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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Night of Champions review
By the way I’m writing this review live as I’m reading it.

Opening video package - Great opening video package. I like how you also describe how the music was building up.

Match #1- It’s an interesting choice since usually you try to open up with a quick pace match. Justin King (aka the black pimp ref) that shit had me dying. I like how you had Kelly using her frustration of the crowd not liking her to take control of the match. Nice match which how you described it was a better match than most of the divas matches we have now. My guess here is that Kelly gets a rematch either tomorrow at RAW or at the HIAC PPV.

Another Video package- So you are keeping the Hell in a Cell PPV, I wonder which two or more combatants you are going to put inside the Cell. I my opinion you should only have one Cell match and it should be for the feud with the biggest fuel.

Match #2- Nice match with Cody using the mask in the end to win the match I smell a rematch on the horizon. Maybe with the stipulation that if Cody uses his mask he loses his title.

Backstage segment- Oh so I guess the rematch is not on the horizon. I call for Regal to win on Friday then Cody beats him in the championship match to add more credibility to him.

Match #3- I thought you could have gave these guys a little more time. But I guess since you have two six pack challenges matches on the card you need more time for them. I really hated Santino and Vladimir as a team but maybe you will do the right thing and take the titles away from them soon and disband their team.

Backstage segment- Mysterio pointing out the history of their rivalry. I would have had a huge Eddie chant instead but it’s because I think he is the greatest. Punk telling them to not get in his way was a nice touch. I smell a screw job coming.

Match #4- Great match whom I thought should have been the opening match. Ziggler keeping the title is even better. Although I don’t think this feud is over. The addition of Drew excites me, as he can add more heat towards Dolph since he will be helping him win matches.

One Question. Will you still have Rock/Cena vs. Miz/Truth? I guess we will find out.

Match #5- This must have been hard for you to write since there are too many people in the ring at once. Mark Henry winning caught me by surprise but I guess you are going to give him his monster push he got last year too.

Match #6- Quick fast pace match but I wouldn’t expect any less from these two. Bryan winning is the right choice. I hope you actually have him cash in at WM like he was suppose too.

Match #7- I’m not going to lie you have Cena eliminated early caught me way of surprise. But I guess since you had Awesome Truth help eliminate him we are going to see the Survivor Series ME in your thread too. Del Rio winning wasn’t really surprising although I wanted Punk to win. But him feuding with Nash is also great. Maybe you can do it right unlike the WWE who dropped the ball with this.

Overall great PPV and I will start following more. Good luck with your thread.

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

JAM's Review

I wouldn't say it was a bad thing to start the show with the Divas Match but I actually kind of liked it. Here, you gave the hometown fans someone to cheer for in Beth Phoenix. And according to the match writing, it was a pretty good contest between the ladies because they were given ample time to show that they could actually go in that ring. You made Kelly look pretty good in the ring with Beth and it showed that the Divas Division actually had a future. I thought when you wrote that Natalya grabbed the title, she would turn on Beth which I thought would be pretty interesting. It was a good match and a decent opener to the pay-per-view.

Gotta say that this was a pretty good match as well but I noticed that you used the word “and” a lot which isn't necessarily a bad thing but you could change it up a little bit. The psychology of the match was good with Sin Cara showing flashes of a champion but Rhodes eventually getting the win. You chose the right route for this match to go down. Here, you established Sin Cara a little while letting Rhodes continue his reign. The segment with Regal was definitely one that I'm a fan of. Wouldn't mind a Regal/Rhodes feud, should be good!

I'm quite surprised you gave the belts to Santino and Kozlov but that's probably because McGillicutty and Otunga were really bad as champions but still, you could've developed them a little more. It was interesting to see that you had the referee get involved a little here, I hope you don't make them feud with Charles Robinson. But the win was good for Santino and Kozlov and I can't wait to see who you bring in for the tag team division. The Mysterio segment was pretty standard here, it was good that you brought up Rey's past with both Dolph and Vickie. And maybe a little tease to see who Awesome Truth goes after next? Not much to say on Punk here. Hoping this feud he has with Miz continues, it's quite good actually.

This has been the match of the night so far for me. Ziggler is just really good in the ring and you put him with someone like Mysterio, they'll have a fine match. It was nice to see how well the match flowed in this one. I almost thought that Mysterio would be winning the title but I forgot about McIntyre. I like McIntyre so this'll be a good push for him now that he has Ziggler and Vickie on his side. Interesting that you didn't use Swagger here as I think Swagger and Ziggler are a much better team but nonetheless, it was a good match. That powerbomb spot was epic and cringe-worthy for sure.

Another surprise here now that Mark Henry is your new WHC. I'm not against the the idea but maybe it was too soon to put the strap on him. A lot of interesting things you've done tonight and now Smackdown will likely change. I'm sure that the Henry/Sheamus feud will be the emphasis of Smackdown instead of the Orton/Barrett feud which I don't mind. Here, you can build Barrett more with Orton feuding with him and you build Henry and Sheamus are your show's center, I like the decision. The match was really good as well, hopefully though you find someone to fill the void instead of Khali. I think that maybe there would've been a little more of a celebration at the end there since it's Henry's first major title.

The whole No DQ thing has got me kind of confused in the match. There's a five count but there's no DQ? I'm confused on that one but anyway, the match was a good one. It was interesting to see that Bryan was actually the one who had trouble locking in a submission in the match. You did well in selling Christian's frustration there in the end. And I'm interested to see what Christian does next after losing to Bryan. Hopefully both guys are high up on the card since they're two of my favorites.

Main event advanced quite a lot of feuds you have going. Having Kevin Nash interrupt once more leads me to believe that this'll be the feud to get Punk over, finally. Which probably means he won't be in the title picture for a bit but that's fine. I think he needed more establishing before he was given the championship. The announce table spot was smart to keep Del Rio out for a bit and wasn't surprised to see Del Rio retain. Not a big fan of Del Rio but maybe you can finally make him a credible top heel that he fails to be in real life.

Was a great first pay-per-view for you man, congratulations. I hope you reach more pay-per-views to come since you really now have a grasp on this thread. Everything has been good on the card. WHC and US Title matches were the matches that I really liked. A lot of things that I could see that WWE should've done so I'm glad you're doing it, can't wait for the next show. Good job

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Sorry this is so late...

Night of Champions Feedback

Opening video did its job, nothing too much to say here.

Having a Divas match kick off a PPV isn’t exactly a tone setter and not something I would personally go for BUT I understood it considering it was Beth’s home town and with that in mind, you were always going to give her the win. Was very surprised at how aggressive Kelly was in the early goings and she looked pretty strong too, that cross body over the top woulda been nasty. After that though it was pretty much one way traffic and Beth looked her usual dominant self. Right call in having her take the title and I’m sure this will eventually build to Beth/Natalya, well I hope so anyway. Feel good opening but probably not the greatest in terms of a spectacle.

Fast start from Cara here but Rhodes turned up the aggression following that and I liked to see that side of him as well as the use of the mask. Pretty good momentum turner with Cara rolling through Rhodes’ Alabama Slam attempt and I liked the offense that followed from the Mexican, some of his usual flashy spots. Was really expecting things to pick up from this point and Cara to really push for the win but it kind of flipped quite suddenly into Rhodes’ favour and I thought it was a little too quick for Rhodes to end it, although the mask shot followed by Cross Rhodes was a nice way to do it. Big win for Rhodes and a fun little match but felt a tiny bit short.

I’d be all for a Rhodes/Regal feud, by all means run with it.

This was probably the match I was least looking forward to and you did your best but I just couldn’t get into it. Not your fault at all, it’s just hard for you to get anyone interested in these guys with just one PPV under your belt, it’ll take a lot of time to build them and the tag ranks up. As far as the result goes, disappointing. I think Otunga and McGilicutty, although both of them were awful at this point, they are at least a serious, competitive side who will hopefully improve. Santino and Kozlov were just pure comedy. I hope you go a more serious route with them, comedy still involved obviously but they need to get serious or else it won’t be an enjoyable reign.

Pretty standard stuff from Mysterio here, not a lot you can do with him on the stick but I’m certainly looking forward to the match.

Very short and sweet from Punk here, I liked it, served its purpose.

Really strong stuff in the opening from these two, as expected and that Powerbomb from Ziggler was beautiful. You did well in this with allowing both men to have spells in control and then switch it up. Ziggler had his moments, Rey came back into it and vice versa, some really enjoyable action, Rey’s Tornado DDT being one of those sweet spots. Wow, the super kick and Zig Zag had me thinking it was over with but Rey with a foot on the ropes!! Couldn’t believe it and at that point I thought ‘Fuck’, Mysterio’s gonna take it. Thank god I was wrong. Rey is not the man to be holding the U.S title right now, Ziggler could do with a good reign and the rub McIntyre will get from joining with Vickie will do him the world of good. MOTN so far and a good, simple ending.

Was very much looking forward to this next one and it started off strong with all the major rivalries panning out as expected which was the right thing to do. Really liked the Henry passing Morrison over to Khali spot, would’ve loved to see that. Wow, Henry looking strong early on here, that WSS on Khali would’ve been epic. You really kept Sheamus/Henry running throughout this one which shows how heated their rivalry has become, every time one looked on top, the other showed up and it was good to read. The stage spot was well worked and truly would’ve been a HOLY SHIT moment if you were in the arena. Good way of taking the match away from them and giving others the spotlight.

Mahal getting the RKO haha. Things began to pick up here and it was a nice change to see two men who AREN’T big rivals going to battle in Barrett and Morrison. They produced some strong stuff with the diving elbow as well as the Wasteland before BAM, RKO! At that point you think, it’s over, Orton retains and then Henry returns!! Really portrays him as a badass dude to come back from that stage spot so quickly, perhaps even TOO quickly if I’m being nitpicky. Ending was well worked indeed and again, it’s all focusing on Sheamus/Henry, you’ve done very well with those two and their feud over the title should be a good one now. Would’ve liked a bit more focus on Orton/Barrett throughout and I wonder where they go now as Orton will want his title back surely? Looking forward to how you go with it. Good job though.

Very random, probably unnecessary segment here with Trips, didn’t understand the Otunga/McGilicutty addition at all but we’ll see what happens.

Enjoyed this match very much so between Bryan and Christian and I think it does a great job in giving Bryan some more credibility which at this poin the DESPERATELY needed. Being Mr.MITB means you’re gonna be a champion inevitably and to have no build/credibility kills you. This does wonders for D-Bry, making an established name like Christian tap out while it adds all the more to Christian’s ongoing feud with Teddy Long which I have no doubts will continue. Another very solid contest here, particularly liked Christian’s leg work on Bryan by the way and things are getting better throughout the show.

Cena was pretty on the money here even though I hated it. I hate it though because it’s typical Cena not because of your writing. Cena saying Del Rio’s the worst champ of all time was a bit much lol. End line was nice though and this one should be a gooden.

Very clever, surprising start to this one and classic R-Truth lol. Glad to see Del Rio and Cena interacting pretty much from the get go and to have such an early spot like the AA through the table surprised me but in a good way as it kinda set the tone for this one. Not surprised at all that Truth went first, I thought it’d be him or Kofi and it was the right call. However I was VERY surprised at what happened next with Awesome Truth taking it to Cena and Del Rio eliminates Cena!! Wow. Cena going this early was totally unexpected and a breath of fresh air in my eyes. Kofi really looked strong following that though, he took it big time to Miz and Del Rio in typical Kofi fashion. Punk up to this point hadn’t done an awful lot, pretty underwhelming and his interaction with Kofi was some good stuff I must say. I even thought Kofi had eliminated Punk with the SOS, I literally went ‘Oh my God’ he’s eliminating Punk haha.

Miz then eliminating Kofi was probably the right call, Miz needed an elimination and it couldn’t be Punk I don’t think. Kofi had a good showing though and no shame in bowing out at this point. Punk then eliminating Miz was expected as like the Kofi elimination, Punk needed an elimination under his belt and Miz was to be it, pretty standard stuff and now the final showdown I wanted to see. Very good action between these two, the Cross Armbreaker, the GTS, I thought at both those points the contest was over but NASH appears!! Nash screwing Punk again was a clever ending and gives Punk a major feud now heading into Hell in a Cell and beyond while giving Del Rio a big, much needed victory to solidify his reign.

There were mistakes and a lot of things you can work on and improve most definitely but on the whole, for a first PPV this was very good. The opening stages of the PPV were a little slow but it built and built to what was an enjoyable finale in the WWE title match. Ziggler/Mysterio and the two main events were my favourites, all delivering in my eyes and I’m excited by Henry being top dog on Smackdown as well as where Punk goes with Nash along with Del Rio’s reign expanding. Good job mate and looking forward to Raw.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries


Kevin Nash Strikes Again!

Last night at Night of Champions, Kevin Nash made another unannounced and unexpected appearance to cost CM Punk the WWE Championship for a third time. Nash was able to interfere in the WWE Championship Six-Pack Challenge Elimination Match despite the security for the Niagara Center being severely stepped up with an extra team of security and WWE COO Triple H even going as far as to recruit WWE Superstars such as David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty to be on the doors to the arena on the lookout for Nash, but all these efforts proved futile as the seven-footer was still able to penetrate all of the security.

The point which Nash chose to interfere at was right at the end of the match, where Punk and the defending champion Alberto Del Rio were the only two men left in the match following the eliminations of The Miz, Kofi Kingston, John Cena & R-Truth. After the champion having taken lots of punishment so far in the match - including an Attitude Adjustment through the announce table from Cena - managed to lay low for the majority of the match, but he showed why he was the WWE Champion with a spirited comeback against Punk, but the former champion was able to get onto the upper hand. Punk had just hit the GTS on Del Rio, which would have surely secured the pin fall and the championship, but it was then he noticed Nash at ringside.

