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Cutting Edge Combat

Cutting Edge Combat (or CEC) is a independent wrestling promotion founded in March 2008. CEC promotes a heavy use of in-ring action with memorable, character-based interviews with great high-fiers, powerful powerhouses and everything in between. Lately, CEC has started to promote Lucha Libre wrestling portions such as Mask vs Mask and luchador matches.

CEC has currently 26 wrestlers, 2 managers, 3 referees, 2 Backstage Workers (interview team, prop handlers, etc...), and 3 play-by-play team. No active competitor is injured. Only 1 non-active personnel is injured and that is Referee Harold Ross.

As far as production and venues in CEC, there is a decent video production team, music production and great lighting for entrances with heavy gimmicks (i.e. Very Dark lightning or Multicolored lighting). CEC has three venues, one in New York, one in Philadelphia and one in New Jersey.

In finance, we are currently in the green. We are making profit. Licensed Music and Wages take a great expense. The Venue is free except for regular bills (i.e. lights, air conditioning...)

For schedule, there is no Huge Pay-Per-Views. For the first six months there is regular shows (also known as the Cool Down) where CEC shows are held in the home region it was found (the Tri-State Area). The last 6 months is the "Super-tour" period, where CEC shows are held outside the Tri-State area and usually have higher attendances. CEC Shows hold an average of 500-750 on a regular show and 750-1250 on a supershow. Recently, there was a schedule change and a PPV Network contract signed.
Here is the current Schedule that is shown here


Regular Shows

CEC Killer Combat Jan 28


CEC Wreaking Vengeance Feb 25


CEC Army Of Five Mar 31


CEC Awaken Of A beast Apr 28


CEC Golden Combat I May 26


CEC Shattered Dreams Jun 30



CEC Phenomenal Action Jul
CEC Nonstop Action Showcase Aug
CEC The Prophecy Sept
CEC No Way Out Oct
CEC Wrestling Three Day Weekend Show Nov
CEC When Hell Freezes Over Dec

Owner - Shared between 12 of the Board.
General Manager - George Rousseau
Referees - Harold Ross (Injured) and Javier Ruiz, Daniel Cole
Managers: Amber (Pic Base: Of Layla) Manager of William Johnson
Sensei (Pic Base: A silhouette) Manager of Mexican Asians
Backstage Workers:
Todd Cole - Interview Team
Freddie Sung - Prop Handler

Play-by-Play Announcers - "Man Of Action" Austin and Brittany Monet with Mundi Jadhav on supershows



Pic Base and Similar Moves to: Super Crazy
Desc: Asesino (Spanish for assassin) is a luchador that debuted in November 2009 and on the same night he won the CEC Television Title.
Finisher: Standing Moonsault
Theme: None

Adrenaline Moore

Pic Base: John Morrison
Compare Moves to: Chris Sabin
Desc: Adrenaline Moore is a all-around wrestler who regularly teams up with Fusion Moore as the Moore Boyz and is the current holder of the CEC Tag Team Championship. He debuted in March 2009. He won the CEC Tag Team Titles as on July 2009.
Finisher: Standing Shooting Star Press
Tag Finisher: Double Back body to stepping over one's back shooting star press
Theme: I'll Do Anything by Ronn L. Chick, Dennis Winslow and Robert J. Walsh


Pic Base: Masked Kane
Compare Moves to: Kane
Desc: Bio-Hazard is an extremely tough brawler. He is the original 6 along with the Ninja, Domino, Nathan, GFL and Chen Cruz.
Finisher:Hazard (Spinning One Arm Side Slam)
Theme: Death-line -- Original


Pic Base: Brock Lesnar
Compare Moves to: Brock Lesnar
Desc: Boulder is a 6'7 powerhouse-type wrestler that debuted in January 2009.
Finisher: Train Wreck (Running Shoulder Block [which usually sends opponents flipping over and landing on face])
Falling Boulder (Second Rope Splash)
Theme: Monster by Jim Johnston

Chen Cruz

Pic Base: Psicosis
Compare Moves to: Hunico
Desc: Chen Cruz is a cruiserweight high-flier/technician type wrestler. He is the original 6 along with the Ninja, Domino, Nathan, GFL and Bio-Hazard.
Finisher: Sleeper Hold
Tag Finisher: Sleeper Hold to Springboard Clothesline
Theme: Return of the Tres by Delinquent Habits

Chris Anaconda

Pic Base: Adam Cole
Compare Moves to: Sheamus
Desc: Chris Anaconda is a brawler that debuted in October 2008. He exaggerates his "S's" and makes many useless snake facts. He is usually seen with a type of snake whether it be on him or in a tank.
Finisher: Anaconda (Sharpshooter)
STO Of Death (STO off Corner)
Theme: My Generation (Instrumental) by Limp Bizkit

Chris Morrison

Pic Base: Fred Durst
Compare Moves to: The Miz
Desc: Chris Morrison is a cocky young wrestler and local rapper who regularly teams up with Mike Miller as Misunderstood and Underestimated (or MaU). He usually rants about rap, politics or how he is cheated and "misunderstood and underestimated". He debuted in January 2009.
Finisher: Underestimated (Low Blow to Senton)
Tag Finisher: Low Blow to Double Dropkick to Double Senton
Theme: Ima Boss (Instrumental) by Meek Mill


Pic Base: La Parka
Compare Moves to: La Parka
Desc: Dante is a great luchador who debuted in April 2008. He is "the personification of death" who excels at Casket Matches. He usually refers to himself as Mr. Death From Above.
Finisher: Without Pleasure (Gutwrench elevated neckbreaker)
Indian Deathlock
Spinning Inverted Figure-4 Leg Lock
Theme: Imperial City by Jim Johnston

Dark Eagle

Pic Base: Gothminister
Compare Moves to: Matt Hardy
Desc: Dark Eagle is a all-rounder with risk taking moves in his arsenal. He wears tradtional black wings. He debuted in October 2010.
Finisher: Backhand Slap then Irish-Rebound Hip Toss
Theme: None


Pic Base: Chris Jericho
Compare Moves to: Justin Gabriel
Desc: The lead babyface in CEC, Domino is a Canadian all-rounder wrestler. He is the original 6 along with the Ninja, Chen Cruz, Nathan, GFL and Bio-Hazard. He is very patriotic about Canada and honors the US as well.
Finisher: Canada's Own (Sunset Flip Powerbomb)
Beaver Crab (Elevated Crab)
Theme: Oh...Canada by Classified

Floyd El Àngel Del Infierno (Floyd The Angel Of Hell)

Pic Base: Doctor X
Compare Moves to: Brian Kendrick
Desc: Floyd El Àngel Del Infierno (Floyd The Angel Of Hell) is a luchador that debuted July 2009. He teams up with Mike Lincoln as Cold Alliance. His character mainly speaks Spanish and has very poor English (which was why Cold Alliance was formed).
Finisher: Second Rope Frog Splash
Tag Finisher: Lincoln Drop (f-5 modified) followed by a Second Rope Frog Splash
Theme: The Way I Am by Eminem

Fusion Moore

Pic Base: Shannon Moore
Compare Moves to: Chris Sabin
Desc: Desc: Fusion Moore is a all-around wrestler who regularly teams up with Adrenaline Moore as the Moore Boyz and is the current holder of the CEC Tag Team Championship. He debuted in March 2009. He won the CEC Tag Team Titles as on July 2009.
Finisher: Back Body Drop to Figure-Four-Leg-Lock
Tag Finisher: Double Back body to stepping over one's back shooting star press
Theme: I'll Do Anything by Ronn L. Chick, Dennis Winslow and Robert J. Walsh


