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Default Big Johnny Takes Control!

Hi there. This is my first booking thread here. It's WWE starting after the 4/2/2012 episode of Raw. I won't cover NXT or Superstars, but nothing ever happens in those shows anyway. I should also point out that English isn't my native language so I'll probably make some grammar errors here and there.

Smackdown | 4/6/2012 | Orlando, Florida

1. It's the all new PEOPLE POWER era here on Smackdown now that John Laurinaitis is in charge. And he has a lot things to to say. Big Johnny walks to the ring with his entourage consisting of David Otunga, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. Johnny says that tonight we will see not one, not two, not three but FOUR title matches as Sheamus, Big Show, Beth Phoenix and those Puerto Rican guys all defend their titles. Plus Booker T is forced to wrestle against David Otunga for supporting Team Teddy. It's like a PPV card on free TV! It's PEOPLE POWER! Johnny just finishes informing that Teddy Long has a new job as the janitor when Sheamus's music plays and the new World Heavyweight champion walks down to the ring.

Sheamus tells Laurinaitis he already thinks Smackdown was better when Long was in charge and he will help Teddy get his position back somehow. ”The Great White” also promises that tonight he will beat Alberto as quickly as he beat Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. ”The WWE Universe deserve to see a proper contest here tonight, so therefore your Brogue Kick move is BANNED!” declares Big Johnny but Sheamus just laughs and kicks Ricardo in the head and leaves.

2. Randy Orton vs. Ezekiel Jackson. "The Viper" obliterates Jackson in the opening match of the night. Randy is visibly mad about losing an undercard match at Wrestlemania and takes his anger out on poor Ezekiel. Randy is hearing some voices in his head here tonight! Orton hits the former Intercontinental champion with the RKO but that's not enough as he goes to deliver a devastating punt kick to the head. Oh my!

Randy pins Ezekiel but gets interrupted by Kane after the match. ”Yes... good... Randy... you must Embrace The Hate.” Kane says he has a secret for Randy. All this time Randy has been hearing voices in his head, and it was Kane's voice all along. Kane is responsible for the voices that torment Randy and tell him to pound the mat like an idiot before going for the RKO. Orton is shocked. What a swerve...

3. WWE Tag Team Championship: Primo © & "Epic" Epico © (w/ Rosa) vs. Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd. Primo and his ”Epic” tag team partner quickly dispose of their newest opponents in a tag team title match with a pair of Backstabbers. Looks like it's back to NXT or Superstars or wherever for Kidd and Gabriel. After the match, Rosa Mendes says her boys demand better competition and challenge any team in WWE history to face them next week in the Blast From the Past episode. They'll even put the straps on the line.

4. No Disqualification: Booker T vs. David Otunga. This is Booker's punishment for supporting Teddy Long. Before the match can start, Laurinaitis comes out and makes the match No-DQ, because it's a special preview of the Extreme Rules PPV. Booker hits all of his signature moves and looks to have the match under control when Mark Henry runs-in. ”World's Strongest Man” hits Booker with a chair so that Otunga can get the easy pin.

5. Next we see Mark Henry walking back to the locker room. He runs into Abraham Washington who thinks it's time for CHANGE. He says Mark should be fighting for the World Championship instead of Del Rio tonight. Mark rubs his chin and admits AW has a point. ”World's Strongest Man standing alongside the Man with the Master Plan. Think about it, Mark.”, pleads AW before handing Henry another business card.

6. Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Big Show © vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Playboy McIntyre (w/ Brie Bella). This is Cody Rhodes' rematch. McIntyre is in the match as a reward for being on Team Johnny. Establishing his new gimmick, Playboy (Drew) McIntyre comes out in shades and rainbow colored tights and blows kisses to the crowd. He is also accompanied by Brie Bella. Rhodes and ”The Playboy” try to work together because that's what heels always do in multi-person matches and it never works. It doesn't work this time either as Big Show just double-KO's both at the same time and piles them up and pins both! YARR! Big Show takes the mic and says he is joining Team Teddy in the war against Laurinaitis!

7. Narrator's voice - ”You might know him from such roles as fake Sin Cara and that Mexican guy who rides a bicycle to the ring, but now he is back with his new hit cooking show, Cocina de Hunico! IIIIT'S HUNICOO! Featuring appearance from Camacho.”

