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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Monday Night Raw Preview
12 September 2011
Bell Centre – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Tonight, six nights before Night of Champions this Sunday, Monday Night Raw comes from one of the arena which is the home of the Montreal Screwjob; the most infamous event in the history of the WWE. We can hope that we won't see something similar happen tonight in Montreal, but as the saying goes - anything can happen in the WWE!

One thing that we are sure will happen is that in a rematch from last week, two former WWE Champions, CM Punk and The Miz, will lock horns in the main event. But this match is going to be a Lumberjack Match... and the Lumberjacks? The other four men that are going to be competing for the WWE Championship this Sunday! WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, John Cena, Kofi Kingston and The Miz' tag team partner, R-Truth, are all going to be at ringside to avoid, or most likely cause, chaos! The past two weeks in a row, The Miz has been able to pin Punk following a Skull Crushing Finale, but both times have been down to John Laurinaitis; the NEW Raw General Manager! "Big Johnny" revealed his new position last week at the end of the broadcast, much to the dismay of the COO of the WWE, Triple H. "The Boss" was unable to be reached for comment but did say that he WILL be in Montreal for Raw, and as for the New GM, he is set to open the show to desribe his plans for the red brand moving forward into the future.

In a rematch from three weeks ago, the number one contender to the United States Championship, Rey Mysterio, will take on "The Sinister Scotsman" Drew McIntyre. Last time out, Mysterio got the victory, to bolster his claims for a match for the US Title against Dolph Ziggler this Sunday; which he eventually received. With McIntyre trying to gain a place under the wing of Ziggler's manager, Vickie Guerrero, as well as Mysterio looking to send a message to his Night of Champions opponent, we know that Ziggler and the devious Guerrero will have a lot of interest in this match.

In a brutal attack during their match last week, Jack Swagger injured Primo, a former tag team partner, but still friend of his rival, Zack Ryder. Primo was taken to a local medical facility in Tacoma for injuries on his ankle. Tonight, we will provide an update on Primo's condition. Swagger tonight takes on another one of Ryder's former partners, and the man that Swagger won the WWE Tag Team Championships with; Curt Hawkins! Also, will Ryder be looking for revenge after last week?

Last week, a heated confrontation between the Tag Team Champions, David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty, and Raw ring announcer Jerry "The King" Lawler ended in near chaos as Lawler and Otunga agreed to face off tonight in Montreal. Will Lawler teach the "boring" champion a lesson? Or will Otunga be able to get some revenge on the slanderous announcer?

Looking to continue his roll as of late, Alex Riley takes on the formidable Tyler Reks!

Confirmed for Monday Night Raw:

Lumberjack Match:
The Miz vs CM Punk

John Laurinaitis to open the show

Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre

Jack Swagger vs Curt Hawkins

Jerry Lawler vs David Otunga

Alex Riley vs Tyler Reks

Plus; Alberto Del Rio, John Cena, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, Natalya & Triple H!!!
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Definitely liking the ways things are looking. Obviously am catching the thread pretty late into the mix, so just going to go ahead and drop predictions for the coming RAW.

The Miz vs CM Punk
Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger vs Curt Hawkins
Jerry Lawler vs David Otunga
Alex Riley vs Tyler Reks

I'm not usually super picky about things and never make comments like this, but please... PLEASE don't put Lawler over Otunga... hahaha. Other than that, looks like a pretty solid show. Looking forward to seeing Laurinaitus and Triple H bump heads as well. I never could stand that asshole. Haha.

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

I haven't read much of this thread, but I suppose the next RAW is as good as place as any to start. The preview done it's job and you've got a good card lined up. Expecting the main event to be utter chaos with the Lumberjack stipulation. Not a fan of Laurentitis but hopefully you'll make the most of him. Drew and Rey should be a good match, along with Hawkins and Swagger. Looking forward to the show.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Monday Night Raw
12 September 2011
Bell Centre - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

There is no opening video package this week, as we cut right into one of the most famous buildings in wrestling history to the buzzing capacity Montreal crowd... but they are all booing for some reason? The camera cuts to the ring and we see that the NEW Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis is standing in the centre of the ring, and he is flanked by his “Personal Security” The Awesome Truth! Laurinaitis stands there stoically as Miz and Truth fight off their urges to abuse the crowd. Johnny and Miz are in suits, whilst Truth is dressed in his usual street clothes. Laurinaitis has a microphone in his hand, and he prepares to speak.

John Laurinaitis: My name is John Laurinaitis, and I am the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and as of last week, the Permanent General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

HEAT; the crowd aren’t happy but Awesome Truth start applauding their boss.

John Laurinaitis: Last week I shocked the world when I announced that this show will forever be under my control; and I modified the WWE Championship Match at Night of Champions into an Elimination Match. A match that one of my two Personal Security members will walk out of as the WWE Champion.

The crowd boos once more as Miz and Truth nod their heads and smile.

John Laurinaitis: And tonight, The Miz here will repeat history from last week and he will beat CM Punk tonight and make sure that he does not even make it to Night of Champions.

The fans boo again.

John Laurinaitis: Because when one of my boys, Miz or R-Truth becomes the WWE Champion; The John Laurinaitis Era will officially begin here on Monday Night Raw. I am going to revolutionize what you see each week here on Raw, and it is no secret that I am much better at putting a show together than anyone else that has ever been in charge of this show... especially Triple H.

There is a LOUD pop for the mention of “The Game”

John Laurinaitis: Because I am now the Permanent General Manager of Raw, I don’t have to take orders from Triple H when I am on MY show. I can do what I want, and I can say what I want, so Triple H, get down here-


The WWE Universe EXPLODES, as CM PUNK walks out onto the stage to a massive ovation! Laurinaitis looks fuming in the ring, as he wanted Triple H. Miz and Truth move for the first time since the show started when they approach the ropes nearest the ramp and scream abuse at Punk as he walks down to the ring. Punk wears his “Best in the World” T-shirt and he grabs a microphone as he walks into the ring. Cult of Personality fades out, which causes the “CM PUNK” chant to increase in volume. Punk goes to speak, but he is cut off by the Montreal faithful. Finally, after a small motion of the hands, Punk has the crowd down to a speakable level.

CM Punk:Before-

John Laurinaitis: What the hell are you doing here? I asked for Triple H-

CM Punk: First of all... shut up, your voice is making my throat hurt in empathy.

The fans laugh as Johnny recoils back and frowns.

CM Punk: I actually came out here to congratulate you on your new job! Permanent Raw General Manager, well done Funkman! But I think from what you’ve already said so far tonight- your first full night in charge- is grounds for dismissal!

Laurinaitis is confused, as the fans pop again.

CM Punk: Oh, you don’t know what I’m referring to; so far in your tenure as General Manager, you’ve shown blatant favouritism! As Vice President of Talent Relations-

John Laurinaitis: Executive Vice President of Talent Relations.

The fans boo as all three of the “Laurinaitis Administration” smugly grins at Punk.

CM Punk: Fine, as the Talent Relations guy, you should know that this is not acceptable as a WWE Authority Figure. Since you’ve got here, you’ve tried your best to cost me the WWE Championship, make me lose matches, I know you’re the one who set Kevin Nash on me... you even said it yourself that I am not the kind of champion that you want around here! So that is why you’re worst nightmare is going to come alive this Sunday, because I am going to walk out of Night of Champions with the W-W-E Championship!

Punk glares defiantly at the three men with the WWE Universe fully behind him.

CM Punk: And Miz, tonight, with the even playing field in our match, you’re not going to beat me again. I’m going to put you to sleep, and if you wake up in time for the Six-Pack Challenge this Sunday; I am going to put you to sleep AGAIN and ELIMINATE you from the match.

The fans pop again, and Miz pulls one of his trademark scowls before Laurinaitis offers him his microphone.

The Miz: You’re going to beat me tonight and at the Pay-Per-View? Really, Punk? Really?


CM Punk: Yeah Miz, Really!

The Miz: Really, is that so? Well let me tell you this, Punk; what is actually going to happen. Tonight, I am going to hit you with a Skull Crushing Finale and then pin you one-two-three, like I have for two weeks in a row now. And then on Sunday, in the Six-Pack Challenge, I am going to personally make sure that you do not walk out of that match as the WWE Champion.

The fans boo, and Punk pulls a funny face at the camera.

The Miz: Either R-Truth or myself is going to become WWE Champion this Sunday; because we’ve said all along that we are going to work together and we will make sure that we are the last two men remaining in that match and then we’ll just let the best man win.

Truth nods his head and bumps Miz on the arm to show solidarity.

The Miz: See, you and Kofi Kingston may have this little alliance going on for now to try and neutralize us; but everybody knows that you are both a couple of weasels.


The Miz: Neither of you just cannot wait to stab the other in the back and when you do; you can guarantee that we will be there to pick the bones and end you.

Miz hands the microphone back to Laurinaitis, but before the GM can speak, Punk is back in.

CM Punk: That was really cute, Miz. Tonight is going to be an even playing field, because yeah, I’ll have Kofi Kingston in my corner, and I’m sure John Cena would rather want to help me than see you’re stupid face win tonight.

Punk then turns his attention to Laurinaitis.

CM Punk: But Miz let us not forget the reason that you’ve beaten me two weeks in a row now. The reason is because you’ve had a little help, haven’t you?

Laurinaitis remains looking constipated as the fans boo.

CM Punk: You’ve had Funkman here do your dirty work and you’ve used it to your advantage. So Johnny, I’ll give you a little tip; you want to really be back there, and not here in my ring. You’re a businessman and you want no part of what happens out here. So I kindly suggest that you get your pompous ass out of this arena and back to Stamford where you belong!

The fans are shocked at Punk’s verbal tirade, and Laurinaitis’ face goes a dark shade of red. Punk stares at the GM right in the face, and Laurinaitis slowly raises his microphone up to his lips.

John Laurinaitis: As I am the Permanent Raw General Manager as well as the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, I now have enough power to do something that I have wanted to do ever since I came to Raw.

Laurinaitis fixes his tie a little bit, and there is some heat in the arena as some fans have clicked on.

John Laurinaitis: CM Punk... You’re f-


Punk’s face quickly transitions into that trademark smile, as Laurinaitis is cut off mid word! Everyone but Punk and Laurinaitis turn to the stage, because TRIPLE H marches out from the curtain! “The Game” starts marching down the ramp, and he keeps an eye on everyone in the ring and he, like Laurinaitis last week, is carrying a piece of paper to the ring with him. Triple H grabs a mic as he climbs up the steps and enters the ever growing amount of people in the ring.

Triple H: Well John, if I was not mistaken... you were about to fire one of the top Superstars on Raw.

The fans give a mixed reaction for that.

John Laurinaitis: I am the Executive Vice President-

Triple H: But here’s the thing... I got this letter from the WWE Board of Directors over the weekend, and they told me I had to tell you something. Shall I read the letter I got?


Triple H: Okay... “Mr Helmsley, we would appreciate if you were able to attend Monday Night Raw in Montreal this Monday night as we have an important announcement that we would like you to inform the new Raw General Manager, John Laurinaitis. As a Board, we do not feel that our employees should feel like they have too much of a burden each day when they come to work. So as Chief Operating Officer, we would like you to inform Mr Laurinaitis that as effective of right now, he is no longer the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and solely the Raw General Manager. Thank you.”

THE FANS EXPLODE!! Laurinaitis is stunned, and Punk’s smiles calmly at the announcement, drawing an even angrier reaction from the GM.

Triple H: So in short... you don’t have the power to fire people anymore! The only person that has the power to fire or hire any WWE Superstar is me; because I’m The Boss.


The fans are going wild after that blockbuster start to the show, and Triple H turns around to exit the ring, but he makes sure to shake hands with CM Punk first. The “Voice of the Voiceless” continues to smile at Team Johnny as the three men look stunned at that turn of events. Triple H walks up the ramp and looks back to the ring with a broad smile on his face.

Michael Cole: What a start to Raw! There’s so much to take in! I’m Michael Cole once again alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler, and King, what a start to the show!

Jerry Lawler: You’re right! CM Punk and The Miz almost came to blows, and then John Laurinaitis was about to fire CM Punk!

Michael Cole: But then the COO, Triple H, announced that John Laurinaitis is no longer in charge of Talent Relations, so he can’t fire anybody! Ladies and gentlemen, that was just the start of a fantastic night of action we have in store for your tonight; please stay tuned to Monday Night Raw!

*Commercial Break*


There is some moderate heat in the arena, but a few small cheers mixed in too, as Drew McIntyre walks out onto the stage, and he looks extremely determined as he walks down the ramp and towards the ring. Michael Cole chirps up and says that Drew has reportedly been given just one more chance tonight to impress Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler to secure Guerrero’s management services which he seems to think will steer his career onto the right track. Drew Mac ignores the fans completely as he walks up the steps and enters the ring. He does a small taunt with his hands up in the air and turns his head towards the stage as he motions for his opponent to hurry up.


The fans go crazy for Rey Mysterio, who walks out onto the stage looking almost as focused as McIntyre, because the veteran knows that he has to be careful tonight ahead of his big match on Sunday for the United States Championship. Mysterio lets off his pyro on both sides of the stage before walking down the ramp. He touches his head against all of the other Rey Mysterio masks in the front rows, and hands his over-mask to a young boy in a Mysterio mask. Mysterio then slides into the ring and mounts the nearest turnbuckle; posing for the fans, and he walks across the ring and does the same much to McIntyre’s annoyance. Mysterio hops down and his music fades away, with the lights returning to normal. The referee is about ready to ring the bell when...


The fans descend into a massive amount of heat, as the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler walks out onto the stage, along with Vickie Guerrero! The manager-champion combination makes their way down to the ring, much to Mysterio’s annoyance but McIntyre’s delight. Ziggler has a broad smirk on his face as he can clearly see that he has unsettled Mysterio. As Ziggler and Guerrero reach the bottom of the ramp, the referee asks what they are doing, and Ziggler quickly replies with “Just watching, carry on!” and a hand movement, and he shouts “Come on, Drew!”, which causes his challenger this Sunday to stare at him as the bell rings.

Michael Cole: It seems we have an extra spectator here tonight for this match; the United States Champion Dolph Ziggler! Possibly to do a little extra scouting for Night of Champions?

Jerry Lawler: Well I just hope that Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero remain as just spectators for this match!

Match One:
Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntyre w/ Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero

Mysterio is eyeballing Ziggler as the bell rings which allows McIntyre to run in and tackle Mysterio; sending Rey crashing into the corner! The fans boo as McIntyre wastes no time in trying to avenge his loss three weeks ago, by putting stiff boots to Mysterio’s chest and abdomen, trying to stomp Mysterio right down into the corner. Charles Robinson comes and pulls McIntyre away as Ziggler smiles intently on at the suffering Mysterio. Drew goes to pick Mysterio up out of the corner, but the Master of the 619 kicks McIntyre in the mid section, which causes Drew to keel over; Mysterio gets to his feet and comes in with a Hurracanrana! The fans pop as McIntyre is flipped over, and Drew gets back to his feet -a little shaken- and leans on the ropes for some support. Mysterio now runs in, but Drew sees it coming and ELEVATES Mysterio over the top rope... but Rey lands on the apron! McIntyre goes for a right hand, but Rey ducks it, and he shoulders McIntyre in the gut, and then slingshots himself over the ropes... and into a Sunset Flip! One...Two...Drew slides the shoulder up! McIntyre quickly gets back up to his knees and looks on in shock as he was almost beaten early on by Mysterio!

Rey gets back up, and he runs at McIntyre again; Drew goes for a right hand but Rey ducks it and carries on his run... and he cracks off another Hurracanrana, this one sending McIntyre landing across the middle rope! The fans pop, and Mysterio holds his arm in the air, and rebounds off of the opposite ropes... 619-NO! McIntyre saw sense and ducked out of the ring! The fans boo, as Rey wildly swings and misses, but as soon as Mysterio lands on the mat... Drew pulls his legs and Mysterio faceplants onto the ring mat! The fans groan, as Mysterio slaps onto his front... but McIntyre has kept hold of his legs, and PULLS him out of the ring... Mysterio landing on his chest on the floor!!! Ziggler is like “Owh Sh*t!” at ringside, as he shares a laugh with Vickie Guerrero; McIntyre doing one of those sinister smiles of his. Mysterio lays in a heap on the ring floor, and McIntyre seems like he is not done with Mysterio just yet, as he picks the Ultimate Underdog back up to his feet... and sends him like a MISSILE INTO THE STEEL STEPS!!! The top half of the steps comes clean off as Mysterio crashes back first into them, and McIntyre wears a deep scowl and picks Mysterio up, and rolls him back into the ring. Drew follows him in, and goes for a pin on the worn down Mysterio! One...Two...Thr-Rey kicks out!!

The number one contender to the US Title stays resilient as usual, and Mysterio tries his best to get up quickly, but McIntyre is right back on him, and he hooks Mysterio up for a Snap Suplex!! Mysterio’s back arches as McIntyre seems to have found the area that he wants to work on. He doesn’t give Rey the chance to regain his composure, as he promptly picks Rey up, and shoves him into the turnbuckle chest first, and Rey stumbles out backwards, and McIntyre cracks him with a forearm to the back! Mysterio crumples from that shot, and Ziggler is seen loving it at ringside as expected. McIntyre now brings Rey back up, and pushes him against the ropes, and when Rey comes back, he tries to Hurracanrana his way out of it again, but McIntyre turns it into a TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!! The fans groan, as Mysterio’s back is crunched again, and this time, Drew goes in for a cover...One...Two..Thr-NO!! Mysterio kicks out again! McIntyre is beside himself, and he springs back up to his feet, and screams “Time to end this!” and he raises Mysterio back up, and gets the Double Underhooks hooked in, and he kicks his leg back... FUTURE SHOCK-NO!! Mysterio manages to stay on his feet and wriggle out as McIntyre falls onto his back, and when Drew sits back up afterwards, Mysterio creams him with a kick to the side of the head!! The fans go wild, as Mysterio favours his back right after the move and waits for Drew to get back up.

