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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM's Review

Awesome, awesome opening segment. I like how the draft took a backseat to Orton there in the beginning, showing just how much Orton has done to deserve this. Good history lesson you gave us with the whole Evolution thing, I just knew this would be incorporated somehow. Orton was just sick in this promo even threatening the future McMahons in the family. Vince was good as usual, I could imagine that vein popping out during this promo. But man, punting Vince...already?! Wasn't sure this was gonna happen this soon but I guess it's all a way for that certain someone Vince said he told to make Orton's life a living hell. Opening segment = AWESOME!

Draft specials are always entertaining so I expect this one to be a cracker. Tag team match between these two would've been entertaining and the end result was good as well with Miz taking the pin. Pretty cool that you had the Colons as the first draft pick, they should definitely inject some energy in your tag team division.

Street fight with Shane? Shane's always been pretty unpredictable in the ring which gets him a lot of cheers but I'm not sure this really works in Shane's favor. Orton has Legacy to back him up whatever happens so I'm sure Shane has enlisted some help.

Divas match warrants TWO DRAFT PICKS? Likin' it. Divas champion gets drafted to RAW? Unification match, book it. I know you're high on Maryse so I'm interested to see how you book her moving forward. MR. KENNEDYYYYYYYYYY! Really liked this guy in his WWE run, it's a shame that he was released. But him making his home on RAW will be great, good chance for him to shine. DAT JUDGMENT DAY VIDEO PACKAGE! Brilliant! Oh shiiiit, Maryse making her mark on RAW already, having some words with Mickie and Beth. Definitely likin' your divas division. Interesting to see that you gave the Punk/Kane match a video package. Again, that shows the importance of this matchup. Match was good but we get another Kane incident, bringing back the mask too?

Edge's promo was really good imo. It started a bit slow for sure but it picked up in the later half when Vickie and Show interrupted. That line about the ten course meal was hilarious Poor Vickie being speared. Now I guess Vickie will be playing the sympathy card. I see Edge's life on Smackdown being rather rough now that he speared Vickie, I'm sure there are consequences waiting to happen. But yeah, not too much to say about this other than goodjob of continuing this. Not really a fan of Big Show so not even Edge's awesomeness will make me a fan of this feud.

You're making a fan out of me on the duo of Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson. Didn't think they were much of a fit as a tag team but when I read what you have for them, they seem to go good together. Looks like you're definitely building Smackdown as more of the wrestling oriented show which isn't bad. Ziggler and Morrison are good pickups. They're good in the ring and they'll definitely be given a chance to shine. Let's see what you do with them. I loved this exchange between Cena and Matt. You wrote Cena well here but I was more impressed with Matt. He seemed like a strange dude from the get-go asking Cena if he saw what he did to his own brother, that was great.

The tag team division is looking really good, I don't know who to cheer for! Legacy, Nigel and Drew, Colons, three really good tag teams there. And you can't forget about Cryme Tyme! Tag division is really heating up, continue doing good with this division man. Chris Jericho gets drafted?! But what about his partnership with Miz? Hmm...interesting. I guess Miz has learned enough from Jericho so it'll be fun to see where Miz goes from here. But Jericho on Smackdown is definitely big, he's a bonafide superstar and you can place him anywhere on the card.

Jericho's always been a good talker so this was a good promo. I guess I got the explanation about him and Miz, so that was good. Looks like Cena may get a few enemies by the time draft night is over for Smackdown. Edge/Cena exchange was good, pretty standard stuff. That was a good last line from Edge too since I believe Edge has some experience with Orton as they used to tag together. MVP to Smackdown, yeah, he's thrived there so it's a good spot for him to be in. He should help out the midcard just fine and maybe even a main event push, just have him heel maybe.

Kofi Kingston and Kane huh? Kofi should help fill out the midcard as well but Kane? Didn't expect this since Punk is on RAW. But I guess Kane will come back better than ever on the blue brand. It was just a matter of time before Show got to Edge and well, I wouldn't mess with Edge either. He's a clever dude and pretty maniacal.

WOOOO! JBL and JR as a commentary team? Dream team right there. You've made Smackdown the winners this draft night despite it not even being over yet. Cena/Orton was always going to be a good match but what was important came at the end. Looks like we know who Orton's opponent will be and man, what a person to pick to represent the McMahon family, UNDERTAKER! Was a good moment for sure. Him laying out both the WWE and World Heavyweight Champion just screams volumes of how big of a star the Undertaker is. I remember you saying that it was weird seeing 'Taker's name in red and I agree, he's always been a Smackdown guy. But hell, this should work out great!

Overall, I'd say your draft show was a success. RAW got some good stars to fill out it's roster with the big one being Undertaker. While I think Smackdown won this draft with the additions they got from it, definitely getting more opponents for Cena to work with. Plus giving us a dream commentary team of JBL and JR,woooo! Don't know which show I'll like more now which is a good thing. Onto the next show buddy!

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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Superstars
7th May 2009
Baltimore, Maryland - 1st Mariner Arena

Match One – Singles
Jack Swagger def. Christian @ 11.55
The inaugural episode of WWE Superstars kicks off with a huge inter brand match as two former rivals from their ECW days go toe to toe. The match lasts for a good while, the momentum shifting back and forth, both men putting on a show for the fans. But it comes to an end after an exciting ten minutes, when Christian climbs to the top rope and looks for a diving head butt, however Swagger rolls out the way and Captain Charisma smacks the canvas. Swagger tries to take advantage but Christian ducks a clothesline and looks for the Killswitch, but Swagger counters, throwing Christian into the ropes before kicking him in the gut and planting him with his Gutwrench Powerbomb for the win!

And now it’s time for the RAW Rebound where we kick of the night with the first draft pick of the evening, The Colons who get drafted to RAW. We then run through the rest of them, giving special focus to Mr. Kennedy, Maryse who were drafted to RAW and Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler who were drafted to SmackDown. We finish the package with a look at the main event where Randy Orton and John Cena compete, with the end result being a win for Orton after countering an Attitude Adjustment with an RKO. After the match ends, we now see the final draft pick of the evening, the lights go out and The Undertaker is revealed as the newest RAW Superstar.


We now get a brief promo from Legacy members Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase as they walk down to the ring, where Jimmy Yang and Kung Fu Naki are waiting. Rhodes and DiBiase joke that if this is the calibre of teams they have to face before getting a shot at the World Tag Team Championships then they will walk the division. They refer to the fact that their father are Hall of Famers and how they are going to continue their Legacy by winning those championships and helping Randy Orton to keep the WWE Championship and if that means destroying the legend of The Undertaker then so be it.

Match Two – Tag
Legacy def. Jimmy Yang & Kung Fu Naki @ 3.26
Yeah, Jimmy Yang and Kung Fu Naki never stood a chance as the men they face men who are part of the hottest and most dangerous stable in the WWE. Rhodes and DiBiase take turns dissecting the opposite team, and the ending came only a couple of minutes in when they decided it was enough and finished it off with DiBiase and Rhodes hitting their finishers onto Kung Fu Naki and Yang respectively.

We now head backstage where SmackDown interviewer, Tiffany is waiting with a beaming smile on her face. She welcomes her guest, but it’s not from SmackDown, instead the man is from RAW as CM Punk is welcomed to her interview area. She begins the interview by asking Punk about how he feels about the draft and how he feels about facing Chris Jericho tonight. He answers by saying that after Kane was drafted, he doesn’t need to worry about a crazed demon anymore. Punk then continues by saying that facing Chris Jericho tonight in the main event of the first episode if a huge thing, but everyone will remember this night with me holding my briefcase high in the air after a victory. Punk continues by telling everyone that after tonight, he is focusing on one thing, and that is when he cashes in this briefcase, which he holds up. However, the segment isn’t done as the man who we saw earlier in the night, Jack Swagger walks into the shot, Tiffany says that they are in the middle of an interview but he tells her to scram. Swagger then says that Punk doesn’t deserve to hold the briefcase, and that he isn’t the champion that the WWE needs, whereas he is, and the quickest way for him to win a World Title is too hold that briefcase. Punk questions Swagger’s championship credentials sarcastically but Swagger doesn’t enjoy that, he tells Punk that he’ll be watching his match tonight and soon he’ll be coming for the briefcase.

Match Three – Singles
John Morrison def. Santino Marella w/ Rosa Mendes @ 5.24
This match gives us some light hearted comedy as Marella tries to copy Morrison’s entrance by jumping over the top rope but his legs get caught on the top and he falls flat on his face. The theme of comedy continues through the match as Marella tries to one up Morrison at every opportunity at athleticism but fails miserably, but Rosa still continues to cheer Santino on. It doesn’t end well though as Morrison picks up some steam and defeats him with Starship Pain.


Before the final match of the evening, we get a preview of Judgment Day with the official promo for it.

Main Event – Singles
Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk @ 16.47
The first episode of Superstars ends with a huge main event, a match that was simply put, a classic. These two men went all out to put a show on the fans, momentum shifting between them many times, each Superstar hitting their signature moves, even Jericho brought out some of his old high flying arsenal has he suicide dived out of the ring at one point. The match though ends finally when CM Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice, but Jericho manages to get to the ropes Punk then climbs to the rope and dives off looking for a cross body but Jericho connects with the Codebreaker from out of nowhere and picks up the victory. After the bell, we get a quick glimpse of Jack Swagger watching backstage with a smile on his face, but we quickly cut back to the ring where Jericho gets to his feet and has his hand raised. He shouts that it’s time to go for the World Title now before leaving the ring and walking up the ramp. Punk climbs to his feet, using the ropes for leverage and looks up at Jericho who turns round and nods at Punk, looking rather smug as we end the evening with Jericho standing tall.


WWE Backstage Fallout
(During And After WWE Superstars)

We’re backstage where John Morrison grabs a bottle of water from the table, he turns around and gets a shock as the camera is right there before him. We hear a voice from behind the camera telling him that he had a great win out there and asking him his thoughts about winning on the first episode of WWE Superstars. He replies by saying that it felt great to get the win, and now that he’s on SmackDown it’s time to kick on and get his hands on some gold. The guy behind the camera says that he laughed a lot during the match at Santino’s antics and asks Morrison if he felt like laughing at any point, Morrison tells him that he did and says Santino is a very funny guy, and obviously isn’t as athletic as him.

We cut away into another part of the arena where Captain Charisma, Christian is leaning on a wall, holding his back after the Gutwrench Powerbomb by Swagger. He groans but stands up, waiting to be asked questions by the man behind the camera. The man says that it must be tough to lose on the first episode but says the two of them put on a hell of a performance and you have to give Swagger credit. Christian puts over Swagger’s performance by saying he’s a very talented guy and the two of them put on a great match but on the night Swagger was simply the better guy. The man behind the camera then wonders if Christian will be alright with SmackDown tomorrow night, he replies by saying he will be and he has a huge Peep Show scheduled with Kane, he pats the guy on the shoulder (we assume) and walks off, saying bye to the man we now identify as Scott.

Now, Scott, is frantically jogging to catch up with someone and it is none other than Chris Jericho. Scott asks Jericho his thoughts on defeating CM Punk tonight but Jericho doesn’t really care, he simply says that he is the better Superstar out of the two and it was obvious he was going to win, but now he’s focusing on one thing, and that is the World Heavyweight Champion. Scott tries to ask one more question but The Best in the World simply walks away.


Baltimore, Maryland - 1st Mariner Arena

On Monday night, we witnessed a historic draft, where the landscape of the WWE was changed forever. SmackDown lost The Undertaker but they gained a former World Heavyweight Champion and the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion, that man’s name is Chris Jericho. Tonight, Chris Jericho will address the SmackDown audience as he will kick of the show, he requested this time to speak his mind, the question is though – what will Jericho have to say?

Another man who will get his chance to speak his mind is The Rated R Superstar, Edge as he will talk to the audience in the ring after being attacked by The Big Show backstage, during RAW. Edge is never one to hold his words back, as we saw on RAW when he verbally humiliated Vickie Guerrero before accidently hitting her with a Spear which was meant for Show.

Tonight marks the return of one of the most talked about Interview Shows in history as Captain Charisma, Christian hosts The Peep Show. It’s the first time we’ve seen this segment since he returned to the WWE, and his guest? One of the draftees to SmackDown, The Big Red Monster Kane, one can only imagine why Christian wants to interview the man who has ran riot on RAW for the past few weeks.

On this episode of SmackDown, we have heard that Theodore Long, the SmackDown General Manager has an announcement to make regarding the WWE United States Championship. We can only presume this will be regarding a possible match for the title, or perhaps a number one contenders match, to find out you’ll have to tune in.

Only one match has been announced for this show and this was announced last week when Theodore Long booked an Extreme Rules match between Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder and The Lifeblood of Extreme, Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer.

All these Superstars will be making an appearance but do not forget you’ll also see the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena, Matt Hardy, Kofi Kingston and many more.


Chris Jericho Opens The Show
Edge Addresses His Attack On Raw
The Peep Show Returns With Kane As The Special Guest
Theodore Long Has Announcement Regarding the WWE United States Title

Extreme Rules - The Lifeblood of Extreme vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

I'll give my thoughts on the whole show on it's own due to it being in result format. A strong start to the show with Swagger and Christian, nice to see Jack coming out on top. Second match was academic, no way Naki/Yang were getting the win. Nice bit of comedy with Santino and Jomo definitely giving us a breather for the big main event. And as seen in real life these two can put on a great match, think Jericho needed the win with moving to a new brand where he is obviously going to be in the main event picture.

I like the backstage fallout very much, think it helps bring people into the character, will it just be used for Superstars though or on the main shows? either way it's a nice addition (y)

Smackdown looks a good'un mate, definitely intrigued for the Peep Show with Kane and with Y2J no doubt going to be staking his claim for the World Title. It looks boss' mate
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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

“Maybe you aren’t as good as you think you are...”.

Baltimore, Maryland – 1st Mariner Arena


SmackDown begins with a recap of what went down on the special edition of Monday Night RAW, and then we see the opening video which now has the new Superstars included such as John Morrison and Chris Jericho.

We now enter the arena where the screaming fans let us know they are there before a huge pyrotechnic display sounds off. After a few seconds, we now cut to the announce table where Jim Ross and John Bradshaw Layfield are waiting.

Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Friday Night SmackDown! My name is Jim Ross, good ol’ J.R and joining me tonight is my new co-announcer... John Bradshaw Layfield.

JBL: Thank you, J.R, and like I said on RAW – I’m here to save you and these people from terrible colour commentary. We’ve got a hell of a show lined up, the newest stars drafted from RAW will make their presence known and I can’t wait!

Jim Ross: Neither can I partner, tonight we hear from The Rated R Superstar, Edge after his announcement on RAW that he is now divorced, and then attacked backstage by none other than Vickie Guerrero’s newest boyfriend The Big Show.

JBL: Vickie gets around doesn’t she? But yes, t’night we hear from Edge, the former World Heavyweight Champion but that’s not all... in a move that I don’t like one bit... Christian returns with The Peep Show t’night... and his guest... Kane.

Jim Ross: Kane has ran rampant on RAW for the past month but now he’s on SmackDown, something I’m not thrilled about but I am interested to see what Christian has to say. But let’s stop with the talking... let’s get this show on the road.

We cut to the ring where Justin Roberts is standing...

Justin Roberts: Please welcome... the newest Superstar on Friday Night SmackDown... Chris Jericho!



The crowd respond with a huge amount of heat as The Best In The World, Chris Jericho walks out from behind the curtain. He doesn’t look happy as he trudges on down the ramp, wearing a very nice suit.

Jim Ross: It looks like we are going to hear from Chris Jericho pretty early tonight, I enjoy Jericho’s in-ring work but it’s his mouth that annoys me.

JBL: Hey! Chris Jericho is one of the greatest Superstars to grace a WWE ring, he was the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion... defeatin’ The Rock and your buddy... Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Jim Ross: Like I said... I’m not denying Jericho’s in-ring ability.

JBL: Jericho is widely considered to be one of the best talkers in the WWE, you might not like his attitude but what do you expect when these people boo him... I for one... am lookin’ forward to hearin’ what Chris has to say.

Jim Ross: Judging by these fans... you’re the only one.

JBL: These fans are idiots.

Jericho climbs up the steel steps before climbing into the ring and looking around the arena. He’s got a microphone in his hand and begins to speak.

Chris Jericho: I was under the impression... that the SmackDown fans would be different.

The crowd don’t know how to respond...

Chris Jericho: I was under the impression that you people... you hypocrites would show me the respect that I... deserve.

This gets a ton of heat from the crowd...

Chris Jericho: But I was wrong... you people are just as bad... if not worse. But I’m not surprised by this at all.

Jericho pauses...

Chris Jericho: This past year... I have been vilified by the RAW fans... I’ve been disrespected by them... they attempted to ruin my career... and you people are doing the exact same.

Huge heat from the crowd...

Chris Jericho: You are doing the same with your hypocritical... idiotic views.

Jericho shakes his head at the crowd who respond with a ‘you suck’ chant...

Chris Jericho: You people... you try to squeeze the life out of me... like a parasite. But you people don’t affect me anymore... I stopped pandering to you a long time ago.

Jericho rubs his chin...

Chris Jericho: My name is Chris Jericho... I am the Best In The World At What I Do. I was the first ever WWE Undisputed Championship... you people show me some respect.

More boos...

Chris Jericho: I defeated The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin to win that championship... one after the other... on the same night. I am a future WWE Hall of Famer... I am the best that this company... and the world has to offer. I’ve had a storied career, I’ve been in the ring with Legends... I’ve beat those Legends... but I’m not done.

Jericho turns towards the stage...

Chris Jericho: A few months ago... I held the World Heavyweight Championship... but my reign was ended prematurely by the current champion... John Cena.

The crowd respond with a huge cheer for the mention of Cena but Jericho just shakes his head at him...

Chris Jericho: Something that I don’t think you hypocrites realize... John Cena and I... we go back a long way... you see... he has been the bane of my career for years... he took my World Heavyweight Championship away from me... and even was the catalyst for me being fired all those years ago.

Huge pop for that...

Chris Jericho: You people and John Cena are exactly the same... you both try to ruin my career but I came back stronger and stopped caring about you parasites... and became World Heavyweight Champion.

More heat...

Chris Jericho: But now, I want my championship back... so John Cena I want you to come out here and accept my challenge... right now. Right now!

The whole arena turns to face the stage, expecting the music of the World champion to hit any minute, but a good few seconds pass by and we still don’t hear the sound of Cena’s music.

Chris Jericho: Cena... I know you-


It’s not John Cena... instead the music of Matt Hardy hits and he walks out from behind the curtain, wearing a ‘Hardy’ t-shirt and jeans, he walks down the ramp, not bothering to acknowledge the booing fans all around him.

Jim Ross: Matt Hardy? This isn’t John Cena, I don’t think Jericho will be happy about this.

JBL: Matt Hardy is obviously out here for one reason, it’s the World Heavyweight Championship, no doubt – he feels that Jericho shouldn’t get a shot and he should, because of what he done at Backlash.

Jim Ross: I didn’t see anything that makes me think he should get a shot at John Cena.

JBL: Take the tinted glasses off, J.R, Matt Hardy defeated one of the biggest stars in the WWE, he defeated his brother in a TLC match. Matt does deserve a shot after the way he dispatched his brother.

The commentators continue to bicker as Matthew climbs up the steel steps, picking up a microphone and then stepping into the ring; standing a few feet away from Jericho.

Matt Hardy: Listen to me... and listen carefully.

Jericho cocks his head...

Matt Hardy: I don’t care... I don’t care that you were the first ever Undisputed Champion. I don’t care if you think you are a future Hall of Famer, an’ I don’t care if you think you are the next in line for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Jericho keeps his gaze on Matt who paces the ring...

Matt Hardy: You’re not... I AM!

Matt turns to face Jericho, looking very intense while Chris simply smirks...

Matt Hardy: Somethin’ funny?

Chris Jericho: As a matter of fact... yeah... let me guess... you think just because you beat your brother you get a shot? Listen, I’ve beat your screw up of a brother more times than I can count, beating up that hack isn’t going to make you number one contender.

If looks could kill...

Matt Hardy: It’s not that I beat him... it’s the way that I beat him... I destroyed him... I Pulverised him! And now... I want what I deserve... I want MY shot at the World Title.

Jericho continues his stare...

Matt Hardy: I’ve waited too long... too long for a shot. I’ve been in Jeff’s shadow for all of my career, that stopped at WrestleMania... an’ now I’m free of him. I’ve been held back for far too long... I want my shot... an’ I want it now an’ you... aren’t gonna’ get in my way.

Matt takes a step towards Jericho who holds his ground, they stare at each other, neither moving until...


The two men stop there stare off and turn to face the stage where the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena walks out, getting a huge pop from the fans. Something is wrong however, this isn’t the jovial Cena that we all know, he doesn’t salute or anything, he simply walks down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Right there is the man that is the centre of attention right now, he is the World Heavyweight Champion and he has two men in the ring that wants his blood.

JBL: Comes with the territory... bein’ WWE Champion means you are a wanted man... you have a target on your back and everyone in the back, not just Hardy and Jericho, want that title.

Cena slides into the ring, brushes past Hardy before glancing at Jericho and then being handed a microphone.

John Cena: After what happened on Monday... on RAW... I ain’t in any mood to mess around t’night. So... I’ll start with you, Jericho... since you were here first.

Cena turns to face Jericho...

John Cena: Yeah... I did end your reign as champion... I also got you fired in two thousand and five. Do you deserve a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship... after takin’ The Miz under your wing... winning at Backlash and then on RAW... possibly you do.

The camera catches Matt saying ‘no he doesn’t’ while Jericho keeps his gaze on Cena...

John Cena: I’ll give you one thing though... you’re right when you say you are one of the greatest ever... but you are also one of the most hated men to step foot in this ring, and I’ll tell you why... because you feel the need to come out here... each and every week... and tell these people how good you are. Quite frankly... you need to just shut up and show why you are one of the best.

Chris Jericho: Y’see... John... I need to do that because these idiot fans don’t know greatness when they see it.

