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Re: WWE: Generation Rising


Today WWE has released some huge details on NXT. NXT as we know was briefly brought back by Triple H before being abruptly cancelled. We have now confirmed via WWE.com that it will be returning but under a different format. The format will basically have it as a 3rd tier brand, it is rumoured to be featuring wrestlers from developmental which will indicate that FCW will be closed. Apparently the show will also feature lower card talents who are not featuring on RAW or Smackdown, with a huge draft coming after the return of Smackdown live on Friday Night's it will be interesting to see how things develop.

Speaking of NXT we can confirm that WWE have signed 3 talents, we presume all 3 will be heading to developmental before being called up to the main roster. These talents are Sara Del Rey, London born superstar PAC and the signing has been completed, WWE have came to a compensation agreement with TNA for the signing of Chris Sabin. Many WWE officials were surprised by this call on Sabin due to his age but are well aware of his wrestling abilities.

Reaction to Edge's reveal as Smackdown General Manager has been a very positive one, Dylan Kelly apparently wants the talent to be dispatched evenly, apparently the feeling is of Kelly wanting RAW and Smackdown to be more equal than the past few years. Speaking of Kelly in storyline terms his kidnapping scene to end Monday's broadcast has been met with rave reviews, the storyline is expected to conclude around SummerSlam.

On the injury front Christian is said to be recuperating well and up to now he could return around the Money In The Bank Pay Per View in October, expect him however to appear on the 100th episode of RAW on July 23, 2012. Dylan Kelly is said to be trying to build all bridges that the previous owner Vince McMahon burnt, he has his sights on a landmark and historic show. Vince McMahon has apparently been given a free pass to come and visit the crew and company when he wants due to his high standing in the company.

In news of a backstage variety Paul Heyman is said to be close to sealing a return to the company, this would be a backstage roll as the creative writer for RAW and Smackdown. This would fit in with the new mould of the company as Dylan Kelly has stopped giving performers scripted promos and has given them more creative control of their characters. Apparently Michael Cole and John Laurinaitis are soon to be brought back as on-screen characters, Dylan Kelly thinks both men could prove to be great heel characters.
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Re: WWE: Generation Rising

JAM's Review

That was a pretty good opening segment you had there. The brawl between the two was very believable and since I'm a big fan of Rhodes, I'm really glad that you're pushing him, especially against a guy like Cena. I know I said that it was a bit random for Rhodes to go after Cena but I guess his reasoning was okay. Just another way to build a star I'm guessing. You did a good job in hyping up the announcement of the SD GM as well, don't know who it will be, hope it's someone good though. Smackdown will be in dire need of some direction.

Wasn't too sure about setting up a match with Ricardo and Kane, Kane would've just obliterated Ricardo but I see why you did it. I think Del Rio matches more as a midcard champion and his feud with Kane is getting interesting. I like the stipulation to their match at No Mercy, it's a good one. Both Kane and Del Rio are good wrestlers so I'm guessing they could steal the show at No Mercy. Oh and I was disappointed you didn't end the match with Ricardo getting chokeslammed, since that usually happens.

The debate was an interesting setup for this whole thing to happen, but I wasn't too sure a debate was needed for the teams to let out their intention for the tag team belts. I like how everyone got their say though and you've made the tag titles seem rather important, so kudos to you for that. Hopefully you continue to do this because tag team wrestling was really good back then. Oh and a surprise team, Ziggler and Kidd? They'd definitely make an awesome team, but I'm not sure since they're pretty good singles stars as well. Interested to see what you do with them.

Kofi going heel is different and I'm enjoying what's happening with him. With AW by his side, I see nothing but good things to come from Kofi. Even if he did get a tainted win, a win over Orton was huge, maybe we see Kofi in the main event? Wouldn't mind seeing that happen. As for Orton's feud with Bryan, it seems to be progressing well actually. I like how you're emphasizing that Bryan/AJ are the new power couple, it's a good storyline. Enjoyin' it so far.

WOW! I'm definitely loving this. Sad to see Jericho and Barrett not going at it again but Regal vs. Barrett should be really good. I think you're doing a pretty good job in trying to get over the young guys which is a good thing. You're building up some dream matches of mine, so that's good to see.

