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Florida Championship Wrestling 89

This short lived attempt to revive wrestling in Florida had some potential but with Dusty leaving for the WWF not even halfway through the year things went down in a hurry. They had some good matches but from what I remember the heels just weren't heelish enough a lot of the times. Most of my roster actually appeared at least temporarily but I added one of the best heels of the 80s and much of the focus will be on Dusty's departure. OC = occasional appearances

Top Level Faces:

Scott Hall, Dusty Rhodes, Mike Graham, Barry Windham, Dick Slater, Bobby Fulton, Tommy Rogers (The Fantastics), Junkyard Dog (OC), Blackjack Mulligan

Mid Level Faces:
Brian Knobbs, Jerry Sags (the Nasty Boys) Brickhouse Brown, Scott McGhee, Dustin Rhodes, Steve Keirn, Kendall Windham, Mark Starr, Chris Champion (last two as Wildside tag team), Bugsy McGraw (OC), Brian Blair, Wahoo McDaniel, Brian Blair, Tyree Pride

Low Level Faces (occasional wins, opening card type but more than normal enhancement talent)
The Italian Stallion, Brett Sawyer, The Star Riders, Mike Awesome (rookie), Pez Whatley,

Top Level Heels:
Bam Bam Bigelow, Kevin Sullivan, The Big Steel Man (Typhoon), Terry Funk (before exiting to WCW for his feud with Flair), Dory Funk jr (OC), Larry Zbyszko (AWA champion, OC), Buzz Sawyer, Bad News Allan, Harley Race (OC), Eddie Gilbert, Abdullah

Mid Level Heels:
Johnny Ace, The Terminator, Bobby Jaggers, Black Bart, Ron Bass, Lou Perez, Al Perez, Jim Backlund, Kareem Muhammad, Tony Anthony, Cactus Jack Manson, Bob Roop, Mark Lewin, Dennis Knight, The Cuban Assassin

Lower Level Heels
Ron Slinker, Al Greene, The Mighty Yankees (Bob Cook and Jerry Grey), Frankie Lancaster, Teijo Khan, Doug Gilbert

Enhancement Talent:
Luis Estea, Rick Diamond, Bill Mulkey, Brody Higgins, Jeff James, Steve Collins, Tim Parker, Tony Suber

Spring 89 Belt Holders
FCW World Champion: Dusty Rhodes (of course)
FCW World Tag Team Champions: The Funks
FCW Florida Champion: Eddie Gilbert
FCW Florida Tag Team Champions: Al and Lou Perez
FCW Television Champion: Tyree Pride

Kevin Sullivan: Cactus Jack Manson, Mark Lewin, Abdullah, Buzz Sawyer
Oliver Humperdink: Bam Bam Bigelow, The Big Steel Man, Kareem Muhammad
Eddie Gilbert: Doug Gilbert, Al Perez, Lou Perez

Current major feuds: Dusty vs Bigelow for the world title, the Fantastics vs the Funks, loner Bad News Allan battling both heels and faces, tension in Eddie Gilbert's first family between the brother duos, Barry Windham returning to Florida to help his brother, father and Mike Graham in the fight against Sullivan's army

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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

I for one love the idea of a classic fed. They don't tend to stick around cause most aren't aware of history. looking forward to this and hope you keep going.
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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

There is some great potential in that whole roster. It's also real interesting to see how all these characters will mix in such an environment as the florida region, known for its great divide between faces & heels crowd reactions. Good luck, I'll be keeping an eye out!

WWWF is Coming...
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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Show #1, first week of March, 60 minutes

Prior to the opening, one minute of footage from last Saturday night’s arena show in Miami. Dusty Rhodes, two weeks after his FCW debut, knocks off the Big Steel Man in a cage match to win the FCW title. Among those going into the cage to congratulate Dusty are Blackjack Mulligan, Dick Slater, Wahoo McDaniel and even longtime rival Harley Race who gives Dusty a surprising handshake but also a long stare. Conspicuous by his absence is Barry Windham, who Dusty had feuded with the previous year in WCW and is one of the league's biggest stars since its January start-up.

Opening one-minute theme and footage includes the song “Flirtin’ with Disaster” by southern rock band Molly Hatchet, scenes from around Florida-beaches, swamps, cities, small towns-and quick highlights from the promotion’s top stars including recently added footage of Dusty Rhodes.

Long time announcer Gordon Solie welcomes everyone to another exciting edition of Florida Championship Wrestling from the Sportatorium in Tampa (actually a studio, around 150 in attendance despite being packed). Gordon reminds everyone how the league has been growing and growing since starting up in January and will only be better now. Solie briefly tells about the big title change last week in Miami in front of 15,000 fans then gives the rundown on the stars on this week’s show: Barry Windham, Bad News Allan, Tyree Pride and Cactus Jack Manson plus the main event of the Fantastics vs. Terry and Dory Funk for the FCW tag titles. He also brings in color commentator Eddie Gilbert, the Florida heavyweight champion (and also a member of the booking team).

Opening match, Barry Windham vs. Tony Anthony.
Anthony comes out to the theme of “Dirty White Boy” by Foreigner to a round of boos, Windham’s fan reaction nearly blows the roof off the studio. Windham has a large bandage on his forehead. Anthony is seconded by Black Bart, as he, Bart and Ron Bass are currently allied.

Windham starts out strong, out brawling the rugged Anthony. Gilbert picks up immediately how aggressive Windham is being. Gordon remarks how Windham knows it will take that kind of style to put Anthony down but Gilbert says it looks like something has made Windham mad.

