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Save Us: The End Of The Golden Age

Hello one and all. I have found a new lease on BTB life. It's a project that came to me out of nowhere. Where could one start a BTB? What can be rebooked in the history of Professional Wrestling? One would say "The Invasion!", "ECW in WWE!", "TNA being bought out by Vince!", etc. and etc. The two companies I grew up watching as a kid were WWF & WCW. Back in 1995 I watched my first match on WCW Saturday Night and it involved Arn Anderson. My love for Professional Wrestling grew and grew by leaps and bounds during the next couple of years, as friends of mine cooked up fantasy tournaments, cards, and, we'd wrestle each other in the basement (all the while being careful), reanacting maneuvers (to a certain extent) and having the time of our lives!

Wrestling fascinated me so much that I started learning about everything that came before the year 1995, going back to as far back as I could starting with WrestleMania 1. Through the years I picked up on ECW, Japanese wrestling and everything else in between. I hope that those that will read this effort will see how much research was put into this to be as precise as possible and to respect the timeline as best as I can. Surely, this is fantasy, so, a few minor details might have been forgotten, no less.

This BTB starts on April 12th, 1990. We're off the heels of WWF's WrestleMania VI where in the Main Event, Intercontinental Champion the Ultimate Warrior ousted Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship. Setting in a new era among WWF's top performers. In WCW, their latest PPV was WrestleWar, in which NWA/WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair sucessfully defended his title against Number 1 Challenger and United States Champion Lex Luger. Luger's friend, Sting, who fend off an attack by his former teammates the 4 Horsemen, suffered a knee injury that is still keeping him from the ring as we speak, an injury that could be keeping him away from the ring for at least until the month of July.

This is the diaries of both company, day-by-day. News about both companies will be reported, events, tv shows and the likes will be detailed in full or shorter versions, and, most of all, history will be rewritten. Enjoy!



Akeem (Managed by Slick)
Ax (World Tag Team Champion)
Bad News Brown
Barbarian (Managed by Bobby Heenan)
Big Bossman
Boris Zhukov
Bret "Hitman" Hart
Brooklyn Brawler
Brutus "Barber" Beefcake
Buddy Rose
Dino Bravo (Managed by Jimmy Hart)
Dusty Rhodes (Managed by Sapphire)
Earthquake (Managed by Jimmy Hart)
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (Managed by Jimmy Hart)
Haku (Managed by Bobby Heenan)
Honky Tonk Man (Managed by Jimmy Hart)
Hulk Hogan
Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Jim Duggan
Jim "Anvil" Neidhart
Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
Koko B. Ware
Marty Jannetty
Mr. Perfect (Managed by The Genius)
Nikolai Volkoff
Paul Roma
Randy "Macho King" Savage (Managed by Sensational Queen Sherri)
Red Rooster
Rick "The Model" Martel
Rick Rude
Roddy Piper
Sato (Managed by Mr. Fuji)
Shawn Michaels
Smash (World Tag Team Champion)
Tanaka (Managed by Mr. Fuji)
Ted DiBiase (Managed by Virgil - Holder Million Dollar Belt)
Tito Santana
Ultimate Warrior (WWF & Intercontinental Champion)


DEMOLITION (Ax & Smash) (World Tag Team Champions)
BOLSHEVIKS (N.Volkoff & B.Zhukov)
HART FOUNDATION (J.Neidhart & B.Hart)
BUSHWACKERS (Butch & Luke)
RYTHM & BLUES (Honky Tonk Man & G.Valentine)
ROCKERS (S.Michaels & M.Jannetty)
ORIENT EXPRESS (Sato & Tanaka)


THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR (1) (from Hogan - WrestleMania VI (04.01.1990)- )

THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR (2) (from Rude - SummerSlam (08.28.1989 - )

DEMOLITION (3) (from Colossal Connection - WrestleMania VI (04.01.1990 - )


