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Learning to break kayfabe
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WWE 2K12

So this BTB will take place in 2012, and Vince McMahon suffered a severe heart attack and has signed the company over to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. In the month leading to the first show of 2012, Triple H has already made a few major announcements. He’s announced that the brands will be combined, only to be split up again. He’s announced that he’s firing Teddy Long and John Laurinitus for personal reasons. The new GM’s would be decided upon on a special WWE Newscast to air on all of WWE‘s major networks on Christmas day. Triple H has also announced that he’s derailing the WWE Network as there isn’t enough time. The GM’s were revealed to be Shane McMahon and Michael Cole. However, Triple H's final announcement was that the brand's would have their own PPV's again.

Draft Rules

1. Daniel Bryan is Smackdown Exclusive and is the only wrestler that is.
2. There will be a Champions draft to start it off.
3. Shane McMahon will draft first and Michael Cole will draft second.
4. The draft will take place on NBC and will only feature draft picks.

Randy Orton
Mark Henry
Alberto Del Rio
The Undertaker
Rey Mysterio
Dolph Ziggler
Jack Swagger
Zack Ryder
Ezekiel Jackson
Drew McIntyre
Mason Ryan
Justin Gabriel
Trent Barreta
Curt Hawkins
Tyler Reks
Jimmy Uso

World Heavyweight Champion-Mark Henry
United States Champion-Dolph Ziggler
Cruiserweight Champion-Justin Gabriel

CM Punk
John Cena
The Miz
Wade Barrett
Daniel Bryan
Big Show
Cody Rhodes
Kofi Kingston
Evan Bourne
Sin Cara
Alex Riley
Heath Slater
Tyson Kidd
Ted Dibiase
Yoshi Tatsu
Brodus Clay
Santino Marella
Jey Uso
David Otunga
Jinder Mahal
Johnny Curtis
Michael Mcguillicutty

WWE Champion-CM Punk
Intercontinental Champion-Cody Rhodes
Tag Team Champions-Air Boom
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE 2K12

Shane McMahon opens up the draft show on the drafting podium, with a Raw sign on it. McMahon says that tonight, there only be one match…for the WWE or World Heavyweight Title, which ever he drafts. Other than that, it’ll be all drafting and segments. Michael Cole walks out to his music and interrupts Shane. Cole says that they need to flip a coin to see who drafts first. He yells Tails. Shane pulls one out of his pocket and flips it. It lands on Tails. Cole shoves McMahon aside and says that Smackdown selects…Evan Bourne! One of half of the tag team champions. Cole leaves the podium with a droopy look on his face. McMahon hops on the podium and selects…Dolph Ziggler for Raw! Cole looks at him and swears to himself a little. McMahon gets down as Cole gets up. Cole says that he vows to pick a World Champion for Smackdown. Cole selects Cody Rhodes. Cole says a future World Champion to the crowd. McMahon rolls his eyes and gets up on the podium. He selects…Mark Henry! McMahon looks delighted as the World Champion is now on his roster! Cole gets up on the podium, looking disappointed again. He pulls a name out of the random picker and he says…CM Punk! Cole rolls his eyes at the name. Shane picks a name from the spinner and it’s…Justin Gabriel! Michael Cole looks semi excited as he has Kofi by default. They go backstage to Josh Mathews.

Mathews looks at the camera and says that he is here with the 1st Pick in the 2012 Brand Extension. Evan Bourne looks at the camera and says it’s his lucky day, because not only did he get drafted first, but Air Boom is still together. Bourne says that he is willing to take on any opponent.

Full Draft

1. Shane McMahon selects Rey Mysterio with his pick.
2. Michael Cole selects Sin Cara with his pick.
3. Shane McMahon selects The Undertaker with his pick.
4. Michael selects…John Cena with his pick!
5. Shane McMahon selects Trent Barreta
6. Michael Cole selects Heath Slater
7. Shane McMahon selects R-Truth!
8. Michael Cole selects Tyson Kidd!
9. Shane McMahon selects Primo
10. Michael selects Yoshi Tatsu
11. Shane McMahon selects Ezekiel Jackson.
12. Michael Cole selects Ted Dibiase
13. Shane McMahon selects Jack Swagger
14. Michael Cole selects Brodus Clay
15. Shane McMahon selects Sheamus
16. Michael Cole selects Santino Marella
17. Shane McMahon selects JTG
18. Michael Cole selects Kane!
19. Shane McMahon selects Alberto Del Rio
20. Michael Cole selects Jey Uso.
21. Shane McMahon selects Curt Hawkins
22. Michael Cole selects David Otunga
23. Shane McMahon selects Zack Ryder
24. Michael Cole selects Jinder Mahal
25. Shane McMahon selects Jimmy Uso
26. Michael Cole selects Big Show
27. Shane McMahon selects Mason Ryan
28. Michael Cole selects Johnny Curtis
29. Shane McMahon selects Hunico
30. Michael Cole selects Alex Riley
31. Shane McMahon selects Randy Orton
32. Michael Cole selects Michael McGillicutty
33. Shane McMahon selects Drew McIntyre
34. Michael Cole selects Wade Barrett
35. Shane McMahon selects Epico
36. Michael Cole selects The Miz!
37. Shane McMahon selects Tyler Reks
38. Michael Cole selects Christian
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