Nash hopped the barrier and entered the ring. Punk tried to fight Nash off, but Nash knocked the worn down Punk to the mat, and taking advantage of the No Disqualification stipulation of the match he planted Punk to the canvas with a Jackknife Powerbomb. Nash made his exit, and Ricardo Rodriguez draped the body of his employer over Punk which allowed him to retain his championship under the very dubious circumstances.

Punk will no doubt be looking for answers tonight on Raw as he vies to figure out the reasoning for these attacks, that can no longer be deemed random.

World's Strongest Champion!

In one of the biggest shocks of Night of Champions, Mark Henry won his first World Heavyweight Championship in a Six-Pack Challenge Match also including Sheamus, Wade Barrett, The Great Khali, John Morrison and the former champion Randy Orton. After a hotly contested match that displayed many defining moments of the whole Pay-Per-View, the most being when Henry ploughed his arch-rival Sheamus THROUGH THE SIDE OF THE STAGE. Amazingly, this only kept Henry down for a couple of minutes, and he came back to almost win the title but he was distracted by Sheamus making his return to the match. Sheamus came back and took out everyone else in the match before landing a Brogue Kick on Khali, but Henry came back and stole the pin and the championship from under the Celtic Warrior's nose. In doing so Henry continues his run of dominance he's been on since joining Smackdown and he shows no sign of stopping yet.

As well as the World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE Tag Team Championships and the Divas Championship were the only other titles to change hands. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov,The Odd Couple, won the WWE Tag Team Championships together for a second time, dethroning David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. Also, in one of the favourite moments of the nigh for the fans in attendance was when Beth Phoenix lifted the Divas Championship into the air after defeating Kelly Kelly to reach the top of the Divas division.

Right, just a bit of news to let everyone know that this thing is still alive. Night of Champions felt really good to write, and for my first full PPV, I was really happy with how it came across. A huge thanks to everyone that left predictions, and also to Calum, Shawn, Terry, FlyinStyles, Diablo, Jam and cp. Getting all of those comments were great to see and I really appreciate it, so thanks a bunch guys <3

Anyway, the next Raw is a work-in-progress, almost half done I'd say. I've literally just started college today so I'll be sure to get around to finishing it when I find my rhythm and stuff. Peace.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

The Lariat
Lariatoh! Review's Night of Champions

A lot of work has gone into your PPV and I have to commend you for that. The details you provide are above and beyond so kudos! I really like your format also, it's nicely spaced out and easy to read, with the segments easily identifiable for a new reader like myself and the graphics are awesome. I guess it's something you have perfected over time

I just want to put a few notes on my review/feedback. The first is I'm not the biggest WWE fan. I think they do some great things but just end up ruining them so it makes it hard for me to get invested in their product. Also I'm not a fan of a lot of their roster. Cena, Miz, HHH, Christian it's a long list so I wont bore you, so this will possibly make me "fast forward through some of your ppv, like I do in real life. The second though is your time frame. The Sumer of Punk was a huge missed opportunity for the WWE and I am excited that this is where you are at. I will go back and read/skim your thread to see what you did with it coz I'm sure you have made it way better than the mess we got. So here is the Lariat Breakdown!

1. Regal is the man. Him getting an opportunity at a title shot is great. He deserves a final push of sorts I hope to see that unravel in your future shows.

2. The Tag title scene for me is poor. I remember this time, and I know what you have to work with here isn't good. But a fast fwd for me.

3. Rey Jr. and Ziggler tear the mf'n house down! Epic match and right person won in Ziggler. Great stuff loved it!
Mark Henry wins the WHC! Didn't see that coming in the six pack challenge. Was barracking for the Barrett barrage, but it should be great to see what you do with Henry in the coming shows. Great seeing a title change

4. If Bryan lost that case I would have rioted hahaha. I am very intrigued to see how you will write Bryan moving forward. His character has gone from this stage in the game to what he is now. It is an absolute joy to watch him in real life at the moment and to try and duplicate it, without it being a rip off of what has irl happened, is going to a real challenge I think. Good luck with it. Can't wait to see what you do with him!!!

5. I hate Cena.. your Cena promo was spot on and exactly like he would talk so great work there. Every time he picks up a mic, the things he says drives me insane and for you to do that to me says you have got him down perfectly.

6. HAHAHA brilliant Cena is the 2nd man eliminated marking out!

7. Nash has screwed Punk 3 times now... this is one of the reasons I have to go back and read your thread. And I'm excited to do so.

Overall it was a standard affair, if Nash has attacked Punk several times already it's not a big shocker. Mark Henry's win will change Smackdown, but I'm unsure if winning it this way instead of in a one on one match was the way to go for him. Coming back from that big shot sort of gave him a bit of face booking. But I guess it is part of showing how tough he is. As I'm unfamiliar with your thread I don't know how good Del Rio's reign has been, so I have no comment either way on him retaining. I'm sure your setting up for the eventual Punk win after the Nash feud.

Once again I must commend you on the amount of detail you have put into it. I would have to say there is nothing that you haven't thought of and it really shows on the page.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

A Nightmare Review:

Alright TWG, This is my first time checking out your work on here, Figured I would read Night Of Champions and give you some feedback so here it is.

Beth vs Kelly Kelly to open the show was a nice choice with Beth being the hometown hero and the crowd being hostile to Kelly Kelly was a nice touch, Happy to see Beth pick up the victory shes tons better then Kelly Kelly so hopefully this is the beginning of the divas divison becoming good again with her winning the title.

Rhodes vs Sin Cara was a pretty good, Fast paced match and there was a few times during it I thought Sin Cara had the match won, Rhodes stealing the victory at the end leads me to belive this feud will keep going to Hell In A Cell which I would be up for seeing. Wonder how Ted will react to Rhodes sending him backstage maybe leading to a face turn.

Awesome to see Regal and he wants the IC Title! Regal vs Cody sounds like it will be a great techicial wrestling match no matter who wins.

Tag Title Match honestly was a bit boring for me and it was hard for me to keep focused on it, Santino & Kozlov was a disapointing win for me I just cant stand them as a team and always felt Otunga & McGillicutty could have done more as a team but oh well. Hopefully you add some more teams to your tag divison though at the time WWE really had no teams.

Ziggler vs Rey was probably my favorite match to this point (live feedback here) it was fast paced and it was just overall great, Big shock at the end with Drew McIntyre costing Rey the match and maybe this is a new tag team that has been formed or the beginning of a new stable either way I love it! I just hope McIntyre doesnt go the route of Jack Swagger while having Vickie as a manager.

The Championship Scramble for the WHW Title was a bit slow but good lots of good action and a big surprise at the end with Sheamus coming back out and then Mark Henry winning the belt was a nice move only thing that took away from the match for me was there was alot of big guys in it and aside from Morrison and maybe Orton everybody pretty much had the same style offense.

Money In The Bank briefcase being defended? Not sure how I feel about that I know its been done before but im just not sure I like it and having not read the match yet I have a feeling that defending the briefcase is gonna turn out to be a bad idea for Bryan.

Well just finished reading the match and wow what a match! My new favorite match of the night thus far and very happy that you didnt take the briefcase away from D-Bryan! I like that you gave Christian a submission finisher though it adds to his arensal and is better then the Killswitch which always looked lame to me, Very good match overall TWG.

Same old, Same old with the Cena promo really hoping you dont give him the belt.

Awesome Truth entering together? You would think they would enter seperate for a singles title match.

Pretty good main event of the show, Punk gets screwed again by Nash really hope you do that feud right WWE really screwed up that one. Not a fan of Del Rio so not happy he retained but the dirty finish made sense and furthers Cenas case for Del Rio being the worst champion ever.

Overall a pretty good PPV TWG, Very well written and all good storylines id say Dolph vs Rey was my favorite match on the show with Bryan and Christian a very close second. A couple title changes but you didnt go crazy with them which is good. I will try to keep up with this thread as much as I can for sure.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Monday Night Raw Preview
September 19, 2011
Times Union Center – Albany, New York

The WWE is just one night removed from the historic Night of Champions event; the first in the John Laurinaitis era on Monday Night Raw. The main event for the WWE Championshipn saw Alberto Del Rio successfully defend the WWE Championship in a Six-Pack Challenge Elimination Match against CM Punk, John Cena, The Miz, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston; but the Mexican Aristocrat's victory did not come without some controversy. For the third time, Kevin Nash cost CM Punk the WWE Championship where Punk and Del Rio were the last two men left in the contest. As with the previous two occasions, there has been no word from anyone regarding Nash's motives or whereabouts, and it is not known if he will show up in Albany tonight, but if that is the case it is no doubt that there is a certain CM Punk that will be looking for some answers tonight. The Straight Edge Superstar is set to open the show in the Times Union Center and who knows what type of pipebomb he is planning on dropping?

Also stemming from the WWE Championship last night is tonight's main event where John Cena will take on one half of John Laurinaitis' Security Team, R-Truth. Cena eliminated Truth from the match after he put his rival Alberto Del Rio through the Spanish announce table, but just as Cena was about to force The Miz to submit to the STF, Truth illegally came back in and he along with Miz double-teamed Cena; allowing Del Rio to pick up the scraps and eliminate Cena. Cena will still have his eyes set on the WWE Championship around Alberto Del Rio's waist and with Hell in a Cell only two weeks away, he will see tonight as a chance to prove that he is the one that deserves a shot at the gold. Speaking of Cena, he has apparently been going around all day to his fellow Superstars saying that he has an important announcement for Raw tonight, when we will find out about what Cena has to say is unknown, but this is John Cena; it is going to be important.

A total of three titles changed hands at Night of Champions; Smackdown's World Heavyweight Championship, as well as the Divas Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championships, where Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov won the titles for the second time, defeating the former-Nexus duo of David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. The now former champions were too concerned with the argument from many people claiming that they were "boring" and not on the match which allowed The Odd Couple to recapture the titles they held at the beginning of this year. Mike and Dave were reduced to helping out on the arena Security to try and reduce the Kevin Nash threat, but that work was rewarded with the rematch for the Tag Team Titles in Albany tonight.

The United States Champion Dolph Ziggler successfully fought off tough competition in the form of former World Champion and long-time adversary Rey Mysterio, but he was given a massive assist from the man that has been desperate to obtain the managerial services of Dolph's manager Vickie Guerrero, Drew McIntyre. All three are scheduled to be in attendance and Guerrero has requested some time for her and her client to address the situation regarding the future of the United States Championship.

Two men that have been warring viciously the past few weeks are Jack Swagger and the man who's popularity grows each and every week, Zack Ryder. Last week Ryder's old friend Curt Hawkins turned his back on "Long Island Iced-Z" whilst Ryder tried to stop Swagger putting him out of action like he did to Raw interviewer Scott Stanford and another of Ryder's former Tag Team partners, Primo. Tonight, Ryder has a chance to get his hands on the "All-American American" as he teams with Primo to face Swagger and Hawkins.

Confirmed for Raw:

John Cena vs R-Truth + Cena's Special Announcement

CM Punk to open the show!

WWE Tag Team Title Match:
The Odd Couple (Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov) © vs David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

Zack Ryder & Primo vs Jack Swagger & Curt Hawkins

Plus, Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero & the first Monday Night Raw appearance of Brodus Clay!!

It's almost finished, I shouldn't have you all waiting too long.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Monday Night Raw
19th September 2011
Times Union Center – Albany, New York

We head right into a video package detailing the events of Night of Champions; Beth Phoenix plants Kelly Kelly with the Glam Slam, and is then shown with the Divas Championship post-match. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov raise the Tag Team Championships high into the air after winning them. Drew McIntyre plants Rey Mysterio with a Future Shock DDT to allow Dolph Ziggler to retain his United States Championship. Finally, we see stills of all of the eliminations from the WWE Championship Match, up until Kevin Nash is spotted in the stands when CM Punk is about to pin Alberto Del Rio. Punk charges at Nash but gets pushed back and hit with a boot to the face, and Nash then lifts him up and delivers the Jack Knife Powerbomb. Nash leaves and Del Rio retains the WWE Championship... We now burst into the Times Union Center and the camera does sweeping shots around the arena whilst the pyrotechnics shoot all around the stage. The camera catches some signs in the arena; “PUNK WAS SCREWED”, “RODRIGUEZ FOR PRESIDENT” and “THE COBRA”.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw! We’re live in Albany, New York, and just one night removed from the very controversial Night of Champions Pay-Per-View! I’m Michael Cole as always joined by Hall of Famer, Jerry “The King” Lawler!

Jerry Lawler: Controversial is an understatement for what we saw last night; CM Punk was just about to win the WWE Championship in our extremely exiting Six-Pack Challenge Main Event, but from out of nowhere, Kevin Nash appeared again and he cost CM Punk the WWE Championship for a third time!

Michael Cole: The entire WWE Universe has been outraged by Kevin Nash’s actions, and as usual, we can’t confirm whether he is going to be here tonight to explain his actions because he is not a WWE employee. In other words, he should not be allowed to be here!

Jerry Lawler: That brings us to the question that everyone has been asking; Who has been letting Kevin Nash into the arena? He can’t just break security three times!

