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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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WWE - The Era of Change

WWE - The Era of Change

My be the booker will start the day after the 2012 Royal Rumble,
The reason for this is because this is my first BTB and I don't really feel Comfortable writing a Royal Rumble match just yet.

Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley
Brodus Clay
Cm Punk – WWE Champion
Curt Hawkins
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Drew Mcintyre
Evan Bourne – WWE Tag Champion
Jack swagger
John Cena
Kevin Nash - Currently Injured
Kofi Kingston – WWE Tag Champion
Mason Ryan
Michael Mcgillicutty
R - Truth
Rey Mysterio
Santino Marella
The Miz
Triple H
Tyler Reks
Zack Ryder – United States Champion

General Manager - John Laurinaitis
Commentary team - Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross.
Announcer - Lillian Garcia
Backstage Reporter - Matt Striker

Big Show
Cody Rhodes – Intercontinental Champion
Daniel Bryan – World Heavyweight Champion
Ezekial Jackson
Heath Slater
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
Johnny Curtis
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Randy Orton
Sin Cara
Ted Dibiase
The Great Khali
Trent Barreta
Tyson Kidd
Undertaker - Currently Injured
Wade Barrett
Willaim Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Bobby Lashley

Commentary team - Michael Cole, Booker T & Josh Mathews.
Announcer - Tony Chimel
Backstage Reporter - Matt Striker

Tag Teams/ Alliances:
Air Boom ( Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne )
The Uso's ( Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso )
Primo And Epico w/ Rosa Mendes
Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/ Vickie Guerrero
Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez
Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks


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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: WWE - The Era of Change

Royal Rumble Recap:

Daniel Bryan defeated Mark Henry In a I Quit Match:
After surviving a brutal match Bryan reverses Henry's bear hug into the Lebell lock and makes the giant tap.

Cm Punk defeated The Miz in a street fight:
After kicking out the Skull Crushing Finale twice Punk managed to turn the tide and eventually pinned The Miz after a devastating G.T.S.

After a sensational Royal Rumble match which saw the return of Christian & Rey Mysterio, the match was finally won by Wade Barrett who continued his Barrett Barrage in stunning fashion, Barret will now have to decide what World Championship to challenge for in the main event of Wrestlemania 28.


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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: WWE - The Era of Change

Opening Raw:

Raw starts with the usual pyro.

Michael Cole: Hello and welcome to Monday night Raw!, we're just 24 hours removed from a historic Royal Rumble that saw Wade Barret win and book his place in the main even of Wrestlemania 28.

*Cm Punk's music burts into the arena*

Jerry Lawler: And what a performance by this mane Michael, he defended his WWE Title against The Miz in a street fight!
Michael Cole: Come on Jerry!, I know your getting old but this is ridicouls, The Miz is the most must see superstar of all time! Punk just got lucky last night.
JR: This is just too much...

Cm Punk: Back when I was a kid, wrestling used to be cool. Everyone used to watch it and the norm for the entire family to be huge wrestling fans. But now that's all changed, after years of mediocre wrestlers claiming they are 'must see' and spouting the same old crap about destiny every week wrestling has become uncool. And I as the champion of this company I am going to do my best to make wrestling cool again, in fact I've already started by saving you all from another terrible title reign from The Miz.


Michael Cole: He's here! in my opnion this man right here is the coolest superstar of all time!
JR: If you think he's cool then he really must be as bad as Cm Punk says.
Michael Cole: Oh I'm sorry Jr, I forgot all the cool kids are after a nice dollop of hot sauce.

The Miz: I am the most must see WWE Champion of all time! I beat John Cena in the main event of Wrestlemania 27! What was it so 'cool' you was doing that night?
Oh yeah, you was losing to Randy Orton.

*Mexican music*

Eveybody here knows that It's my destiny to become WWE Champion once again and theres nothing a wannabe badass punk or a washed up reality TV star can do about it.

*Before Punk can respond John Laurinitus walks onto the ramp*

John Laurinitus: Can eveybody just calm down, I have a soloution to this problem.
Tonight the main event will be The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio in a #1 contenders match, the winner will recieve his shot at Elimination Chamber.

*Punks turns to walk out of the ring*

Punk you should stay right there, you have a match tonigh as well and it's up next.

