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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Taking a break from HIAC for a few days, and trying to get out some feedback. I've done cp, so that means that you are next Chuck

Smackdown Feedback

Ooh that is a nice banner. Starting the show off with Cena is the absolute right thing to do in my eyes, so I'm glad you went for him here... But, I think that you shouldn't have bothered with any of the usual, sucking up crap. He shouldn't have been at all happy here; he got embarrassed last week and had the living shit kicked out of him, yet he is still out here pandering to the crowd? That bit didn't make much sense to me. Although I was much happier when he started to get serious and down to business. This transitions right into corny Cena, which I can deal with here. Even though there were a couple of parts of this promo so far that I haven't been completely sold on, in terms of characterisation, this has been perfect. Like Jam though, I would maybe like you to throw in a different side of Cena in, as this is basically the same Cena character that everyone starts off with and has to mould into their own creation. In terms of development, hopefully Hardy as champion and the impact he is having can do a lot for Cena in terms of development. I like that he references the whole 'conspiracy' angle that you have as a running theme on Smackdown, as his name has been thrown in there before. Then it was beauitfully brought back to the World Title, which I did like.

Kane coming out was a surprise to me actually, but the more I think about it, it does make sense as he has been on fire (pardon the pun) in your thread so far, so to not consider him for the World Heavyweight Title would be criminal. This is really interesting how he had to keep correcting himself, like there is someone else actually inside of him that he is trying to forget is there; a great little bit of intrigue you've created there. It was short and to the point, just recapping what he has done since being on Smackdown, but I would have liked just to hear a little bit more from Kane. Typical Cena coming in with that classic line is alright, glad you admitted that he can be predictable with the 'but y’know me' part. This just strikes me again that one of the things I think you could focus on is giving Cena just a little more development, like you have with guys like R-Truth and Kane; just to make him stand out a little more. Long comes out, and those two matches he announced will be nice; although I would have put money on a Tag Team Match Overall, a good start to the show, bar the first bit of Cena's part Sorry, just realised how much I just wrote

I liked this little exchange between Truth and Kofi, good to see that they are on the same page for now; for how long this is the case is anyone's guess. Have I missed something? Are Benjamin and Knox an alliance of some sort now? I understand why Benjamin would just stand there and watch Knox destroy Kingston, but I thought that Knox would have been acting for his own gain, to try and get a shot for himself. All that confused me was that Knox stands there and allows Benjamin to say that he will be the next champion and not have something to say himself, unless they are in this together. Though the segment as a whole creates a situation for the US Title match later on, which is good.

More rumblings in the ranks now with Kendrick dropping Teddy's name in there again. I am a little confused as to why Kendrick isn't included in the tournament as he is one of your best possible Cruiserweights, but at least Helms is in there. Glad to see Kendrick being in control for the majority of the match up, also pleased that Helms is able to get some offence in there. The fact that the match ended how it did raises hope that we might get a rematch on perhaps a bigger stage? I'd be all up for Helms finding himself a partner (not Rosey) and going after the tag titles, so we can see these two again, as I imagine it would be quite a match up. Though the dirty win is the right result because you can't have Helms lose clean before the Tournament, where I hope he will advance at least beyond the first round and Kendrick didn't need to lose. I'm still confused as to where Jackson was the entire time though. Nice opener and hopefully there is a rematch down the line.

Hmmm... so there is some kind of partnership between Benji and Knox... I'm not sure why this has came about, so if you could clear that up for me at some point it would be much appreciated. I think the way the match panned out totally rendered the attack earlier pointless, as it appears Kofi is fine. I know it was only being rammed into a wall but I think you could have made a little more of it and had Kingston at least thrown off of his game a little bit, and actually sell the backstage attack, leading to the eventual comeback after some prolonged Shelton periods of dominance for the majority of the match. Glad to see Benjamin using the amateur wrestling stuff to his advantage against Kofi's style. Kofi keeping the title is the right move heading forwards, but I just feel like you've killed the Benjamin/Knox partnership before it has picked up any real momentum. You just made it seem like whenever Knox got involved it didn't even matter as Kofi got right back into it, as well as the continuity thing from before. They were able to get some face back after the match with the attack on Kofi again, and Truth making the save was predictable, but it was needed. I had a sneaky suspicion that this was going to happen, and I am happy it did. It seems that Truth is targeting Kofi to get to Long, and also making a point for another chance at the title. Good stuff here and a great way to start the Truth heel turn. A hit and miss segment for me, this one; whilst it was a well written match, I wasn't a fan of Kofi's no-selling and nullification of Knox, but the post match was all enjoyable

I enjoyed the Hardy interview; it seemed that he was just looking for a reason to go off on Teddy Long, which I found a little funny I'm just saying mate, I really think you've underplayed this attack by Hardy from last week; it was pretty brutal if you ask me, and the way that Striker was talking about it just made it seem like it was nothing. Though, I did enjoy this from Hardy, and he was up for Best Character for a reason

I get what Jam was saying about that you could have had Lashley win this match to be ironic, but I wasn't sure on it at all to be honest. I get that Lashley should be up there for contention, but I'd have rather seen him just put in a good match and almost beat Hardy... then for Hardy to hit him with the title and win the match. Because after Hardy looked like a BEAST after last week, you've killed a fair amount of that in one go. Plus, seeing Hardy take the low road again would be good, and I'd rather see an angry Lashley going after Hardy than a smug Lashley, with a guy like Lashley, anger is much easier to believe and convey than smugness. I'd have rather seen something like this happen to Kendrick against Helms earlier, but Hardy is the top dog on the show, and he's been beat by a guy who has been back for a few weeks and has only beaten Kozlov in essence. I'm sure you have your reasons for it but I don't think Hardy should have lost here.

FUCKING JERICHO. Just off the fact that he attacked Jeff Hardy last week I am a fan of your Jericho; and then we get to the part where I am a fan because he is Chris Jericho. This was really deep and emotive stuff he was saying... you'd rarely see someone call another human being a cancer unless they HATED them, which I think you have got across brilliantly here. JR was right, Jericho might have been going too far, but I loved it! This really did feel like a shoot promo at times, and I can imagine watching this on TV and just being hooked on every word that Jericho was saying and I didn't want it to end This is a feud that has came out of almost nothing and I am digging it already. I couldn't care for what Jeff has to say because I hate him Although I personally didn't like Jeff getting the upper hand tonight, it was the logical booking decision after Jericho got him last week and just after everything that Jericho was saying. I think this has been the part of the show that I've enjoyed the most so far, so great job. Can't fault you on anything

Nice win for Kaval in the tournament; would have preferred to see this match where the Kendrick match was, but no complaints from me here

Oh, forget what I said about Helms advancing, I want Ziggler to win this thing.

I wasn't sure about the next match being a tournament match as well, it just feels that with the match before it and then the Ziggler interview after it; that you have just squashed all of it together. I would have thrown my laptop out of the window if Jesse won this match... wait, JESSE IS IN THE TOURNAMENT BUT KENDRICK ISN'T?! It is like there's a conspiracy or something!? :

I'll go out there and say the truth; this Christian interview is probably the best promo work I've seen from you I was hooked onto it throughout, and Christian can be quite difficult to capture at times, but you have done a grand job here with him. You've made a huge deal about his injuries and rightfully so. I like that you mentioned the way that it has affected his personal life, like going out with his wife; small bits like that give it an extra touch which I like in promos like this where the focus is on one wrestler. I think that you went as far as to have him admit he was wrong; something that I couldn't picture many wrestlers in character actually doing, was very good as well. You're doing a good job of making Christian seem more like one of the Peeps himself, by applying normal everyday feelings onto his character, and I think that when he does come back he will be HUGE, and it will be down to this promo, and hopefully some similar ones upon his return. As I have already said, this was brilliant and I have noticed that the promos in this show have been stepped up from before - DAT CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT~!

Main Event time, and I think that this match went the way everyone expected it to go. Cena winning was the logical choice, and I think he has to be the sole challenger for the title at The Bash, but after what happened earlier I can see Lashley being added where I think he isn't needed. Cena should be getting the shot by himself as he needs to get some form of revenge. Also, Kane is of course going to be busy with Edge. I would have liked to have seen Kane take a little more control during the match ahead of his eventual downfall, as to limit the momentum loss after this hot streak (once again, no pun intended) I was surprised we didn't hear from Edge at all during the show but he more than made his mark on it. Nice end to the show, but I would have just liked to have seen more fanfare being made about Cena being the #1 Contender.

Overall, this was a solid show with some sterling promos in there (Opening Cena, Jericho/Hardy and the Christian Interview), just some continuity errors (US Title Match & Main Event) and I still think Lashley beating Hardy was the wrong choice, the champion needs a big week next week. Sorry if I've seemed overly critical in some places, I'm tired and this took me a lot longer than I thought it would haha. But the main thing to take from this is that you are improving leaps and bounds as a writer and for that you can be proud Nice job babes, Raw soon plz, and congrats on 100 replies <3
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Firstly, a big thank you to Jam and TWG for their feedback, much appreciated. <3

I did have a very meaningful post set up for the 100th reply but sadly that honour was ripped away from me so some news and a Raw preview will have to suffice.

It appears that WWE’s Fully Loaded is shaping up nicely with some solid matches being announced. We have heard from an ‘inside’ source, that two matches have yet to be announced. The o2 Arena is officially sold out and a number of British celebrities will be in attendance, we have heard that some members of “Arsenal Football Club” will be there, as will British singer’s Noel Gallagher and boxer Joe Calzaghe. Also, we have heard that Fully Loaded may be a trial run, if it is successful then perhaps the ‘E may host a “big four” PPV in Britain some day.

Over the past couple of days, WWE cameras have been spotted in Virginia, as well as Florida with WWE Superstar Santino Marella being the focus of those cameras. Apparently witnesses spotted Santino and the cameras entering a bar in Virginia and entering FCW’s building in Florida. This may be the beginning of a very special WWE running vignette which will feature The Italian Stallion.

A lot of attention as been put on the SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long as of late. Many behind the scenes feel he has run his course as SmackDown GM and it’s time for a change. Instead of the usual, “performance evaluation” WWE have decided to make it into a storyline which is scheduled to conclude at Summerslam. Expect R-Truth, The Brian Kendrick and Chris Jericho to play a big part in this storyline.

A lot of people have been asking why The Brian Kendrick was not in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament this past week, and it’s rather simple, as a backstage source has told us that this is all a part of the long running angle involving Theodore Long.

Speaking of SmackDown, a lot of people feel that they are very light on mid-card faces, what with John Morrison being put in the Cruiserweight Division. The only real mid-card face left is Kofi Kingston, with Evan Bourne being on the sidelines with a storyline injury. Expect a call up from FCW pretty soon or one of the new signings debuting, which may include Tyler Black.

Bobby Lashley on SmackDown picked up a huge victory over the World Heavyweight Champion, but it doesn’t appear that he will get involved in the hunt just yet as we have been told he is in line for a heel turn. How that occurs, may be something to do with the fact he isn’t getting a shot but we can’t know for sure.

Triple H is on the mend and may be back soon for a big rematch against the current WWE Champion, Randy Orton. Orton has had his hands full with The Undertaker recently and many WWE officials believe the rematch between Orton and Triple H won’t need the WWE Championship, and thus we could see a new champion pretty soon.

WWE Officials appear to be high on The Miz after his strong showing against Shawn Michaels on the microphone. The Heartbreak Kid verbally laid into him, going off the script but The Miz took it well, appearing backstage and putting everything behind him. The Miz/Michaels rivalry is expected to kick on now, and while at the beginning it was a simple measure to give HBK something to do, it has evolved into one of the premier storylines on Raw and should give The Miz a push to upper-mid-card position.

The Cruiserweight Championship Tournament is now in full swing, Gregory Helms defeated Jamie Noble, Dolph Ziggler defeated Chavo Guerrero, John Morrison defeated Jesse and Kaval defeated Zack Ryder to advance to the Semi-Finals. The Semi-Finals have been posted on WWE’s website:

Dolph Ziggler vs. Gregory Helms
John Morrison vs. Kaval

The final is currently scheduled to take place at The Bash, and once that is over, we may see an influx of new Cruiserweights to help the division get off the ground.
Monday Night Raw – 15 June – Tuscan, Arizona

The penultimate episode of Monday Night Raw before the WWE head to England for WWE Fully Loaded is sure to be a fiery one as we come to you from Tuscan, Arizona!

Last week, The Undertaker abducted Legacy members Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. This led to a frantic search from Randy Orton, but the WWE Champion was left disappointed as he was unable to find either Rhodes or DiBiase. While his search took place, he bumped into the Raw General Manager, Jerry Lawler who booked him in a match against MVP. Orton won the match in the end but it was the aftermath which got people talking. The Undertaker appeared, ushered down two crosses from the ceiling with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase on them. Randy Orton was as shocked as anyone, even some of the fans were a little shocked at seeing Ted and Cody chained to the crosses, their heads limp. This rivalry is heating up and it’s going to get hotter tonight as Randy Orton will kick of the show for the second week running, with The Undertaker on his mind.

The Intercontinental Championship and World Tag Team Titles have been the subject of a war between Rey Mysterio and his friends Cryme Tyme and their rivals The Monarchy. Tonight, we will see Rey Mysterio in action as he takes on the man who cost him the Intercontinental Title at Judgment Day, Wade Barrett. Barrett has pledged that he will defeat Mysterio and soften him up for Regal and the other members of The Monarchy at Fully Loaded. Meanwhile, Cryme Tyme will be in the building tonight, and we can be sure of some mischief when they are around.

TheMizTV came on for another episode last week when The Miz had Shawn Michaels as his very special guest. Before introducing The Heartbreak Kid, The Miz ran down his rival, saying he was the biggest waste of space on the roster, this led to a fired up Shawn Michaels, who gave Miz the verbal beat down so to speak. But that didn’t end there, after challenging The Miz to a match at Fully Loaded and after it was accepted, he knocked The Miz into next week with a huge Superkick. We know tonight that Shawn Michaels will take on Intercontinental Champion, William Regal in the main event tonight, but he will have to keep an eye out for The Miz.

Last week, CM Punk defeated Chris Masters and called out the man who attacked him the week before, Jack Swagger. Jerry Lawler announced that Punk would defend his Money in the Bank briefcase against Jack Swagger at Fully Loaded which was welcomed by both men. However, later in the show, Punk confronted Jerry Lawler and asked for a chance at Swagger next week, he was granted the chance but in a tag team match and he would allow both Punk and Swagger to pick their own partners. We can now reveal that both Punk and Swagger have told us who they have chosen, since Swagger doesn’t have many friends on Raw, he has chosen Chris Masters while Punk has chosen TJ Perkins as his partner.

The Divas Division is beginning to heat up with the feud between Melina and Beth Phoenix picking up steam while we now know Katie Lea will take on Maryse for the Women’s Championship at Fully Loaded. With the Divas division beginning to thrive, there will no doubt be some fireworks between the Divas tonight.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Monday Night Raw | 15 June – Tuscan, Arizona

This week’s broadcast opens with a video recap of what went down last week. Starting with Cody Rhodes disappearing at the beginning of the show, and then Ted DiBiase suffering the same fate later on in the night, and finally we see Randy Orton after winning his match against MVP. The lights go out and we see The Undertaker on the stage, as two crosses lower from the ceiling, with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase hung on them.

Instead of cutting to the general opening video, Raw cuts right into the arena where the fans are booing very loudly. No commentary either as we cut to the middle of the ring, where the WWE Champion, RANDY ORTON and his Legacy brothers, CODY RHODES & TED DIBIASE are standing.

Michael Cole: Welcome to Monday Night Raw ladies and gentleman, and we are kicking off the show tonight with the WWE Champion and the two men who suffered at the hands of The Undertaker last week.

The crowd eventually die down a little, which prompts the WWE Champion to begin speaking.

Randy Orton: I’m sure you all saw what happened last week on Raw??

It’s a rhetorical question but the fans answer anyway with a rowdy cheer, while DiBiase and Rhodes shake their heads.

Randy Orton: That’s right, laugh it up, and cheer what The Undertaker did. What The Undertaker did to Ted and Cody, should result in a suspension and his WWE Championship match revoked.

Orton stares into the crowd but they respond with some loud boos.

Randy Orton: But that won’t happen, for two reasons, one ... because our Raw General Manager wouldn’t have the GUTS ... to do it. And two ... because I don’t want it to happen, I will make sure The Deadman pays for what he did.

Orton glances at Rhodes and DiBiase who simply look back, he then turns his attention back to the crowd.

Randy Orton: The Undertaker hung Cody and Ted from two crosses right next to the stage.

Orton faces the stage now.

Randy Orton: Something ... which shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. The Deadman made a big mistake, and I will make him pay for it. The Undertaker can play all the mind games he wants ... they don’t affect me. I’ve seen them all; I’ve been a part of them all.

The Viper turns back to the crowd, facing the hard camera while Rhodes and DiBiase continue to watch in silence.

Randy Orton: What Undertaker did to Cody and Ted last week was NOTHING compared to what I’m going to do ... to him at Fully Loaded.

Orton glances at the WWE Championship on his shoulder.

Randy Orton: Everyone runs in fear when The Undertaker appears ... every coward in the back would run at the sight of him or even a hint that he was near. But, that isn’t me ... at Fully Loaded I’m defending my W-W-E Championship and I intend on retaining it.

The Apex Predator takes the belt off his shoulder and holds it above his head briefly before placing it back down. He now speaks again.

Randy Orton: The Undertaker has always been seen as the most dangerous entity in the W-W-E ... but that isn’t true. Legacy and Randy Orton are the most dangerous entity in the WWE.


Randy Orton: The Undertaker made a mistake by targeting us. He’s trying to do what Triple H, Ric Flair and the McMahon’s couldn’t. He will suffer the same fate as each and every one of them.

The fans give out more heat as they remember what The Viper and Legacy did to the people he just named.

Randy Orton: He wants what I have. He wants the WWE Championship. But the problem with The Undertaker’s quest for this title is the fact that it is on my shoulder. Any other man and The Undertaker would easily be able to attain this. But I'm not like any other Superstar, I am Randy Orton.

Another loud batch of boos as Orton is starting to show his arrogance again.

Randy Orton: This championship means I am the top Superstar on Monday Night Raw and it also means I am at the top of the WWE. I already beat The Undertaker at Judgment Day and I beat him at Summerslam many years ago. I have The Undertaker’s number and he knows it, that it is why he resorts to cowardly acts like last week.

Orton takes a look at Rhodes and DiBiase.

Randy Orton: At Fully Loaded ... I’ll not only defeat The Undertaker ... I’ll END The Undertaker.


Randy Orton: I will end the legend of The Undertaker once and for all.

More heat.

Randy Orton: No more stupid mind games ... no more druids ... no more crosses. They will all be gone when I PUNT The Undertaker in the skull.

This statement gathers a lot of heat from the crowd but Orton doesn’t care, but now he switches the subject.

Randy Orton: Another reason why I am out here is because I want to talk about our Raw General Manager. Jerry The King Lawler.

Good cheers for The King.

Randy Orton: That’s right cheer, cheer a lacklustre General Manager who doesn’t care about the well being of his Superstars. While I was searching for Cody and Ted ... he did NOTHING.

Some cheers for that.

Randy Orton: I want Jerry Lawler to come out here, and apologise to me, to Cody and to Ted for his inept management.

Legacy turn to the stage and a few seconds pass before ...


Orton squints at the stage as the Raw General Manager, Jerry Lawler walks out, wearing one of his typical shirts and receiving a solid reaction from the crowd.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton wanted Jerry Lawler; it seems he’s got him.

Lawler stays on the stage and waits for his music to die down before speaking.

Jerry Lawler: An apology Orton?? Are you serious?? You won’t receive an apology because you don’t deserve one – any of you.

The King receives a solid pop, but Orton and Legacy shake their heads.

Jerry Lawler: Did the McMahon’s receive an apology from you; did Ric Flair’s family receive an apology ... Triple H??

No reaction from Orton.

Jerry Lawler: I didn’t think so.


Jerry Lawler: What The Undertaker did, was it justified?? Maybe. But for you to talk about going too far is plain stupid.

Orton shakes his head.

Jerry Lawler: So no, you won’t receive an apology. But you will receive something else. Tonight you will be in action, against ... well ... you’ll find out later. And as for Cody and Ted, you’ll have to get The Undertaker out of your head’s because you’ll face The Colons in tag team action and that’s next.

Solid cheers from the crowd at the two announcements. Lawler goes to turn and walk away but turns back.

Jerry Lawler: Oh, and since it seems that you and The Undertaker want to destroy each other ... the WWE Championship will now be a No Disqualification ... No Count Out match!

Orton tilts his head and clenches his teeth while the crowd respond with a massive cheer. Lawler grins from ear to ear at the reaction.


Jerry’s music plays as he takes one last look at the crowd before heading backstage while Orton is deep in conversation with Rhodes and DiBiase.

Michael Cole: Oh my! A No Disqualification match between Randy Orton and The Undertaker!

Mick Foley: Anything goes. These two will be able to do what they want to each other and it’s for the WWE Championship!

Michael Cole: Legacy will be in action after this short commercial break.

Commercial Break

Raw returns to our screens as Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are waiting in their corners for the upcoming match. The WWE Champion meanwhile has left the ringside area.


As the music of The Colons hits, the fans respond with some cheers but it’s nothing major. Carlito and Primo walk out in matching blue attire, Carlito looks extremely focused as he walks, throwing his apple up and down while Primo slaps a few hands of the crowd.

Michael Cole: This will be a huge test for Legacy as The Colons are a former tag team championship winning team, brothers who know how to win these kinds of matches.

Mick Foley: Both made a name for themselves in their father’s promotion, World Wrestling Council, where Carlito is a thirteen time Heavyweight Champion. Think about that, thirteen times!

Michael Cole: Legacy will need to get The Undertaker out of their head and focus if they want a chance to face whoever will be World Tag Team Champions after Fully Loaded.

Match 1: Tag Team Match
Legacy vs. The Colons
The opening few minutes go by and we see The Colons take the advantage early on, using their experience as brothers and as a tag team to keep Cody Rhodes off his game. Michael Cole makes note of the fact that Legacy might be still feeling the effects of last week as they struggle to get a foothold in the match. Quick tags go by, by The Colons, but thanks to a distraction by DiBiase, Rhodes manages to get back into the match. Legacy then showed their own credentials by isolating Primo from his brother. The fans got behind Primo though and eventually he broke from the clutches of Legacy and got the hot tag to his brother.