Michael Cole: Well, I think one thing is certain; we all want some answers tonight regarding this Kevin Nash situation. But nonetheless, Night of Champions last night showed us some mind-blowing in ring action, and we’re continuing that tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Last night Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov won the WWE Tag Team Championships for the second time, and as per orders of WWE COO Triple H, the former champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty are going to have their rematch which they should lose as well, and stay away from those tag team titles.

Michael Cole: So not only a title match we have in store for you tonight, but also John Cena takes on R-Truth in our main event! Cena eliminated Truth in the Six-Pack Challenge Elimination Match last night, but Truth came back into the match and allowed Alberto Del Rio to eliminate John Cena, so Cena will be looking for some payback tonight!


There’s a huge pop in the arena as all attention turns to the stage, and sure enough CM Punk walks out from behind the curtain! The fans are ecstatic to see Punk but he clearly is not in the mood for understandable reasons; wearing an extremely visible scowl. Ignoring the theatrics, meaning it is NOT currently clobberin’ time given the circumstances. Punk marches down the ramp, but nods his head in appreciation for the fans as he reaches the ring.

Michael Cole: We knew we would be hearing from this man at some point but here is CM Punk; and after being cost the WWE Championship for a third time last night, he is not in a good mood.

Jerry Lawler: As far as he is concerned, he hasn’t ever done anything wrong to Kevin Nash; these are unprovoked attacks on CM Punk.

Michael Cole: I doubt he will but hopefully Punk will be able to shed some light on this situation. Maybe he has offended or annoyed Kevin Nash in the past that has resulted in these attacks?

Punk gets into the ring, and instantly marches across the ring to grab a microphone from ringside. He walks into the centre of the ring more slowly now, seemingly a little more calmed down with his favourite weapon in his hand. His music fades out and he waits for the fans to quieten down a little before he raises the mic up to his mouth.

CM Punk: Now don’t get me wrong; I’m as stoked as the next guy to be here tonight... but I hope none of you have expected me to come out here and act happy. I’m not here right now to play to the fans and kick off the show with all the energy of Barney the Dinosaur; I’m not John Cena.

There’s a mixed reaction for the early shot at Cena, but Punk waves it off almost immediately.

CM Punk: I’m not trying to mask how I’m feeling because I’m not fake; I don’t do that. I’m gonna cut the crap... I’m pissed off!

Another mixed reaction as some are cheering Punk and some are booing last night’s events.

CM Punk: What should be happening right now is me standing out here as the WWE Champion, because I am the rightful WWE Champion; but a certain seven-foot man who’s just escaped from the retirement home seems to have found another hobby apart from playing checkers and he seems to take pleasure in costing me the WWE Championship.

Heat, but some laughs mixed in.

CM Punk: The reason all I can do is make jokes about Kevin Nash is because he doesn’t have the balls to face me in this ring after what he has done to me. The first time I met Kevin Nash was at Summerslam when he drove me into the mat right after I won my match. I’m not going to go looking for him because I have an obligation to be here on Raw each and every week.

Pop from the fans.

CM Punk: But whilst I’m here I’ll be doing everything in my power to find out who’s been trying to take me out and using Kevin Nash as a tool to do it.

Punk looks up and holds three fingers in the air for everyone to see.

CM Punk: Using my brain I’ve narrowed down the (air quotes) mastermind behind Kevin Nash, because I know that he is too old to even think about anything other than gardening. I’ve thought long and hard today about these three people and they’ve all got some reason to hate me and also to hire Kevin Nash. The first and most obvious suspect is our esteemed Raw General Manager, John Laurinaitis.

Instant heat around the arena for that one.

CM Punk: Funkman has never taken that much of a liking to me because I exposed him as a “Glorified Yes-man”, and he also had the power to give Kevin Nash some sort of job in the WWE; maybe they needed a seven-foot, sixty-year-old freak show in Stamford. The second potential employer is the WWE Champion himself, Alberto Del Rio.

More heat from the Albany crowd.

CM Punk: Berty as he is now so affectionally known as has the one thing that Kevin Nash desires most in this world; Money. That, and Alberto Del Rio knows he can’t beat me fairly for the WWE Championship because I am the Best in the World.

Big pop from the fans.

CM Punk: This third one I’m not that sure about... but the more I think about it the more it makes sense. If there was one man that Kevin Nash could use to get his foot into the WWE and into these arenas, it would have to be his good friend, our COO; Triple H.

A mixed reaction for that one.

CM Punk: I’ve not had a great history with the corporate side of the WWE as I like to do my work in this ring; not an office. I know that the Board of Directors don’t want me as WWE Champion because Linda McMahon wants to be a senator.

Another mixed reaction, and Punk looks at the camera with a smirk.

CM Punk: So maybe Triple H picked up his phone and gave his good old friend Kevin Nash a call-


Punk drops his arm down to the side as he pulls a signature face signalling his displeasure in being interrupted, but the fans are going wild as Triple H walks out onto the stage, all suited and booted. He marches with a purpose down to the ring, and he has his eyes locked on CM Punk in the ring.

Jerry Lawler: I was just thinking that CM Punk might have been pushing the boundaries with that last comment.

Michael Cole: Punk of course mentioning Linda McMahon’s run for Senate in which the WWE is giving full support behind Mrs McMahon. But you also need to remember that Triple H is part of the McMahon family, and CM Punk needs to be careful what he says here; I know he is angry but this is his boss.

Jerry Lawler: And if Triple H is anything like his father-in-law; CM Punk better not cross the boss!

“The Game” gets into the ring, and he walks over much like Punk to receive a microphone from a stagehand but not taking his eyes off of the “Voice of the Voiceless”. The music fades out, and the tension in the air is obvious.

CM Punk: And what are you-

Triple H: I know you’re angry right now but you need to remember who I am and that it’s not your turn to speak anymore.

Punk gives Triple H an unimpressed look.

Triple H: I think you’ve got this whole thing all mixed up; I’m on your side, Punk. I want Kevin Nash gone as much as you do, and I am trying as best as I can to try and figure out just how he’s been getting into these arenas. He’s not been buying tickets; I even had extra security out on the doors last night. I was using my Superstars to watch the arena entrances.

Triple H has a look of genuineness on his face but Punk doesn’t seem sold just yet.

Triple H: We’ve looked through the tapes and he didn’t even buy a ticket to come to the show; he didn’t come through the fans’ entrance. I’ve tried calling Kevin on his cell phone like I have been since Summerslam but he’s not answering at all.

CM Punk: How do I know what you are saying is true? I’ve been told lots of stuff since Summerslam and I have no reason to believe any of it until I see proof. As far as I know you hired Kevin Nash to keep my away from the WWE Championship. You arrive to every show in a giant limo he could have hidden in until his cue, how do I know he wasn’t in there?

HHH looks a little annoyed at the continued accusations, whilst Punk looks up at him with a pressing gaze.

Triple H: The reason... The reason that I’ve not been able to talk to Kevin is because... because he doesn’t want to talk to me.

Punk seems confused as HHH seems to be struggling with something.

Triple H: The reason that Kevin has been ignoring my calls is because I wouldn’t give him a job... He said that he needed the money and I was the only one that could help him. I told him we’re in the process of bringing the younger guys up through the ranks and not re-employing old Superstars. He got angry and called me a sell-out and I’ve not spoken to him since, and the only times I’ve seen him were at Summerslam and Night of Champions last night.

The fans seem a little rocked, but they cheer as it seems Triple H is now ruled out of Punk’s list of suspects. Punk looks a little sheepishly at HHH, as he slowly brings his microphone up to his mouth.

CM Punk: All right... I apologize for my previous comments, but you’re the guy in charge here... so you need to tell me who you think is behind all of this.

HHH looks a little unsure as there is a distinct buzz in the arena as everyone awaits his answer.

Triple H: Who I think? I’ll tell you who I think it was-


There’s extremely loud heat in the arena for the Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis, as he walks out onto the stage looking sternly at the men in the ring. He is currently without his Security Team, The Awesome Truth, but he does have a microphone in his hand. He waits for the music to die down which causes the negative reaction from the fans to come across even louder, and a very distinct “YOU SUCK!” chant blares through the arena. Johnny looks disapprovingly around before he just starts to talk anyway.

John Laurinaitis: Hun’er-

The Raw GM is cut off by even more booing from the fans which causes him to look a little angry himself.

John Laurinaitis: Hun’er... I hope that you weren’t about to say my name, because I am the General Manager of this show and I will not accept any form of slander against me here.

The fans boo as Triple H smiles and shakes his head.

John Laurinaitis: As COO of this company, you should be remaining biased on all matters regarding the Superstars... something which I think that you aren’t doing. CM Punk might have fallen for your little story but I’m smarter than that. I know just how close you and Kevin Nash are... and you’re the only person that has the power to get him into the arena as you ordered for everyone else’s car to be searched upon arrival to the arena last night; including mine.

A mixed reaction as Punk now turns back to Triple H with a look of intrigue. Punk goes to speak again, but Johnny is quick to cut him off.

John Laurinaitis: CM Punk... don’t you think I’ve forgotten everything you’ve ever said to me, and you came out here tonight and accused me of costing you the WWE Championship.

Punk says off mic “Because you did!”

John Laurinaitis: I have no power over Triple H, but what I can do is put you in a match tonight-

CM Punk: If you remember right, I put The Miz to sleep last night; I’ve got nothing to prove against him.

John Laurinaitis: Well actually, Punk, I’m all about giving the people what they want to see. They don’t want to see The Miz pin you again. They want to see you one on one with... Kofi Kingston!

There’s a total mixed reaction in the arena as the fans are popping for the awesome match, but they aren’t happy that Johnny’s pitted two friends against each other.

John Laurinaitis: Enjoy the show.


The GM turns back and heads back out of the arena, leaving Punk and HHH left only to look at each other and talk amongst them in the ring.

Michael Cole: What a start to Monday Night Raw! Some light has been shed on the Kevin Nash situation... we now know that Triple H is definitely not responsible, but so many more questions now need answering! Also, John Laurinaitis just announced that CM Punk is going to take on Kofi Kingston tonight!

Jerry Lawler: I don’t like that; John Laurinaitis knows Punk and Kofi Kingston are good friends and he’s making them compete against each other tonight!

Michael Cole: That match will not disappoint, though, and that isn’t all we have for you tonight! Stay tuned because we have a WWE Tag Team Championship Match after these short commercials!

Returning to Raw, and Justin Roberts stands in the centre of the ring with a microphone in his hand as the electric crowd make themselves heard.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is set for one fall, and it is for the WWE Tag Team Championships!


The fans let out a very hearty pop around the arena for the New WWE Tag Team Champions, The Odd Couple; Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov. The new champs are all smiles as they walk out onto the stage with their new gold, and Santino starts to powerwalk down to the ring with Kozlov marching in behind.

Jerry Lawler: How great is it to see those WWE Tag Team Championships on a team that is actually fun? Congratulations to Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov!

Michael Cole: These two defeated Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga to win the titles for the second time, and it came as quite an upset to some; myself included!

Jerry Lawler: Upset? I, and the WWE Universe had full faith that these guys were going to win the gold last night. And what a team they make too; two polar opposites but their styles work together perfectly.

Michael Cole: The Odd Couple is the best name to describe these two gentlemen!

The champs get into the ring, and Santino starts doing the trumpet and parading around with his title belt. Kozlov enters afterwards and he smiles along at Santino’s antics. The music fades out, leaving Santino looking a little dejected for a moment but then he looks back at his title and starts to smile again.


Not much of a reaction, just some mild heat for the now former tag team champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. Neither man looks as cocky as they have been in recent weeks, and both wear stone expressions; clearly not enjoying the mockery being received from the fans.

Michael Cole: Here we see the former tag team champions... and to say that they look annoyed is a slight understatement. If you remember last night, Triple H asked these guys to be security!

Jerry Lawler: And they were probably the most boring security guards on the planet!

Michael Cole: King, maybe the loss last night has caused these two to rethink their strategy and we might see a different side from these two in this match; they know as well as we do that they’re going to have to fight hard if they want another shot after tonight.

Jerry Lawler: I doubt that very much, Michael! These two are boring and uninteresting down to the core; their way of loosening up is untying their shoes after a hard day!

King’s typical unfunny joke aside, the former champions have now gotten into the ring, and both team’s eyes have not stopped staring at each other, with a rare serious moment for Santino. The referee walks over to Marella & Kozlov and asks for them to hand the titles over so he can raise them. Kozlov displays his forwards in full confidence, but Santino seems a little reluctant to let go of his new toy, but Kozlov reassures him that they’ll get it back... this causing Otunga to produce his first cocky smile of the night. The graphic appears up on the screen to signal this is a title match, and the referee seems happy with everything so this can get underway!

Match One:
WWE Tag Team Title Match:
The Odd Couple (Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov) © vs David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

The bell rings, and it is McGillicutty starting out with Kozlov. Mike wastes no time with any of the formalities and runs right towards Kozlov and leads in with a kick to the mid section, and he takes the chance to hammer away on Kozlov’s back in the centre of the ring as the Russian blocks his face. McGillicutty runs against the ropes... he comes back and runs right into a Headbutt to the chest from Kozlov! The move almost caves in McGillicutty’s chest, and he quickly runs back to tag in David Otunga. Otunga gets into the ring, and he sees Kozlov charging at him, but he has the wits to deliver a Drop Toe Hold that sends Vlad face first into the middle turnbuckle! Otunga pounces on Kozlov with boots and right hands in the corner, and Otunga brings Kozlov into the centre of the ring and shows an impressive display of strength with a Belly to Belly Suplex on the big man! Otunga goes in for the pin...One...Two...Kickout!

