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Re: WCW: 1998

WCW Nitro Preview!

Nitro will be live, Monday at 8pm on TNT, from the Superdome in New Orleans.

Last week's carry over:
Goldberg and The Giant were beating eachother to a bloody pulp after Nitro went off the air last week. Tonight, the two apparently want a match, but JJ Dillon won't be at the show, so will Eric Bischoff allow it?

Bret Hart wants some of the n.W.o.:
Bret Hart wants to challenge Curt Hennig to a match, will the Perfect One respond just 6 days before Souled Out?

Tag Team Number One Contenders decided yet?
After weeks of stalling, there will finally be a match between the Steiners and Harlem Heat to see who will face the Outsiders at Souled Out. Who will emerge victorious?

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are starting a new stable, will they be adding any new members? Is DDP an option after seeing how much influence the "pack" has?

Confirmed Matches:
Lex Luger vs Steven Regal
Saturn vs Eddie Guerrero
Kidman vs Rey Mysterio Jr. for Number One Contendership to the Cruiserweight Title
Harlem Heat vs The Steiner Brothers for Number One Contendership to the Tag Team Titles

To find out all this and more, be sure to tune it at 8pm, on TNT!


WCW 1998: be the booker

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Re: WCW: 1998

WCW Monday Nitro
January 19th 1998
Live from The Superdome in New Orleans Louisiana!

Tony Schiavone: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining us, just like you do every other week. WCW is live and here on TNT! Last week, we saw the return of a Giant, the announcement of the World Title Match at Souled Out, and it ended with an explosive bang.

Mike Tenay: That’s right, Tony, but as we all know despite Goldberg and Giant beating each other to bloody pulps after Nitro went off the air, they are both here tonight!

Tony Schiavone: And from what I understand, Professor, they want a one-on-one match, TONIGHT on WCW Monday Nitro!

Mike Tenay: Well Tony, right now we have what is supposed to be a one on one match, but I am sure that The Flock will make sure it is not.

First Match: Eddy Guerrero vs Saturn (with The Flock) Raven slouches into his usual spot in the corner, while Mortis and Kidman stand on the apron. Saturn and Guerrero circle, but Eddy repeatedly darts past Saturn into the empty corners to avoid a beat down by the Flock. Saturn catches Guerrero’s arm and does an arm drag followed by an elbow drop. Saturn then gives boots to Eddy’s midsection. Saturn then looks to Raven for approval, but receives a rollup from Guerrero. Saturn kicks out at 2, but Raven shakes his head at his minion in disgust. Guerrero gets the match in his favor with a drop kick and a few big knee drops to Saturn’s skull. Eddy heads up to the top rope after a picture perfect suplex and goes for the Frog Splash. Guerrero looks down at Raven, Kidman and Mortis with a look of utter fear. Guerrero sheepishly dives out for the Frog Splash, but misses when Saturn rolls out of the way. Saturn backs into his corner to recover with his Flock mates. Raven pushes Saturn into the center of the ring, and tells him not to rest. Saturn is pleading with Raven. Guerrero hits a double knee back breaker on Saturn and goes for the pin. The referee reaches two before Kidman comes off the top rope seemingly out of nowhere, crushing Eddy and Saturn.
Winner: Eddy Guerrero, via D.Q.
Time: 5:36


As the Flock again beats down Guerrero, The Horsemen sprint to the ring to save him. Benoit is in ring gear, but his two stable mates are in dress shirts and pants. Benoit grabs a handful of Raven’s hair and pulls him off Eddy. Benoit hits a snap suplex, but as he lands Mortis hits a splash onto the Canadian Crippler. Flair and Malenko battle to the floor with Kidman and Saturn, and Guerrero is knocked out in the center of the ring. The Flock takes advantage of their numbers and beat down The Horsemen.

*Buff Daddy*

Buff Bagwell explodes down the ramp and starts to take Flock members down left and right. The Horsemen can only stare in disbelief as Bagwell hits a double Buff Blockbuster on Saturn and Kidman. Bagwell struts and flexes as the Flock flees the ring.


Curt Hennig is “Perfect”

Gene Okerlund is standing by with Curt Hennig, and the Former United States Champion is his normal nonchalant self. Okerlund starts to speak but Hennig cuts him off.

Curt Hennig: Don’t care Gene, I really don’t. I only have one thing to say, and that is Diamond Dallas Page will be in a world of hurt come Sunday. At Souled Out, I am going to tear you apart limb from limb, and then I will pin you, 1, 2, 3. Page, I am perfection. I am the best technical wrestler in the world, and I have beaten them all. You’re talented Page, but if you take your eyes off the prize for one second, Curt Hennig will snatch it from you. At Souled Out, The U.S. Title will be mine again.

Gene just looks at the camera awkwardly as Hennig spits his gum high into the air and smacks it toward the camera.

“Mean” Gene Okerlund: Well, Tony and Mike, you heard it here. Curt Hennig doesn’t think DDP has a chance this Sunday at Souled Out. I guess only time will tell.

Back in the arena, Tony and Mike play up Hennig being a jerk. The participants for the next match enter the arena while Tony babbles incoherently.

Second Match: “The Total Package” Lex Luger vs Steven Regal. Regal carries Luger through the match, and plays the heel role well. Regal dominates the early parts of the bout, and eventually gets the business end of a clothesline from Luger. Luger psyches himself up and starts to punch away at Regal. Luger throws Regal off the ropes and delivers a beautiful scoop slam. Luger then flexes toward the crowd. Miss Elizabeth emerges from the back and stands on the apron. She just watches Luger. Luger picks up Regal and again scoop slams the Englishman. Luger then flexes towards Elizabeth, who blushes at the attention given to her by Luger. Luger lifts Regal up for the Torture Rack, and is parading him around the ring. Regal refuses to tap, and the ref calls for the bell via TKO.
Winner: Lex Luger
Time: 7:10

Luger sets down Regal and calls for Liz to come to the ring. Liz looks awkwardly behind her and then toward the crowd, like she is scanning for “Macho Man” Randy Savage. She apparently decides that the coast is clear and strolls toward the ringside area. She reaches the apron and looks lovingly at Luger. Luger takes a step toward her, when suddenly he is drilled from behind. It’s Randy Savage! The “Macho Man” is beating Luger with a lead pipe. He then sets the pipe on Luger’s chest and spins around in the ring, waving his hands at the crowd. Elizabeth tries to check on Luger, but Savage cuts her off, grabs her by the arm and drags her from the ring as medical personnel tend to Luger.

Backstage: “Mean” Gene is back, this time to interview “Lionheart” Chris Jericho.

Gene Okerlund: “Chris Jericho, I am going to ask you the question everyone wants to know. Do y-“

Chris Jericho: “Why yes, Gene, I do condition. That’s why my hair is so gorgeous and golden! But to why I am really here, This Sunday I will be beating down Disco Inferno for the Television Title. Goldberg isn’t even a concern to me. I am the Future of Professional Wrestling, and the most athletic SUPERSTAR in WCW history!”

Gene Okerlund: “but what about Goldberg? This is a three way dance, Mister Jericho!”

Chris Jericho: “Mister? You really are getting senile. Did some of your brain matter escape when all your hair fell out? Or did it erode from lack of protection on top of that dome? Goldberg isn’t even a concern... I will walk out of Souled Out; the Television Champion!”

Gene Okerlund: “Now you listen to me, Jericho! I am sick o-“

Jericho is clearly agitated by Okerlund’s frustration. Okerlund has been interrupted so many times, he can’t even properly do his job, but Jericho doesn’t seem to care.

Chris Jericho: “uh… no, I will not listen”

Jericho holds a hand up to Gene’s face, telling him to shut up and simply walks out of the frame, leaving Okerlund fuming.


Back from commercial, and Mike and Tony hype the upcoming Cruiserweight Match for the Number One Contendership of the Cruiserweight Title.

Third Match: Kidman vs Rey Mysterio jr. This is easily the match of the night. Kidman starts out in control, using his slight size advantage to overpower Rey. Mysterio attempts a Hurricanrana, but is caught by Kidman. Kidman powerbombs Mysterio and goes for a quick pin, but a kick out at 2. Rey is able to roll to the floor and tries to regain his breath. Kidman hurries to the ropes and dives down to the floor. Both competitors are down on the floor. The ref starts a count, and Kidman and Rey brawl near the announce table. Kidman bounces Rey’s head off the announce table and goes to smash his skull into the ring post. Rey throws himself to the floor to avoid Kidman’s assault. Rey then hits a drop toe hold and slides into the ring. The refs count reaches 8, as Kidman gets up unto the apron and breaks the plane of the ropes. The ref stops his count and Kidman drops down to the floor again. Kidman circles the ring, looking for a place to enter uncontested. Rey is blocking his entrance well, so Kidman has to fight his way in, or lose his chance at Championship Gold. Rey and Kidman trade punches, each staggering their opponent more than the last. Kidman and Rey both nail hay makers. Kidman drops Rey, and looks like he is going to take control, but the punch took his last ounce of strength and he collapses onto Rey. The ref starts a count, but Rey kicks out at 2 and ½. Kidman gathers enough power to climb to the top rope, and is preparing for the Seven Year Itch. He leaps high into the air, and comes down hard onto Rey, but Mysterio is too close to the ropes and gets his foot onto the rope to break the count. Kidman argues momentarily with the referee over the result, but this is enough time for Rey to get to his feet. Rey comes off the ropes and catches Kidman from behind with a bulldog. Mysterio goes for the pin, but Kidman kicks out at 1, and the two men begin to exchange blows again. Rey ducks a wild haymaker by Kidman and delivers a basement dropkick to the knee of Kidman. Rey then hits a leg drop bulldog. Mysterio is out of gas, and gets to his feet and climbs to the top rope. Mysterio looks uneasy as he stands on the top rope, and awaits Kidman to stand. Kidman gets up and turns around into a cross body by Mysterio, but the two roll into a pin. Kidman is on top, but Mysterio hooks the leg and head and rolls into a pin of his own. The two trade quick reversals, neither gaining more than a 1 count. Kidman releases Mysterio and the two hop up quickly. Mysterio comes off the ropes and is drilled by a Kidman clothesline. Kidman locks on a sleeper hold and the two slowly make their way to the mat. Rey is all the way down, struggling to stay awake. The referee lifts Rey’s arm into the air and lets go. Rey’s hand hits the mat. The referee repeats the process, and again Rey’s hand slams to the mat. One more time, Rey’s hand is lifted into the air, and at the last second Rey holds his hand up. He fights his way to his feet, and wraps his arms, over his head, around the head of Kidman and delivers a cutter. Kidman releases sleeper. Rey stands Kidman up, and nails him with punches to the midsection, and eventually tosses Kidman into the corner. Rey gets Billy to the top rope and delivers a Hurricanrana to the center of the ring, and then goes to the apron, hops the ropes and lands a springboard leg drop. Rey Mysterio pins Billy Kidman, and finally there is no kick out.
Winner: Rey Mysterio
Time: 16:45

Tony Schiavone: What a match we just saw, Professor! Rey Mysterio just won the Number One Contendership from Billy Kidman, and will face Eddy Guerrero at Souled Out!

Mike Tenay:
That match was a match of the year candidate, Tony! Kidman, despite his affiliation with the Flock, is an incredible competitor.

Tony Schiavone: But I think Raven is happy that Kidman didn’t win because The Flock will need all their members to take on the Horsemen at Souled Out!

Mike Tenay: Especially with the earlier dissention between Raven and Saturn.


Backstage, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are making their way to the ring!

Third Match: The Steiner Brothers vs Harlem Heat for the Number One Contendership of the Tag Team Titles. Shortly after this match starts, The Outsiders come down to the ringside area, and pull up chairs. The Tag Team Champs mock their opponents. In the ring, Scott Steiner and Booker T do the bulk of the work in the ring, neither team really gaining a big upper hand. Harlem Heat finally isolates Scott, and it appears that Harlem Heat has the upper hand, until Kevin Nash enters the ring. He delivers a big boot to the face of Booker T. Scott Hall drags Stevie Ray down to the floor, and Steiners join in beating down Harlem Heat.
Winners: Harlem Heat
Time: 5:47

The Outsiders and The Steiners are apparently all on the same team, as the Wolfpack “Howl” goes off and the four men raise their hands to the sky.

Tony Schiavone: Well, it looks like Kevin Nash’s Wolfpack just gained two new members!

Mike Tenay: Apparently being a part of this group was more important to the Steiner Brothers than winning a Championship.