Pic Base: Shad Gaspard
Compare Moves to: Shad Gaspard
Desc: GFL is a phenomenal brawler. He is the original 6 along with the Ninja, Chen Cruz, Nathan, Domino and Bio-Hazard. He is your average gangsta rapper.
Finisher: GGGerman Suplex (Triple German Suplex)
Back 2 The Ghetto (High Angle Powerbomb off Top Rope)
Theme: Made You Look by Nas

Javier Zhang

Pic Base: Extreme Tiger
Compare Moves to: Primo
Desc: Javier Zhang is a luchador who debuted in May 2008. He teams up with Chen Cruz as Mexican Asian. He is Mexican and Japanese and is a protege of Chen Cruz on and off-camera.
Finisher: Muy Loco (Springboard Clothesline)
Theme: Muy Loco by Jim Johnston

Jay Jett

Pic Base: Hiroshi Tanahashi
Compare Moves to: The Ninja and RVD
Desc: Jay Jett is a martial artist/wrestler crossover. He is the protege of The Ninja and occasionally teams with the Ninja. He debuted in February 2009. He is the CEC Intercontinental Champion.
Finisher: Jett Engine (High-Angle Powerbomb)
Theme: One Step Closer by Linkin Park

Johnathan Castillo

Pic Base: Eminem
Compare Moves to: Batista
Desc: Johnathan Castillo is a brawler that debuted December 2009
Finisher: Powerbomb
Theme: None

Jordan Jackson

Pic Base: Ezekiel Jackson
Compare Moves to: Ezekiel Jackson
Desc: Jordan Jackson is a powerful wrestler. He debut June 2008.
Finisher: Chokebreaker (Chokeslam Backbreaker)
Theme: Burned by Jim Johnston

Mike Lincoln

Pic Base: CM Punk
Compare Moves to: CM Punk
Desc: Mike Lincoln is a technically-gifted brawler that debuted July 2009. He teams up with Floyd El Àngel Del Infierno as Cold Alliance. Floyd El Àngel Del Infierno's character mainly speaks Spanish and has very poor English (which was why Cold Alliance was formed). He raps his theme song "The Way I Am" by Eminem.
Finisher: Lincoln Drop (f-5 modified)
Tag Finisher: Lincoln Drop followed by a Second Rope Frog Splash
Theme: The Way I Am by Eminem

Mike Miller

Pic Base: Lupe Fiasco
Compare Moves to: JTG
Desc: Mike Miller is a cocky young wrestler and local rapper who regularly teams up with Chris Morrison as Misunderstood and Underestimated (or MaU). He usually rants about rap, politics or how he is cheated and "misunderstood and underestimated". He debuted in January 2009.
Finisher: Misunderstood (Dropkick to Senton)
Theme: Ima Boss (Instrumental) by Meek Mill

Mr. Amazing

Pic Base: The Miz
Compare Moves to: AJ Styles and Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Desc: The main heel, Mr. Amazing is a arrogant but great all-rounder and is the reigning CEC World Champion. He debuted December 2008.
Finisher: Amazement (Springboard Cutter)
Pure Amazement (Full nelson bulldog)
Amazing Submission (Single leg crab)
Theme: Resurrected by Jeff Hardy and Dale Oliver


Pic Base: Tyler Reks
Compare Moves to: Jeff Hardy
Desc: Taller and more muscular then your average high-flier, Nathan is an amazing high-flier and is often called the "World Best Flier" because he can perform moves that most high-fliers wish such as a double moonsault and a Shooting Star Plancha. He is the original 6 along with the Ninja, Chen Cruz, GFL, Domino and Bio-Hazard.
Finisher: Shooting Star Press
Theme: Hell Will Be Callin' Your Name by Jim Johnston

The Ninja

Pic Base: Modern Ninja
Compare Moves to: Sin Cara and Chris Jericho
Desc: Arguably, one of the company's star performers, the Ninja is the fist of the original 6 because he holds a spot (being the only active of the 12 board members)
Finishers: Pain (Knee Facebuster)
Glory (900 Splash)
Honor (Elbow with taunts)
Theme: Numb by Linkin Park


Pic Base: Alex Shelley
Compare Moves to: Zack Ryder
Desc: Rattlesnake is a rookie who was signed January 2010.
Finisher: Half Senton
Theme: None

Ryan Game

Pic Base: Carlito
Compare Moves to: Carlito
Desc: Ryan Game is a young luchador wrestler who debuted in February 2009. He rides in a roofless car with hydraulics to the arena and uses his car in many promos.
Finisher: Game Factor (Running Up the turnbuckle, corkscrew legdrop)
Game Lock (Single Leg elevated Boston crab)
Theme: Top Down by Swizz Beatz

Shawn Taylor

Pic Base: Paul London
Compare Moves to: Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston
Desc: "100% Face" Shawn Taylor is the icon face of the company. He is known to never back down from a challenge, protect the innocent and is pretty much fun to hang out with. He debuted in June 2008
Finisher: Double Arm DDT
Theme: That's All She Wrote by T.I.

William Johnson

Pic Base: William Regal
Compare Moves to: William Regal
Desc: William Johnson is a European technician. A perfect old-style gentleman who debuted August 2008.
Finisher: Call From Europe (180 Spin Gutwrench Powerbomb)
Theme: Ode To Joy by Beethoven

Cutting Edge Combat World Championship

Current: Mr. Amazing

Cutting Edge Combat Intercontinental Championship

Current: Jay Jett

Cutting Edge Combat Tag Team Championship

Current: Moore Boyz

Combat Edge Combat Television Championship

Current: Asesino

Notes: This is a created promotion with created wrestlers.

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Re: Cutting Edge Combat

I'll definitely be reading the first few shows at least. Nice to see something different, plus I've read TEW-based stuff so I'm use to fictional characters.

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Re: Cutting Edge Combat

CEC Killer Combat
January 28, 2010
New York CEC Arena

The music plays as a short looping video of CEC's Star performers (The Ninja, Mr. Amazing, Domino, Boulder, Nathan and Chris Anaconda) are shown doing various moves and finishers.

A camera slowly moves in a circle to view the crowd of around 580. After a moment, the camera cuts to the two play-by-play commentators.

???: Hello ladies and gentleman! I am the "Man Of Action" Austin along with the lovely Brittany Monet. This is also our first recorded match to be played all over the east coast! How excited are you this night Ms. Monet?

Brittany Monet: More excited then you I bet Austin! Not only is this a new year this is the first recorded match of CEC. We have a main event match between the Ninja and Mr. Amazing.

Austin: Yes, I can't wait for that match. Its going to be a No Disqualification match for the CEC World Championship.

Monet: Well, I was going to say that before I was interrupted. Maybe your excitement is getting the best of you.

We see our GM George Rousseau in the ring.

Rosseau: Welcome CEC Fans to a milestone. Our first recorded show to be shown all over the east coast. This could be from Maine to Florida to North Carolina to here in New York!


We have signed a PPV deal for 2 years! Think about it. 24 months of 24 shows. 24 Shows of more then 100 memmorable matches. And this is just the start. Who knows? Maybe we can sign a TV deal. It'll be amazing to let others watch us and their on the other side of the country...or the ocean.