I like how you're making these feuds cross paths. Miz going for Punk is actually really good, I wouldn't mind if Miz won the championship, since I'm tired of face champions. And a win from Cody, that's pretty big for him. Henry vs. Cena was equally good. However, I didn't like that you only had two people fend of AW's stable, they looked weak here. However, I get that the faces needed to get one up this week so it was fine. More Mark Henry please!

Edge huh? Love it! Edge has always been the main guy to keep Smackdown afloat so it's cool to see him back as the GM. And I'm interested to see how you fill out the roster. We' have conversations before that you wanna make both RAW and Smackdown like equal shows so I'll be looking forward to that draft you'll be having.

Overall, good job with this episode. Seems as though you've gotten a grasp of things and are making WWE the way you want it to be. Maybe clear up the whole Dylan Kelly thing, I'm not sure what his role is anymore with HHH and Edge as General Managers. I guess he'll be more of an owner but not on-screen, yeah? Also, break up your paragraphs better, it gets tiring reading a whole block of text. It's not good on the eyes. But other than that, I'm liking your shows man, keep it up!

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Re: WWE: Generation Rising

WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW - 11 June, 2012

Monday Night RAW is on the air and opens with a static screen before we are greeted with the closing scene of last week's show. Dylan Kelly sits tied in a chair, his face battered, bloodied and bruised. Kelly is pleading for Triple H's help as he and Edge stand shocked in the ring. The video ends with Kelly being smacked across the face with a crowbar and the screen once again turning static. We are greeted to a new RAW intro, the song performed by Shinedown and is known as Diamond Eyes. Suddenly half way through the video our screen stops with a sudden noise of a clip being rewound, we fade to the dark room which we saw last week, this is where once again Dylan Kelly sits tied up, still looking worse for wear. Kelly is quick to get his point across with his speech slurred, he says that tonight there will be clues as to where he is being kept hostage, Kelly angrily shouts to whoever is holding the camera that he won't say that. Suddenly the camera drops to the floor and we see the all black figure tip his chair to the floor and begin pounding him in the skull. The camera abruptly cuts off.

We head into the arena were a concerned Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show before discussing what Kelly's kidnapper could be talking about. Despite his concern Jerry Lawler is looking forward to tonight's show where we will see Damien Sandow take on Brodus Clay inside a Steel Cage! Also William Regal will be in action in preparation for his huge battle with Wade Barrett at No Mercy. Matt Striker informs Jerry not to forget that our tournament to crown the NEW number 1 contenders for the Tag Team Championships takes place tonight, in fact it begins right now. A tournament bracket flashes up on screen showing the following matches: Evan Bourne & R-Truth taking on The Prime Time Players, the Samoan brothers Jimmy and Jey Uso go toe to toe with Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara with the final tournament match being Primo and Epico against the newly formed and quite dysfunctional team of Dolph Ziggler and Tyson Kidd, two men who have a burning hatred for each other but a longing for being the best. Well it's time to get going as Evan Bourne and R-Truth make their entrance to a decent pop. Bourne and Truth both pose on the turnbuckles and hype up the fans as Matt Striker questions if these men actually want the gold or just revenge on AW and his associates, speaking of whom here they are. AW being the first out and introducing the money makin' scholars, the men putting a truth to a slayer, Darren Young and Titus O'Neill The Prime Time Players! Both men wearing their own merch bounce out onto the stage, they begin to then engage in their trademark Millions O' Dollars dance as they then walk to the ring and both make their way in. They both are quick to head towards their corner eyeballing their opponents on route. We're ready to go in our opening contest!

Well as expected AW is involved in this match, in controversial fashion too. He heads onto the apron distracting the referee from counting a cover on Darren Young after a Lie Detector but is met with a dropkick from Evan Bourne who entered the ring to get him some of AW. Despite succeeding in that he ensued the chaos that followed with Titus O'Neill entering the ring against the referee's will and he went at it with Bourne, clobbering him over the top rope and going with him. Meanwhile in the ring R-Truth and Darren Young are on their feet and stagger about trading blows. Truth with a big uppercut! Truth's shot sends D-Young into the corner and Ron is now bounding towards him hitting a huge avalanche, but here comes trouble with AW getting up onto the apron nursing his jaw. R-Truth asks if he wants some as he strolls towards him but he is suddenly rolled up from behind, WITH A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS! Young gets him! Prime Time Players advance into the tournament finals later tonight! There are no celebrations as Young quickly rolls out of the ring meeting AW and Titus O'Neill by the entrance ramp, all three men celebrate loudly hugging each other as R-Truth kneels in the ring with Evan Bourne just making his way into the ring to console Truth now. The view that takes us to commercial is one of The Prime Time Players and AW on the top of the ramp as we fade out.


