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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

28th June
O2 Arena – London, England

The opening video focuses on the rivalry between The Monarchy and Rey Mysterio and his partners, Cryme Tyme. We see everything which has transpired between the two, such as Regal attacking Rey in front of his kid and Cryme Tyme selling The Monarchy’s personal possessions. Next up, is the WWE Championship match, the video takes a dark turn at this point, showing us The Undertakers and Randy Orton’s respective attempts at mind games before the parting shot of The Viper clutching his WWE Championship to close last Monday’s Raw.

We now enter into the arena, where the stage is lit up with a barrage of fireworks, illuminating the orange lighting and British flags hanging from either side of the stage. Once the fireworks cease, the cameras pan around the crowd, where we see such signs as “The Monarchy Rules” , “RKO – R.I.P” and “I Came To See Mick”.

We don’t have to wait long for the action to begin as “GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES” plays over the speaker system, and The All American, Jack Swagger slowly walks onto the stage. He wears an American flag design on his singlet which only serves to enhance the heat that he receives. He walks down the ramp, stopping at the bottom to show off his strength by doing a couple of push-ups. Swagger rolls into the ring and looks at the stage, awaiting his opponent, but he doesn’t have to wait that long as “THIS FIRE BURNS” blares out over the PA system! The fans do a complete 180 and begin cheering loudly as CM Punk ventures onto the stage, wearing a black and orange designed pair of boots and trunks. He kneels down on the stage, placing the briefcase by his side, before yelling “it’s clobbering time”.

Money In The Bank:
CM Punk vs. Jack Swagger

The opening match kicks off with fast and furious action, the two go head to head, trading blows with Punk eventually taking control in the beginning. It seemed Punk was in complete control, with the crowd behind him and it seemed he had the sense of what Swagger would do next, but then Swagger switched his game plan from attempting to trade blows with Punk and switched to using mat wrestling skills, which prompts Mick to question why he didn’t do this in the first place! Swagger slows the pace of the match right down, keeping Punk on the mat, which draws a negative reaction from the crowd. Swagger switches position now and again, showing his knowledge of amateur wrestling, and despite Punk being no slouch on the mat, Swagger is just too good.

After tiring Punk out, Swagger brought him to his feet and began using his size advantage to throw him around the ring. The All American kept throwing Punk around, showing what he can do, before using his fists to weaken him further. Jack then began targeting the ankle of Punk, hitting it repeatedly with stomps, elbow drops and leg drops to the ankle. To cause more pain to Punk he rested the foot on the bottom rope, and jumped up, landing on the elevated ankle with a jumping stomp. Swagger got a couple of near falls at this point, the pain on Punk’s face was evident every time he kicked out. The turning point in the match came when Swagger Irish-whipped Punk into the corner, and climbed up to the second rope, and with Punk in between him and the turnbuckle, he began raining down with right fists.

But Punk reaches his arms up, clutching the legs of Swagger, before pushing him up and over the top rope! Swagger hits the mat with a thud to a pretty big pop! Punk takes the time to recover before exiting the ring, he sets his eyes on Swagger and slides him into the ring and the next couple of minutes consist of Punk hitting some of his signature move before going for the GTS but his ankle buckles from underneath him and this allows Swagger to hit a chop block to the back of the knee! The All American senses blood in the water, and he reaches down before locking in the ankle lock! Foley states that Swagger has been working on this move and it makes sense to use it given his work on the ankle.

Swagger lifts the ankle high on to his chest and continues to wrench it around to an angle which it just isn’t meant to be. The crowd get on their feet and cheer The Straight Edge Superstar which seems to give him a burst of energy as he pushes his chest from the mat, and crawls towards the ropes, dragging Swagger along with him. The crowd are buzzing as it appears Punk will make it to the ropes, but Swagger yanks him back, back to the centre of the ring! The crowd boo but suddenly Punk pushes himself off the mat and rolls forward, propelling Swagger forward, breaking his grip and landing on the second rope, throat first! Punk struggles with his ankle, while Swagger tries to get his breath back. Eventually, Punk stumbles over to Jack, yanking him around but Swagger breaks his arms away and kicks him in the gut! We know what’s coming, and Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb (gutwrench powerbomb) but Punk manages to counter, landing on his feet, he takes advantage by kicking him in the stomach and connecting with the GTS!!

Winner – CM Punk @ 10.26

The bell rings and Punk is helped to his feet, the referee leaves him at the ropes and grabs the Money in the Bank briefcase, he hands it to The Straight Edge Superstar who wraps his arm around the refs shoulders and raises the briefcase with his other arm. Punk slowly leaves the ring, backing up the ramp, stumbling over his ankle a couple of times while the ref checks on Swagger. The All American pushes him away and exits the ring, he leans on the apron, staring up at the man who just beat him on the stage. Swagger turns to the steel steps and kicks them with some force! The crowd cheer him ironically but he turns and scowls at the nearest man, before walking away and up the ramp.

Backstage, the cameras are focused on a car pulling up in the parking lot. A few seconds pass by before the WWE Champion, Randy Orton steps out to a massive amount of heat. His comrades, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase soon follow, coming out of the car and going to the boot. They pull out three duffel backs, and head towards the entrance to the arena.

We now get a video which hypes up the DVD release of Judgment Day.

In the main arena, “GLAMAZON” blares over the PA System and out comes one of the most dangerous Divas of all time in Beth Phoenix. The Glamazon gets a solid amount of heat, but she ignores it completely and simply makes her way to the ring. Once she’s in the ring, “PAPARAZZI” plays and her opponent, Melina struts out to a nice enough pop. The A-List Diva walks down the ramp, eyes set on her opponent. While Phoenix watches, Melina struts up the steel steps, before doing a set of jumping splits on the apron but suddenly she is the recipient of a baseball slide by Phoenix!

The bell hasn’t rung yet, and that means anything goes as Beth pulls Melina up by her hair, and throws her head first into the barricade! The crowd boo the actions of The Glamazon but she keeps her eyes on Melina. She pulls Melina to her feet again and rolls her into the ring. Beth follows and the referee quickly calls for the bell to be rung.

Match Two – Divas Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Melina

Despite Phoenix obviously hurting Melina before the match, she is the victim of a ferocious take down when she stands up from entering the ring. The A-List Diva ignores the pain searing through her back, and grabs Beth by the hair and slams the back of her head over and over into the mat! The referee has to take action and separates the two of them! This gives Phoenix time to recover, and she smashes Melina with a kick to the head as she is arguing with the referee! This match was very much a brawl, little wrestling took place and it seemed that Phoenix was the one thriving under these circumstances as she used her strength advantage to manhandle her opponent.

The Glamazon showed why she is one of the most dangerous Divas in the land as she destroyed Melina, and despite the best efforts of The A-List Diva, it seemed she had no answer for the intensity that Beth was bringing! But despite all the momentum in the world, Beth could not get Melina down for a three, The A-List Diva would continue to kick out, showing why she has all the heart in the world. This led to frustration from Phoenix who kept trying harder and harder, but this left openings and when Phoenix went for a running clothesline, Melina ‘matrixed’ it up by dropping backwards!

Melina took some sort of advantage at this point, pinpointing her moments when to attack when Phoenix was at her most vulnerable. The A-List Diva got a couple of near falls, but then when she went for The Primal Scream, Phoenix ducked and lifted her up for The Glam Slam! But Melina broke her grip, and rolled Phoenix up, getting the win! But it appeared that Phoenix had her shoulder off the mat, according to Foley!

Winner – Melina @ 5.04

Melina had her hand raised as the referee obviously hasn’t realized his mistake. Melina turns to the turnbuckle and raises her hands as the referee gets an earful from Beth. He tells her that she only the shoulder that was on the mat, so she pushes him out of the way and grabs Melina from behind, yanking her by the hair down to the mat! The crowd boo her as Phoenix pulls Melina up to her feet and launches her into the ring post through the turnbuckles! Melina grabs her shoulder and screams out in pain, Cole at ringside states he heard something pop but Phoenix pays no mind to Melina’s pain and decides to pull Melina out of the corner and smash her into the mat with a Glam Slam! And she even covers Melina, and slams her hand onto the mat three times, indicating she should be the winner!

While referees run down to the mat and check on Melina, we cut backstage where Jerry Lawler is stood, the Raw General Manager shakes his head at what he has just witnessed.

The cameras cut to a view of Shawn Michaels warming up, he appears to be praying and the commentators now hype up his match against The Miz later on.

Suddenly, “NEW DAY” plays which gathers some solid heat from the crowd as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase; The Legacy walk onto the stage. Both men walk down the ramp rather swiftly, both with “Legacy” tees on and matching black attire with gold trimmings. They slide into the ring and then “COOL” comes from the speakers and out walk, The Colons; Carlito and Primo who are rocking light blue long pants with white boots. The two of them make their way to the ring, Primo slapping a few hands while his relative keeps his eyes on Legacy.

Match Three – Tag Team Match
The Colons; Carlito & Primo vs. The Legacy; Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase
In the beginning, it’s Carlito who starts the match for his team, and he takes advantage early on against DiBiase, who started for his. Carlito used his fast paced move set to keep DiBiase guessing, running him ragged all around the ring while Primo shouted encouragement to his partner. DiBiase though go the tag to Rhodes, and Carlito allowed his partner into the match. The match sort of restarted at this point, as both men were fresh. This time though, it was Rhodes that managed to inflict some damage as he took control of the match.

Rhodes and DiBiase traded some tags and used double team moves to work over Primo. And even though Carlito would shout words of encouragement to his partner, Primo seemed to be stuck in Legacy’s corner. The tags continued but then the dirty tactics began, whenever one would tag out, he would distract the ref while the other choked the life out of Primo. But the crowd started to get behind Primo, and he battled out of the corner, hitting the legal man, Rhodes so hard he stumbled back, and then elbowing DiBiase off the apron!

Primo then exploded from the corner, ducking a clotheline from Rhodes and continuing his run, right over to his corner and getting the hot tag to Carlito! The Cool One rampaged into the match, connecting with a running clothesline and then another before hitting a drop kick to the jaw of Rhodes. Carlito turned and saw DiBiase climbing onto the apron, but he kicked him off once again with another drop kick! While Rhodes was recovering, Carlito climbed to the top rope, and once Rhodes was on his feet he hit him with a cross body!

That got a near fall as it was broken up by DiBiase! But Primo came back into the fray as he clotheslined DiBiase and threw him out of the ring. Primo turned to his brother, and Carlito exited the ring, standing on the apron while Primo held Rhodes up. Carlito springboarded from the top rope and hitting a flying clothesline while Primo, at the same time, slammed Rhodes into the mat! ‘Lito quickly scampered to the cover, getting a very, very close near fall.

DiBiase was back in the fray at this point, he slid into the ring and clotheslined Primo over the top rope but when DiBiase’s back was turned, Carlito came up behind him and connected with the Backstabber! This got a huge pop but the cheers turned to boos when Rhodes grabbed Carlito from behind and smashed him into the mat with CrossRhodes!

Winner – The Legacy; Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase @ 10.53

The crowd immediately react with a lot of heat as DiBiase joins his partner in the middle of the ring, the two of them raise their hands before Rhodes kicks Carlito out the ring. The duo of the future ascend the turnbuckles and continue to bask in their win while we cut backstage ...

Where the WWE Champion, Randy Orton is watching on a television set, he’s changed into his regular attire with a “Legacy” tee, we can also see the WWE Championship in the background. He nods before turning around to get focused for his match but his peace is disturbed when Josh Matthews enters, unannounced, and asks Orton if he can get a few words. He doesn’t really wait for an answer, instead presses on and asks if Randy Orton has a strategy going in to the WWE Championship bout. The Viper responds, staring into the eyes of Matthews, saying his strategy is to get The Deadman on the ground and PUNT him in the head. With that emphatic statement, Matthews doesn’t bother to ask any more questions and backs away. Orton sits down on a chair and begins sorting his knee pads, but then the lights in his locker room flicker on and off, but instead of reacting like he would’ve in two thousand and five, he shakes his head, not letting the mind games get to him.


Matt Hardy: Finally, I am where I should be. At the top of this profession.

Shot of Hardy winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day.

Chris Jericho: Jeff Hardy is a cancer to this company.

Footage of Jericho’s infamous “cancer” promo a couple of weeks ago.

Jeff Hardy: My life is an open book. I do not hide away from my demons. And I am not hiding from Chris Jericho.

Now we see Jeff tackling the afore mentioned Jericho and pummelling him with his fists.

John Cena: I want the World Heavyweight Championship back.

Replays of John Cena planting a security guard through a table at the contract signing with a Attitude Adjustment.

Narrator: SmackDown’s biggest Superstars collide ... at The Bash!


While the commentators hype up the next match, the cameras pan around the arena and we see British boxer Joe Calzaghe, and then MMA fighter Dan Hardy. The last celebrity we check out is four members of the Arsenal football team, namely – Theo Walcott, Robin van Persie, Carlos Vela and Emmanuel Eboue, which gathers a somewhat mixed reaction but the foursome take it in good fun.

Suddenly, “I Came To Play” blares out over the arena and The Miz walks quickly out to a lot of heat from the crowd. The Awesome One wears red short tights this time, a change from his usual blue, and a long coat (ala WM26 irl). He jaws with a couple of rowdy fans on his way but keeps his cool, focusing on this big match here tonight. Once in the ring, a massive, MASSIVE pop comes up from the crowd as “SEXY BOY” plays and Shawn Michaels comes hopping out onto the stage. He’s certainly dressed for the occasion as he’s wearing blue, red and white attire and looking pleased to be in the UK. The Heartbreak Kid kneels on the stage and that sets off a massive amount of fireworks to the crowds awe. HBK eventually reaches the ring and the referee can start this huge match.

Match Four – Grudge Match
Shawn Michaels vs. The Miz
In stark contrast to the beginning of the tag team match at Backlash where these two faced off last, The Miz is slow and clinical with his movements, instead of rushing in he’s more calculated. And this pays off in the beginning as its The Miz taking control. The Miz stays in control for the first few minutes before HBK shows his experience by reversing a couple of The Miz’ moves and taking control of the bout for himself.

The Heartbreak Kid runs through his arsenal, wearing down The Miz, getting a couple of near falls but The Miz utilizes some under handed tactics to get back into the match. The Awesome One begins to target the back of Michaels, before trying to finish the match with The Skull Crushing Finale but Michaels flips down and flips The Miz over. Michaels then goes for a flying clothesline but Miz ducks and Michaels dives right into the referee!!

Michaels checks on the referee, trying to get him to come too but The Miz comes up from behind him and smashes Shawn into the mat with a Skull Crushing Finale! The Miz covers Michaels but there isn’t a referee! He gets a three count but it’s by his own hand, so he climbs to his feet and screams at the referee to come too. He pulls at his shirt but he isn’t moving, so he senses an opportunity, so he slides out of the ring and grabs a Steel Chair!

The Miz climbs back into the ring, he makes sure to check if the referee is out and measures Michaels for a chair shot. HBK slowly climbs to his feet, but he takes a look at the tron and must have seen it coming as he ducks the shot, and when The Miz turns around he gets his teeth kicked down his throat with a Super Kick!! Michaels covers him and amazingly, the referee has made a recovery and counts the three count.

Winner – Shawn Michaels @ 13.49

The fans rise as Michaels slowly rolls off The Miz, the referee kneels beside him as his music plays, checking if he’s alright, he responds with a slow nod and the ref goes on to check on The Miz. He still seems knocked out from Sweet Chin Music unfortunately, Michaels crawls to the ring ropes, and pulls himself to his feet. He stares at The Miz from the ropes, breathing heavily before climbing up to the second rope and raising one hand in the hair, the other clutching his side. The Miz has now came too, he is sat up on the ropes, looking at Michaels as he celebrates. HBK drops down and turns around just as Miz has stood up. The two share an awkward, tense stare off, but then The Heartbreak Kid extends his hand, to a mixed reaction from the crowd. The Miz stares at the hand, and Shawn repeatedly shouts, “be a man!”. More and more seconds tick on but then The Miz slowly backs away, and exits the ring with Michael Cole cursing him for showing further disrespect to HBK.

With Shawn shaking his head, we cut backstage and a MASSIVE cheer shoots up from the crowd as the camera is zoomed in the face of William Regal! The Intercontinental Champion is getting his troops motivated, the camera pans out and we see McIntyre and McGuiness listening intently. He states that they need to do this for their people, for all the people in the crowd that are supporting them against the vermin. McIntyre nods and so does McGuiness, who puts over the difference between UK crowds and US crowds. Regal taps the championship on McGuiness’ shoulder, and then the one on McIntyre and tells them that the World Tag Team Championship is a prestigious title which needs to stay around the waist of British royalty, not American medorocati as does the Intercontinental Championship and for that reason they must win this match tonight.

In the arena, “LITTLE BY LITTLE” plays, the fans respond with a solid pop as the home town Diva, Katie Lea walks onto the stage wearing only black attire. She stands on the stage and shrieks out to the ceiling before walking down the ramp, eyes focused on the ring. “POURQUOI” now plays and the response turns to heat as the Undisputed Women’s Champion, Maryse struts out onto the stage, wearing a red and white themed attire, her cape flows as she walks down the ramp, championship belt around her shoulder.

Match Five – Undisputed Women’s Championship
Maryse © vs. Katie Lea
In the beginning we hear some trash talk from Maryse, while Katie stays silent, simply listening to Maryse screaming at her right in front of her face. The Women’s Champion eventually breaks the contact barrier by pushing Katie and then The Dark Diva responds right away with a ferocious clothesline! Katie presses the iniative, getting the crowd on her side as she works over Maryse, pulling and pushing her around the ring, inflicting as much pain as she possibly can. But Maryse managed to fight back into the match, gaining some separation by leaning out of the ropes, instructing the ref to back Katie up. While he’s doing that, Maryse reaches over and pokes her opponent in the eye!

This got massive boos as Katie tried to re-adjust. Maryse showed off how she has been working on her wrestling skill by locking in a couple of submissions, even attempting to lock Katie in the French Figure Four but Lea managed to kick Maryse off with her free foot. Maryse kept the pressure on with multiple submissions though, but eventually the home town crowd got on her case, booing her and then cheering Katie, which brings her back into the match. She breaks out of a sleeper hold and makes a come back, hitting various high impact moves such as a body slam, back breaker, suplex and a powerbomb, all getting near falls.

Again, Maryse tried to get some separation by going to the ropes and leaning out but Katie pulled her back and continued to punish her. Katie decided enough was enough and went for her finisher, she pulled Maryse into a side slam position and started to spin, but Maryse broke her grip and landed on her feet, moving a couple of feet away from her opponent and then almost connecting with The French TKO but Katie ducks! The Dark Diva attempts to knock her out with a right fist but Maryse ducks this time and rolls Katie up from behind ... putting her feet on the second rope, and the referee doesn’t see it!

Winner And Still Undisputed Women’s Champion – Maryse @ 4.01

The commentators don’t like it, and neither do this crowd, the heat is almost unfathomable as just as it seemed they would witness one of their own win a championship in their own country, Maryse has ripped that away from them, CHEATING to retain her Women’s Championship! The Sultry Diva quickly rolls out the ring and backs up the ramp, falling down on her way, she is handed the belt by the referee while Katie kicks the ropes in frustration, she knows she should have won this match.

To break the action up, we get a very brief SummerSlam announcement, through a video package that this years Summerslam will be FOUR HOURS! It will be held in The Aloha Stadium in Hawaii and it will be the longest Summerslam in history!

After the announcement, the commentators hype it up before throwing it backstage where Josh Matthews is waiting with a smile on his face. He announces his guest as the man who will team with Cryme Tyme in just a few moments, Rey Mysterio! The camera pans out and we see Mysterio standing side by side with Matthews, he receives a surprising mixed reaction, probably the first time that Mysterio has been booed. Rey takes it in jest though, understanding that the fans would obviously want to back their home town Superstars so he responds with a grin. Matthews asks him his thoughts on heading into this match in a hostile environment, an environment he has never been in before. The Master of the 619 says the fans have the right to cheer who they want, and he understands why some of them are booing him, but that doesn’t change what he needs to do, he needs to win back his Intercontinental Championship and the fans booing him won’t change that.

When Mysterio walks away, we get treated to a video package hyping up the winner take all match. We see when this all began after WrestleMania when William Regal had Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness attack Rey. And then Cryme Tyme getting involved at Backlash, saving Rey from a beating from The Monarchy, continuing on from that – we see William attacking Rey backstage, in front of his kids, and Cryme Tyme, CM Punk and TJ Perkins trying to help him. Finally, we witness the debut of Wade Barrett, attacking Mysterio at Judgment Day and costing him the Intercontinental Championship.

After the video, “BRINGIN’ THA’ HOOD T U” plays and a mixed reaction greets the arrival of JTG and Shad; Cryme Tyme! The duo high five on the stage, ignore the boos from some of the crowd and walk down the ramp. JTG gets in the face of the camera, pointing out his bling while Shad cracks his knuckles before they climb into the ring. “BOOYAKA 619” now plays and a louder, but still mixed reaction is heard as Rey Mysterio, the former Intercontinental Champion walks onto the stage, he goes to either side of the stage and sets off his pyro. Once that’s done with, he ventures down the ramp, and chooses a little kid to give his mask to. He climbs into the ring and fist bumps Shad before high fiving JTG, they are ready.

“REGALITY” plays to the BIGGEST pop of the night, a pop which nearly takes the roof off as William Regal, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness walk onto the stage. They take in the atmosphere from the crowd, realizing this may be the only time in the year they’ll be cheered as loudly as this. Regal has his customary long trench coat and black attire with gold trimmings, while McGuiness and McIntyre have blue with white trimmings on their short tights. Each man has their respective belt around their waists and they make their way down to the ring.

Match Six – Intercontinental + World Tag Team Championship Six Man Tag
The Monarchy; William Regal, Drew McIntyre & Nigel McGuiness © vs. Rey Mysterio & Cryme Tyme; JTG & Shad
Drew McIntyre and JTG began the match for their respective teams and it’s a fast paced start as JTG uses his speed advantage to disorientate McIntyre. He finds it troublesome to keep up with JTG who eventually tags in Shad, who starts using his power, mixing things up, making it even harder for McIntyre to adjust. After working over McIntyre some more, Shad tags in Rey, and it’s the speed playing a major role again. Eventually though, McIntyre manages to create some separation and gets a tag to McGuiness.

Nigel comes into the match with some bad intentions but runs straight into a drop-toe-hold. Rey and Cryme Tyme exchange some quick tags to make sure they stay on top but after a few minutes, McGuiness gets the tag to Regal, who receives a massive pop as he enters the ring. He plays the face for a few minutes, running through his offense on Mysterio and then knocking Cryme Tyme off the apron.

Regal and Rey battled for a few minutes, each man trading momentum and moves but then The Monarchy took control when McIntyre kicked Mysterio in the back when he hit the ropes. This allowed The Monarchy to work over Mysterio, using quick tags. This went on for another few minutes, but Rey used his size to escape the clutches of McIntyre and get the tag to JTG.

JTG ran through McIntyre and knocked the rest of Monarchy off the apron, just like Regal done to them. WWE’s resident criminal ran through his offense before tagging in the big man, who continued the domination on McIntyre. The Scotsman managed to create some separation and got a tag to McGuiness who hit a chop block to the big man, Shad. The Monarchy began working over the leg of Shad, using more quick tags but when McGuiness had a half boston crab locked in, Shad showed the power in his legs by flipping Nigel away from him.

Shad got the hot tag to Rey while Nigel got the hot tag to Regal. The two fearsome rivals met in the centre of the ring with Rey ducking a clothesline, and hitting a drop-toe-hold to Regal, and he lands on the second rope, neck first, but then Drew entered the ring, only to get hit by a low drop kick by JTG and Drew ended up on the second rope as well. With JTG watching, Rey dialled it up and connected with 619, but only to Drew as Regal managed to escape, while Drew was staggered, JTG clotheslined him over the top rope, but ended up going with him. This left Regal and Rey to duke it out, the back and forth lasted for about a minute until Rey hit a hurricanrana, making Regal dive onto the second rope again.

Rey dialled it once more, and this time hit Regal with the 619. But as he was getting ready to springboard, Nigel entered the ring and kicked him in the stomach, he reached over and pulled Rey up onto a suplex position before laying his feet on the ropes and hitting The Tower of London to a huge pop. He pulled Regal onto Rey and the referee counted the three!

Winner And Still Intercontinental + World Tag Team Champions – The Monarchy; William Regal, Drew McIntyre & Nigel McGuiness @ 17.59

A rapturous applause greets the bell as Regal slowly rolls off JTG, getting his championship handed to him by McIntyre. Soon enough, McGuiness slides into the ring and joins his stable mates, the threesome stand side by side, Shad is on the outside holding his gut while Rey looks heartbroken, sitting on the mat with his head in his hands. The Monarchy hold their respective championships above their heads as the home town crowd cheer them on.

Backstage, the cheers quickly turn to heat as the WWE Champion, Randy Orton is having a conversation with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, we can’t hear what they are saying but they split up rather quickly. Orton making his way, we presume, to the ring for the next match.

The commentators hype this match up as the last match between the two, and that it may be the last time we see The Undertaker if Randy Orton has his way. This leads us into a video which begins at WrestleMania 21, where Randy Orton comes extremely close to breaking the streak. Then we arrive at the draft night, where The Undertaker is drafted to Raw and attacks Orton, staking a claim to the WWE Championship. We then see a montage of Randy Orton punting numerous people in the head, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Batista and Vince McMahon, before we hear Michael Cole question if The Undertaker will face the same fate.

After the video “GRAVEYARD SYMPHONY” ominously plays and The Undertaker makes his long, slow entrance. Once he’s in the ring, there is an extended silence as Orton is making The Undertaker wait. Eventually, “VOICES” suddenly blares out, and the WWE Champion does his own slow, methodical entrance. Once he’s in the ring, the referee separates the two into different corners and Lillian Garcia announces the match and it’s competitors.

Main Event – WWE Championship; No Count Out/No Disqualification
Randy Orton © vs. The Undertaker
The bell rings and its Undertaker who’s straight out the blocks, backing Orton into a corner, but when he swings for him, he ducks and clubs ‘Taker in the back. This doesn’t seem to affect him as he turns around and backs The Viper into another corner. As he does though, Orton kicks Undertaker in the knee from the corner and takes control of the match for the next couple of minutes. The Deadman manages to power back into contention though, showing why he is one of the most feared Superstars in all of WWE. He bullies The Viper around the ring, taking him to corner to corner, working with his fists, striking the head and the stomach over and over.

Eventually, a reversed Irish-whip sends Undertaker into the ropes, but he explodes with a huge big boot to the face of The Viper. This gets a near fall, but Undertaker continues his momentum, pulling The Viper up and twisting his arm around before backing up the turnbuckle. The Undertaker balances on the ropes as he walks along them, but then the WWE Champion pushes The Deadman off the ropes, he lands on his feet but his face smashes against the announce table. The Viper takes control from this point on as he leaves the ring, there’s no count out so the action stays on the outside for a few minutes.

Orton throws Taker into the steel steps, knees first and he flips over them, sending a gasp rupturing through the arena. The Viper continues his assault on The Deadman, throwing him into the barricade and then the steel ring post. He rolls The Undertaker into the ring and covers him, getting a close near fall. The Viper exits the once more, and walks to the announce table, he pulls the cover off but he turns around into The Undertaker who kicks him in the stomach and smashes his face into the announce table. The Deadman does the same thing to Orton, throwing him into the steel steps, barricade and ring post. And we see a trickle of blood running down the chin of Orton, he seems to have a burst lip!

The Deadman gets a near fall here and then stands up, signalling for a choke slam, but The Viper is smart enough to roll out the ring. He leans on the apron, feeling his lip before stepping a few feet away from the ring, he turns around and sees The Undertaker flying at him over the top rope (ala wrestlemania 25) and landing on top of him!! This gets a massive reaction from the crowd and it takes a couple of seconds for Taker to get to his feet. He pulls Orton into the ring with him and gets a near fall. The Deadman then slides back out of the ring, he reaches in and pulls Orton by the head onto the apron so his head is dangling down from the ring, his throat exposed. The challenger exits onto the apron, stands by the corner, then walks forward, and goes for a leg drop but Orton manages to escape and get away from the shot!!

The Undertaker shakes the pain off and climbs into the ring, but Orton smashes him in the face with a running knee, and he now takes control of the bout at this point. He works over The Deadman for a few minutes, going in a circle with stomps and more stomps, using knee drops and even more stomps. The challenger seems in trouble as Orton measures him for an RKO, he gets to his feet but counters the RKO by pushing his opponent off, Orton bounces off the ropes and into The Undertaker who hoists him onto his shoulders and sprints forward, making Orton’s head smash of the top turnbuckle, The Deadman sets off running and goes for a running diving clothesline but The Viper ducks and his opponent hits the mat, and his momentum forces him to slide out of the ring!

Orton follows him, stomping on him as he walks by to grab his championship belt. The crowd boo him but Orton slides the belt into the ring, before grabbing Undertaker and sliding him into the ring as well. The Viper follows, he picks his opponent up and goes to throw his opponent out of the ring through the second and top ropes, but he makes sure his feet land on the apron. He pulls him onto the second rope, looks down at the championship and DDT’s The Undertaker on the championship!

The Viper goes for the cover and the camera catches that The Undertaker is busted open! It seems it’s all over ... but The Deadman kicks out! Orton pounds his fist on the canvas, before regaining his composure, he gets to his feet and looks around the arena before diving to the mat and smashing his fists against the canvas. He goes for an RKO but Undertaker pushes him off again, he hits the ropes and rebounds right into a kick to the stomach, and The Undertaker brings him up for The Last Ride! It connects and he falls into the cover ... but Orton kicks out at the very last moment!

It takes a minute for The Undertaker to climb to his feet, and he reaches up to the sky, setting up for the Choke Slam, but when he goes for it, Orton breaks his grip, and connects with an RKO all in one motion!! He drapes one arm on the chest of his opponent and the referee begins counting ... Orton retains his championship!

Winner And Still WWE Champion – Randy Orton @ 19.16

What an ending! An RKO out from nowhere that gained a massive shocked reaction from the crowd. The Viper doesn’t move after pinning The Deadman, he’s too exhausted so the referee grabs the WWE Championship from the corner and waits for Orton to get up before handing it to him. Once he’s up though, he grabs his championship and leans on the ropes, catching his breath while clutching his belt. Suddenly though, a glazed look comes over Orton’s eyes. And the commentators know what’s coming, just as Undertaker is beginning to get up ... The Viper drops the championship and sprints forward ... PUNTING The Deadman in the skull!!

The crowd make sure to boo the hell out of Orton who makes strange movements with his body after the connection. He turns around and falls to the ground, staring into the side of The Undertaker’s head, and a evil grin comes across the face of The Viper. More boos then come from the crowd as the camera cuts to the ramp where Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes are walking down the ramp. They slide into the ring and Orton helps them pull The Undertaker to his feet.

It’s clear that The Undertaker is out, his eyes are shut and Legacy are supporting his dead weight. The lighting turns a dastardly shade of red, as we see a CROSS lowering from the ceiling! The crowd are in shock as the cross reaches the mat, the cross is laying on the ring canvas now and Legacy lower The Deadman onto the cross. The commentators are screaming at Orton to stop this, but Orton clasps The Undertaker’s hands onto the arms of the cross, before standing back, and then the cross begins elevating, it’s been pulled up to the sky and Legacy look up as they witness it going up.

Rhodes hands the WWE Championship to Orton who stares at it for a second before the trio turn to face the hard camera, and with The Undertaker in the background, they raise their arms, the WWE Championship in Orton’s hand. With no words from the commentators, we begin to fade away, but not before the cameras zoom in on The Undertakers blooded face, hanging down, no movement from his as we fade to black looking at The Undertaker ... perhaps ... for the last time.


It wasn't until after I read the predictions that I realized just how predictable this Pay-Per-View was, so apologies for that. And also, the reason I did this in recap was because I simply wanted to get past this Pay-Per-View and get on the road to Vengeance and afterwards, SummerSlam. In the next few days, I'll post some news and announce the winner of the prediction contest, I don't know what the winner gets, pride I suppose. Also before I go, I want to point out that I know some matches have less detail than the others, by the time I got to writing said matches, I was rather burnt out so sorry for that.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Wow what a pay per view really

CM Punk beats Swagger to retain his Money in the Bank briefcase, I just hope Punk cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase sooner rather than later but if he doesn't do it tonight, I can honestly see him cashing it on whoever is the champion whether that be Orton or Taker after tonight but as for Swagger, I wonder what is next for him especially after losing

Wow what Beth Phoenix did to Melina was heinous, I wouldn't be surprised if Beth Phoenix's attack puts Melina on the shelf and all because Melina beat her all be it by controversial circumstances because it was the ref's own mistake, but Beth attacking Melina after the match viciously assaulting her, I was even shocked at that but I wonder if any diva will want to cross paths with Beth Phoenix especially after what she just did to Melina, if I were Maryse or Katie Lea, I wouldn't want to be either one of them if they're champion because if Beth targets the WWE Undisputed Women's Championship, then she could end up being champion for a long time

Legacy (Rhodes and DiBiase) beat The Colons (Carlito & Primo) in what I thought was a great match-up especially because now that Legacy have won, it makes me wonder if Legacy will have a clean sweep tonight with Orton retaining his WWE Championship but maybe now Rhodes and DiBiase can target the World Tag Team Championship

Taker trying to play mind games on Orton before their match tonight but it not fazing Orton at all, I say Orton is not afraid of Taker now especially because he has went to that other place, his dark place

HBK beating Miz, I honestly thought that Miz would win this match but he didn't all be it HBK made Miz look good during the match but also because Miz he was simply good in this match but HBK was simply put just that much better than Miz because of the experience factor but hopefully this match puts Miz on the map now in terms of having future feuds with other main eventers on RAW while for HBK he can set his sights back on being WWE Champion once again

Maryse retaining her WWE Undisputed Women's Championship by beating the hometown girl Katie Lea, I honestly knew that Maryse was going to retain her title all be it by cheap circumstances but at the same time I wonder if Maryse by doing that if she just dug her own grave as far as her title reign goes especially because Beth Phoenix now doesn't have Melina to deal with anymore, I see a Beth/Maryse feud for the title but they are both heel divas, so a heel vs heel diva match I can support that if it by chance does happen

I can't wait until SummerSlam, the longest SummerSlam in history, here is hoping SummerSlam is your best pay per view yet but I just want to get to The Bash and Vengeance before we can even talk about SummerSlam

The Monarchy (Regal, McIntyre and McGuiness) retain their WWE Intercontinental and World Tag Team Championships simultaneously in the same match by beating Mysterio and Cryme Tyme in this Winner Take All Match because they were the hometown favorites with this PPV being in London, England so they did have the crowd behind them for the first time but maybe now The Monarchy they can use this as their opportunity to take over RAW but they have to deal with Legacy too but then as for Mysterio he can set his sights back on the WWE Championship while Cryme Tyme I see them getting another chance at the World Tag Team Championship sooner or later

But as for the match that stole the show for me anyway, that kept me rather interested in this pay per view was the main event itself with my man Randy Orton defending his WWE Championship against The Undertaker because this match-up was downright brutal in the sense that it was so physical, so back and forth and it was just a bloody encounter but at the same time Orton got the job done all by himself no Legacy in sight to help him, I give Orton credit because he did what he said he would do and that is beat The Undertaker and he did so without Cody without Ted doing it all by himself but after the match what Orton and Legacy did to Taker getting their revenge on Taker by crucifying him to a cross and the cross then lifting its own way off the ground flying up into the sky, that was what shocked me more than anything else but at the same time I wonder that by them doing that, if that will just get Taker to come back yet again for all 3 of their souls

Overall great pay per view!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes


~ World Wrestling Entertainment is proud to announce that WWE SummerSlam will take place in the 50,000 capacity Aloha Stadium in Hawaii. Not only that, but the biggest show of the summer will be a record four hours long.