Tony Schiavone: So, I can only assume that Kevin Nash has some big plans for this. God help us.

Backstage: Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are sitting in an office.

Eric Bischoff: Well, Hollywood, JJ Dillon isn’t here tonight… So I get to run the show. Doing a pretty good job, so far, I must say.

Hollywood Hogan: Yeah, sure E. Hey, E… are we worried about Big Kev and Scott? They seem to have a lot of momentum…

Eric Bischoff: Hogan, you have to worry about Sting and Bret Hart, forget the Outsiders. The Outsiders aren’t even on the n.W.o.’s radar.

Hollywood Hogan: Listen, Brother. I have the World Title Match in the bag at Souled Out. Don’t worry about that. You just have to make sure all the precautions are in place to keep The “Wolfpack” out of my hair.

Bischoff looks concerned, but doesn’t want Hogan to know he doesn’t have a plan. Goldberg barges into the office.

Goldberg: I hear you’re in charge, Bischoff. I want the Giant. Give me the Giant!

Bischoff is snapped out of his worried stare, and focuses on the task at hand.

Eric Bischoff: Bill, you want Giant… He is all yours, but do me a favor, yeah?

Goldberg turns his head sideways and stares intently at Hogan and Bischoff. He could clearly rip off both their heads, and his intensity just oozes out of every inch of him.

Eric Bischoff: Don’t kill the poor guy, we will need him at Souled Out.

Goldberg: I make no promises.

With that, Goldberg breezes out the door.

Eric Bischoff: Well, Hollywood, looks like you and I will have to make a promise for him. We’re going ringside for the Main Event tonight.

and Nitro fades to….


Back from commercial, and Ric Flair, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko are talking with Buff Bagwell. Ric Flair looks as excited as can be.

Ric Flair: Wooooooooooo The Horsemen, riding high! We’ve got some of the greatest wrestlers in the world right now woooooooooo right here!!!

Buff Bagwell: I can’t even begin to thank you for the opportunity to help you guys. The Horsemen are wrestling history, and Ric Flair, you are a legend!

Ric Flair: Buff Daddy! Wooooooo You and The Rabid Wolverine and the Iceman are going to give the Flock an ass kicking!

Chris Benoit: All I need is for you guys to clear the way, and Raven’s ass is mine.

Ric Flair: Chris Benoit! Wooooooooo you got it!

We cut back to the ring area, as Tony and Mike discuss the card for Souled Out.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Sting © vs Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan
United States Title Match: Diamond Dallas Page © vs Curt Hennig
Television Title Match: Disco Inferno © vs Chris Jericho vs Goldberg
Tag Team Titles Match: The Outsiders vs Harlem Heat
Grudge Match: The Flock (Raven, Saturn, Kidman, Mortis) vs The Four Horsemen (Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Buff Bagwell)
And just added: Grudge Match: “The Total Package” Lex Luger vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage

*Hitman in the House*

Bret Hart makes his way to the ring. The Hitman looks focused, and the crowd is rabid for the Excellence of Execution. Hart grabs a mic.

Bret Hart: I really don’t have much to say. I think most of you know that I do my talking in this ring, and I will face anyone, anywhere, anytime. That is why I am issuing a challenge. Curt Hennig, Sunday at Souled Out I am going to beat your n.W.o. buddy, Hollywood Hogan. Tonight, I am going to beat you. So come on down, if you’re man enough.

*One Crazed Anarchist*

Curt Hennig isn’t the one coming out, it’s Chris Jericho!

Chris Jericho: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime you say? How about Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs “Lionheart” Chris Jericho, in a battle of Amazing Canadians? Better yet, we should tag, no?

Bret Hart: Jericho, you are an amazing talent, and I would love to wrestle you in front of this crowd, right here in New Orleans Louisiana!

Chris Jericho: Cheap pop, from the “best there eve blah blah blah”? Weak sauce Hart. Are we doing this or not? Get a ref out here!”

Fourth Match: Chris Jericho vs Bret Hart. Jericho receives a hip toss as he enters the ring, and Hart kicks away at Jericho’s ribs. Hart picks Lionheart up by his hair and gives him a suplex. Jericho rolls to the floor and backs down the entrance ramp. The ref counts towards ten as Jericho looks back at Hart and smiles. Jericho is talking trash, even though Hart dominated the 25 seconds he was in the ring. Jericho slowly walks back toward the ring and circles. Hart cuts off every turn for Jericho and the Lionheart gets frustrated. Jericho tells the ref to make Hart allow him into the ring. Jericho enters, and Hart sarcastically waves him into the center. The two test the other’s strength. Jericho ends up with his hands contorted, almost as much as his face. Hart takes Jericho to his knees and delivers a stiff shot to the chest. Hart poses toward the crowd. Jericho grabs Hart by the ankles and tries to dump him onto his back but Hart is just too strong for Jericho. The Lionheart quickly rolls to the apron and onto the floor for a second time. This time Hart doesn’t want to mess around and follows Jericho to the floor. Jericho sprints at Hart and delivers a dropkick and kicks Hart as he is down on the ground. Jericho steps on Hart’s abdomen and flexes. The referee’s count has reached 7 as Jericho makes his way back into the ring. Hart slowly gets up and is clearly dazed. He slides into the ring at 9 3/4. Jericho again starts to lose his cool. He yells at the referee and says that he protests the outcome! Hart slowly walks up behind the Lionheart and taps him on the shoulder. Jericho tells him that he is busy, and goes back to arguing with the Referee. Hart taps harder, and Jericho turns to shout at Hart, but receives a massive right hand, a kick to the midsection and a piledriver. Hart locks Jericho into the Sharpshooter, and Jericho argues with the ref as he checks on him. ‘’I should have won!” he screams as he furiously taps.
Winner: Bret Hart
Time: 9:35

Jericho gets to his knees and continues to yell at the referee as Hart’s music fills the arena, and we cut to a


Tony Schiavone: Ladies and Gentleman, this has been one of the greatest nights in WCW Monday Nitro history! Kidman and Rey Mysterio tore the house down, Bret Hart taught that punk, Chris Jericho a lesson, and now we have what is sure to be an explosive main event!

Mike Tenay: Surely, by the end of the night, either Goldberg or The Giant will be left a mangled mess.

Tony Schiavone: Or better yet, what if BOTH men, destroy eachother? Mean Gene? I understand you are backstage with one of the participants.

Backstage: Gene is all by himself, and he looks pissed.

Gene Okerlund: Fella’s don’t even come to me, I can’t get an interview in with anyone! Every question I ask, I get interrupted. I swear, I don’t need this job! I am longtime, close personal friends, with EVERYONE! Why am I stuck here interviewing wrestlers? Who the heck cares if Chris Jericho conditions? I surely don’t!

Tony Schiavone: Looks like Gene isn’t quite doing his job…

Gene Okerlund: Shove it, Schiavone!

Mike Tenay: Guys, guys, guys… its time!

*Voodoo Child*

Hollywood Hogan enters to a chorus of boos. Eric Bischoff follows him, and bows down to the immortal as he flexes to the searing crowd. Bischoff comes down and sits at the announce table, and puts on a headset, while Hogan stands near the table and watches the ring intently.


The Giant enters first, and he has a gash on his forehead. Hogan comes and shakes his hand as he enters the ring. Hogan walks toward the entrance ramp, and stops randomly, looks down and picks up one of the lights. He slowly walks, light in his hand, toward the entrance.


Goldberg’s music hits, and the crowd erupts. Hogan is waiting for Goldberg and he is apparently going to clock him with this light. The Giant looks intently. Suddenly the music stops. The ring bell sounds, and there is a loud thud. The camera was focused on Hogan as the thud occurred and he turns around to be face-to-face with Sting. The camera shows Goldberg is in the ring, having speared The Giant, and Hogan turns to run to the backstage area. He turns, directly into Bret Hart, who wags a finger at Hogan. Hogan turns around and is nailed in the gut with a bat shot from Sting. Hart and Sting stare intently at each other, Sting nods slowly, and turns his back on Hart to watch Goldberg in action.

Fifth Match: Goldberg vs The Giant. The Giant is already on the mat, and Goldberg picks him up slowly and scoop slams the 500 lb monster. He comes off the ropes and delivers an awkward elbow to Giant, who rolls out of the way. The elbow of Goldberg smashes to the mat, and Giant hops up quickly and attacks. Goldberg can’t escape the open hand slaps of Giant, but he seems to shrug off every one of them as quickly as they happen. Goldberg finally catches one of Giant’s hands and is able to wrap him in a Bear hug. Goldberg slightly lifts Giant and drives him onto his back. Goldberg delivers some massive rights to Giant’s already gashed head, and the blood begins to pour. Goldberg stands the Giant back up and goes for a second spear, but Giant sidestepped it. Giant goes for a Chokeslam, and nails it. Goldberg shakes as he makes impact, as if he were in spasm. Giant starts to go for a pin, but decides that he needs to make a point. He stands the Beast up and delivers a second Chokeslam. Still unsatisfied, Giant stands Goldberg up, and lifts him high in the air for a third Chokeslam, but Goldberg slides off Giants arm and ends up behind him. He wraps his arms around Giant’s waist and delivers a German Suplex. Goldberg rolls through to his feet, and stalks Giant. He waits for him to stand and delivers a massive spear. Goldberg doesn’t mess around and goes for a pin, but Giant kicks out at 2. Goldberg sees only one way out of this. He goes for the Jackhammer. He gets the Giant up, but the weight seems to be too much, and Goldberg struggles. He can’t turn the 500lb monster over, and The Giant falls directly on top of Goldberg. The ref starts a pin count, and Goldberg furiously tosses Giant off of him. He stands up and growls loudly. The crowd oohs and ahs, and the camera show that Hart and Sting have started to brawl on the entrance ramp. Chris Jericho and Disco Inferno both come out of the back and attack Goldberg. The two rivals save the Giant from the Beast.
Winner: Goldberg via DQ.
Time: 6:15

Goldberg can’t fight off three men, and Bischoff sells that the n.W.o. will regain the TV, US and World titles at Souled out. Hennig will beat DDP, Hogan will beat Sting and Hart, because they can’t avoid beating each other up, and Jericho will beat Disco and Goldberg.
Jericho and Giant finish beating down Goldberg, and Jericho decides he doesn’t need Disco Inferno anymore and feeds him to the Giant for a Chokeslam.

Nitro goes off the air, with Goldberg slowly getting to his feet, while Hart and Sting destroy each other all over the arena as Hogan, Jericho, and the Giant smile at the havoc they caused


WCW 1998: be the booker

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Re: WCW: 1998

Originally Posted by ProWrestlingInsider.com
Hulk Hogan expresses displeasure with the ending to Souled Out!
Just days before the big showdown between Sting, Bret Hart, and "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan for the WCW Title, Hogan has thrown a fit with the ending of the match. Hogan, who has a stipulation in his contract regarding 'creative control', is vowing to re-write the ending himself; if Eric Bischoff and Co. can't find a way to fix the issue. It is unclear what Hogan's issue is, or what it might mean for the Pay-Per-View this Sunday.

Sting and Bret Hart were both apparently ready to move forward with a 'backup plan' if Hogan was unwilling to waive his creative clause. This will be Bret Hart's first PPV match in WCW, and Sting's first title defense. With the overall state of WCW being in disarray after the Starrcade debacle, Bischoff needs to find a miracle cure for what ails WCW, and fast.
Originally Posted by DirtSheetTalk.net
WCW to review roster, big changes expected
Eric Bischoff, Ted Turner, and several others are looking into roster alterations after Souled Out. Easy E has given several less utilized members 'warnings' but nothing is finalized. WCW is looking to cut payroll, especially with the addition of Bret Hart's contract. WCW is also positioning themselves should anyone from WWF become available. Ted Turner's deep pockets have helped fuel WCW's revival, but Turner's brass don't want to spend excess amounts of money, if it isn't necessary.

The group has already given the ax to WCW Thunder, which was to debut January 8th on TBS. Lack of writing staff, and a massice roster payroll led to Turner and Co. pushing back the date, and eventually nixing the project entirely. Bischoff has stated in interviews that WCW will have to pony up to compete, and Ted has been more than willing. Even with the success of the nWo angle, the WWF and WCW have gotten on more equal footing in recent weeks, and it is about time for a shake up. WCW is moving in the right directions, limiting the impact of nWo, and possibly creating a new heel faction, "The Wolfpack".

