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WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

MrMykalz™ Presents:


It had always been my dream to be in such a prestigious position.

My name is Ronald Alden. Everyone that knows me, even my new coworkers at the World Wrestling Entertainment HQ, just call me ‘Ron’. I have been writing stories, screenplays, and stage plays for over 10 years… and now, I’ve been given the opportunity to put my years of experience towards my dream occupation; a creative writer and producer of the largest sports entertainment franchise in the world. Everyone is anxious to see what I can do… what kind of ratings I can bring, what kind of show I can produce. With the resources I’ve been given, and the pure passion behind every word I write, I am sure that I won’t disappoint.

Ever since I saw my first wrestling match on TV, I’d fallen in love with the sport. Even moreso, I’d fallen in love with the entertainment. I’d always wanted to be the one to make people feel that same emotion I felt that night… but not just for a night. I wanted people to feel that rush EVERY night. Whether they were in the stands or in the comfort of their own homes… I wanted people to bask in the adrenaline of every single moment. I wanted to create a world where people could escape and lose themselves amidst colorful characters, high-octane performances, and priceless production quality. The pyro, the lights, the commentary, the action… It had captured my imagination, but I knew that I could capture so much more in others if I only had the chance.

Years later, the ball is finally in my court. I look at this blank production template I’ve been given… all of this talent at my disposal, a seemingly endless supply of funds and fans. With this massive amount of power and responsibility that I’ve been given, I can’t let the company down. I can’t let the fans down. And after all this anticipation… I can’t let myself down. This is the moment that I’ve been waiting for. I have to pick up this pen, take this company by the reigns, and begin my long-awaited quest… to capture the imaginations, hearts and minds of the billions of people just like me… people with a passion for sports entertainment.


After a very brief slump, World Wrestling Entertainment is back on the rise! Sustaining reasonable ratings, fan loyalty at an all time high, and merchandise sales through the roof, the WWE franchise is way beyond just being 'well off'. However, Vince McMahon is a businessman... a smart one, at that, and is never content with the state of his multi-billion dollar franchise -- always looking for possible ways to expand and better the company as a whole. Subsequently, he's always looking to keep his programming fresh and exciting for old audiences and new audiences alike. Going into an explosive summer of returns and 'drama-as-usual', the WWE Chairman made a huge behind-the-scenes decision of completely restructuring his creative, writing, and production teams.

The most significant change to be mentioned is the addition of a new lead creative writer and producer -- a man by the name of Ronald Alden, well known for his work both in the television and movie industry. Alden also has a storied background in live productions as well. Sources say Alden was the first to express interest in working with the company, and McMahon made a huge leap of faith by bringing him on board. Alden certainly has to be feeling the pressure, as it's not everyday a new writer is directly promoted to the lead of the creative team and given control over World Wrestling Entertainment's flagship brand, Monday Night Raw. Staff members and superstars alike have their doubts in the 26 year old's abilities to change or better anything within the program, however, nobody doubts or questions the boss' decisions in business. Needless to say, all eyes will be on this young man as we move forward with a summer of (what's expected to be) a continuing rise in the popularity of sports entertainment.

Alden, McMahon, and the rest of the team have been hard at work together preparing for the next edition of Monday Night RAW, which is said to be episode one of a dramatic change in landscape for the program and for the company. We've been told that McMahon offered Alden the opportunity to create a 'wish list' of things he wanted to optimize his ability to provide quality work. Surprisingly, instead of an over-the-top salary or a penthouse office, Alden reportedly only requested Mr. McMahon's faith, and a handful of superstars to be brought back on board with the WWE. McMahon obliged, and instantly re-negotiated the reinstatement of Gregory Helms, Rikishi, and Shelton Benjamin. We are also told that long-term performance contracts for John Morrison, WWE Hall of Famer Edge, Triple H, The Undertake, and Brock Lesnar have been negotiated as well. Rumors report that there are at least four other superstars that are still being re-negotiated, but only time will tell, as WWE will have to extract those superstars from rival promotion Total Nonstop Action.

It's obvious that Mr. McMahon has placed alot of his trust in this young man to do good things for the company, so we should all do the same as well. Then again, it's hard to doubt someone with pure passion like Mr. Alden has shown in the early goings.

General Manager
John Bradshaw Layfield
Commentary Team
Jim Ross & Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler


Alberto Del Rio
Big Show
Brock Lesnar
Brodus Clay
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Evan Bourne
The Hurricane
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena
John Morrison
The Miz
Mr. S
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Santino Marella
Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
The Undertaker
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

WWE Champion CM Punk

7/30/12 - CM Punk def. Edge @ RAW
World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker
8/6/12 - Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio (c) & Chris Jericho @ RAW
8/19/12 - The Undertaker def. Alberto Del Rio & Randy Orton (c) @ Summerslam 2012

Intercontinental Champion Kane
8/13/12 - Kane def. Christian (c) @ RAW
United States Champion Dolph Ziggler
World Tag Team Champions Santino Marella & Yoshi Tatsu
Cruiserweight Champion The Hurricane
8/19/12 - The Hurricane def. SIN @ Summerslam 2012


Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso; The Uso's *
Santino Marella & Yoshi Tatsu; OrienTalian Exchange *
Simon Dean, John Morrison & David Otunga; The Fit Club *
Brodus Clay & Rikishi **
Evan Bourne & Rey Mysterio **
Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez **


7/30/12 ▪ Monday Night RAW; #1 "Inauguration of Imagination"
8/6/12 ▪ Mondy Night RAW; #2 "Rise of the Contenders"
8/13/12 ▪ Monday Night RAW; #3 "Swinging Into Summerslam"
8/19/12 ▪ WWE SUMMERSLAM 2012; "It's A PUNK Party!"


7/25/12Wade & Justin Released, Major Angle Scrapped, PG-13 RAW?
7/27/12Kozlov Released, Cruiserweight Division Rumors, Kennedy Declines Contract
7/28/12It's A PUNK Party! (SummerSlam Poster Revealed)
8/18/12More Roster Changes, Cyber Sunday to Return!