Huge heat...

John Cena: You did show why you are one of the best at Backlash and then RAW... so like I said... shut that mouth and continue to show and then maybe Teddy Long will grant you a title match.

Cena then turns to face Matt...

John Cena: And you... and I come to you... what can I say? I’ve watched you the past few weeks... watched what you’ve done to your brother Jeff... watched you turn your back on all the Hardy Boyz fans... and watched you do some damn right awful stuff.

Cena shakes his head...

John Cena: You think that puts you on the map, huh? You think beatin’ your brother to a pulp makes you a huge star, a World title contender.

Matt Hardy: Yeah, I do... did you see-

John Cena: Wait... I ain’t done. You come out here, and demand World title opportunities... you come out here and say nobody respects you... how you’ve been held back... how you’ve been in your brother’s shadow.

Cena pauses...

John Cena: Well lemme’ drop some truth on you... you wanna’ know why you’ve been cast in your brothers shadow... it’s simply because your brother is better... than... you.

Matt looks extremely pissed off as the fans cheer...

John Cena: You beat him last Sunday... I’ll give you credit for that... but beatin’ your family to a bloody pulp doesn’t make you a Superstar in my eyes.


John Cena: Y’see... while I don’t like him... I respect Chris Jericho... because of what he’s achieved in the WWE, I don’t agree with his methods but you can’t argue that he is one of the best.

No response from Jericho who looks emotionless...

John Cena: But you... you think everything is owed to you. I’ve worked for this title... I worked to be called the World Heavyweight Champion... I’m just a young kid that became a Superstar... I won my first WWE Championship at my second WrestleMania... beating JBL who knows just how hard I took it to him.

Cena glances at Layfield...

John Cena: I don’t need to attack people from behind... I simply come out here each and every week to entertain these fans... I put my body on the line... I’ve spilled blood for these people. You? The difference is that you come out here and spill blood, like at Backlash... but you do it for yourself.

Cena takes his hat off and holds it at his side...

John Cena: The difference between you and your brother... he that he can connect with these fans... he can get them to rise to their feet and welcome him to the ring... with you... they groan when they hear your music hit. You’ve been in the WWE for years... and you’ve not once held a the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship... you blame the guys in the back... you blame everyone but yourself... but maybe you should take a long hard look in the mirror... maybe you just aren’t as good as you think you are.

Snap! Matt walks forward and the two men go face to face until Jericho interrupts...

Chris Jericho: Hey! You two continue your little argument once you... Cena... once you accept my challenge.

John Cena: You know me, Chris... this goes for both of you... you want some... COME... GET SOME!


The entrance of the SmackDown GM is met with hardly any reaction; the buzz kill has certainly arrived as Theodore Long makes his way onto the stage.

Theodore Long: Hold up a second now... playas’.

All three men turn to face T-LO...

Theodore Long: Now... you two fellas in the ring... you make good points... but we ARE NOT havin’ a World Title match here t’night.

This gets a lot of heat...

Theodore Long: Instead... I will make a match...

Here it comes...

Theodore Long: It will be a tag team match! The team of Matt Hardy... and Chris Jericho will face... the World Heavyweight Champion... John Cena and a partner of his choosing. But wait, playas... that ain’t all... if Matt and Chris win... they will both get a shot at the World Title in a triple threat match... at Judgment Day. But... if John Cena’s team wins... his partner will get a one on one opportunity at that very pay-per-view!


Theodore Long: Now do you feel me... playas! Holla holla!


Long’s music hits while the fans continue watching the three men in the ring, Matt and Jericho glance at each other before both staring at Cena who simply holds his ground.

Jim Ross: What a blockbuster main event! The World Heavyweight Champion, with a partner of his choosing will take on the team of Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy! And what about those stipulations, JBL?

JBL: The stipulations make this match a whole lot more interesting, J.R, we know that Jericho and Hardy don’t get a long, but they’ll have to work together if they want to get shots at John Cena’s championship.

Jim Ross: I do wonder now, who Cena will choose as his partner, this match is coming up in our main event slot, and I can’t wait for it.

JBL: If Cena has any sense, he will pick someone who he knows he can defeat in one on one competition, that way if his team does win, he knows he can retain his championship. He has to think smartly at this, if he wants to keep that title, he needs to think before he acts.

Jim Ross: Well, that’s still to come ladies and gentleman, but after the commercial break, The Lifeblood of Extreme take on Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder... in a Extreme Rules match!

We now cut to a commercial, with a parting shot of the three men standing in the ring.


We head right back into the arena where...


The fans respond with some good heat, as the team of Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder walk out from behind the curtain. Despite being in a match they’ve never competed in, the duo look pretty confident as they walk down the ramp.

Jim Ross: This is the first match of the evening ladies and gentleman, and what a way to kick things off with an Extreme Rules match! This match came about as a result of Hawkins and Ryder attempting to make a statement, they attacked Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards, prompting our General Manager to make this match tonight.

JBL: I have no idea what Teddy Long is playin’ at... Hawkins and Ryder shouldn’t be competin’ in this match against two has-beens who could never cut it at the top level.

Jim Ross: They brought this on their selves after they attacked Dreamer and Richards.

JBL: Hawkins and Ryder were makin’ a statement, Dreamer and Richards were signed by Long because he felt there wasn’t enough good tag teams on Smackdown... look at those two... they’re young... former tag team champions... they shouldn’t play second fiddle to a couple of wannabee WWE Superstars.

Hawkins and Ryder reach the ring, the duo slide into it and taunt the fans before waiting for their opponents.


The arena responds with a little bit of a pop but nothing major as Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards, The Lifeblood of Extreme make their way out to the stage, we see Dreamer is wheeling out a trolley which has various weapons in it, including chairs and kendo sticks.

Jim Ross: It looks like Dreamer and Richards are bringing their own weapons.

JBL: The fact that these two own their own weapons just goes to show that these two bingo hall stuntmen shouldn’t be in the WWE. They should be some gym performing in front of twenty people, not ten thousand!

Jim Ross: JBL, you have to respect what Dreamer, Richards and the other ECW originals done for this business and for the WWE?

JBL: For the WWE? What the hell have those guys done, besides get themselves fired or no-show events, bringin’ ECW back was a mistake on Mr. McMahons part, and he realized that when he took it off the air.

Dreamer and Richards begin walking down the ramp, but then Ryder and Hawkins exit the ring and start running at the two, the referee calls for the bell.

Match One: Extreme Rules Tornado Tag; WWE Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders
The Lifeblood of Extreme vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

We join this contest with Tommy Dreamer pulling a table out from underneath the ring to a huge cheer, while his partner, Stevie Richards is stomping on Curt Hawkins in the corner of the ring, and his partner is knocked out on the mat. Tommy slides the table into the ring, he slides in after it and set it up, the two tag team partners then pull Hawkins to his feet, and they go for a double suplex through the table but Ryder slides back into the ring he clobbers Richards from behind and throws him out of the ring! Ryder and Dreamer then pair off with each man trading blows but Ryder knees him in the gut and then throws Dreamer into the ring post through the turnbuckle!

Ryder pulls Dreamer out and throws him to the ground, looking for the win... 1... 2... NO! Richards got back in the ring and managed to break the count. Hawkins now gets back to his feet and attacks Richards from behind while Dreamer rolls out of the ring, Curt slams Richards to the mat with a huge back body drop and then tells Ryder to get something from ringside. Ryder walks over to the announcers table, bypassing it and walking to the timekeeper and demanding two chairs. He throws them into the ring, he slides in and wedges one in inbetween the top turnbuckle and the middle one. He picks Richards up while Hawkins watches, Irish-whips him but Richards reverses and Ryder runs straight into the wedged steel chair!

Stevie turns around and ducks a chair from Hawkins, kicks him in the gut and then DDT’s him on the chair which fell to the mat! He turns him over and covers, 1... 2... NO! Ryder returns, diving on top of them. Ryder pulls the chair out of the turnbuckle, and turns around and levels Stevie in the back with the chair! Richards gets back to his feet, and Ryder runs forward, looking for a shot to the head, but h ducks and Ryder smashes the top rope... and the chair rebounds onto his own head! He staggers around the ring but then Richards rolls up Ryder looking for the win... 1... 2... HAWKINS BREAKS IT UP!

Hawkins slams Richards to the ground with a body slam before picking up the two steel chairs, he places one on the ground and puts Richards head on it, and he lifts the other one above his head, looking for a con-chair-to but Dreamer re-enters the ring with a Kendo stick! Hawkins sees him and the two of them trade blows to each others side! Shot after shot until Hawkins backs away dropping the chair, and Dreamer grabs him, and DDT’s him on the steel chair! Ryder isn’t around, cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: The Lifeblood of Extreme @ 13.18

A very hard thought victory for the Extremists as the referee calls for the bell, Richards slides into the ring and joins Dreamer, helping him, both are feeling the pain but they put smiles on for the crowd, while Hawkins rolls himself out of the ring, Ryder is still down on the other side of the ring.

Jim Ross: A very good match, and a very good win for Dreamer and Richards, who now get a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships!

JBL: It’s disgustin’, the fact these two hooligans get a shot at WWE gold, I don’t call that a good match, I call that a disgustin’ example of how extreme the ECW Originals can get, it isn’t wrestling.

Jim Ross: You may feel that way, but a lot of people in the back like what the ECW Originals done for the business, and these fans love these two and now they get a shot the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Dreamer and Richards head to separate corners to celebrate but we don’t stay with them instead we cut backstage where the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson are watching on a television screen. They watch as their future opponents celebrate, the duo watching on very intently as we head to a commercial.


SmackDown returns, but we are not in the main arena, instead we are backstage where the SmackDown General Manager is standing before a camera, looking mighty pleased. A few seconds pass by before Theodore Long speaks to us.

Theodore Long: Alright playas’... listen up... ‘cause I’ve got a huge announcement to make.

This gets a nice reaction from the crowd in the arena...

Theodore Long: At Judgment Day... I’ve decided to create a match for the WWE United States Title. It will be a gauntlet match! R-Truth will defend his WWE United States Championship against six other men in a seven man gauntlet, ya’ that feel that.

Another nice response as Teddy nods at the camera...

Theodore Long: Now... am not just gonna’ pick the competitors... over the course of the comin’ weeks... there will be matches... to determine the Superstars who will compete at Judgment Day... and those matches start right now... holla’ at me... playas’.

This gets a nice cheer as Long smiles at the camera before we cut to the main arena.

Jim Ross: What a match made by our General Manager... R-Truth will defend his championship at Judgment Day-

JBL: Against six other men... if I was R-Truth I’d be havin’ words with our GM, he’s at an extreme disadvantage now.

Jim Ross: Teddy Long said these matches will start right now... so let’s see what we’ve got.

A few seconds pass by before...



Not much of a reaction for one of the newest SmackDown Superstars, but that doesn’t Dolph Ziggler coming out as cocky as cocky can get.

Jim Ross: And we’re beginning the qualifiers with one of the newest Superstars on SmackDown, Dolph Ziggler, who hasn’t had the best start to his career.

JBL: I’ll tell you why that is – because he continues to try to shake everyone’s hand, I’ve some advice for him, grow some balls and don’t care what other Superstars think, just go out to that ring and beat them in the middle of the ring, none of this shaking hands.

Jim Ross: Ziggler, if he puts his mind to it, can be a huge star in the WWE, but to do that he doesn’t need to abandon the respectful ways that he has been showing.

JBL: Of course he does, what World Champion has showed respect to everybody he faced, I didn’t – John Cena hasn’t. To be a champion you need to be ruthless, just what I was.

Ziggler reaches the ring, walks over to the steps, picking up the microphone that is lying there and heads into the ring.

Dolph Ziggler: I bet you people all expected me to come out here and tell you all who I am, right?

The fans don’t really react but Ziggler shakes his head...

Dolph Ziggler: I don’t need to do that anymore... I shouldn’t need to do that anymore. You should all know who I am.

Again, little reaction...

Dolph Ziggler: Every time I tried to be respectful... every time I tried to introduce myself... y’know what it got me? It got me super kicked... pedigreed... it got me beat up... all the damn time.

Sarcastic cheer for that...

Dolph Ziggler: That just goes to show how everyone in the back is out for themselves. And now... this...

He looks down at his abs...

Dolph Ziggler: This is a new Dolph Ziggler... this move to Smackdown... it marks a new beginnin’.

Ziggler pauses...

Dolph Ziggler: This is the beginnin’ of a new Dolph Ziggler... someone who doesn’t care what anybody else thinks... someone who doesn’t care about anyone else.

Little bit of heat...

Dolph Ziggler: From now on... the only two things I care about are... ME! And forgin’ my legacy in this business.

More heat...

Dolph Ziggler: In just four weeks time... I will be the WWE United States Champion. This moment right here... it marks the start of my career on SmackDown... and it marks the start of my rise to stardom. The first stop... R-Truth’s WWE United States Title.

This gets some heat until...

*HES MA DA...*

The crowd react with a respectful pop as Ziggler prepares for his opponent, and in due time – Finlay makes his way out from the back. Fit walks down the ramp, smiling at his fans before then focusing on the young upstart in the ring.

Jim Ross: Well... if this is truly the start of Dolph Zigglers rise to the top, you can’t get a much harder start than fighting Finlay.

JBL: Agreed with you there, Finlay and I have crossed paths quite a few times, and let me tell you somethin’... he is a tough son of a bitch.

Finlay jogs up the steel steps before stepping into the ring, he ascends the turnbuckle, holding his trusty weapon in the air before laying it beside the corner and gets ready to start.

Match Two: Singles; WWE United States Championship Gauntlet Qualifier
Dolph Ziggler vs. Finlay

We join this match a few minutes in where Ziggler has the upper hand and plants Finlay with a snap suplex. Ziggler runs the ropes, before connecting with a running knee drop and rolling through. He turns back and covers Finlay... 1... 2... NO! Dolph doesn’t waste any time and picks Finlay up, but the Irishman shows his spirit by elbowing Dolph in the stomach, he then Irish-whips him but Ziggler holds on to the ropes when he rebounds, but Finlay sprints at him and the two of them go tumbling over the top rope after he clotheslined him!

Finlay follows him out, but Ziggler hits a low drop kick to his knee, then he Irish-whips him into the barricade, he follows that up by rolling him into the ring and going for the cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT! Dolph decides to then lock in a sleeper hold, but it doesn’t take long before Finlay battles out and starts to build momentum. He connects with a couple of clotheslines before Irish-whipping Ziggler and plants him with a power slam! Finlay runs off the ropes and hits a jumping splash on Ziggler and going for the cover... 1... 2... NO! Ziggler gets to his feet but he is then hoisted onto Finlay’s shoulders and planted with the Rolling Hills... cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT! Finlay uses the ropes to get to his feet, and Dolph soon joins him, Finlay walks over to him but gets a poke in the eye for his trouble! Finlay stumbles away, but ducks a clothesline from Ziggler, Finlay sets up running and baseball slides through Dolphs legs, but Ziggler seen it coming he turns around quickly... grabs Finlay from behind and connects with The Zigzag! Cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler @ 7:24

A big win for the young man as Ziggler has his hand raised by the referee, but he aggressively pulls away from the ref and leads his own celebration by climbing the turnbuckle.

Jim Ross: It seems Dolph wasn’t kidding when he said this is a new start, we saw a different Ziggler here tonight, a Ziggler who just picked up a victory against Finlay.

JBL: Ziggler just got the biggest win of his short career, and now he’s goin’ to Judgment Day to compete for the WWE United States Championship, and I wish him luck – he’s gonna’ need it if he wants to beat six other men.

Jim Ross: On the subject of the other men, we have more qualifiers coming up right after this commercial break, where another new Superstar to SmackDown, Kofi Kingston will face Vladimir Kozlov!

Ziggler finishes his celebrations, then slides out the ring, and backs up the ramp looking rather pleased with his work as we fade to a commercial.


We see a black and white picture of a house

Then we fade out and back to see quick fire shots of Brian Pillman and Davey Boy Smith

Narrator: Great men have trained there...

More shots of Bret Hart and Owen Hart

Narrator: Some of the most talented Superstars have trained there...

A shot of two people in a black, shadowy room...

Narrator: Now the dungeon is no more...

Quick shots of two men wrestling on the ground, in the same blackened room.

Narrator: And the last two people to graduate...

The camera goes back to focusing on just them in a darkened room.

Narrator: Are coming to Friday Night SmackDown.

The Hart Dynasty coming soon to Friday Night SmackDown



SmackDown returns but we aren’t in the ring, instead we are backstage where Kelly Kelly is frantically walking down a corridor.

Kelly Kelly: Please... just leave me alone!

Kelly continues walking pretty fast before the cameras catch who is following her and it’s... Mike Knox...?

Mike Knox: Wait... I just want to talk!

Kelly continues walking, trying to get away, looking pretty scared until Knox catches up and stops her...

Mike Knox: Listen! I just want to know why you haven’t been returnin’ my calls or texts?

Kelly Kelly: Why do you think!? We broke up years ago... you were abusive... you were mean... you made me feel like crap... you expect me to take you back like that.

Kelly clicks her fingers...

Kelly Kelly: We broke up... we’re over... deal with it.

Kelly starts to walk off but Knox grabs her arm and pulls her back with some force...

Kelly Kelly: Ow! What are you doin’? That hurts, stop it.

Knox gets closer to Kelly looking rather menacing until Evan Bourne shows up, getting a good pop from the crowd...

Evan Bourne: Hey! What the hell are you doin, man?

Knox lets go off Kelly and Evan then stands in front of Kelly...

Mike Knox: This doesn’t concern you... it’s none of your business.

Knox looks at Kelly who is cowering behind Evan...

Mike Knox: Just think about it... I’ll do anythin’ to have you back.

Kelly stays quiet as Knox leaves, Bourne turns to face Kelly...

Evan Bourne: What was that about?

Kelly Kelly: Umm... I’ve been gettin’ messages and calls from him all the time for the last month... I get scared when I’m around him.

Bourne starts talking to Kelly but we don’t stick around as we cut into the ring.

Jim Ross: I got to say, Kelly looked extremely frightened when she was trying to escape from the clutches of Mike Knox.

JBL: Wouldn’t you? Mike Knox is a beast of a man, hell... I’d be a little wary if I was in the ring with him.

Jim Ross: Well... anyway, those two were drafted to SmackDown in the supplemental draft, if you want to see who we and RAW got in the supplemental, then check out wwe.com, but right now we’re going to take you back to RAW... for the RAW Rebound!

And we cut to the RAW Rebound...


RAW Rebound
We start the night with the WWE Champion Randy Orton walking down to the ring and cutting a promo before being interrupted by Mr. McMahon. McMahon confronted Orton but it all ended badly as The Viper attacked the chairman and punted him the head.

Later on the night we saw Ric Flair inform Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase that Randy Orton will be in action next week as he will face the last standing McMahon – Shane McMahon. He and Orton will compete in a match which will sure to be a brawl, a blood filled encounter as Shane McMahon attempts to exact revenge on the man who has destroyed his family in a Street Fight.


We’re back in the arena...


The crowd respond with a good chunk of heat as The Moscow Mauler, Vladimir Kozlov walks out from behind the curtain. The brutal Russian ignores the boos and presses on, walking down the ramp, looking extremely pissed off.

Jim Ross: Last Sunday night, we saw Vladimir Kozlov face off against a handpicked opponent, he had been demanding competition and he finally got it when he faced off against Bobby Lashley. But his loss didn’t sit well with him, as he attacked Lashley during Backlash and then on RAW.

JBL: And for good reason, Lashley is a monster of a man but so is Kozlov, his ego is dented and a man who feels embarrassed is a dangerous man. Kozlov has every right to try and get some revenge on Lashley for defeatin’ him at Backlash.

The Russian walks around the ring and climbs up the steps, before entering the ring and climbing the turnbuckle. Kozlov looks around the arena, scowling until he hops down and waits for his opponent.



The crowd respond with a pretty big pop as one of the fastest rising Superstars makes his debut on SmackDown; Kofi Kingston makes his way out to the stage and sets off his pyrotechnics before heading on down to the ring.

Jim Ross: This match is a qualifier for the WWE United States Championship match, and it’s a huge match between two of the biggest stars on SmackDown.

JBL: Two of the biggest stars? I can see why with Kozlov but with Kofi? No, he hasn’t done anythin’ which puts him in the upper echelon of stars, wait until he does somethin’ which makes people take notice.

Jim Ross: He does hold a pin fall victory over the current WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

JBL: So? A fluke win isn’t anythin’ to be proud off, winnin’ the U.S Title is the first step for Kofi to make a believer out of me.

Kingston hops onto the apron, then steps into the ring, and climbs the turnbuckle while keeping an eye on Kozlov.

Match Three: Singles; WWE United States Championship Gauntlet Qualifier
Kofi Kingston vs. Vladimir Kozlov

After a fun opening few minutes, we join this match as Kozlov had Kingston in an arm bar. But Kingston manages to get to his feet, and break away from Vladimir, but when he rebounds off the ropes, he runs straight into a Battering Ram! Kozlov drops down, looking for the win... 1... 2... NO! Kozlov wastes no time, he drags Kingston to his feet and Irish-whips him into the corner, he follows that up and smashes into him with a huge splash! Kingston stumbles out, but Kozlov kicks him in the gut and plants him with a Suplex! He then goes for another cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT!

Kozlov picks Kingston up again, and again – sends him on his way with an Irish-whip but when Kofi hits the ropes, he grabs onto them, stopping himself from rebounding. Kozlov sprints at him, but Kofi throws up an elbow, connecting with Kozlov’s head, Kozlov staggers back and Kofi sprints towards him, and jumps up, and connects with a running hurricarana! Kozlov quickly gets up, and tries to get his surroundings, he sprints at Kingston but he is tripped with a drop-toe-hold. Kingston gets set up, and connects with the Boom Drop!