Vince McMahon stated that he is afraid of WCW 'poaching' his talent, and that he thinks WWF is better suited in today's violent 'video game oriented' culture. Ted Turner and Time Warner disagree, siting WCW's rough and raunchy image set the stage for current WWF storylines.


WCW 1998: be the booker

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Re: WCW: 1998

Souled Out Preview

Tomorrow night is WCW's first pay-per-view of the year, and with the rumors being posted, there could be a few issues on the horizon.

Originally Posted by ProWrestlingInsider.com
Scott Hall no shows two house shows.
Seems Razor Ramon has fallen off the wagon. Hall was scheduled to appear at house shows in Ohio Wednesday and Friday night, preparing for the Tag Team Titles match against Harlem Heat at Souled Out. Kevin Nash was apparently distressed over the outcome of their match, and now it appears that the result has changed.
WCW added the Steiners to the Wolfpack as it became apparent that Hall was not reliable as a wrestler on a day to day basis. It remains to be seen what will become of Hall, as his whereabouts are still unknown.
Eric Bischoff discusses the Souled Out card on Talk Wrestling Radio this week
Vice President of WCW, Eric Bischoff talked with TWR Friday afternoon, and discussed the Bret Hart signing, calling it "a big step for WCW." Bischoff also discussed potential layoffs. "There will be roster cuts, production cuts, but it will all be trimming of fat. There is alot of untapped resources, just sitting around not providing anything to our product. We are also looking at a way to add the money necessary to move forward with a secondary program. Thunder is still a big possibility, but it would require a better allocation of resources. We have done a great job of fixing our issues, and expect an announcement sometime next week regarding our roster, programming, and production crew."

Card is finalized!
Despite the Scott Hall debacle, WCW has announced the official card, following Friday night's show in Englewood, Ohio.

The Flock (Raven, Saturn, Kidman, Mortis) vs The Four Horsemen (Buff Bagwell, Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko)

"The Total Package" Lex Luger vs "Macho Man" Randy Savage (with Miss Elizabeth)

WCW Cruiserweight Championship:
Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Rey Mysterio jr,

WCW United States Championship:
Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs "Perfect" Curt Hennig

WCW Tag Team Championship:
The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall*) (c) vs Harlem Heat (Stevie Ray and Booker T)

WCW Television Championship:
Disco Inferno (c) vs "Lionheart" Chris Jericho vs Goldberg

WCW World Heavyweight Championship:
Sting (c) vs "Hollywood" Hogan vs Bret "The Hitman" Hart

*-If Hall is still m.i.a., either Scott or Rick Steiner will take his place.


WCW 1998: be the booker

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Re: WCW: 1998

WCW Souled Out
January 24th 1998
Live, on PPV, from Trotwood, Ohio


Tony Schiavone: Well folks, tonight is the night! WCW’s landscape will surely change after this evening!

Mike Tenay: We have 8 explosive matches coming your way, fans. WCW is the best wrestling promotion in the world, and tonight WCW will prove why.

“The Total Package’’ Lex Luger vs “Macho Man’’ Randy Savage (with Elizabeth).
Savage is filled with rage as the bell rings, and he starts with kicks and punches to the midsection of Lex. Luger doubles over in pain, and is kicked harder with his every attempt to get back to an upright position. Savage grabs a handful of Luger’s hair and bounces his head off the turnbuckle. Savage starts to punch away at the head of Luger. Luger blocks one big, wild haymaker and tries to punch back but Savage gives a quick shoulder block to Lex, and backs away from Luger, leaving The Total Package standing in the corner. Savage takes a 5 step run at Luger and crushes him into the corner. Luger collapses to the mat, and lays motionless face first on the mat.

Miss Elizabeth is slapping her hands on the mat, but it is not clear if she is cheering on her longtime husband, Randy Savage or Lex Luger. Savage yells for her to shut up as he puts his knee into Lugers back and cups his hands under the chin of Lex. Luger stretches his leg toward the ropes, but he is just out of reach. Liz continues to clap her hands together and shout words of encouragement. Macho Man snaps at her again, telling her to shut her trap! Luger is groaning in awkward pain, and he is having a hard time breathing. Savage stands up slightly and slams his knee hard into Lugers back, and the Lex Express screams in pain. Elizabeth stands on the apron and calls for Savage. Savage stands, and faces Liz. Savage yells at Miss Elizabeth, saying that he will deal with her when he is done with Luger. Luger stands up slowly, and tries to regain his senses. Savage comes at him hard and Luger ducks. Macho Man comes off the ropes and Lex is able to deliver a stiff elbow to the chest of Savage. Luger falls to his knees and tries to find a way to gain the upper hand. Luger, still from his knees, punches at the head and chest of Savage. Luger doesn’t want to let Savage to his feet, and the Macho Man is rolling violently, looking for an opening. Luger gets to his feet, and delivers a quick elbow to Savage, who writhes in pain. Luger looks toward Liz for approval, but this proves fatal as Savage hurries to his knees and delivers a low blow to Luger. Savage stands up, holding his abdomen. He spits on Luger and tells him to stay the hell away from his wife.

Savage drops down to the floor and grabs a chair. He hops back into the ring. The ref is checking on Luger, who is claiming the low blow. Savage waves his hands to the crowd, egging on a mixed reaction. Savage holds the chair high over his head and is about to come down onto Luger, when Liz grabs the chair and yanks it from her husband. The ref hears the argument between Elizabeth and Savage and turns to see Elizabeth holding the chair. The now on his knees Luger looks on in confusion as Savage disappears from the foray in the ring. Luger pleads with Liz, asking why she has the chair… is she trying to screw him? The ref warns her of a disqualification. Suddenly, Liz closes her eyes and flinches. There is a loud, metallic thud and Luger hits the ground. Savage stands over Luger, chair in hand, and points at The Total Package. Savage holds the chair to Luger’s throat and begins to choke him with the back of it.

Elizabeth enters the ring, chair still in hand. Savage calls for her to smack Luger in his chest and head. She holds the chair high in the air. Luger gasps feverishly. Elizabeth closes her eyes and swings as hard as she can, whacking Savage right in the back of the skull. Savage hits his face on the legs of the chair and collapses next to Luger. Liz looks at both men, and slowly backs out of the ring. What have I done?
This Match has been declared a No Contest
Time: 10:13
Star rating: * ½

Backstage: Hollywood Hogan is interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund.

Mean Gene: Hollywood Hogan, you are in a match tonight, for the World Title. What will be your strategy against Bret “Hitman” Hart and WCW Champion, Sting.

Hogan: Well, Mean Gene, I’m going to let those two beat each other up, and then I’ll pick up the pieces. I’m smart, I’m an icon, and I’m bringing my trump cards.

Mean Gene: And who might that be?

Hogan: You’ll see. Oh, you’ll see

Hogan smiles widely as he walks out of camera frame.

Mean Gene: Well Tony, you heard it here. Hogan is confident, and he has something up his sleve!
Tony Schiavone: I hope Sting and Hart have a plan as well, Mike, because the last thing WCW needs is to lose their top belt back to the n.W.o.

Mike Tenay: Both are phenomenal competitors, so I’m sure they have a plan. Now, it’s Cruiserweight Championship time, Tony!

Tony Schiavone: This is sure to be a fantastic match.

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio jr.
Eddie and Rey slap hands at the bell rings, and the two friends circle each other slowly. Eddie lunges forward, but right before he reaches the grasps of Rey, he backs up slightly. Rey misses on a wild haymaker, which seems to rile Eddie up. Eddie and Rey slowly lock hands, and engage in a short battle for positioning. Eddie’s size advantage allows him to force Rey backwards. Rey’s feet remain on the ground, but he is bent all the way backwards so his knees are bent, and his upper-body is parallel with the mat. Eddie quickly releases the move, and in one motion delivers an elbow drop to the midsection. Eddie smiles, and quickly puts Mysterio into an arm bar. Rey flips forward, to take the pressure off of his shoulder. Not to be outdone, Eddie twists Rey’s arm twice more, and then forces him forward, flipping him head over heels. Rey lands square on his backside, and Eddie applies a textbook sleeper hold. Rey is able to quickly get to his feet and delivers a back body drop to Guerrero followed by a standing senton. Rey waits for Eddie to get himself into a seated position, and the high flyer delivers a basement drop kick to the back of Guerrero. Eddie screams in pain. His body was awkwardly forced forward and he clutches his chest area. Rey stands up Eddie and wrenches his arm behind his back. Rey tries to bounce Eddie off the ropes, but Eddie holds on to them, as Mysterio attempts a dropkick, landing square on his back.

Guerrero continues to clutch his chest. He smiles again, and waves his arms out to his side, egging on the crowd. Rey is slow to his feet and Guerrero is ready for him with several punches to the midsection. He gives a stiff kick to the gut, and goes for a power bomb. Mysterio is able to reverse into a Hurricanrana. Eddie is quick to kick out of the ensuing pin attempt. Mysterio comes off the ropes, jumps over Eddie, and then delivers a perfect bulldog to the champion, coming off the opposite ropes. Rey goes quickly, as he can, to the top ropes. He attempts a moonsault on Guerrero, but Eddie got his knees up, causing Rey to roll toward the apron in pain. Eddie hops to his feet, and again smiles at the crowd, who seem to really love the athleticism. Eddie points to the sky. He hooks Rey in a suplex position, and delivers a beautifully devastating suplex. He twists his hips, rolls to his feet, and never having released Rey, hits a second suplex. Tenay and Schiavone sell how he has been doing this for years in Mexico, so Rey should have been able to scout it out.

After the impact of the second suplex, Eddie rolls his hips, extending his legs far over the head of Mysterio as he attempts to roll, but Rey is able to use his free arm to grab the ankle of Eddie and rolls it into a quick pin. Eddie kicks out at 2, and he is heated as he gets to his feet. He is quick to his Mysterio with a drop kick, and for the fourth time smiles widely at Mysterio. He walks slowly over to the motionless Rey, and kicks him in the face, shoulder, arm, midsection, and legs all down his left side, working his way from head to toe. He then grabs the legs, and hits a knee drop to the groin. The crowd boo’s Guerrero’s heelish tactic against his ‘’friend.’’ He then wrenches the knee of Mysterio and walks around the ring, rolling his wrists at his sides. The crowd begins to really boo, but Eddie doesn’t care, he feels like a star.

Eddie grabs Mysterio by his mask and stands him up. He has a fistful of the back of the mask of Mysterio as he looks toward the crowd and chuckles. His opponent is out on his feet, held up only by the hand of Guerrero. Eddie reaches his arm far back and prepares to strike Rey. Rey is able to use both arms to block the punch, and grabbing the wrists of the Champion, slides between his legs. He hits a double kneed back breaker on Eddie, followed by a spinning leg drop. Mysterio has been grounded most of the match, and he is ready to fly. He picks up Guerrero and leads him to the ropes. Rey bounces Eddie off the far ropes, hops to the top rope, and hits a whisper in the wind, on charging Guerrero. Eddie falls perfectly, and Rey heads to the apron. Eddie is slow to his feet, but is apparently paying close attention to where he is in the ring. As he stands, Rey attempts a springboard cross body, but Guerrero ducks. Rey lands on his feet, but his momentum carries him into the far ropes and he receives a massive spinning elbow from Guerrero. Guerrero heads up to the top ropes and delivers a Frog Splash onto Rey. The ref counts out the 3 count, which Eddie counts with his fingers along with the ref.
Winner, and still WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Eddie Guerrero
Time: 13:15
Star Rating: ***

Backstage: Mean Gene interviews Bret “Hitman” Hart.

Mean Gene: I’m here with Bret Hart, tonight, Hitman, you have a match against WCW Champion Sting, and Hollywood Hogan. What is your plan tonight?

Bret Hart: Gene, you know I’m a guy who keeps my promises. I may not win, but I promise Hulk Hogan won’t. This is a two man race.

Mean Gene: What about the n.W.o.? Aren’t they a concern?

Bret Hart: I am The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be. If, Degenerates up north don’t scare me, why would a cheap, watered down version of en-dubbya-oh will scare the Hitman? Tonight, either Sting or Me, but not Hogan. Guaranteed.

WCW United States Championship Match: Diamond Dallas Page vs Curt Hennig.
Hennig comes out first, n.W.o. music blaring on the P.A. system. Hennig is followed closely by Eric Bischoff.

*Self High Five*

Page’s music hits, but the United States Champion is nowhere to be seen. Hennig and Bischoff stare down the ramp, looking for Page to emerge from the entrance ramp. His music stops abruptly. Bischoff grabs a microphone and looks overly confident as he smiles toward the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: “Well… DDP isn’t man enough to show up to face Curt Hennig. Page, you have about 15 seconds to get in this ring, or you will be giving up your US title, to your scheduled opponent, Curt Hennig! 15….14….13….12…. Wow, Page you must not want to keep that belt! Where was I? 10…9….’’

