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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

This is looking pretty promising so far. WWE in 2009 is an interesting time to choose and not one that I've seen done much before. I'm a little surprised you're keeping the HHH/Orton feud going after their Mania match bombed, I wouldn't have continued it myself but then I find HHH vs. Orton to be a really boring feud. Here's hoping you can inject some life into it as the 2009 feud did have a lot of potential to begin with.

I'm glad you're keeping DJ Gabriel around as well. I really liked his short-lived character on ECW and always thought it was a shame they gave up on him so quickly. It's also nice the World and WWE tag team titles weren't unified and that Hawkins & Ryder are still a team, I used to be a big mark for those two aha. Interesting move to change the location of Backlash a few weeks before it as well. I can only assume that'll play into a storyline..?

Anyways, I look forward to the first show. Good luck with it!
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

WWE Monday Night Raw
April 6, 2009
Reliant Astrodome | Houston, Texas


We open up the broadcast with a recap video of the events last night at WrestleMania 25…

After the video comes to a conclusion, the usual Monday Night RAW opening montage plays, showcasing several of the ‘red-brand’ talent, before we pan into the Reliant Astrodome in beautiful Houston, Texas. A marvelous amount of pyrotechnics set off onto the stage, whilst RAW’s theme song blasts through the PA system, the WWE Universe hyped as ever; going absolutely insane! We pan throughout the arena, spotting thousands of fans for mere milliseconds, showing off their unique and creative signs, when all of a sudden we here an eerily familiar voice chime in…

Michael Cole: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Monday Night RAW! I’m Michael Cole, welcoming you from the Reliant Astrodome here in Houston, alongside WWE Hall of Famer Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler and we are one day removed from the greatest spectacle of the year, WrestleMania!

We cut to the announce table, where the ‘Vintage One’ and ‘the King’ sit.

Jerry Lawler: Michael, you are spot-on. WrestleMania lived up to the standards, and then some, and it was sure fire, no doubt, the greatest spectacle of the year!

Michael Cole: That it was, King! We saw John Cena defeat Edge and the Big Show to win the World Heavyweight Championship, we saw CM Punk win the Money in the Bank—

Jerry Lawler: Undertaker went one-on-one with the ‘Heartbreak Kid’ and brought his record to seventeen-and-oh, Rey Mysterio defeated JBL for the Intercontinental Championship and then JBL quit, and my personal favorite match, behind Undertaker and HBK of course, was Triple H and Randy Orton! And boy, did ‘The Game’ come up victorious!

Michael Cole: Speaking of which, King, if you checked WWE.com anytime today folks, you would have seen that things have been shaken up within the WWE, as the WWE Champion Triple H has been drafted to right here on RAW, while the World Heavyweight Champion John Cena has been drafted to SmackDown.

Jerry Lawler: I hate to see Cena leave RAW, but we got Triple H, baby! ‘The Game’!

Michael Cole: Nonetheless folks, tonight is going to be exciting, I cannot wait to get started!

And with that…


The Houston crowd let out an overwhelming set of boos as ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton, alongside with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, steps out onto the stage from the curtain. Orton, wearing a Legacy t-shirt and his usual trunks, walks ahead of his counterparts, though ever so slowly, feeling the effects of last night’s brutal match, staring out into space, ignoring the fans heat.

Michael Cole: And we’re starting the night off with ‘The Viper’, ‘The Apex Predator’, the leader of Legacy, ladies and gentlemen, Randy Orton.

Jerry Lawler: I saw Randy backstage earlier today, Michael, and boy was he not happy.

Michael Cole: I wouldn’t blame him, King. He lost last night to Triple H, on the grandest stage of ‘em all, and it was for the WWE Championship/

Orton finally reaches ringside, and ascents the steel steps, before climbing into the ring, followed by his associate DiBiase and Rhodes. Orton’s music comes to a halt, the crowds scoffs and jeers beaming full force towards ‘The Viper’, Orton with a mic in hand as we focus in on him.

Randy Orton: Last night—Triple H beat me—

Huge pop from the crowd, the fans loving the words that came from Orton’s mouth.

Randy Orton: Last night, I unfortunately lost the match, as I was not focused.

Orton pauses and rubs his chin, gleaming into the audience, before he begins again…

Randy Orton: Last night, my fears came back before my match, and I wasn’t focused. My mind wasn’t in the right place.


Randy Orton: You see—when Triple H came out and assaulted me last week with his father-in-law Vince McMahon, and brother-in-law Shane, I—I developed a fear. It brought me to wake up that entire week, sweating, uncontrollable screaming—it brought nightmares.

Orton pauses.

Randy Orton: I went to my psychiatrist, and he told me to get it out of my head. So—that’s what I did. I finally got it out of my head—but y’see, it came back into my head last night. It hit me full force and I was worried. Worried that it’d happen again—worried that my life would be endangered—worried that I wouldn’t make it.

Further booing from the crowd but Orton ignores it.

Randy Orton: And with my fear taking control of my mind—I wasn’t in the right place. And therefore, I lost—so, Triple H—congratulations on winning, but tonight, I don’t have that fear anymore. I want a rematch.

More heat.

Randy Orton: Y’see, I’m fully capable of winning tonight. Though I’m banged up and hurting, I’m still willing and fully able to perform. So Hunter, what do you say?

*No Chance*

The crowd goes NUTS~!

Michael Cole: McMahon! It’s Mr. McMahon! That’s not who Randy Orton wanted!

Orton stares upon the entranceway as does his associates, as the WWE Chairman steps out onto the stage. Mr. McMahon, in a turquoise suit with a mic in hand, grins as his music fades away. He stares down towards the ring.

Mr. McMahon: Orton—you’re at the end of the line.

Cheers from the crowd, we cut to Orton as he gawks at McMahon intently, before we cut back to the Chairman.

Mr. McMahon: Quite frankly, I would fire ya’ right now on the spot, but I’m in a good mood so I’m not going to. Orton, you put me and my family through hell. What kind of person do you think I am if we came out here and gave you a rematch for a championship that you don’t deserve?

The crowd cheers, we cut to Orton who looks somewhat aggravated.

Randy Orton: I deserve it, Vince!

We cut back to the Chairman whilst he laughs.

Mr. McMahon: You deserve it? You deserve it?

Orton mouths ‘yeah’.

Mr. McMahon: You don’t deserve anything Orton, you earn it! And I’m going to get to the matter at hand—Randy, you’re not getting a title match!

Huge pop from the crowd; Orton marches around the ring, even further aggravated.

Randy Orton: Vince, I deserve another match, you give it to m—

*Time to Play The Game*

Orton stops in his tracks so to say, as the WWE Champion steps out onto the stage beside the Chairman to a standing ovation.

Michael Cole: It’s Triple H! Look at Orton, King, he’s stopped right in his tracks!

‘The Game’, decked in a pair of jeans and a WWE t-shirt, with the coveted WWE Championship lying across his shoulder, grins. He takes the mic from McMahon, and pulls it to his lips to speak…

Triple H: Aw, what’s wrong, Orton? Cat got your tongue when I show up?

Laughter from the crowd, Orton doesn’t look too pleased.

Triple H: First off Orton, just like Vince said—you don’t deserve anything.


Triple H: As a matter of fact—if you deserve anything, it’s me kicking your ass—and the only thing stoppin’ me is I don’t want to get your bloodstains all over the ring at the start of the show.

Cheap pop.

Triple H: But, I’ll be fair. Pop, [pointing at Vince] tell me if you agree. I’ll give you a shot Orton, if you win your match tonight. And just in case you get lucky and actually do win, then hell, I’ll live up to my word, and kick your ass one more time.

Pop from the crowd again, Orton is livid.

Randy Orton: It’s not if, Hunter, it’s when, and you won’t do anything! I’m going to get what’s rightfully mine tonight, and lemme just tell ya’—when I face you and beat you, I’m gonna do what I should’ve done last night—and that’s punt you—in the—skull.

Heat, Orton and his Legacy associates grin, whilst ‘The Game’ looks unfazed.

Triple H: Whoa, hold up, sheriff. Did it take you all day to come up with that?

‘The Game’ grins, the crowd cheer, and Orton gets even more irate.

Randy Orton: Hunter, enough with the games. Tonight, when I beat whoever you make me face—you’re over.

Triple H: Tonight—oh no, it’s not tonight. It’s right now.

The crowd cheer, Orton gazes at ‘The King of Kings’.

Triple H: Oh, and before we get this movin’—Cody, Ted—you’re banned from ringside!

Bigger ovation from the crowd; Cody and Ted yell towards the WWE Champ and exit the ring as ‘The Viper’ stares straight forward menacingly.

Michael Cole: What an announcement from Triple H, King! Randy Orton has one more shot—IF, he can beat his opponent right now! And Cody and Ted are banned from ringside!

Jerry Lawler: What a start to the show, but Michael, who is it!?

And King’s question is answered, as…


Huge pop from the crowd, as KOFI KINGSTON makes his way out onto the stage. Kofi grins and shakes hands with ‘The Game’ and Mr. McMahon, before transcending down the ramp towards the ring.

Michael Cole: Well your question was answered, King! It’s going to be Kofi Kingston one-on-one with ‘The Apex Predator’, and it’ll be LIVE—next!


As we return from the commercials, Kingston and Orton are both in the ring.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to RAW ladies and gentlemen, and we’re about to be underway with our first match of the evening, Randy Orton one-on-one against Kofi Kingston. And if you’re just now tuning in folks, this match will determine if Randy Orton faces Triple H in a rematch for the WWE Championship.

Kingston’s music comes to an end as both men circle the ring awaiting the bell.

Match 1
Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston
If Orton wins, he gets a rematch for the WWE Championship

The match is underway and we’re off! It’s ‘The Viper’ against the fast and agile Kofi Kingston! Fairly even throughout the early-stages of the match with both men getting in early offense on the other. At around the one-and-half minute mark, Kingston took Orton down with a springboard clothesline, and tried to follow it up with a Boom Drop, but the more-experienced ‘Apex Predator’ slid out of the way just in time, and took the advantage by working on Kingston’s left knee. For the next two minutes or so, Orton continued to work on Kingston’s knee, stomping away at it several times and completing several knee drops; blowing time and taunting his opponent. Kingston came back to life however with a dropkick to Orton, followed by several clotheslines. Thereafter, Kingston went for a diving crossbody, but ‘nobody was home’ as Orton quickly moved out his path. ‘The Apex Predator’ stomped away at Kingston once again, taking the advantage and getting into his crazy zone preparing for the RKO. All went as planned with Kingston rising to his feet, and Orton went for the RKO … … … BUT Kingston hit ‘The Viper’ with a forearm smash, turned him around, and nailed him with a vicious Trouble in Paradise to get the pin and the victory!
Winner: Kofi Kingston (at 8:35)

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, Kofi Kingston!

“SOS” blasts from the PA system as the referee holds Kofi Kingston’s hand in the air in victory, whilst ‘The Viper’ recovers in the corner.

Michael Cole: He couldn’t do it, he lost! Ladies and gentlemen, Kofi Kingston defeated ‘The Viper’, and Randy Orton isn’t getting a match against Triple H!

Jerry Lawler: What a win by Kofi Kingston! This young man put on a good match, and came out victorious!

Michael Cole: But we all have to wonder folks, what does this mean?

Kofi exits the ring and celebrates whilst heading up the ramp. A few seconds later, his music comes to an end and we cut back to the ring, where Randy Orton sits in the corner of the squared circle. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes enter the ring, and stand in front of ‘The Apex Predator’ as he continues to sit in the corner; staring into space, the crowd booing and taunting him but he seems unfazed.

Michael Cole: One has to wonder what’s going through the mind of ‘The Viper’ right now, what do you think King?

Jerry Lawler: I have no clue Michael, but you have to know that he’s not the happiest camper right now.

‘The Viper’ finally stands up, and puts his hands onto his face, and follows up with a kick to the mat and a screeching yell. Orton marches around the ring in circles, his protégées trying to talk to him, before exiting the ring. Orton looks livid, and slams his hand onto the outside-the-ropes portion of the ring mat before walking up the ramp, followed by Rhodes and DiBiase. The trio walk alongside one another, mumbling amongst themselves, as we fade…


As we return from the commercial break the camera pans to Mr. McMahon’s office. The Chairman is inside, leaning against a desk. He’s on the phone, but is interrupted as someone in the distance is yelling “Vince! Vince!”. Whoever the culprit is has apparently walked into the office, as McMahon utters…

Mr. McMahon: Listen, I’ll call you back.

The camera backs away to reveal RANDY ORTON standing in front of Mr. McMahon, alongside Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. McMahon stares at the trio suspiciously.

Randy Orton: Vince, that was a travesty! I want one more match!

Mr. McMahon: Randy, you lost. You get no more matches.

Orton is even more livid, as his eyes gaze intently at the Chairman, his eyeballs literally bulging from their sockets.

Mr. McMahon: Now get out of my office.

The in-arena crowd cheers as ‘The Viper’ sighs, obviously agitated, before leaving Mr. McMahon’s office; Cody and Ted both shake their heads in disgust before also leaving. McMahon stares on, before pulling his phone back out as we cut back to the arena. We focus in on the center of the ring, where our ring announcer, Lillian Garcia, as well as a WWE ref, stands by.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


The Houston crowd lets out a roaring cheer as the ‘Paparazzi Diva’ Melina makes her way out onto the stage, along with Mickie James.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to RAW ladies and gentlemen, Michael Cole here, with Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler, bringing you the world’s longest running weekly episodic television series in history, and what a confrontation that could’ve turned into! Randy Orton went to Mr. McMahon’s office after his loss to Kofi Kingston, and demanded for another opportunity, and McMahon said no, he’s not getting it!

Jerry Lawler: Cole we’ll talk about that later, look at the divas! Two of my favorites, Melina and Mickie James!

Lillian Garcia: Introducing first, making their way to the ring, the team of Mickie James and Melina!

Melina and Mickie James make their way to the ring, taunting for the crowd, before James jumps into the ring, and Melina follows up with her unique split-entrance.

Jerry Lawler: My, oh my! I love that entrance every time she does it!

Michael Cole: Be that as it may, King, this is going to be a tag team match between Melina and Mickie James, going one on one with Rosa Mendes, and the Women’s Champion, ‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix.


The Women’s Champion, along with Rosa Mendes and Santino Marella, make their way out onto the stage and down the ramp towards the ring.

Lillian Garcia: And their opponents, making their way to the ring, accompanied by Santino Marella, Rosa Mendes and the WWE Women’s Champion, ‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix!

Michael Cole: And here comes the Women’s Champion, as well as her associate Rosa Mendes, and Santino Marella!

Jerry Lawler: Cole, be quiet! I love watchin’ the divas!

Michael Cole: I’m doing my job, King—

Jerry Lawler: Okay, fine. Ladies and gentlemen, RAW is brought to you by Burger King. Burger King – have it your way. And Cole lemme tell ya’, I really wish I could have it my way right about now.

Michael Cole: Do you ever listen to yourself, King? Do you?

Phoenix and Rosa Mendes enter the ring, and Santino stays on the outside in their corner, as the Women’s Champion’s music halts as the match is about to go underway.

Match 2
Mickie James & Melina vs. Rosa Mendes & Beth Phoenix

The ref calls for the bell, and we’re underway! It’s Mickie James and Melina, going against Rosa Mendes, and the Women’s Champ, Beth Phoenix! Phoenix and Melina start the match off, the match staying even for the first minute or so, until odds turn in Phoenix’s favor as she takes the ‘Paparazzi Diva’ down with a superplex! The Women’s Champion continues to hold the advantage, isolating Melina from her tag team partner, with a seated double chiickenwing. Thereafter, Phoenix continued to stay in control, trying for several pin attempts to no success with three two-counts. An angry ‘Glamazon’ messed up however, and Melina began to fight back and got the hot tag to James! James connected with a Thesz press to Phoenix, and began punching away but ‘The Glamazon’ powered her way out from under James. Phoenix ran towards James, going for a clothesline, but James ducked, and Phoenix accidentally nailed her partner Rosa Mendes~! Mendes fell to the arena floor which distracted Phoenix long enough to turn around into a nasty Mick Kick, and bring James and Melina the win!
Winners: Mickie James & Melina (at 5:11)

Lillian Garcia: Here are your winners, Mickie James and Melina!

Michael Cole: They did it, they did it! Mickie James and Melina have beat Rosa Mendes and ‘The Glamazon’! And it was all thanks to Phoenix accidentally hitting her partner with a clothesline, which distracted the Women’s Champion long enough to get hit with a Mick Kick and a loss!

Jerry Lawler: What a great win by Mickie and Melina, Cole, but now it’s depressing because I have to watch them leave!