Kingston doesn’t go for the cover, instead he gets to his feet and high steps around the ring, he gets set in the corner and waits for Kozlov to get to his feet. Kingston sprints forward and goes for Trouble In Paradise... but Kozlov hits another Battering Ram, this time in mid-air to Kingston’s chest! Kozlov roars out in frustration and decides it’s time to end it and waits for Kingston to get up but...


A huge pop goes up as Bobby Lashley walks out onto the stage, and Kozlov turns to him looking pissed. Bobby starts walking down the ramp in jeans and a Lashley tee, he stops and tells Kozlov to turn around... and he does so... right into Trouble In Paradise! Cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Kofi Kingston @ 6.15

The fans are cheering like crazy as Kingston rolls quickly out of the ring and stumbles past Lashley who stands on the mat, staring at Kozlov who pounds the mat in frustration.

Jim Ross: Has Kingston convinced you yet?

JBL: Hell no, did you see that – he stole the match with a helpin’ hand from Lashley. Kozlov was ‘bout to finish Kingston off until that meat head got involved and cost him the match!

Jim Ross: Be that as it may, this isn’t over between Lashley and Kozlov... not by a long shot. Expect these two bulls to cross paths once more.

JBL: That will be a great match when it happens, but until it does happen – Lashley needs to keep his nose out of Kozlov’s business!

Jim Ross: Did you see Kozlov attack Lashley on RAW? Well... anyway, this victory means Kingston has qualified for the Gauntlet, so that’s Dolph Ziggler and Kofi in the match, taking on R-Truth and four other men, we’ll see who the other four are later on.

Kingston is on the stage holding his arm in the air while Lashley is stood in the middle of the ramp, looking pleased with himself, but Kozlov is far from pleased as he kicks the bottom rope.

We now cut away from the ring and go backstage where Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy are deep in conversation.

Chris Jericho: We need to work together... we need to get on the same page. If we don’t... neither of us will get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, whoever Cena’s partner is will.

Matt rubs his chin...

Matt Hardy: I shouldn’t even be doin’ this... did you see what I did to Jeff on Sunday? I deserve a one on one singles match for the title, not a possible triple threat match. Hell... you shouldn’t even be gettin’ a shot... it should be me... you haven’t done anythin’ yet.

Jericho gets pissed at that comment...

Chris Jericho: Are you serious? Where have you been, my name is Chris Jericho... The Best In The World... I am a multiple time former World and WWE Champion, the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion, and you say I’ve not done anything?

Jericho pauses...

Chris Jericho: But either way... thinking logically here – we need to get on the same page. It’s either we get our shot in a triple threat match or we don’ t get a shot at all. Tonight... we beat Cena and his partner... we then take him out at Judgment Day leaving just us in the ring. And we see who is deserves that title.

Matt Hardy: Fine... but just remember... after we deal with Cena... I’m dealin’ with you.

Matt then brushes past Jericho as Y2J watches on before we fade away to a commercial break.


SmackDown returns and we aren’t in the ring, instead we are in the Divas locker room where Kelly Kelly has just entered and Candice Michelle is sitting on a bench, which is in between two sets of lockers.

Candice Michelle: Hey, Kelly.

Kelly Kelly: Hey... enjoyin’ SmackDown so far?

Michelle smirks...

Candice Michelle: It’s alright I suppose... hey... I saw you earlier talkin’ to Evan Bourne... anythin’ goin’ on there?

Kelly turns to face Candice from her locker...

Kelly Kelly: Nah... we’re goin’ out for a drink later... but only as friends.

Candice Michelle: ... Sure...

Candice smirks as Kelly turns to her locker, she inserts her key and twists it, before opening it and inside is a bouquet of flowers...

Candice Michelle: Is that who I think it’s from...

Kelly sits down on the bench, looking rather horrified...

Candice Michelle: What’s wrong?

Kelly Kelly: It isn’t...

Kelly then throws the flowers to the ground...

Kelly Kelly: Why the hell won’t he leave me alone?

Candice Michelle: Who?

Kelly Kelly: Mike Knox... everywhere I go he’s there... following me around the arena... sending me gifts to my house and now flowers!

Candice puts her arm around Kelly and gives her a reassuring hug as we fade back into the arena.

Jim Ross: This is getting damn right creepy, whatever Knox has in store for Kelly it can’t be good.

JBL: Amen to that, Knox is a beast of a man like I said before.



A huge pop greets the arrival of the former World Heavyweight Champion as The Rated R Superstar, Edge walks onto the stage, amongst the smoke. With his customary shades and Rated R tee, he walks down the ramp, pausing to check out some signs on his way.

Jim Ross: Last Monday night on RAW ladies and gentleman, we witnessed Edge accidently Spear his ex-wife Vickie Guerrero and-

JBL: Accidently? C’mon J.R, Edge knew what he was doin’.

Jim Ross: Only he knows if that is true, JBL, but anyway – after that we found Edge backstage, knocked out and The Big Show was walking away from Edge’s body. That tells us one thing...

JBL: That Big Show attacked Edge and knocked him out?

Jim Ross: Exactly.

JBL: Like a pair of detectives.

The Rated R Superstar jogs up the steel steps, wipes his feet before climbing into the squared circle and being handed a microphone from the timekeeper.

Edge: Y’know... last Monday night... on RAW... despite losing my World Heavyweight Championship match at Backlash... I was in a pretty good mood. Jovial... you could say.

Edge pauses, taking his shades off...

Edge: But that all came to a halt... when my ex-wife... Vickie Guerrero decided to interrupt me and come down to the ring.


Edge: She decided to come out, interrupt me solely to tell me that her new boyfriend is goin’ to make my life hell... well I hate to say it Vickie – but in a few weeks time, Show will realize you are makin’ his life hell.

Edge pauses...

Edge: Y’see... listenin’ to that voice day in and day out, it takes a toll on you... believe me.

Edge smirks to himself...

Edge: But... I digress... she came out and we had to listen to that nails on a blackboard voice as she whined and complained about how I embarrassed her... and how my career would be dead without her.

Huge heat...

Edge: I know right... pretty stupid thing to say. But then, Vickie tried to get some measure of revenge against me... she set her four hundred pound dog... boyfriend, dog whatever... on me. That didn’t work well too well... just like at Backlash when she done it... it ended in the same way... someone got a Speared!

Huge pop while Edge smiles...

Edge: Now... I’ll admit it was an accident... but I gotta’ say... I’d be lyin’ if I say I didn’t enjoy it. It was a hell of a lot more enjoyable than the other kind of spearin’ if y’know what I’m sayin’.

Edge turns to the camera...

Edge: Good luck, Show.

He turns back to the crowd...

Edge: Now... the thing that I want to talk about... is what happened after that. Y’see... I was backstage... mindin’ my own business when I was attacked from behind and then knocked out.


Edge: By none other than her dog... The Big Show.

More heat...

Edge: Hey... I’ll give the guy credit... he did manage to knock me out... third time lucky right. I know Vickie isn’t here t’night... so I want Show to come down to this ring and we can deal with this little problem without her.

Edge turns to the stage and suddenly...



And right on cue, without Vickie Guerrero, The Big Show walks out from behind the curtain. He stares down at Edge, before heading on down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Business is just about to pick up, folks.

JBL: I really don’t know if this is a smart move by Edge, he’s already been knocked out once this week, it could happen again here t’night.

Edge wait as Show climbs onto the apron and then steps over the top rope, before being handed a microphone from the timekeeper and standing a couple of feet away from Edge.

Big Show: You deserved everything you got on RAW.

Straight to the point...

Edge: Before I get to the punch... what I want to know is... are you freakin’ insane?

Show mouths ‘what?’...

Edge: Goin’ out with Vickie Guerrero... you must be hella’ desperate.

Show grinds his teeth...

Big Show: No... I am not insane... I am not crazy... and I am surely not desperate. I actually enjoy Vickie’s company.

Edge smirks to himself...

Edge: Really, with that voice?

Show shakes his head...

Big Show: Will you stop goin’ on about her voice... okay I’ll admit... it can get a little annoying at sometimes... but I can look past that... because we are in love.

Edge nearly gags...

Big Show: She is the best thing to happen to me... with her my career will only go up.

Edge: Well it can’t get any worse.


Big Show: See... that’s your problem. Joke this... joke that... you tell too many jokes. I don’t think you realize you are in the ring with the most dangerous Superstar on SmackDown... I don’t think you realize you are in the ring with The World’s Largest Athlete.

Edge: Like I said on RAW... athlete is a bit of a stretch.

Show rubs his forehead...

Big Show: Stop it with the jokes. On RAW you speared my girlfriend... that was the worst thing you coulda’ done, because now you are on my radar... and after knockin’ you out on RAW... I have no problem doin’ it again.

Edge: You may have knocked me out, but it took you three tries to do it, and remember a few weeks ago... I knocked you out to become number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

That pisses Show off...

Big Show: You think that’s funny!? I want you one on one... I’m gonna’ knock out you out either now or when I get you one on one... so choose. Now... or Judgment Day... when do I knock you out?!

Edge: Well... first of all... I’ll tell you what... I’ll face you at Judgment Day... one on one.

Little pop...

Edge: On one condition... Vickie Guerrero’s SmackDown contract is on the line.

Huge pop...

Big Show: What?! No... why the hell would I do that?

Edge smiles...

Edge: Because I have a video of you and Vickie... y’see... I went to a local bar a few nights ago... and it was karo-

Big Show: Alright alright! On behalf of Vickie, I’ll put her contract on the line, but it won’t matter because I’m going to knock you out.

Show turns to leave... but then turns back around... GOING FOR THE KNOCK OUT PUNCH... AND KNOCKS EDGE OUT ONCE AGAIN! The crowd boo the shit out of Show as he stands above The Rated R Superstar.

Jim Ross: Damn it, Edge never saw it coming.

JBL: Always keep your wits about you in that ring.

Jim Ross: This won’t sit well with Edge, but we now know another match for Judgment Day... The Big Show will take on Edge with Vickie Guerrero’s SmackDown contract on the line!

JBL: Vickie will not like this one bit, I imagine she’ll be havin’ words with Edge.

Show backs away from Edge as we fade away...


SmackDown returns and we are with the lovely Tiffany who is waiting with a microphone in her hand...

Tiffany: Please welcome my guest... the WWE United States Champion... R-Truth!

A solid pop rises from the arena as R-Truth walks into the shot...

Tiffany: And R-Truth, firstly... what are your feelings towards the current Gauntlet match where you’ll defend your WWE United States Championship.

Truth thinks for a moment...

R-Truth: I said when I won this title... that I would take on all comers. But I didn’t expect my first pay-per-view defence to be against six... count ‘em... six other Superstars.

Tiffany: So you’re... not happy about it?

Truth shakes his head...

R-Truth: Am I happy? I could come here and say I am, that I am happy to defend my title against six other men... but no... I’m not gonna’ lie...I could say I’m thrilled to be defendin’ my title but I’m not.

Tiffany: What do you think of the two men already involved in the match, Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston?

Again, R-Truth thinks before he speaks...

R-Truth: I don’t know a lot about these guys, I mean they were just drafted but they need to know somethin’ about me... I may not like defendin’ my title against six men but I’m gonna’ do it because I became U.S Champion for a reason, and I’m not about to let it go this soon.

And with that, the interview is over as Tiffany thanks Truth for his time as he walks off, we then throw it into the main arena where...



It’s a lacklustre reaction but it’s a reaction nonetheless as The Mexican Warrior, Chavo Guerrero saunters onto the stage, looking extremely smug. Guerrero looks around the arena before pointing to himself and telling everyone he is the next United States Champion.

Jim Ross: Chavo Guerrero has the chance tonight to get back on track, it’s been a rough few months for him but if he can pick up a victory tonight then he has every chance at becoming WWE United States Champion.

JBL: This man is a former WWE Tag Team Champion with his late great uncle, who I crossed paths with many times, a great man but it’s up to Chavo to show he is just as good as Eddie was. Chavo needs to turn up t’night and put on a show.

The Mexican Warrior climbs up the steel steps, stops for a second and then steps into the ring before climbing the turnbuckle. Chavo surveys the arena, looking around before dropping down and waiting for his opponent.


The crowd respond with a solid cheer as Evan Bourne jogs out from behind the curtain. Evan, who had an encounter with Mike Knox earlier tonight, and has an encounter with Kelly waiting him later looks extremely pleased to be in action tonight. Bourne starts to jog down the ramp, and slaps some fans hands on his way.

Jim Ross: Evan Bourne is one of the most exciting prospects in the WWE, a high flyer who has no regard for his own safety, he will do anything to win.

JBL: And when he does that, he sometimes screws up and costs himself matches because of his high flying style.

Bourne slides into the ring, climbs the turnbuckle, holds up the peace sign before dropping down and preparing to fight.

Match Four: Singles; WWE United States Title Gauntlet Qualifier
Chavo Guerrero vs. Evan Bourne

We join this match as Chavo Guerrero is sat on the top turnbuckle, but then Evan Bourne climbs up to join him, and suddenly connects with a Hurracarana from the top rope! Bourne climbs back up and goes for the Shooting Star Press... but Guerrero rolls away... but Bourne lands on his feet! Guerrero sees his chance, he grabs him from behind and rolls him up... 1... 2... NO! Both men get up at the same time, and Guerrero knees Bourne in the gut. Chavo jogs to the ropes, and springboards off the second rope, grabbing Evan on his way down and connecting with a Twisting Tornado DDT! Guerrero sinks down into the cover... 1... 2... NO! Guerrero gets to his feet and pulls Bourne up with him, he then connects with The Three Amigos before heading up to the top turnbuckle, and looks for the Frog Splash but Bourne rolls out the way.

Both Superstars get up fairly quickly and Evan connects with a huge Rolling Salivate before running forward and hitting Chavo with his Mayorana! Evan climbs to the top rope, and Chavo gets to his feet but is put right back down after Bourne connects with a diving double knee to Guerrero’s shoulders! Bourne throws up the peace sign to the crowd before climbing to the top again, and this time he goes for Shooting Star Press... and it connects... cover... 1... 2...3!

Winner: Evan Bourne @ 6.58

The fans respond with a cheer as the referee calls for the bell and Bourne uses the ropes to get to his feet. He has his hand raised before standing on the second rope and celebrating his win.

Jim Ross: We now know the fourth member of the WWE United States Gauntlet match at Judgment Day.

JBL: R-Truth has his hands full with all of these men, each one has their own qualities and all of them will be looking to take the U.S Championship.

Bourne drops down to the mat and stops in his tracks as Chavo Guerrero has gotten to his feet. Guerrero and Bourne stare off until Chavo extends his hand! The crowd don’t know how to react as does Bourne, however after a few seconds – Evan grabs Chavo’s hand the two men shake hands! The fans cheer this as Chavo seems to have turned a new leaf. He leaves the ring and allows Bourne to celebrate again.

Jim Ross: Tremendous show of respect from Chavo, a great ending to a great match and now Bourne will have his eyes set on the WWE United States Championship.

We now fade backstage where the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena is speaking with The Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki Bella.

Brie Bella: Yeah... so... like have you found a partner yet?

John Cena: Oh yes... and it’s gonna’ shock everybody.

Brie and Nikki glance at each other...

Nikki Bella: Ohh... tell us.

Cena shakes his head...

John Cena: Can’t do that... gotta’ keep it a secret until the main event.

Brie Bella: You could whisper it to us...

Nikki Bella: Yeah!

Cena nods and whispers in both divas ears.

Both Bellas: Wow!

Cena smirks...

John Cena: Anyway... I gotta’ go get ready for the match.

The champion now leaves as Brie and Nikki say bye as they watch him go as we fade to black.


SmackDown returns and in the ring, The Peep Show has been set up and the fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their host.



It’s a good pop as Captain Charisma, Christian make his way onto the stage. The fans cheer him on as Christian surveys the arena before heading on down the ramp, wearing a pair of jeans and a Captain Charisma tee.

Jim Ross: Yes ladies and gentleman, tonight marks the return of The Peep Show and with a very special guest.

JBL: Special is one word to describe Kane, I’d also say crazy, a lunatic... a crazed look. If Christian had any brains he wouldn’t be hosting this interview with Kane.

Jim Ross: I have to agree with you there, Kane has ran riot over RAW for the past month and now because of the draft – we have to contend with him their.

Christian is now in the ring, he picks a microphone up from one of the chairs but doesn’t sit down instead he starts talking.

Christian: Ladies and gentleman... peeps of all ages... it is true... this is THE return of The Peep Show.

Huge pop from the crowd...

Christian: I’ve been back in the WWE for a couple of months now... and I felt it was right... the right time to bring back the biggest and best interview segment in WWE history... The Peep Show... I brought it back for all of my peeps out there.

Another pretty big pop as Christian smirks...

Christian: Now let’s get down to business here. I’ve had some crazy guests on this show... some crazy moments have happened on this... but nobody compares to my next guest. I could tell you about all the stuff that my guest has done this past month... but let’s just take a look.

And cut to the tron...


We are now at RAW where Kane is backstage telling everyone that a demon has been awoken inside of him. But then we cut to Backlash where Kane choke slams Punk and then cuts off clumps of Kane’s hair. From there, we see what happened on the last RAW, as Kane attacks Punk but then something stops him and he backs away, letting go of Punk and walking up the ramp.


Back to Christian in the ring...

Christian: The Peep Show returns t’night... with my guest... The Big Red Monster... KANE!



The arena erupts in a blaze of red as The Big Red Monster; Kane walks out to the stage. The fans boo him as the big man walks down the ramp, looking rather demented.

Jim Ross: I don’t like this, not one bit. I know firsthand how dangerous Kane can be, with him on SmackDown – I really don’t want to guess what he will do next.

JBL: I have to agree with you, J.R, Kane’s been on a roll as of late, he’ lost his matches to Punk but he got the last laugh as he cut Punk’s hair off. This isn’t the greatest idea from Christian.

Kane reaches the ring before pulling himself onto the apron with the top rope. Christian watches as Kane enters the ring and grabs the microphone from the chair.

Christian: First off, Kane... I wanna’ welcome you too The Peep Show...

Christian waits for a response but gets nothing...

Christian: Uh... alright well... lemme’ just say... we’ve crossed paths a couple of times. And let me tell my peeps somethin’... Kane is a crazy son of a bitch. But Kane... I wanted to get you out here... to get to the bottom of somethin’.

Kane stays motionless...

Christian: A lot people in the back... would say I’m insane for doin’ this... a lot of people are tryin’ to avoid you, Kane.

Again, no emotion shown from Kane...

Christian: Ever since WrestleMania... you have been terrorising Superstars on RAW... and now you’re on SmackDown. You’ve been attackin’ anyone and everyone you see... I want to know Kane... what has gone off inside your head which has started this... we all know you were a little mentally unstable before all of this... but now it’s gone to a whole new level.

Christian waits for a response but gets nothing...

Christian: I-

Kane: A demon... a demon has awoken... inside me.

Christian actually smirks but Kane stays emotionless...

Christian: Kane... this isn’t therapy... I’m not out here with a black couch and a note pad... I’m not ‘bout to believe a so-called demon has been awoken as you put it.

Christian pauses...

Christian: There isn’t a demon inside of you... it’s just your sick mind that’s makin’ you do all of this. You, Kane... seem to get pleasure from inflictin’ pain on others... you’ve done it for years... but this time... this time it feels different.

Kane starts to show some signs of emotion, even talking to himself...

Christian: What?

Kane stops talking and returns to his emotionless state, almost like he has spoken to someone and then ended the conversation...

Christian: Who were you talkin’ to? Is it this so called demon... is it talkin’ to you.

Kane takes offense to Christian’s mocking tone but doesn’t move...

Christian: Is it tellin’ you what to do?

Kane: Yes.

Christian rolls his eyes...

Christian: And what is it sayin?

Kane: It’s telling me... to choke slam you to hell.

Heat from the crowd...

Christian: Firstly... there isn’t a demon inside you... you aren’t possessed and their isn’t a hell.

Christian continues to press the buttons of Kane...

Kane: I am the devil’s favourite play thing.

Again, Christian rolls his eyes...

Christian: The devil doesn’t exist.

Kane: I have seen things... things you couldn’t comprehend. I’ve seen hell... I’ve been to hell... I’ve seen the torment... the dangers... the fire... I’ve seen it all. And the voice in-

Christian: There is no demon inside of you... nothin’ is talkin’ to you... it’s just your mentally unstable mind. Kane... accept it... you are insane and should be admitted to a psych ward.

Kane: The voice in my head... the demon inside of me... it’s tellin’ me to do one thing...

Christian: And what’s that?

Kane suddenly drops the microphone and grabs Christian by the throat and stares into his eyes... before LIFTING HIM UP AND PLANTING HIM WITH A HUGE CHOKE SLAM TO HELL! The crowd respond with a huge amount of heat as Kane stares down at Captain Charisma, sprawled out on the canvas. Kane then goes mental again, attacking the set, smashing the chairs and kicking the ropes.

Jim Ross: Kane has gone absolutely crazy!

JBL: I told everyone that this was a terrible idea! Christian has made a huge mistake, his career could be damn right over now that Kane has him on his radar.

Jim Ross: This isn’t good for Christian, and it isn’t any good for us!

Kane has stopped his tirade and backed away from the ring, the arena is draped in red as The Big Red Monster stands on the stage, staring down at Christian as we fade to a commercial.



We open up and the first thing we see is a church, it’s night time and we can hear Owl’s hooting, it’s a very creepy atmosphere as we can see candle light shining through some of the windows...

We fade away again, and hear the screams of men and women, we don’t see anything just the darkness...

The video comes back and this time we are in the church, it’s very grim, some of the pews are turned over, candles are lit near the focal point of the church, where coffin lies...

Again, we fade away, but then we come right back and are in a small booth where we see Matt Hardy...

Matt Hardy:
Forgive me father for I have sinned...

Again, we fade away, getting a glimpse of the priest on the other side of the booth...

The video comes back around, the same booth but this time it’s Kane that’s there...

Forgive me father for I have sinned...

Fade away for another time...

Fade back and we are back in the small booth this time its Randy Orton...

Randy Orton:
Forgive me father for I have sinned...

