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The Universal Wrestling Federation: Rising out of the Mid-South

From Mid-South roots to Universal appeal

In 1979, former wrestler “Cowboy” Bill Watts bought out the Tri-State Wrestling circuit from Leroy McGuirk, and renamed the territory Mid-South Wrestling (MSW, known officially as the Mid-South Wrestling Association).

One of his first acts as owner was to withdraw Mid-South from the National Wrestling Alliance, though MSW would still remain loosely aligned with the organization and continue to have the NWA World Champion defend his title on Mid-South shows. MSW began adding shows in Arkansas to its circuit. In 1982, the promotion grew to include Oklahoma. Watts also formed an alliance with Houston promoter Paul Boesch to feature Mid-South talent on the cards at the Sam Houston Coliseum, one of the largest cities in America and one of the most fabled arenas in professional wrestling, as well as other parts of southeastern Texas.
Instead of cartoon-ish characters and interviews, Mid-South Wrestling focused on energetic matches and characters whose personas blurred the lines between good and evil and a physical style and episodic format.

The promotion ran shows in a mix of small venues and gigantic arenas. In 1980, a card pitting a "blinded" Junkyard Dog against Freebird Michael Hayes in the main event drew nearly 30,000 fans for a show presented by a promotion less than one year old.
In 1984, Watts came out of retirement to team with a masked Junkyard Dog (under the name Stagger Lee) to face the Midnight Express to cap an angle in which the Express and manager Jim Cornette beat Watts on TV. The latter card also featured a showdown between Magnum T.A. and Mr. Wrestling II in one of the hottest feuds of the early 1980s. The 1984 show drew 22,000 fans.

In the mid-to-late 1980s, the MSW began to expand nationally. In 1985, Ted Turner invited Watts to air his Mid-South Wrestling program on SuperStation TBS as an alternative to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) programming that ran on Saturday nights.
At the time, Turner was angered with Vince McMahon and the WWF because McMahon reportedly promised Turner a studio-produced program, but he instead gave the Superstation two hours of highlights from other WWF programming. (Eventually, the WWF would have in-studio squash matches on the show on an infrequent basis.)

MSW quickly became the highest-rated program on TBS, and Watts positioned himself to take over the two-hour Saturday block occupied by the WWF. Georgia promoter Jim Barnett attempted to broker a deal that would have allowed NWA promoter Jim Crockett, Jr., to buy the slot from McMahon and become the exclusive wrestling promotion for TBS. The deal, however, was thwarted by an aggressive business proposal by Watts. The whole debacle convinced Watts that his promotion needed to brand itself in a less regional manner. The Universal Wrestling Federation would soon replace Mid-Southern Wrestling on the Superstation.

Universal Wrestling Federation

In March 1986, MSW went national and would eventually relaunched as the Universal Wrestling Federation so it was not stigmatized as a southern group. From that point, many newcomers (mostly from Fritz Von Erich’s Texas-based, World Class Championship Wrestling) joined the federation, as did former WCCW co-promoter Ken Mantell.

On May 24th, 1986, the final episode of Mid-South wrestling went off the air on WTBS. Announcer Jim Ross announced that the birth of a new wrestling organization would take place next week in a two night event that would be showcased live on WTBS. The newly redubbed Universal Wrestling Federation would be holding a 16 man tournament to establish their new heavyweight champion.

UWF Roster


Top Level Faces

• Steve “Dr. Death” Williams
• Ted DiBiase
• Terry Taylor
• “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Mid-Level Faces

• Tommy Rogers
• Bobby Fulton
• Iceman Parsons
• Savannah Jack
• “Gentleman” Chris Adams
• The Missing Link
• Koko B. Ware

Lower-Level Faces

• Brett Sawyer
• Chavo Gurrero Sr.
• Tim Horner
• Brad Armstrong

Enhancement Talent

• Steve Cox
• “Jumping” Joe Savidoli
• Jeff Gaylord
• Mike George
• Mike Boyette

Face Managers
• Dark Journey


Top Level Heels

• Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert
• Michael “P.S.” Hayes
• One Man Gang
• “Bam Bam” Terry Gordy

Mid-Level Faces
• Buddy “Jack” Roberts
• Sting
• Rock
• Butch Miller
• Luke Williams
• Kamala
• Buzz Sawyer

Lower-Level Faces

• The Angel of Death
• Jack Victory
• Ric Steiner
• John Tatum

Enhancement Talent

• Super Ninja
• “Gorgeous” Gary Young
• Black Bart
• Shaska Whatley
• Tiger Conway Jr.

Heel Managers

• Skandor Akbar
• Missy Hyatt

Factions/Tag Teams

The Fantastics
• Bobby Fulton
• Tommy Rogers

The Lightning Express
• Brad Armstrong
• Tim Horner

• The Missing Link & Dark Journey

• Steve “Dr. Death” Williams & Ted DiBiase

The Fabulous Freebirds
• Michael “P.S.” Hayes
• “Bam Bam” Terry Gordy
• Buddy “Jack” Roberts
• The Angel of Death (bodyguard)

Hotstuff International
• “Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert
The Blade Runners
• Sting
• Rock
• Ric Steiner

The New Zealand Sheepherders
• Butch Miller
• Luke Williams
• Jack Victory (flag bearer)

Devastation Inc.
• Skandor Akbar
• One Man Gang
• Kamala
• Buzz Sawyer
• Super Ninja

“Hollywood”John Tatum & Missy Hyatt

The Jive Tones
• Shaska Whatley
• Leroy Brown

Announce Team
• Jim Ross (play by play announcer)
• “Cowboy” Bill Watts (color commentator/On screen authority figure)
• Frank Dusek (ringside/backstage interviewer)

UWF Heavyweight Tournament
Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 30 &31, 1986

Opening Round, May 30th

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Buddy “Jack” Roberts

Chavo Gurrero Sr. vs. Buzz Sawyer

“Hollywood” John Tatum vs. “Gentleman” Chris Adams

Kamala vs. The Missing Link

Terry Taylor vs. Michael “P.S.” Hayes

Steve “Dr. Death” Williams vs. Ric Steiner

Ted DiBiase vs. Super Ninja

“Bam Bam” Terry Gordy vs. Koko B. Ware

"I guess to be the man, I'll have to beat the man." Brett "The Hitman" Hart

"It's not just beating the man; it's STAYING the man!" "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

Monday Night Nitro....

"Ric Flair had me at WHOOOOOOOO!"

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Re: The Universal Wrestling Federation: Rising out of the Mid-South

Hard to say since UWF was always well booked, but lets try to choose winners. Hacksaw vs. Buzz, Adams vs. Kamala, Taylor vs. Williams, Dibiase vs. Gordy. Looks good and gets even better with Dibiase vs. Williams for finale. For the other opponents I,m not sure. I always liked Buzz ?!
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Re: The Universal Wrestling Federation: Rising out of the Mid-South

For the fans, Duggan looks like he would be a clear choice. For booking, Williams getting the belt would give him the push he needed as happened. I wish this league could have continued but losing Duggan, Roberts, Slater, Sawyer, Butch Reed, others all in a short amount of time robbed them of so much star power. WCW also wasted a chance for at least a brief company vs company feud with what was left of the UWF after buying it out, but instead chose to bury wrestlers like Terry Taylor who was one of the biggest heels of the last year of UWF.

Was Tiger Conway part of the jive-tones instead of Leroy Brown.
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Re: The Universal Wrestling Federation: Rising out of the Mid-South

UWF Heavyweight Tournament

Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 30 &31, 1986

Opening Round, May 30th

Jim Ross and “Cowboy” Bill Watts stand in the center of the ring surrounded by a raucous crowd as the show begins. Ross and Watts briefly take off their hats and acknowledge the crowd as their cheers drown out Ross’s first attempt to kick off the show.

Ross: “Thank-you…Thank-you all very much. (He pauses to listen to their adoration before staring into the camera and beginning his monologue) And thank all of you watching at home. Tonight is a historic night as the Universal Wrestling Federation kicks off the opening round of the tournament that will crown its first heavyweight champion. We’ve got 16 of the top wrestlers in the world chomping at the bit to make wrestling history. Mr. Watts, what do you expect tonight.”

Watts: “I expect the same thing all of these fans here and the ones watching at home on the SuperStation should expect every time they tune into a UWF broadcast, Jim. I EXPECT TO SEE THE BEST WRESTLERS IN THE WORLD DOING WHAT THEY DO BEST! (The crowd explodes again and Watts steps back and gives them a huge grin.) Mark words folks, I guarantee when you turn on a UWF wrestling program you aren’t going to see cartoon characters, you won’t see rock stars strutting around… YOU will see men getting into this ring and fighting it out to see who the biggest bull in the woods is. This is about athletic contest, it’s about pride, and it’s about a desire to be the best! That is what will make the UWF stand out. It will make stand apart. If you want to see a wrestling show, watch the UWF. If you want to see a cartoon show, tune in Saturday mornings!”

Ross: “Strong words, Cowboy. I couldn’t agree with you more, however. Right now we want to take you to locker-room where three of tonight’s entrants in the tournament are standing by with Frank Dusek .”
  • And This Bird You Cannot Change

The camera flips to Frank Dusek who is positioned on a set with the new UWF logo in the background. The Fabulous Freebirds and their recently acquired bodyguard, The Fallen Angel, flank him. Michael “P.S” Hayes stands to his immediate left gazing off camera with a lackadaisical smirk on his face. Buddy “Jack” Roberts is positioned on the far left of the set and appears fired up. He has an intense look on his face as he paces back and forth; frequently leaving the set and marching back in as he rubs his hands together. The huge Terry Gordy stands with his arms crossed behind Hayes. His dark-rimmed cowboy hat sits on his brow and he stares menacingly into the camera. The Fallen Angel stands beside Gordy with a pair of dark shades on. He appears bored and frequently glances around the set.