~ Inside sources say the angle which closed Fully Loaded wasn’t planned until the night of the show. The original plan was apparently for The Undertaker to win the championship and defend it against Randy Orton at Vengeance, before going on to defend it against Shawn Michaels at the four hour SummerSlam. We don’t know what changed those plans, but now the WWE has decided to stick with Randy Orton as their main man.

~ Everything went off without a hitch last night at Fully Loaded, creative were happy with what they managed to achieve, despite the show being one of the most predictable of the year.

~ Reports are that former WWE Diva, Trish Stratus is in talks to have one more match at this years SummerSlam, and perhaps a second match at WrestleMania. It appears as though the WWE is pulling out all the stops for this year’s SummerSlam, it’s now four hours and will be held outside in the Aloha Stadium which can hold 50,000 people.

~ On the injury front, we’ve heard from an inside source that The Animal, Batista is in line for a return. It was Randy Orton that injured him, so it makes sense with Raw having a Pay-Per-View called “Vengeance” that Batista will be the one to challenge The Viper for the WWE Championship. But the WWE could opt to go for a different option.

~ WWE have apparently signed former Tough Contestant, Kenny King back to the WWE. He was a finalist on the second series of Tough Enough and has been competing on the independent circuit since he finished up with the WWE the first time. Rumour is that he will debut on the SmackDown brand and team up with Shelton Benjamin, as WWE have nothing for The Gold Standard, which may mean a gimmick tweak for Benjamin.

~ WWE has signed five people in the recent months. Kenny King, Mistico, Sara Del Ray Tyler Black and Velvet Sky all make up those numbers. It seems that King will be the first one called up to the main roster, with Mistico not far behind him, who will be a valuable addition to the Cruiserweight Division. We’ve already seen Velvet Sky on TV, under the name of Jamie Sky but that was only in a video on SmackDown, so we don’t know if she is actually assigned to SmackDown.

Monday Night Raw
29 June 09
MEN Arena; Manchester, England


Fully Loaded may be in the tail lights, but the WWE are still stationed in the United Kingdom. Tonight, the best version of Sports Entertainment, courtesy of Monday Night Raw and it’s all coming from the Manchester Evening News Arena! The O2 Arena crowd were on fire all night for Fully Loaded, could the Manchester crowd top the crowd we had in London?

Talk has been active all throughout Sunday night, and all throughout the day here on Monday, and it’s all been about The Viper, Randy Orton. He cemented himself as the most sick, sadistic human the WWE has on it’s roster with his treatment of The Undertaker. He retained his WWE Championship, but that wasn’t enough it seemed as The Apex Predator punted The Deadman in the skull, putting him out of action indefinitely. But even then, the torture wasn’t over, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase made their presence felt, they arrived on the scene and helped their leader strap The Demon Of Death Valley onto a cross and hoisted him into the air. In almost a biblical scene, we ended the night with Legacy standing below the lifeless body of The Undertaker. The whole arena was shocked, as were Michael Cole and Mick Foley. We’ve heard here at wwe.com that The Viper will be opening the show tonight, perhaps to explain his actions or perhaps to gloat. Whatever the reason, we may find out what the future of the WWE Championship is, will Randy Orton get his comeuppance?

Last night, The Monarchy retained their respective championships by defeating Rey Mysterio and Cryme Tyme. Surely that was Mysterio’s and Cryme Tyme’s last chance at the championships, so now it is time for others to step up and see if they can take on the mega group known as The Monarchy. Also tonight, we will witness the debut of Sheamus, who will take on Jammy Fino. For weeks, Sheamus has had vignettes hyping his debut on Raw, and he will have a forbidable opponent in Jammy, who we last saw on the losing side of a tag team bout on SmackDown.

TJ Perkins has had a rather fast start to his WWE career, featuring in many high profile matches, including a Pay-Per-View appearance at Judgment Day. But tonight, he will face off against The Masterpiece, Chris Master. He’s recently returned to the WWE, and despite being successful on Superstars, he hasn’t quite transferred that to Monday Night Raw. In other news, Maryse will be interviewed about her victory at Fully Loaded, and after the way she won – it might be a controversial interview. Speaking of Divas, Melina will not be at Raw tonight, she suffered a slight injury to her shoulder as a result of Beth Phoenix’s post-match attack. Also, in Divas action will be Mickie James. She will be taking on the feisty Gail Kim, and since these two are two of the most experienced Divas, this should be a solid bout.

Expect all this and more, appearances by The Miz, Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio and others are to be expected.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

You've been doing a pretty good job with this thread as a whole, and I think it's a little bit of a shame that you don't get a little bit more attention around these parts. I took a quick skim of Fully Loaded, and it was a rather by the numbers PPV. The ending was a nice way to get Orton over though, and it showed me you can write pretty well.

It seems like you're making Summerslam a big deal, so I'm intrigued to see the way you go with that. Raw should be a solid show, with my main interest really lying with The Monarchy. Just an all around awesome idea, and I hope you continue to do them justice. I know this isn't much to go with in terms of feedback, but just giving you a heads up that I am reading, and hopefully sometime soon I can go a little more in depth for you. For now, just thought you deserved to know you're doing a good job, keep it up bud.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Monday Night Raw - June 29 2009: MEN Arena; Manchester, England

Kicking of the evening, we bypass the usual post-PPV recap video, and simply head straight into the Manchester Arena, where the crowd cheer in anticipation of the night beginning. The commentators don’t chirp in just yet, and we go through an awkward few seconds before anything substancial happens, but eventually...



The music of the most hated Superstar in the WWE plays over the speakers, bringing the arena into a frenzy of heat, all of it directed at the man who has just appeared on the ramp. The WWE Champion, draped in Legacy apparel, is joined by his brethren and he has the championship over his shoulder. Randy Orton does his best to ignore the deafening boos but he can’t help but stop for a few seconds and soak it all in. It’s perhaps the loudest reaction he has ever had, and after what he and Legacy did last night, it was sort of expected.

Lillian Garcia: Please welcome ... the WWE CHAMPION ... RANDY – ORTON!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Monday Night Raw. My name is Michael Cole, joined as ever by my partner, Mick Foley. And you are looking at the man who orchestrated the most dastardly act I have ever seen. After he punted The Undertaker in the head, he and Legacy strapped The Deadman to a cross... and hoisted it into the air, allowing Undertaker to dangle there.

Mick Foley: I do agree it was a heinous crime committed by Orton, and I imagine we don’t be hearing the end of it any time soon. But the question remains, if Triple H, if The Undertaker cannot do it, then who can stop The Viper?

Randy Orton stands at the ropes, in the middle of them while Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase climb the turnbuckles, and Legacy raise their hands in unison. There showing a unified front here tonight, ever since Rhodes reaffirmed his allegiance, this group has been unstoppable, and it appears we will hear from them as The Viper reaches through the ropes and demands a microphone. He looks at the microphone, standing in the middle of the ring now, with Rhodes and DiBiase beside him. The lights dim in the arena into a orange tint, the camera focusing on the face of The Viper.

Randy Orton: Fear.

It shouldn’t get much of a reaction, but the crowd suddenly throw heat his way.

Randy Orton: Fear... is a response to physical and or emotion danger.

Orton speaks in a matter of factly voice, which only serves to draw more heat.

Randy Orton: And fear is something that The Undertaker knows more about – than anyone else.

Orton pauses, allowing the camera to zoom in on his face.

Randy Orton: The Undertaker has enlisted fear into every Superstar he has faced. Except me.

The crowd get on his back even more.

Randy Orton: The Undertaker tried, and failed, to put me into a state of fear. His mind games, the mind games that have affected so many Superstars, didn’t have an effect on me. I did not fall for his games. He relies on his games to enlist fear, but they did not work on me because I am the man who people fear.

The WWE Champion scans the arena, moving from his centre position in the ring and walking side to side of the ring.

Randy Orton: I am the man that Superstars shy away from. I am the man that people run when they hear my music. I AM THE MAN THAT CREATES FEAR IN OTHER PEOPLE’S HEARTS.

Orton pauses.

Randy Orton: Superstars fear me... because they know if they come near me... they are liable to get bit.

Randy eludes to his “Viper” moniker with that statement.

Randy Orton: Last night – I saw something I have never seen before. Last night... I saw The Undertaker on his knees... and when he looked up... and saw my boot heading for his temple... I saw fear. I saw the fear in his eyes.

Huge heat. Randy stands in the centre once again, Rhodes and DiBiase nodding along with his statement.

Randy Orton: Surely that would be enough? No. We had to raise the bar. We wanted retribution. It wasn’t enough... it wasn’t enough to be named WWE Champion and punt him in the head. Ted and Cody, after they were hung from the ceiling – they wanted to do the same thing happen to The Undertaker.

Even more heat now.

Randy Orton: The last image of Fully Loaded was of Legacy. We stood tall... below The Undertaker, who was knocked out. Who was bleeding. And... who was hung from a cross.

The fans start up a booming “UNDER-TAKER” chant, which only gets a shake of the head from Orton.

Randy Orton: Chant his name all you want... but the fact is... you will never see The Undertaker in this ring again.

The chant has died down now, but the fans have replaced that with a “YOU-SUCK” chant, directed at Randy.

Randy Orton: Last night only serves to prove just how dangerous we, as individuals, and as a group are. There is no group in the back, no tag team and no individual in the back who are strong enough, brave enough to take us on.

Randy looks at Cody and Ted who look out into the crowd, nodding along with their leader.

Randy Orton: The McMahon’s tried to. Triple H tried to. Ric Flair and The Undertaker attempted to – but look what happened to them.

The Viper almost grins but decides to keep his stony look on.

Randy Orton: We are the present... and the future of this company... and-


Being as this is Manchester, England – the fans react with a MASSIVE pop, mostly because it’s William fuckin’ Regal and The Monarchy and partly because they have just interrupted Randy Orton. With Drew McIntyre, Nigel McGuiness and Wade Barrett with him, the Englishman leads his troops down to the ring. Regal looks rather dapper in a fine black suit with the Intercontinental Championship while the rest of The Monarchy are more casual with simple tees’ on. Meanwhile, Orton is in conversation with Rhodes and DiBiase, neither man looks happy and who can blame them?

Michael Cole: As J.R loves to say, business has just picked up!

Mick Foley: In a few seconds, we will witness two of the most powerful groups in WWE history in the same ring – this is a recipe for disaster.

Michael Cole: We might need some security out here if this gets out of hand.

The Intercontinental Champion leads his troops up the silver steps and steps through the red ropes, Regal stands opposite Orton while Drew stands across from Cody, Nigel across from Ted and Barrett beside Regal. With all three of the male championships in the same ring, it’s quite the sight to see. The I.C Champion seems to have been given a microphone magically and moves it to his mouth with a grin on his face.

William Regal: De-

The poor man doesn’t get a chance to speak, as his home town crowd suddenly start a loud “RE-GAL” chant which gathers a smile and a nod from the Intercontinental Champion.

William Regal: Dear dear dear. I hate to be the one to inform you - that last statement about Legacy being the most fearsome group in the WWE? That couldn’t be further from the truth Randal.

Orton cocks his head.

William Regal: You are looking at the most dangerous group, sunshine.

The WWE Champion’s eyes scans the four men in front of him, possible working out the odds as they are one man down.

William Regal: This group of men right here... The Monarchy, a group that I, William Regal put together are the greatest group in the WWE. You may think you are some diabolical leader but the truth of the matter is Randy... Cody and Ted are only pawns to keep that title around your shoulder, isn’t that right lad?

Orton looks at Cody and then at Ted, who reassure him they know why they are in this group, and it’s not to keep the gold around Randy’s waist.

William Regal: We currently own the prestigious Intercontinental Championship and the World Tag Team Championship. And that makes us, better than you three.

This gets a loud pop, any other country the fans wouldn’t know how to react to this heel/heel situation.

Randy Orton: I don’t think you realize, Regal – you are looking at the WWE Champion. A championship which is bigger and more prestigious than the Intercontinental and World Tag Team Titles.

Regal looks at this belt as do McIntyre and McGuiness.

Randy Orton: And nobody, nobody in the back and certainly not you... will take this away from me.

Regal smirks.

William Regal: You must have got the wrong end of the stick, son. I’m not out here for that, I’m after not after the WWE Championship... yet.

Orton cocks his head once more.

William Regal: I’m out here to make a statement. You think Legacy is the present and future? Well, have I got news for you. You are looking at the four men who run this company. Drew McIntyre, Nigel McGuiness, Wade Barrett and most importantly William Regal.

Good sized pop. Orton steps forward so he and Regal are face to face, the rest of their two groups get into a fighting stance, ready for this to kick off.

Randy Orton: Is that so? Only we could do what we did to The Undertaker, but we have no problem doing once more... to you.

Regal takes a quick glance to the side. Before backing off a little, Orton smirks, thinking he’s won this round but Regal seems to be taking his suit jacket off. He folds it neatly in the corner and walks back into the centre of the ring.

William Regal: You want to settle who the top group on Raw is? Now’s as good a time as any, sunshine.

Regal throws his microphone down, the fans scream in anticipation, clearly on the side of The Monarchy. The two groups glance at each other, Orton drops his championship as do The Monarchy, and it appears we are about to go! But then...


And it appears we won’t see the two groups go at it as the Raw General Manager, Jerry Lawler swiftly walks out onto the stage. He gets some buzzkill heat while Regal and Orton haven’t took their eyes off each other, their men ready to fight at the drop of a hat. But it seems the General Manager has a microphone.

Jerry Lawler: Whoa whoa whoa, gentleman – please.

Slowly the two teams back off a little, and turn their heads to the stage.

Jerry Lawler: I was in the back, watching this unfold and I gotta’ say – it’s given me a couple of ideas for our main event tonight.

Regal looks at Orton who glances back.

Jerry Lawler: Before I announce the main event, I want to announce something else. Next week, there is going to be a special Monday Night Raw, called Raw Revolution. It will feature the best Raw has to offer and it will have Pay-Per-View quality matches.

Solid pop.

Jerry Lawler: Next week, our main event will be Randy Orton... defending his WWE Championship against the winner of a twenty man battle royal later on tonight.

Orton’s incensed but Lawler ignores his annoyance and continues on.

Jerry Lawler: But for tonight – since you two groups want to go so badly, I’m going to make two matches. One of them, a tag team match. The Monarchy’s World Tag Team Champions will face off against Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. And if Rhodes and DiBiase win, they will get another match next week, where they’ll have a chance at winning the tag team championships.

Rhodes and DiBiase grin and nod, then they look at Drew and Nigel before making the universal “title sign” by moving their hands across their stomachs.

Jerry Lawler: But as for you, Mr. Regal and you Randy Orton ... we will have ourselves a Champion Versus Champion match. The Intercontinental Champion, William Regal will face off against the WWE Champion Randy Orton in our main event!

Massive pop from the crowd. Regal looks at Randy with a grin, before The Monarchy back off, exiting the ring and backing up the ramp. The Legacy stare at them as they go, before Orton looks down at this WWE Championship which he will have to defend next week.

Michael Cole: Wow! Jerry Lawler just lay down the law to these two dangerous stables, and not only that – we heard a series of huge announcements!

Mick Foley: Oh I cannot wait for next week, The Viper will have to defend his championship on Raw! When was the last time that happened?

Michael Cole: I honestly can’t remember. But that’s not all, tonight he will face off against William Regal and the World Tag Team Champions will face Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase!

Mick Foley: Y’know... I won the WWE Championship on an episode of Raw, perhaps we’ll see someone do what I did.

Michael Cole: We just might, Mick. Ladies and gentleman, it’s been a fiery start to Raw, but after the break we will recap Fully Loaded for you, and bring you up to speed on a great night that ended in horror. Join us after these short messages.

We now go to the commercials with Legacy discussing something in the ring, as do The Monarchy on the ramp.


We come back to Raw, and we head straight to the announce table where the smiling faces of Michael Cole and Mick Foley are waiting.

Michael Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw, and right now before the action continues, we are going to take you back to last night. It was Fully Loaded, which took place at the o2 Arena in London, it was a great night of action so let’s remind you of that night.

We now fade into a video package, which begins with the words “Last Night”. First up, is the Money In The Bank Briefcase bout which was contested between CM Punk and Jack Swagger with The Straight-Edge Superstar coming out on top. Next up, we transition into the Women’s Championship match where Maryse successfully defended the belt against Katie Lea, albeit by some dodgy ways. Now, we head into the big six man tag winner take all match between The Monarchy and Rey Mysterio and his partners, Cryme Tyme. In the end, thanks to Nigel McGuiness’ Tower of London, The Monarchy retained their championships. The penultimate match we get clips of is the grudge match between Shawn Michaels and The Miz which HBK won in the end, but was subject to even more disrespect as The Miz gave up the chance to shake the man’s hand. Finally, the WWE Championship is successfully defended by Randy Orton, but the footage takes a turn for the worse when he punts The Undertaker in the head and Legacy hoist him into the sky on a cross.

After the video, we are back in the arena where The Masterpiece, Chris Masters is waiting in the ring, showing of his physique as the commentators chime in once more.

Michael Cole: It was a fantastic night of action, only to be marred by the events that closed the show. We saw Randy Orton try to justify what he did at the beginning of the show, only to be interrupted by William Regal, which led to our main event being announced, a Champion Versus Champion match.

Mick Foley: And not only that, we found out next week will be a very special Raw Revolution show where Orton will defend his WWE Championship against the winner of a twenty man battle royal which will take place later tonight.

Michael Cole: That’s not all we have for you tonight ladies and gentleman, we have the debut of Sheamus, Shawn Michaels will be in the building and Mickie James will take on Gail Kim.

Mick Foley: It’s going to be some night.

The bell rings...

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, already in the ring, weighing two hundred and sixty five pounds... The Masterpiece, CHRIS – MASTERS!


Since his debut, he has been gaining louder and louder pops, and this is no different as TJ Perkins gets a solid reaction from the England crowd. The Puma hops out onto the stage, looking fired up with a sleeveless top hoodie thing, I can’t explain it – look up AJ Styles (). Perkins quickly jogs down the ramp, slapping a few of the lucky fans hands before climbing up the steps.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent... from Los Angeles, California... weighing one hundred and seventy two pounds, T-J – PERKINS!

Michael Cole: TJ Perkins has been on a rollercoaster ride of a WWE Career. He first joined, knocking of Jack Swagger and then competing on Pay-Per-View for CM Punk’s Money In The Bank Briefcase. He came up short but that hasn’t stopped him wowing audiences with his innovative move set.

Mick Foley: If I could compare him to anyone, I would compare him to the former Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio or perhaps SmackDown’s Evan Bourne. He has competed all over the world, honing his skills, and he’s one of the quickest Superstars I have ever seen.

TJ climbs into the ring, he keeps an eye on Masters as he ascends the turnbuckle. TJ bends down and then back up quickly, throwing his hood back and revealing a beaming smile. He takes his thing off and throws it to some random fan, the lucky S.O.B, Perkins drops back down and stays in the corner. The referee, Chad Patton checks both men are ready, and then he calls for the bell.

Match One – Singles Contest
Chris Masters vs. TJ Perkins

We join this match around six minutes in, and it’s been a very fast start for TJ but he eventually ran out of steam and that has allowed Masters to take control of the bout. The Masterpiece currently has TJ perched on the top of a turnbuckle; he climbs to the second rope and pulls TJ to his feet. Masters hooks his opponents arm around his neck and attempts a Superplex but TJ manages to hook his feet around the metal bar connecting the buckle to the post. The Puma then repeatedly punches the side of Chris, forcing him to let go, TJ then hits him in the head with a forearm, Masters stumbles but lands on his feet only to see TJ rise to a standing position and fly through the air, looking for a cross body... but Masters catches him in mid-air, showing his strength as he walks TJ into the centre of the ring and smashes him down into the mat with a slam! Cole screams “THIS IS IT” as Masters covers his opponent, looking for the win... one... two... PERKINS KICKS OUT!

The Manchester crowd respond with a solid pop, but TJ seems in a bad way as Masters sits with his hands on his lap. The Masterpiece looks at the referee for a second, but then forcefully yanks TJ to his feet. Chris Irish-whips him into the corner, with so much force that TJ stumbles forward out of the corner, only to be ABSOLUTELY LEVELLED WITH A RUNNING CLOTHESLINE! TJ flops like a fish out of water, and this time it may be over as The Masterpiece hooks the leg... one... two... T- NO! TJ gets his shoulder up to another good pop, Masters sits up and shakes his head. He stands up and walks around the ring, and then reaches his hands up, and clasps them together which Cole replies with “Masterlock time”. Chris waits, stalks TJ as he stands up, he sneaks up behind him and grabs him, looking to LOCK IN THE MASTERLOCK... but TJ drops down... pulls his feet up, puts them on the chest of his opponent and flips him over his head!

Masters rises to his feet quickly, turning around and rushing at TJ who ducks a clothesline, Masters stops in his tracks behind TJ but he saw that coming and Perkins HITS A PELE KICK TO THE HEAD OF MASTERS! Chris stumbles back, but doesn’t fall so TJ sprints forward and connects with a running jumping Hurricanrana! Masters gets to his feet quickly but TJ is on the apron, he SPRINGBOARDS UP AND CONNECTS WITH A SPRINGBOARD SPACEMAN TORNADO DDT! He scampers the cover with Cole marking over the unique move! One... two... TH- NO! MASTERS KICKS OUT!! TJ pulls the hair on his head, but then climbs to his feet and stands with his back to Masters’ chest, and then CONNECTS WITH A STANDING CORKSCREW MOONSAULT! Instead of going for the cover though, TJ climbs to the top rope and GOES FOR HIS 450 SPLASH... BUT MASTERS ROLLS OUT THE WAY!! This match is continuing as Masters gets up, he kicks TJ in the stomach and pulls him up for The MasterBomb but TJ manages to push off of Masters shoulders and land on his feet. And he SMASHES HIM IN THE HEAD WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK! TJ quickly climbs the turnbuckle and CONNECTS WITH THE 450 SPLASH!

Winner – TJ Perkins @ 9.02


Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner – T-J – PERKINS!

TJ climbs off Masters, slowly getting to his feet and then gets his hand raised by Patton. Chad goes off to check on Masters, leaving Perkins to climb the turnbuckle and raise his hand in celebration. The Puma climbs down and rolls out the ring, he begins to walk up the ramp, smiling from ear to ear at his hard thought win tonight, slapping a few hands on the way.

Michael Cole: TJ just keeps on rolling.

Mick Foley: I love watching this guy in the ring, Michael, one of the most entertaining Superstars on the roster and I can’t wait to see more of him.

Michael Cole: Chris Masters, who has been on a roll himself on Superstars, just can’t seem to transfer that to Raw, he will need to soon before Jerry Lawler becomes tired of it.


We’re backstage, where The Viper, the WWE Champion Randy Orton is walking down a hallway. He gets a massive heel reaction, his Legacy brethren nowhere to be seen. The Apex Predator continues to walk but stops and looks off to the side.

Randy Orton: You got something to say to me?

The camera pans out and we see CM PUNK sitting on a production box. He gets a solid cheer and he drops down from the box, grabs his briefcase and walks over to Orton, standing right in front of The Viper.

CM Punk: Just, uh... what you did last night... it was... it was too far. And to be honest, I’m getting sick of seeing you punt everyone you face in the head.

Orton looks in Punk’s eyes, searching for something before speaking.

Randy Orton: People can condemn Legacy for putting Undertaker on the cross... but when he did it to Cody and Ted – no one cared.

Punk presses his lips together as Orton looks at him up and down.

Randy Orton: You’re sick of watching punt after punt? Frankly, I don’t care. If you have a problem with it... then do something about it.

Orton and Punk take a step closer to each other, nose to nose.

Randy Orton: But just remember this – if you do attempt to do something about it... then I have no problem with – punting – you – in the – skull – once again.

This draws rather loud heat from the crowd while Punk shakes his head, he’s remembering the time he was punted in the head by The Viper.

CM Punk: I remember that very vividly Randy. But it wasn’t the punt that I remember, it was the fact that you cost me my World Heavyweight Championship.

Orton breathes in, his temple throbbing. Meanwhile, Punk scans his face for any emotion.

CM Punk: Guess what Randy? See this?

Punk brings the briefcase up to the side of his head, keeping his gaze on Orton as The Viper glances at it.

CM Punk: I hold the future of your championship reign in my grasp. I can cash this in at any time... and end your reign – just – like – that.

The Straight-Edge Superstar lowers his briefcase but continues to look at Orton.

CM Punk: And when I choose to do this... I can’t say. But it will be when you least expect it. When I do though – I finally get retribution for what you did to me.

Huge pop for that. Punk and Orton continue to stare at each other, the tension is evident as Punk has used the word retribution against The Viper.

Randy Orton: You have been threatening me for weeks with that case. And I’m getting sick of it. Continue threatening me without doing anything – and you’ll go the same way as Triple H and The Undertaker.

Heat for the threat but Punk doesn’t back down.

Randy Orton: You cash that in on me... mark my words... it will be the last time you set foot in that ring.

The tension continues as the two alpha males stare into each other eyes, waiting for something unknown to happen but eventually Orton looks away and walks off. He’s made his point to Punk, and he leaves The Straight-Edge Superstar deep in thought.

The cameras now cut away from the tension filled confrontation, and we arrive at the Raw Interview Set where Josh Matthews is waiting, smiling face welcoming us warmly.

Josh Matthews: Please welcome my guest at this time... the Undisputed Women’s Champion – Maryse.

Surprisingly, for a Diva, she gets a massive amount of heat, probably due to what she done last night. Regardless, Maryse walks into the shot, looking as beautiful as ever with a silver dress on and the Women’s Title around her shoulder.

Josh Matthews: First of all, Maryse, I’d like to congratulate you on retaining your championship, albeit under dubious circumstances, let’s take a look.

Maryse rolls her eyes while the camera zooms in on the TV set behind them and we get clips from Fully Loaded, of Maryse and Katie Lea making their entrances then taking part in a back and forth match. It ends with Maryse rolling Katie up and winning the match via cheating. We cut back to the interview set with the crowd booing once again. But in true bitch form, Maryse is actually grinning!

Josh Matthews: And Maryse, what I, what I think everyone wants to know – is why you had to resort to cheating to win the match?

Josh asks the question dutifully but Maryse doesn’t answer straight away. Instead, she glances at her championship and then looks down at her dress, smoothing it down before speaking.

Maryse: Don’t I look amazing, Josh? Doesn’t zis Women’s Championship look beautiful around my shoulder?

Josh stammers, the poor awkward lad. Maryse laughs a little at how uncomfortable she is making Joshua.

Maryse: Zis championship deserves to be around ze waist of ze most beautiful Diva in ze WWE, not some goth reject from zis classless country.

The champion laughs to herself while the fans scream boos at her.

Maryse: You say I cheated to win, zat couldn’t be further from ze truth, Josh. I wouldn’t say I cheated to win , rather... took advantage of a situation which presented itself to moi. All I have to say to Katie Lea, is tough luck. She failed to win ze Women’s Championship in her own home town.

Maryse pauses, receiving a “YOU-SUCK” chant. ()

Maryse: Ordinarily Joshua – that would be embarrassing for zat gothic reject but she was facing moi. Ze greatest Diva of all time. You name them, I’m better than them. Mae Young? I’m better. Lita? I’m better. Trish Stratus? I’m better.

Maryse shines up her title on her shoulder while receiving more heat from the crowd. For a Diva, she is getting quite the reaction.

Maryse: Je suis Champion WWE Undisputed les femmes tout. Personne, pas Mickie, Michelle McCool et surtout pas Katie-

Maryse stops talking in her French language and looks into the distance. Josh turns and swivels to the side, allowing KATIE LEA to enter the camera shot. She gets a loud pop from the crowd tonight, she looks at the Women’s Championship then back to Maryse.

Katie Lea: I would be Women’s Champion right now, if not for you cheating to win.

Roll of the eyes from Maryse while she taps her belt.

Katie Lea: You may think you are the greatest of all time... but you are from it. In fact, until you beat me cleanly, you will always be inferior to me. And you will always be known as a paper champion.

Maryse’s cocky attitude seems to have disappeared as she is now focused on Katie’s face.

Katie Lea: You may be the prettiest Diva in the company, a Diva who gets phone calls every day for photo shoots and appearances but when I’m done with you – you’re face will need a lot of surgery, not that you haven’t had a lot done already.

Oh snap! Maryse screams in French “I’m all natural!”.

Katie Lea: You won’t be recievin’ any more photo shoots or interviews and you sure as hell will not be Women’s Champion.

Katie pauses allowing the fans to cheer her on but then Maryse opens her mouth. Meanwhile, we catch Josh checking the two Divas out, the fox.

Maryse: Hmm – zat’s cute. But you had your chance, you had your shot and you will not be receiving another. I am ze Women’s Champion, and I will be ze champion for a very long time to come.

Maryse grins now but so does Katie surprisingly.

Katie Lea: Well I hate- actually no, I love to inform you that I just came from Jerry Lawler’s office.

Maryse’s grin now turns to a frown.

Katie Lea: And I have cashed in my rematch clause. Maryse, you will lose your championship next week when I take it from you at Raw Revolution!

The crowd cheer loudly while Katie smiles from ear to ear. Maryse is in total contrast, looking like she’s been hit with a wet fish. Katie walks away, brushing past Maryse and walking off into the distance, the camera zooming in on the championship belt.

Michael Cole: Well, what do you make of that Mick? We now have a Undisputed Women’s Championship match next week along with a WWE Championship contest.

Mick Foley: It seems Jerry Lawler is pulling out all the stops for next weeks show, and I can’t say I’m adverse to it. This is what it should be, Pay-Per-View quality matches every week.

Michael Cole: We gotta’ save something for the big shows, Mick, but I can’t wholly disagree with you. All I can say is I can’t wait for next week now.

*NEW DAY...*

The crowd rise to their feet and respond with a massive amount of heat, all of it directed at the two men walking down the ramp. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Ted is currently rocking red short tights while Rhodes has gone for the regular black tights. They are decked out in Legacy tees and when they walk down the ramp, they talk some strategy among themselves. Once they are about half way down, they split apart for a bit and walk on their own, soaking in the atmosphere.

Lillian Garcia: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase – THE – LEGACY!

Michael Cole: Y’know, I remember when Cody and Ted began in this company. Cody was took under the wing by a man known as Hardcore Holly, and if he watches this show, he is shaking his head at what Cody has become. And for Ted, god knows what his father must think.

Mick Foley: Isn’t it fitting though? Ted DiBiase’s father brought The Undertaker into the WWE, and his son played a vital part in perhaps ridding him from the company.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton has got in the mind of these two young Superstars, they are learning from one of the best, but also one of the worst if you understand.

Mick Foley: I do. But it was their choice to join Legacy. As you’ll recall, originally they were more than just three members. The Viper weeded the weak links out in Sim Snuka and Manu, and we’re left with three of the most dangerous Superstars in the WWE.

Cody and Ted walk around the ring to the steel steps nearest the announce table and quickly jog up them. They step into the ring and ascend the turnbuckles; they take off their shirts and throw them down to the mat before raising their hands.


But then they swiftly turn their heads to the stage where The Monarchy’s World Tag Team Champions, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness walk onto the stage. Both have the championships around their waists and the crowd are showering them with cheers. Drew and Nigel look at each other briefly before setting off down the ramp, they keep their eyes on Legacy and McIntyre slides into the ring while McGuiness climbs the steel steps.

Lillian Garcia: Introducing their opponents, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness – THE – MONARCHY!

Michael Cole: Nigel McGuiness and Drew McIntyre successfully defended their World Tag Team Championships last night, teaming with William Regal to defeat Rey Mysterio and Cryme Tyme. If we were in America, or any other country bar here, they would be getting booed out the building. But right now they are very popular here.

Mick Foley: Well they are home town hero’s. Drew McIntyre is from Scotland but he still represents the United Kingdom, as do Regal, Nigel and Barrett, once we get back to America I bet the cheers stop and the boos start.

Michael Cole: Be that as it may, tonight they face The Legacy, a formidable team and perhaps if Legacy win they may just get a opportunity at the World Tag Team Championships.

The Monarchy hand their championships to the referee who hand them to someone at ringside. Rhodes stretches in the corner, waiting for Drew to take off his shirt. Nigel and Ted wait on the apron as the referee checks Rhodes and McIntyre are ready. And then Charles Robinson calls for the bell.

Match Two – Tag Team Contest
The Legacy; Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. The Monarchy; Drew McIntyre & Nigel McGuiness

We join this bout around seven minutes in, and McIntyre and McGuiness have just connected with a double team move. McIntyre had Rhodes on his back, on his knee, while Nigel climbed to the top rope and dived off and connected with a leg drop to the elevated neck of Rhodes! Robinson ushered McIntyre out of the ring while Rhodes clutched his neck, coughing and grasping for breath. The Englishman forcefully pulls Rhodes onto his back and hooks the inside leg... one... two... NO! DiBiase reacts with relief as Rhodes gets the shoulder off the canvas to a bit of heat. He clutches his neck once again, getting his breath back but McGuiness doesn’t give him much time to recover. He yanks him to his feet, throws him into the ropes, he rebounds into a huge clothesline which nearly takes his head off! McGuiness doesn’t hook the leg this time though, instead he steps over Rhodes a and tags in his partner, The Scotsman, Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre walks over to Rhodes and yanks him forcefully to his feet. Drew pushes him into the ropes and Irish-whips him over to the other side but Rhodes reverses it, sending Drew on his way. The Sinister Scotsman hits the ropes, but he falls to his knees when he is kicked in the back by DiBiase! He grabs his back before exploding from his knees and knocking The Million Dollar Son off the apron to a loud cheer. Robinson scolds him for that, and when Drew turns his attention back to Rhodes, he sees him running at him and his smashed in the stomach with a running knee, flipping him over! His momentum causes him to sit up, the pain on his face is very evident but Rhodes grabs his shoulders and yanks him down, going for the cover... one... two... KICK OUT! The Manchester crowd cheer the Brit’s kick out but Rhodes reaches over and tags in DiBiase who recovered and got onto the apron. Ted walked over to Drew and yanked him to his feet, he put his arm around his neck and flipped him over, connecting with a suplex! DiBiase quickly rushed to the cover, not allowing McIntyre to breath... one... two... NO! Nigel suddenly shouts “C’MON DREW!” but Ted doesn’t give him a chance, pulling him into Legacy’s corner and tagging in Cody. Ted pulls him back out of the corner, holding him in place, while Cody winds up and connects with a couple of free punches to the cranium of McIntyre. Ted lets go of Drew when Charles screams at him to get out.

But the double teaming continues as Cody tags in Ted, again, just like before – Cody holds Drew in place while Ted connects with a few punches. The duo then turn McIntyre around, and flip him over, connecting with a double suplex! Ted goes for the cover, looking at Nigel as he does so... one... two... TH- NO! Amazing kick out from Drew as Nigel continues to scream at him “C’MON DREW... C’MON!”. Ted walks over to Nigel, standing a few feet away from him and talks some trash, telling him “YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING!”. DiBiase turns around, away from the annoyed Nigel and kicks Drew in the stomach and throws him back into the corner. Ted tags in Cody, and like before, Ted holds Drew in place for Cody to hit a couple of unanswered shot. He winds up for one last shot... BUT DREW MCINTYRE DUCKS! CODY HAS JUST PUNCHED TED! Ted drops like a potato and rolls out of the ring, while Cody looks shocked, he turns back to Drew who explodes from the ground, connecting with a forearm smash! Both men are down now, but now Ted has managed to get back onto the apron, he sees the problem developing as Drew begins to crawl to his partner. Ted shouts to Cody “CODY... HURRY UP... TAG!” while Nigel shouts “C’MON LAD!”. The crowd clap over and over, as they both near their opponents, Cody gets the tag first to Ted but not one second after that – DREW TAGS IN NIGEL!!

