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WWE: If You Can`t Get Behind This, You Will Be Left Behind

No real changes to the current time except for the fact that Edge did not retire after Wrestlemania 27. Edge did forfeit his World Title and he took time off however so things happened the same. Edge is still yet to return.

Monday Night Raw

General Manager: John Laurinaitis
Commentators: Jim Ross and JBL
Announcer: Lilian Garcia
Interviewer: Scott Stanford

WWE Champion: CM Punk
United States Champion: Zack Ryder
WWE Tag Team Champions: Air Boom
Diva’s Champion: Beth Phoenix

Monday Night Raw Tag Teams/Stables/Alliances
Air Boom (Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne)
Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger
The Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie Bella)
The Colons (Tito and Primo Colon)
The Franchise Players (MVP and Mr. Kennedy)
Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

Monday Night Raw Managers
Lita (Jeff Hardy)
Michael Cole (Brodus Clay)
Ricardo Rodriguez (Alberto Del Rio)
Rosa Mendes (Primo and Epico)
Vickie Guerrero (Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler)

Raw Injury List
Kevin Nash
Rey Mysterio

Friday Night Smackdown

General Manager: Teddy Long
Commentators: Matt Striker and Josh Mathews
Announcer: Tony Chimel
Interviewer: Todd Grisham

World Heavyweight Champion: Mark Henry
Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes
WWE Tag Team Champions: Air Boom
Diva’s Champion: Beth Phoenix

Friday Night Smackdown Tag Teams/Stables/Alliances
Big Show and Booker T
The Uso Brothers (Jimmy and Jey Uso)
Wade Barrett and William Regal

Friday Night Smackdown Managers
Rikishi (The Uso Brothers)

Smackdown Injury List
Sin Cara

Heath Slater
Johnny Curtis
Michael McGillicutty
Trent Barreta

Spoiler for Title History:

Title History

WWE Championship
CM Punk (2)
Won: November 20th 2011; Survivor Series
Lost: ---

World Heavyweight Champion
Mark Henry (1)
Won: September 18th 2011; Night of Champions
Lost: ---

Intercontinental Champion
Cody Rhodes (1)
Won: August 9th 2011; Friday Night Smackdown
Lost: ---

United States Champion
Zack Ryder (1)
Won: December 18th 2011; TLC; Tables, Ladders & Chairs
Lost: ---

WWE Tag Team Champions
Air Boom (1)
Won: August 22nd 2011; Monday Night Raw
Lost: ---

Divas Champion
Beth Phoenix (1)
Won: October 2nd 2011; Hell in a Cell
Lost: ---

Spoiler for PPV Results :

TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2011 Results
US Title Match: Zack Ryder defeats Dolph Ziggler(c)
Tag Title Match: AIr Boom(c) defeats Epico and Primo (after the match Carlito returns and spits apple on Air Boom)
Tables Match: Randy Orton defeats Wade Barrett
Divas Title Match: Beth Phoenix(c) defeats Kelly Kelly
Sledgehammer Ladder Match: Triple H defeats Kevin Nash
World Heavyweight Title Chairs Match: Mark Henry(c) defeats Big Show
Intercontinental Title Match: Cody Rhodes(c) defeats Booker T
WWE Title TLC Match: CM Punk(c) defeats The Miz and Alberto Del Rio

2012/2013 PPV Schedule
Royal Rumble- January 29th 2012
Elimination Chamber- February 19th 2012
Wrestlemania 28- April 1st 2012
Backlash- April 29th 2012
Judgement Day- May 20th 2012
King of the Ring- June 10th 2012
Great American Bash- July 8th 2012
Vengeance- July 22nd 2012
Summerslam- August 19th 2012
Unforgiven- September 16th 2012
No Mercy- October 7th 2012
Halloween Havoc- October 28th 2012
Survivor Series- November 18th 2012
Souled Out- December 9th 2012
Armageddon- December 23rd 2012
Royal Rumble- 2013
No Way Out- 2013
Wrestlemania 29- 2013

Sig Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

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Re: WWE: If You Can`t Get Behind This, You Will Be Left Behind

nicely presented, i will be following and good luck with the storylines.

Not Removing Until:

John Cena faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania [ ]

Sheamus and Cm Punk are the 2 World Champions [X] -Wrestlemania 28

John Morrison wins World Title [ ]

John Cena losses cleanly [X]- Wrestlemania 28 Rock Beats John Cena

John Cena turns heel [ ]

Shawn Michaels returns for One More Match[ ]

Daniel Bryan beats a Main Eventer cleanly [ ]

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Re: WWE: If You Can`t Get Behind This, You Will Be Left Behind

Monday Night Raw | December 19th, 2011

The opening video plays for Monday Night Raw along with Burn It To The Ground by Nickelback playing with it. After the opening video ends the fireworks explode and the fans are on their feet, waving their signs high in the air as we zoom in on our commentary team, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole.

Michael Cole: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Monday Night Raw! I’d like to say that I’m excited for this Raw but after Zack Ryder and CM Punk won their title matches last night, I can’t say that I’m excited at all!

Jerry Lawler: Well I’m excited Michael! Punk and Ryder, champions! Who would have thunk it!

Michael Cole: Well I’m not excited for them! I hope that they lose their titles tonight or as soon as possible!

**Cult of Personality**
The man who retained his WWE Championship in a triple threat TLC match last night, CM Punk, explodes onto the scene and the fans are going wild for The Champ! Punk is all pumped up as he makes his way into the ring and grabs a microphone.

CM Punk: Last night at TLC I shut up not one, but TWO pompous asses! And let me tell all you people, I am DAMN proud of that!

The crowd pops for Punk as he grins.

CM Punk: But another thing that I’m VERY proud of that happened last night is…well, let me take you people back to just before Money In The Bank when I flipped the WWE on its ear, I became, an agent of change! Last night, at TLC, change took place because a man who worked his ass off, a man who was told he’d never make it in the WWE, a man who made a name for himself, Zack Ryder, won the United States Championship! That, ladies and gentlemen, I am VERY proud of!

The crowd pops and starts chanting “Woo, woo, woo” and “Ryder, Ryder, Ryder, Ryder!” as Punk smiles and does a little “woo, woo, woo” along with them.

CM Punk: I’m glad to see it, I’m glad to see things changing for the better…now I hate to sound greedy and ungrateful and all that but…I want MORE! I want more change! Specifically, I want to get rid of someone, I want to get rid of THE most pompous ass in ENTIRE WWE and that man is…Michael Cole!

Michael is sitting at the commentary booth and looks shocked by Punk calling him out.

Michael Cole: Not going to happen, Punk! I’m here to stay!

John Laurinaitis steps out onto the stage with a microphone in hand.

John Laurinaitis: Punk, Punk, up here Punk!

John gets Punk’s and Michael’s attention as Punk stands there and waits for John’s announcement,

John Laurinaitis: Before you go any further Punk, just let me tell you that Michael Cole is not going anywhere! Cole is a good man, a good employee and he will be keeping his job as the voice of the WWE.

CM Punk: Wow well John, I gotta say I’m a little surprised to hear you say that! After all John you ARE the most “exciting” man in the WWE, after all John, you ARE all about surprising “The WWE Universe”, am I right?!

Punk, clearly sarcastic, smiles and laughs a little as John thinks.

John Laurinaitis: Well Punk you are absolutely right, I am all about excitement and surprises and that is why, I have reconsidered your proposal….You know Punk, it is an interesting idea and that is why, tonight Punk you will go one-on-one with…The Miz! And if you win, Michael Cole will be removed from his commentary job, starting next week!

The crowd applauds and cheers at the possibility of Michael Cole leaving.

John Laurinaitis: Wait, wait, wait, I am not done! Punk, if you win Michael Cole will be removed from commentary, BUT if The Miz wins…Jerry Lawler will be removed from HIS job as a commentator!

Jerry Lawler can’t believe the stipulation that was just put into effect.

John Laurinaitis: Good luck Punk. Everyone, enjoy the remainder of Monday Night Raw, good evening!

John leaves as Punk, Lawler, Cole and the crowd look surprised. Punk isn’t sure what to say after basically just getting Lawler’s job put on the line.

Michael Cole: You look scared Lawler!

Jerry Lawler: I could lose my job Michael! You could too! You should be scared!

Michael Cole: Please Jerry, I have The Miz representing me! I have total and complete faith in The Miz.

Jerry Lawler: Well I have faith in Punk, who, let me remind you, just beat The Miz last night!

Michael Cole: That was a triple threat match, everyone knows that one-on-one, The Miz will win every time! Goodbye Jerry is all I can say! I can’t wait! Next week I finally get a competent partner!

Jerry Lawler: If you don’t shut up Cole, we won’t have to wait until later tonight to get rid of you!

Michael Cole: Big talk Jerry! We have to take a commercial break but when we come back, I’ll still be here, just like I’ll still be here next week!

*Commercial Break*

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw! Coming up next we have tag team action! And later tonight, we have the demise of Jerry Lawler!

Jerry Lawler: Keep your words soft and sweet Cole, you might have to eat them later!

Match 1 | Non-Title Match:
Air Boom (Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne) versus Epico and Primo w/Rosa Mendes

Recap: This was a very fast paced match with these four smaller, quicker young men. Kingston and Bourne were taken to the limit by the two cousins and when things were looking down for Epico and Primo, Rosa Mendes would make sure that Kofi and Bourne weren’t in control for long, either by distracting the tag champs or distracting the referee so Primo or Epico could cheat. Kofi and Bourne really started to build momentum near the end though and there wasn’t much Rosa could do about it because the referee ejected her from ringside, allowing Air Boom to get the win after Trouble In Paradise to Primo followed by Air Bourne.
Winners: Air Boom (Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne) via pinfall @ 5:45

Jerry Lawler: and the WWE Tag Team Champions pick up another victory! They’ve been on a tear since they won those tag titles and I can’t see them losing them anytime soon!

