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re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

25 April 2002

Opening Segment
“Car Wreck” plays as SD! GM Mick Foley makes his way down to the ring to good ovation from the crowd. Foley gets in the ring and welcomes us to the first SD! of the brand extension. He says that he has a huge announcement for next week. Foley says that he has just finished speaking to the board of directors and that next week there will be battle royal involving the top superstars on SmackDown and the winner will get to face whom ever the WWE Undisputed Champion maybe at Judgment Day!

The fans cheer but then “Glass Shatters” and the crowd goes crazy as Stone Cold makes his way down to the ring. Austin gets into the ring and says that whilst the battle royal is all next and good for next week, he wants to be in action tonight. Austin says that he has unfinished business with Scott Hall and wants him in the ring tonight. Foley agrees and our main event for tonight is set; Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall!

Match 1: Cruiserweight Championship Match: Tajiri w/Torrie vs. Matt Hardy
This match is high flying and both men put on a good performance with Hardy hitting the Top Rope Leg Drop and a running clothesline. Tajiri fought back with a group of stiff martial art kicks, Tajiri then locked in the Tarantula. Tajiri set Hardy for the Buzzsaw Kick but Hardy ducked and rolled up Tajiri for a 2 count. Tajiri got back to his feet and kicked Hardy in the groin behind the referees back. Tajiri then hit the Buzzsaw Kick for the win at 7.42. Tajiri pulls an unhappy Torrie to the back as Hardy writhes in pain in the ring.

Match 2: The APA vs. Bossman & Booker T
This was a highly physical match that involved Faarooq legitimately “stiffing” up Booker on occasion with hard clotheslines. Bradshaw was down on the outside when Booker had the ref distracted, Bossman nailed Faarooq in the back of the head with the Nightsick, Faarooq keeled over and Booker hit the Scissor Kick to score the win at 4.55

Backstage Segment
We cut quickly to the backstage area where Scott Hall is standing over Austin. Hall is kicking Austin and throwing all kinds of props available on to him. Hall picks up Austin and rams in head first a number of times into the solid wall. Hall then picks up Austin and delivers a Outsiders Edge onto the Concrete Fall. The officials finally get there and break off Hall from a badly hurt Rattlesnake.

The Debut of Rico Contantino
We come back from the commercial as Julian Marquez is in the ring. He looks kind of slimy and untrustworthy, the fans don't think much of this arrogant jobber.

“Random Babyface Music 34” plays as out comes Rico Constantino...

Tazz and Michael Cole put over this guys serious martial arts background as well as him being a “happy-go-lucky” kind of man. Rico smiles and energetically makes his way down to the ring.

Match 3: Rico Constantino vs. Julian Marquez
The match starts and Rico takes control from the start but Julian pulls on Rico's hair and takes advantage, Rico fights back and nails Julian with a Spinning Back Kick, Julian flips over like a coin, Rico pins and gets the win at 3.11, to the fans approval. Rico panders to the fans in excitement as he celebrates.

Backstage Segment
Foley barges into Halls locker room and demands to know why he attacked Austin. Foley says that Austin has been taking to a near by medical facility and will be unable to compete tonight, Hall seems very happy about this and says that Foley will need to find a new main event now. Foley is irate and tells Hall to stop packing his bags and get his ring gear on. Foley says that he will find someone to face Hall tonight. The fans pop as Hall looks pissed off, as Foley leaves the locker room.

Match 4: Hardcore Championship Triple Threat Match: Bubba Ray (c) vs. Al Snow vs. Hardcore Holly
This match was organised chaos as all three men used everything but the kitchen sink on and around the ring. Al Snow hit Holly with a Trash Can and then got grabbed from behind, Snow was dropped with Bubba Bomb through a Table, Bubba pins and retains at 6.32

Battle Royal Promo
“Keep Rollin...” played as Undertaker made his way down to the ring. The fans boo Taker as he begins to speak. Taker mentions the battle royal coming up next week. Taker says that he has a decade of destruction behind him, but that the last time he held the world title was four years ago. Taker says that he doesn't care who the champion is, or who is the battle royal next week because..... “You Think You Know Me....”

Edge comes down to the ring to a huge applause. Edge says that he is the newest star on Smackdown and he has been waiting and waiting to make it to the top. Edge says that his opportunity is finally here. “One of a Kind........”

IC Champion RVD makes his way down to the ring to join the conversation. The fans are cheering for RVD as he starts to speak. RVD says that unlike Edge he hasn't waited for anything, RVD says that you need to make oppurtunities and not wait to take them. RVD says that he holds the IC title on his shoulder as proof for taking importunities. Taker shuts up RVD and tells both him and Edge that they shouldn't be in his “yard”......Taker says that Edge and RVD need to show respect to him, because he paved the way for both of them. “Woooooooo......”

The fans pop as Ric Flair comes down to the ring to join in. Flair says that “no one owes Undertaker anything”. Flair says that Edge and RVD worked hard and got where they were today because of their personal sacrifices. Flair says however, also says that no one has put more hard work and effort in this business than himself. Flair says that he is “still” the Nature Boy and that next week he will show all three them who deserves respect, when he wins the battle royal.

Backstage Segment
Foley is seen in his office. Foley is on the phone and he puts the phone down as Kevin Kelly walks in. Kevin asks Foley what the situation is with Austin and Hall. Foley states that Austin is still receiving treatment and that he has just come off the phone with Halls opponent tonight. Foley says that his opponent will be arriving very soon.

Match 5: Hurricane & Funaki vs. Christian & Lance Storm
Hurricane is very over but Funaki is the weak link in this put together team. Storm and Christian make quick work of the cruiserweights when Storm makes Funaki tap out to the Single Leg Boston Crab at 4.20

Pre Main Event Segment
A limo arrives, The door opens, we can't tell who's getting out as we cut to a break.

“Outsider” plays as Scott Hall is in the ring, he looks half cocky and half anxious.

“If Ya Smelllow....What The Rock.....Is Coookin'....” Cole and Tazz go crazy as the WWE Undisputed Champion is Halls mystery opponent!

Main Event: The Rock vs. Scott Hall
The match starts and The Rock is on fire with intensity, Hall gets back in the match and slows the pace down working over The Rock in corners. Hall targets Rock's knee and begins to focus on this in the match. Hall wraps Rock's knee around the ring post in one spot. Rock fights back and hits a huge Tilt-a-Whirl DDT. As the match progresses The Rock runs at Hall but Hall pulls the referee in front of him, Rock collides into the referee. Hall then escapes to the outside of the ring and brings a steel chair into the match.

Rock blocks the chair shot and starts to punch away at Hall, but Hall uses a low blow to take Rocky back down. Hall then picks the chair back up but Austin is running down the entrance ramp, he is bandaged and running with a slight hobble. Hall has yet to notice but he turns and sees Austin making his way closer to the ring, Hall turns his attention to Austin. Hall points to the chair and tells Austin to stay back if he knows what's good for him. Austin trash talks Hall from a distance and is actually distracting him as Rock is back on his feet!

Rock is pacing and pacing behind Hall, waiting and waiting....Austin flips off Hall and takes a few steps back, Hall looks impressed that he has “tamed” the rattlesnake, little does he know that when he turns back to focus on the rock he is met by a Rock Bottom!!!!. Rocky pins, 1...2...3!!! @ 13.44.

Post Main Event Segment
The Rock celebrates in the ring as Austin is on the entrance ramp with a huge psychotic laugh as Hall lies motionless on the canvas. The Rock walks back up the entrance ramp and meets Austin. There is plenty of space between them as they exchange, it is unclear what they say to each other, but is probably along the lines of respect and that they both know they will no doubt meet again in the middle of the ring.

Rock walks to the back as his music stops, Austin makes his way back down to the ring, Hall is slowly getting to his feet after his match with The Rock. Austin waits as Hall staggers to his feet, Austin gives Hall “the bird” and drills him with a Stone Cold Stunner!!! The Glass Shatters as Austin signals for a bear as he hobbles back up the entrance ramp to close the show.