‘’yo! It’s me! It’s me! It’s D…D…P….”

Page emerges from the crowd. The camera searches for him, showing the concern on Bischoff’s face for a few seconds before Page is shown, among the people.

Page: ‘’I just had to run out here, because you sent you crony, The Giant to my dressing room to take me out, but he didn’t know that I was in the same dressing room as….”

In the ring, Bischoff says ‘please not Goldberg…’as Page pauses and looks around to his people as he trots to the ring, through the crowd.

Page: ‘’Goldberg! So The Giant was a little distracted, and I slipped out the door, and come out here to defend my strap!”

Page is now in the ring. He walks up to Hennig, mouthing away from the mic. Bischoff goes to hit Page, but DDP catches his arm, and twists him into a diamond cutter! The bell rings, and Page goes hard after Hennig. Hennig is stunned that he will have to wrestle, and Page takes advantage. Page pummels Hennig with vicious right hands to the face, and chest area. Page tosses Hennig off the ropes, and delivers a back body drop to the Perfect One. Hennig sells his pain, grabbing his lower back, as Schiavone and Tenay run down Hennig’s history of back surgery and injuries. Page goes right back to work on the lower back of Hennig, delivering a hard knee to the base of the Perfect Spine. Hennig rolls onto his back, and is holding his hips high in the air, still grasping his back. Page quickly delivers a brutal elbow to the neck of Hennig, and goes for a pin, Hennig kicks out at 1. The Perfect One rolls to his knees.

Page comes toward Hennig, but is met with a shoulder block in the stomach. He doubles over in pain and gets a hard uppercut to the face. Page staggers away. Page calms himself, and collects his senses. He turns around to come hard at Hennig, but is met with a few textbook punches to the face. Page staggers into the corner and is getting a mud hole stomped into him. Hennig gets Page to the mat, seated in the corner. He puts a knee to the Champions throat and the ref counts to stop the hold. At 4, Hennig releases and the ref grabs him by the shoulder. Hennig tosses the ref, turns around and crushes Page’s face with a boot to the nose. Page slouches in the corner. Hennig is still chewing on his gum, and returns to his nonchalant posture as he moseys over to DDP.
Hennig does his patented snap kicks to Page and forces him to squirm. Page has nowhere to go. He tries to block the kicks, but Hennig is just too strong. Hennig, finally satisfied with the damage he has done, stands Page up, and delivers a textbook belly-to-belly suplex. Page flies across the ring, and Hennig smiles at his accomplishment. Hennig slowly rolls towards Page and goes for the cover. Surely, Page is done, he couldn’t even stand under his own power, BEFORE the suplex.

NO! Page kicks out at the last possible second. Schiavone is dying on the announce table, as the things coming from his mouth can barely be described as “words.” Tenay and Schiavone both started to proclaim a new champion, until the ref finally holds two fingers high. Hennig is distraught, but know that he must continue the fight. Page rolls to his side, leaving his ribcage and chest open to the onslaught. Hennig blasts Page once directly in the ribs, and Page recoils in pain. Hennig tenses his leg for a second punt-like kick to Page’s midsection, but Page is ready this time. The Champ snatches Hennig’s leg and rolls away from him, causing The Perfect One to roll over Page, and onto his chest. Page then locks his legs around Hennig’s leg and twists his ankle. Hennig’s arms are already at the ropes, and he grabs on quickly. Page releases the hold, and is the first to his feet.
Page is staggering around, trying to regain his senses. Hennig sees an opportunity and runs at Page, looking for a clothesline. Page ducks, and Hennig comes off the ropes. DDP catches the lunging Hennig with a massive lariat of his own! Page is beyond exhausted as the two hit the mat. The United States Champion is the first to his feet. Instead of go for a cover, DDP wants a little revenge. He stands Hennig up and starts to punch away at his neck and head. Page then tosses Hennig to the floor. Page slides slowly out of the ring, and follows Hennig, who staggers around the far side, looking to catch his breath. Page turns Hennig around, looking to punch him, but is met with a quick boot the gut. Hennig then bounces Page’s head off the barricade several times. Page collapses to his knees, head resting against the cold steel separating the fans and the wrestlers. Hennig takes a two step run, and knees Page as hard as he can. Page collapses. Hennig tosses DDP back into the ring, and goes for the pin.

No! Again, Page is resilient. The US Champ has some fight left in him. Hennig wants this over. He yells a few obscenities toward the ref, and head to the top rope. Hennig spits his gum out, and swats it toward the crowd. Hennig waits for Page to stand, and looks like a flying clothesline is his weapon of choice. At 6 foot 3, 260 lbs, Curt Hennig is no small man, but as he leaps high into the air, he looks as graceful as a cruiserweight. The fans ohh and aah at Hennig’s altitude. Page takes advantage of Hennig’s uneccesarily high leap, and does something that shocks the fans beyond belief. Page nails a Diamond Cutter to the Perfect Curt Hennig. Hennig convulses on the mat. Page stands up, surprised almost. He holds his hands high in the air, making the Diamond Cutter sign! The pin is academic. Diamond Dallas Page just wowed the fans with the most innovative Diamond Cutter to date.
Winner, and still WCW United States Champion: Diamond Dallas Page
Time: 15:21
Star Rating: **3/4

Backstage: Mean Gene finds Sting.

Mean Gene: Sting.. Sting… can I have a word?

Sting just stares at Gene. Okerlund is startled by the intensity of Sting.

Mean Gene: Tonight, Hollywood Hogan and Bret Hart gun for your title, any concern about the match up?

Sting doesn’t speak, he takes a deep breath and stares into the camera. He is beyond intense, causing Gene to back away.

Mean Gene: uh, back to you guys…

Schiavone and Tenay hype the next match up, while for a second Gene is shown staring at Sting.

Grudge Match: The Flock vs The Four Horsemen.
The first portion of this match is Chris Benoit, being his normal self, trying to take on the whole Flock by himself. Five minutes into the match, Ric Flair, Dean Malenko and Buff Bagwell watch as Benoit is decimated by Mortis and Saturn. Raven sits, with his legs dangling off the side of the ring, and his back against the ropes. Flair drops down to the floor and goes over the other side of the ring. Flair grabs Raven’s legs and pulls him down to the floor, and is quickly attacked by a flying Kidman. Saturn then goes after Flair. Malenko runs to the other side of the ring, and tries to help the Nature Boy. Benoit delivers a few knife edge chops to the chest of Mortis, ducks a wild haymaker, and sprints to his corner. Benoit tags in Buff Bagwell, who runs at Mortis. He ducks a clothesline, and attempts to hit Saturn as he returns to the apron. Saturn sees Buff and punches him square in the face. Bagwell staggers away from the ropes, and into Mortis. Bagwell tries to punch Mortis, but the monster grabs his arm, hooks his leg, and puts him up on his back. Benoit runs full steam at Mortis, who holds Bagwell in a fireman’s carry. Benoit gets a massive boot to the face. Raven has finally come into the ring, picks up Benoit and hits an Evenflow DDT. Kidman and Saturn both take out Malenko and Flair. Mortis steps up the ropes, to the second turnbuckle and falls backwards onto Bagwell. He hooks the leg of Buff Daddy as the ref counts out the three.
Winner: The Flock
Time: 8:54
Star Rating: ¾ *

WCW Tag Team Title Match: Harlem Heat vs The Outsiders.
Kevin Nash starts the match against Booker T, and goes for a quick big boot. Booker ducks and comes back with a diving crossbody. Nash staggers to his corner, tagging in a struggling Scott Hall. Hall comes into the ring, and goes after Booker. It is obvious to the fans that something is not right about Hall. Booker tosses him off the ropes, and Hall’s rebound is among the slowest seen in history. Booker catches him with tilt-a-whirl slam. Booker tags in Stevie Ray, who picks up Hall, holding him in a horizontal position. Stevie tosses Hall at Nash, knocking both to the floor. The referee calls the contact between the two Outsiders, a tag. Nash comes into the ring, after collecting himself. Hall is still on the ground. The camera shows him for just a split second, and Razor appears to be laughing hysterically.

Nash and Stevie exchange blows, and the two big men are jockeying for positioning. Nash, clearly agitated, delivers a knee to Stevie’s gut. Nash locks him in a headlock, and backs into his own corner, looking to tag in Scott Hall. Hall is still on the floor, and Nash releases Stevie. Nash stares at Hall, and is yelling at his partner. Stevie Ray overly sells the knee to the gut, and crawls to his own corner, looking to tag in Booker. Book stands in his own corner, and yells toward Nash. Big Sexy turns around, and smiles at Booker. Nash says “I don’t know what to do.” Booker responds with “Bring It, Sucka!” Nash and Booker come towards each other in the center of the ring. The two lock up, hand to hand. Nash is twisting and contorting the wrists of Booker, putting him to a knee. Booker sees an opportunity, and delivers a shoulder to the thigh of Nash. Booker stands up, and tosses Nash over his shoulder, and onto his back. Booker stands up Nash, and goes for the Book End. Nash elbows Booker in the side of the head, and pushes Booker off the ropes. Nash then scoops slams Booker and hits a leg drop across his throat and chest.

Stevie rushes in to break up the tag. Stevie stands up, and is face to face with Scott Hall. Hall can barely stand. Stevie goes to punch him, and Hall ‘blocks’ the blow. Hall actually whiffs on his block, so Stevie stops without hitting him, as if Scott Hall has a force field around him. Hall, and the now standing Nash, throw Stevie over the top rope. The Outsiders celebrate their accomplishment. They turn around into a double standing side kick from Booker! Booker comes off the ropes and hits an elbow drop to Nash. Hall stands, and swings wildly at Book, who ducks and catches Hall with the Book End. Hall rolls to the floor, where Stevie is waiting.

Booker stands up Hall, and kicks Big Sexy in the stomach. He bounces off the ropes and hits a Harlem Axe Kick! Booker does his patented Spin-a-roonie. Booker goes for the cover.

Winner, and new WCW Tag Team Champions: Booker T and Stevie Ray, Harlem Heat!
Time: 10:47
Star Rating: *
, wasn’t this bad if you take out Hall, who was beyond drunk.

Post-Match: The Steiner Brothers appear in the ring, and attach Harlem Heat. The newest members of The Wolfpack carried chairs to the ring with them, and the attack is very brutal. Scott drags a table into the ring, and hit a Steinerizer on Booker through the table. The Wolfpack celebrate their beat down, with Hall spitting on Stevie’s unconscious body.

WCW Television Title Match: Disco Inferno vs Chris Jericho vs Goldberg.

*Disco Fever*

Disco Inferno comes to the ring, dancing as usual. He does seem like he is concerned, but he is the Champion. He is the only one who doesn’t have to win to walk out of Souled Out, Champion.

*One Crazed Anarchist*

Chris Jericho comes out, and he is amped up. He will need it, with the fight he has on the horizon. Jericho gave Goldberg his biggest scare to date; super kicking Goldberg into a 2 and 9/10ths cover on Nitro a few weeks back. Goldberg’s dressing room door is shown, and a hand appears in the screen. Three quick knocks, and there is a loud bang inside. The door opens, and Goldberg emerges. He marches through the back as “Invasion” blares through the P.A.

Goldberg comes around the corner, and falls backwards. Jericho is shown in the ring, smiling widely. The camera shows Goldberg s bleeding slightly from the top of his head. A chair enters the frame, placed across Goldberg’s neck. The camera pans up, and shows The Giant. He is crushing Goldberg. Hollywood Hogan walks into the frame, and nods at Giant. Giant stands up Goldberg, picks him up and places the beast on his shoulder. The Giant rams Goldberg’s head into a door, and then through a large window. Giant then tosses Goldberg’s whole body through the window. Hogan is egging on Giant.

Back in the ring, Bischoff is standing on the entrance ramp, with “rockhouse” playing.

Eric Bischoff: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mister Goldberg will be indisposed. This match will be a one-on-one matchup for the WCW Television Title. Weighing in at 238 pounds, from Brooklyn, New York, he is the WCW Television Champion: Disco Inferno. The Challenger, weighing in at 221 pounds, from Winnipeg, Manatoba, Canada: representing the n.W.o. Chris Jericho!”

