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Total Nonstop Entertainment

[ 3 8 18 9 19 10 5 18 9 3 8 15 ]

The day has finally come.

It was a silent day at best. Words could never even begin to describe the events that occurred less than 48 hours ago. These events completely redid the landscape of professional wrestling forever. The two major wrestling companies, are now one.

The word broke a few days ago that Vince McMahon has officially bought out Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, or TNA. The news was shocking and nobody had expected it. The rosters have been combined and swapped to make for the best entertainment ever, and every championship has been vacated to start fresh

Most wrestlers asked for immediate release or scheduled a break without pay. It would allow them to see how this would turn out. Would it be the death of both companies? Or the start of something amazing? Only time will tell.

RAW - Mondays

(H) = Heel / (F) = Face / (T) = Tweener

RAW Roster
- Main Event
Abyss (H)
Bobby Roode (H)
CM Punk (F)
Jeff Hardy (T)
John Cena (F)
Big Show (F)
James Storm (F)
Kane (H)

- Midcard
Bully Ray (F)
Christian (H)
Cody Rhodes (H)
Crimson (F)
Devon (F)
Dolph Ziggler (H)
Doug Williams (F)
Eric Young (F)
Gunner (H)
Ken Anderson (H)
Matt Morgan (F)
Rob Van Dam (F)
Samoa Joe (H)
Sheamus (F)
Scott Steiner (H)
The Miz (H)

- Lowercard
Alex Riley (F)
Anarquia (H)
Brutus Magnus (F)
Evan Bourne (F)
Hernandez (H)
Kofi Kingston (F)
Zack Ryder (F)

- X Division
AJ Styles (F)
Alex Shelley (F)
Austin Aries (H)
Chris Sabin (F)
Christopher Daniels (H)
Daniel Bryan (F)
Jesse Sorensen (F)
Kaz (F)
Kid Kash (H)
Zema Ion (H)

- Women
Angelina Love (H)
Beth Phoenix (H)
Gail Kim (H)
Kelly Kelly (F)
Madison Rayne (H)
Mickie James (F)
Tara (F)

- Tag Teams
Air Boom (Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne)
Matt Morgan and Crimson
Mexican America (Hernandez and Anarquia)
Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)
British Invasion (Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams)

I don't know how to do spoiler tags, so ignore the champions down there until you get caught up on my shows.










World Champion: Bobby Roode (Since December 19, 2011)
United States Champion: Gunner Since December 19, 2011
X Division Champion: Austin Aries Since January 9, 2012
Tag Team Champions: The British Invasion Since January 9, 2012
Womens Champion: Beth Pheonix Since December 19, 2011

I'm back...

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Re: TNE - Welcome to the Future...

Only objection I can have is that the rosters are way too small for the apparent global brand now that TNA has gone under

And you can axe the divas all you want but you need tag teams in my opinion and you havent even mustered 1

Those would be my advice to you
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Re: TNE - Welcome to the Future...

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I will make the Tag Titles like how they are now, defended on both brands. I'll "hire" some teams and add in some of the current teams.

I'm back...

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Re: TNE - Welcome to the Future...

PWInsider - December 11, 2011
Tomorrow is the debut of this new merge between TNA and WWE, we here at PWI could not be more excited! We have some great news and some particularly weird bit of info.

First, the show is said to open with an appearance from Vince McMahon, and he will announce the main event, which will include a Battle Royal, no news on the participants or the stipulation. Some wrestlers are said to have been parting way with their respective companies, so don't expect too much going on until things get settled and we see who sticks around.

Our other bit of news until Raw is a series of numbers that appears on the TNE website. With the amazing capabilities of copy and paste, here it is: 3 8 18 9 19 10 5 18 9 3 8 15. Scientists don't even know what this means...

We will have more news going on in the world of TNE as the days go by and PWI will make sure you get it first!

I'm back...

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Re: TNE - Welcome to the Future...

Total Nonstop Entertainment Presents: RAW!
December 19, 2011 - Live on the TNE Network!

The opening theme hits and the crowd goes crazy. Without hesitation the music stops and cuts to the ring where we see Vince McMahon in the ring.

Vince: I know it's been a while since I've been in a WWE ring. I am excited to say that I am back as Chairman of the WWE and you will no longer have to deal with Triple H or Mr. John Laurinaitis.

Some boos are heard.

Vince: You all may have heard the news by now but in case you haven't I will go ahead and make it official. Lets have the newest additions to Raw step out on the stage please.

The stars of TNA step onto the stage.

Vince: Well, most of them are here. That goes for some WWE Superstars as well. This purchase won't please everyone, so some of your favorites superstars from either company left. That has made me come up with the decision to vacate every title and start fresh.

The camera cuts backstage to a group of WWE Superstars. CM Punk throws his hands up in the air looking angry, Dolph Ziggler is laughing. Punk shoves him out of the way as he storms off.

Vince: Now, some of you may not recognize these men, some you know. These are the wrestlers of TNA!

A few cheers are heard.

Vince: Go ahead, cheer! They are a part of us now!

He starts to talk again but the "Cult of Personality" hits and everyone is on their feet. The TNA stars step to either side and Punk slowly walks down the middle, eying each of them. He goes toe to toe with Jeff Hardy, then steps aside to continue walking down the ramp and into the ring.

