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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes




World Wrestling Entertainment would like to announce the signature of Grammy Award and Golden Globe winning singer and actress, Bette Midler will perform the National Anthem at the beginning of the biggest SummerSlam in history. The Hawaiian born singer and actress will belt out Americaís song, in front of fifty thousand of her home town crowd.


News and Rumours

There is a rumour going about backstage that SummerSlam will feature a onetime appearance by a WWE Hall of Famer. Many note that this man is one of the biggest Superstars off all time and may have a role in one of the matches, but donít expect him to be announced before as the WWE want to keep this moment as a surprise for the fans at home, and in the stadium.

Speaking of SummerSlam, the World Heavyweight Championship match is expected to have a gimmick attached to it, some suggest it may be a Last Man Standing or simply an Extreme Rules match, all we know is that the Hardy/Hardy match will not be a simple one on one.

Rumours going around is that former ECW Representative, Paul Heyman is in talks with the WWE to return to television.

Finally, since this SummerSlam is the biggest show in its history at a record four hours long, we expect some surprises on the show, including perhaps a couple of special entrances for a few of the Superstars.


Monday Night Raw | 5 Point Preview
~ CM Punk will explain his cash in ~
~ Nigel McGuiness and Shawn Michaels will clash in the opening match ~
~ TJ Perkins and Sheamus will collide to determine who faces William Regal for the Intercontinental Title ~
~ We will hear from the WWE Champion, Randy Orton ~
~ Appearances by Batista, Maryse, Mickie James, and the World Tag Team Champions ~

All this and much more!
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

The Hall of Famer who I see making a return has either got to be Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Nature Boy Ric Flair, or Hulk Hogan those are the only viable choices if anything

But for brother vs brother for the World Heavyweight Championship, I would love to see their match be an I Quit Match or a Last Man Standing Match

If Paul Heyman returns, I would love to see him return with The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar or Paul Heyman returning causing CM Punk to turn heel

But special appearances I would love to see The Rock maybe
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Okay, Iíve had a glance through this thread at everything that has progressed so I can have some understanding of whatís happening. Iíll leave general comments on feuds and your booking as I go through this and probably at the end. I will say that, generally speaking, youíve continued to improve, as I remember you were doing a while ago.

Iím a bit surprised that you wouldnít start with Lashley/Cena, considering thatís the big deal from the last show and probably indicates Lashley was responsible for Cena being laid out in the back in the past (I think Iím making a bit of an assumption there though, because I donít recall seeing that confirmed). Youíve built up to this whole thing with Kendrick, Jericho and Truth all disputing decisions by Teddy over time before coming together to band against him. Iím a bit disappointed you donít have Truth out there because heís always been entertaining in this group too. Kendrick taking all the credit for the win and that he pinned Cena by ignoring what happened with Lashley is a typical thing youíd expect from TBK, giving himself a real pat on the back. The promo itself was okay, but at times it didnít feel necessary. Maybe more emphasis should have been put on the opposition team rather than Teddy, because the stuff about Teddy is what weíve already heard before. Long coming out gives purpose to the promo with a few matches announced over the next few weeks to look forward to, but some involvement from Teddyís team would have been nice too. They donít look like theyíve stood up for themselves here after being run down. I know Teddyís job is the focus of the match, but a guy like Edge hiding behind what Teddy has to say doesnít seem right. Still, what you had there was written pretty well, and youíve obviously gotten to the point needed where you set up these other matches.

The Hardy feud has been quite good, especially Mattís ascension up the card, which has seemed feasible. Right now it seems to be suffering a bit though, not getting the top billing on the card that I think it should considering itís a title match. This obviously is setting up for something later in the show, so Iíll leave it at that. I do like Helmsí involvement too based on his past friendship with both Hardys.

Iíve never really thought of Dolph as a cruiserweight, so it feels a bit strange for me to see him in that division. I guess itís something to get used to. Thereís nothing wrong with doing it on your part. Just quickly, flicking through, I found the Knox/Kelly storyline being rehashed as uncomfortable as it originally was. For a lower card throwaway feud, holding a woman against her will is a bit extreme. Anyway, Dolph defending the title frequently is only going to build the prestige of the belt, and the finish leaves things open for a future rematch. This damages neither man, while the title is well featured.

I guess this means the only talking Lashley will do is in a sit down interview. Thatís probably a good thing, as while he could have opened the show, a sit down interview hides that heís not the least bit intimidating, or even tough, when he talks. I always find it odd when main events are set up so late in a show, but I guess itís a WWE practice, and one Iím sure Iíve fallen into myself many times. Thereís no way Lashley/Cena will be happening properly next week, but youíre making a big deal of it, which I like. Cena is at his best when heís intense like this as well.

Kenny Kingís a solid partner for Shelton Benjamin, giving you another strong tag team to add to the division after the recent arrivals of Hart-Smith and Kidd. A small promo here is a good way to show some more of his personality and keep the thing with Brie going.

A solid win for Jeff keeps him rolling, while Morrison gets to hang with the number one contender for a while. Obviously the big deal is in the aftermath, with Matt attacking Helms and playing up that Jeff is seen as the perennial good guy in the family. As a segment, I actually really like this. I think it ties in with what this feud is ultimately all about really well. Matt is demented and will do whatever it takes to beat his brother (or anyone for that matter, as he showed with Cena), while Jeff is the good guy who is looking to pretend his friend and girlfriend. I donít like the spot it got in the show though. As I said before, this feud is over the title, yet itís kind of lost in the middle of the show. Itís been a long feud, but it simply doesnít feel like the biggest feud on the show right now when it probably is. It should also be seen as a huge match because itís for the title, but again, it doesnít seem the biggest right now. Itís a shame, because the booking of both Matt and this segment in general is all really good. Unfortunately, in the spot itís given, it just doesnít give the impression that itís the top feud on the show.

I really, really liked the Lashley promo, and thought it was really well written. A few things jumped out about it. Lashley isnít intimating when he talks, and you didnít try to make him. The segment felt very natural. What I really liked is that, while Lashley is obviously a heel now, you didnít have him turn on the fans or anything, because thatís not who his problem is with. His problem is with John Cena so you had him turn on John Cena. Itís quite simple, but often when people turn a guy heel, they instantly turn on all faces and all of the fans. You also tied it in really well with the issue that youíve been running on SmackDown with Teddy Long and his favouritism, giving Lashley good reason to think about the turn. There were other good reasons too, with Lashley citing Matt Hardy and that the fans and even JR thought he was title material. Really, as a whole, I thought you did this excellently. Everything was explained logically, it all made perfect sense, it felt like it had been built to right and it was written right. Iíll stop gushing now.

Bryan and Kaval getting the win is a good move, strengthening them after they havenít really done a lot on the brand yet, despite looking capable as a team. They probably need more of the build. The aftermath didnít seem entirely necessary in the greater context of the show though. While it keeps Jerichoís team even, my problem with is it that if there are heaps of backstage attacks, they look less important in general. The Matt attack on Helms and Jeff seemed really big, but itís kind of diminished if thereís also a backstage attack after the next match. Maybe use them more sparingly, else theyíre just common place and donít really matter.

The Kane promo was written well again. Youíve got the character down, and I guess youíve done a good job of building to this going somewhere. Hopefully the pay-off is now worth it whenever ďHeĒ (whoever that may be) arrives.

This is another sneak attack type thing, but I guess itís a little different because itís in the ring. It also does a job setting up your number one contender match. I think youíve done a pretty good job building the tag division back up on SmackDown, even making good use of a pretty average team in Dreamer and Richards.

This is where the interference in the last match causes a problem, because, again, Lashleyís interference feels like less of a big deal. If run ins happen all of the time then theyíre not that special, and itís not that big of a deal that Lashley interfered. In isolated it furthers the Lashley/Cena story though, while Kane continues to look like the beast that youíve built him as since WrestleMania.

