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Impact Wrestling 2012: The Spike TV Era


Total Non-Stop Action found themselves staring at a mirror and realizing they made a mistake. The additions of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff was supposed to make the promotion more main stream but the plan didn’t garner much more interest in the product. Their parent company, Panda Energy, poured millions into it as the additions of bigger names such as Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy didn’t gain much more viewers or fans and even caused more of a backlash of die-hard T.N.A. fans as home grown talent was pushed to the background. Panda Energy finally looked to get out of the business and much to the dislike of Dixie Carter, they sold the company to SpikeTV.

SpikeTV purchased the company looking to own one of the highest viewed shows after the sudden departure of the U.F.C. on the channel. SpikeTV started doing research to what fans wanted to see and after analyzing the costs of the talent roster and the income they made, serious cuts were made. Most of the veteran, higher prized talent was let go as younger, hungrier wrestlers was brought in and looked upon to rise up the card to bigger status. SpikeTV wiped out the T.N.A. front office and struck a partnership with Golden Boy Promotions to run the company. The first move was the changing of the company as T.N.A. was renamed “Impact Wrestling.”
T.N.A. was taken off the air after the Thanksgiving show and it was announced that the a new start was coming. A few weeks later commercials for “Impact Wrestling” started airing on the channel as in January, a special will air called “Genesis” that will show the many changes in the company.
Impact Wrestling Male Roster

Part Time Talent/Producers 


Announcing Team/Front Office 


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Re: Impact Wrestling 2012: The Spike TV Era

Jeremy Borash's Exclusive Interview with Jeff Jarrett on the creation of "Impact Wrestling

Today exclusively on Impact Wrestling’s website, Jeremy Borash sits down with T.N.A. founder and the brand-new commentator of Impact Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett. Borash and Jarrett answer many questions on what happened behind the scenes of the big changes in the company, how many competitors took and most importantly how Jarrett see his creation’s direction today.

Borash: “First off I would like to thank you Jeff Jarrett to agree to this interview. There is a lot of questions fans have about the many changes in the past month and nobody is better for their opinion then the founder of the company.”

Jarrett: “Well, first off it’s good to be here and still have a job. I found this company about ten years ago and there is no place I would rather be. This is the third group of ownership that I’ve worked for and I took the new job of commentating to stay with the company. I could still compete in the ring but it’s more important to me to stay with this company. This is my creation and even though I’m not the owner anymore, I’m still very attached to it.”

Borash: “It is going to be interesting to work with you every week. I mean I’ve been here from the start also and I’m excited about these changes.”

Jarrett: “So am I. I mean I was excited with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff coming in, hell I was excited when Vince Russo came to T.N.A. but his is how I envisioned this company years ago when I found it. We got lost for awhile trying to compete with the W.W.E. instead of building for the future. Spike TV and Golden Boy now sees that direction and we are going for it at warp speed.”

Borash: “A lot of wrestling insiders think this is a mistake because the lack of name value. Hogan is gone, Bischoff is gone, Kurt Angle, Sting, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam are all gone. You look down the roster now and there isn’t a name probably known outside wrestling circles. This seems to be a big risk.”

Jarrett: “It does seem that way but let’s face it. We weren’t lighting anything up with those guys. They cost a lot of money. We didn’t need them to do the numbers we were doing and let’s face it they don’t really need us either. Hardy and Van Dam are already looking like they are returning to the W.W.E. Sting is semi-retired while Angle is training for the Olympics.”

Borash: “I notice you didn’t mention what Hogan and Bischoff is doing. What do you think of their new project?”

Jarrett: “I think it’s very smart of Spike TV to give Hogan his own show. He would be a great host and let’s face it Hogan is still famous and can draw viewers but as someone we need, he just isn’t a great fit for us. I wish Hogan all the luck in the world and I appreciate that he tried to turn T.N.A. around, he did work hard on it and got a lot of criticism for his work.”

Borash: “Is it hard to come to work now and not see some people that’s been here for a long time. I know I’m nervous about replacing Mike Tenay.”

Jarrett: “It’s weird not seeing Abyss here or Scott Steiner. But I know they are doing good in A.A.A. in Mexico. I feel worse about the younger that just got hired like Mark Haskins, Reed Sorensen and Zema Xion. We helped each of them get new jobs in various independent promotions but still it’s hard after they worked hard to get here and then these changes happen and they are gone already.”

Borash: “That is a shame but let’s focus now on the actual roster. Who do you see stepping up?”

Jarrett: “Well, Bobby Roode and James Storm was already doing it before the change so they top the list. A.J. Styles is the heart and soul of the company. Samoa Joe has taken the last two months and looks in better shape then he has in years and that will help him. Desmond Wolfe is back after his health problems and that is the only thing that held him back, so look for big things with him.”

Borash: “I going to run down the roster for some more names and if you will give me some quick thoughts of them. First off, Bully Ray.”

Jarrett: “Bully Ray, what a surprise. Nobody gave him a chance but he has really stepped it up and I can see him being a World Champion possibly now, it’s crazy.”

Borash: “Christopher Daniels?”

Jarrett: “He has been with us for awhile and hasn’t lost a step in the ring. These changes could benefit him more then anybody.”

Borash: “Mr. Anderson?”

Jarrett: “Great on the mic, good in the ring. Has the chance to be a huge star if he does it right.”

Borash: “The Pope?”

Jarrett: “Underutilized, he was hot before Hogan and Bischoff came but he probably lost more with them coming then anybody. We will have to see if he can get that back.”

Borash: “Hernandez?”

Jarrett: “He has the tools but hasn’t done it. This could be his last chance.”

Borash: “Let me get your ideas about the newcomers to the company: Antonio Banks, Harry Smith, Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison.”

Jarrett: “Each of these men we felt has potential that hasn’t been reached. Banks was very popular, had a great gimmick but for some reason we thought was held down. We plan on doing that for him. Harry Smith has the pedigree and wowed us in his workout. He most certainly has what it takes in this business. Benjamin and Morrison are great in the ring but average with the crowd. We have been working on both men on that and we should see improvements.”

Borash: “Let’s look at your baby, the X-Division, a T.N.A. original.”

Jarrett: “I’m so glad the X-Division was kept and the group we have in Austin Aries, Davey Richards, Anthony Nese,, Kazarian and Low Ki is a great mixture of veterans and young talent. They should all put on some great match-ups.”

Borash: “I will let the cat out of the bag and ask you about the perspective tag teams here in Impact and let me say, there is some interesting pairings.”

