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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - Tales of a Jaded Old Man

Thanks for all the feedback, gentlemen. It is much appreciated.

Extreme TV: The USA Network has been taken to the extreme, and the hardcore revolution continues at 10PM EST tonight! Two former ECW World Champions will meet in the main event as Justin Credible challenges Sandman, in a match with potential ramifications on the ECW World Title scene! ECW's House of Hardcore graduates and reigning ECW Tag Team Champions 'Dastardly' Danny Doring and 'Amish' Roadkill defend their titles against a young team who, like Doring and Roadkill did several years ago, are trying to come through the ranks in Christian York and Joey Matthews. High-profile stars like 'The Whole F'n Show' Rob Van Dam, ECW World Champion 'The Man Beast' Rhino, and 'The New F'n Show' Jerry Lynn will all be at the home of ECW, the Viking Hall, for Extreme TV, and Balls Mahoney will also do battle against Hot Commodity's Chris Hamrick!

ECW Extreme TV

For the first time in Extreme TVís long, renowned history, the show opens with your standard opening - ďThis is ExtremeĒ blasting in time with the opening video package. No Joey Styles to open up the show, no Paul Heyman shooting on whoever he feels like being mad at this week. Nope, none of that. Instead, it is time to get right to the revolution everyoneís talking about - E..C..W!

As Extreme TV goes ďliveĒ from the Viking Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Joey Styles is all alone in the Nest - wherever that may be - tonight to call all the action. Styles does his best Don West impersonation (who? This is 2001!) to hype up tonightís main event between two former ECW World Champions - Justin Credible and, the man who single handedly took out Rhino, Jerry Lynn, and CW Anderson last week, Sandman! Styles does have to inform the fans however that both CW Anderson and Tommy Dreamer will not be in attendance tonight - Anderson is in Japan fulfilling other commitments, while Tommy Dreamer is recovering from a back injury that will only see him out for this week. Sounds to me like the booker just had nothing planned for them :shifty:

Setting It Up [81%]

As the commentary work from Styles continues, the Philadelphia fans start to scream in delight as ďWalkĒ fills the Viking Hall, bringing out everyoneís favorite, Mr. Extreme, The Whole Fín Show, Rob Van Dam! RVD isnít dressed for action tonight, but heís already holding a microphone as he walks down to the ring by himself - no Fonz tonight either - and looking serious as ever. RVD gets into the ring, and while he of course does all of his usual posing and taunting for the crowd, he gets down to business soon enough and addresses, well, everyone watching.

Rob Van Dam: Yaí know, ever since ECW first came onto the air on USA two weeks ago, Iíve sat back, and I chilled. When it was my turn to come out to this ring and compete, I came out, kicked some ass, and that was it. And when Jerry Lynn and Cyrus came out to this ring, and had a 24/7 pissing and moaning contest, Iíve ignored all of the crap spewing out of their mouths... until now.

RVD paces around the ring, deciding what he wants to say. All the pot must have gone to his head, as he needs a few moments.

Rob Van Dam: I know that all of you guys out here donít buy into the crap that Jerry Lynn and Cyrus have been sayiní about RVD, but itís time to set the record straight. The big knock on me, apparently, is that RVD thinks Rob Van Dam is too big for this company. Well in case there is anyone out there a little visually impaired - and if you are, I have some...heh... medicinal drugs back there that can help you out - let me just inform you of something... Iím right here!

That draws a pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: If I wanted to, trust me, I wouldnít be here in ECW right now. Two months ago, when nobody really knew what was going on with the future of this company, I got a phone call from Vince McMahon, and I got an offer to go to Connecticut and join the World Wrestling Federation. But where am I, right now? Did I sell out for more money, or am I still standing in an ECW ring, ready and waiting to entertain each and every one of you whenever I see fit?


Rob Van Dam: Thatís exactly what I thought! Iím *thumbs* Rob..Van..Dam, and I am *thumbs* E..C..W!

Cheap pop.

Rob Van Dam: Jerry Lynn, Cyrus, the two of you donít give two craps about ECW! You would love for Rob Van Dam to be some egomaniacal snob and walk away for more money. Tough luck, kid, it ainít happening! The real problem is that Jerry Lynn, you are jealous of *thumbs* Rob..Van..Dam!

The crowdís a big fan of that.

Rob Van Dam: Let Mr. Van Dam teach you all a history lesson: seven times, seven times, Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam have wrestled each other in this ring with there being a winner. Do you know how many times Jerry Lynn has walked away a loser? Six, count Ďem, six times! Just once...only one time... has Jerry Lynn been able to defeat me, *thumbs* R..V..D, and when he did, he needed help to do it! It looks to me like when you match up Rob Van Dam with Jerry Lynn... Jerry Lynn canít hold the jock of *thumbs* R..V..D!

More cheers from the crowd. However, RVD's promo time is cut off by ďScapegoat" by Fear Factory, bringing out ĎThe New F'n Show' Jerry Lynn. Lynn, much like RVD, comes out from the back without anyone by his side. Sporting athletic shorts and an ECW tee, Lynn marches down the aisle and into the ring, a microphone in hand, and looking pissed as all hell.

Jerry Lynn: Iím man enough to admit, Rob, without all of your ďhistory lessonsĒ, that you have been better than me!

Cheers from the ECW crowd.

Jerry Lynn: For over two years, I have played second fiddle to you, and I am sick and tired of it! Every match that we have had, I was always on par with you until that final stretch... the bottom of the ninth inning... when somehow, some way, you legged out a victory over me. BUT NOT ANYMORE! NOT ANYMORE!

The intensity from Lynn actually seems to startle Van Dam a little bit, and he takes a small step backwards.

Jerry Lynn: In case you didnít notice what was going on in ECW while you were holding out for more money like the greedy son of a bitch that I know you truly are, Iíve upped my game. Iíve taken my talents to a whole new level, and now, I am more than capable of finishing out of the job! When it comes to crunch time, itís my time! MY TIME! No longer will Jerry Lynn be that guy, the guy who wrestled a five star match... and lost. I am still the New Fín Show - the guy who can put on a five star match... and win.

Lynn finishes with a hoarse whisper, trying to add emphasis to what heís saying. Lynn is putting himself all out there tonight for everyone to see. Rob Van Dam, however, has regained his cool, and simply smirks at Lynn.

Rob Van Dam: Look man, I have a lot of respect for you. Every time we met in this very ring, we put on some of the best wrestling the world has to offer. You took me to my limit every single time. Youíre good, Jerry... but youíre no *thumbs* Rob..Van..Dam!

The crowd chants along with it, and Lynn quickly becomes furious again.

Jerry Lynn: THATíS IT! I have had it with this, Rob! Iím not going to stand back and let you just humiliate me in front of millions of people! Iím not your bitch, Van Dam! Iím JERRY LYNN! IíM THE NEW *FUCKINí* SHOW! AND I AM BETTER THAN YOU!

Van Dam simply smirks at Lynn, which just makes Lynn more made.

Jerry Lynn: I am done with this! You want to make a mockrey of me!? Fine! Next week, I want you! Rob Van Dam! Jerry Lynn! One-on-one!

RVD is already nodding his head in agreement - challenge accepted!

Jerry Lynn: Next week, itíll be RVD versus Jerry Lynn, one more time, and Iím going to show you just how damn good I have become! Next week, it doesnít need to be about any titles, any awards, or anything or anyone but you, and me. The two of us - one-on-one - inside of a steel cage!

RVD continues to nod his head in agreement.

Rob Van Dam: Mr. Extreme and Jerry Lynn, inside of a steel cage, next week? You know Iím all about it! And Lynn, I hate to have to tell yaí this - well, actually, I donít - but when you step into the ring with me next week, the only thing thatís going to happen... is a lucky number seventh win for *thumbs* Rob..Van..Dam!

The two long rivals stare each other down afterwards, neither man daring to make a move as the buzzing crowd cheers the match made for next week. Joey Styles does his best hype job of the match as the show has to take its first commercial break of the evening after that lengthy opening segment.

When Extreme TV returns, we return to already-in-progress wrestling action!

Balls Mahoney vs. Chris Hamrick (w/Hot Commodity) [56%]

With that first segment a lengthy one, the show has to cut out some other action, so weíre already in this match as Chris Hamrick has Mahoney in the corner, kicking away at his mid-section. Weíre informed by Styles that during the break, Mahoney started off well in the early goings, but Julio Dinero entered the ring and Hot Commodity double teamed Mahoney to give Hamrick the advantage. Hamrick tries to wear down Mahoney with a lot of strikes, but he has to use his speed to stay on the offensive, and that he does, scoring a near fall with a jumping and swinging DDT, and then a tilt-a-whirl head scissors take down. However, Hamrick goes for a Confederate Crunch Leg Drop from the top turnbuckle moments later, and his tailbone and leg finds nothing but the canvas as Mahoney rolls out of the way. From there, Balls makes easy work of Hot Commodity. He grabs a chair from the outside of the ring, gets into the ring, and fries Hamrickís brains with the steel chair! Julio Dinero hops on the apron and tries to help his partner, but he is sent flying when Mahoney throws the the chair at him, smacking him across the face! From there, Mahoney scoops Hamrick off his feet and spikes him back down with the Nutcracker Suite (Michinoku Driver II)! Itís an academic cover from there, and an easy victory for Mahoney as he gets his introduction to the USA Network.

Balls Mahoney def. Chris Hamrick

As ďBig BallsĒ by AC/DC hits and Mahoney starts to celebrate in the ring, thereís a lot of noise from a section of the crowd to the left on the entrance aisle. Some one, presumably a fan, is trying to hop the rail. Wait, itís no fan! Thatís Mike Awesome! Heís back again! The former ECW World Champion and traitor hops the guard rail, but right away he is tackled again by ECW security! Four big, burly security members are there right away, and Awesome is brought down to the concrete floor! More security members arrive on the scene from the back, as well as three police officers. Again, Awesome is laughing the whole time as security restrains him, not once trying to fight them. Security members stand in front of the crowd while this scene goes on, the crew needed there because several members from the crowd are trying to jump the rail to get at Awesome, a man they absolutely hate. Itís a near riot scene in the ECW Arena, but thankfully the police men now assigned to ECW TV tapings (thank you USA Network!) handcuff Awesome within a minute, and march him up the entrance aisle and through the back. As he is pushed up the back, the camera catches one line that Awesome says...

Mike Awesome: ...Itís all part of the plan...

Still laughing, the big hoss is taken away from the ringside area as the show cuts to the back for a much needed promo after this chaos.

Thatís Too Sweet Just-In-Credible [76%]

In a dimly lit garage hallway of Viking Hall, stands a man with only jean shorts on, because thatís how wrestlers should dress. Itís a man who will be in the main event tonight, a former ECW World Champion, Justin Credible.

