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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - F**k The System

6 Days left for voting for who you want to see wrestle. So far only got one person voted. Hoping for a few more before the voting closes. Anyone?

Predictions also on the last page!

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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - F**k The System

Rob Van Dam to beat Jerry Lynn

Tommy Dreamer to beat CW Anderson

Rhyno to beat Sandman

Unholy Alliance to win tag three way

Low Ki to beat Homicide

Nova to beat Chetti

Match Order: Fans Choice, Nova/Chetti, Tag Team, Dreamer/Anderson, ECW Title, Loser leaves

Match Predictions: See above

Pick Two: Done

Returns: Yes, Sabu possibly

Interference: Yes

Eliminated First: Doring/Roadkill

Blood: Anderson/Dreamer, ECW Title and Loser Leaves matches - it is ECW
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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - F**k The System

Winners: RVD, C.W Anderson, Rhino, Impact Players, Low Ki to defeat Kid Kash, Chetti

Order: Fans choice, Tag Titles, Nova/Chetti, ECW Title, Stairway To Hell, Loser Leaves Town

Predictions/Pick Two: See above

Return(s): No

Interference: No

1st Elimination in Tag Match: Unholy Alliance

Blood: Going for Dreamer/Anderson and Sandman/Rhino

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I Promise..
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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - F**k The System

Extreme Championship Wrestling
Presents: Cyberslam Supercard
Venue: Hammerstein Ballroom
City: New York, New York

ECW World Heavyweight Championship
'The Man Beast' Rhino © vs. 'The Hardcore Icon' The Sandman
The second last match on the card featured the reigning ECW World & ECW Television Champion, 'The Man Beast' Rhino looking to dismantle the proverbial thron in his side, that being former ECW World Heavyweight Champion and beer slugging, Sandman. The two ferocious competitors squared off and it was known before hand that it wasn't going to be a pretty encounter. The match started as fully expected, an all out brawl with Cyrus dictating how Rhino operated against his challenger however, Rhino would find himself struggling to wear down the resilient challenger with Sandman fighting back even after multiple char shots to his head. The Sandman would take Rhino to the absolute limit, further than Rhino had ever been pushed in his career. Rhino however, was able to finally stop Sandman from taking his belt, dodging a Rolling Rock and sending Sandman clean into next week with the GORE! GORE! GORE!
Result: Rhino defeats The Sandman to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Championship

Loser Leaves Town
'The Whole F'N Show' Rob Van Dam vs. 'The New F'N Show' Jerry Lynn
Perhaps the most anticipated match-up in ECW's history, not centered around any build to the match just centered around the fact that when it ends, one of these two men are leaving ECW and are leaving for good. The match headlined the event and both men throughout the night had others speak on their behalf, giving Joey Styles the scoop that both are the most focused they have ever been in their careers. There was no Cyrus at ringside, no Rhino either. This match was between two of the best in the company with no outside interference permitted. The two men did not disappoint with both engaging in many counters and proving to each other that neither were going down without a fight. The match was technical with submission and mat wrestling but after fifteen minutes, the match became chaotic, an 'by any means necessary' affair with both men just launching themselves onto each other in innovative ways only these two are capable of doing so. Van Dam hit Five Star Frog Splash not once, but twice and on any other night, that would have put Jerry Lynn to bed but tonight, the self proclaimed 'New F'N Show' wasn't going down. Lynn battled back and was able to also utilize his finishing move however, Van Dam was too able to solider on valiantly. Both men were tiring easily and in the end, the finish was clean as a whistle, Van Dam missed his third attempted Five Star Frog Splash and was planted with the Cradle Piledriver, securing Jerry Lynn's biggest win of his career and Van Dam's biggest loss of his. Following the match, both men embraced and Van Dam gave the fans a farewell speech and made his way out the door with the fans and ECW talent standing in view applauding Van Dam for all he's done for ECW during his stay here.
Result: Jerry Lynn defeats Rob Van Dam to end his ECW career.

Stairway To Hell
'The Enforcer' C.W Anderson vs. 'The Innovator of Violence' Tommy Dreamer
I wrote this match in full and it can be located in the spoiler. One of my favourite matches I have ever written, hope all who read this enjoy
Spoiler for Tommy Dreamer versus CW Anderson:
Joey Styles: I cannot put into words how much this man has disgusted me over the last four weeks. C.W Anderson has shown absolutely no remorse for his atrocious attack on Tommy Dreamer and even now, he's walking to the ring with that stupid grin on his face. What's there to be proud of? You nearly ended a man's livelihood and all you can do is grin? You make me sick, absolutely sick to my stomach!

'The Enforcer', as expected gets a fuck load of heat from the New York crowd, many different chants directed his way, fans trying to piss him off, trying to get him to hit them, it's really quite a scene right now in the Hammerstein Ballroom. Anderson looks at the ladder placed at the bottom of the entrance way and stares at it for a few, brief moments and then proceeds to enter the ring, looking up at the baseball bat that hangs above the ring.

*Man in the Box*

To a monumental response, 'The Innovator of Violence' comes out from behind the curtain.

Joey Styles: I honestly thought that after what happened to this man a few weeks ago, that I would never be able to call another one of his matches but, gladly I was wrong and Tommy Dreamer is here with us tonight and this isn't going to be a wrestling match, this is going to be a fight. Tommy Dreamer will certainly be out to get C.W Anderson after what he did to him, after he nearly had his career ended and his throat permanently injured.

Tommy Dreamer looks like he hasn't slept for weeks! His face looks like that of a focused lion, about to pounce on the unaware Zebra that drinks the water a few feet away. Tommy stops next to the ladder but, doesn't look at it, he just walks towards the ring and steps inside, keeping his distance from Anderson for now.

Stairway To Hell
'The Innovator of Violence' Tommy Dreamer vs. 'The Enfrocer' C.W Anderson

The emotion currently felt in the Hammerstein Ballroom is so intense, it's unreal. The fans are just watching in awe, waiting for the first man to make a move on the other but, it doesn't come as quickly as many are expecting. Both men look up at the potentially lethal baseball bat and then look around the ring where four ladders are, three of them folded down and one of them standing at the entrance way. Tommy Dreamer's face is white as a ghost but the intensity in his eyes is frightening. C.W Anderson is very much the same, his head and face covered in sweat and if looks could kill, Tommy would be dead. C.W Anderson makes perhaps the wrong move to start the match, he yells over to Tommy "Hey, you mother fucking cripple, how does it feel to be inferior to the real Anderson of professional wrestling?" Anderson ends up on the receiving end of a hard NFL like tackle and the brutality begins. Tommy is on top of Anderson and is rocking him with closed fist after closed fist & Anderson isn't getting away from 'The Innovator of Violence' any time soon. Anderson is able to eventually push Dreamer off of himself and then escape any further punishment by making his exit from the ring. Anderson's face looks like it's already starting to bruise badly. Dreamer is having none of it, and pursues his rival right away, rolling under the bottom rope and a chase around the ring ensues, Anderson changes direction and slides back into the ring and as Tommy follows, Anderson takes advantage, before Dreamer can even get to his feet when he re-enters the ring, he takes a stiff black boot to the head, followed by a sharp elbow to the back of the head.