Jarrett: “Yeah there is but it is all going to start with the Motor City Machine Guns. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, I think is the best team in the world. Doug Williams and Magnus is another experience team together that is solid and never really got their chance. The new team of Tommy Mercer and Phil Shatter should be great. Most fans will know them as Crimson and Gunner but now they are going by their real names. They should quickly become a real force together. The last team is just crazy. I’m a big fan of Eric Young. He has been here for years and I was so glad that he didn’t get fired. They decided to book him in a team and let’s face it, I don’t think they could have found a better partner then Colt Cabana. Colt and Eric will be a crowd favorite without a doubt.”

Borash: “We finally get something fans are dying to know, what about the Knockouts?”

Jarrett: “Well, in the ring the Knockout division is gone. There is no women’s division in Impact Wrestling but that doesn’t mean women won’t be important. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are back as The Beautiful People and are looking for clients, Melina has joined us and will be with John Morrison and Sarita will still be here with Hernandez. Brooke Adams, the former Miss Tessenmacher, is still here as Impact General Manager, Ric Flair’s assistant. Christy Hemme will do the ring announcing and my lovely wife, Karen will join us as the backstage interviewer. We definitely have some eye candy for the guys still.”

Borash: “What do you think of Ric Flair surviving the purge?”

Jarrett: “Trust me, Flair took a pay cut. But he has been great and the role that is being written for him he should thrive. Flair will no doubt fill his role with all he has as Impact General Manager.”

Borash: “So in the end, what do you think of Spike TV and Golden Boy so far.”

Jarrett: “They have really impressed me. They didn’t come here and acted like the knew everything. They talked to me, they talked to you, they talked to about everybody on the old roster and a lot of people in the industry. Then they made their decisions. I mean they have made great hires behind the scenes. Like putting Tazz in charge of Ohio Valley Wrestling was in my mind a great move with guys like Dave Finlay, Chavo Guerrero, Steve Corino, D-Von and Joey Mercury to help him was great. I think Prichard, Lagana and Kenny Bolin has been good in creative. Spike has been advertising the hell out of it and Golden Boy has done an incredible job booking us in better arenas and getting the word out that we are coming. That is one thing we have done bad with in the past. It‘s going to be rough but we are committed and we see the light at the end of the tunnel We aren‘t worried about quick fixes anymore, everybody is on board with the direction of the company. Impact Wrestling, I think will be truly a success.”

The two shake hands and hug as the video clicks off…..

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Re: Impact Wrestling 2012: The Spike TV Era


January 5th, 2012 live from The Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida


The crowd is ecstatic for the re-launch of Impact Wrestling. The Impact Zone has been remodeled with all-new entrances and video screens. The ring and arena is redone in blue and white colors, getting rid of the trademark T.N.A. red and black scheme. The renovations of the arena has made the crowd look larger and if it’s either natural or piped in, the noise is louder then what it was in the past. Jeff Jarrett and Jeremy Borash is at ringside.

Borash: “Welcome, everyone to the brand-new Impact Wrestling. We are live from The Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando,
Florida and the crowd is at a fever pitch to see the debut episode of Impact Wrestling. My name is Jeremy Borash and I‘m joined tonight for the first time ever by none other then “Double J“ Jeff Jarrett.”

Jarrett: “ It’s nice to be here, J.B. There is definitely an excitement in the air, that can’t be denied. Impact Wrestling has certainly got people talking and tonight is finally here too see if it can live up to the hype. We definitely have some exciting superstars and tonight should be historic.”

Borash: “It most certainly will be because we have been promised by the Impact General Manager, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, that tonight the first ever Impact World Champion will be crowned.”

Jarrett: “You know everybody will want to go down in history as the first-ever champion so it’s going to be interesting to see how tonight will turn out.”



The familiar music of Ric Flair’s plays as Naitch and Brooke Adams appear on the ramp. He is welcomed by a loud chorus of “WOOOS” from the Impact Zone crowd and returns the favor of a few of his own. Adams applauds Flair as he does a quick turn on the stage in front of new gigantic screen. He does the trademark Ric Flair strut at the beginning then makes a regular walk to the ring, arm and arm with the beautiful, Brooke.

Borash: “There he is the one and only, Ric Flair. One of the biggest legends in the history of professional wrestling and now the Impact General Manager.”

Jarrett: “Somebody our whispering about the decision of Flair in charge but nobody can doubt his experience in this industry. I’ve had my fair share of problems with Mr. Flair before but in the end, he is a legend in this sport. I’m for one is pumped up for Flair being in charge. Also, doesn’t Brooke Adams look great tonight.”

Borash: “You better watch that Jeff, isn’t your wife, Karen, backstage tonight.”

Jarrett laughs as we go to the ring and Flair and Adams is now there. Flair flaunts around the ring and gets a kiss from Adams before she asks for a microphone from ring announcer, Christy Hemme, and hands it to Flair. She then leaves the ring and takes a seat beside the ring announcer. The crowd is still “WOOING” as Flair signals for them to quiet down.

Flair: “ Oh by god, it’s feel good to be back in the “Big O”, Orlando, Florida. WOOOOOO!”

The crowd roars for the cheap plug from Naitch.

Flair: “Tonight, Impact is back and it’s bigger, badder and better then ever, buddy. A wise, wise man from Spike TV came down to the Ol’Naitch’s house in Charlotte, North Carolina and said “Naitch, come back to Orlando and run our show. Nobody else can bring to the table what the legend, Ric Flair, can. The only thing I said was “Where is the ticket?.”

The crowd cheers again as Flair smiles. A group of guys in the front row is shown as they waves their arms up and down mockingly worshipping him.

Flair: “People though have doubted the “Dirtiest Player in the Game” intentions. Can anybody trust Ric Flair in an authority position? All I got to say is Ric Flair is focused, Ric Flair knows this is his last chance to do something in this industry and Ric Flair won’t fail his fans because Ric Flair knows that Impact Wrestling is going to be Ric Flair’s final legacy to this sport that has given me so much in my life.”

The crowd “WOOOOS” again but Flair shakes it off without one of his own.

Flair: “It not time to be “Wooing” big man. This is time for Ric Flair to be all business and the first thing is tonight crowning the first ever Impact World Champion. I know how big of a deal this is, years ago Ric Flair was the first ever WCW World Champion and it’s something I always cherished. So tonight somebody in the back will make history.”

The crowd cheers the announcement again.

Flair: “The biggest question I’ve had is who is deserving of this honor. We have a lot of talented superstars in the back, so I’ve spent the past week wondering. Like is A.J. Styles worthy enough?”

The crowd roars for A.J. Flair smiles and signals for them to quiet down.

Flair: “What about Mr. Anderson?”

Anderson gets a decent pop and Flair smiles but his isn’t’ aloud as A.J.’s.

Flair: “What about Robert Roode?”

The crowd boos Roode loudly. Flair smiles again.

Flair: “What about Bully Ray?”

