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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

We go to the back and Buddy Colt is interviewing Bam Bam Bigelow and Sir Oliver Humperdink. BBB has an FCW world title match in tonight's main event, vs Dusty Rhodes. While BBB works out breaking boards with head butts, Sir Oliver reminds us BBB is the most dangerous man in the entire world, not just wrestling. He tells Dusty all his friends can't help him tonight and when asked for comment, Bigelow just adds "Rhodes tonight I'm leavin' here with that belt!"

Back to the ring and Gordon says he's been notified of some kind of disturbance outside the arena, with police on the scene. As far as he knows it's not going to affect the card tonight but he says safety of the fans and wrestlers is important, and he will keep everyone up to date.

Now it's time for another match with the AWA tag team titles up for grabs. Out first come Chris Champion and Mark Starr, Wildside, in multicolored full length trunks and flashy boots. Wildside gets a good reaction from the female audience and kids, with many of the males also appreciating their high flying style. From the other side of the arena, out come the Destruction Crew, Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom. Gordon says these two are no-nonsense, straight ahead brawlers and out with them comes manager Diamond Dallas Page. Page stops by the announce table briefly and tells Gordon "these two punks are about to get a wrestling lesson!"

Gordon says that remains to be seen and sure enough, Wildside gets the early advantage with quick doubleteam maneuvers. The Crew flee to the stadium grass to regroup, and do so when Enos hits a low blow on Starr while Page distracts the referee. Starr is worked on for some time including doubleteaming in the heel corner, then finally rolls over Bloom while Bloom attempts a backdrop. Starr flies into the ropes and hits a flying elbow, then reaches and barely gets the hot tag to Champion as Bloom tags in Enos.

Enos is getting worked over now and Champion also nails Diamond Dallas, the rookie manager who's up on the apron trying to get referee Scrappy McGowan distracted again. Page is sent to the grass and McGowan is lenient on the five-count. Wildside takes advantage, setting Enos up for the combination suplex/cross body block off the top rope, then Champion dropkicks Bloom as Starr makes the three count to give Wildside the AWA belts.

Crowd gives their strong approval and Wildside definitely appreciate it. They high-five their young fans and get the hugs while going back up the aisle, before they're stopped at the curtain by a man in a suit. Gordon identifies him as Greg Gagne, a long time wrestler and also the son of AWA owner and president Verne Gagne, himself a true hall of famer. We hear Greg tell Wildside "we need to talk" as Bloom, Enos and Page make their way from the ring area to the jeers of the fans.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Champion and Starr walk off with Greg Gagne, who looks very satisfied with what he has just seen in the ring. Gordon comments "now that's an interesting development" and before he can go further into it, we hear shouts, screams and cheers from the far side of the stadium.

"What in the world.." Gordon exclaims as the cameras quickly move in that direction, and it's Abdullah the Butcher and Kevin Sullivan literally fighting in the audience, halfway up the stadium bleachers. Police and referees are urging them to break it up and move it down to the ring but neither man pay attention. Both have already been bloodied.

Gordon can't believe what he is seeing and mentions this must have been what was going on outside a few minutes ago. The crowd is eating it up as the brawl is being shown on the big screen. Abdullah now has the advantage and is ramming Sullivan's head into the concrete stadium steps, again and again. Abdullah is clearly the crowd favorite, and gets an "Abdullah, Abdullah" chant from many in attendance.

Gary Hart has now made his way to the announcer's table and Gordon says he needs to get Abdullah in control before someone gets seriously hurt. Hart says that's what he's counting on as he related the story of Kevin Sullivan purposely leaving Abdullah behind on their wrestling tour of Australia. Hart says Sullivan couldn't control Abdullah, he didn't want to pay Abdullah the money he owed him, so he just left him in the desert. Abdullah is made of tougher stuff than that, Hart says, as the brawl continues down the stadium into the lower levels were Sullivan has grabbed a conveniently placed chair and repeatedly beats Abdullah in the head.

Hart moves away from the table toward the brawl and Gordon doesn't know whether to believe Hart's story or not. Sullivan continues to beat Abdullah with the chair as the brawl finally reaches the stadium field. Abdullah spots a first down marker and threatens to stab Sullivan with it but before he does, Sullivan tosses fire which narrowly misses.

