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Re: Impact Wrestling 2012: The Smallest Of Leaks Can Sink The Greatest Of Ships

Destination X 2012 Predictions Contest

7. World Heavyweight Championship - 2/3 Falls Match!

Bobby Roode (c) vs. Austin Aries

1. X-Division Championship - Four Corners Elimination Match!
Low Ki vs. El Generico vs. PAC vs. Homicide

5. World Tag Team Championships - The Bound For Glory Series - Ultimate X Match!
AJ Styles and Kurt Angle (c) vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

3. #1 Contendership For The Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Young Bucks

4. The Joey Ryan Open Challenge
Joey Ryan vs. ???

6. The Bound For Glory Series
Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy

2. The Bound For Glory Series
Rob Van Dam vs. D'Angelo Dinero

Bonus Questions
Predict the match order: Done.
Who will answer the Joey Ryan Open Challenge?:Al Snow
What will the score be in the 2/3 Falls Match?: 2-1 Roode.
What will be the longest and shortest match?: Longest: 2/3 falls & Shortest: Joey Ryan Open Challenge.
Will there be any surprise appearances? If So, who?: (Joey Ryan's opponent does not count) Nah, not unless you count an Austin Aries title win.
Who will be the first eliminated in the X-Division Championship match?: Tough one, since I know 3 out of the 4 are good, never seen PAC wrestle but I know you're high on him and doubt he will lose based on that so I'll go with... Homicide.[/center]

You still sticking with this one? Hope you don't go the route TNA did and have Aries win the title but do make him have a strong ass showing.
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Re: Impact Wrestling 2012: The Smallest Of Leaks Can Sink The Greatest Of Ships

I don't even know if this thread is still on, but I finally read your monthly recap and thought I'd leave some predictions.

Destination X 2012 Predictions Contest!

7. World Heavyweight Championship - 2/3 Falls Match!

Bobby Roode (c) vs. Austin Aries

6. X-Division Championship - Four Corners Elimination Match!
Low Ki vs. El Generico vs. PAC vs. Homicide

5. World Tag Team Championships - The Bound For Glory Series - Ultimate X Match!
AJ Styles and Kurt Angle (c) vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

1. #1 Contendership For The Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Young Bucks

4. The Joey Ryan Open Challenge
Joey Ryan vs. ???

3. The Bound For Glory Series
Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy

2. The Bound For Glory Series
Rob Van Dam vs. D'Angelo Dinero

Bonus Questions
Predict the match order: Done.
Who will answer the Joey Ryan Open Challenge?:Taz.
What will the score be in the 2/3 Falls Match?: 2-1 Roode.
What will be the longest and shortest match?: Longest: 2/3 falls - Shortest: Joey Ryan Open Challenge.Will there be any surprise appearances? If So, who?: (Joey Ryan's opponent does not count) No surprises.
Who will be the first eliminated in the X-Division Championship match?: Low Ki.[/center]

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Re: Impact Wrestling 2012: The Smallest Of Leaks Can Sink The Greatest Of Ships

I'm not one for excuses or whatever, and I don't know how many of you are, but here it is - Writing a PPV from scratch is verry hard and very draining, and I knew that coming in to writing it. So I wrote half of the PPV out in full within a short space of time, so I decided to give myself a week - two weeks break, to recharge my batteries and what have you. I come back to the show two weeks later, and I re-read what I wrote... And I hated it. I hated the dialogue, the storytelling (or the lack of) and I just generally hated everything about what I had written. The cause of this, is that because of the lack of build up to the show (which once again, is my fault, kinda, so...) I couldn't exactly tell the stories that I wanted to throughout the matches so to make up for that, and to keep all of your interests, I made every single one of the matches SPOTFESTS~! It all sounded good at the time, but when I re-read it after my mid-PPV break, it was dog shite.

From there, I started again and I tried to re-write the whole thing in full again... But I couldn't. I don't know what was wrong with me or why I couldn't do it, but I simply couldn't. I even thought about abandoning this project and starting a new one, but I looked over my plans and I got excited about the project again, but I still couldn't bring myself to re-write four FULL matches and everything else in between, again. It's just different when you've wrote it once before already... I don't know, it just is.

So I was left with two options; Either give you the results and a few sentences, or recap it. And I decided for the latter. At the end of the day, the amount of detail I've given you within this show is enough for me to be able to logically continue and progress with the feuds, rivalries and characters and it's enough (I hope) to give you some bit of enjoyment out of reading and waiting. I've rushed a fair bit of it, so expect a few mistakes here and there, but whatever. Ever since I lost my episodes of Impact all those weeks ago, this PPV was destined for letdown. Anyway, read if you want, feedback if you want, continue to follow if you want. Your choice, all I can say is that I AM continuing with this thread... I AM motivated and determined to make this a success and I AM sticking around. As of yet, nothing post-DX has been written, so I'll begin cracking on with that, as well as dishing out feedback here and there to whomever I feel like, tbh Enjoy, or try to.

Oh and just a quick note; the two remaining PPVs before Bound For Glory (Hard Justice then No Surrender) will be in a similar format to this, maybe without as much detail? But don't expect any PPVs in full UNTIL Bound Fr Glory. Impact, however, will be in full unless stated otherwise


In a 45 minute, Youtube-Exclusive Pre-show...
Southern Discomfort defeated The Shore via Pinfall @ 5:56 after a Piledriver from Gunner to Robbie E
Sami Callihan defeated Matt Morgan via Submission @ 9:12 with a modified Koji Clutch


And Now...


After the opening video package fades to black, the screen bursts in to action with bright colours and deafening noises as we go live in to The Impact Zone, at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. A large array of fireworks and other pyrotechnic displays shoot off around the stage and along the rafters as the cameras wildly scan the arena, which is filled to capacity with rabid fans jumping about energetically, holding up their home-made signs, whilst the official theme song of the Pay-Per-View, "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" by Weezer echoes throughout the arena, paying homage to the challenger to the World Heavyweight Championship, Austin Aries. We then switch to the commentary table where the dynamic duo of Mike Tenay and Taz are sat, bubbling away like they usually do, filled with their endless amount of energy, passion, excitement and enthusiasm as they begin to hype the show and they quickly run down the card for tonight; The crowning of a new X-Division Champion, two Bound For Glory singles bouts, an Ultimate X match for the World Tag Team Championships, Joey Ryan's Television Championship open challenge, the in-ring return of The Young Bucks and of course the big one - Austin Aries challenging Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a Two Out Of Three Falls match.