The crowd boos again and surprisingly a little louder then it was for Roode.

Flair: “What about Samoa Joe?”

Joe’s cheer is loud as the crowd brings back the chant “Joe’s Gonna Kill Ya”, as Flair seems to enjoy it and the cheers equals A.J.’s.

Flair: “The truth is they are all deserving.”

The crowd is going wild.

Flair: “But I think Alex Shelley is deserving too as is John Morrison, The Pope, M.V.P., Tommy Mercer and Christopher Daniels. Hell, there is people worthy of this distinction up and down the roster. So tonight, Ric Flair has decided tonight everybody will have a shot in a 30 man battle royal.”

The crowd is going wild with the announcement.

Flair: “But this isn’t going to be your normal battle royal because we are only going to get down to four men. Then the last four men will have an elimination match to only one man is left standing.”

The crowd cheers the twist from Flair.

Flair: “So everybody sit back and relax and enjoy the show.”

Adams climbs back into the ring and escorts Flair to the back as we go back to the announce team.

Borash: “Everybody is going to get a shot at making history as Flair has entered the whole Impact Roster in a battle royal to determine the World Championship.”

Jarrett: “I love the idea, break down all biases people might have about certain guys. Let each man have a chance to showcase their skills and somebody will hopefully rise to the occasion. I can’t wait, Flair has made a great decision. I even like that you have to be able to survive from being thrown over the top by 26 men and then still have enough skill to outwrestle 3 more.”

Borash: “This is most certainly not going to be a boring night.”

Flair is on the stage still soaking in the fans cheers before we head to commercial.

***Commercial Break***


We come back from break and we are backstage with Karen Jarrett as she is with James Storm and Robert Roode.

Karen: “I’m back here with Beer Money, Robert Roode and James Storm but first thank you J.B. for having my back and Jeff, I got my eye on you.”

We can hear J.B. and Jeff laugh as Karen points at the camera and winks as Roode and Storm looks annoyed by these antics.

Karen: “Rumors backstage are that after a month of going at that the two of you have repaired your friendship, so everybody wondering what is going on with Beer Money now.”

Storm: “If you are done flirting with your hubby, we will tell ya god dammit. Now that I think about, why don’t you just take a hike, honey.”

Storm grabs the microphone as Roode ushers Karen out of the picture as they have hijacked the interview.

Storm: “Everybody wants to know what is going on with Beer Money and it’s easy we are best friends, we are more less brothers and sometimes brothers fight but in the end you are still family and that is what Beer Money is.”

Roode: “Each of us broke into this business with one goal and that was to be World Champion and that’s something we have both achieved but the only problem was that we had to fight each other to get there but now we see the bigger picture. We don’t care who is World Champion anymore. Beer Money wants to rule Impact. We want the World Title, we want the Television Title, we want the X-Division Title and we want the World Tag Team Titles. Robert Roode and James Storm will walk into this battle royal tonight and show everybody that we are the most dominant team in Impact Wrestling and in the world..”

Storm: “And if anybody gets in our way, I’M SORRY ABOUT YOUR DAMN LUCK!!!”

Storm swigs down a beer and throws the empty bottle as we hear it break off camera. Roode slams down the microphone on the floor and they both walk off as we go back to a video.

 The video is shown is footage of Davey Richards wrestling in Japan. It’s showcases some of Richards’ best moves and riskiest. We go back to ringside.

Borash: “Well, it looks like Beer Money is back together with intentions on ruling Impact Wrestling as the dominant force in the new company.”

Jarrett: “The disrespect my wife like that again and I’ll see personally how dominant they are. If they think just because I’m behind this announce table that I don’t have guts anymore they are mistaken.”

Borash: “I would think there history of team work and now knowing that they are partnering up in this battle royal that Roode and Storm become early favorites.”

Jarrett: “But it’s all based on what position they come out with in the draw. They might not even be together in the ring if they didn’t draw close to each other so this Beer Money reunion might not be that big of a deal in the end. I’m also impressed about that video we just saw of Davey Richards. I’ve heard about this guy from many people in wrestling and now I’m impressed after seeing that.”

Borash: “Richards comes with a smash mouth style that will most certainly get the attention of the rest of the X-Division.”

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the start of the battle royal. The crowd is roaring when she is interrupted suddenly.

***Angel On My Shoulder***


Borash: “It looks like Beer Money isn’t the only team that has reunited tonight as Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, The Beautiful People, has interrupted the star of the Impact World Championship battle royal.”

Jarrett: “I don’t think very many man at home are too upset about it”

Hemme looks annoyed as Angelina Love and Velvet Sky appear from the back and go to the ring. The males in the crowd enjoy their entrance as the camera once again focuses on both women’s bottoms. They ask for the microphone and argue with Hemme for a bit until Christy finally leaves, looking very upset. Love and Sky look very smug as they start to speak.

Love: “All of you people are probably ecstatic to see myself and Velvet Sky back together and we just knew that you would rather have this news then watch this world title battle royal.”

The crowd boos as Velvet nods in agreement with Love.

Love: “Trust me, we know that it’s the Beautiful People that brings in the ratings, truthfully if the Beautiful People stayed together T.N.A. would still be in business.”

The comments get more boos from the crowd and more agreement from Sky.

Love: “We just came out to inform all you fans that the People is back together and looking for clients. We are going to lead whoever we choose to represent to the top of this company.”

More boos and more nods from the two women. Love hands the mic to Velvet.

Velvet: “Thank you for the support, we appreciate it. We are going to be here all night beside that skank, Christy Hemme and we are going to scout the best talent Impact Wrestling has to offer. So all you guys in the back, bring your “A” game because not only is this for the world title but more importantly this is now an audition to become the first ever male member of “The Beautiful People.”.

The crowd boos as Sky and Love leave the ring as we go to commercial.

Commercial Break


We come from break and Christy Hemme is back in the ring as The Beautiful People are now snuggled in at ringside. She introduces the first contestant for the battle royal as the referee holds the new Impact World Title belt that goes to the winner.



The first man out of back is the youngster, Anthony Nese. Anthony is met by boos from the crowd as he does a Chris Masters-like pose down, showing off his body before he makes his way to the ring.



The crowd cheers as the man from the earlier video comes out next as Davey Richards emerges on the ramp. He trots down to the ring , high-fiving fans along the way before sliding in the ring.

Jarrett: “It looks like the battle royal with start off with two of the younger stars in the X-Division with Anthony Nese and Davey Richards. This is sure to get off with a bang.”

Borash: “Let me give the fans a quick rundown of the rules. First a man is eliminated when he is thrown over the top ropes and both feet hit the floor. A new man will arrive to the ring every 2 minutes. More less anything goes tonight until there is four men left.”

