops! CHOP! WOO! CHOP! WOO! CHOP! WOO! Strong takes a second to pander to the crowd which just gets him more boos. When he goes back to Kash however, he gets poked in the eye. Kash then connects with a dropkick! Both men now down, with Kash looking to take the advantage. The referee begins his count and it's not until a count of 8 when Kash is the first guy up.

The two men exchange right hands but it's Kash who gets the advantage when he delivers a knee to Strong's gut. With Strong doubled over, Kash snapmares him forward and kicks Strong in the back multiple times! The crowd is absolutely loving it! Pin attempt – 1, 2, KICKOUT from Strong! Kash gets Strong to his feet and whips him across the ropes, but Sydal is there to tug on his fellow cohort's leg and drag him out of the ring. The referee goes over to them and gives them a mouthful but Kash has other ideas. He whips himself across the opposite ropes and flies over the top rope! A BANK ROLL FROM KID KASH! He lands on both Strong and Sydal and the crowd cheer Kash on after that move. The referee gets until a count of 6 before Kash gets himself and Strong back in the ring.

Kash again gets Strong to his feet, hooks his arms around Strong's head, lifts him up, he's looking for the brainbuster! But Strong has other plans as he drives his knee to Kash's head. With Kash dazed, Strong lifts him up on his shoulders in a fireman's carry, throws him forward, and Kash lands gut first on Strong's knees! What a finisher by Strong! He goes for the cover – 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Roderick Strong (7:21)

After the match, Sydal enters the ring and the two men raise their arms up in victory much to the chagrin of the Xplosion crowd. They look at Kash who is still rolling around after that devastating finisher from Strong. Strong and Sydal advance on Kash, who was being checked by the referee. They shoo away the referee before Strong gets Kash on his shoulders again, DOUBLE KNEE GUTBUSTER AGAIN! Kash suffers the finisher once more! The duo isn't done yet though, Strong instructs Sydal to climb the turnbuckles and he does. Sydal leaps off the top rope, SHOOTING STAR PRESS! The duo then walk off, looking impressed with what they did garnering a good amount of boos as they walk back up the ramp.

Elsewhere, the cameras pick up the popular duo of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, the Motor City Machine Guns walking backstage, looking to make their way to ringside. They are all smiles as we see the UP NEXT text in the lower left hand corner of the screen.



The theme music of one of the more popular tag teams in TNA ignite the Xplosion crowd as soon as they hear it. The Motor City Machine Guns make their way from behind the curtain to huge cheers. They give us their signature pose at the top of the ramp before going their separate ways to slap hands with the people in the front row. The leap inside the ring only to pose again for the live studio audience. After a moment of posing, Alex Shelley is handed a mic at hand.

Shelley: It's great to be back on...SATURDAY NIGHT XPLOSION!

This gains Shelley some cheap pop from the crowd.

Shelley: Now, we're out here tonight to wrestle any tag team in the back that wants to make a name for themselves. We could sure use the warm-up for our upcoming tag title match at Final Resolution. So come on out here whoever you are. Let's get this going!

The crowd pop at the chance to see the Motor City Machine Guns wrestle tonight. After about 30 seconds, there's still no one who answers the challenge which starts a buzz among the crowd. However.....


The crowd is a little familiar with the theme music that plays but they give little to no reaction, in fact, they throw heat at the sight of Jimmy Yang and Yoshi Tatsu. The cameras go back in the ring to see the 'Guns with all smiles, glad that someone has accepted their challenge. As they walk down the ring however, Jimmy Yang has a mic at hand.

Yang: How noble of you to lay out a challenge like that. I can tell you one thing though, you won't be leaving with the win tonight. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Again the boos reign down on the team of Jimmy Yang and Yoshi Tatsu. Yang looking pleased with himself and Yoshi showing little to no reaction at all.

Match Two
Motor City Machine Guns vs. Jimmy Yang and Yoshi Tatsu

This went just how you would expect it to go. The Guns kept Yang and Yoshi off balance with their tag team moves. But Yang and Yoshi did put up a fight, proving they aren't pushovers. We join the match about four minutes in with Yang in control of Sabin in the middle of the ring in a headlock. Just when it looked like Sabin was making a comeback, Yang re-locks the headlock. When he thinks he has applied enough damage, he snapmares Sabin forward and kicks him in the spine! He instantly tags Yoshi in who comes in running to Sabin and connects with a dropkick right on the kisser! Pin attempt – 1, 2, KICKOUT! Yoshi gets Sabin to a vertical base and whips him to his corner, tagging in Yang once again. Yang goes in and shows us his punching ability, giving us a combo of jabs, body shots, and uppercuts. Yoshi is tagged in again this time.