Jericho removes his “Monday Night Jericho” T-shirt, to reveal as n.W.o. shirt, as Inferno looks on in confusion. Jericho takes a step toward Disco, who flinches. Jericho bounces off the far ropes, slides between Disco’s legs and skids to a halt. Jericho locks Inferno in an inverted DDT, and slams his head to the mat. Jericho bounces up quickly, runs toward the nearest ropes, and delivers a beautiful Lionsault. Jericho wags a finger at the crowd and protrudes his lips. He stands up Inferno, and lifts him in a suplex, pausing at the top, mocking Goldberg. Jericho finishes the Jackhammer, and pins Inferno.
Winner, and new WCW Television Champion: Chris Jericho
Time: 3:10 (10:00+ for whole segment)

Mike Tenay: What a night it has been thus far. WCW has been turned on its head. We have a new Television Champion, and new Tag Champions. Jericho and The Giant joined the n.W.o. and The Flock defeated the Four Horsemen.

Tony Schiavone: WCW will never be the same again, and this will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest nights in WCW history. Right now, we’re going to Michael Buffer, who will introduce the participants in our Main Event, here at SOULED OUT!

Michael Buffer: “Tonights Main Event is for the Heavyweight Championship, of the World. Are you ready? Wrestling fans…. Are you rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrready?! For the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the world, from Trotwood, Ohio, LETS GET READY TO RUUUUUUMMMMMBLLEEEEEEEEEEE!”

*Hitman in the House*

Michael Buffer: “Introducing first, he is the master of the Sharpshooter, from Calargy, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 241 pounds, he is the Best There Is, the Best There Was, and the Best There ever will be: Bret “The Hitman” Haaaart!”

Hart comes out of the entrance way to a big pop. He is confident, but not too much so. He gives his sunglasses to a fan nearer to the entrance way that usual. He walks around the ring once, letting his music blare through the arena. He enters the ring, opens his jacket and holds his hands to his sides, bowing slightly the raucous crowd.

*Voodoo Child*

Michael Buffer: “Now Introducing, the biggest star in wrestling history. He has mystified fans from around the world, from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 271 pounds, The Immortal, Hollywood Hulk Hooooooogaaaaaan”

Hogan comes through the entrance way, playing air guitar, with The Giant, Chris Jericho, and Eric Bischoff in toe. Hogan cups his hand to his ear, listening to the chorus of boos, and he points at Hart. Hart drops down to the floor, and stands near the announce table, as the new World order enter the ring.


Michael Buffer: “Introducing, the master of the Scorpion Death Lock, from Venice Beach, California, weighing 251 pounds, he is the WCW Heavyweight Champion of the Wooooooooorld, The Man They Call Stiiiiiiiiinnnnnnng!”

Lightning flashes inside the arena, as Sting appears on the entrance ramp. He has a baseball bat in one hand, and the title belt in the other. Sting holds the title high, and then points his bat at n.W.o. members around the ring. Sting still hasn’t spoken in 12 months, and shakes his head towards the n.W.o. members. The lights come back on, and as the smoke clears, Goldberg has eliminated Jericho and Bischoff. The Giant sees Goldberg, and turns to run. He hops the barricade, and goes through the crowd to escape the beast. Goldberg follows, leaving Hart, Hogan, and Sting still standing.

WCW World Heavyweight Title Match: Sting vs Bret Hart vs Hollywood Hogan.
Hogan walks up to the other two, talking trash. Hart delivers a strike to his face, he whips around, and receives a stiff kick to the gut from Sting. Sting delivers a massive uppercut to Hogan as he bends over in pain. He turns again to receive another calculated strike from Hart. Hart then Irish whips Hogan into a corner, and turns towards Sting. He then Irish whips Sting toward Hogan. Sting delivers a Stinger Splash, and Hogan falls face first to the mat.

Sting and Hart circle. The crowd begins to slowly erupt. This is a dream match for any wrestling fan. Sting and Hart lock up, but Sting releases and drops away from Hart. Hart looks confusedly toward Sting. Sting runs toward Hart, at full speed. Hart steps toward Hart, to meet him head on, but Sting clubs the Hitman to the side and Sting clotheslines Hogan to the mat. Hart is relieved and the two lock up a second time. Hart gains the upper hand with a knee to the stomach. Hart then delivers a forearm smash to the back of Sting. Sting goes down to one knee, and is met with a double axe handle to the back of the head. Hart begins to kick Sting in the ribcage.

Hart turns toward the crowd and poses, momentarily. He picks Sting back up, and locks him in for a suplex. Hart delivers a perfect snap suplex, and rolls directly on top of the Stinger.

Kick-out by the World Champion! Hart grabs the legs of Sting and begins to work away at the thighs of Sting. Sting is being stretched and smashed into intense pain. Hart backs away, allowing Sting to stand. Hart runs at Sting, Sting drops to his stomach, hoping Hart would hop over him, and rebound off the ropes. However, Hart runs right past Sting, drilling the now standing Hogan with a knee to the gut. He then tosses Hollywood to the floor. Sting looks on, in confusion. Sting has an opening to attack Hart from behind, but Sting doesn’t take the opportunity. Sting yells, Schiavone describes it as a howl. Hart turns around and the two legends lock up again. This time Sting is able to win the battle for leverage. Sting scoop slams Hart, and bounces off the ropes. He delivers a knee drop to Hart’s skull. Hart rolls to his chest, kicking his legs in pain.

Down on the floor, Jericho and Bischoff are finally standing. They converse with the n.W.o. leader, and Jericho is telling Hogan to wait for the right opportunity. Sting has stood Hart up, and Irish whips the Hitman off the ropes. Once Hart rebounds, Sting lands a hip toss, and heads to the top rope. Sting lands a top rope splash on Hart, and cups his hands around his mouth and “howls” again. Schiavone begins to question if Sting has joined the Wolfpack. Sting is the virtuous one, the man who can bring down the whole n.W.o. He would never screw WCW and join the Wolfpack, would he?

Sting picks up the legs of Hart, and tries to lock on the Scorpion Deathlock, but Hart is very familiar with the maneuver. Hart rolls toward Sting, and ends up with his hands on Sting’s ankles, standing over the Champion. Hart steps between Sting’s legs, crosses his feet, and starts to turn him over. Sting is crawling, dragging Hart with him, toward the ropes. Hart finally gets him onto his stomach and wrenches, but Sting is resilient. Hart looks over his shoulder to see Sting nearing the ropes. He looks forward as he starts to pull Sting from the break. Hogan is up on the apron, about the enter the ring. Hart releases the Sharpshooter and goes after Hogan. He punches and kicks Hogan, and tosses him back down to the floor. Hart turns around and Sting is nose to nose with the Hitman.
Hart strikes Sting with a knife-edged chop. Sting shakes his head at Hart. Hart punches Sting in the face, but Sting shakes it off. He is stone faced as Hart pulls back his fist to punch Sting again. Sting blocks the blow, and returns the favor. Sting delivers a few chops of his own, followed by a punch to the face of Hart. Sting whips Hart into the corner and nails a Stinger Splash. He tosses Hart into the opposite corner and delivers another Splash. Hart staggers toward the center of the ring. Sting picks up Hart, and delivers a Scorpion Deathdrop!

Hogan is up on the outside, and going to slide in to break up the count. Hogan pulls his body unto the apron, and slides underneath the bottom rope. Sting is covering Hart.

Hogan never makes it to break up the count. His foot is caught. Jericho has both hands around the ankle of The Immortal. Hogan looks back in disbelief as Sting’s music starts to play. Hogan rolls back out of the ring and pushes Jericho. Jericho rips off his n.W.o. shirt as Hogan gets nose to nose with him. Jericho takes off the TV titles, and holds it up. Jericho tells Hogan, “I used you, Hogan. I used you!”

In the ring, Sting is standing on the rope watching Jericho and Hogan shouting at each other. Hart gets to his feet, and rips Sting off the ropes. He and Sting stare at deep into the others eyes. Hart extends his hand. Sting slowly takes it, and the two nod.
Winner, and still WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Sting
Time: 16:33
Star Rating: **1/2

Mike Tenay: Looks like Sting and Hart have put their issues in the past!

Tony Schiavone: Hopefully, tomorrow night on Nitro we get some answers from Jericho! Hogan was about to break up the count, but Jericho stopped him!

Mike Tenay: We all knew Hogan’s strategy coming in was to stay away from the action until Hart and Sting had beaten each other to pulps, but he never got his chance.

Tony Schiavone: He shouldn’t get a chance! Not after everyone he screwed during his title reign. Well folks, thanks for joining us, on the greatest night in WCW history! Tune in tomorrow night at 8pm on TNT for Monday Night Nitro!


WCW 1998: be the booker

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Re: WCW: 1998

WCW Monday Nitro!
January 26th 1998
Live from Fort Wayne, Indiana

*Video Package*
Chris Jericho holds up the Teleivision Title, “Hollywood” Hogan flexing in an n.W.o. shirt, Goldberg jumping the barricade, Raven and Mortis standing over Chris Benoit, Bret Hart and Sting shaking hands, Sting holding the World Title over his shoulder, Hogan points a finger at Jericho
*Nitro Theme*

Tony Schiavone: Last night, folks, WCW saw one of the biggest nights in wrestling history. I still can’t believe what we saw, and tonight’s backlash will be incredible as well.

Mike Tenay: The thing that has me most excited is the fact that Ted Turner will be here tonight to make a major announcement, regarding the future of WCW! Thank you for joining us in this, WCW’s first 3 hour Monday Nitro!

Tony Schiavone: We have a new Television Champion, a new Tag Team Champions, and a whole lot of unanswered questions!


Kevin Nash emerges from the entrance way. He’s wearing a red t-shirt over his wrestling gear. The shirt has a wolf on it, and says “PACK” underneath it. He holds his hands over his head, crossing his middle and ring fingers on both hands, making a “W”. Nash reaches the ring, and pulls a mic out of his back pocket. He smiles at the crowd, and pauses just before speaking to whip his hair out of his face.

Nash: “Last Night, it may look like we LOST. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are no longer the Tag Team Champions, but we didn’t lose. Not at all, last night, Big Sexy and the Pack set their plan in motion. Step one, was to get the Tag Titles off the Outsiders, and put Scott and Rick in a position to snag them for themselves. I’m not a big fan of laying down, so I figured letting the Steiners beat Harlem Heat for the belts was better than them beating US!”

The crowd is obviously confused. Hell, I’m writing this and I’m confused. Vince Russo?

Nash: “The next step is for Scott Hall to beat DDP for the United States Title. That shouldn’t be hard. Page sucks.”

Slight boo for the dig at DDP.

Nash: “And the final step is for me, Big Sexy Kevin Nash, to win the World Title. Sting, I’m throwing my name in the hat! I want that strap, and I’m coming for it! I don’t care what I have to do, and who I have to beat, I am going to be beating you for that title.”

Just the mere mention of Sting’s name sends to crowd into a frenzy.

Nash: “Eric Bischoff, you already know what I can do. You’ve seen my work up close. Throw whoever you want. Luger, Savage, Giant, Hogan, Goldberg…. Anyone you want. I’m game, you just name the time and the place, and I’ll be there.”

Nash smiles toward the crowd as he drops the mic, steps over the top rope and climbs down. His music hits as he walks back down the entrance ramp.

Tony Schiavone: Well it seems that Kevin Nash would like to win the Big Gold here in WCW. Do you think he has what it takes, Professor?

Mike Tenay: A man of his size and skill set can win the title, but we will have to see. Sting is on a roll, and I personally wouldn’t want to face him, and I doubt there are many wrestlers who would take on The Stinger.


Back from commercial, and Tony and Mike are giving a quick rundown from Souled Out.

*One Crazed Anarchist*

Chris Jericho is coming down, holding the WCW Television Title over his shoulder. He is dressed to wrestle, and sporting his Monday Night Jericho t-shirt.

Tony Schiavone: This man, I don’t know whether to cheer or boo. He has Giant eliminate Goldberg prior to the Television Title match, but turns around and prevents Hollywood Hogan from winning the World Title in the Three Way Dance

Mike Tenay: I don’t know either, Tony, but Jericho hopefully will explain his actions, here.
Jericho enters the ring, after holding both arms out to his sides and posing for the crowd. He grabs the mic and has a smug look on his face.

Jericho: Whew! What a night I had last night. First and foremost, I would like to dedicate my title win to….. myself. I proved I am the smartest man in WCW, and clearly I can do whatever I want to whoever I want. Goldberg… pffffffff, no challenge for this role model. Hollywood Hogan? No way Pedro. Allow me to explain. I needed the n.W.o. and Eric Bischoff’s help to get Greenberg out of my match for the TV title. So I swindled the n.W.o. into thinking Giant and I would join n.W.o. and be their henchmen, in exchange for some help getting this title around my waist.”