CM Punk: What is this? Do you remember why you were releived of your duties in the first place? Everyone thought you were crazy! And right here you prove everyone right. Vince, Vince, Vince. What are we going to do with you?

Vince: Excuse me, Punk, but you are going to do nothing, because I am the Chairman of the WWE and my decision stands and is the right one at that. Actually, you will do something. Tonight we will introduce the audience to some of these fine men. There will be an 8-man over the top Battle Royal for the vacated World Championship, and you will be in it. Good luck Punk.

He has a blank look on his face as Vince leaves. He leans on the ropes staring down the new talent.


Match One - Zack Ryder v. Dolph Ziggler v. Eric Young v. Gunner (United States Championship)

This match was a great opener. Each men gave it their all for the vacated title. The match was an all out war, which spilled to the outside as Ziggler and Ryder battled each other into the crowd. Young and Gunner went at it in the ring. Young went for a Piledriver to finish the match but Gunner flipped him over his back. Eric got up to get hit by a hard big boot, followed up by an F5. Gunner pins Young for the win.

Winner: Gunner is the new TNE United States Champion

The belt is handed to him and he quickly snatches it and holds it close to him. Ziggler knocks Ryder down and realizes what just happened. He runs down to the ring and slides in. Gunner quickly slides out. Ziggler grabs a mic.

Ziggler: Alright alright, I see how it is... You come in here and think you can just take our titles? That's not how it's going to go down. I never lost that title, it was taken from me! So I demand I be the number one contender and at the next pay-per-view, I get a shot and take it back!

Gunner is seen saying bring it on as he raises the title in the air.


Cut to the back and we see CM Punk talking to John Cena.

Cena: I never saw this coming.. I don't know what's gotten into Vince.

Punk: All I know is that tonight we have to band together and make sure they don't get the World Title.

The Miz appears and has a smirk on his face.

Miz: I just wanted to let you two know that I have officially been entered in the Battle Royal tonight for the title. And let me clear one thing up with you, once we eliminate those scum bags, I will single-handedly throw out both of you and finally reclaim what is rightfully mine.

He walks out and leaves Punk smiling and Cena shaking his head.

Punk: Everyone can dream...


We come back to the commentators.

King: Well, What a night this has been so far. We got the official announcement from Mr. McMahon himself that we have plenty of new additions to the roster after the purchase of another wrestling company. And with even better news, let's take it to JR!

JR: King it's great to be back here calling the action next to you. The great news is, Cole is gone! The bad news is we still have to listen to him. You can catch Impact this Thursday on the TNE Network.

King: Guess what's next?

JR: Judging by your excitement, it has to be the Divas!

King: With a special stipulation! We have a tag match, and the two teams have the worst partners. And the catch is whichever Diva scores the pinfall becomes the first TNE Womens Champion!

Match Two - Kelly Kelly and Beth Pheonix v. Tara and Madison Rayne (TNE Womens Championship)

The team mates in both teams are arguing with who starts first. It ends up being Beth and Tara who go back and forth showing great strength. Beth gets the advantage and Kelly Kelly gives a slap on the back to get the tag. Beth doesn't looked pleased about it but the match continues as Tara gets a decent beating. She comes back to tag in Madison Rayne who gives a big slap to Kelly Kelly. Kelly then spears Madison and quickly tags in Beth. Beth hits her finisher and tries to pin. Kelly Kelly pulls her off. They argue and Tara knocks them both down. Her and Madison do a double suplex to Kelly Kelly. Beth Pheonix is up and hits a closeline to both of them at the same time. She tosses Madison Rayne out and hits her finisher on Tara for the win.

Winner: Beth Pheonix is the TNE Womens Champion


We come back from commercial and are backstage with Christy Hemme.

Christy: Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time.. Bobby Roode.

Bobby: You know what? That's all you need to say, thanks for the intro, see ya.
He takes the mic and slowly pushes her off screen, then looks seriously into the mic.
Bobby: Alright, listen up. Vince, you bought out the company that I was champion of. It took me my whole career to earn that and I've been busting my ass for a long time. I understand that you want everything to be a clean slate, just start over. Well, that doesn't fly with me. You took away from me the very thing that makes me want to work. That title makes me go at it more than anyone in that ring. I did what I had to and I stepped up and led the selfish generation and made a name for myself. You go ahead and throw me in that Battle Royal with Cena, Punk, Abyss and whoever else thinks they deserve my title. I will prove yet again why I won MY world title in the first place.
A bit in mid sentence the screen cuts into a "It Begins" video. It shows the same stuff and ends with "It will be the end of the world as you know it" and we know that something will happen January 2.


Cut to another scene backstage where we see RVD and Christian arguing with Vince.

RVD: I'm just saying, I would love to have a match tonight.

Christian: And I deserve a title shot, you know it and so does everyone else.

Vince: Stop... talking... and listen. Mexican America requested a match earlier and I think this is the perfect time to announce a tournament. A tag tournament. Random teams. You win and you advance. The final match will take place at... The Royal Rumble! For the TNE Tag Team Championships of course.

RVD and Christian look at each other, they obviously don't like each other.

Vince: If you guys don't want to team up, thats fine by me. I'll start looking for other wres...

RVD: ..I'm in!

Christian reluctantly agrees to the match.

Vince: Glad you two are in! It should be a great match. Start getting ready, it's next!


