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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

DATE: 31st May, 2009
LOCATION: Rosemont, Illinois

9. WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. The Undertaker
Real tough one to call here, I just think Orton's gotta retain to keep his momentum going!

8. World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena © vs. Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
The man who in my opinion will take the title from Cena is Matt Hardy eventually however I expect Cena to keep the gold here.

7. Big Show & Vickie Guerrero’s Contracts On The Line
Big Show w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Edge
Another tough one to call, expect some screwy type of finish.

6. Inferno Match
Christian vs. Kane
A thought I had for this one was Kane setting himself on fire on purpose due to his mental state. But I've opted for him to pick up the win here instead.---

5. WWE Intercontinental Championship
Steel Cage Match
Rey Mysterio © vs. William Regal
Don't think it's Regal's time just yet, I expect it soon though.

1. WWE United States Championship
Seven Man Gauntlet Match
R-Truth © vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Mike Knox vs. Shelton Benjamin
Got to say complete guess here, any one could walk out champion in my opinion.

2. World Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Cryme Tyme © vs. The Ruthless Monarchy
It's time for The Monarchy to get some gold, and I see these guys getting it before Regal does.

3. WWE Women’s & Divas Championship
Triple Threat Unification Match
Beth Phoenix © vs. Maryse © vs. Melina
You're high on Maryse so I expect her to walk out champ here.

4. WWE Money in the Bank Briefcase
Four Corners Elimination Match
CM Punk © vs. Jack Swagger vs. TJ Perkins vs. The Miz

Bit of a shock pick here, I think Miz gets the briefcase and feuds with HBK when he returns, real big push for him.

Bonus Questions
Who will take the fall in the World Hvt Championship match? Chris Jericho
Predict the match order? Done
Predict the participant order of the U.S Title bout? I'm not gonna hazard a guess, I think Dolph will be the last entrant though.
Will CM Punk cash in and if so, on who? Nope he won't
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

DATE: 31st May, 2009
LOCATION: Rosemont, Illinois

9. WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. The Undertaker

8. World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena © vs. Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

6. Big Show & Vickie Guerrero’s Contracts On The Line
Big Show w/Vickie Guerrero vs.

7. Inferno Match
Christian vs. Kane

5. WWE Intercontinental Championship
Steel Cage Match
Rey Mysterio © vs. William Regal

2. WWE United States Championship
Seven Man Gauntlet Match
R-Truth © vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Mike Knox vs. Shelton Benjamin

1. World Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Cryme Tyme © vs. The Ruthless Monarchy

4. WWE Women’s & Divas Championship
Triple Threat Unification Match
Beth Phoenix © vs. Maryse © vs. Melina

3. WWE Money in the Bank Briefcase
Four Corners Elimination Match
CM Punk © vs. Jack Swagger vs. TJ Perkins vs. The Miz

Bonus Questions
Who will take the fall in the World Hvt Championship match? Jeff Hardy.
Predict the match order? Done.
Predict the participant order of the U.S Title bout? Kofi, Morrison, Knox, Bourne, Ziggler, Benjamin.
Will CM Punk cash in and if so, on who? No.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

DATE: 31st May, 2009
LOCATION: Rosemont, Illinois

WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena © vs. Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

Big Show & Vickie Guerrero’s Contracts On The Line

Big Show w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Edge

Inferno Match
Christian vs. Kane

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Steel Cage Match

Rey Mysterio © vs. William Regal

WWE United States Championship
Seven Man Gauntlet Match
R-Truth © vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Mike Knox vs. Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match

Cryme Tyme © vs. The Ruthless Monarchy

WWE Women’s & Divas Championship
Triple Threat Unification Match

Beth Phoenix © vs. Maryse © vs. Melina

WWE Money in the Bank Briefcase
Four Corners Elimination Match

CM Punk © vs. Jack Swagger vs. TJ Perkins vs. The Miz

Bonus Questions
Who will take the fall in the World Hvt Championship match? Christopher Jericho
Predict the match order?
US Title Gauntlet
MITB 4 Corners

Predict the participant order of the U.S Title bout? Bourne, Knox, Benjamin, Truth, Kingston, Morrison, Ziggler
Will CM Punk cash in and if so, on who? No.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

DATE: 31st May, 2009
LOCATION: Rosemont, Illinois

9. WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. The Undertaker

8. World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena © vs. Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

6. Big Show & Vickie Guerrero’s Contracts On The Line
Big Show w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Edge

5.Inferno Match
Christian vs. Kane


3.WWE Intercontinental Championship
Steel Cage Match
Rey Mysterio © vs. William Regal

2. WWE United States Championship
Seven Man Gauntlet Match
R-Truth © vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Mike Knox vs. Shelton Benjamin

1. World Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Cryme Tyme © vs. The Ruthless Monarchy

4. WWE Women’s & Divas Championship
Triple Threat Unification Match
Beth Phoenix © vs. Maryse © vs. Melina

5. WWE Money in the Bank Briefcase
Four Corners Elimination Match
CM Punk © vs. Jack Swagger vs. TJ Perkins vs. The Miz

Bonus Questions
Who will take the fall in the World Hvt Championship match? JEFF HARDY PLZ.
Predict the match order? Done.
Predict the participant order of the U.S Title bout? Truth, Kofi, Evan, Knox, Ziggler, Morrison, Shelton
Will CM Punk cash in and if so, on who? Nah bruv.

Show looks like a corker, can't wait for it upon your grand return <3
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Because of someone's insistence on a certain layout, I've had to edit this, so excuse any coding errors

~ Pre Show ~
Vladimir Kozlov def. Bobby Lashley @ 9.43

WWE Judgment Day
Date: May 31st, 2009
Location: Rosemont, Illinois
Theme: ‘Rescue Me’ by Buckcherry

The PPV kicks off with the usual amazing video package that the WWE usually puts together for big events like this. The theme of the video is consistent with the theme of the PPV as it’s very dark and eerie, focusing mainly on the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship matches.

Once the opening video is completed, we swiftly shoot into the arena where we see it is packed with screaming fans, holding up various signs, and we pick out a couple of humorous ones before cutting to the commentators where Michael Cole and The King are the first to welcome us. They run down the card from the RAW side before throwing it over to the SmackDown commentators who do the same, and we are then informed it is the United States Championship starting things off.

WWE United States Championship; Gauntlet
Participants: Dolph Ziggler, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Mike Knox, John Morrison, R-Truth © & Shelton Benjamin

The crowd are extremely hot for this match and the referee calls for the bell as the first two competitors are announced, in the ring, facing each other are Evan Bourne and The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin, while Kelly Kelly is on the outside. The two men circle the ring, staring at each other, soaking in the atmosphere before going to lock up, but Evan ducks behind Shelton, he kicks Benjamin a couple of times before running the ropes... and baseball sliding through the legs of his opponent.

Evan gets up quickly and runs at Shelton but he sees him coming and goes for a Hip-Toss but BOURNE LANDS ON HIS FEET! Evan landed close enough to the ropes, so he uses them to his advantage, Spring Boarding off the second rope and CONNECTING WITH A CROSS BODY! The crowd cheer this, excited by the fast start, but it’s not enough for Bourne as he climbs onto the top rope, he waits for Benjamin to get up before SOARING THROUGH THE AIR WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

Benjamin gets his shoulder up to a groan from the crowd while Bourne continues his momentum by picking him up, but Shelton retaliates with an elbow to the gut, The Gold Standard spins behind his opponent and plants him with a Russian Leg Sweep!

Evan sells it well and Shelton eventually picks him up and Irish-whips him, but Bourne reverses... only for Shelton to grab onto the ropes as he hits them. Evan sprints at Shelton but The Gold Standard drops down and holds the top rope down, sending him tumbling to the ground! Shelton climbs to his feet and backs away from the ropes... BEFORE SPRINTING FORWARD... DIVING OVER THE TOP ROPE... SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! The crowd pop hugely at the move despite Shelton being a heel, both men are down on the outside as the referee begins counting.

Kelly walks over and tries to check on Bourne but the referee informs her to stay back, she shoots him a look of utter disdain as she backs away. Meanwhile, The Gold Standard pulls himself to his feet, and picks up his opponent and rolls him into the ring. Benjamin walks to the ring, uses the rope to climb onto the apron, and makes sure he has a good grip of the top rope, as Bourne gets to his feet... AND SHELTON CONNECTS WITH A SPRING BOARD BULL DOG!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

EVAN KICKS OUT TO A BIG POP. Shelton picks himself up and complains to the referee, asking if him to do his job right, he then turns to Bourne and picks him up. Evan connects suddenly with a few kicks and punches, the fans getting behind the little man as he runs away from Bourne, rebounding off the ropes... right into Benjamin’s clutches... BRIDGING NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!

... 1...
... 2 ...

ANOTHER KICK OUT, AND ANOTHER GOOD POP! The Gold Standard pulls Evan to his feet, and Irish-whips him into the corner, Shelton backs into the opposite corner and runs forward and goes for a jumping splash but Evan side steps, before he runs the ropes and goes for a cross body as Benjamin stumbled into position... but he ducks and Evan ends up hitting the mat with a thud. The Gold Standard smirks as Bourne climbs to his feet, he goes for a kick to the gut but Bourne catches his foot... and swings him away.. but Benjamin does a full turn AND TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A DRAGON KICK!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

EVAN ROLLS THE SHOULDER, GETTING ANOTHER POP FROM THE ARENA CROWD. Benjamin stands up and walks over to the ropes, he breathes heavily before shouting that it’s time to end which the crowd respond with huge boos. He measures Bourne, and grabs him looking for a T-Bone Suplex... BUT BOURNE LANDS ON HIS FEET! The crowd cheer loudly and Benjamin looks shocked as Bourne rebounds off the ropes and SMASHES INTO SHELTON WITH A RUNNING JUMPING KNEE!

Benjamin stumbles backwards into the ropes, Bourne takes his hand and Irish-whips him into the corner. Evan runs at The Gold Standard, but Benjamin side steps and escapes the corner, but Bourne runs up the turnbuckle... and spring boards off it... twisting in the air and connecting with A DOUBLE KNEE DROP TO THE SHOULDERS OF BENJAMIN!

The crowd respond with a huge pop as Evan grabs his knees, but persists and climbs to his feet, walks over to the turnbuckle, and climbs onto the top. He makes sure he gets his angles correct, and GOES FOR SHOOTING STAR PRESS... but Benjamin rolls out the way... but Bourne lands on his feet! Shelton quickly gets up and rolls Bourne up!

... 1 ...


... 1 ...
... 2 ...
... 3 ...

Eliminated #1 – Shelton Benjamin by Evan Bourne
Bourne rolls off Shelton and backs into the corner, he sits down in the corner and watches as the referee helps Shelton out of the ring. Evan talks some strategy in the corner with Kelly who congratulates him, we then find out the next entry.

*Death Grip*

Kelly turns to the stage swiftly and sees the man who has been stalking her the past few weeks, Mike Knox walking out, Evan reassures her that he won’t touch her as he then walks from the corner and welcomes Knox into the ring.

But Bourne doesn’t anticipate the aggressiveness of Knox as he slides into the ring and makes a beeline for his opponent, tackling him and backing him into the corner. Knox goes wild with left and rights, Bourne tries to cover up but he can’t, as the shots keep getting through, eventually the referee has to stop it, he counts to five and Knox finally stops. Knox backs away as the referee scolds him for his actions, meanwhile Bourne stumbles out of the corner, but it’s right into Knox’s clutches... DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

BOURNE KICKS OUT TO A HUGE CHEER! Kelly rests her head on the apron, almost praying for Bourne’s safety in this match. She raises her head when she feels someone staring at her, we now see Knox is watching her from his position standing above Bourne. He tells her that she brought this on, he then drags Evan to his feet and Irish-whips him in to the corner.

Knox takes a look at Kelly before kneeing Bourne in the gut, and following that up with three more shots before ferociously Irish-whipping Bourne into the opposite corner and the force of it causes Bourne to fall to the ground in pain. Bourne eventually climbs to his knees, but Knox sprints from the opposite corner and CONNECTS WITH A LOW BIG BOOT TO THE FACE OF BOURNE!

The Monster walks away from Bourne, while he climbs to his feet, Mike rebounds off the ropes and goes for a flying cross body but Bourne ducks and dives out the way! Evan gets an adrenaline rush and sprints forward, hitting a knee to the face of Knox and he falls like a sack of potatoes. Kelly cheers on the outside as does the crowd, Bourne looks at her and climbs onto the apron, turns back to Knox who is just getting to his feet, Bourne then SPRING BOARDS... GOING FOR A FLYING CLOTHESLINE... BUT KNOX SIDE STEPS.

Bourne manages to land on her feet though, but then Knox connects with a Pendulum Backbreaker which gets a huge groan from the crowd. Knox walks over to Kelly and tells her that she shouldn’t have chosen Bourne over him, she’s the reason that this is happening to him. Mike turns around and sinks into the cover.

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

ANOTHER KICK OUT TO THE SURPRISE OF KNOX! Knox climbs out of the ring, sliding down from the apron and walking around, Kelly realizes that he is walking towards her. Kelly backs away, but Knox grabs her by the arm, he tells her that it’s him she should be with, she tries to fight away but Knox has too good of a grip.

Suddenly though, Evan appears behind Knox, he grabs him by the arm and turns him around AND CONNECTS WITH A ROLLING SAVATE KICK! Knox falls backwards, Bourne checks that Kelly is okay before sliding Knox into the ring. He soon climbs onto the apron and waits for Knox to stand up, SPRINGBOARD... HURRICANRANA!

Knox gets up quickly though as does Bourne, who sprints forward and hits a running jumping version of the Hurricanrana this time, he then stands up, in front of Knox’s prone body, and CONNECTS WITH A STANDING MOONSAULT!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

KNOX GETS HIS SHOULDER OFF THE MAT! Evan curses his luck as Kelly bites her lip, he presses on and drags Knox’s frame to his feet, and Irish-whips him but Knox reverses and Bourne careens into the corner. The Monster sprints forward and goes for a splash but Bourne gets both his feet up and Knox runs right into them. Bourne quickly lifts himself onto the second rope, and then steps up to the top rope, but Knox dives forward and lands on the top rope, shaking them and Bourne lands groin first on the metal pole!

Kelly cringes at ringside, obviously concerned for Bourne’s groin region, the slut. Anyway, Bourne screws his face up in pain but Knox isn’t done, he climbs onto the apron and walks across to the Bourne, he grabs him by the arm and yanks him AND BOURNE FALLS FROM THE TOP ROPE DOWN TO THE FLOOR... HIS HEAD HITTING THE APRON ON THE WAY DOWN!

Was that meant to happen? The referee checks on Bourne but says he is okay, and says that Bourne wants to continue, Knox side steps the referee and picks him up, and Irish-whips him into the steel steps! Kelly kneels beside Evan and checks on him, Knox watches her and starts to walk over, Kelly sees him coming and escapes.

Knox focuses on Evan again, he grabs his leg and twists his body around, and props his leg up against the steel steps. Knox backs away AND SPRINTS FORWARD... AND KICKING BOURNE’S LEG... IT’S SANDWICHED AGAINST THE STEEL! The crowd boo relentlessly as Bourne writhes in pain, holding onto his leg, but Knox isn’t finished he yanks Evan to his feet, and PLANTS HIM WITH THE KNOX OUT... ON THE FLOOR!

The crowd are in awe at the move on the floor, before booing him completely. The referee checks on him, and he sees that he is knocked out, the referee tells Knox to get him back in the ring. Kelly kneels beside Bourne and holds his face in her hands, until Knox gets behind her, she stands up and tells him to back off, but Knox grabs her AND THROWS HER TO THE SIDE... AND SHE SMASHES INTO THE BARRICADE!

The crowd give Knox so much shit it’s unbelievable as he picks Bourne up and slides him into the ring, you’d think he’d go for the cover and end it... but no. Knox climbs onto the apron and ascends the turnbuckle... BEFORE DIVING OFF... DIVING LEG DROP! The crowd react with shock as Bourne’s neck is smashed by Knox’s thick thigh, cover.

... 1 ...
... 2 ...
... 3 ...

Eliminated #2 – Evan Bourne
The crowd boo loudly as the referee pulls Knox off Bourne, he goes to move him and roll him out the ring. Kelly is back on her feet, holding her head and sees Knox staring at her. Bourne is helped out by the referee, he has his arm around him and then Kelly helps him up the ramp, a referee comes down from the stage and takes over from the ref helping Bourne.

*What’s Up*

R-Truth comes out to a subdued pop as the fans are still worried about Bourne, but we see he is coming too, Bourne and the United States Champion glance at each other before Truth focuses on the ring, and The Monster, Mike Knox.

Truth slides into the ring, and ducks an on rushing Mike Knox, R-Truth then rebounds off the ropes and connects with a flying spinning forearm smash to the face of Knox. R-Truth runs again, rebounding off the ropes as Mike gets to his feet and SPINS HIM WITH A TILT-A-WHIRL HEADSCISSORS! Again though, Mike Knox gets to his feet quickly but gets his head taken off with a bicycle kick to the face!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

KNOX KICKS OUT TO A GROAN FROM THE CROWD. Truth picks Knox up, kicks him in the stomach and plants him with a DDT. He doesn’t go for the cover, instead he shouts What’s up, and gets an emphatic response from the crowd. The champion turns his attention back to one of his challengers, he’s almost at his feet so Truth grabs him by the arm and Irish-whips him into the corner... BEFORE CONNECTING WITH A RUNNING CORNER CLOTHESLINE!

Knox staggers forward but Truth pushes him back into the corner and hoists him onto the top turnbuckle. The U.S Champion climbs to the second rope, and goes for a Superplex... but Knox blocks, and hoists his opponent up AND DROPS HIM ON THE CANVAS, FACE FIRST!

Truth grabs his chest, facing the sky as Knox regains his breath on the top, he eventually then climbs to his feet, before going for the move that nearly killed Bourne... DIVING LEG DROP... NO... TRUTH ROLLS OUT THE WAY!

Both men get to their feet at the same time, but it’s Knox who makes the first move, sprinting at Truth but the champion ducks by doing the splits and then hitting a Corkscrew Calf Kick when Knox turns around! Truth sinks into the cover.

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

KNOX GETS HIS SHOULDER UP AGAIN! Truth looks at the referee before accepting it and standing up and shouting what’s up to the crowd. Truth waits for Knox to stand up, he kicks him in the stomach and rebounds off the ropes and GOES FOR HIS CORKSCREW SCISSOR KICK... BUT KNOX MANAGES TO GET OUT THE WAY. HE RUNS FORWARD... AND SMASHES TRUTH IN THE FACE WITH A BIG BOOT!