Iíve seen you say in this thread that you think you may overbook a bit, and I would probably agree with that. There are heaps of sneak attacks, and a lot of them donít seem to lead to anything other than the feud continuing, even when theyíre attacks that would do some serious damage. That problem aside, I think youíre doing a good job. Some of the writing and the booking is stuff that makes me think this could be a top thread. Itís just about making sure everything is done for a reason, and that itís done for the maximum effect. Once you settle that down a bit, I have no reason to think this canít be one of the best threads of the section. Itíll take some time, but youíve certainly got me interested. Iíll be back in here for sure.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

Thanks for the feedback

Just want to say, that I agree with pretty much everything you said. This Raw, the next SmackDown and the Raw after this were already written before I read what you had to say. I've taken everything on board though, but you might not see a difference until a couple of shows from now. I feel this show reigns in the overbooking problem, however there is one segment on SmackDown, you'll probably know exactly which one when it's posted that I think will be seen as overbooking.

Good to see you back.

And, Terry, I know I've stretched the bounds of realism in this thread, but I don't think Lesnar will be returning any time soon.


Monday Night Raw - 3rd August 2009

We donít get an opening video, or a recap from last week, instead itís right into the arena, where no pyro shoots off from the stage and no commentators welcome us to the show. Instead...


The crowd ERUPT with a chorus of cheers that greet the screaming music of the former Money in the Bank holder, as now the number one contender to the WWE Championship, CM Punk strides out onto the stage! Heís doesnít have the briefcase with him, soaking in the extremely positive reaction from the crowd, before heading down the ramp and jogging up the silver steps. He swings one leg into the ring and follows through, and is handed a microphone from some dude at ringside and walks to the centre of the ring.

CM Punk:
I suppose-

~ Heís cut off by the crowd, who explode into a loud ďC-M PUNKĒ chant which makes the smile on his face just that bit wider.

CM Punk:
Some of you may be wonderiní why-


Punkís grin immediately evaporates from his face, as his head snaps to face the ramp as the current WWE Champion slowly walks onto the ramp. He pauses at the top and looks around the ring, listening to the loud boos heís getting. Randy Orton walks down the ramp, and doesnít take his eyes off his opponent at SummerSlam as he climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone. He stands across from Punk, shaking his head.

Randy Orton:
I know exactly why you did not cash in on me last week. I know why youíve waited until SummerSlam. You saw you were outnumbered, four to one, but that wonít be the case at SummerSlam, it will be one on one. But the result will be the same... you will not become WWE Champion.

~ Punk glances sideways at the crowd, who immediately boo the words from the cocky WWE Champion who keeps his stare on his challenger.

Randy Orton:
You should have took my advice, you should have took the Money in the Bank briefcase and jumped over to SmackDown. Because, there is no chance... no chance in hell that youíll defeat me for this.

~ Orton slides the belt off his shoulder and raises it high into the air, Punk follows it with his eyes. He returns it to his shoulder.

Randy Orton:
At SummerSlam, Punk, I end this notion you have of being WWE Champion. Just like I did, when you were World Heavyweight Champion, I ended that as well. I punted you in the skull... and ripped that title from you.

~ Punk clenches his teeth together, getting more pissed off as the words go by.

Randy Orton:
Just because you cashed in for a main event match at SummerSlam... it does not mean... you deserve it.

~ Punk studies the face of the champion, before looking at the crowd and then looking back into the eyes of The Viper.

Randy Orton:
Everybody that cashes in that briefcase, and becomes champion is nothing... nothing but a fluke champion. You donít look, or act like a champion... and more importantly... CM Punk, you are not a champion.

~ The crowd respond with a loud batch of heat, and Punkís eyes fall to the ground, shaking his head, almost at breaking point.

Randy Orton:
You will never be WWE Champion, just like you should never have been World Heavyweight Champion... you were a fluke champion and nothing you do... will ever change that.

~ Punk raises his head and walks towards the ropes, staring out into the crowd, pushing his tongue against the bottom of his lip, almost like heís holding something back. But then, he turns and brings the microphone to his mouth...

CM Punk:
Fluke? Fluke?!

~ In a click of a finger, Punkís complete attitude in this opening segment has changed.

CM Punk:
You need to understand something, Iím not like you.

~ Orton rolls his eyes, almost as if heís saying ďNo shitĒ.

CM Punk:
You wannaí talk about flukes, Orton, huh? I got one for you, (getting in Ortonís face) your entire career is a fluke.

~ Punk takes a step back, turning his back on Orton, and thinking something over, before a change in his expression occurs, almost as if he thought ďfuck itĒ and he turns to face The Viper again.

CM Punk:
I thought about sayiní this a long time ago, but decided against it, but yíknow what... I need to get this off my chest. Since day one, day one youíve been handed everything on a silver platter. From the minute you stepped foot in the WWE... you were spoon fed every success you have. And, I really do mean, everything. (getting up close) The only reason youíre in the WWE is because of your damn Father!

~ ďOhhísĒ come from the crowd as the camera catches Ortonís expression change completely to sheer anger.

CM Punk:
See, youíre the lucky one here. My Father? He was an alcoholic that couldnít tell you the time of day.

~ The crowd donít really know how to react to his personal statement, with even Orton not fully understanding why Punk is saying this.

CM Punk:
We are polar opposites, Orton. You had everything since you were a kid, while I had to work for everything I got. My Father wasnít around half the time, and I was forced to fend for myself on more than one occasion. You became what you are because of your Father... I became what I am despite my Father.

~ Punk starts pacing back and forth in front of Orton.

CM Punk:
Every penny that my parents got were spent on alcohol or drugs, so I became independent and everything I earned was put to what I loved... wrestling.

~ Loud pop, with a few people perhaps surprised at the word wrestling being used.

CM Punk:
You donít know what itís like to wrestle in front of fifteen or twenty people or sleep in your car or in motels that havenít been cleaned in years. I do... I lived it! You had everything from day one... and I had nothing! But here I am... the number one contender to the WWE Championship.

~ Punk stops pacing, fire in his eyes, staring a hole through Orton.

CM Punk:
(pointing out to the crowd)
These people, just like me, at one point in their lives have been down, but not you, you were brought up with a silver spoon in your mouth!

~ Punk stops pointing and begins pacing again.

CM Punk:
Donít get me wrong, Orton, I donít begrudge you because of your up bringiní... itís the fact that you got into this business at a click of a finger... whilst guys like me had to work for everything that we got. This isnít complaining Orton... this is me... speaking the damn truth! Something that a lot of guys in the back are thinking but are too scared to say!

~ Orton takes the title off his shoulder and seems to be getting just as pissed as Punk.

CM Punk:
When you were old enough, your Dad got you a job in WWE, just like that. (clicks his fingers) You say youíre in the WWE, you say youíre WWE Champion because itís your destiny... the success of being a champion runs through your blood right?

~ Orton attempts to say off mic ďThatís rightĒ but...

CM Punk:

~ The guys in the production managed to censor it in time for those at home, but the crowd heard it and react with a massive pop, as even Orton has to do to a double take.

CM Punk:
(gets right into the face of the WWE Champion)
Youíre only here because of the people you knew! Face it Orton, if it werenít for your Dad... for Ric Flair and Triple H... you wouldnít be holding that damn title, and you probably wouldnít be in this company!

~ Punk takes a step back, taking a breath, composing himself before launching into another rant...

CM Punk:
When you debuted in the WWE, I was wrestling in high school gyms and barns, trying to get by in life, struggling to live, struggling to live my dream. Yísee, unlike a lot of people, my dream wasnít to reach the WWE, it wasnít even that WWE Title... it was simply wrestling and putting on a show for people, and getting paid for doing it, paid so I could repay the people that stuck by me in life, people that I now consider my real family, the people that took me in and gave me a place to stay when I had no one!

~ Punk begins pacing again, the crowd hanging on every word.

CM Punk:
I wrestled anywhere I could, for anybody that would have me. And I did, I did it for so long, repaying the people that loved me, and while doing it, I trained, learning, becoming one of the best wrestlers in the world.