“Fans, I’m backstage with bad men from Badstreet, U.S.A; the Fabulous Freebirds. Gentleman, all three of the Freebirds are scheduled to compete in tonight’s tournament. How do you feel about being a part of this historic event?”

Roberts: (jumping into the screen) “It’s just another night of us using people’s heads as mops and using their butts as brooms, Frank Dusek. You are talking to three of the baddest men from the baddest place in HOT’LANTA, son. You think 13 other stiffs have a chance against Georgia’s favorite sons? “

(He gives a quick laugh before continuing)

“And who is first out of the gate? That would be yours truly against “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. I’ll give Duggan credit, he’s big ole’ boy that can take on a hell of a beating and keep coming. He’s going to have to be able to do that if he wants to have a chance against your truly. He’s just another big stiff that is going to get his lights put out by Ole’ Buddy Jack, here. I’ve been in the pound with bigger dogs and there been ain’t a single one that has made yours truly whimper. Tighten up that collar, big boy, because Buddy Jack is ready to make your roll over and play dead! “

Dusek: “Strong words from, Mr. Roberts. Mr. Gordy, you compete against Koko B. Ware in the first round. Care to share how you’re feeling right now?”

Gordy: (Glares at Dusek) “That’s a mighty small man to put in the ring with someone as big as me don’t ya, think, Dusek?”

Dusek: “Koko B. Ware may be small, but he’s a professional. He’s taken on men as big as you before-“

Gordy: “Just make sure and tell the judge that when they call us into court on Monday. I’m gonna kill that boy tonight. “

(Angel of Death and Roberts burst out in laughter at Gordy’s outburst. Gordy crosses his arms and glares menacingly back into the camera. Hayes, however, continues to stare off camera like something else is on his mind.)

Dusek: (Obviously flustered by Gordy’s outburst) “Mr. Hayes, is there anything you would like to say about your first round match-up with-“

(Hayes holds up his hand in annoyance and silences Dusek. He directs his gaze into the camera and silently looks into the camera with an intense look on his face. After a few moments of silence, he smirks and begins to speak.)

Hayes: “ EVERYBODY WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE FREEBIRDS ARE GONNA DO, DONT THEY BOYS?! (The Freebirds nod and encourage their teammate on). Everybody is just wrapping their heads around a pole trying to predict what this wild bunch is up to. The answer is pretty simple if you sheep could really think about it though,… The simple facts is, THE BIG BAD WOLF don’t make plans the food, Lamb chop! You aren’t going to see what we’ve got coming until its too late! You are talking to the men who were spending your money before you even realized the bank was robbed.

The Freebirds play by their own rules and lemme tell you Tulsa… they are a pretty loose set of guidelines. I could tell you EXACTTLY how tonight and tomorrow will go down, but what fun would that be? All YOU need to know Dusek… All YOU need to know Tulsa… is that we have a plan and it’s not going to be hard to accomplish.”

(Hayes stares down the Dusek as the rest of the Freebirds walk off camera. As Dusek shifts uncomfortably, Hayes smirks and strolls off the set. )

  • Chavo Gurrero Sr. vs. “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer

The ring announcer introduces both men as the referee walks over to each corner and examines each contestant. After a quick pat down to ensure neither man has any illegal objects on their person (and receiving a quick tongue-lashing from Skandor Akbar, Sawyer’s manager), the referee calls for the bell and the match begins.

Sawyer quickly attempts to rush Gurrero, but the wily luchadore ducks under some wild haymakers and brawling attempts and quickly rushes back towards the center of the ring as Sawyer goes flailing into the ropes and corner.

An enraged Sawyer charges at Gurrero, but the Mexican wrestler sends Sawyer face-first into the mat with an expertly executed drop toehold. Sawyer quickly pops to his feet, but is taken down with a high armdrag that Gurrero quickly transitions into a standing wristlock /armbar combination.

The next few minutes of the opening match see Gurrero maintain his advantage by using quick maneuvers and his obvious speed advantage over the huskier Sawyer. Sawyer is flustered by a series of dropkicks, flying head scissors, snapmares and a very stiff flying forearm that illicit a two-count on Gurrero’s subsequent pin attempt.

Despite having Sawyer on the run in the matches early minutes, Gurrero loses his advantage when he turns his attention to Akbar who taunts him from ringside and challenges him to a physical altercation. Gurrero doesn’t oblige, but he pays for taking his focus off his in-ring opponent when Sawyer catches him with a quick knee to the mid-section.

The move doubles Gurrero over and allows “Mad Dog” to take control of the match with some viscous clubbing forearms and a blatant eye rake that sends the Mexican wrestler groping into the corner turnbuckle in obvious pain.

As the referee warns him about the obvious infraction, Sawyer keeps his advantage by repeatedly ramming Gurrero’s head into the turnbuckle. A ten count gives Gurrero a temporary reprieve, but Sawyer spends the rest of the match brutalizing his first round opponent. He uses rope-chokes, stiff punches, a wild clothesline and a variety of slams that leave Gurrero grounded and in agony.

The crowd boos as Sawyer mounts the top rope and taunts them for a few seconds. The “Mad Dog” launches himself in the air and lands squarely on Gurrero’s chest with a Flying Body-Splash. Sawyer lazily covers his opponent without even hooking a leg. 1…2….3!

Winner: “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer via pinfall

  • The Golden Boy Speaks

The show returns from commercial, Frank Dusek is backstage with Terry Taylor, a popular fan favorite in the UWF.

Dusek: “Fans, I’m backstage with Terry Taylor. Terry, you’ve won a lot of titles in the world of professional wrestling. Could you give us your feelings about competing in the UWF’s first title tournament ?”

Taylor: “I’m not going to lie, Frank. It is really exciting. To be able to be part of the beginning of something as big as the Universal Wrestling Federation and to have a chance to be its first heavyweight champion…it’s really something. To think I may get to square off against someone like Ted DiBiase, Dr. Death, Jim Duggan, its humbling. These guys are the best in the world, in my opinion. To be counted among their number is an honor in itself. “

Dusek: “I’m glad you mentioned that Terry because you will NOT be competing against any of those men in the first round. Care to give us your opinion on your first round opponent, Michael “P.S” Hayes?”

Taylor: “Let's be honest Frank, I don’t like him. He and his cronies are just a bunch of trash that talk big and act worse. Not to take away from him as a wrestler, but Michael Hayes the person is just a pathetic individual. I look forward to shutting him up and sending him home early. “

Dusek: “Ladies and gentlemen, some very strong words from Terry Taylor! Terry, good luck tonight.”

Taylor: “Thanks, Frank. “

  • “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Buddy “Jack” Roberts

Robert’s Freebird companions shout insults at Duggan from ringside as the referee gives both competitors their pre-match instructions. Rather than ignore the verbal jabs, Duggan throws some barbs back at Robert’s teammates. The exchange escalates and Terry Gordy needs to be physically restrained by Michael Hayes and Angel of Death. The referee threatens to banish the ringside observers to the locker room, but Angel of Death and Roberts manage to talk him out of it as Hayes calms “Bam Bam” down. Duggan complicates the situation by throwing some more insults with a mischievous smile on his face, but Hayes manages to calm the big man down.

The match begins with Duggan taking a quick advantage with several big punches that send Roberts reeling. The long-time Mid-South fan favorite charges up the fans by whipping his opponent into the ropes and laying him out with a huge running shoulderblock. The impact of the move causes Buddy “Jack’s” head to bounce off the mat. Duggan waste no time hopping on him bouncing more punches off his skull. The rest of the Freebirds protest from ringside as the referee finally steps in and breaks up Duggan’s barrage of closed-fist punches.

As the referee back Duggan up and admonishes him, Roberts rolls to the outside. His teammates run over check on him as Angel of Death hops on to the ring apron to complain to the referee. Duggan quickly runs over and knocks him to the floor with a stiff shoulderblock, much to the crowd’s further delight.

The temporary distraction allows Roberts to roll back into the ring and avoid Duggan’s fury. He immediately complains to the referee about the closed fist punches and vehemently orders the referee to “Do your job!”.

While his attention is on the ref, Duggan takes the opportunity to sneak up behind him and set his hands on his hips. Roberts briefly shows his disgust at the official and turns around into Duggan’s scowling visage. A startled Roberts fall on his back in fear and quickly crawls on his butt to the corner. This spot elicits a good chuckle form the crowd.

Duggan beckons Roberts back to the center of the ring and the embarrassed Freebird complies with a sheepish look on his face. From that point, the match begins to pick up speed and both men engage in an intense brawl-filled match.

Duggan uses some stiff brawling to keep Roberts on the defensive, but the wily Freebird uses his ring savvy and a combination of dirty tactics (eye pokes, rope chokes and low blows) to stay in the match. Duggan uses his legendary endurance and toughness to shrug off the damage of Roberts ill-gotten offense and keep moving forward.

The end of the match occurs when Duggan catches Roberts with a hard punch to the guts as he attempts and axe-handle off the top rope. The impact of the blow cuts Roberts for a flip and leaves him writhing on the mat; gasping for air. Duggan quickly pins Roberts shoulders to the mat and tightly hooks his legs. 1…2…3! Duggan gets the victory!