Knox stares down at Truth, and runs his hand through his hair and his beard, before looking down with anger in his eyes. Knox stands next to Truth and CRUSHES TRUTH WITH A STANDING JUMPING SPLASH! He goes for the cover.

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

TRUTH SAVES HIS CHAMPIONSHIP! Knox slams his fist on the mat, and stands up, getting in the face of the referee who informs him that he is the ref and needs to respect him. Knox turns back to Truth, who is climbing to his feet, he measures him and sprints forward before LANDING ON HIM WITH A FLYING CROSS BODY! Cover.

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

AGAIN, R-TRUTH SAVES HIS TITLE! Knox gets to his knees, and towers above Truth before locking in a Sleeper hold! The crowd boo Knox as he wrenches the hold, cutting off the air that Truth needs. He holds this for a while, and eventually it seems that Truth is out of it. The referee checks on him but he manages to keep his arm up at the third time of asking and eventually, to a huge cheer, manages to get to his feet.

Truth breaks his grip and rebounds off the ropes and connects with a Spinning Corkscrew Forearm Smash, taking Knox down, he then hits a drop kick when Knox gets to his feet. Knox gets to his knees but Truth rebounds off the ropes and hits him square in the face with a huge knee!

R-Truth picks Knox up and kicks him in the gut, runs the ropes and goes for his Corkscrew Scissor Kick but Knox gets out the way again, he goes for a clothesline but Truth ducks and kicks him in the gut again and THIS TIME CONNECTS WITH THE CORKSCREW SCISSOR KICK!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...
... 3 ...

Eliminated #3 – Mike Knox by R-Truth
The crowd cheer as the referee rolls Knox out the ring while R-Truth regains his breath and climbs to his feet. Truth turns to the stage and waits for his next opponent; Knox realizes what has just happened and kicks the steel steps in frustration.

*Here To Show The World*

R-Truth breathes heavily in the ring as Dolph Ziggler walks onto the stage, wearing a light blue shirt, which says Personification of Perfection. He runs his hands through his hair and then extends them, he makes the title gesture with his hands and points at Truth. Ziggler walks past Knox warily and then dives into the ring, and the referee calls for the bell.

Truth and Ziggler circle each other in the before locking up, but Ziggler sucks and gets behind Truth, and pushes him forward into the ropes and then rolling him up.

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

TRUTH KICKS OUT! Both men get up rather quickly but Truth sprints at Ziggler who ducks the clothesline attempts, R-Truth rebounds off the ropes but Ziggler is close behind him and clotheslines him over the top rope! Truth gets to his feet but Ziggler is on the top turnbuckle, and dives through the air and HITTING A CROSS BODY!

The crowd actually pop at this despite Ziggler being a heel, he uses the announce table to stand up, and before dragging Truth to his feet. Dolph bends down and shoulder thrusts Truth backwards into the ring apron! Ziggler rolls him into the ring and scampers in, looking for the win.

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

TRUTH SAVES HIS U.S CHAMPIONSHIP! Ziggler glances at the referee, he then picks Truth up and Irish-whips him into the corner with a lot of force. Truth goes chest first into the turnbuckle and stumbles back and Ziggler GOES FOR THE ZIG ZAG... BUT TRUTH GRABS THE TOP ROPE! AND ZIGGLER HITS THE MAT, BACK FIRST!

Ziggler picks himself up, holding the back of his head, but gets planted with a clothesline from Truth, and then another before Truth hits him another time, this time with a spinning corkscrew forearm smash! Ziggler climbs to his knees but Truth sprints forward and SMASHES HIM INT HE FACE WITH A LOW DROP KICK!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

DOLPH KICKS OUT! Truth climbs to his feet using the ropes, as Ziggler eventually gets to his feet. R-Truth kicks Ziggler in the gut, and rebounds off the ropes AND GOES FOR HIS CORKSCREW SCISSOR KICK... BUT ZIGGLER BACKS OUT THE WAY... AND CONNECTS WITH THE ZIG ZAG!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...
... 3 ...

Eliminated #4 – R-Truth by Dolph Ziggler
No matter what happens now, we will have a new WWE United States Champion, Ziggler stands up and taunts Truth as he is rolled out of the ring. Dolph smirks to himself, and then refocusing on his next opponent.

*Ain’t No Make Believe*

The crowd respond with a good cheer as John Morrison walks out from behind the curtain, The Shaman of Sexy doesn’t waste time with any theatrics, instead he fast walks down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Morrison runs swiftly at Ziggler who tries to stop him with a clothesline, but Morrison ducks it, rebounds off the ropes and plants Ziggler with a shoulder block. Morrison sets off running again, Ziggler tries to stop him with a wild swing but John ducks again, but this time he springboards off the second rope and connects WITH A FLYING CHUCK KICK!

The fans cheer as Morrison measures Ziggler, who uses the ropes to get to his feet, he turns around and Morrison clotheslines him over the top rope! But Morrison isn’t done, he waits for a moment to get his angles right before flying over the top rope... CORSCREW PLANCHA! The crowd respond with a massive pop as Morrison gets to his feet quickly, he pulls Ziggler to his feet and rolls him into the ring.

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

ZIGGLER KICKS OUT! Morrison stands up, and Ziggler gets up right behind him, but is then planted by an STO BACKBREAKER INTO A NECKBREAKER AND THEN A COVER!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

ANOTHER KICK OUT! Morrison runs his hand through his hair before crawling to the ropes and pulling himself to his feet, he walks back to his opponent, picks him up by the neck and Irish-whips him into the corner. John runs at him, looking for a clothesline but Ziggler gets two feet up, into the face of Morrison who stumbles back, Ziggler explodes out the corner but Morrison flips Ziggler over his head, and Dolph lands on his back, Morrison turns round and dives to the cover.

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

ZIGGLER GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Morrison climbs to his feet, pulling Ziggler up too but is then kneed in the gut, and Ziggler goes for a punch but Morrison ducks and CONNECTS WITH A SITDOWN WHEELBARROW FACEBUSTER! COVER!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

ANOTHER KICK OUT! John asks the referee what’s doing but doesn’t get a response, Morrison steps over to Ziggler and grabs onto top turnbuckle! He raises one hand in the air, checking where Ziggler is and then GOES FOR STAR SHIP PAIN... BUT ZIGGLER GETS HIS KNEES UP! Morrison rolls away and sits up, holding his stomach but Ziggler is back on his feet, and connects with a neck snap! Ziggler stands up, and stomps on the chest of Morrison before picking him up.

Dolph Irish-whips Morrison, and John attempts a clothesline but Ziggler ducks and grabs him, INVERTED POWERSLAM! Ziggler dives down onto the cover.

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

MORRISON SAVES HIS TTILE HOPES. The crowd respond with a cheer while Ziggler complains to the referee, while he was complaining Morrison has climbed to his feet. Ziggler walks over to him and kicks him in the stomach and connects with a right fist and pushes him back onto the ropes before Irish-whipping him to the other side, but Morrison reverses and sends Dolph on his way. Ziggler hits the ropes but holds on, he spots Morrison running at him so he ducks down and takes the bottom rope with him and Morrison tumbles over the top rope.

Ziggler drops down and rolls out from underneath it, he and Morrison then start trading blows on the outside before Ziggler manages to kick him in the gut and Irish-whip him into the steel steps... but Morrison reverses and sends Ziggler careening towards them... but then he LEAPS ONTO THE TOP OF THEM... AND THEN TWISTS HIS BODY AND JUMPS OFF THEM TOWARDS MORRISON... FLYING CLOTHESLINE!

Both men are down on the mat, but Ziggler is the first to get up, he grabs Morrison and smashes his face into the top of the announce table, and goes for another one, but Morrison blocks it and instead smashes Dolph’s face into it. Morrison then makes his way back to the apron, and we see that the referee is up to a six count, he climbs onto it and is about to enter the ring... but ZIGGLER COMES FROM OUT OF NOWHERE... LEAPS ONTO THE APRON... AND CONNECTS WITH A ZIG ZAG FROM THE APRON! The fans gasp at this as Morrison looks dead, and the move took its toll on Ziggler as he holds his back. The referee is at a count of eight now... and Ziggler is just getting to his feet... nine... Ziggler dives into the ring... ten!

Eliminated #5 – John Morrison by Dolph Ziggler
The crowd immediately start booing but Ziggler is simply relieved to get into the ring in time, Morrison is still down on the outside, knocked out from the back of his head hitting the mat. Ziggler gets to a seated position, and backs into the ropes, and uses them to pull himself up, it’s not over yet.



The fans respond with a good pop as Kofi Kingston walks onto the stage, he ignores his usual pyrotechnic display and simply walks down to the ring. Morrison is on his feet and walks around the ring, and eventually walks by Kingston, he takes a look at Ziggler who waves goodbye to him.

Kingston slides into the ring, and ducks an oncoming Ziggler who attempts a clothesline, but Kofi ducks, he turns around quickly and quickly drop kicks him in the back! Ziggler stumbles forward, Ziggler turns around but Kingston baseball slides through his legs, and then springboards off the second rope... springboard cross body!

The crowd pop hugely as Kingston tries to keep up his hot start, he makes a beeline to the turnbuckle, and climbs onto the top, before CONNECTING WITH A HUGE MISSILE DROP KICK!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

ZIGGLER KICKS OUT! Dolph sits up, breathing heavily, Kingston grabs him and pulls him to his feet, and then Irish-whips him, he rebounds off the ropes, Ziggler ducks a clothesline and keeps running. He rebounds off the other side, and then is planted with an arm drag! Both men get up quickly but Kingston gets the better of him again and connects with a hip toss!

Kingston and Ziggler meet in the centre, and Ziggler blocks a right hand and knees Kingston in the gut. He then turns him around, and goes for that Inverted Power Slam again, which the commentators christen The Ziggler Slam! But Kingston manages to, amazingly, land on his feet!

Kingston ducks a clothesline and then connects with a drop-toe-hold which propels Ziggler’s face into the mat. Ziggler sits up, but Kingston rebounds off the ropes and smashes Dolph in the face with a running low drop kick!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

NO! ZIGGLER GETS HIS SHOULDER UP! Kingston’s feeling it as he jumps up to his feet and high steps around the ring, he stops in the corner and raises his hands in the air. The fans know what he is going for as he smacks his hands together, Ziggler stands up... Kingston runs forward... TROUBLE IN PARADISE... NO... ZIGGLER DUCKS!

Kingston turns around, and gets kneed in the gut, Ziggler tries to Irish-whip him into the corner but Kofi reverses. Kingston runs at him in the corner, and leaps onto the top rope, Koronco buster. Kingston starts pounding on Ziggler’s unprotected head, but Dolph brings his arms up, grabs Kingston and PLANTS HIM WITH A HUGE POWERBOMB!

Both men are down, the referee checks on both before starting to count, eventually the two men get up at the same time. Ziggler goes for a right hand but Kingston blocks it and knees his opponent in the stomach. Kingston goes to Irish-whip Ziggler but he reverses, but keeps a hold of Kingston’s arm and pulls him back into a Power Slam!

Ziggler doesn’t go for the cover, instead he climbs to his feet and steps onto the apron, he then walks along to the turnbuckle and ascends it. He measures Kingston and then CONNECTS WITH A FLYING ELBOW DROP! Cover!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

KOFI KINGSTON KICKS OUT! Ziggler slaps the mat next to Kofi’s head and stands up, he stomps on his opponent a couple of times before pulling him to his feet. He Irish-whips him but misses a clothesline, Kingston rebounds off the other side and CONNECTS WITH A FRANKENSTEINER!

Both men get up quickly through the momentum of the move, and Kingston runs at Ziggler but he side steps and pushes Kingston as he goes past and Kingston falls over to the top rope, but he lands on the apron. Ziggler doesn’t know as he walks away, back to him, but then he turns around and KINGSTON CONNECTS WITH A SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

ZIGGLER ROLLS THE SHOULDER! Kingston looks up at the ceiling, wondering what he needs to do, he crawls to the ropes and climbs to his feet. Ziggler is just getting to his, and catches Kingston with a poke to the eye! Kofi stumbles back holding his eye, he swings wildly at anything, but Ziggler ducks the wild shot and ducks behind him. He grabs him by the stomach AND PLANTS HIM WITH A BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

KOFI KEEPS HIS TITLE HOPES ALIVE! Both men breath heavily on the mat, Ziggler a little more, but he is the first to stand up and walk over to the corner, he climbs up it and waits for Kingston to get up. Dolph attempts a flying clothesline but Kingston side steps, and then when Ziggler gets to his feet goes for a running cross body but this time Dolph dives out the way! Kingston grabs his chest and raises himself from the ground but Ziggler comes back AND CONNECTS WITH A FAMEASSER! Cover!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

ANOTHER KICK OUT! THIS MATCH CONTINUES! DOLPH SMASHES THE CANVAS IN FRUSTRATION! Ziggler collects himself and backs away to the ropes and picks himself up. He stares at Kingston, breathing heavily before staggering over to him, he picks him up and Irish-whips him into the corner. Ziggler follows him in and knees him in the gut and then Irish-whips him into the other side! Ziggler screams as he runs and connects with a huge splash!

Kingston starts to stumble away from the corner but Ziggler grabs him by the hair and climbs into a seated position on the top turnbuckle. He pulls Kingston up to the second rope, and grabs his leg and hoists him onto his shoulders... BEFORE JUMPING OFF WITH KINGSTON ON HIS BACK... HITTING A FIREMANS CARRY STOMACH BUSTER FROM THE SECOND ROPE! Ziggler slowly goes for the cover, this has to be it.

... 1 ...
... 2 ...

NO! KINGSTON KICKS OUT... AGAIN! Ziggler slowly climbs to a standing position, he leans in the corner and watches as Kingston struggles to the ropes. Kingston starts to climb them, but ZIGGLER SPRINTS FORWARD... AND GOES FOR THE ZIG ZAG... BUT KINGTON GRABS THE TOP ROPE AND BLOCKS IT! ZIGGLER STANDS UP... TROUBLE IN PARADISE! IS THIS IS!? COVER!

... 1 ...
... 2 ...
... 3 ...


After an absolute slobber knocker of an opening match, the crowd rise to their feet and cheer loudly as Kingston rolls off Ziggler and lies on the mat. The referee grabs the United States Championship, he kneels beside Kingston and hands it over to him, he sits up and clutches it to his chest, breathing heavily but he still manages a smile. He uses the ropes to stand up and he walks over to the turnbuckle, and climbs up it slowly, before holding the coveted championship above his head!

We now fade to the backstage area where Nigel McGuiness and Drew McIntyre are talking and getting ready for their match which is next, their mentor William Regal walks in, looking ready to compete. He brings them in and tells them that tonight is THE night that they take all the gold, he says he wants to see them go out their and defeat Cryme Tyme and become the World Tag Team Champions, and then he’ll defeat Mysterio and join them as a champion. Regal now ushers them out, but then we hear his phone going off, he answers it and asks whoever is on the other end, ‘where are you, will you be here for the steel cage... excellent... remember what you need to do” .


We open to a shot of the O2 Arena in London, England at night, the city lights shining brightly.

Narrator: The first time in six years... the WWE returns to the United Kingdom for a Pay-Per-View extravaganza.

We now see highlights of Summerslam ’92.

MVP: Every time we come to the UK, the crowds are immense.

Mr. Kennedy: The fact that they only get to witness the WWE once or twice a year, really makes this special.

We see some shots of the UK crowd going wild whenever RAW or SmackDown were in the building.

Shawn Michaels: Are ya’ ready, UK?

Shot of Shawn Michaels facing John Cena in that hour long match in the UK.

The Miz: We’re comin’ locked and loaded... the WWE is returning to the UK... and it’s gonna’ be... AWESOME!

We now see a view of the 02 Arena again, with the WWE logo splattered across it.

Narrator: Monday Night RAW presents... WWE... Fully Loaded!


Are Ya’ Ready, UK?


World Tag Team Championship
Cryme Tyme vs. The Ruthless Monarchy

We begin the match with JTG for his team and Drew for his team, in the opening exchanges it’s JTG who uses his speed advantage to good effect, making sure to keep Drew off his game. Eventually, JTG tags in Shad and the duo double team him with a body slam and then a double elbow drop. Shad keeps on Drew, getting a couple of near falls but Drew manages to create some separation and gets the tag to Nigel. Shad uses his size and strength advantage, taking Nigel into his own corner and tagging in JTG, and again we witnessed a double team as Shad body slammed Nigel, then picked up JTG in a suplex position and drops him onto McGuiness. This gets a near fall but Drew breaks it up.

JTG picks Nigel up, and Irish-whips him but Nigel reverses, but Drew kicks JTG in the back as he hits the ropes, he turns around and faces Drew and tells him to keep out. JTG then turns around into a ferocious clothesline! From then on, it was all Drew and Nigel, they took turns working over JTG, making sure to target the leg of him. They make sure to se underhanded tactics which enfuriates Shad on the apron, eventually Drew locks in a half leg Boston Crab, but JTG manages to battle through the pain and get the hot tag to Shad.

The big man comes in hot, taking it to Drew and knocking Nigel off the mat. Shad turns back to Drew and hits him with various high impact moves, body slams and running double handed choke slams. Eventually he picks Drew up and hits him with the STO but Nigel gets back into the ring, and attacks Shad. But JTG takes him out, and they tumble over the top rope. Drew and Shad square off again, with Shad getting the better with a side slam. We suddenly hear a thud and the cameras show us JTG lying beside the steel steps. Shad is distracted and turns around into a kick from Drew and is planted with the Future Shock DDT!

The fans respond with solid heat as Nigel grabs the two World Tag Team Titles and slides into the ring, he hands one to Drew and the duo start celebrating on the turnbuckles. JTG is still out on the mat while the same can be said for Shad in the ring.

We head backstage where Josh Matthews is waiting, he introduces his guest as the current Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio. He gets a good pop as he walks into the shot, Josh asks him if he’ll suffer the same fate as Cryme Tyme and lose the championship, Rey tells Josh that tonight isn’t just about the Intercontinental Championship, it’s about getting retribution. Regal crossed a line when he involved his my family, and tonight he’ll get his in the Steel Cage. As for the Intercontinental Championship, Rey says that he cherishes that belt and no one will take it from him, especially not William Regal.

Judgment Day cuts away and we arrive at Legacy’s locker room, where Randy Orton is sat on a steel chair, staring down at the WWE Championship which is in his hands. Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are talking amongst themselves in the background.

