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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

I'll be honest, and say I'm not pleased with this show at all. But, I hope it's, at least somewhat enjoyable to you.

Friday Night SmackDown - 7th August 2009

The opening video kicks off with the interview that was conducted by Jim Ross with Bobby Lashley the subject of the interview. After some sound bytes from said interview, we see the main event between Kane and John Cena, which ends with Lashley spearing Cena before hitting him with The Dominator, allowing Kane to get the victory.

Then, we get the usual opening video and then the same fireworks that we are used to. The commentators chime in and begin to hype up tonight’s card, including a very tasty main event between Cena and Lashley.

***HUNT YOU DOWN*** blares out, which immediately causes the crowd to erupt into a barrage of heat, all of it directed at the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy! Who walks out onto the stage, dressed in his ring attire and a black vest on, and of course – the gold belt on his shoulder. He walks down the ramp, looking rather pleased with himself and as he climbs into the ring we get a replay of last week’s events.

Once that is over, we cut back to the ring where Hardy is standing with a microphone and the crowd booing him without mercy.

Matt Hardy: Boo me-

Just a couple of words from Matt is enough to send the crowd into a spiral of even more heat.

Matt Hardy: You people can boo me all you want ... but that won’t change the fact that I am the World Heavyweight Champion.

Hardy lifts the title into the air, drawing more heat from the crowd. He then places it back on his shoulder.

Matt Hardy: I get it ... you people are booing me because of what I did last week, right?

Hardy holds the microphone out to the crowd, egging them on.

Matt Hardy: But, what you people need to understand ... is that I no longer care what you think. I stopped caring a long time ago, and look at me now, I used to be a pathetic man like my brother, who would come out here and put on a smile for all of you but I am no longer that man. I am a man who has destroyed his brother’s life ... I took away his pride ... and I took away his championship.

More boos for that.

Matt Hardy: You are looking at the new and improved Matt Hardy. A man who has proven that he deserves to be World Champion ... defeating three men at once to win it and then defending it against John Cena, not once ... but twice.

Hardy glances at the title on his shoulder.

Matt Hardy: Ever since I stopped caring about you people, my career has only gone up. I have main evented pay-per-views, I have created heart stopping moments and I have proven to everyone that doubted me why I am top Superstar in the entire WWE.

Hardy pauses as the crowd start a “You Suck” chant.

Matt Hardy: If you think I suck ... then what does that say about my brother, Jeff Hardy.

The fans respond with a massive pop.

Matt Hardy: Y’see ... I have defeated my brother, not once ... but twice, in a row. He has yet to defeat me, and he never will.


Matt Hardy: And, that is because I am simply better than he ever was. Y’see, Jeff was always the one that got the most attention, because he was more ‘out there’ than I was, but the truth always comes to light eventually. The truth is, Jeff Hardy ... cannot beat me.

More heat from the crowd in tonight.

Matt Hardy: So, you would think that would be enough, right? You would think I wouldn’t need to do anything to Jeff in the build up to his third chance against me, right? Wrong.

Matt begins to walk back and forward.

Matt Hardy: Y’see, I think while Jeff was battling with Chris Jericho ... he forgot how dangerous I really am. So, last week, I had to send a message.

Matt grins from ear to ear.

Matt Hardy: And, Beth, I know you’re watching ... so I want you to know I never meant to hurt you. You were simply collateral damage in a message that had to be sent. I made an example out of Gregory Helms.


Matt Hardy: Greg ... you chose the wrong side. You were my friend, but you supported Jeff in his little war against me a few months ago, so you had to be dealt with. And, what better way, what I did to you, sent a message to my brother.

Loud “HARDY” chants begin, which could be confusing...

Matt Hardy: Jeff, stop this foolish attempt to take my title ... because the longer you go on, the more people that get hurt. And at SummerSlam, it’ll be you that gets hurt.


Matt Hardy: But, let’s not talk about SummerSlam, let’s talk about tonight. Theodore Long, in another showing of how terrible of a GM he is, has placed me in a two on one handicap match against my brother and his friend, the man I attacked Gregory Helms last week.


Matt Hardy: I know what you’re all thinking – this is when the two of them get their revenge right? Wrong. I am the World Champion for a reason, tonight I’ll defeat Helms and Hardy, and prove why I am the very best that walks this brand.

???: Hey, Matt! Matt, up here.

All eyes, including the World Champions rise to the titantron where Jeff Hardy is standing! He gets a massive reception from the crowd but Matt doesn’t look best pleased to see his rival.

Jeff Hardy: What’s up, brother? I bet you’re wonderin’ what I’m doin’ back here ... y’know in the parking lot ... with this.

Jeff lifts up a baseball with his right hand which draws a big pop.

Jeff Hardy: And this.

And this time he brings up a metal crowbar!

Jeff Hardy: But before I explain what I’m doin’ ... lemme’ give you some background. Y’see, Matt, you’ve attacked me, you’ve attacked my friends, you’ve destroyed my house and you destroyed my car when you ran me off the road. I think some payback is required, don’t you?

The crowd respond with a massive pop.

Matt Hardy: Don’t you! Don’t you dare!

Jeff Hardy: Ah, I see you’ve worked it out. When I arrived today, I saw a new car in the parking lot, which I’ve been told is yours.

The camera pans out to reveal Jeff standing in front of a yellow Ferrari.

Jeff Hardy: So, this is what you’ve been doing with your recent money spike.

Matt looks like he’s about to have a heart attack.

Matt Hardy: Get the hell away from my car! Get the hell away from it, Jeff! If you know what’s good for you-

Jeff Hardy: What? You’ll do what, Matt? You’ve already done everything to me that I can think off.

Matt Hardy: I swear to- No!

Jeff suddenly brings up the baseball bat and swings it right through the driver’s seat window! The crowd respond with a massive, a huge pop as Matt is filled with rage in the ring.

Matt Hardy: How dare you?! That’s my personal property, Jeff!

Jeff simply grins.

Jeff Hardy: Huh ... was my house not personal property ... my car?

Jeff brings up the baseball bat again and smashes it into the windshield!

Matt Hardy: No! God damn it!

Jeff drops the bat and bends down, picking up the crowbar! He climbs onto the top of the car and looks into the camera with a grin.

Matt Hardy: Jeff! Don’t!

But, Jeff ignores the pleas of his brother, and brings the crowbar down, on the windshield again! He then begins smashing the crowbar on the windows and the roof of the car, destroying it!

Matt Hardy: Damn it, Jeff! Do you realize the mistake you just did!?

Jeff throws the crowbar away and drops down from the car.

Matt Hardy: Get away from it!

Jeff seemingly happy with what he’s done, takes a step back and faces the camera.

Matt Hardy: Jeff, I’ve warned you enough! I was- I am your brother and that’s my personal-

Jeff Hardy: You stopped being my brother a long time ago, Matt.

Matt Hardy: Jeff! I am the World Champion ... you can’t do this to me!

Jeff Hardy: Actually ...

Jeff walks beside the car, running his hands across the dented outer shell.

Jeff Hardy: It looks a bit better.

Jeff turns to the camera as Matt shakes his head, enraged.

Jeff Hardy: But hey, you destroyed my car ... so it’s only fair I destroy yours.

Matt shouts some obscene language at the titan tron.

Jeff Hardy: Oh, and one more thing, you took away my World Title ... so it’s only fair I take away yours. I’ll see you at SummerSlam.

Having got his message across loud and clear, Jeff exits the scene, leaving the camera to zoom in on the destroyed car.

We cut to the ring, where Matt is fuming as we fade to commercial break.


And, we are back. Backstage to be precise, where Matt Striker is standing by with a microphone in his hands.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentleman, I give to you ... the WWE Tag Team Champions ... along with Natalya – Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith.

Matt turns to the side as the trio walk into the shot, The Hart Dynasty stand with smiles on their faces.

Matt Striker: Tonight, you find out who you’ll face at SummerSlam, where you will defend your Tag Team Titles and with the division at such a competitive place right now ... do you guys have any preference on who you would like to face?

Tyson and David glance at each other whilst Nattie just stands looking pretty.

Tyson Kidd: Honestly, not really. We’re both confident in our abilities that we can handle whoever wins the number one contenders match. To us ... it doesn’t matter if it’s Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards or Hawkins and Ryder... or even Shelton Benjamin and his new partner Kenny King.

Matt Striker: But, you’ll admit that this is a very tough division with new teams being created every day.

This time, it’s David who takes over.

David Hart Smith: Like Tyson said, we both believe we can be more than a match for anyone in the division. We’re the WWE Tag Team Champions for a reason, Bret Hart believed in us to bring honour and prestige to these belts ... and we’re not gonna’ let him down.

Nattie nods along.

Tyson Kidd: We defend these titles at SummerSlam ... against who? We don’t know yet, but we’ll know by the end of the night. And, the team that does go on to face us, they better know that they’ll be in for a fight. Because, we aren’t gonna’ let these titles go easily.

It appears that the interview is about to be wrapped up but Matt has one more question to ask.

Matt Striker: Before I let you go, I wanted to ask you, David, a question.

Smith nods.

Matt Striker: Well, it’s common knowledge that you’ve been nursing a few nagging injuries ever since you defended those titles at The Bash, and I’d like to know how you’re feeling.

David thinks it over, not wanting to give too much away to his rivals.

David Hart Smith: I’m feelin’ good. Injuries are just a part of this business, that you have to deal with. I’m not that far from one hundred and percent, but I guarantee I’ll be back at my best by SummerSlam.

With Striker seemingly happy...

Matt Striker: Well, thank you for your time guys.

The WWE Tag Team Champions and Natalya walk out of the camera shot, away from the interview area as we throw it back to ringside.

***MAN ON FIRE*** booms out from the speakers in the arena and the arena turns a dark shade of red, as The Big Red Monster, Kane walks onto the red stage. He walks down to the ring and climbs onto the apron, stepping over the top rope and into the ring.

Then, we get an announcement of who the three men on the outside of the ring are: Pat Suckerville, Brad Rush and Kelly Max.

1 – Kane vs. Brad Rush, Kelly Max & Pat Suckerville

This was a rather lacklustre way to start the match portion of the show, as Kane dominated from the get go, not even allowing Brad Rush to get a tag to his partners. The Big Red Monster ends the match after toying with Rush for a minute, by hitting a Chokeslam and getting the three count.

Winner – Kane @ 1.41

Destruction would be one word to describe that. The Big Red Monster immediately stands up, and stays in place, standing over Rush, getting some solid heat from the crowd. The referee tries to lift Kane’s arm but Kane simply chases him out of the ring to some laughs from the fans. He turns back to Rush and doesn’t appear to be done, as he pulls him to his feet and lifts him up with a Chokeslam, and slamming him down onto the mat!

More boos rain down on Kane, but he ignores them with a sick grin on his face. The commentators briefly talk about Kane’s recent destructive path before leading us in to a commercial break.


Back on SmackDown, we see Layla walking down a hallway ... with Dolph Ziggler’s Cruiserweight Championship! She continues her route down the corridor, but stops in place when she sees someone off camera. A smile appears on her face as she walks over and we see it’s Kelly Kelly who is having a chat with Brie Bella.

Brie Bella: Nikki’s with Shelton now, so I-

Layla: Ahem.

Clearing her throat, Layla draws the attention of Brie and more importantly – Kelly.

Layla: Kelly, it’s good to see you. About last week ... no hard feelings?

Layla extends her hand in a bid to shake Kelly’s hand but the blonde doesn’t budge.

Layla: What’s wrong? Oh, wait ... I know. It’s because last week, my beautiful boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler defeated your ... your ... whatever Evan is.

Brie Bella: Through cheating.

Layla: Did anybody ask you, Brie? Why don’t you go check up on your, let's say promiscuous twin ... I think I saw her in both Shelton Benjamin and Kenny King’s locker room.

Brie is about to get physical, but Kelly puts an arm in front of her.

Kelly Kelly: Lay ... me an’ you, we got history. Y’know, being in Extreme Expose an’ all, but don’t think I won’t knock you on your ass.

This pathetic attempt at acting hard draws a laugh from Layla.

Layla: Oh, please. You couldn’t hit water if you fell outta’ a boat. I suppose that’s why you and Bourne are so close, right? Because, he couldn’t get the job done last week, and you can’t get the job done period ... well, that is ... if we’re talkin’ in the ring ‘cause we all know what you can do in the locker-

BANG! Layla gets a massive slap in the face from Kelly, she staggers back with the force of the hit, dropping Ziggler’s title as she does so. This drew a pretty big pop from the crowd, and Brie is grinning from ear to ear. Lay’ recovers and takes two strides towards Kelly, looking for a fight, that is ... until Theodore Long steps in between the two.

Theodore Long: Take a step back, playa.

Layla looks at Kelly and steps back as Long turns to talk to both of them.

Theodore Long: It seems you two have an issue with each other. An’ we here on SmackDown do our fightin’ in the ring. So, you two, go get ready ... ‘cause you’ll be facin’ each other tonight.

A nice pop greets that.

Theodore Long: Oh, and by the way, Layla. After how the Cruiserweight Title went down last week, I’m gonna’ give Bourne another a chance. If Kelly defeats you, then Bourne gets another match against Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam.

Layla: What?! Wait-

Theodore Long: Now, believe that baby doll. Both of you ... go get ready ... now.

After a second, Kelly and Layla walk in separate directions as Brie and Long watch them go. But, then we hear a commotion coming from round the corner.

Brie Bella: What’s that?

Theodore Long: Wait here.

Theodore walks towards the corner and turns, and we see Kane attacking ... Jamie Noble? It is, he has him on the ground and is stomping on him! Long calls down the hall way for some help but nobody is going to try and tackle Kane. Who, pulls Noble to his feet, and throws him into the wall, back first! He kneels down beside Noble, and begins to laugh manically. He gets some heat from the crowd as he stands up and walks away, past Long, still laughing as we cut to ringside.

***BREAK THE WALLS DOWN*** suddenly plays, causing the fans to rise to their feet and begin to boo. After a couple of moments, the leader of Team Jericho, Chris Jericho walks onto the stage, dressed to compete. He walks down the ramp, ignoring the crowd and steps into the ring. He stands in the centre, surveying the audience like he is above them and then turns to the stage.

And then, ***METALINGUS*** now blares out and The Rated R Superstar, Edge jogs onto the stage, through the smoke, wearing his trench coat. He runs to both sides of the stage, one after the other and gets the crowd fired up. Edge then walks down the ramp, stopping half way and slapping the ramp, before raising his hands to the air and setting off his pyrotechnic display. He then slides into the ring and climbs up to the second rope, taking off his trench coat and getting ready for action.

2 – Chris Jericho vs. Edge

Two of the biggest stars went one on one on this SmackDown, and they put on a solid match, but it was obvious they were holding back from going all out. The beginning consisted of the two men trying to outdo each other, with Jericho ending up on top, taking control of the match. Edge would make numerous false comebacks, getting the crowd excited, only for Jericho to stop him in his tracks. But, around the seven minute mark, Edge would successfully make his comeback, getting the crowd fired up and retreating into the corner to measure Jericho for the Spear. But, as Edge set off running, Ezekiel Jackson suddenly slid into the ring and took Edge out with a massive clothesline!

Winner – Edge via Interference @ 6.52

The referee immediately rings for the bell as Ezekiel Jackson stands over The Rated R Superstar! With Brian Kendrick and R-Truth helping Jericho up, he pulls Edge to his feet and holds him in place. Jericho walks over, holding his stomach. He looks in the face of Edge and smirks, before talking some trash and then backing away, looking ready to hit the Codebreaker.

But a roar of cheers makes it way from the crowd to the ring as Daniel Bryan, Kaval and Kofi Kingston all sprint down the ramp! They slide in, ready for a fight, but all four members of Team Jericho bail. Kaval and Bryan attempt to goad them back into the ring as Kingston checks on Edge, but Team Jericho just back up the ramp, three out of the four smiling as Jackson just scowls.

Edge is helped to his feet by Kingston as we fade to the first commercial break of the evening.


Friday Night SmackDown returns and after a replay of what just happened, ***HOLLA*** blares out, drawing some cheers from the crowd as the bubbly blonde, Kelly Kelly skips onto the stage. Joined by Evan Bourne, she skips down the ramp, slapping hands with a few lucky fans before jogging up the steps and stepping into the ring.

Then, ***INSATIABLE*** plays over the speakers, and out comes Layla, who has her boyfriend, the Cruiserweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler beside her. Ziggler seems to be talking strategy with her as they walk. They reach the ring and Layla slides in, keeping her eyes locked on Kelly Kelly.

3 – Kelly Kelly w/Evan Bourne vs. Layla w/Dolph Ziggler

This wasn’t the best of matches by any means, but the crowd were into it as Kelly and Layla grappled and rolled with each other in the middle of the ring. Kelly had a hot start, but just as Layla was beginning to look unsaveable, Ziggler climbed onto the apron and got her attention, but Bourne sprinted around the ring and pulled him off, his face hitting the ropes. Layla took advantage of the distraction and took control. A little bit later, Kelly would make a comeback, and hit the K2, getting the win.

Winner - Kelly Kelly @ 3.09

Bourne pumps the air as Kelly has just won him a place in the Cruiserweight Title match at SummerSlam! He slides into the ring and immediately places a hug on K2. Layla rolls out of the ring, clutching the back of her head as Ziggler checks on her. In the ring, Bourne and Kelly celebrate, but Bourne has his back to the Cruiserweight Champion, who’s slid into the ring, and he runs up behind Evan and plants him with a Zig-Zag!

Kelly covers her mouth in shock and immediately drops to Bourne’s limp body and checks on him. While Ziggler stands over the duo, looking extremely pleased with himself. Layla, who has now recovered, slides into the ring and picks up the CW belt, handing it to Ziggler who holds it high in the air as Kelly shouts at them to back off. Ziggler and Layla leave with grins on their faces, although Layla holds the back of her head, still feeling some pain from the previous match.

We then cut backstage, and we see The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson walking through a hallway. They appear to be in a good mood as Kendrick seems to be talking his mouth off, but then we see AJ Lee walk into the shot and attempt to simply bypass them, but Kendrick grabs her by the arm, a little too hard for AJ’s liking who looks down at her arm then up at TBK with a glare.

The Brian Kendrick: Word of advice, babe. Lose those two pathetic excuses of WWE Superstars and come be with The Brian Kendrick.

Lee shakes her head, and swings her arm out of Kendrick’s grip.

AJ Lee: First of all, Kaval, Daniel and I – we’re just friends. And, secondly, only the most egomaniacal person would refer to themselves as ‘The’.

Kendrick feigns hurt.

AJ Lee: Finally, if you ever touch me again with those slimy hands, my friends will make sure you lose that hand.

Lee moves on by, stopping in front of Jackson who allows her to go, with Kendrick thinking over what Lee just said.

The Brian Kendrick: Jackson – find them and do what you gotta’ do.

Jackson nods and walks away from Kendrick, in the direction that AJ walked off too as Kendrick walks past the camera and out of sight.

In the arena, ***CAN’T BE STOPPED*** blares out from the stage, and after a second, outcome the tag team of Shelton Benjamin and Kenny King, The Prime Time Playas. They get some solid heat from the crowd as, in unison, they whip off the hoods off their silk jackets and make their way down to the ring. Once they climb in, the commentators inform us that we need to take a commercial break.


Back from the commercial, we see The Lifeblood of Extreme, Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards just wrapping up their entrance as Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder have already made their way down to the ring.

4 – WWE Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match
Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder vs. The Lifeblood of Extreme vs. The Prime Time Playas

This was an extremely chaotic tag team contest, featuring three of the best teams on SmackDown. In the opening sequence, Kenny King squared off against the old head, Tommy Dreamer, and done more than hold his own, he dominated Dreamer. But, Zack Ryder, on the apron, reached over and tagged himself in. Ryder continued what King started, but he failed to maintain it when he took his eye off the ball and allowed Dreamer to tag in Richards.

Richards showed that he can still go, taking out Curt Hawkins who Ryder tagged in. Richards was getting fired up, but Benjamin reached over and tagged himself in. Benjamin and Hawkins went toe to toe with The Franchise Playa taking control easily. Benjamin was setting up for Paydirt when Ryder attempted to get involved, Benjamin ducked a clothesline and King low bridged the ropes, sending Ryder to the outside.

What Benjamin hadn’t realized, is what while this was happening, Hawkins stumbled to his feet, and stumbled back into the other side of the ropes, and that’s when Dreamer got the tag. Dreamer came in hot, and putting Benjamin on the back foot, going so far as too get a near fall, only to be interrupted by King. Richards tried to help, but King ducked and tossed Stevie over the top and down to the floor, on top of Hawkins.

King turned around, and Dreamer clotheslined him over the top, bodies lying everywhere. But, the ECW Legend turned back around, right into Paydirt from Benjamin!

Winners – The Prime Time Players @ 7.24

After a hard thought contest, it’s Shelton Benjamin and Kenny King who receive a championship match at SummerSlam! After that Paydirt, Shelton rolls off Dreamer and rises to his feet, using the ropes for supports, a smile on his face. Kenny King slides into the ring and joins his partner in the ring.

King and Benjamin get their hands raised by the referee as The Hart Dynasty make their way onto the stage to a good pop. King walks over to the corner and is handed two microphones. On his way back to Benjamin, he tosses it over to him, before turning to the crowd.

Kenny King: And just like that ... Kenny King and Shelton Benjamin have our title shot, baby!

King and Benjamin turn to the stage.

Shelton Benjamin: We’re glad you guys came out here, because you have just seen what you are up against. Two of the greatest pure athletes in the history of the WWE ... the two people that will end your title reign and take those belts from you.

The Hart Dynasty shake their heads on the ramp.

Kenny King: All your trainin’ in that stupid Hart Dungeon won’t be able to save your WWE Tag Team Titles. And, at SummerSlam, you’ll be lookin’ at new champions, baby!

The music of The Prime Time Playas plays and they drop their microphones down to the mat, looking up at the WWE Tag Team Champions. They then climb up to the second rope and point to themselves, then motion around their chest as The Hart Dynasty hoist their titles in the air, which receives a solid pop from the crowd.


Sweeping shot of the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii...

The biggest event of the summer...

Various shots of previous SummerSlam events in different arenas...

Home to some of the biggest moments...

Shots of Bret Hart versus Curt Hennig and The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar...

The biggest Superstars called their playground...

Quick clip of Hulk Hogan staring at Shawn Michaels...

Is getting even bigger...

A shot of the inside of the Aloha Stadium at night...

Bigger matches...

Shot of Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy staring at each other from across the ring...

Bigger moments...

Sweeping shot of a huge stadium, filled with WWE fans...

Bigger Superstars...

Side to side shots of John Cena and Randy Orton...

The biggest SummerSlam in history...

Another shot of the Aloha Stadium...

Is here...



For the first time ever, Raw and SmackDown present a FOUR hour extravaganza... SummerSlam!



Backstage, Matt Striker is standing by with a microphone in his grasp.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentleman ... John Cena.

A very loud pop greets the camera zooming out to reveal a blue shirted John Cena standing next to Striker.

Matt Striker: Not far from now, John, you go one on one with the man that turned on you, and cost you numerous matches in the main event ... can we get your thoughts on that?

Cena looks Striker dead in the eye, extremely focused for tonight.

John Cena: Usually ... I’d come in here with a smile and say the better man will win, and I look forward to the opportunity. But, not tonight. Two weeks ago, someone who I considered a friend stabbed me in the back.

John shakes his head as the crowd boo.

John Cena: In our main event tag team match, I turned my back on Lashley for a split second and he Speared me, allowing Kendrick and Jericho to win the match. And then, last week ... he does it again, costing me a match against The Big Red Monster, Kane.

Another shake of the head from John Cena.

John Cena: I live by three principles, Matt. Hustle ... Loyalty and Respect.

The camera zooms in on the three words printed on his shirt before zooming back out.

John Cena: Which means, I respect those that remain loyal to me. And I am loyal to those that have earned my respect. I thought Bobby Lashley was one of those men. But ... I was wrong.

Cena takes his cap off.

John Cena: Bobby and I ... we go way back. Me and him, we’ve teamed together and we’ve even faced off against each other ... but as friends, not as enemies. He had my respect and he had my loyalty ... and I thought I had his.

Cena shakes his head again.

John Cena: Tonight ... Lashley and I go one on one, but this time not as friends ... not even respected opponents, tonight we go head to head as pure enemies.

Striker steps out the way as Cena marches past, leaving Matt to wrap the interview up.

Matt Striker: Obviously, a very fired up John Cena. He’ll be in action, later tonight. Back to you at ringside.

And we cut to the announce booth.

The commentators briefly talk about the main event, but then ***WHAT’S UP*** plays over the speakers and the former United States Champion, R-Truth makes his way down the ramp, accompanied by his teammates, Chris Jericho and The Brian Kendrick. The trio walk down the ramp, and Truth climbs into the ring, not bothering with his “What’s Up?”routine.

Then, ***SOS*** blares out, and Kofi Kingston makes his way out, with The Rated R Superstar, Edge beside him. The United States Champion does his firework routine before walking down the ramp, and keeping his eyes on Truth, who attacked him backstage last week. The commentators question where Daniel Bryan and Kaval are as Kingston climbs into the ring and Edge stands next to the apron.

5 – Kofi Kingston w/Edge vs. R-Truth w/Chris Jericho & The Brian Kendrick

A rematch from The Bash played out, with Edge joining Kingston and Brian Kendrick and Jericho joining R-Truth. Despite, obviously still smarting from the earlier match with each other, Jericho and Edge showed their support, whilst staying on opposite sides of the ring from each other. The match played out as the usual sort of singles affair, Kingston had a hot start only to be stopped by some dirty offense from Truth.

Truth controlled the contest from there, and got a couple of near falls. However, Kingston would make a hot come back, hitting some high impact moves and nearly picking up the victory. But, as Kingston was getting set up for Trouble in Paradise, near the side where Edge was standing, the titan tron sparked into life with moans of pain. All eyes turn to it, where we see the duo of Kaval and Daniel Bryan lying on the floor, being laid into by... Ezekiel Jackson!

We cut back to the ring, to see Edge and Kingston talking briefly about something, and Kingston points to the stage and says “Go help them, I got this” and Edge reluctantly leaves the U.S Champion and jogs up the ramp, disappearing backstage. Kingston turns around, just as Truth was getting to his feet, but Kendrick climbs onto the apron and distracts him, Kingston punches him off the apron and attempts Trouble in Paradise, but Truth ducks and then kicks him in the stomach, and goes for the Corkscrew Scissor Kick, hitting it! And, he gets the pin fall victory!

Winner – R-Truth @ 7.17

Immediate boos greet the result of the match as R-Truth rolls off Kingston. Kendrick and Jericho climb into the ring and raise their hands along with Truth, all three standing over Truth.

The tron comes into life now as we see AJ Lee standing in a corner, holding her hand to her mouth as the camera pans out to see Ezekiel Jackson holding Edge up against a locker by the neck. Heat comes from the crowd, and we briefly see the trio in the ring look smugly at the titan tron. Jackson then screams in the face of Edge before launching him over to the opposite side of the room, and smashing into the wall! His back hit with a huge crack, and then we see Jackson walking away, past the camera, and the cameraman turns around as Jackson steps over ... Daniel Bryan and Kaval, with a bent steel chair lying beside them.

We cut back to the ring as the trio are safe in the knowledge that Jackson has just took out three members all on his own (with help from a steel chair). Jericho looks at Truth and Kendrick, nodding at them which gives them the green light to hold up Kingston. They hold him up and Jericho grabs him by the chin, but talking some trash to Kingston.

Jericho then connects with a huge Codebreaker to Kingston!

Jericho gets up quickly and stands beside three of his four teammates, grinning from ear to ear and getting a lot of heat from the fans. He slowly raises his hand, and Truth and Kendrick follow suit. With the lasting image of Team Jericho (sans Jackson) standing tall over the United States Champion.


Back from the break, we get a brief replay of the events that just transpired, but then, ***IT’S TIME*** and a nice pop accompanies the arrival of Gregory Helms, who walks out in a doo rag and black ring attire. He makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring, waiting for his team mates.

After a couple of seconds, ***NO MORE WORDS*** blares out, and the fans rise with a massive cheer, as Jeff Hardy makes his way onto the stage. He does his thrusting routine, setting off his pyro and walks down the ramp, he makes his way up the steel steps and steps into the ring, climbing up to the second turnbuckle, but as he is on the buckle...

???: That’s him!

All eyes turn to the stage as we see the current World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy, ushering out a collection of what appears to be, policeman!

Matt Hardy: That man, right there, has destroyed my personal property.

Hardy drops down from the turnbuckle and looks at Helms who shakes his head.

Matt Hardy: I want him arrested!