Out of the corner of his eye Duggan sees the rest of the Freebirds storming into the ring and quickly rolls out to the floor. Hayes and the Freebird’s body guard quickly rush to Robert’s side to check on him as Gordy rushes to the ring ropes to look down at a smiling Duggan. As the referee raises Duggan’s arm, Gordy mounts the ropes and points and angry finger at him.

Winner: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan via pinfall

  • The Magic of Hollywood

The camera flips backstage to Frank Dusek who is positioned on the interview set with “Hollywood” John Tatum and his valet, Missy Hyatt. Clad with his fluffy white boa, Tatum seems intent on Hyatt as she strokes his cheek tenderly. Hyatt wears a tight red halter top and leather pants. A coy smile plays across her face as she flirts with her man. Neither is paying much attention to Dusek as he prepares for their interview.

Dusek: “Fans, I’m backstage with “Hollywood” John Tatum and his manager the lovely Missy Hyatt. John, you are set to compete against “Gentleman” Chris Adams tonight in the first round of the inaugural UWF title tournament. Can you share your thoughts with the folks watching at home?”

Tatum: (still focused entirely on Hyatt) “What do you think, Missy? Should I be mad that this idiot is interrupting my time with the most beautiful woman in wrestling? “ (Hyatt laughs and rolls her eyes. She nonchalantly shakes her head. Tatum sighs and spins around.) “Why are you asking me about something as insignificant as Chris Adams? I mean, it was pretty obvious that I was preoccupied with WAY more important things than that English idiot. You see, you are talking to a man that operates on a higher level, Dusek. My taste in women, the clothes I wear, the cars I drive, the food I eat… I’m just that much better in life than that tea-drinking idiot. Look at my lady, Dusek. Have you seen Chris Adam’s squeeze. Her teeth are all yellow and crooked. My lady is nothing but curves and legs. His is fat and nasty. “

Dusek: “While I doubt that is true, what does it have to do with your match tonight?”

Tatum: “Adams is second class to me in EVERY way, genius He can’t compete with me in the ring, in the UWF or in life. If you can’t see something that obvious, what is the use in explaining it to you. “

Dusek: (shaking his head as Tatum and Hyatt walk off the set) “Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it.”

  • Kamala vs. The Missing Link

The referee attempts to inspect both men, but the Ugandan savage and the painted eccentric don’t waste time and begin tearing into each other before the bell rings. Link peppers Kamala with quick punches and manages to withstand the big giants powerful blows and keep his momentum going.

Kamala tries to land a solid punch on the oddball in front of him, but Link manages to maneuver to take Kamla’s serious blows on the shoulder and arm. Link manages to cause Kamala to stumble with a several huge head butts that echo out across the arena. Much to the referee’s dismay, Link quickly follows up his advantage by biting Kamala on the forehead.

The referee dives into pull The Missing Link off Kamala as Skandor Akbar begins hurling insults at the Link from ringside. The Arabic manager is incensed at Link’s behavior and dismissively waves his hand and shouts at him. Without a word, the crazy wrestler with green face paint hops through the ropes and goes after Akbar.

The moves terrify the manager and he scurries around ringside with Link hot on his heels. Dark Journey, Link’s lovely valet, manages to cut her client off from his chase and get him refocused on the match.

The merry chase gives Kamala plenty of time to recover and eagerly awaits The Link as he rushes into the ring to avoid a count-out. As Link rolls under the bottom rope, Kamala firmly plants his bare foot on his opponent’s exposed throat and begins to choke the life out of him. Only the referee’s intervention saves the Missing Link.

The next few minutes of the match see Kamala dominate The Missing Link with his superior size. The Ugandan giant traps his smaller opponent in the corners and uses his weight to batter and choke him mercilessly. The referee frequently has to pull Kamala off Link and comes close to disqualifying him for various infractions. From ringside, Akbar directs his client and signals him when to release a choke or pull his fingers out the Link’s eye sockets. His actions infuriate Dark Journey who screams at the manager from ringside. The beautiful valet’s fury only a few sarcastic chuckles from the leader of Devastation Inc.

The Link manages to retake the advantage by stumbling out of the corner as Kamala attempts to get a running start and crush him. The impact of Kamala running into the turnbuckle stuns the large man and knocks the breath out of him. He falls to his back and clutches his chest in an attempt to catch his breath.

Link mounts the top turnbuckle and flies off the top rope. The painted wrestler crashes into Kamala’s chest with a flying knee drop. The Missing Link goes for the cover as Skandor Akbar screams out in frustration from ringside. 1…2…3! The Missing Link gets the pinfall!

Winner: The Missing Link via pinfall

  • Is There a Doctor in the House?

The show returns from commercial, Frank Dusek is backstage with “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, one of the favorites to win the UWF title tournament.

Dusek: “Fans, I’m backstage with “Dr. Death” Steve Williams. Doc, you are no stranger to success in the state of Oklahoma. From your college career at OU to your professional career, you’ve always performed well in the state you call home. Do you think that bodes well for you in the UWF’s first title tournament ?”

Williams: “Let's hope so, Frank. I’ve got some family here tonight so I’m hoping to do well for them and all my UWF fans. Like Terry said earlier, to be chosen as part of the beginning of something as big as the Universal Wrestling Federation is a true honor. I can’t thank “Cowboy” Bill Watts, enough. “

Dusek: “Any thoughts on your first round opponent?”

Williams: “He’s just like any other stiff that gets in there with The Doctor. I’m kinda hoping Eddie Gilbert decides to get involved so I can plant him in the ground and harvest his butt next spring. I’m ready to be a champion. These goofs just so happen to be in my way.“

Dusek: “Ladies and gentlemen, some very strong words from Steve Williams! Doc, good luck tonight.”

Williams: “Wish Ric Steiner luck, Frank. I don’t need it.“

Terry Taylor vs. Michael “P.S.” Hayes

Hayes’ Freebird companions are quiet at ringside as the referee gives both competitors their pre-match instructions. Rather than being his usual cocky self, Hayes stares intensely across the ring at Taylor. Both men look ready as the referee signals for the bell.

The match begins with Taylor quickly taking down Hayes with a textbook armdrag. Hayes pops up immediately and begins to complain about getting his hair pulled. After a terse exchange with the official, Hayes locks up with Taylor and is immediately pushed back into the ropes. The referee steps in and splits the two up, but Hayes clutches his eye and leans on the top ring rope like he is in agony as Taylor backs off. Clutching his eye with his hand, Hayes yells at the referee to “STOP THIS GUY FROM KILLING ME!” Taylor pleads his innocence as the ref questions him.

The momentary distraction presents an opportunity for Hayes, who immediately tries to lay out Taylor with a sucker-punch. Taylor manages to lift an arm just in time and stone wall Hayes’ ill-gotten advantage. The two wrestlers engage in an intense back and forth that ends with Hayes’ on his butt. The veteran heel slowly slides to the turnbuckle on his butt as he begs off Taylor.

Taylor ignores Hayes’ pleas for mercy and jumps on his first round opponent; peppering him with rapid-fire punches. He quickly jerks the charismatic Freebird to his feet and whips him off the ropes. Hayes comes sprinting back towards the ring and into a high backdrop. The next several minutes see Taylor maintain his advantage; punishing Hayes with a variety of moves (a back-suplex, atomic drop, body slam, a backbreaker, etc.) that focus on his lower back.

A huge turning point in the match occurs when Hayes forces Taylor to release a surfboard attempt by wrapping his left leg around the bottom rope. Taylor complies before the referee’s five-count, but immediately tries to follow up his offense as Hayes struggles to his feet.

The wily Freebird manages to fire off a quick kick that catches Taylor in the gut and throw his opponent through the middle rope and to the concrete floor. Feigning serious injury, Hayes’ grabs his back and falls into the referee, temporarily distracting him.

Gordy, Roberts and Angle of Death immediately jump Taylor when they see the ref’s attention is turned to Hayes. After some viscous stomps from the three men, Taylor lies on the outside in a crumpled heap.

Hayes recovers from his serious back injury and rushes outside the ring to take advantage of his downed opponent. Taylor catches some quick stomps from his opponent and is lifted to his feet. Hayes picks up Taylor and drops him throat first on the steel crowd barrier. As Taylor holds his throat and sputters for air, Hayes jerks him up by the hair and rolls him into the ring.

Hayes takes his turn on offense and uses rough house tactics in an attempt to injure and psyche Taylor out. After every move, the cocky Hayes fires off quips at either Taylor or the capacity crowd. His arrogance quickly earns him the displeasure of the crowd and UWF commentators Jim Ross and Bill Watts.

Watts: “I’m not one of those people that gets his feelings hurt about people mouthing off, but Mike Hayes is acting like the South-side of a North bound mule. I hope Taylor shuts him up here soon.”

Unfortunately for Taylor and Watts, Hayes manages to maintain his advantage and gets several near pinfalls following a second-rope fist drop and nicely executed backslide. The resilient Taylor manages to get his shoulders off the mat at the last instant both times.

The highlight of the match occurs when Hayes whips Taylor off the ropes, but mistimes a shoulderblock and he and Taylor’s head wind up cracking together. The impact almost knocks both men out. Both men lie groggily on the mat as the referee starts a ten count.

With the crowd cheering him on, Taylor manages to make it to his feet first. Taylor stumbles over to pick Hayes up, but the veteran grabs him by the head as he reaches down and rolls him into a small package. The momentum of the move, however, allows Taylor roll through and reverse the hold. As the referee counts the pinfall, Hayes grabs the nearby bottom rope and uses it to reverse the competitors positions. As the referee counts Hayes’ new pin attempt, Hayes maintains his grip on the bottom rope. Taylor kicks his feet rapidly in attempt to get out. 1…2…3! Hayes picks up an ill-gotten win!