The first match of the evening is The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Young Bucks in a match with the number one contendership for the World Tag Team Championships on the line, and a match that promises to be fast-paced, non-stop action from start to finish. Tenay and Taz run down the similarities and differences between the two teams but they emphasize the new-found attitude of Matt and Nick Jackson, formerly known in TNA as Max and Jeremy Buck respectively. The crowd is amped up, as are both teams, with everyody and their dog knowing that when these two teams are in the ring together, magic happens, and given the very personal feud they've had since The Bucks returns on June 14th, it all just thickens the plot and gives this match an added edge. The match it's self is very formulaic in a sense, which isn't what you'd exactly expect from these teams, but nonetheless, the match is extremely fast paced and exciting. It starts off with Alex Shelley and Nick Jackson representing their team; The two men, being the more technically-gifted of their respective teams, try to gain one up on each other with an exchange of holds and showing off their technical prowess - But after a minute of doing so, neither man as able to gain an advantage, as they come to a standstill and tag in their partners; Chris Sabin and Matt Jackson. The two legal men hop in to the ring and instead of trading holds like their tag-team counterparts, they go strike for strike, creaming each other with hard forearms, stinging kicks and stiff chops and open handed slaps. Matt Jackson attempts a wild discus forearm, which Sabin ducks underneath and runs in to the ropes (from which, Alex Shelley tags in) and Sabin connects with a low dropkick to the knee. Meanwhile, Shelley enters, runs off ofthe ropes and locks Matt in to a reverse STF whilst Sabin runs back off of the ropes and DRILLS Matt Jackson with a hesitation dropkick to the exposed face of the older Buck brother.

From there, it's the team from Detroit, Michigan who seize the advantage, as they take out an oncoming Nick Jackson with a double Superkick to the jaw, before going back to work on Matt - Using quick, frequent tags to keep each other fresh, targeting the dark haired brother. The Machine guns continue to wear down on Matt, using their unique tandem offence that The Motor City Machine Guns are known world-wide for. The beatdown on Matt continues for several minutes whilst Nick can only look on in despair, standing on the apron. Shelley is tagged in to the ring, as he runs to the opposing corner and wipes out Nick with a flying forearm, sending him to the arena floor. Meanwhile, Sabin picks up Matt and whips him in to Shelley, who lifts and scoops him over the top rope and lands on top of his brother! The Machine Guns are riding a wave of momentum as they eye up their opposition on the outside who are simultaneously getting to their feet, as Shelley and Sabin bounce off of the ropes in stereo... Double Suicide Dive... NO! The Young Bucks simultaneously cut Sabin and Shelley's dive off with STIFF ENZIGURIS TO THE HEADS of Chris and Alex, before they even completely left the ring!

That is by far and away the turning point of the match, showing that Matt and Nick aren't just talented in the ring, they also have great wrestling minds, having successfully scouted their opponents, knowing what generally happens in that position. From there, Nick and Matt regain complete control over The Machine Guns; using similr tactics to Sabin and Shelley, with the quick, frequent tags, but they also use some underhanded tactics - Illegal double team moves behind the referees back, distracting the referee whilst the other uses illegal moves etc. All of which garner a huge amount of boos from the crowd, but it is obvious that they're effective. However, after a couple of minutes of constant punishment inflicted on Shelley, the inevitable hot-tag is made to Chris Sabin, who cleans house with Nick and Matt, drilling them with several stiff kicks to the jaw. Once Shelley has regained his whereabouts, he joins back in on the action as the referee has well and truly lost control of this rapidly-paced match. The Guns have targeted Matt Jackson once again, as he is the most worn down, almost knocking him unconscious with a variety of double team kicking combinations, until Sabin and Shelley agree that it's time to get the match over and done with.

The dynamic duo from Detroit drag Matt's lifeless body over to their corner, as Shelley scales the top ropes. Sabin boots Matt in the gut and gets him ready for the neckbreaker, waiting for Alex to scale the ropes as everybody knows whats coming - SKULL AND CROSS... NO! Nick Jackson runs along the apron and pushes Alex Shelley off of the top rope, sending him crashing and burning on to the arena floor and in to the steel guardrails at ringside, rib first! Chris Sabin notices this, and wisely turns his attention to Nick on the apron, but for his troubles, Sabin is drilled with a stiff elbow to the jaw... As Sabin gets rocked he turns around... Matt connects with a Kick to the gut... ROLLING FIREMANS CARRY FROM MATT JACKSON... 450 SPLASH FROM NICK, AS MATT HOPS ON TO THE TOP ROPE AFTERWARDS... MOONSAULT CONNECTS! MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCKS COMPLETED! Matt Jackson covers Sabin, as Nick Slingshots over the top rope, whipping Shelley out once more... ONE... TWO... THREE!
Winners: And New #1 Contenders - The Young Bucks, via Pinfall @ 13:11

The crowd boo as Sabin is unable to get his shoulder up after being taken out with More Bang For Your Buck by Nick and Matt Jackson. Nick re-enters the ring and joins his brother in the middle of the ring, as the referee raises both men's arms high whilst Sabin rolls to the outside, joining his partner, who both grimace in pain on the outside. Tenay and Taz put over both teams and say that either team could have won tongiht, but The Young Bucks are now the new #1 contenders for the TNA Tag Team Championships Of The World, whomever that may be.

***Video Package***

TNA Wrestling Presents: BOUND FOR GLORY 2012 | Sunday, October 14
Grand Canyon University Arena | Phoenix, Arizona

***Close Video Package***

We return and Mike Tenay and Taz are literally creaming over Bound For Glory, promoting it as much as possible, emphasizing that TNA are once again making history, as for the first ever time, they will be holding a FIVE HOUR Pay-Per-View event in October in the beautiful city of Phoenix, Arizona. However, before they can promote the event even more, Taz is interrupted mid-sentence by a familiar voice... No entrance music or titantron video, just the Destination X logo and complete silence as the man continues to speak... Until out on the ramp comes the NEW Television Champion of the World - JOEY RYAN! Joey walks down the ramp, microphone in hand and his belt wrapped firmly around his waist, as he scowls towards the commentary table at the man that has taken great exception to him since his TNA debut last month; Taz. Ryan gets a very mixed reaction, as some Smarks are evident in the crowd tonight. Mr 87% explains that since the day he stepped foot in a wrestling ring, he was doubted, he was cheated and he was the subject of bias and discrimination, but it's here in TNA that he takes a stand.

Ryan continues by saying that it is TNA's ignorance that is fueling his passion and his desire to succeed and the fact that they shot themselves in the foot when they didn't offer him a full-time contract with the company, despite the fact he's twice the athlete, entertainer and professional wrestler of the first Gut-Check contest, Alex Silva. Ryan concludes by saying that they wouldn't be in this predicament if three "certain jerkoffs" swallowed their pride and accepted Joey as a part of the TNA Family. Ryan finally says that he is willing to give TNA a chance to "right their wrongs" and recollect their prestigious Television Championship and he is indeed living up to his word and he is issuing an open challenge to any man, woman or child within TNA - If they win, Ryan will give them a shot at the title on Impact Wrestling this week.

Joey nonchalantly throws his microphone out of the ring and takes off his entrance gear and his championship belt, as all attention is turned to the entrance ramp, awaiting the mystery opponent for the Television Champion... BEAT ME IF YOU CAN - SURVIVE, IF I LET YOU! A deep, gruffled voice is heard over the PA system before the infamous guitar riff that every ECW fan fucking adored plays to a HUGE pop (probably the biggest reaction he's had since 1999) and the man himself - The Human Suplex Machine - Mr. FTW - The one Man Crime Spree - The Most Miserable Son Of A Bitch On The Planet - TAZ! The color commentator stands up at the commentary desk as Tenay is busting a nut next to him. Taz whips off his suit in ten seconds flat, revealing his famous singlet that he's known for wearing, as he reaches underneath the commentary desk and picks up a white towel! Before draping it over his head, and storming down to the ring, almost a completely different man! Ryan in the ring doesn't seem shocked at all, as he quickly hands his belt to the referee and awaits Taz's arrival in the ring

Taz steps through the ropes, as the referee calls for the bell, and Joey lunges straight in to Taz with a clothesline, but the Human Suplex Machine ducks, catches Ryan, and lives up to his name... T-BONE EXPLODER SUPLEX! The television champion crashes and burns and wisely rolls to the outside, as the crowd are going crazy, not knowing what to think! This is Taz's first match in over ten years! Back to the action, and Taz stares across the Impact Zone, feeding off of the crowd, before exiting through the ropes and looks to seize an even bigger advantage. He helps Joey back to his feet, but is instantly knocked down with a huge right hand to the jaw of the former ECW Champion, decking him instantly! It's obvious Taz isn't as tough as he used to be, as he looks almost unconscious from that one low from Joey Ryan, despite it being an extremely stiff fist!

