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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

^^ Can't wait to see which arena you choose for Mania 27 in over a year and a half in BTB time!

Taking a little break from my Supershow to drop you some feedback; my first in a while to anyone actually. Will be feedbacking each segment as I read it. I've been reading so I know what is going on.

Raw Feedback

Right let's get to it


Now that's over with we can begin...

Liking Orton referencing what he did to Punk, or what he didn't do, reinforcing his claims that he is actually the one in control of this feud. What Orton had to say was pretty much spot on really, acknowledging that he could have taken out Punk again last week and listing those who have fallen victim to the punt kick. I maybe would have liked to have seen Orton talk a bit more about the similarities to what happened last week and when he punted Punk last year a bit more, saying that he could crush his dreams out of nowhere again. Glad you made up for it though by saying that he wanted to do it on the gran stage, because remembering back to when he punted Punk in 08 it kinda just seemed very anticlimactic. I'm not sure I like Orton claiming he's a better wrestler than Punk; although it is a heelish thing to do; in no way, shape or form is Randy Orton a better wrestler than CM Punk. I'm enjoying Punk's rebuttal to Orton's claim, referring to his time in the indies and actually going as far to say that there are guys out there that are better wrestlers than Orton (which there are), kind of gives the promo another level and a shoot feel to it which I like. Punk was just perfect in this promo, and I'm glad you didn't give too much away in the brawl afterwards. Lawler channeling his inner Teddy Long is cool, and gives us a very solid main event. Strong start to the show.

If I'm honest I'm not too sure what's going on with the Divas.

Glad you kept what Rey had to say to a minimum because he isn't that great at talking and even less fun writing for. What he had to say was pretty generic as most things Rey says is, so I can't really fault you on that. Pretty much thought it was a given that Batista would be looking out for Rey, but it was okay to see their little exchange to just get Batista on screen and flesh out the segment a little bit.

Really good to see that Sheamus got his win back over Barrett. I know that Sheamus is a big guy which gives him an advantage in itself, but Barrett is also a pretty big dude so I guess that can be your defence for a guy Barrett's size winning his matches by actually cheating. I just think that maybe in the future you should stray away from cheating because he's meant to be the big man of The Monarchy and his wins should be decisive. I'll give what happened last week the benefit of the doubt because Sheamus is a big guy that is harder to beat cleanly, with this match proving that Barrett can't beat him cleanly... I think from now on Barrett should be built up as more of a badass that doesn't need to resort to using the tights for leverage.

Nice little segment with Legacy, and things like this really tease one of them just having enough of Orton's shit, as they're supposed to help him retain the title but he doesn't care less about guys who want to get them because they're in Legacy with Orton. If that is a route you're thinking of going down all I'd say would have improved this is maybe have them not looking so pleased about their leader not giving a fuck about them.

did enjoy Lawler just no-selling everything Miz had to say. The GM's decision for no contact makes good sense. I still think Michaels will SCM Miz though.

Kennedy made me giggle a bit with his piece before the match began. I'm really enjoying these two as champions; I wasn't sure about them winning the title at first but looking back it was a good move because it gives more depth if you do ever split them up and feud them. Solid win for Kennedy, and this along with McIntyre's win last week makes the two teams look very equal heading into Summerslam which makes the result that much more unpredictable, because at this point I can't tell which way is it going to go when these teams face each other.

Before I talk about Perkins... what the fuck happened to Jammy Fino?!?!? I want some answers!

I'm glad to see that you've been putting in a lot of effort into adding some more depth to the TJ Perkins character which I remember as being very cookie cutter when you first debuted him. There has been some real advancements due to his feud with Regal (Loved the promo last week), but I just think there is still something lacking in TJ's character. In terms of build and booking, he's been excellent and is a believable in terms of a threat to Regal's title. You're kind of hinting at something with him and Renee which is great because it gives him something added onto his character. It would be great if they did get together, only for Regal to screw with Renee in some way because then there's something to add a different side to TJ's character as well as building on the feud, which is quite textbook at the moment as in young and up and coming face wants to beat heel champion because it is his dream.

Surprised to see Punk turn up in the middle of this but it really worked well; complimenting what he said in the opening promo - that there's more to wrestling than the WWE. Great work using Punk to give a rub to TJ as well, and I liked Perkins' little line to end the promo.

The Real American Challenge is a good way to keep Swagger relevant after his feud with Punk. I knew Jim Duggan would come out last week, but I didn't call Tatanka at all. I'm laughing to myself because of something to do with my BTB, PM me if you're that desperate to know why. No doubt Swagger was winning this match so nothing else to really say here.

Maryse vs Trish will be a sweet match; kudos for making that.

I'm torn about having Mysterio go over Rhodes, but I think that given Rey only just coming back next week it was the right move; glad that you put over how Rhodes is improving in the ring though. Rhodes needed a strong and competitive performance at the very least to make him look good. I do share sentiments that ever since Del Rio's introduction to the group that Rhodes and DiBiase's stock has fallen quite a bit. Some works definitely needs to be done to build them back up, and with the tag titles tied to MVP/Kennedy & The Monarchy for the time being, I'm not sure how you can achieve that at the moment, but this feud with Rey is a start. Even though the segment earlier between Batista and Rey pretty much gave away what was going to happen afterwards I don't mind. Is Del Rio's finisher the Cross Armbreaker?? I can't remember if it is because if so it makes no sense to target Batista's leg. Good segment to show Legacy following Orton's orders and make them, especially Del Rio, look strong; but to be honest I am concerned about Cody and Ted.