Spoiler for Velocity Results:

Rob Van Dam def. Christian
Jazz def. Jacqueline
Billy Kidman def. Crash Holly

Spoiler for SmackDown! Results:

Tajiri def. Matt Hardy to retain the Cruiserweight title
Booker T & Bossman def. Bradshaw & Faarooq
Rico Constantino def. Julian Marquez
Bubba Ray Dudley def. Al Snow & Hardcore Holly to retain the Hardcore title
Christian & Lance Storm def. Hurricane & Funaki
The Rock def. Scott Hall

Spoiler for Confirmed Matches for Next Weeks SD!:

Battle Royal - Winner to face WWE Undisputed Champion at Judgment Day

Confirmed Participants:
Steve Austin, Scott Hall, Undertaker, Rob Van Dam, Edge, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Big Show

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re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

Smackdown review

Good opening promo, like the sound of the battle royal and the main event

Tajiri retaining the Cruiserweight title was a great call, his heel stuff with Torrie around this period was brilliant

Bossman/Booker going over APA surprised me, will be interesting to see if you keep them together and push them

Hall taking out Austin was great and built a lot of heat on him

Rico debuting as a face is really interesting, thought he did a great job with Billy and Chuck so surprised you went down a different route, should be good as he was always decent in the ring

Bubba retaining the hardcore title was good and this would have been a really good match

Battle Royal promo sounds brilliant and was a great way to get these guys on tv

Storm/Christian beating Funaki/Hurricane was expected but still good, hopefully Funaki/Hurricane was just a one night thing as Hurricane could have a great feud with Tajiri over the belt

Rock being the mystery opponent was a great call and the pop would have been great, him going over after the Austin comes out was a great way to end the match without making anyone look weak. The face off with Rock and Austin was awesome and Austin finishing the show stunning Hall although making sense I think was a bit of overkill.

Overall really good show, I'm liking the feuds you are setting up

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re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

Monday Night Raw
29 April 2002

Match 1: Chris Jericho w/Kurt Angle vs. Big Show w/Hulk Hogan

If Jericho can win this match, Shawn Michaels said that he would consider giving Jericho and Angle a tag team shot. Show beat Jericho a few weeks ago on SmackDown and looks to do the same tonight. The match is a very good opener with both Kurt and Hogan getting involved to help out their partner. The ending came when Hogan was accidentally distracting the referee allowing Angle to slide in the ring and deliver an Angle Slam to the Big Show. Jericho followed it up with a Lionsault and the three count for the win at 12.11

Judgment Day Promo
SD! Promo
Live Event Promo

Match 2: Molly Holly vs. Stacy Keibler
Molly Holly comes out with newly died black hair. Stacy is no longer wearing the “dutchess of dudleyville” tshirt, but now is in black top with blue short shorts. Stacy gets a few offensive moves in but Molly is very aggressive and she drops Stacy with a DDT to pick up the win at 5.53

A Regal Interruption
Regal makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos. Regal is in a very smart suit as he climbs into the ring, Regal talks about that “rotten trollop” for a European Champion, Diamond Dallas Page. Regal says that last week in that six man tag match he embarrassed DDP and out wrestled him. Regal also says that how can DDP claim to be the European champion when his is not even from Europe

“Bang...It's Me, It's Me, It's D...D...P....” Diamond Dallas Page comes down to the ring, he says that last week he was whipped Regals ass and that Regal was mistaken if he thought he was better than him. DDP says that he is proud to be the European champion and that the only disgrace to Europe is Regal himself. Regal starts to get very angry as...

“Ahh, Ahh, Shawn...” Out comes the MNR General Manager, Shawn Michaels!

Michaels slides into the ring as the fans applaud. Michaels says that we obviously have a confrontation on our hands that there is only one way to settle it and that is, next week, Diamond Dallas Page will defend his European title against William Regal. The fans applaud as Michaels leaves, leaving DDP and Regal looking intently at each other in the middle of the ring. DDP wears the title belt proudly as we cut to a commercial

Match 3: Albert w/Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Planet Stasiak
The fun loving Albert makes quick work of the deranged Stasiak with a Baldo Bomb at 3.22

Through the Peephole
We cut to a clip, from what seems like a hand-held camera. Trish and Lita in the diva locker room. Stacy is also in their recovering from her match with Molly. Trish and Lita check on Stacy and say that they need that they don't know what has got into her. The camera is shaky as it seems to be used from outside the locker room, by opening the door slightly. The segment ends when the camera is put facing the ground, where it seems it was being held by someone wearing black and gold boots, that are identically to those Goldust wears.

Match 4: Jeff Hardy & Kane vs. D-Von Dudley & Kama
Kama who is going just by his first name now, starts the match with Hardy. This match is a very good tag team match between all four men and both teams work well together. D-Von has a new look that is red and black, so he is colour co-ordinated with Kama. The two big men exchange tags to stay fresh whilst beating down Kane, eventually Kane makes the tag to Hardy. Full of energy and crowd support, Jeff uses his agility to fly off the ropes and turnbuckles to take down D-Von and Kama. However D-Von and Kama double team Hardy, but Kane intercepts and clotheslines Kama to the outside. Kane and Kama fight on the outside whilst Jeff hits D-Von with the Twist of Fate and then the Swanton Bomb to pick up the win at 12.43

In the Sheriffs Office
Jericho and Angle barge into Michaels' office, they are all happy and over-excited at the fact Jericho beat Big Show earlier tonight. They keep making fun of the way Hogan tried to help but failed, as well as how dumb the referee was not seeing Angle get in the ring. They also make fun of Big Show for being stupid and not noticing what was happening.

None of this amuses Michaels, but he says that he is a man of his word and he will give Jericho and Angle a shot at the tag team titles at Judgment Day. Michaels says he has done this cause he can't wait to see Hogan and Big Show shut them up! Jericho and Angle leave wearing big smirks across their faces.

Match 5: Mr. Perfect vs. Perry Saturn
Saturn displayed some good wrestling moves in this match, including some cool looking suplexes however Perfect got the win after some good chain wrestling and nailing the PerfectPlex at 5.03

The Rock Interview
The Rock is backstage as Coach tries to get a few words with him before the match with Triple H. Rock hushes Coach and Finally, The Rock has come back..... Rocky continues with catchphrases mixed in with mocking The Coach. Rock continues and says that this next match is a long time in the making. Rock says that ever since WrestleMania, he has been waiting for the time when he faces Triple H one more time. Rock says that tonight, Triple H's wait is over. Rock says that Triple H has earned the right to face him and that he is one of the best in the business today. Rock says that Triple H better get ready because tonight The Rock is gonna bring it. If ya smelll, what The Rock........is cookin'. The Peoples champion gives the peoples eyebrow, as he walks off.

Getting Ready for the Main Event
Triple H is backstage and he sits with his head in his hands as he is emotionally about ready for the upcoming match. HHH sits up and stands up, he opens the locker room door and makes his way down the corridor as we cut to the parking lot.

The camera is in the parking lot as we see Kevin Nash making his way into the arena.....

Main Event: WWE Undisputed Championship: The Rock © vs. Triple H
Both men start with a stare-down but it quickly leads into a battle of fists. These two men have had plenty of matches in the past, so this one is not unique in anyway. They put on a good showing as Rock reverses HHH under-hook knee to the face and tries to lock in the Sharpshooter but HHH has this move scouted and pushes Rock onto the canvas.

The match continues with lots of counters, showing that both men have learned a lot from their previous matches as they know each others move-sets. Triple H can't seem to hit his high knees, spinebuster or pedigree, so he goes to top rope to take a risk but, Rock straddles HHH on the top turnbuckle. Rock climbs up and delivers a superplex to Triple H, Rock covers but only manages to get a 2 count.