With that, the police make their way down the ramp, getting pretty loud boos from the crowd. They stand at the bottom of the ramp with Matt behind them.

Matt Hardy: Make it easy on yourself, Jeff, get out of the ring and go with them. No use struggling against the inevitable.

Jeff audibly says “You’ve got to be kiddin’ me”

Matt Hardy: If you don’t get out of that ring, these men will have to carry you out and I don’t think these fans will want to see that, do you?

Helms makes his way towards Jeff and whispers something in his ear, which gets a nod from Hardy. Jeff then shakes his head, and slowly leaves the ring, and is surrounded by cops immediately, not touching him but just being around him. The World Heavyweight Champion steps to the side to allow Jeff to walk by, not able to get to him because of the cops, and Matt only taunts him with a sly smile.

He turns to Helms in the ring.

Matt Hardy: Well, now that Jeff is gone, I suppose-

BANG! Hardy is nailed from behind by his brother! He eluded the cops, ran back down the ramp and jumped Matt from behind! Jeff makes sure he gets, at least, a couple of good hits in before he’s hauled off by the police. He’s dragged away, to massive heat, with some fans chanting “Let them fight” but the police do their jobs and drag the challenger up the ramp.

Matt rolls over onto his back, sits up and grabs his title belt, but then we hear the voice of Justin Roberts.

Justin Roberts: I have just received word from Theodore Long’s office, that despite Jeff Hardy’s recent arrest, Matt Hardy will compete here tonight, in a No Disqualification match against Gregory Helms.

The fans pop at the announcement, whilst Hardy attempts to get up, cursing Theodore Long for making this match, but as he turns around to the ring, he’s caught with a plancha by Gregory Helms!

Another pop as Helms gets up and fist pumps the air, and then pulls the World Heavyweight Champion up to his feet, and rolls him into the ring, follows him in where the referee rings for the bell.

6 – No Disqualification
Gregory Helms vs. Matt Hardy

Right from the get go, this was an intense affair, with Helms diving on Hardy and wailing into him with punch after punch. Hardy managed to reach out and grab a rope, pulling himself out of the ring. Helms attempted to follow, but Hardy caught him with a kick to the stomach and threw him into the barricade! From there, Hardy would be in control, using various ringside equipment to his advantage, throwing Helms into everything from the apron to the ring steps. But, he positioned Helms near the timekeepers booth, and sprinted at him, looking for a clothesline but Helms ducked and flipped him into Justin Roberts lap.

Helms pulled Hardy by the hair, out of the booth, and slid him into the ring. He would then look under the ring, looking for revenge for last week, and pulls out a kendo stick! Helms slides into the ring, and lifts it over his head, looking for a big shot but Hardy kicks him in the stomach and hits him with a Snap DDT! Hardy then picked up the Kendo Stick, and with a sick grin, lifted it over his head and brought it down on the stomach of Helms, over and over and over again! Eventually, the Kendo Stick wasn’t of any use to him and he threw it out of the ring. And, he pulled Helms onto his feet, and yelled “You chose the wrong side!” before kicking him in the stomach and nailing him with the Twist of Fate!

Winner – Matt Hardy @ 12.39

It’s over! After a brutal No Disqualification match, it’s the World Heavyweight Champion that comes out on top. He rolls off Helms, rolls towards the ropes and uses them to get to his feet. He yells at the referee to get his championship, to which he does, and Matt rips it away from him with a snarl. He walks away from the ropes, and then drops to the ground, rolling out of the ring and slowly walking up the ramp as Helms starts to get up. And, then the commentators announce that we’ll see Bobby Lashley versus John Cena next!


Back on SmackDown, ***MY TIME IS NOW*** blares out, and a huge pop greets John Cena as he jogs onto the stage! He stops at the top, briefly saluting the crowd before it’s down to business, running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. He runs the ropes and then throws his cap out of the ring and too some kid at ringside. He then gets into his corner and waits for Lashley to make his appearance.

***HELL WILL BE CALLING*** immediately plays and the crowd begin to boo loudly and Cena jumps over and over, getting prepared. But, it appears that Lashley isn’t showing, it’s been a good ten seconds and still no appearance.

His theme stops and Cena walks over to Roberts and the referee, and briefly talk with them before Roberts turns to the stage and announces Bobby Lashley’s name.

***HELL WILL BE CALLING*** plays again, which sends the crowd into more heat and Cena walks towards the near ropes, challenging Lashley to get out to the ring. But then we hear J.R saying, “where the hell are you going?” and the crowd begin pointing behind Cena which alerts him, he turns around ... but he gets plastered with a massive Clothesline From Hell ... by John Bradshaw Layfield!!

What the hell has just happened?! Cena is limp on the canvas, as the commentator stands above him with the crowd shitting on him with massive boos. J.R immediately questions what the hell JBL is doing, but then we see a smiling Bobby Lashley walking towards the ring, not even dressed in ring attire, instead in jeans and a t-shirt!

JBL hasn’t even looked up from Cena, and Lashley climbs into the ring and stands beside Layfield. Both men look down at Cena, both have intense expressions on their faces, but then Layfield and Lashley look up at each other, and their intense looks turn into smiles as they shake hands and embrace in a quick hug.

J.R calls Lashley and Layfield every name under the sun, and questions his attitude as a supposed commentator. Layfield nods at Lashley and takes a step back, so Bobby pulls Cena up to his feet and yanks him onto his shoulders and connects with a massive Dominator!! The ring shakes with the impact and JBL looks extremely pleased, and Layfield walks up to Bobby, and grabs his arm, raising it in the air!

We don’t seem to be getting a result to the match as the referee has made himself scarce and so has Justin Roberts, so we go off the air without an official announcement, but we go off with the last image being Lashley and JBL standing over John Cena, with J.R questioning why JBL has done what he’s done.


WWE SummerSlam
*4 Hours*
Date: 30th August 2009
Location: Aloha Stadium; Hawaii

WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship
Matt Hardy © vs. Jeff Hardy

Four on Four; Teddy Long’s Job in Peril
Team Teddy; Edge, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan & Kaval w/AJ Lee & Theodore Long vs. Team Jericho; Chris Jericho, R-Truth, The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson


Intercontinental Championship
William Regal © vs. TJ Perkins

WWE Tag Team Championships
The Hart Dynasty; David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd © vs. The Prime Time Playas; Kenny King & Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championships
Mr. Kennedy & MVP © vs. The Monarchy; Drew McIntyre & Nigel McGuiness

Cruiserweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler © w/Layla vs. Evan Bourne w/Kelly Kelly

Undisputed Women’s Championship
Maryse © vs. Trish Stratus
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

As I said during feedback on your last SmackDown, I thought you might have lost the World Heavyweight Title feud in amongst the midcard stuff, so I’m glad to see Matt opens the show up here. The content of the promo from Matt was okay, and it illustrated what the whole problem between Matt and Jeff is about well. Matt did a good job selling himself and selling Jeff before getting to the actual point of the promo by addressing the attack on Helms last week. The two-on-one handicap match when the heel is at a disadvantage isn’t something I’m generally a fan of, and I don’t really like it here. Matt’s at a disadvantage as a heel, although I guess it further proves that Teddy is a little bit biased in the decisions he makes in that he favours the faces. I will say that at times it felt like Matt was reading off a script a bit and that he was a bit robotic, but I understand Matt is a bit like that, and you’ve got him pegged as a cold, heartless character. The Jeff portion makes sense with the way the feud as a whole has gone, so I quite liked what you did there. Obviously you’re not going to have Jeff burn down Matt’s house (I still find it quite disturbing that WWE used that at the time), but having him mess with his car is fine. It all built well to the last line from Jeff too, although telling Matt that he’ll see him at SummerSlam when he’s going to see him again later tonight is a little mistake. Still, a solid promo to start the show, even if not with the most charismatic men on the planet.

The Hart Dynasty promo was generic. Some character development is probably needed there. I understand they’re not great talkers, but they probably need something to work with if they’re going to talk.

Kane is interesting. He’s been solid enough for you, although it looks like he’s just treading water for now. A squash keeps him in mind for the viewers.

The Kelly/Layla exchange seemed to become very heated very quickly, but I like that you’re using different ways to set up matches. Granted, the divas aren’t going to make for a great match, but it does give you a different way to set up Bourne/Ziggler. I’m not sure what you’re doing with Kane there other than making him look like a monster. I guess it’s something to watch for.

Edge and Jericho is a mighty big match to put on as a second match on the card for SmackDown. It’s suffering from the spot the Hardys suffered in last week, which is a shame, even if the match wasn’t the longest and had a screwy ending. Obviously it does the job of hyping up the match for SummerSlam, but another pairing other than Jericho and Edge probably would have been better for the time given to the match and finish. Edge/Jericho just seems bigger than this slot.

Kelly/Layla was never going to be a good match, as I said before. Still, it does its job, and the attack from Dolph means you’ve got some steam into that little feud now. It’s a bit of a shame that so many undercard matches for SummerSlam are rematches that kind of don’t give that big feel, but it should still be a decent match.

A simple little segment with AJ and TBK, but setting up a feud off the back of it to continue after SummerSlam between TBK/Jackson and Bryan/Kaval would probably do the Bryan/Kaval tandem a lot of good. You’re doing well to introduce them slowly without instantly throwing them into title contention while you have another face team as champions.

Speaking of the tag division, this match illustrates you’re doing a pretty good job with it. Granted, Richards and Dreamer aren’t a very good team and PTP are new on the scene, but you’re making the division feel competitive, which is the most important thing in this whole situation. Benjamin and King seemed the obvious winners considering the other teams haven’t got the build they have in recent weeks, so the result wasn’t a shock. Their promo was okay – nothing that exciting, but you put over their gimmick that they’re athletes and gave a bit of hype for the match at SummerSlam.

The Cena interview was pretty good. You kept to the basic good guy Cena type thing with his hustle, loyalty and respect crap, and explained the issue between the two well. We’ve got Cena’s side of the story now after hearing Lashley’s last week, and now you’ve done a good job of making it seem like a personal feud.

This was probably the only match you needed to hype the SummerSlam big tag team match on this show. It’s a match that has a background, so it seems like a big enough match, but it’s not a huge match like Edge and Jericho that has been thrown into the midcard. Truth getting a win on the back of Zeke jumping Kaval and Bryan works well with what you set up earlier in the show, while the beatdown in the ring lets the heels look totally dominant. This was all booked well, even if a little chaotic, and like I said before, was probably all that was necessary on this show.

I said earlier that I didn’t like the heel being the underdog in a handicap match, but the way the match was set up obviously makes sense now. I like what you did here a lot, actually. Considering the damage Matt had done in the past to Jeff without the police ever getting involved, Matt going and running to the police over his car is pretty brilliant. It really does make him look like the cowardly heel that has jumped people from behind, and more than a bit of a dick. While police getting involved in wrestling is often confusing (eg you just had Miz break into Shawn Michaels’ house on RAW), I think it worked really well here. Smart booking, which also keeps the Hardys apart until SummerSlam.

The No DQ match just further helps Matt look good with the win over Helms, although I’m glad it was somewhat competitive as Helms can be used in the future, especially against Matt if you need a match for him on your weekly shows. Overall, the whole booking of the issue here between the Hardys was really good on this show. It definitely picked up on last week and made it feel like a real main event feud.

You were never going to throw Lashley/Cena away on SmackDown with SummerSlam so close, but the JBL thing is interesting. JBL as a manager for Lashley would be pretty good because Lashley obviously isn’t a great speaker. Even an alliance that gets JBL back in the ring would be okay. Whatever the reasoning, I don’t mind this pairing, and think it will do a lot of good for Lashley.

Good show. My only gripe was with Edge/Jericho, but apart from that I think you’ve done well here. Everything has been hyped up for SummerSlam, and the card is looking pretty strong. I'm a bit surprised you're not pleased with it, but I guess that shows you want to continue to improve.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

Monday Night Raw - 10th August 2009

No video package ... no opening commentary ... instead it’s right into the action ...


The roaring theme suddenly plays, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet and cheer very loudly. After a few moments, The Animal, Batista walks onto the stage, dressed in his usual ring gear. He takes a walk to each side of the stage, taking in the view before walking down the ramp and climbing into the ring.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome THE ANIMALLLL BATISTAAAA!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Monday Night Raw! You are looking at the man who came up short against the WWE Champion last week, The Animal, Dave Batista!

Mick Foley: We’re kicking off the show in a big way tonight, Cole. You don’t get much bigger than The Animal!

Batista, who was just stood on the second turnbuckle, hops down and is handed a microphone from someone at ringside.

Batista: Y’know ... I came back after my injury a few weeks before Vengeance, for one reason and one reason only. That reason was to win the WWE Championship, but it had a bonus attached, I could defeat Randy Orton, after he injured me at the end of last year.

Heat from the crowd.

Batista: A couple of weeks ago at Vengeance, Orton and I faced off for the WWE Title ... and I came within an inch of becoming the champion. I came back for that belt, and I was a three count away ... a three count that would have been counted had there been a referee in the ring.

Batista shakes his head.

Batista: But, unlucky for me ... the referee was knocked out.


Batista: The next night on Raw, Orton and I went one on one again, with the WWE Title on the line. I want to make one thing perfectly clear ... I’m not a person that makes excuses. But, that night, Orton took advantage of a situation he created when he targeted my knee. Ultimately, I failed to win the WWE Championship and end the reign of Randy Orton.

Some re-assuring chants of “Ba-Tis-Ta” from the crowd.

Batista: CM Punk ... he has the next title shot.

Big pop from the crowd.

Batista: But, right now, I’m saying that whoever is champion after SummerSlam, I will be coming back for that damn belt. I don’t care if it’s Randy Orton, or CM Punk ... after SummerSlam I will become WWE Champion.


Batista: But, if it wasn’t for one man, I would be WWE Champion right now, right here. That man’s name ... Alberto Del Rio.

Heat for the mention of ADR.

Batista: Del Rio cost me the WWE Title, which is why I attacked him last week. He got away, and I may have got my ass handed to me, but I want Del Rio to know that I am not done with him.


Batista: I want Alberto Del Rio to come down to this ring ... come out here and take the beating that he’s got coming to him.

The Animal turns to the stage.

Batista: And, if you don’t come down to this ring ... then I’ll come back there and-

Suddenly, The Animal is cut off when, ***REALZEA*** plays, the arena turning a shade of gold and the cocky Alberto Del Rio walking onto the stage! He’s dressed in black and gold ring gear, with a Legacy t-shirt on. Batista hops on the balls off his feet, looking forward to the altercation, but it seems that Del Rio has a microphone, so it appears we’ll have to wait for a fight.

Alberto Del Rio: Batista, Batista – just who de hell do you think you are?

Del Rio shakes his head as The Animal begins to pace the ring.

Alberto Del Rio: Who are you ... to order de great Alberto Del Rio down to that ring. Meh-he-co’s greatest export!

Heat from the crowd.

Alberto Del Rio: Do you not realize who I am? Dat is why I pity you, Batista, you are so ignorant to de greatness standing in front of you. I am de son of de legendary Dos Caras ... I am the next in line ... Yo soy el gran Alberto Del Rio, la cosa más grande para salir de México!

As is the custom, the crowd immediately boo the use of a foreign language.

Batista: Hey!

Del Rio looks straight at an enraged Animal.

Batista: I didn’t come out here to talk ... I came out here to fight!

Big pop. Del Rio squints.

Batista: I don’t care about who you are, or who your Daddy was ... all I care about is getting you in this ring, so I can give you beatin’ that you deserve. So, get down here before I come up there and drag you down myself!

Another strong pop!

Alberto Del Rio: If it’s a fight you want, pero ... you’re gonna get it!

Del Rio whips his scarf off his shoulders and throws it to the side, dropping the microphone in the process and slowly walking down the ramp. Batista has a sick grin on his face as he watches Del Rio get closer and closer, but then he stops and wags his finger. He points back at the stage ... where Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase walk out from behind the curtain!

The fans boo as Rhodes and DiBiase make their way to stand beside Del Rio, and they walk the final bit of the ramp together, reaching the ring. Batista is right in the centre, glancing at all three, and then watches as Rhodes walks around one side of the ring, and DiBiase the other, they hop onto the apron, slowly, as Del Rio does the same on his side.

Michael Cole: Batista’s trapped, Mick!

Mick Foley: This is a dangerous situation, Michael. It’s three on one!

Batista circles around, keeping an eye on each man individually. The camera gets a shot of Del Rio nodding, and Rhodes and DiBiase climb into the ring ... but Batista explodes forward, knocking Alberto off the apron!

Michael Cole: There goes one!

Mick Foley: The odds are still in Legacy’s favour, Michael.

That they are, as Rhodes and DiBiase immediately dive on Batista’s back, clubbing him with forearm blows as the crowd boo the hell out of them. The Animal, though, manages to push Rhodes away, and get a clean shot into Ted’s skull, backing him into the corner and hitting a few knees!

Michael Cole: Batista’s fighting back!

Mick Foley: Legacy look like they’re in trouble here, Michael!

Talk about a jinx. As soon as Mick says that, Rhodes is back, jumping on Batista and wrapping his arms around the big man’s neck, locking in a sleeper! DiBiase’s slumped in the corner as Batista struggles with Rhodes on his back into the centre of the ring. He reaches up behind his head, and flips Rhodes over onto the canvas! Rhodes gets up immediately, and is smashed by a huge clothesline! The Animal pulls Rhodes to his feet and puts him in the corner but hasn’t noticed Alberto Del Rio behind him!

Michael Cole: Hey! Look, watch out!

The crowd’s warnings alert Batista, and he turns around ... right into a step up enziguri!!

Mick Foley: Oh! Did you hear that hit, Michael?!

Batista isn’t down though, he’s just staggered, although he looks like he could drop at any moment. Del Rio takes the opportunity, and trips him up, wrapping his legs around Batista’s with a drop-toe-hold. Now, with Batista down, Del Rio pounds on his back, and the other two members of Legacy walk over and join him. They stomp on Batista’s back as Del Rio talks trash to The Animal!

But, then the crowd start buzzing as we witness CM PUNK MARCHING DOWN THE RAMP WITH A STEEL CHAIR IN HIS HAND!

Michael Cole: It’s Punk! Randy Orton’s opponent at SummerSlam ... he’s evening the odds!

Legacy back up to the back of the ring as Punk slides in, he holds the steel chair out. Del Rio taps Rhodes on the back and Cody explodes forward, but gets caught in the stomach by a shot from the edge of the chair! As he’s toppled over, Punk brings the chair down on his back! Punk turns to DiBiase and Del Rio, but they’ve split, exiting the ring and walking around to the stage. They pull Rhodes out as they go, bringing him up the ramp with them.

Michael Cole: CM Punk has just sent a massive message to the WWE Champion here tonight!

Mick Foley: Not long before we see Punk and Orton face off, and I can’t wait.

Legacy stand in the middle of the ramp, with Rhodes holding his back as Punk stands near the ropes, steel chair in hand. The Animal begins to recover, he gingerly stands up, holding the side of his head after that kick.

Michael Cole: It’s been a fiery start to Monday Night Raw here tonight, ladies and gentleman. Right now, we have to take a quick commercial break, but afterwards – The Monarchy’s Wade Barrett will take on The Celtic Warrior Sheamus, don’t go away.

Before the commercial, we get a shot of CM Punk and Batista looking at each other from across the ring as Legacy watch on.


And, back from the break, we are at the announce table.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and ladies and gentleman, breaking news ... after what happened before the commercial break, we have heard that per the order of Raw General Manager, Jerry Lawler, CM Punk and Batista will team together to take on the team of Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio!


A slight pop greets the music of the man that came up short last week when he faced TJ Perkins to determine who will face William Regal for the Intercontinental Title. The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus makes his way onto the stage, dressed in black ring gear. He stands in the middle and pounds his chest, extending his arms to the side and walking down the ramp.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 267lbs, THE CELTIC WARRIOR SHEAMUSSSS!

Michael Cole: Before we talk about this upcoming match, I want to get your thoughts on the tag team main event that’s just been announced, Mick.

Mick Foley: I think it’s a great main event, we’ve seen how much bad blood is between all of the competitors just a few minutes ago ... and we all know Randy Orton will be keeping a watchful eye on that match.

Michael Cole: Who, by the way, ladies and gentleman, will be a little late to the show tonight, as we’ve heard that his flight was delayed, how might he receive Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase doing Alberto Del Rio’s bidding?

Mick Foley: He’ll probably want to cement his place as the leader of Legacy, as Del Rio has just been with the group for a couple of weeks, and already he has took the place as a kind off pseudo-leader, Michael.

Michael Cole: Well, switching gears now. The man walking down to the ring recently debuted in a big way, rejecting The Monarchy’s advances and challenging William Regal for the Intercontinental Championship, and tonight he goes one on one with the enforcer, Wade Barrett.

The Irishman climbs into the ring and circles it, before stopping at one side, looking at the crowd and nodding. He then turns around and walks to the other side, before extending his hands to the side and roaring out to the fans, receiving another cheer.


Sheamus turns to the stage, as the Englishman, Wade Barrett walks onto the stage. He’s dressed in his usual black attire, with one of his wrists taped up. The crowd give him a solid amount of heat as he walks down the ramp with a focused expression on his face.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, from Preston, England, weighing 246lbs, representing The Monarchy, WADE BARRRRRETTTT!

Michael Cole: And here is his opponent, the man that The Monarchy call on if they have a problem that needs dealt with, Wade Barrett.

Mick Foley: A former bare knuckle fighter, Michael. See that nose of his, the reason it looks like that ... those bare knuckle fights.

Michael Cole: He was a champion at that, though.

Mick Foley: I know, I just wanted to point that out.

Michael Cole: Don’t let him hear you say that, he may point out that ear of yours.

Mick Foley: Good point.

Barrett jogs up the steel steps and steps into the squared circle. He tells the referee to keep Sheamus in his corner as he winds up and smashes his elbow into his fist at the ropes, sending a clear message and getting some more heat for the display of brashness.

Match One – Singles Match
Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

The opening contest of the night was an extremely physical affair, with both of these hard hitting bulls facing off in a match that had some bad blood between the two. In opening couple of minutes, it seemed to be a case of who can top who, as whenever Barrett got a good shot in, Sheamus would fire right back with one of his own, or a move of his own that would rock Barrett. But, Wade would do the same to him.

Throughout the match, you could tell these two knew each other well, as many moves were countered, with Foley making sure to say that they’ve faced each other before they were part of the WWE. The match continued for a good while, giving these two the time they needed to show what they could do, with many interesting moments that changed the course of the match, including a flying shoulder block from the middle rope from Sheamus, and a diving elbow drop from Barrett.

But, the ending came after nine minutes when Barrett hit a massive big boot and pulled his elbow pad down and set up for The Bull Hammer Elbow, but when he attempted to hit it, Sheamus ducked and then went for his own finisher, The Brogue Kick, but Barrett ducked that as well and rolled Sheamus up from behind, and grabbing a hold of the tights, getting a big win here tonight, albeit in shady circumstances.

Winner – Wade Barrett 9.14

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, WADE BARRREETTT!

Barrett immediately lets go off Sheamus and exits the ring, with Sheamus attempting to grab him as he slides out, but just misses out by an inch. Barrett backs onto the ramp and the referee runs after him. He raises Barrett’s hand, who has a huge smirk on his face, knowing he’s got one over on The Celtic Warrior, who’s livid.

Michael Cole: Sheamus is absolutely irate, Mick!

Mick Foley: Do you blame him? He just got cheated out of this match, Michael.

Sheamus stands in the centre of the ring, hands on his hips, shaking his head at the Englishman, who simply looks back with a sly grin on his face.

Monday Night Raw then cuts backstage, where we see The All American, Jack Swagger walking down a corridor. He stretches his arms out to the side as he walks, seemingly on the way to the ring.

Michael Cole: After the break, Jack Swagger will be in action in what he is calling The Real American Invitational!



Some heat fills the arena now as it turns red, white and blue. After a moment, Jack Swagger walks onto the stage, dressed in his usual singlet. He walks down the ramp with a cocky expression, he stops at the bottom and proceeds to do a couple of push-ups.

Lillian Garcia: Please welcome, The All American JACK SWAAAGGEERR!

Michael Cole: It seems Jack Swagger’s rivalry is now over once and for all with CM Punk, as he came up short yet again last week as he took on the number one contender to the WWE Championship.

Mick Foley: This might be Jack Swagger’s way of reinventing himself, with the use of this invitational.

The All American climbs into the ring and walks over to the corner, looking down at the timekeeper and demanding a microphone. He duly gets it and walks to the centre of the ring.

Jack Swagger: Tonight, marks the beginning of The All American, Jack Swagger’s rise to stardom.

The All American holds his hands out wide, face tilted up, soaking in the boos.

Jack Swagger: Tonight, is the beginning of Jack Swagger’s real America.

More boos.

Jack Swagger: When you look at me, you see a top athlete, someone at the peak of his physical fitness. And, look at you.

Swagger walks towards the ropes and looks down at the people sat there.

Jack Swagger: I am sick and tired (pointing at the people) of these terrible examples for American’s ruining this once fine country.

Someone gets up from the first row and shouts “You Suck”

Jack Swagger: All of you people, the people in this arena and all the people sittin’ at home have ruined America. I am sick and tired of it. But ... being the fine American that I am, I will not turn my back on this country.

Swagger nods, seemingly at himself.

Jack Swagger: I will rid America of the people that are bringing it down, I will get rid of every fraud that calls themselves a real American. I will bring this country back to greatness, by showing that I am the only real American.

The All American turns to the stage.

Jack Swagger: As The All American, the only real American ... I am challenging any so called real American to come down here and face me one on one in this very ring.

Swagger grins.

Jack Swagger: And, take part in Jack Swagger’s Real American Invitional.

Swagger drops the microphone to the ground and retreats into a corner. A couple of seconds pass by before ...


A loud pop rises up from the crowd as WWE Legend, Jim Duggan marches onto the stage, holding an American flag up, waving it from side to side. Swagger face palms in the middle of the ring.

Michael Cole: Well, it appears the first man to take The Real American Challenge is ... Jim Duggan.

Mick Foley: You sound so pessimistic, Michael. Jim Duggan is a WWE Legend ... the first ever Royal Rumble winner.

Michael Cole: That’s true, but Jack Swagger is at the peak of his physical fitness and Jim Duggan isn’t exactly in his prime.

Duggan slides into the ring with gusto, looking at the Swagger as he marches around the ring holding the flag up high into the air, getting some solid cheers from the crowd. A referee now enters the ring, and makes Duggan go to his corner, and checks if both men are good to go.

Match Two – Jack Swagger’s Real American Challenge
Jack Swagger vs. Jim Duggan

This wasn’t much of a contest, as immediately Swagger takes Duggan down to the mat, and utilizes his amateur wrestling background. The All American dominates Duggan for pretty much all of the contest, but there was a few moments where Duggan started to get some offense in, filling the crowd with hope before Swagger stopped him in his tracks. Eventually, Swagger would end the match by locking in The Patriot Lock – making Duggan tap out!

Winner – Jack Swagger @ 2.45


Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, JACK SWAAAGGEERR!

The booing intensifies as Swagger doesn’t let go off The Patriot Lock! He continues to wrench the hold, as the referee demands that he let go of the WWE Legend.

Michael Cole: Oh, come on, the match is over! Let go!

After a couple of extra seconds of pain, The All American finally lets go of the ankle, and stands up. He demands that the referee raises his hand, and he does it quickly before going back to check on Duggan. Swagger shouts something about the challenge, before exiting the ring and backing up the ramp, with his arms outstretched, his head tilted to the sky.

Michael Cole: Overlooking the aftermath of the match, Jack Swagger was very impressive tonight, putting away Jim Duggan with ease, beginning The Real American Challenge with a strong victory.

Mick Foley: I can’t wait for next week to see who the hell attempts to take on Swagger, when he’s on this kind of form.

A graphic appears on the screen of the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, after the break, we’ll hear from the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal!


A replay of last week when TJ Perkins defeats Sheamus to become number one contender, and get a shot at the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal is shown.

Cutting back to the arena...


A solid batch of heat fills the arena as the Intercontinental Title holder, William Regal ventures onto the stage, dressed in a fine looking suit and the belt on his shoulder, it makes for quiet the sight. The well groomed Englishman makes his way down the ramp, ignoring the fans jeers and heading towards the ring.


Michael Cole: The leader of The Monarchy will defend his Intercontinental Championship against the very popular, TJ Perkins in what could be a show stealer.

Mick Foley: Two very different competitors going one on one for a championship. You can’t get much better than that.

Michael Cole: It was a couple of weeks ago, that TJ Perkins came within an inch of becoming Intercontinental Champion, as he, along with Sheamus competed in a triple threat match for the honour of being named champion, but it was Regal who took advantage of a situation, picking up the victory and retaining his championship.