Not sure about pairing Tomko with Miz; it doesn't feel very natural and screams Christian rip off. Miz naturally heeling it up by putting his own show over is good. I like being reminded of the struggle that Miz has faced to become a WWE Superstar; his backstory makes you want to support him but because he's such an annoying turd you just can't like him. Although I did notice that Miz puts over his albeit brief history with Jericho, but he put down The Highlight Reel at the start of the promo? Doesn't quite fit in right as now I'm not sure whether Miz is sincere in his feeling towards Jericho. Great stuff from Michaels wanting to get straight down to business and making it clear for those who could sympathize with Miz why they shouldn't. I thought it was good that you had Michaels tell Miz he was a jackass when Miz was acting like a total jackass by trying to interrupt him. You really did a good job with this promo, especially playing off how Miz thinks so much of himself that he has the right to mention the Montreal Screwjob and use it against HBK like that. It is safe to say that Miz has gotten under Michaels' skin; shown by the fact that he went against Lawler's ruling and SCM'd both Miz and Tomko (Called it!) The Loser Leaves Town stipulation is good as it give it something else to set it aside from the other singles matches on the card, other than just being a grudge match or a title match.

I really enjoyed the main event, and I think Perkins can't have anything taken away from him after being pinned by the WWE Champion AFTER being poked in the eyes. The finish definitely gives the face team an out though so neither Punk or Perkins look at all weak despite losing. Regal cheating Perkins out of the win works with keeping him on top over Perkins to set up the potential for Perkins to finally get the win at Summerslam after overcoming all the odds. Although him not winning the match is fine due to Regal's actions, Orton getting Punk after the match is the only booking decision of the entire show that I don't agree with. I think that Punk was the undoubted star of this show and he should have ended it looking strong in my eyes. Although it does follow the basic booking formula of the heel champion getting the better of the face challenger during the build, ultimately leading to the face winning the title at the PPV, which works perfectly fine with Regal/TJ, I don't think you should have gone that route with Punk and Orton, and a GTS to Orton once the match was over would have been spot on. But that is just me and other might see it a different way.

In all mate I actually really enjoyed this show; there are some issues mainly regarding character development to do with Rhodes, DiBiase and Perkins, but in terms of the writing and booking of the show you did a very good job. You did well in advancing your feuds which is vital with a PPV coming up, so well done for that. Onto the next one!

Also remember how pissy you got when I got the 100th reply? You'll be happy to know I've bagged 200 as well <3 Cheers Terry.
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

Thanks to TWG for the feedback. Appreciate it. Jammy Fino was a mistake, one of many, but my biggest one for sure, he's gone for good. Feel free to take him. Didn't get 100, didn't get 200, didn't even get the OP.

Anyway, I had written these shows out in full, but I lost a lot of due to a computer issue, and I couldn't bring myself to rewrite everything.

Feel free to predict on the PPV, I expect it will be posted sometime in the next two weeks. I'll post a preview next week.

WWE Superstars

The opening match consisted of Mickie James and Gail Kim defeating Katie Lea and Michelle McCool.

Then, Alberto Del Rio defeated a local talent in a two on one handicap match.

Kaval and Finlay fought for over ten minutes with Kaval picking up the victory.

WWE SmackDown

Before the show began, we got an “Earlier Today” video where Jeff Hardy was walking into the arena, before being brutally attacked by his brother, Matt Hardy. Multiple chair shots were shown as Jeff lay, knocked out, on the solid concrete.

Team Jericho made their way down the ramp, and spoke about the bias that runs through SmackDown, calling people hypocrites – cheering what Edge did last week, when if it was any of them, they would be booed out the building. Team Teddy, led by Edge, would interrupt and enter the ring. They retorted by saying that maybe it’s not bias, maybe it’s just because they just aren’t good enough to have the success that they had/have.

Things started to get heated, but Brian Kendrick tried to calm things down, only to sock Daniel Bryan with a microphone. This transcended into a massive brawl, which ended with Edge and co standing tall, as Jericho and his team left to lick their wounds.

Commercial Break

After the break, we’d get a tag team match where Evan Bourne and Kelly Kelly would defeat Dolph Ziggler and Layla, with a somewhat lucky roll up, revenge for a few weeks ago.

Backstage, John Cena was welcomed to the interview set, and talked about how he’s been stabbed in the back countless times, and that he’s sick of it. He also says that Lashley signed with the devil, and he challenged Lashley to meet him in the ring after his match. Leaving, he said that he’ll teach Lashley why you don’t cross John Cena.

Commercial Break

Again, backstage, where Matt Hardy was walking, before being interrupted by Gregory Helms. The two former friends engaged in an argument, with Helms stating that what he did to Jeff was sick and disgusting. Matt told Helms to get out of his way, but Greg stood still, which prompted a shot to the jaw from the World Champion. A small brawl started, with Matt coming out on top, telling Greg to mind his own business.

Match time. Natalya and Nikki Bella faced off, with The Hart Dynasty/PTP at ringside. They would eventually get ejected for fighting, which left the two divas to face off. It looked like Natalya was about to wrap things up, until Brie Bella sprinted down the ramp. She hopped onto the apron, with feigning tears, Natalya walked over to her and asked what’s wrong, but then Brie’s face changed and she slapped Natalya! The Canadian stumbled around into a roll up. Second match, second roll up. Nikki joined her sister and they backed away, smiling, the crowd booing.

Commercial Break

Backstage, John Bradshaw Layfield was interviewed and told Cena that he would be taught a lesson later tonight, when Bobby Lashley meets him in the ring.

Kane and Jamie Noble would face off again, but the result was much the same, Kane dominating and putting Noble away with a Choke Slam.

We’d then get the SummerSlam hype video.

Commercial Break

John Cena was in action next, as he battled Mike Knox, who put up a good fight, but eventually fell to a fired up Cena.