Match Three - RVD and Christian v. Mexican America (Tag Team Tournament)

Christian and RVD argue on the way to the ring. RVD starts off with Anarquia. They go back and forth until Anarquia puts a thumb in his opponents eye and hits a nice DDT. He gives RVD a good beating until RVD fights back. But he gets knocked down by a closeline. Anarquia tags Hernandez in who taunts Rob and lets him tag Christian, the two go at it and Christian gets an advantage. He takes Hernandez outside the ring. Anarquia drops down and goes over to them, he pulls Christian off. RVD is in the ring pumping up the crowd, he flips over the top rope and lands on all 3 men. The count out begins and gets to 5, Christian is up and in the ring, Hernandez makes it in by 9.

Hernandez catches Christian who trys a crossbody, he throws him over with a Fall away slam. Hernandez picks his opponent up and throws him into the corner and runs toward him. Christian gets a foot up and gets on the second turnbuckle, he leaps off with a perfect dropkick. Both men are down and slowly craw to their corners. Both tag at the same time and RVD rushes in and hits a closeline to Anarquia followed by a spinning heel kick. He sends a flurry of moves his way and then goes up top. He leaps of and hits a Frog Splash and pins. 1....2... Christian pulls RVD off of Anarquia and hits the Killswitch and pulls Anarquia on top of him. The ref is confused but counts the 3.

Winners: Mexican America advance in the tournament

Mexican America leave quickly. Christian is left on the stage smiling, RVD looks pissed.


King: Welcome back, and... I'm speechless.

JR: I couldn't agree with you more King, RVD and Christian had the match won. They would have advanced in the Tag team Tournament, but Christian wouldn't have any of it.

King: He took out Rob Van Dam and lost the match!

JR: Well, we will have to see next week what is going on in the head of Christian. Right now we have to announce this Thursday on Impact we will see the start of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament announced on our website earlier today by Mr. McMahon, and he will announce a General Manager.

King: I'll be watching!

JR: But right now let's take it to the ring for our main event.

Main Event - Battle Royal: CM Punk, John Cena, The Miz, Abyss, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Matt Morgan (TNE World Championship)

It's an all out war in the first few minutes. John Cena and CM Punk work together and even get the help of Matt Morgan. Morgan goes for a Carbon Footprint on Bully Ray who ducks and causes Matt to fall over the top rope. Ray leans against the ropes laughing, Hardy takes advantage and flips Ray over the ropes but he hanges on. Jeff bounces off the ropes and goes to attack Ray but Abyss interferes and hits a Black Hole Slam. Bully Ray holds down the ropes while he is on the outside which causes Mix to fall out. Miz pulls his legs and causes him to get eliminated, the two brawl through the crowd.

Cena, Punk, Roode, Abyss, and Hardy are left. Punk and Cena stand by each other. Roode and Abyss are on the other side. Hardy is in the middle. He looks at both sides and the crowd is chanting his name. He looks at CM Punk, then quickly attacks Bobby Roode. Cena and Punk go after Abyss keeping him cornered. They toss him to the ropes and he comes back with a double closeline. Roode tosses Jeff over the ropes but he lands on the apron. He leaps over and hits a closeline on Roode. Abyss takes out Punk with a Black Hole Slam. Cena is up and lifts Abyss up for an Attitude Adjustment. Abyss is squirming and Cena stumbles to the ropes, both of them fall over and are eliminated. Roode, Punk, and Hardy are left. Punk and Hardy are both up staring down Roode. They double team him and beat him down for a good minute. Punk hits a few moves and then Hardy. Finally Punk hits a GTS followed by a Swanton from Hardy. The crowd is into it. They taunt for a second and Hardy quickly catches Punk off guard and tosses him over the top. Punk quickly gets on the apron and the two have the most intense staredown ever. Punk ends up laying a hard right into Hardy who turns around into a stiff kick from Roode who then hits a Fisherman suplex for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode is the TNE World Champion

The show closes with Roode raising up the World Title with a huge smirk on his face. Punk spits on the ground and begins walking up the ramp, slapping hands with fans.


Gunner def. Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler and Eric Young to become the TNE United States Champion
Kelly Kelly and Beth Pheonix def. Tara and Madison Rayne (Beth got the pinfall and became the Womens Champion)
Mexican America def. RVD and Christian
Battle Royal - CM Punk, John Cena, The Miz, Abyss, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Matt Morgan

I'm back...

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Re: TNE - Welcome to the Future...

Hey don't have much time to give a really good review, but this is the first time I've seen a BTB about TNA/WWE that I really wanted to pay attention to. You've done a really good job of merging the two and your frist RAW looks great. I am going to come back again and give you a better review, but will be tuning in more often.
Good Luck

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Re: TNE - Welcome to the Future...

Originally Posted by PWInsider
It seems that after the success of Raw, a few superstars have agreed to stay. Daniel Bryan and Zema Ion have been added to the Impact roster, no news has been heard as to if they will compete on tomorrows show or not. Ken Anderson and Scott Steiner have been added to Raw, along with Kaz, which is quite shocking. More news will be posted as we get it.
Originally Posted by TNE Impact Preview
The debut show of TNE Impact is promised to be a classic. Vince McMahon has announced the start of the TNE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

The main event will be the first match in the tournament and will feature the returning Kane going toe to toe with "The Cowboy" James Storm.