Jarrett: “Then that is when it gets interesting as a Fatal 4-Way Elimination match will take place. A man will no longer be eliminated by getting thrown over the top rope, only by submission or pin fall. Finally the winner will be the last man standing.”

Borash: “The man that survives will be most deserving of being the first ever Impact World Champion.”

Jarrett: “Without a doubt, J.B.”

30-Man Battle Royal to determine Impact World Champion

Entry 1#-Anthony Nese

Entry 2#-Davey Richards


Nese and Richards circle each other in the ring before they tie up. Nese quickly shows his strength advantage as he backs up Richards into the corner and starts to chop away. The blows echo across the arena as welts almost instantly show up across Davey’s chest. Nese says something to The Beautiful People at ringside as Love and Velvet look impressed. Nese whips Richards across the ring to the opposite corner but Richards jumps up onto the second turnbuckle and comes off with a back elbow that catches Nese in the jaw. Both go to the ground as the buzzer goes off for the next wrestler.

Entry 3#-A.J. Styles

Borash: “It’s A.J. Styles and this crowd is loving it. He has to be one of the favorites in this contest.”

Jarrett: “But drawing the number 3 spot puts A.J. as a distinct advantage.”

The crowd goes wild as one of the favorites, A.J. Styles dashes to the ring. A.J. slides under the bottom rope and takes out both men with a flying double clothesline. A.J. poses for the roaring crowd as he then dodges a lariat attempt by Nese and connects with the Pele Kick. Nese staggers agains the rope and doesn’t go down from the kick as Styles goes to try and put him over the top. Richards is up to help as Nese holds on for dear life. He finally kicks both men off of him as the buzzer goes off for the next man.

Entry 4#-Brutus Magnus

Jarrett: “Magnus is out next and he is a real dark house candidate. I don’t think nobody on the roster has improved themselves over the past year then Magnus. He is someone to watch out for in this.”

Borash: “And you have to wonder, Jeff, where his tag team partner, Douglas Williams, will enter this thing. If a team gets into this at the same time, they could have a huge advantage.”

One-half of the British Invasion, Magnus, is out next to a chorus of boos. He slides into the ring and instantly tackles Styles in the middle of the ring and nails him with a combination of strikes. Nese has turn it around on Richards, and now has Davey on the verge of elimination but Davey wraps his legs around Nese’s neck and pulls him over the top rope instead. Nese legs touch the floor as Davey pulls himself back over the top rope.

Elimination 1#-Anthony Nese

Nese lands at the feet of The Beautiful People, Love doesn’t look impressed by his effort but Velvet helps him up and looks concerned about Nese’s well being before he ushered to the back by the referees.

Borash: “ Anthony Nese is the first one eliminated and doesn’t look to win any favor with Angelina Love.”

Jarrett: “He might have though with Velvet Sky, as she looks concerned about him. We have our first elimination and we have 28 more to go.”

In the ring, Richards runs over and delivers a kick on Magnus’s head as he stops Brutus onslaught on Styles. The buzzer goes off as Steve Corino chugs to the ring.

Entry 5#-Steve Corino

Jarrett: “STEVE CORINO!!! I didn’t even know he still wrestled, we haven’t seen him on television in years.”

Borash: “Mr. Old School” himself is definitely a surprise participant.”

Corino slides into the ring and goes right after Davey Richards as Maguns works over Styles against the ropes. Corino connects with a leaping bulldog on Richards as Styles nails Magnus with a cross body to reverse the momentum. Corino looks to blindside Styles but A.J. gives Corino a high backdrop over the top rope, eliminating Corino quickly.

Elimination 2#-Steve Corino

Jarrett: “Thanks for coming, Steve Corino.”

Corino slams the ring apron in frustration over the quick elimination and shoves away a referee as he heads to the back. Styles teams up with Richards and nails a double dropkick on Magnus as the buzzer goes off for the next men to come out.

Entry 6#-Douglas Williams

Borash: “Now let’s see what happens with the second member of The British Invasion hit’s the ring.”

Jarrett: “This is a big advantage for Williams and Magnus.”

Williams slides in and quickly goes after Styles as Richards continues to have the advantage on Magnus. Williams takes down Styles with a belly to back suplex and then nails Richards from behind. The British Invasion then double team Richards with a barrage of blows and try to throw him over the top. Richards ties himself up in the ropes instantly and holds on till Styles comes over and breaks it up. The two then turn their attention on Styles as Richards frees himself. The British Invasion nail Styles with a double suplex and then Williams connects with a running kick to Richards that sends him through the ropes to the floor. They play to the crowd as the buzzer goes off for the next entry.

Entry 7#-Chavo Guerrero

Borash: “Wow, another surprise, Chavo Guerrero from one of the most respected wrestling families in the business. Chavo is a true veteran of the sport and in my opinion very underrated.”

Jarrett: “You can’t underestimate anybody with the last name Guerrero. Chavo will look to make his mark in this contest.”

Chavo runs to the outside and goes after the recovering Davey Richards and runs him into the steel steps on the outside. Richards holds his back in pain as Chavo enters the ring. He instantly teams up with The British Invasion as they struggle to eliminate Styles. Styles fights the three men off for a second. But they look to get him over when Chavo tries a cheap elimination by trying to scoop Williams over the ropes. Williams fights it off and slides back under the bottom rope as Chavo now pleads to the two Brits. They ignore the pleads and start working over Chavo, leaving Styles to recover as Richards is still holding his back in pain on the outside as the buzzer sounds.

Entry 8#-Kazarian

Borash: “Here comes the exciting Kazarian. Kazarian is somebody that could really take this chance and run with it.”

Jarrett: “He seems to be always on the cusp of stardom but something holds him back. It will also be interesting to see how he interacts with his former Fortune ally, A.J. Styles. Let’s see if they can work together.”

As Kazarian enters it seems to catch the attention of Love and Sky at ringside. He dodges a double clothesline attempt by the British Invasion and then blindsides Chavo Guerrero with a lariat, that sends Guerrero over the top rope for the elimination.

Elimination 3#-Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Borash: “Another quick elimination as the dreams of Chavo Guerrero becoming World Champion is over.”

Jarrett: “At least, he lasted longer then Steve Corino.”

Chavo is in shock from the sudden lariat by Kazarian is visibly upset as he leaves the ring. We get a replay of the elimination before we leave for commercial.

***Commercial Break***


We come back from break and see Kazarian saving Styles as they turn the tide against the Brits. Davey Richards shocks everyone as he comes out of nowhere with a double cross body that catches Kaz and Styles. Austin Aries has came out during the break but has been chatting with Love and Sky as Richards waits for him.