Justin Credible: Last week on Extreme TV, I watched from the back while Sandman went into the ring and made an impact, taking out Rhino with a Singapore Cane. Now Sandman, I know that you got every right to feel like the numbaí one contender to the ECW World Title. I get it. You lost to Rhino, and you ainít got your re-match yet. But sorry, boozey, that just ainít gonna fly for me. You see, what you did last week... that shouldíve been me doiní it! Iím the Impact Player! I make an impact! And the Singapore Cane... Iím the master of it! Not you!

Credible picks up a Singapore Cane and twirls it around a few times. Not impressing anyone, buddy.

Justin Credible: Tonight, Sandman, itís you and me in that ring. And I got news for yaí, chump - Iím gonna kick your ass! Iím going to show everyone that the only man who should be getting a shot at the ECW World Championship is me! Your time has come and gone, Sandman! And me, right now, this is the dawn of the era of Justin Credible! And lets face facts - me becoming the new ECW World Champion once again... thatís not the coolest, thatís not just the best... thatís Just-In-Credible!

Credible gives the camera a powerful stare before the show cuts to a commercial break.

Danny Doring & Roadkill (c) vs. Christian York & Joey Matthews
ECW Tag Team Championship

Yet again when Extreme TV returns, we're already viewing some 'extreme' action as Danny Doring has Joey Matthews in a dreaded side head lock... OF DOOM~! The focus isn't really in the ring at first though, as Joey Styles has a guest in the Nest - the Full Blooded Italians! 'Little' Guido Maritato is calling the action with Styles, while Tony Mamaluke and, of course, Sal E. Graziano eat a pie of pizza. Little Guido runs down the Tag Team Champions and the challengers throughout the match, pointing out the fact that the FBI should be getting the chance to become Tag Champs, not some green nobodies, fuhgetaboutit!In the ring the action quickly goes to a higher tempo as Doring shoves Matthews into the ropes, but the youngster comes firing back with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors... into a swinging DDT! The young challengers score some early offense as York and Matthews combine several times, showing their great chemistry. Danny Doring is sent over the top rope with a double clothesline, while a few moments later, the young guns knock down the giant Roadkill with stereo springboard missile dropkicks from the third rope! This sends Roadkill to the outside as well, and York and Matthews simultaneously run off the ropes before diving over the top rope to the outside, taking down both of the champions with no-handed planchas!

Despite the high-flying adventures of York and Matthews, their inexperience comes back to bite them. The duo continue their high flying ways, and it tires themselves out within a few minutes. Christian York takes too long to get up to the top turnbuckle when he looks to fly again, and it allows Roadkill to get up to his feet and catch York when he comes off the top with a cross body. The Angry Amish Warrior is able to transition York to his shoulder, and squash him with a running power slam! After tags are made, Dastardly Danny cleans house on Joey Matthews, dropping him with several clotheslines before landing a Bareback (shoulder jawbreaker). Christian York tries his best to help out his partner, but quickly falls to the Wham Bam, Thank You Ma'am (lifting double underhook DDT)! Roadkill comes into the ring then and puts Matthews in a wheel barrow hold while Doring ascends to the top turnbuckle... Danaconda Drop... the BUGGY BANG! Doring makes the cover, and it's an easy count for Jim Molineux - ONE! TWO! THREE! The Champions retain again.

Danny Doring pins Joey Matthew; Danny Doring & Roadkill retain the ECW Tag Team Championship

As the products of the ECW House of Hardcore celebrate their victory, Guido sulks on commentary, still upset that he and Mamaluke didn't get a chance for gold tonight. As Doring and Roadkill continue their celebrations, however, Guido promises to Joey Styles that the FBI will be getting their hands on the ECW Tag Team Titles very soon. With that said, it's time for another pre-taped promo!

Rhino, Angry! You, Death! [69%]

Standing in a dark hallway is the reigning ECW World Champion, and a very angry Man Bast, Rhino. The Rhino is already pulling at his hair and his body shaking slightly from rage.

Rhino: I'm not in the mood for anyone's *shit* tonight! Ever since last week, when Extreme TV ended the way it did, I've been a little... unhinged. I've been a little crazy. I've been, a little, ANGRY!

Rhino yells into the camera, spit flying onto the lens. Tasty.

Rhino: It seems like lately, everybody wants to come at the Rhino. SO COME ON! COME ON AND DO IT! Mike Awesome had a go! So why not the Sandman too!? Singapore Cane! Right, Sandman!? That's what you used to beat me frickin' senseless last week! BAM! BAM! BAM! SINGAPORE CANE! RIGHT TO MY SKULL! ...Do you remember that? BECAUSE I DO!

Again, the intensity of Rhino's yelling sends spit flying everywhere. He takes a few deep breaths, calming himself down ever so slightly, before continuing.

Rhino: Sandman, next time you think about coming at me, I want you to remember just one thing. It took me only one minute to pin your ass and win the ECW World Title. One minute! If you want to come back for more, Sandman, IT WON'T BE A MINUTE! You're not gonna be so lucky next time, Sandman! I'm gonna spend HOURS! Hours torturing you Sandman! I'm gonna make you SUFFER! I'm gonna make you BLEED! Come at me again, Sandman, and I'll make you WISH, that you WERE DEAD! DEAD BY THE TIME THE RHINO'S DONE WITH YA'!

Rhino snarls and growls into the camera, a look in his eye that shows a man, or perhaps an animal, snapping and losing his mind, as Extreme TV heads to its final commercial break.

As the ECW show returns, it is to "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" playing throughout Viking Hall, and Justin Credible making his entrance into the ring. The fans give Credible his usual negative reception, booing him and trying to taunt him with insults and chants. Credible just smirks as he stands on the first and second ropes, lifting his Singapore Cane into the air and sticking his tongue out while he poses. However, Credible is cut off as Motorhead's rendition of "Enter Sandman" hits, and the Viking Hall goes crazy one more time for the coolest entrance in professional wrestling today, Sandman! It takes almost a minute for Sandman to be picked up by the camera, but there he is, chugging a beer and smoking a cigarette in the crowd. Sandman makes his way to the guard rail, stands on it, and tilts a beer down so it can go into a fan's mouth. That nerd is happy right now! Sandman then chugs one more beer before smashing the can over his forehead, spitting his beer out into the crowd one he's finished. As Sandman enters the ring and tries to play to the crowd more, however, he is jumped from behind by Credible!

Justin Credible vs. Sandman [69%]

Credible kicks Sandman in the back and uses forearm blows to beat on Sandman as the bell rings, but that's not what the fans want - they want the extreme stuff - so Credible uses his Singapore Cane across Sandman's back three times before braining him across the face! Sandman staggers before taking a Flair flop to the canvas. It remains Justin Credible in control in the early rounds of this contest, Credible mainly keeping Sandman in the corner and punching and kicking away at him. However, the 5-time ECW Champion reverses a whip and sends Credible into the corner turnbuckles before coming off the ropes and planting Credible face first to the canvas with a bulldog! From there, the action quickly goes hardcore as Sandman grabs Credible and throws him between the ropes and to the outside. Sandman then grabs a Singapore Cane, gets onto the apron, jumps off, and smashes the weapon across the skull of Justin Credible! "EC-Dub! EC-Dub!"

Now on the outside of the ring, Sandman continues to use the Singapore Cane, striking Credible across the rib cage with the cane once before Sandman picks Credible up off his feet and drives his throat down onto the steel guard rail with a flap jack! The action gets more extreme as the two men make their way into the crowd when Sandman flips Credible over the rail, and the beloved ECW Icon uses his trademark Southpaw punches to Credible's head to beat on the Impact Player. A fan gives Sandman a chair to use while in the crowd, and the Sandman, always a crowd pleaser, hits Credible over the head with it, knocking him back into a group of fans! The fans push Credible back into Sandman, and he drives the chair across Credible's forehead, busting him wide open! "ECW! ECW! ECW!" Sandman beats Credible back to the guard rail, but not before stopping to chug a beer that a fan gives him, before eventually flipping Credible back into the ringside area.

Looking to try and presumably finish Credible off, Sandman grabs a table from underneath the ring and sets it up right outside of the ring. Sandman grabs Credible and lifts him up onto the apron before climbing up as well, holding his Singapore Cane too. After three left handed strikes, Sandman wraps the Cane across Credible's throat... WHITE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP... but Credible blocks it! Credible elbows away at Sandman's gut before lifting him up off his feet... BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX... THROUGH THE TABLE! "ECW! ECW! ECW!" And from Joey Styles - "OH MY GOODDD!" Both men go through the table, and are down for several moments before Credible starts to stir. The Impact Player rolls Sandman into the ring, and slowly gets into the ring himself, his forehead still bleeding down his face and onto his chest. Credible wants to end things right away, and lifts Sandman upside down - That's Incredible - but Sandman's body weight and momentum reverses it, and Sandman ends up holding Credible upside down before power slamming him to the canvas! Sandman pulls Credible up to his feet before grabbing the second Singapore Cane... WHITE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Sandman covers - ONE! TWO!

"Yeah! I Penetrate the demons
Their teardrops burn away my eyes
I love the paper-thin cry of the locust
Is there and other way to die"

The pin fall is stopped as 'Extreme Referee' HC Loc stops counting as "El Phantasmo and The Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama" plays all throughout the ECW Arena, and after several moments, with Joey Styles marking out the whole time, the man everyone knows is coming walks out through the curtain in jeans and an ECW t-shirt, Lance Storm! In the ring, Sandman is stunned at the arrival of the other Impact Player, and Storm walks down to the ring, the slightest smirk on his face, and enters the ring. The two men stare each other down before coming to blows! Even though Storm was never a big face with the crowd, the ECW fans love seeing Storm's return to ECW, and the two men exchange rights and lefts, but it is the Sandman who gets the upper hand, knocking Storm into the ropes. Storm is able to duck a Sandman clothesline attempt, and as Sandman turns around, it's right into a Double Super Kick! Storm and Credible combine again! The two men look at each other, smirk, and embrace! Lance Storm hops up onto the second turnbuckle as Credible lifts Sandman up off his feet... SPIKE THAT'S INCREDIBLE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! Justin Credible makes the cover - ONE! TWO! THREE! Justin Credible has defeated Sandman, and it seems like we have a re-union of the Impact Players! Lance Storm is back in ECW!

Justin Credible def. Sandman

As "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" once again hits in the Viking Hall, the newly reunited Impact Players embrace again before grinning, and posing in the center of the ring in the trademark Impact Players stance. The crowd is split almost 50/50 in cheers and jeers, and that stays the same as... SUPER KICK TO JUSTIN CREDIBLE! Lance Storm decks his partner with a Super Kick! The Impact Players aren't re-united after all! The crowd is still split as to what exactly is going on, but the answer comes as Storm takes off his ECW t-shirt to reveal another black shirt, but this one with jagged red lettering that reads - N.I.T.R.O! That gets the crowd fully against Lance Storm, and as Joey Styles ends Extreme TV with final words, the focus is on Lance Storm, standing and smirking in the center of the ring as trash is thrown from the audience.