Winner: Michael “P.S” Hayes via pinfall

  • Dire Warnings from the Middle East

The show returns from commercial, Frank Dusek is backstage with Skandor Akbar and his clients Kamala and The Super Ninja. Akbar wears a scowl as Kamala stares off aimlessly off camera and Super Ninja stands with his arms crossed.

“Fans, I’m backstage Skandor Akbar and the members of Devastation Incorporated. Mr. Akbar, I know you had some disappointment earlier this evening, but you have another chance tonight when your client takes on Ted DiBiase. Your thoughts?”

Akbar: “Spare me your false sympathy, Dusek. I don’t want it; nor do I need it. The amount of disrespect shown towards me and ALL of my clients just illustrates the hypocrisy of this country and the UWF. New beginnings?... To me, it is the same sad story, BUT it is a story where we will control the ending. “

Dusek: “It sounds like you-?”

Akbar: “Please spare me, Dusek. Mark my words, Devastation Incorporated will have a huge effect on this tournament. People will tremble at our actions. There is no need to plan for the future. Devastation Incorporated is now.“

  • “Hollywood” John Tatum vs. “Gentleman” Chris Adams

Adams, the crowd and the referee are immediately annoyed by Tatum when he chooses to focus on getting his hair right; instead of entering the ring to start the match. Despite repeated calls from the official, Tatum allows Hyatt to hold a mirror so he can get his hair perfect.

The match finally begins when Adams storms outside and throws “Hollywood” John into the ring. The action discombobulates Tatum and leaves him open for some hard kicks from Adams. “Gentleman” Chris begins to wear out Tatum’s chest with multiple elbow drops as Hyatt screeches from ringside.

Adams ignores Tatum’s pleas to let him catch his breath and keeps the heat on him with a variety of suplexes, dropkicks, heavy chops to the chest and a high back bodydrop. The crowd gets excited when the English superstar mounts the top rope and manages to connect with a flying crossbody on a disoriented Tatum. The move gets Adams a two-count, but the referee is forced to stop the count when Hyatt grabs his leg and informs him about an infraction she “saw”.

Being robbed of a quick victory infuriates Adams he jumps and warns Hyatt to keep to her place. The distraction presents an opportunity for Tatum, but Adams manages to block his haymaker attempt and picks up right where he left off. The Englishman continues to rough up his first round opponent. Despite attempts to get out of the way. Tatum eats a few dropkicks and is placed in a painful rear-chinlock.

The referee inquires if Tatum wants to quit, but the glitzy heel manages to hang in there. Adams makes a mistake and leans into the hold a little too hard and opens himself to a deep thumb to the eye from Tatum.

It takes Tatum a few moments to recover from the beating he has received, but he quickly asserts his new found dominance and uses a foot choke to injure Adams. It earns him a warning from the referee, but he quickly places Adams neck under the bottom rope and pulls back on his head. He breaks the hold before the five count is up, but quickly returns to the illegal tactic a few more times.

Tatum holds the offensive advantage for a few more minutes, but primarily relies on long submission locks to wear Adams down (a sleeperhold and an abdominal stretch).

Adams manages to briefly regain the offensive advantage when he breaks the abdominal stretch with a hiptoss, but he gets overeager and attempts to knock Tatum out with his finisher, the super kick. Tatum manages to duck under the move and roll up Adams in a school boy. 1…2… (the referee doesn’t see John Tatum pulling on Adam’s tights)...3! Tatum gets an ill-gotten win!

“Hollywood” John Tatum via pinfall

  • The Voice of Experience

The show returns from commercial, Frank Dusek is backstage with Ted DiBiase, one of the most established wrestlers in the organization and a favorite to win the UWF title tournament.

Dusek: “Fans, I’m backstage with Ted DiBiase. Ted, you are no stranger to success in this business. You’ve been competing in the squared circle in the Midwest almost your entire career. Do you think that bodes well for you in the UWF’s first title tournament ?”

“I believe so, Frank. I’ve seen about all there is to see in the ring. I’ve been a hero in the ring and I’ve played the villain. I won’t say I’m perfect, but I’ve got no problems saying that nothing that happens out there will surprise me? “

Dusek: “Any thoughts on your first round opponent?”

DiBiase: “I heard Akbar popping off earlier. His masked ninja isn’t really that special. To me he is just another goon trying to make a name for himself. I can handle him and whatever else Akbar think he wants to throw at me. I’m hoping to strike gold in this tournament. If I didn’t think I could get past the first round, why would I even show up?“

Dusek: “Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. Good luck, Ted.”

DiBiase: “Sure thing, Frank. Thanks for the time.“

  • Steve “Dr. Death” Williams vs. Ric Steiner

Ric Steiner is accompanied by the rest of Hotstuff International (Eddie “Hotstuff” Gilbert & The Blade Runners (Rock & Sting). When “Dr. Death” enters the ring to a HUGE Oklahoma welcome from a very partisan crowd, Gilberts immediately hops on the ring apron and begins taunting Williams. The referee orders him to get down, but Gilbert insists on being handed the microphone.

Gilbert: “Wait, wait, wait… There is no way anyone can call this fair. To put MY CLIENT and blue-chip prospect, Ric Steiner, in this position with a biased crowd, a hometown referee and this local demi-God is just a blatant attempt to screw ME and MY ORGANIZATION! This is favoritism at its finest.

Bill, I get the fact that you are trying to suck up to the crowd and sell tickets. I get the fact that I’m too flashy. I get the fact I’m too husband. I get the fact that I make too much money for you and all these hick oil field workers tastes. (The crowd begins to boo. Gilbert briefly acknowledges their scorn with an egotistical smirk) All that being acknowledged, why take this out on poor Ric Steiner? This is just a young guy looking for his big break. In the name of fairness, I demand that this biased situation be rectified this minute.”

Williams storm over and snatches the microphone out of Gilbert’s hands. The heel manager quickly hops off the ring apron to avoid “Dr. Death”

Williams: “Hold up a sec, you think I need special treatment to beat this guy? You’ve got to be kidding me, Eddie. I’m thinking your brain has been taking in too much sun because you are talking like a man that is about to have a stroke. I don’t need any help from anyone to whip this kids *censored for television*. Let’s get that-“

Steiner blindsides Williams with a stiff clothesline as he focuses on Gilbert. The large youngster picks up a stunned Williams and easily throws his large opponent over his shoulder with a belly to belly suplex. The large maneuver elicits an “OOOOOH” from the crowd and silences both Jim Ross and Bill Watts on UWF commentary.

The bearded youngster hammers Williams with stiff forearms across the back and lifts his dead weight from the mat and into the bodyslam position. At Gilbert’s direction, Steiner slams “Dr. Death” into the corner and locks his ankles under the top turnbuckle. Williams gets choked by Steiner’s foot as the referee struggles to get him untangled. The ref orders Steiner to the opposite corner, but the aggressive bruiser throws several hard punches to the outstretched midsection of Williams.

The referee finally physically begins to force Steiner to the opposite corner, but he actively resists. The altercation allows The Blade Runners the opportunity to sneak over and get a few moments of roughing up the helpless Williams. Eventually, the referee restores order and Williams manages to get ankles untangled from the top turnbuckle.

Steiner brutalizes Williams with more high powered slams and suplexes and works a very deliberate pace that limits his ability for error.

That error, however, does occur when he whips Williams off the ropes and misses a clothesline as Williams rebounds back towards the center of the ring. Steiner turns around eats a huge lariat from Williams. The force of the blow and the audible smack of William’s arm echo out past the first couple of rows at ringside.

The Doctor goes to work the next several minutes of the match. Using his immense strength, he presses Steiner high above his head several times and slams him to the mat. After flipping Steiner with a cut-block from the three-point stance position, Williams picks him up Steiner by the tights and hoists him up on his shoulder. After throwing a few insults at Gilbert and his henchmen, Williams gets a running start towards the ringpost. He connects with an Oklahoma Stampede Slam! Williams covers Steiner. 1…2…3!

Winner: Steve “Dr. Death” Williams via pinfall

  • Ted DiBiase vs. Super Ninja

Super Ninja has Skandor Akbar , Buzz Sawyer and Kamala standing ominously in his corner when the bell rings signaling the start of the match. The Super Ninja is clearly outclassed by the veteran Mid-South wrestler in the matches early going. Despite landing a few early sidekicks and a knife-edge chop, Super Ninja has a wrestling clinic ran on him for ten minutes.

While Super Ninja does prove his resiliency by not falling victim to DiBiase’s many pin and submission attempts. Some of DiBiase’s highlights include a huge flying back elbow as Super Ninja rebounds off the ropes, a Boston Crab, a Northern Lights Suplex and a Superplex.

DiBiase has Super Ninja locked in an abdominal stretch when a large man steps over the crowd barrier on the right side of the screen.

Watts: “What the heck? Who is that?”

Ross: “That is the One Man Gang!!! What is he doing here?”

One Man Gang slides under the bottom rope and approaches DiBiase from behind. As he does, Skandor Akbar signals Kamala and Buzz Sawyer to enter the ring. The move is noticed by DiBiase and he releases the hold to confront the big Ugandan. As he does, OMG buckles him with a clubbing forearm to the back of the head.

As the referee calls for the bell, On Man Gang bounces off the ropes and drops a huge elbow on DiBiase’s back. With a snarl, One Man Gang gets up and stands squarely on DiBiase’s back. As the fan favorite squirms under the giants tremendous weight, OMG smiles at the crowd and holds his enormous arms up. Akbar holds Kamala, Sawyer and Super Ninja back as OMG taunts the crowd.