The Intercontinental Champion steps into the ring, holding a microphone and makes his way to the centre of the ring.

William Regal: Ladies and gentleman, in just under three weeks, I, William Regal will be standing across the squared circle from a young man who you people seem to love.

Pop, just to drive that point home.

William Regal: At SummerSlam, the biggest SummerSlam in the history of the World Wrestling Entertainment, I prove once and for all why I am the greatest Superstar to hold this Intercontinental Title.


William Regal: I was at the headquarters of the WWE a couple of days ago, and as you walk into the beautiful building, you get to witness a board with various championship’s on it, which list every single person that has ever held that specific title. Naturally, the one that drew my gaze, was one, Intercontinental Championship.

Regal allows for a pause.

William Regal: And, I looked at the names that have held this title, and quite frankly, some of the names were embarrassing. They say it’s the Superstar that makes the title what it is, so I suppose ... it is a very good thing that I am the now Intercontinental Champion. For so long, this title didn’t have the champion that it deserved, well ... no more.


William Regal: I have given this championship ... the prestige that it deserves. For so long, this was a second thought, an afterthought if you will. But, I, William Regal, the leader of the most dangerous group in the history of the WWE, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, have brought this title back to the forefront of the WWE, back into the limelight.

Regal takes the title off his shoulder and rises it high into the air.

William Regal: But, unlike a lot of you people, I am not an idiot.

Boos for that.

William Regal: I know what this title represented, used to represent. Whatever you say about me, I am very respectful of this business. For every awful wrestler that held this title, there was a legend that held it, the only problem was, this titles time in the sun was many, many years ago. At the turn of the century, it only went downhill. I know the great list of names that held this ...

Regal pauses for effect.

William Regal: For example, Ricky The Dragon Steamboat.

Pop for the mention of The Dragon.

William Regal: Bret The Hitman Hart.

Massive pop.

William Regal: The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith.

Another big pop.

William Regal: Even, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Huge pop for perhaps two of the greatest of all time.

William Regal: And ... I am better ... than each and every one of those Superstars.

This draws a reaction of heat which is off the scales.

William Regal: But, in recent years, this title was held by men, Superstars that were not worthy of it. They ... they brought this title down to their level.


William Regal: But, luckily for you, William Regal came along, a great man from Britain, to save this title from obscurity. I saved this title. Which ... brings me to my match at SummerSlam, and more importantly ... my opponent, TJ Perkins.

Loud pop.

William Regal: I have no idea why you people are this, cheering him ... I ... I just can’t comprehend it. If, by some miraculous feat, TJ Perkins becomes Intercontinental Champion ... this title would go back to where it was before I saved it ... right back to obscurity. This company, and you, ladies and gentleman, need William Regal as Intercontinental Champion.

More boos.

William Regal: What is it about this young man, that makes you people scream and cheer? What is it about TJ Perkins that make you believe he can beat me ... and be a worthy champion. I-


Regal’s interrupted by the man of the hour, as TJ Perkins steps onto the stage, dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt. He has the crowd on their feet, applauding him as he walks down the ramp. TJ slowly climbs into the ring, keeping an eye on the champion who simply stands and allows him into the squared circle. Perkins grabs a microphone from a dude at ringside and then stands across from Regal.

TJ Perkins: Why do they think I’d be a good Intercontinental Champion? Why do they get off their seats and cheer me on when I’m in this ring? Man, it’s simple, because when I fight in between these ropes ... I put my body on the line, when I fight ... I fight for each and every person sitting in this arena ... and sitting at home.

Big pop. Regal shakes his head.

William Regal: TJ ... that’s not good enough, sunshine. You need more than a couple of flashy moves and these people’s support ... oh no ... you need much more. You need a lot more than that if you want to be called champion.


TJ Perkins: I’m guessin’ you think you have that, right? Well, Regal, do you want to know why I think I’ll be a better Intercontinental Champion than you?

William Regal: Pray tell me, what is it about young TJ Perkins, that makes him so delusional that you think you can bring more honour, and prestige that I have to this championship?

Perkins laughs off the attitude of Regal.

TJ Perkins: Because ... in my, albeit short career, I have put everything, and I mean everything into it. As cliché as this is gonna’ sound, I’ve put blood, sweat and tears into my career ... into gettin’ to his moment. I have worked for this, I worked my ass to get here, and because – I have something you don’t.

Regal raises his eyebrows.

TJ Perkins: The love and support of every single person sitting in those seats here tonight.

Big pop.

William Regal: I thought we already established this ... you need more than them. You think the support of those people will win you this title? My, my, you are a deluded little man, aren’t you TJ? Do you realize who you are facing at SummerSlam ... William Regal. You’ll need more than that, if you want to stand a chance at defeatin’ me sunshine.

Heat. Perkins shakes his head as Regal stares into his eyes.

William Regal: Let me make one perfectly clear to you ... I am better than you in every possible way imaginable.

More heat.

William Regal: I have been around the world, ten times over. I am a veteran of this business, and I, by god, I will not let some little jumped up rookie take my title, do you understand?

Regal moves a tad closer, looking at Perkins.

TJ Perkins: I may be a rookie in this company, but a couple of weeks ago, at Vengeance ... I was this close to winnin’ that?

Perkins points at the gold on the shoulders of Regal.

William Regal: Did you win it?

TJ Perkins: I was within-

William Regal: Did you win it?!

TJ Perkins: No!

Regal takes a step back, looking pleased.

William Regal: Being close, in this business, isn’t good enough. And, TJ, you need to understand, no matter how close you get, it will be me that will hold this championship.

Regal holds the belt up, and TJ looks at it for a second.

TJ Perkins: At Vengeance ... I was close. At SummerSlam ... I will become the Intercontinental Champion. You said earlier, about how you looked at a list of names, legends that held that title. Ever since I was a kid, I watched tapes of those Superstars, winnin’ and defendin’ that belt. And, at that moment, I told myself I would one day do what they did.

Perkins and Regal take a step closer to each other.

TJ Perkins: At SummerSlam, everything I’ve put into my career, the blood, the sweat, the tears will all go into this match. I will put everything, everything, my heart and soul into this match!

Big pop.

TJ Perkins: To achieve my dream of one day, becoming a champion in the WWE ... when I defeat you and become Intercontinental Champion.

Loud pop.

William Regal: TJ ... dreams ... don’t come true.

The crowd ‘ohh’ for a moment as Regal stares into the soul of Perkins. But, suddenly ...

The Intercontinental Champion smashes the microphone off the head off the challenger!

Perkins hits the ground, the crowd booing mercilessly, directed at the Englishman. The blow isn’t enough to keep Perkins down however, as he gets to his knees ... but Regal backs up and smashes him in the face with a Knee Trembler!

Michael Cole: Ohh!

Mick Foley: Listen to these fans, Michael!

Those fans, are on their feet, booing the hell out of the Intercontinental Champion who picks up his title from the canvas and places it on his shoulder. He looks down at his opponent for SummerSlam, shaking his head at him. Perkins is out though, looking up at the ceiling, eyes not moving, arm twitching. Regal holds the belt up above his head, and says, “Dream’s don’t come true,” before putting the belt on his shoulder and exiting the ring.

We head to a break with no commentary, just fading out.


Right as we return, we get a replay of what transpired before the break. Then, we cut to the announce table.

Michael Cole: Before we cut to a commercial, we saw a very intense exchange of words between two opponents at SummerSlam, and it didn’t end well for the challenger to the Intercontinental Championship.

Mick Foley: Every person in this crowd was on their feet, giving William Regal a piece of their mind, and for good reason, that was a cheap shot, Michael.


The association to the man that was just in the ring before the break, only serves to enhance the heat that Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness get from the crowd. The former World Tag Team Champions walk onto the stage, McIntyre dressed to compete whilst McGuiness is dressed in more casual attire.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, accompanied by Nigel McGuiness, from Ayr, Scotland, weighing 254lbs, representing The Monarchy, DRREEWWW MCINTYRRREEE!

Michael Cole: Speaking of William Regal, these two men are in the bad books of him, after they lost the World Tag Team Championships a few weeks ago, and MVP and Mr. Kennedy putting doubt in their minds over Regal’s true motivation for putting The Monarchy together.

Mick Foley: That was a very interesting moment during that interview, it looked like Porter and Kennedy really got under the skin of McIntyre and McGuiness.

McGuiness walks around the ring, and stands next to the apron. Whilst, McIntyre slides into the climbs into the ring, he climbs onto the second turnbuckle, raising his arms in the air.

***I’M COMIN***

Now, the World Tag Team Champions, Mr. Kennedy and more importantly, Montel Vontavious Porter walk onto the stage. The duo make their way down the ramp, Porter dressed in his usual attire, clad in blue, with Kennedy in his own usual attire in black.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, accompanied by Mr. Kennedy, from Miami, Florida, weighing 252lbs, he is one half of the WOORRLLDD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONNSS, MONTEL VONTAVIOUS PORTER, M-V-P!

Michael Cole: A few weeks ago, it was MVP and Mr. Kennedy that ended The Monarchy’s reign as World Tag Team Champions. Everyone said they couldn’t do it, that two individuals could not defeat a bona fide tag team in Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness, but they did it.

Mick Foley: I think what people forget, is that these two have known each other for years, they have teamed together casually before, and they have also competed against each other, they know each so well, it shouldn’t matter if they are classed as individuals teaming together.

Michael Cole: Let’s not forget, it was Mr. Kennedy’s little pep talk that spurred MVP to end his losing streak earlier in the year.

Mick Foley: In Kennedy’s mind, though, Michael. Triple H had a helping hand in that as well.

MVP jogs up the steel steps, and steps into the ring. He makes sure the referee has McIntyre in the corner as he bounces off the ropes, and stutter steps before shooting an invisible basketball.

Match Three – Singles Match
Drew McIntyre w/Nigel McGuiness vs. Montel Vontavious Porter w/Mr. Kennedy

The opening consisted of an exchange of mat based wrestling moves, with each man holding their own, but it was MVP that took control, pinning Mcntyre onto the ground and stopping him from getting to a standing base. Porter, cheered on by Kennedy continued to transition between certain holds, putting pressure on McIntyre’s back and keeping him pinned down.

But, McIntyre managed to slither out from underneath Porter, and get to a standing base, and he changed strategy, using heavy handed punches and knees to keep Porter off his game. The Scotsman took control of the match, but Porter would get some offense in at some point, and that’s when McGuiness got onto the apron and distracted him, this allowed McIntyre to get a big boot in.

Kennedy had enough though, he ran around the apron, pulled McGuiness off, and the two men started to fight. The referee was torn between two bits, so he shouted at the two of them, and ejected both of them! This got a mixed reaction from the crowd, as Kennedy and McGuiness left, with two referee’s between, trash talking, almost comically, as they walked up the ramp.

With them gone, the action continued, and MVP almost got a pin fall victory with the Drive By, but McIntyre got his foot on the bottom rope. As Porter complained to the referee, McIntyre recovered, he pulled Porter around, and set up for Future Shock, but Porter spun out and went for the Playmaker, but this time it was Drew that spun out, this time hitting Future Shock, picking up the victory!

Winner – Drew McIntyre @ 8.36

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, DREEWW MCINTYREE!

The fans boo the announcement by Lillian, as McIntyre rolls off Porter and uses the ropes to get to his feet. The referee raises Drew’s arm into the air, drawing another round of boos.

Michael Cole: Drew McIntyre has just pinned one half of the World Tag Team Champions! One of the men that he and Ken Kennedy will face at SummerSlam for said championships.

Mick Foley: A solid win tonight, sending a message to the champs. It’s been a very good night for The Monarchy here on Monday Night Raw.

Michael Cole: And, we’re not even close to being done here tonight, Mick. We’ve still got The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels in action and also, our huge tag team main event featuring Batista and CM Punk!

McIntyre bends down beside Porter, smiling out at the crowd as he puts a hand in his face, he then pushes it and stands up.

We cut backstage, where a black car pulls up into the parking lot. A few moments pass by before the WWE Champion, Randy Orton exits the car, looking rather pissed off. He walks around to the boot, and unlocks it, reaches in and pulls out a duffel back and the WWE Championship belt. He walks past the camera and the cameraman watches him head into the arena.

Michael Cole: The Undisputed Women’s Champion, Maryse, will be in action after the break.


The bell rings and we cut to the ring, where a pretty brunette is standing, awaiting her opponent.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, in the ring, LUCY DUMATE!!

Michael Cole: Lucy Dumate, is a women that I have heard incredible things about, Mick.

Mick Foley: She’s been around the world competing apparently, so Maryse will have her work cut out for her.


The fans give out a strong batch of heat as the Undisputed Women’s Champion walks onto the stage. She’s dressed in black and pink and has the title over her shoulder, she holds her free hand out to the side, shushing the crowd.

Lillian Garcia: And her opponent, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, she is the UNDISPUTED WOMEN’S CHAMPIOONN, MARRRYSEEE!

Michael Cole: This women has proved why she is at the top of the division, taking on every single member of the Divas division, and repelling every threat. From Mickie James to Katie Lea, she has defeated every Diva that challenged her.

Mick Foley: The only women that I can think of that can give her a challenge right now, is the currently injured, Melina, the on-fire Beth Phoenix, and of course, the women she faces at SummerSlam, Trish Stratus.

Michael Cole: Speaking of Trish, do you remember last week, when Maryse slapped Trish right here at the announce desk?

Mick Foley: How could I forget, that was a moment that Maryse could look back on, and think that it was a bad move.

The champ struts around the ring, climbs onto the apron and steps into the squared circle. She quickly flips her hair down and then up, holding the title up high in the air before handing it to some guy at ringside, telling him to take care of it.

Match Four – Divas Match
Lucy Dumate vs. Maryse

Simple match, from the get go, Maryse dominates her opponent. Lucy fails to get any offense in as Maryse messes with her throughout the bout. She eventually grows tired of playing with her pray and ends it with The French Figure Four!

Winner – Maryse @ 1.27

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, MARYSEEE!

The champion rolls off her opponent and stands, not breaking a sweat as she demands her title. Once she receives it, she screams at the referee to get her a microphone, so he does as he’s asked (told).

Maryse: Wait, wait, wait. Now, I have a photo shoot to get ready for, so I’ll make zis quick.

Maryse fans her hair out.

Maryse: Last week, after I defeated Mickie James ... I walked over to zat announce table, and I slapped Trish Stratus.

She says this with a huge grin on her face.

Maryse: And, I just had to see it again.

The champion turns to the stage, where we see footage from last week, when Maryse slapped Trish and escaped her clutches.

Back to the ring ...

Maryse: Y’know what ... let us show it again.

Again, we cut to the footage of last week.

We cut back to the ring, zoomed in on the laughing face of Maryse.

Michael Cole: Hey!

The fans begin to buzz as Maryse turns around, away from the stage and sees ... Trish Stratus standing across from her. Maryse looks like a deer in headlamps as Trish explodes towards her, grabbing her by the stomach and spearing her into the corner!

Mick Foley: Trish is here! And, she’s come to get a piece of Maryse!

Maryse drops to the ground and tries to cover up, but Trish pulls her by the legs into the centre of the ring. She gets on top of her and begins to rain down punches onto the pretty blonde!

Michael Cole: This won’t be good for her photo shoot!

The fans are cheering as Trish yanks Maryse to her feet, grabs her by the head, puts her in a headlock then runs towards the ropes ... and leaping up ... springboarding off the ropes and hitting The Stratusfaction to the Undisputed Women’s Champion!

Mick Foley: Oh! The makeup artists will have a tough job now!

Michael Cole: Trish Stratus just hit the Women’s Champion with the Stratusfaction! If she hits that at SummerSlam, then we’ll have a new Wome’s Champion, Mick!

Stratus rises to her feet, and looks down at Maryse who appears to be knocked out. Trish takes a bow in front of the fans who cheer, and then she takes a look at the Women’s Title half way across the ring, she picks it up and holds it up high.

Michael Cole: We may see that very sight in just under three weeks at the biggest SummerSlam in history!

Trish wipes her face, drops the title onto Maryse’s back and exits the ring.


Back from the break, we are backstage, where the women that we just witnessed hit the Stratusfaction, Trish Stratus walking through the hallway. She has a big smirk on her face, but the grin evaporates and she stops in her tracks. A moment passes by, before The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix walks up to her. A rush of buzz comes over the crowd as two of the most dominant Divas of the past decade come face to face!

Beth Phoenix: After you and Maryse are through with each other ... don’t go anywhere, because I’d love to get in the ring with you. Just so I can prove, who the greatest WWE Diva of all time is.

This short interaction seems to end rather quickly, as Beth barges past Stratus and walks away; Trish watching her go.

And we cut away, to see the WWE Champion, Randy Orton is already in deep conversation with Legacy member, Alberto Del Rio, stood in front of the stables locker room.

Randy Orton: I allowed you to join Legacy ... because I heard good, great things about you. But, Alberto, if you ever ... ever pull a stunt like that again without my permission, if you even think about it, then you will be out of Legacy before you know it.

Orton looks Del Rio straight in the eyes.

Randy Orton: Do I make myself clear?

Del Rio looks down.

Randy Orton: Do I ... look at me when I’m talking to you!

Alberto looks up.

Randy Orton: Do I make myself clear?

After a moment, Del Rio nods and enters the Legacy locker room, leaving Orton to watch the door. But, then Renee Young walks up to The Viper.

Renee Young: Randy, I know emotions are heightened right now, but could we get a word from you?

Orton turns away from the door and too Renee, and nods briefly.

Renee Young: Last week, CM Punk had some strong words for you, and I wanted to get your thoughts, or your rebuttal, if you will?

Orton thinks it over for a second.

Randy Orton: Last week, in that ring, CM Punk told his life story, but quite frankly, Renee – I didn’t care for it.


Randy Orton: I don’t care about what is Father did, or his hard life growing up, and I certainly do not care that he had to wrestle in high school gyms or barns to pay the bills.

More boos.

Randy Orton: I don’t care, because I was too good for that. He talked about how he worked to get to the WWE, but, Renee, he’s not the only Superstar that worked hard to get a contract here. The only difference ... is I don’t complain about it.

Renee nods.

Randy Orton: He also said ... I was only WWE Champion, only in the WWE because of my Father, Cowboy Bob Orton. Renee, I’ll admit ... he was a very heavy influence in my career, but I am not WWE Champion because of him. I am WWE Champion ... because I am the most dangerous man in the entire WWE.


Randy Orton: I am better than my Father ever was. I am certainly better than CM Punk. And, he already knows that ... because it was me that ended his World Heavyweight Championship reign ... by punting him in the skull.

Loud heat.

Randy Orton: At SummerSlam, I will retain my WWE Title, and Punk will have wasted his Money in the Bank contract. Renee, at SummerSlam ... CM Punk finds out why I am The Viper, why I am the WWE Champion, and he’ll find out once and for all ... why Randy Orton ... is better ... than CM Punk.

This gets a massive amount of heat as Orton leaves Renee, and enters the Legacy locker room.

We cut back to the arena.

***SEXY BOY***

A contender for pop of the night goes to the one, the only, The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels! He struts onto the stage, dressed in his black attire with a HBK vest on. The crowd continue to cheer as he makes his way down the ramp, getting them fired up, before kneeling down on the stage, putting his hands together, saying a few words and then looking up to the ceiling as his pyro sounds off.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing 225lbs, THE HEARTBREAK KIIIIDD, SHAWWWNNN MICHAAEELSS!!

Michael Cole: This here is the man that defeated The Miz at Vengeance in a two out of three falls match, but it was after the match where the real talking point occurred.

Mick Foley: No doubt about it. The Miz and Tyson Tomko viciously attacked Shawn Michaels, even putting him through the announce table!

Michael Cole: But, Shawn Michaels got some measure of revenge when he got his hands on Tomko, leaping from the top rope and putting him through this very announce table. Tonight, he takes on that very man, Tyson Tomko!

Michaels climbs into the ring, and starts doing his usual routine, getting ready for this match.


A smattering of heat occurs as Tyson Tomko walks onto the stage, but the heat intensifies when The Miz walks out behind him! The duo walk down the ramp, The Miz pointing at Michaels and telling Tomko that he knows what to do. The big man keeps his eyes on Michaels, looking extremely focused.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, accompanied by The Miz, from Jacksonville, Florida, weighing 289lbs, TYYYSONNN TOMKO!

Michael Cole: Tyson Tomko made his return to the WWE, many weeks ago, helping The Miz out in his desire to defeat Shawn Michaels.

Mick Foley: What a master stroke. I don’t particular care for The Miz’ methods, but that was a smart move. We all know how dangerous Tomko is, from many years ago when he was Christian’s personal problem solver, and now he appears to The Miz’ problem solver.

The Miz stands next to the apron as The Problem Solver steps into the ring, shaking his arms loose and waiting for the referee to get this match started.

Match 5 – Singles Contest
Shawn Michaels vs. Tyson Tomko w/The Miz

A nice, solid little match here. In the early going, it’s Shawn Michaels who goes guns blazing as he puts Tomko on the back foot, schooling the bigger man, whilst keeping an eye on The Miz on the outside. Michaels seemed to be in complete control, but when he whipped Tomko into the corner, Tyson exploded right back out and took Michaels down with a running big boot.

From there, Tomko took complete control, working over the lower back of Michaels, taunting him at every opportunity. The Miz was loving every single second of it, as he stood on the outside with a huge grin. Tomko got a little too cocky though, as he took the time to raise his hands, which allowed Michaels the opportunity to fight back.

HBK would make a very strong comeback, hitting his usual moves, then heading to the top rope, looking for the flying elbow, but The Miz climbed onto the apron and pushed him off, but HBK would land on his feet. He turned around and saw The Miz trash talking him on the apron, he looked to the crowd and shrugged, before smashing The Awesome One in the face with Sweet Chin Music!

The crowd popped massively at that, but Michaels didn’t notice Tomko behind him. It made no difference though, as Michaels ducked a on rushing clothesline. The Problem Solver rebounded off the ropes, right into Sweet Chin Music!

Winner – Shawn Michaels @ 6.13

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, SHAWWWNNN MICHAAEELS!

The fans respond with a healthy pop as HBK gets to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee. He looks down to The Miz who still seems to be knocked out on the outside.

Michael Cole: The Miz just ate some Sweet Chin Music!

Mick Foley: That’s what he gets for trying to interfere, Michael.

Michael Cole: Nonetheless, a solid victory for The Heartbreak Kid here tonight.

HBK climbs to the second rope, and looks around the crowd as The Awesome One seems to be finally moving, slowly staggering to his feet, and Michaels spots him. He stands up on the top, and waits for Miz to stand up, before soaring through the air and hitting a cross body!

Michaels isn’t done though, as he begins to pound the head of his rival, and the referee has to exit the ring and pull Shawn off.

Michael Cole: A little bit of retribution there for Shawn Michaels!

Michaels stands a few feet away from Miz, and shakes his head at the young up start, before walking around the ring, slapping a few of the fans hands.


And we’re back. Backstage to be more precise, where Shawn Michaels is at a catering table, grabbing a bottle of water – he’s interrupted though by Renee Young.

Renee Young: Shawn, do you mind if we get a word?

Shawn Michaels: Shoot.

Renee motions for the camera man to come a little closer.

Renee Young: I can exclusively reveal, per orders of Jerry Lawler ... at SummerSlam, you will go one on one with The Miz.

Michaels thinks that over for a second before nodding and looking pleased.

Renee Young: I was wondering if we could get your thoughts-


From behind, Michaels is propelled forward into the table ... by The Miz!

The fans boo the hell out of him as he yanks Michaels back to his feet by his hair and then throws him into the nearby wall! The Awesome One isn’t done though, as he climbs on top of The Heartbreak Kid, and begins to bring down powerful fists onto his head!

The Miz is seething at the mouth as he nails Michaels over and over. A couple of referees show up on the scene, trying to get The Miz off, but he gets up and pushes them away, one of them hitting the table and collapsing to the ground. Miz turns back to Michaels who is slowly getting to his feet ... he walks up behind him, grabs him and plants him ... on the concrete with Skull Crushing Finale!

Michael Cole: Oh! That’s sick!

The crowd are booing loudly, but The Miz isn’t done, as he grabs the water bottle, takes the cap off and begins pouring the water over the head of his opponent for SummerSlam!

Mick Foley: That is so disrespectful!

The Miz then throws the empty bottle down onto Michaels’ head and walks away, leaving HBK down and a referee down!

In the arena ...

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, before we witnessed that sickening attack by The Miz, we found out that he and Shawn Michaels will go one on one, once more in just under three weeks at SummerSlam!

Mick Foley: It’s the biggest SummerSlam in history, and I for one hope Shawn Michaels kicks The Miz’ teeth down his throat!

***NEW DAY***

The music of the group known as Legacy plays now, drawing strong heat from the crowd. After a moment, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton leads the troops out, Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase!

Lillian Garcia: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, and is the main event of the night! Introducing first, accompanied by the WWE Champion, Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase, representing Legacy, CODYYY RHODESS AND ALBERRRTOOO DEL RIOOOOO!

Michael Cole: You are looking at perhaps the most dangerous group in WWE history. A group which has taken out such Superstars as Triple H and even The Undertaker!

Mick Foley: That’s a mean feat, Michael.

Michael Cole: But, have we seen some in fighting? Earlier on, Randy Orton was laying down the law to new member, Alberto Del Rio. He said, that if Del Rio ever pulls a stunt like did at the beginning of Monday Night Raw, then he would be out of Legacy.

Mick Foley: I don’t like, Randy Orton, everyone knows that, but I gotta admit ... he knows how to keep his troops in line.

Rhodes and Del Rio climb into the ring as Orton and DiBiase position themselves on the outside. ADR and Cody retreat to their corner and wait for their opponents.


All eyes turn to the stage, and the fans go wild as The Animal, Dave Batista walks out from behind the curtain. He walks to each side of the stage, before coming back to the centre and then setting off his pyrotechnic display.

Lillian Garcia: And their opponents, first, from Washington, D.C, weighing 290lbs, THE ANIMALLL, BAAATIISSTAA!!

Michael Cole: A very fired up Animal on his way to the ring. It was at the beginning of the show that Batista challenged Alberto Del Rio to come down to the ring and face him man to man, but he was then the victim of three on one assault by Legacy ... until CM Punk made the save.

Mick Foley: We know Punk has issues with Randy Orton, and then by association, Legacy. If CM Punk hadn’t raced down to the ring, then Batista may not be standing right now.

The Animal, showing his courage, doesn’t bother waiting for his tag team partner, instead he climbs right into the ring, and climbs up the turnbuckles. He glances at Randy Orton before flexing for the crowd. Batista steps down and stares a hole through Del Rio as we await CM Punk.


It didn’t take long, and the fans erupt with a huge pop, possibly the biggest of the night so far as the challenger to the WWE Championship, CM Punk walks onto the stage. He’s without his briefcase as it’s been cashed in, he kneels down on the stage and yells “it’s clobberin’ time” before going down to the ring.

Lillian Garcia: And, his tag team partner, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 218lbs, CM PUNK!

Michael Cole: The man, that many fans hope will end Randy Orton’s title reign, CM Punk! Last week, Punk had some strong words for the WWE Champion, and at the end of the show he almost caught Randy Orton with a GTS!

Mick Foley: If he hits that GTS at SummerSlam, then we’ll have a new WWE Champion!

Punk walks up the steel steps, stands on the apron and turns to the crowd, holding his arms outstretched. He then climbs up the outside of the turnbuckle, and raises his hands high into the air, looking straight at the WWE Champion.

Main Event – Tag Team Match
Batista & CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio & Cody Rhodes w/Randy Orton & Ted DiBiase

It’s CM Punk and Cody Rhodes to start the proceedings off, and the two engage in some chain wrestling to start, with CM Punk winning that exchange. Punk would keep Rhodes grounded, working over various parts off his body to weaken him, before changing gears and tagging in The Animal. Batista showed why he is a powerhouse, bullying Rhodes around the ring and hitting numerous shoulder thrusts in the corner.

He allowed Rhodes to crawl out of the corner, allowing him to make the tag to the man he wanted, Alberto Del Rio. ADR takes a moment to think about this, but Orton screams at him to get in the ring. Del Rio follows his orders and looks in the face of a smiling beast. But, surprisingly, Del Rio takes control, ducking a clothesline, kicking the leg of Batista and then hitting a chop block to Batista’s previously injured knee.

From here, the injured knee would allow Del Rio to show why he was recruited to Legacy, working over the knee, to the look of a very pleased Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase! ADR and Rhodes exchanged in quick tags to keep the big man away, but at one point, Batista managed to break out of the corner, hitting Del Rio off the apron and hitting a clothesline to Rhodes. Punk got the crowd fired up, and this spurred Batista to his own corner, but Del Rio slid into the ring and dived on top of him.