Carlito came in fired up and took the fight to DiBiase and then to Rhodes, handling both of them with relative ease. He managed to get DiBiase on his back with a springboard DDT which got a near fall when Rhodes interrupted. Primo saw this and took Rhodes out, and both of them went over the top rope. While Carlito and Ted battled on the inside, we suddenly hear a thud and Rhodes has thrown Primo in the steel steps. The battle continues on the inside as Rhodes is down with Primo on the mat below, eventually, Ted swings wildly but Carlito ducks and connects with The Backcracker from out of nowhere and got the pin fall.

Winner – The Colons @ 8.03

Michael Cole: They got ‘em! The Colons have picked up a huge victory here.

Mick Foley: They may just be the next team to take on whoever the World Tag Team Champions may be.

While DiBiase rolls into the corner, Carlito celebrates but he doesn’t spot Cody Rhodes sliding into the ring!

Rhodes grabs ‘Lito from behind and PLANTS HIM WITH THE CROSSRHODES!!

The crowd are incensed as Rhodes begins stomping the hell out of Carlito, and soon enough Ted joins him, both laying a beating on the man who beat them. Ted grabs Carlito and holds him up, allowing Cody to get some good shots in but suddenly a cheer roars up from the crowd and PRIMO SLIDES INTO THE RING ... STEEL CHAIR IN HAND!!

DiBiase lets go of Carlito and dives out of the ring while Rhodes DUCKS A STEEL CHAIR SHOT and makes his own escape. Cody joins Ted on the outside and they back up the ramp, watching as Primo welcomes them back into the ring.

After it’s clear that Legacy have no desire to climb back into the ring, Primo helps his brother up and The Colons watch as their opponents disappear backstage.

Michael Cole: It’s been a fiery start to Monday Night Raw ladies and gentleman, and we’ve got a lot more to come.

Mick Foley: Legacy just showed how ruthless they can be but Primo managed to save his brother, this isn’t over between the two teams, believe me.

Commercial Break

Raw returns and Josh Matthews is waiting for us.

Josh Matthews: Please welcome my guest at this time ... the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal.

A lot of boos greet the sight of the I.C Champion as the camera pans out, and we see Regal with the belt on his shoulder.

Josh Matthews: And Willi-

William Regal: Ahem, Mister Regal.

Josh rolls his eyes.

Josh Matthews: And Mister Regal ... tonight you are not in action, but The Monarchy member Wade Barrett is, against one of three men who will challenge you, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness for your championships at Fully Loaded, Rey Mysterio. What are your thoughts on that??

Regal ponders for a moment.

William Regal: Well Joshua ... it’s quite simple really. Wade Barrett will show the world just why we recruited him into The Monarchy, and show why Rey Mysterio is not fit to be a champion.

Huge heat.

William Regal: Rey Mysterio is everything which is wrong with this once fine country. Mysterio brought shame on this great and prestigious championship when he unfairly defeated John Bradshaw Layfield at WrestleMania.

Another batch of heat.

William Regal: And Joshua, he has now aligned himself with two criminals in the form of ... Cryme Tyme.

Regal pulls a classic expression of disgust.

William Regal: They three brought shame on the championships they held, until we alleviated them off the gold. The Intercontinental Championship was once a title which meant something in this company, a championship which was held by Legends such as The British Bulldog.

Pop for the mention of Davey Boy Smith despite it coming from a heels mouth.

William Regal: I said a couple of weeks past, that after I retain my Intercontinental Championship in the United Kingdom, I will re-activate the prestigious WWE European Championship, and I will. But I will not hold it myself, no Joshua, instead I will present this title to Wade Barrett on the Raw after Fully Loaded.

Josh takes the microphone back.

Josh Matthews: Surely you can’t just go around activating title belts??

Regal looks pissed off.

William Regal: Listen here sunshine ... I’m William Regal, I do what I want ... as a great English man once said ... greatness achieves greatness. I am the greatest British wrestler in the history of the WWE, and thus Joshua, I do not need permission to create greatness by re-activating one of the greatest championships this company has ever known.

Josh looks petrified.

Josh Matthews: I didn’t mean to ‘cause any offence.

William Regal: In future show some respect to your Intercontinental Champion, this interview is over.

The Intercontinental Champion exits the scene as we fade into a video package.

We open up to a shot of the O2 Arena in London, England.

Narrator: For the first time in six years ... the WWE returns to the United Kingdom ... for a Pay-Pay-View extravaganza.

We now see highlights of Summerslam ’92.

MVP: Every time we come to the UK, the crowds are immense.

Mr. Kennedy: The fact that they only get to the witness the WWE live twice a year, this really will be special.

We see some shots of the UK crowd going wild whenever Raw or SmackDown were in the building.

Shawn Michaels: Are ya’ ready, UK??

Shot of Shawn Michaels facing John Cena in the hour long match they had.

The Miz: We’re comin’ locked and loaded ... the WWE is returning to the UK ... and it’s gonna’ be ... AWESOME!!

We now see a view of the O2 Arena at night, with the WWE logo splattered across it.

Narrator: Monday Night Raw presents ... WWE ... Fully ... Loaded!



Backstage, the Undisputed Women’s Champion has just walked through the entrance from the parking lot. Maryse continues walking through the corridors before she is stopped by Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Uh, Maryse ... may we get a quick word??

Sigh from Maryse.

Maryse: Make it quick.

Todd Grisham: Later tonight, you team with the women who will face you for the Women’s Championship at Fully Loaded-

Maryse: Wait ... what?? Who’s said z’this??

Grisham stutters a little.

Todd Grisham: The Raw General Manager ... Jerry Lawler.

Maryse shakes her head.

Maryse: No ... no ... I am z’not teamin’ with ‘ze women who insulted me last week and who wants to take ‘ze Women’s Championship.

Maryse storms off, to the Lawler’s office we assume as we head into the main arena.

Michael Cole: Well it seems Maryse isn’t too pleased that she’ll have to team with her opponent at Fully Loaded.

Mick Foley: Would you be, Michael?? Think about it, for all Maryse knows Katie could screw her over and leave her to get double teamed by Melina and Mickie James.

Michael Cole: Well I think Melina has to worry about Beth Phoenix, more on that later but let’s go back a little, to that interview with William Regal. He said that if he retains the Intercontinental Title, he will re-activate the European Championship and hand it to Wade Barrett. What do you make of that??

Mick Foley: It’s a bold move, he’s practically guaranteeing he’ll win the match at Fully Loaded, but if I know Regal, he’ll get his way eventually. In fact, since we can bring back titles now, I think I’ll bring back the Hardcore Title!


The biggest little man in the WWE skips out onto the stage, the masked Rey Mysterio travels to both sides of the stage, setting off his pyro before walking on down to the ring, taking the time to interact with a couple of small kids on his way down.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio, one of the more popular Superstars in the WWE, faces one of his toughest tests tonight as he goes one on one with the man who cost him the Intercontinental Championship, Wade Barrett.

Mick Foley:
A huge test for Rey, but one he will relish Michael, he’ll want to send a message to Regal and the rest of The Monarchy, easier said than done.


The Poison of England now makes his way onto the stage. Wade Barrett receives a solid amount of heat as he walks on down to the ring, his eyes set on the man he took the Intercontinental Title from.

Michael Cole: Wade Barrett will be in the corner of the rest of The Monarchy when they take on Cryme Tyme and Rey Mysterio at Fully Loaded, in which they will defend the WWE Intercontinental and World Tag Team Championships.

Mick Foley: And Wade Barrett may strike lucky, because on the Raw after, he may be anointed the new European Champion!

Match Two: Grudge Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Wade Barrett
There was some bad blood between these two after Barrett cost Mysterio the Intercontinental Championship and it really showed as Mysterio came firing out of the gates. Using his high flying offense to keep Barrett of his game. While doing this, Rey used an arsenal of kicks to punish Barrett for his actions at Judgment Day. But then Wade managed to get a foothold in the match after dodging a springboard cross body. Barrett took control briefly but he attempted to clothesline Rey over the top rope which only resulted in him tumbling over after Mysterio dropped down, pulling the top rope down in the process.

While Barrett recovered on the outside, Mysterio measured him up and then sprinted, connecting with a suicide dive through the top and second ropes onto Barrett!! As the fans cheered loudly, the announcers told us that we had to head to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we returned, Barrett was in control, holding Mysterio in an abdominal stretch. We got a picture in picture of the action and what happened during the commercial break, as Mysterio continued to put pressure on Barrett, he tried to go for a tilt-a-whirl headscissors but Barrett countered by stopping him half way and dropping him down with a sit down flapjack!

Barrett let go of the abdominal stretch, and bullied Mysterio around the ring, showing off his cage fighting skills with numerous fist based moves. He got some near falls in the process. The ending to the match came with Mysterio made a come back, setting up Barrett for the 619 but Barrett ducked out the way and smashed Rey with what the commentators call “The Bullhammer Elbow” and got a near fall!!

Barrett decided it was time to end it by roaring out, pulling Mysterio up and pulling him on his shoulders but Rey elbowed him the side of the face over and over. Mysterio battled down, rebounded off the ropes, and connected with a jumping hurricanrana ... but Barrett was sent right into the referee!! Mysterio checked on the referee but then turned around ... BAM ... WILLIAM REGAL IS IN THE RING!! Brass Knuckles in his hand, the crowd boo him repeatedly as Regal drapes Barrett’s arm over Mysterio’s chest. And the referee eventually came too, counting the pin.

Winner – Wade Barrett @ 12.59

The referee calls for the bell and the time keeper obliges, and Barrett rolls off Mysterio, climbs to his feet and has his arm risen by The Lethal Englishman, William Regal. The fans send a lot of heat there way as the referee checks on Regal’s challenger at Intercontinental Championship.

Michael Cole: Even though William Regal caused a distraction which cost Mysterio the match, this is still a big win in the cabinet of Barrett. The Monarchy has received a lot of momentum from this.

Mick Foley: Just as well, they need all the momentum they can get as they ride into London in a couple of weeks time.

We now head backstage where THE MIZ is facing a camera, one of the most cockiest Superstars stares into the camera.

The Miz: See that?? Come ... come a little closer.

The camera zooms in on the face of Miz and we see a black eye on the right side of his face.

The Miz: That is a result of a sucker kick by the one the only Shawn Michaels.

Pop for that.

The Miz: Y’see ... I knew you people would cheer that. Last week, I graciously invited Michaels onto MizTV where I gave The Heartbreak Kid a totally free forum to speak his mind. He took it alright; he spoke his mind and basically told me how I disrespect every Legend when I step in that ring.

Another pop.

The Miz: I don’t see it like that. I’m actually doing what these so-called Legends couldn’t do ... and that’s make everyone take notice when I step in that ring. Bruno Sammartino ... sure he was WWE Champion for a very long time, in an era where he only defended it once a year. If I was in his era, I’d be the one with the record for longest WWE Champion.

Huge heat.

The Miz: Ric Flair?? He’s got nothin’ to hold onto now. He’s a former sixteen times World Champion ... SIXTEEN times! But you know that that means?? He’s lost it sixteen times.

The Miz pauses, briefly.

The Miz: Shawn Michaels?? I’ll give Shawn his due, he knows how to get people talkin’, and he knows how to put on a show. He Super kicked me last week which gave me this black eye, but y’know what Shawn ... I’ll gladly take a black eye because when I’m done with you, you’re career won’t just be slowing down... it will come to a severe halt.

More heat.

The Miz: You people have no idea what I’ve had to go through to make it here. I’ve been ridiculed by everyone in the back, but I pushed through and showed everyone why I deserve to be here. Shawn Michaels says that I was cocky, I was too brash, but Shawn ... for you to talk about cockiness and brashness is damn right hypocritical.

The Awesome One pauses.

The Miz: At Backlash, I teamed with the one and only Chris Jericho to take on you and John Morrison. We won after I INJURED your ankle ... I’m gonna’ let you in on a little secret Shawn ... at Fully Loaded ... that ankle?? I won’t just twist it ... I’m gonna’ shatter it.

Massive amount of heat.

The Miz: At Fully Loaded, I put on the injury list again, but this time ... you will not come back off it, I’m gonna’ put you out forever. No more WWE Championship matches, no more stealin’ the show ... and no chance at the rematch you so desire with The Undertaker. I WILL BE THE ONE WITH THE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHES ... STEALIN’ THE SHOW ... GOIN’ AGAINST THE UNDERTAKER!

The fans boo him more.

The Miz: After everything I’ve been through ... EVERYTHING YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE HAS THROWN AT ME ... at Fully Loaded ... I’m gonna show WHY I’M THE MIZ ... AND I’M ... AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE!

The ever cocky Miz now walks past the camera and out of sight as we cut away swiftly.

To a camera focused on a door which says “The Monarchy Locker Room”. The fans boo at the sight of the name but then the door opens and out come ... CRYME TYME?? The crowd send some cheers their way as they exit the room, looking rather mischievous and it appears they have a cardboard box, but we don’t know what’s inside.


We open up into a closed off gym, a ring in the middle of it, lights darkened, a man sitting on a steel chair in the centre.

Next up, we see who we assume to be that same man, connecting with a Powerbomb in the darkened gym.

A Powerslam this time as the man continues to punish his opponent.

Finally, the man finishes the match with what appears to be a Bicycle Kick and the referee counts the three count.

The Man: My name ... is Sheamus.

The gym now lights up as we get a close up of the ginger haired Superstar.

Sheamus: And I’m comin’ to the double u double u E ... to fight ... to fight the very best.

A smirk appears on the face of Sheamus.

Sheamus: And if you think you’ve seen destructive ... then fella’ ... just wait until you see me in that ring.

Another grin as we see that jobber getting to his feet before Sheamus hits him again with a Bicycle Kick.



Commercial Break

Back on Raw, there is a brief moment of silence in the arena before ...


A solid pop comes from the crowd as Rey Mysterio’s partners at Fully Loaded come bounding out onto the stage. Shad has the cardboard box underneath his arm, wedged into his side while JTG goes to each side of the stage, shaking his hands in DAT gangsta’ motion. Shad takes his time while walking down to the ring while JTG hops down, getting in the camera’s face, showing off his grill and eventually sliding on into the ring.

Michael Cole: You ever been to the hood, Mick??

Mick Foley: The hood?? All the time, Michael.

The two gangsta’s are now in the ring, waiting for the audience to die down, microphone in hands.

JTG: Yo ... yo yo yo yo yo yo ... yo ...

Together: Yoooooooo.

Preach it brotha’s.

JTG: Wassup WWE Universe ... it’s yer’ boy JTG and ma’ homie Shad Gaspard. Shad ... tell ‘em what’s hood!

Shad Gaspard: In two weeks time ladies and gents ... Cryme Tyme ... yer’ boys take back the World Tag Team Championships from d’those pretenda’s McIntyre and McGuiness.

JTG: J’yeah!

Solid pop from the crowd as JTG gets in the cameras face once again before settling back in line.

JTG: Cryme Tyme team with our brotha’ from anuva’ motha ... Rey Mysterio booyaka.

Another cheer comes from the crowd.

JTG: Lil’ Rey Rey gonna’ take back his I.C Title and Cryme Tyme gonna take back our World Tag Team Championships, ya’ feel me??

The duo smirk as the fans respond with another cheer, signifying they do in fact, feel them.

JTG: But hey ... before we get into ‘dat ... homie ... tell ‘em what’s in the box.

Shad places the cardboard box on the ground and pulls out two wallets, two watches and two mobile phones.

Shad Gaspard: Righ’ here in my hands are Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness’ ... personal stuff. And we thought ... since those two are champions now ... they won’t care if they lose a little.

JTG takes a hold of one of the mobile phones.

JTG: And we gonna’ hold a little auction where you ... the WWE Universe will have the chance to become the proud owners of verrrryyyy valuable watches, wallets and phones. So ladies and homies ... the watch that ma’ boy Shad is holdin’ up right now ... one dollar ... anyone??

A load of hands come from the crowd as JTG takes it from Shad and exits the ring.

JTG: (points at a guy) A dollar right here wit’ tha’ white boy here ... (points at another person while walking around the ring) two dollars from tha’ women right here.

JTG, instead of continuing, walks up to the women.

JTG: Yo shawty ... what’s crack-

Shad: J’!

JTG apologises to Shad and the rest of the fans before continuing to walk around the ring, reaching the announce table.

JTG: Mick! Ma’ brotha! Now I know you wan’ some bling right??

The fans can’t hear Mick speak but we can.

Mick Foley: Hell yeah gangsta’ ... five dollars homie.

JTG: Ch’yeah!

Mick hands over the money and J’ hands him the watch and he puts it on promptly, before taking part in a “gangster handshake/bro fist/slap”. Cole then holds his hand out, looking for a brofist but J’ no sells him and walks away, sliding back into the ring.

Shad Gaspard: The rest will be sold on wwe.com and all proceedings will go to your neighbourhood homies ... Cryme Tyme.

JTG: Yo, Shad ... y’know what that means?? Money money ...

Shad Gaspard: Yeah yeah.

Together: Money money ...

The crowd respond with a rowdy “yeah yeah”.

Together: Money mon-


The Monarchy’s secondary theme hits for the second time tonight which is greeted by a barrage of heat as the tag team of the group, the World Tag Team Champions, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness venture onto the stage, both wearing rather fine looking suits, but looking extremely pissed.

Nigel McGuiness: No no no no no no no no NO!

McIntyre and McGuiness continue walking down the ramp.

Drew McIntyre: Who do you two think you are?? Breakin’ into our locker room and STEALIN’ our personal possessions.

The duo now climb into the ring and stand across from Cryme Tyme.

Nigel McGuiness: But you lads wanna’ know somethin’?? It doesn’t matter if you steal our possessions and auction them off to the twats in this arena.

Heat at that statement.

Nigel McGuiness: Because we have something which mean so much more than watches and phones ... we have somethin’ you two desire so much ... the World Tag Team Championships.

Cryme Tyme glance at the championships which are on the shoulders of the two men across from them.

Drew McIntyre: You two can play your games ... you can have your fun, but at the end of the day ... WE are the World Tag Team Champions and you two ... well ... you two are simply nothin’ but low life criminals.

Shad shakes his head while the crowd boo.

JTG: Yo, while that may be true, you are the World Tag Team Champions ... but homie that ain’t gonna’ last.

Shad Gaspard: At Fully Loaded ... we gonna’ take back the World Tag Team Champions when we beat your pale asses.

Nigel and Drew smirk at each other.

Nigel McGuiness: You mean these championships?? The championships that you two lost to us at Judgment Day?? I don’t think you understand us, you may have these idiots on your side now ... but at Fully Loaded you’ll be away from home.

Drew McIntyre: And as all you Americans say ... home field advantage is crucial.

Some boos from the crowd at the condescending nature of Drew’s statement.

JTG: Yo, it don’t matter if it’s right here, it don’t matter if it’s Africa, Brookyln, or England. We are still gonna’ take back the titles.

Shad Gaspard: We come out here an’ have some fun with these guys but don’t let that blind you man ... we’re fully focused and come Fully Loaded we’ll be World Tag Team Champions for tha’ second time.

Big pop for that.

Nigel McGuiness: Oh ... two time you say?? You two debuted in two thousand and five I believe ... and you’ve only been champions once. That’s quite telling isn’t it, lads??

Drew McIntyre: You see ... we have only been in this company for three months, give or take, but we are the Tag Team Champions ... whereas it took you four years to win them.

Some boos at that statement, and it seems as though they’ve annoyed Cryme Tyme.

Drew McIntyre: At Fully Loaded, William Regal will retain his Intercontinental Championship ... we’ll retain the World Tag Team Titles and Wade Barrett will be proclaimed the European Champion.

Nigel McGuiness: And that means The Monarchy will run Raw.

More heat while the two smirk.

Nigel McGuiness: It doesn’t matter if your Randy Orton and Legacy, The Colons, Rey Mysterio or you two low life criminals ... The Monarchy will run Raw and after Fully Loaded ends ... we will still be the World Tag Team Champions.

Shad steps forward, patting JTG on the back, saying “I got this”.

Shad Gaspard: Since you two clowns keep callin’ us criminals and how your so positive you’ll walk out of Fully Loaded World Tag Team Champions, and since it seems you two have come out here lookin’ for a fight ... why wait until Fully Loaded ... let’s do it now.

Huge cheer comes from the crowd while Nigel and Drew smirk.

Nigel McGuiness: Oh, you’d like that wouldn’t you??

Drew McIntyre: In front of these fans ... no ... these fans who are so very much on your side.

Nigel McGuiness: This match will take place in the great country of England, and you two will no what it’s like to be hated, imagine Shawn Michaels in Toronto or John Cena at ECW’s One Night Stand. That will be you two and Rey Mysterio at Fully Loaded. So we’ll wait until Fully Loaded, and we’ll prove why you two are beneath us. See you in two weeks, lads.

It seems we don’t be seeing a fight tonight as Drew and Nigel grin at their opponents for Fully Loaded. The World Tag Team champions swiftly turn round, and attempt to leave the ring but that was a huge mistake, turning their backs on their challengers.


The challengers tee off on the champions, Shad forcing Drew into the corner while JTG has to follow Nigel as he ducks down and slides out of the ring. Nigel staggers around the ring, while JTG follows but he turns around and catches J’ with a kick to the knee!! Meanwhile, Shad is still teaching Drew a lesson, levelling him with right hand after right hand. The crowd are loving this as Shad continues to pummel McIntyre.

Michael Cole: Check this out!

Mick Foley: They didn’t want a fight but they got it now.

Nigel grabs JTG by the back of his head, and tries to smash his face into the announce table but J’ sticks his hands out, blocking it, and turning the tables, smashing McGuiness’ face into the cover of the table! Meanwhile, we hear a thud as Shad connects with a suplex in the middle of the ring. His partner then slides into the ring while Nigel attempts to recover on the outside. JTG walks over and pulls McIntyre to his feet and Irish-whips him right into a shoulder block from Shad!!

It seems Cryme Tyme are going to have their way with McIntyre but then Shad suddenly drops to his knees as a clang of steel on flesh rings around the arena ... AS WE SEE MCGUINESS HOLDING A STEEL CHAIR BEHIND SHAD!