Sullivan's home run swing has missed and now he is retreating. The brawl finally ends up in the ring and Gordon says the men are moving much slower now due to the punishment they've received and the blood loss. Sullivan gains the advantage after several kicks to the gut but he is unable to take advantage, and actually stumbles and falls out of the ring onto the stadium turf. Abdullah slowly follows up by ramming Sullivan's head into the ring post then takes out Mark Lewin who was injured early and is no match for Abdullah's rage. Gordon says Buzz Sawyer and Cactus Jack have also been incapacitated and can't help.

Finally, the fight goes back to the ring and Sullivan's right eye is swelled shut (legit, after the ram into the ring post). He takes wild swings but doesn't come close. Abdullah catches him with a shoulder block then a running elbow drop finishes the brutal match.

Abdullah, though has trouble getting out of the ring after getting the pin. Emergency crews place each man on a stretcher, an extra large one for Abdullah. They're being carried to the back but both rise from the stretcher and the brawl continues! Police, state troopers and security are being assaulted by Abdullah and Sullivan and Hart gets in a punch or two as he's doing nothing to stop things. The fight continues to the back and Gordon says he's never seen anything like it, and isn't sure if he ever wants to again. The crowd disagrees as the end of the brawl gets a huge roar.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Gordon has regained his composure and tells us the scheduled TV title match between Tyree Pride and Buzz Sawyer has been called off, due to Buzz Sawyer being injured by Abdullah the Butcher earlier in the night. (Actually Sawyer has been suspended for a week by company leaders Dusty, Mike Graham, and Buddy Colt for excessive hazing of young wrestlers/preliminary wrestlers and drunkenness affecting his ring performance).

Instead, we will go straight to the FCW World Tag Team title match, with Al and Lou Perez defending against the second generation talents, Kendall Windham and Dustin Rhodes. The Perez brothers come to the ring with the 2 Live Crew music filling the stadium, there are some cheers but it's probably more due to their music than popularity except for a few females. Kendall and Dustin come to the ring to "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi.

We're ready to go but before we do Al Perez grabs the mic and tells the audience how he's insulted to be defending the titles against a couple of "punks who just are getting a title shot because of their last names." Lou gets the mic and gives a couple of insults too before Dustin and Kendall go on the attack, running the Perez brothers out of the ring and building up their cheers which had been lackluster as they came down the aisle.

Dustin and Kendall keep up the pace with quick in and out tags and Gordon tells us it's no surprise they're so smooth given their dads and Kendall's brother being successful tag wrestlers in the past, they've probably gotten a lot of training. The youngsters finally make a mistake, as Dustin is baited into the ring to stop a doubleteam and the Perez brothers throw Kendall over the top rope while the referee is distracted.

Gordon reminds us Kendall and Dustin are fighting for the world tag team titles and the fans start to get into it as Kendall mounts a comeback. Whip into the ropes and Lou tries a high drop kick but Kendall has held on to the top rope and Lou hits the mat hard. We hear a loud roar from the crowd and Gordon says the crowd is encouraging Kendall to make the tag, but instead it's Kevin Sullivan! Sullivan drags Dustin Rhodes off the ring apron, with Dustin hitting his head on the way down. Sullivan is putting the boots to Dustin and Kendall, already weakened, gets one too and is unable to help.

Al Perez has helped Lou out of the ring and we hear Al tell his brother "We don't want any part of that" as they head to the back. The bell rings repeatedly and Sullivan, not bandaged, one eye swelled shut, and forehead still bloody from earlier, takes out a blade and cuts Dustin in full view of everyone. Crowd is in shock as Dustin is bleeding heavily. One fan, not a plant and not a planned event, tries to jump over the ring barrier but Sullivan waves the blade at him and the fan backs down.

Finally out come Dusty Rhodes, Barry Windham, Blackjack Mulligan and a posse of 10 other wrestlers. Dustin is is very bad shape and convulsing and Dusty is speechless, just glaring at Sullivan while doing his best to help Dustin Rhodes onto a stretcher along with EMTs.

This is your fault, Sullivan yells at Dusty while walking away slowly. All this blood, it's on your hands!

