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Learning to break kayfabe
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World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)

Hello all All_Madden here, and I'd like to present to you my version of World Wrestling Entertainment. We are going to begin right where the WWE left off. All the rosters are the same. Pay per view lineups, but I will building up to Money in the Bank PPV, Feedback is greatly appreciated and hopefully you all enjoy my style of booking. Expect drama filled storylines, heart-wrenching promos, and detailed upon detailed matches from a simple lock up to the final pinfall. So without further ado. Let's get started!

WWE Champion: CM Punk (Won at Survivor Series 2011 against Alberto Del Rio)

World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus (Won at Wrestlemania 28 against Daniel Bryan)

WWE United States Championship Santino Marella (Won on RAW against Jack Swagger)

WWE Intercontinental Championship Christian (Won at Over the Limit 2012 against Cody Rhodes)

WWE Divas Championship: Layla (Won at Extreme Rules 2012 against Nikki Bella)

WWE Tag Team Championships: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (Won on RAW against Primo and Epico)

Pay Per View List:

Current: Money in the Bank
August: Summerslam
September: Night of Champions
October: Hell in a Cell
November: Survivor Series
December: TLC: Tables,Ladders,and Chairs
January: Royal Rumble
February: Elimination Chamber
April: Wrestlemania 29 at Metlife Stadium.

Backstory: Leading up to the first RAW under new management by #HEELRaghe, let's provide some backstory on what's currently happening in the WWE, and what to expect on RAW. Triple H appeared at No Way Out, and issued a very firm statement. He wants to face Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Paul Heyman returned yet again to RAW acting as a representative for Brock Lesnar due to the termination of his contract, he stated that the lawsuit will not be revoked, and that Brock Lesnar will not face Hunter at Summerslam, Paul Heyman is advertised for RAW, so what shall we expect? Currently the WWE Champion CM Punk is sitting in comfortable territory as yet again he sucsessfully defended his WWE Championship at No Way Out, and outlasted Kane and Daniel Bryan. A number one contendership match is slated for RAW, but it is not decided on who will participate. Concering Kane, he is still confused on the mindset of AJ, and as viewers, we are also concerned if AJ will threaten the reign of CM Punk leading into Money in the Bank. Time will tell. Daniel Bryan is off to a rough start since No Way Out, losing to Kane recently on Smackdown. Will he retalliate, or will he cool his steam? YES! or No? Chris Jericho is slated to make his return to RAW, he has stated on twitter that good things are to come, will he be hunting down CM Punk yet again? or has he chosen a new target? Concerning the World Heavyweight Championship, Sheamus is red hot, defeating Dolph Ziggler at No Way Out, and yet again on Smackdown. Who will face him at Money in the Bank? And finally Vikkie Gurrero is the guest GM for RAW and Smackdown this week, and we'll have to see what schemes she's into, and what lengths she will go to to maintain Dolph Ziggler as a threat in the WWE Universe. That's all the backstory you guys will know. And tune into RAW, and leave your FEEDBACK!

World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)
Drama Filled Storylines,hear-pounding action,captivating characters.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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<<< RAW- June 24th 2012-Allen County Memorial-Fort Wayne,IN
**Pyro and Theme HIT!**

Michael: Hello WWE Fans, and we're here at the Allen County Memorial, in FORT WAYNE, INDIANA! For Monday Night RAW

**Triple H's Theme Song "Time to Play The Game" HITS**
**Massive POP fills the arena, as Triple H enters the ring**

Triple H: At No Way Out, I issued a statement. A statement that was clear,concise,concrete. It was clear on what I wanted, and I wanted Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Paul Heyman comes the next night on RAW, and says that Brock won't do it, they won't drop the lawsuit, and Brock will sure as hell not fight me at Summerslam. Wow, just wow, I mean Brock Lesnar comes back to the WWE, and he's never here. Yet he has a puppet to come here every week and "represent" him. (Laughs) It's funny, because I thought Brock Lesnar was an ass-kicker, I thought that he was a guy that likes to fight, but clearly his words are being compromised, and to be pretty honest he's a sissy. So I mean I guess its settled, I'm fighting Brock at Summerslam that's a fact ladies and gentlemen. Mark your calenders. That match is going to happen. What you should be worrying about is how I'm going to find Brock Lesnar, not when.

**Brock Lesnar's Theme Song HITS!**
**Boos and POP fill the arena as Paul Heyman enters the ring**

Paul Heyman: Hunter, (laughs) Hunter! Before you promise these fans what we both know wont happen I have a letter from Brock Lesnar! This letter outlines the lawsuit, and to be quiet honest I gave him time to think about the decision to see if he wants to fight you at Summerslam and I quote! "To Hunter: On August 19th 2012, in Los Angeles,California is Summerslam. A night of extravagance, and I hear you want to fight me at Summerslam, how's your arm by the way? Hunter, I wont fight you at Summerslam. Stop begging, and ask Stephanie hows she's doing for me" I..

**Before Paul Heyman can finish Triple H grabs Paul Heyman's face and speaks**

Triple H: Paul, Paul, Paul. You don't get it. I'm fighting Brock Lesnar. It's going to happen at Summerslam. And I will do anything, and I mean anything to get my hands on Brock Lesnar, and you know what Paul? My wife is doing fine, and she talks about you home. She says how you're a narcassistic, egotistical, wrestling wannabee, oh wait, she was talking about Brock Lesnar. She didnt mention you, I wonder why, mainly because no one gives a crap about you Paul.

Paul: SHUT UP, Hunter, SHUT your MOUTH. You're gonna listen to me nice and clear, I can't make this any clearer. Brock Lesnar vs Triple H WILL NOT HAPPEN.