Before anymore damage can be done, Terry Taylor, Steve Williams and Jim Duggan burst out from the back and hit the ring. The One Man Gang backs off as they enter the ring. Taylor and Duggan square off against the nefarious stable as Williams kneels down and checks on his long time partner. Before anything pops off, Akbar secures the ringside microphone and hands it to Gang.

One Man Gang: “Everybody is wondering why I did what I did. (Holding up a finger) One, meet the newest member of the honorable Akbar’s organization. (Holding up a second finger) Two, the disrespect this organization and Bill Watts showed me by NOT inviting me to compete in this tournament was too much for me to let go (holding up a third finger) and third, I’M THE ONE MAN GANG! What do you people expect me to do?

Devastation Inc. laughs and exits the ring as medics run down to treat DiBiase. The show cuts to commercial.

Winner: Ted DiBiase via DQ

  • Medical Update

The show returns with a close-up of the UWF announce table. Jim Ross and Bill Watts stare somberly into the camera.

Ross: “Ladies and gentlemen, we just want to give you a quick medical update on Ted DiBiase and allow Mr. Watts to address what we just saw before we went to commercial.

Ted DiBiase has suffered a lower back injury and has been rushed to the Saint Francis Hospital. We don’t have any information on how serious the injury is, if he will be able to compete tomorrow night or if there will be any long-term ramifications of the injury, but I can tell you he is in very capable hands. We here are all wishing Ted a very speedy recovery.

Cowboy, I know you’ve got some important things to say about this situation.

Watts: “Thanks, Jim. One Man Gang threw some accusations at me and the UWF as one of his reasons for bushwhacking DiBiase. Well, let me address those and what I plan on doing about Devastation Inc.’s actions.

First of all, I’m fining Devastation Incorporated 30,000 dollars. One Man Gang will be ineligible for a UWF title shot the next three months. Attacking people from behind isn’t how you earn title shots here in the UWF. Last, but not least, Steve Williams has requested a cage match with One Man Gang next Saturday on this program. Most of you know DiBiase and Williams are long time friends and he didn’t take to kindly to seeing his buddy blindsided. It’s a request that I decided to grant. So One Man Gang, congratulations on making your mark. I hope you can cash the check you’ve written yourself, hoss.”

  • “Bam Bam” Terry Gordy vs. Koko B. Ware

The final match of the night is somewhat anti-climactic. Ware uses his speed to fluster Gordy early. Gordy eats several dropkicks and quick jabs as he tries to grab the charismatic fan favorite. Ware taunts the big man and fires up the crowd as he jukes out of the way of the Freebird’s attempts at offense.

Ware makes a huge mistake as he attempts to whip the larger Gordy off the ropes. Gordy uses his superior size to reverse the move and run Ware into a huge short-arm clothesline. From that point forward, Gordy dominates the smaller man with some heavy slams and turnbuckle rams. A huge powerslam lays Ware out but Gordy forgoes a pin and gets up off his helpless foe.

With his Freebird team mates cheering him on, Gordy mounts the second rope. Leaping off his perch, Gordy drives his thumb down into Ware’s throat. The black wrestler squirms in pain following the Aztec Spike as Gordy hooks his legs and gets an easy pin. 1…2…3! Gordy is headed to the second round.

Winner: Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy via pinfall


UWF Heavyweight Tournament

Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 31, 1986

The second round and finals…

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer

The Missing Link vs. Michael “P.S” Hayes

“Hollywood” John Tatum vs. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams

Ted DiBiase vs. “Bam Bam” Terry Gordy

"I guess to be the man, I'll have to beat the man." Brett "The Hitman" Hart

"It's not just beating the man; it's STAYING the man!" "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

Monday Night Nitro....

"Ric Flair had me at WHOOOOOOOO!"
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Re: The Universal Wrestling Federation: Rising out of the Mid-South

UWF Heavyweight Tournament

Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 31, 1986
Second Round, May 31th

Jim Ross and “Cowboy” Bill Watts stand in the center of the ring surrounded by a raucous crowd as the show begins. Ross and Watts acknowledge the enthusiastic crowd as their cheers echo out across the arena. Compared to the previous night, the Tulsa crowd is even more intense and loud.

Ross: “Obviously, we have a very fired up crowd here tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, last night was a tremendous success. President Watts and myself would love to thank you for tuning in and showing up here in Tulsa. Tonight, like every night, we are expecting even MORE hard-hitting action and competition. We will be crowning a new heavyweight champion tonight. It should be a sight to see. I for one can’t wait.”

Watts: “Well Jimbo, you are going to have to wait because we are going to have seven matches that will redefine what wrestling is! The fact we are on the Superstation is fitting because you should be expecting a SUPER night action, hoss. We’ve got eight men that are willing to put it all on the line tonight. I expect nothing less. You expect nothing less. OUR FANS EXPECT NOTHING ELSE! Put down your popcorn and pull up a seat folks. The UWF is here.”

Ross: “I’m not trying to put a damper on what you are saying, but we had a very serious situation last night involving Ted DiBiase and Devastation Incorporated; specifically the One Man Gang. I know you have been in contact with Ted. Can you give us his condition and whether he will be competing tonight in the second round?”

Watts: “Ted DiBiase WILL be competing tonight. It will take a lot more than being bushwhacked by Devastation Incorporated to keep someone like him away. Of course, he’s not going to be 100 percent, but who in the UWF is ever 100 percent?”

Ross: “Not many, if I were to be honest. Ladies and gentleman, we will have more information for you as the night progresses, but the opening match of the second round is about to begin.”

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer

The ring announcer introduces both men as the referee checks each contestant for foreign objects Duggan takes the opportunity to yell at Skandor Akbar for his role in injuring his good friend, Ted DiBiase. The Persian manager smiles and gestures to his right and left. Kamala, the Ugandan giant and the One Man Gang stare ominously back at Duggan. Duggan gives both men several rude gestures that force Akbar to restrain Kamala and verbally order the OMG from hopping into the ring.

Sawyer quickly attempts to rush Duggan, but the veteran brawler absorbs his initial volley of punches and begins returning some big right hands of his own. Both men furiously attempt to knock one another out as the referee begs both men to break it up. The furious exchange is met with a huge roar of approval from the Tulsa crowd.
Duggan winds up getting the better of the exchange and sends the dazed Sawyer off the ropes. Before Sawyer is sprung back towards the center of the ring, Duggan gives him a huge running clothesline that sends “The Mad Dog” over the top rope and to the concrete floor.

Akbar and his other clients quickly rush over and help Sawyer to his feet as Duggan gets the crowd to begin clapping with him in unison. As Gang and Kamala push their stable-mate back in the ring, Akbar manages to get the referee’s attention and verbally berates him. The distracted ref is unable to see Sawyer give Duggan a huge shot to the groin as the popular face runs over to his opponent.

The next few minutes of the match see Sawyer maintain his advantage by using rest holds and illegal maneuvers to wear Duggan down. A rear-chinlock is held for a minute or two before Sawyer switches it to a chokehold. An abdominal stretch is held on to until Duggan begins to work his way out. Sawyer, however, maintains his advantage with a thumb to the eye and throat chop. These types of scenarios play out until; Duggan is left in intense pain and physical exhaustion.

Sawyer maintains his brutal advantage by repeatedly ramming Duggan’s head into the turnbuckle. A ten count gives “Hacksaw” a temporary reprieve, but the damage sends him to the mat.
The crowd begins to get nervous as Sawyer mounts the top rope and prepares to launch himself in the air. Sawyer attempt at a finish is thwarted when Duggan manages to roll away from his Flying Body Splash!
The miscue badly injures Sawyer’s ribs and the “Mad Dog” rolls around on the mat in obviously pain as Akbar screams for him to get up at ringside. The crowd’s emotion is evident as they cheer for Duggan as he struggles to his feet. Their reaction seems to give him new life and he takes quick advantage of the situation with several big punches that keep Sawyer on the mat. The long-time Mid-South fan favorite charges up the fans by whipping Sawyer into the ropes and laying him out with a huge running shoulderblock.

Duggan manages to keep Sawyer off balance by trapping him in the corner and ramming his shoulder into his midsection repeatedly. Sawyer gasps in agony with each stiff shot. Duggan quickly perches himself on the ring ropes and rains down ten quick punches on Sawyer’s skull. The referee intervenes and backs Duggan to the opposite corner. Duggan complies, but gets down into a three point stance as Sawyer struggles to regain his bearings.

As Sawyer stumbles out to the center of the ring, Duggan fires off towards him and attempts to take his head off with a running clothesline. The move lays “Mad Dog” out, but Duggan pops up and bounces off the ropes. After getting a head of steam, Duggan drops a running knee drop on Sawyer’s chest and goes for the cover. The referee begins his count. 1…2….NO!
Kamala and One Man Gang enter the ring and quickly begin stomping the preoccupied “Hacksaw”. The referee calls for the bell as Super Ninja emerges from the back and pounces into the ring as OMG and Kamala jerk Duggan to his feet and begin taking turns trying to knock him out with huge chops to his cranium.