Windham even goes outside the ring to knock out Bart before he can even think of interfering. He catches a dazed Anthony with the running lariat, winning a surprising squash in only 1:45 seconds.

Windham stops at the podium to talk to Gordon Solie and has barely worked up a sweat. Gordon asks Windham about the excitement over Dusty Rhodes returning to Florida and winning the FCW title and Windham doesn’t care too much about it. He sarcastically says someone getting a title shot after two weeks, yeah that’s a great accomplishment, when others have been in the new league for months. Gordon doesn’t know how to respond to that one while Gilbert chuckles and understands the reason for Windham’s anger.

Commercial break

Back from the commercial, and before the next match Gilbert says it’s time for the “world debut” of his video with Hot Stuff Inc, with current members Eddie and Doug Gilbert, Lou and Al Perez. The 90 second video with music of Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” features the group barhopping and at the beaches, talking with the ladies. Gordon says that’s 90 seconds he will never get back and the fans aren’t impressed either, giving Gilbert their boos. Gilbert says they don’t have these kind of women in the video in Georgia, a dig at WCW where he briefly appeared previously after WCW bought out the UWF.

Next match, it’s Bad News Allan (AKA Bad News Brown during his WWF run) vs. Englishman Scott McGhee, who Gordon says had a good run in Florida in the mid part of the decade. McGhee and Allan both come to the ring without music. McGhee gets good applause and Allan is mostly booed but gets a few cheers from males who like his rough no-nonsense style.

Evenly fought match as Allan’s brawling and martial arts are countered by McGhee’s quickness and scientific skills. McGhee makes a late mistake, missing Allan while attempting a dropkick off the second rope and Allan’s kick to the back of the head finishes it in 8:00. Allan, while still booed, gets even more cheers than during his entrance.

Allan makes his way to the podium and Gilbert offers him a hand, Allan slaps it away to Gilbert’s surprise. Watch it, Gilbert advises and Allan just answers anytime you’re ready. Gordon starts to talk about the match when out comes Sir Oliver Humperdink, who had been out watching Allan’s matches the last few weeks. He is holding what appears to be a contract.

Bad News, my boy, I mean my friend, Sir Oliver begins, catching his own "boy" comment. I know you’ve had time to think it over and now here’s my final offer, I take 75 percent but when I get you the gold you’re gonna be making twice what you are now!

Allan asks Sir Oliver if he thinks he stupid, Oliver thinks for a second then answers no of course not but being his manager would help them both out. Allan says he needs nobody’s help to win the FCW title and slaps the contract out of Oliver’s hand, then slaps Oliver across the face after being told he’s an idiot. Out come Oliver’s men-Bam Bam Bigelow, Big Steel Man and Kareem Muhammad who do a number on Allan, kicking him and beating him, splashing him in the ring and finishing with Bam Bam’ s top rope head butt. Preliminary wrestlers come in to try and help as Allan has no friends among the stars and they’re all dealt with quickly too. Finally the group leaves as Allan is helped to the back, and Gilbert remarks how Allan must not have been ready as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Gordon says we’re now about to have an interview with one of the top young stars but out comes Dusty Rhodes instead. Again the Sportatorium explodes. Dusty is at his best, jiving and talking about his love for Florida and the fans and how he is proud to win the belt. FCW president Buddy Colt comes out to the podium and announces since the FCW title will be defended in the U.S., in Mexico, in South America and in the Orient, he is elevating the title to “World title” status. The fans go wild, Gordon is excited, Dusty is excited despite being reminded of Big Steel Man, Harley Race and others who will want the belt, and Gilbert says he knows somebody in particular who won’t like this at all.

Next match, television champion Tyree Pride vs. Mark Starr. Face vs. Face match as the two speedy competitors give the fans a great match. Both show their high flying skills and Pride wins with a cross body block off the top rope and the men shake hands after. 5:30 seconds.

Back at the podium, Gilbert starts to talk about his Florida title win recently over Dick Slater, forgetting to mention how interference from his brother and the Perez brothers helped, of course. Gordon brings it up and Gilbert tells him the video must have been edited. Interrupting is Missy Hyatt’s, Gilbert’s wife. Gilbert asks what she is doing back from vacation in the Caribbean as she had another week, and she says she missed Gilbert but she saw the video with all the womanizing. Gilbert says that wasn’t really him, that was an actor and Missy believes it to Gordon’s amazement. Gordon can only shake his head and smile as he goes to the break. "Well, what can you say? We'll be right back."

Next match as we‘re back, Cactus Jack Manson, seconded by Kevin Sullivan vs. Rick Diamond. Diamond has already been roughed up this hour by Humperdink’s men, trying to help Bad News Allan, Gordon reminds us, and Gilbert says it’s about to get worse. He’s right, as Manson kicks, punches, gouges, eye rakes and beats the youngster all over the Sportatorium. Kevin Sullivan also gets in his licks while referee Bill Alfonso is distracted. Jack finally puts away Diamond, after a running knee into the corner, while Diamond is in the upside down “tree of woe” position. 4:30 match

To the podium are Sullivan, Manson, Buzz Sawyer and Mark Lewis. Abdullah is out on a quest, Sullivan says, and Gordon says he does not want to know. The three flunkies pace, bark and are just wild as Sullivan gleefully carries on about Dusty Rhodes being back in Florida. Gordon and Gilbert are surprised but Sullivan says this is the chance to finish him permanently as he wasn’t allowed to touch him the last couple of years but maybe they can collect an eye (another inside reference to WCW, which fired Dusty after a confrontation with the Road Warriors was judged too violent, spike to the eye). The crew finally head on and Gordon immediately gets to the next match, TV time remaining, the Fantastics vs. the Funks.