Entry 9#-Austin Aries


Aries finally gets up on the apron and Richards pulls him into the ring as Styles and Kaz go at it again with the Brits. Aries and Richards steal the show with a various of combinations of moves and reversals as the other four just fight in corners and struggle with elimination as the two showcase their talent. The buzzer goes off and Colt Cabana is out next.

Entry 10#-Colt Cabana


Borash: “Most people have heard the name ,Colt Cabana, recently and wonder who he is. This is the man that has been being talked about.”

Jarrett: “I talked to him backstage and I have to say that he is quite a character and has seemed to form a bond with Eric Young.”

Borash: “They most certainly seem like two of a kind, Jeff.”

Cabana enters and quickly catches Aries with a sidewalk slam. He plays to the crowd that gives him a loud reaction. Styles almost has Magnus over the top but catches an elbow from Brutus for the save. Williams lays out Kazarian with the Chaos Theory which gets a cheer from the crowd as Richards watches the action. Cabana drops a big elbow on Aries and plays to the crowd again. Styles saves Kaz from elimination as they team up to beat down Williams as Richards chokes Magnus with a boot in the corner. The buzzer sounds.

Entry 11#-Harry Smith


Borash: “Another fresh face as the second generation star, Harry Smith debuts in Impact Wrestling.”

Jarrett: “Harry Smith has all the tools and all the natural talent to be a force in the ring.”

Smith doesn’t get much of a reaction as he gets in the ring. He gets boos as he nails Colt Cabana with a huge right hand. Magnus has the advantage now on Kaz while Styles nails the Styles Clash on Williams. Richards climbs dangerously to the top for a move on the fallen Williams as Styles gets out of the way but Aries comes running over and pulls Richards’ leg from under him. He shoves Richards over as he falls to the floor.

Elimination 4#-Davey Richards


Borash:” Richards risked it all by climbing to the top and Austin Aries made him pay for the mistake. But he still had a strong showing.”

Jarrett: “Richards will learn from that and won’t do it again but like you said the future looks bright for Davey Richards.”

Styles goes for Aries but is blindsided by Magnus. Kaz and Williams try to pull themselves together as Smith dominates Cabana with his strength with a running body slam reminiscent of his father, Davey Boy. The buzzers sounds for the next man.

Entry 12#-Chris Sabin


Borash: “One-half of the Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin.”

Jarrett: “Sabin needs to survive till Alex Shelley gets into the contest then the Motor City Machine Guns can really become a force into this.”

As Sabin gets to the ring the crowd goes wild as Cabana dodges a lariat from Magnus and sends him over the top out of nowhere. Cabana plays for the crowd as Magnus is in shock as we go to commerical.

Elimination 5#-Brutus Magnus

***Commercial Break


We come back from break and get a replay of the Cabana elimination as we Christopher Daniels has entered during the break.

Borash: “One-half of the British Invasion is gone as Cabana shocks Magnus and we know had Christopher Daniels enter the contest during the break.”

Jarrett: “One of the favorite, Daniels has made his presence known as he has attacked Kaz and A.J. Styles as soon as he the ring.”

The ring is filling up as Williams looks lost without Magnus and seems to try to make a deal with Harry Smith. Smith seems to agree but snags Williams up by the back of his tights and throws him over the top.

Elimination 6#-Doug Williams


Williams looks pissed at the betrayal of Smith who just smiles as referee pulls him away.

Borash: “I guess Williams thought he could get some loyalty from the half-British, Harry Smith but Smith eliminates him instead.”

Jarrett: “Williams is a veteran and shouldn’t trust no one with these stakes. Smith showed some serious intelligence there, taking advantage of the mistake from Williams.”

The buzzer goes off as Alex Shelley runs to the ring.

Entry 14#-Alex Shelley


Shelley wastes now time and joins up with Sabin as they work over Cabana. Daniels works over Styles still as Kazarian kicks the snot out of Aries in the corner. Smith goes over to help Cabana. He snatches up Shelley and tosses him way up in the air as he crashes to the mat. The Beautiful People look concerned about Shelley as Velvet Sky jumps up on the apron and distract Smith allowing Shelley to hit a low blow. Sabin comes rushing over as he jumps off of Shelley’s back with a back elbow that knocks Smith over the top rope.

Elimination 7#-Harry Smith


Borash: “That’s why the Machine Guns have such an advantage right now as they team up to take the biggest man out of the match-up with a beautiful double team move.”

Jarrett: “That’s why they are one of the best teams in the world.”

Velvet Sky and Love get a glare from Smith as they mock him, pointing to the back. Shelley and Sabin turn around and get nailed by a pair of uppercuts from Colt Cabana. The crowd cheers as Daniels completes the B.M.E. on Styles in the background as the buzzer hits from the next man.

Entry 15#-Desmond Wolfe


Borash: “We are half-way as the dangerous, Desmond Wolfe is the next man out.”

Jarrett: “Wolfe is one of the favorites along with Daniels but we should give a shot out to A.J. Styles who has been in the ring for about a half an hour now but looks to be in trouble.”

Wolfe goes to help Daniels as he tries to eliminate the almost defenseless Styles but right before they get him over, he is saved by Kazarian. Aries rests in the corner as The Guns work over Cabana in the corner. Kazarian and Wolfe duke it out in the middle of the ring before Wolfe rakes him over the eyes. Angelina Love jumps up on the apron and shouts something to Wolfe. Wolfe walks over and the two start to argue. Kazarian comes from behind and Wolfe dodges him and Love lowers the top rope as Kazarian topples over. Wolfe and Love exchange words as Kazarian seems lost.

Elimination 8#-Kazarian


Borash: “Velvet Sky and Angelina Love are making their presence known as they have helped now eliminate Harry Smith and Kazarian.”

Jarrett: “It seems that the Guns and Desmond Wolfe is gaining something from them being here.”

The buzzer goes off and the crowd goes wild as Samoa Joe appears on the ramp. The chants start of “Joe’s Gonna Kill You” as the Samoan Submission Machine makes a deliberate walk to the ring. He looks intense as we head to break.

***Commercial Break***


Samoa Joe is in the ring now as we get a replay of him instantly getting in the ring and manhandling Austin Aries and throwing him over the top when we was on break.

Elimination 9#-Austin Aries


We see that M.V.P. has also entered the contest during the break as he exchange blows with Christopher Daniels.

Entry 17#-M.V.P.


Joe works over Desmond Wolfe when he is joined by Colt Cabana. Cabana looks for a high five from Joe and Joe just stares at him before hitting him with a belly to belly and throwing Cabana effortlessly out of the ring to the boos of the crowd.

Elimination 10#-Colt Cabana


Borash: “Wow, Samoa Joe has came to the ring all business as he has quickly eliminated Colt Cabana and Austin Aries.”