Hunico and Camacho are standing behind a stove with aprons and chef hats on. ”Orale! Welcome to the show, vatos. Today me and my boy Camacho have made some delicious tortillas. We can't wait to taste them with our guests, so please welcome Beth Phoenix and Natalya!” announces Hunico and the former Divas of Doom walk into the kitchen. Phoenix remarks about the situation being a bit ankward since she and Nattie aren't even friends anymore. Meanwhile Natalya takes a huge bite off a tortilla and says she probably shouldn't have done it because spicy food makes her tummy-


”Eww, homes! I lost my appetite, ese!” complains Hunico. Natalya apologizes because she is a face now, but Beth says Natalya is disgusting and The Divas of Doom are now officially over. Janitor Teddy Long wanders into the scene and tells the upset Nattie that she should definitely challenge Beth for the title, if she survives her title match against AJ.

Hunico - ”Thanks for watching Cocina de Hunico, vatos! See you next week with a new special guest! Orale!”

8. The former World champion Daniel Bryan walks down to the ring with AJ. Bryan is pissed off about losing the title and blames AJ for costing him the match with the prematch kiss routine. Daniel has his rematch clause, though, and he is looking to use it at Extreme Rules. Bryan says the only way for AJ to repay for her mistake is to run around Bryan and shout ”YES!”. AJ says she doesn't particularly enjoy that, and carrying Bryan's bags for the entire Wrestlemania week made her scrawny arms hurt. ”YOU DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO, OK?” yells Bryan and AJ begrudgingly starts to jump around him while screaming ”YES!”.

9. Divas Championship: Beth Phoenix © vs. AJ (w/ Daniel Bryan). Yet another title match sees Beth defend her title against AJ. A frustrated Daniel Bryan watches from ringside as AJ goes for a guillotine choke that Daniel no doubt taught her. Beth is fading and it looks like we'll get a new Divas champ, but no! AJ's arms are so sore from carrying heavy stuff, she has to let go. Phoenix kicks her in the arm and hits the Glam Slam for the win! Bryan looks disappointed and walks to the back without his girlfriend.


Making his return after being sidelined for a year, Skip Sheffield walks into the general manager's office with the Nexus armband still around his biceps. Skip asks David Otunga where he can find Wade. David looks at his former stablemate confused and tries to explain that the Nexus has been dead for over a year now. Nobody apparently told Skip about that. Sheffield doesn't want to believe Nexus is dead. He even heard a rumor at one point that they got John Cena to join the group! Skip says he is going to reunite the rebellious faction, with or without Otunga's help. ”Yeah, whatever man...”, sighs Otunga and goes back to more important business. The enthusiastic Sheffield leaves the office asking for the whereabouts of Michael Tarver.

11. World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus © vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez)
The fourth title match of the night. How will Sheamus survive without using the Brogue Kick? Pretty well, it seems. Bell rings and Alberto walks straight into Finlay's old finisher move. It's over, Sheamus wins!

No, he doesn't! Big Johnny Laurinaitis comes out and declares the match to be restarted and now Finlay's old finisher is banned from the match too!

Del Rio gets up and goes for the armbreaker but Sheamus reverses it into a school boy roll up for the three count! Sheamus celebrates the quick victories by Brogue Kicking Ricardo Rodriguez.

Laurinaitis – ”Damnit...”


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Default Re: BOOM!

In case you're wondering why this thread is named as it is. As I was posting the first show, I didn't realise somebody had already took the title "PEOPLE POWER" I was originally intending to use. I was in a bit of a hurry with it so I just made something up quickly. I mean, surely I can change it later. Turns out I can't. I guess I could contact a moderator but whatever, I kind of like "BOOM!"
Raw | 4/9/2012 | Washington, DC

1. WWE Champion CM Punk opens the show to talk about all the challengers who want a shot at his title. Last week Mark Henry beat him by count-out, so he will get a new title match sometime in the future. The Rock promised he is coming after the title and Punk is looking forward to that. Then there is Brock Lesnar, who just made his return and no doubt wants a title shot at some point. ”But first of all, I must deal with Chris Jericho” says Punk. CM shows video of last week, when Jericho poured booze all over him and then broke the bottle over his head. Jericho tried to disgrace Punk's Straight Edge lifestyle but Punk doesn't let that get him down. CM demands that he gets to face Jericho at Extreme Rules in his hometown of Chicago.