**Paul Heyman slaps Triple H across the face**

Paul(Cont'd): Sincerely: BROCK LESNAR!

**Paul Heyman leaves the ring**
**Triple H is left stunned in the ring, as we go to commercial**


**Sheamus' Theme Song Hits**

Michael: Welcome BACK to Monday Night RAW, as we have Sheamus entering the ring getting ready for some 1 on 1 COMPETITION.

Jerry: Sheamus has been a great champion in recent weeks, and heading into Money in the Bank, he's looking stronger than ever.

**Jack Swagger's Theme Song Hits**

Michael: Jack Swagger, a lonely man since last week on RAW when Vikkie Gurrero decided to focus on just Dolph Ziggler, and now Jack Swagger is left in the dust, so now what? Just win matches, gain notice. Tough Life for the All-American-American

**The match begins and the two men lock-up, Sheamus begins with the advantage by taking Jack Swagger down several times.He repeatedly Irish Whips Swagger to the corner ropes as Swagger drops down to the mat theatrically. Sheamus goes for the pin, but Swagger kicks out at 1. This goes on for several min, as RAW goes to commercial. Following the commercial, Swagger begins to show signs of life, but cutting Sheamus off repeatedly. This also occurs for min, and Sheamus and Swagger trade blows. Sheamus attempts White Noise, as Swagger reverses to a German Suplex. The match reaches it's climax. Sheamus is now in "Comeback" Mode by landing two double axe handles followed by a powerslam. Sheamus halls the crowd getting ready for the Brogue Kick. Dolph Ziggler slips into the ring and performs the "Zig-Zag" on Jack Swagger, as Vikkie Gurrero smiles in approval. The ref witnesses this, as the match ends in DQ, and Sheamus is left stunned at Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler showcases his show-off gimmick to Sheamus, as the lights in the arena turn completely dark. A few seconds later, Chris Jericho's Theme Song Hits, he enters the ring, and the three men perform a segment**

Chris Jericho: I have COME BACK. Chris Jericho has COME BACK. I have COME BACK to Monday Night RAW for one thing. Your World Heavyweight Championship. And Sheamus. I am going to take your World Heavyweight Championship. That's a fact, that's going to happen. Whether its this Friday on Smackdown, or at Money in the Bank, I am going to take your championship, because I, Chris Jericho am the rightful owner, and I have to come to claim back what is mine.

Dolph Ziggler:
Now, I'm a man that feels I am the rightful owner for the World Heavyweight Championship. Sheamus' victory at No Way Out was a fluke. I had a flawless performance, and now that (laughs) well we've cut the dead weight I'm a new man, I'm better than who I was at No Way Out, and Sheamus at Money in the Bank I am coming for your championship. Chris Jericho hasn't proved a damn thing other than losing. He lost at the Royal Rumble while I was screwed. He lost at the Elimination Chamber because he couldn't handle a kick to the face, while I was yet again screwed. And at Wrestlemania he tapped out to CM Punk, while I was on the winning Team Johnny. And at Money in the Bank it's going to be Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Sheamus: Lads, why don't you both just shut your mouths. You both are winey, complaining, and haven't deserved anything at this title. Ziggler do you think I'm scared of you and your Zig Zag, you slipped into the ring like a little girl, ad you expect me to give you a match at Money in the Bank, as if I'm intimidated? No, you see that's not the way this is going to work. Jericho, you think you're a big rock star, leave the WWE come back in flashy lights and try to run a publicity stunt. Look men, I'm going to leave now, and both of you are not getting a match at Money in the Bank.

**Vikkie Guerrero interupts Sheamus and grabs a microphone**

Vikkie: EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME SHEAMUS! (Crowd begins to boo profusely) Excuse me! As the Guest GM for both RAW and Smackdown this week, I will like to showcase the first order of business. Sheamus I don't like you, and I feel that the World Heavyweight Championship should go to a man that is much more deserving, a man that is charismatic, charming, and everyone knows him as the Show Off. That man should be Dolph Ziggler. But you know what, I saw what happened at No Way Out, and you can't fool us Sheamus. So at Money in the Bank, you will defend your World Heavyweight Championship against Dolph Ziggler, and Chris Jericho. Sheamus, one way or another. You're losing your title at Money in the Bank..


Welcome back to Monday Night RAW! And you heard it from Vikkie herself. We have one match slated for Money in the Bank. The World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, will be involved in a Triple Threat Match that included the Show Off Dolph Ziggler, and Chris Jericho!

Boy, Sheamus is being weaved into Vikkie's tricks. And now that decision is final. Hopefully Sheamus can come through the adversity and the odds and win the match!

Michael: Odds? Adversity? You're talking about the World Heavyweight Champion Jerry, Dolph Ziggler is the underdog heading into this match, and I'm sure the lovely Vikkie Gurrero will maximize his potential leading up to Money in the Bank.

**Daniel Bryan's Theme Song Hits! (The Crowd chant YES YES YES throughout the entrance but are aware of his villainous character)**
**He grabs a mic and begins to speak**

Daniel Bryan: People, people of Fort Wayne,Indiana. You are now witnessing the amazing talents of Daniel Bryan. I would like to enlighten all of you on my rise to the WWE Championship hunt. I beat Jerry the King Lawler on RAW, to face CM Punk at Over the Limit. And by some indecisive decision making, CM Punk retained the title, even though I clearly made him TAP OUT! I moved on, and I was inserted into a Triple Threat Match at No Way Out, and what happened? AJ decided to prance around the ring, just like she did at Wrestlemania, and costed me the WWE Championship! So now, it's simple what I want. CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan. 1 on 1 at Money in the Bank. No loose-ends, no managers, no indecisive timekeepers. Just two great.. well one great wrestler battling a champion to claim prominence. Will Daniel Bryan face CM Punk at Money in the Bank? YES! Will Daniel Bryan pin CM Punk? YES! and will Daniel Bryan become the greatest WWE Champion in the history of the WWE? YES! YES!....