Big cheers erupt after the kick out, and Santino seems extremely relieved that Kozlov was able to kick out. Kozlov starts to get back up, despite Otunga stomping away at him, so Dave quickly reaches out and tags Mike back in. McGillicutty comes right back into the ring and starts piling kicks into Kozlov that seem to only slightly stagger the big man. Mike slaps on a tight-looking front facelock, which seems to cause Kozlov to slightly drain after some initial resistance to the hold. Kozlov drops to one knee due to the hold, and he slowly goes down onto both knees and almost certainly almost fading out. McGillicutty applies a body scissors and he cranks on the hold even more as the referee comes in to check on the condition of Kolzov. The commentators describe who McGillicutty’s father is and references his wrestling back ground as the referee lifts Kozlov’s arm in the air to try and initiate the KO, and Kozlov’s arm drops to the mat. On the second time, his arm drops to the mat once again. The referee lifts Kozlov’s arm up the third time but this time his arm doesn’t hit the mat!! Santino is relieved as Kozlov starts to stir some more, and he begins to overpower McGillicutty, and eventually McGillicutty is hanging off of Kozlov!! Vlad uses all remaining energy to charge McGillicutty into a neutral corner and the hold is broken! McGillicutty is seated in the corner half broken, and Kozlov stumbled back into the centre of the ring; it being evident that both men are in dire need for a tag. Both men crawl towards their respective partners, and McGillicutty is first to get to Otunga, but Kozlov dives and tags in Marella!!

Santino comes in to a great ovation, and he is met by Otunga, and the two men quickly start to trade blows, but the fans go wild as Santino starts to get the better of the exchange! He rocks Otunga with two right hands unanswered to the jaw, before hooking Otunga up and dropping him with a Santino Stunner!! The fans pop again, as Santino turns around into McGillicutty, but he drops with the splits and on the rebound catches Mike with a Hip Toss!! This sends McGillicutty rolling out of the ring and onto the apron, but Santino goes back to follow up on Otunga, but Otunga meets him with a kick to the gut! Marella is doubled over, and Otunga scoops him up and plants him to the mat with a Scoop Slam! Santino writhes in some pain, as Otunga flexes his muscles to some decent heat from the fans for the taunting. Dave, looking to finish it off, picks Santino up again, and he puts him in positition for the VERDICT-NO! Santino breaks free and sends Otunga into the ropes... and he clatters into McGillicutty on the apron!! Mike is sent flying from the impact and he crashes into the ring barricade! Otunga seems concerned for his partner, but he realises he is in a match, so he turns around-COBRA!!! The fans go wild as Santino drills Otunga in the face and then goes for the cover! One...Two...Three!!

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The Odd Couple (7:01)


The fans are on their feet as Santino leaps up into the air and starts to run around the ring, as Kozlov gets up and the two men embrace after the successful title defence. They’re handed their championships and both go on to do the trumpet celebration around the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Yes! I told you these two would pull it off tonight, and this finally means that David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty aren’t going to get anywhere near those Tag Team Championships again anytime soon!

Michael Cole: That’s right, if these two want another shot; they’re going to have to earn it. What would you say their next step should be, King?

Jerry Lawler: Even though I am a critic of these two men, I’ll give ‘em some advice, and if they’re smart; they’ll listen. They need to go out there and re-invent themselves. It was them being who they are now that lost them those titles, and failed to win them back; we need to see a new side of David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty.

Whilst the champions make their way back up the ramp, still in a joyous mood, the defeated challengers are left sitting in the ring wondering where they went wrong. Otunga gets up to his feet, and things seemingly start to get a little heated between them as McGillicutty springs up to his feet and says that Otunga was the one that knocked him off of the apron. Otunga looks a little pissed for a second, but he eventually nods his head and holds his hand out to McGillicutty, and the two partners shake hands; staying on the same page for now.

We head off backstage for the first time in the show now, and we’re in the interview area with Matt Striker, with a broad smile almost as wide as his face.

Matt Striker: Welcome, my guest tonight is a man that took part in the WWE Championship Match last night but ultimately failed to win the title for an unprecedented TENTH time. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you John Cena.

To a large cheer, John Cena does in fact walk into the shot, sporting a new “Rise Above Hate” t-shirt.

Matt Striker: John, last night you eliminated R-Truth from the WWE Championship Match, but he immediately came back in and attacked you, allowing yourself to get eliminated by Alberto Del Rio. Tonight, you face R-Truth in the main event; are you looking for retribution tonight?

John Cena: Matt, you can bet your damn house that I’m lookin’ for some retribution against R-Truth tonight, and what better place to get it than ALBANY, NEW YORK?

A very loud cheer from the fans for the cheap pop.

John Cena: Y’see, last night I was on a roll! I’d just given Alberto Del Rio an Attitude Adjustment though the announce table... I come into the ring and I take out BOTH members of The Awesome Truth; I manage to eliminate Truth, and just when The Miz is about to tap out-BAM! R-Truth comes in and he breaks the pin fall.

Cena seems a little annoyed as he recalls what happened.

John Cena: And then.... and then Alberto Del Rio crawls out of the wreckage and he pins me after Awesome Truth did all of the dirty work.

Big heat in the arena for that.

John Cena: So y’all can bet that tonight I’m gonna take it to R-Truth and I’m gonna get myself some payback for last night. But after that, I’m movin’ on to Alberto Del Rio and winning back MY WWE Championship.

A mixed reaction for that last little comment, and Cena smiles as he acknowledges it. He turns to leave, but it seems Striker has one more question.

Matt Striker: Sorry, John, but you’ve been saying all day that you have a big announcement for tonight... would you mind telling us what it is now?

John Cena: Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I’m afraid it’s gonna have to wait until after my match later on, but I’ll say this; Alberto Del Rio... you better be paying attention later tonight.

Cena gives the camera one more intense stare as he now zips off out of the shot, and Striker stares in awe in the direction Cena walked in.
*Commercial – 30 mins*
Backstage again, and we are in a random corridor, but a decent pop rings around the arena, as the former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly is looking a little upset, and she is being comforted by Eve, who has her arm around her friend’s shoulder.

Eve: ...you’ll get a chance to win it back, Kelly. It was in your contract.

Kelly can only bring up a wry smile at that news.

Kelly Kelly: Just did you hear the things they were saying to me? I’m not even sure that this is the right thing for me to do any more.

Eve: Kelly, don’t think like that! Look, this Friday on Smackdown, we’ll speak to Teddy Long, he’ll be able to help out in some way or another. This John Laurinaitis guy... he looks for a little too long every time.

The fans pop for the little insult on Laurinaitis, and Kelly seems to have cheered up a little, and she brings her head up, and gives Eve a hug. The camera though zooms out a little to reveal The Divas of Doom! Natalya and the new Divas Champion Beth Phoenix stand there with broad grins as Beth wears her new championship over her shoulder. K2 and Eve stop their hug and see the two dominant Divas standing before them.

Beth Phoenix: That seems like a nice little plan you two have there, and I hope Teddy Long does let you have a rematch for this title, because the only thing that will be funnier than winning the Divas Championship off of you is your face when I beat you again.

That strikes a nerve with Kelly as she lunges at Beth, but Eve is able to restrain her. DOD start to laugh at the scene before them before walking away. We then return back into the arena.

Michael Cole: Well I think Kelly’s intentions are clear; she wants to win the Divas Championship back from Beth Phoenix... that is going to be a LOT easier said than done, sweetcheeks.

Jerry Lawler: Well, Kelly surprised me last night. She put up a great fight against Beth Phoenix, but in the end it was always going to be Beth’s night.

Michael Cole: Well I think Beth Phoenix becoming champion can only be good for the division as all of the other Divas know that they are going to have to step up their game if they want to dethrone the Glamazon.


The fans let out a HUGE pop around the arena, and it is for Rey Mysterio, who walks out onto the stage full of energy, despite losing last night. He walks over to the left side of the stage and sets off the pyro, and he walks across the stage to do the same on the right. Making his way down to the ring, he’s dressed to compete despite not being booked for a match tonight, and he hands his over mask to a young girl in the front row before connecting with the other children in the Mysterio masks.

Michael Cole: Here’s a man that was involved in one of the more controversial moments of Night of Champions last night.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right! Rey Mysterio was on course to defeat Dolph Ziggler and become the United States Champion, but out of nowhere Drew McIntyre came into the ring and he cost Mysterio the match!

Michael Cole: Well we know that Drew had been courting Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero for a number of weeks as he seemed to be interested in acquiring Vickie Guerrero’s managerial services. And it seems that last night what he did was a favour to them in order to potentially join Ziggler and Guerrero.

Jerry Lawler: But more importantly, Rey Mysterio was screwed out of the United States Championship!

Michael Cole: Well, I’m sure Rey has a lot on his mind after last night; let’s hear what he has to say.

Mysterio is now sure enough in the ring with a microphone, and he waits for the crowd to die down a little bit before speaking.

Rey Mysterio: You know, I’ve been on the wrong end of a...a... a screw job before, an’ I can tell ya; it aint nice.

The fans boo for that, and Mysterio seems a little upset too.

Rey Mysterio: Last night, I was about to win the United States Championship from Dolph Ziggler, but then out of nowhere, Drew McIntyre came out whilst the referee was down and he cost me the match, and the championship.

More heat.

Rey Mysterio: I know Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero-

Mysterio is cut off for more boos aimed towards Vickie this time.

Rey Mysterio: I’ve known Dolph and Vickie long enough to know that they were going to pull something like that off to beat me last night, because it was the only way Dolph was going to beat me the way I was feeling last night. I felt good out there, even though I was in pain, I know I was performing for all of you great fans and I was looking forward to the moment when I was going to celebrate my title win with each and every one of you.

The fans pop for that statement from Rey, really speaking from his heart.

Rey Mysterio: See, I made a vow earlier in the night that I was going to walk out of Night of Champions as the United States Champion... and that didn’t happen. So I just wanted to take this time to apologize to the WWE Universe for breaking my promise, so I’m sorry.

Fully in support of Mysterio, the fans cheer loudly which brings a smile to his face.

Rey Mysterio: Now that’s outta the way... Dolph Ziggler... I’m callin’ you out. I want you to come out here and face me one on one, no interferences, no distractions, and we’ll finally see who the better man is, and I have no problem in taking that United States Championship whilst I do so.

Another loud pop and Rey starts to pace up and down as he awaits the US Champion. There’s no immediate reply, and the stage is empty.

Rey Mysterio: C’mon, Dolph! Me an-


There’s some very loud heat in the arena, as it is not Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero or Drew McIntyre that anyone was expecting, but instead the Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis walks onto the stage with a broad grin on his face. Rey looks confused as he holds his arms out to the side with a puzzled look on his face. The GM is in possession of a microphone of his own as he stands on the stage.

John Laurinaitis: Rey, I know-

“Big Johnny” is cut off by ferocious boos from the fans, he waits a moment for it to die down.

John Laurinaitis: I know you were expecting someone else, but I think you have forgotten a little agreement we made last week... I made it official that Vickie Guerrero was banned from ringside for your match with Dolph Ziggler last night.

A mixed reaction, and Rey seems to remember what happened last week in the GM’s office.

John Laurinaitis: I’m a fair man... but you didn’t hold up your end of the deal, because right now you’re not the United States Champion.

Rey Mysterio: John, with all due respect; Drew McIntyre cost me the match last night... just give me another match with Dolph at Hell in a Cell-

John Laurinaitis: Rey! No! You’ve had your chance! You failed last night, so you will not be getting another match with Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship.
Laurinaitis gives us one of those signature smirks as the fans boo him.

John Laurinaitis: But since you are so desperate for a match Rey, I’m going to put you in one RIGHT NOW, and it is going to be a No Holds Barred Match! You’re opponent is not going to be Dolph Ziggler or Drew McIntyre, but you opponent is the newest member of the Raw roster, and also the newest member of my Administration... BRODUS CLAY!


There’s more loud heat around the arena as the gargantuan man behind the videos we've been seeing the past few weeks on Raw, known as Brodus Clay stomps out onto the stage and stands next to Laurinaitis. He nods his head at his new boss before marching down to the ring with his eyes locked on Mysterio all the way down as he does.

Michael Cole: Well finally Brodus Clay has arrived on Monday Night Raw, and it seems like he’s made the smart choice and decided to join up with John Laurinaitis! We’ve seen those video packages these past few weeks, and we’ve seen the damage that this man can cause... I wouldn’t like to be Rey Mysterio right now.

Jerry Lawler: Would you just look at the size of this man?! He’s about as wide as my house! Well, this is the first chance we get to see this man properly in the flesh, but I think it is going to be at the expense of Rey Mysterio’s wellbeing.

Michael Cole: And did you hear Laurinaitis? This is going to be a No Holds Barred Match!

Jerry Lawler: Normally I’d say that Rey is going to have to use his speed in order to just survive in a match like this but Brodus Clay is as fast as he is strong!

Clay stomps up the steps and gets into the ring, still not taking his eyes off of Mysterio, who even does a short prayer as he gazes at the behemoth entering the ring. Clay cracks his knuckles and wears a slight smile as he stares around the arena at all of the fans, many in a small state of shock at the size and girth of him. The referee checks with Rey that he is ready, and he rings the bell so this No Holds Barred Match can get underway!