Michael Cole: I’m so sick of these two! They’re boring! No charisma!

Kingston and Bourne celebrate in the ring with their tag titles, doing a few “boom” taunts as Rosa collects Primo and Epico from the ring and helps them to their feet.

Jerry Lawler: Boring!? They’re too of the most entertaining young men in the entire WWE! Did you just see that match!?

Michael Cole: Well on the upside we have John Laurinaitis backstage, a man who is truly entertaining.


We see John Laurinaitis standing by in his office with David Otunga seated on a couch. John and David are making small talk when the NEW United States Champion, Zack Ryder comes in with a big smile on his face.

John Laurinaitis: Ah Zack, I’ve been waiting for you.

Zack Ryder: What’s up “Boss”?

John Laurinaitis: Well Zack, your buddy CM Punk has put me in a mood to surprise tonight and that means that tonight, you will be defending your United States Championship!

The crowd pops big time and Zack doesn’t look too upset either, excited to defend his title for the first time.

Zack Ryder: No problem Bro, who’s my opponent?

John Laurinaitis: Well Zack, it’s the man that was responsible for you getting the US Title match in the first place. Zack, your opponent tonight will be none other than John Cena!

The crowd is split as some boo and some applaud the announced match. Even Ryder doesn’t look like he can decide on whether he’s happy or not.

John Laurinaitis: Do you have a problem with that Zack?

Zack Ryder: ….No…John Cena is my bro! And this United States Championship is not going anywhere! Woo woo woo, You know it!

Ryder exits John’s office as John and David laugh and smirk a little.

David Otunga: That should be good! Genius John, pure genius!

John Laurinaitis: Thank you David, I’m pretty excited for it myself.


Jerry Lawler: Wow! What a match! Zack Ryder will defend his United States Championship against John Cena later tonight!

Michael Cole: What do you expect Jerry!? John Laurinaitis is a genius! What a match that will be! That dope Zack Ryder will lose his US Title and Jerry Lawler will be leaving Raw, all in one night!!! What a night!

Jerry Lawler: Well that remains to be seen Michael! We have to take another commercial break but when we come back, there’s more action right here on Raw!

*Commercial Break*

Match 2:
Santino Marella versus Tyler Reks

Recap: Reks dominated the entire match. Santino joked around a little, attempted The Cobra and the splits but Reks wasn’t messing around as he just bulldozed over Santino Marella, finally finishing him off with the Burning Hammer!
Winner: Tyler Reks via pinfall @ 2:29

Michael Cole: What a display of domination from Tyler Reks! This man is impressive!

Jerry Lawler: I can’t help but agree Cole, he just destroyed former Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella!

Tyler stands Santino up again and then drops him with the Burning Hammer a SECOND time! Reks roars, showing his aggression as the crowd watches in awe of his destruction of Marella.

Jerry Lawler: And AGAIN! Reks hits the Burning Hammer a second time! Why did he need to do that!?

Michael Cole: He didn’t but who’s going to stop him! The man is a monster!!!

Jerry Lawler: Well I’m just glad he’s done with Santino, he could seriously hurt Santino!


We fade to the backstage area where Dolph Ziggler is standing by with Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero. The trio gets a lot of heat from the live crowd as soon as they appear on the screen

Dolph Ziggler: You have GOT to be kidding me! Vickie, you’re telling me that I have to face Mason Ryan tonight when John Cena is getting a shot at MY united states championship?! Wow, I’m just blown away.

Vickie Guerrero: I’m sorry Dolph, there’s nothing I can do about it! Mr. Laurinaitis won’t budge!

Dolph Ziggler: Y’know sometimes I wonder why the hell I have you work for me!

Jack Swagger: Take it easy Dolph, take it easy! Vickie, Dolph didn’t mean that. Listen Dolph, I’ll be out there tonight, I’ll have your back against Mason Ryan and you’ll have your United States Title back in no time.

Dolph Ziggler: Fine…fine…let’s go out there, take care of Mason Ryan and next week, things get back on track. But you’d better have my back Swagger…and Vickie, you’d better start doing your job!


Jerry Lawler: Well Dolph Ziggler isn’t happy but that’s just too bad because coming up next Dolph is in action against Mason Ryan!

*Commercial Break*

Match 3:
Dolph ZIggler w/Jack Swagger and Vickie versus Mason Ryan

Recap: This match was fairly even as Mason Ryan was very physical while Ziggler used his speed and his wits to his advantage as well as Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero. Mason tossed Dolph around the ring whenever he got the opportunity to while Ziggler kept trying to apply the Sleeper Hold so he could take the big man down but Mason kept on fighting out of the hold, keeping himself in the match. The match came to a close when Vickie distracted he referee, Jack Swagger took out Mason Ryan’s knee and Dolph Ziggler hit the Zig-Zag on Ryan for the pinfall.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler via pinfall @ 5:53

Jerry Lawler: Dolph ZIggler steals the win! Mason had that match won but Swagger and Vickie had to stick their noses into the match!

Michael Cole: That’s called using your resources Jerry, Dolph did nothing wrong! He just took advantage of a situation!

Jerry Lawler: A man, Michael, stands up and fights his own battles, not that you’d know that! Speaking a real man, Triple H is standing by backstage!


Just as Lawler stated, Triple H is standing by backstage and he looks very intense. The crowd is cheering Triple H on as he begins to speak.

Triple H: Last night at TLC, I took Kevin Nash out! I did exactly what I said I would and I beat him with a sledgehammer until he couldn’t even leave the ring under his own power! As far as I’m concerned, Kevin Nash got exactly what he deserved. After what I did to Nash at TLC, we won’t be hearing from Nash for a long time, I can promise that.

The crowd pops as Triple H smirks a little.

Triple H: And now, I am on to bigger and better things. That brings me to tonight, I want a match, I don’t care who it’s against but I do want a match.

John Laurinaitis walks onto screen with a smile on his face.

John Laurinaitis: Triple H, I’m glad to hear that because I have someone else who needs a match tonight and no opponent for them. So Triple H, tonight in the main event, you’re going to take on a returning mystery superstar.

Triple H smiles a little as the crowd pops for a returning superstar.

Triple H: Whoever this “mystery superstar” is, they won’t be returning for long after I’m done with them.

Triple H storms off screen as John Laurinaitis forms a big smile on his face and rubs his hands together in anticipation.


Michael Cole: Yet another big move from John Laurinaitis tonight! And coming up after the break, we’re going to be seeing the last of Jerry Lawler!

Jerry Lawler: Oh I can’t wait, because guess what Michael, it isn’t going to be me that’s leaving, it’s going to be you!

Michael Cole: Not with The Miz representing me!

Jerry Lawler: Well we have to take a break but when we come back, we’ll find out which one of us will be removed from the commentary booth starting next week.

*Commercial Break*

Match 4 | If CM Punk wins Michael Cole loses his job but if The Miz wins, Jerry Lawler loses his job:
WWE Champion CM Punk versus The Miz

Recap: Punk and Miz had a solid match with good back and forth action with both men fighting for a separate commentator’s job but also fighting for bragging rights and a victory over a major rival. The two men went all out, just like they did at TLC. During the entire match, Cole and Lawler were obviously cheering on their representatives. Punk went for the GTS a couple of times, Miz went for the Skull Crushing Finale a couple of times but neither man could quite hit their finisher. The match eventually spilled out onto the outside of the ring where all hell broke loose as the two men just started straight up brawling, hitting each other with wild right hands. The match came to a finish on the outside but neither Miz or Punk won as both men were counted out as they brawled, causing a draw.
Winner: No Contest via double count-out @ 10:42

Jerry Lawler: What!? What does this mean!? A double count-out!?

Michael Cole: I- I don’t know?!

John Laurinaitis comes out onto the entrance ramp with a mic in hand.

John Laurinaitis: Stop! Miz! Punk! Stop fighting!

Miz and Punk finally stop brawling and pay attention to John Laurinaitis.

John Laurinaitis: Things didn’t exactly go as smoothly as I would have liked but part of being a good general manager and executive vice president of talent relations is being able to make decisions on the spot and that is exactly what I have done. As an exciting and revolutionary man, I have decided that since neither of you won, BOTH Jerry Lawler AND Michael Cole will be removed from the commentary booth starting next week! Thank you and good night.

Jerry Lawler: I- I can’t believe it. I have been a commentator on Raw for nearly 17 years….

Michael Cole: I- I don’t know what to say. Starting next week both Jerry Lawler and I will no longer be commentators on Monday Night Raw.






When we return we go backstage where Zack Ryder is preparing for his first United States Title defence against his friend, John Cena when…John Cena walks in. Zack and John kind of shake hands and throw a half hug at one another.

Zack Ryder: Hey bro, what’s up?

John Cena: I Just wanted to wish you good luck in our match.

Zack Ryder: Thanks man, thanks, good luck to you too.

John Cena: Zack, I also wanted to say…I’m proud of you. You really did prove everyone wrong.

Zack Ryder: You know I couldn’t have done it without you bro. But bro, in all honestly, I’m a little nervous about the match, y’know, first title defence and all.

John Cena: Haha I know what you’re saying Zack. I’m just going to say, I’m not going to hold back out there, I’ll give it everything I got. But Zack...don’t underestimate yourself, you’re the United States Champion.

*Commercial Break*

Match 5 | United States Championship Match:
Zack Ryder© versus John Cena

Recap: This match, unlike most matches tonight, was completely fair, there was no cheating behind the refs back, there was no bending the rules as these two friends went out and just put on a great match. Zack and John went all out in this match, throwing everything at one another and by the end of the match, Zack had survived the STF and Cena had survived the Rough Ryder. The finish to the match came when Cena really got rolling, hitting Ryder with his combo of moves and then Cena went for the kill, setting Ryder up for the AA but BOOOM, Kane came out and made his way down to the ring as Cena dropped Ryder and concentrated on Kane. Kane climbed into the ring and started laying into Cena with uppercuts and rights hands so the referee instantly disqualified Ryder.
Winner: John Cena via disqualification @ 9:50

Jerry Lawler: Well the match is over but the action is not! Kane and Cena are going at it!