Money in the Bank Briefcase – Four Corners Elimination Match
CM Punk © vs. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz vs. TJ Perkins

The first action of this match stemmed from the last episode of RAW where Swagger pissed off every member of this match, and they all teamed up to take Swagger out, the referee telling two of them to get onto the apron but they don’t listen, instead they take turns hitting Swagger with their finisher moves, Punk connects with his GTS and The Miz grabs him and plants him with the Skull Crushing Finale before TJ flies off the ropes with a 450 Splash. And the first elimination is Jack Swagger.

The referee demands that one person gets out of the ring and The Miz is the one who is forced out, this lets Perkins and Punk have a back and forth exchange which lasts at least five minutes, the crowd enjoying watching each mans attempts to put the other down. The Miz watches on from the apron, keeping himself fresh as TJ hits a Corkscrew Moonsault from a standing position and this results in a near fall, but then The Miz tags himself in, and now it’s Miz versus TJ.

Miz takes the advantage, as TJ is tiring, he hits all of his signature moves and eventually goes for Skull Crushing Finale but TJ drops down and flips Miz over his head, he runs at Miz and connects with a running enziguri which results in a near fall. TJ then climbs to the top rope and goes for the 450 but only gets his knees, and The Miz gets up quickly and plants him with the Skull Crushing Finale, and Perkins is eliminated.

Punk climbs in quickly, and in the final stretch of the match, he and The Miz exchange momentum, making sure to put on a show for the crowd. In the final moments of the match, Punk goes for a diving elbow drop, but The Miz rolls out the way and then goes for Skull Crushing Finale but Punk counters, and connects with the GTS.

CM Punk climbs off The Miz and is handed his briefcase, he holds it up in the air, which gets a solid pop from the crowd. He exits the ring and backs up the ramp, while The Miz climbs to his feet.


WWE Summerslam – 30th August 2009
Los Angeles, California – Staples Center


Backstage, Captain Charisma, Christian is looking at himself in the mirror, still sporting bruises from his torture night with Kane. He looks deep in thought but is interrupted when The Rated R Superstar, Edge walks into his locker room. He turns around to face him, Edge wishes Christian luck tonight, and he says he hopes that Christian knows what’s doing. Captain Charisma says he does, and he intends to beat Kane in the Inferno match.

WWE Women’s & Divas Championship Unification Match
Beth Phoenix © vs. Maryse © vs. Melina

The three divas exchange glances at, Maryse seeming rather cocky and eventually, the three of them walk to the centre of the ring. The three of them then talk trash to one another, but Beth and Maryse take precedent and talk to one another, the two champions getting heated but Melina tries to get involved again and gets taken out by a double clothesline. This leaves the champions, Beth uses her power advantage to take Maryse into the corner, she hits her with various elbows before pulling her out and planting her with a suplex.

Melina returns and takes Beth out with a clothesline, and then a flying cross body and gets a near fall. Phoenix manages to come back with a knee to the gut and picks Melina up into a Gorilla Press Slam position, Maryse suddenly hits a low drop kick to Beth, she falls and Melina lands on top, but luckily Maryse breaks the cover.

Maryse grabs Melina and throws her into the ring post through the turnbuckle, this incapacitates Melina for the time being and Maryse turns to Beth, and the next few minutes consists of Maryse inflicting damage on the leg of Beth and then locking in her French Figure 4 Leg Lock, it looks as if Beth is going to tap until Melina breaks it up with a diving elbow from the top rope.

Melina seeing that Beth is hurt, takes out Maryse, by launching her through the top and second rope, she follows her out and slams her pretty face into the announce table before focusing on Phoenix, Melina hits a few of her signature moves, and looks to be closing in on the victory until Maryse slides into the ring and hits Melina with the French TKO out of nowhere. Beth is out as Maryse crawls to the cover.

And it’s over, Maryse becomes the first Diva ever to hold both the WWE Women’s Championship and the WWE Divas Championship at the same time. She has unified the two and grabs them both, and climbs to the second rope, meanwhile Beth realizes what has happened and glances between the celebrating Maryse and the knocked out Melina. She slides out of the ring and backs away, while the new Undisputed Women’s Champion celebrates.

We head backstage where Brie and Nikki Bella are stood, the two twins introduce their guest as one of the men challenging for John Cena’s World Heavyweight Championship, Chris Jericho. They ask him his thoughts on his the upcoming match and if he can defeat the other three men. Jericho smirks and says of course he can, he is the best in the world, and the best in the world should be holding that World Title, not a hypocrite like John Cena, nor should a cretin like Jeff Hardy or a parasite like Matt Hardy. He says he’s here for one reason, and that’s the World Heavyweight Championship.

After the interview is done we cut to another part of the arena where the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena is standing in front of a TV set, presumably just having watched Jericho’s interview. He shakes his head and turns around, but right into one of his challengers, Jeff Hardy, the two biggest stars on SD stare each other down. Jeff glances at the World Title and tells Cena that at the end of the night, he’ll be World Champion. John says he welcomes the challenge, but the only person that is going to say the champ’ is here, is him. Jeff says we’ll see and the awkward stare off ends as Jeff backs away.

Inferno Match
Christian vs. Kane

The officials set the apron on fire, and we can see that Christian is obviously not at home in the ring with the flames, but Kane laps it up, laughing manically. Christian seems to be regretting his decision to choose an Inferno match as Kane bullies him around the ring, hitting some big moves which makes the flames shoot up higher. Christian manages to create some separation but is still extremely uncomfortable as he manages to hit a couple of shots in and plants Kane with an DDT.
The next few minutes consisted of Christian keeping in the middle of the ring, trying to wear down the big red monster, but Kane comes back and grabs Christian by the throat and picks him up for the Choke Slam but he walks over to the ropes and looks to be slamming him onto the apron but Christian elbows him and Kane has to put him down.

The fight spills into the corner where Kane hoists Christian onto the top turnbuckle, Captain Charisma kicks him away through, and stands on the second rope and hits a spinning diving elbow to Kane, just as he does this, the flames shoot up, nearly burning Christian but he dived off just in time.

The battle continues, trading momentum until Kane plants Christian with a spinning side slam which leaves Christian out. Kane picks him up and sends him into the turnbuckle, but Christian hits a big boot onto an onrushing Kane, and climbs to the top rope, but Kane grabs him by the hand and throws him out of the ring, he just clears the flames and they shoot up just as he passes them.

Christian lies on the mat, but Kane takes action and climbs to the top rope, Christian stands up and Kane soars from the top rope, looking for a flying clothesline but Captain Charisma side steps and Kane lands on the mat. Christian kneels on the mat, feeling the heat from the flames, wincing in pain at all the pain he’s endured, as Kane gets to his feet. Christian kicks him in the gut and smashes his face into the announce table, Captain Charisma then picks up a Steel Chair and goes to smash it off the face of Kane but Kane ducks, he then grabs Christian by the neck, and picks him up and goes for a ChokeSlam... but instead he throws Christian into the apron... and into the flames!

WINNER: KANE @ 13.54
The fans gasp in shock as Christian runs around the ring, his right leg on fire, before collapsing and the medics rushing to his aid with a fire extinguisher and medical kits. They work tirelessly but eventually Christian goes into shock, regaining consciousness for a second only to lose it again, meanwhile Kane walks around the ring and kneels beside him while the medics work away.



JULY 12, 2009


After the video package for The Bash, we’re backstage where Josh Matthews is stood and he welcomes his guest as the new Undisputed Women’s Champion, Maryse. She walks in with a bottle of water and the two belts on her shoulders. Josh asks her how it feels to be the first ever Undisputed Champion, she says it feels great but it she knew all along she would win the match and become the first ever Undisputed Women’s Champion. She goes onto say that tomorrow night on RAW, she will unveil a new championship design, a championship design which will start the newest era of women’s wrestling, and she will be at the foreground.

Big Show w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Edge

You could tell that Edge was preoccupied with the image of Christian being put on fire in his head, which meant this allowed Big Show to take the advantage in the early going, using his strength to good effect. Vickie Guerrero played cheerleader at ringside, hoping that Show would win to save her and his job. Show continued to dominate proceedings until he took too long to show boat, Edge ducked his chest slap attempt in the corner and broke free, hitting a number of quick fire moves, targeting the legs of Show, getting him down to the ground.

Edge kept putting pressure on Show, causing wild swings and mistakes which played right into The Rated R Superstars hands. But then Vickie got involved, which killed all his momentum, as he was distracted Show nailed him with a big boot. From here on, Show dominated, getting near fall after near fall but Edge kept himself in the match.

Show locked in a sleeper hold, but that allowed Edge a chance to get back into the match, with the crowd behind him, he thought to his feet and broke free. He ran the ropes and hit Show with a running drop kick to the knee, which took him down, and then suddenly Edge hit the Edge-A-Cution for a near fall. The Rated R Superstar set up for the Spear only for Vickie to slide into the ring, Edge walked over to her and told her to get out the ring.

Unbeknownst to him, Show was now on his feet, he turns around and Show goes for the Knockout Punch but Edge ducks and Show knocks out Vickie! Show looks shocked while the fans cheer loudly, he turns around and Edge spears him into unemployment as he gets the win.

WINNER: EDGE @ 10.04
Edge has made sure that he doesn’t have to deal with Vickie Guerrero anymore as he wins the match and sends both of them on their way. Edge celebrates on the turnbuckle and notices that Guerrero is knocked out and Show is just getting up to a seated position. Edge leaves the ring and heads backstage while Show realizes what this means. The crowd start chanting goodbye to him, he walks over to Vickie and tries to wake her, she doesn’t respond so he slings her over his shoulder and walks up the ramp. The crowd continue to sing as he reaches the stage and turns around, taking one final look at the WWE stage where he made his name before turning around and disappearing... for the last time?





On our return, we get a split screen view of Rey Mysterio and William Regal walking down separate halls, looking prepared for their Intercontinental Championship match.

We cut into the main arena where the lights go out, and strobe lights go around the arena, and we see the Steel Cage then being lowered.


Rey Mysterio © vs. William Regal

The crowd were extremely hot for this match, once the referee on the outside locked the cage, the ref inside called for the bell. The beginning of the match was nothing more than brawl, surprisingly Rey took Regal down with a tilt-a-whirl and showed his fierce side as he dived on top of him and pounded him with huge fists. Regal managed to use Rey’s aggression to his advantage, turning the tables and using his mat based skills to lock in submissions to ground the highflyer.

It didn’t take long though until Regal tried to escape the cage, after body slamming Rey, he started to climb the cage, but Rey hurriedly followed, grabbing his leg and pulling him down and running Regal into the cage, head first. Rey climbs to the top rope and goes for a cross body but Regal catches him and throws him into the cage with a fall away slam.

Regal started to dominate, using the cage to his advantage, using it to inflict enormous amounts of pain to the champion. Regal tries to climb the cage again, but Rey steps up and climbs with him, Rey and Regal battle on the side of the cage, Rey nearly slips which gives Regal the opportunity to hit a sit down hip toss from the top of the cage.

Regal clutches his ass in pain while Rey lies on the mat, Regal gets a near fall. Regal locks in a submission but Rey uses all his strength to get out and build up a head of steam, taking it to Regal, and even hitting tilt-a-whirl DDT which got a near fall. Mysterio then climbed half way up the cage, and turned around, gripping the cage as he waits, Regal gets to his feet but Rey dives forward and connects with a cross body which gets a near fall.

The next talking point in the match was a few minutes later, Regal runs at Rey who drop kicks him and he lands on the second rope, Rey dials 619 up but he realizes he can’t hit it because of the cage. Instead he simply runs and drop kicks the back of Regal’s head and his face is squashed against the cage. Regal rolls away and we see that blood is trickling down his face.

Rey tries to take advantage, by climbing to the top rope and going for a diving clothesline but Regal ducks and hits Rey with the Regal-Plex, but Rey kicks out of the cover, saving his title.
Regal brings out the brass knuckles which are legal in this match, Rey gets up but ducks the shot, he then rebounds off the ropes and hits a tilt-a-whirl arm bar take down. Rey climbs to the top rope, and connects with a hurricanrana which propels Regal into the steel cage.

A few seconds later, we see Rey climbing the cage, he gets to the top, and looks down, thinking about something, and the fans cheer as he turns around and stands on the top of the cage! And dives off the top and connects with a splash from the top!

Rey clutches his chest as he asks for the referee to open the door, he does and Rey crawls to it. Rey climbs towards it, and is nearly out until SUDDENLY THE CAGE IS SLAMMED SHUT... BY... WHO IS THAT... NOBODY KNOWS... BUT HE STANDS SMIRKING AS THE FANS BOO MERCILESSLY.

Rey rolls back into the ring, and Regal is back on his feet, and hits him with The Power Of The Punch and gets the cover.

What the hell? Who is this man who just cost Rey Mysterio the Intercontinental Championship? The cage is lifted into the air and Regal is handed his new title, he climbs to his feet after that ferocious contest, with blood trickling down his forehead, and climbs onto the turnbuckle and raises the belt in the air. Regal nods at this unknown man who nods back as we fade away.

With the crowd booing, we head backstage to even more boos as Matt Hardy is preparing in his locker room, taping up his wrists. After he’s done so he simply stares into space, getting mentally prepared for later tonight.

In another part of the arena, we see the WWE Champion Randy Orton exit his locker room, and start walking down the corridor, and the commentators inform us that we’re going to a video package.


We open to shots of Randy Orton in the ring with Stacy Kiebler...

Narrator: It all started in two thousand and five... the young and naive attempted to end the fabled Streak...

Shot of Randy Orton and The Undertaker facing off at WrestleMania...

Randy Orton: I came this close to ending the streak and cementing my Legacy...

Now we cut to the present day, where Randy Orton punts Triple H and wins the WWE Champion...

Narrator: At Backlash... a new champion was crowned... a Legacy was cemented...

We’re now on RAW where Randy Orton is interrupted by Mr. McMahon...

Randy Orton: The McMahon family got in my way... so I put all of them down.

Quick fire shots of Orton punting Shane, Vince and RKO’ing Stephanie...

Narrator: He thought his sins would go unnoticed.

Shot of Orton on top of the turnbuckle with the WWE Championship...

The Undertaker: But his Judgment Day is upon us.

Now we see The Undertaker Tombstoning Orton at the WWE Draft...

Michael Cole: Undertaker and Randy Orton... at Judgment Day!

Shot of Orton staring at ‘Taker from the stage...

Randy Orton: Back then... I was a kid... but now I have risen to the top of the WWE.

Another quick shot of Orton raising the title above his head at Backlash...

Randy Orton: I am the most dangerous man in the WWE.

Shots of Orton punting Michaels, Goldust, CM Punk and lastly Triple H...

The Undertaker: At Judgment Day...

Randy Orton: You will...

Both: Rest in Piece...

Shot of Undertaker standing above Orton who tries to crawl away...


WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. The Undertaker

The opening minutes of the match consisted of the WWE Champion trying to stay as far away from The Deadman as possible, while getting in a few fleeting shots. This continued until Orton got a little too close, and Undertaker grabbed him by the neck and launched him into the corner, this is where the striking prowess of the challenger came out to play as he levelled Orton with rights and lefts, targeting the body and the face before the referee had to separate him. Orton’s strategy changed at that point and decided running away from him would do no good, he exploded out the corner and hit the distracted ‘Taker with a running forearm, and then a European Uppercut, before kicking his knee, rebounding off the ropes and connecting with a running boot.

For the next few minutes, the WWE Champion was in complete control, with The Deadman down on the mat, he targeted each limb, working them over with stomps and knee drops. But he made a mistake by allowing the challenger to get to his feet, and The Undertaker fought back with his striking again, before hitting various high impact moves including a Suplex and a back body drop.

When Orton got back to his feet, Undertaker went for a running big boot but Orton ducked and pulled the rope down, The Deadman got his leg caught on the top, and the champion took advantage, grabbing the other leg and pushing him over and onto the floor. Orton climbed out after him, and shoulder thrusted his opponent into the apron, back first, before launching him into the ring post. He threw him back into the ring and started to pound the mat, the fans knew what he was going for, and when The Deadman picks himself up, Orton goes for an RKO but ‘Taker blocks and throws Orton off.

Orton turns around, and ducks a running big boot, but it takes the referee out, the referee is down. The challenger turns around and swings at The Viper but he ducks and connects with an Inverted Backbreaker. Orton backs away from The Undertaker and then sprints forward, looking for the punt but ‘Taker reaches up and grabs him by the neck, he stands up and then kicks him in the gut and picks him up and plants him with The Last Ride.

The crowd go apeshit as we should be seeing a new WWE Champion, ‘Taker covers Orton but the referee is still down, the crowd count and they get to three but it doesn’t count. The challenger picks himself up, steps over and grabs the back of the ref’s shirt, but he’s not waking up any time soon. Orton is still down as Undertaker turns around, but suddenly Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase slide into the ring and absolutely maul The Deadman, he tries to fight them off but the match has took its toll, the Legacy members batter him in the corner until they pull him out and Rhodes hits him with CrossRhodes!

Legacy make a swift break, sliding out of the ring as The Viper crawls to the cover, the referee turns around, and crawls to make the count, but The Undertaker kicks out at the very last moment! Rhodes and DiBiase look shocked on the outside as Orton climbs off Taker, eventually the two of them stand up, and trade punches, until The Deadman ducks one and grabs him in a Choke Slam, but when he lifts Orton up, The Viper breaks his grip and hits the RKO on the way down!

The crowd barrage Orton with huge boos as he slides off ‘Taker, DiBiase joins him in the ring and helps him up while Rhodes brings his title into the ring. The Viper clutches it to his chest and exits the ring, and holds it up high as Legacy help him walk up the ramp. They turn around at the top of the stage one last time, where they see The Undertaker sit up, and look at them menacingly.


We open to a dark room with the World Heavyweight Championship in a glass case which is lit up...

Narrator: The World Heavyweight Championship ... a title shrouded in history and prestige.

Shot of various people holding such as The Undertaker, Edge, Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton before settling on the current champion John Cena...

We get a shot of John Cena sat in the middle of the ring, an empty arena, it’s dark apart from the light in the ring...

John Cena: I can’t lose it, I physically can’t. I’ve worked my whole life to become World Champion, nothing comes close to being a champion. It’s what gets me up in the morning, I want to be able to say to my kids one day... I was the greatest World Heavyweight Champion in history... and to do that I need to defend this belt... and win each time.

Now we swiftly cut to the bleachers where Chris Jericho is sat...

Chris Jericho: When I came into this company, everyone said that Chris Jericho is a future World Heavyweight Champion, and I proved everyone right. I became a World Champion and became the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion. I’m going into this match to win back what was taken from me, the World Championship, and I will win it back.