Jarrett: “We have had 10 men lose out on their chance to make history. But look at the seven we have in the ring now. The Guns, Samoa Joe, Desmond Wolfe, Daniels, MVP and A.J. styles still hanging in there as he nears the 40 minute mark of being in there.

Borash: “Any of these men could easily become Impact World Champion.”

The buzzer goes off and the crowd gives a cheer as Eric Young appears on the ramp.

Entry 18#-Eric Young


Borash: “There’s my buddy, Eric Young. Wouldn’t it be a great story if somehow EY becomes champion.

Jarrett: “It would be a great story, everybody loves an under dog story and EY is most certainly an underdog in this contest.”

Young is jumped by the Guns when he enters the ring and is instantly beat down. Daniels is roughing up Joe as M.V.P. has Styles down, choking him with the bottom rope across the ring. Wolfe takes a break in the corner as he flirts with Angelina Love. Young is getting blasted by both Sabin and Shelley, when he erupts. He knocks down both Guns with right hands then snatches up Shelley and presses him up and dumps him over the top.

Elimination 11#-Alex Shelley


Sabin runs over too late and Young scoops him on his shoulders and deposit him over the top.

Elimination 12#-Chris Sabin


Love yells at Wolfe and he runs over and nails Young and throws him over the top right after the Sabin elimination.

Elimination 13#-Eric Young


The Guns attack Young on the outside. The referees try to pull them off but to no prevail. The crowd cheers as Colt Cabana reappears with a steel chair and chases The Guns off as they run up into the crowd to save his partner.

Borash: “What a showing by Eric Young, he was in there for a short period of time but he single handily eliminated both of the Motor City Machine Guns before getting blindsided by Desmond Wolfe.”

Jarrett: “Then the Guns didn’t take their eliminations lightly with a sneak attack on Young until his partner, Colt Cabana showed up for the save.”

The buzzer goes off as the crowd cheers as Tommy Mercer stalks to the ring. The five men in the ring take notice as the man once known as Crimson is on his way.

Entry 19#-Tommy Mercer


Borash: “This could be the favorite, the undefeated Tommy Mercer. It shows as each man have stopped what they are doing to see the biggest man in this match.”

Jarrett: “Mercer would have been my pick but I don’t think he has the maturity yet to survive a match like this.
SIZE=2]We go to break as Mercer and the men in the ring stare off.

***Commercial Break***


We come back from break and we see Tommy Mercer getting attacked from behind by Hernandez.

Entry 20#-Hernandez


Borash: “Hernandez has definitely targeted Mercer as the biggest threat with the sneak attack and has been working him over ever since.”

Jarrett: “Hernandez has but like I said earlier it was a rookie mistake as Mercer didn’t see Hernandez coming.”

Hernandez slams Mercer to the mat and poses to a booing crowd. Styles and Daniels are brawling again as Styles is close to elimination for the 100th time it seems. Joe has turned the tables on M.V.P. as he is connects on a series of punches in the corner. Wolfe once again takes a break in the corner. The buzzer goes off.

Entry 21#-Dave Finlay


Finlay looks over at Wolfe but then decides to help Hernandez work over Mercer. Joe catches Daniels with a spine buster as M.V.P. goes over to pick on the tired Styles. Styles comes out of nowhere with a hurricarana that takes M.V.P. over the top. Styles slumps to the mat in exhaustion.

Elimination 14#-M.V.P.


M.V.P. is livid as he tries to climb back in but is stopped by the referees.

Borash: “A.J. is staying alive as he now has been in there for close to 50 minutes.”

Jarrett: “Surely A.J. can’t survive this, can he?”

The buzzer goes off as John Morrison and Melina appear on the ramp. They look confident as Morrison is in a fur coat as is Melina. They take their time to the ring. Melina gives a glare to the People across the ring as they seem to take notice of Morrison.

Entry 22#-John Morrison


Styles rests in the corner as Joe and Daniels battle it out now. Wolfe has slid out of the ring and now is really flirting with Love on the outside. Hernandez and Finlay take turn beating on Mercer, when he explodes out of the corner. He knocks Hernandez down with a spear and then catches Finlay with a big boot that sends him over the top.

Elimination 15#-Dave Finlay


Daniels goes to blindside the rampaging Mercer after knocking Joe down. Mercer turns around as Daniels blow didn’t effect him. He grips Daniels by the head and picks him straight up in the air and throws him over the top.

Elimination 16#-Christopher Daniels


Borash:” What a show of strength by Tommy Mercer as he tosses Daniels over the top like a rag doll.”

Jarrett: “It looks like the giant has been awoken with his eliminations of Finlay and Daniels.

The buzzers goes off as James Storm comes out.

Entry 23# James Storm


Storm chugs a beer and stares down the competition as we go to break.

***Commercial Break***


We come back from break and we see Robert Roode has joined James Storm on the ramp as the duo makes their way to the ring.

Entry 24#-Robert Roode


Borash: “Beer Money coming into this together, couldn’t be a worst scenario for the others in this.”

Jarrett: “After their earlier comments about ruling Impact, if I was in this I would work with anybody to get them separated.

Beer Money though doesn’t look to eager to get in the ring as they watch the action from different sides of the ring. Hernandez gets rocked by a flying shoulder block from Mercer and Storm quickly jumps up on the apron and pulls down the rope as Hernandez falls over to the floor.

Elimination 17#-Hernandez


Storm laughs at Hernandez as he nor Roode has entered the match yet. Mercer yells at them to enter but they don’t take him up on the challenge. Joe and Styles duke it out as Morrison and Wolfe do battle. This brawling gets the women fired up as Melina starts arguing with Love and Sky on the outside. The buzzer sounds.

Entry 25#-The Pope


The Pope comes to the ring but before he can get there he is attacked by Beer Money. They assault him on the outside.

Borash: “I think we see the strategy of Beer Money as they are going to pick there spots.”

Jarrett: “The elimination of Hernandez and now the attack on the Pope is very sound moves.”

Beer Money role The Pope into the ring right in front of Tommy Mercer. Mercer yells at them again to enter the ring but they just laugh. He picks up the unconscious Pope and throws him over the to, talking out Roode and Storm.

Elimination 18#-The Pope


Borash: “What a bad turn of events for The Pope. He didn’t get to do anything thanks to Beer Money.”

Jarrett: “Sure isn’t The Pope’s night.”

On the other side the women has gotten physical as Melina attacks Love and Sky tries to pull her off. Morrison and Wolfe quit fighting and now are focused on the outside. They have their backs turned allowing Styles to sneak up with a drop kick that takes both men over the top

Elimination 19#-John Morrison

Elimination 20#-Desmond Wolfe


The two can’t believe as the referees break up the women. The whole group is separated by security as they get them to the back.

Borash: “It looks like these women have cost both Morrison and Wolfe there chance at the title. Styles hangs in there by eliminating both men.”

