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Default ECW '97 - The Extreme Revolution of Wrestling

ECW 1997; The Extreme Revolution of Wrestling!

Extreme Championship Wrestling - A Little Insight

"Dare to Dream"

Masterminding this new breed of wrestling wasn't easy but, under the wings of Paul Heyman it was destined to succeed. The origins of the land of Extreme are perhaps one of the most historic in wrestling history. The year of 1994 seen Jim Crockett try to book with the National Wrestling Alliance, something he wasn't permitted to do once he had sold Jim Crockett Promotions to Ted Turner back in 1988 but, once the non-compete agreement finally ended, Corckett Jr seeked the land of Eastern Championship Wrestling to perch himself back in the main wrestling scene, however little did he know, Tod Gordon and the eventual new owner of ECW, Paul Heyman had a plan up their sleeves for Jim Crockett & the NWA. Even though Crockett was pushed aside and the NWA President at the time decided to get involved, the plan that Gordon & Heyman had ready for the NWA was still breathing silently in their minds and a few select others also.

The night was a dark one for the National Wrestling Alliance, the plan was ready to be carried through and it went according to plan. The way it went down was like this - Shane Douglas battled 2 Cold Scorpio in a tournament final to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship but, rather than Douglas embracing the championship and representing the National Wrestling Alliance, he would throw the title down on the mat and proclaim himself the new ECW Champion, the Extreme Championship Wrestling World Champion and so, the birth of Extreme began.

Spoiler for Shane Douglas:
I stand here before God and my father in heaven tonight as I said i would be, world champion. In the tradition of Lou Thesz, in the tradition of Jack Brisco of the Brisco Brothers, of Dory Funk Jr, of Terry Funk-- the man who will never die. As the real Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, upstairs tonight. From the Harley Races, to the Barry Windhams, to the...(Douglas grimaces in a thinly veiled look of disgust) Ric Flairs, I accept this heavyweight title..... Wait a second, I'm Kerry Von Erich. I'm the fat man himself, Dusty Rhodes. This is it tonight, Dad. God, that's beautiful. And Rick Steamboat..... and they can all KISS MY ASS. (throws down the NWA World Heavyweight Championship) Because I am not the man who accepts a torch to be handed down to me from an organization that died-- RIP-- seven years ago. The Franchise, Shane Douglas, is the man who ignites the new flame of the sport of professional wrestling. [taking the ECW title] Tonight, before God and my father is witness, I declare myself, The Franchise, as the new ECW Heavyweight Champion of the world! We have set out to change the face of professional wrestling. So tonight, let the new era begin: the era of the sport of professional wrestling, the era of The Franchise, the era of the E...C...W.

Extreme Championship Wrestling took on a life of it's own. It was a snowball rolling down a very steep hill and it gained a major cult following. ECW showcased multiple different styles of professional wrestling, including Hardcore, Lucha Libre & Japanese styles and offered a very different alternative to what World Wrestling Federation or World Championship Wrestling were offering at the time.

The snowball kept rolling, ECW & WWF even came to a working agreement and started a cross promotion with one another, with wrestling stars like Sabu, Sandman, Taz & Tommy Dreamer showing up on WWF programming & WWF talent like Jerry Lawler & Jim Cornette showing up on ECW programming, it seemed as if nothing could go wrong for ECW and for a good while, nothing did. With the help of the fans, Extreme Championship Wrestling was able to earn a spot on Pay-Per-View where everything was on the line, if this didn't succeed then ECW was considered to never succeed. Barley Legal was the name for the first ever ECW PPV offering and it was wild, it was wacky and man, it succeeded. Matches included Taz vs. Sabu in one of the most anticipated matches in the history of ECW & Terry Funk defeated Raven for the ECW World Championship, it was a night to remember but, if the event had gone as little as ten seconds later, it would have been a dismal failure because the event was producing more power than the building was capable of.

And this is where we find ourselves in this alternate reality. The fallout from ECW's first ever historic pay-per-view. Below, Barley Legal results, rosters, champions, stables and all ECW programming can be found.

Barely Legal Results
April 13, 1997
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
ECW Arena

ECW Tag Team Championships | The Eliminators def. The Dudley Boyz (c)
Rob Van Dam def. Lance Storm
The Great Sasuke, Gran Hamada, and Masato Yakushiji def. bWo Japan
ECW World Television Championship | Shane Douglas (c) def. Pitbull #2
Taz def. Sabu
Three Way Dance | Terry Funk def. The Sandman & Stevie Richards
ECW World Heavyweight Championship | Terry Funk def. Raven (c)

Active Personalities

Axl Rotten
Balls Mahoney
Bam-Bam Bigelow
Big Dick Dudley
Bob Starr
Brian Lee
Buelah McGillicuty
Buh-Buh Ray Dudley
Chris Candido
Chris Chetti
Cpl. Punishment
D-Von Dudley
Hack Myers
John Kronus
Justin Credible
Kid Kash
Lance Storm
Little Guido
Louie Spicolli
Mikey Whipwreck
Mustafa Saed
New Jack
Perry Saturn
Pitbull Psycho Mike
Pitbull Psycho Spike
Rick Rude
Rob Van Dam
Shane Douglas
Spike Dudley
Stevie Richards
Terry Funk
The Blue Meanie
The Sandman
Tommy Dreamer
Tommy Rich
Tracy Smothers

Active Partnerships/Tag Teams & Stables

The Eliminators - Perry Saturn & John Kronus
The Dudley Boyz - Buh Buh Ray, D-Von Dudley, Big Dick Dudley, Sign Guy Dudley & Joel Gertner
Rob Van Dam, Sabu & Bill Alfonso
The Blue World Order (bWo) - Stevie Richards, Nova & Blue Meanie
The Full Blooded Italians (F.B.I) - Little Guido & Tommy Rich
Tommy Dreamer & Beulah McGillicutty
Shane Douglas & Francine

