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1987WrestlingFan 07-03-2012 09:34 PM

WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way
Back in 2001 the WWF purchased rival promotion WCW.

Vince McMahon tried as hard as he could to get them a TV deal of their own but the misfortunes and terrible ratings that led to WCW being bought out meant they werent afforded a TV deal so Vince McMahon decided to book an angle that would last throughout the whole of 2001, WCW would invade the WWF

This was seen as a moneymaker, a win-win situation where the only problem would be counting so much money and ratings

Yet the angle seemed to disappoint

- Many believed having the big stars of WCW missing made WCW weak so a WCW v WWF feud didnt seem legit

- ECW were involved and many think that they should never have been involved

- Vince booked the WWF to run clean victories over the WCW guys sometimes flatening them (DDP) and forced WCW to cheat at every opportunity

- The McMahons took over, it ended up with Shane and Steph taking on their daddy, instead of someone who actually had a WCW heart and soul

Now I will try to address this by rebooking the angle starting from King Of The Ring 2001, Shane McMahon did buy WCW as orgnally played out and had been appearing on WWF programming to try and get WCW some air time, including interrupting Kurt Angle which led to a match at the PPV

King Of The Ring shall be up shortly

1987WrestlingFan 07-03-2012 09:57 PM

Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way
World Wrestling Federation presents

King Of The Ring 2001


The King Of The Ring is a high in tradition pay-per-view that contains the culmination of the King Of The Ring tournament. The remaining participants in the tournament were Kurt Angle, Edge, Rhyno & Christian, all four friends who would vy for the title of King Of The Ring
But Kurt Angle would also be in action in another match as he would take on the new owner of WCW in a Street Fight, this match taking place after Shane interrupted Angles celebration of reclaiming his gold medal. WWF owner Vince McMahon has also been vocal in encouraging Angle to decimate his son.

There would be two titles defended at the pay-per-view as The Dudley Boys would defend the Tag Team Championship against the Intercontinental Champion Kane and the Hardcore Champion Test. And the main event for the evening would see WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin, forced to defend the belt in a fatal four way by the WWF Board of Directors. His opponents being Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and The Undertaker.

The Undertaker was having his own problems as his wife was mysteriously being stalked for the last few months. Undertaker has continually pledged to find out the idenity of the stalker and has aspirations to win the WWF Championship to use as bait. Jericho and Benoit have been at loggerheads with the previous Two Man Power Trip of Austin and Triple H, who had an unfortunate injury during a tag match. Both would get their chance at Austin to try and win their first WWF Championship

In other matches their would be a fatal four way number one contenders match for the Tag Team Championships and the pre-show Heat would have both Hardy boys defending their European and Light Heavyweight against tag team partners Justin Credible and X-Pac respectively


Matt Hardy (c) defeated Justin Credible to retain WWF European Title

Lita would as always get herself involved and her assist gave Matt the win after a Twist Of Fate

X-Pac defeated Jeff Hardy (c) to win the WWF Light Heavyweight Title

X-Pac would claim the belt after Pacs partner the recently defeated Credible interjected himself into the match and cost Jeff the win
A very mixed bag for Team Extreme



And so finally the King Of The Ring pay per view would kick off, and on commentary would be good ol' Jim Ross and former ECW owner Paul Heyman. They plugged the nights matches and Jim Ross said he couldnt wait to see Shane McMahon get his ass kicked by Kurt Angle whilst Heyman added that Angle might have to wrestle three times as he is in the tournament to crown the King Of The Ring

And Kurt Angle himself would be the first out as he took on close friend Christian for a place in the KOTR final. The match would be a decent opener and Angle had all the momentum as he hit the Olympic Slam but Christians swinging leg took the referee down with him. Angle covered but there was no referee to make the count and when Shane McMahon appeared Angle was distracted as Shane had a chair and despite taking the chair off of Shane and swung at the fleeing WCW owner and Christian took the opportunity to roll up Angle and the recovering referee made the three count. Chrstian defeated Kurt Angle by pinfall to advance to the King Of The Ring Final. A shokced Christian celebrated whilst an even more shocked Angle ran after Shane who had disappeared.

