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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

No doubt after this, it will be Batista facing Randy Orton for the WWE Championship especially after The Animal made his return to Monday Night RAW and it was Orton & Legacy who put him on the shelf, so no doubt Batista is back not just for revenge but also for that WWE Championship and I for one hope that match does happen at Vengeance but also that Batista ends up ending Orton's reign

Punk/Swagger has definitely gotten personal that's for sure

And Sheamus' face turn has been pretty much solidified especially after saying No to Regal when it comes to joining The Monarchy and Sheamus then getting beat down by Barrett, McIntyre and McGuiness while Regal watches the whole thing was great

Bret/HBK forming a truce, it just had to happen
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM’s Review

I think you did right by making Orton and Mysterio open the show. There’s really not too much tension between them but this segment definitely got people to be more invested in the main event later on tonight. You capture Mysterio well with this generic promo that was full of cheap pop, that’s how Mysterio really is. Then Orton comes in as sinister as ever and I liked him making reference to hurting Mysterio through his family, typical Orton. Then the almost-619 was the perfect ending to this segment in giving hope that Mysterio may actually win the WWE Title. But let’s face it, he won’t.

I’m not sure why, but I think Mr. Kennedy is sort of morphing into a comedy character? I actually kind of dig it, lol. It’s unusual but I think it could work. MVP and Kennedy are a random put together team so having them do comedy skits and what not may actually be a good idea.

The Punk/Swagger feud continues to get personal and I think it’ll be one of the better feuds on Raw. Hmm, I actually read that divas match only because you’ve been giving attention to the divas division and it’s been pretty decent. I didn’t even really notice that Maryse had these moves in her moveset so it was pretty impressive. Katie Lea is a good wrestler to pair Maryse with for her first feud as the official undisputed womens champion, keep this up!

Always liked to see Legacy get some time on their own without Orton. Dibiase and Rhodes could’ve been really big stars by now but that obviously hasn’t happened so I hope you have definite plans for them. As for their tag team match, who else could win other than them? I think you’ll go with Legacy carrying not only the WWE Title but the tag title s as well. Hmm, I’m not sure why Punk is this mad at Swagger? Surely his match at the PPV didn’t end with Swagger trying to break his ankle, so I’m wondering why Punk has this sudden rage for Swagger?

Glad that you settled things with HBK and Bret quickly since we don’t really need more of that. But the talking point of this segment is Miz. I can just imagine the heat he’d get from interrupting these two greats. Miz seems to be your little project in this BTB. It’s fun to see him maybe be elevated up the card as your thread progresses. As for the match, the ending was quite ironic. I’m not sure if HBK will be angry at Bret for this but I can see a HBK/Bret feud for some reason. I’m really not sure what to make out of all of this. So I’ll just wait and say good job in elevating Miz and adding more fuel to this HBK/Bret feud that may or may not happen. And wait, Beth and Melina in an extreme rules match? That’s gonna be good. “Suddenly, Beth is propelled forward, into Josh, the two of them falling to the floor." has got to be my favorite line of the entire show Good for Josh, haha. But anyway, this just shows you care about your divas by having them in an extreme rules match, kudos bro, kudos.

Well atleast it isn’t Jammy Fino who is jobbing to Sheamus this time, right? Monarchy just completely destroyed Sheamus here. I’m expecting Sheamus to bounce back on the next episode though. Not sure how, maybe he gets them one by one and leaves Regal for last? I don’t know, but this is gonna be good. Wait, MVP and Kennedy win? Oh boy. Definitely surprised to see that but it does interest me and I guess that’s all that matters.

Now that was a great match! PPV quality for sure. I liked the beginning where you had both guys almost hit their finishers. I think it’s a very underrated way to begin a match. Sometimes it just isn’t the right way to start a match, but this time, it was used brilliantly. The match was very good, very back-and-forth, may a bit too much for my liking. And ofcourse, what kind of match would it be without Orton ending it with an RKO out of mid-air, those are always great! Too bad that I’ve been spoiled with Batista returning since I made the poster but if I wasn’t spoiled, I would’ve loved this return. I know Batista/Orton feuds have been done to death but I think you can do it in a way that’s better than others, so I’m looking forward to that. I think it would’ve been better if Batista wasn’t able to get his hands on Orton though and just punish the other two Legacy members but oh well.

Overall, the was really good. It felt like a lot happened but with the spacing you did, I think it flowed nicely. Plus, it was labeled Raw Revolution, so something big had to go down. I see that you’re trying a new format and while I think it’s decent, the simpler style you used back in your other shows are better. But that’s minor and I’m sure it doesn’t really affect the reader. Good show man, was a fun read. Now onto the next!

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

As for Smackdown, as for Matt Hardy I don't see his World Heavyweight Championship title reign lasting too much longer because at best Hardy is a paper champion a transitional champion because like that the title will be taken from him, if not Cena or even Jeff Hardy, there's Kane who is as evil and demonic and more vicious more demented than he has ever been, there's Edge, CM Punk who could still cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Matt Hardy so Matt Hardy better watch his back because like that Punk could choose to go to Smackdown and cash in his briefcase on Matt

But then there are other superstars on Smackdown who are capable like Jericho even

Personally I wonder where Triple H is, or if we will see The Game again at some point
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Originally Posted by PWTorch

It appears that SmackDown tag team, Jesse and Festus have been moved to the Raw Roster on wwe.com. The prevailing opinion is that this is because the Raw roster is rather thin, and apparently they need more jobbers on that show besides Chris Masters and Kung Fu Naki.
WWE Superstars

Michelle McCool def. Gail Kim @ 5.04

Primo def. Jammy Fino @ 2.34

Joey Mercury def. Jamie Noble & Jesse in a triple threat match @ 8.56

Ezekiel Jackson w/ The Brian Kendrick def. Tommy Dreamer w/ Stevie Richards @ 5.26


::: wwe.com :::
:: Exclusives ::

Beginning this week on wwe.com will be a weekly series, and will be released Monday morning, and Friday morning to coincide with Raw and SmackDown later on in the day. For the very first one, we have two videos for you, one featuring the World Heavyweight Champion!

Spoiler for Edition #1:

Catch Up With TBK & Ezekiel Jackson

The first of these series begins at the very end of the last edition of Superstars, where Ezekiel Jackson just dispatched a very game Tommy Dreamer. We’re in the locker room where Renee Young and a camera man have entered, meanwhile - Ezekiel is getting a rub down () from a trainer while The Brian Kendrick sits on a bench, scrolling through his smart phone.

Renee Young:
Uh, Brian?

Kendrick looks up from his phone before looking Renee up and down, he likes what he sees as he stands up with a grin.

The Brian Kendrick:
Well, well – what do we have here?

Kendrick continues to look Renee up and down, making the new interviewer look a tad uncomfortable.

Renee Young:
We, uh... we were wondering if we could get a word from you about what happened last Friday, with The Hart Dynasty?

Right then, the mood of Kendrick changes drastically as his grin fades and is replaced with anger. Jackson looks up from where he is getting treated and has the same look of anger that TBK has.

The Brian Kendrick:
You want a quote? You want a story to write for wwe.com, right?

Young can only nod as the camera focuses on Kendrick who adjusts his white jacket.

The Brian Kendrick:
Fine – first of all... what’s your name?

Renee Young:

Kendrick rolls his eyes.

The Brian Kendrick:
(under his breath) God, what a stupid name. (back to normal) Alright, Renee, what you saw last week, was the biggest fluke in the WWE. The Hart Dynasty? Who the... the only reason they got a shot last week was because Bret Hart was on the show. The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson (pats Jackson on the shoulder) were the WWE Tag Team Champions because we worked hard for those belts... but The Hart Dynasty? They get everything handed to them on a silver platter.

Jackson nods along, and now that he’s done with his treatment, he hops off the bench and stands behind Kendrick, as menacing as ever.

The Brian Kendrick:
(looks at Jackson) D’you think that The Hart Dynasty deserve those belts, Ezekiel?

Ezekiel Jackson:
(looking at Renee) No way.

Kendrick looks at Renee again.

The Brian Kendrick:
The only reason they have our belts... is ‘cause they got us when we weren’t prepared. No one told us we would be defendin’ our championships, but that’s just the way things are ‘round here. If you aren’t in good with the boss... well... you’re gonna’ have a tough ride here on SmackDown.

Jackson begins to nod as Kendrick turns away from Young and looks dead in the camera, running his hands through his wet hair.

The Brian Kendrick:
So... Hart Dynasty... savour every moment you have with those titles... because The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson will take them back... very soon. Oh, and congratulations on gettin’ in good with the boss.