Punk tried to intervene but the referee stopped him from entering the ring, as Del Rio took his place on the apron, grinning. Rhodes and Del Rio continued to work over Batista for the next few minutes, exchanging quick tags and showing how good of a tag team they could be. Orton and DiBiase watched on as Legacy were having a good night so far.

We appeared to have the ending come up, as Del Rio hit a running step up kick to Batista in the corner, and got the near fall. Del Rio would back away, allowing Batista to reach out to Punk, but at the last moment, Del Rio grabbed his arm, flipped him over and locked in the Cross Armbreaker! But, breaking the rules, Punk climbed to the top rope, and leaped off, hitting a diving elbow to the chest of Del Rio!

ADR broke his grip, and the referee ushered Punk back out of the ring as the fans were cheering. Del Rio tagged in Rhodes who walked into the ring, but Batista was just getting to his feet and he caught Rhodes with a massive spine buster! The ring shook with the impact, and Orton and DiBiase winced at ringside. Both men were now down, and the crowd began to clap, getting attempting to get Batista up and to his corner. The Animal slowly crawled, but Rhodes grabbed him by the back off his legs, and even with an injured knee, Batista turned onto his back, and brought his legs closer to his chest before exploding forward, pushing Rhodes away to his own corner!

Del Rio reached down and tagged Rhodes, just as Batista got the tag to CM Punk, who hopped over the ropes, and met Del Rio head on. He ducked a clothesline, hit the ropes and hit a flying clothesline of his own, the crowd were going wild as Punk quickly hit another one. Del Rio took a couple of seconds longer to get up this time, and when he did he was the recipient of a spinning kick.

Del Rio keeled over, and Punk whipped him into the corner. Punk then followed that up with a running step up knee! He stayed in that position, looking down at Orton and then pointing at him, before running forward with Del Rio in his grasp, hitting the running bulldog! Everything broke done at this point, as CM Punk got to his feet, just in time to see Ted DiBiase running into the ring, he bent down and flipped him over the top rope!

But, he turned around, right into the clutches of Randy Orton, who attempted an RKO, but CM Punk pushed him away, he rebounded off the ropes, right into a double leg take down from Punk. He got on top of Orton and began to pound on him, and Orton would fight back, and the referee had no choice but to call for the bell!

Winners – Batista & CM Punk via DQ @ 12.45

No time for an announcement, as the action is still continuing! Randy Orton and CM Punk end up brawling out of the ring, rolling underneath the bottom rope and ending on the ground.

Michael Cole: It’s chaos here! The WWE Champion and CM Punk are continuing the fight!

They manage to get to their feet, still trading blows before brawling over to the barricade. The crowd shout and cheer as Punk starts to get the better of Orton. He puts Orton into the corner of the barricade, and then backs away, before running forward, looking for a clothesline but Orton ducks and flips Punk over!

Mick Foley: Oh! That’s gotta’ hurt!

Whilst this is going on, Alberto Del Rio is just getting to his feet. On the outside, Orton climbs over the barricade, and the two continue brawling, going through the crowd, and out of sight! In the ring, Del Rio is feeling his face, but then the crowd start cheering as he turns around, right into the gaze of Batista!

The Animal explodes forward, hitting a powerful clothesline, favouring his knee. He pulls Del Rio up forcefully, but then he’s hit from behind by Ted DiBiase!

Michael Cole: DiBiase!

Ted pounds on Batista’s back, but The Animal manages to get up, and push DiBiase into the corner. DiBiase keeps hold of him though, allowing Cody Rhodes to enter the ring and hit a chop block to the injured knee!

Michael Cole: Right in the injured knee!

Batista is at the mercy of Legacy now as Rhodes and DiBiase pull Batista into the centre of the ring. Del Rio joins in, grabbing Batista by the arm and locking in the Cross Armbreaker, as DiBiase and Rhodes stomp on the injured knee!

Michael Cole: Someone needs to stop this!

Mick Foley: We need help out here, Michael!

Del Rio still hasn’t relinquished the hold, and the fans start chanting “CM PUNK”, hoping that he’ll return to help The Animal, but he’s obviously too busy to help as he’s dealing with Randy Orton somewhere in the arena.

Michael Cole: Batista is at the mercy of these jackels! Someone-

***BOOYAKA 619***



Del Rio lets go off Batista, and stands up, and looks as Mysterio slides into the ring, ducking a clothesline from DiBiase, then springgboarding off the second rope, hitting a cross body to Ted! The crowd are on their feet as Mysterio turns around, to see Rhodes running at him, he ducks down, pulling the top rope down and Rhodes tumbles out of the squared circle!

It’s Del Rio’s turn now as he explodes forward, screaming as he attempts a clothesline but Mysterio catches him with a drop-toe-hold! He’s in the prime position now, as Mysterio points to the sky, then runs the ropes, going for the 619, but Del Rio ducks down, sliding out of the ring!! The crowd boo as Del Rio makes his way to the ramp, falling down on the cold steel, as DiBiase and Rhodes join him.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio has returned and he has Legacy in his sights!

Mick Foley: What a way to return for The Ultimate Underdog!

Mysterio points at the trio on the ramp, and then goes to his friend, Batista. He kneels beside him, looking at Legacy as the crowd chant “619!”

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, it’s been a whirl wind ride tonight, we are one week closer to SummerSlam, and the road to SummerSlam now has a little 619 action involved! Join us next week, on another action packed episode of Monday Night Raw! Thank you, and good night!

The last image of the evening is of the returning Rey Mysterio pointing at Legacy beside Batista!

End Show

WWE SummerSlam
*4 Hours*
Date: 30th August 2009
Location: Aloha Stadium; Hawaii

WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship
Matt Hardy © vs. Jeff Hardy

Grudge Match
Shawn Michaels vs. The Miz

Four on Four; Teddy Long’s Job in Peril
Team Teddy; Edge, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan & Kaval w/AJ Lee & Theodore Long vs. Team Jericho; Chris Jericho, R-Truth, The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson


Intercontinental Championship
William Regal © vs. TJ Perkins

WWE Tag Team Championships
The Hart Dynasty; David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd © vs. The Prime Time Playas; Kenny King & Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championships
Mr. Kennedy & MVP © vs. The Monarchy; Drew McIntyre & Nigel McGuiness

Cruiserweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler © w/Layla vs. Evan Bourne w/Kelly Kelly

Undisputed Women’s Championship
Maryse © vs. Trish Stratus


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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

:: WWE.com Exclusive ::
:: After Monday Night Raw ::

With Rey Mysterio’s music still playing in the background, the Monday Night Raw cameras, still continue to roll, recording CM PUNK and RANDY ORTON battling through the backstage area. Orton appears to be on the worse end of it as he stumbles away from Punk, through the hall way and grabs a nearby man, before launching him at Punk who swats him to the side. Punk attempts to grab Orton who kicks him in his exposed stomach, then clubs his back so Punk is down on his knees!

The Viper raises his fist to bring down another club, but Punk explodes from his kneeling position and grabs Orton by the waist, ramming him back into the wall! The crowd react with a massive pop, but they aren’t watching this, it must be something in the ring, they don’t have a clue about the chaos happening back here. Orton holds his back as he staggers away from Punk, but the former Money in the Bank holder follows him along the corridor and they reach a table.

Punk grabs Orton by the back of the head and attempts to smash his head off the wood, but Orton blocks it, and elbows Punk in the stomach ... before bringing his head down on the table! A groan comes from Punk as he’s the one that staggers away, holding the top of his head, but The Viper is right behind him and punches him in the back, and Punk is propelled forward into a worker who is pushed back into the wall, the man blocking Punk from getting much of the blow from the wall.

Orton picks Punk off the ground, and ATTEMPTS TO RKO HIM ... but Punk pushes Orton off, into a nearby door which opens, Orton falling through the door. Punk walks through the door, and the cameraman follows, ending up in the parking lot! The Staight Edge Superstar pulls Orton to his feet and knees him in the stomach, before BRINGING HIM ONTO HIS SHOULDERS FOR THE GTS ... but Orton wriggles out of it and lands on his feet.

The Viper grabs Punk by the head and SMASHES HIS HEAD INTO THE HOOD OF A BLACK CAR! A couple of security guards run into the parking lot and try to tackle Orton, who side steps one, who runs straight into the side of the car! The other is a little less fortunate, as Orton kicks him in the stomach, grabs the back of his head and the belt of his jeans ... BEFORE RAMMING THE SECURITY GUARDS INTO A WALL, WHICH HAD LADDERS STACKED AGAINST IT, AND THE LADDERS FALL ON THE GUARD AS HE HITS THE GROUND!

Orton turns back to Punk, but he’s back on his feet, and on the hood of the car ... he jumps off and nails Orton an elbow to the top of his head! “I’ll make you regret punting me in the head” Punk wipes sweat from his forehead, and pulls Orton to his feet, and pushes him back into the car, so he’s kneeling beside it. “I’ll take your belt from you” Punk runs forward ... but ORTON FLIPS HIM OVER HIS HEAD ONTO THE HOOD!

Punk slides off the hood of the car and lands on the concrete, in extreme pain, the camera man walks around the car and Orton is no longer in sight. But, The Viper walks around the car, and kneels beside Punk who’s coughing and feeling his back. “You’ll need to do better than that, Punk. My title makes me the best in the world, not some meaningless words”

The Viper backs away from Punk, out of the shot, and Punk begins to get to his knees. On all fours now, but suddenly ORTON EXPLODES INTO THE SHOT ... GOING FOR THE PUNT KICK ... BUT HE STOPS!?!?!?!?!?!?

Punk almost jumps out his skin as he moves back, hitting against the car again and Orton kneels down beside him, pushing his knee into Punk’s chest and looking him dead in the eye, Punk snarling at him. Orton brings up his fingers and holds his thumb and index finger close together, “I can take you out at any time, at any moment, think about that.”

"I'll do it when it hurts you most, Punk ... at SummerSlam."

Orton takes his knee away from Punk’s throat, who attempts to get up and at The Viper, but he stomps one last time on the chest and then sleeks out sight as referees and more security rush into the lot.
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

Randy Orton...now this Viper this psychotic, ruthless remorseless emotionless cold calculating Viper this is the way he was always meant to be and I am glad that he is true to himself because Orton shouldn't have to hide who he is because he has proven to be successful and Punk may have been wise to cash in on Orton when Orton was weak and vulnerable, Punk stands no chance at SummerSlam especially now especially since we know Orton's cronies Rhodes, DiBiase, and Del Rio will get involved costing Punk the title or Orton can always get himself counted out or DQed either way Punk is up against the barrel here but also Punk he may be injured here especially after this...no chance at SummerSlam...we may as well give Orton the win here he will retain his WWE Championship

But Rey Mysterio returning was unexpected that's for sure, but now that Rey is back he should have went after the man who put him on the shelf, that man being Randy Orton because Orton made it personal with that punt but Mysterio may have Rhodes, DiBiase or even Del Rio to deal with now

Maybe after SummerSlam Shawn can finally put Miz behind him and set his sights back on the WWE Championship but The Miz I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up setting his sights on either the WWE Intercontinental Championship or on the WWE Championship after he's done with Shawn
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

Batista was on point to open the show. Nothing mind blowing, but he explained things well and got down to business as the guy who wants to take action. It’s probably best to keep him simple like this as a face. You’ve got his focus still on the WWE Title post-SummerSlam too, which makes sense, while Del Rio and Legacy take his attention for now. Interesting that you’ve given Del Rio separate music and pyrotechnics to Rhodes and DiBiase. I think it kind of makes him feel like an unnatural part of the group in a way at first. I understand he’s in a higher position in reality, but he seems a bit different to the rest of Legacy if he’s treated like a huge star while Rhodes and DiBiase aren’t. It kind of demeans them a bit and differentiates him as someone who isn’t a true member. Thw little speech from Del Rio explained why he belongs in Legacy and spoke towards that gimmick though, before the fight. Again, I’m a bit worried Rhodes and DiBiase come off as lackeys to Orton’s lackey, but if they’re all involved at SummerSlam then they can be seen as all equal, which is I hope the way you go with this. Punk’s involvement at least reminds us that this is Orton’s group, because it seems like ADR’s at the moment. It does set up a pretty much match though that should keep Punk going and also introduce ADR to the upper card along with Rhodes, as well as progress this Batista/Legacy feud.

That you had the commentators mention ADR taking over Legacy makes me think that long-term Orton will feud with ADR after a face turn, or even that Orton will break away from the group. As I said above though, it all makes DiBiase and Rhodes seem very much like lackeys for anyone, and that they aren’t really any good right now. Hopefully they stand up on their own feet and win some matches, because letting a guy who just arrived boss them around seems weak.

Barrett as the tough guy of The Monarchy is quite clever when you take into account his background. It’s a good way to introduce him. It certainly wasn’t a tough guy finish to the match, which maybe doesn’t suit his gimmick as the tough guy, but I did like the time given to the match. Plus this should ensure Sheamus and Barrett have a few more matches to introduce them further to the crowd and help them get over using one another. A good series of midcard matches should certainly benefit them.

It’s not a bad gimmick to give Swagger, much like the one he has in reality. It works to generate heat, and it plays on the ‘All-American American’ moniker he originally appeared in WWE with. The promo was solid again, and introduces the thing well. Duggan, as a man who carries around a US flag, makes perfect sense as his first opponent for the challenge, and obviously works as a jobber. It does feel like a step back for Swagger, considering he was just involved in a feud with Punk, but I guess it comes with the reinvention that he’s going through now.

It seems like you don’t have Regal wrestling too much, which is a bit of a loss, considering how awesome he is and that he’s Intercontinental Champion, a title built on wrestling. At the same time, he’s a solid promo guy, and you’re obviously trying to build a story for the big SummerSlam match, especially considering TJ Perkins has probably had the biggest build in a short time of anyone on RAW. The promo built logically with Regal putting himself over as a great champion, admitting the poor recent history of the title, and saying he needs to keep it. It makes sense that Regal wouldn’t want to see a rookie win the title if he sees himself as the man who can restore pride in it. It doesn’t really put down Perkins either, because as Regal said, he doesn’t understand why Perkins is popular. It just shows that they’re a bit different. I did like Regal listing the great names to hold the Intercontinental Title, only to put himself over as better than them. Perkins was very generic in this promo, although it fits the story you’ve established – a youngster trying to achieve his dream and beat the veteran on a huge show to win a big title. The blood, sweat and tears line does seem out of place by Perkins though when you consider he’s a youngster and as such has given up nothing compared to what Regal has. Perkins should understand that. Emphatic statement to end the promo with, and one that sums up what this is all about very nicely. Regal makes his big statement here, setting up that Perkins has to try to make his at SummerSlam to prove Regal wrong. The storyline may be a common one, but this promo worked it well, and the match fits in very nicely in the context of the card. You’ve done quite well building Perkins, even if he could do with a lot more character.

The tag teams having singles matches obviously does the job of hyping up the tag match for SummerSlam. It’s a big win for McIntyre when you consider what MVP has done, especially when it’s clean. Having lost the titles, The Monarchy probably needed some momentum, and this gives them that.

Each week is about Maryse looking better and better ahead of facing Stratus, so a dominant win is the clear choice. It’s probably best to use jobbers so as to not bury your entire division as well. Stratus getting the evener for last week is logical booking, giving both women some momentum heading into the match. It’s simple but you’ve done it well, especially with the photoshoot talk and having Stratus plant Maryse on her pretty face.

I’m happy you have Beth involved in the show, but it seems to point to the obvious Stratus win if she’s already setting up a feud. You could be throwing a curveball, but it does seem mighty obvious which way it will go at the moment.

Right, well Orton has established himself, although I still think the main problem here involves Rhodes and DiBiase being bitches. The Orton promo was decent enough afterwards. I like the idea of building on that Orton was here all along because he thinks he’s simply better than Punk. It creates a great dynamic for the feud.

If Tomko is just Miz’s bodyguard then Shawn beating him makes sense, especially considering Shawn is a huge star obviously. The attack post-match was a bit tame though, considering the whole breaking and entering thing last week. I don’t think Shawn would have been at all happy about that, but this week it was almost like it never actually happened.

Again, I’m not sure the attack from The Miz was necessary this week. If anything, Shawn should be looking for retribution. It shows Miz is serious but Shawn looks like a bit of a bitch.

I liked that you kept track of the knee injury to Batista by using it again in this match. It’s a good way to make him look like a viable face in peril too. ADR looking good was obviously a big focus too, which you did well. The chaos of the post-match was set up well, with the DQ finish working to set up Punk and Orton brawling away. Again, Rhodes and DiBiase looked like Del Rio’s bitch here as he did the real damage unfortunately. Still, Rey’s return was set up well, which gives me hope that Rhodes and DiBiase will at least be involved at SummerSlam. Really, it was a good finish to the show, even if I’m a bit worried about Rhodes and DiBiase in general.

Overall, I thought it was a good show. A few small problems, but as a whole you’ve got the show going in the right direction, and you’re hyping SummerSlam well. All of the matches are starting to feel big, giving it that big show feel, which is a credit to you.

Thumps up for the wwe.com stuff too. Orton probably needed to look strong. Big statement to end with too.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

WWE Superstars:

Charlie Haas & Chris Masters def. Local Jobbers
Brie Bella def. Maria
Ted DiBiase def. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
The Hart Dynasty def. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

*The Hart Dynasty were attacked and laid out after the match by Kenny King & Shelton Benjamin.*

Friday Night SmackDown - 17th August 2009

To kick off the show, we get a video package which reminds us of what transpired between the Hardy brothers, including Jeff being arrested for destroying Matt’s car with a monster truck. Then, we see John Cena make his entrance, and get ready for his match with Bobby Lashley. However, Lashley’s music plays but there isn’t any appearance by him, instead Cena is attacked by SmackDown commentator, John Bradshaw Layfield! The video package ends with JBL and Bobby Lashley standing above Cena.

Instead of the usual video, instead of commentary, we head straight into SmackDown, where the fans are already booing at something, and we see what it is ... in the ring stands the one, the only, John Bradshaw Layfield!

Justin Roberts: Please welcome, JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD!

The crowd boo the announcement as JBL looks around the arena, microphone in hand.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I am a man that needs no introduction, I-

JBL’s cut off by a large round off boos which enrages the former WWE Champion.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Hey! Shut up, when I am talking to you!

This just eggs the crowd on, who transition into a “YOU-SUCK” chant.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I suck? You miserable knuckle draggers wouldn’t know talent if it hit you in the face! And, looking at you all tonight, it’s clear you’ve all been slapped more than once!

More, more boos.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Now, all of you be quiet when I am addressing you. Do you not know who I am ... I am John Bradshaw Layfield.

Annnddd heat.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Somebody once said ... absence makes the heart grow fonder ... wrong. Months ago, I quit because I was sick and tired of being mistreated by them (pointing at the back) and being disrespected by you (points at the crowd). For weeks, I sat in my multi-million dollar mansion ... and I watched Raw and SmackDown.

JBL starts to walk from side to side.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Watching those shows, made me realize two things ... one ... I would never miss you people.


John Bradshaw Layfield: Absence didn’t make me grow fond of you people ... it made me resent you even more. It made me despise each and every single one of you peons.

Loud boos.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I was happy to be retired ... because it meant I didn’t have to breath the same polluted air as you troglodytes.

It’s cheap, but by god, it’s working.

John Bradshaw Layfield: But, I saw a problem ... the commentary.

JBL turns to the desk, where a lone Jim Ross is sitting.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Do you realize how difficult it is to sit through Raw with Michael Cole, or SmackDown with Jim Ross? Screaming bah gawd, stomping him like a government mule, boomer sooner, uh yuk uh yuk.

JBL’s bad impression draws some heat from the crowd.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I’d rather sit through a Justin Bieber concert than listen you talk for two hours, J.R!


John Bradshaw Layfield: Allow me to make one thing perfectly clear to you, J.R. You ... are the most overrated announcer in the history of wrestling.

Mega amount of boos, whilst J.R stays silent, not rising to the words from JBL.

John Bradshaw Layfield: So, I came back to the WWE, to save you all from hearing awful commentary. Just like I saved you all, all those years ago ... from a God awful ... Eddie Guerrero title reign.

Oh snap!

John Bradshaw Layfield: And yet, I get no respect. I was the longest reigning WWE Champion in SmackDown history ... The Wrestling God, damn it!

More boos.

John Bradshaw Layfield: As I was on commentary, I saw something ... I saw it when I was WWE Champion, but now that I am retired ... I was able to see how bad it truly has gotten. You want to know what I’m talking about? It’s right in front of your faces, but you idiots are either to blind or ignorant to notice it. The bias that runs through SmackDown, right now, is off the scales. The biased management on this brand, all conducted by our esteemed General Manager ... Theodore Long.

Bradshaw takes a pause.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I’ve seen it over and over and over again, Theodore Long abusing his power to make talented Superstars, such as myself, careers a nightmare. I’ve seen wrestlers fail in their careers, because of what that man did to them. He is a terror, ruling over SmackDown with an iron fist, someone who has no remorse for anyone, and I for one, truly hope that after SummerSlam, he is removed as SmackDown General Manager.

Boos for JBL’s exaggerations.

John Bradshaw Layfield: A select few were able to move past what Theodore Long attempted to do to them, and I was one of them. I sat at the announce desk for months, watching as he would try to ruin the careers of Superstars like Chris Jericho, R-Truth and The Brian Kendrick. It’s staring you people right in the face, but you ignore it, like the sheep you are!

And heat.

John Bradshaw Layfield: That dictator, restarted a match that ended in perfect fashion, when he called to restart Chris Jericho’s match at The Bash. And, he forced R-Truth into defending his United States Championship, a title I’ve held with pride, into a farcical Gauntlet match.


John Bradshaw Layfield: And, The Wrestling Gawwd, was a victim of Theodore Long’s management. My record setting reign, as WWE Champion ... was ended my some punk kid who just so happens to be John Cena.

Huge pop.

John Bradshaw Layfield: The only reason that Cena ended my reign ... was because he cheated! Everything that happened, happened because Theodore Long set it in motion, he wanted my title reign to end, and he got it ... I bet that makes all you people happy.

Big pop.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Just as I thought ... you oxygen thief’s, along with Teddy Long, are what’s wrong with this damn company!


John Bradshaw Layfield: The only reason that John Cena is where is he now ... is because of Theodore Long and his blatant favouritism. Even today, it continues, because John Cena, despite losing his World Heavyweight Championship rematch ... was given ... wait for it ... another title shot!

JBL shakes his head.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Despite ... Bobby Lashley-

Loud heat.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Despite, Bobby Lashley pinning the World Heavyweight Champion ... one-two-three in the middle of this very ring. That ... that is complete crap, and you people overlook it because you wanted Hardy versus Cena! You wanted the title off Matt Hardy? Well, John Cena failed.


John Bradshaw Layfield: You peons may have overlooked it ... but I couldn’t. Last week, I took a stand, I took action ... I clotheslined the hell out of your hero.


John Bradshaw Layfield: I couldn’t let, what happened to so many other Superstars, happen to Bobby Lashley. So, I attacked John Cena, I sent a message ... I made millions of kids around the world cry.

JBL has a huge smirk on his face.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I have left my position as the WWE’s greatest commentator ... and now I am the WWE’s greatest ever manager. And, introducing my very first client ... The Real Deal ... BOBBYYYY LASHLEYYYY!


JBL turns to the stage with a huge grin on his face, as heat envelops the arena as Bobby Lashley’s music fills the arena! The Real Deal slowly walks out from the back, dressed in ring gear and a vest on, he looks focused as he walks down the ramp. J.R still doesn’t speak, as the heat is allowed to develop. Lashley reaches the ring, leaps onto the apron, steps into the ring and shakes JBL’s hand. He then stands in the centre, with Bradshaw standing beside him.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Look at this man ... just look at this man. He, is what you would call, a physical specimen. A man carved from granite, a man that could snap each and every one of your pencil necks at the click of a finger.

Loud heat as Lashley folds his arms over his chest.

John Bradshaw Layfield: This is the look ... that the almighty strived for when he created man. But, somewhere along the line, He screwed up, and created you people.

More heat.

John Bradshaw Layfield: This man right here, BOBBYYY LASHLEYYY ... is the first client of Layfield Industries! He, is a future World Heavyweight Champion, a future WWE Hall of Famer, a man who is stronger than Andre The Giant, stronger than The Big Show and stronger than Brock Lesnar.

Boos at that.

John Bradshaw Layfield: With myself, and Bobby Lashley together ... the SmackDown Superstars will quake in fear when we walk by. This man is the most dominant figure in the entire WWE! No one will stand in our way.

JBL slaps Lashley on the shoulder.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Last week, was a message, not even the mighty John Cena can stand in our path. Before we set our sights on the World Heavyweight Championship ... this man will take out and destroy ... John Cena.

Loud heat.

John Bradshaw Layfield: That is ... if he has the guts to face him. Cena, listen up, this man doesn’t want to wrestle you, oh no, this man wants to fight you ... so if you’ve got the guts, then we’ll see you in three weeks time ... at SummerSlam!

The fans give out a mixed reaction, some of them obviously wanting to see the match, whilst the others don’t like JBL’s tone.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Now, I am sick of seeing your faces, so my client and I will take our leave. We’ll see you at SummerSlam ... if you accept, John Cena.


The music of JBL fills the arena, and he and Lashley turn and exit the ring. They back up the ramp, JBL talking some trash with a couple of fans, calling them inbred idiots, whilst Lashley remains quiet. We then fade to a commercial.


Back from the break, interestingly we are at ringside where Justin Roberts is standing in front of the announce desk, with J.R in the background.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentleman, as John Bradshaw Layfield has been removed from the SmackDown broadcast team ... please welcome to the team ... PAUL HEYYYMANNN!

A booming reaction from the fans as the camera zooms past Roberts, right into J.R’s face, which looks like he’s about to be sick.

On the stage, without any music, the one and only, Paul Heyman walks onto the stage. He’s dressed nicely in a black suit, and looks around the arena as he waddles down the ramp. He walks around the ring, saying “You’re welcome,” to a few of the fans.

He walks over to the announce booth, and shakes Jim Ross’ hand before sitting down and putting on the headset.

Jim Ross: Well, ladies and-

Paul Heyman: Jim Ross, as I live and breathe. How long has it been? Too long that’s what. Finally, the WWE saw sense, and brought back Paul E. Heyman! About damn time, and whilst I’ll admit, J.R – we haven’t always seen to eye to eye, especially when we worked together before ... but I am confident we can forge ahead and create an announce team for the ages. What do ya’ say, partner?

Heyman extends his hand again, and they shake hands again.

Jim Ross: Well, Paul ... I won’t lie, it was a shock to the system seeing you again, but bygones are bygones, it’s good you have you back.

Paul Heyman: Thank you, J.R, sincerely. But, hey, what about tonight, huh? What a show we have for you tonight ladies and gentleman!

Jim Ross: You’re not wrong there, Paul. We just witnessed what appears to be the beginning of a John Bradshaw Layfield management venture, and just saw him challenge John Cena to a match at SummerSlam!

Paul Heyman: I’m never wrong, J.R. But, getting back to business, whilst I disagree with JBL with him saying that Lashley will be more dominant than my beast, Brock Lesnar, I do agree that Lashley will be a force to be reckoned with here on SmackDown. But hey, who better to replace JBL on commentary than a visionary such as myself.


The arena turns yellow and green and the upbeat music fills the arena as the United States Champion, Kofi Kingston bounds out onto the stage! He stands on the ramp, and does his boom routine, setting off his pyrotechnic before setting on his route down to the ring.

Jim Ross: This is a match that I cannot wait for. It’s a match that has been building for a few weeks, and after last week when R-Truth pinned Kingston, the WWE Board of Directors decided to give Truth a title shot, just three weeks before the huge four on four contest at SummerSlam.

Paul Heyman: What a brilliant decision by the WWE Board of Directors ... a great contest to get us started here on SmackDown. And what’s more, it’s for the prestigious United States Championship, a title held by some of the legends here in the WWE, and who knows ... Kofi Kingston might just go on to become one of the best U.S Champions of all time.

Kingston jogs up the steel steps, enters the ring and does his boom routine again, getting a solid pop.

***WHAT’S UP***

The crowd begin to boo as R-Truth’s theme fills the arena, and after a moment, he walks through the curtain. Truth looks around the arena, before pointing at Kingston and motioning around his stomach.

Jim Ross: R-Truth will team with Chris Jericho, The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson at SummerSlam, and if they defeat their opposing team ... Theodore Long will be fired as SmackDown General Manager.