Joey grasps the back of his neck and winces, before looking down on a fallen Suplex Machine and smirking. Ryan grabs the head of Taz and drags him towards the steel steps... Before smashing his face in to the steps... ONCE, TWICE, THRICE, FOUR TIMES, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE... TEN TIMES! Ryan is ruthless as a helpless Taz is just thrusted face first in to the unforgiving steel steps... AND HE'S BUSTED OPEN! Ryan is loving it, as are a part of the crowd, with the majority booing the shit out of him. Ryan rolls Taz in to the ring and is now just having fun with his opponent, as Tenay is begging and pleading for someone to stop this before it gets any worse. Ryan grabs a microphone and begins to run down not only Taz, but on TNA as a whole, almost cutting a shoot promo mid-match, whilst occasionally beating down on Taz even more, whilst the referee tries his damnedest to get Joey Ryan to just end it. Ryan rants on about the ignorance of TNA management, whilst blatantly choking Taz illegally, before releasing the hold before the referees five count. The embarrassing beatdown continues for almost four minutes, before exclaiming that he's going to end this match, just as he hopes to end the narrow-mindedness of TNA management, as he drops the microphone, locks in a bodyscissors on Taz and twists his arm in a Kimura, in a move he likes to call The Moustache Ride! Taz is unable to even tap out, as the referee just calls for the bell almost immediately, having to drag Ryan off of Taz.
Winner: Joey Ryan via Submission @ 5:00

The crowd are going berserk, even though you can clearly here some cheers from the smarks, as Mike Tenay is going crazy on commentary, exclaiming that Joey Ryan shouldn't even be here and should be locked up instantly - What just happened between him and Taz wasn't a wrestling match, it was a "damned assault" and any Joey Ryan fans/followers should take a long, hard look at themselves. Meanwhile in the ring, Joey eventually gets off of Taz, as he is instantly on his feet to retrieve his Television Championship. The cameras then skip to the top of the ramp where paramedics, EMTs, Road Agents and Trainers flood the ring to tend to the Human Suplex Machine, as Joey exits and looks on with a sly smirk on his face, before we cut to the back.

A camera goes backstage where we see one man who in just a few moments will be fighting for the TNA X-Division Championship of the World - A former X-Division Champion in his own right - HOMICIDE! Notorious 187. leans against the wall as he stretches his quadriceps, before we see a big silhouette shadow Homicide. The camera pans out as we see it's HERNANDEZ! Supermex gets the attention of Homicide, who doesn't seem to be interested in the appearance of his former tag team partner. Hernandez says that Homicide will always be his brother, whether they're a team or not, and that he wishes Homicide good luck tonight. Homicide doesn't seem to happy, as he unpassionately thanks Hernandez for the support. The two share an awkward look at each other, as they both look in to the ground, until they both look at each other once again and embrace in a hug, talking Spanish to one another, before walking down the corridor together talking and presumably reminiscing.

Elsewhere, So Cal Val is stood by with the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode. As you would expect, Val asks Roode about how he feels going in to his two out of three falls match against Austin Aries tonight. Bobby explains that as good as Austin may be, Roode is just that bit better. As smart as Austin Aries maybe, Roode is just that bit better, and as good of a World Champion Austin Aries may be, The It Factor of Professional Wrestling is just that bit better. Val is quick to catch on to Roode's arrogance and confidence ahead of the match, as she asks if Roode has a specific game plan. Bobby scoffs at the ditzy interviewer, before answering that he doesn't reveal his tactics ahead of the big fight, however he does say that Austin Aries needs a game plan. And no matter how good A-Double's game plane is, his is that... bit... better. The champion scoffs once again, before leaving the interview set, before Val turns it round to Tenay at commentary.

Tenay is now joined at the commentary booth by Jeremy THE GOAT Borash, as Mike questions if Roode is a little too confident ahead of tonight's title defence against Aries. They then quickly move on to explain that Taz has been rushed to a local medical facility in Orlando to gain treatment on his injuries suffered by the hands of Joey Ryan. The mood is quickly lightened up, however, as the energetic El Generico bounces on to the stage, as JB and Mike put over Generico, as well as the three other participants in the four-way Elimination match during their respective entrances.

It's clear who the faces and heels are in this match, with PAC and Generico being the former, and the X-Division veterans of Homicide and Low Ki being the DASTARDLY~! heels. The four men meet in the middle of the ring to start off, with the Brit offering a handshake to every man in the match - Generico graciously accepts, Low Ki completely ignores the handshake and remains focused, whilst the cocky Latino, Homicide, looks at Pac in disgust... AND SPITS IN HIS FACE! Immediately, all three men jump on Homicide, pummeling him, causing him to flee out of the ring, as an enraged Pac follows up with a slingshot crossbody, whiping him out. Meanwhile, Generico and Low-Ki turn their attentions to one another, as they battle it out inside the ring.

The match is that of a high paced spotfest, showcasing all four men's skills and specialties - The World Warrior uses his plethora of stinging strikes and kicks to neutralise his opponents. El Generico uses his unique and flashy offence, as well as using his charisma to get the crowd on his side, to overcome the three other challengers. The Man That Gravity Forgot, Pac, utilises his sensational high-flying prowess to wow the audience whilst trying to gain an advantage. Meanwhile Notorious 187. Homicide uses his brawling skills that he's accustomed to, as well as sever underhanded tactics, to try and get one over the other men in the match. Unfortunately, though, it is the latter of the four men who is eliminated first, as the three other men band together to obliterated Homicide, as Low Ki puts an exclamation point on the elimination by finishing Homicide off with THE WARRIORS WAY!

And then there were three. Generico takes control of the early stages of the three-way, by taking out both Pac and Low Ki with huge Helluva Kicks, causing both men to flee to the outside of the ring. This gives Generico the time to weigh up his options, and once both men get to their feet, Generico goes for a FLYING SOMERSAULT PLANCHA... BUT BOTH MEN MOVE! Pac and Low Ki move out of the way, as Generico crashes spine first on the outside of the arena, making a cringe-worthy slapping sound on the thin "protective mats". Pac and Ki then enter the ring, knowing that they have now taken out Generico, as the two men go at it. It's a back and forth affair, but eventually it is Low Ki that gains the advantage of his opponent, using his stiff kicks to ground the high-flyer. But it's not that long until Pac bounces back, as he ducks a wild spinning roundhouse kick... AND ROLLS LOW KI UP FOR THE THREE COUNT!