TBK turns to the blonde interviewer.

The Brian Kendrick:
This interview’s over.


*Parental Guidance Recommended*

Visit to the World Heavyweight Champion

The scene opens up to a beautiful Sunny day, and it appears that we are standing outside a gym, where suddenly Matt Hardy walks out the front door, gym bag in his right hand and a protein shake in the other. He’s stopped by Matt Striker and the camera man, Scott.

Matt Striker:
Matt, could we get a word.

Matt Hardy:
(sighing) Make it quick.

Striker glances at the Scott, nods at him and then turns back to the World Champion.

Matt Striker:
We’ve just received word, I’m sure you’ve had word too, that you’ll be facing the United States Champion, Kofi Kingston in the main event tonight. Can we get your thoughts on that, please?

Matt Hardy:
Y’know what I think... I think it’s *bullshit*.

Matt Striker:
Whoa, Matt, you can’t say that on-

Matt Hardy:
Do you think I care?! Bleep it out for all I care. You wanted my thoughts and I’m giving them to you – the fact that I’m facing Kofi Kingston tonight, just a couple of days before my title defence is a *fucking* disgrace!

Striker looks at the camera man with a worried look on his face.

Matt Hardy:
You don’t see John Cena gettin’ put into a big match tonight, do you? Do you?! That was a question, answer it.

Matt Striker:
As of yet, no he hasn’t.

Hardy laughs to himself.

Matt Hardy:
Of course – you see that’s our General Manager for you. He’ll do anything to spite me, anything to get my championship away from me. But ya’ know what, Matt?

Matt glances at the other direction, and then back at Striker.

Matt Hardy:
Teddy Long can do all he wants to try and get my title away from me, he can put me in Steel Cage matches, put me in champion versus champion matches, hell he can even put me in Hell in a Cell but there is no way I’m letting him take my championship away from me. That goes double for John Cena.

With that, Matt storms away, clicking the button on his car key and unlocks his car, stepping inside and shutting it, indicating this interview is over.

Friday Night SmackDown Preview

Ducking and Diving...?

In just a couple of days time, SmackDown presents its first single branded pay-per-view of the year in the form of The Bash! But there is one stop before then, and it happens tonight, the final opportunity for rivals and foes to get one over on each other, to gain that all important momentum heading into their respective matches. One man who has the most to lose this coming Sunday, is the current World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy who will go one on one with John Cena inside a solid Steel Cage! He and Cena have been at each other’s throats since Judgment Day when Matt managed to pick up the victory, winning the Fatal-4-Way and becoming the World Heavyweight Champion for the very first time. But tonight, just days before his upcoming title defence, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long has made our main event, the World Heavyweight Champion against the United States Champion, Kofi Kingston! We’ve heard on wwe.com that Matt believes this is Teddy’s way of weakening him before Sunday, as John Cena has not, as of yet, been booked in a match. But you can bet he will be in attendance, as he is keen to get to the bottom of who attacked him last week and also get the last word heading into Sunday.

Speaking of the United States Champion, indeed, he is facing the World Champion in the main event, and his challenger, R-Truth will have a vested interest in this match. The weaker Kingston becomes, the stronger R-Truth’s title hopes will become. Meanwhile, the man who R-Truth defeated to become number one contender will be in action as Vladimir Kozlov, The Moscow Mauler, will take on the man who returned to SmackDown last week, and won his first match back on Superstars, Joey Mercury. He returned to face John Morrison, who tonight, will choose his opponent at The Bash, Dolph Ziggler’s opponent. Rumours have been flying around all day of who the opponent could be, and Morrison better have a good one if he is to derail Ziggler’s momentum heading into the Cruiserweight Championship match this coming Sunday.

In Divas action, will be the beautiful blonde, Kelly Kelly and the gorgeous red head, Maria. These two will battle each other in the spirit of competition, but the question is if Kelly will be able to keep focus with her ex-boyfriend, Mike Knox sniffing around. But with Evan Bourne back from injury, one has to assume she’ll feel just that little bit safer now that her friend is back. Also, we will hear from two of the biggest Superstars tonight, those being Edge and Jeff Hardy, who will go one on one with Kane and Chris Jericho, respectively at The Bash. Edge will no doubt have a lot to say about The Big Red Monsters growing strangeness, and before Jeff Hardy takes on Santino Marella, he will get the chance to speak his mind on his current rivalry with Jericho.

After last week, we will hear from the new WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hart Dynasty. Their manager Natalya has assured wwe.com that they will hear from them tonight, on their big win, the debut and the fact Bret Hart was in the building to see them win the big one. Also, two tag teams that are at war are none other than The Warriors and Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. Last week, Hawkins and Ryder elected to stay away from SmackDown, for the reason that Daniel Bryan and Kaval were ready to kill them for what Ryder did to AJ a couple of weeks ago. But tonight, we have been told that they will be in the building, and when/if The Warriors catch up with them, the whole locker room will be needed to separate these two. All this, and more on this coming edition of Friday Night SmackDown on MyNetworkTV!

:: Confirmed Matches ::

Champion vs. Champion
Matt Hardy vs. Kofi Kingston

Singles Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Santino Marella

Pick Your Poison – John Morrison
Dolph Ziggler vs. ???

Singles Match
Joey Mercury vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Divas Match
Kelly Kelly vs. Maria

:: Card subject to change ::

The SmackDown show should be up on Monday with a Bash preview following probably the week after. I've managed to get three matches of The Bash done, only five more to go I believe, decided to do this in full after the weak show that was Fully Loaded so, yay for that. And, I decided to give these backstage/random interview things a go, in the ilk of 619's so I hope he's alright with that. Until next time, gents.
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

The reason this is so late is because I was contemplating doing another project, but decided to stick with this. This has actually been written for a while, and I realized just now that I'm not a fan of this format, but I can't be bothered to change all the coding. Bash preview to come probably next weekend, enjoy.

Friday Night SmackDown - July 10

This edition of SmackDown kicks off with a video package, highlighting the action from last week, where John Cena was laid out backstage, and new WWE Tag Team Champions were crowned in The Hart Dynasty.

Jim Ross – Thank you ladies and gentleman for joining us this Friday night as we wrap up the road to The Bash! My name is Jim Ross, sitting beside me, my partner as ever, John Bradshaw Layfield. And tonight folks, we have a jam packed show for you, the fallout from last week’s show will take place here tonight, where we saw the challenger to Matt Hardy’s World Heavyweight Championship, John Cena, laid out backstage, but JBL – we don’t know who the culprit is.

JBL – No we do not. And until we find out, the issue will underlie here on SmackDown, but this isn’t about last week, this edition of SmackDown will wrap everything up before we head to Philadelphia, where The Bash will take place.

Jim Ross – No doubt, the card for The Bash is one of the best in recent memory, but tonight’s card is almost as good. Tonight, we have a Champion vs. Champion match for you, as the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy will take on the United States Champion, Kofi Kingston. And I’ve heard JBL, that we’ll be joined by Kingston’s challenger at The Bash, R-Truth.

JBL – Good, R-Truth is a smart individual, I’m sure he’ll be able to put out some good analysis.

***HUNT YOU DOWN*** suddenly plays, cutting off the commentators, resulting in the crowd filling the arena with heat as the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy walks onto the stage. He’s wearing the World Championship over his shoulder, along with a leather jacket and a pair of faded jeans. The Dark One walks down the ramp, ignoring the fans, once he reaches the ring he quickly jogs up the steel steps, picking up a microphone as he does so.

Jim Ross – It appears as though we will hear from our World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy before his championship defence this Sunday. After what happened last week to John Cena, one has to bet Matt is at the top of the list of suspects.

JBL – Just because Matt is facing Cena this Sunday doesn’t mean he attacked him. Cena is a Superstar who divides opinion, not just by these fans, but by the Superstars in the back. He’s got a lot of friends, but he’s also got a lot of enemies, and it may be someone we don’t expect.

In the ring, Matt stands in the centre, his music dies down and he can begin to speak.

Matt Hardy – I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. I don’t need to prove myself to you people, nor do I need to prove myself to anyone in the back. But for the last week, I’ve been hearing, non-stop, “it must be Matt Hardy that attacked John Cena”. Let me just stop everyone right there, I did not attack John Cena last week.

This gets some heat as they don’t believe him.

Matt Hardy – While the fact that Cena was laid out does help me, it wasn’t me. I don’t have proof it wasn’t me, and even if I did, it wouldn’t change the fact that you people won’t believe me. John Cena has a lot of enemies, not just me. So I’m just saying this right here, right now, John, I did not attack you last week, I wish I did... but I didn’t.