Then, Lashley would make an appearance, walking onto the ramp then sprinting down to the ring. Lashley and Cena would trade blows until Lashley backed Cena into a corner and whipped him across the ring. He went for a corner clothesline but Cena side stepped and then yanked Bobby onto his shoulders, only for The Real Deal to slither off. Suddenly, JBL was in the ring and went for Clothesline from Hell, but Cena ducked as did Lashley who was pretty close. Cena then threw Lashley over the top, before clotheslining JBL over as well.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Team Teddy were in Long’s office. They reassured Long that his job was safe, before leaving with Edge as the main event was close. AJ Lee stayed behind though, and asked Long what the Divas were meant to do on SmackDown, stating that she was signed to be a competitor, but their isn’t a belt to fight for. Long said that the title was exclusive to Raw, but he’ll talk to Jerry Lawler about possibly doing something about that. That was good enough for AJ who skipped away.

Again, backstage, Lashley was walking backstage, with JBL by his side, a camera man following him. Striker asked him to stop and answer a question, but Lashley wheeled around and grabbed him by the collar, forcing him into the wall. Lashley held him up, fuming, and JBL asked Matt if it was wise to come up to them right now. Matt pleaded that he was just doing his job, so Lashley – after a nod from JBL – hurled Striker off to the side and the two men walked away.

In the arena, Team Jericho, namely Chris Jericho made their/his entrance for the main event.

Commercial Break

In the main event, it was utter chaos as Edge and Jericho fought to a no contest, as the referee threw the match out because of too much interference. The brawling continued after the match, with security having to rush down the ramp and separate the two teams from one another.

Commercial Break

The World Heavyweight Champion came down to the ring. Matt Hardy cut a promo about how disrespectful it was for Jeff to choose a TLC match, knowing that he already lost at Backlash. He said he sent a message to Jeff earlier, and that he’d be surprised if Jeff even was fit to compete at SummerSlam.

Suddenly, a large pop came as Jeff Hardy’s music played, and the man himself stepped out, stitches in his forehead but he looked relatively fit. He sprinted down the ramp and attacked his brother, eventually Matt slithering out from underneath him and exiting the ring and backing up the ramp. But, Helms would get involved, grabbing Matt from behind and sliding him into the ring to where Hardy was waiting and hit the Twist of Fate!

He put an exclamation point on things by hitting a Swanton to end the show.


Kicking off the show with a different approach, we head straight backstage, where Renee Young is standing, alongside TJ Perkins. He gets a solid pop from the crowd and speaks about the upcoming IC Title match at SummerSlam, before being interrupted by Wade Barrett! Barrett starts to get under the skin of Perkins, eventually resulting in TJ about to swing at him, but then Wade pulls Young in front of him, which stops TJ. Perkins restrains himself – and Barrett smiles before letting go of Young and backing away.

In the ring, Jack Swagger is standing with a microphone. He states that tonight the Real American challenge continues, so he challenges any one to come out and face him. Then, SGT. Slaughter makes a grand entrance – receiving a good pop!

The match begins, and Slaughter gets some solid offense in before falling to the younger, more ferocious man, as Swagger wrapped things up with The Patriot Lock.

Swagger again got on the microphone, and announced that the challenge will continue, this Sunday at SummerSlam, and he challenged any WWE Legend that believes he’s what a true American should be to come and face him.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Montel Vontavious Porter and Mr. Kennedy are talking about last week, with Porter asking what was with the jibes. Kennedy brushes it off and tells Porter that they need to get ready for their match later tonight.

In the second match of the night, the Women’s Champion, Maryse would successfully compete against Michelle McCool, defeating her with The French TKO.

After the match, Trish Stratus made an appearance, coming down to the ring and getting in the face of the champ. The two exchange in some heated words before Maryse slaps Trish right in the mouth, but Trish comes right back with a slap of her own. The force made Maryse fall to the ground and she leaves the ring, grabbing her belt as she does.

Commercial Break

The usual SummerSlam video is shown.

Then, the Legacy locker room is shown, with Randy Orton preparing for his verbal encounter with Punk later tonight, and DiBiase preparing for his match against Rey Mysterio.

MVP and Mr. Kennedy made their entrances.

Commercial Break

The World Tag Team Champions faced off against Charlie Haas and Chris Masters, defeating them soundly as Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness watched on from the commentary table. After the match, McGuiness and McIntyre stood up and attacked Porter and Kennedy, brutally beating them down and then holding their titles up high.

Backstage, Shawn Michaels was shown walking through the halls.

Commercial Break

Shawn Michaels faced off against the rarely seen Sim Snuka and defeated him easily. But, after the match, The Miz appeared on the titan tron, and cut a promo about how he was going to end the legacy of Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam. Then as The Miz continued to talk, Tyson Tomko entered the ring through the crowd, and when Michaels turned around he was flattened by a big boot. Then, Tomko pulled him up and planted him with a power bomb.

In the doctors office, Batista was getting a check up on his leg, with Mysterio beside him. Mysterio asks if he’ll be alright, and the doctor said he will, which allowed Mysterio to leave for his match.

Commercial Break

Mysterio and Ted DiBiase fought to a no contest, as Mysterio was attacked by Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio.

They beat him down, but just like last week, Batista came down to the ring, this time with a led pipe, evening the odds as he scattered Legacy.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Batista and Rey Mysterio burst into Jerry Lawler’s office and demanded a match with the three of them. Lawler suggested that a handicap match would be the only way, and Batista and Rey accepted, so the match was set up for SummerSlam.

The main event came, with TJ Perkins defeating Wade Barrett in a very good match. But, after the match, Perkins was attacked by William Regal, who hit him with the Intercontinental Title belt. Wade then held Perkins in place as Regal held the title up to his face and screamed at him that he won’t win on Sunday.