**CM Punk's theme song HITS!, grabs a mic and begins to speak(MASSIVE POP FILL THE ARENA)**

CM Punk: NO! NO! NO! You see Daniel Bryan, you're a man of words, wisdom, and your goatface is false advertising for those who think they are going to the zoo, but that's okay because they don't want to see you. You have nothing to offer. You're not the WWE Champion, and the fact that you blame a sweet innocent girl for your loss at Wrestlemania, well maybe you should think it's because you're not as good as you think you are, because you're sure as hell are not as good as me. I am the BEST IN THE WORLD. Ask Chris Jericho, welcome back Jericho. Go ahead ask him, ask him who the BEST in THE WORLD is, and he'll tell you all about Wrestlemania, and Extreme Rules. Ask Alberto Del Rio, he'll tell you all about Survivor Series and TLC, and you sure as hell better ask John Cena cause I whipped his ass at Money in the Bank, and Summerslam. But that's not the point. You see, you want to face me at Money in the Bank, but you've done nothing to rise the ranks, you don't understand that as soon as you lose. You're back at the bottom.. so

**Kane's Theme Song Hits, he escorts with AJ, he enters the ring and grabs a microphone**
**AJ, flirtatiously looks at CM Punk throughout the whole segment as he smiles back**

Kane: Punk, excuse me if I may, but Daniel, I beat you on Smackdown. And I've just word. That tonight. It's me and you in the ring, and whoever wins that match will face CM Punk at Money in the Bank. So can you just stop talking the ever so repeated words.


**The match begins and the two men lockup, Kane begins with the advantage by chopping Daniel Bryan several times. He goes for the pin, but Bryan kicks out at 1. Cole and Lawler speak about the history between the both men leading up to Money in the Bank, highlighting the match at No Way Out. Meanwhile Punk and AJ are watching the match together, and it seems as if Kane has noticed the chemistry that is taking place between Punk and AJ. Bryan takes advantage and attacks Kane. The fans rally behind Kane, as CM Punk and AJ watch on. Daniel Bryan is on the advantage for several min, and goes for the pin but Kane kicks out at 1 and a half. Daniel Bryan watches AJ and Punk caress, and Kane takes advantage of the situation. Now Kane is on the advantage, and it looks as if both Kane and Bryan are somewhat jealous of AJ's attention towards CM Punk. Kane has been on the advantage for a few min, and now Daniel Bryan makes his theatrical comeback. A turnbuckle backflip followed by a clothesline takedown. Daniel Bryan mocks the crowd, as he now attacks Kane in his signature sequence. Giving body shots to Kane's body. Daniel Bryan attempts the Lebell Lock, Kane showcases his strength and reverses the finishing manuever. Kane performs his signature move, and is taunting for his chockslam. He looks around the crowd for approval, and finally sees something that takes him by surprise. CM Punk and AJ begin to kiss, Kane turns around,focusing on the match Daniel Bryan hits him with the roundhouse kicks, locks in the YES Lock, and Kane taps out.** Time of Match: 15:06

*Kane rolls out of the ring in disgust and leaves the arena. CM Punk and AJ hand in hand, roll into the ring and eye Daniel Bryan as the crowd chant in approval**


**Alberto Del Rio's theme song HITS (As the crowd begin to boo)**

**Zach Ryder's theme song hits (Barely any crowd reaction)**

**The match begins as Zach Ryder attacks Del Rio. It looks as if Del Rio and Zach Ryder will have a decent match. As the begin to trade blows back and fourth. Del Rio hits the enzugurri, and hits the cross arm breaker as Zach Ryder taps out** Time of Match: 3:56


CM Punk and AJ are seen holding hands outside of the arena, and roaming the halls. They kiss again and begin a segment:

Punk:AJ, you always knew that I dug crazy chicks, but I think it just took me time to realize how great you really are. And I know that at Money in the Bank you'll be there for me.

AJ: I know I will.

**They kiss, as Kane watches on as the AJ and Punk depart from the arena**


**Heath Slater Theme Song Hits (MASSIVE HEAT FILLS THE ARENA)**

Heath Slater:
HELLO, I'm the one man SOUTHERN ROCK BAND! Aha, WOO! and boy, I've been overlooked for far too long. Insert me in the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and watch me claim greatness. WOO!

**Ric Flair's theme song HITS! (MASSIVE UPON MASSIVE POP fills the arena)**

Michael Cole:OH MY! Guess who has returned to Monday Night Raw. The Nature Boy Ric Flair!

**Ric Flair grabs a microphone and begins to speak**

Ric Flair: WOO! Boy isn't it great to be back! I'm glad that the WWE decided to take me back, because I'm here ladies and gentlemen, and I'm here to help reshape and revolutionize the WWE! And it starts with this.

**Ric Flair takes Heath Slater down and inserts him in the Figure Four Lock, Heath Slater taps repeatedly.**


Dolph Ziggler and Vikkie Gurrero watched the segment as Dolph begins to speak:

Dolph Ziggler: Now that's a man with action. He's going to reshape the WWE, and honestly Vikkie you need to step your game up and if you want to continue representing The Show Off

Vikkie Gurrero:
I literally just handed you a title shot at Money in the Bank, what more do you want Dolph? You dont need to get all dramatic. With Ric Flair back means nothing. He has nothing to offer. Just relax and focus on Money in the Bank.