Feels good to be back... that's all I'm sayin'. Not keeping up with actual WWE happenings here in China, unfortunately... just living in my own world, so let me be. Haha. Hope you guys enjoy my return thread!

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Very VERY interesting. I love your presentation. The rosters have a great load of potential. Will read and review! Good luck!
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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

Likin' the whole setup of this thread man. Not only does it focus on the wrestling shows but the journey of the man they call Ron. Very interesting indeed. What I wanted to know was if there is still a SMACKDOWN show and what happened to the WWE Title? If there was one major title that would've stayed, I would think it would be the WWE Championship. But I'm sure you have a plan for thisn and I'm quite excited. Can't wait for this, will be reading

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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

MrMykalz™ Presents;
“Inauguration of Imagination”


Monday Night RAW blasts through the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut with a night jam packed with action, adrenaline and pure electricity! Join us for the inaugural episode, as we usher in a brand new era!

a DASHING OPPORTUNITY Cody Rhodes just can’t seem to keep his mouth closed, and his mouth just can’t seem to keep Rhodes out of trouble. In a recent interview on WWE.Com, Rhodes staked claim to number one contendership for Christian’s Intercontinental Championship. Our Anonymous RAW General Manager was open to the idea, however, stated that Rhodes would have to EARN the spot – in a match against the Big Red Machine, Kane! On top of this, in a fair chance to scout his potential competition, Christian has been appointed the special guest referee for the contest. Captain Charisma is nothing short of a fighting champion; however, he has been known to have tricks up his sleeve. Will his authority in this match have an effect?

LESNAR’S gonna KILL WHO? A strange video has surfaced online, hinting at a permanent return of the monstrous Brock Lesnar to WWE. The video has since gone viral, featuring several voices whispering the words “Lesnar’s gonna kill you, Lesnar’s gonna kill you.” The video does not, however, mention a target. The only clue we’ve been given is a date – 7/30/12. We dare not speculate on who Lesnar has his sights set on, but you can bet we’ll find out this Monday night!

THUGS, REPTILES, GIANTS and MORE A huge 6-man over the top Battle Royal has been announced for this Monday night, in which we’ll crown a new number one contender for Alberto Del Rio’s World Heavyweight Championship! The superstars scheduled to participate are John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho and Sheamus. Which one of these superstars will catapult themselves back in to the title picture?

STRAIGHT EDGE meets CUTTING EDGE The ultimate clash of lifestyles will take place on this edition of Monday Night Raw, as returning WWE Hall of Famer & ‘Rated R Superstar’ Edge takes on the Straight Edge superstar and ‘Best In The World’ in CM Punk. As if the tension of personal preference wasn’t enough to make this a hot bout, it will be for the vacated WWE Championship! Both superstars have storied histories surrounding the prestigious prize, but on this night, only one will be able to walk away with the gold. Will the ‘Straight Edge Angel’ take the title home? Or will the returning ‘Rated R Devil’ prevail?


The OrienTalian Exchange in Tag Team Action!

Lesnar’s Gonna Kill Who??
(Who Is Lesnar’s Target Superstar?)
Intercontinental Title #1 Contender’s Match
Cody Rhodes vs. Kane w/ Christian as Special Referee
2-on-2 Tag Team Contest
Santino Marella & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Jimmy & Jey Uso (Non-Title)
World Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal
John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Big Show vs. Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler
Vacant WWE Championship Awarded
Edge vs. CM Punk

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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

Well damn. All the old bones are coming back. If it ain't good ol' M Squared.

Presentation looks pretty boss and the first preview is definitely an eye-opener. Hope you can stick around with this, wherever you're presenting from. Good luck, oldie


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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.



"Barrett & Gabriel Released, Major Angle Scrapped, Network Approves PG-13 Programming"

Reported On July 25, 2012
Author: Jason Case

What was originally reported as a rumor has now been confirmed, courtesy of WWE.Com; Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel have been released from their contracts with the sports entertainment franchise --- on good terms. Sources say that Barrett and Gabriel expressed concern with their future roles in the 'new era' of the RAW brand, and asked to be released from their contracts during a meeting with WWE officials earlier this morning. With approval from the higher-ups, and the creative team, the company obliged, freeing the two superstars without clause. That's right, there's no fines, no legal action, they were just released without consequence. There are several rumors as to why it was so easy for the two superstars to take the walk -- but we have it on good word that it was an effort to maintain payroll budget for the RAW roster, in light of a few new additions. Barrett and Gabriel have served a fair deal of time in the WWE, but it seems as if the new head of the creative team, Ronald Alden, had expressed interest in other superstars to be brought on board. In fact, it's said that Alden's lack of need for the two superstars contributed greatly to the success of the two superstars' peaceful release.

The newest addition to the creative and production team, Ronald Alden, who was immediately promoted to the Head of Creative when signing with the company has made it publicly known that he (along with Vince McMahon) is responsible for the claims of ushering in a new era, which puts all eyes on him in the coming future. The success or failure of this claim rests almost solely on his shoulders. In a tweet from Alden's personal twitter account (@RonWrites), he stated "The pressure is high, but that's when I work best. My passion will be OUR success." On the same subject, upon taking the job with WWE, Vince McMahon entrusted Alden to create his own personal "wish list" of things or people he needed to optimize his productions. As you may know, the young writer turned down an outrageous salary or fancy office for a handful of superstars to be re-signed and brought on to the RAW brand. This prompted WWE Officals to bring back aboard the likes of Gregory Helms, Shelton Benjamin, and Rikishi. After this information was posted on WWE.Com a few days ago, Alden tweeted "Three Down, Five To Go." However, earlier this morning, he tweeted "That's three more. It's down to the last two." We can only assume that this means WWE Officials have signed and given Alden control over three more superstars, but only time will tell. We will definitely be keeping an eye out on RAW for any familiar faces. (Or new ones, for that matter.)