Joey Styles: OH MY GOD! I can't believe what is happening here tonight! Lance Storm... well, is he back in ECW? We all thought he was; it looked like the Impact Players had reformed here in ECW. But this... I just cannot fathom this. Those letters on Lance Storm's shirt - N.I.T.R.O - I think we all know what this means! I hate to say it, but Lance Storm and Mike Awesome are working for the same cause! Those two men both left ECW last year for that company down south with those three letters I am legally not allowed to say, and in case you didn't know, the flagship television show for that company... Nitro. Oh my God, ladies and gentlemen, Mike Awesome was right... there's an invasion coming...

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - Tales of a Jaded Old Man

Great show Szumi once again

Storm turning up after what Awesome said, I knew he wasnt there for a reunion

Its getting heated now and it is looking like a full blown invasion by WCW talent that have been in ECW, Im wondering who the leader is though. . . .a sort of guidance of these guys, everyone knows Storm and Awesome were two big losses for ECW to WCW but some of the others have already gone on to WWF so might not fit the mould

In my opinion I would love an Eliminators reunion, aturn isnt doing much in the WWF and this would improve the tag division even more especially after the loss of Unholy Alliance

Apart from the Credible/Sandman match most of the big players were only enhancing there feuds by words, which is good and it makes us want to see the matches more

Looking forward to more of the same Szumi!!!!!
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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - Tales of a Jaded Old Man

Good show man.

I enjoyed the Lynn/RVD face off...but I think its going to need something to bring it to a new level. They have a rich history but its tough. Its like AJ and Daniels in TNA now. Just don't add a preggo crack head or anything.

CW and Dreamer both off TV? Guess CW is in Japan in EWR? or you legit had nothing lol.

Awesome's appearance was great...very realistic to have him arrested.

The main event was good old fashion ECW main. I love Lance Storm swerve here. Guess the name of the faction coming in is N.I.T.R.O. I hope Shane Douglas appears too, however I think non-ECW guys would help the faction. Jeff Jarrett would be a great leader just saying.

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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - Tales of a Jaded Old Man

Interesting, I guess you are going with a WCW invasion, I didn't expect Storm to show up considering you're using EWR and the WWF picked up Storm after buying WCW out. I'd love to see Shane Douglas back, just for one last run, and perhaps someone who doesn't have a past with ECW such as Kidman or Jarrett. The only thing that could be better right now is the tag division, it's pretty lackluster. I never really bought Doring and Roadkill as a credible team.

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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - Tales of a Jaded Old Man

Thanks to all for the feedback so far. It's much appreciated

Extreme TV Preview: After countless battles in a two-plus year blood feud, 'The Whole F'n' Show' Rob Van Dam and 'The New F'n Show' Jerry Lynn will square off in an ECW ring, but this time, the stakes are higher than ever as live on the USA Network, the two men will wrestle inside a steel cage! Jerry Lynn has defeated Mr. Extreme only one time before - to RVD's six victories - and with Lynn's only win coming with outside interference, Lynn will be looking to go at it alone inside the steel cage! The ECW Television Title will not be on the line tonight, but this match is about more than trophies - it's about pride! These two men have torn down the house every time they've faced off; so you can expect the same tonight! 'The Extreme Enforcer' CW Anderson will also be in action tonight against ECW's newest talent, Spanky, while Balls Mahoney will take on Johnny Swinger! Plus, ECW Owner Paul Heyman will be on hand in the Asbury Park Convention Center to address Mike Awesome and Lance Storm after last week's conclusion to Extreme TV when Lance Storm signaled his alliance with Mike Awesome, while 'The Innovator of Violence' Tommy Dreamer, five-time ECW World Champion the Sandman, 'Nasty' Nova, Mikey Whipwreck, and the Full Blooded Italians will all be featured on...

ECW on USA: Extreme TV

This opening gets used often, but yet again, the ECW broadcast on the USA Network opens up to a man standing behind a camera, the lens focused in on a close-up shot. Again the owner of ECW, Paul Heyman, opens up the show.

Paul Heyman: I hate to say it, but the shoe is on the other foot tonight. Last week, I thought I had pulled off a steal when I convinced Lance Storm, a former ECW Tag Team Champion and a world-renowned name, to return to this company. When Lance left this company last year to work for Mr. Ted Turner's organization, he left on good terms; I was positive there would be a chance for a future partnership between us again. However, it turns out that Lance Storm is already working with someone else... Mike Awesome.

The very mention of his name makes Heyman scowl.

Paul Heyman: I don't know just what Mike Awesome and Lance Storm are planning for this company, or what it exactly is that they have in store for ECW, but I think our two resident corporate sell-outs have forgotten a thing or two about the boys in the back: we don't take too kindly to being invaded because, after all, we're the innovators of invading, of crossing the line -

As Heyman is in mid-sentence, the feed goes black and white for several seconds. When the feed returns, it is not of Paul Heyman standing in the back of the arena in Asbury Park, but instead of two men standing outside on a street somewhere. It's Mike Awesome and Lance Storm!

Mike Awesome: Hi Paul.

Oh No You Didn't~! [61%]

Awesome grins ear-to-ear while Lance Storm, not one for emotions, slips the slightest smirk. As the camera gives more of a full view of the two, both men are wearing shirts like Storm had on last week; the shirt text says 'N.I.T.R.O'.

Mike Awesome: I made the great evil scientist Paul Heyman look like an incompetent fool last week when Lance Storm came down into the wrestling ring and ripped off his ECW shirt to reveal one of these shirts we're wearing right now. And Paulie, if you can hear or see us right now, I think you know that... oops, I've done it again. I guess you can tell that Lance Storm isn't the only person who doesn't take orders from Paul Heyman, as someone "accidentally" helped cut off your feed to air this right now instead. Ha ha ha, it must suck, Paul, knowing that even though you lead a bunch of loyal, blind followers, the power of money still is stronger than whatever you have to offer.

Lance Storm: Heyman, you must be drinking a little more than the Kool-Aid if you think I would want to actually go back and work for a man who failed to pay me on time not once, not twice, but three times. What you, Heyman, and everyone else in ECW, has to understand is that there are more important things in life than putting on a great show for peanuts. Mike and I, we found those things in a company outside of ECW, and since the place we called home essentially got foreclosed on, or condemned, or whatever real estate analogy you'd like to use, we're going to bring those values to here... to ECW.

Mike Awesome: Not because we want to influence your workers, Paul. We don't care about them. You see, it is very simple: the sad truth of the matter is, is that we have nowhere else to go. So Paulie, we're here, coming to you. Not to assimilate... but to overtake.

Lance Storm: The wind is blowing just right. A war is coming to ECW, Paulie. This place, it will become ours.

Mike Awesome: Heh, and if you think it's just gonna be me and Lance here takin' over... you got another thing coming.

Awesome and even Storm (emotion~!) grin as the feed of their promo ends and we return to the Extreme TV broadcast.

And when we return to the ringside area, it's too...

"YO! It's the green machine
Gonna rock the town without being seen
Have you ever seen a turtle Get Down?
Slammin' and jammin' to the new swing sound
Yeah, everybody let's move
Vanilla is here with the new jack groove

Gonna rock, and roll this place
With the power of the Ninja Turtle bass
Iceman, ya know I'm not playin'
Devastate the show while the turtles are sayin'

Ninja, Ninja, RAP! Ninja, Ninja, RAP! GO GO GO GO!
Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO: Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!
Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO: Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!

...Oh Darwin, no. It's Spanky! The young, free-flying blonde struts down the aisle and into the ring, clapping his hands and singing along to the "Ninja Rap" because hey, who wouldn't!? New Jersey isn't singing, that's for sure. "Deepest Blue" by LL Cool J brings out 'The Extreme Enforcer' CW Anderson, who marches down to the ring, a purpose on his face. As Anderson gets into the ring, he throws up the C-W sign, slices his thumb across his throat, and then flattens Spanky with a lariat!

CW Anderson vs. Spanky [65%]

Anderson kills Spanky from the get-go, kicking him repeatedly after the lariat. Anderson whips Spanky into the corner, flinging him with such force that Spanky impersonates the man who trained him, flipping into the turnbuckles! Anderson toys with Spanky, lifting him up for a vertical suplex, holding Spanky upside down for ten seconds before dropping him with a delayed suplex! An exploder T-bone style suplex follows, and Anderson whips Spanky into the ropes one more time before finishing him off with the spinning Anderson Spinebuster! Cover, and an academic victory for the Extreme Enforcer.

CW Anderson def. Spanky

Just because the bell is ringing, it doesn't mean CW Anderson's business in the ring is over. Anderson grabs Spanky by the hair to pull him to his feet, whips him into the ropes, and hits another Anderson Spinebuster! Anderson rolls out of the ring, and looks under the ring, pulling out a black bag that he obviously planted there earlier before the show. Anderson pulls something out of the bag - it's barbed wire! The Extreme Enforcer gets back into the ring, and sets the ring of barbed wire in the middle of the ring before lifting Spanky up again. Anderson whips Spanky off the ropes... ANDERSON SPINEBUSTER ON THE BARBED WIRE... but no! Someone catches Spanky, and wrestles the lightweight out of Anderson's grasps! "It's Tommy~!" cries Joey Styles as The Innovator of Violence tosses Spanky to safety, and Dreamer and Anderson are left to stare each other down, almost nose-to-nose, that ring of barbed wire in between them. And fisticuffs~! The two men start exchanging a flurry of punches, back and forth, each stinging haymaker coming in fast and furious! The Jersey crowd loves it, and Dreamer gets Anderson reeling! Tommy Dreamer knocks Anderson back across the ring and into the ropes, and whips him across the ring - SPICOLLI DRIVER - but Anderson slips off of Dreamer's shoulders! Anderson crouches down low, grabbing the ring of barbed wire and rolling out of the ring, high tailing it to safety! Once clear of Dreamer and the ring, CW turns to face Tommy, and as Anderson back steps towards the curtain, the two rivals stare each other down,. Dreamer, fired up, tries to get Anderson to come back for more, but no dice, Chicago. Joey Styles hypes up the heated rivalry between the two as the show cuts to a break.

Setting the Score [65%]

When Extreme TV returns, it is with 'The Whole Fucking Show' Rob Van Dam doing a split in between two chairs, stretching and warming himself up for his big steel cage match. RVD hops off the chairs and has a few words for the camera.

Rob Van Dam: So I guess tonight Jerry Lynn is about lose for the seventh time to me, *thumbs* R..V..D. Ya' know, me and Jerry, we've spent a long time tearing down the house whenever we meet in the ring, and so what if you lost just about every single time? It's okay to lose to me! Everyone loses to *thumbs* Rob..Van..Dam!