As Akbar helps up a winded Sawyer, Ninja and Kamala hold Duggan firmly in a corner turnbuckle as Gang walks to the opposite corner. As Duggan squirms to get out of his predicament, Gang gets up a head of steam and squashes Duggan in the corner. The impact leaves Duggan limp rag as Ross and Watts rail against the actions from the safety of the broadcast booth.
Gang appears ready to try his Avalanche maneuver again, but a group of wrestlers burst from the back. Chris Adams, Ted DiBiase (his ribs heavily taped), Terry Taylor, Savannah Jack and Steve Williams slide under the bottom ropes with a head of steam as Devastation Inc. hurriedly leave the ring together. The heel faction raise their arms in triumph as the faces check on their friend. DiBiase is particularly incensed and leans over the top rope in a fury at the faction’s actions as the show cuts to commercial.

Winner: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan via DQ

Sore Ribs and a Fighting Spirit

The show returns from commercial, Frank Dusek is backstage with Ted DiBiase

Dusek: “Fans, I’m backstage with a very angry Ted DiBiase. Ted, we know you were injured last night by One Man Gang and-“

“I don’t mean to cut you off, Frank, but I’ve got something to say. Akbar! You think you and your cronies can jump men like me and Hacksaw and get away with it? Listen up you rag-headed dog, you bring that freak show down to the ring when me, Hacksaw, Doc and Terry are looking for you and we will whip your boys like the curs they are EVERY TIME! You think you can take me out? You couldn’t take out pizza son. I’m not scared of you or One Man Gang. As soon as this tournament is over, you can bet the farm that you and him are going to have to pay the Piper and I guarantee you aren’t going to like the cost.”

Dusek: “I’m glad you mentioned the tournament, Ted. You still have a second round match against Terry Gordy. Are your injuries going to hinder you? Terry Gordy is a very dangerous opponent.”

DiBiase: “I’m sort of backed into a corner aren’t I, Frank? I’m not 100 percent; not by a long shot. That being said, I’m a very dangerous man to push into a corner. You can bet Bam Bam isn’t taking me lightly. If Gordy can take everything I’ve got to give him and win, so be it. There aren’t many men that can do that, however. Let’s see how it plays out.”

Dusek: “Ladies and gentlemen, some very strong words from Ted DiBiase! Ted, good luck tonight.”

DiBiase: “Thanks, Frank. “

The Missing Link vs. Michael “P.S” Hayes

Hayes’s Freebird companion, Buddy “Jack” Roberts, shouts insults at Link from ringside as the referee gives both competitors their pre-match instructions. Rather than ignore the verbal jabs, Link attempts to leave the ring and answer the challenge. Dark Journey, Link’s manager, manages to calm him down and refocus him.

The match begins with Hayes taking a quick advantage with several sneaky punches that send Link reeling. The long-time heel charges up the fans by whipping his opponent into the ropes and laying him out with a quick back elbow. As Link crumbles to the mat, Hayes wiggles his hips and does a little dance for the Tulsa crowd. They respond with a chorus of boos and vulgarities. Hayes seems to soak up their scorn and quickly follows up with more taunts and glares.

As the referee admonishes him to get back to the match, Hayes begins to argue with him. Link recovers and hops up to his feet. Hayes fails to notice and is startled by his recovered opponent when he turns back to the center of the ring.

The temporary distraction allows Link to *censored* a fist back, but Hayes rolls out of the ring and avoids Missing Link’s fury. He immediately complains to the referee about Link’s closed fist s and vehemently orders the referee to “Do your job!”.

The Missing Link loses control and quickly runs outside the ring. The wily Hayes manages to catch Link with a boot to the gut as he lands on the floor. The devious Freebird whips his opponent into the steel turnbuckle and coyly rolls into the ring as the referee continues his count. As the crowd boos, Hayes encourages the ref to pick up his count. Despite Hayes’ encouragement, Link manages to barely make it back into the ring before being counted out.

Hayes quickly puts the boots to Link and doesn’t allow his injured opponent to stand. Hayes drops a nice fistdrop and goes for a cover. The Link kicks out immediately, but Hayes argues with the ref about the speed of his count. The fans quickly tire of Hayes’ whining and begin letting him have it.

Despite bursts of offense from the Missing Link, Hayes continues to dominate the match with his superior ring tactics and smarts. Link tries to turn the match into brawl, but whenever he begins to gain the advantage, Hayes smartly rolls to the floor or stalls Link’s offense with an eye rake or low blow.

The end of the match occurs when Hayes stuns Link with throat chops and bends him over with a knee to the gut. Hayes executes a quick stump piledriver and goes for the cover. 1…2…3! Hayes gets the victory!

Hayes does a little dance as Roberts hops into the ring and cheers his teammate on. The crowd voices its displeasure.

Winner: Michael “P.S” Hayes via pinfall

The Magic of Hollywood

The camera flips backstage to Frank Dusek who is positioned on the interview set with “Hollywood” John Tatum and his valet, Missy Hyatt. Clad with his signature white boa, Tatum allows Hyatt to rub his shoulders as he smiles into the camera with an oily grin. Hyatt wears a tight halter top and leopard print pants. A coy smile plays across her face .

Dusek: “Fans, I’m backstage with “Hollywood” John Tatum and his manager the lovely Missy Hyatt. John, you are set to compete in the second round of the inaugural UWF title tournament. Can you share your thoughts with the folks watching at home?”

Tatum: (smiling) “What do you think I’m thinking, Frank? I’m wondering where I’m going to put my new belt when tonight’s through? “ (Hyatt laughs and rolls her eyes. She nonchalantly nods her head.) “It’s really a dumb question. This tournament is a joke; just like the white trash that is here tonight to pull for Steve Williams. “

Dusek: “I take it you are not impressed with Dr. Death, your first round opponent?”

Tatum: “Heck yes, I’m impressed. I’m impressed at how dumb he is. I’m impressed how a man that strong could be so equally stupid. Dr. Death can lift a lot of weight over his head, but I wouldn’t trust him with a math problem. Do you really think he can beat me, Dusek? “
Dusek: “Some people say your 1st round victory was tainted, John. You appeared to have a handful of Chris Adams tights on that pinfall. Steve Williams on the other hand was pretty dominant in his victory. Maybe you-”

Tatum: “Maybe this interview is over. I’m insulted at your basic ignorance, Frank. I’m not going to stand here and have you question my wins or the basic facts here. Get this straight, I’m the next UWF heavyweight champion. Tell Bill Watts that if he wants an interview with the new champ after tonight, he better find someone to replace you. “

Dusek: (shaking his head as Tatum and Hyatt walk off the set) “Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it.”

“Bam Bam” Terry Gordy vs. Ted DiBiase

The referee attempts to inspect both men, as the Angel of Death, the Freebird’s bodyguard, stands ominously in the corner with his arms crossed. DiBiase’s ribs are heavily taped, but he appears game as the bell rings to signal the start of the match.

The match starts off slowly as both men slowly feel each other out. After a few tie-ups, both men push each other against the ropes. The referee ducks in each time and forces clean breaks.

DiBiase manages to get the first significant offense when sends Gordy face first into the mat with a drop toehold. The second generation star quickly transitions to a front facelock. Gordy powers out of it and stands, but DiBiase quickly transition to an arm ringer as the big Freebird makes to his feet.

DiBase spends the next few moments working over Gordy’s left arm with a hammerlock and several nice standing armbars. Gordy manages to make to the ropes to prevent any real damage, but DiBiase does a good job of maintaining his advantage and manages to ram Gordy’s injured arm into the turnbuckle.

Gordy absorbs some big blows from DiBiase and stumbles into a quick snapmare that leaves him sitting on the mat. DiBiase manages to bring the crowd to its feet by hopping on the second rope and waiting for Gordy to stand.

Gordy rises shakily to his feet and turns around to a high elbow drop from the perched DiBiase. Gordy crumbles to the mat and eats several delayed fist drops from a revved up DiBiase. DiBiase goes for a cover. 1…2…NO! Gordy manages to get a shoulder up. DiBiase does manage to get right back to offense and quickly locks Gordy in a spinning toe-hold that immobilizes the large Freebird.

DiBiase cranks the hold and causes Gordy to scream out in pain. The referee asks Gordy is he is ready to quit several times before he manages to reach up and cradle DiBiase into a modified small package. DiBiase manages to escape the pinning predicament.

DiBiase is on his feet as Gordy struggles to his knees, but the wily brawler sends a huge punch to DiBiase’s midsection that drops the second generation wrestler to his back. Gordy quickly hops to his feet and drops a jumping elbow that knocks the breath out of DiBiase.

Gordy quickly flips his opponent over on his stomach and starts dropping several elbows to his injured back in rapid succession. Jim Ross once again reiterates how One Man Gang did a number on Gordy’s opponent the night before.

Gordy viscously begins to tear off the tape that was helping support DiBiase’s injured back and ribs. The big man methodically lifts his injured opponent up and plants him on his knee with a viscous backbreaker that cause the crowd to groan and DiBiase to scream out in pain. Gordy gradually applies pressure on DiBiase’s back by leaving him on his knee and pressing down on his chin and stomach. For several moments, it looks like DiBiase may be forced to quit, but Gordy suddenly lifts him back up and slams him back to the mat with a running powerslam.

The next several minutes are agony for the packed house as Gordy methodically mauls DiBiase and his injured back with sideslams, bodyslams, jumping stomps to the back and a huge vertical suplex that leaves the fan favorite breathless and red-faced.

Gordy continues his methodical assault on DiBiase’s injured spine and ribs, but DiBiase has a small rally near the end of the match. Despite being on his last legs, DiBiase manages to sidestep a wild Gordy clothesline and lock in a tight sleeperhold. The move almost clinches match for the popular underdog. Gordy’s right arm is raised and drops twice before he manages to collect his wits and hold it up. With DiBiase perched on his back and holding on for dear life, the 300 pound heel falls back hard on to the mat. DiBiase absorbs all of the impact on his injured spine and howls out in agony.