Active Championships & Champions

ECW World Heavyweight Championship: Terry Funk
Date Won: April 13, 1997
Previous Champion: Raven (127 days)

ECW World Television Championship: Stevie Richards
Date Won: April 19, 1997
Previous Champion: Shane Douglas

ECW Tag Team Championships: The Eliminators
Date Won: April 13, 1997
Previous Champions: The Dudley Boyz (29 days)

Active Programming

ECW Extreme TV
~60 minutes~
Saturday Nights

Current Pay-Per-View/Supercard Schedule

Buffalo Invasion | May 17, 1997 | ECW Arena | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Supercard
Wrestlepalooza | June 6, 1997 | ECW Arena | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Pay-Per-View

OOC: So, yeah - A little earlier than I had 'advertised' but what the hell, got a show more or less finished which just needs some sprucing up and finalizing. The ECW theme hasn't really gone from my head, it's just a fun company to write. I was planning on doing WWE 2011 but after getting a few shows in, it got quite boring. As Stoj said, they are all kind of the same. Looking forward to seeing what I can do with this retro thread and think I have some pretty solid plans for it. Should any comments or feedback come my way, I'll do my best to return the favour. Thanks for reading!

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Default Re: ECW '97 - The Extreme Revolution of Wrestling

Looks great, I always was a fan of ECW in the 90's, always wanted to see a ECW BTB from this time, nice to see one. I wish you luck in this, I will be reading and checking for updates.
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Default Re: ECW '97 - The Extreme Revolution of Wrestling

Good luck with this one man. I've never been a huge ECW fan but that won't stop me reading and giving feedback and whatever. I don't know what more I can say than good luck, entertain us and stick to it.

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Default Re: ECW '97 - The Extreme Revolution of Wrestling

Here's some filler news and a preview for Extreme TV.

Originally Posted by
~Last Sunday night's ECW pay-per-view, Barely Legal, was considered a massive success within the company. The company is said to have gained $60,000+ in ticket sales from the 1,170 fans in attendance.It is expected that Barely Legal also done well on Pay-Per-View but, those exact numbers aren't going to be released for another few weeks yet. Despite this success, had the first ever ECW pay-per-view been on air for another ten seconds, all power and feeds to the PPV providers would have been lost. Fan reports say that the building lost all power and the generator "blew up" - if this had happened during the live broadcast, ECW would have been forced to reimburse all fans who paid for the event.

~Coming out of Barely Legal, a few wrestlers are said to have suffered some minor injuries. John Kronus injured his left arm during the tag team match against the Dudley Boyz and Pitbull #2, according to fan reports, was seen favouring his left knee following his match against Shane Douglas.

~Paul Heyman has held numerous talent meetings in recent weeks, talent meetings have consisted of praise for the wrestlers work and most notably, ECW trying to break into a national platform. Currently, ECW is on syndicated television which only reaches a handful of viewers and the only way for fans outside the syndicated areas to view ECW is by the "tape trade" method. Should ECW manage to gain national recognition, Paul Heyman feels that ECW could become a legitimate player in the 'mainstream' wrestling scene and actively compete against the WWF and the WCW companies.

~World Championship Wrestling has began trying to raid ECW of it's talent once more, the President of WCW, Eric Bischoff has tried to pluck several individuals from ECW, some of which are rumoured to be Raven, Rob Van Dam & Taz but as of writing, not one of the three are prepared to walk away from ECW as it's just getting off the ground.


April 19, 1997 - ECW Arena

ECW Extreme TV returns, hot off the heels of an historic night in the extreme history of ECW. Terry Funk, at the age of 54 years old, silenced the critics as he won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship from Raven following a brutal 3-Way-Dance match. The Funker will be in attendance this Saturday night to address his victory over Raven and what it meant to him personally to win the ECW Championship. Expect tears and pure emotion from wrestling's greatest icon!

Whilst the entire ECW locker room showed their own expressions of congratulations to Terry Funk, one man never and that is obviously the now former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Raven. Raven was beside himself as Barely Legal went off the air last Sunday night so, expect to see Raven address his loss in his own unique way and who knows, maybe the sick and twisted mind of Raven will have something in store for Terry Funk.

Also to look out for this Saturday night, the injection of Japanese culture continues as Dick Togo will be wrestling one of ECW's own and the Dudley Boyz are in the ECW Arena! Don't forget to check your local TV listings to check if ECW is coming to your area!
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Default Re: ECW '97 - The Extreme Revolution of Wrestling

Terry Funk? Raven? DICK FUCKING TOGO?

Good to see you moving quickly with this, man. The show looks good, I'm definitely interested to see what Togo does and to see where both Funk and Raven go from here after Barely Legal. Should be a stacked show. Kill it, dude!

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Default Re: ECW '97 - The Extreme Revolution of Wrestling

ECW Extreme Television - April 19, 1997

Paul Heyman: My name is Paul Heyman and I am the executive producer of Extreme Championship Wrestling. I don't want to take up too much air time so I'll just get straight to the point. Last Sunday evening, Extreme Championship Wrestling held it's first ever pay-per-view and I want to take a few brief moments to give my thanks to a few group of people. Thank you to the Pay-Per-View providers for trusting us and agreeing to carry Barely Legal last Sunday night. Thank you to the great group of wrestlers who literally put their blood, sweat and tears into putting on a hell of a wrestling show and most importantly, thank you to the fans who purchased out pay-per-view last Sunday night and made it the greatest night in ECW history because, without the great fans of ECW, none of what you see tonight would be possible. Without the dedication from our hardcore fans, we wouldn't be in existence right now. Tonight, as a token of our gratitude, Terry Funk is going to defend the ECW World Heavyweight Championship against Raven and I give you my word, every single time you tune in to an ECW event, the wrestlers we have will strive to give you people exactly what you paid for. Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who was involved in the success of Barely Legal!