RVD smirks, potentially at his own arrogance.

Rob Van Dam: All kidding aside, tonight isn't just another night for Rob Van Dam. Whenever you step inside of a steel cage, it's a whole new ball game. I know that ECW is as hardcore as it gets, but entrapped in that steel cage, with nowhere to run to, it's somethin' different, man. But me, RVD, I like that! The stakes are higher than ever now for me and Jerry Lynn. And that means more people will be watchin' when I, once again, defeat Jerry Lynn and show who the real F'n Show is... *thumbs* Rob..Van..Dam!

The montage cuts to another area of the convention center, and standing in the hallway is 'The New F'n Show' Jerry Lynn, like Van Dam, without his manager.

Jerry Lynn: Tonight's match can't come any sooner. I'm nervous, I'm anxious, I'm... ready. Tonight is my shot, my chance! It doesn't get much bigger than tonight - steel cage on national TV. The world will be watching when I take on Rob Van Dam - no! When I BEAT Rob Van Dam! I am tired of hearing Rob gloat about the fact that I have only beatin' him one effin' time! Well I have news for you Rob, that's gonna change! With us trapped in that cage, it will be just me and you, and I will have no one to help me defeat you... and that's what I want! I want just you, Rob! I don't want Cyrus' back-up! I don't need the Rhino! I need me, Jerry Lynn, and you, one-on-one!

Lynn has a finger on each hand raised for emphasis.

Jerry Lynn: You don't get how big this match is for me, Van Dam. This match, it means nothing to you when you compare it to how badly I want to win tonight. I need tonight! I thirst for tonight! And tonight, Rob, the monkey's comin' off Jerry Lynn's back, 'cause I am gonna get the dubya' tonight! I am the big winner tonight, Rob! Not you! Me! ME! ME~!

Lynn jams his thumb into his chest as he yells "me" every time, and gives a menacing look into the camera as the show heads to the ringside area...

Balls Mahoney vs. Johnny Swinger (w/Dawn Marie & Simon Diamond) [58%]

...where a match is underway! Balls Mahoney has Johnny Swinger in the corner, and Mahoney stands on the second turnbuckle, giving Swinger the old fashioned ten punch count, with the crowd chanting "Balls!" with every shot. As Mahoney gets off of his foe, Swinger staggers out of the corner and flops to the ring. Dawn Marie gets onto the apron and tries to serve as a distraction, but Mahoney simply picks Swinger off the canvas, and sends him running into Dawn with an Irish whip! Marie goes flying off of the apron, onto Simon Diamond, sending them both down to the concrete floor, and the ECW crowd cheering! Mahoney continues to mow through Swinger, using his size and strength to make mince meat out of Diamond's young lackey, flattening him with a sit-out power bomb before getting a steel chair from a stagehand. Mahoney milks the spot, playing to the crowd as Swinger slowly gets up to his feet and staggers around the ring, before bending the chair over Swinger's skull! An echoing chair shot! That would do it, but just for the hell of it, Balls scoops Swinger off his feet, and spikes him with the Nutcracker Suite (Michinoku Driver II) for the victory.

Balls Mahoney def. Johnny Swinger

As Mahoney gets up to his feet and celebrates his victory, he spots Simon Diamond sneaking up onto the apron and about to climb through the ropes and into the ring, looking to extract revenge for Mahoney beating Swinger and hurting Dawn Marie as well. However, with Mahoney catching Diamond's plan before it can be hatched, the big brute grabs the fallen steel chair, and slowly swings it back and forth while smirking at Diamond. Diamond gulps, takes one look at his fallen friend, and thinks better of it, climbing back through the ropes and dropping down off the apron. Diamond takes a hold of Dawn's hand, and the couple slowly retreat back down the entrance aisle, having to come up with a better plan for next time.

[size=2]Pulp F.(B).I.ction [70%]

After another break, ECW on the USA Network returns with a series of video promos. Up first are the Full Blooded Italians, with 'Little' Guido Maritato taking the center stage while Tony Mamaluke and (especially) Big Sal take up the background.

Guido Maritato: I hear that'a next week, there's a gonna be a numbah one's contender's match ta' determine the new challengah's fo' da' ECW Tag Team Titles. And I got news for ya', Babbo's, the Full Blooded Italians are gonna' be the only one's a walkin' away winners next week! All the rest of you chumps... can fuhgetaboutit stronzo!

An attempt to be menacing and intimidating by the F.B.I. turns out to fail for as Guido and Mamaluke give the camera a threatening look, Big Sal is busy still stuffing his face. Next promo please.

Mikey Whipwreck: It seems to me that Paul Heyman is trying his best to not put me on TV and in the wrestling ring, so I have to suffice for just a few damn moments right now. It is time for everyone in ECW to start taking Michael Whipwreck seriously. If you want to under estimate just what I am capable of, I want you to find Yoshihiro Tajiri, and ask him just what I cam capable of.

The line draws a smirk from Whipwreck.

Mikey Whipwreck: Oh wait, you can't! Because it turns out, Tajiri is too afraid to ever step into an ECW Arena again! After I embarrassed him, made him look like my *bitch* on pay per view, he's just a little too scared to come back for more!

Whipwreck grins in satisfaction.

Mikey Whipwreck: But now that the dead weight is gone, stardom is on the way, and everyone who stands in my way... will be wrecked.

With an intimidating look from Whipwreck, the package cuts to another promo, and this time it's 'Nasty' Nova!

Nova: I've been reading all over ECWrestling.com, that next week, there will be a match to determine the number one contenders to the ECW Tag Team Championships. I'll make it no secret that I'm friends with Danny Doring and Roadkill, and boys, I love ya' and wish ya' nothin' but the best, but next week, I'm gonna find myself a partner, and we're gonna become the new challengers for your belts! It's the era of the Nasty One, and I'm gonna get me some gold!

So there will be a number one contender's match next week to determine the challengers for the ECW Tag Team Titles!? Well ya' don't say!? The video montage then cuts away to the fourth and final wrestler getting some promo time on Extreme TV, the Sandman! But Sandman, ever the alcoholic mess that he is, is observed chugging two beers before he feels the need to say anything.

Sandman: Ever since I got *fucked* over last week by Justin Credible and that Dubya-See... I mean, N.I.T.R.O lovin' *bitch*, Lance Storm, I've been a little angry! But if ya' think I'm gonna worry about some bald punk or Canadian, Ted Turner *dick suckin'* snob, ya' got another thing comin'! The only person I want to concern myself with is the same man who beat me for the ECW World Title, and heh, the chump whose ass I laid out two weeks ago... Rhino!

The mere mention of Rhino's name makes the Sandman angry, so angry, in fact, that Sandman has to have another beer.

Sandman: Last week, Rhino, you said that you were gonna torture me, and hurt me so bad I wished I was dead. Well, Rhino, I've had my fair share of ass kickin's over the years, so next week, meet me in the ring... and we'll let the torture begin!

Sandman takes an empty beer can and starts slamming it into his forehead as the show cuts back to the ring.

Extreme TV returns to the ringside area for "Scapegoat" by Fear Factory to hit the PA system, and Asbury Park starts to jeer as 'The New F'n Show' Jerry Lynn makes his entrance from behind the curtain. Lynn walks down the aisle, ignoring the taunts of the hostile ECW crowd as he has his eyes fixated on the 16 foot tall steel cage that is now surrounding the ring. Lynn climbs through the cage door, enters the ring, and pulls on the ropes and runs his fingers over the chain link-style cage. The roof nearly blows off as "Walk" by Kilgore hits, and out walks 'The Whole F'n Show' Rob Van Dam! "RE-SPECT! WALK!" Mr. Extreme struts down the aisle, still looking his usual cocky self as he spins around and plays to the cheering crowd. While Lynn came out totally alone tonight, RVD still has his main man, Bill Alfonso, by his side. "RE-SPECT! WALK!" Fonzie blows on his whistle throughout RVD's entrance, and as Van Dam enters the ring through the cage door, he still goes through his usual pre-match taunts and routines, Lynn staring him down the whole while. With Fonzie staying outside of the cage, referee Mike Kehner has the door locked shut, and we're about to go to war!

Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonso)
Steel Cage Match

The two men slowly circle each other before locking up, but instead of the two going through their usual tie-up spots and combinations, Lynn boots RVD in the gut, catching Van Dam by surprise. Jerry Lynn goes on the offensive right away, grabbing RVD and flinging him face first into the cage! It's evident how badly Jerry Lynn wants to win this match tonight, and there's a new fire in his eyes as he attacks Van Dam repeatedly, kicking and punching him throughout the ring in the early goings before once again ramming his face into the cage! Lynn spends another minute wearing down Van Dam with strikes and kicks before dropping Van Dam with a brainbuster. Lynn covers afterwards, but RVD gets a shoulder up at two.

While Lynn avoids a lot of the technical interchanges between the two men, he still keeps the action exciting as he climbs up to the third rope, holding onto the cage for support, before leaping off with a double axe handle. RVD sees it coming, moves out of the way, and clocks the flying Lynn with a spinning heel kick! RVD runs off the ropes, somersaults - Rolling Thunder! RVD gets right back up to his feet, and connects with a vertical splash! Cover by Van Dam this time, but a kick out by Lynn! RVD gets in control, using his educated feet to lay into Lynn's torso numerous times before whipping the New F'n Show into the ropes and scoring with a clothesline. RVD grabs Lynn's feet as soon as he hits the canvas, and slingshots him off his back and into the air... sending him flying into the steel cage! "ECW! ECW!" And I say to that - really, New Jersey? That's not hardcore, but I digress.

RVD keeps the action simplistic as he wears down Lynn with a plethora of kicks and right hands before whipping him into the corner. After more brawling, RVD goes for one of his spots, thrusting his shoulder into the abdomen of Lynn three times before back flipping away from Lynn, only to charge back with another hard shoulder thrust. Lynn staggers away from the corner and RVD leaps onto the top turnbuckle, and comes flying off with a side super kick to the jaw of Lynn! Instead of going for the pin, Van Dam opts to win by climbing the cage. No surprise that despite RVD climbing the cage, Lynn recovers and climbs up after him. Lynn stands on the third rope and grabs at Van Dam's ankles, but takes a back kick to the face. Lynn staggers, but holds on before climbing up the cage some more, grabbing a hold of Van Dam... and both men crash and burn as Lynn hits a belly-to-back suplex off the side of the cage! That's at least a twelve foot drop! "ECW! ECW! ECW!"