The show would quickly continue with the tag team fatal four way match for an opportunity to challenge the WWF Tag Team champions. It would be The APA versus Too Cool versus KaiEnTai versus The Holly Cousins and like most expected Faarooq and Bradshaw picked up the win after a Clothesline From Hell on Funaki The APA defeated KaiEnTai, Too Cool and The Holly Cousins by pinfall to become tag team title #1 contenders

The second semi-final of the King Of The Ring tournament would be up next as Edge tried to emulate brother Christians win as he took on The Man Beast Rhyno. The match would be a great variant of style as Edge used his speed to combat the power of Rhyno but it wasnt enough as Rhyno would win with the devestating Gore. Rhyno defeated Edge by pinfall to advance to the King Of The Ring Final

The first championship match of the night would follow as The Dudley Boys defended their belts against the Intercontinental Champion Kane and the Hardcore Champion Test. Nobody fancied The Dudleys to keep their straps but nobody also saw Test hitting his own partner with a big boot and walking out which gave D-Von and Bubba Ray the chance to hit the 3-D fr the win. The Dudley Boys defeated Kane & Test to retain the WWF Tag Team Championships Test was seen on camera mouthing that he is better than Kane and better than this match

The next match would be the highly anticipated Hardcore rules match between Kurt Angle and WCW owner Shane McMahon and before the match Shane was interviewed and stated it wasnt his fault he was forced to interrupt Angles medal ceremony because of his fathers attempts to keep WCW off the television. In the locker room Angle was seen being approached by Vince McMahon with the notion to break his son in half. Angle told Vince that the only thing Shane will be running after tonight is a hospital bill. Its true its damn true.

The match didnt disappoint either with Kurt Angle making Shane McMahon look great and Angle hit the Olympic Slam off the top rope but the end was controversial as immediately Angle was Superkicked by WCW superstar Lance Storm interfering. Storm pulled Shane over Angle for the three count. Shane McMahon defeated Kurt Angle by pinfall. Storm escaped security through the crowd as a seething Vince was seen destroying his office

It was time to crown the King Of The Ring and Rhyno took on Christian with both men haking hands before the match, Edge had previously been told by Christian to stay in the back as he could do this alone. Rhyno literally picked apart Christian and Edge came down to try and stop the match but Rhyno said there was nothing Rhyno could do to stop this as he Gored Christian for the win. Rhyno defeated Christian by pinfall to become King Of The Ring. Edge tried to help Christian up but was shoved down by an angry Christian who left alone. Rhyno was thereafter crowned King Of The Ring

Before the main event all four competitors were interviewed on their chances of walking away WWF champion. Stone Cold Steve Austin said there was no chance anyone was taking his belt because he was the greatest WWF champ of all time. Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho talked about the reason they are here is to win championships. The Undertaker was a little different with the WWF Championship a mere second thought to him as he mouthed off about finding the mystery stalker of his wife

The match itself was the match of the night as Austin, the villain of the match taking control as Benoit and Jericho, tag partners going into the match, exploded on one another and spilt to the outside as Benoit wouldnt release the Crossface. The referee was on the outside breaking up the hold as Austin went for the Stone Cold Stunner and WCW wrestler Booker T levelled the champ with the WCW championship. Booker T ran back through the crowd as Taker looked shocked but hit The Last Ride on Austin for the pin and the three count. The Undertaker defeated Steve Austin (c), Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit to become the WWF Champion

But the shock of WCW invading King Of The Ring wouldnt be the last as a video played on the titantron of Undertakers wife being stalked live, and the video ended with a flashing logo stating that in 24 hours the stalker would reveal themselves

So WWF King Of The Ring was a shocker, for all the right reasons. WCW laid down their markers, Rhyno put his name up there with the greats and a new WWF champion was crowned, albeit controversially.

King Of The Ring 2001 Results

Christian defeated Kurt Angle in King Of The Ring Semi Final

The APA defeated KaiEnTai, Too Cool and The Holly Cousins to become #1 contenders to WWF Tag Team Championships

Rhyno defeated Edge in King Of The Ring Semi Final

The Dudley Boys defeated Kane and Test to retain the WWF Tag Team Championships

Shane McMahon defeated Kurt Angle in a Hardcore Rules Street Fight

Rhyno defeated Christian to become King Of The Ring

The Undertaker defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit to become WWF Champion

1987WrestlingFan 07-04-2012 08:58 PM

Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way
List of Champions

After King Of The Ring pay-per-view

WWF Champion

Chris Jericho

def. The Undertaker
SUMMERSLAM, August 19th 2001

WWF Intercontinental Champion


def. Test
FULLY LOADED, July 22nd 2001

WWF Tag Team Champions

The APA(Bradshaw and Faarooq)

def. The Revolution (Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn)
SUMMERSLAM, August 19th 2001