The crowd in tonight boo loudly as JTG runs at Nigel but is hit in the stomach with the top of the chair!! He keels over in pain and then receives even more as McGuiness raises the chair AND BRINGS IT DOWN ON HIS BACK!!

An enormous amount of heat comes from the crowd as Cole says Nigel had no right in bringing the steel chair into play. With both Cryme Tyme down, and since Rey Mysterio was incapiciated earlier on tonight, the tandem seems to be plain sailing as Drew pulls himself to his feet. Nigel yanks JTG up to a standing position, while McIntyre does the same to Shad, albeit with a little less oomph. McGuiness lifts JTG up and rests his feet on the top rope while Drew locks Shad in position ... FUTURE SHOCK DDT FROM DREW ... AND THE TOWER OF LONDON FROM NIGEL!! AT THE VERY SAME TIME!!

Michael Cole: OH!! A huge message sent here tonight to Mysterio and Cryme Tyme from The Monarchy.

Mick Foley: Two weeks, Michael.

McIntyre picks up the tag titles, hands one to his partner and the duo hold them above their heads, standing next to their opponents at Fully Loaded as we fade to a video.


Commercial Break


The WWE Champion makes his second appearance of the evening as Randy Orton slowly walks onto the stage. The arena becomes tinted in orange and red lighting as the fans give him a lot of heat, the WWE Championship belt glistening on his shoulder. The leader of Legacy slowly makes his way down the ramp, slowly climbing up the steel steps and stepping into the squared circle. He climbs the turnbuckle, and raises the WWE Title above his head.

Michael Cole: Earlier on tonight, Randy Orton led his Legacy group out to the ring and demanded an apology from Jerry Lawler after what happened last week, and as a result, the WWE Championship match at Fully Loaded has been made into a No Disqualification match and he was forced to compete in this match.

Mick Foley: And we don’t even know his opponent tonight ... who could it be??


Michael Cole: OH MY!!

While Cole tries to show some emotion at ringside, the fans give out some cheers but they are obviously disappointed as they thought Orton would face a huge Superstar. Nonetheless, Goldust is making his return tonight, walking onto the stage, decked out in gold and black, as is the arena. The Strange One continues down the ring, and keeps his eyes on the man who punted him the skull.

Mick Foley: Well ... he’s made a huge recovery, just in time for this match right now.

Michael Cole: A couple of months ago, Randy Orton punted Goldust for no other reason that he simply could. And now Goldust is back for some measure of revenge, but will he get it, this is the WWE Champion, Mick.

Match 3: Return Match
Goldust vs. Randy Orton
Being that this is Goldust’s return match and since Orton still has The Undertaker on his mind, the lack of concentration allowed Goldust to get some offense in the early going. With the fans firmly behind him, he was teaching Orton a lesson for what he done to him two months ago. But things turned bad for Goldust when Orton kicked him in the knee and began targeting that throughout the match.

The ending to the match came after Orton had dominated the bulk of it, running through his signature moves, hitting the Inverted Backbreaker and then pounding the mat before planting Goldust with an RKO and picking up the victory.

Winner – Randy Orton @ 4.03

Michael Cole: Goldust, it seems, wasn’t able to get his revenge tonight but Randy Orton looked extremely good in this match.

Mick Foley: He’s going to need to be when he takes on The Undertaker in two weeks time.

The referee hands Orton the WWE Championship as he climbs to his feet, and raises the belt above his head but then ...


The crowd pop huge as THE UNDERTAKER appears on the titan tron, in what seems to be a graveyard!

The Undertaker: Randy Orton. You say you aren’t afraid.

Undertaker stares into the camera.

The Undertaker: But I can see the fear ... in your eyes.

We quickly cut to the arena where Orton is wide-eyed before cutting back to ‘Taker.

The Undertaker: I can see the fear deep within your soul.

Undertaker still stares into the camera as we hear an owl hooting.

The Undertaker: Randy Orton ... at Fully Loaded ... your reign as WWE Champion will Rest ... In ... Piece.

‘Taker’s eyes roll back into his head as he walks away from the camera, out of sight as we zoom in ... on a gravestone which reads ...

“WWE Champion – Randy Orton
5/3/09 – 6/28/09”

With the lasting image of Randy Orton’s name on a gravestone and the sound of an owl hooting, we fade back to the arena where the WWE Champion is staring at the titantron, bewildered at what he just seen. We can clearly see he is trying to avoid caving to the mind games as he slowly exits the ring and walks up the ramp, eyes still on the titantron where the gravestone is still there.

Michael Cole: Wow! That was a message and a half sent to the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

Mick Foley: If he wants to win the match at Fully Loaded then he needs to block out any head games and focus on his own game plan.

Michael Cole: Easier said than done.

We now cut to a preview video of WWE Superstars on Thursday.


We’re now back in the main arena where silence engulfs the arena until ...


The spunky Mickie James and her tag team partner, Melina jog onto the stage, wearing matching attires to signify their unity before walking on down the ramp. Mickie slides into the ring, climbs the turnbuckle while Melina does the customary splits on the ring apron to a solid cheer from the men.

Michael Cole: Before this match begins ladies and gentleman, let’s take you back to last week where Melina was viscously attacked by Beth Phoenix.

We now go backstage and we see Melina talking with some women, not a Diva but we assume she is her friend. SUDDENLY THOUGH ... SHE’S ATTACKED FROM BEHIND BY ... BETH PHOENIX??

It is!! Phoenix picks her up and throws her onto a catering table, covering her in food while Melina’s friend runs for help. The crowd boo The Glamazon as she picks Melina off the table and runs her into the wall!! Before dragging her down the hall ... past ... Randy Orton who is still frantically searching for Rhodes and DiBiase.

The cameras ignore Orton and follow the two Divas, Melina tries to fight back but Beth just shoulder thrusts her into a production box!! She drags her some more to a door which says parking lot and when she reaches a random car ... SHE PICKS HER UP AND BODY SLAMS HER ON THE HOOD!!! Huge boos from the crowd!!

Beth goes face to face with Melina and tells her that it is all her fault ... the reason she lost the Women’s Championship ... it’s all on her AND NOW SHE’S GOING TO PAY as we fade to a commercial.

~ END OF V.P ~

Mick Foley: In Beth’s eyes, Melina cost her the Women’s Championship at Judgment Day and if we know Beth ... last week was only a taster of what might be around the corner for Melina.

Michael Cole: Indeed, Melina was simply minding her own business last week until Beth attacked her and body slammed on a car! But we have to take a break ladies and gentleman, after this commercial, we’ll be in for some divas action.

As we cut to a commercial, Melina and Mickie are staring at the titantron, discussing what they just saw.

Commercial Break


The number one contender, the women who will face Maryse at Fully Loaded walks on to the stage from behind the curtain, she stares at the two women in the ring before walking on down. Katie walks around the ring, slides into it and waits in the corner.


A solid amount of heat greets the arrival of the Undisputed Women’s Champion, Maryse as she saunters onto the stage, looking extremely pissed at the fact she has to team with her opponent at Fully Loaded.

Michael Cole: The Undisputed Women’s Champion doesn’t seem to happy about teaming with her opponent at Fully Loaded.

Mick Foley: Would you??

Match 4 – Tag Team Match
Melina & Mickie James vs. Katie Lea & Maryse
Katie began the match for her team while Melina did the same for hers. The number one contender showed why she will challenge Maryse for the title at Fully Loaded by dominating Melina in the early going. Despite Maryse wanting to be tagged into the match, Katie wouldn’t tag her in, she almost seemed to be showing Maryse what to expect in two weeks time. At one point, Katie hit a big hip toss and then got in her partners face, who just blew her off, and then Katie turned around to see Melina tag in Mickie James.

From here, Mickie made Katie regret taking her eyes of Melina, getting fired up and running through her arsenal of moves. Mickie picked up some near falls but then it all grinded to a halt as Melina whipped Katie into the corner and went for a running clothesline but Katie hit her with a side elbow. Katie followed her out but Mickie turned around and both divas smashed heads!

With both women down, Melina got the crowd fired up by stamping her foot on the steel steps. The hot tag was made but when Katie tried to tag Maryse, the Women’s Champion simply hopped down from the apron, grabbed her title and walked around the ring, up the ramp while Melina was taking it to Katie. Melina seemed to be winning comfortably, and because of Maryse’s desertation, the win seemed inevitable until ...

BETH PHOENIX SPRINTED DOWN THE RAMP!! She slid into the ring, and clotheslined Melina from behind!! Making the referee call for the bell!!

Winner – Melina & Mickie James via Disqualification @ 4.05


She watches Katie Lea roll out of the ring before catching Mickie James in the corner of her eye, making a beeline for her but the former Women’s Champion side steps Mickie and throws her through the ropes to the outside!!

With only Melina with her now, Beth grins at the women who cost her the championship. Phoenix yanks Melina up by the hair, turns her around and HOISTS HER INTO THE AIR ... GLAM SLAM!!

Michael Cole: For the second week in a row ... Phoenix has attacked and got the better of Melina.

The Glamazon smirks as she backs away from Melina, rolling out of the ring and backing up the ramp.

Mick Foley: Melina won’t let this stand, next week she’ll get her own back.

Commercial Break

We cut backstage where TJ Perkins is warming up backstage, for his upcoming match. He stops what he’s doing though when the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal appears, smirking.

William Regal: Young TJ ... do not think for one single second that I have forgotten what you did last week.

TJ steps forward.

TJ Perkins: I didn’t expect you too.

William Regal: But it’s your lucky day sunshine. The Monarchy are currently busy dealing with those miscreants Cryme Tyme and that jumping bean Rey Mysterio. But once we are done ... you’ll be next.

Heat from the crowd.

TJ Perkins: I look forward to it. And hey ... I’ll have no problem taking that Intercontinental Title from you.

Perkins starts to brush past Regal but stops.

TJ Perkins: Well ... that’s if Rey doesn’t take it from you first.

With a classic Regal expression accompanying that statement, TJ brushes past him and walks away.

And we cut away to see Josh Matthews standing in front of a camera.

Josh Matthews: Please welcome my guests at this time ... Mister Kennedy and M-V-P!

A good pop sounds off as the two walk into the shot.

Josh Matthews: And on Superstars in three days time, you two will take on the World Tag Team Champions, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness. Can we get your thoughts on that??

MVP goes to speak.

MVP: Drew an-

Mister Kennedy: I got this. Josh ... Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness are the current World Tag Team Champions, that’s impressive but what’s even more impressive than that?? Mister Kennedy’s recent hot streak. I have been on a roll, man, unlike some people here.

Kennedy glances at MVP who shakes his head.

MVP: There’s a difference between the WWE Champion and Charlie freakin’ Haas!

Kennedy grins while chewing his gum.

Mister Kennedy: On Thursday ... I continue my streak by defeatin’ McIntyre and McGuiness, and then I ... we will stake our claim to the World Tag Team Titles. Ric Flair put faith in us, he told us how great of a team we could be, and right now ... only one of us is steppin’ up. But I have faith in my friend here ... he’ll step up on Thursday.

Kennedy puts a condescending hand on the shoulder of MVP.

Mister Kennedy: And Josh ... soon enough you’ll be hearing this ... the NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPION ... MISTTEEERRRRR KENNNEEEDDDDYYYYY ... AND ...

Kennedy looks at MVP who glares back, shakes his head, sighing and then walking away. Kennedy seems shocked at his ‘friends’ refusal to take part and walks away, but jumps back.


The cocky Superstar now leaves the scene as Josh sends it back to ringside.

Michael Cole: You would think Kennedy would realize that sometimes his cockiness won’t wash with some people.

Mick Foley: I think he just loves getting underneath MVP’s skin. They’ll probably be working cohesively on Superstars.

Michael Cole: Well, it’s only a matter of time before Kennedy goes too far and he’ll get burnt.


The Masterpiece now makes his entrance, looking extremely focused as he shows of his guns. Masters walks down the ramp, ignoring the fans jeers and climbing into the ring.


Masters’ tag team partner walks onto the stage, cocky as ever, getting some heat from the crowd. Swagger makes his way down the ramp before stopping and doing a couple of push ups. He climbs into the ring and awaits he and Masters’ opponents.

Michael Cole: We know that Jack Swagger will take on CM Punk at Fully Loaded for the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Mick Foley: A match which will define both men’s careers. This rivalry has got extremely heated, Michael, and whoever wins the match will be a future World or WWE Champion.


A solid pop greets CM Punk as he steps onto the stage, blue attire with a grey hoodie on. He stops on the stage, kneels down and shouts ‘it’s clobbering time’ before heading down the ramp. He jogs up the steel steps, climbs the outside of the turnbuckle and raises the briefcase above his head.

Michael Cole: CM Punk is a former World Heavyweight Champion, but his reign was cut short by the current WWE Champion, The Viper, Randy Orton. Do you think he might have revenge on his mind??

Mick Foley: Without a doubt, but Punk won’t rush things, he’ll pick the right time to cash in and if it’s on Randy Orton ... then that’s simply a bonus. And he might even cash in on the World Heavyweight Champion, so it’s all up in the air.


CM Punk’s tag partner makes his way down to the ring now, walking onto the stage, receiving a good pop from the crowd. Perkins now heads down into the ring, high fiving Punk and getting ready for the match.

Michael Cole: TJ Perkins has had a whirlwind of a couple of months since his debut here on Raw, and it appears he is working his way up the card pretty easily.

Mick Foley: But he has made some powerful enemies, as it seems he has the ire of The Monarchy to look forward to and Swagger and Masters aren’t his biggest fans.

Match 5 – Tag Team Match
CM Punk & TJ Perkins vs. Chris Masters & Jack Swagger
This is a formulaic WWE tag team match where the faces made a quick fire start, looking in control but thanks to some underhanded tactics, Masters and Swagger took control. The heels worked over CM Punk for the majority of the short match, showing how well they work together and how much Swagger hated Punk. With Swagger and Punk the legal men, Swagger locked in a sleeper hold but that didn’t last two long as Punk broke out and got the hot tag to Perkins, Swagger doing the same to Masters.

TJ and Masters met in the centre of the ring, with TJ ducking a clothesline and using his high flying offense to keep Masters off his game. Swagger tried to get involved again, but Punk came back and took Swagger to the ground with a double leg take down, the two then rolled out the ring and brawled on the outside as Perkins and Masters continued their battles. Masters eventually attempted to hit The Masterbomb but TJ countered into a hurricanrana and then a roundhouse kick to the head, followed up by the 450 Splash for the pin.

Winner – CM Punk & TJ Perkins @ 6.03

Despite the referee calling for the bell, it’s still hectic at ringside as Punk and Swagger continue brawling next to the announce table, meanwhile TJ rolls off Masters and crawls to the ropes to climb to his feet.

Michael Cole: This is insane! They’re gonna’ kill each other.

Swagger eventually gets the upper hand and launches Punk into the corner of the barricades before backing off and then going for a clothesline but Punk ducks AND FLIPS HIM OVER HIS HEAD AND OVER THE BARRICADE!! Punk quickly vaults over the barricade, climbs on top of Swagger and rains down with fist after fist.

Mick Foley: They’re in the crowd!

Michael Cole: This is getting out of hand!

While the two brawl through the crowd and eventually out of sight, TJ has his hand raised as Masters rolls out of the ring.

And we cut backstage to see a split screen of Shawn Michaels and the Intercontinental Champion William Regal walking down a hall way.

Michael Cole: Michaels and Regal ... it’s next !

Commercial Break


The Intercontinental Champion gets a barrage of heat while he walks onto the stage, the title around his waist and a long purple and gold trench coat on. Regal continues down the ramp, ignoring the heat from the crowd and climbs into the ring.

Michael Cole: This for some is a dream match but both Regal and Shawn Michaels’ minds are elsewhere on their respective opponents at Fully Loaded.

***SEXY BOY***

A gigantic pop arrives as The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels steps onto the stage. He continues down the ramp, bends down and sets off his pyrotechnics to another huge pop. He sets his eyes on Regal and climbs into the ring.

Mick Foley: There minds will need to be on the task at hand though. Both are extremely experienced, two different styles will clash in this match and it’s gonna’ be great.

MAIN EVENT: Singles Match
Shawn Michaels vs. William Regal
With the talent in the ring, this was obviously going to be a good match. The beginning of the bout consisted of a feeling out process, with both men getting some offense in, but ultimately it didn’t affect the other man. The two Superstars locked up again, resulting in some chain wrestling which at first Regal won the opening exchange, but Michaels quickly broke out of the resulting arm bar. The Heartbreak Kid tried to get rolling but Regal kneed him in the stomach and took him into the corner. The Intercontinental Champion showed why he has that belt as he worked over Michaels from there on.

After a few minutes of weakening Michaels, Regal irish-whipped Michaels into the corner who flipped up it as a result of the momentum. When he landed back down, he ducked a clothesline from Regal and then speared him through the top and second rope! The referee began counting them out as the action spills to the outside, Michaels had Regal in hand, smashing his face of the announce table and then the ring post before rolling him back in with a near fall.

Michaels bit of control didn’t last long however as Regal cheated to get in front, poking HBK in the eye and taking advantage once again. The Merciless Englishman upped the tempo a bit, hitting some high impact moves from his arsenal, getting a couple of near falls but each time Michaels would show his heart and determination. Regal then started to work over Shawn’s ankle, the same ankle that was injured at Backlash.

You could see the pain in Michaels face but with the help of the fans, he got back into it, making a comeback, numerous flying forearms and then kips up to a huge pop. Michaels eventually climbed to the top rope and connected with a flying elbow which got a near fall. The Heartbreak Kid was feeling it and got up, and tuned up the band but THE MIZ SPRINTED DOWN THE RAMP AND THE CROWD ALERTED MICHAELS TO THE DANGER!!

The Miz jumped onto the apron next to Michaels, who swung at him but he ducked and hopped off the apron. Michaels pointed at Miz and told him to back off, what he didn’t realize though was that Regal was now on his feet. Regal grabbed Michaels from behind ... REGAL PLEX ... and cover ... pin!

Winner – William Regal @ 10.06


The referee didn’t see The Miz but the fans did and they boo the hell out of him as he backs up the ramp, smiling at what he’d done to Michaels tonight. Meanwhile, Regal is handed his Intercontinental Championship and slowly climbs the turnbuckle, pleased at his victory.

Michael Cole: A fantastic match ruined by the involvement of The Miz. A win that is tainted-

Mick Foley: Now, to be fair to Regal, I doubt he expected help from The Miz.

Michael Cole: That doesn’t make it right.

Mick Foley: I know, but Regal still showed how much of a roll he is on. All the momentum is with The Monarchy as we get closer to Fully Loaded.

Michael Cole: And what a shame that is. But anyway ladies and gentleman, that’s all we have time for tonight, we’ll see you next week, have a great week!

The parting image is of The Miz grinning at the top of the ramp as ... we ... fade ... to ... black.

End Of Show

Date: 28th June 2009
Location: O2 Arena; London, England
Theme Music: “All My Life” by Foo Fighters

WWE Championship:
~ No Disqualification~ ~ No Count Out ~
Randy Orton © vs. The Undertaker

One on One:
Shawn Michaels vs. The Miz

Intercontinental Championship/World Tag Team Championship
~ Winner Take All ~
The Monarchy © vs. Rey Mysterio & Cryme Tyme

Money in the Bank Briefcase:
CM Punk © vs. Jack Swagger

Undisputed Women’s Championship:
Maryse © vs. Katie Lea
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Raw Feedback

Orton was expected after the ending with Taker last week and I was a little confused by the promo to be honest. One minute he’s saying Taker should be suspended, the next he’s saying he doesn’t want that, he wants to finish him off himself. I get the idea of it but I thought you shoulda gone either one way or the other, totally lose it and demand Lawler take away his title match and suspend him or say that what’s done is done and he’s gonna make him pay. I still think your characterisation of Orton needs to improve also, a lot of words just seem totally unlike Orton. Him calling Lawler’s management ‘inept’ for example and also look to put more emphasis on certain words, make it mean a little more. Read it back and you’ll probably see the kinda words I mean if you really think of it the way Orton speaks. Lawler wasn’t bad when he began talking, liked him playing up Orton’s lack of remorse in the past but I do think you should’ve made the announcement regarding Fully Loaded a bit bigger, it just felt a little bit flat, get King to REALLY sell it.

Very surprised to see the Colons win this, fancied Legacy all day long but a nice little shock. Aftermath gave them some heat back but interested where you go from here, a lot of options in the tag ranks at the minute, that win could see the Colons interjected after Fully Loaded.

Regal’s character was much better here, had him pretty much spot on and I liked his playing up of the importance of the I.C Title in years gone by. Wanting rid of it because of its downgrading is a clever move and would no doubt draw him and the Monarchy huge heat. The only thing I don’t like about this is that he’d hand the title to Barrett, I’m not a massive fan of that but maybe it’s just my personal preference.

Thought we could’ve had a bit more expansion on that Maryse situation but alas, we shall see what goes down.

Strong match here between these two and this does Barrett the world of good moving forward, huge win. Classic Regal with the Brass Knucks also, just very well booked, simple and effective.

Thought this was your strongest work in the show. Miz’s character was nailed, although it drifted a little bit towards the end before coming back strong. His whole hypocritical schtick on Michaels was great as it’s totally true. Miz playing up the injured ankle also was smart and I’m enjoying this feud a lot more than I thought I would.

Classic Cryme Tyme here. It’s pretty hard to write them but also pretty fun too so kudos for attempting it and I thought you did a decent job, the handshake with Foley and them ignoring Cole was great. Monarchy coming out didn’t surprise me and things got pretty heated which I like. Not everything was on point BUT the main thing here is that you’re trying to make this feel big time and I commend you for that, the Tag Titles should be in more high profile feuds and you’re doing just that. Definitely the Monarchy’s night tonight, expecting a big comeback next week from CT and Rey but a solid job here and the Monarchy continues to grow every week, hopefully they’re getting to the point you want them to be at now.

Orton always knocking Goldust off here. Aftermath was more important, typical Taker stuff. After last week, nothing was gonna come close to it BUT I felt this was a little bit flat for the main feud on Raw. Maybe a little bit more mind games from the Deadman, though I guess Orton’s promo from earlier on was enough to keep this thing ticking along.