**Prime Time Players Theme Song Hits as they are accompanied by AW**
**Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel's theme song hits**

**The match begins and Darren Young and Tyson Kidd (The two legal men) lock up. Darren Young begins with the advantage and takes down Tyson Kidd several times.Cole and Lawler emphasize the fact that the Prime Time Players will be facing R-Truth and Kofi Kingston at Money in the Bank for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Darren Young's advantage only lasts for a few min, as Tyson Kidd reverses everything Darren throws at him. Signs of fatigue show as Darren now tags in Titus O'Neal. O'Neal overpowers Tyson Kidd, and goes for the pin but he kicks out at 2. This overpowering lasts for a few min as Tyson Kidd performs his "comeback" moment. The crowd is strongly behind Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. Tyson Kidd and O'Neal knock out each other as the two men are in double down position. The ref begins the count, but as he gets to 8. Tyson Kidd quickly tags in Justin Gabriel. Gabriel highfly's his way into O'Neal attacking his body. Gabriel performs the hot tag with the greatest of ease, and is now in position for his signature manuever. He hits it, and is now on the top rope ready for the 450 splash. Gabriel lines O'Neal up, jumps up and misses it, as O'Neal rolls over. He gets up and hits the lifting spinebuster. Titus pins Gabriel and the match ends.** Time of Match: 11:04

**John Cena's theme song hits (MASSIVE POP)
**He enters the ring and grabs a mic**

John Cena: At No Way Out, something great happened. Something that no one thought would happen. I beat The Big Show in a steel cage, and John Laurinaitis was fired by Mr.McMahon LIVE at the IZOD Center. It was truly a sight to see. And now that we are in the Post People Power Era, and that means that we are driving towards a new presence in the WWE. A new focus, a new ideology, and I can say that I am excited. But I'd like to talk about Money in the Bank. I'm going to do something very controversial. I am going to put my name down for the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match, and I'm going to win that match, and I will yet again become the WWE Champ...

**The Big Show's Theme Song Hits!**

Show: Before you speak Cena, I want you to know that you and 5 other crownies beat me. Not you alone. You needed the help of Mr.Brodus Clay, so if you're gonna be a bigmouth atleast admit it that you escaped the cage, and wasn't even man enough to pin me. Second of all I'd like to say that I am putting my name into the WWE Championship Money in the Bank Match. And Cena not you or any other man in that competition is going to stop me from claiming that briefcase and cashing in my opportunity to become the WWE Champion, and I will have a much longer reign that you ever had back in the day, and sure as hell a greater champion than CM Punk will ever be.

John Cena:
Alright Show, Alright. I'm looking foward to all your smack-talking leading up to Money in the Bank, I'll enjoy it. I mean I probably won't believe a damn thing you say, but hey ever since you knocked me out at Over the Limit, nobody even gives a damn what you say. So good luck Show. Good Luck.

**Big Show attempts the WMD, Cena smiles at him and rolls out of the ring**


World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)
Drama Filled Storylines,hear-pounding action,captivating characters.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)

Sorry for the double posting, wont happen again. I thought there was a rule on word count, so that is why I split it up. Wont happen again though

World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)
Drama Filled Storylines,hear-pounding action,captivating characters.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)

FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN-The Ford Center, Evansville,Indiana
**Pyro and Theme Hit!**

Michael Cole:
Hello WWE Fans, and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown! We are here at The Ford Center in Evansville,Indiana! I'm Michael Cole, joined by my colleagues Booker T, and Josh Matthews

**Sheamus' Theme Song HITS! (Massive POP fill the arena)**
**He grabs a microphone and begins to speak**

This past week on RAW, Vikkie Gurrero said that Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler will compete with me in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Most of you would be confused and why I find this match so exciting. Most of you may be wondering why isn't the Great White afraid? I mean this is quite possibly two chances of me losing my World Heavyweight Championship, but I look at it as 2 chances to whoop people's arses. I mean, this World Heavyweight Championship is going no where. I beat Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania, I defended it at Extreme Rules, defended it in a Fatal Four Way at Over the Limit, and then I absolutely obliterated Dolph Ziggler at No Way Out. Am I a great champion or what? Aha..

**Dolph Ziggler's Theme Song HITS! (Pop and Boos fill the arena)**
**He grabs a microphone and begins to speak**

Dolph Ziggler: Lad, aha. You're more cocky, and confident then the Show Off himself, I gotta hand it to you. I mean I didn't think an Irish, red-haired freak would be as formidable as he thinks he is. I mean that match at No Way Out, showcases nothing of my ability, as that was merely just a sip of the entire bottle. And in 3 weeks at Money in The Bank, the bottle will be empty, and my hand will be raised over your ass as the World Heavyweight Champion. I am too damn good at what I do, and what I do, is steal the show every damn night. You know it. Jericho knows it, and I'm sure as hell the WWE Universe knows it too. I am the greatest performer in this locker room, and I'm sorry if you haven't noticed but I do what the t-shirt says, I back it up every damn night. I...

