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Default Vyper Pro Wrestling

December 12th 2011 marked the day the wrestling world was once again shook as the WWE bought Total Non-stop Wrestling from Panda Energy International. WWE quickly set about signing TNA stars to contracts. Some however refused to sign and where left out in the cold.

Also worrying was Spike TV with a prime 2 hour slot left open, step in a generous backer with a wrestling background who guarenteed former TNA stars and a few WWE had already signed on for his new promotion and all he needed was a tv slot. Fast forward to January 1st just 4 days from the debut show in the former Impact Zone and a Roster was revealed with the likes of AJ Styles and James Storm declining WWE and a shocking revelation that some of WWE's brightest young stars have jumped ship.


'The Monster' Abyss

'The Phenomenal' AJ Styles

Alex Kozlov

Alex Shelley

Amazing Red

Austin Creed

Brian Kendrick


Chris Moore

Chris Sabin

Doug Williams

'The Sinister Scotsman' Drew Galloway

El Generico

Eric Young


'The Canadian Bulldog' Harry Smith

Hellraiser Deacon

Hellraiser Ox

'Super Mex' Hernandez

'American Hero' Jake Hager

'Cowboy' James Storm

'Hardcore' Jesse Neal


Ken Doane

Kid Kash

LT Murdock

'Spartan' Matt Cross

Mr Little

'Natural' Nic Nemeth

Nick Aldis

'The Sensational Samoan' Osu Fatu

Paul Burchill

Paul London

'Rough House' Ryan O'Reilly

Sonjay Dutt

Stevie Richards

Tommy Mercer



Backstage Interviewer

Matt Striker
.::Tag Teams::.

Motor City Machine Guns




VPW Champion

VPW X Division Champion

VPW Tag Team Champions

VPW Hardcore Champion

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Default Re: Vyper Pro Wrestling

Two words: Dream roster.

Looking forward to what you put up with this list of talent, I will be reading.
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Default Re: Vyper Pro Wrestling

very nice roster and an interesting concept. like that you've given them their real names and not WWE names. surprised though there is only one Uso and not the other

WWE 2014: A New Dawn

Review for Review
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Default Re: Vyper Pro Wrestling

The debut episode of VPW opens with commisioner Taz stood in the centre of the ring with a mic in hand and a table with a sheet covering it, as the crowd gives cheers before a chant of VPW! VPW! VPW! breaks out.Taz then fills fans in on the short time the company has been active, Taz also brings up the great roster that has been brought together including the likes of AJ Styles, Carlito, Nic Nemeth and Abyss. Taz now moves on to the Championships as he removes the sheet from the table to reveal the VPW titles, he explains how the hardcore and tag teams champions will be crowned tonight which brings a massive cheer from the crowd, whilst the X division champion will be crowned the following week. As for the VPW champion he will be crowned in 6 weeks time at the first PPV A New Dawn when they will compete in a match he likes to call the Vypers Pit, this will see the six men face of till two are left at which point a cage will lower and the match can only be won by pinfall or submission the crowd seem a little confused before cheering the news. Taz thanks the fans before announcing the opening match will take place right now and will be for the Hardcore title leaving the crowd cheering once more.

Hardcore Championship Match

'Hardcore' Jesse Neal vs. Eric Young vs. 'Rough House' Ryan O'Reilly

Before the match could take place Jesse Neal attacked Stevie Richards with a singapore cane, before taing his place in the match as Richards was helped to the back. After a brief bit of confusion the ref started the match which turned into a brawl with Eric Young taking the majority of abuse from O'Reilly and Neal.

Ending: As O'Reilly and Young traded trash can lid hits Neal reentered the ring and hit O'Reilly with a viscious spear, he then turned his attention to Young and placed a trash can over his head before hitting him with a spear Neal made the cover with Young trapped inside the crushed metal.

Winner: 'Hardcore' Jesse Neal

Neal clinched the Hardcore title close to his chest whilst looking in to the camera with a smile on his face as blood trickles down his forehead before we go to replays of the match.

As Jesse Neal comes through the curtain Taz is stood waiting and asks him exactly what happened out there, Neal says what happened is that he became Hardcore champion. Taz says that he can see that and since the referee started the match he cant undo what happened but he wants to know why he attacked Stevie Richards. Neal says he should have been in the match from the start as he is the new face of hardcore and he took out one of the old faces of hardcore before walking off with Taz looking pissed off.


A video package plays showing footage of Osu Fatu competing in the ring before flahing up the word The Samoan Sensation.

Ken Doane vs. Tommy Mercer

Ending: Following a brief bit of offence by Doane, Mercer quickly come back and hits some hard hitting moves before pushing Doane of the ropes leading into a sit-out spinning spinebuster Mercer brings this short match to a close by pinning Doane.