Anyways, as you can see we have a No DQ match at the end of the show. One of my many...many...many...great talents is adding astonishing stipulations. Tonight, during the match between the Combat Edge World Champion, The self-proclaimed "The One And Only" Mr. Amazing and the challenger, The Ninja, not only will it be a No disqualification match and not only will it be for the CEC World Championship but I will be refereeing this match!


Now enjoy our first recorded event.


As the red lighting hits, Jordan walks down to the ring slowly. As soon as he gets in, he signals Freddie Sung to give him a microphone.

Jordan Jackson: Hello all you JJ Fans here in the Big Apple. For all you fans who don't know who I am. My name is Jordan Jackson. From Harlem, New York. But enough talking. Let me show my power and skill with action.

The cameras cut to Rattlesnake who seems unimpressed. He slides into the ring and the referee signals for the bell to start the match.

Match 1: Jordan Jackson vs Rattlesnake

Match: Rattlesnake runs towards him to try to ground him with a clothesline but instead just like hitting a brick wall he had no effect. Jordan Jackson pushes him which causes Rattlesnake to fall backwards. Being smart or cowardly, he slides out the ring. "1!" The ref says. He doesn't care and proceeds to stretch out the count out. "2...3...4...5...6!" Jordan exits the ring and resets the referee's count. "1!" Jordan chases after Rattlesnake but he is faster and slides into the ring. Jordan slides into the ring also but Rattlesnake stomps on him. He runs to the ropes and hits the leg-drop to the back of the neck of Jordan Jackson. Then Rattlesnake waits for Jordan Jackson to get up. Then while Jordan Jackson is on one knee trying to get back to his feet, Rattlesnake runs toward Jackson and hits him with a running dropkick. The crowd boos Rattlesnake. Rattlesnake exits the ring but stays on the apron. He climbs to the top rope. He takes to long and Jackson shakes the ropes. Rattlesnake drops and his crotch hits the turnbuckle.

Brittany Monet laughs on commentary.

Austin: Now Brittany, that's wrong. That hurts more then a punch there because all your body weight is on it.

Brittany Monet: Ooh, lighten up a little you drag. You can't say that wasn't amusing. Rookie.

Austin: This rookie has shown great wrestling skill when it comes to wearing down a larger opponent. Especially Jordan Jackson.

The crowd yells "Ooh!" Rattlesnake screams in pain while falling from the top rope and into the ring. Jordan picks Rattlesnake up and Irish whips him into the ropes. Rattlesnake ducks a Big Boot and jumps on the second rope! He flies in the air attempting a Springboard Cross Body but NO! Jackson reverses with a painful twisting powerslam. He pins Rattlesnake. "1...2." Rattlesnake kicks out. Jordan picks him up and lifts him in the air and throws him out the ring. Rattlesnake hits the floor hard. "1...2...3" Jordan Jackson goes to the second rope and flexes his muscles for the crowd. "4...5...6" You see rattlesnake now, sitting upright holding his sides. "7...8" Rattlesnake bites his lip and takes the pain of running and slides into the ring before the 9 count. Jordan Jackson gives a huge smile watching at Rattlesnakes pain and probably even his overconfidence hurting himself. Jordan Jackson picks Rattlesnake up but Rattlesnake blinds Jackson with an eye gouge! Due to Jackson's bodybuilder structure the referee did not see him. Jackson holds his eye and lets go of Rattlesnake. Rattlesnake uses all of his strength to roll out of the ring and climb the turnbuckle. With one hand on his obviously injured rib, he connects with a brutal missile dropkick to the right bicep of Jordan Jackson. Jordan falls on one knee. Rattlesnake stumbles to his feet and kicks Jackson's chest repeatedly. He finishes off the kicks with a brutal kick to the face of Jackson. He then stomps on the chest and stomach of Jackson. He pins Jackson. "1...2" Kick out! Rattlesnake (still with one hand on his stomach) climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. He gets risky and stands up on the top turnbuckle and raised the fist that isn't holding his stomach in the air. He gets ready and jumps for the Half Senton! No! Jackson rolls out the way. Jordan Jackson smiles again for the crowd but stops and makes a frown. "I'm tired of this!" Jordan Jackson says. Jackson picks up Rattlesnake but Rattlesnake kicks Jackson in the chest and runs to the rope. Ooh! Jackson hits a powerful Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker! But this is not the last of it. While one the knee of Jackson, Rattlesnake gets the wind knocked out of him with a Gorilla Press Slam! He goes to pin Rattlesnake. "1...2.." Kick out at 2.9999 Jackson then picks Rattlesnake up again and hits a nasty headbutt. Jackson then runs to the opposite corner where Rattlesnake is. He waits a moment then Rattlesnake gets to his feet. Rattlesnake runs toward Jackson but Jordan Jackson grabs Rattlesnake by the throat and nails Rattlesnake with an impressive Chokebreaker! He pins Rattlesnake. "1...2...3!"

Winner: Jordan Jackson by pinfall. 4.05

Burned plays again and Jordan Jackson picks up Rattlesnake and stands him up. He shakes Rattlesnake's hand and exits the ring. The camera follows him across the ramp until it fades to Mr. Amazing walking towards the ring entrance. This cuts to a decent video of GFL.

Video Start

In the background you hear a instrumental of Made You Look by Nas.

GFL: Yo. My name is GFL. No. Literally.

Clip of GFL spearing various people.

GFL: George Frederick Leonhart. Or...

Clips of GFL performing the Flying Shoulder Block.

GFL: Gangsta For Life!

Clip of GFL knocking out a local cop then running.

GFL: Born and raised in the streets of Brooklyn. I can fist-fight, let alone wrestle with the best of anyone in CEC.

Clip of GFL giving heavy punches to various people.

GFL: No, I will not be fighting tonight but watch out for me.

Clips of GFL performing his finishers GGGerman Suplex (Triple German Suplex) and Back 2 The Ghetto (High Angle Powerbomb off Top Rope) on various people.

Then, returning to GFL running from that same cop. He hops a fence and somehow escapes the cop before the camera could see. Then when the cop gives up, the camera turns around and sees GFL behind the fence door (which he didn't use to save time).

Video Ends


A wave of boos, go Mr. Amazing's way who is ready to speak with his microphone in his hand. Mr. Amazing walks to the ring with his pinstripe tuxedo and matching fedora. He is also wearing really dark shades with shiny dress shoes. He walks up the steel steps then takes off his fedora and throws it in the crowd. He enters the ring, the music stops and he starts to speak.

Mr. Amazing: You know I was in the locker room trying to choose how to introduce myself. But then I thought, who cares? You fans don't need any formal introduction. For god's sake you buy hot dogs and drink soda on a daily basis! My name is Mr. Amazing. Your Cutting Edge Combat World Champion. You know what this means? I'm the face of this business. But even before that I was the face of this business. You see...I have it all. Looks, physique, smarts, talent and championship material. Not to forget also I am a fighting champion


In my match versus the Ninja, I will make him the living proof that is my show and my era. The Era of Amazing.


The Ninja walks down towards the ring. He has a microphone in his hand. He slides into the ring and stares at Mr. Amazing.

Mr. Amazing: The Ninja. You gots some guts coming out here interrupting my time.

The Ninja stares with no response.

Mr. Amazing: Silent. So any reason you're out here?

The Ninja walks towards the corner and leans on it.

Mr. Amazing (after grinning): Your such a clown! Do you think this crowd cares about you and what you stand for? All you doing is being a time stretcher. You are nothing more then a ninja-dressed loser.