Some more boos.

Matt Hardy – Now, this coming Sunday, I put my World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

He glances at the championship on his shoulder.

Matt Hardy – I put it on the line in that.

Hardy looks up, and we see an old school Steel Cage.

Matt Hardy – I was fine with defendin’ my championship against John Cena. But then Johnny boy had to run to the SmackDown General Manager, with complaints about me. And now he has got me in a Steel Cage this coming Sunday. It all came about because Cena thinks I’m duckin’ him. Well, John, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The World Champ’ shakes his head.

Matt Hardy – Y’see, John, I’ve done my damage, I’ve put you through the announce table, I’ve knocked you out, but you, you can’t get near me. And it’s not because I’m duckin’ you... it’s because I’m smarter than you.


Matt Hardy – What’s the point in gettin’ into a brawl with you? You’re not one hundred percent, but I am, I don’t want that to change. And I imagine after last week, you must be even worse, am I right, John? I want you to know something, John, I’ve worked my whole career for this title. I’ve put my body on the line in TLC matches, Last Man Standing matches and yes, Steel Cage matches. If you think puttin’ me in a Steel Cage with you will faze me... then you are clueless John.

More heat.

Matt Hardy – This coming Sunday, not only will I retain MY World Heavyweight Championship, I will make sure you, that you aren’t able to compete for a very, very long time. After I’m done with you, Cena, you’ll be the last person on the roster to get a title shot. Because John, I’m simply better than you, and at The Bash, I’m gonna’ prove it, by puttin’ you down... for good.

It sounds like a riot is about to start but Hardy remains stoic.

Matt Hardy – I want you to listen closely to what I’m about to say, John.

He turns to the camera, allowing it to get a good look at his eyes.

Matt Hardy – For this championship, I’ve given away everythin’... I’ve given away my friends, my family, my brother and it’s all for this.

He looks at the title.

Matt Hardy – You’ve faced Superstars like Shawn Michaels and Triple H, and you’ve competed in some helacious matches, John. But I’m MATT FREAKIN’ HARDY AND I’VE COMPETED IN MORE CAREER DESTROYING MATCHES THAN YOU’VE HAD HOT DINNERS!

Hardy takes a breath to compose himself.

Matt Hardy – You need to realize something John. At The Bash, I won’t be runnin’... but if you HAD any BRAINS... then you would – because I plan on puttin’ you down, John... you’ve had a good run, John... but your time is up and my time... is now.


Matt turns to face the stage as JOHN CENA SPRINTS OUT FROM THE BACK! THE CROWD GO MENTAL AS CENA SLIDES INTO THE RING AND TAKES MATT DOWN TO THE MAT!! Cena gets a few good shots in before Matt can reach out, grab a rope and pull himself out from the ring. He stumbles on the mat below, and then staggers around the ring to the stage as Cena watches him. The challenger turns around and demands a microphone and turns to face the champion.

John Cena – (breathing heavily) I am SICK of being attacked backstage, of being attacked from behind... you say you’re not runnin’... then get back in this ring... COME ON!

Matt makes a move, but it’s only to pick up the World Title that he dropped.


The World Champion doesn’t make a move towards the ring, instead he slowly backs away from it, back up the ramp.

John Cena – Just like I thought. I know it was you, Matt, that attacked me backstage last week. And that was the last thing you should’a done... this isn’t about titles anymore Matt... IT’S ABOUT REVENGE! You’ve took the one DAMN thing that meant the most to me in this company, that World Heavyweight Championship.

Hardy glances at the belt.

John Cena – If-


John Cena – I don’t care that you screwed your family, I DON’T CARE... THE ONLY THING I CARE ABOUT IS THAT TITLE! And you’re in the way... so at The Bash, the minute you set foot in that cage with me, I’ll let you in on my strategy... is to RIP YOUR HEAD OFF YOUR SHOULDERS!

Massive pop.

John Cena – And the Friday after The Bash, I will say THE CHAMP... IS... HERE!

Cena forcibly throws the microphone away, turns to the hard camera and raises his hands in the air to a massive cheer. Meanwhile, Matt continues to back away, clutching his World Heavyweight Championship to his chest. He and Cena share a stare-off from stage and ring, the two men that will compete for the World Heavyweight Title.

Jim Ross – It appears that Matt Hardy has lit a fire under John Cena. I’ve never seen him so animated, I’ve never seen him so angry at another Superstar. And this all comes to a head this coming Sunday, HARDY... CENA... FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

- Commercial Break -

***HERE TO SHOW THE WORLD*** plays and the fans react with a strong amount of heat, as Dolph Ziggler, wearing silver trunks and a pink vest, walks onto the stage and shakes his ass in front of the camera. He turns around, runs his hands through his blonde hair and flicks the water away, before heading on down the ramp. He walks around the ring, climbs into the squared circle and awaits the announcement of his opponent.

And to announce his opponent, ***AIN’T NO MAKE BELIEVE*** blares out and out comes the other man to challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship, John Morrison, dressed in casual jeans and a “Prince of Parkour” tee. He has a microphone in his hand, stops on the stage and waits for the solid pop that he got to die down.

John Morrison – Well, well, well Ziggles. Choosing my former tag team partner last week, now that was a stroke of genius.

“I know” responds Ziggler”

John Morrison – But now it’s my turn, so without further ado... your opponent t’night... SCOTTY 2 HOTTY!

***TURN IT UP*** blares out, the crowd reacting with quite a big pop for the long time loveable dancer. Scotty 2 Hotty hops out on to the stage, shaking hands with Morrison who retreats backstage, leaving Scotty to dance down the ramp, meanwhile Ziggler turns to the referee and asks “Is he serious?”

Jim Ross - I haven’t seen Scotty 2 Hotty for a couple of years now. But he looks in great shape, and looks extremely pleased to be back in a WWE ring. And the fans seem to appreciate John Morrison’s pick as well.

JBL - I’m sure Ziggler appreciates the pick too, out of every Cruiserweight in the world, John Morrison chooses Scotty 2 Hotty. Idiot.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Despite being away from the WWE for a couple of years, the ring rust didn’t show as Scotty started out strong, battling Ziggler move for move, but eventually the younger, more energetic man took advantage of the bout. Ziggler messed with Scotty for the duration of the match, not allowing him any offence before he put him away with the Zig-Zag.

Winner – Dolph Ziggler @ 3.05

Without breaking a sweat, Ziggler finishes the match and has his hand raised by the referee. He exits the ring, runs his hands through his hair and walks up the ramp.

Jim Ross - Both of the participants in the Cruiserweight Championship match at The Bash have now on their respective Pick Your Poison matches, so they both are riding in on a wave of momentum. They each have a small winning streak thanks to the Tournament, and in a couple of days time, one of them will suffer a soul destroying loss.

Backstage, The Big Red Monster, Kane, is standing in front of a mirror, staring intently at his own reflection. He breathes heavily before beginning to speak to himself.

Kane – I have done everything you’ve asked. But this last thing... it’s... it can’t be done.

He pauses, and then starts getting annoyed.


Kane pounds the mirror in frustration.

Kane – A couple of things need to be done before I do it. I need more time.

Again, he pauses, this time taking a deep breath and shaking his head.


Kane continues to stare at his own reflection, studying his face, but then a look of... fear appears.

Kane – No no. Please no! He doesn’t need to come. I can get the job done. Just give me more time and I’ll do it.

The crowd are on the edge of their seats at the strange thing which is happening right now as Kane nods, seemingly accepting something and then turning round and walking away.

- Commercial Break -


Matt Hardy: Finally, I am where I should be. At the top of this profession.

Shot of Hardy winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day.

Chris Jericho: Jeff Hardy is a cancer to this company.

Footage of Jericho’s infamous “cancer” promo a couple of weeks ago.

Jeff Hardy: My life is an open book. I do not hide away from my demons. And I am not hiding from Chris Jericho.

Now we see Jeff tackling the afore mentioned Jericho and pummelling him with his fists.

John Cena: I want the World Heavyweight Championship back.

Replays of John Cena planting a security guard through a table at the contract signing with a Attitude Adjustment.

Narrator: SmackDown’s biggest Superstars collide ... at The Bash!


After the video, we arrive in the office of SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long. He’s looking through some papers while sitting at his desk, but then looks up to see the former United States Champion, R-Truth and one half of the former WWE Tag Team Champions, The Brian Kendrick. The GM gets to his feet and walks around the table, and faces the two men.

The Brian Kendrick – You, uh, notice somethin’ different about me?

Long looks him up and down.

Theodore Long – New hair cut?

Kendrick feigns amusement.