* Elimination Chamber Promo is shown *

We come back to see Punk in the ring waiting for R- Truth. R-Truths music hits and he walks down to the ring looking relativley confident. The bell has been rung and Punk is jogging around the ring trying to avoid locking up with R- Truth, throwing the odd kick in. Truth keeps coming at him and Punk they finally lock up, Punk slips out around the back at hits Truth with a kneckbreaker, Punk then pushes him onto his side and hits him with a vicous kick. Punk finally allows Truth up to his feet and Truth takes full advantage of this and hits punk with a hard right and and follows it up with a DDT. Truth then gets overconfident and tries to put Punk away, he waits for Punk to get up and tries to hit him with the Scissor Kick, Punk ducks out of the way and reveses it into a russian leg sweep. Truth is lying in the middle of the ring and Punk smiles to the crowd and goes to the top rope he mimics the late great Macho Man and hits R - Truth with a elbow drop, Punk then prowls Truth and waits for him to get up, when he finally does he locks in the Anaconda Vice, Truth tries to get to the ropes but simply can't reach them and starts to furiousley tap out. Punks music hits and he smiles to the crowd and rolls out of the ring.

Cm Punk vs R- Truth

Michael Cole: Welcome back from the break, up next we have some non title tag team action!

*Air Boom make their enterance*

JR: Air Boom really have been on a roll recently
Jerry Lawler: They've been looking very impressive as of late.

*Primo & Epico make their enterance with Rosa Mendes*

JR: Here are another two great high flying superstars, Primo & Epico.
Jerry Lawler: And they've brough the lovely Rosa Mendes with them!

Evan Bourne and Primo start things running, Primo hits a good kick to the mid section of Evan Bourne and Irish whips him into their corner. He runs towards Bourne and hits him with a huge dropkick up against the turnbuckle, Primo then tags in Epico.

*The camera cuts to Rosa mendes*

Jerry Lawler: She looks absaloutley stunning!
Michael Cole: Leave her alone, you're going to scare her.

Epico Irish whips Evan into the ropes and hits him with a good cross body, Epico then goes for the cover. 1!...2!, Evan kicks out. Epico stamps on Boure a few times and tags Primo back into the action. Primo gets Evan to his feat but Evan fights back and lands a few kicks taking Primo down. Evan then dives over to his corner and tags In Kofi Kingston who lands a huge dropkick from the top rope onto a daved Primo. Primo lands near his corner and Epico manages to tag himself in on Epico's unconcious body but he runs straight into a Trouble in Paradise from Kingston, Kofi then tags in Evan Bourne who hits the brilliant Air Bourne and covers him. 1!...2!...3!

Air Boom vs Primo & Epico w/ Rosa Mendes

JR: Another great win for Air Boom Jerry.
Jerry Lawler: (Not paying any attention to JR) Rosa looks smokin' when she gets mad.
Michael Cole: Oh for the love of god, how do I manage to work with this fool...

*Don't try this at home video*

*Pictures of the Royal Rumble match showing Kane's dominance and him eliminating John Cena come onto the screen*

Jerry Lawler: Tonight we are going to hear from John cena about Kane ending any hope of his Wretslemania match with the Rock being for the WWE Tite,
and thats up next!

*Cena's music hits to a mixed reaction of boos and cheers*

John Cena: At the Rumble it was going so well, I could see it in my head. John Cena vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 28 for the WWE Title! But then a a certain monster ended any chance of that. what can you do though, sometimes it just doesn't work out here in the WWE.
Kane was destroying everything in his path and I just happened to be there.

*A loud bang shatters the arena and Kane's music comes on*

Michael Cole: This man last night broke his own record fro most eliminations in a single rumble when he eliminatd 14 superstars.
Jerry Lawler: That's nearly half the rumble competitors, this man is unstoppable!

Kane walks into the ring and delivers a crushing chokeslam to John Cena, he then walks out of the ring withour saying a single word.

JR: What's Kane's problem with John Cena?
Jerry Lawler: Who knows, I'd hate to be in Cena's shoes right now.

*I'm here to show the world!*

Dolph Ziggler: I've come to terms with the fact that I've lost my United States Title, but this is a perfect opertunity for me to move onto bigger and better things, The WWE Title.

*Booyaka Booyaka 619*

JR: If Dolph Ziggler really thinks he is capable of winning the WWE Title he can prove it to us right here in this match against a man who has held the WWE Title before, Rey Mysterio.