~ Punk stops for a moment, and the crowd take this time to chant his name loudly.

CM Punk:
(turning to the crowd)
Lemmeí tell you guys a little story.

~ Punk turns back to Orton, standing across from him.

CM Punk:
I made a lot of noise on the independent scene, and eventually the WWE had to look at me. They signed me to a contract... but they didnít want me on TV... they kept me hidden away in Ohio Valley Wrestling, where I did nothing for months and months on end. Despite... DESPITE... (shaking his head) knowing that I was better than every single guy on the main roster.

~ Punk runs his hands over his head.

CM Punk:
The only guy that saw my talent was a guy named Paul Heyman.

~ Immediately the crowd respond with a pop, before evolving into an ďE-C-WĒ chant.

CM Punk:
He was constantly on the phone to Vince McMahon... telling him ďHey, this kids got it, get him on the main rosterĒ but Vince in his infinite wisdom didnít want a kid from the independents showing up HIS guys. Paul vouched for me... not because I was a second generation Superstar, (pointing at Orton) or a third generation Superstar... no... he saw the WRESTLING talent I had!

~ Loud pop.

CM Punk:
After years of hard work, blood, sweat and more than a few tears from everyone, including me... I finally got a shot. Someone, somewhere, listened to what Heyman was saying, and I debuted on the revived ECW. After I debuted, I was on a team with The Hardy Boys and the legendary D-Generation X.

~ Big pop for the mention of DX.

CM Punk:
And they werenít chanting for Jeff or Matt Hardy, or Triple H, not even The Heartbreak Kid... they were chanting my name... they were chanting CM Punk.

~ As if on cue, Punkís name is being chanted by every single person in the arena.

CM Punk:
But, they did nothing with me. Every time I would get some momentum, I would be shut down; they would say I wasnít ready... BUT IíVE BEEN READY MY ENTIRE LIFE! (taking a moment to compose himself) But that wasnít the reason; the real reason is they didnít want their guys to be overshadowed by a guy like me. Someone who looks like me, acts like me, they didnít want some Punk kid, that they didnít create showing their guys up.

~ Punk pauses.

CM Punk:
Ever since I was a kid, I learned to push through whatever was put in front of me, and I did just that... I became World Heavyweight Champion.

~ Quite a big pop.

CM Punk:
But, the day I won, I was backstage, holding that title and looking down at it, when Triple H and John Cena came up to me, and had the nerve, THE GOD DAMN NERVE to say it was about time and that they almost lost faith.

~ The crowd donít know how to react to that, but Orton finally has something to say, heís sick of listening and brings up his microphone... but itís slapped away by Punk! The crowd ďohhísĒ and Punk and Orton go face to face, and Punk brings his microphone up to his mouth.

CM Punk:
But you... you and your group of thugs attacked me... and you punted me in the head.

~ Loud boos as Punk and Orton continue to eye each other.

CM Punk:
I was stripped of the title... I was stripped of everything I worked for... by a guy that WORKED FOR NOTHING IN HIS LIFE!! (taking a pause) But I climbed my way back to the top... and here I am, Orton.

~ Pop. Orton clenches his mouth together, the vein popping on his forehead.

CM Punk:
Iíve been given road block after road block... and I smashed through Ďem all. And the only road block... standing between me and that WWE Title (through gritted teeth) is you.

~ Punk and Orton go forehead to forehead, with Punk holding the microphone to his mouth from the side.

CM Punk:
My name is CM Punk... and Randy Orton... mark my words... I will beat you at SummerSlam; I leave as WWE Champion and as the best damn wrestler in the world.

A huge roar of approval rises from the crowd as Punk drops his microphone, and the crowd watch as the WWE Champion and his challenger exchange words, we canít hear them but itís nothing nice.


Punkís music kicks in, drawing another pop, but neither man move, and then the crowd begin chanting Punkís name again, and after a few moments, the WWE Champion raises his belt above his head, muttering something, and we can then hear Punk say ďNot for longĒ as we fade away to the first commercials of the evening.


Back from the ad break, we cut right into a replay of the strong words that transpired between CM Punk and Randy Orton, before cutting to the announce booth where Michael Cole and Mick Foley discuss what happened, before setting us up for the rest of the show.


Itís time for the first match of the night, as Nigel McGuiness, one half of The Monarchyís tag team, and who will challenge MVP and Mr. Kennedy at SummerSlam, makes his way onto the stage, joined by his tag team partner, Drew McIntyre. The duo get some solid heat from the crowd, they ignore it and walk down the ramp, McGuiness climbs into the ring whilst McIntyre waits by the apron.

***SEXY BOY***

A MASSIVE pop erupts from the crowd in tonight, right here in Shawn Michaelsí home town of San Antonio, Texas! The Showstopper makes his way onto the ramp, soaking in the great reception heís getting, and makes his way down, pausing and kneeling down, saying a few words then raising his hands up, giving us a great view of the pyro going off in the background. He gets up, and climbs into the ring, and prepares for this opening bout.

Nigel McGuiness vs. Shawn Michaels

This was a short, solid match which opened up the wrestling portion of the show with Michaels and McGuiness going back and forth for the majority of the match. The match did slow down at one point when McIntyre got involved on the apron, which caused the distraction which allowed Nigel to take control with a big boot to the back. McGuiness controlled the contest from then, up to the end, when Michaels attempted to make a comeback, and as he was setting up for Sweet Chin Music, McIntyre climbed onto the apron again, but was pulled off by... Mr. Kennedy! Drew screamed at Kennedy, but Ken cockily told him to turn around and he walked right into a clothesline from MVP. In the ring, Michaels was waiting for McGuiness to get up, and once he did, he smashed him with Sweet Chin Music.


The crowd rise to their feet and applaud, as Shawn Michaels rolls off his opponent, MVP and Mr. Kennedy exiting through the crowd. McIntyre rolls onto his stomach and slams the ground in frustration, his tag team partner rolls out the ring and is helped up by Drew. Shawn is about to leave the ring when...

Well, well, well.

~ Michaels stops in his tracks as we see The Miz, and Tyson Tomko on the titan tron. They appear to be outside and in front of a large house, surrounded by green scenery.

The Miz:
(leaning towards the camera)
I thought, me and you, were over, Shawn. I truly thought that you would have learned your lesson... and yet, you pull a stunt like you did last week. I destroyed you at Vengeance, and yet, your stubbornness compels you to get some revenge, right?

~ In the ring, Michaels leans on the top rope.

The Miz:
I was fine with goiní our separate ways... until last week. Last week, you attacked Tyson Tomko here (Tomko folds his arms) and put him through a table. You continued somethiní that you should have left alone, but here we are...

~ The Miz opens his arms out wide.

The Miz:
Shawn, I targeted you because you were one of the guys... that said I would never make it in this business. (laughs) How wrong you were. My aim was to prove myself, and I did that. But, now that I have proved myself, I want more, I crave more... Raw isnít big enough for the both of us Shawn Ė I want to remove you from Raw for good.

~ A sick grin appears on The Mizí face.

The Miz:
But... but before I do that. I thought we should take a trip down memory lane... and have a look at your storied career.

~ The camera pans out and we see the house better now, and in the ring Shawnís fears have been confirmed as it appears to be his house.

The Miz:
Which is why I am here... San Antonio, Texas, your home... and I suppose luckily for you, nobody appears to be home.

~ The Miz turns to face the house, his back to the camera.

The Miz:
But, how do we get in, Tomko?

~ Tomko walks right up to the front door... and kicks it down! In the ring, Shawn shakes his head, muttering something under his breath.

The Miz:
Huh... no alarm. Really, Shawn? Really?

~ The camera follows The Miz and Tomko as they step over the broken down door, switching on a light and revealing a huge hallway.

The Miz:
Wow... this is nice, isnít it? (turning to the camera) You can tell you had a hell of a career, Shawn. Letís take a look around, shall we?

~ We cut back to the ring where Michaels is furious, mouthing something, and then we hear The Mizí voice.