Michael Cole: Damn! We could have seen that good Zack Ryder lose the United States Championship right there.

Kane and Cena are just slugging it out but Kane is gaining ground as he is fresher. Cena isn’t giving in though as he keeps fighting, trying to fend Kane off. Ryder gets up and tries to help Cena but to no avail as Kane grabs both Ryder and Cena by the throat! Cena fights out but Kane DROPS Ryder with a Chokeslam! Cena goes after Kane again but Kane grabs Cena around the throat a second time and then NAILS Cena with a chokeslam as well, right beside his buddy Ryder!

Jerry Lawler: Oh man! Kane just dropped Zack Ryder and John Cena!

Michael Cole: Kane is simply unstoppable! No one can even touch him since he’s returned!

Jerry Lawler: Kane is straight up SCARY Cole! How can Cena stop him!?

Michael Cole: I don’t think he can Jerry!

We fade backstage to John Laurinaitis’ office where John is sitting with David Otunga and the two men are having a few laughs together.

David Otunga: What can I say John? Congratulations, you really pulled off a great night of Raw, I mean, you surprised me!

John Laurinaitis: Well David, the best part hasn’t even come yet! The biggest surprise of the night is Triple H’s opponent. I can’t wait until Triple H sees just what he’s up against.

David Otunga: I’ve said it before John and I’ll say it again, you’re a genius.

John Laurinaitis: No David, I’m just exciting!

CM Punk walks in with his WWE Championship over his shoulder and a smirk on his face.

CM Punk: Are you kidding me!? John, don’t let David here confuse you, you are not exciting. David, stop brown nosing, you’re embarrassing yourself.

John Laurinaitis: Punk, can I ask what you want?

CM Punk: Well Johnny Boy I just wanted to tell you that I have someone in mind for an opponent at the Royal Rumble for my WWE Championship.

John Laurinaitis: Is that right? Well Punk, you are the WWE Champion and I do enjoy the input of my champion, so let me hear it Punk, who do you have in mind?

CM Punk: Well John, I was thinking……

We fade to commercial as Punk continues to talk.

Jerry Lawler: Well Michael, tonight has had its ups and its had its downs but it’s time for the main event and Triple H is going to take on a returning superstar! Who could it be!?

Michael Cole: I really have no idea Jerry, it could be anyone!

**The Game**
Triple H comes out to a huge ovation from the crowd. Triple H is as intense as ever as he walks to the ring with a water bottle in hand.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, “The Game” Triple H!!!!!

Triple H stands in the ring, awaiting his surprise opponent.

Jerry Lawler: Who could it be Cole?

**I’m Coming**
Montel Vontavious Porter! MVP erupts onto the stage! Some fans are on their feet cheering MVP on while others clearly don’t remember Montel. MVP is all pumped up and Triple H smirks a little at the surprise opponent.

Lilian Garcia: And his opponent, Montel Vontavious Porter, MVP!!!!!!

Recap: MVP really took it to Triple H in this match, showing that he’s back and he’s in great shape. MVP hit the Players Boot in the match, he hit the Play of the Day and he hit the Playmaker but the match didn’t end until MVP went for his finisher, the Drive by Kick but Triple H turned it into a Spinebuster and then started nailing MVP with right hands before kicking MVP in the gut and going for the Pedigree but Triple H didn’t hit the move because….MR. KENNEDY BREAKS IT UP!?!?!? The referee calls for the bell!
Winner: Triple H via disqualification @ 8:34

MR. KENNEDY PICKS TRIPLE H UP AND HITS THE MIC CHECK! The crowd is going crazy as MVP and Mr. Kennedy start putting the boot to Triple H!

Jerry Lawler: What the hell!? That’s Mr. Kennedy!!!!

Michael Cole: MVP isn’t the only return tonight because Mr. Kennedy is back too!!!!

Kennedy and MVP are just beating the hell out of Triple H with vicious boots to the back and the neck, just unleashing on Triple H. MVP and Kennedy pick Hunter up and then hit a double STO, dropping Triple H once again. The crowd is now booing MVP and Kennedy, men that they were cheering mere minutes ago. The show goes off the air with MVP and Kennedy standing over Triple H with their hands held high in the air as the crowd boos them.

Sig Credit: CHAMPviaDQ
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Re: WWE: If You Can`t Get Behind This, You Will Be Left Behind

Raw thoughts:

-Good opening promo with Punk and Laurinaitis, the idea of Cole/Lawler losing their job depending on the result builds interest for the match.

-The matches being in Recap form is fine by me.

-I hope you use the Tag team division better than the WWE is doing right now!

-Ryder vs Cena for the U.S title? Interesting. You are building Laurinaitis as a good heel authority figure.

-Good to see Tyler Reks was the one winning the squash match instead of being squashed!

-HHH vs a myster returning superstar set as the main event was good, builds intrigue.

-Punk vs Miz endind as a draw and both Cole and Lawler losing their jobs was a surprising twist, interested to see how this plays out and who replaces them. Only thing i would say is that with Cole and Lawler losing their jobs, this should have been the main event as with it being lower in the card they have to carry on announcing the rest of the show. Aside from that i am glad Cole is going to be off commentary!

-Ryder/Cena was recapped as if it would have been a good match, Kane interrupting makes sense for his Cena storyline and Ryder retaining is good.

-M.V.P and Mr Kennedy returning in the main event was nice to see. I liked the both of them in the WWE and i am looking forward to seeing how you use them as a heel team.

It was a good first show and looking forward to Smackdown.
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Re: WWE: If You Can`t Get Behind This, You Will Be Left Behind

This was a phenomenal RAW.

Great opening promo with CM Punk congratulating Zack Ryder. But I have to agree with Jerichoholic. That should have been the last match or at least before the Triple H vs MVP match. Maybe when John fired both Micheal could have had a face moment or something with Jerry Lawler.

The recaps are good but what I've noticed is that the main event was a little shorter then the matches before it (except the Tyler Reks vs Santino Marrella match)

I like how you are continuing the David and John alliance. I'd like to see how CM punk will go from that promo...

Having Ziggler win with help from Jack was great.

It was a good first show. I will be reading Smackdown when its posted also.

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Re: WWE: If You Can`t Get Behind This, You Will Be Left Behind

Friday Night Smackdown | December 23rd 2011

The show kicks off with a recap of what happened at TLC where on the Smackdown side of things Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett in a tables match, Cody Rhodes retained his Intercontinental Championship against Booker T and Mark Henry held on to the World Heavyweight Championship as he beat Big Show! The opening video for Smackdown plays with “Enemy” by Greenday playing before we see the arena with the excitable crowd and the commentators for Smackdown, Michael Cole and Josh Mathews.

Josh Mathews: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown! I’m Josh Mathews and I’m here with the now Smackdown exclusive commentator, Michael Cole!

Michael Cole: You just HAD to say something about me losing my spot on Raw didn’t you!? Well I’ll have you know that I am not going to stand for this, I will get my commentary job back on Raw, mark my words.

Josh Mathews: Well we’ll have to wait for Monday for that but tonight is Smackdown and we’re just coming off of TLC where Mark Henry retained the World Championship against Big Show in a Chairs Match!

Michael Cole: Mark Henry showed everyone just why he is the World Heavyweight Champion! He beat the World’s Largest Athlete!

Josh Mathews: The question is, who is next in line for a World Title shot now!?

**Some Bodies Gunna Get It**
Speaking of The World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry steps out onto the stage as the crowd boos him. Henry is intense, as usual but he actually has a little bit of a smile on his face for once, no doubt due to his victory at TLC. Henry climbs into the ring with the world title over his shoulder and he grabs a microphone.

Mark Henry: All you people saw just what Mark Henry is all about at TLC! I destroyed the Big Show! I hit that boy with a steal chair over and over again until he couldn’t even get up!

The crowd boos Henry for his brutality.

Mark Henry: Y’know I could have ended his career! I could have re-inducted Big Show into the Hall of Pain…but I didn’t! Y’know why?! Because I’m done with Big Show! I am the better man, I proved that to every last one of ya’ll at TLC! And now it’s clear to all ya’ll that I am UNSTOPPABLE!

The crowd gives Henry some more heat.

Mark Henry: Every one who’s stood in my way has got BEAT! Hell, I don’t even think there’s anyone left for me to beat on Smackdown! And even if there was, I would not be surprised if they were too AFRAID to face The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry in MY ring!

More heat for Henry as he laughs a little.

Mark Henry: I want some competition! Teddy Long! Get out here! Give me some competition man! Put me in the ring with someone who will actually challenge me…If there is even a man like that in the world!

Smackdown General Manager, Teddy Long steps out onto the ramp with a mic in hand.

Teddy Long: Mark, you truly have been unstoppable playa!

Mark Henry: I know that! Everyone knows that!

Teddy Long: And you truly have beaten everyone that has stood in your way!

Mark Henry: I can’t be beat!

Teddy Long: That is why, right here tonight on Friday Night Smackdown, in the main event, there will be a 15 man battle royal with the winner facing you for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble!

Mark Henry: I don’t give a damn who wins the Battle Royal! I’ll whoop all 15 of their asses!

Teddy Long turns back and goes back behind the curtain as Mark Henry continues to rant about his dominance as he walks up the ramp.

Josh Mathews: Well there you have it folks, the fate of the World Heavyweight Championship match at The Royal Rumble will be decided right there tonight in somewhat of a prelude to the Royal Rumble match!

Michael Cole: My question is; Is there even anyone on the Smackdown roster who can take Mark Henry on!?

Josh Mathews: Well we’ll find out later tonight!