Monday Night RAW is back on the air with the Steel Cage suspended above the ring being shown with Damien Sandow's encounter with Brodus Clay being hyped up with Jerry Lawler having the opinion that with the mood Clay is in Sandow's career may be ended. With that we cut away from our cage to a graphic on screen hyping up a match for our draft show in 2 weeks, the graphic shows a blacked out figure and on the other side Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, that's right whoever wins their match at No Mercy will face whoever the WWE Champion is for the title on the draft show. Matt Striker hypes up the 3 hour extravaganza and ponders the thought of who Edge will pick to be on his Smackdown brand. He thinks the show will need some big star power especially since it's gonna' be live each and every Friday night.

With the plugging out of the way out comes John Cena to a big pop. Wearing his all black t-shirt with Ruthless Aggression printed across it he salutes the crowd and runs down to the ring. When he gets in the ring he picks up a microphone and for the first time since his return let's out a smile. But he is serious again as he begins to speak. John mentions how the show went on the air tonight and that he will be finding whatever clues are left around here and he will find Dylan Kelly, not as a saviour though as a hunter. John says that when he finds Kelly he is going to beat him within an inch of his life to gain his redemption. But before that there is someone else who John needs to get a piece of, that person being Cody Rhodes, whose name is met with some big heat. John is straight to the point and says Cody got involved in business that wasn't his, Cody can talk about bringing back the Golden Era all he wants but John is here until he gets Kelly. But if Rhodes wants to put his money where his mouth is, he's asking Triple H to make the match. John Cena versus Cody Rhodes one on one at No Mercy! Cena tells Hunter make the match before he drops the microphone and exits the ring. His theme music hits as the crowd pop big, John heads up the ramp as Matt Striker says Cena was straight to the point but he may be underestimating Cody Rhodes. Matt and King bicker on commentary with Lawler stating that as talented as Rhodes is he wouldn't be able to beat Cena.

Well we now cross backstage to a locker room where the TV is on, footage of some classic 80's wrestling is being played on screen as the camera then pans to Cody Rhodes who is perched on a chair examining the footage. He is jeered immensely. Cody's view of the screen is quickly cut off as he rubs his chin and gets to his feet, he stands face to face with Triple H! Hunter receives a massive pop as he and Rhodes examine each other. Triple H sarcastically apologizes to Rhodes for interrupting his DVD session but he is just here to let Rhodes know he's making the match. Rhodes looking dumbfounded asks what match? to which Hunter replies you know what match but I'll spell it out for you, John Cena vs. Cody Rhodes at No Mercy. Rhodes looks unfazed and simply says thank you to Triple H before Hunter chuckles to himself and walks off.

Well back now to ringside where Matt Striker introduces a topic of conversation that involves a video recap from last week, the video shows the announcement of William Regal versus Wade Barrett with the brawl that ensued being shown. A brawl which ended with William Regal knocking Barrett out with Brass Knuckles. We then saw Barrett backstage stating he could knock Regal out bare fist, Wade mentioned his past as a bare knuckle fighter and stated he will end Regal's career at No Mercy. The reason we're shown this clip is because Barrett is in action right now! Out he comes to some huge heat, he has a different attire now with his beard in full growth, he wears a Barrett Barrage vest and has his wrists taped. Wade has apparently gone back to his roots here tonight as Yoshi Tatsu stands in the ring. Wade enters and we're underway.

Well how impressive is that!? Wade Barrett and Tatsu circle each other to start this match and Barrett nails Yoshi with a big boot. This begun utter domination from Wade, he mixed in a rugged fighting style with his usual wrestling style. Wade would hit Tatsu with the Winds Of Change to spine tingling effect, he didn't finish there as he hoisted him up and hit a Wasteland. Now this is sickening, Wade stops the cover at 2 and brings Yoshi to his feet before placing him onto his feet, he had him on the ropes staggering before he begun a boxing style attack hitting two body shots, a left hand jab and a huge uppercut that nearly sent Yoshi out of the ring. Wade wouldn't be allowed to inflict anymore punishment as the official stopped the match declaring Wade as the winner. Utter dominance from Barrett here tonight and he will surely be watching William Regal's in ring return later tonight. The scene of Yoshi Tatsu being attended to by medical personnel takes us to commercial.