The Ninja motions Mr. Amazing to move back. The Ninja walks to the middle of the ring. The lights dim. He runs towards the ropes and bounces off the ropes in the front and behind. Then stops in the center and raised both of his arms. The crowd gives a long pop for the Ninja.

Mr. Amazing: Ok, This is ridiculous! This is the excat reason why this company isn't rising as fast as it's suppossed to! We have new talent waiting or fresh talent backstage just begging for more match time and we have people like you who joke around! I did not get to being the CEC World Champion and Era of Amazing by merely bouncing off the ropes and losing every oppurtun...-

The Ninja grabs the arm of and slowly lowers the microphone from his mouth. Mr. Amazing looks at his hand go down and then gives a angry look to the Ninja. The Ninja backs up and does a backflip to get a positive respone from the crowd. Mr. Amazing takes of his tuxedo jacket.

Mr. Amazing: Listen, I'm tired of this! Why wait until later tonight?! Lets fight right now.

Mr. Amazing runs towards the Ninja. The lights go out. You can't see much but you hear the fans awaiting to see what happened.

Brittany: Oh my gosh! This is classic Ninja.

Austin: Yeah. For all you fans who don't know, when the lights go off--

The lights come back on and The Ninja is on the cieling of the arena! He is hanging upside down on a support beam.

Britanny (while Austin speaks): Look up there! Oh my gosh he is on the ceiling. What a coward. What a coward. Austin: Oh oh man! Oh man! Classic Ninja. This is vintage ninja. Look how red Mr. Amazing is getting!

Mr. Amazing a boilling fit of frustrated rage as he takes it out on the ring ropes and turnbuckles.

Austin: Mr. Amazing is more mad then ever.

Monet: I would be too. To be inches away from getting my enemy...

The Ninja's music plays as the lights go out again.

Austin: I am really looking forward to this match.

The lights go back on and The Ninja is at the begginning of the ramp. Mr. Amazing and The Ninja exit to backstage.


You see Bio-Hazard walk towards the ring with a demonic look on his face. You can almost feel the waves of pure evil and ruthlessness as he walks with the vile and sadistic-like frown on his face. He walks towards the ring and looks up the ramp for his opponent to appear.

***Ode To Joy***

William Johnson walks down the ramp and towards the ring fast. You see him with his monocle on. He slides into the ring. He takes the monocle off and slides it under the turnbuckle. The ref rings the bell.

Match 2: Bio-Hazard vs William Johnson

Match: The match starts of with William doing some warm-ups. He first stretches the ropes, then stretches himself and lastly bows to make the crowd cheer. He then goes up to Bio-Hazard and the action starts. Bio-Hazard and William Johnson lock up but due to the power of Bio-Hazard he scoop slams William Johnson with ease. William Johnson inches away from Bio-Hazard as he looks at him trying to keep calm knowing that no one has won against Bio-Hazard. Johnson gets up but Bio-Hazard runs towards William and Irish-whips Johnson outside the ring. Johnson is dazed for a moment but he gets up and slides into the ring. He waits for Bio-Hazard to attack first. Johnson ducks what was going to be a powerful clothesline and connects it with a kick to gut. While Bio-Hazard is on one knee, William Johnson knees the head of Bio-Hazard to make him fall. Johnson then pulls Bio-Hazard towards the center of the ring and applies a Bow & Arrow Lock. Bio-Hazard screams in pain as William tries to keep the hold locked in. He keeps it locked in for a long time. The ref constantly asks Bio-Hazard if he wants to tap but Bio-Hazard keeps saying no. William lets go of the hold and quickly locks in the Boston Crab! Obviously, his plan is to wear down Bio-Hazard. Bio-Hazard though, seems to find strength and crawls towards the ropes. He is inching towards the only way to get out of this devastating hold. William Johnson knows that if he attempts to drag Bio-Hazard back that he must release the hold causing Bio-Hazard to get back up.

Monet: He is almost there!

Austin: Yes. If William Johnson wins, then he will be the first person to defeat the monster, Bio-Hazard.

Monet: Think of the respect that will be poured on him.

Austin: Think of the target put on his back. You know someone like Bio-Hazard will want to avenge his loss.

Bio-Hazard reaches the ropes. William keeps the hold locked in. The ref counts as Bio-Hazard screams in pain. "1..2..3" William lets go and sprints to the opposite side of the ropes, bounces off and then hits a painful elbow drop on the back of Bio-Hazard. William Johnson then picks up Bio-Hazard and then shouts. "3 Suplexes! German!" William nails Bio-Hazard with a brutal and slow German suplex. "Exploding!" William then executes a poor but solid exploding suplex. "Super!" William Irish whips Bio-Hazard towards the corner with all of his power. Bio-Hazard gets carried up a rope at a time. First...Second...and finally the top rope. He then climbs to the second rope. "Too safe!" He then climbs to the top rope and gets ready for a suplex. The crowd watches because someone is going down. Bio-Hazard shows some life has he punches with side of Johnson. Johnson hits a couple of uppercuts but in the end, Bio-Hazard pushes William Johnson off the turnbuckle. Johnson lands groggy but on his feet. He then stands on the turnbuckle and in a split second, before jumping off William runs toward Bio-Hazard and hits a very high uppercut to the jaw of Bio-Hazard. He then goes to the second rope and grabs Bio-Hazard. He is successful in hitting the superplex! He pins Bio-Hazard. "1...2!" A kick out just right after the referee says two. Bio-Hazard gets up but William is already setting up for a Johnson's Uppercut (which is a knee to the gut then an uppercut). He knees Bio-Hazard in the gut and then runs to the ropes. But no! Bio-Hazard almost breaks the back of William Johnson with a stiff Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker.

Austin: Ooh. It might be over right here.

Monet: I don't know. Johnson is well known for taking a significant amount of damage and still winning.

Austin: Yeah, and Bio-Hazard is well known for not losing a single match.

Bio-Hazard pins William. "1...2..." Kick out. Bio-Hazard gets frustrated and starts to show signs of rage. He lets out a long scream. William rolls and eventually exits the ring. William lands on his feet and holds his side in pain. Bio-Hazard stomps hard making the ring shake.

Austin: Creatures of the deep!

William looks un-confident entering the ring. Bio-Hazard then screams something that was drowned out by the crowd. William walks slowly and tries to lock up with Bio-Hazard. William actually gets to lock-up with Bio-Hazard. He knees Bio-Hazard in the gut and runs towards the ropes. Bouncing back, Bio-Hazard actually blocks William with a perfect throat thrust then connects with a Irish whip. The ref almost jumps in the air because of the impact of a a huge Spinning One Arm Side Slam. Bio-Hazard pins William Johnson. "1...2...3!"

Winner: Bio-Hazard by pinfall. 6.38

"Death-line" plays as Bio-Hazard exits the ring. The camera switches back and forth between Bio-Hazard's slow and demonic walk and the battered and fatigued William Johnson. This then fades to a TV's perspective of the show. The camera then pans away to show CEC's General Manager, George Rousseau and Domino watching it. They're sitting in a cushionen seat with glasses filled with wine. The camera is behind the chairs so you don't see their face but the TV which shows

Domino: The show is running great. Just like the 2003 Heritage Classic eh?

George Rousseau: Domino as usual, you use references I am not familiar with. Elaborate.

Domino: Well it is one of the highest attendance ice hockey game in Canadian history. By the way, can we have a show in my homeland?

Rousseau: Why, of course! Which show?