Michael Cole: We have to take a commercial break but when we return we’ll see some action between two of Smackdown’s cruiserweights, Hunico and Justin Gabriel!

*Commercial Break*

Match 1:
Hunico vs. Justin Gabriel

Recap: Hunico and Gabriel flew around the ring like you would expect them to, hitting each other with Hurracarrana’s and moonsault and other fast and exciting, yet dangerous, manoeuvres. Gabriel was the better of the two when it came to flying around the ring so Hunico had to resort to some underhanded tactics to stay in the match but it didn’t help him too much as Gabriel nearly hit the 450 Splash if not for Hunico jumping up and hitting a Frankensteiner! Gabriel was down and out and probably could have been pinned but Hunico wasn’t done yet as he went to the top rope and hit Gabriel with the Falling Star senton bomb for the victory.
Winner: Hunico via pinfall @ 4:53

Josh Mathews: And Hunico gets the win! With the help of a few underhanded tactics but he gets the victory nonetheless!

Michael Cole: A win is a win Josh! Hunico is looking better and better every single week! I think that Hunico has a lot of potential!

Josh Mathews: Well time will tell Michael but I can’t help but agree for the time being!


We fade backstage where Big Show is standing by.

Big Show: I’d like to take this time to…apologize to all my fans out there, I let you down, I couldn’t beat Henry.

The crowd gives some heat, not to Show though, but to Henry.

Big Show: I’m not going to live in the past though because I know I will be World Heavyweight Champion someday.

Pop for Show.

Big Show: For tonight though, Drew McIntyre, I’ve got you one-on-one in the ring later tonight. Now Drew, I have no problem with you but the thing is, I am not in a good mood, at all so Drew…get ready, because ALLLL my frustrations, ALLLLL my disappointment and ALLLLL my anger…will be taken out on…you.

Show balls up his right fist and looks at it with a twisted little smirk on his face before we fade to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Josh Mathews: Welcome back to Smackdown! As we saw before the break, Big Show is more than ready for his match against Drew McIntyre which is coming up in a few moments.

Michael Cole: Big Show is not in a good state of mind after his loss to Henry at TLC! Drew McIntyre needs to be pulled from this match before he is injured!

Match 2:
Big Show vs. Drew McIntyre

Recap: Just as Big Show said, he took his frustrations out on Drew by tearing him apart, bit by bit. Show destroyed McIntyre, hitting him with a Chokeslam and a WMD at one point. Show didn’t even look like he wanted to pin McIntyre though, he was enjoying himself far too much. The finish of the match came when McIntyre scurried into a corner and started begging Show for mercy but Show just started choking McIntyre with his massive boot. The referee started counting but Show almost couldn’t even hear it and the referee had no choice but to disqualify Show!
Winner: Drew McIntyre via disqualification @ 6:20

Michael Cole: See what I mean! Big Show is not right in the head right now! Putting him in a match was a bad idea!

Josh Mathews: Big Show is furious after losing at TLC!

Big Show chases the referee away but then turns his attention back to Drew McIntyre who is just stumbling to his feet. Big Show balls up his fight hand, takes a look at it and then SMOKES Drew McIntyre with a HUGE WMD!

Michael Cole: And a SECOND WMD tonight!

Josh Mathews: It looks like Show is finally done with Drew but the damage has been done.

Show climbs out of the ring and walks to the big as the crowd cheers him on. Drew McIntyre is barely moving and the referee is checking on Drew to make sure he’s alright. As soon as Show exit’s the stage area, Matt Striker walks out through the curtain. Many people don’t notice Matt, some don’t even know who he is but Matt walks down to the ring with a smile on his face, waving a little.

Josh Mathews: Matt Striker? What is he doing?

Michael Cole: I don’t know but it looks like he’s coming over here.

Matt steps up to the commentary booth.

Matt Striker: Michael, you need to leave.

Matt puts a headpiece on and sits down as Michael Cole looks around confused.

Michael Cole: What are you talking about? I’m not going anywhere!

Matt Striker: Michael, by order of Teddy Long, I am replacing you at the commentary booth, effectively immediately.

Michael Cole: You’ve got to be kidding me! This has GOT to be a joke! You don’t know what you’re talking about Matt! I’m going right to Teddy’s office to find out what’s going on RIGHT NOW!

Michael stands up and takes his headpiece off before marching to the back as the crowd cheers.

Josh Mathews: Well ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know what’s going on but welcome Matt Striker to commentary!

Matt Striker: It’s good to be back Josh! Let’s get on with the show! We have to take a commercial break but when we come back, oh man are we in for a treat as Jinder Mahal and Ted DiBiase face off, right here, on Smackdown!

*Commercial Break*

Match 3:
Jinder Mahal vs. Ted DiBiase

Recap: An average match between two of Smackdown’s young stars. Mahal and DiBiase went back and forth in this match, exchanging momentum several times. Mahal pulled out a few tricks in attempts to get the ring, such as pulling the tights and using the ropes but DiBiase wouldn’t stay down. DiBiase went for Dream Street a couple of times but Mahal fought out each time before hitting DiBiase with a full nelson slam, followed by the Punjabi Clutch, to which DiBiase had no choice but to submit to.
Winner: Jinder Mahal via submission @ 4:45

Matt Striker: Jinder Mahal, the new Punjabi Nightmare gets yet another victory!

Josh Mathews: Mahal knows exactly how to apply that Punjabi Clutch as he calls it.

Matt Striker: One has to imagine that Jinder Mahal is closing in on an Intercontinental Title match as he picks up more and more momentum.

We see a quick advertisement for the Royal Rumble which is coming up on January 29th which is about a month away.

**Smoke And Mirrors**
The Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes comes out as the crowd gives him some heat. Rhodes is laughing a little and then randomly scowling, playing up his crazy gimmick. Rhodes has the Intercontinental Championship around his waist and he is rubbing it and smacking it as he walks down the ramp. Rhodes gets into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Cody Rhodes: My name is Cody Rhodes and at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs, I defeated Booker T.

The crowd gives Cody heat.

Cody Rhodes: With my victory over Booker T comes the fact that I have now surpassed the former 5 time WCW World Champion…I am the better man.

More heat for Rhodes as he smiles.

Cody Rhodes: Booker T is a joke and fool for ever thinking…for even a MOMENT that he could defeat, me, Cody Rhodes. Now, with the victory over Booker T under my belt, I will move on to win the Battle Royal tonight and become the World Heavyweight Champion at the Royal Rumble!

**Can You Dig It Sucka!**
Booker T explodes through the curtain as the crowd goes wild! Cody Rhodes doesn’t look impressed and he starts pacing and talking to himself as Booker walks to the ring and grabs a microphone.

Booker T: Man Cody, those are some big words dawg! Those are some big words coming from the man who had to jump me TWICE before the match even started at TLC!

Cody Rhodes: Booker, do not downplay your defeat! I am the Intercontinental Champion, NOT YOU and that is ALL that matters to ME and these people!

Booker T: You’re right dawg, you are the Intercontinental Champion and that is all that matters. But Cody, let me tell you something…Now I might not be the man I used to be but Cody, in a fair fight, I know I’d whip your ass! Now can you DIG THAT SUCKAAAAAA!!!

Cody is furious and starts pacing and talking to himself some more as Booker laughs a little and the crowd pops.


Teddy Long steps out onto the stage for the second time in the night and he has a mic in hand.

Teddy Long: Now that’s where you’re wrong playa! Booker T will be getting another Intercontinental Championship match, right here on Smackdown, next week! And Cody, if you put your hands on Booker T before the match begins next week, you will be STRIPPED of the Intercontinental Championship! Now I can dig that!

Teddy turns and walks to the back and Cody is losing it! Cody is pounding on the mat and screaming! Booker spins Cody around the DROPS him with the Book End! Booker T does a Spin-A-Roonie as the crowd goes wild and Cody rolls out of the ring, with his tail between his legs. Cody left behind his Intercontinental Championship however so Booker T picks it up and takes a good long look at the title.

Matt Striker: Things are going to come to a head next week on Smackdown when Booker gets his hands on Rhodes in a fair fight!

Josh Mathews: I think next week, we’ll get a little taste of the old Booker T because Book is not messing around, he wants that Intercontinental Championship!

Matt Striker: Well it is one of the most prestigious titles here in the WWE, so who wouldn’t want it in reality!

Josh Mathews: We have to take another commercial break but when we come back Randy Orton will be in action!

*Commercial Break*

Match 4:
Randy Orton vs. William Regal

: Randy dominated the majority of the match, as the younger, more agile and more aggressive superstar. The wilily veteran, William Regal, had his fair share of tricks up his sleeve though and did not let Randy run away with the match by any means. William got some offence in at a few key points and even managed to reverse the RKO into a reverse DDT. The finish to the match came when Randy started to build momentum as he hit a string of big moves, including several clotheslines, a big power slam and a flurry of punches which culminated with a vicious RKO, allowing Randy to get the win.
Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall @ 6:02

Matt Striker: The Apex Predator, Randy Orton picks up another victory. Randy is certainly one of my favourites tonight later in the Battle Royal!

Josh Mathews: Even though he will have competed twice?

Matt Striker: Absolutely! Randy Orton is one of the best superstars here on Smackdown and if anyone can go and win two matches in one night, it’s Randy Orton!

**End of Days**
Wade Barrett, Randy Orton’s nemesis as of late, strolls down to the ring. Randy is ready for a fight in the ring.

Josh Mathews: Oh man, here we go! Things are about to get physical!

Matt Striker: Here comes The British Brawler, Wade Barrett!

Wade walks down to the ring and looks like he wants to get into the ring but Randy is just too intimidating and he will barely allow Wade to get close to the ring when all of a sudden…William Regal NAILS Randy with a LOW BLOW! Wade Barrett quickly rolls into the ring and starts putting the boot to Randy Orton! William Regal quickly joins in alongside Barrett in the beat down. Barrett instructs William to pick Orton up to his feet and William does just that. Wade scoops Randy up onto his shoulders and then PLANTS him with the WASTELAND! Wade has a big smile on his face as he stands over the fallen Randy Orton. William Regal rolls out of the ring and is clapping for Wade and nodding his head a little. The crowd on the other hand are not so approving as they give Wade and William a lot of heat.