WWF European Champion


def. Matt Hardy
SMACKDOWN, July 5th 2001

WWF Hardcore Championship


def. Spike Dudley
SMACKDOWN. August 16th 2001

WWF Light Heavyweight Championship


def. X-Pac
SMACKDOWN, August 2nd 2001

WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Booker T

def. Scott Steiner
WCW Nitro, March 26th 2001

WCW United States Championship

Mike Awesome

def. Test in tournament final
SMACKDOWN, August 2nd 2001

WCW Tag Team Championship

Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire

def. The Insiders (Kevin Nash and DDP)
WCW STARRCADE, December 17th 2000

WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Shane Helms

def. Chavo Guerrero
WCW THUNDER, December 4th 2000

1987WrestlingFan 07-05-2012 12:01 PM

Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way
The Road To Fully Loaded - Week 1

After the way King Of The Ring went the opening to Raw as as expected, very hostile as Vince McMahon came trunching down to the ring to criticise his son Shane McMahon. He blasted the intruder of his main event ' Bookey T' and the other invader of the evening ' Lance Armstorm' claiming they had no right interfering in WWF matches.

Vince wouldnt be alone long though as he was interrupted by glass shattering and the emergence of the now former WWF champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin as expected claimed he was robbed and said Vince as his friend should grant him a rematch. Vince aid he would be happy to and made the match for Smackdown.

Both men attentions were caught by the titantron as Shane McMahon appeared, Shane said he hoped they enjoyed the show last night. Shane said he didnt want to resort to the dirty underhand tactic his father is used to, but he had no choice. Shane said WCW tried to get their own TV deal but Vince blocked all the avenues, so they decided they would steal the WWFs TV time.

Shane then stated that if Vince didnt want to play fair, then neither could he, like father like son. And he said there was plenty of volunteers in aiding Shanes cause to fight the WWF, other wrestling businessmen ruined by the ruthless streak of Vince and their pride dented by Vince forcing failure upon them. Vince looked towards the commentary booth at Paul Heyman but Shane laughed saying he had someone better, someone who would really get under the skin of his father.

Eric Bischoff!!!!

Vinces face dropped as Bischoff came into the picture and Bischoff said it was great t be back with WCW, a company he built up and Vince dragged down. But he had a couple of choice words for Vince McMahon:

'The War Is Back On!'

The crowd are hot at this and Shane then says he has another guest for Vince to meet but he cant be here right now, because he is behind you. Austin and Vince turn around and Booker T nails Austin with the WCW World Championship. McMahon is left open mouthed as Booker T escapes security through the crowd

Throughout Raw, the new WWF Champion, The Undertaker was seen walking through the backstage areas paranoid of his wife Saras stalker amid the reveleation he would reveal himself tonight. Taker even grabbed Kurt Angle and accused him of being the stalker and then a little slip of the tongue got Angle in trouble. Angle said he had better things to do than stalk Takers wife and this seemed to please Undertaker till Angle stupidly added that she wasnt his type. Undertaker took offense and said he would see Angle in the ring tonight and prepare to have his ass handed to him.

Also on Raw Kane tried in vain to find Test, after the latter turned on his tag team partner at King Of The Ring but Test apparently had the night off.

The team of Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko became the number one contenders to the tag team titles once The APA had their shot after defeating Tajiri and Spike Dudley

Eric Bischoff then returned via titantron and said he would like to relay information to the WWF that several of their stars have offered their services to the WCW. Bischoff wouldnt state who and Jim Ross and Paul Heyman added that they didnt know whether to trust a word Eric Bischoff says

X-Pac retained the Light Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Hardy with the use of the tights.

And D-Von Dudley defeated Faarooq in a warm up to the WWF Tag Team Championship match between their respective teams

The main event between The Undertaker and Kurt Angle ended via disqualification when a video started playing on the titantron of Undertakers wife when a masked attacker came through the crowd and hit his finisher on The Undertaker, yes it was revealed to be Diamond Dallas Page, and he just laid out the WWF Champion with a Diamond Cutter to end the show


Smackdowns main focus would be the WWF Championship match between The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Both men were interviewed durng the evening but aimed their verbal attacks towards WCW stars Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page

Chris Benoit made an apology to Chris Jericho about his actions at King Of The Ring, where he refused to release the Crossface on the outside. Jericho seemed reluctant to accept an apology but the two were placed in a tag team match against The Hardy Boys which they won. Both men were also accused of being a defector and Vince McMahon said he would get to the bottom of it on Raw.