The match kicks off with Ziggler landing a hrad kick to the mid section, he then follows this up with a few punches and a DDT. Ziggler then starts to furiousley stamp on the mid section of Rey. He picks Rey up and delivers a huge superplex, Ziggler then starts to show off,
while he is doing this Rey takes advantage with a dropkick to Dolph's back, Ziggler then sits up and is met with a huge kick from Mysterio. Mysterio then stands on the apron and waits for Ziggler to stand up, Rey then attempts a springboard attack from the rops but Ziggler quickly moves out of the way, Mysterio lands standing and Ziggler spins him around and hits the Zig Zag and quickly covers him 1!...2!...3!

JR: He's stole it! Rey had that match in the bag but the cunning Dolph Ziggler managed to pick up the victory.
Michael Cole: And in such a impressive time, maybe he might be right about the WWE Title.

*Dolph Grabs a michrophone*

Dolph Ziggler: This victory has just proved that I am definatley WWE Title material, and by the way, how damn good would that title look on me?

*Vickie giggles exitedly and they both walk out of the ring*

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio

*Kane Promo*

Michael Cole: Welcome back folks, we have a great main event matchup next.
Jerry Lawler: Yep, Alberto Del Rio will go one on one with The Miz in a #1 contenders match!
Michael Cole: The winner will get there title shot at the Elimination Chamber Pay per view.

*Mexican Music*
Del Rio is intodouced by his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez, he walks out looking extremley confident


The Miz then walks out looking equally confident of his chances tonight.

The match starts with the two superstars locking up, Del Rio gets the best of it and lands a knee to the stoumach of The Miz, he then lands some punches onto the arm of The Miz, clearly trying to weaken it for his Cross Armbreaker. Del Rio continues his assualt on the arm of The Miz with a flurry of kicks, The Miz falls down and Del Rio goes for the cover, 1!.. The Miz kicks out, Del Rio lands one more stamp onto the arm of The Miz, Del Rio then stants to taunt Cm Punk by motioning a imaginary title around his waist. The Miz manages to get to his knees and lands a rush of punches to the mid section of Del Rio he stands up and then lands a DDT onto Del Rio, both men are down. The Miz gets up first with the use of the ropes, he is struggling to get up due to the damage to his arm. When The Miz does finally get to his feet Del Rio is already up and lands a huge kick to the arm of The Miz, but The Miz fights back with a big clothesline. The Miz runs the ropes and hits another clothesline on Del Rio, The Miz then hits Del Rio with a kick to the mid section followed up with a suplex. The Miz then goes for the pin 1!...2!... Del Rio kicks out. The Miz then hits Del Rio with a big kick to the stomach, followed up with another DDT. Del Rio is slowly getting up and The Miz is montioning for the Skull Crushing Finale, then all of a sudden Ricardo Rodriquez distracts the referee and allows Del Rio to hit a low blow on The Miz. By the time the ref has turned around Del Rio has his Cross Armbreaker fastened on and The Miz is tapping.

The Miv vs Alberto Del Rio
Raw goes off the air with Del Rio celebrating and motioning a title around his waist again.


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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: WWE - The Era of Change

Michael Cole: Hello ladies and gentleman and to Friday night Smackdown!
Booker T: And tonight Wade Barrett will tell us what world champion he has decided to challenge in the main event of Wrestlemania 28!

*I'll be your end of days*

Wade Barrett: Last Sunday at the Royal Rumble, I, Wade Barrett defeated 29 other men to book my ticket for the main event of Wrestlemania. As of yet I do not know what Champion I will face, but rest assured, I will have made my decision by the end of the night.

*Elimination Chamber Promo*

Michael Cole: Welcome back, up next Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes is in action.

*You're only smoke and mirrors*

Cody Rhodes: Tonight I prove my dominance, tonight I will show you all that I am the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time...

*Yoshi Tatsu's music hits*

Cody starts to smile to himself and looks very confident he will pick up the victory here tonight.
Cody stars the match by going straight in with a kick to the mid section and then a flurry of punches to the back of Tatsu, he then hits a Russian leg sweep. Cody has a devilish smile on his face, he waits for Tatsu to get to his feet, hits him with the Alabama Slam and goes for the cover 1!...2!...

Booker T: Cody just pulled Yoshi's shoulders up himself, he wants to dish out some more damage!

Cody keeps Yoshi in his arms and hits the Cross Rhodes, again going for the cover 1!...2!...3!