Josh Mathews: Dammit! Randy Orton just got beat down and it was all because of William Regal!

Matt Striker: Well it looked like things were done between Randy and Wade at TLC but now, it looks like they are just getting started!

Josh Mathews: And that is a dangerous thing for both men because the feud between Randy and Wade has been one of the most physical rivalries in all of the WWE!

Matt Striker: After taking that Wasteland and Low Blow, I’m not liking Randy’s chances in the Battle Royal later tonight.


We go backstage where Michael Cole is yelling at Teddy Long!

Michael Cole: What kind of show are you running Teddy!? I’ve been looking all over for you! And what’s this about you taking me off of commentary!? That’s just ludicrous! I am the voice of the WWE!

Teddy Long: It’s true Michael, you’re off commentary on Smackdown.

Michael Cole: WHY!?

Teddy Long: Well to be honest with ya playa, I liked what I saw on Raw, I think a change at the commentary booth is what Smackdown needs!

Michael Cole: Well why was I replaced and not Josh Mathews!?

Teddy Long: Well Michael it’s nothing personal but you’ve been a commentator for so long here in the WWE, I think it’s time some other commentators get to shine.

Michael Cole: Well I’ll have you know that I won’t stand for this! You haven’t heard the last of me Teddy!

Michael storms out of Teddy’s office.

Teddy Long: Have a good night, playa!

Teddy does a little dance and laughs as the crowd pops.

*Commercial Break*

Match 5:
Natalya vs. Tamina

: The two bigger and more powerful women didn’t put on the typical Diva’s match, instead it was more of a battle of strength. Natalya and Tamina tossed each other around the ring with suplexs, power slams, scoop slams and back body drops, trying to physically break their opponent. The finish of the match came when Natalya went for the Sharpshooter but before she could lock it in, Tamina grabbed Natalya and rolled her up for the quick pinfall victory.
Winner: Tamina via pinfall @ 3:24

Matt Striker: And The Young Superfly gets the victory!

Josh Mathews: That’s a big win for Tamina, the biggest of her career!

Matt Striker: No doubt! She just pinned one half of the Diva’s Of Doom and a former Diva’s Champion!

Tamina grabs a microphone.

Tamina: Beth Phoenix! I hope you were watching that! Because I’ve been watching you these last few months and I think it’s about time you pick on someone your own size!

The crowd pops for Tamina.

Tamina: Y’see Beth, I’m no Barbie Doll like all the other divas you pick on and I am not intimidated by you! So Beth Phoenix, get ready because I’m coming for the Divas Championship!

Tamina drops the mic and walks away as Natalya watches her, looked confused and angry. The crowd is cheering Tamina on as she high fives some fans.

Matt Striker: Well Tamina just made a strong statement to Beth Phoenix! She wants the Divas Title and she is not afraid!

Josh Mathews: I think it’s about time that someone stand up to Beth that can actually match her size! Tamina could very well be the woman that ends Beth Phoenix’s reign of terror!

Matt Striker: I’m getting word that Randy Orton is backstage and he has a few choice words for Wade Barrett and William Regal!


Randy Orton is standing by and he looks sore and angry after the beat down and that he received at the hands of Wade Barrett and William Regal earlier in the night.

Randy Orton: Tonight…I kill two birds with one stone. Tonight, I take out William Regal and Wade Barrett AND I win the chance to compete for the World Title at the Royal Rumble!

The crowd pops for Randy.

Randy Orton: Let me take you people back a few months ago, y’see, I lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Mark Henry. Ever since Henry became World Champion he has been on a path of destruction but I have been biding my time and waiting for the right moment to strike and re-gain MY World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd pops for Randy again.

Randy Orton: The Royal Rumble is that time. Mark, you’ve had a good reign but it ends at the Royal Rumble. As for Wade and William, watch your backs out there because it only takes a second for me to hit the R…K…O.

Randy storms off as the crowd cheers for him.

*Commercial Break*

Matt Striker: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown! Before the break we heard from Randy Orton but now, it’s time for the Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for Mark Henry’s World Heavyweight Championship!

Josh Mathews: 15 men go in but only one man will earn the opportunity to face Mark at the Royal Rumble.

Matt Striker: And you know Josh, this match is a prelude to the Royal Rumble in a way because at the Royal Rumble there will be 30 men, 15 from Raw and 15 from Smackdown with one man walking away with the opportunity to main event Wrestlemania against a champion of his choosing.

Match 6 | 15 Man Battle Royal to become the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship:
Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Ezekiel Jackson vs. Hunico vs. Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Ted DiBIase vs. Wade Barrett vs. William Regal

: The battle royal was exactly what you’d expect, an all out brawl with not a lot of wrestling. The match mostly consisted of people hitting each other and trying to throw people over the top rope. The eliminations went as follows: Jey Uso, Ted DiBiase, Jinder Mahal, Jimmy Uso, Booker T, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, William Regal, Justin Gabriel, Ezekiel Jackson and Hunico leaving only Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus in the ring. Wade and Randy went at it while Daniel Bryan and Sheamus battled it out. Randy and Wade were eliminated at the same time when Sheamus, who had knocked Daniel Bryan down for the moment, dumped both Randy and Wade over the top rope, leaving only Sheamus and Bryan in the match. Sheamus and Bryan went at it for a few minutes more and this is when some actual wrestling was performed as both men tried to weaken their opponent before throwing him out. The finish of the match came when Daniel Bryan was beaten and battered and using the ropes for help standing so Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but Bryan dodged it and Sheamus got caught up on the top rope. Daniel tries to dump Sheamus over but Sheamus took Bryan down with him, with both men hitting the floor at the same time!
Winner: ??? Via elimination @ 12:35

One referee raises Sheamus’ hand while another referee raises Daniel Bryan’s hand! The footage continues to play on the big screen as the referees try to decide who the winner is but a decision cannot be reached. Both Sheamus and Bryan believe that they have won the match so they each start to celebrate the victory. The show goes off the air with both Sheamus and Bryan celebrating with the crowd and the referees looking very confused.

Date: Sunday, January 29th, 2012
Location: Scottrade Center; St. Louis, Missouri
Event Music: Dark Horses by Switchfoot

30-Man Royal Rumble Match for the opportunity to Main Event Wrestlemania

World Heavyweight Championship
Mark Henry© vs. ???

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Re: WWE: If You Can`t Get Behind This, You Will Be Left Behind

The opening promo of Henry's dominance was like something he would say.

The opening match was good, youngster vs youngster...

What show did was alright...but with him chocking McIntyre with his boot wasn't a good DQ, to me, maybe a double count out or a stoppage would have been better for the World's Largest Athlete

I'm following the treatment of Micheal Cole being kicked off SD and RAW. Maybe Cole might tell Teddy he has a contract...

The 3rd match was great. Jinder Mahal's momentum is rising nicely

The Booker T and Cody Rhodes promo was average.

William Regal entering the Wade-Orton feud is interesting.

Decent divas match...

The battle royal was my favorite with 2/3 of my predictions coming out as a tie.

Overall, great as usual and touch up on some feuds. Keeping feuds interesting can be hard for some wrestlers.

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Re: WWE: If You Can`t Get Behind This, You Will Be Left Behind

Announced earlier on WWE.com: John Cena will go one-on-one with Alberto Del Rio in the main event! Also, Divas Champion Beth Phoenix will defend her title against Natalya, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella!

Monday Night Raw | December 26th, 2011

Burn it to the Ground by Nickelback plays as the opening video for Monday Night Raw opens the show. After the opening credits we go live to the excited audience who are on their feet. We zoom in on the commentary booth, which is empty after Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were fired last week.

**Cult of Personality**
The WWE Champion and the man who is responsible for Lawler and Cole being fired last week, CM Punk, comes out to a huge pop from the live crowd. Punk climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone. Punk waits for the crowd to calm down before speaking.

CM Punk: Last week I faced The Miz with Jerry Lawler’s and Michael Cole’s careers as commentators on the line. Needless to say, things didn’t go exactly how I wanted them to because even though I got rid of that obnoxious little weasel Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler was also fired.

The crowd boos for the loss of Lawler.

CM Punk: Things ended in a no contest last week so I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to Jerry Lawler.

The crowd pops for Punk.

CM Punk: Now earlier tonight I found out who would be replacing Lawler and Cole at the booth and I gotta say, I’m reallllly excited about this so I just had to come out here and introduce these two men. So without further ado, firstly, I would like to introduce, former Smackdown Commentator and former WWE Champion, JOHN…BRADSHAW…LAYYYYYYFIELD…JBL!

JBL comes out to a mixed reaction with some booing, some cheering and some not knowing who he is. Punk claps a little, kind of sarcastically as JBL walks down to the booth, waving and bowing a little as he goes.

CM Punk: Now, I’ll admit, JBL wasn’t really the one I was excited for because frankly he’s kind of a douche but the other new…or old commentator I guess you’d say, well I’m really excited for this. So, it is my privilege to introduce, WWE Hall of Famer, the TRUE voice of the WWE, Good Ol’ JR, JIM ROSS!

**Boomer Sooner**
Jim Ross comes out to a huge ovation from the live crown as CM Punk claps, not sarcastically at all. JR waves and high fives fans as he walks down to the booth to join JBL.

CM Punk: Jim Ross everyone!

**I Came To Play**
The man who lost to CM Punk at TLC, The Miz comes out to the complete opposite of the reaction that JR just received. The Miz is all dressed up in a nice suit, looking pretty unhappy after the no contest with Punk last week.