The Miz:
What do we have here?

~ Back on the tron, weíve entered a room with a big desk and a laptop on it, pictures of HBK on the walls, moments such as his title win when he defeated Bret Hart in an Iron Man match. Then, a trophy cabinet which has replicas of all the title belts heís won over the years.

The Miz:
Damn, Shawn, I knew you had an ego... but a whole shrine to yourself (turning to the camera). Really?

~ The Miz spots something on the desk.

The Miz:
Check this out, Tomko. Itís his autobiography (picking it up). So Shawn, how many lies did you tell you make this sell, huh? I bet you didnít even write it did you? I hope your ghost writer got paid well.

~ He places it back on the table, as we get a shot of an increasingly angry, Shawn Michaels.

The Miz:
Aww, check this out, D-Generation X. (Miz lifts up a picture of Shawn and Triple H) Ugh, I feel sick, Tomko. Here, deal with that.

~ Tomko grins at the camera and then drops it to the ground, before stepping on it and smashing the picture frame.

The Miz:
Moving on, I guess. I remember this... (looking at a big framed picture of Michaels holding the WWE Title at WrestleMania) this is when the (mocking) boyhood dream true.

~ Tomko steps up beside Miz, and after he gets a nod, pulls it down from the wall and snaps it in two! In the ring, Michaels looks extremely pissed.

The Miz:
And this... (looking at a trophy cabinet filled with belts) must be the WWE Title that you won that night.

~ Another nod from The Miz... and Tomko kicks the glass in! The Miz reaches in and pulls out the Winged Eagle belt.

The Miz:
I bet it felt good to hold this belt, huh, Shawn? Itís a shame youíve not held a title in such a long time... whereas I have been World Tag Team Champion, no less than a few months ago. Thatís just another case... of the fact that The Miz... is replacing The Heartbreak Kid.

~ A grin from The Miz.

The Miz:
(dropping the title)
I donít care about your silly WrestleMania moment.

~ Tomko nods next to Miz as Miz takes another look around, and then spots something out the corner of his eye.

The Miz:

~ The Miz bends down and looks into a drawer which was open a little, and opens it fully, pulling out a jet black book.

The Miz:
A bible, huh? Gottaí give you credit Shawn, I thought this whole religious crap was for show. Hmm, oh well.

~ As Miz was talking, Tomko opened up a window so The Miz grabs the bible and hurls it out of the window. A pissed off HBK watching on.

The Miz:
Yíknow, what, Tomko... I think Iíve had enough. (facing the camera) Shawn, I want you to pay attention to what I am about to say, I know that youíll be angry right now, and I donít blame you, but listen to me. You are lookiní at the man who will erase you from Monday Night Raw, erase all the wonderful moments you had, erase everything about you.

~ Miz becomes deadly serious now.

The Miz:
Shawn, I will end your Raw career, and take my rightful place at the top of this brand. And, Shawn, I know you are angry, and rightfully so, but the thing is, Iím not worried about what youíll do, because I know whatever you do, I can do ten times worse.

~ In the arena, Michaels shouts ďyou think so?Ē

The Miz:
Shawn, whenever we next face off, whenever we next meet, it wonít be you that comes out on top, itíll be me. I am going to erase the memory of Shawn Michaels, and once I get my hands on you... not even God can help you.

~ Miz walks past the camera, Tomko follows as the cameraman stays put, and zooms in on the fallen belt which is laying next to the broken picture of Michaels at his proudest.

In the arena, Michaels is still in the ring, thinking over what The Miz just did and said, before exiting the ring with a vengeful look in his eye, and he walks up the ramp with a purpose before disappearing backstage.


Backstage, Mickie James is walking down a hallway, dressed to compete, sucking on a lollipop as she goes. A huge smile appears on her face though and she walks off to the side and we see Trish Stratus talking to a backstage worker. She hasnít noticed Mickie, behind her.

Mickie James:
(tapping Trishís shoulder)
Trish, hey!

~ Trish turns around and is a little shocked to see her old rival, but an air of respect lingers between the two.

Trish Stratus:
Oh, Mickie, hi.

~ Mickie pauses for a moment, then goes in for hug, trapping Trish in her clutches.

Mickie James:
(still in the hug)
I just wanted to let you know, how great it is to see you.

~ Mickie finally lets go and smiles at Trish.

Trish Stratus:
Yeah, uh, the feelingís mutual. But uh, I gotta-

Mickie James:
Before you go, Ďcause I know youíre busy aní all, but I just wanted to wish you luck at SummerSlam... with Maryse.

~ Trish smiles and nods, thanking her but sheís not finished.

Mickie James:
Just, uh, a word of advice. Iíve been in the ring with her, and sheís tougher than you think... so donít underestimate her, or youíll pay for it... I know I did.

~ An awkward pause occurs between the two before finally Trish breaks the silence.

Trish Stratus:
Donít worry, I know all about Maryse-

~ Mickie grabs Trish by the arm, a little too hard for her liking.

Mickie James:
Iím serious, Trish. If you lose to Maryse, what does that say to your career, you will have came back for one last match and if you lose...

~ Trish manages to get her arm out of Mickieís death grip.

Trish Stratus:
Like I said, donít worry, Iíve got this. Okay?

Not allowing Mickie to respond her, Trish walks past her, tapping her shoulder as she goes, leaving Mickie to look at her with a strange expression...

In the arena...


A solid reaction comes as the first man out for this number one contenders match makes his way onto the stage. Sheamus walks to each side of the stage, and pounds his chest, roaring out to the crowd who respond with cheers, with a select few booing him after what he failed to do last week. He ignores them though, walking down the ramp and climbing into the ring, he walks around it, surveying the arena before retreating into a corner.


The ever popular TJ Perkins bounds onto the stage, looking fired up for this match as he bounces on the spot, looking down at his opponent. He strides down the ramp, slapping a couple of fans hands before stepping onto the apron and hopping over the ropes. He climbs up the turnbuckle and takes his sleeveless jacket off, dropping down and looking into the eyes of his opponent.

Sheamus vs. TJ Perkins

The match kicked off with a handshake from both men, but then Perkins would bamboozle Sheamus with his speed, keeping the bigger man off his game. The fast pace got the crowd right into it, cheering the smaller man, but Sheamus showed why The Monarchy wanted him a few weeks ago by successfully slowing Perkins down with a huge clothesline.

Sheamus took control of the match from here, slowing the match right down and keeping Perkins on the match. Despite being a face, he would get some jeers as he slowed down a fast pace that the crowd were enjoying. Just keeping Perkins on the mat was never going to be enough, so he brought him to his feet and went through his arsenal of high impact moves, getting a few near falls.

Sheamus was getting more and more frustrated, and the fans werenít helping as they were obviously on the side of TJ. This frustration was Sheamusí down fall as Perkins fought back into the match, using the frustration to his advantage, bringing back the fast pace we saw at the beginning. The ending was pretty soon after though, as Perkins hit a jumping round house kick and then went to the top rope, before hitting the 450 Splash for the pin fall!


The referee calls for the bell, ending the contest as Perkins rolls off his opponent, and struggling to his knees. He puts his hands to his head, realizing heís got another opportunity to realize his dream. But, he doesnít get a chance to celebrate as a voice comes from the titan tron.

At the request of the Intercontinental Champion,

We cut to the moment in question, where Renee Young is standing beside William Regal, looking less than pleased.

Renee Young:
William Regal has requested this interview slot to discuss his new number one contender.

~ Renee positions the microphone under Regalís mouth.

William Regal:
So, it appears TJ Perkins will get another opportunity to challenge me for my Intercontinental Title. (turning to Renee) And, I bet that makes you very happy, doesnít it? You would love nothing for more, for young TJ to take my Intercontinental Championship, wouldnít you?

~ Young doesnít respond, instead she ignores him.

William Regal:
(turning to the camera)
But the fact remains, lad, you cannot... and will not defeat me.

~ In the ring, Perkins shakes his head as Sheamus is rolled out the ring by the referee.