The Brian Kendrick – That’s a good one Teddy, a real good one. No, in fact, the thing that’s different about The Brian Kendrick, is that he doesn’t have championship gold around his waist.

Pop at that.

The Brian Kendrick – Why might that be Teddy? Is it because myself and Ezekiel Jackson lost in a fair match against a team that was equal to our skill level? No it wasn’t. It was because a hack of a General Manager decided to make The Brian Kendrick and his associate defend the titles without a word of warning.

Long shrugs his shoulders.

The Brian Kendrick – We had no time to prepare, Teddy, that is why I am not a champion right now. And as for my friend here...

Truth steps forward, eyeing Long up and down, before Kendrick pulls him back a step.

The Brian Kendrick – He is no longer the United States Champion. Why is that? It’s because you put him in a match, which meant he had no chance at retaining, simply because it was a Gauntlet match. So now, neither of us hold the gold, and you must be lovin’ that don’t you?

R-Truth - DON’T CHA!

Long glances at both the men.

The Brian Kendrick – What I want to know, Theodore, is who the hell you think you are. I am The Brian Kendrick and my interesting friend here is R-Truth, the rightful United States Champion.


The Brian Kendrick – And I am the rightful-

Theodore Long – Now hold on a minute playa, you can’t just come in here, interrupt my work and then complain about my decision making. It’s not my fault you both lost your championships, it’s yours, ya’ feel me playas’. Now, get the hell out of my office.

Kendrick and Truth look at each other, then back at Long.

R-Truth - Oh we goin’ – but at The Bash... I will take back ma’ United States Title, and you and Kofi Kingston, are gon get got, ya feel me, playa.

Truth and Kendrick go to leave, but TBK stops and turns back to Long.

The Brian Kendrick – Oh, and by the way. I figured... since you screwed me out of the WWE Tag Team Championships, I thought I’d best activate my rematch clause, and just like R-Truth, I’ll be activating it at The Bash, and take back what is rightfully mine.

With Long looking on, Kendrick leaves the scene.

We cut back to the ring, where the beautiful Maria is using the ropes to help her stretch before her match.

Jim Ross – As you can see, Maria is currently in the ring, awaiting her opponent for tonight. But for a minute, let’s talk about what just transpired backstage. For one, Kane is apparently talking to himself, R-Truth is continuing his path down crazy street and The Brian Kendrick has just activated his and Ezekiel Jackson rematch clause.

JBL – We certainly have an interesting roster to say the least. One person hears the devil talking to him, or a demon or whatever and the other person likes to talk in riddles. But R-Truth and Brian Kendrick do make good points, Theodore Long has treated them like dirt, and now they don’t have championship gold. If that were me, Teddy Long wouldn’t be the SmackDown General Manager for very long.

***HOLLA*** suddenly plays, and the fans react with a good pop as the bubbly Kelly Kelly walks onto the stage. Dressed in pink attire with white boots, she walks down the ramp, looking radiant with a beaming smile. She hugs a couple of young fans at the barricade before quickly jogging up the ramp, and climbing into the ring. KK walks over to the turnbuckle, ascends it, and raises her hands in the air, getting another solid reaction from the crowd.

Jim Ross – It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Kelly Kelly. She’s been the victim of intimidation by her previous boyfriend, Mike Knox. And the man who was looking after her, the Superstar who was protecting her was put out of action at Judgment Day, by none other... than Mike Knox.

JBL – Kelly Kelly is one of the most beautiful Divas we have. Mike Knox wants to be with Kelly, and if he doesn’t get that chance, then according to him... no one can... including Evan Bourne.

Jim Ross – Well, these Mike Knox will be at The Bash this coming Sunday when he does, indeed, take on Evan Bourne. It’s a true David and Goliath story to this one, with the added element of Kelly Kelly being at ring side this coming Sunday.

Kelly Kelly vs. Maria

In a rare outing for the Divas of SmackDown, these two kicked things off with a sporting handshake, showing the respect between these two Divas. During the match, there is a lot of screaming, and interspersed is some surprisingly solid moves from both Maria and Kelly Kelly. But, with only a couple minutes gone, ***DEATH GRIP*** played, and outcame Mike Knox! The two Divas huddled together in the corner, shying away from the big one before the referee decided to call a No-Contest.

No Contest @ 2.54

Jim Ross – What is Mike Knox doing? He had no right to interrupt this match.

Knox stares at Kelly and Maria, cowering in the corner, before taking a slow, calculated step towards them. He gets extremely close to Kelly Kelly before saying “If I can’t have you, then no one can”

Suddenly, he grabs Kelly by the wrist and yanks her out of the corner! He begins to pull her away from Maria, who Kelly tries desperately to reach out to but Knox pulls her away too quick.

JBL – Oh, now this ain’t right!

Maria almost looks like she’s about to cry, but she doesn’t dare try to get involved in this situation. Kelly screams out and tries to break away from Knox’ grip but then...

***BORN TO WIN*** suddenly plays and the fans rise to their feet, POPPING AS EVAN BOURNE SPRINTS DOWN THE AISLE! He slides into the ring, ducks a clothesline from Knox, hits the ropes at the other side and connects with a flying high knee! Mike tumbles backwards, falling through the ropes and landing on the mat. Bourne takes a look at Kelly, and gets a re-assuring nod, as she stands with Maria, the Divas trying to comfort each other.


With J.R marking the fuck out at ringside, Knox gets to his feet and turns around with a snarl, and sees Bourne sprinting towards the ropes, diving over the top... but MIKE CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR!! He has him parallel to the floor, and RAMS HIS BACK INTO THE STEEL RING POST!

Jim Ross – Oh! Damn it!

Knox drops Bourne like he’s yesterdays dinner, looking up at the two Divas who look extremely scared and worried. Knox reaches down and forcibly pulls Evan up to his feet, and LAUNCHES HIM BACK FIRST INTO THE BARRICADE!

The crowd are in a frenzy of heat as Knox measures his rival. Bourne slowly gets on all fours, before standing on his knees, but then KNOX SPRINTS FORWARD... SMASHING HIS KNEE INTO THE SIDE OF BOURNE’S HEAD! HIS HEAD PROPELLED INTO THE BARRICADE AT THE SAME TIME!

Jim Ross – Come on! That’s uncalled for!

JBL – A very strong message has just been sent by Mike Knox.

A horde of referees arrive on the scene, urging Knox back, while some road agents, including Arn Anderson and Ricky Steamboat check on Bourne’s health. Kelly exits the ring, leaving Maria standing, she kneels down beside Evan and clutches his face in her hand, almost on the verge of tears.

Jim Ross – Evan Bourne returned last week on a wave of momentum, coming back to save Kelly and the rest of the Divas from that man, but Knox got his pay back right there.

JBL – If this is what Knox can do to Evan now, imagine what he will do to him this coming Sunday.

Jim Ross – I shudder to think about it.

- Commercial Break –

Back from the commercial, The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin is making his way through the backstage area. He seems focused but is stopped by SmackDown reporter, Matt Striker.

Matt Striker – Shelton... a word?

Shelton Benjamin – Sure.

Matt Striker – Shelton, last week on SmackDown, you competed in a very competitive match against Gregory Helms, a match which you came out victorious in.

Shelton Benjamin – That’s right.

Matt Striker – After the match, Gregory spoke to our cameras and challenged you to a rematch-

Shelton Benjamin – Lemme’ stop you right there, Matt. Look, I know Helms challenged me to a match after I beat him. An’ I know he wants to see who the better man is, but Helms, it’s obvious – it’s me. Look at me, Matt, I’m a former United States, Intercontinental an’ Tag Team Champion, and I am this companies Franchise Playa’.

Benjamin takes his shades off.

Shelton Benjamin – But if Helms wants to challenge me, so be it. I have no problems goin’ out to that ring, and beatin’ him one more time.

Benji’ turns to the camera.

Shelton Benjamin – So, Greg’... I’m headin’ out to that ring right now. If you were serious about wantin’ a rematch, then let’s do it. But know this man, after I beat you again, after I hit you with Paydirt once again... there will be no room for complaints.

With a sly grin, he turns back to Striker.

Shelton Benjamin – Make sure WWE.com has a photographer ready, ‘cause after I beat Greg Helms, The Franchise Playa’ will be all over the news.

Seemingly now ironed in his new moniker and new style, he turns back to the camera.

Shelton Benjamin – See you out there, Greg.

This interview is over, Shelton winks at the camera, sending a message to his possible opponent in a few moments. The camera focuses on Striker as Benjamin leaves, but then we cut away...

... to another backstage area, it’s a hall way, and the camera is looking at Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder side on as they are walking.