“Paparazzi” plays in the background as Melina and Mickie James celebrate whilst leaving the ring. The camera focuses on Phoenix as she recovers from the devastating Mick Kick, looking outside of the ring to see Santino Marella lifting Rosa Mendes off of the arena floor. Phoenix stands up and looks on as Marella begins to walk around the ring towards the ramp still carrying Mendes.

Michael Cole: Look at ‘The Glamazon’, King, she looks mad.

Jerry Lawler: No doubt, Cole, first she lost the match, and now her boyfriend is carrying another woman! Santino is dumb, I’ve done that before and it didn’t work out too well.

Michael Cole: You think, King?

Phoenix exits the ring and walks behind Marella, looking rather confused and angry, as he carries Mendes backstage; and we fade to…


As we return from the commercial break, the camera focuses on a backstage hallway. SANTINO MARELLA walks into sight, and Phoenix follows behind him.

Beth Phoenix: Santino, just explain it to me!

Santino Marella: I don’t know how to explain aht to you’s, Beth. I was just’a helpin’ her! You are’a my girl ‘fran!

Beth Phoenix: Santino, don’t play stupid, you wouldn’t go that far just to help her!

Santino Marella: Beth, I’ma tellin’ you ‘tha truth!

Beth pushes Santino against the corridor wall and ‘The Italian Stallion’ looks rather scared.

Beth Phoenix: I’m done Santino, I’m done!

‘The Glamazon’ slaps Santino and walks away out of the cameras view, as Santino rubs his face in agony. All of a sudden, Marella looks at something out of the view of the camera. A moment later, the camera backs away to reveal the new WWE Hall of Famer, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN~!!

The crowd goes NUTS, as Steve Austin, wearing the Stone Cold t-shirt and a pair of jeans, with a beer in hand, stands toe-to-toe with Marella.

Steve Austin: Good God, boy—you’re her bitch.

Huge pop from the in-arena crowd, Santino continues to stare at Austin, still rubbing his face.

Steve Austin: Here—you need this more than I do.

Austin holds the beer out towards Marella; Marella is about to grab it when Austin pulls it back.

Steve Austin: Boy, you really thought I was gonna give you my beer? You really are stupid!

‘Stone Cold’ laughs, before acting like he’s about to leave, when he…

Steve Austin: Bam!

Marella flinches as Austin acts like he’s about to hit him. For s moment, Austin just stares blankly at the ‘Italian Stallion’ before walking away, muttering to himself. Marella stands still and watches Austin leave when all of a sudden RON SIMMONS walks into the scene. The crowd goes wild again, as Simmons just stares intently at Marella.

Ron Simmons: …DAMN!

The in-arena crowd cheer as Simmons walks away. Thereafter, we cut away and focus in on the announce table.

Michael Cole: Moving on folks—what a spectacle WrestleMania 25 was last night—and I can say is, well—damn!

Jerry Lawler: Did you see the look on Santino’s face, Cole? Stone Cold—Ron Simmons—it was priceless!

Michael Cole: Be that as it may, we’d like to take the time to thank the WWE Universe for watching and attending WrestleMania last night, and if you haven’t seen it yet, a feature presentation will air this Wednesday night on pay-per-view.

Jerry Lawler: What an event it was, it’s down in the history books and Cole I’ll tell ya’, in my honest opinion it was one of the best WrestleMania’s I’ve ever seen.

Michael Cole: And not only that King, but the Hall of Fame as well. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take you back Saturday night, as WWE inducted several worthy individuals into the Hall of Fame, Class of 2010.

We fade away and view a Hall of Fame recap video, which showcases various moments throughout the Hall of Fame ceremony, including statements by the Class of 2010 inductors, as well as the inductees. The video then shows Austin’s shenanigans last night at WrestleMania, before it ends. Afterwards, we cut back to the arena, as…

*Break the Walls Down*

The crowd is thundering down with roaring heat as CHRIS JERICHO makes his way out to the ring. Jericho, wearing a grey suit with a purple tie, makes his way down the ramp, soaking in all of the animosity towards him from the audience to no effect.

Michael Cole: Here comes Chris Jericho, and last night at WrestleMania ladies and gentlemen, he defeated Ricky Steamboat, ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, and Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka in a three-on-one match like he promised he would, but after the match he was punched and knocked out by actor Mickey Rourke.

Jerry Lawler: Cole, you should’ve seen him earlier today. He was in such a foul mood due to last night.

Michael Cole: Isn’t he always, King?

Jericho makes his way into the ring, and receives a mic from a ringside crewmember, before making his way to the center of the ring staring out into the crowd, as his music fades away.

Chris Jericho: All of you tapeworms and parasites, listen up and listen clearly.

Jericho stares menacingly out into the crowd, which receives further booing.

Chris Jericho: Last night at WrestleMania 25 I did what I said I’d do—I walked down that very ramp, walked into this very ring, faced off against Ricky ‘the Dragon’ Steamboat, ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, and ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka, beat them each one-by-one, and showed them and all of you that truly I am the best in the world at what I do.

Further heat, Jericho steps out of the ring and walks around the barricade, eyeing all of the ringside fans. Jericho stops directly in front of a small boy and stares at him.

Chris Jericho: You—junior—what’s your name?

Small Boy: Nathan.

Chris Jericho: What was your favorite part of WrestleMania last night?

Small Boy: Umm…

Jericho walks away from the small boy and continues to circle ringside before stopping in front of a man and a woman.

Chris Jericho: You two—what’s your names?

Male Fan: Michael.

Female Fan: Melissa.

Chris Jericho: Melissa, what was your favorite part of WrestleMania?

Female Fan: John Cena beating Edge and Big Show!

Cheap pop for the female fan’s response, Jericho looks disgusted.

Chris Jericho: So typical, you parasite. Michael, what was your favorite part?

Male Fan: Mickey Rourke knockin’ you out!

Applause from the crowd for the male fan’s response, Jericho looks angry and stares intently at the man for a few moments, before going back into the ring.

Chris Jericho: Thank you Michael for your ‘great’ response, because that brings me to my next point. Rourke—I know you’re backstage, and I know you’re watching. You want to punch me, huh?

Pop from the crowd.

Chris Jericho: Of course you hypocrites would cheer for that. Rourke—let these parasites motivate you to come out here and try to hit me again. Try it—I dare you—I beg you—this isn’t Hollywood, Rourke, this is my ring—and this is where I do what I do, and that’s be the best in the wo—

*Also sprach Zarathursta*

The crowd goes INSANE, as ‘The Nature Boy’ steps out onto the stage~! Jericho looks on in shock as Flair, wearing a black suit, makes his transcend down the ramp; yelling “WOO!” into the camera.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Jericho has called out Mickey Rourke but Rourke is not who he got! Instead, he got ‘The Nature Boy’!

Jerry Lawler: The 16 time world champ! The stylin’ and profilin’ Ric Flair! This night is gettin’ better and better, Cole!

‘The Nature Boy’ enters the ring and receives a mic from a ringside crewmember and stands across from Jericho, who looks on at the 16 time world champion in disgust.

Ric Flair: Houston, Texas—WOOOOO!!

The crowd echoes Flair with a “WOO” of their own.

Ric Flair: Jericho—sorry to burst your bubble, but Mickey Rourke has already left the building.

Jericho looks on in disgust, as Flair continues.

Ric Flair: But that doesn’t stop ‘The Nature Boy’, the stylin’, the profilin’, the limousine ridin’, the jet flyin’, wheelin’ and dealin’, kiss stealin’, 16 time World Champion, son of a gun from comin’ out the night after WrestleMania!

The crowd cheers heavily for ‘The Nature Boy’.

Chris Jericho: Flair—why are you out here?

Jericho stares at Flair, a smug expression on his face.

Ric Flair: I’m out here ‘cause I have to tell ya’ somethin’, Chris. You, my friend—you need to let go.

Jericho mouths “let go?”.

Ric Flair: Yeah, you need to let go. You need to realize that you won last night—you disproved me, and a whole heck of a lot of people, and need to let go of this obsession you have with Mickey Rourke. I mean, look at it this way Chri—

Chris Jericho: Let go? Really, let go? Flair—you should be the last one to tell me to let go. And another thing Flair, I’m not your friend, so don’t call me as such.

Heat from the crowd.

Chris Jericho: You’re the one who needs to let go Flair. Last year at WrestleMania 24, Shawn Michaels beat you and put you into retirement. It was fifteen years late, but yes, someone finally did it. So there’s a big throw off for you, but guess what? Next thing we know, you’re back. And then you’re back again. And then you’re back again after the second time. And then you’re back again, and the cycle continues to wrap around in a circle.


Chris Jericho: These people, and the people in the back might be parasites and hypocrites, but Flair, you’re the worst of them all. After you’re forced to retire, you keep comin’ back, disgracing this company—hell, disgracing yourself for that matter—ruining your legacy trying to get back in this ring one way or the other, and Flair, you’ve made yourself a money-hungry failure. You keep coming back trying to make a quick buck and trying to pander to all of these hypocrites and leach worms, trying to take the spotlight from me!


Chris Jericho: You’re nothing, Flair. You’re a has been who doesn’t know how to stay away—how to let the real talent shine—how to let me be the best in the world. How do your kids feel about it, Flair? How about your fifth wife? Huh?

Heat ensues even further as Flair looks away from Jericho.

Chris Jericho: You’re a hypocrite, Flair—you’re the one who needs to move on and let go.

Jericho throws his mic down and slaps ‘The Nature Boy’~!! Major heat ensues, as Flair turns his full attention back to Jericho—before nailing him with a signature chop! The crowd lets out a “WOO”. Another chop! Two more! BUT JERICHO TAKES FLAIR DOWN WITH A NASTY CODEBREAKER~!!

Michael Cole: No, no! Jericho just nailed Ric Flair with a Codebreaker!

Jericho stands over the fallen ‘Nature Boy’, before stomping away at him to further heat. All of a sudden…


The crowd cheers as ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan runs down to the ring and quickly slides in surprisingly, and Jericho starts stomping away at him!!

Michael Cole: It’s ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan! He came to the aid of Ric Flair!

‘Hacksaw’ fights back against Jericho’s repeated stomps and gets to his feet, punching away at Jericho! Back and forth punches ensue between the two, and now Flair is back on his feet! ‘The Nature Boy’ turns Jericho around and hits him with a chop to the chest! And another one!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, Ric Flair and ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan are fighting back!

Flair goes for another chop, Jericho’s on the mat! Flair lets out a thunderous “WOO!” and grabs hold of Jericho’s left leg, but Jericho quickly slides out of the ring and escapes to the bottom of the ramp. Flair and ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan look on at Jericho to the crowd’s delight, as “Also sprach Zarathursta” hits.

Jerry Lawler: ‘Hacksaw’ and ‘The Nature Boy’ fought off Chris Jericho, but I don’t think this is the end of this, Cole!

Michael Cole: What a night this has been! And we’re not even halfway done! ‘The Nature Boy’ and ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan reign supreme!

Flair and ‘Hacksaw’ taunt for the crowd, as the camera cuts to the top of the stage, where Jericho stands looking on at the happenings in the ring, his face blood-red and his eyes ‘colder than ice’, as we fade…


As we return from the commercial break, the screen is black, and we watch as…

*Video Package*
A packed-out arena is shown; and in the center of it is an empty ring.

Female Narrator: It’s only once a year—where revenge is sought…

A video plays of Jeff and Matt Hardy brawling inside the ring.

Female Narrator: It’s when battles become wars…

A video plays of HBK superkicking The Undertaker.

Female Narrator: It’s when the resilience of a warrior brings him defeat over the weaker warrior…

A video plays of Randy Orton punting Rey Mysterio.

Female Narrator: It’s when…

A video plays of the performer each time they speak…

John Cena: blood will be lost…

Rey Mysterio: tears will be shed…

Triple H: sacrifice will be made…

CM Punk: loss is not an option…

Matt Hardy: vengeance will be paid…

Undertaker: I reign supreme…

Randy Orton: I am not weak…

Zack Ryder: It’s…

Curt Hawkins: It’s…

Chris Jericho: It’s…

Shawn Michaels: It’s…

Jeff Hardy: It’s…

Kane: It’s…

Female Narrator: …Backlash.

The ring is shown again, as smoke rises from it.

Male Narrator: Backlash—April 26, 2009—live—from TD Banknorth Arena in Boston, Massachusetts—on pay-per-view.

*End Video Package*

Thereafter, we cut backstage to Mr. McMahon’s office, as he is at the desk again, leaning against it on the phone.

Mr. McMahon: Yeah, yeah, it’s going to be great—

There’s a knock on the door.

Mr. McMahon: Yeah, come in. Hold on, I’ll call you back.

McMahon puts his phone away as the office door opens, the camera backs away to reveal it’s TED DIBIASE and CODY RHODES, which receives heat from the in-arena crowd.

Mr. McMahon: What?

Ted DiBiase: Mr. McMahon—we apologize for earlier. Y’see, Randy…

DiBiase stops himself, and Cody continues what he was saying instead…

Cody Rhodes: Randy got upset. But that’s not the point. The point is—I came here to ask for a match with Triple H.

Mixed reaction from the crowd; mainly due to the mention of the WWE Champion.

Mr. McMahon: You want a match with Triple H?

Cody Rhodes: Yes, I want it tonight.

Mr. McMahon: Ask him yourself.

Pop from the crowd, the camera backs away further to reveal TRIPLE H standing behind DiBiase and Rhodes, unbeknownst to them!

Triple H: So uh, what’re we talkin’ about here?

Rhodes and DiBiase quickly turn around, Rhodes being face-to-face with ‘The Game’, both members of The Legacy are silent.

Triple H: If you want a death wish Rhodes, it’ll be my favor. See ya’ out there.

The crowd cheers, as Triple H smirks and leaves the office, Rhodes and DiBiase still seemingly frozen in place and silent. We cut to the announce table.

Michael Cole: What a match set for tonight, folks. It’s going to be Triple H going one-on-one with ‘The Game’! But something is telling me this is a setup, I feel it in the pit of my stomach.

Jerry Lawler: I feel it too, Cole. Something tells me Randy Orton has something to do with this.

Michael Cole: Be that as it may, let’s take you to the ring ladies and gentlemen, to Lillian Garcia.

We cut to the ring, where Lillian Garcia stands by.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one fall! Already in the ring, weighing in at 235 pounds, from Laie, Hawaii, Sim Snuka!

The camera cuts to Sim Snuka, who taunts for the crowd, and then…

*Get Down on Your Knees*

The crowd begins to boo as the former ECW Champion, Jack Swagger, makes his way down the ramp.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, making his way to the ring and making his debut on Monday Night RAW, weighing in at 260 pounds, from Perry, Oklahoma, ‘The All American-American’ Jack Swagger!

Swagger, wearing his wrestling singlet, makes his way down to the ring with a cocky grin on his face.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Monday Night RAW, and if you’re just joining us then you’re about to witness Sim Snuka, son of the legendary Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka, go one-on-one with the ‘All American-American’ Jack Swagger.

Jerry Lawler: Tonight is Swagger’s debut on RAW, Cole. This kid is a very talented superstar, and was the former ECW Champion.

Michael Cole: Not the former, King, the final, as ECW was cancelled shortly before WrestleMania.

Jerry Lawler: Well, it didn’t turn out too bad, Cole, we got Swagger after all!

Swagger enters the ring, and takes the mic from Lillian Garcia.

Jack Swagger: Lillian, Lillian—it’s not the ‘All American-American’—it’s the two-time, two-time All American-American-American’, Jack Swagger! Try it.

Heat from the crowd as Swagger gives the mic back to Garcia.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, Sim Snuka’s opponent—the two-time, two-time ‘All American—American—American’, Jack Swagger.

Swagger grins and takes the mic back from Garcia as heat ensues. As Garcia is leaving, Swagger smacks her on the butt.

Jack Swagger: I’ll see you later, sweet thing, you might be the new Mrs. Swagger!


Jack Swagger: Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! I’m Jack Swagger! Your two-time, two-time, ‘All American-American-American’!

Booing ensues, Swagger looks confused.

Jack Swagger: Why are you people booing me? You shouldn’t boo me, I’m the last ECW Champion!

Further booing…

Jack Swagger: You should be booing Sim Snuka! I mean look at him! He has no personality!

Further booing ensues before a “Swagger Sucks” chant begins.

Jack Swagger: Yeah, yeah—that’s what your mom was doin’ to me last night!

Swagger smirks at his corny joke as the fans continue to boo. Swagger finally throws the mic down, and gets set for the match.