And again, we cut to the stage where amazingly, Jeff Hardy is sat atop it, looking down at the steel below him...

Jeff Hardy: A lot of people said I’d be dead by now, and they were correct in thinking that, my life was a mess, but I changed that around, for myself and for my fans. I’ve dedicated my life to this business, I’m a former WWE Champion and a former World Heavyweight Champion, nobody said Jeff could become a World Title, but I proved everyone wrong. Tonight, in that ring where Cena is sat, I’ll take the title he’s staring at, for myself and for my fans.

Finally, we cut to the backstage area, where Matt Hardy is sat in his locker room, staring down at his hands...

Matt Hardy: I have blood on my hands, I’ve betrayed my friends, brother and all the fans who cheered me on through the years, and for that I am now in the main event, challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship. Something I should have been doing all along, I should be a multiple time World Champion, and nobody can tell me different. Tonight, I win my first World Heavyweight Championship, and prove I was right to do what I did. Believe me, tonight the era of coldness descends on the WWE.

We get glances of each man now, sitting in their positions, staring into space before we cut into the room we were in before where the World Title is sat.


World Heavyweight Championship – Fatal Four Way
John Cena © vs. Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

The referee rung for the bell and we saw an awkward stare off between all four men, each man glancing at one another before we paired off, Matt paired with Cena and Jeff with Jericho, in opposite corners, battling away until Cena and Jeff won their respective battles, taking it out of their opponents. The two men then turned around and walked into the centre of the ring, the fans were split with dualling Let’s Go Cena, Let’s Go Hardy chants, as the two biggest stars on SmackDown squared off, staring at each other. They talk some trash but it doesn’t come to blows as Matt and Jericho get involved, Matt knocks Cena down while Jericho does the same to Hardy. Jericho throws Jeff out the ring and for the next few minutes the match consisted of Jericho and Matt teaming up against Cena.

But eventually the egos of both men got too big, and they started squaring off, trading punches in the ring, but Matt Irish-whipped Jericho, who hit the ropes, but Cena reached in and grabbed Chris’ ankles and pulled him out. Cena and Jericho battle on the outside while Matt watches before turning around into the face of Jeff, the two brothers looking into each other’s eyes, the fans cheer loudly at seeing Hardy/Hardy Part III and then they suddenly start trading punches and we see Jeff take the advantage eventually hitting Whisper In The Wind and going for the cover but Cena broke it up.

We now see a three way brawl, trading punches on each other, before Jericho gets involved again, he runs at the three but they separate and Jericho runs right past them and Cena throws him out of the ring again. Cena and Jeff then team up, beating Matt up, pushing him back into the corner, Jeff took the initiative and pounded on his brother but Cena pulled him off, so he could get a go. Jeff didn’t take too kindly and pulled Cena back, and we now see another stare off between the two, the dualing chants start up again, but then Matt tries to get involved again but the two of them grab him and throw him out of the ring.

Jericho and Matt battle on the outside, but we’re focused on the two in the ring, they start trading punches and kicks, before Cena Irish-whips him but Jeff baseball slides through and hits a drop kick to the back of Cena. Jeff runs at Cena but John grabs him and goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Jeff squirms out, and suddenly hits the Twist of Fate out of nowhere!

We see a cover but both Matt and Jericho break it up, they then throw Jeff out of the ring only for Matt to throw Jericho out. Matt dives on top of Cena but he kicks out, Matt climbs to the top rope, and goes for a top rope leg drop but Cena rolls out the way, the World Heavyweight Champion then goes for his set up for the AA, hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle and hitting the Attiude Adjustment to Matt!

But Jericho breaks it up! Jericho and Cena then trade blows, until Jericho ducks a punch and hits the Codebreaker from out of nowhere. Jericho is about to go for the cover, but he turns into Jeff who hits the Twist of Fate, and then goes to the top rope, and connects with the Swanton Bomb, only for Matt to grab him and throw him out of the ring. Matt dives on top of Jericho and we have a new World Heavyweight Champion.

WE HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION AND HIS NAME IS MATT HARDY! The man in question climbs off Jericho, and is handed the title, and he clutches to his forehead, breathing heavily, finally realized his dream of becoming champion. He rolls out the ring while Cena realizes what has happened, Jeff is out on the outside, while Jericho is the same in the ring.

With Matt backing up the ramp with the World Heavyweight Championship above his head, he sits on the stage, and stares into it, as the commentators say goodbye and we... fade... to... black.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Judgment Day Feedback

First off welcome back from your trip to South Africa mate, been anticipating this in your absence . Let's get cracking!

This is a match I found extremely hard to call, as most gauntlet matches are. A real nice start between Bourne and Benjamin here, I'd imagine a great match between those two if it were to occur in real life, and sadly my prediction is incorrect. Jesus christ, Knox smashing Kelly into the barricade is great, Knox is a psychopath! Now here I would of liked Knox to continue his momentum and eliminate two on the bounce however I see with Ziggler being the next entrant you don't want a heel versus a heel. I'm pleased now that we're gonna see a new champion, I'm not a fan of face Truth and I think Ziggler, Kingston or Morrison would make a great champ. Well Morrison is in next guaranteeing Kofi as the last entrant, WOW! A Zig Zag off the apron would be awesome! Good showcasing of Dolph here. Now I don't particularly have a problem with Kingston walking out champion but I hope you don't do a Ziggler/Kofi feud, no fault of yours it's just been done too many times in real life. Great opener though bro

DAT British Pay Per View! Why not Liverpool though huh!?

Now that's what I'm talking about, the fellow Brits capturing the gold! Not much to say about the match but it's good to see The Monarchy get some gold, long may this feud continue. This was another tough one to call, I didn't think TJ had a chance of winning but he had a good showing which only does good things for him. Punk is probably the right guy to keep the briefcase, I think he's someone to watch in this thread.

I think you've done the right thing in unifying the Women's and Diva's titles here mate, and I think it's a well known fact you've got a thing for Maryse so I expected her to walk out the champion. Hopefully you give the divas some spotlight in the coming months. An Inferno match is probably something we'll never see again in WWE however it's nice to see it used again here. Think the stuff with Kane has been good and Christian is a solid worker so I expect good things from these two together. Giving Kane a win here is good to continue the feud, I'm sure Christian is gonna try and delve more into Kane's mental state heading into a potential rematch. A new title design for the Women's? not sure what to think of that, I actually like both the Women's and Diva's title designs but it's good to see some attention for the divas.

This was a result I did not expect at all, again a woman takes a hit tonight I think a punch from Show would kill Vickie with a punch never mind knock her out :L. To be honest this wasn't a match I was looking forward to a lot only because Show is that stale and Edge is 1000x better. I highly doubt this is the last we've seen of these two though. Really didn't expect this next result, especially with the PPV in Britain being announced I thought Regal would probably win the gold in his home country however I'm happy he's won it regardless. Still can't believe I couldn't guess who the ally of Regal was until you told me, not going to spoil it but I'm glad you've brought him up. Onwards and upwards for The Ruthless Monarchy!

Now we get a nice match between Orton/Taker, I expected this to main event but it's no big deal to be honest, I expected Orton to retain but I personally am not a fan of the RKO/Chokeslam spot being used again, regardless I'm happy Orton retained in a decent match. Another result I didn't expect, as I said in my predictions; I expected Matt to get the gold but just not here however I'm looking forward to what way you go with it. You've got 4 good guys tearing up the SD main event scene and you certainly haven't fucked Matt Hardy up like WWE did around this point.

Overall I enjoyed the show mate, I think going back to single brand PPV's is a good move, allowing you to build up more feuds for each brand and also making the bigger PPV's seem that much more special with both brands. I feel you have advanced several feuds with this show and have set up some great potential scenarios. Keep up the good work mate
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Judgment Day Feedback

Definitely the right choice for the opener here with the Gauntlet match. Usually in these kinda matches I like to see the champion come in first and really have to go through hell to keep his title but the opening pairing was a good one with Benji and Bourne. Action was strong throughout, fast paced as expected and Benjamin really looked the stronger, every near fall seemed to be going his way and Bourne’s win seemed like a bit of a surprise but it’s a good one for him to notch under his belt. Knox out next made sense considering his recent interactions with Bourne and I’m glad you did really play that up in the opening bit between these two. Bourne actually looked a lot stronger during this one which surprised me as I expected the big man to dominate from the get go. Towards the end though you really portrayed Knox as just a ruthless S.O.B. Some brutal stuff and him even attacking Kelly showed just that, bit extreme I must say. Finishing him off with a diving leg drop, ouch. Hell of a statement from Knox with this one.

Here comes the champ!! Unsurprisingly quick start from Truth and this one was probably the most back and forth so far which was pleasing to see. End result was in a way disappointing as Knox had looked a beast against Bourne and then goes, however it did make sense for Truth to get at least one win in trying to retain his title. Ziggler next was a good call, I’d have preferred him to come in early doors and be the kind of marathon man of this thing but he certainly impressed here, knocking off the champ is a big deal whether he wins the title or not, good rub for Dolph there. JoMo in next and no surprise that the action really picked up here, these two are as athletic as can be and some of the stuff was crazy, particularly that Zig Zag from the apron. Really pleased to see Dolph be the only man to knock off two wins on the bounce in this thing, would’ve been disappointing if nobody did but you picked the right man to do it.

Hell of a way to finish this thing. Allowing Kofi and Ziggles to go out there and just go at it for the longest period in the match was a good call and there was some really enjoyable back and forth. Kofi winning the gold is huge for him and although I was rooting for Ziggler I think Kofi is a solid choice and you have a lot of options in the U.S division moving forward, good opener.

All I can say about this next match was thank fuck the Monarchy won. Endless potential for these guys moving forward, can’t say the same for Cryme Tyme. Right call.

Punk retaining was the right decision here, a strong build is certainly needed for Punk at this point ahead of his cash in. Surprised to see Perkins get such a high profile match but certainly a good showcase for him and he didn’t look out of place. I’d be all for a Punk/Miz feud coming out of this.

I really thought you were just building to Phoenix vs Maryse for the unification match so was very surprised to see Melina involved and I wasn’t a fan of it to be honest. I think if you’d have just gone straight up champion versus champion it would’ve had a much bigger feel about it. Maryse coming out victorious was definitely the thing I wanted to see so I was pleased you opted for it.

I’m not a massive fan of the Inferno match stipulation, it’s a bit strange due to it having a more Battle Royal like feel than actual wrestling. Would’ve been a huge victory for Christian to score here and I really did think he’d pull it off. I don’t think Kane in 2009 should really do anything other than put people over but if you’re high on him then it’s understandable. Hopefully Christian can get the win back or both move on fairly quickly from this.

Edge/Show was a tricky one for me to call beforehand and even reading it I didn’t know which way it’d go. No surprise that Show dominated a fair chunk of it and I’m pleased you had Vickie get involved although I expected it a lot sooner than it came. Knockout punch to Vickie?! Jesus lol. I’m sure it would’ve gotten a HUGE pop, however much like Kelly earlier, it’s a tad extreme, a Spear might’ve been a little less controversial. Big win for Edge and I’m a little surprised we’re gonna see Vickie and Show gone…or are we lol.

This next one would’ve been an awesome match I can imagine. I enjoyed Regal’s use of the cage in this, such a Regal thing to do. Mysterio was strong throughout however as you displayed his heart and courage quite well. Mysterio really took control towards the end, however the ending was a little frustrating to me. Mysterio hits this huge move off the top, Regal’s down and out and Rey…doesn’t cover him, he tries to escape the cage. Why not just pin him? Makes Rey look a little silly I felt. Of course it backfires and it’s a very cliffhanger esque finish now. Regal as champion is great, him and the Monarchy all wearing gold certainly makes them look a strong force while this mystery man has me guessing, no idea right now.

Orton/Taker was a strong contest and that didn’t surprise me at all. These two tend to produce the goods and this was no different. Orton looked a lot stronger than I anticipated, especially in the early goings, really expected Taker to come out all guns blazing. Ending made sense with Legacy coming to the aid of the champion and although it was a little predictable it was certainly the right thing to do. Orton’s reign continues while Taker may well get another shot down the line. Good stuff.

Was chuffed you gave this the main event spot as I think it’s been a lot more enjoyable than the WWE Championship feud. Early kind of Cena/Hardy teasing was nicely done, two top faces squaring off would no doubt be huge. Some clever stuff as we get to see all four doing battle with one another respectively, be it Matt and Jericho, Matt and Jeff going at it one more time, all cleverly worked. Wow, Matt’s the champ!! Love it. I think he’s been one of your best characters in the thread so far and I’m pleased you’ve given him the ball to run with so to speak. I think 05/06 or 09 were the times to strike if ever for Matt so this doesn’t seem out of place. A Matt/Cena feud would be great to see coming out of this I think, would do wonders to establish Matt as both a top guy and a champion.

On the whole a solid PPV with a lot of strong booking. I would’ve obviously preferred it in full but I can see why you did it in recap. Highlight for me was definitely the main event, it appeared to be the strongest match and Matt winning made it better for me. Orton/Taker still has legs I think and this may’ve been only the beginning while I’m looking forward to where the Monarchy goes from here as well as Kofi’s U.S Title reign. A lot of positives to come from this, looking forward to your next stop, keep it up sir.
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Monday Night Raw – June, 1 – Rosemont, Illinois

We’re just twenty four hours removed from WWE Judgment Day where championships were won and lost, and the fall out comes in the form of Monday Night Raw.

Tonight, kicking off the show is going to be the announcement of the new Raw General Manager. We found out at Judgment Day that Ric Flair would not be able to return as Raw GM because of injuries sustained at the hands of the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. A number of names have been rumoured to be the new General Manger, but the only way to find out is to tune in tonight??

It’s been a month since Shawn Michaels made an appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw, after suffering an injury at the hands of The Miz. But now, Shawn Michaels is making his return tonight, and he will do in that very ring, but what will perhaps the greatest of all time have to say??

It was a big night for the Divas division last night as both title belts were on the line in a triple threat, winner take all match. Maryse defended her Divas Championship against the Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix and the wild card, Melina. The two championships were unified at the event and it was Maryse who became the first ever WWE Undisputed Women’s Champion. We heard from Maryse last night, after her match, where she made sure to tell everyone just how good she was and how she was the future of the Women’s Division. Tonight, Maryse has a victory celebration planned for in the ring, what will go down on this huge event?? Tune in to find out.

In controversial circumstances, Rey Mysterio, The Master of the 619 lost his Intercontinental Championship against William Regal, thanks to an unknown assailant. Not only did Regal win a championship but now every member of The Ruthless Monarchy holds WWE gold as Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness defeated Cryme Tyme to become World Tag Team Championships. We will hear from every member of The Monarchy as they have demanded time to explain what happened last night and why they are rightful champions.

Last night at Judgment Day, the Money in the Bank briefcase was on the line as CM Punk successfully defended it against three men, Jack Swagger, TJ Perkins and The Miz. The current holder of the sought after briefcase will be in action tonight, against the skilled opponent Charlie Haas, Punk has only had twenty four hours to recover from his gruelling match so will that play a factor in his match tonight??

All this and more on Monday Night Raw!

Confirmed For Raw

~ The New Raw General Manager To Be Announced ~
~ The Return of Shawn Michaels ~
~ The Ruthless Monarchy Explain What Happened Last Night ~
~ Maryse’s Championship Celebration ~


CM Punk vs. Charlie Haas
MVP vs. TJ Perkins


*Will be posted tomorrow*
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Monday Night Raw – June, 01 2009
Rosemont, Illinois – AllState Arena

We kick of the evening with the obligatory recap of last night’s Pay-per-view, Judgment Day, where we see Randy Orton successfully defend the WWE Championship against The Undertaker; CM Punk defend his briefcase; Rey Mysterio lose his Intercontinental Title and Cryme Tyme fall short in their bid to retain the World Tag Team Titles.

After the video package, Raw opens with a new video package, accompanied by “Step Up” by Drowning Pool, featuring the Superstars of RAW, before cutting into the arena and panning around, getting a glimpse of the screaming fans as a huge pyrotechnic display sounds off from the stage. We now cut into the ring where... Michael Cole is standing?

Michael Cole: Now I know this isn’t the usual way we kick off Raw, with me standing in the ring, but I assure you it’s for a good reason. Earlier on today, I was tasked with announcing our new Raw General Manager, so without further ado... introducing... ... Jerry The King Lawler!

~ An absolutely huge pop from the crowd at Jerry Lawler becoming the new Raw General Manager and it isn’t long before...

*The Great Gate of Kiev*

Another pop comes from the crowd as the music of Jerry Lawler plays, and The King walks out, with his signature crown underneath his arm. He stops on the stage and takes a pause, soaking in the atmosphere, before nodding towards the ring and making his way down. Jerry shakes a few hands, and then climbs into the ring, he takes the microphone from Michael and shakes his hand.

Jerry Lawler: ...

~ Jerry doesn’t even get a chance to talk, as his fans in the arena chant his name, showing respect...

Jerry Lawler: Wow... I gotta’ say... when I was offered the position of General Manager, at first I was a little hesitant, but then I thought of the announce table and realized it was the perfect opportunity to get away from Michael Cole!

~ Burn (), the fans give out a strong pop for this as Michael sits down at the table and laughs it off like a good little bitch...

Jerry Lawler: But all kiddin’ aside... I loved my time as a commentator, but now it’s time to move onto bigger and better things. I’d like to have became General Manager under better circumstances, I know you’re watchin’ Ric, and I along with everyone here wants to wish you a speedy recovery.

~ Lawler smiles as the fans give out strong ‘woo’s’...

Jerry Lawler: But now, I look at the announce table and I see an empty chair next to Michael Cole, and I think to myself, who could sit there? I racked my brain all day before deciding, I asked him and he gladly accepted... so allow me to introduce to you... Mick Foley!

~ A huge pop rings from the arena and right on cue...


The familiar sound plays and pretty soon, the one and only Mick Foley walks out onto the stage, and receives a huge pop. The Hardcore Legend starts to walk down the ramp, and see that Foley has brought with him a flask, of what we will assume is coffee or tea, and what appears to be a packed lunch box. Foley walks around the ring and shoots thumbs up to Jerry before taking his seat next to Michael.

Jerry Lawler: Mick Foley everyone!

~ Nice, Lawler manages to get another pop for Foley who responds by opening his lunch box and taking out a sandwich...

Jerry Lawler: When I was given this position, the board of directors told me I needed to deal with what happened last night in the WWE Championship match.

~ The crowd respond with heat as they remember how Legacy managed to topple The Undertaker and at Orton retaining the championship...