RAW is back on the air and it's time for our WWE Tag Team Championship tournament to continue. And our bracket is shown on the screen once more. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara make their entrance first to a massive pop. They both run down to the ring and pose on the turnbuckles to the delight of the fans. Out next are Jimmy and Jey Uso, they receive a pop but it is nowhere near the level of Rey & Cara. The Samoans perform their dance on the stage to intimidate their opponents before making their way down to the ring. Both teams are ready to go.

Well the fans were certainly treated to a close match here. This contest was filled with many close calls but eventually Rey and Cara would take advantage. Mysterio would nail Jimmy with a 619 allowing Sin Cara to hit a huge splash from the top rope. This allowed the masked sensation's to advance in the tournament. Post match both teams would engage in a handshake to the pop of the fans. We now know two of the team's who will compete in tonight's main event, one more team must be in this match.

We head now backstage to Triple H in his office, he is sat at his desk where mountains of paperwork sit. He is quickly interrupted rudely though by Kofi Kingston and AW who bounce into his office. Kofi wants to know why he is not in the picture for a WWE Title shot as Triple H must surely realise he could lose a huge talent to Smackdown. Hunter just nods his head perhaps in agreement but he is quick to say he has thought about Kingston for a title shot but he actually has other plans for Kofi especially at No Mercy. He was actually just finalising the paperwork for Kofi Kingston versus Booker T! Kofi is furious and storms out of the room leaving AW standing there. AW says that this is an outrage but thanks Hunter for giving Mark Henry a WWE Title shot and goes to leave only for Triple H to stop him. Hunter states that he doesn't know who has a title shot yet. Well here comes Henry now, Mark bounces into the office and AW tells him what Hunter has just informed him off. Mark Henry wants to know who else is really deserving of a title shot, who is as dominant as him. Hunter says that he has two other people in mind, and in fact we should have a #1 contenders match tonight. Mark Henry versus The Miz versus Sheamus! Henry actually seems amused by this and says easy as he and AW exit the room.

Back to ringside now where the descending of the Steel Cage! The fans pop big as we get a video recap of what has gone on between Sandow and Clay. The video shows Sandow's matches with Zack Ryder and how he wants to enlighten people. We then go to our Judgment Day pre-show match where Paul Wight appeared as Sandow's assailant. Tonight these men are locked in a cage where no one can be involved. And out first is Brodus to a decent reaction, accompanied by The Funkadactyls! Brodus is all business as he gives each lady a kiss and enters the cage. Out next is Damien Sandow to some heat, he has a microphone in hand and talks to the fans. He says tonight he may have his career ended but what will he bring out of it, enlightening. Whether he is victorious or not tonight Sandow feels that he will enlighten Brodus like he has done to Paul Wight and will set Clay on the right path. Sandow then enters the cage where his bright pink gear is now visible.

Absolute brutality! Clay is smashing Sandow into the cage at every opportunity. Brodus is absolutely murdering Sandow, HE HAS BUSTED HIM OPEN! Damien Sandow's beating has the crowd on their feet as Brodus is calling for the end now. Suddenly our camera is cast onto the stage where Paul Wight appears! The audience jeer him loudly as he walks towards the ring wearing a suit and tie. He slowly walks up the steps before taking a feel of the cage door, Paul rags the door and yanks it off! Clay is in shock but is ready to fight as Wight enters over the top rope. And here we go! Wight and Clay are throwing it down, Paul whips Brodus into the ropes CLOTHESLINE FROM CLAY! Brodus is stirring as he amps up the crowd. Paul Wight is getting onto his feet but Damien Sandow has crawled towards the door which is opened! Sandow escapes! He has beaten Clay, Brodus is furious as he looks at Damien's bloody body lying on the outside, he turns now inside the cage BAM! Wight hits a WMD! Clay is sparked out as Paul exits the cage to his enlightener. Paul seems happy as Damien's bloody caucus is lifted up by Wight as they back up the ramp. Meanwhile the cage is being brought up as Cameron and Naomi along with the officials tend to the out cold Clay. We head out to commercial.