Match 3
Sim Snuka vs. Jack Swagger

The ref calls for the bell, and the match is underway! It’s pitting Sim Snuka against RAW’s newest Superstar, Jack Swagger! Jack Swagger was dominant throughout the match, nailing several suplexes to Snuka early on, before taking it to mat wrestling, locking Snuka in an abdominal stretch. Snuka broke free of the hold however, and tried to fight Swagger off with several punches, but ended back down following a nasty big boot to the face. Thereafter, the ‘All-American-American-American’ finished Snuka off with a Gutwrench Powerbomb for the win.
Winner: Jack Swagger (at 3:44)

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, ‘The All American-American-American’ Jack Swagger!

“Get Down on Your Knees” plays as Swagger celebrates his RAW debut win whilst the ref aids Snuka out of the ring.

Michael Cole: Well, Swagger might be cocky, and he might be brash, but he picked up the win.

Jerry Lawler: This kid is raw, Cole. He’ll for sure be a main eventer someday.

Swagger orders for a mic which he receives as his music fades away.

Jack Swagger: Lillian, sweet thing—you forgot two-time, two-time!

Heat ensues from the crowd as the ‘two-time , two-time’ ‘All American-American-American’ smirks.

Jack Swagger: Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! The winner of the match--the winner of your hearts—and the guy in your girlfriends bedroom—the two-time, two-time, ‘All American-American-American’!

“Get Down on Your Knees” hits again as Swagger grins before exiting the ring and walking up the ramp, with a swagger in his walk.

Michael Cole: Well ladies and gentlemen, coming up next, we’ll see two other recent Draft’s to RAW following the cancellation of ECW, and my personal favorites, John Morrison and The Miz, as they bring us a once-in-a-lifetime live Dirt Sheet! Do you watch it King?

Jerry Lawler: Dirt what?

Michael Cole: The Dirt Sheet, King! Only the greatest program on WWE.com right now! And it’s next!


As we return from the commercial break we cut to the ring, which is decked out with a brown rug and the Dirt Sheet set. Howard Finkel steps into the middle of the ring.

Howard Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen, in a world of winners and losers, two men have risen above to bring you the Slammy Award winning show—The Dirt Sheet!

*Ain’t No Make Believe*

The crowd lets out a flourishing mixed reaction as John Morrison and The Miz exit the curtain and make their way down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Yeah! Yeah! It’s John Morrison, it’s The Miz! It’s—The Dirt Sheet!

The camera cuts to the announce table, as we see ‘fanboy’ Michael Cole standing up and clapping whilst ‘King’ is laughing.

Michael Cole: Woo, oh yeah! Let’s go JoMo! Let’s go Miz! C’mon King, applaud!

We cut back to Morrison and Miz, both wearing black suits with their World Tag Team Titles wrapped upon their shoulders, as they enter the ring, and sit on the lounge chairs set in place, as Howard Finkel exits the ring.

John Morrison: Hi, I’m John Morrison, and this is the live edition of The Dirt Sheet.

The Miz: And I’m your chick magnet—The Miz!

John Morrison: And tonight, we bring you “A Tale of Two Brothers”—the intensified story of Primo the premadonna—and Carlito the coyote.

A video begins on The Dirt Sheet screen, as well as the titantron for the others.

*Prerecorded Video*
Narrator: In a time where Carlito the coyote hunts down Primo the premadonna…

A video is shown of The Miz, disguised in an afro and bright-colored clothing, is in a dark alley in the middle of the night, apparently as “Primo the premadonna”

Primo the premadonna: Oh my, oh my, I’m in a dark alley and don’t know what’s going to happen.

Suddenly, John Morrison, disguised in an afro and fur, appears behind “Primo the premadonna”, apparently as “Carlito the coyote”.

Carlito the coyote: I’ll tell ju’ what’s going to happen, Carlito the coyote eats Primo the premadonna.

Primo the premadonna: NOOOOOOO! But you’re—you’re my brother!

Carlito the coyote: That’s the good thing about it! ‘Cause—‘cause—‘dats cool.

Lame video spoof, but anyways, “Carlito the coyote” laughs and heads towards “Primo the premadonna” when suddenly, the video goes black. After a few seconds, replays are shown of Carlito pinning John Morrison last night at WrestleMania, before the video goes black again.

*End Prerecorded Video*

We pan back to the ring, as John Morrison is now standing up facing the entranceway and titantron, as Miz is standing behind him.

John Morrison: Who put that in the video!?

Morrison pauses before continuing.

John Morrison: Folks, that wasn’t u-


Michael Cole: What the hell!? What’s happening?!

The crowd goes berserk with heavy jeers towards ‘The Awesome One’, as Miz lifts Morrison up from the mat, and THROWS HIM INTO THE VIDEO SCREEN, which proceeds to break it and make it fall over, as does ‘The Shaman of Sexy’~!!

Michael Cole: Miz! Miz! Miz! Look at it, King! Look at it! The Miz has attacked John Morrison! It’s about time!

Jerry Lawler: I thought you just said both Miz and John Morrison were your favorites, Cole?

Michael Cole: Oh hush, King, that’s nonsense! Look at that greatness!

Miz has a mic in hand as he kneels beside JoMo. Miz pulls Morrison’s head up off the mat by his hair, and looks him dead in the eye, before saying…

The Miz: John, you’re not worthy enough to be a partner with me anymore. Be jealous.

Miz throws Morrison’s head back to the mat to even further booing, as “Reality Check” hits. Miz dusts his shoulder off, puts his World Tag Team Title back around his shoulder, and grabs Morrison’s nearby title and exits the ring with it. Thereafter, we cut to the announce table.

Michael Cole: Yes! Yes! Yes! Way to go Miz, way to go!

‘King’ looks on at Cole in disgust, as ‘fanboy’ continues to stand and applaud The Miz.

Jerry Lawler: What’s gotten into you, Cole? John Morrison is hurt, and you’re cheering it on. Someone’s got to help the man.

Lawler takes his headset off, and leaves the table.

Michael Cole: Put a sock in it, King! The Miz is on top! King—wait King! Don’t go help him!

We cut to the ring as “Reality Check” stops, as Jerry Lawler enters the ring and checks on JoMo. Shortly thereafter, several medics come down to the ring with a stretcher, and ‘King’ aids them putting ‘The Shaman of Sexy’ on it, whilst the fans stay silent. Thereafter, the medics roll Morrison and the stretcher up the ramp as we fade to black.


After we return from the commercial break we cut backstage to a hallway. The Miz is spotted walking towards the camera. Josh Matthews suddenly runs into the scene beside Miz.

Josh Matthews: Miz, can I get your comments? What was that all about with John Morrison?

The Miz: I’m better than John Morrison and if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have lost last night. He’s done riding my curtails and taking my spotlight—I’m finding someone worthy of holding the World Tag Team Titles with me.

Clapping is heard in the background, when CHRIS JERICHO walks into view.

Chris Jericho: A round of applause, Miz. Finally—you got rid of that curtail riding leach worm. He’s not even in the same building as you, Miz.

The Miz: Thanks Jericho.

Chris Jericho: Don’t mention it. Say—I’d like to talk to you after the show, what’dya say?

The Miz ponders for a moment.

The Miz: Sure.

Jericho grins.

Chris Jericho: Alright, I’ll see ya’ later, Miz.

Jericho walks out of the scene, as we fade away to…

*Video Package*
We see nothing.

Male Narrator: It happens once a year—it’s time—to…

Vince McMahon [Voice]: Shake things up again!

Male Narrator: On Monday, April 27, 2009—in a special three hour broadcast of Monday Night RAW—featuring the Stars of RAW…

A quick video montage, showing several different RAW Stars, is shown.

Male Narrator: and SmackDown…

A quick video montage, showing several different SmackDown Stars, is shown.

Male Narrator: Bring you—the 2009—WWE Draft…

A quick video montage, showing several different WWE Stars from both brands looking straight into the camera, plays.

Male Narrator: It’ll shake the WWE’s core—and will change the lives of Stars all throughout…

And suddenly, ‘Good Ol’ J.R.’ Jim Ross’ “THE WORLD IS WATCHING” voiceover is heard, as a logo, advertising the Draft, is shown.

Male Narrator: 2009 WWE Draft. A special three hour edition of RAW. Monday, April 27, 2009, starting at 8/7 central. Will you be watching?

*End Video Package*

We cut to the announce table, where Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler sit by.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW ladies and gentlemen, Michael Cole here, alongside WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler, and you heard it folks … the WWE Draft is comin’ back!

Jerry Lawler: It was such an announcement, Cole. I’m ready for it. And quite frankly I’m hoping Miz gets drafted to SmackDown.

Michael Cole: Oh, shut up, King! You’ve always been on the ‘I hate Miz’ bandwagon and I’m tired of it!

Jerry Lawler: There’s no bandwagon, Cole! The man attacked John Morrison, and now he’s on his way to the hospital!

Michael Cole: He deserved it, King. The Miz is greatness!

‘King’ rolls his eyes disgustingly at ‘fanboy’, as…

*This Fire Burns*

The camera pans to the entranceway, and the crowd goes INSANE~!

Michael Cole: And here comes the new Mr. Money in the Bank! CM Punk!

Jerry Lawler: What a match he put on last night. A well deserved win for sure.

…And out walks Mister Money in the Bank CM PUNK; dressed in a t-shirt that has “MONEY in the BANK!” labeled across the front and a pair of his signature trunks, with the MITB briefcase in hand,

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 218 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois, the NEW – Mr. – Money in the Bank, C – M – PUUUNNNKKKKK!

Punk makes his way into the ring, and takes the mic from Lillian Garcia. His music fades away, and he lies the MITB briefcase on the mat before sitting Indian-style beside it.

CM Punk: …Two times!

Pop from the crowd.

CM Punk: …Two times I did it. Two times I came out here with this briefcase. Two times I’m going to cash in.

Another pop.

CM Punk: Before my match starts … I just wanted to come out here and say a few words. Like for example … we’re still here in the great Houston, Texas!


CM Punk: We’re all here at Monday Night RAW!

And again, a cheap pop.

CM Punk: And—yeah, this is the best yet—I stand—or technically sit, here before you as Mr. Money in the Bank!

Another pop as Punk grabs the briefcase and holds it up in the air, but is interrupted as…

*Time To Shout*

A cheap heat reaction illuminates from the Houston crowd, as DOLPH ZIGGLER steps out onto the stage, heading for the ring.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, weighing in at 213 pounds, from Hollywood, Florida, Dolph – Ziggler!

Michael Cole: And CM Punk’s talking is done folks, as Dolph Ziggler is making his way to the ring for his one-on-one matchup with the Mr. Money in the Bank.

Jerry Lawler: Both are tremendous young talents, Cole; and if Ziggler can pull off the win here tonight, he’ll be in store for a bright future no doubt.

We cut to the ring as Ziggler is entering it with a mic already in hand, staring straight towards Punk, who is now standing up with the briefcase in hand. His music fades away…

Dolph Ziggler: Hi, I’m Dolph Ziggler.

Booing ensues as Ziggler smirks and offers his hand to Punk for a handshake. Mr. Money in the Bank grins.

CM Punk: Hi, I’m Mr. Money in the Bank, and I don't care.

Pop from the crowd as Punk grins back at Ziggler; the latter annulling his proposed handshake.

Dolph Ziggler: Funny guy, huh? We’ll see who’s funny when I beat you.

CM Punk: Bring it.

Punk throws his mic down and takes his t-shirt off; ready for action, and hands his briefcase to a ringside staff member as the ref enters the ring.

Match 4
CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler

The ref calls for the bell, and the match is underway! It’s Dolph Ziggler going one-on-one with the NEW Mr. Money in the Bank, CM Punk! The match starts out evenly between both competitors, both men going nonstop and performing some of their signature moves on the other. A nice Scoop Powerslam from Ziggler to Punk at the 3:39 mark, followed up by a pinfall attempt … but only a 2! Ziggler is angry and locks Punk in a sleeper hold! Still no win for Ziggler yet however, and Punk finally fights back with a sick step-up enzuiguri~! Punk has control from this point forward, locking Ziggler in several submissions, but Ziggler breaks free. Ziggler with a Zig Zag … … … WAIT, NO!! Punk ducks! He lifts Ziggler up! Yes … yes … YES! He connects with a devastating GTS~!! The crowd is hyped … and then the lights go out! Seconds later, they’re back on … … … FIRE ILLUMINATES FROM THE STAGE! KANE makes his way to the ring and enters it … to NAIL Punk with a Chokeslam~!! The ref calls for the bell!
Winner: CM Punk via DQ (at 9:48)

Michael Cole: What the hell?! Kane just attacked CM Punk!

Jerry Lawler: The Big Red Monster is mad, Cole! He almost won Money in the Bank last night if it wasn’t for CM Punk!

Kane stares at the ref, before hitting him with a nasty Chokeslam as well! The crowd is going berserk, it’s pandemonium! Ziggler gets up … a Chokeslam for him as well~!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, Kane has wreaked chaos, and has abruptly ended this match between CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler! Oh – oh no, oh no!

Kane has Punk lifted up, beaming repulsively, and turns him over, KANE NAILS HIM WITH A TOMBSTONE!! Massive heat ensues as ‘The Big Red Monster’ holds himself up on his knees, grinning down at the carnage across the ring. He squats above Mr. Money in the Bank, and the camera catches him yelling “YOU’VE UNLEASHED THE WRATH!” repeatedly, before he stands up and stands over the fallen ‘Straightedge Superstar’.

Michael Cole: What carnage done by ‘The Big Red Monster’. Folks, I—I don’t even know what to say.

Jerry Lawler: You just heard it, Cole, or at least I did. Kane just said you unleashed the wrath.

The camera follows as Kane makes his way up the ramp, still staring down at the carnage in the ring due to his destruction, with a nasty grin spread across his face; as we fade…


As we return from the commercial break…

*Booyaka 619*

The crowd goes wild as the new Intercontinental Champion REY MYSTERIO runs out onto the stage, wearing a signature red-and-purple mask, a black button-up shirt, and a pair of faded jeans, amidst a tremendous set of pyro, as well as the IC Title which lies on Mysterio’s shoulder.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the NEEEWWWW Intercontinental Champion – REEEEYYY – MYYYYSTTEEERIOOOOO!

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW ladies and gentlemen! The longest running weekly episodic series in all cable television! I’m Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler is with me, and here comes the new Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio.

Jerry Lawler: What a win for Rey last night, and I mean it, what a win. It went so fast I didn’t have time to blink!

Michael Cole: Yes it did, King. Ladies and gentlemen, if you didn’t catch it last night, Rey Mysterio defeated JBL for that there Intercontinental Championship in twenty-one seconds—

Jerry Lawler: Hold on, Cole. Is it? Are you—folks, I’m getting word—yep. I just received word that the former champion JBL, who quit last night after his match, will be here on RAW next week to address the WWE Universe.

Michael Cole: What an announcement! JBL will be in the house! I can’t wait!

The camera follows Rey, as he is now circling the ring with a mic in hand. His music fades and the crowd is beaming now.

Rey Mysterio:

The crowd breaks out in a “Rey Mysterio” chant, the new champ grins.

Rey Mysterio: I’m back on top!

Pop from the crowd.

Rey Mysterio: Y’know, I heard a quote one time, and it was sayin’ a pretty good message. It said champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. And throughout my career, I’ve been preparin’ for it.


Rey Mysterio: I made my way up from Tijuana, to ECW, to WCW, then here in WWE. I’ve won the Cruiserweight title, the tag titles, the Royal Rumble, and even the World Championship. And ever since then, I’ve been huntin’ for another chance, another title. And last night – I got it.

Pop again…

Rey Mysterio: Last night, I won this title.

Mysterio stares down at the IC Title that lies on his shoulder as the fans cheer.

Rey Mysterio: So from my heart, mi alma, gracias, voy a sorprender a todos ustedes.

Pop from the crowd, although many of them probably don’t even understand what he said.

Rey Mysterio: To my son Dominic and my sweet baby girl Aaliyah – papa es un campeon.

The crowd cheers and Rey stares into the camera and grins, when…


The crowd is now booing, as WILLIAM REGAL, in his traditional wrestling attire and trench coat, steps out onto the stage and makes his way down the ramp as Rey looks on. Regal transcends down the ramp, and climbs into the ring; staring down the Intercontinental Champ with a mic in hand as his music fades…

William Regal: You are imprudent sunshine, and naïve. You come out here and make your address – and during it, might I add, you speak to your family, in a language probably only five percent of these people understand. This is America, sunshine.

Mixed reaction; heat for the Rey comment, some cheers for the America comment.

William Regal: Oh, you peasants quit cheering.


William Regal: America is no better – it’s bursting with cumbersome, obnoxious, twats.