Again Sabin is snapmared forward by Yoshi. He runs the ropes looking to hit a Shining Wizard! But Sabin falls through and gets up. He ducks a clothesline from Yoshi and bounces off the ropes. Once he bounces off the ropes, double clothesline! Both men with the same thing in mind! The crowd begin to buzz as this is the 'Guns chance to get back in this thing. Yang is tagged in! And so is Shelley! Shelley takes the fight to Yang with some hard rights. He whips Yang off the ropes and connects with a spinning heel kick! Shelley then goes for the Standing Shooting Star Press, it connects! Pin attempt – 1, 2, KICKOUT!

Shelley isn't let down by the cover. He runs over to Yoshi and floors him with a stiff forearm. When Yang gets to a vertical base, Shelley whips him across the ropes, Inverted Atomic Drop! Then here comes Sabin running with a full head of steam with a Dropkick to the knees! Shelley now whips himself across the ropes and floats over Yang with an Inverted STF! Sabin's turn once again, Dropkick right to the jaw of Yang! The crowd pop big time for this move by the 'Guns! The duo then see Yoshi getting to his feet and think of something. Shelley waits for Sabin who whips himself across the ropes, and Shelley back drops Sabin over the top rope, landing on Yoshi, taking him out! Shelley then gets a knocked out Yang to his feet, holds him by the neck, runs the ropes, SLICED BREAD CONNECTS! Here's the pin – 1, 2, 3!

Winner: The Motor City Machine Guns (7:16)

The Xplosion crowd comes alive after the win from the 'Guns. Sabin enters the ring shortly before the referee raises Shelley and Sabin's hands in victory. They each go up a turnbuckle and give us their signature pose before hopping back down and hi-fiving each other on the job well done. The cameras then go backstage with Taryn Terrell for an interview. The lovely Taryn Terrell is then seen ready to conduct an interview with her guest, Kazarian.

Taryn: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest tonight, Kazarian.

Kazarian then pops onto the screen, not looking happy, looking a little dejected if I'm honest.

Taryn: Kazarian, last week on Xplosion, you demanded a shot at Daniels at iMPACT to knock some sense into Daniels, your words not mine. But then you lost on iMPACT, care to share your thoughts?

Kaz's mood doesn't lighten up after the reminder from Taryn there, but he speaks.

Kazarian: Yeah, I know I lost last week but winning wasn't important. The important thing was that I got myself out there. And even if I didn't get the job done, I came damn near close to beating Daniels, which would've meant that I was next in line for AJ's World Title.

A small smirk can now be seen on Kaz's face.

Kazarian: You see Taryn, I think last week, people really took notice of Frankie Kazarian. Not only did he almost pin the #1 Contender to the World Title, but he put everyone on notice. Everyone now knows not to take me lightly. Hell, if you ask me, I should be what this show is about. Me not being on the card again? Please, Foley needs to see the real talent he has on this brand before it's too late.

Before Kaz can continue, the rather unorthodox duo of Paul London and Brian Kendrick appear on screen. They put their arms around Taryn who is trapped between them. Kaz has no idea what's going on and looks frustrated again.

Kazarian: What the hell do you guys think you're doing?

Taryn: I'm thinking we should end the interview here.

London: What? No, no. The interview has just begun.

Paul and Brian laugh before Kaz storms off the set and Taryn finally breaks free of the duo's trap. Paul then takes the mic that has fallen on the ground and speaks.

London: Good news ladies and germs. Next week, you'll see the debut of the Hooliganz in that very ring. So to whoever our opponents may be, GOOD - LUCK

Paul and Brian then share a laugh before the split from the backstage set. The cameras pick up their masks that were seen laid on the floor, before we finally get to commercial.