Nobody can believe it, as the "underdog" heading in to the match just eliminated the firm favourite for the bout! By the looks of it, Low Ki can't believe it either as he retaliates badly - Ki jumps Pac from behind almost immediately and begins to severely punish the Englishman with almost a dozen stiff Kawada-Kicks, seemingly knocking Pac unconscious, despite Low Ki being eliminated. Low Ki climbs the top rop, presumably looking for a second Warrior's Way of the match, to nail it on PAC... BUT GENERICO COMES OUT OF NOWHERE, LEAPS ON TO THE TOP ROPE... BRAINBUSTAHHHHHHHHH SPIKING LOW KI'S HEAD ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! The crowd are going mental, as The Generico Luchadore, within a couple of seconds, has completely wiped Low Ki out, to the point where The Brooklyn-born Martial Artist is escorted out by security and agents from the back.

Generico then helps Pac up to his feet, still feeling the damage done by Low Ki, but the two remaining men in the match shake hands as a sign of respect for one another, and it almost seems as if it is now a completely new match. After eight minutes of action already, the two remaining men go back and forth for another 10 minutes. Balls to the wall, pedal to the metal type action, with neither man being able to get a distinct advantage, and when they do, it doesn't last long as the other is quick to regain the advantage for themselves. However, towards the end of the match, fatigue begins to set in for both men, and that proves to be the downfall for one man in particular. With a lifeless body of Generico laying in wait in the center of the ring, Pac climbs the ropes... SHOOTING STAR SENTON!

... NO! GENERICO ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Pac crashes spine first with a hell of a lot of momentum, as The Pride of Tijuana manages to escape the impact by literally an inch! Generic then drags hismelf and drapes an arm over Pac, BUT ONLY GETS A TWO COUNT! Generico can not believe it, as can anybody else in the Impact Zone, as The Man That Gravity Forgot shows an incredible amount of heart and intestinal fortitude by getting his shoulder... BUT GENERICO KIPS UP! The Generic Luchador, from nowhere, has found a sudden rush of energy, as he athletically kips up to his feet and picks Pac up... Whips him in to the turnbuckle... FOLLOWS UP WITH A HELLUVA KICK!... GRABS THE BACK OF PAC... ONE ARM OVERHOOKED, ONE ARM UNDERHOOKED... THREE QUARTER NELSON SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE! HE GETS IT! GENERICO GETS THE THREE COUNT!
Winner: AND NEW X-Division Champion - El Generico, via Pinfall @ 19:28

The crowd are going crazy, applauding both men's efforts during the final 10 minutes of the match, as a HUGE "OLE" chant surfaces around the Impact Zone in appreciation for the new champion. Generico collapses on to his stomach due to fatigue, as Hebner drapes his newly won X-Division title over the back of Generico. Teny and Borash put over all four men in this match, but most particularly El Generico and Pac - The former for actually winning the championship, and the latter for proving all of the doubters and naysayers wrong and proving that he DOES belong in TNA. Eventually, Generico stumbles on to his feet, before helping Pac up to his. The two are nose to nose in the center of the ring, no words are exchanged, just a cold look from both men... Until Pac snatches the belt off of Generico and puts it around the waist of El Generico himself! The crowd explode at the sign of respect shown by the young Englishman, as Generico nods towards Pac. Pac then exits the ring and walks up the ramp, clapping the hands of the fans on the way up, allowing Generico to have his moment in the sun. However, just as Pac reaches the top of the stage, Generico grabs a microphone. The champion comedically coughs in to the mic, as it is obvious he doesn't know how to speak... Pac turns around and looks at Generico, as the Pride Of Tijuana looks rather uncomfortable on the mic, looking around the arena with shifty eyes... Until his busts out a HUGE grin, puts his thumbs up and starts an "Pac" chant in recognition of the Newcastle-born man's efforts tonight. Tenay and Borash put over both men, and proudly welcomes both of them aboard in the TNA family, before we fade out to a video package.

***Video Package***

Credit to JamJam22 for the PPV Poster

***Close Video Package***

When we return, Tenay and Borash recap over everything that has happened tonight already; from The Motor City Machine Guns falling slightly short against The Young Bucks; The horrific beatdown that Joey Ryan gave to Taz in his open invitational challenge, and the amazing Four Way Elimination Match that crowned a new X-Division Champion in the form of El Generico. They then hype up the remainder of the show, promoting the three BFG series matches tonight in the form of RVD/Dinero, Hardy/Joe and the Ultimate X Match between Angle and AJ against Daniels and Kazarian, which not only has BFG Series ramifications, but is also for the World Tag Team Championships. They finally promote the main event of the evening - Austin Aries challenging Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Two Out Of Three Falls match! Borash and Mike then take a look at the current BFG standings, which sees Bully Ray, Crimson, James Storm, Kazarian, Christopher Daniels and Magnus all sitting pretty at the top of the table with 7 points, whilst the other 6 men are at the bottom with 0, but by the end of tonight that could all change! Just on cue, out comes two of the men in one of the BFG series matches, ready for their battle - Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy!

The early aggression shown by Samoa Joe is the difference maker in the beginnings of the match, as he bewilders the Charismatic Enigma with a flurry of offence before Hardy can even get his foot in the door in this match. It's no secret that Joe wants to right all of the wrongs of last year's BFG series and he's made it public knowledge that every match he's in, in the BFG series, he'll be going for the submission victory to gain maximum points throughout, guaranteeing himself a spot in the BFG finals at No Surrender in September. The majority of the Samoan's early offence is directed towards the midsection, stomach and back of Jeff, in an attempt to drive the wind out of Hardy, neutralising the cardio that Hardy is famous for. Mike Tenay also points out that Hardy's signature move, The Swanton Bomb, causes direct impact on Hardy's midsection so if Jeff were to nail the Swanton, it may cause just as much damage to him as it would Joe.

After a surprisingly long five minutes of dominance shown by the Samoan, he eventually loses a grip on the match after Hardy low-bridges the ropes whilst Joe runs full steam ahead at him, thus sending Joe to the outside. From there, Hardy uncharacteristically ventures to the outside to try and ware down Joe there, knowing that he's suffered far too much damage inside the ring, and he tests his luck elsewhere. It turns out to be a good decision by Jeff, by bringing the fight to the outside, as it has taken Joe by surprise that Hardy has gone the brawling/fighting route, and that surprise has rendered Joe without a game plan. On the outside, Hardy whips Joe in to the steps, the ring apron and the security barricade, working on the neck and upper back of The Samoa Submission Machine, possibly softening him up for Hardy's other signature move - The Twist Of Fate.

Once Hardy feels he has done sufficient damage on the outside, he rolls Joe back in to the ring where he looks to continue his momentum. However, the Samoa fights back as the two are now at a standstill - Both men have taken, and dished out, a hell of a lot of pain within a short amount of time, and now it is just a matter of who wants it more! The two slug it out in the ring for a good few minutes with a variety of strikes and takedowns, none of which gain a clear advantage for either man, as they just seem to be cancelling each other out. Tenay and Borash put over on commentary that the winner of this match may just be the one that thinks the quickest, and that's exactly what happens.