The crowd goes wild for the home town hero as Nigel meets Ted in the centre of the ring, ducking a clothesline, rebounding off the ropes and smashes into Ted with a clothesline of his own! But Ted gets right back to his feet, although he runs into Nigel again who flips him over with a deep arm drag... and then another! DiBiase ends up in the corner, licking his wounds but Nigel sprints at him and takes a tooth out with a running European uppercut! Ted’s eyes glaze over as he stumbles out into a waiting Nigel, who PLANTS HIM WITH A SNAP DDT!! His head smashes against the canvas but Nigel quickly turns him onto his back and covers him... one... two... THRE-NO!! “CODY RHODES JUST SAVED THE MATCH” shouts Cole at ringside as Drew McIntyre enters the ring and pulls Rhodes off Nigel, whipping him into ropes, but Rhodes hangs on, and flips McIntyre over his head and out onto the mat below!! Rhodes points at Drew, shouting “I GOT YOU!” but he turns around and gets clotheslined over the top by Nigel! The crowd should be cheering but they are booing, DiBiase is sneaking up behind Nigel, but he hasn’t noticed! Ted grabs him from behind... GOING FOR DREAM STREET... BUT MCGUINESS SPINS OUT OF IT... AND KEEPS A HOLD OF TED’S ARM... BRINGS HIM TO HIS KNEES AND LOCKS IN LONDON DUNGEON... CHARLES CHECKS ON TED BUT HE EVENTUALLY TAPS OUT!!

Winner – The Monarchy; Drew McIntyre & Nigel McGuiness via Submission @ 13.47


Lillian Garcia: Here are your winners via submission – Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness – THE MONARCHY!

Nigel waits a couple of seconds before letting go, adding insult to injury as Robinson rings the bell and begins demanding that he let go. Eventually he does so, walking away from Ted and being handed his World Tag Team Championship, Drew joins him after a few moments with his own championship that he grabbed from ringside. While Cody reaches in and pulls his partner out of the ring. The crowd cheer Nigel and Drew as they climb the turnbuckles and raise their championships above their heads.

Michael Cole: It appears it’s one nothing to The Monarchy in the battle of the stables.

Mick Foley: That it does, but it on a different night, it could have been a very different result.

Michael Cole: We’ll have to wait until later to see if Randy Orton can even things up in our main event. Folks, we have to take a quick commercial break, but don’t go anywhere because after the commercial, you will witness the debut of Sheamus! Don’t go anywhere.

Before we throw it to the commercial, a graphic comes up hyping Sheamus’ debut. And to the break we go.


Monday Night Raw returns and we’re straight backstage. We’re in a locker room where Mr. Kennedy and MVP are standing, talking, and the two them are very animated.

Mr. Kennedy: It’s the best possible solution. Think about it, no one else will think of it. The best possible solution is for the two of us – you and me – MVP and Mr. Kennedy to actually, shock horror – work together.

Kennedy pauses, chewing his gum rather loudly as MVP glances at the floor then back at his “tag team partner”.

MVP: D’you have to do that?

Mr. Kennedy: Do what?

MVP: Chew your gum like a horse bitin’ a mint.

Kennedy swings his head from side to side, mocking laughter directed at MVP’s bad quip.

MVP: But I do hear ya’, I-

Mr. Kennedy: Look... a certain blonde headed hall of famer – wooooo – Ric Flair had faith in me, faith in us.

Kennedy puts his hands on his hips. You go girl!

MVP: Yeah but-

Mr. Kennedy: But nothin’. Look, we haven’t cracked on like Ric wanted us to... but we have a chance tonight. If we work together, in the battle royal – then we’ll be the last two left. And when I eliminate you-

MVP throws his hand up.

MVP: Actually, that’s not how I see it going down. As you know, I am The Ballin’ Superstar and if anyone should be gettin’ a shot it’s me.

Mr. Kennedy: Whatever. But if we work together, one of us will get a chance at the championship. And then when I win the WWE Championship from Orton – you’ll get the first shot at Vengeance.

The Ballin’ Superstar shakes his head.

MVP: Or maybe it will be me defendin’ against you at Vengeance.

Mr. Kennedy: Either way – Ric wanted us to get a long, he said we could be one of the greatest tag teams of all time. We need to put past arguments and moments where they belong and get on the same page. If not for us, then for Ric.

MVP thinks for a second. After those said seconds, he starts nodding his head and raises his hand, Kennedy meets his hand and the two embrace in a MANLY millisecond hug.

We leave the locker room now and arrive at Jerry Lawler’s office, where the Raw General Manager is talking to one of the more popular Divas, Mickie James. They don’t get much of a chance to talk though as suddenly The All American, Jack Swagger walks into the shot, interrupting the two of them. Mickie leaves the men to their business.

Jerry Lawler: Jack... what can I do for you?

Jack Swagger: Listen, Jerry, I want another shot. Last night, it didn’t happen. Last night was a fluke. I want another shot at Punk.

Lawler nods, almost as if he saw this coming.

Jerry Lawler: Jack... you’ve had your shot at the briefcase. I can’t just give you another shot at it.

Swagger shakes his head from side to side.

Jack Swagger: It’s not the case I want at the minute. It’s Punk. At this moment in time, I simply want to get my hands on him.

The All American waits for a response while Lawler contemplates his response.

Jack Swagger: Look... I can get a shot at the WWE Championship by winning the battle royal. I just want a shot at getting retribution on Punk.

Lawler sighs while Swagger still waits for an answer.

Jerry Lawler: Alright... I’ll think about it. But right now, you better go get ready for the battle royal.

Despite not getting a clear answer, The All American seems content with the response, turns on his heels and exits the room. The Raw GM watches him go as we cut to the main arena.

In the ring, appears to be the same man that was on SmackDown last week, by the name of Jammy Fino (in actuality is TNA’s Zema Ion).

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from the Philippines, weighing one hundred and seventy pound – The Hero Of The Phillipines – JAMMY – FINO!

Michael Cole: I saw this man on SmackDown, he and his partner were named as the best tag team that the Philippines has to offer, and now Jammy Fino beng named as The Hero Of The Phillipines.

Mick Foley: I watched that too, but what I saw was Ezekiel Jackson destroying him and his tag team partner. Perhaps he’ll do a better job tonight.

Jammy Fino raises his hands in the air but then turns to the stage to hear...


The hype videos that have been playing for weeks seems to have done their jobs as Sheamus receives a solid pop as he walks onto the stage. The rather pale gentleman walks down the ramp, reaching half way before extending his arms out and shouting out. He continues to venture down, stopping to low five some fans, he reaches the ring and looks at Jammy, almost laughing a little to himself.

Lillian Garcia: His opponent, from Dublin, Ireland... weighing two hundred and sixty seven pounds – The Celtic Warrior – SHEAMUS!

Michael Cole: We have been waiting for weeks for this moment, the debut of Sheamus!

Mick Foley: He couldn’t have a more intimidating first opponent.

Cole snorts in laughter at Mick’s comment while Sheamus climbs into the ring, he walks over to the ropes at the hard camera and extends his arms once more. He turns and is told to get into the corner by Justin King, who’ll be pulling double duty as we have a Divas bout to come.

Match Three – Debut Bout
Jammy Fino vs. Sheamus

I don’t even need to skip ahead for this match, as when the bell rings, the enthusiastic Fino walks forward and extends his fist to Sheamus, shouting “BRO!”. The Irishman looks rather perplexed and looks out to the crowd who respond with boos, instructing him not to fist bump The Fino. So instead, Sheamus explodes out the corner and takes him down with a mega clothesline! He has a smile on his face when he gets up but Jammy hasn’t moved at all, that is until Sheamus yanks him to his feet and pulls him up onto his shoulders and connects with a rolling fireman’s carry! Sheamus’ momentum means he’s up on is feet almost instantly, but Jammy is down and out. Instead of covering him, Sheamus pulls him up to his feet, and plants him once more with what Michael Cole calls White Noise! The fans cheer as Sheamus goes for the cover, one... two... THREE!

Winner – Sheamus @ 1.03


Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner – SHEAMUS!

Sheamus stays on top of Fino for a second longer; he then pushes himself up and climbs to his feet. Justin lifts his arm in the air, the Irishman smiling at his BIG win. He exits the ring, high fiving a few hands on his way up the ramp. Once half way up, he turns around and extends his hands once more, screaming out in celebration.

Michael Cole: On his debut, Sheamus was able to defeat, reportedly the greatest the Philippines has to offer. The waiting is over, we have just seen how dominant this man can be, the question remains, can he press on and become a star on this show?

Mick Foley: He’s got all the tools to so in my books. He’s a little too white for my taste but that’s beside the point.

SmackDown Lo-Down
The recap kicks off with the announcement that there will be a contract signing between the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy and the number one contender, John Cena. In which, the tension is evident, and even Cena says the only reason he isn’t ramming his fist down Matt’s throat is because the security is blocking his way. But Matt rubs the fact that he’s managed to get the better of Cena not once, not twice but three times. The World Champion puts himself over, saying he is the best wrestler on the roster and the WWE is in a state of “changing of the guard” now that he is World Heavyweight Champion. Eventually, the contract signing becomes violent with Cena launching himself over the table, the security try to restrain him but he fights them off and puts one of them through the table with an Attitude Adjustment.


We’re back, and we’re backstage where Sheamus is walking like only he can. He gets congratulated by a couple of people, he responds in kind but then stops when the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal steps in front of him with a smile. Regal gets a massive reception from the Manchester crowd.

William Regal: Allow me to introduce myself. Sir William Regal, Intercontinental Champion and the leader of The Monarchy.

Sheamus grins.

Sheamus: Yeah, I know who you are, fella.

This time it’s Regal’s turn to smirk.

William Regal: I figured you would. The reason I stopped you Sheamus... is to... congratulate you and extend a fond welcome onto Monday Night Raw.

The crowd pop while Sheamus nods.

Sheamus: Roight, well, I appreciate that.

Sheamus begins to walk off but Regal sticks a hand across his chest, stopping him in his tracks.

William Regal: But in actuality, I do have an alterior motive for stopping you, Sheamus. You impressed me out there, Sheamus, and it takes a lot to impress the current Intercontinental Champion.

Sheamus glances at the title on Regal’s shoulder.

William Regal: As a result, I’m extending a very courteous offer, and offer which only comes around once in a lifetime Sheamus. Sheamus – I want you to join The Monarchy.

Sheamus raises his eyebrows. While the fans inside the arena cheer.

Sheamus: You’re roight – that’s a very kind offer. But I dunno, I’d need some-

William Regal: I know I’m putting you on the spot, Sheamus, and for that reason I will give you a week. Seven days for you to decide. I’ll expect your answer next Monday.

With the evil grin, Regal exits the scene, leaving Sheamus to ponder his response as we cut to a video.


The video opens in a dark room, a man is standing with a light shining behind him, shadowing his face, but we can tell it’s The Viper, Randy Orton staring at the ground.

Creepy Male Narrator: Vengeance.

Crashing shots of Orton looking up slowly, while interspersed are shots of him punting Vince McMahon in the head, The Viper completes the motion of looking up.

Creepy Male Narrator: Vengeance is the infliction of injury on a man who has wronged you.

Shot of Randy, in slow motion, RKO’ing Ric Flair.

Creepy Male Narrator:Vengeance is when Superstars take action against their enemies.

Greyed-out footage of The Viper and Legacy raising The Undertaker on a cross.

Creepy Male Narrator: Vengeance equals pain. For who? Isn’t always clear.

Now, we get footage of Backlash where Orton punts Triple H in the head.

We’re back in the room, we see Orton grinning at the camera, and then he walks past it.

Then we footage of him punting The Animal, Batista in the skull.

Back in the room, an unknown man enters the room, walking in front of the camera, we can’t see the man’s face though.

???: Vengeance will be mine.


~ WWE Vengeance ~

Michael Cole: Indeed, in just a short four weeks, we will be at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia for WWE Vengeance!

Mick Foley: I love those Philadelphia crowds, Michael, no doubt about it that they’ll be ready for an amazing night of action.

In the ring, the bell rings and Lillian Garcia steps forward.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest, is a twenty man battle royal, where the winner will receive a WWE Championship match next week on Raw Revolution!



The awesome music of The Miz plays and he sharply walks onto the stage. The fans respond with some good heat, but he ignores it, walking down the ramp quickly, he looks like he means business tonight. Instead of jumping up onto the apron, he simply slides into it and grabs a microphone before Garcia can introduce him.

Michael Cole: Apparently we are going to hear from The Miz before this match begins.

Mick Foley: Oh great.

The Miz paces furiously from side to side, looking at the microphone before speaking into it, still walking.

The Miz: Last night was meant to be my night.

He’s speaking in that low-tone that we’ve come to associate with him being pissed.

The Miz: It was meant to my night, my night, MY MOMENT! But it was ripped away from me. I had it in my grasp, I had Shawn Michaels beat, damn it.

The Miz scans the arena, still pacing from side to side while the crowd boo him.

The Miz: It was meant to the moment where I proved all the doubters the wrong. The moment where I prove I am meant to be in the WWE. It was taken away because of an inept referee and the despicable actions of Shawn Michaels.

More heat at this statement.

The Miz: I had him down. I HAD HIM DOWN AND OUT!

He has to take a second to regain his composure.

The Miz: I hit him with Skull Crushing Finale, and had him down for three. But where was the referee? I had him beat, I beat him! But that’s not what the record books will say, will they? I then checked on the referee, but he ignored me, and when I turned round I got Super Kicked in the face.

Huge pop at this.

The Miz: And then lo and behold, the ref made a complete recovery and counted the three. I was screwed, SCREWED OUT OF MY MOMENT! Shawn Michaels cheated and I want-


The Miz turns sharply to the stage, pouting as he does so, obviously not pleased to be interrupted. The crowd on the other hand, cheer extremely loudly as the future hall of famer, Shawn Michaels walks out onto the stage. He does his usual stuff on the stage, dancing for the crowd, a total 180 from the emotions of The Miz. Nonetheless, The Miz watches as his rival walks down the ramp, stopping to kneel on the ramp and setting off his pyro. The crowd cheer the explosion as Michaels slaps a few of the fans hands.

Michael Cole: Both of these men are meant to be in the battle royal, which is actually meant to kick off at this very moment.

Mick Foley: Well, these two have something’s to get off their chest, this is a volatile situation so the battle royal can wait.

Michael Cole: These two do have unfinished business, last night Shawn Michaels did win the match but The Miz did have him down for a three count.

Michaels slides into the ring, brushes past The Miz and grabs a microphone. He then stands in front of The Miz, a couple feet away.

The Miz: I wasn’t finished. Did I tell you-

Out of nowhere – MICHAELS KICKS THE MIZ’ HEAD OFF HIS SHOULDERS! The crowd go wild as Miz hits the deck!


Mick Foley: HA-HA – He had that coming.

In the ring, Michaels stands above Miz and looks out into the crowd, he shrugs his shoulders, and grins, getting another rapturous applause!

Shawn Michaels: I think the time for talkin’ is over, Miz. Ol’ Aitch Bee Kay has a battle royal to win. Ref.

Michaels points at Miz and that encourages two of the referees at ringside to pull him out of the ring and help him up the ramp. They do, and even though The Miz is knocked out, Michaels leads the crowd in a goodbye chant!

Michael Cole: Well, Shawn Michaels it seems has lowered this battle royal from a twenty man to a nineteen man.


Despite The Miz still being carried up the ramp, the action continues as CM Punk makes his entrance. He gets a loud cheer from the crowd as he walks onto the stage, kneeling down and yelling it’s clobbering time! The Straight-Edge Superstar walks past The Miz stopping to ask “What happened, Mike?”. He turns back to face the ring and points at The Miz while looking at Shawn who shrugs again, leading to Punk to shake his head with a smile.

Lillian Garcia: Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas – The Heartbreak Kid – SHAWN MICHAELS!

Lillian pauses before...

Lillian Garcia: Making his way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinois – The Straight-Edge Superstar – C-M-PUNK!

Michael Cole: Shawn and Punk having a little fun there with The Miz, but I guarantee you when the bell rings, the joking will stop.

Mick Foley: The winner receives a WWE Championship match, of course the joking will stop.

Punk climbs the outside of the turnbuckle, raises his briefcase and then drops down from the top.

*NEW DAY...*

Making their second appearance of the evening, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase walk out to a solid amount of heat. The duo begin walking down the ring but we don’t get a chance to hear Lillian introduce them as we cut to a commercial.


The ring has now filled up, but we’ve got a couple more competitors to introduce.


*BOOYAKA 619...*

The crowd respond with an extremely loud pop, Rey Mysterio isn’t facing The Monarchy now so the fans are back on his side. Wrestling fans are a fickle bunch. Regardless, The Master of the 619 sets off his pyrotechnics on each side of the stage. Rey then walks down the ring.

Lillian Garcia: From San Diego, California – REY – MYSTERIO!

Michael Cole: Mysterio has a tough challenge if he wants to challenge the WWE Champion next week, he is the smallest member of the competitors so he’ll have to duck and dive if he wants that shot.

Mick Foley: Don’t forget, Mysterio did win the Royal Rumble. And then won the World Heavyweight Championship, it could happen again.

Rey slides into the ring, struggling to find a spot in the crowded ring.



It’s not as loud as Rey Mysterio’s pop, but Mr. Ken Kennedy does receive a rather sizable positive reaction. It appears as though Kennedy has a microphone in his right hand.

Lillian Garcia: From Green-

Mr. Kennedy: Whoa whoa whoa – Lillian, you should know by now, only Mr. Kennedy can introduce Mr. Kennedy.

The cameras catch Lillian sighing and then sitting down in her chair.

Mr. Kennedy: Now... you are lookin’ at the very man who will walk down this ramp, climb in that ramp, and eliminate every single person in that ring.

Despite the cocky nature of Kennedy’s word, the crowd cheer him on.


Kennedy taps the top of his microphone over and over while walking down the ramp.


*I’M COMIN...*

As Kennedy completes his entrance, his tag team partner, MVP now makes his entrance, getting just as loud a pop as his friend got. The Ballin’ Superstar high steps his way down the ramp, stopping at the bottom, smacking his hands on the steel and then extending them to the side, pyro going off on the stage, in the background.

Lillian Garcia: From Miami, Florida, Montel Vontavious Porter – MVP!

Michael Cole: MVP it appears is our last competitor to enter as The Miz is probably still knocked out.

Mick Foley: Well the ring is rather full, it’d be difficult to get another body in there.

Match Four – Over The Top Rope 20 Man Battle Royal – Winner Recieves A WWE Championship Match
Carlito vs. Charlie Haas vs. CM Punk vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Goldust vs. Jack Swagger vs. Jimmy Yang vs. JTG vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. MVP vs. Nigel McGuiness vs. Primo vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Shad vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Ted DiBiase vs. The Miz (currently M.I.A) vs. TJ Perkins vs. Wade Barrett

( This match was hell to write, so excuse if it’s not up to par.)

The bell rings and all hell breaks loose. The biggest rivals make a beeline for each other, Jack Swagger and Punk, Rey Mysterio and Wade Barrett, while others pair off with random people. We’ll join Mysterio and Barrett in one of the corners, the Englishman has managed to back Rey into it, hitting a number of fists to the stomach, utilizing his bareknuckle fighting background. Rey keels over when he stops, but then Barrett hoists him up so he’s seated on the top rope. Barrett backs away with Rey clutching his stomach, and then The Englishman moves his elbow pad down, about to for his signature elbow, but he’s clubbed from behind by Jimmy Wang! That was a bad move, as Barrett turns around and lashes his elbow of the head off Wang, who goes down with a thud. He’s out cold, but Barrett pulls him up into a gorilla press slam position, but THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND HE LANDS ON THE MAT BELOW!

Elimination #1 – Jimmy Wang by Wade Barrett @ 1.03

Now that Barrett has dispensed with Wang, he turns back to Rey, but he’s on the top rope, and he soars through the air, CONNECTING WITH A CROSS BODY! Meanwhile, the hell that was going on before has managed to calm down and we catch Cody Rhodes planting MVP with a body slam on the left side of the ring, while Goldust on the opposite side hits a neckbreaker on JTG! With everyone else occupied, Goldust and Rhodes turn to face each other, they walk towards each other, some of the crowd do realize that these two are actually brothers and begin to cheer in anticipation of the face off. Goldust and Rhodes talk about something to each other before ‘Dust breathes in sharply, and exhales, causing his brother to take a step back, looking perplexed by his brother. But then Rhodes explodes forward, looking for a clothesline but Goldust ducks, and runs forward hitting the ropes, just as Rhodes does the same on the other side. They run at each other but stop in the middle, and begin talking trash again, only for Carlito to attempt a double clothesline, they both duck and ‘Lito bounces off the ropes and the two brothers connect with a double hip toss!

Some of the crowd cheer the two brothers working together but when Goldust turns back to his brother, he is hit a slap which resonates through the arena! Goldust then turns back and pushes Rhodes into the ropes, going for an Irish-whip but Rhodes reverses and sends ‘Dust into the opposite side, where Ted DiBiase is waiting and he flips Goldust over his head and onto the floor!

Elimination #2 – Goldust by Ted DiBiase @ 2.10

Rhodes looks at DiBiase, and shouts that he wanted to eliminate him, but Ted simply shrugs his shoulders. But then BAM – Rhodes is smashed in the face with SWEET CHIN MUSIC FROM SHAWN MICHAELS! AND THE KICK FLIPS RHODES OVER THE ROPES!

Elimination #3 – Cody Rhodes by Shawn Michaels @2.19

The crowd respond with a solid cheer while Michaels stares down at Cody, he turns around and sees Ted DiBiase rushing at him, so he drops down and FLIPS HIM OVER HIS HEAD... BUT DIBIASE LANDS ON HIS FEET! Ted drops down to his back on the apron and slides back underneath the bottom ropes, while Michaels continues is assault on Ted. Meanwhile, Primo is in severe trouble in one of the corners as Jack Swagger is trying to eliminate him, but he’s hooked his legs around the top rope, his hands on the apron. In other action, Rey Mysterio and Wade Barrett are still doing battle, and it leads to Rey connecting with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, sending Barrett into the second rope, neck first! He dials up the 619 but he runs STRAIGHT INTO A CLOTHESLINE FROM DREW MCINTYRE! Barrett stands up, applauding Drew’s actions but then from the side, comes TJ PERKINS WHO JUMPS UP WITH A JUMPING HURRICANRANA, AND HE TWISTS SO BARRETT FLYS OVER THE TOP ROPE AND ONTO THE FLOOR!

Elimination #4 – Wade Barrett by TJ Perkins @ 3.54

Just as Barrett hits the floor, along the ring from him, Primo hits the deck after Swagger finally managed to break the grip of his hands on the top rope!

Elimination #5 – Primo by Jack Swagger @3.58


Elimination #6 – JTG by Jack Swagger @4.03

The All American then begins going on a spree, exploding out the corner and taking Charlie Haas down with a clothesline. And then grabbing Rey Mysterio from behind, hitting him with a back body drop, before kicking Shawn Michaels in the stomach and smashing him into the mat with a snap DDT! Swagger screams out while we catch Carlito struggling to stay in the ring with Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuinness teaming up on him in one of the corners. The All American lowers his straps and grabs Michaels’ ankle, locking in The Patriot Lock! The crowd are booing but suddenly, Swagger is smashed in the side of the head by CM PUNK! ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! HE STUMBLES BACK INTO THE CORNER WHERE PUNK HITS HIS STEP UP KNEE TO THE FACE! But instead of going for his bull dog, he pulls Swagger out to the middle of the ropes, and then clotheslines him over the top rope!

Elimination #7 – Jack Swagger by CM Punk @ 5.06

Carlito and The Monarchy are still battling in the corner until Shad pops up and evens the odds out. Meanwhile, Charlie Haas has just finished hitting MVP with a knee in the corner, he turns around and is the victim off another hurricanrana, but this time Haas doesn’t go over the top rope, instead TJ is hanging from Haas’ neck while Charlie has managed to keep his feet in the ring. TJ tries to pull him over with his momentum but Haas has hooked his arms under the top rope, leaving Perkins to hold onto Charlie’s neck with his legs. But then MR. KENNEDY COMES UP FROM BEHIND, AND GRABS HAAS BY THE LEGS AND THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE... BUT TJ GRABBED THE MIDDLE ROPE WITH HIS ARMS AND PULLED HIM BACK IN, SO ONLY HAAS HITS THE MAT!

Elimination #8 – Charlie Haas by Mr. Kennedy & TJ Perkins @ 5.55

Kennedy and Perkins begin teeing off on each other, but Kennedy gets the better of him when MVP helps and the two of them back TJ into a corner. Meanwhile, Rey and Shawn are in the opposite corner, Rey’s down on the mat when CM Punk walks up to Michaels, pulling him off Rey and whipping him into a corner. Punk then grabs Mysterio and pulls him to his feet BEFORE WHIPPING HIM INTO MICHAELS! Punk begins to walk over but then gets bulldozed over by Shad with a clothesline. McGuiness is down so Shad must have got the better of him, meanwhile, Drew has Carlito in a precarious position on the apron, Drew backs away a couple of steps but then explodes forward and goes for a shoulder thrust but Carlito gets a knee up! Shad goes to clothesline the staggered McIntyre, but he ducks and Shad runs into Carlito, eliminating him!

Elimination #9 – Carlito by Shad @ 7.02

Shad turns around and witnesses Drew running at him, but he PLANTS HIM WITH A HUGE SPINEBUSTER! The ring bounces with the impact but then Shad is taken down by Ted DiBiase who connects with a chop block! Ted knows it would be difficult to eliminate Shad on his own so he turns his attention away from him and into CM Punk. DiBiase picks Punk up, and whips him into a corner. While this is happening, TJ is fighting his way out of a corner by elbowing and punching MVP and Kennedy! He gets out of the predicament and creates some separation from them. But then the two go for a double clothesline, only for TJ to duck and THEN CONNECT WITH A DOUBLE PELE KICK! THE CROWD CHEER THAT VERY LOUDLY AS TJ TURNS AROUND ... INTO SWEET CHIN MUSIC ... NO... HE DUCKS AND HITS ANOTHER PELE KICK!

TJ doesn’t know who to go for with only a handful of people to choose so he goes for McIntyre who’s on the floor in one of the corners. While this is happening, Ted is attempting to eliminate Punk, who’s doing a good job of blocking his attempts, hanging onto the ropes for dear life on the apron. In a last gasp attempt, he smashes Ted in the face with a forearm, which makes Ted turn around into an oncoming Rey Mysterio, but he Ted ducks a cross body and Rey rolls out onto the apron where Punk is standing. He hasn’t gone over the top so if he hits the floor he’s not eliminated but Punk grabs him, and PULLS HIM UP FOR A GTS... ON THE APRON! But Rey grabs the ropes and pulls himself back into the ring, he gets his bearings and manages to duck an oncoming DiBiase – who continues running and PUNK PULLS THE ROPES DOWN... HE’S OUT!

Elimination #10 – Ted DiBiase by CM Punk @9.12

This leaves Punk and Rey to battle it out. The rest of the Superstars are down except from McIntyre, McGuiness, MVP and Kennedy. The two tag teams battle it out in the middle of the ring, the commentators make note that we could be seeing this in the future as a tag team championship match. McIntyre gets the better of MVP, kicking him in the stomach and hitting him with a facebuster! Meanwhile, Kennedy has got the better of Nigel and forced him into a corner, Drew starts to help him and the duo begin trying to eliminate Kennedy. He’s almost out, on the top turnbuckle, on his stomach as the two try to force him that little bit extra. But then MVP comes up behind Drew and Nigel, along with TJ Perkins and the duo eliminate both Drew and Nigel, Kennedy manages to grab the bottom rope and pull himself in!

Elimination #11 – Drew McIntyre by MVP & TJ Perkins @ 10.43

Elimination #12 – Nigel McGuiness by MVP & TJ Perkins @ 10.43

TJ and MVP glance at each other for a quick second, but then they begin teeing off, with MVP getting the advantage with a knee to the stomach. He whips him into the opposite corner, where Shawn Michaels is waiting with a elbow to the side of the head. As Kennedy gets to a vertical base, MVP turns around AND... WHAT? CLOTHESLINES KENNEDY OVER THE TOP ROPE!! KENNEDY LANDS ON HIS FEET AND LOOKS UP AT MVP WHO SIMPLY SHRUGS AND WALKS AWAY.

Elimination #13 – Mr. Kennedy by MVP @ 10.57

The crowd are somewhat shocked, but MVP doesn’t get any time to rest as Shad is on him in a flash, beating him in the corner as Kennedy makes his way up the ramp. Meanwhile, TJ and Michaels are battling it out in one of the corners, with Michaels using his experience to get the better of The Puma. And while that is happening, Punk is trying to eliminate Mysterio with stomps as he is holding onto the bottom ropes. He decides that’s not going to work so turns his attention to someone else, TJ has countered Michaels with a boot to the face as he went for a running corner clothesline and then TJ climbs onto the second rope, jumps off and hits a jumping Hurricanrana! Shawn lands on the ground, back first, and TJ positions himself, and is about to go for his corkscrew moonsault but Punk kicks him in the stomach and pulls him up for the GTS... only for Perkins to get out of it and go for a roundhouse kick, which Punk manages to duck! The Straight-Edge Superstar then grabs TJ from behind and attempts to throw him over the top rope, but TJ turns the tables, sending Punk onto the apron! Punk clutches onto the top rope but, but TJ connects with a roundhouse kick to the temple, ELIMINATING PUNK!

Elimination #14 – CM Punk by TJ Perkins @ 13.54

The action continues as we see Michaels, Rey Mysterio and MVP attempting to eliminate the big man Shad. MVP is on the apron, pulling him over by his neck while Mysterio and Michaels are grabbing onto his neck. But suddenly... THE MIZ SLIDES INTO THE RING... GRABBING MICHAELS BY THE LEGS AND THROWING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!! MVP manages to slide back underneath the bottom rope as both Shad and Michaels tumble over him!

Elimination #15 – Shad by MVP, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels & The Miz @ 14.43

Elimination #16 – Shawn Michaels by The Miz @ 14.43

The crowd boo the hell out of The Miz as he has just returned to the match, eliminating the man who pinned him last night and super kicked him out of the start of this match. Michaels looks up at The Miz who grins and waves bye to him, but suddenly he turns around into a dropkick by Perkins! He stumbles back into the ropes but HBK leaps onto the apron and pulls the top rope down and The Miz hits the deck.

Elimination #17 – The Miz by TJ Perkins (with help from Shawn Michaels) @14.50

And we are down to three! The three man are in separate corners but the cameras aren’t focused on what’s going on in the ring as Shawn Michaels and The Miz are tumbling around on the mat. Both men try to get on top of the other with The Miz succeeding at first but then HBK flips him over, ending up on top of him and laying into him with shot after shot. The referee’s at ringside manage to split them up, and some added security help to drag them away from the ring and up the ramp, disappearing off into the side as we cut back to the ring.

MVP, Rey Mysterio and TJ exchange glances at each other, neither man moving much, but then finally MVP makes a beeline for Mysterio. Backing him into the corner and pummelling him with forearm smashes onto the back while Rey tries to cover up. MVP then turns around and looks for TJ who is still in his corner, MVP runs at him but TJ runs at him as well, both screaming at each other, almost comically before Perkins ducks, keeps on running and hits the ropes, connecting with a jumping Hurricanrana, and MVP goes flying into a drop-toe-hold by Rey and he lands on the second rope. TJ stands back as Rey dials it up, he bounces off the ropes and hits 619, MVP lands in the middle of the ring, and Mysterio and TJ share a glance – so Perkins quickly climbs the turnbuckle and connects with his 450 Splash for the second time tonight!

When TJ stands up though, Rey goes for a springboard clothesline and connects, taking The Puma down. Rey picks him back up, Irish-whipping him into the corner, but TJ grabs the top ropes, wedges his head in the top turnbuckle and does a hand stand. It’s an amazing feet of strength and balance, Mysterio has to stop for a second to register it, but eventually he runs at TJ who drops down, his feet landing on the shoulders of Rey, he grips the side of his head and lets go of the top, spinning as he does, propelling Rey half way across the ring! TJ raises his hand in the air with a peace sign and looks very pleased with himself, but he doesn’t see Rey on his feet, sprinting at him, and connects with a running cross body! By this time, MVP is back on his feet in the corner, clutching his stomach but walks over to Rey who kicks him in the leg, and then the other leg. MVP backs off into the ropes, where Rey irish-whips him, while TJ is just getting to his knees ... and MVP SMASHES INTO TJ WITH THE DRIVE-BY KICK!!

TJ hits the mat, he seems out of it so MVP turns his attention back to Rey, and catches him in mid-air as he went for another cross body. Porter then ran into the corner, smashing Rey’s back against turnbuckles. He stands Rey up in the corner before backing off, and SPRINTS FORWARD... LOOKING FOR A HIGH BOOT BUT REY DUCKS AND MVP’S LEG GETS CAUGHT ON THE TOP ROPE! Rey turns around and sees his opportunity, he grabs MVP’s free leg and USES ALL HIS STRENGTH TO LIFT HIM OVER THE TOP AND DOWN ONTO THE FLOOR!

Elimination #18 – MVP by Rey Mysterio @ 17.28

Rey crumbles into a seated position in the corner, looking down at MVP who smashes his hand on the mat in frustration but eventually walks slowly away. Mysterio watches as Perkins crawls into the opposite corner, sitting, both men breathing heavily. Cole exclaims that Mysterio should have captilised on Perkins’ condition but it’s too late for that. Perkins slowly climbs to his feet, as does Rey, they slowly but surely start to circle the ring. Before rushing in when Rey ducks a Perkins clothesline and hits him with stiff kick after stiff kick to the shin, backing him into the ropes. Rey then Irish-whips him but TJ reverses, Rey then jumps onto the second rope, springboarding back off only to miss TJ and land on his stomach as he attempted a cross body! TJ sees his opportunity, he picks Rey up and throws him over the top rope, only for Rey to land on the apron and clutch the top rope for safety. Perkins tries to grab Rey by the head but Mysterio uses the top rope for leverage and leaps up, CONNECTING WITH A SIDE KICK TO THE HEAD!

TJ falls to the ground, holding his head as Mysterio drops down and slides back into the ring. Both men lay for a couple of seconds before Rey gets up and pulls his opponent to his feet. Mysterio Irish-whips TJ into the corner and runs at him, only to be flipped over the top rope again, but lands on his feet. Rey lashes TJ in the head with a fore arm smash, sending him stumbling away so he climbs the turnbuckle, and flies off AND CONNECTS WITH A HURRICANRANA AND TJ ENDS UP ON THE SECOND ROPE! REY DIALS IT UP... 619... NO TJ DUCKS! Rey spins back into the ring, a little dizzy but manages to see TJ running at him, he drops down and pulls the top rope down with him, only for TJ to land on the apron. Perkins reaches in though and grabs Mysterio by the head and pulls him over the top rope.

Both men are on the apron now, trading punches with the crowd split on a “619” and “T-J” chant. A pause in the action happens as both men look exhausted, but TJ throws up a last ditch Roundhouse Kick, but Rey ducks and TJ’s leg gets caught on top of the rope. This is Rey’s chance and he knows it, HE SWEEPS THE STANDING LEG OF TJ AND IT LOOKS LIKE HE WILL HIT THE FLOOR BUT HE GRABS ONTO THE SECOND ROPE! He’s pulling his legs closer to his body so he won’t let them lie on the floor but Mysterio is back in the ring, he bounces off the ropes opposite and CONNECTS WITH A LOW-DROP KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD AND PERKINS HITS THE DECK!