The Miz: Are you just about finished Punk? Because I, like everyone else here, do not CARE about the commentators of Raw because I, like everyone else, only want to hear the voice of The Awesome One, THE MIZ!

CM Punk: What do you want Miz?

The Miz: Well Punk, I have some REAL business to attend to, unlike you who is playing announcer for JR and JBL, who is a douche by the way, I’ll agree with you on that.

CM Punk: And what business is that Miz because it just sounds like you’re trying to waste my time to me.

The Miz: Well Punk, as you know, last week you could not beat ME! That means Punk, that I deserve another WWE Championship match, TONIGHT!

CM Punk: Well Miz, I can’t argue that, I mean I didn’t beat you last week. You should get another WWE Championship Miz!

Miz looks pretty happy with himself as the crowd boos.

CM Punk: Well that’s what I would have been saying if you could have beaten ME last week! Or if I didn’t JUST beat you at TLC a couple of weeks ago!

The Miz: What!? I deserve another title match Punk! You know that!

CM Punk: No Miz, you don’t deserve another WWE Championship match. What you deserve, is to head right to the back of the line and actually EARN another title match instead of whining, and complaining and crying until you get what you want!

The Miz: I have earned EVERYTHING that I’ve accomplished here! I main evented Wrestlemania against John Cena!

CM Punk: We know Miz, we know. But hey, if you need some more convincing that you don’t deserve another title match, I’ll show you.

Punk NAILS Miz with a high kick to the side of the head! Miz drops like a sack of potatoes as Punk grabs his title and hops out of the ring. Punk walks up the ramp like nothing happened as Miz starts to come to and is FURIOUS!

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentlemen, this is Jim Ross and I’m here with JBL and we just saw The Miz get his answer in terms of another WWE Title Match.

JBL: I’d just like to point something out, I am not…a douche, I do not clean female organs!

Jim Ross: What are your thoughts on Miz receiving another title match though John?

JBL: Well frankly JR, I don’t like either of these punks. Who I really want to see receive another title match is Alberto Del Rio! Now that’s a man that deserves a title match!

Jim Ross: Well Alberto Del Rio was unsuccessful in his attempts to win the WWE Title at TLC and ever since then, Del Rio has not been the same. Anyways ladies and gentlemen, we have to take the first commercial break of the evening but when we return, two of Raw’s young talents will be in action as Alex Riley takes on Tyler Reks and that is next!

*Commercial Break*

Jim Ross: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Monday Night Raw! In case you missed the start of the show, CM Punk came out and introduce my partner, JBL, and I, only to be interrupted by The Miz who lobbied for another WWE Title Match.

JBL: JR, as far as I’m concerned The Miz got exactly what he deserved, a kick to the side of the head.

Jim Ross: Well that’s your opinion John.

Match 1:
Alex Riley vs. Tyler Reks

: This was a decently even match for the first little bit with both men trying to get some momentum built against their opponent but with constant reversals, it was tough to get something going for either man. Part way through the match however, Tyler Reks really started to run away with things after hitting Riley with a couple of big clotheslines, followed up by a big boot and then a power slam. Reks was on a role and Riley was in trouble as Reks hit a couple more big moves before finishing Riley off with the Burning Hammer for the victory.
Winner: Tyler Reks via pinfall @ 5:20

Jim Ross: And Tyler Reks picks up another victory. Reks has been on a role as of late and I think that the guys in the back are taking notice.

JBL: Tyler Reks is a big, scary, animalistic man. There is a reason that they call this beast T. Reks.

Jim Ross: If Reks keeps it up, I could see this young man receiving an Intercontinental Title Match in the near future!

JBL: Good! Get the title off of that dork Zack Ryder!


We go backstage where Dolph Ziggler is pacing back and forth, not looking too happy while Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero try to calm him down.

Dolph Ziggler: Vickie…Vickie…you SAID that you’d talk to Laurinaitis! You said that! That is your job!

Vickie Guerrero: I did talk to Mr. Laurinaitis!

Dolph Ziggler: Then WHY am tagging with Swagger tonight against Air Boom!? I should be competing for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP! NOT the Tag Team Titles!

Vickie Guerrero: I understand that Dolph.

Dolph Ziggler: Last week I had to face Mason Ryan, this week I’m facing Air Boom! I am the best damn wrestler in the WWE and this is the treatment I get!?

Jack Swagger: Hey man, it isn’t so bad! The tag titles are prestigious and if we beat Air Boom we could get a title shot!

Dolph Ziggler: Jack, shut up. I’ve won the tag titles, I’ve been there, I’ve done that, now what I haven’t done is win the WWE Championship! That is my goal! Do you understand that Jack!? I deserve BETTER than this! I should be facing CM Punk for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble!

Vickie Guerrero: I agree 100 percent Dolph!

Dolph Ziggler: Y’know what, that is exactly what I’m going to do, compete for the WWE Championship and I’m going to do it by WINNING the Royal Rumble!

Dolph storms off in a fit of rage as Swagger and Vickie look concerned and a little nervous with Dolph’s behaviour as of late.


Jim Ross: Well John, needless to say, Dolph Ziggler is not too pleased with his position on the card as of late.

JBL: Dolph Ziggler is one of the best young talents that this company has and he’s being wasted in the middle of the card.

Jim Ross: Well, it looks like there is a spot open for a WWE Championship match with CM Punk denying The Miz another opportunity, so Dolph could get what he is after. Wa- wait a second John, I’m getting word that there is some sort of protest taking place outside the arena, we have cameras in place and we are taking you there now.


We go to the outside of the arena where Michael Cole is walking back and forth yelling and chanting with a picket sign in his hands that reads “Michael Cole = WWE” on one side and “Bring Cole Back” on the other side.

Michael Cole: Save Michael Cole! Or WWE will fall! Save Michael Cole! Or WWE will fall! Save Michael Cole! Or WWE will fall!

We fade to commercial as Cole continues to march back and forth while chanting.

*Commercial Break*

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw! Before the break we saw Michael Cole outside picketing and protesting for his job here on Raw.

JBL: Michael Cole, if you can here me…give up, you idiot!

Jim Ross: Well if Michael Cole is one thing, he’s determined so I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Cole tonight but for now we have some more action here on Raw with the new United States Champion in action!

Match 2 | Non-Title Match:
Santino Marella vs. United States Champion Zack Ryder

: Santino put up a decent fight against the new US Champ, trying to hit the Cobra a couple of times and also ducking one of Ryder’s moves by doing the splits but it was to no avail as Ryder eventually started to run away with things. Ryder really picked up momentum near the end of the match where he hit a series of basic, but damaging moves on The Cobra before finally hitting The Rough Ryder for his first victory as United States Champion.
Winner: United States Champion Zack Ryder via pinfall @ 3:02

Jim Ross: And Long Island Iced Z gets the win over The Cobra!

JBL: Neither of these goofs deserve to be anywhere near a title as prestigious as the United States Championship.

Jim Ross: Well that’s your opinion John but the way I see it is that Zack Ryder worked himself to the bone to earn that title and that kid deserves every moment he has with the title. Speaking of a man who works himself to the bone, I’m receiving word that Triple H is standing by backstage with a few choices words about last week.


Triple H is standing there, staring right into the camera, looking as intense and determined as ever. Triple H takes a few deep and angry breaths.

Triple H: Last week, I was fine facing a mystery opponent, I didn’t care who it was, I was going to beat them. When it turned out to be MVP, I was fine with that, I knew I could beat him. But when Mr. Kennedy showed up and helped MVP double team me, now that, I was not fine with.

The crowd boos MVP and Kennedy.

Triple H: MVP, Kennedy, I don’t know what your problems are and I don’t know if you have some type of personal vendetta against me or if it’s purely business but either way, you’ve already made one mistake in your short return and that mistake was messing with ME!

The crowd pops for Triple H.

Triple H: Now I know you two are here tonight, somewhere in this arena and I will find you. When I find you, I will make you two pay for last week.

Triple H walks away, clearly on the hunt for MVP and Kennedy.


**Kingdom Come**
Jerry “The King” Lawler comes out to a big pop from the live crown! Jim Ross and JBL stand up and begin to clap for Lawler as “The King” makes his way down to the ring. Jerry climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone while the fans cheer him on. Lawler waits for the fans to calm down before speaking.

Jerry Lawler: Last week, I was fired.

The fans boo for Lawler’s firing.

Jerry Lawler: No! No! It’s okay, I’ve accepted that maybe it’s time to move on. Before I go off on this rant I just want to say, CM Punk, I forgive you for last week, for not being able to win the match.

The fans pop for Lawler and for Punk.

Jerry Lawler: I’ve been a commentator here for…well, for as long as I can remember! I love the WWE and I loved my job as a commentator but last week, when John Laurinaitis announced that both Michael Cole and I would be losing our jobs, I knew it was time for the end and I made my peace with that.

The fans pop for Lawler and start chanting “Thank you Lawler”

Jerry Lawler: No thank you people for inviting me into your living rooms every Monday night.

Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero come out. Lawler looks very disappointed and a little surprised as the brash and cocky Dolph Ziggler, who is looking very intense, makes his way to the ring.

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me! Excuse me Jerry! EXCUSE ME!

The fans are giving Vickie and her duo a massive amount of heat as Jerry yells at them asking what they want. Vickie hands the mic over to Dolph.

Dolph Ziggler: You’re kidding me right now, right Jerry? This is some kind of joke, please tell me that it is. You really think these people care about you? About your lacklustre career? No, Jerry, they don’t and frankly, you’re just embarrassing yourself right now.

The fans give Dolph big heat as Jerry looks upset.

Dolph Ziggler: Jerry “The King” Lawler, the highlight of his career was that he was a somebody!

More heat for Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler: But Jerry, all that is going to change for you because in a few moments, the highlight of your career will have been getting beaten up by the future Royal Rumble winner, Wrestlemania main eventer and WWE Champion, Dolph Ziggler!