Winner: Tommy Mercer


Backstage Matt Striker is joined by the Motor City Machines Guns whos apperance causes the crowd to cheer. Striker questions them on how they plan to combat the size diffrence, Shelley brings up how they have gone against many diffrent challenges throughout their years in the business. Sabin quickly jumps in with how their size will allow them to run circles round the competition. Just then both the Hellraisers enter the picture drinking beer when taking breaks from laughing, Deacon stops from drinking and questions if the two of them actually believe they can win tonight. Sabin says not only do they believe they can win but that they can do it with style. Shelley jumps in and asks Deacon if he shaves his head because he likes the look or because he is going bald, this causes the crowd to laugh prompting Deacon to throw down his beer and lunge at Shelley as Striker jumps inbetween the two teams.

'Spartan' Matt Cross v Kid Kash

Cross treats the start of the match as a bit of a joke prancing around the ring in his spartan get up to the fury of Kash who start wailing away on Cross ripping the costume of Cross. This kick starts Cross and he and Kash both have a good amount of offence as they trade advantages in the match.

Ending: Kash is in control as he looks to hit the Money Maker, only for Cross to counter out leading Kash to whip Cross across the ring where he hits ropes in a handstand and bounces back into a back elbow smash before picking Kash up and hitting a firemans caryy neckbreaker. Cross heads to the top rope and looks down at Kash before yelling SPARTA and hitting a shooting star press for the win.

Winner: 'Spartan' Matt Cross


Back from the commericial we see Jake Hager stood infront of an American flag. He brings up how he is a all-american wrestler and is proud to be able to say that, Hager brings up how he has had some set backs in his career but not any longer.Hager says he has his sights set on the VPW Championship and you can believe this because who can you trust if you cant trust your American Hero Jake Hager.

Pyros burst into flames as Abyss makes his way down to the ring with Mr Little leading the way, Abyss lifts Little into the ring before climbing over the turnbuckles and posing against the ropes. Abyss grabs a microphone and raises it to his mouth as the crowd quiet down, Just as he is about to speak Mr Little uses a cattle prod on his leg. Abyss leans down and Mr Little once again uses the prod on his throat this time, Mr Little takes the mic and tells Abyss that he has been told never to talk and if he does not follow this rule he will feel the stick of the prod once again. Mr Little now addresses the fact that Abyss is the first man to compete for a chance to win the VPW Championship, Little says that once this match is over everone shall see the destruction Abyss can cause and they will know that it is only delaying the enevitvable by not awarding him the gold right here, right now.

Vyper Pit Qualifier

Abyss v Doug Williams

Abyss launches his attack as soon as Williams has entered the ring, Williams does well to take blow after blow as Abyss is told to inflict more damage on Williams by Mr Little who is stood on the ring steps watching the action.

Ending: Abyss has to be pushed back by the ref as he hits punch after punch on Williams who is propped up in the corner, with the refs back turned Mr Little shocks Williams with the cattle prod causing him to stumble into a Black Hole Slam, Abyss slowly makes the cover for the win.

Winner: Abyss

After the match Mr Little signals for Abyss to pick Williams up, Abyss then hoists Williams up and delivers a Shock Treatment as Mr Little laughs on at his monsters destruction.

.:: Commercial::.

We come back from commercial to see Taz sat behind a desk on the phone, just then Nic Nemeth barges in. Taz quickly ends his call before turning his attention to Nemeth, Nemeth starts questioning Taz's leadership by leaving there biggest star of the debut show. Taz tries to calm the situation by explaining that although he is one of the biggest stars he is not above anybody else on the roster and that his debut will come when compete in his qualifying match.

Tag Team Championship Match

Hellraisers v Motor City Machine Guns

Hellraisers spent majority of first half of the match keeping Chris Sabin isolated from his tag team partner. Gradually Sabin was able to get back into the match before making the hot tag to Shelley. What followed was the machine guns using there speed and double teams to have the Hellraiser on the back foot.

Ending: Sabin makes the tag to Shelley who goes to the top rope and attempts a missle dropkick on Ox who marginally avoids him before making the tag to Deacon. Deacon comes in and knocks Shelley down with a clothesline, Deacon turns and delivers a kick to the side of Shelley's head as he is getting back to his feet before whipping the him into the corner. Deacon now proceed to charge and splash Shelley in the corner setting him up for a powerbomb, as Deacon make the cover Sabin goes to make the save only to be hit with a running big boot by Ox.

Winners: Hellraisers

Following the match Ox and Deacon start to beatdown the Machine Guns before standing over the pair raising their titles up proudly.


Vypers Pit Match
VPW Championship

Abyss vs. TBD vs. TBD vs. TBD vs. TBD vs. TBD
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Default Re: Vyper Pro Wrestling

this show is pretty good.. would love to see you add a bit more detail to your matches and once i get as feel of your first few shows, i will post full reviews for you. Anyway you have me intrigued with your stories and i wonder where its all gonna go.
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