Following Paul Heyman's small expression of gratitude to everyone who helped out with Barely Legal, Extreme TV opens up with 'This Is Extreme' and the opening video to accompany it. The video comes to a closing and the fallout of ECW's first ever pay-per-view is about to go ahead. 'The Voice of ECW' Joey Styles stands in the ring, a huge smile on his face with the crowd chanting "EC'DUB" loudly and constantly. Joey Styles allows the fans to continue before eventually speaking over them.

Joey Styles: Welcome to Extreme Championship Wrestling - Extreme TV! I am "The Voice of ECW" Joey Styles. Tonight, following the greatest night in this company's history, Shane Douglas will be defending the World Television Championship against a man who man who came up just short of getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, I'm talking about Stevie Richards who of course, will be accompanied by the Blue World Order and also, the ECW World Heavyweight Championship will be defended by our brand new champion, Terry Funk in a rematch against Raven which I can confirm will close tonight's broadcast!

As to be expected, the entire crowd are extremely happy with this. Two huge championship matches for tonight's ECW are set to take place. The crowd get fired up, chanting loudly and only creating an amazing atmosphere.

Joey Styles: But, before Terry Funk defends his newly won championship belt, he has something he wants to say to you guys so without any further ado, please welcome the new World Heavyweight Champion - TERRY FUNK!

The crowd just get louder as their new champion's music plays and out comes Terry Funk from behind the black curtain! Funk's head is bandaged over but he's not showing any signs of being run down after his sick two matches from Barely Legal. The Funker walks to the ring, ECW Championship in his right hand and enters the ring, embracing Joey Styles. The ECW crowd chant "TERRY, TERRY, TERRY" over and over and it doesn't quieten down at all. Joey Styles hands Terry Funk his microphone and exits the ring. The new champion gets shown great respect from the crowd as they go silent for him.

Terry Funk: Y'know, I'm gonna say somethin' right from the heart, no bullshittin' tonight.


Terry Funk: Last Sunday night, yeah - I did it. Raven said that at 54 years old, I couldn't and wouldn't climb back on top of the mountain and I managed to do it and yeah, maybe it was "just luck" but dammit, if luck brings you happiness like this, who the hell cares?

The Funker begins to tear up, the crowd begin to chant "Thank You Terry" for a few moments until Terry Funk continues.

Terry Funk: This championship I hold in my hand, out of all the titles I have won in my three decades in this fine wrestlin' business, this was unquestionably the sweetest out of the lot.

The crowd pop as Funk continues to show strong emotion.

Terry Funk: But Barely Legal wasn't about me, it wasn't about the journey of an old man silencing the critics, it wasn't about any of that. When I shouted "We did it" last night, I wasn't just shoutin' up to my family, what I was shouting was that Barely Legal, the EC'Dubya's hard work finally paid off, the EC'Dubya finally got recognition, that recognition it so very deserves.

The "EC'DUB" chants ensue and Funk allows the crowd a few moments to continue them, looking around with tears in his eyes.

Terry Funk: What some people don't realise is that the great, great guys we have in this company put everything they had into bringing the EC'Dubya to you great fans. What Vince MacMahon and Eric Bischoff don't seem to realize that we have the greatest, hardest working wrestlers in this damn business who put their blood, sweat and their tears by god into this company - and we have the greatest, hardest working fans who make it all possible!

The crowd take their moment handed to them by Funk and simply just applaud. Applauding themselves, applauding the Funker and applauding the entire ECW company. What a moment.

Terry Funk: And I just want to let you fans know, the EC'Dubya is ma' home and as long as I'm willin' and able to do so, I'm gonna' give you one hundred and ten percent every single time I step through those ropes and tonight will be no different. You guys are what keep me going at the ripe old age of 54 years old and I wouldn't change a damn thing! I love you guys and I'll see you a little later on.

The new World Champion exits the ring and we cut to a dark garage for a pre-taped promo! We see Rob Van Dam standing next to his new manager, Bill Alfonso.

Rob Van Dam: There's somethin' that the greatest wrestler in ECW History needs to get off his chest right now, 'Fonzie, you know what I'm talkin' about.

Bill Alfonso: Damn right I do, Rob. Paul E. not booking you on the first ever ECW pay-per-view.

Rob Van Dam: Got it in one, 'Fonzie.You could have advertised Rob Van Dam for the PPV and I'll bet that Barely Legal wouldhave been an even bigger success than it was, Paul, instead, I appeared at Barely Legal last weekend as merely a substitute for Chris Candido by Paul E. - listen to me, Paul, for too damn long, the Whole F'N Show has been overlooked and mistreated here in ECW and to be quite honest, I don't have to put up with this bullshit anymore.

Van Dam certainly seems angry with the owner of ECW.

Rob Van Dam: From here on in, Extreme Championship Wrestling will not ignore or overlook the Whole F'N Show and will show me the recognition I deserve!

Fonzie blows into his whistle as many times as humanly possible in the space of about six seconds as the segment comes to a close and we go to the first commercial.


Extreme TV returns and we see that Japanese Wrestler, Dick Togo is in the ring and getting praise from the audience. Soon enough, though - the music of one of the ECW heels hits and it's The Dudley Boyz who come out from the black curtain. The crowd give the stable a tonne of heat. Buh Buh & D-Von are understandably, obviously pissed about losing the tag team championships last Sunday night at Barely Legal. Buh Buh gets his hands on a microphone.