Next match, the Fantastics vs. the Funks. Gordon lets everyone know just as Dusty’s title was elevated to world status, so was the Funks’ tag belts. About five minutes left in the broadcast so the action is quick from the outset. The Fantastics bedazzle the Funks with their quickness and quick tags before Dory pulls down the rope and Tommy Rogers flies over the top, with Terry distracting the ref.Crowd is extremely hot over this and Terry taunts them.

Double team brawling by the Funks with Bobby Fulton only making it worse, trying to get in and the referee having to stop him. Gilbert remarks how the bleach in his hair made him dumber than he already was, getting some criticism from Gordon. More rule breaking including the branding iron to the gut and Fulton has had enough. He throws Alfonso aside and leaps into the Funks, giving Rogers time to recover and a wild brawl ensues. Gilbert gives the Fantastics their due, saying he’s seen them brawl with the best of them including some from New Zealand before they became cartoon characters (a Sheepherders/Bushwhackers reference) and the Fantastics are getting the best of the Funks as the action goes to the back. 4:30, no contest

A cameraman follows the four to the back and things are finally in control but he hears an argument and points the camera that direction. It’s Barry Windham, arguing with his father Blackjack Mulligan and brother Kendall Windham. Barry says he was back in the locker room getting stitches from his match with Ron Bass during the celebration. Mulligan is heard to tell Barry you’ll get your chance and Barry says it’s gonna be the same way it was, before they see the cameraman and slam the locker room door shut. Show ends on that note.

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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Show #2, second week of March, 60 minutes.

Prior to the show opening, a minute of arena footage from the house show in Jacksonville earlier in the week, with Eddie Gilbert pulling a chain out of his tights and nailing Dick Slater to retain the Florida belt.

Show opening with same music and highlights as the previous week and Gordon Solie welcomes everyone back to another edition of Florida Championship Wrestling. Gordon talks about the exciting main event of the Big Steel Man vs. Wahoo McDaniel and color commentator Eddie Gilbert breaks in with even more exciting news, he will be giving everyone a treat today by defending the Florida title against a top contender. Gordon is surprised and can’t wait to see that as we go to the ring with our first match. Gilbert also brags about his vast scientific skills overcoming Slater's brawling in the segment pre-opening, Gordon doesn't even try and argue the point.

Brett Sawyer comes out to a good amount of applause as Gilbert says they better cheer now as he doesn’t expect much from Sawyer in this match. Out comes Sir Oliver Humperdink leading massive Bam Bam Bigelow who doesn’t look like he’s in a good mood at all. “War Machine” by KISS roars through the Sportatorium as Bigelow attacks Sawyer and Sir Oliver doesn’t even bother to stay at ringside instead joining the commentary.

Oliver rambles on about how Dusty Rhodes “stole” the belt from the Big Steel Man, though he can’t give any specifics when pressed by Gordon. He talks about how Bad News Allan made the mistake of his life by refusing to join the House of Humperdink and how Dusty Rhodes was unfairly made world champion, while the Steel Man was only the FCW champion until the belt changed hands. Gilbert says he isn’t the only one thinking that and is admonished by Gordon for “trying to start trouble.”

Back in the ring, Bigelow’s speed is far more than a big man should have and he never allows Sawyer to generate much offense. He throws Sawyer out of the ring and near the podium and when asked what he is wanting by Gordon he replies he wants the world title. Thrown back into the ring Sawyer gets a brief offense as Bigelow misses a clothesline. Kick to the gut by Sawyer hurts BBB but a punch to the top of that hard tattooed head does no good. Headbutt and Sawyer is down then a head butt off the top rope.

BBB has Sawyer beaten but pulls him up at the 2-count, crowd is infuriated as the likable Sawyer is being punished. Gordon asks Sir Oliver if he’s risking some retaliation by Brett’s brother, Buzz and Kevin Sullivan and Gilbert gets on Gordon for now “causing trouble”. Humperdink says he and Sullivan have an understanding due to their past associations and stay out of each other’s way. If not FCW would be destroyed and Gordon can’t disagree. Another top rope head butt and another two-count pick up by BBB and referee Bill Alfonso has had enough, stopping the match (6:30, Sawyer unable to continue). Gilbert says after the break, the second best brother combination in the world will be in action.

Promos for two sets of shows and stars as FCW has enough for tours in separate parts of the state at the same time. Rundown for tonight’s show in Tallahassee: Dusty Rhodes vs. the Big Steel Man for the world title, the
Fantastics vs. the Funks, Junkyard Dog vs. Kareem Muhammed, Wahoo McDaniel vs. Ron Bass and many other matches. Miami/South Florida tour includes Barry Windham vs. Eddie Gilbert, The Perez brothers vs. Steve Keirn and Mike Graham, Scott Hall vs. Cactus Jack Manson and other exciting matches and stars.

After the break and Florida tag champs Al and Lou Perez come to the ring to the booming beats of a 2 Live Crew instrumental, as no lyrics would be good for televised broadcast. Al and Lou are cooler than cool with the sunglasses and matching jackets. They mostly get boos but get a few cheers from the females and the cameras pick up on a few lovely ladies (plants/rats).