McIntyre gets back up to one knee, and Rey drills him in the side of the head with a right hand , and runs off of the ropes, and he goes for another Hurracanrana, and sends McIntyre’s face right into the ring mat!! Drew holds his nose in pain, and Mysterio is quick to go back to holding his back again, and it causes him to waste a little time as he goes down for the cover...One...Two...McIntyre kicks out!! Rey looks frustrated as he has to use his hand to support his back before he is able to get up to his feet. Rey gives Ziggler a long stare, before he starts to walk towards the corner, and he takes his time to climb up the turnbuckle. Rey gets onto the second rope, but McIntye has already recovered, and he comes in with a clubbing blow to Mysterio’s hurt back which causes Rey to yelp in pain. McIntyre climbs up onto the bottom rope and attempts to hook up a back Suplex attempt, but Mysterio connects with an elbow to the face that knocks McIntyre back down. Mysterio turns around, and he grabs McIntyre’s head... and drops him with a TORNADO DDT!!! The fans go wild, as McIntyre’s head BOUNCES off of the mat, and the impact sends him sprawling across the ring and he ends up with his head draped over the middle rope!! The fans are in fever pitch as they know what is coming, and Rey is forced to take his time getting up again, and he then sees McIntyre and points at him to a huge pop from the fans... but they start booing, because VICKIE GUERRERO IS ON THE APRON!! Guerrero catches the referee’s attention by grabbing his shirt and almost pulling him out of the ring. Mysterio walks over to see what is happening, but the fans are buzzing... ZIG ZAG!!! Ziggler snuck into the ring during the distraction and he levels his challenger this Sunday with a mighty ZIg Zag!! Ziggler grabs the Clientele hopeful McIntyre and pulls him onto Mysterio, before grabbing his title and exiting the ring and making his way up the ramp! Guerrero hops down off of the apron, and Robinson turns back to see McIntyre hooking the leg...One...Two...THREE!!! McIntyre beats Mysterio!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre (8.16)


The fans boo the hell out of the result, and McIntyre slowly gets back up his feet, holding his head; and he is ecstatic!! McIntyre shows more emotion than we have ever seen from him, and he is literally jumping for joy around the ring!! The Scotsman then notices that Ziggler and Guerrero are watching him so he calms it down a lot, but it still visibly happy. Mysterio lays on the mat, not sure where he is, but after a few seconds, he realises what happens, and pounds the mat in anger, as he sees the grinning United States Champion looking back down on him from the top of the ramp.

Michael Cole: What a win for Drew McIntyre; he just beat Rey Mysterio!

Jerry Lawler: Well I think it is fair to say that McIntyre didn’t get that win all by himself; Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero played their part, and cost Rey the match. That is something Mysterio knows he will have to try and watch out for this Sunday!

Michael Cole: Even though I am a fan of both Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero, I will agree with you there, King; Vickie Guerrero is going to be a deciding factor this Sunday for sure.

*Commercial Break*

Back to Raw, and we find ourselves in the interview set, and the temporary Raw Backstage Interviewer Matt Striker stands in the set, and he seems as ecstatic as usual.

Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am extremely honoured to be joined by my guest at this time... John Cena.

With that, there is a loud mixed reaction (mainly cheers) as John Cena walks into the shot, and after the events of last week, the Cenation Commander-in-Cheif isn’t in the best of moods.

John Cena: Matt, I know you probably have a question for me, but if you don’t mind I’d like to just do my own thing here... Alberto Del Rio, or Berty as I like to more affectionately call you... last week, we had a match, and all you did was prove what everyone thought ; you can’t beat me.

The fans are split over that, and Cena is in no mood for joking around tonight.

John Cena: You used a steel pipe to strike me in the arm and then pin me... where I’m from people don’t roll like that. If you wanna fight me as badly as you make out, you better start learnin’ to play by the rules. I have my three main values; Hustle. Loyalty. Respect.

Cena removes his hat.

John Cena: My code means that I don’t play dirty and I don’t break the rules, and I don’t have a stupid little monkey of a man help me win my matches! Berty, all you proved last week was that you can’t get it done by yourself. At Summerslam, you cashed in after Kevin Nash as well as myself had beaten CM Punk down, on Raw the next night, you only retained that championship because of Kevin Nash... and last week, you only beat me because of Ricardo Rodriguez and a steel pipe.

The fans seem to be buying what Cena is saying, and they greet his comments with heat.

John Cena: I’ve won the WWE Championship nine times in my career, and you spit on the tradition of the WWE Championship and everyone else that has ever held it when you don’t defend that championship with pride and dignity.... so that is why I’m going to have no problem taking that championship off of you this Sunday.

The fans let out a small pop, and Cena gives Striker a nod before briskly making his way out of the set.

Michael Cole: Welcome back, folks. As many of you would have saw last week, Jack Swagger was set to go one on one with his rival, Zack Ryder’s, good friend, Primo. After winning the match, Swagger locked in his Ankle Lock submission without remorse and he sprained Primo’s ankle as a result of that assault.

Jerry Lawler: It made for very uncomfortable watching, but we’ve found out that the injuries suffered by Primo were not as bad as first thought and he will be back on Raw next week; great news to hear, Michael.

Michael Cole: Well, Jack Swagger is set to take on another close friend of Zack Ryder tonight, Curt Hawkins! Ryder and Hawkins are of course former Tag Team Champions, King!

The camera cuts to Curt Hawkins standing in the ring and he gets a small pop for the fans as he looks focused for this match.


There is severely loud heat from the Montreal fans, as Jack Swagger stomps onto the stage, roaring at the WWE Universe. He is draped in an American Flag, which also intensifies the heat he is getting from the fans. Swags has a cocky grin on his face as he walks down the aisle, and he drapes the American Flag over the ring ropes as he enters the ring. He holds his arms out to absorb the masses of heat being poured onto him.

Match Two:
Curt Hawkins vs Jack Swagger

The bell rings, and both men approach the centre of the ring, ready to grapple. Hawkins goes in but Swagger dodges and takes him down from behind and plants him on the mat. Swagger slaps Hawkins in the back of the head which seems to rile Hawkins up, who springs to his feet. Hawkins talks some smack to Swagger but then gets smashed in the face with a right hand!! Hawkins stumbles against the ropes, and Swagger runs in and clotheslines him over the top rope! Hawkins crashes to the floor, and the referee desperately tries to prevent Swagger from going outside the ring and following up. The ref threatens to DQ Swagger, which allows Hawkins to get back to his feet on the outside. Curt climbs onto the apron, but Swagger is already on him and launches him back into the ring!!

Swagger brings Hawkins back up to his feet and shoves him into the corner. Swagger takes a few steps back and comes in with a shoulder block to the mid section; taking the life out of Hawkins! Swagger grabs onto Hawkins around his waist and lifts him up, and runs across the ring with Hawkins on his shoulder and rams him into the opposite corner! Swagger lets go this time, and connects with a boot to the mid section this time, and he brings him down into the canvas with a Scoop Slam! Swagger places Hawkins adjacent to the turnbuckle, and walks across the ring, and he runs back in and bounces off of the turnbuckles with a SWAGGER BOMB!!! The fans boo, and Swagger gets up to his feet and stands with his arms out as if he is absorbing the heat being poured onto him by the fans.

Swagger walks back over to the hurt Hawkins in the corner and he grabs a handful of hair and drags Hawkins towards the centre of the ring before grabbing him around the waist. Swagger looks around into the crowd with a sick smile, and the fans start booing... but there are HUGE cheers because ZACK RYDER IS CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP!!! The fans go ballistic and Swagger lets Hawkins slump to the floor... Ryder slides in and starts unloading right hands all over Swagger! The referee has no choice but to call for the bell!

Winner: Jack Swagger via Disqualification (3.21)

Ryder takes Swagger down and starts laying into the All-American American with right and left hands to the face!! The referee just gets the hell out of the ring as Ryder gets up and tears his vest off and throws it at Swagger! The fans are in anticipation now as Ryder bounces up and down and he is measuring Swagger! Swagger starts to get back to his feet and he sees the oncoming Ryder and ROLLS OUT OF THE RING!! The WWE Universe start booing again as Swagger chickens out and dodges Zack Ryder for a third week in a row! Ryder starts shouting at Swagger to be a man and get into the ring, before giving up and checking that Hawkins is okay. Swagger starts to walk around the ring and to the bottom of the ramp as Ryder brings his former tag team partner up to his feet in the ring. Hawkins and Ryder bump fists and Ryder then walks towards the ropes and is a few feet away from Swagger and the two rivals exchange fierce stares at each other but then Swagger starts smiling? Ryder looks confused but Jack tells him to turn around-BAM! Hawkins takes out Ryder from behind!!! The fans are confused and they start to shower Hawkins with heat as he begins to pound away on Ryder; the man that just saved him! Swagger wears a giant grin as he now slides back into the ring! Swagger orders for Hawkins to hold Ryder up and Swagger boots Ryder in the gut, and grabs him around the waist. Hawkins looks on in anticipation and the WWE Universe continue their jeering as Ryder gets planted with a GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB TO ZACK RYDER!!!


Ryder and Hawkins stand over Ryder’s laid out body, and they look at each other, and Hawkins raises Swagger’s hand! The fans go crazy with the boos towards these two men as Ryder lays motionless in the centre of the ring. Hawkins puts one more boot into Ryder before these two allies leave the ring and go up the ramp; looking back and smiling at the damage they have done.

Jerry Lawler: Hawkins and Swagger were in cahoots the entire time, Michael! I can’t believe it!

Michael Cole: Well, it seemed that someone had to show Zack Ryder that he can’t trust everybody around here, as Curt Hawkins has betrayed him here tonight, and Jack Swagger sends an emphatic message with that Gutwrench Powerbomb!

*Commercial Break*

Returning from commercial and the crowd reaction can be heard still as we are backstage, and the continual booing from the Ryder beat down continues as we are for the first time in the office of the new Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis. The man himself is signing off some checks as he hears a knock on the door.

John Laurinaitis: Come in.

The camera pans to the door now, and we see that Beth Phoenix and Natalya walk into the office! The duo gets the loudest pop of the night so far, but this is a Hart and it is Canada!

John Laurinaitis: Girls, how great to see you! Is there anything that I can do for you?

Natalya: Actually Mr Laurinaitis; I’ve came here to ask you for a match... against the Divas Champion Kelly Kelly... tonight.

The fans pop in the arena, and both Divas nod their heads.

Natalya: See, you can’t have a show in Canada and not let the fans see Natalya in action; plus, Kelly stole a win from me a few weeks ago on Smackdown, and we haven’t had the chance to get some payback yet.

Beth Phoenix: Plus, we all know that I’m ready for my title match with Kelly this Sunday, but in the past few weeks she’s been off of her game and she could really use this match, so she can get used to losing to a Diva of Doom; because this Sunday she’ll do it again and I will become the brand new Divas Champion.

The fans in the arena pop again, and Beth looks very smug with herself.

John Laurinaitis: Well, Natalya, I’ll give you your match with Kelly Kelly tonight, and if you win, I might even let you have a Divas Championship Match yourself one day. And Beth, good luck on Sunday; but I think we all know that you don’t need it.

Beth and Laurinaitis share a laugh, but Natalya had been looking down at the floor smiling since the second that Johnny said a Divas Championship Match could come her way. Beth turns to leave, and Nattie stays focused in the same position until Beth nudges her and they both leave the office, but as they are walking through the door, a figure comes between both of them... REY MYSTERIO! The DOD nod their heads and let Rey through into the office, and the fans pop for Rey. Mysterio looks a little worse for wear, as he has undone his mask at the chinstrap and is holding the back of his head after the Zig Zag he received earlier.

Rey Mysterio: Mr Laurinaitis, do you have a minute?

John Laurinaitis: Well, I was in the middle of something but I can fit you in if you make it short.

The fans boo, and Mysterio facepalms at that “insult”, but it seems that once again Johnny is not aware of what he just said was offensive.

Rey Mysterio: I just came to ask you a favour for this Sunday... You see, Vickie Guerrero cost me my match tonight, and I can’t let the same thing happen this Sunday when the United States Championship is on the line, so-

John Laurinaitis: Rey, can you please cut to the chase? I’m a very busy man.

Rey Mysterio: I don’t want Vickie Guerrero to be at ringside on Sunday; I want to see if Dolph Ziggler is able to win a match without her there.

The fans pop, and Laurinaitis wears a stern look on his face as he mulls it over.

John Laurinaitis: Fine, Rey... Vickie Guerrero will be banned from ringside for the United States Championship Match at Night of Champions. But now I’ve done you this favour; I expect to see you come to Raw next week as the United States Champion.

Rey nods with a smile as Laurinaitis continues.

John Laurinaitis: I don’t appreciate it when I do favours for my Superstars and they don’t deliver, so I want to see the United States Championship around your waist next week otherwise you will be forced to face the consequences.

The fans let out a mixed reaction, as Mysterio seems a little concerned but sure of himself at the same time. Laurinaitis goes back down to his paperwork as Mysterio turns around to leave the office to a big pop.

*Video Package*

We are in the same dimly lit gym setting that we’ve seen the past few weeks on Raw, and a ring is in the centre of the room with a spotlight on it. The camera focuses on this spotlight, and the hulking figure of the man we now recognize as Brodus Clay walks into the middle of the ring.

Brodus Clay: For weeks now, you have seen just small examples of what I can do in between these ropes, and you should know by now that my arrival to Monday Night Raw is imminent.

Clay’s face turns sour as the beast snarls.

Brodus Clay: As you have seen, I am not just any monster. I have the power, ability and speed to match.

A brief snippet of footage sees Clay ploughing into an unfortunate man who is trapped in the corner.

Brodus Clay: There has never been anyone like Brodus Clay, and there never will be anyone else like Brodus Clay.

Clay raises his head and straightens his back up now.

Brodus Clay: The Superstars of Monday Night Raw are all now officially on notice; because when I do arrive, I plan on destroying my way through the entire roster until there is just the WWE Champion left, whoever that may be.

Brodus’ face turns into a smirk.

Brodus Clay: I’m Brodus Clay.... and I’m comin’.

*End Video Package*

Michael Cole: That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Brodus Clay is coming to Monday Night Raw, and that will happen next week; I can’t wait!

Jerry Lawler: Well, I’m excited for Brodus too... but did you hear what John Laurinaitis just said to Rey Mysterio? Rey has to win the United States Championship on Sunday at Night of Champions otherwise he will have to face the consequences? What could that mean?

Michael Cole: Who knows, King? But there is now a new development for that match at Night of Champions; as we learnt a few moments ago, Dolph Ziggler’s manager Vickie Guerrero will be banned from ringside for his title defence on Sunday! Huge news!


The famous riff elicits a MASSIVE pop, louder than any other tonight, as Natalya and Beth Phoenix walk through the curtain! The Divas of Doom march down to the ring, and as faces-for-the-night, both dominant women slap the hands of the fans in the front row, and Natalya hugs a little boy. Beth slides into the ring whilst Natalya takes a little more time to rejoice with her home country fans before climbing up the steps and joining her friend in the ring.


There is a large mixed reaction in the arena from the Canadian fans, as Kelly Kelly runs out onto the stage. The Divas Champion is at first taken back by the hostile reception she receives and her smile soon vanishes as she walks down the ramp. In the ring, the DOD are smiling as they watch the champion nervously climb up the steps and taking her time to do so. Cole and King point out that this will be a similar situation to what Kelly will receive at Night of Champions when she will be in front of a Pro-Phoenix crowd.

Match Three:
Non-Title Match
Divas Champion Kelly Kelly vs Natalya w/Beth Phoenix

Once the match starts, a booming “LETS GO NATTIE” chant which causes Kelly to look a little nervously around the arena as Natalya advances towards her. The two women lock up in the centre of the ring, but Natalya’s power advantage sees her forcing Kelly towards the corner, but the champion is able to free herself before she is powered into the corner. Kelly returns to the centre of the ring and Natalya approaches her once again. Kelly tries a rear waistlock, but Natalya grabs her arm and wrenches it, with Kelly groaning in pain. Natalya quickly transitions to a Hammerlock, and she has more control over Kelly to turn it into a side headlock and then the takeover plants Kelly flat on her back with Natalya on top of her with the headlock still locked in. Kelly squirms for a little bit but she is able to get the headscissors in and force Natalya to break the hold. Both Divas get up and Kelly puts up her fighting stance as Natalya nods her head at her opponent, the fans giving a respectable pop for the opening sequence.

They both stare at each other and Natalya charges in for a clothesline but Kelly ducks and she smacks Natalya around the face with a right forearm! Natalya recoils back and Kelly runs in towards her and snaps off a Hurracanrana! Natalya rolls back towards the ropes and The Anvilette looks around the arena in disbelief that she was caught out and Kelly looks determinedly back at her opponent. Natalya gets up again, and Kelly runs towards her again, and Nattie elevated Kelly up onto the top rope in the corner. Natalya then turns around and Kelly jumps back onto her and scores with a Sunset Flip Pin! One...Two... Natalya rolls the shoulder up!! Both Divas of Doom are shocked, as it seems the champion is on it tonight! Both Divas get to their feet again, and Natalya tries to slow the pace with another side headlock, but Kelly pushes her against the ropes and Natalya rebounds off of the opposite side and Kelly lays on the mat to dodge it but Natalya sees it coming and instead just stomps on the back of the champion!! Kelly screams in pain, as Natalya wears a broad grin for outsmarting the champion.

Nattie goes down and drives her knees into Kelly’s back, and Natalya grabs both of Kelly’s wrists and then both of her ankles... she rolls onto her back and is bending Kelly backwards over her knees!! The fans cheer, but some of them seem a little disturbed by the ruthlessness of Natalya, as Kelly starts to scream in pain, and there is nothing she can do to escape the hold! Natalya shots for her to give up, but the only thing that the champion can do to help her cause is just to shake around and try to force Natalya to break her grip. Natalya goes back to sitting down with Kelly in the same, contorted position, and Natalya seems to have had enough of torturing Kelly for now, as she brings the champion back up to her feet, only to take her back down with a Snapmare... followed by a stiff kick right to the back!! Natalya goes over and pulls Kelly onto the mat for the cover...One...Two-Kelly kicks out!!