We’re now in a dark room, faintly lit by candles again, there is a desk where a man with a shroud sits who we assume is the priest...

We close in on the man, before taking a view of what he is looking at it, it’s photos of Randy Orton, Matt Hardy and Kane...

You may have sinned... but He does not forgive...

We cut away again, and we’re in the main room of the church where we begin the video and we’re focused on the coffin...

We close in, and smoke fills the room as the coffin rises and a hand reaches up...

We then see a man sit up and it’s The Undertaker, he slowly faces the camera...

The Undertaker:
Judgment Day... is... coming...



We return to SmackDown and the arena is in silence until...



The self proclaimed Best In The World saunters out onto the stage, the arena tinged in dark blue and white lighting as Chris Jericho makes his presence known. The crowd boo him loudly but he simply shakes his head and heads down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Yes... it’s that time folks... time for the main event. And here is the man who kicked off the show and demanded a shot at the World Heavyweight Champion.

JBL: Jericho is a hell of a competitor, one of the greatest of all time, but if anyone deserves a shot at the title it’s Matt Hardy. I’m not sayin’ Jericho doesn’t deserve one... but recently Hardy has been on a roll... while Jericho has been tryin’ to help the lost cause which is The Miz.

Jim Ross: Well, he teams with Matt Hardy and if they want a shot, they will have to work together and then they will get a shot.

JBL: In a triple threat... that’s not what either wanted... they wanted a singles opportunity. I’m pretty sure John Cena would want a singles match too. Triple threats put the champion at an extreme disadvantage, I should know.

Jericho slowly walks up the steel steps takes a moment to wipe his feet and then steps into the ring. He stands in the centre, looking around the arena, waiting for his tag team partner.


The fans erupt with a bellow of heat as the arena darkens a little as The Dark One, Matt Hardy comes out from behind the curtain. Matt starts to make his way down the ramp with a new tee, which says “Dark One”. He ignores the fans jibes and keeps his eyes fixed on his opponent.

Jim Ross: I do agree with you JBL, triple threats are never good for anyone as the odds are worse, but if I would just be glad to be get a championship match. And that is what this man has been working for his whole career, I helped sign him and his brother and knew they would both be huge Superstars but the road that Matt has taken to get here is shocking.

JBL: It’s a road that he needed to take, he was gettin’ nowhere with playing to the fans and showin’ no personality whatsoever. Now, Matt is a huge Superstar who is in contention for the biggest title on this brand.

Matt jogs up the steel steps before stepping into the ring, he brushes past Jericho and climbs onto the second rope telling everyone that it is his time.


The arena goes crazy as the familiar music plays and the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena comes jogging out onto the stage. Cena stops on the top, looks at the camera and says it’s time go to work before sprinting down the ramp and sliding into the ring.

Jim Ross: Here is the man who ended your title reign and someone who proved everyone wrong, including yourself when he won the WWE Championship from you at WrestleMania.

JBL: I’ll admit he did, I underestimated him, I thought he was just another hood rat who thought he was the next big thing, but he proved everyone wrong and continues to do when he comes out here and goes toe to toe with the best.

Jim Ross: Some might say he is the best.

JBL: Being World Heavyweight Champion means you are the best, but he has to deal with a man who believes he is the best and another guy who is hungry for gold.

Cena ignores Hardy and Jericho while he bounces off the ropes and then throws his cap into the crowd. He hands the title to the referee before taking his blue tee off and throwing it in the same direction as the hat. His music dies down and then begins the way to see his partner.



It’s another huge cheer from the crowd as Matt Hardy’s eyes go wide, the man who shouldn’t be here tonight makes his entrance, known as Jeff Hardy. The Charismatic Enigma high steps onto the stage, still feeling the effects of Backlash as the arena is draped in a purple tint, Cena smirks at Matt who continues to stare at his brother.

Jim Ross: What is happening here? Jeff Hardy shouldn’t even be here tonight after the battle and the injuries that he suffered at Backlash.

JBL: Jeff is certainly a fighter but he risks further injury and Theodore Long is at fault here for allowing him to compete despite persistent orders from doctors not to compete.

Jeff climbs up the steel steps, looks out into the crowd, climbs into the ring and makes a beeline for Matt but the referee gets in his way and stops him. Jeff calms down and backs into his corner, he and Cena chat for a moment as do Matt and his partner before we start this match.

Main Event: Tag Team
(If Cena’s team wins then Jeff faces Cena at Judgment Day)
(If Matt and Jericho win then they will face Cena in a triple threat at Judgment Day)
John Cena & Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho & Matt Hardy

We join his match a fair distance in, and Jeff Hardy is in serious trouble as he is in the clutches of Matt Hardy who whips him into his corner. Matt tags in Jericho and the two of them plant Jeff with a double suplex! Jericho dives down onto the cover... 1... 2... NO! Jericho walks over and tags Matt in, he holds Jeff up which allows Matt to slap his brother in the face to huge boos before planting him with a snap DDT! Cover... 1... 2... NO! Jeff kicks out to a huge cheer but then Matt locks in a sleeper hold.

Jeff manages to battle out though, he gets a head of steam and breaks away from Matt, hitting the ropes and connecting with a clothesline, and another, but then Matt knees him in the gut before Irish-whipping him into the corner... but Jeff runs up the turnbuckle... and hits Whisper In The Wind! Both men are now down, and Cena starts to get the crowd involved, getting them cheering and clapping, and... we get the hot tag!

The World Heavyweight Champion comes in, and hits a flying shoulder block to Jericho, and then another, but third time isn’t lucky as he Jericho ducks and Cena smashes into the referee! The referee is down! Matt tries to take advantage, he enters the ring, grabs Cena from behind and runs him into the corner, thrusting him into the ring post between the top and middle turnbuckle! The fans boo this but then Jeff re-enters and takes Matt over the top rope with a clothesline! John pulls himself out of the corner, and stumbles around... into a Codebreaker!

Jericho goes for the cover... but there isn’t a referee! Jericho curses his luck but we suddenly hear a huge thud... and the cameras pick up Jeff Hardy with a steel chair in his hand and Matt Hardy down and out! We get a quick replay of Jeff smashing his brother in the face with the chair! We return from the replay and Jericho has left the ring, he grabs Jeff from behind and rams him into the steel steps! Chris climbs back into the ring, and he spots the referee getting to his feet, and decides he should try for another Codebreaker... Cena gets to his feet and Jericho runs forward... but runs into a knee!

Cena then plants Jericho with his signature spinning sit down powerbomb! Instead of going for the cover, he gets to his feet and hits Jericho with the Five Knuckle Shuffle! The World Champion measures Jericho, who gets to his feet slowly and turns around into Cena’s clutches and is planted by the Attitude Adjustment! Cena sinks into the cover... 1... 2... 3! But wait, Jericho has his foot on the bottom rope... but the referee hasn’t seen it!

Winners: John Cena & Jeff Hardy @ 11.04

Jericho has his foot on the bottom rope but the referee doesn’t see it! He simply helps Cena to his feet and lifts his arm in the air, oblivious to Jericho, who now rolls onto his stomach away from the ropes before getting to his knees and trying to inform the referee. While this is happening, Matt is spark out on the outside still as Jeff rolls into the ring.

JBL: They stole it! The two of them stole it! One with a chair and the other not havin’ the decency to inform the ref that Jericho had his foot on the bottom rope!

Jim Ross: Jericho is absolutely livid, and Matt is completely knocked out! What chaotic way to end SmackDown, and we haven’t seen the end of this.

While Jericho continues to plead his case to the referee, Cena holds his World Heavyweight Championship in the air but then turns into Jeff who stares at the belt. The fans cheer as the two most popular stars on SmackDown face off, as we fade to black.


Quick Results
The Lifeblood of Extreme def. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
Dolph Ziggler def. Finlay
Kofi Kingston def. Vladimir Kozlov
Evan Bourne def. Chavo Guerrero
John Cena & Jeff Hardy def. Chris Jericho & Matt Hardy


DATE: May, 31st 2009
LOCATION: Allstate Arena – Rosemont, Illinois

World Heavyweight Championship
World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. The Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy

Vickie Guerrero’s Contract On The Line
The Rated R Superstar Edge vs. The World’s Largest Athlete Big Show w/Vickie Guerrero

WWE United States Championship; Gauntlet Match
WWE United States Champion R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne vs. Kofi Kingston vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM's Review

The debut episode of WWE Superstars was rather good. It had a good mix of comedy and some great wrestling matches. I'd love to see all those matches written out but I know it's just Superstars so a recap will do. The Backstage Fallout was good too, catching up with the superstars who performed on Superstars. I definitely think you should continue with this because it showcases the talent more and some talent that aren't featured a lot.

Now onto the show. JBL and JR, what a dream team on commentary. But anyways, honestly, the whole exchange between these three guys kept me off-balance. I mean that there were some good parts and there were some not so good parts. I do like the serious attitude that you write Matt with, that was good. Cena sounded a bit heel in this promo if I'm honest, but he redeemed himself when I read the line about Matt and Jericho having to stop their talk and just get in the ring to fight it out, now that's vintage Cena. As for the main event match, it'll surely be an interesting one. No idea who Cena will choose as his partner but you've definitely set something up for the main event. Sub-par opening here man.

Dreamer and Richards getting a shot at your tag team titles? I'm not too sure on this one. While the stipulation of the match was playing to their advantage, I think it would've been a good rub for Hawkins and Ryder to get the win here. But I don't think a heel team vs. heel team would work so I can see why you chose to go with this result.

I liked this promo from Ziggler, you can really build him up the way you want to. It'll be interesting to see how you build him up without Vickie. And a chance at the US Title is definitely the right choice to get Ziggler noticed. Don't think he'll win it yet though but just having him out there will be a good rub on the young superstar. That video package was rather good in my opinion. Been a big fan of The Hart Dynasty mostly because of Tyson Kidd and Natalya but this team can absolutely go in the ring. Sad that WWE broke them up early, stupid move. But now, I expect big things from this team.

Hinting at a possible Bourne/Knox feud because of Kelly? I wouldn't mind that. Both guys are talented in the ring and should be able to put on some good matches. If really given the chance, I know Bourne can produce good things in the ring so I hope this is a stepping stone to a solid push. Not really a fan of this Lashley/Kozlov feud, Kozlov should just go away. But adding Kofi into the Gauntlet Match is a good decision. Nice little segment here with Jericho and Matt. I can see them working together but quickly turning on each other. I wouldn't be surprised to see Matt standing tall at the end of this show.

We get more on this impending feud between Bourne and Knox, it should be a good one. Hmm, wasn't really feeling this Edge/Big Show exchange, maybe it's because I really don't like Big Show. Edge sounded a bit off, you've got the cheesy jokes down but everything else sounded a bit off for me. Kind of a rushed decision for such a big match with Vickie's contract on the line. I'm sure on the next episode, she'll be seething with rage that her contract is on the line. But anyway, not really feelin' this feud at the moment but I still want to see what comes out of this one.

And now Evan gets into the US Title gauntlet match, wooo! I can't really say much about Truth's interview, it was pretty standard. But I'm not really sure how a face non-Little Jimmy R-Truth is like anymore so yeah, can't say much about it. The Cena/Bellas segment wasn't really needed imo but ohwell, onto the main event already!

Peep Show was pretty decent here. I think you did well with writing Christian here, having him bring up the fact that people in the back say he's insane for even having Kane on his show. And well, he was just waiting to get hurt with how unstable Kane is at the moment. Kane and his inner demons huh? I like the character of Kane and you've added something here with him listening to a voice. I know it's not exactly something new to see but it does add to his character.

Main event time, who is Cena's partner......JEFF HARDY?! Okay wow, why didn't I see this one coming? Haha. And wow, I really liked everything that happened here in the main event. Hardy vs. Cena for the title?! But wait, some more controversy, oh man this is gonna be good. All I can say is wow cause there's just no other way for me to explain how much I like the ending. You have a possible Jeff/Cena match but I'm sure the heels will somehow get themselves in the match. Then it might become a four-way which I won't complain about. I'd love to see that.

Overall, the show started out a bit slow but it picked up in the later half. The gauntlet match for the US Title is a good idea, giving exposure to some of the good athletes on the brand plus adding in some veterans on there. I will say that some promos sounded a bit off but then once you started getting deeper in the promo, it worked out great. But yeah, promos aren't my strong points either. The World Heavyweight Title situation really got me, I really liked it a lot. Only good things can come from this. Onto the next show!

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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Before I give you my thoughts on Smackdown, I just wanna say that Backlash and the Draft were both great reads after I plucked up the courage to read them the second time after my eyes bled so much I passed out the first time.

I thought it would have been best to kick off with one of Smackdown's draft picks and Jericho was by far the biggest so right move here. I liked how he was saying he thought it would be different on Smackdown and he'll still being disrespected - brilliant. I'm glad that Jericho is going for the title, but I did think that the fact that Morrison was drafted to Smackdown as well would continue the feud between them to get Morrison over but I'm not opposed to this so its cool. I'm glad that Hardy interrupted as he is the number one contender in my eyes. It's great to see the evolution of heel Matt as he's now hanging in there with Jericho in promos. Ofcourse Cena was going to come out as well, and I liked what he had to say, but I do think that it is more in tune with his character to just welcome the challenges to his title and Cena's bit ended the way it should of done with the "YOU WANT SOME... COME GET SOME". I actually burst out laughing when Long announced the tag team match Classic. Really interesting concept for the main event but there is a certain someone that I'm praying won't be Cena's partner. Nice start to the show though.

This would have been a fun match to kick off the show and get the crowd going as I'm sure they would have enjoyed watching Ryder and Hawkins getting battered with a Kendo Stick. It was the right move making the Lifeblood of Extreme (Nice name btw) the #1 contenders considering you have heel champions. This way Hawkins and Ryder are protected by the fact that they were competing in a match type not suited to them. I don't expect Dreamer and Richards to win the titles when they do have their shot but I'm sure they'll put up a decent showing.

Wow that is a huge match for Judgement Day... 7 men? Poor R-Truth, but I'm looking forward to seeing how these qualifying matches turn out.

I liked the promo before the match from Ziggler. As I've commented before this was his break out year on Smackdown. I like the direction you've given him and now I can see how all of the events that have happened to him over the past few weeks on Raw. JR put it perfectly; Finlay is going to be a tough start to this resurgence for Ziggler. Interesting to see Ziggler having to resort to the eye poke in order to win, as it does not fully validate this new start, but to have him included in this match at Judgement Day is a nice move and I will be pulling for him to get the win and the title.

I remember you mentioned something about a stalker being brought up on this show. This was some intense stuff here, I like it.

First off I'll talk about Kofi in regards to this match. I do feel that this is in a way a step down for Kingston after he was talking about going for the WWE Championship when he was on Raw and now he's in the United States Championship picture. I really think that he'd have been a better choice for Cena's partner in the main event. Kozlov takes another big dent as he's now lost two in a row; I know this one was because of Lashley but I think Kozlov needs some more momentum in the build up to Judgement Day or whenever you decide to have these two lock up again. But yeah, I hope just Kofi steals the show in the US Title Match but I think it would be a step down for him at this stage after what he was doing before he got drafted.

I think someone mentioned before that this Edge/Big Show thing isn't going to be the most enjoyable feud but it is necessary. I did like how Edge was making all of the jokes and trying to make light of the situation. I found it a bit weird that Show agreed to the match under that condition that Edge doesn't show a video of karaoke. But he did rebuild some credibility with the KO Punch at the end. This was a bit hit and miss but overall your characterization of Edge as a whole is really good.

Is this the start of a R-Truth heel turn? I'm glad you haven't made him seem like a total douche and actually be happy about it.

This was a fun little match between Bourne and Chavo; all of the matches in this show have been pretty good. Bourne qualifying didn't surprise me but what strikes me is that you have 4 smaller guys in this match now, I'm hoping for a monster to qualify next week, maybe Knox to continue this thing with Bourne?

I liked the fact that you had The Peep Show return and Kane being the guest really intrigued me. I just felt for the entire segment Christian was just being stupid... he should know that you just don't try and take the piss out of Kane, and the Chokeslam at the end was really justified. Kane as a character has been very interesting so far in this thread, and I'm surprised that you drafted him as opposed to continuing his feud with Punk after what happened at Backlash. This is a really ambiguous angle as I'm not sure what Kane's motives are and what has gotten into him but I'm eager to see what The Big Red Machine will do next

not happy about Jeff being involved... as I said before I think this was a good chance to let Kofi hang around with the big boys on Smackdown or even John Morrison would have been great here given his recent history with Jericho. After Backlash I really do feel like Matt is the one that deserves the shot after beating Jeff twice, but for me the only real saving grace is that Jericho's foot was on the bottom rope. I'm hoping this leads to either a Triple Threat with Cena, Matt and Jeff or a Fatal 4 Way between all four of these guys. I can already picture Jericho walking out next week and bitching and moaning about the referee, which will be really cool to read. I do hope that this doesn't stay at just Cena vs Jeff for Judgement Day but if it does I'm joining the Cenation. Although a very crowd-pleasing end to the show which the young fans would have eaten up.

A good show here dude, nice to see the fall out from both Backlash and the Draft on the Smackdown side of things. I'm sorry if my personal feelings towards Jeff Hardy got in the way of my feedback for the main event Nice job here buddy and I'm already looking forward to Raw <3
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Backstage Fallout
During and After WWE SmackDown

Scott and the cameras are backstage where Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards are staggering down the hall way. Scott runs up to them, and manages to get them to stop and answer a few questions. He asks how they’re feeling after a brutal match, and they respond by saying they are in a lot of pain but so are Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. Scott then asks if they’ll be good for the WWE Tag Team Championship next week on SmackDown which they respond by saying they’ll be fine for next week and they’ll make sure extreme continues to run through the WWE when they become WWE Tag Team Champions.

This time, Chavo Guerrero has just picked up a bottle of water from a catering table, and he turns around when Scott calls to him. Scott says he was unlucky tonight but people would really want to know why he extended his hand to Evan Bourne as it isn’t in his nature. Guerrero simply responds by saying Bourne is a top level Superstar and he earned his respect in that match, he was simply giving Bourne his credit.

Again we’re backstage where Layla and Tiffany are standing talking to Theodore Long, but Scott interrupts them which causes Layla and Tiffany to leave. Scott asks Teddy what his thoughts on the show were and if he knew Jeff Hardy would compete despite doctors orders. Teddy says that it was a successful show, and he did not know, but it’s Jeff’s choice and he’s been rewarded with a World Heavyweight Championship match at Judgment Day. Scott presses on by asking what Layla and Tiffany wanted, Teddy tells him that they were wondering what the divas would be doing on SmackDown and he gave them a challenge to find something to do.

Finally, we’re in the parking lot at the end of the show, where Evan Bourne opens his car door and helps Kelly Kelly into the passenger seat, he brings up the peace sign to the camera before getting in his car and driving off. Scott the camera guy then turns around and we see The Big Show walking towards his car, Scott tries to get a word, he walks up to Show but when he starts to ask, pushes the camera away, sending a clear signal he doesn’t want to be asked any questions.


WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW – 11th May, 2009
Los Angeles, California - Staples Center

A week ago on Monday Night RAW, we witnessed a three hour show which shook the foundation of the WWE, as some huge changes happened when The Undertaker was drafted to RAW. The Deadman set his sights on one man, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. He appeared after the main event which consisted of John Cena and Randy Orton, and preceded to Choke Slam the World Heavyweight Champion and Tombstone the WWE Champion. The Undertaker has certainly changed the landscape of RAW, and in his first appearance he made his intensions perfectly clear. A week after The Undertaker’s first appearance, this week however – one can only imagine what will happen between Randy Orton and the newest member of the RAW roster.

On the subject of the WWE Champion, Randy Orton, he is in action tonight when he takes on the last standing McMahon in a Street Fight. We found out from Ric Flair last week that Shane McMahon would be at RAW and the two of them would face off in the main event, this is Shane’s chance to exact some revenge on The Viper. But when Orton was informed, he was actually rather calm, creepy one could say as he simply said he was looking forward to ending the last McMahon. Tonight, retribution could be had, but if Orton has his way, he will end the reign of the McMahon’s in the WWE.

In addition to the huge Street Fight, there are more matches to be had which will affect every championships on RAW. Last week, Rey Mysterio defeated R-Truth in a champion versus champion match, and now he’ll face one of the fastest rising stars in the WWE, The Miz. The Miz has been under the tutelage of Chris Jericho, but now he is on his own as Jericho was drafted to SmackDown. Another match that will affect the WWE Intercontinental Championship is the number one contenders match between William Regal and CM Punk. Ric Flair booked this match last week when he had a confrontation with William Regal, and he has chosen CM Punk to be Regal’s opponent.

Another match that has huge ramifications is a tag team match that will affect the World Tag Team Championship picture. The newest team on RAW; The Colons will face off against the ruthless team of Nigel McGuiness and Drew McIntyre. Whoever wins this match will get a shot at Judgment Day, against Cryme Tyme in the hope that they will hope the World Tag Team Championships at the end of the night.

Also tonight, we will witness the debut of a young man that Ric Flair personally signed and has been quoted as saying he could be a future champion in the WWE. His name is TJ Perkins and will face Jack Swagger in his debut match, a match which will be in his home town and no doubt the crowd will be on their feet for him.

Finally, tonight we will have a huge championship match when the WWE Divas Champion, Maryse defends her title against Mickie James in her first match on RAW. A huge match, and no doubt Beth Phoenix will be watching.

Expect appeareances by all of the above and many more, including MVP, Mr. Kennedy and Jack Swagger.







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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW – 11th May, 2009
Los Angeles, California -
Staples Center

We kick off the evening with a video package of what went down on last week’s RAW, it begins by showing us Randy Orton’s promo that was cut at the beginning of the evening, and then we get footage of The Viper punting Mr. McMahon in the skull. After that, we now see the main event of the night, where Randy Orton manages to beat John Cena but then gets Tombstoned by the newest member of the RAW Roster, The Undertaker. The final image we get is of The Deadman kneeling over The Viper, holding his WWE Championship up in front of him as we fade to black.