Last Eliminated – TJ Perkins by Rey Mysterio @ 21.03

Winner And Will Challenge Randy Orton For The WWE Championship Next Week – Rey Mysterio @ 21.03


Michael Cole: MYSTERIO! MYSTERIO! He’s done it! Rey Mysterio will challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in his home town next week!

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner – REY – MYSTERIO!

Huge pop flies up from the crowd as Rey sinks to his knees. The man’s exhausted as is TJ who hasn’t moved on the mat below the ring. Nonetheless, one of the referee’s enters the ring and raise Rey’s hand from his kneeling position.

Mick Foley: Rey Mysterio now has the chance of a lifetime! He is a former World Heavyweight Champion, and thus if he wins the WWE Championship, he will be known as a two time World Champion.

Michael Cole: What a moment for Rey Mysterio, he will challenge The Viper next week! And ladies and gentleman, we aren’t even close to being finished for the evening, as the WWE Champion will be in action against the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal in our main event.

Rey slowly climbs the turnbuckles, crossing his arms across his chest and then raising them in the air. He makes the universal title motion around his stomach before dropping down.


Sweeping view the Aloha Stadium, basking in sunlight.

We now cut to a beach setting where JTG and Shad are walking down the beach, both dressed in brightly coloured shorts.

Shad: Yo J’ – check out the honey’s around here.

JTG: Man I love Hawaii – j’yeah!

Shad stops in his tracks.

Shad: Hold up, man. Weren’t we supposed to be somewhere?

J’ puts his fingers to his chin, thinking it over, before SmackDown Divas Tiffany and Kelly Kelly walk by in bikini’s. Cryme Tyme’s mouth actually drop at the sight.

JTG: Uh, I... I... don’t think so man.

Shad: Nah man, I definitely think we forgot somethin’.

JTG: Oh man, check this guy out.

Shad: Hold up – isn’t that? Aw man. That’s what we forgot.

The camera turns around to see none other than Vince McMahon, strutting up the beach towards the duo. He looks extremely angry, which clashes with the comical element of Vince wearing a full suit on a hot beach.

Vince begins shouting at Cryme Tyme as he walks up the beach.


Vince continues walking, eventually reaching them, the duo hang their heads in shame.

Vince McMahon: Who the hell do you think you are?!

Shad: Mister-

Vince McMahon: SHADUP! Now go, the Aloha Stadium, move it or YOUR FIRRRREEDDDDD!

Cryme Tyme turn on their heels and run up the beach, they start going in slow motion, like the people on Baywatch would. Vince shakes his head and then turns to face the camera. The two Divas appear on the side of the smiling Vince.

Vince McMahon: SummerSlam – the best ending you can think of.

The camera moves up, away from Vince and we are eventually in the sky, where we see The Aloha Stadium again.

Narrator: WWE SummerSlam – a four hour extravaganza. The Summer comes to an end with SummerSlam!

Michael Cole: It’s true ladies and gentleman. For the first time in history, SummerSlam will be a record four hours long! And will be held in the Aloha Stadium in sunny Hawaii!

Mick Foley: Oh I can’t wait to get some sun. But I bet Sheamus won’t be looking forward to it – he’ll burn up.

Oh, Mick.

We quickly go backstage where Rey Mysterio is walking, he gets a lot of cheers from the crowd and he stops in place when he’s stopped by the WWE Champion, RANDY ORTON, who gets a massive amount of heat. Behind him are his Legacy cohorts, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase.

Randy Orton: I would congratulate you. But what you did out there – you just signed your own death sentence.

Rey tries to posture up but Orton is much taller than him.

Randy Orton: Next week you’ll fall the same way as everyone else. I’m going to punt that mask off your face, Rey.

Orton hands his championship to Rhodes.

Randy Orton: Or I might not wait until next week.

Orton and Legacy take a step towards Rey as the crowd begin jeering them, but then the camera pans out as Orton and Legacy stop. Behind Rey are CM PUNK, CARLITO, JTG, SHAD AND PRIMO! Orton stops backing away and grins as Rey realizes who’s behind him.

Randy Orton: See you next week.

Orton takes his championship from Rhodes and Legacy leave storm out of the scene. Meanwhile, everybody but Punk begins congratulating Rey, instead – he’s staring at Orton as he leaves, almost thinking something over.


After the action of the battle royal, this is somewhat of a breather so Mickie James gets a good, if underwhelming, pop. She skips out from behind the curtain, and continues down the ramp, smiling as she does so.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Richmond, Virgenia – MICKIE – JAMES!

Michael Cole: She is one of the more popular Divas on Raw, but she’s been on a downward spiral as of late. She lost her chance at Maryse’s former Divas Championship and since then she’s been hardly seen.

Mick Foley: Mickie James is a former Women’s Champion, she’ll bounce back.

Mickie slides into the ring and quickly climbs the turnbuckle, she raises her hands in the air and throws her hat into the crowd to some lucky fan.


Another Diva who is a popular one, Gail Kim skips out from behind the curtain, she gets as good a pop as Mickie did, Gail slaps a few hands as she skips down the ramp, similar to what Mickie did.

Lillian Garcia: And her opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada – GAIL – KIM!

Michael Cole: Gail Kim had the chance to stop Maryse’s reign of terror over the Divas division at Backlash, when she took her on for the Divas Championship. She failed to do that, but ever since moving to Raw, she’s been rather successful on Superstars and in matches not on the show.

Mick Foley: These two are two of the best Divas on the roster, and this should be a pretty good match. We know Maryse will defend her championship against Katie Lea, but whoever wins this match might get a championship bout in the future.

Gail climbs into the ring and retreats into the corner. The black ref, Justin King, exhausted from his previous action, calls for the bell.

Match Five – Divas Bout
Gail Kim vs. Mickie James

We join this bout two minutes in, it’s been a back and forth match so far and at this point Gail has Mickie on the ground in a sleeper hold. She continues to wrench the hold, Mickie looks like she is nearly out of it as her face has begun to turn a scary shade of purple. Kim wrenches it once more, and Justin looks into Mickie’s fading eyes but the fans start up a loud “MICK-IE” chant which manages to get her some momentum. She manages to climb to her feet, she still looks a little dazed but she successfully elbows Gail in the stomach, breaking her grip. Mickie explodes away from Gail, bouncing off the ropes, and connecting with a flying double forearm smash, and then another! With Gail down, Mickie climbs to the top rope, she waits for Kim to get to her feet and she then goes for a flying clothesline, only for Gail to duck – but Mickie lands on her feet. Gail turns around into a kick in the stomach – and Mickie grabs her – and connects with The Mick-DDT! And she goes for the cover, getting the win.

Winner – Mickie James @ 3.42


Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner – MICKIE JAMES!

Justin cops a feel by helping Mickie to her feet and raises her hand in the air. Mickie looks down at Gail and helps her to her feet. The two Divas share a handshake which gets a nice applause from the crowd.

Michael Cole: Amazing show of respect from these two great Divas. Mickie James may have cemented her claim at the next shot after Katie Lea.

Mick Foley: Well, we don’t know if she will face Maryse or Katie Lea yet.

Mickie and Gail climb out of the ring and back up the ramp.

We cut backstage where Beth Phoenix is chatting to the Raw General Manager, Jerry Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah I wanted to see you – do you think what you did last night was right?

Phoenix rolls her eyes.

Jerry Lawler: I know you and Melina have problems, anybody can see that. She beat you last night, fair and square in the middle of that ring, and because of your attack after the match... she couldn’t be here tonight.

Beth Phoenix: Jerry – try to see it from my perspective. This women cost me my Women’s Championship. I was meant to be the first ever Undisputed Champion... not Maryse. Melina got what she deserved.

The Manchester crowd boo Phoenix but she simply stares into Lawler’s eyes.

Beth Phoenix: Don’t try to tell me you wouldn’t have done the same thing. If someone cost you a championship, you wouldn’t hesitate to hit them in the back, would you, King?

Lawler looks at Beth accusingly.

Jerry Lawler: This isn’t about me, Beth. This is about you and Melina. She couldn’t be here tonight but she did call me on my phone, and she wants you in a match.

Beth studies Lawler’s face while the crowd pop.

Beth Phoenix: That’s fine by me, Jerry. Name the time and place.

Jerry Lawler: You two will go one on one, four weeks from now at Vengeance. And to make sure this is the end, you two will face off in the first ever... Divas Extreme Rules match.

The crowd react with a surprisingly huge pop. Lawler smiles at the reaction while Beth begins to stare off into the distance. Unfortunately, we can’t tell if she’s happy or worried about the huge match.



The Manchester crowd react with a huge pop as the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal walks onto the stage. He taps his championship around his waist while looking around the arena, he then begins walking down the ramp, rolling his right fist in his left hand. Some of the crowd reach out for a low five but Regal ignores them, he’s extremely focused on this main event tonight.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the main event of the evening. Introducing first, from Blackpool, ENGLAND, he is the Intercontinental Champion – WILLIAM – REGAL!

Michael Cole: This match came about because of a confrontation at the top of the show, where the leaders of The Legacy and The Monarchy had a verbal incident, and as a result this match was made and the members of the two groups had a tag team match.

Mick Foley: It’s one nil to Monarchy right now, we could see a clean sweep in this Champion Versus Champion match.

Regal jogs up the steel steps, he wipes his feet on the apron before stepping through the ropes and setting foot in the ring. Regal unclasps the Intercontinental Championship from his stomach and raises it high in the air to another pop.



The Manchester crowd react immediately with a LOUD, BOOMING reaction consisting of heat. The Viper, Randy Orton walks out from behind the curtain, he stops for a second and looks down at Regal in the ring. The WWE Champion proceeds to walk down the ramp, very slowly to build anticipation for the huge match which is about to kick off.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri, he is the WWE Champion, The Viper – RANDY ORTON!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, Randy Orton took part in one of the most despicable actions I ever witnessed, he and Legacy attacked The Undertaker after their match, he punted him in the head and hoisted The Deadman onto a cross!

Mick Foley: It’s a moment I will never forget. But Orton does make a good point, The Undertaker did do the same thing to Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase.

Michael Cole: But The Undertaker didn’t put them out of action.

Mick Foley: The point still stands, Michael.

The Viper climbs up the steps, and steps into the ring. He walks past Regal, glancing at him before climbing the turnbuckle. The camera sweeps around him as he holds the WWE Championship above his head. The Apex Predator drops down and hands his championship to Mike Chioda and retreats into a corner, staring across at the Intercontinental Championship

Main Event – Champion Versus Champion
Randy Orton vs. William Regal

We join this match twelve minutes in, it’s been a back and forth bout so far but right now it’s Randy Orton in control, he’s got Regal on the ground, in the famous Orton CHINLOCK~! Regal is on his knees, trying to power through the pain but he’s finding it tough, Orton knows how to utilize this EXCITING move. The crowd get behind Regal and we see him manage to climb to a standing position, he manages to duck out of Orton’s grip and ends up behind him, dropping him on his head with a back body drop! Regal and Orton don’t move for a couple of seconds, both are rather exhausted from the match so far. Mike begins a count to ten but Regal moves at two and drapes an arm over The Viper, one... two... NO! The kick out is met with a very negative reaction from the crowd, Regal crawls to the ropes and pulls himself slowly to his feet, he snarls at the WWE Champion as he approaches, pulling him to his feet and Irish-whipping him into the corner. Regal screams out as he sprints into Orton, connecting with a running shoulder thrust! The Viper drops into a seated position, clutching his stomach, the sweat dripping off his forehead. Regal backs away from his opponent and sprints into him once more and CONNECTS WITH A RUNNING KNEE IN THE CORNER!! The Intercontinental Champion grabs Orton’s legs and drags his lifeless body out of the corner and sinks into the cover, hooking the inside leg, one... two... KICK OUT!

Another negative reaction to the count out while Regal sits up and runs his hands through his sweaty hair. Mike checks on Orton while Regal climbs to his feet. The I.C Champion reaches down, slowly pulls Orton to his feet but Orton explodes with a stiff European uppercut! Regal stumbles back into the ropes, holding his jaw, but doesn’t get a chance to recover as The Viper grabs him by the head and Irish-whips him into the corner. The WWE Champion then squashes Regal in the corner with a clothesline! Regal stumbles forward, tripping over his own legs, but Orton grabs him by the back of his hair, stopping him from falling and PLANTING HIM WITH AN OLYMPIC SLAM! The impact shakes the ring as Regal rolls onto his stomach, feeling his back with his right hand but Orton positions him on his back and hooks the leg, one... two... KICK OUT FROM REGAL! A massive pop comes from the English crowd at the very late kick out while Cole is really getting into the match at ringside. The Viper wipes the sweat from his brow and gets to his feet, instead of picking Regal up, he circles his body, stomping on each body part as he goes. First it’s the left shoulder and he works his way around until he meets the head, he pauses before SMASHING HIS FOOT INTO REGAL’S FOREHEAD! Regal sits up in pain, holding his head, the referee checks on him but Orton yanks him by the shoulder back down to the mat and goes for a cover, one... two... ANOTHER KICK OUT!

The Viper reacts in shock, standing up and getting in Mike’s face, shouting at him to do his job but the referee stands his ground and shouts back at the WWE Champion. Eventually, Orton turns back to Regal who’s on his knees, Orton walks over to him but Regal punches him in the stomach, creating some separation. The Viper keels over, and Regal from a kneeling position, SMASHES HIM IN THE CHIN WITH AN UPPERCUT! A pop comes from the crowd as The Viper stumbles back into the ropes, resting on them for a second, feeling his chin but Regal is back on his feet and SPRINTS AT ORTON, SCREAMING AND SPEARING HIM OUT OF THE RING! Regal tumbles out with Orton, the duo falling through the ropes and onto the ground! The crowd near them stand up to get a better look, and the two of them get up at the same time, and they trade European uppercuts of their own, one by one, the classic “YAY – BOO” situation arises with Regal getting the better, but the Englishman then tries to THROW ORTON INTO THE RING POST... ONLY FOR ORTON TO TURN THE TABLES – SMASHING REGAL SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE POST!

Huge heat comes from the crowd while The Viper looks down at the fallen Intercontinental Champion, he slowly climbs into the ring, instructing the referee to count him out. Mike was already at five, so he continues the count, six... no movement from Regal, seven... finally, Regal moves his hands on his chest and pushes himself up, eight... Regal is now on his knees, breathing heavily while reaching up to the apron, nine... Regal gets to his feet, leaning on the apron, the crowd urging him to get back into the ring, TE... NO! REGAL MANAGES TO SLIDE IN AT THE VERY LAST MOMENT! The pop that comes from the crowd is huge and as the referee checks on him, Orton walks up to him, pushes the referee out of the way and pulls Regal to his feet. The Viper grabs the back of his head, and the back of his tights and goes to throw him through the ropes again, only to make sure he lands on the apron! The WWE Champion yanks Regal so his legs are on the second rope, Orton holds him in place, scanning the arena, he looks sadistically happy about what he’s about to do – and HE SMASHES WILLIAM’S FACE INTO THE CANVAS! The crowd cringe at the impact his head hit the canvas but Orton simply kneels beside him, looking at the back of his head and grinning from ear to ear, he then reaches down and rolls him onto his back, and hooks the far leg, one... two... NO! KICKOUT!

Another massive pop for another last gasp kick out from Regal! Orton looks at the referee again, but Mike confirms that it was two by shoving two fingers in his face. The Viper turns on to his stomach, and like a snake, slithers a little bit away from his opponent. The fans know what’s coming so they begin to boo, The Viper ignores them as he pounds the mat, waiting for Regal to climb to his feet Eventually, after a good half a minute, Regal slowly stands up, he turns around... RKO... NO! Regal throws Orton off at the last minute! Orton lands on his back, he turns around on his knees, and sees Regal sprinting towards him... KNEE TREMBLER... NO! ORTON DUCKS! Regal turns around... RKO! RKO FROM ORTON! The crowd go ape shit, begging for a kick out... one... two... YES! THREE!

Winner – Randy Orton @ 17.38


Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner – the WWE Champion – RANDY – ORTON!

The crowd seem deflated but that doesn’t stop Orton from slowly climbing to his feet and raising his hand in the air. Once he’s done that, he stumbles into the corner and leans into it, gaining his breath and recovering. The referee hands him his WWE Championship, he stares at it, looking at it like a long lost brother, before raising it into the air. Regal rolls out of the ring and is handed his Intercontinental Championship, he slowly walks up the ramp, looking rather beat up. Orton is now on the second turnbuckle, and raises the championship one more time, ending the night on a rather sour note if you’re not a fan of him.

Michael Cole: This match done justice to a great night of action. We had everything on this show, but now the countdown to next week will begin.

Mick Foley: That’s right –Raw Revolution is the name and wrestling is the game.

Jesus, Mick.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton will defend his WWE Championship against the man who won twenty man battle royal, Rey Mysterio. Orton will have a week to recover, and he better be careful because we will be in Rey Mysterio’s home town. But for now ladies and gentleman, we want to thank you for joining us tonight. Join us next week for another week of action at Raw Revolution.

Orton drops down from his place on the second rope and slowly stumbles towards the ropes, feeling the effects of the match but as he goes to exit...


Michael Cole: MY GOD! CM PUNK – CM PUNK!

OH MY GOD! THE MANCHESTER CROWD GO ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! From behind the curtain walks out MISTER MONEY IN THE BANK, CM PUNK WHO WALKS DOWN THE RAMP WITH CRUEL INTENTIONS IN HIS EYES! Randy Orton stares at Punk as he walks down, falling to his knees and clutching his WWE Championship to his stomach!

Mick Foley: I can’t believe it! CM Punk is cashing his Money in the Bank briefcase!

Michael Cole: WE’RE GONNA’ HAVE A NEW WWE CHAMPION! We were meant to be off the air a couple of minutes ago BUT WE SIMPLY CAN’T LEAVE THIS. MY GOD!

The Money in the Bank holder, and what looks like the future WWE Champion reaches the ring but as he turns to climb the steel steps HE’S BULLDOZED OVER BY... BY... JACK SWAGGER!!

Michael Cole: OH! SWAGGER!

Swagger obviously came from the crowd, he was crouched in the corner of the barricade and exploded from the corner, taking Punk down with a running spear! The crowd give him so much HEAT that it’s almost enough to impair your hearing in the MEN Arena!

Mick Foley: We were gonna’ have a new WWE Champion!

The crowd watch on, and Orton does the same from his seated position in the turnbuckle corner, and they witness Swagger pull Punk up and SMASH HIM INTO THE RING POST! HE WHACKS INTO HEAD FIRST! Punk is lifeless on the canvas now, with a fan shouting “GET UP, PUNK!”. Swagger isn’t done though, he pulls Punk up to his feet and PROPELS HIM BACK FIRST INTO THE BARRICADE!


Punk tries to get up, clawing at the knee pads of Swagger but he yanks him up by his neck and holds him in position... GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB... ON THE FLOOR!! PUNK’S HEAD HITS THE MAT WITH A SICKENING THUD AND SWAGGER SIMPLY STANDS ABOVE HIM, SNARLING, FOAMING AT THE MOUTH.

Cole screams at ringside while Orton has rolled out the ring and has begun backing up the ramp, taking a close interest in what Swagger is doing. Although he seems done, it’s not the case as SWAGGER TURNS PUNK ON TO HIS STOMACH... AND LOCKS IN THE PATRIOT LOCK!!

The crowd scream at him to stop this, but he’s not listening, he’s enjoying this. The PAIN on Punk’s face is evident as he reaches out for anything, anything just to hold onto as he fights the pain, but it’s too much, his arms drop and he stops trying to crawl away, he just holds his face in his hands.




The crowd are booing heavily, the heat is something which I’ve never heard before, and the show begins to fade away. We’ve ran out of time and the last thing we see is Punk’s face, screwed up in pain, some of it covered by his hands, trying to do anything to survive this torment! We go off the air, with the lasting screams of pain in our ears! Punk’s screams play us out as we fade... to... ... black.

End of Show

WWE Vengeance:
Date: 26th July 2009
Location: Wachiova Center: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Music: You’re Goin’ Down by Sick Puppies

Extreme Rules
Beth Phoenix vs. Melina

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Fuck realism, tbh. Expect SmackDown up tomorrow sometime.

Bret Hart Signs With WWE!
Hell has frozen over as the man who was at the centre of one of the most controversial moments in wrestling history has signed a contract with the company that put him there. Bret The Hitman Hart has signed a three appearance deal, the first of which will be at Raw Revolution, where we can expect some fireworks as he will no doubt confront Shawn Michaels.

Trish Stratus & The Rock In Talks With WWE!
It appears that arguably the greatest Diva in the history of the WWE is in talks with the company to return to the ring for one match at SummerSlam. A lot of names are floating around backstage as who will face Stratus, but the smart money is on The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix or the Women’s Champion, Maryse. The Rock meanwhile, was in talks to appear at Raw Revolution, but other big things are planned and with the return of Bret Hart, it was chosen that another date might suffice. WWE are hoping to get him signed on to either make an appearance at SummerSlam or Survivor Series to plant the seeds for a match at WrestleMania. Apparently, The Rock has suggested Chris Jericho as a potential opponent, or Shawn Michaels but Rock would be better served putting over an up and comer. Not The Miz.

Superstars Results
Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder def. Local Jobbers
Beth Phoenix def. Gail Kim
Carlito def. Jammy Fino
Kofi Kingston def. Jamie Noble

Friday Night SmackDown - 3rd July 2009: Calgary, Alberta Canada

Tonight, the SmackDown Superstars roll into Canada where they will compete to entertain the very raucous Calgary crowd.

Last week, the show went off the air with the challenger to the World Heavyweight Championship, John Cena holding his hand up in the air after he AA’d one of Matt Hardy’s security guards through the table which was used as for their contract signing. The match is now official, John Cena has been trying to get his hands on the World Heavyweight Champion, but he’s managed to elude his challenger so far, will Cena get his hands on Matt tonight? Matt cannot simply worry about John Cena, he’s got to worry about his opponent tonight – Vladimir Kozlov. The big Russian was in action last week when we went one on one with R-Truth to see who would face Kofi Kingston for the United States Championship, he came up short and that’s bad news for Hardy as The Moscow Mauler will not be in a good mood.

The Rated R Superstar has been ordered by his doctors to stay away from SmackDown tonight, they haven’t cleared him to compete after he was Chokeslammed off the stage by The Big Red Monster, Kane. These two have been at each other’s throats since Kane set Edge’s best friend Christian on fire at Judgment Day. Captain Charisma hasn’t been seen since his emotional interview with Jim Ross where he vowed to return and target the man who set him on fire. The Big Red Monster will be in action tonight, against a man we haven’t seen in a while, and in actuality was in India filming a movie, The Great Khali.

The United States Champion, Kofi Kingston will have his eye on a match that R-Truth will be involved in, as he will take on The Fighting Irishman, Finlay. R-Truth believes that he has been unfairly treated by the SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long who actually has been the victim of many conspiracy theories by many Superstars such as Chris Jericho and The Brian Kendrick. Regardless, Kingston will get his chance to scout his opponent tonight before they face off against each other at The Bash for the coveted United States Championship.

Also tonight, one of the biggest Superstars will be in action as Jeff Hardy teams up with another high flyer in Evan Bourne! The duo will take on Chris Jericho and the hulking figure of Mike Knox! Jericho has unfinished business with Jeff Hardy, the two have been feuding for the past month and it all resulted from Jericho believing Hardy cost him the World Heavyweight Championship. The two will go at it in two weeks time for the right to face the World Heavyweight Champion, whoever that may be, at a four hour long SummerSlam! This is Evan Bourne’s first match since his return from injury, an injury which was caused by Mike Knox at Judgment Day. Evan returned at the time when Kelly Kelly and the rest of the Divas needed him the most. Knox has been dragging Kelly around with him in Bourne’s absence but now that he’s back, he won’t be able to do that now because Kelly has Evan around to predict her. But the question remains, will Knox want her back.

Expect appearances by all these Superstars and more such as the WWE Tag Team Champions, Gregory Helms and Shelton Benjamin.

Confirmed For SmackDown

Matt Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov
Evan Bourne & Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho & Mike Knox
Finlay vs. R-Truth
Kane vs. The Great Khali

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

This show was extremely draining to write, but I powered through and here it is, enjoy!

Friday Night SmackDown - 3rd July 2009: Calgary, Alberta Canada

We get the obligatory video recap, which begins by highlighting what happened TWO weeks ago, as Matt Hardy attacked John Cena after the main event and put him through the announce table with The Twist Of Hate! Following that, we skip to last week, where we get the announcement that there will be a contract signing between the two Superstars. The contract signing begins with John Cena arriving first, when Hardy comes out he is stopped by the security from getting his hands on him. What follows is a verbal sparring session between the two Superstars, and finally Cena hurls himself over the table, taking Matt down to the ground. The security that the World Heavyweight Champion brought out manages to pull Cena off him, but that was a mistake as Cena battles them off and ends up putting one of them through the table. It’s not quite the revenge for the week before, but it will serve for Cena as he showed Matt that he’s gunning for his championship.

The opening video package fades away, and then we crash into the SmackDown introduction video, which features the amazing Superstars of SmackDown (and Santino Marella). It finishes on the video shot of Matt Hardy lifting the World Championship above his head before we cut into the Pengrowth Saddledome where the Canadian crowd are screaming their lungs out and eventually we cut to the announce table, where the smiling faces of Jim Ross and John Bradshaw Layfield are waiting.

Jim Ross:Ladies and gentleman, we are LIVE from the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary! And tonight, we have an action packed show for you, the fallout from last week is on the agenda and we have a tag team main event, when Chris Jericho will team with Mike Knox to take on the team of Jeff Hardy and the returning Evan Bourne!

JBL: It’s a huge night here on SmackDown, where the action always flows and we are in Canada, and these fans don’t appear to be shutting up anytime soon.

Jim Ross: We wouldn’t have it any other way. The World Heavyweight Champion will also be in action tonight folks, as he will take on the scary Vladimir Kozlov, a former WWE Champion challenger in his own right.

JBL: And J.R, we can’t forget, we have quite possibly the match of the year candidate when Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms face off! Two of the most athletically gifted Superstars in the WWE and I can’t wait to see who comes out on top.

The commentators have wrapped up and a moments silence takes place until...


WHAT?! J.R goes mental on the commentary booth as the crowd do the same, the reaction nearly takes the roof off the arena and it’s all directed towards the stage. A few seconds pass by, could this be a ruse? NO, FROM THE CURTAIN... OUT STEPS... BRET THE HITMAN HART!


JBL: What the hell is going on?! Shouldn’t be in the retirement home, he can barely walk down the ramp, let alone climb into the ring. Someone get the man a wheelchair.

Jim Ross: Show some damn respect, JBL, that man is one of the greatest of all time.

JBL: Please, I’m The Wrestlin’ God, I decide if he is up there with the likes of me.

It is indeed, Bret Hart, who stands on the stage, soaking in the atmosphere with his nostalgic shades on and a leather jacket and a pair of jeans. The crowd still can’t believe what they are seeing as The Hitman walks down the ramp, stopping to put his shades on a little kid. Hart walks around the ring, and despite JBL’s observation, he climbs the steps just fine and steps into the ring. He’s handed a microphone by someone at ringside and walks into the centre of the ring.

Jim Ross: Do not adjust your sets, folks. It is indeed, Bret The Hitman Hart in the middle of a WWE ring.

J.R is correct, and Bret stands in the centre, waiting for the “welcome back” chants to die down.

Bret Hart: Uh, let me just say this – it feels great to be back in front of my Canadian fans.

Huge pop from the crowd while Bret smiles at the reaction.

Bret Hart: But, uh, I have to admit... if you said to me a few years ago, that I’d be in a WWE ring again... I’d say you were crazy.

Hart lets the microphone drop a little, laughing at his own sentences.

Bret Hart: But here I am.

He’s really milking the reaction here as this generates another rousing pop.

Bret Hart: Uh, it doesn’t even seem real yet, but I just wanna’ say to all of you... to each and every one of you... thank you.

Hart scans the crowd, saying thank you off microphone but the crowd respond with a “THANK YOU BRET” chant which gets another beaming smile from the old man.

Bret Hart: No, thank you. It’s because of you that I’m here t’night. Thank you because you stuck by me when that... incident occurred.

We all know what Bret’s talking about which gets a negative reaction, directed at the actions of Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels.

Bret Hart: And, uh, I have an announcement to make... next Monday... I will be at Raw Revolution and I want Shawn Michaels to face me face to face.

This gets somewhat of a negative reaction.

Bret Hart: But that isn’t the reason I am on SmackDown. So, let me-


The heat that comes from the Canadian crowd is amazingly loud, drowning out the music of The Brian Kendrick. The WWE Tag Team Champion walks out onto the stage, behind him his tag team partner and associate, Ezekiel Jackson. With his signature white leather jacket and his white trunks, he walks down the ramp, looking at Bret and shaking his head.

Jim Ross: The Brian Kendrick is showing a disgusting amount of disrespect by interrupting one of this business’ greats. We all know that Kendrick can be cocky, can be disrespectful, but Bret Hart was having a moment with HIS Canadian fans, and now Kendrick has ruined this moment.

JBL: Oh please, J.R, if anything Kendrick has saved this moment. I couldn’t bare to listen to Bret’s voice any longer, the sooner he leaves and heads to Raw the better.

Jim Ross: Well, that’s your opinion. I for one was enjoying this moment, Bret Hart in the WWE for the first time in eleven years.

Kendrick skips up the steel steps, following him is the big Jackson, who is instructed to hold the ropes open for Brian, he duly does as he’s told as Kendrick steps through them. TBK adjusts the belt on his shoulder while staring at Bret, he begins shaking his head and walks across the ring, demanding a microphone from ringside. He gets his wish and walks back to where he was standing, with Jackson standing behind him, you wouldn’t blame Bret for being a little intimidated as he stares at the two men in front of him.

The Brian Kendrick: That incident you’re so cutely referring too? Y’know what, Bret? You deserved everything single thing that happened that night.

Massive heat for that statement.

The Brian Kendrick: What-

“YOU – SUCK” Kendrick turns to the fans.

The Brian Kendrick: Hey! You’re from Canada – you don’t get to say I suck.

This only serves to cause more heat.

The Brian Kendrick: What are you even doin’ here Bret? Shawn Michaels isn’t here... Vince McMahon isn’t here. So just why are you on SmackDown, Hitman?

The Hitman brings his microphone up to his lips but Kendrick sticks his hand up, stopping Bret from saying anything as he quickly interrupts him.

The Brian Kendrick: Oh, wait – I don’t care.

Kendrick grins from ear to ear, cocky as ever while Bret shakes his head.

The Brian Kendrick: Y’see, Bret... I know why you’re here. It’s the same reason you were SCREWED at Survivor Series. You wanted the spotlight for yourself. You done it then, and now you’re doing it now. Nothing’s changed from Survivor Series with you has it?

The WWE Tag Team Champion studies Bret’s reaction but he remains stone faced.

The Brian Kendrick: After all these years, you are still stealin’ the spotlight, stealin’ it from the likes of me. Y’see, it should be The Brian Kendrick out here, not someone who just crawled out from some hole in the ground. You can’t even walk down the ramp without keeling over with exhaustion.

Hart rubs his chin with his hand as J.R begins ranting about the disrespect being shown by one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions.

The Brian Kendrick: Y’know who trained The Brian Kendrick? Huh?

Before Kendrick can answer his own question, Hart manages to get a word in.

Bret Hart: No, I don’t. But whoever it was should have taught you some respect.

This gets a cheer from the crowd, but Kendrick doesn’t seem that happy, he looks over his shoulder at Jackson who simply cracks his knuckles, trying to intimate The Hitman.

The Brian Kendrick: Shawn... Michaels.

Even the mention of HBK gets a lot of heat at this point in the opening segment.

The Brian Kendrick: He taught The Brian Kendrick everythin’ he knows, and he also told me all about you. So, Bret, in honour of Shawn Michaels – Ezekiel Jackson and The Brian Kendrick are going to TAKE our spotlight back and send you back to the hole you came from.

The crowd erupt in heat as Kendrick looks over his shoulder.

The Brian Kendrick: Ezekiel.

It seems Jackson was waiting for the order as he steps forward, around Kendrick and begins backing The Hitman into the corner. Bret tries to keep a brave face, even dropping the microphone and bringing his hands up into a fighters stance but there’s no fooling Kendrick, he knows that Bret won’t be able to defend himself. The fans continue to boo as Jackson gets closer and closer, and now Kendrick is at his side, the two men backing Hart up.

Jim Ross: Bret Hart’s retired, he-


A similar theme to Bret’s plays but it’s discreetly different, and SUDDENLY WE SEE THREE INDIVIDUALS SPRINTING DOWN THE RAMP TO A MASSIVE POP! Bret knows who they are as he starts smiling while Kendrick and Jackson turn to face them. We get a clear view of them now and we know that it’s not TYSON KIDD, DAVID HART SMITH AND NATALYA – THE HART DYNASTY!


With the fans bouncing, the trio slide into the ring! KIDD TAKES KENDRICK DOWN WITH A SPEAR WHILE SMITH RUNS RIGHT INTO JACKSON, SENDING HIM BACKWARDS INTO THE ROPES. Natalya jogs over to Bret in the corner, checking he’s alright and the two watch as Smith clotheslines Jackson over the top rope! The big man lands on his feet and slams the announce table in frustration meanwhile Kidd pulls Kendrick to his feet and Irish-whips him into the ropes... he’s about to rebound but Jackson reaches in and grabs him by the feet, PULLING HIM OUT OF THE RING!

JBL: What is this?!

Jim Ross: This is defending your family, defending one of the biggest legends in this company!

Kidd and Smith sit on the second rope, welcoming them back into the ring but the WWE Tag Team Champions reach in and grab their titles, before backing up the ramp, ignoring the challenge to get back into the ring. Bret assures Natalya that he’s alright and he bends down and picks up his microphone and walks to the centre of the ring.

Bret Hart: Hey, Brian! That announcement that I was gonna’ make it, was going to announce the debut of The Hart Dynasty, RIGHT HERE T’NIGHT.

Huge pop from the crowd as The Hart Dynasty hold their right hands in the air.

Bret Hart: And, Theodore Long told me I could announce this as well.

Kendrick says “what’s he doing to stick it to me now” off microphone but it’s clear to the cameras.

Bret Hart: T’night... RIGHT HERE IN CANADA IN THE MAIN EVENT... it will be The Hart Dynasty... challenging you for THE WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Smiles and nods all round from The Hart Dynasty and the fans also respond with a good pop.


Again, another huge pop but Kendrick isn’t happy, he shouts at the top of his lungs about how Teddy Long is trying to screw him once again.


It’s hugs all round in the ring but Kendrick stares at the Hart clan, looking displeased and eventually turns and heads backstage, taking Ezekiel Jackson with him.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman – we have just found our main event for the evening. A WWE Tag Team Championship match between the debuting Hart Dynasty and The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson and BRET HART WILL BE AT RING SIDE!

JBL: Once again, Theodore Long strikes by trying to screw The Brian Kendrick out of his tag team championships, and now The Hart Dynasty are getting a championship match on their debut. What kind of management is that from Long?!

Jim Ross: I think it’s a damn good one, JBL. Not only do we have a WWE Championship on the line, but it will take place in Canada, with Bret Hart at ring side!

Bret, Natalya, Tyson and David stand in the ring, in a line while they raise their hands in the air. The fans applaud them as we cut to a commercial break.



She hasn’t been seen in a while but the beautiful Eve Torres receives a solid pop (for a Diva). The Diva ventures onto the stage, wearing a nice dress and walks down the ramp, she interacts with a couple of fans and then slaps a few hands on her way around the ring. Eve then walks over to the announce table and takes a seat next to JBL.

Jim Ross: Well, it appears as though we will have the company of Eve Torres for this upcoming match ladies and gentleman. Good to have to here, Eve.