Match Two:
No Holds Barred Match:
Rey Mysterio vs Brodus Clay

A look of fear comes across Mysterio’s face as Clay sadistically smiles at him from across the ring, and in an instant, the big man charges at Mysterio, but the veteran is able to jump out of the way, but Clay stops himself before he hits the turnbuckle! Mysterio takes advantage and delivers a kick to the back of Clay’s leg, but the big man barely stumbles, leaving Mysterio shocked. Brodus turns around and quickly grabs Mysterio and puts him into the corner! Clay delivers some big shoulder blocks to Rey’s midsection which clearly causes some pain. Clay then takes a few steps back before charging back into the corner and crushing Rey up against the turnbuckle!! Brodus backs away and Mysterio flops down to the mat onto his face. Clay though steps onto Rey’s back and he then stands on it! Rey screams with the full weight of the 300+ pounder on his back. The referee comes over and instructs Clay to get off, which he reluctantly does. After giving the ref and intimidating look, Clay heads towards the ropes and he gets out of the ring! At ringside, Clay tells the timekeeper to move and he grabs the chair that Mark Yeaton was sitting on. He walks back towards the ring and hurls the weapon inside.

Mysterio is now using the ropes to get back up, and he sees Clay getting onto the apron. Clay puts his head through the ropes to enter the ring but Mysterio sees and cracks Clay in the side of the head with a dropkick!! The impact sends Brodus off of the apron and back down to the floor but the big man manages to stay on his feet; looking only slightly rocked by the move. Mysterio gets up quickly, and he slides out of the ring. Mysterio manages to land a stiff right hand to the side of Clay’s head, followed by a couple of kicks to the back of the legs which manage to bring Brodus down slightly this time. Rey climbs back onto the apron on the outside, and he waits for Clay to turn around before cracking him in the side of the head with a big boot!! Clay stumbles back a little bit, but he’s still firm on his feet. The camera catches Rey with a look of desperation on his face, as he’s left waiting for Clay to turn back around, and Mysterio leaps looking for a Cross Body-HEADBUTT TO THE CHEST!! Mysterio falls to the floor as he bounces off of Clay’s rhinoceros-like skull much to the dismay of the fans.

The newest member of the Laurinaitis Administration fixes his Mohican quickly before he lifts Mysterio back up and dumps him onto the apron. Clay pushes Mysterio into the ring before climbing back in himself. Clay smiles at the scene in front of him; he walks towards the chair in the ring and he grabs it before wedging it between the top and middle ropes in the turnbuckle. Everyone in the arena cringes at just thinking about what Clay has the potential of doing to Rey. The big man turns back to Mysterio in the ring who’s back up to his knees, and Clay slowly goes to pick Rey up by his HEAD, but Mysterio was playing possum!! Rey quickly knocks Clay’s arm away before darting through the big man’s legs and gets up behind him! Clay turns around and Mysterio meets him with a forearm to the head! This only knocks Clay back a little bit and Mysterio leans back against the ropes as Clay charges in towards him and Rey goes down low with a dropkick to the knee... and Clay falls down onto the second rope!! The fans go wild as Rey quickly gets up but is obviously hurting, but nonetheless he runs across the ring; he comes back and hits the 619 TO BRODUS CLAY!! The fans go absolutely wild as the impact knocks Clay back a few steps but doesn’t take the big man off of his feet. Mysterio grabs the ropes and he pulls himself up and springboards... SEATED SENTON!! BUT CLAY DOESN’T GO DOWN!! The cheering stops and turns into a collective gasp as Mysterio is trapped on Clay’s shoulders!! Clay is in full control and he turns slightly and runs with Rey towards the corner with the chair and POWERBOMBS REY INTO THE TURNBUCKLE WITH THE CHAIR WEDGED IN IT!!!! The “HOLY SH*T” chants are censored as Mysterio lays crumpled down on the mat after landing awkwardly on his neck after being mashed into the turnbuckle. Everyone at ringside is in frenzy, but Brodus is... smiling? Heat fills the arena as Clay is taking delight in this? The brute shows no remorse as he goes over to grab Rey by the arm and drag him into the centre of the ring before going down for the cover; the concerned-looking referee making the count...One...Two...Three.

Winner: Brodus Clay (8.15)


The referee isn’t even bothered about raising Clay’s hand once the bell rings as he immediately instructs the big man to get away as he swarms all over Mysterio trying to get a response from Mysterio but there is nothing as Rey lays motionless with his eyes closed. A couple of people from ringside slide into the ring to try and check on Rey, and soon enough a number of medics come sprinting down to the ring, walking past Brodus Clay as they do; Clay content that his job is finished.

Michael Cole: I... I’m in total shock, King.... We knew that Brodus Clay was coming to Raw tonight, but we had no clue that... this... is what he was going to do.

Jerry Lawler: I’ve seen a lot of things happen in that ring, but that was one of the most sickening displays i’ve ever witnessed. To think that this man, this monster, Brodus Clay is part of John Laurinaitis’ Administration is sickening... Rey Mysterio has just possibly had his career ended by one of his boss’ henchmen! Disgusting.

Michael Cole: As you can see, folks, the WWE Medical Team are trying their best to help Rey Mysterio; applying the neck brace.

Jerry Lawler: And I think a stretcher is coming down, too... It just makes me sick that some Superstars have literally no care for the welfare of the men that they’re facing in that ring. Brodus Clay was a hitman for John Laurinaitis tonight!

Michael Cole: And if there is any justice Brodus Clay will be punished in some way for that sickening act.

Jerry Lawler: You know what the sad thing is? He probably won’t.

Clay is now at the top of the ramp looking at the scene in the ring that was caused by him. The medics are applying a neck brace on Mysterio who has his eyes open now but had not moved yet following being destroyed by that powerbomb. The senior medic calls for a stretcher on his walkie-talkie and soon enough another doctor comes charging down the ramp with a stretcher in tow, one of the orange ones. This causes Clay to smile even more at the injuries he’s caused to Mysterio. The commentators are silent as the medics are lifting Mysterio onto the stretcher as Raw heads to commercial...

Returning from commercial, we’re backstage in the parking lot and there’ some commotion in the arena as we see the flashing lights of an AMBULANCE with the back doors open parked up. Suddenly, a stretcher is wheeled into view and the fans boo as they see that it is REY MYSTERIO on the stretcher, with the neck brace still applied. The medics are still working on him as they load him into the stretcher, and one says “We have to get this mask off!” before he slowly pulls Rey’s mask off of his face (We can’t see his face) and drops it on the floor before the stretcher is loaded onto the ambulance. The driver closes the back doors before running to the driver’s door and getting in. We see the ambulance drive away with the sirens and the lights flashing; the sounds getting quieter as the ambulance speeds away. The camera though zooms in on Rey’s mask that was left on the floor... but suddenly a hand appears in the shot and picks up the mask!! The camera follows the hands upwards to reveal a man in a suit... its JOHN LAURINAITIS!! There is ungodly heat as the Raw GM stands with Mysterio’s mask in his hand and a broad smile on his face as he turns around out of shot and the camera fades away back into a quiet arena...

Michael Cole: As great a job as I think John Laurinaitis is doing as General Manager... what we saw a few minutes ago was too much. We just saw Rey Mysterio being loaded into an ambulance as a result of the injuries suffered at the hands of Brodus Clay.

Jerry Lawler: And then the medics had to remove Rey’s mask... and John Laurinaitis went and took it?! He was holding up like it was some kind of... trophy!

Michael Cole: It was all just-


Jerry Lawler: Oh jeez.

No words can describe how loud the WWE Universe is booing as it becomes apparent that Vickie Guerrero is on the stage. The fans don’ allow her to speak though.

Vickie Guerrero: I SAID EXCUSE ME!!

After almost blowing a blood vessel, Guerrero seems to have gotten the crowd under control for long enough.

Vickie Guerrero: It is my honour to introduce to you at this time, the man that beat Rey Mysterio last night, and the man that is still the United States Champion... he is my client... DOLPH ZIGGLERRR!!!!


There’s loud heat in the arena as the United States Champion, Dolph Ziggler walks out onto the stage, and he also has a microphone in his hands. He’s not dressed to compete, instead wearing a pair of white trousers with a light blue t-shirt with a navy jacket over the top. His hair is slicked back and held back using his sunglasses, and his United States Title is over his shoulder; using his hand to hold it in place. He waits for the music to cut out and for the fans to quieten down as he stands next to Guerrero on stage.

Dolph Ziggler: Last night at Night of Champions... I came full circle. I defeated Rey Mysterio at the very same event that he beat me at two years ago. That means I stand here, as I always will do, as your United... States... Champion.

Some decent heat for that comment and Ziggler soaks up the ovation as he stares longingly into his championship.

Dolph Ziggler: And speaking of Rey Mysterio... did you all see what just happened to him?! Man, that Brodus Clay guy is a monster!

More heat.

Dolph Ziggler: I don’t know about everyone out here, but we were sitting in the back watching and we loved every damn second of it!

A “You Suck!” chant starts to ring around the arena.

Dolph Ziggler: I suck, huh? I SUCK? Well at least I’m not from ALBANY! YOU ALL SUCK!

Cheap heat, but the booing only gets louder, clearly angering both Ziggler and Guerrero.


The angrier the pair on the stage get, the louder the reaction gets from the fans.

Dolph Ziggler: As I was-

The US Champion is cut off my more heat from the fans.

Dolph Ziggler: As I was saying... I’m standing here as the United States Champion... but I have to give credit to one man after what he did for me last night.

Even more heat as if there hasn’t been enough already.

Dolph Ziggler: He’s spent the last few weeks trying to prove to use why Vickie should take him under her wing and let him join us on the ride all the way to the top... and last night he did exactly what we asked him to do... he helped me retain MY United States Championship. So Drew McIntyre... why don’t you come out here because we have a... gift for you.


No sooner had Ziggler finished his sentence, Drew McIntyre’s music was already playing, and the Sinister Scotsman walks out onto the stage next to Ziggler, and he shakes the hand of the US Champ before also doing so with Guerrero. The now trio stand on the stage as the fans boo, but Guerrero brings her mic up to her face.

Vickie Guerrero: Drew, thank you for coming out here... and thank you for your help last night.

The trio beam as the fans boo some more.

Vickie Guerrero: As Dolph mentioned, we do have a gift for you. I’d like to offer you the privilege of my managerial services... I can help you achieve the success that Dolph has achieved; I can get you gold Drew.

McIntyre starts to beam and he goes to take the microphone from Vickie, but Dolph puts a hand on his chest.

Dolph Ziggler: As great as it is to see that you’re so excited about all of this... there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. Firstly and most importantly, I am Vickie’s primary client; I am the man that you are going to be protecting, just like last night, and just like every night that you’re with us.

McIntyre seems a little sceptical, but nods along.

Dolph Ziggler: And also... you’re going to have to prove your loyalty one final time. Next week, we’ve put you in a match. The winner of that match will go on to Hell in a Cell to face me for the United States Championship. What we want you to do is win the match next week, and at Hell in a Cell, you’re going to lie down in the centre of the ring and you’re going to let me pin you... How does that sound?

McIntyre looks a little uneasy now, and he seems to be thinking heavily about it as he stares down at Ziggler’s hand in front of him. Drew seems to be weighing up the options whilst the crowd urges for him to say no... but he shakes Ziggler’s hand! McIntyre just sold himself to the devils! The fans start booing heavily once again at the new alliance.

Dolph Ziggler: I knew you’d make the right choice.


Ziggler’s music blares out and the three smile on the stage as the fans rain the heat down. Guerrero gives McIntyre a big hug as the cameras now fade away from the stage and we go backstage...

To the man that has a smile permanently fixed on his face, Raw’s temporary backstage interviewer... Matt Striker! Our teacher is in a corridor, standing outside a door which says “WWE Champion” on it.

Matt Striker: Well earlier on tonight we heard John Cena say that he wants the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio to pay attention to the announcement that he has in store for us; so I’m here to try and get Del Rio’s opinion and thoughts on what he thinks John Cena could be referring to.

With that, Striker knocks on the door... but no one comes. Striker knocks again, and the door swings open to reveal Ricardo Rodriguez, the champion’s personal ring announcer.

Ricardo Rodriguez: What?

Matt Striker: Ricardo Rodriguez, I was just hoping to get-

{Alberto Del Rio: que está ahí?!}

Ricardo Rodriguez: Ese hombre extraño que sonríe mucho y hace preguntas.

An audible sigh comes from the room behind Rodriguez as Striker looks confused, but sure enough Alberto Del Rio appears at the door next to Rodriguez and he barges past his ring announcer so Striker can speak to him.

Alberto Del Rio: What do ju want?

Matt Striker: Well Alberto, you’ve been mentioned a number of times tonight by various people and I was just wondering if I could reach you for comment regarding these instances. First of all, CM Punk said that you were one of his suspects in the ongoing mystery of who hired Kevin Nash; would you like to shed any light on these accusations?

Alberto Del Rio: I can see why Punk would think dat, but he’s got dis all completely...wrong. I do have lots of money, but if I was going to pick a hitman... does he really think I would hire an...old...washed up...hasbeen?

A mixed reaction as some fans cheering the champion for the dis on Nash.

Alberto Del Rio: I am the WWE Champion for a reason... I earned dis title on my own, and I defeated five men last night on my own, I didn’t ask for any help from Kevin Nash or anybody! So Punk, ju little perro, why don’t ju just go back to where ju belong; in my shadow.

Del Rio goes to turn away and back into his locker room but Striker chimes in again.

Matt Striker: Alberto! There’s also John Cena... he said you should pay attention to his match later on and what he has to say afterwards....

Alberto Del Rio: John Cena! John Cena is nothing! I don’t care what he has to say because he is beneath me. He can’t beat me. I’ve pinned him twice and I eliminated him last night... John Cena is no threat to me.