Zack Ryder – No worries, bro, they won’t try anythin’.

Curt Hawkins – You sure, man? Y’know, you didn’t need to attack AJ... we sent our message to those two.

Zack Ryder – I know, I know. I took it a little bit far... but hey, they thought they could come onto our show, and run all over our division, that ain’t gonna’ fly with me, bro.

Curt Hawkins – Well, I hope you know what you’re doin’, ‘cause I’m involved an-

Hawkins stops in his tracks, wide-eyed, looking straight ahead while Ryder looks at him and slaps him on the arm.

Zack Ryder – Yo... bro... you in there?

Ryder turns to look where his friend is looking, and then mouths “oh, shit” and then the cameraman turns around, where we see one half of The Warriors, Kaval standing! He’s lurched down, breathing heavily, making for quite the intimidating sight.

Zack Ryder – Bro...

Suddenly, Ryder and Hawkins turn on their heels, and standing at the other end of the hallway is the other half of The Warriors, Daniel Bryan! The fans in the arena respond with a big pop as Ryder and Hawkins are in between two very dangerous Superstars. Kaval and Bryan begin slowly walking towards their rivals, the crowd urging them on, but then Ryder and Hawkins turn to the left, and SPRINT down another hall way. The chase is on as DBryan and Kaval run after them!

The camera man tries desperately to keep up, but ends up falling behind The Warriors. We go down that hall way, and we can hear Hawkins and Ryder pushing people out the way, and crashing into things. The Warriors are blocking out sight of them, but then we cut to another cameraman who is running just in front of Hawkins and Ryder. They tell him to get out the way, but then they suddenly stop in their paths, the cameraman turns round and we see AJ LEE!

The popular Diva has a grin on her face, she cocks her head at the Hawkins and Ryder, before they are suddenly attacked from behind! They’re propelled forward, falling to the ground as Kaval and Bryan are on them in a flash! AJ Lee stands and watches her boys climb on top of Hawkins and Ryder, Kaval lashing fists into the top of Zack’s head, and Bryan kicking the hell out of Curt’s chest!

Hawkins and Ryder don’t look in good shape, but luckily for them, Bryan and Kaval stop what they are doing and stand up. Meanwhile, AJ begins to walk forward, and bends down to Curt and Zack.

AJ Lee – What’s wrong, boys? You didn’t think you’d get away with attacking me and my friends here, did ya?

Curt opens his eyes, while Ryder can’t because of the pain searing through his body right now.

AJ Lee – But I’m in a good mood t’night, guys, which is lucky for you two.

Ryder now looks up at the girl he attacked a couple weeks ago.

AJ Lee – And ‘cause of that, we’ve decided to let you leave this arena... relatively... unharmed. But that won’t be the case at The Bash... y’see I spoke to Teddy Long... and you two will go up against Daniel Bryan and Kaval, we wouldn’t want you too busted up now would we? We’ll save that for Sunday.

AJ taps the cheek of Ryder before standing back up, turning her back on Ryder and Hawkins but Kaval and Ryder have stayed.

Daniel Bryan – You better bring your A’ game this Sunday, ‘cause we ain’t gonna’ hold back.

Kaval – See you Sunday.

Bryan and Kaval now leave the two men lying on the concrete, as they exit the scene. . We cut back to ringside...

Jim Ross – Well how about that, John? This match is going to happen in a couple days time at The Bash.

JBL – Stupid, in my opinion. They had the opportunity right there to get retribution, but instead let Hawkins and Ryder walk.

Jim Ross – I’m not sure about walk, but either way, that only adds to a packed card for Sunday.

A new, unfamiliar theme, ***CAN’T BE TOUCHED*** suddenly plays, for a moment the fans don’t know how to respond to the tune by Roy Jones, but then after a couple of moments, Shelton Benjamin appears from behind the curtain. He gets some solid heat, dressed in a white sleeveless jacket with the hood up. He stops on top of the stage, and in time with the music, he whips his hood off before heading down the ramp. The camera pans around to his back where we see “The Franchise Playa’” printed onto the back, Benjamin takes his shades off and throws them to the side before reaching the ring. He leaps onto the top of the steps, then hops onto the apron, before pulling back on the ropes and then jumping over them. He climbs onto the second turnbuckle, before pointing at himself and shouting “Franchise Playa!”

Jim Ross – Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a gradual change in the attitude of Shelton Benjamin. After he lost the United States Championship, and then lost his chance at a rematch, he’s changed his whole outlook, with this change in mindset I think he can go places in this business.

JBL – You got to be cocky in this business, he was before with the gold hair and gold trunks but now he’s took it to a whole new level. He’s letting his in-ring work do the talking, and if he defeats Gregory Helms for a second time, then that just proves that this change in attitude is working for Benjamin.

Benjamin turns to face the stage, and ***IT’S TIME*** blares out over the PA system, and outcomes the man who suffered defeat last week, Gregory Helms. Dressed in completely black attire, with some white patterns on the trunks – he walks down the ramp, eyes focused on his opponent for this match.

Jim Ross – Before this match starts, let’s talk about what’s coming up, after this, we will hear from one of the biggest Superstars on SmackDown, Jeff Hardy! And also, in our main event, Matt Hardy will face off against the United States Champion, Kofi Kingston in a Champion Versus Champion match!

JBL – Been a huge night so far! And we aren’t even close to being over. I just hope Teddy Long doesn’t attempt to screw over anymore of these Superstars.

Jim Ross – Will you let that go? Teddy Long does not have an agenda against certain Superstars, stop listening to guys like Brian Kendrick and R-Truth, and you’ll realize for a moment just how great of a job Theodore Long does here on SmackDown.

Gregory Helms vs. Shelton Benjamin

Winner – Shelton Benjamin @ 7.34

After a solid match, Benjamin is a little slow in getting to his feet but he gets up eventually, and soaks in the boos before turning to Helms, shaking his head and climbing up the turnbuckle. He raises his hands in the air, and then points at himself, “I’m goin’ to the top!”

Jim Ross – He might just do that. Shelton Benjamin for the second week in a row, defeated a very difficult opponent in Gregory Helms. It seems Benjamin is on course for a very good couple months here in the WWE.

JBL – You’ve always said that Shelton is the greatest athlete in the WWE, and despite those claims he is yet to win the World Heavyweight Championship. The title might not be in his immediate future, but he looks very sharp, and very motivated.

Backstage, the crowd roar with approval as they see John Cena and John Morrison walking in... the parking lot? The cameras get closer to them, and follow them as they approach a car, it’s Cena who has the keys, and he proceeds to open the boot. He reaches in and pulls out a bag, handing it to Morrison.

John Cena – Thanks for lettin’ me borrow ‘em... it really helped.

John Morrison – No problem, John.

Cena shuts the boot and locks the car. He turns around and starts to walk across the parking lot, but then SUDDENLY A SCREECHING IS AUDIBLE... AND MORRISON PULLS CENA OUT THE WAY... OFF A SPEEDING CAR! The crowd are in shock as Cena breathes heavily on the ground, Morrison trying to help him up.

John Morrison – Who the hell was that? You alright, John?

Morrison finally gets Cena up and pats him on the shoulder.

John Cena – Uh, yeah... I’m fine. Thanks for that.

Cena returns the mat.

John Morrison – Any idea who that could be? It might have just been a mistake for all we know.

John Cena – Nah... I know exactly who it was. If he thinks he’s gonna’ get out of our match this Sunday... he’s gonna’ need to do more than run me over.

Cena shakes Morrison hand, thanking him again before disappearing out of sight as we cut to a commercial.

- Commercial Break -

Backstage, Tiffany is standing with a microphone in her hand, a beaming smile as well.

Tiffany – Please welcome my guest tonight... The Rated R Superstar... Edge!

MASSIVE pop greets the sight of Edge as he walks into the shot with a Rated R tee and a beanie covering his hair.

Tiffany – And Edge last-

SUDDENLY EDGE IS HAMMERED FROM BEHIND, WHICH SENDS TIFFANY RUNNING THE OPPOSITE WAY. The cameraman regains his bearings and we see KANE standing above Edge! He bends down and begins to pound his head with right fist after right fist. Boos come from the arena while Edge is attempting to fight back but is being overwhelmed at the moment! Kane stands up, breathing heavily, and then bends down, and yanks Edge up to his feet... BEFORE HURLING HIM INTO THE CONCRETE WALL!! Massive heat is poured on the top of Kane for that, he bends down and lifts Edge onto his shoulder and walks away, a limp Edge lying on his shoulder! Cut to ringside.