The Women’s division is certainly building, massive props for that fella, takes some enthusiasm to bother with that. Beth/Melina however is the one that REALLY feels big right now. I’m not really feeling Maryse/Katie compared to the other two, I think that needs maybe a little less focus and a bit more shifted to ze champion(see what I did there :/)

Simple but effective stuff here from Regal and Perkins, foreshadowing after Fully Loaded me thinks, would be all for it.

Kennedy was strong here, playing up his hot streak well and the dynamic between these two is quite strong. Would’ve liked a bit more from MVP but I’m certainly interested to see what goes down when they meet the Monarchy.

Match was standard here, not a whole lot to say on it, all about the Punk/Swagger feud really. A bit surprised that this has gotten so heated, so quickly but I’m enjoying it and I’m sure Punker’s gonna stick Swags down come Fully Loaded.

Big win for Regal here, no doubt about it BUT I was surprised about how you went around it. The ending all just felt a little…flat. This was the main event, this was the final image people remember of the show and all we got was a small distraction by Miz, a Regal Plex and bang, game over. No mention of Michaels being angered, no real mention of Miz rubbing it in, just a smirk, the commentators didn’t really play up the attack at all, they simply claimed it to be the Monarchy’s night when the real story here was Miz/Michaels.

On the whole there’s so many things that are potentially great and you’re sort of nearly but not quite there. Orton definitely needs some work and I’d like to see more from the Taker feud next week, maybe give Orton some heat back. The Monarchy are certainly looking strong and that’s a major positive right now, does certainly feel like they’re taking control. It may seem like I’m criticising a lot in there so my apologies, I’m not intending to, I just know you’re capable of more and I’m pretty sure you’ll produce the goods moving forward, keep on truckin’ sir
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM's Review

The show had to start with Orton after what happened last week. I think that Ted and Cody shouldn’t have been out there to sell the mind games that ‘Taker played last week. Then again, that would make the team look a bit weak. Also, I think since you had Cody and Ted out there, you could’ve given them a bit of mic time as well since they’re the ones who experienced first-hand the wrath of ‘Taker. Orton’s overall promo was alright but confused me a bit when he wanted ‘Taker to be suspended but then took it back or something. Lawler was alright here, glad that we got some sort of gimmick match for the WWE Title. Not a bad opening to the show but it could’ve been better.

Surprised to see Legacy lose here. I was very sure that they would win to gain some momentum back after last week but it was a good win for the Colons. The post-match attack was a good booking move to give Legacy back some heat, having them take out their frustrations on Carlito like that. Tag team division is surely heating up!

The Regal interview did well in putting over the Monarchy, especially Barrett. However, there were some instances where Regal just seemed a bit off to me, I can’t exactly pinpoint where that may be but yeah. You’ve almost got him down, just a few more promos and I think you’ll have him down. Brass knuckles from Regal for Barrett to win? I think it was an okay finish but maybe if you had Barrett look a little stronger but this result was alright too. Nice promo from the Miz. However, you missed some words and used you’re instead of your. It was a good promo, probably the best so far in the show. All the logic behind it was great, maybe even opened up to Miz being face at some parts. Sort of a shoot promo from Miz right here. Sheamus debut, can’t wait!

Nice little back-and-forth with the tag champions and their challengers. I used to really like these segments when Cryme Tyme are all funny and start auctioning stuff, that was great. You write Cryme Tyme really well and it’s been a joy to read. However, the tag champs promos seemed a little redundant here. The beating was a clear message to their challengers and I kinda wanted to see the challengers come out on top here but that’s fine. The tag team division has been really good thus far.

Orton was ofcourse gonna win this match against Goldie but the main talking point came post-match. Maybe we could’ve seen a little more but I think the tombstone thing was pretty good. But after last week, I think you should’ve left that hanging Cody and Ted on crosses thing on the go home show. This just seemed too little in comparison to last week.

I agree with CP that Beth/Melina does seem a little more big than the actual divas championship but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Maryse is pretty decent in the ring and you’re doing a good job with building her up while building up the other divas.

I like TJ Perkins so I’m glad to see him get a bit of a push here. The Kennedy promo was gold. Not letting MVP get any word in is classic Kennedy. Bit of a random pairing though but you could probably make it work. Another tag team match, I think we’ve had enough with the tag team matches or maybe it’s just been the theme of the show so far imo. Punk and Swagger going at it is great. Potential match of the night at the PPV for sure.

The main event was truly something to see. Was a pretty good match but then Miz had to interfere. Surprised that you had Miz close out the show when the Monarchy was a big emphasis on this episode. The ending seemed a little too soon or well it’s like nothing really occurred. Would’ve been good to add in some reaction from HBK after the involvement of Miz.

Overall, the show wasn’t bad but it could’ve been better. The Monarchy was the emphasis of this show which I don’t mind but I think you gotta keep the WWE Title situation going strong as well. Plenty of positives for this show and the feuds are definitely there, you just need to pull the right trigger for everything to go into motion. Also, maybe check your work before you post it, saw some errors or some misused words but that’s fine. Onto the next!

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Friday Night SmackDown – 19 June 09 – Baltimore; Maryland

Ladies and gentleman, tonight, Friday Night SmackDown rolls into Baltimore, as the WWE Superstars visit the 1st Mariner Arena!

Last week’s show ended with the one and only John Cena on top, as he went one on one with The Big Red Monster, Kane, who he ended up defeating in the main event. This match determined who would face Matt Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship at The Bash, a match which will be made official next week in a contract signing, but this week – we’ll see those two men in the same ring. John Cena will team with his biggest rival of the past three years, The Rated R Superstar, Edge, and the World Champion will team with someone he has had issues with in the past, Kane! Theodore Long has made this huge tag team main event, and it’s sure to be explosive as four of the biggest Superstars will face off.

The self proclaimed Best in the World, Chris Jericho will be in the building tonight, where he’ll hear what Jeff Hardy has to say. The Charismatic Enigma will walk down to the ring and address what happened last week, and no doubt we’ll hear from Jericho as well. This rivalry kicked off at Judgment Day when Jericho was an inch away from becoming World Heavyweight Champion, only to be thwarted by Jeff Hardy. It escalated last week when Jericho decided to take issue with Jeff’s personal lifestyle, Hardy took exception to that, planting Jericho with a Twist of Fate in the middle of the ring.

The United States Championship was on the line last week as Kofi Kingston defended his belt against The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin. Kingston was victorious but when Benjamin was attempting to exact revenge, R-Truth made the save, the same R-Truth who guaranteed Kingston that he had no problems with him. That however, was proved to be a lie as Truth attacked Kingston, hitting with a Lie Detector Scissor Kick! Truth’s been on a crusade as of late to reveal the biased management of Theodore Long but it’s Kofi Kingston who he has to worry about now as the United States Champion will kick off the show.

The Cruiserweight Championship Tournament will roll on this week, as The Warrior, Kaval will take on John Morrison. The Shaman of Sexy defeated Jesse last week while Kaval defeated his rival, Zack Ryder on the same show. This will no doubt be a very entertaining match but Kaval will have to watch out for Ryder and Hawkins if they chose to make an appearance.

Last week, we found out that The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson will defend their WWE Tag Team Championships against The Lifeblood of Extreme. Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richard gained the right to challenge them as Dreamer defeated Kendrick in singles competition, and now they get their chance to win WWE gold for the first time as a team.


Hopefully it will be posted tomorrow.
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes


Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield welcome us to the show, running through the card for the evening which includes the rematch between Gregory Helms and The Brian Kendrick, and includes a huge tag team bout between the World Tag Team Champions and the team of Mister Kennedy and MVP.

In the opening match of the night, Chris Masters takes on the man who pinned him last time out on Raw, TJ Perkins. It’s a solid affair, nothing special but each man gets a good amount of time to show off their arsenal. In the end Masters eats another pin, falling to a 450 Splash again. @ 7.35

But while TJ was celebrating, Masters attacked him from behind, locking in the Masterlock and causing TJ Perkins to pass out.

The next match was between Daniel Bryan and Santino Marella, Kaval and AJ were at ringside, cheering Bryan on. He didn’t need much help though as Santino was no match for the skilled submission specialist, eventually locking in The Lebell Lock for the tap out victory. @ 4.03

Backstage we hear from The Brian Kendrick who says that tonight he will beat Gregory Helms again, prove that he should be in the Cruiserweight Tournament instead of him, and then go on to defend his WWE Tag Team Championships tomorrow night.

The third match of the night featured the World Tag Team Champions, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness taking on MVP and Mister Kennedy. Before the match, Kennedy continued his cocky spiel, seemingly getting under the skin of his “friend” once more, but nonetheless the match kicked off and it was a tight affair for most of it. But the winners came when MVP declined tagging in Mister Kennedy, saying “I got this” but running into a Future Shock DDT ... Kennedy tried to break it up but McGuiness met him half way and The Monarchy picked up a huge victory. @ 6.34

After the match, MVP sat on the mat dejected, frustrated at himself, while Kennedy stares at him before reaching his hand out to his “friend”. MVP accepts the help and the duo walk up the ramp, friends again ... for now.

After a Fully Loaded promo, the main event began and this match got significant time, allowing the two men to put on a great match for the crowd. The end finally came when Helms went for The Shinning Wizard, only for Kendrick to duck and roll him up, but this time Helms rolled through and got the revenge pin from SmackDown. @ 12.04


Friday Night SmackDown – 19 June 09 – Maryland; Baltimore

Instead of the usual opening video, we fade in, straight into the thick of things as we see Bobby Lashley knocking on the door of the SmackDown General Manager. After a few seconds, Lashley turns the handle and enters the room, and the cameras follow as Theodore Long stands up from his desk. Teddy makes his way around the table and shakes Lashley’s hand, with a smile on his face.

Theodore Long: What can I do for ya’ playa’??

Lashley grins at the question.

Bobby Lashley: I think you know. Last week I pinned the World Heavyweight Champion. Now I think that puts me in contention for a title shot, don’t you??

The crowd in the arena cheer this but Teddy doesn’t look too enthusiastic.

Theodore Long: Uh listen playa’ ... the match is already set. John Cena versus Matt Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship will happen, I can’t take Cena out of that match just because you pinned the World Champion.

Lashley shakes his head as the crowd give a little bit of heat.

Bobby Lashley: I’m not askin’ to take Cena out ... make it a triple threat. I think I earned a title match and the fans seem to think that too.

This generates a pretty loud pop from the Baltimore crowd.

Theodore Long: Well playa’ ... I’m sorry but you won’t be receiving a title match.


Theodore Long: I’m doing what’s best for this brand and-

Bobby Lashley: And what’s best for this brand is John Cena getting shot after shot?? Y’know somethin’ ... I’ve heard things all day from Superstars about how you’re biased to John Cena. And at first I didn’t believe this ... but now ... I don’t know.

With an ‘ooohhh’ coming from the crowd, Lashley turns and exits the room, leaving Long behind, shaking his head.



Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Friday Night SmackDown, coming to you from Baltimore, Maryland! My name is good ol’ J.R, Jim Ross and sat beside me as ever, JBL, John Bradshaw Layfield.

JBL: Yes, the two greatest commentators in the history of the WWE welcome you all to SmackDown where we have a huge main event tonight.

Jim Ross: That we do, the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy will be in action, teaming with The Big Red Monster, Kane, who will take on the team of John Cena and The Rated R Superstar, Edge.

JBL: A match filled with history from both teams, they’ve both had huge rivalry’s so it will be interesting to see how that dynamic works. But another thing that we just witnessed, Bobby Lashley just confronted our inept SmackDown General Manager!

Jim Ross: Lashley didn’t seem best pleased that he is being over looked for a World Heavyweight Championship shot, but Cena did earn that shot, so he’ll have to wait.

JBL: Another example of Teddy Long’s awful management. I could do a better job. The sooner he is sacked, the better.


The Baltimore crowd come alive as the arena turns green with the United States Champion, KOFI KINGSTON, walking onto the stage. The Wildcat has the belt around his waist and a “WILDCAT” green and white tee on. He forgoes the usual pyrotechnic display and simply walks straight down the ramp. He doesn’t look very happy as he jogs up the steel steps, stepping onto the apron and entering the ring.

Jim Ross: You’re looking at the current United States Champion, who successfully defended his title last week against The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin.

JBL: But what happened after is what everyone is talking about. R-Truth who everyone thought would help Kingston in his plight against Knox and Benjamin turned on Kingston. Finally, R-Truth sees sense.

Jim Ross: Despite by colleagues opinions, it’s these fans who matter, and they turned on R-Truth last week, just as he turned on Kofi. But let’s take you back to last week, and you can see for yourselves ladies and gentleman.

~ V.P. – LAST WEEK ~
Benjamin smirks in the face of Kingston, telling him he won by pure luck, taking a pot shot at him by slapping him in the face. Knox grins as Benjamin tells him to hold him out while Kelly covers her mouth!! Benjamin grabs the United States Championship and gets into a good starting position and goes to HIT HIM WITH THE U.S .. .WAIT ...

***WHAT’S UP***

R-TRUTH now sprints down the ramp, sliding into the ring, ducking a clothesline from Benjamin and clotheslining Knox over the top rope!! Knox lands on the mat where Kelly grins at him but the brawl is happening in the ring between Truth and Benjamin, obviously being the fresher man, R-Truth takes advantage and clotheslines The Gold Standard over the top rope!! Knox grabs Kelly and walks around the ring to Benjamin’s side as R-Truth helps Kingston to his feet.

The crowd now applaud R-Truth as he pulls Kofi to his feet, and hands him the United States Championship. R-Truth raises Kingston’s hand in the air, and the fans cheer once more as Benjamin and Knox disappear behind the curtain. R-Truth is about to leave the ring but Kingston extends his hand for handshake ... AND R-TRUTH SHAKES IT!


The crowd have now totally turned on R-Truth. And he responds by shouting back at them, telling them it’s all Teddy Long’s fault. Truth angrily pulls Kingston to his feet, and THROWS HIM INTO THE RING POST BETWEEN THE TURNBUCKLES ... SHOULDER FIRST!! Truth yanks Kofi out and he collapses to the ground, holding his shoulder in pain. Truth grabs the United States Title, and keels down beside Kingston, telling him this belongs to him and it’s only a matter of time before he takes it back.

~ END OF V.P. ~

Once the video package concludes, we return to the arena, the crowd booing what they just saw as the United States Champion shakes his head, looking at the titan tron. We now notice that he has a microphone in his hand, he waits for the crowd to die down a little before speaking into it.

Kofi Kingston: I’m not gonna’ waste everyone’s time ... you all saw what happened las’ week.

The crowd react with more boos, Kingston scans the arena.

Kofi Kingston: I want R-Truth to come out here right now and tell me why he did what he did.

Kingston turns to the stage, as do the fans but no sign of R-Truth just yet.

Kofi Kingston: C’mon! I wanna-

Kingston stops talking and the Baltimore crowd begin booing, as R-TRUTH slowly walks onto the stage, black jeans and a black vest top on. He ignores the boos, stops on the apron and brings a microphone up to his mouth.

R-Truth: Don’t you see. Everyone ... especially you Kofi should know why I did what I did.

R-Truth lowers the microphone, shaking his head.

R-Truth: I’ll tell you all why ... one word ... conspiracy.

J.R facepalms on commentary.

R-Truth: I did what I did because of how I was treated here. You don’t get it, Kofi, how do you think it feels to walk into work and know no matter what you do, you’ll never get anywhere ‘cause of a General Manager like Teddy Long.


Kofi Kingston: And you blame me for-

R-Truth: You THINK I don’t know. But I’ve heard things; I’ve seen things with my own milky eyes. You and Teddy Long ... secret meetings just too hold me down!

More heat as Kingston shakes his head.

R-Truth: You’d think brotha’s would stick together but no. I know you’re game, convince these people you are an angel ... but I know better. Teddy Long gave you that last slot in the gauntlet ... that gave you a CLEAR advantage over me. Long didn’t want me to retain the championship.

Huge heat.

Kofi Kingston: You are crazy if you think Teddy favours me over you.

R-Truth: Crazy ... CRAZY! Now don’t be calling me crazy! I’ve seen it, Kofi. Teddy Long hates me because I know the truth ... he put me in the gauntlet ... he took away me rematch and then made me team with you. Do you realize how stupid that is ... making the former champion team with the current.

R-Truth pauses.

Kofi Kingston: I’m done listenin’ to what you have to say ... everyone here knows you’ve gone mental ... now I’m calling you out, get down here right now!

Huge pop.

R-Truth: Aww hell naw ... you don’t want that Kofi ... if I come down there ... you gon get got.

The commentators seem extremely confused.

Kofi Kingston: C’mon you mental lunatic, get down here!

R-Truth: Lunatic ... LUNATIC ...dat’s another way of saying crazy. Aww you gone done it now ... I’m gonna’ be on you like rice on salad.

The commentators question what that even means as R-Truth drops his microphone AND SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP!


Truth slides into the ring, and shoots on Kingston, double-leg take down. Kingston manages to turn the tables though, to a huge pop, turning Truth onto his back, and laying into him with a fist after fist.

Truth tries to cover up but it’s no use, the shots are breaking through his defence but then SUDDENLY SOME HEAT COMES FROM THE FANS!!

And we see that SECURITY rush the ring, sliding into it and clawing Kingston off Truth and then restraining both men. They roll Truth out the ring and carry him away, up the ramp to about half way with Truth shouting “IT’S ALL A CONSPIRACY ... EVERYONE GON GET GOT BY THE GOTTER!”

When Truth reaches the ramp, we see THEODORE LONG on the stage!

Theodore Long: This is not how my show is gon’ be ran.

Long attempts to speak again but is cut off by Kingston who grabbed his microphone. The security still have him but they loosen there grip so he can speak.

Kofi Kingston: Yo ... Teddy. Give him his rematch ... I want him in this ring NOW.

The crowd pop at this, wanting to see the two go at it. Long pauses and thinks it over.

Theodore Long: Alright alright, playa.

Truth is being carried past the General Manager, shouting “I KNOW THE REAL YOU”.

Theodore Long: (to R-Truth) You will have to earn it, next week you will take on Vladimir Kozlov in a number one contenders match. And tonight (to Kofi), you will take on Jamie Noble. And you R-Truth ... you are SUSPENDED from the arena, now do you feel dat!

A pretty big pop as Long’s theme plays while Truth is carried through the curtain. Kofi meanwhile, the security releases him as they don’t see him as a threat anymore.

Jim Ross: What an announcement! Next week, R-Truth will face Vladmir Kozlov but for tonight ... he is suspended from the arena!

JBL: I give Teddy Long credit, he has swallowed his pride and gave R-Truth another chance ... but suspending him from the arena is too much.

Jim Ross: Be that as it may, Kofi Kingston takes on Jamie Noble later on, but after this commercial break, ladies and gentleman, the WWE Tag Team Championships will be on the line, don’t miss it!

Commercial Break

The cameras of Friday Night Smackdown are back, and we’re in the parking lot where R-TRUTH is being hauled out, still shouting at his captors, but the convoy stops moving when VLADIMIR KOZLOV appears in front of them. The security allow R-Truth to stand on his own two feet, while still keeping a close eye on him.

R-Truth: I know your game, you’re in on it too!

Kozlov smirks while R-Truth stares – wide eyed – into Vlad’s.

Vladimir Kozlov: Next week ... I crush you.

This gets a surprising pop from the fans.

R-Truth: Crush me? CRUSH ME?!

The idiot that Truth is becoming does the stupid thing in SLAPPING KOZLOV ACROSS THE MOUTH!! Kozlov feels his mouth before facing Truth again, the security can tell something’s about to happen but since Kozlov is so scary they back off a step.

Vladimir Kozlov: I crush you NOW!

To another surprising pop from the crowd, Kozlov leaps forward, grabbing R-Truth while he screams for the security but they are wary of tangling with the big Russian. Kozlov has R-Truth on the ground now, but instead of laying into him punches, Vladimir simply stops, R-Truth lowers his shields to see Kozlov grinning at him. Vladimir slowly taps him on the cheek, condescendingly before saying ...

Vladimir Kozlov: See you next week.

Vladimir smirks as he climbs of Truth, walking away, allowing the security to pull him up and escort him to his car, and then we finally cut to the ring where Justin Roberts is waiting.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall ... and is for THE W-W-E TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Roberts retreats back to the corner as the fans pop at the announcement.

***MAN IN A BOX***

As ever, the challengers make their entrance first, receiving a nice pop from the Baltimore crowd. TOMMY DREAMER, STEVIE RICHARDS, the duo that make up THE LIFEBLOOD OF EXTREME, walk onto the stage, Dreamer pumps his chest while Richards scans the arena. They nod at each other, proceed to venture down the ramp and into the ring.

Jim Ross: Yes, that is correct folks. The opening contest of the evening will be for the WWE Tag Team Championship, where Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards will hope to win some WWE gold.

JBL: I think it’s a disgrace, that in two thousand and nine, people like Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards are not only getting a shot at a WWE Championship, but are even in the WWE.

Jim Ross: Isn’t that a testament to how skilled of performers they are??

JBL: It’s a testament to how inept our General Manager is.


Heat bellows out from the crowd as THE BRIAN KENDRICK and his tag team partner, EZEKIEL JACKSON walk out onto the stage, Jackson with the WWE Tag Team Championship around his shoulder while Kendrick has gone for the more traditional look of having it around his waist. The two make their way down the ramp, Kendrick doesn’t choose to speak tonight, instead he’s all business, focused on the men in the ring.

Jim Ross: The Brian Kendrick is one of the most talented Superstars on SmackDown, it’s just a shame he has let his talent go to his head.

JBL: Kendrick has a bright future in the WWE, he has the skills to be a huge star, to be the best you have to be arrogant and that’s just what Kendrick is.

Jim Ross: He faces a tough task tonight as he, along with Ezekiel Jackson, take on The Lifeblood of Extreme, defending the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson © vs. The Lifeblood of Extreme
The championship match begins with Jackson starting for his team and Tommy Dreamer starting for his. In the early going, Jackson’s strength shines through as he bullies Dreamer around the ring, even allowing him to tag in Richards, only to show off some more as he does the same to Stevie. Jackson finally tags in Kendrick who takes over where his partner left off, albeit using some more skill rather than just brute force. Kendrick and Richards are similar in stature but it’s Kendrick who is the aggressor, taking him from corner to corner and smashing him with knees and punches.