Eve Torres: Oh thank you, J.R. It’s great to finally be back on SmackDown!

JBL: It’s been a long time, Eve, where’ve you been?

Eve Torres: Well, actually John, I’ve been in India.

JBL: India?

Eve Torres: That’s right. I’ve been with The Great Khali while he was shooting a movie, it’s a lovely country.


After being a way for a while, The Great Khali walks slowly onto the stage, wearing his pink long pants and he stops at the top of the ramp and raises his hands in the air. He continues on his way down the ramp, slowly as ever and eventually, after a damn long time, he reaches the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from India, standing over seven feet tall... THE GREAT – KHALI!

JBL: This guy shot a movie?! Well, I don’t think The Rock needs to worry.

Jim Ross: We’ve missed The Great Khali’s personality here on SmackDown.

JBL: I’d miss the common cold more than Khali.

Eve Torres: John, Khali is a very sweet guy, you’d do well to take after him.

The Great Khali reaches up and grabs the top rope, pulling himself up to the apron. The Indian Icon steps over the ropes and into the ring, he reaches the middle of the ring and raises both his hands up, before beginning to dance like only he can.



The arena fills with red lighting and the heat sores as Kane’s pyro goes off on the stage! The Big Red Monster walks onto the stage, he pulls his glove up a little further and continues to walk down the ramp. He keeps his eyes on Khali, and doesn’t look very happy.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Parts Unknown, standing seven feet tall... TheBig Red Monster – KANE!

Jim Ross: Right here is a WrestleMania rematch from WrestleMania twenty three, and at that time it was The Great Khali who won that bout.

JBL: A lot has changed since then. Kane now is more crazier than he has ever been, Khali is in serious trouble. He should have a picked a different SmackDown to return on.

Eve Torres: I have faith in Khali, if anyone can stop Kane’s rampage on SmackDown then it’s The Great Khali.

JBL: I wouldn’t be so sure, women.

Jim Ross: Kane’s mind might be sidetracked as he has The Rated R Superstar, Edge to contend with.

The Big Red Monster climbs into the ring and retreats into his corner, looking at The Great Khali from the corner.

Match One – Singles Contest
Kane vs. The Great Khali

This contest was never going to be a five star match and it was a slow and prodding bout which seemed to last longer than it did. Nonetheless, after Kane had beat Khali into the corner, two minutes and Khali managed to battle out of the corner, using his fists and even hitting a rare knee in to the stomach! Khali pushes Kane into the ropes and Irish-whips him into the ropes, he rebounds and Khali HITS A BIG BOOT TO THE FACE! Amazing move from someone who can barely walk and he even manages to kneel down into a cover, one... two... NO! Kane gets the shoulder up! Khali has to crawl to the ropes and use them to get to his feet, what do you expect, he almost has no knees. Khali raises his hands and screams out, getting a good pop from the crowd and then he begins waiting for Kane to get up. Khali looks like he is going for The Khali Chop but Kane ducks out the way and bounces off the rope, and connects with a running low drop kick to the knees of Khali! He’s down but Kane doesn’t waste time, he climbs to the top rope and waits for Khali to stand up, eventually he does AND KANE HITS A FLYING CLOTHESLINE FROM THE TOP! Kane doesn’t go for the cover, instead he pulls Khali to his feet AND PLANTS HIM A DDS DDT... A THROWBACK TO HIS DAYS AS ISSAC YANKEM!

Winner – Kane @ 3.37

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner – KANE!

Yeah, no way Kane was going to Chokeslam someone that can’t jump but nonetheless, Kane quickly rises to his feet and stares down at The Great Khali, seemingly pleased with the result. He raises his hands in the air and is about to swing them down, setting off his pyro at the turnbuckles but...



The crowd ERUPT with a lot of cheers for the Canadian, as The Rated R Superstar, Edge walks out onto the stage, leather jacket and beanie hat on and with a microphone in his hand. He walks out gingerly though, still feeling the effects of what happened to him last week.

Jim Ross: Last week folks, Edge was Chokeslammed off the side of the stage and onto a lot of electrical equipment, he is lucky to be alive but his passion for this sport is what has got him here tonight.

JBL: You sure it’s not the fact that he’ll want some revenge on Kane?

Jim Ross: It could be, but Edge would be a fool to challenge Kane in this state.

In the ring, Khali rolls out of the ring and is attended to by the referee and Eve as Kane stares up at Edge.

Edge: Y’know, my doctor said I shouldn’t be here t’night.

Boos for Edge’s doctor.

Edge: Oh don’t worry – I told him where he could go. There was no way I was missing SmackDown in Canada!

Huge cheap pop right there.

Edge: Now the reason I’m out here isn’t because I wanted to spend it with all of you, but that was a huge part of it. No, it was that man- that thing standin’ in that ring.

Edge points at Kane as the camera cuts to him simply staring back.

Edge: The reason I’m banged up is that thing in the ring, who as (sarcastically) a matter of fact – hears demons!

This gets some heat as Kane does his usual STARING~!

Edge: Last week I was Chokeslammed off this very stage, right over there in fact.

The Rated R Superstar points to the end of the stage before turning back to the ring.

Edge: And despite the fact that I’m not one hundred percent... I want some retribution.

Huge pop for this while Kane backs into the far away ropes, allowing Edge space to enter but he stays on the ramp for now.

Edge: Kane, now I know you want to put me through pain, right? Well, the feeling’s mutual, and what better time than now?

Suddenly Edge drops the microphone and begins walking down the ramp! Kane shouts at him to get in the ring, he’s ready but then-


It’s a buzzkill reaction for the current SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long who walks out briskly in a oversized, horrible suit which seems to be the colour of maroon. Regardless, Edge turns to face Long, taking his eyes of Kane who watches Theodore Long as well.

Theodore Long: Now hold on a second there. Edge, as you know, your doctor ordered you that you couldn’t get involved with any Superstar t’night. Y’see playa, I put my neck on the line by allowing you to come here t’night, and I can’t allow you and Kane to tear each other apart t’night.

Edge looks over his shoulder at Kane who simply stares at Long.

Theodore Long: Now, I know from your doctors that you’ll be cleared to compete at The Bash.

“That’s right.” Responds Edge.

Theodore Long: Which is why, you two will NOT be facing off t’night, nor will you lay a finger on each other. If either of you lay a finger on each other in that ring, then the match that I’m about to make will be void. With that in mind, at The Bash... it will be Kane... taking on the The Rated R Superstar, EDGE!

Huge pop at that despite a section of the crowd voicing discontent with not seeing these two Superstars face off tonight. Edge knows he can’t touch Kane in the ring so he slowly backs up the ramp, stopping mid way and staring at Kane who simply begins chuckling monstrously.


Jim Ross: We won’t see these two square off here tonight folks, instead it will be at The Bash, SmackDown’s next Pay-per-view!

JBL: We’ve been waiting for these two to square off in the middle of the ring, and Edge is extremely lucky that Theodore Long came out. He’s not one hundred percent, and if you want to beat Kane, you need to be on top of your game.

Edge and Kane talk some trash to each other from the ring and the ramp as we cut to the second commercial break of the evening.


Sweeping view the Aloha Stadium, basking in sunlight.

We now cut to a beach setting where JTG and Shad are walking down the beach, both dressed in brightly coloured shorts.

Shad: Yo J’ – check out the honey’s around here.

JTG: Man I love Hawaii – j’yeah!

Shad stops in his tracks.

Shad: Hold up, man. Weren’t we supposed to be somewhere?

J’ puts his fingers to his chin, thinking it over, before SmackDown Divas Tiffany and Kelly Kelly walk by in bikini’s. Cryme Tyme’s mouth actually drop at the sight.

JTG: Uh, I... I... don’t think so man.

Shad: Nah man, I definitely think we forgot somethin’.

JTG: Oh man, check this guy out.

Shad: Hold up – isn’t that? Aw man. That’s what we forgot.

The camera turns around to see none other than Vince McMahon, strutting up the beach towards the duo. He looks extremely angry, which clashes with the comical element of Vince wearing a full suit on a hot beach.

Vince begins shouting at Cryme Tyme as he walks up the beach.


Vince continues walking, eventually reaching them, the duo hang their heads in shame.

Vince McMahon: Who the hell do you think you are?!

Shad: Mister-

Vince McMahon: SHADUP! Now go, the Aloha Stadium, move it or YOUR FIRRRREEDDDDD!

Cryme Tyme turn on their heels and run up the beach, they start going in slow motion, like the people on Baywatch would. Vince shakes his head and then turns to face the camera. The two Divas appear on the side of the smiling Vince.

Vince McMahon: SummerSlam – the best ending you can think of.

The camera moves up, away from Vince and we are eventually in the sky, where we see The Aloha Stadium again.

Narrator: WWE SummerSlam – a four hour extravaganza. The Summer comes to an end with SummerSlam!

SmackDown returns and the cameras are backstage in the parking lot, where the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy steps out of his car to a lot of heat from the fans inside the arena. He ignores them and walks around his car to the boot, he opens it up and reaches in to pull out a bag but then Matt Striker approaches him.

Matt Striker: Matt, I was wondering if we could get a word about what John Cena did to the security guard last week?

The World Heavyweight Champion glares at Striker, who raises his eyebrows and pushes Hardy for an answer only for The Cold One too close his boot, lock his car with his electronic fob and turn his back on Striker and the camera man. He walks towards the entrance and disappears as Striker watches on. We cut to inside the arena and arrive at the announce table.

Matt Hardy: Matt Hardy has shown us that the new Matt Hardy is here to stay by blatently ignoring Matt Striker’s questions.

JBL: Well that new Matt Hardy is the World Heavyweight Champion. The old Matt Hardy wouldn’t be anywhere near the World Championship picture. And another thing, Matt Striker had no right to just approach the World Champion, from out of nowhere and ask him questions. Matt has a big match tonight against Vladimir Kozlov, he needs to focus, and he won’t be able to do that with a so called reporter like Matt Striker buzzing around.

Jim Ross: Well, despite your thinking, Matt Hardy has turned his back on his family, his friends and his fans. He isn’t the man we used to know and-

JBL: No, he is now the World Heavyweight Champion.

Jim Ross: True, but he’s turned his back on everyone, he’s betrayed all the principles he used to have to wear that gold.

JBL: So? I’d rather be hated and be World Heavyweight Champion than be loved and not be a champion.

Jim Ross: That’s your opinion. People like John Cena actually care about these fans and-

JBL: And yet most of these fans hate him, what do you say to that?

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman, I’m currently getting word that our other interviewer, Tiffany is standing backstage.

Indeed, we cut backstage to see the bubbly blonde smiling at the camera.

Tiffany: Please welcome... Daniel Bryan and Kaval.

Daniel Bryan and Kaval enter the shot to a nice pop from the fans, AJ Lee no where to be found.

Tiffany: And after what happened last week, I wanted to ask you both how AJ Lee is and what you plan to do about what Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins did to you three last week?

Daniel speaks first.

Daniel Bryan: AJ is currently in New Jersey, at home, recovering after being on the receiving end of Zack Ryder’s spinebuster.

Boos for Ryder’s spinebuster.

Daniel Bryan: Luckily, AJ will be back on SmackDown next week, Tiffany. Do you mind?

Bryan motions for the microphone and Tiffany obliges and then gets a second one and hands it to Kaval. She backs away from the scene as The Warriors turn to the camera.

Daniel Bryan: Curt, Zack – last week, what you did? You don’t realize it, but you’ve started somethin’.

Kaval: Before last week, our rivalry was in the spirit of competition, right? But that’s changed now. You threatened our friend, you put your hands on our friend. A girl who has travelled all around the world with us, from Japan to Mexico to right back here. A Superstar should never lay their hands on a Diva, and Zack, Curt – you two have just made the biggest mistake of you careers.

This gets a pop from the crowd.

Daniel Bryan: Like Kaval said, our rivalry was in the spirit of competition... but now its personnel. You two have started something that you can’t finish.

Kaval: We know that you two were too much of a bitch to show up here t’night. But when we do get our hands on you, you better believe we will get retribution for AJ.

Another pop as The Warriors look deadly serious.

Daniel Bryan: Next time we see you two, you’re gonna’ get your heads kicked in by the both of us... and then... you’re gonna do one of two things. You’re either gonna tap... or you’re gonna snap.

The pops keep coming from the hot crowd here tonight.

Kaval: And even if you do tap... we might just make you snap regardless.

Kaval and Bryan drop the microphone to the ground, and with a lasting stare, they finally exit the scene, leaving Tiffany to watch them go and we cut to ring side.


The music of The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin hits to a little bit of heat, with the week that he had off he seems to have changed his look, getting rid of that awful gold hair and now wearing a white and blue jacket. He’s also wearing white attire with white boots, going for that white on black look and continues down the ramp. Benjamin leaps onto the top of the steel steps and ends up on the apron.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing two hundred and forty eight pounds... he is the self proclaimed Greatest Pure Athlete in the WWE – SHELTON – BENJAMIN!

Jim Ross: I find it difficult to disagree with Shelton on that part, in my humble opinion – he is the greatest pure athlete in this company and perhaps the enter wrestling world.

JBL: It’d be difficult to find anybody more athletic than this man.

Jim Ross: Benjamin is a former United States Champion, former Intercontinental Champion and a former WWE Tag Team Champion, he is a very successful Superstar but his opponent is just as successful, and perhaps, almost just as athletic.

The Greatest Pure Athlete leaps over the top rope, landing in the ring and jumping up onto the second turnbuckle. He scans the crowd before taking his jacket off and throwing it to the timekeeper.

*IT’S TIME...*

A nice cheer comes up from the crowd as Gregory Helms walks onto the stage. He looks around the arena before walking down the ramp, slapping a few of the fans hands on his way down. Helms walks around to the steel steps and jogs up them, before stepping onto the apron.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing two hundred and fifteen pounds – GREGORY – HELMS!

Jim Ross: Gregory Helms made it all the way to the semi-finals of the Cruiserweight Championship, ultimately losing to Dolph Ziggler who will go on to face John Morrison at The Bash for the honour of being the champion.

JBL: Gregory Helms is a great Superstar, J.R, but he came up against a younger, fired up competitor in Dolph Ziggler, who took abuse after abuse over on Raw and showed why he is the future of this company when he came over to SmackDown in the draft.

Jim Ross: Well I can’t disagree with you there. We’ll get more on the Cruiserweight Championship situation later on the show folks, but right now Helms has to contend with the athletic Shelton Benjamin.

Gregory hands his long jacket to someone at ringside and then retreats into his corner, waiting for the referee to ring the bell.

Match Two – Singles Contest
Gregory Helms vs. Shelton Benjamin

We join this match up around seven minutes in, it’s been a back and forth bout so far but at this moment both men are down in the centre of the ring as a result of an accidental clash of heads. The referee begins counting them down and they eventually get to a standing base at around six seconds. They get up at the same time and Shelton swings wildly at Helms, who ducks and sets off running, bouncing off the ropes and hitting a running front drop kick to the jaw of Benjamin! Shelton hits the mat with a thud, he holds the back of his head and his jaw with his other hand as Helms hooks the leg, one... two... KICK OUT! A raucous round of boos greet the kick out and the referee assures Helms it was a two count. Helms climbs to his feet, bounces off the ropes and connects with a running elbow drop to the heart of his opponent. He follows that up by stepping out onto the apron, he waits for Shelton to climb to his feet and then CONNECTS WITH A SPRINGBOARD FLIPPING NECKBREAKER! The crowd pop at the move and he quickly takes advantage of the situation, shooting the half and covering his opponent, one... two... NO! Benjamin kicks out again, to another round of boos. Helms shakes his head in a seated position before standing up and walking over to the turnbuckle, he steps out onto the apron and begins climbing. He takes a rather long time though, and when he reaches the top he looks up to see SHELTON SPRINTING AT HIM... AND LEAPING ONTO THE TOP ROPE! A massive gasp comes from the crowd as Shelton has just shown a massive feat of athleticism. Helms and Benjamin are both standing on the top now, both using each other to help balance but then Benjamin resorts to a head butt which sends Helms off the turnbuckle, landing on the mat below, legs first!

Benjamin has managed to stay on the top, showing his balance and then he turns towards Helms is, he’s waiting for his opponent to get to his feet and eventually he does so BENJAMIN LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE AND LANDS ON HELMS WITH A SENTON! The crowd all stand up at the move as it seems both men are hurt, they haven’t moved, but eventually it’s Shelton who stands up, yanking Helms to his feet and rolling him into the ring. Greg’ rolls into the centre, while Benjamin climbs onto the apron, he gets his bearings and then SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP ROPE... CONNECTING WITH A DIVING ELBOW DROP! Another amazing move from Benjamin as he covers his opponent, one... two... NO! Benjamin begins arguing with the referee from a seated position, arguing with him over the count which he perceives to be slow but the ref is having none of it. He tells Benjamin to get on with things, so he does, pulling Helms up to his feet and connecting with a body slam. He doesn’t go for the cover though, instead Benjamin walks over to the turnbuckle again, he climbs to the top rope and goes for another elbow drop... BUT HELMS ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! The crowd pop as Benjamin hits the mat, he holds onto his elbow as he stands up, he meets Helms on his feet and throws a kick to the stomach but Helms catches it! Helms stares at Benjamin in the eyes and then whips his leg away... but BENJAMIN DOES A FULL 360 SPIN AND CONNECTS WITH A DRAGON WHIP KICK! Helms hits the mat like a sack of spuds and Benjamin quickly goes for the cover, one... two... KICK OUT!

This match will continue but Shelton again argues with the referee before turning back to Helms, he picks him up and hoists him into the air for a suplex... he hangs on for a moment, keeping Helms in the air, letting the blood rush to his head, but Helms shifts his weight ever so slightly, which allows him to continue, against Benjamin’s grip and land on the mat, feet first AND THEN CONNECT WITH A NECKBREAKER! Greg’ looks around the ring, looking for Benjamin and then leaps on top of him, going for the cover, one... two... ANOTHER KICK OUT! Helms runs his hands through his hair and then slowly brings himself to his feet, he walks over to the turnbuckle, climbing up it very, very slowly. Shelton begins to climb to his feet, and turns around and is the victim of a FROG SPLASH CROSSBODY! Helms rolls away from Benjamin and holds his stomach, feeling the effects of the big move but manages to crawl to the ropes and pull himself up. Benjamin looks to be on his knees now, and Helms senses his opportunity... HE SPRINTS FORWARD AND GOES FOR THE SHINNING WIZARD... BUT BENJAMIN DUCKS... PULLS HELMS UP AND ROLLS HIM UP WITH A SCHOOL BOY! ONE... TWO... TH-NO! This match continues as both men rise to their feet, and meet in the centre with Benjamin kneeing Helms in the stomach. Shelton then Irish-whips him into the corner, and GOES FOR THE STINGER SPLASH... BUT HELMS DUCKS OUT THE WAY! Shelton hits the turnbuckle and stumbles back into a school boy from Helms this time... ONE... TWO... THRE- NO!! Shelton and Helms rise to their feet quickly, and Helms ducks a punch and goes for The Nightmare on Helms Street but BENJAMIN SPINS OUT... AND FROM OUT OF NOWHERE... HITS PAYDIRT!! BENJAMIN SHOOTS THE HALF AND GOES FOR THE COVER... ONE... TWO... THREE!

Winner – Shelton Benjamin @ 13.54


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner – SHELTON BENJAMIN!

Benjamin, the self proclaimed greatest athlete in the WWE, pulls himself to his feet using the ropes and leans on them for a few seconds. The referee raises his hand in the air before going to check on Helms. Meanwhile, Shelton climbs to the second rope and raises his hands in the air before clutching his stomach, feeling the pain running through his body.

Jim Ross: These two laid it all out on the line right here tonight, folks. And it was Shelton Benjamin coming out victorious with an amazing counter into The Paydirt!

JBL: This is what SmackDown is about, J.R! Great matches every single week, and the only place to see it is right here on Friday nights.

Jim Ross: Very true, John, and we aren’t even close to being done on the match front. Coming up later on tonight, Chris Jericho will team with Mike Knox to take on the highflying team of Evan Bourne and a former World Champion, Jeff Hardy. But coming up next folks, Jeff Hardy’s brother, the current World Heavyweight Champion will be in action against The Moscow Mauler, Vladimir Kozlov!

Helms backs up the ramp, clutching his forehead while staring at Benjamin in the ring. Shelton stares back, and Helms shouts “you got me this time... next time you won’t be so lucky!”, this gets a response from Shelton which basically says he’ll be waiting.


Back on SmackDown, a MASSIVE pop comes from the crowd as we see John Cena walking backstage. He seems to be very focused but then his face changes when he sees someone off camera, we follow him as he walks to the side and we see Bret Hart talking to a random man. This gets another massive pop, and Cena slaps his shoulder, Bret turns around the two shake hands, smiling.

John Cena: Allow me to-

Bret Hart: John Cena, pleasure to meet you you. And uh, may I just say, I hope you take the World Title from Matt Hardy at The Bash.

John Cena: Well, I appreciate that, Bret. Good to see ya’.

Cena continues on his ventures through the hall way but is then stopped by the one and only Matt Striker.

Matt Striker: John, may we get a word?

John Cena: Sure.

Matt Striker: Well, we’d like to get your views on Matt Hardy’s constant behind the back attacks, and the fact he seems to be ducking you face to face?

Cena nods, processing the question before answering.

John Cena: Y’know, that’s exactly what it is. Matt Hardy, the World Champion, our World Heavyweight Champion has been ducking facing me face to face. Take last week for instance, we were both in the centre of that ring, and things got a little physical. But Matt managed to take his title, tuck his tail between his legs and bolt on outta’ here.

Heat at that.

John Cena: He ran for the hills, Matt... and allowed his security guards to restrain me. But Matt should know, it takes a lot to keep John Cena down. Y’see, I’ve been through wars with the likes of Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Edge. I respect those men, I don’t respect Matt Hardy.

Cena adjusts his cap.

John Cena: In our first match, he attacked me before the match even begun, as I was makin’ my entrance. He got a cheap victory over me, and then he attacked me after a tag team match and beat me all around ring side. He threw me into the barricade, the steel steps and the ring post, but y’know what Matt? I still got back up, he had to put me through the announce table with a Twist of Hate to finally keep me down. But despite that, I’m still standin’.

Massive pop. Cena takes his cap off.

John Cena: But whenever it comes to a face to face confrontation, he doesn’t to know me, he’d rather attack me from behind than stand in front of me. That’s the kind of man Matt Hardy, the kind of World Champion he is.

Ohhh’s from the crowd.

John Cena: He knows what I’m about, I’m not gonna’ attack from behind, that’s not my game. I’m going to get him face to face, and he will know that if you piss me off, I can be one of the most dangerous Superstars in this company.

Solid pop.

John Cena: At The Bash, Matt Hardy will be across the ring from me, but no doubt he will try to duck out of the match like he did in our original championship match. Which is why I’m headin’ to Theodore Long right now with an idea, and we’ll see if he can get out of it. At The Bash, Matt, I will take that World Heavyweight Championship back, even if it takes everythin’ I got – you are looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion.

The former World Heavyweight Champion walks out of the shot, leaving Matt Striker to watch him go.

Jim Ross: A fired up John Cena right there, folks. His opponent at The Bash will be in action next, but right now we are going to take you back to Monday Night Raw, where the night ended on a horrific note.

Monday Night Raw Rebound | Retribution
The night begins with CM Punk and Randy Orton’s confrontation backstage, with The Viper telling Punk to cash in his briefcase, because if he does then it will be the last time he sets foot in the ring. We now see fairy tale footage of Rey Mysterio last eliminating TJ Perkins to become the number one contender to the WWE Championship, which will be exercised at Raw Revolution. After the battle royal, Rey is confronted by Randy Orton and Legacy, only for CM Punk and a group of a Superstars show up. While Legacy back off, the wrestlers congratulate Rey, all except CM Punk who stares at Orton as he leaves. Then, we see Randy Orton defeating William Regal in the main event and then CM Punk makes his entrance, seemingly about to cash in his briefcase. But then, Jack Swagger attacks Punk and the show goes off the air with Punk’s screams echoing around the arena as he is locked in The Patriot Lock.

A couple of seconds pass by before...


A nice pop comes from the crowd, they’ve changed their opinion on The Moscow Mauler, Vladimir Kozlov after his actions last week, and the fact that he’s facing Matt Hardy only helps Anyway, Kozlov walks out in white attire with white boots, he walks down the ramp, face scowling as he reaches the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, from Moscow, Russia, The Moscow Maulter – VLADIMIR – KOZLOV!

Jim Ross: Vladimir Kozlov is one of the most dangerous Superstars in the WWE, he has pin fall victorys over the likes of The Undertaker, and has fought for the WWE Championship.

JBL: But did he win the WWE Championship?

Jim Ross: Well, no.

JBL: Well, he’s facing the current World Heavyweight Champion. Kozlov will need to up his game if he’s to defeat Matt Hardy.

The Russian sets foot inside the ring and walks over to the ropes, smashing his fist into his palm and then turning to face the stage.

A few moments pass before...


The Canadian crowd react with a MASSIVE round of heat, which greets the arrival of the current World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy who walks out on to the stage wearing his title around his waist and a tee with the sleeves cut off which says “The Cold One” on it. Matthew walks down the ramp, tapping his title belt while he shows it off to a couple of fans who boo back at him.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Raleigh, North Carolina, he is the WORLD – HEAVYWEIGHT – CHAMPION - - MATT – HARDY!

Jim Ross: Ever since the Royal Rumble, Matt Hardy has morphed into what you see today. You are looking at a man who has turned his back on everyone that once loved him, he has targeted his family in Jeff Hardy and turned his back on all his fans.

JBL: Screw that, J.R, what you are looking at is the current World Heavyweight Champion. Matt Hardy got nowhere when he was playing to these fans and keeping an eye on his brother.

Jim Ross: Look, everyone knows that’s not the reason. The fans don’t hold people back, they push people on. It’s why John Cena has the power to get through anything thrown at him, it’s why Jeff Hardy competes as he gets that adrenaline rush when he walks out here. These fans are the reason we are sat here, and Matt Hardy turned his back on all of them.

The World Heavyweight Champion climbs into the ring and walks past Vladimir Kozlov, instructing the referee to make sure he stays where he is and then climbs the to the second rope. He unclips his title belt and raises it above his head with a sick grin. Matt then steps down from the ropes and hands his championship to the referee.

Match Three – Non-Title Bout
Matt Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov

We join this match four minutes in, and despite a strong start from Vladimir Kozlov, the World Heavyweight Champion managed to show why he is the champion by battling back and taking control of the match. At this very moment, Hardy has Kozlov in a seated position on the top rope. The World Champion climbs to the second rope, and looks for a superplex , but Kozlov headbutts him in the chest, and he falls to the canvas below! The Cold One stands up quickly and Kozlov LAUNCHES HIMSELF FROM THE TOP ROPE... FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK.... NO... HARDY DIVES OUT THE WAY!! The crowd boo as Kozlov hits the ground, he tries to get up but Hardy runs right through him with a running knee to the face! The champion then hooks the leg, one... two... KICK OUT! A kick out from Kozlov which draws a pop from the crowd, he sits up but Hardy locks in a sleeper hold~! The World Champion tightens the hold before wrapping his legs around Kozlov’s stomach and pulling him back. Hardy’s shoulders end up on the canvas and the referee begins counting but Hardy manages to roll one off while still keeping Kozlov in the hold. Vladimir seems to be fading rather quickly but the fans begin to chant “LET’S GO KOZLOV”!

This seems to have given Kozlov a new lease of life as he uses his hands to unclasp Matt’s legs from his stomach and get to his knees. He stands up finally, elbows Matt in the stomach a couple of times, breaking his grip on his neck. Kozlov then explodes away from Hardy, hits the ropes and smashes into Matt with a shoulder block! Matt gets up quickly, only for Kozlov to hit another shoulder block! Again, Matt gets up but THIS TIME KOZLOV HITS HIM WITH THE BATTERING RAM! KOZLOV GOES FOR THE COVER, ONE... TWO... TH-NO! Matt gets the shoulder up at the very last second, Kozlov doesn’t argue instead he gets ready for The Iron Curtain. Matt gets up and Kozlov grabs him by the throat... but then Matt counters into The Side Effect! Instead of going for the cover, Matt pulls Kozlov to his feet, kicks him in the stomach and PLANTS HIM WITH THE TWIST OF HATE!

Winner - Matt Hardy @ 6.03


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, the World Heavyweight Champion – MATT – HARDY!

Matt rolls off Kozlov and sits on the mat for a couple off seconds. The referee collects the World Heavyweight Championship and hands it to Matt, who stands up and raises his hands in the air, showing off his belt.


Jim Ross: Business is about to pick up, folks!

The crowd erupt with a pop as JOHN CENA walks onto the stage. He stands at the top of the ramp, cracks his knuckles, looks at Matt and then SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP! He slides into the ring and ducks an attempted shot by the title from Matt. Cena turns around and is about to punch Matt BUT HE DROPS DOWN AND ROLLS OUT THE RING!

Jim Ross: Typical. Just typical behaviour from Hardy.

Hardy backs up the ramp, clutching his championship to his chest while Cena looks pissed that Matt’s ducked him again. John walks over to the ropes and leans over them, telling Matt that he was “this close” to getting his hands on him. Matt replies back with a shake of the head from Matt.

JBL: Look, Matt Hardy is the World Heavyweight Champion, he chooses when he gets physical with Superstars, not the other way around.

Jim Ross: Well act-


Jim’s interrupted as everyone’s attention turns to the stage where the SmackDown General Manager walks onto the stage for the second time tonight. Theodore Long stands on the ramp, smiling, looking like he has good news.

Theodore Long: Matt, listen up, playa’. For weeks you’ve been duckin’ John Cena, and I think everyone is tired of it, ya feel me?

Pop from the crowd.

Theodore Long: And I’m goin’ to make sure you cannot duck him at The Bash. Y’see, John came to me with an idea, an idea which will make sure no one gets involved, no one can run, and you can’t get yourself disqualified or countedout, playa.

The anticipation is building for the announcement, Cena smiles but Matt looks pissed, clutching his championship.

Theodore Long: So, Matt, at The Bash, you will not only defend your championship against John Cena... you will defend it in a SOLID STEEL CAGE!

Massive pop from the crowd while Cena grins even bigger and Matt goes mental on the ramp, shouting abuse at Long as he walks up towards him. He gets in front of him and we hear him saying “THIS PROVES YOU’RE BIAS”, “I AM THE WORLD CHAMPION”.


The music of Cena hits as he climbs the turnbuckle, and raises his hands, he then watches Long and Hardy argue on the ramp from the corner, shaking his head before focusing back on the fans.


JBL: I think it’s a blatant use of power in Theodore Long’s actions, and he’s shown his favouritism to John Cena right now by booking HIS idea!

Jim Ross: This means Matt Hardy can’t escape the clutches of John Cena any longer, nor can he get himself disqualified or counted out!

JBL: Who’s to say he would even want to get himself counted out or disqualified?

Jim Ross: I think we all know what kind of man Matt Hardy is, that should answer your question.

Matt and Long are still arguing on the ramp, and eventually Matt has had enough and walks away from the General Manager and disappearing backstage. In the ring, Cena salutes the fans and points a finger at the General Manager with a smile as we cut to the commercial break.


We return to SmackDown and get a quick video replay of what went down before the break. Once that concludes...


The music of John Morrison fills the arena and he gets a nice pop as he walks onto the stage. The Shaman of Sexy stands and in slow motion begins showing off his body while his hair sweeps back. Morrison stops his slow motion shenanigans and walks down the ramp with a smile on his face, and in homage to Bret Hart, he places his shades on a lucky fan. Morrison quickly steps up onto the steps and hops onto the apron.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is a PICK-YOUR-POISON match. Introducing first from Los Angeles, California, two hundred and nine pounds – JOHN – MORRISON!

Jim Ross: I said earlier that Shelton Benjamin is the greatest pure athlete in the WWE, but this man would give him a run for his money. He’s a former Intercontinental Champion, former Tag Team Champion and at The Bash, he has the opportunity to become the new Cruiserweight Champion.

JBL: But he has to face one of the upcoming Superstars of the WWE, Dolph Ziggler. Who took no end of abuse while he was on Raw, but that all changed when he joined SmackDown.

Morrison takes his jacket off and hands it to someone at ringside before climbing the turnbuckle and raising his hand in the air.


The fans react with a bit of heat as The Show-Off, Dolph Ziggler walks onto the stage, wearing a pink t-shirt with the words “SHOW-OFF” written across the front. He has a microphone in his hand.

Dolph Ziggler: Ever since Teddy Long told me I’d be able to pick your opponent... I’ve been racking my brain, thinkin’ of any Cruiserweight I could choose. Anybody in the world I was told, as long as they accepted that is. And the man I contacted actually came out of retirement because he wanted to get his hands on you.

The anticipation is building.

Dolph Ziggler: Now I know what you’re thinkin’ Johhny boy. Why would I pick someone who was retired – because this man knows everything single thing about you. He’s a man that you turned your back on, you turned your back on him in his time of need, when his face was smashed in with a ladder, you forgot all about him, and he wants some pay back.

Some of the fans know who Ziggler is referring to but most are clueless.

Dolph Ziggler: I’m sure you know who I’m talkin’ about. So, introducin’ your opponent... JOEY – MERCURY!


As he was chosen by a heel, WWE logic dictates that the fans boo Joey Mercury, who walks onto the stage with the usual jacket that he would wear in his first stint with WWE. He shakes hands with Ziggler who walks off backstage, not caring to watch the match and Mercury walks down the ramp, eyes on Morrison.

Jim Ross: Well what a choice. We haven’t seen Joey Mercury in a very long time, John.

JBL: A stroke of genius by Ziggler – he chose the one person that knows John Morrison back and forwards.

Jim Ross: Be that as it may, Mercury has came out of retirement for this match, no doubt he will have some ring rust to wear off.

Mercury climbs onto the apron, he steps into the ring and walks past Morrison, handing his jacket to someone at ring side.

Match Four – Pick Your Poison
Joey Mercury vs. John Morrison

Seeing as these two know each other so well, the first few minutes of the bout consisted of constant counter after counter moments but Mercury’s ring rust began to show as he allowed Morrison to take control. But, thanks to a top rope move gone wrong, he join the match with Mercury in control, he has his former tag team partner stuck in the corner, seated on the canvas. Mercury stands in front of him, and stomps away on the chest of Morrison, and the referee has to get involved, admonishing the five count and then pulling Mercury off his former friend and tag team partner. Joey stares in the referee’s eyes before heading back towards Morrison, and he manages to catch an attempted kick from his opponent, he throws the leg down and then presses his knee into the chest of Morrison! Again, the referee has to physically pull Mercury away, he warns him that this is the last time, next time it will be a disqualification. Nonetheless, Mercury turns back to Morrison and pulls him out by the legs and hooks one of them, one... two... NO!! Mercury curses his luck and then pulls Morrison to his feet and Irish-whips him to the ropes, Morrison rebounds and ducks a clothesline attempt, he rebounds again, and again ducks a clothesline and rebounds again, before connecting with a flying cross body! Morrison gets up quickly, pulling opponent up and whipping him into the ropes, Morrison bends over but Mercury CATCHES HIM WITH A NECKBREAKER and hooks the leg... one... two... NO!

The match will continue but Mercury is getting rather angry, he slides out of the ring and GRABS A STEEL CHAIR! He climbs into the ring with the steel chair in hand, and goes to smash it off Morrison’s back but the referee yanks it away from him from behind, J.R shouts that Mercury will need to find another way to get his so called revenge. Mercury argues with the referee near the ropes, the ref’ throws it out of the ring and begins arguing with Mercury again, and then we see a sudden flash as Morrison is on his feet, he springboards off the other ropes AND CONNECTS WITH A FLYING CHUCK KICK!! The crowd go wild as Mercury hits the mat at the a convenient place for Morrison, he walks over to the turnbuckle AND LANDS ON MERCURY WITH STARSHIP PAIN! He hooks the far leg, ONE... TWO... THREE!