The Perez brothers are facing Luis Estea and Rick Diamond, who Gordon and Gilbert agree might be one of the toughest men in FCW. The match is non-title and the champs toy with the preliminary wrestlers, throwing them out the ring and back in, talking with the ladies during the match, and Al even goes down and gets a plant’s phone number. Some of the crowd is amused and this gets a laugh, some boo him. Estea and Diamond get no offense and the match is ended on a double DDT. The Perezes bring Diamond into the ring and give him one too then threaten to give one mouthy fan the same treatment. Gordon wonders if Diamond will be back next week, and Gilbert, a booker, says he knows he will be showing one of the enhancement boys some respect.

Perezes get to the podium and give some generic heel badmouthing of their current top contenders, the Nasty Boys, Mike Graham, Steve Keirn, then get to the statement made about them being the second best brother tag team in the world. Al isn’t too upset but Lou is a little annoyed and asks who is first, the Funks, Barry and Kendall, who, and Gilbert says he meant himself and Doug Gilbert. Gordon is sensing some tension and asks everyone to take a step back and Lou says there’s no reason, he and Al have the Florida belts so they’re the best. By this time out comes Doug Gilbert with Missy Hyatt. Doug says Missy told him to look at the monitor and says Lou is getting a little full of himself. Eddie says he was just joking, they’re both great tag teams really backtracking now. Lou says what has Doug ever done besides get pinned in two minutes by rookie Dustin Rhodes and Al gives a look at Missy and says I know something else he’s been doing which raises the tension to say the least. Then he adds “I’m just joking” with a big smile but clearly he is not. Finally things cool down and they all go to the back. Eddie clearly is not amused. Match and talking (10:45). Commercial.

Back in the ring and Gilbert is still not too happy but now he goes to the ring to his familiar “Hot Stuff” music by disco queen Donna Summer. Missy is in his corner. Gordon says he’s not sure the top contender, is guessing Scott Hall or Barry Windham, but out to no music comes Bill Mulkey, most famous for he and his brother Randy’s “upset” win a couple years prior in WCW (look it up, lol)

Gilbert is all over the clearly outmatched Mulkey despite this being a “championship” match, Al Perez's comments obviously hitting home. The crowd is letting him have it and Missy is cheering him on. Guest commentator Al Perez is having a good time, bringing up Randy and Bill’s success and saying that’s another brother combination better than Eddie and Doug. Gordon questions Al and Lou’s friendship with the Gilberts and Al says it’s not about friendship, it’s about making money and their alliance makes them money and gets them the girls. Gordon doesn’t know what to make of that.

Back in the ring Gilbert is slapping around Mulkey and making a mockery of a championship match. At the 5:00 mark Missy is going wild and Al runs to the ring apron too as Dick Slater has come out! Slater begins encouraging Mulkey as the crowd is fired up too. Mulkey unfortunately is still pitiful and is still being hammered. Slater sees his chance and tells the ref to check on Missy “trying to give Gilbert something", pun clearly intended. Alfonso does so and Slater nails Gilbert with a chain, just like he’d been given recently. Mulkey doesn’t know what to do with Gilbert down on the mat but Slater pushes him over and finally Mulkey makes the 3 count for one of the biggest roars ever at the Sportatorium. Lou Perez, Al Perez and Doug corner Slater and the new champ Mulkey in the ring but Slater nails Doug with the chain and the Perez brothers retreat. Match and post match, 7:00. Gordon is stunned as we go to the break.

Same promo giving the north and south state tours and after more commercials, we’re back. Crowd is still in shock and we have a “cool down” match before the main event. Teijo Khan wipes out the big man Tony Suber, getting the 300 pounder in an impressive power slam to end the match. 2:30.

This leads right into an interview with Eddie Gilbert, returning to the podium. Gilbert says he will get the best lawyers in Florida, he’ll get Matlock, he’ll get anybody to overturn this travesty of justice. Mulkey wasn’t on the contender list and didn’t deserve a shot, Dick Slater cheated, the referee was paid off, the fans were against him, all of it, and he’ll sue if he doesn’t get his Florida belt back. Commercial break.

We’re back for the last 12:00 of the show with Wahoo McDaniel facing the massive Big Steel Man. Humperdink orders BSM to attack and he goes right after Wahoo but a duck and chop sends the big man out of the ring. After regrouping BSM slows his attack and eventually gets the upper hand, pushing Wahoo into the corner. Big elbows and forearms send Wahoo to the mat but a splash misses and Wahoo is back up. Three straight chops send BSM crashing down. Humperdink is on the ring apron and he gets a chop too to the fans’ delight. He signals and waves for help and sure enough Bam Bam Bigelow and Kareem Muhammad hit the ring for a 3 on 1.

Humperdink also gets his shots in before the calvary of Dusty Rhodes, Scott Hall and Blackjack Mulligan clear them out. BBB pushes BSM and Muhammad aside, jumps back into the ring and dares Dusty inside. Dusty of course does not refuse but is stomped while going through the ropes and is beaten badly while the brawl picks up again with the other men outside. Eventually more wrestlers come into the ring and help clear everything, including Barry Windham who helps his uninjured dad Blackjack Mulligan while Dusty lies on the floor bloodied and beaten. Mulligan asks Barry why he wasn’t out here helping Dusty and Barry just shakes his head and walks off as the show ends.