Aside from meddling in contractual dealings, Alden seems to be doing a fair job in his own office as well. You know that annoying angle with the Anonymous RAW General Manager? Well sources say Ronald is scrapping it as if it never happened. Don't expect there to be anymore messages read off of computers (or paper, for that matter). It appears as if kayfabe control over the RAW Brand will be decided in another manner! But what does this mean for order of the brand in the mean time? Could this mean a few boring weeks of 'decency' to avoid the need for authority?

We would love to assume so, but that doesn't seem to be the case hitting my last bullet point of this report. Looks like Alden had another small tidbit to his wishlist -- permission to add the EDGE back to the RAW programming. Corporate reports and USA Network.Com both confirm that RAW is now listed under a PG-13 maturity rating, which means we are one step closer to getting back to the politically incorrect and edgy sports entertainment most of us fell in love with. There's no telling HOW or WHEN we'll see these changes take effect on RAW, but it's awfully promising, and I know they've caught my attention. Mr. Alden, if you read these kinds of things, I just want to applaud you on what you've done so far. Cheers to hoping you can keep it up.

That's all for now, boys and girls!

None of the websites or Twitter accounts listed in this article are real, to my knowledge. Everything included in this thread and the reports therein are all for the sole purpose of progressing this thread. Thanks for understanding.

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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

Hey man, first time I've ever checked out any of your work, and I have to say this seems very well planned and I'm sure that it is going to be very well executed, too. The news interests me a lot, as Barrett and Gabriel are usually guys that bookers like to use and push in their threads, but you have done the opposite! The three re-signings we know about are great. Helms and Benjamin were never used to their full potential in WWE, and Rikishi is a great veteran who could put some of the younger talent over. The other hirings could hopefully be people that can bolster the Tag Team and Divas division, but I think there is one HUGE name in there somewhere.

Raw looks loaded and I can't wait to read it
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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

Hey, I've never read any of your work before, but the presentation has instantly drawn me into this thread. The presentation is certainly unique and so far the thread looks good. As for the news, Barrett and Gabriel being released surprises me because I think they could've been useful to you, but this does mean that you've put your stamp on the company very early. I'm a huge fan of Shelton Benjamin so I'm very glad he has been brought back in, looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with him. Helms is a guy most people like and I can see why, not too sure about resigning Rikishi but I suppose he will be a good veteran to have around.

Raw looks good also, looking forward to it.
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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

Interesting choice to release Wade Barrett, can't wait to see where you go with this.

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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

You guys will have to forgive me, I'm awfully rusty. All reviews & feedback will be returned.
Enjoy the first RAW of Power, Prestige, and Passion!
7/30/2012 SHOW RESULTS

MrMykalz™ Presents:
“Inauguration of Imagination”


COLE Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night RAW!

LAWLER We are live in Hartford, Connecticut, and this sold out crowd is absolutely electric!

COLE And why wouldn’t they be, Jerry? The word is out: we are ushering in a new era of RAW Programming tonight, that WWE officials promise to be more exciting and cutting edge than ever! Folks, I’m Michael Cole joined by my broadcast partner Jerry Lawler,

LAWLER And tonight, we welcome back to the announce table – this time, permanently… my good friend, good ‘ol JR; Jim Ross!

ROSS Indeed, King thank you for the warm welcome and you hit the nail right on the head… this crowd is electric tonight, and they are ready for some RAW action!

Suddenly, the music in the arena changes to that of ‘Captain Charisma’, Christian. The ring bell sounds in the arena and it’s already time to kick of our first contest of the night!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and will determine a number one contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship! On the way to the ring first, please welcome this contest’s special guest referee and the Intercontinental Champion… Captain Charisma… CHRISTIAN!

It’s not long until Christian appears at the top of the ramp smiling from ear to ear and sporting his Intercontinental Title draped over his shoulder and his striped official’s shirt. He looks out into the crowd, takes a deep breath, and heads down the ramp towards the ring. When he gets to the ring, he walks to the corner closest to the hardcam, and stands on the middle rope holding his championship high for all to see. He gets a warm reception from the crowd, and smiles brightly again before jumping down and signaling for a microphone. His music fades out, and the crowd simmers down to allow the Captain to speak.

CHRISTIAN Well, well, well.

The crowd cheers, not because of what Christian said… but because of the massive amounts of charisma just radiating off of him. He smiles, because deep down he knows that these people love him, and he loves them just as much.

CHRISTIAN Y’know, when I got here tonight, I have to admit… with all this talk of ushering in a new era, I had my doubts. I doubted that anything would be different… I knew we would have the same ‘ol guys backstage. The same ‘ol ring, and the same ‘ol rules. I thought tonight would be business as usual here in the WWE, and all the talk was just a bunch of hype. But I’ll admit, I was wrong on a few accounts… and you know, Captain Charisma is almost never wrong.

There are light cheers again in the crowd, but they quickly simmer.

CHRISTIAN Some things are different… there are a lot of faces in the back I thought I’d never see again – at least not in a WWE locker room… not like any other locker room matters… but I’m just saying. Let me be the first to tell you, that a few things are going to change around here… and they’re going to change fast… but in the midst of it all, three things will remain the same.

Christian holds up a fist, and puts up a finger for each of the three items.

CHRISTIAN Number one… this Intercontinental Championship is where it belongs. Number two, Captain Charisma is the highlight of Monday Night RAW. And number three, the PEEPS run the ENTIRE WWE Universe!!

All of Christian’s fans pop huge at the shoutout, and Christian drops the microphone, still smiling from ear to ear. As soon as the crowd simmers down again, “Smoke & Mirrors” by TVTV hits in the arena, instantly killing the ‘feel-good’ vibe that had taken over in the early goings. Before long, ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes had appeared at the top of the ramp, and began making his way to the ring.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Introducing challenger number one; from Marietta, Georgia… he is DASHING, CODY RHODES!!!

Rhodes slides into the ring in his usual arrogant manner, making sure to pose and smile to ever TV camera along the way. He removes his outer robe, and tosses it to a ringside tech on the outside. Before he can even get comfortable in the ring, the HD set is instantly engulfed in flames as “Man on Fire” begins to play.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And his opponent, the Big Red Machine… KANE!!!