The match continues as Rock and HHH slow down as they try and finish the match off. Nash makes his way down to the ring and he watches from about halfway between the tron and the ring. HHH and Rock both notice him, but try their best to keep their attention on the match. The match stays very equal but Nash takes his opportunity when the ref was not looking, and hooks HHHs leg from near the ring ropes. This momentary distraction causes HHH to turn around and see what happened, Nash steps back lifting his hands high in the air saying that he didn't do anything. HHH turns around and Rock nails him with a Rock Bottom. Rock pins and retains at 16.23 as Nash walks back to the back with a cocky smile on his face to close the show.

Spoiler for Sunday Night Heat Results:

DDP def. Test
Kurt Angle def. Maven
Kevin Nash def. Tommy Dreamer

Spoiler for Monday Night Raw Results:

Chris Jericho def. Big Show
Molly Holly def. Stacy Keibler
Albert def. Planet Stasiak
Jeff Hardy & Kane def. D-Von Dudley & Kama
Mr. Perfect def. Perry Saturn
The Rock def. Triple H to retain Undisputed title
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re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

Jericho going over Big show was a good way to start the show, both these teams work really well.

Molly squashing Stacy is a good idea to get her over as a heel

Regal/DDP segment was good and hoping Regal takes the belt next week

Albert going over Stasiak quickly was a good way to get him on tv

This Goldust angle with the divas is interesting, at the moment I think it's not Goldust but someone new who will feud with him

Jeff and Kane going over Kama and Dvon makes sense and a Kane/kama feud could be really good

Looking forward to the tag match at Judgement Day, my guess is Jericho/Angle go over

Perfect going over Saturn again makes sense and was a good way to get him on tv, hoping you have him feud with Regal over the European title

Rock interview was a great way to build up the main event

Nash costing HHH the match was a great way to continue their feud and I'm glad you kept the belt on Rock because there is a much bigger pay off down the line when HHH finally wins the belt

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re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

A big thanks for the support each and every show you get round to looking at. I will try and have smackdown wrote by the end of the weekend and then its full force going into Judgment Day!
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re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

2 May 2012

Opening Segment
Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to an explosive edition of SmackDown! Without any hesitation GM Mick Foley comes down to the ring to a huge ovation. Foley gets a few cheap pops in and then mentions that tonight their will be two championships. Crusierweight champion Tajiri will face Hurricane and Womens champion Jazz facing Torrie Wilson.

The crowd pops for those two matches but then Foley reminds everyone that tonight there is a fifteen man battle royal where the winner will go onto face WWE Undisputed Champion: The Rock, at Judgment Day!

“How Do You Like Me Know.......” plays as Hardcore Holly comes down to the ring to mild heat. Holly says that he has been with the company for nearly ten years and that he has never been given “a chance”. Holly says that since the brand extension, he thought he would finally get the chance to become a star. Instead Holly says that he has been relegated to Velocity and has not actually had a match on SD! since the split.Holly then carries on to say that Al Snow is booked in the battle royal but he isn't and that makes no sense.

Foley interjects and asks if there is anyone in the back who is willing to show “ruthless aggression” and to come out here and put their spot in the battle royal on the line.

“You Think You Know” plays as outcomes Edge. Edge gets a good response as he says that he is ready for any challenge and he says that he made his own opportunity and did not wait for someone to hand it to him. Foley asks for a referee to be bought down to ringside as this match is about to begin.

Match 1: Hardcore Holly vs. Edge
Edge takes advantage early on as the crowd is behind him, but Holly overpowers Edge and looks to close the match with a great dropkick and a few bodyslams and suplexes but Edge hits Holly with a Spear! followed by a pin to win at 4.11.

Undertaker Interview
Backstage and the Undertaker is standing by with Kevin Kelly. Taker is asked what he thinks our his chances going into tonight's battle royal for the number 1 contendership. Taker starts to speak but then seems to be looking out of range of the camera. Taker then says “good match, kid”. He walks over to a slightly fatigued Edge who is walking back to the locker room after his match moments ago. Taker tells him congratulations and that he sees something good in Edge. Taker then says that he was brave taking on Holly but he understands that Edge wanted to win a match tonight, and he knows that he won't be able to win the battle royal later.

Edge responds by taking exception to being called “a kid”. Edge says that he is hungry for success and to show the world that he is the next superstar in the WWE. Edge says that he doesn't just plan on winning the battle royal tonight, but that he also plans on eliminating The Undertaker personally.

Taker has turned serious and tells Edge that he doesn't want to be made famous by him. Edge responds by saying that “Edge will make Edge famous” and he starts tonight by winning the battle royal. Edge walks off leaving Undertaker in a thought-provoking state of mind.

Match 2: Cruiserweight Championship: Tajiri w/Torrie vs. Hurricane
Torrie is at ringside dressed in a long Japanese style gown chosen by Tajiri to cover her up from the world. Tajiri and Hurricane have a high paced fast match with the crowd really getting behind the Hurricane. Tajiri locks in the tarantula but Hurricane gets back in the match and hits a spinning neckbreaker, however he is unable to keep the momentum going when Tajiri removes the top turnbuckle pad and drives Hurricane head first into it. Tajiri then finishes the match with the buzzsaw kick to win at 9.02. Tajiri grabs Torrie and pulls her to the back. He tells her that he just showed her how to win and that tonight she must win the Womens Championship.

We cut to the back where Scott Hall is waiting in the parking lot with a baseball bat in hand. He has “Hall 3:16” written on the bat and he says that he has heard Austin is on the way to the arena and he can't wait to meet him.

Match 3: Lance Storm vs. Funaki
Funaki gets a bit of offence in the start of the match. Funaki uses his speed and techincal skill to keep Storm on the ground but Storm drops Funaki with a spinning wheel kick. Storm then hits a springboard clothesline from the top rope. Storm goes for the superkick but Funkai reverses it and then rolls Storm up but Storm reverses and grabs Funakis leg and locks him in the Single Leg Boston Crab , Funaki taps out at 5.13

Tag Champions Promo
Hogan and Big Show come out to a good ovation. They give their usual promo about how they are going to be known as the greatest tag team of all time. They also say that it is confirmed that at Judgment Day they will defend their tag team titles against Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho. They carry on to say that whilst Angle and Jericho are two young and great wrestlers, they can't match the power and experience that they have. Watchyaa gonna do, when the largest athlete in the world and Hulkamania run wild on you!!

Match 4: Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Christian
This match is non title so Bubba's Hardcore title is not on the line. Lance Storm is at ringside with Christian as the match begins. Bubba has the fans behind him as hits Christian with a flurry of punches and clothesline. Bubba goes for second rope senton splash but Christian moves, leaving Bubba to go spine first into the canvas. Christian goes on the offensive but the match continues to go back and forth with neither gaining a solid advantage. The match comes to a close when Storm distracts the referee allowing for Christian to hit Bubba with a low blow and then the unprettier for the win at 9.32

After the match Storm slides in the ring and celebrates with Christian. They both go to exist but as Christian exits the ring and starts to walk to the back Storm turns around and runs over and pins Bubba Ray....he shouts at the ref to count....1....2...3!!!!!

Storm has become the new WWE Hardcore Champion as Christian has turned back to see Storm standing in the ring with the title belt. Christian looks pissed off that he was obviously outsmarted.

Parking Lot Attraction
We cut back to the parking lot where a pick up truck arrives. Hall rushes over to where the truck parks. But before Hall can swing the bat, out pops referee Tim White! White asks Hall to not him and that Austin has a message for him.

“Glass Shatters”......