With the momentum momentarily in Jeff Hardy's court, he props Joe against the turnbuckle and drills him with several stiff elbows and forearms, before taking a few steps back and creaming him with a Stinger Splash. The Charismatic Enigma then whips Joe in to the opposing turnbuckle, but Joe reverses and instead whips Hardy in to the ropes. Jeff is quick on his feet however, as he hops on to the top turnbuckle looking for the Whisper In The Wind... But Samoa Joe is just that much quicker as he follows up and takes the legs from underneath Hardy, as Jeff crotches himself on the top rope! Joe then sees the position Jeff is in and sees his is in the perfect position for... THE MUSCLE BUSTER! Joe connects with the impactful move, that once again has works the midsection of Jeff Hardy, but Joe isn't done there, as he carries on the offence... COQUINA CLUTCH! Joe is living up to his word of ending every match with a submission, as he looks in the vicious submission hold in the middle of the ring - Hardy has nowhere to go and has nothing he can do... HE TAPS!
Winner: And gains 10 Points in the BFG Series - Samoa Joe, via submission @ 11:39

The crowd pop, as Joe keeps the clutch locked in for a few more seconds after the bell, before releasing Hardy and getting back to his feet. Joe raises his fist in the air, and then raises all ten fingers, signalling that he's just earned himself ten points. Tenay and JB recognize this and say that after that victory, Samoa Joe is now leading the BFG series, but that could change once again before the end of the night. We then go backstage, in to the locker room of AJ Styles and Kurt Angle

AJ is just putting on his gloves as Kurt is stretching his arms ahead of their title defence in a few moments. Angle asks AJ if his head is in the game, and that he's focused on retaining their tag Team Championships and moving up in the BFG Series, rather than going out there and hurting Daniels and Kazarian. AJ says that there is never a time when he isn't focused and when there's not only tag team gold, but main eventing Bound For Glory at stake, he's MORE than focused. Styles then says that come October - come the biggest PPV in Wrestling History - He will be one half of the tag team champions, as well as becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion. Styles then picks up his belt and slaps Kurt on the chest, telling him he'll see him out there, before exiting the locker room. Kurt continues to tie up his boots, muttering under his breath - "Pfft, Main Eventing Bound For Glory. I thought you were wiser than that, AJ" before the camera goes elsewhere.

... Elsewhere to where So Cal Val is standing, alongside AUSTIN ARIES! Val says that twitter has been booming tonight, with a variety of questions for A-Double. One of which is from @ImpactJames1992 who asks is Aries thinks Roode is TOO confident heading in to the match tonight. Austin replies by saying that if he held the World title for eight months, he would be confident too. But if he were defending the title against the caliber of someone like Austin Aries (The Greatest Man That Ever Lived) then his confidence would soon turn in to doubt. Val asks the next question which is from @TNAManiacMike8754 who asks how he's prepared for tonight's match. Aries scoffs a little bit, and answers by saying that he's prepared for this match the exact same way he's prepared for every match in his career - By eating, drinking, sleeping and training to become, and to forever be - The Greatest Man, that Ever Lived. A-Double smirks, and then walks off set. Where we fade in to a video package highlighting all of the key moments and events building up to the Tag Team Title match, which is next!

The video package then ends, as we get a glimpse of the Ultimate X structure, which is now up and assembled, as JB and Tenay give us some statistics about all four men in Ultimate X matches - Highlighting that this will be Kurt Angle's first ever Ultimate X match, and that could infact be the downfall of the current Tag Team Champions. All four men make their entrances, as the fifth match at Destination X 2012 gets underway!

To say this match was complete and utter chaos, would be the biggest understatement you could possibly say. Despite all four men growing in age, and their in-ring style generally slowing down since the prime of the X-Division in 2005-2006, this match is off the chain, with neither team wanting to lose - Not just for the tag team titles, not just for the BFG Series points, but for pride and the ability to say that they overcame the opposing team in the final match that these two teams will ever have, as Hulk Hogan said on Impact last Thursday.

Unsurprisingly, very few attempts are made to climb the structure by AJ and Angle, who are more than willing to go the long route. Whereas Frankie and Daniels look to gain a quick, sneaky win as often as possible, by climbing the X behind Angle's and AJ's back, looking to end it early. AJ and Kurt are successful though, as they shut down any attempts of retrieving the titles by DanZarian as they layeth the smacketh down on the two bald fellows. AJ focuses on Daniels, as you would expect, whilst Angle takes on Kazarian on the outside.

It seems every so often that Frankie and Chris may just be able to get the ball rolling, but with every move that they attempt on both AJ and Kurt, The Phenomenal One and the Olympic Gold Medallist manage to turn it around and halt any chance of the challengers gaining the advantage - It is clear that Kurt and AJ are out there to do business, not to impress the crowd or put on a good show. With this being the final match of the feud, they want to guarantee that they are the better team, and they do indeed prove that with their very effective offence, as we see Angle suplexing both Daniels and Kazarian left, right and center, whilst we see AJ using his trademark maneuvers to keep the momentum rolling for his team.

Eventually, however, both Kazarian and Daniels manage to turn it around in their favour, as they both use underhanded tactics to gain the advantage, as Kazarian pokes Kurt in the eyes and Daniels nonchalantly punts AJ in the grapefruits, causing AJ to collapse in a heap on the mat. The Fallen Angel then quickly demands Christy Hemme to hand him the steel chair that she was sitting on, which she unwillingly does. Daniels then stalks his prey and SMASHES AJ IN THE FACE WITH A STEEL CHAIR! Daniels has a huge smirk on his face, as Kazarian throws Kurt in to the path of Chris... Who gets creamed with the chair as well! The challengers high five each other in the middle of the ring, as they now have a distinct advantage over both men. Frankie then tells Chris to go to the outside and look under the ring... Daniels rolls out... AND PICKS UP A PAIR OF HANDCUFFS! Daniels throws them in to Frankie, who HANDCUFFS ANGLE TO THE RING ROPES! Meanwhile, Daniels still rummages under the ring until he finds a steel ladder~! - Which he slides in to the ring.

With Angle rendered helpless, the two men focus on a BUSTED OPEN AJ Styles, as the tee off on the Phenomenal One, having a good old time doing so. The challengers to the titles then double team AJ Styles with a very impressive double team move - Daniels picks AJ up for the Angel's wings, whilst Frankie climbs the top tope - Frankie then flies off of the top rope and crossbodies the back of the legs of AJ, putting more force in to the slam of The Angel's Wings! The two men then smile, as Kurt watches rabidly on the outskirts of the ring... Before Daniels puts an end to Kurt's anger, creaming him with the steel chair again! Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels then celebrate in the middle of the ring, as they both pick up the ladder and prop it up in the middle of the ring - THEY DON'T EVEN RETRIEVE THE BELTS THE PROPER WAY?! THEY CHEAT ONCE AGAIN BY CLIMBING THE LADDER INSTEAD, AS THE SIMULTANEOUSLY GRAB THEIR BELTS ON THE LADDER
Winners: And NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD - Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels via Belt Retrieval @ 17:56

The crowd suffocate Daniels and Kazarian, the new World Tag team Champions, with heat, boos and abuse, as they both have a huge shit-eating grin on their face, grasping on to their newly won belts on the top of the ladder. The two me then jump off and fall to the mat in fatigue, still hugging their belts tightly, as Angle and AJ are still laid out on the outskirts of the ring. JB and Tenay say that these two men are arguably the two sickest individuals in TNA and simply do not deserve to be representing the Tag Team Division. As several stagehands unlock Kurt from the ring ropes, and aid an unconscious AJ Styles, the new Tag Team Champions walk up the ramp, holding their titles aloft. Mike Tenay then introduces the next segment; A video package of the man that just five months ago, suffered a career-threatening injury at the hands of Zema Ion - Jesse Sorenson.