Some heat for that.

Alberto Del Rio: But I’ll come and see what you have to say for yourself, John. Just remember Cena... you’re beneath me.... but you... you already know that.

Del Rio gives the camera a long glare, before he turns around and shoves Rodriguez out of the way and slams the door behind him. Striker seems a little confused but his face reverts back to DAT GRIN and he walks away down the corridor.


The fans let out a massive cheer as the man that kicked off the first hour of the show is back to kick off the second, and after a few seconds, CM Punk emerges from behind the set and he walks out onto the stage with a purpose; not looking at all happy given the night he had last night and so far tonight. Punk goes through his routine on the stage in a much less enthusiastic way than as usual, with just a small shout of “It’s Clobberin’ Time!” before he starts to march down to the ring; his head clearly not all in the right place.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t get what John Laurinaitis’ deal is; Punk had a horrible night last night and now he’s making him face one of his best friends in a match? This isn’t right.

Michael Cole: King, I can agree with you to an extent there... but this is CM Punk versus Kofi Kingston; this is going to be a good match.

Jerry Lawler: I just hope Punk is going to have his head in this match, because Kofi is able to catch anyone off guard if they give him the chance.

Michael Cole: I think the winner of this match could make a good case to become the next number one contender for the WWE Championship.

Punk jogs up the steps and gets into the ring. He holds his arms out to the sides as he surveys the arena with all of the fans in attendance cheering him on. He takes his place on the right side of the ring with minimal fanfare and removes his shirt; forcefully throwing it down at ringside. He faces the entrance ramp as his music fades out; giving a nod to the fans in the arena for their reception for him.


It’s another big pop, as Kofi Kingston walks out onto the stage. He looks a little sceptical, but focused at the same time. He does his Boom Claps to set up his pyro on the top of the stage, before he walks down to the ring as opposed to the usual jumping jog; but still making sure to slap the hands of the fans as he goes down the aisle.

Michael Cole: Kofi Kingston doesn’t seem right either, King... he should be happy because he put on a great showing last night in the Six-Pack Challenge, making it to the final four before being eliminated by The Miz.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, he’s a rising star here on Raw, and I think he realises what a great opportunity he has tonight to impress everyone against a former WWE Champion in CM Punk.

Michael Cole: A man that Kofi is good friends with and has a lot of respect for; that is obvious. You can tell that by the fact that Kingston is not being too showman-like as he comes down to the ring, trying to keep everything low-key.

Jerry Lawler: This match has the potential to be a classic; I just hope Punk is able to concentrate on this match because as we’ve already said... Kofi can catch him out of nowhere is Punk allows him to.

Kingston gets into the ring and quickly jumps up onto the nearest turnbuckle where he entered and does a few Boom Claps; he looks extremely pumped up for this match despite it being against his friend. He gets off of the corner and sees that Punk has walked into the centre of the ring. Kofi looks at him and walks towards the former WWE Champion; the referee taking a step back because he’s pretty certain no cheap shot will take place. Kofi nods his head at Punk; who in reply holds his hand out to Kofi; the Ghanaian quickly taking it and both men shake hands as a show of respect. They both retreat back to their corners as Kofi’s music fades out revealing the massive buzz from the crowd as these two gifted athletes look set to lock horns.

Match Three:
CM Punk vs Kofi Kingston

The bell rings, and both men quickly approach the centre of the ring and meet with a collar-and-elbow tie up. Punk seems to be getting the better of it, but Kofi quickly ducks under and rolls Punk up with a Schoolboy! One...Two...Punk slides the shoulder up!! Punk gets back up and looks at Kofi with a knowing look as if to say that he would have done the same thing. Kofi shrugs his shoulders and adopts his odd fighting stance as Punk sees no other option but to charge right in at Kofi but is caught by a deep Arm Drag! Punk gets right back up to his feet after the move and he leans back onto the turnbuckle. Kofi comes charging in now but is elevated up into the air by Punk but Kingston is able to land with both of his feet on the middle rope! Punk turns back around and Kingston lifts off of the corner and catches Punk out with a Sunset Flip... but Punk rolls him through! Punk gets back to his feet and he goes for a wild swinging kick but Kofi dodges and sweeps Punk’s leg; sending Punk crashing down to the mat! Kofi tries to jump on for the cover but Punk pushes him away and springs back up. Kingston charges in but is caught with an Arm Drag from Punk this time! Kofi is right back up like Punk and he comes charging in at the former champ and ducks Punk’s clothesline attempt and rebounds against the ropes... Back Body Drop from Punk!- KOFI LANDS ON HIS FEET!! The athleticism from Kofi is met by a big pop as both men turn around and go into their fighting stances to a massive ovation from the WWE Universe.

The two men seem to acknowledge the reaction with a nod of the head, but before long Punk attempts to strike first with a backhand but Kofi ducks and goes for a forearm that Punk is also able to duck but the “rightful” champion is able to use his experience edge to use Kofi’s momentum against him and scoop him up for a Scoop Slam; slamming Kingston’s back down onto the mat! Kofi starts to get back up almost right away, but Punk runs against the ropes before coming in low and hitting Kofi with a Basement Clothesline! Punk quickly grabs Kofi’s legs and goes for the pin! One...Two-Kick out! Punk brings Kofi up to his feet and whips him against the ropes and goes for another clothesline but Kofi ducks it again and he hooks himself onto the ropes and waits for Punk to turn around. Punk turns around and he charges at Kofi but Kingston is able to get his boot up and Punk runs right into it! Punk stumbles back a few steps and Kofi charges back into the ring and leaps into the air; catching Punk with a chop to the chest! Punk falls to the mat but starts to get right back up again; Kofi sees this and starts to inject some pace into the match and rebounds off of the ropes on the opposite side and comes right back off and leaps up onto Punk’s shoulders... and whip him off with a Hurracanrana!! Kofi gets another decent pop from the fans as Punk is sent flipping over, but he backs himself into the corner. Kingston charges in and he leaps up onto Punk before leaning back and sending the former WWE Champion into the centre of the ring with a Monkey Flip! Kofi is quick to get back up to his feet and he climbs up onto the turnbuckle. Punk takes his time getting up to his feet as Kofi perches himself on the top rope. Punk is noticeably being slow as he rises back to his feet but Kofi shows little concern for his friend as he is still in wait. Punk finally gets up to his feet and Kofi goes for a Cross Body but GETS CAUGHT BY A DROPKICK FROM PUNK!! Punk was playing possum!! The replays show that Punk’s boot caught Kofi right in the face and Kingston has his hand over his mouth as he lies on the mat. Punk dives on top and makes the quick cover! One...Two...Kingston kicks out again!

Kofi starts to crawl towards the corner whilst still holding his face, but Punk shows no mercy as he comes in and cracks Kofi in the jaw with a Running Knee!! Kofi’s head snaps back as his face is once again creamed by Punk, and the Straight Edge Superstar hooks the arm around the head and now rams Kingston’s face right down into the mat with a Bulldog!! Punk turns Kofi over and goes for another pin attempt! One...Two...Th-No! Being brought back up by Punk, Kofi is holding his face as he struggles to stay upright on his own accord. Punk though quick open hand slaps Kofi in the face and follows up with a spinning backhand to the side of Kofi’s head! Kofi doesn’t even have a chance to drop down as Punk quickly turns around and connects with a Savate Kick to the mid section! Kofi is doubles over, and Punk now flat out kicks Kofi in the face, and the impacts sends Kingston scrambling down to the mat and he rolls to the outside whilst holding his face and giving Punk a little knowing nod. Kofi winces as he checks for blood on his face (There is none) but he doesn’t notice Punk coming in... SUICIDE DIVE FROM PUNK!! Punk missiles through the ropes and he goes right into Kofi and both men are down on the outside licking their wounds as Raw cuts to commercial.


Returning from the break and Punk currently has Kingston locked in a Crossface in the centre of the ring that he applied during the commercial break after connecting with a Roundhouse Kick to the side of Kofi’s head. Now though, Kofi is trying to fight out of the hold and using his hands to try and pry Punk’s fingers open, but Punk is too good at submissions to be able to be broken. Kofi’s face is being pulled back from under his nose and the damage already done to his face in this match is coming back now as he is clearly in discomfort due to the hold. Kingston stretches his arm out as he tries to reach the ropes but he is trapped in the centre of the ring with nowhere to go. Kofi starts to shuffle himself closer to the ropes with Punk desperately trying to hold him back, but Kingston has the momentum now and he starts to get within mere inches of the ropes... but Punk smartly breaks the hold before Kofi can get the Ropebreak! Punk keeps hold of Kofi’s arm and drags him up before Irish Whipping him into the corner. Kofi’s back crashes into the turnbuckle, and Punk comes charging in; looking for another HIGH KNEE-NO! KOFI MOVED! Kingston ducks and Punk’s knee goes clattering right into the top turnbuckle! Punk has no chance to recover as Kofi, who rises back up and goes in front of Punk hits the SOS into the middle of the ring! Kingston keeps Punk’s shoulders down on the mat and the ref counts! One...Two...Thr-NO!!

Kofi holds his head in his hands at the fact that Punk was able to kick out of one of his signature moves, but he sees that Punk is starting to get back up so the Ghanaian kips up to a decent pop from the fans!! Kofi starts charging around the ring, getting himself pumped up as Punk gets ever closer to getting back up to his feet. Punk gets up but he is met with a double handed chop across the chest from Kofi! The blow sends Punk down to the mat, but he is quickly back up only to be knocked back by another chop... this one sending Punk rebounding off of the ropes and right into a Dropkick from Kofi! Punk drops down to the mat in the centre of the ring like a stone and Kofi starts to run around the ring; getting the WWE Universe pumped up! Kofi rebounds off the ropes and stops as he reaches Punk and lets out a cry of “BOOM! BOOM!” before connecting with an emphatic Boom Drop!! The fans cheer the athleticism of Kingston once again as he rolls back and springs back up to his feet. He tries once again to get the crowd involved with more shouts of “BOOM!” whilst he does some Boom Claps that start to bring Punk back to his feet once again. Punk stumbles back up holding his mid section after the Boom Drop and he turns around to see Kofi... TROUBLE IN PARADISE-NO!! Punk has the kick scouted and he ducks the impact, only to scoop Kingston up onto his shoulders to a massive pop... GTS TIME-NO!! Kofi slithers out of it and lands on his feet! Kofi goes for a clothesline but Punk is able to duck it and quickly transition it into a Hammer Lock, and then he brings his arm across to clothesline Kofi down to the mat!! PEPSI TWIST!!

The indy fans pop for that one as Punk then goes for another cover on Kofi...One...Two...Thre-NO!! Kofi kicks out again!! The fans start applauding loudly in appreciation for the match that these two are putting on, especially given that they were both involved in a huge match just the night before. Kofi is still down following the Pepsi Twist, as Punk brings himself up to his feet; showing the signs of going for over 20 minutes last night as well as over 15 so far tonight and this match shows no sign of ending soon. Punk scans the arena quickly and his eyes light up as he gleams up at the top turnbuckle that Kofi has taken to a couple of times in this match already. Punk walks over to the corner and he slowly climbs up it from the front, and turning around once he reaches the top. The fans pop loudly as Punk looks up into the heavens and points right up into the air before leaping off of the turnbuckle and hitting an almighty Diving Elbow Drop right onto Kingston’s chest; true Macho Man Style! The move seems to have taken just as much out of Punk as it did Kofi, and Punk lays an arm across Kofi’s chest as the referee counts...One...Two...Three-HE GOT HIM-NO!!! Kofi shoots the shoulder up at the last second much to the shock of everyone! Punk however looks focused, as he rises up to his feet, showing all the signs of a fatigued man but he slowly clasps his hands together by his face to a huge pop! Punk turns around and stands in wait for Kingston, who slowly but surely starts to get up to his feet. Punk seems to have had enough with the waiting and he hoists the limp body of Kofi onto his shoulders again, but the fans start to boo... as THE MIZ comes from out of nowhere with a CHOP BLOCK to the back of Punk’s leg!!! Punk and Kofi fall to the mat as sure enough R-TRUTH is also now in the ring and The Awesome Truth start stomping away at both Punk and Kingston and the referee has no choice but to call for the bell!

Winner: No Contest (17.41)

Jerry Lawler: Who the hell do these two think they are?! Coming out here and ruining one of the best matches we've seen on Raw for a while. These two think that just because they are John Laurinaitis' goons that they can do anything that they want!

Michael Cole: I don't think that they are done either, King.

Miz tells the official to leave 'his' ring as the bell continuously rings during the assault. R-Truth shouts at Punk as he stomps his chest into the canvas. Miz starts to direct traffic, and he tells Truth to get Kofi. Right after bringing him up to his feet, Truth then nails the worn out Kingston with a Little Jimmy! Kofi's head bounces off the mat as the fans continue to boo both Miz and Truth, as Miz smiles at the reception that they are getting as he slowly starts to walk over to Punk who is using the ropes to get back to his feet. Miz doesn't even let him have a chance as he quickly grabs him and takes him into the centre of the ring. He gets the go behind before hooking Punk's arms... SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!! The fans boo as Miz stays on his knees and barks for Truth to get him a microphone. A grip at ringside tosses Truth a mic from the outside and he hands it over to Miz who speaks in a slow and intimidating tone, with an almost blank expression on his face.

The Miz: You all know what we are capable of... we have the ability to do anything we want, when we want... and we are not afraid to hurt people.