The menacing and freakishly large Kane trudges to the ring at his own methodical pace, removing his outer mask on the way. It’s obvious that he means business. He climbs into the ring, never once taking his eyes off of Rhodes, who suddenly appears a little less cocky and a little more concerned for his own well-being. He even goes so far as to yell to Christian “keep him away from my beautiful face, please.” And Captain Charisma replies with a sarcastic “Yeah… sure.” Before ringing the bell and beginning the contest.

About halfway through this match, and Kane has held a solid offense against ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes. Rhodes though, proving to be no pushover, has mounted a few highly effective defensive maneuvers as well—being the quicker and more agile of the two. Eyes are on the special referee Christian just as much as Kane and Rhodes during this contest, as we are left wondering if he’ll call things down the middle which up until this point – he has! As we join this contest, Rhodes has picked Kane’s right leg as a target and begins to stomp mercilessly in the same spot, causing thwe monster to yell and grit his teeth in agony. A few failed swipes of the hand from Kane, and Cody begins to get cocky, stomping harder and harder with every step. Rhodes turns towards the audience and raises his arms, basking in his current upper-hand, but behind him, he doesn’t see that Kane has sat into the upright position!! The audience erupts in excitement, and Rhodes wisely turns around to see why. Without any time wasted, Cody sends himself off the ropes and connect in the center of Kane’s chest with a hard dropkick! To Rhodes’ dismay, Kane hits the canvas and pops right back up into the upright position. Christian’s eyes get big in the corner and he starts to shake his head, almost feeling sorry for Cody. The Dashing One once again wastes no time, and bounds off the ropes, this time connecting to Kane’s head with an enzugiri! The loud slap of Rhode’s boot connecting with the side of Kane’s head echoes throughout the arena, but proves to be of little help as Kane once again sits right back into the upright position.

This time, though, Kane springs to life and stands to his feet. Cody tries to think quickly and bounds off the ropes one final time only to see that Kane is standing tall! Quick thinking and a smart change of plans on Cody’s behalf though, as he sends one perfectly placed dropkick right into Kane’s right knee! The monster’s leg buckles under him, and Cody looks over at Christian with a cocky half smirk before motioning a championship around his waist. Christian warns Rhodes to pay attention to the match, but Cody pays him no mind and raises a right hand in a victorious fashion. He glances over at Kane, who seems to be regaining his balance, and then heads to the corner. Rhodes climbs up to the very top turnbuckle and motions a championship around his waist one more time.

Rhodes leaps off of the top rope for a crossbody, but is caught and greeted in mid air by Kane’s BOOT!! Even Christian cringes in pain as Cody’s body folds into a lifeless heap on the canvas. Kane stares at Rhodes’ body on the canvas and simply shakes his head in the fashion of “no”… signaling that he’s simply not through yet. Christian tries to reason with Kane, often telling him to ‘Just pin him, man. Get it over with.’ But a lifeless stare from the Big Red Monster shuts him up and sends him a few slow steps back. Kane turns his attention back to Cody and grabs the back of his head in an attempt to pick him up. Rhodes’s body is completely limp and making no effort to stand, but it doesn’t matter to Kane. The monster simply muscles him up and wraps his large hand around the esophagus of the lifeless Rhodes. Kane shakes his head one more time, and takes Cody up seven feet up and thunders him down back to the canvas with a huge chokeslam!!! The arena goes into a somber silence as Kane keeps his hand around Cody’s throat in a rather careless pin. Christian tugs at the collar of his referee shirt, and counts the cover.

1… 2… 3.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship, the Big Red Machine… KANE!!

COLE What an impressive showing by the Big Red Machine here tonight.

LAWLER No kidding! A huge statement by the monster, that crowned him the number one contender!

ROSS I’m glad Christian did the right thing here tonight, calling the match down the middle.

LAWLER I can’t imagine what might have happened to him if he didn’t, JR.

COLE So only one question remains, fellas… WHEN will Kane and Christian face off?

The camera cuts from Kane’s face to the backstage area, in what appears to be the parking garage of the arena. Here, Matt Striker is standing in front of a long white limo… with bullhorns in the front?

MATT STRIKER Ladies and gentlemen, I am your backstage correspondent Matt Striker and I’m standing with a very special guest who just arrived to the arena… JBL!!

There is a slight pop in the audience as the camera zooms out to reveal a smiling JBL, wearing a grey suit with a salmon pink shirt and a dark blue tie. Of course, also wearing his classic cowboy hat. He steps in closer to Striker, and adjusts his tie.

MATT STRIKER John, I overheard that you had just arrived tonight and couldn’t help but to come here and find out… why? Why are you here tonight?

JB LAYFIELD Well, Matt. I can’t say too much at the moment, I have some things to take care of… but I will tell you this: I’m going to be making an announcement tonight that will shake up the very foundation of RAW. Trust me, Matt. You and everyone else at home will want to be tuned in for this one… it’s a real… bombshell.

JBL stares off into the distance, still smiling… it’s quite obvious that he’s proud of the suspense he’s just inspired. He looks back to Matt, and pats him on the back.

JB LAYFIELD Take care, Matt. We can talk later after I’ve made my announcement.

Matt Striker simply nods in compliance and John walks away. The camera zooms a bit on Striker’s confused face, and then we cut to the ringside area where we see that Jimmy and Jey Uso have already made their way to the ring, joined by the tag team champions Santino Marella and Yoshi Tatsu. The ring bell rings and we hear Justin Roberts speaking.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen the following non-title tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing team number one, from San Francisco, California… at a combined weight of 479 pounds, Jimmy – Jey – The USOS!

The Usos scream a tribal chant in reunion and high-five each other with big smiles before settling into their corner.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And their opponents, they are the World Tag Team Champions, from Calabria Italy and Tokyo Japan respectively… they are Santino Marella – Yoshi Tatsi – THE ORIENTALIAN EXCHANGE!!!