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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

I'm doing research on some of the names. I like the progression of Barry Windham coming heel turn though. A suggestion maybe adding some color or at least some Bold text to help break apart your show would make it easier to read. Keep it up. I think you're telling a great story with or with out full knowledge of whose who.
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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Added some color, hope it helps. Week 3 nearly added. This group had so much potential even without some of the names I added who actually weren't there-Sullivan, Windham, only a couple more among the main talent. WCW was putting on some great stuff with Steamboat, Muta (who was wasted as lackey, the White Ninja in a previous Florida run), Sting and Flair but the WWF was almost unwatchable despite probably having 75 on the roster. This easily could have been a third strong promotion if they could have somehow gotten the ESPN spot World Class and AWA could no nothing major with. If Dusty had stuck around maybe they could have. The AWA ended up showing reruns and World Class did also but at least it was good mid 80s stuff. Eddie Gilbert was also not actually there, he had a great, brief run in Birmingham the year prior before going to WCW where he was wasted as a generic face. The only notable thing he did was bring in Rick Steamboat as a mystery partner to kick off Steamboat's feud with Flair for the belt. In Birmingham he did some big things with a very limited roster, probably 15 at most, even slapping (storyline) Pez Whatley's teenage son which was very controversial at the time.

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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Week 3 Third week of March

Pre-Show and we have footage of the Fantastics vs. Terry and Dory Funk for the FCW World tag titles, during a sold-out arena show in Tallahassee. Crowd is going wild as the Fantastics have the Funks on the run. A bloodied Bobby Fulton, already struck with the branding iron earlier in the match, ducks Terry’s clothesline and makes the quick tag. Tommy Rogers comes off the top rope with the drop kick, hitting an unsuspecting Funk for the three-count and the tag titles. (This is Terry’s last match in FCW before going on to the WCW to feud with Ric Flair)

Opening credits include footage with the just mentioned tag title change.

We open the show and Gordon Solie begins to talk about the Fantastics and another big show this week before he’s interrupted by a furious Eddie Gilbert. Gilbert is still distraught after being upset for the Florida title by Bill Mulkey, who received more than a little help from previous champ Dick Slater.

Gilbert says he had heard through the grapevine Mulkey was injured in a match and won’t be able to defend his title so he demands the belt be returned to him. He says it’s bad enough he had Dick Slater cheating him (as if Gilbert never cheats) plus the entire crowd and the people in power in FCW against him (an inside joke as Gilbert is a main booker).

FCW President Buddy Colt comes out and says he will be brief as he knows there is an exciting hour of in the ring action still to come. He says Bill Mulkey was not injured in a match, he was jumped and beaten by several men wearing wrestling masks and he couldn’t identify them. Gilbert says Colt needs to go to the back, find the Mighty Yankees and the Star Riders and fire them from FCW because that’s who it had to be.

Colt says Gilbert has a big mouth and he couldn’t have known Mulkey was injured without being involved, and nobody was told it was four men jumping him either. Even with that, Colt says he can’t prove Gilbert was involved. Gilbert expects the belt but Colt tells him he’s not going to reward him either. He announces an eight-man tournament with four matches next week with the semifinals and finals coming at the major “Battle of the Belts” arena show in Orlando in two weeks. Gilbert of course throws a tantrum but quiets down when Colt lets him know he can easily replace him in the tournament.

Crowd is jubilant as they really, really hate Gilbert. Gordon says on that note let’s go to the ring and the familiar “Another One Bites the Dust” song starts up and the Junkyard Dog enters the Sportatorium.

Gilbert badmouths the Dog for being too friendly with the fans when he is about to have a tough match, and in comes Cowboy Ron Bass to the boos. Bass gets the early advantage while JYD’s back is turned while talking to fans, in effect proving Gilbert right. JYD fights back with power moves and a head butt sends Bass out the ring to regroup.

Gilbert is demanding to know who his opponent for next week’s tournament start-up and Gordon says he doesn’t know, they’ll be announced later today. JYD continues to get the best of Bass who by now has Black Bart and Dirty White Boy Tony Anthony out for moral support. Bass takes advantage of the distraction again, hitting the JYD from behind then using the tights during the roll-up for the three count. 5:00.

Bass and his buddies celebrate like they’d won the World Series while a distraught JYD walks toward the podium. He growls to Gordon he’s tired of being double and triple teamed and he’s about to change it. Gilbert calls him retarded (not very PC) and nearly starts a brawl before we go to the break.

Two more sets of arena shows tonight are hyped, Saturday night, again in different areas. In Savannah Georgia, Dick Slater faces Kevin Sullivan, the Fantastics defend the world tag titles against Ron Bass and Black Bart and Dusty Rhodes squares off with Harley Race with the world title on the line. In Daytona Beach, the Junkyard Dog will battle Bam Bam Bigelow, the Nasty Boys challenge Al and Lou Perez for the Florida tag titles and Eddie Gilbert meets Brian Blair, among other big matches.

Back from the break, and out come Sir Oliver Humperdink, Bam Bam Bigelow, Kareem Muhammad and new to the House of Humperdink, Teijo Khan. Missing is the Big Steel Man. Oliver is furious at the turn of events last week when BSM challenged Dusty Rhodes for the world title, and Gordon says we have that arena footage and asks the tape to start.

We hear the crowd going wild as Dusty Rhodes, again and again, drops the elbow on the knee of the BSM. Kareem Muhammad is battling Blackjack Mulligan outside the ring and Gordon says BBB has brawled his way to the back and is trying to fight the entire locker room to get back to ringside. Oliver jumps on the apron and tries to enter the ring but is sent flying by a Dusty elbow. The match has long been thrown out as we hear the bell ringing but Dusty puts Big Steel Man in the figure-four for over a minute before releasing him.