The tag team action now takes place as Kendrick and Jackson exchange quick and frequent tags, isolating Richards from his partner. The champions show why they are just that by working over the leg of Richards, but because of some showboating, Richards escapes from the clutches of Kendrick and scampers to the tag. Dreamer comes in fired up, and keeps knocking Kendrick down with clotheslines, before planting him with a huge power slam and getting a near fall.

Dreamer seems to be in complete control, causing the fans to anticipate a title change and after a few more high impact moves, it seems we may get that but Jackson breaks up a pin at the very last moment. The referee scolds Jackson as he exits the ring, Dreamer pushes the referee aside, and smashes Jackson with a fore arm to the mouth, causing him to fall to the mat below. This distraction though led Kendrick taking the initiative again as he catches Dreamer with a drop-toe-hold and then a running elbow drop, getting a near fall.

While getting to his feet, Jackson climbs to the top rope and calls for the tag from his partner, he gets it and comes in extremely pissed off at Dreamer. Using his brute strength once more, pushing Tommy into the corner, using a lot of strikes into the stomach, Dreamer sells it extremely well, as if his ribs are breaking with every hit. Richards tries to get the crowd involved, stomping on the steps which gives Dreamer a brief bit of momentum, allowing him to hit a couple of shots to the top of Jackson’s skull.

Jackson stumbles away, Kendrick screams at him as Dreamer attempts to get the tag to his partner but Jackson grabs him by his leg and pulls him back, all the way into the champion’s corner.

Again, the two work on Dreamer with quick tags, until Jackson takes him into the middle of the ring and plants him with a body slam, getting a near fall. Ezekiel yanks Tommy to his feet, whipping him into the corner and hoisting him onto the top rope. Jackson tries to climb up to join him but Dreamer head butts him, he falls backwards but lands on his feet. Ezekiel tries again but when he walks towards the turnbuckle, he receives a boot to the face from Dreamer! Tommy measures his opponent before leaping off and smashing him with a jumping Tornado DDT!!

Both men are down now, Richards pounding the top turnbuckle, working the crowd into a frenzy while Kendrick screams at Jackson to tag him in. They start to move and eventually Jackson gets the tag to Kendrick, but Dreamer gets the hot tag to his partner! The two legal men meet in the middle, Richards ducking a clothesline and then taking Kendrick down with one of his own. Richards continue to stay in control, and at some points looking like he was going to win the match for his team. But finally, the end came when Richards missed a cross body ... Kendrick pulled him to his feet ... and ran him into the corner ... hitting The Kendrick for the pin fall victory.

Winner and Still WWE Tag Team Champions – The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson @ 8.05

The Brian Kendrick quickly rises to his feet, but instead of celebrating, he simply stands, extends his arms to the side and lavishes in the moment. Jackson climbs into the ring, hands Kendrick his tag team belt and the two look down at Richards, almost in disgust that they had to defend their titles against them again.

Jim Ross: A strong showing from The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson, fending off the challenge of The Lifeblood of Extreme once more. This begs the question – who can pry these titles from them??

JBL: No one. Nobody can, because this team works so well, you have the smarts and suave of Kendrick, and the muscle of Jackson, they’re gonna’ hold the belts for a long, long time.

Jim Ross: Well anyway, congratulations to them, but ladies and gentleman, after the commercial break, we’re going to have the first in a long line of instalments of a new video series, called ... Santino Visits. You’re not going to want to miss this, join as after these commercials.

JBL: I can see it now, I’m done.

As Kendrick and Jackson back up the ramp, we fade to said commercial.

Commercial Break





We begin the evening outside a building lit up by sunshine. The words “FCW – Florida Championship Wrestling” appear at the bottom of the screen.

We suddenly see SANTINO MARELLA hop into the camera shot, standing outside the building.

Santino Marella: A-Hello there. My name is ... Santino Marella!

Marella flashes a toothy smile at the camera.

Santino Marella: And-a I am heeerrreeee at F-C-W ... the a-how you say ... minor leagues of the dubya dubya EEEEEE!

Marella turns to face the building, his back to the camera.

Santino Marella: Follow me a-now ... because ... it is time ... to go innnn!

Marella begins fast walking towards the building’s door.

We fade away and when we return, the cameras are inside the building, and Santino is walking towards the ring, where a women seems to be warming up.

Marella slides into the ring and the camera climbs onto the apron. The women turns to face Santino.

Women: Uh ... can I help you??

Santino Marella: Ah-yes aha. My name is ... Santino Marella. One of THE top WWE Superstars ... and who might you beeee??

Women: Jamie Sky. And uh ... I’ve been watchin’ SmackDown and you ain’t a top Superstar, you’re lucky to get on the show.

Marella mouth widens.

Santino Marella: How dare youuuu!! Nobody talks to the ITALIAN STALLION LIKE THAT!! Especially-a a nobody from F-C-Dubya!

Jamie rolls her eyes.

???: What’s goin’ on here??

The camera turns and we see Fit Finlay, one of the trainers climbing onto the apron.

Jamie Sky: Oh, this guy was just leavin’. Wasn’t that right??

Santino Marella: Why no actually ... I just-a got heereeee.

Finlay climbs into the ring.

Finlay: Well how about this, since you two seem to have some difficulties, why not settle them in this very ring??

Santino looks Sky up and down, the perv.

Santino Marella: The-a Stallion against her! I can’t take on a women, it’d-a be too easy.

Jamie Sky: Oh really?? I just think your too scared.

Santino looks shocked and rather insulted.

Santino Marella: Oh ... you wanna’ go Jammy Sky.

The two go face to face as we fade away.

And we come back but we’re still in the ring and ... Santino is on the ground, and his head is locked inside a leg lock by Sky! Sky seems in complete control and eventually Santino taps out!

Jamie lets go and is helped up by Finlay, she hasn’t broken a sweat but Santino gasps for air. The camera man shakes his head to which Santino questions.

Santino Marella: San ... San ... Santino Marella ... signing off from F-C-Dubya.

Santino now falls back on his face as we fade away.

~ END OF V.P. ~

SmackDown returns and we’re right back at the announcers desk, where JBL is staring at Jim Ross, who eventually notices.

Jim Ross: What??

JBL: Did you just watch that?? Rhetorical question ... surely you ... being a former head of talent relations ... surely you could have stopped that from taking place!

Jim Ross: What about you??

JBL: What about me??

Jim Ross: Former WWE Champion ... surely you could have stopped that!?

JBL: Oh don’t worry ... next time I see Santino I’m gonna’ clothesline him to hell.


A limited fanfare greets SmackDown’s resident yokel as JESSE walks onto the stage, yellow and blue singlet and a beaming smile on his face. He’s obviously happy about his second consecutive week on SmackDown as he ventures down the ramp, slapping a few hands on his way. Once he’s in the ring, he climbs up the turnbuckle and raises one hand in the air.

Jim Ross: Jesse ... one of the more talented Superstars on SmackDown-

JBL: Please ... don’t try to talk him up. Everyone knows he doesn’t have a chance in hell in this match. He’s dealing with angry Bobby Lashley, hell he wouldn’t have a chance against a happy Lashley, let alone and angry one.

Jim Ross: Yes, ladies and gentleman, Bobby Lashley is indeed a very angry man here tonight, last week he defeated the World Heavyweight Champion, but Lashley was denied a title match by our General Manager, and that’s something he will have to deal with.


The Baltimore crowd respond with a HUGE pop, as the big BOBBY LASHLEY ventures onto the stage, reaching the middle and extending his arms out, creating a blast of pyro. The Real Deal walks on down the ramp, not taking his eyes off his opponent for tonight.

JBL: Jesse is in deep trouble right now, I doubt this match will last longer than a minute.

Jim Ross: Well, I’m sure Jesse will put up a fight.

JBL: And another thing – where the hell is his dopy brother Festus??

Jim Ross: I haven’t seen him in months.

Match 2: Singles Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Jesse
As soon as the bell rings, Lashley rushes his poor opponent, kneeing him in the stomach, pushing him into the corner and smashing him with shot after shot. Bobby yanks Jesse out by his hair, releasing all his pent up frustration, and flipping him with a belly to belly suplex! While Jesse stands up, The Real Deal measures him up, sprints forward and takes him down with a massive spear!! The match isn’t done though, as instead of going for the cove, Lashley pulls Jesse up and plants him a Dominator! He sinks into the cover, but at the count of two, he pulls Jesse’s head off the canvas, showing a more ferocious side tonight, he pulls Jesse to his feet once more and plants him again with ANOTHER Dominator and gets the pin!

Winner – Bobby Lashley @ 1.02

As Lashley quickly bounces to his feet, the fans cheer him with a small section booing, not liking his actions to Jesse. Instead of celebrating, Lashley simply exits the ring and walks up the ramp, not stopping to acknowledge the fans or even crack a smile.

Jim Ross: Well it did last longer than a minute, but not by much. And some of these fans don’t appreciate how Lashley handled himself in this match.

JBL: He was frustrated, the biggest win of his career happened last week and this week he’s in action against JESSE! These fans need to understand how he feels, I’ve been in his shoes, these people know nothing.

Backstage, Matt Striker is waiting in the wings with a microphone.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentleman ... my guest tonight is a former World Heavyweight Champion, multiple time tag team champion, I give to you ... The Rated R Superstar, Edge.

A massive cheer as EDGE walks into the shot, “Rated R” grey tee over his tights and a black beanie hat on his head.

Matt Striker: And Edge, I wanted to ask you, since last week, have you seen or heard from Christian at all, and how long before he is able to compete once again??

Edge thinks for a second.

Edge: As a matter of fact, I saw him just a few days ago, I flew to Toronto to visit ‘im and his family. He seemed in good spirits, he’s on the mend ... but he won’t be in a WWE ring for at least a month.

Striker nods while the crowd don’t really like hearing that Captain Charisma won’t be back soon.

Matt Striker: Well, I’m sure we’d all like to wish Christian a swift recovery. The next question I wanted to ask was – why are you targeting Kane??

Edge: Don’t be stupid, Matt, everyone knows why I cost Kane his match last week. Y’see, this is me gettin’ some measure of revenge for Christian, he says I shouldn’t, but when have I ever listened to anyone??

Edge pauses.

Edge: Everyone knows me, I don’t usually care about what happens to others ... I’ve done some terrible stuff in my career. But this, this is different. Christian is probably my only friend in this company, and what Kane did to him was wrong. I can’t let that stand, Matt.

Striker nods.

Edge: I had Kane on The Cutting Edge two weeks ago ... where he grabbed me by my throat and Choke Slammed me into the mat.

Some heat.

Edge: I cost ‘im his shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. That was payback for ‘im Choke Slammin’ me on The Cutting Edge. I still plan to get payback for what he did to Christian.


Edge: Matt, everyone knows how dangerous and sadistic Kane can be, but they also know I can be pretty damn crazy when I want to be. Kane’s moment is comin’, Matt. I see through his demon story, this is him, and I’m not goin’ to end his demon ... I’m goin’ to end him.

And with that, a huge pop comes from the crowd as Edge walks past Striker and out of sight. And with Striker watching him leave, we head to the announce table.

Jim Ross: Some strong words from The Rated R Superstar right there.

JBL: Some stupid words if you ask me.

Jim Ross: Well, we’ll have to wait for more on the Edge/Kane situation as right after this commercial break, the Cruiserweight Tournament continues with Kaval taking on John Morrison in the Semi-Finals.

Commercial Break

SmackDown returns, and we’re not in the main arena, instead we are in the parking lot, where a car has just pulled up. The camera focuses on it as the driver’s door swings open, and out comes ... the World Heavyweight Champion, MATT HARDY! He gets a massive amount of heat as reaches back in, pulls out a bag, where we assume the championship belt is in and walks towards the entrance.

We now cut to the announce table.

Jim Ross: Matt Hardy arriving tonight for his tag team main event, teaming with Kane to take on John Cena and Edge, but right now folks – it’s time for the first semi-final of the Cruiserweight Tournament.


A solid pop comes from the Baltimore faithful as KAVAL walks from behind the curtain, wearing a blue jacket and long blue pants, alongside him – AJ LEE and DANIEL BRYAN! Kaval seems all business as he walks down the ramp, ignoring the fans but AJ and Bryan do the honours, slapping a few hands.

JBL: This team right here, Kaval and Daniel Bryan, have the potential to become one of the greatest tag teams in the history of the WWE, but if Kaval wins this match, and goes on to become the Cruiserweight Champion, then perhaps we’ll see some jealously from Daniel Bryan.

Jim Ross: I doubt that, these three are best friends, Teddy Long allowed them to choose which one of them would be in the tournament and they settled with a game of rock, paper, scissors apparently.


Again, another cheer from the fans as The Shaman of Sexy, JOHN MORRISON quickly walks onto the, greenly lit stage. Morrison shows his body off to the camera, all in slow motion, before walking down the ramp, but he stops, taking his shades off and placing them on a nearby boy’s face, how sweet. After that though, it’s all business as he walks towards the steps, jogging up them and stepping inside the ring.

Jim Ross: I do agree with you though, Kaval is a very talented Superstar, but so is John Morrison. An advocate of parkour, a Superstar who has received the Shawn Michaels seal of approval, I see big things for this man.

JBL: Well, after his defeat to Chris Jericho and The Miz at Backlash, and failing to win at Judgment Day, he needs to win this Cruiserweight Tournament to back up Michaels’ claim that Morrison is one to watch in the future.

John Morrison vs. Kaval w/AJ Lee & Daniel Bryan
This match begins with a respectful hand shake between the two Superstars, each man respecting each other’s ability in the ring, which the fans appreciate with a pop. After the hand shake, the match didn’t take long to get into high gear, as the two Superstars locked up and took part in some exceptional chain wrestling, which at first, Morrison came out on top only for another exchange to go the way of Kaval, a standoff followed as both men realised that this wouldn’t be an easy victory. They went to lock up again but this time Kaval changed his tactics, kicking the side of the legs of Morrison, over and over, pushing him back into the ropes. He whipped him off into the corner and went for a running clothesline but Morrison got a boot up just in time, and exploded out of the corner, only to be caught in a deep arm drag.

Morrison managed to get to his feet rather quickly, and dropped down, flipping Kaval over and then sprinting forward, looking for a running knee, and only getting air. The next couple of minutes consisted of the two men vying for the advantage, exchanging kicks, punches and some high impact moves, until it was Morrison who took advantage, ducking a running spinning heel kick by Kaval and smashing him in the face with a running low drop kick.

Finally, the match to an and when Morrison had Kaval in a sleeper hold, but Kaval eventually got to his feet and broke out from his opponents grip. Kaval started to build a head of steam, getting fired up, hitting most of his high impact arsenal before knocking Morrison down and heading to the top rope, going for Warriors Way but Morrison rolled out the way before hitting Kaval with a springboard chuck kick, following that up with Starship Pain.

Winner – John Morrison @ 12.46

A very strong performance by John Morrison is greeted with some huge applause as he slowly climbs to his feet. He has his hand raised by the referee before exiting the ring and walking up the ramp, slapping a few of the fans hands as Daniel Bryan and AJ slide into the ring to help their boy up.

Jim Ross: And there we have it folks, John Morrison advances to the final of the Cruiserweight Tournament, but who will his opponent be?? We’ll find that out, next week.

The Shaman of Sexy now walks through the curtain, and we cut back to the ring to see Kaval being helped to his feet by AJ and Bryan. Once Kaval is on his feet, the fans begin applauding his efforts, in a show of respect and he raises one of his arms to thank them.

Jim Ross: Kaval, on this day simply wasn’t able to defeat John Morrison, but another day might- HEY LOOK OUT!

In the ring, DANIEL AND KAVAL ARE BLINDSIDED BY ... ZACK RYDER AND CURT HAWKINS!! The rivalry which has spilled over from Superstars continues tonight as Ryder grabs Daniel and LAUNCHES HIM INTO THE RING POST ... SHOULDER FIRST!! Meanwhile, Hawkins lifts Kaval up and PLANTS HIM WITH A SIT DOWN SPINEBUSTER!!

The crowd respond with a shower of heat as AJ retreats into the corner, looking distraught at what Hawkins and Ryder have done to her boys. Hawkins and Ryder gloat in the moment, before looking at AJ with sly grins.

Jim Ross: What are they doing?!

JBL: She needs to get out of there, now.

AJ doesn’t heed JBL’s advice as she is too frightened to move, Hawkins and Ryder edge closer though, and the boos continue to build. Luckily though, Bryan is able to recover in time, he grabs Ryder by the arm and swings him around, kneeing him in the gut and getting a few right hands in before being pulled off by Hawkins and then he’s PLANTED WITH THE SIT DOWN SPINEBUSTER ... JUST LIKE KAVAL.

The crowd still boo them as they look at their handy work, the duo turn to AJ but back off, saying “not this week”. Ryder and Hawkins back out of the ring, back up the ramp, but still keep their eyes on Kaval, Bryan and AJ as she tries to talk to Bryan and then to Kaval but they seem out.

Jim Ross: Ryder and Hawkins had no right to be out here, they had no right to do what they did and I hope they get what’s coming to them!

JBL: I do have to wonder what Ryder and Hawkins would have done to AJ had Daniel Bryan not got involved again.

Jim Ross: I shudder to think. All I know, is that this feud began on Superstars, and it doesn’t look like stopping any time soon.

SmackDown now fades to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Back from the break ...


A massive, MASSIVE pop comes up from the Baltimore crowd as JEFF HARDY enters the arena, but it’s an understated entrance, simply walking down the ramp and high fiving a few fans. He isn’t in wrestling gear tonight, instead a tan leather jacket over a white T-shirt and a pair of blue worn out jeans. The Daredevil quickly walks up the steps and swiftly enters the ring before walking over to the opposite side and being handed a microphone.

Jim Ross: A huge reaction for one of the most popular Superstars on SmackDown, as Jeff Hardy is out here for one must assume, to address what happened last week between Chris Jericho and himself.

JBL: What’s there to address?? Hardy attacked Jericho without giving him any warning.

While the commentary team begin bickering, back in the ring, Jeff now has a microphone and starts to speak.

Jeff Hardy: Last week-

The man doesn’t even get a chance to speak as a loud “HARDY” chant begins, making Jeff smile and applaud the crowd. Once they stop though, he now gets his chance.

Jeff Hardy: Thank you, that really means a lot. No, seriously, coming out here each and every week ... an’ hearing that, it makes this all worthwhile.


Jeff Hardy: I wanted to come out here and talk about what happened last week. What I wanted to say was – everyone knows I’m not perfect ... nobody is. I’ve made mistakes in my life ... who hasn’t it?? I’m comfortable in my own skin, but something that Chris Jericho said last week ... it got me thinkin’.

Hardy pauses, pacing around the ring.

Jeff Hardy: Jericho said that I am one strike away from being forced out of this company, I’m sure you all know what that means. But like I said, those mistakes that I’ve made in my life, in my career ... they’re behind me now ... I’ve moved on.

Slight cheer.

Jeff Hardy: But I wanted to come out here and tell each and every one of you ... that I’m going nowhere.

Massive pop as Hardy turns to the stage.

Jeff Hardy: Ya hear that Chris?? I’M GOIN’ NOWHERE!!

Another huge pop while Jeff turns back to the hard camera, scratching his chin.

Jeff Hardy: Jericho wants to take issue with my life style ... that’s fine ... he can for all I care. The only people’s opinions that matter to me are my own ... my family and all of you.

Hardy smiles while the fans react with another “HARDY” chant.


Jim Ross: Business has just picked up folks!

Indeed it has, as CHRIS JERICHO, wearing a finely made to measure suit, walks through the curtain and onto the stage, amidst a massive reaction of heat. He has a microphone on his hands and he stops just before the ramp, shaking his head as he looks upon Jeff in the ring.

Chris Jericho: The fact that you feel the need to come out here and reaffirm you’re adulation for these cretins tells me that I hit a nerve last week. You may say you do not care about what I think about you, but if that was true, you wouldn’t be out here right now pandering to these hypocrites.

Jericho watches as Jeff shakes his head, along with the crowd booing him.

Chris Jericho: Let me in form you Jeff, let me tell you why I’ve took issue with you. I don’t only take issue with your life style, I take issue with the fact that despite of that, you’ve been given opportunity after opportunity.

Another shake of the head from Jeff as Jericho begins pacing along the stage.

Chris Jericho: Opportunity after opportunity despite you screwing each and every one of those up. You haven’t screwed this one up yet, but give it time, it will happen. You are what is wrong with this company, one wrong move from you, and I become a scapegoat, as do many other Superstars in the back.

Jericho stops pacing in the middle of the stage.

Chris Jericho: I will not become a scapegoat because of your actions.

Jericho stares at Jeff.

Chris Jericho: I want you out of this company, Jeff.

Jeff Hardy: Chris , like I said – I ain’t goin’ ANYWHERE!

Jericho grins, but he still isn’t happy about being interrupted as the fans cheer Jeff’s words.

Chris Jericho: One way or another Jeff, you will be gone, and everyone will thank me for it when you end up resorting to your so-called old lifestyle. I don’t know how, all I know is it will happen, if I have to put you on the injured list, then so be ... if I have somehow get your contract terminated ... I will do it.

Some heat from the crowd but Jericho ignores it while Jeff cocks his head.

Chris Jericho: I will rid you of the WWE ... I will rid the WWE of it’s cancer.

Massive, MASSIVE heat at that statement, and it seems that’s got to Jeff as he’s pacing inside the ring, keeping his eyes on Jericho though.

Jeff Hardy: You can talk all you want about getting rid of me ... but that won’t happen if you’re up there. If you want rid of me ... I’m right here ... RIGHT HERE CHRIS. YOU WANT RID OF ME SO BAD JERICHO ... I’M RIGHT HERE!!

Hardy throws the microphone to the mat, eliciting a fantastic response from the crowd which makes Jericho look at them for a second before deciding to take his suit jacket off, throwing his own mic down and beginning to walk down the ramp!!

JBL: It seems we got a fight on our hands!!

Jim Ross: Let’s see if Jericho can back up his words!

Hardy is still pacing, waiting for Jericho reach the ring and get a piece of him, but as Jericho reaches the bottom of the ramp, suddenly ...


Wow! What a buzzkill!! Jericho stops at the bottom of the ramp, and begins backing up as THEODORE LONG enters the arena, walking out in that awful brown suit we saw earlier. Meanwhile Jeff watches on as we see that the SmackDown GM has a microphone.