We join this contest just moments after the opening bell, with Yoshi Tatsu and Jey Uso starting off the match for their respective teams. After a quick and fast-paced maneuver exchange, Jey has the upper hand, holding Tatsu down in a headlock trying to wear him down. The fans are behind the OrienTalian Exchange here, as they begin to clap… cheering for Tatsu to break free. After a while, Yoshi manages to power himself up to his feet and where any other superstar would punch his way out, Tatsu opts for using his feet, unloading with several thunderous kicks and knees to Jey’s thighs and ribs. Eventually, Jey is forced to let go, and Tatsu sends him off the ropes following up with a kick to the gut, and a DDT in the center of the ring! He goes for a quick cover,

One… Tw-NO!

A kickout from Jey Uso before the two is even counted, and the match continues. On the outside, Jimmy looks on frustratedly while Santino smiles in his usual manner, cheering on his Japanese companion. Yoshi gets right back on the attack, picking up Jey and whipping him into the OrienTalian’s corner for the tag. Santino steps into the ring and playfully plants a few punches into Jey’s gut before turning around and storming around the ring with his trademarked trombone taunt. The crowd fires up, but the celebration proves to be premature as Jey explodes out of the corner with a hard clothesline! Marella is blasted to the canvas, and Jey immediately begins to stomp away at him, leaving no room for breathing. A few hard boots later, and Jey drags Santino into his respective corner, tagging in his partner, Jimmy. Jimmy Uso climbs the top rope from the outside and orders Jey to hold Marella down. Jey obeys, and Jimmy leaps off the rope planting an elbow right into Santino’s sternum! The crowd begins to boo as the Uso’s high-five each other and Jey steps out. Jimmy covers Santino for the win,

One… Two… No!!

Marella kicks out before the three! Jimmy picks Marella up off the canvas and whips him off the ropes for a clothesline, but is thrown off when Santino drops down into a semi-split!! By the time Jimmy realizes what’s going on, his arm is already caught up and Santino launches him over with a huge hiptoss! A groggy Jimmy Uso crawls to the corner to make a tag, but is shocked to see that he’s crawled to the wrong corner!! He looks up at Yoshi Tatsu who simply waves smugly and the crowd explodes when they realize the cobra sleeve is secure on Santino’s arm and ready to strike! Before Santino can finish off the Uso, he is distracted by a scuffle on the outside. A quick camera cut, and we see a rather large man wearing a ski mask jump over the barricade!! Two event staff workers try to stop him, but they are greeted by two jaw-jacking right hands. By this time, all four superstars involved are looking at the man, who returns the stares. Jey, being the closest to this massive human is the first to strike, leaping off the apron but is caught and tossed violently into the steel steps!!

The referee calls for the bell, and it rings several times before Jimmy decides to strike. Surprisingly, Santino and Yoshi Tatsu follow suit. By the time they make up their minds though, they are surprised when the man springs to life and slides into the ring to meet them halfway!!! The tension is high and the large masked man stares down all three remaining superstars. Santino, Jimmy, and Yoshi look at each other, and nod before springing in on the attack! Yoshi is met by a huge boot, while the other two superstars get flung into each other like rag dolls! The masked man picks Jimmy up first, and body presses him high above the ring for all to see. Near the ropes, Santino and Yoshi Tatsu are making their way to their feet preparing to attack again, but the masked man simply tosses Jimmy into them, sending all three men rolling over the top rope and crashing to the outside!!

The masked man steps out of the ring, hovering over the wreckage he caused, and reaches into the pocket of his cargo pants… out of it, he pulls a can of red spray paint. Out of the other pocket, he pulls a towel. The man proceeds to lay the towel over the bodies in front of him, and sprays a large “S” on it. At this, he drops the can of spraypaint and simply raises his arms in a needlessly victorious manner. The arena has fallen into silence as everyone in the arena jst watches the man… almost scared to see what he’s going to do next. But the man has clearly already done enough, as he makes his way backwards up the ramp.


ROSS Oh my GOD! Look at the carnage!

LAWLER Who is this guy!?

COLE I don’t know, King… why don’t you get in there and try to find out?

LAWLER Oh no… I think I’ll pass on this one. I mean, look at him!

ROSS This man’s stature is alone to count me out, so don’t even ask me.

LAWLER This guy has to be at least seven feet tall!

COLE And he just single handedly demolished four of WWE’s promising rising stars! Whoever this guy is, he means business.

ROSS Judging by the ‘S’ he’s spray painted on these young men’s bodies, I guess we can refer to him simply as “Mr. S” until SOMEBODY finds out who he is.

LAWLER Mr. S might be his permanent name, JR… I don’t think anybody should even come close to this guy.

ROSS You might be right, King. You might be right.

****** COMMERCIAL BREAK ******

We are back live from the commercial break, and the audience is still buzzing over the brutal attack that took place just moments ago. But it seems as if they won’t have too much time to process the events, as “Next Big Thing” hits over the arena, sending the fans into a mixed reaction of cheers and jeers.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring BROCKKK LESNARRR!!

It’s not long before Lesnar emerges from the curtain with a look of intent on his face. Surprisingly, he skips his usual hop at the top of the ramp, and just heads down to the ring. He appears frustrated, yet anxious all the same. When he gets to the ring, he calls for a microphone and his music fades out.

LESNAR All week, people have been asking… Brock, who are you after? Who are you gonna kill? Well, the answer is… any and everyone. Anyone and everyone that gets in my way of recapturing what’s rightfully mine, and that… is the WWE Championship.

Once again, the audience responds with a mixed reaction, but Brock ignores and continues.

LESNAR I don’t care if it’s Edge, CM Punk, or any other of these so-called ‘superstars’ in the WWE… I will be WWE Champion again. And if anybody has a problem or objection to the fact, then you’ve got a big, painful problem on your hands…

Before Brock can continue, he is interrupted by another voice over the arena.

UNKNOWN Well, if it’s the WWE Championship you’re after, then you’ve got a much bigger problem on your hands, Brock.

The audience is sent into a frenzy as none other than The Game, Triple H appears at the top of the ramp, dressed in usual business attire, and hair slicked back into a pony tail. He nonchalantly walks towards the ring while he speaks, occasionally pausing to chew away at his gum.