The fans are shocked and they share Natalya’s frustrations. The Anvilette gets up to her feet and she waits for Kelly to get back up to. Kelly backs into the corner before getting herself up to his feet. Natalya runs into Kelly in the corner and connects with a shoulder block to the mid section, which causes Kelly to keel over in the corner, and Nattie pushes her back up... AND SLAPS HER IN THE FACE!! The fans shout “OOH!” after that and Kelly holds her cheek in shock that Natalya cheap shotted her like that. Natalya walks into the centre of the ring to encourage the crowd, and the “LETS GO NATTIE” chant whips back up around the arena, and this causes Kelly Kelly to shake it off, and Natalya invites her to come into the centre of the ring and grapple again. Natalya puts her righthand up to initiate the grapple, and Kelly slowly takes it, and Natalya slowly lifts up her left hand... but Kelly smashes Natalya in the face with a forearm to the side of the head!! Natalya is knocked right down onto the mat, and Kelly shouts for her to get back up to her feet.

Natalya stirs a little after being surprised but gets back up to her feet, but she is put right back down by a SHINING WIZARD kick from Kelly Kelly!! The fans actually let out a small pop for that move despite it being on Natalya, but Kelly is quick to dive on top for the cover...One...Two...Thr-NO! Natalya kicks out to a massive pop from the fans! Kelly looks out around the arena, and her eyes lock with Beth Phoenix who is intently watching at ringside, trying to scout for this Sunday. Beth scowls at Kelly, who gives her a dirty look right back at her. Kelly finally realises that she is still in a match, but she turns around right into Natalya with a Double Leg Takedown... and Natalya threads her leg through and turns over...THE SHARPSHOOTER IS LOCKED IN!!! The fans are going crazy all around the arena, as Kelly is trapped in the most famous submission in the world! Kelly desperately scrambles for the ropes in front of her, but she just can’t reach... because Beth is pulling the ropes back!!! The referee cannot see because he is trying to see if Kelly is going to tap or not! The champion looks right into the eyes of her opponent this Sunday... AND TAPS OUT!!!

Winner: Natalya (5.59)


Beth slides into the ring, as Natalya is elated, and the two dominant Divas share a quick hug before both of them mounting a corner on the camera side of the ring. Kelly rolls out of the ring quietly, and has her title handed to her as she sits up against the ring barrier. The champion and challenger for this Sunday both lock eyes as Kelly tightly holds her championship close to her chest.

Michael Cole: Look at our Divas Champion, King! She’s cowering in the corner like a little girl; how old is she, ten?

Jerry Lawler: Well, I don’t know what that loss will have done for Kelly’s confidence, but what if Beth Phoenix wins this Sunday, but as we learnt earlier, Natalya is going to be the next person in line for a shot at the title! What happens if she is?

Michael Cole: As deserving as she is... I’m not sure that John Laurinaitis said that exactly.

*Commercial Break*

We return to Raw, and there are boos in the arena, as we can see Ricardo Rodriguez standing in the centre of the ring holding a microphone. RR looks disapprovingly out at the Montreal fans and he starts to do his thing...


The fans descend into quite a loud amount of heat for the WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio, who pulls up the side of the arena in a 2011 Lotus Evora, and he is all smiles as usual. He steps out of the car and holds his title aloft in the air which garners him some more heat from the fans, and he takes his merry time to walk along the side of the ramp before climbing on top of it and raising his title up in the air halfway up the ramp with the pyro shower falling down behind him. Del Rio puts his title over his shoulder and starts to slowly make his way down to the ring. He stops when he reaches the steps to taunt the fans a little more, before getting into the ring with Rodriguez graciously handing the champion his microphone. Del Rio waits for the fans to die down a little bit before raising the microphone up to his mouth.

Alberto Del Rio: My name is Alberto Del Rio, and I am the WWE Champion... but you, you already know that.

The champion wears a broad grin on his face as the crowd boo the Mexican Aristocrat.

Alberto Del Rio: And this Sunday, I am going to face the biggest challenge I have faced ever since I won this championship at Summerslam... I have to defend it against five other men; otros cinco hombres.

The fans pop at that, but the champion’s cocky smile does not vanish.

Alberto Del Rio: But, I am not worried; since I won ‘dis title, I have beaten three of the men that I am going to face ‘dis Sunday at Night of Champions... the night that is named after me.

Heat from the fans, and Del Rio is still loving it.

Alberto Del Rio: CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, and last week... John Cena. They have all lost to me since I have won ‘dis title... since I became WWE Champion, I have not lost a match! And at Night of Champions, that... trend... will continue as I eliminate each and every one of the five men that are challenging me and I will once and for all prove ‘dat I am the best WWE Champion of all time.

Del Rio flashes another broad grin, and he turns back to say something off-mic to Ricardo, and the two Mexicans laugh. But the fans still boo the champion.

Alberto Del Rio: Why do you people boo me? I do you all a favour each week when I come out here and let you all be in the presence of the WWE Champion; but maybe you Canadians don’t understand class? Is that what it is?

Obviously, the fans boo Del Rio for that comment, but he laughs to himself.

Alberto Del Rio: I thought so... You see at Night of Champions, I am going to retain the WWE Championship because it is my dest-


There is a mixed reaction in the arena, but mostly a positive one, as JOHN CENA walks out onto the stage! Cena has a microphone in his hand and he doesn’t look happy much like earlier. Not bothering to say anything to the camera, Cena merely waits for the fans to die down before he starts speaking. Del Rio in the ring is furious for being interrupted again by Cena, as he complains to Rodriguez.

John Cena: I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much crap in my entire life! Berty, since you’ve became WWE Champion, you’ve proved nothing; you’ve used briefcases, Kevin Nash, and last week, you used a steel pipe to beat me. Those aren’t the qualities of a champion; those are the qualities of a coward.

The fans are stunned by how blunt Cena is being, as he has clearly had enough of this. Del Rio is seething in the ring.

John Cena: And despite that, you come out here each week and brag about how these people are lucky to be in your presence... they only watch when you’re out here because they’re waiting for someone to come out here and save them! (In a bad, Spanish accent) “Eeess mayyy destinyyyy”- AW JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!

The fans have a few laughs at Cena, who starts pacing up and down the stage.

John Cena: It is the same crap week after week after week, and I’m sick of it! Berty, the phrase for a champion like you is a paper champion; you talk the talk all you like, but you can never... get it done.

Alberto Del Rio: Enough! Cena, you show me nothing but disrespect ever since I won ‘dis title; maybe you need a little reminder of what happened last week, perro... I beat you! You lost to me!

Del Rio starts to laugh as Cena stands with his arms crossed on the stage, clearly not happy.

Alberto Del Rio: I’ll tell you a secret, John Cena. You are the person that I am most excited about making tap out ‘dis Sunday... But if you want to sort this out now, i’ll finish what I started last week.

Cena eyes up the champion, AND HE STARTS TO STORM DOWN TO THE RING!! The fans are electric, as Cena starts running and slides into the ring! As he comes in, Del Rio is on top of Cena with stomps onto the arm that he damaged last week! Cena is in visible pain, and most likely regrets storming the ring. Del Rio orders Rodriguez to carry on the assault, whilst the champion removes his jacket. Cena hasn’t been able to get off of his feet since he came into the ring. Del Rio rejoins the fray now, and he applies the CROSS ARMBREAKER!!! The fans start to boo as Cena roars in pain, and Del Rio wrenches back on the injured arm of the 9-time champion. Rodriguez starts trash talking Cena, who seems to have visibly faded, and Del Rio relinquishes the hold; leaving Cena to grab his arm in pain as he winces on the mat.


Del Rio stands tall; staring down at Cena, with a smile across his face. Rodriguez is down to still abuse Cena verbally, and Del Rio bends down to fetch his WWE Championship and raise it into the air; having gotten one over John Cena tonight.

Michael Cole: Wow! What a champion! Alberto Del Rio has just dismantled John Cena; one of his main challengers this Sunday.

Jerry Lawler: That wasn’t called for in my eyes; Cena was just out here to call Del Rio out about last week, but things took a turn for the worse.

Michael Cole: Maybe next time, Cena should learn to know who he is dealing with before he comes threatening people out here. John Cena needs to know that now it is Alberto Del Rio’s time to shine and I think the champion has a great chance of keeping that title this Sunday!

*Video Package*

Narrator: To be a champion, one must be superior to all of their adversaries.

A flashing image of Randy Orton RKO'ing Christian onto the steel steps at Summerslam is shown.

Narrator: The champion might be Perfection...

Dolph Ziggler brashly holds up his United States Championship above his head.

Narrator: ...Beautiful...

An image of Kelly Kelly right after she won the Divas Championship flickers onto the screen.

Narrator: ... Or Ugly...

A scene of Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes trying to hide his face during one of his entrances comes up on the screen.

Narrator: A champion can benefit from the wealth of their company...

WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty are shown having their hands raised at the end of a match.

Narrator: ...Or just their wealth.

Alberto Del Rio stands in front of an expensive car with pyro shooting down behind him.

Narrator: One night a year, the WWE showcases these superior individuals.

A quick montage of a referee holding up each championship belt one by one is shown.

Narrator: It is the Night...

Randy Orton then stands on the top rope with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Narrator: ... Of CHAMPIONS!

SEPTEMBER 18, 2011

Michael Cole: Night of Champions is now only six days away, and King, what a night it is going to be! The match I’m looking forward to the most is the biggest one of them all; the WWE Championship Match, where Alberto Del Rio defends the WWE Championship against John Cena, CM Punk, The Miz, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston in a Six-Pack Challenge Elimination Match!

Jerry Lawler: To win that match, Del Rio is going to have to show endurance and resilient; as the champion he is going to be the main target for all of the challengers, because they want to have the WWE Championship too!

Michael Cole: The World Heavyweight Championship from Smackdown is also going to be defended in a Six-Pack Challenge, as “The Viper” Randy Orton will defend the title against Mark Henry, Wade Barrett, Sheamus, John Morrison and The Great Khali!

Jerry Lawler: All six of those men have a legitimate chance of walking out of Buffalo with the World Heavyweight Championship because they have all been so impressive in the past few weeks to qualify! But also, Daniel Bryan is going to put up his guaranteed World Heavyweight Championship Match Money in the Bank Contract against Christian in a Submissions Match!

Michael Cole: It is no secret that I am pulling for Christian in that match; he is just getting everything right lately and he deserves to be World Heavyweight Champion more than anyone else in the WWE! Dolph Ziggler is also going to defend the United States Championship against the man he cost earlier tonight; Rey Mysterio!

Jerry Lawler: This rivalry has gotten personal quickly, but Rey made a deal with the devil earlier on, and Vickie Guerrero will be banned from ringside for that match, which boosts Rey’s chances a lot! Rey is not the only masked Superstar fighting for gold in Buffalo, though!

Michael Cole: That’s right; Sin Cara will be challenging Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Title in what will be Rhodes’ first championship defence! Sin Cara earned that match by defeating Ted DiBiase in a No Disqualifications Match this past Friday on Smackdown and Cody will be looking to hold onto the historic belt. How could I forget?! The Diva’s division is going to be SAVED on Sunday, folks; as Beth Phoenix is going to decimate Kelly Kelly in her hometown this weekend!

Jerry Lawler: I wouldn’t rule Kelly out completely, Michael, but Beth has been unstoppable since Summerslam and she looks poised to get some payback for what happened at Summerslam!

Michael Cole: The only match we haven’t mentioned yet is the Tag Team Championship Match; but Jerry, don’t you have to go and get ready?

Jerry Lawler: Yes, you’re right! I’m about to beat some charisma into David Otunga before he and Michael McGillicutty lose the Tag Team Championships on Sunday!

Lawler then removes his headset and starts to walk around the ring; slapping hands with the fans. He gets a respectable pop as he walks up the ramp.

Michael Cole: My broadcast partner Jerry Lawler is going to be in in-ring action up next against one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, David Otunga... after this.

*Commercial Break*

Returning to Raw, and there is a big pop in the arena as we see CM Punk and Kofi Kingston walking down a corridor together! They are in mid-conversation, and Punk seems a little confused, and Kofi is trying to explain it to him.

CM Punk: So you’re going to be out there to help me tonight, is that what you are saying?

Kofi Kingston: Punk, I know that you don’t need help to beat The Miz, but like last week, if I see any foul play from Awesome Truth... I don’t mind watching your back.

The fans pop for that and it brings a smile to Punk’s face.

Kofi Kingston: But as you know, I won’t have your back this Sunday; it is going to be every man for himself out there and I will become the first African-born WWE Champion.

???: Oh really, Kofi? Really?

Those specific words means that there can be only one man that has just arrived on the scene; The Miz walks into frame, flanked by R-Truth. Punk and Kingston stop in their tracks to go face to face with The Awesome Truth.

Kofi Kingston: Yes, Miz. Really.

The Miz: Well, I guess you’re going to be in for a big disappointment this Sunday, because unless you missed what John Laurinaitis said earlier on; it is going to be either myself or R-Truth here that is walking out of Night of Champions as the WWE Champion.

The fans boo Miz as usual, and he wears a cocky grin.

The Miz: You know, it would have probably been better for you two if you did decide to work together on Sunday in the Six-Pack Challenge because we will be working as a team to eliminate ALL competition, because it is the smart thing to do.

Punk looks to say something, but Miz is quick to cut him off.

The Miz: Save it for the ring, Punk. We’ll see you two losers out there, and get ready to be pinned again, Punk.

Awesome Truth start to walk away, but Truth hangs back for just a second...

R-Truth: And dat’s what’s up!

Truth’s comment gets a small laugh from the fans before he strides out of the frame, and the camera returns back to Punk and Kofi looking a little sceptically at each other. Kofi pats Punk on the shoulder and walks off in the opposite direction to Awesome Truth; leaving Punk looking determined as the camera fades back out to the arena.


A large pop greets the number one contenders to the Tag Team Championships, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov. Santino plays his trumpet down the ramp and then transitions to his hip-shake walk as Kozlov marches on behind him. They don’t go in the ring, and walk around it instead, and the camera cuts to the commentary table where Cole is sitting by himself, and there are two free chairs.

Michael Cole: Well Jerry Lawler left the commentary desk before the break to go and get ready for his match, and I am being joined by the men that will challenge the Tag Team Champions this Sunday; Guys, how are ya?

Santino and Kozlov put their headsets on, the crowd getting a few laughs at Santino struggling to understand how you’re meant to put it on at first.

Santino Marella: We are well, Mickel Cole; we have-a some titles to a-win on Sunday and we’re here to enjoy this-a match; but that-a will be hard because-a David Otungy is-a involved!

Santino grins at his own joke, and Kozlov’s deep laugh makes Cole seem a little uneasy.

Michael Cole: Wh-What about you, Vladimir? Are you happy to be out here?

Vladimir Kozlov: I come to vatch the man I beat up.


A decent amount of heat is generated by the appearance of the Tag Team Champions, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty emerging out onto the stage. Otunga is dressed to compete, and McGillicutty wears a black shirt and jeans, but the thing that they are most notably wearing are the WWE Tag Team Championships around their waists. The “Boring” champions make their way down to the ring, and both slide in. Otunga does a few poses to show off his physique and McGillicutty exchanges glares with the challengers at the announce table. The music cuts out, and the champions are left waiting, and McGillicutty rubs his partner’s shoulders as he does his final preparations.


The music brings out a very loud pop from the WWE Universe, and the pop gets even louder when Jerry “The King” Lawler walks out onto the stage, with crown in hand! King walks down the ramp and slaps the hands of fans with his free hand, but not taking his eyes off of Otunga and McGillicutty in the process. King climbs up the steps, and McGillicutty immediately tries to get into Lawler’s face, but the referee orders him out of the ring. On commentary, Santino says that he hopes that King can beat some “a-charizma” into Otunga, but he has no problem doing at on Sunday as well.

Match Four:
David Otunga w/ Michael McGillicutty vs Jerry Lawler

The bell rings, and the fans are still chanting “JERRY JERRY JERRY”, which irritates both Otunga and McGillicutty on the outside. Otunga approaches a corner and stands on the bottom rope to point and shout at a certain section of fans, but this allows the veteran Lawler to come from behind... BACK SUPLEX!! The fans pop as Otunga holds the back of his head, and Lawler gets up to his feet quickly. King grabs Otunga and puts him into the turnbuckle, and starts unloading with right hands to the face of the Tag Team Champion. Lawler now mounts the corner and he drills Otunga with right hands to the head, and the crowd count along! ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NNE TEN!!! Lawler hops back down to the mat to a good pop, and Otunga stumbles out of the corner into a Hip Toss from Lawler! Jerry goes down to make the cover, but Otunga kicks out just after one.

Lawler gets back to his feet to a respectable cheer from the fans, and he waits on Otunga to get back up to his feet on his own accord. The Harvard Graduate gets up, and walks right into a Scoop Slam from Lawler! The fans pop again, and Jerry now PULLS THAT STRAP DOWN!! The WWE Universe are in a small frenzy now, and King goes up the turnbuckle and onto the second rope! Lawler looks out to the fans and goes for the CROWN DROP-NO! Otunga moved! The Diving Fist goes right into the mat, and Lawler holds his hand as he effectively punches the mat from the second rope! Otunga comes in now and STOMPS on the hand of Jerry Lawler! Jerry howls in pain as Otunga forces his boot onto Lawler’s right hand; crushing it against the mat. Otunga grabs Lawler by the arm, and he places Jerry’s hand on top of the middle turnbuckle and kicks it against the ring apparatus!

King sits in the corner and holds his now-injured hand, and Otunga stands over him and starts shouting abuse like “CALL ME BORING NOW OLD MAN!” which gets him some more heat, and he starts to lay into Lawler with stomps to the chest in the corner. King is defenceless, and the referee is forced to come in and pull Otunga away, and whilst he is doing this McGillicutty comes in with a cheap shot to the head of Lawler!!! The fans boo more, but McGillicutty flees from the scene of the crime in an instant now as both Santino and Kozlov rise from their seats at the commentary desk, both annoyed that the champions have had to cheat. Otunga approaches Lawler again, and whips him across the ring, and follows in with a corner splash that crushes the commentator. Otunga hooks his head under Lawler’s arm and takes him over head with a suplex, and Lawler’s back arches after the impact.

Otunga springs back up to his feet and holds his arms out wearing a smug grin on his face, and McGillicutty is the sole man giving him a positive reaction as everyone else is booing Otunga. David walks over to Lawler, and gets on top of King and uses the left hand to cradle King’s head and he smashes Lawler in the side of the head with two stiff forearms before bringing the legend up and pushing him against the ropes and bending down for a back body drop-Lawler kicks him in the face!! The fans pop BIG for that as Otunga holds his nose and stumbles back, and Lawler runs in with a clothesline! Otunga drops to the mat and he gets back up to be met with a left hand to the face, and Lawler is getting fired up! Jerry grabs Otunga by the arm and knocks him to the mat with a Short-Arm Clothesline!! Otunga’s head snaps off of the mat, and Lawler digs deep to dive on top for a pin attempt; hooking the far leg! One...Two...Thr-NO!