Back in the arena and Austin is seen walking through the crowd and down to the security barrier. Austin climbs over the barrier and into the ring. Austin has a mic in hand and he starts to speak. Austin says that whilst Hall has been in the parking lot, looking like a jackass waiting for him, he has been sitting in the arena wearing a hoody. Austin says that there will be no surprise attacks tonight and he is ready for Hall to come and get his ass whippin! Hall out to the top of the entrance ramp with the baseball bat. Hall looks smug that he has the weapon, but Austin pulls out steel chain from under the hoody! Austin is like a mad man swinging the chain around as Hall rushes to the back, Austin chases swinging the chain like a lunatic with a psychotic grin on his face. Hall rushes back to the parking lot and drives off!!

Match 5: Womens Championship: Jazz vs. Torrie Wilson
Torrie is hot as always and Jazz is bad ass. Torrie tries to keep the match fast paced as she drops Jazz with a running neckbreaker and a few snapmares and armdrags. However it didn't take Jazz look to get back in the match hit Torrie with some strong moves, including a backbreaker and finished the match with the Elevated Double Arm Chickenwing at 5.56 when Torrie tapped out.

After the match Tajiri helps up his girlfriend as he looks in disgust at her. He grabs her by the hair and looks likes he is about to hit her, mist in the eyes, by Tajiri on Torrie! Tajiri laughs as Torrie falls to her knees trying get the mist out of her eyes. Tajiri is setting her up for the buzzsaw kick but Billy Kidman rushes down to the ring to make the save. Tajiri slides out of the ring as Kidman tries to help Torrie in the ring.

In Foleys Office
Backstage and we see Mick Foley in what is reminiscent of his old office when he was WWE Comissioner. There is wire meshing on a backdrop and he has a wooden table with a steel chair has his desk. Kevin Kelly tries to get a word with Foley about Hall's escape earlier. Foley says that Hall will still be entered into the battle royal tonight but if he is too afraid to enter at the start of the match because he has drove out of here, then he will be automatically eliminated.

Match 6: Rico Constantine vs. John Hope
Rico takes the jobber out quickly. A flurry of martial art strikes ending set up John Hope for a Flying Cross-body Block for the win at 3.40

Backstage Segment
The camera cuts to the backstage area where Bossman and Booker are ready for the main event. Booker asks what happens if it comes down to just them two tonight. However Ric Flair walks past and tells them both not to worry as he is going to win the match and go on to face The Rock and become the WWE Champion one more time. Wooooooo

Camera then cuts to Matt Hardy lacing up his boots, then to RVD doing the splits, then to the APA walking. The Battle Royal is up next.

Main Event: 15 Man Battle Royal for the number 1 contendership for the WWE Undisputed Championship
Al Snow vs Booker T vs Bossman vs Billy Kidman vs Bradshaw vs Edge vs Faarooq vs Hurricane vs Matt Hardy vs Rob Van Dam vs Ric Flair vs Scott Hall vs Steve Austin vs Tajiri vs Undertaker

The match starts without Scott Hall so he is immediately eliminated as per the rules. This brings it down to 14 as the match begins. Kidman and Hurricane team up to eliminate Tajiri in the early moments.

13 remain as the match continues. Austin and Taker are going at it in the centre of the ring as Bossman and Booker are double teaming Flair. The APA have been split as RVD and Hardy team up on Faarooq, leaving Bradshaw against Al Snow. Hurricane and Kidman have turned on each other now, whilst Edge begins to help Flair.

The match continues as all the superstars move around to face each other. Booker eliminates Al Snow and then Bradshaw takes out Kidman leaving 11 left.

RVD and Hardy are now going at it whilst Flair is chopping away at Bossman in the corner. Booker T and Austin are facing off in the middle of the ring as Edge backdrops Hurricane over the top rope. Bossman then ducks as Faarooq falls over the top rope and onto the ground leaving 9.

Austin and Flair are not battling it out. Undertaker and Bradshaw are in the corner trying to lift each other out as Bossman and Booker are double teaming Edge. Matt Hardy gets back into the match and tries to attack Undertaker but Taker throws Hardy over the top rope and onto the outside, but Hardy stays on the apron. Bossman runs at Hardy but Hardy pulls the rope down and Bossman falls to the outside, eliminated.

RVD and Austin are now going at it as we are down to 8. Hardy and Booker T have squared off against each other. Bradshaw and Edge are trying eliminate each other as Flair busy with the IC champion Rob Van Dam. RVD is caught off guard as he climbs the top rope and is eliminated by Flair!

6 remain and Austin starts to clear house but Hall rushes back down the ring, Austin sees him and Hall stops before getting to the ring, however Taker eliminates Austin from behind!

6 are left as Hall starts to beat down on the fallen Austin. The officials gather round and try to remove Hall. As they do so the match continues in the ring.Bradshaw eliminates Booker T but then Taker takes out Bradshaw leaving 3 left.

Undertaker, Edge & Ric Flair are the final three. They go back and forth as we have a mini triple threat match. Taker hits Flair with the Chokeslam then Edge hits Taker with the Spear. Edge tries to eliminate Taker but Taker grabs Edge around the throat and throws him over the top rope, eliminating him.

Flair and Taker remain and Taker scoops up Flair and tries to slam him out of the ring but Flair holds onto the apron. Edge pops back up and grabs Taker and pulls him onto the top rope. The refs are trying pull Edge off but he is holding on. Flair sneaks up behind Taker and with the help of Edge they eliminate him @ 15.45.

“Woooooo!” plays as Flair celebrates in the ring as he is going to Judgment Day to face The Rock for the WWE Undisputed Championship. Taker looks pissed and confused on the outside of the ring as Edge is walking up the ramp-way with a smug grin on his face. We cut back to Flair celebrating in the ring as the show ends.

Spoiler for SmackDown! Results:

Edge def. Hardcore Holly
Lance Storm def. Funaki
Tajiri def. Hurricane to retain the Cruiserweight Title
Christian def. Bubba Ray Dudley
Lance Storm def. Bubba Ray Dudley to win the Hardcore Title
Jazz def. Torrie Wilson to retain the Womens Title
Rico Constantine def. John Hope
Ric Flair def. 14 others in a Battle Royal to become the Number One Contender

Spoiler for Velocity Results:

Bossman def. Al Snow
Debra def. Terri in a bikini contest
Billy Kidman def. Crash Holly

Spoiler for Judgment Day Card:

WWE Undisputed Championship: The Rock (c) vs. Ric Flair
WWE Tag Team Championship: Hogan & Show (c) vs. Angle & Jericho

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Re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

Another really good show

Foley opening was a nice idea to set up the show and the Edge/Holly match

Edge/Holly was a good way to give Edge a lot of momentum going into the main event, at this time Edge was on the cusp of the main event but it just didn't happen for him unfortunately, hopefully you will change this

Undertaker/Edge segment was a good way of both building the main event and suggesting an Edge/Undertaker feud

Tajiri retaining the title over Hurricane was good as he shouldn't lose the belt yet, Hurricane was a great opponent

Storm going over Funaki quickly made sense and was a good way to give him some momentum

Christian/Bubba Ray was a good match, surprised you had Christian go over but then the Storm title win made it work, really looking forward to these two feuding

The Hall/Stone Cold segment was really good, I love the way you are building this feud, WWE should have built it like this back in 2002

Jazz retaining the title was good as it led to the Tajiri/Torrie confrontation which then introduced the Kidman/Tajiri feud which should be great

Rico getting another quick win is good for building him up, looking forward to seeing what direction you take him

The last bit of build up for the main event was good, it's something you do really well in all your shows; you make every main event matter and feel important which I really like

The Battle Royal was a great main event, Edge helping Flair beat Undertaker was a great way to kick off their feud. Happy Flair won and gets the title shot, him and Rock should have some good segments together and it is a big match for both guys and a worthy main event. The only thing I didn't like was that Rock wasn't there either on commentary or coming to the top of the ramp for a stare down to end the show think either of these would have been a great way to end the show.