Further heat.

William Regal: Now, my Great Britain on the other hand – it’s—

Rey Mysterio: Nothing special.

Pop from the crowd; Regal looks irritated.

Rey Mysterio: I mean let’s look back at history, Regal. I read the books – the great United States broke away from ‘em because they aren’t as strong as they look.

Another pop.

Rey Mysterio: But before we get in a country topic Regal, lemme ask – what do you want?

William Regal: What do I want? What do I want? I’ll tell you, sunshine. I want that there championship.


William Regal: You’re not worthy of it. I, however, am worthy.

Rey Mysterio: Regal—Regal—listen, let’s finish the talkin’. Every bit of my career has been based on overcomin’ the odds, beating the giants, beating obstacles, y lo hice. I’ve won gold everywhere I’ve gone, and this Intercontinental Championship, I plan on keepin’, but if you want to be the first person I defend it against, then okay. Let’s do it right here, right now!

Huge pop from the crowd; Rey is amped up.

William Regal: Oh no, not tonight, sunshine – I’m going to wait.


William Regal: You see, I’m not like you people. I don't rush into things, I perfect myself with patience. You see sunshine, I'm going to make my Great Britain proud. I’m going to beat you. And bring back British pride for all of those who stand behind me, and my upright values.

Further heat; Regal heads towards the rope preparing to exit the ring … when he runs back over and tries to ram Mysterio~!! … BUT REY DUCKS AND DROPKICKS A SURPRISED REGAL INTO THE RING ROPES!! You know what time it is … Rey makes his way to the opposite side … runs forward … GOES FOR THE 619~!! … BUT DID HE COMPLETE IT? NO! Regal has hurriedly escaped the ring, falling to the arena floor in the process! “Booyaka 619” hits as Regal stares on at the Intercontinental Champ; bewildered, now atop his feet.

Michael Cole: Well tonight, things didn’t go William Regal’s way, and how!

Jerry Lawler: Regal tried to attack Rey by surprise, but it didn’t work, and luckily for him, he escaped a 619.

Michael Cole: But this cannot be the end, King, this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Regal.

We cut away backstage; as we see a double-screen, showing both TRIPLE H and CODY RHODES heading to the ring, both heading separate ways.

Michael Cole: But moving on, folks, coming up next in the main event – it’ll be Cody Rhodes going one-on-one with the man he challenged earlier tonight, ‘The Game’ Triple H!

Jerry Lawler: It’s going to be a great match Cole, but I still feel a little suspicious.

And with that, we fade…


Back from the break, and “Priceless (V2)” is blasting from the PA system; Cody Rhodes already in the ring; no Legacy with him.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring, weighing in at 215 pounds, from Marietta, Georgia, he is The Legacy’s Cody Rhodes!

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW ladies and gentlemen. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler here, Cody Rhodes already in the ring, awaiting his opponent, ‘The Game’ Triple H, whom he had challenged earlier in the evening, and this is our main event!

*Time to Play the Game*

And with that, the crowd erupts into a pandemonium, as the WWE Champ, ‘The Game’ TRIPLE H steps out onto the stage, the arena lighting beaming on his coveted world title, which is wrapped around his waist.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 255 pounds, from Greenwich, Connecticut, he is the WWE Champion, ‘The Game’ TRIPPPLLEEEE – H!

Michael Cole: And here comes Cody Rhodes’ opponent, the WWE Champ, ‘The King of Kings’, the ‘Cerebral Assassin’, ‘The Game’ Triple H! And what a match this is going to be!

Jerry Lawler: It’s set out to be such a great main event, Cole, but I still have my suspicions – no Legacy at ringside, but I’m sure that’ll change sometime during this matchup.

‘The Game’ completes his signature spit-out water entrance routine and enters the ring and taunts; gazing at Rhodes the entirety of it. ‘The Game’ then prepares for the matchup as his music fades, handing his coveted title to a ringside crewmember.

Triple H vs. Cody Rhodes

The ref calls for the bell and the match is underway! Cody Rhodes, from The Legacy, squaring off with his mentors rival, the WWE Champ, Triple H! Both circle the ring for a few seconds, awaiting the other to make the first move, and Rhodes tries to clothesline ‘The Game’ but the WWE Champ doesn’t take it, hitting Rhodes with several chops, before hitting the rope, and sending Rhodes down with a running clothesline! Rhode is back on his feet, and another running clothesline from the WWE Champ!

‘The Game’ controls the match around three minutes thereafter; playing with the second generation superstar, and nailing him with a Spinning Spinebuster! Pin attempt by HHH at the 4:08 mark … IS IT? … … … NO! Just a 2½ count, as we head to the commercials.

Three minutes later and back from the break, and Rhodes is in control! A replay from the break is shown, HHH went for a jumping knee drop but Rhodes slid out of the way, and continued to work over his knee. Back to the live action, and Rhodes nails ‘The Game’ with a nasty knee drop! HHH makes it back to his feet, and Rhodes nails him with a Russian leg sweep! The WWE Champ is back down, Rhodes taking complete control by working HHH’s knee.

Rhodes continues to work on HHH’s knee, locking him in a signature Figure Four~!! HHH is desperate, he’s in excruciating pain … … … he’s about to tap!! … … … BUT HE FLIPS OVER, AND REVERSES THE FIGURE FOUR INTO ONE OF HIS OWN~!! Rhodes is in trouble, and the pain is getting to him … … … BUT he begins punching away at HHH’s knee, and reverses into his Figure Four again!

‘The Game’ is in extreme pain … IS HE GOING TO TAP?! … … … NOPE! He reached the rope, but Rhodes isn’t done yet! The ref starts the five-count to release. 1 … 2 … 3 … 4—Rhodes finally lets go of the hold, HHH still holding onto the ropes recovering. Rhodes gets up and taunts to booing as HHH lies in the corner recuperating. Rhodes continues his taunting before turning around INTO A CLOTHESLINE OUTTA NOWHERE BY TRIPLE H! The crowd is going nuts! HHH limps around the ring still recuperating. Rhodes is back up, another running clothesline!

HHH taunts and Rhodes is back on his feet! Rhodes runs towards ‘The Game’ and HHH takes him down with a Facebreaker knee smash! Rhodes is dazed, and HHH nails him with a Spinebuster! Both men are down! HHH grabs hold of his knee, feeling the full effects of the Spinebuster he completed, before crawling towards Rhodes and going for the pin!

1 … 2 … 3? NO!

HHH is LIVID~! He pulls himself up, with help from the ropes, and stares down at the still down Rhodes. After a few seconds, a groggy Rhodes makes it to his feet, and turns around to face ‘The Game’, HHH with a crotch-chop … AND A NASTY PEDIGREE~!! Cole yells out “HE’S GOT IT! HE’S GOT IT!” HHH goes for the pin! 1 … … 2 … … 3!!!

Winner: Triple H (at 14:50)

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, the WWE Champion, TRIPPLEEEEE H!

Michael Cole: What a win for ‘The Game’ and what an effort put on by Cody Rhodes! Like it or not, he will be a future main eventer some day!

Jerry Lawler: I don’t like Rhodes Cole, but I have to agree, that kid will be on top one day.

Michael Cole: And boy, Legacy must be furious right about now, with Rhodes losing to Triple H, just one night after his brutal match with Randy Orton for his WWE Championship.

“Time to Play the Game” is playing as HHH finally gets to his feet, being handed his WWE Championship by the ref, to a tremendous applause with Rhodes still lying on the mat. ‘The Game’ makes his way out of the ring and begins heading up the ramp backwards; still staring down at the ring whilst taunting … … … AND OUTTA NOWHERE RANDY ORTON SHOVES HIM, SENDING HIS FACE STRAIGHT INTO THE CAMERA/CAMERAMAN IN FRONT OF HIM!

Michael Cole: And it’d be too great to end it with Triple H on top! The Legacy is out here!

Jerry Lawler: I knew it, Cole! Somethin’ wasn’t right!

Orton, and now Ted DiBiase in tow, stomps away at HHH as he lies on the ground. Rhodes is now back up and joins in on the attack on the outside of the ring as the crowd is going crazy, hurdling jeers and heavy boos towards The Legacy. Orton yells towards Rhodes and DiBiase, and the two latter lift the WWE Champ up and throw him in the ring below the bottom rope. Orton stands on the outside of the ring still at the bottom of the ramp, gazing at his Legacy protégées and the motionless WWE Champ.

Michael Cole: This is sick! We’ve got Triple H still down, and a cameraman! Why don’t you go save Triple H like you did that loser John Morrison, King?!

Jerry Lawler: This isn’t my business Cole, and I didn’t save anyone, I helped the man.

Michael Cole: Oh nonsense! You already know why you aren’t helping him, you don’t want to get beat just like him!

Jerry Lawler: Well why don’t you go save him, Cole?

Michael Cole: I’m an announcer, Jerry. I’m not a hero in that matter.

Orton continues to stare towards the three in the ring, before spotting HHH’s WWE Championship lying by his foot on the ramp. Orton grabs the title and lies it upon his shoulder. He enters the ring and yells at Rhodes, in which Cody exits the ring, and returns in with a SLEDGEHAMMER! Orton throws the title on the mat and grabs the sledgehammer from Rhodes, a sadistic smile spreading across his face. Orton yells at Rhodes and DiBiase again, in which they go and lift HHH up; Orton still staring at the sledgehammer with that sadistic smile.

Michael Cole: Oh no, oh no, I think I know what’s going to happen!

And with that, ORTON RUNS AND SMASHES THE SLEDGEHAMMER INTO TRIPLE H’s FACE~!! The WWE Champ falls to the mat immediately and rolls over to his back, his face now covered in blood!

Michael Cole: Oh my, what brutality by ‘The Viper’! Ladies and gentlemen, goodnight!

Orton does his typical ‘Apex Predator’ psycho-shenanigans, staring at the fallen and bloodied Triple H with a sick grin on his face. Thereafter, he stands back up and grabs hold of the WWE Championship again and stares at it in awe. He lifts it up and holds it proudly in the air whilst standing above the motionless bloody champion, DiBiase and Rhodes standing alongside, as we fade to black…

{End of Show}


Quick Results
Kofi Kingston def. Randy Orton
Melina & Mickie James def. Beth Phoenix & Rosa Mendes
Jack Swagger def. Sim Snuka
CM Punk def. Dolph Ziggler by DQ
Triple H def. Cody Rhodes


4.26.09 | TD Banknorth Arena - Boston, Massachusetts

Backlash 2009 Card
No Matches Scheduled Yet

More Matches TBD
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

Hey JDawg, good to see RAW has been posted. I'm looking forward to the read.

Well first things first, I like the format it's easy to read so that's good, but Cena has gone to Smackdown! I thought a bigger deal would have been made over Cena switching brands but it's not that much of a gripe. We now kick things off with Randy Orton, he wants his title rematch as expected I wonder if the feud between Orton and Triple H will continue. Here's Vinnie Mac and basic stuff from here telling Orton he deserves nothing. Triple H is out next and he gives Orton a chance of earning a title match, against Kofi Kingston!

Decent opener here mate and Kofi gets the win! I hope to see a big push for Kofi on RAW as I think given the chance he could be big. Next we get the diva's match, not much to say here but it was given decent time instead of a 1 minute match like we see on RAW irl. Hahahaha, I can just imagine Austin faking a hit on Santino forcing him to panic, nice little cameo for Ron Simmons.

Now Chris Jericho, I hope this legends angle ends soon as he could have been used much better at Wrestlemania 25, it looks as though it's continuing but I loved Jericho asking the crowd members the favourite moments from last night, I think the Flair/Jericho altercation flowed nicely. Hacksaw Jim Duggan out for the save.

Rhodes vs. Triple H should be a good match later tonight, I'm looking forward to it. Hahaha I couldn't imagine Swagger saying that last line to the crowd but it made me chuckle , it seems some big things might be on the horizon for Swagger which I'm all for as he cleary has the in-ring talent.

I used to love the dirt sheet back in the day and I really enjoyed the video of Carlito and Primo , that's not the main talking point though as Miz turns on Morrison! I'm looking forward to which way you will go with this as I like the both of them. Hmmmmmm Jericho and Miz having a talk? could mean a lot of things.

Kane and Punk look like their going to go at it after Kane's attack, again Kane is my all time fave and he could give Punk a big rub here while he is still Mr Money In The Bank. WOW a Tombstone as well, some big punishment for Punk there. William Regal is brilliant and he's going for the Intercontinental Championship, should be a good program between these two veterans.

Good main event here with HHH getting the win however the main talking point is after the match after Orton's devastating attack, not sure which way you'll go but I think Orton is going to get his title match at Backlash.

Overall a good start here mate, you've set up a few feuds and continued others. I'm looking forward to where you and Callum go with this and I'll be reading. Good job mate.
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Nice read! On to the review!

RAW Review


- Right away I can see how good you are with mannerisms, Orton's stomping around and such is so like his character at this point. Trips and Vince making the match is good. So Kofi's the opponent? Nice.

- Kofi wins clean? I like it! Orton being pissed off was also well written.

- Divas match wasn't bad, nothing much to say really. Nice ending.

- Potential love triangle? 10x better than what Santino was doing at this point in real life. Heel Santino>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Face Santino.

- I was a bit in between on Austin in the backstage segment, but then I realized that he would still be there due to the Hall of Fame, so I'm ok with it.

- Great promo between Jericho and Flair. I particularly liked Jericho telling Flair how he just doesn't let go and pointing out how even after Flair's big send off Flair still came back. Favorite promo of the night.

- Nice promo and squash for Swagger. The "You're momma sucks line" was random, but I got a chuckle out of it.

- Dirt sheet was...... Strange at first, but I like Miz turning on Morrison. Morrison gives you another baby face and Miz is a great natural heel.

- Definitely, liking Jericho and Miz. Their tag team wasn't a good time for them in real life, but I see definite potential here. I could see Jericho molding Miz into the a Miz similar to the one we see today. Also, it makes sense for Jericho to want help with the WWE legends.

- Good match between Punk and Ziggler. Nice to see Ziggler get offense in considering he was pretty much a jobber at the time.

- Kane mystery? Intriguing. I like where this could go.

- JBL coming back? I like it. Maybe he'll be a manager cause that would be the best way to use him at this point.

- Regal-Rey will be a good feud. The promo about the country's histories was a bit wonky, but whatever. Should be some good matches.

- Main Event time: Not bad. I really like Cody hanging with Trips without interference. That's what didn't work with the real Legacy was guys like Cena and HHH burying them. Liked Cody's work of the knee and he didn't look weak against the WWE Champion.

- Orton's beatdown of Triple H was interesting considering he's not the number one contender. Interested to see Orton's actions next week.

Not many, remember these are not big just some constructive criticism to help you.

- When Kofi beat Orton, it was sold more as Orton's loss, which is fine, but none of the commentators talked how Kofi had just emphatically beat the man who had just main evented Wrestlemania the night before. At this point, the biggest thing Kofi had done was getting jumped by Edge before Elimination Chamber. A win like this should've been looked at as huge.

- Like I said, I loved the Jericho/Flair promo. That is until Hacksaw came out. Hacksaw? Really? Not Austin? Not Steamboat? Hacksaw? I don't know, man. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

- I was VERY lost on the whole coyote/prima-donna thing. It just seemed.... Awkward. Maybe it's a reference I don't get.

- Finally, I was disappointed with the Ziggler and Punk promo. I expected a lot more from these two, but it was just "Hey, I'm Dolph" "Ok let's fight".

Overall, great first show. I will continue reading.

Rating: B+
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

JAM's Review

First of all, I'd like to say that I liked this time period for Orton especially because the breakup of Legacy could've been done much better so I hope to see that happen. Not only was 2009 a good year for Orton, but I believe it was the last good year that WWE had, then it turned PG, in my eyes, that is. Well anyway, onto the review.

The opening segment started a little slow for me to be honest. I don't buy this “fear” thing that Orton is explaining to us which is the reason he lost to HHH at Wrestlemania. I think it would've been better to see a more pissed off Orton here. He sounded a bit face in this promo by the way. When Vince and HHH came out though, I thought that it would pick up and it did, but not by a whole lot. I think you should've had Vince announce the match and stipulation instead of HHH here, Vince sounded a bit inferior. I just think the opening didn't flow well, but it definitely wasn't bad. As for the match, it seemed a bit quick and the ending was not really the best. The segment after that made Orton seem whiny though. However, I do like that you're pushing Kofi though. I gotta say that you did nail the mannerisms of Orton here, so that shows you pay attention to detail, good job on that.