Back from the break, the cameras are backstage with Consequences Creed in his locker room. He looks to be getting ready to head out as he's filling his gym bag with the contents of his locker. However, we see that the locker door is slammed on Creed's head. When the cameras zoom out, we see it's the work of Jeremy Buck! Who is followed by Max Buck! Generation Me is here! The duo go to work on Creed, throwing him off his locker repeatedly even onto the walls. Jay Lethal now enters the fray, trying to fend off Generation Me but he suffers the same fate as Creed. It's not over until the trainers and referees in the back contain the situation and get Generation Me out of the locker room.

Borash: Seems as though the tag team division is really heating up here on Xplosion.

Snow: Yeah JB, that attack was nothing personal, it was just Generation Me making a statement. I can't blame them for that attack.

Borash: Nonetheless, we continue on with the action. It's time for Senshi vs. Sonjay Dutt!


The unfamiliar theme music of Sonjay Dutt fills the arena. Unbeknowest of who he is, Sonjay does his best to energize the crowd, slapping hands with the people in the front row then leaping into the ring where he poses for the crowd yet again. Some cheers can be heard from the long time TNA fans as they remember Dutt from back in the day.


As soon as the theme music blares through the PA system, boos can be heard but this doesn't seem to bother the psyche of Senshi. The Warrior methodically walks down the ramp, having a mean look on his face, looking all business tonight, or well, every night that is. He enters the ring via the sliding underneath the bottom rope before he stares a hole through his opponent.

Match Three
Sonjay Dutt vs. Senshi

Senshi took the early advantage here but after a sligh mishap, Sonjay took advantage when Senshi missed with a roundhouse kick and was hit with a spinning heel kick. With Sonjay now with the advantage, he pulls out some moves we haven't seen so it wows the crowd a little bit. We join the action about three minutes in with Senshi being whipped to the turnbuckle by Sonjay. He scores with a few rights on Senshi before taking some steps back. He runs at Senshi and connects with a running uppercut on Senshi that floors him, here's the pin – 1, 2, KICKOUT! Sonjay looks at the ref if he got that call right, and he says he did. Sonjay gets Senshi to his feet and slams him hard onto the canvas. Sonjay scales the top rope backwards. He reaches the top and sees if Senshi is still there, he leaps off, Moonsault Double Stomp! It misses! But Sonjay lands on his feet!

With Sonjay findinh his balance, Senshi takes advantage hitting some stiff rights. He then starts with chops connecting to the sternum of Sonjay backing him down to a corner. Senshi drives his shoulders into the gut of Sonjay multiple times. The referee gets to a count of three before he stops but scores with a roundhouse kick right to the side of Sonjay's head! WHAT AN IMPACT! With Sonjay falling to the canvas, Senshi catches him but.....


TJ Wilson makes an apperance! After being kicked in the head by Senshi last week, looks like Wilson is out for revenge. But all he does is stay at the stage with a smile on his face. Senshi catches this and mouths off to TJ, asking him why he's even out there. While Senshi is distracted, Sonjay goes for a rollup on Senshi – 1, 2, 3 – NO! A KICKOUT! Senshi looks incensed by this move from Sonjay. Sonjay tries a clothesline but Senshi ducks underneath it and just roars Sonjay back to the turnbuckle, again connecting with a roundhouse kick! As Sonjay is falling over, Senshi catches him, hooks his leg and head, KI KRUSHER! What a move by Senshi! But he isn't finished yet. He climbs the ropes and when he reaches the top, he looks over to TJ and points at him, he leaps off, WARRIOR'S WAY! DOUBLE FOOT STOMP! Here's the pin – 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Senshi (7:13)

After the match, Senshi looks over to the stage where we see TJ applauding him. This frustrates Senshi even more. TJ is then seen showing the gap between his pointing finger and thumb, indicating that Senshi was this close to losing that match because he took his eyes off his opponent. TJ again applauds Senshi before turning his back, disappearing behind the curtain.

The cameras are then backstage in a locker room where we see Amazing Red doing some last minute stretches. However, he is interrupted by someone. When the cameras zoom out, it's the Xplosion GM, Mick Foley who gets a nice pop. Foley pats Red on the back telling him to go out there and get his revenge after what happened last week. Foley tells Red that he has the utmost confidence in him and gives him the nod of approval. He ends it with saying, “Go get him kid.” Which signals Red to exit his locker room. The last image is of Foley nodding his head looking confident in the kid.


Back from the break, Jeremy Borash and Al Snow recap the events that have happened all through the night. They then hype up the main event, each talking about who they think needs this win more. Their banter is put to an end when one of the competitors in the main event finally make their entrance.