Jarrett: “What a performance by Styles as he has eliminated more men in this contest and has lasted by far the longest. Can he do it till the end?”

These antics allow Joe to sneak up behind Mercer and he is close to eliminating him but Mercer fights him off. Storm sneaks in and tries to attack Styles from behind but he catches Storm but while he backs Storm up Roode enters from behind and tosses A.J. over. A.J. gets the crowd worked up by pulling himself back in as Beer Money gloated but right when he does, Roode hits him with a knee and Styles finally drops to the floor.

Elimination 21#-A.J. Styles


Borash: “Closing in on an hour, A.J. Styles is finally eliminated after over 50 minutes. What a performance.”

Jarrett: “Everybody should take notice of that, I think A.J. was great tonight and the thing that killed him the most in this was the draw. If we would have gotten a later number, I think A.J. would be the winner tonight.”

The crowd gives A.J. a great ovation as he heads to the back before we go to commercial.

***Commercial Break***


We come back from break and we get video of Low Ki’s entrance to the match. He gets the same greeting from Beer Money as The Pope did. They sneak attack him outside the ring and role him in for Joe to take over the top rope.

Entry 26#-Low Ki

Elimination 22#-Low Ki


Borash: “This is turning into a disaster if Beer Money isn’t really going to compete.”

Jarrett: “It’s a smart strategy, you would think somebody will do something about it.”

Right then, Ric Flair comes out as he holds back Phil Shatter from entering. Flair comes down and tells Roode and Storm to get into the ring or he will eliminate them automatically. Roode and Storm is hot but they do it as Shatter enters the ring too.

Entry 27#-Phil Shatter


Borash: “Great call by Ric Flair and now things are going to get interesting as Tommy Mercer’s partner, Shatter is in there now.”

Jarrett: “Beer Money can’t play the numbers game anymore as they are even up with Mercer and Shatter.”

The two youngsters yell at Roode and Storm to fight as Joe watches on from a corner, not too eager to intervene. The four men exchange blows and its vicious as Mercer and Shatter garner control, they Irish Whip both men as they collide face first into each other. Beer Money clumsily turns around to eat lariats from each man. The crowd is roaring as the buzzers sounds.

Entry 28#-Bully Ray


Bully Ray chugs to the ring and is met by Samoa Joe. The two start brawling as all six men are going
at it with only two more left to come down. They know they are the final eight and the title is in sights. We go to commercial.

***Commercial Break***


We come back from commercial and there isn’t a new guy in the ring. We are shown paramedics in the
back checking on somebody before we finally see it as Shelton Benjamin, who we guess was number 29.


Borash: “We was supposed to have Shelton Benjamin entering the contest but he has been laid out in the back by somebody.”

Jarrett: “What a disaster for Benjamin, he draws a great number but gets taken out this is the chance of a lifetime and could have changed the whole career of Benjamin around.”

They are interrupted by a voice as Matt Morgan appears on the ramp.

Morgan: “I guess my Impact Wrestling contract got lost in the mail. So since I never gotten it, I decided to come here to Orlando anyway.”

The crowd boos.

Morgan: “Then I come here and find out the 30 slots have been taken and “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan isn’t one of them. I mean, you have guys like Colt Cabana, Davey Richards, Low Ki and finally Shelton Benjamin in this thing without “The Genetic Wonder” Matt Morgan.”

The crowd boos.

Morgan: “So tonight, Matt Morgan is going to win this thing and nobody is going to stop me.

Morgan makes his way to the ring as the last buzzer goes off. The crowd goes wild as Mr. Anderson comes out and knocks Morgan down from behind. Morgan tumbles down the ramp as Anderson mounts him and clobbers him with a combination of fists.

Entry 29#-Matt Morgan

Entry 30#-Mr. Anderson


All 30 men have been out as eight remain looking to get to the final four. Beer Money has turned it around on Mercer and Shatter and are in control as Bully Ray and Samoa Joe trade blows. Morgan tries to escape Anderson by walking around the ring as Anderson catches up and send him face first into the railing in front of the roaring crowd.

Borash: “Everybody is out here, who is gonna win?”

Jarrett: “I have to go with Matt Morgan now just based on his size, J.B.”

Borash: “I’m going with Samoa Joe. He looks totally focused on the job at hand and hasn’t backed down from anyone but Mr. Anderson is on fire and don’t forget about Beer Money.”

Samoa Joe rocks Bully Ray with a huge right hand that staggers Ray up against the ropes. Joe goes jogging across the ring and looks to take Ray out with a cross body but Ray holds on and both men topple over the top rope as they eliminate each other.

Elimination 23#-Bully Ray

Elimination 24#-Samoa Joe


Jarrett: “I think you jinxed Joe, J.B. as he mistakenly takes Bully Ray and himself over.”

Borash: “Joe’s intensity, I think got the best of him.”

The two isn’t over as they continue brawling on the outside and up into the fans as Ray staggers Joe with a chair shot straight over the head. Joe comes back with a cup of soda from a fan to Bully Ray that blinds him and allows Joe to come back with his own chair shot. The two vanish to the back as the crowd goes wild.

In the ring, Roode is down as Shatter and Mercer look to set Storm up for a Doomsday Device type of move. Morgan has battled back on Anderson and is in control. Shattertakes too long on the top as Roode gets back up and shakes the ropes. Shatter gets hung up on the ropes as Roode then connects with a text book dropkick that takes him to the floor for the elimination.

Elimination 25#-Phil Shatter


Borash: “Only one more man will be eliminated over the top rope before the Fatal 4-Way Elimination match.”

Jarrett: “I don’t know who it will be J.B. Each of these men could be the next World Champion.”

Beer Money closes in on Mercer as Morgan knocks Anderson through the ropes. Beer Money whips Mercer into the ropes but he takes them out with a double spear. He celebrates but turns right into The Carbon Footprint. The moves takes him over the top.

Elimination 26#-Tommy Mercer


The camera spans and shows an exhausted Beer Money, a bloody Mr. Anderson, who must have gotten busted open on the fall to the outside and a totally, pumped, screaming. Matt Morgan. Referees climb into the ring as we go to commercial.

***Commercial Break***


We come back from break and each man are at a neutral corner as the referee once again shows the title bout. Each men look raring to go as they stare each other down.

Borash: “It has come down to Beer Money, who is backing up their claims earlier tonight about ruling Impact wrestling, the crowd favorite, Mr. Anderson and a seven foot upset monster, Matt Morgan.”

Jarrett: “I think they all should be worried about Matt Morgan because I’ve never seen him like this.”

The bell sounds to restart the match as Beer Money instantly goes after Matt Morgan. Anderson watches as they pummel the giant before sneaking in and going for a quick roll up on Storm. Anderson gets a handful of tights and secures the win.