Lawler’s head is in his hands in disbelief, and he seems a little scared to go back up to the top turnbuckle, after having a quick glance at it and shaking his head. He instead gets back to his feet, and winces as he uses his right hand to get back up off of the mat. Lawler urges Otunga to get back up, and when he does, he kicks one half of the tag champs in the gut, and places Otunga in a Powerbomb set up! King grabs Otunga by the waist and looks to set him up for the SPIKE PILEDRIVER!! Lawler though can’t hold Otunga all of the way up because of his hand!! Lawler recoils back and hold his right hand with his left, and this leaves the door open for Otunga to BOOT Lawler right in the face!! King drops like a sack of potatoes to the mat and lands in a heap. Otunga holds his face as he shakes the cobwebs out a little bit, but he walks back over to Lawler and throws him back into the centre of the ring, with Lawler trying to regain himself after the boot. Otunga crosses his arms out to signal the end to great heat, and he picks Lawler up and plants him with the VERDICT!! The Spinebuster connects and Otunga drops to his knees with a smug grin on his face and makes the cover...One...Two...Three!

Winner: David Otunga (5.21)


The fans aren’t happy with the result, and Otunga gets back to his feet after defeating the valiant Jerry Lawler. McGillicutty snatches the Tag Team Championships from the timekeeper and brings them into the ring and hands Otunga his title belt, and the champions raise their titles in the air, for possibly the last time on Raw? Lawler sits in the corner by the turnbuckle, and the tag champions now face him and show off their titles and let Lawler know their feelings towards him.

Michael Cole: Well guys, how are you two feeling now going into your match in six night’s time after watching that display from David Otunga?

Santino Marella: I only liked the bits when King was-a in control; Otunga is-a boring to watch in de ring.

Vladimir Kozlov: He beats announcer.... ve are not announcers. Goodbye, Michael Cole.

The number one contenders remove their headsets and they catch the attention of the champions in the ring; all four men’s eyes meet as the champions lean over the ropes and try to goad The Odd Couple to get into the ring, but Santino and Kozlov stand their ground.

Michael Cole: Well, I guess it was... interesting having you two here, thanks. But Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re still to have our main event of the evening; CM Punk will face The Miz with the other four men competing for the WWE Championship this Sunday acting as Lumberjacks! Be sure not to miss it!

*Commercial Break*

Returning from commercial, we are in a corridor backstage, and Matt Striker walks into the shot, holding a microphone and looking as happy and optimistic as ever.

Matt Striker: Earlier tonight we learnt that when Dolph Ziggler defends the United States Championship this Sunday against Rey Mysterio at Night of Champions; Dolph’s manager Vickie Guerrero will be banned from ringside. I-

Striker is cut off by a loud pop from the fans in the arena, and he looks up and has a cheeky smile as ever.

Matt Striker: I’m outside the United States Champion’s locker room, and I am going to see if I can get a few w-

Striker is cut off once again, as someone emerges from the door next to him, it is DREW MCINTYRE?! The fans in the arena boo, as some obviously suspect foul play due to the Scot’s broad grin as he leaves the room. Being the reporter that he is, Striker is quick to ask the question on everybody’s lips.

Matt Striker: Drew McIntyre, wh-what were you just doing in there?

Drew McIntyre: I’m sorry, Matt; I have some more business to attend to.

With that, McIntyre walks away, leaving Striker confused. Seeing the door is still slightly open, Striker uses his basic instinct to walk inside, and we see the United States Champion himself, Dolph Ziggler laying on a couch, with his title rested on his chest, and Vickie Guerrero standing next to the couch. Surprisingly, they are in high spirits, both laughing at something.

Matt Striker: If you guys don’t mind me asking, what were you just talking to Drew McIntyre about? And what is your reaction to Ms Guerrero here being banned from ringside on Sunday?

Vickie Guerrero: Matt, you need to calm down; don’t ask too many questions at once. I know that Dolph and I are the highest profile interviewees that you’ll ever have but please... retain your composure.

Striker looks a little offended at that one, but he refrains from making comment.

Vickie Guerrero: Dolph here might be flying solo at Night of Champions, but he will still be walking out as the United States Champion. I’ve already told him everything he needs to know about Rey Mysterio; that he is a thief, a cheat and a coward. Rey really thinks that I would cost him the United States Championship? If you ask me, Rey needs to be worrying about the man that he is sharing the ring with on Sunday.

The fans start to boo, as Guerrero’s shrill voice grates their ears.

Vickie Guerrero: Dolph is not only the greatest United States Champion; he is also the greatest Superstar in the WWE today; and he will prove it at Night of Champions when he pins Rey Mysterio’s shoulders down to the mat for one...two... three.

The fans give more heat, and Striker now turns his attention to the champion, who looks as relaxed as ever.

Matt Striker: Dolph, do you agree with what your manager is saying?

Dolph Ziggler: Vickie’s right; I am the greatest Superstar in the WWE, and I am the greatest United States Champion of all time. Vickie was also right when she said that I don’t need her help to beat Rey Mysterio and to make him suffer on Sunday.

Ziggler sits up, and shows a little more intensity with each word he says.

Dolph Ziggler: Rey Mysterio will never be the same again after what I’m going to do to him at Night of Champions; I’m going to humiliate him and expose him as the fraud that he really is. This is the one time that Rey Mysterio is NOT going to overcome the odds. I’m sorry kids, but this is no fairytale. This is Real Life.

The fans boo very loudly, and Ziggler’s face slowly transitions from the intense stare back to leaning back on the sofa and relaxing with his eyes closed. Vickie shoos Striker away and the door is closed behind him. Striker shakes his head and then walks out of shot, leaving the camera to zoom in on the nameplate on the door that reads “ZIGGLER”, before fading away.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Raw, and I have to inform you that for the rest of this broadcast I will be flying solo on commentary as Jerry Lawler is backstage being treated for a possible broken hand which he received in his match a few moments ago with one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, David Otunga. We’re all wishing Jerry a speedy recovery, but as you can see in the ring, we have Tyler Reks, out and ready for some in ring action!

Indeed, Tyler Reks is standing next to the referee and Justin Roberts, making the most of his jobber entrance and making his first appearance on Raw since losing to CM Punk a few weeks back.


The fans give a relatively loud pop for the popular Alex Riley, who bounds onto the stage looking ready for this contest and another chance to prove himself on Raw. Cole notes that Riley has been on a role as of late, two weeks ago teaming with Rey Mysterio to defeat Ziggler and McIntyre as well as seeming to almost be on the verge of knocking the US Champion off last week, and Cole ponders if Riley has to be considered the next number one contender to Ziggler. Riley will know that a win is needed tonight in order to enhance his United States Championship aspirations, and he slides into the ring before hopping onto the nearest turnbuckle and raising his arms up in the air. Riley jumps off of the turnbuckle back into the ring as his music fades out and this match is ready to begin.

Match Five:
Tyler Reks vs Alex Riley

The two men begin with a lock up, and Riley has the wits to duck behind and get the rear waistlock in, and pushes Reks forwards and into the ropes and rolls back, looking for the roll through pin but Reks is able to hold onto the ropes; causing Riley to roll backwards into the centre of the ring. Trying to take advantage, Reks goes for a boot to the downed Riley, but A-Ri is able to dodge the blow, and chop Reks down from the knee, sending Reks landing down on his knees. Riley springs up and rebounds off of the ropes and connects with a RUNNING DROPKICK to Reks’ face! Tyler drops to the mat and Riley goes in to make the first cover...One...Two...Reks kicks out! Riley is not disheartened, and he picks Reks up by his dreads and pushes him into the corner. Riley runs in and hits a shoulder block to the gut, and he takes a few steps back afterwards. Reks comes stumbling out of the corner after him and Riley elevates him and drops Reks onto his face with a FLAPJACK!

Riley kips up in a great show of athleticism, and he screams out for the fans that pop him in return. Riley bounces on the spot, full of energy as he waits for Reks to get up again. Reks takes his time getting back up after the offence from Riley, but as soon as he is up, Riley flattens him back down with a flying forearm to the face!! Riley showcasing his skills tonight as he now turns his attention back to Reks, who seems taken aback by the sudden impact brought on him by Alex Riley. Riley points down at Reks on the mat, who seems a little rocked by the blows to the head, and the fans pop, and Riley lifts Reks up and onto his shoulders! The fans wait in anticipation... TKO!! Reks is planted and lands back on his face and Riley gets on top for the pin and hooks the far leg...One...Two...Three!! Riley gets the win in an impressive showing!

Winner: Alex Riley (2.17)


Riley gets up to his feet and has his arm risen by the referee to a good reaction from the fans. He climbs back on top of the turnbuckle and raises his arms into the air once again; feeding off of the crowd.

Michael Cole: Alex Riley easing his way past Tyler Reks here tonight, and he is forcing himself into the United States Championship picture! Right, Jerry?.... Oh yeah.

The camera cuts to the back, and John Laurinaitis is standing backstage with The Awesome Truth. We can’t hear what they are saying, but it seems that the Laurinaitis Administration is discussing their battle plan for the main event. The three walk off, and Cole’s voice chirps over them again.

Michael Cole: There we see the Raw General Manager and his two Personal Security Members, The Awesome Truth, heading out here for the main event, where “The Awesome One” The Miz takes on CM Punk in a Lumberjack Match... and that is next!

*Commercial Break*


Returning from the final commercial, the fans are greeted to the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, for the second time tonight. This time he enters through the curtain and is accompanied by Ricardo Rodriguez as usual. The fans boo the champion as he walks down the ramp with his title over his shoulder, and the boos are probably worse than usual because of what he did to John Cena earlier tonight. On commentary, Cole and Lawler inform us that due to the assault earlier tonight from Alberto Del Rio, John Cena is not going to be able to come out and be a Lumberjack for this match, as he is in the trainer’s room. Del Rio reaches the base of the ramp, but instead walks around the ring as he is a Lumberjack tonight, and he takes his place on the side of the ring standing in front of the announce table.


There is a huge pop in the arena from the fans as Kofi Kingston bounces out onto the stage, but he doesn’t have pyrotechnics this week. He bounds down the ramp quickly and enthusiastically, slapping hands with the fans but making sure to keep an eye on Del Rio as he reaches the bottom of the ramp. The camera catches a shot of Del Rio staring Kingston down, but the champion soon starts chuckling to himself, which causes Kingston to frown; a very rare sight. King notes that Kofi is going to have to be extra careful out there because there will be no John Cena.


The cheers for Kingston quickly turn into great amounts of heat as one of the competitors in the match, The Miz walks out onto the stage, now dressed for action in his trenchcoat, and he is accompanied by his tag team partner and Lumberjack R-Truth. The two men start shouting at the fans, and they both split to each side of the stage, and hold out an arm to the centre... the boos go even louder now, as John Laurinaitis walks out onto the stage! The Awesome Truth fills in behind the General Manager and it seems that Laurinaitis is going to be a Lumberjack too! Johnny waves to the WWE Universe as he motions for Miz to enter the ring. Miz knee slides on the apron and looks back out into the arena, before he gets into the ring and removes his jacket. Johnny and R-Truth walk around the ring, and they both stand at the side of the ring so they have their backs to the camera; opposite Kingston. Miz’s music dies down and everyone starts to wait in anticipation.


To a pop that would rival one of “The Hitman” himself, CM Punk walks out onto the stage. He surveys the arena before dropping down onto one knee and screaming “IT’S CLOBBERINNN’ TIIIMMMEEE” before getting up and turning his back to the ring to show everyone the “Best in the World” logo. Punk turns back around and he wears a smile on his face as he stares down each man that is surrounding the ring. Miz tells him to stop wasting time and get into the ring. Punk breaks into a quick jog to the steps, and he fist bumps Kofi before getting into the ring and posing with his arms out by his sides and looking down to the General Manager on the outside. Punk glances at the WWE Championship on Del Rio’s shoulder and says that is what it is all about, which causes Miz to nod his head. Punk’s music cuts out to reveal a booming “CM PUNK” chant, which causes Punk to nod his head. Punk throws his T-Shirt out into the crowd and he lets the referee know that he is ready to begin.

Main Event:
Lumberjack Match:
The Miz vs CM Punk
Lumberjacks: Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez, John Laurinaitis, R-Truth & Kofi Kingston

The bell rings and both men approach the centre of the ring; Miz talking trash at Punk and pointing to Laurinaitis at ringside who stares blankly at the ring but tells Miz to get on with it. Miz walks right up to Punk and squares up to his rival, but Punk cocks back and blasts Miz with a right hand!! The fans pop as Miz is knocked backwards and Punk starts to follow up! Punk comes in with another right, before sending The Miz across the ring and off of the ropes, but Miz hangs onto the ropes! Punk runs in to follow up some more, but Miz jumps through the ropes and down to the floor! Miz exits and lands right next to Del Rio, but the champion ignores him and allows Miz to walk through to Truth and Laurinaitis. The Laurinaitis Administration all discuss a quick tactical strategy before Miz slides back into the ring; Punk not wanting to go down to the outside to get him. Miz gets back to his feet and Punk initiates a lock up this time. Miz goes down to a knee and tries to get in behind Punk with a leg sweep, but Punk already knows what he is doing and a boot to the face of The Miz knocks him away! Miz holds his jaw as he is planted onto the mat, and Punk goes over to him and picks him back up by the hair! Miz is flailing as Punk gets the crowd going by threatening to throw The Miz out of the ring! Punk motions to Del Rio’s side and the fans boo... Truth and Laurinaitis’ side, more boos... Punk then pulls Miz over to where Kofi Kingston is waiting in anticipation and the fans go WILD! Punk brings Miz towards the ropes, but Miz grabs Punk by the back of the head and slams him down to the mat with authority!

Miz wastes no time in getting on top of Punk now and beginning to hammer away with right hands to the face and head, but the referee sees Punk have his foot on the ropes so he begins the five count, and Miz utilizing it and stopping the blows at 4. Miz takes a few steps back which allows Punk to sit up slightly to catch his breath, but Miz runs against the ropes and comes back with a boot to Punk’s face that knocks the former WWE Champion back down to the mat; the back of his head bouncing off of it. Miz then dives down and goes for the cover...One...Tw-Punk kicks out decisively! Slightly annoyed, Miz brings Punk towards the centre of the ring and he drops a leg down across Punk’s neck! Laurinaitis starts applauding on the outside, as Miz goes for another pin attempt, tightly hooking the leg...One...Two-NO! Punk stays alive early on much to the crowd’s joy, but Miz isn’t happy. Laurinaitis catches Miz’ attention and he tells The Awesome One to bring Punk outside! Miz nods and he brings Punk back up to his feet, knocks him with a right hand to the face, and THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE; LANDING AT R-TRUTH’S FEET! The fans boo, as Truth wastes no time at all in picking Punk up and driving him into the ring barricade!! Punk’s head bounces off of the support, but before Truth can do anything more Kofi Kingston is on the scene! Kofi puts his body in between Truth and Punk; not allowing R-Truth to carry on his assault! All the while, Del Rio is just watching; and he looks bored!

The referee tells Kofi that he has to put Punk back into the ring, which the Ghanaian begrudgingly does after lifting him up to his feet. Punk lays with his hands over the back of his head by the ropes as Miz happily walks over to Punk and makes sure to say “Thank you” to Kofi as Kingston walks back to the side where he started. Cole notes that Lumberjacks have to bring the competitors back into the ring if the referee says to do so. Miz grabs Punk by the neck and roughly pulls him up to his feet, before hitting a knee lift to the face and following up with a Swinging Neckbreaker-The Reality Check connects!! Punk is planted again and Miz goes down for another cover...One...Two...Thr-NO! The fans cheer again, as Miz pounds the mat in frustration. Mizanin uses Punk’s head to pull him up one more time, and he holds Punk by the chin and talks to him through gritted teeth, before transitioning into a ¾ facelock and dropping Punk onto his face with the Snapmare Driver!! Punk lands on his face and he bounces onto his back and lays on the ring spread-eagle. Miz crawls on his hands and knees to get to Punk and he grabs his leg and goes for another pin...One...Two...Thr-NO!! Miz resorts to shouting at the referee and tells him to count faster, but referee Scott Armstrong shakes his head and tells Miz to get on with the match. Miz angrily starts to pick Punk back up slowly to his feet and he shoves the Straight Edge Saint into the corner. Miz walks across the ring and he lines himself up in the opposite corner and charges across the ring; looking for the CORNER CLOTHESLINE-NO!! PUNK MOVED! The fans go wild as Miz crashes into the turnbuckle and gets caught up as Punk dodges out of the way and gets the opening he needs!!!

Laurinaitis pounds the ring apron repeatedly in anger as his boy gets all caught up and Miz looks dazed, but manages to get his legs unhooked and is able to turn around, but he uses the turnbuckle for support as he grabs his chest. Punk shakes the cobwebs and comes in... KNEE TO THE FACE!!! The Universe cheers as does Kofi as Punk now stays up there and hooks his arm around Miz’ head then runs in and drops The Miz on his face with the Bulldog out of the corner!! Punk recoils as he takes a bit of a bump from the landing, but he has enough in him after all of the punishment from The Miz to roll him over for the cover: One...Two...Thr-NO!! The will to just beat the other one from both of these men shines through as this time it is Miz that is forced to kick out. Punk gets back to his feet and he looks around the arena... and he starts to walk towards the ropes on the side where Kingston is, and he climbs out onto the apron! The fans pop as Punk tries to rally their support and he waits for Miz to get up before hitting a Springboard Clothesline!! The fans pop again, and Punk this time decides not to go for the cover and to look to finish the match. Punk places his hands clasped next his face to signal goodnight, and Miz’ buddies on the outside try to dissuade him from turning around as he groggily gets back up to his feet... because when he does, he is hoisted up onto Punk’s shoulders! GO TO SLEEP!!-NO!! Miz rolls off of Punk’s back! SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!!- PUNK COUNTERS!!! Punk rolls Miz over the top over his head, and Miz gets back to his feet and turns around into a kick to the side of the head from Punk!! Miz drops to the mat like a sack of potatoes as Punk literally falls on top of him and goes for the pin...One...Two...Three-MIZ KICKS OUT!!!