Now we get the usual RAW opening video which shows off the newest stars of RAW that we gained last week on the draft before we cut into the arena where a massive pyrotechnic display sounds off from the arena. The cameras then pan around the arena, taking in some signs such as ‘R.I.P Orton’, ‘Straight-Edge’ and ‘I Came To See Kung Fu Naki’.

Michael Cole: Welcome ladies and gentleman to the longest running weekly episodic television show in history! My name is Michael Cole and alongside me, as ever, my partner Jerry The King Lawler, and what a show we have for you.

King: Oh, it’s a huge one tonight, not only are we going to hear from The Undertaker, we have the WWE Divas Championship on the line and Randy Orton will battle Shane McMahon in a STREET FIGHT!

Michael Cole: It’s a packed show tonight ladies and gentleman, so let’s not waste any time, let’s get down to business.

The fans are still screaming but they eventually die down, that is until...



The lights go off in the arena but that doesn’t stop the fans from cheering wildly, the cameras cut to the stage where smoke fills it, we can hardly see anything but eventually we do see a dark figure walking towards the camera. We now see it is none other than The Undertaker, walking down the ramp, in darkness but we can see that he doesn’t have his usual hat and coat, instead it’s a hooded coat which has small spikes along the shoulders.

Michael Cole: The Undertaker has called SmackDown home for many years, but now, for the first time since the brand split, The Undertaker is on RAW, and last he targeted The Viper Randy Orton!

King: And I’m so glad that he is, Randy Orton has been running riot over these past few weeks and if any man can stop him, it’s The Deadman!

The Undertaker has now made his way down the ramp, he walks to the side, climbs up the steel steps while picking up a microphone that was left there, he steps into the ring and the lights stay off while ‘Taker keeps his hood up, but he starts to speak.

The Undertaker: It has been an eternity since the demons of hell called RAW their playground.

Huge cheer from the crowd as ‘Taker stares out into the masses...

The Undertaker: For five years... SmackDown has been the demon of Death Valley’s playground.

Fans are still listening intently...

The Undertaker: SmackDown is where the young and clueless came to hunt... and they all tried to make a name for themselves... at my expense. Every living being attempted to use me as a catapult for their selves, I was the hunted, but every single one of them failed in their attempt.

Cheer from the crowd as The Deadman starts to pace around the ring...

The Undertaker: Now... I am the hunter and RAW is my hunting ground... and my first conquest is the WWE Champion.

Huge pop at the prospect of ‘Taker/Orton...

The Undertaker: I... am on RAW for two reasons... the WWE Championship... and Randy Orton.

Huge heat at the mention of The Viper...

The Undertaker: Since WrestleMania... where another mortal fell... the gates of hell were closed. But last week, those gates reopened and all the demons that reside in hell... have been unleashed on RAW.

Huge pop...

The Undertaker: Every demon that resides in hell... every demon that has came from Death Valley... they all are looking for Randy Orton.

Another cheer, ‘Taker now stops pacing and stands in the centre of the ring...

The Undertaker: Randy Orton is a mere mortal but he acts as if he is a God.


The Undertaker: In three weeks time... Judgment Day will be upon us... a time when people stand trial for their judgement... a time when every evil spirit descends on the WWE... and the time when Randy Orton pays for his actions.

Huge pop...

The Undertaker: Randy Orton’s Judgment Day is upon him... and I am the judge, jury... and executioner... I will make Randy Orton pay for his sins. In three weeks time... Randy Orton steps in the ring with The Demon of Death Valley... and Randy Orton...

‘Taker turns to the stage...

The Undertaker: You will admit your sins... you will relinquish the WWE Championship... and you will... Rest... In... Piece.

The fans cheer loudly as Undertaker walks to the centre of the ring but then...



The arena lights now brighten up as the fans react with heat at the music of the WWE Champion. The Undertaker meanwhile turns to face the stage, looking rather pissed off as The Viper, Randy Orton walks onto the stage with a microphone on his hand.

Michael Cole: This is what we came to see! The confrontation between The Deadman and The Viper.

King: Randy Orton is a brave man interrupting The Undertaker.

On the stage, Orton’s music dies down and he begins speaking.

Randy Orton: Undertaker... I think you have your wires crossed, because I am the Apex Predator on RAW, I’m not hunted... I hunt others.

Orton adjusts the WWE Championship on his shoulder...

Randy Orton: You are correct though, in three weeks time we do meet in that ring for MY WWE Championship but I will not pay for my sins.

Orton stares down at ‘Taker...

Randy Orton: In three weeks time... Judgment Day will be here but it’s not mine, it’s yours.

‘Taker continues staring up at Orton, hood still up...

Randy Orton: You all heard me right... it’s your Judgment Day. Y’see... last week Undertaker, you made a huge mistake showing up on RAW... and attacking me was the worst thing you could’ve done... because now you are on my radar. You have my attention... and that’s something nobody wants.

Boos from the crowd while Orton continues to stare at his challenger...

Randy Orton: Undertaker, you and I have crossed paths bef-

The Undertaker: Randy Orton... we have crossed paths in battle before. You thought you could make a name for yourself like so many others, by attempting what so many others have attempted before. What so many others have tried and failed at... that was ending the streak at WrestleMania... and just like the others... you failed.

Huge pop while Orton clenches his teeth...

The Undertaker: In reality... you were a kid who thought he could go toe to toe with a force he could not control, that he could not comprehend. You were just another name who thought he could make a name for himself at my expense... but you, Randy Orton, were just another mortal on the list.

Another pop...

The Undertaker: A mere mortal who thought he could handle the depths of hell and walk into The Deadman’s yard.

Huge pop as ‘Taker brings the mic down to his side...

Randy Orton: You’re right in one thing Deadman, back then I was a kid, but now... I have risen to the top of the WWE, as proven by this.

Orton holds the title in the air gathering some huge heat...

Randy Orton: And now... I am the most dangerous man in the WWE and at Judgment Day Undertaker, when I defend my championship against you... it’s going to end the same way Backlash did, with me PUNTING my opponent in the skull.

Huge heat...

Randy Orton: At Judgment Day, I end the legend of The Undertaker... I end you... you Undertaker... at Judgment Day... will Rest... In... Piece.

The Viper and The Deadman lock eyes from the ring to the stage but the fans suddenly start booing as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase jump the barricade! But The Undertaker notices them and levels DiBiase with a right hand, sending him reeling before doing the same to Cody. He pushes Cody into the corner, but gets clobbered from behind by DiBiase, ‘Taker tries to fight him off but Rhodes gets involved and the two men start to wear down The Deadman, they rip his hooded cloak off but The Deadman starts to fight back! Sending them both away with rights and lefts, but then The Viper slides into the ring and hits The Undertaker with a chop block!

Michael Cole: The numbers game is catching up to The Undertaker!

King: Legacy are like a pack of wolves!

Orton climbs on top of ‘Taker and starts pounding away on his head but the fans suddenly start cheering as SHANE MCMAHON SPRINTS DOWN THE AISLE WITH A STEEL PIPE! DiBiase and Rhodes see him coming and split, but Orton hasn’t realized, eventually the cheers alert him and he stands up, turns around but gets SMASHED IN THE GUT WITH THE PIPE! The crowd are going insane as Orton drops to his knees before rolling out of the ring as Shane-O kicks him out!

Michael Cole: It’s Shane McMahon! He’s got some back up in that lead pipe and he’s sent a message to Randy Orton.

King: Check Rhodes and DiBiase out though, they left their mentor to the slaughter without even telling him.

Undertaker is now back on his feet, he and Shane glance at each other before setting their eyes on Orton who kneels on the beginning of the ramp, holding his stomach in pain as DiBiase and Rhodes have disappeared backstage. Shane welcomes Orton into the ring but The Viper shakes his head and tells Shane he’ll get him later on tonight.

Michael Cole: What a start to the show here tonight! And it’s going to continue as we have a Street Fight scheduled for later on between Orton and Shane McMahon.

King: Shane got some measure of revenge right now, but he’ll want to inflict serious damage on Randy Orton in the Street Fight!

We now fade to a commercial as Orton stares at the two men in the ring.


Monday Night RAW returns and we’re backstage where Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes are standing in a locker room, DiBiase is pacing from side to side whereas Cody is simply in deep thought, staring at the ground. Suddenly, a loud bang is heard, the camera swings around to see Randy Orton standing in the doorway, looking extremely pissed off, he walks over to the two them.


Orton slams his fist into the locker door beside him...


DiBiase and Rhodes meet Orton’s gaze, the vein popping in Orton’s temple...

Randy Orton: C’mon! I’m out there with The Undertaker, and then Shane McMahon turns up, and you two IDIOTS... don’t even tell me... you two just run away like SPINELESS cowards!

Cody Rhodes: Look! You think we wanna’ get a lead pipe in our faces?!

Orton looks extremely pissed at Rhodes’ reaction while Ted simply stares at his friend...

Randy Orton: You think I do?! I am the WWE Champion... who now has to deal with The Undertaker... I have a Street Fight later... and you two have nothing!

Cody Rhodes: Nothing?! We have the World Tag Tea-

Randy Orton: I don’t care about the World Tag Team Championships; all I care about is the WWE Championship, and defeating the last McMahon tonight! And that is all you should care about!

Cody Rhodes: I thought you said... that Legacy wasn’t about you... it’s about all of us!

Ted continues not to say a word...

Randy Orton: If it’s about all of us... then you two COWARDS wouldn’t have left me high and dry, in that damn ring to get attacked by Shane McMahon and his lead pipe!

Rhodes doesn’t say another word while DiBiase looks down...

Randy Orton: Now get out of my sight! And you two better hold up on your end later tonight... now go!

Orton continues to stare at the two of them as DiBiase begins to leave but Rhodes stands his ground, staring back at Orton until DiBiase grabs him by the arm, telling him to leave it, and eventually Rhodes turns and the two of them leave.

Back in the arena...

Michael Cole: It’s certainly been a chaotic start to Monday Night RAW, and are we seeing some tension in the ranks of Legacy?

King: It looks that way, Rhodes didn’t enjoy being yelled at did he?

Michael Cole: I’m sure we’ll see more from these three men in due time ladies and gentleman, but right now it’s time for the number one contenders match to the WWE Intercontinental Championship.



The crowd pop pretty loudly as the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio walks out from behind the curtain, wearing white attire, Mysterio tee with a pink mask and the Intercontinental Title over his shoulder.

Michael Cole: Joining us on commentary for this match is none other than the Intercontinental Champion himself, Rey Mysterio.

King: And I’m sure he’s got a lot to say about Regal.

Mysterio reaches the ring after interacting with some of the fans before walking around the ring, and taking a seat next to King.

Michael Cole: Joining us now the current I.C Champion, welcome Rey.

Rey Mysterio: Thank you, Michael.

King: And Rey, I just want to say congratulations on defending your title at Judgment Day against all odds.

Rey Mysterio: It was tough but I’m glad I’m able to sit here and say I’m the WWE Intercontinental Champion!


The arrival of the first man in this match is met with heat as William Regal walks out onto the stage, without Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness, he begins to walk down the ramp in black attire with a black long coat.

Michael Cole: Here is the man you beat, Rey, but it seems he isn’t done with you as he wants another shot at your Intercontinental Championship.

Rey Mysterio: Hey, I’m a fightin’ champion, I have no problem defendin’ my belt against him again, or against anyone for that matter.

King: It seems Regal has a real dislike for you, Rey.

Regal walks up the steel steps and wipes his feet on the apron before stepping into the ring.


The crowd cheer hugely as Mister Money in the Bank, CM Punk walks out from behind the curtain. He kneels on the stage before yelling out ‘it’s clobbering time’, wearing a grey hoodie with his hood up, he keeps his eyes on Regal as he walks down the ramp.

Michael Cole: CM Punk, the current Money in the Bank holder has the chance to face you, Rey, and if he does, imagine if he wins the WWE Intercontinental Title and then cashes in and becomes WWE Champion.

Rey Mysterio: That would be very interesting, Michael, but if he does win this match then he’s gonna’ have a tough time achieving that.

King: Rey if you had to choose one of these two face, who would it be?

Rey Mysterio: Honestly, William Regal, it seems he has a beef with me, and I’d like to end it once and for all. But if CM Punk wins I’ll gladly face him as he is a very talented Supertar and would test me to the limit.

Punk jogs up the steel steps, climbs up the outside of the turnbuckle, and raises the briefcase in the air before pulling his hood down and revealing the shaved head which we saw last week. He drops down and prepares to fight.

Match One: Singles; WWE Intercontinental Number One Contenders Match
CM Punk vs. William Regal

We join this match a few minutes in, it’s been a back and forth bout until Regal caught Punk with a knee to the head, he then locks in a sleeper hold. Regal wrenches the hold, trying to knock Punk out, the referee eventually lifts Punk’s arm in the air, it drops! Another time, and again it drops! If it drops for a second time it’s all over... BUT PUNK KEEPS HIS ARM IN THE AIR! Regal shakes his head as the fans cheer, Punk manages to twist to his feet, while Regal transitions in to a side headlock, then Punk backs Regal into the ropes and uses the momentum to break his grip! Punk ducks a clothesline by Regal and connects with a drop kick on Regal when he returns. Mister Money in the Bank continues his momentum by clotheslining Regal, and then again before measuring for a Roundhouse Kick... but Regal ducks and runs Punk into the ropes, before kneeing him in the gut and hitting a Snapmare! He kicks Punk in the back, and he screams out in pain!

Regal picks Punk up, he drags him into the corner and smashes his head onto the top turnbuckle, and again he does it before turning Punk around. Regal Irish-whips him into the opposite corner and runs at Punk, CONNECTING WITH A CORNER CLOTHESLINE! Regal backs away while Punk stumbles out, but then he stumbles right into Regal who PLANTS HIM WITH HIS SIGNATURE SCOOP EXPLODER SLAM! Regal kneels next to Punk, with the fans booing him but some respecting the move that he just pulled out before hooking the leg... 1... 2... NO! Regal quickly gets to his feet and begins to argue with the referee, but then stops when he notices Punk is getting to his feet, he walks over, kicks him in the gut and then PUTS HIM DOWN WITH A DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX! Again, Regal hooks the leg, telling the referee to count... 1... 2... KICK OUT!

Again, William climbs to his feet, ignoring Punk and gets in the referee’s face, telling him to do his job. He doesn’t realise that Punk is now on his feet, he turns around and Punk hits him with a kick to the right knee, and then another to left, before getting set... and KNOCKING HIS HEAD OFF WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK! The crowd respond with a huge cheer as Regal falls to the mat, Punk drops to his knees, breathing heavily before hooking the leg... 1... 2... NO! Regal gets the shoulder up to a huge amount of boos, while Punk runs his hand over his head, staring out into the crowd. Punk waits for Regal to get to his feet, and then kicks him in the stomach before PLANTING HIM WITH A DRAGON SUPLEX! Punk rolls over on top of Regal and hooks the leg again... 1... 2... ANOTHER KICK OUT!

Punk wastes little time, he looks around the ring before exiting onto the apron, he grabs the top rope, waits for Regal to stand up... and GOES FOR A SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE... but Regal sidesteps... but Punk lands on his feet however Regal is behind him AND CONNECTS WITH AN AMAZING OVERHEAD HALF NELSON SUPLEX! The fans are in shock as Punk does a full turn, and land square on his face and chest! Regal takes a moment to regain his breath before then turning around and covering his opponent... 1... 2... NO! Regal walks around the ring before settling on a side and leaning on the ropes, waiting for Punk to get up, he does so and Regal sprints forward LOOKING FOR THE KNEE TREMBLER BUT PUNK SIDE STEPS HIM! Punk takes full advantage and CLOTHESLINES REGAL OVER THE TOP ROPE!

The commentators stand up to get a good look at Regal who uses the tables to get to his feet, he glances at Rey but turns around, to see PUNK FLYING THROUGH THE TOP AND SECOND ROPE... SUICIDE DIVE... BUT REGAL MANAGED TO TWIST HIS BODY SO PUNK LANDS... SIDE FIRST INTO THE SIDE OF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! The crowd are in awe as both men lie on the mat, really getting into this match while the referee checks on them both before climbing into the ring and starting the count. Regal gets up first, while the cameras get a close up of Punk’s side, which has red marks on the side of it! William grabs Punk, pulls him to his feet, then Irish-whips him INTO THE STEEL STEPS! Regal feels he’s done enough for now and then turns to Rey who stands up, looking ready for a fight. Regal tells him he’s coming for that title, but Rey stands his ground... then Punk gets involved... clobbering Regal from behind, and Irish-whipping him INTO THE CORNER OF THE BARRICADE!

Punk climbs into the ring, breaking the referee’s count, he slides back out and starts to walk over to Regal who sits in the corner of the barricade, but Punk decides against it, he climbs onto the apron and climbs up the turnbuckle! Regal starts to get to his feet... PUNK STANDS UP ON THE TOP... AND SOARS THROUGH THE AIR... CROSS BODY... TAKING REGAL DOWN! WOW! The crowd are on their feet, applauding the action that we are seeing, while both men take a breather on the mat. Punk uses the barricade to get to his feet, receiving pats on his shoulders from the fans, he walks over to Regal and slides him into the ring before going for the cover... 1... 2... NO! ANOTHER KICK OUT! THIS MATCH CONTINUES!

Mister Money in the Bank sits up before backing away and leaning on the bottom rope, breathing heavily while Regal lays on the mat, looking up into the ceiling. Punk uses the ropes to climb to his feet, he then exits onto the apron, Punk walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs it... LOOKING FOR AN ELBOW DROP... BUT REGAL ROLLS OUT THE WAY! Punk hits the mat pretty hard, and writhes on the mat, holding his elbow! Punk gets to his feet, holding his side and his arm, but then stumbles into Regal’s clutches who LOOKS FOR THE REGAL PLEX... BUT PUNK LANDS ON HIS FEET! The crowd gasp at that... but Regal runs at Punk who ducks a clothesline and grabs his opponent from behind AND HITS HIM WITH HIS PEPSI TWIST! Punk’s pulling out all the stops with some of his Indy moves as he climbs to his feet, and climbs up the turnbuckle again, before HITTING A CROOKED MOONSAULT! Cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT!

Punk pounds the mat and then shoots an accusing look at the referee, he clears his mind before picking Regal up and Irish-whipping him into the corner. Punk backs into the opposite corner and runs forward... AND ALMOST TAKES REGAL’S HEAD OFF WITH A KNEE TO THE FACE! Punk then runs forward with Regal in his clutches... BULLDOG... NO... REGAL THROWS PUNK OFF! AND RUNS FORWARD... KNEE TREMBLER! It connects and Punk looks out of it! Regal goes for the cover... 1... 2... NO! Regal screams in the referee’s face, and he backs off while the fans boo him, but Regal turns back to Punk, he kneels beside him and tries to LOCK IN THE REGAL STRETCH... but Punk manages to counter INTO THE ANACONDA VISE! Regal tries to get out, it looks as though he is going to tap out... Punk wrenches the hold and wrenches, screaming at Regal to tap.

But suddenly... JACK SWAGGER SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP AND CLIMBS ONTO THE APRON... HE GETS THE REFEREE’S ATTENTION... Punk lets go of the Anaconda Vise and walks over to Swagger. He pushes the referee out of the way and smashes Swagger in the face with a forearm smash! With Swagger dealt with... Punk turns around but Regal is on his feet AND CONNECTS WITH POWER OF THE PUNCH! The referee hasn’t seen the brass knuckles as Regal quickly puts them back in his tights... and goes for the cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: William Regal @ 14.54

Swagger has cost Punk the match! Regal doesn’t care however, he rolls off Punk and lies beside him, regaining his breath after a huge match. Swagger stands up on the outside, holding his mouth before shouting that he wants that briefcase.

Michael Cole: Well, there we go... it looks you’ll face William Regal once again at Judgment Day, Rey.

Rey Mysterio: And I can’t wait, it will give me an opportunity to shut Regal up for good.

King: Looks like we aren’t done.

Regal slide out of the ring, looking extremely tired but still walks over to Mysterio who stands up. Regal, with sweat pouring off him, pushes Rey in the face, and he falls back onto the barricade, but Rey isn’t about to let that slide as HE SPRINTS AT REGAL, JUMPING ON TOP OF HIM! Rey lands blow after blow on Regal but then the challenger turns the tables and hits a few of his own before a couple of referees and road agents run towards them and break them apart. Both men kicking out at each other.

Michael Cole: This rivalry is far from over, and Rey did not like being pushed in the face Regal.

King: Would you? Rey had every right to get some revenge for that push, and y’know what, I can’t wait for this match at Judgment Day, to see these two lock horns again.

Regal and Rey continue to get to each other, while Punk climbs to his feet in the ring, he looks up at the stage where Swagger is standing with a huge grin across his face.


Monday Night RAW returns and we’re backstage where the WWE Divas Champion Maryse, and the WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix are arguing in Ric Flair’s GM, and the General Manager is currently watching the two of them argue with a hand on his head.

Ric Flair: Girls... girls... girls.

The two of them stop arguing and turns to Flairr...

Ric Flair: I know you both want to know who the top Diva is... and The Nature Boy woooooooo has came up with a solution!

Beth and Marye glance at each other...

Ric Flair: Next week... LIVE... on Monday Night RAW... will be the beginning of a small tournament... and the winner... will join you two at Judgment Day in a triple threat.

Nice pop...

Ric Flair: In what will be... simply the BIGGEST Divas match in history wooooooooo... both titles will be on the line... and the winner will be crowned... the undisputed top diva of RAW!

Beth looks at Ric, glances at Maryse and without saying another word before leaving, a few seconds pass by before Maryse attempts to do the same but Ric grabs her by the hand...

Ric Flair: Woah... where are you goin’? Why don’t you and I-

Maryse takes her hand away from Ric and puts in his face, telling him to be quiet... she keeps it there while she talks, she looks into the far distance while talking...