And here is John Laurinaitis with his legal advisor David Otunga to address the situation! But first off, Laurinaitis confirms that Brock Lesnar doesn't currently have a contract, so if he shows up tonight and attacks his WWE Superstars, it means trouble! Laurinaitis decides Punk will get his rematch, but he doesn't get to pick the stipulation unless he beats his opponent tonight in under five minutes. As Punk wants to know who he is facing, Big Johnny brings out Lord Tensai and his servant Sakamoto and announces them as the newest members of Team Johnny. Laurinaitis finishes by saying that he has an earth-shattering announcement to make NEXT WEEK right here on Raw! Seriously, it's going to change the landscape of the WWE forever.

2. Miz vs Zack Ryder. Zack Ryder requested this rematch from last week when Miz beat him. Miz looks confident as he has seemingly got his career back on track. ”The Most Must-See WWE Superstar” celebrates too soon, though, and misses a corner clothesline. Zack delivers a Broski Boot, but Miz kicks out. Miz prepares for the Skull Crushing Finale but Zack reverses it into a small package! One, two and three! Another loss for The Miz.

Miz freezes in shock. Ryder says Eve ruined his Wrestlemania moment, she ruined the biggest night of his career. Zack is coming for revenge! He challenges Eve to a match next week. ”I'm going to fist pump your face! Are you serious bro!? WOO WOO WOO!” yells Ryder. Eve walks out to the entrance ramp with Playboy McIntyre and reveals she has aligned with Team Johnny. Eve accepts Ryder's challenge and promises to humiliate the poor Zack even more next week.

Suddenly Miz attacks Ryder from behind. Miz sets Zack up for the Skull Crushing Finale but then uncharacteristically decides not to do it. Miz looks like he regrets beating Zack and says he's sorry, but Ryder doesn't buy it.

3. After the commercial break, a devastated Miz is walking back to his locker room, when he runs into John Laurinaitis.

Laurinaitis - ”Hey, Miz!”
Miz - ”...”
Laurinaitis - ”What happened, Miz? You just lost to Zack Ryder. You embarrassed Team Johnny out there. You might have gotten the pin at Wrestlemania, and I'm grateful for that, but you still have to keep winning matches. You have to-, are you listening to me, Miz?”
Miz - ”...”
Laurinaitis - ”MIZ! You lost to ZACK RYDER! I don't know if you realise-”

Miz walks away. Now it's Laurinaitis who is looking shocked. Is this a new beginning for The Miz?

4. Santino Marella & The Funkasaurus vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (w/ Vickie Guerrero). Stemming from last week's confrontation, US Champ Santino Marella and Brodus Clay join forces against Vickie Guerrero's clients. Jack and Dolph control the match and isolate Santino until Swagger accidentally clotheslines Dolph. Funkasaurus comes in and exploder suplexes both. He then jiggles and hits a corner splash for Swagger. Clay finishes the job with a Funkasplash on ”The All-American American” while Marella hits Ziggler with the Cobra.

After the match, Ziggler complains about Swagger losing all the time. While Dolph and Jack are arguing, Mason Ryan runs to the ring, grabs Vickie and leaves with her.

5. A vignette plays showing a man with long hair (FCW's Kassius Ohno) tweeting with his smart phone. The man turns to face the camera and says he is coming to WWE to be the most followed superstar ever. Somebody from outside the screen interrupts and says twitter is lame and it's all about tumblr and pinterest nowadays. ”NO!” screams the former Kassius and knocks him out with a #rollingelbow. The video ends with the message:




6. Natalya vs. Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella). Raw's token women's match ends when Team Teddy supporter Nikki refuses to do the Twin Magic to help her Team Johnny supporting sister. Natalya uses the opportunity to fart on Brie's face knocking her out. Nattie is coming for the Divas title!

7. Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Mark Henry, David Otunga & Alberto Del Rio. Abraham Washington joins the commentary for this match to watch his potential future client Henry in action. Henry, Del Rio and Otunga punish Truth and Kingston for being a part of Teddy Long's Wrestlemania team. They get mauled until Truth manages to get a hot tag to Randy. Orton comes in like a house of fire and beats on the heels until he suddenly starts hearing voices! Kane's voice (also playing on the PA system) tells Randy to Embrace The Hate on his partners. Randy tries to fight it but he can't! ”The Viper” RKO's Kofi and Truth and quickly runs away. Otunga crawls in and gets the pin on Kofi! Washington leaves the commentary position to celebrate with Henry.