Oliver says the BSM has been put out of wrestling by Dusty Rhodes (actually BSM is going to the WWF as face Tugboat) but BBB, Muhammad and his new man Teijo Khan will take him out. We again hear the Sportatorium crowd go wild as Dusty comes out along with Mulligan and Dick Slater. Dusty says he’s “tired of the bullcrap flyin’ outta yo’ mouth, tired of gettin’ busted open and if you sons o’ bitches wanna end it right here and now then by God, get ya asses in the ring!” (Dusty could really make with the drama and push the language limits).

]All six men rush into the ring as well as referee Bill Alfonso as we have an unscheduled tag team match. A wild brawl, of course starts all over the Sportatorium and after several minutes Dusty elbows BBB out of the ring where he joins him teammates in fleeing. (no-contest, arena footage, interview and match, 11:30) We go straight into the break.

Back from the break and Gilbert is still pressing Gordon for the Florida tournament brackets. Gordon says he actually has just gotten them and to Gilbert’s dismay, his first round opponent next week is none other than Bad News Allan. Gilbert looks like he is going to be sick then “mans up” and says it doesn’t matter who he faces. Other men in the tournament will be Dick Slater, Kareem Muhammad, Brian Blair, Cactus Jack Manson, the Junkyard Dog, Black Bart, Kendall Windham and Frankie Lancaster.

Gordon also announces the main event for the “Battle of the Belts” spectacular, which will Dusty Rhodes defending the world title against Bam Bam Bigelow. Champions from other leagues will also be involved, Gordon says, as AWA champion Larry Zbysko will defend his title as well.

This leads straight into a pre-taped interview from Harley Race on his arena match tonight. Race says he may have lost a step but he hasn’t lost his determination or his skill and tonight he will take home the title. Gordon says if Race wins, he will defend against BBB at Battle of the Belts. (bracket and main event announcement, Race interview, 4:00)

We go right back to the ring and hear Janet Jackson’s “Nasty” and of course it’s Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags, the Nasty Boys. They are booked as faces but receive lukewarm cheers as the crowd is worn down over the previous segment’s brawl. The Nasties make quick work of enhancement talent Rick Diamond and Jeff James, finishing with Knobbs clothes lining Diamond from the second rope. (2:30 including entrances).

Knobbs and Saggs come to the podium and are agitated, and begin insulting the fans for not cheering them on. “What do you people want” Saggs yells and the general response of the audience is “not you!” Knobbs says they came down to Florida and tried to be good guys, not breaking rules, not breaking skulls, but maybe it’s time to change things around and what better time to do it when there’s easy picking for the world tag team title belts.

Out come Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton who try to not be provoking but the Nasty Boys keep on with the insults. Fulton head is heavily bandaged. Fulton and Rogers inadvertently insult the Nasties by saying they need to win some more matches against tougher competition, setting them off. Cheap shots and chair shots follow, with Fulton again being busted open. Fans are now booing heavily and Gilbert says now we’re seeing the real Nasty Boys and everybody better look out. Commercial break.

Back from the break and we’re in the back as Bobby Fulton is getting medical attention. He removes the towel and looks straight into the camera, telling the Nasty Boys if they want a tag title shot, they’ve got one at the Battle of the Belts. Gilbert laughs and says he knew Fulton’s bleach had gotten to him as he just saved the Nasty Boys another two months of battling up the ladder. Gordon can’t disagree but says he can’t blame Fulton for wanting the match.

Back in the ring and the sinister-sounding opening music of Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath” can only mean Kevin Sullivan is on his way to the ring. (No specific devil references especially compared to his early to mid 80s Florida run, but mysticism and occult are implied, still). Smoke fills the air as he comes to the ring and he’s in full white face paint , evil attitude today, grinning and laughing like a maniac.

Gilbert wonders how they can keep finding guys to face Sullivan and today’s unlucky opponent is The Italian Stallion, a good talent but overwhelmed in this brief match. Sullivan bites and kicks, throws the Stallion outside where he’s beaten more by Buzz Sawyer, Cactus Jack Manson and Maniac Mark Lewin. Stallion is thrown back in and Sullivan ends it the “stomach buster” a simple but effective hop onto Stallion’s gut. Gilbert says he hopes the Stallion skipped his spaghetti lunch, an inside joke about the Stallion’s competitive eating of pasta. (3:30 counting entrance).

Sullivan can’t pass the opportunity to come to the podium and rambles on about all the stars aligning, before talking about how Dusty Rhodes is doomed. Gordon thinks he’s talking about Bam Bam Bigelow and Sullivan suddenly becomes coherent, and asks Bigelow, who said anything about Bigelow before laughing his butt off and exiting with his flunkies.

Final break and we’re back with the main event of Bad News Allan vs. Brickhouse Brown. Allan is not cheered as much as last week, at the start, as Brown is a rising, athletic talent with plenty of charisma himself. Less than five minutes to go in the show. Gilbert is badmouthing Allan, approaching what could be called racist remarks. After a brief offense by Brickhouse, Allan finishes him with the kick to the back of the head and the three count. After the match he starts to help Brickhouse up but looks at Gilbert and gives Brickhouse another head kick. “That’s what you’re gonna get next week” Allan warns Gilbert.

We go back to the podium for the closing minute and out comes Barry Windham. Gilbert starts to mouth and Windham shuts up him, reminding him of the pinfall victory at an arena show last week. Windham is angry for Harley Race getting a title shot tonight, Bam Bam Bigelow getting a shot at the Battle of the Belts and even mentions Kendall Windham getting into the Florida title tournament. Gordon is surprised at the jealousy over Kendall and Barry backtracks a little, saying he is happy for Kendall but things still aren’t fair around here as we end the show.