The WWE Universe watches in awe as these two put it all on the line, and from that blow to the head, Miz still hasn’t been able to show any indication of getting up; the kick out must have been pure instinct. Punk notices this and he now walks over to the corner, making sure to stay away from Truth and Laurinaitis. Punk slowly makes his way up to the top rope... and raises both of his arms... DIVING ELBOW DROP!! The fans pop for Punk’s tribute to the “Macho Man”, and Punk this time goes for another pin on the former WWE Champion...One...Two...Thre-NO!!! Punk cannot believe what is happening, and both men have taken the other to their limit tonight! Miz starts to show signs of getting back up to his feet, and Punk once again waits on his opponent to get up to his feet. Miz forces himself back up to a vertical base, and Punk comes in again, looking to scoop him up, but Miz counters with repeated elbows to the face of Punk, causing Punk to drop Miz back down onto the floor! Miz goes behind Punk again, and he tries to get the Full Nelson put in one more time, but Punk with elbows this time! Miz is stopped hitting the SCF again, and Punk delivers a backhand blow that knocks Miz all the way back into the ropes! Punk follows in but runs right into the bottom of Miz’ boot! Punk is knocked back down to a knee in the centre of the ring, and Miz comes charging in again... PUNK SCOOPS HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS... GTS- LAURINAITIS JUMPS ONTO THE APRON?!!

The fans start booing, as this obviously catches Punk’s attention, and he drops Miz back down to the mat to approach the General Manager, who has caught the referee’s attention! Punk comes in to give Johnny a piece of his mind... but the crowd starts to boo as R-Truth is sneaking up behind Punk!! Truth is about to strike, but Kofi Kingston is in the ring- and he takes it to R-Truth!! Kingston rocks Truth with a right hand which knocks him into Punk’s back; who then notices what was happening! Punk and Kingston now bear down on R-Truth, who begs for them not to hurt him; but Punk has other ideas and grabs Truth by the jacket, and launches him out of the ring... landing right next to a disgusted Del Rio!! The champion looks down on Truth with a disapproving stare, as Rodriguez starts to shout at Truth for almost hitting Del Rio! Truth picks himself up and starts trading verbal blows with the WWE Champion now! Laurinaitis has now dropped off of the apron, and the referee orders Kofi Kingston to get out of the ring... so Kofi runs against the ropes and leaps out of the ring... TAKING OUT TRUTH, DEL RIO AND RODRIGUEZ!!!! The Montreal fans burst out with a huge pop as all four men now lay in a pile at ringside with Cole and Lawler almost being caught in the crossfire!, and Punk looks over the ropes to inspect the damage... he doesn’t notice MIZ WITH THE ROLL UP!!! One...Two... Miz grabs the tights!! THREE!!!!

Winner: The Miz (12.30)


Michael Cole: YES! The Miz wins; Miz wins!

The fans, and not to mention CM Punk, are stunned... because The Miz has pinned CM Punk... AGAIN! Laurinaitis clambers into the ring, and he gives The Miz a long embrace, as the GM surveys all of the damage at ringside but shrugs his shoulders as he celebrates this moment with The Miz. Miz has his hand raised by the referee, and then motions around his waist that he wants the WWE Championship, as he is probably going into this match with more momentum than anyone else! Miz stands tall in the ring... but the fans stop booing for a second and they quickly turn into cheers, and CM PUNK IS STANDING BEHIND MIZ... and he looks angry!! Punk grabs Miz by the shoulder and swings him round... GO TO SLEEP ON THE MIZ!!! The fans go wild as Miz’ music abruptly stops and Laurinaitis quickly dives out of the ring to avoid the extremely annoyed Punk; who looks out into the WWE Universe and raises his arm into the air to a great pop... but Punk is blindsided... by R-TRUTH!!! Truth rocks Punk with a right hand to applause from Laurinaitis, and then drops the former WWE Champion with a Little Jimmy!!! Punk is planted on the mat, and Truth stands tall over him, and he makes sure to quickly try and help The Miz who is out cold after the Go To Sleep. Truth bends over his downed partner, but he is distracted by a very loud buzz in the arena, which causes him to turn around... and walk right into TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! The fans go wild as Kofi Kingston looks extremely proud of his work, and he stands alone, having his time on centre stage. Kingston does a Boom Clap to the joy of the WWE Universe, but when he goes for another one... someone catches his arm! It’s DEL RIO! Del Rio looks at Kingston with a blank stare, and locks in the Cross Armbreaker on Kofi Kingston!! The fans boo as Del Rio tries to tear Kingston’s arm off with the very hold that made him tap out two weeks ago, and Kofi starts tapping out again! The children in the crowd start off a “CENA” chant which gathers a lot of pace very quickly... and it turns into a huge pop... because JOHN CENA IS CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP!!! Del Rio lets off of Kingston, and Cena slides into the ring! Del Rio goes for a clothesline, but Cena ducks and comes back with a Flying Shoulder Block! Del Rio is floored, but gets knocked down with another one, and Cena then wait and scoops the WWE Champion onto his shoulders... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!!


Cena lays out the champion, but immediately goes to holding his left arm in pain after what Del Rio did earlier tonight, but Cena has got a measure of revenge as he surveys the area and sees all of his five opponents laid out around the ringside area, and Cena stares right into the camera and defiantly says “The title comes home, this Sunday!” before doing a one-armed Word Life sign to the joy of the crowd, and then getting on top of the top turnbuckle and rejoicing with the fans. Laurinaitis looks stunned on the outside, as he crouches down in between the battered Awesome Truth, and there is another loud pop as Triple H walks out onto the stage! “The Boss” nods as Cena stands in the centre of the ring and the COO and the Raw General Manager exchange glares at each other.

Michael Cole: What a chaotic end to Monday Night Raw! John Cena is the man standing tall tonight; but will that be the story this Sunday at Night of Champions when Alberto Del Rio defends the WWE Championship in a Six-Pack Challenge? Goodnight, folks!

The show ends with Triple H wearing a broad smile as he sees the havoc; all due to a match he made, and the COO turns around and walks to the back as Raw fades into the darkness.



SEPTEMBER 18, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge Elimination Match

Alberto Del Rio © vs John Cena vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth vs CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge

Randy Orton © vs Mark Henry vs Wade Barrett vs Sheamus vs John Morrison vs The Great Khali

Smackdown! Money in the Bank Contract
Submission Match

Daniel Bryan © vs Christian

United States Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler © vs Rey Mysterio

Intercontinental Championship Match
Cody Rhodes © vs Sin Cara

WWE Divas Championship Match
Kelly Kelly © vs Beth Phoenix

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty © vs Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

EDIT: Thanks for the support, guys, really means a lot. This probably isn't the best show I've ever written but I hope everyone enjoys it all the same
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

I'm a bit late to the party but here's a review for Smackdown:

Nice opening segment, Teddy and Christian were both written really well. Teddy not giving Christian the World Title shot but instead giving him a match with Bryan is exactly the kinda thing Teddy does so you nailed that too. The idea of a Bryan/Christian match at NOC for the MITB contract is pretty sweet so I’m interested to see how that pans out. It’s a million times better than Bryan being the king of the dark matches like he was last year as Mr. MITB.

Pretty good match between DiBiase and Cara, was cool to see Cara get his title shot as Rhodes/Cara is one of the few Sin Cara matches I could see working out well.

Barrett promo was well written but didn’t really grab my attention or excite me in any way. That’s less to do with your writing and more to do with me finding Wade pretty damn boring though tbh.

Nice little match between Gabriel and Trent. The Gabriel win was in no doubt and I’m glad to see him being pushed. I’m hoping Rhodes can defeat Sin Cara at NOC and you can get a Rhodes/Gabriel IC Title feud going, they’ve had some really good short matches on Smackdown this year and I think a full blown rivalry would have a lot of promise.

Quick squash for Henry is cool, 2-on-1 against jobbers is always a good way to go about pushing a big man. You also got some of Henry’s awesome in-ring charisma down with the “Good move” line and other stuff he tends to shout while in the ring, so good work on that too. The Sheamus/Henry brawl after the match was nicely handled; all the bad blood and sense of chaos came across well.

The NOC PPV video package hyping up the event’s concept was a nice touch as well.

I like that you’re continuing the Mahal/Khali storyline WWE had a crack at last year before abandoning when Mahal didn’t become super-over in like 3 weeks. It’s got a lot of potential and there’s plenty of different directions you could take with it. Khali’s win over Morrison makes JoMo something of a dark horse heading into the six-pack now.

The promo between Regal, Rhodes and DiBiase was really good as well. Everyone was scripted pretty much dead on. The idea of Regal & Sin Cara making a team is very interesting, I’m expecting Priceless to get the victory next week though.

Fun little segment for Curtis & Bateman. They could be great in WWE if they just got featured more so I’m glad you’ve got something in mind for them. Their fun antics could create some great segments to go against the “boring” tag champs.

Barrett/Orton was a perfectly fine main event. Post-match brawl was well worked too, interesting to see Barrett standing tall as now all the heels are getting some good momentum heading into the six-pack challenge.

Overall it was a very good show man, I'll be sure to check out Raw when I've got the time on my hands.

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

JAM's Review

I like unconventional openings to RAW and this was one of them. Was a good segment at that, it established Big Johnny as the GM of RAW while building up Truth and Miz as a team. The interruption of Punk was expected and it could only get worse from here on out. That cliffhanger when Big Johnny was about to fire Punk was brilliant. When you wrote that HHH had a piece of paper heading for the ring, I instantly thought Johnny was losing one of his positions, which he did. A strong start to the show. One of the better opening segments in your thread man.

Well a good little match here with Rey and Drew. I think that Drew really needed that win because if he didn't, it didn't seem fit to bring him in with Vickie. Not only does this win gain Drew some momentum, but Ziggler gets some momentum as well since he interfered and one-upp'd his opponent at Night Of Champions.

Always something good to see when Cena gets serious, you can just see the passion he has in his words. It's fun to see you mix it up with Cena, having his serious and goofy sides down. I compliment you on getting Cena's words down. Awesome job with that man.

Whoa, this was pretty unexpected. I was pretty sure Swagger would continue his decimation of Ryder's friends but this was a good swerve. Hawkins is a good talent so it'll be cool to see how you book the pair. I don't think that you should have them as a tag team though, would much rather have Hawkins with Reks. But again, you just added another element to this Ryder/Swagger feud, good job. Oh and I forgot to mention that I'm totally diggin' your slow build for Ryder.

LOL wow.....that line from Big Johnny to Rey. Anyway, pretty standard stuff here with the divas but I don't think it would've been this easy for Rey to get what he wanted. I was pretty sure that Big Johnny would say no or give him a condition but I guess you're building up the fact that Johnny just lost his job so he wouldn't wanna do anything to piss anyone else off to make him lose his job at RAW's GM.

Big Brodus Clay to debut next week, should be a good one. Possibly one of Big Johnny's cronies?

Well that was certainly pleasant to read with the divas, a long match. Natalya definitely has the advantage here with the home crowd in her favor. Interesting that King pointed out that if Beth win, Natalya will be next in line. I'm pretty sure this is what'll happen, can't wait!

Kind of a hit and miss with this segment here. You got both guys down with their promos but I just didn't know what you were trying to accomplish here. Definitely had to get Del Rio on the show but Cena looked really weak here. Or maybe you're trying to sell the arm injury here that Del Rio caused making him a threat to keep his title. I just think your intention with this segment was unclear but it was definitely a good one.

@ Kozlov being on commentary. Nothing much to say other than the right person won the match. Just please keep everyone where they're stationed at please, especially Cole.

Interesting backstage segment here, wonder what Drew is up to. But the promo by Vickie kind of spelled the end of Ziggler being champion for me. It seems that if Ziggler loses at Night of Champions, he'll blame Vickie for not being there by his corner in the first place, causing some friction. With that said, it leads me to believe that a McIntyre/Ziggler feud could be in the works. Not saying I want this to happen straight away but I think that it may be possible in the near future.

Definitely a chaotic ending to the show here. You gave each guy a chance to shine and that was important going into Night of Champions. I really don't know who will win the WWE Title at Night of Champions, so good job in keeping us puzzled. I think that chaotic ending was the right move here and it couldn't have been any better.

Overall, I enjoyed this edition of RAW. We got a lot of wrestling a lot of advancing of feuds. I'm starting to enjoy Big Johnny as an authority figure, never thought I'd say that. But that's only because there is someone higher than him, Triple H, who is opposing him. But yeah, good job with the show man. Next is Smackdown, my favorite! Can't wait

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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Feedback

Laurinaitis was pretty on point here, the reference to Triple H was good, always trying to one up him. Punk being his usual smartass self here, loved Big Johnny interrupting and saying Executive, gotta emphasise that point lol. Glad we finally got to hear from Miz here, the ‘Really’ was good but you messed up a couple of lines, the ‘Neither of you just cannot wait’, think you meant ‘Both of you just cannot wait’. Was a bit sudden with Johnny attempting to fire Punk, expected a little bit more to that but Trips coming down was to be expected. Ended all a bit suddenly, Laurinaitis losing his powers was a good move and another interesting route to go down in this corporate battle between he and Trips. I thought this started out quite strong but the end was a little too soon, would’ve liked more from Trips, maybe build up to that.

Very well worked and clever match here with Drew and Rey. Mysterio probably could’ve done with the win heading into NOC but the way you gave Drew the win made it defendable, adds some heat on to Vickie and Dolph in the process, good job.

You got Cena’s character pretty well here, probably the best I’ve seen from you with him thus far but it was a little short. So good in terms of character, a tad more length though.

I kinda like the idea of Swagger facing Ryder’s former partners or his friends, it’s different. Was surprised it ended in a DQ, would’ve expected Ryder to appear AFTER a Swagger win but this route isn’t a bad one. WOW, did not see that coming at all, Hawkins attacking Ryder? Certainly a unique twist. I gotta question where you go now though, does Hawkins feud with Ryder after he’s done with Swagger or are Swagger and Hawkins now a team/accomplices. Good segment here.

Nice exchange from Johnny and the Divas there, match later should be decent. Didn’t like this with Rey at all to be honest. Firstly I wouldn’t expect a face to go pleading for someone to be banned from ringside, maybe hint at it in a promo with Ziggler or something but not run to the GM. And secondly I didn’t like Johnny just caving in and giving Rey his wish. He’s a heel, surely he’s gonna say no and try and make Rey face an uphill battle. I suppose the little threat at the end may’ve been the saving grace but I’m not sure I’m a fan.

Really excited for Brodus.

Blimey a Divas match that lasts more than 2 minutes, kudos lol. Good contest, bad result, Kelly needed the win there ahead of the PPV, she’s lost a lot of steam here and I don’t buy her beating Beth now at all. Maybe should’ve had Beth help Natalya win rather than the route you chose to go down.

Pleased to see Del Rio come out of this looking strong BUT it felt kind of pointless to be honest and more of a way just to get Del Rio in the spotlight. Both men were quite strong character wise which was a positive but felt a little unnecessary. Maybe would’ve preferred these two to interact later in the main event.

Nice to see Kofi having Punk’s back but didn’t feel the need for Miz and Truth again here, maybe could’ve just had the two heels have a pep talk together, the two faces have one. Disappointed we haven’t heard a bit more from Truth too as crazy Truth was the man!

Thank god Otunga won this thing. I was frightened you’d have Lawler win thanks to Santino and Kozlov, would’ve done nothing for the Tung. Good progression of this feud here and hopefully it ends at NOC so they can both move on.

Liked this segment. The teasing of McIntyre joining Vickie over the past couple of weeks has been good and I’m guessing he joins properly come NOC, maybe that‘s why Johnny granted Rey‘s request now because he knew of this alliance? Hmmm. Ziggler’s little fairytale line was a good one to close here too, give him more mic time pretty please.

Good win for Riley here. I know he’s not the best in the ring but the guy will improve and he’s got the personality so I’m all for a slow push.

Really solid main event here but a shocking outcome in my opinion. I felt for sure as though Punk would finally get one over on Miz but this is another huge scalp for the Awesome One. Three on the trot against Punk? Massive for him. Aftermath was as expected, chaotic. Always the way to go when this many guys are involved in something and the perfect way to go into NOC from the Raw side.

On the whole another decent show here. I think your characterisation is improving, just need a bit more length and detail in promos. The Laurinaitis/Hunter angle had a nice twist tonight while the 6 pack moved forward nicely heading into Sunday. Particularly enjoyed Drew/Ziggler/Vickie/Rey stuff as well as Swagger and Ryder’s twist though, probably my highlights of the show. Keep at it man and the improvement will keep on coming. Looking forward to Smackdown and then of course, NOC.
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

WWE Superstars Results
September 15, 2011

The Usos def. Percy Watson & Titus O'Neill
AJ w/ Kaitlyn def. Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella
Evan Bourne def. JTG
Tyson Kidd def. Trent Barretta

Friday Night Smackdown Preview
16th September 2011
Air Canada Centre – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Following in the footsteps of Monday Night Raw, Smackdown this week is also being held in the heart of wrestling country; Canada! But instead of Montreal, we're over in Toronto for the last stop on the road to Night of Champions!

As announced two weeks ago by Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long, tonight marks the return to Friday Night Smackdown of the Rated-R Superstar, Toronto's own, Edge! Edge is going to be bringing back his revolutionary talk show, The Cutting Edge, with his guests being none other than the two men that will be facing off this Sunday at Night of Champions in a Submission Match for the Money in the Bank briefcase, the current Mr Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan, and Edge's best friend, Christian! Despite being best friends, Edge has been sceptical to say the least at the way that Christian has been carrying himself as of late, with his very vocal complaints about Teddy Long. Not only that, but Long has also placed Christian and Bryan in separate singles competition tonight against unknown opponents!

The main event for the evening is going to be a taster for what is set to come at Night of Champions where six men will compete for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Six-Pack Challenge! Tonight sees the current champion Randy Orton teaming with John Morrison and Sheamus, and they'll face the trio of Wade Barrett, Mark Henry and The Great Khali! With separate rivalries being combined here tonight and different men all out going to get each other, that match is sure to be a rocketbuster!

Also, ahead of his title defence this Sunday, the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes teams with Ted DiBiase to take on the number one contender, Sin Cara, and a man that Rhodes and DiBiase screwed out of a shot at the gold a few weeks ago; William Regal! These two exciting tandems will collide tonight!