Kane calls out as clips of beat down’s in the WWE are shown.

Mercy is something I do not show.

Kane electrocutes Shane McMahon’s testicles.

Showing mercy separates the weak from the strong.

And now Kane debuts at Badd Blood 97’

I am the Big Red Machine and on June 24th, I will show No Mercy!

We return to RAW where we get a number of recaps from earlier this evening up next is the in ring return of William Regal! And out he comes to a decent pop, wearing his usual robe he heads down to the ring with a smug smile across his face. He wipes his feet on the apron and enters the ring. EXCUSE ME!Well we now know who his opponent is, Jack Swagger. The All-American makes his entrance to some heat, though most of it is directed at Vickie.

Well what a match for Regal to return in, a technical based match allowing both men to use a mat based style. And William Regal finally gets the advantage hitting a nice T-bone suplex on Swagger. The end could be near as William readies himself to hit a Knee Trembler but he is distracted by an appearance from Wade Barrett on the ramp still wearing his ring gear. This distraction proves vital as Regal turns around into a huge NFL style tackle from Swagger. Jack now lifts Regal up and hits a Gutwrench Powerbomb for the victory! Our commentary team question if Regal can beat Wade who is a better competitor than Swagger, well certainly a tougher one. Barrett simply smothers his hands and laughs as Regal tries to get onto his feet. We now head off to a video.

RAW 1000 July 23rd 2012!

Matt Striker hypes up next week on RAW which will see Kane and Alberto Del Rio in the ring together. Now in the ring stand Primo and Epico along with Rosa. The final Semi-Final contest in our tournament is now. Well making separate entrances now are Tyson Kidd to a decent pop and Dolph Ziggler to some heat. Both men aren't pleased to be teaming together right now.

Despite the dislike Ziggler and Kidd are impressive and they pick up the victory! Tyson Kidd would take out Primo with a splash on the outside allowing Dolph Ziggler to hit a Zig Zag on Epico for the win. Dolph is quick to take all the glory and he leaves Tyson hanging as he rejects the handshake offered by him. He then heads up the ramp with Kidd following full of complaints. Meanwhile in the ring Primo and Epico lament Rosa for not doing more on their behalf as they both scream at her. They then leave her in the ring as we head to another commercial.


HUGE POP! CM Punk is here, the WWE Champion makes his entrance as he wears his commentary blazer. He's here to find out his opponent for No Mercy. Out now are all three competitors with Sheamus getting a big pop and both Henry, AW and The Miz receiving big heat.

Well this match ensued into a brawl between Sheamus and Mark Henry. These two men both share incredible animosity towards each other and this would spill over into this contest. Henry would hit Sheamus with a World's Strongest Slam and would roll outside, in pain himself. This allowed The Miz to crawl over and make a pinfall on Sheamus to become #1 contender. The Miz is enticing Punk into the ring as he calls Punk a fluke of course referring to the manner in which he retained the title at Judgment Day. Punk however takes the offer and makes his way into the ring, Miz is pointing at the gold as Punk raises it high. BAM! Punk nails Miz with the belt! The crowd are going wild as Punk proclaims he is the best. Punk takes off his blazer and throws it onto Miz as he climbs the top rope raising his title high. Now we head backstage to a screen split into 3 sections, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara walking alongside each other, The Prime Time Players in the middle dancing around and Dolph Ziggler and Tyson Kidd bickering on the left. Our main event to name #1 contenders for the Tag Titles is set! But first...

Matt Striker informs us of an incident that occurred during this past weekend at Daniel Bryan and AJ's Washington home as our footage will now show. Bryan and AJ's lovely home is shown with Bryan then on the phone ordering a vegan pizza. He speaks to the pizza guy like a piece of shit on the phone before he makes out with AJ upon hanging up. After fading off we come back to the doorbell ringing and Bryan saying finally, he opens the door where the Domino's pizza guy stands with his back to Daniel, IT'S RANDY ORTON! Orton says here's your pizza before attacking Bryan and entering his home. Both men brawl between many rooms in the house with the place looking like a bomb zone. Daniel hits a kick to the leg and tries to get AJ to safety but Randy is behind him and grabs him by the head. HE THROWS BRYAN THROUGH THE WINDOW AND INTO THE GARDEN! Orton is quick to follow now as he follows him to the outside, AJ also follows with tears on her face. AJ is pleading with Randy, PUNT KICK TO BRYAN! AJ quickly leaps onto Bryan trying to revive him but he's out cold, suddenly police sirens are heard approaching as Orton kneels down and lets out a sick smile at AJ before high tailing it from the cops. Our video concludes with AJ trying to help Daniel.