***NO MORE WORDS*** blares out and Jeff Hardy makes his way onto the stage. Dressed in his usual black jeans and black top, he gets a huge face response from the crowd as he walks down the ramp, grabbing a microphone from the steps and stepping into the ring.


Immediately, he gets a huge (cheap) pop.

Jeff Hardy – In a couple o’ days... I get my hands on that loud mouth... Chris Jericho.

The fans react with a lot of heat.

Jeff Hardy – An’ I’m lookin’ forward to it, for the sole reason that I CAN’T wait to get my hands on him. A man who looks down at me... looks down at all of us. In a couple o’ days... what I do to Jericho is for each an’ every one of you.

Massive pop.

Jeff Hardy – Jericho turned his back on all of you, he changed his whole outlook on life, ignorin’ the calls of his fans... but let me assure you all... as long as I’m on SmackDown, I will NEVER forget my fans... I will never forget all of you.

Another big pop.

Jeff Hardy – ‘Cause without all of you, I would never have overcame all my demons, all my fixes... right now... the adrenaline I get from you... is my fix.

Hardy looks around the arena, nodding at the cheers.

Jeff Hardy – I couldn’t ask for much more from this life, this career... but one thing that could take it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL... is becomin’ the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Huge pop.

Jeff Hardy – For some Superstars in the back, winnin’ championship gold goes to their head, for example... R-Truth-


Jeff Hardy – Obviously... Chris Jericho.

Even louder heat.

Jeff Hardy – An’ of course, my brother... Matt Hardy.

The boos continue to get louder and louder.

Jeff Hardy – An’ y’know somethin’... at The Bash, with you all behind me... I know I’ll defeat Jericho, an’ I know that I’ll go on to be World Heavyweight Champion. An’ when I do that... I’m dedicating that win to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!

Hardy grins at the huge pop he’s getting.

Jeff Hardy – All those years, ago when I first joined the WWE, you all took to me instantly... cheering me all through my career. An’ when I left the WWE, somethin’ in my life was missin’. A big part of my life was missin’ an’ I tried to fill it with certain... things.

Hardy looks down at the ground.

Jeff Hardy – But now... I’m perfectly fine... you are on the ones that keep me goin’... that keep me clean. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. An’ I want to thank you for that.

Hardy applauds the crowd but they begin a “THANK YOU JEFF”” chant of their own, which only serves to pull a smile from the face of Jeff.

Jeff Hardy – So let me ask you all a question... do you... want to see Jeff Hardy as the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONNNN?!

Huge, huge pop.

Jeff Hardy – Well how ‘bout this... how ‘bout Jeff Hardy versus JOHN CENA... at Summerslam... for the WORLD TITLE?!

By far, the biggest pop of the night.

Jeff Hardy – I know you’d all like that. But the thing is... if I’m completely honest... I don’t want John to win on Sunday... I want Matt to win.

Some heat for that.

Jeff Hardy – Hold on, hold on... y’see I want to face my brother at Summerslam. ‘Cause right now, I’ve never beaten him, it’s two nothing, but I know I can beat him. An’ when I do... an’ become World Heavyweight Champion... it’ll be for each and every one of you!


Hardy turns to the stage swiftly, and sees Chris Jericho walking onto the stage, dressed in a fine black suit with a red tie. He stands on the stage, microphone in hand and has to wait for the huge heat to simmer down.

Chris Jericho – I couldn’t sit backstage and listen to anymore of this drivel. Jeff, I beg you, stop this pandering to these idiotic fans. It’s pathetic. You’re pathetic.

The heat that had simmered down has just shot right back up.

Chris Jericho – I was once like you, Jeff... y’know without the multiple violations... I used to pander to these parasites, just like you.

Jericho’s not doing himself any favours with these insults to the crowd.

Chris Jericho – I came out to the ring, and played for these fans... but I was just another name, just another face in the crowd of Superstars. I wasn’t the best in the world at what I do, no, but... I am now.

He says with a grin.

Chris Jericho – These tapeworms thing I turned on them... actually – they turned on me.

Hardy cocks his head in the ring.

Chris Jericho – In two thousand and five, they turned on me when I challenged... John Cena for the WWE Championship. Word of advice, when, and if you face John Cena in the future, these fans, they’ll turn on you just as quick as they turned on me.

Jeff looks out at the crowd with a grin, “is he serious?”

Chris Jericho – And again, they turned on me in two thousand and eight... when I faced The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels.

Huge pop for the mention of HBK.

Chris Jericho - They are only interested in what’s new... they don’t care about you or me. Sure, they’ll cheer you now, but the minute you go up against John Cena, or Triple H, or Shawn Michaels... you’ll be thrown out to the dogs. And that means you have to adapt. I did just that, instead of trying to get them back on my side, I decided to embrace the hatred that they have for me.

Jericho pauses, shaking his head at the crowd.

Chris Jericho – That is why I am the best in the world at what I do.

Hardy rolls his eyes.

Chris Jericho – But this, isn’t about them... it’s about us. Because, at Judgment Day, the World Heavyweight Championship was within my reach... but you had to get in the way... you cost me the World Title, Jeff.

Jeff shrugs this time.

Chris Jericho – You want Matt Hardy in a World Heavyweight Championship match? Well, I want, I need John Cena in the championship match. I need to avenge the one moment in my career, which brings shame on me, the moment that I was fired, the moment that John Cena created.

Huge pop.

Chris Jericho – When you look at my career, you see such accomplishments as multiple time Intercontinental Chammpion and the first ever Undisputed Champion, but the thing everyone talks about is the moment I was carried out of the arena, because of John Cena. I need to face him, and avenge that moment. But there’s another accomplishment that I need, that I crave, it is to get rid of you, once and for all.

Hardy leans his arms on the top rope, facing the stage.

Jeff Hardy – You want rid of me? If you want to get of me, then you are gonna’ have to do better than a couple of Codebreakers or a Walls of Jericho.

Chris Jericho – Don’t worry... I plan to.

Hardy brings the microphone up to his mouth again.

Jeff Hardy – Get over yourself, Jericho. You say it’s ‘cause I cost you the World Title, get real, everyone knows why you have this hatred for me, it’s ‘cause I live my life I little different. It’s ‘cause I have two strikes, right? Well, guess what, I’ve changed, Jericho... I’m no longer THAT guy, but if you wanna’ make a big deal out of then so be it. I don’t really care ‘bout what you think... an’ I’m sure these people don’t either.

Big pop.

Chris Jericho – Again with the pandering, Jeff, these people are hypocrites and parasites to this country, they leach of the better people of this country, and they only back you because they can relate to you and you’re screwed up life.

He pauses, allowing that to sink in.

Chris Jericho – Like I was saying, I can’t have you around this company any more, your lifestyle is ruining this company. Everyone is worried about that final strike, Jeff, everyone except you. You get that final strike, and you bring bad press down on me, the company and this industry and I can’t allow that to happen. The way I see it, you, are... a cancer bedded into this company.

The roof nearly comes off with the heat while J.R inputs that again, Jericho is going to far here.

Chris Jericho – A slow... painful type of cancer, which is only getting worse as the days go on. It was just lucky that I saw it, and luckily... I can cure it, by defeating you at The Bash and making sure you never set foot in this ring again.

Sick grin appears on the face of Jericho.

Chris Jericho – You can leave this company, and these fans will forget about you, this company will forget about you... while I go on to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Hardy shakes his head and steps forward.

Jeff Hardy – The only way you’ll get rid of me Jericho, is by putting me in the ground. You’ll have to KILL me before I leave this company. Let me tell you somethin’ , Chris, I used to like you, these fans liked you, but you changed. I don’t care ‘bout what you think of me, but if you call me a cancer one more time... I’ll come up there and slap the taste outta’ your mouth!

Big pop for that but Jericho looks unfazed.

Chris Jericho – I’ll hold my tongue for now. But at The Bash, Jeff, you’ll understand why I am the first ever Undisputed Champion... you’ll understand why I am the best in the world... you’ll understand why I am the future World Heavyweight Champion... and you’ll understand why I am the saviour of this company. And you... are the first person I save this company... from.


Jericho grins at the man in the ring, knowing he has sent his message tonight, but Jeff remains defiant, shaking his head and mouthing “Sunday”

The Best In The World turns around and disappears backstage as Jeff continues to shake his head.

Jim Ross – Join us in a few moments when Jeff Hardy will be in action.

- Commercial Break –

Back from the break, Santino Marella is in the ring, standing across from Hardy who’s sitting in the corner.

Jeff Hardy vs. Santino Marella

Simple match here, Jeff dominates proceedings from the get go, running through his arsenal of offence, while Santino done his best to get some moves in but to no good. Although, he did get some laughs from the crowd while trying to fight his way back, but Jeff was in no mood for laughter after what just transpired so he put him away quickly with the Twist of Fate.