C.W Anderson takes over the reigns of the match and now starts to wrestle with Tommy Dreamer, getting down on the mat and encasing him in a headlock. Anderson's tactic of trying to wrestle with Dreamer doesn't last long, though as Dreamer is able to fight his way back to his feet whilst in the headlock and is able to cut loose from the headlock when he stabs Anderson in the midsection with his elbows. Anderson finds himself back at Dreamer's mercy and could wind up being in trouble soon. Tommy nails him with closed fists again, this time backing him towards the corner and the punches continue until Tommy eventually changes gears and whips Anderson into the opposite corner; Anderson hits the turnbuckle hard and staggers back out and is knocked down with a big hip toss. Anderson is down for a matter of a few seconds before he is back up and maybe he should have stayed down because Dreamer has his fists at the ready again and they are sent Anderson's way again, Anderson still unable to cover up takes the stiff shots full force and the swelling becomes more and more clear and the mach hasn't even been going for that long yet. The ECW crowd cheer Dreamer on with a pretty huge "Yay!" after each punch is delivered but, those cheers turn into boos when Anderson finally blocks one of them and responds with a kick to the midsection and nearly breaks Dreamer's face with a lifted knee to the nose.

With Dreamer down momentarily, C.W Anderson jumps out of the ring and picks up one of the folded ladders at ringside, all the while the fans chanting derogatory terms towards him. Anderson tosses the ladder into the ring and the bottom leg connects to Dreamer's head as he was about to get back up. Anderson gets back into the ring and tries to follow up on bringing the ladder into the ring. He sets the ladder up and begins the first climb towards the baseball bat that is high above the ring but, he doesn't get very far because Tommy Dreamer yanks him off and Anderson falls towards the ropes and is taken over the top with Dreamer when he is hit with a clothesline! Both men hit the mat with a thud and now no one is near the baseball bat. Dreamer's attention isn't on the ring or even the baseball bat for that matter, he just wants to destroy C.W Anderson and that's what he does. The two rivals remain on the outside of the ring for a good amount of time and Dreamer is in full control, he hits Anderson's already near purple face off of the ring apron and then the steel guard rail and then spears Anderson into the ring apron. Tommy continues the punishment, pulling down Anderson's singlet and smacking his chest with an open handed chop that was so loud, Joey Styles even cringed! Dreamer went and got one of the other folded ladders and brought it towards Anderson, he drove it straight into his gut and then slammed it over his back which forced Anderson to fall onto the padded flooring.

Dreamer's onslaught just kept going, he took the tape off from around his knuckles and got down and beat the crap out of Anderson with more fists. It just doesn't end! Dreamer slides the other ladder into the ring when he finally stops punching Anderson's brains out and he strangely sets it up against the other one, placing the top of it in between on of the rungs of the unfolded ladder. Whilst Tommy is doing this, C.W Anderson is back in the ring and he clubs Dreamer in the back of the head with his forearm and buys himself some time to recover. He constantly holds his face, and no one can blame him after the sheer amount of punches he has taken from Tommy so far but he soldiers on and once Dreamer is back to his feet, Anderson now returns the favour and heaves Dreamer with his own closed fists but they don't last long at all because Dreamer blocks the swinging arm, kicks Anderson in the sternum and drops him on his head with a DDT! The crowd pop as Dreamer now has a chance to climb the ladder! Strangely, Dreamer opts not to and goes back to his ladder placement, he pulls Anderson up and places him against the folded ladder that is leaning against the unfolded ladder. Confusion all around as Dreamer climbs to the top turnbuckle, he gets ready to dive off but Anderson shoves the referee into the ropes and Dreamer falls right onto his manhood!

C.W Anderson now regains his composure and then climbs up the turnbuckle that Dreamer is perched on. He pulls Tommy into a front facelock and drapes his arm over his back, he climbs up to the top rope now and is forcing Dreamer to begin to stand too and he lifts him up in the air and drops him with a top rope superplex onto the folded ladder contraption, it bends almost in half and parts come off! The unfolded ladder collapses with the force and now both men are down! The crowd explode into an "EC-DUB" chant as both men lay on the canvas. Dreamer's clutching at his back and Anderson is clutching the back of his head. 'The Enforcer' is the first back to his feet and he uses this advantage to pursue the baseball bat, setting up the original ladder in the centre of the ring and beginning the climb. It's very apparent that Anderson is dazed and as a result, his climb is a slow one, so slow that it allows Dreamer to actually begin crawling out of the destruction, moving the debry as he goes towards the other end of the ladder. Dreamer begins to climb the rungs and is just as Anderson reaches the top and the baseball bat, he is nailed in the stomach with a right hand, Dreamer looks him in the eyes and then looks at the side of the ladder and the two fly off as Dreamer performs a hip toss and Anderson lands on some of the other ladders debry! Dreamer rolls around following the impact but Anderson just arches his back and yells in pain. Both men are down again and this time, Tommy Dreamer is the one up first.

Dreamer doesn't go for the baseball bat, he exits the ring and sets up a table just in front of the turnbuckle, he gazes back in the ring with a sadistic fuck look on his face and smirks at Anderson. He rolls back in and forces C.W onto the turnbuckle near where the table is. Dreamer exits out onto the ring apron and climbs up the turnbuckle and tries to superplex C.W Anderson all the way down through the table onto the floor! C.W still has enough in him to block the dangerous move and uses one of his arms to smack Tommy Dreamer's sides & kidney's which releases Dreamer's grip. C.W Anderson brings his legs forward AND JUMPS OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE WITH TOMMY DREAMER, SPINEBUSTERING HIM THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE! A mammoth "Holy Shit" chant erupts inside the hot Hammerstein Ballroom and both men are motionless, absolutely motionless. C.W Anderson is able to somehow find it in him to move and start crawling into the ring, he claws his way over to the unfolded steel ladder and begins to ascend slowly, each rung seems like a mountain at this point. The camera changes focus as Anderson gets to about a quarter of the way up and looks to the outside where Tommy Dreamer is moving! Dreamer is willing himself up onto the apron and rolls into the ring, C.W Anderson is nearly there and now it's only a matter of time before he gets the weapon that could seal Dreamer's fate. Dreamer is trying desperately to get to the ladder and he makes it but it's almost too late, C.W Anderson is there, all he has to do is yank the baseball bat off, he reaches up but Tommy Dreamer startles him as he is at the opposite side of the ladder and just reached through the rung to grab his leg! C.W could have a dangerous fall right here! Tommy grabs Anderson's leg and yanks it from under him, through the rung AND ACCIDENTALLY FORCES THE BOOT INTO HIS THROAT! Dreamer collapses off the ladder and is down on the canvas, the crowd silenced. C.W Anderson is also stuck after he was pulled through the rung and for a few moments, nothing happens.