Not much to say about the divas but this could be interesting now that you have Santino involved. But I don't think a romantic storyline would be the one to go for here, not really sure but I hope you planned well for the Divas. Did like the appearances of Austin and Ron Simmons there, classic!

I liked this promo from Jericho referencing Flair to be the one who doesn't let go. Kind of random to have Hacksaw come down though but it wasn't bad. Jericho's a pretty good talker and I think you nailed him with all the words you had him said. Definitely promo of the night here. Hoping that you don't continue the legends angle with Jericho though. Have him put over someone, a young talent.

Definitely hoping for a Swagger push here, kid is good in the ring. Did like Swagger emphasizing his accolades allowing Lillian to share it with the world here. But ha, Swagger saying another wrestler has no personality? Really? Lol. This promo was kind of cheesy, didn't really flow for me. The promos so far have been sub-par in my opinion. But the commentary has been great. If only Cole would have stayed this way, he's actually pretty good in calling matches.

Seems like a little bit too much praise here from Cole? Either I'm thinking too hard about this or maybe Cole could leave the announce team and manage Miz? But anyway, that video package was....meh. But hey, it's the Dirt Sheet. I loved it when these two would host the show, I think that they have good chemistry together. But here's hoping that you have plans for both of them in the future. So maybe a big push for Miz here with Jericho lookin' to be in cahoots with him, should be interesting.

The draft, always a good show. Can't wait for that one.

Not much to say on Ziggler as I think this was still the year he was getting introduced right? So that's fine. But I expected a longer promo from Punk maybe teasing when he'll cash-in. Kane's a good worker but I'm tired of seeing Punk/Kane since it's been done as of late, but we'll see if you got some things planned out for this one.

Ha, brilliant! I love William Regal so I'm excited that you're gonna give him a chance at the IC Title. Regal is well versed in the ring and Rey is no slouch either, this sure will be a great feud. Definitely lookin' forward to this one, love it!

Well the ending was pretty good. I think that this was the Randy Orton that should've been present the whole time instead of just at the end of the show. Next week, HHH will be sure to exact some revenge so I can't wait for that. I'm pretty glad that you continued this feud as I think it shouldn't have ended at Wrestlemania. Maybe give it atleast one or two more PPVs before you end it.

Overall, it was an alright show man. There were some promos that just didn't flow well for me and some things seemed to be rushed. But the first shows are always the hardest ones to get out of the way, so you'll probably be better the next time around. I did like you pushin' some new guys like Kofi, Regal, and Miz. Can't wait for that one. Will be reading the next show.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

Well, I guess it's my turn. The show is complete and should be posted either tomorrow or the day after, in the meantime - here's some news and the preview for the show.

WWE Smackdown News & Notes
Reported by Wrestling Observer/F4Online – April 9, 2009

WWE Smackdown will return for another season of wrestling tomorrow night and it is coming straight from Seattle, Washington. And with the fallout from WrestleMania XXV on the cards, it is sure to be a great show, and evidently the people of Seattle think so to as the event has been sold out for months.

Reports coming out from everywhere across the internet, current World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is expected to continue his feud with Edge, and the two are expected to have one more match together which will end the rivalry which some are saying is the most heated rivalry in WWE history.

Speaking of John Cena, the ratings of Friday Night SmackDown are expected to rise due to the World Champions arrival on the blue brand. It’s been four years since Cena has been on SmackDown and a lot of people backstage are excited about utilizing him on Friday Nights.

As we reported a couple of days ago, The Undertaker is taking a hiatus from wrestling after a gruelling match, which some are calling the greatest match in WrestleMania history with Shawn Michaels. Usually, The Undertaker will take the whole Summer off, coming back for a run towards WrestleMania or perhaps a match at Summerslam or Survivor Series, but this time he is only taking a month off and expected to come back after Backlash.

On the injury front, SmackDown is looking pretty good, only one Superstar is out injured and that man is Mr. Ken Kennedy. The injury prone Superstar has been in light training recently, and has apparently been working in FCW to get the ring rust off before he returns. The rest of the roster is injury free, and SmackDown creative is looking forward to using all of them to their best abilities.

We reported this earlier on, but it seems like WWE are looking to put more stock in their mid-card and tag team divisions. Carlito and Primo are being praised backstage for their recent work, and have been paired with The Bella Twins to add something to their characters. Carlito, not known for putting his head down and working hard, is said to have benefitted from working with his brother and has been impressing people backstage.

On the Superstars that have switched brands to SmackDown from ECW, these include Tommy Dreamer, Christian, Evan Bourne and Finlay. Christian returned to the WWE a few weeks ago, and was expected to have a feud with Jack Swagger over the ECW Championship, which would have ran throughout the Summer but with SyFy cancelling ECW they have had to switch up their ideas. According to a source backstage, Christian is going to be used to help younger guys get over due to his popularity before possibly moving into a program with a main eventer to test how the fans react to Christian in the main event. Finlay is expected to take a more reduced role, helping Superstars backstage with promos, matches and training them, including the Divas. Tommy Dreamer has been asked how he would feel in a tag team; apparently he has said he would be fine with it as long as he can choose his own tag team partner.

WWE Talent Scouts were at the last FCW tapings and were checking out some of the talent on show. Names that have impressed the Scouts are Low Ki, Brett DiBiase, Joe Hennig and Ryback. The four are being groomed for TV, but don’t expect any to debut anytime soon as the rosters are stacked already and due to the impending signings – which is in the next paragraph.

Former WWE Superstars Bobby Lashley and Stevie Richards were pictured entering WWE’s HQ in Stanford. Lashley’s recent venture in to MMA hasn’t worked out for him, as he has had trouble finding a promoter to give him time. If Lashley does sign back with WWE, he is going to be a potential main eventer from the beginning, due to his popularity when he was in WWE. Stevie Richards meanwhile, his TNA contract was terminted a month ago, after failing to impress Dixie Carter, and has been in talks with WWE to possibly rejoin them, possibly as Tommy Dreamers tag team partner.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown
Seattle, Washington; Key Arena

Just five days removed from the biggest WrestleMania in the history of the company, SmackDown returns with the action and drama you love. SmackDown rolls into New Hampshire for the evening where the Hampshire crowd will be treated to a plethora of action with the likes of Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Edge and The Big Show all on the blue side of the WWE.

At WrestleMania XXV, the World Heavyweight Championship at the time, Edge, took part in a triple threat match against his long time rival John Cena and the mammoth Big Show. And with Vickie Guerrero at ringside, you just knew it would be chaotic. In the end, John Cena won the World Heavyweight Championship from Edge, by pinning The Big Show, and thus becoming the World Champion for another time, of which the fans were delighted. In the weeks building up to WrestleMania, The Big Show and Vickie Guerrero were shown to be something more than just friends, distracting Edge from his main goal, defending the World Heavyweight Championship. And now with Vickie Guerrero removed as SmackDown General Manager, Edge won’t be guaranteed a chance to regain the championship. Meanwhile, tonight will be the first time that John Cena will be on SmackDown since being drafted to RAW all the way back in two thousand and five. What will happen between these three on another episode of SmackDown, and what will be of John Cena’s return to his home, Friday Nights?

Matt Hardy finally stepped out of his brother’s shadow at WrestleMania, when he defeated Jeff Hardy in an Extreme Rules match. Jeff, a former World Champion, was pinned by brother after finding out that he was the sole reason that he lost his championship and finding out that he was the person behind all of the things that happened to him, during his championship reign. Such things like being thrown down a flight of stairs, pyrotechnics going off at the wrong time and even a hit and run, which put his own life as well as his girlfriends life in danger. Matt however says he doesn’t care about anything he has done, and tonight we will hear from the hated Hardy, coming off a high because of his WrestleMania moment, he will no doubt be in a good mood tonight.

Another match that took place at WrestleMania was between SmackDown tag team, The Colons, a.k.a Carlito and Primo and the RAW tag team (ECW at the time) The Miz and John Morrison. Both teams are Tag Team Champions, WWE and World Tag Team Champions, respectively. But at WrestleMania, it was The Colons who would prove to be the superior tag team, defeating the cocky and brash team of The Miz and John Morrison. This proved to be a catalyst for what went down on Monday Night RAW between The Miz and Morrison, Carlito and Primo won’t care however because they have to be focused on their match-up for tonight. The Colons will defend their WWE Tag Team Championships against the team of Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. Former Tag Team Champions in their own right will no doubt prove stiff competition for Carlito and Primo.

One thing we know for definite is that the WWE Divas Championship will be on the line at Backlash, and who will face the current champion, Maryse? We will find out tonight, as Gail Kim faces the Canadian Natalya. Gail is a former WWE Women’s Champion, but has never been WWE Divas Champion; the Japanese Diva returned from a break from wrestling a few weeks back and now has the Divas Championship in her sights. But Natalya is a strong competitor, she has Hart blood in her, trained in the famous Hart Dungeon, she will no doubt want to win that title, not just for her but for her family.

Another championship match will be set up, but instead of Backlash, the fans of SmackDown will be treated to a championship match next week on the blue show. The current United States Champion, Montel Vontavious Porter will no doubt watch with interest, as a Fatal 4 Way will determine his opponent. New to SmackDown, Christian will be looking to get his first win on the brand as he faces off against former United States Champion Shelton Benjamin, R-Truth and The Mexican Warrior Chavo Guerrero. MVP defeated Benjamin to win the belt so Shelton will no doubt want revenge and this is the first step on that path. Chavo meanwhile has lost his way a little bit, but this is his chance to return to his former glory, a former WWE Tag Team Champion and WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Guerrero will try his hardest to get a shot at the United States gold. R-Truth is quite possibly one of the most popular Superstars on Smackdown, with his ‘What’s Up’ routine he has got the fans on his side, and they would love to see him face off against MVP for the WWE United States Championship

All this and more on Friday Night SmackDown; don’t miss it!


WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Colons © vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
Number One Contenders Match; U.S Championship: Chavo Guerrero vs. Christian vs. R-Truth vs. Shelton Benjamin
Number One Contenders Match; Divas Championship: Gail Kim vs. Natalya
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

Raw Feedback

No surprise to see Orton starting off things after what went down at Mania. I’ll be totally honest with you and say that I didn’t like this from the Viper. Orton’s character wasn’t caught at all, if you were to read this back in Orton’s voice it’d sound so out of place, especially at this point in time when he was so sadistic. Orton wanting a rematch also was wrong, he said he was banged up, a heel generally will say I want a rematch but on my terms if they aren’t a hundred percent. Vince’s character was better but wanted to hear a bit more from him, Trips like Orton was off although not too bad compared to Orton, not sure why Trips is all of a sudden the GM here lol, he may as well be, making matches, banning people from ringside.

Match itself seemed to be decent and this is a HUGE win for Kofi. I’d love to see him get a push so hopefully this kickstarts that but where Orton goes now I’m not sure.

Again, read this back and you’ll see Orton was completely off here. Bit of a pointless segment but I suppose it keeps up the theme of Orton being disgruntled.

Standard tag match here, not a whole lot to say but I hope you can make the divas somewhat relevant.

Better here with Santino and Beth, some tension in the ranks is always interesting. Stone Cold was pretty good here too, however why on earth you’d waste Stone Cold on a segment with Beth and Santino is beyond me.

Really liked this from Jericho. This was on point, his character was down to a tee, all you have to do now is get the others up with this. The fan saying Rourke knocking him out was gold. Flair was pretty good too here for what he got. The segment was very simple yet effective, I don’t know why Hacksaw came out though, would’ve been perfect to end it after the code breaker. Best segment of the night thus far.

Rhodes vs. Trips later? Nice.

Nice victory for Swagger here. His new character is certainly different lol. I’ll have to see how you take it but it’s at least something for him to work with.

Wasn’t sure where the hell this was going with Carlito the Coyote but the turn from Miz was well done and I’m glad to see these two go their separate ways and begin to push on themselves. Gives Miz some strong heat on his Raw debut whilst Morrison gets the sympathy vote, good stuff.

Really wasn’t a fan of this. Miz just made a big statement, he’s riding solo now, nooooo, he wants another partner, why? He’d surely wanna break off on his own having got rid of the monkey on his back so to speak. As for Jericho, disappointed he’d be stuck in team but hopefully they produce the goods.

Hmmm, hit and miss regarding this Ziggler and Punk bit. Punk could’ve had a little bit more to say regarding his win, though the line where he said ‘Hi I’m CM Punk’ was funny. Match itself would’ve been a good one and a Kane/Punk feud would certainly do the trick for a little while for Mr.MITB.

Pretty Rey Mysterio esque speech here for the most part. Regal coming out surprised me but in a good way, always liked him. He was captured pretty well although the ‘twat’ line might be a bit much. Also not sure WWE would let the two of them take hits on the countries like that. Solid segment though and a feud between these two should be enjoyable.

Solid main event here, allowed Cody to look decent as well as giving Trips a nice post Mania victory. Aftermath was to be expected and was some pretty brutal stuff from Orton, this is more how he should be utilized. I’m sure this will lead to a rematch at Backlash but I’m surprised you had him lose to Kofi earlier if that is the case.

On the whole a hit and miss start to things which I’ll put down to you being gone for quite a while. The characterisation being worked on is a must, particularly Orton if he’s gonna be hanging around the top of the card. Jericho/Flair was the best thing tonight and the Regal/Rey feud should be nice also. Some positives to work on and I’m sure things will pick up in the coming shows.

P.S- Smackdown news and notes look good Calum
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

Okie doke, broskies. JDawg, this is the first show that I've read all the way through since coming back and I really like what you're doing with the brand... so I'm gonna drop some feedback and go along my way.



Solid promo to open the show. Me being such an Orton mark, I can't say that I enjoyed Randy coming off as so 'weak' during this promo. It seems as if you're not pushing him any further towards the main event or to be a main event player... and that's the only thing that makes this okay to me. If you DO plan on making him a main event player, he just seems to be cancelling himself out. Something about Orton's side of this promo just didn't seem to properly capture his character -- that is, until Triple H and Vince McMahon came out. Suddenly, I see the fire in Orton and the character fits very well on all three parts. Good work here, and leading into the first match of the contest was a good idea.

As far as Orton vs. Kingston goes, once again, Orton looked very weak because of the ending. He mounted offense all match long, and suddenly a forearm & TIP take him out? I suppose we can still credit this to his lack of focus, but I figure if Orton was working the knee all match, TIP would be much weaker and much less possible to take out someone who had been dominating the entire match. Reguardless, huge upset here and I agree with coolquip, I understand Orton was at the center of attention at this point of the show, but Kofi getting the win should have been highlighted a little more --- this is a huge push for Kofi, which I'm not opposed to. Good work nonetheless.

Mickie James, FTW. That's all I have to say. Huge fan of her and Melina going over in the diva's contest.

Tension between Beth and Santino... uh oh. Otherwise, the promo -- correction-- Ron Simmons seemed pretty useless in this one. I'm a HUGGGGGGE fan of the whole "Damn" one-liner, but it just seems to me that not enough happened to warrant one, you know? I haven't read back in your thread to know why Austin was in attendance... but I hope he sticks around, to be honest. Would love to see more from him.

EXCELLENT promo between Jericho & Flair here. No complaints whatsoever. You did a very good job here, and having things break down physically was a good touch as well. As for having Jim Duggan come out? Also a good touch. It may not be what everyone would want in a booking thread, but it was very realistic and it made sense for this articular time frame. Good work.

The HHH/Legacy promo was small but to the point, there was a little typo in the commentary that made me giggle: "It's going to be Triple H vs. 'The Game'." Haha.

Squash match for Swagger... good stuff, I see he's getting a push here which makes him look really good going into the future of this thread. On the negative side, I really, REALLY hate what you're doing with his character... hahaha but I suppose that's good, right? He's 10 time more annoying here than he ever was in real life --- I suppose you can just call that quality booking on your part. Good shit.

Live Dirt Sheet, eh? Good work, and the video package fit as a good distraction for Miz to strike. Looks like Miz and Jericho are forming some sort of alliance which could definitely be good for both men going into the future. I'm looking forward to seeing how they interact on future episodes.


This Ziggler & Punk promo, I could have done without. There was no base to it. For what it's worth, you could have just thrown the match in and nobody would have questioned it. Maybe this is just because I'm a total mark for Kane, but having him come out was BRILLIANT, and I see that he's getting revenge for Punk's actions in the MITB match. I smell a potentially hot rivalry coming up, and this was a very nice way to get it started.

Not a huge fan of Mysterio or Regal so it was hard to get into or WANT to get into but the breakdown afterwards made it worth it.

Main event time! I figured Triple H would go over on this one, but suspected there would be some interference from the other members of Legacy along the way. Very surprised that the match went relatively normal, and props to writing Rhodes some good offense as opposed to just being squashed. I did that. Lastly, the attack from Orton towards the end was a great way to cap the night... and suddenly he doesn't look so weak.