Buh Buh Ray: What the fuck are you doing in our ring?

Buh Buh directs his words to the Japanese Wrestler, Dick Togo and the crowd don't take it too well either.

Buh Buh Ray: Who the hell do you think you are, comin' into the house that we built and tryin' to take our spotlight? Paul E. got his game all wrong, all fucking wrong - because it's not the 'great Japanese wrestlers' that ECW needs, it's not New Japan Pro-Wrestling that ECW needs either. What ECW needs is the home grown talent like us, like the Dudley Boyz, like me and D-Von here and the fact that Paul E. is giving money to mother fuckers like you, well it makes me sick to my fucking stomach!

WOAH! The crowd seem shocked that Buh Buh just called a Japanese wrestler a mother fucker. Dick Togo doesn't seem to know how to react and just stands looking confused and dumbfounded.

Buh Buh Ray: So right now, you may have been thinking you were going to face one of us tonight but, that's not going to happen because starting right now, it's Japan versus the Dudley Boyz and this will go on until Paul E. see's sense and boots you pricks out of our fricken' company!

Buh Buh's microphone is took by D-Von.


The microphone gets tossed out of the ring and with that microphone, Joel Gertner and Sign Guy Dudley also leave the ring. It looks like it's a 2-on-1 match now as the referee calls for the bell.

Dick Togo vs. The Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray & D-Von) (w/Joel Gertner & Sign Guy Dudley)

In a two on one situation like this one, and with the mood that the Dudleyz are in, things don't go well for Dick Togo at all. He fights valiantly, nailing both Dudleyz with one right hand at a time but he then loses track and focuses on just one Dudley which costs him as Buh Buh nails him in the back with his forearm. This allows the Dudleyz to just decimate Togo, both just toy with him for a couple of minutes, almost as if they are trying to injure his back as they both keep using suplex variations, mostly the back suplex. The fans begin to get quite pissed off with this match and make the Dudleyz know about it by chanting "Boring" and it get's quite loud but, the Dudleyz respond with "The only reason this match is boring is because this piece of shit is in our ring, sit down and shut your damn mouths!" It only gets the crowd worked up more but at least it gives the match a bit of an atmosphere. Togo doesn't manage to get back in the match at all and the ending comes after four and a half minutes were the Dudleyz drop him with the Dudley Death Drop and get the three count.

The Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray & D-Von) def. Dick Togo

The Dudleyz waste no time in destroying the Japanese star but, they haven't finished with him yet. A table is brought into play - The Dudleyz set it up and as Togo is somewhat stirring, they pull out LIGHTER FLUID! Both Buh Buh & D-Von have one each and both pour it over the table. Buh Buh reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pack of matches and strikes one, lighting it - BUT BEFORE BUH BUH CAN LIGHT THE TABLE, OUT COMES THE GREAT SASUKE & TERRY BOY! They slide into the ring at a fast pace but, the Dudleyz high tail it before they get caught in the clutches of the Japanese duo. The fans boo for the Dudleyz as they head towards the black curtain - the screen fades out to a pre-recorded video of Raven sitting in a dark locker room.

Raven: Congratulations, Terry - you did it, you won the big one here in ECW... I want to like you Terry, really I do but, there is a reason why I can't find it in me to do so... You're an old man, Terry. An old man who shouldn't have ever stepped into ECW, should never have claimed to be hardcore because the fact of the matter is, Terry - you only came into ECW because you lost that spotlight when ECW killed the National Wrestling Alliance.

Raven's hair covers his face, but we see one eye look into the camera briefly.

Raven: A lot of people wonder why I'm a sick and twisted piece of shit and to be quite honest with you, I don't know myself but, the fact that I got beat by a 54 year old washed up, son of a bitch at Barely Legal - well it's only going to make me sicker, Terry. Tonight, I would advise you walk out to that ring and hand me back my ECW World Championship, otherwise your wife and your kids will witness the death of Terry Funk out in that very ring.

Raven begins to shake and rock back and forward as he sits on the floor.

Raven: You think I'm a sick bastard now, Terry? Hell no, I know what I am, I know what I'm capable of. I am the killer of ECW and Terry Funk is going to die in that ring tonight!

Raven continues to rock forward and backwards, he suddenly stops and sweeps his hair away from his face, looking dead into the camera.

Raven: And just to prove how sure I am that you are going to die in that ring tonight, Terry... I'm going to put it all on the line, my entire ECW career rests on this match so, if the vultures do not come and peck at your corpse, Raven will no longer be a force to be reckoned with in ECW. Quote the Raven - Nevermore.

Raven's pre-taped promo fades on out to the commercial break.


ECW Extreme TV comes back and the Blue World Order are all in the ring, with Stevie Richards ready to fight for a chance at winning singles gold for the first time in his ECW career. "Perfect Strangers" hits the PA System to a large amount of heat and the ECW Television Champion, Shane Douglas walks out. The TV Champ is accompanied by Francine and walks down the aisle with a huge grin on his face.

ECW Television Championship - 'The Franchise' Shane Douglas (w/Francine) vs. Stevie Richards (w/Blue World Order)

After around six minutes, the match has been more or less even, Stevie Richards is obviously still high following the three way dance match he had last Sunday night at Barely Legal. Douglas has tried to keep the match within the confides of the ring but, on a few occasions, Richards has managed to toss The Franchise out, forcing him to be fed tot he Blue World Order. Right now, the match is in Stevie's favour, he has Douglas down and has just exited the ring to find himself a weapon, getting hold of a trash can lid, a chair and a Singapore cane.