Tommy Dreamer is down and could possibly have just re-injured himself following that, C.W Anderson is trying desperately to untangle himself, he has a sick, twisted look on his face, almost as if he knows there's nothing Tommy can do now. Anderson eventually manages to untangle himself and then climbs the rungs again and this time, he is able to get the baseball bat. He has it in his clutches and the fans are booing him to fuck, they all know what's coming next. Anderson climbs back down the ladder, taking his time and grinning in the process. Dreamer hasn't let go of his throat ever since he got kicked in it but, he is managing to pull himself to his feet as he rises, he falls into the corner and looks a broken man. C.W Anderson approaches him and the cripple comments come again, he gets right in Dreamer's face-LOW BLOW FROM DREAMER! Tommy Dreamer used his leg and swung it for the crown jewels and connected with force! Anderson drops the baseball bat and now Tommy Dreamer makes his move for it, Tommy grabs the baseball bat and sizes up C.W Anderson... anderson gets to his feet and Tommy swings that son of a bitch for his head! HE DUCKS! Dreamer hit the ladder, knocking it over and as he turned back around, C.W Anderson simply just punched his throat.

Dreamer crumbled and blood began to be evident, coming out of his mouth. C.W Anderson was in the driving seat once more and had an injured Tommy Dreamer at his mercy, he went back to the baseball bat and once Tommy Dreamer rose to his feet, he drove it into his gut and then swung it off his back, Dreamer was slowly being killed by C.W Anderson and the fans were getting silenter and silenter. C.W turned Dreamer over onto his back and then started to choke him with the baseball bat! This was getting too much and too sick for the fans who were still, mostly silent with the odd person shouting out "You sick mother fucker!" and "Leave him alone for fuck sake!" C.W Anderson choked Tommy Dreamer out but he wouldn't let the referee call for the bell and threatened him with the baseball bat if he did. He wasn't done. C.W Anderson stepped out of the ring, taking his time and looked under the ring and brought out a barbed wire covered board! He slid it inside the ring and got rid of the ladder that was still inside it and placed the board in the middle of the ring. Tommy Dreamer was moving, but it was very limp movements at best. C.W Anderson forced Dreamer up onto his feet and pulled him up in a bear hug position and walked over to the barbed wire board. Anderson looked out to the fans and shouted: "Say goodbye to the ECW Cripple. Say goodbye to Tommy Fucking Dreamer!" AND SPINEBUSTERED HIM ON THE BARBED WIRE! C.W Anderson got back to his feet and made the cover, placing his boot over Dreamer's neck.




Match Result: C.W Anderson def. Tommy Dreamer via pin fall

C.W Anderson doesn't remove his foot from Tommy Dreamer's throat, he remains stood there, looking down at the beaten ECW Icon. The crowd are still in shock but, the heat is beginning to turn up and Anderson is getting a few chants directed his way. He finally moves off of Tommy Dreamer and demands a microphone. He walks over and stands next to Tommy Dreamer, falling to one knee, looking at what he has done and then smirking.

C.W Anderson: This is fucking pathetic... Look at this piece of trash. You stupid sons of bitches say that this man is an ECW Icon? I say he's nothing more than an ECW afterthought.

Massive heat for C.W Anderson, he remains on one knee and Tommy Dreamer still isn't moving.

C.W Anderson: I'm getting a lot of shit from you people but, I did give Tommy Dreamer the chance to call off the match, I gave him the chance to stay away, sit at home and not face me tonight. Tommy Dreamer decided not to take me up on that offer and because of that, he's fucked himself over! None of this is my fault, none of it! Tommy Dreamer did this to himself.

'The Enforcer' now rises to both feet, staring down at Tommy Dreamer whose left arm begins to move. Referee's and medical personnel are too afraid to go near Dreamer whilst Anderson is still in the ring.

C.W Anderson: This battle between us, it's much like what you are, Tommy... It's over!

He drops the microphone on Dreamer's body and makes his exit from the ring. Medical personnel and referee's rush into the ring to check on Tommy Dreamer. Bodies surround Dreamer and we can't get a clear view of him, the camera man finds a gap and zooms in, Dreamer's eyes are open and he's responding to the medical team. A stretcher board is brought into the ring and Dreamer is cut loose from the barbed wire board, you can hear him after each barbed wire piece is pulled out of him, eventually he is placed on the stretcher board and is then transported out of the ring onto the actual stretcher. Fans show their support by chanting "Tommy Dreamer" over and over again and they get a response, Dreamer lifts his left arm in the air and is wheeled towards the back and disappears out of sight.

NO! C.W Anderson is back out in the Ballroom with Dreamer on the stretcher! Anderson wheels Dreamer down towards the ring at a rapid pace and lifts the stretcher up, forcing Dreamer to smash against the ring apron! C.W Anderson continues his unnecessary attack, he sets the Stretcher up in front of the ring apron and forces Tommy Dreamer up onto the apron with him. C.W Anderson shouts out "Say Goodbye!" SPINEBUSTER OFF THE APRON ONTO THE STRETCHER! TOMMY DREAMER IS BROKEN IN TWO! He bounds off of the stretcher and lays face down on the padded flooring, unresponsive. C.W Anderson's sick smirk returns. He steps off the ring apron and stands over the fallen Tommy Dreamer and then takes a step back, allowing the medical team to step back in. They make sure Anderson can't touch Dreamer this time, surrounding him as best they can. Dreamer gets loaded back onto the stretcher and is carted back up the entrance way, this time there is no arm in the air, Dreamer is just laying on the stretcher, being carted out to receive medical attention.

Falls Count Anywhere
'Nasty' Nova vs. Chris Chetti (w/Lou E. Dangerously)
Another intense feud going on in the ECW is that of Nova & Chris Chetti which has been going since late last year. It was fully expected that this one would be brutal after Chetti suddenly pushed on the brakes on Nova's steady rise up the ECW ranks and it didn't disappoint as the two wrestlers brought the fight to each other, keeping the beginning of the match in the ring and around the ring area however, the rules of the Falls Count Anywhere match soon came into play when both men scrambled around the Hammerstein Ballroom, going into the crowd and then going into multiple different areas which included a small catering section which is used for the ECW fans and also briefly outside the Hammerstein Ballroom. After many dented walls and a few slams on the concrete outside, it was Nova who once again beat his counterpart, scoring the victory in the shower area.
Result: Nova defeats Chris Chetti