Theodore Long: Whoa whoa whoa!! I’m not gonna’ allow what happened at the start of the show happen here. Jericho ... I want you to back up this ramp right now playa ... and Jeff stay put in that ring.

This actually gets some heat from the crowd but Long is doing what he feels is right for this brand.

Theodore Long: Now ... it seems you two have some issues you want to get sorted out, huh playas?? Well, you got your chance ... three weeks from now ... at The Bash ... it will be Chris Jericho versus JEFF HARDY!!

A complete 180 occurs as the fans cheer extremely loudly as Jeff nods his head, looking pleased despite not getting his hands on Jericho tonight, meanwhile his opponent at The Bash looks rather pleased himself.

Theodore Long: And to up the ante a little bit ... that match ... will be a number one contenders match ... for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Another huge pop happens here as Long looks rather pleased with himself, as both Superstars nod.

Jim Ross: A huge announcement ... JERICHO/HARDY it will happen!

JBL: For a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship no less.

As Teddy walks backstage, and Jeff and Jericho continue to look at each other, we cut backstage quickly where we see BOBBY LASHLEY watching a television set, obviously having just seen what happened, he seems to be shaking his head as we fade to a commercial.

Commercial Break


Back from commercial ...

Jim Ross: Welcome back ladies and gentleman, and just before the commercial break we found out Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho will go one on one at The Bash, and the winner will receive a World Title shot in the future. But let’s take you back to earlier tonight, where quite the storm was brewing around the United States Championship.

If you want to know what happened, scroll up.

Once the video concludes, in the arena JAMIE NOBLE is bouncing up and down in the ring, waiting for his opponent tonight.


For the second time tonight, a solid pop greets the arrival of the United States Champion, KOFI KINGSTON who bounds out onto the stage and proceeds to do three thunderclaps, the crowd playing along before jogging forward and jumping, creating another massive pyro explosion. The Wildcat continues down the ramp, high fiving a few fans before climbing into the ring, approaching the turnbuckle, and climbing it, doing another three claps before dropping down.

Jim Ross: Kofi Kingston will find out next week who he defends his championship against next week but this week, he faces a tough test in Jamie Noble.

JBL: I have no idea why he has to compete in a number one contenders match especially since he should have a rematch clause.

Jim Ross: He revoked that when he spoke back to the General Manager.

Match 4 – Singles Match
Jamie Noble vs. Kofi Kingston
Surprisingly, in the early going, Noble puts the pressure on Kingston, showing everyone how dangerous he can be, targeting the right leg of his opponent. But the skills of the United States Champion came to light as he thought back into the match, slowly but surely, creating some awesome moments from the top rope, and finally getting Noble with The Boomdrop and then finishing Noble off with Trouble in Paradise.

Winner – Kofi Kingston @ 4.05

Kingston gets to his feet and has his arm raised by the referee before being handed his U.S Title. He exits the ring and high fives a few fans while walking up the ramp.

Jim Ross: A solid victory for the United States Champion here tonight, and no doubt he’ll be eagerly awaiting next week in the hope that he can get his hands on R-Truth.

JBL: We would have got them going at it earlier if wasn’t for Teddy Long interrupting and suspended Truth from the arena.

Cut backstage where GREGORY HELMS is deep in conversation with our lovely Assistant General Manager, LAYLA, who is looking beautiful as ever. But the two of them are interrupted by an unknown voice.

???: Well well well ... what do we have here??

Helms turns and we see DOLPH ZIGGLER enter the shot to a smattering of boos.

Gregory Helm: What do you want??

Dolph Ziggler: What do I want?? Oh ... nothin’ much. Just, that you’re looking at the future Cruiserweight Champion, because next week, Greg ... I’m gonna’ show everyone just how great ... I ... am.

Ziggler grins from ear to ear while Helms simply stares at him.

Gregory Helms: Who’s to say you’ll beat John Morrison ... who’s to say you’ll beat me next week. In case you forgot, I’m the longest running Cruiserweight Champion in history, you’ll have be on you’re A game to beat me.

Ziggler laughs a little.

Dolph Ziggler: Greg ... I’m always on my A game. I’ll see ya’ next week, pal.

Ziggler slaps Greg on the side of the arm, then brushes past him but stops next to Layla and winks at the assistant General Manager. Layla doesn’t seem too bothered as she simply smiles at Ziggler, did we just see a spark??

Commercial Break

Back from commercial, we are backstage again where KELLY KELLY is talking to BRIE & NIKKI BELLA in the Divas locker room.

Brie Bella: I know but look at it this way, I’m sure Evan will be back soon.

Nikki Bella: Yeah, you won’t have to deal with Mike for much longer.

Kelly nods before getting a huge from both The Bella Twins but then the door to the locker room opens up and in comes MIKE KNOX. Kelly jumps as the door slams into the wall.

Brie Bella: Uh ... what are you doin?? This is the Divas locker room, get out!

Knox ignores Brie and grabs Kelly by the arm.

Nikki Bella: WHAT ARE YOU-

Mike Knox: SHUT UP!

Knox turns to Kelly.

Mike Knox: Wait outside.

Kelly looks at Brie and Nikki before sighing and doing what Mike said, shutting the door behind her.

Mike Knox: Now listen here, I don’t want you anywhere near Kelly.

Brie Bella: Why not?? Scared we’ll hurt her?? It seems you’re doing a good enough job at that.

Brie glances at Nikki for some back up and Nikki stands firm with her sister.

Mike Knox: I wouldn’t hurt her, but I’ll have no problem hurtin’ you if you don’t shut up.

The Bella’s do the smart thing ny shutting their mouths.

Mike Knox: Good, now I don’t want you anywhere near Kelly, do you understand??

Nikki and Brie nod siliently, but when Knox opens the door to leave and join Kelly on the outside.

Nikki Bella: Y’know ... I can’t wait ‘till Evan gets back so he can teach you a lesson.

Knox speaks over his shoulder.

Mike Knox: Bourne?? I injured him once ... I’ll do it again if need be.

Knox now exits the locker room, grabbing Kelly by the arm and dragging her down the hall as we fade into the arena.

Where The Italian Stallion SANTINO MARELLA is already in the ring, and when his name is announced he gets a mixed reaction of both heat and cheers.

Jim Ross: I for one, cannot wait until Evan Bourne returns from his minor injury, Mike Knox has frightened that poor girl too much for my liking.

JBL: Usually, J.R, I am a fan of Mike, but what he’s doing now is too much, I’ll agree with you on that one.

Jim Ross: Well, anyway, ladies and gentleman, in the ring is Santino Marella, gearing up for some in-ring action.


Santino’s in for a fight as The Fighting Irishman, FINLAY makes his way onto the stage which is engulfed in green lighting. He gets a small, respectful pop from the fans as he walks down the ring, slapping a few hands of the fans nearest the steel steps before jogging up them and stepping into the ring.

Match 5 – Singles Match
Finlay vs. Santino Marella
Entertaining contest in this one, with comedy playing a major role on the part of Santino which got a good reaction from the crowd, and even got Finlay smiling at one point before the Irishman cut him down and went to work. But Marella used some dirty tactics and managed to fight back into the match, looking to pick up the victory over Finlay. In the end though, as Finlay was making a comeback, Marella ducked a clothesline attempt and rolled Finlay up, putting his legs on the bottom rope.

Winner – Santino Marella @ 4.47

Santino steals one!! The Italian rolls quickly out of the ring as Finlay rises quickly to his feet, looking to the referee for an explanation.

JBL: He won?? HE WON!?!

Jim Ross: It appears so, with some help from the ropes, Santino picks up the victory.

Finlay points at Marella, and tells him “you got lucky this time”.

We now cut backstage, where Matt Striker is waiting to interview his next guest.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, he is a former World and WWE Champion, and he is the current number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship ... I give to you, John Cena.

A massive pop as this is the first time we’ve seen JOHN CENA tonight, entering the camera shot from the side, smiling at the camera then patting Striker on the shoulder.

Matt Striker: John, last week you became number one contender, how do you feel now that you get your chance at revenge on Matt Hardy.

John Cena: I feel great, Matt, I really do. Not only do I get my chance at the World Heavyweight Championship, but after what Hardy did to me two weeks ago, I get my chance at revenge.

Good pop.

John Cena: I know I was puttin’ on a brave face last week, but I’ll admit ... I was pretty banged up, hell ... I’m still a little sore.

Cena feels his back.

John Cena: But tonight, I have to put that out of my mind once again, because I team with ...

A grin from Cena.

John Cena: I team with someone who I haven’t got along with in the past, Edge.

Solid cheer while Cena laughs at the reaction.

John Cena: Everyone knows our history, but we’ve both moved on, he has problems with Kane while I have issues with the World Heavyweight Championship. Hardy made a mistake by attackin’ me two weeks ago, and I plan on making him pay. That starts tonight, and it ends at The Bash.

Pause from John.

John Cena: Mark my words, Matt, I WILL take the championship back.

Cena turns and exits the scene to cheers as we cut to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Back from the break and in the ring already is The Big Red Monster, KANE who adjusts his glove and proceeds to wait for this match to continue.


A ear blowing about of heat comes from the Baltimore crowd as the World Heavyweight Champion, MATT HARDY comes walking on to the stage. He’s wearing a black vest which says “COLD ONE” and the World Heavyweight Title around his waist. Hardy ignores the boos, venturing down the ramp, entering the ring and walking to the corner. He unhooks the belt and raises it high in the air, he drops down but as soon as he drops, Kane is right next to him, staring at the title. After a couple of seconds, Kane backs off and turns to the stage, while Matt hands his title to the ref, perplexed.

Jim Ross: It’s main event time folks, and we’ve got a huge tag match for you, four of the biggest Superstars on SmackDown will compete.

JBL: Not only do Edge and Cena have history but Matt Hardy and Kane have some as well. If you remember these two were embroiled in a huge personal rivalry a few years back.


Complete opposite to Hardy’s reaction, the cheers are in good force as The Rated R Superstar, EDGE walks through the smoke that has filled the stage. The silver and black lighting shoots all over the arena as Edge rubs his face before walking down the ramp, eyes focused on Kane and Matt. But, Edge does the smart thing by not sliding into the ring, instead he will wait for his tag team partner.

Jim Ross: Edge and Kane’s rivalry has just started, but it’s got personal extremely quickly. Kane injured Edge’s best friend and now Edge feels he has to gain some retribution.

JBL: Which may serve to be Edge’s worst decision of his career.


A booming mixed reaction, leaning more towards cheers occurs as JOHN CENA jogs onto the stage, wearing his usual blue t-shirt and blue jean shorts. Cena smiles at the reaction and then looks at the camera, saying “time to go to work”, he salutes for the crowd but instead of running down the ramp, he only walks, stopping next to Edge. The two long time rivals stare at each other, before nodding and looking at their opponents. Then they jog into the ring, sliding in and taking the fight to their respective rivals as the referee calls for the bell.

Edge & John Cena vs. Kane & Matt Hardy

Once order is restored to the match, Kane and Edge start off for their teams and you can see the personal rivalry shine through as Edge and Kane traded blow after blow. Thanks to some under handed tactics by Hardy, Kane took complete control over Edge. The Big Red Monster took Edge into the corner and went to town on his stomach, with right fist after right fist, before pulling him out of the corner and planting him with a suplex.

Kane tagged in Hardy who continued the control over Edge, making sure to keep him away from Cena and in his own corner. They used quick tags to keep Edge away from Cena, bullying him into submission. But finally, Hardy went too far by pushing Cena off the apron before turning around, spotting Edge running at him, and the two clunk head as they meet.

Cena slowly climbs onto the apron, and gets the hot tag to Edge. Cena took strides in winning the match but just as he was getting set up for the Attitude Adjustment, Kane entered the ring, grabbing Cena from behind and planting him with a choke slam, to which Hardy got the cover.

Winners – Kane & Matt Hardy @ 8.24

The World Heavyweight Champion picks up a huge victory thanks to Kane’s Chokeslams and the fans do not like it one bit as they boo the hell out of them.

Jim Ross: They stole it!!

Kane re-enters the ring after we hear a huge thud on the outside, as it appears Cena has been launched into the steel steps!! The Big Red Monster glares at Matt which tells him to step back, he reaches down and picks Edge up to his feet, grabs him by the throat and HOISTS HIM UP BEFORE PLANTING HIM WITH THE CHOKESLAM!!

Jim Ross: NO! This match is over! This is uncalled for!

JBL: You wanna’ tell him that?!

The Big Red Monster laughs away as he leaves the ring, backing up the ramp. Some referees come down and help Edge to the back as Hardy watches on. The fans cheer Edge as he is helped up the ramp, but those cheers turn to boos as the World Heavyweight Champion looks over at Cena who is just getting to his feet. The champion quickly rolls out of the ring, and tackles Cena , PUSHING HIM BACK IN TO THE EDGE OF THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!

So many boo as Cena holds his back, dropping to his knees, wincing in pain. Hardy snarls at him, picking him up, and launching him into the ring post to another batch of heat!!

Jim Ross: OH COME ON!!

Hardy turns to Jim and walks over to him, staring in his eyes, before saying “give me your belt”.

Jim Ross: What?!

Hardy shouts at him to give the belt.

JBL: Do it, J.R!

Ross reluctantly unhooks his belt, and pulls it out, giving his belt to Hardy who grabs it from him and walks over to Cena. He LASHES THE BELT OFF THE BACK OF CENA AT LEAST FIVE TIMES!! The crowd go absolutely crazy with boos as Hardy simply looks down at Cena, dropping the belt.

The World Heavyweight Champion walks over to the time keeper ... and pulls a STEEL CHAIR out of the booth, taking it over to Cena and SMASHING IT OFF THE BACK OF HIM OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! We can hear Hardy shouting “I’M THE CHAMPION”.


Matt isn’t done though, amazingly he isn’t satisfied as he walks to the announce table and pulls the top of the table off!! He yanks out the monitors, and as he turns around, surprisingly, Cena has shown his fortitude and is on his knees, starting to get up, but Matt PICKS UP ONE OF THE MONITORS, SPRINTS FORWARD AND SMASHES ONE INTO THE FOREHEAD OFF HIS RIVAL!!


Jim Ross: This is sickening! Somebody get the hell out here!!

The World Champ pulls Cena up to his feet, he’s out of it though as Hardy struggles to hold his dead weight up. We hear a sudden gasp as Cena is BUSTED open, blood trickling down his forehead, over his nose and down his chin!!

Hardy pulls Cena over to the announce table and struggles to place him on it, but gets there eventually. Matt reaches into the ring, and pulls his title out. The Cold One walks to Cena, grabs him by the back of the head, pulls his head up a little bit, and shoves the title to his face, telling him “THIS IS MINE ... DO YOU HEAR ME?? MINE. YOU WILL NEVER BE WORLD CHAMPION!”.

Jim Ross: This is too much ... MATT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!

Matt shoots a glare at J.R before letting go of the title. He turns his attention back to Cena and climbs up onto the table with him!! The heat is indescribable as Hardy struggles to lift Cena to his feet, HARDY SUDDENLY KICKS CENA IN STOMACH AND ...

Jim Ross: NO!! NO!!


Jim Ross: BAH GAWD ... NO!!

JBL: The table has been destroyed and so has John Cena!!

Hardy slowly gets to his feet, holding the back of his head, obviously feeling some pain from going through the table, but it’s Cena who’s got the brunt of it as he hasn’t moved since hitting the floor. The crowd nearest the announce table cover their mouths in shock, but the fans farther out begin a rapturous “CE-NA” chant but it’s not going to help.

Matt reaches and picks up the World Heavyweight Championship, and he puts his boot on the chest of Cena, raising his belt, high in the air.

Jim Ross: Never in my career have I seen Cena like this, Matt ... what have you done??

With those lasting words, SmackDown fades to black.

End of Show

Date: 12 July 2009
Location: ARCO Arena; Sacramento, California
Event Music: "Whyyawannabringmedown" by Aranda & "Seasons" by Veer Union

World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Match:
Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy


Jamie Sky = Velvet Sky fyi

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

I'm liking the development of Kofi Kingston and it's always good to see him get mic-time as well as entertain the audience with a match. Simple contest to put Kofi over more, never thought Noble had a chance.

Booo @ Kaval losing. I understand the reasoning for it, but I'm just a Kaval fan so, again, Booo.

The Main Event was well done and the subsequent attacks afterwards. I've never been a huge huge fan of Matt Hardy, but the way he took it to Cena was really impressive, so I will certainly be keeping an eye on how all of that develops.

All and all a solid show, well done.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Monday Night Raw - 22 June 09

Monday Night Raw kicks off with some action as *I’M COMIN* hits to a solid response from the crowd and soon enough, MVP, The Ballin Superstar makes his way down to the ring.

Next up, it’s the entrance of The Undertaker, *GRAVEYARDS SYMPHONY* plays to a massive, massive response from the fans in the building. Eventually, The Undertaker reaches the ring and the match can begin.


In the beginning, it’s The Deadman and MVP staring off, Porter doesn’t back down though, and the action begins with both meeting in the middle. The Undertaker pushes MVP into the corner, and the opening few minutes consisted of just this – ‘Taker using his strength and experience to manhandle MVP around the ring.

But eventually Porter got some offense in, working over The Undertaker systematically, trying to weaken The Deadman before going for the kill. But when MVP went for The Ballin Elbow, The Undertaker sat up and grabbed Porter by the throat, going for the ChokeSlam but MVP breaks his grip on the way up.

Porter lands on his feet, and kicks ‘Taker in the gut and smashes the side of his face with a running boot. Porter got a near fall, and got in control of The Deadman again, locking him in a sleeper hold. But, the challenger to the WWE Championship fought back, and picked up the victory with the Tombstone Piledriver.


While The Undertaker is celebrating, the lights in the arena go out, but the titan tron stays lit up, as we see the WWE Champion, Randy Orton stood in what appears to be a grave site. The Viper begins by saying that The Deadman’s mind games will not work, this isn’t 2005, he isn’t a kid any more.

He says that he is the WWE Champion, and will be the victor this coming Sunday. He says that ‘Takers mind games don’t have any effect, in fact is shows that The Undertaker is scared of facing The Viper. Orton continues by saying that The Undertaker will find out what Ric Flair, the McMahon’s and Triple H found out, that he is the most dangerous Superstar in the WWE.

The WWE Champion says that The Undertaker will go the same way as those people did, falling a the feet of The Apex Predator. Orton continues by saying that he doesn’t just plan on defeating the Deadman at Fully Loaded, he intends on putting him out of action with a swift punt. He then says that The Undertaker needs to learn how to send a message, so he better watch this.

The camera zooms out, as we see Randy Orton has a sledgehammer in his right hand. And we also see a gravestone next to him, the same one from last week, Orton turns on his heels and smashes the stone to pieces with a massive hammer blow.

The Viper turns to the camera, right in the face of it, and tells everyone that Fully Loaded won’t be the end of Randy Orton, it will be the end of The Undertaker as he PUNTS THE DEADMAN IN THE SKULL.

We cut away from the tron, which goes to static, illuminating the arena a little bit, where we see a figure entering the ring from behind. And the figure walks up to The Deadman, yanks him around and connects with what looks like an RKO.

The arena now lights up and we see Randy Orton, the WWE Champion staring down at his opponent, come Sunday.


Straight from commercial, Randy Orton is walking backstage where he is stopped by his Legacy stable mates, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Rhodes tells Orton that Jerry Lawler wants to speak to him, but just as Randy is about to question Cody, Lawler himself walks up behind Orton and tells him he thought he’d search him out. Jerry informs Orton that as a consequence of his actions out there, he will go one on one with Mister Kennedy. When Orton questions the decision, saying Undertaker has done a lot worse and yet he doesn’t get any punishment, Lawler cuts him off and in forms him that’s why he faced MVP earlier on. The Raw GM also tells the other two members of Legacy that they will take on The Colons after they requested a rematch from last week.

In the arena, the commentators hype up these two matches before ...


Some boos greet the arrival of Katie Lea as she ventures down the ramp and climbs into the ring, microphone in hand.

She begins by stating she’ll be the Women’s Champion after this Sunday, after waiting a very long time, waiting in the shadows, watching others get undeserved opportunities like Mickie James, Melina and Beth Phoenix. Katie continues her smugness as she says she is the most talented Diva on the whole roster. The Dark Diva says she is sick and tired of playing second fiddle to models and Barbie dolls, this is when she takes the championship away from Maryse.

Katie then lays in to Maryse by saying she has no right to step foot in this ring, Katie continues by stating that she has had years of training, but Maryse has had very little, and yet is still afforded all the opportunities in the world. She says she is what a Diva should be and she is sick of all these models getting opportunities because they caught Vince McMahon’s eye.

The challenger reaffirms that she is the most talented, but she doesn’t fit the profile of what a WWE Diva should be. She says she doesn’t flaunt her body, she doesn’t take part in stupid photoshoots ... she is a wrestler and a damn good one. Katie lays into Maryse one more time, saying she’s champion out of luck, out of cheating and being in the right place at the right time.

Katie says she is done, done playing second fiddle to blonde bimbos, done playing second fiddle to models who have no right to be in this business. The Dark Diva then continues by saying WWE is a WRESTLING company, and they should be signing women with actual talent, not women who are only known for stripping for magazines.

Katie then turns her attention to the crowd, saying that they are what is wrong with the WWE, saying that they are the cause of this. She says the fans don’t know real wrestling talent, they’d rather watch people like Maryse and Kelly Kelly, but in a couple of days she’ll show why she is the best when she walks into her home country and win the WWE Undisputed Women’s Championship.


Since this is a heel/heel feud, the dynamic is a bit awkward but the fans react nonetheless, with the women and children booing but some of the male fans lapping the entrance of Maryse up, who has a microphone in her hand and she stops on the stage, belt slung over her shoulder.

The champion begins by saying she has sat backstage and listened to Katie preach about her, preach about how she shouldn’t be Women’s Champion. And, firstly, she says that she is the most beautiful Diva in the company, and while she receives invites to red carpet events and phone calls for photoshoots that doesn’t make her unworthy to step in that ring. Maryse says that contrary to what Katie thinks, when she was signed by the WWE, she spent hours, hours in the gym, in the ring, to improve her skills. That’s just what happened she says, she became Women’s Champion, not because she caught Vince’s eye, but because she is the best.