Domino: I was thinking. No Way Out, The Showcase or the Grand Three Day Weekend Show.

Rosseau: Yeah. Lets talk it over. And uhh, get that cameraman out of here will you Boulder?

The camera turns towards Boulder who is charging at him. The scene quickly fades away to Todd Cole and Jay Jett.

Todd Cole: Hello Cutting Edge Combat fans. For all of those who do not know who I am, I am Todd Cole, the head of the interviewing team. I am here with your CEC Intercontinental champion, Jay Jett!


Jay Jett: Not only am I your Cutting Edge Combat Intercontinental Champion but also your future man to have broken the streak of the monster Bio-Hazard. There has to be a problem that a monster such as Bio-Hazard have a long winning streak. Do the math. March 2008 to January 2010 is 21 months right? In those 21 months, no wrestler in that locker has defeated Bio-Hazard! Not until next month. I will make it my mission to break Bio-Hazard's winning streak.


Todd: How?

Jett: After talking to the General Manager, George Rousseau. He has booked for next month a match between me and Bio-Hazard. Since he is great at making a match even more interesting he added some stipulations.

Todd: Can you please Elaborate on these stipulations?

Jett: Gladly: Well, If...Or I should say when Bio-Hazard loses he will have to unmask him self. If somehow, I lose, which again will not happen, I lose the CEC Intercontinental Championship.

**Big Pop**

Jett: Oh, and all of this will be happening in a ladder match.


Jett walks away.

***Ima Boss***

Chris Morrison and Mike Miller, or Misunderstood and Underestimated walk down the ramp. Chris Morrison slides into the ring. Mike Miller instead walks around the ring and approaches Freddie Sung. He shoves Freddie to the ground and then grabs two microphones. Miller then slides into the ring and gently throws a microphone towards Chris Morrison.

Mike Miller: Finally. It seems that one of the 12 Board of A Holes took their head out of their butt and finally booked us in a match.


Chris Morrison: Yeah. Not only that but for the Cutting Edge Combat Tag Team titles. A title I know you and I deserve more then anyone else backstage.


Miller: We busted our butts in this business for over a year for all of you fans. The corporate thinks we must be puppets on their control bar. Thus, the name Misunderstood and Underestimated. Now come out here Moore Boyz.

Morrison: You corporate brainwashed overrated ass-kissers.

***I'll Do Anything***

Fusion and Adrenaline Moore run down the ramp and slide into the ring.

Match: Both teams start trading punches with their opponents. Fusion clotheslines Mike Miller out of the ring. Adrenaline punches Chris Morrison in the gut and connects with a spinning roundhouse kick. The kick makes Chris stumble back into the corner. Adrenaline runs toward Chris Morrison and misses what was going to be a Corner Clothesline. Chris then starts punching the living hell out of Adrenaline Moore. While this is happening, Fusion Moore gets to his feet first and picks up Mike Miller. He then hits a stiff spinning gut kick. Fusion then climbs to the apron and dives off nailing Mike Miller with a dropkick. The impact makes Miller hit the crowd barricade. Adrenaline gets enough strength to shove Chris Morrison off of him. He then falls down, seated in the corner. Fusion then picks up Miller and slides him into the ring. Fusion approaches Adrenaline. Morrison approaches Miller. Chris and Fusion then lock eyes, knowing that since their partners is down they will have to continue the match themselves. Fusion and Chris walk towards the center. Chris then delivers a brutal haymaker that makes Fusion stumble back and lean on the ropes. Chris clotheslines Fusion out of the ring! Both teams are out for a moment. The referee starts the count for a double team knockout. "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8..!" Chris gets up and slides into the ring. He picks up the battered Adrenaline and nails him with a scoop slam. He then pins Adrenaline Moore. The ref counts. "1....2...." Fusion breaks the hold then falls on his back due to being tired and hurt. Chris Morrison does the same after trying to stand up. The scene stays like this for 20 seconds. But, then the crowd has a pop! The camera slides over to see George Rousseau at the top of the ramp!

Rousseau: So I'm an A hole? The person who got their head out of their butt? The person who booked this match? Well, now this will be a 2 vs 2 vs 2 Elimination Tornado Tag Match! If you lose Mau, not only will you apologize but you both have to be my know kiss my ass.

**Huge Pop**

Rousseau: Here are your opponents! The Mexican Asians!

The Mexican Asians run down the ramp and slide into the ring. Chen Cruz motions Javier to go near the ropes. Chen then picks up Adrenaline Moore. Chen locks in the sleeper hold on Adrenaline. Normally anyone who is locked into this hold who be trying to get out by waving their hands to get to the ropes or try to literally break the hold, but due to the poor condition that Adrenaline Moore is in he is no condition to try to break out or even tap! The ref picks up his hand and lets go. "1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8..9...10!" Chen Cruz lets go. Adrenaline Moore is eliminated. Mike Miller makes it to his feet. He turns around Chen Cruz (who didn't know he got up) and Irish whips him into the corner. Then he attempts to Irish whip Javier Zhang into the same turnbuckle but no! Zhang reverses it so that Miller is running into the turnbuckle! While running Chen Cruz hits Miller with a dropkick then goes to the top rope and nails Miller with a Moonsault! He pins Mike. "1...2...3!" Mike Miller is eliminated. Chris Morrison and Fusion Moore stumble to their feet and notice that their separate tag partners are eliminated. They look at each other, then both run to the Mexican Asians. Chen reverses Fusion Moore attempt by locking in the Sleeper Hold. Javier Zhang reverses Chris Morrison's attempt with a superkick. He pins Morrison. "1...2...3!" Chris Morrison is eliminated. Chen lets go of the sleeper hold and Fusion stands groggy. Javier runs to the ropes and rebound off of them with a Springboard clothesline. He pins Fusion. "1...2..." Kick out! The crowd pops as Javier picks up Fusion Moore and rebounds off the ropes to nail him again with this time being a Springboard Reverse DDT. Chen goes to the second rope and puts his hands as a boost. Javier runs toward Chen, hops over Fusion and steps on the hands of Cruz for a Step Up Moonsault. But, it still isn't over yet. Chen goes to the top rope and nails Fusion with a Diving Leg Drop. Javier pins Fusion. "1...2...3!"

Winner and your new Tag Champions: Mexican Asians by pinfall 9.50

The crowd lets out a long mixed pop as Chen Cruz and Javier Zhang celebrate.

Monet: Congratulations!

Austin: Cheap victory! This was a screw!

Monet: No it was not! Mexican Asians took advantage of the moment and look at them. New CEC Tag Team Champions.

The scene fades to a man who has a boa constrictor in a tank. He is playing with it by letting it crawl on its hand and wrist area. The lighting is dark with only a light in the center where the man and the snake is.

???: Hello fanssssss here in the New York Arena. My name issss Chrisssss Anaconda. Assssss, you can sssseee I have a intressst to sssnakes. Boa conssstrictors, dice sssnakes, cobras and my mossst favorite the anaconda. For thossse who faced me before, I am your worssst enemy and you fear me where you sssay it out loud or in your mind. Sssspeaking of mindsss, I love to read them. There ssso sssimple and naive. Heh heh. For thossse who don't know me and have not faced me...Well. Good luck.

He laughs as the snake in the tank hisses then follows along with hissing. The scene fades to the arena with Ryan Game who is in the ring with a microphone, currently being booed.

Monet:Well there is Ryan Game. Who will face the "Icon of Good" Shawn Taylor.

