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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Friday Night SmackDown | 05 June 09 | San Antonio, Texas

ďWhen I look in the mirror ... I see a champion ... I see THE World Heavyweight ChampionĒ

Still images of the Judgment Day PPV from last Sunday; featuring the exploits of Kane setting fire to Christian, Edge making sure that he never has to deal with Vickie Guerrero and Big Show, Kofi Kingston and Matt Hardy winning the United States Title and the World Heavyweight Championship, respectively.

Opening Video


Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentleman to Greenboro, North Carolina where the SmackDown Superstars are ready to put on a show for everyone here. My name is good olí J.R and my partner here is none other than John Bradshaw Layfield, and we thank you for welcoming us into your homes. After last Sundayís PPV you can expect some huge ramifications tonight, but what a night it was.

JBL: It was indeed a great night because FINALLY we have a champion that we can be proud off, someone who worked his way to the top, through adversity and hatred to become the World Heavyweight Champion, and that manís name is Matt Hardy.

Jim Ross: Not only that, we saw R-Truth lose his United States title to Kofi Kingston in the Gauntlet match and these two are now scheduled to compete tonight, but in a tag team match.

JBL: I think thatís damn ludicrous, itís Teddy Longís ego playing up again.

Jim Ross: What??

JBL: You heard me ... I think our esteemed general manager has a grudge against R-Truth ... puttiní him in a Gauntlet ... and then forciní him to team with the man who won that title. Itís a conspiracy.

Jim Ross: Dear god ... anyway ladies and gentleman, also tonight we have Daniel Bryan and Kaval in action against Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder in a feud which has spilled over from our sister show, WWE Superstars.


The heat is almost unfathomable which is directed at the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy, who strides out in a pair of jeans and a leather jacket, and the main attraction being on his shoulder.

Jim Ross: And there he is, the man who became the World Heavyweight Champion last Sunday, but he didnít actually pin-

JBL: Hold on ... I know where youíre goiní with this ... and I donít like it. So what if Matt didnít pin John Cena ... this was a Fatal-4-Way, Matt is still the rightful World Champion.

Jim Ross: Iím not debating whether or not Matt is the rightful World Champion because he did win the match, and thatís all that matters ... all Iím saying is that John Cena might feel hard done by.

JBL: Who cares?? John Cena knows the rules of the Fatal 4 Way match, that man right there took advantage of a situation presented to him and became the World Heavyweight Champion.

The World Champion climbs into the ring, now with a microphone, and stands in the centre.

Matt Hardy: Finally-

The poor man doesnít even get a chance to speak as the fans direct abuse at him, he ignores the boos before pressing on.

Matt Hardy: Finally ... after all these years ... I am YOUR World Heavyweight CHAMPION!!

Matt rubs the big gold belt on his shoulder, smiling as he does so.

Matt Hardy: Last night, I walked into Judgment Day ... and I walked out as the World Champion. Somethiní that you people ... AND the people in the back did not want ... I overcame Teddy Longís bias ... I overcame the fact that nobody saw me as a main event level Superstar.

A grin appears on the face of Matt and he looks dead in the camera.

Matt Hardy: But ... I proved them all wrong.

Boos from the crowd who once loved him.

Matt Hardy: I defeated not one ... not two ... but three top Superstars and one my first Heavyweight Championship.

Another batch of heat from the fans, and he starts pacing the ring.

Matt Hardy: After years ... YEARS ... of beiní held back ... after all the years of suffering. And you people ... boo me??

The crowd respond with more boos as Mattís attitude doesnít sit well with them.

Matt Hardy: You boo me?? You should be cheeriní me ... my story could and should be made into a film or a book ... hell ... itís a readymade script. I came into this company as a nobody ... and became a tag team legend ... before winniní championship after championship but never being given that green light ... never been given a shot at the top title. I sat and watched as my brother, Jeff Hardy was given all the opportunities ... and become WWE Champion.

Huge pop as the fans remember the time when Jeff was the WWE Champí.

Matt Hardy: I realized that I was goiní nowhere ... but that wasnít my fault ... I did everything I could ... I blame each and every one of you.

Matt looks at individuals in the crowd.

Matt Hardy: After I stopped caring about you people ... my career shot up. Just like The Rock and Triple Hís did ... just like Chris Jericho and Edgeís did ... they all turned their backs on you and are better off for it.

Hardy adjusts the belt on his shoulder.

Matt Hardy: I overcame so much to win this title ... it was obvious that Teddy Long didnít want me as World Champion ... I was on this brand for many years ... and he never once gave me that opportunity ... so I TOOK it!

Hardy nods.

Matt Hardy: I turned my back on everyone ... I turned my back on you people ... my own family ... my brother. But yíknow what??

Hardy thinks for a second before glaring into the camera with a grin.

Matt Hardy: It was ALL worth it.

Huge amount of heat.

Matt Hardy: Just look at me now ... yíknow ... a few weeks ago the FORMER champion John Cena told me to look in the mirror ... and he said that I wasnít as good as I thi ... know I am.

Matt looks at the title.

Matt Hardy: When I look in that mirror ... I see a champion ... I see THE World Heavyweight Champion!


As Matt goes to leave he stops in his tracks and swiftly turns to the stage to see the SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long walk out with a microphone in his hand.

Theodore Long: Now hold on a second there, playaí.

Matt blows air out his mouth, exasperated at being interrupted by the GM.

Theodore Long: Despite everythiní you just said Matt about me ... I am out here ... to congratulate you.

Heat, while Matt cocks his head.

Theodore Long: Thatís right ... Iím happy for yaí playaí. But Iím the GM of this show and that means I need to make this show as excitiní as can be ... yaí feel me?? Tínight, Matt ... you will be in action.

Matt shakes his head, not happy with being made to compete tonight.

Theodore Long: Tínight-

Matt Hardy: Hold on ... donít you realize that I am the World Heavyweight Champion?? The champion shouldnít be forced into matches.

Theodore Long: Well ... tell it to someone who cares ... because tínight... you will face the former World Heavyweight Champion ... JOHN CENA!

Absolutely huge pop for the big match made for tonight but Matt isnít pleased at all.

Theodore Long: AND ... when you do face Cena ... that championship ... the World Heavyweight Championship WILL BE DEFENDED!

WHAT?! An even bigger pop comes from the fans as they are absolutely loving the GM right now. Matt, meanwhile, kicks off in the ring, cursing and complaining about Teddy.

Matt Hardy: Are you freakiní kiddiní me! Iíve had no time to prepare ... I donít deserve this ... I-

Theodore Long: Like I said playaí ... tell it to someone who cares ... tínight it will be Matt Hardy defendiní his World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena in our main event! Enjoy the show... holla holla!


Looking rather pleased with himself, Theodore turns and leaves the stage, while Matt seethes in the ring.

Jim Ross: What a huge match! What a-

JBL: Itís a DAMN disgrace, J.R. If this doesnít prove that Teddy Long just doesnít like Matt Hardy then I donít know what will.

Jim Ross: I think our SmackDown GM was just doing the best job he could, we have a huge match for later because of him.

JBL: A match that shouldnít take place... címon ... Matt was right ... Teddy did hold him back for years and now heís tryiní to take that title away from him! Itís a damn disgrace.


We return and weíre backstage where Theodore Longís assistant Layla is waiting, standing in front of the camera, wearing slutty business attire.

Layla: Welcome back to SmackDown ... and I have a HUGE announcement ... which Iím SO happy to announce to you.

Layla brings up a briefcase and clicks it open and turns it to the camera and we see the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Layla: Right here is the prestigious Cruiserweight Title ... and as of right now ... I am re-activating it.


Layla: And to determine the lucky Superstar who gets to hold it ... will be decided in a few weeks at The Bash, and in the run up will be a tournament to determine the two men who will fight for this title.

Layla closes the briefcase and lays it down.

Layla: And that tournament ... starts right now.

Layla smiles at the camera as we fade away ...

... to ringside where ...


The music of Dolph Ziggler hits and gets a small negative reaction as the man himself walks onto the stage. He takes a moment before walking down to the ramp.

Jim Ross: Dolph Ziggler had a great showing at Judgment Day, coming within a inch of becoming the United States Champion, but now he has the opportunity to become the next Cruiserweight Champion.


Opposite to Zigglerís reaction, Chavo Guerrero receives a mostly small but positive response. Soon enough, The Mexican Warrior makes his way to the ring.

JBL: I tell yaí ... this mans uncle ... the late great Eddie Guerrero put my life through hell and he still carries Eddie around with him in his heart and heíll need to put on a great performance to defeat Dolph Ziggler.

Jim Ross: Indeed, the fans have taken to Chavo over the past few weeks after he distanced himself from Vickie Guerrero and showed his respectful side.

Match 1: Cruiserweight Tournament Round 1
Chavo Guerrero vs. Dolph Ziggler
Given the two men in the ring, they put on a pretty good opening contest in the time they were allowed, kicking off the Cruiserweight Title Tournament in style. The opening few minutes consisted of some solid chain wrestling, neither man able to gain an advantage of substance. The momentum continued to swiftly change between the two men, although the fans were clearly pulling for The Mexican Warrior, which gave him the extra push to eventually wear down Ziggler and take the advantage.

Chavo, relishing his recent face turn, took it to Ziggler for a few minutes, getting a couple of near falls and even hitting the Three Amigos before Ziggler managed to get back into the match, ducking a Frog Splash from the top rope. Ziggler took complete control at this point, almost bullying Chavo around the ring, showing how ruthless he can be. After all the crap he took on Raw and almost winning the United States title, there was no way he was losing this match and eventually took the win after connecting with the Zig-Zag for the three count.

Winner Ė Dolph Ziggler @ 7.20

Dolph Ziggler has now booked his place in the second round, defeating Chavo Guerrero, he climbs to the top rope and taunts the fans as he celebrates his win.

Commercial Break

Weíre back, and weíre backstage where Kaval is in his locker room, preparing for his tag match later by practicing his kicks on a punching bag. Heís interrupted though as his tag team partner Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee by his side.

Daniel Bryan: Hey man. You ready for tonight??

Kaval: Hell yeah. After what Hawkins and Ryder did to us on Superstars ... you better believe Iím ready.

The two Superstars slap hands but then are interrupted when Matt Striker walks in, microphone in hand.

Matt Striker: Uh ... guys ... sorry to interrupt but Iíd like to get a word with AJ if thatís alright.

Kaval and Bryan check its okay with AJ, which it is, before leaving the room.

Matt Striker: AJ ... yesterday on Superstars ... Zack Ryder accidently knocked you out ... he says it was an accident and he was aiming for Daniel but can we get hear what you have to say??

Matt thrusts the mic under AJís mouth.

AJ Lee: Yíknow what ... I know Zack knew what he was doing ... but what he doesnít know is that Iím a big girl ... I can take care of myself and when Daniel and Kaval face them later tonight ... Iíll be right there to watch Zack and Curt get whatís cominí to them.

Matt takes the microphone back.

Matt Striker: Thank you for your time.

AJ walks away to presumable join her boys as Matt watches her leave.

Cut to ringside and itís time for the second match of the evening as Tommy Dreamer is already in the ring with Stevie Richards on the outside.


A solid batch of heat greets the arrival of the WWE Tag Team Champions as The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson walk onto the stage, TBK with microphone in hand.

The Brian Kendrick: Cut the music!

On cue.

The Brian Kendrick: Itís disgustiní ... the fact that once again Teddy Long has found a way to stick it to The Brian Kendrick. Puttiní me in a match against some low rent ... bingo hall ... reject-

Kendrick is cut off by huge heat while Dreamer tells him to get in the ring.

The Brian Kendrick: Oh ... and yíknow whatís worse ... the fact that this match has to take place in San Antonio.

Cheap heat.

The Brian Kendrick: Right now ... Iíll admit Iíve not very happy ... but in a few minutes time I am gonnaí be over the frickiní moon. Let The Brian Kendrick tell you all why ... in a few minutes Iím gonnaí defeat Tommy Dreamer ... and The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson are gettiní the hell out of this cesspit you call a city.

Oh itís the cheapest of cheap heat, but itís effective.

The Brian Kendrick: But before I do that ... I realized somethiní ... ever since you two were signed to this brand ... youíve had opportunity after opportunity at these titles and yet you still get another one here tonight. The fact that if you beat The Brian Kendrick ... which wonít happen ... but hypothetically ... if you did ... then youíll get another shot at these titles. What is with Teddy Longís obsession with you guys??

Brian doesnít wait for answer.

The Brian Kendrick: But ... I guess The Brian Kendrick will have to beat you once again ... and show you how to be a champion.

Cocky words from one half of the tag team champions, and now that heís done the match can begin once he climbs into the ring.

Match 2: Singles Match
~ If Tommy Dreamer wins The Lifeblood of Extreme will receive a WWE Tag Team Title shot
The Brian Kendrick w/Ezekiel Jackson vs. Tommy Dreamer w/Stevie Richards
Short match here, but it was a solid affair, Dreamer showed he can still cut it at this level in a regular match and with Richards cheering him on at ringside he took the advantage in the early going. He used his size advantage to take it to Kendrick, even hitting a Superplex from the top rope which got a near fall. But Ezekiel Jackson knew that Kendrick was in trouble and helped him out by tripping Dreamer, but he got more than he bargained for when Richards ran around the ring and low drop kicked him.

From then on, Kendrick was in control, hitting some of his signature moves, nearly picking up the victory at some stages. But, Dreamer managed to make a comeback, getting the crowd fired up and almost picking up the win but getting pulled out of the ring by Jackson, Jackson was admonished by the referee who then ejected him from the ring.

But while Jackson was being ushered out by the referee, Dreamer was tossed a kendo stick by Richards and cracked it off the head of Kendrick, calling on the referee to ran back to the ring and counting the pin!!

Winner Ė Tommy Dreamer @ 5.04

Thanks to help from Stevie Richards on the outside, Tommy Dreamer has picked up the huge victory which means The Lifeblood of Extreme will receive a WWE Tag Team Championship shot in the near future.

Jim Ross: There we have it folks ... Tommy Dreamer has beaten The Brian Kendrick-

JBL: By cheatin! But even though Dreamer cheated ... Teddy Long wonít care ... oh no ... heíll ignore but if it was Brian Kendrick that cheated then we wouldnít hear the end of it.

Jim Ross: Well I canít speak for Theodore Long, but Iím sure he was watching.

JBL: Wonít mean a damn thing.

Speak of the devil, we cut backstage and see the SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long in conversation with his assistant, Layla.

Theodore Long: I gottaí hand it to yaí ... re-activating the Cruiserweight Title ... that was genius.

Layla: Yeah ... I mean what with SmackDown losing the Divas Championship in the draft ... I felt-

Layí stops speaking as the former United States Champion, R-Truth barges into the office.

R-Truth: You think youíre funny??

Long seems confused.

Theodore Long: Iím sorry playaí but I donít know what your talkiní about??

Truth shakes his head in disgust.

R-Truth: Donít try to play me ... you know exactly what Iím talkiní about. Puttiní me ... forciní me to defend the U.S Title in a Gauntlet-

Theodore Long: I thought we were over this, playa ... SmackDown is full of talented Superstars who wanted a shot at that title and a gaunt-

R-Truth interrupts him.

R-Truth: Aní then forciní me to team wití the man who took my title ... Ďda hell is Ďdat.

Long goes to give an answer but gets cut off again.

R-Truth: I see it now ... the truth has revealed itself ... just like Matt Hardy and Brian Kendrick said ... youíre bias towards certain guys.

Theodore Long: Listen here playaí ... my job is to be impartial as possibl-

R-Truth: Well explain why Dreamer and Richards get title shot after title shot ... explain why youíre forciní Matt to defend his title tonight ... explain why YOU screwed me out of the U.S Championship!?

Layla looks worried.

Theodore Long: I didnít do no such thing ... you couldnít get the job done at Judgment Day ... and if you want to see that title again ... then I suggest you do somethiní impressive in the tag match later on tínight ... ya feel me playaí. Now get the hell of my office.

Huge pop for Teddy putting Truth in his place, he stays for a second staring into Longís eyes before accepting it and leaving.

Commercial Break

Back from the commercial, weíre backstage where Matt Striker is stood with a microphone in his hand.

Matt Striker: Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown ... and before I give you our interviewee ... our cameras caught this during the commercial break.


We see R-Truth walking along a corridor, looking rather pissed off but then he bumps into the NEW United States Champion Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston: Sorry man-

Kingston looks up.

Kofi Kingston: Oh ... hey ... you ready for our match??

R-Truth nods.

Kofi Kingston: Look man ... I know you ainít happy about haviní to defend the title in a Gauntlet ... I wouldnít be either but tínight-

R-Truth: Listen ... my beef ainít wití Ďchu ... its wití Teddy Long.

Kofi Kingston: So I can count on you tínight??

R-Truth and Kingston shake hands, signifying the unity between them before the match.


Back to Striker ...

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentleman ... my guest tonight ... I give to you ... Kelly Kelly.

A good pop greets the pretty blonde as the camera pans out.

Matt Striker: And Kelly ... I wanted to ask you ... do you know the state of Evan Bourne after what happened to him at Judgment Day??

Kelly looks down at her feet before answering.

Kelly Kelly: I do ... and itís better than expected ... Evan should be back in action in a couple of weeks.

She says with a smile, but that smile disappears when Mike Knox enters the shot.

Mike Knox: Hmm ... back in a couple of weeks, huh?? So I guess thatís a couple of weeks until I put him out of action again.

Kelly rolls her eyes but then Knox walks towards her, scaring her a little.

Mike Knox: But until your boyfriend shows up again ... youíre coming with me.

Mike grabs Kelly by the arm and too huge heat, ushers her away from the camera, leaving Matt Striker watching on. Striker, always the brave guy, simply throws it back to ringside.

Jim Ross: I donít like this one bit ... Kelly is in such a vulnerable state right now and now she has Mike Knox to deal with. The sooner Evan Bourne recovers the better.

JBL: Please ... Evan Bourne wonít be able to save her from Knox, the size of Mike alone makes him such a formidable rival.

Jim Ross: Well, I hope someone does. Ladies and gentleman, remember later on tonight the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Matt Hardy makes his first title defence against John Cena.

JBL: Which I think is an utter travesty ... címon let the guy celebrate his title win for one night.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman, despite my partners concerns, Iím extremely excited for this match. But right now, itís time for the Raw Rebound.

~ Jerry Lawler being announced as the new General Manager
~ Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes arguing backstage
~ The Undertaker earning a WWE Championship via defeating Ted DiBiase
~ Cody Rhodes attacking ĎTaker and Legacy standing tall

Back on SmackDown ...


A little bit of heat greets The Gold Standard, as Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to the ring.

Jim Ross: In my opinion the greatest pure athlete in the WWE, and if he manages to pin the United States Champion here tonight, then that puts him right in the running for the number one contender ship.


Heat again for Shelton Benjaminís tag team partner as Mike Knox walks out but he gets even more heat as we see that Kelly Kelly is walking beside him, Knox with a hold of her arm.

Jim Ross: Kelly is petrified of this man, and who can blame her ... weíve seen what he can do when he brutalized Evan Bourne at Judgment Day, this is sick.

JBL: It is ... Iíll give you that ... but who can stop this man. He could be the next U.S Champion, hell he could be a future World Heavyweight Champion.

***WHATíS UP***

This time itís a mixed reaction as some of the fans arenít pleased R-Truthís complaining earlier, but itís nearing towards cheers as he raps his way to the ring, but he doesnít climb into the ring, cautiously looking at the two men in it.

R-Truth: San Antonio! Whatís up??

Whatís up, dawg.


A solid pop comes from the crowd which welcomes the new United States Champion, Kofi Kingston as he bounds out onto the stage. R-Truth watches as he joins him at the bottom of the ring.

Jim Ross: Kofi Kingston has been on a role the last couple of months, defeating the current WWE Champion Randy Orton, teaming with Triple H and now he is the United States Championship, heís had a great couple of months and looks to be on his way to the top.

JBL: I have to agree with you there, but he is only the United States Champion because of Teddy Longís vendetta against R-Truth.

Match 3: Singles
United States Champion Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Mike Knox & Shelton Benjamin w/Kelly Kelly
Before the match, Knox pulled out a steel chair and instructed Kelly to sit on it, and the commentators made sure to say that she would be to petrified to move, so that explains why she didnít just walk away . Anyway, this was a solid affair, the usual WWE tag team formula, R-Truth and Kingston had the fast start, hitting some fast paced offense on Benjamin and Knox, but it wasnít until a botched leg drop that allowed Knox to get into the match.

Knox used his strength and power to bully Kofi Kingston around the ring, looking at Kelly every couple few minutes, almost showing off. Quick tags between Benjamin and Knox meant Kofi couldnít get to his tag team partner, but Truth played cheerleader nonetheless, and when Knox had Kingston in a sleeper hold, the cheerleading paid off as Kingston made a comeback, getting some good offense in on Knox.

And eventually taking him out with a running, jumping hurricanrana to a huge pop, but both men were down. We then get R-Truth pounding on the steps with his foot, getting the crowd involved while Benjamin tried to quell the noise. Eventually both men got to their respective tag team partners ... but R-Truth didnít tag in! Truth dropped off the apron just before the tag, receiving so much heat as he backs away, backing up the ramp, leaving his partner hanging.

Kingston holds onto his head, while asking why, but Truth simply shouts Ďitís a conspiracyí. The United States Champion turns around ... into Shelton Benjamin ... into Paydirt ... cover, 1 ... 2 ... 3! Benjamin has pinned the United States Champion.

Winner: Mike Knox & Shelton Benjamin @ 07.26

The crowd boo immensely as R-Truth has deserted his tag team partner, but Shelton still celebrates his pin fall over the United States Champion. His partner, Mike Knox grabs Kelly by the arm and they climb into the ring and Knox lifts his arms in the air.

Jim Ross: R-Truth said he didnít have a problem with Kofi Kingston ... what the hell is this?!

JBL: Come on ... canít you see ... why would you be happy about teaminí with the man who took your title ... this was probably planned all night by R-Truth.

Commercial Break

Back from the commercial, and weíre backstage where Theodore Long is sitting on a couch, rifling through some papers but is interrupted by Chris Jericho walks in, he stands up.

Theodore Long: Havenít you heard of knockiní, playaí??

Ignoring the question.

Chris Jericho: When I was drafted to SmackDown ... I was expecting to be treated with respect ... not just by these cretins you call fans ... but by the General Manager.