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Re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

Monday Night Raw
6 May 2002

Opening In-Ring Segment
Just 2 weeks away from Judgment Day as JR and The King welcomes us to Monday Night Raw. “Time to Play the Game”..... Here comes Triple H, dressed in jeans and leather jacket, he is ready for a fight and he paces down to the ring. HHH grabs a mic and says that last week he finally had the chance to become the WWE Undisputed Champion but Nash took his chance away. HHH then calls out Nash and tells him that he is ready for a fight.

“Nash Power”.... plays and out comes Kevin Nash, he makes his way down to the ring and as he gets over the top rope HHH launches at him. Back and forth the punches goes when Shawn Michaels runs down to the ring and tries to separate them but to no avail. Security to come running down to the ring and eventually separate them. Michaels gets mic from ringside. HBK asks why his two best friends feel the need to beat the hell out of each other. He tells them both to go to the back and to cool off. Nash is guided back up the ramp-way by the security as Triple H is held in the corner by the other security guards. Michaels looks pissed off as he stands in the ring looking at his two best friends.

Match 1: Billy & Chuck vs. Kane & Jeff Hardy
Hardy and Gunn start as they lock up in the centre of the ring. Gunn uses his power to drive Hardy into the canvas on a number of occasions but Hardy is resilient and fights back with some high risk moves of his own. Kane and Palumbo get tagged in and both men show their speed and power. Palumbo drops Kane with a huge suplex, but Kane also displays skill with a huge flying clothesline from the top rope. Kane gives Gunn a Chokeslam, that is followed up by Hardys Swanton Bomb for the win at 8.30.

Sherriffs Office Segment
Shawn Michaels is in his office with The Coach. Michaels says that during the past ten minutes he has spoke to both HHH and Kevin Nash and has told them that tonight, he will call them out to the ring and they, with him as the mediator, will be able to settle their differences and put this whole thing behind them and move forward as the great friends they all are.

Match 2: Maven vs. Perry Saturn
Saturn over powers and bullies Maven in the opening of the match, but the fans start to get behind Maven and Maven pulls out a great dropkick. Saturn is left dazed as Maven hits the Halo DDT for the win at 4.21.

Goldust Video Promo
A video package appears on the screen and it is a shot of shaky camera footage of the divas in there spare time. It includes spy footage on Stacy, Trish, Lita, Lillian Garcia in their homes, out and about in parks etc... The camera zooms out from the TV and we see a Golden Hollywood style chair with Goldust sitting in the seat watching the film of the shaky camera footage. Screen fades to black.

Match 3: Hulk Hogan vs. Test
Test cheap-shots Hogan before the bell to try and gain the advantage. Test works over Hogan until Hogan begins to fight back. The match goes to the outside where Test keeps working over Hogan. However the match gets back into the ring and Test drops Hogan with the Big Boot. However Test can't get the win as Hogan kicks out at two. Hogan hulks up, delivers a few punches, a Big Boot of his own and then the Immortal Leg Drop for the win at 7.11. Hogan celebrates in the ring as the cameras cut to Kurt Angle getting ready in the back with Chris Jericho.

Jeff Hardy & Kane Locker Room Segment
Jeff Hardy is in the back next to Kane in the locker room. Jeff thanks Kane for the match earlier and says that they make a great team and should continue to work together, but before Kane can reply, Kama and D-Von burst onto the scene attack Kane and Hardy. They throw Hardy into the lockers and then double team a downed Kane. Kama and D-Von stand tall as officials rush in and try to keep Kama and D-Von from doing any more harm. Kama and D-Von look pleased with their beatings they have given as they walk off.

Match 4: European Championship: DDP © vs. William Regal
DDP and Regal lock up and the match begins with basic chain wrestling between the two men. DDP gains the upper hand which irritates the Regal one. The match continues as both men pull out great moves from the arsenals. DDP tries for the Diamond Cutter but Regal breaks free at the last second. Regal also tries the Regal Cutter but DDP also reverses it. DDP tries to regain momentum but Regal hits DDP with a flurry of stiff knee and elbow strikes. Regal tried a Butterfly Suplex but DDP reverses out of it. DDP goes for a Spinning Powerbomb but Regal reverses it and drops DDP onto the canvas and applies the Regal Stretch!!. DDP gets to the ropes to release the hold. Regal looks out of ideas so he slides outside and picks up the European Title Belt. Regal gets back in the ring but the referee pulls the belt of Regal so he can't use it. The referee turns away to put the title belt back on the outside as Regal pulls out the brass knuckles....Power of the Punch! behind the referees back on DDP. Regal covers, the ref turns around, 1..2..3!!! Regal wins the European Championship at 14.12

Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle Backstage Segment
Backstage Segment with Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. They both make fun of a one of the production crew members they come across. Jericho tells Angle to get his head in the game as he has huge match tonight against The Rock. Angle reminds Jericho that they also have a huge match at Judgment Day for the tag titles. Jericho asks if Angle is going bald because he seems to be developing bald patches. Angle gets on the defensive as the fans laugh. Angle says that he is not going bald and that Jericho needs glasses. Jericho is holding back laughter as Angle walks off trying to psyche himself up for his match against The Rock later.

Match 5: Trish, Lita & Stacy vs. Jazz, Ivory & Molly
The face team look like they are a cohesive unit, where as Jazz, Ivory and Molly seem to be weary of each other. Stacy and Molly start the match and Molly takes advantage with her new-found mean-streak. Jazz tags in and continues the beat-down on Stacy. Eventually Stacy gets the tag as Trish and Jazz grapple each other in the middle of the ring. Trish takes down the Womens Champion Jazz as the crowd cheer. Jazz makes a tag to Ivory as Trish tags in Lita. Ivory and Lita face off in the ring as Molly comes in and takes down Lita. Stacy makes the save but Jazz gets back in the ring and so does Trish. Chaos ensues in the ring but soon the ring clears as Lita and Ivory the legal women are left in the ring. Lita takes Ivory down and then hits her with the Litasault! for the win at 4.50. Jazz tries to get back in the ring to blind attack Lita, but Trish sees her and Jazz retreats. Lita, Stacy and Trish celebrate in the ring as Jazz and Molly retreat up the ramp-way.

Rock Interview
Backstage and Coachman is standing by with The Rock.....Finally, The Rock has come back to Chicago........ Rock continues on his promo about what happened on Smackdown and how he saw the Ric Flair win the Battle Royal. Rock says that Flair was a great champion and that he is one of the all time greats. But Rock says that at Judgment Day it will be an honour to step into the ring with the living legend that is Ric Flair. Rock then changes tune and talks about is upcoming match with Kurt Angle. Rock mentions that he and Kurt Angle have a storied past and that they have fought many times before. Rock says that tonight, just like all the other times, Kurt Angle will “bring it”, The Rock will “bring it”, but the fact remains the same that The Rock is the “peoples champion and he is the undisputed champion, and that after all the Rock Bottoms, Peoples Elbows, Angle Slams and Ankle Locks... The Rock will be left standing above Kurt Angle after he has beaten him 1...2...3 in the middle of the ring. If Ya Smelllllll........ What The Rock.......Is Cooookin'......

Main Event: The Rock vs. Kurt Angle
Rock and Angle put on a fast paced match and pull out some signature moves earlier on the match. Angle hits some belly-to-belly suplexes and Rock hits the Samoan Drop. Rock seems to be gaining momentum as Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring. Jericho stays on the outside watching his buddy Angle as he grapples with the WWE Undisputed Champion. However Hulk Hogan and Big Show make their way down to ringside to nullify whatever Jericho was planning on doing.

The ringside is packed as Angle and Rock continue to battle it out in the ring. Angle went for the Angle Slam, but Rock escaped out of it and drops Angle with the Spinebuster. Rock sets up for the Peoples Elbow.. Rock nails it....Jericho tries to slide in the ring but Hogan and Show are on stand-by and Jericho wants no part of them. This allows The Rock to cover Angle and get the win at 11.12. Rock celebrates in the ring as Hogan and Show join him leaving Jericho to walk Angle back up the ramp way.