8. John Cena walks down to the ring to talk about the return of ”The Next Big Thing” last week. Cena says he has no idea why Brock would attack him but John Cena never backs out of a challenge. ”I don't care if you have contract or not. If you want some, come get some, Brock!” shouts Cena and prepares for a fight but instead of Lesnar, he get's The Rock. Dwayne reminds everyone that Brock was the guy who ended his so far last title reign back in 2002, so he, if anyone, should be the first to challenge Lesnar. Cena uses the opportunity to ask for a rematch with ”The Great One”. Dwayne laughs and says he already beat Cena and has no reason to fight him again. Now he has his sights set on winning the WWE title. That gives Cena an idea. All he has to do is win the championship and give Rock a title match. Brilliant! John leaves happy but as he is walking up the ramp, Lesnar's music hits! Brock runs out and F5's Cena off the stage down to some cardboard boxes and mattresses and cheap explosions.

Brock stares The Rock down from the stage and slowly walks down to the ring. Rock throws some right hands that seem to have little effect, Lesnar ducks and F5's The Rock too. Security runs out but Lesnar beats them all before leaving through the crowd.

9. Five Minute Challenge: CM Punk vs. Lord Tensai (w/ Sakamoto). Tensai dominates the match after hitting a double underhook suplex and following up with a huge senton. Luckily the WWE Champ manages to come back after catching his Japanese-American opponent with a surprising roundhouse kick. With 10 seconds to go, Punk signals for the GTS and lifts the heavy Tensai up, but Yoshi Tatsu runs in and spits mist in Punk's face before he can hit the move. Referee sees nothing! Time runs out!

Now Chris Jericho gets to choose the stipulation! Lights go out and Jericho enters with his shiny jacket on. Jericho says he knows exactly what type of a match he wants. A match where he gets to embarrass CM Punk even further and turn him into an alcoholic!

Jericho - ”At Extreme Rules it will be CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho in a... Beer Bottle on a Pole Match! HAHAHA!”

As Jericho finishes, an older looking man (FCW's Damien Sandow) appears from the crowd in dirty clothes and with a beer bottle in hand. Punk still has mist in his eyes so he can't see anything. The unknown man introduces himself as CM Punk's drunk dad and immediately turns on his own son by kicking him in the balls. Mr. Punk takes a deep draught of the beer and leaves with Jericho.

End of Raw.

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Default Re: BOOM!

Blast From The Past Smackdown | 4/10/2012 | Hampton, Virginia

1. It's Blast From The Past, everyone! ”Rowdy” Roddy Piper starts the show with Piper's Pit and introduces his guest, the former World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. Bryan comes out with AJ yelling ”YES!”. Piper asks why is he celebrating when he lost his title in record time at Wrestlemania. Daniel explains he just met with John Laurinaitis and at Extreme Rules he will be getting his return match. ”But this time Sheamus won't get a cheap, quick win. You see Roddy, the match is a Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere match also involving Alberto Del Rio. There's no way Sheamus can survive, he doesn't even know any submission holds unlike me and Alberto. Nothing can ruin this... NOT even AJ!” says Bryan and looks at his girlfriend angrily.

Piper thinks Bryan should learn to be a gentleman and treat AJ better. ”YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, OK?” yells Bryan and suddenly slaps ”Hot Rod” across the face. Daniel quickly exits the ring, but Sheamus and a group of WWE legends prevent him from escaping. With them is the janitor Teddy Long who says he should run Smackdown for one last time because it's Blast From The Past and he has been the GM of the show the longest! Big Johnny comes out and coldly denies Long's request and tells him to go back to work. Laurinaitis says he has an idea for the main event: a Five-on-Five Elimination tag with Sheamus, Roddy Piper, Mick Foley, Jim Duggan and Sgt. Slaughter versus Daniel Bryan, David Otunga, Mark Henry, Playboy McIntyre and Alberto Del Rio.

2. We go backstage, where ”Mean” Gene Okerlund is conducting an interview with Jack Swagger. Swagger talks about how Mason Ryan kidnapped his manager Vickie Guerrero last Monday on Raw and nothing has been heard about either since. Jack says it's likely that they'll never see Vickie again so he has already got himself a new manager. Into the scene walks Dusty Rhodes who dubs Swagger as ”The All-American American Dream”, a common jobber who's always working hard (to make others look good). ”Dad? What are you doing?” asks Dusty's son Cody who overhears the conversation. Cody says it's unfair Dusty never managed him and now he's helping Swagger. Cody challenges Swagger to a match RIGHT NOW to prove he is better!