The fans boo, which seems to irk Miz a little bit.

The Miz: You can boo all you want, but it doesn't change one simple fact; we are untouchable. There is nothing anyone can do to stop The Awesome Truth, and now that we are both esteemed members of the John Laurinaitis Administration... if you have a problem with us, then you have a problem with him... and look where that got Rey Mysterio.

More heat as yet another heel makes fun at Rey's expense. R-Truth laughs along next to Miz.

The Miz: And what you just saw from us... it was only a preview. A preview of what is to come in two weeks time at Hell in a Cell, because as per orders of John Laurinaitis; these two chumps, CM Punk and Kofi Kingston, are going to take on the most must-see tag team in the entire WWE... The Awesome Truth.

A mixed reaction for that announcement; we have our first match announced for Hell in a Cell! For now though Miz hands his mic over to Truth.

R-Truth: Now wha'chu gotta say 'bow dat, Lil' Jimmy?


The Awesome Truth stand in the centre of the ring over the downed Punk and Kingston, looking very happy with themselves as the fans pour down heat all over them. They shake hands before heading towards the side of the ring nearest the stage. Truth puts in another boot to Kingston as he leaves but then both men exit the ring. Punk slides over to Kofi to make sure that he’s okay as he glares at their attackers.

Michael Cole: Wow! What a statement by The Awesome Truth and what a match in store for Hell in a Cell! There is a lot of unresolved issues between these four men and we’re going to see it all come to a head in two weeks at Hell in a Cell!

Jerry Lawler: I’m excited for that match as anyone else, but I for one was enjoying the match that CM Punk and Kofi Kingston were putting on; this was obviously a set up by John Laurinaitis to get both of these men in the ring at the same time so his goons can strike!

Michael Cole: Well it isn’t turning out to be a good night for CM Punk; he’s not gotten any closer to finding out anything about all of this Kevin Nash business and now he’s just been ambushed by The Awesome Truth.

Jerry Lawler: I think Punk might have to get this match at Hell in a Cell out of the way before he continues with investigations.

Punk and Kofi are now on their feet and they embrace to a good pop from the fans before they looked determinedly at the stage where Awesome Truth stand looking back to the ring with smug expressions on their faces.

We now cut away backstage, and the camera focuses on the back of someone’s head... the fans boo immediately as it is plainly clear that the head is that of the Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis. The camera zooms out to reveal some more of his office and he is standing in front of his desk, seemingly doing something with his hands (No not that you dirty bastards). He lets out a small laugh as there is suddenly a knock at the door. The camera zooms in a little bit as Laurinaitis turns around, and his face screws up for some reason at whomever is knocking on the door.

John Laurinaitis: What do you all want?

The camera turns a little bit to see that the WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov as well as Evan Bourne have all entered the office! The trio all get a good pop from the fans as Santino seemingly assumes the role of speaker.

Santino Marella: That’s a very interesting question, a-mister Laryngitis, because a-what we want is...a-Justice!

The GM is as confused as any of us at this point.

Santino Marella: We a-want Bogus Clay to be punished for his actions against our good friend a-Rey Mastrio... so we want to a-know a-what are you goings to do about it?

With the last word Santino defiantly prods Laurinaitis on the chest and starts to square up to the GM, but suddenly a very audible cough is heard from the doorway, and the camera pans to reveal who it is – IT’S BRODUS CLAY! Santino screams at the top of his voice and immediately darts behind Kozlov as Clay walks into the room and stands next to Laurinaitis, who looks at the others with a self-satisfied grin.

John Laurinaitis: You don’t just-

Evan Bourne: Hey look I’m not scared of you, Mr Laurinaitis and I’m not scared of you either, Clay! What you both pulled earlier against Rey Mysterio was unfair and we aren’t going to let you get away with it!

Santino motions to Laurinaitis that he has nothing to do with it and mines that it was all Bourne’s idea to come in here.

Evan Bourne: So I’m going to go to Triple H and the-

John Laurinaitis: Triple H does not run this show; I do. You all just can’t come into my office and make demands, it doesn’t work like that now that I am the Permanent Raw General Manager.

Boos for that comment.

John Laurinaitis: So here’s what is going to happen; just for showing the cheek to come into my office and speak to me like that, I’m putting the three of you in matches next week. Santino, Kozlov, you’re going to be defending those WWE Tag Team Championships again next week on Raw against my personal Security Team; The Awesome Truth.

The fans let out vicous boos as Santino looks like he has seen a ghost.

John Laurinaitis: And as for you, Evan... you said that you aren’t scared of Brodus here, so next week you have the chance to prove it; because you are going to go one on one with Brodus Clay. Now get the hell out of my office!

Santino doesn’t need asking twice to leave the room, as he scurries off with Kozlov in tow, but Bourne gives the GM and his opponent for next week one more defiant look before following suit. Laurinaitis and Clay look menacing as Clay cracks his knuckles together. Laurinaitis though slightly moves out of the way to reveal what he was doing on his desk... the camera zooms in on a stand on the desk, and Laurinaitis has put Rey Mysterio’s mask on it! He’s keeping it as a trophy! The fans boo extremely loudly as from the image of Rey’s mask we fade out to commercial.
*Commercial *

Returning from commercial; it is everybody’s favourite interviewer... Matt Striker! He’s as happy as we’ve seen him all night even though he has probably spent the time in between when we last saw him and now looking through a Spanish dictionary. He holds the microphone up to his mouth and begins to speak.

Matt Striker: My guests at this time are two men that have both had an issue with one particular Superstar these past few weeks, as he has targeted them both personally. One of whom he managed to turn a good friend against and the other he put out of action two weeks ago. The Superstar that I am referring to is of course the All-American American Jack Swagger-

Boos cut Striker off.

Matt Striker: But in a few moments time, Jack Swagger is going to team up with Curt Hawkins to take on my guests at this time... It’s Primo and Zack Ryder!

A loud pop goes up around the arena as Zack Ryder walks into the shot, wearing all of his merchandise with Primo in tow behind him. The pop is mainly for Ryder, obviously, and he nods his head for his Zack Pack.

Zack Ryder: Matt, if it is cool, I’ll just take it from here... Last week, I was stabbed in the back by a man that I have called my friend for years; Curt Hawkins. Jack Swagger must have gotten in his head and Curt being the fool he is must have just gone along with all of the crap that Swagger was feeding him.

Ryder had his head down for the majority of that, but he brings his head back up with a grin now.

Zack Ryder: But if there is one thing that everyone knows... Zack Ryder has a lot of broskis. See, Primo here, he hasn’t forgot what you did to him two weeks ago, Jack. You had a match with Primo and you took him out... Are you serious, Bro?

Ryder holds his arms out.

Zack Ryder: I don’t know what your problem with me is, Jack, but taking my friends out, turning people against me won’t change the fact that I beat you... three times. And you guessed it right, tonight... I’m gonna beat you again.

Ryder puts his arm around Primo, who smiles at his partner.

Zack Ryder: Primo. Zack Ryder. Back together for one night only... and you better be Down with Zack and Primo.

The two men hi-five and walk out of the shot, and Striker comes back into the centre of the shot, looking to talk again, but suddenly Ryder bursts back into the screen!


A large pop goes around the arena as most of the fans join in with the catchphrase. Ryder does the LI symbol with his hands and then leaves the shot; leaving a very confused Matt Striker...


There’s a decent amount of heat in the arena, as Jack Swagger marches out onto the stage, and he is flanked by Curt Hawkins. The two briefly pound fists with broad grins as they walk down the aisle, both making sure to hurl abuse at the fans in the front rows. Swagger is wearing a singlet with the colours of the American Flag whilst Hawkins is wearing trunks with a sleeveless hoodie on the top with the signature cane.

Michael Cole: Well we just heard from Zack Ryder, and he’s a man that has risen up the ranks these past few months on Raw through his social media campaigning, but Jack Swagger did not want to just be a stepping stone in Ryder’s rise to the top.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t get it! Zack Ryder been Jack Swagger three times and Swagger is resorting to all sorts of horrible tactics in order to get Ryder to have another match with him!

Michael Cole: That’s not it... Ryder will give Swagger another match if he asks for it, because Ryder wants one himself... This is all a part of Jack Swagger’s new attitude; he’s becoming just as smart outside the ring as he is inside of it.

The heels get into the ring and Hawkins holds his arms out in the centre of the ring, whilst Swagger gets up onto the turnbuckle and points out to the arena and shouts “I AM THE GREATEST”, and the former World Heavyweight Champion jumps back down into the ring and discusses some last minute tactics with Hawkins.


Greeted by a massive pop, the reunited pairing of DZP, Zack Ryder and Primo, jog out onto the stage and they both go to either side of the stage to play to the fans, who are clearly more interested in Ryder. The two of them start to make their way down to the ring, and Ryder slaps the fans on the right side of the ramp whilst Primo does the left; the fans on Primo’s side a seem a little disappointed that they don’t get Ryder, which causes Primo to look a little dejected and he pulls his hands away before leaping up onto the apron whilst Ryder stays an plays with the fans some more, before turning towards the ring, and staring right into Swagger’s eyes. Ryder instructs Primo into getting into the ring and Primo has a little scowl on his face as he does however.

Jerry Lawler: The popularity of this Zack Ryder kid is just unbelievable! Did you hear that reaction?

Michael Cole: The fans have really gotten behind Ryder in this rivalry with Jack Swagger, and I just don’t understand why! He’s corny, outdated, predictable, and Jack Swagger is just the much better athlete!

Jerry Lawler: Those are the things that you are, Michael. Zack Ryder has a bright future here in the WWE and the sooner that he is able to get Jack Swagger out of his way the better I say.

Michael Cole: Well Curt Hawkins did the right thing in ditching that hack Ryder; although it appears that Primo isn’t as smart.

Match Four:
Tag Team Match:
Jack Swagger & Curt Hawkins vs DZP (Zack Ryder & Primo)

The bell rings, and after some discussion between the two teams, it appears that the two men kicking the match off are former Tag Team Champions Ryder and Hawkins. Hawkins starts to talk smack to Ryder, about how he fooled him last week, but Ryder replies by slapping the taste of of Hawkins’ mouth!! Curt is knocked back a couple of steps and Ryder follows up with a right hand that sends his former friend into the ropes. Hawkins rebounds back off, right into Ryder’s path and is flattened by a huge clothesline from Long Island Iced-Z! The fans are lapping it all up, and Hawkins is quick to get back to his feet again, and he stumbles back into the corner. Ryder sees him and he charges in with a flying elbow right to the top of Hawkins’ head, which sends Curt down to the mat and he props himself up using the bottom turnbuckle in a seated position. Ryder’s face lights up and he stands in next to the corner adjacent to the one that Hawkins is in, and he lets out a huge shout of “WOO! WOO! WOO!” before he charges in and creams Hawkins with a Facewash- The Broski Boot!

Hawkins lies in a slump in the corner and Ryder looks to be wanting to finish this match off early, as he starts backing into his corner with the LI hand signals up in the air... he’s thinking Rough Ryder! Ryder carries on backing into his corner, but Primo leans over the ropes and slaps Ryder on the back – tagging himself in! The fans give a mixed reaction, and Ryder looks a little confused as Primo jumps over the top rope and lands on the mat next to Ryder. He pays no attention to his partner and charges towards the now upright Hawkins, who was reaching towards Swagger for a tag, but Primo comes in and connects with a dropkick to the side of Hawkins’ head! Curt drops to the mat like a sack of spuds again, and Primo quickly charges towards the top rope. Whilst Primo is climbing up the turnbuckle, Hawkins again starts coming back up to his feet, and when he turns around he is knocked back over by a Flying Cross Body from Colon! The fans pop, but not as loud as they would for Ryder, and Primo seems a little agitated that the fans aren’t as appreciative of him. Ryder starts jumping up and down on the apron and holds his arm out to get back into the match as Swagger tries to reach in for Hawkins, but Primo stalks his prey as Hawkins starts coming up to his knees. The fans drum up a loud “WE WANT RYDER!” chant, that causes Swagger to go mental, and Primo tries not to let it bother him, but eventually he relents and decides to let Ryder have the glory. Ryder is tagged in, and he holds the LI symbol up again as he wills Hawkins back up, but Primo comes up behind his partner – BACKSTABBER!! Primo just hit the Backstabber on his partner!! The fans let out a shit tonne of boos now, as Swagger starts grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Primo stands over the downed body of Ryder and Hawkins stumbles into the corner to make a tag to Swagger which is greeted by more booing. Swagger cockily steps towards Ryder, and clasps his hands around Ryder’s head and pulls him up, the Long Islander’s body hanging limply as Swagger sets him in the position that we saw him in last week, as Swagger takes Ryder up... and plants him down with a GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB! The fans hate it and Swagger makes the pin, with Primo and Hawkins watching on with intent...One...Two...Three!

Winners: Jack Swagger & Curt Hawkins (4.49)


There’s not a soul in the arena cheering the actions of these three men, the heat around the arena universal. Swagger stands in the middle of the ring over Ryder who is spread eagle on the canvas, and either side of him stands Primo and Hawkins. It becomes painfully clear that Swagger has stolen away another one of Ryder’s close friends, and the crowd is shitting all over this seemingly new grouping of Superstars against Zack Ryder.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe this! Last week, Curt Hawkins and now Primo! How is Jack Swagger convincing Zack’s friends to turn on him like this?

Michael Cole: This is great! Who has Zack Ryder got left?! He has no friends! Hawkins and Primo have turned against him and Scott Stanford; we won’t see that dweeb for months, perhaps never again!