Richards re-enters the ring, trash can lid firmly in hand and awaits Douglas getting back up, the result is Richards smacking Douglas over the head and scrambling his brains with the trash can lid, dropping it and then swinging the Singapore cane over his head too! Douglas finally falls flat on his back but, he stirs and begins to get back to his feet almost instantly - as he turns back to face Stevie, he is finally floored with a brutal chair shot! It was so hard it put a dent in it! Stevie went into the cover but he only was able to get a two count as Douglas got his foot on the bottom rope, breaking the count.

It didn't get any better for Douglas for a while, Stevie kept in control of the match, still using weapons and the occasional wrestling move but, the turning point came when Francine had, had enough and entered the ring, she had grabbed the Singapore Cane and smashed it over Stevie's back as he attempted the Stevie Bomb, Stevie no sold the attack and turned, he was going after Francine! She backed herself into the corner and Stevie had taken hold of the Singapore cane - AND SMASHED IT OVER FRANCINE'S HEAD! - NO! Douglas grabbed the weapon just in time, forcing Stevie to turn with the momentum and now Stevie's brain was scrambled as he was hit with the cane! Nova & Meanie entered the ring but, they were smashed in the face too with the cane! Douglas was setting up for victory, toying with Richards and using multiple suplex variations until, finally he decided to put an end to this, hitting the finisher that has put so many people away, the Belly-to-Belly suplex. Douglas covered confidently, not hooking the leg. One...Two...Three! NO! RICK RUDE IS IN THE RING AND JUST BROKE UP THE COUNT! Dogulas gets to his feet AND IS SMACKED IN THE FACE WITH A BRIEFCASE! Rick Rude just destroyed the Franchise's face! Douglas isn't down, though, he's trying to fight it and is a groggy mess, Stevie Richards is back up - STEVIE KICK! Stevie goes in for the cover! ONE! TWO! THREE! HE GOT IT! STEVIE RICHARDS HAS DONE IT!

Stevie Richards def. Shane Douglas - Stevie Richards is the NEW ECW Television Champion

As "BWO Theme" hits, the crowd are cheering wildly because Stevie Richards has just won his first singles gold in ECW! Joey Styles gives his congratulations to Stevie Richards and the fans are on their feet, applauding the victory. Rick Rude is caught making his way behind the curtain as Shane Douglas is on the outside, presumably looking for Rick Rude. Stevie & the bWo celebrate in the ring. Stevie can't believe it, he has tears in his eyes, staring at the shiny belt that Shane Douglas has held for nearly a year! The scene fades out with the bWo all impersonating the nWo original 3 in the middle of the ring. We now are taken to another pre-taped promo, this time it's the Dudley Boyz again.

Buh Buh Ray: Hey, Japanese guys, you think that you can run into the ring and try and take us out? You got no business 'ere, none at all. I don't give a shit what it takes, D-Von & myself are going to do the same to each of you every single week until you get your foreign asses out of our company! We dare you to drag your asses out to the ring next week because, if you do - we're going to put all of you pricks through a flaming table!


This promo ends and the next one is backstage with Terry Funk walking, Joey Styles tells us that the ECW World Heavyweight Championship will be defended... NEXT! The programme looks to go to a break but suddenly Tommy Dreamer walks into view and the break is put on hold, for now. Tommy stops Terry, the two fist bop and Tommy then speaks.

Tommy Dreamer: Listen man, I know you've been doin' this gig for a lot longer than I've been on the planet, Terry but, I hope you know what you're doin' man.

Dreamer's comments are quite sincere, he looks tot he ground but, Funk doesn't.

Terry Funk: Of course I do, Tommy. I beat Raven last weekend for this belt and I'm damn sure gonna do it -

Tommy interrupts the ECW Heavyweight Champion, prompting Funk to stop.

Tommy Dreamer: No, listen to me Terry. You've not witnessed first hand what Raven is capable of like I have. When he says he's going to do something, 99 times out of 100, he does it. I've faced Raven more times than I can count and being honest, it's not only shortened my career but, it's shortened my life.

Funk's expression suddenly changes, he now looks to the floor, perhaps doubting himself now.

Tommy Dreamer: He's going to do whatever it takes to destroy you, Terry. Now that you've got into this with him, he's not going to give you an easy ride, he's not going to leave you with just a scratch... Raven's going to spill your blood, he's going to gladly attempt and quite possibly succeed in ending your life tonight, Terry.

Funk continues to look like he's doubting himself, he lets out a sigh and then he speaks.

Terry Funk: I appreciate the word of warning but, I never put my life into this business to let a long haired, creature of the night asshole tell me that he's going to kill me in that ring. The only way my career ends, the only way the Funker dies in that ring is on MY TERMS! That piece of garbage isn't the only one capable of ending someone's life. Raven's as good as gone, you can damn sure count on that.

Terry Funk is now certainly fired up and he walks off, Tommy stands, smirking almost as if he wanted to fire up Funk. Joey Styles now leads us into the commercial break and tells us that up next, the ECW World Heavyweight Championship is going to be defended against Raven's ECW Career.


Extreme TV returns to just the crowd chanting in anticipation and then "Come Out & Play" hits, bringing out the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Raven. The Philadelphia crowd jeer as he walks down towards the ring - Raven on the otherhand has a scowl plastered on his face, almost one of a maniac ready to kill. He enters the ring and this only lifts the volume of the crowd more, they shit all over Raven, the jeering continues until Terry Funk's music hits and he comes out to an even bigger pop than he got earlier tonight. The ECW Heavyweight Champion limps down to the ring, not taking his eyes off Raven, who sits in the far corner, watching closely as his opponent gets into the ring. The Funker hands the referee his title belt and after the formal introductions, the match is ready to go.