Winner – John Morrison @ 6.49


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner – JOHN – MORRISON!

Morrison stands up and takes a look at this former partner, almost with remorse in his eyes but then turns around and climbs the turnbuckle. He raises his hands in the air before he drops down and rolls out of the ring, before he walks up the ramp, he slaps a few hands with the fans.

Jim Ross: John Morrison showed his championship credentials by winning this match, a man who knew every move that he would attempt, and it was Mercury’s desire for so called revenge that lost him this match.

JBL: Yeah, but let me remind you, Mercury came out of retirement for this match. It isn’t that impressive that he won this match. Let’s just wait and see what Dolph Ziggler does next week in his match.

Speaking of The Show-Off, we cut backstage to see Dolph Ziggler watching Morrison walk up the ramp on a TV screen. He doesn’t look best pleased, but then he turns around when the door opens, and in steps the SmackDown Assistant General Manager, Layla who’s wearing a very low cut white business shirt. She walks over to Ziggler, whispers something in his ear and hands him a little bit of paper. She walks out of the shot, leaving Ziggler to look at the paper and then grin.

And with that, we cut to a hallway in the backstage area, where Evan Bourne and Kelly Kelly are in the middle of a very close hug, which draws a few cheers from the crowd. The blonde stops hugging Bourne and steps back a step, smiling.

Kelly Kelly: I was SO pleased to see you last week. After weeks of being dragged around by Mike, I dunno, I felt safe again.

She says with a beaming smile.

Evan Bourne: Well when I’m around you-

Bourne stops speaking when his gaze turns to someone behind Kelly, she turns and sees someone before Evan steps in front of her. The camera pans out to reveal MIKE KNOX! He dwarfs Bourne and breathes menacingly but Evan stands his ground, looking up at him.

Mike Knox: You stuck your nose in where it didn’t belong last week. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t destroy right here... right now.

Evan looks at Mike from his stomach up to his face, getting ready for a fight but then the crowd ERUPT cheers as JEFF HARDY walks up to them, carrying a BASEBALL BAT! Knox is now outnumbered and thanks to the baseball bat, he doesn’t seem so confident. Jeff and Evan stare at Knox who eventually backs away slowly.

Mike Knox: Don’t worry, Evan – I’ll see you later.

Knox completes his exit, leaving Jeff and Evan to turn to each other.

Evan Bourne: Hey, thanks Jeff.

Jeff Hardy: No need to thank me.

Jeff and Evan shake hands and Jeff even gets a hug from K2.

Jeff Hardy: And hey, don’t worry about him. Just you do your thing in the tag match later.

Evan and Jeff shake hands once again before Jeff exit the scene as we throw it to a commercial break.


Back from the commercial...


A strong reaction consisting of heat greets Mike Knox as he walks into the limelight. He feels his long beard from the top of the ramp, and then walks down it, scowling at the ring. He walks slowly up the steel steps, almost stamping as he does so.

Justin Roberts: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing two hundred and ninety three pounds – MIKE – KNOX!

Jim Ross: This match brings together two rivals which consist of extremely personal issues. Mike Knox believes that Kelly Kelly is his, for the past few weeks he has dragged her around, parading her like a piece of meat, but when Evan Bourne returned, that all stopped.

JBL: I give Evan Bourne credit, he’s tried to take on the monster. He done well at Judgment Day, fending him off, but in the end he was put on the injury table as a result of Mike Knox’.

Jim Ross: I have to stop you right there, partner. I’m just receiving word, that in two weeks time at The Bash, Mike Knox will face off against Evan Air Bourne”! The Bash card just keeps on getting bigger and this match is certainly one of the biggest matches on the card.

JBL: I wouldn’t want to be Bourne in a couple of weeks time.

Knox enters the ring, but doesn’t bother with any theatrics, instead he simply stands in the centre, waiting for the rest of the Superstars to enter.



The crowd erupt with a lot of heat, but with some cheers as Chris Jericho is from Canada. He walks out in his usual attire, and walks down the ramp, not doing any theatrics in the same vein as his tag team partner. He has a smug look on his face, which only serves to ramp up the boos.

Justin Roberts: And his tag team partner, from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, weighing two hundred and twenty seven pounds – CHRIS – JERICHO!

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy are currently embroiled in a deep, powerful rivalry which all started after Jericho told us that Jeff cost him the World Heavyweight Championship. After this, Jericho attacked Jeff and went so far as to call him a cancer to this company.

JBL: He’s right though.

Jim Ross: How is he right?

JBL: We all know Jeff Hardy’s problems, one mistake and it all comes down on the rest of us. We are the ones that suffer, not him.

Jim Ross: He doesn’t suffer?! My god, are you really this bias.

JBL: Hey... I’m not like Teddy Long.

Jericho steps into the ring, and stands in the centre, surveying the arena.


Knox turns to the stage and frowns as Evan Bourne and Kelly Kelly walk onto the stage. Bourne sends up the peace sign twice before walking down the ramp, Kelly to the side of him, the duo high five some fans on their respective side of the ramp and they reach the ring, but Bourne doesn’t enter just yet.

Justin Roberts: And introducing their opponents. First, from St. Louis, Missouri – EVAN – AIR –BOURNE!

Jim Ross: Bourne doing the smart thing right now by not entering the ring, and waiting for his tag team partner.


The Canadian crowd erupt with a massive amount of cheers as The Charismatic Enigma high step onto the stage. Jeff Hardy plays to the crowd and setting his pyro off before venturing down the ramp and high fiving a few of the fans.

Justin Roberts: And his tag team partner, from Raleigh, North Carolina – JEFF – HARDY!

Jeff and Evan meet at the bottom of the ramp, they fist bump before sliding into the ring, expecting Jericho and Knox to rush them but they stand in their corner. Evan and Jeff back step into their corner and wait for the referee to start the match.

Match Four – Tag Team Contest
Evan Bourne & Jeff Hardy w/Kelly Kelly vs. Chris Jericho & Mike Knox

We join this match around six minutes in and the face’s had a solid start to the match but thanks to some underhanded tactics, Mike Knox and Chris Jericho took advantage. Right now though, Jericho has Evan down on the mat in a chin lock. He’s screaming “ASK HIM” and the referee does so, over and over but each time Bourne rejects the chance to give up. Eventually, Jericho lets go and drags Bourne to his corner and tags in the huge Mike Knox. He grabs Bourne by the neck and yanks him up to his feet, throwing him into the ropes, he rebounds and gets planted with a spinebuster in the centre of the ring. Knox then hooks the leg, one... two... NO! HARDY BREAKS UP THE PIN! The referee tells Jeff to get back out and he obliges, leaving Knox looking pissed. Mike pulls Bourne to his feet and Irish-whips him into his own corner. Knox goes to one knee and explodes, sprinting at Evan but HE GETS TWO FEET UP, IN THE FACE OF MIKE! Evan then takes a cheap shot route by elbowing Jericho in the head, and he falls to the ground! Knox is back though, running at Bourne again, only to get another double boot in the face! He stumbles back further this time, falling to one knee, and Bourne lifts himself onto the second rope... AND CONNECTS WITH A TORNADO DDT!! The crowd do wild at the huge move as does Kelly on the outside.

Jericho climbs back onto the apron, while Jeff on the other side begins clapping his hands, getting the crowd to do it too. After he’s satisfied, he stops and allows the crowd to take over on their own. Evan gets the signal from the crowd and begins crawling towards his corner, as does Knox. Eventually, to a huge pop, Bourne gets the tag, but so has Knox! Hardy and Jericho meet in the centre of the ring, Hardy ducking a clothesline and hitting the ropes, rebounding with a flying axe handle to the face! Jericho gets to his feet, and Jeff goes to kick him in the stomach, but Chris catches his foot, only for Jeff to jump and spin, hitting a kick to the chest of Jericho! Again, Jericho gets up again, only for Jeff to grab the back of his legs and sweep them away. He lands on his back but Jeff keeps a hold of them, splits them apart and hits a leg drop onto Jericho! He goes for the cover, one... two... KNOX BREAKS IT UP!

The crowd boo as Knox clubs the back of Jeff, but then Evan enters the ring again, hitting a front drop kick to the chest of Knox, and he stumbles backwards into the ropes. Bourne then sprints at Knox and connects with a cross body, and the two of them go tumbling over the top rope! Jeff still feels the effects of those clubs to the back off Knox so takes a second to get to his feet and walks slowly back over to Jericho. Suddenly a gasp comes from the crowd as we see Knox CARRY BOURNE AND SMASH HIM BACK FIRST INTO THE RING POST! While this was happening, Jeff has Jericho up and whips him into the corner, but Jericho reverses, and Jeff sprints into the corner, but RUNS UP THEM... WHISPER IN THE WIND! The crowd pop huge as Jeff covers Jericho, the referee begins counting but suddenly Jeff sees something. On the other side of the ring Knox is approaching Kelly, she looks petrified so Jeff climbs off Jericho and sprints at the ropes, CONNECTING WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE ON KNOX! Jeff checks Kelly is alright and climbs back in the ring. He sees that Jericho is getting to his feet, and walks over to him, but Chris surprises him and ducks behind him, rolling him up and the referee starts counting, one... two... HE’S GOT A HOLD OF HIS JEANS... THREE!

Winner – Chris Jericho & Mike Knox @9.43


Justin Roberts: Here are your winners – Mike – Knox and CHRIS – JERICHO!

The crowd react with massive boos as Jericho quickly rolls out of the ring, Hardy gets to his feet quickly and dives after him but just misses him as he rolled out. On the outside, Bourne is helped up by Kelly and the two slide into the ring. They stand beside Hardy while Knox is still on the ground after the baseball slide. Jericho’s on the ramp, grinning and holding his right hand above his head!

Jim Ross: He stole it! He stole one!

JBL: Hah-hah. I love it, J.R! Jericho took advantage of a distraction and got the win!

Jim Ross: Jeff Hardy was in complete control folks, and one distraction cost him the match. He and Jericho will face off one on one at The Bash, where the winner folks will face either Matt Hardy or John Cena at Summerslam in Hawaii for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Bourne tries to tell Jeff not to worry about it, he says he’ll get him at The Bash. Hardy nods but he seems to be v very pissed.



Matt Hardy: Finally, I am where I should be. At the top of this profession.

Shot of Hardy winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day.

Chris Jericho: Jeff Hardy is a cancer to this company.

Footage of Jericho’s infamous “cancer” promo a couple of weeks ago.

Jeff Hardy: My life is an open book. I do not hide away from my demons. And I am not hiding from Chris Jericho.

Now we see Jeff tackling the afore mentioned Jericho and pummelling him with his fists.

John Cena: I want the World Heavyweight Championship back.

Replays of John Cena planting a security guard through a table at the contract signing with a Attitude Adjustment.

Narrator: SmackDown’s biggest Superstars collide ... at The Bash!


In the ring, we see The Fighting Irishman, Finlay in the ring, waiting for his opponent.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, in the ring, from Belfast, Northern Ireland – FINLAY!


The crowd react with a lot of heat as R-Truth ventures onto the stage. Instead of rapping his way to the ring, he begins walking down the ramp, wide-eyed and looking rather mental. Truth turns and walks to the steel steps, jogging up them and stepping into the ring.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Charlotte, North Carolina – R-TRUTH!

Jim Ross: In just a short couple of weeks, R-Truth will take on the United States Champion, Kofi Kingston for the title.

JBL: And we’ll see Truth take his championship back after being screwed out of it by our biased General Manager!

Jim Ross: You’re still thinking our General Manager is biased?

JBL: Look at the facts, J.R. Kendrick and Jackson have been forced to defend their championships tonight against The Hart Dynasty, with no warning. R-Truth was put in a gauntlet match while defending his United States Championship, Chris Jericho has been screwed over since he arrived on SmackDown and John Cena earlier on went to Theodore Long and got his own stipulation added to the World Title match at The Bash.

Jim Ross: Well, I have to disagree. Theodore Long is the SmackDown General Manager – and his job is making the show as entertaining as possible, and that’s what he’s doing.

Truth hands takes his shirt off and throws it out of the ring to the ground and the match seems like it’s about to start but...


A surprised reaction comes from R-Truth and the crowd pop huge as the current United States Champion, Kofi Kingston walks down the ramp and walks around the ring and makes his way to the announce table. He shakes hands with J.R but JBL doesn’t bother shaking hands.

Jim Ross: Well, Kofi, it’s great to have you here. What brings you out here?

Kofi Kingston: I just wanted to scout what I’m goin’ up against at The Bash, y’know? And lemme’ tell you somethin’, J.R, I can’t wait to get my hands on R-Truth.

Match Five – Singles Contest
Finlay vs. R-Truth

R-Truth dominated proceedings from the get go, but at three minutes Finlay made a come back. We join it as he is in the midst of making the comeback, he hits a ferocious clothesline and then another. Truth seems out of it but he gets up slowly, only to be dragged onto Finlay’s shoulders and then Irishman hits The Rolling Thunder to a nice pop. He hooks the leg, one... two... NO! Finlay gets up and gets ready to go for The Celtic Cross, but R-Truth sees it coming and counters into a kick in the stomach. R-Truth then bounces off the ropes and hits his Corkscrew Scissor Kick and picks up the victory!

Winner – R-Truth @ 4.22

*WHAT’S UP...*

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner – FINLAY!

R-Truth picks up the strong victory and has his hand raised by the referee. Kingston stands up from his position at the announce table, Truth stands on the turnbuckle and stares at him, motioning across his stomach for the championship.

Jim Ross: A strong win here tonight for R-Truth against a hard opponent in Fit Finlay. And we-

Suddenly J.R is cut off as we cut backstage where a lot of commotion is going on! WE SEE TRAINERS HUDDLED OVER SOMEONE, and then we see BOBBY LASHLEY and THEODORE LONG running up.

Theodore Long: What happened here?! Did you see anyone, Bobby?!

Bobby Lashley: No. I just found him like this. No one was around.

The camera burrows in to get a look at who is the centre of attention and we see it’s... JOHN CENA! The crowd react with gasps as he’s knocked out, blood trickling from the top of his head, and running onto the concrete. Long runs his hands over his head while Lashley watches on. The trainers tell Long that he needs some space.

Bobby Lashley: Who d’you think done it?

Theodore Long: I got an idea.

We cut away from the action and into a commercial break.


Back from the commercial, we get a replay of what happened before the break, and then the commentators talk about it for a second, before transitioning into another replay of the top of the show where Bret Hart made his WWE return.

The bell rings, and Justin Roberts steps forward.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall... and is for the WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!


A huge pop comes up from the Canadian crowd and after a couple of seconds, The Hart Dynasty; Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith and Natalya walk onto the stage with Bret Hart beside them. The arena has turned a manly shade of pink and the foursome walk down the ramp, with Bret handing more shades to a child at ring side.


The Hart Dynasty’s attention turns to the stage where The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson walk onto the ramp. The two reach the bottom of the ramp and slide into the ring and find their corner.

Justin Roberts: Introducing first, the challengers, accompanied by Natalya and Bret Hart... TYSON – KIDD AND DAVID – HART – SMITH... THE HART DYNASTY!

The Dynasty raise their hands to a massive pop.

Justin Roberts: And introducing their opponents, they ARE THE WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS – THE BRIAN KENDRICK & EZEKIEL JACKSON!

A complete change in reaction as the fans boo loudly.

Main Event – WWE Tag Team Championships
The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson © vs. The Hart Dynasty w/Bret Hart & Natalya

After a very hot start by The Hart Dynasty, where they showed off some of their double team moves and showed why they are touted as the future of the tag team world, Kidd ended in up in a precarious position as Jackson used his strength against the smaller man. That’s where we join our bout with Kidd in trouble in the corner of the champions, facing a hulking figure in Jackson. Jackson smashed Kidd in the stomach with a knee and then tagged in Kendrick. TBK came into the match and taunted Kidd by slapping the top of his head, but that was a mistake as Kidd exploded out from the corner and hit him with a forearm smash! Kendrick stumbled back into the centre of the ring, and Kidd ran at him, only to fall into an arm drag. Kendrick keeps a hold of the arm, and Kidd reaches out with his free hand to his partner but he’s too far away. The champion wrenches the arm, before standing up, pulling Kidd up with him and whipping him into the corner. Kendrick runs in and hits a running front drop kick to the chest of Kidd and tags in Jackson.

Jackson punches Kidd in the stomach, who keels over and then drops to his knees. Jackson yanks him to his feet and body slams him in the centre of the ring. Ezekiel bounces off the ropes and looks to drop his huge leg across Kidd’s throat... but he rolled out the way! This gave Kidd a chance and he manages to get the hot tag to Smith as does Jackson to Kendrick! Smith uses his power to bulldoze through Kendrick, he does it again but this time with a clothesline and pushes Kendrick into the corner and whips him to the other side. Kendrick rebounds and runs straight into a big boot! Smith slaps his hands together and pulls Kendrick to his feet, and then gets the tag again to Kidd, who stays on the apron for a moment. Smith hoists Kendrick up and plants him with a sit down spinebuster, and then Kidd springboards from the top rope and connects with a splash! It’s over! He hooks the leg but Jackson breaks up the pin count! Jackson yanks Kidd off Kendrick and throws him to the other side of the ring but he’s clotheslined by Smith! He pulls Jackson to his feet once again and throws him out of the ring! But then Kendrick is back on his feet and drop kicks the back of Smith’s back and he goes tumbling over the top rope! Kendrick turns around, right into Kidd, who grabs the back of his legs, sweeps them towards him AND LOCKS IN A SHARPSHOOTER! A huge pop goes up from the crowd and Kendrick has no choice but to TAP OUT!

Winner And NEW WWE Tag Team Champions – The Hart Dynasty @ 12.04

Justin Roberts: Here are your winners – and NEW WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS – TYSON KIDD, DAVID HART SMITH – THE – HART – DYNASTY!

The crowd rise and applaud the title change as Kidd lets go of Kendrick’s legs and is joined in the ring by David Hart Smith, Natalya and Bret Hart. Bret presents Kidd and Smith with the WWE Tag Team Championships and they raise them above their hands. Bret receives a hug from each member of The Dynasty while Kendrick rolls from the ring holding his legs and lower back. Jackson is still down on the outside .

Jim Ross: WOW! What a way to end Friday Night SmackDown!

JBL: It’s disgusting – this match should never have took place.

Jim Ross: We’ve had a fantastic night here tonight ladies and gentleman, so join us next week for the last show before The Bash. And don’t forget to tune in to Raw Revolution this coming Monday to see Bret Hart and a lot more. Thank you for joining us, good night folks!

With the lasting image of Bret being lifted up by Smith and Kidd, he raises one of the titles above his head as Natalya holds the other, we fade to black.


The Bash
Date: 12th July 2009
Location: ARCO Arena; Sacramento, California
Theme Music: Seasons By Veer Union

World Heavyweight Championship - Steel Cage
Matt Hardy (c) vs. John Cena

#1 Contendership - World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy

Grudge Match
Edge vs. Kane


United States Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. R-Truth

Cruiserweight Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison

Grudge Match
Evan Bourne w/Kelly Kelly vs. Mike Knox
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM’s Review

I wasn’t really fond of when Bret came back and had a feud with McMahon back in 2009. However, I know that you’ll use him in a different way and for the better, I might add. Brian Kendrick is absolute gold here. Mentioning that HBK trained him was a really good line as it gives Kendrick a purpose to be out there, well done. Big fan of The Hart Dynasty as a team so I was happy that they made their debut the way they did. I do think that there would’ve been a better way to have them debut but this wasn’t bad. Tag team division main eventing Smackdown!? BAH GAWD~! First you make your divas division bearable and now you’re giving prestige back to the tag team division, this is great!

Isaac Yankem!? Wow. Taking it old school are we? Not sure what to make of Eve being all googly-eyed over Khali. Just get rid of him, he’s horrible. But anyway, Kane/Edge match at the Bash should be a good one. The promo from Edge kind of made him sound heel, he’s face isn’t he? Unless I missed something. But anyway, I guess the Kane/Edge feud should be pretty much filler but can serve a purpose on an SD-only PPV.

Cryme Tyme in a video package? Always brilliant. DAT POSTER DOE~!

Kaval and Daniel Bryan, what a team. Surprised you had Kaval take the reigns here, definitely thought that Bryan would lead the way, promo-wise. But anyway, two solid teams going at each other once again with a tag team match main eventing Smackdown, that’s gotta be a record these days. Helms and Benjamin going for that long aye, I guess this was the match you were talking about. Both guys are well-versed in the ring and I can’t wait to see what else you conjure up between the two. Make it have meaning though, I’m not sure I like the “spirit of competition” storyline for these two.

Typical promo by Cena here. I already have a prediction of what he’ll talk about with Teddy Long, but I’ll leave it for now until we find out. Hardy has been a really character and I just love seeing him develop. Not a lot of character development on this episode it seems but it’ll suffice.

Mercury was always going to job to Morrison. I think a better opponent could’ve been used here. Someone making their debut or bringing back someone who’ll stay would’ve been good. But having Layla hand Ziggler a piece of paper has me intrigued. You know what you’re doing here, I just hope it pays off.

Fast-forward to the main event! Winning the tag titles in their debut is awesome! Big fan of these guys and I think you did good by giving them the titles after the way they debuted.. Maybe you could keep Bret Hart around to manage them for a bit instead of having him face off with HBK on RAW. But I’m pretty interested to see what goes down there. Very good ending to the show.

Overall, there were some errors in coding but I don’t think people really mind that. Not only in coding, but also in grammar but like you said, you powered through to get this episode up. A lot of good things to like on this episode of Smackdown with the prestige of the tag division slowly coming back being the best thing about this episode. I do think you need to add a little more heat in your World Title feud but that was done on this episode as well with John Cena being attacked backstage. Plus, we don’t know who did it, good cliffhanger on that one. Also, I appreciate JAMMY FINO! World Champion material imo. The new GOLDEN BOY~! But anyway, enjoyed this episode, onto the next

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Raw to be up late next week.
July 06 Newswire

- Already the build has begun for Summerslam, with video packages hyping the event starting extremely early. Some angles for the event of the summer have had their seeds planted, we can only assume that John Cena will be included in a big main event match, after being laid out backstage, rumour is that it wasn’t Matt Hardy and the man who done it will face Cena at Summerslam. Rumours are running rampant about who the man, or women, could be.

- This is a busy month for the WWE, with the build to Summerslam starting, Vengeance and The Bash will be used as starting points for many angles. The WWE have Vengeance and The Bash in close proximity to each other, which will put a heavy strain on WWE creative writing the show. Vince McMahon apparently isn’t pleased with having two Pay-Per-Views in a month, but they knew this would happen when they changed to single branded PPV’s.

- Raw this week will air from San Diego, California where Rey Mysterio will take on WWE Champion, Randy Orton for the right to call himself champion.

Shawn Michaels vs. The Miz II
Just announced on wwe.com, Shawn Michaels will take on his rival, The Miz in a very personal match which stems from Michaels’ being injured at the hands of The Awesome One. Michaels managed to defeat The Miz at Fully Loaded, despite the fact that The Miz had Shawn down for a three count, but the referee was knocked out, allowing Shawn to recover and get the win.

- Shortly after Friday Night SmackDown concluded, the WWE announced a new web show, which will air the hour before WWE shows Raw and SmackDown. It will not air before Superstars. It will be a way of building up to the show, and can be watched on wwe.com or can be seen streamed on youtube. There will be two hosts, Josh Matthews and a new host who WWE have recently signed known as Renee Paquette, who will be called Renee Young on the show.

- On Saturday, the Raw cameras caught up with rising star, TJ Perkins after he defeated Chris Masters at a Raw House Show.

Spoiler for Josh Catches Up with TJ:
Josh Matthews: TJ, congratulations on defeating Chris Masters here tonight, but commiserations on coming up short in the Battle Royal on Raw last Monday. Can we get your thoughts on Rey Mysterio facing Randy Orton for the WWE Championship and what’s next for you?

TJ Perkins – Y’know, I came so close to becoming the number one contender. But am I bitter? No way. Rey Mysterio is a worthy number one contender, and if there’s anyone that I want to lose to, it’d be him. Rey’s been my idol since I broke into this business, and as you probably know, I base my offense on what he does.

TJ pauses.

TJ Perkins – While I would’ve liked to face Randy Orton, I can’t complain – I’ve had a great start to my career here, and I have no doubts I’ll get a WWE Championship match later my career. Rey will give Randy a run for his money, that’s for sure, and hell – Rey might even win the championship, we all know how he overcomes the odds.

Josh nods.

TJ Perkins – What’s next for TJ Perkins? I really don’t know man, but what I do know is that I’ll head out there each and every week and put on a show for the fans. I’ll get a championship match soon enough, but for now I’m content with wowing the crowd with my moves, and having fun in that ring.

Josh Matthews – Thank you for your time.

TJ pats Josh on the shoulder and walks away, winking at the camera.

- Bret Hart was well received backstage at SmackDown, being introduced to the new stars in the WWE and having lengthy conversations with the likes of Chris Jericho and Edge. He received quite possibly the biggest pop of the year so far when he walked out at the start of the show, and people were apparently very impressed with The Brian Kendrick’s showing in the opening promo, where he held his own on the microphone. He and Ezekiel Jackson lost the WWE Tag Team Championships to the debutting Hart Dynasty, and they’ll probably have a rematch before Kendrick gets a push up the card.

Trish Stratus Signs For Summerslam
In huge news, arguably the greatest WWE Diva of all time, will be at Summerslam, we don’t know her role just yet but rumour is that she’ll either face Beth Phoenix or the current Women’s Champion, Maryse.

- Tickets for WWE Summerslam went on sale after SmackDown went off the air, and already the tickets are selling out quickly! You can get tickets from various places, and you better be quick as it won’t be long before they sell out completely.

Spoiler for Helms Speaks On His Loss:
In a locker room, a sweaty and exhausted Gregory Helms sits, rubbing his fore head.

Gregory Helms – A few minutes ago I lost my match against Shelton Benjamin. But he knows I was this close to defeatin’ him, he took me to my limit, and I took him to his, and in the end he got that bit of luck that would decide the match. He took full advantage and put me down, but I’m not gonna’ lie down and take that. Shelton knows me, he’s from South Carolina, I’m from North, and I want him one on one again.

Helms rubs his head.

Gregory Helms – So what d’ya say, Shelton? Do you want to prove what happened a couple of minutes ago wasn’t a fluke? If you do, meet me in the ring next week on SmackDown, because I know I can beat you, and more importantly, you know I can beat you.
WWE Preview
~ Hosted by Renee Young ~

Renee Young – “Welcome to the show where we build to the biggest show on Monday nights. And tonight is a very special show! My name’s Renee Young, my co-host Josh Matthews isn’t here for the first show because of a cold, but I don’t believe that for a second.”

Renee Young - “Regardless, we have a show for you later tonight, and let me tell you, it’s going to be huge. Jerry Lawler announced this Raw as a Super card of sorts, and he’s put together a very strong line up. Tonight, you’ll witness the return of The Hitman, Bret Hart to Monday Night Raw. And we have heard that he will call out Shawn Michaels, we can only expect fireworks when these two go face to face in the ring and I for one, cannot wait to see one of my childhood hero’s back on Raw.”

Renee Young - "As well as a big return from the legendary Bret Hart, there will be a WWE Championship match when Rey Mysterio takes on the champion, Randy Orton. The Viper has been on a tear as of late, striking fear into the hearts of anybody and everybody he crossed paths with. Rey will need all his strength, and will need all of the fans behind him if he wants to defeat The Viper. And I can only hope, that I don’t get asked to interview Orton because frankly, between you and me, I’m not his biggest fan."

Renee Young - “Also, tonight, The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels faces The Miz, who by the way, welcomed me very kindly to the WWE family by loudly telling me he was going to not only defeat Michaels, but he would destroy him. Bold words from The Miz, and this may be the best time for this match for him, as Shawn Michaels will have to contend with the distraction of facing Bret Hart in the centre of the ring.”

Renee Young - “The big matches just keep on coming, as a huge triple threat tag team match has been announced as The Colons, will take on The Legacy, taking on MVP and Mr. Kennedy to determine who will face The Monarchy, the World Tag Team Champions at Vengeance. MVP and Mr. Kennedy have some issues to work out though if they want to take on The Monarchy as it was MVP who eliminated Ken Kennedy in the Battle Royal.”

Renee Young - “Sheamus will take part in his second match of his short WWE career, last week he faced off against Jammy Fino, who in total opposite to The Miz, welcomed me by calling me “bro”, fist bumping me and invited me to play a game of basketball with him. Regardless, Sheamus will face some tougher competition tonight as he takes on Chris Masters. Also, we have yet to hear Sheamus’ answer to William Regal’s offer to join The Monarchy, he has until the end of tonights show to make his decision, one has to wonder the consequences if he denies, and also what would happen to the rest of the WWE if he agrees."

Renee Young - “Jack Swagger will be in action as he takes on Jimmy Wang, but his mind will be else where as he has a revenge driven CM Punk to watch out for. We saw Jack Swagger attempt to break the ankle of Punk last week on Raw, stopping him from cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase and quite possibly becoming the WWE Champion. We will see Punk tonight, and if gets his hands on Swagger we’ll need every member of the roster to break these two up.”

Renee Young - “Finally, another championship will be on the line as Maryse defends her Undisputed Women’s Championship against the scary, Katie Lea. These two went head to head at Fully Loaded where Maryse cheated to win, but tonight, all eyes will be on the match as we could see the championship change hands."

Renee Young - “That’s all from me. I’m Renee Young, don’t forget to tune into Raw tonight, and also tune in on Friday when we preview SmackDown, and hopefully my co-host Josh Matthews will show his face. Until then, good bye."

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Monday Night Raw

San Diego, California - July 06

The broadcast begins with a recap of last week, beginning with the twenty man battle royal which Rey Mysterio won. And ends with highlights of Randy Orton versus William Regal which ends with the WWE Champion having his hand raised.

Michael Cole – Welcome ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw! My name is Michael Cole, alongside me, my partner The Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley! Mick.

Mick Foley – It feels amazing to be here tonight, Michael, Raw Revolution!

Michael Cole – Indeed, tonight ladies and gentleman you will witness pay-per-view quality matches, including Shawn Michaels versus The Miz and Rey Mysterio versus Randy Orton in a WWE Championship match

Mick Foley - Rey Mysterio thought tooth and nail to get his chance tonight, in his home town, right here, in San Diego, California.

Michael Cole - I have no doubt that Rey Mysterio will relish the pressure of competing in front of his home town fans, but perhaps just as big if not bigger – is the return of Bret The Hitman Hart.

Mick Foley - After all these years, Bret Hart, in a WWE ring? I can’t wait.

***BOOYAKA 619*** plays and is greeted by a massive pop which nearly takes the roof off the arena. The Master of the 619, the number one contender for the WWE Championship, Rey Mysterio walks onto the stage, smiling with his purple mask on. He walks to either side of the stage before making his way down to the ring. He climbs into the ring and is handed a microphone by a stage hand and he stands in the centre of the ring.

Rey Mysterio – Y’know, I just want to say – it feels GREAT to be back in SAN DIEGO!

Cheap pop there.

Rey Mysterio – It means a lot to me, to have an opportunity at my first WWE Championship, in my home town. But the last month or two, haven’t been all that great to me.

Rey looks down the ground.

Rey Mysterio: At Judgment Day... I lost the Intercontinental Championship. At Fully Loaded... I failed to retain it. But as much as I loved the Intercontinental Championship, t’night is about the WWE Championship.

Strong pop.

Rey Mysterio – Last week was the start of a whole new chapter in the career of Rey Mysterio. I’m puttin’ the last couple of months behind me, an’ lookin’ forward.

Mysterio nods at the pop.

Rey Mysterio – Y’see, last week... I fought with all my heart to win that battle royal. An’ I know that I’ll need all my heart t’night to beat Randy Orton-

Massive heat which interrupts Rey.

Rey Mysterio – I’ll need all my heart but, I’ll also need all of you. An’ I know you won’t let me down, you’ve all been behind me my entire career, and t’night – I dedicate my WWE Championship win to each and every single one of you.

Huge pop.

Rey Mysterio – I knew if I won last week, I’d get the shot in San Diego, in front of all of you, but also, I’d get my shot in front of my family, my wife and my kids.

Rey smiles as he points at ringside and we see his family who smile at their father/husband.

Rey Mysterio – With all of you behind me – I have no doubt by the end of the night, I will be the WWE Champion.

***VOICES*** blares over the PA system which results in boos almost instantly, as the WWE Champion, Randy Orton walks onto the stage. Wearing a Legacy tee and the WWE Title over his shoulder, he walks down the ramp, not taking his eyes of his opponent later tonight. Orton picks up a microphone from the steel steps and makes his way into the ring.

Randy Orton – Rey, you seem awfully confident that you will be WWE Champion by the end of the night.

Randy studies Rey’s face as he says “yeah, that’s right”.

Randy Orton – But the problem is Rey, these people... they can’t help you. They can chant and they can cheer, but when you step in the ring with me... they won’t matter.

Orton looks sideways out to the crowd as they boo.

Randy Orton – If were you... I wouldn’t be so confident. Over the past few months, I’ve destroyed and put Triple H, Ric Flair and The Undertaker out of action.

Huge heat at that.

Randy Orton – What makes you THINK I won’t do the same to you? What makes you think that you’ll be the one that ends my WWE Championship reign?

It’s a rhetorical question as Orton continues to speak.

Randy Orton – Once you’re in the ring, the fans won’t be able to help you, you’ll be locked in a ring with the most dangerous Superstar in the WWE. They won’t be able to help you, and your family won’t be able to help you. And as you and everyone else knows... I have no issue with bringing family’s into matters.

Rey’s staring up at Orton as he glances at his family.

Rey Mysterio – William Regal already brought my family into an issue which was strictly between he and I. An’ if you think I’ll let you do the same... that’ not gonna’ happen. I’ll give my life before anyone like you hurt them.

Orton looks down at Rey.

Rey Mysterio – You need to stop lookin’ past me at my family, because your WWE Championship is on the line later, and I plan on takin’ it from you.

Mysterio and Orton stare at each other for a moment.

Randy Orton – You may think that my championship is in danger, but you are just a name on a list. Another name that tried and FAILED to defeat me for this.

Orton glances at the title on his shoulder.

Randy Orton – And once I do defeat you... your kids and wife... will have to sit and watch as I PUNT you in the SKULL!

Massive heat from the crowd.

Suddenly, Mysterio shoves Randy directly in the chest, forcing him back into the ropes! The crowd respond with a pop at the bravery shown by Rey. Orton bounces back off the ropes, going for a clothesline but Rey ducks it, Randy stops in his tracks and turns around into a drop kick to the knee! Orton drops down to his knee, but Mysterio bounces off the ropes and connects with another drop kick, this time to the face of the WWE Champion! The crowd are on their feet as Rey measures the champion, Orton staggers to his feet and turns around, Rey sprints forward and connects with a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors, propelling Orton onto the second rope! Mysterio looks around the arena, dials it up and bounces off the ropes before going for the 619 but Orton ducks and slides out of the ring!

The crowd respond with a massive amount of heat while Orton reaches into the ring and grabs his championship, he backs up the ramp, clutching it to his chest. The Master of the 619 meanwhile stands in the centre of the ring, making the universal title motion across his stomach! Rey then climbs onto the turnbuckle, looks at Orton before raising his hands in the air to a solid pop.

- Commercial Break –

Raw returns from the break and we are backstage where MVP is standing in front of the camera, with Mr. Kennedy staring at the side of his head, chewing his gum.