Kurt Angle issued a challenge to Lance Storm

'You dont mess with an Olympic Gold Medalist and I will fight you anywhere anytime, its true its damn true!!!'

Christian was still down in the dumps and no showed when Edge took on Justin Credible, Edge was beatne down by Credible and X-Pac with Christian nowhere to be seen

Other matches included Bradshaw defeating Bubba Ray Dudley and the King Of The Ring Rhyno defeating Albert.

The main event for the WWF Championship was going all Stone Colds way until Booker T appeared on the titantron goading Austin and stating he is coming to see him on Raw. This gave Taker the chance to hit the Chokeslam for the three count. DDP then came out onto the ramp and Taker as expected chased after him but was lured right into an ambush. WCW stars Chuck Palumbo, Sean O'Haire, Shawn Stasiak, Mark Jindrak and Chris Kanyon were in the parking lot waiting and Undertaker was left in a heap as Smackdown went off the air

CoRyP2008 07-05-2012 03:46 PM

Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way
I would put more detail into this, doesn't have to be a huge amount or anything, just put a tad more than just the results. It all looks pretty good, just beef it up and you should be fine.

nazzac 07-05-2012 04:43 PM

Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way
You style is a little bit like mine. A recap style, and it's a good thing to do if you don't want to write full shows, but i agree that matches should be in more detail. But i'll be reading

1987WrestlingFan 07-05-2012 07:25 PM

Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way

Originally Posted by CoRyP2008 (Post 11692171)
I would put more detail into this, doesn't have to be a huge amount or anything, just put a tad more than just the results. It all looks pretty good, just beef it up and you should be fine.


Originally Posted by nazzac (Post 11692406)
You style is a little bit like mine. A recap style, and it's a good thing to do if you don't want to write full shows, but i agree that matches should be in more detail. But i'll be reading

Thanks for the advice guys, will try to make a more elaborate description of matches in the future especially at the PPVs, dont think it is as important at Raw and SD but will try to up my game, glad to have some readers other than that annoying 'Inzook says nice' guy

1987WrestlingFan 07-06-2012 10:09 PM

Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way
The Road To Fully Loaded - Week 2

RAW - July 2nd 2001

Stone Cold Steve Austin came out to get the show going and as expected wanted Booker T to come out and get his ass whooped. Instead he was met by Vince McMahon who told Austin that despite knowing how he feels he just cannot let any WCW guys into the building. Especially since he had security increased, Austin questioned this by claiming Vince thinks he cant handle WCW. Vince said it was for the safety of the WWF and the safety of his assets, including Austin. Austin said he is not The Rock and doesnt need to be protected.

Before they could say anymore The Undertaker came out and the WWF Champion had a staredown with Austin before stating he totally agreed with Austin and that he ought to kick Vinces ass for not increasing security the moment his wifes saftey was in question. Both men pestered a cornerned Vince and Vince said he would see what he could do.

They were then interrupted by the titantron, Shane McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page smiled smugly. Shane said it was glad that the WWF had so much cohesion because they are going to need it. Bischoff then asked if they found the mole in the WWF camp. DDP then added a personal insult:

'Its nothing personal Take, just going after the biggest dog in the yard, your wifes body is just a bonus!!'

This got Taker real angry and Booker T said he has proved time after time he is the best champion that ever lived and Austin is just a bald headed drunk. Shane said his guys are the cream of the crop and they shall prove it next week on Raw, if Austin and Taker have the grapefruits.

Vince flatly refused but after pressure from both Undertaker and Austin, Vince reluctantly accepted.

An interview with Rhyno backstage on his King Of The Ring win was interrupted by a jealous Billy Gunn who would then take on Rhyno, and Rhyno would pick up a routine win with The Gore.

