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Re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

This was my first time reading through your BTB, and I really liked what I saw.

I've just read Judgment Day and I really enjoyed it, here's a review friend.

I really liked your opening contest, I can't seem to find Kane & Jeff Hardy as being tag team compatible, but, on the other hand, I'm loving that Kama, the Supreme Fighthing Machine is back and teaming with D-Von! The spot of the match was Hardy's missed Swanton and Kane picked up the win for his team, good opening contest to start off JD.

The European Title match was a nice filler, I was looking forward to DDP winning the belt back but Regal pulled out a cheap trick to walk away with the belt while getting DQ'ed. I hope DDP will get his rematch soon.

Taker Vs Edge was nothing special to me. I see a lot of threads using Edge and giving him huge pushes but, it's hard to replicate what made Edge so legendary just by putting him in matches with the Undertaker. At the very least, Taker won the contest.

I really enjoyed the Hardcore 3-Way. Buh Buh as Champion is great, I guess things will pick up on the Hardcore side now that Buh Buh is Champion. I really liked the ending with that sucession of events. Great stuff!

MOTN belongs to RVD Vs Hardy. A great lenghty IC title match, filled with a great series of maneuvers, counters, and high risk offense. Kudos. I'm guessing these two will continue feuding with just how the post match ended. I don't know if I like Hardy as a serious heel but, we'll see as time rolls on.

This is the match I really hated. First it was way too long for what it was, and, I felt the talents of Jericho & Angle were completely wasted on two unathletic individuals such as Big Show & especially Hogan. I'll give Show credit where credit is due, but, Hogan would be best served tag teaming on the midcard level or having singles matches on PPV's only.

Austin Vs Hall was a good brawl like these can have on any given night. The Baseball Bat at the end really gave this match a nice twist. I'm sure these two will tear it up with the stakes raised just a little bit higher.

Nash Vs HHH was a lenghty and painful contest. I liked that they took to the crowd, the backstage area and the likes. It really favored Nash's slow and methodic style. HBK getting involved added another layer to this contest and I really liked how Nash came about winning this fight. Nicely done.

Rock Vs Flair was pretty darn great. Great spots throughout, we could actually feel the energy they brought to the crowd with how they were back and forth throughout. I'm sure Naitch will get another shot soon.

Overall it was a good Pay-Per-View, a few filler matches here and there, but mostly, great quality matches. 7/10

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Re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

A very good PPV overall. I really like your match writing. All the matches were solid action. Random thoughts:

- Using PPV time to set up matches for upcoming TV shows seems weird to me. I don't know if WWE ever does this. I don't think so. It's a small thing but it bothered me. PPV segments should be used to hype the matches on the card. But again, it's not that big of a deal...

- Edge vs Taker was exactly what it was supposed to be. The young Edge puts up a good fight but in the end the veteran Undertaker beats him cleanly. Good stuff.

- I didn't really like the DQ finishes. One is enough, two is too much in my opinion. DQs and Count outs on PPV are always something you should avoid. I know it makes sense story-wise and it's an easy way to continue the feud but it takes away from the match. It wouldn't have made a big difference if Regal had just used the brass knucks to get the pin. It also seems that the rivalry between Austin and Hall is going to continue. This just seemed like a cheap way to continue their feud.

- RVD vs Hardy was an another good match. At least Matt is benefitting from the Hardy's break up. The heel turn was pretty random at first. Was Matt just frustrated because he couldn't win or did show signs of this before? I need to go back and read previous episodes again because I have no idea.

- The main events were really good. HHH vs Nash was brutal and I liked the finish with Shawn running in. Perhaps this was even too brutal considering they've been feuding for, what, a month now? Nash winning suggests this is going to continue like I hoped. But they already had a brutal street fight so what's next? Hell in a Cell?

- Rock vs Flair I really enjoyed too. Great story and a wonderful match overall.
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Re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

It's back! The previews below also serve as recaps from the last PPV! Feel free to make predictions

King of the Ring Card

WWE Undisputed Championship Match: The Rock (c) vs. Kevin Nash
After defeating and injuring Triple H one month ago at Judgment Day, Kevin Nash set his sights on the Undisputed WWE Championship. At first RAW GM Shawn Michaels was hesitant to make the match because of what Kevin Nash did to Triple H, however HBK could not deny the damage Kevin Nash caused and the fact that he won a brutal street fight against one of the best in the industry Triple H. The Rock and Nash have been face to face in the build up to this match and even competed against each other in a tag team match this past Monday which ended when The Rock and DDP defeated Nash and Regal.

Can The Rock continue on his role as the Undisputed Champion or will Kevin Nash's path of destruction continue and lead to most prestigious championship in sports-entertainment?

No Disqualification Match: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. “The Outsider” Scott Hall
Last month at Judgment Day Austin and Hall were involved in an highly competitive battle until Hall got himself DQ'ed when he used a baseball bat to attack Austin. Over the following weeks this rivalry has become even more personal when Scott Hall attacked Stone Cold's wife Debra. These two will meet this Sunday in a no disqualification match. This time there will be a winner.
But will it be the Texas Rattlesnake or the Bad Guy?

WWE Womens Championship: Jazz (c) vs. Trish vs. Lita vs. Molly
The Women's division on Raw has really been heating up as of late. Molly has gained a mean streak over the past few week as she dyed her hair black and turned her back on the fans. She has been more viscous in the ring and has built up some strong wins going into this match. Fan Favourites Trish and Lita have had their dealings with both Jazz and Molly over the past few weeks. Trish and Lita have mutual respect for each other but when it comes to competing in the ring, these two stop at nothing even when facing each other. This was obvious during their match up this past week on RAW before Jazz interfered. Speaking of Jazz she is the reigning champion and has issues with Trish and Lita, but now she has also had brawls with Molly. All 4 women will be in the ring at the same time and anything can happen in this one fall to a finish match for the WWE Womens Championship!