Not understanding, Long screws his face up.

Chris Jericho: When I was on Raw, every GM disrespected me and now youíre doing the same thing.

Theodore Long: What are you talkiní about, Chris??

Jericho smirks a little.

Chris Jericho: It is a travesty that I am not in the World Heavyweight Championship match.

Long now realizes what Chrisí beef is.

Theodore Long: Listen playaí ... you arenít in that match because you were the one pinned on Sunday.

If looks could kill.

Chris Jericho: I donít think you realize ... I am the Best in the World ... at what ... I ... do.

Huge boos.

Chris Jericho: I deserve another chance ... the fact that John Cena is in the main event makes me sick. But ... it all makes sense ... all night people have been saying that you are bias towards certain Superstars ... but ... thatís not true.

Long seems confused as do the fans.

Chris Jericho: You are simply against me ... itís not that you like John Cena ... itís that you donít like me. You would rather anybody be in the main event than me.

Theodore Long: Listen, playaí ... thatís not true ... Iím not biased to or against anybody ... so get out my office ... Iím done listeniní to conspiracy theories and complaints.

Pop from the fans, as Jericho decides against arguing and walks out the door.

We now cut to the ring where the set of the Cutting Edge has been built.


The awesome music of The Rated R Superstar plays and is greeted by a massive pop as Edge walks onto the stage, wearing jeans, leather jackets and shades on.

Jim Ross: This past Sunday, that man made sure he will never have to deal with The Big Show and Vickie Guerrero, by defeating Show in a one on one match.

JBL: Iím actually glad that Edge won that match, because that means we donít have to listen to Vickie Guerreroís here on SmackDown.

Edge climbs into the ring, gathers his surroundings and grabs a microphone from one of the chairs.

Edge: Welcome ... to THE Cutting EDGE!

Huge pop.

Edge: The most controversial and most talked about WWE Talk Show in history ... and my guest is known as one of the most dangerous Superstars on SmackDown ... but before we get to him ... I think a little celebration is in order.

Another pretty big pop as Edge brings his shades down and latches them to his collar.

Edge: This Sunday ... something huge happened ... EVERYONE rejoiced as the mighty Big Show was toppled ... which meant two things ... one ... we never have to reinforce this ring for The Big Show.

Nice one, Edge.

Edge: And two ... the one Iím pretty pleased about ... no more ... EXCUSE ME.

Huge pop at this.

Edge: No more ... Vickie Guerrero!

Another huge pop as Edge grins.

Edge: We will never have to hear that nails on a blackboard chalkboard voice again and that ... ladies and gents ... deserves a celebration.


Edge: But ... that celebration will have to wait ... because I need to deal with a problem I have.

The crowd donít know how to respond.

Edge: The problem that I have ... is that last Sunday ... I had to watch my best friend ... Christian-

Big pop for the mention of Captain Charisma.

Edge: I had to watch him get lit ...

Edge seems to have trouble saying it.

Edge: Lit on fire.


Edge: I watched as he ran around this ring ... and eventually collapsed in shock. And unfortunately ... Christian wonít be back for a month or two. And there is one man to blame for that ... my guest tínight ... The Big Red Monster ... Kane.


Massive heat greets The Big Red Monster, and Kane eventually makes his way onto the stage, engulfed in red lighting. He sets his eyes on Edge before walking down the ramp, stepping into the ring and grabbing a microphone, standing opposite The Rated R Superstar.

Edge: Uh ... well I guess I should welcome you to the show.

Kane simply stares at Edge.

Edge: Yíknow ... you and me ... we go back a long way.

Just a stare.

Edge: I mean ... weíve crossed paths in this ring before. Youíve Choke Slammed me ... Tombstoned me. Iíve Speared you ... Iíve stole your girlfriend.

Pop for that but Kane doesnít like that as he takes a step towards Edge.

Edge: Whoa ... hold on big guy. But you then broke our weddiní up ... and then Tombstoned the Priest.

Some laughs from the crowd as they remember the Priest getting his head destroyed.

Edge: But ... Iíve never seen you ... as ... as dangerous as you are now. I mean ... even being in the ring with you right now ... people told me all day to cancel the show tínight ... but I said no because I want to ask you a few questions.

Kane continues to stare.

Edge: Iíve watched what youíve done these last couple of months ... shaving CM Punkís head.


Edge: Goiní on about demonís and the Devil ... and then ... settiní my best friend ... my best friend on fire.

A lot of heat directed at Kaneís actions.

Edge: Whatís next Kane?? Murdering someone??

Edge pauses, looking into the eyes of Kane.

Kane: ...

Edge: Nothiní?? Can you speak or are you waitiní for this ... this so called demon to instruct you??

Still nothing.

Edge: Whatís his name?? The demon ... I mean ... Bobby??

Kane doesnít like this one bit.

Edge: Well ... yíknow what ... tell Bobby ... that what he ... you did to Christian at Judgment Day crossed a line. Yísee ... youíve got my attention now ... Christian didnít want me to get involved but Iíve got no choice now.

Finally Kane speaks.

Kane: If you know whatís good ... for you ... youíll leave this ring ... right ... NOW!

Kane steps towards Edge but he stands his ground.

Kane: This ... thing ... inside me ... it didnít tell me to set Christian on fire. But it did instruct me to Choke Slam him when he had the nerve to question me. He brought it on himself.

Edge mouths the words Ďoh really?í.

Kane: HE was the one who cost me my matches ... HE ... was the one who insulted me ... HE ... he was the one who challenged ME to a Inferno match.

Edge: And you couldnít say no?? I know you like to make peopleís lifeís misery ... hell Iíve done it myself. John Cena and Matt Hardy ... the worst times of their careers came at MY hands. But I knew a limit ... I knew when to NOT cross a line ... you didnít ... you set my best friend on fire for god sake.

Heat again at the thought of Christian being set on fire.

Edge: You say that there is a demon sendiní you messages ... címon ... thatís just an excuse so you can attack people for no reason. But if it is true ... then I got a message for this demon ... Iím gonnaí beat it out of you ... and even if it isnít true ... then who cares ... because Iíll still get some revenge for my best friend.

Pop, but Kane starts laughing.

Edge: Somethiní funny??


The boos are huge as Kane kneels beside Edge, who feels his back, and tells him that heís gained his attention and thatís something he does not want.

Kane stands up, lifts his arms in the air and forcefully brings them down, setting off his pyro on the corner.

Jim Ross: It seems Kane has a new target in mind, and his name is Edge.

JBL: And for good reason, Edge just spent the last few minutes insulting and making fun of Kane. This is how Christian got the attention of Kane and now Edge has too. Heís only got himself to blame.

Kane starts to leave the ring, taking one last look at Edge before laughing once more as we fade to a commercial break.

Commercial Break


The music of Daniel Bryan and Kaval hits and is greeted with nice cheer from the crowd tonight, and with AJ by their side they walk down to the ring, focused on their match.

Jim Ross: Yesterday, Daniel Bryan and Kaval competed on Superstars, and were attacked by Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, so theyíll be feeling the effects of that just now.

JBL: You gottaí hand it to them, wantiní to fight after being decimated yesterday by Ryder and Hawkins.


After their actions on Superstars, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder receive a solid amount of heat. The duo hop on the top of the stage and look down at their opponents.

Jim Ross: Iím surprised that AJ would want to be out here for this match, considering the actions of these two men on Superstars.

JBL: I donít condone violence to women, not in the slightest ... but AJ did stick her nose where it didnít belong.

Match 4: Tag Team Match
The Warriors w/AJ Lee vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder
Ryder and Kaval kick things off for their respective teams. They circle the ring before locking up in the middle of the ring but Ryder ducks behind, clasping his hands around Kavalís stomach ... but Kaval dives to the ground, twisting his body and flipping Ryder over him. Ryder tries to get up but gets smashed in the face by a running jumping knee ... before being the victim of a roundhouse kick to the side of the head and then a cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO! Kaval stands up and tells Ryder to bring it, but Zack backs away and tags in Hawkins.

Hawkins sprints at Kaval who ducks a clothesline and connects with a drop-toe-hold before dragging Curt into the corner and tagging his partner in. Daniel climbs onto the top rope while Kaval holds Hawkins in place ... and connects with a diving elbow drop, 1 ... 2 ... NO! Bryan doesnít let up, Irish-whipping Hawkins into the corner ... before running at him ... and connecting with A FORCEFUL RUNNING DROP KICK TO THE CHEST!! Hawkins falls to the ground and Daniel hooks the leg, 1 ... 2 ... ANOTHER KICK OUT!!!

Daniel pulls Hawkins to his feet and drags him into the corner and tags in Kaval. AJ applauds her boys from the outside as Bryan stands behind Hawkins, and Kaval jumps up and ... connects with A SPINNING BACK KICK ... WHILE BRYAN SWEEPS THE LEGS OF HAWKINS ... AND HAWKINS FALLS IN A HEAP ... cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!

Kaval quickly pulls his opponent to his feet and Irish-whips him but doesnít notice Hawkins getting the blind tag ... Kaval connects on Hawkins with a quick power slam but Ryder clobbers him from behind with a clothesline to the back of the head. Ryder keeps the pressure on, working on the back of Kaval, trading tags with Hawkins over and over, both of them working to keep Kaval away from Daniel.

Kaval manages to make a brief comeback but Hawkins stops that in its tracks with a chop block to the back of Kavalís knee. Hawkins locks in an arm bar, trying to wear down Kaval even more, the referee asks him if he wants to quick but he says no ... before getting to his feet, Hawkins transitions into a side head lock while Kaval pushes him back into the ropes before sending him to the opposite. Hawkins responds by going for a clothesline but Kaval ducks and connects with a nice drop kick on the rebound!!!

Kaval then gets a hot tag to Daniel while Hawkins tags in Ryder! They meet in the centre of the ring, with Daniel unleashing with punches and kicks, backing him into the corner, Irish-whipping him into the corner ... and then going for a running clothesline but Ryder gets the elbow up. Zack explodes out the corner ... but Bryan catches him with a power slam! Bryan gets fired up but Hawkins returns and clotheslines the hell out of Daniel!!

But Kaval makes a swift return, hopping over Daniel and taking Hawkins out by clotheslining him over the top rope. But Ryder grabs him just then and throws him over!! Ryder walks over to Daniel who CATCHES HIM WITH A SMALL PACKAGE, 1 ... 2 ... NO!!! Ryder and Daniel sprint at each other but run into each other ... knocking heads and both falling to the ground.

Hawkins is on the outside and grabs a steel chair, and slides it into Ryder but the referee doesnít notice as heís tending to Daniel. Kaval has recovered and takes Hawkins down from behind on the outside, the referee focuses on the fight on the outside, telling them to get to their respective corners, while he does that, Ryder stands up and is about to level Daniel with the Steel Chair ... but AJ IS ON THE APRO AND GRABS THE STEEL CHAIR AS RYDER HOISTS IT IN THE AIR!!!

AJ drops it to the ground while Ryder turns to face her, asking what the hell she is doing ... AND SUDDENLY GETS A HUGE SLAP!!! The crowd cheer loudly for this as Daniel is back on his feet ... BRYAN GRABS RYDER BY THE HAND AND PULLS HIM AROUND ... AND LOCKS IN WHAT JBL CALLS ... THE LEBELL LOCK!! AND RYDER HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TAP!!

Winner Ė The Warriors @ 6.60

AJ gets her revenge, costing Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder the match and winning it for her boys. Kaval joins Bryan and AJ in the ring and celebrate together as Hawkins helps Ryder up the ramp, telling them that this isnít over.

We cut backstage, where Maria is talking with someone off camera. It eventually pans out and we see the challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship, John Cena, which gains a massive mixed reaction.

Maria: Oh yeah ... Iím SO sorry about you losiní the title ... but Iím sure youíll get it back tínight.

John Cena: Thanks ... yíknow when I head out there-

Cena stops as he notices that Maria is looking behind him and we see the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy staring at the back of Cenaís head! The former champion tells Maria that heíll talk to her later and turns around.

Matt Hardy: The champ ... is ... here.

Cena smirks.

John Cena: Not for long ... soon enough that title will be back with me.

Matt Hardy: I donít think so John. Later tonight ... Iím gonnaí prove that I deserve this title ... the only reason you are in the match later is because Teddy Long has a vendetta against me. Think about it John, all the years Iíve been on SmackDown ... not one title shot ... so instead I take it ... and become the champion.


John Cena: I donít think so. In my view ... you are nothiní but a paper champion.

Matt Hardy: That right??

John Cena: Yea-


Cena is clobbered with a huge forearm smash! The force propels him back into the wall, but he manages to recover and tackles Matt to the ground, the championship hits the floor and lies there as both men battle each other on the mat.

The crowd cheer Cena on, wanting him to beat Hardy up, but suddenly a couple of road agents and jobbers show up to separate the two of them! It takes a few seconds and extreme force to separate the two man who will compete for the World Title, but eventually they do.

Jim Ross: The main event just got a lot more personal.

JBL: Matt Hardy was just called a paper champion by John Cena! Thatís blasphemy!

Commercial Break

Backstage again, and weíre with Layla who is talking with Gregory Helms in Theodore Longís office.

Layla: Good luck next Thursday ... youíre gonnaí face Jamie Noble in the first round of the Cruiserweight Championship.

Gregory Helm: Thanks. As you probably know ... I was the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in SmackDown history.

Pop for that.

Layla: I do. And-

???: Where is he!

The camera pans out and we see The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson standing in the door way. The two walk up to Layla.

The Brian Kendrick: Well ... címon toots ... tell me.

Layla rolls her eyes.

Layla: Who?

The Brian Kendrick: Teddy Long! Tommy Dreamer cheated to win, I want that win reversed!

Kendrick takes a step toward Layla but Helms steps in front of him.

The Brian Kendrick: Who do you think you are?? A Superhero?? Get out of my face.

Gregory Helms: Funny ... continue talkiní and youíll get my fist in your face.


Layla: Listen ... guys ... calm down. Brian ... I canít change the result but Iíll talk to Teddy Long.

The Brian Kendrick: Thatís all I asked, babe.

Kendrick turns to leave.

Layla: Whoa ... where do you think youíre goiní?? I wasnít finished ... next week ... your partner here will face off against the other member of the Lifeblood of Extreme ... Stevie Richards.

Nice pop.

Layla: And you ... youíll go one on one ... with this man ... Gregory Helms.

Helms smirks, Jackson stands like a robot, Layla seems pleased with her matches but Kendrick doesnít look to pleased and ends up walking off in a huff.

Back to ringside.


Time for our original main event of the evening before the World Title match was made. John Morrison, The Shaman of Sexy strides out to a solid cheer, before walking down the ramp and waiting for his opponent.

Jim Ross: Morrison suffered a huge Zig-Zag last Sunday from the ring apron to the floor, Iím very interested to see how heíll do in this match, one which I believe will be a classic ladies and gentleman, you donít want to miss this.


A massive pop greets the arrival of The Rainbow Haired Warrior, and he high steps out and sets of his pyro. Jeff then walks down the ramp, and interacts with the fans before climbing into the ring.

Match 5: Singles Match
Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison
The opening of the contest starts out fast and furious as both men circle the ring, before sprinting forward, locking up ... but itís Jeff who takes the advantage, ducking behind and pushing Morrison into the ropes ... looking for a roll up but Morrison holds onto the ropes. Jeff stands up quickly ... Morrison goes for a clothesline but Jeff ducks and goes one of his own ... only for Morrison to duck as well. John connects with a deep arm drag ... but then Jeff connects with one of his own ... and they both get to their feet but both go for a Drop Kick ... kicking each otherís feet!! Itís a stalemate in the opening exchange!

Finally, we get a clear indication of who is in control when they go to lock up again but Morrison kicks his opponent in the stomach ... forcing him back into the corner with right hands. Morrison continues to press, elbowing Jeff in the side of the head ... before Irish-whipping him into the opposite corner. Morrison sprints forward going for a running corner clothesline but Jeff bends down and flips Morrison over the rope ... he manages to land on the apron though. Jeff turns around to face Morrison but gets elbowed in the head ... he stumbles away as Morrison climbs the turnbuckle and goes for a Crossbody but Jeff dives out the way!!

The crowd are enjoying this fast paced opening as both men get to their feet, but itís Jeff who takes the advantage now, kneeing his opponent in the stomach and clubbing him in the back. Hardy stomps a couple of times on the chest of his opponent ... Hardy picks his opponent up and Irish-whip him into the corner ... only for Morrison to hold on and stop himself rebounding. The Rainbow Haired Warrior tries to take Morrison over the rope with a clothesline ... but he tumbles over the top rope when Morrison pulls them down.

Luckily, Jeff manages to land on the apron, he climbs to his feet ... but Morrison takes advantage ... using the second rope as a step up ... AND HITTING AN ENZIGURI!!! And Jeff falls to the mat below ... Morrison taking the clear advantage in this match. Jeff manages to recover eventually ... using the barricade to get to his feet ... but he doesnít notice Morrison sprinting at the ropes ... AND SUICIDE DIVING THROUGH THE TOP AND SECOND ROPE ... LANDING ON HARDY!! The crowd applaud as both men lie on the mat, but eventually Morrison gets to his feet and fist pumps the air as the commentators announce we need to go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

And we return to see Jeff in control with Morrison in the corner, connecting with a series of knife edge chops. We then get a picture in picture of what happened during the commercial break ... as Morrison pulled Jeff into the ring ... but Jeff connected with a drop-toe-hold ... and then rebounded off the ropes and smashed into Morrison with a low drop kick to the face! Back to real time now ... and Jeff bends down, before hoisting Morrison onto the top rope ... in a seated position.

Jeff joins him on the top ... but Morrison ducks a right hand and swiftly transitions behind Hardy ... wrapping his arms in around his stomach ... and goes for a GERMAN SUPLEX FROM THE SECOND ROPE ... BUT HARDY MANAGES TO HOLD ONTO THE ROPES!! HARDY THEN LETS ONE HAND GO AND BACK ELBOWS MORRISON WHO ALMOST FALLS BACKWARDS BUT MANAGES TO BALANCE BY REACHING OUT TO THE ROPES WITH HIS HAND! Hardy turns around while Morrison holds on ... and kicks him away ... before standing up on the top ... and jumping onto Morrisonís shoulders ... HURRICANRANA!!!

Jeff quickly goes for the cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!!! MORRISON KICKS OUT!! Jeff doesnít waste time, picking Morrison up and whipping him into the corner again ... before sprinting forward but Morrison side steps him and rolls him up with a school boy, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! JEFF MANAGES TO ROLL OUT!! The two men get up at the same time, and Morrison connects with a few knife edge chops, forcing Hardy into the ropes and whipping him but he reverses ... only to hold onto Morrison and pull him back ... into a kick and then a SITDOWN GOURDBUSTER!! He goes for another cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!!!

Morrison keeps his hopes alive, but Jeff continues to press, reinforcing his momentum over the next few minutes with a couple of suplexes, and body slams. Using his speed to keep Morrison off guard, and getting a couple of near falls but unfortunately, one of his high flying moves didnít work out as Morrison ducked which gave him an avenue into the match.

John waits for Jeff to climb to his feet ... springboards off the second rope ... and connects with a flying chuck kick which seemingly knocks him out!! Cover from Morrison, 1 ... 2 ... KICK OUT!! John grabs him again, pulling him to his feet and irish-whipping him into the corner and following that up with a running knee to the gut!! Jeff stumbles out of the corner ... and Morrison runs forward and grabs him, picking him up for a body slam ... but then DROPPIING HIM ... NECK FIRST ONTO THE TOP ROPE!!!

Morrison quickly runs the ropes ... as Jeff tries to recover ... but he then runs at him ... jumps and does a tucked front flip ... smashing into Jeff back first ... TAKING HIM OUT!! He goes for another cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Morrison pulls his opponent to his feet ... but Jeff breaks his arms away and kicks Morrison in the gut ... AND GOES FOR TWIST OF FATE ... NO ... MORRISON SPINS OUT ... AND PLANTS JEFF WITH MOONLIGHT DRIVE!!! Morrison crawls to the cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!!!! KICK OUT!!!

Morrison looks at the ref who reassures him it was a two count. The crowd are applauding the match so far. Morrison grabs Jeff and picks him up, planting him with a body slam before dragging him to the corner ... and looking for Starship Pain ... but when he jumps up ... Jeff is back to his feet ... and pushes MORRISON OVER THE TOP ROPE!! He hits the mat pretty hard and Hardy leans against the ropes ... feeling the effects of the match so far. Jeff rolls out of the ring, on the side to the left of Morrison who is just getting to his feet ... BUT JEFF IS NOW USING THE BARRICADE ... RUNNING ALONG IT AND CONNECTING WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!!

The crowd pop huge, but Jeff isnít done ... he climbs into the ring and waits for his opponent to climb up to his feet. Jeff feels the top rope ... waiting ... and THEN PROCEEDING TO CONNECT WITH A DIVING PLANCHA!!! TAKING MORRISON OUT AGAIN!! Jeff lies on the mat for a couple of seconds ... and then uses the barricade to get to his feet , and pulls Morrison to his feet and slides him into the ring, crawling in, looking for the win, 1 ... 2 ... NO!!

Jeff wonders what he has to do to defeat this man. With the fans cheering, he picks Morrison up to his feet and Irish-whips him, and wraps his arms around Morrisonís neck ... planting him with a spinning slam and turning it into a sleeper hold!!

The action slows to a halt now, as Jeff tries to end it with a sleeper hold, wrapping his legs around the stomach of Morrison ... but John forces himself back ... putting Jeff on his back and the referee starts counting, 1 ... 2 ... JEFF MANAGES TO ROLL OFF HIS BACK ... LETTING GO OF MORRISON.

The two men get up, and Morrison swings wildly at his opponent but Jeff ducks and ends up getting Morrison in a BACK SLIDE PIN!! 1 ... 2 ... NO!! The two Superstars meet each other again but this Morrison is the one who goes for the pin with an Inside Cradle!! 1 ... 2 ... AGAIN A KICK OUT!! And again, another pin attempt occurs as Jeff ducks another punch and then ROLLS MORRISON UP WITH A VICTORY ROLL!! 1 ... 2 ... NO!!!

The fans are enjoying this match so much but it grinds to halt as they both get up at the same time and run at each other ... ducking each otherís attempt at an attack ... and then BOTH going for a CROSS BODY ... AND THEY HIT EACH OTHER ... FALLING TO THE GROUND!! Both are out and the referee begins to count them down.