Jerry Lawler: So, in regards to the WWE Championship-


Speaking of the WWE Championship, the crowd respond with massive heat as said champion walks out from behind the curtain. Randy Orton has his Legacy teammates with him, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase alongside him and the trio make their way down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Well first of all, before we talk about what is happening right now, welcome Mick.

Mick Foley: (talking with a mouthful) Thank you.

Michael Cole: Uh... right... well, right there ladies and gentleman is the current WWE Champion, who managed to defeat The Undertaker last night, but it wasn’t without help from Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. And it seems he has words for the new General Manager.

Legacy climb into the ring, and DiBiase fetches a microphone and hands it to Orton, the threesome stand a couple of feet away from Lawler who takes a defensive stance.

Randy Orton: What’s with the hostility, Jerry? I’m actually out here to congratulate you.

~ Lawler doesn’t know how to react but his defensive stance changes into a more neutral attitude, but still remains wary of The Viper...

Randy Orton: But despite being out here to congratulate you, I know where you are going-

~ You suck...

Randy Orton: I know where you were going with the WWE Championship, and just let me give you a warning... if you do... it won’t be good for you.

~ This statement gets some heat but Lawler stands firm...

Randy Orton: You saw what I did to Ric Flair... if you get on my bad side... you’ll follow Flair into the hospital.

~ Orton’s on fire tonight with getting the heat from the crowd as they boo him immensely...

Jerry Lawler: You haven’t heard have you?

~ Orton looks perplexed...

Randy Orton: About what?

Jerry Lawler: When I accepted this job... the Board of Directors informed me that if you touched me... or any other member of the RAW staff... then you will be suspended and stripped of the WWE Championship.

~ Orton clenches his teeth while the fans rub it in even more with a lot of cheers...

Jerry Lawler: And I’m guessing that you were thinking I was just going to hand The Undertaker a rematch at Fully Loaded, luckily for you I’m not.

~ This gets some heat but Randy Orton smirks, looking pleased and impressed by Lawler...

Randy Orton: Finally... a General Manager who knows what he’s doi-

Jerry Lawler: Hold on... I’m not finished. I’m not giving The Undertaker a rematch, I’m giving the opportunity to earn it.

~ The tide has turned as the fans cheer and now Orton is looking very much pissed off...

Jerry Lawler: In the main event tonight... The Undertaker will be in action against... either Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase.

~ Rhodes and DiBiase react with a good attitude, welcoming the challenge...

Jerry Lawler: And as for who it will be... well... I’ll let you decide that Randy Orton... so with that said... ladies and gentleman... enjoy the show.

*The Great Gate of Kiev*

Lawler makes his exit, exiting the ring while Rhodes and DiBiase look at Orton, waiting for a decision, but Orton doesn’t tell them, instead he says he’ll decide later.

Michael Cole: What a main event! Either Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase will take on The Undertaker, and if ‘Taker wins then he’ll face Orton at Fully Loaded for the WWE Championship.

Mick Foley: Cole, I cannot wait for that match, and look at the hunger being showed by Ted and Cody, they both want a shot at The Undertaker, which I don’t know – is it bravery or stupidity.

Michael Cole: Well, we’ll see later tonight, join us after this commercial break where the Money in the Bank holder, CM Punk will be in action, don’t go anywhere.

Randy Orton glances between Rhodes and DiBiase, thinking of who to choose as we fade to a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}


*This Fire Burns*

It’s time for the first match of the evening, and in the ring already is Charlie Haas, and his opponent – Mr. Money in the Bank, CM Punk walks onto the stage, smiling at the very good reaction he is getting. Punk kneels on the stage, pulls his hood down and shouts “It’s clobbering time” before stepping up and walking down the ramp.

Michael Cole: This man last night took part in a four man elimination match, for his briefcase, and the current holder came out on top, defeating three other men, including The Miz, TJ Perkins and Jack Swagger.

Mick Foley: I gotta’ hand it to Punk... he defeated three men, but one of those men has a legitimate gripe about how he was eliminated, because Jack Swagger was triple teamed into elimination, Michael.

Michael Cole: Swagger rubbed everyone in that match the wrong way leading up to that match, and thus paid the price when they all attacked him.

Mick Foley: I’m not takin’ anythin’ away from Punk, he successfully defended his briefcase, and that means one thing – he will be either the WWE Champion or World Heavyweight Champion pretty soon I reckon.

Match One – Singles
Money in the Bank CM Punk vs. Charlie Haas

Unsurprisingly, with two of the best workers in the company, they put on a very nice show with what little time they had. The ending of the match came a couple minutes into the match, despite nobody putting any money in Haas putting up much of a fight he does – as he has Punk locked in a sleeper hold.

The referee checks on Punk, but he shows some life which stops the referee from stopping the contest, and he eventually gets to his feet, and Haas transitions into a side head lock. But Haas takes Punk right back down with a flipped take down, and locks in a side head lock on the ground, Charlie wrenches it over and over but Punk manages to get his leg up and put it on top of Haas’ neck and push it down, Haas manages to get Punk’s leg off him and the two get to their feet.

Haas runs at Punk but he ducks, and hits a drop-toe-hold to Haas when he rebounds, Punk picks Haas up and Irish-whips him into the corner. Punk follows that up by going for a clothesline but Haas gets two feet up, he staggers away and turns around but ducks a clothesline attempt. Punk kicks him in the gut and Irish-whips him into the corner again, and this times HITS HIS RUNNING STEP UP HIGH KNEE AND THEN A BULL DOG! Punk says it’s time to go to sleep and he picks Haas’ up AND PLANTS HIM WITH THE GTS FOR THE COVER... 1... 2... 3!


And we have a winner, the Money in the Bank holder asks for his briefcase and he is soon handed it, he clutches it to his chest. The referee rolls Haas’ out the ring as Punk climbs to the top rope, and holds the briefcase high in the air.

Michael Cole: A solid win tonight for CM Punk, who continues his moment- HEY!

The crowd suddenly start booing and punk drops down and turns around... wondering what is going on and... JACK SWAGGER ABSOLUTELY BULLDOZES HIM OVER WITH A CLOTHESLINE! The fans respond with huge heat as The All American stomps on the chest of Punk over and over, clenching his teeth, he looks at the briefcase and pulls him to his feet, before PLANTING HIM WITH THE GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB! Swagger stands above Punk, looking down smirking before asking for a microphone.

Jack Swagger: You see that!!!

~ The crowd boo him, as Swagger kneels down beside Punk and grabs him by his head...

Jack Swagger: That is what would’ve happened last night... had I not been TRIPLE teamed, which led to my elimination.

~ Swagger looks at the crowd who react with strong cheers, he turns his attention back to Punk...

Jack Swagger: I would have been the Money in the Bank holder... not you, and CM Punk... consider yourself put on notice... I’m comin’ for that briefcase and this time they won’t be anybody to help you stop me.

Jack lets go of the microphone and slams Punk’s head into the mat, the crowd boo him, but he reaches over and picks up the briefcase, holds it in the air, looking pleased with what he has done.

Mick Foley: That is what I call makin’ a statement, Michael, Swagger just put CM Punk on notice, he wants the briefcase.

Michael Cole: He does have a point, perhaps if he wasn’t triple teamed he might have won last night, who knows?

Mick Foley: CM Punk won’t take this lying down – he’ll want some measure of revenge and I can’t wait until these two great Superstars take each other on in a one on one match.

Michael Cole: That’ll no doubt be a great match when it happens. We have to cut to a quick commercial break, and ladies and gentleman, don’t go anywhere because after it – the Undisputed Women’s Champion, Maryse will in that very ring.

{Commercial Break}



Michael Cole wasn’t lying, it is indeed Maryse walking onto the stage, in ring attire with the new Undisputed Women’s Championship belt on her shoulder. The sexy French-Canadian brushes her belt and sets on her way down to the ring, ignoring the fans jeers.

Michael Cole: Last night at Judgment Day, Maryse became the first women to become both Women’s and Divas Champion, and thus has dubbed herself the Undisputed Women’s Champion, and because of the huge occasion, we’ve got a new title!

Mick Foley: Change is always good, Michael, I remember winning the WWE Championship for the first time, and truth be told, I wanted to change the design the same way John Cena did, imagine the Hardcore Title but more gold.

Michael Cole: Uh... great, well anyway, Maryse was granted this time out here tonight to address the fans, so I guess this is celebration of sorts.

The Undisputed Women’s Champion climbs into the ring, she flips her hair and winks at the camera, and is handed a microphone from the timekeeper at ringside.

Maryse: Y’know... when the WWE offered moi a contract to compete, every Diva hated me because of how beautiful I am.

~ Some of the men in the arena actually cheer this with wolf whistles but eventually get drowned out by the women being bitches and booing her...

Maryse: And now? Every one of them want to be me... they all want to be in my shoes... because I am the Undisputed Women’s Champion.

~ She looks at the belt which is on her shoulder and smiles...

Maryse: A few months ago, I won the WWE Divas Championship and then vowed I’d unify the two belts and become ‘ze Undisputed Women’s Champion and low and behold... I did just ‘zat.

~ Maryse grins from ear to ear but the fans boo her...

Maryse: Je suis le visage de la division des Divas et personne ne peut dire le contraire. Personne ne peut me toucher ... aucun courant et aucune diva divas anciens comme Trish Stratus et Lita se rapprocher de moi.

~ This gets some huge boos from the crowd who don’t appreciate being spoken to in another language...

Maryse: After winning ‘zis beautiful championship... my phone was ringing constantly... people asking me for magazine photo shoots and media appearances. If Beth Phoenix won the match last night, that would not be happening, and the reason for that is simple... she sucks compared to me... everyone sucks compared to moi.

~ The cocky bitch takes in the heat from the crowd...


Finally someone decides to shut Maryse up, and it is none other than the former Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix. The Glamazon steps out onto the stage with a microphone in her hand, she looks down at Maryse who shows of her belt.

Beth Phoenix: Despite what you seem to believe, Maryse – being Women’s Champion isn’t about receiving mega money deals for photo shoots... it’s about being the best. Despite losing last night, I still know I am better than you and everyone in the back.

~ Phoenix puts Maryse in her place but she simply rolls her eyes...

Beth Phoenix: Last night, the person to blame for me losing my title... is Melina.

~ The fans respond with a small pop, while Beth shakes her head...

Maryse: First of all... if z’you were on magazine covers... the sales would plummet, because nobody would want to buy one with z’your face on ‘ze cover.

~ Burn...

Maryse: And secondly... you can play ‘ze blame game all z’you want... but ‘ze truth is simple... z’you just aren’t as good as moi.

~ Phoenix smirks at this statement while Maryse stares at her...

Beth Phoenix: You can joke around all you want... but everyone knows I am better than you... and I’m gonna’ prove that right now... because I’m activating my rematch clause.

~ This gets a sizeable pop as the fans are excited about seeing a title match...

Beth Phoenix: So get a referee out here, because this match is happening right now.

The referee comes out swiftly and the fans cheer at getting it right now, meanwhile Maryse looks angry that she has had no time to prepare while Beth walks down the ramp.

Match Two – Singles; Undisputed Women’s Championship
Undisputed Women’s Champion Maryse defends against Beth Phoenix

After an opening couple of minutes of back and forth action, Beth Phoenix uses her strength and power to take advantage, bulldozing Maryse with a running clothesline! The challenger stands above her rival before reaching down and pulling her to her feet by her hair, only to kick Maryse in the stomach, and plant her with a body slam. Beth looks around the arena, and then rebounds off the ropes and squashes Maryse with a running splash and hooks the leg... 1... 2... NO!

Beth is firmly in control, and she raises her arms in the air which gathers heat from the crowd, she turns her attention back to Maryse and Irish-whips her into the corner. Beth follows that up with an elbow to the side of the head and then a knee to the stomach. The Glamazon bends down and lifts her opponent into a seated position on the turnbuckle, Beth tries to climb but Maryse picks her leg up and smashes it into her face! The challenger stumbles backwards, feeling her mouth and she doesn’t see Maryse standing up on the second rope... AND THEN GOING FOR A CROSS BODY... BUT PHOENIX CATCHES HER IN MID-AIR... she waits a second, moves into the centre of the ring and LAUNCHES HER WITH A FALL AWAY SLAM!

Maryse ends up rolling out of the ring by way of the momentum and lands heavily on the mat below, hard on her shoulder. She feels it and tries to recover, she eventually does so, shaking lose the cobwebs and sees Beth coming towards her. In desperation, Maryse kicks out at Beth catching her in the back, and SHOULDER THRUSTING HER BACK INTO THE SIDE OF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Maryse breathes heavily, kneeling on the ground recovering while Beth holds onto her back on the mat. The champion reaches down and pulls Phoenix to her feet and grabs her by the back of the head and propels her into the ring apron! Maryse pulls her around the ring and THROWS HER INTO THE BARRICADE!

Maryse isn’t done however, the Diva pulls Phoenix to her feet and smashes her face into the Steel Steps! Phoenix collapses into a seated position next to the steps, and the champion turns her around and places her left leg propped up against the steps, and she ABSOLUTELY CRUSHES IT WITH A RUNNING BOOT!

With the referee nearly counting them out, Maryse throws Beth into the ring and scampers into a cover... 1... 2... NO! The Sultry Diva doesn’t waste time, she picks Beth up and Irish-whips her into the corner and follows her in, she grabs Beth’s leg and wraps it around the second rope. Beth tries to stop her but Maryse wrenches it around the ropes, the referee takes action and pulls Maryse off, the cheeky ref cops a feel before Maryse extends a hand into his face. Maryse turns her attention back to Beth, and kicks the leg which is still wrapped around the rope!

Maryse looks Beth in the eye before grabbing her by the neck and flipping her with a Snapmare take down. The current Undisputed Women’s Champion stands above Beth and shows off her body, getting some good heat from the women and some wolf whistles from the men, she walks around Beth’s body and then drops a knee on the leg! Maryse again takes in the atmosphere and gets the crowd to hate her even more as she walks around the ring, parading herself. She turns back to Beth who is clutching her leg, Maryse takes advantage showing off the extra training she has been doing and LOCKING IN A CLOVERLEAF SUBMISSION!

Maryse smiles as she feels Phoenix trying to clutch for anything beneath her, she wrenches it harder – inflicting more pain which can be told through the facial expressions of the challenger. The referee does his job and checks on her, asking if she wants to quit, but the heart shows through and she says no. Maryse meanwhile tries to up the pressure, tightening the hold to a scream from her rival, music to her ears. Again, the referee asks, but the answer is still the same, she isn’t giving up and uses all the strength in her arms to crawl and crawl, eventually getting within an fingers length of the ropes, SHE REACHES OUT... ONE LAST DESPERATE REACH... AND SHE GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!

Despair for Maryse, she thought she had the match won, but the ordeal isn’t for Phoenix as Maryse drags her into the centre of the ring, and crushes her neck with a leg drop before going for the cover... 1 ... 2 ... NO! Again, Maryse thought she had it won, so she takes it up with the referee who stands firm and emphatically shouts ‘2’. The current champion senses the time is nearly here to end it, so she pulls Beth to her feet and Irish-whips her, Beth rebounds off the ropes but ultimately falls victim TO A SPINNING BACKBREAKER! Is it over... 1... 2... ANOTHER KICK OUT!

Frustration starts to take hold as the champion punches the mat, Phoenix tries to regain her strength but when she climbs to her knees, Maryse pushes her back down and STEPS ONTO HER AND LOCKS IN A CAMEL CLUTCH! But instead of holding it, Maryse rolls backwards, still on Phoenix, and grabs her leg and locks it in a leg lock. The pain sears through the leg of the challenger, but she doesn’t tap out, she shows the heart and determination which got her to the championship in the first place. The heart comes through once more as Beth sits up, reaches over and smashes Maryse in the face with a right fist, and the champion breaks the hold.

Beth tries to gather some momentum, climbing to her feet and going for a clothesline but in Matrix style, Maryse dodges. She then kicks the challenger and Irish-whips her into the turnbuckle. Finally though, Beth gets some offense in as she elbows Maryse as she goes for a splash, and then continues with a couple more shots. But when Beth goes for another running clothesline... MARYSE DUCKS... AND HITS HER WITH THE FRENCH TKO FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! Maryse crawls to the cover, looking for a huge a win... 1 ... 2 ... NO! BETH GETS HER FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE... SAVING HER CHAMPIONSHIP HOPES!

Maryse thinks she’s won but then sees the foot on the bottom rope and gets in the face of the referee, telling him that it should be over, Beth uses the ropes to get to her feet, still feeling the effects of the TKO and the leg damage. Maryse turns around, into a kick from Phoenix, and Beth grabs her and HOISTS HER UP FOR THE GLAM SLAM... BUT HER LEG BUCKLES FROM UNDERNEATH HER! And Maryse takes complete advantage... LOCKING IN THE FRENCH FIGURE FOUR! She wrenches and wrenches her modified Figure Four Leg Lock until eventually Beth has no choice but to tap out!


Maryse slowly climbs off Beth and demands the referee to fetch her championship, and he does so, handing it to the champion who walks over to the ropes and flips her hair before holding the title above her head. Maryse takes a glance at Phoenix who is writhing in pain on the mat, before stepping out of the ring and heading up the ramp.

Michael Cole: A very accomplished performance by the current champion.

Mick Foley: The way she dissected the leg of Beth was something to behold, Michael, and it might just be true, y’know?

Michael Cole: What?

Mick Foley: On the back of this performance, she might just be the best Diva in the WWE right now.

The referee helps Phoenix to her feet but she pushes him away, and walks on her own accord.

*Backstage – Interview Area*

Yup, it’s interview time and none other than Josh Matthews is waiting for us, he stands with that grin on his face waiting for his cue.

Josh Matthews: Please welcome my guest at this time... TJ Perkins.

~ Yes, right on cue, the camera pans out and we see none other than TJ Perkins standing beside Josh.

TJ Perkins: Hey man.

Josh Matthews: And TJ, you are competing in a match tonight against Montel Vontavious Porter, but before we get to that, I wanted to ask you – a lot of people have nicknamed you The Puma, care to explain why that is?

~ A smirk comes across the face of TJ as Josh puts the mic underneath his mouth...

TJ Perkins: Well, it’s funny, before I joined the WWE, I used to compete under a mask and my ring name at the time was Puma. It just stuck, and the reason I guess people have labelled me that in the WWE is because they’ve seen how dangerous, and how quick I am in that ring.

~ Perkins smirks as the fans give him a solid pop...

Josh Matthews: Alright, well you joined the WWE a few weeks ago, and already you’ve competed against some of the best and on Pay-per-view, and tonight you’ll compete against MVP... thoughts?