Also, the in form Justin Gabriel looks to continue his winning ways as he goes one on one with one of his former Nexus comrades, Darren Young!

Confirmed for Smackdown:

Six-Man Tag Team Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, John Morrison & Sheamus vs Wade Barrett, Mark Henry & The Great Khali

The Cutting Edge with special guests Christian and Daniel Bryan
Christian and Daniel Bryan to be in action!

Tag Team Match:
Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs Sin Cara & William Regal

Justin Gabriel vs Darren Young

Plus, Kelly Kelly, Fighting for Freedom and more!


Show is almost done, just a couple of little bits that need doing, nothing major. Not going to say a day but if I were to, it would be Wednesday. Thanks
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Friday Night Smackdown
16th September 2011
Air Canada Centre – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We go to an opening video package of the events of last week with both the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and Wade Barrett entering for their match and the opening moments in the bout, but then Barrett getting himself disqualified and then attacking Orton with a steel chair. The package quickly ends with Barrett celebrating and Orton holding his shoulder in pain. We go to the arena now, and the Toronto fans are just as excited as the Montreal lot this past Monday on Raw, and the camera quickly flashes onto the ring where we can see that the mat has been covered with a black carpet and three stools are placed in the centre of the ring, with three microphones laying on top of the middle one.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentleman, there you can see the set for The Cutting Edge; which is making its return tonight! Michael Cole here, alongside Josh Matthews and Booker T!

Booker T: Night o’ Champions is only two days away, guys! T’night is gonna be one hell of a show!

Josh Matthews: Not only do we have the return of The Cutting Edge, but our main event tonight is a Six-Man Tag Team Match that will feature all of the Superstars competing for the World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday; Wade Barrett, The Great Khali and Mark Henry will take on Sheamus, John Morrison and the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton!

Michael Cole: That match is going to be a blockbuster! But also, the two men that are going to be the guests of The Cutting Edge, Christian and Daniel Bryan, are both going to be in action tonight!

The commentators shut up as the camera sweeps around the arena, getting ready for the fans’ reaction for...


The roof almost blows right off of the Air Canada Centre, as the hometown hero, EDGE bursts out onto the stage!! Hyped up as always, the Rated-R Superstar bounds up and down the stage; soaking in the atmosphere, and he stops on the centre of the stage, wearing a warm smile, and he starts to march down the ramp, and he pauses and shoots his arms up into the air to set off a GRAND amount of pyro behind him, in typical Edge fashion. Edge runs forwards a little bit and slides into the ring, and he mounts the nearest turnbuckle to cheer on with the fans. He tries to contain his emotions as he picks up one of the microphones off of the stool, and he allows his music to fade away, but he still can’t talk because of the rapturous ovation from the WWE Universe. The fans cheer Edge, who smiles broadly around the arena as he raises the microphone.

Edge: Well, the only thing I can think of saying right now, which isn’t good because I’m meant to be hosting a talk show is... just... thank you!

The fans let out a huge roar as Edge smiles again.

Edge: No one ever realises how hard it is to walk out of that curtain when you’re not able to do it all of the time... but to come out here tonight and be here in the place where I call home is just the best feeling imaginable.

Toronto cheers loudly once again and Edge suddenly perks up a little bit.

Edge: But enough about me... because tonight I have been given a very special job to do. Teddy Long needed someone that could... command the respect of both Daniel Bryan, and Christian.

The fans pop very loudly for the mention of Christian’s name.

Edge: Of course Teddy could have done that himself, but he wanted someone that really knows how both of these guys are feeling going into their match this Sunday at Night of Champions... so he thought who better than the Rated-R Superstar?

LOUD pop again, and Edge beams out to his hometown crowd.

Edge: So, ladies and gentlemen, let me welcome you to THE CUTTING EDGE!

Another large pop emanates from the arena, and Edge nods his head.

Edge: So my first guest tonight is a man that carries in his hand the opportunity of a lifetime... and an item that I am very familiar with; the Money in the Bank Briefcase! This man has one year to cash that big boy in and have the chance to win his first World Heavyweight Championship. Toronto, please put your hands together for DANIEL BRYAN!


Despite being in the hometown of his rival, Daniel Bryan walks out onto the stage to a decent reaction from the fans. The ever-popular Mr Money in the Bank wears a maroon jacket over his wrestling trunks, and he holds his briefcase above his head and salutes the Toronto fans before he makes his way down to the ring, slapping hands with fans as he comes down the ramp. Edge claps Bryan on, as Booker and Matthews have the usual argument with Cole on the commentary desk about his opinion of Bryan. Bryan gets into the ring and he shakes Edge’s hand, and Edge offers him a microphone; which he gladly accepts.

Edge: Daniel, I’m gonna cut to the chase, and ask you the question that has been on everyone’s mind since you won that briefcase at Money in the Bank; when are you going to cash in that opportunity?

Daniel Bryan: Edge, I’ve said it before and I have said it again; it has been my dream ever since I first laced up a pair of boots all those years ago to go to the main event of Wrestlemania and win the World Title. This briefcase gives me the chance to live my dream, so to answer your question, I am taking this briefcase to Wrestlemania and I’m going to win the World Heavyweight Championship!

The fans pop as Bryan stares back at Edge defiantly, meaning that he knows fully what he wants to do.

Edge: As much as I respect that, allow me to give you some advice; when I first won the Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania 21, I thought that I was going to hold the briefcase for the whole year and then win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 22... but when I saw John Cena, vulnerable after the Elimination Chamber... my killer instinct took over and I went out there and I became the WWE Champion.

The fans pop loudly for the history lesson, and Edge carries on.

Edge: So what I’m saying to you is that there is no set time for you to achieve your dream, because as Mr Money in the Bank.... you have everyone coming after you and wanting to take that briefcase away because every man in the back wants the exact same thing you do!

Bryan nods his head, he seems a little reluctant to admit that Edge is right, but nods along anyway.

Edge: And in two nights time, you’re going to put that briefcase up against one of the best damn wrestlers to ever have set foot into a WWE ring... despite everything that has happened in the past few months, Christian is a two-time World Heavyweight Champion for a reason-

Daniel Bryan: (Interrupting; Edge seems a little shocked of Bryan’s defiance) With all due respect, Edge, for YEARS people have been calling me the best wrestler in the world. This Sunday Christian is going to walk into a Submission Match... MY speciality.

Edge surprisingly doesn’t get annoyed with Bryan cutting him off and talking to him like that, but the fans are unsure.

Daniel Bryan: I’ve said it time and time again, that I am willing to put this briefcase on the line every night until Wrestlemania 28 in Miami, where all of the work all of these years will have built up into one... single moment, and I will become the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

The fans give a mixed reaction, but it seems that Bryan’s more intense side has won him some fans here in Canada.

Daniel Bryan: So this Sunday at Night of Champions, Christian has two choices... he can TAP or SNAP!!

The fans let out a cheer which is a small surprise, and Edge now comes back into the conversation.

Edge: The unfortunate thing is-


The two men in the ring look a little disappointed, because surely Edge had a whole grand speech to introduce Christian, who walks out onto the stage shaking his head at Edge and Bryan. The fans are going wild as you can imagine, but Captain Charisma makes his way down to the ring and completely ignores the fans who are chanting his name. Christian wastes no time getting into the ring and he picks up a microphone.

Christian: Cut the music off! Cut it off!

The music abruptly stops and Christian glares at his “best friend” Edge with an intense stare. Edge goes to speak, but Christian jumps in before he can even raise his microphone.

Christian: So Teddy Long asked you to present your show tonight in our hometown? Did he ask you to be as biased as possible towards his “future World Heavyweight Champion” as well?

Edge: Christian, just-

Christian: I’m not finished. This is a talk show, so I’m gonna talk if that is okay with you. First of all, my talk show, the greatest talk show in WWE history, The Peep Show, would blow this crap out of the water any day of the week.

The fans actually boo Christian for that response.

Christian: You’re out here giving him advice of what to do with the Money in the Bank briefcase, but this Sunday I’m going to make Daniel Bryan tap out and take the Money in the Bank contract, and I’ll cash it in next week on Smackdown, because the sooner that I am the World Heavyweight Champion again, and the sooner that Teddy Long is not the General Manager of Smackdown, this show can start to return to its former glory like it was when I was on top.

Edge looks a little pissed off now, and Bryan stares a hole through Christian.

Christian: Oh wait, Edge... is it not your fault that I’m not the World Heavyweight Champion right now? ... I think it was actually... YOU threw me off of my game at Summerslam before that match... YOU let me down and YOU are the reason that I did not retain MY championship at Summerslam!

Edge: Christian... I’m not even going to go into detail about how much you’ve changed recently... this... obsession with Teddy Long and Randy Orton and the World Heavyweight Championship... it’s just scary to watch, dude. I have been there; I’ve been where you are. You’re feeling yourself being alienated from all of the guys in the back. People have been talkin’... they think you’re going insane, dude.

Christian was looking down at the mat throughout what Edge was just saying, but that last bit made him tilt his head back up and he glares with his eyes wide open at Edge.

Christian: I-In- Insane? You think I’m Insane? Teddy Long has been desperate for me to lose the World Heavyweight Championship ever since you left. I’d been champion for FOUR DAYS when he made me defend it against Randy Orton... and at Summerslam and the weeks afterwards he puts me in No Holds Barred and Falls Count Anywhere against that MANIAC... and I’m the insane one?! Teddy Long is a sadistic tyrant; and he wants me off of Smackdown, but I don’t care what I have to go through, be it a Submission Match with this guy or a Ladder Match, a Tables Match, Handicaps, I’ll not stop until JUSTICE has been served and I hold the World Heavyweight Championship I DESERVE!

Everyone is quite taken aback by that, and Christian breathes heavily as he eyes up both of the men in the ring opposite him.

Daniel Bryan: I wasn’t going to interrupt this whole psychiatric examination going on here, but Christian; you have some real serious problems. I’m usually a kind and sympathetic guy, but at Night of Champions, I’m not going to hold anything back. I don’t feel sorry for you and I won’t when you step into my environment, and you’re going to tap out.

Christian: Daniel, this has NOTHING to do with you; the only part you play in my rise back to the top is the guy that I defeat to win the Money in the Bank contract. Tonight I’ll show you in my match just what I can do in the ring if you’ve never seen before.

Christian walks right up to Bryan, and the two are almost nose to nose, but making sure that they don’t touch each other.

Christian: I know that you and Teddy Long are planning something... a way to screw me over at Night of Champions, but I’m on to you; the days of Theodore Long dictating Smackdown are over... because the Saviour of Smackdown is here.

Christian drops his microphone, and he glares into Bryan’s eyes once more, before turning around and shoving Edge out of the way before exiting the ring to some boos from the fans. Edge and Bryan look back at him, as Christian scowls at them from the ramp as he slowly backs up.


Michael Cole: Oh my... I don’t think I’ve ever seen Christian like this before. I know he has had issues with Theodore Long, but I never thought that it was affecting him this much! How can Teddy Long allow this?! Does he know what he is doing to one of his top Superstars?!

Booker T: You are just unreal, Michael, you know ‘dat?

Michael Cole: Christian is bordering mental illness and you’re asking what is wrong with me?! Theodore Long needs to be removed from his position, he doesn’t understand what he is doing...

Josh Matthews: That aside, I think it is time we get on with the show. We’re going to go to a quick commercial break and when we return the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes will be in tag team action!

*Commercial Break*


It is a fair amount of heat in the arena, as the Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes walks out onto the stage, and he is flanked by Ted DiBiase. Cody adjusts his mask slightly, and Ted is still seemingly profusely apologizing for what happened last week. The commentators remind us of just what Ted did to annoy Cody, and that was lose to Sin Cara last week, meaning Cody has to defend the title against Sin Cara in two night’s time. Both men get into the ring, but neither bother trying to taunt; Ted isn’t in the mood and Cody’s just a badass.


The fans let off quite a large pop, as a very determined-looking William Regal walks out onto the stage with that familiar scowl. Adorned in a gorgeous purple robe, Regal glares at Rhodes and Dibiase; happy that tonight is his chance for some payback. Regal wipes his feet on the apron before getting into the ring, and he darts towards his opponents; Ted scampers out of the way but Cody stands firm, just blankly staring at Regal.


The lights in the arena go to a shade of blue, and the fans go wild as they know who is about to come out! The pop gets even louder when Sin Cara bounces out through the curtain!! Dressed in his golden robe, he points to Cody Rhodes in the ring who is unfazed again, before flicking the rope off and charging down the ramp and jumping into the ring; setting off that dazzling pyro!! As soon as Sin Cara gets back up to his feet he’s back to the pointing at Rhodes, and Cody just seems unimpressed. The lights return to normal, and Regal goes to quickly have a word with Sin Cara but he then realises that he doesn’t speak English, so he just shakes it off and motions to Sin Cara that he can start the match.

Match One:
Tag Team Match
Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs Sin Cara & William Regal

The bell rings, and it is decided that the two men that faced off last week, Sin Cara and Ted DiBiase, are going to be the men that are starting the match off. Ted, desperate to make things up to Cody for what happened last week, initiates the lock up and gets Sin Cara into a Hammerlock and goes behind, but he quickly tries to turn it around into the DREAM STREET, but Sin Cara is able to roll out of it! DiBiase looking for the early finish, but Sin Cara runs in at him, but Ted is able to cut him off with a boot to the midsection, which causes Cara to keel over in the centre of the ring. Ted then runs against the ropes and comes in with a boot to the side of Sin Cara’s head and goes for the cover...One...Two-Sin Cara kicks out! Ted brings the Mexican Idol back up to his feet and he drags him over to his corner, where he tags in the Intercontinental Champion. Cody jumps in and delivers a boot to the ribs of his opponent in two night’s time, before taking him up for a Scoop Slam. Cody backs up onto the second rope in his corner, and he jumps off and drops a knee across Sin Cara’s head, and rolls into the centre of the ring, and he gets back to his feet, eyeing up Regal, who looks rather unimpressed with the champion’s efforts thus far. Cody goes back to Sin Cara, who was in the process of getting up to his feet, and boots him in the ribs, knocking the wind out of the luchador. Cody rests his knee on Sin Cara’s head and he holds his arm out to DiBiase, who reaches in and slaps his partner’s hand. DiBiase comes back in and drops his knee down onto Sin Cara’s ribs, and the commentators point out that these two are former Tag Team Champions so they are rightfully in charge of this match so far.

Ted brings Cara back up to his feet, and Irish Whips him across the ring. Care rebounds off of the ropes and goes for a Headscissors but DiBiase sees it coming and is able to transition and counter whilst Sin Cara is in mid-air and he drops Sin Cara’s ribs over his knee!! Regal winces on the apron at the move as Ted goes for another cover...One...Two...T-Sin Cara kicks out again!! The fans start to let their voices be heard around the arena, as Sin Cara is in some discomfort ahead of his Intercontinental Title Match this Sunday. DiBiase gets Sin Cara up again, and he goes over to Rhodes, but Sin Cara is able to break free of the grip and rattle Ted with a boot to the leg, and this allows Sin Cara to roll away and get the tag to William Regal! The fans explode as the veteran blocks a right hand from DiBiase and is able to connect with a Knife Edge Chop to Ted’s chest, which sends DiBiase sprawling into the corner. Regal comes in and starts hammering away with stiff boots to DiBiase’s mid section, and Regal storms out of the corner looking pumped up. DiBiase comes out of the corner looking a little wobbly legged, and Regal catches him with a European Uppercut! This move sends Ted reeling back again, and Regal quickly comes up to follow in with a Double Underhook Suplex!! The fans pop as Regal goes down for a pin and drives his arm into Ted’s face as he does...One...Two..Thr-DiBiase kicks out!!

Regal wastes no time in bringing DiBiase back up and unloading with a forearm to the head that knocks Ted into the face team’s corner. Regal tags Sin Cara back into the match and the Mexican Idol hops over the top rope and he grabs DiBiase’s arm on the way down and flips him over with an Arm Drag that sends Ted tumbling across the ring. DiBiase tries to reach out to Rhodes but Sin Cara is quick to cut him off by running towards the ropes and SPRINGBOARDING off of them and connecting with an elbow to the face of DiBiase!! The fans pop the athleticism, and Sin Cara does one of those signature points right at the Intercontinental Champion! This sends Rhodes into a small frenzy on the apron as Sin Cara goes up to the top rope! The fans pop again, as Sin Cara steadies himself, but Rhodes walks along the apron and he clips Cara’s leg and causes him to crotch himself!!! The fans boo, as the referee comes over to Rhodes to admonish him, and Regal marches across the ring to get to Rhodes, but this causes ref to try and get Regal back to his corner, allowing Rhodes to jump into the ring, and he hooks up Sin Cara, who is caught on the top rope, and he drops him down to the mat with a DDT! Sin Cara crumples down in a heap after that move, and Rhodes gets out of the ring quickly. DiBiase takes a little time to come back to his senses, but he then slowly crawls over to Sin Cara and drapes his arm over him...One...Two...Three-NO- Foot on the ropes! Rhodes and DiBiase throw fits but the referee stands by his call and the fans are loving it!Regal outstretches his arm to try and get Sin Cara to tag him in, but there is almost no sign of life from the number one contender, and DiBiase also reaches up to Rhodes for the tag, but has to crawl towards his partner who doesn’t seem that happy he is having to come into this match and risk injury so close to a title defence. Sin Cara starts to crawl towards Regal, but it looks like DiBiase is going to get there first! Ted inches ever closer to Cody... but RHODES jumps off of the apron!! DiBiase is shocked as Cody blankly stares at him, and Ted uses the ropes to get back to his feet whilst all the while staring at Cody in confusion, and Cody just says ”Your fault we’re in this match... you finish it off by yourself” . Ted is shocked, and he holds his arms out in anger and confusion, but he doesn’t see Sin Cara coming from behind with the roll up! One...Two...THREE!!!

Winners: Sin Cara & William Regal (10.42)


Ted bursts out of the pin fall just too late, and he jumps up into the air, throwing a FIT!! Ted shouts at Cody and the champion just replies “Even” after that, and turns to walk up the ramp, DiBiase exiting the ring to try and reason with Cody. On the other hand it is pure jubilance for Sin Cara and William Regal, and the two celebrate until Sin Cara seems to have caught Cody’s eye, and the two opponents for this Sunday exchange a stare (obviously Cody can’t see Sin Cara’s face) but Rhodes then raises the title high into the air, but Sin Cara comes back and just POINTS at it like a don, to a big pop from the fans.