Test and Kane were booked into a match for the Intercontinental title and after a long hard battle Test would claim the gold after a Running Big Boot. Test showed a ruthless side as after the match he completely took Kane out with chair shots and finished wth a chairshot to the head over the steel steps

Backstage and a member of staff had a parcel for Steve Austin, Austin and Vince watched the footage but we at home werent showed what it contained. But the look on Austin and Vinces face told us it didnt make them happy, just very angry

The APA had their tag team title shot as they took on The Dudley Boys. Bradshaw pulled Bubba-Ray out when preparing 3-D and hit the Clothesline From Hell on D-Von for the second title change of the evening. The Dudleys didnt look happy though and vowed revenge

X-Pac retained the Light Heavyweight Championship against Crash Holly after hitting the X-Factor. X-Pac said he is the best Light Heavyweight in the world

Albert defeated D-Lo Brown in a match to confirm the number one contender to the European Championship. Albert won with a Baldo Bomb

Tha end of the show was Vince McMahon calling the entire roster out to the ring. Backed by Austin he claimed that they apparently have traitors in the camp. First Vince turned towards Chris Jericho, claiming he always wants to be the center of attention. Jericho full on refutes the claims, saying he would never return to the cesspit that is, has and always will be WCW. Thats response seemed to satisfy Vince

Vince then changed target to Chris Benoit claiming he has a soft spot for WCW and as a former star it makes sense. Benoit gets on the microphone and says he was WCW, he had some of his best moments in WCW, but the moment he left WCW was the moment he left WCW to achieve better things and he isnt the type of person to turn on the guys who had employed him.

Vince seemed to buy this but Austin wasnt, Austin grabbed the mic and said he dont trust Benoit and Benoit needs to prove he isnt a traitor. Austin says he knows who the traitor is and he has proof. This gets a nervous reaction from the WWF roster and Austin says play the tape. A tape plays and it infact is Eddie Guerrero who is on the video, Guerrero is seen having a long conversation with WCW star Chavo Guerrero, who is also his nephew. Eddie tried to plead his case but Austin immediately stuns him. Austin then tells Rhyno to Gore Guerrero and Rhyno obliges. Other stars add more injury. Benoit, a known friend of Guerrero, does nothing to stop the beatdown

Austin says Benoit passed his test, for now but he will be watching him. Vince then gets on the microphone and says this is what happens when you cross the WWF. If you dont like it then there is the door. Vince adds anyone who doesnt want to be part of his WWF can walk out now without any consequence. Everyone immediately looked at Benoit but instead it was his friends Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn that made for the exit, Benoit just turned his back on his friends leaving and Austin wanted to go after them but Vince told him to leave it, as they werent worth keeping anyway.


Smackdown - July 5th 2001

Smackdown was another eventful night and the show opened with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker having a staredown where they complained that they didnt want to tag together on Raw. Vince said it was in the best interests of the company. And that tonight would see a preview of Raw as both men would team to take on Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho in the main event.

In a straight forward near squash match, Rhyno defeated Scotty 2 Hotty with The Gore

A video was played of Eddie Guerrero talking about what happened on Raw. Eddie said he wasnt a mole, yes he was speaking with his nephew Chavo, but you cant choose who your family is. But you can choose who you fight for, and after the events of monday night EEddie Guerrero stated he would be defecting to WCW, because there is no respect in the WWF. He claimed that the WWF would be sorry for their actions.

Jeff Hardy defeated Billy Gunn in a great match after a Swanton Bomb. Jeff grabbed the microphone after the match and said he heard what Eddie Guerrero had to say. He said he didnt agree with what happened to Eddie on Raw but he didnt agree with what Eddie had to say. Jeff said it is true that you cant choose your family, but you can choose the path you take and Eddie is taking the wrong one. Jeff says he and his brother Matt are offering a challenge to the Guerreros for Fully Loaded and that we will find out who the tighter family is.

The APA had a successful non title victory over Hardcore and Crash Holly and as they celebrated after a Dominator, Eric Bischoff appeared on the big screen, Bischoff said they shoud enjoy holding those belts while they can, because a WCW tag team will be taking them off their hands very soon. Bradshaw and Faarooq were then ambushed by Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko, sporting WCW shirts, both men were laid out

Kurt Angle took on Matt Hardy in a non-title match and Angle picked up the win after an Olympic Slam. As Angle celebrated Lance Storm appeared on the titantron (how do they keep doing it) and ran Angle down, claiming Angle thinks that was a victory much like he continues to ram his gold medal down our throats, Storm says that was five years ago and Angle still isnt in his league. Storm says Angle needs a wake up call and he is about to give him one. The video kept on playing and froze as it was a recording and Storm snuck into the ring and Superkicked Angle. Storm looked over Angle smirking before running off from the rushing security.