Commercial Break

CM Punk and Randy Orton made their respective entrances and engaged in a back and forth promo about the WWE Championship and who would win at SummerSlam. Punk maintained that he was the better wrestler, but then Orton took it to personal levels as he began to talk about Punk’s family, his addicted family and called Punk a fraud. This led Punk on to a tirade, with Punk verbally beating down Orton, spitting out venom as he talked about his life and the fact that he would lose the WWE Championship. The show went off the air with Punk and Orton, forehead to forehead.

End of Show

WWE Superstars

In the opening contest of the night, Beth Phoenix defeated Mickie James after five minutes of action.

Then, Carlito and Primo defeated a local team, who cut a promo attempting to get heat from the crowd.

Finally, David Hart Smith competed against Kenny King, with King picking up the victory after help from Shelton Benjamin.

WWE SmackDown

Before the opening video, Theodore Long appeared on the screen and welcomed everybody to Friday Night SmackDown with a forced smile.

Then, after the opening video, two ladders were set up in the ring, and Jeff Hardy made his entrance. He grabbed a microphone and then climbed to the top of one of them. He asked Matt to come out and face him on the top of the ladders. Matt did come out, and the two brothers engaged in a back and forth over who was the better man, especially in Ladder matches where Matt claimed to have revolutionised the match. Eventually, the promo would end with both men laying claim to being the top TLC match performer, and Matt held up the World Title as Jeff looked on.

Commercial Break

After the break, Kofi Kingston and Chris Jericho faced off, with Jericho picking up the victory after a very long match which done enough to show how talented Kofi Kingston is.

Backstage, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella were walking through the halls.

Commercial Break

Nikki Bella was at ringside as Brie Bella competed with Natalya, with Brie picking up a dirty win by rolling her up and using the tights.

We then get a SummerSlam video.

Backstage, Nikki and Brie were congratulated by Kenny King and Shelton Benjamin, it appearing that Brie and King were now a thing.

Commercial Break

Kane and Gregory Helms were up next, and after a solid seven minutes of action, The Big Red Monster won again, continuing his recent hot streak.

After the match, Kane exited the ring, and grabbed hold of Paul Heyman, saying that he needs a sacrifice, but Heyman pleaded and begged, telling Kane that Ross would be a better choice. Kane let go and pulled Jim Ross into the ring, but just as he was about to Choke Slam him, CHRISTIAN made his return, sprinting down the ramp and battling against Kane. Eventually knocking him out of the ring and following, before smashing him with a Kendo Stick over and over.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Christian had a very intense interview, where he announced that he and Kane, per orders of Long, would compete in an Extreme Rules match at SummerSlam.

John Bradshaw Layfield and Bobby Lashley hit the ring and, and JBL cut a promo about how Lashley would destroy Cena, but they were interrupted by the man himself. Cena kept it short, telling Lashley that he’s in way over his head, before sprinting down the ramp and attempting to get into a fight, but both Layfield and Lashley slid out of the ring, Lashley following orders.

Backstage, Edge had a brief interview about the upcoming four on four match at SummerSlam.

Commercial Break

The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson faced off against Daniel Bryan and Kaval. With, the latter picking up the victory, with a little help from Edge, who helped stop R-Truth from interfering.

Backstage, Evan Bourne was interviewed by Matt Striker, only to be interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, as Ziggler berated Bourne and told him that he would not be leaving as WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Commercial Break

In the main event, Matt Hardy defeated John Morrison after a good ten minute match with Jeff Hardy on commentary.

After the match, Matt left the ring and went face to face with his brother, holding up the title again, but Jeff pushed him away, resulting in a brawl. Eventually, Jeff got the better and planted Matt with the Twist of Fate, before heading to the top of a Ladder, hitting a Swanton for the second time in a row.

End of Show

WWE SummerSlam
*4 Hours*
Date: 30th August 2009
Location: Aloha Stadium; Hawaii

WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship
Tables, Ladders & Chairs II
Matt Hardy © vs. Jeff Hardy

Grudge Match
Loser Leaves Town
Shawn Michaels vs. The Miz

One on One:
Bobby Lashley w/John Bradshaw Layfield vs. John Cena


Extreme Rules:
Christian vs. Kane

Three on Two Handicap Match:
Batista & Rey Mysterio vs. Legacy; Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

Four on Four; Teddy Long’s Job in Peril
Team Teddy; Edge, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan & Kaval w/AJ Lee & Theodore Long vs. Team Jericho; Chris Jericho, R-Truth, The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

Intercontinental Championship
William Regal © vs. TJ Perkins

WWE Tag Team Championships
The Hart Dynasty; David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd © vs. The Prime Time Playas; Kenny King & Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championships
Mr. Kennedy & MVP © vs. The Monarchy; Drew McIntyre & Nigel McGuiness

Cruiserweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler © w/Layla vs. Evan Bourne w/Kelly Kelly

Undisputed Women’s Championship
Maryse © vs. Trish Stratus
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

Either way I can't wait until SummerSlam because I wonder just how many days there are until SummerSlam in your diary now that you have seemingly bypassed RAW, Superstars, and Smackdown episodes? I guess I am just curious so I guess that is why I am asking but nevertheless after seeing these past few RAWs, Superstars, and Smackdowns I can see why your SummerSlam card is looking rather great right now but the road to SummerSlam seems I guess all the more action packed
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War


WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hart Dynasty; David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd def. The Prime Time Playas; Kenny King & Shelton Benjamin @ 9.13

WWE SummerSlam

Extreme Rules
Christian def. Kane @ 12.56

World Tag Team Championship:
The Monarchy; Drew McIntyre & Nigel McGuiness def. MVP & Kennedy @ 8.06 after a miscommunication between MVP and Kennedy

Handicap Match 3 on 2:
The Legacy; Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase def. Batista & Rey Mysterio @ 10.37 via Cross Rhodes to Mysterio.
*After the match Batista returned to the ring and chased off Legacy with a Steel Chair after they attempted to continue assaulting Rey after the match.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Evan Bourne w/Kelly Kelly def. Dolph Ziggler w/Layla @ 13.56 after the match of the night (so far) ended with Bourne connecting with a Shooting Star Press.