AKEEM Vs BIG BOSSMAN (Last Contest: Bossman defeated Akeem @ WM VI)
BAD NEWS BROWN Vs RODDY PIPER (Last Contest: No Contest @ WM VI)
SAVAGE Vs RHODES (Last Contest: Rhodes & Sapphire defeated Savage & Sherri @ WM VI)
DiBIASE Vs ROBERTS (Last Contest: DiBiase defeated Roberts by Countout @ WM VI)



-The Tussle In Texas (April 28th, 1990 - Austin, TX)
-Wild Kingdom (July 28th, 1990 - Omaha, NE)

- August 27th, 1990 (Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia Spectrum)

-Oktoberfest (October 13th, 1990 - Toledo, OH)

-Friday, November 23rd, 1990 (Fort Wayne, IN - Allen County Coliseum)

-Saturday, November 24th, 1990 (Hartford, CT - Hartford Civic Center)

-Sunday, March 24th, 1991 (Los Angeles, CA - Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum)


Animal (Managed by Paul Ellering)
Arn Anderson (World Television Champion) (Managed by Ole Anderson)
Bam Bam Bigelow (Managed by Kevin Sullivan)
Barry Windham
Bobby Eaton (Managed by Jim Cornette)
Brian Pillman (US Tag Team Champion)
Butch Reed (Managed by Teddy Long)
Cactus Jack (Managed by Kevin Sullivan)
Dan Spivey (Managed by Teddy Long)
Eddie Gilbert
Hawk (Managed by Paul Ellering)
Jimmy Garvin
Johnny Ace
Junkyard Dog
Kevin Sullivan
Lex Luger (United States Champion)
Mark Callous (Managed by Teddy Long)
Michael Hayes
Mike Rotunda
Nikita Koloff
Ric Flair (World Heavyweight Champion) (Managed by Woman)
Rick Steiner (World Tag Team Champion)
Ricky Morton
Robert Gibson
Ron Simmons (Managed by Teddy Long)
Scott Steiner (World Tag Team Champion)
Shane Douglas
Stan Lane (Managed by Jim Cornette)
Sting (Out With Injury - Returning Around July)
Tom Zenk (US Tag Team Champion)
Tommy Rich

ROAD WARRIORS (Animal & Hawk)
4 HORSEMEN (A.Anderson - O.Anderson - R.Flair)
ARMY OF DARKNESS (Bigelow - Cactus Jack - K.Sullivan)
DOOM (B.Reed & R.Simmons)
SKYSCRAPERS (D.Spivey & M.Callous)
FREEBIRDS (M.Hayes & J.Garvin)
DYNAMIC DUDES (J.Ace & S.Douglas)
STEINER BROS. (Rick & Scott) (World Tag Team Champions)
ROCK N ROLL EXPRESS (R.Gibson & R.Morton)
Z-MAN & FLYIN' BRIAN (US Tag Team Champion)


4 HORSEMEN Vs STING/LUGER (Last Contest: Flair defeated Luger @ WrestleWar)
DOOM Vs STEINER BROS (Last Contest: April 2nd in Gainesville, GA)


-RIC FLAIR (7) (from Steamboat - WrestleWar (05.07.1989 - )

-LEX LUGER (3) (from Hayes - Bluefield, WV (05.22.1989 - )

-STEINER BROS. (1) (from Freebirds - Atlanta, GA (11.01.1989 - )

-ARN ANDERSON (2) (from Muta - Gainesville, GA (01.02.1990 - )

-ZENK & PILLMAN (1) (from Freebirds - Rainesville, AL (Tournament Finals) (02.12.1990 - )



-May 19th, 1990 (Washington, DC - DC Armory)

-Carolina Crush: June 13th, 1990 - Charleston, SC (McAllister Fieldhouse)

-Sunday, July 7th, 1990 (Baltimore,MD - Baltimore Arena)

-Fall Brawl: September 6th, 1990 - Asheville, NC (Civic Center)

-Sunday, October 27th, 1990 - Chicago, IL (UIC Pavilion)

-Thanksgiving Thunder: November 28th, 1990 - Jacksonville, FL (Jacksonville Coliseum)

-Sunday, December 16th, 1990 - St.Louis, MO (Kiel Auditorium)

WWWF is Coming...
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Re: Save Us: The End Of The Golden Age

Welcome to the section. First of all I would like to say that the layout looks amazing as does this thread, the time period and it's potential to stand out amongst the rest. I really hope this is something that you have been working with for a while and not just thrown together, and have plans to make this one stick because I am sure many want to see a retro BTB hanging around the parts.