The package takes us in to the home of the young superstar from Texas, where we see him struggling to live his every day life after suffering from a fractured C-1 Vertebrae at Against All Odds. We see clips of him hobbling around wearing a neck brace, and him having to sit, bathe and sleep in very awkward positions all for the sake of promoting a quicker recovery. We then see and hear clips of several interviews conducted with Jesse's mother, his brother, his girlfriend and several of his best friends. We are also treated to the wonders of one of TNA's talent relations executives, Al Snow, who tries to explain what neck trauma can actually do to a young superstar. We then see clips of Jesse arriving, and taking part, in several sessions and different exercises in a private health care unit in his own time, funded by TNA Wrestling. The package ends with Jesse's Mother sobbing, saying the words - "I just hope my baby can still achieve his dreams" as the package fades out.

We go live back in to the Impact Zone... WHERE JESSE SORENSON'S MUSIC HITS THE PA SYSTEM! The crowd are on their feet, as we see the promising 23 year old from Katy, Texas, walk down to the ramp. A sense of unease and minor discomfort is obvious, but that doesn't stop the emotion and pure, unadulterated passion seaping through the pores of the youngster. On commentary, JB and Mike Tenay are emotional wrecks also, putting over the courage and dedicate of Jesse. He grabs a microphone from Christy at ringside, and stands in the middle of the ring, waiting for his music to quieten down a little but... But before that happens, a HUGE "WELCOME BACK" chant reverberates around The Impact Zone.

Jesse Sorenson:
Whether you know me as Jesse Sorenson the wrestler, or whether you know me as Jesse Sorenson the person - I'm generally not one for talking... But Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan have granted me a little while on this Pay-Per-View, in front of you awesome fans, to address a couple of things, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

A raucous "Jesse" chant is heard as he smiles a little bit, taking it all in.

Jesse Sorenson: First off; I'd just like to say thank you to a few... Well.. A hell of a lot of people. I'd like to thank all of my friends and work-colleagues in the back for supporting me throughout my journey here in TNA. Everybody from So Cal Val, to Christy Hemme, to Jeremy Borash, to Mike Tenay, to Al Snow, to D'Lo Brown, to AJ Styles, to Kurt Angle, to Jeff Hardy, to Rob Van Dam... Not only is everyone in this company here to create the best possible show on television, but they're also here to provide a loving and supportive network to each and every single member of the workforce, and for that... I'm forever frateful.

A huge pop for all of the names mentioned, as Jesse becomes rather watery-eyed, understandably

Jesse Sorenson: Speaking of which, there's two people who I'd like to thank a little more so; and they are Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan. {Pops} When this whole ordeal happened in February, they could have easily said to me... "Look, Jesse... You're a talented kid with a lot of potential, but we just can't afford to hold on to you..."

Heat for the "situation" Jesse played out

Jesse Sorenson: But they didn't! They've been there every step of the way; Hell, both of them have funded for the best damn therapy in the country with money out of their back pockets. They've called me every day... They've made sure I'm alright and they've taken me in to consideration with every decision that they make. When I say they're the best bosses to work for in the world... I mean it. So Hulk... Dixie Carter... Thank you.

Big pop from the crowd as Jesse takes another breather, obviously all of this is taking it's emotional toll on Sorenson

Jesse Sorenson: Next, I'd like to thank the one person in my life that has always been there for me; My mother. Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour... She's been there right by my side, during, without a doubt, the hardest stage in my 23 years on this planet. Never has she said "Why don't you just give it up Jesse, find an office job, earn a good salary and retire when you want." No - She knows... SHE UNDERSTANDS, that this... This right here... Impact Wrestling, is my dream. She knows that entertaining each and every one of you people every night of the year is what I want to do. Never she he disgriminated against me and never has she doubted me, and for that... I am eternally grateful to the one woman that will never run away from me.

Sorenson cracks a little smile as a few laughters are heard.

Jesse Sorenson: But finally, I want to thank you... The people. Never in my life did I expect this amount of love, respect and support. I'm a relative newcomer to this game... I debuted four years ago in a little promotion in Texas... I've barely been in TNA for a year and I've only wrestled a handful of matches... Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would get this much love and this much support from the people that make this industry tick - YOU! As good as the likes of James Storm, Devon, Sting or Kurt Angle may be, without you, the people, they would be mere illusions - And that applies to every single one of you fans watching around the world. So thank you.

The fans are very respectful for the speech so far, as a THANK YOU JESSE chant is instantly heard, as Jesse lowers the microphone and pushes his hair back, obviously not able to get over what's actually happening. But before Jesse can raise the microphone to his mouth again... ***PRETTY*** hits, and the boos come flooding in as the man himself, Zema Ion waltzes down to the ring and grabs a microphone.

Zema Ion: Jesse... Are you for real? I break your freakin' neck and all you can do is thank these people? I mean... Don't you want to kick my ass, break my neck maybe?

Jesse Sorenson: The funny thing is Zema - If you weren't such an egomaniac and you hadn't of interrupted me, I would have eventually spoke about your sorry ass and how I was going to kick it all around the arena!


Zema Ion: As nice as that would be, Jesse... It's not going to happen. I'm an upstanding man, I have respect and in all honesty... I wouldn't hit a cripple like you. You can hurt me as much as you want, but it won't be a fair fight and you know it!

Jesse Sorenson: I never said it was going to be tonight, Zema...

The fans in attendance aren't too happy about that but Zema's face has turned in to one of confusion as he looks on. Jesse pulls out two pieces of paper from his pocket and unfolds them.

Jesse Sorenson: Y'see Zema, right here are two pieces of paper that I think both you, and the fans should know about. In my right hand, is a letter from my therapists, saying that if all goes to plan, I'll be fit and medically cleared to wrestle once again in February 2013. But in my left hand, it gets a little bit better... It's a lett... No, it's a CONTRACT, signed and sealed by the man himself, Hulk Hogan...

Big pop, as Zema gorps on gormlessly at Jesse, unable to comprehend what Jesse has been saying so far

Jesse Sorenson: A contract that at Lockdown, in April 2013, I will be competing in my return match... Inside a 15ft high steel cage...


Jesse Sorenson: Against YOU!

THE ARENA EXPLODES! A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM JESSE! The fans are going insane, as Zema is standing there emotionless, frozen on the spot, not knowing what to do or say.

Jesse Sorenson: So Zema... I make it that you have around eight months to train, keep yourself busy, keep yourself relevant and to keep yourself at the forefront of things. Because trust me, once you're locked inside that cage at Lockdown with me... When I'm back, bigger, better, stronger and faster than ever... You're going to live to regret EVER picking on me. And after I'm done with you, I'm going stroll along and become the NEW... TNA X-Division Champion of the World.