Mr. Kennedy – So, uh, you wanna’, oh I dunno’... explain why you screwed me over las’ week?

MVP turns to Kennedy.

MVP – Screwed you over? How in the world, did I screw you over? Seriously, answer me that, man.

Mr. Kennedy – We had a plan, get rid of everyone else and it would come down to us to. What happened? You conveniently forget and flipped me over the top rope!

Kennedy continues to chew his gum.

MVP – I saw an opportunity. An’ I nearly went on to win the damn thing.

Mr. Kennedy – But ya’ didn’t did ya’? No. But if you had followed the plan, it would’ve been you or me facin’ Orton for the title, not Mysterio.

MVP rolls his eyes.

MVP – Y’know, I’d be willin’ to bet that you’d have done the same thing if you were in my position.

Mr. Kennedy – No way. I’m a team player, unlike some people around here. But if you wanna’ make it right, then you get your mind straight, and actually listen to Ric Flair, and be a team player in our match later.

Kennedy continues to stare at MVP.

MVP – Can you stop that?

Mr. Kennedy – What?

MVP – Chewing your damn gum like that. But y’know what, for Ric Flair – we’ll win our match an’ face Monarchy at Vengeance.

Kennedy nods.

Mr. Kennedy – Good. But I’m still not happy about what you did las’ week.

MVP shrugs and walks by Kennedy.

MVP - Deal with it.

Kennedy turns and watches MVP leave.

Mr. Kennedy - Deal with it?!

Kennedy follows MVP out, where we can only assume they’ll still be arguing.

Inside the arena, ***GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES*** plays and is greeted by boos as Jack Swagger walks onto the stage. The All American wears his usual singlet and walks down the ramp, grinning, he stops at the bottom and does a couple of push-ups. Swagger climbs into the ring and stands across from his opponent, Jimmy Wang.

Michael Cole – If you missed last week, you missed Jack Swagger stopping CM Punk from becoming WWE Champion, by cutting him off before he managed to cash in his briefcase.

Mick Foley – When Punk’s music hit, I truly thought we would get a new WWE Champion by the end of the night, but it wasn’t to be. Instead, the show went off the air with the screams of CM Punk echoing throughout the arena.

Michael Cole – It was a despicable thing by Swagger, first he stops Punk from winning the WWE Championship and then tries to break his ankle with The Patriot Lock.

Jack Swagger vs. Jimmy Wang

This match doesn’t last long, Swagger dominates Wang throughout, bullying him around the ring and running through his arsenal. Wang sells like a champ though, making the crowd take notice of the severe bumps he’s taking. Eventually, the bout comes to an end with Swagger locking Jimmy in The Patriot Lock and he taps out almost instantly!

Jack Swagger def. Jimmy Wang (2.45)

The referee rings for the bell, but Swagger doesn’t seem to be letting go off Wang’s ankle! The crowd react with a massive amount of boos as the referee continues to pry Swagger off of Wang but he’s got too good of a grip.

Michael Cole – Someone stop him! He’s going to break the ankle!

A gasp rings around the arena, as Swagger sets himself, and then wrenches the ankle one more time – and lets go, but it’s evident that the ankle is broken! Wang clutches his ankle, almost crying with the pain as Swagger stands in the centre of the ring, above him, the referee checks on Wang and calls to the back, calling for medical help. The crowd shit on Swagger so much but he just soaks in the boos and grins.

***THISFIREBURNS*** A massive pop comes as CM Punk rushes out onto the stage. He stands on the top of the ramp, staring at Swagger wide-eyed. Swagger stares back, and we hear Punk shouting “is that what you were gonna’ do to me, huh?” and then Punk makes a beeline for the ring! He slides in and takes Swagger down to the ground!

Michael Cole – Punk and Swagger! There going at it right here, right now!

Mick Foley - Punk has waited a week to get his hands on Swagger and this is the moment right here!

Punk pounds on Swagger’s head with multiple shots to the head, but Swagger manages to wriggle out from underneath The Straight-Edge Superstar, and rolls out of the ring! But Punk isn’t done, instead of letting the confines of the ring hold him, he rolls out after Swagger, but Jack is one step ahead, turns around and kicks the ankle that he targeted last week! It doesn’t stop Punk for long though, he sells it for a moment while Swagger jumps the barricade and runs to the backstage area through the fans! Punk follows him after a couple of seconds and he disappears backstage.

Michael Cole – It’s been a fiery start to Raw so far, but we have to take a commercial break, we’ll keep you updated on the status of Punk and Swagger when we return.

- Commercial Break -

Raw returns and it’s all kicking off as we’re backstage, CM Punk is racing through the backstage area, obviously searching for Swagger. He bursts into the male locker room where JTG, Shad, Carlito, Primo and TJ Perkins are standing.


Carlito – Uh, no.

Punk sighs heavily and walks away, slamming the door behind him and walking down the corridor with a purpose.

Sweeping view the Aloha Stadium, basking in sunlight.

We now cut to a beach setting where JTG and Shad are walking down the beach, both dressed in brightly coloured shorts.

Shad: Yo J’ – check out the honey’s around here.

JTG: Man I love Hawaii – j’yeah!

Shad stops in his tracks.

Shad: Hold up, man. Weren’t we supposed to be somewhere?

J’ puts his fingers to his chin, thinking it over, before SmackDown Divas Tiffany and Kelly Kelly walk by in bikini’s. Cryme Tyme’s mouth actually drop at the sight.

JTG: Uh, I... I... don’t think so man.

Shad: Nah man, I definitely think we forgot somethin’.

JTG: Oh man, check this guy out.

Shad: Hold up – isn’t that? Aw man. That’s what we forgot.

The camera turns around to see none other than Vince McMahon, strutting up the beach towards the duo. He looks extremely angry, which clashes with the comical element of Vince wearing a full suit on a hot beach.

Vince begins shouting at Cryme Tyme as he walks up the beach.


Vince continues walking, eventually reaching them, the duo hang their heads in shame.

Vince McMahon: Who the hell do you think you are?!

Shad: Mister-

Vince McMahon: SHADUP! Now go, the Aloha Stadium, move it or YOUR FIRRRREEDDDDD!

Cryme Tyme turn on their heels and run up the beach, they start going in slow motion, like the people on Baywatch would. Vince shakes his head and then turns to face the camera. The two Divas appear on the side of the smiling Vince.

Vince McMahon: SummerSlam – the best ending you can think of.

The camera moves up, away from Vince and we are eventually in the sky, where we see The Aloha Stadium again.

Narrator: WWE SummerSlam – a four hour extravaganza. The Summer comes to an end with SummerSlam!

Michael Cole – That’s right folks, Summerslam is on the horizon and will be held at the beautiful Aloha Stadium in Hawaii!

Mick Foley – And will be FOUR, count ‘em, FOUR hours long!

Michael Cole – History will be made this Summer!

The bell rings and Justin Roberts steps forward.

Justin Roberts – The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the UNDISPUTED WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP!

***LITTLE BY LITTLE*** plays and the fans respond with a little bit of heat. Katie Lea walks onto the stage in her usual bleak attire, a black flower in her hair and a look that could kill. She walks down the ramp, jogs up the steel steps and sets foot inside the ring.

Michael Cole – This match came about because of Maryse cheating to win the first match between these two at Fully Loaded.

Mick Foley: Katie had the home field advantage in that match, and she still couldn’t get the job done, I’ll admit Maryse had cheated to win, but Katie will find it just as tough tonight.

***POURQOUI?*** blares out and the current Undisputed Women’s Champion walks onto the stage. Maryse, wearing a black and gold attire, has the belt wrapped around her shoulder and walks down the ramp like she owns it. She climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring, but then stops and flips her hair down and then up, before winking at the camera.

Michael Cole – This is a very unique match, for the sole reason that both of these two aren’t exactly well liked by the fans.

Mick Foley – I wouldn’t say that’s the sole reason. We have two Divas who are polar opposites in the ring, one loves herself - clearly, while the other is more content to focus on her in-ring work rather than show off.

Justin Roberts steps forward once the referee has the championship.

Justin Roberts – Introducing first, the challenger, from London, England, The Dark Diva – KATIIIEEEE – LEEEEAA!

Katie simply stares at Maryse from across the ring.

Justin Roberts – And her opponent, she is the current Undisputed Women’s Champion – MARYYYSSEEEE!

In typical Maryse fashion, she turns to the hard camera, and winks at it before turning back to her opponent.

Undisputed Women’s Championship
Maryse defends against Katie Lea

The bell rings and Katie Lea sprints forward, looking to get her hands on the champion, but she ducks in between the ropes, telling the referee to get her back. Katie takes notice off the referee, and backs off, allowing Maryse time and the two Divas begin circling the ring. They rush at each other, Katie bends down and wraps her arms around the waist of her opponent, forcing her back into the corner. Again, Maryse ducks in between the ropes, and the referee has to pull Katie away. Maryse takes advantage of this distraction, smashing Katie in the face with a fore arm smash. She staggers away, Maryse kicks her in the stomach and grabs her by the back of the hair, slamming her face into the ground! Maryse looks pleased with herself, and she taunts Katie by going to flip her hair again, only for Katie to grab her as she’s in the middle of it and roll her up into a small package – one, two, Maryse manages to get out just in time. She seems flustered by that, the two Divas get up at the same time with Katie taking Maryse down to the ground by the waist and climbing on top of her. Katie, instead of doing the usual Diva thing and pulling her hair, she grabs the back off Maryse’s head with her left hand and rains down with right fist after right fist. The referee has to pull Katie off the champion, who rolls out of the ring to grab her bearings.

Maryse leans on the apron, and turns around, in time to see Katie running at her, and she goes for a baseball slide, but Maryse side steps and pulls the apron, and Katie ends up between the ring and the apron! She’s trapped as Maryse clubs the back of her opponent, over and over while the referee is counting. Katie drops to the ground, and rolls out from underneath the apron, but Maryse continues her assault by stomping on the challenger. She pulls Katie up to her feet and pushes her into the ring, before following and hooking the leg – one... two... Katie kicks out! The Dark Diva sits up with the momentum off the kick out, but Maryse yanks her hair, slamming the back of her head off the mat. The French Canadian pulls Katie to her feet, and whips her into the corner. Katie slams into the turnbuckle with some force, but she manages to stay on her feet. Maryse runs at Katie who manages to counter, and trips Maryse up with a drop-toe-hold and her pretty little face smashes into the bottom turnbuckle! The champion holds her chin, while lying on the mat, but she’s yanked from the corner by Katie, into the centre and goes for the cover – one... two... another kick out!

Katie waits for a couple of seconds before standing up and pulling Maryse up, and whipping her into the corner. Katie knees her opponent in the stomach, before pushing her out of the corner and climbing up to the second rope. Maryse finds her feet, and Katie goes for an axe handle smash but Maryse ducks and catches her with The French TKO! It appears to be over as Maryse shoots the half, covering Katie – one... two... th- Katie gets her foot on the bottom rope! Maryse thinks she’s won, getting up and raising her hand, but the referee stops her and tells her that Katie got her foot on the bottom rope. Maryse shoves her hand in the referee’s face, telling him where to go before walking back over to Katie and pulling her away from the ropes and going for another cover, one... two... th- Katie kicks out this time! Maryse slams her hand into the mat, and looks up the sky, her hair isn’t as perfect as it was the start of the match, she looks an angry mess. She gets up and sorts it before audibly saying “i’ve not got time for this” and rolling out of the ring. The champion walks over to the time keeper and grabs her Women’s Championship, she walks around the ring. And holds her hand out, directed at the crowd, ordering them to be quiet before beginning to walk up the ramp.

But Katie has recovered and follows her, grabbing her by the back of the head, using her hair to pull Maryse back to the ring. She drops her Women’s Championship in the midst of being yanked back to the ring. Katie throws Maryse back into the ring, and takes a second to feel the side of her head, still feeling the effects off the kick to the head. She climbs into the ring onto the apron, but Maryse sprints forward and kicks her in the stomach. Katie falls from the apron, her forehead bouncing off the edge of the ring! Maryse instructs the referee to count, and he does so, beginning at one (obviously)... two... three... Katie is on her knees... four... five... she’s grabbed onto the apron and pulls herself up... six... seven... Katie pulls herself into the ring to the dismay of Maryse! The French Canadian slumps her knees and slaps the canvas in frustration. Katie gets to her feet, using the ropes for help while Maryse gets up herself. She sprints forward, but gets caught in a Samoan Drop by Katie! Hook of the leg – one... two... th- Maryse saves her championship.

Now it’s Katie’s turn to be frustrated as she slams the mat. Katie stands up and screams out, she measures Maryse and then grabs her by the back of the hair, looking for her Hair-Pull Backbreaker but Maryse counters and goes for another French TKO, but Katie ducks! Counter after counter it seems, Katie attempts a kick to the stomach, only for Maryse to catch her foot, but Katie goes for her Enzuigiri but again, another counter as Maryse ducks and... and... keeps a hold off the foot and wraps Katie up in the French Figure Four! The crowd rise to their feet, not knowing whether to cheer or boo, the male fans are obviously on the side of Maryse more but Katie has no choice, she’s in the centre of the ring, nowhere to go and eventually taps out!

Winner And Still Undisputed Women’s Champion – Maryse (7.03)

Maryse lets go off the submission, and rolls away from her challenger, kneeling on the mat and breathing heavily. The referee has to jog up the ramp to grab her title and bring it to her. She yanks it from him and clutches it to her chest. She stands up, standing over Katie, before raising it high in the air.

Michael Cole – There is no question tonight, Maryse earned that victory, she didn’t attempt to cheat and picked up a huge win over Katie Lea.

Mick Foley – Katie can have no complaints. She tried her best, but ultimately came up short.

Maryse exits the ring and walks up the ramp, holding her title up high as we cut to a commercial.

- Commercial Break –

We return from the break where Josh Matthews is waiting with a microphone in his hand.

Josh Matthews – Please welcome my guests at this time, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase – Legacy.

Loud heat comes from the crowd as the camera pans out and we see Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase.

Josh Matthews – Later on tonight, you two get the opportunity to possibly face The Monarchy for the World Tag Team Titles IF you win the triple threat tag team match. Your thoughts?

Ted DiBiase – Possibly?

DiBiase glances at Rhodes, grins and looks back at Josh.

Ted DiBiase – There is no possibly about it. It’s a foregone conclusion. It’s guarantee that we will be the ones who face The Monarchy.

Cody Rhodes – Last week was a fluke. It shouldn’t have happened. It won’t happen again. Y’see, Josh, we were born into this business... born for greatness... born to be champions.

Loud heat.

Cody Rhodes – The Colons? Yeah, they are third generation Superstars, but there bloodlines do not compare to ours. MVP and Kennedy? They aren’t even a real team, while they argue and bicker, we are coming up with a strategy. A strategy which guarentees our victory later.

Ted DiBiase – After we win later, we’ll go on to Vengeance and not only face The Monarchy, but we will win the World Tag Team Championships.

With that, the duo walk away from Josh as he thanks them for their time.


The video opens in a dark room, a man is standing with a light shining behind him, shadowing his face, but we can tell it’s The Viper, Randy Orton staring at the ground.

Creepy Male Narrator: Vengeance.

Crashing shots of Orton looking up slowly, while interspersed are shots of him punting Vince McMahon in the head, The Viper completes the motion of looking up.

Creepy Male Narrator: Vengeance is the infliction of injury on a man who has wronged you.

Shot of Randy, in slow motion, RKO’ing Ric Flair.

Creepy Male Narrator:Vengeance is when Superstars take action against their enemies.

Greyed-out footage of The Viper and Legacy raising The Undertaker on a cross.

Creepy Male Narrator: Vengeance equals pain. For who? Isn’t always clear.

Now, we get footage of Backlash where Orton punts Triple H in the head.

We’re back in the room, we see Orton grinning at the camera, and then he walks past it.

Then we footage of him punting The Animal, Batista in the skull.

Back in the room, an unknown man enters the room, walking in front of the camera, we can’t see the man’s face though.

???: Vengeance will be mine.


~ WWE Vengeance ~

Once the video concludes, we cut into the backstage area, and the camera is focused on the back of what appears to be Jack Swagger. He has changed from his ring attire into a more casual jeans and a hoodie look but he appears to be in a hurry as he finishes packing his bag. He turns around and tells the camera man to get out of his way. The camera guy does so, but follows Swagger as he walks through the corridors, we reach the parking lot and it appears that Swagger will get out of the arena unscathed. He walks over to his car, and starts rummaging in his pocket for the keys but he’s suddenly blindsided by CM Punk!

The crowd respond with a massive pop as Swagger is propelled into the side of the car, chest first! He turns around and tries to cover up as Punk slams fist after fist onto his back. Swagger drops to his knees, but Punk pulls him back up and shoulder thrusts him back into the side of the car! The crowd pop again, but Punk isn’t done, he pulls Swagger up and pulls him over to the front of the camera. He then smashes his rivals face into the bonnet! Swagger is in serious trouble but Punk isn’t done, he reaches down and grabs Swagger’s arm, and drops down, locking in the Anaconda Vice!

A big pop for the move as Punk wrenches it, shouting “I’ll break your damn arm” as he does so. Punk raises his back off the ground with his feet, getting more leverage and inflicting even more pain. “The tables have turned!” shouts Michael Cole, referring to last week, and it’s obviously last week which has caused the fire in Punk’s eyes. Swagger’s screaming, tapping out but The Straight-Edge Superstar isn’t letting go anytime soon. After about ten seconds of being in a lot of pain, referees and road agents show up, including Arn Anderson and Ricky Steamboat. They two and the referees manage to pry Punk off of Swagger. Arn and Ricky pull Punk away, Ricky wrapping his arms around the stomach of Punk from behind while Arn keeps his arms at his chest from the front. The referees check on Swagger, he’s in a lot of pain, clutching his body and rolling on the concrete. Meanwhile, as Punk is being dragged away, he’s shouting “I’ll kill you... mark my words... I’ll freakin’ kill you!” We cut back to the announce table.

Michael Cole – Chaos backstage as this rivalry between CM Punk and Jack Swagger has gotten even more personal. We saw last week Swagger lock Punk in The Patriot Lock, but this week CM Punk got a measure of revenge by locking Swagger in the popular, Anaconda Vice.

Mick Foley – But it’s not enough. Not enough for Punk, he wants to kill him, Michael. It was about the Money in the Bank briefcase, but that could not be further from Swagger or Punk’s mind now, it’s personal. I expect these two to face off one more time, and when they do, heads will roll, Michael.

Michael Cole – Punk originally attacked Swagger near the beginning of the show, after he broke Jimmy Wang’s ankle, who is at hospital right now, receiving treatment. Swagger meanwhile is in the parking lot, writhing in pain, some would say that’s karma at work. But in actuality, that is Punk’s work, he finally got his hands on Swagger, but like you said Mick, this won’t be the last time these two cross paths.

Mick Foley – We said this night would be revolutionary. We said it would be chaotic and it is indeed, just that. And we aren’t even close to being done tonight.

Michael Cole – We’ve still got a lot to come, ladies and gentleman. The WWE Championship will be on the line, Sheamus will be in action, we have a huge triple threat tag team match but after the break, for the first time in many, many years, Bret The Hitman Hart will be back on Raw.

- Commercial Break -

A couple moments of silence pass before...


The biggest pop of the night happens at this moment as Bret The Hitman Hart walks onto the stage. The cheers only get louder once the fans get a glimpse of him, he’s wearing his usual trademark shades and a leather jacket and a pair of faded jeans. He grins at the reception he’s gotten but begins walking down the ramp. He hands his shades to a lucky fan at ringside and slowly climbs up the steel steps before stepping foot into the ring.

Michael Cole - Do not adjust your sets, ladies and gentleman, Bret Hart is indeed in a WWE Raw ring. We saw him last Friday night at SmackDown, where he was part of the one of the greatest SmackDown moments, but tonight he is in a Raw ring, for the first time since the infamous incident in Montreal. A night that has lived in the memory of Raw, Bret Hart, Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels.

Mick Foley – I remember that night vividly. I was shocked when I saw what Mr. McMahon did, and what he did to the legendary Bret Hart. But here he is, and he just got the loudest reception of the evening, certainly a very popular man here in San Diego.

Michael Cole – Bret Hart’s returned to the WWE, and he’s already seen The Hart Dynasty win the WWE Tag Team Championships over on SmackDown, but tonight he’s here on more personal business. I have no doubt that this confrontation with Shawn Michaels will be full of tense moments, the question is though... will we see these two bury the hatchet, or will they end up fighting it out?

Mick Foley – Well, either way, I have no doubts that this will be very entertaining. Another Raw moment ladies and gentleman.

In the ring, Bret soaks in the cheers and then walks over to the ropes, and is handed a microphone. He walks back into the centre and begins to speak but the fans begin a huge “welcome back” chant which Bret nods thankfully at.

Bret Hart – Thank you for that.

Loud pop.

Bret Hart – After all these years, you people have never ever forgotten me, and I uh, I just wanna’ let all of you know, I appreciate it so much.

Another loud pop.

Bret Hart – I’ve honestly missed being out here in a WWE ring, in front of you, the fans. You make the WWE what it is, you make all the pain and hurt that I’ve been though worth it. The reaction that I had t’night, and the reaction that I got last Friday showed me I was right to come back. It made it worth it.

Bret smiles at the crowd.

Bret Hart – And I just wanna’ say that it was an honour to be on SmackDown last Friday – to see Tyson and David and Nattie become the new WWE Tag Team Champions!

This gets a big pop.

Bret Hart – I have no doubt about it, they’ll go on to become one of the greatest tag teams of all time. It was great to be there when they won the championships, but that wasn’t the reason that I came back. I came back here because of somethin’ that happened a very long time ago.

The crowd know what he’s referring to and begin booing.

Bret Hart – It’s a moment that has been talked about... since it happened... and I want to stop it. I don’t want to walk down the street and get asked about it, every single time. I know why people want to ask about it, it was the most controversial moment in the history of this company and I was at the centre of it. When people talk to me, uh, they don’t talk to me about the championships, the great matches or the king of the ring, they talk to me about the Montreal Screwjob.

Bret’s finally called it by it’s name even the mention of it receives huge heat.

Bret Hart – Like I said, I understand why it’s all I’m ever asked, but I want to put it behind me. I want people to remember me as The Excellence of Execution.


Bret Hart – As being The Best There Was, The Best There Is and The Best There Ever Will Be.

Bigger pop.

Bret Hart – Uh, I’ve been through a lot in this company. I’ve teamed with Jim, won tag team championships, won World Championships and even... uh... saw my brother Owen Hart, die doin’ the thing he loved.

Respectful applause for the memory of Owen.

Bret Hart – I love this business, and I uh, love this company. But I that one moment mars my career here. I know Vince McMahon is injured right now, but there was another man involved, his name is Shawn Michaels. And he knew I’d be here, and I know he’s backstage somewhere... so I want him to come out here, right now, and face me... face to face.


***SEXY BOY***

A massive mixed reaction greets the arrival of Shawn Michaels, who walks on to the stage wearing his ring attire and a HBK vest top on. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks at the ring where Bret Hart is staring up at him. Michaels begins walking down the ramp, keeping eyes on The Hitman.

Michael Cole – For the first time in years, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, in the same ring!

Mick Foley – Two very combustible elements are about to be in very near vicinity to each other. You can feel the tension in the air.

Shawn picks up a microphone from the steel steps and climbs into the ring. The Heartbreak Kid stands in front of Hart.

Shawn Michaels – Last time I saw you... you spat in my face.

Bret Hart – And the last time I saw you... you screwed me out of the WWE Championship.

Michaels looks down at the ground before speaking again.

Shawn Michaels – Y’know somethin’ Hitman... Vince McMahon screwed you. I’m not the one you need to blame, I was simply in that match, and was told what to do. Vince screwed you out of the title, because he didn’t want you to walk away from the WWE, take the title, and show up on WCW with our championship.

Bret studies the face of Shawn.

Shawn Michaels – An’ I don’t blame him, one single bit.

Huge heat at this.

Shawn Michaels - You come out here, and call me out? I should kick your head off your shoulders, Hitman.

More loud amounts of heat.

Bret Hart – So why don’t you?

Shawn Michaels – Because that is the old Shawn Michaels. Since the last time we saw each other, I’ve changed. I know that I wasn’t a joy to be around all those years ago, and neither were you to be fair. We’ve never liked each other. But like you said, my career is marred by what happened that night.

Shawn pauses for a second.

Shawn Michaels – No one remembers the matches we had, it’s all about what Vince McMahon created, and we were left to deal with the consequences. We’ve both changed since then, and like you, I’m sick of being asked about that moment. You want to bury the hatchet?

Bret Hart – That’s right. I don’t want to be known as the guy that was screwed, I want to be known as what I am, one of the greatest. I want you to be known as what you are, one of the greatest. I don’t like you, you know that, but if you want my respect, then you shake my hand and we put this behind us.

Bret extends his hand and Shawn stares at it for a moment.

Shawn Michaels – I want you to know one thing, Bret. I’m not apologizing for what happened that night, but I do want to put it behind me. For years, the blame has been put at my feet for what happened, I know you want to put this behind you, but if you want the truth of what happened, when Vince McMahon returns from injury, you ask him what really went down.

Bret nods and after a couple of tense filled seconds, Shawn shakes the hand of Bret Hart and the two eventually embrace in a MANLY hug. The two exchange some words in the hug but we can’t hear what they are.

Michael Cole – It wasn’t the fireworks we expected, but this was a great show of respect from these two legends. It’s finally put to bed, but one has to wonder what Michaels was referring to when he said ask Vince McMahon what really happened.

Mick Foley – I thought I knew everything about what happened in Montreal, but if what Michaels is saying is true, then there’s something deeper that we don’t know about.

Suddenly, ***I CAME TO PLAY*** plays and the fans react with strong boos as The Miz walks onto the stage, interrupting the two legends conversation in the middle of the ring. They turn to face him with Michaels saying something to Bret about the man who’s on the stage, with a microphone in his hand.

The Miz – Really? That’s all that happened? Really? You made up. Really?

Loud heat from the crowd.

The Miz – How cute. Y’know what, Bret, like you I’ve felt what it’s like to be screwed by Shawn Michaels.

Bret glances at Shawn and murmurs something to him.

The Miz – Last week, I was going to win the battle royal... and go on to win the WWE Championship. But I was attacked and knocked out before the match took place, by none other than Shawn... Michaels. So I know what it’s liked to be screwed, but I got my revenge, I eliminated you last week Shawn. And now I get another measure of revenge t’night when I beat you, ol’ Haith Bee Kay in our match.

The Miz grins.

The Miz – It was meant to take place later t’night... but since you’re already in the ring, I figure let’s get a referee out... in fact, y’know what. I want Bret Hart to be the special guest referee.

Shawn looks at Bret, looking a bit worried actually but Bret just stares at him.

To a nice pop the Raw General Manager, Jerry Lawler appears on the titan tron!

Jerry Lawler – I was listenin’ to what was goin’ on out there. An’ I heard what The Miz had to say, and I agree with him, lets spice things up... Bret Hart will be the special guest referee. And not only that, the match will now be a No Disqualification Match!

The Miz looks down at Shawn and Bret who glance at each other.

Jerry Lawler – An’ that match will happen right now!

Massive pop comes up from the crowd while The Miz grins, but Shawn and Bret look awkwardly at each other.

Michael Cole – Despite Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart putting their differences behind them, there is still that lingering tension between them, and now Bret has been put in a position of authority which will determine if Shawn Michaels will win his next match, or if he will be defeated by The Miz.

Mick Foley – This is great by The Miz. He knows the doubt having Bret Hart as referee will put in Michaels’ mind. This means that Shawn could be distracted in his match, which gives The Miz a great opportunity to finally get that win over The Showstopper that he has been searching for.

Michael Cole – Well, as get the ring prepared for the upcoming match. We need to go to a commercial break, so join us in a few moments when Shawn Michaels will face The Miz in a No Disqualification match with Bret Hart as the referee.

- Commercial Break -

No Disqualification – Special Referee: Bret Hart
Shawn Michaels vs. The Miz

The referee, Bret, rings for the bell and the time keeper taps it, signalling the beginning of the match. Shawn and The Miz circle before they lock up, and Shawn pushes his opponent back into the corner. He holds him there which causes The Hitman to call for a break, Shawn looks at him and then walks away for a second. He and Miz circle again, they lock up but this time it’s Shawn who’s backed into a corner. Again, Bret calls for a clean break, but The Miz backs away for a second and then slaps the taste out of Shawn’s mouth to a massive amount of heat! An enraged Shawn Michaels explodes from the corner, taking The Miz down, and slamming fist after fist onto the top of Miz’ head. The Miz tries to cover up, and eventually slides out from underneath Shawn and ends up on the apron. He climbs to his feet, and sees Shawn running at him, and he hits him with a running elbow which propels The Miz face first into the side of the announce table. Shawn exits the ring, leaving Bret in the ring and pulling The Miz to his feet. The Showstopper whips The Miz, but he counters and sends Shawn into the barricade! The force moves the barricade back a little, and HBK feels the small of his back.

The Miz walks over and pulls Shawn to his feet, and slides him back into the ring, he quickly follows and pulls him to his feet. He whips him into the corner, and builds up a full head of stream, sprinting into the corner and hitting a jumping corner clothesline with him ending up sitting on the second rope, holding Shawn in place with his arm. He lets go off Shawn and he stumbles onto his knee a bit away from the corner. The Awesome One climbs up the turnbuckle, ignoring the jeers from the nearby fans and says to Bret “watch this, old man.” The Miz prepares and waits, and Shawn turns around into a flying axe handle smash to the top of the head! Michaels drops to his back, and The Miz hooks the leg, one... two... kick out from HBK! The Miz looks at Bret for a second before turning his attention back to his opponent, and then climbing out of the ring and looking for something underneath the ring. After a couple of seconds, he pulls out a Steel Chair, but when he stands up, Shawn connects with a baseball slide, onto the chair, propelling it back into the face of The Miz who falls backwards, his back hitting the barricade!

The crowd respond with cheers as Michaels exits the ring, pulls The Miz up to his feet and rolls him into the ring. HBK follows him and hooks the leg, one... two... kick out from The Miz! Bret looks Shawn in the eye and says it was a two count. Michaels stands up, pulls The Miz to his feet and lashes him in the chest with a knife edge chop, which draws “woo” from the crowd while The Miz stumbles back into the corner. He feels his chest with his hand, rubbing it but Shawn pulls his arm away, and locks it around the rope, he takes advantage of the exposed chest by lashing him with a couple of more chops! The Miz cringes at the pain, but Shawn pulls him out of the corner and Irish-whips him into the opposite corner, and follows that up with a running clothesline into the corner! The Miz stumbles out, past Bret who asks him if he’s alright, he grabs his bearings and turns around, swing wildly at HBK who ducks the punch and then connects with a Teardrop Suplex! A loud pop comes up with the impact and Shawn quickly hooks the leg, one... two... The Miz kicks out!

Shawn quickly picks The Miz up and whips him into the corner, but this time The Miz reverses, and adds in some extra force, resulting in Michaels flipping up the turnbuckle, only to flip back and land on his feet, but he turns around and is bulldozed over by The Miz with a running forearm smash! Michaels sits up with the momentum, and The Miz bounces off the rope and screams out as he connects with a running big boot to Michaels’ face! The crowd “ooh” as The Miz drops into the cover, one... two... Bret only reaches two as Michaels kicks out! The Miz looks at Bret and gets in his face, shouting “do your damn job!” but the referee stands his ground, telling Miz to focus on the match. Suddenly, Miz is pulled backwards into a school boy pin by HBK, one... two... Miz kicks out at the last moment! The Miz and Shawn get up at the same time, running at each other, but The Miz ducks a punch and back kicks Michaels in the stomach and he keels over holding his gut. The Miz bounces off the ropes, smashes into Shawn’s head with a running knee, and then follows that up with a neck breaker! The Awesome One looks to have this in the bag as he hooks the leg, one... two... th- kick out!

Shawn reaches out to no one but to the sky, but The Miz sits him up, and locks in a sleeper hold. The Miz makes sure his arm is good and in between the chin and chest of Michaels, wrenching it, causing his opponents face to turn purple. Bret keeps asking Michaels if he wants to quit, and Michael Cole says that this would be a good opportunity for Bret to screw Shawn out of this match. He has called it down the line this far though, and looks to be continuing as he tells the people at ringside that Shawn says “no”. Shawn begins showing some fight, reaching up and grabbing the hair of The Miz, and Bret scolds him for that while The Miz shakes the hand off . The Awesome One shouts at Shawn to quit but the fans start up a massive “H-B-K” chant, which propels Shawn to climb to his feet. He backs The Miz into the ropes, and attempts to use them to break The Miz’ grip, but he turns it into a side head lock and kneels down, stopping his grip from being broken. Again, Shawn is in a precarious place, but he manages to get to his feet, using the help from the fans, he connects with a couple of punches to the gut of The Miz. This time, he pushes The Miz back onto the ropes and he manages to break the grip, propelling The Miz forward, he hits the ropes and rebounds into a knee to the stomach from HBK. Michaels then tries to whip him again, but The Miz reverses and Shawn bounces off the ropes, straight into a being hoisted into the air, landing on his face on the mat with a flap jack! The Awesome One quickly hooks the leg, one... two... thr- he kicks out!

The Miz slaps his hand against the canvas, screaming at Bret and then pushes him! The Hitman fires right back with a push of his own, and tells Miz to watch his step. The Awesone One turns around and quickly exits the ring, grabbing the steel chair from earlier. He slides back in, and Michaels has just gotten to his feet, he turns around and ducks a chair shot from The Miz. He turns back and knees Miz in the stomach. He grabs him by the head but The Miz breaks his arms away, and then grabs him by the back of the head and throws him over the top rope! But HBK holds onto the rope, and pulls himself back over, but just as he was doing that, The Miz smashes his legs with the steel chair! He drops his grip on the ropes, his back hitting the apron as he lands on the ground. The Miz kneels in the ring, looking pleased with himself, while Bret simply watches on. The Awesome One brings himself out of the ring and pulls Michaels to his feet, and shoulder thrusts him back into the side of the announce table! Michaels holds his back in pain, but The Miz doesn’t allow him any time, instead he pulls him up and slides him into the ring and covers him, one... two... th- no!

Another kick out in this match and The Miz again looks at Bret, standing up and getting in his face. The Miz can be heard saying “you wanna’ get revenge? Now’s your chance! Screw him!” but Bret replies with a stern no, and tells The Miz to focus on the match. Suddenly, The Miz turns around and ducks Sweet Chin Music... and Shawn nearly hits Bret with the SuperKick! But he managed to stop himself, Bret flinches back while Shawn holds his hands out apologetically, he then turns around and ducks a clothesline, with The Miz taking out The Hitman! The crowd boo loudly as The Miz looks down at the referee, he turns around into Sweet Chin Music! In similar circumstances to their match at Fully Loaded, Shawn covers, but there is no referee! No one’s counting but the fans and they reach a count of four before Shawn lets go off The Miz’ leg and crawls over to Bret. He stands up and tries to rouse Bret, and he seems to start getting to his knees when suddenly Michaels is smashed from behind with the Steel Chair! The Miz, still groggy, grabs him as he falls to his knees, and plants him Skull Crushing Finale! He drops to the cover, one... two... Bret pauses... THREE!

The Miz def. Shawn Michaels (12.22)

The crowd rise with heat, while The Miz stands up and simply stands above Michaels. He looks pleased with himself, and glances at Bret, and tells him to raise his arm. Bret grudgingly does so, not looking too pleased but he does his job. Then, The Miz exits the ring, backing up the ramp with a grin on his face. HBK is now on his knees, just realizing what has happened. He looks at Bret, who simply shrugs and exits the ring, slapping a few of the fans hands on the way up the ramp.