ECW World Tag Team Championships | 3 Way Dance
'Amish' Roadkill & Danny Doring © vs. The Impact Players (Justin Credible & 'The King of Old School' Steve Corino (w/'The Queen of Extreme' Francine) vs. The Unholy Alliance (Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck (w/the Sinister Minister)
The opener of the night was this match, and it got things off to a great start for ECW. The Unholy Alliance, the original #1 contenders ended up teaming with the champs, at least briefly to take out the Impact Players early on, and they actually managed to co-exist - that is until a point. Roadkill was about to eliminate the Impact Players when suddenly, Yoshihiro Tajiri delivered a jawbreaking Buzzsaw Kick to one half of the champs, Doring entered to try and get some redemption but he too was caught with a stiff kick from Tajiri. The Unholy Alliance eliminated the tag team champions and it was now a certainty that by the end of the match, there would be new ECW Tag Team Champions. The Impact Players & The Unholy Alliance went at it for ten minutes, with the Impact Players finding themselves being out paced by the obviously quicker team, Tajiri was the gold star in this match, stealing the show already and it was only the opener however, when Tajiri went down following a That's Incredible! Mikey Whipwreck was left to be dismantled by the Impact Players and the ending seen Steve Corino hit the Old School Kick which sent Wipwreck into Credible who once again delivered the That's Incredible! and the finish was there. The Impact Players had won the match and the titles.
Result: The Impact Players defeat The Unholy Alliance & Roadkill and Danny Doring to win the ECW Tag Team Championships

Fans Choice
Low Ki vs. Kid Kash
The second match of the night was another thriller, it was Fans Choice which seen ECW vet, Kid Kash square off against a rookie known as Low Ki. Low Ki however, had a small cult following who were in attendance. The match was the equivalent to a fast paced WCW Cruiserweight match, both individuals brought their 'A Game' with Low Ki holding out against the ECW veteran. Low Ki would manage to avoid being put to sleep with Kid Kash's devastating brainbuster and pulled him into a Dragon Clutch which forced him to pass out. Low Ki was given a standing ovation and the crowd let it be known that they wanted to see more of the 21 year old prospect.
Result: Low Ki defeats Kid Kash


Apologies for not writing this in full, I began to but stopped and left the thread. HAd the itch to return to this for a while now, loved writing it when I was several months ago so looking to continue. Cyberslam is in a half assed recap but, there is the C.W Anderson/Tommy Dreamer match in full so that's a win, I loved writing that match.

Hoping to progress with this swiftly and an update on ECW's future will likely be posted in the next 6-8 weeks (BTB Time). I think I'm 7 days until I'm allowed to post a new thread but thought I'd take my chances and post this anyway, if it's ruled not allowed, feel free to lock this until the appropriate time-scale. Thanks to those who have read this thread for reading.
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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - F**k The System

Just gonna' leave some brief notes on the PPV, easing myself in to the FUN~! that is feedbacking. First off, I'm actually glad that not only you're sticking around with this whole booking thang', but you've also chosen to come back to this thread, which from what I remember, you have produced your best work in. The reason I say this is because not only were you churning out shows pretty quickly, IIRC, but it was also obvious that you were having great fun in doing so and it shown in the quality of your work - Whether that be through you loving the company, roster and time period, or whether it be the easy schedule of a 1 hour show. Whatever it is, it seems to be working for you and I'm glad to see you back with this, moreso than if you tried something different.

Anyway, this won't be feedback, just my thoughts, I guess. I apologise if I can't quite remember everything heading in to the PPV.

Rhino defeating Sandman, in my opinion, was the easiest match on the card to predict - Although, that isn't exactly a bad thing. With Cyrus at his side, Rhino is damn-near unstoppable and the first PPV in to the thread, I highly doubted you were gonna end his run as champion when it has the potential to not only be a great run in terms of fun feuds and top matches, but also putting someone over big time in the future - Someone more marketable and with greater potential than Sandman, although I do love him. Good to see a good showing from Sandman though, as he definitely has a place in the upper-midcard and main event, just not champion, in my opinion.

Interesting to see the result of Lynn/RVD, as I know 99.9999% of people on the forum would choose Van Dam over Lynn - However, it makes a lot of sense, given the nature of this BTB and the fact that you haven't just injected ECW with a shit load of money. RVD, being one of, if not the biggest star, on the roster would probably cost a pretty penny - A pretty penny ECW doesn't have and the WWE does. Now, you may be swerving us and RVD could find a loophole somewhere, but I highly doubt you'll be a dick like that () and Van Dam will go on to greener pastures. I don't have a clue where Lynn will go however, given his alliance with Cyrus and Rhino, I doubt he'd challenge for the title, despite a victory of this magnitude warranting exactly that. Possibly Sandman? Who knows - But brave decision here, and is definitely intriguing as you move forward with this thread.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, your best work in this thread has been with CW Anderson, so naturally this was the selling point of this PPV, to me, and could have easily main evented the show without any complaints from myself, and I'm personally glad that if one match had to be written out in full, it was this Now I've never really watched a lot of ECW matches, and every company has their own distinct style of matches so I'm not all that familiar with the CW style (other than the weapons and such, but I consider that more of a gimmick than a style) but this match was top notch, IMO. You managed to portray the violence and the hatred between the two without going to spotfesty and too many bumps, which is great, and you made best use out of the bumps you did include. Once again, another brave decision having CW pick up the victory, but it's one that I admire. But I also understand you did it because this feud is far from over given the post-match ongoings. What I said about it being obvious you enjoy writing this project, it is proven by how you write Anderson - I've only ever seen one match from the guy - and even that was an ROH tag team match - but yet I feel like I'm so familiar with him.

With the three marquee "main events" out the way, just a few brief comments about the rest of the card. Simon Dean Nova going over Chris Chetti is pretty standard, although I would have liked to have known the finish, seeing as the majority of the section are very unfamiliar with ECW and wouldn't know any finishing moves etc. But whatever, it's nitpicking. Now that I've seen this, you could possibly stall on Lynn going up the card and just give him a small, filler feud with Nova? God knows, but you've opened up a lot of options by having Lynn win. I don't know what to expect from Nova, either.

I'm glad to see the titles of Doring and Roadkill, and I wouldn't have minded whether it was The Impact Players or The Unholy Alliance who took them from them. The latter two teams are definitely the two best you have in the company and would definitely form a good "base" for a tag division, although I'm of the understanding that Tajiri was MASSIVELY over in ECW, so a rise up the card for him as a singles guy wouldn't be completely out of the question, I guess. I imagine Doring and Roadkill will go for their titles again. Finally, Ki and Kash i can imagine it being a top match, despite Ki's inexperience at this point. Surprised to see Kash lose, but I've never imagined him being a credible dude, but I could be wrong. Would make for a good match, I imagine.

Overall, I don't have any complaints. The booking was brave, and whether people like it or not, you have to respect it, and by being brave and going down different routes, you've left a lot of possibilities open with regards to future feuds and matches. Obviously it's a shame about it not being in full blah blah blah, but if anything, I'm just glad you're back with this project.

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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - F**k The System

Thanks for the kind words, means a lot. Yes, this is by far my favourite thread that I've done. ECW is a TONNE of fun to write and it doesn't take much to get into the swing of things with it and to read for that matter too. C.W Anderson is also my favourite character to write, I was going to give him some kind of generic gimmick but writing him as some kind of psychopath is again, a tonne of fun. I have some plans for him down the line, hopefully I'll be able to write him to his full potential. Onwards and upwards I say!