1 ... no movement from either man ... 2 ... still no movement ... 3 ... again, no movement, but the fans begin willing them both to get to their feet ... 4 ... the fans donít want this match to end as evidenced by the noise they are making ... 5 ... a little bit of a stir from Hardy ... 6 ... same with Morrison ... 7 ... Jeff and Morrison both roll onto their stomachs and reach out to the ropes ... 8 ... they each climb to their knees, helped by the ropes ... 9 ... AND THEY BOTH GET UP JUST BEFORE THE TEN COUNT ... BOTH A LITTLE STAGGERED.

They stagger into the centre ... and meet each other before trading punches ... rights and lefts ... this goes on for a solid amount of time before Morrison knees Jeff in the stomach!!! And irish-whips him into the corner ... but JEFF RUNS UP THE TURNBUCKLE ... AND CONNECTS WITH WHISPER IN THE WIND!!

He goes for the cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! THIS MATCH CONTINUES!!

Slowly, Jeff crawls to the ropes and picks himself up, and staggers over to Morrison who reaches up and wraps him up with a Small Package!! 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Jeff rolls through and climbs to his feet, runs at Morrison but he ducks and quickly springboards off the second rope ... AND CONNECTS WITH A FLYING CHUCK KICK!! Morrison goes for the cover, 1 ... 2 ... JEFF KICKS OUT!! Morrison runs his hands through his hair, wiping the sweat from his forehead before getting to his feet and walking to the turnbuckle. He makes sure that Jeff is a good distance away, he raises an arm in the air ... BEFORE GOING FOR STARSHIP PAIN ... JUMPING UP ... SPRINGBOARDING OFF ... NO... JEFF ROLLS OUT THE WAY!!

Morrison hits the mat pretty hard and gets to his feet ... KICK TO THE GUT FROM JEFF ... TWIST OF FATE ... IT CONNECTS!!! Slowly but surely, Jeff drapes an arm over the chest of Morrison, 1 ... 2 ... 3!!!

Winner: Jeff Hardy @ 17.94

An absolute fantastic match ends with the fans applauding both menís efforts, but itís Jeff Hardy who picks up the victory, but he isnít able to celebrate, too tired, and simply lies on the mat, next to his opponent.

JBL: You did say itíd be a fantastic match, and while I donít like to praise Jeff Hardy all that much, it was just that, a fantastic match.

Jim Ross: John Morrison put up the fight of his life, but it wasnít enough, next week John Morrison will take part in the Cruiserweight Tournament so hopefully this hasnít took so much out of him.

Jeff has managed to climb to his feet, using the ropes for support, before slowly climbing the turnbuckle and raising his arms in the air. He drops down, and Morrison is standing a couple of feet away from him, and eventually the two men shake hands, to a huge pop. The two Superstars lift each otherís hands in the air. Morrison leaves the ring and walks up the ramp ... leaving the ring to Jeff ... but SUDDENLY JEFF TURNS AROUND INTO AN ATTACKER ... CODEBREAKER ... ITíS CHRIS JERICHO!!


Jim Ross: What was the meaning on that?? What problem does Jericho have with Jeff??

JBL: I donít know but he chose the best time to target him ... after a tough match like that ... genius.

Jim Ross: Well I donít like it one bit, Jericho better have a good excuse for doing this. But anyway ladies and gentleman, after this commercial break, weíll see Matt Hardy and John Cena go to toe for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Quick cut backstage where we see a split screen of John Cena and the World Champion, Matt Hardy walking down separate corridors, both looking extremely focused.

Commercial Break


The roof of the arena nearly comes off with a massive mixed reaction, as the former World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena jogs out onto the stage, he stops at the top and extends his hands. Before saying Ďitís time to go to workí ... but then ...

Jim Ross: HEY! LOOK OUT!!!




JBL: Matt is doiní what heís meant to do ... make sure he keeps that title for as long as possible.

Matt drops the title belt and picks Cena up, and RUNS HIM INTO THE TITAN TRON! HIS HEAD SMASHING OFF THE HD SET! The crowd shit on Matt but he doesnít care right now, instead he drags Cena to his feet again and pulls him down the ramp.

Launching him into the side of the barricade! Cena winces with pain as Matt looks at him, saying Ďcall me a paper champion now!í. The Dark One pulls Cena up again, pulls him towards the ring but stops and IRISH-WHIPS HIM INTO THE RING POST!



Indeed, Cena is busted open, but Matt doesnít let him recover, he grabs him and rolls him into the ring. Hardy follows in and instructs the referee to ring the bell. The referee protests but Matt persists, and the refí eventually calls for it.

Matt Hardy © vs. John Cena
Matt sprints forward and tackles Cena again, taking him down, and pounding him in the head. He picks the former champion up ... Cenaís on dream street ... kick in the gut ... Matt grabs him ... TWIST OF FATE! Matt drops down to the cover, 1 ... 2 ... 3!!!

Winner and Still World Heavyweight Champion Ė Matt Hardy @ 0.17

Matt soaks in the boos he is getting right now, as he climbs up to his feet, he instructs the referee to fetch his World Heavyweight Championship and he does so as Matt ascends the turnbuckle.

Jim Ross: That was absolutely disgusting. Matt Hardy is a sick human being, there will be consequences for this, believe me. Teddy Long will have seen this.

The referee has fetched the title and hands it to Hardy, who gazes into the titles big gold plate, before walking over to Cena and kneeling down. He grabs Cena by the face, and holds the belt in front of the bloodied Cena ... and tells him he will never hold this title again!

Matt stands up ... with the fans booing ... he raises the title in the air ... foot on Cenaís chest ... as ... we ...

... fade ...

... to ... black.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

~ Smackdown! Feedback ~

Dropping by this thread for the first time so please excuse me if I come off as a bit uninformed.

First off, the format is pretty good. Although, of course, commonly recycled, it's the easiest to read imo so I'm not annoyed by it. Just making caddy observations.

Matt Hardy as the World Heavyweight Champion, eh? It's a pretty good move, though, as at this time Hardy was clamoring for gold. (Although, you could probably say that he was at his peak in mid-2005 but to no avail) Looks like he got to winning it w/o pinning Cena, which is not something out of the ordinary. Like heel Hardy too, but I'll definitely have to see how that happened. Unless of course this is depicted via IRL, then that's fine. Clarification plz for a new reader?

As for the promo, it was good. Nothing with any glitz/glamour/shazam but that's not your fault. Matt ain't got too much charisma and never really did so I can imagine it probably was slightly difficult but I think you did a good job. Just one thing that I'm noticing. You seemed to overuse the elipses marks. It's fine ever now and then but while, obviously, people will take brief pauses when they speak it isn't always necessary to shove them in everywhere. Again, moreso an eyesore than anything else. At least that's how I see it.

Cena/Hardy for the WHC seems rather huge. Methinks something's going to happen. Something about this situation spells doom.

Cruiserweight Championship back?

Pretty good opener with Ziggler and Chavo. I was hoping, going into it, that Chavo was going to take the L as he doesn't really need the Cruiserweight Championship in 2009. I think this could definitely be a nice restart for Ziggler, as it was outlined in the last sentence of your match write up, for him to push forth towards being the new CW Champion. Interested to seeing if that actually happens. Strong start to the match portion of the show, from the sound of it.

@ Danielson and Low Ki. Sometimes I forget that Ki was in the company. Interesting interaction here with AJ and Ryder. Gonna need to do more delving. Good dialogue from her, here. Didn't seem to be forced or anything of that sort and that's always good. Again though with the elipses.

The irony of Kendrick calling Dreamer a bingo hall reject when he was an indy SUPERSTAR~ his hilarious. Always enjoyed TBK whether it be as TBK, or back when he was just simply Brian Kendrick. Spanky? Not really, but hey, let's continue on here. Good bit from Kendrick here who I'm guessing is just trying to establish himself around here. Wouldn't mind it. He's got great potential.

Interesting finish. Didn't expect Dreamer & Richards to get the W against the rising TBK and Big 'Zeke, but no harm done really. The dusty finish was definitely a good move to implement the 'extremism' that both Dreamer and Richards bring to the table. I certainly do expect TBK and 'Zeke to come out on top at the end of this program.

Always love storylines surrounding the GM's and this 'bias' storyline appears to be headed somewhere. Good stuff from Truth who I think you did a good job with.

LOL @ Mike Gnawx pulling Kelly away and Striker not doing a damn thing about it Much like the past, I'm gonna have to delve back but it seems like your basic situation here.

I miss the Raw Rebound

I figured that since Truth was displaying some heel-like tactics that something was going to occur in this contest. Low and behold, he leaves Kofi hanging to be drilled with the Paydirt from Benjamin. Good furthering of this 'conspiracy' storyline and Truth, understandably, seems a bit steamed after losing his U.S. Championship. Shelton getting so mo-mo is pretty great, too. Good stuff.

Good job of capturing Jericho here and T-Lo seems fed up. I think I know what's coming... TAG TEAM MATCHES~!!!! ...

Face Edge? Okay, I'm intrigued. Looks like you KO'd the feud he was having with Big Show at the time IRL which I personally can't complain with. It was blah from what I remember and frankly pretty disappointing. Whoa. Christian was LIT ON FIRE?! Jesus Christ, lol. Good reminiscing here, and I think you did a pretty decent job of capturing Edge here. Something seemed odd here though, and I'm not sure what it was. Maybe it's just cause it's been a while since I've seen an Edge promo. Pretty good cap off to this promo with Kane chokeslamming Edge, and I'm beginning to expect Kane and Edge to square off at the next PPV.

Very good tag team match here despite its short time. Loved the action and it's good to see these four guys who are certainly talented, in each of their own rights, get the chance to strut their stuff even if it was for just six minutes or so. Good finish, with a good introduction of the Lebell Lock, and a good face victory for 'The Warriors,' which, I think, is a great name for them.

Cena macking on Maria. What a champ. Again, kind of awkwardness from Hardy and sorta the same from Cena. Him calling him a paper champion was a bit awkward from my vantage point but then again, I have no idea how you've been depicting Cena so maybe this actually fits. Anyways, the brawl was a decent way of heightening things but, to be honest? I think it was a bit unnecessary. A decent little confrontation with "verbal violence" probably would have been better suited.

The Brian Kendrick: Who do you think you are?? A Superhero?? Get out of my face.
Holy shit #DEAD

Good interaction here with TBK and Helms, and Zeke, ever the intellectual speaker. I'm a big fan of the matchmaking here. Seems only fair that Zeke takes on Stevie and TBK-Helms feels slightly forced but I like it, for cruiserweight's sake. Perhaps a part of the tournament? Who knows. Some good booking, though.

Hardy/Morrison looked like it was nothing short of a good match made for two guys who needed to get some strength after a PPV. And to be honest this seemed pretty terrific. High-energy, high-impact, and high-flying action all over the place which suits each of these guys' styles. Pretty darn good finish too, and I will be anticipating to see where these two head after this match.

Oh shit~! Jericho!! I suppose I now know where Jeff is headed. No complaints from me. Make this own, plz.

Ah ha! I knew something was going to boil over here. Hardy's aggression is great and, after not pinning Cena in the F4W match, this does a great job of making him look strong over the former champion. Good booking here and, frankly, a pretty damn brutal ending.

Overall: I liked what I saw. There were a few things that were discrepancies. The high amount of elipses marks, the awkwardness of Matt Hardy, John Cena and, for some reason, Edge, and also the brawl between Cena and Hardy. Other than that though, there was a lot of good. The booking, the matches and I really liked how TBK was used and what he was saying. Some gems here.

Definitely going to be a future reader and I thought this was a good read. Best of luck in the future, man.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM's Review

Since JB already gave you a review for SD, I decided to give you feedback for RAW. SD was good as well. CW Division, wooooo!

Pretty surprised not to see Flair make a comeback but I wonít complain about Lawler being GM. If Flair were to comeback, I feel like he would get revenge on Orton. Probably the last thing we wanna see if Flair wrestle again, guyís old but really entertaining. But anyway, I like that Orton came out almost immediately to garner that massive heat since he was on fire around this time period. Lawler looks to be a good GM with this situation heís put Orton in. No idea who Orton would choose, nice job creating intrigue for your audience to look forward to.

A Punk/Swagger feud would be pretty interesting. They did very well in ECW and I wanted to see them feud so much but atleast weíll see how you handle them. I can already picture these matches to be technical masterpieces. That being said, I like that you gave Swagger some mic time since I think he isnít THAT horrible on the mic. Maybe even a manager would help things out a lot.

Your divas division is pretty sure. You sure love your divas. Itís actually quite refreshing to read some decent promo exchanges between divas who are skilled. Plus, you gave them a 10+ minute match? That never happens anymore, definitely liking what youíre doing with the ladies. Perkins has been pretty impressive from the videos that Iíve seen from him before. Not too familiar with his promo work so I canít really comment on it. Seemed like this promo could work for any small wrestler who got on the mic.

The Monarchy sure does look lethal, even moreso now that theyíve added Barrett. This is a nice little group that I can see do some damage. I felt that Barrettís promo work here was really good, can capture this in his voice. But they werenít getting away easily with Cryme Tyme and Mysterio, what a match made my Lawler! This really ups the stakes at the next PPV, looking forward to it.

Win for Barrett over Shad was huge! Wish there was more detail in this match since I wanted to see how Shad faired as a singles competitor. Orton going with Ted huh? Not really sure what to make of this. Iíve wanted to see how things would be if Ted was the one who was pushed right instead of Rhodes. MVP/Kennedy tag team seems just thrown together but Iíll just wait until theyíve wrestled as a team before I judge.

The HBK promo was decent. Not really sure why he went on about ĎTakerís streak. I thought he wouldíve given us more on his relationship with Morrison and how he was put away and that he was back better than ever, wouldíve liked to see this. Miz coming out was very unexpected cause well, there was no indication of Miz coming out. So maybe next time, you can signal that your audience is buzzing because of Miz coming through the crowd. Because if you donít do that, it looks like HBK saw him and just let Miz attack him, I donít know. Not really sure what to say about the MVP/Perkins match, maybe you couldíve used a segment here. Good win for Perkins.

Main event seemed pretty fast but we did get a good gist of what happened, some pretty standard stuff actually. I think it was pretty interesting to see that Rhodes was the one that put ĎTaker down. As if saying to Orton, ďYou shouldíve picked me.Ē Iím definitely not hoping for Legacy to break up yet but weíre starting to see the cracks in their stable already.

Overall, the show seemed kind of slow to me. I like the whole stuff you got going with the Monarchy, itís been really entertaining thus far. The WWE Title picture is looking good as well with a rematch with Orton/íTaker. Not else much to say other than you needed to get this show to get to where you wanted to it seems. Wasnít a bad show by any means though.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

After receiving a motivational speech by the one and only Jamjam22, this thread will continue to truck along. Raw preview just now and show will follow pretty soon.

WWE Monday Night Raw – June, 08: Denver, Colorado

After last week’s ending to Monday Night Raw, we will hear from the three men involved, and they are known as The Legacy. The WWE Champion, Randy Orton will lead his cohorts out to the ring, kicking off the show, explaining what happened last week and will no doubt have a few words for The Undertaker.

Also tonight, MizTV will return with a very special guest. The Miz will host what he calls the most must see talk show in WWE history, and his guest will be none other than Shawn Michaels. Last week, The Heartbreak Kid made his return from injury, and looked to be challenging The Undertaker to a rematch after his loss to him at WrestleMania, but The Miz had other ideas. The awesome one came out from the crowd and attacked Michaels from behind, nailing him with the Skull Crushing Finale. A month ago, The Miz issued a warning to the man he injured, saying he’ll be back to put him on the IR list once more and it was up to The Heartbreak Kid to stop him.

This is a night which will determine who will face the Undisputed Women’s Champion Maryse at Fully Loaded, as a number one contenders match will take place. On Superstars, Katie Lea defeated Gail Kim and has been awarded with a chance to face Maryse as she takes on the ever popular Mickie James. Both of these Divas are desperate to face Maryse for the title, but only one will go onto Fully Loaded.

Speaking of the Divas, Beth Phoenix and Melina competed in the triple threat for the title at Judgment Day, but Phoenix lost her Women’s Title as Maryse unified the Women’s and Divas Championship. Beth solely puts the blame on Melina for that, but will we see anything transpire between the two Divas tonight??

On the match front, Mister Money in the Bank, CM Punk will be in action in the first match of the evening as he faces the man who made his return to the WWE on Superstars, defeating Jimmy Yang, Chris Masters will take on Punk on his return to Raw but will he win??

Another huge match made for tonight and is sure to get fans off their seats, TJ Perkins will face off against the best high flyer in the WWE, Rey Mysterio. The masked man will take on The PUMA but will have to keep an eye on the outside as we could see a Monarchy appearance at any time in the night.

Expect all this and much more, appearances by The Undertaker, Mister Kennedy, MVP, William Regal are to be expected so make sure you tune in.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Thank god you didn't end this! Praise be to Jam for his words of wisdom, glad to see you hopefully regain lost motivation mate. RAW looks good, definitely anticipating MizTV and the Rey/Perkins match! All the best mate.
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Monday Night Raw | June 08 | Denver, Colorado

Opening Video

No opening commentary ... no pyrotechnic display ...

***NEW DAY***

The arena absolutely erupts with heat as all three members of The Legacy, Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase walk out, all wearing Legacy teeís and eventually walking down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Welcome to Monday Night Raw, coming to you from Denver Colorado, and weíre kicking things off with perhaps the most dangerous group seen ever in the WWE, The Legacy.

Mick Foley: I could argue with you, but after what they did to The Undertaker last week ... Iím not gonnaí bother.

Michael Cole: After what seemed to be cracks forming in the foundations of this group, Cody Rhodes basically apologized to Orton for his outburst by attacking The Undertaker. But despite this, we know that at Fully Loaded, Randy Orton will defend his WWE Championship against The Deadman.

In the ring, Randy Orton has a microphone in his hand.

Randy Orton: I bet you-

The man is cut off by a barrage of boos.

Randy Orton: Show some DAMN respect!

This just eggs the fans on even more.

Randy Orton: I bet you ALL were so happy to see cracks ... cracks forming, in the foundation of The Legacy.

Orton glances at both DiBiase and Rhodes.

Randy Orton: You all thought you were witnessing the end, the crumbling of Legacy. When Cody argued my decision last week, everyone in the back, all of you were happy because you thought the most dangerous group in the WWE was finished.

Pop at the thought of no more Legacy.

Randy Orton: But that isnít what happened.

Orton smirks while Rhodes and DiBiase nod.

Randy Orton: Cody realized his mistake; he made amends by doing the correct thing, attacking The Undertaker and softening him up for me.

Rhodes agrees while the crowd boo.

Randy Orton: You see ... this group ... it is more than just a group. Legacy isnít just a group, itís an attitude. We are all second and third generation Superstars, and that means one thing, all three of us ... were born for greatness.


Randy Orton: We were born into this business, born to be champions, born to continue our fatherís Legacyís.

More boos.

Randy Orton: Unlike Evolution ... where the point of the group was to keep gold around Triple H-

Pop for The Game.

Randy Orton: It was to keep the gold around Triple Hís waist but this ... The Legacy isnít about that. Itís not about egoís ... itís not about keeping this WWE Championship-

Orton stops and looks at the title.

Randy Orton: Itís not about keeping this on my shoulder; itís about working together ... together for a common goal ... to continue our legacy. This is about making sure EVERYONE knows JUST how talented these two men are.

Orton looks at Ted and Rhodes who respond with a nod.

Randy Orton: Before I created The Legacy ... Cody and Ted were after thoughts on this show. Now ... now they are a focal point of Raw. In due time, both of these men will be holding WWE gold, they are destined for WWE Championships ... destined to main event WrestleManiaís.

Huge heat.

Randy Orton: In the short time that this group has been together ... we ... WE ... have shown just how dangerous we can me, pulverising the entire McMahon family ... taking out Ric Flair and his son.

Another batch of heat but Orton ignores them.

Randy Orton: Triple H ... Ric Flair ... the McMahonís ... they ALL have ONE thing in common ... they messed with the wrong group. They messed with something they underestimated. And for that ... they ALL paid the price.

Orton smirks.

Randy Orton: The McMahonís are all in hospital beds right now, Ric Flair has joined them, as has Triple H ... but he lost another thing ... he LOST the W ... W ... E ... Championship.

Orton takes the belt off his shoulder and hoists it in the air. Before laying it back on hi shoulder.

Randy Orton: You people ... you can boo us all you want but the fact remains that we are most dangerous group ever in the WWE. William Regal can choose to believe The Monarchy are the top group ... but he is mistaken, The Legacy are. Even when cracks were beginning to show ... we were STILL unstoppable and now that we are solid ... weíre even more dangerous than before. Everybody in this group are on equal footing, we respect each other equally.

Orton hands Ted the microphone.

Ted DiBiase: To echo what Randy has said. Cody and I are born to be a success in this company, born to be greatness. And that ... is just what is gonnaí happen ... under the tutelage of Randy we are the future of this company.


Ted DiBiase: Unlike Evolution ... this group isnít going to end with people being kicked out or people turning on each other. We are here for the long haul ... and everyone in the back knows that.

Ted hands the microphone to Cody.

Cody Rhodes: William Regal can go on about his group ... about how his group is the top group. News flash ... that couldnít be further from the truth, face it, not only is The Legacy the top group right now ... but we are the top group in history ... better than the NWO, better than Evolution, better than The Four Horseman. We are The Legacy.

Heat; Cody hands the mic to Orton.

Randy Orton: We have proven time and time again ... look at Triple H ... the McMahonís ... LOOK at The Undertaker.


Randy Orton: We decimated The Undertaker last week, Cody left him lying on this mat knocked out from the CrossRhodes. He took out The Undertaker, which is what Iím going to do at Fully Loaded ... because-

Orton stops speaking as the lights go out in the arena!!

Michael Cole: What the??

The arena is buzzing to see The Undertaker make an appearance but the lights stay out for a couple more seconds, we hear a microphone being dropped, presumably Orton dropping it to focus on what might happen.

A few more seconds pass, the crowd still buzzing ... and then ... the lights come back on ...

And CODY RHODES IS GONE!! WHAT THE HELL!! Orton and Ted do a complete 360 turn, looking for their stable mate, while the crowd are enjoying watching them frantically look for Rhodes.

Mick Foley: Only one man can do this, Cole!

Michael Cole: Where the hell is Cody??