She says she couldn’t care less about what these people think, she hears the whistles when she walks to the ring but she became champion DESPITE Vince’s perception of her being nothing but a pretty face, she became the top Diva because she is the best Diva.

The champion says she has the best body, she is the most beautiful, but also she is the best in that ring. Maryse states that Katie has had years of training, even before she joined WWE, whereas she had little training, and yet she is still better. That is the reason she won the championship, not because she was lucky, or in the right place at the right time. Then she says that she doesn’t care if she is in Britain, she will defend her championship and leave Fully Loaded with the title.

With Maryse holding her championship in the air, we fade to a video


We open up into a closed off gym, a ring in the middle of it, lights darkened, a man sitting on a steel chair in the centre.

Next up, we see who we assume to be that same man, connecting with a Powerbomb in the darkened gym.

A Powerslam this time as the man continues to punish his opponent.

Finally, the man finishes the match with what appears to be a Bicycle Kick and the referee counts the three count.

The Man: My name ... is Sheamus.

The gym now lights up as we get a close up of the ginger haired Superstar.

Sheamus: And I’m comin’ to the double u double u E ... to fight ... to fight the very best.

A smirk appears on the face of Sheamus.

Sheamus: And if you think you’ve seen destructive ... then fella’ ... just wait until you see me in that ring.

Another grin as we see that jobber getting to his feet before Sheamus hits him again with a Bicycle Kick.



Simple WWE match here, CM Punk makes a hot start, keeping Masters off his game but thanks to some underhanded tactics, The Masterpiece took control of the bout. Chris kept Punk down for a while, working over his neck and back, and even attempting to lock in The Masterlock in a couple of times. But when he went for The MasterBomb, Punk hit a couple of shots to his head and dropped down, landing on his feet, he ran through his arsenal before hitting Masters with the GTS for the victory.


While Punk is celebrating, the commentators put over the match for Fully Loaded, but suddenly JACK SWAGGER appears from nowhere, seemingly jumping the barricade and sliding into the ring. Swagger clobbers Punk from behind, before yanking him up and smashing him shoulder first into the ring post!! But The All American isn’t done, he pulls Punk out of the corner, kicks him in the stomach and PLANTS HIM WITH THE GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!

Swagger picks up the briefcase and kneels beside Punk, telling him that this is coming home with him this Sunday.


Back from the commercial, we’re backstage, where CM Punk is walking down the corridor, wincing in pain at every step, holding his back and shoulder. But he stops in his tracks and the camera pans out to reveal The Miz?? It is indeed, The Awesome One stands in front of Punk, grinning from ear to ear.

Punk asks him what he wants, and this leads to The Miz going on a tangent about how Punk was brutally beat up by, of all people, Jack Swagger. He says that things just keep getting worse for Punk, first he loses his hair because of Kane, and now he’s about to lose his briefcase. Meanwhile, for himself, the only way is up, because in six days time, he will meet Shawn Michaels and defeat him one on one; and then he will be first in line for a crack at the WWE Championship.

Punk questions The Miz’ statement, saying that he is just a flash in the pan, who’ll get what’s coming to him on Sunday. He also gets under Miz’ skin by saying that if he is WWE Champion, then the WWE won’t be a company for much longer. Miz ignores that jibe and says that he is the future of this company, and he suggests that Punk better find a TV set, because he has a huge announcement lined up, that he and especially Shawn Michaels will want to see.

Punk says he’ll pass, and tries to leave but Miz steps in front of him, and says that if Swagger doesn’t take the briefcase from Punk, then he has no problem taking the briefcase himself. Punk retorts by saying he hopes that Michaels kicks his teeth down his throat at Fully Loaded, but if that doesn’t happen, then he’ll have no issue putting him to sleep.

Punk now forcefully brushes past Miz and walks away as we cut to the SmackDown LowDown!

Beginning the video, we see R-Truth and Kofi Kingston brawling in the ring before security seperates them, and Theodore Long announces R-Truth will face Vladimir Kozlov next week in a number one contenders match. Then, we see John Cena and Edge taking on Kane and Matt Hardy , but it ends in disaster for Cena as he is brutally assaulted by Hardy, ending with putting him through a table.

Back in the arena ...


A large amount of heat comes at the sound of The Miz’ music, and soon enough The Awesome One makes his way to the ring, dressed in ring gear and a microphone in his hand.

He waits for the crowd to die down before saying that you are looking at the most must see Superstar in the history of the WWE, and the future WWE Champion. This Sunday The Miz takes his ‘awesomeness’ to the United Kingdom where he will defeat the washed up, hack of a Superstar, Shawn Michaels. He says after Fully Loaded, he will be the one known as THE SHOWSTOPPA, THE MAIN EVENT, THE ICON!

He then says that at Backlash he started the job, but at Fully Loaded, he will end it for good, by shattering Michaels’ foot that was injured at Backlash. He then compares himself with Shawn Michaels, saying just like him, he was in a team once, where the other man rode the coattails of the more successful one. He says that he has a huge announcement, and it is in regards to a match, tonight, right now, The Miz will go one on one with ...

The Miz turns to the stage and drops the microphone.


Respectful pop comes from the fans as Marty Jannetty appears on the stage, and then walks down the ramp, and enters the ring.

This match was basically done to show off how strong The Miz looks going in to Fully Loaded, and despite Marty getting a tiny bit of offense in, he was never going to win this match. The old timer was eventually put down with a Skull Crushing Finale, pretty soon into the bout.


The referee tends to Marty as The Miz climbs onto the turnbuckle, shouting that he’s going to win on Sunday, he drops down and sets his eyes on Marty again, obviously not done. The Miz walks over to him and kicks him in the stomach, and then continues to stomp on the old timer. The Awesome One stops though and exits the ring, grabbing a steel chair from ringside and sliding back into the ring.

Instead of hitting Marty with it, he grabs his leg and puts it inside the steel chair, placing it back down on the mat. The Miz looks around the arena, before raising his foot up, and –


The arena comes unglued as SHAWN MICHAELS SPRINTS DOWN THE AISLE! He slides into the ring, ducking a clothesline, bounces off the ropes and smashes into Miz with a flying forearm! HBK then nips up and tunes up the band, only for The Miz to roll out the ring and stumble up the ramp, holding his jaw.

Michaels stares a hole through The Miz as the referee checks on Marty, and we then fade to a commercial.


Backstage, Shawn Michaels is walking with a purpose, breathing heavily, but is stopped by Josh Matthews, who asks Michaels for a word. HBK says he’ll give him two, “washed up”. Matthews seems perplexed as Michaels pauses, he then says that The Miz thinks Ol’ HBK is washed up, he thinks he’s done, but that can’t be further from the truth. The Showstopper can still hang with the best of them, and at Fully Loaded, he’s going to shut The Miz up for good. The Miz thinks beating up a man who hasn’t had a match in years makes him a big man, and he says that he’ll shatter my foot at Fully Loaded. Michaels congrats The Miz on giving away his strategy but the only thing his foot will be doing his kicking The Miz’ teeth down his throat.

This was your typical WWE tag team match, with the added element of revenge on the mind of The Colons after last week’s attack, while Legacy wanted the win to atone for last week’s loss. The opening few minutes were of Carlito and Primo taking it to Rhodes, putting him through a lot of pain as a token for last week.

But eventually, Rhodes got the tag to DiBiase and the fresh man was able to put the beat down on Primo, who played the face in peril. Primo done it well, getting the crowd on his side and got the hot tag to his partner, who met DiBiase in the middle of the ring, trading shots. ‘Lito got the better and after hitting the Backcracker, he looked to wrap it up but Rhodes broke the pin, only to be taken out by Primo. This distraction allowed DiBiase to recover and roll Carlito up, grabbing the tights and getting the dirty win.


DiBiase quickly rolls out the ring, escaping from the reach of a fuming Carlito. Rhodes eventually joins his partner on the ramp and Primo does the same in the ring, two teams staring off, 1-1.

We now head backstage where Todd Grisham is waiting, he introduces his guest as The Master of the 619, Rey Mysterio. Grisham asks Rey his thoughts on competing in a four on four, Fully Loaded preview. Mysterio says it’ll be tough, it’ll be tough at Fully Loaded as well, but it’s the reason that he gets up in the morning, getting that Intercontinental Championship back. He says he can’t speak for Cryme Tyme but he’s willing to bet that they feel the same way.

Mysterio continues by saying that he hasn’t forgot the reason Regal is champion, the reason is none other than Wade Barrett. But he won’t have Barrett to protect him this coming Sunday, he says that the Intercontinental and World Tag Team Championships are coming home.


We come back from the commercial, and its all action as Beth Phoenix and Melina are brawling backstage! With some onlookers, the two feisty Divas are grabbing each other by the hair, ending up rolling on a table, which ends up collapsing because of the weight! But that doesn’t stop the two Divas, Phoenix climbs on top of Melina, reigning down with right fists.

But then Melina turns the tables, flipping Phoenix onto her back and doing the very same thing. Suddenly, Jerry Lawler appears on the scene, pulling Melina off Phoenix, copping a feel as he does so the cheeky sod. Phoenix stands up and tries to get to Melina but Lawler stands in front of her and informs them that if they want to fight so bad, they’ll get their chance, this coming Sunday, but right now they’ve to get out of his sight.

Cutting to another backstage area, MVP is pacing around his locker room, frustrated before smashing his fist into a locker. Meanwhile, Mister Kennedy sits on a steel chair, chewing his gum and watching his friend. Finally he speaks up, telling MVP not to sweat it, but then we see the cockiness of Kennedy when he tells him to sit down and watch what he’s going to do to Randy Orton later, adding that MVP couldn’t beat The Viper a couple of weeks ago. MVP shakes his head, looking dumbstruck, before saying that he is getting pissed off at Kennedy’s attitude. This leads Kennedy to comment on MVP’s attitude, saying he cost them the match on Thursday because of his own ego.

But before MVP gets a chance to comment on the hypocrisy of that statement, Kennedy presses on by saying that they need to get on the same page now, to prove Ric Flair right – that they have the potential to be one of the greatest teams in history. Kennedy tells Porter that after he defeats Orton tonight, they’ll set their sights on the World Tag Team Championship, before MVP can respond, Kennedy slaps his shoulder and walks away.


We open up to a shot of the O2 Arena in London, England.

Narrator: For the first time in six years ... the WWE returns to the United Kingdom ... for a Pay-Pay-View extravaganza.

We now see highlights of Summerslam ’92.

MVP: Every time we come to the UK, the crowds are immense.

Mr. Kennedy: The fact that they only get to the witness the WWE live twice a year, this really will be special.

We see some shots of the UK crowd going wild whenever Raw or SmackDown were in the building.

Shawn Michaels: Are ya’ ready, UK??

Shot of Shawn Michaels facing John Cena in the hour long match they had.

The Miz: We’re comin’ locked and loaded ... the WWE is returning to the UK ... and it’s gonna’ be ... AWESOME!!

We now see a view of the O2 Arena at night, with the WWE logo splattered across it.

Narrator: Monday Night Raw presents ... WWE ... Fully ... Loaded!



We cut to the arena where we join Michael Cole and Mick Foley, who hype up the card for Fully Loaded, putting emphasis on the WWE Championship bout and the winner take all, Intercontinental + World Tag Team Championship match.

We then get a split view of The Monarchy and Rey Mysterio, Cryme Tyme and TJ Perkins walking through the halls.


In our semi main event, all hell breaks loose as a very entertaining match takes place, featuring the high flying tandem of Mysterio and Perkins while the other team utilizes the ground game of McGuiness and Regal and the brawling styles of McIntyre and Barrett.

This only lasted five minutes but they got a lot of action in, and after The Monarchy stood tall last week, with the help of TJ Perkins – Mysterio and Cryme Tyme stood tall this week. After JTG hit Da Shout Out to Wade Barrett, Shad picked him up, and whipped him towards Rey Mysterio who tripped him onto the second rope before hitting the 619! Perkins then climbed to the top rope and hit him with the 450 Splash, allowing Mysterio to sink into the cover and getting the pin, scoring a smidge of revenge on Barrett.


The foursome celebrates in the ring as McIntyre pulls Barrett out of the ring and helps him to the ramp where Regal and McGuiness are waiting. The referee hands them their championships and they hold them high in the air, staring at the four Superstars in the ring.

We quickly cut backstage where Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are walking down a corridor, the WWE Title over the shoulder of The Viper. They are stopped though by the Raw General Manager, Jerry Lawler who tells them that Legacy will be banned from ringside during this main event, and also, as a result of Rhodes and DiBiase’s cheating, they will face The Colons at Fully Loaded in a rubber match. Orton questions the GM but Lawler stands firm, telling Orton that he is the boss of this show and he will have to learn to like it.

In the arena, the commentators hype up the Fully Loaded card somemore, putting emphasis on the smaller matches such as the Divas Championship and the match we just found out about.


A solid pop comes from the fans as Mister Kennedy makes his entrance, looking as cocky as ever. He climbs into the ring and demands a spotlight, waiting for the microphone to come down from the rafters. He announces himself before saying that he is the one who will defeat Randy Orton tonight, and then he and his partner will go on to win the World Tag Team Championships, and then finally finishes his announcement with his name ... twice as always.



The Viper, Randy Orton walks from behind the curtain, surveying the arena before focusing on Kennedy.

In the beginning, it’s very even as they lock up, each man struggling to push the other back. Eventually they break and go to lock up again but instead, Orton knees Kennedy in the stomach and pushes him into the corner. The Viper works on the stomach of Kennedy with repeated knees but Kennedy catches one of Orton’s knees and sweeps his standing foot away. The next few minutes consist of Kennedy working Orton over, waiting for the moment to end it but the WWE Champion shows why is just that, as he fights back and defeats Kennedy with an RKO after countering The Mic Check!


Despite Kennedy putting a massive effort in, the WWE Champion picks up the victory and all the momentum heading into Fully Loaded ... but ...


They come back on and we see The Undertaker standing in the corner, staring at The Viper! The Deadman and The Apex Predator then meet in the centre of the ring, trading blows with The Undertaker starting to get the better of him before Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase slide into the ring and attack ‘Taker from behind!

Orton makes a quick exit, as he sees The Undertaker fight back and throw DiBiase over the top rope, then grab Rhodes and plant him with The Last Ride! Undertaker stares at Orton but then DiBiase re-enters the ring but eats a ChokeSlam for his trouble!

Orton staggers up the ramp, then kneels down, clutching the championship to his stomach, perhaps for the last time??


Date: 28th June
Location: O2 Arena; London, England
Theme Music: ‘All My Life’ by Foo Fighters

WWE Championship:
~ No Disqualification/No Count Out ~
Randy Orton © vs. The Undertaker

One on One:
Shawn Michaels vs. The Miz

Intercontinental + World Tag Team Championship:
~ Winner Take All ~
The Monarchy © vs. Rey Mysterio & Cryme Tyme


Money in the Bank:
CM Punk © vs. Jack Swagger

Undisputed Women’s Championship:
Maryse © vs. Katie Lea

Grudge Match:
Beth Phoenix vs. Melina

Rubber Match:
The Colons vs. The Legacy

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Friday Night SmackDown - 26 June

Before heading to the opening video, we crash into the show, where we’re backstage, a dark room, and before us stands The Big Red Monster, Kane, who grins darkly at the camera. He tells everyone that he is the most dangerous Superstar in the WWE, and has been since the moment he arrived in the company, since tearing off that Cell door and destroying his brother, nobody has been more destructive or dominating as him. He goes onto say that a presence has awoken inside him, a presence that has gave him new life, Kane says that this presence has led him to do some horrible things, but he enjoyed every single second of it.

Whether it was shaving CM Punk’s head, or ChokeSlamming Edge, or even ... burning Christian alive. He enjoyed every moment, every moment of the suffering he put these Superstars through, two of those are in his past, but one is still in his sights, The Rated R Superstar Edge. He hasn’t put Edge through half as much suffering as the others, but he intends to do that, tonight.

Kane lays down a challenge to Edge, meet him in the ring for a match, so not only can we see who the better man is, but for him to realize why Christian has not returned, why CM Punk lost his hair, and just why he is the most dominant, dangerous Superstar in the entire WWE.

Now with a demonic Kane laughing, we cut to the opening video and then we swiftly enter the arena where a huge pyrotechnic display sounds off.

We then cut to the announce booth where J.R and JBL welcome us to the show, and they speak about Kane’s chilling words just a few moments ago before hyping up the World Heavyweight Championship contract signing later on.


Time for the opening match of the evening, and it’s the Cruiserweight Championship Semi-Final which will determine who will face John Morrison at The Bash. Gregory Helms makes his entrance, slapping some of the fans hands on the way down to the ring.


The music of Dolph Ziggler hits which is greeted with some solid heat from the crowd, he keeps his eyes on Helms as we cut to a commercial.



In the beginning, it’s a very cagey affair, after their confrontation last week, these two didn’t want to give their game plan away to earlier. But as we got deeper into the match, more offense came into play from both men. Neither really got a foothold in the match, as the advantage swiftly changed throughout, one minute Helms would be in control but then next Ziggler would be. Finally, a clear advantage was seen as Helms attempted a suicide dive to the outside, only for Ziggler to side step him. The Show Off was in complete control now, working over Helms, and getting a couple of near falls. Helms made a come back though, going through his arsenal and almost picking up the victory, only for Ziggler to counter the Helmslam into The Zig Zag, getting the win.


Ziggler celebrates wildly, having booked his chance at winning the Cruiserweight Championship, while Helms curses his luck, the commentators put both men over as we cut backstage ...

Where Kelly Kelly is talking to Brie Bella and Nikki Bella. They are wearing gowns which cover their bodies as they are getting ready for the lingerie contest later on. They talk amongst themselves, looking forward to tonight, but then a bang comes from behind them and the door to the Divas Locker Room is open, standing in the door way is Mike Knox. Kelly’s smile fades now, but The Bella’s stand in front of their friend. Knox walks towards them, shouting for Kelly to leave the locker room. Kelly shimmies past The Bella’s, shooting them a look that says ‘I have to’. As Kelly leaves the room, Knox stares at The Bellas, he says he told them last week that he can make their life hell if they don’t leave Kelly alone.

Brie fires back by saying he doesn’t scare them. Knox laughs at that notion and grabs Brie by the back of her hair, Nikki shouts at him to let her go, and he does eventually, laughing as he walks away, sending a message to The Bellas. The cameras cut outside where we’re focused on Kelly, who is covering her ears, but then Knox comes out of the room and grabs Kelly by the arm. He pins her against the wall, and tells her to stay away from The Bellas, and she will not take part in the lingerie contest. With Kelly too petrified to respond, Knox leads her out of the shot as we cut to a commercial.


Back from commercial, we are looking at a door which says ‘Exit’. The door swiftly opens and insteps John Cena from what appears to be the parking lot. He doesn’t look to happy, he has a bag slung over his shoulder, and doesn’t bother to say Hi to some of the people milling around, instead looking very focused and quite frankly – pissed off.

We cut away from Cena, where Matt Striker is waiting; he introduces his guest as the man who will face Dolph Ziggler at The Bash for the Cruiserweight Championship – John Morrison. He gets a nice pop from the crowd, and he responds with a grin to the camera before tapping Striker on the shoulder. Matt asks Morrison how he feels about facing Ziggler – and he responds by saying he respects Ziggler’s skills, but he will be the Cruiserweight Champion.

But after that, we hear laughing coming from behind Morrison, he turns around and we see Dolph Ziggler grinning as he approaches. He pats Morrison on the shoulder, informing him he doesn’t care if he respects his skills, and that he’ll defeat him at The Bash, just like he did at Judgment Day in the United States Championship Gauntlet.

Ziggler looks cocky as ever, but Morrison fires back by explaining that was a fluke because of how he was counted out. A simple grin greets that statement, and Ziggler says he’ll beat him at The Bash and prove how good he is. Show ... off.

Back in the arena ...


A good pop greets The Warriors as the duo walk down the ramp, accompanied as always by the gorgeous AJ Lee. Daniel slides into the ring while Kaval jogs up the steel steps, and once they are both in, AJ hands the two of them two microphones.

Bryan steps forward and says that for weeks, since they debuted on Superstars, two people have been a thorn in their side. Kaval points out they are like this because they are jealous of their ability in the ring, and the fact they have never beaten them without resorting to cheating. Back to Bryan and he says that they are sick of what Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins keep doing, attacking them from behind, threatening AJ and simply annoying them.

AJ takes charge now, says that ever since Ryder punched her, “accidently” knocking her out, she’s dreamed of ways that her boys can get revenge. They threatened her last week, saying that this isn’t over, and it isn’t. So, AJ challenges Ryder and Hawkins to come out and actually fight face to face to face for once.


The music of Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins blares out but there is no sign of the twosome. Bryan and Kaval stare at the stage, waiting for them but instead, they are clobbered from behind by Ryder and Hawkins!

The commentators state they must have came from the crowd as Ryder pairs of with Bryan, and Hawkins with Kaval pushing them into the corners, pummelling them with shot after shot! AJ looks from corner to corner, worrying for her boys and trying to decide what to do. But then Ryder takes a look at AJ over his shoulder, turns back to Bryan and throws him through the ropes.

He slowly walks over to AJ, but she doesn’t back away, standing her ground. We hear cheers as we see Kaval fighting back against Hawkins, forcing his way out of the corner and turning the tables but Ryder attacks him from behind with a chop block!

With both of her boys down, AJ has no back up, but she shows her bravery by staying in the ring and facing Hawkins and Ryder. The two of them advance on her, grinning but then AJ SLAPS THE TASTE OUT OF RYDERS MOUTH!!

The crowd pop at this and we see Daniel Bryan entering the picture, tackling Hawkins, and the two of them roll to the outside, leaving Ryder and AJ. Zack reaches out and grabs AJ, pulling her towards him, almost looking as if he is about to kiss her but instead, HE HOISTS THE DIVA UP AND PLANTS HER WITH A SIT-DOWN SPINEBUSTER!!

The heat that Ryder gets for this extremely loud, the commentators have to shout to speak over it as Ryder looks down at AJ’s fallen body. He quickly exits the ring as Bryan and Kaval slide in, meeting Hawkins on the ramp and the two of them back up the ramp, pleased with what they’ve accomplished here tonight.

AJ appears knocked out, and some medical staff appear on the scene to check her neck, Daniel and Kaval look at each other, then at Hawkins and Ryder, contemplating their revenge.