Again best of luck and I'll definately keep my eye on this one

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Re: Save Us: The End Of The Golden Age

This looks really, really good and it has a tonne of potential to boot. Genuinely quite excited to see what you do with this. Don't recall a BTB from this time period on these boards before that lasted more than a page but this is unique and I hope you can stick with it, will be keeping a watchful eye on it. Good luck.
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Re: Save Us: The End Of The Golden Age

Nice layout. I'm new to BTB section too. I'm feeling the rosters, I'm intrigued by a Golden Era BTB.

have fun with it is my best advice, I'll have an eye out for your shows!

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Where are the Lebron memes now?
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Re: Save Us: The End Of The Golden Age

He's not new, bro. Anyway, all I've been doing lately is skimming BTB waiting for something new to come up that's fresh. This is old, but fresh. I like it.

EDIT: Er... nevermind.
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Re: Save Us: The End Of The Golden Age

it has already been said.. This is one of my favorite times in wrestling history and i rarely see btbs from this era.. Can't wait to see what you come up with bro, you have me hooked
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Re: Save Us: The End Of The Golden Age

If you keep this project going, then this could easily be one of the best on the board. I wasn't even alive back then but I've done a whole lot of researching and watching old video tapes of both WCW and WWF and it did seem to be a great time to be a wrestling fan in general. Hopefully you live up to that and provide two exciting, fresh and different products. Good luck!

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Re: Save Us: The End Of The Golden Age

Great era to use and like the look of both rosters. Looking forward to the first show or so, just hope you can keep it up doing both shows for both companies. I pressume you will just be doing the main big show for each brand and will PPVS run on the same day or different time of the months?
Example of the artwork used in the fed is in the above thread. Give it a look.

The greatest e-fed on the internet. Always taking on new members. A great community, poser fed. One roleplay a week with a word limit. A place for people who love wrestling but don't have the time to churn out huge rps. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON
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Re: Save Us: The End Of The Golden Age

Thank you all thus far for all the positive comments and interest in this new thread of mine. DeanToon, I will be doing the main shows in full and all that's 1 hour tv shows in short. As time evolves, tv shows might become more than what they were back then, but that's way down the line. Thak you to the rest of you for your feedback, so, here goes, my first official post in this new thread. Enjoy!

THURSDAY, APRIL 12th, 1990:
WCW Officials have put under contract a young Canadian wrestler by the name of Chris Benoit; wrestling under a mask in Japan under the guise of Pegasus Kid. WCW Officials are also looking to emulate their Japanese counterparts by introducing a Junior Heavyweight division in the future. Benoit is set to complete his tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling by May.

THURSDAY, APRIL 12th, 1990:
WWF Officials have gotten their hands on young standout 2 Cold Scorpio. Scorpio is a young standout from Colorado, and he's currently touring with New Japan Pro Wrestling. He should be debuting on WWF television by June. No word yet on a gimmick change, Scorpio's current gimmick is based around his high-flying prowesses and his funky dance moves.

Here is the official card, as of press time, set to take place at Saturday Night's Main Event on April 28th in Austin, TX at the Frank Erwin Center:

Haku w/ Bobby Heenan Vs. The Ultimate Warrior (c)

Mr. Perfect w/ The Genius Vs. "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan

Akeem w/ Slick Vs. The Big Bossman

The Rockers Vs. The Hart Foundation

Earthquake w/ Jimmy Hart Vs. Hillbilly Jim


With Guest, "Macho King" Randy Savage & Queen Sherri

WWWF is Coming...
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Re: Save Us: The End Of The Golden Age

Really looking good here Legend. Hope to see some good stuff out of this thread, as it was around this time from (really early 90s) that I started watching.
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