ECW World Heavyweight Championship vs. Raven's Career - Terry Funk (c) vs. Raven

The atmosphere in the ECW Arena is certainly something. Raven put his career on the line to make a statement, that Terry Funk's win last Sunday night was a fluke and he's gambling it all to prove just that. The two hardcore minded athletes circle each other before locking up but, rather than the traditional headlock sequence, Raven quickly knees Funk in the gut, allowing Raven to go on the offensive right away. Raven grabs hold of Funk's straggly hair and ramps him face first into the turnbuckle. Raven then whips Funk into the opposite side of the ring and charges at him but, rather than hitting a normal corner clothesline, Raven runs with a pointed elbow and just forces it right off Terry Funk's skull. The Funker uses the ropes to stop himself crumbling down onto the canvas but, Raven doesn't let him have a second to even breathe because he once more whips Funk into the opposite side of the ring and charges once more but, Funk see's this one coming and ducks under Raven's pointed elbow, Raven turns to face Terry and is met with a slap to the face!

The crowd loved that one but, it only lit a fire in Raven because he retaliated with a ferocious right hand and he doesn't stop, the right hands keep coming and it's wearing down the ECW Champion fast! Funk falls to one knee, Raven keeps bringing the fight to Funk until he falls all the way to the canvas! Raven takes a brief breather, having just smashed Funk's face in with at least twenty right hands and then mounts the icon and continues his assault, delivering more right hands to the champion! Raven's attack has opened up Terry Funk's wound from last night and the blood is just flowing out of his skull. Raven gets off of Funk and we get a clearer shot of the champion's face, the blood is of a seriously high level from all those right hands Raven has just took to Terry Funk.

Raven grins and slides out of the ring, he goes to look under it for some weapons and takes his time, looking under all four sides and bringing out a variety of different ones. An expected Steel Chair is slid into the ring, a fire extinguisher, a trash can, a baseball bat and a glass mirror are all also brought into the ring. Raven gets back in the ring and with Funk still down, he takes his time in deciding what weapon to use, he kicks the fire extinguisher towards the corner and then does the same with the glass mirror, perhaps saving those for later, he then tosses the steel chair back outside the ring and settles on the baseball bat. Funk is still down, blood still coming out of his head but, he does begin to try to get back to his feet. The camera gets another shot and his face is a crimson mask, Funk can barely stay upright on his knees and this match has only gone about three minutes.

Raven has the baseball bat in hand and Funk is on one knee now, and forces himself back to his feet, his fists are up and he's looking for Raven, who stands behind him, making no effort to do anything at the moment. Funk ends up grabbing the referee, thinking he's Raven but after he wipes his face, he realizes he has the referee and pushes him away, Raven now has the baseball bat clutched and ready to attack - Terry Funk turns around... BASEBALL BAT TO THE HEAD! -- NO! -- FUNK MANAGED TO DUCK UNDER IT! Raven turns and Funk delivers his own hard right hand straight from deep within Texas! He hits another! The crowd cheer Funk on as he delivers two more! Funk fires his hand up for one more! BUT RAVEN DRIVES THE BASEBALL BAT INTO HIS GUT! Funk is back down in the canvas, rolling around in pain!

The demented Raven spreads his arms, already signalling for the end of Terry Funk. He picks up the 54 year old and forces him into a front facelock. Raven takes his time, looking around the ECW Arena - Funk falls down to one knee but is yanked back up by the challenger. Raven lifts one arm in the air to signal the Even Flow DDT. FUNK SQUIRMS OUT AND PULLS RAVEN INTO AN INSIDE CRADLE! ONE! TWO! THREE!?! NO! Raven just kicked out in time! Raven is back to his feet instantly and stomps the shit out of Terry Funk. Raven decides to continue the suffering to Terry Funk and gets a hold of the mirror, he drops it again and then places Terry Funk in the corner. The lifeless Funk has blood covering his face still and is a mess, he can barely keep upright, even against the turnbuckle. The former ECW Champion grabs the mirror and holds it up in front of Terry Funk, Raven shouts at him "Get a good last look you son of a bitch because you're about to die!" Raven lifts the mirror up in the air and looks to swing it for Funk's head! NO! Funk kicks Raven in the balls! Raven falls backwards, dropping the mirror as he falls and sits down on the canvas, clutching his manhood. Funk walks out of the corner and hits a small dropkick to the seated Raven!

The crowd come to life as Funk fights valiantly to get himself back into the match. Funk gets himself out of the ring and picks up the steel chair Raven decided not to use earlier. He brings it back into play, rolling slowly back into the ring with Raven almost back on his feet. Raven has to stall as Funk is slow in getting back upright but as he does, he has the chair in hand and he smashes it off of Raven's skull! Raven falls backwards into the ropes and hits off them, rebounding into another chair shot to the face! Raven goes down and after a few moments, we see he too is now bleeding from the forehead! The crowd begin to chant "EC'DUB" loudly. Funk crawls into covering Raven with his left arm but, he only scores a two count this time! The crowd are chanting for Funk to get the win here but, he's clearly exhausted after losing so much blood, his wound being re-opened certainly hasn't helped him at all. Funk crawls over to the ropes and uses them to get back to his feet, Raven has done the same on the opposite side of the ring but, he at least seems with it enough to be able to do some moves whilst Funk looks way, way gone. Raven see's Funk is like a weak Zebra, waiting to be killed and he darts towards him - FUNK FLOORS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Raven hits hard and Funk stumbles towards the middle of the ring, stops and the continues to stumble and more or less falls out of the ring.