Austin:Yes. This match will be for Jay Jett's No. 1 contendership. Here is how contendership works. You may use it to get the championship match on any show, before and after matches.

***That's All She Wrote***

Shawn Taylor walks down the ramp with many shirts, caps, fake belts and posters of him and the company's logo or overall wrestlers (whether it be logo or themselves). He gives them all away to the crowd, then enters the ring. He asks for a microphone.

Shawn Taylor: Ooh yeah! ST on your TV! So, for those who are witness history along with me, my name is Shawn Taylor. Not only are the wrestlers witnessing history but this great crowd. Ring the bell ref! They came to see Cutting...Edge...Combat.

He walks to shake his opponents hand but Game rejects.

Austin: What a suck up.

Match 4: Shawn Taylor vs Ryan Game

Match: Shawn Taylor does his trademark dance for the crowd who then returns with a pop. Ryan looks in boredom and arrogance. He then goes to walk up to him and slap him in the face. Shawn returns with a Irish whip to the corner. He hits the corner shining wizard that makes Ryan fall down and land on his back. Shawn then goes to the top rope in one leap. He taunts for the crowd. He leaps in the air for a shooting star press. Ryan rolls away but Shawn lands on his feet. Ryan then hits a stiff superkick! Shawn falls down and Ryan drags Taylor to the center of the ring. He bounces off one rope then jumps over the stunned Taylor then rebound for a springboard senton. Then he goes to the apron then bounces off the top rope for 450 splash but Taylor rolls away and Ryan Game lands on his feet. Shawn Taylor kicks Ryan's gut. Ryan kicks the thigh of Shawn Taylor. Then it becomes a kicking competition. Ryan goes for a second superkick but Shawn ducks. With no seconds wasted, Shawn replies with a dropkick but Ryan shoves it to the side. Taylor gets back up quickly but Ryan attempts a big boot but Ryan ducks backwards, falls down then rolls away and runs to the ropes. Ryan turns around and gets nailed with a jumping corkscrew kick to the chin which makes Ryan Game fall over the top rope and hit his neck on the apron on the way down. Ryan Game is laid out at ring side. You then see play-by-play announcer, Brittany Monet put her headset down and run over to Ryan Game.

Austin: I think...he's hurt. He may be knocked out cold here ladies and gentlemen.

Monet along with several medical personnel check on Ryan Game. Monet then walks up the steel steps and enters the ring and confronts Ryan Game.

Monet: This is all your fault! You are reckless! You call yourself a Icon Face?! How was hurting a man to the point where they're injured good at all?!

You see Shawn Taylor not responding but looking on the condition of Game.

Monet: You need help. Not only did you hurt this man but you hurt me. Do you know how long it took him to ask me on a date?! Too long but he did.

Shawn Taylor wants to calm down Monet but as soon as he puts his hands on her shoulders she slaps him.

Monet: Just go home!

Winner: Shawn Taylor by Stoppage 3.56 (counting the aftermath 11.35)

Monet walks down and the camera sees Ryan Game on a stretcher.

Austin: Well what you just saw here ladies and gentleman was Ryan Game who was scheduled to compete in a match against Shawn Taylor go wrong. He hit the back of his neck on the corner of the apron and was unconscious. It also seems to me that my partner Brittany Monet has went with Game apparently screaming at Ryan Game about how he was reckless and a poser for being the uh.. Icon Face.

The camera cuts to Ryan Game being put in the back of an ambulance. The Ninja appears and has a private talk with the medical personnel. Monet pulls him away in mid conversation.

Monet: This is also your fault. How could you put him in the ring with that animal?!

The Ninja: Listen, I understand you have professional and personal connections with Ryan Game but that doesn't give you an excuse not to do your job. Now go back down the arena ramp, put that headset on and commentate the match. Now.

Monet gives The Ninja a disrespected look and walks away. The camera pans left and starts walking to the west hallway which contains locker rooms. The closer he walks to the end the more you hear arguing. The Ninja runs to the locker room at the end of the hallway. When the camera man catches up you hear the mid-point of the conversation about how both Fusion and Adrenaline Moore were screwed and about how Chris Morrison and Mike Miller were screwed.

Chris Morrison: You see! Screwed yet again by the corporate a holes. Here is a classic one. The Ninja. You think because you were the original 6 that you can walk around and switch matches?

The Ninja smirks.

The Ninja:Before I respond let me remind you I'm a authority first, competitor second and a friend third.

Fusion Moore:Let me remind you that I don't like being lied to Mr. Ninja. We both know that you and Rousseau were behind this.

Mike Miller: To add on to that, the Mexican Asians were not the Number One Contenders. Chris and I were Mr. "Play by the book".

Fusion Moore:Also, I could have understood if it was the beginning of the match but they entered after all the carnage happened.

Chris Morrison: This is CC. Classic Corporate. They are rating beggars. They live off the ratings they get. And it ain't even that good anyway.

The Ninja gets in Morrison's face.

The Ninja: Ok now you shut up.


The Ninja: This is a wrestling company with 26 superstars who all want a title match. Now I didn't condone what George Rousseau did but he is the General Manager and it is his job to keep CEC let alone wrestling, interesting to the public. So, therefore, believe it or not, I could understand why he did what he did. To add spice. To add twists. I mean I bet none of you guys discussed what you want out of that outcome.

He gets out of Morrison's face then walks away.

Adrenaline Moore: This is all to lineup the corporate's pockets. Great now I sound like Mike Miller.

Fusion: I'll do anything to get my title back.

Mike: Ok, so lets put all of our history aside and form a loose alliance. Me and Adrenaline discussed this earlier before the match.

Adrenaline nods in approval.

Chris: Alright, I'm in.

Fusion: I'm in. What's the plan?

Adrenaline: Me and Mike have Chen. We injure him. You and Chris have Javier. Do the same. The titles are vacated. There is a great chance he will put all of us in a championship match where the better team will win.

The Ninja walks back in, unaware of what happened.

Ninja:Ok so here is the deal. I'm going to let Cold Alliance face MaU for Number 1 contendership and Moore Boyz face Mexican Asians for the title rematch.

The Ninja walks away again. After a moment, you see all four walk out the locker room and walk down the lit hallway. Reaching the end they go to the east hallway. Morrison searches for the Mexican Asians' locker room. Finding it, he kicks the door open and they all start attacking Chen Cruz and Javier Zhang perfectly to how they planned it! They bash Chen Cruz's head into the TV. Chen gets his head out and stands groggily. Mike Miller hits a low blow then Adrenaline spears Chen into the TV stand. Fusion superkicks Javier then puts a chair around his throat. He pushes the chair down on Javier but Javier overpowers. Miller hits a brutal haymaker on Chen which knocks him out. Suddenly, the lights go out. Then, you hear a lot of punches and kicks happen. After a long moment, the lights go back on to see Dante in the middle of the beaten down alliance. He then drag Chen Cruz and Javier Zhang out the room. He closes the door. Then all of a sudden, black smoke appears from the gap under the door. This scene fades to Boulder who is already in the ring.

***Hell Will Be Callin' Your Name***

Nathan runs down the ramp and slides into the ring by jumping and sliding into the ring on his back. He then runs to the turnbuckle and taunts for the crowd. He then does this for the opposite turnbuckle. Then out of nowhere, Brittany Monet walks up the steel steps and into the ring.

Monet: Attention CEC Fans, before this match starts. I have some important news. Ryan Game has suffered a broken collarbone and a minor concussion. He will not be returning to action until the first super-show tour or July. Normally, you could return to action after 3 months, like April but since he is returning to a high-intensity sport, he needs more time off. And well, I...I can't commentate right now. I will be taking this month and the next months off...