William Regal:
You may have won tonight, but you will not win at SummerSlam.

~ Another shake of the head from TJ.

William Regal:
I hope you listen to what I am about to say, because I wonít repeat myself. Your dream of being a champion in the WWE, is just that... a dream, sunshine.

~ Loud heat.

William Regal:
You are not fit to compete with me. Well, actually, you are not fit to be in the same arena as me, never mind the ring.

~ More heat from the crowd in attendance.

William Regal:
I am the greatest Intercontinental Champion in history, and it will not be someone like you, that ends my historic title reign.

~ A sly grin appears on the face of the I.C Champion, and we cut to the ring where the crowd boo loudly, which alerts TJ to the man coming in the ring, itís Wade Barrett, who swings at Perkins with the Bull Hammer Elbow... but Perkins ducks and hits Barrett with a Pele Kick!

Regalís still on the screen as he sees Perkins lash a Roundhouse Kick off the temple of Barrett. He then climbs to the top rope, points at the tron and launches into the air... hitting a 450 Splash! He gets up, holding his stomach, but heís sent his message to the Intercontinental Champion who looks irate on the screen as we fade to a video.


Sweeping shot of the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii...

The biggest event of the summer...

Various shots of previous SummerSlam events in different arenas...

Home to some of the biggest moments...

Shots of Bret Hart versus Curt Hennig and The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar...

The biggest Superstars called their playground...

Quick clip of Hulk Hogan staring at Shawn Michaels...

Is getting even bigger...

A shot of the inside of the Aloha Stadium at night...

Bigger matches...

Shot of Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy staring at each other from across the ring...

Bigger moments...

Sweeping shot of a huge stadium, filled with WWE fans...

Bigger Superstars...

Side to side shots of John Cena and Randy Orton...

The biggest SummerSlam in history...

Another shot of the Aloha Stadium...

Is here...



For the first time ever, Raw and SmackDown present a FOUR hour extravaganza... SummerSlam!



Backstage, we appear to be in a very snazzy office room, and sitting on a black couch is the former Womenís Champion, Beth Phoenix. The crowd respond with a solid amount of heat, but then they change their tune as Jerry Lawler enters the room, having to do a double take, not expecting Beth, who immediately stands up.

Beth Phoenix:
Let me ask you a question, Jerry.

~ Lawler nods.

Beth Phoenix:
Last week, you told me that I would continue to be featured on this show. You said if I kept up what Iíve been doiní then Iíd be the next women to get a shot at the title after SummerSlam.

~ Another nod from Jerry.

Beth Phoenix:
How do you expect me to do that, when Iím not even in a match on Raw.

~ Lawler shrugs.

Jerry Lawler:
I know, Iím sorry about that, but there was simply no room. I canít book you in a match when the card is full.

~ Beth shakes her head.

Beth Phoenix:
Not good enough, Jerry. Maryse gets her spotlight by taking on Trish Stratus, when it really should be me facing her, I am the best Diva on this brand, and the fact that Iíve been left off the card tonight is a travesty.

~ Lawler sighs.

Jerry Lawler:
Tell you what, youíll get your match, on Thursday. Youíll go one on one with Gail Kim on Superstars, how does that sound?

Beth Phoenix:

Jerry Lawler:
Take it or leave it.

Beth Phoenix:
Fine... but Iím not happy about it. And, hey, if I don't start getting the respect I deserve around here, then both Maryse and Trish might not make it to SummerSlam.

Phoenix glares at Lawler for a second longer, before turning and leaving the Raw General Managerís office.

In the ring, standing in a corner is the three man team of The Colons and Goldust!

***NEW DAY***

A round of heat comes from the crowd as the trio of Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase walk through the curtain. They each have the same Legacy t-shirt on, except Del Rio has a nice black scarf around his neck. The threesome make their way down to the ring and slide in, before talking some strategy.

The Legacy; Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. Goldust & The Colons; Carlito & Primo

This was a simple match, which showed off the collective strength of Randy Ortonís Legacy members as they dismantled the other team. It was pretty straight forward for the most part, with the most exciting part happening when we got a face off by Rhodes and Goldust, which ended with Rhodes taking control.

Del Rio would get some good time in this match to show what he could do, and he did just that when the ending came and he and Carlito were the only men in the ring, as DiBiase and Rhodes just took out Primo and Goldust. Del Rio would end up locking in a Cross Armbreaker, picking up the submission victory.


Itís over, but Del Rio hasnít released the Arm Breaker, instead he continues to wrench it until the ref has to pull his grip apart. He gets up and screams at the referee, before kicking Carlito out of the ring whoís checked on by Primo at ring side and Rhodes and DiBiase slowly climb back into the ring but then...


A HUGE pop erupts from the fans as The Animal, Batista walks onto the stage, dressed in a black shirt and jeans. He stands on the stage, looking down at the man who cost him the WWE Championship at Vengeance. Despite getting a shot next week, where neither of the three interfered, Batista hasnít forgotten what Del Rio did.

Del Rio has the numbers advantage though, and welcomes Batista down to the ring. Batista makes his way down the ramp, not taking his eyes off Del Rio. As he reaches the half way point, he begins jogging, the crowd responding with loud cheers as The Animal slides into the ring! He ducks an incoming Cody Rhodes, and goes right for Del Rio, taking him down to the mat and pounding his skull

DiBiase attempts to pull Batista off, but The Animal breaks his arms away and pushes him into the corner, before whipping him over to the other side. Batista then spots Rhodes coming at him, and smashes him with a powerful shoulder block... before continuing running and clothesline DiBiase in the corner!

The crowd are on fire as Batista turns his attention back to Del Rio, whoís just getting back to his feet. Del Rio turns around... right into a Spinebuster!! The fans respond with a massive pop, but then it gets even louder as Batista puts a thumbs up, and then a thumbs down, yanking Del Rio to his feet and picking him up for a Batista Bomb... but Rhodes hits a chop block to the knee thatís been targeted for the past two weeks!!

Batista crumbles, Del Rio dropping on top of The Animal. Heís still smarting from the spinebuster so leaves Rhodes to pick Batista up, and hit him with Cross Rhodes! Batista is down and out, but that doesnít stop Legacy, this time itís DiBiaseís turn, as he and Rhodes pull Batista to his feet, and then Ted connects with Dream Street!

The fans boo the hell out of the two of them. Del Rio gets to his feet, and sees that Batista is in a very good spot for him, he walks over, still holding his back, looking at DiBiase and Rhodes, nodding, before locking in the Cross Arm Breaker!! Batista tries to squirm out of it, but Del Rio has it locked in tight, no one is getting out of that, and the fans boo the hell out of Del Rio. After a few more moments of this torture, Del Rio finally lets go, standing up. He stands in the middle of his Legacy stable mates and smirks at Batista, as Rhodes and DiBiase survey the arena.


After the commercials, we return and weíre backstage in the interview area where Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness are standing, alongside Renee Young.

Renee Young:
Iím standing here, alongside the former World Tag Team Champions, and what I wanted to know guys, do you believe you can regain those titles.

~ McIntyre and McGuiness look at each other for a split second, shaking their head.

Drew McIntyre:
Listen lass, we donít just think that weíll regain our World Tag Team Championships... we know that we will.

Nigel McGuiness:
Renee, like my friend from north of the border says, we know we will become the next World Tag Team Champions, becoming a two time championship winning tag team.

Drew McIntyre:
But, we shouldnít be a two time winning tag team, oh no. We should be the World Tag Champions right now, the only reason we arenít... is simply because MVP and Kennedy... they got lucky.

Lucky, huh?

The camera pans out, and we see the World Tag Team Champions, MVP and Mr. Kennedy walk into the shot, with smiles on their faces.

Nigel McGuiness:
Luck. But donít worry, lads, because your luck is about to run out, and once it does, weíll be the World Tag Team Champions.

~ Kennedy and Porter look at each other.

Mr. Kennedy:
Is that so?