Shawn Michaels In-Ring Segment
Michaels come down to the ring he says that he wants to bring out his two best friends. Nash comes out first and Triple H is second. They stay at a distance from each other and both say they are in respect for their friendship of Shawn.

Michaels tells them that the past is the past and that he drafted them to Raw so that the three of them could have a great time together, like the good ol' days. Michaels says that instead of fighting against each other, they should team up, Michaels says that he will give them the first title shot against the winners of the tag team match at Judgment Day. HHH replies with a huge no and says that Nash cost him the WWE title and it is time they found out just who is better between him and Nash. Kevin replies and agrees with Hunter. Nash says that he also wants to find out who is the better man.

Michaels then says that if he has no other choice, he will book a match at Judgment Day between Kevin Nash and Triple H! The fans pop but Triple H picks up the mic and says that as much as he appriciates HBKs offer, he does not want a wrestling match, he wants fight. Nash agrees and says that he isn't gonna wait until Judgment Day and he doesn't care about following and rules. Nash and HHH get face to face as Michaels tries to slide in between them. Nash shoves HHH in the face and HHH punches Nash back!

Chaos ensures as Michaels tries to break them up but is unable to. Security run back down to the ring and much like earlier, manage to separate the two. Nash and HHH are trying to fight out of the security's power.

Michaels is irate and he says that if they want to fight then he will let them fight. He announces Triple H vs. Kevin Nash will be a Street Fight!!!!!! Michaels then says that he has had enough of it all and to “Let them Fight”. Security let go as Nash and HHH collide in the ring again and fight to the ground. HBK walks off angrily as the camera cuts back to the ring where HHH and Nash are battering each other as the show goes off the air.


Spoiler for Monday Night Raw Results:

Kane & Jeff Hardy def. Billy & Chuck
Maven def. Perry Saturn
Hulk Hogan def. Test
William Regal def. DDP to win the European Title
Trish, Lita & Stacy def. Ivory, Jazz & Molly
The Rock def. Kurt Angle

Spoiler for Sunday Night Heat Results:

Kevin Nash def. Val Venis
D-Von def. Scotty 3 Hotty
Kama Mustafa def. Mr Perfect
Chris Jericho def. Tommy Dreamer

Judgment Day Card
WWE Undisputed Championship Match: The Rock © vs. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair
WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Hulk Hogan & Big Show © vs. Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle
Spoiler for Match Added on Raw:
Street Fight: Kevin Nash vs. Triple H

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Re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

9 May 2012

Match 1: Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly
The show opens up with the IC Champion going against Hardcore Holly. Van Dam and Holly have a decent battle that is stiff and brutal in places. Holly slams Van Dam to the canvas several times and scores a few near falls. Van Dam gets back in the match with a splt-legged moonsault and then a side kick from the second rope. RVD goes to the top and delivers a Five Star Frog Splash at 6.45 to get the pinfall.

Undertaker In-Ring Segment
“Dead Man Walking” plays as Undertaker makes his way down to the ring. Undertaker talks about how we was embarrassed last week by that kid Edge. Taker says that has come out tonight to call out Edge and beat his ass. “You Think You Know Me” plays as Edge makes his way to the entrance ramp. Taker tells Edge that he does not want to be made famous by him, and that it is better if he apologises and then takes his ass whipping like a man. Edge responds by saying that it is the time to show “ruthless aggression” and that he does not need Taker to make him famous. Edge says that he will make himself famous when he defeats Undertaker.

Edge says that whilst he would love to beat Taker tonight, he already has been booked in a match. So Edge says that he has spoken to Mick Foley and has been granted a match against Undertaker on PPV at Judgment Day. The fans cheer, Taker looks happy in the ring. Edge says that whilst Taker maybe smiling now, come two weeks on Sunday, that smile will be wiped and that he will be laying in defeat.

Match 2: Billy Kidman w/Torrie vs. Justin Credible
This is Justins' re-debut since the Alliance and Kidman is now being accompanied by Torrie. Kidman takes control of the match and squashes Credible with a Shooting Star Press at 5.01 to win the match. Kidman and Torrie celebrate as Torrie seems to be having lots more fun than when she was with Tajiri.

Tajiri Interview
Tajiri is standing by with Kevin Kelly. Tajiri is asked what he thinks of Torrie leaving him and going to be the manager of Billy Kidman. Tajiri replies with broken English saying that he is the crusierweight champion and he is the best in his division. He says that he doesn't need Torrie and she is a whore. Tajiri says that she is dirty and poison. Green Mist in the eyes of Kevin Kelly. Tajiri laughs as Kelly drops to his knees trying to wipe the mist of out his eyes. Tajiri walks off to finish the interview.

Match 3: Hardcore Championship: Lance Storm © vs. Bubba Ray Dudley
The match starts with a lock up and some basic wrestling. Quickly Bubba turns this into a hardcore match by using a kendo stick on Storm. Bubba keeps up the punishment as the match continues back in the ring. Bubba goes for a powerbomb but Storm punches Bubba when he was lifted up. Storm takes control and tries for the Candian Crab but he can't turn Bubba over. Storm drops a few elbows and follows up with a leg drop for a two count. Storm goes for the springboard clothesline from the top rope but Bubba moves out of the way and Storm lands on his feet. Bubba drops Storm with a Cutter! Bubba pins but only gets a two count. Bubba signals for the Bubba Bomb but Christian runs down to the ring and smashes Bubba in the back of the head with a Trash Can Shot!. Bubba staggers forward and Storm connects with a SuperKick! Storm pins and gets the win and retains at 12.03

Storm gets back to his feet and Christian is trying to get behind Storm for the Unprettier! But Storm turns around and faces Christian. Immediately, Christian smiles and starts to clap for Storm, hiding his motives. It looked like Christian was trying to drop Storm and pin him for the Hardcore Title, but Storms lucky turnaround halted his plan. Christian and Storm leave together, with Storm not realising how close Christian was to turning on him.

Parking Lot Segment
We see Ric Flair step out of a long white limo, expensive suit and ladies on his arms......

Match 4: Bossman vs. Edge
Bossman uses his experience to keep one step a head of Edge in this match and keep the pace slow and methodical. Edge gets back in the match several times but can never build enough momentum to hit a finisher. Bossman works over Edges back with bearhugs and backbreakers. Edge however lands a great dropkick to Bossman turning the tide in the match. Edge drops Bossman with a flying crossbody, but only gets a two count. Edge goes for the Edgecution DDT but Bossman gets his head free and drops Edge with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Bossman pins and gets a two count. Bossman lifts up a dazed Edge and shoots him in the ropes, Bossman is setting up for the Bossman Slam!, but Edge hooks himself onto the ropes to stop him running into Bossmans grasp. Bossman then runs at Edge with a clothesline, Edge ducks and shoots into the ropes and back at Bossman with a Spear!, Edge pins and gets the win at 8.30. In the back we see Undertaker looking on a TV monitor. Taker looks impressed by Edge as the camera cuts away.

Foleys Office Segment
Mick Foley gets a pop as he is shown on screen in his make-shift office. Foley says that tonight The Rock will appear live in the ring and face to face with the number one contender, Ric Flair. At that moment Scott Hall barges through into the office and demands that Austin is suspended for his actions last week. Mick Foley announces that he has given Austin the night off to cool down, but he won't suspend him and in fact he has booked a match for Judgment Day. Foley announces that it will be Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Outsider Scott Hall. The fans pop as Hall is irate. Foley then adds more bad news, when he tells Hall he will go one on one with Faarooq tonight! and thats.....Final! – Foley bangs the down the judges hammer!