Winner – Jeff Hardy @ 3.04

Hardy springs to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee. The man who will face Chris Jericho at The Bash climbs one of the turnbuckles, and spreads his arms out wide, pulling off one of his holed arm sleeves and throwing them to one of the fans.

The Raw Rebound | The Animal Returns
We begin this package with Rey Mysterio making his entrance at the beginning of the show, but he gets interrupted by the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. The two spar verbally before things get physical as Rey almost hits a 619 to the champion. Later in the show, the main event came and Orton successfully defended his WWE Championship but the main talking point came after – Orton was celebrating his title defence but then he saw Mysterio get on all fours, and he attempted to punt him, but was interrupted by the returning Dave Batista! The Animal made a beeline for Orton, dealing with DiBiase and Rhodes and then planting Orton with a Batista Bomb, sending a clear message to the WWE Champion.

- Commercial Break –

Backstage, Matt Striker is waiting with a microphone in hand.

Matt Striker – Ladies and gentleman, my guests at this time... the new WWE Tag Team Champions... along with Natalya... Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith, The Hart Dynasty!

Big, big pop comes from the crowd as the three members of The Hart Dynasty walk into the shot, gold on the shoulders of the two men.

Matt Striker – And guys, how does it feel, in your first match, winning the WWE Tag Team Championships?

Tyson Kidd – It’s... it... it’s out of this world. We knew we were debuting that night, but we didn’t know we’d be in the main event, fightin’ for these titles... we were as shocked as you were.

Striker nods.

David Hart Smith – To even debut was a special moment... but to win the championships on our first night here was something very, very special.

Matt looks at Natalya.

Matt Striker – And I have to ask, Natalya, how did it feel having Bret Hart at ring side with you while cheering on the new champions?

Natalya – Having Bret back in the WWE was a moment we never thought we would see, but on Raw he made peace with Shawn Michaels, and he was there to see these two win the championships. It felt pretty damn good, Matt.

Striker turns the microphone to Kidd.

Tyson Kidd – We know just how important these tag team belts are, to everyone, and especially to the Hart family-

???: Well, well, well.

Striker turns around and The Brian Kendrick and his associate Ezekiel Jackson appear opposite The Hart Dynasty.

The Brian Kendrick – Check it out, Ezekiel, they have our belts.

Tyson Kidd – Your belts? I don’t think so, buddy.

The Brian Kendrick – First off, The Brian Kendrick isn’t your buddy, I’d rather stick hot needles in my eyes but that’s a different story. Secondly, yeah, they are our belts.

David Hart Smith – And what makes you think that?

DH Smith takes a step forward, drawing the ire of Jackson.

Ezekiel Jackson – You better take a step back, boy.

David and Ezekiel stare at each other for a moment, sizing each other up but Striker cuts in.

Matt Striker – Guys, now let’s just-

The Brian Kendrick – Shut up, Striker.

Striker skulks back to the background.

The Brian Kendrick – I’m sure you’ll have heard by now... I’ve activated our rematch clause, so after this Sunday, The Hart Dynasty will go down in history as the team that has had one of the shortest title reigns in history.

Kidd rolls his eyes.

The Brian Kendrick – Until then, we’ll let you have this moment, but keep that gold shined up for us, ‘cause we’re taking it back.

Kendrick turns and leaves, while Jackson and Smith continue to size each other up.

Elsewhere, one of the challengers for the Cruiserweight Championship, Dolph Ziggler is leaning on a production box, texting on his phone when he’s interrupted by the Assistant General Manager, Layla.

Layla – I see the piece of paper I gave you last week didn’t go to waste.

Dolph Ziggler – The one with your number on it? Well you’ll have to tell me if it went to waste... especially after what we done after the show.

Layla blushes and is about to say something but then the General Manager, Theodore Long interrupts.

Theodore Long – What’s goin’ on here?

Layla – Uh, nothing. I was just wishing Dolph good luck in the Cruiserweight Championship match this Sunday.

Long glances at Ziggler.

Theodore Long – Did you wish John Morrison luck as well?

Layla – Umm, no... not yet anyway.

Theodore Long – Well you better go do that, baby girl, y’know we can’t have favourites in this job.

Dolph Ziggler – Hah.

Theodore Long – What was that, playa?

Dolph Ziggler – Nothin’. Nothin’ at all, Teddy.

Ziggler turns, winks at Layla and walks away, while Long looks Layla up and down, sensing something’s wrong.

Back in the arena, stands the man who made his return to SmackDown last week, and won last night on Superstars, Joey Mercury.

***PAIN*** blares out and out comes the intimidating figure of Vladimir Kozlov. He walks down the ramp, eyes set on Mercury who isn’t looking as cocky as he was before this man’s entrance.

Jim Ross – Joey Mercury has his hands full tonight ladies and gentleman, Vladimir Kozlov is a very dangerous, and right now, a very angry man after what happened to him a couple of weeks ago by R-Truth.

JBL – These fans seem to have changed their tune, a month ago Kozlov was getting booed out of the building, and now he’s getting cheered by these people.

Jim Ross – That’s what happens when you don’t take the easy route, and actually compete in the ring, unlike what R-Truth attempted to get him to do.

Joey Mercury vs. Vladimir Kozlov

This was basically an extended squash, made for the purpose of rebuilding Kozlov into the monster that he was before Backlash. It worked rather well, as the fans still cheered him, some were in awe at the power he was showing, bullying Mercury around the ring, who done his best to sell the intimidation and the sheer power that he was battling. Joey did get a couple of moves in, in an attempt to come back but Kozlov finally ended it by using the Iron Curtain.

Winner – Vladimir Kozlov @ 5.43

Barely breaking a sweat, Kozlov rises to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee. He takes one last look at Mercury on the mat before exiting the ring and walking up the ramp.

- Commercial Break –

*Commentators run down the PPV card for this Sunday, beginning with the United States Championship match, moving onto the grudge tag team match between The Warriors and Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, then Edge taking on Kane in a very personal match. And in another very personal match, Chris Jericho is taking on Jeff Hardy in a match to determine who will face the winner of the World Heavyweight Championship match at Summerslam. After that, they hype up the Evan Bourne/Mike Knox bout, then the WWE Tag Team Championship match before finally concluding with the World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage match.

Backstage, the word to describe the scene right now is chaotic as the cameraman is struggling to get through a crowd of people! Eventually he does so, and we see EDGE on the floor, being dowsed in flammable gas by... KANE!

Huge heat at that very moment, as Kane finishes pouring the gas, he looks up and shoos away some of the crowd. Arn Anderson screams at Kane not to do this but he pulls a match stick out from seemingly nowhere, but suddenly THEODORE LONG appears with BOBBY LASHLEY, VLADIMIR KOZLOV and THE GREAT KHALI who have to pull Kane back and keep him restrained!

It takes three of SmackDown’s largest and most powerful Superstars to restrain Kane from Edge, and drag him off camera with Theodore Long trying to help Edge up to his feet, but it’s clear he’s in severe pain.

Back to ringside.

Jim Ross – Kane is a sick, sick human being! By my reckoning he was about to set Edge on fire!

JBL – You should know, J.R, since you’ve been a victim of Kane’s burning.

Jim Ross – And Edge’s best friend Christian.

***SOS*** suddenly plays and the fans rise with a good pop as the United States Champion, Kofi Kingston leaps onto the stage from behind the curtain. Wearing blue attire and the United States Title around his waist, he sets off his pyro before heading down the ramp.

Jim Ross – Kofi Kingston has a big opportunity tonight, as he goes one on one with the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy.

JBL – Both men have a title defence this coming Sunday, so they’ll need all the momentum they can get from this match.

***HUNT YOU DOWN*** now plays and out comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy. Dressed in his usual tights and the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist, he walks down the ramp, ignore the fans and entering the ring.

Jim Ross – We saw Matt Hardy’s opponent at The Bash, John Cena, get nearly ran over by a someone, as of now, we don’t who.

JBL – No doubt the blame will be placed at the feet of Matt Hardy.

Champion vs. Champion
World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy vs. United States Champion Kofi Kingston

In what was a great main event, these two champions put everything out on the line, attempting to get that much needed momentum heading into The Bash. It was very even for most of the match, that was until Kofi Kingston’s challenger, R-Truth walked down the ramp, taking a walk around the ring and sitting down at the announce booth – this distracted Kingston and the World Champion took complete advantage. Hardy worked over Kingston for the rest of the bout until the U.S Champ’ attempted to make a comeback, he connected with some high octane offense and even got the Boom Drop in but while he was setting up for Trouble In Paradise, R-Truth got onto the apron and again, distracted the champion. Kingston knocked him off the apron but Matt was back on his feet, he grabbed Kingston and went for the Twist of Hate, but Kingston spun out and went for Trouble In Paradise... but Hardy ducked and finally connected with the Twist of Hate to pick up the much needed victory!