Orton screams out ďwhere is heĒ which cues the crowd to cheer even louder, rubbing it in to the WWE Champion. DiBiase searches underneath the ring as we get an ĎUndertakerí chant, and eventually Orton shouts on DiBiase and tells him they need to find Cody before Undertaker does something drastic. The two standing Legacy members decide to jog up the ramp, disappearing backstage, and the search for Cody Rhodes begins.

Michael Cole: A fiery start to Monday Night Raw ... Cody Rhodes has disappeared ... and it seems Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase are now searching for their stable mate.

Mick Foley: Man, weíve seen how vengeful The Undertaker can be in the past, I donít like Ortonís chances of finding Rhodes.

Commercial Break

Back from the commercial, Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase are frantically walking backstage, trying to find their friend. They continue walking, walking past a couple of Superstars before Orton stops and tells Ted to go the other way and see if he can find him that way.

Orton continues to search, walking down the corridor, checking every corner. He stops and asks Charlie Haas if heís seen Cody who replies with a staunch no, Orton continues, turning the corner and bumping right into the Raw General Manager, Jerry The King Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: Ah, Randy, Iím glad we bumped into each other because-

Randy Orton: Save it! Iím busy right now!

Orton attempts to leave but Jerry grabs him by the arm.

Jerry Lawler: Listen to me Randy, Iím the GM and you need to start showing me some respect. I-

Randy Orton: You listen to me ... Jerry ... Cody has disappeared and everyone knows whoís abducted him. Since youíre the GM, do you not THINK you should be looking after your talent better than this ... God knows what The Undertaker will do to him.

Orton stares into the eyes of the GM, attempting to intimidate him.

Jerry Lawler: Listen, Iím the GM ... and after what Rhodes did to ĎTaker last week ... I donít blame him for his actions. But the reason I stopped you is because I have an announcement to make which affects you tonight.

Orton acts confused.

Randy Orton: Affects me?? What??

Jerry Lawler: Our main event tonight ... you will go one on one with Montel Vontavious Porter ... MVP.

Orton clenches his teeth while the fans cheer the announcement, Lawler smirks and then brushes past Orton, while he stares back at him before setting off looking for his Legacy brethren.

To ringside we go ... where The Masterpiece Chris Masters is already in the ring, getting ready for his upcoming match.

Michael Cole: You arenít seeing things ladies and gentleman ... that there is The Masterpiece, Chris Masters who made his return last Thursday night on Superstars.

Mick Foley: He made a heck of an impression Michael, defeating Jimmy Wang but tonight he has a much tougher opponent.


Loud cheers greet Mr Money in the Bank as CM Punk steps onto the stage.

Match One: Singles Match
Chris Masters vs. CM Punk
The opening minute consists of a solid exchange of wrestling, each man getting some form of offense in, Chris Masters showing that heís improved in the ring since his last appearance. But Mister Money in the Bank eventually took control of the match, working over the body of Masters, utliazing most of the moves in his arsenal. But when Punk climbed to the top rope and went for an elbow drop, he crashed and burned, allowing The Masterpiece back into the match. Masters tried his best over and over, to lock in The Masterlock but Punk managed to get away at every opportunity, before taking advantage of Chrisí frustrations and planting him with the GTS.

Winner Ė CM Punk @ 5.15

A solid victory for CM Punk, defeating Chris Masters, and while the match took itís toll, Punk manages to get to his feet and he demands a microphone. Once given it, he walks to the side of the ring closed to the stage.


Pop for the intensity in Punkís voice.

CM Punk: For the past MONTH ... youíve attacked me from behind and Iíve had ENOUGH! I want you to come out RIGHT NOW ... and face me in this ring.

Cheers while Punk remains stone faced.

CM Punk: CíMON!! Get out here right now you low rent Donald Duck ... címon!

Still no sign of Swagger.

CM Punk: COME ON Thwagger get-


Here we go. Jack Swagger walks onto the stage and roars out to Punk in the ring who drops the microphone. Jack continues to walk down the ramp, taking his straps of his singlet down, but just as we think weíre going to see some action.


Buzzkill. The RAW GM, Jerry Lawler walks onto the stage.

Jerry Lawler: Whoa, Jack, JACK, stop right there!

Complying with the GM, Swagger stops.

Jerry Lawler: You two wannaí go so bad?? Huh?? Well itís gonnaí have to wait ... until Fully Loaded ... you CM Punk will defend your Money in the Bank briefcase against JACK SWAGGER!!

Cheers from the crowd but some boo since they wanted to see them go at it.

Michael Cole: What a match made for Fully Loaded, weíll finally see these two go at it in one on one competition.

Swagger, still watching Lawler, doesnít realize that Punk has rebounded off THE ROPES ... AND DIVES THROUGH THEM ... SUICIDE DIVE ONTO SWAGGER!!! The Money in the Bank holder stands up quickly and grabs his briefcase from the ring and with Lawler shaking his head; Punk kneels down and tells Swagger he will never hold this briefcase.

Commercial Break

We return to Raw and we head backstage where The Ruthless Monarchy, William Regal, Drew McIntyre and Nigel McGuiness are talking with Wade Barrett sat in the back ground, taping up his wrists.

William Regal: So we all know the plan.

Nigel McGuiness: This will send a message to those no good criminals and that little jumping bean.

Boos from the crowd.

Wade stands up.

Wade Barrett: What about Legacy?? We canít let that lie, what they said.

William quells any questions.

William Regal: Orton and Legacy will feel the force of The Monarchy but for now we need to focus on tonight.

Drew McIntyre: Listen ... I need to talk to you William about-

Regal raises his hand.

William Regal: I know what you want to talk about Drew ... we all do ... and Iím working on recruiting her but until we get rid of Mysterio and those other two ... then Iím afraid I canít.

Drew nods, understanding.

William Regal: Good, so weíre all agreed.

Everyone nods at Regal.


We now cut to the backstage interview area where Josh Matthews is waiting as ever.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman ... please welcome my guest at this time ... Katie Lea.

Not much of a reaction as the camera pans out to reveal said Katie.

Josh Matthews: And Katie, I wanted to ask you your thoughts on the opportunity you have later tonight, to become number one contender to Maryseís Undisputed Womenís Championship??

Katie thinks for a moment before replying.

Katie Lea: Listen ... I know I have a great opportunity tonight but I know I can take it because of what I did to Gail Kim on Superstars.


Katie Lea: I said before that match it was my goal to win and eventually become Undisputed Womenís Champion ... tonight is no different. I easily beat Gail Kim and Iíll do the same tonight to Mickie James.

Another batch of heat.

Katie Lea: You see Josh, for too long Iíve been overlooked. And I donít know why?? Do you Josh??

Josh shakes his head.

Katie Lea: Iíve watched as championship matches have been GIVEN to Mickie James or Melina while I was forced to sit in the background. But Iíve had enough of waiting for a shot ... tonight Iím gonnaí take my shot. Iím better than Melina ... Mickie James ... Beth Phoenix ... you name them ... Iím better. Maryse?? Please ... the only reason sheís champion is because she fits Vince McMahonís idea that every Diva has to be a platinum blonde Barbie.

Heat despite Maryse being a heel.

Katie Lea: Iím going to prove Iím better than every Diva in the back by defeating Mickie James and becoming number one contender ... and then travelling to the UK and winning the Undisputed Womenís Championship. Iím gonnaí win the title in MY home town ... and become the FIRST ever British Womenís Champion. Mark ... my ... words.

More heat.

Katie Lea: Youíve probably noticed Josh, two out of three menís championships are around the waists of British Superstars, right??

Josh says yeah.

Katie Lea: Iím gonnaí show itís only the men who can make their country proud ... while they defend their titles at Fully Loaded ... Iím gonnaí win the Womenís title. Josh, Mickie James isnít going to know what hit her, Iím going to destroy her and send a message to that blonde stick insect Maryse. Josh, you ARE looking at the next Undisputed Womenís Championship.

With that intense interview, Katie walks past Josh and we cut back to ringside.



A man whose popularity is growing every week, TJ Perkins steps onto the stage.

Michael Cole: TJ Perkins has been on a roll as of late, defeating Jack Swagger ... competing on Pay-per-view ... and now he faces off against his toughest challenge yet ... Rey Mysterio.

Mick Foley: Who is a former World Heavyweight Champion, the toughest yet which will be a great match Cole ... both good in the air but both can mix it up on the ground too.

TJ slaps a few hands before climbing into the ring and waiting on his opponent.

***BOOYAKA 619***

A man who has always been extremely popular with the WWE fans now walks onto the stage, the former Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio sets off his pyro before walking on down the ramp.

Match 2: Singles Match
Rey Mysterio vs. TJ Perkins
The two men circle the ring, waiting for the right moment to lock up ... and they eventually do but Perkins ducks behind Rey and clasps his hands around his waist ... lifting him off the ground and taking him down to the mat stomach first!! Mysterio quickly transitions into a sitting position before getting to a kneeling position ... reaching up and flipping TJ over his head!! The two men share a stare off now, before going to lock up again but Mysterio instead kicks Perkins in the shin, and another, forcing him back into the ropes. Then going for an Irish-whip but Perkins reverses ... and connects with a Hip Toss ... no ... Mysterio lands on his feet. TJ tries to go for a clothesline but Mysterio ducks and then drop kicks TJ and he falls through the top and second ropes!!

Rey measures his opponent, before pulling down on the top rope and SENDING HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ... LANDING ON TJ WITH A SPRINGBOARD CROSS BODY!! Both men are down but Reyís back to his feet but the commentators announce we need to head to a commercial break!!

Commercial Break

We come back from the break with Perkins in control, and we see a split screen shot of Perkins running Rey into the barricade during the break. The PUMA keeps in control for a while, making sure to keep Rey grounded but eventually Rey gets some help from the crowd and rises to his feet. Mysterio begins to make a comeback, connecting with some quick fire offense, but then missed a springboard cross body which allowed Perkins to take control again.

Perkins went through his arsenal of moves, including the standing corkscrew moonsault and firemans kick, getting near falls on the more experienced man. But finally Rey showed some life by ducking out the way of a springboard moonsault, and using his quick fire offense again. Eventually Rey hit a Tilt-a-Whirl head scissors and Perkins landed on the second rope, cue the 619 ... but Perkins managed to avoid it, and then hit Rey with a round house kick!

The PUMA climbed onto the top rope, and went for his finisher, the 450 Splash, but Rey rolled out the way and suddenly made a run at Perkins, rolling him up and getting the pin fall.

Winner Ė Rey Mysterio @ 10.47

Mysterio rolls off his opponent and lies next to him, too exhausted to move.

Michael Cole: TJ gave it his all, but it wasnít enough to defeat Mysterio.

Mick Foley: No shame in losing to a former World Champion, Cole.

Finally, we see some movement from the two men, climbing to their feet at the same time and staring at each other. Rey extends his hand to the younger man, and eventually TJ shows some respect and shakes Mysterioís hand.


All eyes turn to the stage as the Intercontinental Champion, William Regal walks onto it with Wade Barrett standing next to him. The two members of The Monarchy walks down the ramp Ė eyes on Rey.

Michael Cole: Oh no! After a huge match this is not what Rey needs!

Despite Michaelsí pleas, the twosome continue to walk down the ramp. In the ring, Rey tries to convince TJ to get out of the ring as he doesnít want him getting involved with such a destructive stable, but Perkins shows his guts by sticking with the man who defeated him and welcomes the two men into the ring.

The crowd wait for the moment where the teams of two meet, but the Englishmen stand their ground at the bottom of the ramp, and William begins smirking as the fans begin to ... boo??



Regal and Nigel go after Mysterio while TJ is at the hands of Drew and Wade, who then throw him out of the ring and he lands hard on the mat!! They turn to the other two, who have Rey in the corner, heís at the mercy of The Monarchy but they arenít about to let him go as Regal orders them to pull him up.

Drew and Nigel hold Mysterio in place as Regal pulls brass knuckles out of his suit pocket and put them on ... HE DRAWS BACK ... BUT ...






Rey tries to help Cryme Tyme but after a gruelling match, The Monarchy easily knock him back down ... but TJ PERKINS IS BACK ... SLIDING INTO THE RING ... JOGGING OVER TO WADE AND SMASHING HIM IN THE HEAD WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!! Knocking him down and he rolls out of the ring!!

Itís now four on three, the tables have turned as JTG and Shad team up to throw McIntyre over the top rope while Rey hits a Tilt-a-Whirl headscissors on McGuiness and he barrels out of the ring underneath the bottom rope!!

On the other side of the ring, TJ has done the exact same thing to Regal but he lands on the bottom rope!! TJ shouts on Rey who notices ... he bounces off the ropes AND SMASHES REGAL WITH A 619!!!

Ď619!!! 619!!! YEAH!!!í

Regal falls to the mat, in the perfect place for TJ to climb up to the top rope ... AND HIT THE 450 SPLASH ONTO THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!!!

ĎRegal just got taught a lesson!!!!í

That he did, Cole. The foursome watch as Regal rolls out of the ring and is helped by The Monarchy as they back up the ramp, Drew keeps a hold of the Intercontinental Champion while Nigel and Wade shout back at the four men in the ring.

We now cut backstage where the chaos continues on Raw as the WWE Champion, Randy Orton is still searching backstage for Cody Rhodes. Orton turns a corner and runs into Chris Masters.

Randy Orton: Hey! Have you seen Cody or Ted??

Masters answers quickly.

Chris Masters: I saw Ted a few moments ago.

Randy Orton: Where?!

Masters points to a door at the bottom of the hall.

Chris Masters: He went in there but hasnít come out yet.

Orton brushes past Masters and makes a beeline for the door. He opens the door and is about to walk in before he realizes that the room is in pitch blackness, the WWE Champion shows no fear though and continues down the stairs, going deeper into what we assume is the boiler room. The camera follows him as we reach the bottom, at the other side of the room there is a light, Orton jogs to it and behind a pillar is none other than TED DIBIASE!!

DiBiase looks out and looks pretty bruised, Orton rubs his hand over his head, clinches his teeth and turns to the camera, side steps it and we watch as Orton ascends the steps once more, and then shouting out to someone.

Randy Orton: HEY!! YOU!! GO GET SOME HELP!!

The Viper turns back, and jogs down the stairs again, taking them two at time before returning to the scene but stops, and lifts his hands to his head, the camera sweeps from him to Ted DiBiase ... BUT HE IS NO LONGER THERE!! Orton curses his luck before pushing the camera man out the way as he makes a beeline for the steps again.

Back to ringside where Charlie Haas is already in the ring.

Michael Cole: What is going on tonight?? Ted DiBiase was in that room ... we saw him.

Mick Foley: This is The Undertaker, Cole ... we all know how dangerous and quite frankly ... scary his mind games can be.


The lovable cocky son of a bitch now makes his entrance as Mister Kennedy bounds onto the stage. With his eyes set on Charlie Haas, he walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring. Not allowing Lillian to announce him, the lights go out and down comes a microphone.

Mister Kennedy: A man who needs NO introduction but deserves one of the highest quality and Lillian baby, despite the love I have for you, only ONE man can do that!

Pop from the crowd while Haas makes a beeline for Kennedy but the referee stops him which Kennedy notices.

Mister Kennedy: Hey! Step back son before I come over there and crack this microphone over your skull!!

Big pop from the crowd.

Mister Kennedy: Now without further ADO ladies and gentleman ... I weigh in TONIGHT at two hundred and forty pounds ... I HAIL from Greenbay ... Winsconsin ... you are lookiní at thaí man who will beat Charlie Haasí ass all over this ring ... MISTEEERRRR KENNEEDDDDDYYYYYYY!!!!

Huge cheers as Kennedy taps on the microphone.

Mister Kennedy: KEENNEEEDDDYYYY!!!

Another pop as Kennedy lets go of the microphone.

Michael Cole: As cocky as ever.

Mick Foley: You gottaí love it though, Cole.

Match 3: Singles Match
Charlie Haas vs. Mister Kennedy
In the early going, itís Charlie who is the aggressor, showing his tough side by working Kennedy around the ring, taking his frustrations out on him. But Kennedy eventually takes control and shows off his arsenal of moves, even cockily telling Haas he hasnít got a chance in hell at winning this match. Kennedy eventually ends it with the Mic Check, picking up the victory.

Winner Ė Mister Kennedy @ 3.02

Routine win for the cocky Mister Kennedy as he doesnít even break a sweat, standing up and walking to the turnbuckle and celebrating his big () victory.

We now go backstage and we see Melina talking with some women, not a Diva but we assume she is her friend. SUDDENLY THOUGH ... SHEíS ATTACKED FROM BEHIND BY ... BETH PHOENIX??

It is!! Phoenix picks her up and throws her onto a catering table, covering her in food while Melinaís friend runs for help. The crowd boo The Glamazon as she picks Melina off the table and runs her into the wall!! Before dragging her down the hall ... past ... Randy Orton who is still frantically searching for Rhodes and DiBiase.

The cameras ignore Orton and follow the two Divas, Melina tries to fight back but Beth just shoulder thrusts her into a production box!! She drags her some more to a door which says parking lot and when she reaches a random car ... SHE PICKS HER UP AND BODY SLAMS HER ON THE HOOD!!! Huge boos from the crowd!!

Beth goes face to face with Melina and tells her that it is all her fault ... the reason she lost the Womenís Championship ... itís all on her AND NOW SHEíS GOING TO PAY as we fade to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Back on Raw, we get a recap of what happened before the break before cutting to the announce table.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, but ladies and gentleman, what transpired before the break was shocking to watch. Beth Phoenix absolutely destroyed Melina, even taking the brawl into the parking lot.

Mick Foley: These Divas are feisty Cole, remember it was Melina who, in Bethís eyes, cost her the Womenís Championship.

Michael Cole: Well, I hope we get an update on Melinaís condition soon. But now ladies and gentleman, as you can see the ring is currently being set up for MizTV ... but letís take you back to last week where The Miz made a huge statement.

Cue the video recap of what transpired last week, where Shawn Michaels was making his return from injury and was addressing the WWE fans, and it looked like he was going to challenge The Undertaker to a rematch but The Miz attacked him from behind and smashed him with the Skull Crushing Finale.

Cut back to Raw.


Cue the heat as one of the most cocky Superstars of all time walks onto the stage. The Miz begins to walk down the ramp, wearing a trim black and blue suit, he ignores the fans jibes before climbing into the ring and grabbing a microphone from one of the chairs. In the ring, standing behind The Miz are two huge security guards.

Michael Cole: It seems Miz canít handle himself without security guards.

Mick Foley: Last week begs to differ.

The Miz rolls the microphone in his hand before speaking.

The Miz: Ladies and-

The Miz is cut off by a barrage of heat before the fans chant Ďyou suckí.

The Miz: HEY! HEY!! I do NOT suck, you wannaí know who do though?? The Denver Nuggets suck thatís who!!

Oh itís cheap, but itís effect, especially since some of the team are in the front row tonight.

The Miz: Now shut the hell up and let the most controversial, most talked about Superstar in WWE history speak!

More heat.

The Miz: This right here is THE most talked about talk show in the history of this company ... BETTER than The Peep Show ... bigger than The Highlight Reel ... and certainly better than that drivel we saw on SmackDown known as The Cutting Edge.

Miz smirks.

The Miz: Without further ado, ladies and gentleman my guest tonight ... introduciní one of the BIGGEST ... WASTE OF SPACE on the Raw roster ... Shawn Michaels!

***SEXY BOY***

The arena comes unglued as The Heartbreak Kid himself walks onto the stage, wearing a suit himself for this occasion with his hair tied back. Olí HBK walks down the ramp, and takes the time to hi-five a few fans before setting his eyes on The Miz. He pauses but then slides into the ring and attempts to get into his rivals face, but the two steroid fuelled security guards stand in his way. HBK raises his hands and backs away, calming down as he picks up the microphone. The guards part a little allowing Miz to stand in front of Michaels but still staying on guard.

The Miz: I think we all need to calm down, so why donít you take a seat Shawn??

Shawn doesnít take a seat, instead stares a hold through his rival.

Shawn Michaels: I think Iíll stand.

The Miz: Alright ... well, the reason I got you out here Shawn, is because I want to ... as they say ... clear the air. You see Shawn, at Backlash when Chris Jericho and I defeated you and John Morrison ... I didnít mean to injure you. Far from it, I didnít want my win over ĎAitch Bee Kay to have an asterisk by it which says you were injured. Now while I say I didnít mean it ... I canít say that I didnít enjoy it.

Heat from the crowd as Miz smirks.

The Miz: It was a freak accident, Shawn, but you know what?? It was a sign.

Shawn Michaels: A sign?? A sign of what Miz?? A sign of you being the luckiest Superstar on Raw??

The Miz rolls the microphone in his hand.

The Miz: No no no no no, it was a sign that you ... YOU are falling apart. Youíre falling apart, youíre getting older Shawn, bones are becoming less sturdy, losiní your hair and now youíre losing ... your ... touch.

Loud heat.

Shawn Michaels: Losing my touch?? I may be losing my hair but I am NOT losing my touch. Letís get one thing straight Miz, if olí HBK never suffered that injury then Iíd have kicked your ass all over Backlash.


Shawn Michaels: If you think Iím losing my touch ... then I suggest you buy the ĎMania DVD and watch my mat-

The Miz: I did my research Shawn. I watched the show- a

Shawn Michaels: The show where the so-called over the hill Shawn Michaels was lighting up the arena while you ... the young up and comer didnít even compete on Pay-per-view.

Another pop.

The Miz: Hey ... Iíll hand it to you, you did face The Undertaker and lit up WrestleMania but Shawn how did it feel when you realized ... when you realized you were looking up at the bright lights and realized you had lost?? You say you stole the show at WrestleMania ... you did ... but for becoming a name on a stat sheet.

Loud boos from the crowd as weíre getting a bit personal.

The Miz: But getting away from that Shawn ... I also wanted you out here to talk about somethiní else, to talk about tag teams.


The Miz: You see, weíre very similar Shawn. We were both members of successful tag teams but whatís the other thing we have in common?? We are both the stand outs of the teams.

The crowd are torn whether to cheer or boo.

The Miz: I mean ... letís face it ... Iím the future of this company-

Shawn Michaels: If YOU are the future of this company ... then Miz ... God help us all.

Pop from the crowd while Miz feigns laughter.

The Miz: Funny. I am the future of this company, I am the host of the most talked about talk show in history, a future WWE Champion while John Morrison is stuck in the cesspit which is SmackDown, doiní nothing. Losing to Jeff Hardy and failing to win the United States Title.