3. Jack Swagger (w/ Dusty Rhodes) vs. Cody Rhodes. Swagger obviously loses the match. This time he tries to do the Swaggah Bomb twice in the same match. It only works the first time. Never the second. Cody manages to roll out of the way and knock ”The All-American American Dream” out with a Beautiful Disaster kick.

4. Dusty Rhodes and ”The All-American American Dream” return to the locker room when they see Jack's partner Dolph Ziggler. ”What are you doing Jack? We need to find Vickie! She could be in jeopardy!” screams Dolph but Jack says he has started a new chapter in his career with the tutelage of Dusty. Ziggler is bemused. How can Swagger just forget about Vickie like that? Ziggler is left alone when Swagger and Rhodes leave.

”Excuse me sir, but have you seen this man?” asks Curt Hawkins, who is accompanied by Tyler Reks. Both have new detective hats and Hawkins is also carrying a magnifying glass. They show Dolph a picture of Michael McGillicutty and explain they are representing the Hawkins & Reks Detective Agency, and searching for a potentially dangerous sex offender. Ziggler says he hasn't seen the guy and is about to leave when he gets an idea. ”Did you say you were detectives?” asks Dolph and says he needs their help to find Vickie Guerrero. ”A real job for us!? Really? I mean, uh, Hawkins & Reks Detective Agency are glad to help you”, say the excited detectives. As they leave, McGillicutty walks by wearing a long trench coat and tells Dolph he has nothing under it.

5. Beth Phoenix vs. Aksana (w/ Janitor Teddy Long). Long accompanies his girlfriend Aksana out for this match, and even tries to help her win by hitting the Divas champ with his broom. Beth catches the broom, however, and snaps it in half! How is Teddy going to do his job now!? Aksana is next to get snapped in half as Beth plants her with the Glam Slam. Teddy Long attends to his fallen girlfriend but Beth is pissed about getting hit with a broom and continues the assault on Aksana. Finally Natalya runs in to make the save and drives Beth away! Natalya motions that she wants the title around her waist, and then farts.

6. Narrator's voice - ”You might know him from such roles as fake Sin Cara and that Mexican guy who rides a bicycle to the ring, but now he is back with his new hit cooking show, Cocina de Hunico! IIIIT'S HUNICOO! Featuring appearance from Camacho.”

”Orale! Welcome to an especial Blast From The Past episode of Cocina de Hunico, vatos!” says Hunico and introduces his legendary guests Booker T and Tony Atlas. They all eat traditional Mexican enchiladas, and the food is so delicious Booker promotes Hunico and Camacho to the Fave Five. Suddenly, Goldust arrives and Booker is like ”WHUT THE HAYELL?”. Goldust asks if Booker remembers when they were a tag team. Booker unfortunately remembers when Goldust tried to hit on him. Atlas laughs (”HA HA HA”) and says they should reunite their team for one night and answer Primo and Epico's open challenge. This is Blast From The Past after all... Booker eventually accepts, but ONLY for this one time.

”That's all for this week, vatos! See you next time!” says Hunico to end this episode of Cocina de Hunico.

7. Open Challenge for WWE Tag Team Championship: Primo © & ”Epic” Epico © (w/ Rosa) vs. Booker T & Goldust. Booker and Goldust bring it to the tag champs and almost take the titles home, but Rosa distracts Booker with her ass shaking. Booker is too busy going ”AWW SHUCKY DUCKY QUACK QUACK” that he forgets the match, and ”Epic” Epico capitalizes with a Backstabber getting the pinfall victory. Primo and Epico retain again!

8. After announcing Primo and Epico as the winners, the old Smackdown ring announcer Tony Chimel, who has been doing ring introductions all night, snaps and goes on a pseudo-shoot tirade. ”Wait a second. I've got something to say. Blast Fom the Past? Really, guys? Is this all good old Tony is good for anymore? I'm sick and tired of this. I'm sick of having to call Superstars. I'm sick of Michael Cole's stupid jokes about me! Why do you do this to me!? I deserve better. It's because I'm old, isn't it? What's so great about these new guys, huh? Let me tell you something about your new boys, then. Well, Justin Roberts... he's a F***** PUSSY! That's what he is! And what about me? What's wrong with Tony? I can be cool too. I can be radical. As a matter of fact, from now on, you will all call me ”The Radical” Tony Chimel. Or, better yet , forget about it. Because I QUIT! That's right. Goodbye! Goodbye... forever”, yells the angry Chimel and leaves the ring. What the hell did just happen?