Paul Heyman: What a match that will be. The two teams will collide at SummerSlam, and the two leaders are two of the biggest stars in this industry. Chris Jericho, the first ever Undisputed Champion and Edge, the multi time Worlds Champion. This will be a match for the ages, and we get a sneak peak here tonight with the United States Title on the line!

Truth climbs into the ring, and stands in his corner as Kingston hands the championship to the referee.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall ... and is for the WWE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONNNSHIPPP! Introducing first, the challenger, from Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing 220lbs, he is the former United States Champion, R-TRUTH!

Truth raises his arms, getting some heat.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Ghana, West Africa, weighing 212lbs, he is the current WWE United States Champion, KOFI KINGGGSTONNN!

This time it’s a round of cheers as Kingston taps his U.S belt that the ref’ holds out to him. The referee then raises it high in the air and then rings for the bell.

Match 1 – United States Championship Match
Kofi Kingston © vs. R-Truth

The match begins with some fast paced action, Kingston coming firing right out of the gate, taking the fight to the man that beat him last week. Truth seems to be off his game as he struggles to keep up with the fast pace of the United States Champion. Seeing his chances slip away, he rolls out of the ring to take a breather. Kingston tries to get to him, but the referee blocks his path. Truth walks around the ring and turns to the ring, standing in front of the announce table. Kingston shouts at him to get back into the ring, and on commentary, Heyman shouts to Truth to get back into the ring, he’ll get counted out. So, Truth snaps at Paul, telling him he knows what’s he’s doing, which at that point Heyman points at J.R, trying to pass the blame. But, Truth turns back to the ring, and sees Kingston flying over the top rope, and he manages to side step him so he lands with a thud.

Truth slides him into the ring and gets a near fall. From there, Truth was in control, keeping the faster man down on the mat with various rest holds. He realized this wouldn’t win him the match, so he brought Kingston to his feet and began brawling with Kingston around the ring, winning the majority of the exchanges. At one point, he got Kingston into the corner and lifted him onto the top rope. Truth climbed to the top rope, and went for a superplex, but Kingston held onto the top rope, and then head butted his opponent, sending him down to the mat. Kofi lifted himself up and went for a cross body, hitting it and getting a near fall.

He would get up quickly, meeting Truth who kicked him in the stomach and hit a Snap DDT, taking control again. Truth shouts to Heyman, he knew what he was doing all along, to which Heyman responds with a clap of the hand, and J.R shakes his head. This distraction though, allowed Kingston to roll Truth up, but only get a near fall. From there, Kingston would make a comeback, hitting some chest slaps, so powerful that they send Truth to the mat. He got up quickly after each one though, and then hit a beautiful standing drop kick to him. Instead of going for the cover, he hit the Boom Drop and got a near fall!

Kingston got up quickly, and went into the corner and began to slap his hands together, the crowd booming along with him. The challenger got to his feet, and Kingston went for Trouble In Paradise, but Truth ducked and then kicked Kingston in the stomach, he then hit the ropes and went for his Corkscrew Scissor Kick, but Kingston moves out the way and connects with SOS, getting a near fall. The two get up at the same time, with Kingston ducking a clothesline, and then from out of nowhere hit Trouble In Paradise, picking up the big victory!

Winner – Kofi Kingston @ 10.52



The crowd pop as Kingston rolls away from Truth and uses the ropes to climb to his feet. The referee is handed the United States Champion by a dude at ringside and hands it to Kofi. He clutches it to his chest before raising it high in the air.

Jim Ross: Kofi Kingston retains the United States Championship, after looking in dire straits as R-Truth was in complete control.

Paul Heyman: That was until you distracted him.

Jim Ross: I think that was-

Paul Heyman: But, J.R, what a way to kick off the match portion of the show, two of SmackDown’s brightest fighting over a championship, with Paul Heyman on commentary, you can’t get much better than that.

Kofi rolls out of the ring and backs up the ramp, holding his championship above his head as R-Truth begins to stir in the ring.


We’re backstage, where The Rated R Superstar, Edge is sitting on a couch, seemingly just having watched the United States Title match as he has a bowl of popcorn on his lap. The SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long on the other hand, is pacing the room, looking stressed.

Theodore Long: I gotta’ tell ya’, playa ... the closer we get to SummerSlam, the more nervous I get.

Edge shakes his head as Long stops pacing.

Edge: Don’t worry about it, Teddy. Didn’t, uh, you see what just happened out there. Kofi Kingston just defeated R-Truth ... that gives us a psychological advantage in my book.

Long sighs.

Theodore Long: I know, but-

Edge holds up a hand, then he moves the bowl from his lap and places it on a nearby table. He wipes his hands on his jeans before standing up.

Edge: Seriously, don’t sweat it. Listen, you put your faith in me, and your faith in Kingston, Kaval and Bryan, we won’t let you down.

Theodore Long: Good. But, playa, this is my family and my livelihood we’re talkin’ ‘bout. You can’t lose this match ... we can’t lose this match, Edge.

Edge nods, putting his hand on Teddy’s shoulder.

Edge: Jesus, Teddy ... like I said, don’t worry. We got this. And, anyway, we can’t let you go ... who’ll go out there and make all those tag team contests we love so much? Oh, and if you go, who do we replace you with? Vickie Guerrero? No, thank you.

Long seems to have accepted Edge’s words as he nods.

And, we cut away to inside the arena, where Jamie Noble is standing in the ring, getting a lukewarm reaction from the crowd.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. In the ring, from Hanover, West Virginia, weighing 202lbs, JAMIE NOBLE!

A moment later...


And boom! The arena turns red as Kane’s music fills the arena, and The Big Red Monster makes his way onto the stage.

Justin Roberts: And, his opponent, weighing 323lbs, The Big Red Monster, KAAANNNEEE!

Paul Heyman: This, J.R, will be massacre. I truly feel for Jamie Noble, having to take on this man, Kane.

Jim Ross: I have to agree with you, Paul. I like Jamie Noble, he is a skilled competitor, but in the mood that Kane is in, he is no match for The Big Red Monster. Especially, after what Kane did to him last week, seemingly for no reason.

Paul Heyman: He doesn’t need a reason, J.R. He’s Kane, The Big Red Monster, I think ... I think he can do what he wants. Or, judging by his recent behaviour, he may be taking orders from someone else ... a higher entity if you will.

Jim Ross: A higher entity?

Paul Heyman: Hey ... I’m just calling what I see. The rose, the voices, the strange singing from last week ... it all points to that. Well ... either that or Kane has really lost it.

Kane climbs into the ring and stands in the centre, he lifts his hands into the air before whipping them down, setting off his corner pyro.

Match Two – Singles Match
Jamie Noble vs. Kane

A short match here to continue the wrestling portion of the show. Jamie Noble does get a bit of offense in at the beginning of the contest, giving the crowd hope that he could actually beat Kane, but it didn’t last long as The Big Red Monster swatted him away and went to town. He dominated Jamie for about a minute, toying with him before deciding to end it, hitting the Chokeslam and getting the pin fall.

Winner – Kane @ 2.01


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, KAANNEE!

The bell rings, and the crowd boo, as Kane stands up from the body of his opponent and stands above him.

Jim Ross: Well, no shock – Hey!

It seems Kane isn’t done, as he pulls Jamie Noble up to his feet, grabs him by the throat and plants him with another Chokeslam!

Jim Ross: What an impact!

Paul Heyman: I’m glad that’s not me, J.R.

The fans are booing as Kane exits the ring, but doesn’t go up the ramp, instead he walks over to the time keepers booth and demands a microphone. The scared timekeeper gives him a microphone and Kane climbs back into the ring and stands next to Noble’s body.

Kane: Not ... long ... now.

Kane kneels down next to Noble’s body and looks at the crowd as the lights in the arena begins to dim.

Kane: Soon. Oh, so very soon.

Kane smiles a sick grin.

Kane: Everything is set in motion.

He smoothes his hand over the canvas beside Noble, grinning.

Kane: He ... will ... rise.

The Big Red Monster begins laughing, bringing a creepy vibe to the arena, as it turns from dark navy to dark red.

Kane: (demonically singing)
The devil in hell we’re told was chained
A thousand years he remained
He neither complained nor did he groan
But was determined to start a hell of his own

Kane begins to laugh again, and the crowd sit in stunned silence at the live rendition (which isn’t half bad).

We head to the commercials without any words from the commentators.


Back from the break, Matt Striker is standing by with a microphone.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentleman, I give you the Cruiserweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler.

A moment later, Dolph Ziggler walks into the shot, with Layla by his side; he gets a nice amount of heat from the crowd.

Matt Striker: Dolph, you face Evan Bourne at SummerSlam, defending your Cruiserweight Title after Kelly Kelly defeated Layla, your thoughts?

Layla: I’m soooo sorry, about that, babe.

Dolph Ziggler: Don’t worry about it.

Ziggler turns to Striker.

Dolph Ziggler: Matt, it doesn’t matter that Lay’ lost to Kelly, because in the grand scheme of matters, it’s irrelevant.

Layla smiles.

Dolph Ziggler: In under three weeks ... I go into Hawaii, the biggest SummerSlam in history at a record four hours, and I walk in as Cruiserweight Champion ... and Matt, I walk out as Cruiserweight Champion.

Layla nods beside Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler: Look, I’ve already beat Evan Bourne, he is nothing to me, he couldn’t hold a candle to me. I’ll go to SummerSlam, successfully defend my title, defeat Bourne again ... and steal the show, just like I do every night.


Dolph Ziggler: And ... I’ll look pretty damn good doing it.

Layla turns Ziggler around and plants him with a big kiss which draws heat from the crowd and Striker looks away awkwardly. After they are done, Ziggler turns his head to the camera, Layla’s arms still wrapped around his neck.

Dolph Ziggler: Show ... Off.

Cutting straight to the arena...

Jim Ross: Well, uh, a very confident Dolph Ziggler there, folks. He’ll go one on one with Evan Bourne for the Cruiserweight Championship at SummerSlam.

Paul Heyman: What did you think of the kiss, J.R?

Jim Ross: ...

Paul Heyman: I mean, you could have added in some of your wonderful commentary. “Bah gawd they’ve locked up” or “Business is picking up” or something like that.

Jim Ross: ...

Paul Heyman: No?

Jim Ross: No.


The arena erupts with a massive amount of heat as the arena fills with the music of the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy. He walks out, walking down the ramp with the title on his shoulder.


Jim Ross: This individual is one sick man, ladies and gentleman ... what he did two weeks ago-

Paul Heyman: Was genius, J.R! He lured Jeff Hardy into a trap ... and it worked to perfection. So, Jeff’s girlfriend got in the cross fire, and Gregory Helms attempted to be a superhero again ... that doesn’t matter, he got the job done and sent a message to his brother.

Hardy climbs into the ring, with a microphone in his hand and stands in the centre.

Matt Hardy: Last week ... you people showed your true colours, and you proved why the barricades that separates you from the Superstars, needs to be there. You proved all of that, when you cheered what Jeff Hardy did to my car.

Big pop from the crowd.

Matt Hardy: You all watched as Jeff Hardy attacked my personal property. A personal item of mine ... which cost a lot of money to purchase. And you, you bitter excuses for people, cheered him as he did it. That car ... cost me more money than you people will ever, collectively, own in your entire life time.


Matt Hardy: But, I got the last laugh ... because what Jeff doesn’t seem to realize, is they are consequences to his actions. It’s something that Jeff has never ... quite got through his thick skull. All of his life, he has done things without thinking ... and it was me that had to clean his mess up.

Hardy shakes his head.

Matt Hardy: But, this time, there was nobody to tidy up his mess ... and he got burnt. I did the right thing, and contacted the relevant authorities. Last week, because of his actions, I got Jeff Hardy arrested.

Lots of heat.

Matt Hardy: I had my brother arrested and thrown in prison. And, this is why, you will not be seeing Jeff Hardy here tonight.

Lots and lots of heat.

Matt Hardy: And while Jeff was being hauled to prison ... I climbed into this ring and made an example out of Jeff’s best friend ... and my former friend, Gregory Helms.

Hardy lowers the microphone and shakes his head.

Matt Hardy: The man that attempted to go back to his superhero roots, attempting to end my, so called, reign of terror. I put him down last week, sending a message to everybody, and that message was simple ... if you stand in my way, if you attempt to take this title from me ... you will lose.


Matt Hardy: Y’see, Gregory Helms chose his side all those months ago, when Jeff and I were first at odds. And, he chose Jeff’s side ... that was the moment that he lost. He bet on the wrong man, because look at me, and then look at Jeff. One man ... the World Heavyweight Champion and the other ... stuck in a prison cell.

More boos.

Matt Hardy: Whilst my brother might not be here tonight, he will be at SummerSlam.

Loud pop.

Matt Hardy: I have no idea, why you people are cheering. You should know, that him being at SummerSlam, is very bad for him ... and very bad for you. Let me explain.

Hardy takes a pause, for dramatic effect maybe.

Matt Hardy: At SummerSlam, I’ll not only defeat Jeff, but I will destroy him. After I’m done with him, you people won’t even recognise him. I will retain my title, by running through the so called threat that is Jeff Hardy. And all of you, will have to sit and watch as I humiliate your hero.


Matt Hardy: I have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, why I am the World Heavyweight Champion, not only am I a World Champion, but I am the greatest World Champion in recent memory.

More heat.

Matt Hardy: No longer, does Matt Hardy stand in the shadows. Now, I overshadow every Superstar in the WWE, including Jeff. I’ve proved who the real star of the Hardy family is, and it’s not the man you cheer every night. After SummerSlam, I’ll continue to cement my legacy as one of the greatest champions in history, whilst my brother ... after losing to me, will inevitably go on a downward spiral ... screwing up once again.

The crowd boo again.

Matt Hardy: Another screw up, and he’s terminated, gone, finished. His job with the WWE is gone and he will never come back. And this time, Jeff, I will not be there to save you, I won’t be there to pick you back up, no longer will you have a safety net to fall back on.

Hardy looks extremely serious.

Matt Hardy: After-


Matt’s eyes widen at the sound of Jeff Hardy’s theme music filling the arena, causing the fans to erupt into a huge pop. After a moment, Jeff Hardy, dressed in light blue jeans and a cream leather jacket, walks onto the stage, microphone in hand () and looks around the arena before setting his eyes of his brother.

Jeff Hardy: So-

Matt Hardy: What the hell are you doing here, Jeff?! You’re supposed to me in prison! Security! Security! Arrest this man!

Jeff looks to his side and shrugs his shoulders, as no security are trying to apprehend him.

Jeff Hardy: Unfortunately, I didn’t break out of prison. Instead, my Father... our Father bailed me out.


Matt Hardy: What?! How typical.

Matt shakes his head.

Jeff Hardy: And, I came to SmackDown not to talk... I came to fight. I came here to get a piece of you, Matt!

Jeff immediately drops the microphone and makes a beeline for the ring.

Jim Ross: Here comes Jeff Hardy! And, he wants a piece of Matt Hardy!

With the crowd on their feet, Hardy slides into the ring and meets his brother half way, taking his legs away and bringing him down to the mat! He rains down punches and punches, the crowd cheering with every punch!

Jim Ross: Matt Hardy is feeling the pain of every blow, everything that has built up over the past few months is coming out right here, right now!

The World Champion tries to cover up, but it’s no use, Jeff’s blows are getting through, inflicting a lot of pain! Jeff finally stands up, roaring out to the crowd as Matt crawls into the corner. In the opposite corner, Jeff turns around to see Matt standing up, and sprints at his brother... and goes for a big splash!

But, Matt side steps his brother, resulting in Jeff landing right on the turnbuckle!

The challenger to the World Title staggers around, feeling his chest, right into the champion who kicks him in the stomach... and attempts go for Twist of Fate!

Paul Heyman: Here we go, Twist of Fate to Jeff!

Jim Ross: No! Hang on!

Jeff immediately spins out of the finishing move, and then kicks Matt in the stomach and goes for his own Twist of Fate!

Jim Ross: The tables have turned!

But, Matt does the same, spinning out of Jeff’s Twist of Fate, and pushes Jeff against the ropes, and he rebounds but again, he takes Matt down with another double leg take down and begins raining down punches again!

Suddenly, three men, clothed in black tackle Jeff from behind, and another three men slide into the ring and hold Matt down.

Paul Heyman: Oh come on! Let them two go at it!

The security manages to pull Jeff into the corner, and the other three security members make sure to keep Matt separated from his brother, pulling him into the opposite corner.

“Let them fight!” is the chant from the fans as Jeff and Matt attempt to reach each other but the bulky security guards manage to keep them held as a couple of referees arrive on the scene to help.

Jim Ross: Looks like these fans agree with you, Paul.

Paul Heyman: Naturally. We’re going to see them eventually go at it, why not let them go at it now!


On the stage, SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long appears with a microphone in his hand.

Theodore Long: Now, hold on a second there, playas.

Jeff and Matt turn their heads to the stage, still being held in place.

Theodore Long: If you two want to go at it, fine, why wait until SummerSlam?

Big pop for that.

Theodore Long: In our main event, it will be Matt Hardy, teaming with Chris Jericho to take on the team of the Rated R Superstar, Edge and Jeff Hardy!

Massive pop.

Theodore Long: And since you two want to get at each so badly, I’ve came to a conclusion, if SummerSlam is to be my last WWE event, then I’m goin’ out in style. Your World Heavyweight Championship will not be a simple singles match, playas, instead it will have a stipulation attached ... a stipulation that the winner of the tag team match will decide. Holla holla!

Huge pop!

As Theodore Long’s music plays, Teddy doesn’t stay to do a little dance like he usually does, he instead walks away, backstage, with other things on his mind.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Matt and Jeff look at each other from opposite sides of the ring.

Jim Ross: We have just found out our main event for the evening, folks. In a star studded match, Edge will team with Jeff Hardy to face the team of Chris Jericho and the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy.

Paul Heyman: What a train wreck that will be. Every person in that match... hates every person in that match. Matt hates Edge, Edge hates Jericho, Jericho hates Jeff, Jeff hates Matt and so on and so on.

Jim Ross: That’s part of the entertainment, Paul.

The camera focuses on the two men in the ring as we head to a commercial break.



The fans begin to boo as the theme of the Cruiserweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler fills the arena, and after a moment, he walks out with the former Diva Search winner, Layla by his side. He has the CW belt around his waist, turned the opposite direction, so he shows it off as he turns around and shakes his ass.

Justin Roberts: The following six man tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, accompanied by Layla, from Hollywood, Florida, weighing 213lbs, he is the CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIOONNN OF THE WORRRLD, DOLPH ZIGGLERRR!

Jim Ross: Dolph Ziggler will team tonight with the former World Tag Team Champions, The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson.

Paul Heyman: If you wanted to put a team together featuring two of the most self obsessed Superstars on SmackDown, then that would be it. And, I’m not talking about the powerhouse, Ezekiel Jackson.

The Show Off walks around the ring, and climbs onto the apron, he steps into the ring before leaning out, shouting something at the crowd before stepping fully in and climbing up the turnbuckle.


Again, heat fills the arena as the former tag team champions, The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson walk onto the stage. Kendrick leads the way as Jackson follows behind him, looking menacing as always.

Justin Roberts: And his tag team partners, at a combined weight of 465lbs, the team of EZEKIEL JACKSON AND THEEEE BRIAN KENDRICK!

Jim Ross: The Brian Kendrick believes he and Ezekiel Jackson were a victim of Theodore Long’s alleged favouritism, as he maintains the only reason they lost the WWE Tag Team Championship because they weren’t prepared for the match.

Paul Heyman: Well, I can see their point, J.R. The Brian Kendrick and Jackson had no time to prepare for a team that had months and months to study their opponent, so obviously they were at a disadvantage.

Kendrick and Jackson climb into the ring, and stand beside Ziggler and Layla as they wait for their opponents.


A solid pop fills the arena as the team of Daniel Bryan and Kaval, The Warriors walk onto the stage, alongside AJ Lee. They’re dressed in matching red attire, and they have their eyes set on the ring.

Justin Roberts: And their opponents, first, accompanied by AJ Lee, the team of Daniel Bryan and Kaval, THE WARRIOORRRSS!

Jim Ross: In terms off pure wrestling talent, this team right here, may just be the best tag team in the last couple of years.

Paul Heyman: That’s a big statement to make, J.R, and one I actually agree with. These two men, have been all around the world, competing in some of the biggest promotions available, they have only been in the WWE for a couple of months, and yet they are part of a feature match at SummerSlam.

Jim Ross: And, we mustn’t forget about AJ Lee, I’ve heard that she’s a very good wrestler as well, and it should only be a matter of time before we see that in action.

Bryan and Kaval do the smart thing, not climbing into the ring right away, instead they wait for their tag team partner.


The whirling sound of Evan Bourne’s theme fills the arena and after a moment, he comes out, jogging onto the stage and putting his hand in the air with the “peace” sign. He has the women that won him a Cruiserweight Title shot last week by his side, Kelly Kelly who walks with him down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: And their tag team partner, accompanied by Kelly Kelly, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing 165lbs, EVAAANNN BOURNE!!

Jim Ross: In a few weeks time, Evan Bourne will go one on one with Dolph Ziggler, for the Cruiserweight Championship, thanks to Kelly Kelly. Dolph Ziggler successfully defended his title a couple of weeks ago against Evan Bourne, but he used some underhanded tactics to achieve it, they’re will be none of that at SummerSlam!

Paul Heyman: I have no problems with what Dolph Ziggler did to retain his championship. In this business, you need every advantage that you can get.

Bourne meets Kaval and Bryan at the bottom of the ramp, and the trio slide into the ring, leaving Kelly Kelly and AJ to make small talk.

Match 3 – Six Man Tag
Evan Bourne & The Warriors; Daniel Bryan & Kaval w/AJ Lee & Kelly Kelly vs. Dolph Ziggler & The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson w/Layla

Kicking off the match for the heels was the hulking figure of Ezekiel Jackson, who went toe to toe with one of the men he attacked last week, Kaval. The World Warrior attempted to take the big man down to his knees, with constant kicks, but Jackson would swat him away and take control with a huge body slam. Jackson worked over Kaval for a minute, until he let him get the tag to Daniel Bryan, who went for a flying cross body but Jackson caught him and slammed him down to the mat.

Jackson would then tag in Brian Kendrick who would continue the good work, but the more even size allowed Bryan to get some offense in and tag in Evan Bourne who came in hot, hitting some fast paced moves but when he hit the ropes, Ziggler kicked him in the back, allowing Kendrick to take control. The heels began to work over Bourne, constant tags in and out, until Ziggler locked a chin lock on the number one contender to his Cruiserweight Championship, and with the crowd behind him, he got the hot tag to Kaval, as Ziggler tagged in Jackson.

This time, Kaval had better luck with Jackson, taking the big man down to his feet and knocking Kendrick off the apron. Kaval set up for Warriors Way, but both Ziggler and Kendrick got involved, and threw Kaval from the top rope. Bryan and Bourne came into the match, and hit a double drop kick to the two men near the corner. They then hit a double suicide dive to them as Kaval was left with Jackson.

Jackson took control with an impactful running clothesline, and then waited in the corner for Kaval to get up. He would then walk over to Kaval, but then AJ Lee climbed onto the apron and distracted the referee, and despite this heelish act, the crowd cheered this from the small Diva. Then, suddenly, The Rated R Superstar, Edge slid into the ring, and Jackson noticed the buzz in the arena and turned around, right into a Spear!

Lee dropped from the apron as Edge slid out and they met at the ramp. Layla was checking on Ziggler so she didn’t see it, but she’s noticed now and is throwing a tantrum as Kaval hooks the big man’s leg. The referee counts the three and Lee and Edge high five on the outside to a big pop.

Winners – Evan Bourne & The Warriors; Daniel Bryan & Kaval

Justin Roberts: Here are your winners, EVAN BOURNE, DANIEL BRYAN AND KAVAL!

Edge and AJ Lee climb into the ring and helps Kaval to his feet, as Bryan and Bourne slide in with Kelly not far behind them. The packed ring celebrate by raising all of their hands as Ziggler is already half way up the ramp with, using Layla for support as Kendrick sits on the floor with a look of disgust.

Paul Heyman: What the hell was that?!

Jim Ross: After last week ... I call that retribution, Paul.

Paul Heyman: Wrong, J.R. That was cheating!

Kendrick backs up the ramp, with Jackson following him. The big man turns around and looks at Edge, and points at him and says “This ain’t over!” Whilst Edge waves him goodbye.


Backstage, Shelton Benjamin is sitting on a locker room bench, scrolling through his phone, as Nikki Bella is ... boxing? She is, Kenny King is stood in front of her with protective mitts on his hands as Nikki lays into them with boxing gloves.

Kenny King: Harder.

Nikki wheels back and lays into the protective mitt again.

Kenny King: If you want to beat Natalya next week ... you’ll have to do better.

Nikki clenches her teeth as she goes for another punch.

Kenny King: I said harder!

Nikki Bella: I am!

King sits down on the bench beside Shelton who continues to scroll through his phone, he takes the mitts off and throws them to the ground.

Nikki Bella: What’s up with you today?

King looks up.

Kenny King: Your sister.

Nikki rolls her eyes as Benjamin looks up from his phone, right at King who catches his partners look and stares back.

Kenny King: ... What?

Shelton Benjamin: (laughing) I told you to let that go. You got rejected ... big deal.

King looks like he’s been shot.

Kenny King: Let it go? Do you realize ... Kenny King has never been rejected by a women!

Nikki Bella: First time for everything, I guess.

King is about to retort, but they are interrupted by the voice of SmackDown interviewer, Tiffany.

Tiffany: Excuse me.

King pops right up off the bench and drapes an arm over Tiffany’s shoulder as Benjamin stands up, looks at Nikki and the two shake their heads.

Kenny King: Well, hello, baby.

Tiffany uses her non-microphone hand to remove King’s arm from around her shoulder.

Tiffany: Uh, guys, I wanted to get your thoughts on the tag team championship match at SummerSlam, and of course ... Nikki, your match against Natalya next week?

Benjamin speaks first.

Shelton Benjamin: Firstly, Nikki is goin’ to wipe the floor with Natalya next week, that right?

Nikki smiles.

Nikki Bella: Right.

Kenny pops up again.

Kenny King: With my training, of course.

Shelton Benjamin: And, as for the champions, The Hart Dynasty ... it’s obvious they are only champions because Bret Hart managed to convince Theodore Long to give them a title shot. This – we – will be The Hart Dynasty’s first real challenge, we proved that when we attacked them last night ... that's why they aren't here tonight, and that challenge is one they will not be successful with.


Kenny King: And the Friday after SummerSlam, after we win those WWE Tag Team Titles, we will host the biggest party in SmackDown history, the celebration of those titles changing hands and arriving at this gorgeous waist.

More heat as Nikki rolls her eyes and smiling. That appears to be the interview over as we fade away.

Back in the arena ...


A nice little pop comes from the crowd as John Morrison walks onto the stage. He poses in slow motion with a wind machine blowing his hair back, it makes for quite the image.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 209lbs, JOHN MORRIISSOONN!

Jim Ross: Ever since John Morrison lost to Dolph Ziggler, he hasn’t done anything of note, and this is his opportunity to make a huge statement tonight.

Paul Heyman: If he can beat a man that’s on a mission, J.R. John Morrison is a very talented Superstar, he has the pretty boy good looks, and he has solid in ring skills, but do you really think he can deal with the power of Bobby Lashley?

Jim Ross: We’re about to find out, but like I said, John Morrison needs to do something soon. This is the man that Shawn Michaels took under his wing a few months ago, he obviously saw something in him, and if you have the support of The Heartbreak Kid, then you must be pretty special.

Morrison climbs into the ring and climbs up to the second turnbuckle. The camera pans around as he takes his jacket off, showing off his abs.


Loud heat fills the arena and after a moment, Bobby Lashley, and John Bradshaw Layfield walk onto the stage. JBL takes his hat off and holds it out to his side, soaking in the heat with a smile, but Lashley is all business, he couldn’t care about the fans reaction as he has his eyes set on John Morrison.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, accompanied by John Bradshaw Layfield, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, weighing 275lbs, BOBBBYYY LASHLEYYY!

Jim Ross: Here is a man that some say turned his back on the fans-

Paul Heyman: He didn’t turn his back on the fans! They turned their back on him when he decided to make a statement, and judging by how he looks right now ... he doesn’t really care if they boo him or if they cheer him.

Jim Ross: That’s debateable. Nonetheless, Bobby Lashley has proved how destructive he can be, and with John Bradshaw Layfield by his side, that could be a very dangerous combination.

Paul Heyman: JBL? You mean the guy that insulted your commentary? Don’t worry, Jim, I would never do that to you. Best buddies aren’t we?

Jim Ross: Sure, Paul.