The Miz: Heís nothing but a second rate ... well ... a second rate Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: A second rate Shawn Michaels is still TWICE the Superstar youíll EVER be.

Huge pop.

The Miz: Again with the jokes, that old brain playiní up again?? Going senile already are we?? In case you forgotten, it was Morrison who lost our match at ĎMania ... IT WAS Morrison who lost at Backlash. Heís doing nothing on SmackDown while Iím making waves on Raw. Iím creating must see TV!


The Miz: But hey, it wasnít always that way. I remember before I got my break on Eee Cee Dubya ... I was treated like dirt in that locker room. JBL ... Ric Flair and YOU were the main culprits. You all brought me down at EVERY damn opportunity, telling me I was never good enough to be a WWE Superstar. Why?? Because you felt a reality TV star had no place in a Ďrassliní ring. Well guess what?? This reality TV star is better , more charismatic, more skilled in the ring than MOST guys in the back.


The Miz: This reality-

Shawn Michaels: HEY! Shut up for once and listen.


Shawn Michaels: Letís just get one thing straight Miz ... we didnít not like you because of you were a reality TV star or that you were a terrible wrestler with little to no traininí. We disliked you because of your attitude.

Michaels pauses, not finished.

Shawn Michaels: Iím no saint, I understand that. But you ... you came in with the biggest ego of any wrestler Iíve seen, you told everyone how great you were and we had enough. In this business you have to be a little bit cocky, but you took it to a whole other level. Vince McMahon signed you and within a month you were exposed for having no business being in a wrestliní ring.

Miz shakes his head.

Shawn Michaels: Sure you could talk, but you couldnít work a lick in this ring.


The Miz: Is that so?? Well how times have changed, huh?? Technically Shawn, this no talent hack has a victory over the great ĎAitch Bee Kay. I know you want a rematch with The Undertaker ... hell I knew you were gonnaí challenge him when you returned. But face it Shawn, you canít beat The Undertaker.

The fans donít know how to react.

The Miz: I told you a month ago that I was gunning for yaí but you ignored me for one last crack at the main event. Well thatís not gonnaí happen. Not with me around ... youíre washed up ... youíre just like the others, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, you name emí ... they all stuck around too long and look at them. Flairís in a hospital bed, Hogan can barely walk and you Shawn?? Youíre just making a mockery of your legacy. Youíre not-


Pop from the crowd as Michaels gets in the face of Miz.

Shawn Michaels: You come out EACH AND EVERY WEEK spouting the same crap. You run your mouth but YOU canít do HALF the stuff Ric Flair or ĎAitch Bee Kay can do in this ring!


Shawn Michaels: You come out here and you DESRESPECT every damn legend that has stepped foot inside this ring. You disrespect every man who WORKED to get into this business, you came in on a wave of fame from the reality show ... Iím not sayiní you havenít improved, you have ... but you are NOWHERE near the level of Bruno Sammartino ... the level of Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels.

Another pop as Michaels and Miz are pretty much nose to nose.

Shawn Michaels: You think Iím washed up, you think Iíve lost my touch ... IíM SHAWN MICHAELS KID. Iím Mistahí WrestleMania , THE SHOWSTOPPAí, THE MAIN EVENT , THE ICON ... I was winning championships when you were growing up son. Guess what?? Iím still the man to beat ... I lost to The Undertaker but thereís no shame in that ... he knows Iíll be cominí back for him. But I donít mind taking a detour to TEACH YOU A LESSON IN RESPECT!!!

Huge pop as Miz and Michaels stares into each otherís eyes.

Shawn Michaels: Every damn guy that stepped into this ring everyone one of those legends ... theyíll be watchiní and hopiní ... theyíll be watchiní right now hoping I teach you respect right here and right now. But I donít mind waitiní ... so how about Miz ... you say Iím washed up ... YOU SAY IíM LOSINí MY TOUCH!! Prove it, face me one on one ... FACE The Heartbreak Kid ... face the Main Event ... face me at Fully Loaded and PROVE IT!!!

The Miz seems to thinking it over as the fans pop at the thought of seeing this match.

Shawn Michaels: Thereís an old sayiní that someone said on this show and Iím gonnaí say it again. You go one on one with me ... you say that youíre THE MOST MUST SEE SUPERSTAR IN THE WWE ... NEWS FLASH KID ... you ainít!! But if you go ONE ON ONE with THE SHOWSTOPPAí ... THE MAIN EVENT ... Iíll make you famous!

Another huge pop as The Miz and Shawn Michaels go nose to nose with the security about to step in but The Miz tells them to back off.

The Miz: YOUíRE ON!!!

The match is on!! The fans pop loudly as Michaels nods in the face of Miz who does the same, the two of them continue to stare while Michaels starts to smirk.


Michaels shoves his microphone into the chest of The Miz, dropping it and starting to walk away as The Miz watches ... but HE STOPS ... AND SMASHES THE MIZ IN THE FACE WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!

Michael Cole: Oh my god!!

Mick Foley: He just took his head off!!


But thatís enough for HBK as he steps onto the apron with the fans cheering extremely loudly. Michaels grins at his opponent for Fully Loaded before dropping down to the floor, backing up the ramp before slapping few hands.

Michaels continues up the ramp as The Miz comes too and sits up, and watches as HBK stops at the stage and smirks down at him.

Michael Cole: This thing between The Miz and Shawn Michaels just got a lot more heated, and it will all come to a head in three weeks time at Fully Loaded!!

Mick Foley: I canít wait for that!! And we ainít even done tonight Cole!!

Michael Cole: Thatís right ladies and gentleman after the break we will find another match for Fully Loaded as Katie Lea takes on Mickie James to find out who will face Maryse for the Undisputed Womenís Championship!!

Commercial Break


We open up to a shot of the O2 Arena in London, England.

Narrator: For the first time in six years ... the WWE returns to the United Kingdom ... for a Pay-Pay-View extravaganza.

We now see highlights of Summerslam í92.

MVP: Every time we come to the UK, the crowds are immense.

Mr. Kennedy: The fact that they only get to the witness the WWE live twice a year, this really will be special.

We see some shots of the UK crowd going wild whenever Raw or SmackDown were in the building.

Shawn Michaels: Are yaí ready, UK??

Shot of Shawn Michaels facing John Cena in the hour long match they had.

The Miz: Weíre cominí locked and loaded ... the WWE is returning to the UK ... and itís gonnaí be ... AWESOME!!

We now see a view of the O2 Arena at night, with the WWE logo splattered across it.

Narrator: Monday Night Raw presents ... WWE ... Fully ... Loaded!



Raw returns and weíre in the middle of the Undisputed Womenís Champions entrance as the sultry Maryse is walking around the ring. She ignores the fans before taking a seat at ringside. She shakes Mick Foleyís hand and even gives him a kiss on the cheek before totally ignoring Michael Cole.

Michael Cole: I donít get that ... she kisses you but doesnít even acknowledge me??

Mick Foley: What can I say?? I have a way with women.

Michael Cole: Who knew Maryse liked the look of homeless lumberjacks.

Good one, Cole. The champion places her belt on the table and puts the headphones on.

Mick Foley: Maryse, we welcome to commentary and Iím sure youíll provide us with some lovely insight.

Maryse: Thank you, Mick.

Michael Cole: To elaborate on what Mick say, weíre very interested to hear-

Mick Foley: I just want to say Maryse, congratulations on becoming the first ever Undisputed Womenís Champion, itís quite the achievement.

Maryse: Thank you and may I say itís an honour to be in the company of a hardcore legend. And zat beard really suits you, I must say.

Michael Cole: Hey ... I have a beard-

Maryse: Shut up, Cole!

Mick Foley: Yeah shut up Cole.


The spunky Mickie James makes her entrance, skipping down the ramp and sliding into the ring.

Maryse: Ugh.

Mick Foley: I sense a hint of a tension there??

Michael Cole: Yeah itís-

Maryse: Letís get one thing straight ... I already defeated Ďzis Mickie James ... why sheís in Ďzis match Iíll never know.


The seemingly invigorated Katie Lea now steps out, her eyes firmly planted on Mickie James.

Michael Cole: Maryse what-

Maryse: I heard what Ďzis women had to say about moi earlier ... and believe you me ... she will regret everything she said.

Mick Foley: If you had a choice who you want to face at Fully Loaded??

Michael Cole: My moneyís-

Maryse: Either ... I honestly do not care ... I can beat any of these ... Divas.

Match Four: Undisputed Womenís Championship #1 Contenders Match
Katie Lea vs. Mickie James
A solid Divas match here, back and forth action which keeps the crowd involved, and the moves are pulled off very crisply. The momentum continues to swing back and forth throughout the match before Katie Lea slows it right down with a swift kick to the inner thigh, before setting her eyes on that body part for the rest of the match. Knowing that Maryse is watching, Katie makes sure to really show how dangerous she can be, working over the thigh, causing severe pain to her opponent. With Katieís eyes set on a match with Maryse at Fully Loaded, she tries to end it, but Mickie manages to fight back. Getting a few near falls, but then Mickie takes the time to taunt Maryse who simply ignores her, and Katie catches Mickie with a Snap DDT and a cover for the win.

Winner and #1 Contender to the Womenís Championship Ė Katie Lea @ 5.36

Katie picks up the victory, becoming the number one contender to Maryseís Undisputed Womenís Championship! The champion herself watches as Katie climbs onto the second rope and raises her arms in the air.

Michael Cole: Well what do you think-

Michael doesnít get a chance to finish her question as Maryse drops the headset from her noggin and stands up, looking up at Katie and holding her championship above her head.

Mick Foley: She really didnít like you, did she??

Michael Cole: I donít know why, Iím a lovely guy. Anyway, ladies and gentleman, we now know Maryseís challenger at Fully Loaded, and it will be in London, Katie Leaís home town, that will be a great occasion.

Commercial Break


We open up into a closed off gym, a ring in the middle of it, lights darkened, a man sitting on a steel chair in the centre.

Next up, we see who we assume to be that same man, connecting with a Powerbomb in the darkened gym.

A Powerslam this time as the man continues to punish his opponent.

Finally, the man finishes the match with what appears to be a Bicycle Kick and the referee counts the three count.

The Man: My name ... is Sheamus.

The gym now lights up as we get a close up of the ginger haired Superstar.

Sheamus: And Iím cominí to the double u double u E ... to fight ... to fight the very best.

A smirk appears on the face of Sheamus.

Sheamus: And if you think youíve seen destructive ... then fellaí ... just wait until you see me in that ring.

Another grin as we see that jobber getting to his feet before Sheamus hits him again with a Bicycle Kick.



Raw returns and weíre backstage with CM Punk deep in conversation with the Raw General Manager, Jerry Lawler.

CM Punk: I donít care if the match is at Fully Loaded ... I want him next week.

Jerry Lawler: I canít-

CM Punk: I said I want Swagger next week, I get that you need the best matches for Fully Loaded but to be frank ... I donít care. I want him next week.

Lawler sighs.

Jerry Lawler: Fine ... you got him.

Punk grins.

Jerry Lawler: In a tag team match ... you get yourself a partner and youíll face him next week with a partner of his choice.

CM Punk: I think Iíve got a partner in mind.

Punk turns around and starts to walk but bumps into ... the WWE CHAMPION, RANDY ORTON.

Randy Orton: Iíd watch where youíre going Punk.

Punk shakes his head.

CM Punk: I think you ought to be politer to the man who holds your future as WWE Champion in his very hands.

Punk pulls up his briefcase which Orton glances at.

Randy Orton: You cash that in on me ... you wonít be successful, Iíll knock you out and PUNT you out of the WWE. So get out of my face.

Punk brushes past Orton but stops and turns to face him.

CM Punk: You know what Orton, I hope you are champion when I cash this in because Iíve got a hell of a lot to say and do to you since you ended my World Heavyweight Championship reign. Just like you ended my Heavyweight Title run ... when the time is right ... Iíll end yours. Thereís an old sayiní Randy, karmaís a bitch.

Pop from the crowd, Orton shakes his head while Punk turns and exits the room. The Viper turns to Lawler.

Randy Orton: Iíve searched high and low, Iíve searched this whole arena and I canít find Cody or Ted ... what are you gonnaí do about it??


Jerry Lawler: Nothing.

Randy Orton: NOTHING!?!

Jerry Lawler: Nothing.

Randy Orton: You canít be serious?? Who knows what torturous things Undertaker is doing to them??

Jerry Lawler: For someone who has tortured the McMahon family, the Flair family ... I donít think you should be making accusations like that. Theyíll turn up eventually ... if they turn up battered and bruised, well , thatís just too bad.

The WWE Champion shakes his head at Lawler who stands his ground, a few moments later Orton turns and exits Lawlerís office.

We now cut away into the main arena.

Michael Cole: Itís been a huge night so far, but weíve got to take a quick detour to show what happened on Friday Night SmackDown, enjoy ... if you can.

~ Matt Hardy opens the show and Theodore Long announces heíll defend his championship against John Cena ~
~ The Brian Kendrick accuses Theodore Long of being bias ~
~ R-Truth does the same, before turning his back on his tag team partner, Kofi Kingston ~
~ Chris Jericho complains to Theodore Long before attacking Jeff Hardy ~
~ John Cena and Matt Hardy fight backstage ~
~ Matt Hardy attacks John Cena before their match and wins the main event ~

Back on Monday Night Raw.

***IíM COMIN***

A solid pop greets MVP as he jogs onto the stage; he goes to either side and shoots a pretend basketball before walking down the ramp and climbing into the ring.

Michael Cole: MVP has been on a downward spiral as of late, and his so-called friend Mister Kennedy hasnít helped matters with his constant comments.

Mick Foley: Kennedyís one of the most cocky Superstars Iíve ever seen, but these fans seem to like him, and no doubt heíll be watching this match.

Michael Cole: Well ladies and gentleman, we need to take a quick commercial break, but after, Randy Orton will go one on one with MVP.

Commercial Break


Without either of Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBIase, the WWE Champion Randy Orton walks onto the stage, receiving a barrage of heat. With his eyes set on MVP, The Viper continues to walk down the ramp and into the ring.

MAIN EVENT Ė Singles Match
MVP vs. Randy Orton
The ref rings for the bell and both Orton and MVP circle the ring, before locking up. And MVP pushes Orton back into the corner, the referee calls for a clean break and MVP obliges. He backs away, allowing Orton to come out of the corner. Again, they lock up again, this time itís Orton who backs his opponent into the corner. The ref again calls for a clean break but as Orton does that, he pushes MVP in the chest forcefully, but MVP takes offense to that and smashes Orton with a right hand. The Viper careens back, stumbling back from the force while MVP follows him. MVP continues to use strikes to keep Orton off his game, before kicking him in the stomach and clubbing him in the back. Orton falls to his knees but MVP pulls him right back up, pulling him into the corner and trying to smash his head against the turnbuckle but Orton puts his hand on the ropes and stops it. He elbows MVP in the gut and as MVP stumbles away, Orton wipes his mouth before connecting with a stiff clothesline before going for the cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!

Orton continues the pressure, pulling his opponent to his feet and The Viper irish-whips him ... MVP rebounds off the ropes ... right into a back body drop!! Orton turns around and goes for another cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO! MVP shoots up off the canvas ... but Orton pulls him right back down and goes for another cover ... 1 ... 2 ... NO! The Viper stands up and pulls his opponent to his feet and Irish-whips him into the corner ... before falling that up with a corner clothesline! MVP stumbles away from the corner, with The Apex Predator following, he grabs his opponent from behind and pulls him around ... kicks him in the gut and then bounces off the ropes ... CONNECTING WITH A RUNNING KNEE TO THE HEAD!! Cover ... 1 ... 2 ... KICK OUT!!

The WWE Champion curses his luck but continues the pressure, pulling his opponent to his feet and Irish-whipping him, he bends down but MVP stops and kicks Orton in the chest! Orton recoils into the ropes, rebounding forward into a back elbow!! Orton stumbles into the corner, MVP follows and knees him in the stomach before Irish-whipping him into the other side ... following that up with a running big boot!! Orton falls to the mat and MVP goes for the cover ... 1 ... 2 ... NO!! MVP shakes his head as he pulls Orton to his feet, he pushes him against the ropes and Orton rebounds ... but ducks a clothesline and then hits a clothesline of his own! Orton doesnít bother going for the cover, instead he pulls MVP to his feet and Irish-whips him but MVP reverses ... only for Orton to hit the ropes but hold onto them. MVP sees this and runs at Orton, who bends down and flips MVP over his head ... but MVP LANDS ON THE APRON!! Orton turns around and is greeted with a forearm to the face ... he stumbles away but turns back to MVP who bends down between the top and bottom rope ... his neck between Ortonís legs () and FLIPS HIM OVER THE TOP!!

MVP rests on the apron as Orton climbs to his feet, after taking a few seconds to recover ... MVP extends his arms out wide, getting some support from the fans before ... JUMPING FORWARD ... FORWARD ROLL IN MID-AIR ...SMASHING INTO ORTON!! The Viper lands on the mat hard, while MVP manages to get up quickly, he pulls Orton to his feet and smashes Ortonís head off the announce table and then slides him into the ring, cover ... 1 ... 2 ... NO!!

MVP pulls Orton to his feet but The Viper breaks his arms away and knees him in the gut, then Irish-whips him into the corner. Orton takes a few second to follow MVP in, but The Franchise Playa elbows him in the side of the head and turns the tables, putting The Viper in the corner and hitting a number of shoulder thrusts!! MVP completes that by hoisting Orton onto the top rope, MVP tries to climb up but Orton stops with him a shot to the head. MVP stumbles back out of the corner, away from Randy who drops down to the mat and when MVP turns he attempts a clothesline but MVP ducks ... Orton turns around ... to see MVP running at him ... MVP side steps Ortonís defence and ROLLS ORTON UP FROM BEHIND!! Cover, 1 ... 2 ... KICK OUT!!

MVP curses his luck, he picks Orton up but Randy explodes out with a stiff European Uppercut ... and another one, forcing his opponent into the ropes. Randy Irish-whips him ... he rebounds ... and catches him ... SIDE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Orton goes for the cover, 1 ... 2 ... NO!! The crowd cheer the kick out while Orton isnít as pleased, he snarls as he stands up, pulling MVP to his feet once more and hitting him with a European Uppercut ... he reels back into the corner. Orton follows him in and holds his forehead as he levels him with a couple of rights ... before climbing to the second rope. The Viper pounds MVPís head with shot after shot but MVP shows enough strength to reach up with his arms, hooking Ortonís legs ... AND PLANTING HIM WITH A DESPERATE POWERBOMB!!!

Both men are down for a few seconds but MVP crawls to the cover ... 1 ... 2 ... NO!! MVP kneels next to his opponents, hands on his legs, sighing at the kick out. He pulls Orton to his feet and knees him in the stomach, Irish-whipping The Viper into the corner ... Orton stumbles out of said corner, walking right into a right hand. Another right hand sends Orton into the ropes, The Viper is in trouble as MVP lays into him with right fists which the referee has to stop. MVP walks back to The Apex Predator but gets kicked in the stomach ... he stands up but ducks a wild swing from Orton ... and connects with a backdrop!! MVP kneels down and goes for the cover ... 1 ... 2 ... NO!! MVP punches the mat in frustration.

MVP pulls Orton to his feet, kicks him in the gut and then Irish-whips him into the corner. MVP measures Orton in the corner, and explodes towards him looking for his signature big boot once again, but Orton ducks out the way ... MVP has his leg caught on the top rope ... Orton takes advantage ... HOISTING MVP OUT OF THE RING AND DOWN TO THE FLOOR BELOW!! The Viper kneels on the mat for a couple of seconds, regaining his breath, before dropping and rolling out of the ring. MVP is still down on the mat, after his hard landing, but thatís disrupted when Orton stomps on his chest. The Apex Predator then pulls him to his feet and shoulder thrusts him into the ring apron!! Before Irish-whipping him right into the barricade opposite them!! Orton rolls into the ring, breaks the refereeís count by rolling back out and pulling MVP to his feet once again.

The Viper walks his opponent around the ring, and smashes his head into the announce table, before sliding him back into the ring!! He follows and goes for the cover ... 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Ortonís had enough and here comes the dreaded Orton chin lock. This goes on for at least a minute before the fans get behind MVP and he channels the crowdís energy and manages to get to his feet. Hitting Orton with a bunch of elbows to the gut and then sets off running but ORTON CATCHES HIM WITH A STANDING DROP KICK!! Cover ... 1 ... 2 ... NO!!

The Apex Predator gets in the refereeís face who doesnít back down, so Orton turns his attention back to MVP whoís just getting up. The Viper grabs him by the hand and Irish-whips him into the corner ... and goes for a corner clothesline ... BUT MVP GETS TO FEET UP ... AND EXPLODES OUT THE CORNER WITH A FALLING CLOTHESLINE!! Both men are down and the referee begins counting up to ten. He only gets to six though before MVP uses the ropes to get to his feet, he walks over to Orton and gets him to his feet, Irish-whips him and catches him with a Power Slam, cover ... 1 ... 2 ... KICK OUT!!

MVP sighs with his hands on his hips as he climbs to his feet. He measures Orton once again, kicks him in the stomach and goes for THE PLAYMAKER ... BUT ORTON SPINS OUT ... GOES FOR THE INVERTED BACKBREAKER ... AND HITS IT ... ITíS OVER ... 1 ... 2 ... NO!!! Orton smashes the mat in frustration, screaming at the official to do his job. Orton turns back to MVP and dives to the ground ... HE POUNDS IT ... WAITING ... AND GOING FOR THE ... RKO ... NO ... MVP PUSHES HIM AWAY AND HE HITS THE ROPES!! Orton rebounds right into a boot to the stomach ... FISHERMEN SUPLEX WITH A PIN ... 1 ... 2 ... KICK OUT!!

This match continues as now itís MVPís turn to pound the mat. He stands up and waits for Orton to get to his knees and CONNECTS WITH THE DRIVE BY!!! COVER ... 1 ... 2 ... NO!! THE WWE CHAMPION KICKS OUT!! MVP thought he had it there as he stares into the ceiling. He asks the official for clarification before turning back to Orton who comes from nowhere with a running European Uppercut!! Orton grabs MVP by the neck and a handful of his attire ... and goes to throw him between the top and second rope ... only to stop him so he lands on the apron ... AND PULLS HIM UP ... ROPE HANGING DDT!! COVER!! 1 ... 2 ... ANOTHER KICK OUT!!