9. Before the next match we see Lord Tensai, his servant Sakamoto and Yoshi Tatsu backstage. The former A-Train and Tatsu apparently know each other from their days back in Japan. Lord Tensai says Yoshi's transformation is complete and he is now Yoshi The Great. Tensai hands Yoshi a mask, which he puts on and spits mist in the air. Together they are known as the New Japanese Power Warriors, or Team NJPW for short.

10. Look, It's 2003 Again Tag Team Match: Chris Jericho & Lord Tensai (w/ Sakamoto) vs. John Cena & Big Show. All of your favorite Superstars from 2003 Smackdown reunite! Except for Jericho who was on Raw at that point. Jericho is going old school and has his old long tights on (!!!), along with a long, blond wig and the old entrance countdown. Howard Finkel fills in as the ring announcer after Chimel has left the building. Cena comes out totally no-selling the F5 off the stage this past Monday but some things never change. We see a lot of nostalgic face offs like Tensai vs. Cena and Tensai vs. Show and uh, Jericho vs Cena? And that's it... Yoshi The Great runs in and spits mist on Cena's face. Yoshi bounces off the ropes and hits a flashing elbow drop. Tensai holds Cena up so that Yoshi can nail him with the Shining Wizard! Shades of a certain Japanese wrestler I'm definitely not trying to rip off here! Cena and Show win by DQ but Brock Lesnar appears once again and F5's both! Yeah, he F5's Big Show! It's totally like 2003 again! But the question remains, why is Lesnar doing this?

11. In the ring Pat Patterson, The Funkasaurus, Santino Marella and ”Smackdown legend” Rikishi all have a dance-off that gets interrupted by ”The One Man Southern Rock Band” Heath Slater. Slater makes a total ass of himself and joins the dance only to get attacked by all of them. Just as Big Kishi is about give him the stinkface, ”We Are One” by 12 Stones plays for the first time in a long time. ”Nexus is taking over, baybehh!” shouts Skip Sheffield who runs down to the ring and hits a huge lariat knocking everybody except Heath out. The crowd is amazed by his strenght. Sheffield explains that when he was injured, surgeons installed some robotic parts into him, making him the superhuman cyborg Ryback.

”Now will you join my new Nexus2012 stable?” asks Ryback. Slater says he has nothing better to do and Ryback hands him an N-armband. Darren Young jumps the security railing (he had to pay for a ticket to be on Smackdown) and asks to get in. ”Come on guys, you have no idea what it's like to still be on NXT! For old times' sake, please guys!” begs Young. Ryback evetually decides to let Darren in. The Nexus has reformed! What kind of chaos will they cause this time around?

12. 5-on-5 Elimination Tag Team Match: Sheamus, Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter vs. Daniel Bryan, David Otunga, Mark Henry, Playboy McIntyre & Alberto Del Rio (w/ AJ, Ricardo Rodriguez, Eve & Brie Bella). Alberto starts with Slaughter who immediately ducks a punch and locks in the Cobra Clutch! Del Rio fights his way out of the hold fairly easily and applies the Cross Armbreaker for a quick tap out. Next up are Duggan and Henry and you can guess how that goes. Mark snaps the 2x4 on his knee and pins Duggan with the World's Strongest Slam. The two Scotsman, Piper and McIntyre, come in next. Roddy tries to put The Playboy to sleep with the Sleeper Hold but Drew hangs on. McIntyre pokes Piper in the eyes and hits the Love Shock for the three count. Foley steps in with ”The Physical Anomaly” David Otunga. Notice that last time Foley wrestled in WWE he made David tap out with the Mandible Claw. Not this time, though, as Otunga blocks Mr. Socko and plants Mick with OBJECTION~! (Verdict spinebuster) for the pin. Sheamus is in a great disadvantage, but he manages to kick Otunga and McIntyre's heads off with the 18 Second Special (formerly known as the Brogue Kick) before succumbing to Team Johnny's man advantage. They all hit their finishers on Sheamus and then let Daniel Bryan pin him in the middle of the ring. Bryan celebrates with Team Johnny to close this very special Blast From the Past episode of Smackdown. Good night, everybody!
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