The X Division title will be up for grabs in an amazing 6-man ladder match!

Beth Pheonix will be in action defending her TNE Womens Championship against Kelly Kelly. After there shaky tag team match on Raw, they are ready to go at it!

See all of this and more tomorrow night on the TNE Network!

I'm back...

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Re: TNE - Welcome to the Future...

PWInsider - December 21, 2011

Quick news has hit our desks about an hour ago. It seems as though the ladder match for the X Division title has been thrown out. Seems like they are going to keep the title vacant for a little while.

In other news, no one has figured out what the numbers mean. We are still guessing but can not come up with any possible conclusion. If you have any ideas as to what the numbers mean, please send us an email!

(If you do have a guess at what the numbers mean, PM me. Whoever guesses correct gets 250credits)

I'm back...

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Re: TNE - Welcome to the Future...

Total Nonstop Entertainment Presents: IMPACT!
December 22, 2011 - Live on the TNE Network!

The show opens with the familiar TNA Impact themesong, with a new video showing the new roster and the TNE logo. We go to the commentators, Michael Cole and Taz.

Cole: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Impact!

Taz: I never thought I'd be saying this but.. I'm glad to be back commentating with you!

Cole: It's a great nostalgic feeling right now. The good ole days are back and what a show do we have in store for you tonight!

Taz: No kiddin' Cole! Main event, Kane versus James Storm, how much better can the show get?

Cole: The women are in action, along with our tag teams, and as you mentioned Kane versus Storm is scheduled for the Main Event and is a part of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament.

Taz: Thats a mouth full!

Cole: And this match was added just moments ago, Zema Ion goes up against Justin Gabriel, which will also be in the tournament!

Taz: These young stars have the opportunity of a life time here tonight, I can't wait to see what they make of it...wait, are you getting this? Cole...

Cole: Yeah.... let..... Let's take it to the back where there is said to be a heated arguement!


Cut to the back and we see Kid Kash, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Jesse Sorrensen, Christopher Daniels and Austin Aries along with Vince McMahon.

Austin Aries: You had no right to strip me of my title! I demand I get named the X Division Champion!

AJ Styles: Austin, this is a new era, and with me leaving the main event scene and coming back to the X Division where I belong, I think it's only right that the belt gets handed to me.

Kid Kash: You are all out of it...

Daniels: AJ, don't you remember who the better man is here? That belt is mine whether you chumps like it or not.

Vince: Stop stop stop... Is this really what I have to put up with with you guys? Listen, I will let the GM of Impact figure something out for you gentlemen. You all go to the ring and you can met him in person. Get out of my office!

All of them leave and head for the ring.


A video package airs highlighting the first episode of Raw, showing Gunner hit the F5 on Eric Young to win the United States title, Beth Pheonix raising the Womens title, Bobby Roode saying he will take back what is rightfully his, Christian turning on RVD and costing them the match, Bully Ray and Miz brawl through the crowd, Jeff Hardy turning on Punk and throwing him out of the ring, followed by Punk punching Hardy and Roode hitting his finisher to win the TNE World Title.


The X Division stars are making their way to the ring. Vince McMahons music hits and he walks to the stage.

Vince: I really don't want to waste any time here, we have some great matches lined up for tonight, and maybe another, depending on what the GM wants to do. So without further adue......

"I Walk Alone" hits. The crowd is on their feet. After a few moments of the crowd cheering and the X Division stars looking confused, he walks out.


Cole: The return of Dave Batista, and he is the GM of Impact! Who knew?

Taz: Mr. McMahon did!

Batista walks all the way to the ring and stands in front of the small but talented superstars.

Dave Batista: Oh this is great! This show is under the arm of one of the most talented wrestlers in the world! It is great to be back here and I have some exciting things planned for the future of this show.

AJ Styles grabs a mic.

Styles: Wait, Batista? Are you kidding m...

Dave: Please, call me Dave.

Styles: Either way, this is a joke. You think you can run this show? A chimpanzee knows more wrestling than you, and that's an understatement.

He steps toe to toe with Styles.

Dave: If you have a problem with the decisions made by Mr. McMahon, you can find the door. Until then, back off and let me make my announcement. I saw you guys arguing like school girls about who's belt it is.. blah blah.

The crowd gives a loud chorus of boos towards Batista.

Dave: Over the course of the next few weeks we will have a Beat the Clock Challenge. The two men with the fastest times will fight for the X Division title in a Ladder Match. You better get ready boys the first match is up next. Can yout beat the time against Austin Aries, pretty boy?

He was looking right in the eye of AJ Styles. AJ goes toe to toe with him. Then the rest of the superstars leave and he does as well, but he stays ringside to watch.


Match One - AJ Styles v. Austin Aries (Beat the Clock Challenge)

The match starts off with headlocks and take downs. AJ gets a quick advantage and keeps Austin on the ground. A swift reversal and a leg sweep puts Austin on top with the advantage and lays in a few hard kicks. Austin continues a hard beat down to AJ with a bunch of stiff moves. AJ gets the comeback and they end up on the apron, they go back and forth with hard chops, then punches. AJ gets the advantage, laying in the rights until Austin stomps on his foot. AJ goes for a wild right but Austin ducks, leaving AJs back turned to him. He puts his head under Styles arm and lifts him up. With quick motion, he drops down to the mat, hitting AJ with a back suplex on the apron! The crowd is into it! He gets back into the ring and takes his time taunting as the clock is on 6 minutes. He toys with AJ, just letting the clock run. AJ finally jumps to his feet and hits a Pele Kick out of no where, he then picks Austin up and hits the Styles Clash for the win at 6:13.