Match 5: Booker T vs. Matt Hardy
This match is for the number 1 contendership of the IC championship. Booker and Hardy go at it with Booker gaining the advantage in the early going. Hardy fights back and has the fans on his side. This match is back and forth with both men scoring nearfalls with quick pin attempts. Hardy used the school-boy, Booker the small-package. Hardy hit the Side Effect but only got a two count. Booker fought back and dropped Hardy with the Scissor Kick! Booker didn't go for the pin but decided do the Spinaroonie!. Booker then pinned but Hardy got the shoulder up at the very last second. Booker lifted up Hardy but Hardy gave Booker a quick kick and dropped him with the Twist of Fate. Hardy pinned and got the three count at 9.21 to become the number one contender for RVDs Intercontinental Championship.

Parking Lot Segment
We see The Rock stepping out of medium sized black limo, title belt in hand, sunglasses on.....

Main Event: Scott Hall vs. Faarooq
Hall and Faarooq circle each other as the match begins. They battle it out with lots of stiff shots and clotheslines. Hall smashes Faarooqs head into the steel steps. Hall then takes advantage and manages to lift Faarooq up and drove him to the canvas with the Outsiders Edge for the win at 5.31.

After the match Hall celebrated in the ring but Austin appeared on the titan tron. Austin has a baseball in his hands, Austin starts to smash Halls car in the parking lot. Austin destorys the windshield, side windows, dents the roof.... Hall is going nuts in the ring. Austin says that at Judgment Day he will kick Halls ass. And thats the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so!

Foley hosts Ric Flair & The Rock
Car-Wreck plays as Mick Foley comes down to the ring. Foley welcomes the fans for a cheap pop and then brings out the Nature Boy....Wooooo. Flair gets a good reaction also as he makes his way into the ring. If Ya Smell.....What The Rock Is Cookin'...... The place erupts as the Undisputed Champion makes his way down to ringside. All three superstars stand in the ring, the electricity is in the air. Foley starts to speak first.

The general manager says that at Judgment Day it will be the battle of the past and present going head to head for the biggest prize in all of the industry, the WWE Undisputed Championship. Foley says that it is the first time in history that these two men will face each other and that it is why the SD! Brand is the number one brand in the WWE. Rock takes the mic and says that he is not on the SD! Barnd or the RAW Brand, but he is on the Peoples Brand. Rock says that in two weeks on PPV, one of the greatest matches of all time will take place. Rock says that Flair paved the way for the Bret Harts and Shawn Michaels, Rock said that Flair paved the way for future generations, and The Rock says that Ric Flair paved the way for....The Rock.

Rock says that Judgment Day will be the biggest match of Ric Flairs career. He says that Flair will have one more chance to prove to the world that he still has it and that he can still be the man. Rock says that now it is different, he says that Flair use to say - “to be the man, you gotta beat the man”. Rock now says that The Rock is the man. And now it is up to Flair to beat “the man”.

Flair takes over and tells Rock, that no matter what, he (Flair) will always be the man. Flair says that he did pave the way, and he paved the way because he loves this business. Flair says that he has done it all, he has been in the ring with all the greats in the business, Hogan, Savage, Sting, Bret.... But he has never been in the ring with The Rock and Flair carries on to say that The Rock has never been in the ring with a Ric Flair.

Foley says that this will all change next week, when The Rock and Ric Flair will compete in the same ring at the same time....as tag team partners....and their opponents......the tag team champions; Big Show & Hulk Hogan!!!! the fans erupt with a massive cheer for the massive announcement. Foley then leaves the ring, leaving Flair and Rock pacing the ring and nodding to each other with respect as the show goes off the air.


Spoiler for Velocity Results:
Rico Constantine def. Eric Tuttle
Tajiri def. Crash Holly
Bradshaw def. Hugh Morrus

Spoiler for SmackDown! Results:

Rob Van Dam def. Hardcore Holly
Billy Kidman def. Justin Credible
Lance Storm def. Bubba Ray to retain Hardcore Title
Edge def. Bossman
Matt Hardy def. Booker T
Scott Hall def. Faarooq

Judgment Day Card - So Far
WWE Undisputed Championship Match: The Rock © vs. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair
WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Hulk Hogan & Big Show © vs. Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle
Street Fight: Kevin Nash vs. Triple H
Spoiler for Matches Added:
Singles Match:“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. “The Outsider” Scott Hall
Singles Match: Undertaker vs. Edge

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Re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

Monday Night Raw
13 May 2002

Jim Ross and The King welcome us to the final RAW before Judgment Day this Sunday. They tell us that tonight there is a huge six man tag team match between the Undisputed Champion The Rock, teaming up with the Tag Team Champions Hulk Hogan & Big Show, to face Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho (their opponents at Judgment day for the tag team titles) and the newly crowned European Champion William Regal. JR and The King also tell us that tonight the two men who will face each other in the street fight on Sunday will compete in separate matches. Triple H will face Perry Saturn and Kevin Nash is up next against Mr. Perfect.

Match 1: Kevin Nash vs. Mr. Perfect
Kevin Nash takes it to Perfect in this opening match. Perfect gets a good reaction from the crowd as he begins to try and take the big man down but it doesn't work and Nash dominates the final moments of the match a pavement slam and a big boot. Nash lifts up Perfect and drops him with the Jacknife Powerbomb for the win at 6.44. “Nash Power” plays as Kevin makes his way to the back looking very pleased with his win, building momentum towards this Sunday in his street fight against Triple H.

The Great One is Here
The camera cuts to the backstage where the Undisputed Champion The Rock is here. The crowd give a wild cheer for the man who will face SmackDowns Ric Flair for the title at Judgment Day. But tonight he will be in a huge six man tag team match when he teams with the Tag Team Champions Hulk Hogan and Big Show to take on their Judgment Day challengers of Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle, along with the newly crowned European Champion William Regal.

Match 2: Billy & Chuck vs. Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert
Chuck and Albert start the match as both teams look to score a win in the ever growing tag team division on Raw. Albert is really impressive as he comes off the top rope with an axe handle smash, showing great agility for man of his size. Soon Billy and Scotty are in the ring and Gunn is able to keep on the offence keeping the smaller Scotty from gaining momentum. However Scotty is able to make a tag to Albert and Billy is taken down by a huge Bicycle Kick. However Chuck gets back in the match and takes Albert and himself to the outside. This leaves Scotty 2 Hotty in the ring and he sees a downed Billy Gunn. Here comes The Worm on Billy Gunn. But Chuck gets back in the ring and hits Scotty with his own version of the Bicycle Kick, Chuck turns around and Albert nails him with the Baldo Bomb, Albert pins and his team get the pinfall to pick up the win at 10.30. After the match Albert helps out Scotty as they make their way to to the backstage area.

Champions Backstage
The camera is backstage with Big Show, the camera pans out and we see Hogan standing next to Show. The crowd pop as Hogan says that they have a big challenge awaiting them in 6 days at Judgment Day when they face Angle and Jericho. The Rock walks into the shot as the crowd erupts. All three men are standing with their respective title belts on their shoulders. Rock says that they all have big matches waiting them this Sunday, but tonight they have the chance to gain some momentum leading up to the big event. Rock says that tonight Show and Hogan get the chance to defeat Jericho and Angle in the six man tag. If Ya Smelllll....What The Rock & Hulk-and-Show-amania is cooookin'.

DDP Interview
DDP is backstage with The Coach. Coachman asks DDP what he thought of what happened last week when he lost the European title to William Regal due to the brass knuckles used by Regal. DDP says that he is waiting to get his rematch and that he was robbed of the title by Regal. At that moment Regal walks past and tells DDP that he was a bad ambassador for Europe, but now pride has been brought back to the championship. Regal then tells DDP that him being the new champion is not a bad thing, it's....a goood thing. Regal mocks DDP “smile” and then walks off.