Slight pop for the way n.W.o. was undermined.

Jericho: “yes… yes.. I know. I’m not the kind of guy to play second fiddle. Jericho walks alone. Well, almost alone… from now on I will have a sidekick, if you will. A man to handle the duties I am too busy for.”


Jericho: “Did I mention he’s a monster?”

The Giant comes down the entrance ramp, with his hair in a ponytail. He isn’t wearing his usual singlet, he has on a black “Jericho” tshirt, and he is wearing shorts and kick pads. He enters the ring, and motions to the crowd with a “Chokeslam” hand motion. Jericho tosses the Monster the mic.

Giant: “allow me to introduce myself. My name is Paul Wight. And I am the Giant of WCW. Not Goldberg, not Kevin Nash, not Mortis, not… anyone! Jericho and I are the future of professional wrestling.”

Jericho takes the mic back, grinning at his new found teammate.

Jericho: “So bring out my first victim. I understand I am defending my Television Title!”

*Disco Fever*

Tony Schiavone: Disco Inferno is going to be invoking his rematch clause. He feels like he got screwed over last night, and he has a point.

Mike Tenay: yeah, if his point that Goldberg should be TV champ!

First Match: Television Championship Match: Chris Jericho © vs Disco Inferno.
For the third time this month, Jericho is facing off against Disco, with the TV title on the line. These two put together a really good match this time. Jericho never really lets Disco get the upper hand, but he can’t put away the Dancing Fool. Inferno kicks out after a missile dropkick. Jericho goes to argue with the referee over what he thought was a slow count. Disco is slow to his feet. Jericho turns around and nails his straight in the chin with a superkick. No run up, no trickery, just a kick square to his jaw. Disco plops down, unconscious. Jericho runs to the ropes, performs a Lionsault. Jericho stands up and steps on the chest of Disco, as he walks over him. He then locks him into the Liontamer. Disco is out like a light, and unable to tap. The referee calls for the bell on a TKO.
Winner and still WCW Television Champion: Chris Jericho
Time: 9:31

Jericho celebrates exactly like Shawn Michaels did at Wrestlemania XII, kissing the title while on his knees and telling the Giant to remove Disco from the ring. Wight picks up Inferno and tosses him over the ropes to the floor.


Second Match: Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero vs Juventud Guerrera, non-title. This is a squash match, just to prove how dominant Eddie is. He crushes Juvy and wins it with a frog splash.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero
Time: 3:21

Eddie straps the belt around his waist and drops down to one knee. He holds his hands out to his side, and cups his hands to egg on the crowd. Guerrero slaps the belt several times with his hand.

Backstage: Hogan arrives, with Bischoff in toe. Hogan isn’t wearing his normal all black attire. Hogan is dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He has a red bandanna on, and sunglasses. He is rolling a suitcase behind him as he enters the arena.

Interview’s with Gene

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing by with Ric Flair, Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit.

Mean Gene: Last night, at Souled Out, the three of you and Buff Bagwell were defeated by Raven’s flock. Is this the end of the ongoing feud between the groups, or are the Horsemen out for revenge?

Flair: Mean Gene, last night, was a travesty. Dean Malenko and myself didn’t even get into the match before that monster Mortis pinned Bagwell. I am not mad at you Buff, but it will take a while before I can give you another shot at being a member of this group.

Mean Gene: So The Horsemen are back down to 3?

Benoit: That’s right, Gene-o. Tonight, we begin the search for a new member.

Mean Gene: What’s the plan, and what are your requirements to be accepted into the Four Horsemen?

Malenko: Gene, we don’t really have a plan, but we need someone trustworthy, solid in the ring, and focused at all times.

Mean Gene: And Buff wasn’t quite there?

Benoit: and neither was I.

Flair: It doesn’t matter, I have requested a match tonight.

Benoit and Malenko both look awkwardly at Flair, unsure of what the match is.

Flair: I have asked that tonight, Mortis will face ME! The Nature Boy Ric Flair

Malenko and Benoit pull Flair out of the view of the camera with obvious looks of concern on their faces. They appear to be trying to talk some sense into Flair.


Third Match: Steve McMichael vs Scott Norton.
Steve McMichael and Scott Norton may have the worst match in the history of wrestling. Every move is off, and they have terrible timing. Norton and McMichael resort to some hay makers and body slams, but nothing of real note. McMichael ends the match with a Mongodriver, and pins Norton easily.
Winner: Steve McMichael
Time: 4:52

Backstage: JJ Dillon walks into Hulk Hogan’s dressing room, and says that Eric Bischoff is going to want to come to the ring. Ted Turner will be making his announcements at the top of the last hour.

Tenay and Schiavane discuss the Nitro 3 hour format, and what a great opportunity it is for some of their younger and less experienced wrestlers it is.

Fourth Match: La Parka vs Chavo Guerrero jr.
This is a pretty solid match, with Chavo hitting some impressive high flying moves. Parka dictates the pace, but the two keep it quick. La Parka hits a nice tilt a whirl backbreaker, Chavo kicks out at 2. La Parka goes to the top rope, but misses a Corkscrew Moonsault. Chavo takes over. Guerrero emulates his uncle, Eddie throughout the match, and eventually wins it with a Frog Splash.
Winner: Chavo Guerrero jr.
Time: 7:13


We come back from commercial, and Eric Bischoff, JJ Dillon and Hulk Hogan are in the ring. Schiavone and Tenay discuss how monumental tonight is, and say that Ted Turner is expected to give a state of WCW address over the Turnertron.

*Nitro Theme*

The P.A. explodes with WCW’s flagship programs theme. The crowd is confused, as are Bischoff and Dillon. Ted Turner appears on the stage, microphone in his hand, and smile on his face. Schiavone and Tenay go ballistic as Ted comes toward the ring. Turner enters the ring, shakes hands with Dillon and Bischoff and nods curtly to Hogan.

Turner: “Welp. I’m here!”

The crowd eats up this simple gesture. Turner sounds very aw-schucks as he begins.

Turner: “I have been in meetings non-stop today, trying to figure out ways to further improve WCW. I have a list of ideas, and the first of which is; a new commissioner of WCW, someone to set the matches. Dillon, Eric, you two no longer have the power to book matches. That power will belong solely to the man I am about to introduce: Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the new Commissioner of WCW!”

Bischoff and Hogan look dumbfounded at eachother, and then up the ramp.

Spoiler for Commissioner:

*American Dream*

Turner: “The American Dream Dusty Rhodes!”

The crowd goes wild. Dusty Rhodes comes down to the ring, wearing blue jeans and cowboy boots. Rhodes smiles to the crowd and hops up the steps and into the ring. He shakes the hand of Turner and Dillon, but Bischoff refuses the handshake and Hogan shakes his head angrily at Rhodes. Dusty grabs a mic and starts.

Rhodes: “Oh lawrdy! Dubya-see-dubya, de’ American Dream is here baybay!”

The crowd loves Rhodes, and Schiavone and Tenay play this fact up.

Rhodes: “Mista Turna, Ol’ Dusty won’t let ya down, no suh! I am goin’ ta make sure that Dubya-See-Dubya continues ta prospa under yo’ ownaship”

Tuner: “I trust that you will. Now, Mister Bischoff, you will continue to be Vice President of WCW, but in order to keep your job, you must relinquish your affiliation with the new World order. This is not negotiable, you are either WCW or you’re unemployed.”

Bischoff looks awkwardly at Hogan, who nods. Bischoff extends his hand asking for the mic. Rhodes hands him his, and then takes a slight step back, standing next to Turner.

Bischoff: “It’s funny you would say that, because tonight, is the final night n.W.o. will ever be mentioned again on Monday Nitro. Hulk Hogan and myself are distancing ourselves from what has become a failing group. Hulk Hogan and I, are no longer n.W.o. members, and hope to become members of the WCW roster and staff.”

Turner looks at Dusty and Dillon. Dusty starts to talk, but doesn’t have a mic. He reaches out toward Eric, who reluctantly hands him the mic

Dusty: “Ah, yes. En-Dubya-Oh, the very thing that almost destroyed e’rything I love. Tha thing that was yo’ brain child. Hulk Hogan, you ‘n’ I have neva gotten ‘long, but I have to say that you can be a asset for dubya-see-dubya. Eric, you and Hulk are welcome, but you must neva, and I mean, eva cross me. Or there will be hell ta pay!”

Bischoff and Hogan both nod at Bischoff and exit the ring, and walk up the ramp.

Turner: “well, Dusty, what do you have planned for tonight?”

Dusty: “Ah, yes. Back ta bitness. Tonight, Ric Flair will take on Mawtis, Buff Bagwell will face Randy Savage, Goldberg will face “Lawd” Steven Regal, and Kevin Nash and The Steiner Brothers will take on Diamond Dallas Page, Lex Luger and Sting in a three on three tag match! That reminds me, we don’t have a Title Match fo Boston Brawl! There will be a 20 man, over the top rope, battle royal. The winner will face the Dubya-See-Dubya Worl’ Champ at SupaBrawl!”

The crowd goes wild, and Nitro goes to a


Fifth Match: Buff Bagwell vs “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Bagwell is out first, and he isn’t his normal dancing self. He is really focuses. He is really pissed at himself. Savage comes down, wearing leather pants, and a leather jacket. He is obviously not ready to wrestle. He takes off his sunglasses and reveals a huge bruise around his nose and eyes. Bagwell looks stunned as Savage points menacingly at him. The referee calls for the bell to ring, and Bagwell slowly approaches Savage. The Macho Man immediately punches Bagwell square in the face. Bagwell falls and Savage kicks him as hard as he can in the ribs. Savage goes to the top rope and points to the sky. A Diving Elbow by Savage ends the match, as quickly as it began.
Winner: Randy Savage
Time: 1:13

Saagve grabs a mic and scowls at the crowd. Before he can form any words, he makes awkward grunting sounds.

Savage: “OHHHHHH YEAH. Buff Bagwell, you just ran into a freight train. Lex Luger, I’m not done with you. If I were you, I would watch my back, because no one steals my woman and gets away with it. The Macho Man wants a re-match. Lex, You and Me at Boston Brawl, in a steel cage, no Liz, no chairs. Just you and me, mono-e-mono, ohhhhh YEAH!”

Tony Schiavone: What a challenge! At Boston Brawl, Macho Man wants to get another shot at the Total Package!

Mike Tenay: Hopefully, Lex and Randy can get this nonsense in the past, no woman is worth this trouble!

Tony Schiavone: Normally, I would agree, but Elizabeth is no normal woman!

Backstage: Kevin Nash and the Steiners are preparing for their match. Curt Hennig walks in, and the three all just stare at him. The Perfect One says that he needs to talk to Nash. The Steiners look at Nash, who nods, and then leave. Nash asks Curt to sit, but Hennig says that he won’t be here for long. The two stare intently at each other, the animosity is apparently pretty thick. Hennig looks like he is about to speak several times. Finally he turns his head and takes a deep breath.


Backstage: Mean Gene is standing by with Hulk Hogan.

Mean Gene: “Earlier tonight, we all heard Eric Bischoff say that he and Hulk Hogan were leaving the n.W.o. behind. I want to hear it from the man, the man that I remember from 2 years ago. The virtuous superhero of a man, that wouldn’t back down from a fight, and was always willing to do what was right. Hollywood or Hulk? Who am I speaking to?”

Hogan: “Mean Gene, brother, a long time ago, I decided that I shouldn’t be in the new world order, brother. I was too deep, it was like an addiction. The gold, the girls, the glory, Hollywood had it all, but Hulk wasn’t into it, brother! Hulkamania can run wild. Tell your children, tell you parents, tell your wives, HULK HOGAN LIVES!”

Mean Gene: “I have waited 18 months to hear that. I recall, as I’m sure you do, that at Bash at the Beach 1996, I interviewed you, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, and you told the world that WCW was in trouble, and boy were we. Today, if it is true, Hulk is going to help fix WCW. What are your plans?”

Hogan: “Brother, I am going to regain my WCW World Title. Sting is the man, and he took his lumps and he beat the n.W.o. just like I always knew he would, but Hulk Hogan is the biggest superstar in wrestling, brother. I am going to win that Battle Royal, and I am going to be your next WCW Champion. I am to do it fair and square. I am going back into my medicine cabinet, taking out a big ol’ bottle of vitamins, saying my prayers and Sting, I suggest you do the same, brother!”