TRIPLE H You see, it seems as if we’ve both been re-signed to long-term contracts here… and we’re both after the same thing… which doesn’t surprise me, Brock. You’ve always been a championship chaser. But that’s the difference between you and I, you see? You chase the championships… I, on the other hand, just earn them.

Lesnar remains silent, staring holes through the Game as Hunter climbs into the ring.

TRIPLE H Last time you were here you had your chance, Brock. And guess what? You dropped the ball. The boss brought you back, put you in the main event, and you dropped the ball. But you’re used to dropping the ball, right? ‘Cause it seemed like that’s all you did over in the MMA circuit. Brock, you’re nothing but a big bundle of hype. You’re all bark, and no bite. So I would advise you to cool your jets, step aside, and let the big dogs take care of the championship picture.

LESNAR Even if you DID manage to get a championship match Hunter, even if you DID manage to scrape up another title… how long would it be before your old, broken down body gave out on you again? What’s gonna put you out next time, aitch? Another torn quad? A broken hip? Or how about I speed up the process and break your neck my damn self…

The two superstars go nose-to-nose, and the tension shoots through the roof as thinks appear to be about to break down between them. But the two are interrupted by a huge pop as WWE Championship contender CM Punk appears on the titantron with a grin.

CM PUNK Gentlemen, gentlemen… let’s all calm down, shall we?

TRIPLE H Punk, I would advise you to mind your business.

CM PUNK Well, considering the fact that I actually HAVE a WWE Title match tonight, I would say this pretty much IS my business, Hunter. Now simmer down. I think I might have a solution to our problem here…

LESNAR It would be best for you to shut your mouth, Punk.

Punk’s attitude changes just a bit, and his voice becomes more stern.

CM PUNK How about you shut your DAMNED mouth before I shut it for you, Brock. That’s your problem… you’re so hot headed… you really oughtta play it cool sometimes. I mean, where has trying to be the biggest and strongest gotten you so far? No wait… I know this one… I play it cool, and I get a WWE Championship Match. Where you gentlemen come out here running your mouths to fill up TV time, and you’re not even on the card… If I were you, I would listen to me. Before you screw up my plans tonight by having the Anonymous GM turn this into a tag match tonight, I’d like to offer a better, more effective resolution. Instead of standing out there running your mouths like a bunch of whining BITCHES, how about you just wait your turn, and I’ll take you both on WHEN I win the Championship tonight.

TRIPLE H You sure do talk a big game, Punk… as for me? I like actions a lot better.

Everyone is taken by surprise as Triple H tosses his microphone down, turns around, and boots Brock Lesnar in the gut. He grabs a hold of Lesnar’s arms setting him up for the Pedigree, but NO!! Once again, the two superstars are interrupted, this time by a smoother, more down-home voice. All attention turns to the HD entranceway again, and John Bradshaw Layfield walks out… in a much less-pleasant mood than we saw him in earlier.

JB LAYFIELD Hold it right there, Hunter! Let him go right now! I knew you guys wouldn’t be able to keep the peace out here, so I’m going to make my announcement right here. Triple H, drop him.

For reasons beyond anyone in the arena, Triple H reluctantly tosses Brock to the canvas. JBL smiles at Hunter’s compliance, while HHH adjusts the collar of his shirt.

JB LAYFIELD Now, then… you two have been in this business long enough to know that the only way to stake claim to ANY championship in the WWE is to fight… in a SANCTIONED competition. So here’s what I propose: Next week on RAW, Triple H, you will face Brock Lesnar for number one contendership to the WWE Championship! What do you say to that?

Triple H picks up a microphone and barks back.

TRIPLE H I say you aren’t anybody to propose a damn thing around here.

John chuckles to himself.

JB LAYFIELD Actually, I am, Triple H. This brings me to my bombshell announcement. Ladies and gentlemen It gives me great pleasure to introduce you all to your NEW Interim Raw General Manager… ME!!! John… Bradshaw… Layfield!!

The arena explodes! What a huge announcement! Triple H’s jaw drops and JBL continues to laugh with his big, wide smile.

JB LAYFIELD Now that that’s out of the way, I’m not proposing anything… I’m making it happen! Next week.. Triple H versus Brock Lesnar in a number one contenders match! The winner will go on to face Alberto Del Rio the following week on RAW! Good luck, fellas.

JBL hands the microphone off to one of the technical crewmembers smiling from ear to ear. “Longhorn” plays in the arena and Layfield winks sarcastically at Triple H before turning around and heading through the curtain.

LAWLER Well I’ll be! He said he had a bombshell announcement, and boy was he right!

COLE Bradshaw is back! And he’s the new interim General Manager of RAW!

ROSS Talk about ushering in a new era! Forget Wall Street, JBL has clearly opted for ‘occupying’ the GM’s office!

LAWLER Oh, wait a minute here…

Triple H goes to drop the microphone and turn back to Lesnar, but doesn’t see that Lesnar is already on his feet! Brock grabs Triple H’s arm and hoists the Game up on his shoulders to deliver a HUGE F-5!!! The audience has now been dominated by boos towards Lesnar, who is indifferent… smiling at his handy work. He stands over Triple H’s body and motions a championship around his waist… making a very valid statement.

COLE Well ladies and gentlemen, next week we will find out who the number one contender is for the WWE Championship, but tonight… we crown a number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!

LAWLER Sheamus, Ziggler, Orton, Cena, Jericho, and Big Show in an over the top rope Battle Royal!

ROSS It’s gonna happen right here live, folks… and it’s NEXT!

****** COMMERCIAL BREAK ******

We return from commercial break, and the camera shows the locker room where we see Dolph Ziggler sitting down in a steel chair with his head down. There appears to be some frustration in the room, and Jack Swagger appears by Ziggler’s side.

SWAGGER Look, you don’t have anything to worry about. You beat these guys tonight, go on to win the World Championship, and you’ll have two championships to show off. You’ll be king of the whole freakin’ locker room.

ZIGGLER You’re right. I just have to survive. It’ll be a piece of cake.

Both superstars look towards the door, and are surprised to see SHELTON BENJAMIN walk into the locker room! Benjamin walks in between the two and casually throws an arm around both men with a slightly confident smile on his face.