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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Fourth week of March, 12th show of the promotion and of 1989. Fourth show being booked on here.

Pre-show opening and we see footage from last week, as we see the six-man match/brawl with Dusty, Slater and Mulligan vs. Humperdink’s army.

Opening footage now includes the Fantastics who recently won the FCW World tag title belts.

Gordon Solie is at the podium as the show begins and starts to list the four big tournament matches on the show today, each part of the Florida heavyweight title tournament, but is interrupted by FCW president Buddy Colt. Colt says he knows the action awaits but he wants Barry Windham to come out.

Windham gets a slightly less than 100 percent approval as the fans have gotten tired of his complaining recently. “You don’t want Dusty to come out” yells one fan and Windham gives the fan the eye.

Colt says he knows Barry has been frustrated in recent weeks, not only because of not getting a shot at the FCW world title but also not being entered in the Florida title tournament. Barry says he’s tired of it but Colt says he has good news for him-he will get a shot at the Battle of the Belts spectacular against AWA champion Larry Zbyszko.

Windham is surprised but excited, as are the fans. Colt says he apologizes for stringing Barry along in recent weeks but negotiations with the AWA and Zbyszko had to remain secret, and Barry says he understands how the business works. Barry gives an apology to the fans for “acting like a spoiled brat”, and says he still owes Zbyszko a beating from a couple years back. He’ll give him one and take his AWA title, too.

We go right to the ring and Eddie Gilbert’s “Hot Stuff” theme starts up. Gilbert stops by the podium for a second and says he’s gonna show Bad News Allan what tough is all about. Gilbert gets a huge round of boos, to be in a 150-seat studio (the “sportatorium”)

Bad News Allan is out next and gets a face’s cheers though he doesn’t acknowledge them in the least. He turns to Doug Gilbert, seconding Eddie, and tells him if he gets involved in the match he’s going to the hospital, and yells at Gordon Solie to have “9-1-1” on the speed dial. Allan is ready to fight and attacks Eddie before the bell to the delight of the fans, as Eddie is talking to valet Missy Hyatt (similar to what Eddie mocked the Junkyard Dog for in a recent match)

Gilbert runs outside the ring and Gordon reminds us it’s a 10-minute time limit. If the match is a draw, neither man advances. BNA is aware of this and chases Eddie around the ring. Doug, of course, tries to get involved and is promptly tossed into the ring post to Missy’s horror, and Eddie is a little puzzled by her reaction. Missy helps a badly injured Doug to the back and she comes back moments letter with Lou and Al Perez while Eddie is being pummeled.

Eddie continues to be beaten badly, and Al jumps onto the ring apron to distract the referee Bill Alfonso. Lou Perez tries to get to BNA but instead gets a kick to the jaw and is sent flying to the floor. Crowd is going wild and is really behind Allan now. Missy takes off a heel and nails BNA in the back of the head but he turns around as it’s not affected him at all.

BNA grabs Missy by her blond hair and threatens to pummel her too. Crowd naturally is imploring him to nail her but BNA shows some mercy and lets her run out of the ring. By now Eddie has recovered and gives a shoulder block to the back of the leg, followed up with a hot shot (whip to the ropes, catch and drop onto the top rope). He gets the three-count and advances into the next round of the tournament, at the Battle of the Belts.

Before the commercials begin we get a run down of the “Battle of the Belts” card at the stadium in Orlando, Florida. Dusty Rhodes will defend the FCW World title against Bam Bam Bigelow. The Fantastics and Nasty Boys will fight for the FCW world tag titles. Barry Windham will challenge Larry Zbyszko for the AWA world title, and the team of Wildside-Chris Champion and Mark Starr-face Wayne Bloom and Mike Enos, the Destruction Crew for the AWA tag titles. Tyree Pride defends the FCW television title against Buzz Sawyer, Al and Lou Perez defend the FCW tag titles against Dustin Rhodes and Kendall Windham. The Great Muta, the "Japan heavyweight champion", defends against Doug Gilbert. And we have the semifinals and finals in the Florida championship tournament.

Back from the break and Scott Hall comes out to the ring to good applause. Hall has been out with a shoulder injury, Gordon explains and today should get a good test in rugged Bobby Jaggers. Jaggers does give Hall a solid match, showing his ring presence by working on the shoulder as much as he can. Hall comes back with a clothesline with his uninjured arm, and wins the match after a suplex and big leg drop.

Hall stops by the podium briefly and says he’s glad to be back. He says he will work his way back up the ladder and will be a contender for any Florida Championship Wrestling title with the help of the fans. Out comes Eddie Gilbert to commentate the rest of the show and Gilbert can’t help but remind Hall that he was the cause of his injury. Hall lets him know it took four to beat him down, after he cleanly pinned Gilbert. Gilbert slaps Hall and then gets roughed up before Al and Lou Perez come out for the triple-team. Hall gets help from the Junkyard Dog, who’s happy to come to the rescue after being double and triple teamed lately.

JYD helps Hall to the back and Gilbert asks where’s Doug. The Perez boys are all to eager to let him know Doug took Missy back to the hotel since she wasn’t “feeling well” after nearly getting beaten down by Bad News Allan. Eddie tells Gordon he will have to find somebody else to do color commentary this week and charges out of the studio and the crowd mocks him.