The Funker looks underneath the ring but doesn't see what he wants to he actually goes right the way under, deep under the ring and when he eventually crawls back out, he has a barbed wire board! The crowd gasp, Funk wipes the blood from his face but his 'clear face' only lasts a few seconds because blood just replaces it again. He slides the barbed wire board into the ring and then pulls out a table from under the ring and slides that in too. Funk enters the ring with Raven still down from the hard clothesline and begins setting up the table, once he's set that up, he takes it a step further and places the barbed wire board on it! The barbed wire table contraption is set up close to one of the corners, Funk grabs Raven's hair and yanks him to his feet and drags him towards the table. Funk boots Raven in the gut and gets ready to... Powerbomb? Raven through the table! Funk tries to lift Raven but the strength isn't there and it allows Raven to fall to his knee's and low blow the Champion! Raven now sets Funk up, pulling Funk's head into a front facelock once again - EVEN FLOW DDT CONNECTS! Funk's head crashed intot he canvas and Raven is quick to turn Terry Funk over and hook the leg! One! Two! Three! - NO! A HUGE GASP IN THE ECW ARENA AS TERRY FUNK KICKS OUT OF RAVEN'S FINISHING MOVE! Raven can't believe it, he's pissed off and is up in the referee's face, perhaps a bit too much because Terry Funk has crawled behind him and pulled him into a schoolboy! ONE! TWO! NO! Raven avoids another quick loss for the second time in this match. Raven once again kicks the living crap out of Terry Funk and the result of this match seems like it's got to go to Raven, Funk has taken too much punishment to be able to do anything high impact, weakness and exhaustion have obviously rendered Funk useless.

Raven looks over to the barbed wire contraption that Terry Funk had set up and he starts to grin, almost laughing as he stares at the deadly makeshift weapon, he grabs Terry Funk and drags him over towards the table and forces Funk up to his feet, Raven pulls Funk into a front facelock and lifts his arm, he's going to suplex Funk through the barbed wire table! Raven gets ready to lift Funk high in the air...BUT THE LIGHTS GO OUT....

The crowd can be heard booing and hissing as the lights have turned off. Joey Styles speaks on commentary, it sounds as if he's trying to address the lights going out as a power cut but, his voice is jumpy and grainy and he too becomes silent. All that can be heard is the ECW Crowd booing and for about thirty seconds, that's all we hear... we then hear a loud crash but are left in complete darkness. Eventually, the lights come back on... RAVEN & TERRY FUNK HAVE BEEN PUT THROUGH THE BARBED WIRE TABLE! The referee has also been laid out and a pair of brass knuckles lay next to him. Suddenly, the ECW watermark comes on the screen and the show goes off the air!

End Show

Quick Results
The Dudley Boyz def. Dick Togo
Stevie Richards def. Shane Douglas - Stevie Richards is NEW ECW Television Champion
Terry Funk vs. Raven ends in a no contest.

So yeah, I kind of jobbed out Dick Togo. The guy is a good wrestler in Japan but I wanted to give the impression that the Dudleyz weren't messing about and were total bad asses with the whole Japan thing, never intended to make Dick Togo look like a 2007 version of Kane. Also, the backstage thing with Dreamer/Funk was something I wanted to try out, wasn't something you seen often in ECW right before the guy went out to the ring, just trying to mix it up a bit. For the most part, I was happy with how the show went, maybe two title matches were unnecessary and Stevie Richards winning the TV title was perhaps a bit flat since Douglas has held the TV Title for close to a year but fuck it, ECW was all about shocks that you never seen coming. Hope you guys who read the show enjoyed it and any comments/feedback will be returned at some point soon, I hope. :P

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Default Re: ECW '97 - The Extreme Revolution of Wrestling

Yo bro, glad you finally made up your mind on what you wanted to do with your thread, haha. I feel like you'd gone through a handful of different promotions and time periods before you ended up with ECW... anyways, you gotta good show here... gonna dig into it with some feedback.


Opening Funk Promo was well written. Now, I don't know anything about Terry Funk on the mic in real life, but the emotion you portrayed in this promo was almost tangible just by reading it. (Maybe it's just me because I'm almost always emotionally involved with everything I read, especially promos.) But like I said before, it was really heartfelt and a great way to start off the program IMO. Good job with this one.

RVD's Promo felt a tad off for me, I don't know why though. I understand him not wanting to be ignored, but something about the promo in general didn't feel right. Probably because he was coming off as a heel, and I'm so used to RVD being a face. But that's just my personal gripe.

Buh Buh's promo was relatively believable for heel Dudley here, and him having a gripe with the Japanese workers is a good way to get him over as a heel. Like you mentioned before, having someone like Togo job out may not be a popular decision, but it works for what your trying to do -- which is push the Dudleys. I honestly felt like you shouldn't have/didn't need to explain yourself for doing this, as any good booker would automatcially understand. Good job getting your point across here.

Raven's Promo was SICK. I can't say anything other than that. Sweet job here bro.

I'm a huge fan of Richards becoming the new champion in his match, especially amidst all the fucking chaos that ensued coming up to the end there. Cheers to Stevie for getting the job done.

This Dudley's promo was a bit much. I think we could have gone without hearing BBR ranting again, and if you're gonna have Devon talk... actually have him talk or just skip him altogether. Haha. Don't wanna be a jerk or anything, but having him only say "TESTIFY" is super annoying. It was in real life, and even moreso in writing. Just sayin'.

Here we go! One more promo into the main event. I think it was a good idea to use someone as relateable as Tommy Dreamer to be on the other end of this. Help set the tone and was a great way to get Funk's reply to Raven without doing a simple response promo.

Main Event; WHAT A MATCH. This was indeed an extraordinary contest, and the ending... wooooah the ending... somebody is fucking with shit. Unfortunately, I have no idea who it could be at this point. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to seeing where you decide to take this as this has instantly become the "must watch" angle for this thread already.