Michael Cole: Well I for one can’t wait until this Sunday when Cody Rhodes and Sin Cara face off to do battle for that Intercontinental Championship; it will actually be Cody’s first title defence.

Booker T: And dey don’t get much harder than what Cody is gonna have to go through dis Sunday; Sin Cara is gonna bring some GOLD home... HAHA

Josh Matthews: Well this Sunday at Night of Champions, it is Cody Rhodes’ chance to prove that he deserves to hold the prestigious Intercontinental Championship, or will Sin Cara get his first taste of gold in the WWE? There’s only one way to find out!

*Commercial Break*


The fans descend into loud heat, as Wade Barrett walks out onto the stage, wearing a suit jacket over his wrestling trunks. It’s not time for the main event, so the commentators speculate why he is out here, and remind us of what he did last week to the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Barrett has a smug grin as he climbs into the ring, and he goes over to the timekeeper’s side of the ring and requests a microphone, which is promptly handed to him. He allows his music to die down as he surveys the arena, taking in all of the boos from the Toronto fans.

Wade Barrett: I don’t know why you’re booing me... I’m having the last laugh; I get to leave Canada after the show.

The cheap heat does its job, and Barrett shows no reaction to the outpour of boos.

Wade Barrett: Personal feelings aside, there is no denial that last week, I stayed true to my word and I made a statement to the entire WWE roster. I promised last week that I was going to cut the head of the snake off and I delivered. Randy Orton-

Barrett is cut off by a HUGE pop for the champion’s mention, which seems to anger the Englishman.

Wade Barrett: Randy Orton is no longer a Viper, ladies and gentlemen; he is a wounded dog after what I did to him last week. And everyone knows what you have to do to an old, worn out mutt. You have to do the right thing and take it out behind the shed and put it out of its misery.

More heat... clearly some dog lovers out there tonight.

Wade Barrett: And that is exactly what I am going to do to Randy Orton this Sunday at Night of Champions; I am going to finish off what I started two weeks ago, and continued last week, and I’ll continue to do so tonight in the main event. After this Sunday, Wade Barrett will officially be known as the man that put an end to Randy Orton here in the WWE, and also Wade Barrett is going to be the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.


Wade Barrett: And if anyone still has any doubts of my abilities all they have to do is pay real close attention to what is going to happen in tonight’s main event, where I will dominate the field and lead my team to victory.

Barrett smiles for the first time tonight, which irks the fans.

Wade Barrett: The time for the future... is now. Wade Barrett.... NEXT World Heavyweight Champion.


Like a true gentleman, Barrett places his microphone on the mat before he straightens himself back up and looks around the Air Canada Centre with a broad smile on his face. He turns around and exits the ring, taking his time to shout at a few fans as he does.

Josh Matthews: Well, love him or hate him, I think it is safe to say that Wade Barrett is one of the favourites heading into this Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions.

Michael Cole: Josh, you’re right; the guy has got it all going for him, and you know that Wade Barrett already has his game plan set for this Sunday; he’s going for the World Heavyweight Title, and everyone else better watch out.

Booker T: I jus’ don’t think his attitude is right t’ough dawg! He needs to be concentratin’ on winnin’ matches and not shootin’ dogs, dawg!

Michael Cole: You are just... unreal, Booker.... Though we currently have Matt Striker standing by for us backstage; how are ya doing, Matt?

We cut from Barrett leaving the arena at the top of the stage to Matt Striker, looking as chirpy and happy as ever, clearly enjoying the life of a backstage interviewer.

Matt Striker: Great thanks, Michael! We’ve just heard from Wade Barrett, and I’m currently with another man challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday at Night of Champions... he is the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry!

To some heat from the fans, Mark Henry walks into the shot beside Striker, taking up almost the whole frame. Not one to be happy, Henry wears a scowl on his face as he looks past Striker waiting for the question.

Matt Striker: Mark, you just heard Wade Barrett’s intentions for this Sunday at Night of Champions as well as tonight’s main event; do you have anything to add about your team’s chances tonight?

Mark Henry: First of all, Barrett was wrong about two things out there. Tonight, it will be MY team that goes out there and puts those other punks out, and I’ll be man that dominates tonight.

The fans give off a mixed reaction for the disagreements between the heel team already.

Mark Henry: I’ll also be the man that goes on to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Night o’ Champions, because I’ve been on a roll for months now. Who’s been the most dominant force in the WWE for years; Mark Henry, dats who! So I’m gonna finally win the big one that I DESERVE this Sunday, and there aint a thing anyone can do about it!

Matt Striker: What about Sheamus? You two have-


Striker looks like he has just crapped himself.

Mark Henry: Sheamus is a no-one, and I’m gonna make sure that he doesn’t even make it to this Sunday after I get my hands on him tonight in the main event. Every time I’ve stepped into the ring with Sheamus, he’s ended up laid out at ringside, and tonight aint gonna be no different!

???: Really now, fella?

The fans go wild, because that means that there is only one person that could have interrupted Henry... SHEAMUS! The Celtic Warrior stands the other side of Striker, causing the interviewer to back up and just hold the microphone in between the two warring brutes.

Sheamus: All of t’at might have happened in t’e past, Mark, but t’ere’s on t’ing you need ta remember... you haven’t pinned me when we’ve faced off because you know t’at you can’t get it done against T’e Celtic Warrior.

Henry looks like he is about to blow at this point.

Mark Henry: Dat don’t prove anything, boy! You can’t stop The World’s Strongest Man and you won’t this Sunday and I’ll make sure that you won’t be champion... I’ll split ya lid right here!

Sheamus: As fun as t’at sounds, I’ll just leave it until the main event... I wouldn’t want ta embarrass you in front of t’e great Mr Striker here... see ya later, fella.

Sheamus turns and walks away to a big pop, and Henry is seething at not being able to fight right now. Henry mouths “Son of a Bitch”, before turning back and leaving the set, Matt Striker sighing with relief that he didn’t get hurt.

Matt Striker: And I thought being a wrestler was dangerous...

*Commercial Break*


The fans let off a big cheer for Mr Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan, making his second appearance of the night, but this time he’s going to be wrestling! Bryan looks as confident as ever, and the commentators (apart from Cole) say that Bryan has the mental edge going into his match with Christian at Night of Champions. Bryan gets into the ring, and he holds the briefcase up in the air to a loud pop, but he retreats into the corner as he awaits his mystery opponent.


It’s some decent heat for Heath Slater, and it seems everyone is surprised by this choice of opponent for Bryan, but Matthews reminds us that Slater was Christian’s NXT Pro, so there could be some relevance. Slater is carrying his Guitar Hero guitar, and has now added some sunglasses to his attire, and he rocks his way down the ramp. He gets into the ring and gets on the turnbuckle, lifting his “guitar” in the air. The music cuts out which annoys Slater, and he removes the shades which means that this match can get under way.

Match Two:
Heath Slater vs Daniel Bryan

The fans have a strong chant of “TAP OR SNAP” ringing around the arena, which causes Slater to shake his head and tell them to shut up, but Bryan tries to come into the centre of the ring and start the match properly, but Slater seems reluctant to lock up with Bryan, but he doesn’t get the chance to escape as Bryan catches him in a side headlock, and he quickly takes Slater over with the Headlock Takeover, and Heath desperately flails to escape the hold but he is able to push Bryan away. Slater gets back up and he goes for a right hand on Bryan, but Mr MITB ducks and connects with a stiff kick to Slater’s left knee, which causes that leg to buckle out of the way. Bryan uses his other leg to take down Slater’s other leg, and Slater holds both of his knees as he is knocked down on the mat, kneeling down. Bryan then unloads with a stiff kick to the chest of Slater! And another, and another!! Slater backs up into the corner, with his pasty chest having a red streak across it.

Slater starts to pick himself up in the corner whilst Bryan enjoys the ovation being given to him by the fans, and Heath is able to pick himself up using the turnbuckle and Bryan points at him to a great reaction from the crowd, and he charges in and hits the CORNER DROPKICK on Slater!! Slater looks like he’s been crushed by a car, and drops to the mat and rolls out onto the floor, but somehow manages to stay on his feet, although he is on jelly legs from the impact he just received. Bryan gets back up, and he looks at Slater down on the outside, before he runs against the opposite ropes and he charges back... Suicide Dive!! The force behind the high-risk move sends Slater crashing into the announce table, and Bryan gets to his feet to another solid pop. Cole says that Bryan should be forced to pay for the announce table after he just destroyed it like that, but Bryan knocks his drink off of the table as a reply, much to the amusement of everyone else in the arena. Bryan grabs Slater by the back of the neck and picks him up and rolls the One Man Rock Band into the ring, and he jumps up onto the apron to follow him. Slater slowly gets back up onto his knees, and the “DANIEL BRYAN” chant rings around the arena, as Bryan grabs hold of Slater’s arm... LEBELL LOCK!! The fans pop as Slater searches around for some way to escape, but he soon has no choice but to tap out!

Winner: Daniel Bryan (4.35)


Michael Cole: NO! NO! NO! Ladies and Gentlemen let me reassure you just for one second, these are not scenes you will see if you tune into Night of Champions; Daniel Bryan is not, and I repeat NOT going to make anyone tap out this Sunday!

Booker T: Michael, I think you need to chill out a lil bit, dawg! Give the boy some credit, ya dig?

Bryan has his arm raised by the referee and he receives his briefcase through the ropes, before holding it high up in the air to a good reaction from the WWE Universe. He then goes to exit the ring, with a confident look on his face; knowing that he has done what he needs to tonight and the message to Christian has been firmly sent.

*Commercial Break*

Returning from the break, and we are back in the arena, with Nexus alumni Darren Young in the ring, awaiting his chance to make an impact on Smackdown.


There is an extremely positive response from the fans for Justin Gabriel, who comes out onto the stage and jumps as high as he can into the air and lands down in a crouching position; before surveying the arena with a smile on his face. He jumps back up and walks down the ramp and slaps hands with the fans as he does. The commentators note that Gabriel is working his way through the Smackdown roster with impressive performances, and Booker explains his love for the 450 Splash as Gabriel gets into the ring, getting a disapproving and jealous look from Young, who stands in the corner.

Match Three:
Justin Gabriel vs Darren Young

The bell rings, and Gabriel goes to put his hand into the centre of the ring, but Young knocks it away, much to the anger of the crowd! Young gets into Gabriel’s face, and Gabriel stands there and just takes the insults that Young tries to throw at him, but then Young SLAPS GABRIEL AROUND THE FACE!! The strike sends Justin staggering back a few paces, and Young doesn’t need a second invite to go in and start following up. Young comes in with right hands that knock Gabriel back onto the ropes, and he smashes the South African with a right that sends him all the way into the corner. Young comes in with a shoulder block to Gabriel’s mid section, and the referee is forced to come in and stop the attack, much to Young’s annoyance. Mr No Days Off comes back and whips Gabriel across the ring, and Young goes to follow in, but Gabriel grabs onto the top rope and he goes for the float over, and he catches Young in a Headscissors, and turns it around to send Young flying across the ring with a Hurracanrana!! The fans let out a solid pop as Gabriel and Young both get up at around the same time, and Young goes for a wild right hand but Justin ducks it and kicks Young in the gut before planting him down to the mat with a DDT!! Gabriel goes down for the cover...One...Two...Young kicks out!!

Gabriel is a little annoyed from the kick out, and he sees Young down on the mat, and after encouragement from the fans, he starts to make his way towards the top rope! The fans pop, but Young is back up onto his feet, he turns around, and Gabriel comes off looking for a DIVING CLOTHESLINE- Young moved out of the way! Gabriel is able to land on his feet but Young is quickly back in from behind and he grabs Gabriel head and drops him down with a Necbreaker!! Cole says that Young is really impressing him in this match so far, and Young is in for the cover on Gabriel this time! One...Two...Gabriel kicks out!! The fans are fully behind the South African at this point, and Young seems a little gutted that Gabriel kicked out, but he springs back up to his feet and starts to stalk Gabriel as he starts to get back up to his feet. Gabriel makes it back to a vertical base and he turns into Young, who scoops him onto his shoulders with a Fireman’s Carry, but Gabriel elbows him in the side of the head and slides off his back. Young turns around to grab him but Gabriel nails him with a SUPERKICK!! Young drops to the mat flat onto his back after being rocked in the head with that kick, and Gabriel now heads back up to the corner! Gabriel nods his head as he stands on the top rope and then hits the 450 SPLASH!! The fans go crazy as Gabriel hooks the leg! One...Two...Three!!!

Winner: Justin Gabriel (5.20)

We leave Gabriel celebrating in the ring, and we go now to a corridor backstage, and the roar inside of the arena is HUGE because EDGE pops up onto the screen! He is unaware of the ovation as he is on the phone.

Edge: ... Yeah, of course I’m having a great time tonight; I’m on Smackdown and we're in Toronto!

LOUD pop inside of the arena.

Edge: It’s just I miss being here every week... I miss seeing all of the guys around here, and coming out in front of the fans each and every week... and to be honest as well, I need to be here more for Christian.... I’ve never seen this side of him before and I’m quite frankly scared that he’s gonna get himself into trouble.... Smackdown is where I belong-

Suddenly, someone grabs the phone out of Edge’s hand!! Edge turns around and he sees Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis!! The fans let out a small pop, as the newly formed team, dubbed Fighting for Freedom stand before the Rated-R Superstar! Bateman raises the phone up to his ear.

Derrick Bateman: He’ll call you back.

Bateman closes the phone and obviously Edge is annoyed.

Edge: What the hell was that? Who even are you guys?

Johnny Curtis: I am The Phoenix, Johnny Curtis, and this here is The Prince of Justice, Derrick Bateman.

Edge: What are you guys meant to be? Superheroes? You don’t even have costumes.

Derrick Bateman: No! We’re not superheroes, we are Fighting for Freedom. We happened to hear what you were just saying, and we need to let you know that you cannot let your inability to compete in that ring confine your freedom as a human being and stop you doing what you love.

Johnny Curtis: We’re here to let you know that you can still be the man around here and still be on Smackdown each week without being an active competitor, and there’s nothing more that we would love to see than you here every week, because we are such... big... fans!

Bateman gives Curtis a nudge which causes Johnny to bolt back up right and stop marking out over Edge, getting a good laugh from the fans.

Johnny Curtis: Come on, Derrick... He’s Edge!

Edge: Guys, I see what you’re sayin’... thanks and all... but you don’t know how it feels to be here and see guys go out there and do something that is first nature to you but you just... can’t do it anymore.

Edge looks a little sad now, and Fighting for Freedom see a figure approaching the scene and they pat Edge on the back before quickly leaving the scene. Edge hears someone clear their throat behind him and he turns around... to see THEODORE LONG!! The Smackdown General Manager gets a LOUD pop from the WWE Universe, and he puts a hand on Edge’s shoulder.

Theodore Long: Edge, playa, I saw how you handled yaself out there earlier tonight with Christian and Daniel Bryan, and after hearin’ all of dat just then... I think we need to talk, playa! Come meet me in the office in five minutes.

This gets another big cheer from the crowd, as Teddy walks away, Edge looks back in the direction that Fighting for Freedom left in, and he shakes his head.

Edge: (Jokily) Maybe retirement isn’t that bad after all...

That gets a few laughs in the arena, and Edge then leaves the shot, walking in the direction that Long left in.

*Commercial Break*

We're with Matt Striker in the interview set, and he looks to have changed his pants from last time because he's all happy again. Striker steadies himself and fixes his hair as he begins to speak.

Matt Striker: Sorry for adjusting my appearance, but I'm currently here with the most stylish member of the WWE roster, the leader of the group of smart, sexy and powerful Divas of the WWE... the Divas Champion.. Kelly Kelly!!

Kelly Kelly then bounces into the shot next to Striker, looking as happy as he is, but after hearing that Toronto feels the same about her as Montreal did on Monday, her smile quickly evaporates.

Matt Striker: Kelly, in two night's time you're going to defend your title against Beth Phoenix at Night of Champions.... are you okay? What's the matter?

Striker looks concerned, because Kelly is...crying?

Kelly Kelly: No, I'm not okay. All week since we've been in Canada I've had people come up to me on the street, and they've been telling me I can't wrestle, and Beth is going to break me in half on Sunday... and I'm sick of it!

Kelly looks up at the camera and her mascara is leaving black marks under her eyes as tears stream down her face.

Kelly Kelly: I do everything I can to entertain these people every night and this is what I get for it?

The champion sniffs up, and she wipes a tear away as a more determined look comes across her face.

Kelly Kelly: I know that Night of Champions is taking place in Beth's hometown of Buffalo, and the treatment that I'll get from the fans there will be even worse than what I've got tonight and on Monday... but I'm not going to let these people affect my chances of keeping this (motions to the belt on her shoulder), in fact; I'm going to let it spur me on... so, give me your worst.

The fans are unsure of how to react, and Kelly walks out of shot, leaving Striker smiling again. Back to the arena once again now...


It is a mixed reaction for the hometown boy, Christian, who walks out onto the stage with a very focused and determined look on his face as he walks down the ramp, not knowing who his opponent is going to be. Josh Matthews reminds us that Daniel Bryan was able to win his match earlier tonight against Heath Slater and put on a very impressive showing whilst doing so, and stresses that it is important for Christian to do the same right now. The “Saviour of Smackdown” gets into the ring and shakes his arms out as he motions for his opponent to come out to the ring.


There is minimal fanfare for the young Yoshi Tatsu, looking to bounce back from a bad run of form as of late. Despite these misfortunes, he quickly runs down to the ring and slides in and waves to the fans; Christian almost laughing at Long's choice of opponent for him.