Monet then exits the ring, crying, and then walk up the ramp. The match officially starts.

Match: FIRST FALL: Nathan and Boulder start it out by warming up. They stretch the ropes and stretch themselves. Nathan and Boulder shake hands before the bout. Boulder and Nathan lock up but Boulder shoves Nathan into the corner then charges at him. Nathan flips backwards using the ropes and lands on the top turnbuckle. He then kicks Boulder away and dives. He executes a dropkick that brings Boulder to one knee. Nathan then rebounds of the ropes but Boulder gets up and hits a rebound Overhead Belly-to-Belly suplex. He then goes for a quick pin. The ref counts. "1...2!" Nathan gets a shoulder up. Boulder then picks up Nathan by standing over him, grab him by the throat then lift him up. Boulder then Irish whip him to the ropes. Nathan runs and jumps of the ropes to fly back and slam Boulder down with a Springboard Moonsault. Nathan then stomps Boulder to the point where he inches to the corner. The ref counts to four before Nathan lets go. Nathan then runs to opposite side of the ropes then comes back for a brutal knee to the face of a seated Boulder. He then goes for a pin. The ref counts "1..." Boulder throws Nathan off of him but knowing the agile and quick Nathan stays balanced and runs after Boulder who takes slow to get up. Nathan hits a barrage of punches and knees to Boulder who is on one-knee again. Boulder then pushes Nathan back to the opposite side of the ring. Nathan for a second time runs after Boulder. Boulder throws Nathan above him for a Back Body Drop but due to the position Boulder was in Nathan falls out the ring and hits the floor. The referee counts. "1...2..." Boulder exits to apron and taunts Nathan. "3...4..." Boulder then jumps off the apron and hit Nathan with a Falling Boulder (Splash [usually done from second rope]). "5..." Nathan screams at the same time Boulder roars and beats his chest. "6...7..." Boulder picks up Nathan and Irish whips Nathan into the apron. "8..." Boulder taunts then quickly enters and exit the ring to reset the count. A very irritated ref counts again "1...2..." Boulder picks up Nathan and shows his power by throwing Nathan over the rope rope and back into the ring. Nathan though quickly recovers then runs to the rope and while Boulder gets to the apron he hits a Rana that bring Boulder into the ring! Nathan then climbs to the top rope and lands a Double Moonsault! He pins Boulder. The ref counts. "1...2...3!" Nathan gets one fall.

Austin: It is not over yet folks, this is a two out of three falls match.

SECOND FALL: To be fair, in CEC one must wait on the opposite side of the ring until their opponent gets up to continue the match. It takes a while but Boulder gets up. The ref signals the continuation of the match. Nathan sprints fast as lightning but so does Boulder who absolutely knocks the breath out of Nathan with a Shoulder Block. The impact has made Nathan flip over and land face first. Boulder pins. The ref counts. "1...2...3!"

Austin: This is (1-1) here is the tie breaker. The underdog has proven himself.

THIRD AND FINAL FALL: Nathan gets up momentarily but then falls again holding his shoulder in pain. Due to the rules in CEC, the opponent has stood up so the referee has no choice but to continue the match. Boulder walks over to Nathan then tosses him across the ring. Boulder walks over to Nathan again. He tosses Nathan across the ring again. He does this 2 more times before he pins Nathan. "1...2...!" Kick out by the determined underdog, Nathan! Boulder picks up Nathan and Irish whips him to the corner. Boulder then charges at Nathan and misses a Corner Spear when Nathan dives out of the way. Gaining momentum, he kicks Boulder's side...then his other side then a superkick to the face of Boulder. Nathan then taunts by shaking his fist rapidly to show how pumped he is right now. Nathan then drags Boulder to the corner. He hits a few punches to daze him. Then he takes a while but successfully drags him up the turnbuckle. After then, Nathan takes off his knee pads. He throws then to the crowd then backs up a few steps, sprints forward then hits a high 360 spin knee to Boulder. Nathan then finishes the job with a Corner Frankensteiner. He then sees the crowd and taunts. He does a imitation Standing Shooting Star Press to show the crowd he is about to do his finisher. He then jumps to the top rope in one leap and dives for a Shooting Star Press. Boulder puts his knees but and makes Nathan bounce across the ring. Boulder limps across the floor and pins Nathan. The ref counts "1...2...3!"

Winner: Boulder by pinfall. 14.02

Boulder doesn't celebrate. He picks up Nathan then hits him with a Triple German Suplex. Then the scene fades from Boulder watching over Nathan to George Rousseau getting the news from Dante about the beat down Chen Cruz and Javier Zhang took. Domino is in the background playing with the all-new first time action figures (which features a referee, the original six [The Ninja, Nathan, Domino, Chen Cruz, GFL and Bio-Hazard], Mr. Amazing and a mini ring set with steel steps and a breakable table.)

George: Delinquents. These shenanigans have gone far enough. Where is the Ninja anyway? Our active board member? I bet he didn't even talk to them.

Domino makes sound effects and fake commentary.

Domino: Oh snap Domino tags in Nathan. --sound effects of the crowd-- Nathan nails Boulder. Its all over! Shooting Star Press! Ooh! Ooh!

Domino then gets up and fake celebrates as if it was a real match. George watches, not amused.

Rousseau: Ok then. So here is what is going to happen. Domino and you will go toe-to-toe in a Falls Count Anywhere match to determine a no. 1 contender match.

The Ninja appears.

George: Look who's here. The guy who uses his title as assistant authority member only as a plaque on his desk. What are you doing about the tag division crisis?

The Ninja:I booked 2 matches. Cold Alliance will face Misunderstood and Underestimated in another number 1 contendership match. Then Moore Boyz will get their rematch for their tag titles.

Rousseau:"Their" tag titles?

The Ninja:Rousseau, pardon my french, ironic given you're french, but what you did out there was bs.


Rousseau:My job is bs?

The Ninja:I don't condone your actions.

George:It's not your job to condone my actions.

Ninja:Then what is my job? From what I know I am the link between the wrestlers and the authorities given the fact I am the only wrestling board member.

You then again see Domino with but this time strutting around with a fake CEC World title belt.

Domino: Finally! I have won the prestigious-

George: Domino! Outside.

The Ninja stares at George while Domino exits.

Ninja:He is not a dog. He is a human being like me. I would say you but your actions lately have been inhumane.


Rousseau: Don't you have a match to get to?

Ninja stares hard at George Rousseau then leaves. The scene fades from George to the ring.


Mr. Amazing is out here again but this time with his wrestling attire. He slides into the ring with the CEC title. He waits a moment. The crowd starts to chant Ninja. "Ninja, Ninja, Ninja" Mr. Amazing rolls his eyes then walks around. He gets impatient then as he is about to exit...


The Ninja appears with a huge pop.

Austin: Our first televised main event ladies and gentl face Mr. Amazing in a No Disqualification match and the referee will be George Rousseau our general manager.

The Ninja grabs a microphone.

Ninja:George. Before you come out here, If you dare...dare...dare screw me like you screwed you screwed Adrenaline and you screwed Mike...I swear I will kick your teeth so far down your throat you will have to eat soup for your whole damn life.

****Massive Pop****

The Ninja drops the microphone. Rousseau comes out without a smug look but more of a un-confident look on his face.