Lashley stands at the apron, then leaps onto it, setting off some pyro which shoots from the ring posts. He enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, he extends his arms into the air, drawing more heat as JBL makes himself comfortable at ringside, waving at J.R which allows Heyman to make some snide remark about J.R wanting to punch Bradshaw.

Match 4: Singles Match
Bobby Lashley w/John Bradshaw Layfield vs. John Morrison

As soon as the bell rings, Lashley explodes from his corner and goes right for Morrison, who manages to side step him and circles the ring. Lashey tries again, this time to quick for Morrison, and pushes him back into the corner before kneeing him over and over in the stomach. He then throws Morrison into the centre of the ring by his head, and when he gets up – bulldozes him by running right through him chest first! JBL likes what he’s seeing as Lashley yanks Morrison to his feet, and picks him up for a Suplex, but Morrison manages to land on his feet and pull Lashley down with a neck breaker.

Morrison began to take some initiative, but it only lasted a minute or two as Lashley cut it off with a spine buster! Bobby settled into his role as the bruiser as he bullied Morrison around the ring, using his power, and beginning to incorporate a more striking base as he used kicks and punches. This continued for a good few minutes, until Morrison side stepped an oncoming Lashley, who hit the turnbuckle, chest first, and fell back into Morrison’s clutches, in a roll up, in which he got a near fall.

Morrison had a sequence of moves that had Lashley on the back foot, taking it to the big man, but JBL on the outside wasn’t exactly worried as he knows what Lashley can do, and he justified JBL’s faith in him as he caught Morrison, who went for a cross body, before slamming him right down to the ground! He got a near fall then, and then Lashley picked Morrison up, Irish-whipping him, but Morrison reversed and Lashley hit the ropes, but exploded back with a massive spear! Instead of going for the cover, he pulls Morrison to his feet and hits The Dominator. JBL didn’t even have to get involved because of how dominant Lashley was!

Winner – Bobby Lashley @ 7.48

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, BOBBBYYYY LASHLEEYYY!

Lashley stands up and has his hand raised by the referee, still got the intense look on his face. Bradshaw climbs up the steel steps, and steps through the ropes, with a grin on his face, knowing he’s got one hell of a first client on his books.

Paul Heyman: What an absolutely dominant performance by Bobby Lashley! We just saw what Bobby Lashley is capable off, and with JBL by his side, expect us to see a lot more of this side of Bobby!


Jim Ross: Business is about to pick up, Paul!

Indeed it is, as JOHN CENA walks onto the stage, getting a MASSIVE reaction from the crowd. He stands on the stage, and looks down at Lashley who’s staring right back at him, JBL by his side. Bobby stares at Cena with an intensity in his eyes, and Cena does the same, before SPRINTING DOWN THE RAMP TO A MASSIVE POP!

Jim Ross: John Cena is here! And, he’s here to get a piece of Bobby Lashley!

Cena slides into the ring as JBL makes his escape at the back of the ring, and ducks a punch from Lashley and hits the ropes, hitting a flying shoulder block! Lashley takes a second to get up, and Cena then hits another, getting fired up as he pulls his blue shirt off and throws it into the crowd!

JBL arrives at the ramp as Cena turns around to Lashley, and PULLS HIM ONTO HIS SHOULDERS ... LOOKING FOR THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT ... but Lashley manages to wriggle away from it! Cena turns around, and spots LASHLEY EXPLODE TOWARDS HIM ... SPEAR ... NO! Cena side steps him, and Lashley hits the ropes, holding onto them, and Cena CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP!

Jim Ross: Lashley’s been dumped from the ring!

Paul Heyman: What is John Cena doing out here! This was Lashley’s time to celebrate his victory!

Cena’s fired up, and paces from side to side as Lashley stands up on the outside. Cena welcomes him back into the ring, shouting “come on!” And, Lashley is happy to oblige, he wants Cena just as much as Cena wants him, but JBL puts his arms in front of Lashley and tells him to do it another time. “You’ve just had a match. Another time, another time” And, Lashley takes a step back, but he doesn’t take his eyes off Cena in the ring.

Jim Ross: Cena’s ready for a fight tonight, and Lashley is backing away, Paul!

Paul Heyman: It’s the smart thing to do! Lashley has just fought against John Morrison, JBL’s doing the right thing by pulling Lashley back, and lucky for Cena that he’s doing it!

JBL and Lashley have reached the half way point of the ramp, but Cena now has a microphone so they stop in their tracks.

John Cena: (fired up) You want a fight Lashley?! I’m right here! Come on, big man, you want a piece of me so bad ... well the feeling’s mutual, son, I’m right here!

Lashley makes a move to the ring, but JBL pulls him back.

John Cena: Does JBL do your thinkin’ for you now, Lashley?! I can understand you targeting me, but siding with that piece of crap ... you’ve just turned your back on all of these fans and everybody in this arena wants me to kick ... your ... ASS!

Massive pop with Heyman shouting “they turned on him!”

John Cena: And since you’re too much of a bitch (pop) to get back in this ring with me tonight ... and you made a challenge to me at the top of the show ... SummerSlam ... John Cena and Bobby Lashley ... I ACCEPT!

Huge pop from the crowd at this huge match being finally booked properly.


Cena drops the microphone and raises his hands in the air with his classic hand sign, as he stares right at Lashley looks right back at him. JBL whispering something in Lashley’s ear, and then the two of them back away.

Jim Ross: You’ve heard it here, folks! SummerSlam ... the powerhouse Lashley goes one on one with perhaps the greatest WWE Superstar in recent memory, it will be Bobby Lashley versus John Cena!

Paul Heyman: SummerSlam is shaping up to be the best in history, J.R. I just hope Hawaii can handle having these two huge Superstars battle inside that ring!

Before Lashley disappears backstage, we see one final look of intensity from Lashley, right at Cena who is stood on the second turnbuckle, staring right back at him.


We come back, and we’re backstage, where Chris Jericho, dressed in wrestling gear is standing in front of the camera, in his locker room, looking pissed as usual.

Chris Jericho: I’m here to make a point to you group of sickening hypocrites. Earlier in the evening, Edge interfered in a match that he had no business getting involved in. And, if it was Chris Jericho that did that, you parasitic tapeworms would be booing me out of the building.

Heat for the tapeworm cracks.

Chris Jericho: When I was drafted from Monday Night Raw, I believed I would be free of the double standards, but as it turns out ... SmackDown is just as bad, if not worse than Raw. Just like Theodore Long, you people are what’s wrong with this brand.

More heat.

Chris Jericho: You’ll boo Bobby Lashley for attacking John Cena from behind, but you’ll cheer Edge costing Ezekiel Jackson his match.

Cheers. Jericho shakes his head.

Chris Jericho: But, rest assured, what Edge did will not go unpunished. We have already proved how superior we are to the team that Theodore Long has assembled, especially when Ezekiel has proved he could destroy three men at once.

More heat as the fans remember last week.

Chris Jericho: Individually and collectively, Team Teddy does not stand a chant at SummerSlam. And after SummerSlam, SmackDown will be a better place, and it will be thanks to Team Jericho.

Jericho walks away from the shot, as his match his next and now we get the SummerSlam hype video.


Sweeping shot of the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii...

The biggest event of the summer...

Various shots of previous SummerSlam events in different arenas...

Home to some of the biggest moments...

Shots of Bret Hart versus Curt Hennig and The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar...

The biggest Superstars called their playground...

Quick clip of Hulk Hogan staring at Shawn Michaels...

Is getting even bigger...

A shot of the inside of the Aloha Stadium at night...

Bigger matches...

Shot of Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy staring at each other from across the ring...

Bigger moments...

Sweeping shot of a huge stadium, filled with WWE fans...

Bigger Superstars...

Side to side shots of John Cena and Randy Orton...

The biggest SummerSlam in history...

Another shot of the Aloha Stadium...

Is here...



For the first time ever, Raw and SmackDown present a FOUR hour extravaganza... SummerSlam!



The first entrant to this tag team match, is none other than the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy, who receives a massive batch of boos from the crowd. He walks out with the title around his waist, and looks as focused as ever as he walks down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing 235lbs, he is the WORRLLDD HEAVYWEIGHTTT CHAMPION, MAAATTT HARRDYY!!

Jim Ross: This here is a man that will do anything to succeed, he has turned his back on anybody and everybody that even had an ounce of respect and positivity towards him.

Paul Heyman: And look at him now, World Heavyweight Champion!

Jim Ross: Be that as it may, is it really worth turning your back on your own flesh and blood, is really worth alienating yourself from your fans and the people that love you?

Paul Heyman: Obviously. The minute Matt Hardy decided that he didn’t need to do what the fans wanted him to do, the minute he decided to stop worrying about his brother and stop saving his ass, he became a top player, a man worthy of becoming World Heavyweight Champion.

Jim Ross: Well, he has a tough task tonight, as he teams with Chris Jericho to take on his brother, Jeff Hardy and The Rated R Superstar, Edge. And, we all know the history there.

Paul Heyman: It’s not pretty.

Matt climbs into the ring and climbs up the second turnbuckle, he lifts the title from his waist and raises it in the air and drops down. He then clutches it to his chest as he waits for his tag team partner.


Another solid batch of heat from the fans as Chris Jericho makes his way onto the stage. He looks disgusted as he walks down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: And his tag team partner, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing 226lbs, CHRRRIIISSS JERRRIICCHOOO!

Jim Ross: Before making his way down for this match, Chris Jericho had a point to make, he said if it was him that did what Edge did, he wouldn’t get the same reaction that Edge got.

Paul Heyman: It’s true though. These fans are fickle, J.R, they hated Edge for years, and then they simply turn in favour of him just because he shook John Cena’s hand at Backlash.

Jim Ross: Well, tonight, Jericho teams with the World Champion, a belt that Jericho believes he should have right now, and that anger caused him to attack Jeff Hardy after Judgment Day, the man that will be on the other side of the ring tonight.

Jericho slowly walks up the steel steps, and steps into the ring, before standing in the centre and looking around the arena as they boo. Once he stops surveying the crowd, Jericho walks to his corner, he and Matt making awkward eye contact before we notice Jericho glancing at the belt on Matt’s shoulders.

Jim Ross: This match will begin after this quick commercial break.



A huge pop as the stage fills with smoke, and a moment passes before The Rated R Superstar, Edge jogs out and looks fired up as he runs to both sides of the ramp.

Justin Roberts: And, their opponents, first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing 241lbs, The Rated R Superstar, EDGE!

Paul Heyman: I said before how nobody likes each other in this match, we know the history of Edge and Jeff Hardy, it was Edge that he lost his WWE Championship to at the Royal Rumble, and of course, Matt and Edge have never seen eye to eye.

Jim Ross: It’s probably best that we don’t go into that right now. We don’t have the air time to run through that rivalry.

Paul Heyman: It must make Edge sick though, to see Matt Hardy as the World Champion. And, having Jericho on the other side to look at won’t help.

Instead of waiting for his tag team partner, Edge slides into the ring, keeping a wary eye on Jericho and Matt as he climbs the turnbuckle and raises his hands in the air.


A man who is arguably on John Cena’s level as the most popular Superstar in recent memory, Jeff Hardy high steps onto the stage, the fans on their feet, cheering loudly. He does his thrusting crap on the stage, before his pyro sounds off and walks down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: And his tag team partner, from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing 215lbs, JEEFFF HARRRDY!

Jim Ross: Jeff Hardy has fought many men in his life time, he’s also fought against his own demons, but the biggest fight of his life comes in three weeks time when he faces off against his brother for the third time!

Paul Heyman: And both times before, he’s lost. He even lost the match that he helped make what it is today, the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, that must be eating away at him, losing that match to his very own brother.

Jim Ross: The winner of this match will determine who picks the stipulation for their match at SummerSlam. We could see an I Quit match, a rematch of TLC, or even a Last Man Standing match, we’ll have to wait and see.

Hardy hops into the ring and ascends the turnbuckle, posing in front of the fans before dropping down and pointing at Matt as the referee backs him up into his corner.

Main Event – Tag Team Match (The Winning Team Will Decide The Stipulation For The World Title Match At SummerSlam)
Edge & Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho & Matt Hardy

A very interesting match here that started slowly, with both teams having a little bit of a discussion with each other over who’ll start, eventually it would be Edge and Jericho kicking things off. They battled for a couple of minutes with neither man gaining an actual advantage, so Matt Hardy reached in and slapped Jericho on the shoulder, tagging himself in. Edge and Matt looked at each other from across the ring, ready to do battle, when Jeff would shout to Edge to tag him in, but Edge ignored him and the two long time rivals locked up.

This time, Matt would take control of Edge, taking him down to the mat, and roughing up his face. Matt dragged Edge into the corner, and we finally saw some team work as Matt tagged in Jericho, and the two took turns stomping on The Rated R Superstar in the corner, the referee got involved and made Matt leave the ring. As he was distracted, Edge heelishly (although to a pop) poked Jericho in the eye and attempted to Irish-whip him into the corner, but Jericho instinctively reversed and sent Edge crashing into his own corner, where Jeff tagged himself in.

Jericho was still partially blinded, so Jeff took advantage with some quick paced offense, and then knocked Matt off the apron. Jeff seemed to be building up a head of steam, but when he hit the ropes, Matt reached up and pulled them down, sending Jeff tumbling out of the ring. Matt grabbed his brother and then tossed him into the steel steps! Edge walked around the ring, but the referee leaned out of the ring and told him to get to the cover, allowing Matt to work on Jeff at the steps, choking him with his boot, pressing his throat back against the steel. The World Champion finally let go and pushed Jeff back into the ring, allowing Jericho to get a near fall.

Jericho and Matt, putting aside their differences, took turns tagging in and out, using chokes and various tag team moves to keep Jeff on their side of the ring. But, a miscommunication from them allowed Jeff to scamper out from the corner, through the legs of Jericho and attempt to get a tag, but Jericho grabbed his leg, only for Jeff to get to his feet (foot?) and then hit an enziguri to Jericho’s temple! Both men were on the ground now, and eventually Jeff got the hot tag to Edge, just as Jericho got the tag to Matt, and the two met in the centre with Edge blocking a shot and hitting Matt with one of his own.

He backed Matt into the ropes, and whipped him to the other side, only for Matt to reverse, he would bend over and Edge saw this, so as he rebounded, he grabbed Matt by the neck and hit the Edge-A-Cution! He sinked into the cover, but only got a near fall! He ran his fingers through his hair and went into the corner, and bent down, and goes for the Spear ... but Matt side stepped and Edge crashed into the second turnbuckle. He staggers back out ... into Matt’s clutches and he hits him with the Side Effect!

Matt covered, but again, only a near fall. He complained to the referee, but he calmed down just as Edge was getting to his feet and kneed him in the stomach. Matt then attempted to Irish-whip Edge, but he reversed and when Matt hit the ropes, Jericho hopped onto the apron and got the blind tagged. He waited to see what would unfold, as Matt ducked a wild punch from Edge, and he managed to grab onto the ropes, but Edge ran at him and clotheslined him over the top! But, Edge turned around, taking a minute to catch his breath, only to see Jericho running at him ... and connecting with The Codebreaker!

The crowd booed, but then turned to cheers as Jericho turned around into Jeff’s arms, and he hit him with The Twist of Fate! Massive cheers from the crowd as Hardy pulled Edge into his corner, exited onto the apron and tagged himself in. He would then run to the other side of the ring, hopping over Jericho and going to the top rope! Matt climbed onto the apron and ran at the turnbuckle, but Jeff kicked him in the face and he fell down to the floor ... before Jeff jumped and connected with the Swanton Bomb! Jeff hooked the leg and the referee counted, 1-2-3!

Winners – Edge & Jeff Hardy @ 11.06

Justin Roberts: Here are your winners, Edge and JEFFF HARRDDYYY!

Hardy slowly climbs off Jericho and uses the ropes to get to his feet, and sees his brother slowly backing up the ramp, the referee handing him his championship. Jericho rolls out of the ring, the opposite side to Edge who’s resting on his back, on the apron.

Jeff is handed a microphone from the Roberts.

Jeff Hardy: Uh ... (out of breath) y’know, a few months ago Matt, you beat me in a match that both of us helped make what it is.

Jeff glances at Edge who helped in that.

Jeff Hardy: I lost a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match to you, and since then that’s played on my mind. At SummerSlam, I defeat you for the first time Matt ... and do it ... with that title ... held high above the ring ... in TABLES ... LADDERS ... AND CHAIRS ... THE REMATCH!

Matt shakes his head on the apron.


Huge pop from the crowd as Matt continues to back away, clutching his title to his chest like a baby.


Jeff climbs onto the second rope, and looks at Matt as he raises his hands into the air, drawing another massive reaction from the crowd.

Paul Heyman: Since Jim’s nearly destroyed his voice, I’ll wrap things up tonight ... we’ve seen battle lines been drawn, emotional words and most importantly, we’ve found out we will see the rematch to end rematches, thank you for joining us tonight, and join us next week for more action from SmackDown!

With that, we fade away with (a somewhat confusing, depending on how you look at it) “HAR-DY” chant!

End of Show

WWE SummerSlam
*4 Hours*
Date: 30th August 2009
Location: Aloha Stadium; Hawaii

WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship
Tables, Ladders & Chairs II
Matt Hardy © vs. Jeff Hardy

Grudge Match
Shawn Michaels vs. The Miz

One on One:
Bobby Lashley w/John Bradshaw Layfield vs. John Cena


Four on Four; Teddy Long’s Job in Peril
Team Teddy; Edge, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan & Kaval w/AJ Lee & Theodore Long vs. Team Jericho; Chris Jericho, R-Truth, The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

Intercontinental Championship
William Regal © vs. TJ Perkins

WWE Tag Team Championships
The Hart Dynasty; David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd © vs. The Prime Time Playas; Kenny King & Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championships
Mr. Kennedy & MVP © vs. The Monarchy; Drew McIntyre & Nigel McGuiness

Cruiserweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler © w/Layla vs. Evan Bourne w/Kelly Kelly

Undisputed Women’s Championship
Maryse © vs. Trish Stratus


Thanks for the feedback, fellas.

Terry - Mysterio wasn't put out of action via a punt, instead it was a con-chair-to.
BKB (not using that new name ) - I totally understand the Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase issue with them simply being lackeys. I'll be trying to change that perception over the coming weeks, with the inclusion of Mysterio into Batista's feud with Legacy.

Onto this show, it was chopped and changed a lot, the order changing a few times before I settled. A couple of points to make:
The perceptive among you will notice The Hart Dynasty weren't on this show, that's for two reasons, 1. They were attacked on Superstars.
2. They were originally on the show, but whilst chopping and changing, I may have forgot to add them back in.

I went back and forth quite a few times with the decision to have another TLC match between Matt and Jeff. So, hopefully it goes down well with people as I'm not entirely sure myself.
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

Smackdown Review

Personally for the World Heavyweight Championship, Matt Hardy defending his title against his brother Jeff Hardy in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs re-match, I personally think that is a great idea to be perfectly honest but at the same time these 2 already went at it in this type of a match but to see them go at it again in a TLC re-match speaks for itself because the 2 of them made this match essentially what it is today and for it to be showcased on such a huge stage like SummerSlam, I like it to be honest but at the same time if I had to be really frank then I would say there should've at least been another stipulation added to this that being that if Jeff Hardy loses this match he can no longer challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship as long as his brother Matt is champion, personally if you added that extra stipulation to this TLC match then for Jeff it would be all or nothing making it even more essential but hey that is just my opinion

It seems that this sibling rivalry between The Hardys has always been there, it has always been underneath the surface but to see it reach its boiling point here I can actually sympathize with Matt, being an older brother myself and having your younger brother being more favored than you are, I get what Matt is going through and not only that ever since Matt has become champion he has seemingly gotten better and better every title defense, it makes me wonder just who can beat Matt for that title? And even after Matt has beaten them all he still gets no respect around here and I wonder just who else he has to beat to get respect around here? How long has Matt been champion anyway? Here is hoping Matt Hardy at least has a lengthy reign with the Big Gold Belt because then that way at least Matt will be able to build even more prestige into the World Heavyweight Championship or at least restore prestige to that title considering superstars, legends and even Hall of Famers have held that title and for Matt to be holding it for a long time it makes the World Title seem all that much more important again which is what it should be

Love that Paul Heyman is on commentary, Heyman and JR on commentary again, this reminds me of the good old days back during the Invasion Era in 2001 because Heyman and JR were on commentary and to see it again all these years later in 2009 on Smackdown, it is so great

Lashley being managed by JBL, that honestly is a stroke of genius, JBL being a former WWE Champion the longest-reigning in Smackdown television history and to see him managing Lashley who has become better and better in his heel turn, I say this could be a match made in heaven but then again time will tell now won't it? JBL could lead Lashley towards the World Heavyweight Championship but to see Lashley vs Cena happen at SummerSlam, it was bound to happen sooner or later

Kane has seemingly become more evil more demonic than ever before, more vicious more sadistic and more psychotic than ever before, and I love it because it makes Kane seem more unpredictable too as of late, it makes Kane more scarier than he has ever been probably even more scarier than his Attitude Era self when he first debuted with his father Paul Bearer at Bad Blood, seeing Kane now as unhinged as he is, I wonder who the hell Kane is talking about by saying he will rise? Who is this "He" Kane keeps talking about? And then Kane singing afterwards in a eerie, cryptic way I admit I was scared even at this but in a good way because it is intriguing me...it makes me want to learn more

Everyone in that Smackdown locker room should be wary of Kane now because there is no telling who he will set his sights on but this darker, more psychotic Kane I love it

SummerSlam in Hawaii I actually like it because it is an inspired idea and seeing as how huge Aloha Stadium is but also the summertime atmosphere behind Hawaii I actually get it now as for why you would have SummerSlam be hosted there

But here is hoping for WrestleMania 27 if you even get that far that you haven't even decided where it would be held because if you haven't, I have a few ideas for you as for where it could be held other than in Atlanta, WrestleMania 27 as for where it can be held, let's see there's:

Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, Indiana
Mercedes Benz Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana
Gillette Stadium Boston, Massachusetts
Lincoln Financial Stadium Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cowboys Stadium Dallas, Texas
Wembley Stadium London, England
L.A. Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles, California
Rogers Centre Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Olympic Stadium Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Busch Stadium St. Louis, Missouri
PNC Park Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
CenturyLink Field Seattle, Washington
Rose Bowl Pasadena, California

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

Monday Night Raw - 17th August 2009

Before the opening video kicks in, we get a recap of the previous weeks, with a narrator running over events such as TJ Perkins being caught off guard with a microphone shot from William Regal, CM Punk and Randy Orton brawling through the crowd and out of site, before wrapping up with Rey Mysterio making his grand return, coming to the aid of his friend, Dave Batista who was at the mercy of Legacy.

Moving on, we get the usual opening to Raw, before cutting into the arena, where the camera pans around the fans, catching interesting signs. After a moment, fireworks shoot from the stage, lighting up the arena and once they stop...


After an initial pop, the arena descends into A LOT of heat, and after a moment – the WWE Champion, Randy Orton makes his way onto the stage. He’s dressed in his usual ring attire with a Legacy tee on, half of it covered by the WWE Championship that’s placed on his shoulder.

Lillian Garcia: Please welcome ... the WWE CHAMPIOOONNN, RAANNDDYYY ORTONNN!

Orton stands on the stage for a quick second, before walking down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Monday Night Raw! My name is Michael Cole, joined by my colleague, Mick Foley. And on that ramp, is the current, WWE Champion, arguably the most dangerous man in the WWE at this very moment.

Mick Foley: He certainly has a strong case for it. No other man in the WWE has put as many Superstars on the injured reserve list like Randy Orton has.

Michael Cole: Well, it looks as though we will hear from The Viper, but taking a moment to talk about tonight’s show. We are just two weeks away from SummerSlam, and last week we heard that Shawn Michaels will face The Miz, and tonight ... these two will be in the same ring, as Shawn Michaels is the guest for MizTV!

Mick Foley: That can’t end well, Michael. We know how much these men despise each other, I don’t think they’ll be able to wait until SummerSlam.

The WWE Champion reaches the ring, climbs up the steel steps and slowly enters the squared circle. He’s already got a microphone, as he picked it up from the top of the steps.

Randy Orton: In case you people ... in case you haven’t checked WWE.com this week, you didn’t see what I did to CM Punk.

The Apex Predator turns to face the stage, where a video begins to play.

:: WWE.com Exclusive ::
:: After Monday Night Raw ::

With Rey Mysterio’s music still playing in the background, the Monday Night Raw cameras, still continue to roll, recording CM PUNK and RANDY ORTON battling through the backstage area. Orton appears to be on the worse end of it as he stumbles away from Punk, through the hall way and grabs a nearby man, before launching him at Punk who swats him to the side. Punk attempts to grab Orton who kicks him in his exposed stomach, then clubs his back so Punk is down on his knees!

The Viper raises his fist to bring down another club, but Punk explodes from his kneeling position and grabs Orton by the waist, ramming him back into the wall! The crowd react with a massive pop, but they aren’t watching this, it must be something in the ring, they don’t have a clue about the chaos happening back here. Orton holds his back as he staggers away from Punk, but the former Money in the Bank holder follows him along the corridor and they reach a table.

Punk grabs Orton by the back of the head and attempts to smash his head off the wood, but Orton blocks it, and elbows Punk in the stomach ... before bringing his head down on the table! A groan comes from Punk as he’s the one that staggers away, holding the top of his head, but The Viper is right behind him and punches him in the back, and Punk is propelled forward into a worker who is pushed back into the wall, the man blocking Punk from getting much of the blow from the wall.

Orton picks Punk off the ground, and ATTEMPTS TO RKO HIM ... but Punk pushes Orton off, into a nearby door which opens, Orton falling through the door. Punk walks through the door, and the cameraman follows, ending up in the parking lot! The Staight Edge Superstar pulls Orton to his feet and knees him in the stomach, before BRINGING HIM ONTO HIS SHOULDERS FOR THE GTS ... but Orton wriggles out of it and lands on his feet.

The Viper grabs Punk by the head and SMASHES HIS HEAD INTO THE HOOD OF A BLACK CAR! A couple of security guards run into the parking lot and try to tackle Orton, who side steps one, who runs straight into the side of the car! The other is a little less fortunate, as Orton kicks him in the stomach, grabs the back of his head and the belt of his jeans ... BEFORE RAMMING THE SECURITY GUARDS INTO A WALL, WHICH HAD LADDERS STACKED AGAINST IT, AND THE LADDERS FALL ON THE GUARD AS HE HITS THE GROUND!

Orton turns back to Punk, but he’s back on his feet, and on the hood of the car ... he jumps off and nails Orton an elbow to the top of his head! “I’ll make you regret punting me in the head” Punk wipes sweat from his forehead, and pulls Orton to his feet, and pushes him back into the car, so he’s kneeling beside it. “I’ll take your belt from you” Punk runs forward ... but ORTON FLIPS HIM OVER HIS HEAD ONTO THE HOOD!

Punk slides off the hood of the car and lands on the concrete, in extreme pain, the camera man walks around the car and Orton is no longer in sight. But, The Viper walks around the car, and kneels beside Punk who’s coughing and feeling his back. “You’ll need to do better than that, Punk. My title makes me the best in the world, not some meaningless words”

The Viper backs away from Punk, out of the shot, and Punk begins to get to his knees. On all fours now, but suddenly ORTON EXPLODES INTO THE SHOT ... GOING FOR THE PUNT KICK ... BUT HE STOPS!?!?!?!?!?!?

Punk almost jumps out his skin as he moves back, hitting against the car again and Orton kneels down beside him, pushing his knee into Punk’s chest and looking him dead in the eye, Punk snarling at him. Orton brings up his fingers and holds his thumb and index finger close together, “I can take you out at any time, at any moment, think about that.”

"I'll do it when it hurts you most, Punk ... at SummerSlam."

Orton takes his knee away from Punk’s throat, who attempts to get up and at The Viper, but he stomps one last time on the chest and then sleeks out sight as referees and more security rush into the lot.
We cut back into the ring, where Orton is stood, looking at the crowd who are booing him.

Randy Orton: Last week, CM Punk thought he had me down, he thought he was in control ... no ... I am always in control.

Lots of boos, Orton shakes his head at the crowd.

Randy Orton: You people can boo me all you want ... it doesn’t change it ... the fact remains, when CM Punk had me in that parking lot, that was his best ... and only shot of “putting me to sleep”.

Orton adjusts the title on his shoulder and clenches his teeth.

Randy Orton: But, at the very last second ... when CM Punk thought he had me, I proved that I am always in control, I turned the tables ... and flipped him over my head. I dug into my bag of tricks that I learned whilst in this ring ... while ... while CM Punk was competing in small high school gyms.