Edge had been asking around to see if anyone had seen Christian which they hadnt and as Edge took on Albert, WCW Tag Team champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire hit the ring and took Edge out. They had Edge up on Palumbos shoulders as O'Haire climbed the top rope, Ohaire hit a massive Doomsday Blockbuster Neckbreaker and Edge was out cold in the ring as Christian was nowhere to be seen.

The main event was next and Vince ordered that the locker room act as lumberjacks for the main event as he didnt want WCW ruining his show any longer. But the mayhem would be caused in the ring as Austin stunned The Undertaker before leaving and Benoit picked up the victory. Austin just looked at Vince on his way up the ramp and told him he didnt need no partner. Vince looked unhappy as Smackdown went off the air


1987WrestlingFan 07-07-2012 09:24 PM

Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way
Road To Fully Loaded - Week 3

Raw - July 9th 2001

Raw was highly anticipated as the opening to the show saw WCW arriving with a strong contingent. Eric Bischoff and Shane McMahon led WCW Champion Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, WCW Tag Team Champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire, Lance Storm and the three guys who defected from the WWF, Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko.

As expected Vince came to try and prevent everyone bar Booker T and DDP from entering the building but Shane McMahon pulled out a piece of paper from the board of directors claiming they were granted permission to enter and that there would be a no touch rule. . . .unless the men were involved in a match. So Vince made two huge tag team matches for later on.

The first of those opened the show as the trio of WWF defectors made their way out to the ring an their opponents would be The Dudley Boys, whom Saturn and Malenko attacked on Smackdown and Jeff Hardy, who offered a challenge to The Guerreros for Fully Loaded. The match was going smoothly with WCW keeping the WWF guys grounded until Hardy exploded into action and WCW would pick up the win via outside interference from the APA, attacking Saturn and Malenko. After the match Eddie Guerrero got on the microphone and accepted Jeff Hardys challenge.

Test defeated Spike Dudley in a Hardcore Championship match, Test would be attacked by Crash Holly, Stevie Richards, Val Venis, D'Lo Brown during the match all trying to cash in from the 24/7 rule, but Test walked away still the Hardcore Champion as well as Intercontinental Champion.

The Hollys defeated Too Cool and KaiEnTai in a filler match. No storylines here

Albert took on European Champion Matt Hardy for his title and Chavo Guerrero came out to distract Matt Hardy as Albert hit a Baldo Bomb from the top rope. Albert won the championship and Matt Hardy was peeved.

The rest of the WCW clan were in action as Lance Storm, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O Haire took on Kurt Angle, Rhyno and Edge. Angle and Storm didnt meet in the ring as team WCW picked up their second victory of the night after a shock defection, Test. Test came in and nailed Rhyno with a big boot. Storm picked up the pinfall. The aftermath saw Angle come in and attack Test but as Storm hit Angle from behind Angle chased him up the ramp. Rhyno came to and chased Test through the crowd as Edge was left all alone with Palumbo and O'Haire and they set out to dismantle him again until Christian ran down to make the save.

Before the main event got going we had Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff come down to the ring and they asked for Vince to come out. When Vince arrived the WCW duo taunted him by saying they saw change in Vince, Vince was looking scared, scared because he knows the competition is stronger than the WWF.

Vince laughed it off and said he put WCW out once and we will do it again. Bischoff said Vince talks a lot but never puts actions to his empty threats. Bischoff says prove that WCW is not a threat. At the next pay-per-view, WCW v WWF.

Vince says that he and the WWF would be happy to kick the WCW back to the kerb where they belong but he wont give them the satisfaction of free tv time. Shane respond by saying fine, but not to expect WCW to go away anytime soon, they are in it for the long haul.

As Vince goes to respond Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way down to the ring and immediately tells Vince to let them go to war with WCW, because there will only be one winner and thats the WWF. And so he can get his hands on that 's.o.b' Booker T.