We come back from the break, and Gordon introduces a taped interview with Larry Zbyszko. He gives his usual lines about putting Bruno Sammartino out of wrestling, forcing Verne Gagne into retirement and the like, and says he’ll be happy to put Barry Windham out of the sport before he has a chance to earn legend status. He adds anyone else who wants to challenge for the title, they can call his lawyers and maybe they can work something out in a few months.

Gordon informs us qualifying matches for the Florida tournament were held earlier this week, with Frankie Lancaster advancing by upsetting Kendall Windham due to outside interference by Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan comes out to the podium for commentary the rest of the show. Lancaster’s opponent is one of Sullivan’s men, Cactus Jack Manson. After being helped to the ring and given some instruction, Jack proceeds to annihilate Lancaster with the usual kicks and punches while Sullivan has come back to the podium.

Lancaster gets a brief offense after Jack misses an elbow drop but is eventually thrown outside the ring, thrown into the ring post and is counted out. Cactus Jack advances to the semifinals at Battle of the Belts, Gordon tells us.

We go straight into show announcements for this weekend, with headlining matches including Dusty Rhodes vs. Dory Funk and the Fantastics vs. Tony Anthony and Ron Bass.

Back from the break and Gordon tells us Dusty Rhodes was able to defend his title in a hard fought match with Harley Race recently. That sets up Dusty defending against Bam Bam Bigelow. Dusty is not in the Sportatorium this week but a taped hotel interview lets us know his thoughts on Bigelow, Humperdink and defending the world title. Dusty, Gordon says, is in Japan battling the best stars in the Orient (actually is in the back helping coordinate a very busy show today).

Sullivan begins a rant as the tape ends and tells Gordon he’s decrypted the ancient scrolls, and Dusty Rhodes will not survive until the summer if he somehow manages to get past Bam Bam Bigelow. Dusty can’t change his destiny, Sullivan promises. Gordon is very disturbed by these statements and Sullivan takes over, laughing, saying the next match is about to start while Gordon gets his bearings back.

Next match in the Florida tournament and Kareem Muhammad, a tournament qualifier over Brian Blair, is facing former champion Dick Slater. Slater gets a big reaction and KM, with Humperdink and Teijo Khan with him, gets booed heavily.

The match breaks down into a brawl within a couple of minutes and with Slater about to get the pin, Khan and Humperdink fly into the ring drawing a disqualification. Sullivan tells Gordon Humperdink must have learned some things during their partnership several years ago, if you can’t win the match at least hurt the man and try to put him out of the sport. Gordon is disgusted by this philosophy.

Muhammad is recovered by now and it’s a three on one until Blackjack Mulligan and Barry Windham are out to the rescue. Humperdink and his men take off, as quickly as Muhammad and Humperdink can at least. Barry, Mulligan and Slater head to the back, with Mulligan giving a quick warning to Sullivan for interfering in Kendall’s qualifying match. Sullivan tells Gordon he knows how close Blackjack Mulligan and his sons are, and knew Mulligan and Barry wouldn’t care about Frankie Lancaster, but they’d have been out there for Kendall. Gordon asks Sullivan if he has everything planned out always and Sullivan laughs and says, yes, as a matter of fact he does. Just wait.

We go to the break and there’s one more rundown for the Battle of the Belts show. Back from the break and Black Bart is waiting in the ring for the Junkyard Dog, and the crowd explodes when “Another One Bites the Dust” starts to play. This is the final opening match in the Florida heavyweight title tournament, Gordon says.

The JYD gets quick control over the brawling but outmatched Bart, and as usual, here come his buddies Ron Bass and Tony Anthony to ringside. Gordon says the JYD has told us there will be a surprise this week. Sullivan laughs and says he loves surprises and he hopes the Florida fans love them too.

JYD continues to overpower Bart until Bass trips him on a run into the ropes. More interference on the floor with Anthony punching him from behind with Alfonso distracted, until out come the debuting Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson! Sullivan says, okay, now this is a pretty big surprise. Atlas and Johnson are in perfect condition and they quickly run Bass and the Dirty White Boy to the back.

With no more interference, the JYD has hit the running power slam for the easy 3 count. Atlas and Johnson come back out to the podium with the Dog who says it took one phone call to his friends Atlas and Johnson, and they were on an airplane to Tampa the next day. Johnson says he’s seen the dog being cheated for months and he and Tony just wanted to equal things out. Gordon says they did indeed and while Sullivan has backed off the podium a bit while the faces talk.

The shows nears its ends and Sulivan comes back to the podium. He tells the Dog that was a great win and Gordon says the Dog will meet Cactus Jack next week in the tournament, at the Battle of the Belts. Sullivan says that would be a good matchup and says oh yeah, here’s that surprise as he throws fire into the face of the Junkyard Dog! Crowd goes wild, in a negative way, as Atlas and Johnson do their best to help the severely injured JYD and other faces race out, too. Show ends with no more announcing by Gordon as it’s chaos, and Sullivan has fled.
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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

For the top championship feud I would put Barry Windham vs Scott Hall. Tag team division looks great and I don,t mean yust two guys put together, but natural teams like brothers (Funks, Sawyers, Windhams, Laurinaitis), cousins (Perez), father/son (Rhodes or Blackjack with Kendall with Barry as champ), than real teams like Fantastics or Nastys and teams that can work together such as Jagger/Bart, Roop/Lewin, Wildside,Yankees. Interesting team that weights 1000 Ibs would be Ottman and Bigelow. There is 13 teams, and it,s easy to have 3 more with such a roster. Why don,t you book a huge tag team tournament ?!
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