Mean Gene: “So you, Hulk Hogan, the Immortal are putting your name into the Battle Royal at Boston Brawl?”

Hogan: You know it, Mean Gene. It feels good to be on the path back to normal. Pretty soon, Hulkamania will be running wild! What cha gunna do, brother!

The camera shows the ring, and then cuts to the announcers. They break down the night thus far, and hype the main event. Both seem to be ecstatic that Hulk Hogan is back.

Sixth Match: Goldberg vs “Lord” Steven Regal.
Goldberg looks off as he and Regal exchange blows. Regal goes for arm bars and wrist locks, but Goldberg rolls through and repositions himself. Goldberg can’t find his rhythm, and appears to be getting agitated. Regal locks on a waist lock and tries to lift Goldberg for a side suplex, but the Beast blocks it. Regal tries again, this time he gets a massive elbow to the nose. He is stunned. Blood pours down Regal’s face. He staggers into a corner, feeling the bridge of his nose. Goldberg hits a spear and Jackhammer for the pin.
Winner: Goldberg
Time: 6:51

Before we cut to commercial, Regal is shown. His face is covered in blood as he gingerly touches his nose. It’s obviously broken and his face is already beginning to puff up. The referee calls for the medical team to come and check on Regal.


*Also Sprach Zarathustra*

Ric Flair comes out onto the stage. He looks confident as usual. He makes his usual stroll toward the ring, until suddenly Raven and Mortis rush him from behind. They drag him into the ring, where Mortis hits a fireman’s carry slam, followed by a Evenflow DDT by Raven. Raven screams into the face of Flair. Raven tells Flair that this isn’t over! The Flock will reign supreme. Raven goes to lock Flair into his own maneuver, The Figure Four, when…


Benoit and Malenko explode down the ramp and chase Raven and Mortis from the ring. Malenko helps Flair to his feet while Benoit stares down Raven. Benoit grabs a mic, and glares up the ramp, where the other members of The Flock appear.

Benoit: “You’re right, Raven. This isn’t over. You and I have unfinished business, but now you’ve gone out of your way to take out the people that I trust. Now you’ve unleashed a monster, a crippler. I am going to rip you apart limb from limb. You, and you, and you, and you….”

Benoit points at each individual member of the Flock as he says “you.”

Tenay and Schiavone sell how intense Chris Benoit is, and how much they fear what he is capable of. The two then turn their attention to Ric Flair, who is selling the beat down, and has a few specs of blood running down his forehead. Flair refuses medical attention, and Benoit and Malenko help him up, and walk him down the ramp.

Backstage: Diamond Dallas Page is hobbling into Harlem Heat’s locker room. He peeks inside and says its time to roll. Stevie Ray and Booker T appear and the three make their way towards the ring.

Elsewhere: Kevin Nash is talking to the Steiners.

Nash: “Look, with Scott not here, we need protection. He is the best. I vouch for him, and ultimately this is my group, and it’s my call.”

Scott Steiner stands stone faced, while Rick strokes his goatee.

Nash: “Any issues?... Good. So it’s settled, he’s got our backs and we got his. Wolfpack needs all the help it can get, as much as I hate to admit that. Now, boys, we got a match.”

Nash says “match” very sarcastically, and the Steiner’s smile.


Tony Schiavone: Ladies and Gentlemen, during our commercial break, it was brought to our attention that Bret Hart, who was supposed to address the crowd, was found face down in the backstage area.

Mike Tenay: And I have a feeling I know who was behind it! Hulk Hogan!

Tony Schiavone: Well I would have to agree that Hogan and Hart have issues, but Hogan came out earlier and claimed to be a changed man, time will tell. Let’s show you what we saw during break.

*Video Package*
Bret Hart is face down, with a baseball bat next to his head. He is out cold, as several staff members try to revive the Hitman.
Tony Schiavone: I hope that Bret is okay!

Mike Tenay: Hart is one of the toughest men in the business, and I can assure everyone at home that the Hitman will be just fine.


The Wolfpack theme comes over the P.A. bringing out Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner, and…. Curt Hennig. Hennig is apparently no longer a member of n.W.o. and chose to join the Wolfpack to help get back at DDP.


United States Champion Diamond Dallas Page and the Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat come out. All three play the crowd a little bit. Page enters the ring first, and takes an uneasy look towards Hennig.

Seventh Match: Kevin Nash and the Steiners vs DDP and Harlem Heat.
These two teams really don’t like each other, and it breaks down to an all-out brawl. The match ends up with Harlem Heat and The Steiners brawling on the floor, and Hennig careful not to get involved and cost them the match. Nash and Page square off in the ring. Nash works over Page for the majority of their encounter, and Page makes the hot tag to Stevie Ray, who is gassed from the fighting with the Steiners. Stevie is able to hit a sidewalk slam on Nash, but is attacked by Scott Steiner. Steiner goes back to his apron and Rick gets tagged in by Nash, and Stevie gets to Booker. The match continues in a back and forth for a while.
When the match pace quickens again, suddenly DDP falls off the apron. Hennig has drug him down to the floor and is beating him with his own title!
Winner: DDP and Harlem Heat via DQ.

The Wolfpack uses the numbers advantage to beat down on Page, Booker, and Stevie Ray. Suddenly lightning strikes in the arena, and the lights go out momentarily. The come back on to show Nash face down in the ring, and the rest of the Wolfpack all standing around the ring looking up in disbelief. The camera pans around the arena and settles to a spot in the rafters. Sting is standing, crow at his feet, staring at the havoc he just caused. The camera shows Nash again, and there is a baseball bat at his feet.

Nitro goes off the air, with Schiavone and Tenay returning to the speculation of the Hart attack backstage. Is Sting a suspect?


WCW 1998: be the booker


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Re: WCW: 1998

interesting show and direction which you're taking with WCW. I am interested to see what Dusty Rhodes can do as the new boss. Good Luck.

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard

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Re: WCW: 1998


Originally Posted by WCW.Com
WCW Roster Changes
As Wcw's Vice President promised, there are big changes in WCW. Today, WCW's Board of Directors and Owner, Ted Turner are announcing the release of the following wrestlers:
Bobby Eaton
Jack Boot
Mark Starr
Steve Armstrong
Scott Armstrong
The Barbarian
"Flyboy" Rocco Rock
Johnny Grunge
Dave Taylor
"Hardwork" Bobby Walker
Rob Ruckus
Ken Kaos
Jim Powers
Super Calo
Ray Mandoza Jr.
Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
Hector Garza
Masahiro Chono
Yuji Nagata
Joey Maggs
Rick Fuller
Villano V
Brad Armstrong
Lizmark Jr.
Barry Darsow
Chris Adams
Sick Boy
Bobby Blaze
Louie Spicolli
Johnny Swinger
Michael Wallstreet
Barry Darsow
Rick Martell

WCW is sad to see these performers go, and wish them well in the future.
Eric Bischoff hinted at this last week, in a radio interview. WCW needs to revamp the roster, and create new feuds and stars. There are options outside WCW, and things will be opening up roster wise. Vince McMahon and the WWF will surely go through this list and see if there is anything of value here. WCW's other issue this week was the ratings for the third hour of Nitro were alarmingly low. Turner and his brass have decided that Nitro should remain 2 hours, but now must deal with the issue of announcing the change and giving it a test run. Several ideas are a recap show hosted by Gene Okerlund, a roundtable style interview with rotating WCW wrestlers, and scrapping the third hour entirely. WCW made the rash decision to add the third hour, and now is changing course. Nitro is still 5 days away, so nothing is set in stone, but ticket holders will need info shortly.

Originally Posted by ProWrestlingInsider.com
ECW in trouble?
Paul Heyman reportedly shorted several of his more frequent performers after a show on January 24th at Wonderland Greyhound Park in Revere, Massachusetts. Rob Van Dan and Lance Storm reportedly were seen arguing loudly with Heyman. Storm is one half of the ECW Tag Team Champions, alongside Chris Candido. Van Dam is a relative newcomer, who has wowed the crowds with his athleticism. Has Heyman lost his grip on his "homegrown" talent?
Originally Posted by TalkDirtSheets.net
Hart Foundation revival?
With Jim Neidhart and Dave Smith both receiving their releases from WWF in the past few days, it is speculated that they will join Bret Hart in WCW. Hart was "attacked" backstage during Nitro, but it was reported that Hart requested the night off to deal with "personal" issues and filmed the segment Sunday night after Souled Out. Hart could use some back up as he attempts revenge on his attacker.
Neidhart and Smith were back in Calgary, and attended a Stampede Wrestling fundraising event on Saturday night. The Hart family is apparently looking to revive the promotion and this is another option for the two.


WCW 1998: be the booker

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Re: WCW: 1998

WCW Monday Nitro
February 2nd 1998
Live from San Antonio, Texas

The first hour of programming features a “Best of 1997” video package, with interviews from the wrestlers.

*Nitro Theme*


Tony Schiavone: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Tony Schiavone, sitting alongside my friend and colleague, “The Professor” Mike Tenay. We welcome you to WCW Monday Nitro! The past week has provided more questions than answers, and hopefully tonight we can resolve some of these.

Mike Tenay: Last week, we saw Bret Hart attacked backstage, surely the Hitman will be hard up for revenge tonight. WCW Nitro is sure to be explosive.

Tony Schiavone: We are 13 days away from out Internet Pay Per View event; Boston Brawl. We already have one thing set on the card, Professor?

Mike Tenay: That’s right, WCW will decide the Number One Contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Title in Boston. Hopefully, tonight we will get some names thrown into the hat for that match.


The Flock interrupts Tony and Mike. The four members all make their way to the ring. Raven has a mic, and drops down into the corner, in usual Raven fashion.

Raven: “Tonight, I am issuing a challenge. Dean Malenko, I want you one-on-one!”


Malenko comes down toward the ring quickly. Malenko looks focused, and it is apparent why they call him “The Ice Man.” Malenko comes up onto the apron, but doesn’t enter the ring.

Raven: “One-on-One, with Kidman!”

Malenko stares intently at Raven and mouths “you son of a bitch”

Raven: “Oh… it’s a Raven’s rules match!”

First Match: Dean Malenko vs Kidman in a Raven’s Rules match.
Malenko takes the match to Kidman, scooping him, and hanging him upside down from the top turnbuckle. Malenko repeatedly kicks Kidman in the chest and stomach. Malenko backs into the center of the ring, and looks like he is about to drop kick Kidman in the corner. Saturn hops onto the apron to the right. Malenko stops, turns toward Saturn and goes to punch him. Saturn blocks the first blow, but the second and third connect. Malenko decides to take a run at Raven, who is still in the corner. He hits a kick or two, before Mortis slowly enters the ring and wraps his arms around the waist of Malenko. Mortis delivers a vicious release German suplex. Kidman is slowly up to the top rope and delivers a Seven Year Itch, for the three count.
Winner: Kidman
Time: 3:02

Post-Match, The Flock beats down on Malenko. Raven slowly stands, pulls something out of his waist and walks up to Malenko, who is being held by Saturn and Mortis. Raven holds a pipe high in the air, and smashes it across Malenko’s head. Malenko is held up by the Flock to receive more and more punishment from the pipe, but he is out on his feet.


Chris Benoit comes from the back, steel chair in hand, and chases The Flock out of the ring. Benoit is furious with the Flock’s trickery.

“I warned you, Raven. Tonight, you pushed me way past my limits. Be a man, accept my challenge for a match at Boston Brawl.”

Raven shakes his head, laughing.

Raven: “Alright, alright. You want a match with me? You can have it.”

Benoit nods, and slowly helps Malenko to his feet.

Raven: “Oh, I almost forgot. If you want a piece of me, you will go through Kidman, Saturn, and Mortis in a Gauntlet Match, for the ability to face me. And to just get that, you have to face Mortis next week on Nitro.”

Benoit has been tricked again, but he doesn’t seem to care. He is so intense; it just oozes from his veins. Benoit scowls up the ramp. Raven must get the last laugh.

Raven: “Quote the Raven…. Nevermore.”

Benoit stops tending to Malenko and stands. He holds his hand in the air, four fingers high. Benoit has the deck stacked against him but he is defiant.


Tony Schiavone: Folks, we have already had an explosive start to Nitro and it appears that it is only getting more and more destructive by the minute.

Mike Tenay: Just a moment ago, we received word that Hulk Hogan has been found, face down in the backstage area.