~ Again, Josh thrusts the mic under TJ’s mouth...

TJ Perkins: Yeah, I joined a few weeks ago after impressing the one and only Ric Flair-

~ TJ’s cut off as a huge ‘woo’ sounds off which he nods at...

TJ Perkins: Ric signed me to a contract and thrust me into action against Jack Swagger. When I was wrestling all over the world, my dream was to be a WWE Superstar, a lot of people told me I wouldn’t make it because of my size. But y’know what Josh? I proved them all wrong, I’m not your typical muscle bound Superstar, but guys like Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair proved you don’t need to be built like Hulk Hogan or Brock Lesnar to succeed.

~ Huge pop for the mention of Hogan and UFC’s Brock Lesnar...

TJ Perkins: And to stay in the WWE, I gotta’ compete and win. Tonight I compete against MVP, and y’know what, I’m lookin’ forward to it, I came to compete against the best and that’s just what I’m gonna’ do. In fact... not only am I gonna’ compete t’night... I’m gonna’ win.

Josh Matthews: Thank you for your time.

TJ slaps Matthews on the shoulder before turning away from him and walking off, going to get prepared for his big match later on tonight.



Michael Cole: It’s true ladies and gentleman, in just four weeks time, the WWE will be invading the United Kingdom as RAW presents WWE Fully Loaded, and I can’t wait for that partner.

Mick Foley: I love the UK, Michael, they really don’t see a lot of the WWE live so whenever we go there we always know we’ll get a hot crowd.

Michael Cole: Well, they’ll get a good amount of WWE during that week, as we kick of our European Tour in the UK for Fully Loaded in the 02 Arena before heading all over Europe, with live shows scheduled for England, Scotland, Spain and Italy, it’s gonna’ be a hell of a month.


Speaking of the UK, England and Scotland’s own WWE Superstars walk onto the stage, William Regal and his Intercontinental Title around his shoulder while Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness has their new World Tag Team Championships around their stomachs. Regal’s sporting a pretty suave suit while the other two have gone for a more casual look, in ring gear and tee’s which say something about The Ruthless Monarchy. The threesome reach the bottom off the ramp, and survey the arena before settling into the ring.

Michael Cole: Last night, The Ruthless Monarchy managed to win both the Intercontinental Championship and the World Tag Team Titles – a great night for them, but it wasn’t without suspicious circumstances.

Mick Foley: I watched last night, and credit to Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness, they won the championships by their own accord without help from Regal or that unknown man who we are yet to hear about.

Michael Cole: That unknown man you speak of interfered in the Steel Cage match last night, stopping Rey Mysterio from retaining his title via escaping the cage.

Mick Foley: I just hope we find out more about this.

Ask and you shall receive, Mick.

Drew McIntyre: A few months back...


Drew McIntyre: A couple of months ago, this man right here...

~ Drew nods to Regal who nods back...

Drew McIntyre: Mr. Regal recruited myself and Nigel to his group, with the promise of winning championship gold... and he kept his promise.

~ Drew smirks while Nigel points towards his belt around his waist, while the crowd let them know what they think...

Nigel McGuiness: That’s right, we are the new World Tag Team Champions. And we took these coveted titles from a couple of low life criminals... who didn’t deserve to hold these.

~ Regal and Drew nod at this statement while Nigel smirks...

Drew McIntyre: We (points at Nigel and then at himself) are just another great team in a long line of fantastic tag teams.

Nigel McGuiness: With one key difference... we are better than all of them. The Hardy Boyz (good amount of cheers despite knowing we will never see them again), Edge and Christian (another good pop for the popular Canadians), The Legion of Doom (extremely good pop) and many other teams, none hold a candle to us.

~ Crowd react with a massive amount of heat...

Drew McIntyre: And we owe everything... to this man (points at Regal).

~ Regal thanks Drew while the crowd give them heat and now it’s Regal’s time to speak...

William Regal: Thank you. Last night ladies and gentleman, was a great- no it was a glorious night for every British person across the world. The Monarchy is now laden in gold, just like the beautiful country of the United Kingdom is.

~ The American crowd doesn’t like this, Regal shakes his head...

William Regal: Now... it is that example of disrespect which is why we cannot wait until the WWE leaves these America for brighter shores in four weeks time. In just four weeks time, the WWE is taking their flagship show to the UK, where we will be shown the respect that we deserve.

~ Nigel and Drew nod in approval...

William Regal: Last night, just like Drew and Nigel did, I won championship gold by defeating one Rey Mysterio.

~ Huge pop for the mention of Rey...

William Regal: Very soon... I... no... we will walk into our country... covered in gold. When I walk in as Intercontinental Champion, it is then where I will re-activate the glorious and prestigious European Championship and become the Eurocontinental Champion.

~ Regal grins...

William Regal: But, there is a man I have to thank for last night, you must understand that this man was simply a back up, incase... on the off chance... Rey Mysterio would succeed in escaping the cage. Without further ado... from Preston, England... he is a champion bareknuckle fighter... please welcome to the Monarchy... WADE BARRETT!


For someone so new to the WWE, Wade Barrett gets an absolute disgusting amount of heat, the newest member of the Monarchy strides out wearing a tee with the arms cut off. Barrett, wearing black and gold trunks, takes in the atmosphere, nods at Regal and his new cohorts before setting off down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Listen to this reaction, Mick. This is what happens when you screw someone so popular as Rey Mysterio.

Mick Foley: Yeah these fans are really giving this Wade Barrett a piece of their minds, and for good reason, Michael.

Barrett jogs up the steel steps, climbs into the ring, shakes hands with Drew, Nigel and then finally Regal before being handed a microphone from him – he stands in the centre of the ring, waiting for the fans to shut up.

Wade Barrett: Allow me to-

~ Wade doesn’t even get a chance to speak before the boos reign down on him, Nigel and Drew tell the crowd to shut up while Regal presses for Barrett to continue...

Wade Barrett: Y’know somethin’... this is exactly the reaction that Mr. Regal here told me I would get... and frankly... I don’t give a damn.

~ This just spurs the crowd on in their hatred for this man...

Wade Barrett: What Mr. Regal said was true, I am a champion bareknuckle fighter and at one underground fight, I was spotted by him and recruited into this Monarchy. I’ve beaten guys up my whole life... and this will be no different, everyone in the back is put on notice, you step in my- you step in our way we will make sure it is the last thing you do.

~ Regal, Drew and Nigel nod in approval...

Wade Barrett: Regal saw how dangerous I was, on that night I defeated seven other men to win quite a hefty pay check... but it paled in comparison to what I was being offered here.

~ Another nod from Regal...

Wade Barrett: My name is Wade Barrett... and this group right here (Barrett points at everyone) is now the most dangerous group on RAW... the most dangerous group in the WWE. No one, nobody out here, nobody in the back, and certainly not Rey Mysterio can stop us... he found that out the hard way last night.

~ A smirk appears on the face of Wade as he remembers what he did to Rey at Judgment Day... but then suddenly...



The fans nearly take the roof off the arena as the ever popular Rey Mysterio, the former Intercontinental Champion makes an appearance, walking onto the stage, not his usual jovial self – while The Monarchy turn to face the stage, in a line, Regal and Barrett in the middle and Drew and Nigel flanking them.

William Regal: Who the hell do you think you are... if you’re smart you’ll turn around and head backstage, sunshine – unless you want to come down to this ring for another beating?

~ Mysterio surveys the ring, calculating his odds which don’t look good...

Rey Mysterio: I came out here to say somethin’ to you... what you did last night... it was wrong.

~ Regal and Wade glance at each other, holding back laughter...

Rey Mysterio: Un verdadero campeón no recluta a los hombres a hacer el trabajo sucio, el campeonato está manchado.

~ Everyone of The Monarchy mouth ‘what’...

Rey Mysterio: A true champion doesn’t recruit others to do their dirty work... you aren’t a champion Regal... far from it.

William Regal: I hate to break it to you, but this Intercontinental Title shows otherwise.

~ Mysterio smirks, obviously expecting that...

Rey Mysterio: But now that I got what I wanted to say out the way... the second reason I came out here is because I want to fight.

~ This gets a huge pop from the crowd as Rey starts walking down the ramp, Regal the rest of The Monarchy get in position, almost disbelieving that Rey would walk into a cauldron like this... but he stops...

Rey Mysterio: Hold up, just one second... you really think I’d come into that ring when the odds are that stacked against me. Y’see... I brought some back up.

~ Rey points to the stage...



It’s still four against three but that doesn’t stop JTG and Shad, Cryme Tyme sprinting out, to a huge pop, flowing down the ramp, joining Rey who joins the mid-run and the three of them slide into the ring.

WE HAVE A FIGHT ON OUR HANDS! Rey makes a beeline for Regal while JTG takes Nigel out with a takedown and Shad takes on both Wade and Drew on his own – his size helping him! The crowd are going absolutely crazy as lefts and rights are flying everywhere, the momentum swinging between the teams over and over! Eventually, JTG clotheslines Nigel over the top rope, and sees that Shad is in trouble as the two on one has caught up to him! He goes over to help and pulls Nigel off but gets lobbied with a huge uppercut, meanwhile Regal is still being attacked by Rey in the other corner!

Eventually Regal manages to squirm under the bottom rope and out of the ring, while Nigel runs at JTG who pulls the top rope down and he goes tumbling out of it! Meanwhile, we hear a thud and Barrett has planted Shad with a huge big boot! Shad is down but he isn’t out, he gets to his knees while Barrett makes a quick escape and joins his Monarchy stable mates on the ramp.


While the new RAW General Manager, Jerry Lawler gets a good reception, the two teams are still focused on each other, looking like they want to kill each other. Jerry steps onto the stage with a microphone in his hand.

Jerry Lawler: Hold on a second guys! I was watchin’ backstage and wanted to make an announcement, judging my what I just saw, it’s safe to say you all hate each other. So, with that in mind I’ve got a match to make, after the commercial break, Wade Barrett... you will be in action against Cryme Tyme’s Shad!

~ This gets a pretty big pop, as the fans want to see some more action between these teams...

Jerry Lawler: But everyone will be banned from ringside. And another match, since both Cryme Tyme and Rey Mysterio have rematch clauses, in four weeks time... in the United Kingdom... Cryme Tyme will team with Rey to face the World Tag Team Champions and the Intercontinental Champion... in a winner take all six man tag team match!

~ What an announcement from our General Manager who smiles at the thunderous reaction from the crowd...

Jerry Lawler: Now... I want everyone bar Shad and Barrett to leave the ringside area... because we got a match!

Another pop from the crowd as Jerry backs away, pleased with his work tonight.

Michael Cole: What an announcement from our new General Manager – a six man tag team match at Fully Loaded!

Mick Foley Winner take all as well. And what about the match made for right now, Shad and Barrett... I’m extremely interested to see how Barrett will do in a match.

We head to a commercial before the match.

{Commercial Break}


The best show on Monday’s returns and it’s straight to the ring for some action.

Match Three: Singles
Shad vs. Wade Barrett

A solid match between two good men, which was made to make Wade look good on his Monday Night Raw debut. It started out slow, both men feeling each other out, but it picked up towards the latter half of the match when Shad made a come back after suffering for most of the match up to this point. Breaking out of a sleeper hold, Shad came at Barrett with shoulder block after shoulder block, picking up a near fall before connecting with a Powerbomb, only to get another near fall. Shad attempted to end it right there but Barrett stopped him and hoisted him up and brought him back down to earth with what Mick Foley called The Wasteland for the three count!!


Picking up a solid win on his Raw debut, Barrett gets to his feet and walks over to the turnbuckle, climbs up it and raises his arms in the air, before punching his own hand. Wade steps over Shad as he leaves the ring.

Michael Cole: A very solid, impressive Raw debut for this, Wade Barrett.

Mick Foley: An extremely impressive debut, Shad is no slouch and Barrett just defeated him.

*Backstage – Legacy Locker Room*

Indeed, we head backstage where we see the WWE Champion; Randy Orton pacing in the locker room, with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes stood watching him, waiting on a decision.

Cody Rhodes: Well?

~ Orton stops pacing and turns to face the two men...

Randy Orton: Well, what?

Cody Rhodes: Who are you choosin’ to face The Undertaker?

~ Orton glances between Cody and Ted...

Randy Orton: Ted... you’re facing The Undertaker tonight.

~ No emotion from Ted, but Rhodes doesn’t look too pleased...

Cody Rhodes: Hold on, I should be the one who faces Undertaker. Hell, I’ve been on the receiving end of Choke Slams and Tombstones... I deserve this shot at him and-

Randy Orton: Deserve? You don’t deserve anything.

~ Orton gets in the face of Rhodes who doesn’t back down...

Cody Rhodes: Are you kiddin’ me? I’ve took beatings for you, I’ve watched you punt my brother in the head, if anything... I deserve a shot at you.

~ This gets a slight pop from the crowd...

Randy Orton: You want a shot at me? I don’t think you realize what you are saying... just remember before you joined this group, you were teaming with an old hack, and you weren’t going anywhere in this business. Now, you’re in the top group in the WWE, one of the two who are now hand picked to be top stars, and you want to throw that away?

~ Rhodes looks at the ground, thinking...

Randy Orton: Fine, I’ll give you some time to think about that. But I want you to remember this moment, because if you choose to go against me, in a couple of years time you’ll be doing nothing, while Ted here is main eventing WrestleMania’s.

~ Orton smacks Ted on the shoulder who appreciates the compliment...

Randy Orton: I expect your answer later tonight. Come on, Ted.

The WWE Champion brushes past Rhodes who watches him leave, he then looks at Ted who stares at him, he shakes his head and turns to leave, leaving Cody alone in the locker room.

*Backstage – MVP’s Locker Room*

Instead of cutting to the ring or a commercial, it’s another backstage segment where MVP is sat on a steel chair, lacing up his boots while his ‘friend’ and ‘tag team partner’ is pacing behind him.

Mr. Kennedy: That’s what you gotta’ do... watch out for his speed... we know how fast he is. We don’t want you goin’ on another losing streak ya’ know what I’m sayin’? We need to keep our momentum up if we want a shot at the tag team titles, and you beatin’ TJ Perkins is the first step towards that, so you need to get your head in the game and focus.

~ Kennedy continues to speak while MVP still laces up his boots...

Mr. Kennedy: And somethin’ else... Ric Flair told us that we’d be a great tag team and I can see why... I mean... I was the one who snapped you out of that losin’ streak a couple of months back. The way I see it, hey...

~ Kennedy stops pacing and turns to MVP who is now finished lacing up his boots, MVP turns around to face Kennedy and we notice that MVP has a pair of earphones on, this draws laughs from the crowd as Kennedy’s mouth drops and MVP takes them out...

MVP: Uh... sorry, were you sayin’ somethin’?

~ Kennedy almost facepalms...

Mr. Kennedy: Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me? I was doin’ what I done before... y’know givin’ you advice... just like a few months ago when I snapped you out of that losin’ streak.

~ MVP rolls his eyes...

MVP: Aw hell naw man. Will you give it a rest with the losin’ streak, I ended it on my own man, a pep talk from you wasn’t what I needed... and I don’t need one now. I realize how dangerous Perkins will be, but I’m Montel Vontavious Porter... Mr. 305, if anyone can tame The Puma... it’s M... V... P.

~ The crowd say MVP in unison with him...

Mr. Kennedy: That’s cute... but ya know somethin’... it occurs to me that if I hadn’t snapped you out of that losin’ streak then you wouldn’t even be in a job.

~ MVP goes to retort but Kennedy stops him...

Mr. Kennedy: But hey, I’ll stop goin’ on about it because I know how great of a tag team we can be, Ric Flair said it himself... so I’ll let you get ready... I’ll be watchin’ your match. And then afterwards, we’ll set our sights on the tag team titles... and because I’m in the team... we will win them... because my name is MISSSTTTTEEEERRRR... KENNEDDDDYYYYYY!

~ Here it comes...

Mr. Kennedy: Kenneddddyyyy.

MVP doesn’t look to pleased with Kennedy’s cocky attitude towards him as he watches him leave. MVP shakes his head as we head to a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

*Ring Side*


Indeed, the fans go absolutely crazy as one of their favourites steps out from behind the curtain, wearing his usual kit with a ‘HBK’ vest on. Shawn Michaels hops his way down the ramp before kneeling on it and raising his hands in the air, setting off a huge pyrotechnic display behind him. He slaps a few hands afterwards before finishing his journey to the ring.

Michael Cole: It’s the moment all Shawn Michaels fans have been waiting for, after his injury at Backlash, he has returned tonight and looks in fine form, Mick.

Mick Foley: Oh yes, I know Shawn personally, even going so far to sayin’ we are friends, and he said to me earlier that he was so lookin’ forward to getting back in that ring tonight.

In the ring, HBK is stood with a microphone.

Shawn Michaels: Well-

~ He’s cut off by a barrage of HBK chants...

Shawn Michaels: Thank you for that. Y’know, it takes losing the thing you love before you truly realize how much you love it... and that thing is... this. All of you, every night I came out here and had your support, and tonight is no difference... and I thank you all for that.

~ The fans applaud and Michaels replies in kind by applauding them...

Shawn Michaels: I did... I truly missed coming out and performing... putting on a show that only good ol’ HBK can.

~ Lots of cheers...

Shawn Michaels: That’s right... The Showstoppa’, The Main Event... Mister WrestleMania is back... and he’s better than ever.

~ Another batch of cheers for Michaels...

Shawn Michaels: When I was sat on my couch watching everythin’ which was goin’ on, it was then I realized that this is my life. I can’t do anything else... this is me. I watched with envy at everyone else coming out here and ‘rasslin’ in this ring.

~ Michaels pauses, thinking of what to say next...

Shawn Michaels: But I did watch one person with interest... and that man’s name is... The Undertaker.

~ Huge pop for the mention of ‘The Deadman’...

Shawn Michaels: I sat in San Antonio and watched him... I went back and watched the WrestleMania match over and over... I think I actually lost count.

~ Michaels pauses...

Shawn Michaels: And when I was watching... I realized what went wrong. I realized that it was one... one tiny mistake which cost me ending The Deadman’s streak.

~ Bit of a mixed reaction...

Shawn Michaels: One mistake, if not for that mistake then I’d have ended the streak. And I know that I can defeat The Undertaker, I know he knows it too, and I guess it’s lucky that he was drafted to Raw because that means one thing...

~ HBK turns to the stage...

Shawn Michaels: Undertaker... I’m challen-


He drops down onto him like a Lion hunting its prey, he clubs away at the back of The Heartbreak Kid, before turning him over and going to work on the forehead!

‘This is disgusting!’