Back to ringside where Matt Striker states that the police are still looking for Randy Orton whilst Daniel Bryan remains in hospital. Striker claims Orton has no excuse for what he did attacking Bryan in his home, Matt hopes Triple H takes some sort of action against Orton. Well it's now time for our main event as all 3 teams make their respective entrances.

Well what a main event! Triple H has given the tag division a chance to end the show and they're taking it. All three teams want that title match and will go to all lengths to get it. Even Tyson and Ziggler are working well together to earn the title shot. Rey Mysterio hits a 619 and WAIT! TYLER REKS AND CURT HAWKINS! The Tag Team Champions have caused this match to end in a disqualification. They have a Steel Chair each and are going to town on everyone in sight to some big heat. They have left the ring in a state as they stand above all of the teams with AW complaining on the outside. BIG POP! Triple H appears on stage with a microphone in hand, he asks Curt and Tyler what have they just done? proved dominance? well if they want dominance they got a chance to prove it because at No Mercy they will defend the Tag Team Championships in a four corners match against Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, The Prime Time Players and Dolph Ziggler and Tyson Kidd! The crowd love it as Hawkins and Reks scream out in the middle of the ring. Triple H heads backstage with a camera following him. He is met with the shouts from John Cena who calls Triple H over. There is a clue on the floor! As a Boston Red Sox cap is visible to the camera, John states I gotta' go to Boston and heads off before Triple H can stop him. The camera follows John walk around the corner, BAM! Cody Rhodes nails Cena with a Steel Chair knocking him clean out! Rhodes crouches down next to Cena and smiles at him as RAW goes off the air.


Updated Card

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Handicap No Disqualification Match

Alberto Del Rio © & Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Kane

Singles Match
Wade Barrett vs. William Regal w/Chris Jericho

#1 Contenders Match For The WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan w/AJ

WWE Tag Team Championships
Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks © vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Darren Young & Titus O'Neill vs. Dolph Ziggler & Tyson Kidd

WWE Championship
CM Punk © vs. The Miz

Singles Match
Cody Rhodes vs. John Cena

Singles Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Booker T
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Re: WWE: Generation Rising

A Nightmare Review:

Hey Cult just read your newest RAW, Looks like I missed an episode here my bad. Also before I get into the review I just wanna say i'm digging the No Mercy PPV Poster that looks badass!

The Barrett vs Regal feud i'm loving this whole idea, Barrett has always reminded me somewhat of a modern day, Bigger William Regal. Both have the same style they use in the ring so should be a brutal fight between the two when they do face off against each other.

One thing I really did not like that you did was Orton attacking Bryan in his home. If Triple H never did that to Orton it would be cool and original but now its basically the same exact thing this time that Orton had happen to him a few years ago, Hell Orton even tossed Bryan through the window like Triple H did to him! I get why you did it to make the feud more personal but don't rip off something like that exactly the way it was done in WWE before.

Cody Rhodes seems to have a gimmick of wanting to bring the golden years of wrestling back? Good luck with that, Hopefully we get some background on why Rhodes decided to attack Cena at Judgement Day soon unless I happened to miss it?

Big Show back under the name Paul Wright? I can roll with it, I like the idea of Wright being a body guard for Damien Sandow so far so good with that keep it up!

Dylan Kelly being kidnapped this is my 2nd favorite storyline you have going, I'm really looking forward to seeing who kidnapped him and why down the road when that gets revealed. Right now my guess would be someone shocking like The Undertaker but that's just a random guess.

A four corners tag match for the belts at No Mercy? I love it! That can be great for the tag division and if Hawkins & Reks somehow find a way to retain the belts that could do wonders for them. PTP could probably use a win just as much as them though to give AW's stable some gold.

Overall another good show Cult, Really digging your product keep it up! Looking forward to No Mercy and the return of Smackdown and NXT when they happen!

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