Gordon apologizes for the whole incident and tells us it's of no importance, but Kendall and Dustin won the match by disqualification and should get another title match in the future. With Dustin severely injured, he doesn't know when it will be. He does know one thing, there will be hell to pay for Kevin Sullivan but says Dusty can't overlook his match with Bam Bam Bigelow later tonight.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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We are back at the show after a long delay due to lightning in the area. Gordon informs the viewers that Dustin Rhodes has been transported to a local hospital for the treatment of his injuries. Dusty Rhodes has accompanied his son, Gordon says, leaving the FCW world title match tonight against Bam Bam Bigelow in doubt.

The crowd is now filing back into their seats after the storm and we're ready for an AWA world title match. Barry Windham, who nearly turned heel after his jealousy over Dusty Rhodes's quick rise in the territory, is challenging Larry Zbyszko. The champ is featured constantly on ESPN's AWA wrestling on weekday afternoons but that show is not performing well in the ratings and is drawing low crowds.

Zbyszko comes to the ring first even though he is the champ. He stops by the announcer's table and says that's not a way to respect a world champion. Gordon asks if he's going to get in the ring and wrestle or if he is going to complain all night. Zbyszko says he's never liked Gordon and he still doesn't before going to the ring.

Out comes Barry Windham to a huge roar from the crowd. Windham jumps into the ring and Zbyszko flees as the bell rings. The champ stalls but Windham manages to corner him outside the ring and pummels him with punches and chops, before throwing him back in.

Zbyszko is getting literally no offense at all and Gordon asks if this will be a quick match. On cue, the champ gets the ref to look away by yelling "There's Abdullah!" and while his back is turned, pokes Windham in the eye. Zbyszko manages to take a small rope out of his boot and chokes Windham whenever he can, more than evening up the matchup.

Crowd is going wild trying to inform the referee of this cheating tactics but Zbyszko is too sneaky. After kicks and punches, Zbyszko tries the piledriver and Gordon says this would end the match, but Windham reverses and manages to backflip the champ. Windham is now in control and the crowd is even louder, despite being not too familiar with Zbyszko they really are already hating him.

Windham continues the offense and Gordon says Zbyszko is in real trouble as he will have no one here to help him. His words are true as Windham gets the clean pin after the flying lariat. Crowd goes crazy as Windham is awarded the championship belt. Halfway up the aisle Windham is met by Greg Gagne and Wildside. Windham shakes Gagne's hand and the four men head to the back and Gordon asks out loud what is this all about.

After Windham and the others have gone to the locker room, Zbyszko is still in the ring yelling and complaining that he was cheated. He gets on the microphone and says Windham attacked him before the bell and that should make the pin void, and says Windham held the tights on the pin plus it was a fast count by referee Bill Alfonso. The fans are still letting him have it after he finally leaves the ring and heads to the back.

Things die down then pick up again quickly as we hear "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer over the loudspeakers throughout the stadium. The crowd is booing the heck out of Eddie Gilbert as he heads to the ring without Missy Hyatt, who he pushed down earlier. Gilbert gets on the microphone and says he doesn't need his brother Doug Gilbert, doesn't need Missy Hyatt, doesn't need the Perez brothers and most of all, doesn't need the idiots in the crowd that are too stupid to recognize greatness when they see it.

Gilbert's rant is cut off by "Tough Enough" by the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Scott Hall marches to the ring to a big roar as the fans want to see him shut Gilbert up. The match is the final of the Florida title tournament.

Hall takes the early advantage with his strength and size overcoming Gilbert's quickness and cheating. Gilbert dares Hall to try a test of strength, to Hall's amusement, and Gilbert ends up running out of the ring after being dominated. The crowd is eating it up and letting Gilbert have it.

Gilbert finally gets some offense after leading Hall near the ropes, before entering the ring. He pulls Hall's leg forward then brings him out of the ring and smashes his head into the ring barrier. The referee, Scrappy McGowan gets on Gilbert and Gordon says since the match is for the Florida title, the referee is giving the wrestlers more leeway in breaking the rules.

Gilbert throws Hall back into the ring and continues to work him over for the most part, and then we see get a mix of roars and boos as Missy Hyatt comes down to ringside. Gilbert smiles and goes out to greet her then Missy slaps the taste out of his mouth! Gilbert threatens to push Missy down for the third time in recent days but is grabbed from behind by the recovered Scott Hall, and Doug Gilbert has come down to ringside to help Missy.