Vince again tries to respond but is interrupted once more by The Undertaker. Taker adds that he wants the same things Austin does, he wants DDP and he wants him ASAP. Vince finally bends to the pressure but isnt happy and says if it goes pearshaped then both men are to be held responsible. Taker says as long as 'your boy' doesnt repeat Smackdowns actions they will be fine

But those words were very tongue in cheek as in the main event after a petty argument, Undertaker chokeslams Austin giving Booker T the pinfall, after the match DDP and Booker T double team Taker and he gets taken out with a Diamond Cutter. As Raw goes off the air WCW stand tall having won all three matches between the two companies


Smackdown - July 12th 2001

After the way the main event ended on Raw it was no doubt that Stone Cold Steve Austin would be out to call Undertaker on his actions. Taker didnt make Austin wait long and quickly came down to the ring. Taker stated that he was looking out for number one and like Austin said didnt need a partner. Vince came out and said the duo would settle their differences in the main event with the WWF championship on the line

X-Pac defeated Grand Master Sexay in a Light Heavyweight championship match after the X-Factor. X-Pac then said he is still the best Light Heavyweight in the world and he is setting an open challenge to any WCW guy who has the guts to take him on. He even offers to put his title on the line.

The Dudleys had their rematch for the tag team titles but Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko came in and attacked both them and the APA and all six guys brawled. Vince McMahon came out and said he knows that he cant take away the title shot Saturn and Malenko earned but he can make it harder for them to win the titles. He makes a triple threat match for Fully Loaded, The APA defending against Saturn and Malenko and against The Dudley Boys

Albert defeated Matt Hardy and Billy Gunn in a European tite match to retain after hitting Gunn with the Baldo Bomb. Matt had ran off to the back after video of The Guerreros beating down Jeff was shown. Matt was too late as Jeff was laid out and The Guerreros gone

Tajiri was approached in the back by WCW star Raven, Raven said he has known Tajiri a lot longer than most of thses fake friends he has in the WWF and that Tajiri would be a great asset to WCW. Tajiri refuses to join though and Raven along with follower Stevie Richards beats down Tajiri.

Edge and Christian defeated The Holly Cousins in a good tag team match as Edge hit the spear on Hardcore. After the match Christian got on the microphone and said on behalf of his brother and himself they want Palumbo and O'Haire to try and beat them, because he knows they cant and it would just reak of awesomeness if he and Edge won the WCW tag team titles.

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho agreed that they wanted to do their part for team WWF so would team together against any two WCW stars. As Benoit took on Kurt Angle, Mike Awesome of WCW ran out and cost Benoit the match, Awesome hit the Awesome Bomb from the inside to the outside of the ring. Jericho came out too late for the save

Vince McMahon came out and said he was very disappointed, with Test. He called Test a dirty scoundrel and that unlike the others Test has no previous history with WCW so his defection has him baffled. Test makes his way down to the ring and doesnt look too unhappy, he looks rather pleased with himself. Test blamed the WWF for failing Test, Test said he felt the WWF was corrupted, with only ass kissers getting their dues and most importantly he could no longer work for a man whose slut daughter jilted him, a pain he had left inside himself bubbling away for years. As McMahon got irate, Test said he coudnt give a jot as he took Vinces head off with a big boot

Before their main event match both The Undertaker and Steve Austin made challenges to DDP and Booker T respectively. Both men then put on a hell of a show for a Smackdown main event but as Austin went for the stunner, Booker T ran in and nailed The Undertaker, causing the dq and Taker retained his title. Austin was furious as Booker T posed on the top of the ramp.


1987WrestlingFan 07-07-2012 09:30 PM

Re: WWF 2001 - Invading The Right Way
The Road To Fully Loaded - Week 4

Raw - July 16th 2001

Only 6 days till Fully Loaded and the show opened with Test and Eric Bischoff making their way down to the ring. Test said he told the WWF that he was made for bigger and better things and that to prove how much he hates the WWF he is going to set alight the Intercontinental and Hardcore Championships, but before he could Rhyno exploded into the ring and hit The Gore through the barricade on the outside. Rhyno told Test to keep the Intercontinental title warm, because The Man Beast was taking it on sunday. And as Test recovered in the ring Spike Dudley quickly came in and hit The Dudley Dog and the referee made the three count and we had a new Hardcore champion. Bischoff was irate as he tried to help Test up

Edge and Christian defeated The Jung Dragons as Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire watched on, Palumbo then nailed Christian with a Jungle Kick on the outside before Edge could make the save

Vince and Bischoff had a backstage argument after Bischoff questioned the unity of the WWF and they made the main event for the evening, a huge six man tag team match, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Kurt Angle taking on Diamond Dallas Page, Booker T and Lance Storm.