To the loudest boos of the night, out walks Generation Next's leader, Austin Aries. Aries walks out with his cape that says “Greatest Man That Ever Lived”. He confidently makes his way down the ramp, not slapping hands with anyone in the front row. He walks up the steel steps and poses for everyone on the ring apron which only gets him boo'd even louder.


A respectable pop goes up for Amazing Red who flashes his signature pose. He goes to both sides of the ramp to slap hands with the fans before rolling into the ring, staring at Aries. The referee gets in between them which prompts Red to get on the turnbuckle to pose for the fans yet again.


Just when the referee was about to ring the bell for the match to begin, out walks the X-Division Champion, Homicide. Homicide doesn't go down to the ring though, instead, he joins Jeremy Borash and Al Snow on commentary. With Aries and Red both looking at him, Homicide gives his approval for the referee to begin the match.

Main Event
Austin Aries vs. Amazing Red

The two combatants circle the ring numerous times before finally locking it in. However, Red has other ideas. With Aries looking for a lock up, Red hits a kick to the calf of Aries. He does it once more which leads Aries to get frustrated, leaning out between the ropes for the referee to stop Red and his onslaught. He shakes out his calf to make sure he'll be fine. They look to lock up again, but Aries holds Red in the forehead, mocking him since Red can't throw a punch because he's blocked by Aries's hand. Aries laughs at Red, but Red slaps Aries's hand away and hits a back kick to the abdomen of Aries! He then goes about with those calf kicks once more, once, twice, thrice! Aries finally on his knees. Red whips off the ropes, DROPKICK RIGHT ON THE KISSER! First pin attempt of the night – 1, 2, KICKOUT!

Aries rolls out of the ring looking to take a breather. The referee stops Red from going after him, allowing the referee to start the count. Aries shakes off the cobwebs and then begins plotting where he should enter. He enters in the left side of the ring just missing the referee's ten count. The two lock up once again and Aries goes for the go behind and plants Red on the canvas. He spins around Red's body, slapping him in the head just to frustrated Red. He gets off of Red who isn't impressed with what Aries just pulled. With Red advancing, Aries again goes to the outside which angers Red. The referee again tells Red to back off while he starts the count out. Aries is all smiles and doesn't mind. He runs over to the opposite end of where Red is and looks under the ring for a weapon. Homicide stands from his seat at the announce table, checking what Aries has in plan. At the count of six, Red had enough and whipped himself across the ropes and through the second rope, SUICIDE DIVE! BUT NO! ARIES HITS RED WITH A WRENCH!

Winner: Amazing Red by DQ (3:44)

The crowd is dismayed at Aries's actions here. He drops the wrench and gets Red back in the ring. He powerslams him onto the canvas and calls for the cavalry to arrive. Strong and Sydal each come down the ramp with a chair in hand. The boos are defeaning in the arena right now. Aries then tells Strong and Sydal to get Red to his feet and they do so. Aries hooks his arm around Red's neck and lifts him up, BRAINBUSTERRRRR! You can now hear Homicide drop his headset and is now on the stage. Generation Next however, see him and are ready for him if he comes into the ring. Homicide takes his bandana off and slowly walks down the ramp which gets him some cheers.

He was midway down the ring when he stopped, thought for a second, before leaving, not even turning back to try and save Red. When the coast was clear, Aries instructed Strong to put Red's leg between a chair. He then asked Sydal for his chair. The crowd seemingly knows what's coming next. Aries lifts the chair above his head, BAM! He connects with the chair that had Red's leg wrapped around it! He does this one more time! And another! Aries is relentless! Red frantically screams in pain and wiggles around like a fish out of the water. The crowd can only boo Generation Next. While at commentary, there is no words being spoken, just pure silence. Aries then gets his stable out of the ring and they walk up the ramp, while the medical staff and trainers go down to the ring to check on Red. The last image we see on Saturday Night Xplosion is of Aries, Strong, and Sydal with their arms raised on the stage to close the show.


Spoiler for Quick Results:
Roderick Strong w/Matt Sydal def. Kid Kash
The Motor City Machine Guns def. Jimmy Yang and Yoshi Tatsu
Senshi def. Sonjay Dutt
Amazing Red def. Austin Aries via DQ

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