Sorenson flings the mic, CM Punk style, in to the ring mate and marches past Zema, who hasn't moved ever since the announcement. Sorenson steps through the ropes and out of the ring, as he circles the ring to clap hands with the fans at ringside. Meanwhile, Zema is now moving somewhat, frowning recklessly and gritting his teeth, before ruthlessly kicking the ropes in frustration.

Tenay and JB put over Sorenson as one of the most courageous kids they've ever seen in their professional careers, before "burying" Zema a little bit more. We then go backstage where So Cal Val is standing by with Samoa Joe. Val asks Joe about how he felt about his victory over Jeff Hardy earlier tonight. Joe says that he came in to the Bound For Glory Series with a game plan... He came in to Destination X with a game plan and he executed it to perfection. Not only did he defeat Jeff Hardy, but he made him submit and he gained 10 points. Joe continues to say that he's put the whole locker room on notice and come Bound For Glory - The champ will be put on notice, whoever it may be, because he will just be another man in the long list of people who he makes submit. Before leaving, Joe vows to everybody watching, that he will leave Bound For Glory with championship gold around his waist, one way or another, as he snarls and leaves the picture.

We then go back to ringside where Tenay recaps the BFG scoreboard after the two matches that have already taken place tonight. He emphasizes Daniels and Kazarian leading the way with 17 points, with Samoa Joe following up in third with ten points. Mike then segways to the next match in the BFG Series between two men sitting on the bottom with 0 points, Rob Van Dam and D'Angelo Dinero, who make their respective entrances.

The early part of the match involves both men trying to outdo each other in every way possible, to try and gain the initial advantage and build on it, but neither man is able to gain that advantage. They try outdoing each other with technical chain wrestling, but eventually it leads to an all out slug fest between the two, with Van Dam using his educated feet that he's famous for, and Dinero using his stiff hands that he may not be so famous for, as he boasts an almost perfect amateur boxing record, with 98 wins and 1 loss, before he transitioned in to professional wrestling. Neither man is able to gain a distinct advantage, until RVD ducks a wild swinging left hook from The Pope and cracks him in the jaw with a stinging kick from Rob, which stuns Dinero and sends him to the outside.

From here on out, Van Dam, being the wily veteran that he is, takes advantage and follows up on Dinero on the outside, breaking up the referee's ten count whenever he needs to. This allows RVD to gain even more of an advantage and build even more momentum as he uses his "extreme" experience to his advantage in the much more unpredictable environment on the outside of the ring, as he is able to nail a lot of his signature moves - The spinning leg drop on the guardrail and even a rolling thunder on the outside!

However, when it gets back in to the ring, Dinero somehow manages to recuperate and bring the ball back in to his court, as he catches Van Dam when he leaps up for an attempted Monkey Flip. The Pope catches RVD and places him on the top rope, before creaming him with stinging strikes. Dinero then hangs RVD in the tree of woe, before baseball sliding him, booting RVD right in the face. The Pope then backs off, rolling down his knee pads, as Van Dam uses the turnbuckle to help himself back up... THE DDE CONENCTS - THE D'ANGELO DINERO EXPRESS! The Whole F'n Show staggers out as The Pope rolls him up for the three count, and claims his first seven points of the series.
Winner: And Gains 7 Points in the BFG Series - D'Angelo Dinero, via Pinfall @ 8:45

Dinero rises to his feet to a healthy pop after a decent contest between two faces. The referee raises Dinero's arm high in the air, as Van Dam struggles to make it to his feet but when he does, he offers his hand out to The Pope, who shakes it! Van Dam rolls out of the ring as Dinero celebrates and the commentary duo put over The Pope and say he may be the dark horse in this competition.

***Video Package***

TNA DVD; The Best Of The X-Division!
Coming Soon on DVD and Blu-Ray
Pre-Order now on or contact your local video store!

***Close Video Package***

We go back to JB and Mike Tenay are thank everybody in attendance and everybody watching around the world on Pay-Per-View for their constant support of TNA Wrestling, and that they are still striving to provide the greatest product on television. The two men then highlight everything that has happened in the show thus far, before Tenay "gains word in his here" that Hulk Hogan has just announced two blockbuster BFG Series matches for this week on Impact Wrestling; James Storm will face co-leader Kazarian, and Crimson will take on the man we just saw pick up his first seven points in the series, The Pope, D'Angelo Dinero! The Professor then cleverly turns the attention towards the main event, and says that whoever wins on Impact will take one step closer to main eventing Bound For Glory for the World Heavyweight Championship and may very well face whoever wins the next match.

We are then introduced to a video package highlighting the feud of Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. We trek back all the way to Destination X last year where A-Double officially won his contract here in TNA. Around the same time, we saw Roode's gradual rise through the Bound For Glory series. We then see clips of Roode loosing at last year's Bound For Glory, and Austin Aries winning in his match. We see the clip of Roode's heel turn and eventually winning the title, whilst Austin overcomes all sorts of challenges from people like Alex Shelley, to Kid Kash to even Bully Raw and Samoa Joe. We then see Aries agreeing to vacate his X-Division title for this opportunity, as well as accidentally costing Mr Anderson the championship. We then see clips of the conflict between not only Austin and Roode, but also Austin and Anderson and Roode and Anderson, before we go back to ringside, where Mike Tenay does the tale of the tape. The champion and challenger then make their way down to the ring, before Jeremy Borash formally introduces them. JB then skimpers back to commentary, as the bell is rung to officially get this match under way!

The bell rings and the two men circle one another, before locking up in several different tie-ups and locking combinations - But the strength and power of Roode as well as the technical prowess of Austin Aries simply cancel each other out, as neither man is physically able to gain an advantage early on and try to set the tone for the match, which is exactly what everyone expected heading in to the main event. Tenay puts over the importance of the first fall, saying that gaining the first fall can give the man confidence heading in to the second, and puts pressure on his opponent to not make a mistake, which could be the downfall of said man.

After a few moments of back and forth offence, trading minor holds and coming to a standstill, they both back off and regain their composure, before doing the exact same thing once again - But once again, nothing significant comes from it, as Aries smirks at the situation and it is is easy to see the champion is loosing his cool. It's the temper of the champion that is the downfall of him, as Aries is able to take advantage of a little mistake, such as not nailing an attempted clothesline, that Aries is able to strike back and gain somewhat of an advantage, drilling The It Factor with several forearm shivers to the forehead, as it seems Aries is now in the drivers seat.

It remains that way, also, for a good few minutes, as Aries piles on the pressure in the hope that Roode isn't able to overcome the initial flurry of offence from the self-proclaimed "Greatest Man That Ever Lived". The quick, stiff striking of Aries is too much for Bobby to handle in the early goings, as the champion flees to the outside to regain his whereabouts - Only to be greeted by Aries' HEAT SEEKING MISSLE! - NO! ROODE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! ARIES CRASHES FACE FIRST IN TO THE SECURITY RAILING! Roode picks himself up from the floor and has a smirk spread across his face, knowing that on that occasion, he was the much smarter man, successfully scouting his opponent. Bobby then drags an extremely groggy A-Double and rolls him in to the ring... Cover... TWO COUNT! Bobby can't believe it, but he picks Austin up - FISHERMAN SUPLEX! HE NAILS IT! LATERAL PRESS...