Michael Cole: What a dominant display by the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes!
Booker T: There was no need for that Cross Rhodes, he had that match won.
Michael Cole: Oh come on Booker, he's sending a message to the WWE Universe!

Cody Rhodes Vs Yoshi Tatsu

*Sin Cara Promo*

*Just close your eyes...*

Christian: Last Sunday Captain Charisma himself returned to in ring action in the Royal Rumble match. And after my impressive display I think I can speak for everyone here when I say that I deserve one more match!

*You know it's the mac militant*

Teddy Long: You know what Christian, I agree with you there, you can have your match.

Christian: Oh thank you Teddy, I always knew you were a great GM.

Teddy Long: Against the newest member of Smackdown, Bobby Lashley!

*Lashley's music hits, Christian looks stunned*

osh Mathews: Bobby Lashely is back!, he's a former United States and ECW Champion!
Booker T: I've faced off against Lashley before and all I have to say is that man is like a tank!

Christian starts the match trying to avoid locking up with Lashley, Lashley has a intense look on his face as he keeps pushing towards Christian. Lashley runs at Christian and hits a massive shoulder barge, Christian gets and and gets hit with yet another shoulder barge. Lashley then goes for a suplex but Christian wriggles out and hits a drop kick to Lashley's back. Christian then waits for Lashley to get up and hits a chop block, Christian continues to try and take down the legs of Lashley with kick, Christian then goes for a DDT but Lashley manages to reverse it into a spinebuster. And goes for the cover 1!...2!.. Christian kicks out. Lashley tries to pick Christian up but Christian reverses it into a roll up pin, 1!...2!... Lashley powers out and Irish whips Christian into the ropes and hits him with a belly to belly suplex , he then picks Christian up into the Dominator and slams him down hard onto the mat, Lashley then stalks his prey and When Christian finally gets to his feet Lashley hits him with a devastating gore and goes for the cover 1!...2!...3!

Christian Vs Bobby Lashley

Josh Mathews: What a return for the monster that is Bobby Lashley!
Booker T: He showed us all that he's still got it man.
Michael Cole: Teddy Long is a disgrace! Christian deserves a World Title match and instead he's put into a match with this animal!

*Daniel Bryan Promo*

Michael Cole: Up next we have a Elimination chamber qualifying match!
Josh Mathews: The winner gets a spot in the World Heavyweight Title chamber match!

*Somebody’s gonna get there ass kicked*

Josh Mathews: And here Is mark Henry, he looks angry as ever.
Michael Cole: Of course he's angry!, He tapped out to a nerd!

*Indian Music*

Josh Mathews: And now The Great Khali, what a match this will be, these two giants are both former world champions and want nothing more than to win it again.

Henry And Khali kick the match trading blows to the skull, Khali gets the better of Henry and hits him with a huge brain chop, Henry regains control and smashes Khali to the ground with a clothesline, he then picks Khali up and hits a gigantic Worlds Strong Slam on the Punjabi Playboy

Mark Henry Vs The Great Khali

Booker T: OH MY GOODNESS, Henry just slammed Khali right back to India!
Michael Cole: Henry just decimated a former World Champion and booked his place in the Elimination Chamber match!

*Wade Barrett Promo*

Michael Cole: Welcome back folks right now we have another Elimination chamber qualifying match.

*The camera turns to Sheamus, already in the ring waiting for his opponent*

*Indian Music*

Josh Mathews: This match up is going to be a good one Booker.
Booker T: You're right there Josh, Sheamus has looked unstoppable recently and Mahal is going to have to pull out one hell of a performance if wants to pick up the victory tonight.

Sheamus runs straight at Mahal and hits the Brogue Kick, 1!...2!...3!

Michael Cole: He wasn't even ready! Sheamus is a cheat!
Josh Mathews: The bell had been rung Michael, you can't possibly argue with that.
Booker T: Oh he'll find a way...

Sheamus Vs Jinder Mahal

*Flight of The Valkyries*

Daniel Bryan: Well I'm still here guys, I survived a I Quit match with the Worlds Strongest Man and walked out of Royal Rumble still the World Heavyweight Champion!
It really means a lot to me that all you fans choose to support me

*Out of nowhere Wade Barrett attacks Bryan from behind and hits Wasteland*

Wade Barrett: I've had enough of this, this man is not championship material. He's just a little nerd who got lucky, and I will do you all a favour and beat him for the World Title in the main event of Wrestlemania 28.

*Barrett Walks out of the ring with a smile on his face*

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