Loser Leaves Town:
The Miz def. Shawn Michaels with Skull Crushing Finale on a chair after Tyson Tomko interfered whilst the referee was knocked out @ 16.03.
*Shawn Michaels must leave Monday Night Raw – After the match he thanks the crowd for their support over the years and states it won’t be the last time he’s wrestling in a WWE ring.

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
William Regal def. TJ Perkins @ 10.47 after Wade Barrett appeared on the titan tron – threatening to throw Renee Young from the top of a production truck and William Regal took advantage by locking in the Regal Stretch.

Four on Four; Theodore Long's Job At Stake
Team Jericho; Chris Jericho, R-Truth, The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson def. Team Edge; Edge, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan & Kaval @ 9.29 when The Brian Kendrick pinned Edge after The Rated R Superstar took finishers from each of his opponents whilst his team were incapacitated at ringside.
*Theodore Long looked dejected at ringside whilst Jericho’s team stood tall after the bell.

WWE Woman’s Championship:
Maryse vs. Trish Stratus ended in a No Contest @ 3.07 when Beth Phoenix interfered and laid out both Divas.
*Beth continued the assault, but putting a lot more emphasis on Trish, brutally attacking her.

One on One:
Bobby Lashley def. John Cena @ 14.53 after Lashley hit three Dominators to keep the popular star down.

Jack Swagger’s Real American Challenge:
*Accepted by Hawaii native – Ricky Steamboat
Jack Swagger def. Ricky Steamboat @ 4.23
*Jack Swagger tried to continue the assault of Ricky Steamboat, but *REAL AMERICAN* played, earning a massive pop and HULK HOGAN made the save. He sent Swagger on his way and posed in the ring with Steamboat, rejuvenating the crowd.

World Heavyweight Championship – Tables, Ladders & Chairs:
Matt Hardy def. Jeff Hardy after placing his brother on a table outside the ring and climbing a ladder inside the ring – hitting a leg drop from a massive height. As the medical team checked on Jeff, Matt struggled but managed to bring down his World Title @ 24.21
*After the brutal contest, the medical staff tried to help Jeff but in a fit of rage he pushed them away, one of them stumbling backwards into the steel steps. A moment of compassion crossed his face, but then he staggered around the ring and up the ramp, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd but not really noticing.

WWE Championship:
CM Punk def. Randy Orton @ 19.36 after countering the second RKO into the GTS.

End of Show.

Decided to give this another shot. Apologies for the condensed results.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

Not sure if the whole 30 days in between threads is still on the go around here, but I wasn't feeling the 2014 thread so decided it was best to go back to this. I'm sure there will be a bit of rustiness to work off since I haven't done this in a long time. Nonetheless, hope someone enjoys it.


No opening video package, no highlight video of SummerSlam, instead it’s straight into the arena where no pyrotechnics are on display and no commentary is being heard. Instead, the arena is in total darkness – the crowd rumbling in anticipation...


... and the anticipation turns into hysteria as the arena lights up.

After a couple of seconds – the NEW WWE CHAMPION, CM PUNK slowly walks onto the stage!

The crowd are on their feet... and CM Punk surveys the audience before tapping the championship which is around his waist. He walks down the steel ramp, climbs into the ring and is handed a microphone from a staff member. He begins by loudly proclaiming the arrival of the new WWE Champion, himself – CM Punk. The crowd lavish Punk in applause and he takes it in slowly, before continuing, briefly talking about what it means to be WWE Champion, about working his way from the bottom to the very top, without the help of a Hall of Fame Dad or help from three henchman. He’s obviously referring to Randy Orton, who he mentions by name when he references when Orton took away his first World Title reign, and now he’s gotten his pay back. It took a long time, but he finally got it and it feels great. He holds the WWE Championship up high but is suddenly interrupted by...


... boos accompany the arrival of the former WWE Champion, Randy Orton and his Legacy cohorts, Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase who shadow their mentor. He has a microphone in his hand and doesn’t look happy in the slightest. The music stops and Orton speaks as he walks. He congratulates CM Punk on becoming WWE Champion, but maintains that his victory was a mere fluke and he doesn’t have what it takes to be a WWE Champion. He says he showed that when he wasn’t man enough to hold the World Title, and whilst Punk might have got his revenge, The Viper says he’s going to give Punk a reason to search for more. By now, Orton and Legacy are at the bottom of the ramp and with a nod from the leader, Del Rio and Rhodes walk around the left of the ring whilst DiBiase goes to the right. Rhodes continues around to the back side of the ring and the four men climb onto the apron.

Punk keeps hold of his championship and uses it as a weapon, rushing to Orton who leaps off the apron, just keeping his face intact. But, Punk turns around and catches Rhodes on the chin with the golden title. He’s rushed on from behind though by Alberto Del Rio and DiBiase who take him down to the ground, and despite a brief comeback from Punk, Orton and Legacy begin dissecting the current WWE Champion.