Match 3: Kama w/D-Von vs. Tommy Dreamer
Dreamer shows courage and intensity as he unleashed lots of strikes to Kama in the early part of the match, however Kama gets back in the match and demolishes Tommy with a flurry of strikes and a few slams. Kama sets up Tommy in the corner and runs at him with what use to be known as the Hoe Train but has now be renamed the Freight Train. Kama pins and gets the win at 4.12

After the match D-Von slides in the ring and brings in a table. Kama starts to set the table up as D-Von begins to punch down an already defenceless Dreamer. Kama has the table set up and he goes over to Dreamer as Kane and Jeff Hardy run down to the ring. Kama and D-Von meet them head on in the ring as all four men to begin to brawl. Kane gets hold of D-Von and is about to Chokeslam him through the table when Kama pushes Jeff into Kane. D-Von uses the distraction to break free and he and Kama slide out of the ring and retreat up the ramp.

Goldust Promo
There is a darkened room with a movie screen playing montages of Goldust's career. Goldust is sitting in the chair and talks about “going back to what makes him tick”, he talks about it is time to remember why he is here and what kind of person he really is. Goldust continues the promo in this mysterious way before promising that you will never forget the name of...oooohhhhh.. Gollllldusssst!!

SmackDown Rebound
We get a recap of the Scott Hall – Steve Austin feud that has been going on for a few weeks, this included the parking lot incidents from last week and the week before. Austin and Hall will collide this Sunday at Judgment Day! We also get confirmed that Edge will go one on one with Undertaker and that RVD will defend his IC title against the number one contender;Matt Hardy at Judgment Day!

Match 4: The Rock, Hulk Hogan & Big Show vs. Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle & William Regal
The Rock and Jericho start this six man tag team bout. This match gets all six men involved as frequent tags are made to keep the pace going and the match fresh. Jericho and Angle double team Big Show for a moment allowing their team to get the upper hand as the match goes past its mid way point. Hogan tags in to try and build some momentum for his team but it is not long until Regal uses some cheap method of gaining the advantage back for the heels. Hogan finally makes the tag and the arena explodes as The Rock makes his way into the ring. Rock unleashes a flurry of punches knocking down Regal, Jericho and then Angle. Rock drops Angle with a spinebuster but Jericho takes down Rock. The Tag Champs get back in the ring to try and clear the ring of Jericho and Regal. The match regains order as Hogan and Regal become the legal men in the match. But it is not long until chaos breaks out yet again and there is fighting all around ringside, the referee has ended up on the outside with Big Show, Jericho, Angle and The Rock, whilst Regal is in the ring with Hogan. Regal sees the referee is not paying attention and so pulls out the brass knuckles from his tights. Regal puts them on and is stalking Hogan as Hogan is getting to his feet.......Wait! DDP has appeared in the ring behind Regal from virtually from nowhere! (well an instant reply will show it was from the crowd), he spins Regal around...Diamond Cutter!! DDP rolls out of the ring and back into the crowd as Hogan looks at the downed Regal....Immortal Leg Drop!!. Hogan covers, the referee sees the pin and slides in the ring.1...2...3! Team Hogan get the win at 13.22

Sheriffs Office
Michaels looks on at what just happened before the break, as Regal walks in the locker room, pissed off. Regal says that DDP just cost him the match and it was a complete miscarriage of justice. Michaels reminds Regal of how he won the title in the first place and that DDP will get his rematch clause at Judgment Day when he will go one on one with Regal for the European Championship. Regal storms out of the office annoyed as Michaels looks pleased with his decision.

Match 5: Triple H vs. Perry Saturn
HHH dominates this match from the get go. Triple H hits the running high knee and the spinebuster in a matter of a few minutes. Triple H motions for his finisher and he hits the pedigree.1..2..and Nash is down at ringside and has pulled the referee out of the ring and driven him head first into the mats. Triple H looks around to see what has happened but Nash drags him out of the ring before he is fully aware. Nash then shoots Triple H into the steel ring steps. HHH goes head first as Nash stalks his way over to Triple H., Nash picks up HHH and slides him in the ring. Nash slides in the ring and drives HHH down with the Jacknife Powerbomb. Nash pulls Saturn over HHH and exits the ring, Nash picks up the downed referee and shoves him back in the ring. The ref sees Saturn covering HHH and starts to count..1...2...3!! Saturn picks up the win at 7.33. Nash leaves looking very pleased with himself.

Divas Ready
Backstage we see Trish shaking Lita's hand and telling her to go out there and show Jazz that she is not unbeatable.

Main Event: Jazz vs. Lita
The womens title is not on the line but Lita still wants to prove that she can beat the champion here. Jazz and Lita have a very competitive match with Jazz using power moves and submissions to try and win the match, but Lita is resilient and keeps fighting back. Jazz ends up on the outside and Lita dives off the apron with a clothesline taking her down. Lita gets Jazz back in the ring and tries to win the match but Jazz gets back in the back and drops Lita with a backbreaker. Jazz starts to focus on the back of Lita as the match makes its way back to the outside, Jazz drives Lita back first into the edge of the ring apron. Jazz then rolls Lita back in the ring and keeps driving knees and elbows into the back of a hurt Lita. Jazz is caught off guard and Lita starts to make a comeback, Lita catches Jazz with a sunset flip but can only get a two count. Lita starts to build up momentum as she drops Jazz with a neckbreaker. However Lita is still holding her back in pain but she does manage to hit the Twist of Fate. Jazz is down and Lita is down holding her back, Lita starts to climb to the top rope, slowly she makes her way up there as Jazz starts to get back on her feet. Jazz is dazed and Lita dives off with the Litacanrana!! But Jazz counters it mid air with a Powerbomb!!. Lita is driven into the canvas spine first. Jazz then pins Lita and gets the win at 9.44.

Jazzes music plays, but Jazz grabs Lita and puts her in the single leg boston crab! Lita is screaming in pain from the pressure on her already hurt back.....Trish Stratus runs down the ring to help her friends as Jazz quickly runs off, Jazz makes her way up the rampway with her title belt as Trish stands over her hurt friend in the ring.

Game Over
“Time to Play the Game” plays as Triple H, who is now dressed back in street clothes, jeans and jacket, makes his hastily down to ringside. HHH gets in the ring and grabs a mic, he says that he is not going to wait until Sunday and that he wants Nash tonight after Nash cost him his match earlier. HHH tells Nash that if he does not come out here, he will go back there and find him. HHH paces the ring for a few seconds..

“Nash Power” plays as Kevin Nash walks from behind the curtain, Nash signals to HHH that he is on his way down to the ring to fight. Nash begins to walk as GM Shawn Michaels rushes out and stands in front of Kevin Nash. Michaels has a mic and tells Nash to stay there and for HHH to stay in the ring and don't move. Michaels says that he has already lost great friendships between these two due to their hatred for each other. Michaels says that he is not, however, going to lose the Raw main event at Judgment Day. Michaels says that if Nash or HHH get physical here on Raw tonight, the match at Judgment Day is off and they will both be suspended indefinitely.

HHH paces in the ring, looking pissed off and angry, Nash is shouting at Michaels telling him that he is going to destroy HHH at Judgment Day. All three men are exchanging words and trying not to explode as the show goes off the air...


Spoiler for Monday Night Raw Results:

Kevin Nash def. Mr. Perfect
Scotty & Albert def. Billy & Chuck
Kama def. Tommy Dreamer
Perry Saturn def. Triple H
The Rock, Hogan & Big Show def. Angle, Jericho & Regal
Jazz def. Lita

No Spoilers for Heat this week due to Judgment Day on Sunday.

Judgment Day Card - So Far
WWE Undisputed Championship Match: The Rock © vs. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair
Tag Team Championship Match: Hulk Hogan & Big Show © vs. Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle
Street Fight: Kevin Nash vs. Triple H
Singles Match: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. “The Outsider” Scott Hall
Singles Match: Undertaker vs. Edge
Intercontinental Championship Match: Rob Van Dam © vs. Matt Hardy
Spoiler for Match Added on Raw:
European Championship Match: William Regal © vs. Diamond Dallas Page
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