With both men down, the show cuts to a break, as this match will go on for quite some time, probably. When Extreme TV returns, Lynn has Van Dam flat on his back on the canvas, and the New F'n Show soars off the top turnbuckle with a Guillotine leg drop! Cover by Lynn, but only a two count from Kehner. Looking to finish the match off, Jerry Lynn sets RVD's head in between his legs, and lifts him up for the Cradle Piledriver, but RVD fights it, and is able to get his feet back onto the canvas and flip Lynn over with a back body drop. Lynn comes charging back at RVD, but Mr. Extreme is quick on his feet, sending Lynn flying with a monkey flip, and Lynn goes upside down as his back crashes into the steel cage! The worst part of it is when Lynn falls to the canvas, his head thumps down hard. After recuperating from the damage inflicted upon him, RVD pulls Lynn up to his feet and uses the cage as a weapon again, smashing Lynn's face into the chain-link several times before kicking Lynn down to the canvas. RVD positions Lynn so he is on his knees, throat on the second rope, his face right up against the steel cage. Mr. PPV gets help from his manager as Fonzie slides a steel chair through the gap between the frame of the cage door and the rest of the cage, allowing Van Dam to hold the chair, run at Lynn, and drop kick the chair into the back of Lynn's head, sending the front of his face into the steel cage! What innovation by Van Dam! "ECW! ECW! ECW!"

After a few moments, Van Dam pulls Lynn back up to his feet, and the camera reveals that the New F'n Show is bleeding from his forehead. That doesn't mean a thing to Van Dam as he takes the steel chair, and drives it over Lynn's back! After doubling over, Lynn stands upright, only for RVD to throw the chair at him. Lynn catches it - VAN DAMINATOR~! Lynn collapses to the canvas, the chair still on his torso, and RVD leaps up to the top turnbuckles - Split-Legged Moonsault onto Lynn and the chair! Mike Kehner gets into position to make the count, but stops at one as Van Dam rolls off of Lynn. RVD stands in the center of the ring, does the thumbs taunt, kicks the chair off of Lynn, and drags him into the center of the ring before making his long climb to the top of the steel cage. Lynn is down and out on the canvas though, so RVD has all the time he needs to reach the top. The match is over if Van Dam wants it to be as he stands on the top of the cage, looking at the concrete floor below, and Lynn in the center of the ring. Taking a moment's hesitation, Van Dam smirks and flies... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH... OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE TO JERRY LYNN! "Holy Shit! Holy Shit!"

RVD crashes onto Lynn's torso on the jump, but flops off of the KO'ed Lynn after the impact, holding his stomach while curling into the fetal position. With the crowd still buzzing after the high spot, they don't even notice the figure of Cyrus power walking down the entrance aisle to ringside, carrying bolt cutters. Bill Alfonso, still blowing that damn whistle, confronts Cyrus, but Cyrus shows his ability to kick some tail as he drives the handle of the bolt cutter into the face on Fonzie, knocking him down and out! Cyrus starts motioning to the back, and out comes a sprinting Rhino! Cyrus cuts the chain off of the pad lock, opening the cage door, allowing Rhino to enter the ring, just as RVD slowly starts stirring to his feet. Van Dam pulls himself up using the ropes, but turns right into a GORE! GORE!! GORE~! "Fuck You Cyrus! Fuck You Rhino!" Joey Styles, furious on commentary, points out that if Van Dam didn't break any ribs from that Frog Splash, he has to have now after that Gore. Rhino's not done though as he pulls the limp RVD up to his feet... PILEDRIVER... ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR! With all the damage done to him, RVD doesn't even springboard sell the Piledriver, instead just crumbling to the canvas. Van Dam is out, Lynn is stirring, but Rhino hurries up the process by draping Lynn over Van Dam. Mike Kehner, intimidated by the menacing Rhino, is forced to count - ONE! ...TWO! ...THREE! Jerry Lynn defeats Rob Van Dam, but again, and probably much to his chagrin, needed help to do it!

Jerry Lynn def. Rob Van Dam

The crowd continues to show its anger as "Scapegoat" plays throughout the convention center, and Jerry Lynn slowly gets up to his feet. He staggers once on them, still feeling the effects of all the abuse inflicted upon him in the match. As he finally gathers his bearings, he spots Rhino standing right in front of him, and Cyrus having just entered the ring as well. After shaking the cobwebs out, again, and wiping the trickling blood away from his eyes, he looks at Rhino, the smirking Cyrus, and the knocked out Van Dam. Lightbulb~! Jerry Lynn realizes how he won this match, and as Cyrus opens his arms to embrace his friend and client, Lynn sneers in disgust, perhaps at Cyrus, perhaps at himself. He turns his back on Cyrus (and Rhino), and awkwardly climbs through the ropes, almost tripping on the middle rope on his exit. Cyrus calls for Lynn to come back and celebrate his victory, but Jerry Lynn is having none of it. Keeping his head down and back turned to his friends, Lynn slowly walks towards the back, the camera going back and forth between the slow, dejected walk of Lynn, and the befuddled look on Cyrus' face as Joey Styles closes out the show.

Joey Styles: What you are seeing is the long walk of betrayal and disgust. Jerry Lynn, say what you want about his character, gave a warrior's effort tonight against Rob Van Dam, and despite all of the talents he has, once again came up second best to Rob Van Dam. But it won't go down that way in the record book because despite Lynn wanting to do it on his own, Cyrus had other plans! Cyrus and Rhino gave Jerry Lynn a victory tonight, but the look on Jerry Lynn's face says it all - he lost his battle tonight. Jerry Lynn will leave tonight a defeated man, ashamed of himself, and feeling betrayed and humiliated by Cyrus! Credit to Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn both for putting up one heck of a performance, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! We are absolutely out of time tonight, so tune in next week! So long and goodnight everybody!

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

My Awards:
2008 - Best PPV - Starrcade
2008, 2007, & 2006 - Best Promo Writer
2007 & 2006 - Best Promo(s)
2007 - Most Creative
2007 - Best Feedbacker
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.

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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - Tales of a Jaded Old Man

Excellent show once again Szumi

Enjoyed the opening promo but if Storm and Awesome are out of WCW and were hardly getting paid in EW, then my only query is where they are getting money from,is this like a NWO takeover where an ECW guy will join them, thats my hunch anyway

Anderson went a little wild, but then that was normal for ECW

Could have done with a tag match even if it was something along the lines of Sandman and Balls v Credible and Swinger, nice to have that dynamic if the tag teamsarent being utilised

Really would love to see Public Enemy and The Eliminators, two of my all time faves, espcally for the best tag team finisher in wrestling, TOTAL ELIMINATION!!!!

The cag match was insane and the ending points towards a Lynn face turn perhaps, Lynn v Rhino feud could be a great spectacle

Excellent show again Szu, looking forward to the next installment
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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - Tales of a Jaded Old Man

First I'd like to say I really like this format Szumi. It feels different, it is fast to read though it doesn't feel lacking in presentation.

Oh No You Didn't~!: Interesting way to kick off the show. I felt the two were mostly in character, LANCE STORM SHOWING EMOTION THOUGH? Come on, Storm only smirks! Also it was good you had that part of their being someone in the booth that Heyman can't trust because as soon as this happened I was questioning the believability of it. =)

CW Anderson vs. Spanky: Predictable squash match. I'm wondering what the purpose of Spanky is, my guess is he's going to eventually get so annoying that Low-Ki will have to debut to kick his patoot. Also Anderson luring out Dreamer and then running away felt kind of weird...Looking forward to where this feud goes still though.

Setting the Score: Good promo for RVD and Lynn, nothing much to say here.

Balls Mahoney vs. Johnny Swinger (w/Dawn Marie & Simon Diamond): Not really interested in any of these guys...or gals... Guess we have a feud building up here. Classic storytelling here, nothing much else to say.

Pulp F.(B).I.ction: I really like these segments, I think it is awesome to have these quick promos to build up the upcoming events. If a real life company ever got a 1-hour TV show, I'd say this is definitely what they should do.

Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam (w/Bill Alfonso): Great match to finish off the show. The whole unearned win dynamic is really making me want to see what will happen next time. Looking forward to see how this unfolds.

Good show overall, though I was expecting N.I.T.R.O. to make an in-ring appearance at some point and was disappointed they didn't show up. Looking forward to the next show. =)

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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - Tales of a Jaded Old Man

Thank you gents for the feedback. It is always appreciated .

Extreme TV Preview: Hardcore Heaven is rapidly approaching, and with just a little over two weeks to go until ECW's next pay per view event on Sunday, May 13, the stakes are going to be high on Extreme TV as 'The Man Beast' Rhino defends his ECW World Heavyweight Championship against the five-time former champion, 'The Extreme Icon' Sandman! A number one contender's match is also set for the broadcast to determine who will challenge 'Dastardly' Danny Doring and 'Amish' Roadkill for the ECW Tag Team Titles at Hardcore Heaven as well. The Full Blooded Italians, Hot Commodity, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger, and Nova and a mystery partner will all meet in the right in an eight-man, four-team elimination-style match to determine the new number one contenders! No one knows who Nova's partner will be on the broadcast - a current ECW wrestler, a returning wrestler, or someone brand new to ECW. Plus, the war between 'The Extreme Enforcer' CW Anderson and 'The Innovator of Violence' Tommy Dreamer continues as Anderson and Mikey Whipwreck take on Dreamer and new boy Spanky! It's set to be a wild night on Extreme TV, and after last week's controversial ending to the steel cage match, 'The New F'n Show' Jerry Lynn, 'Mr. Extreme' Rob Van Dam, and Cyrus will all be at the Hammerstein Ballroom as well! The revolution is continuing, so join us on...

ECW on USA: Extreme TV

Hey, a regular opening! A recap video of last week's steel cage match between Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn is what starts the broadcast on the USA Network, clips of high spots from the match being featured before the best spot of the match, RVD's Five Star Frog Splash off the top of the steel cage to Lynn. The video shifts focus to the arrival of Cyrus and Rhino, with Cyrus opening the cage door for Rhino to come into the ring, beat down Van Dam, and give Jerry Lynn just his second victory of his arch rival. The video package ends with Jerry Lynn, bloodied, broken, and battered, walking away from Cyrus and Rhino, a man betrayed and a man alone.