Ziggler and Swagger attack Lawler and start pounding on him, hitting him with forearms and fists at first before turning to boots and knees.

**Born to SOS**
The WWE Tag Team Champions, Air Boom book it to the ring and slide right in.

Jim Ross: Business is about to pick up! Get in there Air Boom! Help Jerry!

Air Boom start taking it to Dolph and Jack, hitting them with right hands almost in sequence with one another before delivering a pair of dropkicks to Ziggler and Swagger which put the cocky pair over the top rope. Air Boom quickly start to check on Jerry, asking if he’s alright and Jerry seems to be fine, just a little banged up.

Jim Ross: We have to go to commercial but when we come back we’ll have Air Boom taking on Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger in tag team action!

*Commercial Break*

Match 3 | Non-Title Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) vs. Dolph Ziggler & Evan Bourne

: Air Boom had the jump on Swagger and Ziggler so naturally Air Boom controlled the first couple of minutes of the match before Ziggler and Swagger finally gathered themselves and formed a game plan outside the ring with some advice from Vickie. Swagger and Ziggler got back into things after their moment to think and managed to isolate Evan Bourne for a couple of minutes, working on the midsection and back of the high flyer and keeping him grounded all the while. Swagger and Ziggler made constant tags in this time to keep one another fresh. Evan didn’t look like he’d match much longer after Swagger snapped the Ankle Lock onto Bourne but Bourne pushed Swagger away and used the momentum to propel himself towards Kofi’s hand to make the hot tag. Kofi came in with a head of steam and started ripping Swagger and Ziggler apart, hitting them with clotheslines and dropkicks all over the place. The finish to the match came when Kofi hit the Trouble In Paradise on Swagger and then tagged Bourne in to hit Air Bourne for the victory.
Winners: WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom via pinfall @ 8:53

Jim Ross: The WWE Tag Team Champions pick up another victory! I’ll tell ya, Kofi and Evan have been unstoppable since winning those tag titles!

JBL: I’ll admit, they are one of the best tag teams that I have seen in years. Air Boom are a fast, exciting team and they don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Jim Ross: Well John they’ve beaten every team on Raw and Smackdown, there’s no one left for Air Boom!

JBL: Make yourselves comfortable because Air Boom won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


A force shall arise
To reclaim what is his
Powers that be will be shaken

The End Begins.

Next Monday.


**The Time Is Now**
John Cena erupts through the curtain and the fans are split, as usual with half of them booing Cena like crazy and the other half on their feet cheering. Cena salutes the fans and then runs to the ring.

Jim Ross: John Cena, the man who has been the center of Kane’s hate since his return, is here and he is all fired up!

JBL: The last few weeks Kane has been simply destroying John Cena, leaving him laying every single night, will tonight be any different?

Jim Ross: Well if “The Iron Man” John Cena has anything to say about it, he won’t allow Kane to get the jump on him again.

Cena grabs a mic and waits for the fans to quite down.

John Cena: I’m here tonight to get right down to business.

The fans pop for Cena.

John Cena: The last few weeks Kane has been attacking me and I don’t know why and I don’t care. So Kane, get out here right now!

**Veil Of Fire**
“The Big Red Machine” Kane steps out onto the stage and is gladly going to give Cena the fight that he wants.

Jim Ross: Oh man things are about to get physical! John Cena wants some, will Kane give him some!?

JBL: Kane isn’t one to back down from a fight, he is a monster!

Kane walks towards the ring as Cena rips his shirt off and throws it into the crowd in preparation for the fight. Kane stops just in front of the ring and calls for a mic. Kane looks around for a second as Cena practically begs “The Big Red Machine” to get into the ring.


John Cena is yelling at Kane, trying to get Kane to get into the ring and the crowd is giving Kane big heat.

Kane: You’re not ready. Once you can show me HATE, Cena, you will be ready.

Kane turns and walks right back up the ramp and Cena looks very disappointed.

Jim Ross: Show- Show Kane hate? What does he mean by that!?

JBL: Kane is a sick, twisted freak, I can’t imagine what he wants Cena to do in order to get a fight out of him.

Jim Ross: I guess it comes down to just how bad Cena wants Kane! Will Cena show Kane hate in order to fight him?

JBL: Well later tonight John Cena goes one-on-one with Alberto Del Rio, a man who has been a thorn in Cena’s side for awhile now. If there’s any time to show hate, it would be later tonight.

Jim Ross: That’s is true JBL but we have to take a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

Jim Ross: During the break I received word that coming up next we will see Mr. Kennedy and MVP in tag team action when they take on Tito and Primo Colon!

JBL: Earlier tonight Triple H said he’d find MVP and Kennedy, well Hunter, you know where to find them now!

Match 4:
The Colons (Tito and Primo) w/Rosa Mendes vs. MVP and Mr. Kennedy

: Tito and Primo put up a fight at first but MVP and Kennedy were just too much for them and after a minute or two, Kennedy and MVP started to run away with the match. Once MVP and Kennedy gained control, they could have easily ended the match but rather than finish Tito and Primo off, MVP and Kennedy toyed with them for a bit, slapping them around and showing what they are capable of these days. The finish of the match came when MVP and Kennedy finally agreed to end the match so Kennedy hit the Mic Check on Primo who practically bounced off the mat and then received a Drive-By Kick to put him down for good.
Winners: MVP and Mr. Kennedy via pinfall @ 5:23

Jim Ross: A decisive victory for Mr. Kennedy and MVP! They were toying with Tito and Primo there!

JBL: MVP and Kennedy are back and they are not going to stop until they get what they want, whatever that is!

MVP and Kennedy grab a mic each.

Mr. Kennedy: Y’see that!? That’s what MISSSSTTERRRRR KENNNNNNNEDDDY AND MVP are capable of! That’s what WWE missed out on!

MVP: MVP and Mr. Kennedy, ya’ll better remember our names and if you don’t know us, I guarantee you will!

Mr. Kennedy: Hey MVP, ya think we should tell all these chumps here tonight just why the hell we came back to the WWE?

MVP: Y’know Ken, I think we should. Y’see, we’re back because we DESERVE to be here! We deserve to be in the biggest wrestling company in the world because Kennedy and I, we’re the biggest WRESTLERS in the world!

Mr. Kennedy: Ya damn right! When we were first here in the WWE all those years ago, we should have been world champions, multiple time world champions in fact! We were…and are, the best around!

MVP: But y’see the WWE machine screwed us over! We were just too good! While we were stealing the show every night, the WWE suits were worried about the REAL Franchise Players stealing the spotlight from their boy John Cena!

Mr. Kennedy: So while we were being held back, the WWE gave OUR spots to the guys who…well, they just couldn’t cut it! They played it safe and had the guys who wouldn’t steal the spotlight from John Cena or Triple H, get the top of the card!

MVP: But y’see people, that is ALL going to change because we’re back! In the years we were gone, my boy Kennedy and I learned a few things and we learned that this time around, just like everyone else will, that we will NOT take no for an answer! So Triple H, what we did to you last week, it wasn’t personal dog, it was just business!

Mr. Kennedy: So tonight, right here in whatever the hell town we’re in, we’re making a promise that, The Franchise Players- That’s us!- will get EVERYTHING we deserve this time around!

**The Game**
Triple H runs out through the curtain and down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Thank GOD someone is here to shut these two up!

Triple H slides right into the ring and starts nailing Kennedy and MVP with right hands and left hands and elbows and even a few well placed kicks, everything he can hit them with to inflict some pain. Triple H takes Kennedy down with a clothesline and turns around just in time to catch MVP with a spinebuster! Triple H roars as the crowd cheers him but he made a mistake and took his eyes off of Kennedy who jumps on Triple H from behind and Kennedy starts pounding away on Triple H with forearms. MVP runs up and hits Triple H with the Play of the Day, putting Hunter down! Kennedy starts putting the boot to Triple H and MVP quickly joins in! The Franchise Players are beating the hell out of Triple H and all he can do is cover up and try to weather the storm. Triple H seems to be fighting his way to his feet but MVP ends that with a vicious Drive-By Kick! MVP continues to kick Triple H while Kennedy climbs to the top rope and then leaps off and hit’s the Kenton Bomb! MVP and Kennedy are finally finished with the beating as they bail out of the ring and walk up the ramp, all the while the fans are giving them big heat.

Jim Ross: MVP and Mr. Kennedy or…The Franchise Players as they’re calling themselves now, just destroyed Triple H!

JBL: I haven’t seen Triple H get ripped apart like that in a long time JR. One thing’s for sure, if Triple H is going to stand up to MVP and Kennedy, he’s going to need some kind of equalizer.

Jim Ross: Well John, Triple H is in bad condition but he’s standing up on his own power.

We go backstage to the locker room where WWE Champion CM Punk is shining up his WW E Championship title belt. Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis walks with David Otunga close behind.

CM Punk: Thanks for knocking Ace.

John Laurinaitis: I am the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and the Interim Raw General Manager, I do not have to knock when I walk into a room, okay? I run this ship.

CM Punk: Just tell me what you want John.

John Laurinaitis: Well Punk, I saw what you did earlier tonight and I have to say that, I personally do not agree with what you did. I don’t think you had any right to put your hands on The Miz, let alone kick him in the side of the head. The Miz was simply speaking his mind and frankly I agree with the case that The Miz made earlier.

CM Punk: What’s your point John?

John Laurinaitis: My point is that next week, right here on Raw in the main event, Punk, you will go one-on-one with The Miz with your WWE Championship on the line. Best of luck, Punk.

John walks out looking pretty smug.

David Otunga: Yeah Punk, good luck, you’re going to need it.

David follows behind John and leaves the locker room, with a grin on his face.

CM Punk: Idiots.

*Commercial Break*

When we return from the break we go outside of the arena where Michael Cole is still picketing and protesting his job loss last week.

Michael Cole: Save Michael Cole! Save Michael Cole! Save Michael Cole!