With Rhodes down on the outside of the ring, Orton and the rest of Legacy bail out of the ring before Batista and Rey Mysterio can get their hands on them. Punk slowly recovers to his feet as Orton, Del Rio, DiBiase and now Rhodes who has stumbled over to the ramp back away. Chased from the ring – but the damage has been done as Punk holds onto his championship and glances at Batista and Mysterio, with Batista lingering his gaze on the champion.


Back from commercials, The Real American, Jack Swagger is already in the ring, bouncing on his heels and waiting for his opponent from the previous night. A loud pop accompanies the music of The Dragon, as Ricky Steamboat comes out from the back, his fists bunched up. The opening match is a long one, up to ten minutes with much of it showing how in shape and how good Ricky Steamboat still is, however the younger and hungrier of the two men takes it in the end, locking in The Patriot Lock and making Steamboat tap out, earning his second victory in two nights.

But it’s not over, after the bell rings, Swagger doesn’t let go, instead he grape vines Steamboat’s leg with his own legs and continues to wrench the ankle. Steamboat screams out and reaches for the ropes despite knowing they would do him no good. The crowd are in a frenzy of boos. The referee tries to pry Swagger’s hands apart but it’s no good, the powerful Superstar isn’t budging. Then, with a final roar, SWAGGER BREAKS THE ANKLE OF THE HALL OF FAMER!

The crowd obviously do not appreciate it one bit and neither does the commentary team who proceed to slate Swagger for his actions. Swagger takes a step away from Steamboat as the referee checks on him and calls for medical support. The Real American demands a microphone from ringside and makes sure everyone knows he has no remorse for what he did because Steamboat is not a real American. He throws the microphone down with a grunt. Swagger stays in the ring as Steamboat is helped from the ring and carried out – the crowd booing Swagger immensely.


Backstage, the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal is in his locker room, accompanied by the NEW Tag Team Champions, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuinness. With no Wade Barrett around, Regal is sitting on a comfortable couch in a nice suit, shining up his Intercontinental Title. Suddenly, the three men are on alert as the door slams and TJ Perkins is standing in the doorway, his chest moving up and down from heavy breathing. Perkins takes a step towards Regal but is stopped by Jerry Lawler rushing through the doorway and getting between Perkins and The Monarchy. Regal doesn’t look the least bit worried as he’s backed up by the Tag Team Champions. Lawler tells Perkins to calm down and think about this – and he snaps back by saying he doesn’t care if he gets his ass beat, he wants Regal. A scoff comes from the IC Champion who questions if he’s still sore after the fight he went through the previous night.

McGuinness tells Perkins to leave the locker room unless he wants another lesson on where he stands in this business. Perkins asks if Regal is proud of what he did to win last night, and Regal simply smirks before saying he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This brings out the wrath of Jerry Lawler who turns to Regal and says he knows damn well what he did, and because of it he feels the IC Championship match was tainted. Which is why, tonight, HE WILL DEFEND THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE MAIN EVENT ... AGAINST TJ PERKINS!

Lawler tells Perkins to go get ready as he deals with McGuinness and McIntyre shouting at him, saying he has no idea what he’s doing as a GM whereas Regal remains silent, perhaps contemplating a way out of this predicament.

Cutting back to the arena, Cole and Foley discuss the huge main event been made for later and also they’ve just received word that Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase will take on Batista and Rey Mysterio! They then finally show footage of the Divas match from last night that barely started after Beth Phoenix attacked both Trish Stratus and Maryse. Then after, the commentary briefly discuss the injury suffered by Maryse which will keep her out of action for a few months. But, after the break, we will hear from Maryse who has a major announcement.


Back from the break, the WWE Woman’s Champion, MARYSE, is in the middle of being helped in the ring by a courteous referee. She’s not dressed in ring gear, instead it’s casual dress for the champion who also has a brace on her right foot and ankle. Her Woman’s Championship is on her shoulder and she has a crutch to help keep her balance. Once she’s settled and has a microphone, the referee stands by her as she addresses what happened last night between her, Trish Stratus and Beth Phoenix. The crowd, despite seeing the state she’s in, obviously upset, still do not bother with any politeness, instead it’s boos for the champion.

She sucks it up though, and says that Phoenix ruined what for her, was a dream match. Despite all she said about Trish, she did look up to her and to have the match taken away was a kick to the gut. She looks at the championship on her shoulder, and seems to be holding back some emotion as she tells everyone that because of Beth’s attack, her Achilles tendon is ruptured, with partial tear. And, this means she will be out of action for a while, unable to defend her Woman’s Title.

So, with that said, she reluctantly hands over the title to the referee who takes it slowly. Suddenly, ***GLAMAZON*** blares over the PA system and the crowd respond with even more heat than Maryse got. The now former champion turns to face the stage, with a worried expression on her face. The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix walks with a purpose down the ramp, microphone in hand. Once inside, with a smile on her face – she says the referee may as well hand over the Woman’s Championship to her just now. The referee shakes his head and leaves the ring, taking the belt to the back.

Beth turns her attention to Maryse and asks her how it feels to have her belt taken from her, just like she did to Phoenix months ago. Maryse retorts by saying she it won’t be long before she returns and when she does she’ll be champion again. Phoenix smirks and asks if that’s right, before kicking the crutch away from Maryse, then kicking her knee, causing her to crumple to the ground. The Glamazon then continues the assault by stomping on the injured foot of the former champion. The crowd, who aren’t big fans of Maryse, still continue to boo Beth as she snarls with each shot.

Once the damage has been dealt, she slowly walks away from the fallen carcass of Maryse, and exits the ring. Cole and Foley question how long Maryse will be out for, and what this means for the Woman’s Championship as Beth backs up the ramp.