**The arena turns compeletely dark, and the crowd cheers and boos throughout the arena, Chris Jericho's theme song HITS, and he enters the ring and grabs a microphone**

Chris Jericho: Ziggler, Ziggler, you know nothing about the business my boy, because I steal the show like only I can. I'm the best in the world at everything I do. I prove it, I claim it, I am it. And at Money in the Bank I am going to become the World Heavyweight Champion, and I will solidify myself as the greatest in-ring performer of all time. I mean unlike you two men, I have a life outside of professional wrestling. I'm well rounded, not only do I have dashing good looks, and a bubbly personality, but I'm also a critically acclaimed musician, and the fact that I can steal the show in and out of the ring is much more than evidence that I am the best in the world. But that's okay Ziggler and Sheamus, you guys were not aware of that, and that is why I was here to enlighten you.

**Vikkie Gurrero interrupts the segment and begins to speak**

Vikkie Gurrero: Excuse Me! Excuse Me! Tonight, as my final apperance as Guest GM of both RAW and Smackdown. I'd like to make 3 matches. Excuse Me! Sheamus you will be squaring off against Alberto Del Rio and that's next so I better get prepared. As for the both of you men. Dolph, as I need to stay impartial, and I need to make sure that you trust my capabilities, I put you in a match. Against Kane! And for our Main Event TONIGHT, Chris Jericho you will be squaring off one on one against Daniel Bryan himself! Thank You.

**Vikkie Gurrero leaves the arena, the 3 men stare at each other, as Smackdown goes to commercial.**

**Alberto Del Rio's theme song HITS, Ricardo Rodriguez introduces him, as Alberto Del Rio makes his charismatic entrance**
**He enters the ring, as the match is slated to begin**

**The match begins as the two men lockup. Alberto Del Rio begins with the advantage by hiptossing Sheamus. He goes for the pin, as Sheamus theatrically kicks out at 1. Alberto Del Rio mocks the crowd, as he is confident that he is in control. Cole,Booker T, and Matthews discuss about the concussion Del Rio faced before No Way Out, and whether he was left out on the Money in the Bank WHC Match. While this segment is taking place. Del Rio performs a huricanrana on Sheamus that follows with a pinning combination. Sheamus kicks out at 1.5 and Sheamus is left stunned. This carries out for several min. As we hit the 8 min mark in the match, Sheamus begins to show signs of life as he trades blows with Alberto Del Rio. They both trade shots, as Sheamus culminates with a suplex. He pins Del Rio as he kicks out. Min later Del Rio gets Sheamus in the Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker and he Irish Whips him to the corner ropes. Del Rio hits the Enzugurri, Sheamus dodges it and performs his theatrical "comeback" Two double axe handles, followed by a powerslam. Sheamus then ties Del Rio to the ropes and hits his chest aggresively 10 times, as the fans count with The Great White. Sheamus then halls with the crowd, ready for the Brogue Kick. He hits it, Del Rio dodges it, attempts the Cross ArmBreaker as Sheamus reverses it into "White Noise" he hits the move, as Del Rio is pinned 1.2.3 END OF MATCH** Time of Match: 16:33

Dolph Ziggler and Vikkie Gurrero are speaking backstage.

Dolph Ziggler: Vikkie, are you crazy? Are you literally trying to kill me by putting me in a match against Kane? The man is crazy, and he is going to destroy me in the ring. Vikkie what kind of manager are you?

Vikki Guerrero: I don't know Dolph, what kind of manager do you want me to be? As of right now I am the General Manager of Smackdown tonight, and on RAW you questioned my abilites, my ability to lead. And tonight I'm showing you what kind of leader I am.

AJ is seen roaming the halls as she encounters Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan: AJ, what are you doing here? Like you're a maniac, AJ you cause havoc every week, and you're hurting the wrong people. The people that care about you. Me. Stop this AJ, and I swear to you if you get involved at Money in the Bank when I face CM Punk, oh you will face the consequences AJ.

AJ: And what consequences might those be?

Daniel Bryan: AJ, I'm warning you for your own good, I don't want you to get hurt.

AJ: Of course, you don't Daniel. You're not an obnoxious, egotistical heartless moron, that breaks a girl's a heart because he doesn't know how to win a wrestling match right? You're not one of those people.

**She walks out on Daniel Bryan, as he is left stunned**

**Ryback's Theme Song HITS as the crowd fill the arena with POP**
**Brodus Clay theme Song HITS as the crowd also fill the arena with POP**

**The match begins as the two men lockup. The audience is divided as half the audience are siding with Brodus Clay, while the other half is siding with Ryback. The commentators note that this is indeed the first time that Ryback is met with competition. Ryback is not dominating at all, as Brodus Clay begins with the advantage suplexing Ryback across the ring. He goes for the pin as Ryback kicks out. For several min the two men trade blows. Ryback is on the attack, and shows his superhuman strength as he powerslams Brodus Clay. He performs his signature manuever, before he is cut off by Brodus Clay. Clay attempts the "What The Funk" Ryback catches him and performs his finisher "Shell Shocked" He pins Clay 1.2.3 END OF MATCH. Time of Match: 6:34**

**After the match, Ryback slides under the ring, grabs a steel chair and aggresively attacks Brodus Clay. The audience are no longer siding with Ryback, as boos fill the arena. The Big Show's entrance HITS, he enters the ring and assists Ryback in attacking Brodus Clay. The segment then ends as we are taken to a commercial**

**Cody Rhodes is in the ring, grabs a microphone and begins to speak**

Cody Rhodes:
I, Cody Rhodes would like to make an announcement. I am putting myself in the World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match at Money in the Bank, and I sure as hell am going to win that match, and I feel as if since losing my IC title, I have yet to make an impact here in the WWE, but make no mistake about it, that in 3 weeks I will hold Smackdown in the palm of my hand because I can cash in my opportunity at a title at any given time. And I...