Yísee, we have a different view of things than you two.

Mr. Kennedy:
We think... that weíll successfully retain our titles. And then, uh, you two can go back to being William Regalís lapdogs.

~ Nigel steps forward.

Nigel McGuiness:
We ainít anyoneís lapdogs.

Well, yaí could of fooled us.

Mr. Kennedy:
From where we stand, Regal says jump and you say how high.

Drew McIntyre:
Listen here-

But, we came here to tell you guys something, and not to give you an epiphany on your relationship with William Regal. It was to simply tell you, that at SummerSlam, you wonít be leaving as World Tag Team Champions.

Mr. Kennedy:
Ya see, we know how to beat you. While you two, you two uh, have never beaten us. So, I think... I think we have some form of advantage, wouldnít ya think?

~ McIntyre and McGuiness glance at each other, fuming.

But, hey, as Tag Team Champions, weíve got places to be and people to see, so weíll see you at SummerSlam, and youíll realize just why we are the better team, mates.

~ MVP and Kennedy brush past the former champions but Ken takes a step back.

Mr. Kennedy:
Oh, and hey, donít dwell on what we said about Regal, Iím sure he has your best interests at heart, at uh, at all times.

~ Kennedy forcibly slaps the back of McGuiness and follows Porter out of the shot as McIntyre and McGuiness awkwardly glance at each other.

Cutting back to the ring...


A small greets the clapping beat of Mickie Jameís theme music, and after a couple of seconds, the feisty Diva skips onto the stage and then down the ramp. She slides underneath the bottom rope, and then heads to the second turnbuckle, raising her hands in the air.


The current Undisputed Womenís Champion receives a strong batch of heat as she strides onto the stage. Maryse walks with a purpose down the ramp, the Womenís Title on her shoulder and her free hand outstretched, urging the crowd to shut up. She climbs onto the apron, enters the ring and flips her hair down and then up. She hands the title to someone at ring side.


A huge pop comes from the crowd as the one and only, Trish Stratus makes her way onto the stage. She takes a moment to appreciate the reception sheís getting before making her way down the ramp and around the ring to where the commentators are sitting. She takes a seat next to Mick and awaits for the match to get started.

Maryse vs. Mickie James

A solid enough contest for a Divas match, given enough time to show off the recent change in attitude from Maryse, and the new moves she has learned whilst being Womenís Champion. Trish on the outside made her feelings known about Maryse on commentary, calling her every name under the sun and stating that she would end her reign as Womenís Champion. Michael Cole asked if she did win, would she return to the WWE for good, or would it still be a onetime thing Ė to which we got no answer. In the end, Mickie James made a brief comeback but failed to get the decisive count as Maryse locked her in the French Figure Four and made her tap out.


A solid amount of heat greets the tap out from Mickie but it appears that Maryse has no intentions of letting go. The referee has to pry her away from Mickie, and Maryse demands her title. She gets it handed to her and she rolls out of the ring and walks over to Trish at the announce table. Trish stands up and takes her headset off. Maryse stands in front of her and looks at her title, and Trish follows her gaze, and this momentary distraction allows Trish to smash her in the face with a huge slap!

The crowd ďohhĒ as Maryse quickly turns and slides into the ring, but Trish is right behind, looking to get her hands on her but the Womenís Champion quickly runs over to the other side of the ring and slides underneath the ropes. She backs up the ramp, grinning as she holds up her championship whilst Trish fumes in the ring.



The arena turns a shade of blue, red and white as The All American, Jack Swagger makes his way down to the ring. He climbs into the squared circle, and gets prepared for the upcoming contest.


A massive pop greets the music of the challenger to the WWE Championship as CM Punk walks out onto the stage. He continues his way down the ramp, and climbs into the ring, keeping his eyes on Swagger.

CM Punk vs. Jack Swagger

A good match to end the night on, as obviously these two have a lot of history with each other, and whilst it wasnít as good or big as a few of their previous matches, it was a very solid match to end Raw. The opening would consist of counter after counter, showing off the fact they know each other very well.

But, that stopped quickly as Swagger poked Punk in the eye, grabbed him and hit him with a belly-to-belly suplex. The All American would work over Punk for a few minutes, then he would take him to the outside and attempt to throw him into the steel steps, but Punk countered and sent Swagger into them, instead. Punk rolled Swagger into the ring, and ran through his move set. He got Swagger on the ground, and hit a diving elbow from the top rope.

However, when he got up, the crowd were booing as the WWE Champion, Randy Orton slides into the ring and goes for a clothesline, but Punk ducked and turned Orton around, pulling him onto his shoulders for a GTS, but Orton wriggled out onto his feet. Punk then quickly went for a kick to the head which Orton ducked and bailed from the ring, failing to what he set out to do.

But, in all the commotion, everyone forgot about Swagger, who came up behind Punk and rolled him up, but only got a very close near fall. The two got to their feet at the same time with Punk ducking a wild swing and then hoisting Swagger onto his shoulders and hitting him with the GTS!


A huge pop greets the end to the match, as CM Punk gets up and looks straight at the WWE Champion. Orton stares back, and looks extremely pissed at Punk, who nearly got Orton with the GTS!

The commentators thank us for watching tonight, and sign off, with Punk motioning around his stomach and Orton holding his WWE Title up in the air.

End of Show

WWE SummerSlam
*4 Hours*

Date: 30th August 2009
Location: Aloha Stadium; Hawaii

WWE Championship
Randy Orton © vs. CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship
Matt Hardy © vs. Jeff Hardy

Four on Four; Teddy Longís Job in Peril
Team Teddy; Edge, Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan & Kaval w/AJ Lee & Theodore Long vs. Team Jericho; Chris Jericho, R-Truth, The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

Intercontinental Championship
William Regal © vs. TJ Perkins

World Tag Team Championship
Mr. Kennedy & MVP © vs. The Monarchy; Drew McIntyre & Nigel McGuiness

Undisputed Womenís Championship
Maryse © vs. Trish Stratus
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

RAW Review

I love that Orton/Punk segment because everything Punk said was true, everything Punk said about Orton was true, Orton has had everything handed to him on a silver platter from being a 3rd generation superstar essentially growing up in this business to essentially being a member of Evolution while Punk he is a "Paul Heyman Guy" and Punk bringing up his past, his alcoholic father but also with that work ethic essentially becoming the Best in the World, it is a proven fact, and I can actually see Punk winning the WWE Championship at SummerSlam...Punk is The Best in the World, best all around performer, best on the mic, best on commentary no one can touch Punk, but essentially this WWE Championship match has become too personal and I like it

Shawn Michaels beating Nigel McGuiness, I love it only for the simple reason that it elevates Michaels in terms of momentum but at the same time Michaels needed the win more than McGuiness but I also love the World Tag Team Champions Kennedy and MVP getting involved just when McIntyre tried to get involved but what happened after the match, Miz and Tomko at Shawn's house, now that segment I definitely did not expect that but what The Miz did to Shawn Michaels' house you have to admit this feud, this rivalry has just become more personal because Miz made it personal but I think Miz was playing mind games nothing more and he is trying to take Shawn off of his game and it's working

That whole Trish/Mickie James segment, you know the history between these 2 men because of WrestleMania 22, I love the nostaglia feel here, definitely did not expect that but I loved it and Mickie trying to give Trish advice about Maryse definitely was not necessary because Trish can handle herself, she's the greatest women's wrestler of all time

TJ Perkins becoming the new #1 Contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship beating Sheamus but now he gets to face Regal with the title on the line at SummerSlam, can TJ finally get it done? Can TJ win the big one or will he just come up short yet again? TJ reminds me of an underdog but also a perennial underachiever because when he gets close to grabbing that brass ring it always slips away and it will continue to slip away because Regal has been getting better and better ever since becoming WWE Intercontinental Champion and I just don't see him losing the title especially not to that pipsqueak