Gordy quickly goes for a cover. 1…2…3! Despite a valiant effort by DiBiase, the giant enforcer of the Freebirds picks up the victory.

Winner: “Bam Bam” Terry Gordy via pinfall

Duggan down deep

The show returns from commercial, Frank Dusek is backstage with “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. Duggan’s ribcage and back are also heavily taped. He appears short of breath and has pain etched across his face as he waits to be interviewed.

Dusek: “Fans, I’m backstage with Jim Duggan. “Hacksaw”, you are no stranger to working through pain, but it appears you will not be 100 percent for your next match tonight. Do you think that bodes well for you in the UWF’s first title tournament ? Your good friend, Ted DiBiase, just came up short. I know this is difficult to talk about, but has One Man Gang and Devastation Incorporated ruined your chances to be the first UWF champion?”

Duggan: “If anything I’m even more motivated to win this tournament now. Akbar and his stooges gave me their best shot and guess what? I’M STILL STANDING!!! Michael Hayes, let’s get this straight… I’m ready to take you down. At 50 percent, I’m still more of a man than your white trash butt will ever be. “

Dusek: “Strong words, Jim. Are you being realistic, here? You look like you can barely stand.”

Duggan: “Wait til the bell rings, I’ll be fine. Hayes will need all the help he can get. Write that down.“

Dusek: “Ladies and gentlemen, some very strong words from Jim Duggan! “Hacksaw”, good luck tonight.”

“Hollywood” John Tatum vs. Steve “Dr. Death” Williams

Tatum appears to be hesitant to get into the ring with “Dr. Death”. Despite urgings from the referee and the crowd, Tatum keeps insisting that Williams back up and give him room to enter the ring. When Williams complies, Tatum asks the referee to come outside the ring to do his pre-match checks. The referee does, but Tatum wants a few minutes to get his hair ready when he is asked to get in the ring.

The match finally begins when Williams storms outside and chases “Hollywood” John around the ring. After a few laps around the ring, Tatum rolls under the bottom rope and pops to his feet. In his hurry to catch his opponent, Williams unwillingly rolls into some heavy stomps from Tatum. To keep his advantage. Tatum grabs the top rope and places his foot on William’s windpipe. The referee begin his count, but Tatum releases the hold. The flamboyant heel quickly repeats the maneuver several times to wear down the powerful Oklahoman.

Tatum uses a variety of eyerakes, chokes, arm ringers and knifehand chops to keep Williams off his game and in control. To add further insult to injury, Tatum gets into a heated argument with the referee and allows Missy Hyatt to scratch the eyes of the unsuspecting Williams as he lies in the corner.

Despite Tatum’s best efforts to keep him down, Williams’s superior power advantage begins to pay off as the match progresses.
“Dr. Death” manages to reverse an Irish whip and send Tatum chest first into the turnbuckle. Tatum is easy picking s for a back suplex that puts him on his head and a quick drubbing as Williams mounts his upper body and begins raining down hard punches. The referee manages to pull Williams off as Hyatt screams at ringside.

The Doctor goes to work the next several minutes of the match. Using his immense strength, he presses Tatum high above his head several times and slams him to the mat.
After flipping Tatum with a cut-block from the three-point stance position, Williams picks him up by the tights and hoists him up on his shoulder. After throwing a few insults at Hyatt, Williams gets a running start towards the ringpost. He connects with an Oklahoma Stampede Slam! Williams covers Tatum. 1…2…3!

Winner: Steve “Dr. Death” Williams via pinfall

Taking a walk down Badstreet

The show returns from commercial, Frank Dusek is backstage with the Fabulous Freebirds. Michael “P.S.” Hayes and Terry Gordy are front and center as Buddy “Jack” Hayes and the Angel of Death stand in the background.

Dusek: “Fans, I’m backstage with the Freebirds. Tonight you have both been very fortunate and moved on to the next round. If you both keep up your winning ways, you two could meet up the finals. What will happen if that happens?”
Gordy and Hayes stare at each other intently for a few moments. Roberts and Angel of Death both seem nervous as the stare last longer and longer. Finally Hayes burst out in laughter as Gordy stares back stoically at the camera.

Hayes: “Wouldn’t you and these people like to see that, Frank? Bam Bam and I know damn well we could be looking across that ring at each other. WE EXPECT TO MEET IN THE FINALS! What happens after that is anybody’s guess? We aren’t worried about it. Do you know how many nights we’ve gotten into it after a few drinks? “

Dusek: “I have no idea.”

Hayes: “Of course you don’t…. In the end, nobody can guess what will happen tonight. The master plan from the boys from Hot’Lanta is still in effect. You won’t see its coming until it’s too late. People like Duggan and Williams need to get their minds off Akbar and worry about what is coming down the barrel of this gun. Both of those goons have cross hairs on them and they don’t even realize it. It’s just too perfect.“

Dusek: “So you are acknowledging that a lot of the chaos in the tournament has favored the Freebirds?.”

Hayes: “I’m acknowledging that one of us will be the UWF champion tonight. You stay tuned and find out which one.“

Michael “P.S.” Hayes vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Hayes refuses to lock up with Duggan in the match’s early stages. As Buddy Roberts and Angel of Death laugh from Hayes’ corner at ringside, Hayes pokes fun at Duggan’s taped up torso and dances around the ring.

Duggan takes exception to Hayes’ taunts, but is unable to make contact with the elusive Freebird as he bobs and weaves around the hobbled wrestler. As Duggan gets more and more frustrated, Hayes begins peppering him with jabs and getting quickly out of the way. This hit and run tactic works well for Hayes in the matches early minutes and enables the charismatic heel to wear Duggan down.

Duggan tries valiantly to connect with a big haymaker, but his slow pace enables his opponent to stay one step ahead and just out of his reach. Duggan makes a serious error when he misses with one of his punches and walks into a stiff Hayes dropkick that catches him flush on the chin and cheek. The moves flattens the veteran brawler.

Hayes quickly punches on his injured opponent and begins peppering him with rapid fire punches and several big elbow drops. Duggan gamely absorbs the punishment, but a swift kick to the ribs causes him to curl up in pain.

Hayes quickly grabs the referee and orders him to “stop the damn match before I kill this bum”. The referee goes down to one knee and checks on Duggan, but “Hacksaw” softly pushes him away and gets up to one knee.

Hayes quickly runs over and begins punching Duggan, but the veteran face slowly rises and begins throwing a punch or two of his own. Soon both men and throwing wild punches at one another and the crowd begins cheering.

Hayes quickly ends Duggan’s rally with a sharp kick to Duggan’s taped midsection that drops the big man to his knees. Sensing Duggan’s weakness, Hayes locks in a deep sleeperhold and leans over the kneeling Duggan.

Duggan attempts to fight through the hold, but gradually his arms begin to slowly quit moving. After a minute or two they hang limp at his side. The referee begins to raise Duggan’s arm up and it drops back down to the wrestler’s side when he releases it. The official raises it again and Duggan’s arm falls once arm. On the referee’s third check, Duggan manages to weakly keep his arm up. It shakes from the effort and drops half-way down, but Duggan valiantly keeps his chances alive.

The huge brawler grabs Hayes’ long blonde hair with both his fists and manages to flip him over his head. Hayes grips his injured scalp in pain and rolls around on the mat as “Hacksaw” struggles towards the ropes and slowly makes his way to his feet.

Hayes shrugs off his pain and quickly rushes towards his injured opponent, but Duggan catches him with an uppercut that knocks him loopy. Hayes’ eyes cross and he staggers back with his arms flailing as Duggan cocks his right hand with one hand and clutches his injured midsection with the other. Hayes manages to get his bearings but a running haymaker by Duggan lays him flat.

The crowd rises to its feet as Duggan gets down in a three point stance. Hayes slowly gets up, but manages to duck under Duggan’s clothesline attempt as the fan favorite fires out from his stance. Duggan crashes chest first into the corner and cries out in agony. Hayes quickly runs up behind his opponent and rolls Duggan up from behind. 1…2…3! Hayes gets the victory.

Winner: Michael “P.S” Hayes via pinfall

“Bam Bam” Terry Gordy vs. Steve “Dr. Death” Williams

Gordy and Williams start off the match trying to muscle each other from the tie-up position with limited successes. Both men manage to bull each other against the ropes and turnbuckle, but the referee manages to intervene and split the two heavyweights up before anything gets out of hand.

After one exchange, Gordy takes the center of the ring and holds his right hand up with his fingers spread. Ross is shocked that Gordy would challenge “Dr. Death” to a test of strength, but Watts reminds the excitable announcer that the Freebird is a 300 pound man.

Williams locks hands and the two men strain against one another in an attempt to bend the wrist of his competitor back to an uncomfortable angle. Both men lean into one another and rest their cheeks on each other’s shoulders as they strain to gain an advantage. Williams slowly begin gaining the advantage as Gordy gradually sinks to his knees.

Just as Williams appears to have the advantage, Gordy slams his forehead across Williams face and buckles him. Williams releases his grip and grabs his nose in pain, but Gordy quickly begins to assail him with assorted punches and kicks. The huge heel whips Williams off the ropes and flattens him with a huge swinging sideslam as he bounces back towards him. As Williams struggles to shake off the impact, “Bam Bam” drops three big elbows in quick succession on his chest.

From ringside, Michael Hayes, Buddy Roberts and Angel of Death cheer on Gordy. The big Freebird holds up both arms and taunts the crowd as all of his teammates (and potential finals competitor) cheers him on.