Originally Posted by Wrestle-News.com
~Despite what came off on television as a strong supercard, backstage emotions were strained with a number of talent almost refusing to go out and compete. It's no secret by now that Paul Heyman hasn't paid many, if not all of his performers for the last few months, many of them beginning to seriously struggle personally to support their families. The strain now, more than ever is on Heyman to find a fix for his massive amount of debt is on. Failure to do so could result in a number of talent walking out on ECW. It has been speculated that a number of talent have been approached by the WWF & the WCW, most notably the main stars of ECW such as Jerry Lynn, Tommy Dreamer, C.W Anderson and most importantly, ECW's double champion; Rhino.

~Rob Van Dam, as expected has departed Extreme Championship Wrestling. The reasoning behind Van Dam's departure is most certainly down to the amount of money he was (and still is) owed by Heyman, it is rumoured that Van Dam is owed in the region of $150,000. Van Dam has left to join the World Wrestling Federation.

~Also now absent from ECW television is Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer has been written off due to he too being owed in the region of the same as Van Dam's, Dreamer however remains with ECW but will only return if he is given the payment he is owed. Dreamer has made it no secret that he was willing to help ECW as much as he can but right now, that looks like it's not going to happen.

~Should ECW be able to make it to next month, Living Dangerously is set to be the companies next Pay-Per-View event - the first since January's Guilty As Charged - it is expected that rising up the ranks, C.W Anderson will play a big part of the show however, he is not going to challenge Rhino for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship - at least not for now. Also expected over the next month for ECW, the Television Championship is expected to be taken from Rhino whilst keeping him looking strong heading into Living Dangerously and Low Ki, who performed at Cyberslam is unlikely to appear at any shows in the near future due to the financial struggle.
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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - F**k The System

Extreme Championship Wrestling - Hardcore TV

Extreme Championship Wrestling begins with “This Is Extreme” by Harry Slash and the Slashtones blaring out accompanied by the usual opening credits. The visuals take us straight inside the ECW Arena and the crowd are on their feet going absolutely wild! In the ring, ECW Announcer, Joey Styles stands - black microphone in his right hand, the camera zooms in on the 'Voice of ECW' and the crowd show him the respect he deserves by falling silent.

Joey Styles: OH MY GOD! Last week it was ECW Cyberslam, the super-card that always garners our fans interest and much like ECW tradition, the event did not disappoint. As the Voice of Extreme Championship Wrestling, I want to take this moment to express my absolute thanks to a man who unfortunately departed us as a result of his match stipulation, that of course is 'THE WHOLE F'N SHOW' - ROB VAN ---- DAM!

Huge pop from the crowd, a "RVD - RVD - RVD - RVD" chant breaks out.

Joey Styles: But heck, if anyone here is going to say a piece for Rob Van Dam, it's not going to be me - it's going to be the man who defeated him - ladies & gentlemen, this is the self proclaimed 'NEW F'N SHOW' - Jerry Lynn!

A very mixed response for the man who rid ECW of the longest reigning ECW Television Champion. Jerry Lynn walks out with no music and dressed in his regular clothes. The crowd remain mixed as Lynn is again, introduced by Joey Styles.

Joey Styles: Jerry, I know you've got a lot to get off your chest regarding what happened last night at the end of your match with Rob Van Dam - I just gotta ask before you address the match, what about that ending? A true show of respect from both you and Rob, finally accepting each other for who you both are and hugging it out in the middle of the ECW ring. What made you bury the hatchet with Rob Van Dam?

Lynn is handed the black microphone however, the crowd remain mixed prompting Lynn to stall until there is some sort of quiet however, before Lynn is able to utter a single word.

C.W Anderson: Hold on just a fucking minute - I SAID HOLD IT!

Out comes another man who put an end to his long term rival, Tommy Dreamer - it's C.W Anderson who as expected is met with a full audience booing the living shit out of him.

C.W Anderson: Far be it for me to crash your party, Jerry - but lets face facts here - NOTHING was more impressive than what I did to that New York piece of shit at Cyberslam - what I did to everyone's so called hero - Tommy Dreamer - ECLIPSED what you did to Rob Van Dam by a damn country mile!

The crowd, continue to boo 'The Enforcer' - Jerry Lynn however, stares at C.W, not knowing what to think by the expression on his face.

C.W Anderson: What we seen at Cyberslam between you & Rob Van Dam was yet another repeat of what you two do every single time you face each other - what I did was something this company has never heard of, never seen - I DESTROYED the 'Innovator of Violence' TOMMY DREAMER!

Of course, there is a mountain of heat for Anderson.

C.W Anderson: Just in case you retards never heard me correctly - I DESTROYED YOUR HERO! - Because of ME, Tommy Dreamer is not in this company tonight, he is not sitting at home tonight, the disgusting son of a bitch is lying in a hospital bed somewhere in New York, his insides destroyed, his spine coiled - to put it into words you thicko's will understand - I RETIRED TOMMY FUCKING DREAMER!

Again, the crowd jeer C.W Anderson to noise levels hardly ever heard in ECW!

Jerry Lynn: Anderson, I don't know why you decided to interrupt me, I can't conceive a point to any of what you have just said during a time when I am supposed to be addressing what happened in my match at Cyberslam so if you don't mind, please leave the ring.

Did that sit well with 'The Enforcer'? Hell no, Anderson glares at Jerry Lynn, bringing his microphone back to his lips.

C.W Anderson: You don't see my point? Listen to me, old man - I have done more in this friggen company in the last few months than you have done in your entire career here. Lets face the facts, shall we? Jerry Lynn is nothing more than an attraction, a spotmonkey who flies around the ring trying to make himself look like a legitimate tough guy whereas 'The Enforcer' ME - C.W Anderson is the biggest rising star this company has ever and will ever see! Mark my words, Jerry - I will be the face of this company and when I am, everybody in that damn lockerroom will look to me as their GOD - and you, I will dispose of you like I disposed of that other run down, ECW cliché, Tommy Dreamer!

Lynn looks to Anderson, obviously displeased by his comments.

Jerry Lynn: I think I may just have a solution to this problem you have, C.W - my solution - WHY WAIT?!

AND SUDDENLY LYNN TACKLES C.W ANDERSON DOWN TO THE CANVAS! It's all go with Lynn on top pounding away at the man who seems to have retired Tommy Dreamer! Anderson covers up as best he can but Jerry Lynn is getting a good number of his blows in, Anderson finally finds a chance to push Lynn off and does, he scrambles and quickly grabs the microphone he was using and smashes it off of Lynn's skull, sending him crashing down to the canvas! Anderson however, doesn't remain in the ring and instead leaves, not wanting to take part in any fight any more. Lynn rises back to his feet, black microphone in hand.

Jerry Lynn: HEY - HEY! C.W! If it's a fight with me you want, why wait any longer than for it to happen right here, right NOW! Get your ass down to this ring and try to beat me up like you did to Tommy Dreamer! I FUCKING DARE YOU!

The crowd go wild, hoping for Anderson's reaction to be in agreement with Lynn! Anderson doesn't have a microphone so is forced to shout off mic, loud as he can.