The Miz climbs off Michaels and takes his shirt off, and pulls him to his feet before PLANTING HIM WITH THE SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! And he leaves The Heartbreak Kid down and out in the centre of the ring.

‘Did you forget about me, huh?!

Miz kneels down beside Michaels.

‘Forget about The Undertaker because you have me to deal with.’

With the crowd booing him, The Miz gets to his feet and exits the ring, before backing up the ramp, while Michaels lies with his face buried in the mat.

Michael Cole: It seems The Miz has just made a huge statement, attacking Shawn Michaels who I think was in the middle of challenging The Undertaker to a rematch.

Mick Foley: He very well might be, but he has to forget about him because now he has to deal with a fired up Miz.

We fade to a commercial break...

{Commercial Break}



The crowd respond with a solid cheer as TJ Perkins arrives on the stage, he poses for the fans before setting his eyes on the ring.

Michael Cole: TJ Perkins has had a rollercoaster ride of a first month here on Raw, managing to defeat Jack Swagger and then having his fist match on Pay-per-view.

Mick Foley: But he needs to make sure that he keeps his momentum going, and to do that he needs to beat MVP, no easy feat.

*I’m Comin’*

Another good, but louder cheer for the arrival of MVP, who has Mr. Kennedy in toe who seems to be giving him a pep talk but Porter isn’t too pleased with hearing the words. He tries to block Kennedy out as he sets his sights on Perkins.

Michael Cole: After the advice of Ric Flair, MVP and Kennedy have been working as a team, but it seems MVP is getting tired of Kennedy’s cocky attitude.

Mick Foley: I can see why, it seems he won’t stop goin’ on about MVP’s losing streak that he is on.

Match Four: Singles
MVP w/Mr. Kennedy vs. TJ Perkins

This match was all about the styles meshing together, and it did just that as MVP and Perkins put on a top quality match. With Kennedy playing cheerleader at ringside, MVP took advantage early on, wearing down TJ, by attacking his legs to take out his high flying arsenal. Kennedy continued to cheer MVP on, but with a hint of cockiness, and you could see MVP was getting tired of it. Eventually, TJ found a way back into the match, connecting with a few stiff kicks and then going all out with some of his best moves including a standing corkscrew moonsault and a front chancery suplex which got a near fall. Kennedy was shaking his head and face palming at everything that happened to MVP, but he managed to get into the match once again, and looked to end it with The Ballin’ Elbow but TJ rolled out the way and hit a Roundhouse kick, and then went to the top rope and connected with the 450 Splash.


A huge victory for the newest member of the Raw roster, and he knows it as he slowly gets to his feet, and poses for the crowd on the turnbuckle. MVP manages to get to his feet and TJ drops down, turns around to face MVP who extends his hand and the two men shake each others hands in a show of respect.

Michael Cole: Great show of respect between these two athletes after a great match, but ladies and gentleman we aren’t done tonight because after the commercial break The Undertaker will take on Ted DiBiase and we are still to get Cody Rhodes answer to Randy Orton’s question. Join us after this break.

While we head to a commercial, we see MVP walking up the ramp with Kennedy beside him, who continues to tell MVP not to worry about it, everyone loses now and again, but Porter rolls his eyes at his ‘friend’.

{Commercial Break}


*New Day*

A good sized amount of heat is directed at Ted DiBiase who walks onto the stage without either Randy Orton or Cody Rhodes.

Michael Cole: Despite facing The Undertaker here tonight, Ted DiBiase looks very calm and collected.

Mick Foley: And that might be why Randy Orton chose him to face The Deadman.

*Graveyard Symphony*

The roof nearly comes off as The Deadman slowly walks onto the stage, and The Undertaker continues his way down the ramp, his gaze set on the ring.

Michael Cole: The entrance never fails to send shivers down my spine.

Mick Foley: I’ve been in that ring when that gong hits and The Undertaker walks out, and it’s very intimidating.

Main Event: Singles
The Undertaker vs. Ted DiBiase

This match started off slow, with DiBiase ducking from The Undertaker’s advances before cheating to get ahead. Ted was on top for most of the match, without the help of his Legacy brethren but The Deadman made a comeback the only way he knows how. Taking it to the son of the Million Dollar Man and attempting to put him away with The Last Ride but the WWE Champion, Randy Orton appeared, sprinting down the ramp and jumping onto the apron. The Undertaker put DiBiase down and smashed Orton in the face with a right fist, but then Ted attempted to hit Dream Street, only for ‘Taker to counter into the Choke Slam for the win!


The Undertaker has done it! Despite interference from the WWE Champion, he is now headed to Fully Loaded to face Randy Orton!

Michael Cole: There we have it folks-

Michael stops in his tracks as Orton blindsides ‘Taker, forcing him into the corner and pounding on him with right fists. But, The Undertaker manages to power out, forcing his rival back a few paces, and then grabbing him by the throat!


He grabs Undertaker from behind and MANAGES TO PLANT HIM WITH CROSSRHODES!

‘God damn it’

‘It seems we have Rhodes’ answer’

Rhodes and the current WWE Champion awkwardly stare at each other, and eventually Ted DiBiase is back on his feet watching his two stable mates facing off. Eventually though... the two men shake hands and seemingly making amends from earlier on!

The last thing we see as the broadcast goes on the air if Legacy, united, standing over The Undertaker with no commentary and the crowd booing them loudly.

End Show

Location: O2 Arena: London – England
Date: 28/06/09

WWE Championship
WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker


Intercontinental Championship + World Tag Team Championship
The Ruthless Monarchy © vs. Rey Mysterio & Cryme Tyme

I'll be the first to admit that this isn't my best show, in fact - I think it's possibly the worst one I've posted in this thread. Something just didn't feel right when I read back through it, but to be completely honest, I can't be bothered deleting it and writing a completely new show. So, I pressed on with coding this, and while I think the writing isn't that great, it gets me from point A to point B.

Also, I get that some people might find the appointment of Jerry Lawler as Raw General Manager a bit of a boring choice, but right now for what I have planned, I need a GM who will be in the background and not be in the spotlight as opposed to what Raw's had in the past. Enjoy.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

In some huge news, we’ve heard that Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart has been signed to a WWE contract for a couple of appearances. This has come to a surprise to everyone as Bret, Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon still have legitimate heat over the Montreal Screwjob incident. But Shawn Michaels is said to be willing to bury the hatchet, and was all for Bret making a return, but Vince was more apprehensive, apparently he had to be convinced by many backstage to allow it to happen. We’re not sure if this will result in a Bret/McMahon or a Bret/Michaels feud, or even if it is just to manage or put over The Hart Dynasty who are scheduled for a debut in the coming month.

On the subjects of pushes, it seems the plan is for The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson to drop the WWE Tag Team Titles soon so Kendrick can move back to the singles division. Kendrick and Jackson was never earmarked for being a long reign but needs must, luckily the tag division is starting to fill out now with the arrival of Daniel Bryan and Kaval, and the upcoming debut of The Hart Dynasty. Officials are said to be extremely pleased with Kendrick’s work and with the gimmick he has, the sky’s the limit.

We have received word that a number of wrestlers have been signed to WWE contracts, these are as follows:
Former ROH Tag Team Champion – Tyler Black
Mexican Superstar – Mistico
The first ever Shimmer Champion – Sara Del Rey
Former World Tag Team Champion – Chris Masters
Former TNA Knockout - Jamie Szantyr aka Velvet Sky

Masters is expected to re debut rather soon, but will more than likely be used as an enhancement talent for the current Stars. All of the other three have been sent to WWE’s developmental for a few months to learn the WWE style and to get rid of any ring rust. Mistico still has a few dates in Mexico to complete as does Tyler Black in the USA.

Rumour is that Tyler Black, despite his age, is expected for a call up after Summerslam, and is expected to be involved in the current Kane angle. Mistico on the other hand, is expected to be used in a more traditional sense, with the rumours swirling that the WWE are about to re-activate the Cruiserweight Title, Mistico would be a perfect fit on SmackDown, and as always there is the dream match of Mysterio vs. Mistico.

WWE have released their upcoming PPV/Notable Show schedule for the next wrestling calendar year, and you’ll notice that WWE have reverted to single branded PPV’s, which are as follows:

WWE Fully Loaded
28th June 09 – O2 Arena – London, United Kingdom

WWE The Bash
12th July 09 – ARCO Arena – Sacramento, California

WWE Vengeance
26th July 09 – Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

WWE Summerslam
30th August – Staples Center – Los Angeles, California

WWE No Mercy
27th September – Bell Centre – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

WWE Unforgiven
18th October 09 – Prudential Center – Newark, New Jersey

SmackDown Invades Raw
Special Three Hour Raw Super Show
26th October 09 – Madison Square Garden – New York City, New York

WWE Survivor Series
22nd November 09 – Verizon Center – Washington, D.C

WWE Armageddon
13th December 09 – AT&T Center – San Antonio, Texas

Monday Night Raw – Slammy Awards
14th December 09

WWE New Years Revolution
3rd January 10 – Phillips Arena – Atlanta Georgia

WWE Royal Rumble
31st January 10 – Madison Square Garden – New York City, New York

WWE No Way Out
21st February 10 – Scottrade Center – St. Louis, Missouri

4th April 10 – Location TBA

WWE Superstars – 04 June, 09

The opening video of WWE Superstars plays and we cut into the arena where Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show. They run down the card including a main event of Bobby Lashley versus Vladimir Kozlov.

In the ring, stands Jimmy Yang, waiting for his opponent.


What?? Despite not receiving such a big welcome back, The Masterpiece Chris Masters, makes his return to the WWE, walking out onto the stage, and getting a few boos. Masters does his usual stuff on the top of the ramp before setting his eyes on Yang. The commentators acted shock that Chris Masters is back, but we are told that he is indeed a Raw Superstar, signed back by Jerry Lawler.

Match One: Singles Match
Chris Masters vs. Jimmy Yang
This is basically a squash match which is designed to make Masters look good in his return to the WWE. He runs through his arsenal of moves, showing off some new moves too and Jimmy Wang sells them like a champ’. Despite it being a match to make Masters look good, Wang gets a couple seconds of offense in before Chris took complete control, working over Wang before pinning Jimmy Wang with a Gorilla Press Drop/Forward Slam combination, which the commentators dub MasterSlam.
Winner – Chris Masters @3.36
Making his comeback tonight, Chris Masters picks up an impactful win over Jimmy Wang, who surprisingly put up a bit of a fight. Masters shows off his muscles before grabbing Wang again, and locking in the Masterlock, to which the crowd boo extremely loudly. Eventually, he lets go and backs away from Jimmy, before walking up the ramp.

Commercial Break


~ Jerry Lawler being announced as the new General Manager
~ Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes arguing backstage
~ The Undertaker earning a WWE Championship via defeating Ted DiBiase
~ Cody Rhodes attacking ‘Taker and Legacy standing tall


Returning to Superstars, we’re backstage where Matt Striker is waiting.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentleman ... my guest tonight is a former ECW Champion and a former United States Champion ... I give to you ... The Real Deal ... Bobby Lashley.

Getting a good pop from the crowd, Lashley enters the shot, all smiles.

Matt Striker: Bobby ... you are in the main event tonight against someone who has made your life hell over the past month ... Vladimir Kozlov ... your thoughts??

Lashley thinks for a moment.

Bobby Lashley: Matt ... t’night ... I’m not just gonna’ beat Kozlov ... I’m gonna’ make sure I never have to deal with him again.


Bobby Lashley: Now ... this can’t be just a singles match ... we’ve had a singles match ... it’s been done Matt. We’ve also had a Street Fight ... we need to up the ante t’night.

Lashley turns to the camera, the smile gone from his face.

Bobby Lashley: Kozlov ... if you have the GUTS ... then you will accept my challenge ... to a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!!

Massive pop from the crowd while Matt’s eyes widen.

Bobby Lashley: I-


The crowd boo immensely as Kozlov smashes Lashley into the wall, head first! He stands above Lashley and screams “challenge accepted!” as we head back to ringside.

The commentators hype the Last Man Standing match before the next match can begin.


The Fighting Irishman receives a respectful pop from the crowd as he walks out onto the stage, trusty weapon in hand. [COLOR="DarkOrange)"]Finlay[/COLOR] looks around the arena for a couple seconds before walking down the ramp and climbing into the ring.

Commercial Break


Oh this is gonna’ be good, exclaims JBL as Daniel Bryan, without Kaval or AJ Lee walks out from behind the ramp. He looks at Finlay before walking down the ramp, and interacting with some fans.

Match Two: Singles Match
Daniel Bryan vs. Finlay

The referee calls for the bell and the two men stay in their corners for a couple of moments, sizing up the man on the opposite side. Eventually, the two walk out from their corners and then circle the ring ... they keep circling until they lock up ... but Bryan ducks behind ... clasping his hands around the stomach of Finlay ... but he has a counter as he reaches up behind him and flips Daniel over his head!!

The two men lock up again, but Finlay grab the arm of Bryan ... before twisting and wrenching it ... twice over ... but Daniel flips forward ... his hand still in the grasp of Finlay ... but then straight after flipping he FALLS TO THE GROUND ... PULLING FINLAY AND FLIPPING HIM!

It’s a stalemate in the early going ... and the fans react with a respectful clap. Bryan wipes his mouth while they circle and they lock up once more but this time Finlay knees him just before ... grabs his arm and twists it around into a hammer lock!! Pushing the arm further up his back ... causing Bryan to wince in pain ... and then the Irishman puts his foot on the back knee of his opponent ... pushing him down to one knee and then pushing the other one down! Finlay then lowers Bryan onto the mat, stomach first!

Finlay keeps a hold of the arm, wrenching it every couple of seconds but Bryan manages to get up a little bit, and twist around so he’s in a seated position, while Finlay still keeps a hold of the arm. Bryan bends his legs and pushes himself to his feet, forcing Finlay up as well. With his free arm, he reaches up to Finlay’s neck and bends down ... flipping his opponent over once more but he doesn’t waste time ... diving on Finlay and locking in a side headlock.

This keeps Finlay down for a bit but eventually Finlay manages to get to his feet, he backs Bryan onto the ropes and pushes him to the other side. Bryan rebounds but he connects with a shoulder block which puts Finlay down ... he sets off running again while Finlay transitions onto his stomach ... Daniel hops over ... but gets caught with a deep arm drag on his way back!

Finlay keeps a hold of the arm, and then locking in a seated abdominal stretch. The referee checks on Bryan who tells him he doesn’t want to give up, Finlay takes a few seconds to slap the exposed side of his opponent. Bryan gets a second wind, stretching his legs out and pushing against the mat, pushing Finlay over onto his back and the referee begins counting, 1 ... 2 ... Finlay has to let go of the hold!

The two men get to their feet, Bryan taking a little longer and receives a huge knee to the gut before being the victim of a snap suplex and then a cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Bryan kicks out and while Finlay looks at the referee ... Bryan reaches up out of nowhere and grabs Finlay by the arm and pulls him down onto his stomach .. before turning him onto his stomach and locking in an arm bar!!

But Finlay twists around, and flips over, flipping over Bryan which makes him break the hold. The two men climb to their feet, with Daniel smashing Finlay with a stiff uppercut and backing him into the corner with punches. With the Irishman in the corner, Bryan tallies off with a bunch of stiff kicks to the side and then to the legs.

Bryan grabs Finlay’s arm and Irish-whips him into the opposite corner ... but Finlay reverses ... but Bryan runs up the turnbuckle ... AND FLIPS OVER AN ONCOMING FINLAY!! As soon as Bryan lands he runs away from Finlay, rebounding off the ropes and SMASHING FINLAY IN THE FACE WITH A DIVING FOREARM!! Bryan goes for the cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!!

Bryan pulls Finlay to his feet but the Irishman breaks Bryan’s arms away and knees him in the gut, clubs his opponent in the back and then drops to his knees. Finlay runs past Bryan and hits a running back knee to the back of Bryan’s head!! Cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Finlay looks at the referee again but turns his attention to his opponent rather quickly. He Irish-whips Daniel into the corner, but with extra force which means Bryan whiplashes in the corner and falls to his knees.

The Irishman walks over to Daniel and lifts him to his feet, he hits a couple of right punches before Irish-whipping his opponent into the opposite corner!! Finlay backs into his corner and explodes out from it ... running towards Bryan ... but he gets TWO FEET UP!! BUT FINLAY CATCHES HIS FEET ON HIS SHOULDERS ... THEN THROWS HIS LEGS OUT OF THE RING AND BRYAN CRASHES TO THE MAT!!

The crowd gasp as Bryan smashes into the paper thin mat and lies limp. Finlay stares down at him for a moment before climbing down from the ring. The referee begins counting them out as the Irishman pulls Bryan to his feet and hits him with an uppercut which sends him backwards into the barricade. He leans on the barricade and watches as Finlay walks over to him, but he quickly catches him with a kick to the gut and then shoulder thrusts him into the ring apron!!

Finlay leans on the apron, feeling his back, in so much pain but Bryan doesn’t let up, he quickly slides into the ring and rebounds off the opposite of the ring ... RUNNING AT FINLAY ... AND SMASHING HIM IN THE BACK WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE!! And the Irishman careens forward into the black barricade!!

Bryan sits on the apron regaining his breath. Eventually, he walks over to his opponent and pulls him to his feet and slides him into the ring before going for a cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Bryan looks at the referee who assures him it was a two count. Bryan turns around and waits for Finlay to get to his feet, and then Bryan goes behind him and LOCKS IN AN OCTOPUS HOLD!!

Bryan tries to wear his opponent down, using the move to get Finlay onto his knees, but Finlay shows incredible strength by standing up and falling backwards, onto Daniel ... but hurting himself in the first place!

Both men lie on the mat with Finlay getting to his feet first, picking Daniel up soon after and Irish-whipping him before connecting with a drop toe hold. Finlay keeps a hold of Bryan’s leg, and place him in a way so they can’t spring out while he LOCKS IN A SURFBORAD!! Pulling Bryan back before pulling back into the air!

The referee sees that Finlay’s shoulders are down and starts counting, 1 ... 2 ... Finlay manages to push himself off the mat but still holding the Surfboard in. This combination continues for at least a minute before Finlay decides to let go. The Irishman picks Bryan up and Irish-whips him into the corner ... but Bryan runs up the turnbuckle and tries to flip over Finlay again ... but the Irishman saw it coming and stopped running ... when Bryan lands he turns around right into a running shoulder block!!

Cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Instead of wasting time, he picks Bryan up and pulls him into the corner, Finlay climbs onto the second rope with his arm wrapped around Bryan’s neck ... AND GOES FOR A TORNADO DDT ... BUT BRYAN MANAGES TO THROW FINLAY OFF BEFORE HE HITS IT!! The crowd pop for this as Finlay lands on his stomach while Bryan slumps in the corner, worn out from the match.

Finlay climbs up to his feet ... but Bryan sprints forward and jumps into Finlay ... LOCKING IN A GULLOTINE CHOKE!! Bryan tightens the hold which puts Finlay down to his knees, and he eventually collapses to the ground. Bryan’s on the bottom but manages to keep one shoulder off the ground which stops the ref’ from counting. The referee checks on Finlay who seems to be fading fast.

The Irishman reaches out for anything, even grabbing the ref by the shirt at one point. Eventually Finlay shows enough ring awareness to crawl backwards, dragging Bryan along and getting A FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!!

Bryan lets go of the hold, turns Finlay onto his back and goes for a cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Shoulder shoots up! Bryan crawls to the ropes and uses them to get to his feet, he turns to Finlay who is on his knees. Bryan bounces off the ropes AND SMASHES INTO FINLAY WITH A RUNNING FRONT LOW DROP KICK!! Another cover, 1 ... 2 ... ANOTHER KICK OUT!!

Bryan grabs Finlay again, pulling him to his feet and then Irish-whips him into the corner. Bryan follows in quickly with a running clothesline, Finlay staggers forward but Bryan pulls him back into the corner!! Bryan climbs onto the second rope and reign down on Finlay’s forehead with punch after punch, the fans counting along with him! He manages to get to ten and stops, dropping down from his position on the second rope, walking away from Finlay and pointing to the sky.

Bryan turns to Finlay again and knees him in the stomach before lifting him onto the top rope! Daniel makes sure Finlay won’t fight back by hitting a couple of punches, he then climbs onto the second rope, wraps Finlay’s arm around his neck ... STANDS ON THE TOP ROPE ... AND SUPERPLEX’S HIS OPPONENT DOWN TO THE MAT!! THE CROWD REACTING WITH A MASSIVE CHEER!!

The referee begins counting them both out as both don’t move, the referee gets to six, but Bryan stops the count by twisting over and draping an arm over the chest of his opponent, 1 ... 2 ... KICK OUT!!

The fans react in shock, thinking it was over at that very moment. Bryan rolls onto his back, staring up into the ceiling, he turns onto his stomach and pushes himself up. Once he’s on his feet, he grabs Finlay by the head and pulls him up, teeing off on him with stiff kicks, pushing him back to ropes, before Irish-whipping him, Finlay rebounds into a running knee, flipping over the knee!! Bryan climbs to the top rope, wasting no time, waiting for Finlay to get up, and he goes for a flying cross body ... but Finlay rolls through and manages to keep a hold of Bryan ... BEFORE SMASHING HIM WITH A FALL AWAY SLAM!!

Finlay slowly goes for the cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! The fans pop at the kick out while Finlay pounds the mat in frustration. The Irishman decides to slow things down by locking in a sleeper hold, which actually gets some boos as they want some more action. Finlay ignores them, and wrenches the sleeper hold, choking the life force out of his opponent.

Daniel looks out, his neck has gone limp and the referee begins checking on him, pulling his arm up ... AND IT GOES DOWN ... he does it again ... IT GOES DOWN ... the third and final time ... THE ARM STAYS UP!!!

The crowd respond with a huge pop which fires Bryan up even more, shaking his fist as he transitions to his side and then to his feet. Finlay switches to a side headlock but he is still pushed back into the ropes and sent to the opposite, rebounding off and straight into a deep arm drag. Finlay gets up quickly, runs at Bryan, but gets caught with a hip toss this time!!

Finlay stays down for a moment, before getting to his knees, but Bryan smashes into him with a running knee to a pop and goes for the cover, 1 ... 2 ... THIS MATCH CONTINUES!! Bryan asks the referee, standing up and getting in his face before turning back to Finlay ... but GETTING CAUGHT IN A SMALL PACKAGE!! 1 ... 2 ... NO!!!

Both men get up at the same time but Finlay catches Bryan with a knee to the gut, goes for a right hand but Bryan ducks and tees off with stiff kicks once more. Before hitting a HUGE ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE TEMPLE ... FINLAY’S OUT .. .COVER ... 1 ... 2 ... NO!!!!

Again, Bryan argues with the referee, turns back to Finlay and pulls him to his feet, but Finlay catches him with a huge knee to the stomach. He irish-whips Bryan who ducks a clothesline attempt ... rebounds off the ropes ... AND GOES FOR A CROSS BODY ... BUT FINLAY CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR ... BEFORE LIFTING HIM ONTO HIS SHOULDER ... ROLLING HILLS!!!! COVER!! IT’S OVER!!! 1 ... 2 ... NO!!! BRYAN KICKS OUT!!!

The crowd react with a massive cheer, amazed that Bryan managed to kick out of one of Finlay’s best moves. The two men lie on the mat beside each other, tired as hell before Finlay climbs to his feet and says it’s time to end it! He reaches down and pulls Bryan to his feet, but the smaller man breaks Finlay’s arms away and hits a back kick before setting off running towards the ropes ... bouncing off them but runs right into a stiff kick!!


Winner: Daniel Bryan @ 19.12
An absolutely brilliant match, Bryan let’s go of the Lebell Lock straight away and can’t even get to his feet, too tired to even move. The referee points at him as Justin announces him as the winner. The referee helps Finlay out of the ring and tends to him on the outside while Daniel begins to climb to his feet.


The two of them pounding on him with stomps and punches ... until ...


Kaval slides into the ring and is met by Hawkins, but Kaval takes him down to the ground and a brawl breaks out between them on the mat. They eventually brawl to the outside, but Ryder is still attacking Bryan in the corner.

But now, AJ LEE is in the ring, she walks over to Ryder and grabs him from behind ... but Ryder turns around AND LAYS HER OUT WITH A RIGHT HAND!!

The crowd shit on him so much as he says he thought it was Kaval ... speak of the devil ... Kaval slides into the ring and chases Ryder off before kneeling beside AJ. Hawkins joins Ryder on the ramp as they walk away, Hawkins seems pleased by Ryder can’t believe he just hit a women. Cole runs Ryder down for that, while Kaval checks on AJ, Bryan recovers and now notices what has happened.

Commercial Break

Back from the commercial, we’re backstage where Katie Lea is deep in conversation with ... Drew McIntyre?? We can’t hear what they are talking about but they are interrupted when the ever nosy Matt Striker buts in.

Matt Striker: Uh ... sorry to interrupt ... I was wondering if I could get a quick word with you, Katie?

Katie nods at Matt and she and Drew go their separate ways.

Matt Striker: In just a few short moments ... you go one on one with Gail Kim ... which could go a long way in determining Maryse’s next challenger ... your thoughts??

Katie takes the microphone.

Katie Lea: My thoughts?? My thoughts ... the way I see it ... Maryse has only got a couple more weeks as the Undisputed Women’s Champion. And the one who is gonna’ end her reign ... it isn’t Gail Kim ... or Mickie James ... it’s gonna’ be me.

Little bit of heat.

Katie Lea: Tonight ... my quest to become Undisputed Women’s Champion begins tonight ... I’m gonna’ beat Gail Kim and then beat whoever else stands in my way until I get Maryse.

Matt asks another question.

Matt Striker: Thank you ... can I just ask you one more thing?? You were in deep conversation with The Monarchy member ... Drew McIntyre. Care to explain why??

Katie almost seems pissed off by that.

Katie Lea: No.

Short and sweet.

Matt Striker: Uh ... well ... thank you for your time ... and good luck tonight.

And with that, the interview is wrapped up as Katie goes off and Matt watches as she does so, checking her out, the pervert.


We open up to a shot of the O2 Arena in London, England.

Narrator: For the first time in six years ... the WWE returns to the United Kingdom ... for a Pay-Pay-View extravaganza.

We now see highlights of Summerslam ’92.

MVP: Every time we come to the UK, the crowds are immense.

Mr. Kennedy: The fact that they only get to the witness the WWE live twice a year, this really will be special.

We see some shots of the UK crowd going wild whenever Raw or SmackDown were in the building.

Shawn Michaels: Are ya’ ready, UK??

Shot of Shawn Michaels facing John Cena in the hour long match they had.

The Miz: We’re comin’ locked and loaded ... the WWE is returning to the UK ... and it’s gonna’ be ... AWESOME!!

We now see a view of the O2 Arena at night, with the WWE logo splattered across it.

Narrator: Monday Night Raw presents ... WWE ... Fully ... Loaded!


Are Ya’ Ready, UK??


The commentators spend a couple of seconds hyping up the return to the UK, as we see Gail Kim already in the ring.


The WWE production theme plays as Katie Lea steps onto the stage, cracking her knuckles and then cracks her neck. Katie starts walking down the ramp, telling Gail it’s her time.

Match Three: Singles Match
Gail Kim vs. Katie Lea

Solid match between two of the better workers in the Divas division. The momentum switched between them numerous times in the early going but Katie’s aggression came into play and she took complete advantage a couple of minutes in. Showing how dangerous she can be, she worked over Gail like a pro, targeting each body part. But in the end, Gail made a comeback, getting a couple of near falls before Katie took advantage again, staking a claim to the Undisputed Women’s Championship by pinning Kim in the centre of the ring.
Winner: Katie Lea @4.15
Katie, true to her word, picks up the victory tonight, and sets off on her quest to become Undisputed Women’s Champion. The commentators put her over as we head to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Back from the commercial, we get a split screen view of Bobby Lashley and Vladimir Kozlov walking down a corridor. The commentators then say the Last Man Standing match is up next.


The video opens with WWE production theme, “Bring it” playing over it.

“One of the most dominating Superstars I have ever seen!”

Clips of Lashley making his debut, and then winning the ECW Title.

“The Russian is one of the scariest men I’ve seen!”

Clips of Vladimir Kozlov absolutely decimating Triple H in the centre of the ring.

We now see Vladimir Kozlov actually pinning The Undertaker, and then the next clip is of him demanding better competition.

Clips of Kozlov defeating everyone put in front of him, including Jeff Hardy and The Great Khali.

Jim Ross: Will Kozlov ever meet his match??


Lashley’s theme plays over the video, and we see Kozlov at Backlash and we witness the return of Bobby Lashley.

Clips of Lashley hitting the Dominator and picking up the victory.

Jim Ross: Kozlov has met his match!

This rivalry isn’t done though as we get a series of clips of their brawls, which occur on both Raw and SmackDown before witnessing their Street Fight on SmackDown.

We now see Lashley’s interview from earlier, challenging Kozlov to a Last Man Standing match and then the Russian attacking him and accepting the challenge.


There is a buzz in the arena before ...


The arena erupts with heat as the big Russian stomps onto the stage, and with a scowl on his face, proceeds down to the ring.


An exact opposite of Kozlov’s reaction, instead it’s all cheers as Bobby Lashley bounds onto the stage ... but he doesn’t waste any time with pyro ... instead HE MAKES A BEELINE FOR THE RING ... HIS EYES SET ON KOZLOV!

Bobby Lashley vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Lashley slides into the ring and meets an oncoming Kozlov and takes him down to the mat!! The crowd are on fire as the Lashley pounds him with shot after shot! Continuing to lay into the head of Vladimir with right fists! The referee can’t do anything because anything is legal ... but eventually Kozlov reaches out and grabs the bottom rope ... and pulls himself out of the ring, with Lashley getting his arm caught on the second rope as he still tries to punch Kozlov.

Vladimir tries tor recover but he doesn’t get any time as Bobby slides out of the ring and grabs him from behind ... and SMASHES HIS HEAD OFF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! Cole and JBL get the hell out of the way as Lashley pulls the monitors out of the table, getting a huge pop from the fans as he does so. The Real Deal turns his attention back to Kozlov who is just on his feet ... he grabs him by the head and RUNS HIM INTO THE RING POST ... BUT KOZLOV TURNS THE TABLES ... PUTTING HIS FOOT OUT ONTO THE POST ... STOPPING BEFORE ELBOWING LASHLEY AND SENDING HIM INTO THE CORNER!!

The referee checks on Lashley but Kozlov is right on him, picking him up and hoisting him up into a body slam position ... but instead of slamming him down ... he drops him neck first onto the top of the barricade!! Lashley drops down holding his neck while Kozlov snarls, before grabbing the padding on top of the barricade and ripping it off. The Russian pulls Lashley to his feet, and smashes his head off the metal of the barricade!! And then shoulder thrusting Lashley into the ring apron!! Bobby winces in pain but isn’t allowed any time as Vladmir grabs him and Irish-whips him into the corner of the barricade!!

Lashley winces again, holding his back, and then manages to climb to his feet, using the barricade for support ... but then KOZLOV SPRINTS FORWARD ... GOING FOR A BIG BOOT ... BUT LASHLEY DUCKS AND KOZLOV IS HUNG UP ON THE BARRICADE!!! Lashley crawls away as Kozlov manages to unhook his leg from the barricade ... but he turns around ... RIGHT INTO A SPEAR ... THROUGH THE CORNER OF THE BARRICADE!!!

HOLY SHIT ... HOLY SHIT!! The crowd are in an uproar, amazed by the Kozlov being Speared right through the barricade!! Some cheeky fans tap Kozlov and then grin at the camera before security gets them to their feet and the referee is on hand to begin counting ... both men who are down!

... 1 ...

A little bit of a stir from Lashley who is attempting to recover!

... 2 ...

... 3 ...

Kozlov begins to stir as Lashley manages to get to one knee!

... 4 ...

Lashley manages to get to his feet and watches as the referee continues to count!

... 5 ...

Kozlov manages to sit up and Lashley realizes that Kozlov is going to get up in time.

Instead of waiting for him to get up, Lashley grabs him and pulls him to his feet, and holds his head as he measures a couple of punches, before kneeing Vladimir in the gut. The fans around them cheer Lashley on as he drags Vladimir through the crowd, reaching an elevated part which has seats on top of it ... Lashley goes to smash Kozlov’s face off the wall but Kozlov turns the tables ... SENDING LASHLEY INTO THE WALL!!

Lashley falls to the ground but doesn’t get a chance to recover, the Russian pulls him to his feet and knees him in the gut before pulling him along the crowd, making sure to hit him a couple of times before reaching the stage. Kozlov throws Lashley onto the stage before climbing up himself from the concrete, but when he stands up he receives a boot to the stomach and then Lashley TRIES TO SUPLEX HIM ON THE STEEL ... BUT KOZLOV HOOKS HIS LEG AROUND BOBBY’S ... BEFORE PLANTING LASHLEY WITH A SUPLEX!!! ON THE STEEL!!!

Kozlov hurt himself and it shows when he sits up and clutches his neck, but the big man manages to get to his feet as the referee begins counting Lashley out.

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

... 3 ...

The crowd start chanting Lashley but no movement from him!

... 4 ...

A little bit of movement!

... 5 ...

He turns onto his stomach and pushes himself onto his knees.

... 6 ...

Onto his knees now!

But HE IS KNOCKED BACK DOWN WHEN KOZLOV SPRINTS FORWARD AND LEVELS HIM WITH A BIG BOOT TO THE FACE!!! The crowd give Kozlov so much heat as he snarls at his rival. The Russian reaches down and pulls Bobby to his feet and drags him down the ramp and rams him into the side of the barricade!! Before picking him up again and throwing him into the STEEL RING POST!!

While the referee counts, Vladimir pulls out a wooden table!! And throws it into the ring, he sets it up, leaning on the corner!!

... 4 ...

... 5 ...

‘Lashley Lashley’

... 6 ...

Bobby starts to move!

... 7 ...

Bobby manages to get to his knees, arms resting on the top of the barricade!

... 8 ...

He manages to push himself to his feet!!

The crowd respond with a huge pop as the big man leans on the barricade, trying to regain some strength but Kozlov is right on him, hitting a running knee to the stomach. Lashley keels over and gets a club in the back for his troubles before Kozlov grabs him by the head and tights ... throwing him into the ring!

Vladmir doesn’t follow straight away, instead he reaches underneath the ring and pulls out a STEEL CHAIR! Kozlov slides into the ring with it in his hand, and sprints forward, lifting it high above his head ... BUT LASHLEY CATCHES HIM WITH A HUGE SPINEBUSTER!!

With both men down, the referee begins counting!

... 1 ...

... 2 ...

No movement.

... 3 ...

... 4 ...

Lashley turns on his stomach.

... 5 ...

As does Kozlov.

... 6 ...

Both reach out to the ropes.

... 7 ...

And use them to get to their knees.

... 8 ...

Still struggling to get up!

... 9 ...


The fans don’t really know how to react as both the face and the heel got up at the same time, but the two men stagger into the centre of the ring, and begin trading punches in the classic ‘YAY BOO’!! This continues for at least ten seconds by then Kozlov ducks one AND COMES OUT BEHIND LASHLEY AND GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT ... IRON CURTAIN!! NO!!! LASHLEY BREAKS HIS GRIP AND MANAGES TO LAND ON HIS FEET!!!


Kozlov manages to stop himself from running right through the table which is still lying in the corner ... BUT HE TURNS AROUND ... SPEAR ... SPEAR!!! ... IN THE CORNER!! THROUGH THE TABLE!! The crowd go apeshit as both men lie on the mat, looking out of it ... the table done the damage!! The referee begin to count!

... 1 ...


... 2 ...

Again, no movement!!

... 3 ...

Same story!!!

... 4 ...

A little bit of a stir from Lashley!!

... 5 ...


... 6 ...

Lashley and Kozlov are still both down!!!

... 7 ...

Lashley shows some life!!

... 8 ...


... 9 ...


... 10 ...

What a win for the big man, who simply falls back to a seated position after the referee calls for the bell! He sits there, watching as the crowd cheer him on, he looks at Kozlov who is still out and being checked on by the referee!! The Spear through the table done it for Lashley!

Lashley reaches out to the ropes, and pulls himself to his feet. He walks to the turnbuckle and slowly climbs it, extending his hands in the air and smiling, but still hurting as we fade ...

to ...

... black ...



Friday Night SmackDown - June 5

Expect a huge night of action coming from Friday Night SmackDown as we get the fall out from Judgment Day where Matt Hardy became World Heavyweight Champion! Matt Hardy will be in the building and is expected to address the WWE Universe. We also have heard the new Assistant General Manager, Layla, has a huge announcement to make regarding the title situations on SmackDown.

Also tonight, The Rated R Superstar, Edge, after getting rid of Big Show and Vickie Guerrero from the WWE, he will host The Cutting Edge! And his guest?? None other than The Big Red Monster, Kane!


Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Mike Knox & Shelton Benjamin

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