All in all, this was a great show for ECW. I can see it building very slowly and you've done a great job at presenting it as a GROWING show, not this massive extravaganza from the gate. That's good. Keep it up buddy, I'll be reading!

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Default Re: ECW '97 - The Extreme Revolution of Wrestling

Thanks for the feedback, KingRo, I'll return probably at the weekend, as promised. Still welcoming feedback if anyone has any but, for now I'll post a preview for the next episode.

April 26, 1997 - ECW Arena

This weeks episode of Extreme TV will witness the fallout of last week's controversial ending which seen the ECW World Heavyweight Championship encounter between the champion, Terry Funk and Raven end in a no contest as a result of some sort of interference when the lights inside the ECW Arena went down. Both Terry Funk & Raven will be in the house Saturday night to address what exactly happened but, do not expect either man to be wrestling after the punishment both took at the 'conclusion' of their match.

Also for ECW Extreme TV, the Japanese Wrestlers are defiant that they will not be bullied out of the best wrestling program in the United States by the Dudley Boy and two Japanese stars will be in the ECW Arena this weekend to challenge both Buh Buh & D-Von Dudley to a tag team match. If the Dudleyz are successful in kicking the Japanese guys ass, surely that means Japan should just stay away from ECW?

All this PLUS - Rob Van Dam to speak once again this Saturday night about his frustration with ECW management. 'The Franchise' Shane Douglas wants an answer from Rick Rude as to why he's sticking his nose where it doesn't belong and Stevie Richards will be defending his newly won ECW World Television Championship! It's a night that ECW fans do not want to miss, check your local TV guide to see if you are going to get ECW Extreme TV this Saturday night!
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Default Re: ECW '97 - The Extreme Revolution of Wrestling

Legendmaker2's Review

Opening Funk Promo was really good man, it captures every bit of terry funk imo, i loved when terry won the tile expecially after watching the ecw rise and fall.

RVD's Promo was little different for me, i know RVD has a little heel run in ecw, but im not to sure about what your going to do with him, hopefully you give him a good title reign i though he deserved, but its your btb im just excited to see what you do.

Buh Buh's promo was spot on, i loved heel dudley's in ecw, they had the fuck you attitude, and would love to make things bad for the crowd and the other wrestler, i don't really know about dick togo but it seems like he has some credientals in japan. squash match making dudleys look good.

Raven's Promo was really dark, i liked raven in ecw, i always thought his loner gimmick was the best one and hopefully you don't get rid of him too quickly.

Mark out moment for me, when Richards won the tile, imo he deserved it, hope he has it for a little while, good match.

This Dudley's promo was good, i hope you use D-von just as much as buh buh, i know D-von wasn't the voice of the dudleys compared to buh buh but i hope he says more then just testify.

Tommy giving advice to terry, felt like a father son moment, just cause of knowing how there relationship in ecw was,great promo man.

Main Event; WOW all i can say, the match was a perfect example of ecw, had drama, emotion, Brawling,Weapons, what a great match, the ending was a great twist as well, i wonder who it will be.

Great first show man, i will keep up with this as i loved ecw, i can't wait to see what you do with a few possible people.
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Default Re: ECW '97 - The Extreme Revolution of Wrestling

Review of your 1st card:

*The Heyman promo at the beginning of the card was pretty typical of what he did back then. Those promos were a good way to thank his audiance, build locker-room morale, create an "us vs. them" menatality and make the ECW audiance feel like they were a part of the show.
You did a good job of capturing his personality. The way you had him hyping the main event brought me back.

*Funks promo was another good promo. Did you copy that world for word from the orginal because it was pretty damn close. Its been so long ago, but you did a good job of capturing Funk's "I'm an old man, but this company is something special" schtick. It was good and got in the mandatory shots at Vince and Uncle Eric.

*RVD's promo wasn't bad, but this is the 3rd promo in a row... It is great heel RVD, but at this point I'm ready for some action.

*The Dudley's mucking up Togo was amusing and did a good job of establishing the Dudleys as the heels they were. The dudley's had a maliscious edge to them back then and I like seeing you capture that. Even though Togo was rescued, I like the idea of the Dudley's about to throw the wood to him. They weren't always a "get the the tables" team back in ECW and I'd hope you wouldn't go overboard every segment like the WWF/E did, but they used it enough to establish it.

* Toughest part of your job here is to capture a Raven promo. Not a bad job of it. So much of Raven isn't just what he said back then; it was his delivery. Very deadpan, but intense. I like the threat to kill Funk, but just notice that your first 4 segments. Three were promos. Lot of talking here; maybe too much.

*Stevie beating the Franchise! Rick Rude debuting! The BWO getting some gold! LOL!
Good job in capturing the unexpected and sometimes random nature of ECW. I like the swerve that somehow all made sense in the end.

*Dudley's reacting to Japanese save... Meh. Not sure you are capturing maliscious Devon. He was the Dudley that turned the Dudley clan up a notch, in my opinion.Big Dick, Dances the Dudleys, Spike... the clan was sort of a joke until Devon showed up and sort of flipped them into an aggresive group of ass kickers. Your brand of the Dudleys is more WWFish than ECW from what I remember. I may be wrong, but I remember Devon being much more vocal in ECW and not just being the "testify" guy.

*Good promo from Dreamer that really helps put the Raven charcter in context and present the damage he is capable of inflicting. Here he is lecturing Terry Funk about how scared he is for him. When you think about it, that says a lot. Very subtle... very well though out segment.

*Great match... That is an ECW main event in a nutshell. I'm dieing to know who cut out the lights and what happened. The match itsslef did wonders putting Raven over and showing Terry Fun's heart and toughness. You really did all you needed to do.

Love the story, man. Excellent work.
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