C.W Anderson: Fuck you, Jerry - fuck you and fuck all these sheep. If I'm going to dismantle you and break every bone in your body, I'm doing it on my terms, not yours and not on these stinkin' assholes terms either. Go fuck yourself!

Challenge denied! C.W Anderson wants no part of Jerry Lynn, at least not tonight on Hardcore TV! The New F'N Show stands in the ring, glaring at the man who could quite possibly destroy him much like he did to Tommy Dreamer. ECW fades to a quick commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the commercial break, to everyone's surprise "Walk" by Pantera, the theme music of one Rob Van Dam however, it quickly becomes obvious that it's not Rob Van Dam making one last appearance for ECW, it's Cyrus accompanied by 'The Man Beast'; ECW World Heavyweight & Television Champion, Rhino. Cyrus walks out, smug as ever, laughing as he walks to the ring to Rob Van Dam's music. As he and his client enter the ring, Cyrus snatches a microphone and gets ready to speak his mind to the crowd who aren't happy with him.

Cyrus: Fat girls & nerds, it is I, Cyrus the man behind the most successful two men in this company. First, the man who took out your man, Rob Van Dam and ended his career here in ECW, Jerry Lynn - and secondly the most dominant champion this company has ever -

Then suddenly, 'The Man Beast' snatches Cyrus' microphone out of his hand and quickly yells down the microphone.

Rhino:SANDMAN! Cyberslam, I destroyed your fucking ass and hit you with the GORE! so hard that I knocked you out of your trainers. I'm done with you - you are not worth my time and not worthy of being anywhere near this ECW World Heavyweight Championship! I need a new challenge, someone who can bring it in this ring unlike you, Sandman and tonight, I'm hungry for some fresh meat!

Rhino's intensity levels are startling, the crowd aren't happy though.

Rhino: I don't give a fuck who it is, I'm challenging any mother fucker to come out here right now and try to take my ECW Television Championship!

Wow, Rhino laying out a challenge already but, Cyrus doesn't look happy with this at all, he looks to Rhino concerned, almost trying to talk him out of even going through with this but Rhino continues to pace and shouts up at the walk-way for someone to grow some nuts and come out to face him. The stalling continues for another solid minute until finally, music plays. The crowd let out a huge flurry of cheers as one half of the Unholy Alliance, Yoshihiro Tajiri, the man who stole the show during his tag team title performance at Cyberslam is here, and ready to challenge 'The Man Beast' for his TV Title! Tajiri is accompanied by Sinister Minister and lagging behind is Mikey Whipwreck. The match looks like it's on!

Rhino © (w/Cyrus) vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri (w/Sinister Minister & Mikey Qhipwreck) - ECW Television Championship

Tajiri is ready, crouched in the corner whilst Cyrus still tries to convince Rhino to change his mind however, Rhino isn't listening to his manager, instead he lightly shoves him out of the way and moves quickly towards Tajiri however, The Japanese Buzzsaw has Rhino scouted to a tee, rolling under him and as the TV Champ turns round, he is clocked in the head with a Tajiri Stiff Style kick! Rhino doesn't fall tot he canvas like most men, though and instead remains stagnant. Rhino takes another kick, this time to the side of the head and now stumbles into the corner, allowing Tajiri to now unload with several kicks to Rhino's abdomen and rib areas, Rhino soon shows us why he is the double champion in ECW, though as he pushes Tajiri off, forcing him to backroll into the middle of the ring and then charges straight through him with a massive clothesline! Rhino then gets down, pressing his forearm against Tajiri's forehead and the bridge of his nose.

Over the next few minutes, the champion continues to look strong and display his aggressive ability, pounding Tajiri in the corner with several shoulder thrusts as well as forcing the ring to shake with a delayed vertical super-plex! Rhino seemed to be gearing up for the win, scoring several near falls following his high profile moves however Tajiri was keeping with it, showing why he too is one of ECW's best natural gifted athletes. Rhino wanted this to end now, having had enough of this 'fresh meat' he backed into the corner and crouched down, waiting to Gore the living shit out of Tajiri and as Tajiri was back to his vertical base, Rhino charged - TAJIRI ROLLED OVER RHINO'S BACK! Rhino sent himself flying into the turnbuckle, smashing the middle pad with his head, 'The Man Beast' turned back to face Tajiri and was took down with a hand spring elbow! Tajiri then followed up with a standing moonsault to Rhino and hooked the champs leg! One! Two!

ONLY TWO! The fans reaction alone shows how much they want Rhino to lose the belt. Tajiri doesn't dwell too long, anticipating Rhino's eventual rise back to his feet, he sets up for what is presumably the final move of the match, the Buzzsaw Kick which for sure will be delivered with authority! Rhino stirs and is almost on his knees in position when Cyrus is on the apron, trying to distract Tajiri but he is remaining focused on Rhino - Cyrus decides to enter the ring now but before he even touches Tajiri, he is smacked in the face by a kick that no manager should receive, Tajiri almost took his head off! Cyrus is KO's in the ring but the brief distraction has helped Rhino who quickly sticks his boot to Tajiri's sternum and pulls him in between his legs, Rhino hoists Tajiri up - AND PLANTS HIM WITH A PILEDRIVER! 'The Man Beast' goes into the lateral press - ONE! TWO! THREE!

NO! NO! NO! TAJIRI KICKED OUT! THE JAPANESE BUZZSAW IS STILL IN THIS ONE! Rhino pounds the canvas in frustration, not believing what he has just seen. Rhino pulls Tajiri to his feet again, and once again bring his head between his legs. The Man Beast pounds his chest and roars before he takes a grab of Tajiri and hoists him up again - BUT SANDMAN RUSHES IN THE RING FROM BEHIND! THE SANDMAN CANES RHINO IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Rhino drops Tajiri and is down on his knees and is once again caned, this time in the face! Rhino falls back and clutches his face and Tajiri comes too, Sandman leaves the ring and Tajiri now has the opportunity to take this! Rhino is on one knee, still clutching his face but takes his hands away from it and now Tajiri swiftly swings his foot for Rhino and SMASHES him in the face with the Buzzsaw Kick! Tajiri with a lateral press! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Match Result: Yoshihiro Tajiri (w/Sinister Minister & Mikey Whipwreck) def. Rhino © (w/Cyrus) to win the ECW Television Championship

Joey Styles: I don't believe it, Tajiri has just toppled the brick wall, Rhino! Tajiri has just won the ECW Television Championship!

That's right, he's done it! Tajiri is on top of the world now winning the TV Championship for the second time in his career! Rhino and Cyrus are both down and there is no sign of Jerry Lynn either. The crowd are chanting for Tajiri as he 'parties' with Sinister Minister & Mikey Whipwreck in the ring. Sandman is spotted looking on from a point in the crowd and cracking open a beer, toasting Tajiri's victory and ECW goes to a break.

*Commercial Break*

Returning from the adverts, backstage in what looks like a dingy single person dressing room, we see Lou E. Dangerously, who is entirely on his own.