Elimination 1#-James Storm


Storm is in shock as Anderson laughs, Storm argues with the ref about the holding of the tights as Anderson mocks him like he is crying like a baby. Roode gets into the action with the ref and pays for taking his eye off of Morgan as he nails him with a lariat. Morgan goes for the pin but Roode kicks out.

Borash: “A little bit of trickery there by Anderson and Storm is quickly eliminated leaving us with three.”

Jarrett: “That was a very savvy move by Anderson taking advantage of the situation as he is one step closer to becoming the World Champion.”

Anderson catches Morgan before he can get off of Roode with an elbow to the back of the head. He tries to keep Morgan down but Morgan gets back to his feet. Anderson tries to knock him back down as he comes off the ropes but Morgan catches and gives him a choke slam. He goes for the cover but Anderson gets his foot on the rope at 2.

Storm then from the outside bashes a beer bottle over the head of Morgan. Morgan seems out of it as Roode is back up and pulls the seven footer away from the ropes. Roode takes his time and finally goes for the pin. Morgan gets his shoulder up in a the nick of time. Roode is upset and argues with the ref, he shoves the ref, who shoves him back. Roode then is caught from behind by Anderson and planted with the Mic Check. Anderson goes for the cover and Roode is gone.

Elimination 2#-Robert Roode


Borash: “Beer Money is gone but they lived up to their claims and this won’t be the last time we see them in title pictures.”

Jarrett: “They are the force to be reckoned with here in Impact Wrestling and we are down to two.”

Anderson circles Morgan as the crowd cheers looking to hook him up in the Mic Check. Morgan still shaking out the cobwebs from the bottle shot by Storm gets to his knee and Anderson moves in for the kill. He hooks him up but Morgan fights him off with a series of elbows. Anderson nails him back but Morgan picks him straight up and slams him to the mat. Anderson and Morgan are both bloody as Morgan falls back to the mat.

Borash: “I think Matt Morgan might have suffered a concussion from the beer bottle to the head from Storm. He doesn’t look to the same.”

Anderson is back up as Morgan pulls himself by the ropes. Anderson looks concerned as Morgan waves him in. Morgan is too slow to block Anderson punches as Anderson drops him easily. Morgan looks totally out of it as the referee checks on him. The referee waves the match to continue as Anderson just gives him a weird look. Anderson climbs to the top rope and lands the Kenton Bomb. He comes down fully on the chest of Morgan and hooks the leg. He is amazed as Morgan somehow kicks out.

Anderson is in disbelief as he gets up and stomps away on Morgan as all concern for Morgan has gone
out the window as rage fills Anderson. He drives Morgan into the corner with his shoulder. He runs across the ring and hits Morgan with a knee to the jaw. He backs up across the ring and goes for another but Morgan comes out and hit’s the Carbon Footprint. Morgan hooks the leg and is the new champion.

Elimination 3#-Mr. Anderson

Winner and new Impact World Champion-Matt Morgan


Matt Morgan is bloody as the referee holds up his arm in victory. He holds it up over his head and screams to the crowd that is half booing and half cheering. Ric Flair shows up on the ramp applauding with Brooke Adams. Anderson rolls out of the ring dejected as confetti, streamers and fireworks go off. He passes Ric Flair on the ramp and Flair gives him a pat on the back. Flair continues to the ring and gets the title off the announce table and climbs the ring steps.



Flair goes into the ring and hands the belt to Morgan. Morgan shakes his hands then stares at the title. He holds up to his mouth and kisses and holds it up over his head to the crowd. Flair applauds and pats him on the back. Morgan then takes the belt and whallops Flair in the face with it.

Flair is down as Morgan picks him and delivers the Hellevator on Flair. He looks down on Flair as he slings the title across his shoulder and leaves the ring to the boos of the crowd.


Jarrett: “Remember J.B., Morgan doesn’t have a contract does he? Didn’t he say he showed up here tonight on his own? I think Matt Morgan has a huge chip on his shoulder and tonight a lot of people including Ric Flair paid the price.”

We get one final shot of Ric Flair unconscious in the ring surrounded by confetti and a menacing World Champion, Matt Morgan looking at his fallen boss with a big smile on his face as the show goes off the air.

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Re: Impact Wrestling 2012: The Spike TV Era

January 6th-January 11th 2012 from House Shows


This week on Impact’s website a series of taped matches was aired from house shows across Florida. These matches were the opening round of the 16-man X-Division Title tournament. The second round will take place this week on Impact.
A.J. Styles VS Steve Corino
The veteran, Steve Corino put up a valiant effort, much better one in the battle royal but A.J. Styles was able to hit the Styles Clash and move on to round two.
Winner-A.J. Styles
Samoa Joe VS Kazarian
Samoa Joe was able to pull this one out despite interference by Bully Ray after their altercation at in the battle royal. Kazarian was visibly upset and walked past The Beautiful People speechless after the loss.
Winner-Samoa Joe
Alex Shelley VS Shelton Benjamin
Shelley wasn’t able to overcome interference by Brutus Magnus as Magnus nailing Shelley with a chair allowed Benjamin to hit the Pay Dirt Slam and get the win. Shelton was booed after the match as he didn’t know about Magnus’ actions.
Winner-Shelton Benjamin
Davey Richards VS Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Richards and Guerrero has a classic match-up before Richards hit the Go To Sleep for the impressive win.
Winner-Davey Richards
Christopher Daniels VS Low Ki
The two X-Division veterans put on a show as it was filled with constant reversals and dodges. The two former partners really showed they have been in the ring with each other many times before. Daniels capitalized on a Low Ki mistake and was able to hit the Best Moonsault Ever to pick up the hard fought win.
Winner-Christopher Daniels
Chris Sabin VS Austin Aries
Much like his partner, Sabin fell victim to outside interference as Douglas Williams cost him that match. Aries was able to hit a Brain Buster to pick up the win after Williams hit Sabin with a pair of brass knuckles.
Winner-Austin Aries
Desmond Wolfe VS Joey Mercury
Wolfe was given a shock as Joey Mercury debuted in Impact Wrestling but Wolfe was able to overcome and make Mercury tap out to an S.T.F. Wolfe had some choice words for John Morrison after the match after their run-in at Impact.
Winner-Desmond Wolfe
Douglas Williams VS John Morrison
Williams received payback from the Guns as Shelley and Sabin was able to give Morrison an upper hand that allowed him to connect with Moonlight Drive to pick up the win.
Winner-John Morrison
Matches For Impact
A.J. Styles VS Christopher Daniels

Samoa Joe VS Shelton Benjamin

Davey Richards VS Desmond Wolfe

Austin Aries VS John Morrison

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