Beth Phoenix if anything she is being shafted around here and it is about time that she does something about it, what Beth should do is attack both Trish and Mickie making sure that the both of them don't make it to SummerSlam or Beth should attack both of them so brutally that Jerry Lawler the RAW GM will have no choice but to add her into the match making it a Triple-Threat Match at SummerSlam, and there is still time, Beth could make her case for it

Legacy (Rhodes, DiBiase, and Del Rio) beating another multi-generational team Rhodes' own brother Goldust and The Colons in 6-man tag team action, I love it, because it really puts over Legacy as a stable but also Legacy just needed the win more because if they had lost it would have made them seem weak especially since Del Rio has just joined them but at the same time Legacy taking care of Batista after the match was great too because it puts them over even more as a stable because it makes Legacy seem like a big deal similar to how Evolution was back in 2003-05 but I see Del Rio vs. Batista happening and it will end up happening at SummerSlam, I just know it

Maryse beating Mickie James, definitely the right call, because Maryse needs all the momentum in the world right now considering she is facing perhaps the greatest diva of all time and especially on such a great stage like SummerSlam, Maryse just needed the win more than Mickie did because let's face it Mickie James what has she done lately? Nothing because she has nothing going for her and the best thing she can do is turn heel at this point but with Maryse defending her title at SummerSlam, she will retain against Trish I just know it

CM Punk beating Swagger in the main event, definitely was the right call but at the same time Orton trying to get involved only it backfires and Punk getting the victory in the end was the right call, because Orton is not the best in the world, Punk is and at SummerSlam he's going to prove it!!!!!! BEST IN THE WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD here is hoping Punk becomes more like his anti-hero self and goes from being straight-edge to turn into The Best in the World
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

The Punk promo that opened the show was very well-written despite it being something weíve heard from Punk already in real life, but thatís alright. Having Orton there was kind of awkward though, not sure how it couldíve been done though. Punk had a lot to say while Orton was just there listening to him, so it seemed kind of awkward to me. But that spot where Punk swatted Ortonís mic away was a good spot. I kind of got what you were going with in the opening segment now so having Punk babble on while Orton listened made more sense. To make it even more dramatic, I think it wouldíve been cool if Punk said his piece and just walked out of the ring to make his point, leaving Orton speechless. But I guess the exchange of words there at the end was good too. It kind of seemed like a way to end a show though, not a way to start the show. But no complaints.

Really liking the Miz/HBK feud as it just got a lot more personal. Not sure I really like having Tomko paired with Miz. I think you couldíve used someone else, someone new. Maybe Brodus Clay? I donít know. But I like the whole home invasion segment you did with Miz. It was a very good heel tactic from Miz. This feud is just about to get really good. Canít wait to see HBK get even.

Liking the interaction with Mickie and Trish here. I was kind of hoping that Mickie would maybe cheap shot Trish and build a feud with them later on but I guess itís been done. Though you did good in really making Maryse look like a threat with someone like Mickie telling Trish to watch out for her. Oh man, I wish this match with Sheamus and TJ wouldíve been written out in more detail but itís fine. Having Regal appear on the Ďtron right after TJ won was brilliant. I even like that Barrett tried to put TJ out. However, I think a different approach wouldíve been a little better. Have Barrett try to take him out but it fails which results in Barrett getting out of the ring before TJ could do some damage. Does a world of good for both TJ and Barrett. Just a suggestion but what you had go on here was good as well.

Totally forgot about Beth Phoenix still even being around. But wow, your womenís division is pretty stacked so I hope you put the ladies to good use. Youíve got some good workers and a storyline that could fit with anyone. Didnít realize that are actually a lot of generation stars in the WWE. Colons and Goldust are definitely a formidable team so I didnít really like that they lost in 4 minutes. Since Del Rio just joined the group, I do understand that you need to make Legacy look strong with Del Rio so I guess thatís why you went with this instead of a competitive match. Nonetheless, a Del Rio/Batista feud would be insane in my opinion, it has to happen.

Not really sure the confrontation with both teams shouldíve happened here since we saw them already earlier in the show. This segment couldíve been saved for the next episode of Raw but I did like what went on. Nothing really much to comment there as nothing is wrong with the segment as a whole. Slap fight? Oh man, feisty huh? Let Ďem go at it! Main event was alright as well, nothing to complain about but I think the story wouldíve come full circle if Orton got the last laugh on this night. Then again, it might destroy Punkís momentum. What the hell would I know?

Overall, I like a lot of the storylines you have going on with Miz/HBK, Punk/Orton, Regal/Perkins, and Batista/Del Rio but then the other feuds you have such as Trish/Maryse and the feud for the tag titles really need to pick up. I also noticed that you used the ďhaving your challenger at ringside during your matchĒ shtick twice with Orton and Trish being at ringside. I donít mind it but I think you could do something different with each one. I hope next week can follow the intensity of this weekís Raw. Punk exploding, Batista going after Legacy, and Miz invading HBKís home, Ďtwas a good show. Onto the next
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

I'll start off with the Punk promo. In all honesty, it was written perfectly. Granted it's stuff we've heard from Punk in real life over and over again for the past three years, but it was still written perfectly. This promo established who Punk is, where he comes from and what he represents and as Punk moves forward and you move forward to this thread, it's almost as if yourself as the booker and us as the audience should use this promo as the foundations of any progression Punk's character goes on to have. However, I understand that Punk needed this, but I feel that Randy being out there seemed kinda'... redundant? pointless? I don't know. The establishing of Punk's character, in my opinion, should have just been between Punk and the fans, and it also would have made an Punk/Randy interaction later on in the night seem that bit more crucial, if that makes sense? Nonetheless, a monumental promo, written expertly. Can't complain otherwise.

In all honesty, I'm kind of lost with this Miz/HBK feud and that's entirely down to me being lazy and not paying much attention However, it doesn't take an idiot to see how much sense it makes. The only qualms I have is that some of this maybe seemed too much. I enjoyed the likne about Miz thinking the born again Christian thing being just for show, but throwing the bible out of the window seems a little too extreme in my opinion. But whatever. I really like the pairing of Miz and Tomko, unlike Jam. The stark contrasts between Miz's last ally (Morrison) and his current ally in Tomko are unbelievable, yet they both make as much sense as each other, which credits your development of The Miz.

TJ Perkins is genuinely the best thing going in your thread, in my opinion. Just everything about him and his direction in this thread is so simple yet so refreshing. A legitimate underdog scratching and clawing his way to where he wants to be. I, once again, disagree with Jam and I think outsmarting and out-doing Barrett was the right thing to do, seeing as TJ had literaly just earned the #1 contender's spot, you made the right choice in not having him go from overcoming Sheamus to being destroyed by Barrett. However, I full expect Regal and The Empire to get the upper hand over the next few weeks.

I love the inclusion of Del Rio in to Legacy, my only worry is that he'll overshadow Rhodes and DiBiase. Fair enough you may want Del Rio to be higher on the card than those two and you may want to push him more than those two, but I feel a gradual rise would be much more suitable and do a lot more for Legacy as a collective unit than just pushing Del Rio immediately. Hence why I'm not too keen on Del Rio getting the upper hand on Batista on his second (?) week on the job. If a feud is coming between Berty and Batista, I fear that Rhodes and Dibiase will simply be forgotten about or they'll be cemented even more as henchmen, rather than members of the group.

Unfortunately, this tag title feud doesn't interest me yet. From that segment alone, you can see there isn't any substance to it or any reason to really care? It doesn't help that I'm not a fan of Kennedy and Porter, but even if I was, the point still stands. Hopefully you stir things up a bit, and I feel that this is the one match on the Summerslam card (so far) that needs a bit of oomph added to it, if that makes sense? Although, I'm sure you're well aware of this. I hope.

The main event was worked cleverly, with the inclusion of Jack Swagger, given his and Punk's history. It almost acts as if that chapter of Punk's career is finally over and the next one is just beginning, kind of similar to Bryan defeating Orton this year before moving on to Cena. I think that the inclusion of Orton in the match and Punk getting one over on him would have felt a lot bigger had we no seen Orton already tonight (like I said in my opening comments) but this still puts Punk over, which is exactly what you need to do.