Williams gets pounded with a barrage of hard hitting maneuvers over the next few minutes. Gordy uses a variety of slams, a gut wrench suplex, a high angle belly to belly suplex that elicits a two count and several hard foot chokes & stomps that leave Williams battered and bleeding from his chest.

“Doc” does manage to reverse a whip into the ropes and send Gordy flying high into the air with a perfectly executed backdrop. Williams immediately knocks down Gordy with a few running clotheslines as the big heel continually tries to stand.

Williams begins to exert his dominance over Gordy with a few running shoulderblocks, epic punching combinations, a body slam that shakes the ring and an Irish whip that sends Gordy into and over a turnbuckle.

The crowd is on its feet as Williams follows Gordy to the outside and rams his head into crowd barrier. Gordy sinks to his knees, but manages to catch Williams with an eye poke that stuns him temporarily. Both powerhouses engage in a punching exchange that almost results in a double count-out.

Both men roll back into the ring and immediately begin slugging it out again. The larger Freebird manages to back Williams up and trap him in the corner. A few back elbows buckle Williams, but he leans back into the corner to stay on his feet. Gordy places Williams on the second rope and attempts to try a standing belly to belly suplex over his shoulder, but Williams manages to fight the maneuver off and send Gordy to the mat with a huge kick.

The Tulsa crowd rises to its feet as Williams waits for Gordy to rise and lays him out with a shoulderblock from the second rope. Williams goes for the cover. 1…2…NO! Gordy manages a weak kick out!

Williams slowly rises to his feet and drags Gordy up by the hair. After a few punches, Williams ducks under Gordy and picks him up for a bodyslam. Instead of slamming him, Williams sets Gordy up for a press slam! He sets himself to lift Gordy, but the big man manages to bail out of the move and land behind Williams. As Williams turns around, Gordy rams his thumb in his throat and pick him up for a powerslam. Rather than immediately slamming “Dr. Death” , however, Gordy backs into the turnbuckle and carefully begins to climb it backwards with Williams perched precariously on his shoulder!! When Gordy pauses on the second rope, he glances at the crowd and his Freebird teammates. The crowd gasps as Gordy launches himself and Williams into the air and powerslams him from the second rope. The “Bam Bam” Slam rocks the ring. Gordy confidently hooks a leg. 1…2…NO! Williams manages to get a shoulder up!

Gordy angrily gets to his feet and stares down the referee for a moment. The Freebirds are screaming at the flustered official from ringside. Gordy gives Williams a few angry stomps and jerks him roughly up by the hair. Williams heavily leans into Gordy. His chest heaves with the effort of trying to catch his breath. Gordy confidently attempts to whip Williams into the ropes, but “Dr. Death” reverses the maneuver and sends Gordy sprinting into the ropes. As Gordy bounces off the ropes, Williams catches him with a stiff lariat that bounces Gordy’s head off the mat. The Tulsa crowd rises to its feet as Williams goes for the cover. 1…2…NO! Gordy manages a kick-out.

Williams stands up with a determined look on his face and points a determined finger at Michael “P.S.” Hayes. He waits for Gordy to rise and confidently scoops him up to his shoulder. “Dr. Death” gets a running start and pounds Gordy into the opposite turnbuckle before turning around and planting him with a running powerslam in the middle of the ring. He nailed the Oklahoma Stampede Slam! Williams goes for the cover. 1…2…3!

Williams pops up wearily to his feet and stares down Hayes as the referee raises his arm. Hayes smiles deviously at the exhausted Williams. “How much more do you have, DOC?” he asks with a wink.

Winner: Steve “Dr. Death” Williams via pinfall

Leading up to the final

The show returns from commercial, Jim Ross and “Cowboy” Bill Watts stand in the center of the ring with the UWF belt resting over Watts right shoulder.

Both men thank the fans and show an 8 minute video that shows the highlights of each match in the tournament.

Ross: “Obviously, our inaugural championship tournament has had a little bit of everything. It is the exactly the type of entertainment you can expect from this program week in and week out. As we give both of our finals competitors a few more minutes to prepare for the championship finale, I’d like to let UWF owner and president, “Cowboy” Bill Watts a chance to speak. ”

“Thanks Jim. I’m extremely ready to hand this belt over to our new champion tonight. Whether it is Michael Hayes (crowd boos) or Steve Williams (crowd cheers), the man will have earned it and he will be a fighting champion. I can guarantee it as owner of this company. The UWF champion will be the perfect example of a fighting champion, I can assure you all of that. I’m asking each and every one of you here and everyone watching at home on the Superstation to tune in and give us a chance to show you why this belt will be the most coveted in the business. They say wrestling is changing. (The crowd boos) I won’t stand in the way of progress, but I’ll be damned if the UWF will spit on everything that made this industry great. We will keep the great parts of this great sport and expound upon them. That being said, don’t expect your grandfather’s wrestling show. We will push the envelope on what you’ve come to expect. That doesn’t mean hiring Bugs Bunny. It doesn’t mean we will be on MTV. It DOES mean we will be bringing in stars from throughout the globe. It does mean we will be asking our wrestlers to give 100 percent every night. It means this belt (holding up the UWF championship) will be defended frequently in effort to see who the best in the world is. All that being said, let’s get our final match of the night started and CROWN A CHAMPION!”

Michael “P.S” Hayes vs. Steve “Dr. Death” Williams

The Freebird contingent of Buddy “Jack” Roberts, Terry Gordy and Angel of Death come down to the ring and snatch the microphone from the ring announcer.

Roberts: “Ladies and all you other idiots from Tulsa, coming down to the ring from Atlanta, Gee AYYYYYYYYYYYY…. The next UWF champion… MICHAEL “PURELY SEXY” HAYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Michael Hayes struts down to the ring to hail of boos with a cocky smirk on his face. He pointedly walks up to his teammate, Terry Gordy, and shakes his hand. Gordy smiles and tells Hayes to “finish the job, brother. I set him up for you. Knock him down!” Hayes gives Gordy a big grin as Roberts pats them both on the back and laughs.

Williams walks to the ring as the crowd cheers him on. He is followed by Ted DiBiase, Jim Duggan (both have their ribs and midsections heavily taped), Terry Taylor and Chris Adams. Williams hair is covered in sweat and he looks exhausted, but Ross reminds the crowd looking at home legendary “Dr. Death’s” stamina is. With the Freebirds firmly entrenched on one side of the ring and William’s friends on the other, the referee signals for both men to go to their respective corners and calls for the bell.

Hayes refuses to lock up with Williams initially and decides to taunt his opponent and the crowd instead. Hayes jumps on a turnbuckle and tells the crowd to “be quiet and show some respect.” This only serves to fire them and Williams up, however.

Williams charges the turnbuckle Hayes is standing on and jerks him angrily to the mat by the tights. Hayes lands on the mat with a “thud” and grips the back of his head as Williams charges towards him a drops a kneedrop on his chest. Hayes attempts to roll out of the ring but as he does gets nose to nose with Terry Taylor. The sight surprises Hayes who jumps back up in surprise as the crowd laughs. The distracted Hayes walks right back towards and awaiting Williams in the center of the ring.

Williams grabs Hayes and presses him high above his head. The frightened Freebird shakes his head in fright as Williams walks around the ring with him high above his head. Williams begins to press Hayes several times before slamming him to the mat with force. Hayes crashes to the mat and clutches his lower back in pain.

Williams stays in control for the next five minutes with a few running clotheslines, shoulderblocks, a side-backbreaker, a high backdrop and a standing vertical suplex that causes everyone in the arena to wince at its impact.

After taking the barrage of hard hitting shots, Hayes attempts to beg off Williams. As the Freebird pleas with Williams for a reprieve from the punishment, he manages to get in a throat chop that buckles the former OU star.

Sensing he needs to wear down the drained Williams further, Hayes manages to pick him up and drop him throat first on the top rope and follow it up with a running knee lift. Hayes methodically tries to wear Williams down with two rest holds: a rear chin-lock and a bows and arrows. Williams eventually works his way out of both moves, but the effort leaves him very winded.

Hayes decides to throw Williams outside the ring near his Freebird comrades. The heel faction begins to walk towards him when Williams contingent runs around the ring and stands over their friend. DiBiase picks up his long-time friend and offers him some words of encouragement before helping him back in the ring.

Hayes quickly works his advantage and grabs Williams before he can step through the ropes. He walks Williams to a corner and rams his head into the metal ringpost before flipping him over the top rope. Hayes quickly goes for a cover and props both of his feet up on the bottom rope. 1…2…NO! Despite the illegal move, Williams manages to get his shoulder up!

Hayes is frustrated, but keeps his composure. Once again he keeps the pressure on Williams by working a grinding submission, in this case a surf board, hold that ebbs more of Williams strength from him. Hayes finally releases the hold when it becomes apparent Williams will not submit, but the wily Freebird quickly bounds off the ropes and lays Williams out with a perfectly executed bulldog. Hayes goes for the cover on the almost unconscious Williams. 1…2…3!!!! Hayes gets the win!

The Freebirds hit the ring and lift their teammate on their shoulders as the stunned Tulsa crowd remains silent. Bill Watts enters the ring a slowly extends the UWF belt to Hayes. The Freebird accepts it and holds it over his head with a big grin on his face. The camera does a close-up of the new champion as he kisses the belt and laughs with his Freebird teammates as the show goes off the air.

Winner and new UWF champion: Michael “P.S” Hayes via pinfall

"I guess to be the man, I'll have to beat the man." Brett "The Hitman" Hart

"It's not just beating the man; it's STAYING the man!" "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

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