Match Four:
Christian vs Yoshi Tatsu

The bell rings, and Tatsu starts to approach the centre of the ring but Christian remains stood in the corner, merely looking at the young Japanese man approaching him. Tatsu shouts for Christian to come and fight, but Captain Charisma slowly shakes his head. Tatsu tries to get the referee to get Christian to come into the match, and the second Tatsu turns his back to speak to the referee... CHRISTIAN STRIKES!! The fans actually boo Christian as he takes Yoshi down from behind and starts stomping away on Tatsu! Christian grabs him and brings him back up, and he grabs him by the tights and chucks him into the steel ring post!! Tatsu goes shoulder first in, and he comes back out, and Christian grabs his head and lays it across the middle rope, and he uses all of his might to push down on Tatsu’s throat, all the time screaming at him. Christian places his feet onto Tatsu’s back and pulls on the top rope, choking poor Yoshi even more, and the youngster splutters around as the referee has to come in and pulls Christian away. Christian glares at the official with a menacing look in his eyes, and picks Yoshi up one more time, grabbing his hair and pulling him in towards him, and dropping him down to the mat with a REVERSE DDT!! The fans give a mixed reaction towards Christian, but it leans a little more towards heat as he waves them off, and he starts to stomp away on Yoshi with boots to the chest and torso.

The referee once again comes in to get Christian away, and the self-professed Saviour of Smackdown now responds to the official “Would you speak to a champion like that?” before delivering one more decisive stomp onto Tatsu’s face. Christian picks Yoshi up one more time, and drives his knee into Tatsu’s gut, and then picking him up in a scoop slam position, but instead he hangs Yoshi up in the TREE OF WOE!! The fans aren’t sure, as Yoshi is helpless at this point now... Christian goes across the ring and he hits a Low Dropkick right onto Yoshi’s face!! The impact causes Tatsu to lifelessly drop down onto the mat, as he holds his face in agony, and Christian gets up, and he starts to pace around the ring, before he settles in the opposite corner to Tatsu, and he crouches down! The fans pop Christian now, and he motions with his hand for Tatsu to get back up to his feet, and Tatsu does and Christian cuts him in half with a SPEAR!! This garners a huge pop from the fans, but they soon start to boo once again, because Christian is not done... Captain Charisma slowly picks Tatsu back up again, with a scary smile on his face, as he grabs the arms and slowly turns him around... Killswitch!! Tatsu’s lifeless body smacks down onto the mat and instead of going for a pin, Christian just stands there looking around at the arena... but he walks over to Tatsu’s legs, and he picks them up and crosses them over, before turning Tatsu over... Christian with a Cloverleaf!!! The fans are shocked as Tatsu starts tapping out almost instantly!!!

Winner: Christian (5.26)


Christian’s music kicks in, and the “Saviour of Smackdown” doesn’t let go of the hold right away, but under the referee’s threat of overturning the decision, Christian lets go and allows Tatsu’s body to fall limp to the mat. Christian has his hand raised and he looks right at the camera in front of him and says “That is how you get it done.... Money in the Bank”, before he cracks a wry smile and turns to leave the ring.

Josh Matthews: Christian getting the decisive win and sending a clear message to Daniel Bryan ahead of their Submission Match this Sunday at Night of Champions... but just the way that Christian carried himself in that match... it was quite hard to watch at some points.

Booker T: All he wanted to do right dere was cause as much hurt and pain as possible to Yoshi Tatsu and dats not cool aroun’ here, dawg!

Michael Cole: What are you guys talkin’ about? That was great! This is the kind of intensity and aggression that we need to see from Christian all the time! How do you think anyone gets anywhere around here? I’ve not got to where I am from being nice to everyone!

Josh Matthews: Very well... but up next after this commercial break is out huge Six-Man Tag Team main event orchestrated by General Manager Theodore Long... be sure not to miss it!

Before the commercial cuts in, we see Christian walking to the top of the ramp, and he turns around to his hometown fans with a look of satisfaction on his face, but the Toronto crowd are unsure of what to make of Captain Charisma.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Package*

Narrator: To be a champion, one must be superior to all of their adversaries.

A flashing image of Randy Orton RKO'ing Christian onto the steel steps at Summerslam is shown.

Narrator: The champion might be Perfection...

Dolph Ziggler brashly holds up his United States Championship above his head.

Narrator: ...Beautiful...

An image of Kelly Kelly right after she won the Divas Championship flickers onto the screen.

Narrator: ... Or Ugly...

A scene of Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes trying to hide his face during one of his entrances comes up on the screen.

Narrator: A champion can benefit from the wealth of their company...

WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty are shown having their hands raised at the end of a match.

Narrator: ...Or just their wealth.

Alberto Del Rio stands in front of an expensive car with pyro shooting down behind him.

Narrator: One night a year, the WWE showcases these superior individuals.

A quick montage of a referee holding up each championship belt one by one is shown.

Narrator: It is the Night...

Randy Orton then stands on the top rope with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Narrator: ... Of CHAMPIONS!

SEPTEMBER 18, 2011


The fans turn into a lot of heat as Wade Barrett makes his presence felt for the second time tonight, and he scans around the arena once again before making his way down to the ring. Barrett ignores the fans as usual as he climbs up the steps and into the squared circle, where he pounds his fist into his other hand and roars out to the crowd before pacing around the ring as he awaits the arrival of his partners for the night.


There is heat once again, as the camera comes in from behind the curtain to show the hulking figure of Mark Henry block the camera's view. Henry starts to pace down to the ring, and he has his eyes locked on Barrett as he walks down the ramp; Josh Matthews pointing out that both of these men view themselves as a leader tonight in this match. A fan reaches over the barricade and punches Henry on the arm, which causes the WSM to turn around and square up to the poor bastard, who almost craps his pants. Henry laughs at the pathetic man and climbs up the ramp to join Barrett in the ring.


The extremely annoying chant rings out in the arena, and the fans boo even before The Great Khali walks out onto the stage, but when he does, he has Jinder Mahal following him down the ramp, still shouting at Khali in Punjab. The commentators speculate that this is Mahal's way of firing Khali up before his matches, but Booker thinks that Khali might have a hearing problem. Khali steps over the ropes and into the ring, and Mahal walks around it, taking his place next to the announce table.


There is a decent pop in the arena for John Morrison, who bursts out onto the stage, clad in a grand fur coat as usual, and his slow-motion lifestyle takes over for just a sec as he poses at the top of the ramp, before shaking his arms out and walking down the ramp. Life goes back to normal speed, and Morrison removes his jacket and hands his sunglasses over to a kid in the front row as he waits at the bottom of the ramp, not fancying entering the ring by himself with Barrett and the behemoths waiting for him inside of it.


The ovation is HUGE for The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, who marches out onto the stage and beats his chest before bringing his arms out to the side to a very large pop from the fans. The camera focuses on Henry looking at Sheamus walking down the ramp very intently, and Sheamus is staring back at the World's Strongest Man with a look of pure determination as he reaches the bottom of the ramp and shakes hands with Morrison, before filing up next to JoMo as we wait for one last person...


To a pop that only Edge was able to beat, the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton slowly walks out onto the stage!! The champion surveys the scenes around him and he eyes up each man as he slowly and vindictively walks down the ramp, but one man in particular catches his eye the most... the man that has laid him out two weeks in a row; Wade Barrett. Barrett wears a cocky grin as Orton joins up with his partners for the night, and Orton motions for them to get into the ring. Orton walks up the steps whilst Sheamus and Morrison climb up separate sides of the ring apron. Orton shakes his shoulder out as he gets into the ring, and climbs onto the turnbuckle to pose for the fans with his title... possibly the last time he appears on Smackdown as World Heavyweight Champion? The faces quickly decide that it is going to be Sheamus starting off for their team as Orton and Morrison climb through onto the apron. The champion's music fades out and there is a distinct buzz in the air as these men are all getting a feeler of what it is going to be like this Sunday.

Main Event:
Six-Man Tag-Team Match:

World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, John Morrison & Sheamus vs Wade Barrett, Mark Henry & The Great Khali w/ Jinder Mahal

The match begins, and Sheamus stands in his team’s corner, waiting for the other team to decide who is going to start for them. Henry and Khali exit out onto the apron, which means that Wade Barrett is set to start things off, along with Sheamus. The Englishman and the Irishman both begin to circle the ring, but Sheamus stops as he hears Orton calling at him, and the champion wants to be tagged into the match! The fans seem to be in favour of that idea and Sheamus tags Orton in! The fans cheers turn into boos when Barrett quickly darts to his corner and slaps Khali on the chest and dives out of the ring. Slightly confused, The Great Khali steps over the top rope and enters the ring to go toe to toe with the champion. Orton quickly dodges Khali’s attempt at a overhand strike and he delivers a kick to the back of the leg of the Punjabi Giant which causes Khali to groan and fall down a little, allowing Orton to hammer away with right hands to the side of Khali’s head. Khali facepalms Orton and pushes him back, but the champion comes back in with a stomp to the same knee, and Khali falls down to the floor in pain after that move. Orton continues his assault with more stomps, and he then walks over to his corner and tags in John Morrison, the man that Khali defeated last week. JoMo comes in and Khali is starting to get to his feet by using the ropes, and Morrison comes in and he runs right into a CHOP to the head from Khali!! Morrison drop to the mat as we go to the final break of the evening.

*Commercial Break*

Back into the match now, and over the commercial, the heels have isolated John Morrison and have all been working away on him. Mark Henry currently has Morrison stuck in the corner, and is laying into him with knees to the midsection, before he grabs under his arm and throws Morrison into the centre of the ring!! Morrison lands hard on his back as Sheamus and Orton desperately try to reach him for a tag. Henry walks towards them and neither man shows any sign of backing down, as Henry smiles and walks back over to his corner to tag in Wade Barrett. Barrett comes in and drops an elbow across Morrison’s chest, and Barrett goes for a pin afterwards...One...Two-Morrison gets the shoulder up! Knowing that he has to wear JoMo down a little more before he can carry on, Barrett grabs Morrison by the hair and he turns him onto his front, and locks in a Camel Clutch!! Morrison screams in pain as Barrett urges for him to submit, but the fans start to will Morrison on, by chanting his name, and Barrett pulls back on the hold even more in order to alleviate the pressure on Morrison’s back, but still JoMo refuses to submit and look weak in front of everyone else. Sheamus starts slapping the turnbuckle to drum up some more support and encouragement from the WWE Universe, but ORTON CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE OF IT!!! The champion charges into the ring and he kicks Barrett in the side of the head!!

The referee immediately jumps in front of Orton and forces him back into the corner, and Barrett lays on the mat smiling back up at Orton, as he reaches out and accepts the tag from The World’s Strongest Man. Henry comes in and he bounces off of the ropes and looks to go for a BIG SPLASH! Morrison manages to dodge it!! Henry bell flops onto the canvas, and the fans go wild as Morrison starts to turn his body around to face his corner, where Orton and Sheamus are both reaching out to him... Morrison edges closer further, and he extends his hand just a little more... and tags in the Celtic Warrior!! Sheamus storms into the ring like a bull in a china shop, and Barrett comes out of his corner to meet him but Sheamus drops him with a clothesline! Sheamus turns his attention to Khali on the apron and a well placed right-hand is able to knock the big man down to the floor! The fans pop loudly, and Sheamus turns back around and gets flattened by Mark Henry!! The fans boo Henry as he flattens his main nemesis, and these two are now the legal men. Henry shouts at Sheamus as the Irishman gets back up to his feet after being rocked by Henry’s massive girth wiping him out. Henry smacks Sheamus in the face, and this only angers Sheamus, who replies with a wild right of his own, that sends Henry staggering backwards towards the ropes!! The fans pop, as Sheamus charges in and Clotheslines Henry over the top rope... taking himself down too!! The two big men tumble down together, and as soon as they land on the floor, Sheamus is back in delivering massive right hands to Henry’s head!

The referee analyses the situation, and he sees Morrison and Barrett down in the ring and indicates that they are now the legal men! Morrison slowly crawls towards the waiting Viper in the corner, and gets the tag!! Orton comes in, and he waits for Barrett to get up and he drops him with a clothesline! Barrett is quick to come back and he receives another one!! The fans pop as Orton shakes his neck out once again, and Barrett is right back up one more time, and Orton catches him with a SNAP POWERSLAM!! The fans pop again, as Orton drops to the mat, and he starts to pound away!! Orton slithers towards Barrett... but he’s suddenly jerked from the ring... by THE GREAT KHALI!! Khali grabs Orton and throws him into the barricade; Orton’s injured shoulder taking another bump from that one! Meanwhile though, Henry and Sheamus have continued with their brawl UP THE RAMP!! Sheamus lands some big shots on the fleeing Henry, and the two men reach the top of the stage, and they’re going to the back!! Back in the ring, Khali had slid Orton back in, and Barrett slowly goes over to make the cover! One...Two...Thr-NO!! The fans pop loudly as Orton stays alive! Barrett shakes his head with a frown, and he waits for Orton to get up, but the champion is too busy trying to shake his shoulder out, and Barrett then hoists Orton up onto his shoulder... WASTELAND-NO!! Orton slides off of Barrett’s back- RKO!!! The fans go wild as the move took as much out of Orton as it did to Barrett, and Khali starts to climb onto the apron... but Morrison with a dropkick!! Khali falls back down to the floor as Orton hooks the leg on Barrett! One... Two... Three!!!

Winners: Randy Orton, John Morrison & Sheamus (13:30)


The fans are on their feet, as Morrison jumps into the air after the victory is announced. Orton holds his shoulder in some pain as he gets to his feet, and has his title handed to him before the referee raises his and Morrison's hands in victory. Morrison then climbs the nearest turnbuckle to celebrate with the fans as Orton looks down on Barrett holding his head, having gotten some revenge after the past couple of weeks.

Josh Matthews: What a chaotic main event, and all six men out here tonight gave it their all, but in some cases, it just wasn't enough.

Booker T: Randy Or'on was on fire in dat match and it's so good to see him finally get some payback on Wade Barrett after what's been goin' down these past few weeks.

Morrison jumps down off of the turnbuckle, and he turns around to see Orton with his attention now on him. Orton's music fades out, and there is a buzz in the air as Morrison extends his hand to the man who's title he's contending for this weekend. Orton stares down at the offer, and he looks to the fans who start a small "RKO" chant, but Morrison laughs it off. Orton then accepts the handshake to a mixed reaction from the fans! Morrison starts to walk away, but Orton pulls him back-RKO!!! RKO TO JOHN MORRISON!!


Orton picks his title off of the mat and he takes his turn to climb up onto the turnbuckle and celebrate with the Toronto faithful, doing the signature Destiny pose.

Michael Cole: Well it seems that Randy Orton is the on that is carrying all of the momentum going into Night of Champions, and he needs to have it if he wants to keep that World Heavyweight Championship!! I've been Michael Cole, goodnight, and we'll see you again on Sunday for Night of Champions!!!

Booker T: He damn did it again, Josh!

The final image of the night is Randy Orton standing tall in the centre of the ring, holding up his World Heavyweight title as the screen fades to black.



SEPTEMBER 18, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge Elimination Match

Alberto Del Rio © vs John Cena vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth vs CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge

Randy Orton © vs Mark Henry vs Wade Barrett vs Sheamus vs John Morrison vs The Great Khali

Smackdown! Money in the Bank Contract
Submission Match

Daniel Bryan © vs Christian

United States Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler © vs Rey Mysterio

Intercontinental Championship Match
Cody Rhodes © vs Sin Cara

WWE Divas Championship Match
Kelly Kelly © vs Beth Phoenix

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty © vs Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

Right, this might not be the best show I've ever done, but I think the whole "getting close to my first PPV" is kind of a daunting but exciting experience, so I think the quality of this show may have taken a small dent as I've been doing this show and working on NOC at the same time. As for the PPV itself, 4 out of 7 matches are done and dusted, and I'm going to be getting on with the others when I can. Thanks to everyone that has put up with me so far and been reading, and massive thanks for all of the nice comments about Raw <3
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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Smackdown Feedback

Starting things off with the Cutting Edge is always a great shout, gives the show a big time feel and this had it. Edge was pretty on point here, expected a bit of a cheesy approach what with him being back and being home to boot. Expected a little bit more from him and how he’s found things since retiring but he went straight down to business with bringing D-Bry out. I would’ve had the first question be a little different tbh. Him asking when he’s cashing in is a bit strange considering he could lose the briefcase on Sunday. Would’ve had him ask how confident he is of retaining it and then maybe asked about when. Bryan’s character was pretty good here, standard baby face approach and I liked how Edge relived his past as Money in the Bank holder. Things really picked up though once Christian came out and I thought he was the highlight of this segment. Him suddenly becoming this loose cannon and obsessed with the fact Long is trying to screw him over is good stuff and the ‘Saviour of Smackdown’ is a nice little nickname for him to have. A good start here and helps build things all the more in Christian’s feud with Long as well as the match at NOC.

Pretty solid tag match here and Rhodes just throwing DiBiase to the wolves like that was great, just what I’d expect him to do. Nice win for Cara here and builds towards Sunday well, should be a good one.

I thought you nailed Barrett’s character here. Very good job. But I didn’t like that he came down to the ring just…for that. Like it was all well and good as a backstage interview or just a pre recorded something but to come down to the ring and make an address which was very short, didn’t see the need. Again though, spot on with his character and word choices.

Henry was much like Barrett, pretty spot on here. ‘DON’T YOU DARE TALK TO ME ABOUT SHEAMUS, BOY!’ Loved it. Sheamus was also on point and it was a decent little exchange, served its purpose with hyping these two up ahead of NOC.

Comfortable win for Bryan here as expected. Nothing much to say on this.

The Gabriel push continues. Solid win here for him and he’s certainly building momentum. I’m sure we’ll be seeing him play a more prominent role heading forward.

Bateman and Curtis are such clowns lol. Decent stuff here and Edge returning in any capacity would be great to see. I hold high hopes this is where you’re going.

Certainly a very different approach to take with Kelly and I quite like it. Actually using the hate she gets for not being able to wrestle is a unique idea and with Beth’s clear dominance my level of intrigue for this has gone up now.

Same as Bryan earlier, not a lot to say here regarding Christian’s routine win. I did like the Cloverleaf though and it’s an effective way to go if he wants to win on Sunday.

Main event was nicely written and did its job of building towards Sunday. Some nice action throughout as well as use of the personal feuds. Big win for Orton heading into the PPV as he’s got it all to do come Sunday. Ending I personally would have had Sheamus and Orton with the handshake before Orton strikes rather than Morrison but I get why you’d use JoMo. Good stuff on the whole though.

Overall it was a solid show and one that wasn’t spectacular but did its job of building towards Sunday. The Cutting Edge was decent and established Christian’s insanity right now while the main event picture built nicely heading into the Six Pack. Good stuff and looking forward to the big one itself now.
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