The opening ECW entrance then hits with "This is Extreme" playing in sequence with the video highlight reel. As Joey Styles goes through a run down of tonight's show, being sure to hype the main event that will see ECW World Champion Rhino take on the five-time champion Sandman, who is cashing in on his rematch, we get the entrance of the Hot Commodity duo, Chris Hamrick and Julio Dinero, as well as their steamy valet, Elektra. Styles pays no mind, instead talking about the complicated scenario between Jerry Lynn, Rob Van Dam, and Cyrus, after last's week's ending to the epic steel cage encounter between Lynn and Van Dam. Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, and Dawn Marie make their entrance a while as well. Styles then turns his focus to the match that is about to go down, as he hypes this match as the number one contender's match to the ECW Tag Team Championship, and the winner will move on to face Danny Doring and Roadkill for the straps at Hardcore Heaven on Sunday, May 13, ECW's next pay per view. "Bang Your Head" by Quiet Riot gets the Hammerstein Ballroom going as 'Nasty' Nova comes sprinting out from the back, but he's not alone, as he promised last week he was bringing a partner with him. His partner, according to Styles, is none other than one of the hottest young talents on the independent scene right now, the 2001 ECWA Super 8 Winner, Low-Ki! The young wrestler, skinny and bald while rocking red tights, gets very little reception from the crowd; some know who he is from his work in ECWA and JAPW, but not a whole lot. He's got a positive energy about him, and looks ready for combat. The techno remix of "Stayin' Alive" brings out the team with the most experience heading into this match, the Full Blooded Italians. 'Little' Guido Maritato and Tony Mamaluke look ready as ever, and the crowd is always ready for a "Where's My Pizza? Sal E. Ate It!" chant, directed at the aptly named 'Big' Sal E. Graziano.

Full Blooded Italians (w/Big Sal) vs. Hot Commodity (w/Elektra) vs. Nova and Low-Ki vs. Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger (w/Dawn Marie)
ECW Tag Team Championship Number One Contender's Match

Eight wrestlers in the match, elimination style, and three people on the outside. This is going to be an over booked mess'o'potamia, and that's why 'Extreme Referee' HC Loc is out for this one. It's a wild brawl from the get go as all eight wrestlers start getting into it from the moment the bell sounds, but with-in ten seconds, this match already gets turned up on its head as two men come sprinting out from the back - it's EZ Money and Kid Kash! "Hey, what are those two guys doing here!? I thought they left!" cries Joey Styles from the Nest, and while Styles panics that the two may be a part of that N.I.T.R.O contingent, the two men have no look about them that screams WCW. Instead, the two men, who are dressed in the same style of attire from when they respectively wrestled at Guilty as Charged in January, hop onto the apron, springboard off the third rope, and take out all eight men with simultaneous cross body blocks! While the two men were not friends in ECW before, they seem to have formed some common allegiance now upon their ECW return, and the new upstart team go to town, focusing on Hot Commodity, EZ Money's old team. The other teams end up on the apron, and in the ring, two-on-two, Money and Kash mow through Hot Commodity as Kid Kash spikes Dinero with his double underhook piledriver, dubbed the Money Maker, while EZ Money connects with the EZ Bomb, his vertical suplex turned into a release power bomb. Low-Ki then enters the ring, realizing these guys aren't officially in the match, although they might as well be now because hey, it's ECW. As Hamrick pulls himself up to his knees, Ki runs off the ropes, and crushes Hamrick's face with a Shining Wizard! Boom roasted! Cover, and 1-2-3, Hot Commodity are eliminated!

Low-Ki is immediately jumped by EZ Money after the pin, and it looks like they will be staying in this match now. The new heel team isolates Low-Ki, or at least attempts to, as the fiery ECW rookie ends up ducking a clothesline after coming in off the ropes, and going to town on EZ Money with a barrage of stiff chops, open palm strikes, and kicks. That does get the ECW crowd going, and it gets EZ Money reeling into the ropes. Low-Ki whips Money across the ring, and Simon Diamond, a cheeky bastard if there ever was one, kicks Money in the back as he comes off the ropes, sending Money staggering into the center of the ring. Low-Ki lifts Money up off his feet, and spikes him with a fisherman suplex turned into something like a piledriver that Joey Styles calls the Ki Krusher! Cover, and just like that, Kid Kash and EZ Money are eliminated too!

As soon as the pin is registered, Simon Diamond is in like a hawk, laying the boots to Low-Ki. In the corner, 'Little' Guido and Tony Mamaluke just relax and smirk; they know all they have to do is stay out of the way until it's down to them and one other team, and then pounce. Simon Diamond uses his quick advantage to work over Low-Ki, and he gets help when his partner enters the ring. Diamond whips Ki off the ropes, and Diamond and Swinger connect with the Problem Solver flapjack DDT! Diamond covers, but in comes the flying Nova with a springboard Guillotine leg drop to the back of Diamond's head! The match continues to be chaos as Swinger and Nova both stay in the ring, and Swinger jumps Nova, hitting him with a flurry of punches before trying to whip him into the ropes. Nova reverses it, and ends up catching Swinger with the Novacaine (Downward Spiral)! Nova hops up to his feet, full of energy, and as Diamond staggers up to his feet, Nova scoops him up onto his shoulders, and spikes him with the Kryptonite Krunch! Cover, and we're down to two teams as Diamond and Swinger are eliminated!

Like a vulture, Little Guido is in the ring right away, jumping at the chance to try and one-up the remaining foes. Mamaluke enters the ring as well, and the FBI brawl with Nova and the new signing of Low-Ki. Stereo whips by the FBI are reversed though by both Nova and Low-Ki, and the faces both hit high-angled dropkicks to Guido and Mamaluke, respectively. However, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger both cheap shot Nova and Low-Ki, and the eliminated heels continue to blind side the faces, but here comes help! Balls Mahoney, and a steel chair, come sprinting jogging out to the ring, and Mahoney dives into the ring, swinging his steel chair, and right away, Diamond and Swinger hit the bricks, diving out of the ring and sprinting up the entrance aisle, where the petrified Dawn Marie is already waiting for them. Mahoney exits the ring and gives chase, but before he does so, he stops, smirks, and brains Sal E. over the skull with the chair! With Graziano, the FBI equalizer, out of the picture, this overbooked match will now be a two-on-two affair!

There's no point in this match becoming a regular tag match at all, especially since it's already gone on pretty long, especially for a one hour show. The FBI continue to try and work over Low-Ki and Nova, but the faces fight back as Low-Ki is able to reverse a whip to send Tony Mamaluke into the corner, and the new rookie starts to redden the Italian's chest with a series of hard knife edge chops. Nova starts to over power Guido as well, and he scores a near fall after the Deep Impact, a nice little move where Nova lifts Guido up into the air upside down in a double underhook manuever, only to drive Guido to the canvas face first, with Nova falling into a sit-out position. Nova then lifts Guido up onto his shoulders for the Kryptonite Krunch to try and finish the match off, but Guido squirms his slimy little frame out of Nova's clutches, landing behind him and quickly dropping him onto his neck with a German suplex. Low-Ki, still in the corner and unaware of what's going on, is then left blinded as Guido hits him with a double sledge from behind before setting him up... and dropping him with the Kiss of Death (Impaler)! With Low-Ki down, Tony Mamaluke ascends to the top turnbuckle, and flies off with a Guillotine leg drop! Cover! ONE! TWO! THREE! And the Full Blooded Italians, despite hardly working at all in this clusterfuck of a match, have become the new number one contenders to the ECW Tag Team Belts!

Full Blooded Italians def. Nova and Low-Ki, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger, EZ Money and Kid Kash, and Hot Commodity; Full Blooded Italians are new number one contenders to ECW Tag Team Championship

As "Stayin' Alive" hits, Guido and Mamaluke celebrate their victory with an emphatic embrace, while Graziano slowly falls through the ropes and joins them in the celebration a few moments later. Nova and Low-Ki reconvene on the outside, and the two men shake hands before Nova gets the Queens crowd to give Low-Ki a positive round of applause, showing their appreciation for the latest young talent to come to Extreme Championship Wrestling. And judging from the crowd, they might just be okay to see the young lad back in the company one day.

Step Into My Office? Why? Because You're Fucking Fired! [77%]

After a commercial break, Extreme TV returns to 'The New F'n Show' Jerry Lynn already in the ring, a microphone in hand, and looking furious as can be.

Jerry Lynn: Last week, yet again, I came out into an ECW ring, wrestled a five star match with Rob Van Dam... and lost.

Um, Jerry, you won last week. Remember? Cyrus and Rhino had to help you, and you got all mad and stuff?

Jerry Lynn: The record book will read that Jerry Lynn beat Rob Van Dam, but I know, and everyone here knows... I was not the better man last week. It damn near kills me to say it, but... Rob Van Dam was better than Jerry Lynn.

Agony is on the face of Lynn.

Jerry Lynn: I got the one, two, three, last week, but it wasn't how I wanted it! When it looked like I was going to lose to RVD, I got help. I got help from my manager, Cyrus, and my business associate, Rhino. And ya' know what? Cyrus, you stabbed me in the back!

Lynn yells out the last sentence, furious.

Jerry Lynn: Cyrus, I'm through with you!

Well, that is the quickest way to bring out the man, and a few moments later, Cyrus walks out from the back, a microphone in hand. He looks confused, and starts addressing Lynn on his walk to the ring.

Cyrus: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. I'm sorry Jerry, but I gave you exactly everything you have always wanted!

Cyrus is at the ring now, and enters through the ropes to join his client.

Cyrus: Because of me, Jerry, you got your spot in the main event that you wanted so badly. I got you that! Because of me, Jerry, you got the prime exposure you wanted. I got you in a steel cage on national TV! And because of me, Jerry, you BEAT... Rob Van Dam! You came to me with a few simple expectations, and I met them all with flying colors, kid!

Cyrus gives Lynn a look that pretty much says, "You should be thanking me right now." Lynn doesn't look impressed.

Jerry Lynn: Cyrus, let's get somethin' straight here. I gave you one basic expectation last week. All I wanted, was to go one-on-one with Rob Van Dam inside that steel cage, and I wanted to defeat RVD... all on my own. I told you that, damn it! I said, "Cyrus, I need to do this on my own. This isn't your battle; it's mine." Last week was all about Rob Van Dam... and Jerry Lynn. I didn't want your help! I didn't want the Rhino coming in to save my ass. Don't you understand!? You should have left me to lose out there Cyrus. I would have rather died fighting and losing last week in that ring, than defeat Rob Van Dam with your help!

The serious and intense tone of Lynn continues to take Cyrus by surprise.

Cyrus: Look Jerry, you and me, we are friends, we're partners here. I've taken you under my wing, and I have given you the things that you wanted. We couldn't afford another loss to Rob Van Dam last week! I'm sorry, but I just couldn't risk you being humiliated again by Rob Van Dam.

Cyrus shakes his head in sadness and disappointment, but his comments have only further infuriated Lynn.

Jerry Lynn: "We" couldn't afford another loss!? You didn't want to see "me" get "humiliated" by Rob Van Dam... again!? Get it through your thick skull, Cyrus! IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU! It was my moment! MINE! AND YOU RUINED IT!

Even when he's against Cyrus, he's still kind of a dick, that Lynn.

Jerry Lynn: Losing to Rob Van Dam, not being the better man, that wouldn't have humiliated me, Cyrus. I could have taken that. But having to have help, needing assistance... that is what's humiliating! As much as I hate being the guy who wrestles a five star match, but loses, I would rather be that guy... than be the piece of *shit* who needs help from someone like you to get the win in a match that I said I was gonna do all on my own.