Match: George rings the bell. The Ninja and Mr. Amazing walk to the center. Mr. Amazing assures Ninja that he will win then he shoves the Ninja. The Ninja responds by shoving him back and then flooring him with a bicycle kick (Brogue kick) He then looks at George and points at him to reminds him not screw him. He goes to pin Mr. Amazing but Mr. Amazing low blows him. Amazing then rolls out the ring and looks under then ring. He pulls out a chair...then another a table...two kendo sticks...a baseball bat...and finally a ladder. George innocently puts his hands up and nods showing that he doesn't have any say and can't disqualify him. Mr. Amazing then slides into the ring and charges at The Ninja. But Ninja picks up a kendo stick and whacks the gut of Amazing which makes him fall onto his knees then flat on his stomach. The Ninja pins Amazing. George goes to count. "1.!" Quick kick out. The Ninja then stomps on Mr. Amazing to ground him. Then he goes to put a table in a corner. Mr. Amazing goes to rolls out the ring but the Ninja grabs his arm and picks him up. Mr. Amazing gouges the eye of the Ninja. Mr. Amazing then hits a unbelievably brutal Underhook Facebuster. He then takes a chair and hits the back of the Ninja multiple times. Mr. Amazing then picks up the ladder and sets it up in the opposite corner. He picks up the Ninja and Irish whips him into the --- NO! The Ninja reverses and Mr. Amazing is being Irish whipped into --- NO back to Mr. Amazing whipping The Ninja into the ladder but Ninja reverses and this cycle keeps happening for a moment until the Ninja gives in but he runs up the ladder and hits Mr. Amazing with a back elbow. The ladder is hanging on the top rope. The Ninja stumbles back and is in front of the ladder. Mr. Amazing runs toward the Ninja but The Ninja hits a flapjack onto the ladder which hits both of them! They both fall. Mr. Amazing falls on the chest of The Ninja. George counts. "1...2...!" Kick out. Mr. Amazing falls and rolls out the ring and falls. Both of them are down...Still down. It stays like this for a while before The Ninja grabs the ropes and pulls himself up. He limps to a chair. He puts it strategically by the ropes. He holds the back of his head. He breaths in, holds the pain in and runs. He steps up the chair and dives out the ring, without touching the ropes and nails the still grounded Mr. Amazing with a Senton Plancha. The crowd pops for a long time while George stands in the ring stunned...his face is frozen is on the scene he saw...Everyone is stunned. Both of them stay down until the Ninja rolls away from Mr. Amazing. They almost simultaneously get up. The Ninja enters the ring. He rests on the corner while Mr. Amazing holds his sides. After sometime The Ninja walks to the center of the ring and begs Mr. Amazing to come and fight him. Mr. Amazing slides into the ring. The Ninja doesn't sprint to him but backs up. Almost simultaneously and spontaneous, Both The Ninja and Mr. Amazing run at each other and hit the dropkick at the same time! Somehow they both got each other's blow to the face. They fall stunned but in an attempt to not only win but pop the crowd, the Ninja kips up!

The crowd gives another massive pop to the Ninja, who then picks up Mr. Amazing. He then puts him into powerbomb position which makes the crowd go crazy. The Ninja grabs him by the waist, lifts him up and slams him down for a Atomic Bomb (Sitout Powerbomb). He then doesn't let go because he is making a pin attempt. George goes for the count. "1...2...!" Kick out surprisingly! The Ninja can't believe his eyes. He says something along the lines of "Did he just..." The Ninja gets up and stalks him from the other corner. When he gets up, before he turns around, The Ninja puts Mr. Amazing in a headlock type, runs up the rope and slams him down; executing the Ninja (Shiranui). He taunts Mr. Amazing until he gets up. When he does, he hits Pain (Knee Facebuster) but he isn't don't yet. He notices he is in the middle of the ring. He looks at the raging crowd. He scans the crowd. The Ninja then runs to one rope. Then the other...then elbows Mr. Amazing! He is still not done yet. He points to the table, then picks up Mr. Amazing. He goes to Irish whip Amazing but Amazing reverses it and the Ninja goes through the table! Mr. Amazing runs to the Ninja and pin him. George counts "1..2..3!"

Winner and Still Cutting Edge Combat World Champion: Mr. Amazing 19.07

The crowd gives a pop for the great match and amazing show. Mr. Amazing grabs his championship and when the Ninja gets up he nails him with it! The crowd boos Mr. Amazing immensely. Mr. Amazing then leaves. George grabs the microphone.

George: Now I know how the Ninja could get ahead of himself but to cheap shot him after a great match won't go without consequence. Now. The Ninja will get his rematch because of your sore loser attitude.

***Huge Pop***

George: Since the next Pay-Per-View next month is called "Wreaking Vengeance" the main event will be a fatal four way match. The Ninja versus You versus Nathan versus Boulder! Good Night.

****Massive Ending Pop****

Ending cred...

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Re: Cutting Edge Combat

Match #1|Fatal Four Way Falls Count Anywhere Elimination Match
Dark Eagle|Johnathan Castillo|Shawn Taylor|Asesino
CEC Television Championship

Asesino is the current Cutting Edge Combat TV Champion. To prove that he can still hold a title, a fatal-four-way match was established. Dark Eagle and Johnathan Castillo make their televised debut on this match and what a win to have under your history to win the CEC TV Championship. The new Infamous Babyface Shawn Taylor will also be in this match. The champion has a 25% chance of winning and doesn't have to be pinned to lose!

Match #2|Top Contenders Tag Team Grudge Match
Cold Alliance|Misunderstood and Underestimated

Floyd El Àngel Del Infierno (Floyd The Angel Of Hell) and Mike Lincoln will face Chris Morrison and Mike Miller in a Tag Team Match to see who will face the winner of the championship tag team match next week (Which is: Moore Boyz vs Mexican Asians). As for sure, Misunderstood and Underestimated will be venting about how they were "screwed one again by the a holes we call our bosses".

Match #3|Tornado Tag Team Grudge Match
Moore Boyz|Mexican Asians
CEC Tag Team Championship

A match for the tag team championship. The former tag team champions, the Moore Boyz and the new champions Mexican Asians. Not only that but this is a extreme grudge match. When Misunderstood and Underestimated faced Moore Boyz in their first tag team match for the CEC Tag Team championship, The General Manager, George Rousseau booked a third team: The Mexican Asians who went on to win the Cutting Edge Combat Tag Team Championship. Who will win?

Match #4|Singles Grudge Match
Jay Jett|Bio-Hazard
CEC Intercontinental Championship

The streak of Bio-Hazard is challenged by the CEC Intercontinental Champion Jay Jett. During the Pay-Per-View, Killer Combat, Jay Jett stated that he could beat Bio-Hazard and will put his title up to show his confidence but is he making a mistake?

Match #5|Singles Grudge Match

When Dante acted as protector of the Mexican Asians, this match was made to actually debut Dante and Domino.

Match #6|Fatal Four Way Grudge Match
Mr. Amazing|The Ninja|Nathan|Boulder

The Main Event. This is a extreme grudge match. Mr. Amazing and The Ninja went all out on each other last month on the Pay Per View; Killer Combat but in the end The Ninja lost to Mr. Amazing after being put through a table! The Ninja also had problems with the General Manager and referee in that match George Rousseau. Nathan and Boulder went one-on-one in a 2 out of 3 falls match and ended in a 1-2 with Boulder winning. After the match, Boulder hit Nathan 3 times with a German Suplex. Who will win this explosive match?

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