It’s time for the second match of the night, and it’s a tag team match between two of the most popular teams in The Colons and Cryme Tyme. It’s a solid affair lasting just over seven minutes, fast paced with lots of tags between both men. But, it’s The Colons that pick up the victory after Carlito hit the Backcracker to JTG, picking up a massive victory for them in their hunt for the World Tag Team Championships.

Backstage, the World Tag Team Champions, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuinness are watching The Colons celebrate their victory on a small screen, across from Josh Matthews. Once the screen goes black, Matthews begins the interview by asking how they must feel after becoming the champions once again. McIntyre says that losing the titles were a mere blip, and it feels damn good to be wearing gold once again. McGuiness continues by saying they are the most dominant team, a team who has been made the biggest impact a team has ever made in the history of thee WWE, by coming in, taking out everyone in their path and winning the World Tag Team Championships within a few months of debuting and now being two time Tag Team Champions.

Off screen though, Nigel sees something he doesn’t like and Drew notices it too. The camera pans out and Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase – Legacy are standing across from the two members of The Monarchy. It’s silence for a while before Drew asks if they have something to say, which Rhodes points at the championships and says they are putting them on notice. They want a shot at the gold, and once they defeat Batista and Rey Mysterio tonight – they’ll get their shot.

Before Nigel or Drew can respond though, the former WWE Champion Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio appear behind the other two members of Legacy. After a brief stare down between them, Nigel and Drew brush past Rhodes and DiBiase, leaving Orton to give them a pep talk about taking out Batista and Rey Mysterio.


Again, we’re backstage, where Beth Phoenix is strolling through the halls, and receives some strong heat from the crowd. She’s stopped however, by Mickie James who gets a nice pop from the crowd. Mickie looks Beth up and down and shakes her head – before saying that while nobody in the Divas locker room liked Maryse, what Beth did was absolutely disgusting. Mickie brushes past Beth and walks away, leaving The Glamazon to look on at the glances from the staff members awkwardly trying to find something else to do.

Now, we get a small hype video for Raw’s never Pay-Per-View, Unforgiven.

After a few moments of silence in the arena, ***I CAME TO PLAY*** plays over the PA System and The Miz, followed by Tyson Tomko walks down to the ring. Once inside, he’s handed a microphone and takes us back to SummerSlam where he defeated Shawn Michaels, meaning he is now OFF Monday Night Raw for good. The Miz continues by saying he knew he was better than HBK, stating he is the reason why Shawn Michaels doesn’t have a job anymore. Suddenly, SHAWN MICHAELS THEME PLAYS AND THE CROWD GO MENTAL.

But after at least twenty seconds of Miz pretending to panic, and no sign of Michaels, the crowd begin booing as they know what is going on. Eventually, The Miz stops panicking and starts laughing. He says he KNEW they would react like that, but he tells them to savour that song, because it’s the last time it will be played on Raw. Then, he says that he is now putting his name forward for a future WWE Championship shot, and he makes a promise that he will be WWE Champion before WrestleMania comes around, when he will main event the biggest show of the year.

He drops the microphone and retreats to his corner where he waits his opponent. Charlie Haas now makes his entrance, to almost no reason and climbs into the ring. The match doesn’t take long to reach its climax as The Miz dominates from the outset. After a good two minutes of messing with Charlie, The Miz finally decides to end it and hit Skull Crushing Finale – getting the easy win.

Backstage, MVP and Mr. Kennedy are sitting across from each other on steel steps, the former World Tag Team Champions not looking happy in the slightest. Kennedy finally sighs and asks what happened last night – and MVP responds by saying he doesn’t know. Things escalate quickly when Kennedy asks why on earth Porter did not tag him in when he had the chance and says he is the reason they are not the champions right now. Porter fires back though and says he had it handled. Obviously not though as they are sitting as former champions which Kennedy brings up.

MVP then says he’s getting sick of Kennedy. Ever since they started teaming together he’s been treating him like he’s in second place all the time, calling Kennedy a cocky SOB. It’s not being cocky if you can back it up though is what Kennedy responds with. After a few more back and forth’s, the segment finally ends with Porter challenging Kennedy to a match next week on Raw, to see who the better man is.


It’s time for the semi main event as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase face off against Batista and Rey Mysterio. It’s a very strong tag team match with an initial strong start by Batista and Mysterio. It’s a combination of power and speed for the two of them as they take control early with a flurry of offense and quick tags. However, a distraction by Alberto Del Rio who runs down the ramp, leaps onto the apron and subsequently ducks a right hand from Mysterio allows Rhodes and DiBiase to take control and isolate the smaller man from his tag team partner. With Del Rio skulking around on the outside, Mysterio finds it difficult to get back into the match until finally an opening, he manages to create some separation and gets the hot tag to Batista. From here, it looks as though Batista is about to pick up the victory for his team, getting Rhodes into position for the Batista Bomb, that is until Del Rio attacks Batista from behind causing the disqualification.

Del Rio and Rhodes begin to stomp on The Animal, and despite Mysterio’s best efforts to climb back into the ring to help, he’s cut off by DiBiase who takes him out with a thunderous clothesline. It appears to be all going Legacy’s way until ... ***THIS FIRE BURNS*** plays over the speaker system and the WWE CHAMPION CM PUNK comes rushing down the ramp, steel chair in hand! He swings wildly for Del Rio who ducks out the way and rolls out of the ring as does Rhodes but it’s DiBiase who gets the chair in the gut and then on the back! Del Rio and Rhodes back away as Batista and Mysterio recover to their knees and that’s when the heat in the arena goes up another level as RANDY ORTON slowly walks out onto the stage. Punk points at Orton and motions for him to come down to the ring but the former WWE Champion stays where he is, so Punk grabs DiBiase and pulls him onto his shoulders, hitting a massive GTS, knocking him out. Orton clenches his teeth together, knowing that Punk has won this round.