Maryse: I’ll have z’you know... I am the top Diva on this brand... and ‘zat means nobody gets too touch me... not even ‘ze Nature Boy.

Maryse takes her hand down from Flair’s face before leaving, a smirk appears on Flair’s face as Maryse takes her leave, the crowd responding with ‘woos’.


WWE SmackDown LowDown

The package begins with Chris Jericho cutting his promo at the beginning of the night, only to be interrupted by Matt Hardy, both men lay their case to the World Heavyweight Championship. It looks like it may come to blows before John Cena walks out, rather pissed off, he puts both Jericho and Matt in their place before Theodore Long comes out and announces our tag team main event. Later in the evening, the three men are in the ring and Cena’s partner is revealed as Jeff Hardy. The duo win the match, but it’s not without incident as Matt Hardy was hit with a Steel Chair and Jericho had his foot on the bottom rope when he was pinned.


In the arena...



The crowd respond with a solid pop as The Colons walk onto the stage, wearing matching long light blue attire and looking very focused tonight. The two of them walk down the ramp, Primo takes the time to slap a few hand but Carlito simply walks to the ring, throwing his apple up and down.

Michael Cole: This match, much like the one before it, will have huge ramifications on the Judgment Day card, as the winner will face the World Tag Team Champions, Cryme Tyme.

King: Cryme Tyme better watch out, because The Colons are the former WWE Tag Team Champions, if they win tonight then Cryme Tyme might be in huge trouble.


For the first time since they debuted, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness make their way to the ring without their mentor and manager, William Regal. The theme isn’t recognised to any Superstar, but when they walk out they get a lot of boos, the duo begin to walk down the ramp, Nigel in black and gold attire while McIntyre in dark blue and white trunks.

Michael Cole: Even without William Regal by their side, they are still a very dangerous team, and are on the road to the gold, I feel.

King: If they win tonight, then that means they get a shot at the tag team titles, on the same night that their manager William Regal gets a shot at the WWE Intercontinental Championship!

The two men climb onto the apron, stare at The Colons for a bit, telling them to back off while they step in to the ring.

Match Two: Tag Team; World Tag Team #1 Contenders Match
The Colons vs. The Merciless Roundtable

We join this match a few minutes in where Nigel has Primo in his clutches and drags him over to his corner before tagging in his partner. Drew climbs in and the duo grab Primo and PUT HIM DOWN WITH A DOUBLE SUPLEX! While Nigel leaves the ring, Drew sinks down into the cover... 1... 2... NO! McIntyre shoots an accusing glance at the ref while Carlito extends his hand to Primo, Drew grabs him though and tries to Irish-whip him but Primo reverses... but Drew RETURNS AND SMASHES HIM IN THE FACE WITH A BIG BOOT! Drew looks down at the fallen Primo, with a smile on his face, he then connects with an Elbow Drop before going for the cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT! The Scotsman grabs Primo by the head and pulls him to his feet, and Irish-whips him into the corner... but Primo runs up the turnbuckle... he jumps on the top, spinning as he does so, so he faces McIntyre... and then jumps forward this time... CONNECTING WITH A MISSILE DROP KICK! Cover... 1... 2... NO!

Primo rolls out onto the apron and waits for Drew to get up, he goes to jump but Nigel runs at him, along the apron, but Primo spots him and knocks his face with a forearm. Primo turns his attention back to Drew who is standing up, Primo then SPRINGBOARDS... LOOKING FOR A SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE... BUT DREW SIDE STEPS AND KICKS HIM IN THE GUT... AND GRABS HIS ARM... CONNECTING WITH A DOUBLE KNEE ARM BREAKER! Primo grabs his arm in pain while Drew smirks before going for the cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT! McIntyre stands up, pulling Primo up as well, he steps behind him and puts his arm behind his back... then CONNECTS WITH A BACK BODY DROP... landing on the arm! Primo extends his arm on the mat, shaking it, trying to get some motion back into it but Drew bounces off the ropes and hits a Running Knee Drop onto the arm... before going for the cover... 1... 2... NO! The crowd respond with a good cheer while Drew wastes no time and picks his opponent up before whipping him into Nigel’s corner and tagging in his partner.

Nigel continues where Drew left off and wraps Primo’s arm around the top rope, he begins to wrench it until the referee counts to four and he lets go just in time. Nigel pulls Primo out the corner, kicks him in the stomach and plants him with a huge suplex! Nigel then reaches over and tags Drew, who stomps on Primo’s arm and goes for the cover... 1... 2... NO! The Scotsman and the Englishman keep working together as Drew tags Nigel in who climbs to the top rope, Drew holds out the arm of Primo as Nigel jumps off AND HITS AN AXE HANDLE SMASH TO PRIMO’S ARM! Primo falls to his knees, holding his arm but then Nigel rebounds off the ropes and SMASHES PRIMO IN THE FACE WITH A RUNNING LOW DROP KICK! Cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT! Nigel grabs Primo again, getting him to his feet before Irish-whipping him, and goes for a Hip Toss... but PRIMO LANDS ON HIS FEET! Nigel runs forward and goes for a clothesline but Primo ducks and connects with a Neckbreaker!

It’s that time where the hot tag is had and Primo obliges by crawling over to Carlito and diving to the tag! Carlito comes in fired up, ducking a wild swing by Nigel, he keeps running and SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE SECOND ROPE... BACK ELBOW! Nigel gets up quickly but is planted again by a clothesline, and then a drop kick! Carlito bounces off the ropes, runs to the other side, but gets kicked in the back by McIntyre! Carlito turns around and swings at him but Drew drops down, ‘Lito turns around AND GETS ABSOLUTELY HAMMERED BY A RUNNING CLOTHESLINE BY NIGEL! Nigel reaches over and tags in Drew, and takes a breather on the apron while McIntyre picks ‘Lito up, only to slam him down again with a Snap Suplex! He quickly covers him... 1... 2... NO! Drew complains to the referee which eats valuable time as Carlito climbs to his feet. Drew turns around and walks over to him, but gets a couple of kicks in the leg for his trouble, Carlito then runs the ropes and goes for some Tilt-A-Whirl move... but MCINTYRE REVERSES IT AND FINISHES IT WITH A GUTBUSTER! Cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT!

Drew pounds the mat, thinking it was over as the crowd cheer the kick out, he shoots a glance at the referee who tells him it was a two count. The Scotsman then picks Carlito up and says it’s over... BEFORE PLANTING HIM WITH HIS SCOT DROP! It’s over! Drew covers Carlito... 1... 2... PRIMO BREAKS IT UP! The crowd pop as the referee gets Primo out of the ring, McIntyre walks over to him and gives him a piece of his mind. With Primo dealt with he turns around to Carlito who is standing up, he kicks him in the stomach and gets him in the position for Future Shock... but CARLITO SPINS OUT AND PLANTS DREW WITH A SIT DOWN NECK BREAKER! Both men are down and out, but eventually Carlito gets the hot tag to Primo, but so does Drew, Primo ducks a clothesline by Nigel and then connects WITH A SPRINGBOARD CROSS BODY FROM THE SECOND ROPE! Primo gets the crowd fired up and sprints around the ring, and connects with a running drop kick to Nigel! Primo then climbs out to the apron, he waits for Nigel to get up before CONNECTING WITH A SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT FROM THE TOP ROPE!

The crowd pop hugely as Primo goes for the cover... 1... 2... NO! DREW BREAKS IT UP! McIntyre stomps on Primo and spots Carlito running at him, he ducks and then CLOTHESLINES CARLITO OVER THE TOP ROPE! But then he turns around into a Drop Kick by Primo and he falls through the ropes to the outside! Nigel is now back on his feet, Primo turns around and gets caught in the stomach with a kick BEFORE LIFTING PRIMO UP AND PLACING HIS LEGS ON THE TOP ROPE... AND THEN PLANTING HIM WITH THE TOWER OF LONDON! Cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winners: The Ruthless Monarchy @ 09.56

The crowd respond with heat as the referee calls for the bell, Drew McIntyre realizes what’s happened with a smile and joins his partner in the ring. The two of them climb up two separate turnbuckles and raise their hands in the air, before making the customary belt sign across their stomachs.

Michael Cole: We now know who will face Cryme Tyme at Backlash for the World Tag Team Championships, the Ruthless Monarchy, the two youngest members. Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness want those championships and judging by this match, Cryme Tyme will have a tough time with them.

King: No doubt about it, I’m sure JTG and Shad are watching, taking notes because they’ll need all the help they can get against this team, and don’t forget the other member of the group has a WWE Intercontinental Championship match at Backlash.

The duo now back up the ramp, smirking with their handy work before we cut to a commercial.


We’re backstage on our return we see Cryme Tyme playing a game with Kung Fu Naki and Jimmy Yang.

JTG: Aight... now where the ball at?

We now see there is a table with three cups face down.

Kung Fu Naki: Cup... there!

Naki points to the left one, JTG lifts it up but their isn’t any ball...

Shad: Aight aight, pay up.

Naki hands over an unknown bill...

JTG: Hold up... tell you guys what... double or nothin’... the last two left... where is ‘dat ball?

Naki points to the middle one...

Kung Fu Naki: Ball... in cup... middle.

JTG picks it up and again their isn’t a ball., Naki’s head drops.

JTG: Ah... well... betta’ luck next time homies.

Naki and Yang skulk away, feeling the moneyless pockets they have now as JTG pulls the third cup and they reveal their wasn’t a ball in any of them. Shad then brings it from behind his back.

JTG: Y’know what this means right...

Shad: Money... money...

‘Yeah... yeah...’...

Both: Money... Money-

Suddenly, the duo stop as Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness appear behind them, still sweating from their match.

JTG: Yo... I thought I could smell somethin’... turns out it’s you two chumps.

Drew and Nigel smirk...

Drew McIntyre: That’s right... you two keep joking around... you won’t be joking for long though, because at Judgment Day... we take what belongs to us... the World Tag Team Championships.

Nigel McGuiness: You two can sit here, and play you’re stupid games while we think of a way to beat you. And let’s face it... that won’t take us long.


Shad: Yo... we won d’these titles for a reason... and you two pale punk ass bitches ain’t gonna’ take them away from us.

JTG: J’yeah!

Another smirk from Drew and Nigel...

Nigel McGuiness: We’ll see... but lads, times ticking’... your reign is coming to an end.

Nigel pats JTG on the back and gets a steely look as the two of them walk past them. We now cut to the main arena where...


The fans respond with a solid pop as one of the more popular Divas, Mickie James skips onto the stage, she poses for the crowd before continuing skipping down the ramp.

Michael Cole: This match is happening because of what transpired last week between Mickie James and the WWE Divas Champion, Maryse. Mickie James challenged the champion to this match and she duly accepted.

King: This will be Maryse’s first match on RAW, and what a first match – defending her WWE Divas Championship!

Mickie slides into the ring, before climbing up the turnbuckle and raises her hands to the sky. She then drops down and waits for her opponent.


Some of the male fans in the arena react with cheers but it is quickly drowned out by the heat from the rest of the crowd. The WWE Divas Champion now walks out onto the ring, Maryse continues walking in a red and white attire, fitting for her debut on RAW. She holds her hand out telling the crowd to shut up before walking around the ring.

Michael Cole: Maryse defended her belt against Gail Kim at Judgment Day, and incase you haven’t checked WWE.com out, Gail Kim and a few others are now on RAW, as Ric Flair and Theodore Long oversaw the Supplemental draft.

King: Wait... Cole... watch this.

Maryse climbs into the ring, and then flips her hair before winking.

King: I honestly think she was winking at me.

Michael Cole: She wasn’t even looking at you!

Maryse retreats in to her corner.


Lillian Garcia steps forward...

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall... and is FOR THE WWE DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP!


Lillian Garcia: Introducing first... she is a former WWE Women’s Champion... from Richmond Virginia... weighing in at one hundred and twenty four pounds... MICKIE JAMES!

Mickie steps forward and raises her hands in the air, getting a good pop.

Lillian Garcia: Her opponent... from Montreal Quebec Canada... weighing one hundred and fifteen pounds... she is the WWE DIVAS CHAMPION... MARYSE!

The blonde Diva steps forward, turns her back on Mickie and raises her belt in the air. Lillian exits the ring as Maryse hands her belt to the referee. He holds it up in the middle of the ring before showing it to Mickie and then Maryse before handing it to the time keeper and calling for the bell.

Match 3: Singles; WWE Divas Championship
Maryse © vs. Mickie James

We join this match a few minutes in with the challenger in control, Mickie has just connected with a Scoop Slam, and then climbs to the top rope. She waits for Maryse to stand up before SOARING THROUGH THE AIR AND CONNECTING WITH A CROSS BODY! She then covers the champion... 1... 2... NO! Mickie doesn’t waste any time, she picks Maryse up, Irish-whips her and connects with a Hip Toss on her return! Maryse is in a seated position but not for long as Mickie runs the ropes and SMASHES MARYSE IN THE FACE WITH HER KNEE! Mickie turns around and dives to the cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT! Mickie taunts Maryse for the fans before climbing the turnbuckle, but Maryse gets to her feet and dives to the ropes, shaking them and Mickie falls onto the top buckle! Maryse walks over and climbs to the second rope, she hooks Mickie’s arm across her neck and goes for a Superplex but Mickie hooks her leg around the metal bar before headbutting Maryse. She falls to the mat below, she gets up rather quickly and Mickie goes for ANOTHER CROSS BODY BUT MARYSE DIVES OUT THE WAY! Mickie hits the canvas pretty hard!

Mickie gets up though, fighting through the pain, only to be kicked in the stomach and then Maryse flips her with a Snapmare! Maryse runs the ropes and CONNECTS WITH A RUNNING LOW DROP KICK TO A SEATED MICKIE JAMES! She quickly goes for the cover... 1... 2... NO! The WWE Divas Champion continues her momentum and picks Mickie up, then Irish-whips her, she returns and MARYSE PLANTS MICKIE WITH A PENDULUM BACKBREAKER! Maryse doesn’t go for the cover, instead she walks around the ring, with her hands to her side, showing herself off, she then goes back to Mickie and taunts her before then walking to the ropes and flipping her hair which gets a surprisingly good reaction. Mickie is now almost on her feet, not but is then clobbered with a clothesline by Maryse! Maryse dives on top of Mickie, and grabs her leg BEFORE LOCKING A SINGLE LEG BOSTON CRAB!

Mickie squirms, reaching out for anything, but she isn’t anywhere near the ropes as Maryse holds the leg, wrenching it every so often, inflicting as much damage as she possibly can. Eventually though, the crowd gets behind Mickie and that spurs her on, using her strength to push her body off the mat and crawl to the ropes... AND SHE MAKES IT! Maryse isn’t done with Mickie though, she lets go of the hold, before pulling her back to the ropes BEFORE LOCKING IN A CAMEL CLUTCH! Maryse is showing some real skills here as she continues to wear down Mickie James, the cameras close in on Mickie’s face which shows how much pain she really is in. We then see Maryse’s and she has a grin which reaches from one side of her face from the other, sarcastically telling Mickie to c’mon. It looks like Mickie is about to give up but then she pulls her knees up AND MANAGES TO STAND UP WITH MARYSE ON HER BACK! BEFORE DROPPING TO A SEATED POSITION... HITTING MARYSE WITH A SIT DOWN JAWBREAKER!

The crowd cheer as Maryse holds onto her jaw as Mickie climbs to her feet, the two Divas get up at the same time but it’s Mickie who is the aggressor as she sprints forward, hitting a clothesline and then a shoulder block in quick succession! Maryse keeps getting up however, Mickie puts her down with a shoulder block, then when she gets up again – she kicks her in the stomach before FLIPPING HER WITH A SUPLEX! Mickie screams to the crowd who respond with a cheer, she waits for Maryse to stand up before GOING FOR A MICK KICK... BUT MARYSE DUCKS... AND GRABS MICKIE FROM BEHIND... THROWING HER OUT OF THE RING!

The crowd boo as Maryse smugly looks at them, before climbing out of the ring. Mickie climbs to her feet... but Maryse connects with a running clothesline and then picks her up... BEFORE LAUNCHING HER INTO THE BARRICADE! The crowd behind the ‘cade back off as it moves backwards with the force that Mickie hit it. Maryse walks around Mickie in a circle, smug as ever before picking Mickie, she grabs her by the face and tells her that she isn’t a match for her BEFORE CONNECTING WITH A FORWARD RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP... ON THE FLOOR! Maryse grabs Mickie and rolls her into the ring but then...


... the fans don’t really react to that as they are too busy with the match at hand, Maryse glances at the WWE Women’s Champion as Beth Phoenix walks out onto the stage and stands up there, obviously wanting a good look at the women she faces in a Triple Threat at Judgment Day. Maryse turns back to Mickie and dives on top of her... 1... 2... NO! Beth watches as Maryse stands up and taunts her from the ring, before turning back to Mickie and grabbing her legs... LOCKING IN A MODIFIED FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK! The crowd respond with ‘woo’s’ obviously at the move that Flair is related too, Maryse has a modified one in however which causes Mickie to frantically try to get out of it. It’s impossible though as Maryse wrenches, while she’s doing this she’s lying flat on the mat, looking up at Beth, upside down mind you. But then Mickie gets a second win... eventually PULLING HERSELF AND MARYSE TO THE ROPES... GRABBING THE BOTTOM!

Maryse lets go as Mickie holds onto her legs, but the champion pulls her into the middle of the ring and cover her... 1... 2... KICK OUT! Again, Maryse walks over to the ropes and taunts Beth who simply holds her WWE Women’s Championship up in response. Maryse turns around but Mickie is now on her feet AND SPRINTS FOWARD... CLOTHESLINE! Mickie hops in pain as she feels a twinge go up her leg as Maryse lies on the mat. The Divas Champion picks herself up only for Mickie to plant her with another clothesline! Maryse gets up again and runs at Mickie who trips Maryse up with a Drop-Toe-Hold! Mickie again holds her legs in pain, but she walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs onto the top... and GOES FOR A CROSS BODY... AND IT CONNECTS! Cover... 1... 2... NO! Mickie picks herself up, she then picks Maryse up, but she kicks her in the leg! And then Maryse Irish-whips Mickie, and PLANTS HER WITH A SPNNING SIDE SLAM BACKBREAKER! Maryse stands up, and tells everyone it’s over... she takes one look at Beth before KICKING MICKIE IN THE HEAD WITH THE FRENCH TKO! Cover... 1... 2... 3!

Winner And Still WWE Divas Champion: Maryse @ 10.01

Maryse picks up the victory and manages to defend her WWE Divas Championship! Mickie rolls away from Maryse who stands up and is handed her championship, she turns to Beth and holds it up.

Michael Cole: Maryse has been on a roll as of late, and she is making a huge claim to be the best Diva on this brand.

King: Yep, defeating Mickie James, a former WWE Women’s Champion has certainly showed that Maryse is here to stay.

Maryse turns and walks to the opposite side of the ring where demands a microphone from ringside. She grabs it and walks back over to the side nearest the stage and stares up at Beth.

Maryse: ‘Zat... is why I am ‘ze best Diva on Monday Night RAW.

Little bit of heat as Beth shakes her head...

Maryse: I am ‘ze WWE Divas Champion... and z’you are the WWE Women’s Champion... it’s not official... but everybody here knows I am ‘ze top champion.

Maryse smirks while Beth looks at her belt...

Maryse: At Judgment Day... I do not care who ‘ze third member of ‘ze triple threat is... because it’s only goin’ to end one way... with me becomin’ both ‘ze Divas Champion and ‘ze Women’s Champion.

Another smirk from Maryse...

Maryse: And z’you Beth Phoenix... will take z’your rightful place... in ‘ze background... in my shadow.

Suddenly, now Beth has been handed a microphone from someone...

Beth Phoenix: I am the WWE Women’s Champion and that means one thing... I am better than you. The WWE Women’s Championship is steeped in history, while that (points to Maryse’s belt) is an abomination, a belt that looks like a toy.

Maryse presses her lips together...

Beth Phoenix: At Judgment Day... I will win the match... and I will destroy that thing you call a championship. See you at Judgment Day... Maryse.

Beth drops the microphone and holds her belt in the air, Maryse does the exact same thing as we fade to a commercial break.


We’re now backstage where Josh Matthews is waiting with a microphone in his clutches.

Josh Matthews: Please welcome my guest at this time... The All American American... Jack Swagger!

Right on cue, Jack Swagger walks into the shot...

Josh Matthews: And Jack... I guess the first thing I need to ask you is why you cost CM Punk his match earlier tonight?

Jack thinks for a moment...

Jack Swagger: It’s rather simply Josh, on Superstars I defeated a man who I fought a lot on ECW. A brand where I became the ECW Champion, that means I was the top man on that brand, and I enjoyed being the top Superstar on a brand. So, CM Punk has somethin’ I want, my main aim on this brand is to become the top Superstar, and that means winning the WWE Championship.

Swagger pauses...

Jack Swagger: I told CM Punk on Superstars that I was comin’ for that briefcase, because that briefcase is a one way ticket to the top. Havin’ that Money in the Bank briefcase means you are a guaranteed WWE or World Champion. At WrestleMania, CM Punk won that briefcase... when I wasn’t even on the card... I wasn’t involved in the Money in the Bank match and I wasn’t defendin’ my ECW Championship.

Another pause...

Jack Swagger: The way I see it, CM Punk doesn’t deserve that briefcase, what I did earlier t’night... was reinforcing what I told him last Thursday on Superstars... I want what he has, I want that briefcase and I will take it.

Josh takes the microphone back...

Josh Matthews: Okay... and one final question if you don’t mind. Later tonight you face a man who is making his debut on RAW, TJ Perkins, your thoughts on facing him?

Jack Swagger: Honestly... I don’t have a clue who TJ Perkins is, and for that reason alone I know I’m goin’ to win. But I’ll give you another reason, because I’m the last ever ECW Champion, The All American American... I am the future Money in the Bank holder... and I am the future WWE Champion! TJ Perkins? He doesn’t stand a chance against me, so if you see TJ Perkins then tell him that he shouldn’t bother comin’ to the ring, because it will be a wasted trip.