All in all, I would say this show was booked VERY well... the storyline to watch for me here is definitely the feud between Orton and Triple H. (Obviously) And I look forward to seeing where things advance from this point. I'm sure Orton will get an earful from VKM next week.

On a side note, Calum, Smackdown! is looking pretty good! Quick predictions: Hawkins & Ryder. Shelton Benjamin. Gail Kim.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

WWE Friday Night SmackDown
10.04.12 | Seattle, Washington; Key Arena

Before the customary Smackdown opening video starts, we are treated to a recap of the WrestleMania just gone. The package begins with the most dangerous match of the night, the Money in the Bank ladder match, where we CM Punk knocking Kane of the ladder and unhooking the briefcase to become the first two time winner of the annual ladder match. Now we see the two Hardy’s going at it, in an Extreme Rules match, we’re treated to a plethora of action such as Jeff Hardy going for a Swanton Bomb through a table, but Matt rolls off and his brother goes straight through the table, and finally we see Matt finish the match with a Twist of Fate but with Jeff’s head in a steel chair. We fade to black before The Undertaker’s gong goes off (still in the video) and we see ‘Taker walking to the ring and then facing off with Shawn Michaels. The video shows The Undertaker managing to defeat his rival and extending his undefeated WrestleMania streak. To finish up the package – John Cena, Edge and the Big Show battle for the World Heavyweight Championship which ends in Cena holding the trophy aloft. And that’s when we finish the package.

Afterwards, the usual Smackdown video package plays, highlighting the stars of the blue brand. Once the package is over we cross over to the arena, where the camera pans around the Key Arena, checking out some of the more humorous and meaningful signs, then we cross to the stage where a huge pyrotechnic display begins. After the pyro dies down we cut to the new three man announce table, where Jim Ross, Matt Striker and Todd Grisham are waiting.

Jim Ross: Less than a week removed from WrestleMania, we are back for another year of sheer entertainment – welcome to Friday Night Smackdown! WrestleMania 25 has come and gone, but the memories will live on! We saw retribution, we saw families broken apart, we saw men put their bodies on the line for a chance to win the Money in the Bank briefcase but probably the biggest moment of the night was The Undertaker extending his undefeated streak at WrestleMania!

Todd Grisham: Indeed, J.R, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels put on a hell of a match but unfortunately for HBK, he couldn’t do what other great superstars couldn’t and that’s defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Hello everybody, my names Todd Grisham, and I’m part of this new look Smackdown announce team and it’s a pleasure to work alongside a legend of commentary.

Jim Ross: Thank-

Matt Striker: Todd, you truly do flatter me. But tonight isn’t about the commentary, it’s about the fallout from the grandest stage of em’ all. At WrestleMania, John Cena became the World Heavyweight Championship, defeating Edge and the Big Show in a triple threat match, but we also heard that the new General Manager, Theodore Long orcastrated a trade with the current inactive RAW GM, Stephanie McMahon.

Jim Ross: That’s right; John Cena is now back on Friday nights! John has been a staple of Monday nights for a long time now, but now he is part of the blue brand and I’m delighted to have him here.

Todd Grisham: And speaking of General Managers, Vickie Guerrero will not be happy that the board of directors removed her from the position and instated Teddy Long.

Matt Striker: Which I’ve got to say, is a travesty – there was no reason for Vickie to be removed and even worse is now we’ve been given a new GM in Theodore Long, who was the GM of ECW which we now know has ceased to exist.

Jim Ross: If you recall, Matt, you were part of the ECW commentary team, so maybe Teddy Long isn’t the only reason the ECW brand didn’t work out.

Todd Grisham: That shut you up, Matt.

Matt Striker: You were part of that team too, Todd.


The arena doesn’t really react to the unfamiliar music, but as soon as Matt Hardy walks out the crowd immediately erupts into loud booing as the once fan favourite, Matt Hardy saunters out on to the metal stage. Wearing a pair of jeans and a Matt Hardy t-shirt, he begins to make his way to the ring, ignoring the boos and hopping up on to the apron, he then swings a leg through the ropes and brings the rest of his body through.

Jim Ross: Right there, is the man that last night – came out from behind his brother’s shadow.

Matt Striker: Matt announced himself as a huge player on this brand after last night’s victory over his brother, a former World Champion.

Todd Grisham: But was it worth it do you think? Turning on his own brother.

Matt Striker: I’m not condoning what Matt done, but he has proved that he is ready to reach the big time. He’s had a tough through years but now it looks as though this is a rejuvenated Matt Hardy.

Back in the ring – Matt is standing in the middle, microphone in hand and staring out into the crowd, with a focused expression. Matt brings the microphone up to his mouth about to speak, but is interrupted by the crowd as they chant “you suck”. Once the chants die down, he can finally speak.

Matt Hardy: Y’know... I’ve spent most of life in this business. Most of my life in this company...

Matt takes a breath as he contemplates what to say next...

Matt Hardy: We both came into this business together. Jeff and I-

The crowd pop loudly for the mention of Jeff, but Matt shakes his head at the crowd...

Matt Hardy: We came into WWE together, we fought alongside one another and we even one a few championships together. A lot of people say we were one of the best tag teams in the world at the time, and one of the best tag teams in WWE history. We were inseparable at that point in our careers, we were brothers at that point in our careers... we’re not anymore.

Hardy takes a pause as the boos build up...

Matt Hardy: A few years pass, and then we go our separate ways, we go into solo competition, we both win a championship or two, but then Jeff leaves the company and everybody begins asking me when is Jeff coming back? Everywhere I went... is Jeff coming back? Why did Jeff leave? Nobody asked about me. How are you doing, Matt? Good luck with your match, Matt. It was all about Jeff.

Another pause as Matt takes a breath...

Matt Hardy: It’s always been about Jeff. I win championship after championship... while Jeff is off doing god knows what. I wasn’t given a shot at the World Championship, oh no, I wasn’t given a chance to mix it with the best. But then when Jeff makes his much anticipated return... everybody loved it. And then Jeff gets his chance... he gets his chance.


Matt Hardy: I haven’t had a break, I didn’t need a break, I kept working hoping I’d be rewarded with a chance at World Championship. But as soon as Jeff returns... he’s given chance after chance at the World Championship. Even when I become ECW Champion... nobody gives a damn. It’s still... all about Jeff... he then becomes the World Champion.

Loud pop...

Matt Hardy: I spend my whole adult life with this company... Jeff feels he needs to take a break and then he comes back and gets a shot... I never got a shot. I was never awarded a shot.

Matt takes a pause...

Matt Hardy: That’s when I realized, I’m done with waiting. I’m done waiting for someone to award me a shot... I’m done with Jeff having all the attention. So... I cost him the World Championship. But I didn’t just want to cost him the Championship, no. I wanted to hurt him.

Loud boos...

Matt Hardy: I wanted to hurt him... I threw him down a flight of stairs and I made the pyrotechnics explode onto him. A lot of people asked me... how could you do that to your brother? He isn’t my brother anymore.

Another batch of heat...

Matt Hardy: I want the spotlight... I want the attention... and I want the Championship opportunities. And I broke my family apart to do it... so John Cena-

The arena erupts in cheers for the mention of the World Champion.

Matt Hardy: John Cena, I know you’re back there... so come out here... right now.

Matt turns to face the stage, waiting for the World Heavyweight Champion. The fans wait with eager anticipating for the music to hit...


... and they go absolutely wild. The new World Heavyweight Champion John Cena comes jogging out onto the stage, with the championship wrapped around his shoulder. The Champ’ is wearing a black t-shirt with his logo on it, and a pair of three quarter lengths jeans – he scans the crowd before saluting then jogging down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Business is about to pick up, Matt is all business and so by the looks of it is John Cena.

Todd Grisham: The new World Champion certainly looks excited to be back on Smackdown.

Matt Striker: Listen to these fans guys, the popularity of this guy is insane, listen to them.

Back in the ring, Cena is holding the World Heavyweight Championship aloft while keeping one eye on Hardy, smiling. He is handed a microphone from ringside. John walks across the ring and stands a few feet away from Matt; he points the microphone at him while shaking his head. The fans begin to chant Cena’s name which John acknowledges with a nod to the crowd. He brings the microphone up to his mouth.

John Cena: ... I’ll get to you in a minute.

The champion turns around and faces the crowd, smiling...

John Cena: I just need to say this... THE... CHAMP IS... BACK ON FRIDAY... NIGHT SMACKDOWN!

Huge, huge pop...

John Cena: Y’know... I started my career on Smackdown... and-

Cena’s cut off as Matt interrupts him...

Matt Hardy: Hey!

Enormous amount of boos, while Cena turns to face Hardy...

Matt Hardy: Why don’t you forget about all these people for a minute... and do what you I brought you out here to do...

A confused expression encompaces Cena’s face...

John Cena: Fine... fine, y’know what you’re right, Matt.

The crowd doesn’t know how to respond and Matt’s the same...

John Cena: You are deserving... you do deserve... something. But it isn’t a World Heavyweight Championship match. You deserve... you deserve a beating.

Cena lowers his microphone as the fans cheer...

Matt Hardy: You think that’s funny? You know I should get a shot at that championship-

John Cena: I’m not finished.

Another pop. The crowd then eventually leads into a Cena chant...

John Cena: I used to have respect for you, man. Hell... I even liked you at one point. But what you did... what you did to your brother... to your family... to your own blood... I’m all for sibling rivalry, but what happened at WrestleMania was too far.

Cena takes a pause...

John Cena: Have you heard the expression – Green with envy? You got jealous of what your brother was able to do. And that’s win a World Championship.

Matt Hardy: The only reason I haven’t won a World Championship is because I haven’t been given a shot. And now that I think about it... you’re another one.

John Cena: Another what?

Matt Hardy: I’ve been in this company a lot longer than you, and then you come in and have everything handed to you on a silver platter, when people like me have to work for everything.

Loud boo’s as Cena laughs it off...

Matt Hardy: And another thing, John... you say you have lost respect for me? You think I care? Do you really think I care if I have or haven’t got the respect from... you?

Hardy takes another pause, as the two men get closer together...

Matt Hardy: Now why don’t you put that piece of gold on the line tonight, and face one on one, and then afterwards I’ll be World Heavyweight Champion.

John Cena: You know me man. You want some... COME GET SOME!

The two Superstars go face to face, nose to nose, as the fans loudly cheer at the prospect of having a World Championship match tonight. Suddenly...



... the former World Heavyweight Champion Edge walks out from behind the curtain, wearing a pair of jeans, an Edge t-shirt and a pair of sunglasses covering his eyes. ‘The Rated R Superstar’ takes a moment before walking down the ramp.

Once the former champion arrives at the ring, he steps on the steel steps and climbs into the ring – before being handed a microphone. He glances at both Matt and John before focusing on the latter.

Edge: This little thing you two have planned... this championship match for later... it ain’t happening.

Smackering of heat while Hardy prepares to say something...

Matt Hardy: Hey... you don’t decide that... now get-

Edge: Shut up!

Pop for Edge putting Hardy in his place, despite him being a heel...

Edge: The big boys are talking.

Hardy is getting visibly angrier...

Edge: Now go backstage and let us speak.

Matt Hardy: Don’t test me, Edge. I’ll do to you what I did to, Jeff.

A smirk comes across Edge’s face...

Edge: Please. Are you kidding me. The last time you said you would put a beating on me was 4 years ago, and if I recall I ended up beating you and...something else... oh yeah... I took your girlfriend.

“Ohhhh” The fans respond with a good cheer as now Matt is getting irate...

Matt Hardy: You think that’s funny?

Edge: Yeah. I do actually.

The two men get closer together while Cena shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders at the crowd...

John Cena: Now now ladies.

Edge turns away from Matt to face Cena and begins to speak...

Edge: He does not get a championship opportunity before I get my rightful rematch. You know triple threat matches are unfair; the odds are stacked against the champion. I deserve a rematch and you know it.

John Cena: Y’know what, Edge... Matt... hell... I’ll take you both on.

Loud cheer for Cena...

???: Excuse me!

The cameras cut to the stage where Vickie Guerrero is standing, microphone in hand. She begins to walk down the stage, she stops halfway down the ramp and begins to speak, but the boos are so loud she has to try and quiet the crowd.

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me! Excuse me! ... Excuse me!


Vickie Guerrero: As General Manager of Smackdown... there will be no World Heavyweight Championship match tonight.

Loud boos as even Edge looks angry at his wife...

Vickie Guerrero: Instead, John Cena... you will face Edge at Backlash, one on one for the World Heavyweight Championship. And you, Matt, you won’t get a shot.

Edge applauds the decision, while Matt scowls at Vickie...


The crowd gives a slight pop as Theodore Long appears on stage with a microphone in his hand.

Theodore Long: Now hold on a second, playas’. First of all...Vickie... I think you’ve forgotten, you are not the General Manager of Smackdown... believe that.

Slight pop as Vickie suddenly remembers...

Theodore Long: Now, playas, I was going to allow this triple threat World Championship match to go ahead. But Vickie... you reminded me... we do need a Championship match at Backlash. So instead of a championship triple threat match, we will have a number one contenders match to decide who will face John Cena at Backlash. Ya’ feel me, playas! It will be... Edge versus Matt Hardy versus... The Big Show! Believe that.

Bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd as they wanted a championship match – while Edge looks irate at his girlfriend, and Matt is smirking at John who is smirking right back.

Jim Ross: Look at Edge, he is angry.

Matt Striker: If Vickie never made an appearance, we would have had a World Championship match tonight.

Todd Grisham: We did need a Title match for Backlash.

We see Edge walking up the ramp, arguing with Vickie while Matt and John keep their eyes on each other. And with that, we fade to our first commercial break of the night.


Smackdown returns from the commercials and we are backstage where Edge is walking furiously through the backstage area, Vickie Guerrero at his heels.

Vickie Guerrero: Edge... baby... wait! I’m sorry.

Edge stops in his tracks and turns to face his wife, venom in his eyes...

Edge: Sorry? You’re sorry!?

Vickie Guerrero: Yes. Yes... I’m sorry, I didn’t know Theodore Long would change the match.

Edge rubs his face furiously...

Edge: How can you forget that you are not General Manager anymore? If you didn’t show your face, I’d be in a World Championship match tonight! But now I have to win a match tonight to face Cena at Backlash.

Vickie Guerrero: I said I was sorry. Please, Edge.

Edge: I don’t even know why I’m with you.

Cheers as Vickie’ face drops...

Vickie Guerrero: Edge...

Edge: Shut up.

Fans cheer this as well...

Edge: I’ve got a number one contenders match to prepare for... and it could’ve been a championship match... if not for you.

Edge walks off leaving Vickie standing alone as we to back into the arena...


The fans rise to their feet and give a little bit of heat, directed towards Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. The two challengers appear from the behind the curtains, the two then begin to walk down the ramp, telling everybody that in a few minutes they will be WWE Tag Team Champions..

Jim Ross: This is going to be a treat ladies and gentleman. A WWE Tag Team Championship match, live here on Friday night Smackdown. And after the win that Carlito and Primo had at WrestleMania against the World Tag Team Champions they’ll be on a high.

Todd Grisham: And if you think about it, Carlito and Primo are the reason The Miz attacked John Morrison on RAW a few nights ago. I wonder what will happen to the World Tag Team Championships now.

Matt Striker: Who cares about RAW’s tag team championships, this is Smackdown and about the WWE Tag Team Titles. And about those two men in the ring, they’re former champions and will pose a big challenge to the Primo and Carlito.


The current WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito and Primo walk out from behind the stage, wearing orange attire, and with the Titles around their waists. The duo walk down the ramp to a good amount of cheers, pointing at Hawkins and Ryder, telling them to get ready because they are not losing their championships.

Jim Ross: I do like this team.

Todd Grisham: I do also, J.R, when they are in a match it’s almost like they are sharing one brain, and knowing what the others going to do.

Matt Striker: Maybe that’s because they grew up together, and probably practiced with each other when they were younger.

Primo and Carlito hand their Championships to the referee, who holds them in the air for a brief moment before beginning the match.