BENJAMIN I wouldn’t count on that whole ‘two championships’ thing too much, boys.

ZIGGLER Well, well, well… look what the Emancipation Proclamation and affirmative action dragged in.

Ziggler attempts to go nose to nose with Shelton, but Jack Swagger steps in between the two in an effort to diffuse Ziggler’s notoriously short temper.

SWAGGER Don’t worry, Zig… I got this. Don’t count on it, huh? Why not?

BENJAMIN Because the Golden Standard is next in line for that United States championship.


BENJAMIN Ha, see you next week… if there’s anything left after tonight.

Benjamin pats the two on the back and walks out with a low laugh. The door closes and Ziggler kicks over the chair he was once sitting in.

SWAGGER Calm down, Zig… first things first… let’s go grab that #1 Contendership.

ZIGGLER Damnit… let’s go.

The camera fades out from the locker room, and into the ringside area.

After being targeted and eliminated by the other five superstars, Big Show has already been eliminated in this contest, and Ziggler had been blasted over the top rope by a devastating Brogue Kick from the Celtic Warrior Sheamus. With that said, we join this contest with just four superstars left: Cena, Jericho, Sheamus, and Orton. On one side of the ring, Jericho is hammering away with hard right hands to the head of Sheamus, while on the other side of the ring, Orton and Cena struggle with each other in the corner. Focus is temporarily on Sheamus and Jericho, as Jericho stands Sheamus up against the ropes and attempts to clothesline him over the top rope…. but no!! Sheamus gets an arm under Jericho and hoist him up high and over the top! The cat-like Jericho manages to save himself though, and lands feet-first on the apron—much to Sheamus’ dismay. The Celtic Warrior is no fool though. He turns around quickly and goes to deliver yet another Brogue Kick – this time to Jericho! Once again, Jericho saves himself by ducking out of the way with the top rope in hand!!! Sheamus get’s hung up on the top rope by his family jewels and a quick springboard roundhouse kick from Jericho sends the Celtic Warrior crashing to the floor on the outside!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, Sheamus has been ELIMINATED!

Jericho climbs back into the ring, and rests on the ropes, but only for a moment as he see’s Orton struggling to eliminate Cena on the opposite side of the ring. Chris walks over in an attempt to help Orton, but the Viper’s senses get the best of him and Randy unloads with a HUGE RKO to Jericho out of nowhere! The crowd explodes as Jericho’s body lay on the canvas, face-down, without motion. Orton stares out into the electrified audience and smiles – satisfied with his work. John Cena is back in the action though, and grabs Orton’s shoulder to toss him over but is ALSO greeted with an explosive RKO! The crowd has gone absolutely nuts, and Orton is the only man standing in the ring. He looks at both of his opponents, measuring them up… seemingly trying to decide which of them to eliminate first. He selects Jericho, lifting him up and almost effortlessly flinging him over the top rope – but unbeknownst to Orton, Chris has once again caught himself on the apron!! Jericho is allowed a brief rest period as Orton heads for Cena, struggling to lift him up. The two are in a semi-grapple, and Cena breaks free first!! John boots Orton in the stomach, and hoists him up for the Attitude Adjustment over the top rope but NO!!! Orton wiggles down from Cena’s shoulders, leaps into the air, and dropkicks Cena over the top rope!!! Tension is at an absolute high, but this time, even Cena has managed to catch himself on the apron!!! Orton see’s this though, and licks his lips before delivering a thunderous RKO with the help of the ropes, sending Cena bouncing off the top and crashing to the outside!!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, John Cena has been ELIMINATED!

The match continues, and Orton notices Jericho still trying to catch his breath on the opposite side of the ring. He looks around at the crowd, cheering him on with all their might and he goes to charge at Chris, but no!!! Orton can’t move!!! Randy turns around to the outside and see’s Ricardo Rodriguez holding on to his ankle. The fans pelt Rodriguez with a roar of boos, and gets a kick in the face of Orton for his effort!! The boos turn into cheers for this, but suddenly change to sounds of concern as Orton failed to see that Jericho has climbed back into the ring!! Before Randy has a chance to realize it, Jericho grabs a hold of Orton’s lower body, and catapults him over the top rope making the final elimination of the contest.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, Randy Orton has been ELIMINATED! Here is your winner and the new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship… CHRISSSS JERICHO!!!!


Seemingly the entire audience stands to their feet with boos, and Chris Jericho seems to be the happiest he could ever be as he looks at Orton, confirming to himself that he has indeed won this match.

COLE And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen… Y2J is on his way to a championship match against Alberto Del Rio next week on RAW!

LAWLER Yeah, but not without a little help… what the heck was Rodriguez doing out here anyway!?

ROSS Unfortunately, King, I don’t think it matters! The decision has been made, and that’s all Jericho cares about!!

COLE Because that’s all that MATTERS, guys…

The camera shows Orton on the outside with a VERY pissed off expression on his face, then shows Jericho celebrating inside the ring before fading out to the final commercial break of the night.

****** COMMERCIAL BREAK ******

We return from commercial break, and it’s time for our main event. Both superstars have made their way to the ring and Justin Roberts raises the microphone to speak.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will determine a holder for the currently vacated WWE Championship! Introducing challenger number one, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… he is a WWE Hall of Famer and the Rated R Superstar… this… is… EDGE!

Edge raises his arms in his typical rockstar form, hailing the praise of the thousands of Edgeheads in attendance. He backs into his corner, and allows Roberts to continue.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And his opponent… challenger number two, from Chicago, Illinois, he is the ‘Best In The World’ … C… M… PUNK!!!

Punk’s fans are now cheering in the arena, and Punk stares deep into Edge, obviously very focused on the match at hand. And for good reason, because it’s not long before the bell rings and the match begins.