Orton doesnít like that one bit as he gets up and screams at the referee!! He turns around and walks back over to MVP who SUDDENLY ROLLS HIM UP WITH A SMALL PACKAGE ... 1 ... 2 ... NO!! Orton saves his skin! The Viper gets up quickly and meets MVP head on, and the two begin trading punches ... with the classic Ďyay booí exchange. Itís MVP who gets the better of Orton, pushing him back to the ropes ... before Irish-whipping him ... only to keep a hold of his hand and yank him back looking for a clothesline ... but Orton ducks ... RKO ... RKO FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! ORTON DROPS TO THE COVER ... 1 ... 2 ... 3!!!

Winner Ė Randy Orton @ 13.21

After a hard thought victory, the referee grabs the WWE Championship and hands it to Randy Orton as he rolls off MVP. Orton rests on the mat for a few seconds, holding his mid-section, he crawls to the ropes and climbs to his feet as MVP rolls out of the ring. Orton climbs up the turnbuckle and holds the WWE Championship above his skull.

Michael Cole: Another big victory for the current WWE Champion, but MVPís bad luck continues, and STILL no sign of Cody Rhodes OR Ted DiBiase.

Mick Foley: Well wherever they are, they can be proud of their leader here tonight, I donít like him but Orton dug down deep and managed to pull out a huge victory.

Michael Cole: Well, Iím sorry to say ladies and gentleman, thatís all we have-


We can see Orton drop down from the second rope and stare up at the stage, as nearly twenty DRUIDS come out from behind the curtain. Holding torches with flames at the end of them, no sign of The Undertaker but the druids walk down the ramp and line up down it. Back to the barricades, facing each other.


The eerie, chilling music of The Deadman plays and as Orton stares in disbelief, The Undertaker walks onto the stage, with his now signature hood up, face down, facing the ground!! The crowd are cheering loudly at the appearance of the challenger to Randy Ortonís championship.

Meanwhile in the ring, Orton continues to watch his rival as the lights get a little brighter but we are still shrouded in blue tinted light. Suddenly WE HEAR A BOLT OF LIGHTNING AS THE UNDERTAKER PULLS HIS HOOD DOWN!! HE STARES AT ORTON AND ROLLS HIS EYES ... AND EXTENDS HIS ARMS INTO THE AIR ... POINTING!!

Orton follows the finger of The Undertaker ... AND HE DROPS TO HIS KNEES ... IN DISBELIEF AT WHAT HEíS SEEING!! The fans wonder what has spooked the WWE Champion so much as he drops his title belt and runs his hands over his head!!

The camera cuts back to the stage, to see The Undertaker looking at Orton, no signs of emotion from The Deadman but then WE GET ANOTHER BOLT OF LIGHTNING AND THEN WE SEE TWO ... CROSSES!!! TWO CROSSES COMING DOWN FROM THE CEILING!! Shrouded in darkness, the druids with the fire beneath them, itís some sight as Randy Orton backs away from that side of the ring and sits in the corner ... rubbing his eyes ... not wanting to see HIS FRIENDS ... CODY RHODES ... AND TED DIBIASE ... EACH ON A CROSS ... EITHER SIDE OF THE STAGE ... KNOCKED OUT, THEIR HEAD LIMP AS THEY ARE LOCKED TO THE CROSS.

A majority of the fans cheer, but some are in shock, covering their mouths.

No words from the commentators ... no words from Orton or Undertaker ... we fade away with the lasting image of Rhodes and DiBiase stuck on the crosses.



Date: 28th June 2009
Location: O2 Arena; London, England
Theme Music: ďAll My LifeĒ by Foo Fighters

WWE Championship:
Randy Orton © vs. The Undertaker

One on One:
Shawn Michaels vs. The Miz

Intercontinental & World Tag Team Championship:
The Monarchy © vs. Rey Mysterio & Cryme Tyme

Money in the Bank Briefcase:
CM Punk © vs. Jack Swagger

Undisputed Womenís Championship:
Maryse © vs. Katie Lea
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM’s Review

I like the serious tone you set here with The Legacy opening up the show. I like that you gave each man a chance on the mic to really give us that feel that everyone of them is equal. I had high hopes for Legacy back in the day but it became a disappointment in the end. Hope you don’t disappoint with this group. It was a good promo but I would’ve liked to see Orton play some mind games with ‘Taker here instead of repeating time and again that Legacy isn’t like Evolution. BAM! Cody is gone, great storyline to center the show around. Wonder what happens to him.

Not really a fan of Masters so I don’t mind him losing. Would’ve liked to have heard more from Punk after he made fun of Swagger’s lisp, that was great. Their match at Fully Loaded should be a good one. Both guys can go in the ring but hopefully Punk keeps the briefcase. Would’ve wanted to see Punk disagree with Lawler about putting his briefcase on the line yet again, even just a little.

Monarchy possibly getting a diva? Don’t think it’ll be Katie Lea since that’ll be too obvious but you never know. That was a pretty good promo from Katie Lea. Shows that you really want to showcase the divas and that’s a good choice since you want every division to be strong. Let’s see what she can do.

Glad that the Mysterio/Perkins match got a bit of detail but I knew that something had to go down after the match. Not usually a fan of a stable looking weak, especially their leader but then again, the faces have to have their moment. I’m guessing that the Monarchy get back at them even better. Two big stables on one show is a tough task, but you’re managing to have both of them stay strong. Oh man, some freaky stuff with Ted disappearing like that. Mind games, love it! Kennedy! Hope you have big plans for that guy. Man, the divas are getting some good time on this episode, that’s great.

MizTV was just AWESOME. I liked the back and forth between these two. It was smart of you to bring up that guys like HBK didn’t think Miz could make it. Having Miz face off against HBK will be great, so I’m hoping for HBK to win at Fully Loaded just so that this feud can continue. I actually like Miz and I believe that this is the feud to put him over. So many routes you can go with this and I’m sure you’ll choose the absolute best one.

Good to see some interaction with Punk and Orton, definitely some history there. I would’ve thought that maybe Orton would lose here since he wasn’t in the right state of mind but all that was for naught as the thing to talk about was after the match. Poor Ted and Cody. What a way to end the show.

Overall, this show had a good balance. It had a good balance of promos with Legacy and MizTV doing the honors and matches as well with the main event and Mysterio/Perkins getting good time. The Divas were a good addition to the show as well. Didn’t think I’d see the divas doing something decent, so kudos to you for that. What an ending to the show, really good cliffhanger. Can’t wait to see what happens on the next episode.

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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Superstars
11 June 09

~ Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to another edition of Superstars where the main event will be the Cruiserweight Tournament Round One bout between Gregory Helms and Jamie Noble.

~ Undisputed Womenís Champion Maryse defeats Michelle McCool after an average Divas match. (5.39)

~ Ezekiel Jackson defeats Stevie Richards in an above average match, a match which was rescheduled for Superstars despite being advertised for this coming SmackDown. (7.03)

~ Chris Masters faces off against Kung Fu Naki and pins him with The Masterbomb (spinning sit-down powerbomb) after dominating the match. (3.54)

~ The Masterpiece gets on the microphone and challenges any WWE Superstar to come out and here and take part in The Masterlock Challenge. The ever popular Jimmy Yang answers the call and comes out, only to pass out to the Masterlock.

~ In a back and forth, fantastic main event, Gregory Helms defeats Jamie Noble to advance to the Semi-Finals of the CW Tourney, defeating him with a Shinning Wizard. (13.04)


Friday Night SmackDown Ė 12 June Ė Greensboro, North Carolina

Tonight, SmackDown rolls into North Carolina, Greensboro to be exact. And it is sure to be an explosive show as the road to The Bash heats up.

The current World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy is a North Carolina native but donít expect the fans to give him a warm welcome home after what he did last week. The champion was instructed to defend his title against the former champion in the main event of the evening. John Cena and Matt Hardy engaged in a verbal confrontation which turned physical, and this continued in the main event when Hardy attacked Cena who was on his way to the ring. The Cold One made sure to make a statement, throwing the former champion into barricades, ring posts and steel steps before finishing him off with a Twist of Hate. How will the former champion react to his beating last week, will he get some measure of revenge or will Matt continue his wave of momentum??

SmackDown has been a very controversial show recently and that may be down to the SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long. Not one to be bullied, Teddy Long has put the foot down with many Superstars, and these Superstars include the World Champion, former United States Champion R-Truth, Chris Jericho and The Brian Kendrick. All four of these men have aired grievances over Longís General Management of the brand, with each man complaining of being treated unfairly. R-Truth has had his rematch clause taken away from him, Hardy was forced to defend his title only a few days after he won it, Brian Kendrick is complaining about the amount of shots The Lifeblood of Extreme have been getting at the WWE Tag Team Championships and Chris Jericho just doesnít like the General Manager. What will happen tonight between the GM and these four Superstars??

Speaking of Chris Jericho, the self proclaimed Best In The World will walk on down to the ring and explain his actions for last week. Jeff Hardy competed against John Morrison in a great match which was marred by the attack by Jericho on Jeff which happened after the match. We do not know why Chris Jericho attacked Hardy, but we could guess that it is because Hardy cost him his chance to become World Heavyweight Champion at Judgment Day.

Last week, Kofi Kingston teamed with the former United States Champion, R-Truth to take on Mike Knox and The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin. R-Truth left his partner high and dry despite assuring him he had his back, and Benjamin took total advantage by planting Kingston with PayDirt and getting the three count victory. As a result, Kofi Kingston will defend his championship against The Gold Standard tonight! Meanwhile, with Evan Bourne out of action, Kelly Kelly will have to suffer another week of being dragged around by Mike Knox, and we hope for her sake that she doesnít annoy The Monstrous Knox.

When The Brian Kendrick aired his grievances to Assistant General Manager, Layla last week, he got himself into a bit of bother when Layla announced he would face off against Gregory Helms, who stepped in to prevent Kendrick getting any more aggressive towards her

Another week, another round of Cruiserweight Tournament matches. Theodore Long has announced John Morrison will face Jesse in another quarter-final while Kaval will face off against Zack Ryder in the final match of the quarter-finals.


United States Championship:
Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin

Cruiserweight Tournament Quarter-Final #3:
Jesse vs. John Morrison

Cruiserweight Tournament Quarter-Final #4:
Kaval vs. Zack Ryder

Singles Match:
Gregory Helms vs. The Brian Kendrick
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Friday Night SmackDown | 12 June 09 | Greensboro, North Carolina

Beginning the show, we get a recap of what went down last week between John Cena and Matt Hardy, the two brawling backstage before the World Heavyweight Championship match, and when it comes about Ė Hardy attacks Cena from behind and scores the easy win after brutally beating him up before the match.

Opening Video


Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman ... WELCOME to Friday Night SmackDown ... coming to you from Greensboro, North Carolina. Hello, my name is good olí J.R, Jim Ross and my partner as always ... John Bradshaw Layfield.

JBL: After last week J.R, I cannot wait to see what goes down tonight, a lot of things were set in motion last week, the World Heavyweight Champion; Matt Hardy justifiably attacked John Cena before their match and R-Truth done the right thing by leaving his partner, Kofi Kingston.

Jim Ross: Well, I donít agree with you at all there, but weíre no doubt going to see some more fallout from everything that happened last week as the road to WWE The Bash continues.


As always, the mixed reaction greets the arrival of John Cena as he jogs onto the stage. Stopping at the top and saluting before sprinting down the ramp.

Jim Ross: And it appears we are wasting no time, I want answers, you want answers, and I bet this man wants answers for what Hardy done last week.

JBL: Everybody knows why Matt done what he did ... he was being unfairly treated by our SmackDown General Manager ... a lot of Superstars have. Iíve been on the receiving end of Theodore Longís bias a lot in my career, I know why the likes of Matt Hardy, Chris Jericho, Brian Kendrick and R-Truth are angry with him.

Jim Ross: Iíve known Teddy Long for a long time, and I know he isnít bias to ANY WWE Superstar.

JBL: Get your head out of the clouds J.R, you hated it when Bischoff was running Raw because he was bias, well newsflash ... Theodore Long is just as bad ... if not worse.

Cena now has a microphone but has to wait for the crowd to die down.

John Cena: WOW!!

This elicits another mixed reaction.

John Cena: You guys are on FIRE tínight!!

Another huge but mixed reaction.

John Cena: And I know why ... because THIS IS FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN!!

Stop with the cheap pops/heat, dude.

John Cena: Friday Night SmackDown where the toughest Superstarís compete ... and Matt Hardy.

The fans respond with a mixture of heat and cheers towards as Matt is from NC.

John Cena: Our World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy ... can we really be proud of our champion considering he hides from fights ... a Superstar who if he doesnít want to face you, heíll attack you from behind and pick up the easy victory??

Cena shakes his head.

John Cena: Nah, we canít be proud of that. Last week ... I was set to win back the World Heavyweight Championship, I was ready, I WAS PUMPED but then ... then Matthew attacked me from behind. Threw me into barricades ... steel posts ... then hit me with what he is now calling The Twist of Hate and retained his title. Lemmeí tell you ... I wasnít best pleased ... for the past week Iíve been moping around. But then I thought, why?? Iíll get my hands on Matt Hardy soon enough.

Pop from the crowd.

John Cena: Matthew became World Heavyweight Champion ... credit to Ďim but he went about it the COMPLETE wrong way. Turniní his back on his family ... turniní his back on his brother ... turning his back on you.

Boos this time from the crowd.

John Cena: Something I have NEVER done ... even though some of you boo me ... but thatís fine with me because you paid for your tickets and you can act how the hell you want. And I love it ... I love the boos ... I love the cheers ... I donít care if itís ďCENA SUCKSĒ or ďLETíS GO CENAĒ ... as long as you people are enjoyiní the show then it donít matter to me.

Cena pounds his shirt where his heart is.

John Cena: I come out here each and every week to put on a show for you people because thatís what I love to do.

Mixed reaction again, Cena points to a guy in the front row who has a ďCENA SUCKSĒ sign and a ďWE HATE CENAĒ tee.

John Cena: Love you too.

This gets a cheer from the fans surrounding the guy but the guy shakes his head.

John Cena: Thereís been A LOT of talk in the back recently.

Cena shakes his head.

John Cena: About our SmackDown GM, Teddy Long.

Nice enough pop.

John Cena: There are A LOT of Superstars in the back who say our General Manager is bias towards certain members of the roster.

Cena shrugs.

John Cena: I canít say Iíve noticed that, have you guys??

The fans respond with boos, signifying they havenít.

John Cena: This man at ringside-

Cena points at JBL.

John Cena: He believes it.

{JBL: Youíre DAMN right I do!!}

John Cena: R-Truth started this WHOLE thing ... Chris Jerichoís always had a thing for conspiracy theories ... channelling Jesse Ventura I think.


John Cena: Evan Spanky- uh ... Brian Kendrick has bandwagoned on it. And THEN ... then thereís our World Champion ... Matt Hardy who says that Teddy Long is biased towards me??


John Cena: He says the only reason I got the World Title match last week because I ... apparently ... suck up to him. Nah ... thatís totally false, Iíve never sucked up to anyone, I have what I got because I worked for it. The reason I got that match ... Matt ... is because I invoked a little thing called the rematch clause. But after what happened last week ... I had my match ... and because of YOU ... Matt, I used up my chance.


John Cena: But hey, I bet you all would love to see a World Heavyweight Championship match tonight??



Even bigger cheer this time which makes Cena smile, he turns to the stage.

John Cena: So how about it, Matt ... why donít you put your title on the line, in your home state ... how about it, defend that title ... AGAINST ME!!

Huge pop as we begin to wait for Mattís answer but ...


KANE?? It is, The Big Red Monster walks onto the stage, receiving a lot of heat before finally reaching the ring. Cena stands his ground though, not backing down from the huge guy in front of him, and we now see that Kane has a microphone in hand.

Kane: Iíve decimated CM Punk-

Boos for that.

Kane: Iíve destroyed Christian-

Louder boos for that.

Kane: Iíve ... we have taught Edge a lesson.

The boos continue to reign down as Kane smirks but Cena remains stone faced, staring into the eyes of Kane, the two are literally only a couple of inches away from each other.

Kane: And now only YOU ... stand in my ... stand in OUR way of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, we deserve the shot at Matt Hardyís title ... not you.

The two men continue to go face to face.

Kane: And I ... we have no problem DESTROYING you tonight and laying claim to that title.

Heat directed at Kane, while Cena remains stone faced.

John Cena: I have no idea what is with you recently ... but yíknow me ... yaí want some ... COME GET SOME!!!

The two men now go even closer to each other, an inch apart, the crowd begin cheering as they can feel they are going to see a fight break out with J.R hyping it up as so.


The fans die down now that the buzzkill of a General Manager saunters out onto the stage, but neither man faces him, theyíre still focused on each other.

Theodore Long: Now hold up a second here playasí.

Long pauses.

Theodore Long: I got a couple of announcements to make playas ... now listen up ... Ďcause you both are gonnaí want to hear this.

Kane and Cena continue to face off.

Theodore Long: Tínight, the World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy-

A lot of heat.

Theodore Long: Will go one on one with ... BOBBY LASHLEY!!

Huge pop at the big match made as Long smirks.

Theodore Long: And not only that ... but our MAIN EVENT for the night will be ... KANE versus ... JOHN CENA ... and the winner will face Matt Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship at THE BASH!! YA FEEL THAT ... PLAYAS!!!

Massive pop this time as our main event is made as Cena grins while Kane backs off, laughing manically.

J.R: What a couple of matches made by our General Manager!! Cena and Kane ... Lashley and Hardy ... TONIGHT!!

JBL: A couple of fantastic matches made for tonight, I admit ... but that doesnít change the fact that Theodore Long is a corrupt General Manager who needs to be replaced as soon as possible!!

Commercial Break

Backstage, and weíre with the United States Champion Kofi Kingston as he is doing some squats, in preparation for his match later tonight, but he stops and we see why as the camera pans out to reveal R-Truth! The crowd begin to boo Truth as Kingston walks towards him, pissed off after what his so called friend done to him last week.

R-Truth: Yo ... hold ... wait jusí a sec man.

Kingston stops just a few inches away from Truthís face.

Kofi Kingston: You wannaí tell me why you hung me out to dry last week?? Why you left me high and dry in the middle of the ring?? Huh??

Truth shakes his head.

R-Truth: Kofi ... I ... lasí week I was frustrated aní ... I dunnoí what came over me. All I want to say is ... Iím sorry man.

Kingston seems apprehensive at the apologie but Truth seems sincere.

Kofi Kingston: I get that youíre frustrated over what Teddy Long made you do at Judgment Day, I get it. But you have to understand, it isnít my problem, this is your and Teddyís beef ... and I donít want to be involved. But if youíre serious ... then I accept your apology.

Truth nods and extends his hand, after a few moments Kingston grabs it and shakes it like a man. R-Truth then parts company by walking away, and Kingston grabs his championship and proceeds to turn a corner but then walks into The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin who gets some good heat from the crowd.

Shelton Benjamin: Ah ... if it isnít the man who I beat tínight ... Kofi Kingston.

Kingston shakes his head and tries to push past Benjamin but Benjií stops him.

Shelton Benjamin: Hold up ... whatís the rush?? I got somethiní I need to say ... yísee by the end of the night Kofi ... you arenít goiní to be U.S Champion ... I am.

Kofi Kingston: Is that rig-


The champion is attacked from behind by ... MIKE KNOX!! Benjamin stands back and watches as Knox pulls Kingston to his feet and RUSHES HIM INTO A WALL HEADFIRST!! Jeers are now directed at the duo who stand above Kingston, as Benjamin reaches down and grabs the United States Title, holding it just above his opponents head, sending a message that he will be the next United States Champion!!

Cut to ringside.

Jim Ross: An absolutely heinous display by Shelton Benjamin and Mike Knox!

JBL: You call it heinous ... I call it smart. Softening Kingston up for later before Benjamin takes the United States Championship away from one of Teddy Longís favourites!

Jim Ross: Shelton Benjamin doesnít need to take out Kofi Kingston before the match to win the title, we know how good Benjamin is, he could have waited and done his talking in the ring.

JBL: Heís probably sick of being held back, a lot of Superstars are in that locker room, and only one man is to blame.

Jim Ross: (sighs) Teddy Long??

JBL: Got it in one.

***ITíS TIME***

Gregory Helms makes his entrance for the first match of the evening, getting a solid pop from his home state crowd here tonight.

Jim Ross: This match came about as a result of Brian Kendrick running his mouth last week and Gregory Helms took exception to that.

JBL: Something he should never have done, he needs to keep his nose out of Kendrickís business and focus on the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.


The ever cocky tag team champion, The Brian Kendrick saunters onto the stage, with the WWE Tag Team Title around his waist, no sign of Jackson though.

Jim Ross: Oh no ... do you see what I see??

JBL: What??

Jim Ross: He has a microphone.

JBL: HEY!! Thatís a great thing! Brian Kendrick is one of the most entertaining Superstars on SmackDown, you should be glad when he has a microphone.

Kendrick now begins to speak as we walks down the ramp.

The Brian Kendrick: Yísee ... this is the problem with this brand. The problem with people who run this brand. They put THE Brian Kendrick in a match against this loser, who might I add actually comes from North Carolina.

Pop for that.

The Brian Kendrick: Donít cheer that ... you should boo that ... this man right here is an example of everything which is wrong with this state.

Itís cheap but itís effective.

The Brian Kendrick: Last week ... Greg ... you stuck your nose in my business ... and then our lovely assistant GM Layla made this match ... another example of the conspiracy and bias against me! Yísee Greg ... I shouldnít have to beat you ... I should be preparing for my title defense whenever that may occur ... and you ... you should be getting ready to lose in the Crusierweight Title Tournament.

Boos while Helms shakes his head, Kendrick is now at the bottom of the steel steps.

The Brian Kendrick: A tournament that The Brian Kendrick isnít involved in ... despite being eligible for it. Another prime example, just like R-Truthís rematch clause being taken away from him, Matt Hardy having to defend his title last week ... I ... The Brian Kendrick is a victim of the SmackDown General Manager.

Even more boos, as Kendrick steps onto the apron.

The Brian Kendrick: And now Iím gonnaí have to take my frustrations out on this man ... this cretin from this lecherous state.

ĎYou suckí, the chants are audible which means Kendrick turns to the crowd.