Match One
WWE Tag Team Championships
Carlito & Primo vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

And this match is off, it’s Carlito starting it for the champions against Zack Ryder of the challengers. The first couple of minutes consist of ‘Lito and Zack trading blows, the pendulum swinging both ways, the action is fast paced which gets the fans going and cheering. Eventually Carlito takes the advantage after Ryder missed a clothesline and turned into a clothesline. Carlito and Primo then utilized quick tags and double team moves such as double hip toss and managed to keep Ryder away from his tag team partner. Eventually though, Ryder rolled out the way of a elbow drop from the top rope from Primo. Ryder then got the tag to Hawkins and before Primo could make his tag to Carlito, Hawkins dives on top of him and smashes his back with forearm clubs. The next few minutes consist of Hawkins and Ryder doing what The Colons did, keeping Primo away from his partner and in the corner. Contrary to Carlito and Primo, Ryder and Hawkins kept using dirty tactics, Hawkins distracting the referee while Ryder kept choking Primo in the corner. And Carlito would try to tell the referee but he would only tell him to get back in his corner, which allowed Ryder and Hawkins to continue cheating to gain an advantage; with the referees back turned.

Finally the end of the match came when Primo managed to escape from the corner, scampering between Hawkins legs and getting the hot tag to his partner. Carlito came in to the match, fired up, unleashing all the meant up rage that was gathered on the apron, watching Ryder and Hawkins cheat to inflict pain on his brothers. ‘Lito hit a number of clotheslines before knocking Ryder off the apron. Ryder got back on the apron and tried to distract Carlito, but Primo got back in the game and knocked Ryder of the apron for a second time, before flying over the top rope and landing on top of him. With Carlito distracted, Hawkins tried to take advantage with a school boy pin, but ‘Lito rolled his shoulder and got to his feet and planted Hawkins with the Backcracker! The fans cheering on as Carlito crawls to the pin and the referee counts the pin!

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: The Colon’s via pin fall@ 9.53

The crowd rise to their feet as Carlito sits exhausted on the mat, Primo walks around to the ring keepers table and grabs the championships; he slides into the ring and joins his partner. He lays the championship down next to him and kneels next to him, they go head to head, talking to one another, congratulating each other on a successful Title defence. Primo stands back up and helps his brother to his feet, the duo lift the belts above their heads to a good reception from the fans. Afterwards, the two decide to leave the ring and begin up the ramp.

Jim Ross: What a match! The Colon’s put it all out there, and got their reward with retaining those Championships. You can really see the relationship between those two.

Todd Grisham: It was a great match, and I do agree – those two work really well together.

Matt Striker: Take nothing away from Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, they battled for those Championships, but in the end The Colon’s just had more in their locker.

Back on top of the ramp, the duo turn around and lift the belts above their heads one last time. When...


Carlito goes tumbling forward... because of EZEKIEL JACKSON. The big man floored ‘Lito from behind with a clothesline to the back. Primo turns to face Zeke and try to exact some revenge, but Primos punches don’t seem to affect him, instead ‘Zeke picks up Primo and hits him with an elevated spinebuster on the steel!! The fans are incensed by this but then The Brian Kendrick then makes an appearance.

And when Carlito begins to get up, he manages one knee before being smacked in the face by a running boot from The Brian Kendrick!!

Jim Ross: What the hell is going on! This was an unprovoked attack on two men who just went through a gruelling match, my god.

Matt Striker: Ah, I see. This is Kendrick and Jackson showing Primo and Carlito that just because they defeated Hawkins and Ryder doesn’t mean they will have those Championships much longer.

Jim Ross: A despicable way to go about it though, Matt.

Todd Grisham: A blind side attack by one of the biggest men on the roster, on two people who were exhausted.

On the stage, Brian Kendrick and Jackson are still standing over the WWE Tag Team Champions as we head to a commercial break.


We arrive back on Smackdown and are treated to action from last Monday’s RAW – the RAW Rebound!

RAW Rebound

This week’s RAW rebound begins with Randy Orton coming out for his promo at the start of the show, it shows us the bulk of his promo and Vince McMahon and Triple H interrupt. Orton is denied his rematch when Kofi Kingston gets a big win over him. Later on we see Triple H take on Cody Rhodes, Rhodes gives a good showing but ultimately loses to “The Game”. The rebound ends on a sour note for Triple H as Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase attack Trips, eventually Rhodes joins in the beat down and it continues for a few minutes. The rebound finally ends with the last picture being Triple H on the mat, with blood streaming down his face.

With that done, we cut back to the arena to see a local jobber in the ring, by the name of Drake Lawrence. The ring announcer announces him to the crowd, but he doesn’t get much of a response even though he does the customary jobber point to them...


Oh no. This guy is in trouble now as the huge Russian walks out from behind the curtain. Vladimir Kozlov doesn’t bother with looking out into the crowd and stopping – he’s all business. He swiftly walks down to the ring to face his next victim.

Jim Ross: I fear for this man in the ring, Kozlov has challenged for the World Championship and beaten the likes of Triple H – this guy is in trouble.

Todd Grisham: I’ve heard that Kozlov is in an even more foul mood because of a lack of competition as he puts it.

Matt Striker: Well, he’s got a point – Kozlov should be facing big stars like John Cena, Edge and The Big Show, not Drake Lawrence.

Kozlov climbs up onto the apron, stares at his opponent before entering and standing across from him.

Match Two
Singles Match
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Drake Lawrence

Yeah, well, what do you expect? Drake tries to get some offense in on his bigger opponent but it’s not doing a damn thing. Kozlov just pushes him away like a fly, Vladimir toys with the local enhancement talent but he gains no pleasure from it. It’s all done with no expression whatsoever, although at one point he does shake his head in disdain. The fans have accepted Drake’s fate and it seems he has as well. The Moscow Mauler hits all of his signature moves, such as the Battering Ram before finishing Drake off with the Iron Curtain. Kozlov puts his foot on Drake’s chest and the referee counts the pin.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov via pin fall@ 3.23

And with that decimation, the referee calls for the bell – Kozlov named the winner. Lawrence writhes on the mat in pain as the victor stands above him, staring down shaking his head.

Matt Striker: I feel sorry for that poor kid – he was just pummelled by the Russian.

Todd Grisham: Kozlov doesn’t look to happy though.

Matt Striker: When does he look happy?

Jim Ross: Looks like we are going to hear from the man himself, I wonder what he wants to say?

In the ring, Kozlov is handed a microphone after demanding one from ringside – he makes his way to the centre of the ring and begins speaking.

Vladimir Kozlov: I came to the double double – e to face elite competition.

Kozlov turns and looks at Lawrence...

Vladimir Kozlov: That... not... elite competition.

Big Vlad’ turns to face the stage...

Vladimir Kozlov: I want tougher competition.

With that, ‘Vlad’s music hits and he leaves the ring, walks up the ramp – disappearing behind the curtain.

Next, we cut to the backstage area, where the lovely Tiffany is waiting with a microphone in her hand.

Tiffany: Hello! My name is Tiffany, and I’m the new Smackdown interviewer, so please welcome my first ever guest... the World Heavyweight Champion... John Cena.

It’s a very loud pop as the camera pans out and sees John Cena standing next to the blonde.

Tiffany: Hi John. I’d like to congratulate you on your win last Sunday at WrestleMania! But as for my questions – I would like to ask you about the start of the show.

Cena nods and rubs his chin...

Tiffany: You’re confrontation with Matt Hardy; it got very heated in that ring, didn’t it?

Tiffany moves the microphone towards John’s mouth...

John Cena: You’re right, Tiffany – it did get a little heated. I know what Matt Hardy did, I watched Hardy do those despicable things to his own brother. His own blood.

Cena pauses, thinking of what to say next...

John Cena: It made me sick. Matt Hardy needs to be taught a lesson, Tiffany; he needs somebody to give him a good beating.

The fans give a pop for this...

John Cena: And tell you what – if he does win this match tonight and faces me at Backlash, I’m going to be the one that gives him that beating!

Very loud pop as Tiffany takes the microphone back...

Tiffany: Right, okay, my next question is about the other two men in the triple threat match – are you at all worried if you have to face The Big Show?

And the microphone is moved back...

John Cena: Anybody would be a little bit worried if they had to face a seven foot tall, five hundred pound monster. But I’ve faced The Big Show before, and defeated him and I’ll do it again.

Tiffany: And Edge? What’s your thoughts on facing Edge?

Cena thinks about this for a second...

John Cena: Edge and I go back a long way, Tiffany, we’ve had one of the biggest rivalries of all time. Edge is truly a great competitor, he’s defeated me and I’ve defeated him. But if he thinks he will be the one who takes this championship...

John takes a look at the big gold belt...

John Cena: Then he’s wrong... no one will take away my championship.

The crowd pops very loudly, as Tiffany wraps up the interview by thanking John for his time, before he walks off. The show fades to black at this time, as we throw to another commercial break.


We return to tonight’s show and we are backstage where The Big Show and Vickie Guerrero are speaking in Vickie’s room.

The Big Show: So... tell me again, what did he say?

Vickie is tearing up as she speaks...

Vickie Guerrero: He... shouted at me! He... he... said “I don’t know why I’m with you”.

Guerrero suddenly gets a bit angry, the tears disappearing...

Vickie Guerrero: He says it’s my fault that he isn’t in a championship match tonight!

Show taps on his knee, which Vickie then sits on...

The Big Show: Don’t listen to him. Remember, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be in the number one contenders match tonight.

Show lifts Vickies face up with the tip of his fingers by the chin and looks into her eyes...

The Big Show: Forget about, Edge. He treats you like dirt

A few seconds pass by of the two staring into each other eyes, before they end up kissing each other. The fans respond by booing, as they don’t want to see that, we then hear someone’s voice.

???: What the hell is going on?!

The camera pans around to see Edge standing in the doorway, staring at Vickie and Show who have stopped kissing and are on their feet...

Edge: I come here to say sorry about early... and... I find you kissing that whale.

Show gets angry at that comment and begins to walk towards Edge, but Vickie puts a hand out...

Vickie Guerrero: Edge, I-

Edge: Save it. I’m done. I’m done with you.

The fans give a pop at seeing Vickie upset...

Edge: Listen up, Show, you can have her... because I don’t want her. She’s cost me nothing but grief. You’re welcome to her.

Big Show: Who do you think you are... coming in here and talking to me and Vickie like her?

Show takes a step closer, the height difference meaning Edge has to look up...

Big Show: Watch your tongue, because if you don’t I might just pull it out later.

Edge: I look forward to it.

Edge gives a quick glance at Vickie who just stares back, before turning around and walking out of the locker room. The camera focuses in on Big Show as he puts his arm around Vickie.

We then cut to ringside where Jim Ross, Matt Striker and the entertaining Todd Grisham are speaking.

Todd Grisham: Did we just see Edge break up with Vickie Guerrero?

Jim Ross: I think we did... and what’s more... I think now Big Show and Vickie are a couple. What an annoying couple that will be.

Matt Striker: Did you hear these fans when Edge told Vickie he was done with her? They were ecstatic.

The commentators stop talking and the arena is silent until...



Smackdown’s other Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, appears on the stage to a little bit of boos. Chavo kneels on the stage while holding his arms out in the air before walking down the ramp and getting into the ring.

Jim Ross: Speaking of Guerrero’s – Chavo has got a great opportunity in this four way match, whoever wins will face MVP for a chance the United States Championship match.

Todd Grisham: And I’ve just received word, that that match... will be next week... on Smackdown!

Matt Striker: Great, a championship match on Smackdown, can’t wait for that.


The fans give a nice pop for the arrival of R-Truth. Truth appears on the stage, with a microphone in his right hand and begins rapping his way to the ring, getting the fans involved any way he can.

Matt Striker: And that man is the second competitor in the four way match. What’s up, Todd?

Todd Grisham: Uh...

Jim Ross: R-Truth is a very skilful competitor but he’s going to have to be on top of his game to win this match and then to win the United States Champion.


The former United States Champion walks out from the back to a good amount of boos, and then Shelton Benjamin begins to make his way down the ramp and into the ring.

Jim Ross: I’ve always believed that Shelton has something special, he’s a multiple time tag team champon, Intercontinental Champion and United States Champion, but he’s never been able to reach the top, and grab the World Title.

Todd Grisham: I’ve thought that as well. Benjamin is a talented Superstar, and has got to be the favourite to win this match tonight.

Matt Striker: I don’t think you can have a favourite to win this match tonight, this is a Fatal-Four-Way match, anything can happen.



Of all the men in this match, Christian gets the biggest reaction from the crowd as the former ECW Superstar walks down the ramp, playing to the fans. He stops at the ring, staring at the three other men in the ring.

Jim Ross: Another man who I think has that ability to reach the top, why he hasn’t done it yet? Nobody can say.

Matt Striker: This is the first step in that though, J.R, since coming to the WWE, this is Christian’s first chance to show us what he can do in a match that he needs to win to have a shot at the United States.

Todd Grisham: I can sense this is going to be a great match, look at all the competitors, they all look so motivated.

Jim Ross: If you are in a number one contenders match, and you don’t look motivated, then you don’t deserve to be in the match.

Match Three
United States Championship #1 Contenders Match
Christian vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. R-Truth vs. Shelton Benjamin

The action started off pretty slowly, all four men not knowing who to go for. Eventually, Chavo runs at Christian but Christian ducks and Chavo falls over the ropes. This leaving three men in the ring, Shelton points at R-Truth and tells him to team up on Christian. Eventually R-Truth says no, and Christian and he attack Shelton, they pummel him in the corner to good cheers. After a bit, Chavo gets back in the ring and hits R-Truth from behind. The action becomes separated here, as R-Truth pairs off with Chavo and Christian with Shelton. This continues for a few minutes, with each pair trading the advantage. R-Truth ends up eating a huge kick to the face from Chavo which knocks him out, and he rolls out of the ring. This allows Shelton and Chavo to double team Christian. The attack on Christian continues for another few minutes. Chavo and Shelton taking turns to choke Christian, while the other punches and kicks his stomach. Christian managed a brief comeback before the numbers game caught up with him, and he went back to being beat up by Chavo and Shelton.

Eventually, Chavo and Shelton’s teaming ends when the two conflict over who pins Christian. Guerrero and Benjamin started squaring off, putting on a good couple of minutes of action. Until R-Truth came round and pulled himself into the ring. The three men beat on each other, but then Christian came back and joined in the fun. After a few minutes of fast paced action, the match came to a close when R-Truth connected on Chavo with a corkscrew scizzors kick and went for the pin, but Shelton also planted Christian with Paydirt! R-Truth and Shelton cover Chavo and Christian at the same time and the referee doesn’t know what to do – so he just uses both hands and counts the pinfalls.

Winner and Number One Contender for United States Champion: ??? via pin fall @12:48

Confusion. That would be the word to describe what is going on just now. R-Truth and Shelton have both pinned one opponent, and now the two are face to face, arguing over who wins the match. Justin Roberts doesn’t know what to say as the commentators chime in.

Jim Ross: After ten minutes, we still don’t know who will face MVP next week. Both R-Truth and Shelton Benjamin pinned Christian and Chavo Guerrero. We don’t have a winner.

Matt Striker: Correction, we have two winners. But who will face MVP next week.

Todd Grisham: Someone needs to sort this out, right away.

The arguments continue as we cut to the Backlash promo.


The video opens with Matt Hardy pinning his brother at WrestleMania

One night a year...

A shot of Triple H pedigreeing Randy Orton at WrestleMania

Superstars face off at the biggest stage...

Shot of CM Punk unhooking the MITB briefcase

For their moment...

We fade to black with the last image being John Cena holding the World Heayweight Championship up

But the pageantry is over...

We suddenly hear a women’s blood curdling scream

Then the video returns with Randy Orton kissing Stephanie McMahon with Triple H watching on...

All that remains...

Shot of Jeff Hardy hitting the Swantom Bomb...

Jeff Hardy:
The Backlash...

Shot of Edge hitting a spear...

The Backlash...

Shot of Kane hitting a chokeslam...

Before we see a silhouette of a man in a dark room, only seeing his shadows...

All that remains... is the Backlash.


WWE Backlash | April, 26th, 2009 | TD BankNorth Arena | Boston, Massachusetts


When we return to Smackdown, we are backstage, where Theodore Long is speaking to the Russian, Vladimir Kozlov.

Theodore Long: Fine... fine... fine. You need better competition I get it. I understand you came to the WWE for elite competition, playa. And I’m sure somebody on the roster will want to face you, you’ll get your competition, next week.

Kozlov gives a wry smile...

Vladimir Kozlov: I better. Or else. Else I may get angry with you.

Kozlov turns on his heels and walks out of the GM’s office. Teddy sits down on the couch and rubs his forehead, but is peace is short lived as a production crew member comes in and tells him that he needs help. Long stands up and follows him outside, where Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth are still arguing.

Shelton Benjamin: You know I had him pinned first!

R-Truth: The hell you did! I’m in that championship match next week, I won that match. And that’s the truth!

Shelton shakes his head....

Shelton Benjamin: For somebody with the truth in his name, you sure do like to lie a lot.