Winner – Matt Hardy @ 10.29

Matt Hardy’s music began playing he rose to his feet, telling the referee to fetch his title and then raise his hand. While this is happening, R-Truth reaches into the ring and pulls Kingston out, before HURLING HIM INTO THE STEEL RING POST!

Boos accompany the actions of R-Truth as he kneels beside Kingston and places the United States Title over his stomach. He taps him on the face then stands up, and exits the area through the crowd, ignoring the jeers that he’s getting.

Jim Ross – God damn that no good son of a bitch.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Hardy has his hand raised by the referee but then...

The crowd begin cheering and Matt turns around to see JOHN CENA RUSHING ACROSS THE RING.

He takes him down to the ground, the crowd going wild but before he can get any real good shots in, Hardy reaches out, grabs the bottom rope and pulls himself out from underneath his challenger. Hardy regains his bearings as the crowd boo the fact he got away one more time. Cena turns to face him as he backs up the ramp, anger evident in his face.

Jim Ross – Bah gawd... John Cena almost got his hands on the World Heavyweight Champion! But once again Matt ducked his challe-

JBL – Whoa whoa, it’s strategy... not ducking.

Cena continues to stare at Matt as he backs up the ramp, before pointing up, and saying “Can’t run this Sunday!”

The camera focuses on the Steel Cage for a moment.

Jim Ross – It’s all going to come to a head this Sunday, when Matt Hardy defends against John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship in a STEEL CAGE, MY GOD! THE MATCH YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR... IT WILL HAPPEN!

With those lasting words, we begin to fade to black, as John Cena and Matt Hardy continue to trade words.

- End of Show -

The Bash
Date: 12th July 2009
Location: ARCO Arena; Sacramento, California
Theme Music: Seasons By Veer Union

World Heavyweight Championship - Steel Cage
Matt Hardy (c) vs. John Cena

#1 Contendership - World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy

Grudge Match
Edge vs. Kane


United States Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. R-Truth

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hart Dynasty; David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd (c) vs. The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

Cruiserweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison

Grudge Match
The Warriors; Daniel Bryan & Kaval vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

Grudge Match
Evan Bourne w/Kelly Kelly vs. Mike Knox

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

I decided to do something a little different to the usual preview, I decided to post vignettes/hype videos for each match in the lead up to the posting of the show. In the mean time, the prediction contest is below, so everyone () can predict, and I've decided that if you win, then you'll get the chance to book a match for SmackDown. I'm aiming to get the show posted before I go on holiday at the end of the month.

The Bash
Date: 12th July 2009
Location: ARCO Arena; Sacramento, California
Theme Music: Seasons By Veer Union

World Heavyweight Championship - Steel Cage
Matt Hardy (c) vs. John Cena

#1 Contendership - World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy

Grudge Match
Edge vs. Kane


United States Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. R-Truth

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hart Dynasty; David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd (c) vs. The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

Cruiserweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison

Grudge Match
The Warriors; Daniel Bryan & Kaval vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

Grudge Match
Evan Bourne w/Kelly Kelly vs. Mike Knox

Bonus Questions~!

Predict The Match Order.
Longest Match?
Shortest Match?
Any Surprise Appearances?
Any Blood? And if so, what match?
How Many Title Changes?
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

(8)World Heavyweight Championship - Steel Cage
Matt Hardy (c) vs. John Cena

(7)#1 Contendership - World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy

(6)Grudge Match
Edge vs. Kane


(3)United States Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. R-Truth

(5)WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hart Dynasty; David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd (c) vs. The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

(1)Cruiserweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison

(4)Grudge Match
The Warriors; Daniel Bryan & Kaval vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

(2)Grudge Match
Evan Bourne w/Kelly Kelly vs. Mike Knox

Bonus Questions~!

Predict The Match Order. Done
Longest Match? Jericho/Jeff Hardy
Shortest Match? U.S Title Match
Any Surprise Appearances? No
Any Blood? And if so, what match? Yes; Steel Cage Match & Kane/Edge
How Many Title Changes? One; Tag Titles

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

The Bash Predictions

Match Order

1) The Warriors (Bryan & Kaval) vs Hawkins and Ryder- Winners: The Warriors (Bryan & Kaval)

2) Grudge Match- Evan Bourne w/Kelly Kelly vs Mike Knox- Winner: Mike Knox

3) WWE Cruiserweight Championship- Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison- Winner: Dolph Ziggler

4) WWE United States Championship- Kofi Kingston (c) vs R-Truth- Winner: Still WWE United States Champion Kofi Kingston

5) Grudge Match- Edge vs Kane- Winner: Edge

6) WWE Tag Team Championship- Hart Dynasty (Smith & Kidd) (c) vs The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson- Winners: Still WWE Tag Team Champions Hart Dynasty

7) World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender's Match- Jeff Hardy vs Chris Jericho- Winner: Chris Jericho

8) Main Event- World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match- Matt Hardy (c) vs John Cena- Winner: New World Heavyweight Champion John Cena

As for the longest match that will be on this card, will obviously be the main event of Matt Hardy vs John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship inside the Steel Cage Match

As for the shortest match that will be on the card, it will be The Warriors vs Hawkins & Ryder

As for surprise appearances, who honestly knows?????? I honestly want to see a CM Punk cash-in with CM Punk deciding to ultimately cash in his briefcase on the winner of Cena/Hardy right then and there

As for blood, I see blood happening in the Steel Cage as well as for Edge vs Kane

And as for the title changes I predict 1, with the World Heavyweight Championship changing hands with Cena becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion but in any event even if Matt Hardy does manage to beat John Cena, CM Punk could always cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Matt Hardy
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

The Bash
Date: 12th July 2009
Location: ARCO Arena; Sacramento, California
Theme Music: Seasons By Veer Union

8.World Heavyweight Championship - Steel Cage
Matt Hardy (c) vs. John Cena

If you were sticking true to real life WWE, Cena would be winning this one purely off of how dominant Hardy has been in the build up... and because it is John Cena. But, I have a very strong feeling that you'll have Jeff beating Jericho which sets up the match between the two brothers at Summerslam. Matt to win decisively. No bullshit. Cena needs an excuse to be out of the title scene so Jeff can move into it with there being no question marks meaning that Cena could actually get another shot, and the clean win for Matt would put the feud to bed nicely.

1.#1 Contendership - World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy

I want Y2J to win, but it makes all the sense in the world for Jeff to win here if Matt retains.

7.Grudge Match
Edge vs. Kane

Kane has been one of the best characters in this thread, and this feud with Edge seems a lot more natural than the Christian one, as I felt the build to the Inferno Match was rushed. This has had a lot of time to develop and it has done so very well. I'd like to see Kane win and continue up the card after this, can see him in a big match at Summerslam.


5.United States Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. R-Truth

6.WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hart Dynasty; David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd (c) vs. The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

3.Cruiserweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison

2.Grudge Match
The Warriors; Daniel Bryan & Kaval vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

4.Grudge Match
Evan Bourne w/Kelly Kelly vs. Mike Knox

Bonus Questions~!

Predict The Match Order. Guessed.
Longest Match? Hardy vs Cena
Shortest Match? Bourne vs Knox
Any Surprise Appearances? Christian maybe?
Any Blood? And if so, what match? Yes. Cena/Hardy & Edge/Kane
How Many Title Changes? If you are counting the CW match as a title change, then One. If not, none.

Looks sexy mate, will be reading and leaving some feedback
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

CM Punk is the Money in the Bank briefcase holder and even though CM Punk is a RAW superstar everyone seems to forget that he can cash in his briefcase on either the WWE Champion or on the World Heavyweight Champion, it is Punk's choice, so Punk he could decide to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on the World Heavyweight Champion whether that is Cena or whether that is Matt Hardy right after the Steel Cage Match and if Punk's music starts playing, that's when you know he's cashing in, that's when you know business has picked up and I think it will with Punk cashing in at The Bash to become World Heavyweight Champion again winning the big gold belt again because with Punk as champion, then Punk would headline SummerSlam as World Heavyweight Champion coming into SummerSlam as the champion

And if that happens, and Jeff Hardy were to become # 1 Contender, then you set up Punk/Hardy either way
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