Hall is on offense now and Missy, not surprisingly is cheering for him to beat Gilbert. Hall sends Gilbert into the ropes and Gilbert runs into Missy, who was up on the ring apron cheering. Missy is down outside the ring and Gilbert ignores her, while the referee and Hall walk over to the ropes.

With the referee outside the ring helping Missy, things move quickly as Doug Gilbert enters from the opposite side and hands Eddie a chain! Hall is nailed with the ref aiding Missy, and McGowan comes back into the ring for the 3 count as the crowd is extremely upset.

Hall is out cold in the center of the ring and the Gilberts continue to put the boots to him. Missy has recovered and comes in, gets to them to stop and walks to Hall who is leaned up against a corner and dazed. Missy gives the Gilberts the badmouth, how they could be such cheaters, etc, then slaps Hall across the face!

The crowd did not see that coming at all and starts to really let Missy have it, and Gordon is shocked too. Missy gives Doug a big hug and gives Eddie a big kiss as Eddie gets back on the microphone. Al and Lou Perez come out to the ring too and all four put the boots to Hall between Eddie's comments.

Eddie tells the fans they were idiots, Gordon he's an idiot, and most of all, Scott Hall, he's an idiot. There were never a problem with the First Family, Eddie says, and that Doug, Al and Lou are his best friends. It was all a trick and everybody fell for it, Eddie says and Missy gets in on that act too, telling Scott Hall he's a loser and could never have a woman like her.

The four and Missy finally leave the ring as help from the back arrives. Gordon is disgusted as Eddie raises the Florida belt over his head. All five gets showered with beer and soft drinks by the irate crowd and start to pick up their pace as some of the fans look ready to jump the barrier. Police hold them back and Gilbert gets in a few more insults before the group gets all the way to the back.

Before the start of the next match we have an interview in the back with Oliver Humperdink and Bam Bam Bigelow. Buddy Colt tells the two that Dusty Rhodes is at the hospital with his son thanks to Kevin Sullivan so they may not get their world title match tonight.

Humperdink mocks Colt, telling him for someone who should know what's happening in FCW, he doesn't know much. Humperdink pulls out the match contract which he says has a clause in it. If Dusty Rhodes is counted out, he loses the title. Colt says there would not be a match if Dusty can't make it and brings in referee Bill Alfonso who says he would have to start the match and give Dusty 10 seconds to get into the ring. Colt is extremely angry with Humperdink who laughs and mocks him. Bigelow says Dusty is a coward who is just looking to get out of being beaten up.

We go back to the ring and the Nasty Boys come out to the tune of Janet Jackson's "Nasty". Crowd gives them quite a few boos, but the crowd is a bit worn down after the delay, 2 big matches, and the announcement by Buddy Colt.

The crowd picks up as the Fantastics charge to the ring with "Everybody Wants You" by Billy Squier playing loudly. They clear the Nasties out of the ring then the match officially starts.

Double teaming by both teams throughout the match keeps the crowd going pretty loudly. Brian Knobbs manages to reverse an Irish whip by Bobby Fulton, then sends Fulton over the top rope while Jerry Sags distracts the referee. The challengers do a number of Fulton, who bleeds after being hit with a chair by Knobbs outside the ring.

Fulton crawls back into the ring and after several punches by Sags, blocks a punch after getting loud support from the crowd. Fulton knocks Sags down and gets the tag to high flying Tommy Rogers who leaps to the top rope and destroys Sags with a dropkick. Sags rolls out of the ring and is is done for the match.

The Fantastics pull Knobbs into the ring and work him over too, with a double elbow smash, a double elbow drop then a double backdrop. Knobbs is not the legal man in the ring and Sags is counted out while Knobbs continues to be punished. The Nasties regroup and tell the Fantastics since they weren't pinned they will get another match and things will be different next time, then the Fanastics leave the ring after doing a good job of keeping the fans revved up for the next match, the main event.

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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

We return to the ring and Oliver Humperdink is on the microphone. He says Dusty Rhodes is still at the hospital with son, Dustin, so as soon as the match starts and a 10-count is given, Bam Bam Bigelow will win the match and the FCW World Heavyweight title.