For Lashley, this is a fair cry away from his previous big matches with Vladimir Kozlov and Matt Hardy, his descent down the card continues as he is forced to take on Jamie Noble. The man who defeated the World Heavyweight Champion has no trouble dispatching Noble, but he does it with extra force, the frustration clear for all to see. He finishes Noble off with not one, but two Dominators and then getting the pin.


Lashley doesn’t stay to celebrate, he takes one look at Noble, shakes his head and exits the ring. He does stop to slap two fans hands but nothing major as he walks up the ramp.

We cut backstage where Matt Striker is waiting, and he introduces his guest as The Rated R Superstar, Edge.

Striker asks Edge to convey his thoughts on Kane and if he will meet him in the ring later on tonight? To which Edge responds with going over how dangerous Kane can be, but Edge says he can be just as dangerous, they don’t call him The Rated R Superstar for nothing. He continues by saying that Kane can sit in a dark room all he wants and speak about demons and the devil, but the thing he needs to worry about is The Rated R Superstar. And yes, he will meet Kane in the middle of the ring later tonight. Tonight will be the first step in getting redemption for his friend, Christian.

In another area, we see the same door where John Cena entered before, but this time, security is circled around the door. The camera pokes through and we see the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy walk through the door. He tells the security to make sure John Cena does not step foot near him, the only time he wants to see Cena is at the contract signing.


Back from the break, we are once again with Matt Striker who welcomes his guest, Jeff Hardy. Striker asks him his thoughts on Chris Jericho’s seeming vendetta against him and if he is looking forward to The Bash where he will get his chance to become number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.

Jeff begins by saying that he doesn’t quite know why Chris is attacking him both physically and verbally, but frankly – he doesn’t care. Jericho can take issue with his lifestyle if he wants, he isn’t the first. And as for becoming number one contender, Jeff says he can only hope that Matt Hardy is the champion when he wins at The Bash, because he still has revenge on his mind.

But then, Jeff is attacked from behind by ... Chris Jericho!!

Jeff can’t defend himself through the shock of not expecting, while Striker runs off as Jericho grabs Hardy and throws him head first into the curtain, pulling down the set of the interview and then climbing on top of Hardy. Jericho rains down punches on Jeff’s head, before pulling him to his feet and throwing him into the nearby wall, head first!!

But Jericho isn’t done, he turns Jeff onto his stomach and locks in The Walls of Jericho, on the concrete. Jericho cranks the hold until Theodore Long appears with a bunch of security, who pull Jericho off, not without a struggle though. Long tells Jericho that if he pulls another stunt like this, then his chance at the World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contendership will be revoked.

Jericho questions Long though, saying that if Jeff done this he wouldn’t get it revoked. This is simply another piece of evidence that he is complying to show to the board of directors after The Bash, and after The Bash – Teddy Long will be fired.

We cut away, and into a locker room where Vladimir Kozlov is sat, taping up his wrists. He gets a clear mixed reaction, some still enjoying what he done last week to R-Truth but then the man himself walks in. The Russian vaults up to meet him, looking ready to fight but R-Truth backs off, telling the big man to calm down, he’s not here to fight, he’s here to talk.

Kozlov calms down, leaving Truth the floor to talk. R-Truth tells him that Theodore Long is biased towards other Superstars, he tells Kozlov to think about how he made Kozlov face Bobby Lashley at The Bash. Kozlov raises his eyebrows. Truth tells Kozlov that they should stick it to Long, by teaming up, and once R-Truth wins the United States Championship, he’ll grant the first shot to Kozlov.

Truth’s obviously trying his hardest to get out of this match with Vladimir, but it seems to be working as Kozlov tells him to continue. Truth tells him that if he simply lies down (which gains huge heat) and lets him pin him, and then helps him defeat Kingston then he will get the first shot. But if not, the jelly’s gonna hit the wall.

Kozlov eyes him up and down, he’s about to answer but Truth interrupts him and tells him to think about it and give him his answer later tonight.

In the ring, Josh Matthews stands, and he announces the SmackDown Lingerie Contest.


The entrance of The Bella Twins takes place now, the girls walking swiftly down the ramp.


Now, the lovely Candice Michelle joins The Bella’s in the ring.


The bubbly Maria makes her entrance now, receiving some good cheers from the crowd, popular as ever.

A pause happens at this point, which prompts Matthews to announce Kelly Kelly but there isn’t a sign of her. Josh is about to start the competition but then ...


A solid pop greets Kelly Kelly as she makes her entrance, ignoring the orders of Mike Knox, and makes her way down to the ring defiantly.

The competition now starts, and we go in order from The Bella’s, then Candice, then Maria but when Kelly is about to strut her stuff ...


And the mood has certainly turned as The Monster, Mike Knox angrily explodes through the curtain and makes a beeline for the ring. Amazingly, the brave Josh Matthews scampers from the ring, leaving the girls in the ring as Knox climbs in.

He angrily walks over to Kelly and scolds her for taking part in this and pushes her into the corner, putting a finger in her face, angrily telling her she will obey him from now on. The Bella Twins get involved now, trying to protect their friend, but Knox actually pushes Nikki away, and with enough force so her head smacks off the mat. The rest of the girls help her but Knox tells Kelly to watch this, this is going to be a message, if she doesn’t obey then it will happen to her.

Knox lets go of Kelly, scatters the rest of the girls except Brie who stays to try and protect her sister but that puts her in the ire of the beast as instead of targeting Nikki, he grabs Brie and puts her in position for The Knox Out!! The crowd are shitting on Knox so much, and Kelly Kelly pleads him to let go of her friend, saying ‘it’s not her fault’. He turns to Kelly, then says she’s right, she must pay for it herself. Knox lets go of Brie, pushing her way and grabs Kelly ... putting her in position for The Knox Out. A few seconds pass by, a Knox shouts at her “it’s all your fault!”.


A massive, MASSIVE pop greets the music of Kelly Kelly’s previously injured boyfriend, as EVAN BOURNE sprints out, down the aisle and slides into the ring. J.R basically has an orgasm at ringside as Evan ducks a clothesline from Knox, rebounds off the ropes and runs into Knox with a running jumping knee to the jaw!!

Knox stumbles backwards, Bourne again – bounces off the ropes and connects with a running hurricanrana, which sends Knox tumbling through the top and second rope!! The crowd cheer loudly as Bourne stands up, staring down at Knox who quickly backs up the ramp, holding his jaw. Bourne gets a massive hug from Kelly and even The Bella Twins for saving everyone from Knox’s rampage.

J.R states that Bourne has been out of action due to Knox’s brutal assault at Judgment Day, but he is back now, which means Mikes rampage has been stopped, but JBL questions this, saying it may just have begun.


In the ring, the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson are stood, staring at their opponents, who Justin Roberts announces as the Philippines top tag team, Luke Harper and Jammy Fino!

Is this even a competition?? The WWE Tag Team Champions stare at their opponents with utter disdain. Meanwhile, Harper stands on the outside, smiling at the crowd, even though they aren’t even cheering them on. Meanwhile, Fino walks to the centre of the ring, sticking his hand out to Ezekiel Jackson, saying “Bro. Wassup?? Shake my hand dude”. Despite the attempts at being respectful, Jackson simply bulldozes over one half of the Philippines greatest tag team!! The match ends rather swiftly, with Fino being destroyed over and over again before Jackson picks up the pin, Harper didn’t even get a chance to compete!!


Harper isn’t left out for long, after orders from Kendrick, Jackson pulls Harper into the ring and beats him up, knocking him out with The Book of Ezekiel!! With both men laying on the mat, the WWE Tag Team Champions exit the ring, smirking at their (Jackson’s work).




The video opens up to a night sky, we’re in the middle of a street, a few cars drive by but it seems rather deserted. Suddenly though, the one and only Santino Marella jumps in front of the camera.

Santino Marella: Hallo ... my name ... Santino Marella.

Marella stops talking and cocks his head, flashing a toothy grin at the camera.

Santino Marella: And I am heeerrrre ... in Virginaaaaa!

Marella looks around, as does the cameras, seeing just a dimly lit street.

SantIno Marella: And a-now ... join me as I eh-explore this localll establishmoonntt!

The camera focuses on a building on the other side of the road.

Santino Marella: Lets a-go! Follow me!

Santino fast walks across the road, not even looking to see if any cars are coming, but luckily none do. He stops at the door of this establishment.

Santino Marella: Now-a let us ... go innnnnnnn!!

The Italian flashes a smile at the camera before he opens the door, and we follow him and in and we now understand that this is a local bar. The camera catches sight of two men talking in a cubicle area while Santino waves at them, he then reaches the bar and takes a seat on a stool. He talks to the bartender.

Santino Marella: Hallo! My name is ... Santino Marella. And I would-a enjoy if you would a-pour me ‘se drink.

Bartender: What do you want??

Santino Marella: I would like ‘se drink.

Bartender: Alright ... what do you want??

Santino Marella: I said I would like a drinkkkk-a.

Bartender: I know ... what DO you want??

Santino Marella: I-A SAID-

Random guy from the cubicle speaks up.

Random Man: HEY! IDIOT! He’s asking what drink you want you idiot!

Marella seems insulted but turns back to the bartender.

Santino Marella: You should’ve just a-saidddda!

Marella contemplates for a second.

Santino Marella: Orange juice please. No pulp!

The bartender sighs and shakes his head, and begins getting the OJ for Marella.

But while this is happening, Marella looks around the room and spots a man at the end of the bar, sitting, looking into an empty glass. He’s wearing a well worn leather jacket and seems to be down on his luck. Santino’s mouth gapes though, he obviously recognises him.

Santino Marella: O-M-G!! I KNOW YOU!!

The man looks up and sees Santino and the cameras, but looks right back down, almost in shame.

The bartender puts the OJ on the counter and holds his hand out for the money, but Santino leaves him hanging, leaving the OJ as well as he walks down to the end of the bar. He stands next to the man who tries to keep his head down!!

Santino Marella: I do! I DO! I do know you-a! You ... you ... a-MAVEN!!

The guy looks up and we get a good look at him and it turns out it is!

Santino Marella: A-Former Tough Enough Champ’ ... I remember-aha you took out de Undahtaker!! What the hell happened!?

Maven looks up but doesn’t say anything.

Bartender: HEY!! Money!!

Marella doesn’t answer him but presses on with Maven.

Santino Marella: Check this! Me ... Santino Marella ... a former Intacontinental Champion and a-you ... stuck hereeeee!

Maven: Back off, Man.

Santino Marella: Me?? A future dubya dubya EEEEEEE champion and you ... a-downbeat how you people say ... a bum!

Maven shakes his head and looks up at Santino, if looks could kill.

Santino Marella: Holy hell. Check ‘dem eyebrows!

Oh, burn. The bartender can sense something is about to kick off.

Bartender: Hey, I want no trouble.

Santino Marella: Believe me good patron ... no a-trouble ... as I am a top WWE Superstar a-while d’this man couldn’t cut it!

Santino turns to face Maven who stands up and LEVELS HIM WITH A RIGHT HAND, KNOCKING SANTINO TO THE GROUND!!

The Bartender thinks about stopping it but just says “screw it” and starts drinking the orange juice.

Maven climbs on Santino and pounds his forehead with right fist after right fist. The two men in the cubicle nod along in delight as the camera now focuses in, Santino’s trusty camera man not even bothering to help the Italian.

Maven pulls Santino to his feet and throws him into the wall, back first! The Italian lies on the floor, grimacing in pain.


Maven stomps on Santino before placing a few coins on the bar and fist bumping the bartender before walking out of the bar. The camera focuses in on Santino’s face as we fade away.


We’re now backstage where the Assistant General Manager, Layla is getting awfully close to Dolph Ziggler. It appears the pair are flirting with each other but that all stops when Theodore Long appears, looking rather angry. He demands to know where Layla’s been all night, she gives Ziggler a signal to leave and he does so. Layla explains herself by saying she was checking on certain talents and seeing if they needed anything. Long is about to lecture her some more until Bobby Lashley walks up to them. The Boss tells Long that he’s sick of this, sick of not been given what is rightfully his, he says he beat the World Heavyweight Champion and he wants a shot, Long says he cannot give him a shot, especially with the main event about to be signed for The Bash. Lashley shakes his head, and leaves, with the final parting message being that he’s starting to see what Chris Jericho and R-Truth have been on about.



The United States Champion, Kofi Kingston, bounces down the ramp, belt on his shoulder. He slaps a few hands before joining the commentary team at the table.


A mixed, leaning towards heat reaction greets Vladimir Kozlov, he pays them no mind as he walks down the ramp, looking rather focused and the commentators question if he will lie down for Truth.


A new theme plays which signals the arrival of R-Truth, who walks down the ramp, ignoring the massive amount of heat he is getting, grinning at Kozlov and then climbs into the ring.


The referee rings for the bell, and neither man moves for a second, until Truth walks to the centre and Vladimir meets him. Truth then asks him for his decision, Kozlov stares at him, then looks at the crowd to see what they think, and they are booing, instructing him not to simply lay down. Truth exclaims he’ll make it worth his while and Kozlov begins to kneel down, the crowd boo loudly but then SUDDENLY KOZLOV EXPLODES FROM THE GROUND AND SMASHES INTO TRUTH WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!

We have a fight and it appears Kozlov has just changed the crowd’s perception of him as they are cheering him loudly as he bullies Truth around the ring. Kozlov continues his assault, knowing that Truth has been caught of guard, but thanks a poke in the eye, Truth takes control. Truth begins to work over Kozlov’s knee but that doesn’t last long as Vladimir makes a come back, and looks to pick up the victory with The Iron Curtain but Truth gets his bottom foot on the rope!!

Kozlov looks to the referee and complains for a second, leaving Truth enough time to recover, he sneaks up behind Kozlov, pulls him around and kicks him in the stomach and then hits his Corkscrew Scissorkick!!


Truth gets up slowly, and walks to the ropes nearest the announce table, Kingston stands up and holds his title above his head while R-Truth tells him it’s coming back home. Kozlov is beginning to come too, but R-Truth sees this and he attacks Kozlov again, shouting “you should have lain down”. Truth continues to stomp on Vladimir to solid heat but then Kingston slides into the ring and just misses Truth with a shot from the championship!

Truth slides out of the ring, leaving Kingston to stare at him menacingly and leaving Kozlov to lick his wounds.


We now get the Raw Rebound, where the evening kicks off with The Undertaker in action against MVP, the match ends with The Deadman on top but after the match he is attacked by Randy Orton, who also took this time to shatter the grave stone from the week before. Later on in the evening, the WWE Champion took on Mister Kennedy and ultimately, The Viper was able to pick up the victory. The Deadman appeared after the contest though, and took out Cody Rhodes with The Last Ride and Ted DiBiase with a Chokeslam, while Orton escaped to the safety of the ramp, clutching his WWE Championship.

Back in the arena ...


It’s main event time, and the crowd boo loudly as Kane ventures down the ramp and into the ring, awaiting for his opponent.


The music of The Rated R Superstar, Edge plays and out he comes to a massive pop. He makes his way down the ramp but Kane meets him half way!!

The two Superstars begin brawling on the ramp, with Kane gaining the advantage by firing Edge into the barricade!! Edge fires back though, kicking Kane in his stomach and leading him down to the ring, throwing him into the ring post!! Edge now takes off his trench coat and then reaches down to Kane but The Big Red Machine levels him with a uppercut from a grounded position!!

Edge stumbles backward, holding his throat, and leans on the corner well of the barricade! Kane sprints forward and goes for a big boot, but Edge ducks and Kane is caught on the barricade!! The Rated R Superstar sees his chance, he grabs Kane’s other leg and launches him over the barricade! Kane’s head smacks against the concrete as he lands, fans around them cheer the brawl on as Edge climbs over himself.

The Rated R Superstar grabs Kane by the head and lifts him up, but Kane levels him with a stiff uppercut. Edge reels back but Kane grabs him and pulls him through the crowd. The referee is shouting at them to take it too the ring but it seems they can’t hear him as Kane pulls him through the crowd, and throws Edge into a wall which has elevated seating above.

The fans look down for a good look and they see Kane wailing on his rival, before pulling him farther along. But Edge manages to get away, kicking Kane in the stomach and now this time throwing him into the wall!

With the fans cheering him on, Edge reaches the stage, and throws Kane down from the crowd onto the concrete! Edge follows and pulls Kane to his feet, he brings him over to the stage and pushes him onto it. The Rated R Superstar follows but when he reaches down to Kane, The Big Red Machine grabs him by the throat, before throwing him into the tron!!

Edge stumbles to the other side of the stage, where Kane follows him, he pulls Edge around and grabs him by the throat before HOISTING HIM UP ... AND THROWING HIM OFF THE SIDE OF THE STAGE!! CHOKESLAM ONTO MANY CABLES AND PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT!! We see electrical sparks flying as Edge lands, the crowd gasp as the commentators shout and scream at the table. The camera focuses on the downed Edge, who hasn’t moved, we then get a shot of Kane, who’s laughing manically!


Back from the commercial, Theodore Long is stood in the centre of the ring, a wooden table in front of him with two chairs and a contract in his hand. He first welcomes the challenger, John Cena.


On cue, the music of one John Cena plays and the advocate of Hustle, Loyalty and Respect walks gingerly out onto the stage, still feeling the effects of last week. He manages a salute before venturing down the ramp and into the ring.

Long lets Cena get settled in the ring before announcing the champion.


The World Heavyweight Champion now makes his entrance, as Matt Hardy walks down the ramp, but he isn’t alone, accompanying him are four burly security guards, who look ready to deal with trouble before it starts. They reach the ring but Matt instructs them to get in the ring before him, and he puts two men on the left end of the table, and two on the right, blocking Cena from scooting round the side.

As Matt makes his entrance, Cena stands up, and hops over the table, looking to get a piece of Matt but the security are on him in a flash. They drag him to his side of the ring, where Long takes over, taking this time to calm the challenger down and remind him a contract is yet to be signed. Cena, frustrated, yet he agrees and takes a seat, as the security funnel back into position.

Long hypes up the match for The Bash as Matt takes his seat across from Cena, keeping his guard up for now, while glancing at the four security guards. Long tells Matt that since he is the champion, he gets the chance to sign first. Hardy takes the pen, and signs on the dotted line before sliding the contract and pen back into the middle of the table. Now it’s Cena’s turn who signs it but then takes Teddy’s microphone.

Cena leans on the table, he looks into Matt’s eyes and admits he’s still hurting from last weeks attack, but what Matt did last week was the biggest mistake he has ever made in his career. He’s done it once, then he done it again, but it will not happen a third time. He continues by saying that Matt may have got the better of him, on two occasions, while Matt reminds him it’s actually three because he is the World Champion.

Cena ignores this and says he’s attacked him from behind, but when they are face to face, Matt doesn’t have the balls to do anything, he then makes reference to the fact that there are security out here to make sure. And that’s the only thing stopping him from ramming his fist down Matt’s throat, which gets a massive cheer.

This simply gets a grin from Matt, who now has a microphone of his own, magically from somewhere. The World Champion says what he did to Cena was just a small taste, a taster of what’s to come, of what is going to happen at The Bash. Contrary to Cena’s belief, he could do it again tonight, but he wants to be at one hundred percent for The Bash, as right now Cena must be at around thirty percent.

Hardy changes the subject at this point, pointing to the contract and saying that his signature on the dotted line means one thing, it represents a changing of the guard here in WWE. No longer is he playing second fiddle to his brother, no longer is he playing second fiddle to people who do not deserve the fame and success, people such as John Cena.

The champion then says he’s been held back his whole career, simply because I’m not the bodybuilder type or that I can’t rap like yourself or I haven’t got the “x factor” as so many people liked to point out. Matt continues by saying but that is a load of crap, considering he is the most talented Superstar in the locker room.

And that’s been proven by the fact he is now the rightful World Heavyweight Champion. He adds in that this is after many, many years of being screwed over by everyone in the back. He asks Cena if he wants an example of this, but he doesn’t wait for answer, he says one word “Edge.”. He is an example of the bias running through this company, he refers to the fact that Edge had an affair with his girlfriend, which led to him being fired.

He questions the logic in that, but then says he came back, and despite Teddy Long’s best efforts, he was able to complete his dream, of becoming World Heavyweight Champion. Teddy Long can’t do it, Vince McMahon can’t do it, and these fans can’t hold him back any longer he says.

Cena pipes in at this point, saying the only reason he’s in this company right now is because of these fans, as they are the ones that called for him to be hired again all those years ago. After all these years of these fans sticking by you, you repay them by totally changing your way of thinking, turning your back on them.

Matt doesn’t seem fazed, he simply says it was the best decision he ever made because now look at him, he is a World Heavyweight Champion, no thanks to these fans.

Cena retorts by telling Matt that he won’t be champion for much longer because the World Title is coming back to him very soon. Cena also states that after he regains that title, then Matt will be exposed as the paper champion that he is. Hardy takes offense to that, angrily questioning that statement, but Cena backs it up by saying a real champion doesn’t attack people from behind, nor would they need security out here.

Before Matt can say another word, Cena says that the security won’t help him at The Bash, and they’re not going to save you now.

At this point, CENA LEAPS ACROSS THE TABLE, TAKING HARDY OUT OF HIS SEAT AND DOWN TO THE CANVAS!! The crowd are going mental as Cena pounds on Hardy’s head, but the security get involved pulling the challenger of the champion, allowing Matt to escape underneath the bottom rope!!

With Long watching from ringside, Hardy backs up the ramp, but has forgotten his title which is laying in the ring. Meanwhile, Cena fights off the four security guards as they try to restrain him, throwing one of them out of the ring, closely followed by two more before pulling the last one up onto his shoulders.

He turns to Matt on the stage, pointing at him and he tells him this will be him soon, and then LAUNCHES THE SECURITY GUARD THROUGH THE TABLE WITH AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!! The crowd cheer loudly as Cena gets up, grabs the World Heavyweight Championship and holds it above his head, emphatically sending a message to the champion as we fade to black!!


Date: 12th July 2009
Location: ARCO Arena; Sacramento, California
Theme Music: Whyyawannabringmedown by Aranda & Seasons by Veer Union

World Heavyweight Championship:
Matt Hardy © vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contendership:
Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy

United States Championship:
Kofi Kingston © vs. R-Truth

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:
Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison
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