**Damian Sandow's Entrance Hits**
**He enters the ring but before he can speak, Antonio Cesaro's theme song hits, we now have 3 men in the ring with microphones**

Damian Sandow:
Cody, I dont know if you have noticed but I am putting my name in the Money in the Bank Match, and I will prove to these ignoramuses that Damian Sandow, as sophisticated as one might add, that I am also physically able to dominate especially in a ladder match this fourthcoming. Cody, you have no idea in that petite brain of yours that Damian Sandow is going to cause havoc, as an intellect, but also a World Champion. You're Welcome.

Antonio Cesaro:
Both of you, can just cut the crap, because I, Antonio Cesaro am putting my name in the Money in the Bank Match, and I think I am the one that is going to win it. I mean who else is more promising than me. Who else has the physique that I do? Who else has the in-ring ability to be able to compete in a vigorous match. That's me,and in 3 weeks, I'll be the man with the contract.[B]

**Antonio Cesaro rolls out the ring, as Cody Rhodes and Damian Sandow trade shots with one another.**


**Dolph Ziggler's Theme Song HITS as POP and HEAT fill the arena**
**Kane's ENTRANCE hits as HEAT fill the arena**

**The match begins as the two men lock up, Kane begins with the advantage by chopping Dolph Ziggler several times. He goes for the pin but Dolph Ziggler kicks out at 1. Kane whips Ziggler before suplexing him. Ziggler looks hurt, but continues. The commentators mention about the triple threat match that is slated to take place at Money in the Bank and while this happens, Kane continues to be on the attack. This occurs for several min, before Ziggler begins to show signs of life, Kane attempts his signature manuever before Ziggler drop kicks him. Both men are down, Ziggler quickly gets back up and goes for the pin, but Kane kicks out. Min later, Ziggler is now on the attack and he is demolishing Kane, this all culminates with the Fame-Asser. He goes for the pin. 1...2... KICK OUT! Kane kicks out of the signature move, as Ziggler does not know what to do to beat Kane. Kane chops Ziggler, and is in comeback mode. He culminates this with his Sidewalk Slam, and is getting ready for the chokeslam, Ziggler reverses this move, whips Kane, and then performs the Zig Zag, and pins. 1...2..3 END OF MATCH. Time of Match: 14:10**

Michael: Our MAIN EVENT is coming NEXT as we have Chris Jericho taking on Daniel Bryan!

**Chris Jericho's Theme Song HITS as HEAT fills the arena**
**Daniel Bryan's Theme Song HITS as fans chant YES! Throughout his entrance**

**The match begins as the two men lockup, AJ is sitting ringside watching the match and this distracts Daniel Bryan. Chris Jericho takes advantage of this and attacks him. He goes for the pin but Daniel Bryan kicks out. The commentators speak about Jericho and Bryan's history with CM Punk and the several TV matches that both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have had throughout the year. Chris Jericho is now looking to be dominating the entire match, AJ watches on and now gets up from her seat and is now cheering on Chris Jericho. Bryan is heavily distracted as Chris Jericho is feeding off the energy. This lasts several min before Daniel Bryan begins to show signs of life. He trades blows with Jericho, Daniel Bryan whips Jericho and hits him with a quick suplex. Daniel Bryan is now the man with the advantage and the man on the attack, this lasts several min, before Jericho cuts him off and begins his comeback. He attacks Bryan's legs, goes for the Walls of Jericho, Bryan reverses, attempts his signature manuever. Chris Jericho kicks Jericho in the face, and attempts the Lionsault.He hits it, and now Jericho is in full position for the Walls of Jericho. He locks it in, as Bryan reaches for the ropes. He goes to AJ's side of the ring. AJ slaps him, as the ref cannot see it. Bryan grabs the ropes. Jericho lets go, and is now halling and mocking the crowd getting ready for the Codebreaker. He attempts the Codebreaker, Bryan reverses and hits his signature maneuver with multiple body shots to Jericho. He locks in the YES Lock. AJ sits back down. Daniel Bryan looks AJ directly in the eye and we get a great camera look as Daniel Bryan shouts YES! as AJ chants NO!. This goes back and fourth. Ziggler slips into the ring and Zig-Zag's Chris Jericho, breaking the YES Lock! and ending the match into DQ. Bryan left stunned. Time of Match :19:07**


World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)
Drama Filled Storylines,hear-pounding action,captivating characters.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)

WWE RAW-Laredo,Texas-Laredo Energy Arena
**Pyro and Theme Hit!**
Michael: Hello WWE Fans, we are live tonight in Laredo,Texas! A sold out crowd here at the Laredo Energy Arena gearing up for Monday Night RAW

**Brock Lesnar's Theme Song HITS!**
**He enters the ring with POP and Heat filling the arena**
**He grabs a microphone and begins to speak**

Brock Lesnar: I'm going to make this quick and simple. At Summerslam, I am not fighting Triple H, Who the hell does he think he is? I mean, I'm Brock Lesnar, and the fact that Triple H and his WWE Brass didnt follow suit to the terms of the contract, well we got a lawsuit on our hands don't we Paul? Look Hunter, I gave the WWE a chance, I really did, I came back after Wrestlemania and you screwed me. I signed a new contract where Monday Night RAW: Starring Brock Lesnar would take effect. Did It? Yeah for one night, before I locked a kimura on your ass, that left you sidelined. But you're the game! You're the cerebral assasin, so you have no problems getting back to full strength. Who held on to your balls, was it Stephanie, or Vince? Look all jokes aside Hunter, I'm making it clear, that at Summerslam you don't want to fight me, and you can make me the poster boy, go ahead, kiss my ass Hunter. Doesn't mean we're gonna fight.