All in all, Raw's side of things heading in to Summerslam are looking great. There a few concerns (the possible overpush of Del Rio, the nothingness of the tag title feud) but there isn't anything particularly offputting at the moment. A good all-round show, highlighted with a stellar CM Punk promo that every reader - and yourself - should be referring back to as this thread progresses and we see the continuation of Punk's development, which is one of the most exciting things in the thread.

Good job.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

Punk is the obvious place for this show to start considering the announcement of the WWE Title match on your last show. You’ve been hinting at this cash in for a while now, so it’s interesting to see that Punk has gone down the RVD route and made an honourable challenge, rather than an opportunistic one. Orton’s logic on the fluke part of CM Punk potentially being a champion is a little shaky considering he’s cashing it in the honourable way, but it was okay and set the base well for what Punk had to say. I suspected you would go down this route with Punk because it’s the thing to do now with how damn well it worked in reality. You adjusted it well to make it a face speech by having him target an Orton before moving on to the whole system, and the comparison of fathers to say that Punk has had to work his way to the top while Orton landed at the top because of his father was good material that worked well, transitioning strongly into what all Punk is about compared to what all Orton is about. The whole thing built nicely to Punk’s beef with Orton too, after what happened at Unforgiven ’08, and Punk making Orton look like a bitch there by slapping his microphone away illustrates his intensity. The promo finished up a very strong promo for Punk, and it sets the scene well for what he’s about and why he cashed the briefcase in the way he did. Your challenge now is to build the feud as a whole and get Orton involved in the thing. Right now it’s all about Punk, and while it was a very good promo on his part, Orton has to shine too from now. You’ve started it off well though.

A win for Shawn in his hometown is always good, plus you’ve furthered your tag issue along here. I thought he would have maybe had a better spot on the card as the big hometown babyface, but that doesn’t really matter.

I’m a bit torn on the breaking and entering. In a way, it felt kind of like the promo didn’t need it, and it was a bit unnecessary. It does take advantage of the fact that they’re in Shawn’s hometown, but I kind of feel like Miz could have put this together by making a shrine for Shawn and saying it’s to remember the career he had or something. The breaking and entering just didn’t feel entirely necessary. The Miz trying to sound menacing always comes off a bit strange too, because I’m not sure he’s that type of character, but the content in the promo was pretty good. The characterisation was pretty much on and it encapsulated what The Miz has been gunning for Shawn about well.

I don’t always like when old rivals play as if they’re good buddies, but I thought you did okay with it here because it seemed like there was still a bit of tension. The promo does a good job of not only putting over Maryse, but it raises the question well – what does happen if Trish loses? Normally it wouldn’t be on the mind of the viewer for a big comeback match, so suddenly you’ve made it enter the mind.

You’ve gone pretty hard with the TJ Perkins push, although it’s worked well with the way you’ve used your midcard and had him involved with other relative newcomers who have slotted in alongside Regal. The same goes for Sheamus, who very quickly also has seemed like a viable contender for the IC Title. The Perkins win seemed the more likely option considering he’s been after Regal for longer, but that both winning seemed a possibility is a credit to you.

The post-match promo is a bit similar to what we just saw after the last match, with the winner being targeted by his heel opponent for SummerSlam. The promo from Regal was okay, even if it not the most Regal type promo. I liked the idea of it setting up an attack from Barrett, while Perkins getting the upper hand makes him look seriously good as a challenger for Regal.

You’re doing a good job of continuing to feature Beth while she’s not involved in the title match, probably setting up Trish/Beth. I don’t like it when a show is demeaned generally, but I guess it’s accepted that Superstars is the jobber zone.

Del Rio is an interesting addition to Legacy, and one I actually don’t mind. He fits in with the model, although it’s strange thinking about him there compared to where he went for real. A match where he teams with Legacy to introduce him as one of them while also performing is a good move to start off with.

The post-match was pretty good. I’m not sure where you’re going with this, but Batista hopefully gets some teammates to take on the three, rather than just going one-on-one with Del Rio, which would seem underwhelming. The aftermath went how I think was best, with Batista looking good but proving he couldn’t beat three men.

The promo with the Brits and MVP/Kennedy was alright, although they could probably do with some better build before SummerSlam. This promo could prove the impetus for that though, considering the heels should now want to prove themselves as their own men.

It’s a little strange that Mickie would talk Maryse up as almost unstoppable to Trish earlier before then having to face her later. It just makes Mickie seem a bit jobberish. A win for Maryse keeps her rolling though, while Trish watching is what you’d expect considering her in-ring comeback comes at SummerSlam. Maryse disrespecting Trish is what the build is all going to be about.

Punk getting a win over Swagger makes sense after their rivalry, and the botched Orton interference does the job of making him look great, which is obviously the aim before SummerSlam. Hopefully you have Orton match him at some stage with some impressive wins of his own, so it’s the best vs the best.

I thought this was another pretty solid show. Again, like SmackDown, you’ve shown you’ve got a good grasp on things in general. As the threads continues to build, then the general attention it gets should too.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

Insider News:
Rumours backstage are swirling that Mr. McMahon believes that the team of MVP and Mr. Kennedy is a flop. Many think, including McMahon, that putting the titles on them at SummerSlam was a mistake, so expect them to drop the titles soon and go their separate ways into the mid card.

Bill Goldberg, who left the WWE after WrestleMania XX, after that horrific match against Brock Lesnar, could be in line for a return. He posted on his twitter account earlier today, "Who's Next?" which could just be Goldberg playing with the fans' emotions as we spoke to a source within WWE who told us that they have no plans for a Goldberg return, but never say never.

With MVP and Mr. Kennedy expected to break up pretty soon, some questions have been raised about the storyline that Carlito and Primo, The Colons started a couple of weeks ago. There was obvious tension between them after a couple of their matches, but that seems to have cooled off now, as WWE believe they can't afford to break up The Colons as they'll need all the tag teams they can get for the coming months.

Speaking of nixed ideas, a few weeks ago, a vignette aired hyping the debuts of a group of rock band members. But, on the last couple of Raws, the vignettes were not played, and we've heard that they rethought.

On the injury front, The Undertaker is expected to stay away from the WWE until either Survivor Series or the Royal Rumble and Triple H is expected to return later in the year. Some rumours are floating around that we could see Triple H and The Undertaker as part of a five man team, perhaps with Batista and CM Punk and another Superstar that would take on Legacy at Survivor Series.
WWE Superstars

Carlito def. Chris Masters @ 7.12
The Great Khali & Eve Torres def. DJ Gabriel & Rosa Mendes @ 4.10
Beth Phoenix def. Gail Kim @ 6.30
Kaval def. Chavo Guerrero @ 7.02

WWE SmackDown | 5 Point Preview
~ Matt Hardy to kick off the show ~
~ John Cena and Bobby Lashley will collide in the main event ~
~ Chris Jericho will take on Edge ~
~ Matt Hardy, as punishment for his actions last week, has been placed in a two on one handicap match against Jeff Hardy and Gregory Helms, by the orders of Theodore Long ~
~ Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder will face The Lifeblood of Extreme, along with Kenny King and Shelton Benjamin in a number one contenders triple threat tag team contest ~

I know I'm moving fast, but this show and the next Raw are done, and I want to get SummerSlam out by the end of the year. Thanks very much to the men above who left me some feedback, I appreciate it.
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE - Pride & War

I definitely hope Goldberg is returning to WWE and if he is...then maybe I might get my wish as far as dream matches for Goldberg goes, Goldberg my top 5 feuds for him to have are with Orton, Taker, Cena, Batista, Punk, Jericho, Big Show, Kane among others

Triple H I see him returning at Survivor Series and for Undertaker I see him making a surprise return at Royal Rumble 2010 or Undertaker returning at Elimination Chamber

With MVP and Mr. Kennedy, please tell me we get a Mr. Kennedy heel turn
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