We join this contest at about the 15 minute mark, and ‘back & forth contest’ is an understatement. Both superstars have given it all, sparing no risk or opportunity to grab the upper hand. At this time, Punk is on the offensive, with his opponent Edge locked tight in an armlock! Edge gripes in pain, reaching for the ropes frantically with his free arm and the crowd is on the end of their seats – the Punk fans obviously hoping for a tap out. “C-M-Punk!” and “Lets-Go-Edge!” chants ring throughout the arena as the Rated R Superstar inches closer and closer to the ropes. Punk continues to wrench at Edge’s arm, trying almost desperately to keep him away from his goal. Unfortunately for CM, one final reach and Edge manages to grab the bottom rope forcing Punk to release the hold. There is a temporary sign of relief from all the Edgeheads in the arena as the match continues on. Edge rolls out of the ring to take a breath and the referee holds Punk back in order to give Edge a brief moment to re-compose himself.

On the outside, Edge walks around, mumbling obscenities to him and trying to shake out the kinks from his arm while on the inside, Punk orders the referee out of his way. The referee wisely obliges, and Punk raises his right arm with a burning look in his eyes. Suddenly, he sprints for the nearest set of ropes, crosses the ring, and slides under the bottom rope with a HUGE baseball slide! The crafty Edge sees him coming though, and pulls the ring apron out, catching CM in between the fabric of the apron and the steel sides of the ring. Punk realizes he’s in trouble, but it’s too late as Edge immediately starts hammering away at the back of Punk, with clubbing forearms across the spine. The referee begins to count the superstars out… “ONE!” and Edge looks up at the referee with a dark smile. “TWO!” Edge takes a step back and runs a hand through his hair. “THREE!” The Rated R Superstar takes another step back and opens his eyes wide with a glazed look on his face. “FOUR!” At this, Edge sprints towards the trapped Punk and delivers a devastating boot to the side of his head!! Punk crumbles in his fabric trap, and by now the referee has reached a count of “SEVEN!” Noticing this, Edge rolls Punk’s body back into the ring, and follows close after. Edge covers Punk for the win…

One… Two… Thr-NO!!!

Somehow, Punk manages to blast his shoulder off the contest and the Punk fans in the audience can breathe easy. Edge wastes no time going back on the offense though, as he picks Punk up and sets him up for a suplex. Upon the lift though, the flexible and athletic Punk manages to reach his right knee down not once, but twice, connecting with Edge’s forehead!! The dazed Edge is forced to let the Straight Edge superstar down to his feet, grasping his head in pain. Punk goes for a quick clothesline but Edge ducks under, wraps around Punk, grabs his head, and bulls him down for a massive impact on an Edgecator!! Punk is down, the Edgeheads are all riled up, and Edge creeps back into a corner with a relatively insane look in his eyes… which could only mean one thing. Soon after, Punk starts groggily making his way to his feet.

Edge has Punk all lined up for the spear, and charges him with all his might… but Punk is jus milliseconds too quick and ducks out of the way sending Edge crashing neck, shoulder, and arm first into the steel post!! The loud slap of Edge slamming into the post inspires a loud “Ohhhh” in unison from the fans, and Punk brushes a hand through his hair before putting his hands together and resting on them… almost in the fashion of sleeping. At this, the entire audience knows what time it is. Punk stalks the dazed Edge in a ready position, and as soon as Edge turns around, Punk hoists the Rated R Superstar up onto his shoulders. The crowd stands to their feet, and Punk screams out to the audience “It’s nap time, baby!” But before he can execute the move, his attention is pulled to the HD entranceway, where Brock Lesnar has appeared, pacing back and forth at the top of the ramp with a mischievous half-grin. Punk doesn’t allow himself to be distracted too long though, as he spits in the direction of Lesnar and completes the GO TO SLEEP on Edge!! The crowd erupts as CM Punk hooks Edge’s leg for the cover.

One… Two… Three!!!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and NEW WWE CHAMPION; C… M… PUNK!!!


“Cult of Personality” hits in the arena, and the audience absolutely explodes with cheers. The referee scrambles to raises Punk’s arm in victory and hand him his prize… the coveted WWE Championship. Punk stares into the belt for a few moments before looking up at the audience and smiling through his fatigue.

COLE What a victory for the Straight Edge superstar here tonight!!

ROSS Not only did he overcome a formidable opponent in Hall of Famer Edge, but he overcame all of the doubters and on this night… is champion again!!

LAWLER Speaking of doubters, guys… look out… we’ve got company.

Punk’s music stops and the camera cuts to the HD entranceway where Lesnar stands at the top of the ramp clapping sarcastically and with a microphone in hand.

LESNAR Congratulations, Punk… congratulations on become the most targeted man in the WWE. I hope you do as well under pressure as you do running your mouth and sticking your nose into people’s business. Like I said earlier tonight, you’ve got a big, painful problem on your hands now. I would advise you to watch your back.

Punk chuckles, and wipes the sweat from his brow before responding.

CM PUNK Thanks for the advice, Brock… but I think it’s YOU who should be watching YOUR back…

CM Punk motions for Lesnar to look behind him, and smiles. A confused Lesnar turns around, and is greeted by a hard boot to the gut from TRIPLE H!!! The crowd erupts as Hunter grabs on to Brock’s arms, leaps up, and PEDIGREES Lesnar onto the steel staging!!! “The Game” kicks on in the arena, and Triple H stares at Lesnar shaking his head in pity before looking up and winking at CM Punk. “You’re next,” he mouths to Punk… only to get “Bring it on, aitch!” in return.

ROSS Thanks for coming, Brock!

LAWLER That just goes to show you, payback truly is … well… you know the expression.

ROSS That’s for sure… Triple H wants that WWE Championship.

COLE But Brock wants it as well, guys… you can’t count him out.

LAWLER Which one of the superstars will go on to meet CM Punk for the championship!?

COLE We’ll have to wait until next week to find out! Thank you for joining us tonight ladies and gentlemen, good night!

We get one last glimpse of CM Punk holding up his WWE Championship from over Triple H’s shoulder, and then we fade out to the WWE Logo, ending tonight’s broadcast.



Kane def. Cody Rhodes
OrienTalian Exchange vs. Usos (No Contest)
Chris Jericho def. Ziggler, Cena, Sheamus, Show, & Orton
CM Punk def. Edge

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