Meanwhile backstage, it’s split screen time as the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal and the challenger TJ Perkins are walking down separate hallways, both looking ready for their main event match.


It’s main event time! Once both William Regal and TJ Perkins are in the ring, Lillian Garcia makes the relevant introductions and the match is the underway! In the early going, Perkins goes right for Regal, causing him to take a breather by rolling out of the ring but Perkins doesn’t wait for him to get back in, instead he springboards onto the top rope, hitting a shooting star plancha! The crowd are on their feet as Perkins grabs Regal and launches him into the barricade before rolling him back into the ring. It continues going well for Perkins until Regal cuts him off with a poke to the eye, then a drop-toe-hold onto the second rope. Regal controls the match from here, keeping Perkins grounded and showing off the nastiness that he has become known for.

The next few minutes consist of Regal controlling the pace of the match, resulting in a few near falls and a few gasps from the crowd. Perkins tries his hardest to get back into it, with a few false comebacks which builds the anticipation from the crowd who are on their feet, cheering for Perkins to get back into the match. Finally, it seems he manages to do so as Perkins manages to stop Regal going for the Regal Stretch and catch him with a Roundhouse kick which connects on the temple. A near fall follows and Perkins builds up a head of steam before going to the top rope and connecting a Senton Bomb!

He gets another near fall, but as soon as Regal kicked out, Perkins transitioned into Figure Four Deathlock! Regal yells out in pain, and the crowd are on their feet as it appears he is going to tap out but then suddenly PERKINS IS CLOBBERED FROM BEHIND BY WADE BARRETT!! THE BELL RINGS FOR THE DISQUALIFICATION AS BARRETT BEGINS STOMPING ON PERKINS!

The crowd are booing not only the result but the actions of Wade Barrett ... UNTIL SHEAMUS SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP AND SLIDES INTO THE RING – AND BARRETT TURNS AROUND RIGHT INTO A BROGUE KICK FROM THE IRISH SUPERSTAR!! Barrett is kicked out of the ring and Sheamus follows him out, throwing him into the crowd and the two brawlers disappear from sight.

Despite the rush of Sheamus making the save, it appears things are over for TJ Perkins as both Superstars are down in the ring, the referee handing the title to Regal who slowly gathers himself. But... JERRY LAWLER MAKES AN APPEAREANCE ON THE STAGE AND STATES THAT THIS IS NOT HOW THE MATCH WILL END ... INSTEAD THE MATCH WILL BE RESTARTED!!

Regal yells at Lawler from the ring and is suddenly grabbed from behind and rolled up ... but kicks out at the very last moment!! They both meet on their feet and Perkins goes for another Roundhouse kick which Regal ducks and kicks Perkins in the stomach, then the knee and hits the ropes ... GOING FOR THE KNEE TREMBLER BUT PERKINS DUCKS OUT THE WAY AND CATCHES REGAL, TAKING HIM TO THE GROUND ... AND LOCKING IN THE FIGURE FOUR DEATH LOCK AGAIN ... HE’S DEAD CENTRE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING, WITH NO WHERE TO GO! THE REFEREE IS ON HAND, ASKING REGAL IF HE WANTS TO QUIT BUT HE SHAKES HIS HEAD, STICKING THROUGH THE PAIN. BUT AFTER ANOTHER TEN SECONDS, AND A FINAL YELL AND WRENCH FROM PERKINS ... REGAL TAPS OUT!

WE HAVE A NEW WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!! THE CROWD ARE IN A FRENZY AS PERKINS LETS GO OFF REGAL AND FALLS ONTO HIS STOMACH!! He doesn’t quite understand what is going on as he’s handed the prestigious Intercontinental Title for the first time in his career. He slowly gets to his knees and watches Regal as he is rolled out of the ring by the referee. He uses the ropes to help himself up and the crowd are on their feet giving him a round of applause! He looks longingly into the gold before clutching it to his chest. A massive smile appears on the face of Perkins as he gingerly climbs to the second rope, and with the camera panning around him, he raises the IC Title above his head! It’ not quite the SummerSlam moment, but it’s enough for Perkins as he kisses the belt and Michael Cole signs off until next week!

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War


Tonight, this edition of SmackDown marks the end of an era for Friday nights. Long time General Manager, Theodore Long is no longer the boss of the blue brand. Decisions have been made quickly by the Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, as we have learned we will find out who the new General Manager is, right at the beginning of the show. Who will be the new face of SmackDown? We’ll find out tonight.

With SummerSlam in the rear view, we now know who the World Heavyweight Champion will be moving forward to No Mercy, and will be Matt Hardy. The man who defeated his brother at SummerSlam, once again retaining his World Title will almost certainly be looking towards No Mercy where he could face a number of stars who have been tearing up Friday nights recently, including Chris Jericho, The Brian Kendrick, Edge or even Bobby Lashley. Expect some clarification on where Matt Hardy goes from here.

Speaking of Bobby Lashley, we’ve learned that John Cena will not be at SmackDown tonight due to the beating he received at the hands of John Bradshaw Layfield’s Bruiser. However, with no matches scheduled for tonight’s show, it’s anybody’s guess as to what will happen tonight when Lashley steps into that ring.

With no GM to make the matches, there is little to report on the match front, however once the new General Manager is revealed, you can be sure to expect some top quality action, like always on Friday nights!

Expect appearances by absolutely anyone.
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

You have a really impressive show.I love reading your show, from top to bottom.Your writing style is phenomenal & your storylines are that much more impressive.When I debut "M-WWE" on the "Wrestling Forum," it's clear that my competition is heavy, I'll have my work cut out for me.Good show, mate.
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

Post something.
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