Lynn points a finger at Cyrus threateningly.

Jerry Lynn: When I joined up with you, I really thought you were gonna make me a main player in ECW... but all I've been is a pawn in your little schemes. You don't care if I beat Rob Van Dam on my own! You don't care about my ability! My heart! My desire! My pride! That's what last week was about - my pride. And you pissed all over my pride! You just want to be the man that one upped Rob Van Dam! Well Cyrus, I am done being your pawn! I am not some puppet with strings for you to pull at! Iím done with you, Cyrus! You can kiss my ass, go to hell, *suck a dick*, whatever! Youíre fired!

With that said, Lynn shoves his microphone into the chest of Cyrus, sending him staggering backwards a few steps. Lynn then exits through the ropes and marches up the aisle and to the back, yet again, just like last week, leaving Cyrus all alone. While last week there may have been hope for Cyrus that Jerry Lynn would still be his client, it's pretty evident that there has just been a parting of the ways.

After another commercial break, Extreme TV returns to Michael Whipwreck, 'The Extreme Enforcer' CW Anderson, and everyone's favorite Ninja Rapper, Spanky, all in the ring. And a few moments later, Alice in Chains' "Man in the Box" hits, sending the Hammerstein Ballroom into a frenzy as the heart and soul of ECW, the Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer, appears! Dreamer marches down the aisle, his eyes fixated on Anderson, and he gets into the ring and immediately goes after him!

CW Anderson and Michael Whipwreck vs. Spanky and Tommy Dreamer [71%]

Dreamer knocks Anderson down right away with right hands, and Spanky stays back away from the action as Dreamer drops both Anderson and Whipwreck with continuous right hands, forearms, and clotheslines. It's all Tommy Dreamer, and he is a man on a mission as he single handily kicks the asses of Whipwreck and Anderson. Dreamer exits the ring after his little beat down, only to look under the ring... and grab a rope of barbed wire! Anderson wanted to play last week, and now Tommy Dreamer does too! Dreamer climbs back into the ring, and Anderson takes one good look at the barbed wire before realizing he doesn't want to have any part in that now that he might be on the receiving end of the extreme weapon. Anderson exits the ring, hops the guard rail, and starts trying to make his way through the crowd... but Dreamer's chasing him!

The Innovator of Violence takes some time to catch up to Anderson, and the Extreme Enforcer (not a good nick name right now, See-Dubya) climbs a flight of stairs and makes his way to the second floor of the Ballroom before Dreamer can do so. Anderson turns around as Dreamer gets to him, and hits him with a few stinging jabs before continuing to make his way further away from the barbed wire. However, Anderson runs out of room as he ends up walking to a balcony just above the entrance curtain from the backstage to the ringside. Anderson takes a look down, seeing nothing but spare tables that may be used later in the show if anyone's feeling particularly extreme, and turns back around, but there's Tommy! Dreamer smirks, and Anderson knows he must face Dreamer and the barbed wire. Backed into a corner gives the young Anderson some cajones to attack, and that he does, driving his fists into the face of Dreamer, sending the hardcore Larry Zbyszko staggering back into a few fans. However, as Anderson throws a big knock out punch, Dreamer gets the barbed wire up, and Anderson punches the barbs! Anderson yells out in pain, and Dreamer pushes Anderson into the wall, holding him up into the corner before taking the wire and dragging it across Anderson's face until it busts him open the hard way! No blade jobs necessary! Dreamer then smashes Anderson's face off the wall, and it causes CW to stagger around until he reaches the ledge of the balcony. Tommy Dreamer drops the barbed wire, hits a few big right hands to Anderson before grabbing him by his singlet... and Dreamer sends Anderson flying over the balcony... down a full story... and through a bunch of tables! That's a damn near twenty foot drop! "OH MY GODDDD!" "EC-DUB! EC-DUB! EC-DUB!" "Holy Shit! Holy Shit!"

Dreamer stands on the very edge of the balcony, once again holding the barbed wire in his hand, his arms stretched out in the Raven pose, the icon yelling out in triumph. Oh, and back in the ring, with nobody to fend for him but himself, Spanky quickly became an easy target yet again for Mikey Whipwreck. Whipwreck easily mowed through the rookie, smashing him to the canvas a few times before hitting the Whippersnapper. However, to add insult to injury, Whipwreck refused to pin Spanky, instead pulling him up to his knees... and crushing him with the Kick of Death to the head! Joey Styles talks about Whipwreck clearly taking a stab at Tajiri, his former partner, who according to Whipwreck, has now left ECW after Whipwreck turned on Tajiri at Living Dangerously. From there, it was an easy pin fall victory for Whipwreck, but to be fair, the fans are really caring more about Tommy Dreamer, and the broken body that is CW Anderson, laying amongst numerous broken tables on the concrete below.

Michael Whipwreck and CW Anderson def. Tommy Dreamer and Spanky; Tommy Dreamer murders CW Anderson

While Whipwreck celebrates the victory that only he cares about, the focus is fully on the wreckage to the left of the entrance curtain and stairs, where Anderson's prone body lays. Emergency workers are out attending to him, and it's not looking good for the Extreme Enforcer. As the EMTs continue to check on Anderson and prepare to load him up onto a stretcher and backboard, Extreme TV cuts to the back.

We Set the Score, We Tried to Settle It... But It Ain't Settled [77%]

With the cameras going backstage, the focus is on Jerry Lynn, who is walking the hallways, still furious about everything going on in his life. Woe is you, Jerry! If Lynn was looking for any smiles backstage, he doesn't find them because as he turns a corner... it is right into Rob Van Dam! Lynn somehow looks even angrier now, while RVD simply smirks.

Rob Van Dam: Heh, hey Jerry. You gave another good effort last week... but we both know who was the real better man.

For once, Lynn doesn't look angry. Instead, he is forced to nod his head in agreement.

Jerry Lynn: As much I don't want to have to feed your over-inflated ego anymore... yeah, Rob, you were better than me last week.

And while that would normally do nothing but please RVD, the smirk is gone from his face. Light bulb for the stoner!

Rob Van Dam: Yeah, I was better last week, but ya' know what? You did get the victory last week... so I lost. And you can be mad all you want that you needed help to beat me, RVD, but trust me, I'm even more mad than you that I had you beat in the ring, and I got screwed over by your boys!

Jerry Lynn: Well you don't have to worry anymore about that because my business with Cyrus is done. And Rob, as much as I hate having to hear your run your mouth... I'm actually a little pleased right now. 'Cause what I've gathered from this right here, is that I'm not happy with how last week went down... and you're not happy with what happened last week either...

RVD knows exactly what Lynn is getting at, and finishes Lynn's statement for him.

Rob Van Dam: ...So I guess that means we'll just have to lock up and settle this thing, one more time...

Jerry Lynn: ...once and for all.

Lynn goes on his way, making sure to give Van Dam a shove with his shoulder as he passes by him. Van Dam smirks, nodding his head has he looks over his shoulder and watches Lynn walk away.

Greatest Character Ever? [80%]

After another commercial break, we're up in the Nest area as Joey Styles talks about what the future may hold for Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn, but after several moments, there's a bunch of commotion. Styles ignores it all, focusing on his job, but he's interrupted by someone else.

???: ...I'm sorry, but this is what this rinky-dink piece of crap promotion calls a commentator!?

Styles, irritated and confused, turns to see who cut him off... brace yourself... it's FAT TONY~!

Tony Schiavone: I have been listening to this broadcast all night, and I have had enough! People praise you as the single greatest play-by-play man in wrestling today, but you, you are a fraud! I'm the man who has called all the greatest moments in the history of this sport~! And you, you've called a bunch of rejects jump off a balcony and go through a table!

Styles looks furious at having his credentials questioned by a man who was only made to look good by the likes of Mark Madden.

Joey Styles: Why don't you shut the hell up now before you make everyone change the channel again!?

I doubt the casual fan will get that reference, Joey. That was over two years ago! Schiavone certainly hates it though.

Joey Styles: To twist your own words around, with all the work and effort and passion I have put into this company, I like to think I've helped to put some butts in these seats!

"Joey! Joey! Joey!"

Schiavone simply smirks at the display of passion from the crowd for ECW's play-by-play man.

Tony Schiavone: You can fire back with all your witty little quips, but I am here tonight to deliver a message. The day is coming, Joey Styles! N.I.T.R.O is coming! You can stand here and act as tough as you want, but you and your little bingo hall boys are about to be taken over!

As Schiavone looks to continue his tirade, he is cut off as ECW security finally arrives in the Nest area. The microphone is wrestled out of Schiavone's hand, his arms restrained by security, and hauled away, much to the cheers of the nearby crowd. As Schiavone is dragged away, he can still be heard saying,

Tony Schiavone: If you think Paul Heyman is mad about all this, Joey Styles, just wait! Just wait until N.I.T.R.O invades ECW on pay per view!

With that said, Schiavone is dragged out of the shot, and "Enter Sandman" hits, helping the crowd to forget about Fat Tony as the coolest entrance ever occurs. It takes the usual several minutes, but out from the crowd emerges the Sandman, smoking a cigarette, and holding a Singapore Cane in one hand and beer in the other. Sandman lets a few fans drink his beer, and he, as always, busts a can over his head. Dope's "Debonaire" then hits, bringing out the reigning ECW World Champion, 'The Man Beast' Rhino and a still grumpy-looking Cyrus. Rhino roars and pounds his chest with his forearm, looking intimidating and ready as ever. As Rhino gets into the ring, Stephen DeAngelis starts to do the ring introductions, but he's interrupted as Rhino charges at Sandman, and it's brawl time!

Rhino (c) (w/Sandman) vs. Sandman
ECW World Championship

It's wild fisticuffs from the get go, and the two big hosses throwing around clubbering blows. It's a stalemate in the early rounds, but Rhino shows his might by getting Sandman backed into the ropes. The Man Beast pummels Sandman across the ring, battering his challenger before trying to dismantle him early on like their last singles match with a Gore, but Sandman moves out of the way. As Rhino turns back around, it's right into a Singapore Cane to the skull! And again! Sandman drives the Cane over Rhino's back to double him over, and then lifts the Man Beast upside down and powerbombs him! An early cover by Sandman, but Rhino kicks out. The Extreme Icon ends up throwing Rhino outside moments later, and Sandman goes for the extreme, grabbing a cookie sheet that he uses to bend over Rhino's head. A garbage can is then thrown into the ring by Sandman, and the drunken challenger rocks Rhino with stinging left handed haymakers. However, Rhino reverses a whip moments later, sending Sandman face and chest first into the steel ring post! Sandman crashes and burns hard, and it gives Rhino time to recuperate as well. After simplistic brawling, the two make their way over to the table next to the ring for the timekeeper's table, and Rhino slams Sandman face first into the ring bell!