Winner: AJ Styles

The ref holds his hand up as he stares down Batista. Then without hesitation he is attacked from behind by Austin Aries. Dave looks at him and puts two thumbs up out to the side and slowly turns them downward as Aries lifts AJ up and hits a sick Brainbuster. Austin is left smirking as he falls down and rolls out of the ring.


Cut back we see James Storm backstage with Josh Mathews.

Josh: Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time is "The Cowboy" James Storm. James, tonight you face one of your toughest competitors to date, and you have never gone against him. You face "The Big Red Machine" Kane in a fight to advance in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Your thoughts?

James: Well, Josh, I'm a little bit nervous, I can't lie. But since I'm tellin you the truth I might as well spit out that I will not back down tonight. Kane can be all the monster he can be and he will still not be enough to take out this redneck. He claims to be resurrected? I resurrect myself every morning.. think about it.

He keeps it short and sweet and walks off. Then comes back.

James: Oh and Kane..................................... Sorry about your damn luck!

Then he exits.


Match Two - Beth Pheonix (C) v. Kelly Kelly (TNE Womens Championship)

Madison Rayne accomponied Beth to the ring. The match is very back and forth in the first few minutes until Beths strength kicks in and she knocks Kelly to the mat. A head lock is applied and she takes full control. Beth hits a few nice moves for about 2 minutes until Kelly makes a comeback and htis a flurry of moves to take control. She goes up top to hit an aerial move and Madison hops up on the apron, Kelly kicks her off and hits a crossbody on Beth, Beth rolls back and picks Kelly up and hits a fall away slam for the win.

Winner: Beth Pheonix is still the Womens Champion


Madison slides into the ring and congratulates Beth and they start the beat down. Tara slides into the ring and starts taking them on but the numbers are too much, its 2 on 2 now. Gail Kim and Angelina Love come in and get a piece. Mickie James slides in and all the women are going at it. Finally Batista's music hits and he steps out to the stage. Refs are sliding in to break up the women.

Dave: Theres nothing I love more than a good catfight, but ladies, please! We have a show to continue. I know Vince won't mind me scheduling a match for Raw, so I'm gonna do it. It will be Mickie James, Tara, and Kelly Kelly versus Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, and Angelina Love. Have a great night ladies!

The women are separated by refs as we go to commercial.


Rob Van Dam is making his way out to the ring.

Taz: What a brawl that was with all the women right before the break! The pigeons were definitely loose!

Cole: But welcome back now ladies and gentlemen as we have a bit of a surprise, to you and I as well, Taz.

Taz: Yeah, you know, Rob Van Dam is booked on the Raw roster and we saw him in action last Monday night in a tag match with Christian going up against Mexican America.

Cole: And note that it was part of the Tag Team Tournament, where random teams can be thrown together, and if you win you advance.

Rob has a mic already.

RVD: I'm going to cut right to the point. This is great what is going on around here, I'm meeting a lot of great people and seeing familiar faces. Let me say it was awesome meeting back up with Christian. I never thought that he would do what he did on Raw. Long story short, he screwed not only me, but himself. We had a chance to become the tag team champions, and he turned on me. Christian, get your ass out here.

His music hits and Christian walks to the ring with a smirk on his face.

RVD: I bet the past few days you have been getting asked this question a lot but I'm going to throw it at ya one more time... Why? We had the match won, I hit the Five Star Frog Splash and was this close to getting the three count. Why?

Christian: For one, I wouldn't have let you get the pin, I deserved it. And two, I'm not going to get stuck with a washed up hasbeen like yourself. Everyone saw as I went through my career with Edge holding me down. I am the best wrestler in this damn company and I deserved to be in the Battle Royal, instead, we had to witness Jeff Hardy confusing everyone, including his mother. That spot should have gone to me!

RVD: So thats it, your selfish. End of story. But eh, as long as I'm here, you won't be getting any where near a title shot. You screwed us out of the chance at gold, so the last thing you will do now is even think about getting a shot.

He drops the mic and exits the ring.

Cole: It's getting heated between these two already!


Cut to the back. Dave is standing with AJ Styles.

Dave: I'll admit, I'm impressed.

AJ: That's not what I am here to talk about. You had Aries attack me after the match and damn near paralize me. What is that all about?

Dave: I didn't have anything to do with it, trust me.

AJ: You to...

Kid Kash steps into view.

Kash: You don't even know what's about to happen, boy.

Dave: Oh, AJ, let me introduce your opponent next week. It will be his turn to beat your time, which doesn't look to be too much of a challenge.

He laughs as AJ punches the wall and leaves the room.


Match Three - Zema Ion v. Justin Gabriel (WHC Tournament)

This is a quick pace match with both men giving it them all. High risk moves are abundant and they put on a great show. It's classic back and forth action for about 5 minutes until Zema hits a crazy springboard stunner to get the advantage. He gives a beatdown, then pins Justin who kicks out. Zema finds a chair and slides it into the ring, the ref grabs it and goes to throw it out, by this time Zema is in and tries to hit a low blow on Gabriel, he blocks it and hits a stiff round house kick. Zema is out, so he gets up top. Ion quickly hops up and jumps up to the top turnbuckle with him. The two go back and forth until Justin headbutts him a few times. Zema falls down and Gabriel hits the 450 Splash to pick up the win.