The Brian Kendrick: HEY! HEY! SHUT UP!! I donít suck ... The Brian Kendrick does not suck! You suck. Yeah thatís right you all suck.

More boos but they suddenly turn to cheers as Helms jogs over and grabs Kendrick ... pulling him over the top rope and into the ring as Jack Doan calls for the bell.

Match 1: Singles Match
Gregory Helms vs. The Brian Kendrick
We join this match a few minutes in, and after Helms had took advantage in the early going thanks to what happened before the bell, The Brian Kendrick took control when Helms went for a high risk move but crashed and burned. Kendrick from then on was in complete control, running through his arsenal of moves , showing why he is one of the most skilled Superstars on SmackDown. And with no Ezekiel Jackson to back him up, he showed that in fact, he didnít need his associate to back him up in every match. While Kendrick got some near falls and locked in some submissions, the fans began getting behind the former Superhero, chanting his name and urging him on. Kendrick tried to shut the fans up, but that only spurred them on even more.

The WWE Tag Team Champion however witnessed Helms get a second wind, and Greg took it to Brian, utilizing some high octane offense, keeping Kendrick guessing by mixing up his arsenal. But it was all for naught, as the ending to the match came. Helms was going for a Shinning Wizard but Kendrick ducked it and then rolled Helms up from behind, holding the tights for more leverage and getting the win by way of cheating.

Winner: The Brian Kendrick @ 5.32

By hook or crook, Brian Kendrick has stolen the victory here tonight, sending the Carolina crowd into a frenzy of boos as he quickly rolls out the ring, with Helms springing to his feet and leaning over the ropes, telling Kendrick to get back down here.

Jim Ross: He stole!! Helms looked in complete control and Kendrick stole it! DAMN IT!

JBL: He shouldnít even had been in this match!! Applause to THE Brian Kendrick ... he done what he had to do to win.

Kendrick disappears backstage as Helms shakes his head.

Commercial Break

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall ... AND ... is for the UNITED STATES ... CHAMPIONSHIP!!


On cue, The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin walks onto the stage, receiving a solid amount of heat as he continues down the ramp.

Jim Ross: This is gonnaí be a treat ... as quite possibly the most gifted athlete in all of WWE will take on the United States Champion.

JBL: And we know that Kingston isnít at one hundred percent after the attack by Benjamin and Mike Knox earlier on tonight.

When Shelton reaches the bottom of the ramp, he stops and calls to the back, ushering out ... MIKE KNOX?? The man who helped Benjamin attack Kingston earlier is accompanying Shelton in this match, he stops on the stage before walking back and yanking out KELLY KELLY!! The crowd boo as Mike drags Kelly down the ramp and pulls her around the ring, making her sit on a steel chair as he stands by the apron.

Jim Ross: Thatís disgusting ... the sooner Evan Bourne returns from injury the better!!


The United States Champion now hops onto the stage, but doesnít bother with his pyro, he runs down the ramp, sliding, dropping the title and taking the fight to Shelton straight away!!

Kofi Kingston © vs. Shelton Benjamin
Kingston took advantage in the early going, after his flurry of offense at the beginning which took Benjamin off his game, he slowed it down, and started working over the shoulder of Benjamin. Kingston seemed like a champion when he was utilizing his arsenal of moves and the crowd were reacting favourably to the U.S Champion. The high flying Superstar continued to dominate the early goings of the match until Benjamin managed to create some separation by sliding out of the ring. He started to catch his breath, and then was greeted by Mike Knox who started to give him a pep talk, but the talk was cut short when Kingston dived over the top rope, looking to land on both of them but only got Knox!!

Kingston didnít seem worried by this, and even Kelly applauded from her seated position next to the announce table. But Kingston had let his guard down, which allowed The Gold Standard to level him with a running clothesline. Shelton from then on, showed why he could be a champion by using the barricade and announce table to his advantage, ramming his opponent into both. The challenger then rolled his opponent into the ring and got a near fall. The crowd were firmly behind Kofi, and this seemed to help him make a brief comeback, but thanks to a distraction from Knox, Shelton was right back in control.

It didnít last long though, as we entered a stretch where the momentum shifted between the two men, both hitting some of their key moves, including the Boom Drop and even Shelton pulling out his old T-Bone Suplex for a near fall. The action seemed to slow as both men started getting winded, both were struggling for air as they battled on in what was to be a great TV championship bout. Thanks to some underhanded tactics, Benjamin took control once again, but this time he was smart about it and kept Kingston on the mat with his amateur wrestling skills, the high flyer was grounded.

Even though Benjamin is no slouch in the high flying department, he knew his best bet was to keep this on the ground and thatís just what happened until the fans began chanting Kofiís name, this gave Kingston what seemed like a second wind. He managed to get to his feet and made a hot comeback, which drew the fans in, cheering and booing when Kingston would get some offense in and then only get a near fall. Kelly looked excited on the outside, while Knox would simply stare, shaking his head, wanting to see Kingston lose the title.

When Kingston was going for Trouble In Paradise, Knox got onto the apron and tried to distract Kofi, but he got levelled with a right forearm which sent him to the ground to the pleasure of Kelly. Kingston turned his attention to Benjamin and went for Trouble in Paradise but The Gold Standard ducked and swiftly turned around, planting his opponent with PayDirt, his finishing move!! Benjamin slowly crawled to the cover, draping his arm across Kingston, but as the referee was nearing the three, Kingston put his leg on the bottom rope, which drew a huge pop from the crowd.

Benjamin wasnít happy about it though, and who could blame him, if he was more centred in the ring then he would be United States Champion. The Gold Standard argued with the referee, over and over, wasting time, but he didnít notice Kingston climbing to his feet!! He turned around and received Trouble In Paradise to the face!! With the last ounce of strength, Kingston reached out and covered his opponent!!


Jim Ross: HEíS DONE IT!! KINGSTON HAS RETAINED THE UNITED STATES TITLE!! Despite interference from Knox and all the cheating in the world by Benjamin ... KINGSTON IS STILL THE U.S CHAMPION!!

The U.S Champí rolls off his opponent and rises to his knees, hands on his thighs as heís handed the United States Title.

JBL: I canít quite believe it. Credit to Kingston, he done a great job by retaining that title.

Kofi climbs to his feet, and slowly walks over to the corner, climbing up the turnbuckle and raising the title above his head. Kingston brings it down and clutches it to his chest, smiling at the fans, and we even see that Kelly has cracked a smile as she has seen Knox get kicked in the head. Kingston drops down to the canvas, but doesnít turn around for a second, catching his breath but when he does ... HEíS STEAMROLLED BY MIKE KNOX!!!

Jim Ross: OH!! What the?!

Knox, obviously recovered from that kick and is now pulling Kingston around the ring like a rag doll. He pushes him into the corner and hits him over and over with punches to the stomach ... and now Benjamin gets involved, instructing Knox to pull him out of the corner and holding him up.

JBL: Ha-ha ... I LOVE IT J.R!!

Jim Ross: How can you love this?? This is disgusting.

Benjamin smirks in the face of Kingston, telling him he won by pure luck, taking a pot shot at him by slapping him in the face. Knox grins as Benjamin tells him to hold him out while Kelly covers her mouth!! Benjamin grabs the United States Championship and gets into a good starting position and goes to HIT HIM WITH THE U.S .. .WAIT ...

***WHATíS UP***


R-TRUTH now sprints down the ramp, sliding into the ring, ducking a clothesline from Benjamin and clotheslining Knox over the top rope!! Knox lands on the mat where Kelly grins at him but the brawl is happening in the ring between Truth and Benjamin, obviously being the fresher man, R-Truth takes advantage and clotheslines The Gold Standard over the top rope!! Knox grabs Kelly and walks around the ring to Benjaminís side as R-Truth helps Kingston to his feet.

JBL: What is he doing?! This was his chance to let Kingston suffer for what he did at Judgment Day!

Jim Ross: This is a great thing that R-Truth done, he saved the man who took his title, showing he respects him, showing he is still a good guy at heart.

The crowd now applaud R-Truth as he pulls Kofi to his feet, and hands him the United States Championship. R-Truth raises Kingstonís hand in the air, and the fans cheer once more as Benjamin and Knox disappear behind the curtain. R-Truth is about to leave the ring but Kingston extends his hand for handshake ... AND R-TRUTH SHAKES IT!

Jim Ross: Class. That is what you call class from these two ... HEY!!!


Jim Ross: What the hell is this?! What has he done?!


The crowd have now totally turned on R-Truth. And he responds by shouting back at them, telling them itís all Teddy Longís fault. Truth angrily pulls Kingston to his feet, and THROWS HIM INTO THE RING POST BETWEEN THE TURNBUCKLES ... SHOULDER FIRST!! Truth yanks Kofi out and he collapses to the ground, holding his shoulder in pain. Truth grabs the United States Title, and keels down beside Kingston, telling him this belongs to him and itís only a matter of time before he takes it back.

Jim Ross: What is wrong with R-Truth?? Heís gone insane, conspiracy theories, thinking the General Manager is out to get him, no, this is just wrong.

JBL: What are you talking about?? R-Truth lost his United States Title because the GM put him in a SEVEN man gauntlet ... he has every right to be angry.

Jim Ross: And why take it out on Kingston??

JBL: Because he was the one that benefited from Theodore Longís obvious bias.

Truth exits the ring and backs up the ramp while Kingston is laying in the ring.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, weíre with Matt Striker who has a microphone in his grasp.

Matt Striker: My next guest is a former ECW Champion, a former multiple time tag team champion, and is the current World Heavyweight Champion ... I give to you ... Matt Hardy.

Huge heat as Matt Hardy walks into the shot, dressed in ring gear with the big gold belt on his shoulder.

Matt Striker: And Matt ... I wanted to ask you why you attacked John Cena last week ... because some say you only attacked him to get out of defending your World Heavyweight Championship??

Matt Hardy: Who?? Who are these people?

Matt Striker: Well ... uh ... from what Iíve heard, John Cena, most of the fans and Theodore Long.

Matt shakes his head.

Matt Hardy: Ah ... Theodore Long. The man who stuck me in that match, out of nothiní but spite ... everyone knows by now how our esteemed General Manager treats his Superstars ... I am treated like dirt on this brand, I always have.

Hardy takes a pause, shaking his head.

Matt Hardy: And last week was MY night ... MY time. He ruined that. He came out and interrupted me ... to tell me that I was going to compete, defend my championship against the former champion. Later in the night ... John Cena said I was nothiní but a paper champion, he disrespected me, just like Teddy Long disrespected me.


Matt Hardy: So I ruined their main event ... I attacked John Cena and ruined Teddyís idea of having a perfect main event. But if you look at what happened, despite attacking Cena, and despite Theodore Long treatiní it like it never happened ... I have a pin fall victory over John Cena.

More heat.

Matt Hardy: What happens?? He goes out to the ring ... and gets ANOTHER chance to face me for my championship. John Cena gets shot after damn shot! While others are held back ... people like R-Truth, people like The Brian Kendrick. But yíknow what ... despite all of this ... I hope John Cena defeats Kane tínight ... because if he faces me at The Bash ... Iíll do what I did last week ... pin him ... one, two, three and retain my championship.

Striker nods.

Matt Striker: And what about Bobby Lashley later?? Thoughts on facing him??

Matt Hardy: Again ... this is what Theodore Long wants. He wants to wear me down before I defend my championship at The Bash. But Iím gonnaí have the last laugh ... Iím goiní to defeat Bobby Lashley ... then defeat either John Cena or Kane ... and show why I am the true World Champion ... NOT a paper champion.

And with that, Hardy turns around and exits the scene.

Now, weíre in Theodore Longís office, where he is talking to The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson. TBK still looks a little worn down from his match earlier.

The Brian Kendrick: Enough with the chit chat ... The Brian Kendrick has places to be and people to see ... hurry up and tell us why you called us here.

Theodore Long: Listen up playaí ... I donít appreciate your tone. So I suggest you get in line, or else.

Kendrick glances at Jackson.

The Brian Kendrick: Or else what??

Theodore Long: Yíknow what playa ... since you seem to enjoy disrespecting people, especially me ... and since you cheated to win the match earlier tínight. You will go one on one with Gregory Helms playa ... next Thursday on Superstars and if you cheat again then youíll get another match with him. Ya feel me playa??

Kendrick shakes his head while Jackson stays quiet.

The Brian Kendrick: Are you kiddiní me?? Superstars?? The Brian Kendrick doesnít compete on Superstars.

Theodore Long: Save it brother. I ainít done. Next week ... LIVE on SmackDown ... you and Ezekiel will defend your WWE Tag Team Championships against The Lifeblood of Extreme!! Now holla back playa and get the hell out of my office.

Kendrick sighs while shaking his head. The two of them turn and exit the General Managerís office as we cut to the arena.


The big man, Bobby Lashley makes his entrance, complete with pyro and theatrics. Once in the ring, he bounces up and down, waiting for his opponent to show his face.


The World Heavyweight Champion now walks onto the stage, belt around his waist. He walks down the ramp, eyes set on Lashley.

Match Three: Non Title Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Hardy
Lashley showed his power early on, taking the fight to the World Heavyweight Champion. He knew this was his chance to put his name right in the championship hunt and he took complete advantage, bullying Matt around the ring. This went on for the opening couple of minutes, which was the bulk of the match until Matt used his knowledge and experience to get back into it, side stepping a spear, sending Lashley into the ring post.

The World Champion then showed the viciousness that got him the title as he worked on Lashley, working on the shoulder, using any way he knew how to. Eventually the referee had to step in and warn the World Heavyweight Champion. When this was happening, Lashley exploded out of the corner and took Matt down with a Spear, getting a near fall, and from then on , Lashley was back in control, making a comeback.

Eventually, Lashley brought Matt up for The Dominator but Mattís legs hit the temple of the referee, which actually looked on purpose. Lashley sees this and it distracts him long enough for Matt to wiggle off and low blow the big man! Matt seeing the referee was down, slid out of the ring and grabbed the World Title!! He slid back in and tried TO NAIL LASHLEY WITH THE TITLE ... BUT BOBBY DUCKED AND KICKED HIM IN THE STOMACH!!

Lashley bent down and picked up the title and SMASHED IT INTO THE FACE OF THE CHAMPION!! He threw it out of the ring and covered Matt, just as the referee was coming too. The three count slowly came and Bobby Lashley picked up a key victory!

Winner Ė Bobby Lashley @ 6.52

Jim Ross: OH MY GOD!! He got him!

JBL: NO NO NO NO!! He cheated!!

LASHLEY HAS PINNED THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!! The big man rises to his feet, and walks over to the turnbuckle, raising his hands above his head, while Hardy rolls out of the ring quickly from the inside cradle. He shouts at Lashley who looks at him from his position in the corner, and moves his hands across his waist as Hardy is handed is World Title.

JBL: I canít believe this! This match should be restarted ... no ... NO WAY!!

Jim Ross: Brilliant, Matt Hardy got his comeuppance tonight, after last week he has now lost this non title match, surely now Bobby Lashley can stake a claim to the World Title.

Commercial Break

~ V.P ~

Morrison hits the mat pretty hard and gets to his feet ... KICK TO THE GUT FROM JEFF ... TWIST OF FATE ... IT CONNECTS!!! Slowly but surely, Jeff drapes an arm over the chest of Morrison, 1 ... 2 ... 3!!!

Winner: Jeff Hardy @ 17.94

An absolute fantastic match ends with the fans applauding both menís efforts, but itís Jeff Hardy who picks up the victory, but he isnít able to celebrate, too tired, and simply lies on the mat, next to his opponent.

JBL: You did say itíd be a fantastic match, and while I donít like to praise Jeff Hardy all that much, it was just that, a fantastic match.

Jim Ross: John Morrison put up the fight of his life, but it wasnít enough, next week John Morrison will take part in the Cruiserweight Tournament so hopefully this hasnít took so much out of him.

Jeff has managed to climb to his feet, using the ropes for support, before slowly climbing the turnbuckle and raising his arms in the air. He drops down, and Morrison is standing a couple of feet away from him, and eventually the two men shake hands, to a huge pop. The two Superstars lift each otherís hands in the air. Morrison leaves the ring and walks up the ramp ... leaving the ring to Jeff ... but SUDDENLY JEFF TURNS AROUND INTO AN ATTACKER ... CODEBREAKER ... ITíS CHRIS JERICHO!!


~ END OF V.P ~

From the video package, weíre straight into the main arena for ...


The arena erupts with a massive amount of heat as the ever hated Chris Jericho walks out from the back. Wearing a made to measure suit and a look of determination as he walks down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Last week, as you just saw ladies and gentleman, that man there attacked Jeff Hardy from behind for no reason whatsoever. And I hope we find out the reason just now.

JBL: He doesnít need a reason ... HEíS THE BEST IN THE WORLD ... he can do what he wants!

Jericho grabs a microphone from the ring steps and climbs into the ring, standing in the middle, waiting for the fans to die down.

Chris Jericho: Since the people in the back showed what happened last week ... I wasnít going to go over it again. But since everyone in this arena looks like they couldnít add two plus two ... Iíll do that.

Huge heat for that cheap shot.

Chris Jericho: Last week ... I attacked Jeff Hardy.


Chris Jericho: You people ... you hypocrites and tapeworms need to know ... he cost me MY World Heavyweight Championship. I was this (makes sign with his fingers) to becoming champion once more ... becoming the rightful champion.

Jericho surveys the arena.

Chris Jericho: That ... is why I attacked him last week.


Chris Jericho: Jeff Hardy is exactly like you people ... hypocritical sycophants.

More heat.

Chris Jericho: Jeff became World Heavyweight Champion only because it was Edge that was holding the championship. It was my belt ... MINE! And still is ... Matt Hardy is only keeping it warm while I deal with matters such as this. Jeff Hardy is a cancer ... a cancer to this company ... with Jeff Hardy in it, this company is in severe danger.

Some confused expressions now on the faces of the audience.

Chris Jericho: One more strike and youíre out Jeff. What happens when that strike happens ... you do something stupid and are forced out of this company?? That brings bad press on me ... the rest of the locker room and the WWE. I am not going to allow that to happen ... Iím going to deal with you before your ďhabitsĒ deal with you.

Boos from the crowd while J.R says that Jericho is going too far.

Chris Jericho: All these people cheer you Jeff because they see themselves in you.


Chris Jericho: They are screw ups just like you.

Heat this time.

Chris Jericho: They boo me ... because they all know they arenít as great as Chris Jericho.

More heat.

Chris Jericho: They know this because I am the best in the world at what I do. No one in this company or in the world can compare to me. The first ever Undisputed Champion, multiple time Intercontinental Champion and the rightful World Heavyweight Champion. Jeff Hardy??

Jericho pauses.

Chris Jericho: Is the epitome of second best. You are the epitome of what is wrong with this company ... and since Theodore Long wonít give me my rightful shot at the World Championship ... I will make sure you donít screw this company over like so many others.


Chris Jericho: People like The Rock-

Huge pop.

Chris Jericho: Who ran off to Hollywood when he realized he couldnít handle me in this very ring. People like Steve Austin-

Another huge pop.

Chris Jericho: Who took his ball and went home. They all screwed the WWE over, and I can tell you are extremely close to doing the same thing, three strikes and youíre out ... and I can tell ... I can feel that third strike is coming. And I wonít allow that to happen. I am going to make sure it doesnít-


Absolutely huge pop for the arrival of Jeff Hardy who walks onto the stage, wearing jeans and a cream leather jacket.

Jeff Hardy: We all know what youíre talking about Chris ... so why not just say it??

Jericho doesnít answer.

Jeff Hardy: Iím not afraid ... hell ... everyone knows Iíve had my problems. And yeah youíre right ... one more and Iím out but Iíve put all that behind me. Iíve turned my life around when people said I couldnít ... Iíve won World Titles when people said I couldnít.

Huge pop.

Jeff Hardy: These people stand by me ... because I realize my mistakes ... I know where I went wrong and I mended those bridges that I burned.

The crowd now start up a small ĎHardyí chant.

Jeff Hardy: Did I almost screw my career ... my life up?? Yes. But I fixed it ... I fixed it for me ... for my family and for my fans.

Huge pop.

Jeff Hardy: The fans you turned your back on when you decided to start wearing suits and talking down to everyone. If anyone is a danger to this company ... itís you.

Chris Jericho: Me?? How-

Jeff Hardy: Because when people turn on this show and see you in this ring ... theyíll switch the channel. Face it Chris ... youíre still riding off the success of being the first Undisputed Champion. And now you blame me for not being World Heavyweight Championship.

Hardy shakes his head.

Jeff Hardy: It was a Fatal four way, Chris, what did you expect me to do?? Let you win?? I lost that match too, or have you forgotten, Iím as much annoyed as you are, but do I complain to Teddy Long?? No. I came out here last week and stole the show with John Morrison, but you?? You attack me ... to do what?? Make a statement??

Jericho shakes his head.

Chris Jericho: Listen to me Jeff, you say you admit your mistakes, admit your downfalls and these fans love you for your honesty. Iím honest and yet these hypocrites boo me, I donít admit my mistakes ... because I make none. Iím the best in the world at what I do ... and I deserve the World Heavyweight Championship, you took that away from me. I targeted you last week after Theodore Long shrugged my complaints off over his mediocre management. So if I canít challenge for the World Championship, then Iím going to take my frustrations out on the man who cost me the belt. And that man?? Heís you.

Jeff Hardy: Well guess what?? You got my attention.


The fans pop loudly as Hardy stands beside the fallen Jericho, smirking down before rolling him out the ring with a few kicks. Jeff now climbs the turnbuckle and extends his arms out with his signature pose.

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho sent a statement last week, and now Jeff Hardy has done the same thing this week.

JBL: That was a cheap shot! Jericho had no opportunity to defend himself!

Jim Ross: What was that last week then?? You never said that about Jericho attacking Jeff from behind.

No response from JBL as Jericho backs up the ramp, telling Jeff that this isnít over.

Commercial Break

We return with Zack Ryder already in the ring, Curt Hawkins on the outside.


The crowd respond with a nice cheer as Kaval walks out from behind the curtain, without DBryan or AJ.

Match 4: Cruiserweight Tournament Round 1
Kaval vs. Zack Ryder
This was a solid affair, and with Kaval still being relatively new to SmackDown, he got the most time to show off his moves but that doesnít mean Ryder didnít. The two men traded momentum throughout the match, getting the crowd involved with near fall after near fall. Kaval often went to the top rope while Ryder tried to keep the match on the ground. This continued for a few minutes until Ryder took complete control thanks to outside interference by his friend, Curt Hawkins.