**Triple H's Theme Song Hits, enters the ring, grabs a microphone and begins to speak**

Triple H: Brock, since when did you turn soft? The moment you entered this company, you wanted to be an ass-kicker. But now you're grabbing Paul Heyman's balls, and letting him do your work. Why can't you be a man Brock? Why can't you man up to me, that you're scared of the King of Kings. Just admit it, and I'll let it pass, I'll find another opponent, who will take that big paycheck for Summerslam. 'Cause you can't proclaim that you're the best Brock, if you're scared to fight anybody. Look, maybe I became a business man, and I decided what's good for business. I'm sure if you ask CM Punk, or the Undertaker that I do what's right for business. CM Punk opened his mouth, and I beat his ass. That was good for business. The streak is a brand, and it needed to live. That was good for business. But you Brock? I think putting a sledge hammer to your face, followed by a pedigree on that Announcer's table right there is good for business. So what do you say Brock? Me, You.. Summerslam?
***Triple H lets out a hand, it looks as if Brock Lesnar lets out a hand, Triple H kicks him in the gut, and hits a Pedigree***

Triple H(Cont'd): I'll see you and Heyman, at Summerslam.


Michael: We have a great show tonight, John Cena battles Kane, Daniel Bryan battles Christian, Dolph Ziggler battles Jack Swagger, and our Main Event tonight, Chris Jericho battles CM Punk.

**John Cena's theme song HITS**
**Kane's theme song HITS!**

**The match begins as the two men lock up, Kane begins with the advantage by chopping Cena several times.Kane goes for the pin, but Cena kicks out at 1. Kane irish whips Cena as they begin the routine, shoulder block, as Kane ranges from the ropes, and Cena jumps over him. Cena attempts a suplex, Kane blocks it, and hits the suplex masterfully. He goes for a pinning combination and Cena yet again kicks out. This happens for several min, later Cena begins to show signs of life, Kane and Cena trade shots, and Cena begins to gain some energy from the crowd, he looks back at Kane and is chopped. Kane attacks Cena viciously, and this continues as RAW goes to commercial. Kane has Cena down in a headlock, Cena reverses it, and begins his theatrical comeback. Two flying shoulder blocks, followed by a spin out powerbomb. Cena looks at the crowd, smiles and hits the five knuckle shuffle. He taunts Kane for the AA, soon Big Show's theme song HITS! Cena is distracted Kane gets up, and hits his signature move the Sidewalk Slam. He goes for the pin but Cena kicks out at 2.5. He gets Cena up, Cena reverses it into an AA, Cena looks at Big Show. Hits the AA and pins. 1.2.3. END OF MATCH, Big Show enters the ring, Cena tries attempting an AA on Show, Show reverses it and hits a Chockslam, as he leaves the ring.** TIME OF MATCH: 13:33

BACKSTAGE: Teddy Long and Ric Flair
Teddy Long:
Welcome Back to the WWE back playa! As guest GM for both RAW and Smackdown I'd like to personally welcome you back to the WWE.

Ric Flair: WOO! I came for one reason, and most of you will see it once time passes. But for now, to be apart of the WWE Universe again! WOO it's a great feeling.

Teddy Long: Well hey, I gotta run but I'll see you soon?
**Teddy Long leaves, as Dolph Ziggler enters**
Dolph Ziggler: Hey Ric, you wanted to see me?

Ric Flair: I did son, you don't need to be with Vikkie Gurrero, I am a legend son, I can take you places you have never been before WOO! Only if you let me manage you.

Dolph Ziggler: I don't know man, we'll see what happens. If Vikkie screws up again. Let's talk.

Ric Flair: I'll look forward to it son.

BACK AT RINGSIDE: Michael Cole, Jerry the King Lawler

Michael: The Money in the Bank Particpants for the WWE Championship has been chosen. John Cena, The Big Show,Kane,Sin Cara, AND Ryback. Should be an exciting match.

Jerry The King: You bet! Now we got Daniel Bryan taking on the IC Champion himself! Christian!

**Daniel Bryan's Theme Song Hits, as cheers and boos fill the arena**
**Christian's Theme Song Hits as cheers fill the arena**

**The match begins as the two men lock up, Christian begins with his show off mentality, displaying great in-ring work at the beginning of the match. He suplexes Daniel Bryan and goes for the pinning combination as Bryan easily kicks out at 1. Christian is still on the attack, as he whips Bryan to the opposite rope, Bryan falls theatrically, and Christian ties him to the ropes, causing pain to Bryan. Christian slips out of the ring and slaps Bryan across the face. VINTAGE CHRISTIAN! This lasts for several min, before Bryan begins to show signs of life, Christian cuts it off by attacking the injured legs that Bryan has sustained throughout the match. Christian goes for the pin, but Bryan yet again kicks out, Bryan is now in comeback mode, a turnbuckle backflip followed by a clothesline takedown. He mocks the crowd, locks in the YES Lock! and Christian taps out! END OF MATCH. ** Time of Match: 14:10

**Daniel Bryan grabs a microphone and begins to speak**

Daniel Bryan: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! I, Daniel Bryan have defeated the IC Champion Christian, and at Money in the Bank it will all culminate with my win over CM Punk! Do you people actually think that Punk is going to retain his title against me? Are you people joking? Let me take you back to Over the Limit, where Punk TAPPED OUT after I applied the YES LOCK, what does that tell you? Your savior, your anti-hero, is merely a joke that is going to get his ass handed to him at Money in the Bank. And I promise that at Money in the Bank I will become the new WWE Champion!