Orton manages to suppress a sick laugh.

Randy Orton: CM Punk took his shot, and he missed ... but when I take my shot, I don’t miss.

Loud boos.

Randy Orton: CM Punk says I am the WWE Champion ... only because of who I know. If CM Punk truly believes that ... then he is delusional. I am the WWE Champion ... because I am the most dangerous Superstar in the entire WWE, and ... also the best.

Orton looks right into the camera.

Randy Orton: And until you hold this (holds up the WWE Title) ... Punk saying he is the best in the world means absolutely nothing.


Randy Orton: If I suck ... then what does that make CM Punk?? (looking at the front couple of rows) I am the WWE Champion, the top champion in this industry, whilst CM Punk managed to entertain twenty people in a gym ... or because he won a third rate ECW Title ... on a third rate show. That does not make you the best in the world ... this does.

He lifts up the WWE Title again to more heat.

Randy Orton: Punk, even when you won the somehow won the Money in the Bank briefcase, and cashed it in to win the World Heavyweight Championship ... it didn’t prove a damn thing. Because, after you won it, you exposed yourself ... you were out of your depth. You had to battle elite Superstars, and you failed.

Loud heat from the fans.

Randy Orton: Whereas, over the past six years, I have went to war with those Superstars ... and unlike you ... I won every single time. Every person that has been put in my path has ended up in a hospital bed ... including you, CM Punk.

Heat as Orton refers to the first punt he did to Punk.

Randy Orton: I have even ... took out the entire McMahon family, it is because of me that Shane McMahon eats through a straw, why Triple H is busted up beyond belief, and why Vince McMahon can’t leave his house ... and it’s because of me that Stephanie won’t even show up in the WWE because of fear of what I might do.

Orton takes a brief minute to let that sink in.

Randy Orton: I have proven, time after time, why I am the most dangerous man in the entire WWE, and Punk, after all the Superstars that have tried and failed ... the fact that you think you are the one to stop me ... is pathetic.

The Viper shakes his head.

Randy Orton: Last week ... was a message. CM Punk, I was an inch away from punting you in the skull, doing to you what I’ve done to Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Batista, the McMahons and even The Undertaker. But ... I stopped myself.

A sick grin appears on the face of the WWE Champion.

Randy Orton: I stopped myself ... but rest assured, it will happen. I will put you in hospital, once again, but I will do it when it hurts you the most. Not just physically, but mentally. I messed with your mind last week, I made you realize it only takes two seconds for me to end this hope you have of getting revenge, of ending my title reign, of doing it for all the second rate people who just weren’t good enough to make it in the WWE.


Randy Orton: You chose SummerSlam instead of cashing in when I was vulnerable, that was a mistake. At SummerSlam, I will end this notion of CM Punk as WWE Champion. At SummerSlam, I will retain my WWE Title, and once again show why I am The Apex Predator here ...

Orton takes a pause.

Randy Orton: And prove, that I am a better wrestler than CM-


The roof almost blows off as CM PUNK marches onto the stage, microphone in hand, hood up, staring right down at the WWE Champion who stares right back, holding his ground.

CM Punk: Bravo, Randy. Bravo. You almost got me, you were an inch away ... but Randy, you should have done it when you had the chance. Because, I will not ... I WILL NOT ... allow that to happen again. Especially, not at SummerSlam.

Punk takes his hood down.

Randy Orton: I’ve already punted you in the head once ... or have you forgotten? You can’t do anything to stop it, I will do-

CM Punk: Oh will you please shut up!

Massive pop from the crowd.

CM Punk: I’ve heard you, I heard everything you said ... about how you think you’ve got under my skin ... but Randy ... you couldn’t be more wrong. Y’see, my mind ... it’s clear. I don’t let anything cloud my judgment, not drugs, not alcohol ... and certainly not you.


CM Punk: You can reach into your bag of tricks, no doubt the ones that you learned from carrying Ric Flair’s-

The crowd woo’s which draws a sideways glance from The Viper.

CM Punk: From carrying Ric Flair’s bags, and you can continue doing that ... in the belief that it’s actually doing somethin’ and I’ll be in the gym, in the ring ... actually working on my strategy for SummerSlam.

Big pop.

CM Punk: And, because I’m a nice guy ... and well, because even if I tell you it, there is no way you can beat it.

Orton raises his eyebrows, interested to hear what Punk has planned.

CM Punk: My strategy is to simply out wrestle you.

Orton has to stem a laugh.

Randy Orton: Do you seriously think you can beat me? Punk ... you are beneath me, in every single way imaginable, including pure wrestling. Competing and winning in front of twenty people does not ... DOES NOT make you better than me.

Punk chews on his cheek.

CM Punk: You’re right ... no, it doesn’t. But, you know what does ... the fact that I’ve been around the world, competing against British powerhouses, quicker than lightning luchadores and Japanese wrestlers that would chew you up and spit you out, Randy.

Orton stares right at Punk.

CM Punk: Y’see people, what the WWE wants you to think ... is that they are the only wrestling company worth a damn. But ... if you look around, you’ll find wrestlers that are only just as good ... but better than most of the people in the back.

Punk points at Orton.

CM Punk: And, that, includes you. These wrestlers work their asses off whilst people like Randy Orton got a free ride to the top.

Seems to have hit a nerve.

Randy Orton: HEY! Are you deaf, Punk? I have already put to bed you’re idea that I do not deserve the spot that I currently the hold, the championship that I currently hold. I have beaten huge names, in some of the biggest matches ever seen in the WWE, there is a reason WWE signs guys like me, and ignore the people ... that you were just talking about.

Punk shakes his head, the crowd booing.

Randy Orton: And you ... you were one of them. But, you managed to be that one that got a contract here, and then you took a shortcut to the top, using the Money in the Bank briefcase to win the World Title, and now you think you’re going to take my belt? You think you’re going to do it the right way? The honourable way? At SummerSlam, I’m going to prove why Superstars like me ... Superstars that were born for this business, are better than someone like you.

Punk rolls up his hoodie sleeves.

Randy Orton: I will show just how overrated you are by these people ... and show truly ... how far out of your depth you really are.


CM Punk: You have gotta’ be kiddin’ me? I took shortcuts? Me? This coming from a man that shined Ric Flair ... and Triple H’s boots? And, used his Dad as an escape clause should something go wrong? Do you ... do you realize how hypocritical you sound?

It’s rhetorical so Orton doesn’t answer.

CM Punk: I think, along the way, we got side tracked from my original point. Y’see, all those styles that I mentioned ... I have learned from facing those types of wrestlers. At SummerSlam, Randy, I’ll incorporate all of those styles into my arsenal ... and you ...well, you won’t be able to do a damn thing.

Orton shakes his head.

CM Punk: That’s my strategy, to take advantage of the fact ... that I am a better pure wrestler than you. At SummerSlam, when I beat you for that title ... it won’t just be for me, no ... it will be for every wrestler that’s been fired from this company, because somebody with a famous Dad came along, or was handed a job with a group like Evolution ... or, well, people that would simply suck up to Vince McMahon.

Punk unzips his hoodie, revealing a white t-shirt which reads “Professional Wrestling – 2009”

CM Punk: It will be a victory ... for professional wrestling!

A pretty big pop for that.

CM Punk: And, Randy, in the midst of all this, don’t think I’ve forgotten about the pain you put me through last week ... and even though you might want to wait until SummerSlam ... I don’t.

MASSIVE pop as Punk drops the microphone, whips his hoodie off completely and makes his way down the ramp, the camera follows him and we read the back of his shirt which says “CM Punk”.

Orton drops his microphone as well, and places his championship in the corner and waits for Punk to get towards the ring.

Punk slides into the ring, and Orton is right on top of him! Bringing closed fists down onto Punk’s back, but Punk manages to get to his feet, and push Orton away ... and he goes for a Roundhouse Kick ... but Orton ducks...



Punk pushes The Viper away, and he hits the ropes ... but holds onto them, and Punk clotheslines him over the top ... but Punk tumbles over as well, the both of them hitting the mat!

The two are on their feet quickly though, trading punches before Orton knees Punk in the stomach, and then attempts to throw him into the ring post ... but Punk spins, turning the tables and THROWS ORTON FACE FIRST INTO THE POST!

A big pop comes from the crowd! Orton holds onto his forehead as he turns back around ...


Orton manages to wriggle off Punk’s shoulders, and push him in the back ... STOMACH FIRST INTO THE BARRICADE!!

Punk holds onto his stomach as he turns around and Orton takes him down to the ground with a double leg take down! The crowd all around them are shouting at them as Orton sinks on top of him and begins to rain down punches!

But, Punk manages to turn the tables, and then begins to give Orton a couple of punches ...


The crowd boo them, but Punk pushes one away, and breaks free of the other, and makes a beeline for Orton, but one of the two who are holding Orton breaks away, and tackles him, keeping him back from Orton who is also being held back. More security arrive at the scene, keeping them away from each other, the two Superstars begging to get a piece of each other.

Voice: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

The crowd turn to the stage, where the Raw General Manager, Jerry Lawler is walking out onto! He gets somewhat of a buzzkill reaction as the collection of guards that are holding Orton, push him towards the ramp as the other group keep Punk pressed against the barricade.

Jerry Lawler: You people here t’night wanna’ see Randy Orton and CM Punk go at it?

Big pop!

Jerry Lawler: Orton ... Punk ... you two want a piece of each other? Fine.

Punk and Orton begin to compose themselves and listen to the GM.

Jerry Lawler: In our main event ... it will be CM Punk ... teaming with TJ Perkins ...

Pop for that.

Jerry Lawler: Versus the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal and the WWE Champion ... Randy Orton!

Massive pop for the huge main event being made for later tonight.


Lawler makes his exit, as the guards pull and push Orton completely up the ramp and out of sight, as we head to a commercial with the fans chanting “CM PUNK” loudly, as he stares up at the stage.

Commercial Break

We come back to the announce table.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw ladies and gentleman, and if you’re just joining us then you missed one of the most fiery confrontations I’ve seen in recent times. A collection of security guards had to rush down to ringside, to separate the WWE Champion, Randy Orton and his opponent at SummerSlam, CM Punk!

Mick Foley: This rivalry between Punk and Orton, one that has been brewing ever since Orton punted Punk in the head, has really been kicked into high gear tonight. And what about the main event made, we all know that William Regal and Randy Orton aren’t exactly the best of friends, Michael.

Michael Cole: That will be an interesting dynamic for sure. The two leaders of the two most feared groups in the WWE will team to take on their respective opponents at SummerSlam, in a tag team match!


The crowd, still hot from the opening segment, let out a big pop as the popular Mickie James makes her way down the ramp, beside her is Gail Kim who raises her hand in the air. The two Divas walk down the ramp, each taking the time to slap a few hands on their way down.

Lillian Garcia: The following Divas contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Gail Kim and MICKIE JAMES!

Michael Cole: Mickie James came up short a couple of weeks ago when she came up against the Women’s Champion, Maryse, with her former rival watching at ringside.

Mick Foley: Unfortunately, Trish can’t be here tonight, Michael.

Michael Cole: That’s true. Ladies and gentleman, Trish sent a message to the champion last week when she hit Maryse with the Stratusfaction, but she won’t be here tonight as she has prior engagements.

Mickie and Gail slide into the ring and each climb a turnbuckle, raising her hands in the air.


Heat fills the arena as the Women’s Champion, Maryse swings her hips on her way out to the stage, she’s joined by a seemingly less than happy Beth Phoenix. The two of them, not even looking at each other, make their way down the ramp with Maryse holding her free hand out to the crowd, silencing them.

Lillian Garcia: And, their opponents, the team of The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix and the UNDISPUTED WOMEN’S CHAMPIOONN MARYYYSEEE!

Michael Cole: Maryse won’t exactly be the happiest women in the world, as she won’t be able to get a measure of revenge after that Stratusfaction since Trish isn’t here.

Mick Foley: She’ll have to wait until next week, Michael. Tonight though, she needs to focus on her opponents, and her tag team partner, who has made no secret of her disdain for both Trish and Maryse.

The two blondes climb into the ring and Phoenix climbs up the turnbuckle as Maryse stands by the ropes and flips her hair, then winks to the camera.

Match One: Divas Tag Team Contest
Gail Kim & Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix & Maryse

Maryse kicked off the tag team contest for her team, after quite a heated conversation with Beth, whilst Mickie and Gail were more civil, Mickie starting for hers. The two of the Divas go back and forth for a minute, but before Mickie tagged in Gail, they used a body slam and an elbow drop combo double team move to get Maryse on the back foot. Kim began to build up a head of steam, but Maryse ducked a clothesline, and yanked Kim by the hair, down to the mat, her hair banging against the mat.

Maryse decided she had enough, she walked over and slapped Beth on the shoulder, and after a glare from The Glamazon, she steps into the ring, Maryse telling her to “get to work” From there, Phoenix does all the heavy lifting, working over Gail and keeping her away from Mickie. She did eventually get the tag, and Mickie came in hot, and she looked as though she would pick up the victory until she went for a flying cross body, but Phoenix caught her and slammed her down to the mat!

Phoenix then pulled Mickie up to her feet, and looked at Maryse for a second, before planting Mickie with The Glam Slam! She stood up, and looked to be going for the pin, until Maryse reached in, and just about managed to get the tag, slapping Phoenix on the arm. Beth turned and glared at Maryse as she entered the ring, and winked at The Glamazon! Maryse grabbed Mickie by the leg, and locked in The French Figure Four! A moment later and Mickie would tap out!

Winners – Beth Phoenix & Maryse @ 5.09

Lillian Garcia: Here are your winners, Beth Phoenix and the UNDISPUTED WOMEN’S CHAMPION MARRRYYYSSEEE!

Maryse keeps the hold locked for a second long, and she lets go, climbing to her feet, the referee raising both of the ladies hands. But, then the two Divas go face to face, Beth saying “What the hell was that?” but in complete disrespectful fashion that we’ve come to expect from Maryse, she holds her hand out and puts it in front of Beth’s face!

Phoenix slaps her hand away to some “ooh’s” from the crowd, the referee hands Maryse her title, and Maryse backs away with a sly grin on her face. She reaches the ropes, drops down and slides out, with Beth Phoenix looking right at her, shaking her head and commenting “This isn’t over”

Michael Cole: We expected some kind of confrontation between these two, and that’s just what we got. Maryse, as ever, was her disrespectful self, and whilst she might have a night off from dealing with Trish Stratus, she has just angered a women that didn’t like her in the first place.

Mick Foley: Remember ... it was Maryse that defeated Beth to win the Undisputed Women’s Championship, unifying the Divas Championship and the Women’s Championship. I don’t think Beth has ever forgotten that.

Maryse stands on the stage, and raises her championship to the ceiling.

And, after that, we cut backstage where Renee Young is standing.

Renee Young: Please welcome ... Rey Mysterio.

A large pop rises from the crowd as Rey Mysterio walks into the shot, nodding and smiling at Renee.

Renee Young: Rey, first of all, welcome back to Monday Night Raw. And secondly, I wanted to ask you your thoughts on facing Cody Rhodes tonght?

Mysterio takes a moment to pick.

Rey Mysterio: Tonight, Renee, I’m facing one of the men that put me out of action, Cody Rhodes. He and Ted DiBiase, they both helped to put me on the shelf. I may not get Ted DiBiase for a week or two, but tonight Cody Rhodes will know what it’s like to face a man that you took a month off his career.


Rey Mysterio: I was originally scheduled to be back a lot earlier, but little injuries would set me back, so it took me a little bit longer. And that, Renee, seeing Rhodes and DiBiase walk around on Raw, helping Randy Orton at every corner to defeat my friend, Dave Batista, that just motivated me to continue and make sure I come back.

Big pop.

Rey Mysterio: And tonight, Rey Mysterio is back ... and I get a little bit of revenge, by defeatin’ Cody Rhodes in that ring with a little 6-1-9.

The crowd chants along with Mysterio before we see his eyes shift to someone off screen.

A smile appears on the little man’s face as BATISTA walks into the shot to a massive pop. The Animal looks at Rey for a moment, and then they slap hands and go in for a manly hug. Afterwards ...

Batista: Rey ... I just wanted to say that I appreciate what you did last week.


Batista: As much as I hate to admit it ... I would have got my ass handed to me if you didn’t show up.

Rey holds his arms out to the side with a grin.

Rey Mysterio: Well, you know how we do. And, I had to return the favour ... it was you that saved my ass when you returned from injury ... just returning the favour, dawg.

Renee looks from man to man.

Batista: I know your main problem is with DiBiase and Rhodes ... mine is with Alberto Del Rio and I wanted to let you know ... later tonight ... if either DiBiase or Del Rio show their faces ... then I got your back.

Large pop.

Rey Mysterio: I appreciate that, Dave.

The slap hands again, this time not bothering with the hug, and Batista walks past Rey, slapping him on the shoulder as he goes, Mysterio watching.

We cut to a commercial.

Commercial Break

We return and the crowd are seemingly waiting for something to happen.


A nice pop greets a relative newcomer to Monday Night Raw, Sheamus walks onto a green stage, holding his arms out to the side. He slaps his chest with his fist, and walks down the ramp, looking rather confident.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 267lbs, SHEAMUS!

Michael Cole: This will be a rematch from last week, when the bareknuckle brawler, Wade Barrett defeating Sheamus, in a way you wouldn’t expect from a bareknuckle fighter, right Mick?

Mick Foley: I’d agree with that, Michael. But tonight, Sheamus gets his chance to get his win back, and hopefully we won’t see any dirty tactics tonight, just a hard hitting contest is what I would like.

Sheamus climbs into the ring and pounds his chest again, before waiting for his opponent.


Some solid heat fills the arena, as Wade Barrett walks onto the stage, dressed in red ring gear with a union jack on the back. He walks down the ramp, rolling his fists as he looks at Sheamus with a grin.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, from Preston, England, weighing 247lbs, WADE BARRETTT!

Michael Cole: A member of The Monarchy, Wade Barrett joined the group after helping William Regal with the Intercontinental Championship, and helped to punish Sheamus after he refused to join them.

Mick Foley: That just shows the type of person that Sheamus is. He doesn’t want any help to achieve success here in the WWE.

Barrett climbs into the ring and keeps his eyes on Sheamus as he swings his elbow into his other forearm.

Match Two – Singles Contest
Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

This was much the same as the previous match between the two, playing up the physicality of both men, with Barrett’s bareknuckle fighter background coming into play. It was a stalemate for the first couple of minutes, Sheamus matching Barrett every step of the way, with his own brawling skills. Finally, some form of an advantage formed, as Sheamus caught Barrett coming off the ropes and hit a swinging side slam.

Sheamus’ moment of control didn’t last all that long, as a minute later, Sheamus had Barrett up for a Suplex, but Barrett shifted his weight and landed back on his feet, and caught The Celtic Warrior with a clean right hook to the jaw. A near fall came after that, and Barrett would take full control, keeping Sheamus down on the mat with various holds, designed to inflict pain.

A couple of minutes later though, Sheamus – with the fans behind him – managed to get to his feet, elbows to Barrett’s gut and broke his grip. The Irishman made a comeback, but when he Irish-whipped Barrett into ropes, the Englishman grabbed them, but Sheamus was right on him, clotheslining him over the top rope!

Sheamus followed him out, and used the ringside area to his advantage, smashing Barrett’s head off the apron and the announce table, before Irish-whipping him into the steel steps, getting some retribution for that cheated win that Barrett got last week. The referee was almost at a count of ten, so Sheamus rolled into the ring, and rolled back out.

Barrett was using the barricade to rise to his feet, and Sheamus sprinted at him ... but Barrett moved out the way and the Irishman ran straight into the side of the barrier! A loud gasp comes from the crowd near the barricade, and Barrett grabbed Sheamus from behind, rolling him into the ring and getting a near fall.

The Englishman then backed into a corner, and rolled his elbow pad down, and then waited for Sheamus to get up. The Celtic Warrior eventually rose to his feet, and turned around ... ducking a Bullhammer Elbow from Barrett! They both turned to each other, and Sheamus grabbed Barrett, pulling him up to his feet and hitting him with White Noise!

He went for the cover ... but only got a near fall! Sheamus used the ropes to pull himself to his feet, and backed into the corner, and began pounding on his chest ... Barrett got to his feet and Sheamus went for The Brogue Kick ... but Barrett ducked ... before rolling Sheamus up! But this time, Sheamus kicked out just in time! The two got to their feet at the same time, but Sheamus was a splits second quicker and smashed Barrett in the face with The Brogue Kick!

Winner – Sheamus @ 9.53

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, SHEAAMMUUSS!

The fans give out a solid pop as Sheamus rolls away from Barrett’s lifeless body. He gets on his knees, sweat pouring from his forehead, the referee waits for him to get to his feet fully before raising his hand.

Michael Cole: No dirty tactics from Sheamus ... that was simply a hard fought win in a very intense battle between two bulls.

Mick Foley: It looked as if Barrett had this match wrapped up, but Sheamus ducked that elbow at the very last minute, that’s the kind of thing that will help rise to the top of Raw.

Sheamus rolls out of the ring, and backs up the ramp, as Barrett is beginning to realize what just happened. The Englishman holds his jaw as he looks at the pale figure walking away from him, shaking his head.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are stood in their locker room, with Randy Orton pacing in front of them, WWE Championship on his shoulder.

Randy Orton: You three got yourselves into this mess with Mysterio and Batista. They ... are not my problem.

Orton stops pacing.

Randy Orton: (looking at ADR) You have problems with Batista ... (looking at Rhodes and DiBiase ) and you two have problems with Mysterio. That’s three of you against two of them ... do the math, you three should be able to handle it.

The three nod in this pep talk (sort of).

Randy Orton: I’m focused on one thing ... retaining my WWE Championship and defeating CM Punk. Mysterio and Batista do not fall into that category.

Orton pauses.

Randy Orton: You three .. do what you have to do. All three of you wanted to be a part of Legacy, well now’s your chance to prove I was justified in letting you join.

The three nod again.

Randy Orton: All three of you, go out there and deal with Mysterio and Batista ... and I’ll focus on dealing with C ... M Punk.

Orton stares at his stable mates for a second longer before turning and leaving the room as the three watch him go.

And, we cut to Jerry Lawler’s office, where The Miz enters, as Jerry stands up from his couch.

The Miz: You wanted to see me Lawler ... so out with it.

Jerry Lawler: Well, I-

The Miz: Did you want to talk to me about how I should be next in line for a WWE Title shot?

Lawler rolls his eyes.

Jerry Lawler: No, I-

The Miz: Or did yo want to talk to me about the fact I am making Raw must see TV?

Before Lawler can respond ...

The Miz: Wait ... or how about the fact that MizTV is saving this show from being overtook by Friday Night SmackDown as the “A” show.

Again, Lawler attempts to interject ... but he’s interrupted again ...

The Miz: Or ... is it the fact that ... not only will I defeat Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam ... but I will end the career of The Heartbreak Kid.

The Miz looks at Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: None of the above.

Miz doesn’t like the sound of that.

Jerry Lawler: It’s actually about MizTV later tonight.

This perks Miz’ interest.

Jerry Lawler: Tonight ... since Shawn Michaels is the guest ... I am instating a no physicality rule.

Little bit of heat for that.

The Miz: Well ... that’s lucky for ol’ HBK. Y’see, Jerry ... I’m The Miz and at-

Lawler holds up his hand.

Jerry Lawler: I know who you are. Now, I’ve already got to keep track of Orton and Punk, so if you two do get physical ... there will be punishments.

Some “ohh’s”.

Jerry Lawler: Now, I have work to do.

Lawler turns his back on Miz who looks at him up and down, before shaking his head and walking away.

Back to the ring area, a moment passes before ...


A pop greets the music of Mr. Kennedy, who walks onto the stage with, MVP by his side. He stands on the stage for a moment, and then a microphone is lowered from the ceiling.

Mr. Kennedy: Now ... I’m not one to, y’know, talk about himself. Buuuut ... tonight, I walk down this ramp, jog up those steel steps and enter that ring ... where I do what my partner here-

Kennedy looks at Porter and winks.

Mr. Kennedy: Couldn’t do ... and that’s defeat one half of theeee most borin’ tag team in W-W-E history.

The running gag of Kennedy getting under his partners skin continues here tonight as Porter looks at him with an intense expression, but Kennedy shrugs and Porter shakes it off and looks at the crowd.

Mr. Kennedy: Annnddd ... that man’s name is MISTTTEEERRRR KENNEEDDDYYY!

Kennedy taps his microphone a couple of times before...

Mr. Kennedy: ... KENNEEDDYY!

Kennedy lets go of the microphone, and walks down the ramp, slapping Porter on the shoulder as the crowd cheer the World Tag Team Champions on their way down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Mr. Kennedy ... as cocky as ever. Ladies and gentleman, we have to take a quick commercial break, but don’t go anywhere as we will see Ken Kennedy taking on Nigel McGuiness.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, we see Kennedy and Porter talking in the ring, and we hear Ken saying “I’m just jokin’”.


For the second time tonight, the collective music of The Monarchy plays, and Nigel McGuiness makes his way onto the stage, with Drew McIntyre beside him. They get some solid heat as they walk down the ramp, McGuiness pointing at Kennedy whilst Porter exits the ring.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, accompanied by Drew McIntyre, from London, England, weighing 225lbs, NIGEL MCGUINNNNEEESSS!

Michael Cole: Last week, it was Drew McIntyre who got a big victory over MVP, which was the basis for Kennedy’s joke. A joke that Porter wasn’t exactly pleased with, that loss is obviously a touchy subject.

Mick Foley: Every loss is a touchy subject for a WWE Superstar. Kennedy was just joking, that’s just his nature, but he should know that line that he shouldn’t cross. But tonight, he has a chance to back up his words, and defeat Nigel McGuiness.

Nigel climbs into the ring and climbs up the turnbuckle. He takes his jacket off and raises his hands in the air, before dropping down and retreating into his corner.

Match Three – Singles Contest
Mr. Kennedy w/MVP vs. Nigel McGuiness w/Drew McIntyre

This match was a pretty fast paced affair for the opening couple of minutes with both men giving as good as they got, the momentum swinging over and over. That stopped though near the third minute mark, as Kennedy managed to get McGuiness down on the mat, but McIntyre hopped onto the apron and distracted him, allowing Nigel to hit a big boot to his distracted opponent.

Porter began to walk around the ring, but the referee got out and stopped him, telling him to back away to his own side, which allowed McGuiness to choke Kennedy in the ring. McGuiness controlled the match from there, with Kennedy struggling to create any separation from his opponent. Nearing the end, McGuiness had Kennedy on the top rope, in a seated position, he attempted to go for a Superplex but Kennedy punched his gut and McGuiness fell to the mat.

Kennedy hopped down from the turnbuckle, and started to build up a head of steam, getting multiple clotheslines in, and then hitting McGuiness with a body slam. He then hit the ropes, but McIntyre reached in and tripped him up! This drew some heat from the crowd, but that turned to cheers as Porter sprinted around the ring, and tackled McIntyre, he laid into him with punches before launching him into the barricade.

Kennedy turned around, and McGuiness was on his feet. Nigel grabbed him and lifted him up for a Suplex, but Kennedy shifted his weight and landed on his feet. He pushed him back into the corner, and brought him onto his shoulders as he climbed onto the second rope ... and then hit the Green Bay Plunge! He hooked the leg and got the victory.

Winner – Mr. Kennedy @ 7.24

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, MISSTTEERR KENNNEEDDYY!

A nice pop comes as the referee calls for the bell and Mr. Kennedy stands up. He’s joined by MVP who slides into the ring and attempts to help his partner up. He holds him in place as McGuiness rolls out of the ring. Kennedy looks at Porter with a grin and loudly says “Now that’s how it’s done!” which MVP just shakes his head at.

Michael Cole: Mr. Kennedy picks up a strong win over Nigel McGuiness, getting some retribution for his team after MVP was defeated by Drew McIntyre last week.

Mick Foley: Apparently that’s how it’s done, Michael.

And as Kennedy and Porter leave the ring, we cut backstage ...

To see Renee Young standing with a microphone in her clutches.

Renee Young: Please welcome ... TJ Perkins.

The crowd pop as TJ Perkins walks into the shot.

Renee Young: TJ, tonight you are in a match which involves the man you face at SummerSlam, the man that attacked you last week, the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal. I just wanted to get your thoughts heading into that this match.

Perkins takes a moment to think.

TJ Perkins: Last week, Regal caught me off guard, he sucker punched me with the microphone and then ... (shakes his head) nearly took my head off with the Knee Trembler.


TJ Perkins: You probably know me as well as anyone in the WWE ... and you know when I get a goal in my head, I won’t stop until I reach it. I’m like a dog with a bone, and it’s goin’ to take more than a shot to the head and knee to the temple to stop me from achieving my dream of holding that Intercontinental Title.