In a non title affair Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko, going by the new name of The Revolution, defeated WWF Tag Team champions The APA, The Dudleys crept into the ring after the match and hit Saturn with the 3-D

Vince was then seen talking to The Undertaker and said as WWF Champion he needs to set the example and Taker just shrugged him off and said if people stay out of his way then there will be no problem, but they get in his way and he 'will make them famous'

Chris Jericho challenged Albert for the European championship but was unsuccessful when Mike Awesome caused a dq by attacking Jericho, Awesome then Awesome Bombed Jericho through the announce table.

Vince went to see Stone Cold and said that the WWF guys needed to get along, otherwise WCW would run riot. Austin said he told Vince once and he wont tell him again, Austin works alone and doesnt need nobody else.

Eddie Guerrero then took on Matt Hardy and Guerrero picked up the win after the Frog Splash, afterwards The Guerreros and The Hardy Boys brawled in the ring with The Hardys cleaning house

Too Cool defeated Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire in a non title match when Christian whacked Palumbo with the title belt. Afterwards Edge and Christian grinned at the top of the ramp

Backstage and a disgruntled Chris Jericho was fuming at Chris Benoit for not having his back out there, Benoit said he could say the same about Jericho last week but the bottom line is neither knew Awesome was going to show up. Bischoff came up to the pair and said Awesome has accepted their challenge for Fully Loaded and as they asked who his partner was Bischoff just walked away laughing to himself

The main event went off with a bang as the WWF finally pulled together and Austin hit the Stunner on Storm for the three count, the WWF cleaned house to end the show


Smackdown - July 19th 2001

Smackdown kicked off with both Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit coming out to find out who Mike Aweomes partner was, Awesome was very blunt as he stated he would love to tell them his partner, his partner is standing in the ring. Jericho and Benoit were the only guys in the ring and both started accusing eachother and this led to a match being made between the two

Tajiri took on Stevie Richards and Tajiri won with the Buzzsaw Kick and afterwards Raven and Richards tried a beat down on Tajiri until Mikey Whipwreck made the save.

Lance Storm asked if he could be serious for a moment and claimed that at Fully Loaded he would make Kurt Angle tap out and he had another problem, Stone Cold Steve Austin hitting him with the Stunner on Raw, Storm challenged Austin to a match later in the evening, unless he was scared.

The Hardy Boys teamed up with Edge and Christian to take on Chuck Palumbo, Sean O'Haire and Los Guerreros, the match was a real showcase with Matt hitting the Twist Of Fate on Chavo for the win, the WWF guys stood tall as WCW retreated

X-Pac defeated Crash Holly in a Light Heavyweight championship match. As X-Pac celebrated he was interrupted by Billy Kidman, Kidman said he accepted X-Pacs challenge, X-Pac said he wasnt in his league and tried to blindside Kidman with the title belt, Kidman ducked and took X-Pac down before hitting the Shooting Star Press

Stone Cold Steve Austin cut a promo saying how that Canadian b*****d has the cheek to question his grapefruits but says he will happly kick Storms ass all over Smackdown tonight

Bradshaw and Faarooq defeated Albert and Justin Credible in a non-title match. Bradshaw hit the Clothesline From Hell for the win.

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho went hell for leather againt one another as both refused to be named a traitor, Benoit picked up the win by disqualification when Wiiliam Regal came in and attacked Benoit, Mike Awesome also ran in taking Jericho out, Awesome had played Jericho and Benoit off against one another

William Regal was interviewed backstage about why he turned on the WWF to join WCW. Regal said it was simple and he is joining WCW because they are allowing him to do what he wants and what he does best, wrestle.

Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko defeated The Dudleys after D-Von tapped out to the Texas Cloverleaf. Saturn grabbed a microphone and said the WWF will pay for their disrespect on Sunday when they take the tag team titles away from the WWF.

Both Vince McMahon and the duo of Shane McMahon & Eric Bischoff made rousing speeches to their teams about taking the initiative this coming Sunday. Vince outlined the need to crush WCW before they get an inch on the WWF. Shane and Bischoff said its time the WWF was brought to their knees, just like they have been doing to others for years

Austin v Storm was a great match with Storm right in the match but as soon as Austin got the upperhand, the ring filled with stars from both sides and Smackdown went off the air with both rosters slugging it out. Fully Loaded would be exactly that


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