Michael Cole – Well, just like Fully Loaded, the tables have been turned, it is now Shawn Michaels who is feeling the effects of having a referee down. Bret Hart was down by a Miz clothesline, and he took full advantage of the situation, connecting with Skull Crushing Finale and picking up the biggest victory of his career.

Mick Foley – This moment will live long in the memory of The Awesome One, defeating a sure fire future Hall of Famer in Shawn Michaels. Bret Hart called it down the middle, he had no way of being able to know that Shawn hit The Miz with Sweet Chin Music, and he even paused before counting the final three, giving Shawn that last chance to kick out.

Michael Cole – But The Miz was simply too much for The Heartbreak Kid tonight, this match evens up the win column. It’s now one win for Shawn and one win for Miz, no doubt we’ll see these two go at it one more time, to determine the winner of this rivalry. I’m just receiving word ladies and gentleman, that our colleague, Josh Matthews is backstage with the former Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix.

As Shawn finally stands up and shakes his head, we head backstage, where Josh Matthews is indeed stood, with The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix standing beside him, looking off into the distance. The fans boo her, but she pays them no mind, waiting for Josh to get his cue.

Josh Matthews – Please welcome my guest at this time, Beth Phoenix.

Beth finishes looking off into the distance and looks at the interviewer.

Josh Matthews – And Beth, last week we found out that you would take on Melina in the first ever Divas Extreme Rules match at Vengeance. And also, we were told that Melina would be here tonight, but it appears that she hasn’t shown up yet. Can we get your thoughts?

Beth Phoenix – My thoughts? I’ll tell you my thoughts. Firstly, Jerry Lawler, our General Manager, he thinks he’s punishing me for attacking Melina after our match at Fully Loaded. But what he doesn’t know, is that he’s actually rewarding me. Y’see Josh, do you know the reason I attacked Melina after our match?

Josh Matthews – Uh, because she defeated you?

Beth Phoenix – No. It was because ever since she cost my MY Women’s Championship, I’ve developed a hatred for her, and who can blame me. The Women’s Championship was my world, it was everything I needed to survive, and she took it away from me. I’ll take it back very soon, but right now, I want to make her suffer for what she did to me.

Phoenix pauses.

Beth Phoenix – Puttin’ us in an Extreme Rules match isn’t a punishment for me, instead Jerry Lawler has put us in a match where anything goes. At Vengeance, I finally get MY vengeance, by removing Melina from this company, I can use anything and everything, and I plan to put her through hell.

A evil grin appears on the face of The Glamazon.

Beth Phoenix – And even though Melina isn’t here t’night, she better show up at Vengeance, other wise I will hunt her down and-

Suddenly, Beth is propelled forward, into Josh, the two of them falling to the floor. Then we hear a shriek and Melina dives on top of The Glamazon, grabbing her by her hair and smashing her head off the floor, over and over, getting some of that frustration out on her. While she’s doing this she’s screaming “I’m right here! I’m right here!” over and over. She pulls Beth to her feet, and launches her into the TV set that was hanging behind Phoenix and Josh. It falls to the ground as does Beth, who covers up as Melina dives on her again, looking to inflict more damage.

But then, the Raw General Manager shows up, Jerry Lawler manages to pry Melina off Beth, pulling her away, kicking and screaming at The Glamazon as she looks up, and feels her head. It seems things have calmed down now as Melina is out of the picture and there is no noise, just the heavy breathing of Phoenix as we cut to ringside.

Michael Cole – These two Divas will go one on one at Vengeance, and if it’s anything like that, we can expect some fireworks. It’s the first time the Divas will compete in an Extreme Rules match, and never has a match been so fitting for this rivalry. Beth wants to put Melina through the worst pain of her life, but Melina also wants to do the same to Beth, all I know is that when Vengeance rolls around, the arena may not be able to contain these two.

Mick Foley – For sure, Michael. We’ve just seen how fiery this rivalry is, this is the first time in a long time, Michael, that I’ve seen two Divas that simply want to put each through pain. Beth has a legitimate reason for being angry at Melina, she cost her the Women’s Championship, and that is the reason that Melina will have to contend with one of the most dominant Divas in history, while she is at her angriest.

Michael Cole – Well ladies and gentleman, it’s been a great, action packed night here on Raw, and we aren’t even close to being done. After the break, Sheamus will take on Chris Masters, we still have a triple threat tag team match and a WWE Championship match to come, don’t miss it!

- Commercial Break -

Returning from the commercial, we’re backstage, where the challenger to Randy Orton’s WWE Championship, is sat on a steel chair. Rey Mysterio has his hands placed together just in front of his face, with his eyes shut, he appears to be praying. After he’s finished, he breathes heavily and stands up, begins shaking the cobwebs loose from his arms and jumping on the spot, getting prepared for his big main event tonight.

Back in the arena, ***MASTERPIECE*** plays and Chris Masters, with a long silk maroon cape around his shoulders, walks onto the stage and then in time with the music, reaches up to the sky which rips the cape off. He begins flexing his arms and showing off his body to a bit of heat. Masters begins walking down the ramp, ignoring some of the fans jeering him, and then walks up the steel steps. He climbs into the ring and stands in the centre, and flexes one more time, again showing off his magnificent body.

Michael Cole – Chris Masters returned to the WWE a month or two ago, and has been on a tear on Superstars, creating quite the winning streak on WWE’s Thursday show, but he hasn’t been able to transfer his form to Raw. The Masterpiece has his chance to right the ship just now, when he takes on The Great White, Sheamus.

Mick Foley – Masters was one of WWE’s biggest rising stars, even taking on the likes of Shawn Michaels and featuring in an Elimination Chamber match when he challenged for the WWE Championship. With his time away from the WWE, he improved in ring which shows.

Masters turns to the stage and awaits his opponent. ***WRITTEN IN MY FACE*** plays and the crowd rise and give out a small pop as Sheamus walks onto the stage. He wears a black and white style short attire and a “Great White” tee on his chest. He walks down the ramp, keeping his eyes on Masters, once he gets in the ring he extends his hands to the side and roars out to another pop. He takes off his chain and hands it to the referee and retreats into his corner in preparation for the match to begin.

Michael Cole – Sheamus debuted last week with a solid victory over the Phillipines greatest prospect, Jammy Fino. But tonight he takes on a tougher opponent in The Masterpiece. He also has to answer William Regal’s offer to join The Monarchy.

Mick Foley – One has to wonder the consequences for the rest of the WWE if he does. Can you imagine how powerful this group would be if they manage to attain the services of The Great White?

Chris Masters vs. Sheamus

The ref rings for the bell and the two bulls sprint into the centre of the ring, locking horns, with Sheamus showing his power by throwing Masters away from him. Masters looks up and sees Sheamus telling him to bring it! The Masterpiece stands up and runs at Sheamus, the two locking up once again, he then manages to force him into the corner. Masters knees Sheamus in the stomach and then Irish-whips him into the opposite corner, but The Great White bounces out from the corner and connects with an explosive clothesline, taking Masters down and going for the cover, one... two... kick out from Chris! Sheamus pulls Masters to his feet once again and pushes him into the ropes, he rebounds into Sheamus’ grip, and is planted with a belly to belly side suplex! Sheamus doesn’t go for the cover this time, instead bounces off the ropes and connects with a running knee drop! This time, he does go for the cover, one... two... another kick out from Masters. Sheamus stands up, and extends his hands to the side, roaring, while Masters crawls to the ropes and begins to climb up but Sheamus pushes him through the ropes and pulls his head back, exposing his chest and raining down with forearm clubs!

He hits ten clubs, the crowd counting along before letting go and pulling Masters out from the ropes, but then Masters pokes him in the eye! The referee scolds him but Masters takes this time to rub his chest as Sheamus tests his eye. Masters runs forward and knees Sheamus in the stomach, he keels over and Masters rebounds off the ropes, and connects with a running spinning neckbreaker, before going for the cover, one... two... Sheamus kicks out! The crowd respond with a pop but the crowd begin booing when Masters rises to his feet, and raises his arms in the air, clasping his hands together, signalling for The Masterlock! Sheamus stands up and backs into Masters, who attempts to lock it in, but Sheamus drops down and flips Masters over his head! He then kicks Masters in the stomach and bounces off the ropes, hitting a flying shoulder block before heading to the top rope and hitting another one, but from the top! Sheamus doesn’t waste any time and pulls Masters to his feet and connects with White Noise! He doesn’t go for the cover, instead he walks into the cover and raises his hand in the air and begins slapping his chest, waiting for Masters climbs to his feet, and then smashes him in the face with The Brogue Kick! Cover, one... two... three!

Sheamus def. Chris Masters (4.37)

The Great White stands up, and has his hands raised by the referee, grinning at his second win in a row. He climbs the turnbuckle and extends his hands to the side, roaring out just like he did before. Sheamus drops down from the turnbuckle, and walks over to the ropes nearest the ramp, and begins to leave the ring.

***REGALITY*** suddenly plays, the crowd rise to their and boo as William Regal, leads The Monarchy out onto the stage, Drew McIntyre, Nigel McGuiness and Wade Barrett all looking down at Sheamus. The trio walk down the ramp, three of four holding their championships around their shoulders, Regal in a fine suit while rest are in more casual attire. They reach the ring, and Regal climbs up the steps while the others simply slide into it, while Sheamus watches on, a little sweaty from his match.

Michael Cole – William Regal told Sheamus last week that he expected an answer on tonight’s show, to his offer of Sheamus joining The Monarchy. We haven’t heard the answer yet, Regal’s probably out here to do just that.

Mick Foley – You see the way the rest of The Monarchy are looking at Sheamus, it’s like they are ready to attack. William Regal must love the feeling of playing puppeteer, anything he says and Drew, Nigel and Wade will do.

William walks past Sheamus, and demands a microphone from the timekeeper who hands one to him through the ropes. The Intercontinental Champion walks back to the three, standing in the middle, looking at Sheamus with a grin.

William Regal – Impressive. Truly impressive. Chris Masters, a man who has challenged for the WWE Championship, and you simply swatted him away like he wasn’t worthy to be in this ring with you.

Sheamus continues to stare at Regal, glancing at the other three a couple of times.

William Regal – Like last week, I informed you that I liked what I saw in you. You’ve got that ruthlessness that is needed, not only to survive, oh no, but to dominate in the WWE. The four of us, we’ve got that. It’s why three of us are champions.

Boos from the crowd while Sheamus glances at the titles that they are holding.

William Regal – You could be a champion one day, Sheamus.

Sheamus raises his eyebrows.

William Regal – But only if you learn to harness that aggression, in the same way that these young men have, under my tutelage. Last week, I offered you the chance to join this group, and I gave you until tonight to inform me of an answer. So, with that mind, do you either, languish away or do you join The Monarchy, and become part of the most dangerous group of men in WWE history?

Sheamus puts his hands on his hips and thinks it over for a second, before turning around and asking for a microphone. He turns back to the group that have offered him a way to the top.

Sheamus – What you just said, I don’t think it’d be easy for anybody t’ say no.

Sheamus pauses.

Sheamus – But, my answer...

Another pause.

Sheamus – Is... no.

A loud pop greets the answer while Sheamus stares at Regal who simply grins.

William Regal – How... how disappointing. Lads.

Suddenly, Sheamus is swarmed by Drew, Nigel and Wade, the three of them getting the tired Sheamus down onto his back. Drew gets on top of him and rains down with shot after shot, while the other two watch, but Sheamus manages to push him off and get to his knees, getting caught in a head lock by Nigel, he tries to fight them off, but the numbers game finally catches up to him! The Raw crowd boo the hell out of The Monarchy who continue to mercilessly stomp and punch on the downed Sheamus, meanwhile Regal simply watches, grinning with his Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder.

Michael Cole – This is a mugging! Sheamus is outnumbered three to one, and Regal hasn’t even moved, he’s enjoying this!

Mick Foley – I did say Regal is turning into someone who simply doesn’t care about anyone else, the only reason he wanted Sheamus in The Monarchy is because he sees him as a threat, so he’s set his dogs on him and look at the results, he’s standing and smiling.

Sheamus is too tired to fight now, so he simply tries to cover up, but the shots are still getting through. Regal finally moves, tapping Drew on the shoulder very calmly and tells him to get Sheamus to his feet. Drew and Nigel pull Sheamus up, he seems out of it, his neck hanging limp while Regal nods at Barrett, winds up his arm, and smashes Sheamus’ face in with The Bullhammer Elbow! Drew and Nigel drop Sheamus and he falls flat on his face, the threesome look at Regal who nods at Drew again, sending a message to pull Sheamus to his feet once again.

Michael Cole – Just a nod of the head, and he sends a message to these three men, pull him up so they can inflict more damage. This is sick, this is disgusting, this... this... someone needs to stop this.

Mick Foley – Who in their right mind would mess with these four. Rey Mysterio and Cryme Tyme tried it and they lose their championships to this group, and Regal tormented Rey for months, even bringing his family into it, and Rey’s kids at ringside can’t even watch this.

The crowd rain down on the ring with heat, but Regal ignores them and pulls his Intercontinental Championship down from his shoulder and looks at it and then at Sheamus, before smashing him in the face with the belt! Again, Sheamus’ let go and he collapses in a heap, while Regal looks at Drew again, and simply shakes his head, that’s it for the night as Drew, Nigel and Wade back away, to stand behind Regal as he stands above Sheamus. The fans continue to boo as Regal kneels down and says “you should’ve said yes, sunshine”.

Michael Cole – Sheamus is Raw’s newest Superstar, last week he debuted, last week he won, he won tonight as well, but now his world has been torn down by The Monarchy.

Mick Foley – It really is disgusting. Sheamus stood for what was right, he didn’t want to cheat his way to victories by aligning himself with The Monarchy, and it may have cost him.

Michael Cole – Ladies and gentleman, we have to take a commercial break, after this situation is cleaned up we will find out who will take on Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness at Vengeance for the World Tag Team Championships.

- Commercial Break -

***COOL*** blares out and the fans respond with a small pop as Carlito and Primo, The Colons walk into view of the cameras. Wearing matching light blue attire, Carlito has his trusty apple while Primo wears his customary vest. The duo walk down the ramp, Primo taking the time to interact with the fans, slapping their hands but Carlito keeps focused, tossing his apple up and down and catching it easily. They climb into the ring, Carlito takes his shirt off, and Primo takes his vest off, they throw them out of the ring and await their opponents.

Michael Cole – This is a very skilled team, they were the WWE Tag Team Champions a couple of months ago before moving to Raw in the draft. They even defeated John Morrison and The Miz at WrestleMania, in a battle of the brands to decide which tag team were better. Morrison and Miz have now split up, and some put the blame down to these two.

Mick Foley – Even so, The Colons haven’t exactly lit up Raw since coming in the draft, but they have a victory over The Legacy, one of their opponents in this match, so they have a good chance of winning and taking on The Monarchy at Vengeance.

Carlito and Primo turn to the stage as ***NEW DAY*** plays, the crowd boo loudly as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, The Legacy make their way onto the stage. They take a moment to talk to each other, probably about strategy before walking down the ramp, the two of them wearing Legacy tees and black and gold detailed attire. Once they reach the bottom of the ramp, they point at The Colons and Rhodes says “we beat you twice... we can do it again” before sliding into the ring, the referee stopping The Colons from attacking them.

Michael Cole – The Legacy defeated The Colons at Fully Loaded, then at the end of the night, they took revenge on The Undertaker, attacking him after his match with their leader, Randy Orton resulting in The Deadman being lifted onto a cross, pulled into the ceiling and hung, just like he did to them a couple of weeks before.

Mick Foley – That moment solidified Rhodes and DiBiase as just as dangerous as Randy Orton. It was their idea, their planning which brought that moment all together. But when The Undertaker returns he’ll be looking to get some measure of revenge.

Michael Cole – If he returns.

Mick Foley – If he returns, yes.

***I’M COMIN*** blares over the speakers and The Ballin Superstar, MVP jogs onto the stage, getting a nice pop from the crowd. He goes to either side of the stage, pretending to shoot a basketball and then walking down the ramp. ***TURN UP THE TROUBLE*** now plays, and the fans respond with another pop as Mr. Kennedy walks onto the stage, chewing his gum like usual and eventually, the microphone lowers from the ceiling on the stage.

Mr. Kennedy – You are lookin’ at one half of the future World Tag Team Champions! And he hails from Green Bay, WISCONSINNNNN... his name is MISTTTEEEERRRR KENNEEEDDDYYYY!

Kennedy pauses and starts to walk down the ramp but then stops, still holding the microphone and shouts into it “KENNEDY!” before letting it go and meeting up with MVP at the bottom of the steel ramp. He looks at MVP and asks “you ready?” to which MVP replies with “are you?”, neither man actually respond as they climb into the ring.

#1 Contenders Triple Threat Tag Team
The Colons vs. The Legacy vs. MVP/Mr. Kennedy

Sorry about this match being in recap but I just couldn’t bring myself to write it in full.

The opening few minutes of the contest gave out the feeling that this would be a cagey affair. With three men in the ring and three men on the apron, every Superstar had to keep their eyes open at all times. After the settling in period of the first few minutes, The Legacy were the victims of being ganged up on by MVP and Carlito. They kept Rhodes out of the action while they battled in the centre of the ring. This continued until The Legacy thought their way back into it, and then all three tag teams went at it. The ending to the match came with Rhodes and DiBiase down on the outside, Primo was on the top rope, and dived to the outside and landed on Kennedy, but in the ring, Carlito was just getting to his knees but MVP from out of nowhere connected with The Drive By and picked up the win.

Winner And #1 Contenders – MVP & Mr. Kennedy @ 9.06

The referee rings for the bell and the fans pop as MVP rises to his feet and has his hand raised. His partner, Mr. Kennedy rolls into the ring and congratulates his partner, hugging him, seemingly the two are on the same page now as we cut backstage...

Where Randy Orton, the WWE Champion, and Rey Mysterio are walking down separate hall ways, the screen separated by a line down the middle.

Michael Cole – Next up ladies and gentleman, Randy Orton will put his title on the line against Rey Mysterio! But right now, let’s take you back to SmackDown, where a familiar face returned and new champions were crowned, take a look.

The SmackDown LowDown | Hart Attack
Indeed, we kick the SmackDown LowDown off with Bret The Hitman Hart making his return to the WWE, only to be interrupted by the cocky The Brian Kendrick, with his associate Ezekiel Jackson, making up the WWE Tag Team Champions. The two eventually advance on Hart, but he was saved by the debuting Hart Dynasty. The main event is made as the WWE Tag Team Titles will be defended against Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith, The Hart Dynasty. In the match, everything goes smoothly for The Hart Dynasty as they pick up their victory, and win the championships in front of the Canadian crowd.

- Commercial Break –

***BOOYAKA BOOYAKA*** A massive pop comes from the San Diego crowd as the challenger to the WWE Championship, Rey Mysterio hops out from behind the curtain. He takes in the reaction before heading to each side of the stage, setting off pyro as he does so. Rey then walks down the ramp, smiling as he walks to a couple of kids and places his head to theirs, saying something to them before climbing up the steel steps. He steps into the ring, walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs it, then raises his hands into the air before pointing at his family shouting “for you” and then steps down.

Michael Cole – Rey Mysterio won this opportunity last week, by outlasting nineteen other Superstars to become number one contender, and he gets his shot in his home town. He’ll face The Viper, Randy Orton in the hope of becoming a WWE Champion.

Mick Foley – Rey is a former World Heavyweight Champion, but he’s never been WWE Champion, a feat that he craves. If he is to defeat Randy Orton, he’ll need all his skill to do so, I’ve been in the ring with Orton, but that was at time where he was naive and not at his peak level, and even then he was a tough load to handle.

Mysterio is made to wait before ***VOICES*** plays and a massive roar of heat comes from the fans. Soon enough, Randy Orton makes his way out onto the stage, wearing the WWE Championship over his shoulder. He makes his slow way down, stopping at the ring and looking up at Rey who’s bouncing on the balls of his feet. Orton turns, walks over to the steps, walks up them and steps into the ring. He bypasses Rey and climbs the turnbuckle, standing on the second rope, he raises his WWE Championship high in the air before setting down and handing his championship to the referee.

Lillian Garcia steps forward.

Lillian Garca – The following contest, is the main event and is for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP! First, from SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, weighing in at one hundred and seventy five pounds, he is a former Cruiserweight Champion, a former Intercontinental Champion and a former World Heavyweight Champion, introducing... REY – MYSTERIO!

A massive pop engulfs the arena as Rey steps forward and raises his hands in the air.

Lillian Garcia – And his opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, he is a former World Tag Team Champion, a former Intercontinental Champion and the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history AND the CURRENT WWE CHAMPION... introducing – THE VIPER – RANDY ORTON!

Now, massive heat engulfs the arena while Orton simply stares across at Rey from his corner.

WWE Championship
Randy Orton defends against Rey Mysterio

The rabid fans in attendance cheer as the referee rings for the bell, and the two combatants begin circling the ring, eventually the two of them rush forward, looking to lock up but Rey ducks Randy’s grasp and turns around, hitting him in the leg with a kick, and then another. Orton backs away, but Rey presses forward, still kicking the leg of The Viper. He reaches the ropes so Rey grabs his arm and whips him onto the other side, but Orton counters it, instead sending the challenger over to the ropes. Rey bounces off them and jumps up, but Orton puts his hands underneath the legs and throws Rey up into the air, he lands on his feet behind the WWE Champion though, and the challenger connects with a drop kick to the back of The Viper! He falls forward, landing on the second rope, so Rey sees his chance and dials it up, and goes for the 619... but Orton ducks down and pulls himself out of the ring to massive boos! Orton has his back to the ring as he rubs his chin, he turns around and spots Rey going for a baseball slide, which he side steps. Mysterio turns, right into a big clothesline from The Viper!

Randy pulls Rey to his feet, and pushes him back into the ring. Rey gets to his feet just as Orton climbs into the ring, The Viper goes for another clothesline but Rey ducks, Orton stops in his tracks though and when Rey turns around, he goes for an RKO! But Rey manages to push him off, he hits the ropes and rebounds right into a low drop kick to the knee! Orton clutches his knee as he sits up, but Rey bounces off the ropes and smashes into Orton’s face with a running low drop kick! He goes for the cover, one... two... Orton kicks out to some heat. Rey quickly gets to his feet, and pulls Orton up as he does so, and lashes him in the knee with a right low kick! And then another, forcing him back into the corner with the kicks. Rey grabs his arm and whips him over to the other side, The Viper hits the turnbuckle but explodes out, going for another clothesline but Rey ducks as he was running, and then jumps onto the second turnbuckle, and connecting with a cross body to the WWE Champion! And he lands the cover... one.... two... shoulder up from The Apex Predator!

Rey rolls off the champion, getting to his feet, grabs Orton by the head and helps him up, then Irish-whips him into the ropes. The Viper grabs onto them, he spots Rey sprinting at him and bends down, launching him over the top rope, only for his opponent to land, feet first, on the apron. Randy turns around into a fore arm from the little man, he stumbles away, meanwhile Rey steadies himself and connects with a springboard seated senton! Rey immediately stands up, bouncing off the ropes, while Orton eventually gets on all fours, only for Mysterio to launch into him with a running low drop kick to the side of the head! This sends Orton rolling away, out of the ring and landing on the mat below with a thud. Rey looks disappointed, like he was going to go for the cover, he gets up eventually and grabs onto the top rope, he feels it for a moment while Orton gets up, once he’s up Rey launches himself from the ring, going for a cross body but Orton side steps, and slaps the back of Rey on his way down, forcing him faster onto the mat! The crowd gasp as Rey immediately holds his chest as Orton rests, leaning on the apron.

The Viper reaches down and grabs him by his head, pulling him to his feet. The WWE Champion glances at the crowd, spotting Rey’s family who all looked worried, he ignores them and whips Rey into the barricade! The fans back away as the barricade shudders with the impact while Rey clutches his back. The Viper doesn’t waste any time, he pulls Rey up again, and pulls him around the ring, they reach the announce table and The Viper smashes Mysterio into the tables top! The referee is at a count of seven, which pressures Orton into sliding into the ring, and then back out, walking over to Rey again and grabbing him. The Viper shoulder thrusts him back into the apron, before rolling him into the ring. The WWE Champion reaches up, grabs the second rope and pulls himself onto the apron, he is about to step into the ring but Mysterio gets to his feet so Randy stops, and grabs him by the mask, pulls him towards himself and attempts to suplex the challenger to the outside! But Rey wraps his left leg around the bottom rope, stopping the attempted suplex, and then manages to back away a step, breaking the grip, and punching Orton in the head. Orton reels back but keeps his grip on the top rope, Rey grabs Orton by the head and runs him over to the turnbuckle, looking to smash his head off it but Orton blocks it, and then does it to Rey. Mysterio stumbles away as Orton steps into the ring, and then takes his challenger down with a running clothesline! He sinks into a cover, one... two... shoulder up from Mysterio!

Orton goes on the control here, pulling Rey up, holding him then hitting his chin with a lovely uppercut, which sends Mysterio reeling back into the corner. The Viper grabs him by the arm and launches him over to the other side, then he goes for a corner clothesline but Mysterio jumps up, two feet goes straight in the face of the WWE Champion! He stumbles backwards, regaining his balance as Rey runs from the corner... straight into a snap power slam! Orton goes for the cover, one... two... no! Rey kicks out to a solid pop, his momentum launches him into a seated position where Orton locks in a chin lock! The dreaded Orton chin lock is locked in tight, tight enough that Mysterio looks like he is in a lot of pain. This hold lasts at least half a minute before Rey manages to get to his feet, where Orton transitions into a side head lock. The challenger forces Orton back into the ropes, and uses the momentum of the ropes, to break the grip and launch Orton to the other side. He bounces back, connecting with a shoulder block to Rey, Orton glares at him for a second before running away towards the ropes, Rey dives onto his stomach, allowing Orton to hop over him and hit the ropes again, while Rey gets to his feet, Orton then connects with another shoulder block and sinks into a cover... one... two... Rey gets the shoulder up!

The crowd pop at the kick out while Orton kneels beside his opponent, he wipes the sweat from his brow before standing up, pulling Rey up as well. He Irish-whips him into the corner, connecting with a running corner clothesline, he doesn’t allow Rey to fall though, he keeps him positioned in the corner and we can hear him saying to Rey “what’s wrong? You’re going to disappoint your family, Rey. Just accept it!” Suddenly, Orton slaps Rey square in the face, The Viper backs away with a sly grin on his face, leaving Rey to feel his face and his chest, he glances at his family, before rifling a slap of his own into the cheek of the WWE Champion! Huge pop for that while Orton stares wide eyed at Rey, who explodes from the corner, ducks an attempted punch, hitting the ropes and connects with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors! Orton gets up quickly though, but Rey runs at him, and connects with a massive wheelbarrow bulldog! The crowd pop huge at the big move, as Rey scampers to the cover... one... two... t- kick out from the WWE Champion! He’s saved his WWE Championship!

Rey holds his head in shock at the kick out, with Cole doing his best to sell the fact that Rey almost became WWE Champion right there. The challenger pulls himself up to his feet, and Orton does the same, both men using the ropes for help, Rey gets his bearings first though and lashes Orton’s shin with a swift kick... and then another! Orton hops backwards on one leg, arriving at the ropes, then he manages to kick Rey in the stomach, Orton then drops to his knees, and hits an uppercut to the exposed face of the challenger! Rey is down now, as Randy slides out of the ring, Cole says that Orton has some sick intentions with that look in his eyes as he reaches into the ring, pulling Mysterio by the neck out of the ring, but stops when his feet are placed on the apron. The crowd immediately boo what they are seeing, as Orton appears to be going for his rope hung DDT, only from the apron! Orton glances from side to side, before... wait... Mysterio places his feet against the side of the apron and pushes off... flipping over and connecting with a sort of, improvised flipping neck breaker to the WWE Champion! Mysterio saved himself there to a massive pop, and the referee begins counting.

One... no movement from either men but the crowd begin a loud 6-1-9 chant... two... Rey has started to move his arms but Orton hasn’t moved... three... Rey pushes his chest off the ground with his arms... four... Rey gets to his knees as Orton starts to move... five... Mysterio climbs to his feet and leans on the apron... six... Orton has pushed his chest off the ground while Rey pulls himself into the ring, before rolling out of it, killing the count. The challenger grabs Orton when he stands up and slides him into the ring, before climbing in himself and hooking a leg... one... two... Orton gets the shoulder up! That was never going to end it and Mysterio knew it as he looks at the referee. He stands up, and waits for Randy to do the same, he pushes him back into the ropes and whips him to the other side, but Mysterio rebounds and ducks a wild clothesline before running towards the other ropes, jumping onto the second rope and connecting with a springboard tornado DDT! The crowd pop massively as Mysterio hooks the leg, this may be it... one... two... thr- kick out from the WWE Champion!

Mysterio holds his face in his hand, shocked at the kick out but gets himself together and climbs to his feet. Mysterio exits onto the apron, he takes a deep breath then climbs the turnbuckle, and waits for the right moment, and eventually it comes as Orton gets up and turns around... Rey goes soaring through the air... only for Randy to connect with a drop kick in mid-air to the chin of his opponent! Mysterio hits the deck with a thud, he looks as if he is knocked out as the referee checks on him, but Orton pushes the referee out the way and sinks into the cover... one... two... thre- no! Mysterio kicks out to a massive, massive pop! Orton glares at the referee, gets up and gets in his face, screaming at him to DO HIS JOB! Meanwhile, Mysterio has rolled onto his stomach and begins to get on all fours... and Orton turns, a strange look appears on his face, and he suddenly sprints forward, looking for the Punt... but Mysterio rolled out the way just in time!

Orton turns straight around, and runs at Rey again, but gets caught in a drop-toe-hold, and he lands on the second rope! The crowd go mental as Mysterio runs the ropes... and connects with the 619! The WWE Champion lands near the corner, so Mysterio jogs along the apron and climbs onto the top turnbuckle, and Drops The Dime... and it connects! Cole goes mental on commentary as Mysterio hooks the leg, the referee begins counting, the crowd counting along with him... one... two... thre- Orton has foot on the bottom rope! The crowd gasp in frustration as Mysterio looks to find out why the referee stopped counting, and when he sees Orton’s foot on the bottom rope he smashes the mat with his fist. The cameras cut to his family who are urging him on, and we then see Orton smartly roll out of the ring and kneel on the mat!

Meanwhile, in the ring, Mysterio shakes off the disappointment and gets to his feet, and watches as Orton gets to his feet. He bounces off the ropes and suddenly dives through the top and second rope, connecting with a Suicide Dive! The crowd nearby pop as Mysterio and Orton lie on the mat, beside each other. The referee begins counting, but Mysterio is up to his feet, the adrenaline pumping as he pulls Orton to his feet, slowly, and slides him into the ring! Mysterio takes some time to rest, leaning on the apron, before turning around and grabbing the second rope, he pulls himself up and begins to enter the ring, bending through the top and second rope but Orton is suddenly on his feet and grabs him by the throat, pulling him further into the ring, leaving his feet resting on the second rope before planting him with the Rope Hung DDT! The WWE Champion pulls Mysterio into the centre of the ring, and turns him over, hooking the leg, and the referee begins counting... one... two... thre- no! Mysterio kicks out at the very last moment!

The fans cheer the kick out and Orton is simply too exhausted to complain, instead he crawls to the ropes and pulls himself up. The Viper walks into the corner and leans on it, rubbing his forehead with his hand, and then decides its time to end it, he walks over to Rey and dives to the mat beside him, and begins to pound it as Rey starts to get up. It takes a few seconds before Rey is on his feet and eventually Orton goes for the RKO... but Rey pushes him off, he hits the ropes and rebounds right into an Enziguri! Another pop from the crowd as Orton is propelled by the kick onto the second rope again! Mysterio can’t believe his luck, and goes for the 619... connecting with it, sending Orton back into the middle of the ring! The Viper’s momentum propels him to a standing position, he looks dazed and out of it as he turns back to Mysterio who springboards from the top rope, looking for a seated senton... but suddenly... Orton connects with a mid-air RKO! The crowd sink as he slowly hooks the leg... one... two... three!

Winner – Randy Orton @ 17.04

Randy Orton has retained his WWE Championship! After a very entertaining and exhausting match, Randy is helped to his feet by the referee, he leaves him at the ropes and picks up the WWE Championship. The ref walks back to Randy, who yanks the title away from him and holds it up in the air with one hand, while leaning on the ropes with his other. The Viper sinks down into the corner and raises the title to his forehead, and kisses the middle of the belt.

Michael Cole – Once again, Randy Orton retains his WWE Championship, and this time he defeated a very game Rey Mysterio. The match went on for more than twenty minutes, but in the end even a 619 wasn’t enough to keep Rey down.

Mick Foley – Mysterio gave a very good account of himself in his home town, in front of his friends and family. He may not be a WWE Champion, but he is a champion n spirit.

Michael Cole – Randy Orton adds Rey Mysterio to his championship defences... whoa whoa whoa!

In the ring, Mysterio is on all fours, crawling into the centre of the ring, and the camera cuts to Orton, who’s eyes have glaze over. We’ve seen this look before, so many times, his body spasms as he gets ready to sprint forward and PUNT...


OH MY GOD! The crowd go ape shit as Randy stops in his tracks, turns to the stage and his eyes widen at the sight of THE ANIMAL, BATISTA slowly walking onto the stage, wearing jeans and a black leather jacket.

Michael Cole – OH MY! It’s Batista! He’s back! And he’s back to get some of Randy Orton!

Batista throws his leather jacket down and SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP! He slides into the ring, the crowd going mental, and spears Orton back into the corner! He leathers him with multiple punches with the fans screaming “BA-TIS-TA” before whipping him into the opposite corner! Orton stumbles out of the corner, straight into a massive clothesline from The Animal!

Mick Foley – The Animal is back and he’s after Randy Orton’s blood!

Michael Cole – It was Orton who injured Batista a few months ago, and now it’s coming back to bite him! Oh, here comes Legacy!

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase suddenly slide into the ring, Rhodes runs straight into a powerful shoulder block and Batista then manages to duck a clothesline from DiBiase. The Million Dollar Son bounces off the ropes, STRAIGHT INTO A SPINEBUSTER! The crowd are on their feet as Batista turns around, and SPEARS the hell out of Rhodes!

Michael Cole – Spinebuster to DiBiase! Spear to Rhodes! Legacy are crumbling!

The two Legacy members roll out of the ring, away from harm while Batista watches. He turns around and sees Orton climbing to his feet, he rips off his black shirt, and flexes his muscles and screams out, before grabbing the WWE Champion and pulling him up and plants him with a BATISTA BOMB!

Michael Cole – Batista Bomb! Batista Bomb!

Mick Foley – The Animal has been unleashed right here tonight!

The crowd are still on their feet, screaming their lungs out. Legacy have been dealt with as every member is down, but Batista is standing above Orton, and then walks over and grabs the WWE Championship, he lays it across the stomach of Orton before saying “Consider your title reign on life support, Randy!” and then “The Animal is back!”. Batista’s music plays and he climbs up the turnbuckle, and flexes his muscles.

Michael Cole – The landscape of Raw has changed dramatically! The Animal is back and he has Randy Orton in his sights!

Mick Foley – Raw will never be the same again, and it’s just a shame we don’t have any time left.

Michael Cole – That’s right, unfortunately ladies and gentleman that’s all the time we have for tonight, join us next week for another action packed episode of Monday Night Raw! Goodnight!

The very last shot is of Batista, standing on the second rope, looking back over his shoulder at the WWE Champion as we fade... to... black.

WWE Vengeance
Date: 26th July 2009
Location: Wachovia Center: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Music: You’re Going Down by Sick Puppies

World Tag Team Championship
The Monarchy; Drew McIntyre & Nigel McGuiness (c) vs. MVP & Mr. Kennedy

Extreme Rules
Beth Phoenix vs. Melina


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