Big pop.

TJ Perkins: William Regal says that dreams don’t come true. Renee, you watched WWE as a kid right, and you dreamed of someday workin’ for this company ... you achieved that. Shawn Michaels (pop) ... he achieved his dream by winning the title he worked his whole career for ... he won the WWE Championship.

Another pop.

TJ Perkins: I may be a rookie in the WWE ... but I’ve had my fair share of hardships and rejections which has only made me want this more. I will do anything it takes ... anything ... to win that Intercontinental Championship. William Regal may have The Monarchy supportin’ him ... at SummerSlam, I’ll have fifty thousand people behind me.

Massive pop.

Renee Young: Well, tonight you team with CM Punk, what’s your thoughts on that?

Perkins is about to respond but he’s slapped on the shoulder ... by CM Punk who stands beside him! The fans respond with a massive pop!

CM Punk: Contrary to what the WWE would like you to believe, Renee, TJ and I have known each for a long time, even before we both joined the WWE. We’ve fought against each other ... and we’ve even teamed together.

Perkins nods.

CM Punk: We know each other extremely well, which gives us a considerable advantage over Regal and Randy Orton.


CM Punk: TJ may be a rookie in the WWE, but at SummerSlam he’ll walk out as the Intercontinental Champion. And why? Because, this kid is one of the most talented wrestlers that I’ve shared a ring with.

Big pop.

CM Punk: It took me a couple of years to get a shot at the Intercontinental Championship when I first joined the WWE, but it’s only took TJ a handful of months ... that just shows how talented he is. It shows how talented the wrestlers outside of the WWE are ... because like me, TJ wasn’t created by the WWE machine, he found his own way in this business.

Another pop.

CM Punk: It was William Regal that ended my reign as Intercontinental Champion, so I know that he’s very talented in his own right ... but if he underestimates this kid then he’ll pay for it. (turns to the camera) And as for you Randy Orton, I can’t wait to get my hands on you. The main event will be a message to both William Regal and Randy Orton ... after SummerSlam there will be knew Intercontinental and WWE Champions.

Punk slaps Perkins on his shoulder again, and walks away. Renee shifts to face Perkins.

TJ Perkins: ... What he said.

TJ walks past Renee, leaving the interviewer with a smile as we cut to a commercial break.

Commercial Break


Sweeping shot of the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii...

The biggest event of the summer...

Various shots of previous SummerSlam events in different arenas...

Home to some of the biggest moments...

Shots of Bret Hart versus Curt Hennig and The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar...

The biggest Superstars called their playground...

Quick clip of Hulk Hogan staring at Shawn Michaels...

Is getting even bigger...

A shot of the inside of the Aloha Stadium at night...

Bigger matches...

Shot of Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy staring at each other from across the ring...

Bigger moments...

Sweeping shot of a huge stadium, filled with WWE fans...

Bigger Superstars...

Side to side shots of John Cena and Randy Orton...

The biggest SummerSlam in history...

Another shot of the Aloha Stadium...

Is here...



For the first time ever, Raw and SmackDown present a FOUR hour extravaganza... SummerSlam!


Back from the video ...

Jack Swagger is in the centre of the ring.

Jack Swagger: Welcome to the second ever Real American Challenge.

Some boos from the crowd.

Jack Swagger: An occasion where I prove why I am the kind of American that you all should strive to be.

More boos.

Jack Swagger: Not someone ... like Jim Duggan.

Swagger shakes his head.

Jack Swagger: He is a disgrace to this once great country ... just like each and every one of you.

Cheap heat.

Jack Swagger: So ... bring out the next man that believes he is a Real American.

The All American turns to face the stage ...


(Couldn’t find the actual name of his theme)

Somewhat of a big pop greets the music of former WWE Superstar, Tatanka! Swagger hops on the spot as Tatanka walks down the ramp, holding one finger in the air and smiling.

Michael Cole: It’s been a few years since we’ve seen Tatanka in a WWE ring, but he does look in great shape and should provide Swagger with somewhat of a challenge.

Match 4 – Real American Challenge #2
Jack Swagger vs. Tatanka

From the get go, Swagger dominated the match, taking Tatanka down to the ground and keeping him there, wearing him down. The fans booed Swagger throughout, but only a minute later, Swagger would up the pace with some high impact moves, before hitting Tatanka with a Gutwrench Powerbomb ... then locking in The Patriot Lock ... Tatanka tapped out almost immediately.

Winner – Jack Swagger @ 2.01

An easy win for The All American, he lets go off the Patriot Lock and has his hand raised. He takes one last look at Tatanka before exiting the ring and walking up the ramp.

Michael Cole: Second challenge. Second win.

Mick Foley: Not a bad ratio, Michael.

Meanwhile, we see Maryse backstage, she’s having a photoshoot done with her Women’s Title but she walks away from the cameraman, telling him she’s taking a break. She opens up a bottle of water at a catering table, but then she’s interrupted by Renee Young.

Renee Young: Can we get a word, Maryse?

Maryse eyes the blonde up and down.

Maryse: Make it quick. I’ve got magazines to sell.

Renee takes a second to collect her thoughts.

Renee Young: In two weeks time ... you go one on one with Trish Stratus, perhaps the greatest Diva of all time, in perhaps the biggest Divas match of all time ... are you nervous at all?

Maryse laughs.

Maryse: Nervous? Moi? No. Why would I be nervous? I have no reason to be ... I was born for zese moments. And ... I am not nervous because Trish Stratus cannot beat me.

Some heat from the crowd.

Maryse: She may have got lucky ... and slammed my face into zat ring ... but what do you see, Renee? You still see a flawless face. Trish can’t make a mark on moi ... because I am much better than Trish ever was.

Suddenly, Maryse is yanked around from behind ... by Beth Phoenix!

Beth Phoenix: What the hell was that?!

Maryse wriggles out of Beth’s grip.

Maryse: Hey! Get your fat hands of me!

Beth Phoenix: I had that match under control and you-

Maryse holds her hand in up in the face of The Glamazon who swats it away.

Maryse: Will you understand ... it was an honour for someone like you to team with someone like me. Y’know ... ze Women’s Champion. It was best for zis show that someone like me ... a beauty was in the ring to end that match.

Maryse flashes a smile then puts her hand on Beth’s arm.

Maryse: We should team together more often ... they could call us ... the beauty ... and the beast.

Some “ohh’s” from the crowd as Maryse flashes another smile and walks away to get her photo taken again, with Phoenix restraining herself from getting physical as we head to a commercial.

Commercial Break

A couple of seconds pass by before ...

***BOOYAKA 619***

A big pop comes as Rey Mysterio jogs onto the stage. He heads to each side, playing to the fans, setting off his pyrotechnic displays before walking down the ramp, putting his head to some kids’ on his way down.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing 175lbs, REY MYSTERIO!

Michael Cole: More than a month ago, Rey Mysterio was put out of action by Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Randy Orton. He makes his return to in ring action tonight, against one of those men, Cody Rhodes.

Mick Foley: He made his return last week saving his friend, Batista from a mauling by Alberto Del Rio, Rhodes and DiBiase. And tonight, he’s got The Animal backing him up, should DiBiase or Del Rio make an appearance.

Mysterio climbs into the ring and ascends the turnbuckle, putting his arms to the sky then hopping down.

***NEW DAY***

A strong batch of heat comes as Cody Rhodes makes his way onto the stage. He walks down with his Legacy T-Shirt on, looking right at his opponent.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, from Marietta, Georgia, weighing 220lbs, representing The Legacy, CODY RHODES!

Michael Cole: This is an opportunity at revenge for Rey Mysterio, who will is going against a very talented, young and hungry Superstar in Cody Rhodes.

Mick Foley: Rey Mysterio’s seen and done it all in this business, whilst this is an opportunity for Mysterio, it’s also an opportunity for Rhodes as he can cement himself as a rising star with defeating Rey Mysterio here tonight.

Rhodes climbs into the ring and ascends the turnbuckle. He drops down and stands across from Mysterio.

Match 5 – Singles Contest
Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio

We saw a hot start from Mysterio, using his speed and agility to keep Rhodes guessing, Cody failing to get a foothold in the match. He eventually rolled out of the ring after the victim of a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and took a second to regroup. He slid in and Mysterio ran at him, but Rhodes caught him with a hip toss, only for Rey to land on his feet. Rey turned around but nearly got his head took off with a ferocious clothesline!

Rhodes took control from there, using his size advantage to his ... advantage. Mysterio had a few false comebacks but Rhodes would nip these comebacks before they really got a chance to get started. The crowd got behind Rey, but Rhodes’ improving in-ring IQ helped him keep the man he helped injure on the back foot.

Eventually though, the smarts of Mysterio shone through when he got two feet up into the air as Rhodes ran at him in the corner. He sprinted out and hit another tilt-a-whirl headscissors, sending Rhodes into the second rope! Mysterio dialled 619 up but as he ran to the ropes, Rhodes sprang up, and caught him, hitting a spinning backbreaker! That got a near fall and Rhodes went back to working over Rey.

The final comeback did eventually come, as Mysterio broke out of a rear chinlock (obviously learned from the WWE Champion) and took the fight to Rhodes, picking up the pace. He hit some of his routine before going to the top rope and connecting with a seated senton but got a near fall. Mysterio picked Rhodes up, but Cody surprised him by kicking him in the stomach, going behind and going for Cross Rhodes only for Mysterio to spin out and drop kick his knees.

Rhodes fell forward onto the second rope, and this time Mysterio did hit the 619 to a massive pop. The little guy then went to the top rope, and hit a splash, picking up a measure of revenge with this victory.

Winner – Rey Mysterio @ 7.47

Lillian Garcia: Here is your win-



The son of The Million Dollar Man begins to stomp on Rey Mysterio’s back, and after a moment – Rhodes joins him in stomping away at Rey.



He sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring, taking Rhodes out with a clothesline!

Then down goes DiBiase with a running shoulder block!!

The Animal flexes his guns after ripping off his shirt. The crowd are on their feet as DiBiase stands up and walks into Batista ...


A massive reaction from the crowd as Batista stands above Ted!

CHOP BLOCK! Batista’s taken down from behind ... by ALBERTO DEL RIO!

The Animal clutches his previously injured knee which has to be in a lot of pain. Del Rio rips off his Legacy T-Shirt and grabs Rey Mysterio, throwing him out of the ring as Rhodes and DiBiase stomp on The Animal!

ADR slides out of the ring and reaches under the ring, pulling out ... A STEEL CHAIR! He slides it into the ring, and then slides in after.

Rhodes and DiBiase hold Batista down as ADR stands near the knee with the chair in his hand.

A hopeful pop comes as Mysterio tries to climb into the ring but he walks right into DiBiase’s clutches ...


Michael Cole: Oh! It’s three on two, Mick! This isn’t right, someone get some help out here!

All eyes go back to Batista and ADR brings the chair up into the air ... AND BRINGS IT DOWN ...


Screams echo through the arena as ADR brings it up again ... then HITS BATISTA AGAIN!

Michael Cole: This is sick from Legacy ... this is disgusting!

Del Rio throws the chair away and stands above Batista. The trio, having done what Orton told them to do, all three raise their hands in a show of unity. The crowd boo as we fade to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Back from the break ...

***I CAME TO PLAY*** is beginning to fade out as in the ring is The Miz and Tyson Tomko, the set off MizTV around him.

The Miz: Welcome to the most must see talk show in WWE history! More entertaining than The Peep Show ... more jaw dropping moments than The Highlight Reel ... more controversial than The Cutting Edge ... AND more iconic than Pipers Pit. Welcome to MIZTV!

This draws some solid heat as Miz paces the ring with Tomko standing behind him.

The Miz: I am your host ... The Miz! Alongside, Tyson Tomko ... the most formidable duo in alllllll of sports entertainment.

More heat.

The Miz: Before we get to our, frankly, overrated guest tonight ... I want to take a moment to talk to you people.

Lots off boos.

The Miz: Please ... that is somethin’ that you people should appreciate it. It’s not about you ... it’s about my guest, Shawn Michaels.

Massive pop at the mention of HBK.

The Miz: A man who I don’t respect. Because, he was one of the people that said The Miz couldn’t make it in the WWE. He, along with many others ... said The Miz couldn’t hack it, couldn’t cut it ... well look at me now.

The Miz pauses, allowing the camera to zoom in on his face.

The Miz: The man who couldn’t cut it as a WWE Superstar is now a former World Tag Team Champion ... a member of a one of the greatest tag teams of all time ... no I’m not talkin’ about John Morrison, I’m talkin’ about Chris Jericho. And ... a man who has defeated ... Shawn Michaels.

Loud heat.

The Miz: I’ve proved everybody wrong ... I’ve proved you all wrong. Everybody ... EVERYBODY said that just because I had a reality TV background that I wouldn’t fit in. I proved everyone wrong ... including good ol’ Aitch Bee Kay.

Tomko nods in the background.

The Miz: I’ll admit ... I’ve done a lot of terrible things to Shawn Michaels, but he hasn’t really said or done anything in retaliation. So, being the honourable Superstar that I am ... I’ve given this time to Shawn Michaels to speak his mind – so please.

Miz turns to the stage ...

A couple of seconds pass before ...

***SEXY BOY***

Massive, massive pop comes as Shawn Michaels slowly walks onto the stage! He looks around the arena before walking down to the ring, dressed in his cowboy boots, jeans and hat. He slowly climbs into the ring, awaiting an attack but Miz stays put. Michaels picks up a microphone from one off the chairs and stands across from Miz.

Shawn Michaels: Miz ... I’ve seen a lot in this business. I’ve seen kids like you come and go, I’ve-

The Miz: Uh, hold on a minute-

Shawn Michaels: Will you shut your damn mouth!

Massive pop.

Shawn Michaels: Y’know, it’s kids like you that make me worry for this company. People like you that show no respect. You came into this company, showing complete disrespect to the people that made this company what it is.

The Miz: Really? Rea-

Shawn Michaels: LISTEN!!


Shawn Michaels: You were a complete jackass when you came into this business ... which caused a hell of a lot of people to hate you. And frankly Miz, you haven’t changed a damn bit.

Miz pulls a face.

Shawn Michaels: You still come out here, each and every week, and run your mouth ... you disrespect the Superstars out here, and you disrespect them in the back. You disrespect the men that are the reason you have a job right now!

Tomko attempts to reassure Miz by slapping him on the shoulder but Miz stays focused on Michaels’ face.

Shawn Michaels: Now before you say it ... I know I was never a saint. My history has been well documented, I know that already so you don’t need to tell me again. But the difference between you and me ... I changed. But you, you Miz ... will never change.

HBK takes a step closer.

Shawn Michaels: But that’s fine ... because you, just like all the other kids that have came through and that didn’t respect the business ... you’ll be gone in a few years ... an after thought Miz.

Pop. Miz brings his microphone up to his mouth.

The Miz: Really?


The Miz: Really, Shawn? I see it differently ... I have already proven that I’m here to stay. Going above people’s expectations ... and yes – I might be cocky and brash and arrogant but I back it up. I’ve proved that ... winning championships ... and even defeating the (sarcastically) the legendary SHOWSTOPPPPAAAAA!

Shawn Michaels: Y’see!-

Shawn takes a step back and shakes his head.

Shawn Michaels: It’s disrespect like that ... that makes me want to kick your teeth down your throat.

Massive pop. Michael Cole reminds us that there is to be no physicality tonight.

Shawn Michaels: I’ve kept my mouth shut for the past couple of weeks ... even when you broke into my home ... because I know that you’re just a flash in the pan, someone who won’t be here in a couple of years. And, I didn’t do anything because I have no problem with waiting ‘till SummerSlam.


Shawn Michaels: At SummerSlam Miz, I’ll prove why people like you are a dime a’ dozen ... that there is only one Showstoppa ... one Heartbreak Kid ... your career Miz – it’s on a timer. And that time kid, is almost up.

Another pop.

The Miz: My career? Really?


The Miz: I’m not the one where one more drop on the head ... and I’m in a wheelchair, am I? No ... that’s you. And, I have no problem whatsoever of being the Superstar that does actually drop you on your head and put you in that wheelchair.

Loud heat.

The Miz: Shawn ... you and I ... we’re remarkably similar-

Shawn Michaels: I AM NOTHIN’ LIKE YOU!

Miz moves his head from side to side.

The Miz: Actually, you are. You say that I’m cocky, arrogant, disrespectful? But when I look at you, I see a mirror image. Only the most cocky of Superstars would call themselves The Heartbreak Kid and Mr. WrestleMania. And we all know about your background in this company. We’re the exact same, only I take pride in what I am. Hell, we were both in a very successful tag team ... and both became the top singles competitor.

The Miz pauses, allowing Michaels to chew on that.

The Miz: You were hated all those years ago, you even done something that’s topped everything I’ve ever done ... and that’s screw ... Bret ... Hart.

Shawn Michaels: HEY!!

HBK steps right into Miz’ face.

Shawn Michaels: Don’t you dare throw that in my face! I know I wasn’t the easiest person in the world to work with all those years ago but I changed. And bringing up Bret Hart? You disrespectful son of a- Bret and I ... we buried the hatchet weeks ago so don’t you dare throw that in my face.

Miz squints.

Shawn Michaels: I’m sick of talking Miz, in a couple of weeks you go one on one with Shawn Michaels ... I could rhyme off all of my nicknames ... but I don’t need too. All you need to know, is that you need to stop talkin’ and get training because I swear to God above ... I will beat you, I WILL KICK YOUR TEETH DOWN YOUR THROAT ... AND GET YOU OUT OF MY LIFE FOR GOOD!

Massive pop!

Michaels turns his back to Miz and walks towards the ropes. He reaches them and bends down, but Miz walks over and grabs his arm. Michaels shoots a look at him which says “Get the fuck off me” so Miz backs into the centre of the ring, holding his arms up.

The Miz: Shawn, hold on. I actually had you out here for a reason, not to trade words or stories, no. I have a proposition.

Michaels stands beside the ropes.

The Miz: You say you want me gone? Well ... I feel the exact same way about you. So ... SummerSlam.

Michaels raises one eyebrow.

The Miz: The biggest SummerSlam in history ... The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels versus The Miz ... in a Loser Leaves Town Match?

Loud reaction from the crowd at the question.

Michaels takes a second to think. Miz lowers his microphone and waits for his answer.




Tomko goes wide eyed, then attempts to take Michaels’ head off with a clothesline ...


Michael Cole: Down goes Miz! Down goes Tomko!

Mick Foley: Shawn obviously didn’t care much about the no physicality rule.

Michael Cole: Was that an answer, though?

HBK kneels down beside Miz and picks up one of the microphone from the canvas.

Shawn Michaels: (slowly) You’re on.

***SEXY BOY***

Another strong pop comes as Michaels stands up and leaves the ring.

He backs up the ramp, leaving two bodies in the centre of the ring as we cut to a commercial.

Commercial Break


A strong batch of heat comes from the crowd as the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal walks onto the stage. He takes a second to look around the arena, before adjusting his title around his waist then walking down the ramp.

Lillian Garcia: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Blackpool, England, weighing 243lbs, he is the Intercontinental Champion, WILLIAM REGAL!

Michael Cole: Last week, William Regal and TJ Perkins engaged in a back and forth in the centre of that ring, which ended with Regal hitting Perkins with a microphone and then a knee trembler.

Mick Foley: Well, in a couple of weeks he’ll get his chance at revenge when he takes him on for the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam.

Regal climbs up onto the apron and then into the ring.


An even stronger batch of heat as the WWE Champion, Randy Orton walks slowly down the ramp. He stares at the ring, as the fans all around him boo the hell out of him.

Lillian Garcia: And his tag team partner, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing 245lbs, the WWE CHAMPION, RANDDYYYY ORTON!

Michael Cole: These two champions will take on both their respective challengers in this tag team contest, a match that could prove very important come SummerSlam.

Mick Foley: Well, this match was made by our Raw GM after Randy Orton and CM Punk nearly tore the ring apart at the beginning of the show.

The Viper steps into the ring and climbs up to the second rope. He raises the WWE Title above his head before stepping down and waiting for his opponent.


The reaction shifts to cheers as TJ Perkins jogs onto the stage, his hood covering his head. He bends down at the top of the ramp, then whips it off, getting another cheer.

Lillian Garcia: And their opponents, first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 172lbs, TJ PERKINS!

Michael Cole: It’s been a whirl wind ride for TJ Perkins since joining the WWE a few months ago, competing in his first Pay-per-view match, which at the time was for the man he’s teaming with – it was for his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Mick Foley: Not to mention he’s competed for the Intercontinental Championship already, in a triple threat match, and came within an inch of becoming the champion.

TJ waits at the bottom of the ramp for his tag team partner.


The roof nearly BLOWS off the arena as Randy Orton’s challenger, CM Punk walks onto the stage. He kneels down on it, smoothes his hood down then yells out “It’s clobbering time” before unzipping his hoodie and walking down the ramp.

Lillian Garcia: And his tag team partner, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 220lbs, CM PUNK!

Michael Cole: Punk is a man who stands for- Hold on!

Michael’s cut off as Punk reaches the bottom of the ramp, nods at Perkins ...

And the two slide into the ring, meeting the two champions head on!!

The four men trade punches in the centre of the ring, the referee trying to get some order but it doesn’t work as Perkins ducks a punch, comes out the other side and drop kicks Regal in the face, the Englishman tumbling to the outside!

Orton and Punk still continue to trade punches, until Orton kicks Punk in the stomach and Irish-whips him but Punk hits the ropes and holds onto them ... then FLIPS THE WWE CHAMPION OVER THE TOP!

The crowd are loving it as the two challengers stand tall before the match has even begun, the two champions regrouping.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, while the referee attempts to restore order, we’ll take a quick commercial break. Join us after this.

Commercial Break

Main Event – Tag Team Contest
CM Punk & TJ Perkins vs. Randy Orton & William Regal

We return as the bell rings, and it’s TJ Perkins and William Regal to kick things off. The opening minute consists of some solid chain wrestling, in which Regal won that initial exchange, grounding Perkins. Perkins looked in trouble until he was thrown into the corner, and Regal went for a running clothesline but TJ caught him with a drop-toe-hold and Regal fell into the second turnbuckle.

TJP then pulled Regal into his corner and tagged in Punk. TJ twisted the arm of Regal as Punk went to the top rope, and then hit landed an elbow to the exposed arm. Perkins went onto the apron but Punk tagged him right back in, Punk hit Regal with a body slam and the two tag team partners then hit opposite ropes and hit a double elbow drop.

Orton seemed to be getting a bit frustrated with Regal on the outside as he shook his head. Perkins and Punk were in sync though as Perkins allowed Regal to get to his feet and kick the IC Champion a couple of times in the shin, but Regal pushed him away ... only for Perkins to hit the ropes and hit a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, propelling Regal into TJP’s corner.

Another tag, which allowed another double team move. The next thirty seconds were off Punk working over Regal, but that stopped when William poked Punk in the eye. From there, that allowed Punk to be separated from his partner. Orton and Regal, somewhat reluctantly, exchanging quick tags and keeping Punk away from TJP.

Orton showed extra vile as he targeted Punk’s limbs. Punk did manage to create some separation when Regal was in the ring with him, hitting a couple of uppercuts, which began a trade of uppercuts between the two, which Regal ended with a knee to the stomach. Regal and Orton continued to keep Punk away from TJP.

This continued until Regal had Punk in the corner, he rushed at Punk but The Straight Edge Superstar got two feet up. The Englishman stumbled back, and Punk rushed out, hitting a running enziguri! Both men were down ... and after a few moments, Regal got the tag to Orton as Punk tagged in TJP!

Perkins and Orton met in the centre of the ring, with Perkins ducking a clothesline, hitting a couple of punches, then attempted to whip Orton only to be reversed ... but he caught The Viper with a running Hurricanrana! Orton seemed flustered as TJP started to kick his stomach, then chin, then knees. Perkins hit the ropes again, and went for a flying cross body but the WWE Champion ducked!

Orton hit a clothesline, then hit Perkins with his Inverted Backbreaker and got a near fall! Orton measured Perkins, setting up for the RKO, but TJP managed to counter it, pushing Orton into the ropes, he rebounded into Perkins who lifted Orton onto his shoulders ... then hitting the Detonation Kick!! Near fall!

Perkins held his head, he then went to the top rope! And went for the 450 Splash ... but Orton rolled out the way! Both men were down, but then Regal climbed into the ring and lifted Perkins to his feet, and started to hit him with knife edge chops, but Punk came back in, pulling Regal away and clotheslining him over the top rope!

Punk turned around and was clotheslined over by Orton! Perkins and Orton turned to each other, and ran, and TJ hit a tilt-a-whirl arm drag! Regal climbed back onto the apron, and Perkins spotted, so he went for a punch but Regal ducked then eye poked Perkins! TJP turned around ... RIGHT INTO ORTON ... RKO!!

Winner – Randy Orton & William Regal @ 13.01

Lillian Garcia: Here are your win-

Lillian stops as CM Punk slides into ring and runs at Orton ... but The Viper ducks ...


A barrage of heat comes now as Punk lies spark out on the canvas, Randy Orton sending a clear message to his opponent for SummerSlam.

The referee grabs the WWE Title and hands it to Orton as William Regal slides into the ring with his Intercontinental Championship. The two champions stand over their respective challengers, without looking at each other.

Michael Cole: It’s been a very good night for Randy Orton and William Regal. Both have sent a clear message, just a couple of weeks before their championship matches at SummerSlam.

Mick Foley: I can’t wait ‘till next week, the final Raw before SummerSlam, where we’ll see what Punk and Perkins do to retaliate.

Michael Cole: That’s all we have time for tonight, folks. Join us next week for the final episode of Raw before we head to Hawaii for the biggest SummerSlam of all time. Good night!

We fade away now as Orton and Regal raise their titles above their heads.

End of Show

WWE SummerSlam
*4 Hours*
Date: 30th August 2009
Location: Aloha Stadium; Hawaii

WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship
Tables, Ladders & Chairs II
Matt Hardy © vs. Jeff Hardy

Grudge Match
Loser Leaves Town
Shawn Michaels vs. The Miz

One on One:
Bobby Lashley w/John Bradshaw Layfield vs. John Cena


Four on Four; Teddy Long’s Job in Peril
Team Teddy; Edge, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan & Kaval w/AJ Lee & Theodore Long vs. Team Jericho; Chris Jericho, R-Truth, The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

Intercontinental Championship
William Regal © vs. TJ Perkins

WWE Tag Team Championships
The Hart Dynasty; David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd © vs. The Prime Time Playas; Kenny King & Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championships
Mr. Kennedy & MVP © vs. The Monarchy; Drew McIntyre & Nigel McGuiness

Cruiserweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler © w/Layla vs. Evan Bourne w/Kelly Kelly

Undisputed Women’s Championship
Maryse © vs. Trish Stratus
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

Shawn Michaels vs The Miz at SummerSlam, Loser Leaves Town, I wonder if this means that whoever loses this match will have to leave the RAW brand and go to Smackdown? Or does this mean that whoever loses this match will have to leave the WWE? If that is the case then both of their careers are essentially on the line which just ups the stakes

When I look at The Miz he reminds me so much of Shawn Michaels that the similarities are practically there because think about it, The Miz turned on his partner John Morrison just like how Shawn Michaels turned on Marty Jannetty when Michaels was a part of a tag team he was in...The Rockers you remember them? And not to mention Michaels became The Heartbreak Kid...Miz goes on his separate way and gets himself a bodyguard just like how Shawn Michaels had Diesel and Miz having his own talk show MizTV Shawn Michaels had his own talk show The Heartbreak Hotel...their paths are so similar and Tomko is like Miz's Diesel to his HBK if that even makes sense

But Orton vs Punk has seemingly just gotten more personal but I loved Punk putting Orton in his place with more pipebombs, now that is what I call being The Best in the World and here is hoping Punk becomes more like his Cult of Personality self in the sense that Punk comes out with his Best in the World T-shirts, his GTS T-shirts, and or any of his other merchandise

And Punk was definitely right in the sense that Orton only got to where he is because of the fact that he was born into this business but also that he was in Evolution but that he is basically a Vince McMahon creation whereas Punk is not because Punk is a self-made guy which is what he always has been but also that Punk is a Paul Heyman Guy and who else was a Paul Heyman Guy? Brock Lesnar was and he became a star but that the difference between Punk and Lesnar is that Punk is just simply better than Brock is or was but I honestly believe he can outwrestle Orton

But at SummerSlam I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being a 3 on 2 Handicap Match with Del Rio, Rhodes, and DiBiase facing off against Batista & Rey unless Triple H ends up making his return to be their partner setting up a 6-Man Tag at SummerSlam

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