United States Champion Zack Ryder walks up with a big smile on his face.

Michael Cole: Oh great it’s you! We’ll I guess you’re better than no one, grab a sign and start marching!

Zack Ryder: Are you serious bro?! I’m not here to picket with you! I’m glad you got fired last week dude!

Michael Cole: I should have guessed! Why don’t you get out of here then Ryder!?

Zack Ryder: I just wanted to come out here and say that maybe you should have done what Jerry Lawler did and gave a speech and then rode off into the sunset.

Michael Cole: You’re kidding right? Jerry Lawler is a fat LOSER! I beat him at Wrestlemania, I’m better than him so I’m not taking this laying down like he is!

Zack Ryder: Well Cole, I hate to tell you but JR and JBL replaced you and Cole…and they’re doing a great job.

Michael Cole: You’ve got to be kidding me! Those two replaced us!

Zack Ryder: By the way Cole, the forecast calls for rain.

Ryder walks away and into the arena just as the rain starts pouring down. Michael Cole starts to march again but not nearly as enthusiastically as before.


Jim Ross: Well it looks like Zack Ryder and mother nature may have finally broken Michael Cole’s spirits!

JBL: Michael Cole, I said it once and I’ll say it again…Give up, you idiot!

Jim Ross: Well John on another note, we have Divas action coming up with Divas Champion Beth Phoenix defending her Divas Championship against five other women in a one fall to the finish match!

Match 5 | Divas Championship Match:
Beth Phoenix© vs. Brie Bella vs. Eve Torres vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya vs. Nikki Bella

: This was a quick match and it was mostly just brawling between the six women with little wrestling. Beth was the most dominant in the match due to her stature. Beth and Natalya worked together loosely, as did The Bella Twins and Kelly and Eve. The finish to the match came when the fighting spilled out onto the arena floor where Nikki Bella fought Natalya and Kelly Kelly fought Brie Bella while Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres battled in the ring. Beth ended up hitting Eve with the Glam-Slam to score the pinfall victory and retain her Divas Championship.
Winner and STILL Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix via pinfall @ 3:41

Jim Ross: And Beth Phoenix pulls out the victory to retain her title!

JBL: Beth Phoenix is just so powerful and so dominant, I don’t know who can take that title from her!

Tamina, the women who challenged Beth Phoenix on Raw makes her way down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentlemen if you saw Smackdown, Tamina, daughter of WWE Hall of Famer “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, made a challenge to Beth Phoenix for her Divas Championship and there has been no reply yet.

JBL: Well JR, I think that I may have just answered my own question! Tamina is an impressive looking women, she looks like she could be as strong as Beth!

Beth is yelling at Tamina to bring it and Tamina is happy to do so as she slides into the ring and starts slugging it out with Beth. Beth and Tamina go toe-to-toe, battling back and forth and looking pretty even while doing it. Tamina starts to gain the upper hand though as she is fresher than Beth. Tamina battles Beth back to the ropes and then shoots her off the ropes and hits her with the SAMOAN DROP! Beth rolls around in pain, grabbing at her back as Tamina gets up and poses for the crowd who are cheering her on. Natalya grabs Beth’s foot and pulls her out of the ring to safety and helps her up the ramp. Tamina signals that she wants Beth’s Divas Championship as she stares Beth and Natalya down.

Jim Ross: Tamina just made a big statement and may have just earned herself a Divas Title Match!

JBL: Beth Phoenix isn’t the type to back down from a fight but if she wants to keep her Divas Title, she might be better off declining this challenge! Tamina could very well be the first, and only, woman that can match Beth’s strength!

Jim Ross: I’m sure we’ll hear from Beth Phoenix sooner rather than later after getting dropped with that Samoan Drop by Tamina! On another note, we have Alberto Del Rio backstage.


Alberto Del Rio is standing by with Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto doesn’t look very happy.

Alberto Del Rio: My name is Alberto Del Rio and at TLC, I competed in a match so brutal, so physical and so dangerous that I had to miss competing last week.

The fans cheer for Del Rio not competing.

Alberto Del Rio: This week, I make my triumphant return to the ring and I get back on track to becoming WWE Champion!

Heat for Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio: Earlier tonight Kane said that he wanted Cena to show him hate…well Cena, in our match next, you won’t be the one showing hate, I will be. Lets go Ricardo.

Alberto marches towards the ring entrance area as Ricardo scurries behind him.

*Commercial Break*

Match 6 | Main Event:
Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. John Cena

: This match got a decent amount of time and these two men were allowed to put on a bit of a show in that time. Both Del Rio and Cena got a good amount of offence in and both men were very aggressive, more so than usual. Del Rio kept on trying to apply the Cross Armbreaker but to avail as Cena would fight out every time. Cena really started to build momentum about 8 minutes into the match but before Cena could get any big moves in on Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez got involved and distracted Cena, allowing Del Rio to gain the upper hand once again. The match came to a close when Del Rio finally got the Cross Armbreaker onto Cena but Cena managed to make it to the ropes. Del Rio refused to release the hold until the four count and as soon as he let go, Del Rio went right back on the attack but as Del Rio ran at Cena, looking for a enzuguri but Cena hit the AA out of nowhere for the win!
Winner: John Cena via pinfall @ 10:24

Jim Ross: Attitude Adjustment out of nowhere!

JBL: That was so quick JR! The AA hurts like heck, let me tell you, I’ve been on the receiving end of it, I know!

John Cena celebrates in the ring, posing at each corner while most of the fans boo him, more than who were booing him before. Cena keeps posing but the fans keep booing. Cena starts to realize that the fans are really hating on him as he stands there, hands on his hips, looking around…and then down at Del Rio who is just recovering from the AA. Cena yells out “Fine! You want it! Fine!” before rolling out of the ring.

Jim Ross: Wait a second, what’s Cena doing here?

JBL: I don’t know JR but maybe, he’s going to show Kane the hate like he wanted.

Cena starts to fish under the ring, looking for something and after a few moments Cena pulls a steel chair out. Cena tosses the chair into the ring and then rolls in. Cena grabs the chair and waits for Del Rio to get to his feet and once Del Rio does…CENA NAILS DEL RIO OVER THE HEAD, WRAPPING THE CHAIR AROUND DEL RIO’S SKULL! Del Rio drops like a brick as more fans begin to cheer Cena! Cena yells out “you want more!?” Cena lays the chair on the ground and then grabs Del Rio and pulls him up onto his shoulders. Cena yells out “Well you got it!” before DROPPING DEL RIO WITH THE AA ON THE CHAIR! Del Rio is out cold and Cena is just looking around the arena, watching the fans slowly cheer him more and more.

**Veil of Fire**

“The Big Red Monster” Kane steps out onto the top of the ramp.

Jim Ross: And there’s the reason for what Cena just did, Kane.

JBL: Kane looks pretty happy with himself.

Kane doesn’t look happy at all but slowly, Kane’s scowl turns into a smirk and then into a smile and then into full out laughing! Cena all of a sudden looks ashamed for what he just did but Kane is enjoying it, very much. Kane is laughing his creepy laugh and is truly enjoying what he just witnessed from “The Iron Man” John Cena.

Jim Ross: Well, that’s all the time we have for this week. Goodnight everyone from Monday Night Raw.

The show goes off the air with Kane laughing and Cena looking ashamed with himself.

Date: Sunday, January 29th, 2012
Location: Scottrade Center; St. Louis, Missouri
Event Music: Dark Horses by Switchfoot

30-Man Royal Rumble Match for the opportunity to Main Event Wrestlemania

World Heavyweight Championship
Mark Henry© vs. ???

Sig Credit: CHAMPviaDQ
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Re: WWE: If You Can`t Get Behind This, You Will Be Left Behind

I am really starting to get into your story and I must say that I loved your latest episode of RAW, December 26th episode of RAW was great and I must say that you starting the show off with the WWE Champion CM Punk was great and the fact that King even though he is gone now, perhaps Jerry "The King" Lawler can be a surprise entrant in the 2012 WWE Royal Rumble Match itself but I must say that I love that Cole is no longer on commentary, thank the Lord, anything to get him off my TV screen is great and I am glad that you replaced him with JBL, JBL is a better heel commentator anyways and King's replacement on commentary is JR, that is great

Then Miz coming and interrupting and then Punk attacking Miz was great

Tyler Reks beats A-Ry, I love it

Ryder beating Santino, that was great especially since he is now the U.S. Champion

I love how MVP and Mr. Kennedy are back in the WWE, and how they have targeted HHH all of a sudden, will MVP and Mr. Kennedy be in the Royal Rumble Match?

Prophetless 1/2/12, the end of the world as you know it, It Begins, I can't wait until this mystery man makes his appearance, I love the vignettes and I for one hope and pray that it is Chris Jericho

Del Rio is also in the Rumble match, I hope he is because if he is, maybe lightning will strike twice

Kane attacking Ryder and Cena at the end of RAW was great too
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Re: WWE: If You Can`t Get Behind This, You Will Be Left Behind

You know I have been following your story for sometime and I am starting to get into it (I even bookmarked it).

- CM Punk sounded realistic.

- I was looking forward to what Triple H was going to respond from the ambush of

- With JR being a natural face and JBL being a natural heel, it will make it easy to do commentary.

- So The Miz enters the Punk-Lauranitis storyline. Interesting.

- I don't know Riley that well, but I think a match between them would be a squash match sorta.

- I never thought of Jack as a voice of reason...but great promo and an even better match.

- The tag team match between Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs. Dolph Ziggler & Evan Bourne (<----Typo on your show) was of the standard of a high flying type wwe match.

-The End Begins. Next Monday. Hope it's Jericho...or someone who was fired some time ago.

- Cena destroyed Del Rio after match...Heel turn?

- Overall the show was a 91/100...not as good as your last raw but amazing for me to read.

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Thanks to this post, I laughed my ass off twice in this thread. Thanks for that.
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