NO! ARIES MANAGES TO GET HIS LEFT SHOULDER UP AT 2 AND 3/4! Bobby is irate as he clutches the referee by his collar and begins to threaten him. Roode is quick to continue though, as he rolls to the outside... AND GRABS A PAIR OF BRASS KNUCKLES FROM UNDER THE RING! Bobby climbs back through the ropes and stalks his prey... AS HE THUMPS THE CHALLENGER IN THE HEAD WITH A A WILD SWING WITH THE BRASS KNUCKS! The official has no choice but to disqualify Roode and award one fall to Austin Aries, but the defending Champion doesn't care as he falls on top of his opponent... FOR A THREE COUNT! ROODE HAS EVENED THE SCORING IMMEDIATELY! HIS PLAN HAS WORKED!
Austin Aries gains one fall via Disqualification @ 9:34 - Austin Aries is 1-0 up
Bobby Roode gains one fall via Pinfall @ 9:41 - The score is now even at 1-1. The next decision wins the match!

The referee splits Roode away from Aries and checks on the condition of the challenger, who is out cold, whilst Bobby remains on his feet, bouncing on his back foot, waiting to jump back on top of Aries as soon as the referee allows him to. The ref spends well over a minute, checking on the state of A-Double, who hasn't moved since the blow... But the referee waves play on as Roode leaps half way across the ring and dives on Aries, hooking the leg - NO NOT THIS WAY!



The crowd explodes as Bobby Roode simply can not believe what's happening. Austin ARIES HAS BEING LYING ON THE MAT FOR ALMOST TWO MINUTES, SHOWING NO SIGNS OF LIFE, NEVER MIND CONSCIOUSNESS! THE REFEREE'S HAND WAS LITERALLY AN INCH OFF OF THE MAT! Roode storms to his feet and corners the official, raising his fist and threatening him, convinced it was a slow count, as all Earl Hebner can do is re-iterate his decision...

Suddenly, Hebner leaps past Roode and out of the corner as he sees Aries... RUNNING DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD OF ROODE! WHO COLLAPSES FACE FIRST IN TO THE TURNBUCKLE! A-Double is rolling and sure is conscious now, as he's cooking on all cylinders trying to gain the final pinfall to achieve his dream!

Aries controls the match for another few minutes, simply outclassing Roode within every aspect of the game - Whetehr it be brawling, high-flying or technical wrestling, Aries is showing a side of him we've never seen before, and Bobby Roode is being outclassed like we've never seen before! A-Double takes it to the outside, wearing down Roode by using the environment - The barricade, the ring apron, the steps, the hard floor - The challenger and former X-Division Champion is relentless as he wares down Roode. The two then re-enter the ring as Aries goes through his signature offence, building up to his finishing move...




Roode simply can not believe that not only has Aries kicked out of one Fisherman Suplex,he's kicked out of two Fisherman Suplexes, especially after the amount of energy Aries has spent so far in this match! Bobby goes back to work, keeping Aries grounded with submission holds, which not only ware down Aries, but also allow for Roode to regain his energy and recover from the damage he's suffered so far in the match.

Aries is put through dire straints, as he tries to weather the storm of Bobby's ground and pound style, as the champion is relentless during his rather long control period of the match - But the Champion has no such luck in putting the challenger down and out for the count, as Austin manages to fight back after telgraphing an attempted back body drop from Bobby.

From there, Aries, who is on his last legs during this match, fights back with everything he's got, to the point where he stumbles over due to fatigue... But he manages to... GET ROODE UP IN TO THE AIR!






















Winner: and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion - Bobby Roode, via Pinfall (2-1 to Bobby Roode) @ 24:39

Nobody knows what to do, as Brian Hebner raises the hand of Roode, who collpases to his knees after a hard fought battle with The Greatest Man That Ever lived. Mike and JB are going crazy on commentary, calling this a travesty - HIGHWAY ROBBERY AT IT'S FINEST~! - As they also question Mr Anderson and his involvement within all of this, as the PPV comes to a close with the final picture being Roode standing victorious, belt high in the air,over a bloody, beaten, and unsuccessful Austin Aries.




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Re: Impact Wrestling 2012: The Smallest Of Leaks Can Sink The Greatest Of Ships

JAM's Review

Opening match with MCMG vs. The Young Bucks was a good call as it's a match that will surely liven up the crowd which is what you want. The match was written well and you were spot on with those tag team combos. I was hoping for MCMG to get the win but it made sense to give the returning Young Bucks a shot, so this would lead me to believe that maybe the face team will win the title belts later on, we'll just have to see. The part in the match when The Young Bucks performed double enzuigiris was a beautiful spot, two great teams who can also be spot monkeys. Glad you made them perform well and have a formulaic match.

I could see no one else but Taz who could've been Ryan's opponent but I wasn't expecting a complete beatdown like what you had transpired. This leads me to believe that this rivalry may not be over which I'm not a fan of since Taz is a commentator, and he should just stay at the table instead of wrestling. But I could be wrong though. Probably more TNA guys will go after Ryan but that's fine as he's pretty entertaining with anyone, just hope that you sign him already and have him in meaningful feuds. But this is a good way to build him up to eventually get him signed.

That X-Division match was great and the ending was a thing of beauty as well. The contest got really heated up once it was down to Generico and PAC. You did well in getting their moves in while still making it a good match to read. You had a good balance of wrestling and spots so good job there. One thing I'd like to know is if you'll sign all four men. Generico is already a lock since he's the champion but how about the three guys? The X-Division can use all the help it can get and signing these guys would be a joy.

Not much to say on Joe winning here. Here's hoping that you'll push him right since I think he won't win the BFG series anyway. Also not much to say with the Pope/RVD match. Glad that you're actually giving Pope a chance since I think he could be used in better ways but they keep writing him off or he gets injured.

Wow, brutal match here. Kind of surprised that Daniels and Kaz won here since the #1 Contenders are heels as well. Kaz and Daniels have been the best part of TNA as of late and I hope you build them up the same way. Don't have them lose the titles just yet since they're that entertaining. You do a good job of having people hate them. The things they did to Kurt and AJ were just brutal, I myself was hating on them as I read this. Good job.

Whoa, awesome exchange between Sorenson and Ion. You did a real bold move by announcing when Sorenson would be making his return match, reminds me of the Rock/Cena build in some way. But anyway, that's still a long time from now so I hope that when the time comes, you deliver with it since I know you can. Big fan of Sorenson, so I'll be pulling for him in the math. Ion is no slouch though, the future of TNA is bright as far as I can see it.

Wow, absolutely loving the main event. Anderson is definitely star material and could be right up there on Roode and Aries's level so I'm enjoying this move. We don't specifically know if Anderson actually helped Roode win this but it makes for a good cliffhanger. Yet another match where someone was busted open, not sure you'd wanna use that a lot. But anyway, I liked that this had the most detail since it was the main event but it was a 2/3 falls match so it had to be the longest match anyway. Nonetheless, good ending to a pay-per-view.

Overall, was a good pay-per-view even if I would've liked to see some matches in full. You advanced things rather well with Roode/Aries and crowning Kaz and Daniels as your new tag team champions. There's nowhere to go but up from here man. Will be looking forward to impact, get on it already! Good job with this one

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