That wraps the interview up, Josh takes the microphone back as Swagger turns around and leaves to get prepared for his match. The cameras now cut away from the interview area and we are now in the RAW General Manager, Ric Flair’s office where MVP has just walked in and Flair stands up to greet him.

Ric Flair: MVP... Montel Vontavious Porter... just the man I wanted to see.

MVP: Uh, yeah. You called for me? What’s up?

Ric Flair: Lemme’ just say... before I get down to business, I’ve been watchin’ you for a while and I see a lot of Ric Flair in you.

MVP smirks...

Ric Flair: And lemme’ tell you somethin’... that is a hell of a compliment, woooo.

MVP: All I can say is thanks, but why did you want me here.

Flair adjusts this tie...

Ric Flair: I’ve got an opportunity for you... I know you’ve been tag team champion before but how would you like to be the champion again?

MVP: Well... actually, I had my eyes set on the WWE Championship if ya’ know what I mean.

Ric Flair: Baby steps... baby steps. You just ended your losin’ streak a couple of months ago, and The Nature Boy believes that a chance at the tag team championship is exactly what you need.

MVP nods, accepting what Flair has to say...

Ric Flair: And I have found you a partner wooooo.

MVP: Who?

Ric Flair: Here the man is now.

We hear a door open outside of the camera shut, MVP looks and then turns back to Flair with an exasperated expression...

MVP: Aw hell naw. This guy?

The camera pans out and we see Mr. Kennedy standing behind MVP, chewing his gum and receives a good pop from the crowd...

Mr. Kennedy: This guy? You kiddin’ me, you should be happy with the opportunity to team with me. Considering a couple of months ago, you were on your way out of this company with that losing streak. An’ ya’ know what... it was me who snapped you out of it?

MVP turns to face Mr. Kennedy...

MVP: You must be jokin’? That talk we had backstage... before the night I finally won? Hell... I was gonna’ win that match anyway... didn’t need any help from you.

Kennedy smirks...

Mr. Kennedy: Well I actuall-

Ric Flair: Guys! I can’t be dealin’ with more arguments in this room, had enough with the Divas earlier... now go to another room and deal with your problems there... and think about the tag team opportunity, you both could use some help on this brand.

Kennedy and MVP look at Flair before the duo leave, arguing as they leave the room, leaving Flair to sit back down on the couch smiling. We now fade away into a video package...


We open up and the first thing we see is a church, it’s night time and we can hear Owl’s hooting, it’s a very creepy atmosphere as we can see candle light shining through some of the windows...

We fade away again, and hear the screams of men and women, we don’t see anything just the darkness...

The video comes back and this time we are in the church, it’s very grim, some of the pews are turned over, candles are lit near the focal point of the church, where coffin lies...

Again, we fade away, but then we come right back and are in a small booth where we see Matt Hardy...

Matt Hardy:
Forgive me father for I have sinned...

Again, we fade away, getting a glimpse of the priest on the other side of the booth...

The video comes back around, the same booth but this time it’s Kane that’s there...

Forgive me father for I have sinned...

Fade away for another time...

Fade back and we are back in the small booth this time its Randy Orton...

Randy Orton:
Forgive me father for I have sinned...

We’re now in a dark room, faintly lit by candles again, there is a desk where a man with a shroud sits who we assume is the priest...

We close in on the man, before taking a view of what he is looking at it, it’s photos of Randy Orton, Matt Hardy and Kane...

You may have sinned... but He does not forgive...

We cut away again, and we’re in the main room of the church where we begin the video and we’re focused on the coffin...

We close in, and smoke fills the room as the coffin rises and a hand reaches up...

We then see a man sit up and it’s The Undertaker, he slowly faces the camera...

The Undertaker:
Judgment Day... is... coming...


Back in the arena...



The crowd respond with some solid heat as the ever cocky Superstar, The Miz walks out onto the stage, spiked hair and a new blue attire with a ‘Awesome’ tee. He stands on the stage for a second, then taunts the crowd before walking down the ramp.

Michael Cole: This is The Miz’ first week here on RAW without the help of Chris Jericho, who is now on SmackDown, so it will be interesting to see how he does.

King: It will be, maybe he’ll learn to shut up and do his talking in the ring.

Michael Cole: Seems like that’s too much to ask.

The Miz climbs into the ring and demands the microphone from Lillian Garcia. He faces the hard camera and rolls the microphone in his hand.

The Miz: About a month ago, I dispersed with a leech, someone who was riding my coattails to the top, and that man’s name was John Morrison.

Mention of the SmackDown Superstar gets a good pop...

The Miz: Y’see, at WrestleMania, when we lost in the tag team match I realized that he was holdin’ me back. He was holding me back from seeing my true potential. I came into this business as a reality TV star, nobody cared about me, everyone thought I’d be gone sooner rather than later.

Miz rolls the mic in his hand...

The Miz: But I proved everyone wrong, I proved all of you people wrong... I proved everyone in the back wrong, and I became the World Tag Team Champion, John Morrison didn’t... he didn’t deserve to hold that belt, I was the one that kept the belts around our waists.


The Miz: After I got rid of that leech... Chris Jericho-

Miz is cut off with a lot of heat...

The Miz: Chris Jericho came up to me, and he offered me a chance to learn from him... learn from the best. And I did so, I took everything on board and at Backlash I pinned John Morrison in our tag team match. But not only did I pin Morrison, I did somethin’ else.

Miz pauses...

The Miz: I injured one of the biggest stars in this company... Shawn Michaels. A lot of people compare John Morrison to Shawn Michaels, so I think it’s fitting that I pinned John Morrison at Backlash... and then injured his mentor and someone he is compared too.


The Miz: Last week, Morrison was drafted to SmackDown and I guess that’s lucky for him, it means I can’t injure him the way I did to Shawn Michaels. I can picture Shawn now, I bet he’s watching at home right now, watching me on his television.

Miz faces the camera...

The Miz: So... Shawn... I’m issuing a challenge to you... the doctors say you’re returning in a months time, probably after Judgment Day so I’m tellin’ you right now... when you return... I’ll be waiting... waiting to put you on the IR list once more... the challenge is you're gonna' have to try and stop me... but that's not gonna' happen.

Miz turns from the camera and breathes in heavily...


Miz faces downwards, looking back into the camera... whispering the final word...

The Miz: Awesome.

The Awesome One hands the microphone back to Lillian and leans on the ropes, preparing for his opponent.

Michael Cole: Strong words from The Miz... catch him in action... next on Monday Night RAW!


We return to RAW where the music of Rey Mysterio is fading out and the man himself is in the ring, and as soon as we join them the referee calls for the bell.

Match 4: Singles
Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz

This match is already a few minutes in where Rey Mysterio is running at The Miz, but The Awesome One connects with a Scoop Slam. The Miz then runs the ropes and connects with a running leg drop before hooking the leg... 1... 2... NO! The Miz quickly keeps the pressure on, picking Rey up and Irish-whipping him into the corner. He follows him in, looking for a splash but Rey gets his elbows up, The Miz runs at him again after recovering but gets caught in a Drop-Toe-Hold and his face lands on the second turnbuckle! Rey recovers and pulls him up, and lifts him up onto the top rope. Mysterio quickly joins him, he stands up while Miz stays in a seated position AND CONNECTS WITH A HURRICANRANA! Rey scampers to the cover... 1... 2... NO!

The Intercontinental Champion climbs to his feet and waits for The MIz to get to his, he then connects with a couple of kicks to his legs before trying to kick his stomach but The Miz grabs his foot... but REY THEN HITS HIM WITH AN ENZUIGIRI! Another cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT! Mysterio pounds the mat, thinking that was it before walking over to the turnbuckle and climbing to the top rope, and when Miz gets up Rey soars THROUGH THE AIR AND CONNECTS WITH A MISSILE DROP KICK! A third cover in quick succession... 1... 2... NO! The I.C Champ’ stands up and waits for The Miz to get to his feet again, Rey runs at him and PLANTS HIM WITH HIS UNIQUE BULL DOG! Another cover... 1... 2... NO! Not forth time lucky for Rey but he isn’t deterred, he gets up quickly and picks The Miz up. He then Irish-whips him, and trips him up with another Drop-Toe-Hold and The Awesome One lands on the second rope! Rey puts his hand in the air, signifying it’s time to end it... he runs away from The Miz and rebounds about to for the 619 but The Miz has recovered AND EXPLODES FORWARD AND TAKES REY DOWN WITH A HUGE CLOTHESLINE!

The Miz walks around the ring, looking extremely frustrated, he gets a few ‘you suck’ chants and he even shouts at them to shut up. He takes his frustrations out by walking over to Rey who has climbed to his knees, The Miz grabs him by the neck and PLANTS HIM WITH A SNAP DDT FROM A KNEELING POSITION! Cover... 1... 2... NO! The Miz shoots a look at the referee before picking Rey up, he pushes him against the ropes and Rey rebounds into The Miz’ clutches and is PLANTED WITH A FLAPJACK... BUT IT’S ON THE TOP ROPE! Rey clutches his neck while The Miz hits a front drop kick to Rey’s back and he falls forward onto the second rope! The Miz backs away and runs at him, using him as a springboard and landing on the outside... CONNECTING WITH THE HOT SHOT! He slides back into the ring as Rey gets to his feet, Miz tells him to come at him and he does so... but The Miz grabs him and lifts him off the ground BEFORE CONNECTING WITH A SIT DOWN JAW BREAKER! Cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT!

The Miz quickly gets up and gets in the referee’s face, before turning back to Rey, who is getting to his feet, The Awesome One grabs him and PLANTS HIM AGAIN WITH THE MIZZARD OF OZ! Another cover... 1... 2... NO! Rey kick out to a huge pop and The Miz pounds the mat with his fists. The Miz decides enough is enough and locks in a sleeper hold! He wrenches it and wrenches until Rey looks out, the referee checks but Rey keeps his arm up in the air to a huge cheer! Rey then battles to his feet, and then hits a number of elbows as The Miz transitions into a side head lock. Rey breaks free and sets off running, baseball sliding underneath his opponents legs, he gets up quickly and runs past The Miz, bouncing off the ropes and HITTING A TILT-A-WHIRL DDT! This gets the crowd fired up as he climbs the top rope and then CONNECTS WITH A FLYING CROSS BODY! Rey quickly gets up as does The Miz, he exits onto the apron and springboards off the top rope AND PUTS THE MIZ DOWN WITH A SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRANA! And The Miz ends up flying forward and lands on the second rope, facing the stage! Rey sets off running away from The Miz... but when he returns HE IS ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED BY A HUGE CLOTHESLINE BY... NIGEL MCGUINESS!

Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 7.24

WHAT IS GOING ON? THE MIZ WATCHES ON AS WILLIAM REGAL AND DREW MCINTYRE SLIDE INTO THE RING AND JOIN NIGEL IN STOMPING ON REY! The Miz decides against getting involved and slides out the ring, avoiding any confrontation with the three of the most dangerous men in on RAW.

Michael Cole: Awful... just awful. What the hell do these guys think they are doing!?

King: Someone needs to stop this!

The threesome continues to stomp on Rey before William instructs the other two to pick Rey up! Regal slaps Rey’s face and tells him that the Intercontinental Championship will be his! HE THEN PULLS OUT A PAIR OF BRASS KNUCKLES AND PUTS THEM ON... he rests them on Rey’s cheek before pulling away and THEN GOING FOR THE SHOT... BUT SUDDENLY CRYME TYME SPRINT DOWN THE RAMP AND SLIDE INTO THE RING, TAKING NIGEL AND DREW DOWN TO THE GROUND!

Michael Cole: Finally, someone stepping up to stop this group!

King: About time, Rey needs all the help he can get with these two.

SHAD CLIMBS OFF OF DREW AND TAKES DOWN REGAL AND THE BRASS KNUCKLES FALL OFF! Drew makes his return and pulls Shad off Regal, while Nigel and JTG have battled to the outside! The crowd are going pretty crazy at the brawl that has broken out! NIGEL AND JTG EVEN BATTLE OVER THE BARRICADE INTO THE CROWD... WHILE DREW AND SHAD HAVE FOUGHT ONTO THE TOP OF THE STAGE... LEAVING REY AND REGAL IN THE RING!

Michael Cole: We’re down to two!

Regal picks himself up from being taken down by Shad but gets kicked in the leg by Rey, who then drop kicks him and he stumbles back and falls through the ropes! BUT REY ISN’T DONE... HE GRABS THE TOP ROPE AND DIVES OVER THE TOP... CROSS BODY... NO... REGAL SIDE STEPS AND REY HITS THE MAT! Regal quickly takes advantage and LAUNCHES REY INTO THE STEEL STEPS! The crowd boo him loudly as referee’s rush the ring, trying to separate Regal from Rey, but Regal continues to punch him on the ground, eventually the referees get him off but the damage has been dealt as Rey looks knocked out. Meanwhile JTG and Nigel are in the middle of the crowd, still battling while Shad and Drew are fighting on the end of the stage!

Michael Cole: It’s absolute chaos on Monday Night RAW!

King: There are battles going on everywhere, I can’t keep up!

With everyone battling except Regal who kneels beside Rey and tells him that at Judgment Day he is going to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship, we fade to a commercial break.


Back on RAW, the sound of “Stronger” by TrustCompany is playing where a man is already in the ring, waiting on his opponent. Picture of said man.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall... introducing first... from Los Angeles, California... weighing one hundred and seventy one pounds... TJ PERKINS!

TJ Perkins raises his hands in the air, getting a good pop from his hometown crowd tonight.

Michael Cole: Yes, that is TJ Perkins, recently signed by RAW General Manager Ric Flair.

King: And what a signing it is. He’s been all over the world perfecting his craft, trained by legendary wrestlers such as Mexican Superstar Negro Casas and Japanese legend Antonio Inoki. He’s verse in so many different styles so Jack Swagger better not take him lightly.



The crowd respond with some good heat as the man who cost CM Punk his match earlier on tonight makes his entrance, Jack Swagger. Wearing his usual attire but this time it’s purple and gold he stops half way down the ramp, points at the man in the ring and laughs at him, obviously not taking him seriously.

Michael Cole: Swagger really needs to focus on this match as we’ve only heard good things about TJ Perkins.

King: This could be Swagger’s downfall.

Swagger climbs into the ring, brushes past Perkins and climbs up the turnbuckle telling everyone to get on their knees before stepping down and retreating into this corner.


A huge pop comes from the crowd as Mister Money in the Bank, CM Punk walks out with a grey hoodie on and the attire he had on earlier, he points at Jack Swagger before walking down the ramp. Swagger wonders what Punk is doing but Punk walks around the ring and joins the commentary team, wanting to get a first hand look at this match.

Michael Cole: Well... uh, this is unexpected, welcome Punk.

CM Punk: Thank you, Cole. I just thought it’d be best to scout the competition because it seems Swagger wants my briefcase.

King: Punk I have to ask you your opinions on TJ Perkins, because it seems like Swagger isn’t taking him seriously.

CM Punk: Well that is a mistake on his part. TJ is a very talented wrestler, competed on the Independent scene for a while, even competed against Nigel McGuiness who we just saw, and he knows just how good he was. I haven’t had the opportunity to face TJ, but I imagine when we do it will be a great match.

The referee rings for the bell...

Match Five: Singles
Jack Swagger vs. TJ Perkins

We’ve joined this match a couple minutes in, and it’s been Swagger in control since the beginning, working on the ankle of Perkins, and really upping his heel antics to get the crowd behind Perkins. Eventually, Swagger Irish-whips Perkins who rebounds and ducks a clothesline, but rebounds again BUT IS THEN PLANTED WITH A POWER SLAM! Cover... 1... 2... NO! Swagger doesn’t really care at this kick out as he thinks it’s only a matter of time before he picks up the victory. Instead of getting right back on the horse, Swagger lies beside Perkins and proceeds to do five push-ups which gets so much heat from the crowd. Swagger stands up and soaks the boos in, he then spots CM Punk at the announce desk and rolls onto the apron, and hops off it. The All American walks across to Punk, who stands up and meets him at the front of the announce desk. We can hear Swagger saying it’s only a matter of time before he gets that briefcase, CM Punk says costing him his match earlier was the worst thing he could have done. Punk then backs away and Swagger cockily asks why he’s running away, but then Punk points to the ring... AND TJ IS BACK ON HIS FEET AND SPRINGBOARDS ONTO THE TOP ROPE... AND SOARS THROUGH THE AIR... CORKSCREW SPLASH ONTO SWAGGER!

The crowd pop massively at the innovative move as TJ gets up quickly and pounds the top of the announce desk, before extending his arms and flexing every muscle in his body, looking extremely fired up. Punk sits back down and nods at what he just saw, while TJ picks Swagger up and rolls him into the ring. Perkins climbs onto the apron and then CONNECTS WITH A SLINGSHOT SOMERSAULT SENTON ONTO SWAGGER! And goes for the cover... 1... 2... KICK OUT! Perkins shoots a look at the referee, the fans can sense an upset here, or an upset in their eyes but not in Punk’s as he says that Perkins will be a top star while he’s on commentary. Perkins stands up and waits for Swagger to stand up and NEARLY TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Swagger is out on his feet, while Perkins runs the ropes and connects with A RUNNING CROSS BODY! Cover... 1... 2... NO!

Perkins climbs to his feet again, and picks Swagger up before kicking him in the stomach AND PLANTING THE ALL AMERICAN WITH A FRONT CHANCERY SUPLEX! TJ gets up straight away and stands with his back to Swagger... AND THEN CONNECTS WITH A MASSIVE STANDING CORKSCREW MOONSAULT! THE CROWD POP MASSIVELY FOR THE MOVE AS TJ STANDS UP AND FIST PUMPS THE AIR! The crowd respond with cheers and then they start chanting TJ’s name which gets a nod from him. He says it’s time to end it as Punk puts him over on commentary saying the Corkscrew Moonsault was amazing. TJ looks back at Swagger and drags him near to the corner, and then exits onto the apron and climbs onto the top rope. Perkins stands up on the top, showing incredible balance as the fans stand up as well waiting in anticipation at what TJ is about to do... PERKINS SOARS THROUGH THE AIR... 450 SPLASH... NO... SWAGGER ROLLS OUT THE WAY!

Swagger quickly gets up as TJ holds onto his gut and QUICKLY LOCKS IN AN ANKLE LOCK TO THE ANKLE HE HAS BEEN WORKING ON THE WHOLE MATCH! Punk says this is when TJ must show the heart that it takes to be a WWE Superstar, and he does his best, trying to pull himself to the ropes, but Swagger pulls him back! TJ looks like he is about to tap, but grit his teeth and the fans start a ‘TJ’ chant, trying to will him back into the match and then SUDDENLY TJ SHOWS ENOUGH STRENGTH TO ROLL THROUGH! This propels Swagger into the ropes, he stumbles backwards into TJ’s clutches... SCHOOL BOY PIN... 1... 2... KICK OUT! EVERYONE THOUGHT HE HAD IT! INCLUDING PUNK WHO IS PLAYING CHEERLEADER ON COMMENTARY! Both men get up rather quickly, but Swagger hits the first blow, kicking him in the gut and then GOING FOR THE GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB... BUT TJ AT THE TOP, PUNCHES SWAGGER A COUPLE OF TIMES AND HITS A HURRICANRANA AND GRABS SWAGGER’S LEGS... COVER... UPSET? 1... 2... 3!

Winner: TJ Perkins @ 7.23

TJ Perkins picks up the unlikely victory, Swagger has now truly ate his words as Perkins rolls out of the ring with Jack running towards him stopping at the ropes and looking extremely frustrated!

Michael Cole: TJ Perkins has just made Swagger look like a fool, TJ... on his debut has defeated a former ECW Champion and a very skilled wrestler!

King: Well Punk did say this guy was extremely talented, and we just saw why Punk is a fan of this guy.

Speaking of Punk, Mister Money in the Bank has walked around the ring and joins TJ on the beginning of the ramp, he grabs his hand and raises it in the air, gaining a good response from the crowd while staring at Swagger. Perkins and Punk then high five and TJ starts walking up the ramp, slapping a few hands on his way while CM Punk stares at Swagger and tells him that he didn’t even need to cost him the match, he lost it on his own.

Swagger screams in frustration as we fade away into the backstage area, where Josh Matthews is waiting for his cue.

Josh Matthews: Please welcome my guest at this time... he will face Randy Orton in a Street Fight in the main event... Shane McMahon!

And right on cue, Shane McMahon walks into the shot, wearing his usual Shane-O silver baseball shirt...

Josh Matthews: And Shane... can I get your thoughts on facing Randy Orton-

Shane McMahon: Let me stop you right there, Josh... may I?

Shane motions for the mic and Josh obliges and hands him it before skulking away, he faces the camera...

Shane McMahon: Orton I know you’re watching right now, so turn up the volume and listen up.

McMahon pauses...

Shane McMahon: You started this Orton, you started this months ago while my sister and I were co-GM’s, you couldn’t handle authority so you lashed out by punting me in the head and RKO’ing Stephanie. And that Orton, was the start of the worst mistake you could ever have made, and then you just consolidated everything by punting my Father in the skull.

Another pauses...

Shane McMahon: You made yourself a marked man, every friend of the McMahons, every McMahon now wants to see you lose that championship and simply get a damn beating! YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE MCMAHON’S! You hear me, Orton... it was the worst mistake you could ever make, targeting us.

McMahon breathes heavily...

Shane McMahon: You had the audacity... the god damn audacity to break into my home. You break into my home, attack me and then go on to destroy most of my house. And you know something, Orton... you’re extremely unlucky... because I could have pressed charges, and believe what I have planned for you tonight... you will wish that’s what I did.

Another pause...

Shane McMahon: But I didn’t because having you arrested isn’t enough... I am the one who will punish you for everything you have done to me and my family!

Pop while McMahon stares into the camera...

Shane McMahon: While I was in hospital after your attack... you punted my brother in law in the skull, RKO’d my Sister... AGAIN... and then kicked my Dad in the head... AGAIN!