Winner: Justin Gabriel advances in the WHC Tournament


We see a dark room with a fire burning in a barrell. A figure is next to it and we can tell its Kane.

Kane: This........ressurection. It feels great. But why am I here? I have been summoned in the worst of occasions. The end is upon us and no one shall survive. What you all will witness will burn your eyes and devour your minds.

He turns around.

Kane: James Storm, I want you tonight in....a CAGE MATCH!

The fire gets intense as he starts laughing and walks towards the camera that falls over and cuts to black.


Cut to a worker running down a hall catching up to James Storm.


He stops and turns around.

Worker: Did you just see that?

James: All I see right now is me pinning Kane, so no.

Worker: I don't think that will happen, Kane wants tonight to be a cage match, the video just played.

James laughs.

James: We don't want to make the big guy angry do we? Tonight is a cage match then boy. I'll see ya out there monster!


Main Event - Kane v. James Storm - Cage Match (WHC Tournament)

Kane stands tall and intimidating, not moving a muscle, as James Storm warms up. The cage is already lowered and both men are locked in. They tie up but Kane launches Storm into the side of the cage, he crashes down to the apron. Kane still stands still. Storm is up, Kane runs and attempts to crush his skull with a big boot against the cage but Storm ducks and Kane gets tied up on the ropes that is between his legs now. Storm quickly ascend the turnbuckle and leaps off with a drop kick. The beatdown comes at full force from Storm never backing down, he keeps Kane grounded. He goes to climb the cage but Kane is up and powerbombs him down to the mat. Kane has advantage and hits some vintage Kane moves. Its a classic match until Kane starts climbing. Hes going slow and Storm manages to get to his feet. He jumps up on the turnbuckle and almost flies to the top of the cage.

Both men are climbing. Storm is sitting on the top almost over, but Kane is up too and grabs him, laying a few forearms to his back. Kane manages to pull him back up and both men begin to stand up on the top of the cage! They are hanging on exchanging rights, but Kane seems unaffected. Storm tries to fall down to the mat and win but Kane grabs his throat. Storm has both hands on Kanes wrist with a huge look of pain on his face. The crowd is silent. Kane measures the mat and shoves Storm off with a Chokeslam, Storm lands hard and goes through the ring! The crowd is on their feet and medics are already running to the ring. Kane is down the side of the cage and hops down.

Winner: Kane advances in the WHC tournament.


Medics are waiting for the ref to open the door. Kane walks to them and knocks a ref out, then closelines a medic, and shoves another into the cage. Before he can do more damage Sheamus starts running out from the back but quickly stops on the stage. Kanes head quickly turns and they stare each other down. He walks to the bottom of the ramp and just stands there. Sheamus looks shocked and cant move. Medics find their way into the cage and help Storm. The show ends with Kane and Sheamus having a stare down.


AJ Styles def. Austin Aries (6:13 for the Beat the Clock Challenge)
Beth Phenoix retained her Womens Championship agaisnt Kelly Kelly
Justin Gabriel def. Zema Ion to advance in the WHC Tournament
Kane def. James Storm to advance in the WHC Tournament

I'm back...

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Re: TNE - Welcome to the Future...

Impact Feedback

You asked me to drop by some thoughts, and I've only given out one piece of legitimate feedback in months on end, so I'll see what I can do for you.

Opening commentary started off well; touching on Tazz and Cole's history was something that you needed to do realistically, so that was good to see. The last line from Cole was a little dodgy, however - "Let's take it to the back where there is said to be a heated argument" sounds far too formal here. If Cole's hearing about some kind of conflict backstage, it should be big news, and we need to hear that from his dialogue. I see what you were trying to do with the argument, kicking off the first Impact with a bang, but the end result came out as incredibly formulaic; for one, your opening description of the scene meant we could have been in the parking lot for all we knew as readers. It was literally 'these four guys with Vince McMahon' and that was all I knew, not to mention you didn't go into the emotions of the participants in the segment, stopping any real deep character development from the first sentence. Secondly, the most formulaic part of the entire segment was how you had each guy only say one line, as if they were going in order, and this just isn't how real conversations flow. Now, I'm not familiar with a lot of TNA's talent, but I've watched a Vinnie Mac promo or two, and he just didn't sound like himself here. It felt like he should be more indignant; also, he said "guys" and "listen", which just made it sound like you were putting words in his mouth - you read his dialogue and it doesn't jump out as the classic Vince McMahon we all know. Jesse Sorensen didn't even have anything to say, which didn't do him any favours, and Kid Kash's "you are" meant he didn't sound like a real person in a real situation because he would have muttered "You're all out of it..." and even then it sounds like a weird insult. AJ Styles saying he dropped down from the "main event scene" immediately suggests the X Division is a 'lesser' place to compete, and that's not an image you want to be portraying to your audience, whether it's true or not. If Daniels is referring to a previous victory over AJ, we don't know that, this is a new show with new stories. I know I'm nit-picking at this point, but it was an incredibly short segment with a lot of things that could have been improved.