Ryder locked in a sleeper hold on the smaller man, but with the fans behind him, Kaval pulled himself to his feet and made a swift comeback. He looked on the verge of winning when Hawkins tried to get to involved again but Kaval was smart to it and Roundhouse Kicked Hawkins off the apron!! With Ryder down and no more interference, Kaval climbed to the top rope and connected with Warriors Way and picking up the win!

Winner Ė Kaval @ 5.02

Kaval picks up the victory and has his hand raised by the referee before heading to the top of the turnbuckle.


Hawkins climbs on top of Kaval and levels him over and over with right fist after right fist. Eventually, Ryder manages to recover and walks over to the two of them, helping Hawkins on beating up Kaval. However, the crowd begin to buzz as the cameras catch DANIEL BRYAN sliding into the ring!!

Ryder meets him but is taken down, and Bryan does the same to Hawkins, before pulling him up and throwing him through the top and second ropes!! Ryder grabs Daniel by the back of the head, but he spins around and breaks his arm away ... spinning back kick to the gut!! Daniel then clotheslines Ryder over the top rope!! The Warriors stand tall tonight once more, and Kaval has progressed to the second round of the Cruiserweight Championship tournament!!

Hawkins and Ryder back up the ramp, shouting down ďthis isnít over!Ē.

But now we head backstage where Dolph Ziggler is walking down a hall way, pink tee on which says ďShow OffĒ. Heís stopped in place by the ever intrusive Matt Striker.

Matt Striker: Dolph, a moment of your time please??

Ziggler sighs but stands in place, waiting for the question.

Matt Striker: Next week, youíll face off against Gregory Helms in the Semi-Finals of the Cruiserweight Tournament. Do you think you can defeat Greg-

Dolph Ziggler: Lemmeí stop you right there Matt. Do I think I can defeat Gregory Helms?? I KNOW I can defeat him. Gregory Helms had his time in the spotlight as Cruiserweight Champion, he was the longest running Cruiserweight Champion, but that will all change WHEN I become the champion and run through his record.

Ziggler pauses.

Dolph Ziggler: Right now, thereís Gregory Helms, Kaval and myself, and weíll find out who is the fourth man later tonight, but it really doesnít matter. The only man worthy to win this title is me. Dolph Ziggler. You see, I was this (makes sign) close to becoming the United States Champion, one of the men who I defeated was John Morrison ... so if I meet him in the final ... then itís a foregone conclusion.


Dolph Ziggler: As for Kaval?? I donít even know why heís in this tournament, he wonít be able to focus with Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins around, so if I meet him in the final, theyíll be not question who wins. So what Iím trying to say, Matt, is that Dolph Ziggler is going to be the Cruiserweight Champion.

Ziggler stares at Matt who simply nods before walking off.

Commercial Break

Back on SmackDown, we see the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy in Theodore Longís office, talking with the General Manager.

Theodore Long: Look, calm down playaí.

Matt Hardy: NO! NO I WONíT!! You saw it, Long, Lashley cheated to win, he hit me with this title, you need to deal with it!

Hardy fumes as Long shakes his head.

Theodore Long: A title that you brought into the ring, as far as Iím concerned playa, that win on Lashleyís win column ... it stays, now believe that.

The champion clenches his teeth.

Matt Hardy: Oh I get it! Itís becoming more and more obvious, you personally signed Lashley to SmackDown once again, so he gets special treatment right?? Just like Kofi Kingston, Dreamer and Richards, Jeff Hardy and John Cena, they all get special treatment from the SmackDown General Manager. While guys like Chris Jericho, The Brian Kendrick, R-Truth and YOUR World Heavyweight Champion have to scrap and claw for every damn thing.

The crowd boo Matt but he keeps the intensity up.

Matt Hardy: So now youíve cost me a match tonight, and you also gave John Cena ANOTHER chance at my championship. If he defeats Kane then he gets another shot, and then that just shows how biased you are, I defeated him last week, one two three in that very ring.


Matt Hardy: You enjoy your time as General Manager, Teddy, because Iím sure when Vince McMahon gets back from injury, your time will come to an end. Because with the evidence that most these SmackDown Superstars have, youíre not gonnaí be General Manager again.

With those last stinging words, Hardy brushes past the General Manager, exiting the door while the camera focuses on Teddyís expression of disgust.

And now we throw it to Matt Striker who is waiting with a microphone in his hand.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentleman ... introducing my guests ... I give to you ... The Lifeblood of Extreme.

The camera pans out and the twosome are waiting for the questions, both with kendo sticks in their clutches.

Matt Striker: Earlier on tonight, we heard that youíll face The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson for the WWE Tag Team Championships after you, Tommy, defeated Kendrick last week. What do you make of your chances, heading into next week??

Dreamer looks at Richards who allows him to speak.

Tommy Dreamer: Our chances?? Our chances are pretty good, Matt, at least ... in my opinion. Weíve had a shot at them before, but by hook or crook, they retained their championships, credit to them. But weíve come back, come back stronger than ever before. When we earned our shot last week, we proved we can hack it with WWE ďSuperstarsĒ. And next week, these two ďbingo hall rejectsĒ will become WWE Tag Team Champions.

Richards now steps forward.

Stevie Richards: The Lifeblood of Extreme isnít just a name Matt, itís a way of life, itís about showing extreme still runs through the wrestling world. We might be the last two standiní in the WWE, but we will fight tooth and nail to make sure extreme lives in this company. For people like Sabu, The Sandman and Rob Van Dam.

Cheers for the mention of RVD.

Stevie Richards: For people like that, that helped build ECW, that helped show the world a different breed of wrestling.

Dreamer now steps forward again.

Tommy Dreamer: We know all of those extremists will be watching next week, and weíll make them proud by becoming WWE ... Tag ... Team ... Champions.

Pop from the crowd while Dreamer and Richards step out of the interview set.

We now send it to the Raw Rebound.


Back to SmackDown ...


A good but nothing major response as John Morrison makes his way down to the ring, for this Cruiserweight Tournament Round One match.

Jim Ross: John Morrison last week took Jeff Hardy to his very limit, the two of them put on a hell of a show for everyone that watched that match, but this week, he has a chance to advance to the Semi-Finals in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.


Yeah ... remember this guy?? Jesse makes his entrance without Festus this time, getting ready to face John Morrison in the first round of the Cruiserweight Title Tournament.

JBL: Wait a minute ... this guy still has a job?? And ... this guy is in the Cruiserweight Tournament but The Brian Kendrick isnít?! And another thing ... he doesnít even look like a Cruiserweight!

Jim Ross: According to the records, Jesse is two hundred and twenty pounds, so he does qualify for the Cruiserweght Championship.

Match 5: Cruiserweight Tournament Round 1
Jesse vs. John Morrison
Jesse was never in contention to win this match and he never really got going as Morrison took complete control in the early going. This match gave Morrison the avenue to show off his athletic style, and while Jesse got a tiny bit of offense near the end of the match, Morrison ended it by hitting a chuck kick and then connecting with Starship Pain from the top rope!

Winner Ė John Morrison @ 3.03

A routine win for John Morrison, advancing through to the Semi-Finals of the Cruiserweight Tournament Ė who climbs onto the second rope and raises his arm, receiving a good cheer.

Commercial Break


We see a black and white picture of a house.

Then we fade out and back to see quick fire shots of Brian Pillman and Davey Boy Smith

Narrator: Great men have trained there.

More shots of Bret Hart and Owen Hart.

Narrator: Some of the most talented Superstars have trained there.

A shot of three people in a black, shadowy room.

Narrator: Now the dungeon is no more.

Quick shots of the three people training in a darkened room.

Narrator: And the last three people to graduate.

The camera goes back to focusing on just them in the blackened room.

Narrator: Are coming to Friday Night SmackDown.



Friday Night SmackDown returns, and Jim Ross is currently in the ring with a microphone. He turns towards the stage and begins speaking.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman ... please turn your attention towards the titan tron and welcome my guest ... from his home in Toronto, Canada ... Christian.

The fans cheer loudly as the titan tron switches on and the man himself, Captain Charisma appears on the screen, sat on a couch in front of a camera, microphone attached to the collar of his shirt. He smiles at the reaction but we can see that he looks worse for wear, he looks like heís been drained of energy and is extremely pale.

Jim Ross: Christian, I know how tough this must be for you, and I appreciate you taking the time out of your recovery to speak to us here tonight. What I want to ask you, first of all, Iíve known you since you signed your first WWE Contract, but in all the years that you have competed in the WWE ... Iíve never seen the expression on your face when ... it ... happened at Judgment Day. The look of terror, of dread is something Iíve never seen from you, so what I want to ask, is do you remember anything from that night??

Captain Charisma takes a deep breath in, wincing at the pain his body has to endure, wipes his mouth before speaking, staring dead into the camera. He speaks with a rough voice.

Christian: The things that I remember ... I remember pulling into the arena and getting ready for the ... In ... Inferno match.

Christian runs his hand over his forehead, remembering what happened in said match as the fans wait respectfully for him to continue.

Christian: I remember gettiní ready backstage ... walking into the Gorilla position, and heariní my music hit. I remember the goose bumps on my arms, I remember the thousands of Peeps cheering me on as I walked down the ramp. And then ... then ... the next thing I remember is climbiní into the ring and staring across at The Monster, Kane.

The Leader of the Peeps allows the fans time to boo Kane, he takes a sip of water, struggling to swallow it before laying it down and continuing to speak.

Christian: Then thatís when it ended, I remember the bell ringing, the flames ... those huge flames shooting up from the ring. Seeing red engulf the arena ... seeing a monster across from me ... who thrived in that setting. J.R ... the feeling of being trapped ... of being trapped with a monster like Kane, that will live with me for the rest of my life.

Another pause from Christian while J.R nods.

Christian: The very last thing I remember is feeling the heat, feeling it ... it ... get hotter ... and hotter. And then it happened. The pain I experienced was nothiní I have ever experienced, I could feel it, the searing pain of being ... of being ...

Deep breath from Captain Charisma.

Christian: Lit on fire.

The fans boo this and Christian stops to allow them too.

Christian: Everything went black ... I could still feel the heat, hear the crowd gasping but I couldnít see anything. It was a whirlwind and eventually everything stopped, the feeling and the hearing, I passed out and that ... that was the last thing I remember from that night. I then woke up in hospital, wires in every place you could think off, bandaged up, and in severe pain.

Christian seems to be finished answering the question as J.R presses on.

Jim Ross: I appreciate how hard this must be to talk about, and I have to say Ė I sat at ringside, commenting on that match, and I can still see the look on your face when that fire hit your body, I remember the smell of flesh burning.

Christian visibly cringes.

Jim Ross: I remember you running past the announce booth in severe pain, you passing out before being taken to hospital by the paramedics. But the main thing that sticks in my mind from that night, is The Big Red Monster, Kane laughing as all of this happened.

The fans respond with boos directed at Kane while Christian nods.

Jim Ross: Like you, Christian, Iíve suffered at the hands of Kane, and just like you Ė lit on fire.

J.R looks down, remembering the time when Kane targeted him.

Jim Ross: The pain ladies and gentleman, like Christian says, itís impossible to describe. Iíve been through a lot in my life, just like Christian, and never have I felt a pain like that, and Iím sorry that had to happen to you, Christian.

Captain Charisma nods almost apologetically.

Christian: I honestly appreciate that, if anyone knows how I felt ... itís you. Iíve been through some huge matches, some of the most barbaric and dangerous matches in the history of this company. Iíve ... Iíve been through so much in my career, but Judgment Day was something else completely. The TLC matches, No Holds Barred matches, none of them come close to the Inferno match. I canít walk without help ... I canít go out with my wife because of the pain.

Christian takes a pause. The fans listen intently, not knowing how to respond.

Christian: And itís all because of Kane.

Boos at the mention of The Big Red Monster.

Jim Ross: Uh ... well ... Iíve witnessed most of those matches you were talking about, but Christian Ė Iím sorry to ask you this, but what do you say to the people that say you brought this on yourself ... by challenging Kane to said Inferno Match??

The crowd give a little bit of heat at this statement but Christian remains calm.

Christian: You know somethiní J.R?? Iíve done a lot of stupid things in my career. Iíve rapped on live TV, hell ... I even walked around pretendiní to be a vampire.

Christian shakes a small laugh with the crowd.

Christian: None of that ... none of that compares to the mistake I made a few weeks ago. I thought ...

He grins, thinking of how stupid he was before re-focusing.

Christian: I thought I could get to the bottom of what was wrong with Kane ... by haviní him on The Peep Show. Do I regret haviní Kane on that show??

The Instant Classic takes a breather, looking down, rubbing his forehead. He looks back at the camera.

Christian: ... Yes.

Some boos from the crowd but J.R nods, understanding.

Christian: I regret it because itís resulted in the worst pain of my life. A lot of people, includiní you J.R, came to me backstage and told me that I was crazy for haviní Kane on The Peep Show. They said I was mad. They were right.

Captain Charisma pauses.

Christian: I donít know what it was ... morbid curiosity I guess. Sure ... Kaneís always been a little strange, but these past few months ... heís took that to a whole other level. I was curious, I thought I could find out why he was acting this way. There isnít a Demon inside of Kane, heís not being controlled by something inside of him ... no ... heís simply insane. I should have seen that from the start. I pushed the Monster and I got ... I got burned.

The crowd continue to listen intently.

Christian: I remember, Edge came up to me after The Peep Show and got in my face, called me crazy, he was right ... everyone was right. Even though Kane was the insane one, everyone said I was the insane one by targeting Kane after he Chokeslammed me.


Christian: So what now??

Another pause as Christian leans forward. He shakes his head before speaking, almost defiantly.

Christian: Iím extremely beat up, I can barely move without winciní in pain. But I managed to watch SmackDown last week, what I saw Edge hold The Cutting Edge with ... with Kane. Edge suffered the same fate I did, he was Chokeslammed in the middle of that ring.

Christian points at the screen.

Christian: Iím telliní Edge right now ... take your own advice. Forget about Kane. Donít try to get revenge for me. Despite regrettiní gettiní in the path of Kane ... people may think Iím out of the fire so to speak ... but Iím not done with Kane. If Edge wants to take issue with Kane then so be it.

J.R nods.

Christian: Edge is one of my best friends in this company, Iíve watched him rise to the top of this company, become World Champion but this ... but this is the biggest test of his career. Iíll be supportiní him right the way through my recovery ... but make no mistake, some may think Iím crazy but Iím not done with Kane.

Christian pauses.

Christian: I may regret gettiní involved with Kane, but Iím not gonnaí take what he done to me lying down. When I return to SmackDown ... whenever that may be ... Kane ... be ready because I know the Peeps will have my back. Iím making a beeline for you when I return ... and Kane ... this time ... this time you will suffer.

The crowd cheer extremely loudly.

Jim Ross: Well, uh ... thanks for your time Christian, and I think everyone here wants to wish you a speedy recovery.

The feed from Christianís home now switches off as we focus on Jim Ross in the ring.

With J.R now exiting the ring, we cut away to a commercial break.

Commercial Break


Some good heat greets Kane as he walks down the ramp, looking extremely focused on the upcoming main event.

Jim Ross: This match came about after Kane and John Cena had a confrontation at the top of the show, which was stopped when Teddy Long came out and made this match.


Again, a massive mixed reaction comes as John Cena jogs onto the stage. Saluting the crowd, before sprinting down the ramp and sliding into the ring.

MAIN EVENT: World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Match
John Cena vs. Kane
The opening couple of minutes consisted of a feeling out process with the match not really kicking into the high gear, neither man gave an inch to the other, nobody really managing to gain any momentum. The crowd were very pro-Cena in contrast to his entrance where it was very mixed, obviously they just donít like Kane. The stop start nature of the match continued for a while, until The Big Red Monster clotheslined Cena over the top rope.

The action now continued on the outside as Kane took control, launching Cena into the barricade and then the ring post! The Big Red Monster continued his assault by smashing his head into the announce table. Kane rolled into the ring and rolled back out, breaking the count and walking back over to his opponent, who replied with a swift kick to the stomach. Cena now took control, doing to Kane what he did to him, throwing him into the barricade and then Irish-whipping him into the steel steps!

Cena picked The Monster up and rolled him into the ring, and followed quickly, getting a near fall. Cena pulled his opponent to his feet and Irish-whipped him into the corner, and attempted a running corner clothesline but Kane countered with an elbow and then exploded out of the corner, hitting Cena with a big boot! From then on, Cena played the face in distress, and Kane was made to look like a beast by bossing Cena around the ring.

This continued for a solid amount of time, enough to get the crowd worried about Cenaís chances, before John made his comeback, hitting a few of his signature moves, but when he went for a flying shoulder block, Kane replied with a stiff Uppercut in mid-air! This made the crowd gasp, and Kane saw his chance, getting a near fall.

The Big Red Monster pulled Cena up and took him from corner to corner, wailing on his stomach with punch after punch. Kane then Irish-whipped Cena and planted him with a Side Slam on his return, with one of his signature moves hit he stood up and smiled, laughing manically. Kane climbed to the top rope and once again hit one of signature moves with a flying clothesline, before raising his hand in the air and planting Cena with a Choke Slam!!


The fans go mental as Kane turns to the stage and we see The Rated R Superstar walk onto the stage!! Edge begins walking down the ramp, he takes his shades off and climbs onto the apron, Kane cocks his head, before swinging at Edge who simply drops down, avoiding the punch! Kane tells Edge to get in the ring if he wants to get involved, but Edge simply takes a step back and holds his arms out innocently.

The fans begin cheering as Kane turns around and is pulled onto his opponents shoulder ... Attitude Adjustment!! Cover and the win!!

Winner and #1 Contender: John Cena @14.07

John Cena is now the #1 Contender!! Thanks to a little help from his biggest rival, Edge!

Jim Ross: There we have it folks, John Cena will now face Matt Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship!!

JBL: Itís a disgrace!

Cena climbs onto the second rope, raises his arms in the air, smiling from ear to ear but then we quickly cut backstage to see the World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy watching on a television set.

And back in the ring, Kane rolls out with help from the referee holding, clutching his stomach, he stares up at Edge while Cena continues to celebrate.

End Of Show
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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM’s Review

Standard promo to open the show. The commentary team did a good job setting the tone tonight putting over the situation happening on Smackdown with stars rebelling against Teddy Long. This Cena promo was so good. I could really picture him cutting this promo in real life. Not sure if that’s a good thing that you’ve got his character down or a bad thing that you should give us something new. Anyway, it was good to me. Having Kane come out was a good choice. I see that you’re building him up again. If you bring back the mask, make sure he doesn’t turn into a comedic character even if I do like how Kane is right now. Sure you know what you’re doing for him, so I’ll wait to see what you got in store. The matches Long announced sound good, let’s get this show rolling!

Liking the US Title picture, I’d be happy with any of them taking the strap off Kingston. Then when that happens, give Kofi a chance at main eventing, that’d be great to see. You have a good midcard with Benjamin and Knox leading the heels but not many faces, maybe call some guys up from FCW. All I remember as a face is Kofi Kingston tbh. Not sure about Truth’s apology being sincere, we’ll have to see about that. Prefer him as a face for some reason, let’s see what you go with. TBK has been awesome in your thread. One of my favorite characters that you write for. Wait, so Kendrick isn’t in the cruiserweight tournament? What is this travesty? Put him in there! Unless you have bigger plans for him.

The real talking point is after the match concluded so that’s what I’ll talk about. I had a feeling Truth would come in and save the day and he did but continued with conspiracy theories. I quite enjoyed his heel run so I guess I’m fine with it. I do think you’ll need another face to back up Kofi. Bourne looks to be injured for a short while so someone has to fill the void. The commentary at the end of the attack seemed a little petty. Not sure JR would say what he said only for JBL to point out the obvious, I don’t know. That’s just my thinking though.

Decent promo from Hardy here. I do think that you’re using Long as an excuse for everyone’s heel promos. Maybe change it up just a little bit. Liking that Teddy is standing his ground and still making what he thinks is the right decision. It does seem a little biased but hey, you’ve got a story to tell. Not sure about Lashley beating Hardy like that. Surely Lashley gets some recognition and maybe a chance at the title as well. But I guess you went with the ironic approach having Hardy lose by unclean means.

The promo between Jeff and Chris may have been a little short but I think it’s the best promo on the show. Having Jericho air out Hardy’s dirty laundry like that was vintage Jericho. He’s just so good at talking down to people that sometimes he makes you realize that he’s write, that’s how I felt with this one. Hardy’s reasoning of Jericho being mad because he isn’t the Undisputed Champion anymore confused me a bit but luckily the promo turned up after there. Should be a good feud between the two.

Wooo! Bryan and Kaval are definitely interesting as a tag team. Plenty of similarities they share. They can be a pretty good damn team. And it looks like we’ve found their first feud. Interesting that you put Ziggler in the Crusierweight Division despite his status right now in the WWE. I guess you’re going for the slow build and having him in the division will be a joy to read for sure.

More heat on Teddy after Matt loses. It definitely should be interesting to see when Vince comes back. Not really sure that the Lifeblood of Extreme needed an interview here. Maybe you could’ve waited til next week and come up with a different segment with them or have a wwe exclusive getting their thoughts. The backstage segments have been a little stale if I’m honest. Poor Jesse, no way he was going to win that match anyway.

Hart Dynasty should be a good team to add to the division. They’re extremely talented and have Natalya who can go in that ring as well. Always a good team to bring into the fold. The promo you wrote for Christian I didn’t really like because it sort of sounded like a sob story but I did like how you had him recount the things he remembered. The promo really picked up when you mentioned Edge. Once that happened, everything just clicked. What needed to be said was said and now, I can’t wait for Christian to come back. And for what Edge has in store for Kane. Maybe a Christian/Edge reunion of some sort?

Main event was pretty good. Kane can put on a show in the ring and well, Cena does his comebacks as he does. So not really much to fault here. When Edge came out, I already knew Cena was winning this match which I don’t mind. Hopefully this time Hardy pins Cena clean which I’ll be very pleased to see at The Bash.

Overall, not a bad episode. There’s some things that you could’ve improved on. Most of the promos were fine but it took you til midway through them to get interesting. It happens but I know you can do better. Liking Kendrick a whole lot too. Interested to see what these rebels have in store for Teddy Long, something big has to happen. Anyway, nice job on this one but again, you can do better. Onto RAW!

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