Tony Schiavone: We have a crew on the way, medical personnel are on scene and it seems that WCW is being turned upside-down.

Backstage, Hogan is shown face down, blood near his head, and an ace of hearts on his back, between his shoulders. Tenay and Schiavone both sell the beat down, and wonder who is next, or if the assailants will be revealed. Schiavone says that the card must have some significance, and assume that the “heart” is in relation to Bret Hart, and starts to wonder if Hart, who he calls a USA hating phony, is behind the attacks.
Second Match: Buff Bagwell vs Lex Luger.
This is a match that really makes Luger look strong. He dominates his former friend, Bagwell, and beats him around the ring for a while. Near the 6 minute mark, Miss Elizabeth comes down the ramp and stands on the apron. Luger looks on in confusion. Elizabeth is calling toward Luger, trying to get his response. The referee turns to shoo Liz off the apron, but she demands to talk to Luger. Bagwell slowly gets to his feet. Suddenly, Randy Savage sprints into the ring from the crowd and clocks Bagwell across the back of the head with a lead pipe. Luger looks at Savage in confusion. Savage gestures for Lex to pin Bagwell. Lex starts to lean down, when Savage cracks him on the back of the skull. Luger falls to the mat, limp. Savage pulls Buff onto Luger and rolls to the floor. The ref turns around and sees Bagwell unconscious on top of Luger.
Winner: Buff Bagwell
Time: 8:02

Backstage, Bret Hart is standing by with Gene Okerlund.

Mean Gene: I’m here with Bret “Hitman” Hart, and I gotta tell ya, these attacks… they don’t seem like something you or Sting would be willing to participate in.

Bret Hart: Ya know, Gene, I’m a man of virtue. I am the Excellence of Execution and I don’t think I would ever resort to attacking guys and then trying to make it look like Sting attacked me.

Okerlund: Do you think Sting would be willing to take you out, if he saw you as a threat to his title?

Hart: Sting doesn’t wrestle for THAT title. Sure, it’s a great perk, but WCW needed something and Sting was it. The Savior.

Okerlund: What is next for you, Hitman?

Hart: I am going to put my head down, work hard, and hopefully win this battle royal at Boston Brawl. Sting vs Bret Hart at SuperBrawl sounds pretty good, eh?

Okerlund: You’re encounter at Souled Out was epic, and any follow up would surely be equally impressive. Thanks for your time, Bret. Back to you guys

Hart nods at Okerlund and walks out of the frame. Schiavone and Tenay talk about Nitro up to this point, and discuss what is still to come. Goldberg takes on Disco Inferno and Alex Wright, and Chris Jericho will defend the TV title.


Back from break, and Tony and Mike talk about the night thus far, recapping Benoit’s challenge, Hulk Hogan was attacked backstage, Buff Bagwell pinned Lex Luger with a little help from Randy Savage, and Bret Hart responded to accusations that he is the one behind Hulk Hogan’s attack.

*Disco Fever*

The former Television Champion, Disco Inferno, will get a chance to be mauled by Goldberg. Alex Wright comes to the ring with Disco, and Inferno grabs a mic.

Disco Inferno: “AY! I got sommit to say. I am sick of this crap. WCW is a total waste of space, and the fact that that CLOWN Chris Jericho is walkin’ arown’ wit my title is a disgrace. I demanded a match, and was told I had ta “MAKE A STATEMENT” before I was given another shot. Well here’s my statement!”


Uh-oh, Inferno and Alex Wright will both get a chance to take on the beast.

Third Match: Goldberg vs Alex Wright and Disco Inferno.
Alex Wright and Inferno start out throwing wild haymakers at Goldberg, and actually get him to one knee in a corner. The two viciously kick away at his ribs and back. Wright and Inferno walk away from Goldberg, and do a few disco moves, to warm up. They are looking away from Goldberg, when suddenly he appears in between them. He smashes their heads together. Goldberg dominates the next few minutes before finally finishing it off with a double spear, and a Jackhammer to Wright for the victory.
Winner: Goldberg
Time: 5:21

Backstage, Diamond Dallas Page is standing by with Mean Gene.

Okerlund: Thanks, Tony. I’m here with Diamond Dallas Page, the WCW United States Champion. Dallas, you have had your issues with Kevin Nash, and I understand that you have something you would like to say.

Page: Gene, for far too long, Kevin Nash has been at the base of everything that has gone wrong in this company. He started the disease, and when it started to heal, he had to move on and create another disease. WCW won’t withstand another assault.

Okerlund: The Wolfpack has been gaining momentum, and seemingly has made the “shadow” that hovered over WCW for 18 months, reappear.

Page: Exactly, and that’s why I can’t sit here and let him do it. Nash, 13 days, Boston Brawl, face me. Mono-e-mono. I’ll even put this belt on the line.

??? : Whoa there big fella, don’t get too excited!

Kevin Nash walks into the frame, on the far side of Okerlund. He isn’t dressed to wrestle, and is carrying a bag in his hands.

Page: So, you wanna do it or what?

Nash: Page, I already have plans for Boston Brawl. I just talked to your buddy, Dusty Rhodes, and he told me that I have a spot in the World Heavyweight Championship battle royal. All I had to do was be the only Wolfpack member involved, and since WCW sucks, I don’t see that being an issue.

Page just stares at Nash.

Nash: So I guess that means, YOU will have to either enter the battle royal, or wait until you get a shot at me, when I am World Champ!

Nash walks off screen, laughing. Page looks away from Gene, and then slowly back towards the camera.

Okerlund: So, what will it be Dallas?

Page: I…. gotta think.

A clearly frustrated DDP walks away from Okerlund, who sends it to a


Fourth Match: Chris Jericho vs Steven Regal for the WCW Television Title.
This is a really good match, but mostly a filler match with no backstory. Regal and Jericho have a back and forth match, with neither really gaining the upper hand. Eight minutes into the match, Regal goes for a Regalplex, but Jericho uses his free leg to land a low blow on Regal. Jericho goes for the Liontamer, but Regal returns the favor and kicks Lionheart straight in the groin. Jericho and Regal are both down on the mat, and stay that way as the referee makes the count, getting all the way to 9 before both go back toe-to-toe. Jericho hits a few knife edge chops, but Regal refuses to budge. Jericho is getting frustrated, and goes for a suplex. Regal reverses and lifts Jericho high into the air. Regal holds Jericho vertical, and the TV champion screams in fear. Jericho starts to swing his arms, and eventually swings his legs toward Regal. His knee is at Regal’s face and Jericho drops down to his back and uses the momentum to drive his knees into Regal’s chin (codebreaker-esque). Regal collapses, and Jericho stands up. Jericho starts to taunt Regal. He stands him up, but Regal is out on his feet. Jericho mocks him, and circles his wobbly body. Jericho gets in his face, and says something. He starts to walk away, but stops suddenly and nails Regal in the face with a superkick. Jericho smiles at the crowd, and performs a quick lionsault, before pinning Regal to retain.
"]Winner: Chris Jericho
Time: 11:32[/SIZE]

Post-match, Jericho takes a mic and says that if Hogan is able to walk by Boston Brawl, he is challenging him to a match. Jericho stops and mentions that Hogan will probably be “grandfathered” into the battle Royal. Jericho says if he has to pick up and drop off Hogan at the nursing home for a match with him, he will. Jericho then cups his hand to his ear, to the sound of boos.


*American Dream*

Out comes Dusty Rhodes, the commissioner of WCW. The crowd eats up the new commish, and Rhodes soaks it up.

Dusty Rhodes: “Dubya see dubya, I will make dis shawht, sweet, and to da point! I gots a few announcements for y’all! It seems that Harlem Heat needs an opponent for Boston Brawl, and I have an idea. I see that we have a battle royal at Boston Brawl to determine the Number One Contender for th’ Worl’ title, and I got ta thinkin’. What if we had a battle royal next week on Nitro, and the last two remaining participants will challenge Harlem Heat for the Tag Team Ti-“


The Steiner Brothers appear on the ramp. Scott has a mic in hand, and he looks pissed.

Scott Steiner: “Hay! What the hell do you think you’re doing? The Steiner Brothers are the best tag team you have, and you’re going to let…. Nobodies face Harlem Heat for OUR titles?”

Rhodes: “eh, Steiner? Shut up, pal. The American Dream is going to come up that ramp and teach you a lesson if you interrupt again. If you want a shot, you gotta earn it!”

Scott Steiner: “And how do we go about doing that?”

Rhodes: “Well, you have to make an impact, do something that gives me no choice but to name you two the number one contenders.”

Steiner: “You want an impact? The Wolfpack always makes an impact!”

The Steiners slowly exit the stage, and Rhodes is applauded for standing up to the Wolfpack. Rhodes tries to quite the crowd and eventually gets back to his run down.

Rhodes: “Where was I? oh… yeah. Next week, we will also find out who Eddie Guerrero is going to face at Boston Brawl for the WCW Cruiserweight title. Juventud Guerrera will go toe-to-toe with The Champion’s nephew, Chavo Guerrero.”

No one seems to care…

Rhodes: “Now, onto these “attacks” going down backstage. I am sick and tired of there never being peace in dubya see dubya. First the en dubya oh, now tha’ Wolfpack, and whatever else is going on in the back. I will be honest wit’ y’all. I don’t see any way, and I means NOOOOOO WAY, Sting or Bret Hart are behind these attacks. I am making the plea to each and every wrestler back there, watch out for yourselves and each other. The last thing I need is for this to continue.”

Rhodes sells frustration to the crowd, he starts to shake his head as he leans on the ropes.

Rhodes: “Lastly, Bret Hart? You wanted a chance to come down here and issue a challenge. Come on down”

*Hitman in the House*

Bret Hart comes to the ring, and he looks intense. He is wearing his ring gear, and tosses his glasses into the crowd, unlike his usual placing them on a child. He grabs a mic.

Bret Hart: “Dusty, I gotta do this, and you might not agree with it. I just can’t sit here and let my name be drug through the mud. Whoever in the back is attacking people, I will take you on. I don’t care if there are 5 of you, I want a shot!”

Rhodes looks concerned but doesn’t speak. He knows that Hart has to do this.

Hart: “I’ve been forced to sit through way too much to keep my mouth shut. I didn’t attack Hogan, and I didn’t set it up to make it look like Sting attacked me. I was attacked, and I think I know WHO it was!”

“What? Who? Why didn’t you speak to me about this backstage? Bret… I don’t think you shou-“

Hart: “Dusty… I told you. I HAVE to do this!”

Hart is almost startled with how mean his voice sounded coming out of his mouth. Hart rubs his throat as he looks at Dusty, who shakes his head in disappointment. Hart regains his focus and looks back toward the TurnerTron.

Hart: “Kevin Nash and the Wolfpack, I know it was you. I know that you are taking orders from those degenerates up north, and I can’t let you keep doing whatev-“


Kevin Nash, the Steiners and Curt Hennig appear on the entrance ramp. Nash has a mic in his hand, and is dressed to wrestle.

Kevin Nash: “You can think whatever you want, Bret. You and I have history… going all the way back to the Federation. I don’t have to sit down and let YOU run MY name through the mud. I had nothing to do with those attacks, Hart.”

Hart: “Oh yeah? Prove it.”

Nash: “How about I come down to that ring and kick you ass?”

Hart: “Bring it on, ’Big Daddy Cool’…”

Fifth Match: Bret Hart vs Kevin Nash.
These two know each other well, and have a solid match. Nash works over Hart in a corner, delivering knees to the chest and gut of the Hitman. Hart slides between Nash’s legs and is able to deliver and belly to back suplex. Hart collapses in the center of the ring. The referee starts his count. Around 5, the two stand up. Suddenly, the ringside members of the Wolfpack are all ambushed by two masked men. Both of them are large, in their own ways. One is rather round, but solid as can be, while the other appears to be ripped. The two use lead pipes to take down The Wolfpack, and sprint up the ramp. The two turn back toward the ring, and put a hand over their hearts, and the other hand high in the air.
Winner: No Contest
Time: 12:10

The two turn around and see Sting has emerged from the backstage area. The two sprint into the stands, and Sting makes his way to the ring, making sure to beat down the Steiners once with his bat, before entering.

Sting points at Nash, and then drops the World Title at his feet, and draws a line on the ground with his baseball bat. Nash fakes like he is going to lunge at Sting, but reconsiders and exits the ring, slowly. Nash never takes his eyes off the World Champion, and the camera zooms in close on Sting’s intense eyes as Nitro goes off the air.


WCW 1998: be the booker

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