**CM Punk's Theme Song HITS, he enters the ring hand in hand with AJ**

CM Punk: You got a big mouth for a small man. I mean I know you're small, I asked AJ. Aha, Bryan you may think that you're going to win the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, but I know, and the entire WWE Universe are sure as hell that over my dead body will you take my championship. I won this championship at Survivor Series, and I have overcame the odds to maintain it. Royal Rumble against Ziggler, the EC Chamber, a TLC match. I proved to everyone that this kid can hang, and at Money in the Bank, I will prove to you why you will never become WWE Champion.

Daniel Bryan: Look I'm not jealous that you took AJ, I mean I know exactly what to expect from her, and you'll see at Money in the Bank the amount of havoc she will cause you, and the amount of you troubles she will put you through. But unlike you, I'm smart, and I moved on, and now I am set to become the WWE Champion.

**Daniel Bryan sidekicks CM Punk, AJ attends to Punk, while Bryan rolls out the ring screaming YES! YES! YES!**[/B]


Heath Slater: The WWE Universe, has been looking down on me for FAR too Long, and at Money in the Bank, I will put every opponent into irrelevancy. Because Heath Slater said so!

**Stone Cold's Entrance Hits (EXTREME POP)**

**The two men lock up, Slater hits a few shots, Stone Cold hits the spinebuster, then finally with a Stone Cold stunner, and pins..1...2..3... END OF MATCH** Time of Match:1:30**

**Dolph Ziggler's Theme Song**
**Jack Swagger's Theme Song**

**The match begins as the two men lock up, Dolph Ziggler begins with the advantage using his collegiate wrestling ability. This lasts several min, Ziggler performing takedowns after takedowns. He goes for the pin but Swagger easily kicks out. Ziggler continues to take the advantage as it looks like Swagger is hopeless. Cole and Lawler commentate about Swagger and Ziggler's tag team history as Ziggler hits a perfect drop kick. He goes for the pin but yet again Swagger kicks out. Ziggler goes for the sleeper hold, Swagger reverses this, and it looks as if Swagger is showing signs of life before Ziggler stops him dead on his tracks. He goes for the Fame-Asser, Swagger reverses into a roll up, as Ziggler kicks out. Swagger performs his comeback, and it all culminates with the Swagger Bomb, he goes to the middle rope, attempts the Swagger Bomb, but misfires, as Ziggler rolls away. Ziggler hits the Fame-Asser on the dizzy Swagger, but Swagger kicks out at 2 Ziggler becomes frustrated Swagger goes for the roll up, but Ziggler kicks out. Ziggler hits the Zig-Zag, and pins Swagger.1..2...3 END OF MATCH** Time of Match: 15:45

BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold and CM Punk

Stone Cold:
Punk, I wish you luck tonight in the main event, but more importantly Money in the Bank. Bryan is one hell of a talent, and you're gonna need to give a hell of a performance to beat him.

CM Punk: Aha, I'm sorry Austin, but the last time I checked your opinion doesn't matter here anymore. I will beat Daniel Bryan at MITB, but I swear to god, if you end up being the WWE GM, then we are going to have a serious problem.

Stone Cold: What? (The crowd laughs)

**CM Punk shakes his head and walks out**

**Chris Jericho's Theme Song**
**CM Punk's Theme Song with AJ**

**The match begins as the two men lockup, CM Punk begins with the early advantage using his mixed martial arts incorporated into this match. Jericho has seen it before, as Cole and Lawler commentate about their Wrestlemania match. Jericho looks to be on the receiving end of a Punk ass-kicking, as Punk continues to beat down Jericho. This lasts for several min, as Jericho begins to show some signs of life late in the match. He trades blows with Punk, attempts the Walls of Jericho, but it was easily returned by CM Punk. Jericho hits a clothesline, and now Jericho is on the attack. He attacks Punk for several min, and hits the Walls of Jericho, Punk desperately looking for the ropes. Daniel Bryan's theme song hits, he sits near commentary laughing at Punk's misfortunes. Punk uses this as motivation, he finds the ropes, as Jericho lets go as the Ref begins to count, Jericho attempts the Codebreaker, he misses, Punk is now in his comeback. A calf kick, followed by a clothesline, followed by an arm-trap neckbreaker. CM Punk then goes to the top rope and pays tribute to Randy Savage with the elbow drop. He is about to Jericho to sleep, Jericho counters Punk to the ropes. Jericho runs to Punk, Punk dodges, and hits the running high knee followed by a bull dog, he gets Jericho up attempts the GTS, Jericho counters into a Codebreaker and pins..1..2..3.. END OF MATCH**Time of Match :17:10

**Daniel Bryan enters the ring as CM Punk is down.and kicks him in the head, CM Punk is down, and Daniel Bryan locks in the YES Lock, AJ runs in defense. Daniel Bryan looks at AJ while he has CM Punk in the YES lock, and is chanting YES throughout the entire arena. Daniel Bryan lets go, and grabs the WWE Championship. He climbs to the top rope and poses for the fans as RAW comes to a close.**


World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)
Drama Filled Storylines,hear-pounding action,captivating characters.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)


1)CM Punk(c) vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship

2)Sheamus(c) vs Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship

3)John Cena vs Big Show vs Ryback vs Sin Cara vs Kane vs TBD for the WWE Championship Money in the Bank Match

4)Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Antonio Cesaro vs TBD vs TBD vs TBD for the World Heavyweight Money in the Bank Match

World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)
Drama Filled Storylines,hear-pounding action,captivating characters.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)

Love what your doing 4 out of 5

RATER R Superstar
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