There's also an issue which I'm going to address now which applies throughout the show; the entire premise behind your thread is the merging of WWE and TNA, no? Thus, thinking contextually, your brand spanking new product which you're presenting to what is still essentially WWE's audience with a smattering of TNA's fanbase thrown in, and therefore your casual audience hasn't got a clue who these new wrestlers (or 'superstars' as they'll see them) are. Imagine you're a casual WWE fan, say ten years old, and you tune into Impact, the new show, because you hear Randy Orton's on it, and one of the first things you see is four random guys arguing with Vince McMahon about a title you've never heard of before. Admittedly, this is a huge thing to ask of you, but if you're taking on a huge project like this, you need to think about how it would have to be presented. You'd need copious amounts of commentator praise/information to keep the fans up to date with the new stars, in addition to promo time, whether on the mic or in a VP, about who they are and what they plan to accomplish in this new TNE promotion now that the titles are vacated and it's a level playing field. You could make a big thing out of it, too, and it's an exciting prospect, but you need to remember that this isn't TNA just carrying on from where it left off with a few WWE guys tagging along; this is a global brand mashed up between WWE and TNA, and as a result, you need to present anything and everything to do with TNA as being brand new to the audience, as if each TNA guy was an NXT Rookie, because let's face it, you and I wouldn't have a clue what's going on if we didn't know TNA existed, like many casuals don't.

Definitely think you could have made a bigger deal out of the Raw highlights package, just to sell the first show of this gigantic WWE/TNA union to the absolute max - it's huge! It's the biggest event in the history of modern pro wrestling, and I just kind of want to see you tell me that more. Add to the spectacle of it all.

I feel you could have described the "X Division stars"' entrances a little more, but that's not a huge problem. However, I have to say it; Batista as TNE Impact General Manager is possibly the most bizarre choice of a BTB GM I've seen in my entire time here. Not only is he known as being the most awesome, kick-ass guy in the ring ever (I WALK ALOOOOOOONE, for one), he's a total bad-ass on every front, and you've immediately cooped him up in a GM role; I'm not even factoring in the fact you basically had him stroll down the ramp holding hands with smiling bunnies while singing the theme tune to My Little Pony and then get on the mic to say "This is great! I can't wait to get started!" I realise I'm over-exaggerating, but it's for a reason; I want to see Batista kick ass and take names, not be Mr. McMahon's puppet and say "Please, call me Dave" - it makes him seem really weak, and he's just not suited to it. I hope that makes sense. I felt he began to kick it up a notch in badass when he took it to Styles (I also appreciate you called your own decision into question with the very indy-esque shot by AJ here), but then you suddenly had the crowd boo Batista, leaving me wondering where he stands on the face-tweener-heel scale. I'm all for a Beat the Clock Challenge, though, it's a good solution; my thought is that a BTC Challenge is usually over a single show, so it'll be interesting to see how you work it. I also think you meant "set* the time" not "beat the time" to AJ seeing as the time to beat hadn't been set yet, surely.

As with the Batista alignment issue, I was left wondering who's face and who's heel between Aries and Styles; this is a problem which also leads back to the whole 'introduce it to a WWE audience' thing from before. While I don't doubt the match would have good (reading it through, it was fine) and to my personal taste seeing as I find many independent circuit matches entertaining, one wonders how the WWE audience would react to such a different style in the very first match on the new show; maybe opening with a WWE vs TNA match of sorts would have helped to 'gel' the audience with the new guy's style, so they'd know what to expect later on. My concern with having Styles go over in six minutes is that it makes Aries, a fellow contender for the title, look really weak, and thus it might have been an idea to have the challenge be open to both guys, rather than just Styles. The attack from Austin saved his bacon a little and showed that he and 'Tista are clearly the heels against Styles' anti-authority face alignment, but again I felt more description was needed; explore the tension between Styles and Batista more, talk about the crowd's reactions, etc. I need to be immersed in your writing, and I didn't feel that here.

For the ease of comprehension, a small thing; writing out a speaker's full name is something DH suggested to me long ago, and it actually makes the entire layout look smarter. Totally your decision whether or not to go with it, though. I would have thought the interview was a little short but you mentioned in your 'stage directions' that that's just Storm's style, so that's fair enough. In terms of the promo itself, it was good; you established him enough to an audience as the won't-back-down cowboy character and as (I'd assume) a babyface, and therefore I'd say this was well done.

"Beth hits a few nice moves" is an effort issue on your part; if you want me to be involved in the show, I need to feel like I'm there more, or least watching it at home on TV, and nothing tunes the reader out more than vague description like this. There's also the argument that if Phoenix is going to win clean, she should hit the Glam Slam, because of how dominant it shows her to be, unless you're bringing the Fallaway Slam in as another finisher (which I doubt, seeing as I assume it was just the Crossbody roll-through counter). Lack of commentary before and after the match hurts the storytelling in my opinion, too. Batista (or Dave, as you seem intent on calling him) genuinely didn't sound like himself, I'm afraid. I couldn't visualise his words being said by him, and that's a real issue for someone who's going to be such a big part of your show.