With Sandman's noggin' taking a beating, Rhino pulls Sandman up onto the ring apron, and sets him up for what has to be an attempt to Piledrive him off the apron and through the table. Despite Rhino's attempts to lift Sandman up, the challenger knows what will happen if Rhino can do so, and that helps Sandman to get a second wind. After several moments of a struggle, Sandman is able to flip Rhino over, sending Rhino flying off the apron and through the table with a back body drop! "ECW! ECW!" After rest spots, the action ends up back in the ring, and Sandman continues to prove his worth as he beats on Rhino throughout the ring. Sandman sets the garbage can in between the second and third turnbuckles at one point, and then whips Rhino skull first into the can! A DDT follows, and a cover - ONE! TWO! TH- KICK OUT!

Sandman continues his onslaught, but he makes an error after a few minutes. He scoop slams Rhino to the canvas, and then staggers up the ropes to the top turnbuckle. Sandman tries to fly off with a senton bomb, but the Man Beast rolls out of the way, and Sandman eats canvas! Both men stay down for several moments, but as Sandman gets up to his feet... GORE! GORE!! GORE!!! Sandman nearly gets ripped in half! Rhino takes several moments to get back up to his feet, but once on them, he calls for the end, and positions Sandman in between his legs for the Piledriver... CRACK~! Singapore Cane to the back of Rhino's head! It's Justin Credible! Credible drills the Cane over Rhino's head two more times before lifting him up off his feet... SPINNING THAT'S INCREDIBLE! The ECW World Heavyweight Champion is down, and maybe out!

Any further impact intended by Justin Credible is cut off as Sandman meets the Impact Player with lefts hands, knocking Credible back into the ropes. The two men rumble away, and Sandman whips Credible into the corner before grabbing his Singapore Cane. Sandman waits for Credible to charge back at him, and Sandman blasts him across the abdomen with the Cane! Sandman looks for a KO shot with the Cane next, but Credible ducks the shot, slides to his knees and grabs the other Singapore Cane, and gets it up just in time to block Sandman's next overhead blow. Credible then jabs it into Sandman's gut, and now Credible goes for the KO shot, but Sandman evades it as well! And Singapore Cane to the torso of Credible! Sandman hangs the Cane across the throat of Credible... WHITE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP... but Rhino takes out both men with a double clothesline! And now it's a three-way brawl! All three men are throwing haymakers at each other, neither man gaining an advantage. And apparently, the broadcast is ending as Joey Styles wraps up the show as the three men continue their brawl.

Rhino and Sandman fight to a no contest; Rhino retains ECW World Title

Joey Styles: It's pandemonium in the ring! Rhino! Sandman! Justin Credible! All three men, all current and former World Champions, in the ring battling for that very same prize! There will be no winner tonight, no clear path to determine who will be the ECW World Champion, or the challenger! We are absolutely out of time, and we'll have to wait to next week to figure out just what is going to happen with these three men! Goodnight folks! ...OH MY GAWD!

Styles yells out his trademark saying as Rhino runs at both Credible and Sandman, clotheslining the two but sending all three of them crashing and landing awkwardly on the ground outside of the ring. All three men quickly get back up and continue fighting, now on the outside of the ring, as Extreme TV fades to black.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

My Awards:
2008 - Best PPV - Starrcade
2008, 2007, & 2006 - Best Promo Writer
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - Tales of a Jaded Old Man

ECW Tag Team Championship Number One Contender's Match: CUE FIGHTER'S PASSION BEING PLAYED THROUGH THIS WHOLE READING! Aww, Low Ki lost his debut match . He better than soon that ECW doesn't make any sense! WAIT..."they might just be okay to see the young lad back in the company one day." NO! LOW KI NEEDS TO START BUILDING HIMSELF UP FOR THE TV TITLE NOW AND WIN IT BEFORE YOU LEAVE AGAIN!

Step Into My Office? Why? Because You're Fucking Fired!: Expected promo, and I'm happy it happened. Was surprised Rhino didn't come and attack Lynn for leaving, but I'm sure that'll happen when RVD and Lynn face off.

CW Anderson and Michael Whipwreck vs. Spanky and Tommy Dreamer: Paul E...I am questioning your booking ability Mr Heyman...Barbed wire being used on TV? All the young talent losing? COME ON PAUL!

We Set the Score, We Tried to Settle It... But It Ain't Settled: This segment seemed weird...I think it was the dialogue...So when is this happening?

Greatest Character Ever?: Haha. Tony! Looking forward to seeing him become a color commentator...hopefully? Also now that it is someone with no ECW affiliation in NITRO...this actually feels kind of weird having a big league company invade the minor leagues...wonder who else will show up. Bischoff????????????? Flair????????????????

Rhino (c) (w/Sandman) vs. Sandman: Wait...(w/Sandman)? Fun stuff here. Guessing the fans get to see a three way dance while all us TV watchers just get a wild brawl.

Overall this was a good show though for some reason it felt like it was missing something...oh yeah! The Pulp Fiction segment! Oh well, looking forward to the next show.

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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - Tales of a Jaded Old Man

Hi, I'm back. Again. Lets see how long it lasts this time.

"Ah, so it's time for our monthly check-in, is it?"

Pretty much, readers!

???: Haha ha, pretty much. I've been watching, and I gotta say, I've been liking. This N.I.T.R.O stuff is great so far, Paulie. The angle's going to be a big hit, I'm telling you.

Paul Heyman: And plus, it's killed any chance of a dream WCW versus WWF feud for Vince, from what I've been hearing.

???: Yeah, there's definitely not going to be any "invasion" storyline on Raw or Smackdown anytime soon. We've quickly killed one of the biggest things McMahon could've had going for him when he bought WCW.

Paul Heyman: Well no one's going to him. All of Turner's big money players are greedy bastards, contempt to sit on their asses at home and get paid. All Vince had to look forward to was DDP, Booker T, and Buff Bagwell... and guys like Mike Awesome and Lance Storm.

???: And I gotta tell ya' man, I praise you for what you're doing with Awesome. I know you're taking a blow to your ego by doing business with him, but face it - he's going to be your biggest heel ever, maybe.

Paul Heyman: ...I still can't believe a fan hasn't jumped him in this angle yet, not that I'm hoping for it to happen... I swear.

A nervous laugh came from Heyman; oh how he would love for Mike Awesome to get stabbed by one of the ECW extremists.

???: You have every right to hate him for the crap he pulled last year, but you're putting business over personal matters, and that's what a good businessman has to do.

Paul Heyman: More like you're making me put business first, but whatever. The fact of the matter is, is that Awesome, Storm, and Schiavone are clicking, and this can be big. And so far, we've escaped Vince's wrath without too much damage.

???: Super Crazy and Joel Gertner is a small price to pay for stealing some WCW talent away from right underneath his nose, don't you think?

Paul Heyman: Yeah, but there will be more to come, I'm sure of it. You know how guys like him operate. C'mon, you gotta tell me though... how much is Vince fuming about us? About beating him to the punch?

???: It's been brought up... a lot. A lot of boys in the back, and the creative team from what I've heard, are always asking him about ECW and Paul Heyman starting an "invasion" angle before the WWF ever could. Hell, I've even asked him! But nothing, man. He isn't saying a word to anyone, but trust me, I know Vince; he is fuming.

A smile was plastered across Heyman's face. He stole Vince's thunder. He was well aware that there would be collateral damage for his sins, but for right now, Paul Heyman was winning.


News & Notes From The Wrestling Arsenal
~As it has been widely reported over the past month, the Ratings War has officially ended. The World Wrestling Federation has defeated World Championship Wrestling, with Vince McMahon making his victory official by way of buying out the competition. With Ted Turner forced out of power from the AOL-Time Warner merger, and a rapidly declining product over the past few years, WCW was put up for sale. When Eric Bischoff's coup de tout failed, McMahon was left to rid the world of World Championship Wrestling.

~While WCW has become a part of the WWF franchise, many of its top stars remain under contract of Time Warner, i.e. Ric Flair, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Goldberg, Rey Mysterio Jr., and Scott Steiner. Only the last WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page are the noteworthy names to make the jump to Vince McMahon's enterprise. Mid card talents like Shawn Stasiak, Sean O'Haire, Hugh Morrus, Mark Jindrak, Chuck Palumbo, and Buff Bagwell have all joined as well, along with Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson, but a distinct number of talents have all decided to stay on their Time Warner contracts, become free agents, or head to a certain bingo hall.

~It's probably a given that the dream concept for Vince McMahon was to pit the WCW versus WWF in a storyline that would make millions of dollars, but the angle has been started by Paul Heyman of all people. Extreme Championship Wrestled started a shocking WCW "invasion" of ECW on their pilot show on the USA Network when Mike Awesome, a man rich of ECW infamy, appeared to assault Rhino and Tommy Dreamer before being restrained by security and later arrested by police. Another ex-ECW worker in Lance Storm showed up later for the angle as well, and former play-by-play man Tony Schiavone has shockingly joined ECW as well for the "N.I.T.R.O" angle. More names are being linked with the company as well for the WCW invasion of ECW. With a lot of names not signing for the WWF from the Turner company, it seems there will be no historic WWF vs. WCW anytime soon, only WCW vs. ECW.

~While it may not be viewed as a direct response to Paul Heyman stealing his chance for a WCW "Invasion" angle, Vince McMahon has swooped up some ECW talent over the past month. The most high-profile capture is daredevil Super Crazy, who is being looked at to help bolster a new look Light Heavyweight division with various WCW cruiserweights expecting to come into the company like Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero, and Jamie Noble. Rising manager Joel Gertner also left the company for the WWF as well, looking likely to link up with the Dudley Boyz. Taz's cousin Chris Chetti also signed a developmental deal with the company, thwarting a planned angle with Nova. The ECW futures of CW Anderson and Yoshihiro Tajiri are also looking bleak as both men have been written out of programming lately, amidst rumors of a WWF deal in the works.

~While some talents have departed the bingo hall for a bigger pay check up north, some men have found themselves departing the promotion for well, nothing. Chilly Willy, Blue Boy, and Jasmin St. Claire have all been released from ECW, although the former Meanie is hopeful of a WWF return. Hot Commodity, or at least Chris Hamrick and Julio Dinero, also appear to be done with the company as well.

~And for those of you wondering how ECW have fared on the USA network with their broadcasts of Extreme TV, then look no further! The ratings for the 03-30 pilot show came in at a strong 1.7, with the second episode jumping up to 1.8. The ratings did slip down to a 1.67 on Friday the 13th, but the ratings have continued to fluctuate between a 1.7 and 1.8 since then. While it's nothing compared to the low 7's and high 5's that Raw and Smackdown are drawing, it's a rating that USA is currently very satisfied with. Good fortunes for Paul Heyman abound!

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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