Jerry Lawler: Why are you so happy about all of this?

Michael Cole: All of this just shows how great Jack Swagger is; he’s the best pure wrestler in the WWE AND he’s one of the smartest as well; the total package!

Jerry Lawler: Some people would call you a package, Michael. That aside, please stay tuned to Monday Night Raw, as we still have our blockbuster main event with John Cena taking on R-Truth! Don’t miss it!


We start off with a black screen, but it is quickly illuminated with a flashing shot of the most sadistic structure in WWE history... the Hell in a Cell.

There is one match in WWE history that goes beyond all depths.

Triple H delivers a Pedigree to Chris Jericho from Judgement Day 2002 on top of the cell.

Bodies have been broken.

"The Game" is now on the receiving end of a Spinebuster from Batista onto the steel steps inside the cell.

Careers have been shortened.

Randy Orton dives off of the top rope and puts The Undertaker through a table; Taker then Tombstones "The Legend Killer".

Lives have been changed...

Mick Foley is put through the top of the cell by Taker; and then again by Triple H.

for the worse.

Sheamus and Randy Orton walk down to the ring for their match last year; Orton RKOs Sheamus ontop the steps for the win.

But only one thing will be guaranteed...

The Undertaker sends Mick Foley flying off of the top of the cell and crashing through the announce table.


OCTOBER 2, 2011


The Albany crowd becomes UNGLUED at the sound of the familiar opening chimes of ‘My Time is Now’, and sure enough, John Cena comes charging out onto the stage, full of energy as always! Cena comes right up close to the camera and says “Special Delivery for R-Truth! You suck!” before winking at the camera and storming down the ramp in true Cena style.

Michael Cole: Well here is one man that can’t be happy about last night’s events; John Cena eliminated his opponent tonight, R-Truth, and as he was about to make The Miz tap out, Truth came back into the ring and The Awesome Truth planted Cena with that sick Little Jimmy Finale, allowing Alberto Del Rio to come in and steal the pin on Cena.

Jerry Lawler: And that is the kind of example that our WWE Champion is setting? He couldn’t win anything by himself without any help!

Michael Cole: Well Alberto Del Rio is going to step into Hell in a Cell in less than two weeks time, so we’ll all get to see how he copes in that environment. Although who his challenger will be is still unknown.

Jerry Lawler: Well I think a good performance here tonight from John Cena could put him right into contention for a WWE Title shot.

Cena slides into the ring and runs against the ropes before launching his cap into the WWE Universe; he laughs at two young boys that start brawling with each other over it so he throws in one of his arm bands to settle the dispute. He removes his shirt and also gives it to the crowd, the women all scream as he does. Cena does one final pose before he breaks into some last minute stretches as his music fades away.


The fans meet the arrival of R-Truth with some loud heat, and he is out here alone without any LA members. He shakes his head and talks to himself as Cena looks on with a look of confusion on his face. Truth starts slapping the side of his head before he jumps out and scares the living shit out of a little boy in the front row before calling him “Little Jimmy” and laughing.

Michael Cole: Well we already know that this man is going to be in action at Hell in a Cell where he teams up with his tag team partner The Miz to take on CM Punk and Kofi Kingston.

Jerry Lawler: That match has the potential to steal the show at Hell in a Cell as all four men are extremely talented in that ring.

Michael Cole: Well we have R-Truth facing off against one of the most talented Superstars in WWE history in John Cena... that match is right after this short commercial break.

*Commercial *
Main Event:
John Cena vs R-Truth

We join the match after the commercial, and it has been all Cena so far. He currently has Truth in the corner and is working away on him with some right and left hands in a flurry to Truth’s midsection. Cena Irish Whips Truth into the corner opposite with so much power that Truth bounces off of the turnbuckle and back into the centre of the ring, only for Cena to charge at him; taking his head off with a Clothesline! Truth hits the deck hard and Cena shows the Word Life symbols ups to the crowd to a big pop, and he waits on Truth to get back up to his feet again, and when he does he’s hoisted up for the Attitude Ajustment-NO! Truth slides off of Cena’s back and then cracks Cena with a right hand to the face! Cena is only slightly knocked back so Truth goes in for another one and he slaps the taste out of Cena’s mouth again that knocks him back again into the ropes, and Cena comes back off of the ropes only to be met with a Hip Toss from Truth! Cena is in a seated position on the mat, holding his tailbone, but R-Truth has no sympathy as he runs against the ropes and goes in with a dropkick down low to Cena’s face! Cena is sprawled out on the mat and Truth hooks the leg! One...Two...Cena slides the shoulder up!! Truth’s face is a picture of anger, and he springs back up to his feet, and sees that Cena is getting back up too, but Truth connects with a boot right to Cena’s face that knocks him back to the mat. Truth then does a little shuffle with his legs and brings it up into his arms with a bit of body popping; the fans boo the theatrics, but the heat only increases as Truth bends over and says “You can’t see me!” to Cena! Truth jumps into the air and drops a huge leg across Cena’s throat!

Cena’s legs comically fly up into the air after that move and Truth is back up once again leaving Cena spluttering down on the mat with his hand around his throat trying to get some air. In no mood to let Cena breath, Truth quickly slaps on a rear headlock that quickly starts to seep down Cena’s reserves, and the Cenation Leader quickly starts to wear down. Cena’s arms go limp as he is temporarily forced to give up trying to break the hold that Truth has locked in tightly. Truth around as the colour in Cena’s face starts to turn into a light shade of purple indicating that the supply of oxygen is cutting down. The referee has no choice but to grab Cena’s arm and he drops it; with it landing right down on the canvas! Ref now repeats the procedure, and again Cena’s arm flails back down onto the mat. The younger fans start to get worried and a “LETS GO CENA” chant kicks out in the arena, and is quickly met as usual by the “CENA SUCKS”. The ref now raises Cena’s arm for a third time... he drops it... but Cena stops it just before it hits the mat! The warring chants start to fire up the 9-time WWE Champion and Cena starts raising to his feet, and he elbow Truth in the gut that causes the hold to be broken!

Cena quickly runs against the ropes and flies at Truth; taking him down with a huge Flying Shoulder Block! This is met from a mixed reaction whilst Cena doesn’t break stride and rebounds off of the ropes again before taking Truth out once more! Cena beats his chest as Truth starts getting back up quickly. Truth swings but Cena ducks it and elevates him up... Spin Out Powerbomb! Truth is planted in the centre of the ring in a rather convenient place for Cena! The Leader of the Cenation though collapses onto the ropes for a second to tend to his neck and he moves it around a little before returning to R-Truth, and he raises his hand high into the air... YOU CAN’T SEE ME! Cena runs against the ropes, but R-Truth jumps back up and nails Cena with the Lie Detector!! Cena took too long and Truth was able to recover in time to take Cena by surprise. Truth into the cover! One...Two...Thr-NO! Truth pounds the mat in frustration and he now gets up to his feet as Cena starts to slowly make his way back up to a vertical base. Cena is up on his feet, and Truth jumps in... Little Jimmy!-NO! Cena pushes Truth away, but Truth rolls through straight away and ducks an attempted clothesline from Cena. John turns around and Truth kicks him in the gut; doubling him over. Truth now runs towards the ropes, and he comes back in looking for the Axe Kick... Cena counters... right into a Fireman’s Carry!! The fans go wild as Truth is up on Cena’s shoulders... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!! Cent plants R-Truth down into the mat, and he quickly turns Truth over onto his front... and locks in the STF!! The WWE Universe cheers loudly as Cena cranks back on Truth’s neck... so the Conspiracy Theorist taps!!

Winner: John Cena (11.07)


The fans pop loudly for Cena’s victory, and Cena rises up and has his arms raised by the referee; not even noticing that it isn’t his music playing. The fans start to boo which causes Cena to look towards the stage and he sees that the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio is standing at the top of the ramp with his title over his shoulder and Ricardo Rodriguez standing next to him. Cena cracks a small smile as he stares at the man he’s wanted to see all night. Del Rio has a microphone and he waits for his music to cut out and for the fans to quieten down a little.

Alberto Del Rio: John, great match just then, bravo (sarcastically clapping); I really learnt a lot from it... But ju know why I’m here!

Del Rio uses his free arm to point right at Cena in the ring.

Alberto Del Rio: Ju’ve been going on and on all night that ju have something to say, and ju told me to be out here after your match. Here I am.

Cena walks over to the far side of the ring where he is passed a microphone from Justin Roberts. He wipes a few beads of sweat off of his brow, and he speaks still panting a little bit.

John Cena: Thanks, Berty... I’m glad that you made it out here, because you really need to hear what I’ve got to say.

Cena now reaches into his jorts pocket and pulls out a piece of paper that he quickly unravels and holds up.

John Cena: This... is my WWE Contract. In this contract it states that should I become WWE Champion and lose the title, that I am entitled to a one on one rematch for the WWE Championship against the WWE Champion... which is you if you haven’t already realised, Berty.

The fans pop as they can see where Cena is going with this.

John Cena: So as I lost the WWE Championship to CM Punk at Summerslam, and I have yet to receive my rematch... I’m thinking what better time to activate my rematch clause in less than two weeks time... at HELL IN A CELL!

A big pop and Del Rio looks a picture of anger.

John Cena: So Berty... it’s going to be the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio versus John Cena for the WWE Championship inside the HELL IN A CELL!! And let me make one thing perfectly clear Berty; after Hell in a Cell... The Champ will be HERE!!!


Cena slams his microphone into the ground and raises his arms in the air to a massive pop from the fans. Rodriguez is having a hissy fit on the stage around Del Rio as the champion stands there staring a hole through Cena, who is now leaning against the ropes pointing at the men on the stage and motioning around his waist that he wants the WWE Title.

Michael Cole: Oh my! What an announcement from John Cena! It’s going to be Cena vs Del Rio inside Hell in a Cell!

Jerry Lawler: The situation between these two men has almost reached boiling point and we’re going to see them step inside that hellacious structure in less than two weeks! What a way to end the show!

Michael Cole: We’re all shocked here in the Times Union Center, but that is all we have time for this week folks. I’ve been Michael Cole, good night!

Jerry Lawler: So you’re doing this to me now as well as the Smackdown guys?

Del Rio defiantly holds the WWE Title high above his head as Cena plays to the crowd; the two men’s eyes making contact for the final time as Raw fades to black...



Quick Results:

The Odd Couple def. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty
Brodus Clay def. Rey Mysterio
CM Punk No Contest Kofi Kingston
Jack Swagger & Curt Hawkins def. Zack Ryder & Primo
John Cena def. R-Truth


OCTOBER 2, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Hell in a Cell

Alberto Del Rio © vs John Cena

The Awesome Truth vs CM Punk & Kofi Kingston
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Alright. Great start to the show. You didn't drag it on and left it so that I would keep reading on. You did capture Lauranitis's personality.

Upset win! I thought this team was not so good, based on their skills alone...their gimmicks were another thing. Anyways I hope you revive the tag division. Well-written for an opening match.

Solid Interview to further hype Cena. Striker was always a good interviewer. Also, good divas segment. I'm getting into this show late but with a few more posts on your end that I will be reading in the future and I will be up-to-date.

As for criticism -boo- so personally I thought that the matches of Brodus Clay and Rey; and DZP vs Swagger and Curt Hawkins. If not then switch the tag team championship match with the other tag team match. Idk, im really picky with a show's progression.

Realistically, that impact Rey took and the way you wrote it, Rey won't be on next week's RAW. I could see him on that spot though.

Took me a while but I read the CM Punk vs Kofi . (rooting for Kofi on that one) but that team of Truth and Punk is getting annoying which means they are great heels, as I wanted a legitimate ending.

So Truth got what he deserved and by tapping out. Too bad Del Rio ruined Cena's celebration but I now see where this fued is going (and what the feuds are)

Overall, phenomenal show. Font was exceptional and nothing was really bad about the format. The way the matches were lined up is a bit questionable to me though. MOTN - Rey v Brodus


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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

A Nightmare Review:

Alright TWG, Don't have a ton of free time right now so this review will be just a bit short but i'll try to touch upon the important things with it but forgive me if I miss something.

One thing I didn't like was no Kevin Nash on RAW this week, If he can get into the arena to attack Punk why not have him at least give some sort of reason for his attacks? This could easily turn into Punk vs whoever hired Nash and thats fine but you gotta keep Nash somewhat involved for now.

The (re)debut of Brodus Clay and you make him a monster heel! Glad you took that route I always enjoyed him in that role and the fact he took out a HUGE name in his first night back makes me think he has a very bright future here, Next week he faces Evan oh wow poor Evan if Rey couldn't stop Clay I don't think Evan can either.

Solid tag title match, Another one next week not sure how I feel about that I think it would have been better to set up Awesome Truth for a tag title match at HIAC but whatever lets see if they win the tag belts its hard to say what will happen either way.

Drew joining up with Dolph...Well at least for now seems like he may make a quick face turn at HIAC, I just can't see him laying down for Dolph in a big time title match but yet if he does turn face this whole him joining up with Dolph thing would end up being pointless.

Kelly Kelly thinking about quitting maybe? Hmnm...That seems odd just because the buffalo fans hated her at Night Of Champions but maybe this is the beginning of a good storyline or a one off thing have to wait and see I guess.

Cena getting a title match at HIAC, I must say I don't have much interest in Cena vs Del Rio at all but maybe with it taking place in the Cell it will turn into a good brutal match, Just make sure you make the cell itself important which is something WWE hasn't done in a long time.

Overall another good show keep it up!

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