Lou E. Dangerously Hey Nova - Cyberslam, you got lucky punk. You got so lucky. My man, Chris Chetti beat your ass all over New York at Cyberslam, he did to you what no man has ever done and - you got lucky. I've just got one thing to say to you, Nova. Chris isn't here, because yeah, you too beat him so bad that he's resting at home, nursing his wounds but next week, and the weeks that follow, Chris Chetti is going to make your ECW career a misery. You haven't seen the last of Chris Chetti, mark my words....

The image of Lou E. Dangerously fades on out to black and we go to the ring where our next two competitors are already placed, in fact we are strangely half way through a match. It features Tony Mamaluke with his Full Blooded Italian buddies going against Joey Matthews.

Tony Mamaluke (w/Guido Maritato & Sal E. Graziano) vs. Joey Matthews (w/Christian York)

As stated, we're halfway through this one and find that Mamaluke is ahead and is working on Matthews' arm, currently having him placed in a cross armbar. Matthews is able to shimmy to the ropes, though and Mamaluke is forced to release the hold. Mamaluke lifts Matthews up and walks with him over to the ropes, grabbing his left arm and leaping over, out of the ring and down to the floor, forcing Matthews' arm to bound of the unforgiving ropes! Mamaluke looks to re-enter the ring as he escalates the turnbuckle pads in the corner, and as Matthews is facing the right way, Mamaluke dives off with a neat shoulder block, knocking Matthews down. Mamaluke covers his opponent but is only successful in scoring a two count.

Mamaluke gets behind Matthews as he is back to his feet and pulls him in for the end, executing the Dragon Sleeper however, Matthews manages to fight out of it and brings Mamaluke down with a neckbreaker. The crowd are pretty dead to be perfectly honest but this is what we have going. Both men get up at the same time and trade right hands, the fans still uninterested and it is Matthews who takes the upper hand, albeit by not using his fists and using his feet with a dropkick. The next couple of minutes are just basic things from Matthews until Mamaluke gets what seems like the inevitable comeback, taking Matthews down by focusing on the arm again. Mamaluke scores a victory when he manages to get Matthews into a key lock (yes, a key lock) and he submits.

Match Result: Tony Mamaluke (w/(w/Guido Maritato & Sal E. Graziano) def. Joey Matthews (w/Christian York)

The result now is Mamaluke beating MAtthews however, the fans aren't much interested. PRetty dead actually and there seems to be a small section that are beginning to LEAVE THE BUILDING. Oh my. The night continues with ECW going to another break.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break, we find the ECW Tag Team Champions standing in the ring, those being the Impact Players, Justin Credible & Steve Corino. The tag team champion are of course accompanied by Francine and they it is Justin Credible who holds a black microphone in his hand.

Justin Credible: Well, well, well.... Look what we have around our waists.

Obviously, Credible is referring to the ECW tag titles.

Justin Credible: Just like we told ya, we're the best damn tag team in wrestling today! We dismantled the Unholy Alliance and those pathetic excuses for former tag team champions got eliminated from the match first, I mean c'mon - could they ever really call themselves tag team champions?

Steve Corino: Justin, I couldn't agree more my friend. As if you people needed any more proof, Cyberslam proved to each and every one of you non-believers that the Impact Players are the greatest team, not only in ECW but in the world today. I mean, you're looking at two former ECW World Champions as one damn unit, of course we're going to be unstoppable for gods sake.

The crowd boo for the pairing but it seems that the continued 'not caring' attitude is still there from the fans, who haven't been really loud since the opening match.

Steve Corino: And just so you people see how great we are, next week on Hardcore TV, we're defending these ECW Tag Team titles. We;re putting them on the line to any team who thinks they are capable of taking us down but, just to let you all in on a little spoiler. We're going to dismantle whoever accepts this challenge and will continue to dismantle every single team that gets in our way and that's not just a promise, and that's not just our destiny that's just-

Justin Credible: INCREDIBLE!

The tag team champions laugh manically with each other, dropping the microphone and posing with their belts and then exit the ring, ECW goes into a promotional video.

ECW Living Dangerously - Coming Soon On Pay-Per-View

Coming out from the advert, back in the ring we hear the music of the ECW World Heavyweight Champion hit and once again, Rhino comes out marching to the ring with Cyrus (who had a plaster, yes a plaster, on his forehead pleading with Rhino not to do "this" but whatever "this" is, Rhino is going to say it as he aggressively snatches a microphone from a guy at ringside and marches into the ring.


Cyrus tries to pull the microphone down from Rhino's mouth but he's shoved down by him.

Rhino: Fuck off, Cyrus or so help me God, I'll take you out too!

The crowd are a bit confused here.

Rhino: PAUL - I've had just about enough of this piece of shit company, I've had enough of you and I've had enough of your constant bullshit.

The crowd boo Rhino and he lashes out at them.

Rhino: You people shut your fucking mouths! I come out here night after fucking night and spill my blood for this damn company and for what? I haven't been paid by Paul in months, not weeks - MONTHS! I've been ECW Champion for months and not once have I got any money from Paul, not once has he given me a damn cent! Paul, I've had enough of this shit, I've had enough of ECW! I'm done with this company.

Rhino drops the microphone and leaves. The crowd are in a state of shock, unsure as to how to exactly react and ECW ends.

*End Show*

So for the most part, a dire show. Dire for a reason, though. Looking to continue to play off ECW's pretty shit problems so with the exception of the Anderson/Lynn & Tajiri getting the TV title, everything was more or less intended to be utter shit. Onwards and upwards? Maybe, we'll see how ECW's financial crisis plays out.
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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - F**k The System


~Another series of blows occurred within ECW this week, with several active performers walking out on the company. One of which being former ECW Tag Team Champion, Roadkill with his partner, Danny Doring too close to walking out as both received an offer from WCW. Joining Roadkill for definite are EZ Money, Julio Dinero and we now know that Tommy Dreamer has in fact parted ways with ECW.

~The bigger story of course is that of what happened at the conclusion of this weeks Hardcore TV - fans seen ECW Champion, Rhino lose the TV Title at the beginning of the night and at the end, he stormed out and delivered a small shoot on Paul Heyman and pretty much announced that he is leaving Extreme Championship Wrestling. Presently, it is not known if Rhino's shoot was a work or not so he may be present on next weeks Hardcore TV however, if reports of Rhino being in negotiations with both WCW & WWF are true, he could very well end up on either promotions programming as early as next week.

~There is still nothing positive to report on ECW's situation. Paul Heyman hasn't been seen in the public eye for weeks and it is thought that he is now just riding out the inevitable. No major television network are willing to pick up the dead weight of ECW so the likelihood of ECW surviving beyond the next few weeks is extremely unlikely.

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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - F**k The System

First time checking this thread out, so I figured I'd leave you some feedback.