“War Machine” by Kiss starts up over the speakers and BBB stalks to the ring, introduced by Humperdink as the next FCW champ. BBB gets a few cheers but is 90 percent booed and we hear some cursing by fans on his way to the ring.

Bill Alfonso gets into the ring, and Dusty Rhodes is introduced by Humperdink to a huge cheer, but doesn’t come down the aisle. Alfonso, reluctantly, starts the count though each second is taking a bit of time. Humperdink shoves him and Alfonso tells him he’s risking getting BBB disqualified, then Alfonso restarts the count to Humperdink’s dismay.

Then, the crowd roar as an ambulance makes its way down to ringside and the fans get what’s going on. Dusty is driving and jumps out of the ambulance and into the ring with 2 seconds left in the count.

Humperdink is furious as he wanted Dusty counted out, but BBB is grinning and ready to fight. The bell rings and Dusty is all over Bigelow, giving him elbow after elbow. Bigelow flees the ring and Dusty charges after him, and Gordon reminds us Dusty can’t risk being counted out or he loses the belt.

Sure enough, Humperdink hits him from behind and Dusty is down. At the 9-count, Dusty rolls back into the ring where he’s worked over by BBB. A headbutt then a flying shoulder block again send Dusty outside the ring where Humperdink gets in some more shots. Bigelow yells at his manager to get him back into the ring and inadvertently, apparently, causes Alfonso to restart the count.

Humperdink yells at Bigelow and Bigelow yells back as Dusty again makes his way back inside the ring. Another flying shoulder block and Gordon says Dusty is just about done, and says he feels he may be distracted with Dustin Rhodes being treated at the hospital. Some more kicking and Bigelow goes to the top rope for a headbutt but Dusty shows his speed and moves out of the way. Crowd is going berserk as Dusty gives BBB five straight elbows, then the “spinning fists,” followed and elbow that sends BBB out of the ring and to the grass. Humperdink then gets one too as he was up on the apron complaining to Alfonso.

Everything is going Dusty’s way now until we hear the crowd going nuts with boos, and Kevin Sullivan is now at ringside. Dusty is out for revenge with Sullivan taunting him and Sullivan runs back up the aisle with Dusty after him. Humperdink is laughing it up as Alfonso starts the count but then we hear Bigelow yelling for Dusty to get back into the ring! Humperdink can’t believe his ears and is yelling for Sullivan to come back, but he’s long gone, and Dusty, hearing BBB, gets back into the ring at the last moment.

This time, Bigelow is ready for him and puts the boots to him as he’s rolling under the ropes. Bigelow gives him multiple headbutts in a row and Dusty is out on his feet. He follows with a splash then goes to the top rope again and this time wastes no time, nailing Dusty with the headbutt. Alfonso can’t believe it, but gets over and makes the 1-2-3 count for the clean pin to give Bigelow the belt. (20:30)

Crowd is not booing, they’re just stunned that Dusty was pinned for the title. Humperdink is laughing hysterically and out come the rest of his crew and some of the other rulebreakers from the “bad” locker room to congratulate BBB. Bigelow and Humperdink make their way to announcer’s table and Gordon asks Bigelow about his disagreements with Humperdink during the end of the match.

Sir Oliver tells Gordon any successful team will have arguments and tries to brush it aside, but Bigelow is still mad. He tells Oliver and Gordon he knew he could beat Dusty 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring and didn’t need any countout rule to help him. As they’re talking we see Dusty being loaded into the back of the ambulance and Oliver laughs saying he can join Dustin at the hospital.

We’re nearly done with the show, Gordon says, as he reminds everyone to watch Florida Championship Wrestling next Saturday morning. Things will be very interesting with title changes, new faces, and other events taking place tonight.

The ambulance starts to leave with Dusty in tow, but “Wait a minute! That’s Kevin Sullivan” Gordon yells, as somehow Sullivan has made his way into the driver’s seat of the ambulance! Sullivan is laughing and yelling as the ambulance leaves, as Gordon is asking for anyone who can to stop that ambulance from leaving as the show ends.
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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Yeah, you have to post shows in full, not in parts. You waited a year to post the rest of the show? The previous part of the show was posted TWO YEARS after the other one? Closing because it seems you did not heed the other mod's words.
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