Truth takes a step towards Benjamin...

Theodore Long: Guys... guys calm down!

R-Truth: Teddy... from a brother to another brother... you know I won that match.

Shelton Benjamin: If you think he won that match, then you need glasses.

Long gives out an audible sigh, as Truth and Benjamin stare at him...

Theodore Long: I think I’ve got a solution, playas.

Long takes a pause..

Theodore Long: Since you both pinned somebody in that match, and since it did seem that it was at the same time.

Shelton Benjamin: Let me guess... another number one contenders match next week?

Theodore Long: No, I said there will be a United States Championship match next week. So next week, will be MVP versus Shelton Benjamin versus R-Truth in a triple threat match! Ya’ feel that? Playas’.

Both Shelton and Truth nod their approval as the fans cheer for the big Championship match scheduled for next week. The show then cuts to the ring, where we hear...


It’s a muted reaction as Natalya makes her way from the back, dressed in black and pink. She begins to walk down to the ring, getting prepared for her number one contenders match.

Todd Grisham: Before we speak about this upcoming match, what about what was just announced a moment ago.

Jim Ross: That was a huge announcement. Next week on Smackdown, we will see MVP put his United States Championship on the line against R-Truth and Shelton Benjamin.

Matt Striker: Like Edge said at the top of the show, triple threats do not favour the Champion, MVP will be cursing his luck that the number one contenders match ended the way it did.

Jim Ross: Speaking of number one contenders matches, this match will determine who Maryse will face at Backlash, defending her WWE Divas Championship.


It’s another small response, but this one is more positive as Gail Kim gets a few cheers as she walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring.

Matt Striker: Like you said, J.R, whoever wins this match will face Maryse at Backlash for the WWE Divas Championship. The Divas Championship hasn’t been around for long, but every Diva in the back wants a shot at that Title.

Match Four
Winner Faces Maryse For WWE Divas Championship at Backlash
Gail Kim vs. Natalya

After a few minutes of feeling each other out, Natalya takes the advantage when she ducks a flying cross body from the top rope from Gail. Kim lands with a thud which causes the fans to gasp, she feels her head but Nattie doesn’t give her a chance to recover; she picks her up and then throws her face first back down to the mat. Nattie dives on top of Gail, looking for the win. One... Two... Gail kicks out to a nice cheer. Natalya complains to the referee which gives Gail a chance to get to her feet, and when Natalya goes over to her she kicks out – landing a shot to the gut. Gail then smashes Nattie with forearms, forcing her back to the ropes. Kim then launches her to the opposite side, but Natalya keeps a hold of Gail and reverses into an Irish whip of her own. But Kim has the ring smarts to duck a swinger from Natalya, continue running and then slide between Nattie’s legs, before finishing the sequence off with a nice dropkick. Gail goes for the cover, One... Two... Natalya’s shoulder is up! Gail climbs to the top rope again, looking for a high flying move, she dives off looking for an axe handle smash but Natalya catches her and turns it into the Sharpshooter. Kim struggles and struggles, the fans cheering her on, she manages to twist her body around, breaking Nattie’s grip before rolling her up in a Small Package! One... Two... Three!

Winner and Number One Contender for the WWE Divas Championship: Gail Kim via pin fall @4.18

The ref calls for the bell and raises Gail’s arm once she stands up. We then cut backstage, where Josh Matthews is standing with a microphone in his hand.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman... my guest at this time... the WWE Divas Champion... Maryse.

We cut back to the ring, where Gail Kim is watching the titontron where Maryse has now appeared, looking fabulous with the hampionship.

Josh Matthews: And Maryse... we now know who you will face at Backlash. You will face Gail Kim, one on one.

Maryse takes a glance at the camera, knowing that Gail is watching this on the tron...

Josh Matthews: How do you feel about that?

Maryse rolls her eyes before answering...

Maryse: What do I think? I think that z’no Diva z’is in my league.

Boos from the crowd as we get a shot of Gail shaking her head in the ring, before cutting back to Maryse...

Maryse: I am prettier... classier... and just a better Diva.

Maryse looks at the camera, knowing she is looking at Gail.

Maryse: Gail... if I were z’you... I wouldn’t even show up at Backlash... because z’you won’t win... I’ve got this Divas Championship... and I’m not losing it to the likes of z’ you.

Maryse blows a kiss at the camera, looks at Josh and then leaves. Meanwhile, Gail just stands in the ring, shaking her head in dismay.

Jim Ross: Well... it looks as if we know SmackDown’s first match at Backlash. It will be Maryse defending her WWE Divas Championship against Gail Kim.

Matt Striker: Maryse does seem very confident, and I like that in a women. What do you like in a women, Todd?

Todd Grisham: Uh...

Jim Ross: Anyway, next up ladies and gentleman, our main event... join us after the commercial.

We cut a commercial...


And as we return... we are backstage in the medical room where Carlito and Primo are being treated for the beat down which was put on them by Ezekiel Jackson and Brian Kendrick earlier on. Primo is sitting on a table, with a guy working on his back, after being slammed on the steel, and Carlito is standing beside him with an ice pack on his head. The two are in silence, until Brie Bella and Nikki Bella come into the room and give them both a hug.

Brie Bella: Oh my god. When we heard we came straight away.

Nikki Bella: Are you two okay?

Primo winces as he stands up.

Primo: We’ll be fine.

Carlito: All Carlito and Primo are worried about is getting payback on them.

Carlito takes the ice pack of his head and lays it down on the table.

Brie Bella: What are you guys going to do?

Primo: Oh we’ve got something in store for next week; let’s see who’s laughing after what we do.

Carlito: And dat’ will be cool.

Carlito puts his arm around Nikki and Primo does the same to Brie as they waddle out of the shot.

We cut back to the main arena where we hear...


The fans respond with a nice amount of boos as The World’s Largest Athlete, The Big Show walks out from behind the curtain. The massive frame of The Big Show walks down the ramp before climbing onto the apron and stepping over the top rope. Show walks over to the ropes and leans over it and lifts his massive hand in the air.

Jim Ross: Big Show has got to be the favourite for this upcoming match, his sheer size alone should give him a good chance of winning this number one contenders match. He and John Cena have history, so if Show does win, he’ll get a chance to get retribution for John Cena taking his United States Championship all those years ago at WrestleMania twenty.

Matt Striker: That was a long time ago, I don’t think Big Show will be thinking about that. He will just be thinking about getting that championship opportunity at Backlash.

Todd Grisham: To get that, he will need to defeat two men, The Rated R Superstar Edge and Matt Hardy.


It takes a second for the Seattle crowd to remember whose music this is as it just debuted earlier in the evening, but nonetheless the heat is scorching hot for Matt Hardy as he walks out from behind the curtain. With his new look ring gear and long jacket on he walks down the ramp, pointing at himself telling everybody it is his time. Once Hardy reaches the ring, he slowly walks up the steel steps and steps into the ring; keeping an eye on one of his opponents for the evening, The Big Show.

Jim Ross: Matt truly had a WrestleMania moment last Sunday at WrestleMania twenty five. Matt finally stepped out from his brother’s shadow and showed he is every bit as good as the former World Heavyweight Champion.

Todd Grisham: Indeed, Matt did step out from his brothers shadow, and this is his chance to get in amongst the World Championship picture. If he wins this match, he faces quite possibly the biggest Superstar in the WWE, John Cena at Backlash.

Matt Striker: To do that though, he has to go through the World’s Largest Athlete and one of the most successful Superstars in this company, Edge. The former World Heavyweight Champion.



It’s a booming mixed reaction for The Rated R Superstar, Edge, after his outbursts at Vickie Guerrero earlier on in the evening, the fans have took a shine to him. The former World Heavyweight Champion makes his way down the ramp, pausing at the half way stage of the ramp and steps off his pyrotechnics, with his arms raised in the air. After a bit, Edge continues his journey to the ring – he slides into it, keeping an eye on his opponents for the evening.

Jim Ross: I’ve known Edge for a long time, and I know first hand how much he loves the World Championship. He wants the championship back, but he’ll know it’ll be tough defeating Matt Hardy and The Big Show.

Matt Striker: No doubt about, maybe without the distraction of Vickie Guerrero – Edge will have his head in the game, you could tell he was distracted at WrestleMania.

Todd Grisham: It seems the marriage of Edge and Vickie is over after what happened earlier in the evening, and it has even made some of these fans start cheering Edge. I never thought I would see some of these fans be on Edge’s side.

Matt Striker: That just shows how hated Vickie Guerrero is.


The fans erupt for the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion, not involved in the match but obviously wanting to get a first hand view of his potential opponents at Backlash. John Cena is on the stage saluting the crowd before walking down the ramp, circling around the ring and sitting down next to Jim Ross, who he shakes his hands with.

Jim Ross: It’s a great honour to be joined just now by the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena, welcome to the announce table, John.

John Cena: Thank you, J.R, if I wasn’t a wrestler – I’d be a announcer, so it’s a surreal experience being on this announce team but I’ll do my best.

No. 1 Contenders Match; World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs. Matt Hardy vs. The Big Show

The referee calls for the bell and the match begins. It’s slow in the opening stages as nobody really wants to make the first move. After a bit, both Matt and Edge attack The Big Show, backing him into a corner and clubbing him with forearms and punches, Show powers out of the corner however by pushing Edge away and head butting Matt. Show then backs Edge into a corner and punches his stomach over and over, the cameras catch a glimpse of Matt just standing and watching – allowing Show to inflict as much pain as possible. While this is happening, Matt glances at Cena who glances back. Show gets tired of Edge and turns around looking for Matt, the two face off with Show getting the better and this time backs him into a corner. Edge gets back to his feet and attacks Show from behind, jumping onto his back and locking in a sleeper hold. Matt bounces off the ropes and connects with a low drop kick to Show’s leg which takes the giant down. Edge lets of Show and bounces of the ropes himself and hits a running drop kick of his own, but to Show’s face this time. Matt then climbs on top of Show but is pulled of by Edge and then the two of them go at it, trading blows. Show rolls out of the ring allowing the two more agile Superstars to go at it. The next few minutes consists of them trading blows until Matt gets Edge in an armbar and keeps him down on the mat. After a few minutes of using different submission moves to keep Edge on the mat and out of the match, Show gets in the ring and stomps on Matt. The triple threat turns into a singles match for a few minutes as Show and Matt go at it.

Edge gets back into the action as the three men trade punches with each other, before Big Show head butts Matt and he falls to the mat. Show begins to dominate Edge and eventually manages to connect with his Chokeslam! Show pins Edge but it’s broken up Matt, saving the match for himself. Edge rolls to the side, allowing Show and Matt to go at it, and eventually Show gets Matt in the Chokeslam position, but Matt wriggles out of it, he then kicks Show in the gut and attempts the Twist of Fate but Big Show reverses and breaks free before pushing Matt right into the referee! Matt doesn’t really care, instead of checking the referee is he is okay, he turns around before ducking a Knockout Punch from Show, and then connects with a Twist of Fate to Show! Matt goes for the pin but there is no referee to count the fall! The fans count, one, two, three but it doesn’t mean a thing. Suddenly...


The fans go absolutely crazy as “The Enigma” Jeff Hardy sprints out from behind the curtain, screwing his face up in pain as he does from last Sundays match. Hardy slides into the ring and tackles his brother, taking him down to the mat. The fans are going mental as Jeff reigns down on Matt with fists, he tries to cover up but the fists are breaking through Matt’s attempted shield. After a few seconds, Matt reaches out for the bottom rope, he then pulls himself out of the ring away from his brother. Jeff doesn’t let that stop however, as he follows him to the mat below the ring. Hardy grabs his brother by the back of the net and launches him across the announce table, into the laps of Jim, Todd, Matt and Cena! Cena picks Matt up from behind the table and holds Matt up for Jeff, keeping his arms stretched which allows Jeff to land full blows to Matt’s face. Cena lets go of Matt and the brawl then continues into the crowd and out of sight! The referee is still down, but Show is getting to his feet as is Edge.

The fans begin booing as Vickie Guerrero is running down the ramp, with a steel chair in her hands! She slides it into the ring and Show positions it with his foot in the centre of the ring, he then grabs Edge by the throat and goes for a Chokeslam! But Edge counters into a DDT on the steel chair!! He slides it out of the ring as Vickie is complaining outside of the ring, The referee begins to get to his feet and so does Edge. Edge goes to the corner and waits for Show to get up, after a bit he does and Edge sprints at him, connecting with the Spear!! Edge covers Show and the referee counts the pin!!

Winner and Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship: Edge via pin fall @ 11:56

The referee gets to his feet and waits for Edge to do the same, he lifts Edge’s hand in the air and points at him. While Vickie Guerrero stomps in place on the outside as Justin Roberts announces the winner of the match and that he will face John Cena at Backlash.

Jim Ross: And there we have it folks, at Backlash it will be Edge versus John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash.

Todd Grisham: A great way to end the show, what a action packed match.

Matt Striker: Yeah, we saw Jeff Hardy attack his brother, Vickie costs The Big Show the match and Edge gets his rematch at Backlash.

Jim Ross: A action packed way to end the action packed show. A lot of questions will need to be answered next but for now, thank you for joining us for SmackDown ladies and gentleman, join us again next week for another episode, thank you!

The last show of Friday Night SmackDown this week, is the World Heavyweight Champion John Cena sliding into the ring and going face to face with his challenger at Backlash. The two trade words which can’t be heard as the crowd cheer around them. The show fades to black as we end the first SmackDown after WrestleMania XXV!

Quick Results:

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Colons © bts. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder
Singles Match: Vladimir Kozlov bts. Drake Lawrence
Number One Contenders Match; U.S Championship: R-Truth & Shelton Benjamin bts. Chavo Guerrero & Christian
Number One Contenders Match; WWE Divas Championship: Gail Kim bts. Natalya
Number One Contenders Match; World Heavyweight Championship: Edge bts. Matt Hardy & The Big Show

WWE Backlash

05.03.09 | TD BankNorth | Boston, Massachusetts

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena © vs. Edge


WWE Divas Championship
Maryse © vs. Gail Kim


Right, so glad to have gotten this up. First show in over a year, so they'll probably be some rust to work off but I hope everybody that reads enjoys the show. If anybody wants to know what Matt's new theme is then PM me.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - Reviving A Legacy

JAM's Review

Well that was a bold move starting off the show with Matt. I was sure it was either gonna be Teddy Long or Cena having a huge first segment but I see why you did this. Matt's promo was a little repetitive but it picked up when Edge came out. Not sure about Vickie comin' out, thinking she's still the GM but Teddy Long gives us a pretty good match in the main event, I've had enough of Big Show though. Back to Cena, I would've thought that he'd cut a promo about being on Smackdown again from his early days, I think this would've worked out better if he started the show and then you had Matt and everyone else come out. But nonetheless, pretty good opening segment.

Good first match of the night starting with some tag team action. Interesting decision you made by not unifying the belts at Wrestlemania, not sure you guys have enough teams but I'm sure you guys have this all planned out. The match was pretty standard with the champs getting the win to continue their winning ways. The ending was pretty good and didn't think you'd pair these two guys up as a tag team since they were used primarily to elevate Brian Kendrick.

Looks like Kozlov is in for a push on Smackdown but the squash match ended a little late, should've been about a two minute match or a minute and a half match. You got Vlad workin' the mic? Wow, haha. As for the Cena interview, it was pretty standard stuff here and sometimes that's the way that things should go.

Hopefully you have better things planned for Edge now that he's without Vickie. And again, tired of Big Show, so I won't comment much on his thing with Vickie. Oh man, bummed that Christian didn't pull that off but the triple threat for next week should be a good one. I like that you're pushing different people instead of the ones that we usually think will be pushed. We see Kozlov again tonight and I think he'll get his competition soon enough but it won't be someone he wants to face. No matter what you wanna do with Kozlov though, whether that be midcard or main event, please don't go putting him in the tag team division.

I was pulling for Edge to win this one, glad that he did. It's just not Vickie's not tonight as her plans fail once again. The brothers continue their feud which I don't mind. It definitely needed to be longer, maybe it gets even more personal where you somehow involve their other family members, a Lita sighting? Anyway, question though, is Edge face now? That remains to be seen. Him vs. Cena will be another classic in my opinion and the right guy has won. But wait, no Batista on Smackdown? Just wondering cause I don't see him on the SD roster.

Overall, a few grammar mistakes a few wrong choice of words but that's fine. Like you said, you might have some rust from not producing a show in a while but I liked this episode of Smackdown, very enjoyable. You got a few things going here with Cena/Edge and The Hardy Boyz feud being the highlights of the show. Lookin' forward to the next show, will be reading

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