I must say that I am a big fan of ECW and the year 2001 is certainly a continuously used year here. I once tried it, and, of course, couldn't get it off the ground. Wonder why that is? Anyway, that's for good reason, since at this point, there certainly was a lot to like about ECW. Rhino was getting pushed to the freakin' moon, you had the likes of C.W. Anderson, Tajiri, among many others doing very well, so there is a lot to work with and certainly a lot more to build upon.

I will have to read above for Cyberslam but certainly, a feud that could have had that stipulation was Lynn and RVD. I'm not sure what you have in store for that, (whether or not that had RVD leaving for the Federation) but that will take a simple peak above and through this thread, too. I have to do a little bit more delving but I do like what you did with C.W. here. It looks like he got over big time with a W over Dreamer, which is monumental for someone who, at this time, did need a lot to carry himself over. This can definitely mean big things for him. Like the interaction here, if a bit forceful and this was a good starting point of what looks like a good feud budding.

LOL, I love Cyrus trolling the crowd with Rhino at his side. Cyrus was the fucking man, so I can't complain a whole lot about him. You did a good job capturing him here. Rhino's mic work was definitely something that he flashed a lot of potential, but here, there was nothing all that psectacular. I don't think you were trying to wow anybody, but this did feel a bit run of the mill.

Like Tajiri coming out here to battle with Rhino for the TV Title. Good combination of competitors here that don't have any distinct meshing problems, and the match looked like a good one. Loved how you made both look strong, especially Tajiri, kicking out of the Piledriver and such. The dirty finish seemed to be expected, and that seems to allude to the fact that we'll probably be getting Rhino/Sandman for the Heavyweight TItle, which I don't have qualms with. This lets Tajiri be a main player in this thread, and I don't have any complaints about that. Good match, solid finish and it did a good ob of transitioning things smoothly.

Had to look Lou E. Dangerously back up to remember who he was, but was instantly reminded. With that said, not a bad segment here. Chris Chetti never really stood out to me in this time, but my interest was admittedly wavering and there wasn't much access or much that I can remember. No doubt though, that I do remember Nova and it looks like this will continue out of Cyberslam, which if done well, should be nice. I will have to re-look him up too, just to get refreshed.

Odd that this match is already halfway in progress. I assume that this was a normal thing, as I can't imagine you randomly deciding to do this. Nonetheless, not a bad match here and Mamaluke scoring a W against Matthews looks like it makes some sort of sense. Really interesting how the crowd just totally blew this off. Not sure where this is leading, but I can say that I'm confused a bit.

Very good stuff here fro Corino and Justin Credible. Big fans of theirs and I thought you did a pretty good job of capturing them here in this promo. Again, nothing spectacular, but it did a good job of laying out the scene in the tag team division. Wondering who the challengers will be next week but I expect a bit of shock value when it comes to that. I am looking forward to that.

Wow. Very shocking end to the show with Rhino walking out. Surely he jests, right? Very interested to see where this takes us, though I suspect this hiatus will be short lived. Nonetheless, calling out Paul Heyman is a great move by Rhino and really makes his qualm legit. YOu did a much better job with Rhino here than earlier, imo, if not just for the impact.

Pretty good episode of Hardcore TV. I was totally perplexed with the lack of interest of the Mamaluke/Matthews match and I'm not sure where this is leading, but I hope it does something significant. A lot of good coming out of Cyberslam and certainly it's doing a good job of setting the stage for Living Dangerously.

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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001 - F**k The System

WCW Monday Nitro
February 12, 2001

Eric Bischoff: Far be it from me to cause a bit of a ruffle in the wrestling business, but lets be honest here, I'm the king of controversy always have been and always will be and you people can bet that this next move by yours truly is going to send shockwaves - that's right - I said shockwaves down the professional wrestling world.

The fans have no idea what Bischoff has in store for them, nor do I.

Eric Bischoff: Some of you may remember a man that used to work here years ago - Paul E. Dangerously, the self proclaimed genius behind the crappy wrestling organisation that is Extreme Championship Wrestling.

The crowd respond with quite a portion of cheers for Heyman but the Atlanta crowd are predominately behind Easy E.

Eric Bischoff: Ever since he took ECW from Tod Gordon and ran with it, he's sent this business into a giant hell hole, he's risked the safety of hundreds of men, thousands of times and destroyed many of those men's lives as well.

Mike Tenay questions where Bischoff is going with this.

Eric Bischoff: To this day, he's still promoting that failure of a company, ignoring the fact that it's eventually going to stop crumbling and it's going to just stop. It's simply, going to die.

The crowd are still pretty supportive of WCW.

Eric Bischoff: Paul has always been about working the geeks and virgins who watch his show, he works them every single week into thinking that his company has any hope in hell of survival. He works them into thinking that ECW is filled with all this hatred and controversy backstage... Paul, you don't understand the meaning of controversy, you don't understand the meaning of running a successful wrestling organisation like I do and you sure as hell don't know how to pay your talent. Paul, I can do all of those things, every single one of them marked off a check list and just to remind everyone that when Eric Bischoff creates controversy, it creates cash, let me introduce you to someone I signed to a contract just yesterday.

The camera swoops up to the entrance ramp and after several seconds the shock of the nigh happens - the ECW Champion, Rhino walks out onto the stage WITH what can only be the ECW Championship in a cloth bag. Rhino is given an introduction by Bischoff and he gets a sizeable reaction too, he gets to the ring and grabs a microphone.

Eric Bischoff: Paul, you just gotta realize that in order to run your business in a successful way, you just got to have the cash and you have to have each and every single competitor's signature on a contract!

Rhino: I told you this would happen eventually, Paul! I said to your face that one day, if you didn't treat me and the rest of the boys how we deserved to be treated, I'd be going somewhere where my talents are appreciated and guess what, Paul - that day is today! I'm here on Monday Nitro with something that you will probably miss in this bag...

Eric Bischoff leaves the ring and goes to grab a trash can, oh my not this again.

Rhino: I know you're going to be watching, Paul. Your phone is probably off the hook with people telling you what is happening on LIVE television at this very second and I have a wake up call for you, Paul...

Bischoff places the trash can in front of Rhino and asks him to drop it in the trash but, Rhino has other ideas.

Rhino: Hold on just a god damn minute, Eric. Before I even think about destroying what reputation Paul Heyman has left I got a better idea.

And now, Rhino reaches into his pockets to pull out lighter fluid, folded up bits of paper and of course, a match. Rhino goes on to place a load of paper in the trash can and then squeezes his lighter fluid all over and then proceeds to light the match. Bischoff now holds the microphone for Rhino as he has the match in his hand, the flame slowly working it's way up the wood.

Rhino: But just in case you think that I'm going to burn something that isn't what I'm claiming it is to be, how about I do us all a favour and get rid of any doubt....

Rhino blows out this match and then proceeds to remove the cloth bag from the belt... IT IS THE ECW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! The camera gets a good shot and it is 100% the ECW World Championship belt, Rhino now lights another match as Bischoff stands to the side laughing his ass off.


Rhino asks for the microphone one more time.

Rhino: Remember, Paul - You brought this on yourself!


*End Show*
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