As before, I feel we need more description with RVD's entrance. You had Taz briefly mention the women before you cut back to RVD; surely if he's a Raw guy, you could have saved this promo for next week's show? If Christian's heel turn was such a big deal, it would have been one of the main talking points for next week; instead, you cram it in here. RVD's soliloquy sounded horribly like a long list of short statements, with no real flow to it at all; you could have lengthened this considerably, but again, it felt lacking in effort. Similarly, you could have brought more Van Dam-isms in here, such as "man", "dude", even "bro" to keep things feeling like a real RVD promo. Christian's reasoning was good, really good. I've always said the best heel turns are the ones with great reasoning, and this was one of those occasions, but you dropped the ball by just having Van Dam leave, when a confrontation, or at least a Christian narrow escape, was clearly on the cards. Lots and lots of wasted potential here, I feel.

You're certainly putting a lot of emphasis on the X Division from the get-go, which is of course a positive; however, this segment again felt weak. Aries' original attack was his own doing, surely, so Styles' accusations at Batista are pure paranoia, which is more of a heel action, and the thumbs-down wouldn't have been visible, because Styles would have been on the floor - or at least that's how I read it. Kid Kash's line made very little sense, I'm afraid, and AJ punching a wall is again a bizarre thing to happen. You also went from Batista saying he was impressed to saying that it wouldn't be hard to beat Styles' time, which is a massively hypocritical statement.

Zima/Gabriel is definitely a good match in prospect, and you also laid down the face/heel lines well, but once again, I was left wanting more from you. You needed to tell me why Zima was going to get a chair, so I can see some elements of a real character, rather than - 'well, he's the bad guy.' We need to see emotion; frustration, self-doubt. I don't think I've ever seen a low blow blocked before, but I liked the finish (though Gabriel headbutting someone when he could just punch him was odd). Gabriel advancing in the WHC tourney seems like a good decision given his undeniable talent in the ring and his passable mic skills.

You showed good knowledge of Kane's traits to have him cut his usual backstage promo, though again, you've got some Russo-esque booking going on by having a cage match randomly thrown in. A cage match of all things is usually advertised at least a week in advance, not to mention the kind of thing used to end a feud, not for a first-round match in a World Title tournament. Just an all-round peculiar decision. Not sure about Storm here, too - he went from talking to this backstage worker to addressing Kane, immediately making the entire thing disjointed, and the fact that he would agree to such an impromptu match-up makes me question the credibility of his judgement, tbh. The entire thing felt like it could be one of two things; either you wanted to sell Impact as being 'unpredictable', or you wanted your first Impact to have a big main event... but regardless, I can't get over it, it makes zero sense whatsoever to do it from a booking standpoint.

The match followed a basic cage match formula, and you got some crowd reactions in there, too. You got one reference to Storm's emotions (pain), which is generally more than you'd done for the other matches, though you suffered from the same issues as before when it came to "hits some vintage Kane moves" - I can't stress enough how much you need to tell the reader what these are. Storm going through the ring seems a little extreme, seeing as that usually spells a period of time out of action... and you just started this thread. I don't really understand why Kane would start attacking medics, nor why Sheamus would stop on the stage if he's making the save; the whole idea of making a save is that you then - you know, make the save. It also doesn't help that face Sheamus doesn't back down from anything, and you completely went against this. A very odd ending.

Before I conclude, here's another mini-rant. Looking over your Impact roster alone, tonight's show didn't have Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Mark Henry, Samoa Joe, Alex Riley, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Cody Rhodes, Evan Bourne, or Kofi Kingston, and that's a big list of talent not to include. Hell, you could write a five-star show with that roster by itself. That's an issue that needs addressing, because if you've got all this talent to spare, your main event shouldn't be Kane vs James Storm, and you shouldn't be restricted to four matches on your inaugural Impact. It's also worth noting that with your first ever TNE Impact, you'd be wanting to pull out all the stops to make it seem like an explosive show so you'd get more viewers, and leaving out so many earth-shattering guys makes the show seem very, very shallow.

Overall, there are positives and negatives to take from this. You remind me a lot of myself in 2008; everything was quite rushed, I wrote what I thought was a good idea, and I ended up leaving a lot of talent on the bench while I came up with promos that weren't well characterised. There's a lot to work on, but there's also some real promise here which would make me recommend this thread to anyone in the section. Firstly, always make sure you're utilising the roster at hand. Secondly, try to play on the MASSIVE premise behind your thread - the biggest wrestling promotion in the world is now at your fingertips, but you've got to handle it correctly, including the factors of having TNA guys presented to a WWE audience for the first time. Thirdly, watch as many promos as you can from certain guys (Batista especially) to make sure you get their characters down, because that's important for the atmosphere of the show. Fourth, lay out your roster in front of you and decide who's a face, who's a heel, then ask yourself 'how am I going to show this to the reader? Who can he attack (heel)? Whose mum can he insult (heel)? How many babies does he have to kiss (face, unless you're doing it in a creepy manner)?' Fifth, more description. Re-read your show when you're done and ask yourself if you could imagine a scene in front of you based solely on what you've just written. If you can't, you need to paint the picture for us more. Finally, lengthen your promos and lengthen your show, because I have a suspicion I've written more for this feedback than you've written in the entire edition of Impact. And a final point after the final point, you keep at this bad boy until it's fucking amazing, because the potential is absolutely there. Hope I've been helpful to you, man; I know I've got a lot of criticism, but if you take it on board, there should be considerably less next time. Looking forward to Raw, man, get on it.
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