Shane McMahon: Like you said Orton... I’m the last McMahon standing, which means I’m the only one that can do something about you. I know you have The Undertaker to deal with but listen up, listen to what I’m about to say because I don’t want any excuses like you were too busy with ‘Taker... in a few a minutes I’m going to that ring for our match...


Shane McMahon: And all the pain... all the frustration that you’ve put my family through, the fact that you put my Father and Brother in law are in hospital... my sister now has neck problems because of you... and all of this has built up... and it’s all going to come out in a few minutes.


Shane McMahon: You better be ready Orton, because tonight I’m gonna’ kick your ass all over this arena and show you why you shouldn’t mess with the McMahons... see you out there.

McMahon drops the microphone and stares into the camera for a few extra seconds before walking away as we fade away...

... Where Randy Orton is watching on a television set with the WWE Championship across his shoulder, he breathes in heavily with the vein popping at his temple before turning around and leaving the locker room as we fade to a commercial break.


A few moments of silence pass by before...



The Los Angeles crowd react with a solid pop as the son of Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon walks out onto the stage. He does a smaller version of his little dance before fully focusing on the match ahead and Randy Orton. Shane-O begins to walk down the ramp and shakes his arms, loosening up before the match.

Michael Cole: This is Shane McMahon’s opportunity to get some revenge for his family after all the terrible things that Randy Orton has done to them.

King: Orton has done some serious stuff to them, punting his father, RKO’ing his sister but now he has to deal with a very angry Shane, who has proven before he can cut it with the WWE Superstars.

McMahon slides into the ring, and simply turns to the stage, bounces on the spot waiting for the WWE Champion.



Shane doesn’t have to wait long as the WWE Champion, Randy Orton slowly walks onto the stage with the title draped over his shoulder. The crowd boo him relentlessly but he simply ignores them, staring down at his opponent.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton looks extremely focused, he has took out nearly all of the McMahon family apart from one, Shane McMahon.

King: That could happen tonight, I don’t want it to – but it could.


Main Event: Street Fight
Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon

The two of them trade shot after shot, each of them giving as good as they are getting, but it’s Orton who manages to get a couple of unanswered shots in, before RUNNING SHANE-O INTO THE RING POST... BUT SHANE TURNS THE TABLES AND HE LAUNCHES THE VIPER INTO THE POST! Orton falls to the mat and holds his head but Shane dives on top of him and lands closed rights one after another. The crowd react to Shane beating Orton up with huge cheers, eventually Shane climbs off him and walks over to the barricade. Shane then climbs onto the top of it, he manages to balance with the help of some fans helping him to stand up BEFORE WAITING FOR ORTON TO GET UP... AND CONNECTING WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE FROM THE BARRICADE!

The crowd are on their feet as Shane stomps on Orton a couple of times before walking around the ring to the timekeepers desk and grabbing one of the chairs before launching it over the top rope and into the ring. He’s not done however, he looks underneath the ring and pulls out a Kendo Stick, and he does the same, sliding that into the ring, underneath the bottom rope. Shane-O again, isn’t done, he walks around the ring, stops at the other side and lifts the apron up, and pulls out a Trash Can before throwing that over the top rope. Shane’s at the opposite side of the ring to Orton, and slides into it, seeing Orton is about to get up on the outside, he launches forward AND GOES FOR A BASEBALL SLIDE... BUT ORTON SIDE STEPS... AND CONNECTS WITH A POWERFUL CLOTHESLINE!

Shane lies on the mat as Orton leans on the apron, regaining some energy before setting off around the ring, and grabs the top of the announce table, before whipping it off and ripping the television monitors out. But suddenly Shane comes out of nowhere and dives on the back of Orton, clubbing him forearm smash after smash, before turning him around and sliding him into the ring. Shane follows him quickly, Orton sits up on the mat and sees Shane picking up the Kendo Stick and spinning it around in his hand, The Viper even backs away, and gets on his knees, begging Shane not to hit him with the Stick, Shane walks forward, but hesitates for a split second AND RANDY ORTON TAKES ADVANTAGE... LOW BLOW!

The Apex Predator then stomps around Shane’s body, inflicting pain on every body part. After Orton is done, he picks his opponent up, and Irish-whips him before planting him with a Power Slam! The Viper stands up quickly and walks around the ring before picking up the Kendo Stick. The Viper walks back to Shane who climbs to his feet, Orton swings for Shane’s legs but McMahon hops over the Stick, The Viper tries again this time going for the head but Shane ducks and then hits Orton in the head with a closed right and then proceeds to connect with the OMac Combination to a huge cheer. Orton falls to the mat while Shane picks the Kendo Stick up and HITS ORTON OVER AND OVER... VENTING HIS FRUSTRATIONS AS HE HITS HIM... BUT THEN ORTON MANAGES TO ROLL OUT OF THE RING. Orton stumbles over to the corner of the barricade, but Shane slides out as well AND CLOTHESLINES ORTON OVER THE BARRICADE!

Shane climbs over and as he does so Orton climbs to his feet and backs away into the crowd, Shane follows him but The Viper turns around and kicks him in the stomach quickly before PLANTING HIM WITH A DDT ON THE FLOOR! Orton climbs on top of Shane and pounds his head over and over and WE THEN SEE THAT SHANE IS BLEEDING! The WWE Champion picks Shane up and drags him around the arena, walking towards the stage through the crowd, they begin to walk by the production system until Shane elbows him in the gut and LAUNCHES HIM INTO THE WALL! The people on top of the wall look down as Orton holds his forehead, while Shane climbs on top of him and pounds his head. Eventually, Shane picks Orton up and drags him further along but Orton breaks away and shoulder thrusts Shane onto the production table WHICH MEANS HE LANDS ON A NUMBER OF BUTTONS... AND THE LIVE FEED GOES AWAY... STATIC.

Eventually the feed comes back and Orton is dragging Shane to the end of the production area and we now arrive at the staging area, Orton throws Shane off the platform and he lands on the concrete next to the stage. Orton climbs down he throws Shane onto the stage and climbs up himself, BEFORE PICKING HIM UP AND SMASHING HIS HEAD INTO THE TITAN TRON! Shane stumbles around into Orton’s clutches and is then Suplexed ON THE STEEL! Shane is now on the part where the pyrotechnics usually blast off from, and Orton spots the pyrotechnic platform at the other side of the stage, he walks over to it and climbs onto it, the man who operates it informs him to back off and not touch anything. Orton simply ignores him before pushing him out the way and the man falls off the platform. The fans are behind Orton tapping him on the back and shouting abuse as he stares at Shane. The referee tells Orton to stop, it’s too much BUT ORTON PUSHES THE BUTTON ANY WAY AND WE HEAR A FIREWORK GOING OFF... WE QUICKLY CUT TO THE STAGE WHERE SMOKE IS FADING AWAY... BUT SHANE HAS MANAGED TO AVOID THE BLAST... AND WE SEE A REPLAY WHERE HE DIVED TO THE SIDE... AWAY FROM THE BLAST!

Orton steps off the pyrotechnic and storms over to Shane, he picks him up but Shane breaks his grip and kicks him in the gut. Shane then jogs down the ramp with Orton in toe before launching him into the ring. Shane-O slides in after him and picks up the Steel Chair... and CONNECTS WITH A LOT OF CHAIR SHOTS TO THE BACK OF ORTON... WHO EVENTUALLY SCRAMBLES AWAY AND GETS TO HIS FEET... BUT IS LEVELLED WITH A SHOT TO THE HEAD! Orton is knocked out as Shane drags him into the corner, he positions him facing the opposite ropes, leaning on the ropes. Shane picks up the Trash Can and puts it in between the bottom rope and second rope, placing it in front of Orton’s face before walking over to the opposite side of the ring and climbing the top rope. Shane then GOES COAST TO COAST... AND CONNECTS... THE TRASH CAN SMASHES INTO ORTON’S FACE!

The crowd pop largely but Shane doesn’t go for the cover, it’s not about the win, it’s about inflicting pain on Randy Orton. Shane drags Orton by the legs over to the opposite side of the ring and rolls him out, before rolling him onto the announce table, Shane wipes the blood from his head and breathes heavily, looking around the arena at the fans who are chanting his name. Shane-O climbs onto the apron and steps into the ring, he climbs the turnbuckle... AND BREATHES HEAVILY... BEFORE GOING FOR... NO... CODY RHODES APPEARS AND PULLS MCMAHON DOWN FROM THE TURNBUCKLE... BEFORE CONNECTING WITH CROSS RHODES! Ted DiBiase is in the ring too and picks Shane up as Cody goes to Orton, and PLANTS HIM WITH DREAM STREET! Cody helps Orton into the ring and Orton falls on top of Shane, still knocked out from the Trash Can hit... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Randy Orton @ 8.43

The crowd boo relentlessly as Orton and Legacy are the victors, the two of them pick Orton up who seems to have found his feet, the referee hands him the title belt to which he hands to Ted DiBiase.

Michael Cole: Shane had this match, he had it won until Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase appeared.

King: I know, it’s disgusting, Shane was so close to getting revenge for his family.

Suddenly, Orton gets that look in his eyes... he backs off into the corner as Shane turns onto his stomach and begins to stand get to his knees, he’s on all fours, head dangling and Orton senses an opportunity, The Viper coils... BEFORE SPRINGING FORWARD... PUNT... WAIT... THE LIGHTS GO OUT... BACK ON... UNDERTAKER IS WHERE SHANE WAS! The crowd go wild as Undertaker reaches up and grabs Orton by the neck and gets to his feet, but is blindsided by Cody Rhodes as Ted DiBiase and Randy Orton quickly slide out of the ring. Unlucky for Cody Rhodes though as ‘Taker picks him up and PLANTS HIM WITH A CHOKE SLAM!

Michael Cole: Shane McMahon has disappeared but The Undertaker has just sent a message to the WWE Champion!

King: Orton was going for that punt but ‘Taker appeared and thwarted Orton’s plan.

Michael Cole: And thank god for that. We’re sorry to say ladies and gentleman, we have ran out of time and we’ll see you next week for another episode of RAW. Good night.

The last image is of Orton and Ted backing up the ramp, staring at Undertaker who stands above Rhodes as... we... fade... to... black.

DATE: May, 31st 2009
LOCATION: Allstate Arena – Rosemont Illinois

WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. The Undertaker

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena © vs. Jeff Hardy

Vickie Guerrero’s Contract On The Line
Big Show w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Edge


WWE Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio © vs. William Regal

WWE United States Championship
R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne vs. Kofi Kingston vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

World Tag Team Championship
Cryme Tyme © vs. The Ruthless Monarchy

WWE Women’s & Divas Championship
Beth Phoenix © vs. Maryse © vs. ???
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

As you can expect I just had to take some time to recover after reading it the first time; the doctors managed to successfully resuscitate me.

Starting things off with Taker is a bold, but the right move and I you told me that you were having some difficulty with this promo but like I said to you before I think you did a really good job. I haven't ever written anything for him before and I can imagine that he is a total wanker to try and write promos for. I think though the key is trying not to make it too cheesy and going off on loads of tangents, which you didn't. You got his mannerisms right I'd say and what he was saying sounded pretty accurate as you made sure to include his obscure descriptions of stuff. I thought Orton would come out after the Rest in Peace line. It is important that you referenced the fact that these two have a history and Orton was one of those people that tried to make a name for themselves at Taker's expense, like Taker was referring to earlier in the promo and most likely had Orton in mind. At this time Orton is really THE guy on Raw and you made him look like it because of how he was able to hang with The Undertaker on that promo. Orton delivering the Rest in Peace line is interesting as well, I sensed the similarities between Taker's part and Orton's part which is nice how you had them playing off each other. Legacy attacking was no surprise and Shane looked like a don coming down and making the save like that. I'm a fan of Orton having enemies at every corner because when he does defeat them all it will make him even stronger. Good start to the show matey

Orton going mental at Legacy was expected and now the cracks start to show in Legacy. I noticed how Rhodes didn't want to take any shit and mouth off to Orton; keep that little situation brewing pls.

Really strong match between Punk and Regal; the two have history and chemistry in the ring so a match between them was always going to be good. The counters in this match were crazing as both of them seemed to have an answer for almost anything the other had to offer. Including a few of Punk's indie moves were a good touch to the match as Regal didn't really know how to reply to them. I really thought that Drew and Nigel were going to be make an appearance at some stage in the match. I might have missed something last week but I'm not sure I understand just yet why Swagger cost Punk his match. I know that we all want Regal and Rey to go at it again but I think it does suck that Punk has to eat another loss because of it. I hope you turn things around for him and when he and Swagger do have that match I do hope that Punk wipes the floor with him. Rey getting feisty at the end was pretty cool, I like it when Mysterio gets angry and more aggressive.

at Flair trying it on with Maryse. Interesting match for Judgement Day though, I can see whoever the 3rd Diva is taking both of the titles just for lolz.

Really good win for Drew and Nige, but can you clear up what their official name is? Because at one stage they were the Merciless Roundtable and then the Ruthless Monarchy not sure if you noticed that. Knocking off former champions like The Colons does them a massive favour going forward. They did look really good and pro in the way that they were on top for most of the match and just the way you had them work away on both Carlito and Primo was really well described. You made them look good because everytime The Colons started to get some offence in they were cut off straight away. Really good night for the Brits so far tonight which is a good thing.

pale punk ass bitches Dat PG.

I don't really understand why Beth came out during this match because when her music played you made it seem like literally no one cared. Like Maryse didn't even lose the match because of it... it actually seemed like it was helping her that Beth was out there. Maryse did look like a beast in this match though and I'll give you credit for that. That kick sounds nasty and there is no way that Mickie will be kicking out of that. I'm interested to see who wins the tournament because I would have previously listed Mickie as one of the favourites but she has just lost to Maryse so putting her in would make no sense to me. at Beth calling Maryse's title a toy. This Divas feud is gaining ground and the power struggle is becoming more and more obvious each week. Unifying the belts is the right thing to do though.

Okay here are the answers I was looking for earlier from Swagger. I see you're going with the classic route of dickhead heel underestimates the rookie later on with Perkins.

Well MVP and Kennedy have the potential to be one of the best teams ever in my opinion. I hope that you really do take the ball and run with it with these two. The potential here is endless. Heel or Face these guys can be huge.

I'm a massive fan of The Miz and I always have been so I'm glad that he is starting to get that singles push in your thread. The microphone has always been his strong point and I'm glad you entrusted him with this time to speak. A feud with Michaels will be huge for him and really propel him forwards like his feud with Cena irl around this time did. As for the match with Mysterio I would have preferred to see Miz in control for most of it given that it would have given him a chance to look pretty strong as well as fitting more in tune with the whole Ultimate Underdog gimmick of Mysterio. I was a little confused as to what happened to Miz in the whole aftermath of this match as I thought he might as well tried to have made a statement and helped Regal's gang beat down Mysterio, but I guess he just stayed out of the way. This was a really nice brawl mate, but I think it could have ended with just something a little more impactful than Regal throwing Rey into the steps... like a Regalplex on the floor maybe? I always think that just when a brawl like this takes place something big and defining should end it unless it hadn't properly got started. I can see the IC and Tag Team title matches turning into a Winner Takes All kind of thing in a 6-Man Tag but I don't know. You've done a great job of making these 6 seem very important on Raw though in this show.

Welcome to Raw, TJ Perkins! I was expecting something else from him if I am being honest but even though Swagger will argue that Punk's presence put him off in the match, this was still a clean win for Perkins. I thought you were going to job him out at first but it was good to see he hung in there and let off some pretty unique offence as well. I had to look him up to just see some of those moves and they would look awesome in a WWE ring. It is bringing in new faces like this that make your thread your own and you've gone like a month and a half thread time and there are already loads of things different to real life WWE at this time and I applaud you for that. I am a lot more invested in the Punk/Swagger rivalry now and I'm looking forward to seeing some more of Perkins as well bro.

I was really on it for this promo from Shane. The promos tonight have been really good and I'd say this is the pick of them. Really intense stuff to get everyone hyped for the main event.

This starting off how it did was the right move to do as the main aim here is to just make Shane look like a credible threat in a match with Orton. Shane getting in some big hits at the start was good because it would have really gotten the crowd involved in the match, literally with the clothesline over the barrier. I see that you're going away from the PG in this match with the blood. I think that blood does add to this match if it is going to be the last in the whole Orton/McMahon saga. I like the uniqueness with the static because of them ruining the picture. You literally made it seem like that these two wanted to kill each other, which is brilliant in terms of a feud like this because I remember back and that is what it seemed like. The chair shot to the head would have been huge and the fans would have gone mental for that... it seems that Shane is trying to ruin his own mother's political career here The Coast to Coast had to be hit in this match and I can imagine Orton selling it like a champ. It's good that you mentioned that it wasn't about winning because otherwise Shane could have just won the match right there and then. Him going for it again was a good touch but Legacy coming down was expected. I'm sure Orton won't be happy they didn't stop the Coast to Coast the first time though. Undertaker popping up was predictable at the end and I'm happy he got back at Legacy for earlier and repaid Shane for the save at the start of the show. I can see tensions rising in Legacy next week as I'm sure Rhodes wouldn't have liked eating that Chokeslam after Orton and Ted fleed. Nice end to the show, making Taker look strong heading into JD.

I really enjoyed this show mate, you get better and better with every one. The matches were of a really good quality and the promos were even better. You've created some good characters and advanced the existing ones really well. Judgement Day looks loaded and I can't wait for that. Nice one man <3
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM's Review

I didn't expect you to start out the show with an Undertaker promo, that just never happens, but you made this work. You were a bit repetitive at times but I liked this 'Taker promo. But I think the segment as a whole really picked up when Orton came out. What he had to say was pretty spot on and was the perfect reply to 'Taker's earlier statement. I was wondering why Cody and Ted weren't out with Orton and we know why, ambush! It was pretty badass that Shane came in for the save there, definitely adds to the match he'll have later with Orton. Was rather shocking when you had Ted and Cody no-sell Shane coming in though, leaving Orton. Hope that's addressed later on. The opening segment was really good, if it were a real show, it would've sucked me right into the program and really make me want to watch it for the rest of the night.

Ohh that was interesting, Cody standing up to Orton huh? I hope you don't break up Legacy yet though. I feel like you're gonna have Orton get rid of Legacy himself or you'll have Legacy be the reason he finally loses the belt if ever the time came to break them up. But yeah, don't break them up yet.

I, for one, didn't really like that we had Rey on commentary. I know it was his time to express his thoughts but I think a simple backstage segment where he is mentioned watching from a monitor would've sufficed. Punk/Regal was a really good match. I'm glad that you gave it some good detail. It was cool that you had Punk pulling off some of his indy moves as I think he should use them more often. I was extremely confused as to why Swagger would interrupt this match but I guess it's all about the MITB briefcase, fair enough. Swagger/Punk should be a good match and Rey/Regal II should be good too.

Ohhh damn, Flair got owned by Maryse! Haha! But anyway, I feel like you can swerve us and have whoever is joining Maryse and Beth just win the whole thing. Ohwell, storylines for the divas division is always a step in the right direction.

Tag team match was another solid one! I love the teams involved but was certainly leaning towards RM to win this one. The Colons are no pushovers though so it was a good win for RM. The tag team division is just on fire on RAW, much more than Smackdown, but all in all, the tag team division as a whole is on fire. FINALLY! Kudos to you for that. at Funaki and Yang. I think this was a good place to place a comedy segment but then turn it into a meaningful one with the champs. This tag team match is gonna be great, I can tell already!

Oh boy, a divas match that gets ten minutes of action? Haven't seen that in a while. Again, kudos to you for making the divas division relevant again. I think its gotta be said that the 2009 divas were still pretty decent, so that helped you out a bit. You've actually made me care about the divas now, interesting to know who the third woman will be.

Swagger with some mic time was needed cause I don't think his interruption was enough to really start off this feud with Punk over the briefcase. MVP and Kennedy as a tag team? Hmm, I guess you have nothing planned for them at the moment so I guess this is fine. But I'd rather have them as singles competitors, especially Kennedy. He'll be a star if you push him. I'd like to actually seem him as a smartass face, that would be entertaining.

Strong words from Miz here. He's definitely a good character and having him engage in a feud with HBK, that's a big one. It could propel Miz right into superstardom just by hanging in with HBK. I'm a fan of the Miz so I'm glad he's getting a push here. The match was really picking up with Rey and Miz but having Regal and his cronies attack I think was a good touch here. Having Miz not join in also adds to the fact that Regal and his stable are very dangerous. CRYME TYME BABY! This brawl was pretty awesome but it kind of ended abruptly. If this happened on TV, I would think that Rey somehow gave Regal a signal that he was legit hurt, but I don't think that's the case here. But yeah, the brawl just ended kind of sudden for me but it was still good though.

TJ PERKINS! I've seen some of this guy's stuff and he's really good. Doesn't surprise me that you went the upset route with this for some reason. But only good things can come from this TJ Perkins signing. I'm hoping for a crusierweight division return! RAW will be my favorite if you do that As for the Shane promo, it was pretty good as well. I liked the line where he said having Orton arrested wouldn't have been enough. I expect an all-out brawl for this one.

What a main event this was. I was surprised at how much Shane dominated the match though. The spots you had in it were very creative with that whole static thing in the production table. You can always expect something high risk when Shane is in a match, so I was just waiting for that elbow to be dropped, Shane didn't disappoint. Took Legacy long enough to get involved and that was it. Does make Orton look a little weak needing help to beat Shane but this was a raging Shane so that may have had something to do with it. UNDERTAKER! He starts and ends the show, gotta be a record for 'Taker appearances. Interesting that you had Cody take the finisher, I'm sure Cody will not take this lightly.

Overall, I really liked this episode. I think it may be my favorite episode you've produced. You had some high quality matches as well as your feuds advancing nicely. You've made the tag team division and the divas division relevant once again and I can almost believe it if they main event a show. The 'Taker/Orton feud has been good and causing major problem for Orton already. Can't wait to see what unfolds next week!

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