KOTR Semi Finals: Matt Hardy vs. Edge & Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho
Matt Hardy – last month at Judgment Day Matt fought against RVD in a great match for the IC Championship. After RVD got the win it looked as if both men had mutual respect for each other as they shook hands, however Matt hit RVD with a low blow. From this point on Hardy has had a mean streak and attitude, Hardy was able to use this (and a little help from the Undertaker) to extract revenge and defeat RVD in the quarter finals. With this new behaviour can Matt become the next king of the ring?

Edge – gained further respect from the fans and peers when he took the Undertaker at Judgment Day. Although he did not get the win he proved to the world that he has what it takes to hang in there with some of the best in the business. Edge's momentum continued when he defeated 5x WCW Champion Booker T in the KOTR quarter finals. Can Edge succeed in repeating his 2001 KOTR victory?

Jeff Hardy – coming off a win at Judgment Day with his tag team partner Kane, the two have continued compete as a tag team as well as single competitors. Jeff Hardy the 2000 KOTR winner Kurt Angle in a highly competitive battle to qualify for the tournament. Jeff will face Chris Jericho in the semi final and will be looking for some revenge as Jericho eliminated Kane from the tournament. Also Jericho has a pinfall victory of Jeff from two weeks ago on Raw when Angle and Jericho defeated Kane and Jeff in a tag team match.

Chris Jericho – by some underhanded way Chris Jericho was able to defeated the big red machine Kane this past Monday on Raw to advance to semi-finals of this competition. The former Undisputed Champion will have his work cut out for him as the man who defeated Chris Jericho's friend and tag team partner Kurt Angle. Can the King of the World become the King of the Ring?

Undertaker vs. Rob Van Dam
The night after Judgment Day RVD caused what could be classed as an upset when he defeated the Undertaker cleanly on SD! The next week after RVD successfully defeated Bossman, Undertaker attacked Van Dam and left him broken in the middle of the ring. One week later and with the help of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Van Dam was once again able to pin Undertaker! The following week Undertaker cost Van Dam his match against Matt Hardy but later on in the night Van Dam distracted Undertaker causing him to lose his match against the Big Show.

The mind games come to an end this Sunday. Undertaker has given RVD a chance to become famous. Can RVD pin the Undertaker one more time at the PPV, or will Undertaker rise again and lay RVD 6ft under?

WWE European Championshp: William Regal vs. Diamond Dallas Page (if William Regal gets DQ'ed he will loose the title)
Their feud has continued over the last month. At Judgment day Regal got himself DQ'ed by using his infamous Brass Knuckles. RAW GM Shawn Michaels made the rematch for the KOTR with one condition, if William Regal gets DQ'ed he will lose the championship. Is this DDP's chance to right the wrongs and become what he believes he deserves to be? Or will William Regal's European reign resume?

WWE Tag Team Championship: Hulk Hogan & Big Show (c) vs. Lance Storm & Christian
After a successful title defence against Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. Hogan & Show will now have to face a team that highly talented and seem to always find a way to win. Storm and Christian managed to defeat every time put in their path over the last month and this has included a win over the well established APA. But now they have to take on two former multi-time world champions who work as a cohesive unit. Will Hogan & Show continue their dominance at the top of the tag team division or will the young guns have the resourcefulness to bring home the gold?

RAW Update
Brock Lesnar debuted as a high and has defeated Tommy Dreamer, Albert & Rikishi. Lesnar is managed by Paul Heyman.

There have been strange Vignettes airing, including one in which Lita was being spied on in the locker room.

SD! Update
After being defeated by The Rock, Ric Flair has decided to manage his son David Flair who has recently debuted om SD!.

The newcomer Rico has been trying to get on a roll but veterans like Hugh Morrus and Hardcore Holly have been a thorn in his side. Luckily Rico's trainer Steve Blackman returned to even up the odds.

Billy Kidman defeated Tajiri for the CW Championship on the 23 May edition of SD!

Spike Dudley defeated Bubba Ray for the Hardcore Championship on 13 June edition of SD!
KOTR Predictions

WWE Undisputed Championship Match:
The Rock (c) vs Kevin Nash

No DQ Match: Steve Austin vs Scott Hall

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Hulk Hogan & Big Show (c) vs. Christian & Lance Storm

Singles Match:Undertaker vs. Rob Van Dam

European Championship Match (Regal can't retain via DQ): William Regal (c) vs. DDP

Womens Championship Fatal 4 Way Match: Jazz (c) vs Trish vs Lita vs Molly

KOTR Semi Final: Matt Hardy vs Edge

KOTR Semi Final: Jeff Hardy vs Chris Jericho

KOTR Final: ??? vs ???

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Re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

KOTR Predictions

WWE Undisputed Championship Match: The Rock (c) vs Kevin Nash

No DQ Match: Steve Austin vs Scott Hall

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Hulk Hogan & Big Show (c) vs Christian & Lance Storm

Singles Match: Undertaker vs Rob Van Dam

European Championship Match (Regal can't retain via DQ): William Regal (c) vs DDP

Womens Championship Fatal 4 Way Match: Jazz (c) vs Trish vs Lita vs Molly

KOTR Semi Final: Matt Hardy vs Edge

KOTR Semi Final: Jeff Hardy vs Chris Jericho

KOTR Final: Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy

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